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File: 9d2f1951abcb410⋯.jpg (208.05 KB, 633x637, 633:637, CoC_Logo.jpg)


This is a thread about Corruption of Champions, and the CoC Mod being made by Denizens of this board.

>OtherCoCAnon/CoCAnon/OtherDev/Aimozg Build Changelog:


>Latest build:




Oops, I missed this:

Previous Thread:




If I may ask; is there any progress with adding any of the specials that I suggested last thread?


i like titties



nope, I've taken a bit of a break.


File: f8471affdd5f730⋯.jpg (325.87 KB, 1598x1194, 799:597, coc001.jpg)

Once again, I'm going to play as a loli character, as per http://stuffed.argonia-station.com/coc_new.html and charting my progress using http://pochi.x.fc2.com/kisekae/k_kisekae2.html

I will be sageing my posts as not to spam up the entire /hhh/ board.


File: e4bec17eba50c0f⋯.jpg (335.41 KB, 1598x1198, 799:599, coc002.jpg)


Wow! got the sword in the first try!


File: 3868ed0f48e4c06⋯.jpg (333.61 KB, 1598x1198, 799:599, coc003.jpg)



Oh no! I've been fucked by an imp already!


File: a5cc5d713dfd98b⋯.jpg (348.77 KB, 1598x1194, 799:597, coc004.jpg)


File: 4f336b58c207e80⋯.jpg (379.96 KB, 1586x1190, 793:595, coc005.jpg)




What do I need to do to get my CoC looking like that?



He's manually doing it.


File: a589c37b713d587⋯.jpg (381.5 KB, 1586x1190, 793:595, coc006.jpg)


Indeed, I'm just using Kisekae to make the character and cut and pasting screen prints using ms Paint.


File: 87be348839c403f⋯.jpg (378.56 KB, 1590x1194, 265:199, coc007.jpg)


File: fa184c260619022⋯.jpg (380.24 KB, 1590x1198, 795:599, coc008.jpg)


File: 41ba1506f23c5eb⋯.jpg (373.51 KB, 1598x1198, 799:599, coc009.jpg)



>I will be sageing my posts as not to spam up the entire /hhh/ board.

You are still spamming the thread though.


File: 1c4040785a5837b⋯.jpg (373.05 KB, 1594x1198, 797:599, coc010.jpg)


File: 1146611f00cf919⋯.jpg (378.08 KB, 1594x1194, 797:597, coc011.jpg)



File: 47a4de2e4940fbb⋯.jpg (42.23 KB, 282x282, 1:1, 555555.jpg)

What's going on in here



Don't stop! This is pretty good.


File: 1c7f1fc975ce012⋯.jpg (382.7 KB, 1594x1194, 797:597, coc012.jpg)


Thank you.

Lucy's getting nice and corrupted now.


File: 24c39fab4431078⋯.png (50.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1498804945383.png)


God is dead



I kind of wish that was a built in feature of the game now.


So is the latest version of othercocanon's stuff the msot stable version generally speaking?


File: aef049022c05947⋯.jpg (384.87 KB, 1598x1198, 799:599, coc013.jpg)


(Go back to saging and stop spamming the thread. 8chan lets you post multiple images in a single post, use that function instead of posting a shitload of times in short period.)



>loose drooling fuckhole

Well that didn't take long lol.


File: ae4cf512a234c48⋯.png (505.84 KB, 777x1087, 777:1087, 1437551200002-0.png)

So, I have 2 semi-related questions. BG, my second play through, in the first, I became a massive cowtit girl herm with kangeroo ears an 18 inch cat cock and bee legs and wings before I was engulfed in giant turtle pussy. Started a second game + and because I was out of space I drank serpentinium thinking,"what could it hurt first time" got 2 ugly snake dicks for it. Luckily a sand tarp ate one.

1] once you have a weird animal-morph penis, is there *anyway* to get it back to human?

2] Is there an easy way to prevent getting gargantuan boobs? Why can't loli's stay lolis? (Pic related)



Hummus and reducto


File: 76bd97e3a0f4ba0⋯.jpg (374.15 KB, 1602x1202, 801:601, coc010.jpg)


Ceraph may take your tits off you.



what character viewer is that?


No character view built for CoC that I'm aware of. Looks like it's just some unrelated program being used. Both character viewers made for CoC died before they ever got off the ground.



It's kisekae2 which is not at all related to coc. He is manually altering the paperdoll to follow along the character development.


Why does the file keep opening and closing and trying to download again?



I'm going to guess you use Chrome.


Make sure the game file is actually an SWF file and not HTML, otherwise it'll do that. Also, avoid using browsers to play the game. Use a flash player instead. Go to the Adobe site below and look for "Flash Player projector" under your OS, save anywhere on your HDD, then set all SWF files to use that EXE when you run them.




how many 'dates/training' does it take to learn fencing from Raphael.



I think I figured it out, the stats shows 1 out of 4


has the bug that caused loli characters to be unable to masturbate when at lust 100 causing the game to become unplayable been fixed yet?



No, but that was only in the lolified version that's very out of date. I would just stick with this mod instead, now that you can start as a child in character creation.


File: adbcfd99f025bd8⋯.jpg (244.8 KB, 1115x1300, 223:260, big sharkgirl in bed.jpg)


the mega link keeps loading forever and i cant access the folder



Double check your adblock and noscript rules for issues. If that's not the problem, clear your cache and cookies; if still not good, completely close out of your browser window (s) and start a new session or wait a day or two.


What I'm wondering is, where the fuck did all the devs go???



read the thread before posting.


What's the difference between CoCAnon version and revamp mod? Are there any other mods besides these two?



CoCAnon = revamp + stuff

Other mods: lolimod (never played), and xianxia mod (focus on combat)



I never saw that loli mod one. I wonder if anyone still keeps a copy of it around?


So, how do I go about breaking the Lethicite in the old manor? Or is there a note that tells me how and I missed it because I'm a retard?


Current links for those looking for all this shit…

CoC Revamp (from Kitteh6660): https://github.com/Kitteh6660/Corruption-of-Champions-Mod/releases

CoC Xianxia Mod (from Ormael):


OtherCoCAnon's Builds (from OP here):


The mod from the OP is built on the Revamp. So is Xianxia, but goes in it's own direction too. Revamp is just built on vanilla CoC and doesn't include the stuff from the other two mods. Sadly, I do not still have the old loli mod, but it would likely be outdated by now as stuff's been added to Revamp and the mod here since then.

Btw, Mega sometimes has that looping issue someone reported. As suggested by another anon closing out your browser, clearing cache and cookies, and temp-disabling AdBlock helps. If not, it's one the sites end and you may need to come back later. The most I've needed to wait when that happened was a day or two.




Keep in mind that it's based on an old build of this mod (from April) so it's missing a lot of changes from here and revamp, and it also has some game-breaking bugs of its own.



use lust attacks, any type will do.


If enough people want i could update the lolicon mod to the actual version of revamp…


I don't think you honestly need to ask us if that'd be okay or not. Update away, brah…



Please only namefag after doing something.


I'am not asking if that'd be ok i'am asking if you all want that xD




Same guy: Well, personally I'm kind of tapped out of CoC for the moment. I'm really assuming others would want it. To put it bluntly, I'd say unless others chime in with a definite "Yes!" then don't waste your time on it, though. Maybe save that move for later on down the road.


Also, that topic from the link you put up must be closed or something. Says it's not available.



>linking to a fucking forum



It's a big YES from me.


I thought cocmod already has lolimod inbuilt, you can start as a child and some characters have unique dialogue for that. Isn't that what the lolimod is all about?


Lolimod did it differently, I think.



For some reason, /htg/ fucking loves that forum. I assume their BO is an admin there or something, because it gets shilled fucking everywhere.


F95 forum is one of the biggest forums based in hentai games if not the biggest..

And the link i send was a poll so vote i'll be making some imgs packs and new events for coc..(Cause i love that game).




Maybe it's because I'm not signed up with them, but still giving an "doesn't exist" error.


Yep, just sing up is easy



Yes please, I voted on the forum thread too, thank you in advance.



Yes please!



103977 here, I vote for shota and beast!



The game really needs beast content. It has the perfect setting for it too.



>Doesn't know how to reply

>F95 forum is one of the biggest forums based in hentai games if not the biggest..

That place is a fucking graveyard with most of the threads being made by one person. In any case locking a poll behind something is a good way of not getting a lot of feedback in anonymous imageboards, and that's ignoring the fact that you're from a forum.


I don't :( i'am sad about that my godness why i don't know,:( :( :(, well i'll put more images based on the poll and some events too, it will be there beast and shota :D and lolicon and incest and much more wait and see boys and girls and animals


well i'll put more images based on the poll and some events too, it will be there beast and shota :D and lolicon and incest and much more wait and see boys and girls and animals



Where the fuck do you people come from? Who told you that this is a place where you would be welcome?

In any case, you don't need to be shilling your stupid poll. Either do it, or don't, and if people want it they'll go get it, if they don't like it then they won't.


File: 84caf587ea60f66⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 540x540, 1:1, THICK DRAGON LOLI.gif)

Is it CoC-only discussion thread, no TiTS? Why don't we make one Fenoxo games thread?



Probably because this thread is mostly for the /hgg/ CoC mod, and there isn't anything like that for TiTS.



What is on the local mod that isn't elsewhere besides number fixes?

Are there new scenes, any expansion on threads that were abandoned by Fen & Cucks?



Stuff like the Dullahan and the spooky mansion, as well as combat tweaks.


File: dd184e80b87d07f⋯.jpg (176.38 KB, 1017x1000, 1017:1000, 5930769.jpg)


You're more than welcome to anon, but those threads die fairly quick for lack of anything to discuss. Aside from a once a month update of adding more worst-fetish characters.


>are there any new-

Changelog, read the change log.


>Hurr hurr i'm a retard.

Thats what you sound like anon. Learn to write english and not sound like a BR after they lost to Germany.


File: f79f9d2485bd843⋯.png (445.13 KB, 1044x770, 522:385, kys, lad.png)



Nope, go fuck your dog, degenerate. Your fetish is shit and you should be gassed.


>>103978 i'll put in my mod stay tuned

>>103991 i'll put in my mod stay tuned

>>104116 deal with it, what's a br?whatever…



Let me get this straight:

Everything in CoC is 100% a-OK non-degenerate, but beast is crossing the line?

What the fuck colour is the sky in your dimension?



>Everything in CoC is 100% a-OK non-degenerate, but beast is crossing the line?

IIRC CoC has beast, though.



It's the whole "Not my fetish so it's wrong," bullshit people sometimes get so hung up on.



Yeap, you can fuck thoses wolves in the snow area, same for the hell hounds



>adding more worst-fetish character

You fuckers get really smug over your disgusting text based porn games as tho it's something to be PROUD of.



Aren't hellhounds furries now?



Is there a different way to describe Fen and the council of 12 butt-blasters fixation on the degeneracy that is futa?



stop posting and lurk more, you're making a fool of yourself.




The wolf-fucking is from this mod (the wolves are in revamp, but no sex), and hellhounds are furry. Beast isn't allowed in base CoC or revamp.


Is there anyway to add more save slots? I could back them up and switch them out but I'd rather just up the number.

It might be a bit excessive to be full with 14 but it happens.



Unless I'm remembering this wrong, Hellhounds used to be animals, then Fen turned into the furry cuck he is and made them furries, so /hgg/ just changed them back.



They're partially changed back to animals here, but it's left ambiguous enough that they could be either, except in some scenes where they're described as furries. So overall, still furries.



Thanks for the clarification. I'm not all that into my MC taking it in any capacity, so I've never really done much with the Hellhounds.



hey dude, haven't been here in a while, but thanks for everything you've done and helped facilitate with the game.


> read the revamp hellhound mod

> telepathic connection between the dog and you

this feels rather lazy


Is it just me or is the Harpy that you trade ovi-elixers for eggs no longer appearing in the High Mountains?

Is it working as intended or is it bugged?



I thought I was doing something wrong…I can't get it to appear either.



yes and no, I guess. I've heard this complaint before. Just keep in mind that her chance to show up is proportional to how many ovi elixir you have. With 5, you should be getting her quite often.


Beyond that, there is also a minimum of 2 that you need on your person for her to even show up past the first time you see her, if I'm not mistaken.


File: 054a62a04588eb5⋯.jpg (94.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1492341689923.jpg)

>Prison mod will never be touched on again

Wake me up when new stuff are added.



revamp released a new version a few hours ago

>Removed max attribute modifiers from races. Now all races have the usual 100 cap. New Game+, buffs, debuffs, and certain perks still affect the maximum.

not sure how I feel about this, I like my drider having 115 toughness



What for? There's nothing wrong with it.



Well that's a change I certainly hope doesn't go through in Anonmod.



Hopefully the Xinanxia doesn't include this "update" as well. Basides the combat calacuations how hard would it be to merge both Xinanxia and Anonmod togother? The extremely high skill level cellings (505 STR I think) of Xinanxia is nice in addition to the revamped skill system however I missed the reflective armour, undead horse woman (speaking of her, I was told that she wants to speak to me the next time I see her, yet this hasn't happened. Using a previous version) and seeing the Intelligence based doge/counter chance.


Probably "not realisitc" enough for a first run.


>check builds


I can play it on my phone now?



Kitteh probably felt it encouraged certain TF builds favorably over others a little too much, which was a general concern raised by other players when it was first established in Revamp. Personally I agree that it would be better to just leave it as is, then the stat cap buffs could be tweaked to simply differ what stats are raised and lowered while maintaining a similar stat cap roof. Right now, some TF's alter stat caps more than others, potentially giving better benefits not just because of what they change but also by how much. Also, some of them impart debuffs to one stat as consequence of raising another while some TF's have no stat cap nerfs associated with them. Stat cap buffs from Ascension, for instance, were left in likely due to the fact that they are flat buffs that do not require such balancing.




Go back to fucking reddit and then kill yourself.



Was never a fan of racial bonus stats nonsense to begin with, garbage has infested most MMORPGs and even games outside of it.

Humans always wind up the "balanced" race which means they'll be shitty in all areas because "jack of all trades".


File: c2e1307b1de2282⋯.png (145.34 KB, 500x417, 500:417, tumblr_orc6gtL7n91rww0upo1….png)

I wanna marry the Dullahan.



Vanilla COC has had a mobile build for a while and so has the revamp mod.. an apk at that.



On the other hand, in table top they're typically really good (humans that is) because they have other bonuses. Like being the only race capable of being a Paladin.

Or that extra bonus feat.


It depends from game to game, but yeah CoC was among the ones that doesn't handle balance between racial bonuses very well. Jack-of-all-trades isn't always that bad a benefit, but it rarely is a great one unless other classes are just honestly terribly unwieldy.


I wish there was more bimbo shit and maybe even pregnancy shit. There's only a couple of occasions where bimboism is at all relevant and everywhere else it's just pointless.







I haven't added the stat cap removal. I agree the entire thing could use rebalancing, but not scrapping. I always liked how it bridged the combat part of the game with the fetish part, and, if the player wanted his character to become more powerful, I believe the idea of mutating your character for the sake of strength is a nice bit of meta-corruption.



I agree. Transformations/mutations live up a whole lot more to the whole corruption thing than actual corruption ironically enough.

Shit is so easy to avoid or negate even if you lose combat and get raped constantly that its a non-issue, when it should probably be the whole game. You essentially have to actively try to get corrupted.


Any chance for an updated file for coced?



I don't really know how it works. Some other anons helped me on that end in previous releases.



Hopefully they can do it again, starting to be more than a few things it doesn't recognize at first or can't set on a fresh startup.


is there an explanation as to why every turn in combat I receive 25 lust? It's on a fresh save file.



Corruption wasn't handled well mechanically or in the writing. Nerfing meditation and/or making it easier to get big doses of corruption would be nice though.


Seems like a bug. I'm not getting it in revamp, and its only happening on melee hits.

>The game now shows how much lust you gain in combat, for most encounters.

Maybe something went wrong here?


Is there a walkthrough for the modded CoC by the way?



most likely a merge issue. Will check.




Not getting it anymore. Thanks mate.



^This, I havent played CoC in years, glad to see this game still alive after fenoxo fucked it over so he could rake in shekels




Not really, but there is a cheat sheet of sorts…



…also, that's assuming you meant if there was a guide for the mod posted here. Revamp and Xianxia have no such info beyond what their patch notes suggest. Revamp's patch notes are hosted on the Revamp wiki while Xianxia's notes are built internally within the game. Can't remember how you access it in game, but it's there.



I'l but I belive it is at the campsite's main menu.


Whats with the mobile builds?

I want to play this version on my phone but it didnt work.

I managed to play xianxia but this one seems better and building the cabin seems broken there, tells me I've no toolbox mid construction even tough I needed it to start building it.


Apparently there's a way to turn off furries and replace them with monster girls in this mod? Is there any truth in this?



I think I've read about a mod that removes words like "snouts" and "paws" and stuff

it's not in otheranon's mod though (I'd assume) since that one went out of their way to add actual bestiality with wolves and made the hellhound descriptions more ambiguous


Its been years since I played CoC what do these mods add?



It is this mod, actually. CoCAnon started work using the defur mod, I did a bit of extra work on furry removal.

I'm no fan of beastiality, but someone wrote a couple scenes for it, so I added it simply because it's a fetish that isn't really ever addressed.

My problem with furries in CoC isn't really their existence, but their overwhelming prevalence



Well, having one or two furries isn't really a problem.

The problem is when there are more furries than demons/monsters

But i like bestiality, i think we don't have enough of it.

And i think it kinda belong in the game, as a form of corruption.

Succumbing to lust and letting a animal fuck you, or succumb to your own corruption, and fuck a animal yourself.

I'm not gonna lie, i would like to see more bestiality stuff

Especially some Human Male on Female Animal.



>I'm not gonna lie, i would like to see more bestiality stuff

>Especially some Human Male on Female Animal.

My nigga.


Any chance for amputee stuff? I know I sound like a weenie for wanting to be a quadruple amputee Harpy-Boi, but think of the all the snuggling and dominating the NPCs could do to you.


>Succumbing to lust and letting a animal fuck you,

Aw yeah, bruh.


So is there any way to really wreck Amily or can you just go "deeper" once?





degenerate faggots


how into image packs?



Well of course we're into having an image pack…you saying you don't like images, weirdo?

Okay, sarcasm aside, if you're asking what image packs are available, the one by Hatternumber0 on the Fen forums is the only one that I'm aware of. There was another chap that linked his elsewhere, but from what I heard it has a lot less and is not really any better quality. I don't have a link to that one, but here's the one for Hatter's…


Once you have it downloaded, simply keep the "image" folder in the same spot as the game. Cool thing is it works for any of the mods including this one.



That pack isn't being updated anymore someone is picking it up here: https://forum.fenoxo.com/threads/custom-image-pack-collection-version-1.10259/

Apparently it has mod images and is going to be updated.



Ah, then that's a third one then. The one I was referring to only had like half the number of images in it compared to Hatter's and had very few of the same ones. This one sounds like an improved version of Hatter's V6 pack.

Thanks for pointing it out, btw.


Dont know where to put this, but in the latest version of cocmod I cant gain any of the ascended kitsune fur colors, and whenever it procs fur transformation, the screen goes textless until I press continue.



Then it's settled. The game needs urgently more beast and shota, if only to make overreacting retards more butthurt.



specific enough that I could use a save file to test it.



what exactly are you trying to do to get these fur colors? I don't have much experience with the kitsune transformations.



>over 1000 images

What's the point? Half the scenes don't show images anyway.



normal faggot



I'm using either Fox Berry or Vixen's Vigor. At 9 tails, the wiki for the regular mod says that they have a chance to give special fur colors.

No matter which item I use, whenever fur transformation/gain procs I get a blank text area and have to press continue, then check character to see what happened.



You're not using the jewels?


how often should using the corrupted flowers result in a pumpkin seed? I understand there is a minimum volume of cum required to get a seed, based on the changlog, but it is otherwise ambiguous.



from what I can see from the code, you get special colors from using Fox Jewels or Mystic Jewels.


the roll is 0-(your cum quantity / 2). It needs to be bigger than 100. So it's a decent amount, but nothing extraordinary for this game. Just getting the virility blessing from the cum witch should be enough to get it more often than not.


If you don't want to suck off a cum witch you can also bang the Christmas elf if you're good for a perk that increases your amount of cum by 250



also Marae's Gift.



Then the only problem is that Fox Berry and Vixen's Vigor are only triggering red fur at any stage and still cause a blanked out text area. Also Fox Jewel and Mystic Jewel do not grow fur, which is what I'm trying to get.



alright. Still, can you give me your save?


>Under your silver blonde fur you have a human-shaped head with olive skin. It has an androgynous set of features that would look normal on a male or female. The very long, silver blonde mane atop your head is parted by a pair of large, adept fox ears that always seem to be listening.

I managed to get silver-blonde(which is an ascended kitsune color) just fine. Might be something more specific to your character's look.

Specifically, my order was

>get nine tails in "pure" route(meditating with 9 tails), generating silver-blonde hair

>use fox berry until fox legs

>use again to get fur

>fur is same color as hair


>use vixen's vigor instead

>get fur immediately, no need for fox legs

>no error, fur is the same color

I've seen a similar "no text" bug happen before on an unrelated TF item, minotaur blood IIRC. I didn't manage to reproduce the bug either. Still, with your save I might have better luck.



Do you have red hair? Red is one of the basic kitsune colours, and if your hair is any kitsune colour (regardless of how many tails you have, as long as your kitsune score is >=4), it will always choose that colour for your fur.

It only chooses a random colour (basic kitsune colors if <9 tails, elder kitsune is 9 tails) if your hair doesn't already match any kitsune colour.

No idea about the blank text though.



Sigh. Why is this the only Mega i can never access? Guess I'll just be disappointed with some vanilla BS.




I can't really do this every release, but since I'm not really developing anything right now, it's fine.



I'm not him, but I gotta say you're a real stand-up guy, Other.



Yeah, just turns out I was an idiot for the red hair thing, but still getting the blank text on fur gain proc for those two items. Not a huge deal, but if it also triggers other transformations in that text I would have no idea.


Sorry, I went ahead and went ahead of the bug area. How would I give you my save anyways to test the blank text?



>How would I give you my save anyways to test the blank text?

Not OtherCoCAnon, you just pass over the revelant file/flash object. Both should be in the same folder as the .swf. If you don't feel like uploading it any where else you could use a archiver (As I don't want to risk the image/file checker fucking everything up. I would recommened 7zip) on it and then just change the result to one of the supported container (as the image formats will bitch about the 'image' not being vaild and stenography will be broken due to the aformentioned image/file checker) formats which are webm,mp4 and swf.



Thank you my good sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman.


File: 3e469af0142a12a⋯.jpg (61.7 KB, 859x813, 859:813, Capture.JPG)

How many scenes does this actually effect?



see for yourself


a bit of the city, Salon, Callu, generic Goblin encounter, damage and exp multipliers in combat


Funny that fagnoxo's game ended up being better as a framework for mods, TiTs will probably end up the same way, half finished and needed the community to finish making the damn thing.




Better to search for ischild than player.isChild(), since the function isn't always called with player (there's i_character.isChild() and just isChild() for example), and there's also the [if (ischild = true) …] text parsing.


Searching for isloli will show a few more little things.



The big pile of patreon money was supposed to let TiTS avoid that fate, but its almost there. Fen and his circle work at less than a snail's pace, they haven't even finished the bug planet yet. There's already half finished content that will never be completed because of writers dropping out or characters being a pain to code for.

It also has CoC's waifu problem. You look at the event submissions forum and pretty much everyone is only interested in doing NPCs. The random encounter zones are wastelands while the towns are steadily inflating with furries eager to share walls of text about their daddy issues.



>It also has CoC's waifu problem

Except almost every character is a massive slut before meeting the PC and won't be loyal to them no matter what, so not really.

THOTs are not waifus.



I was down in the desert when I found this:

/!\BUG! Monster is not correctly initialized! horns > 0 but hornType = HORNS_NONE.

Turn: 1

You are fighting the hyena

Playing ver.



should be a simple fix, thanks.



and it's fixed.




Well, I'm sure sooner or later it'll end up with it's own thread on /hgg/ with people turning it into something that pisses fagfag and buttslut off, fucking up all their precious waifus.

I think savin was butthurt about the addition the /f/ made that makes syri white again.


>idea of adding changes just to trigger original devs because fuck them for being jews about it

After all I've seen since I first bumped into CoC years ago…worth it!



the original devs really are cunts, I few days ago I was reading something on the revamp mod wiki and somewhere it said that they didn't add some content to a character because the original author was against it because people wouldn't know what parts he wrote and what parts are from the mod.



>I think savin was butthurt about the addition the /f/ made that makes syri white again.


>because people wouldn't know what parts he wrote and what parts are from the mod.

well at least Tits avoids this by actually putting the name of the author in the corner



Watching them defend that shitty new bust was hilarious. Even ignoring the skin, the eyes were fucked up and the hair color was wrong.


That was obviously an excuse to make it look like he wasn't just abusing his mod position because he didn't want anyone fucking Helspawn. TiTS solves his supposed problem but I have no doubt he'll do the same thing when people start modding it. God knows the first thing people will want to add is creampies and pregnancy for all of his "no vaginal allowed" characters.


Deepwood went missing from the explore choices…



new save? If old save, can you upload it and/or tell me what you did just before?




/r9k/ fag kys


File: 8db0721b3933a34⋯.jpg (233.1 KB, 541x458, 541:458, 8db0721b3933a34b420466d122….jpg)


You're one of thoses peoples who get butthurt when a girl say she had previous men aren't ya?

>won't be loyal to them no matter what

You're 100% wrong tho'

After being gang-bang raped Kiha won't do any stupid stuff like that again

After helping her parents Helia stop having sex with whatever she see walking on the street.

Isa never showed interest in anything beside your character, even if she got a small dick (probably shota) fetish

Izma isn't rebelous enough to try to cheat on her alpha

And Amily, corrupted or not, is too infatuated/submissive to your character to cheat on him.

The only time they have sex with other peoples, is when you let it happens.

So you would be a massive retarded cunt to let them have sex with someone else, and they scream at them they're unfaithful whores



I am not that guy but following the replies I'm pretty sure he was talking about the game TiTs. It = TiTs bud.



Yeah but the that's why their the submitters waifu, because they aren't loyal to the PC they're always loyal to the self insert secondary PC that's in their backstory aka, the player that made the submission.

This also ties into the high amounts of cuckoldry.


File: 7bbc0fb04c26d5f⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 500x324, 125:81, 7bbc0fb04c26d5f7bb24b2f7ee….jpg)


>that spacing



>After being gang-bang raped Kiha won't do any stupid stuff like that again

Wait what?



Helia sometimes goes to the bar and has sex with the fox twins. Her and Isabella fug at night too.

>Izma isn't rebelous enough to try to cheat on her alpha.

She will try with your goo girl and bimbo but there's always an option to stop them during foreplay. Same deal with corrupted amily and corrupted jojo

Kiha was forced into a gang bang



I'm Tech Illiterate how do i use the debug to cheat? I've played through the game and I just wanna fuck around



>And Amily, corrupted or not, is too infatuated/submissive to your character to cheat on him.

You are wrong.





meh, as long as it's not Mary Sue Cockstocking and I can fuck the people they're fucking, I'm ok with them sleeping around.



nice arguments faggot


Yeah, i can't remember one time, where you were forced to watch someone fuck your lover while doing nothing at all.

Everytime there is some form of orgy, you always get the choice to jump in



You just type the word "debug" at any point during gameplay and use the menu that shows up at the bottom. It's recommended you save first just in case you muck up some flag or something.



wasn't most of those complaints from Urta scenes



Yeah, Helia is the only one who can actually kinda cheat, and again, it's not really like she's hiding it from you or feeling like she's cucking you, she just dosn't really give a fuck about it.

Beside if i remember well, she does it with the twin foxs, one is a girl, and the other one a trap, and she pegg him with her tail if i remember well.

So she does have sex with others, but it's more like she want to fuck them herself, than get fucked, and then again, you can still join them.

For Izma and CA/CJ, i think it's more about them trying to dominate anyone since they're already basically slaves, especially for izma since she's pretty prideful

Concerning Kiha, i never said she did it consently.

When i said "she dosn't do that kind of stupid shit anymore", i meant stupid shit like going to a fortress full of demons to fight them off alone, them, and their fucking queen.

And for all the threesomes scenes, when lovers get funs together.

Well i didn't considered it because i didn't really feel like they're cheating.

I kinda identify it as having a harem, and the girls have fun between themselves.

So for me it's not really a problem, as long as they're doing it with one of your lovers, or someone you approve of, i'm okay with it.


Yeah, if i remember well, there is a scene of NTR if you bring amily to urta, or something like that.

That's the only scene with some sort of cuck-holding (exept if you consider Kiha gang-rape like one) i can think of.

I'm not even sure if it's still in the game anymore.



yeah i know, i'm way too used to the spacing i'm using for a forum, so it does look like shit


Stupid shit like going alone to fight a army of demons in their fucking fortress with their queen



Ho, well sorry for the confusion then.

I played Tit like, two minutes, until understanding the game is basically CoC in space

The game dosn't even use well it's alien possibilities.

Basically, either you're having sex with robots, either it's furries, either monster-girls

It works with a game like CoC because the story happens in some medieval-fantasy universe, with magic and shit.

So we can use traditionnals monsters, legends, and myths.

But TiTs is in fucking space, there are no fucking limits to what you can do with it, and what do we get?

A planet full of cow-peoples.

What creativity!

Also, there are lovers in this game too?



>Also, there are lovers in this game too?

If you mean COC then yes defintly. It is much more invovled and it has it's own tab at camp, i.e the mousegirl has her own agenda and the ant girl's guest fits in well with the medival theme.

In TiTs' it sucks major dick that playing as a male the pregmancy system may as well not exist as flavour text doesn't really do much for me and how the story/combat/theme/astmophere which I really enjoy is sidelined to insert shitty OC scene #209982 part 2/50 v0.023 for shitty OC character #50328 v0.0020.



In TiTS?

Yeah, but it isn't like CoC. Despite the less degenerate premise(it's just space), everyone is much more promiscuous.

You can "romance" Anno, Syri, Saendra and etc, but they also go around fucking anything with a pulse. 90% of them have horsecocks, of course.



Thank you



>everyone is a lot more promiscuous

I blame that on their race and what's socially acceptable for them. For people like Anno, a ausar, or Kiro, a kui tan, it's just normal for them to have multiple partners/relationships.



I meant in TiTs

Believe me, i played CoC enough to know there are lovers haha

but yeah, TiTs suck major CoCs


Basically like Helia in CoC

But the difference is the frequence they does it and how they does it.

In CoC, after becoming your lover, Helia restrain herself pretty hard, she rarely go to the bar to get 3P with a pair of twin foxs.

One being a girl, and the other one a trap, she dosn't even let him fuck her, she peg him with her tail.

So she dosn't really fuck anything she see anymore, just thoses two, +Isabella if she's your lover too.


I keep on being unable to ever encounter Tel;adre, any other anon having this issue?

is it because I did something dumb in game? I'm only level 3 right now, and with 4 corruption



That's another thing i hate about TiTs.

How even if it's in space, aliens have the sames ethics and morales, and policies as us, they're just kinda extreme

And again, they're not even that interesting looking.

Most of them are humanoids creatures.

And don't even start me on the furries…





>unable to ever encouter

Do you mean you can't get the event because something stop you from it, or you can get it, but the even never appear for somes reasons?

And no, your level and corruption shouldn't stop you from entering Tel-Adre at this level.

Your corruption level keep you from entering the city, it dosn't stop you from getting the event where you discover the city.



I've explored the desert over a hundred times and I have no encountered it. It was doing that to me last night too.



I used debug to fuck with this and then explored the desert 1 more time and it found the city that time so never mind i guess lmao



Ausar tend to be turbosluts, but not all the lovers are that bad. Embry, the centaur, and the catgirl are virgins, the sexbot doesn't fuck anyone else as far as I remember, same for the icecream girl. Reaha was literal whore, but that was basically slavery and she doesn't slut around after you buy her. I don't think Shade was promiscuous either.


Sometimes the RNG just hates you, especially when it comes to finding furrytown for some reason.



I feel CoC is just as bad with the furfags. There are hardly any demon encounters at all and the Urta content goes way overboard on the faggotry. I probably wouldn't be really bitching about either game if they'd stop adding the fucking furry HORSECOCKS.

The nigga makes a whole fucking race of squirrel futas with horsecocks and it feels like at least 50-75% of the new characters added to the game are the fucking squirrel futas.

Fen, if you are lurking here, please fucking stop with those and add something interesting like Xenomorphs or that Twi'lek race you teased us with A YEAR AGO.



>demons are conquering the land in massive numbers

>demons are rare as fuck



Welcome to Mareth.



<Implying The Faglord and council of cucks has any adherence to lore/history self created or otherwise.



Also, CoC is a done deal for Fen. We're lucky there is even a proper ending to the damned thing…it took them months to finally put that much in after constantly promising it would eventually be put in. It's all mods now.



I know, I meant TiTS when I was referring to the horsecock crap, I just have trouble articulating when I get pissed.


Can't really say I blame you, pisses me off too.



The furry/monstergirl/demon ratio was somewhat balanced at first, but then Fen started demanding money to implement content. The only people willing to get jewed that hard were furries that were already used to blowing hundreds on art commissions, so from that point on the updates were focused on furry OCs.

TiTS is more furry than alien because it had that furry-skewed writer pool from day one.


In your opinion, what is the best type of cock for traps/ladyboys/shemales in CoC? Cock size? Cup size? Hip size? Butt size? Height? Anything else?


>Fen makes an entire nursery floor of the space station in TiTs

>can't impregnate any of the actual NPCs, can only be impregnated by a couple of them despite the prevalence of futas




The only NPC I know you can impregnate is the red Myr deserter on the ant planet.



Their one writer with a big interest in pregnancy content quit. The rest don't care enough to bother writing content for it, or actively refuse to let their characters get pregnant. It doesn't help that they insist on pregnancies lasting months because its supposed to be a more realistic setting than CoC. Because pills that turn you into a goo are totally realistic.


Hence why I don't even bother playing TiTS anymore. Maybe in a year or two I might come back to give a go for shits and giggles, maybe if someone mods it like CoC, but the game's pretty much ruined already as I see it.



I play it every four months or so, when it gets enough content to warrant loading a save. A good chunk of it is just "added a new store with new items" which is just an example of the kind of stuff I don't really consider (worthwhile) content.

Despite the slow addition of content, it's bound to eventually get a decent amount of gameplay, something I can't say for CoC since Kitteh & Co. aren't doing much, and neither am I.




I hope you're not talking about the tranny.



Maybe he's talking about Fisianna.



Yeah, her. She was a recent addition so I can see how he might think I was talking about Lerris.



Tranny are monkey or fox. Or there is third one?




A "tranny" is a girl with (a penis and no vagina) or male with a female figure, only ruby counts then. im sure you mean hermaphrodite or herm for short.


interesting damage control



Kiha wasn't gang raped and she didn't go off to fight demons alone.Kiha and her people were captured and transformed by the demons then kiha managed to escape. Helia was the one that was gang raped and she was planning to break into a fortress alone.



Kiha attacks the fort and gets herself gangbanged offscreen as part of her follower route, its right before the spider fight.



Yeah, Coc is kinda bad with furries too, but you can at least make the argument it's not surprising in its universe.

Also there are somes monster-girls, so it's not like the game is 95% about furries

TiTs totaly is tho'

And yeah, we don't have that much demons.

Most of the encouter i get in the game are corrupted monsters/peoples

So i think it kinda count as demons since it's their power, and that's one of their way to invade

Also, the game is getter better with less furries since CoCAnon and OtherCoCAnon are working on it.


i'm gonna take a guess and say you never finished her follower quest.

But after beating her enough without taking avantage of her, she will get pissed and go fight Lethice on her own.

So she goes to the fortress to take down Lethice but guess what?

She lose and get gang-raped by demons so much that her cunt is gaping and you could smell her from miles away because of how drenched in sperm she is.

After that event, i basically never talked with kiha again, i didn't wanted her to join the camp anymore.

It was the worst idea ever, my character kept warning her, she didn't listen because she was sure she could win, and she got absolutely wreckd by demons.

What was she expecting?




I'm pretty sure Kiha mentions that she had already been a sex slave to demons before she met you, and then she escaped. She's already super used goods the moment you meet her anyway.

There are no pure chaste maidens in this game as far as I can remember.



On second thought, there's Ember and I think Amily was a virgin too?

Also Adrian if you genderswap him I guess.



It's not really about being used goods.

Because most of them are used goods anyway.

But it's more about listening your character, and not getting used again by someone you don't want to


Yeah, they're virgins when you meet them.

You can also count Phylla, and Bimbo jojo


It kinda feels like cheating to count characters you raise from birth. Let's see, that would include Ember, Kid A, Holli, Sophie's daughter, and maybe Helspawn?

Amily is a virgin, but she hops on Urta's horsecock if you romance them both. I think Phylla is the only non-genderswap, non-newborn virgin female that never willingly sleeps around.



That's a way to see it i guess.

Also, can you even have sex with Kid A?

Anyway, i never did urta's quest.

Not because it was awful or anything.

But because it never interested me, i'm not into furry stuff.

Funny thing is,the fact that everyone is always taking crap on it, kinda make me want to play it.

I never did it, and never took interest in it, so i know nothing about it.

How bad is her questline, and what happens in it?



>Also, can you even have sex with Kid A?

If you mean the ghost kid from the dead town then yes after beating them a couple of times they ask if sex can directly happen.



I'd think he was talking about the anemone kid you can give birth to by getting another anemone in your vag while you already have an anemone dick.



Also isn't the herm catgirl also a virgin?



No, Kid A is the anemone kid.

The one you're talking about is Shouldra.


I think she is, might be wrong tho'



How do you survive the slave pens? I tried refusing everything, and that eventually led to a bad end :-/



Its unfinished, so I don't suggest getting involved with it. However it's pretty easy to escape by maintaining your will by doing the least degrading thing, but not resisting because that leads to the bad end (iirc)



Yeah, fastest way to unlock them is to give her a succubus whip and spam training.

Urtaquest is horrifying in a way that you really have to see to understand. Disgusting things happen.


She says the player is "basically the only person she's ever had sex with", but she's not a virgin in either hole.



I'd been around quite a bit. Fucking girls who've been with another man can be fun, but I didn't settle down until I married a virgin.

Girls who fuck premarriage are not worth much.



Slave pen? wtf are you talking about?

You mean the prison?

Just don't get caught, and run away as soon as you can.


It could imply that:

Either she took her own virginity, by masturbating or something

Or she lost it not to a "person", but a "thing"


Well, that depend on how much they fucked pre-mariage

If she just had a ex-husband, or 1/2 boyfriend.

Well there is nothing wrong with it, you can't be angry at someone for having a life.

But if she just fucked anything she saw on sight, she dosn't have any value.


dude, that's rude, your hyping me for something you know i'll never do

Just tell me already please.


has anyone found the cockatrice or is it not included yet?



apparently you need to talk to Benoite in the Bazaar until he talks about strange harpy-basilisk hybrids.



the encounter rate is shit….

They should make a gallery for this.



well, you can just use the debug input for the same effect(play any scene in the game), but I do agree the RNG gets in the way sometimes. I'm not sure how to solve it, however. You can set some specific conditions for certain encounters to help "condense" the encounter pool a bit, but in the end you're still rolling the dice on a lot of these. TiTS gets around that a bit by spreading encounters around the maps, but you can't do that in CoC without massive changes to every single area and how exploration works as a whole.


I once encountered the corrupted glade after the stats menu told me that they were extinct.

i'm not talking about the same in-game day that I wiped them out; this was several in-game weeks later.



"But TiTs is in fucking space, there are no fucking limits to what you can do with it, and what do we get?

A planet full of cow-peoples."

The Myr homeworld is pretty decent. Tits is too infested with call backs to CoC. I don't need to see any more versions of Edryn.



doesn't the new plant researcher lady have scenes literal copy pasted from Holli?



I like the premise of TiTs, because it makes the whole "weird species" a bit more believable… But nope. Stick to dog/cat girls with horse cocks.


Jojo pure husbando when?


File: ebf065ea6b9b579⋯.gif (232.03 KB, 510x662, 255:331, 73520b83efa8a89193d9ee5c98….gif)


>expecting any of these literal faggots to write gay scenes.



Only if he can be de-furred.



I think there was a bee prostitute or something later on that you could impregnate.


>any more versions of Edryn

I only know of the one centaur girl in the game.



Oh right, there's the bee girl. She doesn't actually give birth though, unless this is just one of those "hurrrr pregnencee taeks munths 4 realesm!!!111" autistic furries at work.



you can also impregnate raskvel and taivra but they give birth to eggs.you don't keep the ones from taivra.

>only know of one

there's at least on centaur on every planet.



I don't think just being a centaur is enough to quality as an Edryn knockoff, especially when some are more alien than horse-human.



>unless this is just one of those "hurrrr pregnencee taeks munths 4 realesm!!!111" autistic furries at work

Im sorry to tell you this anon….



You can't be serious.

How are these fucking faggots not dead yet



Yeah, TiTs really suck…

The game got litterally a entire universe to fill with anything new and original it could think of.

But nope, you get cow-peoples, slimes, bees, cats and dogs.

Btw guys, i still don't know what happens on Urta's quest in CoC

Anon told me it was the most disgusting thing ever, but never explained why

Can someone explain it to me please?



she gives birth to a deformed god baby and after that she can have her own children




I only skimmed through it because her peaches are some of the best free and farmable healing items in the game, but basically she's some kind of fucked up futa mutant who once raped and impregnated her own daughter.



That's the mountain siren thing, not Urta




god baby?

You mean god like Marae and Fera?

And "Deformed", how the fuck deformed, you mean like a fucking abomination?



Oh right, I was confusing the two because the siren thing is also super fucking horrible.


File: e6386d8458b3134⋯.jpg (36.76 KB, 592x790, 296:395, B0Y7wxYCEAEy5kO.jpg)


Yeah, there's a god hiding in her womb. It basically looks like this thing. And that's just the ending, the sex scenes preceding it aren't any better.



Any interest in Bimbo Helia content? I'm learning to add my own scenes in and was thinking of writing up a scene where you can encounter Helia meeting Bimbo Nimah and helping her drink from her breast. It wouldn't be a permanent thing (not till later once I get more confident) and i'd write an extra version of the scene for if Helspawn is in the party


File: 9618bd3bd4681af⋯.jpg (9.35 KB, 200x211, 200:211, 4865219865.jpg)



Was that shit always there? Granted, I didn't play all that much of CoC, even less so interacting with her, so I just assumed the best you could get were a few scenes in the bar and her house. Now I'm glad I didn't do much with her.



Holy mother of god in heaven

That shit



I played CoC like there was no tomorrow, but i never did her quest, not even once.

Thanks god i never did




Was always this way yes, it's not added from this mod

It's incredibly weird, especially how it's portrayed, but fagoxo being fagoxo i don't see how anyone of us is surprised about this


I'm playing on survival mode, where you need to eat. So my problem is that once you get addicted to marbles milk, she feeds it to you at the start of every day, this fills the hunger bar and reduces the potential fun of survival mode. So can you do anything about that? Make marble's milk not affect the hunger stat or something?



Heal yourself from Marble Milk, then she won't feed it to you every days anymore.


You want a bimbo Helia, and i'm just sitting there, hoping someone will finish Ember questline and add Corrupted and pure Ember one day…

Now let's go back to the topic:

Now that i think about it, i never played much of anything furry related in CoC

I wasted hours and hours playing this game, but i never really explored the furry content

Never did urta's quest, never talked much to the cat in street, never fucked rat whore, ect.

The only furries i took interest in where Amily, and Jojo, and Isabella (is she even a furry?)

But opposed to that, i did every monster-grills related thing i could do

Did Helia's quest, impregnated her with Helspawn, finished Kiha questline (just once tho'), took Shouldra, finished Phylla questline, ect



By "heal yourself", i meant cure your addiction to marble milk, so she won't have to feed it to you every-days.

Even if i fail to see how it's a problem, especially since you're in survival mode, and your MC should be pretty happy to be fed everydays…


Basically, i fucked and explored every aspect of the game, as long as it wasn't furry related



Got my interest.


Just made a new character in Revamp 1.4.8 (trying a CoC mod for the first time) and got a Slaves menu item with Jojo being there even though the character never met him (end of day 1). It appeared after loading a save.

Anyone else have this problem? I just hate registering anywhere just to leave one message after I stopped using forums regularly more than a decade ago.




Looking through the source code bimbo Helia looks easy enough to implement if I just use Bimbo Sophia as a base.

If I do get this done (might take a month) I'm not a writer so no judging haha


How to make a Satyr? I'm not able to make my character one even though she has all the requirements, any ideas?



Can females even be satyrs?



Not if you keep to the lore I guess. But hey I still would like to play a female satyr and it says there used to be some.



then make one yourself.

Horse lower body


That's not that hard to do

And i'm pretty sure you could get somes pretty satyr stuff from the "pink princess" in the deep forest



I think that's fixed in the /hgg/ mod, though I don't remember exactly what the issue was.


>We will never bring the pretty pink princess of the forest back to the safety of camp

>"she" will always wander the forest getting used by the inhabitants for all eternity like she's a walking talking kleenex



That would make you more of a centaur than a satyr. I know that some people have described them with horse-like legs, but you can't really choose just the legs in this game unfortunately. Then again, I have no idea if you can actually give yourself goat lower body.



But there are Satyr enemies and a Satyr score is there too. So it would make sense for it to work.


According to CoCED, there's no actual strictly "Satyr" TF's that I can see, though there are several less specific TF's (Like goat tail) that may add to the Satyr score. Satyr was one of the species/races that would appear occasionally in game but were never possible to replicate by the player. I believe the Revamp mod may have added some of those TF's to get closer to Satyrs being possible for players as a legitimate TF, but I don't think it was fully fleshed out.



Bummer, oh well I guess its horse pussy time since I'm going full on centaur now!



Jesus christ anon just play it instead of harassing a bunch of PTSD addled veterans.


File: 30d67a186a91952⋯.png (133.98 KB, 900x338, 450:169, yesyesyesyesYES.PNG)



(Different anon here) How exactly do you cure yourself of Marble's Milk addiciton? The wiki I found is unclear to me; only mentions purified LaBova. I only ever have the option to give her Lactaid.

I've been addicted to her milk for hundreds of days at this point. She's in my camp, we have a child, etc. Is it too far gone for me to be cured?



The purified LaBova thing is for making it so Marble's milk doesn't cause addiction.

To cure yourself from it, you need to start waaay early, when you first realize that you've become addicted.

When Marble asks if you want to continue drinking her milk forever, you have to say "no". Afterwards, when you visit Marble, you'll be given three options: Do as Marble asks (say, "pour milk on the ground"), do something that shows you care more about the milk than her ("refuse to waste the precious milk"), or do something that shows you care more about her than the milk or your addiction to it ("refuse to insult her").



I did some further testing and it happens after a quicksave before Jojo was met. After a bit of digging around in the code I suspect JoJoScene.campCorruptJojo() - it checks StatusEffects.NoJojo which is likely a (relatively) recent addition if I understand the comment on line 2319 in kFLAGS correctly. I've checked the two flags being tested in campCorruptJojo() and their values were within the ranges (5 and 0, respectively).


File: 9352d1fde9251de⋯.jpg (81.48 KB, 500x278, 250:139, 9352d1fde9251deefd606b3e89….jpg)

Why are people surprised there are furries like dogs and bees and stuff in TiTS? Isn't TiTS in the same universe as CoC?



I don't think it's that people are surprised, but more annoyed that Fencuck and his Council of Autismo screech at things that don't fit "but muh 18 inch horse/dog dick massive breasts canon!!!" and refuse to put in actual aliens because "but that's not realistic!!!"

At this point, why even make it a game in space if all you're going to do is just slap on massive amounts of fucking furry shit like you did in CoC? What's the fucking difference? TiTS taking place in space is so inconsequential that any mentions of anything high-tech are far and inbetween, and there's a huge disconnect between "super advanced civilizations with super-tech" and "almost every planet you visit has nearly no advanced tech"

At this point, I'm surprised that no one's decided to simply just take over a planet with their technological advantage, since I sure as hell don't think spears and bows are going to do anything against a satellite barrage from outside the planet's atmosphere.



The furries would just pull an Avatar and take down the satellites by waving their ultra dongs in a circle in the general direction of the sky.



To be fair, the premise of the game is that you're on the frontier, and the tech disparity is brought up a couple times. The jungle planet is pretty much doomed to be taken over by spaceMonsanto, and the threat of orbital bombardment is the only thing stopping the ants from nuking each other.

Still, its clear the sci-fi part is a tacked on label. They didn't really want to make something different from CoC, they just needed a "new" game that looked different enough to justify crowdfunding.



Reasonable point, although the location of the second beacon was considerably advanced.


File: 38065e8132dfa5c⋯.jpg (47.54 KB, 599x747, 599:747, ayyy.jpg)


>What's the fucking difference?

The clothes.


I was not aware of this mod, only the version in fenoxo forums, and haven't played in a long time

have 2 important questions about it

is the incest scene with helia/champion daughter added/completed?

is there a way to break that centaur cunt that teached you archery without making whitney mad?



yes and no



What do you mean by actual aliens. I'm just curious.



Takrus was advanced, but the bulk of what you encounter there isn't.

Sydians and Lapinara are primitive, Raskvel mostly try to beat you down like CoC goblins, sexbots use tentacles, grey goos are just goo girls… you'd barely need to change them to make them fit perfectly in CoC. The most advanced race on the world, the goblins, are hidden away on space stations the player can't visit.



Very true, although I'd chalk the goblins being hidden away as Fencuck and the Council of Faggicus being too autistic to actually come up something that isn't just the initial space station copy-pasted.


I'm interested in seeing deformed monstrosities a la Lovecraftian Mythos, something that is horrid, and yet because of that, erotic.

I want to see something that far from the norm, something that would perhaps imply a creature or species out there whose primary focus is not of simply sex, but of abstract ideas that are not necessarily pure evil nor pure good.



>its clear the sci-fi part is a tacked on label. They didn't really want to make something different from CoC, they just needed a "new" game that looked different enough to justify crowdfunding.

and then after the crowdfunding they had to justify a patreon to pay them a monthly stipend from now until the heat death of the universe.

then they'll make CoC 3.



CoC 3 huh? With even more unfinished content and 15 million shops with items where you can knock up 2 out of 80 NPC's?


The real question will be what percentage of said NPC's, fuckable or not, are chicks with horse cocks instead of being, well, anything else? At this rate, CoC 2, 3, 891…I doubt they'd be any more different than CoC or TiTS is.

The funniest shit in the world was the fact that there was at one point a mod of TiTS intended to be a way to literally play CoC from within TiTS via a sort of holodeck. The irony is that the original modder that spurned that mod was banned shortly thereafter.



Exactly as he said.

What's the point of making a game in space, if you're gonna put in the same we saw all other CoC?

For fuck Sake, TiTs got a fucking WHOLE UNIVERSE to feel with EVERY WEIRD KINKY ALIEN

SHIT they could think of

But again, what do we get?

Cow peoples, cats, dogs, slimes, and bees.


You can now have incestuous sex with Hellspawn

You can also change Centaur cunt into an ACTUAL Centaur Cunt named "Kelly"

But to do it without having whitney lose her shit, you need to corrupt her farm first.


It's aliens, you can make anything as long as you have the creativity.

For fuck sake, fenoxo just have to make a thread "Make your commission for kinky weird alien shit, and we'll add it to the game".

And as long he dosn't add the furry shit, and only the creative actually-alien-like things, it would fit right in there


that's a pretty funny anecdote you got there anon



>For fuck sake, fenoxo just have to make a thread "Make your commission for kinky weird alien shit, and we'll add it to the game".

there's an entire board for that stuff. But Fenoxo himself is usually the gatekeeper of content, so stuff needs to please him first.



making whitney mad opens up a whole new quest where you corrupt her and claim the farm for yourself, so go for it



>Fagoxo himself is usually the gatekeeper of content, so stuff needs to please him first

Basically it need an horsecock attached to it, got it



sure helps, I guess. I don't mind him being biased towards certain fetishes, really. What miffs me the most is how intentionally amateurish he is even when being paid truckloads of money for his efforts.

Though that's probably just jealousy.



Didn't he have a wife and a kid, then divorced her sometime after turning into a paid furry cuck? Then after TiTS started he got into a relationship with a pre-op tranny, right? The fuck caused both to happen?



I don't really know anything about Fenoxo's private life. Not sure I care to know. Hell, I started playing CoC just a few months before modding it, so I missed all the shitstorms.



Fair point.

I only heard about this shit because I saw his posts about that shit when TiTS just started out


Getting a weird issue/s in Tel'Adre. When in Tel'Adre and going to any screen after the main hub, then returning back to the hub leaves the text from the previous screen at the top. This isn't too annoying (this is probably part of the same issue), but if you go to a screen that has an image, the bar or kath's alley, then return to the hub the image also remains however if you scroll this window the remaining image will become stuck on screen and can't be removing unless you reload the page (was using Chrome if it helps).



interesting. Not sure why it started happening, but it's fixed.




no, you can't make her mad, because if you do, you will not be able to be able to trigger the corrupt farm quest.

To start the quest you need a certain lvl of corruption (don't remember the lvl sorry)

And when you'll go to the farm, you will get a event where you can decide to corrupt the farm

you will have three choice: "corrupt it now, later, never"

If you pick "later" the event will happens again, as long as you don't choose "now" which start the quest, or "never" which keep the quest from happenning again



That's some brainfart I had there. What I meant to say is that comment suggests there were changes made to Jojo state changes at some point while checking his presence through something called StatusEffects looks a lot like a leftover from how I'd expect early sources looked like. And also that I've checked the values of the actual flags as well and from all that I concluded that campCorruptJojo() works as it should but using improperly initialized data (i.e. NoJojo). Blame fucked up sleeping schedule or my habit of trying to finish something no matter what.



You can corrupt the farm no matter how angry Whitney is. You just have to be really corrupt and over the arbitrary level they want you at. I had like nine kids with Kelly before I corrupted Whitney.



any new content in the works?




lots of projects here, some even fully written but not in game yet


File: e98299f4d58b17d⋯.jpg (4.59 KB, 212x249, 212:249, e98299f4d58b17dc4fe342a72f….jpg)


>look at Ember Corruption Implementation

>look at written content

>only her egg form was written

>why live?



not in this end, no. I've toyed around with a couple concepts(you can find it in the source, even) but I don't really have the inspiration I had for the Dullahan and her dungeon.



>You are fighting the ghoul:

>The ghoul is one of the more bizarre things you’ve seen, with a dog face, salamander arms, and a wolf lower body. Its face is complete with wolf eyes and a demonic tongue. It also has shark fin wings, no horns, and a dog tail above its handful of butt. It has black and white spotted basilisk plume hair, gray skin, fertile hips, and a huge butt. It wields a halberd for a weapon and wears Birthday Suit as armor.

What the fuck?



Sorry, didn't mean to reply to you.


for whatever reason I can't install the cockmilker at the farm, or anywhere for that matter.

Anybody know what's up with that? I'm using the latest version of OPs build.



That's just how the Ghoul works. It's always a mishmash of a big collection of body parts.



>The ghoul is one of the more bizarre things you’ve seen…

Well… at least they're not lying.



according to the code, it's a 25% chance for Whitney to talk to you about installing it when you talk to her with the milker in your "inventory".



My first thought after reading that was "where's a Commissar with a bolt pistol when you need one?" If there is ever a mod for TiTS it should have a military uniform with a peaked cap as armour and a sabre with a bolt pistol as weapons granting together ability to oneshot chaos sp Then I thought how it looks a bit like some of my characters and it made me sad because implementing such a "NG+" would be a real pain.


Did this game ever get hyper pregnancy content?



this isnt free cities go back there.


File: 3d2f6cf4903880f⋯.jpg (274.05 KB, 1200x809, 1200:809, final1.jpg)

Hey guys, I'm planning on porting this game on to the Godot Engine since Flash is shit and I've heard numerous times the game has been coded poorly.

Just wanted to ask the coders here if they think it's really necessary, or if it would piss them off if I went through with it?



no matter what you do you will piss of jewoxo and co.



Well fuck, guess that plans down the shitter.



no no, thats good, go for it



I'll wait for the modders to get back to me, don't want to step on their toes y'know?



Not really. Fenoxo abandoned the game. Revamp and this branch are community driven now. There really isn't reason to give a shit about what they think unless you're planning on posting it on their forums.



you won't be stepping in anyone's toes here, but I'm not sure why you'd bother. I imagine it would be a huge effort for a small reward; CoC's development is dead slow at the moment, both here and in Revamp/Xianxia.



Will Xianxia ever be combined with revamp?



from what aimozg told me about their code, unlikely. It's missing tons of refactoring done in the past couple years, and many of its additions are relatively complex and would be a pain to adapt.



>but I'm not sure why you'd bother

Bored fam.

>huge effort

Not really.



Doesn't he keep the source code closed?

The damn fag must be so triggered it could give fagoxo a rung for his money, not literally of course


As long as you keep the source open, i don't foresee any problem, but isn't godot coded with a custom version of python? It's a pain to code in that language


>beast, rape, maggots, slime, cum baths

>like three piss scenes

>no scat

it's like a normie's idea of "graphic"

git gud



>It's a pain to code in that language

It is? I'm useless as fuck when it comes to coding and I find Godot piss easy to use.


File: 1f59f5b75f05097⋯.png (97.52 KB, 1088x644, 272:161, readingthismakesyougay.png)

Oh yeah, guess I should post proof that I'm actually doing this since I don't want anons thinking "he's talking shit, moving on."

Plus if I know I'm getting a few anons "hopes up"[citation needed], it'll be harder for me to give up on this little quest of mine since I don't like disappointing folk I care about. No homo.

And relax fam I know it looks ugly, everything is just placeholders for now.

It'll be dolled up and pretty eventually.

That filename tho ;^)



Neat. I'd be a nice change of pace if something didn't break with every single new update.



I like how one of the piss scenes is just peeing in a bucket.



I'm sure this gets asked here a lot, but is there anything that lists all the differences between this mod and the revamp mod? Like in a sense of added NPCs, monsters, scenes, etc?


what's the xml file that applies to this mod? same one from the revamp?



I mean the one for the images




I don't know anything about Godot but the whole point of Python is that it is specifically designed to be a fast and easy language for experienced programmers. Not sure why you would call it a pain to code in. Unconventional, yes. But what it significantly sacrifices in memory efficiency and cycles compared to traditional languages it makes up for in how quickly a programmer can work in it.



the changelog.

There's also a cheat sheet that covers more or less the entire batch of extra content.




the revamp one should work fine.


the ascension extra stats worth it?



Not sure what you mean by "is it worth it?" Your stat caps raise by 25 each NG, but so do enemies. Corruption Tolerance can be an interesting touch.



Maybe it's just habit, i code in c+ and i have worked with lua a few times, python just rub me the wrong way i guess



does the stat boost make up for the difficulty increase?



The more people that work on their own versions, the better. As said before by others, progress is very slow with the other iterations; which means that any new fresh iteration has a chance to pick up the pace.

And that's never a bad thing!


File: 31ae4d8f3550b1d⋯.png (30.92 KB, 1088x576, 17:9, readingthismakesyougay.png)

Want something like this, or should I stick to the original way?



I know this would be a lot of extra work but how about there being a option to switch between the two? I am loving the dark theme and now neat it is however some anons may prefer the previous setup.


File: ac5e13b3069b2e2⋯.png (822.71 KB, 960x720, 4:3, readingthismakesyougay.png)


>dark theme

I've only added text, buttons and a semi-transparent text dialog box, it's actually just the Godot background showing.

I'll be making it similar to the original once the base of the game has been built upon more.

No sense fretting over images this early when it's a text based game.

>how about there being a option to switch between the two?

You mean between a dark theme and light theme?

That was the plan famalam.

Also I think you misunderstood me.

I meant do you want the intro as a form to fill out, see pic >>107146

Or like the original like, pic-related, where it goes from scene to scene to fill it out.



Want a sincere answer?

No, the 25 increase do not make up for it, but the ascension perks that increase melee and spell damage do, those abilities can easily make you op, even in ng+, and all possible adversaries have vulnerabilities to exploit, it's expected that when beginning ng+ the player acquired pretty much every best piece of weapons and armours, so it's fine

Remember to get the perk increasing critical chance, with extra stat those perk bonuses become significant



>That was the plan famalam.

That's good to hear.

>Also I think you misunderstood me.

>I meant do you want the intro as a form to fill out, see pic >>107146

>Or like the original like, pic-related, where it goes from scene to scene to fill it out.

I'll hopefully this will be clearer,what I meant by "switch between the two" was that there would be a setting to switch between the new and classic versions of the character age and gender selection screens (or any others) rather than the colour scheme.



Is there a reason to keep it the old way? I don't see any value added in using the buttons. (Except maybe in mobile assuming they'd be somewhat larger than the drop down menu and easier for fat fingers)


If you feel like doing some polish Priscilla's sex scenes could use it. The dialogue needs to be put in "quotes" and the text itself should be in italic



I was actually planning on adding some stuff to the game as well actually.

Ever wanted stuff like being able to bring Vapula to camp, dick the corruption out of her and not have Jojo and Amily to leave?




NG+ is pretty manageable if you were autistic enough to get a ton of Ascension points. You'll probably want to get Corrupted Nine Tails just before ascension and then lock the perk to always have Terror available. That ability can carry you through most of the game.

NG++ and upwards is pretty ridiculous, since your damage doesn't scale well enough to account for goblins with 3k health and such.



>dick the corruption out of her

Does such a concept not clash with the lore?



Probably, I kinda meant mind-breaking her into giving up her evil ways so Jojo and Amily are okay with having her around.

Basically what I was thinking was:

>Recruit enough strong characters (See Izma)

>Gain enough intelligence

>When Amily and Jojo complain

>Use intellect to explain

>"There's fuck all to worry about, even if she wasn't addicted to my cock, Izma or Isabelle would put her in her place if she stepped out of line."

>"O-okay Hero-kun…"


See link for more details.



you can already convince Amily to stay with enough(90 or more) intelligence, though. It was one of the first few things I added. You can't convince Jojo, but you can just turn him into bimbo jojo to make him not give a shit.



>you can already convince Amily to stay wit


Guess I've gotten too used the vanilla.

Either that or the Revamp wikia hasn't been updated yet since iirc I couldn't see anything on it stating otherwise.



it isn't vanilla or Revamp. As I said, it is one of the things I added.


File: 8b95d059b5c6a86⋯.jpg (107.27 KB, 1009x970, 1009:970, Capture.JPG)

Fera's Halloween event seems to be broken for me.I got the first one (fucking the pumpkin) but after that I can't get the next stage, I ate more than enough seeds. What happens is that sometimes when I click explore deepwoods, nothing happens, I just get a blank screen, I need to click multiple times to get an event, I think this might be related.

here's my save so you can see for yourself





Hm, I think I know what's going on.



Will there be any characters with the same transformation potential as the PC?


File: d9eb0015ddf5f79⋯.png (114.82 KB, 800x595, 160:119, spider-dragon-monster-11-2….png)

>somehow ended up with dragon scales but kept the drider torax/leg part

this is really cool now that I think about it, and probably the closest thing I will get to crab/scorpion parts



Last time something like that was attempted (Ben/Bess in TiTS), it was such a nightmare to code they decided to never do it again. And that still wasn't even close to the PC's tf potential.


So where should I start and what do I need to know about CoC mods? I see a few posted, but are they compatible, and if not which ones do you recommend?



they're all standalone, they aren't plugins like in Bethesda games.

Revamp is the most popular one.

The /hgg/ mod is Revamp with a few additions.

There's also Xianxia, which is mostly focused in making the game into more of a JRPG.


Something else to consider is save game compatibility. As for that, save games from vanilla CoC can be loaded up with any of the mods, but are not in the same vein backwards compatible. So a Revamp save will likely break if you try to run that save with CoC vanilla. As for mod-to-mod cross compatibility, I'd avoid moving saves a lot that way. Theoretically it should be safe to do that, but some of what the mods do involves both altering and adding/removing flags which can produce erroneous results at times, though mod-to-mod is arguably safer than porting a mod save to classic CoC. My advice, if you intend on trying out more than one mod ever, is to get into the habbit of indicating the name of the mod the save is from in the save's comment line when creating the save. That way, you'll see which save was made with what variant of CoC.



It's true-ish. The guy who made the mod went on to talk major shit to Franks about not wanting Riya in the game, straight up calling him a Nazi in every way possible. Then, after Fenoxo and Council of Horsecocks stepped in and told him to calm down, he accused Fenoxo and his Council of Sweaty Testicle Fetish of adding Riya in purely to piss him off. Naturally, Fenoxo and his Council of Bugfuckers banned him.



Here's the thread in case anyone wants to see the end of the drama. I can't find Franks's original thread where Etis started losing his mind, but this is what it came to. https://forum.fenoxo.com/threads/kill-riya.5118/



the editor should work with this version right?



There's whining whenever a character is an asshole, but I just wish there were more of them. Trying to play a manhungry masochist slut is suffering when pretty much all the men are stammering pansies.

>Anzu brags about throwing deadly orgies in his talk scenes

>acts like an oversized Arian in his sex scenes


It mostly works. Doesn't break anything (at least not for me), but it does have some trouble picking up the stuff that isn't in Revamp. So you can't change your age or give yourself the new weapons.



>There's also Xianxia, which is mostly focused in making the game into more of a JRPG.

It also makes combat super difficult.



found one made for the revamp 1.4.6b, it has the new locations at least, but have to ask

where there was only a "lower body" box, there are 2 new options next to it now, "underbody" and "leg configuration"

what do they do?



Its not that hard once you figure out how to use soulforce. The hard part is having to figure it out yourself because the descriptions are in broken english.


Underbody is basically skin type for legs.

Leg configuration is biped/quadruped.


>checking the new editor

>can't imagine what half of this new skin/hair colours look like, and google just repeats them at some point, but I'm shit at colours so that's my fault

>don't even know why there are like the double of cocks and lower body part types or what they look like


like the ff cat enemy? what different from the normal cat dick?

and half of the mamal leg parts would look the same so whats the point? why is there even imp's legs when they are just red human ones


>scorpion option

>can't give it poison values

what, it has poison in game right?

>glaciar zone




sorry for all the questions but I haven't played this in forever, didn't even play the vanilla version with the finished story

and last one

is there an option to attack the desert city with high corruption or something by now?



Coeurldick apparently looks like a dog dick with a fucking star nosed mole on the end. Imp legs have clawed feet. Scorpion tail has no venom/stab attack, might be part of an unfinished tf. And no, you still can't burn down furrytown. Unfortunately.



>Coeurldick apparently looks like a dog dick with a fucking star nosed mole on the end


>Imp legs have clawed feet

so the same as the demon claws legs

>you still can't burn down furrytown

c'mon it's been years, well it was worth to ask



Demon claws are human feet with claw nails, imp legs are more like bird legs, with a heel talon. That does conflict with the enemy description.



they just ran out of ideas for easy to implement body parts didn't they?

ok I lied, that wasn't the last one

any content for giant characters? as in haul truck big

and is this state attainable outside of save editing? remembered when I was trying to make a giant, minotaur blood only helped to some point and then it stopped affecting height

made a lot of characters but was never able to legitimately do that one, and I better stop here before I start asking about the ending and spoil it for myself



I don't think there's anything for giant characters, even with the other giant characters. Minotaur blood and Vala cap out around 10'.



Riya's one of the most retarded characters, I'll be honest.

>Racism about P U R I T Y

>Modded with a dick

Fenfag and his Council of Shitsuckers obviously have a hardon for trannies and girls with dicks, apparently.

Not much surprise, considering how cuck they are.


started a new game and ran into jojo and the option to rape him is borked



Being a cuck has nothing to do with having a fondness for dicks. Look up the words meaning before you use it next time.




Should be called fagoxo and his council of complete retard, what a bunch of fucking idiots are those?

Fuck i saw mongospatic children behaving more rationally


Considering his fag tendency, good chance his wife took a free ride with someone else while waiting for divorce, so chuck fit nicely for him



how so?




I'm fine with racism in vidya games, but the way she portrays it is just stupid. I can see a peace keeping force tolerating an officer that's racist in her private life, but not one that says her fellow officers "should fucking hang" while in the middle of an operation. Doesn't matter how good she is at her job, it's just insane.


why are there no sceans for the imp lord and such you can only kill them



when i go to rape jojo it just says

>jojo smiles serenely, pleased at the outcome



private function jojosFifthRape():void {


outputText("Jojo smiles serenely, pleased at the outcome, a foot of tumescent mouse-meat bobbing at attention.\n\n");

//Placeholder till I'm less lazy

outputText("You fuck your mousey slut for what feels like hours, orgasming until both of you are tired and worn out. ");



if (player.lib > 40) {

outputText("When you're done you feel more clear-headed, but Jojo looks hornier than ever.");

dynStats("lib", -4);

i get that scene when raping him for the first time



I'm assuming you've raped him before?




oh, nevermind. Let me check the code then.



can you upload your save?

Alternatively, could you go to the debug menu(type D E B U G anytime), go to edit flag and check flag 2311?

I'm curious what value it is outputting.



Have you guys changes back the scenes where Izma's kids masturbate and fuck a goblin? They were added back to Revamp, but were changed so that the lewdness was removed.

I never understood why they were added back if they were going to be changed like that.



probably NaN then. Flag is never properly initialized, then gets fucked when you try to compare it to a number.

Set it to 0 to fix things, probably.




mostly tiny tiny fixes recently, but hey, the game is small, compiles fast and uploads faster.



looks like it worked what was the problem?



this flag determines how far along the corrupted path Jojo is. When you rape him, the flag gets checked and an appropriate scene plays out depending on the value.

The issue is that ActionScript 3 is a bit bizarre when it comes to handling numbers that haven't been initialized(NaN) yet. Most other languages just plain do not allow for a variable to be checked or operated with without being initialized in some way first, but this one does.

NaN + 1 = 1 and NaN++ = 1, for example. That might lead you to believe that NaN = 0, but that isn't always true.

If you do if(NaN == 0), it may or may not return true. In this case, NaN returned -3, which I'm going to assume is just the interpretation of whatever garbage was in the same region of memory when it was checked. This leads to bizarre results like the jojo scene defaulting to the last one before he becomes your slave.

It's the same thing that caused the exploration bug a few months ago. New areas could only be discovered if the flag associated with the area was equal to zero, but NaN sometimes isn't zero. It's a fucking mess.


excluding the beautifull sword, what would be the highest damaging one handed weapon? want to make a character that use the tower shield, in all my previous characters I always end up going for the warhammer, love that thing, so no idea of one handed weapons



probably Raphael's Rapier with maxed out training.

The Midnight Rapier might be better, never tried it.



Thanks for the help, time to go kick the shit out of imps again.



oh, the Cursed Dagger is obscenely good(way better than I expected it to be) and my change to enemy armor made it better to use good old Spears over more damaging weapons for certain highly armored foes, like the Volcanic Golem.


Will Ember be finished one day?

Because that's like the thing i would like the most

I waited to get Helspawn sex scene, and now i'm just waiting for Ember to be finished one day.



extremely unlikely.

Highly customizable characters are a nightmare to work with.



someone dedicated gotta do it themselves



Only when the NPCs aren't using the same transformation system as the PC, and this isn't.


File: 646d8e7679ec99d⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 600x549, 200:183, c38ad8f23f8804fcee1b0fc724….jpg)


>life is suffering



>You can now have incestuous sex with Hellspawn

Is there a certain way to trigger this? The only interactions available for me on Helspawn's follower menu are "Hug" "Talk" "Spar" and "Appearance". Am I supposed to use one of Helia's interactions instead? During raising I selected all the "slutty" options assuming that would be more fitting for an incest scene. Should I have raised her with the "chaste" options instead? Thanks in advance, and sorry for all the questions.



>letting her fuck the spiderboy

you guffed



whats up with this i have to find a regular imp for any scenes



I went back and did an all chaste raising route and then I raised her with all slutty options except for the spiderboy, where I told him to fuck off and neither of these scenarios changed the outcome. Could it be that the PC's corruption needs to be high?


how's realistic mode? it gets fucked if you end with big breasts/long tentacle scholongs or something?



You get penalties for having a 50 foot long cock or 12 ton tits, I think even a bad end.



It doesn't show up as soon as she becomes a follower, you need to talk to her.


You need a lust victory for the high level imp sex scenes.


is Anzu still a work in progress or am I missing something?



You're supposed to have 3 choices when she get the spidy-fuckboi

1: Let her peg him

2: Tell him to fuck off

3: Tell her she already got a pretty good mate she know quite well hanging around :^)


I started a new game with new game plus and now i can't use my storage chest. When I try to put things onto it, it says that it is full. The armor and weapon chests work fine.


so is there anything new for marcus and lucia (desert guy wit the giant balls)? I mean in the revamp as a whole, not just this version of the mod, or telling him to stay human still holds the best outcome for a non evil character?



Nothing new for them.


Does pure Amily help out the champion in anyway or does she just use the champion for babies, free food, shelter, and protection? Why is there no option to tell her she can't move in?



Why'd you consort with her if you wanted nothing to do with her?



Its just assumed that if you're visiting her enough to make her fall in love, you must like her enough to want her in the camp. If you only do the bare minimum she fucks off once she has enough babies.



I wanted to help her



>you must like her enough to want her in the camp

>Still no way to move Tamani into your camp



>>Still no way to move Tamani into your camp

and no way to get the succubi as slaves/followers and preggers.

why even live?



I… I don't know



I was under the impression most people hated Tamani seeing as how Revamp gives you the option to kill her. Or at least it will, I dont remember.



Its the same reason there's an option to purge the glades, she has a high encounter rate in two overcrowded zones that makes finding other scenes a pain.



Tamani lover is mostly written but not implemented in the game




Option to kill that wild hunt dude when?



Can't kill him, but you can turn him into the deepwood's bitch thought.



That just replaces his encounter with slightly less annoying variant which barely helps with becoming a kitsune



yeah but believe me, you will want, and NEED his "pink liquids"

That shit is basically a necessity against Marae



And the minotaur king


>download that new pics pack

>proceed to waste like an hour checking every pic deleting the ones that doesn't match the participants description

every time, I wish I could drop my autism, or knew how this thing works so I could do it myself



It's a long process, but the file names are descriptive for a reason, it'll simply accept any .jpg using that name for the scene(s) that call it in game, with the ability to pull a variation at random hence the 1, 2, 3 and so on modifiers, so find a pic or pics you prefer, rename it accordingly and replace the offending pic…alternatively, if you really wanna do it from scratch, the images.xml is available from the revamp github, just in case the game's been updated to read pics for a few more scenes than your image pack covers.


Does the revamp have loli content? I hear the old CoC used to have loli with the sharkgirl's daughters but that Fen the faggot took it out.




What's wrong with the fruit and such you can get from the siren's camp?



nothing drinking his raspberry stuffs is more satisfying.


Is there plans for an anal scene with the dullahan?



The mod here has loli, though I don't think the Izma kid scenes were ever restored.

Revamp (and any other mod hosted on Fen's forum) is still restricted by Fen and Savin's rules, so things like loli are completely off limits for them.



>Revamp (and any other mod hosted on Fen's forum) is still restricted by Fen and Savin's rules, so things like loli are completely off limits for them.

How disgusting. Thanks for the info, anon.



Where can we find this loli content?



None, sorry.



So far as I know, just that you can in fact start the game off as a kid, teen, adult, or elder. There's a few scenes, mostly generic ones, that alter given you're choice there, and if I recall stat adjustments too. Kids, I think, basically learn faster but cannot get max (100) stats in some places, though stat cap buffs from TF's and Ascension still work the same.



Here's a full list of mechanical differences between ages (not scene changes).




can the champion grow older? would be fun being sacrificed as a kid and returning as a godhood elder that fucked everything in another world while staying human



Only with the debug option to change your age.


how hard would it be to implement the izma children scenes?



I was just thinking about that. What were the scenes anyway?


How has Fen made 2 fucking games with birb TFs and not created a cloaca. Or for that matter nothing in either game seems to have anything with a different asshole.



why cant i find them anywhere. jeez.



I have them in a wordfile on my old rig that melted down but I never had a chance to read them. I legit don't know what they're about. Do you get to fuck your kids or are they just running around with their little preteen boobs out? Who fucking knows. Hope somebody that does know breaks it down for us.



Because it's Fen we're talking here, who apparently thinks 99.9% of all intelligent humanoid entities within two separate game worlds being females with horse cocks is some sense of normalcy.



I can't wait for the day when someone mods Helspawn to be able to sexed and have your babies.



you can already sex her just cant pump your babies into your baby.



Defurring him will just make him a naked mole rat like Pure Amily.



if you actually pay attention to the text it basically says that she looks like a human but with a mouse tail and ears.



its a text game, maybe read the text?


It occurred to me that all these Scenes with Izma's Kids still need to be added:





Found the original scenes. Scenes of your shark girls masturbating and fucking a captured goblin.



Just ctrl f for goblin and you'll find the scenes near the bottom



That sucks, I thought you could fuck them. In that case this scene not being around is no big loss.



How hard would be to make them fuckable?



Very easy, once someone writes it.

The answer to "how hard would it be to add a scene for <x>" is almost always "it would take 2 minutes to implement, it just needs a writer", and very few people feel like actually doing any writing for the game.



To expand on this, even complex things like pure/corrupt/child Ember and fully transformable characters are more tedious than actually difficult.

If someone fully wrote out the details and basic logic for a completed Ember, with scenes for every variation, someone would probably be willing to code it in within a few days (I'd probably do it myself if nobody else wants to).



read up on the trello corrupt ember is being put in the next revamp update.

so next year look forward to that.




mutating your character for the sake of strength is a nice bit of meta-corruption.



the exhibitionist scene for the goo girl is broken



could use a bit more detail.






after getting the exib perk the scene stays grayed out even tho i meet the requitements





different anon here, I checked the victory function for the goo girl and the if that should contain the button for the exhibitionist scene is just empty

if (kGAMECLASS.fetishManager.compare(FetishManager.FETISH_EXHIBITION) || player.cor >= 66 - player.corruptionTolerance() || player.findPerk(PerkLib.Pervert) >= 0) {


I compared it to revamp which has this line between the brackets:

addButton(4, "Exhib.Fuck", exhibitionismGooGirlVictoryRape);



well, pretty obvious merge issue there. Will fix in a minute



Do you have to download the game and then the mod or is just the mod enough? Also, what do people know about the defurred mod I've heard about? I-is there a de-futa mod too?



>Do you have to download the game and then the mod or is just the mod enough?

The mod is stand alone.

Also, what do people know about the defurred mod I've heard about? I-is there a de-futa mod too?

I thought that having options to deal with those would make having a dedicated mod kind of worthless?



defurred mod link now.



"defur" mod is built into this mod. If it doesn't change much, it's because the original didn't do that much either. Any extensive furry-nuking changes would be a pain in the ass to implement.


Is there any way to have vaginal sex with the dullahan?



you can, by raping her. If you have sufficient toughness, libido and health you can survive it, but she leaves forever afterwards.



what does the abyssal shard do?



How do I rape her?



use it on the necromancer's chamber at night


pretty sure all you need is enough lust and corruption when you suggest sex.



How much corruption?


How do I get three peenus?



Incubi drafts.


Hey OtherCoCAnon, if I wanted to get involved with the mod, what would be the best way to do that? Do you guys have an issue tracker or a bounty board, or does everyone just do their own thing and stick it in a pull request?



61 or higher


well, there isn't much organization. Every once in a while someone shows a scene they've written and want to implement, or someone like Koraeli makes a request to add a mechanic they've implemented.



Ok. I was thinking of doing something simple to get my feet wet. I wanted to add a craftable alchemy table to the player cabin and add a few recipes. I figured success rate would be determined by intelligence and the recipes available would be dependent on a new alchemy skill.

Looking through the codebase this seems fairly straightforward, and after quitting my job I've got too much free time on my hands. I guess I'll post something when I've got it reasonably working and I'll get it to whoever needs it.



>download flashdevelop

>download the source code

>promise to implement massive super shit

>write it half way through

>come to a stop

>play with code to see how can you implement thing

>ponder about compiling it with the work half way done

>realize it's a terrible idea

>be too scared to release a terribly broken thing

>show up every red moon to check how thing's are going



Haha, exactly. I'd suggest doing a major refactor to make everything sane, but that would only work if we could get Kitteh's bunch to accept the changes, or stop pulling in from them.

However things go, Fenoxo and Gedan both deserve to be murdered to death. Repeatedly.


File: 301c60577227bd6⋯.gif (981.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1420381838806.gif)


>man up and finish implementing thing


>naturally it fails

>fix shit and try again

>fails again

>do this for a while until it works

>run and see that it doesn't work quite right and there are new bugs

>back to trying to fix shit

>finally it looks not too horrible to release

>turns out you still missed a fuckton of bugs, incorrect behaviour, promised features etc.

It's called being a programmer, get used to it.





Is github not viable? Don't know how it works but I've seen many groups of different devs using it


To be fair, at this point (Or rather, a couple of years back) it is better to just rewrite it and keep the name and content.

Whether you'd have to go keep using flash (It's getting officially discontinued in 2021 btw, but I doubt any of you are ambitious enough to keep this going for that long (Hey, I don't blame you)) or another program such as what >>107044 is doing, isn't going to make a difference to the "player".

At this point you're just keeping a braindead man on lifesupport and replacing a kidney with a new one every now and then.

From a programmer's point of view it'd be a rather large timesink to rewrite the underlying code, but at the same time it is an investment for later.

The question you should ask yourself is whether or not you want to keep that guy on life support, pull the plug, or re-enact this:


Preferably the latter, looks more fun. And impossible. But hey we're talking CoC so nothing new there.



This happened a lot when I made the multi enemy fight thing. Kind of a nightmare, but I like how it turned out.



we're using gitgud, mainly because when I created the repo I was under the impression gitgud wasn't fond of 18+ stuff in their website.



>but I doubt any of you are ambitious enough to keep this going for that long

it's probably not just a matter of ambition, though. Despite all the loose ends, I'd say CoC has a decent amount of content for the scope of the game; it's just not spread around evenly between early-mid-late game.



But it's just limping forward now, are you going to stay motivated doing this in shitty code for another 4 years? Because that's what was implied in my post.



I'm most likely not going to stay motivated for even a year, regardless. At some point you just have to say a game is goo enough, and this one has been going for what, six years?




I could see an HTML version of CoC being feasible. It's not like the underlying structure of the game has all that many pieces. It's just a matter of unfucking the code and trying to make sure the port is as close to the original as possible.

Well, that and trying to extract all the events from their clusterfuckery.



Kitteh started an HTML port a year or so ago. Apparently he gave up on it.



Hmm, could use that as a starting point I guess, though I'd probably port it over to TypeScript and make it a VS Code project.


How do I get rid if the cock knots i got from canine pepper?


Ironically enough, there isn't a lot of forced transformation in this game.



While CoC has a decently complex transformation system, as a game and from whatever I can tell from editing savefiles so many times it seems pretty damn simple, albeit poorly made. Doesn't look like it'd be too complicated to rebuild it from scratch if you know what you're doing.

Although at that point it feels like it would just make more sense to make your own shit. Like whatever the fuck the guys on what used to be the old CoC general on /vg/ are doing. Either that or turn it into a Frankenstein monster with content taken from other text games to justify the whole endeavor.

t. useless faggot with no programming experience and nothing to contribute except shitty ideas



from what I've read it isn't a popular fetish. People don't want their character to be altered without their consent.


not sure you can. Cocks with knots(like dog ones) will always have them, though you can "humanize" them to remove it.



Add selectable pronauns. I wanted to play as a trap but as soon as I incresed my face femininity everyone started calling me a girl. Then I tried playing as a herm so I can breed myself an army, but again everyone started calling me a girl. I want to be refered to as male



If you look like a girl, doesn't it make sense for people to call you a girl? How are you even a trap if people recognize you as male on sight?



Seconding the line about being transformed against your consent. It's fine in games where forced transformation IS the fetish, but in games like CoC, it's irritating to have to go farm somewhere to get the items to get your body back.


> Literal black sheep girl of Owca

> exiled awoo who needs to guard the portal to her world



>wanting to play as trap, choosable pronoun

This is the right game for you then, unless the trans manage to anger innoxia with their obnoxiousness and she tell them to fuck off that is




This game is meant for the player to choose how it's avatar look like, forcing transformation on the player would ruin this concept



One wonders what sort of things the game would have ended up with had the furry/non furry ballance not gotten so fucked



and now the amount of futas the game has just keeps increasing patch over patch

seriously, it takes a massive amount of faggotry to keep adding futa doms nonstop



I like furshit but there really should have been a better balance


Didn't you use to have to meet some chick to unlock the acupunture clinic?



Yeah, it was gated behind some disgusting rabbit futa. Fortunately, now she gets you a discount at best.



I didn't mind said rabbit but the having to get to know her to unlock the thing was kind of silly.

I was only reminded of said bunny because she is mentioned when you talk to the acupuncturist anyway, that dialogue should probably be adjusted to not mention her kid if you never met her.


At least she is trying to lose weight.



Different anon here, how does it compare to CoC? There doesn't seem to be much info about it that wouldn't also be likely to contain spoilers on the blog or the wiki.


Can coc ed be used on android??


File: dcf889b1359e1b2⋯.jpg (43.9 KB, 553x484, 553:484, nm.jpg)



Well, problem is that Lilith's Throne isn't really far enough along in development to offer a really decent comparison of it to CoC. Of what little it does have right now, which pales in compairison to CoC even before including Revamp and other mods that add even more to it, it's turning out quite nicely. Given a year or two, if the dev doesn't turn into some hideously greedy slug of a person in that time, or she doesn't simply drop off the face of the Earth, it might actually be a real competitor for the likes of CoC.

Bottom line is that's, for Lilith's Throne at least, too early to tell. That said, it's got a pretty good start so far it seems.


File: b38ce79efc78c44⋯.webm (7.3 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1423966106485.webm)


File: b67bce98fd678ab⋯.png (9.93 KB, 181x224, 181:224, Slaaneshifest.png)


Yeah, but the general idea behind it? Example:

In Corruption of Champions the player character ends up in the land of Mareth, a world warped by dark magic after demons overran every major settlement, leaving precious few oases of civilization. Now, even the most remote areas are infested by countless imps while whatever survivors that managed to escape the initial onslaught of the demonic hordes are being slowly twisted by the ever-growing corruption that permeates into everything. A realm that knows only sex.



>the only form corruption takes is sex, and sex-related transformation

I must be the only person who finds this sort of world-building incredibly unimmersive



>>the only form corruption takes is sex, and sex-related transformation

makes sense to me, considering the corruptions comes from incubus, succubus, and omnibus

demons of lust, nothing else



Did fenoxo do something wrong I am not aware of?



Considering Lethice pioneered the being demon in Mareth thing by literally cumming her soul out, I believe the setting is perfectly internally consistent.



I'm guessing you're either not a programmer or haven't looked at the code, but it's bad. Making changes to it is like playing jenga, except the jenga set has broken, irregularly size pieces, and its several hundred feet high.

You try and change one thing and suddenly nothing works, or something that should be completely unrelated breaks because of your changes.


Yo, Knowing me i fucked up the trip code, or put in the wrong code. Anyways, other dev.

Haven't touched this mod or flash in a long time. Hows it good. Sorry for dropping out and leaving people hanging.


^Yep, fairly sure i was not using that trip code.


>how it good

How's it going*

Fuck grammar.



I don't mind the corruption/demon lore itself, but I think I get what you mean. Its hard to feel immersed in a world that screams "HEY REMEMBER YOU'RE IN A PORNO?" pretty much every time you encounter anything. That's one of the things I like about this mod. Having some relatively normal fantasy content to break up the nonstop sex deluge does a better job of fleshing the world out than any of the NPC dialogue ever did.



I'm basically just fixing stuff that pops up when I merge with Revamp now. Not much of a creative drive left, but I left the game in a good state, in my opinion.


it's one thing I wondered when coding the dungeon and volcanic golem, the merit of having something a bit more serious in a game with so much porn. I could definitely add more, but at some point you just have to wonder if it wouldn't be better to just work on a different game.


Is there a Android version of the lastest version of any of the mods



you can check /f/ for a recent .apk version. In the mega, there are AIR .swf builds you can use with a flash player for android.



Honestly, spoopy mansion's tone is what the game should have been going for from the start. Mareth is not a bright setting. Civilization is reduced to a few isolated populations, the gods are dead or in hiding, swarms of imps roam the skies at night, the land is polluted or dried out, people are mutated into livestock, multiple characters share tales of their hometowns being raped into nonexistence, dragons were driven to extinction by their own deformed children… even with all the sex this probably isn't a place you would actually want to live in. The mansion isn't out of place at all.

It only clashes when you start comparing it to the demon encounters. You would expect soulless mages that ruined a world to be at least a little bit frightening, but nope, bimbo secretary and an incubus begging for cheap hentai.



Ehh, maybe. I do appreciate the hunger mechanics, for example, for similar enough reason. But the world "feels" exactly like one heavily influenced by a powerful sex demon.

I like both approaches, that is the non-stop fuckhammer fantasy one and the more serious "tainted land you try to figure out how to live in" one.


File: 7533da5d38a677f⋯.png (316.71 KB, 950x1000, 19:20, 7533da5d38a677fe371a29a315….png)


Yeah, I don't think it should be 100% serious all the time. Too far in that direction and you wind up like Slablands. I just think the game's main antagonists are one spot they could've been more serious about. Demons should be causing fear boners, not asking for fap material.



Oh wait, I'm retarded and thought you were replying to this. >>109039

That's what I get for pulling an all nighter.


I think i might write a flow chart for a stockade system. It was something i wanted to implement but never put any time into it.



I can't imagine what that would entail but it would be hot.



If i had to give a basic out line

Play willingly gets in stockade liked item > Set up paramenter > Start day > random event get raped > Player does interaction to change (or not change) situation > loop last 2 twice > allow player to leave or start next day.

Think of something kinda like prisoner mod, and a series of get raped events. I'd perfer to make the stockade more gamey, than prisoner mod, and barely if at all story driven.

My number one priority for it, would be less shit than prisoner mod, and don't make it a failure state.



It is related, so not very surprising you did. This is how I see it:

1. They believe they have already won.

2. They are all, without exception, sex demons. They do want control, power and so on, but through their main thing. The higher they rank the more seriously they start taking things. Both the secretary and the mechanic are your run-of-the-mill demons, not even group leaders of some description.

3. They get bored. Too much of a good thing and all that. This is, by the way, why corrupting others is so satisfying to most of them - the fewer stainless souls remain, the rarer this opportunity becomes.

The mechanic doesn't care about PC running around in the slightest because he is 100% certain that PC will either become some demon's cocksleeve or becomes a resident at the factory in the nearest future.

The secretary is concerned about PC potentially causing some trouble and goes about preventing that in the only way she knows well - seducing him/her while pretending to be a dumb bimbo. Notice how she quickly snatches PC's lethicite once they're done - that was her intention all along. She merely uses PC to gain power.



Thanks, that's exactly what I meant. People seemed to be not getting my gist. It's why the project I'm making focuses more on worldbuilding with sex as a spice than the opposite. I'm sure that'll make it totally unlikeable for most people though, since it seems like people really dig the "YOU'RE IN A PORNO, DON'T FORGET IT" style.



>Too far in that direction and you wind up like Slablands




dead and up the ass



Might be cool.

I have yet to play prisoner so I can't really compare.



I mean how the porn is practically buried. That's probably half the reason its dead, the other half being a terrible UI. CoC is no masterpiece but it gets the intro right, giving you a decent sample of what the game has to offer in the first couple zones. If people like that sort of thing, they keep playing, fap themselves dry, and maybe get into it enough to start writing something eventually.

Slablands gives you one tutorial scene and then you're banging your head against overleveled sexless encounters with no payoff or direction.




You shut your whore mouth, she is a sexy rabbit futa.

But yeah I can understand frustration at having to go through her to unlock the clinic. I forgot do you just need to be friends with her to unlock it or do you have to fuck her. If it's just friends not to big a deal but if you have to fuck her that's retarded.


And yeah it should have alternate dialogue if you have yet to meet her.






It has its own general on halfchan. That already makes it more active than most games here. I don't play it, though, so don't really have any opinion either way.



>It has its own general on halfchan.

That is a circlejerk on par with /ksg/ and has been for years



Every time I glance at that general it almost entirely consists of imagedumps and 1-2 word bump posts.




Isn't that how most of the threads go here, too? It rarely feels like you have new players/real activity except on threads for entirely new games. Maybe I just don't understand.



Games that get updated regularly or have decently large active multiplayer communities don't tend to devolve into the same anons jerking themselves off, aside from shitposting thread personalities. As a supposedly developing project the slablands general should be getting new content to keep itself going but that isn't the case. Most of the updates we've gotten here recently were just bug fixes but it was still some semblance of real activity.


File: cad16bebfef53ed⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1219x974, 1219:974, CoCHtml.PNG)

Ok, here's the basic UI I've got set up for the HTML version. It's not exactly like CoC, but it's close enough that I'm happy with it, and it actually resizes unlike Kitteh's version.

Next I guess I can start hooking up the UI and then after that it's on to duplicating the backend.



Sounds great. What do you mean by it resizes? Do you mean it scales with the window size so things don't look enlarged, overly pixelated, and blurred on anything better than 720p?



It basically scales like the flash version does. Only reason I mention it is that Kitteh's html version had a fixed size of something like 960x720, so it was tiny on PCs and had to be zoomed out on mobile.

I suppose I could also modify it so that it scales responsively instead, but I wanted to keep to how the flash version worked for now.



>I'm sure that'll make it totally unlikeable for most people though, since it seems like people really dig the "YOU'RE IN A PORNO, DON'T FORGET IT" style.

No, most people just don't feel like it's screaming "you're in a porno". There are always different perceptions and viewpoints.

Like, for example, for me StarCraft was an over the top space western that didn't take itself seriously while creating a very specific cozy atmosphere reminiscent of times some were nostalgic for. But then SC2 happened where they didn't know in which direction to take it and ditched both the tongue-in-cheek thing and any semblance of internal consistency. But most would probably say that my opinion is retarded and there's nothing wrong with SC2.

As I understand you feel like the world doesn't have the level of internal consistency you expect it to have. If it was CoC2 discussed here with CoC working like you think it should, then sure. But as it stands it doesn't have to adhere to the conventions established by Christian dogma or anything else. It can do its own thing. And its thing is demons pumping more and more corruption into everything, slowly but surely making everyone into addle-brained sex addicts overflowing with lust. It's just how demons in the setting do conquest.



He's talking about lazy worldbuilding, not internal consistency. Its not that the setting is breaking its own rules, its that the rule itself is a problem (to some). Corruption is like when doujins resort to aphrodisiacs. Its a convenient plot device for getting the pants off quickly, but it rarely makes for a captivating story.



I see. In cases like this I usually end up modding games that aren't quite like how I want them. Shame this one mostly requires writing skill instead of programming. Although if there's enough of them they can pool their efforts together and make something like a fork.



Well don't duplicate it too exactly. May as well fix up any questionable coding choices you see



Oh I'm not duplicating the code. Wouldn't be any point to this then. Just trying to duplicate functionality.



Yeah I phrased that poorly. I was just making a joke about recoding and trying to reproduce the mistakes the old coders made.



it was a bad joke I will admit


It's strange

I don't give a fuck about Katherine but I can't bring myself to leave her alone either. I skip all the lines in all that junk despite having not read it in years.



Not really.

Aphrodesiacs are, as you said, strictly a lazy way of getting things going fast.

Corruption, even the largely sexual variation used by CoC, is quite useful for building complex narratives and internal conflict, particularly when contrasted with the moral structure of an afflicted character with a more "traditional" set of morals.

I never saw anything wrong with the CoC worldbuilding, just the contrived tacked-on furry bullshit and waifuism. And endless horsecock.

Actually, the oldest parts of the game are, in my opinion, the most compelling, before the furshit got added; the new stuff (Mansion, Dullahan, etc.) are… sort of interesting, but they don't fit well with the original theme, and they limit the overall potential of the game.



>is quite useful for building complex narratives and internal conflict, particularly when contrasted with the moral structure of an afflicted character with a more "traditional" set of morals.

I could agree if CoC actually took advantage of that, but it only kinda does with Sheila and to some extent the player. You don't get to see whatever is going on in the characters' heads as their morals are twisted because starting their corruption route reduces interactions to fighting and raping until they've completely lost it.

As a narrative tool, corruption can be easily replaced with drugs because that's exactly what it is most of the time. Lets say that instead of corruption, Lethice combined her magical talents with goblin alchemy to create a chemical wunderwaffen. How much do the story and various character corruption scenes need to change to accommodate this? The demon's go-to strategy is already flooding areas with corrupted fluids, it would just have a different label. NPC corruption scenes already involve drugs more often than not.

Hell, you could cut the sexual origin of demons without really changing them considering their backstory. They have perfectly good motivations for becoming despotic rapists, the magical force whispering "raperaperape" in their ears is redundant and Lethicite being ejaculated out is a pointless detail.


Also, as much as I'm bitching about corruption it really isn't a big deal. Certainly not as bad as the furry futadom plague. Its just a little reminder that it was designed as a porn game first and foremost, which can be slightly annoying for people that get anal about immersion.



i don't mind the furries in this world because transformatives are everywhere, finding safe food is actually pretty rare. I think the people have been there for generations and maybe most foods have been corrupted or corrupted food is all they can grow in the soil.



or corrupted crops grow faster yield more produce than "pure" foods. Most races shit out children that grow to adulthood in less than a week it's not really surprising that they need a lot of resources.




I'm pretty certain the agricultural, sociological and economical logistics of the world was the last fucking thing on Fen's mind when he made the game and aren't really worth exploring.

Mareth is about as consistent as a Bethesda game.



is sheila a furry?


File: 7334d61adc7fa39⋯.jpg (84.24 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CwWwR-iXEAEv80Z.jpg large.jpg)



I think that's what I liked about things like Jojo, Arian and sometimes Helia. They had lives and thoughts which could work in any story, not just an erotic one. After talking to them, I wanted to make things right.

The only example of corruption not following the "everything is sex" template I can think of is the Darkest Dungeon ripoff manor. Which was actually rather fun to me.






Honestly I don't think it's nature of the mechanism that's the issue so much as the fact that it doesn't appear to have any practical drawbacks or limitations.

This is pretty much the issue with the entire game, and by extension all pop fantasy, that all magic exists entirely for narrative convenience. Most of the genuinely good fantasy I've read works within well defined constraints which the characters have to work against to solve whatever problem they're trying to deal with.

Both CoC and TiTS suffer from this issue which I think is the cause of their worlds' shallowness. Because they have no constraints theoretically anything is possible, which makes you wonder why the bad guys or good guys haven't won already. This unanswered question in turn makes you question your role in the game as the problems you're asked to solve will feel arbitrary or inscrutable within the greater context of the narrative. I guess ultimately, it can be said that these games fail to satisfactorily answer the question "Why am *I* here."



Fairly certain Whitney outright says it's becoming harder and harder to grow non-corrupted food on her farm at some point.


But making up sometimes contrived explanations that explain how Mareth works is fun.



I don't mind the existence of furries or dislike futadom, but Fen's huge bias for it was bad for scene variety.


There actually was a thread on the old forum where they explained stuff like that. Most of the furries aren't transformed humans and the food isn't exactly corrupt. The gods were fond of the humans that had come through the portals, wanted their own versions, turned their favored animals into people, and encouraged them to live near humans. Can't quite remember how the food fit in, it was either what they used to change the animals or something they did so humans could join them.

This unintentionally drove humans to near extinction. Food supply was partly ruined, they were competing for space with races that bred like rabbits, and interbreeding could only add to the furry numbers (like with Amily). Lethice's people in the mountains were the last real human population left.


More of a monstergirl. Human upper half, kangaroo lower half.


Is there a way to get Holy at camp without sacrificing my anus?



How does getting her endanger your anus? IIRC all you'd need to do is not ride the incubus and not get caught by Marae.



I accepted her perk the first time and when I go to meet her the second time the options are to fight or next. I clicked next and she rapes me. She sticks a tentacle in my butt because I was distracted by her vagina. bullshit After that I get another perk and Holli.



im just salty that the player drops their guard around a corrupted god to gawk at her plant vagina.



Content would be pushed ahead based on the donations received for that specific project

So what are some of the things that were pushed back and never happened because my fellow furfags hate variety?



Ah fuck. I forgot my implication arrow


File: de77802ad1b6233⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 326x299, 326:299, Implication.jpg)


File: 5baa7d482694ced⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 420x542, 210:271, terminator-4chan-triforce-….jpg)



Its hard to remember the exact things that got pushed back, just that it was total furry domination from that point on until people stopped bothering to submit anything else.

Dominika's author was working on an expansion for her, but quit when the donation scheme was announced.






>it's been so long people can no longer remember what might have been.

Kind of strange to think about.



Quick question. Why do elder females not have 0 fertility? If they are supposed to be based on an American 60-70 year old then they should have gone through menopause already and become infertile. In game effects to raise fertility would work but in the beginning they would be infertile.



That's sort of horrifying

Can I just copy my revamp save in to the anonmod?



Should be fine. This mod is built on Revamp.


File: 838ac56e7d298f3⋯.jpg (639.4 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, slabcity.jpg)


This is where the development of slablands team lives.



yeah. You should get a prompt when loading to convert your save.



The appearance/build is roughly based on 60-70 years old (which just means 2 inches shorter, less toned, less feminine/masculine), but the rest is all kind of vague and arbitrary. Actual age is up to the player, some people might want to choose elder for a 40-50 year old character.

I thought of making it 0 or at least lower than it is (equal to children maybe), and I don't remember why I decided to make it as high as it is, but I decided to keep it above 0 because there are rare cases of natural pregnancy at age 60+, and I figured since any impregnation attempts will happen in Mareth you'd at least be exposed to some of the changes there even without explicit fertility boosts (not sure how you'd grow new eggs, but that's far from the least likely aspect of Mareth). And also the fact that I can't separate female and male fertility in the case of herms.

tl;dr: Arbitrary decision, not going for perfect realism or any specific age.



I've only ever gotten two options for the spidy-fuckboi

Stop them & Do nothing

How does the third option come about?



The stop them/do nothing choice happens while you're raising her and has no third option. The scene with three choices is after she becomes a follower.



weird, never had this problem

i always had 3 choices i could choose

Maybe there is some sort of filter to restreint incest content?


the save symbol that tells your gender is borked


I need some help. I'm trying to do a level 1 run on the CoC mod but I am currently stuck on Helia's optional dungeon. There is an 4 vs 1 enemy encounter with against the Phoenix platoon i just can't seem to beat. The grenader deals 25-30 lust damage and the sapper gives me a 5%+ decrease in defense if she hits me. I tried blinding them but unless i get lucky one or two of them will blink. My damage resistance is 25-56, lust resistance is 27%, and my equips are Izma's guantlets, eggshell shield, dragonscale thong, and a ring that lowers minimum lust. I have 270 hp.

How do i get good?



also I'm wearing Valeria as armor


File: 85875405180b002⋯.jpg (79.49 KB, 600x884, 150:221, %Mad1.jpg)


YOU'RE the one doing the level 1 run – the hell you asking us for?



im hoping for some tips from the experts and modders.



Try getting dragonbreath. It's an AoE stun, extremely handy.

Killing the commander causes the others to randomly not take turns. Should make the remainder of the fight easier.


i am able to put reducto on horns i dont have



I honestly don't think it's possible to reliably finish coc at level 1, at least not this modded version;

A lucky shot from one enemy and you are toast, even using potions to increase your stat, without perk you have to get lucky and hope it's enough

Still, learning the corrupted kitsune power to mentally stagger enemies for two turns, and using the blind spell, you should make it, maybe



I'm fairly certain that the Chicken Harpy encounter in the High Mountain has been completely disabled. I've gone there enough times to earn the achievement, and not once have I encountered her.



br = brazil

also goddamn that match is still hilarious



Only "real" aliens are the Raskvel and Zo'Dee, but she's Doxy's character and a random encounter



That is really reliable and the buffs I get from being a dragon morph are worth it thanks m8



I can encounter her in this mod. But in Revamp then its she is pretty much gone once Cockatrices are active.



Where can you get eggs without being female then?



it's based on the number of ovi elixir you have in your inventory. The High Mountains are quite crowded right now, but there's not much I can do without some rather in-depth restructuring of how these encounters function.



Other than the chicken harpy, making Arian a female or herm nets you an egg of your choice once a month, but its normal size.



Bimbo sophie, marbles, one egg of each color can be found with the basilisks at lethice's fortress.



So it's pretty much mandatory now to pick up Marble or Sophia to be able to obtain eggs as a male and much harder to get the color you want? That kind of sucks.



female Arian's probably the best way to get eggs. She'll give you one periodically and lets you pick the color


>tfw just accidentally saved over one of my files

didn't this used to ask for confirmation if you try to save over a different file from the one you loaded?



I disagree, bimbo sophie since she pops out one random egg per hour with an ovilixer or if she's a farm, one egg of your choice once per week


*is the better egg layer



You don't have to bimbofy Sophie to get her to work at the corrupted farm



I tested your statement with three full stacks of ovi elixir in my inventory. For three days in a row I ran encounters on High Mountain, and while I got plenty of harpy, basilisk, Sophie, and OP oni encounters, I never saw the chicken. At the very least let us buy them from the bazaar or something, I would rather not be forced into waifuing a character I don't cate about to get what should be a regularly obtainable item that's required for other characters I do want like female Benoit.


It might be something with Revamp to be honest. I've seen people complain about her not appearing on the Fen forums, not just here. Might want to test this same thing on vanilla Revamp, then post your findings there if it's still happening.



I've managed to run into her, but only once in maybe a few dozen attempts. I'm fairly sure revamp fucks up some of the encounter rates, it took me forever to find Izma and Phyllia enough times to actually move them into my camp.



>not having a separate folder for each character savefile

your fault



Quicksaves, not regular saves. I don't know if it ever worked for normal saves. Be nice if it did, but I agree that keeping a backup of your save is a good idea from now on…you never know, right?


Can I get a DL link?


well, from testing, it seems that using itemcount(item) for determining chance just… doesn't fucking work. No idea why.






Well, I'm throwing the towel on this issue for a while. This should fix issues with the chicken harpy never showing up.





these are still broken



will take a look, thanks


File: 9b54805defd2335⋯.jpg (103.89 KB, 577x756, 577:756, 1411758199112-1.jpg)


>tfw you remember getting them at the lake

>tfw you could also just swim in it to regain health and the like

>tfw the game was much more enjoyable in certain aspects back then


Why is Savin such a cunt?



Fuck if I know? Maybe he's got a small penis and it bothers him or something.

Also, fuck the CAPTCHA, right in it's booty hole! I know why it's there, but could kill for them to be more legible.



Dude loves his turbosluts



I love turbosluts too. Don't even dislike his content. Just wish he would stop being a massive faggot and blatantly abuse his mod powers to stop people from modding a game he supposedly doesn't give a shit about anymore.


where can i find the scenes for transformations and which has more between the bee and drider morph



i can't be the only other person that wants this



You can keep Bambi all to yourself, good sir or ma'am.

Personally, though, I'd kill to convince Rubi to move in with me.


what are the ways to level speed




I'd like to keep her around too, actually I'm a greedy lover, who the fuck like to share his (dick)girls?, but what does she look like? Furry? I just don't remember her in-game description.



Pale skin, thin trap, with some demon features like a demon tail



Submit to Akbal and meditate with Jojo



If anyone's interested I trimmed this for my tastes. Removed solo male, futa, furshit (bit more lenient with kemono because I'm a filthy weeaboo) and general shit art.




The game would be overall better if someone forked it pre-Amily (if that source still exists) instead of working with the rampant souldestroying faggotry that was added after that point.



gym can do it up to a certain level.

Training with Jojo, submitting to Akbal, drinking Succubi Milk, eating Golden Seeds and sparring with the Dullahan are some other options.


I still can't load my local saves. What am I doing wrong? I just want my pure loli to experience some pseudo rapes




Use the Flash Player projector link found under your OS. Once downloaded, go to where the game is located and tell your OS to use Adobe Flash Player instead of a browser to run SWF files. Browsers no longer fully support flash, thus breaking saving local files for CoC and any of its mods.



I've just realized how much this is repeated throughout every COC thread. Maybe we should sticky a "You must use the standalone projectors (non-online/web-based versions) of Flash Player in order to play this game." notice along with the download game links?




Will try it right away.

Any idea why they stopped supporting flash?


It's a good idea. I never saw anyone saying anything about this and I read many threads after the solution



Because apparently, according to anyone with any knowledge on coding or programming that I've talked to, Flash is absolutely shit now and going the way of the dinosaurs. So, progress I guess. Started around September last year.


Would be nice. Been trying to get one of the mods to pin something of the sort on the Fen Forums, but you know how that bunch is. At least more people are catching on to it and others are starting to chime in when someone asks about it in the Revamp thread and such. Hopefully once we hit the post limit here at least, the next CoC thread OP will remember to state as much in his/her post.


where's the best light armor?


Maybe Dragonscale.


Ebonweave. Flowers are drops from Basalisk and Pheonixes rarely.



Hiking in the mountains and running with Whitney at the farm are two other yet unmentioned options. Both are slow and not guaranteed, but the farm one is perfectly safe for even level 1 characters.



I assume the forest is a known one. I don't know of >>113025 till now.



the cerulean succubus feeds you,automatically refills every night you use it, and raises random stats including speed but it also causes you to gain corruption.


File: 4f7eeba7c35c7dd⋯.png (497.02 KB, 2300x900, 23:9, Amily hellhound no color f….png)

I'm gonna need ya'll to make more pure Amily smut.



Seconding. Amily has always been top waifu for me



Thirded, especially if it involves the Champion.


Y'all have any 15-25 leveling hints?

And an easy and quick way to increase hips, would you kindly?



Plains fights until you're close to 20, then glacier fights and behemoth. Or straight to the glacier if you can stunlock. Bakery donuts will do hips.



if you're level 1-18 you can fight Kiha for an easy +100 exp and 200 gems. Bring her to the camp and you can viciously beat her throughout the day.



>what are the ways to level speed



When are we getting the capacity to change the PC body freely like the slime people in TiTS?


I've tried over and over, but there's just no way, that I've found, to make a magic character viable late game. They're just too squishy. I've tried being a naked 9-tale kitsune, I've got double-attack to work with the staff, I even cheated to get the best staff in the game but I'm still not even dishing out half the amount of damage (while soaking up a fuck load more) as making a heavy-armored brick. any suggestions?


If you don't mind the corruption hit, if you go to the Deep Cave and repeatedly fight and fuck Vala, she'll give you 100-200 exp until around level 20 a fight. She only does lust damage so you can just fuck her after you beat her. Careful though, it's a bad end if you lose to her. After 20, keep going to high-mountain, a lot of easy fights there.



Magic builds simply aren't as good. Neither the staff or fire spells can match normal melee damage, and the actually useful spells are the ones that don't need to be spammed or don't even scale off spellpower so they're just as effective for melee builds. Forget endgame, they start lagging behind at character creation. Magic gets a perk to squeeze a few more shots of their inferior limited attack. Melee just stacks even more damage on their superior infinite attack.

Not sure I'd call them non-viable though. Other than the golem, which seems like it was designed specifically to fuck magic characters' faces in, pretty much everything can be beaten by any character without much trouble unless you've cranked up the difficulty. Magic just does it less efficiently.



Lake as well, IIRC. Possibly only up to a certain limit, but he didn't provide any details.


Speaking of, does she not cause a "bad" end anymore? I'm pretty sure my char would turn blue head to toe from the amount of those potions by now.



>about the bad end question

Eventually it leads to a bad end. Can't remember the specifics behind it, but a hidden tally starts increasing each successive night you take the potion to trigger her. Not doing it for a night sets it back, so even doing it every other night is not enough to trip the bad end. Even if you do it on purpose, it takes several nights to proc, so you almost have to do it on purpose unless you just don't know it will lead to one. I guess that's the point though; if you're aware of it, it's pretty easy to avoid, but still can be done especially since she just keeps replacing the potion you end up using every time so you never run out.



Unfortunately magic is underdeveloped in this game, an afterthought, the only way i can think off to fix it at least in part without rewriting a good part of character development, would be to add a sort of elemental weakness to enemies, they take significant more damage from certain spells;

Second add side effect chance for every spell type, like setting the target on fire thus causing damage over time, blindness also causing the target to hit himself or others sometimes, life drain also reducing toughness until the end of battle or the empowering spell increasing your armour and doge as well

Things like that would help magic a lot in this game, of course it could also uber empower a melee character as magic require little dedication to be mastered in this game, so this effect should be gated behind perks wit a chain of improvement first, plus slightly empower the bonus of having more then one perk that improve spell power, like having one perk that increase the effectiveness by 10%, will increase it by 15 instead if i have at least another two spellcasting exclusive perks or something like that



Just re-checked something I've figured out a long time ago (I'm not trying to claim I was the first one to do that, just that I've done that myself as opposed to simply repeating something someone else said) and that's how things work in D&D 3.5e too, for example. First dedicated magic users are utter shit, later on pure warriors types start lagging behind on average but, ultimately, pure fighters or, say, barbarians are your all-around best choice if you want to powergame. Unless you go cleric or, worst of all, druid. Epic druid is the most disgustingly OP thing ever.


Yeah, but that char was chugging at least one every day for at least 10 days in a row and previously (before revamp) that was more than enough for the end to trigger. I guess if the threshold was changed on purpose it makes sense with the hunger mechanics being a thing, but it just feels weird after so many vanilla plays.



You do realise that if aliens exist then convergent evolution will have a big part to play in how they look, all of them would be similar to our life on earth, unless they have a different genetic code based on different elements. Basically you should educate yourself on biology and evolution before you start spouting shit about "aliens" when it actually sounds like you want dimensional beings.



>they take significant more damage from certain spells;

That's already a thing, sort of. Blind shuts down basilisks and some enemies are weaker to ranged attacks.

Fixing or having an alternative to Raging Inferno would help a lot. That perk is a broken piece of shit. Doesn't even trigger unless you spend every other turn keeping the enemy stunned, and when its working it doesn't even feel like you're getting the boost because whitefire damage is so inconsistent. You get far more damage just ignoring it and spamming fire every turn. Compare that to the equivalent melee perk which gives you the boost with no finicky conditions besides keeping your stats high.

It should either do something crazy like exponential damage to justify the hassle of triggering it, or function more like the melee perk.



it's obviously a very theoretical field when talking about extra terrestrial species(no aliens in sight) but even if you do take convergent evolution into account, it would only affect basic features of an alien race, like being bipedal(or maybe not even that), having opposable thumbs, this kind of stuff. This, of course, for sentient space faring species that would need tool-handling capabilities.

Literal dog/cat people is stretching it a bit too far. Dolphins and sharks both evolved to a similar form, but dolphins aren't just sharks with long mouths.

I don't hold it against fenoxo for being unable to imagine unimaginable aliens, though. It's a tall order, and he's gotta get those furbux.


one issue towards making magic more powerful is that one balancing factor for spells(stamina) is rather irrelevant since you always return to camp, can always sleep and have no time limit on anything. It only becomes an issue in gauntlets like at the very end of the game, where you have to fight several enemies in succession.

There are a few enemies weak to magic, fire magic more specifically. Tentacle Beasts, Hollicynthea and Goo-people take extra damage from Whitefire and such, though none of these are really an issue after a few levels.


I think Raging Inferno boosts damage with every successive use of fire spells, so the objective is indeed to just spam it. I do agree Whitefire damage is inconsistent, though. The variance on physical attacks is ~15% IIRC, while it's 50% for Whitefire and some other abilities.

I do have an idea in mind for an item that would make pure spellcasting more enticing, but as with any other item additions I'd like it to be introduced in an interesting way instead of just making a shopkeeper get it.

And we need sex scenes, and I fucking hate writing sex scenes



That's what it sounds like, but it actually boosts damage with every *uninterrupted* successive use. Interrupted doesn't mean doing something besides a fire spell, it means taking a hit. Try alternating between whisper and fire. You'll get a message telling you the perk is working. If you just use fire every turn, you won't get that message because the enemy is breaking the chain before the next turn.



		private function calcInfernoMod(damage:Number):int {
if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.RagingInferno) >= 0) {
var multiplier:Number = 1;
if (combat.combatRound - fireMagicLastTurn == 2) {
outputText("Traces of your previously used fire magic are still here, and you use them to empower another spell!\n\n");
switch(fireMagicCumulated) {
case 0:
case 1:
multiplier = 1;
case 2:
multiplier = 1.2;
case 3:
multiplier = 1.35;
case 4:
multiplier = 1.45;
multiplier = 1.5 + ((fireMagicCumulated - 5) * 0.05); //Diminishing returns at max, add 0.05 to multiplier.
damage = Math.round(damage * multiplier);
// XXX: Message?
} else {
if (combat.combatRound - fireMagicLastTurn > 2 && fireMagicLastTurn > 0)
outputText("Unfortunately, traces of your previously used fire magic are too weak to be used.\n\n");
fireMagicCumulated = 1;
fireMagicLastTurn = combat.combatRound;
return damage;

I can see what's going on here. My fault, I thought I had changed this. Due to wonky coding, specific sets of actions from you or the opponent could cause combatRound to be increased by two(or hell, infinity) every turn instead of one. And it would naturally increase by 2 instead of 1. While rebuilding a couple aspects of the combat system to accommodate the Nameless Horror fight , I made changes so it increases by one every turn, as expected. However, this function still assumes it increases by two every turn, leading to bizarre situations. Will fix tonight.



>balancing factor for spells(stamina)

There are people that don't use Inquisitor robes?



Fingerless gloves are a fashion crime.


>Try to open CoC

>Doesn't work

>Not in Firefox or Opera

>doesn't work even with older versions of the mod




As said a thousand times before, you need stand alone flash player, browsers stopped supporting flash, and some don't run at all any more





Hey, fixes.

And some of those are relevant to Revamp, so I guess I have to go make some pull requests.




It will run in chrome or firefox you just need to manually change the flash permission settings from 'ask before running' to 'always run'

and then back again before you use the internet for anything because jesus christ


It's not just getting it to actually run: you'll still run into issues with saves not working even if you can get CoC to work in a browser. Just stick to running CoC with Adobe like it's been suggested.



>and then back again before you use the internet for anything because jesus christ

He'd be better off using two profiles, really. But standalone player is, indeed, the best choice.


anyone else want to see more bog content? specifically the frog girl, i feel like she deserves more than just giving eggs and drugging



the frog girl encounters are annoying i want to see her dead in a ditch.



i vote waifu frog girl.



Everyone has something he doesn't like, fam. I've started to almost hate all goblins several years ago even though I initially had no problem with them.



Same, frog girl is nice.

Then again my favourite monster encounter has to be the naga. Her win scene against females gets me hard every time.



Frog girl non-egg interaction

I want a slimey fuck without eggs up the arse



>not wanting eggs up your ass

what are you, gay?



Come to think of it, are there any yet unused mire-related ordinary enough creatures that might serve as a basis for something fuckable?

And on the other hand it might be some non-creature event, in theory.


File: 99da9b804e246e2⋯.jpg (75.11 KB, 500x278, 250:139, 3895183619_453e20fd87.jpg)


prawn fookin when



Leeches maybe, the sucking scene writes its self




But what about putting eggs up her arse?



For appropriate bog monsters I guess you could do things like cum leech swarms, fish monsters like a merman or a merlok, some anaconda like snake, or maybe a penis fly trap or something (god I hate myself for even writing that name).

And I guess will-o'-the-wisps would make sense in a bog as well.

Also just for the sake of diversity this would be a great place to add more male monsters. Maybe crocodile men, or some kind of male dryad (an ent I guess?)



Aren't they sea creatures? Anyway, I was thinking more along the lines of platypus or the like.


An opportunity to somehow involve/upgrade your onahole(s) as well, maybe?


>cum leech swarms

Multi-dick characters should fit really well into this scenario.

Most of the others risk ending up too similar to existing creatures, like shark girls, lizards, nagas and so on. Although it is entirely possible to flesh them out well enough so that they turn out different enough and appealing with sufficiently high level of writing skill.

Crocodiles are an interesting idea. I think I remember reading somewhere on the forums about plans to add them. But that was a long time ago.



>Aren't they sea creatures?

I think there are breeds of bog shrimps and prawns.



Merpeople in the bog? Bloodborne style snail women could fit, but it seems kinda mean to stick proper fish people in a waist high water zone.


There are tons of freshwater prawns.


Why are volcanic crag witches so underleveled?



was my first regular encounter, so I was kinda lost on some numbers.

Guess I could take a look at it again and buff them a bit.



Are slugs swampy enough? I mean I know we have enough futas ingame and all but that's my first thought towards that type of thing.



>Merpeople in the bog?

I meant more like castlevania style mermen, less half-man/half-fish and more fishman/creature from the swamp thing.


Ha, slug dicks would be an interesting mutation at least. Don't know if the engine supports dicks that can wrap around things, but I doubt it.



Well we do already have two types of tentacle dick.



>Don't know if the engine supports dicks that can wrap around things, but I doubt it.

tentacle dicks. Nothing in sex writing is automated(not in that way anyway) so the sky is the limit, though it's a pretty annoying climb.




Ah, so it's just a matter of adding sections to existing scenes to support the new dick type then. Sounds super tedious, but we are in a well of austism so who knows, someone might take it on anyway.



oddly enough, I did consider going through a fuckton of sex scenes to add little blurbs about anemone dicks since I find their aphrodisiac thing pretty interesting.

Then I just decided to play video games.



>Then I just decided to play video games.

Kek. That's always the way of things isn't it?



i just hate how you cant teach her a lesson for trying to drugrape you unlike all the other creatures


if you mean having the frog girl as a lover that would be nice but hard to write in


bunny girl in the plains is my favorite love the scenes as female


this as well frog girl should be like the bee girl to some extent



I hate how fighting the bee girl disables her talk options. Feels like being punished for enjoying all her content.



To be fair it's the same bee girl every time, it's not like it would make sense for her to not get freaked out around the person who beat up and raped her, especially since the bees are supposed to be one of the more pure species.



Yeah, it makes sense, but its still frustrating. Same with not being able to make sweet consensual love to the dullahan.

Less so for Owca. That one just doesn't make sense. They can't beat Vapula's horde, while I can kick their asses, but if I rape the cocktease I can never go to the village again because I'm not welcome? What are they gonna do, shear me?



Stuff like that really makes me wish there was more to the despoiler/corrupter path. Like being table to take over Owca and corrupt everyone, or hell even taking over Tel'adre and turning it into your personal demonic city.



Owca would be a manageable project since its basically just Rebecc, but Tel'adre would be an insane undertaking. Most of the NPCs and probably close to half the game's wordcount are concentrated there.



I noticed something strange with Ascension; after doing it, I seem to have a non-functional chest in my stash. The three equipment racks work just fine, but any attempt to store anything in the chest indicates that there's no room, and there's no option to remove anything from the chest. The stash description indicates the chest's presence, but I'm not actually able to make use of it… or find it in the Desert.



full reset ascension or regular ascension?



could use a save file to test this.






stuff should be fixed now. Character creation is such a mess(pretty sure there's hundreds of lines worth of legacy, useless code), and I didn't help any when adding the reset ascension.



Reset ascension. I pastebinned the broken save, which is still broken under 1.1.11: https://pastebin.com/gETa8C0c



>I meant more like castlevania style mermen, less half-man/half-fish and more fishman/creature from the swamp thing.

So, Deep Ones? I like this idea.



Could you go back to a pre-ascension dave, ascend and tell me if it works?

The change I made didn't account for already broken saves, but I'll change that later today.


This newest version is my first time updating since

Having sex with your-and-Sophie's daughter (non-bimbo Sophie, if that matters), the whole scene is in italics, and it also causes all text in the game to become italicized after the scene is over until you reopen the game. In case anyone is looking for minor bugs to fix.



Sadly, no. I didn't notice the problem immediately after ascending and since it seemed to have worked out fine, I saved over my original save.



Alright, I should have a fixed-fixed version in about 3 hours. Not at home right now.


These maybe the dumbest pair of questions/ suggestions ever that I'm about to ask/ say, but

(ONE) Is any one planning on adding more content for the Naga girl (her name Bianca, I think?)/ Naga people/ Naga tribe in the desert?

(TWO) Perhaps someone could make a "template" (or at least a tutorial?) of the coding for people who want to submit stuff for the mod but have NO IDEA how to code at all for the game? (like me!)

As an example for the second one: make a START SCENE, TRANSITION SCENE, ACTION SCENE, END/RESTART SCENE, SAVE/ EXPORT/ SPELL CHECK SCENE button (s) and people can do their thing, hit the button (s) and submit them for board approval with a "submit content here for evaluation/ bug fixing/ merging with game" thing going on inside the template/ website?



Naga girl is love but I don't think anyone is working on more content for her.

I could swear there was a submission guide with all the parsers on Fen's forum but I can only find the one for TiTS.


Anyone else a little weirded out by the new health bar? When I see a bar dropping and still have a full red bar underneath my first thought is "just losing a shield" and not "oh fuck almost dead". I do like the red, but feel like it might work better as one bar that clearly depletes instead of this multicolor setup.



That guide(and any TiTS submission) can be used for CoC. Very similar systems.





I think I've fixed it. When something like this happens, though, please post the bugged text. Checking each line for broken html tags is a nightmare.



I confirm that the broken chests are now fixed. Thanks!

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