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File: 517f3545d616dc1⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, egg2.jpg)


Download links to the main releases (Start here if you're new):


General Pastebin:


About the Translation:

Anyone can help with the translation project - ask about it on Discord.

We use machine translators to get the meaning, and transcribe it into English.

Basic reference for era code:


Discord Chat:


Git repository:


*You need an account. Here's a throwaway you can use:

era / eraeraera

Basic reference for era code:



-Specify the game that you're talking about

-Check the FAQ section of the pastebin first

-Please report any bugs. Save files often help.

Previous threads:


















probably gotta look at the code and see if it's impossible to beat straight or not, otherwise disable it



No, it's the penalty for taking the greediest and riskiest option. But you can rescue the girl afterwards.



If you don't care if rest of the world will wait ten years for you to show up in the right place, then it won't use much power.

If you want the world to progress without player, but you don't care that Human Village will have 3 residents that will ever matter, it's also not a problem.

However, if you want even the generic villager #502 to have a chance through good decisions and luck to achieve greatness, you will have issues. I think it might be possible to write AI as vectors and just make all them run on GPU, but no one has done that, as far as I know. Or I might just be retarded.



But what if the AI decides to rebel out and go on a raping spree?



> Is it a different option then training?

No, but those commands are only available for character that feel affection towards you(so you cn't use thoose commands on lewd or dominated characters)



Well, games are focused on the player. Yes, a dynamic and procedurally changing gameworld would be pretty cool, but we need to keep the main purpose for why people are playing the game in mind.

In this case it's about making a Touhou harem, so the majority of the effort should be focused on the player character, the Touhous and his interactions with them. Once that's fleshed out enough and given enough depth you can go and create the Dorf Fortress of porn games.


Okay I played everything there was in the translation repositories

What now? Are there any big era games that weren't touched by translators? Where do I look for them?



Look at the pastebin for the era links or the era jp boards. Someone might be making something.



Well, what's greedy about shanking him when he wants to dick my officers? Unless I totally missed something in the text, there is no real gain from doing it aside from not having to deal with him asking you about it in the future. Also, why even give the player a minigame where you dodge three times if it has no impact on the outcome of the event? It doesn't make sense to me since it sets false expectations and makes you chase a goal with no reward. Feels like it would be better to just put the officer's capture inside the event text and get it over with.


I guess, not sure how to do that though.

I just ended up continuing the playthrough. Who knows though, the minigame might be governed by something other than just 武/防.



You're playing the japanese version?



Yes, for whatever it's worth. v1.4.6 with maybe one patch



If you're not sure how to disable it it's under Settings -> Base Events -> Lewd



Oh shit, thanks. I will remember that.



The millionaire was very unpopular here, so we modded the shit out of him. It's a very different event in the english version.

In the Japanese version you can't rescue the girl if she gets kidnapped. You have to beat the minigame, which I think alternates between "choose X" and "don't choose X".



I see. I'm kind of new to era games so I didn't know about those differences. Gotta try the translation later.

The minigame in the Japanese version works as such that you have to quickly dodge 3 times in a row (up/down/left/right). Even when I beat it, the officer got caught. The text says something like that while she dodged it, they were too many in the end. This is why I tried favoriting her and giving her 150 武/防 but it didn't let her beat them up or anything, so I just accepted it.


The minigame is winnable and doesn't depend on any stats. Sometimes it says "左に避けろ!", and other times it says "左を避けろ!"



If that's true I'm just a retard. I missed that difference, whoops.


Can tohos get pregnant in eralig? I've been playing for a while and I'm guessing you can't.



File: ea90876364cf7f8⋯.png (216.67 KB, 680x420, 34:21, 9d3.png)

has anyone managed to make a dent in the era boatsluts to figured what it is, its been making my mind wonder these past days


Just hypothetically speaking, would it be possible to just add extra shit into eramegaten? I wouldn't mind more servants.


Are there any way to add males other than myself in eraLIG?



Its ridiculously easy to make new characters. You can pretty much copy-paste an existing character and rename the file and you got a new character. One that you haven't provided proper conditions with which to acquire, yes, but it exists and it isn't crashing anything.

Adding dialogues for those characters is a whole new beast, however.



Is there a guide somewhere which explains how to actually integrate that into the game or would I have to go in blind?


In EraTohoK Does Incest XP ever lead to picking up a trait?

A lot of the other XP tracking stats leads to getting something so didn't know if they ever thought of adding an 'incest lover' trait or something like that which would give bonuses to checks when it was detected with parent/child.


Disable the millionaire event.

Also you may be able to break the event by reloading and throwing the character in jail so they're in quantum superposition of being both in your jail and also in the hands of the millionaire. So let them out of jail and it's TIME PARADOX happening



No, you can see all the lewdness traits in the help menu. IncestExp is a relatively recent addition to the game though.



There's probably a guide in Japanese, but other than that, yeah, you're going in blind. Try a few test runs to see how it would go though.



This is the text I was talking about.

Playerも、Maribelに促され【Renko's Room】から【Maribel's Room】に移動した

As Maribel entered the place, current atmosphere has changed…

Maribel has moved to Maribel's Room

Even when dating someone, you get teleported back to the resident area. Causing a bug where you don't have a move command but instead you get a go home command.

I'm using the main release and the git version and its present on both.



whoops forgot this is a new thread, Its from EraTW.


Started the fight with the Matador and got this error:

エラー:Matadorの行動 543 のターゲットが不正です → 0


This looks like a jp dev error.



It is turn strategy war game.

Translation is stopped, because nobody knows chinese here.


>Every era game works more or less fine

>Excepting sumireteru which insists on the "I multiply your numbers by a million" bullcrap



Did you changed your locale to Japanese?



>Implying the translators don't use google translate

And since they do that, they should do it for Boatsluts too.



Japanese date and time format, nigger.



>Implying that I didn't know about that.

It's hard to translate without potato speak from language that nobody knows.



You can take guesses and use dictionaries too, shit repeats in anything sexual related.

It's mostly translating the menus and the commands more than anything.

I mean, at this point, the translators are barely going out of their way to translate actual lines. It's mostly bugfixes and shit.



To be honest it's kind of slow on git.

Well, whatever I can't code at all With HTML and noob level javascript being exception and my moonrunes knowledge ends on one kanji for insulting way to say jew.



Last commit timer is broken, ignore it. Shit's getting pushed and worked on many times a day.



Ok then.



But the thing is that the other era games don't ask for that much. Get locale/non-unicode-behaviour working and you're golden. Only sumireteru throws a tantrum.



Puchiemuera uses default emuera executable behavior since there no source and we can't modify anchor to support that game. Anchor was modified to adapt to any data and time formats, but original emuera was not.


File: d9b1bb96237215b⋯.png (4.63 KB, 981x52, 981:52, Capture.PNG)

How does one go about setting characters to fallen status for eraMegaten? I'm not sure what else to do here.


Error in current git eratohoreverse, when starting training.



「いいわ、 時間はたっぷりある……」


FUNCTION\GETTER\COMMON_GETTER_CHARA.ERB at line 40 Error occured:Emuera-Anchor

SPLIT CSTR:(ARG:1):基本敬称, "/", 敬称対象, LOCAL

Error description:キャラクタ配列変数CSTRの第1引数(-1)はキャラ登録番号の範囲外です


Function call stack:

↑口上\14_アリス\限定無し_K14\KOJO_EVENT_K14\EV11_調教開始イベント_K14.ERB at line 75(function@KOJO_MS_EVENT_K14_11)

↑口上\EVENT_K.ERB at line 796(function@KOJO_CALL2)

↑口上\EVENT_K.ERB at line 525(function@KOJO_CALL)

↑口上\EVENT_K.ERB at line 114(function@KOJO_EVENT)

↑TRAIN\EVETRAIN.ERB at line 144(function@EVENTTRAIN)



Is anyone working on Reverse?

Last I played it it had a partial menu translation and 2 character names were translated.



you need more than 1000 depencence, you can only see how much you have if you buy the [third eye]


File: 8e4c4feeeffa2c1⋯.gif (410.13 KB, 221x196, 221:196, 1467909554775.gif)


so im correct in assuming it has some kind of resemblance with eratohok with just two factions ducking it out instead of multiple ones [spoiler]oh god please tell me i can waifu seaport hime[/spoiler



>im messed up




No, it's more battleships with role player game elements.

I don't know much about Kancolle sorry.


Raise dependance by non invasive actions.

Caress etc.

You will gain ~9 Dependance for 1 action.


File: c070650fc9ad0c6⋯.png (6.02 KB, 718x86, 359:43, consent.png)

>Reimu gained <Consent>

Everything Reimu does is so hardcore



>more battleships with role player game elements.

like the board game?





No. You pick your ship team, go for missions in which you kill monsters. With weapons which your waifu have equipped. It's rather hard with only one ship. You need go to shipyard to build more.



can you also use the abyssal ships for battle? (the ones with the white and black color scheme)


I keep getting this error when I try to work in the latest eratohoK version in the git

The work went poorly…

$2929 was received.


THROW DAILY_DISABLE_NAME上に存在しない名前%アクセサ%が渡されました



Function call stack:




↑SYSTEM\TURNEND.ERB at line 172(function@TURNEND_LIFE)




If you have a save where that always happens then rename it to .swf and post it here. Tell me what sequence of actions you do that always leads to the crash


>downloads era idols out of boredom

>gets invested training Rin

>finally unlocks some submenus for idol stuff, only to find out most of the content is unimplemented

And there goes my motivation for playing the game. Are the devs even working on this still?



No, I think they are enemy only.

I will make image in with main menu translation today.


Anyone planning on doing sexual death/snuff for the Touhous? Like choking em A BIT too much and they die (ofc with a option to turn it off/a visual indication like "their face is turning blue")?

*looks hopefully at Yuakri anon*



>suddenly remember that some 2hus are immortal

>kill a captured Mokou out of curiosity

>she respawns the next turn

Pretty neat.



Same can be said for Kaguya.

Also I think it is Touhou canon that fairys also respawn.

Worst case scenario: Just get Eirin to make more of the Hourai elixir/try to finally make a temp immortality elixir

(she is such a "genius" that she made a permanent immortality elixir instead of a temporary one)



Fairies reappear as long as their "element" exists.

So for example as long as "cold" exists, Cirno will just pop back into reality.

I don't know if there are fairies whose element could conceivably be eliminated though, all the named ones I can think of off the top of my head are tied to constants of the universe.

I guess if you consider Yuuka a fairy-like entity, then killing every single flower ever anywhere would make her killable?

Not that I can think of anyone capable of killing Yuuka to begin with.



So one could make "shaved ice" with Cirno and that idiot would always reapear… would surely be fun if you make those "immortals" masochists.

They would LOVE you for killing em in the most gruesome ways possible.

(also Yukari could easily "win" against Yuuka, just open a gap to deep space and drop her into it… only problem would be getting her into the gap in the first place)



Yukari vs Yuuka is a mess because we know too little about either of them.

I think a big part of that fight would be just how good of a magician Yuuka actually is, because she might be able to defend herself from the gaps somehow.

We know she's good at it because she invented the master spark and several variations of it, plus her cloning might be magic aswell.

Besides, if Yukari can just "gap" Yuuka, what's stopping Yuuka from making Yukari's head burst with flowers?

Yukari did get her ass handed to her when she tried to invade the moon.



I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think Yukari's ability to manipulate boundaries is incredibly OP. Like she can just manipulate the boundary between life and death, or existence and non-existence.


This discussion will never end.

We don't know 2hu limits that well, especially when supposedly weaker characters beat stronger ones.



That is why "Danmaku" is used to decide the battles, if they would engage in a normal fight… well the collateral damage would be crazy.

Now back to the snuff: I think some 2hu would get off on the idea that they may die. Like a guillotine above their head with em having the rope to it in their mouth.

Ofc only "immortal" ones would go off on it on their own otherwise they would need to be "well trained". (or REALLY submissive going off from the idea to show TOTAL submission to their "master")



With all the mangas ongoing I think it's safe to say that Yorihime and her sister > Yukari- at least in endurance and utility. It took Yukari very specific pre-requisites for the moon reflection to become a gap to the moon itself. It's not like her power is infinite and instantaneous like people say it is.. And overall, Hecatia and Junko should be above the moon princesses but that could also just be because of how purity works against lunarians. There's been a lot of new stuff since yukari was the "unrivaled op"



Yukari is kinda like Batman: Give her enough prep time and infos about her enemies and she will win/incap her oponents. (she is a schemer afterall)

But if you just set her against Yuuka she is fucked (at least in terms of raw fighting power)

Regarding the Lunar Princesses: Their items/tools alone are broken as hell, like the fan that could simply wipe out anything infront of it.


LoLK has all the bullshit. When you realize what Sagume did just by talking- that scale. And being only a stage 4 midboss that pales in comparison to what Hecatia can do. And what the ultramarine elixir can do. Seems like Zun really wanted to put some power level arguments to rest when he made some of those new characters.

And yeah Yorihime is bullshit- Beating Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya and remilia one after another without breaking a sweat- fairly- after only just learning the spellcard rules and holding back immensely.. and I think before that Suika was the only character who had canonically beat Reimu in a spellcard battle. (Suika is no fucking joke either)



It is kind of weird how weak some characters are in tohok, when it's canon that they're super powerful. There's this weird sense of clash when everyone is supposedly taking this war very seriously, but some girls are still just fucking around.



Hecatia is the most powerful right now IIRC. Which is kinda funny given her power is not offensive and her title of goddess doesn't mean "has divinity" but "kicks ass in hell, which is SMT's world of strenght."



Operates on hentai rules where all human men can operate seals that instantly turn someone who can punch mountains into dust- into weak frail human girls. And all of them have the power of hypnotism because it's not like anyone can resist mind powers. Definitely not like theres actual madness inducing abilities in Touhou that some characters don't give two fucks about.

It's a porn game so it shouldn't bother anyone honestly. Jamming dicks the size of a characters body not killing them is just the power of the hentaiverse- the insane durability of the Touhous help too


Back to what started this discussion:

(sexy) Snuff and such when/has anyone plans for it?


Eirin also drank the hourai elixir. But unlike Kaguya and Mokou, I believe she can die in TohoK?.. It's definitely in some endings of imperishable night.



I think some sources say that many drugs and such don't really have much of an affect on Eirin. Maybe she designed that temporary elixir based on the resistance of her own body and overshot it for most others because of it?



If you want it, the first step is writing it yourself anon, and then maybe someone will pick it up and put it into the game and trigger another round of discussion on what events should or should not be added by the translators



yukari pls go


How do you use camera? I have both camera and tape, but no new options appear. I couldn't use some other items, too. Knowledge is Lv5.



Did you buy them after researching them?



Yes, I have both of them in my inventory.



It's in the humiliation menu



It's not there, are there any other options that might disable it that I might've missed?



There has to be a giver and a receiver selected. It's called Shoot Video. It only works during sex, not dates. There's a command filter in the settings menu. If it's none of that then post a screenshot


Is there something wrong with playing an old character (from a really old save) in the newer versions? I'm asking because I know I researched the hypnosis item but while I get the event, I can't actually use the item because I can't find it.

Basically, I've been changing versions with the same NG+ save (I finished the game quite a few times in different versions) for ages now. It works perfectly, mind you, but it seems the hypnosis thing might be an issue after all.



The item and the event are totally separate things



Some things wouldn't be properly translated unless you start new game. Not very much though.



Nigga, read. Read, nigga.

I'm saying that I CAN'T find the item, but this is really old news, so I don't even remember what I did exactly, I do remember it was still in Japanese when I first researched it, then I'm not sure I bought the item or if I had it in that version afterwards anyway, since I can't find it in any training menus or buy it.

I do get the event and I know they're separated.

So I'm asking if it can be related to the fact that I keep on using the same save for multiple versions.



When you research Hypnosis it's an ability your character gets and is able to level up, it should be in the Special tab when you interact with people. If it isn't there, I guess you can try making a new character and researching it with them to see if it's an issue with you carrying an old character through too many versions.


Just a question for eratohoYMAEM, or whichever era with jealousy implemented.

How do you stop a girl from going yandere? Every time the moonspeak about <character> being jealous pop up, you more or less die in 10 days or so.


File: ef3390adcb93c76⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 1070x341, 1070:341, UI translation for Erakanc….JPG)

Here you go anons.

I won't translate it myself, because I don't want to be yelled at again.


I wish there was an era game that took best parts out of all other era games, got rid of the bad parts, and also had a shitton of content



What's stopping our resident autists from ripping the code from different games and stuffing their own game with it?



lack of english documentation for era creator

At least that's what stops me



That would explain it. Can't you get a few moon crickets to translate it for you? I mean, I'd be pretty excited for a homegrown version of era games without all the Nip idiosyncrasies.


File: d3b82c7c4d96d39⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 743x960, 743:960, 1533521-gayspacemarine.jpg)


Anyone ever just try to work it out? Wonder if it's just a cluster fuck.



That's what every Jap developer says to himself before starting work on one of those "other era games".



But how difficult can it be to take the orgy mechanics from tohok and slapping them in another game?



Anon please. Just try to waddle through the yelling and see the advice they're giving you.

Go on Discord too, maybe those faggots will help you with the translation.

We really need Boatsluts, if the translators are lazy fucks, don't be like 'em.



I've tried to look into code of EraAS to see how to get animations working and I kind of understand of how it works. I just really, really don't like messing with procedural programming and that, as far as I know, only way to display images is through html. I'd rather make a hgame on GameMaker.



Don't let it get to you. People will yell at you for saying pretty much anything, it's just something that happens. I've gotten into arguments over whether water is wet or not.



What if i say the abc's? Will people get pissed at me?

Well, i'll try





I am too big faggot to try again.



Nice off-topic spam, fag



Are you trying to be a faggot?



Sorry for the noob questions, but can you do much else besides spamming conversation to low-favorability officers in house arrest (besides throwing them in the dungeon to be raped).

And is there any way to raise favorability with officers that hate you (-200+ favorability, rises by only +4 each conversation tick).

And should I be trying to get everyone branded, or is that optional.


Is it just me or is it now not possible to cheat yourself a hermaphrodite character in EraLiG without bricking the game? If you have a Hermaphrodite character and meet literally anyone the game shits itself.



throw alcohol at them, it usually works



Pay closer attention to options on the left

Go on date option, nets about 100-200 favor for 10k, use it to get favor out of negatives

there's a persuasion option, which allows you to order your officers to persuade the captives

Works pretty bad most of the time, but captive's friends or 2hus with very high politics and strategy stats can work pretty well

Branding is basically slavery, so don't brand your wives or every officer you recruit(unless that's your thing I guess)


>5 hours later


Was meant for >>106833

Why can't I reply to correct posts for last few days?


Anyone managed to fuck Koakuma into demigod state with her energy absorption event?



Is that an actual event or do you just mean raising her stats by pumping tons of semen into her?

She can get pretty beefy especially in ng+.



The actual event where she comes asking for semen

Depending on how much you cum, she gains combat stats



That's what I meant.

I thought she had an actual event if her stats rose enough.



Nah she just keeps endlessly asking to milk you for semen .


Is there a way to reliable win at gambling? I hate slot machines



I seems another character is having the player move for some reason.

Do you have a save you can reproduce this issue with?

Looking at the code I'm not quite sure what it's intended behaviour would be…


How/Where did you start this fight? I think Matador can appear from 'boss-spots' that are in a few dungeons but I never had problems with thoose.



No. I have bad case of retard speak recently.


Try blackjack. If you get 21 points you win.



Gambling isn't worth it at all. You get a paltry sum in exchange for the risk of losing an officer but I guess it's good if you're into that sort of thing.

Are there any other unique one-offs like how Miko comes up to you on the hallway to compliment you if you've enslaved Byakuren?

Also, I'm still getting that bug where if I have captured officers of X nation, and then I annex that nation, those officers will just be stuck in captured limbo forever, with me being unable to recruit or release them.



I think I have another save which also has this problem.


As far as I know, if you start in the human village this certain event happens no matter what you are doing. Heck its even cause this weird bug where if you having some sexy time with a girl and this occurs. Cause the sex scene to end abruptly.

Now the weird part is that lets say you were doing it with Keine, and this happened, the next time you see her, the message "Keine say your affair with Player" and then runs away. And this will keep on happening until you have a sex scene with another character.

Its also annoying during dates cause it will cause you to lose alot of time and the date is wasted, because you get sent back to their rooms and cannot go anywhere else unless you press the go home command again.



AW SHIT SON. I can smell the DMCA from miles away.



>paste that shit in google

>it says rape




Ok, I think I get what is happening and why now.

If two characters are in a room with a certain flag, the game assumes one of them is the player and if a character moves away, that character and the player are 'teleported' as you described.

So in your


post, you where not originally in Renko's Room, is that right?


>Playing TohoK

>Take the time to train the Succubus leader

>Finally bother to conquer them

>Succubus Leader escapes but surrenders willingly anyway

>Succubus Leader has disappeared




Honey water and Alcohol

Punishment and just keep doing nothing.



Enslave Byakuren and then capture her brother.



This should be fixed on the git now, could you test if you still get the teleport(during my limited testing it didn't happen anymore)?



Recreate "her" as a custom character, then insert into later playthroughs.



yep, I haven't visited her room even once.


thanks will try it soon. I'll test around in a bit.


How's this run on Linux? Ubuntu to be specific, I heard there were problems, even with the latest version of wine



special factions work like shit

I want to capture bandits and have my slut 2hus mindbreak them, but that ain't happening



It's not so easy to fix the special factions without giving them real personalities, names, and faces I don't think. The new cultist faction doesn't address this issue at all. It's just a mixture of the gobbu, bandit, tentacle factions.

Summoning elder gods and having them fuck your brainwashed cult seedbed 2hus was pretty awesome though.



Works here, just make sure you have Japanese locale and the Japanese font from winetricks.

I think someone mentioned .NET, so if it doesn't work without it, try installing it.



Don't have a save from before she vanished sadly, annoying thing is that at the end game you can find the other special faction survivors wandering around and recruit them for postgame.


i keep getting raped to death by Yuuka in eraTW

what do



I warned you about Yuuka bro, I warned you.



how does one get a 2hu to do that?


Wish you could sabotaje nations up in nastier ways in tohok. I mean you can break the ruler and start leeching officers and money, but it lacks impact.


File: 3787908d9361b64⋯.jpg (97.32 KB, 600x807, 200:269, 1497067326141.jpg)



explain further



Have the corrupt leader set up a feast for his officers, but then you just pump aphrodisiacs into the room and then storm the building with penises and strap ons.



dont you get a warning about that during one of the loading screens?



She pins you down, drains your stamina by fucking you all day, and leaves you unconscious. When you wake up, she does it all over again.

Basically you need to be weak and have that Touhou aroused that you become their plaything.

Since it's essentially a stunlock, it's pretty much game over.



Is that an event?


File: b8bd99342628eb2⋯.png (5.92 KB, 758x200, 379:100, (YOU)'re so skilled anon.png)

I forgot what all these abilities do. You can hover over the skills for descriptions in TW, but that doesn't seem to be a feature in tohoK. Is there a wiki somewhere? All I can find on seesaawiki is a short FAQ inferior to the one we have.

If I remember right StrangeCharm, HeavenEnvoy and Lordly make training easier, I assume insatiable makes sex drain less stamina, not sure what dependable does.



No idea about any descriptions, beyond the ones you get when choosing a bonus for your created hero, the game help has nothing about these talents

as far as i've seen, strangecharm makes it easier to get 2hus to do stuff you want them to do

heavenenvoy, dependable and lordly give a bonus to favour, dependance and subordinaton gain respectively

engineer makes item research cheaper and maybe faster too i dunno

and you're right with insatiable

why bother hiding your name? it can't be any worse than using Anon like me



Alright, thanks. I haven't quite figured out what dependable is even for, besides yet another stat to meet fucking requirements.

It's just a nick I've taken to using everywhere, including emails and work usernames.


File: 923d1d561d6efae⋯.jpg (232.37 KB, 850x1182, 425:591, __patchouli_knowledge_touh….jpg)


There's a new update for eratohoReverse compiled over the year which now adds Lily White, Reimu, Patchouli, Chen, and Hina. Content may vary between characters.




Did they actually fix the dozens of bugs that happen when a 2hu finally decides to fuck you?

Reimu was already in (and has the most content) but Remilia is the one thats actually translated.


Is there any difference in content if the player is submissive or a whore? Is love applicable to the player?



woops, eramegaten.



I wish reverse had some gentler stuff, I'm not into pegging that much



Not really.

No, because you can't gain dependence.



Busy now, so I'll leave you with some pointers for now. I'll check back another time if you still need help.

1). Google "Installing ja_JP.UTF-8 locale on ubuntu", in short it involves uncommenting a file in /etc and running localegen.

2). Google "winetricks .net" and "winetricks japanese font", I forget the exact commands/UI navigation that you have to do, but Google is your friend.

3). You're going to have to add the font by name in the game/emulator settings.


Everytime I land a hit, I gain +25 lust. Am I missing something, here?


>Kagerou keeps moving from her house to me then back to her house

she's trying to tell me something but what….



I think with your responses you might be able to get the dom to realize it's just a no and stop doing it.


How do i consensually fug a touhou in era tw? Do you get their favorablity to 1000 and reliability to 100?


What is the debug mode bat file that has been added to tons of games used for? Is that dev tools? Or is it an alternative to cheat engine?

I can't make heads or tails of it after messing around with it for a bit.



You need Affection or Love with most and that's a lot more Favorability and Reliability than that.



As far as I know,you get to do consensual fugging with a 2hu in eraTW when they get the "yearning" stat. Don't take my word on that though cause I think thats only applicable to charas who doesn't have high pride and other stats that affects favorability stats.



Favorability: C+.

Reliability: E+

There are few exceptions to that.


To debuging code.





It lets you see variables you want and see current call stack, where the code has currently stopped and input certain commands while the game is running.



I've heard that Momiji is pretty gentle in reverse, you could try her maybe



Daiyousei is a good pick


I've been mucking about with eraTW, the time stop one, and i've seen hints on the main menu implying you can rape girls without using time stop, but I just can't figure out how. I've tried using love potions/sleeping potions in tea, and I've tried raising my combat ability. The closest I've gotten in getting them shitfaced and pushing them down.


>Add Debug Mode Batch File. Update Anchor. (Sorry for touching LiG) Spaghetti Code committed a day ago

>(Sorry for touching LiG)

What did he mean by this?



The game seems interesting, wish it had a decent translation. Tried playing it last month and not even the menus were translated.


So I guess incompetent mode in TW makes you too gutless to molest tohos, which I guess is fine starting out, but can you overcome it through gameplay, by buttering up fairies or whatnot, or should I just turn it off with the cheat button.



Best thing to do is to get through the questions, customize your traits, and save that to a profile so you can skip straight to selecting one of the more complete Touhou characters.



> Is that dev tools? Or is it an alternative to cheat engine?

Both. We use it as a dev tool primarily. But I figured you guys might as well have it too. Doesn't take away anything from the game, but makes a fine cheat engine for games without debug commands. I normally wouldn't have added it to every game because it screws up the repo sorting on GitGud. But I had to recompile the anchor anyway, and since it's now entirely in English, I thought it was a decent time to update the repos and toss it in there.


>What did he mean by this?

Just a joke for pedy. LiG is his thing, and he gets mildly irritated (jokingly, I assume) when people work on his private repos.




If you want the 2hus to be lewd and also be able to molest them, choose the Lewd Mode option or whatever it's called.


In EraprotoNTR, how do you build Threat instead of succumbing points? Is it just based on how loyal said character is to you? Have characters with 20k+ succumb but 0 Threat so it's a bit weird.


>Have a wet dream

>Gengetsu travels all the way from god knows where to steal my undies

but why though



That event choose random 2hu.

At least desire level will raise from that.


Is the beast stuff broken? I just wasted a huge amount of money on things that don't stay in my items.



I'm presuming you're talking about Tohok, if not, please state which game you need help with. In Tohok when you buy an animal it's not something that goes into your items list because you're not carrying three dogs and a pig around with you. They spawn as units. So when you choose a sex option that lets you choose multiple partners at a time, you can often bring one of the animals along with you. Then it just works the same way as if you'd invited along a regular unit.



Three basic ways to be a rapist in TW:

1) Get the girl drunk and fuck her

2) Fuck the girl while she's asleep. Naturally is incredibly risky, drugging her less so

3) Get the girl to consent to fooling around, tie her up and then do something she doesn't consent to. Basically push her down, tie her up and then fuck her on an unsafe day without protection. You'll get hate marks for the rape and even more if you cum inside.



I wish it said that somewhere before I spent all that dosh, thanks though.


In eraTW, is there someone who sells christmas gifts at a discount? I know only of two merchants, Nitori and the shopping district in the human town.

Another question is, am I wasting my money getting gifts for christmas? What happens?



Still not finding where it shows up, either in sex options or any menus.

Feels like I'm either missing what it's listed under, or something broke.

Or do I have to spend double the money and buy after research?


Is there an easy way to keep eratohoK translation up to date? I'm glad that the guy making it is so active, but manually editing every file that has a translated line in it is really annoying.



Anon, what? You just clone the gitgud repo and pull new commits. It does everything for you. I hope I'm just misunderstanding the question and you're not actually merging commits by hand.


In eraK, what does the white asterisk before a character's gender icon mean in the Interact screen?



It means they have at least one character event or line of dialogue


Which character is the best in EraTohoK?



Junko has fantastic all around stats, Byakuren has great spells and great stats, Yukari isn't the best on her own because she often decides to sleep but she can summon Ran as a officer to fight on her side who is also top tier while having the best stats otherwise.

You can open the character table and look for 10 star characters. Can't go wrong with them other than Keine who has low fighting skill while having crazy defense.

But the stats change during the game so you can make even Cirno into a killing machine with enough dedication (money)



Research only ever unlocks something. You always have to buy the thing after researching it.


Is eratohoLiG repo private or something? I can't clone it



A few things give samples after, the fuckup was mine, old version.



Your custom character.



That, and if Koakuma has high enough favorability, you can pump her full of sperm in her event to constantly raise her stats. Also if you keep training with her as well during normal contact before dicking her, you can slowly raise her into a fighting machine.

Speaking of Yukari's sleeping - can't you make her forget that skill?


File: a264dc3828a4c33⋯.png (93.86 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 1492704798307.png)


Every young lady needs her beauty sleep.



You can use the public era account to get it iirc.



The strongest 2hu is the only one who can beat my OP MC, who has been through multiple playthroughs Seija


File: 96654d7276a7d52⋯.jpg (379.45 KB, 1661x1481, 1661:1481, nameo (judgemasterkou) tou….jpg)


If your own character has high combat stats, both Yuugi and Yuuka will come challenge you to a duel. If you beat them, you can command them to join you.

Both of them have very high combat stats, making them good army officers.

Yuugi only joins you if she isn't already a queen though.


File: 5279224311e1208⋯.jpg (135.44 KB, 793x1024, 793:1024, t238283283.jpg)

eratohoK Tr70


Major changes

-New special faction: Cultists

-New map: Modern Europe

-New scenarios: The Guns of August and Der Totale Krieg

-New daily event: Officer Documentary

-New character events for Sumireko, Yukari, Sanae, and Alice

-New item: Scapegoat doll

-AI type of foreign nations is now visible in faction list

-Player and AI can now invest in city economies

-Added option to bet self in the casino event

-Added option to make yourself ruler at game start



>-Added option to make yourself ruler at game start

What does this mean? Is it different than just using the [Establish] option after you pick a scenario?



What I meant was if you pick an officer character you can choose to upgrade them to a ruler before the game starts



I don't liek playing as original donut steel character.


File: 16cc6fa0de5582a⋯.png (741.74 KB, 1280x1000, 32:25, 85620a26880603348385d9678e….png)

Ability to choke characters out/snuff em if done too long? (pic related)



I'd love to see this idea implemented. That way I could kill Seiga and Nue by making them choke on animal dicks.



That would be great. It's one of my largest fetishes.



Yukari, you're gonna wake up and do your damn job.



>Every young lady needs her beauty sleep.

says the uglyest one of them



This sounds like a job for Yukari.



If you're talking about potential as a country leader, Mystia



It was mentioned in detail a few threads back.



and ability to resuscitate them, cause while I like to choke I don't actually want my 2hus to die



Loli content is nerfed.




Used to be able to take more actions even when childcare options were available. TR68b.



I don't think they really make that difference to limit lolicons.


Where do you find the drugs in tohok? I only found like 2 during an exploring event and then nothing.



then why do it?



You have to research them, they're available after you buy the Lewd Book. Then you can buy as many as you want.


Is there any SFW eratohok?





File: 31778ba1ed4b546⋯.jpg (30.17 KB, 500x450, 10:9, 15782454_954772421323360_6….jpg)







you just wanna play a game about conquering the world?



Apparently having found them before buying the book meant I couldn't research them. Selling all I had fixed it. Thanks.


Is it possible to plow two 2hu's in the TW at the same time with the double dick trait? or its only available for plugging both holes of 1 2hu per session?



If you have a fuckload of Honey Waters, there's a ton of difference.


Is there any sort of failure or risk to eraLiG? Doesn't seem like I can fuck up in any kind of way, like increasing hostility, depression etc.



I meant they didn't create the distinction between barely born and slightly grown to limit lolicons.


So am I missing something about eratohoK's Visit Nation command? +30 Favorability to a random enemy general at the cost of an action point? Or is it supposed to be something for when you run out of other things to do?



The point is to make them an Acquaintance instead of a stranger. That allows you to go visit them properly or take them on a date.


Hypnosis branding feels broken.



It is. The base idea is good but it needs a lot of tweaks.

Still much better of a base to expand on compared to events.






They become acquaintances after like one meeting, and that's not opening any new options for me. Unless you mean I have to get them to 500.


Tried a playthrough of the latest version of K on the git. Every turn got me the assassin coming to kill me event, and when I tried to disable it after 4 turns I got this.















#DIM コンフィグ所属, DAILY_GENRE_NUM, 299



#DIMS CONST ジャンル名 = "Lewd", "Employment", "Training", "Diplomacy", "Factions", "Other"

#DIM 選択項目

#DIM 選択番号




VARSET コンフィグ所属, -1

VARSET イベント数





コンフィグ所属:RESULT:(イベント数:RESULT) = LOCAL










PRINTFORML Daily event configuration




PRINTBUTTON @"[Open/Close]", LOCAL * 300 + 99


PRINTBUTTON @"[All off]", LOCAL * 300 + 98


PRINTBUTTON @"[All on]", LOCAL * 300 + 97


SIF 表示:LOCAL == 0


FOR LOCAL:1, 0, VARSIZE("コンフィグ所属", 1)

SIF コンフィグ所属:LOCAL:(LOCAL:1) == -1




SETCOLOR カラー_選択不可


PRINTBUTTON @"\@ DAILY_DISABLE:(コンフィグ所属:LOCAL:(LOCAL:1)) ? [Off] # [On] \@", LOCAL * 300 + LOCAL:1










PRINTFORML [9992] Character Event Odds - {KOJO_DAILY_EVENT_ODDS}

PRINTFORML [9993] Character Event Amount - {KOJO_DAILY_EVENT_COUNT}

PRINTFORML [9999] Return


IF RESULT == 9999


ELSEIF GROUPMATCH(RESULT, 9990, 9991, 9992, 9993)


CASE 9990


CASE 9991


CASE 9992


CASE 9993




選択項目 = RESULT / 300

選択番号 = RESULT % 300



IF !INRANGE(選択項目, 0, VARSIZE("コンフィグ所属", 0))




IF 選択番号 == 99

表示:選択項目 = !表示:選択項目

ELSEIF 選択番号 == 98 || 選択番号 == 97

FOR LOCAL:1, 0, VARSIZE("コンフィグ所属", 1)

SIF コンフィグ所属:選択項目:(LOCAL:1) == -1


DAILY_DISABLE:(コンフィグ所属:選択項目:(LOCAL:1)) = 選択番号 - 97


ELSEIF コンフィグ所属:選択項目:選択番号 == -1


DAILY_DISABLE:(コンフィグ所属:選択項目:選択番号) = !DAILY_DISABLE:(コンフィグ所属:選択項目:選択番号)










A stable release came out like five minutes ago. You don't have to play the development version.

That's fixed on git now.


So when did character csvs become untranslated in Eratohok? It's made editing them or creating new ones a huge pain.



A couple months ago and the benefits of having it that way are far greater than the drawbacks so you'll have to work around it. The translated names for those variables are in function_translation.erb now.



I just want to end events on my accord instead of the pussy way of filtering them out or just change them into something else

>raging monster event is now a monstergirl in heat that can't find anyone to fuck that doesn't get snusnu'd

>you can outbuy millionaire to fuck off or millionaire is a woman that you have to outharem her against your harem



>not capturing the millionaire and forcing him to sell his fat merchant ass to even more disgusting men

>not gender bending him and having dogs dick him in every hole



I'm more of a rance mentality guy when playing my porn games

>kill other guys from stealing my women

>add women to the harem if they're not in it

I'm a simple guy, no need for eternal torture just removing them from the picture is nice


The limit of days in eraSumireTeru is 50? If it has any way to increase?


eraSumireTeru crash:

Though barely, Sumire was able to defeat Uta.

Even if it wasn't a satisfactory result, it is still better than losing, -

Sumire tried to persuade herself.

Although Uta had a somewhat unsatisfied expression, she handed Sumire her well earned points.

_eraSumireTeru_ADDED\MAHJONG_UTA.ERB at line 243 Error has occurred:PuchiAnchor

K = (K * LIMIT((RAND:(L-P)),1,10)) + ((4 - FLAG:運勢) * 2000) - (RAND(R / 2 + 1)* 2000)

Error description: RANDの引数に0以下の値(0)が指定されました

Function: @LEAUGE_MAHJONG_W(file:_eraSumireTeru_ADDED\MAHJONG_UTA.ERB in line 153)

Function call stack:

↑_eraSumireTeru_ADDED\MAHJONG_UTA.ERB at line 144(function@N_VICTORY_OR_DEFEAT_CHECK)

↑_eraSumireTeru_ADDED\MAHJONG_UTA.ERB at line 74(function@UTA_MAHJONG)

↑SHOP.ERB at line 802(function@USERSHOP)



I happily impregnate Yukari in each playthrough.



Typical thirsty beta mentality. Enjoy licking her semen-covered roastie.


A question, is eraKancolle being translated?



Seems like #3 is really inconsistent. In the specific case that she's tied up and you select penetration on an unsafe day and she asks you to stop, you get an option to fuck her anyway and you can keep doing whatever you want to her even as she gets a bunch of hate marks. But if you do anything else that gives hate marks, it doesn't matter whether she's tied up or not, she can still kick you out of the sex screen and then she's not tied up anymore.


TohoK: I wish there was a way to erase 2hu memories. Especially while keeping training effects. Sure, there's a reset potion but that's not how it works.

The idea of a girl suddenly realizing her body is ludicrously sensitive or that she's pregnant with no recollection of ever having sex in the first place just makes my dick diamonds.

At least there's TW, though they don't really have much in the way of special reactions to that in my experience.



So what's the new special faction like, anyway? I mean it's probably shit like all the others, but I'm curious.



Orgies, religious babble, torture, and cthulu basically.




I found a special scene for Sanae when playing as the cultist faction. Not sure if the other religion heads have their own too.



Sounds fun, though I expect it's not quite as much when actually playing.

Although on that note, do you get any special events if you set yourself as the leader of a special faction?



I think there's one or two for bandit leaders. It's not something that's been worked on a lot by either us or the japs.


Does anyone know if it's possible to set who the parents of the player character are? I want to be able to fuck my mother. If this isn't possible, is it instead possible to start a new game as one of your children and also import that child's parents into the new game?



Pretty sure you can export your children and use them as main character, so in theory you could play through a quick scenario as a 2hu, have a kid and then use them in a full playthrough.



I don't know if it's possible to import a PC that you were playing as if you select a new PC. Maybe with debug mode you can change who you're playing as, I don't know if that is possible though.



How would you use debug mode to try that, not that other guy but I just got into this game and i's pretty cool.



You can access debug mode by clicking on the stars in the settings menu, don't know if the games lets you change PCs though


Anyone know how you get past day 50 in sumireteru?



You'll need to play mahjong against Uta on day 49. I've found that if you win that match, it's the same game over as if you didn't play at all. But if you lose, you'll automatically go to day 51.


In era tw why won't a touhou talk to me?



woops didn't notice the three hate marks fug


Anyone know where I can check which exploration events has continuations on EraTohok?

Also, how do I keep my child keep the "childlike" trait?




If you get their "rape marks" to level 3, by training their bodies while time is stopped, you can push them down even if they normally wouldn't consent. If you took their virginity/anal virginity through time stop, though, they'll get hate marks every time you penetrate in that hole.



>which exploration events has continuations

I don't know what you mean by this. All the [Explore] events are the same every time (given the same dice rolls). But they're chosen from an extremely large random list so you rarely get repeats.



I meant which exploration events has sequels like the repayment event or the fairy life event.



Those are called "daily events" and no, there isn't a way of knowing.

But I can tell you that there are only two other events that are similar to Fairy Life and Repayment. The Tutor event, and the Kappa event.



There are plenty more, aren't there? There's the Tengu reporter and Yuuka if you choose to rape her when you beat her just off the top of my head. There's also the millionare


Is a lewd mark a good thing?


EraTW: What exactly does the time stop rape mark do? Is it just an indicator of how far it went, or does it actually affect something like the other marks?



Read this



Yes, it makes actions easier.


Can anybody get pregnant from pigs and dogs in eratohoK? I searched through the code a bit and couldn't find anything relating to beast tag, but I still wonder if I have myself to blame for making a kemo slut.



I know a female PC can, don't see why it wouldn't work on everyone else.


So in EraSumire there is a time limit for 50 days to raise a bunch of stats to a certain level, but after a few tries, I am obviously too incompetent to actually manage this. I keep getting bad ends. Am I misunderstanding something? Is there a debug/cheat for it I can use, since there is obviously a lot more content than what I've found and it's a little shitty not being able to see it all due to time-limits. Someone please help? I'll give you free karma points once I'm dead?



Wait until it's fully translated.



Still no Remilia or Sakuya dialogue translations huh



Could use some more Kagerou and Star Sapphire too.



Just put the lines you see into google translate while you play. And then transcribe those lines into good english and save them in their dialogue files so that you don't have to do it again. And then give me those files. And then it will be translated.



You can cheat engine the days to give you more time. The number to look for is one less than what is displayed, i.e. if it says day 47, look for 46.


Is there a master list of what all can show up in public use in eratohoK?



All the code is in ERB\SHOP\SHOP_LIFE\SHOP_LIFE23_民の慰安.ERB


File: 47a8d51efd2c5c9⋯.png (72.44 KB, 889x707, 127:101, 98e0e7a9df5968e8695e6b0d4d….png)


How old is this event anyways






Shit's mad old.



Guess I just needed a dick and never really experimented.

Also apparently a unique one for choosing your own virgin daughter as well.(don't judge me) Hopefully it's all translated nicely someday.


What's the name of your custom player character /hgg/?


What's the name of your custom player character /hgg/?



my own, no one will ever know



Alexander "Anon" Mc[whatever I'm roleplaying this character as]


why repeat yourself?



What are you planning to do? Replace characters with anon's R63s and the like?



I traveled Gensokyo using many names. Names that will never be remembered, names that no one will know.

However, there is one name that will never disappear. And that name is….




Roland Thunderfuck


A lot of translations seem to have been reverted in eraMegaten


Harvey Canada is one of the stranger ones.

These were the first words that popped into my mind.




dont need more or less


>Harvey Canada

sounds like a new superhero to me







I mainly play as female characters




post profiles



Fia is a Miko and Detective. Huge tits. Virgin

Bell was avatar tuner. Flat. Petite. I don't remember anything else about her.

Hime was devil summoner. Ancient save. Small tits, Man hating dyke, which got addicted to semen. Started as virgin, shortly after she became cumdumpster.




How exactly do you get the level 3 mark, though?



Reiko, Sayoko or Akane for girls

Yuu, Hideki or Shigeki for guys

Family names are Fudou, Itou, Kujou, Asahina, occasionally fancier -in or -miya names although I don't have favorites for those.

I often use a old handle of mine for player names in non-H games but it actually tends to detract from immersion in these so I try to use more appropriate ones.


>play male character in megaten

>can't use the female only op weapon early game

>fucking futas and traps can

This misandry must end!


I just started an NG+ in eratohok and I see people not belonging to my faction in the "go meet" section. Why does this happen? I started this playthrough as a vagabond, not sure if it matters though



Just be a girl (male) and solve the problem.



Those would be characters from a faction that your own has an alliance with I believe.



Oh, I see, thanks


For EraTW, what are the triggers for Rape Marks? What exactly must I do in Time Stop to farm these faster?



Multi orgasm. At least three at once.


Use rotor and massager for lvl1.

For lvl 2 they need to have two orgasms at once

For lvl 3 they need to have three or more orgasms at once.



Isn't that for Pleasure Mark?



Not that guy but as I recall Time Stop Rape follows the same milestones, except, y'know. In stopped time.


EraTW: Is it possible to alter penis size after creation, or will it take a full restart?



Shinmyoumaru can make it huge, pathetic, or give you two dicks. It would also overwrite any exotic cock you have.

There's always the debug button.



I only managed to get level 2 with triple orgasm. Should I just grind sensitivity even more so one of those orgasm is a strong one or something?



Go for 4 orgasms.


EraTW: I'm kinda curious. The Childlike and Infant Regression options in the chargen menu - do they even do anything?


If I wanted to try and understand this huge fucking series without playing the game what manga should I start with?



probably easier to understand reading hentai doujins



Don't bother, just masturbate.



wondering about this too, anybody knows?


Why are there disabled events in tohoK?

According to the character events file, Remilia, Sakuya and Hecatia have events that are 100% translated, but disabled for some reason.



For example, Remilia's dialogue is untranslated, so that event which exists solely to modify her dialogue is disabled.

Any others are disabled for similarly good reasons. I translate basically every character event and I'm the one who decides which are disabled, you can trust that I don't waste my own labor.



I meant to reply to >>108868


File: 452892f9efc26fd⋯.png (267.23 KB, 1035x726, 345:242, touhousoku.png)

File: 8508b3f2f5b1bf4⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 652x315, 652:315, touhouctc.jpg)

File: 3c2ffa155c07dd1⋯.jpg (212.99 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, gensokyoparty.jpg)

File: a82abe260b05b14⋯.gif (859.54 KB, 350x236, 175:118, touhou12.gif)


The actual manga series comes relatively late into the Touhou verse. You'd be plopped into the middle.

Might do you some good to read up on the Touhou wiki, and read the characters/game pages. Everything else, if it isn't official work, is going to be doujin. It is very daunting to get into Touhou at first, as there are dozens of characters. The third picture is… I believe everyone up to 14, not counting the PC98's. 16 is going to be released next month, I believe. So there is a LOT to catch up on.



No, I'm incorrect. It also has characters from 15.



what the fuck are you talking about


What does accepting Seigas pendant do in Cemetary Mystery event in eratohok? It seems to have no influence on anything whatsoever.



Thanks, that's kind of a bitch about how convoluted this all is, with most things you can just find a manga or animu and figure things out as you go.


It's not hard to understand if your not slow, I want some reference to what is going on, and who these virtual sluts are.

If I just want to jerk of to people I have no connection to and don't car about I have nearly a TB of porn, with a sample of everything but pizza to choose from.



Seconding the question. Always wondered why those traits are even in the chargen screen, they didn't seem to do shit when I picked them but that was many versions ago.



I might be getting mixed up, but don't they make lactation/breast based actions more effective on characters with those traits?

Still, the game does give you the option of taking a bunch of traits that do nothing on a player controlled character.

I think the traits themselves come from the original ERA that TW is built on and simply weren't disabled, as they do no harm.


Anyone know how to I ensure that my kids retain the "childish figure" trait in EraTohok?

I kinda find it weird since they out grew their mommy flandre.



It influences the dice roll in the fight


man, breaking yukari in eratohok is fucking impossible. I had no problem with Yuyuko and even got Yuugi on the way without trying that much, but with Yukari I'm barely getting submission increments of 10 and her favoravility is already at -1000


What's the best route to go for in a 1st playthrough in eraMegaten?



Tentacles man.




fuck, it works. My dream of recreating http://ecchi.iwara.tv/videos/a888lskzrs7ok04e is coming closer and closer, thanks, dude


It's kind of sad EraTW will never differentiate between Rape Marks and Favorability/Reliability.

Basically, adding a "Submissive"/"Slave" type of thing like in Eratohok that depends on how you've engaged with them.

It's not as if flavor text would appear out of thin air, but then it would be easier to implement and it would make it better by letting us re-enact our favorite mind break doujinshi anyway.


A lot of EraTW this thread. How do I get someone that's a Fuck Buddy to fall in Love in TW? Or can you only have one Love partner?



Dates and just keep on fucking them.


File: 47eb8a655f81f19⋯.png (498.95 KB, 1051x1500, 1051:1500, gensokyomapversion1.png)


It's very daunting, yes. Just… separate them into factions. It's easier that way. They're already in those 'factions' in eraK, Just some background.

Reimu Hakurei is shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, and is MC of the series. She's essentially the peacekeeper, and is kind of grumpy. Also poor. Resolves incidents around Gensokyo that introduces the new characters (that's how the games work). Lives at her shrine.

Marisa Kirisame is her best friend, and is a witch. Kleptomaniac, and easily shipped with others. Resolves incidents with Reimu. She's essentially player 2. Lives at forest of Magic.

There are also some character descriptions IN the game, in the character info.

Also, map included was before… I think before Touhou 10 came out. Which puts it over ten years ago. A LOT of new factions have come to light.


Any way to rape a 2hu in EraTW WITHOUT stopping time? Seems that even if you bind them, blindfold them and handcuff them, the second you do something they don't like, they can just get up and leave.

Am I missing something?



Me again. Any idea what the deal is with the charisma marketplace in EraTW? Every day or so you get the message about 1 charisma = X amount of yen. Never figured this out.



you can use Charisma as money in other places like borrowing books in Suzunaan and the casino in the scarlet mansion.


Crash in EraTW, if anyone's still working on that.

コマンド関連\COMF\日常系\COMF413 料理を作る.ERB at line 103 Error occured:Emuera-Anchor


Error description:配列型変数FOOD_SNACKの第1引数(10)は配列の範囲外です

Function:[AT]COOKING_MENU(file:コマンド関連\COMF\日常系\COMF413 料理を作る.ERB in line 94)

Function call stack:

↑コマンド関連\COMF\日常系\COMF413 料理を作る.ERB at line 10(function[AT]COM413)

↑ステータス計算関連\SOURCE\SOURCE_CALLCOM.ERB at line 141(function[AT]CALL_COM)

↑ステータス計算関連\SOURCE\SOURCE.ERB at line 67(function[AT]SOURCE_CHECK)


Note: replaced every "@" with [AT].


Ah, okay. Thanks.



Thanks for bringing this to my attention again, should be fixed now.


Playing tohoYM AE M, how do I make 2hu into a whore?

I have koakuma with max obedience but she refuses to work lewdly. I have an option to force it, but I want consensual lewdness



Game has a gigantic in-game help manual, why are you even asking here.



I couldn't find anything related to prostitution


I figured there'd be at least some unique text or something when you manage to seduce someone in tohouK who has no sex knowledge, but nope, nothing.



Well you at least get the flavour text for some lolis if you push them down and they accept. Something about them not knowing what you're about to do.

What I would prefer is other characters getting mad if you take someone virginity, like Remi getting mad if you bang Flan, or Ran with Chen, etc.



Yeah, but you get like +80 to pushing them down. It's -80 to seducing them, so I thought there'd be something along the lines of "she's so in heat, she's acting purely on instinct".

Its the same if you seduce a 2ho enough to give you a blowjob as her first kiss, no flavor text besides the first kiss notification.

Although I guess we probably need translations straightened out before we start trying to code in new branches.


2 Questions 1: Is it possible to become pregnant in TW… 2:Can someone post downloads of all the up to date translated games.


File: 77377d24a58060d⋯.jpg (48.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2) (1).jpg)

>there's a skill called almighty impregnation

how do i get this?


>>109357 it's in era tw



Check OP post.



Not that it helps much.

Look at Achievements in EraTW and you'll see something about impregnating a number of types of 2hus.

I think it was, Shrine Maiden, Fairy, Youkai and Divine Spirit.


It's not possible to get pregnant with your own character in EraTW.




Go to git. Newest releases are there.

Warning, these versions break easily.

Save backup is recommended.


Tohok question: I bought a slave market officer who doesn't have the addiction trait yet, but is triggering drug events. If I throw her in jail the event doesn't fire, but will holding her there actually force her into withdrawal or when I let her out, she'll go right back to drugging it up?



shrine maiden fights the demon/god of the week with non-lethal battles because killing each other can destroy gensokyo with the lack of people in it or the world gets fucked without reimu's barrier

>I still don't get it

Read the manga



>-New special faction: Cultists

>-Added option to bet self in the casino event

>-Player and AI can now invest in city economies

Solid update.



My first post was asking what Manga to start with, there are 7 on kissmanga under ZUN.




What about the opposite, who is the roughest 2hu in Reverse?




Touhou mangas are merely spin-offs, the core of the story is in the games. If you don't want to play the games then read the wiki.


File: d81d6d8c6abe639⋯.jpg (123.73 KB, 850x680, 5:4, __chen_and_nazrin_touhou_d….jpg)


Alice (also as Sakuya in EXTRA) and Chen



There's no decrease in drug addiction each turn. That's stupid so I'll probably change it. Right now the only way to zero out addiction is a random doctor event, or NG+ if they're not an addict.



Thanks for letting me know. I figured the doctor event would only fire once she actually gets the addicted trait. There is a -20 obedience penalty labelled drug withdrawal during night actions, even if that doesn't actually affect the addiction counter.



just read them all most of them are self contained plot lines from the games


File: a2c808d9f9226ab⋯.jpg (237.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mgsv-fireworks1280-1441080….jpg)


ah fuck, really?, thats lame, cant bond with my abyssal waifus, have to settle with the shitty boatsluts


outstanding work anon, hope somone starts translating this ERAboatsluts games soon


I find it kind of disappointing that there is a trumpet in eraTW but no saxophone.



I'm pretty sure the instruments are only there so you can play as one of the Prismrivers



They're a super good way to grind a lot of favor too.


Is gitgud busted, or something? Every time I try to go there, the only option it gives me is to sign in with sapphire, and when I try to sign in with sapphire, I get a 404 error, or a 422 error say "The change I requested was rejected." Nigga, I just wanna log in!

What the fuck is this website? How is it THIS shit?



Works perfectly fine on 4 different devices. What the fuck are you even talking about?


File: beee628973d4c79⋯.png (84.59 KB, 1007x853, 1007:853, trash.png)

File: 98b993ad942e8e7⋯.png (17.32 KB, 596x628, 149:157, super trash.png)


File: afd53dced778ab6⋯.png (37.84 KB, 1399x472, 1399:472, Untitled.png)


I made an account by scratch and tried to access it, still works buddy. The problem is on your end.

You're better off messaging people who can actually help you in the site's discord.



Try cleaning site related cookies and history.



Sanae and Byakuren have events for them.

Reimu and Miko got nothing about it.



Had to install a new browser and sign in with the provided user/pass. Weird. Working, though.



i usually played as historical character in the europe map, in my headcanon the resident of gensokyo were taking over medieaval european states one by one with magic and overwhelming superiority. this time i played as vladimir of novgorod who started in smolensk and recaptured novgorod from cirno with my vassal (all custom character) and made her my mistress, i'm thinking of expanding south and liberating muscovy from junko next




Amasaki Nana


File: 76cc430aed6ec6b⋯.png (41.56 KB, 425x425, 1:1, 01-ShinMegamiTensei.png)

new to eraMegaten, and era games in general

only played devil survivor 1 and persona 3 so I guess I'm "new" to megaten as well

any tips on main character building?

what should I spend macca on first since it seems pretty limited

please respond



Take this guide.


Eramegaten - Guide


On eraSumireTeru the advice girl tells me that i'll meet the blonde girl on a date with Teru but i can't find this kind of event at all. How do i trigger the affection event?


File: f643b51e31b719e⋯.jpg (127.82 KB, 934x738, 467:369, screenshot.jpg)

Anybody else having trouble with 謁見する option (when playing as a wanderer) in the latest eratohoK release? At first I thought I butchered the code, but it behaves the same in a vanilla new game as well.


Is there a way to make it not shut the fucking game every time I get surprise attacked and deaded in the first turn, but let me load last save instead?

It takes 8 aeons to start up the game every time too.


File: fa5a257476d1f50⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 323x454, 323:454, 1335368930518.jpg)

>give me $57


>give me a life-stone


>you don't have a life-stone? it's common sense for summoners, here take this

>gain life-stone

>can I have 1 life-stone



>Apsaras ran away



It's fixed on the english git now, and reported to the japs



What version is the English version based on, anyway? According to >>107872, cultists have only been added there recently, and this bug didn't exist two weeks ago.


File: 6eda6411312c692⋯.png (266.2 KB, 500x320, 25:16, 442780e9e054c04e201cb929b8….png)


I know what happened!



Press CTRL+T (on anchor) to return back to title and reload the save from there.



Right now, the git is current with the nip



holy christ thank you



Sent :^)


File: 1c6021b32ca6f86⋯.jpg (69.16 KB, 273x240, 91:80, 1222788497085.jpg)




Welcome to SMT, where demon will break negotiations and either attack you or run away anytime they please.

It gets easier the more you levels you gain


It seems that eratohoK can name someone in the "father" slot of a child's character sheet who isn't actually the father. Fucking cucks ruining my ability to play with eugenics.



Do you have a way of reproducing that?


File: 1dd2b0cc358f1ad⋯.png (33.24 KB, 896x485, 896:485, ss (2017-07-29 at 07.49.09….png)

File: d3695f732a1b54e⋯.png (31.93 KB, 899x590, 899:590, ss (2017-07-29 at 07.50.33….png)


I'm not sure exactly how it happens, but here, have some screenshots. That kid has a suspicious number of Kagerou's traits.

I know, I know, futa is turbodegeneracy. It lets me maximize my other fetishes.


File: eb8eebe5c278dd0⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 192x211, 192:211, 8C1sL9x.jpg)






screenshot yuugi's traits for comparison



The things of note are the [Beastkin] species tag (Kagerou has it, neither Yuugi nor Miko do), the <Tail> (same), and having Kagerou's hair color.

Many of the traits are fairly common because I'm a lazy fuck and edited a similar slut-kit onto most of the 2hus to reduce grinding. I could have achieved as much by just cranking Desire through the roof like I did and not bothering to edit traits at all, but oh well.



Are there any other guides for the other games, Like TW?


So will it break the game if i had in more Custom character slots in TohoK or is it safe to go wild?



I'm not 100% sure but I think you can add as many as you want


In TohoK, whats the difference between the Crossdressers?



I've been wondering about this too, since it seems crossdressers are functionally just men, and receive no alternative scenes/descriptors. West devs like to toss it in to silence trap-fags, but I just wonder what they were even going for.



i belive its like one is a man dressed like a woman and the other one is a Herm dressed like a woman i think

like herms are men with a vagina


Is there a way to turn a party in TW into an orgy? I think I saw someone ask about it a month or two ago, but can remember any responses.


Is there a single character in any of the games that actually reacts to being taken out in public or recorded? The lack of dialogue for it removes pretty much the primary point of those things. It's like, sure great, shame counter or whatever going up, it's not the same.



Unless you can upload a save where a weird baby is born on the next turn, I don't know what could be causing that.


TohoK: Did hypnosis get enough updates to be remotely interesting yet? Or, at the very least, to not be tedium central due to the target getting more hypnoXP than the user?



No, I don't think so.

EraTW is simple enough. It's just grindfest.

Eratohok will take few hours learn, but it isn't that complicated.



That's kind of a shame, TohoK is pretty fun, TW seems like it needs more translation and events.

It's also becoming increasingly likely that all these girls are going to find out that I'm trying to bone and then impregnate literally everyone.


Has that moneylender bug been fixed yet? For some reason the moneylender takes a character but its always Letty that gets fucked in the daily events even if he chose someone else.



>It's also becoming increasingly likely that all these girls are going to find out that I'm trying to bone and then impregnate literally everyone.

They don't even really care. You can bang them all together if you want.



But I have remilia leaving the orgy angrily while I was fucking her with flandre,sakuya and patch



Huh, I was expecting something… more.

Like a confrontation the result of which was determined by their affection levels, and maybe inter character affinities, not just nothing.



Odd. The girls do have different relations with each other. Maybe they get annoyed if they see you fucking their enemy? I've never run into that yet though.



TW is a really good husk for content, unfortunately, only a sliver of its potential has been reached thus far.

I believe it was mentioned elsewhere, but I think one of the most glaring issues is scope. If the game was more concentrated in casting (Eg: the forest of magic and its inhabitants/SDM/human village) then it'd be a lot easier to fill in interesting character interactions, events, and the depth of customization only a text based game can allow.

Not to say TW is bad, it's actually pretty neat for what it is - and hell, it could easily ramp up the mechanics/depth in time.



I believe there's quite a bit of content. I always go back to it.

There's never enough, mind you, but to say it's a "husk for content" is an exaggeration.

Certainly, character interactions would be cool, but they're not present in any Era game anyway, what you're asking for is something new.



Correction, there is certainly ProtoNTR that has chars interact with each other and e.g. EraJK, but I doubt these are the ones that you're talking about at least.

E.g. in TW, the devs tried to implement festivals and all that, that's certainly a step towards char interaction, but it's incomplete.

If you want any depth, you'd need to wait, if that isn't the issue, then ProtoNTR and EraJK should be enough.



Oh I'll wait, I always browsed past this thread because of how complex this shit looks, but since trying it I can't put these fucking games down.



I don't think there have been any changes mentioned in update logs, but I could be wrong. Would definitely be nice if it was tweaked in some way, since even lack of content beyond 'do things without grinding favorability' is incredibly powerful - but the fact the targets gainst XP faster than the hypnotist pretty much entirely dissuaded me from using it, because what's the fucking point. Swaps one form of grinding for another, except even more tedious since you have to grind hypnosis on 2hus you DON'T want to fug. And in my experience it takes far longer to get hypnosis to a decent level than just breaking a dozen girls or so in via repeated forced orgasms.

It's pretty shittily balanced, is what I'm saying. It's not the low effort, high risk option; it's not high effort, high reward; it's not anything.

Of course I might be wrong, and it was updated a while ago and I missed it, at which point feel free to ignore me and call me a retard.



You know, I seriously feel like the Remilia's Invitation event should happen later in the game - most of the time it triggers before the initial ceasefire is over, which both lessens the choice and makes little sense given the entire event relies on the MC having made a name for themselves as a general already. How, pushing pencils?

Adding to the silliness is that due to how it works and how early it triggers, if someone wants to side with Remilia there is more or less no reason no to start in another faction and then switch over, since you get benefits you'd otherwise have to haul ass for.


File: 034e210683988c6⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 2975x3308, 2975:3308, Poster11.jpg)

So I fugged my High-Pixie a whole lot and some dude gave me a ring.

Now I have the option to do a newgame+ I think?

Any reason not to do it right away?

I've only cleared the tutorial with Raidou and the Echo Building area so far.



NG+ Keeps your unlocked fusions and compedium, and you also get bonuses depending on how many endings you've gotten.

Some routes, like the Meguca one, require you to do it them at least twice to get all the stuff or just put the missed demons/characters into your game using debug mode

You also start again at level 5 and can only bring to the NG+ demons who you have married and put the ring on (could be wrong about this last it).



So how do I tie the knot with my pixie gf?



You need the ring, the demon you want to marry in "Love" status, have the "Wedding Ring of Solomon" Plug-in in your plug-in list and 1 million yen. If all these conditions are met, then there will appear a new option called "contrat". Click on it, then click the Demon you want to marry and you're done.



the ring event done*



>1 million yen

fuck that shit I'm barely scrapping it together for these payments to the society

thanks though



Getting money gets easier the latter you are into the game, just make a shitload of demons work at your restaurant/brothel, and then turn the Macca you get into Yen

Also did you turn off the timers? Some routes like Madoka, Persona 1 and some others I forgot about have a time limit.



Yeah I turned off timers, but the only ones that can work at the brothel are my pixie and I don't wanna do that to her.



there's also a foodcart (wich later turns into a restaurant), and the demons don't get fugged there, they gain money based on their cooking skill.




also, do stats act differently for demons than they do for my character?

I can't figure out what ones to raise on level ups.

Some info I read said St increases phys damage, others that say Ag, some even say En raises damage.

I don't get it.



STR affects physical damage (Strike, Slash Skill and Gun) unless otherwise stated (Meduka's final skill is Gun, but it's based on MAG).

AGI says how fast you go and slightly increases Gun damage. Some attacks like Multi-Strike do more hits depending on how much AGI you have.

VIT is for health and for how much damage you can take.



And INT would be max MP. While MA is magic damage, right?



Yes. Every other element in the game uses MAG as a calculator.


So is there a SINGLE Era game with decently implemented hypnosis? I don't even mean necessarily in terms of special content or dialogue, though that'd definitely be a boost - but the only ones I've seen thus far either had only partially implemented systems or ones that are incredibly clunky and not worth the effort - talking primarily about TohoK here, last time I checked it, the target got way more HypnoXP than you so it was a losing race and you had to basically switch targets all the time for ages to grind it up to a decent level. And even then, due to how much XP they got they were guaranteed to break out all the time.


File: 12c24819f6db6a7⋯.png (9.39 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 2kAm41PdsY-2.png)

I've got 5 demon sluts working my hotel and pumping out another baby a week practically.

Then each baby grows up and leaves, but sends me yen every day like I'm the government collecting tax or something.

It almost feels like cheating.



what game are you playing I'd like to try that






File: d462564ceaf4768⋯.png (28.26 KB, 905x371, 905:371, eratohok bug.PNG)

eratohok bug report from the >>107872 release


Just started eraMegaten 0.309 from the pastebin and saw some small typos

>New Game

>★★Please select battle disobedience event setting★★



>Desc: Only flavior disobedience events will occur during battle.

>    Theese events are text-only and don't inhibit combat in any way.


Damn, once you get the girls in TW to a high enough favorability they're pretty nuts, two of the girls I've been working on in my spare time from my main girl just walked in on us fucking, instead of flipping their shit they joined.

There really are no consequences yet.



AFAIK there are no consequences if they like you enough. The only consequence for getting caught that I know of is the blackmail flag they get. And the only thing blackmails do that I know of is that they randomly choose to prematurely end push downs they previously initiated a few times, while leaving you with a rotor up your ass/pussy or taking your panties. Oh and sometimes they leave a kiss mark, which for some reason infuriates other touhous more than finding you in one of your orgies.



Remilia always leaves. If you let her do everything, she might not leave as fast.


File: 5c9f752bceb8414⋯.jpg (43.15 KB, 460x571, 460:571, a9AAVdo_460s.jpg)

>Pasted Reimu's TW kojo files into LiG.

>Adjusted them a little

>Started up LiG, no errors so far

>Start at my house. Immediatly run towards Hakurei Shrine

>Going to Reimu like "what up!"

>Reimu responds with moonrune

I guess that counts as a success. Maybe LiG wouldn't be so barren after all!



Teach me how to set up pls


Do fallen officers in touhoK do anything interesting? So far I've only gotten a lab animal, but the only difference was starting from -1000 instead of 0. Yay, I get to grind favor/submission for twice as long as usual.



Just click labor tab.


>connecting to DDS-NET

is it actually connecting to something or is it just flavour text for loading?



Flavour text.


Huh, chiitrans lite takes up 300+mb and TL aggregator uses up just around 60-80mb. Wonder why there's such a large difference in memory usage when they do the same thing.


So a new option in the Jakyou Manor showed up

>Fusion with you

Has no options after I click it, do I need specific demons for this?



Second-tier fall condition required. It will take a lot of time.


How do you get "I made her a public toilet" in Reverse?


Curse you snack thief!

These $5000 snacks better be damn worth it!


how do you access debug mode in eraMegaten



Click on the .bat file called "debug mode" in the main folder.

If you want to add characters, you need to input their number, not their name. Anybody can be inputted wich means that yes, you can fuck yourself


So are the console commands for the debug mode in megaten listed anywhere?



I mean how do i set up the girls into cash cumming sluts so quick?


Can I win in era tw and pick a new game plus?


>Finally gotten Dante

Those Power Charged Showtimes aren't that dangerous once you have reached +8 Evasion

Too bad he didn't give me enough EXP to reach level 80. What's a good place to grind to level 80?



…I *think* you have to play an in game year to reach New Game Plus…?

I'm not sure.




after a year in game you should get a option to do so, iirc its called 'kick the bucket' or something along the lines of dieing.



So does it really matter if I accept confessions or not?

Doesn't seem to have an affect on their attitude, so is it just something I let one girl have so the others stop asking?



Break them into lewd or slave.

Look at increase ability tab to know requirements for them.



Itsyaboi Nigorslayer



When you NG+ you get to edit the girl you confessed to in great detail, while you can only tweak the girls who love you to a lesser degree.



Neat, hopefully these games get better with time instead of being left to die.


File: c6d74d6a7acd086⋯.jpg (84.43 KB, 800x750, 16:15, zzz.jpg)

What event triggers this?



It was random.


Is there any way to edit what the starting Personas and Avatar Tuner forms are?

They all seem pretty shit.

I don't want to be op at the start but I'd also like to not get destroyed 5 steps into the first dungeon.




What is this? A picture that pops up randomly when playing?

What game?



Awesome job anon, plan on including more from TW into LiG?



EraTW, but the translators took out the code.



Happens randomly on startup it seems, happened to me once when the game crashed



thank fuck for that


Is anybody currently translating Remilia's dialogue in tohok right now? I've transcribed some lines myself but I'm not if it's worth uploading



Why not upload? What's wrong with them?


File: 620f48dd62feac6⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 836x1673, 836:1673, 454545.jpg)

eratohoK Tr70a


Major changes

-New item: Odd Pocketwatch

-Translated some events, most notably Kaguya and Mokou's

-Made it so that officer poaching/betrayal events don't happen before turn 10

-Improved the sex display a bit

-Switched to the EmueraAnchor exe, which should solve locale problems

-Lots of minor translations and bugfixes



No. You can edit Avatar Tuner form stats though.

Also always have full team.


Thanks for update.



Nothing is really wrong with them. I just haven't been able to understand all her lines so I've kept them as is. I wasn't sure if anybody would still want them but once I get more done I guess I'll upload them



When you say the Mokou/Kag event, do you mean the one where Mokou barges in if you have Kaguya as an officer? I seem to only get that scene and the one after where she comes back for my dick because I raped her, and even when I tell her to come back again she doesn't.



Leaving lines alone that you can't translate properly is good. You can translate every other line in a paragraph if you have to.


In Tohok one of the girls just a kid whose gender is listed as Cross(M). What am I looking at here?



Male Crossdresser. It's a trap.


File: b90ae0263b3d07e⋯.png (332.85 KB, 490x430, 49:43, 322323.png)



A faggot.




So I don't remember which erb files I edited. Can I just upload Remilia's folder to the thread?



The preferred method is git but if you can't be assed to figure it out, I'm sure someone else will end up doing it for you.



Do I need permission to edit stuff to git?



You need at least an account to login, but I just browse around with the era account so I don't know how they've set up permissions.



>New item: Odd Pocketwatch

So… what's that do?



Yes. Or just upload a .zip directly to the discord


Anyone been able to get byakuren's new event yet?

I'm leading the cultists and was able to get sanae's but no luck with byakuren.



It's untranslated and disabled


I am playing erainSchool and I cannot figure out how to whore a girl out. Her profile says "currently, you can order prostitution" but she doesn't show up in the prostitution menu. Anyone know what I might be missing?



…It's not disabled only because it's untranslated, right?


What the fuck happened to the custom character interface on the latest build. The 'abl' tab is one big line and fighting and cooking are separated from the other main stats for no good reason. They tried to put all the talents on one page but they're an unaligned mess. Sex is slapped onto the bottom of the talents tab when it should be in the first tab. Strength, stamina, and willpower are visible in the other tab but you can't change them. Rather than putting the skills button with the other tabs they put it in the other tab.



eraTohoK on gitgud



You're playing a development branch that's copying from a japanese development branch and then slowly translating and fixing the resulting mess.

If you're talking about because you're interested in helping change it then great, otherwise you could have just stuck to the stable version that was released 21 hours ago.


In EraTokoK are the more advanced hair descriptions just disable for now?

I mean the ones that say they have to be turned on in the settings in the after chargen editor option.



That's actually the sort of thing we tend to do, yes.


File: c0e84ebcd06fb86⋯.png (36.17 KB, 954x418, 477:209, jparser is a gift from the….png)


That's a bit annoying. It's like 2 clicks to set up a Jparser text hooker with these games so I can read through events.

I can just go into settings and turn on all events right, I don't have to dive into the kojo files?


File: 95e6d60d908f890⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Gift.png)

Well this cracked me up pretty good.


in eratohok on most recent commit after accessing the base events option in settings and selecting lewd events the game will crash with the following

SYSTEM\EVENT_DAILY\CONFIG_EVENT_DAILY.ERB at line 61 Error has occurred:Emuera-Anchor


Error description: 配列型変数DAILY_EVENT_NAMEの第2引数(-1)は配列の範囲外です


Function call stack:

↑SYSTEM\CONFIG.ERB at line 109(function@SHOW_CONFIG)

↑SHOP\SHOP.ERB at line 155(function@EVENTBUY)


File: b9ea025e90ca3fa⋯.png (141.77 KB, 553x704, 553:704, __original_drawn_by_monoru….png)


So, that random tip about the chupacabra wasn't total bullshit.Troubling.




The chance to activate was pretty tiny to begin with.


File: 54e2c17a41f7d20⋯.png (6.11 KB, 536x81, 536:81, ClipboardImage.png)


They're hard coded out. You have to unfuck them manually. Whoever does this shit, please stop.


I'm a little lost. I'm playing TW, have Suika at >100 frustration, she rubs all over me after a date, as soon as I bring her to an empty room she pushes me down, but half the sex options bring her from 0 anger to full hate mark. What am I missing?



Is there any limit to the retardation of eops?



Yeah it's pretty stupid. I understand for those events where you have 20 random outcomes that only matter for flavor so you translate 10 and turn off the other 10 that aren't translated yet, but removing character-specific events and dialog is terrible. It'd be one thing if we had a no-moonrunes policy but you see them pop up occasionally anyway so I don't get the logic.


File: c77c14874e7a1b6⋯.jpg (13 KB, 180x218, 90:109, 18033803_1209685169153576_….jpg)


Thats adorable actually.


What do i have to do to be able to do something else than conversation and serve tea ?

How do i earn cash ?

How do i Massage reimu if she requests ?

One girl is mad at me and i don't have option to apologize anymore, what do ?

Is there tutorial/fag/whatever for this game ? I feel like i really need one



Also how do i capitalize on catching someone masterbaiting ?

Game Eratw btw.



raise favor. help people with work it pays more then just cleaning. if you're using the link in the pastebin that option won't show get the one from the git repository. pray at a shrine personally never gotten a girl pissed of like that so thats my only guess. and no.



>something else other than conversation

get an instrument and play some music, bitches love music but it will cost you 200 energy.



Agreed on that the translators shouldn't be disabling events just because they haven't gotten to them yet. We have the anchor for a reason. At least the character events file makes it easy to find the disabled events and fix them though.


was looking at the Kaguya changes in eratohoK Tr70a and seems like the aristocratic event was disabled judging by " ;This is NTR shit. Disabled in the daily map. " so how would i go about re-enabling it? also anyone have a list of the events that are disabled just because their untranslated?


I told you faggots that the translators aren't that fucking bright. They're lazy ass niggers.


Because I do a lot of translating, I know that machine translated Japanese is fucking garbage. It's like trying to read the spaghetti-Os in Interior Semiotics. It's like a conversation between two people who are having simultaneous strokes. It's an incoherent word salad shitpile where the average sex scene would be better if it just said "they fucked" because that's a lot faster to read and has as much meaning as you're going to get.

That's why sweeping surplus untranslated runes under the rug is the default that I'm sticking with, and I know the majority of players have a better experience for it. Complains and insults won't change my mind on that. But I can add a config option to optionally enable that content. Nobody asked for it until today.



>Because I do a lot of translating, I know that machine translated Japanese is fucking garbage.

Sex descriptions repeat in all games I've used machine translation (Atlas). If somehow it's hard for you to decipher it when you also know Japanese, then I doubt you know the language OR have ever translated anything more than the Era games.

>That's why sweeping surplus untranslated runes under the rug is the default that I'm sticking with, and I know the majority of players have a better experience for it. Complains and insults won't change my mind on that.

>"I'm too up my own ass to have considered adding an "enable" option before instead of hardcoding events out because my little brain can't comprehend repeating patterns"

>"also, lol, like hell I'll listen to criticism, it's not like most of the games are ~90% non-translated and all of them either use the anchor without the original .exe and also include a ton of untranslated moonrunes, defeating my whole point from the start"

>Nobody asked for it until today.

Don't fucking lie, you dumb nigger.

Actually, don't try to work around it.

It's obvious no one asked, how the hell would people know about events that you hardcode out? Do you think people just hunt for this shit? Get a grip.



>that reason

To whoever did that: Eat a dick, you're not the fun police, stop shoving your bad opinions on the overall gameplay.



What is her intimacy level? It's one of the things that decide how mad they get from intimate actions.


Raise favor and reliability, then also raise one of the bars called favorability. Head pats and lap pillows are key. The second you get the option to lead them around you should start bring them on dates, as they stay in place allowing you to spam headpats etc.

If you live at hakurei shrine a good way to get some quick dosh is to stop time and help chiyuri out around 9 o clock. then after some time Yumemi will show up and you can help her too.

Massaging should appear as an option when talking to her in the TW JUNE build in OP.

You can buy cakes from the mail order store to make your apologies more effective, if all hope is lost then pray to god to make them less angry, by offering quite a few panties you've stolen from the girl in question.



If you're gonna be a self-absorbed cunt and ignore objections to your bullshit, why even bother explaining yourself? You could just as well sit there being smug about how you get to dictate what others get to see and keep your shitty opinions to yourself.



well thanks for your translating efforts. Quick question is it not possible to just have it automatically off in the settings menu similar to how "Drugs" and "Sexual Harassment" are so it can be turned on by those who want it instead of disabling the event in its file?Also how can i go about re-enabling it. So far managed to re-enable kaguya's enslavement but its triggering without the prior scene so i must of did something wrong.



You can save your settings in eratohok, that they will be set in all games.



>It's like trying to read the spaghetti-Os in Interior Semiotics. It's like a conversation between two people who are having simultaneous strokes.

I agree. But you know what, that's a personal opinion . There are many people who don't mind at all, and you're divesting them of the choice (at least without some work on hunting down shit in the source code) for no good reason than "MY OPINION IS SUPERIOR". Not to mention other scenarios, like me for example. I can read japanese, but I use the translated game for the convenience of translated stat names and such - when I come to an untranslated section, I just put in the effort read it.

Putting the option is a good solution, but you shouldn't hide content by default. That's retarded.



I would rather you not translate at all if you are just going to remove whatever you don't like



i am aware of that. i meant instead of the translator locking out an event in the files to instead just save it as off in-game




I haven't tried this, but to re-enabled all the disabled stuff, try hopping into the files with comments like ";Returning this event blah blah boring blah blah nobody cares" and comment/remove the "Return 0" line under those comments:


Your suggestion about just setting it as a default "OFF" setting in-game is a lot better, someone more familiar with the code could probably do that



I think that anon's also the one that would like to censor events in-game but holds back.

Now I don't even remember his reasoning because it was pretty garbage, but he was pretty mad about it on Discord when he was being called out. I think he went like "I'm the one doing the translations so I could do whatever I want" or something of the sort.



The issue is that there's some 140 characters, each having their "extra text" folder. Have fun browsing through them searching for events that were return zeroed, every time you grab the newest commit.


Well, if it's the anonw from git throwing shitfits then the project isn't in the best of hands. Contributing much in a joint project doesn't mean you have veto rights over others.



alright that seems to have worked. Didn't mess with it earlier since it also had 3 new lines above it that was not in the previous versions.



>Have fun browsing through them searching for events that were return zeroed, every time you grab the newest commit.

Not an issue if you committed your changes locally and then just rebase on pulling. Unless the line was changed on git, there won't be any conflicts.

Now let's just stop shitting endlessly and wait for his answer.



>waiting for discord dick suckers to answer after being endlessly panned

Good luck.



Yeah, curse dem fucking shitscordlords, sitting on their dogshit doing nothing all day, ruining our only haven!


>Even though Kogasa's body kept aching from the unbearable desire, she calmed herself thinking about having sex with You in the near future and forced herself to sleep…

>"Ha ha … … after all the masturbation to be done at the end of the day is great ~

I have a good feeling about tommorow


Beginner tips for eratohouTW?


>people only getting mad now when he isn't removing NTR content

you deserve what you get



>Not an issue if you committed your changes locally and then just rebase on pulling

I had to google what it does, and while certainly useful, you can't expect everyone to have worked with git enough to know all the fancy parameters.

Still, the main issue remains. You shouldn't expect people to have to dig through game code looking for content that was already there but was disabled based on one of the translators' subjective perception of what's a "better experience". Having them disabled by default in settings seems perfectly fine, on the other hand.


Water from former hell's baths makes the highest quality sake, you can sell it for a lot of cash. But it's gonna be too strong for most of 2hus to drink and you need like 1k per visit which is a lot when you're poor early on.



Is the strongest sake a chance

Just did it and made 11 normal sake



As someone mentioned earlier, you can do some jobs mid time-stop. I've found Ruukuto and Mima so far, probably Sakuya and the researchers as well, and some others I haven't found yet.



Nope. You messed up somehow. Regular water from wells makes weakest sake, misty lake water makes the mid tier sake, former hell's hot spring makes the strongest one. Did you replace the water in the sake bug's bottle or did you only fetch water from the baths?




If it is a chance then it has to be super low since the whole point of the hot spring is that you pay to get the best sake later



Fetched the hell's hotspring water and slammed into the sake bug

Instantly got some sake which I assume isn't from the hell's hotspring water



It's sake out of whatever was in the bottle before. It takes a few days for the sake bug to process the water. You get a memo when waking up if he's done.


how do I increase to amount of sperm I ejaculate in era tw



Oh yeah that make sense, thanks



don't ejaculate for a while or one of the prayers I think


gengetsu dialouge has been commented out of eratohok also all the translators have contempt for the thread I just thought I'd inform you all


File: 3ff84db965c18bd⋯.png (21.97 KB, 660x154, 30:7, average discord.png)


>implying the discord isn't constant cock sucking and reinforcement of shit decision



…You're right, it is commented out. And unlike other things where I can just uncomment two lines in a map file or delete the Return 0, I have no idea what I should be uncommenting in this file to enable it.



sasuga discordians



To answer this, it seems you can delete [SKIPSTART] and [SKIPEND] from Gengetsu's dialogue file to reenable it, if I'm not mistaken.


File: 6d89741bb8fb4de⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 466x522, 233:261, 1501893548263.jpg)

Its always the fucking same with both of you faggots.

One side bitching and complaining because people dont work fast enough on their free time

And the side bitching because some faggots on the Internet said mean things about them


Can't events be disabled in eratohok from the settings menu? Couldn't the game instead be modified so that these events are disabled in their menu and just have to be re-enabled by the player at their discretion? Why make content inaccessible except via editing game files?



>One side bitching and complaining because people dont work fast enough on their free time

that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, if you could get that cock out of your mouth for a few seconds you would see people are calling out a shit decision



So are you a fucking illiterate or what, this has nothing to do with how fast things are being translated and everything to do with the translators making the dumb fuck decision to disable content just because it hasn't been translated yet.



>One side bitching and complaining because people dont work fast enough on their free time

Who said anything about working fast? Please, link to that post.

I see you fuckers in the discord. Don't try to make excuses or change the subject here. A decision was made to comment out untranslated content, which has fuck all to do with how fast or hard you work. It was stupid, not lazy, and I think only one retard said otherwise, way up there. Don't fucking comment out content for no reason. What's the benefit to doing that? Oh, you save everyone a dozen clicks? Wow, how incredible, that's totally worth completely hiding content from people who might have been able to read it or enjoyed it through machine translation, regardless of your retarded-ass opinion on it. What a truly masterful move. Thank you master 'translator' who relies google translate, may I suck your cock?


";What the fuck is this event?

;I don't understand it and it's obviously rare.

;It's not translated so I'm just going to RETURN 0 it."

It's shit like this that we're mad about. I'm going through and seeing just how much has been commented out and really, it's an absurdly large amount. I've learned that many events that I thought were completely static actually have variations but the translators changed them so you only get one result, such as the houseboat or bounty hunting loss scenes.


In light of the recent posts I will no longer be translating anything enjoy



Good. Fuck off.



Haven't seen anyone quit in the discord, who are you?


No one is ever going to see those events that's a fact


File: 9601d1b2a992d03⋯.jpg (21.43 KB, 286x269, 286:269, 0cda1e6027b35f40f6b6b0ba09….jpg)

>Visit thread after a while

>Translators fucking up the game

>Playing the victim and acting like SJW elitists

>Drama everywhere

I just wanted to tenderly love my waifu.



>take a break for a bit

>come back

>favorite game was actually censored all this time under my nose

>now I can't enjoy it knowing there's something I can't reach

My luck is so shit they call me lancer.


File: 0185f189d70335a⋯.jpg (473.8 KB, 1619x1725, 1619:1725, 1482266578965.jpg)


No one cares


For what it's worth, while the thread is referring to translators (plural), TohoK has only one primary translator. The second most active contributor to that game has 5x fewer commits than the main translator. He censors events, removes whatever he doesn't like, changes events to his liking, and has said on multiple occasions that "the translations don't have to be accurate, just make them sound good in English." Nearly everyone else is working on other games.

From reading the discord for several months now, my personal theory is that this is at least partially motivated by the translator's desire to have tohoK 'completely translated' (ie: hide all the runes until there's only English left). He often makes statements about wanting tohoK to be the first era game that's fully translated. The lazy way to do that would be to remove untranslated events. There have been a few complaints in the discord about his handling of events, and even other translators have advised against altering or hiding events, yet here we are. I get the feeling that the translator sees tohoK as some sort of personal achievement to take pride in, as he talks about his dedication and 'ensuring quality' while the other translators just work on whatever tickles their interest at the time.

If the translator remains arrogant and uncompromising, my suggestion would be to fork tohoK to a new repository, uncomment the censored events, and port over new commits only after reviewing them. However, with the way events have been altered, you might as well start over from the Japanese git repository. What you're playing is only partially related to the original game.



You know what, I think butthurt about that millionaire in eratohok was better than this.



>He often makes statements about wanting tohoK to be the first era game that's fully translated.

Muh milestonism.


File: ad3e23686906d44⋯.jpg (45.6 KB, 680x512, 85:64, why.jpg)

Somehow I warned you all about the Discord faggotry. No one listened.



I always hated discord. It keeps all your messages and conversations.



someone educate me on how to translate this shit and I'll do it, this shit's the most fun game I've found in years

>captcha: HugFad




Trust me, it's a bad idea to start from scratch. Try to scour the translated source code for similarly retarded comments and return 0s, and compile your findings somewhere for later structured removal. It'll also help you understand the system if you really want to help later on.



I was going to compare the files between the untranslated and translated versions and try to put back in what was removed before I start trying to translate, but I don't actually know how I would go about doing that. I haven't done any sort of appreciable coding in years.

I'd just like to know how to start at this point, then I'll ask questions in the discord or something when I get to a problem



I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Using a little bit of grep regex magic, I've compiled all commented-out lines with file and line number that contained lowercase alphabetic characters - aka, most likely to be actual comments by a translator. Having these it should be trivial to just remove out the 1 line that disables events. ctrl+fing for 'event' seems effective.



>ERB/SYSTEM/EVENT_DAILY/各イベント群/SUCCUBUS/SUCCUBUS_BATTLE.ERB:156:;Instead of writing a futa on female scene the japs would rather write more of this kind of shit?


Now I want to translate this just to see what he's so salty about



if ur gonna do dis pls pls add back in the ntr events cuz it feels mean to the japanese ppl that put all their effort into them



Fuck no kill yourself, I'm not touching NTR shit.

Also lrn2type.



Out of curiosity, how does that make you any different from the discord fags that remove shit because they don't like that faggot shit?

You're excluding shitty NTR content because you don't like it, just like the discord fags exclude jap shit that isn't translated.



>complains about censorship

>censors himself

How to be worse than the Discord translators.





Shut the fuck up you autismo




I'm not going to waste time translating shit I don't like, if you want it translated go for it.

I just want to finish the character/daily events up and polish what's there, NTR is objectively garbage and I can't believe you niggers actually want the millionaire


File: 5008aecf4cd4451⋯.jpg (94.15 KB, 600x445, 120:89, 1281140359997.jpg)


make me nerd



You can keep it untranslated then, the idea is that you should add the events back in. Or well, you can just go on Discord, I guess.

>objectively garbage

Welp, there goes your credibility, not like you necessarily had any.



If I learn how to put an option for toggling the events in the settings, then I'll implement it default off, but I don't know how to code in enumera, so I can't.

Therefore I won't touch it.

>You don't like the porn I do so you have no credibility

I bet you like traps too



>If I learn how to put an option for toggling the events in the settings, then I'll implement it default off, but I don't know how to code in enumera, so I can't.

You do know you can check the coding for the options menu, right?

>"I don't like this porn"

>"Thus I forgot the word "subjective""

That doesn't make any sense, anon.



>"I don't like this porn"

>"Thus I forgot the word "subjective""

I'm also a retard that uses the word objectively wrong. Allow me to reiterate. I hate NTR with a burning passion and would rather chew fluoride than read any.




Anyway, if you're going to actually do anything, do it properly or don't bother with a fork and just give your translations to the discordfags.

You can use the plethora of options in the option menu that the discordfags added as examples.


File: 1cda4e0ce2d5e97⋯.jpg (160.25 KB, 773x785, 773:785, 1501151381294.jpg)

>people unironcally want the NTR faggotry back into the game




Just translate all the other events then pass it off to whoever wants to translate the NTR event



>thinking people would be okay with censorship on 8ch of all places



>whoever wants to translate the NTR event

Hate to break it to you, but there's exactly no one that wants to do it.

Probably because >>111784


File: b543e9abe05102a⋯.gif (4.13 MB, 598x334, 299:167, bunny.gif)







Ahh, NTR. Bringing people together in mutual disgust for people who like that garbage fetish.



And what do you suggest? People translating shit they dont want? I have no issues with them adding them back into the game, I wouldnt be able to read it and would probably be toggeable.

But coaxing people to do something they hate is even worse than what the discordfaggots are doing.



My guy I am >>111767 I agree with you 100%.


File: 591dc5e0613578c⋯.jpg (142.98 KB, 1200x951, 400:317, 1501909548731.jpg)



In any case. Since none of you NTRfags know moonrunes you will have to quietly sit the fuck down and wait till someone is willing to throw a bone at you.


File: cfc88aece0ea763⋯.jpg (96.52 KB, 520x600, 13:15, disgust.jpg)







Have you faggots ever heard of being impartial? You're doing exactly what the Discordfags are doing. It's just that this time the censorship is no longer happening to events you personally like.


I don't think anyone is asking people to translate something they don't like.

how ever removing events because you don't like them is pure sjw logic



I agree. I'm not saying to remove them, I'm saying that there's no way in hell that I'm going to be the one responsible for putting them back in.


File: 68eaa30d4f2a0c4⋯.png (1.26 KB, 259x36, 259:36, 2017-08-05_52:46.png)


It'd be great if it were only NTR. However, I'd say NTR makes up only about 15-20% of disabled events so far. I'm going through and enabling everything as well as having a look, and most of it is just untranslated, random non-reasons, etc. There's like 3 full files worth of sakuya dialogue cut out just because.


File: f037007eb4308ea⋯.jpg (21.98 KB, 300x331, 300:331, 1459617502969.jpg)


its called not being an entitled bitch. You are not paying them jackshit so why would they apease to you or do something they so obviously hate?

Want something YOU and a very few people want translated? Pay for it or learn moonrunes… Fucking hell with you people.



I'm not saying that the discordfags are perfect, assholes cut out a lot of content out of lazyness, but I'm not demanding translations. Just to add it back into the game and people who want it translated will find a way to do it.

Unlike the NTRfaggots here I'm not an entitled bitch.



Next time don't bother crying about Discordfags then. You're worse than them at this point, since you added the hypocrisy on top.



>"I totally agree with your point"

>"But no, not really."

You don't need to translate jack shit, just add the events back in.

Don't make forty fucking forks, if you're going to be a jackass, give the shit you do to the discordfags.



You're kind of a little bitch, huh?



I'm going to have to ask you the same thing, hypocrite.


File: 516e57330cba155⋯.jpg (33.3 KB, 600x581, 600:581, fba.jpg)


And what do you suggest then? Translate what they so obviously hate so you and your flock of tards can be happy? Why? Are you paying them to do something they dislike?

No one is saying that removing content is ok, but calling someone hypocrite just because they refuse to satisfy your degenerate taste is retarded.

The fuck is wrong with you?



fucking this


File: 3638d8a5b472e5b⋯.jpg (190.26 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1282086927974.jpg)

this thread right now



>And what do you suggest then?

Don't cry about the discordfags, is what I'm saying.

>Are you paying them to do something they dislike?

Are you paying the discordfags to do something they dislike? AKA translate the events they took out?

>No one is saying that removing content is ok,

Except you faggots went with the status quo and claimed you won't add in all the events because you dislike part of them.

Like the discordfags did themselves.

>The fuck is wrong with you?

Nothing, but there is something wrong with your logic.



I'm not translator guy, dipshit. Watching you sperg the fuck out and REEEEEEEE is pretty damn entertaining though.


File: 5e398d9af65a862⋯.jpg (82.13 KB, 319x541, 319:541, 1470975999150.jpg)


Holy shit. I refuse you believe this fucking dumb.

Did you even read the damn thread? No one is defending the discordfags removing the content, everyone is pretty much flinging shit at them for that.

Whats being discussed here is how you and your flock of tards are throwing a hissy fit because no one wants to translate the NTR events, because no one who undersand runes likes that shit.

I'm pretty damn sure I've been baited, because the alternative is accepting that people like you exist somewhere in the world.



>I'm not the translator guy

But you do agree with him. You don't seem to understand how ideas work.



I refuse to believe you are*



I'm not a hypocrite if I don't have inconsistent beliefs, retard. Just admit you fucked up and thought I was someone else.


File: 695e079232cd89c⋯.jpg (35.71 KB, 476x353, 476:353, 1465862448918.jpg)

I cant wait for some translator to pick up the game and translate eveyrthing but the NTR shit just to see the NTRfaggots lose their mind and kill themselves.



I would have thought NTR fetishists would enjoy this kind of powerless suffering.


File: f0ccdfa14806d6d⋯.jpg (44.32 KB, 398x370, 199:185, max smug.jpg)


goddamn you. my drink is all over the monitor now.



>Did you even read the damn thread? No one is defending the discordfags removing the content, everyone is pretty much flinging shit at them for that.



Which seems to be the guy that wants to take up the translation.

>Whats being discussed here is how you and your flock of tards are throwing a hissy fit because no one wants to translate the NTR events






Etc. It's pretty fucking easy to see that you're wrong. Although, you guys did cry about events being taken out. Then you started singing another tune when NTR events were also taken out:







>I'm pretty damn sure I've been baited, because the alternative is accepting that people like you exist somewhere in the world.

>"I can't conceive the fact that I am a hypocrite."


You're not? I thought you said it's OK for this new translators to comment out events as long as they're NTR, since you seem to agree with him.





File: dd6eaa51b643ffa⋯.png (28.84 KB, 1478x369, 1478:369, Capture.PNG)

Sorry my guy, but even I am not enough of a master baiter to work all three sides of an argument.



I haven't agreed or disagreed with anyone, you illiterate monkey. I've just been insulting you.


Holy shit who goes through that much effort to remove content from a porn game and then complains about people pushing them to translate faster?

the discord fags cant be that retarded.


File: 6dbd890e0f18ab6⋯.jpg (65.89 KB, 623x460, 623:460, 1319939304374.jpg)



>and then complains about people pushing them to translate faster?

I'm sorry, can you show me where in the thread anyone says that? Because you seem to be missing the point somewhere



So you're saying you disagree with both of us?


I knew you were retarded before this, so don't worry.



Why disable events in the code when there are measures in place for anons to turn off the ones they don't like in the options menu? Have it default to off or something.



Done, re-enabled all the events I could find, which was quite a lot. I'm sure there are just as many that didn't receive an explanatory comment, however.

Please note that this means there will be a lot of untranslated text, and although there wasn't as much NTR content as I was expecting, I still re-enabled 4 or 5 of those kinds of events. Mind you, I don't like NTR either, but I'm trying to be consistent here. If you have no interest in reading japanese/going through machine translation, I don't recommend downloading this.



I'm saying I think you're a whiny little bitch. That opinion in no way reflects on any other opinions, that may or may not exist, in regards to translating events or commenting events out.


File: 2c8ed9cf321d938⋯.jpg (173.29 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1310968597529.jpg)


The NTRfags can sit and watch me translate their events. I'm only going to commit the changes locally though.



>I'm saying I think you're a whiny little bitch.

Why would you say this if you weren't in disagreement?

>That opinion in no way reflects on any other opinions

So you're saying that me being a "whiny little bitch" is a statement in a vacuum? But then that would mean that it's vacuous, anon.

> that may or may not exist, in regards to translating events or commenting events out.

So you're a nihilist?



Thanks, anon.

Maybe one day you'll reactivate all of the events.


File: baa2ee276b11d8e⋯.png (131.6 KB, 491x585, 491:585, 1501901507836.png)


What do you mean with locally?



I'm calling you a whiny bitch because you're acting like a whiny bitch. Beyond that, you have no information with which to infer any other position. Maybe I agree with you, maybe I don't, maybe I don't give a fuck. The only information you have available here is that you're a whiny little bitch.



He means he'll translate shit on his game only and not release it



>I'm calling you a whiny bitch because you're acting like a whiny bitch.

But then you'd have some proof of that, right? Did I say something wrong?

>Beyond that, you have no information with which to infer any other position.

I don't? But I'm certain you said that I'm a little bitch when I was explaining how someone was wrong.

>Maybe I agree with you, maybe I don't, maybe I don't give a fuck.

You clearly disagree, otherwise you wouldn't call me a "little bitch" in this context.

>The only information you have available here is that you're a whiny little bitch.

Yes, which in context means you disagree with me.


File: 6c68f6fa81dd256⋯.jpg (28.46 KB, 417x480, 139:160, 1501646300267.jpg)



Do it anon, I'd love to see the NTRfags lose their shit because of it.



This is what I don't get why leave some untranslated event in the game but remove others?


File: b337dc7e1cc55a1⋯.gif (989.91 KB, 320x240, 4:3, DCE2CKHUIAEoDqA.gif)


>The NTRfags can sit and watch me translate their events


That's still a win for me, anon.



I kept wondering how to trigger all her other events now i know why



Okay, retard, being a whiny little bitch is a behavioural trait. Behavioural traits are not arguments. Trying to infer that I agree or disagree with some unrelated position because I pointed out your negative behavioural trait, namely that you're a whiny little bitch, is the height of fucking stupidity. Which, incidentally, is also why I'm calling you retarded.


File: b01f89641b8474b⋯.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x386, 200:193, 1469839415517.jpg)





There's no consistency tbh, it depends how salty he feels at the time.



>Behavioural traits are not arguments.

But that ignores both context and semantics, anon.

>Which, incidentally, is also why I'm calling you retarded.

Ah, so you disagree with me this vehemently?



[retardation intensifies]

Being stupid isn't an argument. How are you this aggressively dumb?



From what I've gleaned from playing it for like fifty fucking hours at this point, the only "untranslated" events currently in the game are events that affect who you're allied with and some (read: a lot of the) character events that have like one or two lines translated.

There aren't any totally untranslated events in.



Kagerou events seem to be 100% translated.



How can you infer this from the context present, anon? Do you suffer of the Dunning-Kruger effect?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I can infer that you're a fucking idiot because you keep thinking that a judgement of a behaviour is the same thing as a judgement of an argument.


Man it's been shitstorm after shitstorm recently. First VH, then Lilith's throne, and now this.



As I just got it mere minutes ago, I can confirm that her custom dialogue for confessing and falling in love aren't.

Though I suppose those aren't really "events" so to speak



That's because there's context present, anon. Otherwise I wouldn't have inferred that, you know?



There's a lot of untranslated event text that you won't see because the case statement only selects the translated events and not the untranslated events, although some events do have an insane number of cases for them so I can sort of understand why that has occured.



What went on with VH? I don't see any shitstorm there.



something about re-doing the game on a different engine



How is that a shitstorm or a bad thing?




There's no context beyond what you've read into it. You leap directly from, "You're a whiny little bitch" to the conclusion of "THIS GUY MUST AGREE WITH EVERYTHING THE GUY I WAS ARGUING WITH BELIEVES AND APPARENTLY HOLDS INCONSISTENT VIEWS WHICH MAKES HIM A HYPOCRITE." In doing so you illustrate yourself as a fucking retard.



But that's wrong, anon. Why would you tell me I'm a whinny little bitch when I was saying someone is a hypocrite? That means you're in disagreement with that fact and most likely in agreement with the person I was calling a hypocrite.

Context is important.




No, scroll up even further and you'll see an argument around "secret club" mentality.



No. You. Fucking. Retard. Behaviours. Are. Not. Arguments. Juding a behaviour is not the same thing as judging an argument. Why are you so fucking stupid? WHY?



Well, to be fair, if you look at the discordfaggotry, it's because it's that way that they think they're beings that can't be touched.

Rather than limiting the help you can get, why not accept help from the outside? Open source always tends to win over closed.



Could you give me the tldr version? i'm on mobile and would take me an eternity to look for it


Stop falling for it anon, the guy is outright baiting you at this point.



You fucking retard, they want people to help; they even wrote fucking documentation to make it easier for people to help.

It's just that people like to bitch and moan about "hurr le sekrit discurd talkz" instead of fucking actually helping.


File: 21decbaaa03b787⋯.gif (6.46 MB, 344x202, 172:101, C9uX39DUAAAXQeH.gif)


How am I stupid? I'm not the one here ignoring context and semantics, you are.



They can do it on the 8ch thread then. Why use Discord if there's no issue in it being a "secret club" or not?



>Could you give me the tldr version

I'd rather just link you the reply that started it >>111387




Can you guys sage since you're arguing over wording at this point?



thanks famalam



Is that file broken?


File: 59ee3143eada8a5⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 540x349, 540:349, shrug.gif)


I don't understand how a Discord any fucker can join with an anonymous handle is a secret club. I also don't understand why everyone doesn't use the 8ch thread exclusively, but it's not like there's an access gate to either option.

Just use both, and endure the inconvenience for the sake of having an obscure jap porn game translated for free by random internet perverts.


eraTohoK, looking for a way to turn a male generic character into a trap. Is it possible?



Because it's quicker to communicate with other people like the faggot Pedolord and Sworve are doing for that one lezshit game they're doing, Sumireteru or whatever the fuck it's called, or when they want to discuss with some other faggot about coding issues and be sure said faggot actually notices the fucking comment.



>I also don't understand why everyone doesn't use the 8ch thread exclusively

The volume of messages exchanged would make threads impractical



I think there was potion for that, but you needed lewd book to make that.


It's mahjong yuri game.


Where are the character events located?







>I don't understand how a Discord any fucker can join with an anonymous handle is a secret club

Look at this Discord right now. There will be adminfags that threaten anyone that isn't on par with their own faggotry with bans and shit.



There have been so many projects done on 4chan without using IRC/Discord that were successful. Dropping the chans because you can't adapt is cancerous.






For tohok, is it possible to replace the english mouth files with the current jap mouth files in order to "unlock" all the censored content ? I'm not sure which file is blocking the content exactly, so I could only replace them with the original.

I really dont mind jap events as long as the interface itself is translated.



I refer to 8ch that way.



Just remove the comments, change the switch statements to cover all text. Some conditions are obviously meant to make the dialogue display at the appropriate time in game but if there's a return 0 for no reason at the top of the file then it was probably done so the file never gets used.



I can't seem to find it and I've looked through the shop ERB files too, which Is why I've been driven to post here. I know eraMegaten has an item that will induce 男の娘(crossdresser) but if there was an item like that in tohoK, I can't seem to find it anymore.



I think I made mistake. I was thinking about eramegaten sorry.



is there a cheat menu for eramegaten like the one for eratohoK?


It seems the Discordfags really won't do anything to fix this situation, the Tohok fags admit that they don't really translate anything but only use context then make up their own content and they commented out Gengetsu's dialogue completely.



They also mentioned that you should all play the Jap version if you want the untranslated events.



Yes there is, but I forgot how to use it.


discord was a mistake, simple as that



He's amusingly vanilla for someone translating porn games (if futa on male counts as vanilla.) Apparently he doesn't like raunch, scat or even public use,



>There will be adminfags that threaten anyone that isn't on par with their own faggotry with bans and shit.

Literally never happened. You're free to say whatever you want.




Are you retarded? Learn to git and start contributing. You don't even need to talk to us either here or on discord, in fact there's enough shitposting already. just fucking clone the repo and get to work. Everything you need is on git or pastebin. How is that closed source?



It happened several times actually. Discordfags also went full retard and took away Owner rights from someone that kept the admins in check.

It is kind of obvious at this point that you faggots barely come here because you're not really made for the chans, e.g. GrammarAnon.


>being this buttmad

"Closed source" wasn't about Era games, it was about VH. And it was still a supposition.

Although, did you just say it's ok for you guys to be a bunch of faggots because users can just do it themselves? How does that change that you're a bunch of faggots that do it to spite people? It's literally more work or mostly the same work to leave the events in, meaning you're censorhappy either because you're retarded or really because you want to spite users.

Sometimes I wonder why you faggots still use Git and just don't translate locally if you have no interest in people actually playing your shit.

Missing the point so much should be a crime, seriously.



To add since I fucked up, there's really no point in dividing this crap so many times, it's also easier to work it out as a single project.

Trying to find excuses for your behavior like this is retarded.



>took away Owner rights from someone that kept the admins in check

You know nothing and yet you're speaking right out of your asshole.

That guy was hindering the progress, did absolutely nothing worthwhile, added some memeyshit like the bot that spammed your pm with autism increased message and was constantly bullying other people tagging them as fags the second the admit that they had a fetish he hated. If you call that "keeping admins in check", then go ahead and suck his dick, I don't know.

As for other things, the overall progress literally skyrocketed from the day discord appeared. Having centralized git instead of doing stupid shit like mega also helped a lot.


Also disabling an event takes less than a minute, the same as re-enabling it. It wasn't deleted, it was just disabled until better times. Translating jap's autistic screeching plastered all over the dialogue for his favorite 2hu waifu takes quite a lot of time, you know.


does eating serve any purpose in eratw ?

can i just ignore it ?



It doesn't have to be translated. That's the entire point. Anyone interested enough can read it through machine, anyone not interested can easily skip through it. The option should always be there. If you want to get more advanced it can be in settings like some of the other controversial events like millionaire, but it doesn't have to be.

It takes less time to just leave it in untranslated than it does to remove it.



It restores stamina and energy. Incredibly useful when you're doing a strenuous activity (read: fucking a girl repeatedly in the attempt to knock her up) often throughout the day. Cooking food and having a meal will replenish stamina and energy for you and the person you have the meal with.


Any further conversation on controversies not directly related to the game itself(such as discord drama, argument semantics etc as opposed to disabling events etc) will result in post deletion and a ban.

Post last edited at


Millionaire: You guys have modded it to hell so I don't know what the original was, but just refuse the guy if it bothers you so much. Or kill him, who cares about a little economic drop.

Satori and the Spy: A little weak on the writing, esp. at the end, considering the player has in-game stats that can and should be referenced.

NTRemi: You gotta seek this one out in the first place, and you can rape her back to loyalty at the end, so I don't see the problem.

Any other NTR events you guys want a rundown on? It's kind of weird it bothers you guys so much when every other exploration event is some variant of "X went out and got raped."


File: 81b3b6d55ed9c40⋯.png (540.32 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

wich 2hu wud u fug



Whichever one is your waifu.



>Satori and the Spy


I have been playing the game for weeks but never had the displeasure of encountering those. What exactly are they about and what should I avoid?


Now I don't give much of a shit about any of this, but holy fuck. Un-commenting isn't translation. How is it so hard to grasp for some people here.



>Satori and the Spy

There's a spy in your army. Satori wants to help track them down. You get a big red warning that says "HEY BAD IDEA", probably put in by a translator, dunno if the event is disabled or not. Essentially, spy has anti-satori powers somehow and brainwashes her.


You come across a subordinate flirting with Doremi. You have the option to send him to the salt mines or let her handle it. If you choose the obvious NTR option, she gets seduced by him. At the end, you can choose to fuck her back into loving you, or "let her find her own happiness".


File: be69552b6a000e1⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 245x281, 245:281, 1464539248211.gif)

>woke up from a cold

>just found out what the eratohok translator did

now as reasonable human being i can understand erasing ntr events from existence but however that doesnt excuse pulling other events from the game

now do we have the list of events this fuck pulled from the game? about who and where? are there more yuugi events that were banned?



Trying to do >>111482 may find some, but if there are more that were disabled through other means with no/less obvious comments you'll have to do a lot more digging.



1. >>111988

2. ^ and Gentetsu? or whatever was her name.

3. I don't think so.



Certain events that select what happens from a list randomly have also been made inaccessible because they aren't machine translated yet



For instance in ERBSYSTEMEVENT_DAILYSLG各イベント群arbeit.erb has some cases that are untranslated and made impossible to reach with selectcase rand:x where x is less then the total number of events, luckily there is a comment the two times I saw this so if you do a file search for "increase this" you can hopefully find cases like this.



Of course nobody asked for it until today you stupid troglodyte, nobody is going to ask you to enable events they had no clue even existed until now because you hardcoded out them out you fucking nigger



There's the Kaguya event where you gamble and if she loses she gets various events eventually leading to her getting taken away. It's pretty infamous for its walls of text, most of the loss events fill up the entire page with text. The translator commented it out of the daily function thing he is so sour about it.


File: 0a153a88b65dad8⋯.jpg (174.85 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1484613116487.jpg)





jesus, this is insane,

guess we have to take a peek to the code of eraMegaten and eraTheWorld to see if those chucklefucks translating the game also hid events of their own, hope this is just an insolated case



I can only speak for eratohoK, because I haven't tried anything else, but the vanilla game maintained by its creator already has some events (and even features like hair color) commented out. So try not to jump to conclusions immediately if something looks like it's been removed.



If this thread is of any indication, that is a safe assumption to make.



If you want to be a faggot, be this guy.

Why do we have retards on 8ch that advocate censorship?



>How to strawman an entire thread 101 presented by faggots.



To be fair those ones are just for variety, also I translate a couple of those whenever I'm bored so it'll be done eventually.




What are you curious about, anon?



>It seems the Discordfags really won't do anything to fix this situation

There's one guy working on TohoK. Everyone else has their own projects to worry about.



Next level NTR.



There was no way for any of them to disagree, there is even another secret club within the secret club discord for group crying sessions



Now that's an anime I want to see.

(Now if there really is one, some screenshots would be fucking amazing)



Next level NTR would be making the entire game translated locally, only to have HDD dying on you one day.



I still don't get how you can spite NTRfags by translating shit locally…

Aren't you reading the material you hate and translating it?

That sounds like something anyone with a half-brain would laugh at.



I guess you're not unfortunate enough to have been in a community where people do that frequently. Cannot-haves piss a lot of people off even when they actually CAN get it themselves.



how do people like this even exist on this site?



lmao the common consensus established in the previous threads, which you can read yourself as they are archived, was that NTR is shit and its you in the minority crying loudly about "censorship" when its really just not playing host to a garbage fetish.



so you're okay with what the discord fags are doing?



>don't call it censorship call it localization



Eventually they'll drop the project and someone else will pick it up. Or if you feel like you or someone you know can do a better job, there's really nothing stopping you from making a better translations that lacks the flaws you perceive.



As has been said multiple times, NTR is a minority of the disabled content. You know, it just feels like you know you're in the wrong and are just trying as hard as you can to derail the discussion.


File: c4a2f38840d6233⋯.png (86.15 KB, 527x461, 527:461, c4a2f38840d6233ac39d2ff291….png)


Surely the one of the NTRfags has got to be autistic enough to learn moon-rune and translate the game for themselves and their peers, right?

They could even call it "Eratoho: the Forgotten sense-of-self-respect" or "Eratoho: the Lets say that the kids where adopted" or even "Eratoho:Literally everybody but us wanted this meme to die, A Saga of Autism and erotic Shame"



Nigga I don't even like NTR but even I can see the that removing things from the game just because you don't like the content is SJW level logic you should call NOA they need more PR guys.


File: dcc76107227394a⋯.jpg (127.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1469216065210.jpg)

Is it censorship though? No one is stopping you from 'uncensoring' the events you want. Hell, you are more than welcome to do so… But of course, you want everything served in a silver plate because you NTRfags are the most useless fucks on the goddamn board.

So either learn moonrunes or fuck off back to /r/Cuckold


Anyone knows the condition for giving birth in TouhouTW?

Got merlin pregnant and a message saying she is giving birth soon but never did for two weeks



RNG is at work



>Giving birth is an RNG

What the fuck


Did you guys change the cheat menu? I cant seem to set my SLG skills anymore.



>Is it censorship though?

>remove content from the game tell no one about it

>leave it to other people out find out about it and add it back in

Now am I talking am I talking about the discordfags or Nintendo?

If this shit isn't censorship then nothing that Nintendo did was censorship.


not any of the recent anons

Since it's just NTRshit I don't plan on really actively doing anything about it like adding it in manually but I dislike the fact that scenes were even removed to begin with due to personal preference. We wouldn't have even known they were removed if it weren't for some random anon poking through the code and tohok has a function to enable and disable shit events on player discretion which makes coding it out completely unneccessary. If it didn't have that function though I wouldn't mind much as long as the removal is properly communicated (which it wasn't in this case) since NTR is disgusting.














Secret button gives you detailed pregnancy progress. You can also see some numbers in her abilities "experience and juel" tab.



But there are more things disabled that aren't NTR

The question is, did they only touch eraTohoK?

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