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File: 396cd8ffe041507⋯.png (972.8 KB, 1673x939, 1673:939, wew.png)

File: d3f8677936c2e0e⋯.png (937.4 KB, 1427x905, 1427:905, 1502064486401.png)

File: 1d13f1673b4ef51⋯.png (829.2 KB, 1561x957, 1561:957, habbening.png)


New /ss/ Incest game that isn't neep shit (Western).



Here's the mega and Patreon




https://www.LINK REMOVED/sexcurse



Are you sure, because /ss/ is something the nips got in the bag and the west hasnt caught on about how to make a good one yet.



Ok, and now the mega isnt working right. Good job op.



>mega isn't working right

It's working perfect you faggot



>le overly whorish MILFs that crave the shotas cock

Why even bother at that point when the writing and buildup is that terrible? Urban Demons, A Zombies Life, UrbanXLife and now this game >>>>>>> Any Neep /ss/ game



I have had mega work literally every other time I use it, except for this instance where it force reloads the.page everytime it tries to decrypt the files.



The fuck are you talking about?

Just right click on the file, select "Standard download" and then wait for it to download. I just used it again and it worked.



I have tried dozens of times, but still doesn't want to work. Maybe it's because im using mobile but I doubt it becuase ive downloaded a lot of shit before off of Mega on this thing.



Nvm, I just opened up the link on the app, it's a lot slower and its a bitch to find the files afterwards but at least it works.


File: 894f98462793eaf⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg bathroom_daytime.png)

File: 21ece46be84f358⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg hallway_daytime.png)

File: 11eb47ec35e6c3d⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg kitchen_daytime.png)

File: 383c6f84e03b25f⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg living_room_daytime.png)

Someone needs to tell this guy that he's using the same stolen backgrounds as the ones in Glassix…

Just ripped the image.rpa file open and took a look around. There's not much to see, which is typical for a first build. But it's got some promise. Will be watching this one to see how it goes.


I'm gonna be honest I like how it looks so far but also fuck you for releasing it at this point, the content ends right as things start getting interesting

shows promise


Looks good so far. Not at all like the usual games.



That will happen from time to time, either your ISP/internet being really wonderful or Mega's servers getting crowded. Usually checking back later will net better results.


more of this shota shit? fuck off


File: 2274b4a514991af⋯.png (227.3 KB, 900x630, 10:7, inamedherHellen.png)

This scene was to fucking good not to exploit.

what is she mooning /hgg/



>pic1, pic 2

Why do these types of game always seem to have the girls with overly large boobs.

Come on there's big boobs and gigantic monstrous cowtits.



Welcome to 99% of drawn porn, period. Been wondering that myself since I was a teenager.



Well there's also the younger sister from what i've seen, and she's fairly young-ish.



Actually fuck that, she's a loli



Hey, at least she sounds like she's not one of those lolis with cow tits, am I right?


File: 5d5269ab362e636⋯.png (337.97 KB, 588x531, 196:177, disgusted milf.png)

I don't like the artstyle. TY, but no.


>Download size is close to 500MB

>File is a zip containing an extracted version of the game, a zipped version of that exact same content and a zip of the Mac version

What a bizarre and fucked up way to bundle files.



Is that from the thing where people get addicted to his touch?


File: e19d5720e0e445f⋯.png (77.38 KB, 855x453, 285:151, Untitled.png)

>F95zone is refusing to upload this game because the models look like children

>Ignoring the fact that Urban Demons, Lewd House and a fuckload of shota games are on their site

That place has gone to complete shit, lmfao




>going on there to begin with


>/ss/ with thicc milf + incest that isn't shit tier Japshit

>Actual normal penis size for a shota, none of that monster cock

>Not 3Dshit

>Solid writing

>Solid build up

Way too good to be true, I give this game 1 month before it gets dropped



Yeah, and even more retardly moderated.

>Doesn't allow cookies

>Have to register

I'm interested on the Lewd House, though.


So urban demons has a huge resolution problem for me, aka I can't see the top part of the screen and it opens in a shitty window. Advice?



I assume you're talking about how the screen is stuck on top and you can't move the window. I had that problem too, I fixed it by using a program called "sizer" by brian apps, it resizes any window size to the size you want. changing it to any size that isnt bigger than your screen fixes the window



Hmmm says it does not work with 64 bit, any other suggestions?



I'm using a 64 bit system and it works


File: 1fa9297d3036590⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 290x337, 290:337, when you オーガズム just right.gif)


Can never have enough /ss/



This. Jesus. It's like scraping the bottom of the barrel here.


File: 286ec20115f1288⋯.png (511 KB, 900x630, 10:7, 5314123.png)


File: ed705c2276e6075⋯.png (342.87 KB, 1275x608, 1275:608, MindBreak.png)


>Another one of those "gigantic tits" game

Ill pass



Fucking why? If they've gone to shit where else do we go? (other than here)



Yea while it is fairly decent, the giant tits body type where you can just replace the skin tone and head and just get the same deal. It sort of sucks.




>Version: 0.0014b-Alpha


Why is the board so full of Patreon garbage lately?


File: ae0db5e294fde3a⋯.png (33.79 KB, 352x170, 176:85, Untitled.png)


File: 4c5d39b45219f77⋯.png (2.06 KB, 349x88, 349:88, Capture.PNG)


I seriously dont get it, they have 3 pages dedicated to the tag "loli" they have other shota games as well so why is it now they get uppity about this kinda shit?



Cause muh feeldubms about muh imaginary chilluns!!!! Real chilluns gonna get hurt too!!!!!!!! ARREST THAT MAN

User Was Arrested For This Post



>Version: 0.0014b-Alpha

Despite that, it seemingly have more content than most Patreon games on beta. Then again


I also like the art, the plot and the characters overall. Is just like a Family I'd do for the Sims 3 Which I'll totally do right now


I'm more into lolies, but I think, considering the stereotype archetype of the character, is only fitting. If only the tits weren't as big, but it doesn't feel out of place either. The sister actually is way too tall and huge, I understand why and it's actually the character I liked the most, but it's just really fucking odd, I thought she was an amazonian maid when I started the game, not your older sister.



they do say that she must've inherited some Amazonian genes. besides, she's the best character


File: db159e2af8a074c⋯.png (225.3 KB, 900x630, 10:7, thinbgkn.png)


File: 10ca4852ee0c41a⋯.gif (299.07 KB, 454x442, 227:221, 1502231465171.gif)


Holy shit, did my work actually make it as a banner or is this a shoop?


File: 2de60e0e3cbca25⋯.png (29.81 KB, 1202x142, 601:71, h game.PNG)


>she must've inherited some Amazonian genes

I know, but that doesn't make much sense either, she could have been a little tall and that's understandable, but she is also way too wide, it's not really proportional to the other characters.

But oh, well, H-games.



it's a banner, saw it on there.



If you pay attention to some of the conversations, you are told in part that Simone (your mom) has a fraternal twin who looks eerily similar to your older sister, so I imagine that when she is revealed it is supposed to explain why your.sisters body was built for snu snu.

Those conversations really help build the world and a lot of potential characters are hinted at, including a teacher and some others.


File: 76705496f7e4dd2⋯.jpg (72.86 KB, 777x500, 777:500, big fat d.jpg)


It also hints that you big sister might be product of incest. I don't really like that so much.


File: b779e09248f74e4⋯.jpg (150.57 KB, 1800x1205, 360:241, 48c39baa9c9702cae11d3de9c3….jpg)

File: 9609532fba6a064⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 389x368, 389:368, 9609532fba6a0647cca38f0fd6….jpg)

File: ed8561ca2b9e9bf⋯.jpg (20.89 KB, 273x320, 273:320, 23b5e40aae3d4b931376a59d68….jpg)

File: 7ba584b442eb9b7⋯.png (219.61 KB, 578x667, 578:667, 23f1e046123652059b98898ade….png)

File: 98bdd82dadcb568⋯.jpg (75.41 KB, 960x837, 320:279, 98bdd82dadcb568cef22c97f18….jpg)


I feel like screaming like a little school girl who just got a headpat from senpai, this is awesome! That was like 6 gorillin hours trying to figure out how to do cool shit on gimp, and it was good enough for a banner!


File: c9c2fd6ac9cee61⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 640x480, 4:3, img_11.jpg)


congratulations anon, we're all very proud of you


File: 3d558ad19514e80⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1471675271260.gif)



>Twincest results in Amazonian snu snu offspring


File: d97d6d29d96949d⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 720x647, 720:647, hedgeheg.jpg)


haha yes, nice work anon. i'm not proud of you though.



Looks nice and the writing's good. Something western with an actual loli and shota is great. Glad the kid doesn't have a monster sized penis though I'd still prefer it a little smaller. Hopefully they'll get more content in soon.




I've seen so many of those on actual, proffesional VNs from different devs I'm sure they are just public domain.



lmao so? they're free


File: 3e2e48684d3cee9⋯.jpg (520.28 KB, 1739x979, 1739:979, 0aeb8614433ccc539706ff5271….jpg)

File: b308759a0bd118c⋯.png (233.16 KB, 508x410, 254:205, 2yxm747.png)




Even if it was theft of assets I wouldn't give a shit, they are backgrounds and they look nice.


The writing is kinda cringy at times and /v/ would get really mad with the conversations with the twin sister Fuck streamers

>Oh god her ass is huge!

<Oh my, he is looking at my ass!

<B-but I've been looking at him too

It sounds a little forced. Delete the last line and it would be perfect. Instead of the "I've been attracted to him" more like "Now I'm interested on him".

>Oh god her ass is huge!

<Oh my, he is looking at my ass!

<This makes me horny

<Is it because he is my little brother?

See? Better.



>second image

I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Why does the jap understand the neet so well, hgg?



Yeah, it doesn't really make sense the a your older sister to say she's been looking at the shota considering he's literally a child and he has a normal sized dick for his age. The relationship really only makes sense if you realise that the reason the sister likes him is because he pays attention to her sexually. She's into (or at least ambivalent) about being stared at by people at the gym:

>Some people come in and don't even exercise

>They just want to "observe" my form

<That seems weird.

<Coming in just to see you exercise, but not do it themselves.

>I'm sure they do exercises themselves at home.

>They likely only train one "muscle" … many times over

So it seems she just wants people (including her brother) to admire the physique she's worked to achieve.

I think you're right in that the dev is writing their relationship the wrong way.



Jesus Christ I must've had a stroke writing this:

>doesn't really make sense the a your older sister

doesn't really make sense for the older sister

>She's into (or at least ambivalent) about being stared at the gym

She's into (or at least ambivalent about) being stared at the gym


Despite being in alpha phase it has a pretty good content and the art is awesome!

This game is promising, no doubt about that. And I believe that game can be one of best in its genre if it get finished.


I just want to dick the milf and the huge girl. Fuck the loli streamer bullshit.



>obvious shilling is obvious

If not, your standards for good art are abysmal.



>>113681 (You)

>>113775 (You)

>>113782 (You)

these are me

I frequent /htg/ and believe me, comparatively, this game's art is fucking phenomenal. Western games are notorious for using shitty MS Paint art, 3d models, or rule34 pictures. To have a game with actual art is notable and admirable.

Still not gonna pay for it on Patreon lmao. hope f95zone doesn't keep sperging out about it




I haven't even posted in this thread and you got me



are you fucking stupid? i literally said those are my posts

>these are me




Then why did you write "(You)" next to all of them, you double nigger?


File: f894a2276010914⋯.jpg (217.99 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1461129508383.jpg)


I really like the game's art. The shadows and color need a bit work, but as it is is pretty good. There are some weird angles that makes it look awkward like the title screen, but the bodies are top notch, the expressions are really good and the characters portraits are pretty good as well.

What the fuck do you want? I bet you think Shadman is shit too. Although I give you that the games tried to much to emulate Anime style and sometimes it had awkward biology.



Please, stop. Also, just because western games are shit doesn't turn mediocre games into best games. I genuinely think the art is cute and fitting, even though it needs a lot of work, I wouldn't want it to change.


After actually "playing" the lewd house, as fun as it sounds and as promising as it seems and as cool as the UI is, there's no much to it yet, not even porn, which is why is allowed, I guess.


I don't really get what is happening but posting (you) isn't really proof of those being your posts, I'll just believe you, though. And the other anon though you quoted one of his posts even though he didn't post here. Is easy to get that impression I fell for it, too. Also, These are me sounds stupid.



I do really love this kind of "western" art, and in this game it's well made. Besides, I've played a lot of patreon games and most of them are exactly the same generic RPG/hentai sometimes made only to catch your money. At least Ancestral Awakening brings something new and promising.




okay, i'll admit that i'm a fucking retard won't stop saying lmao though


File: 066593d8ca366f8⋯.png (346.72 KB, 454x600, 227:300, Trash4.png)

I like the art style.

Too bad it's shota incest trash. Into the trashcan it goes.


>>113889 A ratively quick and dirty replacement mod of >>112944 to convert to lower case as requested by >>113628 .



>unironically praising shadman

That hack has no grip on anatomy, especially musculature and the layout of human skeleton.


Over 90% of Nip hentai is drawn better than this project. What this style reminds me of is Robozou, which is rather low tier flash shit.



Bugs Bunny is not "anatomically" correct either, but it's still fun.

The point is, doesn't matter if it's realistic or not, as long as it's exciting and good for fap.



It's just me, but I don't fap to Looney Tunes porn.


File: 4a14a47edeec5b6⋯.png (210.43 KB, 314x344, 157:172, 4a14a47edeec5b6701f3da04ee….png)

Usually, i go for the mom in thoses games

Because she's usually pretty sexy, and pretty cute too

But this time, i must admit i'm all for Pam

She's just the cutest thing ever

She got a cute personnality, and she's looking like a loli version of Winry, so it's a pretty big plus for me

Good thing she's 18 ( ° ʖ ° )



>the lenny didn't work…

Fuck, i juste wasted a good joke


i have cancer now









Cuckchan might be more to your liking


>this shitty art

>this shitty writing

>all this obvious shilling

How embarassing.



>hating on shadman over the minutiae of anatomy

When it comes to jerking off to drawings, only the most retarded of normies give a shit about anatomy like that.


File: 28a3fca01f9ea3d⋯.png (521.34 KB, 984x1064, 123:133, 28a3fca01f9ea3d6371e53d2cb….png)


>Good thing she's 18 ( ° ʖ ° )

>( ° ʖ ° )


Says it isn't neep shit, yet the artstyle looks exactly like anime.



An inflatable doll represents female body better than shadman's art does it.



>uncircumsized penis




I know right?! There might actually be a god!



It's great. Uncircumcised is best after all.



Shadman's art is shit but I like the way he draws pregnant bellies, especially on CHARACTERS TOTALLY OVER THE AGE OF 18


This was great, Hope this keeps getting progress done, unlike most patreon games.



Filthy kike.





File: 600984caf6ce9cc⋯.webm (6.84 MB, 640x360, 16:9, I Really, Really, Really ….WEBM)



Too bad about the art though




and the fact those guys don't update them anymore. This game is the only one left now.


Well, Summertime Saga also exists.



Yep, was a nice read







So, how unfinished is the game? Is it like in the alpha 0.1 or is it already in the beta? Maybe the dev had trouble and it's still in alpha 0.0.1?



It's alpha, there are only 4 scenes for 2 girls so far and they are nudes, not sex.


That's like liking shemales but claiming you're not gay.


When's the last time the Dev said anything regarding the game?


File: f91ef2ec3ccf798⋯.png (20.38 KB, 300x394, 150:197, f91ef2ec3ccf7988416be6d9cc….png)


>/ss/ is fantastic, incest is trash.

>That's like liking shemales but claiming you're not gay.



>bottom of the barrel.

You must be new here. It's not great, but it's not the worst I've seen out there.



He's right, /ss/ is infinitely better when there's no incest.



A couple of days ago, but nothing important.


Summertime Saga is fantastic so far but

>This game have simplistic but moe design

<Summer time saga have an slightly more complex and realistic aesthetic and the MC looks like he is on crack

They're both more or less the same, though.



Forgot to add

>MC looks like an actual shota with a normal sized dick

<MC have a horse's cock

I wouldn't consider Summertime Saga an /ss/ game, the MC might be underaged, but he is in his teens, and he looks like a teen, and not a cute one, actually, unlike this one.



>You must be new here

>sage in the wrong field



everybody looks like theyre on crack not too bad for a western (((patreon))) dev though


Any generous anon here with the download link for the .15 version?



Never said it was bad, I actually enjoyed it quite a lot, but both this game and that one have radically different styles. Also, the MC looks specifically like a crackhead since he is one of the skinniest characters and most of the time he looks sad.



It's just a Kira scene added, so I suggest to wait for something more significant. The dev should update with more scenes instead of just one.


Is there a new update yet?



ought to be sometime before September's over


File: fb9b42caf0d22e4⋯.png (52.45 KB, 441x359, 441:359, Screenshot_1.png)

Damn in less than 2 months they got over 1500$, incest really sells like hotcakes.



This is the only game I seriously would support if I wasn't poor. But 2 months and we have a single new scene and a promise of a new scene. I really don't like this.



I don't think they through they would get such big support in such short time.





I must also request a name. My image searches have failed me.




Sweet Guy, it's a Korean manhwa



Thats only like $500 a month for all 3 team members, this is nowhere near ridiculous.


Damn that new kira scene was good. Animation that was smooth and good art.


as much as the sisters ass is godly the first time tyou see it nude its dissapointing



I just want more. There was just enough to make me want to pay for updates. Just give me a new scene with her.



What i meant is that it got money in less than 2 months when most new patreons struggle for 3 to 4 months to get to $1000.


Update when?



I think patrons get it soon, everyone else october.





Post it



its on svscomics



Oh boy, nothing I like more than premium download services.


anyone got a mega link?



>two hours wait for a 361 MB download.

Fuck, someone please post a mega.



File: 4f02b168b07f7aa⋯.png (376.66 KB, 773x547, 773:547, Golden Kamui 12 Read Gol….png)




no sexing yet but at least a bit of new story prog and a couple new scenes

next update in a month or 2 probably fix an obscure bug then never update again but i must have hope






Another blueball game?


File: aa17cfdfc35c2f5⋯.jpg (154.05 KB, 372x445, 372:445, db3bcd6514efd37d90959fcb93….jpg)

>Sliding box puzzles



At this point the protagonist is doing practically everything short of putting pen0r in vagene. I imagine that'll be one or two updates away.



I mean keep in mind this is only the second or third update I think its a bit TOO soon to start screeching about stalling


File: 3406fd4c18fac80⋯.jpg (404.27 KB, 500x968, 125:242, 1457024110258.jpg)


I want to have hope, anon, but Patreon devs have done everything in their power to bring me to despair.


I am ASS at sliding puzzles.

God I hope this game doesn't turn out to be 1 update a month for 3~ months until we never hear from it again. It's so good so far.


File: a26a963ecf3280b⋯.jpg (37.69 KB, 250x585, 50:117, ss (2017-09-25 at 10.47.15….jpg)

File: 5ea8460d0f714cd⋯.jpg (57.01 KB, 396x761, 396:761, ss (2017-09-25 at 10.41.04….jpg)



I know he's not the focus of the game but come on.



What are the scenes about my dude?


File: 50b42be11aee2bc⋯.jpg (73.91 KB, 610x434, 305:217, 50b42be11aee2bc1b114135679….jpg)


The big sister is a sleaze, but it's still cute the way she teases her brother. Him and his twin sister are both sheltered, and end up hanging around in their underwear (On a live stream, which has less-than-pleasant implications but I'll give it a pass). The mother walks in on him masturbating, aaaaand that's it; though it's implied she feels guilty for not giving him 'the talk' properly.

Overall I'd say the catalyzing events are a bit forced, but a person can't complain about it taking too long to get to the more risque stuff. Still, I'd expect the MC to be more curious about sex than his family just molesting him, maybe some peeping or hesitation. It'd be nice if we didn't have to do minigames and more progress weighed on interaction with his family, they're not very compelling characters.

The artist needs to practice anatomy and shading, and it's kind of obvious they're mimicking some of the female poses without really understanding how they're constructed. I wouldn't say it's bad by any means, but it's definitely amateur. I can at least say it's refreshing in contrast to the heavily polished and artificial look of most J-H games. The MC's dick could have been a lot bigger but that's just my preference, I enjoy eigaka's art a bit too much.

I'm probably scrutinizing this far past the point anyone should.


File: 454c9d9c7ce9868⋯.jpg (14.33 KB, 247x157, 247:157, ss (2017-09-25 at 12.15.23….jpg)


there's also this


File: c2ca057aa7b4a1a⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 457x497, 457:497, ss (2017-09-25 at 01.02.37….jpg)



>I can at least say it's refreshing in contrast to the heavily polished and artificial look of most J-H games.

Depends on the artist commissioned. Imagine Agata or Daigo doing the art.



File: 6b08a348e18df5c⋯.jpg (476.58 KB, 1041x1500, 347:500, 4.jpg)





File: 8d6174aa0c4c4cd⋯.jpg (403.8 KB, 1044x720, 29:20, ss (2017-09-25 at 01.29.18….jpg)




They could do a bit better, yeah. Both sisters are a little off, but it's far more noticeable with the twin. The amazon sister's only real jarring anatomy problem is a backwards foot in one of those exercise scenes.


File: 69c05284d6884aa⋯.png (132.05 KB, 550x450, 11:9, 1459238243937-1.png)

How much longer do I have to wait until the mum gets some action?



Yeye, mama needs to let her torpedo tits out.



Yo.. what's the source/artist on this? Google search and the file name are unhelpful..






>The MC's dick could have been a lot bigger but that's just my preference, I enjoy eigaka's art a bit too much.








File: 8c8c830d4eb400e⋯.png (305.27 KB, 869x1120, 869:1120, 61950679_p0_master1200.png)


>eigaka fan

My man, shame he started doing a lot more gay shit instead of pure /ss/, among other things.


Incestral Awakening doesn't want to run for me.



did you try turning it off and on again



shoo shoo loo jew




Rumor has it that the next development update (NOT the upcoming v16 public release early this month) will include a scene or two involving Simone, to even out the progress so far with each girl.



I've read in the patreon that the dev will do it because both sisters keep winning the pools, so he is going to work in her along with whatever sister wins.



I could see that being the case. According to the Patreon page, the older sister just placed first in the new poll.


Any new updates?



Apparently there is a new version with 2 new mom scenes released yesterday, anyone have it?



Any new update or something?



Looking like there might be an in devlp build soon, and the next public build early november. Big sister animation confirmed, hoping there is also a new mom scene as well since they said they wanted to catch up with her.


Yo wtf? This game makes my peepee hard!


I heard mid October for the next Patreon build. Any news or updates yet?


Holy fuck a western game with a loli in it?, fucking count me in.

Can anyone else recommend more western games with lolis on them? Other than Unteralterbach or Jack'o nine I don't really know of any.




This. If you have enough trouble finding something to request a source, please provide it when you do find it. Ideally, how you found it, too.


The patron site was changed quite a bit, took out any mention of incest and changed the name to insexual awakening. Probably doing it to hide from censors.



>big sister animation confirmed

I have no idea what it is, it would be nice to play with the tits, butt or even if she blows you, I imagine that sex will be one of the last scenes, hope is way of the missionary creampie or doggy style.

And the drawing is simplistic, it should facilitate the animations and speed in the production, I just think that the development It's being kind of slow, really odd.


I knew this would happen, thankfully they changed because Patreon should now be watching them, I hope it does not disturb them because I'm enjoying the project.


this would be more enjoyable if the tits weren't like watermelon sized tumors.


Tho the nice loli twin sister is pretty fuckin' excellent




"artist:agata language:english female:mother incest male:shota"

Musuko Jiman



If sadpanda, change incest to male:son. Assuming that shota wasn't purged already there.



What's the googly eyed elf from? That's my fetish.



Sadpanda is the one that has all the good tags. Not sad panda is the one for queers.





File: eb26e26db71c933⋯.png (51.05 KB, 312x407, 312:407, elf and oni.png)


The best cooking manga around:Golden Kamui :^)


File: 8f8b9e5663ddab3⋯.jpg (369.82 KB, 1066x1491, 1066:1491, 6bbfcc2723e3a6b19c6f019152….jpg)


>Hating big milf tits

What are you gay?



Sadpanda undergoes gradual removal of any content too offensive to ad providers, anon. Enjoy your censorship of 'artistic' expression, if that is your thing.



>Not saving the mangas in your HDD

Also, there's a better alternative?


Any word on the mid-October patron update?



>the mangas


Try posting this on /a/ someday.

The whole Internet is a better alternative. Usually, if something is missing on sadpanda, it still remains on hitomi or nhentai. It's a pity that most titles are in the jpg format though, and not as png.



>the whole internet is a better alternative

Really? If I remember well, nhentai and the like doesn't like lolicon so they don't host it.



This one title isn't lolicon, for example.


Does anybody have the "In development" build that's supposed to be released mid/late october?



It aint out yet I'm pretty sure.


Anyone know if the studio making this is worth supporting?



I'm not sure, but it would be nice. This is the only game on patreon thay should be supported, the only argument I can give is that is finally a simple Straight Shota game without weird things added except for body proportions.

However, as for the devs, seems like they slowed down a bit with the updates, that came one every month, with 2 or 3 new scenes. Then again, I haven't played since the 0.1 build. Also, faggots changed the banners to avoid the Patreon ban hammer. If you go and become a patron, please suggested to get the fuck out of there, if they don't, they are hacks, if they do, nice. The game still looks pretty promising, though, but I don't see why any anon should support it. I love it and I sure as hell don't.


New in development build is out, if anyone has it that be lovely.



They only remove Wani stuff from panda, if you mean not sad panda then yea they do "remove" that content (and keep it on sadpanda).

I mean, I just saw a doujin about a loli who got pregnant with a strangers baby, then raped and gutted by her dad, and I'm sure ad providers would be offended by that but it's still there.


bumping for new build



For fuck's sake how much of a tease can they be with the mom. First they have an entire scene where nothing happens due to interruption, now another where nothing happens and that's it for this build.


File: 77986f9f9a4d6cb⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 77986f9f9a4d6cb545170117b9….jpg)


>Release a new scene with the big sister

>But also breaks the racing mini game making it impossible to increase her happiness



The mom seems to be the least favorite character, which is understandable, the big sister is an amazoness and the little sister is a loli, both of them clearly beats an ara ara, in fact, the dev is pushing the mom himself, just to not leave her behind.


Good thing I am holding all my eagerness to play.




I decided to donate $10 after pirating and enjoying it so much, only pateron I've ever given money too. Anyway where is a vote going on for the next major scene in the next update, and its like 65/35 Mom/twin sister. So hopefully getting a mom animation next update.


File: d96164c51af4318⋯.jpg (220.1 KB, 1047x608, 1047:608, alright.JPG)


Good. This is the only dev I'd give money to too, he just hit all the sweet spots. Alas, I said I was never going to support a single patreon, so I won't.

It is too much to ask that every time there's a new poll you can keep me updated?


File: 261ce4b6d998a04⋯.png (821.9 KB, 754x975, 58:75, Untitled-1.png)


Not really.



F95 is where towercuck shills his game because they like NTR there



Is this the NeoFag of adult games?


File: e70fa61657a6ca9⋯.png (219.79 KB, 771x548, 771:548, e70fa61657a6ca9f328b5ecbdb….png)


>They like NTR there

I already hate them.


F95 is a good site to get updates from the games hosted there, but holy fuck are they hypocrites with all that underage bullshit.

You would think another site/forum would have popped up by now, with less idiots running the place. Do you anons have an alternative?, you know, kinda like sadpanda but for games.



Who the fucks prepubescent in Snow Daze. The closest is the beta male protag. Everybody else are chicks with tits the size of watermelons, minimum.



>The closest is the beta male protag

Anon, the protagonist is a child. 10 maximum.



He's the middle child out of 4 (twinsies with one titty-monster sister.)





Without specifically starting up Snow Daze and checking, I believe he's supposed to be 16 or thereabouts.




Damn. Roastie feminists were probably involved in its development, so it's sure to suck.


File: ae85b0871728c2a⋯.jpg (88.02 KB, 492x445, 492:445, ae85b0871728c2af967b371d8c….jpg)


>You would think another site/forum would have popped up by now, with less idiots running the place. Do you anons have an alternative?, you know, kinda like sadpanda but for games.

Sure anon, it's called /hgg/.



sauce? this sounds fucking hot.



The tiles are numbered and the time limit is twice as long as necessary even on the hardest difficulty. You have to be a special care case to fail at them.



Not to refute your intelligence, rick, but sliding puzzles are the same as for example a rubik's cube, once you know the idea how to solve it, it takes no effort at all. If you just tried to line up one color at a time you'd fail, for sliding puzzles if you just tried to immediately line up 1-2-3-etc you'd fail.



Guess what, it's what I do, first lining the upper row up, then left column, then second row, then second column and so on. The only trick you need is to know how to reverse the order of two adjacent tiles while moving around only six of them. That's it.



Anon, doing a task like that requires good spatial and visualization skills. You might be fantastic at them, but I'm quite literally incapable of even finding a word when the order is mixed up. What you're doing passively and denying is even necessary to solve this puzzle is a skill I simply do not have, and cannot train.




Though a part of me wishes that new games would pop up more often, but I guess I'd be acting like the spoonfeedme kind of anon that we all just love to hate.



Scratch that, it's five tiles and one empty space.


File: 1a44471da2144f7⋯.png (24.87 KB, 312x295, 312:295, unnamed.png)

The development of this game is being very slow, I wonder why.



Sauce please :3



Because their patreon pays per month rather than per release. 2 updates a month is all most people want to keep fapping.


wow, did not expect this to be of good quality.

consider me happily surprised, but since it's on patreon i feel its gonna get jew'd out as long as possible right fellas?


New update 18a. Added 1 kira scene a "Massage" ;)



mega? pwetty pwease



I expect anal to be next one with her, right?



I hope so



Question. In wich way that small boy with small dick can reach big sis anus trought her generous muscular bottom?



>Community of people who hate /ss/ and like NTR

There's only two kinds of good communities: Those that ban NTR, and those that allow NTR and everything else.


Realistically she would have to press her ass on her brother pretty hard or spread herself quite a bit to get him inside. I doubt she'd care, since she seems to be more interested in showing off her developed body and arousing/stimulating him than expecting to get as much pleasure as he is. Imagine getting to a fuck a girl whose ass is so big and tight that you're not just assfucking her, but you're also sliding your dick between a pair of firm cheeks. It'd be pretty cute though if the relationship builds up enough that you get a scene where the boy's dick was eventually "worked out" enough to handle intercourse with a muscular girl and make her orgasm. I'm hoping the devs have a big fetish for outercourse so there'd be a thighjob scene and such for the twin sister and mom, especially when the mom's tits and legs look even bigger.

Do you guys think there'll be scenes based on which order you raised relationship stats or visited other scenes, like which character the protag loses his virginity too, or based on how much he's fapped? I'm not sure how much variation there'd be since the plot's appears to be lighthearted and drama-free, except for the mother's awkwardness. I'd like to see alternate dream versions of her scenes where the boy imagines her dialogue in full ara-ara spoiling milf mode instead of her attitude of "I'm just wanting to make sure you don't hurt yourself, dear.".



>, except for the mother's awkwardness. I'd like to see alternate dream versions of her scenes where the boy imagines her dialogue in full ara-ara spoiling milf mode instead of her attitude of "I'm just wanting to make sure you don't hurt yourself, dear.".

Garbage opinion. You already have your ara ara with the sister, leave the awkward cute mom alone.



>Realistically she would have to press her ass on her brother pretty hard or spread herself quite a bit to get him inside. I doubt she'd care, since she seems to be more interested in showing off her developed body and arousing/stimulating him than expecting to get as much pleasure as he is

This is how the brain of pedo women work, and that's alright.

>Do you guys think there'll be scenes based on which order you raised relationship stats or visited other scenes

Honestly, I hope not. The game is pretty inconsequential and your only objective is move forward. It could be nice if after certain point you can have threesomes or even orgies, say, you have 15 affection with both sis then you have the opportunity to fuck both. Play A Zombie's Life for something like this, they do get threesomes, but they never mention things like who the MC lost his virginity to because it could have been any of them.


It would be nice if she could take the lead at some point. The MC is too retarded innocent to make moves, at least in the beginning, so it would be nice to have the mom take the lead, or at least make it a dream sequence she can have.

The game is pretty lighthearted when it comes to sex, though, so even when it's common in these kind of games, there's not a glimpse of corruption, and that's refreshing


File: 5bc5b16ec761df9⋯.jpg (35.56 KB, 878x658, 439:329, cad705b342ddd1a2f6afb7f4f7….jpg)

/ss/ incest game with no shitty 3d models or Rpg maker bullshit?

Shota without a 10 inch dong?

Loli twin sister?

A hot big sister that's not a bitch?

Awkward pillow-tits mom?

Actual buildup?

Oh boy…



I pop over to half-chan's h-game generals every now and then. They tend to be a bit more active when it comes to finding and gathering games, but there is little to no quality control. Most are shit and unfinished. They have the odd diamond in the rough, but those are hard to find.


File: 591e8bf647992ad⋯.png (45.21 KB, 358x313, 358:313, Hentai eyes.png)

>mfw I get the bathroom scene before the massage.



Anything about this?



New public build releases tomorrow, just wait.



Has there been an update since this?



I see the October 4th one at least.


New public build on the Patreon.






It's public.

Its….not at all what I was expecting. I like the idea of it but damn was this a minuscule content update. It may have taken them a while to come up with the new location and such assets so I'll give it a pass. I hope in future uodates since we only get them two-three times a month have more than 1 scene though.



What were you expecting? These have been the updates since the game started. I understand that regular updates don't justify they small size, but that's why I just won't play for at least half a year or more.

>Download update

>Just one scene added

What would be the point? I don't like this model, but I like the game enough to put up with it until there's more content help me.



It's not what I was expecting because it introduced a new character out of no where is what I meant.



>it introduced a new character

Who? The aunt?



Oh the woman in the Public Restroom is actually his Aunt? That's wonderful.



I wouldn't be so sure, the dev said that he planned to include 3 women in the future: Aunt, Grandma and Teacher, so I'm guessing that woman is one of those, or maybe none of them.




Oh that is a dangerous road he be walkin' I tell you that. They can look pretty hot with a mature personality, or they can make ya want to hang yourself with your own innards.


File: 53cf45eb8554508⋯.png (1.01 MB, 788x737, 788:737, nana.PNG)

File: f79ad92e4b8432d⋯.png (1.13 MB, 840x763, 120:109, nana2.PNG)

File: 2f736fda02be3de⋯.jpg (211.41 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, nana3.jpg)


He can just go for the "hot granny" path, it seems fairly simple to do with that art style.




What is even the point since the character's design isn't even final? They are just going to need to redo parts of the scene again.



Because it helps me milk my dick regardless.


>The artificial intelligence is why the sun will implode sooner

This made me laugh so hard I almost fucked up the minigame


New polls are out. The 5$ Poll is just who do you want to see next month, twin/big sister. I can't see the $15 poll because I only did $10. Anyone know what it is?


In case anyone doesn't know, for new releases you can just put the new files over the old files. It'll keep your save.


File: 607099337df946f⋯.png (232.38 KB, 752x340, 188:85, Pouting_Yotsuba.png)


>Dev moving back to twin/big sis

>Mom barely got a half-assed lewd scene of the MC jacking off on her clothed tits while the sisters already have rubbing, assjobs, and titjobs

This is some bullshit.


File: 8fc8216496300a1⋯.png (6 MB, 2138x3022, 1069:1511, 12e6db81b62d7e62859aed22d8….png)


>The mum gets ignored again




I believe that you could take the mother completely out of the game and nothing of value would be lost





I'm guessing no one actually reads the patreon posts, the mom is the entire focus for this month.


File: d3431876e76f927⋯.gif (693.42 KB, 339x279, 113:93, oh-boy.gif)


My nut is ready

Also most people here don't have patreon access to read the announcements. That's why we're all begging for mega links.


File: 8fd83edb432f56b⋯.jpg (174.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Himouto! Um….jpg)



No, no, He mom is the focus for this month, the same way the big sister was for October. Mom will be getting hopefully 2/3 scenes this month.


You could be taken out of the gene pool and nothing would be lost.



What is this from?



File: 7776e7bd44d0519⋯.png (308.79 KB, 500x588, 125:147, 7776e7bd44d05194dbe498c7c0….png)


I hope you're not wrong, the mum needs more love.


New update post on the website with a teaser picture. They reached their $3000 goal. One update this month looks like, sucks.


ded game





It have not been even a month, but they are late for any kind of input, though.






From the Paymetons page: =="Next "IN DEVELOPMENT" Build: Late November"==



0.20 is out. Anyone got a link?




There anyway to transfer saves?



>Mom's path is still going at a snails pace




what changed from 0.19?


File: 45a29e7c80196f4⋯.png (119.97 KB, 389x267, 389:267, 1468121994711.png)


Mum masturbation scene

Mum handjob scene

Mum blowjob scene



Transfer saves? You should just be able to overwrite the old game files with the new ones, that's how I've been doing it with each subsequent release.


File: c0b282e9510bfc6⋯.png (249.63 KB, 765x509, 765:509, 234234.png)


You don't need to replace any old files. Saves just work.


I can see why people like the older sister more. She's more down to fuck than anyone else and she's the thickest character despite having the second largest breasts. The mom has her initial sexual frustration and that forbidden fruit feeling to make her interesting, Jesus Christ I hope they give her an animated titfuck and hotdogging scene like they did with the sister, maybe even thighfucking.



I'm glad I played it before I saw this spoiler.



I was surprised myself that there was a nude version. I'm guessing from the cum buttons that the devs plan on making animated versions later.



Nude was on repeat, which was rather nice. I wonder why there wasn't a scene when they both masturbate looking at each other.


>If you do enough math tasks your sister will fuck you

I wish it worked like that irl



It did for me.


Can you now fuck the big sister?



You can get an animated titfuck.



Just that? Wish they done more animated scenes with big sister, not only that tit job.

I woundn't be surprised if they decided to cancel the whole thing, this doesn't have much content and the updates are really slow.



But anon, if it really did, you would elaborate on it.



>Production is slow

They release a two builds every month, dude. Plus it only came out like, August.



For a paetron product this is quite fast. Many paetrons are quite awful.


Looks like the Patreon thought police are on the case. Page is under review for our "safety"


File: a91dd239dcaa0d0⋯.jpg (24.84 KB, 369x369, 1:1, face7.jpg)


You're welcome. Shota is a trash fetish for garbage people and women.



Was it actually you?



so I just dowload the new version and continue in the one with all my progress, it's 0.0018, just save work and the updates will kick in?


File: 06b2b3cf486002a⋯.png (79.9 KB, 307x352, 307:352, this isnt postal anymore.png)



Yeah, it should be the case.


File: aae041d26bb5ca4⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 275x248, 275:248, herman_cain_smile.gif)




What the hell, just let me fap alone!



Hope the dude making this doesn’t get scared off or discouraged and just moves over to Hatreon or somewhere else quick. This game is actually good and I’d hate for it to die on the vine because of bullshit moral watchdoggery. Patreon itself has been doing a load of Youtube-tier self-damaging restructuring as of late.


Just an update, they should be getting a response on Monday. The delay on getting answers is simply because Patreon doesn't work on the weekends.


Damn, this shit is good. Anyone knows what will be included in the next release?


File: cb182003a06050e⋯.jpeg (35.76 KB, 552x450, 92:75, you silly willy.JPEG)


Ok, since I am feeling nice, I won't call you a stupid nigger for not reading the fucking blog post, and tell you that December has been voted a Kira (older sister) month, so she gets main focus, don't know whats after that.


File: 4098f6e5322a6f0⋯.jpeg (5.58 KB, 183x275, 183:275, images.jpeg)



(Seriously though, this might be the best porn game I've ever played. EVER. /really/ I might actually consider donating to a Patreon for the first time in my life. The Mother drives me absolutely insane.)



Seems like you havent played Kamidori or Sengoku Rance



I have 400+ hours in kami, all three main routes completed, and once more simply to get the 100x CGs. And atleast 2 full play thrrus of sengoku. They are amazing games but they both have the generic anime art style. For a porn game this has a different feel to it which is pretty refreshing. Its bare bones and basic but doesn't feel tethered to tropes.



This is kinda anime style too anyway, and it has a lot of troops, like the slutty big sister, the amazonian girl big sister too, the shy mom and the twin sister.

Your point would be a lot better if you said "This is the best westerm porn game I've played", which is true, it is. Also, comparing it to something made by Alicesoft, who have been doing games since the 90s, is fucking unfair, mostly because they are different. As for quality, this game is pretty good, specially compared to other shit on patreon.


File: b00c616b2645fce⋯.png (3.19 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_2017-12-10-14-5….png)





Yeah, It's likely the page will be shutdown and Patreon will probably keep the donations. It's discouraging how much censorship occurs, and personal freedom is sacrificed in the name of "Trust", "Safety", and "Security". I hope it doesn't die either, I like the creators mini-games, even the math one… I'm looking forward to discovering how the woman in the park could enhance the story (The teacher, The one who donates the $50.00 during live stream, same person??) and where that could lead. Interactions with the Aunt. The discovery of activities involving the rest of the household. There is a ton of ways to expand the story, a lot of possibilities.



Don't forget the hot granny.



She the one in the park?

>>Captcha was "tab her"




Probably not, but the dev said he was going to add 3 new characters that are referenced at the beginning.


Can someone upload .20 to mega? The old link is just an empty folder


So I'm probably just retarded, but having downloaded the game and having the MC talk to themselves a bit, I'm just stuck in the initial bedroom. The "My Room" button just goes to an empty list, and apparently I lack the confidence to go outside. There don't seem to be any other options, and goes to Preferences just hangs the game.

I imagine that's not the entire experience, so I thought I'd ask.



Also the title screen had no actual background and there's no way to load, so I assume something's rather wrong with the public version. 0.0021.




Yeah, had the same issue last night. The comments on their blog mention the problems, and the developers said they were waiting to hear back from patreon, as though that addressed the problem at all.



The devs won't quit the game if Patreon goes down, but it will likely slow down progress if they don't go to an alternate site for crowdfunding(Though apparently they are presently looking for alternatives, even if not directly funding the project itself). If I could, I'd pay the devs' bills just because it's lame how something like this exists in a sea of other fetishes, especially shitty ones that get astroturfed to hell and back Like the cuck shit in Towerfag's game, or futa(Not even the "Oh, but there's another pair of tits to fap to" kind, the "even gayer than Billy Herrington and Van Darkholme" kind, and this game doesnn't have the most ideal conditions. /ss/ is getting more common, but not so much animated /ss/, let alone /ss/ with thicc women.


>Glad to be back! 2017-12-12 21:18

>So our page was down for a little while, and we had to update our Patreon page with some changes.

>You're probably wondering, why did so many posts disappear? Well, we had to keep in line with what Patreon was requesting, so we needed to remove certain kinds of content that violated their policies, whether it be in game, or written in posts.

>So what does this mean for the Patreon and the game moving forward? Well, we suggest that all patrons keep an eye out for an e-mail newsletter we will be sending out, explaining the game moving forward.

>We appreciate everyone's support during the review, and we're very happy to be back in business



Goddamn cucks.



I'm hoping they're going for a Patreon-friendly version that is easily patched with "unofficial content".



Beginning of the end. Nice game it was.



Pathetic. Move to a different platform. I cancelled my pledge.



To fix it, set wholesome_mode to false with the console.



That did nothing for me, what did you type in exactly?


anyone get ver .21 to work?



you need the "fan"patch. It even says so on the dev-blog. It was posted here in this thread and on the dev discord

On that note, the only other thing mentioned in the "patchnotes" was a scene with sam(twin) at night, did anyone get that outside of using console-commands?




Care to link an invite? Also ho to get the console to show up and whats the command?






From the /htg thread for the game


To get around Patreon's memes, that file is going to have to be used from now on in every update. Make sure you keep it somewhere safe. All you have to do is

>Click on the IA folder

>Click on game

>Put the fan_mod.rpyc file in there

And that's all.

Also 0.0021a's changelog

>Added an option in Kira's racing mini-game to click on the letters instead of needing to type them.

>New Sam scene! Requires relationship level 8 and boldness level 5. It occurs at night.


File: dae3f218da866f9⋯.png (124.48 KB, 324x185, 324:185, perfect.png)






>>113818 (this poster is a fucking lord)





Can we talk about the art style? Because it's fucking ascendant, I can't get enough of it. A couple *minor* angle errors here and there but other than that it really looks phenomenal unless you've gotten used to animu or that hypershaded, overdeveloped garbage that dominates the mainstream western drawn porn scene right now (see any top post on r/rule34 on reddit to see what I mean).

It's like a divine blend of a bit of anime stylistic choices and the clean, smooth aesthetics you see in the (wonderful) simplistic porn threads on /aco/ back on 4chin. No superfluous elements to distract or take away from the raw purity of the illustration. The soft, marshmallowy proportions on the mom make me fucking d i a m o n d s.

But beyond just that, the facial expressions in the game are on point, especially the mother's, like in OP's pic. That kind of embarrassed look drives me nuts, Facial expressions are a monstrously underutilized aspect in the r34 scene.

I'm trying to find more stuff by this artist, but everything else I've found by him is full-on nip stuff. I enjoy that sort of art, but it's a damn shame there isn't more like this.



>New Sam scene! Requires relationship level 8 and boldness level 5. It occurs at night.

How to???



What does this file do?


File: a0ee1f22d3f12f5⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 630x472, 315:236, Ape know feel.jpg)

Anyone else's saves being reset?


File: a0ee1f22d3f12f5⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 630x472, 315:236, Ape know feel.jpg)

Anyone else's saves being reset?



If you see the greyish-white ! next to Sam's icon in the corner of "Sam's Room", then there you go. You should get the usual "I feel bold enough for this!" prompt if you have 5 Boldness, then the choice whether or not to go ahead with the scene.

If you don't see the !, try advancing time a day or two if necessary.


In short, it actually makes the game playable instead of just a black-screen, locked-out attempt at dodging Paymetons' censorshit. It seems that this file will literally be the only way to play subsequent builds past 0.21a.



Not mine. Still intact, for now at least.


Will we get a fully animated big sis blowjob or an sex scene with her?


The last version (0.0021a) is not playable!!! I download it and i can't go further than my room!! Before there are options and for the other rooms now i can't see anything about this!! Probably is a bug or is something else that i didn't notice??? Thank you.



Read 10 posts up


I seriously hope it gets explained how the shit that goes down on the stream doesn't get the police called on them or their channel/account shut down.


fluffy mom > twincest > playing something else

> mediocre older sister



If you're a patron which I doubt anyone here is just suggest him to use these alternatives:




>He doesn't like the smug amazonian

Shit taste.



I mean how does the protag and twin have sex on stream and not have any problems from it?



Oh. Eh, it's porn, and it's a really small channel, and they are 18+ :^)


File: 12f85d3ac24d48c⋯.png (911.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot0002.png)


I have another question. How many times it takes to have unprotected sex before she gets a little 'rounder' in the middle?

Also, is that deliberate 'artistic direction', or were they too lazy to draw her fingernails or her being flushed a little in pic related? You would expect to see some sexual flush after orgasming, right?



I do find it funny how all 3 of them are doing lewd things with the protag and are doing everything they can to hide it from the others.

I hope the ending involves them all finding out an having a foursome.



Wouldn't that be too big a hurdle for the protag's stamina?



*too high

I can't get my idioms right.



That's why I said ending



This new build got rushed out immediately after that whole scare with the Patreon inspection basically so the team could show that the project hadn't been compromised yet, which is I imagine why they included just the one extra scene and why it's not 100% polished, they might touch the art up if you mention it to them.

>she gets a little 'rounder' in the middle

Anon, please don't tease my impreg-fetish like that. The devs are adding new scenes and progressing the character arcs at their own pace, and they work surprisingly fast for a project of this nature. If they want to go down that route, we'll get there soon enough.



>Anon, please don't tease my impreg-fetish like that.

My questions stem from plain curiosity, nothing more. I also find incest pregnancy hot. These two hentai titled Kaa-san no Ana Tsukawasete are simply the best stuff ever.

>If they want to go down that route, we'll get there soon enough.

If they won't I want to see an in-game explanation why. Her body looks mature enough to ovulate, and fucking her once a day for more than a month is easy enough.

I don't intend to ask the developers directly, because I'm a filthy pirate, not a patron.




The Bad End: death from fucking too much? ;^)



>all the good tags

Really? Then explain why it lacks incest as a tag. All incest tagged content gets deleted immediately there.


File: a3263604b414135⋯.jpg (106.54 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Amazonians.jpg)

File: b6a60cd9950c49e⋯.jpg (45.89 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Crushed pelvises.jpg)


The first thing to come to mind is how everyone here calls the older sister an "Amazonian", even Sex Curse themselves. I thought of Futurama. You see where this is going.




Looks like there's a patreon post for 0.22a. Unsure if it's an update or not. Maybe our donating degenerates can fill us in


poverty board



Her chest seems larger.



British Dictionary definitions for non sequitur

non sequitur

/ˈnɒn ˈsɛkwɪtə/



a statement having little or no relevance to what preceded it


(logic) a conclusion that does not follow from the premises



does anyone have a mega for .021a?



Welcome to 8chan!

A small bit of advice since you are new, when you post an image, do not assume anyone gives a shit about anything you posted other than said image.


Anyone have info for the 0.022a version ? or mega ?


there's the changelog for the new version, but the mega link says folder link unavailable when I try to download it. Here's the link if anyone else wants to try: https://mega.nz/#F!xZxDlALA!yaj2-eZXsrGxXgxDXHSZ5Q

>0.0022-Alpha Changelog

>Two new Kira scenes, one with an animation! The first requires relationship level 13 and boldness level 6. The second requires relationship level 14.

>Three small Kira conversations when choosing the "Talk" option from the menu.

>Max relationship for Kira increased to 14.

>Adjusted choice line width so that Kira's giant frame doesn't cover choice text.

>Improved compatibility if you rollback immediately after loading an old save.

>Weird, looks like this build needs a patch from somewhere…

Here's .021 though




God damn it, the link is kaput.

Anons, please, don't blueball a fella.


>>152770 works fine for me



the .021 one does not .22



oh alright



It's not about my implied newfaggotry, friendo. 8ch is not twitter, and even there you can post more than four words per post.


I was thinking about providing a link for the 22-alpha in-dev version, but after Shithead Anon responded so poorly to my Snu-Snu reference, I don't feel like spoon-feeding any of you shits. Someone else can give you the folder link.


File: e23d8dc13c37396⋯.png (190.05 KB, 784x522, 392:261, JackFrostScreenPC.png)


I can feel the butthurt from here.





File: 9d63b124207e353⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 386x232, 193:116, laughing foreheads.gif)



>Two new Kira scenes, one with an animation! The first requires relationship level 13 and boldness level 6. The second requires relationship level 14

I wonder what it is, I only play the android port(because is way more comfy) made by that awesome dude from lewddit.


File: c1d6092e45c44e1⋯.jpg (219.88 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, AND HE REALLY WAS.jpg)


you're not gonna post a link because you don't have one you faggot


File: 234acdb8eb72f10⋯.png (587.98 KB, 470x526, 235:263, SHUCKS TO YOU!.png)


"Oh no!

Someone on an INTERNET IMAGE BOARD said something mean to me! That hurt my feelings. I thought this was supposed to be a SAFE SPACE!

I know! I'll hold back the link to the latest version and act upset! That'll make they come crawling back!"

We'll get it eventually, faggot. With or without you.


File: 65589e3f4ea041f⋯.png (356.31 KB, 680x383, 680:383, butthurt.png)


I will post link if you post some good shota.




Fuck you faggot


File: e68102012a2f77f⋯.jpg (713.97 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 328_9e.jpg)


Begging General is here: >>81588

Feel free to act like a spoiled princess in that thread, because anons there are desperate enough to comply. Have some Butakoma /ss/ for your troubles >>152927 though.


File: 08da40810b45ae8⋯.jpg (710.75 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 305_7e.jpg)

File: 5cfa854f623f185⋯.jpg (874.07 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 356_11e2.jpg)

File: 94789a91dab8cd2⋯.jpg (717.33 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 448_15b4.jpg)

File: 0f713f38c862e12⋯.jpg (656.07 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 533_18g1.jpg)


Eh, the folder was open already.


Isn't that strange that with the relationship level 8 with his sister the MC can fuck her any time he wants, yet with the relationship level 11 with his mom he still can't go to town on her? Not even any cunnilingus or fingering.



To think of it, he even has to suck her tits yet. Disappointing.



Wouldn't you look sad too, if your father were probably killed by criminals and left you a mountain of gambling debt, forcing your family to sell the house in not too far future? Mom isn't working, sis only camwhores for sex toys and you don't even have the money for college fees, let alone a car. Who would look happy in that situation?



But I get to nut in my sisters. good enough for me



That was about the guy from Summertime Saga. He has only one sister, and he can nut in his mom, sis, and aunt, not counting several extras not related by blood.



*twin sister


I did like the monotony of talking to people broken up my actual minigames, even if most of them were basic or about typing.

But I got through all of the game in about two hours.

The additional dialogue for going back and doing a scene is nice, but penetration on only one character is barely acceptable.

It's got potential at least.



Make that 2.



The devs are developing the relationships in isolation of each other and at least partially by patron request, so it was bound to happen that they'd end up lopsided. I also think it makes sense and complements the characterization of all the girls. The mom (and to a lesser extent the big sister) is struggling with the morality of taking advantage of her little boy sexually and is attempting to rationalize and ease herself into going all the way with him through approaching sex by increments and showing him all the sundry ways to perform foreplay/penetration. The twin sister is completely naive to sex; she has no sexual tricks to build-up anticipation for the main event, and no sense of the incest-taboo to hold her back. So it does follow the logic of the writing that the little sister takes the plunge in half the toying it takes the older women.


File: 0adaf63090af16e⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 1008x567, 16:9, 1470355044696.gif)

>Latest update finally adds in sex scenes for both of the sisters

>Nothing for the mother



Kira gets too much attention, and the mom too little. I wanna see more of that glory hole girl too. 10/10 dialogue, especially if you get in before you learn about masturbation.


Anyone else wonder what would happen if the game was genderbent?

I imagine mass outrage from kotaku and other similar websites.



For some reason, I doubt Kotaku would care about some random porn game.



There was that manufactured controversy over Amazon selling Rapelay a while back. Video game "journalism" hacks could try to create controversy over Patreon "supporting pornography in violation of Paypal rules." Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet.



And you would be wrong; SJW-rags like Kotaku have increasingly relied on the strategy of singling out niche indie-projects for harassment and shut-down campaigns (either directly or through the platforms that allow them to exist) as a means of generating controversies to keep their revenue from plunging to zero. This particular game is probably too small and under too much scrutiny from Patreon to warrant outside outcry (so long as no one blabs about it on a normalfag forum) but it wouldn’t be the first porn-game to be snuffed by lefty-journo moralfags hunting to vent their anti-sex hard-on.


Guys why can't i play the new updates? It keeps saying demo, with a black screen, and when i click on it, im just stuck in the bedroom



See >>152765 and >>150715 .






>PC version

does anyone have a link for the mac version?



You can't run shell scripts?

 $ ./IA.sh 



why doesn't it work for me?



Because it's deliberately incomplete for bullshit legal reasons. Read upthread carefully.


File: 64bc68b4d401907⋯.png (918.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, furius boner.png)

>mfw this game

Although i didnt like the artsytle at the beggining, its growing on me, i like the fact that the MC has a fixation with a particular bodypart in each girl (older sister's booty, twin sister's pussy and mother's boobs), the minigames are a good way to farm for money/stats and i also dig that the younger sister looks like roll from megaman.


Well, both the MC and her are completely clueless when it comes to sex, they are two kids getting perved up by (not)twitchchat, so its understandable shes the easiest.


File: 7ffc920a26bfc95⋯.png (885.28 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, rock_the_shazbot.png)

>running minigame

>"press v, g, and s repeatedly!"


Any news?



No, but given that the last public release was on December 13th and the last in-development build release was on the 21st, I'd say we're looking for at least another week to pass before we see news relating to 0.23a.



You can use a mouse there too.



>Do you guys think there'll be scenes based on which order you raised relationship stats or visited other scenes, like which character the protag loses his virginity to

God damn it anon. Now I have to copy my fuckin save before having sex with any of them just to be safe.



how tf does he not appreciate his mom's gigantic pillowey ass cheeks yet???

I nearly nutted the first time I saw her ass in jeans when she's helping MC jerk it



What i dont get is how the dev still doesnt make an scene with the sister bullying the MC with facesitting (wich you could themuse in order to give cunnilingus/anilingus), its the perfect way to do it.


Can you fuck Kira in this new update?




She's currently the only girl you can have sex in all holes with, The other sister only has one sex scene and the mother can only go so far as a blowjob.


File: 28458e9f6263c59⋯.jpeg (10.24 KB, 221x255, 13:15, 2A4DE4CB-640D-4F2E-9558-3….jpeg)

any other games/hentai/stories/doujins with the characteristics of the big sis/brother relationship you can recommend like in this game? with a cheeky teasing big sis



I get this error when I try to run the shellscript.

Ren'Py platform files not found in any of $ROOT, $ROOT1 or $ROOT2! Please compile the platform files using the instructions in README.md or point them to an existing installation using ./after_checkout.sh <path>.

I don't know what this means.


File: dbde7db3dd778da⋯.jpg (328.85 KB, 950x1357, 950:1357, 5.jpg)


This one is a classic and I can't believe there's not a single good translation about it. Other than that, there are tons, just look for the right tags, it's usually femdom.




There is a good translation of it but it's owned by Fakku and got removed from sad panda as a result. Try a different site or searching for it in pantsu.cat



I really fucking hate Fakku I wish I had that screencap where the faggot decided to do that.



>mirror-flipped page



File: 680c97f81731662⋯.png (267.46 KB, 1152x1536, 3:4, fakku.png)




Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



"Well, fuck you too."


File: 60b4937ec925c96⋯.jpg (337.66 KB, 578x818, 289:409, kyssäri.jpg)

Good looking game, but how do you get out of your own room?



>The poll asked: For a future public build (Early February), which character will be focused on next?

>And with nearly 50% of the vote, Sam is the winner!

>So Sam will be the main focus for the upcoming build!




I feel you, I really do



If it was for the biggest part of the patrons, the whole game would be about fucking the big sister. Here is what I think, the winner of the last poll shouldn't be eligible for the next one. However, that would just mean Big sis > Sam > Big Sis > Sam >Big Sis > Maybe Simone

In fact, the instances where the mom had content it's from the dev own volition, I don't remember the mom winning any of the polls, maybe just 1 or 2.



On the one hand, Sam does have relatively few scenes and her route rushed to the full-on fucking rather quickly, so I do think she needs some side-encounters to flesh her out. On the other hand, Simone also has few scenes and hasn’t even progressed to penetration yet, so I agree that she has been sorely shortchanged. The dev has made new scenes for multiple girls at once before, hopefully they’ll throw Simone a bone and let her graduate to vaginal as a freebie on the side of the February release.


File: 282322d25276471⋯.jpg (249.3 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 01.jpg)

File: 99f9095b958640b⋯.jpg (225.94 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 02.jpg)

File: ee8e5a1cc00b61f⋯.jpg (261.62 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 03.jpg)

File: e24a58777747ebb⋯.jpg (269.49 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 04.jpg)

File: 75fb715fb8f88a9⋯.jpg (231.68 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 05.jpg)


Allow me


File: f2f48bd427ee593⋯.jpg (229.89 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 06.jpg)

File: 100c2a687928ceb⋯.jpg (251.02 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 07.jpg)

File: 0c025581b2484ca⋯.jpg (221.56 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 08.jpg)

File: ef444f744390fd0⋯.jpg (255.03 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 09.jpg)

File: d7881dc8333ab63⋯.jpg (230.69 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 10.jpg)


File: daaaaa87b31c0e4⋯.jpg (271.38 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 11.jpg)

File: f226fe18f50e49d⋯.jpg (249.37 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 12.jpg)

File: cac9907b2f2d0f5⋯.jpg (245.21 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 13.jpg)

File: e5b8cac6d42a8ff⋯.jpg (274.98 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 14.jpg)

File: 88f1b06df196433⋯.jpg (274.34 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 15.jpg)


File: 56f36523826d1bd⋯.jpg (249.83 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 16.jpg)

File: 4610e78f0450ba2⋯.jpg (269.44 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 17.jpg)

File: 0964dc867def0e5⋯.jpg (277.14 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 18.jpg)

File: 6eb3aba67b79b10⋯.jpg (263.65 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 19.jpg)

File: e137cdb103c625f⋯.jpg (245.46 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 20.jpg)


File: 485c50424e12e93⋯.jpg (232.41 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 21.jpg)

File: b42b884d4333f1d⋯.jpg (264.26 KB, 980x1400, 7:10, 22.jpg)







You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.



Fellow degenerates, hitomi.la has several versions that aren't mirror-flipped, including uncensored one and another that is colored (the characters are 'colored' as well in it, unfortunately).


File: 4954e9485445269⋯.jpg (225.64 KB, 1280x1813, 1280:1813, 23.jpg)


The last page is missing.




Starts from the page 156, where the siblings are peeping on another couple fucking. But that's the next episode (from the page 180+) is what you want, teasing and all.



File: bdd321c80abf660⋯.png (224.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Woomy.png)

>Tfw progress with each girl doesn't affect other girls

>Tfw MC will never blur out "Ah, it's just like with X" when fucking another girl

>Tfw Kira/Simone will never confront Sam/Kira/Simone about fucking MC

>Tfw they won't decide to fuck you at the same time to settle it



I thought that the easiest solution is that, once the game is advanced enough, it can have markers to tell if you activated certain level with certain characters to have them both unlock scenes with each other. It wouldn't make sense to have a threesome with sis and mom if you haven't even fucked the mom yet, so needing to have mom and sis in level 20 or something to unlock a threesome with both of them and more scenes between the 2 sounds mandatory. Now the problem comes when you want to have an orgy with the whole family, unless you take it to a point where they all know you are fucking around, how? You have to unlock threesome level 1 with all the girls in order to have orgy level 1, that way everyone would know you're fucking around. More importantly, have threesomes unlocked in order to keep it consistent, but that could generate more problems.

I understand why the dev made this decision, it's fucking complicated to do it without making plotholes.


File: 7401bcb18946f9d⋯.jpg (511.81 KB, 1188x699, 396:233, a83950992c2a70dcde6b17ecb5….jpg)

File: 7eb31aafd15025b⋯.jpg (492.69 KB, 1180x696, 295:174, e39a592ce36279aaf2936c09ea….jpg)

may i be a retard but how the fuck i play this game?

im stuck there and nothing happens , dont let me go out the house either .



Yes, you are retarded.



You got the patron safe version. Get a patch.


File: 0ce505c53d53e3f⋯.jpg (357.69 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, Quot na that s my pickle d….jpg)

It's okay retard.

Just go to lewdpatcher. There's a patch for it on the front page




Blame pateron


Any word, been quiet for a while.



Updates usually come near the end of each month. Probably get one this week.



The max i can get the older sister is up to blowjob, am i missing something?



rise up boldness and relationship levels


0.0023a released for patreons.


File: d7a4cc78e2583f2⋯.gif (152.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 0dancinganime.gif~c200.gif)


Onegai sensei


Anybody got a link?



What's added?



satan demands link



>Added two new Sam scenes. One requires Relationship level 9 and occurs in the player's room during the morning. The second requires Relationship level 10 and occurs in Sam's room.

>Added new Kira scene. It requires Relationship level 15 and Boldness level 7 and occurs in the living room. Art for this scene provided by Idlecum.

>Increased Boldness level cap to 7.

>Sam relationship level cap increased to 10.

>Kira relationship level cap increased to 15.

>Fixed grammar error in one of Sam's scenes.

>Added a sound to one of Sam's scenes.

>Fixed error in one of Sam's scene revisits.



File: 63fca8a81205686⋯.png (331.42 KB, 875x639, 875:639, 1450364081281.png)


More sam and kira



>Doesn't want twincest and amaziness incest

What a fag.



Safe Mega, been playing it for hours, get it while it's still hot and ready bois, and get the Lewdpatcher update for it so it works in the first place.


File: 70761408312dac7⋯.jpg (83.56 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1334606060917.jpg)



Patron here, Simone is winning the next poll by far.


Can anyone do me a huge, gigantic, MASSIVE favor and upload a save?

I formated my laptop and I dont feel like grinding boldness and relationships again…


They get more patreon money yet updates are longer apart and there's less animations. What gives?



Welcome to why people here hate Patreon.

By design, the smartest move when using Patreon is to slow down your releases as much as possible while losing as little whales as possible. It encourages slacking.


File: 9d1620295ed9a84⋯.jpg (69.09 KB, 680x449, 680:449, 9d1620295ed9a84e21b0a280ec….jpg)


After Patreon fucked they over they maybe chickened out. I really hope that's not the case, but, otherwise, it's your classical patreon scam. I really really love this game, but it's starting to get worse and worse.


>no new mom scenes




Bitch just wait, the rapevine says that the mom is winning the poll for the next month, so it's likly she is getting the special treatment next.


File: f19e22612d72630⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 314x343, 314:343, 1487302565810.jpg)

>new artstyle for Kira scene


File: d0a6b529ee2cc91⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.2 KB, 1416x798, 236:133, 4ab334f069001d2a1ea626dc8….jpeg)


Eh, it's alright, even if it's different.




Did they change the artist permanently? The guy before had an alright style. It was easy on the eyes despite its anatomical problems but nothing too egregious.



>spoilering lewds on a NSFW board


How the fuck do I switch over my saves to a new update



go to your "game" folder (i.e. the folder named "game") from a previous version, copy the "save" folder (not just the contents, but the entire folder), and paste it into the "game" folder for your new version.



The notation in the patch notes leads me to believe that it's guest art, not a permanent style change.

I hope it's not permanent, at least.


File: 482755d1c9e1eaf⋯.png (438.43 KB, 564x384, 47:32, Groovetube.png)



Well, it was nice while it lasted

Not having any hopes for this whatsoever now.

Shame they all end up this way


>both sisters are butt sluts

oh god yes



Not working for me


How do you even start the game? Im stuck in the room with nothing to select but "My room" and "Back" and both just show another "Back".



read the thread you fuck



>oh god why



I just overwrite the old game folder by the new game files, all of them. Working for me.



What do you do with the Lewdpatcher update?



Put it in the "game" folder



Yeah, I ran into the same problem. RenPy likes to create save folders in multiple locations, particularly in a Users > Appdata > Roaming > RenPy folder.

But, even then, replacing those with my old saves didn't work either. I suspect that the load button is disabled in RenPy because the game can see the save, I just can't load it.

So, because I'm lazy, I just used UnRen on it and looked at the pictures. You ain't missing much.


A better solution for the save game problem is:

1- Start a new game.

2- Go here: www. saveeditonline.com/

3- Cheat your save with $900k.

4- Max the boldness and girls affection with objects.




Don't know why everybody is complaining about this guest artist. A lot better than the main one imo. Unless it's people complaining over the contradicting art styles which is understandable.


File: 2a6c67e23a1bb46⋯.png (489.2 KB, 1663x1112, 1663:1112, 2018-01-29-08-29-44.png)


Make an empty file named fan_mod.rpy and put it in the /IA-0.0023-Alpha-pc/game/ folder.



In case somebody didn't know, RenPy games are basically like RPGMaker, the files the developers use to code the game and the ones you get are identical, you can do literally anything you want with them. They're only compressed for efficiency. Use rpatool to extract .rpa archives and unrpyc to turn the .rpyc files back into readable code. I think UnRen can also do both of those for you automatically, though I haven't tried it.

Also, the game has a debug menu you can use to play all the scenes if developer mode is turned on, which you can enable in RenPy itself or in /game/scripts/initialization/build.rpy. You can also use it to cheat. And having access to the game files obviously means you can save all the images, and compare the files between game versions to see exactly what's been added or removed since the last release.



>rpatool and unrypc

Holy shit, I wish I'd known about this sooner! I've honestly just been assuming that the .rpas were a compiled state that couldn't be messed with.

Why I thought that I have absolutely no idea, I'm perfectly aware that Python isn't a precompiled language, but somehow it just never registered


File: e2e8cd0754f8271⋯.png (912.44 KB, 1476x976, 369:244, 2018-01-31-10-31-16.png)


As far as I know .rpa-s only exist for basic obfuscation (you can encrypt them if you want to but the key has to be shipped with the game itself so it's pointless), and because some VNs contain 40-50k small files which would be inconvenient and take up more space. It's not a standard zip/rar/tar based format and I don't know much about it, but rpatool is a single ~300 line Python script so it can't be that complex.

Here's another fun fact, .rpy files aren't even "real" Python, they're more like a list of variables and statements that get loaded into the existing engine (though you can also reinvent the wheel and write Python code for everything directly, this game in particular does that a lot). It's meant to be even higher level and simpler than standard Python, which is nice. RenPy is also extremely loose with handling them, so you can move/rename .rpy scripts as you please, or even copy and paste all of their contents into a single file and shuffle everything around, the game will continue to function exactly like it did before. It's useful for dissecting VNs if you don't have a text editor that can search through hundreds of files at the same time.

Oh yeah, also the game has a bunch of unused shit in it. And surprisingly good music.



Makes much more sense on why they commissioned someone else's art. Their artist is super behind the dialogue and code.


0.0024-Alpha is out.



>still no momfuck


Does 0.0024a have anything besides the Sam pool scene? Unless loading the game bugged it out, that's all I can find.


File: b633f4560c54c43⋯.png (33.23 KB, 585x531, 65:59, Untitled.png)


Some minor art changes, not much else.


How do I trigger the new scene



It's just under the revisit menu.



Better than nothing, I guess

Still kinda boring


When is the next mum update? she's been ignored for to long.



Should be the next one since she won the January poll


Im shore its just me but how do i play this game? im just stuck in the room



This has to be a fucking meme at this point. This many people can't be blind and critically retarded, it's just not possible.



Make a blank file named fan_mod.rpy and put it in the "/game" folder, it will disable SFW mode.


Or they didn't want to search through 500 posts, which is entirely possible. Or they did, and they found somebody being called a retard three times with no answer, an expired Mega link, "get a patch", and somebody being told that it's "on Discord". The first post mentioning lewdpatcher isn't even a reply to anything, and it takes an embarrassing amount of time to figure out that what the fuck "on the front page" means due to the wording (and it isn't, you have to search for it). Not to mention that it sounds like the name of a program instead of a website, or that the actual patch itself looks broken or missing because it's literally just a single empty file that doesn't "patch" anything.

No need to be a fucking cunt about it. Just put an explanation in the OP when we have a new thread so people can stop asking.



There's a post literally, LITERALLY 13 posts above theirs on how to fix it. Don't give me that shit. The bare minimum amount of effort is at least looking at the last few posts.



I know. I'm the one who posted that. And why would someone start reading a thread backwards expecting to find a solution to their specific problem? Posting the solution or telling them to search the thread LITERALLY takes the exact same amount of effort as calling them a retard, and only decreases the chance of someone else in the future asking the same question.


Make a blank file named fan_mod.rpy and put it in the "/game" folder.



>No need to be a fucking cunt about it. Just put an explanation in the OP when we have a new thread so people can stop asking.

If that was the case about 99.99% of the time it would be nice.


>only decreases the chance of someone else in the future asking the same question.

In theory mbaye but reality tells a different tale.



If people keep asking the same question over and over again, then it's obviously a trend and something that will keep happening in the future. 70% of the population might very well BE retarded, but complaining about it won't solve the problem. Again, include it in the OP, put it next to download links, and in the future you'll have 5 people asking instead of 75.


Anyword on the next update? I didn't even bother downloading the last one since it was sam focused.



>not liking sweet twincest

Are you some kind of homo?



how can they be twins if they are not the same



Is that a serious question?



why wouldnt be




People like you give incest a bad name



These new scenes aren't that much appealing compared to vanilla sex, so I understand and approve of his opinion.

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