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File: c12956eff9dad82⋯.png (220.75 KB, 920x554, 460:277, Screenshot 2017-10-20 at 4….png)


I use a chromebook as my school computer because of the cost and portability. I use a chroot environment to run Ubuntu and Chrome OS at the same time, and I am wondering if it is possible to run other distros on it without building my own project to do so. Does anyone

here have any experience with chromebooks?


Yeah, why the fuck is the caps lock key, the search key?



I don't know mate. I don't use either so I don't care either.



Check your chromebook model on the internet. You can get real linux running on most chromebooks ( not in chroot).

Check GalliumOS


after getting into developer mode enable usb boot via google's built in utility (forgot the name). Grab prebuilt image from distro of your choice and boot it off(or compile kernel yourself and configure one. google provides individual scripts for each of products so you don't have to write your own dtb or anything).

If your chromebook is based on arm board you will have hard time configuring 3d hw acceleration working. I heard it's possible (using blob provided by arm) but I personally never got it working on my gentoo.



check gallium os website, they have a fairly good support for a lot of chromebooks. If it's an ARM chromebook, check archlinuxarm, they have good wiki for arm chromebook.


I have an Asus C202 flashed with MrChromebox's coreboot (seabios payload). I run Arch (Mate Desktop) from the SD Card, and I couldn't be happier with it. I'm lucky that all my peripherals basically just worked. I think other model chromebooks would likely have been trickier.

Initially, I wasted 6 months running Ubuntu in Crouton, but it never really worked the way I wanted it to. I also used NayuOS (partially degoogled chromiumOS build)… more privacy, less security, a little glitchy… meh.

My advice is get away from ChromeOS/ChromiumOS. Run a real OS (whatever that means to you) directly, no chroot.

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