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File: cc32bc9974ad8b6⋯.jpg (130.63 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, stay-as-anonymous-as-possi….jpg)


Hello, I don´t really now if this a good place to create this post (if it is not delete it please), whts the point of using a VPN? It really gives you net anonymity? It is safe to use? Are they better methods?

Thanks in advance comrades


It keeps your internet provider from spying on you. VPNs can protect you from getting sued or imprisoned for piracy. It can, depending on where the VPN is located, protect you from government surveillance. It's not 100%, particularly if the US government wants to know what you're up to. Also some VPN providers will roll over or are already discreetly giving user data to their governments. Some even sell their data to advertisers. I'm sure there are a few good ones, but you can never really know for sure.

Tor is better depending on what you want to do, but it's even better to use Tor and a VPN in combination. There is no perfect way to stay anonymous online so making it as hard as possible for the powers that be to unmask you is the best we can do.

Of course a VPN/Tor can't protect you if you aren't practicing good opsec or have a poorly secured computer.



So you recommend using TOR+Vpn? And as an iliterate in the matter I have heard that this is dangerous as although you gain anonymity you lose protection.

Is this true.

And what do you mean by a poorly secured computer?



>whts the point of using a VPN?

Protect your traffic from ISP and local wifi snooping, and copyright lawyers.

>It really gives you net anonymity?

No, but it reduces the number of people who can tell your identity, and reduces the amount of history and metadata you generate.

>It is safe to use?

Yes, just don't use it to buy drugs or whatever.

>Are they better methods?

Other methods like TOR and i2p make you more anonymous, but they also attract more attention.

File: 0b88cdfd65373e4⋯.gif (406.19 KB, 500x377, 500:377, tumblr_lvt56gLaNT1qg6rkio1….gif)

File: 01be66f418d1c3f⋯.gif (1 MB, 500x367, 500:367, tumblr_n7128f1wxS1scd4jmo1….gif)


Your computer is as libre as the hardware its running on.

Too bat project Zet stopped updating in 2013

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Meant to say "buy a keyboard and display".



That's not open hardware. That's closed hardware capable of running fully free software, or attempting to, at any rate. Last time I checked a Librebooted Thinkpad still did a better job but it may have improved.


Banana pi is open hardware. I'll try to make a nice laptop from one of the banana pi at some point.



>The OnChip Open-V microcontroller is a completely free (as in freedom) and open source 32-bit microcontroller based on the RISC-V architecture. The Open-V has a host of built-in peripherals you’d expect of any modern microcontroller and was designed to compete with the capabilities of ARM M0-based microcontrollers. This crowdfunding campaign will bring the Open-V into mass production and make it widely available to anyone. If you love hacking on embedded controllers, breaking down closed-source barriers, having the freedom to learn how things work even down to the transistor level, or have dreamed of spinning your own silicon, then this campaign is for you and we need your help!

It looks like openRISC and RISC-V are finally bearing fruit. Exciting times to live in.


It is still a Librebooted Thinkpad which does that best, unfortunately. The Librems are almost entirely open hardware except for where there was no substitute, although this does make them unacceptable from a purist standpoint. Perhaps Open-V cam eventually be used to create open source replacements.



If any computer engineers are around and feeling very ambitious, there's probably work to be done on this:


File: 136747917cfc898⋯.png (6.31 KB, 364x120, 91:30, aqualads.png)



File: 5da6c312e068c35⋯.png (35.54 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1200px-Lojban_logo.svg[1].png)


So since /leftypol/ generally has an autism thread on esparanto, i figured this would be a good place to ask.

Do any of you know or speak lojban? Any experience with it? Is it hard? Is it useful? How would you go about learning this advanced form of autism?


File: b6b8f2787da2723⋯.jpg (96.05 KB, 635x509, 635:509, George Wut Bush.jpg)


How you does it?

Where thread you does it?

This is an examples of it: >>>/leftypol/1743607

So, GNUSSR, how does you does it?

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it's Free as in freedom not Free as in speech

Free speech has always existed to a degree and has never not existed

see: Snowden

your only rights are the ones you're willing to take yourselves



>t. perfect example of leftcuck

Why even live?



>completely ignoring the two posts immediately afterwards like a retard



>ignoring real state of /leftypol/



>misconstrue meaning of a post

>'thats wrong, you retard'

>nuuh actually even though i was wrong im actually right

File: 8a5aead0112f0e1⋯.jpg (129.78 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, maxresdefault.jpg)


Is ReactOS (open-source recreation of Windows) a reactionary project to begin with?


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I'm not a programmer, actually. The most programming ive done is some shell scripts to mass convert some images.

Aversion to the 'diy' aspects of free operating systems is like refusing to fucking cook for yourself because you pretend that you 'cant'

It's not hard. Its not hard.

Capitalists like to tell you how 'hard' various things like this are because that way they can get you to buy shit or make them money some other way, and so people become unused to doing any of these things and used to the idea of exchanging money to have someone else wipe their ass for them, in general. Computers are one example of this.

Programmers can be the fucking worst about rationalizing and accepting this tbh becaues they have a completely imagined belief that kind of incomptetence is just the "normal" way to be, and that inasmuch as they're perfectly able to handle any of it, its because they're unusual, exceptional 'techies' or whatever. I think it stems from being afraid of becoming 'elitists' now that they've learned to program or something. That difference does not exist, though. You aren't special.

Stop defending capitalisms toxic effects on culture. There is literally nothing wrong with linux as a desktop operating system, relative to the other options for such things.



>Its not hard.

that was only supposed to go once.




Mensheviks = splitted up all the time = Linux with its 100s of different distros



Yeah, Bolsheviks were pretty reactionary in the end. :^)

What's anarchism? FreeBSD? It's a descendant of the same roots as Unix (liberalism) and a precursor to GNU/Linux, with almost as many varieties, while also having a more libertarian license. It's much less popular than even GNU/Linux, however, and the world has to come accept at large that Unix is the winner, relegating both to the "dustbin of history" in general, so to speak. With the changes in material circumstances (computing power) and balances of power (privacy and other matters), though, we may see change in the future back to open competition between the 3 frameworks and even perhaps the more reactionary, rearguard form of Unix proprietarianism which tries to paint itself as coming from a common interest as Linux and FreeBSD, Chrome OS.

All it takes to get things rolling again is the apparently impossible act of an organized effort in a postmodern world. Seriously, why does no one every do anything constructive on /leftypol/ and here? We have a golden opportunity right now, being communists with access to all this free programming stuff, and we're wasting time arguing about the USSR and Catalonia and Cuba and the Free Territory?



If you want to appreciate how fragmented GNU/Linux truly is you need to look at more than just distros. It's not just fragmented between groups doing the same thing, it's fragmented between groups doing different things.

In a typical distro, the kernel, compiler, standard library, coreutils, shell, init system, package manager, windowing system, desktop environment, SSH implementation, etcetera, are all maintained as independent projects, working separately with their own goals. The projects tend to communicate when appropriate, but they do their own thing.

Windows, MacOS, OpenBSD, 9front, ArcaOS, ReactOS and TempleOS each have exactly one unified project behind them. GNU/Linux doesn't. It's an operating system established out of spare operating systems parts people found lying about. Even GNU gives a lot of independence to its member projects, it's not much more than a brand that requires certain standards to be met.

That's what makes it unique. The system is generally known for being free (either gratis or libre), but that's not even uncommon for an operating system. The really special thing is its decentralization.

File: b850e27fb0b4f48⋯.png (13.96 KB, 150x177, 50:59, Tux.svg.png)


Which distro is best for advancing the goals of the free software movement, and why?

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Definitely Trisquel. It's what I use. I heard Stallman uses it as well. I first came across it when I went to this link >>9 some years ago and picked it because the logo closely resembled a swastika. You can go to the homepage at https://trisquel.info/

And remember that the first thing you ought to do when downloading a new distro is updating it. Trisquel is based off of debian, so the command would be "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"



stop recommending this it'll scare people from using Linux, it's too old (Older kernel than Debian! Hasn't been updated in over a year), outdated and bad, the best distro to use is any distro that is up to date and isn't Ubuntu, for advanced users the best are: Gentoo, Void, Arch. For average users the best are: Fedora, Manjaro, KDE Neon, Antergos or Solus. I'm guessing you're Josh on Discord right? Also avoid Debian, too old, meant for servers only.




I love void but it doesnt provide a libre kernel.


I think the core issue here is, as >>9 talks about, the purism debate. I think it's important to bring in the concept of "diversity of tactics" from actual leftist activism here.

It's certainly important that we have organizations and people pushing for complete liberation. Of course RSM should use completely free software, but the dude also rarely uses X, and spends most of his time in emacs. But on the other hand, RSM and GNU does not and, imo, shouldn't cater to the broader movement. There needs to be a space for people to only use free software to liberate them where they feel it's most important, or where they themselves need or benefit from it.

It's important to acknowledge that not being pure isn't an affront to the larger movement, just like being pure isn't either.

I think as a larger movement there are separate pretty important areas where free software can make a difference as a political entity. But with regards to the specific distro that you choose to use, I think I fall back to the lifestylist critique and say: That's just a personal consumer choice.

Make it as one. Which would you prefer to use?

The point being that your choice isn't political in itself, it's how you articulate your choice that politicises it.


I like gentoo

it's all a matter of preference really

File: 3d920e3b27e3088⋯.png (41.08 KB, 1013x765, 1013:765, 1.png)


What explains this subculture of customized and minimal desktops and WMs? Is it a form of art? Is it design? What does it say about our desire for self-expression? Starting the thread off with a random CDE screenshot since my own desktop is vanilla KDE and not worth posting.



Linux is literally the definition of "to each according to his needs".

It's shameful how the new tech world is being taken over by capitalism though. Fuck Apple. Fuck Windows.


Lots of people like to make things they spend lots of time with their own special snowflake personalized thing. Its comfortable and pleasantto have your own setup, once you settle on something and stop changing it every week.


File: eb41f7df9fa653a⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 2017-06-07-152156_1920x120….png)

>What explains this subculture of customized and minimal desktops and WMs?

Some people play games, other configure window managers.

>Is it a form of art? Is it design?

Yes. I'm not good it it, but yet.




that's pretty aesthetic anon

File: 9c4cfd3824d65ca⋯.png (328.81 KB, 711x610, 711:610, 234.png)


>>>/gnussr/ friendly rebbit subs?


>it's steam-faggotry

>it's GOG-faggotry

U is rite. Still, the platform is being propagated.

Also: what should be our limits when it comes to the commodified / GNUSSR'ified limit? Do you think that even proprietary software that is created for our free platform is worthy of propagation?

>still can't flag-post

File: 50ec1bbd6d143d4⋯.jpg (76.03 KB, 1200x749, 1200:749, stallman.jpg)


not to be a dick but I think that a general on /g/ and/or /leftypol/ would be sufficient

I don't think there's enough discussion for a whole board but best of luck anyways

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/tech/ already exists. I don't see the point of this board.



See >>74

Just moderate this board better to got rid of win and Mac fags.

The board seems slow and needs some company.



/tech/ has issues, but it has very few Windows or Mac users.


apt-get purge OP

you are wronk




I don't want every thread to go on about how horrible Pajet is for talking muh jubs, so this board is a nice change. It's currently slow af, but maybe things will change.

File: 449d7c439108d5e⋯.jpg (77.46 KB, 739x739, 1:1, emu_face.jpg)


What's your favorite emulator? What do you play on it?

Mine's DosBox. I've never been a non-PC fellar, so wonder if you guys could point me to other emus and games to try them out with.

I recommend getting the classic dynablaster:


Heroes of Might and Magic 2:


And Heroes:



wine :^)


File: 44ba0ab0b5e9c85⋯.jpg (82.53 KB, 569x251, 569:251, 44ba0ab0b5e9c8574c33839573….jpg)

File: a9898825ca0dd34⋯.jpg (29.81 KB, 619x505, 619:505, iran opsec.jpg)


We need to get some infographics and textbooks and shit together. We can probably lift some off the installgentoo wiki, /tech/, and lainchan.


-Linux beginner guide

-Programming for noobs

-Explanation of free licenses and how they relate to the real world?

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.




If you're not a power user, you just download mint and use it.

If you are a power user and want to learn linux through and through, then it really isn't as hard as people make it out. If you're old enough to have been using computers before the facebook/mobile influx of people to the internet around 2009, then you're golden.

The single most important/useful ability to learning linux is being able to google properly, and then just fixing issues as they crop up, rather than work around them.

After that point, then just let curiosity drive you. Checking out ricing threads for projects, stumblling over a piece of software online, computer or home automation, all teaches you more and more about the system you're using, without it feeling like the chore of reading a book about something you don't understand.


File: f09e91efa57c11c⋯.pdf (2.02 MB, The Linux Command Line.pdf)



I learned linux by doing. I hate to say it but I did it the way a lot of people used to, by installing and dicking around with Arch Linux. I no longer think that's the best way.

I would dick around with some normie distro (like Mint or Ubuntu) for a few months then install and configure Void like you want. Void being a decent stand in for what Arch used to be.


Just bought a shit Chromebook because it was the cheapest laptop I could get and it's straight cancer made for people who only use FB and youtube

I know basically nothing about Linux and need an OS that won't slow this piece of shit down even further, what do?



What model of Chromebook is it?

Some Chromebooks, you can install Linux directly to the hardware. The rest of them allow you to run Ubuntu in a container.

Why did you buy it anyway?

File: b09dfeed81eccfa⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 580x388, 145:97, internet-data-tunnle-10001….jpg)


How do we get rid of intellectual property laws on code?


By getting rid of the state



wrong, by abolition of property, with this abolition of property comes """intellectual""" property as well as it's literally made to defend the state and the bourgeois, it's literally bourgeois property.


Get rid of intellectual property laws by writing your own code and flooding the market with free copies of it.

File: 5d2bd46e6891df7⋯.png (73.73 KB, 250x185, 50:37, ClipboardImage.png)


What would a good PC build be where you use as little hardware with proprietary drivers? (for instance amd has free drivers for their video cards)


Probably has to be libreboot/coreboot compatible.


My x200 has a one time programmable memory bios chip I can't write to. Will desoldering it and replacing it with an identical work?



All X200s are compatible with libreboot. Did you try powering #HOLD and #WP?



This is a good place to start:


File: c949fe73ddcd573⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2017-06-03-185141_1920x108….png)


Post a screenie and any hardware info you want.

For example, this is an X200 with an external monitor that I have installed libreboot on.

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