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File: 25381faabbf9add⋯.png (176.43 KB, 500x276, 125:69, tumblr_inline_oc7rrrjanr1t….png)


Not sure what happened to the old thread, so I'm making a new one.


Hypnotics thread.



https://www.LINK REMOVED/bedlamgames/posts#_=_


New version


TLDR for anyone who hasn't seen it before, you're the leader of a slaver camp. Manage your bitches (and the slaves too) and do missions n shit.

Good game with lots of content, but RNG is heavy. Especially when you're aiming for critical successes.

Cheatengine doesn't work, but someone was kind enough to hack the game itself.

Old-hacked version. (not mine)


This version is NOT up to date.

You can make a character in the hacked version, use the "jack of all traits" perk to give yourself unlimited trait-points then export your shiny new cheat-character and import it into the new version. Sometimes fails, and not all starts/traits are available.

I'm hoping the anon who hacked it in the first place decides to come back and make another version, at some point.


welp, the patreon link got fucked.

Ah well, it's not hard to find it yourself, if you've a mind to.


Tried it once



is the interface still terrible?


>This game requires RAGS version

Where do you get it from?

Sites that I find by using google look really untrustworthy.



Because direct links to patreon are banned. Last thing we need is poeple shilling shit here.

>tumblr blog

>tumblr filename

>RNG determines success.

Yeah, not touching this.


These games need more toggles to turn shit like futa off.


Do bad rolls still shaft you way out of proportion to how often they happen?


Even with cheats this is relatively unplayable.


>start with a couple of low risk common quests

>5% disaster chance

>lose all my slavers rolling disaster twice



I mean, this fucking game. At least if you're going to give us fucking "XCOM with sex" give me the pleasure of reading about my slavers getting mindbroken in a sex dungeon somewhere.

But this game is trash.



Bedlam has a mediafire link to it on the second paragraph, works for windows 7



You're blowing the failure chance way out of proportion.

start off on the plains, then the forest, advance only as your slavers gain skill and experience. Use people with useful traits.

I play on hardcore and succeed more often than I fail.

That said, cheats are appreciated. Even if it's just the ability to hilariously overpower your camp leader.


What >>101931 said: failure is a lot more forgiving nowadays. Unfortunately, No Haven is disappointing in other ways. Sans save-scumming, all the body modification powers will eventually screw your camp leader over. There's a 5% chance no matter what for your magic to backfire, and it'll ruin you piece by piece: you'll gain Slutty, you'll become Feminine, you'll grow Weak and then Enfeebled, and so on. Furthermore, the mind-control powers seem to be NPC-only beyond any effectiveness boost you might gain for certain assignments. At least, only the NPCs know how to use them: NPCs with Dominate, the psionic-mind-control trait, can mind-control slaves, but so far I cannot find out how. The crits are so good that they encourage savescumming. Hypnosis seems to exist solely as a boost to some assignments and has no visible out-of-contest use.



Yeah, both biomancy and hypnosis are barebones at the moment.

Apparantly they're the focus of the next update, along with a reputation system that lets slavers plot against eachother. (and you)


This seems to be turn-based dorf fortress with porn in that losing is meant to be fun.

So, any cheats?


File: e268b1453b02ace⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 182.58 KB, 652x1000, 163:250, eldar slave dom warhammer ….jpg)


Gonna be honest, i think there's something wrong with the chances

I shouldn't be losing all these slavers with chances this high

And for some reason teams with high critical success and disaster tend to be be more successful, despite having 17% disaster, always somehow end up with critical success, yet 5% disaster happens far too much

What really gets me annoyed is that my main character can't go on those shitty quests anymore, the ones where you can get bimbofied, yet that shitty dark church keeps getting away with corrupting me

This game would be much better if they added a easy mode, I mean it is RNG

Maybe it just takes too much time?

I mean its not like this is whorelocks revenge, where failure can be something you want



also anyone else here taken to save scumming it?


It's such a crappy game.

There's a decent potential but all of like two quests have any interaction to make them more then a bundle of numbers to make your numbers go up.

There's too much empty content, whole places and plots that aren't there but lack any sort of "Nothing more here come back next update" and there's so many and shit updates so slowly it'll never happen.

The whole game is just chance nonsense that you have marginal control over. It's not like you can address things and be like "Well this mission needs an alchemist I'll send someone to alchemy school or hire someone for their alchemy skills" you just have alchemy from the start, luck into it in time or not waste the time as the mission needing it will be gone before you've chewed through missions to earn a choice of people who might have what you want.

The new content is the worst joke. Campaigns that just add good numbers to water missions and call it a pirate campaign, how fucking fantastic.



> things and be like "Well this mission needs an alchemist I'll send someone to alchemy school or hire someone for their alchemy skills"

This wouldn't be a bad mechanic

Its annoying having to keep rolling for the right slaver with the right skill by save scumming

You can even still have RNG in it, just add a chance for a slaver to fail "alchemy school"



>both biomancy and hypnosis are barebones at the moment.

The kind of design philosophy that considers irreparable damages to your character a core mechanic of an expensive skill that produces marginal gains does not inspire confidence.


anyone know how to get cheat engine to work with this?

It's almost impossible to play the latest version.



Due to rags it take an eternity to load, making save scumming impractical, if doable


In the old discussion thread the rng factor ended up taking the most time to analyse by the old modder, that also made the cheat version

Between various people the conclusion that was reach is:

-The game use multiple, at least 3, rng dice for most mission, one for the mission itself, one for the mission result, one when the slavers return back to base

-The rng formula is a complete shitshow, and the chances are messed up consistently by the base formula, increasing low chances of success and lowering high chances

Yes you are reading correctly, lower chances are boosted by a margin, while higher chances are penalized to reduce predicability of mission, this mean that a 90% success mission actually become approx a 65-70 at best and the critical disaster is marginally increased from 5%, to at least 15%

Low mission chances are boosted a little bit, so your 50% mission may become approx 60-65%, success

-Some mission are bugged, probably due to bad implementation, and may cripple your game if you get a critical success/failure in certain contest, i remember finding the gate for the under city had this issue, critical success actually precluded entry, but maybe that particular bug was fixed

-While unsure about this, as it was never fully tested, a few player began to wonder if the dices where actually affecting one another in a scalar manner, it would mean that a success in the first roll would reduce chances of success in the second, and if successful so in the third, critical success failure are treated differently depended on mission so we weren't sure

-The dices chances are also guaranteed to get a penalty if you succeed repeatedly a few times in a row, 3-4 times, same for failures, where instead a bonus will be applied to the next few rolls, or at least the next, wasn't fully clear

In the end the game rng was called xcomed, for it's sometimes hilarious or ridiculous result similar to the famously above mentioned game, however xcom is actually consistent, this game is not

The full variables was never determined as it's too much of a mess due to rags and spaghetti coding, but that's pretty much a resume of the rng



There is an easy mode, IIRC it makes disaster outcomes almost impossible.

Unfortunately, it does the same for crit successes.



You can't, hence the need for a hacked version.



Wait, you want to find an alchemy mission, (a time limited opertunity) and abandon it to send one of your slavers to school?

How many turns do you think it'd take to gain the ALC trait?

No, an opportunity comes up, and you either have the skills to take advantage of it, or you don't.

By midgame you should have enough slavers of enough types to handle pretty much anything with a decent chance of success.

What's annoying is that I don't want decent successes, all the really cool stuff happens on a crit, which is why I'm forced to play on hardcore mode, for that crit-bonus.

I'm importing a character from the hacked version with basically every starting trait (including the safety and mission success traits that cost like 10 each) but that only effects the leader.

At the moment, I'm save scumming Vipers Nest because it has a unique outcome on a normal success (You gain a laima slaver and one of the slavers you sent comes back hypnotised.) so I want to see what a crit does.



Misspoke, the safety and mission success traits effect everyone, but only the leader is effected by having every other trait.

Also, Hypnotic and Strong don't seem to carry over, for some reason. Which prevents me from creating an uber-trainer right off the bat.

The hacked version itself allows you to edit your slaver's traits mid-game, which is amazing. You can just purpose-build a scout or a spy or whatever you need.



Thank you!


Mission and training RNG is a little x-commy, but that's some of what makes the game cycle entertaining. You can't just sit there with a handful of experts and complete everything without risk. Sometimes things fail, sometimes your best guys get lost in the mountains or captured. Such is the life of a slaver.

About the only place where RNG becomes potentially bad is when it comes to some of the side activities that the camp leader does. Going to the bar or looking around town can lead to events that will just fuck up your character. Things such as getting tattoos that change your character description and make them look slutty. Things like getting corruption effects. Almost to the degree that doing anything in either place is probably going to be bad.


If you're having difficulty try playing as an Orc with the Reavers and Shun the other traits, Blessed too if you want to play it really safe.

Marauding assignments are the most useful because they give easy access to supplies, found in both the Plains and Forest. Gold can also be farmed from the Ensnared Rose missions, an extremely reliable method that rarely seems to fail for me.

Early on, supplement your Orc slavers with a few humans for the exploration and infiltration assignments. You'll also need to get a guard and make use of your bed-warmer slots to keep safe any quality slaves since Brutal is a common trait for your starting Orc slavers. Use as many camp bitch slaves as you can to save supplies, make them into cum addicts if you want quick and easy obedience. Try to get either a slaver or a slave who is qualified as cook and brewer, those roles are more important than the crafting ones.

Soon after that most of your orcs will be veterans and rarely need replacing, so you can focus on filling any skill/role gaps and pushing into the harder assignments.



I considered going full orc, but I'm always having problems with the slaves having zero health or will.

A decent guard who won't just make things worse is damn hard to find.

That said, cook and brewer are great.

Masterwork armour significantly increases your chances on a mission, but it's tricky to get.

Even with a skilled smith, they're more likely to make bondage restraints than useful armour.

I keep forgetting to assign camp bitches. I tend to focus on fully training one slave at a time, then selling them. Keep one or two around for whore missions. (A word in your Ear, and the street-whore one in the city)

Oh, and unlocking the lords gate, obviously. Gotta have a good quality slave for that too.

I guess I could just go for double obedience training, then immediately station them as camp bitches. I'm a completionist at heart though, so I always want to end up fully training them.


Is there a guide or something for this?

I can figure out things like Free Cities or Eratohok fairly easily but this thing just does not click with me.



How or where do we go about hacking the latest version?



>problems with the slaves having zero health or will

Depending on the slave, that's not necessarily a problem.

I usually take the first 4 or 5 slaves I get and set them as camp bitches. Sometimes I sell the males but otherwise it doesn't matter what race or gender they are since their purpose is to be a living onahole that scrounges up some much needed supplies on the side. Train the troublesome ones with basic obedience if I have a trainer or make them a cum addict if I don't. So long as the slavers have some onaholes to use, they won't ruin my quality slave/s quicker than I can put them somewhere safe.

Any traits they gain from consistently being broken isn't much of a problem since eventually I replace most of them with more interesting or valuable slaves when I reach the limit.


rags is like the worst engine for this, i can never make any progress into this because i get fed up waiting for loading everytime i do anything



The latest version I've found is in the OP, and it's several versions out of date.

Half the reason I made this thread was in hopes that it'd attract the anon that made the previous cracks to make another.



Wait, slavers focus on camp-bitches before the ones in the pit?

In my experience, it's the other way around. The Pit gets all the attention. Assigning a slave somewhere else protects them, but also makes it impossible to train them.


Critical Success! You lose your slaver and gain a handful of coins worse than a completely safe caravan raid.

This "game" can fuck right off.


If someone is able to show me how to setup hacks in the game via rags designer, I have a password free version of 0.7401



If you can find the old topic, or dig your way through the previous cheat mode version of the game you might be able to figure out what the guy did to rig it up.



Well, I managed to import the right click options in the encampment but I was unable to find the trigger action mods for the Jack of All Trades trait thing.

File will be up for 14 days



Anyone know how to get rid of tattoos? Visiting the Tavern has my character covered in profanity tattoos all over her face and I'd like to know if there was a way to get rid of them.



Which mission was that?



Works like a charm.

Thanks a bunch.


I played this game a long time ago.

Looked interesting but the rng and grind killed it for me.



Don't think you can. Some shit taste anon(s?) keep forcing that sort of thing.



It's in timers. In "Start - Full Cutom", to be exact.

Picrelated. https://ibb.co/g36Ck5



I'll never get the crazy love for tattoos, over the top makeup and "bimbo" bullshit you see in western porn games. Especially with how it's described by a lot of shitty writers like the guy who makes this game, they make your character sound like a slutty clown and have to lazily rely on just using "whorish" and "slutty" every other adjective to try and force the fact that it's supposed to be sexual, because otherwise the character just sounds like Jared Leto from Suicide Squad with some DSL.



Thanks, I'm no good at programing but I at least am able to compare and copy paste lol.

Here's 0.7401 with hack updated with the Jack of All Trades.

File will be up for 14 days


The tattoo thing is turning me off, my character got tattooed with WH RE and prostitute makeup on her face so she's wearing a banadana on her face, and I can't seem to find a way to get rid of it. There are other tattoos all over the place, happens every 3rd~5th trip.



That's what you get for playing a submissive slut



Gee, fine time to remember this shit. And fuck you OP.



No you get them even if your are basically terminator shaped in flash

In fact i find the thing pretty retarded, you could very well be one of the strongest fighters in the land without being a sub, and still you get to bother with this shit



You get tatts if you don't have the dominant trait.



You can't use hypnotics if you have dominant trait IIRC there are a few traits that can't be had together.

I can't remember all of the conflicting traits though.



>You can't use hypnotics if you have dominant trait

I thought that was the dominator trait, but i could be wrong

Usually i spend my points on skills to maximize my potential to stay in the game

The points for dominant could so easily by used for connected, friendly or maybe even healer because healing takes fucking forever and what are the chances of getting a hearler in game?



Are you thinking of Dominator?

Dominator is mind-control, Dominant is a sexual taste.

(Dtr) and (Dom)

The only thing (Dom) can't be taken with is (Sub)

Slavers can have both though, they just meld into "Switch"



It's not hard to get a slaver with (Hea) just look for someone with the job-title "Acolyte" when offered a choice.

Healing is annoying though, because doing it stops you from going on new assignments for the day. (though you can still train people.)

Frankly, Dominant is probably more useful for the Encampment Leader, just because it gives a bonus to training, and that's what you spend most of your time doing. short assignments that don't put you in danger.

Dominator also helps with training, and allows you to force slavers into jobs they don't want.

I normally just use seduction though.

Fair warning, Dominator is a huge malus on several assignments.

Then again, someone just posted a hacked version where you can get ALL the traits, so why choose?



The bar has some weird events, to be honest.

Stuff where you get scammed into spending money without your input (I'm pretty sure you can hit this event several times) the orc wrestling one, (which I think relies on STR trait) one about buying 20 supplies for 20 gold (a good deal) and the "getting drunk and waking up with a tattoo" thing.

I expect they'll be modified at some point in the future, or that biomancy will allow you to remove tattoos or something.

Personally, my biggest gripe (beyond difficulty bullshit) is that I can't tell my armourer to make actual fuckin armour.

I set him to make modest armour and he starts churning out masterwork slave-wear with restraints.

There's also no option for "make exclusively normal sized armour" for when you don't have any tiny fuckers in the camp.

Sidenote though, putting your slavers in restraints can actually be useful. It seems to nullify the aggressive trait, (though it also nullifies Agile)

Related: has anyone actually succeded on Quick As You Like rare mission? Every time I try, they comeback renamed and trapped in bondage.

I guess it doesn't help that I have no idea what traits would even be useful.

Oh, PSA, since the wiki refuses to list the rewards.

Viper's Nest special mission (unlocked by creating the coastal caverns and finding the lamia nest) Normal success puts two of your three assigned slavers in major danger (high chance of wound or loss) and sends the third one back permanently brainwashed, but gives you one highly skilled lamia slaver in return.

Yeah, it's probably not worth the trade, but I like it just for the flavour of having a slaver who's completely brainwashed to another slaver. Their end-of-turn messages involve acting as bedwarmer for her new lamia mistress, or losing morale if not available.

A crit just gives you a lamia slave, which is kinda underwhelming.


0.75 is out. Anyone try it?



No, it's behind a patreon paywall, there is a TF version for 2 bucks more than the normal version, WTF.



~$700 that they are getting per month developing content for games that are fairly complicated. Yeah, paywalls always kinda suck, but I imagine this is letting them pay bills so that they can keep making content.



There is no need of paywall to continue making content, at all

Plus calling this game complicated is like calling cheese the most delicious food available to mankind, it may be true for you, but probably you have something wrong with your head

This game is a mess, plain and simple, without paywall they could have been help fixing it, beginning with using a different engine



Out now


It should go without saying, but a lot of us here would appreciate it if someone could upload the "enhanced" paywalled version, if you happen to have it.



Yeah, super-negatives sound fun.

On the other hand, right after someone handed out a shiny new cheat-version, we get a new version that's even harder, with no cheats.

Ah well, time to try my importing-hacked-slavers thing again, and wait for a new cheat to come out.

TLDR from the changelog: Hardcore now takes Disaster traits into account, when it didn't before.

There are ways to get lost slavers back somehow (maybe changed) some random events to pop up. More stuff at tavern.

Morale was fixed to not fall twice as fast via bugs.


How good's the game anyway?

I've tried it just a tiny bit but:


Really drains my will to get more into it but should i?



Its biggest problem is load times and a few bugs

Personally if you've already installed RAGs go for it

However if you've never dealt with a RAGs game before its going to be daunting

Still its no dorf fortress mind you

Also never disable the help mode, There is literally no reason to



I've played Cursed a lot and tried out various other RAGS games, this one just has this usual "TLDR -WALL OF TEXT-" thing going on which is a bit of a turn-off.



0.75 Patreon(transgender or some shit, who knows) version

added cheats removed password protection, feel free to load this into rags editor and suffer yourself



Anyone know how to get these aspects?



The game maker said some of them come from super-rare missions if you send your own character on them and you get a critical success/failure. So about a 1/1000 chance, and then it's up to RNG as to which one you get as there's no wiki.

The best way to get positive aspects for your PC is to upgrade your encampment, whatever that means. The best way to get negative aspects is to take them at the start.



But do the ones at the start account for all of them?

Because there are like only 7, and you can only have a maximum of 3

Also what the fuck is the exclusive option?

And why haven't harpys become one of the not exclusive starters? or any of those other unplayable races, like the undead one?



I have no idea to all of the above.



I think your encampment upgrades when you max an exp pool. I think I can figure something out for that later, I haven't looked into aspects at all.


So what are the events like?



Fuck yea thank you



… and there's already a 0.75.1 version to fix bugs in previous version.

That said, thanks for this, seriously.


File: 8491e433b5dad18⋯.png (5.64 KB, 585x50, 117:10, 2017-07-04_00-34-59.png)


No Haven 0.7051 Hotfix


Patreon Edition, it's just a variable. There's no size difference between patreon and non patreon

Bedlam added a new command(cheat) called "Test -Syccubus(Succubus?)" Not sure what it does



I assume it's related to the succubus possession aspect that was added.


What is the pass for RAGS editor? It was posted in the last thread but I can't remember or even find it.


This thread made me go try this game again and I'm having surprisingly more fun with it this time around. I'm not sure if the game itself was made easier, if I am drawing from my past failed experiences or if it's the thread tips (probably all of the above) but I'm not failing as hard as before and I'm actually accomplishing some stuff now.

A question though: the Nightly Action of planning says something about leaving notes to your slavers for when you are out, but how does that work (or does that even work at all)?



For some reason the latest versions have been running faster than the one I was running a few months back, so thats a plus



In my own experience, it does work, rather simply. When you select yourself to go out on an assignment (a normal, several-days one, not your over-night personal assignments), you normally can't send people to go out on assignments (meaning they'll typically spend several days, pointlessly wasting supplies and lowering slave condition until your get back). When you plan assignments, you'll sometimes get a result that negates this if you leave that day, allowing you to assign slavers as if you were still as base. Especially useful if you're the most qualified for incredibly long assignments.



Thanks again, anon.

And on an unrelated note, >>103941

>A question though: the Nightly Action of planning says something about leaving notes to your slavers for when you are out, but how does that work (or does that even work at all)?

Normally when your character is away from camp, the game proceeds in "automatic" mode where you have no control, and cannot issue any new orders or assignments.

The planning nightly actions lets you continue to control slavers as if you were still at camp, so long as you did planning the night before you left. This only lasts a random period (3-8 days, I think?) before it stops and it reverts to no control mode. So it's not a perfect replacement for you being at camp leading in person.



Editor don't have password, the game does

You need the universal password for rags games, it change based on version





Yikes. I didn't want to share it, but yeah that's it. Though you can't just plug that into rags designer when prompted, that's not how the universal password works.




That's what I was expecting, but I could swear I tried that and it didn't work. I might've done something wrong on my end then, I'll try it again later.


How do i play this game?

As in what do i do?

I made a goblin noble chick slaver with decent infilitration thingies but as to what the hell should i aim in doing in this game?

Or some pointers as to how to start the game out atleast without having my slavers go missing permanently every 2-3rd mission i put them up to.


Is there any way to deal with the RAGS slowdown? I've been playing RAGS games for a while, but usually the it takes a while for them to slow down.

This game seems to have a fuckload of variables, and the suggestions system generates a lot of text, so each click starts to take a second or two to happen after just minutes of playing.



fuck off bedlam, your kind isn't welcome here.



Why not though, he got buttblasted from 4ch because of some shittalking if i remember right.

He needs some actual criticism and general talk , let him get it.

Maybe he'll even grow a spine, no idea how he hasn't already considering he is making a slave game lmao



he bitched-snapped at some random anon that was trying to be helpful by uploading a way to mod some stats that weren't secured behind a password. The anon said sorry and took it down. bedlam decided to password protect everything, because that is how much of a little bitch he is.

Don't let him fool you, seeing that people don't have to put with his RNG shit eats him alive.



RAGS with nohaven is a RAM hog. For me it starts out at about 250MB memory usage, but eventually bloats to 500MB+ and begins to suffer lag. But it takes like an hour before the bloat becomes noticeable (more than 1 second delay on actions), and even then can be resolved just by restarting the RAGS client. I usually don't get multi-second delays unless it's been running several hours without a restart.

If you're suffering huge multi-second delays pretty quickly, it may just be a lack of memory/RAM on your PC.




I think that was back when he thought one difficulty fits all players, so players that found the game too hard had to resort to cheating.


Scratch what I said about 250-500MB. I just checked again, and it started at 500MB, and crept up to 1000MB. Guess I misremembered.



Ayy lmao that's hilarious then.

Maybe the faggot has some rng fetish you never know.

What a pity since a fantasy slaver game is all i ever wanted and this game fits.

Too bad that after playing a little it seems this game is just a number generator and everything is really the same, sort of like free cities


Is there any way to save the RAGS windows layout between sessions?


Well, there's not much you can do about that if you're doing a mostly procedurally-generated management game.



Also, what exactly does the Quick Start option do? Is it simply a new game on Normal difficulty with a fully random start?



>That's what I was expecting, but I could swear I tried that and it didn't work.

Like almost every other action in the game, its success is based on a die roll. Read the nightly messages to check if you did a good job at planning or a bad job; presumably a fail roll means planning won't work properly.


Anyone know how the level up system works in regards to traits? Is it randomized, or based on class, or based on existing traits?

Also, can the player get traits from level up, or only aspects?



Here, then.

Open the file in SQL CE 3.5 using the password Ç°¥àòÅÅÇÉàññø

Punch in UPDATE [GameData] SET [PasswordProtected] = 0;

Then you're good to go, just don't complain if bedlam manages to work around that and make the game uneditable


Funny enough the editor takes about 3 or 30 seconds to do just about anything. I can show any of you guys what I do on Skype or something



Wait, the player can level up?



Yes. Encampment level ups (the kind that reward you with a pick from a list of five slavers) now grant you personally a level. You can level up by right clicking your character in the list, when sufficient conditions are met.

Keep in mind that there are a limited number of traits (12?) and aspects (3) that each character can have, so pick carefully. Though the cheat version of NoHaven allows you to have unlimited aspects.


If there's anyone that thinks they could actually attempt developing content for this game(probably in the form of stuff that could easily be copy/pasted) I'll try and help you out. Find some way to contact.



Contact who? If you want to be contacted, you need contact information.


Dear cheat anon, just a quick request: please put future in-game cheat options somewhere other than the portrait right-click menu for quality of life purposes.







Are you cheatanon, or some anon that wants to make an add-on mod like pregmod or catgirl mod for Free Cities? Or are you bedlam?



If we're putting out requests, any chance you could consider adding the +traits to char creation since there isn't any way for the player to get them otherwise?

I mean like Mighty Strength (Str+), Insatiable (Sex+), Exceptional Beauty (Exc), Onslaught (Agg+), etc.


Is biomancy ever going to not be both shit due to lack of choices, and useless due to low success chance?





I dunno, I'll have to look into how traits are added.



Biomancy is a great way to improve slave quality – when it works. You can increase beauty, change gender, increase sexual organ sizes, etc. But I agree, its failure rate is so high it's almost prohibitive.

However, unlike corruption you don't have to do it personally. You can get slavers with biomancy who can take all the risk for you.



I think part of the problem is that the dev has no fucking clue what makes other hard games good, Like in games based on D&D you had skill and and stats and such to counter the die.

In this shitshow all you get is roll bad and reload.



iirc all the rolls in Whorelock's Revenge are on a d20

and he uses regular stats and skills still exist

I'm not sure why he's made things so horrible in No Haven, maybe he was working on it before WR since it's more of a conversion than a new game.



It's stupid, the system as it is now has all the frustrations of a die system, when none of the charming relief you could get when you make a saving throw, or your skills bump you that little bit higher for a crit success.


File: c423fd2e6a06fa1⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1911x804, 637:268, NoHavenDataBug.PNG)

After an unexpected reboot I loaded a save,

The names are defaulting back to their array placement (Slave #/Slaver 3 ect.)

And the assignment roles/categories are gone as well. (attached is a screen shot)

The appropriate details are still found when inspecting individually or doing a camp status check. Is this a known issue with a solution?



Happened to me plenty of times.

How do I use biomancy on a slaver again? What do hypnotic triggers even do?



The names correct themselves on the next day. Happens when you load an old save in a new version of the game too. Just continue playing and it'll right itself.



Keldran recruitment is good for that, but if you're using cheat-mode you can just savescum.

Quicksaves are faster than proper saves, for that sort of business.

biomancy is one of the next things to be fixed/expanded . Along with hypnosis and suchlike.



You can do those via "customize a character" cheat at current.

I tend to add STR+ to myself most of the time.



>You can do those via "customize a character" cheat at current.

How does the format for that work? I never could get it to properly overwrite my old traits. Could you give me an example of what you'd type in trait, short trait, and race?


If you are a biomancer:

>right click your character in the list

>personal assignments


If a slaver is the biomancer:

>right click them in the list

>talk to


Don't forget there's a backfire chance, including a rare event that permanently silences you (removes all magic and casting related traits, including biomancy itself), so be sure you save. Unless you like to live dangerously.



That's how biomancy is used, yes. However that doesn't help me in using it on my slavers.



That's how biomancy is used, thanks. No problems there. How do I use it on my ``slavers`` though?



>That's how biomancy is used, thanks. No problems there. How do I use it on my ``slavers`` though?

Oh, sorry, misread the question. You can't use it on slavers or yourself. Unless cheatanon somehow modified the game to enable you to do so.

Closest thing you can do is cast biomancy, and save scum until it backfires and hits the caster to transform them.


File: 383a6f849f20bdf⋯.png (323.71 KB, 850x531, 850:531, bloodborne lady of the wat….png)


>tfw can't use biomancy on your hypnotized slavers

>tfw when hypnotics are still bare bones



>when you make a saving throw, or your skills bump you that little bit higher for a crit success

That's exactly what happens though, I don't get your point there.

Picture it like this: you're trying to convince the guard of the Lord's Door to let you through. It's a difficult task, so you need to roll 15 on your d20 roll. But you have the Persuasive trait that gives you +3 on the roll and the good quality of the slave you brought along gives you an additional +2.

This is pretty much how the game works, but instead of telling you that you need to roll 15 on a 1d20+5 roll it calculates everything and just tells you that you need to roll a 10 on your 1d20.

Or at least that's what was supposed to happen, but I recall someone on the old thread (maybe cheatanon) saying that there were some weird probability adjustments going on behind the curtains, so it looks like things get a bit borked when the game is playing out.



I mean the shit it does when it drives you chances down because they're 'too high' or skills like biomancy where it's pretty much just lolrng.

Or certain missions where you always lose a slaver no matter how good they are.



Having looked at how rolls are done it appears that nothing is certain, and things tend to be rounded off. There's some fuckery going on, I think someone related it to XCOM 2 rolls.

What should be horrible turns out less so

What should be amazing turns out less so



I think that's because each outcome class has multiple outcomes. Say a disasterous roll on an event can trigger a slaver being lost. Even if you roll a disaster on that mission, there are then hidden sub-rolls for each individual slaver to determine if they are lost, based on their traits.


I'd like to know this too. What's the difference between short traits and traits? Do you need to put a particular trait's abbreviation and full name in them respectively to get a trait applied to a char, or are they separate things?

Also, how does adding multiple traits work? Do you separate a list of traits using space, comma, dash, etc?


What are the Quintari a reference to? I can make sense of most of the other racial referances, but this one is throwing me for a loop. I though that it was going to be the alternate name to a race of centaurs, but it doesn't seem to be since they've got an "ageless feud" from the Bred to be Broken event.


>5% failure

>2% disaster

>Ends up being disaster

>3 great slavers lost, including one unique are lost

>I even had the Blessed trait

Well shit, how can you blame people for save-scumming and wanting hacked versions when this shit happens?



Quick as you like. Everyone loves really hard content with mystery odds that is IN ALL ASPECTS A WASTE OF FUCKING TIME



It would take a lot of work to change that.



Yeah it's called making a new fucking videogame.



I think Bedlam would still figure out a way to fuck that up. He's best off simplifying the system in a new engine.. he said he's working on Whorelock's Revenge for Twine.. I think he should abandon those projects altogether and use an alternative. The issue being Bedlam has no reason to change, I doubt that he sees any real benefit.



Eh, Twine isn't too bad.

Anything but RAGS is a good start tbh.




Editable too, without having to go to all this mess every time

Part of the reason why it won't happen tough, Bedlam would probably shoot himself in the groin before admitting to have fucked up the rng



Quick as you like is very good for making troublesome slavers easier to remove from their appointed position or from the camp entirely. Such as that healer you appointed as religious leader then found out that they follow The Blinded Lady and are subsequently pissing off all your other slavers and slowly converting them to be militaristic prudes. They usually come back slutty, done up like a whore, and stuck in ponygear making them easier to then sell off or lose on assignment.


is there pregnancy on this game?




I kinda want to succeed that mission to just see what the success/crit responses ARE. I've only ever failed it.


Fun, well thought-out and no ridiculous walls of text. But the engine is so god awful it is just impossible to play



Sometimes shit just happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seriously though, I actually don't think the design of the game is wrong, but it's the implementation itself that's quite not there yet. Mainly the risk/reward ratio. You shouldn't risk losing 3 or 4 slavers on a quest that'd only give you a handful of suppliers and a mediocre slave.

I also don't think the assignments should be a monolithic single-roll-resolves-all. Dividing assignments into smaller parts each with its own roll and modifiers should give a better sense of what goes right and wrong and ease the feeling that the slavers just drop dead for no reason.



>I also don't think the assignments should be a monolithic single-roll-resolves-all. Dividing assignments into smaller parts each with its own roll and modifiers should give a better sense of what goes right and wrong and ease the feeling that the slavers just drop dead for no reason.

True, but it's unlikely to happen. The game is already straining the engine as it is, and a migration to another engine could put the game on hiatus for months. More likely years, given his past records.

Bedlam is pretty stuck in his ways with coding, so to speak, and is pretty resistant to the idea of migrating to a new engine or reworking major parts of the game. His migration of Whorelock to the Twine engine going very slowly, and only came about after the recommendation of many others that RAGS wasn't a great engine.



>True, but it's unlikely to happen.

That part could be actually easily doable in relation to current engine. In RAGS, another roll wouldn't require too much if the mechanics for it already exist. I kinda like that idea, even. Someone thould throw it at the creator, especialyl since he recognized that current success/failure chances and overall slaver assignments are kinda in need of improvement.



What would be a good engine/language to do this kind of slave management game in?

I've been looking at some of the other games on the board and none of them seem to have a good answer.







Isn't that a C variant that's being cobbled together by some Google devs?



Any sane language. A proper game engine isn't really necessary for a heavily text-based game.

If I was to do a No Haven port/clone I'd just do it in Java tbh



Yeah but my eventual goal is to move away from purely text based. I really like the building/infrastructure aspects of managment games you can find everywhere from cellphone games to DF, and that's something I feel would add a little more depth to the slave managment genre. Watching over the course of days as some of your brute slaves dig out a new pit. Or using an existing mechanic from No Haven as an example, needing to raid/trade/find metals enough to make a forge, and then the equipment.

Thank you though, still just spit balling.



HTML5 is in a really good place right now. Bonus points: once you release, it automatically works on pretty much every platform.

If you want to make a game that's ready to become something more than text-based at a moments notice, you're shit out of luck, though. That would require you to prepare it to not be text-based from day 1 if not using somethin that coerces that out of you. Still, HTML5 would have all the tools available and you can pick any of the frameworks (there are many) to help you that way.

I just wouldn't go with HTML5 if whatever you want to do is complicated enough to warrant using more than one thread. You won't have those in HTML5. However, games which would be slow as molasses with "game maker" kind of languages (like RAGS/Inform) will be considerably faster, even with an interpreted language like Javascript (which has been heavily optimized these last few years!).



Don't fucking bother. That's what I did. Crit success is LOSE YOUR SLAVER.



I'm preparing to have it non-text based. I've been looking at Godot actually since I kind of want to combine Dungeon Keeper and No Haven.



You say that like you actually *don't* send only shitty slavers you want to get rid of on QAYL missions



Does she just not come back with no explanation? Does she win and run off with the prize money?

Does she win and get enslaved anyway?

What actually happens to her?


I heard No Haven updated

I'll roll out both a cheat and non cheat version tonight, along with some sort of menu instead of filling up the uh.. right click menu.



You get a REALLY SHIT reward - around 1k gold. Your slaver also gains some special equipment they can never take off (usually a vibrator belt) and, if you're (really) lucky, nothing else happens.

More realistically, you'll also gain negative traits - plural. Those traits will replace what you already have which is another reason to not send anybody with good rolls.

TLDR: A success is about the same as a failure - you just get a bit of money with success and you lose slightly more traits with failure.

A disaster is either a total loss (they don't return) or a total write off (you get a drooling retard back). A crit success is you get a bit more money than success and you don't lose quite as many traits. So instead of full retard, they'll only be 50% retard



0.752 Rags /w cheats

I put all the cheats into a menu, their names are a bit different

also i made a web page to put this shit


site download feels a bit slow, i'll see what i can do to speed any of that up



Wait, as it you or another anon who said that a crit success means you lose them?

Did you mean they come back ruined? Because it sounded like you said they DIDN'T come back.

Money and less fucked traits… I dunno.

If you actually lost her on a crit, I'd chalk it up to a bug that gives the disaster result on a crit, and message the dev.

If she's just less fucked up than she would have been, then I don't know.



updated site. just go to


this won't change


Links on that site don't work for me. Chrome, Win10. What am I doing wrong?


Nvm. the Mega link does nothing but the "site" link works.




MEGA link fixed

won't make that mistake again


Yeah, for some reason clicking on the Mega link did nothing but I realized that right-clicking and choosing open in new tab seems to work.



Different Anon. And sorry if I confused you so here's the long version.

IF CRIT FAIL/DISASTER - High chance of total loss (slaver gone). Otherwise, total overwrite of slaver roll with mostly bad traits and some perma-equipped gear. For now, that gear is only flavour text (has chastity belt, shit like that) but it's been indicated that it might do something in the future. Basically, if you're "lucky," you'll get your slaver back with a new name you can't change (like "Candy") and they'll have traits like Sex Addict, Bimbo, Exceptional Beauty, Clumsy, Weak. Basically, they're totally worthless.

IF FAILURE - High chance of total loss (slightly less than disaster though). Perma-gear and rename. Otherwise, almost total overwrite, much like disaster. Only difference is that you MIGHT (not guaranteed) keep one or two traits you had previously. So instead of totally worthless, they become 90% worthless.

IF SUCCESS - Small gold reward. Amount seems to vary, low hundreds. Also a chance of no reward at all. Chance of total loss, maybe 50/50? Otherwise, perma-gear and rename. Some perks replaced, around 2-4. Perks will still be bad though. Maybe 75% worthless, depends on what you keep and what you get.

IF CRIT SUCCESS - Insulting gold reward, never seen it break 1k, had as low as 500. Not worth. Chance of total loss, maybe 10-15%? Otherwise, perma-gear and rename. Some perks replaced, 2 or 3. Again, perks are still bad. Maybe 50% worthless, depends on perks.

TLDR - That mission is dogshit. Send somebody you want to get rid of or repurpose. If you, say, get a shit 2nd in command roll, you can repurpose them into a new role, assuming they come back.




Noice lad

will this turn into something pregmod like?



not even close

my abilities and knowledge are a fraction of what they'd need to be for me to accomplish anything of the sorts

i'll see what i can do



Oh well.

Damn i always wanted a realistic fantasy slave game and this could be it if it wasn't rags and basically a diceroll simulator with no substance.

If you ever want to do anything with that cheat mod i would recommend making a character editor/customizer actually work


Relatively new to this game, what exactly is the "orc cum addiction" and how does "orc plaything" affect it?

I'm mostly worried that if i pick it i get into game over as soon as i find some orcs or eventually similarly to CoC and it's Minotaur cum addiction.



Kind of a noobish question: can I safely load games from the previous version in this one or will I risk it borking everything?



it's a slave training shortcut with a special alchemy potion



I don't mind dice rolling in games where i can save scum, but the loading times for RAGs are absurd and don't even get me started on the bugs, especially the game breaking ones



Not really possible, rags use flag and affirmative/negative answer to control nearly all variables in the game, attempting to use such method even for vanilla fc would be maddening, if you try to edit this game with the designer you'll see what a fucking mess this game is already, not saying bedlam used best possible way, but rags is shit in general, don't expect too much out of it


First time you load all the name are fucked, should reassert all variables names next day, however if some changes has been done to a quest or an assignment in progress, it may bug out and cripple your slaver or even you, try to load only when no job is active



This is one of the reasons i don't exactly hate Bedlam for trying to get a patreon

I mean RAGs is fucking maddening enough without pay

And then you've got all those other cunts that put out 0.01a patreons for their new games that are totally going to be finished

still I'm never ever going to use patreon



Eh, I'll just finish my current game on the current version before updating then.

Not like this game's playthroughs are particularly long-lived amirite



Customize character doesn't work anymore.



What do you mean any more? It was already kinda broken before in the way that the trait adding didn't really work.

Renaming should still be functional though, what and who are you trying to change?



I've heard that trait adding works. It seems that the way traits function is that it just reads the line of text for them, so you're editing text yeah.. buuut I thought it was a functional line of text, is this incorrect?



It did work in the previous version.

I don't know how flavor text in the description is supposed to be affected but the added traits did work and were seen by the game when you took assignments.



I'd be interested in knowing what they do, too. In terms of how they affect the player and events.

Same for possessed. Which is categorized as a "super-negative", but I've only ever seen do good things (saving throws for failed slaver convincing). What's the huge drawback supposed to be?



I guess Orc slavers kick your ass if they challenge you?

Maybe quests that involve orcs?


Hey cheatanon, or anyone else that knows: Is there a way to edit the save files and exported character profiles?



You can kind of edit the saves via dev. but that's as far as i've been able to get.

(trying to add mighty strength via the console isn't working)



>How do I use biomancy on a slaver again?

This is actually a neat idea that cheatanon should add, if game code permits. Since there's already a cheat option to cast corruption on a slaver, so why not biomancy?

It might be too hard to code the entire menu in, but at least a randomly selected backfire event might work



This is something you should report to Bedlam ASAP as a fucked up bug thing.


File: 972d0bd4cd37eb8⋯.png (3.83 KB, 378x45, 42:5, 2017-07-14_16-10-35.png)



Trait added absolutly used to work.

I used it to custom-build slavers for specific missions. (Wrapped in webs, for example)

You'd need to skip to the next day before the changes fully took effect, but it worked pretty much perfectly.


File: 23fd7f104a70f83⋯.png (9.05 KB, 450x163, 450:163, 2017-07-14_21-22-34.png)


Yeah, the "customize slave" cheat used to work almost perfectly, you just had to input the traits (Strong - Leader - Magic: Biomancy) exactly as they would appear under your character examine, spelled exactly as they are in-game (for instance, Exceptional Feminity is spelled wrong, but that's how it's coded into the game, so you have to spell it that way, or your slave might wind up with both Exceptional Feminity and Feminine down the road).

Then the correct shorthand, exactly as it would appear in your character titles. (Str)(Lea)(M:Bi).

Now customize slave gives 100,000 gold and 100,000 supplies instead, and ends the game with "You're so rich you can just quit if you like." Or whatever, I didn't count how many 0s there were. It seems like a simple copy-paste mistake.


seems like the "customize character cheat" was move down to "Test - Add Day", some sort of labeling error, it seems. Still does not work, however.



didn't the armour cheat have a better chance at getting higher quality equipment?

Because every time i used it i got Epics



Yeah. No disrespect to cheatanon, because I really do appreciate what he does for us, but he should really at least try a game function out in game after fixing it, just to see if it's actually fixed or not. That's day one stuff for debugging.


File: f5c814e5599ee29⋯.png (7.94 KB, 655x103, 655:103, 2017-07-15_12-04-25.png)


The armor command I deleted ran both the armor and clothing crafting timer(that already existed)


0.7521 is a hotfix released by Bedlam, sorry

All of my changes are located under Cheat Logs


Yikes, that was fucked up. Fixed now.





>All of my changes are located under Cheat Logs

Oh, I see. I thought they were the paetron-only viewable patch notes.

To clarify, maybe you should keep two separate lists in the changelog: Bedlam changes, and your changes.



How does the customize character cheat work?

I can never tell if the shit I'm typing in is actually taking effect. When I add traits like healer, the character it's added to never actual gets the heal command.



Traits are recorded as strings of text. type them in like they appear when you examine a character or however they show and they should work fine.



So in the traits box i type them in like:

Trait1 - Trait2 - Trait3

and in the short traits I do:


Including the spaces, dashes, and parenthesis?



Yes, exactly like you see them.



oh nice, thanks



Also, specialty traits such as Healer, Magic: Biomancy and Magic: Corruption being added in this way using the cheat won't get you the "heal" or "corrupt" commands in the character's menu, ever. It will only give that character the bonuses for Crit/Success on missions.

If you want special commands, they need to get the traits the old fashioned way.



I managed to get them to work after being added though I don't know how.

It seems silly that having a slaver do the healing to a slave takes up the entire day much like using your player character does.



Do the traits have to be in a specific order? I can't seem to find a hard and fast rule by looking at the slavers. (Not alphabetical by full name, or short, and not in the same order the traits are in at the customization menu.)


Is fixing die outcomes ever going to work?



>Do the traits have to be in a specific order? I can't seem to find a hard and fast rule by looking at the slavers. (Not alphabetical by full name, or short, and not in the same order the traits are in at the customization menu.)

I don't think so. Even when you place them in a certain order, the game re-sorts them into a different order (probably based on internal numbering or something).



it worked with crit successes in 0.7401 with the hackV1.5



Use the Jack of all trait to give yourself all the special abilities, then use character customize to add things you can't get in chargen or create custom slavers.

Keep in mind that most of the special stuff only works if you add it in chargen, not afterwards. (Assignment traits probably work like this too.)

Personally, I have a txt file of traits set out in useful ways.

Longform for the first line, short form for the second one. So I don't have to type em all out manually each time.


Stubborn - Agile - Alchemy - Brutal - Crafter: Apparel - Crafter: Devices - Crafter: Enchantment - Crafter: Metalworking - Cunning - Creative - Dancer - Ethereal - Exceptional Beauty - Friendly - Flying - Healer - Heroic - Herbalist - Hypnotic - Leader - Magic: Biomancy - Magic: Corruption - Corrupter - Magic: Illusionist - Persuasive - Perceptive - Psionic - Resilient - Seductive - Singer - Sneaky - Trainer - Mighty Strength - Blessed - Bastion - Beguilers - Desolators - Seekers - Shadows - Insatiable


That'll get you a great all-rounder. I usually use it for my leader. (with either (Dom) or (Sub) as desired)


Dominant - Dominator - Cunning - Hypnotic - Mind Reader - Persuasive - Psionic - Stubborn - Trainer - Seductive - Exceptional Beauty


Brutal and unscrupulous help with training, but they also mean slaves lose condition much faster, so I find that it's not worth it.


Fleet - Flying - Agile - Perceptive - Folklorist - Herbalist - Resilient - Sneaky - Tracker - Trapper - Stubborn


Flying is occasionally a negative, but it evens out. This character can scout most places with a high chance of critical success.


Agile - Seductive - Singer - Sneaky - Trainer - Dancer - Hypnotic - Mind Reader - Persuasive - Psionic - Beautiful - Friendly - Tactful


I also use it to make metalworkers or seamstresses as required.



Yeah, healing, corruption and biomancy are better on your leader.

Well, a biomancy minion means you don't eat those fumbles yourself, which is nice.

Healing using up half of the day (and preventing you from having two separate healers take healing actions in the same day) is bullshit.



It works sometimes.

Specific missions. Other times it crashes the game the moment you finish selecting your slavers.

Tempted to start writing up a list of missions it works with, but I'm feeling too lazy right now. Maybe another anon will handle it?



Don't bother. It changes every update.



>Dominant - Dominator - Cunning - Hypnotic - Mind Reader - Persuasive - Psionic - Stubborn - Trainer - Seductive - Exceptional Beauty


I thought (or at least what it says at chargen) is that dominator and Hypnotic are mutually exclusive. Will Cheat mode overwrite that?


The worst part about modding this, or any other rags game, is that there are no tools to allow me to transfer changes I make to other versions of the game. Only the Cheat Menu can be copy/pasted, everything else must be done by hand and the search tool isn't rarely useful.

tldr: I must keep changes small and simple for anything that I can't copy/paste



You can have them both but if both apply to a mission only one counts.


I heard it mentioned that you can change slavers into slaves and slaves into slavers. What was the method to do so?


Newfag question. I've downloaded RAGS 2.4.16 and turned on .net framework, 3.5.1, and Im still not getting any pictures, any ideas as to what must be going wrong?



Last I heard it wasn't possible to do so, but I haven't been paying close attention to updates recently.


That's odd. RAGS right?

Never heard of that issue before. Maybe try a RAGS re-install?



People keep asking this and the dev answers recently on his tumblr.

TLDR is that it'll be completely redone when the reputation mechanic comes out. In the meantime there's one way to do each, and they're hard as balls.

I don't remember slave-to-slaver, but turning someone into a slave can be done by using Dominator to win arguments over and over.

personally, I can't find a way to have a slaver consistently challenge me.

Unruly trait, I guess? Then just select them for whore-missions over and over until they protest?

Then again, if they've got slutty skills, they won't mind.

Ban em from the slave pit? I guess?

But yeah, dominate them over and over and you'll eventually turn em into a slave.



The succubus command turns slaves into slavers

Also males into succubi






Succubus cheat, rather. I'll investigate it later, I was thinking of installing windows 10 today



Yes, there is a very, very rare event when corrupting a slave where they become possessed by a dominant demon spirit (overwriting their personality traits with stuff like dominant, sadist, etc) and you can choose to turn them into a slaver.



Goddamn. I really want to be able to use biomancy on my slavers.


File: 8dd9979ec1825ad⋯.png (5.65 KB, 494x123, 494:123, 2017-07-16_20-16-38.png)



I'm not sure what you mean by that changelog. Biomancy, heal, and corrupt were already under personal assignments.

Did you mean you can now use them without the player having the relevant traits, or something?



Yeah, my bad ;;



Anyone else having issues with levelling up the player character? The right-click -> level up option seems to be missing.


File: 7355772906fb447⋯.png (10.09 KB, 311x299, 311:299, 2017-07-16_23-11-56.png)


Works on my machine



I just noticed the site icon

fucking lmao i love you


Is there any way to make the character editor work fully?

The game sees added traits but the description doesn't change(you can add beautiful but that won't appear in the description)



Are you asking about flavor text or a functional part of the game? I reckon it works when it needs to, but some things that have to do with commands being enabled (biomancy, healer, corrupter) would require some further investigation. To get the latter working all I did was enable the commands from the start, so you don't even need the traits.



I said that the game sees added traits so just that flavor text.

It all functions but the description doesn't change.



Ah. Hm. I'll look into how that functions, I'm not sure how traits work at all anyway.



It's not like it matters but it rustles muh autism.

Also why the fuck is there no way to modify you character or slavers some legit way



I figured out what was going on. I was doing a hard-mode run with a bunch of negatives, and was choosing three starting aspects (the default aspect limit). This locked out all level ups, which normally grant aspects.

If you only start with two, you can get unlimited aspects through level up. But not if you start with three.



>Also why the fuck is there no way to modify you character or slavers some legit way

>bedlam why

I agree


Gents, I've been messing with the character customizer cheat for a little while now and managed to discover this:

The traits 'long' list is what modifies description. They have to be spelled correctly and listed just like they are on the Examine page. There seems to be a limit of how many traits can modify a description as some seem to override others in unexpected ways.

The short list as listed beside a character's name is what actually counts on missions and such.



Probably because being able to Biomance everyone into having every positive trait at ++ and a mile-long dick is bad for balance, even in this RNG nightmare game.




Corruption can give +penis/breast/ass size and beauty like biomancy. The only thing it can't do is swap genders and race. It's better than nothing I guess.



Make it fucking hard then, and reliant on them loving you, and their race or history/specialization

Fucking hell the gameplay writes itself



>Fucking hell the gameplay writes itself

But the actual game doesn't

especially when you've lost your drive to develop it a long time back

it's obvious that bedlam no longer cares about the game, he's just stuck developing it because he's too autistic to work with anything else



because its an RNG game. Your slaves/slavers are the equivalent of gear in Diablo2, you're supposed to keep farming until you get dat sweet +% Magicfind.



I'm pretty sure this is the actual intent.

Both a reputation system (so slavers can love/hate you) and expanded biomancy are in the works.

I hope he gets to em soon though.



>I hope he gets to em soon though.

Oh my sweet summer child.

The last major overhaul to NoHaven mechanics resulted in no updates for six months. Half a year.



Oh so the good ol "i'll say this get updated once a month on my patreon, but in reality i'll do it whenever I feel like it you filthy plebs" method of game design..



Nah, it's not that bad. He does small updates once a month or two.

It's just that his game's code is extremely spagettified due to him using so many workarounds to get RAGS to do stuff it wasn't made for. Which makes major, wide-ranging changes very complex and slow compared to similar changes in other game engines.

So I doubt it's maliciousness or laziness, so much as mistakes (e.g., using RAGS) made due to inexperience.



I remember earlier in the thread or perhaps in an earlier thread someone mentioned him porting the game to a different language/engine, is that not still ongoing?



He was porting Whorelock, a different game. It's a procedurally-generated dungeon explorer involving transformation.

I haven't heard anything about NoHaven being ported. Bedlam has denied suggestions of him porting it to a different engine several months ago. I've heard nothing to suggest that's changed.



Well, I've exported the game into an xml and sent it to a man over at 4ch d games

He's right now figuring it all out, but we may be able to make something happen.. call it 'Mo Haven

Any porting done by Bedlam afaik is for Whorelock's Revenge as that's a much simpler game anyway.. I doubt Bedlam would port No Haven



Oh? is halfchan interested in modding the game/developing more content for it?

I've been poking around in the RAGs editor, but sweet zombie jesus does that thing give me a headache.


File: ce9cd21dc908161⋯.png (36.71 KB, 769x637, 769:637, yikes.png)


I've given up at any possibility of modifying the game past what I already do: simple copy/paste and edits.

The game probably isn't going to be ported over.. pic related, the XML exported from it is rather unreadable.



Upload it somewhere, you never know if someone else is autistic enough.



Is there any way to change a slaver's gender? The only way I can figure is the very cumbersome method of enslaving a slaver, biomancy, and then turning a slave back into a slaver.


Does the character customization thing also work with aspects, or traits only?



Any chance you could add a biomancy cheat option like the corruption one? Even if it's just a randomized biomancy backfire effect rather than a selection menu of effects like biomancy proper.


I suppose a cheat to enslave slavers and enslaver slaves wouldn't go amiss, especially using existing mechanics. That'd be really cool actually.



Not sure, but then again why would you? That cute effeminate elf boy got your dick diamonds but you dont want to be a fag about it?


Traits only, aspects come as you level up and gain infamy from pulling off more/higher risk heists.


Digging this game,

is there any way to remove garbage slaves or slave orders (opportunities)?



sell the garbage slaves at the dreadsea coast


You can't turn a slave into a slaver can you


File: 28cd8b7ef9c9049⋯.png (355.47 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1500653795059.png)

Post the objectively best three races

Sea Elves for actually being unique

lizardmen because they take all the shit rng can throw at them and come out just fine

And Greenskin wyldbitches because snu snu.



Human Noble bitches are fun. As slaves or Slavers.

Lamia's are neat with hypnosis.

Ogres make for… challenging slaves.


Wait, so the customize-character cheat doesn't do anything at all anymore? It used to work fine and now pressing it just closes the cheat menu.

That's a pity. It was the most useful one.


File: 1de407908241679⋯.jpg (33.38 KB, 780x304, 195:76, 1034badb501a0212f2d198dfc4….jpg)


Might just be a corrupted save, I had a game where I was almost 6 months in and I exited during a decision. When I came back some of the menus woldnt work and I somehow had a clone of each of my slaves as slavers.

Weird shit happens when you dont save properly and forget to back them up



Brand new file that hasn't even been saved.

I wanted to start off by giving my Encampment leader a massive power-boost.

rightclick on portrait, Cheat-Menu at bottom. Select "Customize character" and the cheat-menu closed but it just never opened the box asking who I wanted to modify.

No Haven 0.7521v1 from the hightidehermit site.



>No Haven 0.7521v1 from the hightidehermit site.

That might be your problem there bud, we are on v4 so far I think and that might have been one of the miscellaneous bugs they fixed in between new versions.

Get the new one and try again.


Try to install this shit to try it an give it a shot. Why not, right? The amount of outdated service packs it wants me to manually install is retarded. I don't how any of you anons even bothered to do this shit.



Huh. From the way the site is set out, I assumed it was four mirrors for the same version of the game.

My bad.



Yeah, it baffles me the guy has made any money at all. Expecting people to install 4 other applications before they play a random text game that could work just as well in a browser is just absurd.



Yeah sorry about that. I made changes and introduced some things.. v4 is currently the latest.

My site isn't laid out that well, it's just some html I managed to copy and paste my way through.



I tought you were exaggerating. Is it worth installing all that shit for this game?




no not really


Pretty sure all you need to install is RAGS.

The specific version that NH uses (which was the newest one when development began) and that's it.

I never installed any service packs of any kind.



It only takes about 30 seconds to install. Some players have put hours into the game. Ultimately it's your call, but personally, I wouldn't pass up even a small chance of missing something enjoyable for such a small cost.



Eh. RAGS as an engine is annoying but there are some great RAGS games out there, like Wife Trainer.

So maybe? If you reach out to play other games it might be worth it. No Haven itself is a fantastic concept with only a few core things working at the moment.

Its one of those games that if it ever finishes will be fucking amazing.


The biggest problem I had with the game is the amount of worthless text. It's hard to tell at a glance what is happening in between turns. And I guess that ties into my other complaint: mis-use of text. Huge spammy text-walls about dry mission success/fail/what-is-happening-between-turns, but actual text smut (what people are there for) there is very little of, and what is isn't particularly well-written or deep.

The concept is pretty cool and I get the mechanics are fairly deep (or at least wide), but it needs a serious UI and playability pass. Like, "gutting half of it and redoing it" style.



> Huge spammy text-walls

You can curb a lot of that in the "Glossary, Help and Options" then "Change Preferences", just in case you haven't realized it.



>there is very little of, and what is isn't particularly well-written or deep.

Unless you're getting transformed into a hideous demon(Corruption, how is that attractive?) or some other permanent event you're not getting a whole lot. The Slaver and Slave interactions are actually randomly generated phrases, along with clothing and armor.



Ah, I didn't realize that. Might want to make that more clear, I guess. Fair point, though, I'll retract the point partially. Personally as a designer I'd want to make the un-altered, options-less gameplay experience as friction-less as possible, but that's just my own bias.


can you do anything with biomaceny yet? whenever i try to use it im told the action is invaild



Biomancy has been working for quite some time now. It can only be used against slaves though. The only way you can get it to affect slavers is if it backfires when casting, and even then the effects are random.


File: ac2f0e9ee83990e⋯.png (95.41 KB, 1920x967, 1920:967, 2017-07-30_21-17-47.png)



Couldn't figure out how to enable biomancy and corruption from the start again, but when you do have them you can now use them on slavers.





You're a good man, cheatanon. Thanks as usual.



Tanks dude.



I'm more of a shipgirl man



No changelog for 0.7551? What bugs were fixed?

(Also thanks for all your hard work as always)


>No Changelog?

What does that usually mean for stuff like this, anon? It means the cheatanon didn't add anything but has simply brought the cheat version up to the latest official release.



I mean the changelog for the official release. He posted it for the 0.755 release on his website (you can see it on the screenshot too >>110111 ).



If the dev doesn't post a change log for a minor fix edit, its kind of hard for the modder to.



That's why I was just asking if there was no changelog. As far as I knew the changelogs for the latest versions were paywalled on the Patreon as well, but looking now on the author's Tumblr I managed to find it so now I know I can look for it there: http://bedlamgames.tumblr.com/post/163651574786/no-haven-07551


is the majority of content in this like random events or what?

i tried to play a few months ago and barely found anything



What does it say? It's not resolving to host for me.


the entire thing is RNG, it's essentially Diablo with fantasy sex slaves instead of Trang-Ouls set.




Not really diablo, in that game you can chose how to use your ability and can get a predictable outcome

Here the rng is so heavy you don't even know if your slavers will die of hypothermia in the desert, during the day of course, or drown while drinking their morning milkshake, without cheats this random number generator of a game is nearly unplayable



About the changelog:

I didn't write anything down for 0.7551 because it appears that it's just a port to the public version. What bedlam wrote on 0.7551 is the same as 0.755, I should have mentioned that.. I will from now on.

I will always post any changes to the modifications I make in the cheat logs under, and if a version bedlam releases does not have a changelog I'll either include or link the previous.



No prob, I just asked because I was confused by the lack of it.

Did the 0.755 changelog also have this bit?

>Not a hotfix or an update really so call this an overhaul one. A great deal of variables have been replaced and updated so please do let me know if I’ve missed something which has been inadvertently broken in the process. Especially keep an eye on the numbers on the new updated status bar to make sure they make sense as you do assignments.

This might be the change from 0.755 to 0.7551, but the rest does seem identical.



Not him, just random guy poking in. I don't mind RNG at all, I'm one of those masochists who thinks new XCOM on Impossible Iron-Man was fine. My biggest gripe with No Haven is it feels so hollow. There's so little actual content there, it's just a bunch of random strings and unsatisfying progress reports.


what does the "Potions" cheat do?



I think it's supposed to give you these potions you can get from venturing into the marshlands. They don't really do a lot right now.


Any reason it says the file is unreadable?




How to fix



That doesn't tell me diddly.


File: 9bfe26777884f8a⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1050, 64:35, 2017-08-02_18-43-20.png)



I'm not getting any information here. works fine on my end



Using Windows 10, tried the fixes and it still won't work. That's all I can gather.



Nevermind, got it to work.


How do I stop my slavers from mindbreaking all my slaves through rape?



There should be an option to stop slaves from being touched by slavers. Doesn't seem to work properly, though.



Assign a reasonably trustworthy slaver as a guard, then use the guard to assign choice-slaves to him to recover.

The guard doesn't always do what he's supposed to though.

Being a healer is helpful, because you can raise body health and Will on slaves as well as healing injured slavers.

Mostly though, they seem to stop losing health so fast after being trained.

Presumably because they stop getting raped and start having consensual sex.


New domain


I'll do something with the old domain later


Can the main character level up? Also, is there any way to upgrade biomancy?



The main character levels up by leveling the camp up by doing quests. You earn exp in the category of the quest you completed,I have included an exp cheat that gives you 1000 exp of each, though I think that ends up wasting levelups(which doesn't matter since there's no limit)

As for Biomancy, it appears that the odds do not change based on traits or level.


Occasionally the flavor text will mention that a slave will make a good healer or will be useful as a trainer, but I cant find a way to make slaves with "Healer" heal, or any other special assignments using slave traits.

Is there a way to do this or is it not implemented yet?



Isn't possible to use a slaver biomancy ability with your own to improve chances? The text seems to suggest you can


I'm getting random tattoos, is there a reason for that and a way to get rid of them?


The version of RAGS that this uses is like 2.5.16 or something like. The RAGS site is fucked and only has links to



I'm not entirely sure.


We're on 2.5.2 now

The old of the new was 2.4.16, but that wasn't updated to Windows 10

I've included the 2.5.2 installer on my site.

Cheat Mod was also updated, check site



How to cheat traits?

It asks to type them, which I do, but if anything I only loose them, not gain em'.



If it can't be helped, how can one attain a tentacle trait for camp leader?




You type them in how they regularly appear. This overwrites your currently existing traits so copy those.

I reckon such trait can be cheated in.



Thanks a lot, figured it now.


I don't understand this game at all




You don't 'add' traits, so much as you do comepetly rewrite what traits you have.

So if you go into the customize cheat and just and Strong (Str) then your character will ONLY have strong.

Just add a big long list of everything you want.

Strong- Cunning - Trainer - Tentacles - Persuasive

Ect, then on the next box, you just add the shortform version.


Best done with a notepad file open so you can make a list of everything you want, then just copy/paste it into place.



Could you share your file if you have it at hand?



It's kinda tricky to get it going but at the third or fourth try you get it.

i just don't like how the screen is always full and every click brings tons of information up, I get stuck reading each screen slowly otherwise I make mistakes and fuck everything up



With practice you'll start filtering what's important on all those wall of texts.

I do recommend that for every new game you go into:

Portrait Right-click Menu > Glossary, Help and Options > Change Preferences > Change Examine Lore > Hide Examine Lore

It helps wonders when you're examining your new slaves/slavers.


File: 6727fbc5822c322⋯.png (15.45 KB, 454x207, 454:207, ragserror.PNG)

Can't get RAGS to work, I'm using 2.5.2. I've tried another game as well that gives the same error message. Pic relevant. Any ideas?




Thanks, that fixed it



It's password protected, what's the password?



user: d

pass: games

I'm adding more stuff to my site like a TiTS archive and it was suggested I do this to avoid dmca




>awful ui

>hilarious dependencies

Why in fuck's name would somebody choose to use this engine? Why does it even exist?



The engine itself is geared towards adventure/exploration games like Zork and stuff (and it is even half decent for that).

What the Bedlam guy is doing with this game is kind of, say, trying to do an RTS in RPG Maker or something like that..



What, My cheat-list file?

You can grab a list of every trait/shortform from the Tumblr or Wiki, all I've got is a list of archetypes.

They're not perfect, but it's a list of long/shortform for a decent scout that can succeed more often than not. A good slavebreaker, mook, ect.

I've also got a multipurpose crafter.

You can't use CE to make healers though. Those need to have healer-powers before you recruit them.

I didn't look into what traits can be combined into useful Aspects upon level-up yet. Loner/lone-wolf works well for scouts.




Needing windows media player and an sql server set up to run a text adventure game is even more offputting tbh.

Shame either way, even with the shit ui and setup it was decent up until I crashed and lost several hours(because saving takes too long to do reguarly)


is there a way to make RAGS dark theme or something similar?

All that blinding white is killer on my eyes late at night.



Probably just turn your monitor down.

Rags uses your Windows theme, I don't think you could change that without changing your entire theme or doing some hacking.


I have a few questions

Are there any good sub scenes to the PC or the super negative traits are only used on the rolls?

Is there a way of removing the weak trait with Biomancy or only by leveling up?

Is there a way of training a slaver or yourself to get any trait?

Is there a way of making the text follow a pattern and attributes like Will and Morale appear one above another?

I can only sell my slaves on the Coast?

Very basic questions but I couldn't find their answers anyway, so



I don't know all the answers but I'll answer what I can.

>Are there any good sub scenes to the PC or the super negative traits are only used on the rolls?

In my experience the Submissive trait makes it more likely that you'll be fucked by your slaves instead of fucking them when you use them. I'm not sure if it has other effects on scenes.

>Is there a way of removing the weak trait with Biomancy or only by leveling up?

This one I have no idea but I'll add to this question: can you even remove bad traits by leveling up? I don't recall ever seeing that option.

>Is there a way of training a slaver or yourself to get any trait?

Some traits can be acquired outside of leveling. The Trainer trait can be acquired by a number of successes in training slaves, and Crafting:Culinary/Brewer/Apparel/Metalurgy can be acquired by doing their respective encampment roles for some time. There might be a few other traits that you can get by assignments (the only one I'm aware of is a Mountain assignment with a succubus or something like that that gives you Trainer).

>Is there a way of making the text follow a pattern and attributes like Will and Morale appear one above another?

I don't think you can change the text output outside of modding the game.

>I can only sell my slaves on the Coast?

First of all, selling slaves on the Coast is a huge waste. Even the crappiest slaves can be trained to be worth more than what they pay you there. Only do it if you really need to urgently open up some space for better slaves or get some money. So here's how to actually get money with selling slaves.

The "Listening to Rumors" assignment in the city will give you Opportunities asking for specific traits in slaves that you can try to fulfill (you don't need to perfectly fulfill all the requested traits, but the more the better). Some assignments may also give you specific Opportunities and I think the Ensnared Rose can give you one as well. The Opportunities that you get on that standard Mountain assignment whose name I can't recall now seem to give you "favors" instead of gold (whatever does that mean, I haven't actually tried those yet).

Besides that, you can sell one slave every two weeks on the slave auctions at the Lord's Gate (I'll leave that one for you to find, it's not that hard).



>Listening to Rumors

"Listening to Whispers", my bad.



There's a check during the end of day stuff where people will come give you supplies in exchange for favor. -50 favor every time it happens, and it's automatic. not sure if there's any other possibilities or other prereqs like low supplies for it to trigger.

The coast isn't that bad. You're only looking at gold per slave instead of gold per slaver day invested. When you look at slaverdays spent grabbing a slave and then dumping them to the whoremakers, it compares favorably with slaverdays spent grabbing, listening to whispers, training, maybe biomancing/corrupting/clothing to sell a premium waifu. It's a volume business, you can use shitty slavers to cycle shitty/unused slave inventory for some money, and also occasionally cycling your shitty slavers:^).



Well, I guess you're right about the coast. I'm just too much into the grooming part of things, nothing feels better than capturing a random shitty goblin, carefully preparing it and delivering it to a customer who you're sure will be perfectly satisfied with it.



Thank you, person.

I was thinking about something like, to Submissive characters, "You try to seduce your Slaver to make him work in guard duty but he, who has the unruly trait, attacks you. He bends you over your table and assfucks you for a long time, until he fills your hole with cum and flees to the encampment. You can't tell the others about what happened or you'll lose the control over the camp. After that he gets bolder, and fucks you with increased frequency until there's not a single day he doesn't fill one of your holes with cum. Sometimes he will cum on your face in the morning and not allow you to clean. Sometimes he will bend you over in the ground in front of other slavers and fuck you hard and long for the others to see. And you love it."

(I got carried away)

I think you can acquire traits opposed to the bad traits you have, making the bad traits disappear.

I'm playing this game since yesterday so it makes sense that I didn't find a few things, like the acquired traits.

I like selling the slaves on the Coast because even Slaves priced at 10 will provide always 150 when successfully sold there. So I don't even need to train these.



The link isn't working anymore, could someone provide me with a new xml export? I'm programming a little helper tool to calculate the best slaver combinations for each assignment (which already kind of works by checking the traits), and I'd like to try and figure out how the chances are calculated to improve it.


File: 87575d809c2d458⋯.png (5.64 KB, 256x337, 256:337, 2017-08-21_18-24-50.png)



I can upload versions with specific stuffs if you'd like



Thank you anon, I hope I can actually learn something from that mess. If I manage to come up with something usable I'll be sure to post it back here.



Sub scenes.

Yes, Submissive effects anything that involves sending someone to get fucked. With differing lines for whether it's personal or another slaver.

The Coast has a Brothel quest, The city has Dancing, Party Infiltration, Gloryholes.

Cheap and Easy (neko bar) has a scene for a submissive Slaver.

Whisper in your Ear (Plains) has a note if you send yourself in the slave/slut spot.

Some of them only crop up on Critical results.

Oh, The forest has the big-breast-bait mission too. Sending yourself as bait for that has a line different if you succeed.

Maybe if you fail (either a normal fail, or a disaster) the sub-bait gets dominated? I dunno.

I didn't know that the [use slave] option sometimes backfires if you're a sub. I rarely use it.



There's also a city-quest involving spending a guard and a slave to whore for money on the streets. You can't send a subby-slaver as the Whore, but maybe there's a line if you send a subby-slaver as the pimp/bodyguard?

I dunno.


Got a couple questions with the whole adding traits thing: When inputting traits, what way to list them works? Do I need to type out the whole trait name, does it need to be in some order like alphanumeric, does it need hyphens or comas separating them? Also, and I'm going out on a limb and assuming there are, but are there any combinations of traits that can cause errors or mess the game up somehow, such as a trait certain characters are not suppose to have or ones that are mutually exclusive? It's been quite a while since I last tried playing this game and I'm kind of bouncing back and forth waiting for other games to update at the moment.



Follow this list an anon wrote:


I'll make a page that explains these cheats and their usage.



Cool beans. Btw, one last question. I heard that if you have a trait and forget to add it to the list you give it, it removes that trait, right? So if I have a trait to begin with that I don't want, I can just omit it from the list I give it?



Affirmative, it will overwrite things.


Does anyone know if there's a more up-to-date list of traits? The one on the blog seems to be missing quite a lot of them, even some of the starting character traits are unlisted.

Also, sorry that I keep spamming questions.


From what I gather this game:

-Requires too much setup;

-Content is so-so;

-RNG is ridiculous.

Why even bother?



The glossary `may` be up to date


I dunno anymore



>Why even bother?

Because while the execution is flawed, the premise is interesting and there are no other decent games with the same premise, I guess?



Glossary? Where's that at? I just know of the list shown here…


I can tell you that one is no where nearly complete.


File: 49bb87bba778f9e⋯.png (815.64 KB, 1211x694, 1211:694, 2017-08-23_13-56-58.png)



Ah, okay. Didn't think that maybe it might be in game. Forgive me for being a dummy dumb. Thanks, btw.


So I had a look through the older versions of the cheat table that still included dice weighting - the reason for a lot of the dice roll cheats being nonfunctional is that:

A) The dice weighting cheat doesn't actually influence the rolling to any degree. It just puts in a predesignated value. For example, weighting the dice to a crit success just sets the value to 5 whereas a disaster sets to 95. The problem is that the vast majority of the time your outcome ranges aren't within the default ranges. Perhaps a better solution would be to set crit cheat to roll 1 and disaster to 99.

B) There aren't any cheat actions in the later zones. Deep Mountains and Aversol have no dice cheats implemented so nothing actually happens. Dreadsea is only partially implemented aswell



If that cheat could be fixed, it'd be a major step up.

The fact that different scenes happen upon different versions of victory makes it a real bitch to see the content you want.

Speaking of, the most recent news update mentions changes to the dicription-additions after being lost on the ample distractions mission, and I realize that I've never actually seen what happens if you fail that mission.

Time to purpose-build someone to fail that missions, I guess.


Something I noticed about adding traits, nothing seems to change the listed short names under inventory. Seems the traits still get added, the show up when selection people to send on activities. Does that mean I added traits correctly?



Those screens don't seem to get 'refreshed' until the next day.

You can check the longform traits in Examine, but shortform don't show up until you go to the next day.

They're still checked for missions though.



Well, it does seem to still work and sending people out on missions still seems to take the traits into account, but the short names doesn't seem to be changing on the inventory screen. That's why I was kind of worried it wasn't working. In fact I can't seem to do anything that alters the inventory's list of traits. Odd.

Maybe it won't change the short names if the list is too big? Or I guess it'll just update eventually…maybe I need to send MY character out to do something since I only altered his traits and not the other slavers'. Eitherway, no biggy. As long as the traits are actually affecting missions, I have no issue with it.



Same anon…belay my last. It did update the list, I just didn't actually finish the day it seems.


So there's a bug that I've gotten ever since level-ups were introduced where if you play for too long, eventually you'll get a "You may not level up slavers at this time." message. The same sort of message you might get as if you sent yourself on a mission and then tried to level someone up while you were away. Except you're not away, and from that point forward you can't level anybody up anymore. It's super annoying, making OP slavers and fucking all the bitches is kind of the main draw of this game for me.



XML anon here, I'm still alive (for now). Ever since I started analyzing the exported xml I've found out the following things:

- RAGS is complete and utter shit;

- This XML is the most insanely structured XML I've ever seen holy fuck;

- Coding up a tool to automatically parse and extract the info I need will quite probably be more work than just loading it up on RAGS and copying things over manually.

Hence, is there a trial version or something of the RAGS editor that'll let me import this XML so I can read this stuff in a minimally sane way?



You can import using the rags designer, which is included in the Rags Suite download. You will just not be able to save unless you pay, or use some less legal means.



"Rags is complete and utter shit" he says.

YUP. The best part is when you decide to look at things in the RAGS Designer. To say it's garbage would malign the refuse.



Yeah, that was my problem too. There's not much of a game, and not much lewd, so you might as well just roll some dice. You'll have more fun.



Bedlam's previous experience includes 3 previous rags games. The latter being the only actual game, and much less convoluted.

He should have learned an actual language to attempt No Haven, instead of relying on rags that failed him at Whorelock's Revenge.. hence the (twine) rewrite.


>Tries this game out for the first time in a long while, picks favorite starting character due to portrait, discovers that that particular start is woefully bugged…name is messed up and portrait is wrong one.

Well, there goes ever ounce of desire I had to picking this game up again, even for shits and giggles. I can't even start the damn game without running into problems. Having said that, if you guys need suggestions for more cheats (if that's even a thing the cheat dev can do) I'd say add one for changing portraits and character names.



Same feeling, I feel like its a good skeleton but there's nothing of substance here.


It be great if they could change portraits.



You can by changing your character race . Unless it's a very specific scenario portrait.


Change specific portraits? Or just anyone? Because you can change the source images.



Dark Elf Envenomer, to be specific. I get the correct portrait during character creation, just not once I load a save or exported character file. Instead, it loads the one for the High Elf Shadowmaster. Same thing happens if you pick female or futa starts. I've been told that that specific bug was brought up to the official dev over a month ago but was never fixed. Figures.

Not that it matters anyways, the name keeps getting fucked up once the game starts too. My guess is that it has a preferred name that winds up overridding the first and last for some reason, though oddly not the title (So I kept getting Lady Lady Arandril Nightshade if the title I put was also Lady for instance). I've already tried the other options for naming and they all have the same result: first and last, if customized gets trashed for the same defaults, though the title is either Envenomer Lady or "something" Lady.

Seems like CC is kind of wonky either way…after trying a few other starts, I've noticed starting breast size doesn't always line up with physical traits picked, names on at least one other start gets the same issue as the one above, and so on.


…Not to mention, the commonality of non-neko slavers/slaves with "As a neko you/they have perky catlike ears and a tail with a mind of its own" in their description is really starting to annoy me to no end.





>tfw you've programmed/cloned the game engine in a proper programming language with a way to easy add new content, but you're too lazy to add actual content and don't want the first thing you'll release to be a porn game, that you can't even show anyone…

Also the UI still needs work and looks horrible…



Send it to me, I'll fix the UI and release it for you.

(I can only code Java tho)



Nah, I kinda want to release it myself when I feel it's done. But if people want to help, I may release it early. Maybe I will push a clean version of the engine without content to github first…

The biggest sections that need work are:

Content: I only have a basic idea about possible missions and plots. I'm no writer and English isn't my native language, so my texts will sound stupid. The good thing is that you can add content with no knowledge of coding. So pretty much everyone could theoretically help.

UI: The user interface is technically "functionally useable", but looks ugly and has some problems. The good thing, is that I completely separated it from the system, so it should be fairly easy to change.

Polishing: Lots of stuff needs polishing. I'm also sure there are tons of bugs that need to be fixed.



If love to write up some missions and maybe some new biomancy/corruption/make use of interactions to add some fluff for the crunch.

Would paste binning them be acceptable?

And is there anything you get squeamish about? I hate making devs reluctant to review my work.



Like said, content is basically non-existent outside some ideas for the world and missions for the forest/jungle+plains region (amazons vs orcs), which was the one I was mostly focussing on for the first release. This means that even the basic vanilla stuff of slave training is missing. My plan is to keep the whole thing easy extensible, which is why I kinda would like to keep the core game vanilla(/or even clean?). Everyone could then just drop some files into the directories to get his own regions/missions/actions focussing on their own fetishes. So at the moment, vanilla (or as vanilla as you can get in that scenario) is heavy favoured, but write what you feel like writing. As long as it's nothing that would need a warning.

Ideally if you want to write some content, you should also add some metainformation like: What is needed for this? How does it affect stuff? What's a fitting image?

https://pastebin.com/mTZ4hnAf - The file structure of the location actions. It should be fairly easy to understand it, to get inspiration what is possible at the moment.

And paste binning is fine.


Brief Foray success: Lose expert second in command

Reward: 70 gold


How do you increase capacity of your camp?

I keep getting the message "You can not acquire any more slaves until you have either recruited more slavers or exanded your capacity.".



The capacity increases every month (every 30 in-game days) and every time you level up one of the camp's "skills" (Marauding, Diplomacy, etc.) up to 20 slavers + 20 slaves.


It appears that anything more than Basic Obedience Training causes slaves to lose their virginity / innocence.

A shame, since I've got one virgin, innocent slave who's gonna get sold without all the training she could get. It's a moot point for the slaves I'm really trying to break.



>tfw no virgin expert cocksucker slave



Is that not something we could change? across the board or conditionally based on whether you use gentle or rough style?



I wonder if it has something to do with reaching max slaver capacity? Seems I've gotten this bug both with the non-cheat and the cheat-version once I had around 20 slavers.

This latest time I was at 23 slavers thanks to the cheat that allows you to have 30, but after 20 you no longer can get slavers for ranking up, and I'm not sure you can search the docksides to recruit slavers, in addition to them not being able to rank up. And a slaver without aspects is a boring slaver these days.


I got a few questions

Are there really no way to free slaves? Or just get rid of them without sending slavers? I like to play as somewhat good slaver and not fan of the coast selling. Untying them is useless as well without training and guard and still they wont escape.

Any way to customize slavers other than lvlup and very few random trait gain?

Any way to make a slaver slave or the other way around?

Can you actually get sex text with slavers or bed warmers?

People keep saying the game is hard because of rng yet I can't find any challenge on hardest without savescumming you can recruit a slaver for 100 gold every 4. days meaning you will always be at 20 even if you keep losing them.

Getting a specific slave seems impossible even getting the race and gender correct is so rare how do you do it?



Well why not? In free cities I can get slaves in bad shape patch them up, give them a good life without forcing them to do anything or ever punishing them. Kind of like forced charity, they eventually realize how good it is, you just gotta make sure they stay here until that.



>But seriously, you can't free them or turn a slaver into a slave (yet).

You can. >>106493

Also slave to slaver >>106501

Not really very good ways imo, but it's all that's available.


File: 3f88ee625576cb9⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1198x698, 599:349, oh.png)


Well, I'm now at a stage where I feel like I can release a first wip version to get some input.

There is still basically zero content (base mechanics implemented, though) and everything is mostly just placeholders. But it's useable. Obviously it's highly bugged, but give me some input so I can improve it for the next version.


Goals for the next version:

1. Improve UI

2. Add WorldMap properly

3. More modularizing and scenario selection

4. Add more missing mission stuff

5. More polishing/bugfixing

6. Write docs for easier modding understanding


Well first off… I would recommend you change Persons to People: Just from seeing the screenshot. I'll try the game later.



I support this~



Persons is grammatically correct.




I've changed it to "People" for the time being, but it's something that probably will be changed again, to show the separate types.


Dead thread for a dead game



He is very busy making hentai music videos.

If you want him to work faster, you should donate to his patreon



>Fortnightly Progress - 21st September

Last two weeks have been damn good so let's straight into them.

No Haven

As anyone who was on the surprisingly good stream last night knows testing is now in progress which is bloody awesome. In fact I'm going to try to keep this update on the shorter side than normal so I can get back to it asap.

Has been really productive so far and I've been amazed how well I've been doing working out some of the issues.

To tide you over I'm going to add the current state of the patch notes at the end of this report.

>A bunch of unrelated shit.

>No Haven 0.77 patch notes preview

This is likely incomplete as it's ignoring the fixes that will be needed for a bunch of reported bugs which I haven't got round to looking at yet. Still it should give you a good idea of what's coming soon.

-Biomancy rework and rebalance with better display of chances for success, and a bunch of new options some of which have more than one stage of improvement.

-Five new assignments including a new way to dispense of your slavers, and two including commissioned artwork for the game. There is also new commissioned artwork for A Lesson in Futility.

-New Slave training assignment options in Advanced Dominance Training, Slaver Training (yes that does allow conversion into a slaver!), Heal Slut Training, and Endurance Training.

-Due to the addition of Heal Slut Training the old Expert Cumslut Training is now Exquisite Fellatrix Training.

-The slave training tree has been redesigned with the major change being that Orc Cum Addict Training doesn't lock out as much as it used to.

-Slavers now have and can gain various reputations which have various effects from providing bonuses/penalties to assignments, allow them to be dismissed and/or enslaved, and affecting the morale penalties for them being lost/wounded.

-As implied by the last one you do now have the option to try dismissing and enslaving your slavers.

-The criteria for who can be sold at Whore Makers now takes into effect reputations.

-You can now view the slave value of your slavers as well as your slaves.

-Slavers under the control of another slaver have been reworked with their own specific reputation in Owned. This effects a potential result from Nest of Vipers, Mistress of Torments, and one of the new assignments. Now when one is assigned the other will automatically assigned, including on one slaver assignments, where they will contribute positive traits. If one is wounded/removed the owned slaver will always be wounded/removed instead. They also lose options like talking to and using traits like Healing or Biomancy.

-Assignment removal has been started and is available currently for Great Plains only.

-Description is now more modular to account for things like the new Biomancy lips, QAYL changes, sissification and for many other such changes.

-Added a couple of new starting titles and you can now generate a new one without losing your generated name.

-Fix for Scavenging creating a blank slaver by selecting the Slavers option to cancel it.

-Scour Dockside crit no longer incorrectly gives a new Coast assignment on the day you go on it.

-Rather than a mix of ‘Traveller’ (UK) and ‘Traveler’ (US) it's now consistently ‘Traveller’.

-Sorting the assignment overview by type wasn’t working.

-Made some changes to race odds including reflecting slave quality based on assignment. This should also finally put a nail in the random ogres attempting to pose as succubi as this has been heavily reworked.

-In general success wounding/removals should be less harsh and disasters on riskier assignments will be a bit more so. Nest of Vipers success has also been seriously toned down.

-New art for succubus slavers and slaves, and added one for succubus futa slaves and one for futa slavers.

-Fix for Elanya Loreborn CT error when doing personal assignments.

-Fix for CT error on slave recaptures.

-Fix for the Bimboborn weirdness on return.

-Fix for bimbo being listed twice on the fourth spot of Wedding Crashers.

-Fix for getting a random crushing it message out of nowhere due to your slavers automatically starting a slave recapture assignment.

-A truly massive amount of backend reworks which hopefully should not be noticeable. To give you an idea the number of RAGS timers which I use as callable functions from the last update to this one has increased from 137 to 308.

Looks like a serious update.

Biomancy, training slaves into slavers (and reverse) and the Reputation system.



Wonder how buggy its going to be


I mean it might be buggy, but I mean it's new stuff to revive bored players.



Oh it's gonna be fucked.

next two or three updates will be pure bugfixes, but they'll also come out much faster than this one did.


I wonder when the actual update will come out though.


It's finally out, the madman actually did it.


Time to wait for the hacked version now Hacker Anon i implore you


Yeah, this is the big one. Massive update.

Was going to post the changelog, but it was simply too long. 8ch wouldn't let me post.

http://bedlamgames.tumblr.com/post/165808353966/no-haven-07701-release Changelog

No Haven (Current Version 0.7701 Incomplete) Game link.

And yeah, we're all waiting for HighTide to make it playable to sweet sweet cheats.


Ok wait I figured it out. So if you export your character from the cheated version you can import to the new version. However, you can't cheat i money or supplies it crashes the import for some reason.



>waiting for HighTide to make it playable to sweet sweet cheats

Is there a site I can follow this person's activities?




Username is d, password is 'games' IIRC.


These dice rolls are godawful holy shit


>Complete Profane Ritual


>Str Lost


>Be Orc

>Send best fighters

>Lose two

I think I'm just gonna wait until the hot-fixes come out.


Game is suprisingly easy if you get 2 wisps



That's normal. Game's working as intended. At least as far as successes still fucking you. Even crit rolls have a chance to pull that shit.

One of the (many) reasons we wait for cheats, it makes that kind of guff less annoying. Less tiresome if you can just clone somebody with the editor whenever the game says "Mission completed perfectly but on the way home, somebody stepped on a rake and died."


I mean, I used to play classic X-COM.

This shit? I can't even imagine playing it without cheating. Tell me to git gud or whatever but this fucking game is unenjoyable without at least giving yourself some gold, let alone cheating extra slavers for when you get random RNG raped.


Also, thanks for newest cheat mod but jack-of-all-trades doesn't give unlimited skillpoints anymore.


what does the new cheat even do?



Meh, you can just use the 'Customize Character' to do the same thing.



'Newest cheat?'

The latest cheat version is 7551, the current game version is 7701



No the latest cheat version is 7701. Hightide just hasn't posted that here but its up on the site.

There are no new cheats only the old ones (except the jack-of-all-trades character creation cheat doesn't work anymore).



customize character doesn't always flag things properly for some of the more complicated traits


customize character?


I don't get it how do I get my slave willpower and condition back up?

If I make it so that they can no longer be raped by the slavers their willpower doesn't increase or anything.



it SHOULD, slowly



Care to be more specific? So the rest of us know which ones to avoid.



biomancy, corruption, basically everything in the personal interaction menu ends up not showing up in the personal interaction menu, IIRC



Send all the slavers constantly on missions. Can't use your slaves when they're not in the camp.



Do you even need those though? I thought the cheat version now let you simply use biomancy and corruption through the cheat right-click menu… unless that was one of the things not ported over to the current cheat version.


Am I doing something wrong or is every sex scene 1 line "You do X to Y"?



A lot of "Use slave" lines are like that.




It's also worth noting it's a cheat version of the free version of NoHaven, not the "extra features" paetron one.



>New Slave training assignment options in Advanced Dominance Training, Slaver Training (yes that does allow conversion into a slaver!), Heal Slut Training, and Endurance Training.

Nice. That's the main thing that irritated me about this game the first time I'd play it, would find some slaves better suited for missions and roles than the slavers.



You're a fraud and need to get good and stop being a baby. losing some dudes isn't the end of the world.



What's to stop someone just sharing the Patreon version?



Nothing, but until somebody does. Not like I have it or anything lul



Bruh, tell me that this "game" is sexy and fun without using any cheats at all before easy mode was a thing.

There's a reason this shit ain't that popular.



there is a reason and that reason is rags. it's a pain in the nutsack to set up and it runs terribly. the game itself is fine and i never felt the need to cheat with it because i'm not shit at vidya.


yeah the game itself is great, it's just the platform is really really not designed for this kind of game.

the author is converting their other game from rags to Twine hopefully they will do something similar with this one eventually.



Then play the version without cheats. Simple as that. Myself, >>130243, and a handful of others will just wait for the cheat mode to be updated and play that.

I've never understood this crusader-like fervor regarding cheat modes. Unless it's multiplayer, who gives a fuck? If it makes your balls feel big because you can boast on 4chan about being good at a single player game, go nuts.

I'll just wait for the editor to be updated. And since it apparently raises your blood pressure, I also use the console in Skyrim and added souls with CE tables that one time I played Dark Souls.

In fact, just to fuck with your head. See here, I'm loading XCOM:EU with Long War modded. Oooh, I'm clicking Classic Mode! And Ironman!

*hits tilde* LevelUpBarracks 5

Fuckin' get at me. HUE HUE HUE



you really need to see a therapist, anon



Already do. I get free cookies. Pretty sweet gig all things considered since my insurance covers the whole lot. Could do with a change of setting though. Mental hospitals are all whitewashed so when the sun hits the room, everything's blinding white.

Had to start wearing sunglasses whenever I came, couldn't see shit



Lucky you. The waiting list where I am is probably 3 months, probably because ass hats like you think they need therapy from slaps on the wrist.



No, I mean really. Your headcanon of how your life works is a sign of a mental disability. You need help.




0.7702 hotfix

Fixed some things, added others.

Note that dice outcome isn't fixed, I've just found additional interactions with it.


So, what do Hypnotic Triggers do?



Cheers mate


Does the Dice cheat effect biomancy rolls?


The 'enslave' option on your camp slavers seems to have vanished.

Not sure why, might be a bug, might be the cheat-version breaking something.



Dice cheat?



Fixed outcomes cheat in the older version was (supposed) to allow you to guarantee a critical/disaster/success what have you.



Do you know where this cheat was in the cheated version? I never saw that


Anyone know how creating character in cheat list works?



It affected all rolls.


It also didn't work half the time. Sometimes it would just kill the game, others it wouldn't work, sometimes it would work perfectly, and it changed depending on the version and difficulty.


See above



>"trollop needs more love" in patch notes

Yeah they need to not be trolls



You select the slave(r) to be edited - the game spits out a list of all possible entities to edit and assigns them a number value. Bear in mind that there'll usually be a number gap between slaves and slavers.

Then you input the traits you want to have - the first time you do this, it'll be in longhand. The format I've found most consistent is x - x - x, where x is the full name of a trait, then a space, a dash, another space, then another trait name. There is NO LIMIT on the number of traits you can give someone.

After this, you put in the same traits you selected in step two, only in the 3-letter shorthand the game uses. Same formatting applies. Order doesn't seem to matter but realistically, it can't hurt to keep the same order as in step 2.

Final step, input the race. This is done in longhand.

The new traits you've given won't update in the displays until the slave(r) in question performs an action. Or you can hit next day.

Final note - traits that allow you to perform actions, such as Biomancy or Healing, can be given in the editor but will not give you the corresponding action. So although the sprog in question has the trait, it'll only factor in for mission rolls. You won't be able to actually use it. You'll only be able to use said abilities if the slave(r) in question had the it prior.

The best way around this is to give your PC all the advanced traits when you use the character creator at the start. This'll give you the option to make use of them until you find a slave(r) who already has them - then you just edit them to be more to your liking.




To give a working example of Op's explanation, here's a slutty nun:

First it will ask for traits:

>Slutty - Insatiable - Seductive - Bimbo

Then trait shorthand:


Then race:

>Convent Human

The formatting is very important, and the game won't register it otherwise.


File: 40ab0d9f76bbab2⋯.jpg (72.96 KB, 736x883, 736:883, notsohappyorc.jpg)

>I choose "Shun the Other"

>Want to rp Orc tribe and mindbreak sluts

>Start with 2 non-orcs


I just want a pure group of slavers free from the other races!



Not sure if this is fixable or not, given the game's spagetti code, but the level-up choices only examine character traits on character creation. They ignore changes made in the character customization cheat.


File: 7e66c7a5a47ec62⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 240x240, 1:1, rtPJmdgf.jpg)


You've been jebaited!

But seriously though, that's completely normal for this game. You go to sleep in Poland, wake up in East Germany. These things happen.

Just use the character customization cheat to change the race. Or kill off the undesirables and give yourself two orcs with the "add slaver" option.



I'm a nincompoop and don't know how to use the cheats.

Also what does everyone prefer?

Female main or male main?

I find female hotter because of all the slutty missions you can send her on.



Do you have the Cheat version?

If so, right click on the portrait and pick 'customize character'

You usually have to cancel it immediately so you can scroll up and check what number each character is.

Then you go back into it again, put the right number in and just type out the traits you want.

Strong - Agile - Sneaky - Cunning.

Then it asks you for the shortform. So you go


The full traits and the short forms are all in the wiki, so it's easy enough to find what you need.




Found the local retard



Thanks, beautiful.


Can anyone tell me how the fuck do I launch this software, I downloaded RAGS, and it just stops responding immediately on startup load



you download windows sql?



make 'em cooks or armorers or something and just pretend they're slaves or hirelings or something


How long until we can play as a slave?



Nah, all non-Orc slavers get betrayed if they are too strong and enslaved if they are weak.


Probably never, outside of losing the game.

Whorelocks Revenge is probably the closest he has done to playing a slave.



Unlikely that'll ever happen. Kind of goes against the whole theme of "you are the one doing the enslaving."

I think he indicated plans for temporary enslavement at some point as an alternative for the whole "you've been betrayed" angle but that particular thread probably won't be pursued for a good while.


The only way of getting tattoos is through the tavern? And it's completely random, right?


Anyone else think having an Undead option would be cool?

You can play as a Necromancer and have a rare chance of starting (and recruiting) with Necromancer slavers with the rest being

"Undead (Race) (Gender)" which act as expendable ghouls to swamp tasks with.

Basically flinging shit and seeing what sticks.

The Necromancers will be the powerful slavers and the Undead ones will have shit, if any, traits.

You can turn unwanted slaves into Undead or train them into Necromancers, which would be very difficult.

Necromancers, when on tasks, with Undead will boost theirs chances similar to how that Amy unique slaver does with Orcs.

Implement a progression, similar to corruption, where you can transform into a Lich.

Learning Magic: Arcane, Illusion..etc.

Only the magic types that make sense though, so the Lich wouldn't learn Magic: Nature.

You could also sacrifice an Undead slaver to upgrade another Undead slaver into an improved type of Undead but with a chance of failing, wasting the slaver you just sacrificed and maybe destroying the other slaver as well on disasters.


I think corruption can give you one but I might be wrong.




Corruption can give you whorish permanent makeup, which you can also get at the tavern. Although the descriptions are slightly different for each.

At higher levels of corruption you can also get brands (raised flesh marks), and two kinds of full body tattoos.



seems to much for a unique gamemode.



I'm the same poster.

Does the game creator read these threads?


Maybe, he already has corruption in the game and you can already turn a slaver into the opposite gender.

I figured since a lot of people hate losing valuable slavers to RNG the expendable ghoul slavers would placate them.

It would also be pretty unique and put those Patreon bucks to work. :P


Hey anyone know's how improve biomancy chances?



No one knows how to do fucking anything because the game goes out of its way not to tell you anything.



>the game creator read these threads?

No, he hangs out in Hgame dev on half chan sometimes though.



Camp leader gets a 10% bonus. If Keldren is playable, they also get a bonus.

There's a questline coming to increase your chances substatially, but it's not in the game yet.



Last time he heard about the cheat version, he threw a shitfit.

I guess he'd big into the 'challenge' and RNG issue?

It's telling that the games easy-mode stops you from triggering critical successes (which are often the only version of success that actually succeeds the mission)

There's a bunch of missions where a regular success gets away with money and xp, but you don't get what you actually game here for. Critical Success is the one where you actually kidnap the bride, or whatever.

That's why I play exclusively on Hardcore mode. it's a bitch to manage, and unplayable without the ability to edit positive traits onto your slavers, but it's the only way to stand a decent chance of actually getting the proper outcomes.



>Last time he heard about the cheat version, he threw a shitfit.

Thats surprising since the game doesn't really have enough early content to make constant restarting bearable like other RNG heavy games.

>Hardcore mode.

I normally play on the default difficulty, does Hardcore make it so the success/fail happen less often, but critical/disaster are more common?



>does Hardcore make it so the success/fail happen less often, but critical/disaster are more common?

Kind of, but not exactly. IIRC it gives you a flat bonus for Critical (not sure what's deduced in return), but makes it so that traits listed as Disaster (and probably Catastrophic) give a harsher success penalty. I think it also makes wounded/lost slavers more likely on quests marked as high risk. And it gives you less initial resources.

tl;dr it gives a nice Critical bonus but you'll have a bad start, will need to micromanage the bad traits and should probably not get emotionally attached to any of your slavers.



You're just not high iq enough to understand twitch memes



Yeah this game is basically not playable on this



It's playable but it has a lot of glaring problems and slows down a lot late game.

If you get late game that is, since you run the risk of getting fucked by RNG.



Late game I've noticed things completely fall apart at the seams. I've been playing longer than it would normally last and I get to the point where all kinds of errors start popping up, like dismissing one slaver making everyone unselectable, or obedience training becoming unselectable on slaves and only being able to do orc cum addiction training.



That's why I cheat.

The mission traits (Bastion and such) are really useful for boosting overall success rates and one of them reduced changes to lose slavers on missions.

I figure picking that up and then playing hardcore evens out to about 'normal' difficulty.

Then you just need to use Character Editor to give yourself a couple of good scouts and slave-trainers.



Nice dubs.

Bastion is great until your slaver comes back weak or submissive.

Biomancy is still fucking bullshit.

I try it once and I fail and get Clumsy AND weak!

I only wanted to grow the Ogres (female) tits!


Assuming the game would be much easier modable/changeable, would there actually be someone who would like to add content/mission/etc?



I, and I suspect a few others, could be convinced to add more content or give a hand with developing existing options…IF THE GAME WEREN'T IN FUCKING RAGS.

Unfortunately, the engine - RAGS - is the biggest limiting factor in this. For the dev, it works because they don't have any programming experience and don't really want to devote time to learning it either. Understandable, especially when you consider that RAGS basically says "Oh, no programming experience? No problem, let us handle all that for you."

To be fair, programming is fairly easy to pick up, especially that of the best RAGS alternative, Twine. But from the dev's standpoint, learning how to code for Twine is potentially detrimental - time spent learning to use Twine is time not spent developing, leading to more people asking "Y U NO UPDATE!?"

Not to mention that the dev has roughly 2+ years' experience with RAGS. Learning something completely different isn't exactly the most appealing of options.




What's bastion? Never seen that trait before.



It's a starting trait along with several others that can only be acquired by picking them during character creation (or cheats, obviously).



he is actually currently converting his other game to Twine, so maybe he will do something similar with this game after he is done with that one.


Am I missing something with hypnotic? Trait description talks about permanently changing your slavers personality but all I've seen it do is let you implant triggers which I've not seen any use for. Description makes me think you can change their personality traits.



It is an "Assignment Trait" which you can only get when creating your character.

It is, in my opinion, a waste of points.

As once you get started, you never run out of slavers and having worthless slavers disappear scouting the mountains is better than trying to sell them.



>Waste of points

Cheat version has infinate points my friend. Get ALL the assignment traits. It just about makes up for the added difficulty of playing on Hardcore mode, so all you get is the added bonus to Crit.



The issue with gaining negative traits on yourself is usually based on growing your breasts till they're so big that you get clumsy.

If you start with smaller tits' it's less of an issue.

Weak can happen at any point though.

You can savescum, or just use character-editor to give yourself whatever traits you want.

I've got a text file with a list of my encampment leader's traits in it, so if she gets crippled, I'll just go in to edit her again, and copy/paste the entire block of traits back in, resetting her back to max.


So is the fixed roll function busted? Or am I just retarded



Works for like one or two but other than that no.

At least for me anyway.

Orcs are easy mode by the way.


Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I'm being retarded cause when I click https://hightidehermit.com/

it just takes me to a site with girls frontline pics and a timer.



Okay, nevermind…that's throwing a 404 error now. Did that site crap itself again or something?



same problem






That's not good.

Not sure what's up ith the timer, but the site looks the same as before.

Not sure if Tide-Anon deleted his cheat-builds or what, but they don't look accessable.


This game's fucking bullshit.

I'm playing on "easier" and I get 2 disasters and 1 failure.

Then I get another disaster that takes out one of my slavers!



You know there's a percentage marker, showing how likely you are to succeed a mission?

If you rush hard missions with weak slavers, you will fail.

That's not to say the game's difficulty isn't bullshit.

That's why I exclusively play the cheat version. So I can give traits to slavers so they aren't so fucking useless.

Also, all the assignment traits really help.



I had like 70+% to succeed.

The missions were in the Great Plains.


does anyone have the new updated cheated version they can upload?


non cheat would be fine as well


Hightide is still fucked.

I've no idea what happened to all the stuff that used to be there.

Hoping Tide-Anon pops up in thread and explains to posts new links.

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