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He raped a tourist in front of the station underpass: Zurich court increases the sentence to five years

In a court case appellate, the high court sentenced a 27-year-old father, who raped a 20-year-old tourist who was unknown to him on the steps in front of a station underpass, from 49 to 60 months

Not only is the accused's last word irritating: "If it is possible to send me back to my homeland, I would welcome that," he says. The same man - a 27-year-old father of two from the Republic of Central Africa, who is allegedly being persecuted politically - even challenges his negative asylum decision in Strasbourg.

The verdict is still pending. Unusually clear is also the criticism, which the court chairman and the speaker at the defender practice: this had made in his plea clearly allegations unregistered, his version was "completely alien" and "quite crude." It could not be a defense strategy to portray the victim as a "slut". The 49-month imprisonment for rape and theft is increased by 11 months to 5 years.

Random encounter on the train

The accused and a then 20-year-old tourist had met in an almost empty S 4 car in one night in August 2017 and also got into conversation with each other. When the young woman got out at Langnau-Gattikon station, the man followed her through the station underpass. He grabbed her from behind, accusing her, threw her backwards on the stairs to the underpass and raped her to ejaculation while it was raining over them.

The petite, completely physically inferior woman had repeatedly begged "no, please". The perpetrators then stole the backpack of the victim with a few hundred francs and euros and an iPhone. Two days later, the man who lived in the transit center Adliswil with his wife and children was arrested. He initially denied the act but was convicted of DNA analysis.

After the man before the district court Horgen had made no statements on the matter, he drops this strategy in the appeal process. But he does not answer the core of many questions, but loses himself in secondary aspects. The woman had approached him in the train and smiled at her. The initiative was based on her. It was a deal.

She wanted cocaine from him, but she offered him sex. He had nothing to do with drugs and had no drugs. In addition, both had been drunk. He was ready to swear on the holy book that she had demanded sex from him. He admits the theft. That she was blaming him was probably a revenge for not giving her drugs and stealing her backpack.

«Crash» defense

The defense lawyer demands an acquittal for formal reasons in the main request, because the information about the subject of the criminal proceedings against his client was not sufficiently precise and the man had never been validly interrogated. The court clerk also finds this "shocking", since the lawyer was present at every hearing from the beginning and never intervened.

"If a defense attorney can not think of anything else, procedural deficiencies will be invoked, even if they're a hair's throde," comments the prosecutor, who demands 54 months' imprisonment. In addition, the defender tries in his plea especially to discredit the victim, which is criticized in particular by the injured party representative.

Finally, the court chairman justified the judgment by stating that sexual intercourse was undoubtedly enforced and the accused also recognized that the woman did not want sex. Her descriptions are convincing, her abrasions fit in with her portrayal. The assertion of the accused, that sexual intercourse on the rainy staircase was made by mutual agreement, the Chairman described as "obvious Marli".

The act and, as a result, the massive mental stress are a nightmare for the victim and "destructive". The woman, who at first did not know whether she had become pregnant or had been infected with an illness, receives 12,000 francs. Against the offender is pronounced a national reference of 10 years. "A foreigner who rapes a woman on the street has no right of residence in Switzerland," emphasizes the presiding judge.



>A foreigner who rapes a woman on the street has no right of residence in Switzerland


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