Rules and Guidelines

/hentaiporn/ is an art board for sexually explicit and pornographic content. Keep the images posted relevant to the board and thread's subject matter.

By posting in this community you must agree to abide by the following Rules and Guidelines listed below. If you do not abide, your posting privileges may be restricted.

You MUST be 18+ years old to post on this board!


  1. The 8chan Global Rule MUST be followed. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America!
  2. No spamming, botting, or flooding of any kind. Do not call for raids and do not advocate, post, or link dox.
  3. Do not deliberately attempt to shit up certain threads or constantly derail certain topics.
  4. Do not excessively feed any trolls. Report any perpetrators and move on. The same goes for spam bots.
  5. Do not deliberately attempt to bait others. Excessive flaming, namecalling, insulting, and vitriol hurled against each other over mere pornographic images will not be tolerated.
  6. While it's okay to not like a certain artwork and express it, do NOT derail threads and excessively attack others over arguments about liking certain artworks, franchises, characters or romantic pairings. These will not be tolerated. At the end of the day we are here to fap, not bicker.
  7. Do not import drama from other sites or 8chan boards here. Do not export drama here to other sites or 8chan boards.
  8. Context should be provided for all unconventional files linked here.
  9. Do not link to scams. Any suspicious attempts to ask for money or crowdfunding will also likely be seen as a scam.
  10. Do not create threads specifically advertising Lolicon/Shotacon content.
  11. Images relevant to the topic of the thread that feature more extreme fetishes like scat or guro can be posted but should be spoilered.
  12. Stay on topic. Having the discussion stray too far off the thread's intended topic or posting content that is not at all related to the thread's subject matter will be moderated.
  13. If you make any duplicate threads it may get bumplocked, locked or deleted and you will be linked to the already preexisting thread. Make sure to always check the Catalog ( to make sure a thread you want to create doesn't already exist. Threads made just to ask for source or a request are also treated as duplicate threads, and are generally discouraged and will be moderated unless the thread has a clear unique theme to facilitate discussion and enough content outside of the initial request to justify it's existence. Use the pinned sticky thread for all other requests instead.
  14. Do not make threads to solely advertise other imageboards/chans, sites, forums, discords, or any other communication channels. Posting other related communities including discords in relevant threads is somewhat tolerated but do not overdo it.
  15. All content posted here must be available for free. Do NOT attempt to wall off or paygate any content. Do NOT request funding as an exchange for content. This board is for sharing, go elsewhere if you are bragging that you have content but won't share it or that people need to come join another communication platform to get it.
  16. Do not create threads about the meta of 8chan or /hentaiporn/, as these threads will be either immediately bumplocked, locked or deleted. Direct all discussion of the state of /hentaiporn/ to the pinned Meta Thread instead.
  17. Attempts to evade any bans will get you immediately banned again with harsher punishment.
  18. Cartoons and Hentai only. Real porn featuring real people is offtopic to this board. Go to >>>/wx/ or >>>/vx/ instead.

Banning Guidelines

These bans serve as guidelines to the Rules. These are only guidelines and the severity, whether less or more then shown below will still be up to my discretion. Repeated offenses will likely result in even worse punishments then shown here or finally result in more longterm and permanent bannings. Many offending posts may also be deleted as to not leave any clutter in the threads.

  1. Any violations of the 8chan Global Ruleimmediate permanent ban.
  2. Spamming, Botting, Flooding, Raids: immediate permanent ban.
  3. Deliberately shitting up certain threads or constantly derail certain threads: 1-week to 3-weeks ban.
  4. Feeding trolls and getting baited by them instead of reporting, which often helps derail threads further: 1-day to 1-week ban.
  5. Baiting, flaming, namecalling, insulting, and vitriol: 3-days to 3-week ban.
  6. Excessive attacking others over certain franchises and characters: 3-days to 3-week ban.
  7. Importing or Exporting Drama: 1-week ban minimum.
  8. Any random, unconventional links or files with no context provided: 1-day to 1-week ban.
  9. Linking any suspected scams: 1-month to permanent ban.
  10. Threads specifically advertising for Lolicon & Shotacon content: 1-week ban minimum.
  11. Posting images of extreme fetishes like guro or scat that are still relevant to the thread: No bannings. Image may be forced spoilered upon my discretion
  12. Off-topic: 1-day to 1-week ban.
  13. Creating a duplicate or request thread: No bannings. Thread will be bumplocked, locked or deleted
  14. Threads solely advertising other imageboards/chans, sites, forums, discords, or any other communication channels: 1-day to 1-week ban.
  15. Attempting to Wall off content, Paygate content, or bragging about not sharing content you have: 2-week ban minimum.
  16. Creating new threads about the meta of 8ch or /hentaiporn/ outside of the stickied meta thread: Thread will be bumplocked, locked or deleted. Bannings will only be deployed if these threads are created in a spamming manner.
  17. Ban Evading: At least double or more of previous banning sentence. More ban evading offenses afterwards: immediate permanent ban.
  18. Images offtopic to the board: 3-days to 2-week ban.