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File: d49d95f930a2e93⋯.png (31.47 KB, 500x500, 1:1, LT.png)


Continued from >>83683

Game about fucking things in an alternate dimension and transforming

Contains furries, but they can be disabled in the settings, and also has custom gender settings

Latest version can be downloaded from the blog



Post last edited at


>check back after a long hiatus for updates

>the game now has a payandpayandpaytreon

Godamn it, I feel bad about joining the patreon circle jerk, but it kills every good project.


File: 1303cd15005e887⋯.jpg (83.58 KB, 509x501, 509:501, 1471469548282.jpg)


>no one minds, they said

>everyone wanted patreon, they said

This thread will be good



There is no proof of milking anything, at least as now, before talking about shilling we need to wait for the next ten releases or so, see how much the patreon only pool will actually influence the development, and if the source sill actually get released and updated on gib as promised

After that we can judge

Tough i am curious of how many of those people that suggested patreon are actually gonna pay for it, or it's just like commissions, where some people insist on raising prices for good quality but then never actually commission anything, fucking retards



What I don't understand is why people who want to give them money didn't just paypal it. They don't need a Patreon system and paywall to send someone money. Maybe it comes down to the whole "people are desperate for recognition" thing.

>Sending someone money because they make something you like? Fuck that.

>Sending someone money so they'll plaster your name over their thing/write stuff for you? WALLET OPENED.



Most of the people that asked for the Patreon bought the two highest tiers



Because Innoxia doesn't have a public Paypal, and rather than dealing with that and taking free money, she's giving rewards for donating


Hope they add the potential to make fatties soon.



>hope they add fatties soon

This is your target audience, /hgg/.



Go shit up someone else's thread you autistic degenerate



but… why



Because they're so morbidly obese that it's the only thing they can get off to anymore

Amy Schumer to him is like Emma Stone to us



Paypal is pretty stingy when it comes to porn, though, I doubt a public Paypal for something like that would last long. At least in that regard setting up a Patreon is less troublesome.


Quoting this from a reply to my post in previous thread

>Whoever you heard that from is either a liar or fucking autistic, this is the first game Innoxia has made. Also, she was extremely hesitant to even open the Patreon in the first place.

I could have sworn I read on HGG that Innoxia used to do TFG Text only games that are now abandoned. I suppose I'm mixing her up with someone else if this is her first game.



I decided to check myself and this is her first game listed on TFG. So yeah either that anon was bullshiting or I'm just mistaking Innoxia with a different author, my bad.


File: f967c72013163d5⋯.png (64.18 KB, 185x167, 185:167, 9579352365.PNG)





>This triggered by someone elses fetish

>In a game that already has multibreasted furfag futas in it

>Not to mention the gender pronoun tumblrina cancer

>Anally ravaged over whales but not those

Bet these anons will shit themselves into an aneurysm when they learn Innoxia was planning to add it before anyone else had even suggested it. Neither fatties not futas or furries are relevant to me so I'll just ignore them as it doesn't hinder my ability to enjoy the game anyways. It's almost like there's an option to turn things I don't like off right in the game or something!

That said, I hope it's added both to piss you easily triggered fucks off and because if it's added it's that much more likely I can make muscle girls as that tends to be included as what happens when you go the other way with weight gain mechanics.



>I'll just ignore them

>As he writes a post about them



>Reading comprehension


>Annoying whining fuckers



Like stuff: change to on

Don't like stuff: change to off


File: d725ecb8112d4bb⋯.jpg (54.4 KB, 500x484, 125:121, cb5953c2951e7b2220d38879de….jpg)

Can't wait until incest shit gets added in. I can only assume we'll eventually be able to house a harem in the fuckloads of spare rooms in the mansion. Perhaps there will be a party system as well, but it's hard to imagine any encounters that warrant a party with how easy it is to become silly overpowered at present.


Is it still "teehee consent :)" simulator?



you can rape now, if that's what you're asking



I believe there's an option during character creation and, afterwards (so if you missed it or change your mind later), in options itself that enables or disables "Non-con" content. By default it's off.


is it just me or is Seducing a good bit better than other types of damage right now?



Does it matter when the battle mechanics boils down to having any one stat large enough and spamming your best attack?



I guess not.


Seduction has been pointed out more though due to the fact that it becomes OP sooner than other methods of winning, but you have a point. Eventually anything gets one-shot by you regardless of which action you pick. Maybe that will change as enemies are permitted to reach higher levels and more difficult ones get added.



Unless the battle mechanics get completely revamped, the battles will remain solely determined by having one stat big enough.

I don't understand why all these porn games bother implementing complex battle variables if they can't be bothered to actually design an interesting system. Who even needs any battle mechanics at all in a porn game? Might as well have three checkboxes at char gen for "can beat enemies with punches", "can beat enemies with magic", "can make rapists give up raping by making them more horny".



It's because if you get raped you actually feel overpowered rather than having "choosed" to be raped.

Adds to the atmosphere and whatnot.



Meh. I think it just adds pointless grind and shit gameplay. Winner might as well be determined by one stat plus tiny amount of chance. Does your dick really get harder from reading about being raped after four RNG failures instead of one?



I personally either play to lose or cheat to win.

What doesn't make sense is a porn game that has anti cheating measures.



Me too, and I share the wonder.

This kind of games would do well to insultingly poorly designed gameplay mechanics and allow the player just to determine the ability to rape and to avoid being raped at the start. And then give a way to affect the odds of either with gameplay choices for those who get their rocks off from progress.

Now, game mechanics about sex and different kinks, which this game has, seem significantly more appropriate.



I've had a lesbian bird start a fight because she thought I was a scavenger, eagerly ask to get the dick after I beat her, and then act like I'm forcing her when I oblige. Then I went back and beat the same girl but submitted this time, only to have her ride me to orgasm.

So yeah rape exists if you want to fuck someone who isn't in to your body I guess.



The harpies are still a little buggy



It can be both a game with porn and an actual game. Rance is a great fucking example. Every Rance game (almost) has a core game loop that is as interesting or more interesting than theporn. Sengoku is the epitome of this, it's the Rance game that some people play for the gameplay and don't even like the porn.


>start game


Shit, i really wish these games sometimes just threw you (almost) straight into the world instead of the obligatory "plot" which most player likely dont give a fuck about.



does anyone know if the creator plans to rework the opening stuff?




Innoxia has acknowledged several issues with the writing, in several places. The entire world and narrative needs to be given a second-pass rewrite/edit in order to not suck, at this point, but I'm not sure how that's going to be achieved, since Innoxia is already feeling swamped simply trying to keep development moving at a reasonable pace.



There is a skip intro. Maybe you missed it?



The development should just stop bothering the any main story and just concentrate on gameplay and modular content.



>The development should just stop bothering the any main story

Is it because you can't read any of it?



I would anyone want to read walls of shit fantasy shlock when they play porn games? Seems like waste of development time to concentrate on content with near zero replayability.




That's good


So the new preview is up on patreon, but there's no git up yet for people to build their own copy. Anyone got a link to share?



>why would anyone want to read text

>text-based game

I dunno why you're playing text-based games to be honest, anon. They don't sound like they're for you.



I should have it up within the next 30 minutes. I'll post it here as soon as it's up and running.

I meant to make a post here a lot earlier (I've been lurking for a while now), but I haven't really used 8chan before, so I was a little hesitant. Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions, I've been adding them to my todo list. I'll try and be a bit more active on here in the future.



Use a tripcode since you're the developer and it'll save a lot of hassel with impersonations and other crap, if you don't know how check https://8ch.net/faq.html#what-is-a-tripcode

Try it out on some empty dead boards around 8chan, there are a lot of them.




He wants you to put # after your name along with a string of characters for a password. It makes it possible to identify you, versus an impostor.

For example i just typed in the name field "Innoxia #Imposter".(Ya don't use that one. Defeats the purpose.)




I think I've done it right… Thank you for the help! ^^




I would have had this up earlier this week, but I've been struggling to understand licensing. I still haven't got it figured out, so I'm just going with the standard copyright protection at the moment. I know that's far from ideal, but I don't want to delay this any longer. If any of you are able to offer advice on what sort of licenses I should be looking at, then that would be very much appreciated!

My main concern is the situation in which:

1. Someone makes a mod of content that I'm not going to add.

2. They get people interested in the mod, to the point where it's the 'go-to' mod for that content.

3. The creator suddenly locks it behind a paywall, thereby screwing over all the players.

I don't know if I'm overthinking this…



If 3 is a real big problem, then the GPL License (and its varients) is the go-to license, it's used to prevent people who use your code from close sourcing it. If you use the GPL license your code will forever be open source, and anyone that uses your code will also have to adopt the GPL license and make their code open source (it's infectious open source like that).

IIRC once you start using a GPL license it's really hard to stop, so you'll also be open source forever.


So walk me through how to compile a build from this. Never bothered with github much.



1. Download git.

2. Open git shell (or bash/terminal for Linux/mac)

3. git clone https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public #This creates a dir called liliths-throne-public in current directory

4. It's an Eclipse project, so get Eclipse; import from git; select the dir from #3; check the project, and basically hit next/finish.



Honestly, that seems like something you should know if want to compile from source. You can find idiot guides on the evil google for doing this.


I don't mind using Git/Eclipse for the new version, but I don't really want to bother if it was a small update.

Where can non-patrons check for the new update changes now? Or do we just have to wait until it's released publicly?



All those points are minor really, none of those can somehow come back at you, at least not directly, and if the game become interesting enough, mods are probable or even inevitable

1) Why do you care? As long as in your license explain that every mod redistribution must clearly state that it's a mod and not the original, every possible responsibility fall on the modder and not you, especially if the git is updated and it's easy to verify the original code do not include that content

2) Similar to 1, is the only thing that may actually concern you, but same solution apply

I don't think that a mod, even if it become a must have, would impact your patreon relevantly or at all, but if it somehow does, unless it's content you don't want in, you could still add it's functionality into the base game

If it's content you don't want, then it doesn't matter, those user would have never contributed to the base project anyway

Just like Free City here on 8chan, the lolimod fans would have never helped the original fc creator, they are not interested in the game enough to help without loli content in, so it doesn't impact the base game sufficiently to matter

3) This anon answered already


If it's true that you have no issue in always allowing your code to be public and available, this license will not limit your work nor your patreon in any way. Of course if you end up trying to pull a fagoxo & the council of the ultrafaggots on the community, this licence can, and probably will come back and bite you in the ass

But that's not a problem right?



I think her main point is people making mods for new content and locking them behind a paywall.



Still on the blogpage.



Those items are a sequence, not discrete items.

Innoxia is worried someone else will "steal" the game by: forking it, modifying it to have content that people want (loli, INFINITE HORSECOCK, whatever) that won't be included in LT, getting a bunch of people really invested in this new content, and then suddenly go fagoxo and block it behind a paywall.

I don't think Innoxia cares if someone else makes mods with content that aren't slated for inclusion in LT, as long as (a) it's freely available and (b) it won't get him/her in legal trouble somehow.



Point 3 is answered already, gpl license do not allow to develop a close code after releasing it public



They can still monetize with GPL, they just have to offer the source too. I'm not sure Innoxia is okay with someone else commercializing the game at all without written consent.

That's been the rub: I've been unable to find a license for Innoxia that is all of the following:

-Allows non-commercial redistribution, modification, etc.

-Allows Innoxia to incorporate derived works back into LT if desired and continue to monetize LT via the Patreon "tip jar"

-Prevents third parties from monetizing their own mods without Innoxia's consent

If anyone here can dig up a license that offers those features, I'm sure it'll be released under those terms forthwith. If not, something will be worked out, since allowing people to mod the game for free is a big priority.


Usually after rubbing one out playing this, I rub another one out in Innoxia's name like a sacrifice in the olden days. Call it a sacrificial orgasm in the hopes that the game keeps getting developed.

I sometimes wonder if that counts as a donation.



Can't she just have a license that states exactly that and call it a day?


lol the cum bank or cum jar?



Jar for now, I'd have to save up a lot of cum jars in order to put it in a cum bank.



Isn't that what led to throwing off the balance of furry/monstergirl/demon in Coruption of champions heavily in favor of furry because us furfags have so much god dam disposable income?



From my understanding, this shouldn't be too much of an issue here with the furfaggotry slider.

Worst case scenario, there's just going to be a whole lot of shitty waifu submissions.




Alternatively, if you prefer using command line and save yourself from download Eclipse and Git (you still need the Java JDK):

1. Go to https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public and click on "Clone or Download" and select "Download ZIP"

2. Extract the file, use command prompt or terminal/shell and navigate to the liliths-throne-public-master folder

3. Create folder for compiled files:

mkdir bin

3. Compile src:

javac -d bin -classpath src src\com\base\main\Main.java


javac -d bin -classpath src src/com/base/main/Main.java

4. Copy resources folder:

robocopy res bin\com\base\res /e
(Windows) or
cp -fr res bin/com/base/res

4. Build jar:

jar cvfe LilithsThrone.jar com.base.main.Main -C bin .


File: 7d1b6f5a4c50353⋯.png (42.08 KB, 500x232, 125:58, permissive and copyleft.png)

From what I can tell searching around, there aren't any usual "Open Source" Licenses that can prevent someone from selling the software for profit, and this is by definition:


>No, there is no such license. And there cannot be. The ability to sell the software is a crucial part of the Open Source Definition. Any license that prohibits selling is by definition not Open Source.

>"The license shall not restrict any party from selling or giving away the software as a component of an aggregate software distribution containing programs from several different sources. The license shall not require a royalty or other fee for such sale." That's the very first clause of the Open Source Definition ( http://opensource.org/osd/ ).

>Alternatively: "The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor" and "The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others" are freedoms 2 and 3 of the Free Software Definition ( http://gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw ).

The answer here is also pretty comprehensive about this point:


If I understand correctly, even the "Non-Profit Open Software License" adheres to that and won't stop someone from selling compiled binaries for profit.


The thing is, and if I understand correctly, if you use a strong copyleft license like GPL, you're already forcing people that use your source code to also open source their own modifications of that source code under the same license. Which means any contributions they make, could be incorporated into your own if you wanted, even if they were to try to commercialize their branch, and you can release it for free.

At that point, it's up to the consumer, why would they buy a product from some person, when another person already releases it for free (and is the original creator to boot)?

Otherwise, anyone with a better understanding of software licenses, please do correct my understanding.


File: 55f58aa1f97dfa6⋯.jpg (145.73 KB, 711x800, 711:800, Count Ronwe.jpg)


Pa(y)treon wasn't around back when CoC was still seeing regular updates. The system CoC used was even worse to be honest. Content would be pushed ahead based on the donations received for that specific project. Dollarinos translated directly into votes for X kind of content.

Fen only started a Patreon after he jewed 200K on the Kickstarter clone for porn, called offbeatr.



> Content would be pushed ahead based on the donations received for that specific project. Dollarinos translated directly into votes for X kind of content.

Huh, no wonder CoC feels like a loose collection of every other furfags own personal worst fetish.

>The system CoC used was even worse to be honest

Both seem to be equally bad as in the earlier one caters towards people who would just dump a couple hundred $$ on the creators lap to get their shitty fetish done in while Patreon makes sure you cant really just go to do so and your influence is close to nil when regular Patreon backers who vote for whatever content to be added next etc are in 9/10 cases the people with the worst fetishes ever and im not even speaking solely about furfaggotry so gl voting against their shitty choices.

Seriously, it speaks a lot about a person if he's a REGULAR patreon to an average text-smut game especially when from quick look they only get a chance to influence the direction the game goes by donating around 10-20shekels a month atleast.

I keep hoping Lilith's can somehow become really decent eventually as it's… not that bad right now since you can turn every furfetish you dont like off and male "horse-boys" are not that bad beceause muh minotaurs but i fear the new added races will only go even more towards furfaggotry with ratpeople,bees and who knows what else instead of going towards more to generic Tolkienish/Warcraft fantasy as in Goblins,orcs,ogres even fucking elves and other more… humanish humanoid creatures.

sorry for tldrur a faget if you read this:^)


File: bff18532425f087⋯.jpg (156.67 KB, 632x758, 316:379, 1454287724709.jpg)


>ur a faget if you read this:^)



I don't mind how much of anything there is as long as it is a balance. I prefer furshit and even I could tell CoC went overboard.



It's worse than you think if you know the full history, such as Fens bias for futa donators because it appealed to him. Others that didn't would range from getting ignored to told to fuck off.



>you're already forcing people that use your source code to also open source their own modifications of that source code under the same license

Basically this, so even if someone would make a patreon fork and paywall it, he/she would still be forced to release the updated source of it's modification every time, even to non patreon, doing otherwise would violate the license and he/she can be forced to do so


Reading the above, it make impossible using this license to actually paywall the fork, as releasing the complete source for free with every release would be mandatory, so unless someone want to pay for the fork anyway, a jewoxo & co event cannot be repeated

Plus the original developer with it's blog, can be added in the presentation of the fork as mandatory as well, minimizing the issue

Of course if innoxia want to prevent monetization entirely, then it cannot be done with this, and commercial licence that do can cost quite the sum if enforced, and would not allow proper free usage unless everyone ignore the terms and innoxxia feign ignorance of course

Again patreon ruin everything, before it existence this issue was effectively irrelevant, at this point we may need a new license type only for patreon


File: 0fb41db9b460679⋯.png (126.83 KB, 348x436, 87:109, marble_time.png)


The way I see it, the main problem with the model CoC used is that Fen broke it. Whilst there is the aforementioned pitfall of a specific community/group dumping huge amounts of money into a certain kind of content, the system does encourage finished content in a way that Patreon doesn't. If you can keep your backers, you are "rewarded" for keeping the game updates slow, as you get a chance to generate more income that way.

What Fen did with the donation model was to split up a lot of the content into smaller "chunks" as the fuckhuge investments needed to fund certain content weren't made. Fen then didn't want to spend more time on it for a while or the community found some other project to throw money at. That is the reason you have so much half finished content.

Here's to Patreon helping the project along instead of hampering its development. I'll be cheering for you, Innoxia!


File: 0718a82fda7e113⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 380x380, 1:1, 192a14fdc85b715dffe4bc0257….jpg)

>reading the great wall of text and typing all this autistic code for no reason just to fucking compile your porn or whatever

No thanks, guess I'll wait for the next awesome game that'll inevitably become trash after a week.



>can't even follow step by step instructions written for a baby

bye bye!



Not the point, friendo, and you know it.



It's literally spoonfeeds you, how lazy can you be.



I don't know, maybe some of us have limited precious time and can't be bothered going to fucking college to learn how to program, downloading like ten different programs, buying ten different monitors to display them all in, and spending a month deciphering and inputting ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, waiting another month for it to do whatever it has to do, then doing it again when the next version comes out just to play a porn game. There are a million other games to play and none of them pull this crap. If someone wants to do all that and then upload the actual game instead of throwing bits and pieces and a pissed on, ripped manual at me and saying "have fun, champ" that'd be great, be my fucking guest but I'm not going to do this each fucking time. It's not laziness, it's just basic common courtesy. You don't go on Steam and download a manual, 40 additional programs, and folders of code that you have read through and put together just to play GTAVILGBTQNA, you expect it to already be ready to fucking go. Fuck me for expecting otherwise here, right?



Just wait for the public release then you absolute sperg

Or donate to the Patreon and get the preview builds already compiled :^)



it's really not complicated at all. If you have any interest at all it's easily worth the 2-3 minutes it takes to set it up.



Fffff- fine, I'm sorry, I'll just go. I'm just feeling cockblock'd right now because this is my fetish.


File: 2e5f1171f68a742⋯.jpg (33.73 KB, 500x500, 1:1, po9yf1ag0g.jpg)


weeeeeeeeeeeew lad



You could just install the latest Eclipse, and then follow the instructions on the github under tutorial.



That's what he's complaining about having to do >>109694



Guess I missed something then, thought he was complaining about the commandline.



I do think it was funny that he's complaining about it, then posted a *hopefully* sarcastic thing about college and hieroglyphics and shit. It's so easy, a new/normalfag like I can do it. Especially after being spoonfed by three different sources.




jesus christ i fucking hate low iq posters



Attempted this, but point 4, build jar doesn't work

tried instruction on other site but still same result, error tell me that i need to specify manifest file, wtf



Managed with eclipse, but i still don't know why command line file was 3mb smaller and doesn't run, debug report various error, even adding to not compress fail


is someone willing to drop a compiled version or not? my cmd isnt working. doesnt recognize some shit.



Use Eclipse or get fucked



Donate $3


File: 07aa6f43dccca42⋯.jpg (43.58 KB, 472x472, 1:1, 1459729350083.jpg)


>Writing you a license

>Laptop runs out of battery


You should be aware of a certain distinction:

"Content" can refer to writing, art, videos and so on that a program can use

"Code" can simply refer to the program and its source

This distinction is important. You should account for that.

Anyways, here's a small license I wrote up that you can share, use, and modify if you want:

>Copyright (c) [me]


>"Source" refers to source code and/or modifications/alterations of the source code

>"Binaries" refers to the executable produced from the source code and/or modified/altered source code

>Redistribution, use, and modification of source and binary forms, with or without

modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

>1. The source code must retain the above copyright notice and this license as is

>2. The binaries must reproduce the above copyright notice (i.e. leave [me]'s name in the credits page)

>3. The source and binaries:

> _ 3a. must carry prominent notices stating it is modified, if applicable

> _ 3c. must be available free of charge, if distributed

> _ 3b. may not be used for commercial purposes


<1. source has to keep this cancer copyleft license and credit you as well

<2. Most people don't compile the game themselves. So anyone that precompiles it or modifies it keeps you credited

<3a. People should know if they are playing a mod or the original

<3b. "Available free of charge" implies that it doesn't cost anything to access it, thus no paywalls.

<3c. redundancy, but good for dmcas on pages with a load of ads, i guess

I am likely overthinking this as well. But this should be enough. You can write your own license or modify this or other ones.


The game sure is more enjoyable without the London like demographics.




Forgot Windows installer doesn't automatically add the jdk bin directory to your PATH:


Otherwise, you can just call the javac and jar executable using the full path as in their example.



I already did that, it gave me javac unrecognised before, then found out that java do not set user ambient variable and added it myself, javac worked

The problem was the last line, the one ment to compress and add all file in a single jar file, the command work but the file come smaller then expected and doesn't run, was trying to understand why, in the end i just downloaded eclipse and managed to make all work fine, but why java still use manifest file even After compilation is done? This method has been obsolete since the 90', fuck



That's actually pretty good. It gives permission for expanding the code to whoever wants to mod, and still credits Innoxia without the fear of modders paywalling her own work. Hope she sees this and considers it among other things I am certain she's looking into.

The simplest approach is often the easiest and most correct.


So, is distributing a compiled altered version of the game allowed yet?



it isn't against the law.



nobody gonna stop you if you drop a link here


How do you voluntarily suck dicks? I picked Oral Fetish, Cum Fetish and no matter the position I can never pick anything resembling dick-sucking.



gotta pick submissive fetish and start sex in the submissive position for most blowjob-giving moves.

Alternatively, sixty-nine allows you to blowjob someone, assuming their dick is available.



Damn, that's what I call an oversight, dom blowjobs aren't that obscure.



They're coming soon





Along with the player being bottom if male, that's been a heavily requested feature. Innoxia already plans to add it, so it should be hitting patch notes pretty soon. Next update should have it I think. I've been bugging her about it for the last few updates anyways.


I downloaded eclipse, JDK and the source files and opened them. How do I compile them into a jar?



Read the tutorial


I just updated the github repo with a hotfix (I added some clothing and fixed several bugs). Thanks for all of your feedback on licenses, I'm going to be reading more into them over this next week!


Thanks Anon, I'll attach this into the license early this week!


>The simplest approach is often the easiest and most correct.

That's what I'm starting to think as well. That license the other Anon wrote up sounds pretty good.


Do fetishes affect anything during the actual sexings? I just had a cum addict tell me she doesn't want to taste my cum and it got me thinking.



pretty sure for yourself it stops corruption gains for certain actions.


How do I lactate now? Last version I played you had to buy something from the store. Now when I go to the store I never see it.


File: dffa065eea84426⋯.png (41.31 KB, 463x482, 463:482, milk.png)


This is what I'm talking about.



That's like 50 versions ago dude



Transformative effects are manually created using the racial items as a base and enchantment. You get to the menu through inventory, click on the item.


One thing I'd like to know is if Innoxia is going to add something to change the size of the gui for the game. I hate having to adjust my screen resolution just to see a few of the things that jump off the page at a lower resolution. Maybe something that scales with size of the game's box?

Oh, and the ability to make myself and others chubby as fu…I mean, thicc. That's the word, right?


what kind of scenes does the incest fetish unlock?



Are him again?


Go strangle yourself by your balls you degenerate

Also thicc is used for muscle or big body sizes not hearth attack, barely breathing, lard drowning diabetes pending xxxxxxxxl sizes



As stated in-game the incest fetish doesn't do anything yet. The incest scenes are yet to be implemented to the game. :)




Actually in the very last revision it does something, from the blog:

<Added: 25% Chance for an attacker in dominion's alleyways to be one of your children. Requires having the incest fetish, as well as having had children (duh! ^^).



This for both.



Negative, but that doesn't mean that there aren't others that share the same sort of likes and fetishes around. I don't like skinny meth-head looking bitches. I don't like rail thin 'model' type bitches either, especially since the fashion industry is run by homosexual men who prefer their models to look as much like men as is possible, which is why so many models wind up being skinny twigs with no hips, no tits, and kind of like twinks.

And assuming that because one wants to have the ability to have and/or make a character bigger than 'normal' doesn't mean they necessarily want The Blob's younger sister.

And just because it isn't 'your' fetish, doesn't necessarily mean it shouldn't be included. And it isn't like it wouldn't be an opt in or gated content much like the furry stuff is. That seems to be the route Innoxia is going with this stuff. Everything so far is optional or opt in via the fetishes. If you don't like the idea of changing a 'lard drowning in diabetes' chick into a rail thin chick or vice versa, then you obviously won't take the associated fetishes. Or, if it becomes an option in the options like the furry and gender ratios, then it will be even easier to bar it from your particular game while leaving those like >>108946 and >>110213 to enjoy their particular creations.

This is a porn game, we're all allowed to hope for something a little extra to fap to that might be a fetish known to us or one we may never have found had it not been for games like this one. And if it can be implemented without hurting your delicate sensibilities, then all the better. If not, I'm sure you'll just call somebody a degenerate, tell them to strangle themselves with parts of their genitals, and go fap to little boys at the pool while whisper-moaning "Degenerates" until you blow your load. Which, knowing this place, is probably a fetish of somebody in here.



Fashion models are skinny since they're meant to show off the clothing, not themselves. They're basically walking hangers.



>Not liking skeletons

>Not being aroused by Calcium Cunts

>Not getting a boner out of literal boners



>there are meaty bits inside all of our skeletons called marrow


File: 83a8c89d003d984⋯.jpg (288.87 KB, 1184x1775, 1184:1775, serveimage.jpg)


forgot pic


I don't know what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to be attracted to fat fucks but you should be both disgusted and ashamed of yourself




>the fashion industry is run by homosexual men

>which is why so many models wind up being skinny twigs with no hips, no tits, and kind of like twinks

Imagine believing this



Not that hard, considering some fags dress boys like girls for the same reason, only in reverse.

But it's stupid nonetheless. Fashion industry is run by idealized concepts and unattainable goals so it seems like a goal you should strive for despite being impossible (which is why a lot of magazine covers are photoshops of 5-7 different women mashed together).

Nevertheless, there's nothing more wrong about liking fat chicks than liking piss or shit or pain or other fucked up stuff that doesn't make any evolutionary sense at all but still gets you hard. Fetishes are like magic, there's really nothing to explain there.


File: 30e8d0a85ccf82a⋯.png (44.08 KB, 191x399, 191:399, ohdamn.png)

File: 8f00cbae3fab261⋯.png (104.5 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, eyyy.png)

File: eaf6cea5174b75e⋯.png (129.84 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, eyyy2.png)

Hooray for the source code being available. I did a little thing to motivate denial. You get a bit of experience if you orgasm twice(or more) while your partner doesn't. The closer to max your partner's arousal is, the more experience you gain.



Sounds great, but sometimes there's orgasms at like 86, isn't that a problem?



That's why you deny them first


Does reverse rape actually work now?

Last time I checked their arousal goes up so fast they finish before I even hit 50%.


Does anyone know if you can find your kids again after kicking them off a square? I'm so sorry, Leonard and other Leonard (DAT NAME GEN), but you shouldn't have been homo men. It didn't occur to me to rule 63 you guys because most of these games don't have the option to morph OTHER people. ;_;



RIP Leonard and other Leonard. You will be missed.

I don't think there is an option, but at least now you know to Rule 63 them. Or…provided you haven't went any further, you can try loading the autosave….



Am I reading this right? You had two gay sons, both named Leonard, who you kicked out of their homes, or… squares?



>loading the autosave

That's ==cheating==, anon-chan! Well, at least I still have like 6 daughters. Mmmm, Diana is fine as fuck.


That is correct.


Does anyone have a copy of complied copy of version 0.1.82P?

I cant be fucked downloading eclipse and a java SDK but i dont want to wait for the 4th either



This is a place of porn, there is no such thing as cheating. Married in game and fuck some random chick? Not cheating. Loading an autosave so you can go back and change your gay sons into women so you can fuck them? Not cheating.



Then donate or fuck off



>i dont want to wait for the 4th

Download eclipse and the java SDK, then.



It literally takes 5 min to fix the preview build with eclipse and there's a guide, how fucking lazy can you guys be



>It literally takes 5 min to fix the preview build with eclipse and there's a guide, how fucking lazy can you guys be

Having to download and install 2 programs just to compile a third… nah fuck that



Here are your options:

1. Stop being a lazy autistic cunt, take literally 30 seconds to download them, and follow the instructions to compile the game

2. Donate $3 to get the prebuilt version

3. Wait for the full release

4. Get nothing and fuck off



there's a 5th option for these guys

5. Sit here and complain about it until someone spends 5 seconds compiling it and spoonfeeds them the link à la Free Cities threads



Now here are the options for said someone.

1. Do it like the Free Cities people.

2. Go rogue and edit the shit out of it before compiling it, thereby disabling everything but fur, males, and have the PC always say "I'm a stupid little cunt! TEEHEE!" every few seconds during sex and at random during conversations.

3. Compile a completely different game (preferably the most fucked up you can find) and name it Lillith's Throne 1.82P



Please no one do this, it's just going to make them keep asking every preview


File: 78b15a9198a478e⋯.jpg (58.28 KB, 700x368, 175:92, enlightenment.jpg)





>tfw really tempted to do this

please don't be lazy, cheap ass, low iq anons, else I'll have to bully you


File: 57a9def212955f6⋯.gif (404.09 KB, 347x195, 347:195, sakuya holic.gif)

File: 4683345c440b86b⋯.png (3.69 MB, 2400x1800, 4:3, 493975-bl_breast_rank_124.png)

File: e1a9f8583f2f8ae⋯.jpg (259.39 KB, 1599x1130, 1599:1130, 2523376-5681917397-20pva.jpg)

Option to change starting breast size please gomenasai arigato



We all know you want the Ω like in your picture.


File: 81ed60abf55e841⋯.gif (166.37 KB, 520x293, 520:293, eb0740c2854a21b179dfade27a….gif)


>tfw will never get to tap some of those saggy breast obasans




Make it like CoC where you can choose a specific breast size but the scope of your choices is limited by your starting femininity stat


Still no option for for people without a doctoral degree in computer science, I see. Anyone workign on a fork?



You mean like Corruption Of Champions?


File: bf8035c89d1fb15⋯.gif (720.86 KB, 446x251, 446:251, 379ch.gif)


File: 06b737c7c882bca⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 600x482, 300:241, CCgmLjEUgAA-VzK.jpg)


>being so retarded that he can't follow a step by step guide

>expects someone to make a fork for him

Don't make me bully you.



Pretty fucking sure I'm already being bullied by both getting strong implications that I can play this game while simulatneously being denied access with a paywall like this, dude. 10 years at computer college vs. someone who already went just giving me what I nicely requested. There's only so much energy in the universe, can't we use it productively and respectfully. That's all I'm asking here and apparently this reasonable demand is too much for you people. Forgive me if I seem a little fucking irritable.



I can barely microwave a frozen dinner properly and I managed to compile it, stop being a lazy cunt


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



There is a literal readme file about how to compile this. Just look at that. Alternatively look in the thread cause someone else posted instructions before.



>I need a Comp Sci degree to read






>1. Open Eclipse

>2. Click File, Import it will then open a wizard, open Git and choose Projects from Git, click Next

>3. Choose Clone URL and then click Next

>4. Put https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public into the first box in Location

>5. Put github.com into the second box in Location, this may be done automatically.

>6. Put /Innoxia/liliths-throne-public in the third box in Location, this may be done automatically. Then click Next

>7. The wizard will now ask which branch you want, this will be "master", select this and then click next.

>8. Unless you want to change the directory, click Next, It will now download the repository.

>9. It will now download the repository.

>10. Make sure "Import existing Eclipse projects" is selected, then click Next.

>11. Make sure the Lilith's Throne project is selected, then click Finish.

>12. Click File, and then select Export.

>13. Open Java, and then choose "Runnable JAR File"

>14. Choose Main - LilithsThrone under Launch Configuration (IF THERE ARE NO OPTIONS, READ HELP BELOW)

>15. Choose an export destination for the .jar file, this should be where you normally run the game from

>16. Click Finish, A warning may pop up saying "JAR export finished with warnings" This is fine.

>17. You should now be able to run the exported .jar file!

If you can translate this to plain English and just tell me what button I press to play I'll follow it to the fucking letter. There are fucking weight loss programs with less steps than this shit.



1. Open Eclipse

2. Click File, Import it will then open a wizard, open Git and choose Projects from Git, click Next

3. Choose Clone URL and then click Next

4. Put https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public into the first box in Location

5. Put github.com into the second box in Location, this may be done automatically.

6. Put /Innoxia/liliths-throne-public in the third box in Location, this may be done automatically. Then click Next

7. The wizard will now ask which branch you want, this will be "master", select this and then click next.

8. Unless you want to change the directory, click Next, It will now download the repository.

9. It will now download the repository.

10. Make sure "Import existing Eclipse projects" is selected, then click Next.

11. Make sure the Lilith's Throne project is selected, then click Finish.

12. Click File, and then select Export.

13. Open Java, and then choose "Runnable JAR File"

14. Choose Main - LilithsThrone under Launch Configuration (IF THERE ARE NO OPTIONS, READ HELP BELOW)

15. Choose an export destination for the .jar file, this should be where you normally run the game from

16. Click Finish, A warning may pop up saying "JAR export finished with warnings" This is fine.

17. You should now be able to run the exported .jar file!




>doctorate degree in comp sci

>10 years in computing

>to follow baby's first time using eclipse instructions

W-Whoa, guess this makes me a world reknown professor with $300,000 pay.


File: 51859a9e4d0da9a⋯.jpg (15.62 KB, 300x300, 1:1, FUCK.YOU.jpg)


I am so done with this "community".



Good, take some well earned time off and redo elementary school, kiddo.



Bye Felicia.



This community is done with you.


File: d213b79c274b82d⋯.png (247.18 KB, 500x612, 125:153, Smug Nonon.png)


File: 7a0f4bb40aeaf4a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 83.54 KB, 1536x864, 16:9, IAMSILLY.png)


This guide might be easier to understand.



File: 2437beca8c1328a⋯.jpg (225.2 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 51140932_p8_master1200.jpg)

File: a2ce9b1237a0a4d⋯.png (4.97 KB, 127x26, 127:26, x.png)


I made you a graph.

1. Locate this thing in the image, it should be at the top right of the screen.

1. (alt) In the case you are a homosexual, which you likely are, it will instead be at the top left.

2. Click the red button.

3. That's it! You're done!


File: eb2996039e08b06⋯.jpg (24.16 KB, 627x720, 209:240, Huh.jpg)

Okay so I'd never heard of Eclipse before and I tried three times with their 'oxygen' installer thing and it failed each time. Being the determined faggot I am deep down I went to the downloads page and found the little package thing I was looking for. Downloaded it as a zip and it worked fine.

Is my laptop retarded? I'm gonna follow that 17 step process earlier in the thread to make sure I've got this thing set up right but…it's confusing that the installer gave up when it went so easily with the plain zip.



The oxygen thing didn't work for me either.



Is your laptop 32 bit or 64 bit




Based on modding Starbound it's 64 bit, but it's working fine with the zip method. Just gotta get the actual Git thing going through.



Were you installing the 64 bit version




I hope some of you are retarded enough to download this.


File: dd82678fc1c9e83⋯.gif (1022.88 KB, 500x490, 50:49, Really, Yay.gif)




Okay so aside from the Launch Configuration problem (which I found the solution to in the build help thing in the repository's files) this took like, less than 15-20 minutes including all my fucking around with the install of Eclipse fucking up.

Butthurtanon has no excuse.






tyankyou 4 dolphin porn



D-cup is best cup



What exactly do you not understand about the instructions? They are pretty clear aside from a few grammatical errors.

I honestly want to know.






>you still need the Java JDK

Any way to compile using OpenJDK?




>but you shouldn't have been homo men

And nothing of value was lost that day.



Probably the github part. Honestly I still don't know how to get shit to work on that site, but I still managed to download a copy of the project, so I guess he's a total luddite and can't technology?



So what's the slaver alley for? Is that gonna be about getting specific NPC followers or enslaving random NPCs you face in the alleys?



I'm hoping that's what all the extra rooms around the mansion will be for, since there's shitloads of empties.

>That guy who hates whales is shitting up the free cities thread now

Holy fuck man, get help.



I'm assuming a place to buy/sell enslaved NPCs. There's also some main quest stuff there.



>That guy who loves whales is shitting up every thread he can begging devs to cater to his shitty fetish



>>>That guy who hates whales is shitting up the free cities thread now

>>Holy fuck man, get help.

Right back at you, how about you don't start shitting up the Lilith threads too.



Yes, you'll also need to install OpenJFX as it uses JavaFX libraries.


I think the reason it failed was the "res" folder referenced was the wrong one (not sure if it's even being used currently). There's another one located inside src/com/base that seem to contain all the assets files and is the one you want to copy (ie, step 4 should be "cp -fr src/com/base/res bin/com/base/res")


Just FYI, the Patreon poll still going on! 3 more days. Exercise your right to vote! The die may seem to have been cast but still. At least let your voice be heard.



What are the options?

Regards:aint givin a shekel.



Which character Innoxia gets (out of game) art commissioned for



So wow it's fucking nothing the poll.


The nice thing about this game is that despite it having a patreon. Nothing important is locked behind a paywall. The patreon is mostly there as a tip jar to support the dev if you like the shit she makes. I suppose it's also a way for idiots who can't manage to work out how to follow simple compilation instructions to buy early access to preview builds. But yeah it's not anything someone who isn't lazy can't easily get.

The "nothing" poll is also a good thing in my opinion. IE instead of locking having any say on important decisions for the game's direction behind the paywall. Being a patron just gets you a say in cosmetic inconsequential things.



My cynical reply is that history says at one point it will all be reversed, thus I don't see any reason to have any hope with any "game" even remotely attached to Patron or a clone and crowd funding in general.



Then go be a cunt somewhere else and leave us to enjoy it, cunt



"He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it".



He who is a bitter cunt is doomed to never enjoy anything



How is being cynical and wary similar to being a bitter cunt who cannot into fun?

Even if the dev goes gigajew ala Ostrich i will still enjoy his game by pirating it assuming he keeps the options to disable furries i dont like in.


File: 866562363b2ea23⋯.gif (441.73 KB, 400x240, 5:3, 136720489477.gif)


Talking to people like you feel like bashing your head on a wall, you may get better ideas and could be a form of entrainment, but it's not worth the trade



It's like you read half a sentence and immediately came here to start bitching about it

It's getting really tedious trying to explain this shit to a new retard every day



Jesus christ you absolute autist, take a minute and actually read what's happening instead of just assuming it's because the dev somehow can't/doesn't want to compile it themself.


Sperglord deleted his posts, I guess he figured out how to process information



What was he on about? The impossibility of following clear instructions?






The post number tho






>Nothing important




how about you just follow the instructions, faggot


File: bc67937ffccf5a8⋯.jpg (588.53 KB, 751x1024, 751:1024, 3311185.jpg)






You are one pathetic fucking loser.

Hey, everyone else:

Don't post builds of LT in here. I don't want this fucktard getting any help. If he can't install Eclipse and build it from source, he doesn't deserve shit.



No, do option 2 and 3 >>110463



Tempting, but I have other things to do.




Thanks, anon! While having installed both libraries, I've missed the right "res" directory.



Holy shit, buddy. All you have to do is follow 5 minutes worth of instructions. You don't even have to do it every time the game updates. Once you have Eclipse, Java, and Git all set up, it's literally pull, compile, play.

Get a grip.




Why are you quoting >>111236

I think you need to reread the post.



meant to link to >>111234

oh the irony :'(



You're right, I'm retarded. Responded to the wrong post. Sorry, misquoted Anon, didn't mean to yell at you.



I also want a build posted here though



Don't worry famallamadingdong, new full release comes out today! Huzzah!



You know there is one on innoxias site.



File: fd5d2c0f6f3314f⋯.jpg (38.03 KB, 882x960, 147:160, b93e31393fd27a1f872c05e37b….jpg)


Stop quoting the wrong person you bunch of fucking dullards.



This is bizarre. When I quoted >>111234 it was because it backlinked him from >>111231 so I assumed it was the same tard screeching some more.

Now it's not, and the world makes a bit more sense.



Whoops, I just quoted the most recent all caps post.



I think there's some sort of irony in the fact that everyone telling the guy to read the instructions can't read post numbers.


I have to compile the fucking files to play a porn game?

What the fuck is this?



*teleports behind you*

*unzips eclipse*

end of the line, kiddo



It's not that I can't, but this is just a dick move.

This fucking shit's a way to say "Please don't give me patreon money because I'm a condescending fuck face.".



The compiled is still released on the same schedule on the website.

The only difference is you can now get it earlier if you want by compiling it directly from the git.

How is it a dick move?

And what do you care if they don't get patreon bux? (which they do from fans)

A dick move would be if there was no public git that anyone could download and compile, and you could only download it if you were a patreon, now that's a dick move worth complaining about.



>How is it a dick move?

You're a horse and someone's dangling a carrot in your face for a week, all you have to do is move that rock they tied you up with.

It's not heavy, but it's obvious that you don't want to do it, you want that carrot too though.

You'll be given that carrot a week later though, so it's all fine, right?

Well, why the fuck couldn't you get the carrot in that moment without having to shoulder some extra weight? What sense does it make? To me it seems like this is sadism.



There is no rock tying you up.

There's a restaurant cooking a meal, you can walk in and eat it, although their next newest recipe won't be ready until next week, but they'll let you take the food supplies and prepare the new recipe early with a set of simple cooking instructions if you want to try it now.



>There is no rock tying you up.

There is, the fact that I have to compile it is both the rock and the movement.

I told you, the rock isn't that heavy, but you just put it on my shoulders and told me "lol, if you want this carrot, come and take it, but only with that rock on your shoulders.".

Well, fuck you, you shill.




Just because you are a mother fucking imbecile who's too inbred (because your older brother/daddy - same guy) and idiotic to read simple fucking instructions that take all of five minutes to do, doesn't mean anyone is doing anything that even minutely resembles a "dick move".

The truth is, you're a retard and a faggot. You should hang yourself, but I suspect that increasing the average IQ of your entire city by about 15% is too noble a pursuit for a waste of flesh like you.

The human race weeps at the manifest failure evident in your existence. Shame is the only thing you bring to your species. It's astonishing you're capable of reading at all; although, given that you can't RTFM, when the fucking manual is about 200 words and even simpler than you are, I'm not convinced you can read–only shit all over the keyboard with some magical autistic knack for shorting out exactly the right keys to produce the most asinine posts I've ever had the misfortune of reading on this entire fucking site.


File: 0bd4b16cd54bb44⋯.png (248.67 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1425005377152.png)


did you feel good typing that out



Nicely going, so how am I wrong again?

I thought I needed to compile the files or wait a week because the author likes to think that would make me pay patreon money.

I knew how to compile this patreon garbage before I read the instructions, by the way.




WEW, I'm all for complaining about paywalls and other bullshit when there's a reason to but you're being a right entitled little shit right now complaining that the very latest should always be compiled and spoonfed to you with cooey baby aeroplane noises, pregmod dev has fattened you, treated you far too kindly, and you now take it as granted.



To put this another way, you're so fucking lazy that you think having to spend literally 30 seconds compiling a new build is somehow compelling you to give Innoxa patronbux?

Are you that fucking pathetic? Seriously, the effort to build the game is less than the effort to:

1. Create a Patreon account

2. Enter CC or other payment info

3. Navigate to Innoxia's Patreon

4. Decide how much to pay every month

5. Become a patron

And Innoxia doesn't have any reason, other than being a nice person, to share Lilith's Throne for free at all! If making money was the goal, it never would have been put on github. You're a god damned monkey — no, strike, that, a monkey has more dignity and higher intelligence — for even thinking such a thing, let alone taking the effort to humiliate yourself by posting it.

I simply can't decide if you're some other Patreon-jewing "dev" trying to discredit Innoxia because LT is better than whatever piece of shit you're inflicting on the human race, or you're actually so entitled that you think that building from source (and not even the "install a dozen other patches and deps" sort that I do on servers when I need obscure utils) is somehow cause for complaint.


Do you think the entire open source software movement is some kind of "scam" because it requires you to build things from source?

I'm a cynic, and a lot older than most of the people on this board, and I've had a long time for the human race to successively disappoint me, but I gotta admit, you're in a league of your own when it comes to lowering my expectations for this species.




You guys are shills to the core, fucking hell.

You're right, it takes 30 seconds to compile this vomit over here, but you're proving my point, why didn't this Patreon beggar do it himself?



Did you feel good reading it?



Oh, you're a nigger!

Now it all makes sense.

<me needs da gibs!

>you can get a job, they practically grow on trees when you have affirmative action

<das racis!

>everyone else works; why are you so lazy?

<you shills fo' da man! black powah!




Not one ounce of an argument, huh?



Because it's a lot more work to distribute a build than it is to make it yourself. You're so daft I'm running out of words to describe you. I've got a 100,000+ word vocabulary, and you strain my ability to articulate just how impossibly wrong-headed you are. I'm really starting to lean toward "competing dev who's also a Patreon scammer" because it legitimately makes me feel better to think you're doing this out of malice than to admit to myself that anyone could be so broken.

When you do a build you have to:

1. Make the build

2. Scour the bin and assets to make sure they don't include anything (including embedded info in the binaries) that discloses anything that could be used to dox you

3. Archive it

4. Upload it

5. Make posts announcing the build

Steps 2-5 are a lot more work than step 1, and you're the entitled bitch for thinking you should have it done for you, for free, when nobody stops you from doing step 1. Innoxia does the preview builds for Patrons as a thank-you for contributing, but you can't even make the argument that it's limiting your access! In fact, given that you still have to download and unpack the archive of a shared build, it's not even like that would save you any effort. You are literally objecting to having to build from source on principle, which really makes me question not only your taste, intelligence, and sanity, but also whether or not you even quality as human. Of course, if that's the case, it's a huge relief — that way, I don't have to feel bad about sharing a species with you; just a planet.



That's the sort of thing a nigger would say.

<ignores about a dozen posts proving it's an idiot

>okay, you're just a nigger

<das' not an argumen' you racis!



File: fc52355ce39749c⋯.jpg (132.28 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, heh.jpg)


Number 2 is your only argument but it's a faux one anyway, since that's avoidable from the start.

And I'm not really the one with the actual interest now, am I? I thought this patreon beggar needs the cash, how else would the faggot get it if I suddenly am forced to do part of his job and thus, angering me enough for me to stop in my tracks?

Then again, who gives a shit if they don't post public versions anymore, there will always be one patreon bitch that will give it to all of us.


File: fc2692620f69c4c⋯.jpg (207.34 KB, 644x600, 161:150, Not this gay.jpg)

File: 1b927b377b079c8⋯.jpg (16.95 KB, 303x303, 1:1, not this gay5.jpg)

File: f71e3dc71e14d5c⋯.jpg (82.83 KB, 600x750, 4:5, not this gay4.jpg)

File: 454df2bbb3d3cf9⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 500x357, 500:357, not this gay3.jpg)

File: 12c8a8232601621⋯.jpg (51.88 KB, 566x549, 566:549, Not this gay2.jpg)


Nigger, get back to picking cotton. At least then you had some dignity.


File: f037593d22e004c⋯.png (257.21 KB, 392x714, 28:51, Really.png)


I've never compiled anything in my life anon, and it took me 6 minutes for me to get it done mainly because i got a phone call while doing it.

In the amount of time you've spent crying you could have already compiled it yourself.

Its not hard my guy.

>inb4 shill



>I have to compile the fucking files to play a porn game?

Not really, there's one already uploaded on his site.

Compiling it is if you want the very latest features



Better analogy would be going to a bakery and either waiting for them to slowly warm up a pastry or taking the dough and heating it in the microwave


File: e39da4fa65b22cd⋯.jpg (221.99 KB, 1305x1040, 261:208, 1370191072147.jpg)









I went digging my Archives of Fail. This is the closest thing I can find to how much of an idiot you are.



>food analogy

oh boy, let me try

Every 7 minutes, the waiter will bring you thirsty motherfucker a fresh glass of water. But if you're really fucking thirsty, you can stand up anytime and go to the fountain to refill your glass on your own.



So they're all baiting?






All these shills.

I hope you get paid something out of those 800 bux.





"lol u wuz trolled" is usually a way of pretending one wasn't really that stupid.

Unless the guy had really compelling evidence it was a setup. I don't recall; it was years ago.



You don't have to say "lol u wuz trolled" for it to be bait. I can see red flags miles away. He is playing it way too hard, bringing up family and all that and giving the thread status updates. Last but not least, pregnancy chance is basically 0% if she is having the menses… Unless she's anorexic or 12, which could cause her menstruation to become irregular. Nothing is going to impregnate dead eggs, son.


File: 4836715061392f3⋯.jpg (35.79 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1395980359012.jpg)

Innoxia pls add titfucking. I know nipplefucking is probably hot with the furries, but I'd like to fuck a pair of breasts properly.



I know a decent number of women to conceive while menstruating; also a decent number to dig ther own graves like that.

The harm to me is exactly zero to assume the story is true until proven otherwise.



And that's why you should always stay safe and practise safe sex, even though the pregnancy chance is low.

No, but it makes you look naïve. Sure, the story might give you some enjoyment, but it would be rational to assume what's most likely.


see you guys in two threads when you finally get over yourselves and the developer considers coming back



What seems to be the problem friend?



>everyone that I don't like is a shill

There is literally nothing wrong with asking people to build shit them selves. Especially in this case when the dev releases builds every week and the Git-repository is for people who cant wait that week/want the latest updates.

Also I can see how people are worried about the patreon getting worse but until the source is locked then there is nothing to worry about as we could just do what the CoC thread is doing.



I'm going to be expanding the character creation in a couple of weeks, and I'll go into a lot of detail for all aspects of your body then.


That will be in the next version.

I put out a new version (0.1.82) this evening. You can find the download links on my blog: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/version-0182-release.html



I'm a cynic. To me, the most likely explanation is, generally speaking, the one which invokes the greatest degree of human stupidity.

Besides, that way, if I'm ever wrong, it's a pleasant surprise.


Does anyone else get the small feeling that some of the anons here are shills for the dev? I got the feeling a lot in the previous thread a lot as well.

In any case, thanks to whoever posted the guides on compiling the game. Never tried compiling stuff before so the guide was a big help.



Nah, just pissed off at the lazy begging nigger.



File: 8815133d7c18abb⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 500x476, 125:119, felix.gif)


I noticed the dominant kneeling option, good job!

Would it be possible to add or modify some of the labels?

It'd help to get a quicker idea/vizual of the character faster than something vague like partial-[ ]girl or minor- [ ]girl and would be more specific.

For example, based on furryness it would go:

>Human (No animal parts)

>Kemonomimi (Bare minimum, only ears and tail)

>Monster-girl (Up to arms and legs, with [animal]-[gender] description as it is now.)


Or something along that.

On gender labels, I prefer to use trap when the male is feminine/androgynous and slender (A cup or flat), but shemale or newhalf when they have noticeable breasts (B cup or bigger).



Samefag, plz go. Just because you got dogpiled for being a rampant fucking faggot, doesn't mean you can switch gears and suddenly gain allies especially when you already accused everyone of being shills when you were busy sperging out. We don't need IDs in order to see through your faggotry.


File: 63d50130a763e12⋯.png (13.8 KB, 921x231, 307:77, Untitled.png)


I'm not that anon, but anyone can pretend to be someone else so I guess you'll need to ask a mod if you want to pursue this.

Anyways the game keeps crashing on me with the error jfxwebkit.dll+0xdf1793 so I guess I'm shit out of luck. Back to era games.



On second look I accidentally turned on debug mode when I was looking through the cheat menu. Hopefully it's just that.



Minor/partial morph = kemonomimi

Lesser morph = Monster-girl

Greater morph = furry

Although Innoxia's said in the Discord the labels will get changed at some point



Is your java up to date? Do you have JavaFX installed? Are you on a 64 bit system? Have you tried the .exe version?



I recently updated the java before playing this game, not sure about FX but I'll give it a look. I am on a 64 bit OS and no I haven't tried the .exe version. I went through the trouble of learning how to compile the game to play the latest version.



If you're on Linux, apparently JavaFX doesn't come with the regular Java download. Either way, check to make sure, since the game needs it.



>That will be in the next version.

That soon, huh? Thanks.



People have been asking for tittyfucking for a while now



Hey when you come back, can you fill us in proper what slaver alley is for? I get that it's for a quest, but what will expand from that?

I notice in your patch notes you mention an affection/obedience mechanic so I'm wondering if that means there will be generic/named NPC slaves



Saving appears to be broken on the latest release. At least for me. The game will say it saves, but no save is created and as such, I can not reload a game at any point.



Compiled from git works fine :^)



Nah, they're not real shills, they just act like shills.

Real shills get money, these faggots get uncompiled files from a garbage patreon whore.



And then we take 5 minutes to compile it and enjoy the game instead of whining about it like a fag :^)



>5 minutes

That's not something to brag about.



Boohoo, I have to spend 5 minutes to play my free game because I can't wait an extra week :( I could be spending that time whining like a spoiled baby



I don't think you get it, anon. But I'm saying you're very very slow.



I don't think you get that crybabies aren't welcome here, go throw a tantrum somewhere else



Since when do we accept fucking normies around here? Go back to reddit.



<Not crying about free games = normie

Holy shit dude you just keep getting more and more autistic



>being ok with a lazy faggot just because they give you shit for free

How low has this thread fallen?



>Incentivizing donations so the dev can continue working on the game so you can play for free = lazy

Seriously, were you born stupid or did your dad just hit you too much?



>Incentivizing donations

There, you said it. Good job, my dude.

Did you know that incentivizing donations by hindering users in any way is a dick move?

Now you do.



>How dare game devs try to get financial support to pay for food and electricity to keep giving me free games

I don't get how you can be such an entitled cunt. Even if you're too much of a lazy piece of shit to compile the preview builds yourself, you're still getting a full release every other week. So either deal with it and wait the extra week, stop being a lazy fag, or go be a whiny manchild somewhere else. Or hey, you could donate and get it spoonfed to you. :^)



>How dare game devs try to get financial support to pay for food and electricity to keep giving me free games

I don't think you understand how retarded you are right now. By your logic, as long as someone is doing it for free, any practices, no matter how unethical they are, are OK to do, because "I NEED MONEY LOL".

This is why the current DLC practices, microtransactions, patreon whoring, etc has become so common.



Except they're not doing anything unethical? The preview builds aren't even finished releases, it's no different if they were to only post the full release every other week, except now you get to play it early if you're not lazy garbage. You're literally crying over nothing, and we're all laughing at how stupid you look doing it.




Also, it's not even the same thing at all as DLC lmao. You're getting it for FREE every other week regardless of anything else. I really cannot understand how dense you are.



>Except they're not doing anything unethical?


Hindering users to incentivize them to give you money isn't unethical?

In what world do you live?

Did you know this is a common tactic for microtransations to lure in people?





Again, it's hardly even a hinderance. They could have just locked the entire thing behind a paywall. You get a FREE GAME EVERY OTHER WEEK. How hard is this for you to understand?

Microtransactions = paid

Game = free

Seriously how are you this fucking retarded, please explain



There are games with microtransactions that give you their special money every day as an incentive.

Is this game the only thing you've ever played or seen in your life or something?

You can play a whole lot of microtransaction games without paying a single dollar, it's just that you'll have to play for like a few years to get near the level of anyone that pays.

The incentive thus lies in the acquisition of content, the competitive incentive and leisure. Here it's a mix of content, time and leisure.



Except you don't have to pay for anything you fucking absolute tard, you get the entire game for free every other week. Please jam these words into your tiny, inept brain, because it's getting tedious trying to explain basic logic to you.


I can't wait for next weeks preview so I can post a compiled version that removes everyone's genitals and deletes save games.



The compilation of a buggy unfinished version that you can get for free anyways????????? How is that at all the same as microtransactions? Like holy shit dude, how is it possible for a human brain to be this dysfunctional?



I can understand analogies just fine, the problem is your anology is shit and makes no sense. There's no "ethical concern" with a game dev trying to make enough to feed themself so they can keep pushing free updates to ungrateful faggots like you.



Spoonfeeding is a sin, mate.



We appreciate your patronage.



We appreciate your patronage.

This ^ was not meant for the above quoted, but nonetheless we do appreciate your patronage indeed.


Any further conversation on the topic of game compilation outside of technical help etc for a period of time will result in a ban and post deletion

I fucking hate how a single space is enough to turn a vol tag into a tripcode



We are hoping people in this thread would help us improve the game but bug hunting and reporting. That way there would be more content faster.



At fucking last, tired of the beggar bait.


File: 3cd084aa82ae1c6⋯.png (2.79 KB, 126x171, 14:19, Untitled.png)


Please use the report function next time an extended shitstorm occurs.



I did make a report–two days ago, when it started.

Anyway, if you're going to monitor this thread and keep that shit from happening again, I can focus on constructive discussion instead of having cheap giggles verbally abusing a congenital idiot.


Hi, thread.

I don't really have any specific alias or anything. Innoxia decided to call me "Sensei" in the credits, so I guess that's my name, for the moment.

I dunno if I'll post with my name, much, but I'm here a lot. That one guy aside, you guys have been very helpful with coming up with good ideas - and, more importantly, pointing out bad ideas, or bad design decisions. Thanks.



I'm generally hands off on arguments until it lasts more than a day which is why I use the term extended next to shitstorms, this may have lead to me ignoring your report as it was early on. I apologize for forgetting to check the thread for a bit after the initial report. If there are any opinions on this policy please post it in the meta thread and not here due to it being off topic.

Post last edited at


Is there a way to just type in how much of an item you want? Example: Demon Essence bottles.



Turn on IDs so we can filter poeple



In the debug menu or in a store? Either way, no



>turn on ids

Did you forget that this is an anonymous imageboard? Unless this board magically grows to the size of /pol/ or /v/ where the pros outweigh the principle then I disagree with this.



lol no


Options menu still mentions the old "Non-con" option.



While it would be nice to filter the shitposters the longterm would probably do more harm than good for the reasons >>112386 already pointed out.





IDs would still make things anonymous, they simply prevent samefagging or shilling, they are temporary and are different between threads.

Hell, enable IDs but straight up disable trips, so we don't risk tripfags and circlejerking.



>Everyone has a label that identifies them


Yeah ok



Nice catch. Fixed.


File: 64c785b7ea7a8ee⋯.png (1.34 MB, 2000x916, 500:229, 3f53c55a90cf3e57a3f7090ea0….png)

What do you usually make your character?

If you're doing anything other than a trap, you're playing this wrong.



I usually make myself a very masculine man, then I use potions and grow myself a vagina that's hidden by my huge balls. I then protect my virginity as long as I can, even if it means I have to suck a lot of dick if I get beat up. I then grind, grind, grind, until I know I can comfortably take out Brax. I take him down, fuck his asshole hard, then keep fucking him until he's about to cum, force my virgin pussy onto his cock, both ruining my virginity but also being the very last time he'll be able to father children since the next thing I do is turn him into a woman and impregnate him. I also grow titties sometimes if I'm bored.



who the fuck are you, stop tripfagging



Because of the game mechanics, I find it more enticing to turn all the males into cute traps instead. Even with modding in voluntary prostitution, it felt forced to go around getting your own butt rammed.



I always make a switcher futa. I found out that it's hotter to see a "girl" getting fucked by lots of different persons in different situations than a guy fucking lots of different persons in different situations

But both are hot anyway so I make a futa that does these two roles




Are you a dev?



The first one kind of is, in a way, but the second one absolutely is not.


>>112467 >>112476 >>112477

First, no need to be so rude. If I want to not be anon, which I prefer to be 99% of the time, it's my choice.

Second, sorry for the confusion. I am not sure about Sensei, but I am not part of the dev team. I am working independently and sending code for approval to Innoxia once in a while. Since I have access to the code I wanted to give a hand to this awesome creation.


File: 80981c9ec3c03e1⋯.jpg (20.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Hey pal, you just blow in from normie town?



>If I want to not be anon, which I prefer to be 99% of the time, it's my choice.

No its not your choice faggot, you dont get to choose if you are anonymous or not.

This is an imageboard, and namefaggorty, avatarfaggotry and trips are off limits on this board



On this particular board, you actually aren't allowed to use a name or tripcode if you aren't a developer.



I would make a trap, but you can't josou seme yet so I don't bother. It's a shame the only dominant penetration option you have is with a vagina.



You can give dom blowjobs now too


File: a4311d5890d0a84⋯.png (204.54 KB, 441x404, 441:404, a43[1].png)


yeah, but no dom boipuccci action yet



Traps should be getting fucked into the dirt anyways, it's the way god intended



>First, no need to be so rude. If I want to not be anon, which I prefer to be 99% of the time, it's my choice.

Actually, no, namefagging and tripfagging is banned on this board if you're not one of the developers or modders of the game in the relevant thread.

See https://8ch.net/hgg/rules.html :

>Namefaging without being a developer is likely to incur a three hour ban and potential deletion with the time being likely to be extended by three hours (X+3) upon subsquent actions on that IP. e.g. First ban is three hours, second is six hours, third is nine hours, etc…

Post linking on the same line is broken on 8chan if you don't delimit it some how:

>>112467 >>112476 >>112477 is broken

>>112467, >>112476, >>112477 should work

>am working independently and sending code for approval to Innoxia once in a while

So you're one of the code contributors



"Sortered" I presume.


File: 188320160d38d32⋯.jpeg (398.61 KB, 740x660, 37:33, 1434922425463-4.jpeg)


I like to play as a trap stud.

>Getting a blowjob in a back alley from a cute little girl

>Suddenly interrupted by a gigantic torrent of semen from "her" panties



>fixed bug

<who the fuck are you


>I'm contributing code

<why are you namefagging

Fuck, stop overreacting. If he's fixing bugs and contributing, at least ease them into the board or see if he's to add something noteworthy or taking suggestions.



>I submitted one edit, everyone has to know who I am



See, no need to be like this. I don't usually comment in boards like this so I can avoid the poison. I didn't know the exact rules so I will abide by them now that I do.

If people are more like >>112508, >>112517, >>112522 things would be a lot better. I especially don't like the implication of >>112522 that I am doing it to get attention.

I'm going to end here so I don't contribute to the shitpostings. *returns to the bug hunt* Oh, and yes, I am Sortered on github.



>they simply prevent samefagging or shilling…

Not every single time but it does make them more obvious. ID's likely only effect samefags and shills that don't give a shit/haven't heard of proxies/VPN's or care that a lot of (1)'s with a very similar message is suspicious.



If you're a programmer that has worked on the game then you're allowed to namefag.



>I didn't know the exact rules so I will abide by them now that I do.

then read them nigger




He was already linked to the rules. And read the post above yours retard.


File: 11bd93d770c29d3⋯.jpg (523.91 KB, 1192x2396, 298:599, traptastic.jpg)


I've decided to take a crack at adding the "dom trap" stuff myself. The system is rather modular, so it was pretty simple once I figured things out.

Anyone interested in this?


Also to add: Writing content will not allow you to namefag unless you've contributed a decent amount and have had it implemented into a game/mod/distribution in some form. There were some cases of anons writing one thing then using it as a reason to namefag when it wasn't even implemented into the game/mod.

Post last edited at



I'm definitely interested but how difficult is it to make those changes?

I'm asking because the game is constantly being updated weekly, so these changes would have to be done quite frequently.



trivial. I can just keep a fork, just in case.

Besides, I've a feeling Innoxia will implement something similar eventually, so this is just there to tide people over until then.




Get the BO to add/clarify this in the rules page, it gets annoying if threads keep getting derailed like this.

I assume it should be the same with regards to contributing programmers? Minor bug fixes and such don't validate names.



Please deliver then if you don't mind. Either mega or a fork. I been looking for this option for a long time. Thanks in advance.




>I assume it should be the same with regards to contributing programmers? Minor bug fixes and such don't validate names.

Yes, but they need to contribute a lot less than writers to get a pass to namefag. Please continue any further conversation on this topic in the meta thread, I will forward your request to the BO.



Source files brosif



What you change, or is this just LT latest?


Nvm that last question. I'm being a dummy dumb and not reading.



Gracias, brah. Really hoping Innoxia adds this in eventually, but for now this works out perfectly. Even works with a save from vanilla 0.1.82, for those interested.


>>112560, >>112569

I was going to say you can create a pull request, but you already posted the new files. Am I to assume you're Belshazzarll?


The source is already in the github, posted as a pull request assumedly by the above.



>Am I to assume you're Belshazzarll?



I can't see any enemy/partner details with so many fetishes


File: 91ce66ecf32dfff⋯.png (45.67 KB, 255x605, 51:121, Capture.PNG)


forgot image


Sexual preference seems pointless as it is, not only the option for both give no resistance at all, making it completely useless, but preference should also boost arousal in sex scenes and improve seduction against that gender, and of course lower arousal gain in sex with the same one or make even the player refuse automatically without the perk to see what actual sexual organ the opponent have

There will ever be a way to enchant clothing? Maybe after defeating a boss?



At the time I saw no fork for this, have had the source for the game since it was released.




It's been a problem for a while. For now the only solution is to look up their stats, effects etc. in the "characters present" tab.



I had to bump my resolution and make the window fill my screen in order to see it all, including the enemy/partner details. I only found that out because I was getting sick of all these games coming out with a height bigger than my preferred resolution. I'd always make LT's box fill my screen, so when I had the bigger res, I actually saw all the shit.


Maybe you guys should start posting your bugs on the dev's blog instead of here since Innoxia probably doesn't venture out this way that much? Just a suggestion. Call me crazy but I think that would get her attention faster.



>labels that identifies them

>85LçInf is an identifiable label now

It's a fucking string of random letter that prevents people in the same thread to samefag.

It changes between threads, so yeah, you still remain anonymous because you don't keep the ID between discussions.

The only reason no to want IDs is to allow more samefagging and shilling, IDs literally have no other use and no other downside otherwise.




You are absolutely right, I don't know where all this 'dom trap' bs is coming from. They're basically second class women and should be be face down ass up for at least 1/3 of the day



Pretty sure you can just scroll with middle-click to see their stuff.



Innoxia actually keeps a close eye on the 8ch LT threads. But reporting the bugs properly is probably easier to manage, so I definitely endorse that idea.



This tbh fam

IDs aren't some Jewish plot to trace your perversity and profile you; there's Google Analytics and NSA taps for that. They just let us see when someone who's too lazy (or stupid) to use multiple browsers/IPs tries to samefag excessively.

Though I'll admit, IDs make it less fun to change sides mid-argument just for the hell of it.



Might as well be namefagging at that point



ID's are trivial to bypass and generate a new one, dedicated shitposters know how to do this very well and end up using ID's against their original purpose, making it counter-productive. The few people that are dumb enough to samefag with ID's, you never really need them to see the samefagging anyway. It's a measure that doesn't actually help as much as we'd like.

Then there's the fact that people start to reply to ID's instead of posts. It's a short-lived "identity" but it's enough to create a sense of Ego where posters feel compelled to defend their "reputation", even if just for one thread, and become emotionnaly invested in a discussion. That coupled with the effect of posting too much (because that becomes a thing), leads to a degeneration in post quality, making the little security you get out of it not really worth it.

But anyway, you're better off dropping the discussion or take it over to /sudo/ instead of arguing about this in a thread dedicated to a game about fucking people with your tail.



This. As soon as I post a single mod update, people will be able to associate the ID to me. Won't be able to ask stupid questions anymore, won't be able to gather thoughts on new content, won't be able to just blend in without the thread knowing exactly who I am.


Any further conversation on enabling ID is to continue in the meta thread and not here.



Thank god


Is there tribadism in the game? And strapons and double ended dildos?



No, not yet.


Can we do hand holding with other characters?



>can we do anything other than being the biggest slut in Dominion or the alpha stud who fucks everything regardless of race or gender and has his children running everywhere?

Gee out with your disgusting vanilla fetishes, this game is for degenerates not for chaste men or maiden such as yourself.


it feels like the only thing keeping these threads active are shit storms and arguments


File: 62c52e925113bd6⋯.png (196.14 KB, 849x418, 849:418, purest form of love.png)





I want non-consensual hand-holding, beating down cum-slut straight women while a woman (male) and teaching them how fulfilling a non-sexual relationship can be. Then impregnate her with one of my used condoms to preserve her virginity pending inclusion so I can lose my various virginities to the children.





Inside Lilaya's mansion, go to one of the empty rooms and call for Rose, talk a bit with her and voila







No, you can't



You sick fuck.

I like you.


Will the slave area allow our own character to be enslaved?



Is there any way to terminate a pregnancy? Or at least prevent it?



Swift punch to the stomach will probably never be added to the game :'(



iirc that works in eratohoK



Prevent pregnancy it's easy, either the blue pill, yes i am serious, or reduce your character fertility to 0

Unfortunately the base component needed to increase or decrease fertility and virility is quite rare, and beside buying, and cost more credits that you want to spend at the beginning, you need to face succubus to get it, at that point you probably never lose unless done on purpose and don't care much for money any more, so everything is delayed

Best way is to export your character at the beginning, change what you want in the xml and reimport in in


Most people get really fussy when talking about abortion, last time i suggested a developer to add such features in he nearly bit my head off so to speak, he was sorry later but fuck, don't expect to be integrated anytime soon



>Prevent pregnancy it's easy, either the blue pill, yes i am serious, or reduce your character fertility to 0

>blue pill makes you infertile

kek, that's perfect



Because the only people that request a "feature" that disables another feature are internet trolls that want to waste people's time.



Harpy perfume does it too



>last time i suggested a developer to add such features in he nearly bit my head off so to speak

fucking LOL



If a feature can be considered bad in any way you should add the option of cancelling or disabling it.

I find it extremely hot to see the character getting raped and impregnated but I don't like a pregnant character fucking others so I wouldn't disable pregnancy but probably would like to abort the pregnancy. Advancing the pregnancy is an option, of course, but it definitely doesn't solve the problem




Abortion on its own can be a fetish (even if it's a very fucked up one).


There's now a Barren perk (in 0.1.83P) that drops fertility down by 100, so you can't have babies if you want.



I'm planning on changing the race labels soon (the partial/lesser/greater system was built for an older version of the game). I'll try to include options to define them yourself when I do that.


It will be in the game for the full release of version 0.1.83 on the 18th.


I'm going to expand the slaver alley content into being an area where you can buy/sell slaves and slavery-related items. I'm going to try and keep all the slavery-related management content in that area.

Later on I'll also add public-use stocks, brothels, and other places to put your slaves to work.


I'm going to be changing the save game system for the next version, so hopefully this will fix that issue.


If you wanted to submit a pull request then I'll most likely get it integrated into the full version for Friday's release.


I'll try and get this fixed as soon as I can.


The sexual preference could use some work, I agree. I'm hopefully going to be adding clothing chanting in the next version (v0.1.84).


I'll add both of those as soon as I can, they're definitely on my list.




Eventually, yes, but the first slavery content will be focused on you as the slave owner.

I just updated the github this evening to version 0.1.83P: https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public


File: 4455fb78bbd6122⋯.jpg (617.91 KB, 1740x1901, 1740:1901, Cry11vkUIAAdJaO.jpg)


>I'll add both of those as soon as I can, they're definitely on my list.


Y E S !






I didn't know about the blue pill. Xml thing sounds even better though, I will do that. Thanks.


Well this game already allows you to disable a lot of stuff. I don't know why you'd consider that some sort of troll behavior.


how to disable furries?



>If you wanted to submit a pull request then I'll most likely get it integrated into the full version for Friday's release.

alright, just submitted it.




>Furry preferences

>Set all: human/minimum/reduced



Shoot them in the kneecaps.



>implying you don't want to be a wolf-girl




I want to play a fairy/inchling, but last I checked that wasn't an option.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



wan wan!



Pre-martial sex can be considered bad in any way, so I guess we should put in the option to cancel or disable it.


Guro and snuff can be fetishes too. Wheres my permadeath mode where my character gets strangled to death with their own intestines while getting brainfucked?


>was going to compile and upload the game here so people don't have to compile themselves

>see some autist crying because he has to spend 2 minutes doing some instructions

>decide against it



Fattie content when



I was digging around in the source code to make some personal modifications. There's a lot of accumulated technical debt in the text printing trees for each sex position, lots of slightly different copy/pasted statements which makes it an absolute pain to change some detail and keep it consistent everywhere.



>The sexual preference could use some work, I agree. I'm hopefully going to be adding clothing chanting in the next version (v0.1.84).

If possible, an idea could be that when the player unlock the observant perk, the preference could be changed to sexual organs instead of only femininity or masculinity, in that way if my character like pussy and with the perk he know the opponent is a cuntboy, he can still like it

Another suggestion could be to hide the genital specific sexual interaction until the genital are visible, or with the observant perk yet again, as it is i already know what organ the opponent have just looking at the interaction options, even if he/she is still fully clothed



I tried to find out how small you can get, it's 4 feet. Which would fit for a loli build if you pretend it is, but not fairy.



Having it perma-locked to genital preference for choosing a perk is just annoying. The addition of genital preferences would be enough to narrow down for traps of either kind. Although it's still just a contextual thing for me as I enable men/cuntboys for the sake of variety.

It's also possible check genitals from looking at it's racial parts on mouse hovers.


Where the hell is the option to turn off the consent now? Can't find it anywhere.



it's a fetish now, which you can enable for free



Fuck off you autistic faggot



Who said perma locked?

I wrote

<If possible, an idea could be that when the player unlock the observant perk, the preference could be changed to sexual organs instead of only femininity or masculinity

Right now you can choose between liking masculine, feminine or both

My suggestion is to ADD once you have the observant perk, liking benis, vagina or both

The perk is necessary because without it your character do not know what genital(s) the opponent have



In my opinion each distinct action should have a template that can internally branch to render whatever text makes sense with the flags in effect at a given point in time.

If you have a better idea, I'm all ears.



This and muscles plox.



fuck off



muscles would be good, there's something hot about a girl who puts in work to maintain a body like that


Too much drama about preview versions, not enough porn.

Here's 0.1.83P:


Enjoy lads.



Stop enabling lazy cunts to be lazy, they can compile it themselves


>femininity stat

>not androgyny or something neutral like that

Every fucking time.



That wouldn't even make sense

>You gained androgyny

>You're more androgynous now



Not that the gesture isn't appreciated, but I agree with >>114470. It's not about it being gated behind a paywall or being excluded from content, it's just people are honestly too lazy to be asked to take literally two minutes to compile the game. It'll even take less than that after they've done it once and figured out the process enough to do it again from memory. Honestly, it doesn't really bother me that much that people don't want to do it themselves, but when they bitch and whine that someone else wont do it for them or villainizes the dev for setting it up like that, it's pretty sad.

If they don't want to lift a finger that much, they can wait a week for a more bug-free build then. Most of the time, a lot of the new stuff that's added is highly unpolished anyways, so you're not missing out as much as you'd think. Hell, the only reason I play on a preview builds even now is to report bugs. At least you guys don't have to wait for content release a month before hand like some games I've played. Hell, you don't have to wait at all. Really all I'm doing is paying Innoxia a few bucks to put a pretty bow on it is all.



Nah, it would still be "you gained masculinity/femininity" but the way the stat is called now seems to imply that, like, you're either feminine or negative feminine. You wouldn't say that, you'd say you're feminine, androgynous or masculine. It's a real minor nitpick to be honest and maybe I'm just being a jackass but there's my two cents.




Have you even downloaded and attempted to play that build anon posted? Every dialogue that's new is gone and so are ALL the sex scenes (except hand holding).



fucking kek



If this is true, I take it back. Keep up the good work, anon.



>Guro and snuff can be fetishes too. Wheres my permadeath mode where my character gets strangled to death with their own intestines while getting brainfucked?

Hey, I'd love to have the option to decapitate things and fuck their throats from the inside, but you're already dodging the point there. Abortion is not just "a feature that disables another feature", it is, in fact, a complete feature on its own that even requires the Pregnancy feature to be enabled. I don't see why giving the player more options would ever be considered a bad thing.



Ah. Okay, well I assumed the gesture was sincere rather than just for shits and giggles. In that case, I too will applaud the good work!


So, are we getting some true feral on human/humanoid?

Bestiality properly said, not the furry on human bullshit, this is almost vanilla



Never ever

Tough it could be interesting a fully sapient creature that take the form of a feral animal to pass unobserved or something, there is a jungle zone after all, and of course fuck it in that form


File: 7ddf48421a86f64⋯.png (19.89 KB, 624x233, 624:233, Capture.PNG)

I think the game's a bit inefficient.



What a waste



>ALL the sex scenes (except hand holding).




Limit hasn't changed since I last played then. Even a foot shorter would've be nice. I like being really short.

Thanks for checking.




I don't know what the fuck that anon is talking about, but yes, the dev has confirmed there will be feral



That's about the thing I was thinking of as well. I spent the afternoon working on such a system, but the amount of work needed looks monstrous and I've only managed to build a framework and implement like 2 actions in that.


I'm having trouble building with Eclipse on Linux. I get this trying to run the project. I'm not fluent at all in Java debugging.

at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)
at com.sun.javafx.application.LauncherImpl.launchApplicationWithArgs(LauncherImpl.java:389)
at com.sun.javafx.application.LauncherImpl.launchApplication(LauncherImpl.java:328)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)
at sun.launcher.LauncherHelper$FXHelper.main(LauncherHelper.java:767)
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at java.util.EnumMap.<init>(EnumMap.java:139)
at com.base.game.Properties.<init>(Properties.java:75)
at com.base.main.Main.main(Main.java:324)
... 11 more
Exception running application com.base.main.Main



Never mind, I just booted up a windows VM and built it there.



>Exception running application com.base.main.Main

Anon,Is it perhaps possible that you forgot to install the Java Development Kit?



No but it's probably some sort of problem with the version of the package I have installed. It's very strange actually, I can build other shit no problem. And it's not like packages from the Arch repos are old.



I've already discussed that approach with Innoxia; I think it's probably just too daunting to really tackle single-handed without forcing the rest of the game development to a complete halt for a while.

If you'd like to coordinate, I'm sure a way to freeze segments of the code and port them over one-by-one might be doable. I've also come up with a potential model for doing so, but Java isn't my best language.

I'd really like to see a fully data-driven (not enums, but some kind of mapping structure) paradigm where special casing is only used when it's really needed, but that's so invasive I'm really not sure what the best way is to tackle it without a lot more manpower.



Did you install OpenFX?



Porting things over one by one is not going to be hard. Just replace the text return methods with SexStringManager.getDescription() method that does whatever advanced syntax replacement you want and handle all other descriptions normally.

I'm also posting an example of changed scripting (consensual chair scene kissing), so that you can check the syntax yourself or raise objections if you don't like it: https://pastebin.com/Mn50HYYa


So Eclipse won't even launch, it's bitching that it "Failed to load JNI shared library."

I have Java 8 installed and tried both Luna and IDE. I'm not lazy I'm just dumb :(



Have you even tried to google the problem?



Yeah, every answer I saw said to copy the jvm.dll from the JRE to the JDK, but even after doing that, the directory that Eclipse is searching in seems to be different from the directory every solution said to copy it to.



Not hard, just time consuming.

Your idea isn't bad, though I still personally would rather use VTL instead of Innoxia's template engine, since it's more flexible - the downside is that it is a bit uglier visually, but personally I don't care about that much.



You'd have to explain your idea in detail to me, since I can't even seem to find out what a VTL is exactly and how it'd help out.



Velocity Template Language.



Looks useful, thanks.



Since VTL allows branching inside the template, it's easy to do text renders for each logical text node, and let the template itself do the heavy lifting.

I'd like to see the text moved into separate files, too, possibly with an XML wrapper or somesuch - that way, one could pack all of the random options into an single file.

Right now, I actually think that sex paces should all be treated as a single logical node for a given position and consent/nonconsent, so that instead of a zillion files, you'd have something like


While making the templates broader in scope makes them more complex, it also gives a lot more flexibility in terms of handling highly specific sets of conditions - for example, noncon trap PC dominant forcing a high corruption resisting male with anal giving fetish to fuck them - there's a lot of potential in a situation that specific to, for example, write the NPC struggling with their own loss of control - that is, loving it, and hating that they love it, but not having the willpower to stop, even after the PC stops actively forcing them. It also allows the render logic to do progressive text changes by setting flags itself that are ignored by the game engine, but the render logic can use to, say, show a victim's weakening resistance in a series of repeated actions or something like that.

Pretty ambitious, but I'd like to think this game can be moulded to make the flexibility in e.g. Newlife look positively stale by the time we're done with it.



Also, I forgot to mention, since VTL can call methods on any object made available to it, it's theoretically possible for these 'progressive scenes' to set flags more generally, so that e.g. a highly specific set of conditions that, say, could lead to imprinting a new fetish on a sexual partner, could actually do the necessary lifting. Of course, that allows templates to manipulate game state at large, but (a) there's nothing stopping that from happening anyway without a lot of extra work, and (b) if it's done carefully the benefits can be significant.

I only like structured and "well organized" programming, myself, when it offers more benefits than it causes escalation in the difficulty of making highly nuanced effects possible without massive over-engineering.



anons were bamboozled by technology



If by "bamboozled" you mean that I opened the thread in a new tab, and even after refreshing the window or attempting to update the thread, all posts after >>114984 were missing.

Making that post actually caused all the missing posts to appear. Very strange.


The preview build post in here was something of a troll, compiled from Public myself and the sex content is all there.


File: 8606a743df45b6b⋯.png (40.48 KB, 726x674, 363:337, Capture.PNG)



24 hours to go!


File: 98bb52e12c0bd2e⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 243x277, 243:277, 1423798624333.jpg)


>Heart-shaped pupils



At this point i hope for specific race vaginas as well, we have dog, horse and human dick, but only horse pussy, let's finish the job


Magical tattoo when?

I don't want to sound ungrateful, but that option is teased since ver 1.5 and sound pretty cool, especially if certain events or item force a cursed tattoo on your charter that require a quest or components to remove

Last thing, i know all combat need rebalance, but all spells excluding fire are way too weak, with some bonus physical is pretty good too but the stun effect is not scalar with your power level, making it weak later, still this game is deserving it's patreon at least



Game balance is probably last on the todo list, considering you can just use potions to give yourself ridiculous stats.


Are horse people in this game quadripeds or bipeds?





File: 8c7859d951552f8⋯.png (22.29 KB, 757x376, 757:376, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….png)




Don't ask for save compatibility next time then



dumb whore



<Can't do something complex and time intensive in a single day = dumb whore




dont defend her anon, maybe if she stopped trying insert emoticons into every sentence she typed, it'd be out sooner. and we both know a male innoxia would've been 10 times further in development than this stupid bitch is currently at.



I wouldn't insult the dev like other anons, but they shouldn't make promises they can't keep.


File: 4e6ec5b89e6ea2e⋯.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 75:64, 084.png)


>crying about gender


how is pointing out that a guy would work more efficiently crying about gender?



I don't know what gender splendid ostrich is, but here you go with example shitty work ethic. Or, should I remind you of breeding season and it's dev hbomb and that fokin jew of an artist spurple? Both of them are guys.

Out of all things to place blame on, you choose to be a fucking moron and say that the work is slow cuz innoxia, allegedly, has a vagOOO instead of a pOnOs.



Either bait or really powerful autism, either way anon is a top level tard



Wait a second. Innoxia is a girl? And she's hands down a better programmer than all the other current H game devs. Innoxia will you have my babies?



Are you serious? Almost 90% of the h-devs active are inconsistent as fuck, take massive breaks and are a bunch of fucking whiny hacks. They are almost all men. Not saying innoxia is any better, far from it, but she certainly isn't any worse.



<some next level autism


<Dunning Kruger eat your heart out

Considering this is Innoxia's first project, the quality of the code design and the speed at which development is progressing is astounding. Still a lot of room for improvement, but you're way the fuck too ignorant to be capable of judging either way.


I don't agree that Innoxia is doing a bad job, but it is true that women, on the whole, are inferior programmers. I've known two or three who were very good; a lot more who were either outright incompetent, or simply so emotional that they couldn't handle criticism or failure when their code broke.



>>116444 (checked)

/hgg/ is infested with a particularly noxious breed of mouthbreather–though I don't think it's more than two or three people; most folks here are okay–who frankly remind me of dealing with especially ignorant and pushy execs at any company with a software development branch. They seem to jump from one shiny thing to another, they expect development of code to be as predictable as laying brick, they confuse hype for progress (Accidental Woman being a good example), and they mindlessly throw anyone under the bus who disappoints them, even when their expectations were crazy to begin with. I can only guess they're the sort who have to sneak up on their own hands to masturbate & take their frustrations out on h-devs because they're too socially isolated or physically weak to have anyone in person they can pick a fight with to blow off steam. That or they're doing way too much cocaine.



Dude, I can, from the hundreds of developers I have worked with/observed/known, count on one hand the number who haven't blown multiple release dates. Software dev is one of the most difficult things to estimate–the only things I can think of that are worse are law (because it depends, a lot of times, on the judge/jury/etc. in addition to applicable law) and medicine (because the human body is fucking complicated).


Innoxia has already been adding features at a pretty good clip, so I'm not concerned. I think she just got caught up in feature creep for this update.



>I don't agree that Innoxia is doing a bad job, but it is true that women, on the whole, are inferior programmers. I've known two or three who were very good; a lot more who were either outright incompetent, or simply so emotional that they couldn't handle criticism or failure when their code broke

I can think of a dozen or so female AAA game designers who would shit all over your mindset and that's just offhand.



Name them.

Literally nobody outside of a few delusional SJWs tries to claim women are anywhere near as good at programming as men.



That's our Innoxia–the rampant optimism of a babydev. It's actually kinda cute.



>women, on the whole, are inferior programmers

Well it's not like it really matters, there's the git-hub and all you need is a few beta-males trying to fuck her and they'll do all the work. For things like this, it's not about a single person's efficiency as it's often the total sparcity of people willing to actually work. H-devs can end up becoming nothing more than motivation for their volunteer drones to keep working. Being a woman is then an advantage.

If the market was completely flooded and devs began competiting with each other, eventually it would get overtaken by anything resembling a business and efficiency would matter. Right now it's just a race of pandering to the most niches.

How do vanilla straight-devs even manage to build an audience these days? I haven't seen any anons collecting spreadsheets of adult games' patreon earnings lately.



>I don't agree that Innoxia is doing a bad job, but it is true that women, on the whole, are inferior programmers. I've known two or three who were very good; a lot more who were either outright incompetent, or simply so emotional that they couldn't handle criticism or failure when their code broke.

I wasn't really clear on my views because I didn't need to be when I was answering to a moron, but since you appear to actually have a brain:

Women may have inferior work ethic in programming compared to men, but not so much as to say that game would've been 10 times further into development if innoxia was a guy. In the end, the difference is marginal or at least not

so catastrophic if person is somewhat competent at what they do, and what does Innoxia is better than what many h-game devs ever did.

My only two concerns when I see a game in early development are dev jewing out like SO and BS team did, and furries ruining everything. Thankfully, second concern is out of the question since Innoxia made an option to control how furry your game is.


Innoxia has a better work ethic than basically every other currently active H game dev out there, other than maybe pregmod dev


This thread is starting to go from stupid to pants-on-head-retarded real fast…

I just wanna know when we'll see an update.






I should have been more clear, when will we see an update and not a fix to the existing version.







Fuck guys, don't ever make a game available for anyone here because this shit happen, i am not happy either, but blowing up in such way is truly deserving of urgent psychiatric help



Who gives a shit about the opinions of some random anons that can't be arsed to even write properly?



Grow a thicker skin, this is an imageboard and people can and will talk shit



fuck off


File: 029bc91484f3db1⋯.jpg (92.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, higuchi001.jpg)


Time to not talk about the game for a week or so.



What was the deleted file?


>holds off from playing so I can enjoy the new stuff, whatever it may be

>gets pushed a week

May as well chop my dick off at this rate. Got nothing else to play…


Well I'm pretty disappointed with the delay, but this shit happens all the time so I'm really not surprised.

What annoys me though is the reason for delay. So the game is being a week delayed because people cried about being able to keep saves through multiple versions, which implementing this ended up breaking the code.

Who the fuck are these people? How are any of these autists complaining and whining about such a retarded, useless feature. First of all you can import characters, so anything lost in a new version could easily be attained again in like 15 minutes tops with a high level imported character. Or are these people really throwing a hissy fit over their piece of "unique" clothing with a "really good" enchantment, even though clothing enchantment is being added?

This game is so godam easy to complete and get to a point where your character is unkillable and to top that off we can import a character that is already a high level.

I'm annoyed at Innoxia for caving in to the demands of these stupid assholes who complained about this feature, but most importantly, fuck all the people who cried and whined for this feature. There are so many other features that are far more important than saving in an alpha stage game that is sorely lacking content and lore diversity.

I repeat, fuck all of you faggots for bitching and whining for this feature, now all of us get screwed because of it.


File: e60b8ac8bd99eca⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 492x405, 164:135, 128874261275995438.jpg)




Autism in action



From what I can tell, the problem was that it would be more work to do it later than to do it now, so she decided to just get it out of the way now, but she underestimated how much time it would take to make everything compatible and lay the framework that needed to be laid



Meh, 1 week to rehaul shit and make the program more future proof, not much lost.



i wish i had never made this post


File: 646a22bd1aaee69⋯.jpg (62.77 KB, 640x640, 1:1, laugh15.jpg)


>I wish I wasn't so autistic.



but look at how much asshurt it spawned. aren't you proud of it?


Lmao all these beta males defending Innoxia. Her female emotions made her listen to all the retards wanting retarded code breaking features, and if you can't see that, then idk what can be done for you.



>can't fuck centaurs




what the fuck is with this shit? I keep seeing people use this. Does this actually do anything or are they just being retarded and don't actually know how to use sage?



>not being a stupid cunt = beta male



'Feral' (in quotes) is one of the planned features, so there will eventually be taur-beasts or so can be gleamed from it. Or there won't, no clue.

A few anons unironically think sage needs to go in all fields, yes.




centaurs and proper ferals are both planned to be fuckable


Centaur TF isn't even fucking worth it. I still remember what happened with CoC, which tried so hard to let the player have any body type they wanted. Every new body type required a version of every existing sex scene to be written for it, until progress on anything slowed waaaay the fuck down. So like, let the player fuck centaurs, sure… but I'd honestly rather stick to biped PCs than indulge the 2% of shitters who want an entire horse as their ass, 'cause it'll add a bunch more work to every project.


File: 8a05d1d63009b5b⋯.jpg (436.45 KB, 1030x1446, 515:723, 001.jpg)

>centaur fucking

This is how I'd imagine it to work:



File: e15ac9ad926e99d⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 332x339, 332:339, king of Finland.jpg)



At least you got all those (you)s

Wasnt that all about that?

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