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File: 2c1a288d0d0c22c⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 2496x3358, 1248:1679, foto_no_exif (1).jpg)


RTS game based on the Towegirls images

Homepage - https://towerkc.blogspot.co.uk/

Latest Version - 0.12.5b -https://mega.nz/#!30BDXIxK!UbW9Q1r-0BWaRAab7FuPUnF42TCrOUPqk9XJQ_DLlIU

This game is likely to contain NTR content

Edit:Removed the patreon link, included download link, and removed some of the drama.

Post last edited at


File: 488ec001e41e0db⋯.jpg (955.9 KB, 1761x1080, 587:360, dd05a147cafb01f77c504d3f0f….jpg)


>if you dont invest in lust you wont get cucked!

See >>121572

The narrative you are attempting to establish has already been debunked by vigilant anons.

Also, you would call getting cucked an investment. Kek'in mah fuckin' ass off over here.


File: 06a51cfbf7a4df5⋯.png (657.03 KB, 793x1231, 793:1231, Screenshot_1.png)

File: a939c2b42f45f21⋯.png (76.39 KB, 800x184, 100:23, Screenshot_7.png)


>It is just a waste of CG.

For you! Why do you think your opinion matters?

>Patrons are normalfags and their opinion should be worthless.

Thats wrong because you are no longer his audience but those normalfags you speak of.

Even if their opinion shouldn't matter they invest money into this game.

Not you nor me, THEY give him money to keep him making the game or should i say buying animation and CG from artists.


Towerfag is a sellout Boo Hoo, im pretty sure his old "betrayed" audience would defiently support him like the current normalfags.

>Let's not give any warning about this stat and let's just call it corruption

You talking out of your ass it is explained.

>And let's also include princesses with default points in lust

What is chastity belt?


File: 3f0a35a62d0ea76⋯.png (636.64 KB, 1024x1378, 512:689, ClipboardImage.png)

You could have wait a bit, but good start as any.



Also your pic not accurate because doggo rape is not a battle rape but a quest for cucks.


I thought you guys had planned on naming the new thread NTRgirls.


File: b3fe7e3232af49e⋯.jpg (243.68 KB, 1531x869, 1531:869, b3fe7e3232af49ed2616827305….jpg)


>Why do you think your opinion matters?

Because I'm not a cuck, and therefore my opinion is valid.

>Thats wrong because you are no longer his audience but those normalfags you speak of

8chan and prior to that 4chan were his audience and I assure you no one then wanted fucking cuckolding in the game, specially not an amount so big that you have to actively avoid it. See >>122941

>THEY give him money to keep him making the game or should i say buying animation and CG from artists. YOU CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!

Of course I can. I can say things straight so sane people doesn't fall for it, so no one beside cucks support it so the game can fail. Also, the game is bond to be take over by someone more competent, me, in the near future.

>im pretty sure his old "betrayed" audience would defiently support him like the current normalfags

Not really. We are his old audience, stupid.

>You talking out of your ass it is explained.

>What is chastity belt?

>Let's treat lust and corruption as completely separated things to mislead people

>For some reason lust is about getting lust for another men and not the main character

>Let's give you just one item to nullify lust even though there are shit ton of princesses

>Also that item makes you slower in combat, because it's a penalty for not wanting to see rape

>Regardless of chastity belt, princesses still have lust points after removal

>But it's alright, goys!

Are you towerfag? Please kill yourself.


>Inclusing a quest for cucks is somehow acceptable

Kek. I bet you also think the semen collector quest is ok.


OP fucked up.


File: e6dd99ca77ff7d1⋯.png (102.83 KB, 224x220, 56:55, 😂.png)

>Of course I can. I can say things straight so sane people doesn't fall for it, so no one beside cucks support it so the game can fail. Also, the game is bond to be take over by someone more competent, me, in the near future.



Make it fucking great, Cucks need purged.


I don't even know the purpose behind arguing for this long anymore since all the points have already been made before and a consensus has been reached up to the vols and shills that this game contains NTR.


File: 12dcc6f6da4a7f2⋯.png (772.36 KB, 777x777, 1:1, 1043558.png)


I need a few things before getting started.

>What version of PRG maker does this game use

>How to decrypt RPG maker files

>The name of the artist that commission these games

>A compilation of the towergirls charts

>A site where scripts can be modified by other anons if needed

I already have a few ideas for the game, but obviously you can't make a game out of good intentions, if some anons want to help, cool.

>Change love and lust functions

>Love is the princess affection towards the knight. Scenes involving love are more about bonding and relationship than actual sex

>Lust is the princess desire towards the knight. Scenes involving this stat are obviously sexual towards the knight

>Modify quests, scenes and locations such as the brothel and the semen collection

I don't think a lot needs to be done other than heavily change logic, events and some dialogue. I'm sure this games uses RPG maker VX Ace, but I'm not that sure. Anyway, I'll read a bit and fuck around with it.


It's fun.



You should make a PDF manual with old school spoiler tier detail



I hope you can do it.

There was one faggot in Breeding Season thread on /fs/ who like you wanted to redo a game but now there is no sign of him being alive.



Rougelike thing where you can literally chose who to save and who to abandon



While I support modding the game, this just seems like an ideafag larping as a dev like you'd see a lot in the /hgdg/ thread. Hopefully you're actually going to be modding the game instead of just circlejerking over ideas then disappearing though.


Question: why the hell are you taking porn so seriously?



I will probably make just a text documents with a list of ideas so anons pass them around and check them if they want to collaborate. Using this thread might be a good idea since there's really not a lot to talk about this game other than how garbage it is.


Well, I'm just reading the tutorial, but I've been interesting in making games for a while, and RPG Maker sounds like a good start even if it's not real coding. I don't think I can do it alone, but I'll try my best, even if just to fuck cucks and shills.


Well, that's another idea I had, go the blackknight route but that part is a bit dedicated. I like a more harem and lovely approach myself, but that doesn't only sounds boring as much as I like it, but I know we are all degenerates.

>Select class from the beginning

>White knight can do no wrong

>Black knight is always about rape and degenerate stuff

>Rogue knight can do as he pleases


So far, pretty much. I'm not a dev, but you don't really require a lot of knowledge to work in RPG maker. I also hope so, but chances are slim. You can just dismiss me as an idea fag until I show actual progress, and I'm thinking about going to that dev board to ask for advice.


>Stop talking about porn in a porn board!

>It's just porn, guys, it doesn't matter!

You're the reason why 90% of western games suck. If you don't care, go back to redtube.



Autism, plain a simple

Think people who sit in these threads screaming about easily avoidable cuck content all day are normal?


File: a8fd4329ac21e4c⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 848x480, 53:30, 10711139.jpg)


You're being paid to bare us, shill.



Autism is the backbone of imageboards. It all depends on how you shape that autism. Netorare (and furfaggotry) are the scoliosis of imageboards. Fighting against that is the act of building a strong back.


any happen to have the cheatcodes ?



Might be in the last thread.


File: cba78d551d6b7b0⋯.jpg (275.58 KB, 1280x1807, 1280:1807, 568f.jpg)


>rpgmakershit suddenly RTS

Lad, you need a kosher fetish.


File: bab853609070baf⋯.png (235.82 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Title 0.8.1.png)

File: 252e9e222a37159⋯.png (444.58 KB, 1728x928, 54:29, decrypt.PNG)

File: 15e241887c8f5e2⋯.png (222.75 KB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, easy.PNG)

This is going to be a walk in the park.



Why don't you take anything seriously.



File: 9dd1c3776308602⋯.mp4 (3.16 MB, 960x720, 4:3, the soothing sound of 14 p….mp4)


>The Entire Thread.



File: 36a9d9f09338770⋯.jpg (21.25 KB, 326x261, 326:261, 36a9d9f093387705cd6f01c2ab….jpg)


>You have to go out of your way to quest for items that prevent other men and dogs from having sex with your women

>That means it's your own fault for not having done it

Seems like a completely impartial poster who is indigenous to this board

Reminder that the "chastity belt" narrative has been previously debunked.


File: 4e0ff763020bd9d⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1700x3149, 1700:3149, Towergirls_Gen_1.png)

File: 7ea571f19655ea8⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1700x3931, 1700:3931, Towergirls_Gen_2.png)

File: bce2509b74c1701⋯.png (3.9 MB, 1700x4000, 17:40, Towergirls_Gen_3.png)

File: 7b71e1a1466e36a⋯.jpg (988.46 KB, 1530x3060, 1:2, Towergirls_Chart_4.jpg)


I would venture to say that the core ideas and original intentions of Towergirls at its conception and subsequent development is directly opposed to applying any single fetish to all the Towergirls and is more akin to providing a wide array of fetishes proportionate to the amount of people who like each fetish, and if the devs are disproportionately applying a fetish and an especially hated one at that, as they seem to be doing, then they are no longer making a Towergirls game that is true to its name, but instead are making a mockery of Towergirls or they are indeed making their own well disguised parody of it. I would say that any one who claims to support this game does such out of love for cuckoldry and not for their desire to see the Towergirls idea translated from a CYOA format to a video game format, and those who support it while saying that they're not supportive of cuckoldry are either fooling themselves or ignorant of the fact that the devs are cuck loving fags who have decided, while demonstrating little to no self-awareness of their widely hated and sick fetish, to disproportionately inject the cuckoldry fetish into the game's content, without consulting the fans of Towergirls or those who support them, into what should be a game of a self proclaimed knight selecting from a wide variety of princesses, each with their own unique set of fetishes based upon their race, species, or theme. And not a cuck selecting which girl he wants to see get fucked by someone/something else other than himself, as they all demonstrate the same cuckoldry fetish and not the variety that is to be had in the CYOA.

tl;dr Towergirls is supposed to be about a wide variety of princesses with a wide variety of fetishes. The selection of said fetishes should reflect the fetishes of the intended audience, in that they should remain proportionate in number to the amount of people who actually enjoy said fetish. Seeing as there's only a few cucks and a lot of people who are disgusted by the cuckoldry fetish in the audience of Towergirls, there should be at most ONE princess who has a cuckoldry fetish, not ALL OF THEM.

tl;dr "tl;dr" Towergirls should support all fetishes, keep one girl for cuckoldry but THAT'S IT.



Cuckoldry is a shit, no matter what the sex of the cuckold is, it's still a shit


How do I get rations for the kobold kingdom?



I agree, but I still feel that we need some representation of each fetish in this game. A game of which should be about nice girls with a wide variety of fetishes so that's there's something for everybody. Though I think, due to their terrible decision to have cuckoldry for nearly every Towergirl, we should campaign to remove all of it.



Not really. >>>/cuckquean/

Also, anon is right, there should be a chance to have one of the girls being into "battle rape", most likely dessert princess, but also have the chastity belt work on her.


File: 48c43f18dd62a74⋯.png (286.73 KB, 1425x780, 95:52, Capture.PNG)


Working on it, but I'm figuring out a way to crack RPG maker first. If any anon wants to give it a try, decrypting the content of the game is pretty easy, as looking in google for it.


File: 541bffd007d25d1⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 1700x4173, 1700:4173, Towergirls Lewd Edition Pa….jpg)

File: ca81cbcc48ddf39⋯.png (806.65 KB, 3000x3500, 6:7, ca81cbcc48ddf399dafd35b88c….png)

File: bf5896bc2f562b2⋯.png (110.25 KB, 437x463, 437:463, 1489984966146.png)

File: 1f5403ba0b135eb⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 433x464, 433:464, 1483061432088.jpg)



lewd edition has a 4th sheet you missed, so im gunna add that here, along with the original sheet and some alternate art for some of the characters for options.


File: 86bcfa3c3c7cef6⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1700x4247, 1700:4247, 1492292333251.png)

File: 1d3a5234b476c43⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1700x3000, 17:30, Dragon Princess Horde.png)




one more sheet, for completions sake. the lewd edition sheets with the white and black dragon princesses I dont think have actually been finished yet by this point, but theyre a thing. Also dragon princesses horde sheet.


File: 35ebe0f3dc51261⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1428x773, 1428:773, kek.PNG)

I don't know what I'm doing, really. But I'm suspecting I might now have the same version towerfag is using. Also, it seems like even after the decryption not all assets weren't extracted, namely the hud. Trying to start the game have hilarious consequences like starting in Golem princess kingdom with broken options. Any ideas how to proceed?



oh wait actually theres just literally an imgur on halfchans towergirls general with like 11 sheets on it. So heres that. http://imgur.com/a/9hzpx



If You Don't Stand for Something, You'll Fall for Anything - Drizzt Do'urden



>Battle rape and battle fucking are all the same shit

>Green wolf goblin wifes son in the corner

>Euphoric friendzoned fedora tipping knight

Keked hard.



RPG Makers pretty simple to use once you have the basics down, what's hard is the scripting.

I have very minor experience in it, but from a first glance, it looks like you're lacking all the maps unless this was coded in a way to use only one huge map, which I'm a bit doubtful of?


File: a89f1506c5e047a⋯.jpg (16.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, philosoraptor[1].jpg)


How the fuck can you fall if you're not standing?


File: 7b2385466af204d⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1719x867, 573:289, maps.PNG)

File: 993a1caa46a5c14⋯.png (24.06 KB, 593x278, 593:278, game.PNG)

File: 2aaf69d697a82e1⋯.png (40.17 KB, 908x284, 227:71, format.PNG)


I thought as much. The problem is that what I was trying to do was starting the already extracted files from the decrypted game file since I can't open the file directly in RPG maker, it obviously isn't working because it doesn't load all the maps it should. The whole thing looks simple enough and since Towerfag uses public scripts it should be easy enough to edit, if only I could open the file through the game editor.


File: c7345f02ef85f67⋯.jpg (313.36 KB, 1320x1318, 660:659, BWAHAHA.jpg)

>a cuck takes away a concept from us

>turns it into a game

>everyone supports him

>he begins injecting his horrible fetish in it

>people are annoyed that he didn't say outright that the cuck fetish was in it

>cuck insults others and acts as if this has a right to be

>people tell him to fuck off

>he keeps shilling his shitty game

>people blow him the fuck out

>he keeps acting retarded

>anons had enough and are trying to crack his game, steal his shit and make a different version



So wait, is the guy making this game not even the original guy behind the concept?



Of course he wasn't.

I didn't pay much attention to the whole CYOA thing but it might even be that the towergirls CYOAs came back from 4chan, before gamergate.

Towerfag isn't even an artist, he's a fucking "programmer", so all the bugs, the shitty gameplay and I assume the concept for the whole Kingdom thing it's his fault.



Any position other then prone is suseptible to falling. Even prone is suceptible to falling if you are on top of something from which you can fall off eg a bed.



No, a cuck loving NTRfag picked up on tower girls and started doing their thing. This is why he's getting JUSTed over his own creation


File: 50f89473dcd2a04⋯.jpg (38.83 KB, 600x615, 40:41, carlcuck.jpg)


>Anti-cuck agenda

What next is he going to start calling people cuckophobes?



Everybody knows if you don't like being cuckolded, it just means you are a closet cuck. Best way to prove your masculinity is to choose to be cucked.


>ITT people conflating netori with netorase

How is making someone cheat with you the same way as getting your girlfriend stolen from you?



>My specific brand of communism has never been tried before!

Cuck off cuckboii.



>Comparing communism to ntr

Yes, pizza is screwdriver.



>Doesn't understand the inherent link between communism and NTR

Anon your waifu doesn't belong to you she belongs to the state and we're seizing her means of reproduction.



I don't think you know what Netori is, anon.

See, in the case of Netori, the "girlfriend" belonged to some failure of a man, now she belongs to someone else, you take the role of the "someone else".

In the case of netorase, the "girlfriend" is with a failure of a man that wants her to be stolen from him. Netorase is the only "cuck" scenario. You take the role of the cuck.



I mean.

You're still getting sloppy seconds.

Regardless, there is no netori in this game: you get cucked, it's netorare or at best netorase and between the two I don't know which is worse.



Please see >>123101



>milfs are sloppy seconds


> there is no netori in this game

I know, I was just saying that anons shouldn't confuse the two.


Please see >>123106



>>milfs are sloppy seconds

Technically, they are.

Not that they can't be hot but they aren't virgins.



So you're a purityfag?

Fine, you can steal someone's crush or virgin girlfriend. Same shit.



I still don't want to do that.

I'm not a nigger, I don't feel an impulse to steal things from others or break hearts.

I want a classic anime romance, where both are shy about it and slowly and painfully they get closer and closer, until they finally hold hands and declare their love for each other.

Drama free, pain free, just romance.



If there's no challenge, there's no fun. It's why I avoid slut tags.



>it doesn't count as netorare because it's not happening to you!

If you increase the amount of cuckoldry in this world, you are pro-cuckoldry, and have thus accepted in your heart that you are in no position to whine about being cucked either. The only cuck here is you.



> fake shit needs to be like the realworld XDDD

Jesus christ you faggots are insufferable. Kill yourself for being a sperg.



Truly the thinking mans fetish.


I don't see why thats a bad comparison, both are shit tier and only lead to disaster.


File: aff307fc89b4dcd⋯.jpg (44.69 KB, 640x452, 160:113, ydKSl4L_d.jpg)


>here anon, have sex with this other man's woman against his will, it's okay!

>I plant myself like a tree near the river of truth and say to the world "No, YOU are the nigger."

REAL. HUMAN. BEAN. Only able to be found on H8chan.


So any of you anons have tried to crack the thing beside me? Because I still have no luck.


No. Take a look at the characters sheet here >>123027 They date way back to halfchan, and it was originally about rescuing princesses from the dragon princesses. The concept was as simple as that, but towerfag introduced the conquest for some reason, a pointless fucking war between them because they act like they were fucking kids.

I think rescuing them should still be the basis of the story, but say, they were scattered around the land, and you have to rescue them, help their empire grow, and help them conciliate their difference in order to take on the Dragon Queen, that sounds more like the spirit of the original game, instead of them destroying each other over trivial shit and you doing damage control.



This was addressed in the last thread. Netori is stealing someone else girlfriend, netorare is having your girlfriend being stolen from you. They are both bad, but at least netori is not fucked up when it's justified ie the guy you steal the girl from is an asshole, but that doesn't involve anything about "failure", read a manga, the most infuriating part of Netorare is that the girl is usually stolen from a normal guy thanks to some evil bastard. Other than that, you are alright, and this game is indeed Netorare if you don't want your girl to be fucked by dogs, and there are art assets that would prove you wrong, you go for it or not.




Sloppy seconds is fucking a girl right after someone else fucked her, anon. I like MILFs when they are neglected by their husbands or they are not around anymore. Virginity have little to nothing to do with that. Some of the princesses are virgins, but it's undeniable that some of the princesses are not, the point is how you deal with that, specially in a waifu oriented game.

>The princess became a princess recently, justifying the fact that she is a virgin

>The princess have experience but she only wants you

>The princess is a hard to get slut to pander to niggers

The last one is an stretch, but I think it would only apply to dessert princess anyway.





>By wanting to win a race, you are implicitly asserting that you also want to lose the race

That's some deep shit, mang


If you wanna go for something close to what towergirls is/was supposed to be(no idea what the promise of the game was) why not go for the rescuing bit followed by dropping them off and then managing shit with whoever has the best relationship with you. Mimic and goblin princess would let you get everybody out yourself if you knock everyone up.

Along the way of dropping people off have events to increase and decrease their stats and relationship(s).

Get a small slice of land and standing with whatever kingdom princess(es) you rescued. The kingdom's as well if you married the princess.

Marry one of the princesses because of love or because you knocked her up or just fuck their shit up and takeover the kingdoms.

Proceed to the rest of the parts and do as you will.

Also awaken to the power of having a kingdom and become knight princess not that one wannabe bitch but the true one.



If you win a race, the award is a trophy. If you "win" at netorare, the award is a worthless unfaithful whore.



If you win at netorare the award is a kid that you didn't have to put the usual amount of resources into making, and which some other idiot provides for for the dependent years of its life. One of the biggest wins there is in this contest of life.


File: eb57d4fdbf76fce⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 616x474, 308:237, eb57d4fdbf76fce4bedbfe92ce….jpg)

Holy shit, you guys screened my post

I was the one who posted with the Kurisu pic

I feel so happy right now, thanks guys


File: a7e2a34bc5d42a0⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 657x640, 657:640, a7e2a34bc5d42a03ca347be613….jpg)


>mod edit: added download link

Lel, I left it out on purpose, bro.





As for cracking it, I'm sure there's a way to move maps from an older game into a new one somehow, I just don't know the method. Suggest looking it up on an RPG Maker board.



I'm starting to suspect Towerfag is actually using RPG maker VX and not VX Ace. The .rvproj2 files are the ones used in VX Ace, so I'm sure the .rgss3 are the ones used in the VX, although I could be wrong. I'll download a cracked version of VX and give it a try.



Lovely Complex


File: a0f19747de93d29⋯.png (144.15 KB, 269x312, 269:312, drix.PNG)

File: 78ba333d5cae0a5⋯.png (334.12 KB, 1431x780, 477:260, sucess.PNG)



I just miscalculated and didn't locate the files as I should have. So yeah, I have access to the whole thing, including the "code" that can be easily edited by the program. If you faggots have experience with game developing, jump in.



Start by changing the timer on those gay ass missions that lead to a princess getting cucked

10 or 20 times should do the trick



oh, and change every iteration of "Lust" to "NTR Chance"



wait are you just modding the cuck game or are we talking full rewrite?


File: 9c7edc8fbf01d3f⋯.png (185.49 KB, 1417x747, 1417:747, sperm.PNG)

File: 845f3fe005efa26⋯.png (201.45 KB, 1421x750, 1421:750, sperm 2.PNG)

File: 0f3e1f7be1c1b64⋯.png (194.9 KB, 1425x749, 1425:749, speed.PNG)


Not really sure right now. Even though it's fairly simple to edit things, it is a lot of words because there's a lot of events to rearrange. But I can just drop the whole thing and start form the beginning using the assets that are there already. See >>122950 and >>123155

As for lust and missions, I rather just drop the cuck missions altogether or change them, and turn lust into something that benefits the player rather than punishing him with NTR. Want to know something funny? The sperm collection is stupidly complex. Lust is also treated as speed.



>The sperm collection is stupidly complex

>NTR is just a small, avoidable part of the game!

>Bat sperm

>Spider sperm

>Scarab sperm

>Wolf sperm

>Catoble sperm

>Kobold sperm

>Snake sperm

>Human sperm

>Slime sperm

>Golem "oil"

>Insect sperm

>Skeleton "marrow"

>Incubus sperm

>Ghost sperm

>Gremling "fluid"

>Moth "fluid"

>Cat sperm

>NTR is just a small, avoidable part of the game!

>Lust controls other mechanics such as the actual speed the characters

>NTR is just a small, avoidable part of the game!

Cucks blown the fuck out forever.


How i can fuck the princess?




>MFW this

Holy shit you guys weren't just memeing.



Good job, anons. I'll just put this extractor tool up for other anons to take a look at while we're at it…



How to level up, anons? I'm tired of kill monsters much more stronger than me and nothing change



Towergirls collectively was originally made by an artist called Gats and the anons at halfchans /tg/, it predates GamerGate by years and its been a /tg/ meme for a long time. Gats himself is working on this game as an artist, but he joined the team for this game, and wasnt originally contributing to it, nowadays, alot of the newer sheets and such have an artist called Eversor helping make art for them and such, and hes pretty active on the /tg/ thread even today.



You burn literal dicks at your campsite.

Come on man it's in the tutorial.



Double fuck this guy for pissing all over a concept that isn't even his an alienating the people who built it up in the first place.



Dark Souls: Prepare to bang.



>Lust is also treated as speed

wat the fuck



Cucks aren't those that have their girlfriends stolen, cucks are those that want their girlfriends to be with another man (which is another way to say stolen, it's just that they're also deluded enough to think otherwise).

Your theory is pretty bonkers, mate. Next you'll tell me parents support child rape because they brought children in this world.


What are you even talking about? I'm not the one being a picky faggot.


Probably because it's a bad comparison.


> They are both bad

No they're not? Fetishes can't be bad, it's usually the case that those with certain fetishes are autistic. Some can be if you act upon them too (but that's no longer the problem of the fetish), like guro, but if you think some real life version of "stealing someone's girl" is, then you're some kind of retard. Someone that would be "stolen" in real life already didn't have a good relationship going on with their current partner or never took it seriously anyway, so it wouldn't be worth it anyway.


That's real life, not fiction. In fiction, characters force themselves on each other and make the victims fall in love with them through the power of sex. Love is literally earned through whatever deed is deemed necessary.

In fiction characters impregnate others wives and their husbands take care of that characters child without knowing.



>Semantics: The post

Kill yourself, faggot. Whether you want your girlfriend to be stolen or not, the point is that shitty devs like towerfag forces it on you.

>Fetishes can't be bad

Oh really? If I have an amputation fetish and start cutting parts of my own body or someone's body for sexual pleasure it is not bad? It is not doing something bad for my own pleasure that affects myself and probably someone else?

>Someone that would be "stolen" in real life already didn't have a good relationship going on

Firstly, this is not real life, faggot, stop with the comparison. That being said, even if it's not, normalizing fetishes can lead to problems IRL. Secondly, what is extortion? What is kidnapping? Stop making excuses for something vile as stealing, fucking cuck.

Also, no progress in the game because I can't find where to edit quests. Considering how the semen collection is coded I bet it's all fucking spaghetti and hard to find. The semen collection isn't activated unless you have the quest on, though, problem is, I can't find a way to activate it.


File: d29d35077e5de1a⋯.jpg (113.09 KB, 998x462, 499:231, Turn On.jpg)


>Fetishes can't be bad

Degeneracy is always bad.

Just because it isn't lethal doesn't mean it's healthy.

Fetishes actually work like drugs: the more you indulge in them the lesser the effect, so you end up getting into into stuff that's more and more hardcore.

All fetishes are bad, that's why you keep them to yourself and don't shove them in people's throat.

Putting NTR in a game advertised as "softcore" it's like selling cigarettes that are laced with meth.

It's cool that you're in it but we don't want any.



>Kill yourself, faggot. Whether you want your girlfriend to be stolen or not, the point is that shitty devs like towerfag forces it on you.

I've probably played close to 25 hours ingame and never once been cucked. Wtf am I doing wrong or right I guess?



> the point is that shitty devs like towerfag forces it on you.

No one said otherwise.

>Oh really? If I have an amputation fetish

>it's usually the case that those with certain fetishes are autistic. Some can be if you act upon them too (but that's no longer the problem of the fetish)

>Firstly, this is not real life, faggot, stop with the comparison.

It's you faggots that bring up real life and "degeneracy".


>Degeneracy is always bad.

If you're not a vanillafag you should kill yourself first for being a degenerate.

Oh and, you should stop making shit up.

>that's why you keep them to yourself

Are you still in catholic school or something?

>Putting NTR in a game advertised as "softcore" it's like selling cigarettes that are laced with meth.

I'm not even talking about the game, I said you faggots should differentiate fetishes that are different instead of conflating them.



You never dragged a princess into battle, which is basically the only way they'll be raped.



Current save had Kobold and Moth in my party. 0 rapes so far.



You're missing content and you're obliged to play only as the knight.


>Are you still in catholic school or something?

I'm sorry I don't hang out with my degenerate friends having orgies all day. I don't exactly tell my family nor friends that I'm into these kind of things. It should be something that should be kept for yourself because by no means it should be considered normal.

>More semantics



>No human princess.

Son, i am dissapointed.


File: dc18e948cc5a3b6⋯.jpg (59.96 KB, 396x431, 396:431, 120862a3ed5ae793827b67d5dd….jpg)



See >>122940 and >>123240

But lets face it, we all know why you really came to 8chan from reddit.


File: 87d5dc82890d37a⋯.gif (263.88 KB, 148x111, 4:3, 1430769161136.gif)


>If you're not a vanillafag you should kill yourself first for being a degenerate.

>If you think smoking is bad you should kill yourself if you're a smoker

>If you think junk food is bad you should kill yourself for liking junk food

You're a retard and an autist.


File: 1dfb1fc821d07c9⋯.png (2.58 MB, 2231x2466, 2231:2466, 1dfb1fc821d07c9d3a8dfe18d4….png)


>I've spent 25 hours grinding on a game with NO CONTENT because I don't want to have dogs fuck my princess

>I inexplicably don't see a problem with this




>You're missing content and you're obliged to play only as the knight.

I'm missing content when I turn vore off in Monstergirl Quest, but that's kinda what happens when you don't want to experience something.



>missing vore content

>only a fraction of the game is vore

The problem is that a majority of Towergirl's H content is rape/NTR. Are you stupid or just willfully ignoring our point?



He's here to try and carefully construct a narrative. He comes back every week and claims "I see no ntr in this game", even though he keeps getting rebuked. He keeps acting like previous posts didn't happen even though anyone can clearly read them. I gradually grew to hate them.



Futa has never been a turn on for me, I don't know how anons could get into that



Every WEEK try every DAY dude. And I agree, I didnt hate cucks before I followed this thread for awhile, and now I really, really hate them.



Just do the dragon princess I quest, get the weapons and gold to get the New Game+ weapons, then you can fuck around in New Game+ because you can one shot the enemies.


File: b0e991533b6933e⋯.png (11.72 KB, 225x225, 1:1, b0e991533b6933e4d5b52c6e67….png)


>one hitting endless enemies

>for 25 hours

>with no reward

>because there is no actual content

>and next month your save will be incompatible

I'm not laughing anymore. If that's bait, it's outstanding bait.

And dragon princess's quest is the very definition of grinding for gold, so >>123427 is still correct. Enjoy having your princess fuck other men, sounds like this is the game for you.



I use cheatengine. Gold is either 2*x+1, 2*x, or 8*x.



I don't know buddy, as a non-vore kinda guy, chapter 3 was really hard to get through.



Alright, address 0E3AD470 is the distribution points. And you can find the exact values through 2*x+1



You get into it gradually, anon. You start off with vanilla yuri, then strap-ons get in the mix when you feel like going for something a bit rougher, then you come across a very well drawn doujin where one girl fucks another with a real cock instead of a fake one and you go "eh, maybe this one time it's fine for the art." It also helps if you have any other kind of fetish that absolutely requires a dick to be possible, like nakadashi or bukkake, which are impossible with regular yuri.

Polite sage for off-topic.



>You start off with vanilla yuri

never got into that either

it's been Vanilla into finding out I was into Nakadashi before I knew the term and then into X-ray at the same time as everyone else



>He keeps acting like previous posts didn't happen even though anyone can clearly read them. I gradually grew to hate them.

I gradually grew to hat them I didn't read the last part until I had selected and quoted it


I've got a real question. Who the fuck cares about how many theoretically possible matchups of traits your progeny could have in this game. Why do they keep advertising it? I mean sure, its okay, mix and matched pictures of randomized, characterless children. I dont exactly care that theres 10k+ random children, why is this so important.



How else would you keep track of all the children you allow other male creatures to have with your wives?

For example green goblin wolf wifes sons are not genetically yours.



Im not even refering to this as a cuckoldry thing. They trumpet the progeny thing as a really amazing feature, and granted, its reasonably in depth. But its not a core nessecary feature, and bragging about the potential number of children is like bragging about how a deck of cards has 8.06e+67 potential combinations, its random mad-lib stuff and I dont care about how many there are. That just seems like a nice touch not a marketable feature.


so is there a link with all the porn? i dont wanna go trough the whole game to get one scene.



>Someone politely making a post on this thread.

What is this sorcery.




Dude it is a cuckold thing.

See it this way: if the kobold is green and you are human… how can your children end up with red skin?

You might say "oh wait a second, the genes of the human something something makes red skin!" and then you make another child… and this child has blue skin.

The problem here is that you can't have that much genetic variance with the same two guys fucking, there might be some extra quirks but more or less the results should be the same.

By going "OH WOW THERE ARE 10K COMBINATIONS OF CHILDREN" they are basically saying "Look, your can cuck your girl to other men and collect the child like pokemon!".

And even if it's not that they are basically selling out everything they can sell out.

Making random pictures with a generator using premade parts is the easiest shit ever, so they do it and then claim they created the sun and the moon, while they actually introduced a random gimmick that required no effort and it's worthless.

Look it at any angle you want and it's still a shitty feature.



>See it this way: if the kobold is green and you are human… how can your children end up with red skin?

Actually, genes come from the family line of both the mother and the father. It's why it's possible for two brunettes to have blonde people, it's just that obtaining blonde hair is rare since it's a recessive trait. So if someone in your family line had it, then they can receive it.



I just use Cheat Engine so I don't mind. Since you're on here, how long does it take for the Kobolds to repair the castle? I hacked in 13 additional knockers and unlimited rations since I couldn't find any past 3.

Is the pregnancy system also implemented yet? I tried doing it with the Kobold, but it seems that children aren't appearing at all. I got the confirmation that she was pregnant, but it just disappeared afterwards.



Not towerfag but aye, both pregnancy and progeny should work in 0.12.5.


File: 5ccf8c5e6a5379f⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 652x633, 652:633, 11390222.jpg)



Fuck you, towerfag, I will steal your game and make it better. This is what you get for being into a shitty fetish like NTR and betraying your audience.



Good luck!

I can't wait until you start your own Patreon page using my assets~!


File: 31958fcc6912953⋯.png (277.89 KB, 1604x775, 1604:775, scripts.PNG)

File: c2be4c147a8af27⋯.png (283.37 KB, 1656x776, 207:97, script 2.PNG)

File: 07466b7f4543837⋯.png (244.39 KB, 1482x781, 1482:781, rape.PNG)


Do I look like a hack? Only hacks use patreon, such as, you know, yourself. But you should patyourself in the back, you managed to make a whole script by yourself! An script about how enemies rapes the princesses to take semen out of them, because otherwise I doubt you'd be able to do a more complex script, specially considering how you use other people's script and yet manage to make a patreon while you're "the coder".

Seriously, you make me sick. Get the fuck out. However, let me ask you something, how the fuck do I edit missions? Are missions just events triggered in the tavern? Also, how does it feel to be NTR'd out of your own game? Doesn't feel good, does it? And finally, learn to label the events, damn it, it's hard to find what each line do.


File: 8f6bbe528cd3dee⋯.png (113.5 KB, 603x625, 603:625, island.PNG)

Oh, and what about this island? Seems like the perfect place to build the Knight his own castle. There's nothing about it in the only even on the island, though.



>I'll steal something you love and make it mine

He's a cuck so that's probably what he wants.



>get the fuck out

>however, let me ask something

Can't wait to see the finished, de-cucked, game.



I'm just asking for a little advice if you are not afraid of competition. Are the events on the map the same as the common events? Since having to look for and edit every single event in every single map seems like a pain. Also, removing the rape mechanic was easy, but I'd like to turn it around. Instead of common enemies I'd like to add monster girls that the knight can rape, since the event exist already it would be a waste to just delete it.



>let's steal his game

>let's call it "competition"

>but I'll still ask advices to him

I'm dying over here.



Well, you are here already. You might as well fuck to your circlejerk if you are not going to help. Modding the game to remove all the sperm quests and the rape mechanic is a pretty basic step towards it, or do you hate modding? Also, it's free, that was your justification for stolen scripts, right?



Come on, don't be insecure, let me steal your game. Having a game with shit mechanics like rape and the subsequent impregnation have led to this, you have only yourself to blame. What were you thinking?




Anon you can extract assets using Ytinasni's translator tool. It extracts the game scripts and the text in a way that is easy to edit for a developer.

Maybe that is better for you than the RPGMaker GUI. I prefer it and use it for work localizing jp games.

Let me know if you want to move in that direction because I don't even care about this game but watching that cuck get BTFO is hilarious.



Following up, if you need any dev help drop me a line on here I'll be checking periodically and can give you some pointers with ruby or similar so long as you continue to trigger this assblasted no-life patreon scumbag.


Good luck with it!

I'll occasionally lurk to see how it goes!


File: 9c9d73a2a2a0671⋯.gif (421.57 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1450003846748.gif)

File: 019d83cd252425f⋯.png (43.6 KB, 635x247, 635:247, ui.PNG)



Thanks anon, I will look into how the lines work in the first place to arrange them. To not bite more than I can chew the first thing I'm going to do is remove rape mechanics, thus the enemy impregnating your princess and remove or replace the cum missions.

The translation tools seems interesting I've been looking into translating fugetsuuin games myself, but let's see how everything goes.


Maybe it's a bad idea to get involved in this discussion at all, but..

I can kind of see TowerFag's point? You don't really.. Own the princesses. No matter how strong your feelings may be, the idea that they're yours- and therefore, are only yours to fuck- is kinda backwards. I mean, they're princesses. You're a knight that's supposed to be serving them- not dictating their life. If you get a princess with lust already there, that tells you something about their desires, y'know? They're their own people, so the same feelings that have you so upset when they have sex with someone else, should probably be flaring up in personal discomfort when you like.. Destroy their kingdom to buy them as slaves for your party, or, take advantage of their desperation for a hero by 'rescuing them' from enemies that you prolly funded.

Morality doesn't really play into this discussion, it's more like what people believe they're owed, without stopping to actually consider how this would play out if the girls they adore were actual people, with opinions of their own. A loooot of the princesses from what I remember of that chart are going to be anything but loyal.

And more than a few of them would probably have some nasty things to say about the idea that- just because you saved them- you 'won' them. I'unno. This is a pretty weird conversation.



>Not editing the game by manipulating the memory and editing the values of hexadecimals that you translated from binary.

Confirmed for pleb.

Seriously though, I tend to lose motivation with those high-level tools because you have to relearn those tools and you're forced into abstract thinking again after you hit roadbumps. Go all the way, hombre.



Sure, anon. Let me know when if you have a specific question because I often end up doing censorship patches and this is similar.

I think that what you're trying to do is very accessible, if you stick to it you can have it done tonite. Judging by your questions you're still getting used to the new tools so don't be discouraged.


Fuck off towerfag. Nobody here subscribes to your feminist shitpile.

These anons are playing a princess saving game, this means they want to save pure and beautiful women from danger. Getting them raped is justifiably not a feel that people want to experience here.

If you want to play "please bang my wife" there is a game called that.



Just offering another perspective, bud. I don't play the game, I prefer hotdogs to buns any day, but I was a fan of the charts for their art-style- and from what I remember of those charts with all the princesses, a loooot of them are anything BUT pure. There ARE some pure ones, so there should be pure ones in the game, but there's always going to be personal preference.



It's not designed around cucking as the main princess quest lines exist (ie: Dragon Princess I, Kobold, Dog Princess, etc). In fact, the main quest lines end the game.



To be fair, I support based anon doing his thing primarily because I champion the freedom of users to be able to edit any game to tailor to their own needs and desires.

Once you have his patch to remove princess raping, it will be easier to only selectively remove it. Probably there is some RNG mechanic where you can put in a case statement checking for the correct actor. It'll be in the raping file. The hard part is, as anon has mentioned, figuring out where all the cancer is located. In this way, he is helping everyone involved.



I can get behind that idea. I don't really have a horse in this race, I'm not moral enough to be upset about either side of this weird discussion.

I just felt that someone had to point out that at some point, it's the girl's personality that's upsetting, and at that point, it's probably easier to find a different one. Like, you wouldn't go after Djinn Princess unless you wanted a sausage. So I would assume you wouldn't go after a slutty princess unless you were comfortable with it.

The game doesn't cater to my types, so I only go by what I've read online, but it seems like there's options. Don't have to settle for being Goblin Princess' latest stud, when there's Moth Princess.



>You're a knight that's supposed to be serving them- not dictating their life

Have you played the game? Usually the only way to recruit a princess is fucking destroying her kingdom, so they technically stop being princesses at that point, and it also entitles you to command them, just like you command Kobold princess since she doesn't have a kingdom anymore. The whole logic behind the game story is retarded anyway, and you say it yourself here

>should probably be flaring up in personal discomfort when you like.. Destroy their kingdom to buy them as slaves for your party, or, take advantage of their desperation for a hero by 'rescuing them' from enemies that you prolly funded

That's mostly what's wrong with the whole game design, you're supposed to rescue them, not fucking corner them so they can do whatever you want. Instead of winning their trust from the beginning you destroy everything they ever knew for what? Having them fuck with goddamn dogs.

Lust is also a really fucking misleading stat. Why instead of lust turning them into whore it just doesn't make them more sexually attracted towards the MC? And that's my problem, the whole game neglects what the MC may want, and that sucks considering the MC is an avatar of the player. And it's stupid you say morality doesn't play into the discussion when you are telling me I should consider what the princesses want.

>And more than a few of them would probably have some nasty things to say about the idea that- just because you saved them- you 'won' them

My idea about the game is that once you save them you'd have to win more of their trust. Instead of leveling up love and lust like an stat, they should level up by doing fucking quests. I mean, that's basic in this kind of games, if you want them as partners you should be able to level up their stats like normal.


>Confirmed for pleb.

I don't know a think about coding or game development except for what I've read in /v/, /agdg/ and here, so yeah, it's indeed pleb tier. I'll approach to it slowly.



All the old princesses profiles are here >>123027 And you can't see nowhere that these princesses would fuck dogs. In fact, it says for plenty of them that they are loyal. I do agree with you, say you are into degeneration and you like princesses being into fucking dogs, then just leave that to those princess, instead, in this game all princesses are subject of that, basically all princesses now are potential sluts, and that's really the problem and one of the things I want to change.

My point is not even censoring it, that sucks, but just decreasing if not outright removing this kind of stuff. Just read the OP, anon

> Don't have to settle for being Goblin Princess' latest stud

Again, this just fucking sucks, once you start fucking Goblin princesses, the damn chart says she'd be loyal to you as long as you're loyal to her I have to find a way around it for an harem play style, maybe something to do with diplomacy


And yet you have an entire game mechanic and a whole quest line focused in extracting semen off your raped princess and even then getting pregnant from it. The problem with those quest is that they are high level, if you don't do them, you're oblique to grind lower quests in order to advance, and that sucks. All that is right there in the damn OP.



You can get those princesses from conquered territory, just get the slaves from the Goblin kingdom.



But that's exactly the problem, faggot.



I agree, it sure doesn't say anything about the dogs anywhere in the charts I'm looking over- maaaaybe if you dig deep on the Witch Princess for 'implied', but even then.. That IS a strange angle for the game to be going.

I haven't actually played the game like I said, so I probably shouldn't comment on it one way or the other, I just chimed in to point out that if a princess is doing something unpleasant, it would probably be specific to her, as the charts paint a very diverse picture, with a lot of different kinks unique to particular princesses.



That shows how incompetent Towerfag is by taking this element and attributing it to all princesses instead of a few. for me the main problem is how lust works and what it does, and that involves the rape mechanics as well, and calling it rape is even an stretch, spending points in lust makes the princess want the rape anyway.


I haven't played the game yet, but I've been reading these threads for quite a while and I'll be presumptuous for a second to throw in my two cents:

From where I'm looking, I don't see the option to have your princesses raped by strangers or fucked by animals as something that's wrong per se. Having options is a good thing, if there are people who want those kinds of content I think it's ok to have them.

The big problem in this game lies in the combination of two factors. First of all (and the core of the problem itself) is the disproportionate lack of content other than stuff that could be considered "cucking." If you don't want your princesses to fuck other beings then you're severely limited on the available content. The other problem, which really is the one that has exacerbated the situation to the point it is now, is the complete refusal of the developer to acknowledge this current state of affairs.

I try not to attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity, but it really would take a complete lack of tact from Towerfag (and the game's apologists) to not see this last point. Maybe in his head the game really isn't supposed to be about cucking, and he has all these wonderful plans and ideas for new content and game mechanics that would give every single person in the world something to enjoy in playing his game while never being forced to see and do something that they don't want to. But as it is right now, the cuck-like content vastly outnumbers the rest of the content and he can't fault people for seeing the game for what it is now. It is not only the refusal to acknowledge this truth, but his outright hostile denial and dismissal of concern that is alienating so many players that would love to play the game that's in his head once it comes to being.

(That's of course assuming that Towerfag really isn't just an asshole cuck that likes tricking people into playing a cucking game.)



>Are the events on the map the same as the common events?

No, common events are like scripts that either always run or run when a switch or variable is triggered and can run on any map, a regular event can only run on the map it's placed.



You should rip out all the art assets and upload them, i'd like to reuse them for a little lewd mod for StoneSoup Dungeon Crawl i've been working on, and the princesses would be hilarious as god replacements/various heroes.



One of the main points of the kid-system is to have someone take the place of his/her mother without having to lose the reign.


File: 7a7ae0ea1850302⋯.jpg (68.82 KB, 782x347, 782:347, Romance done right.JPG)


>occasionally lurk

Yeah, because you haven't been roaming these threads for days, you and your fucking shills.

Seriously Towerfag, fuck off, if you want a hugbox where people just eat up whatever turd you make then you're in the wrong place.

If 8chan rejects you it means you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask what the fuck you are doing with your life that makes even the leftovers of the world push you away.



He doesn't really need us. Reddit, Patreon, and 4chan accepted him. We're pretty bottom of the barrel, but blunt.



We're also adverse to getting cucked in our fap fodder, so I don't know what that says about the others.



Honestly it doesn't matter what he thinks or who likes him. As a cuck, he's not entitled to an opinion.

And I don't see what it matters what reddit thinks of the guy.




Towerfag is probably sweating and masturbating loudly to this thread right now



>He doesn't really need us

>Reddit, Patreon, and 4chan accepted him

Yet he still come here.


I haven't been following this. Are people getting mad at someone just for making a porn game that caters to a fetish they don't like or am I missing something here? Was it ever NOT NTR and then he pulled a bait-and-switch or something?



>I haven't been following this

you should continue not following it, neither the game nor the complaints are worth the time



I don't know about that. I didn't know about this game until a few days ago and the drama surrounding it has been absolutely hilarious.



>Was it ever NOT NTR and then he pulled a bait-and-switch or something?

Kinda. The game is based on some old /tg/ charts found here: https://imgur.com/a/9hzpx if you read the charts you can't find anything or not a lot about NTR or even degradation nor rape. The dev shoved NTR, bestiality, rape and stuff like that out of his ass and he expect us to be happy about it.

The reason is so enraging is that it doesn't really do justice to the original idea and the dev keeps insisting there's nothing wrong with it and there's no NTR on it.



Not to mention NTR porn is looked at VERY poorly around here. Even the voreaphiles get more respect.


Hey Towerdev, can you fully interact with Amelia yet? I talked to her in the tarven, but she said that same lines.



It's not NTR if she never falls out of love with you, anon. :^)



>translating fugetsuuin games

Anon… thank you for your hard work. I have been eagerly awaiting this.


File: 2a31adc19b824e7⋯.png (241.72 KB, 315x641, 315:641, Brazillian Duck Hunt.PNG)





Add the mechanic from Earthbound for the SNES where it checks your power against the enemy and just instantly gives you the win if the fight is pointless




>(That's of course assuming that Towerfag really isn't just an asshole cuck that likes tricking people into playing a cucking game.)

Might want to read some of the picture evidence and meme pictures gathered here.



Retards with extra spending money, it's always been that way. They pay developers to develop as slowly as possible for nothing. That's probably why the core features of the game don't exist in lieu of adding random shit noone wanted or asked for.


It's called cuckchan for a reason.


Do I really need to say anything?



>I can kind of see TowerFag's point? You don't really.. Own the princesses.

>Morality doesn't really play into this discussion, it's more like what people believe they're owed




lust is the speed stat and the higher your lust the higher your chance of getting cucked



You don't have to upgrade it. Just increase your power and love stat.


>Kid randomizer/customizer

Stupid idea. Would've made a customizer for the Knight PC first and removed their stupid fedora speak, given them a fairy companion or some shit like that to add bits of dialogue in addition to a dialogue wheel.

If a PC is meant to be YOU as a self-insert or whatever, never have them do cringe or lame dialogue, some kind of sidekick is better utilized for that, even if they're lame and annoying.

It pisses people off more if the character they're controlling is that.




>you don't have to upgrade it

do you want me to explain how stupid your statement is



Speed is not an important part of the game since enemies automatically target you and you can't dodge those blows. Power is useful because you can one-shot them.



what determines move order?



It's not turn based if that's what you're asking about. You can hit them before they hit you.




>Princess's desire. Renders the Princess vulnerable to rape and corruption. Without Lust, or while wearing the Chastity Belt, the Princess cannot be raped by enemies. Also allows the player to remove the Princess's costume, with different reactions at different levels.



You just need to only upgrade it once if you really want costmetic nudes.


All this fighting over cuck content… The fedora speak from the night made it predictable and funny to me. It's obviously part of the "white knight" gag.

If people want to mod the game to remove that, and it looks like the game assets are actually pretty moddable, this doesn't seem like it should be call for a llamafest. Up and do it. Mods are good for a game's health.



>lust is the speed stat

lolno, are you retarded or what




Go away Towerfag.


File: 07dad1b91467fd5⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 526x593, 526:593, delet this (weapon).jpg)


Delete this or face the consequences.


>leave for two days

>towerfaggot finds out he got cuck'd

>see a bunch of deleted posts

>waves of towerfags personal shills flood thread with "I've never played this game, but there is no ntr and you are all my-soggy-knees. H8chan isn't important anyways!"

Holy shit, I'm fucking dead. Does anyone have screengrabs of the deleted posts, or can someone sum them up?


I'm not a great artist, but I've made sprites for shitty indie games before, specifically rpg maker games. If theres anything you need done, lemme know. I do it for free.



I still don't understand why the BO here doesn't allow IDs or forbid people from deleting their posts.

A section about any type of games is obviously going to get shilled to hell and back if you give people the opportunity.



Why can't you delete your posts? Is the function broken?





Good to see that the delete all per IP option, apparently went through finally. I'l upload the deleted posts when I can. As to why I don't enable ID's and haven't disabled user post deletion, they are against one of the core idea's of anonymous image boards/I prefer to give users options.



No I'm saying it's bad that you can delete your posts, since shills obviously use that to bury information or slips of tongue.


> As to why I don't enable ID's and haven't disabled user post deletion, they are against one of the core idea's of anonymous image boards/I prefer to give users options.

I would talk this on the meta thread but that thread it's basically dead always, nobody talks it there.

Either way, IDs aren't permanent: they allow to keep you anonymous while giving you a temporary tripcode to differentiate your posts from the rest.

The only "downside" to IDs is that you can't samefag anymore… but that's the whole point: you have a board that shills inevitably predate upon because you discuss products in here, you need to have something to prevent that.

Same thing with post deletion, normal anons have nothing to fear, post deletion is such a rare thing I doubt they will feel the difference, worst case scenario they can report a post saying "Ehy, I messed up the OP or whatever, delete this post please".

You should at least do a trial with IDs, go like a couple of weeks to see how it works, on /v/ and /pol/ having IDs really help to spot shills and shitposters.


Alright, I don't play RPG maker shit and I find that whole situation ridiculous but damn the faggot of a dev missed a great opportunity that he could do with the SAME FUCKING CONCEPT.

Instead of being the Knight the player should be an evil overlord whose goal would be to corrupt the princesses, get them raped and have them give birth/spawn demons or some shit like that.

Fucking moron.




I had an idea for a game based on this concept.



>4chans /tg/ board actually does have a concept for a version of towergirls with an evil knight. Its called Vilegirls. But as far as I know it doesnt have much content of it. But its basically what you just said



fuck i accidentally greentexted my entire message



See >>123233


At one point you can pretty much one-shot creatures, though.



That actually sounds like a great concept and would justify the degradation. Alla, faggot dev clinged into something that already exists because he have no imagination and introduced his own shit.





The problem is it wouldn't be cuckold then.


For a long time I wanted to try this game, but thanks to fellow anons I found out the kind of shit it forced before I wasted my time, however, now that there seems to be hope for a mod, my interest in the game is back.

Best of luck anons, may you finally bring some justice.




Can I have an archive or link to it?



I think theyre still in the process of making the sheet too it. Like I said, theyre working on it over at halfchans /tg/ on towergirls general, better to ask around there.


File: b6733b61add03bb⋯.png (1.01 MB, 900x695, 180:139, trashman.png)

So has anon done this yet?

Or is it too much for him. I read that he has no programming background so it might not be possible for him to do it unless he is a hero.


File: bdbb21254c1062f⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [AniTousen] TV-1 OP01 - Th….png)


I'm still lurking and crusading, but no progress yet. I have to download the program the other anon said and familiarize with it. Other than that, I just plan to release a mod first. Feel free to do anything if you feel I'm too slow, and it would be nice to have a place to mark progress.

Also, you can be sure as hell




lewd mod for stonesoup eh??? make sure you give the thread an update when you finish that.


Should we make this thread more of a general towergirls thread instead of a thread entirely based around one cucks shitty game? I mean this thread seems to be heading towards modding and such, and technically towergirls itself is a lewd game, its just in a traditional format, i'd be down for that at least.



I agree with this, we could also link the non-lewd tower girls games that while it has no lewds, it has no cuck shit in it.




here we go



Isn't that just the /tg/ game?


What makes you think so? I'm not russian If you need a hint, there's one on one of the pics I posted


I check on this every once in a while. Every time the game wont work because it only recognizes enter and no other key. And every time the thread is just full of cuckposting instead of a solution.



Pretty sure there is a joystick connected to you PC somewhere. I had the same problem, but here is the thing, I use a xinput wrapper for PS3 controllers, so even without the controller connected the PC thought there was one connected. I had to uninstall the xinput wrapper in order to play the game. Another design flaw.



Had a 360 controller plugged in, works now. Thanks!


>Buy beers to rape all the girls

I wish you had choices in this game. I'd be a corrupted prick and enslave all the princesses *impregnating them all until they die** It'd be fun. Fuck them, and watch them break.



>hello fellow 8chin users! I am one of you!



not him but what about the things he said were foreign to 8chan?



He is the equivalent of the lone, large man in Charlottesville that was wearing clan robes. Not. Fooling. Anyone.



anon I've seen some shit, haven't you?



I have no idea what you mean and I also want to enslave the princesses, and thats why the slave auctions at goblin princesses place annoy me, theres no actual content there and you HAVE to immediately free them.

there legitimately arent choices in the game really. theres not exactly dialogue routes or interactive sex scenes or anything.



Max level autism. This anon practiced his autism, while the rest of merely tried to cope!


Any new anit-cuck compilation images besides OP's one?



This one if you've not seen it: >>122943


File: ab0533f4bedffa2⋯.jpg (55.03 KB, 590x578, 295:289, Trump pepe.jpg)

Hilarious how triggered you guys get over a porn game. Nerds.



What an intelligent opinion you have.



gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it 8/8


File: d88ea55cbdbd20c⋯.jpg (152.16 KB, 590x578, 295:289, ab0533f4bedffa2b5c568b7c98….jpg)


Said the triggered nerd.



Do you honestly think anyone here gets mad at things on the internet? … well maybe /leftypol/ oh also ironic you're using an anti-cuck meme to try to mock people who are trolling cucks, you'd know that if you weren't a leddit invader.


File: e2773ed79a4870b⋯.jpg (9.72 KB, 228x221, 228:221, Smug anime 2.jpg)



>can't even sage

>call us triggered

>l-lol y-you g-guys are s-so mad, t-that's w-why you s-shit on my g-game!

Noted, if that's all you can leave this site now.




>Posting an aborted meme, twice with it just being flipped.

>Trying and failing hard to use nerd as an insult on a Chinese imageboard.

>Inconistant saging.

GTFO to where ever you came from.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why the fuck are you autissimos still sperging about this game? Don't you have anything better to do?



Bad b8, m8.




>nobody has been talking about the actual game in at least a day

>lol why you guys keep talking about this game

The only interesting thing about this game was the developer cucking out and that too got old pretty fast.

Let this thread die.



actually an anon was talking about modding the game or starting from scratch, ideas were floated



>Let him finish the game

>Give constant support

>Mod out cucking

I see no issues.



>Support a game that has NTR in it by default go-I mean guys



This is a great idea if Towerfag would ever bother to implement something other than cucking.


Wouldn't it make more sense to mod a later/final version, rather than .02-49-4124-b, or whatever early version this is?



It would, but its not like the content towerfag is adding in is much more sophisticated than a mod anyways. Hes using RPGmaker for stuff it wasnt meant for. Besides, if its good enough I suppose we could port it or just shamelessly rip it off. It'll probably be cuckshit though, so I only imagine us ripping art at best. I dont really think that what we could potentially get by waiting is worth holding off on modding yet. But Im not able to make mods though, so everything I just said might just be complete bullshit. But yknow, i just dont think towerfag will add anything more important than art, and that can be ripped easy enough anyways.



One thing I dont think i've heard anyone consider so far though is like. Do we like, have an artfag for our mod? Like, will we need one? Are we just tweaking his game to be less shit or what. I'd like some OC, but if we dont have our own art or scenes that might actually be a problem at some point.



You're still supporting a cuck game. The least you can do is boycott him.


This. So far the game is 50% cucking.




The way I'm doing it, I think about just shamelessly rip future art made for the game as long as it is useful and it isn't cucked, and try to implement it in the mod. An art fag already volunteered for the art, but I don't really want make anyone work for free unless they really want to. The game could be "ported", ripping all assets and using them in some engine like Ren'py, but that would mean codding the game from the start in a language I'm not familiar with, but that seems simple enough.

>But Im not able to make mods though, so everything I just said might just be complete bullshit. But yknow, i just dont think towerfag will add anything more important than art

Modding an RPG maker is really fucking easy because everything is user friendly, in fact, that makes it a pain in the ass because you have to edit each event individually and sometimes is hard to locate them. As for the state of the game, pretty sure Towerfag said at some point that gameplaywise the game is complete, and he'll be adding art and nothing more important.

>will we need one? Are we just tweaking his game to be less shit or what. I'd like some OC

Towerfag only implemented the princesses from the original chart, and there are like 5 more charts with more princesses and the board dedicated to the concept have far more OC princesses on it.



I meant original content not characters, i agree we dont need new characters. just to be clear



Ideally, new quests have to be added to replace shit like the semen quests. I want to overhaul the game, but I'm barely grasping the basics from the spaghetti code.


File: c93acb89a606a32⋯.jpg (38.75 KB, 770x470, 77:47, Trump fucked up.jpg)





You cucks are lucky I'm not in the mood to bash nerds. Go back to jerking off to your furry waifus being stolen.



monstergirls =/= furries

also nice one, got me to reply, i give it a 3/10



well I mean, kobold princess is pretty firmly in furry town. A lot of the princesses are because /tg/ is fur-faggy as shit.


File: 41fd830d7b41329⋯.jpg (173.44 KB, 624x531, 208:177, frustrated.jpg)


>monstergirls =/= furries

>cuckshit =/= NTR

Kill yourself



Eh, I suppose, I just dont think literally all of them are furshit. I can conceed a few of them are yiffbait though.



/monster/ would like to have a word with you. No snout = No furry, is one of the simplest things. Also, what defines furries is usually their autistic behavior and roleplaying unrelated to this thread, obviously

Stop replying to shit bait, faggots.



kobold and the dragons all have snouts though



Some of the beast princesses are furry but #notallbeastprincesses, this is the only possible conclusion


So, how is that "mod" of yours coming along?


Btw I'm a cuck please steal my girlfriend.


I am so mature and above all this I only use one sentence per post.


File: 2919a96330f6912⋯.jpg (27.07 KB, 302x227, 302:227, I might be an imposter too.jpg)



>Equating MGs to furries

that's some weak bait. Should be posting jeb instead since it's more in line with your arguments.


File: 28efa725f1f9f6d⋯.png (142.8 KB, 700x464, 175:116, Highlander.png)


In the end there can be only one!

The poll for the 14th Princess will begin in hours, make sure to vote if you're a Patron!


Which princess do you want to fuck other guys?

Vote now!

Soon we'll be implementing the introduction of another knight which will automatically go to fuck princesses you've already built favor points with, so you can get cucked before you even get to recruit them!


Cool photoshop.


File: 22d6cb42116ad2a⋯.jpg (144.57 KB, 1011x762, 337:254, 14Poll.jpg)

Y'all a bunch of liars.



weak bait mate




mega gay



>not being attracted to feminine penises

normie REEEEE




>new characters

The majority of the Towergirls characters in his version of the game aren't his to begin with due to pre-existing from its original days. Just be sure to avoid anything that actually is an OC, since apparently there are donator characters that are floating around.






>real anons are total faggots


Guys the psyop is working. Telling people how much of a piece of shit the towerdev guy is and posting the forced cuck content is really bleeding users from wanting to support their "product".

Keep up the good work.


File: 9b4197a5dff9980⋯.png (650.05 KB, 1165x1075, 233:215, 9b4197a5dff9980a2aba806afa….png)

>/hgg/ reverse-cucks a dev out of his game.



See >>125222 and >>125228


Pretty sure that's not even a problem. His logic is that since things are for free, it's ok to take them, so since his game is for free, I'm taking it, including his music and probably the OCs. What is he gonna do, sue me?


U'd like to believe. Any proof of it? My biggest fear is that it attracts even more cucks and they support it even more and demand more cuck content.



Of course I'd sue if you try to make a profit from the assets, the art is copyrighted, we sign contracts and shit in the grown-up's world.

Not like you're going anywhere with your masterplan, I'm just talking hypotetically.

PS: now I can tripcode! Yay for me!


File: 7afbbbc611d22f8⋯.gif (239.83 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 7afbbbc611d22f85a68aa3e738….gif)


Why would I rip fellow anons off their money? I already have a job. Get an actual job, fag. But here is the thing, even if you were to sue me, good luck finding me.



As long as I pay for the assets you rip off you don't need money.

Makes sense.

IIf you don't ask for anything there's no way for me to track you down and I don't care about what you do.

Not like I'm seeing any progress from you besides snarky remarks.



True, but if you decide to add in more dogs and them niggers fucking princesses they are just useless for my build.


File: 07a940a6a7d1f7d⋯.jpeg (155.94 KB, 1024x923, 1024:923, 07a940a6a7d1f7d72de62be0a….jpeg)


>Cuck trying to threaten lawsuits.



>being picky

Eat your veggies!


File: a71751aa59b9055⋯.png (287.31 KB, 1434x781, 1434:781, rape dmg.PNG)

File: b1b91609f193111⋯.png (328.98 KB, 1455x801, 485:267, sperm collector.PNG)

File: eee9408fb244226⋯.png (642.28 KB, 705x556, 705:556, aspect.PNG)

File: 68eaca0fd9a5a89⋯.png (193 KB, 669x534, 223:178, aspect 2.PNG)

Disabling rape was pretty easy as deleting the rape DMG script, rendering the whole rape mechanic, i.e. a 50% of the game, useless, that includes lust and quests involving rape. In that matter, I also got rid of the sperm collector quests, and, unsurprisingly, there's just another quest beside it, so you'll have to grind that multiple times to level up.

I do have some problems like some images don't showing the proper aspect ratio, for some reason. This build is good enough as in you won't touch cuck content even by change. I'll upload it, but if anons have suggestion about these problems, go ahead and say it.



>no custom resolution

>deleting common events is now "disabling features"

Nigga, work on the scripts at least. That thing is going to explode on you.


File: d6c283cc9e0acc4⋯.png (622.15 KB, 1428x782, 42:23, custom.PNG)

File: e73eb79a4c016e1⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 367x360, 367:360, 10685325.jpg)


Yeah, already found the problem, the .dll I was using was extracted with an error so RPG maker gave the game the default one.

Also, I already tested the rape feature and effectively a princess with even 9 of lust isn't affected by it. I will try to add more quests later.


File: 5398b195f8b528c⋯.png (207.14 KB, 327x316, 327:316, 1505167456965.png)


> the open source cyoa content you made on 4chan and 8chan is my property!



You know what an asset is? Am I getting rused?

(also, 4chan alone did create Towergirls, don't even start)


File: 1547496d8e3de03⋯.png (115.82 KB, 600x600, 1:1, wadina davis higher qualit….png)

File: 663556f9b0afa9c⋯.png (565.02 KB, 844x907, 844:907, ganguro gentle smug.png)

File: f498fd2bf24e43e⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1800x1868, 450:467, Yupiel-sama smug collage.jpg)

File: 05550696dc57e18⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2570x1820, 257:182, REAL awoo smug.png)

File: 8e962d029c7763e⋯.png (901.31 KB, 1214x1109, 1214:1109, bully smug collage.png)


>You know what an asset is?

we know what an asset is

it's ur mum



File: 0fe79e0459f030e⋯.gif (475.41 KB, 1200x995, 240:199, 0fe79e0459f030e12866d33c7d….gif)


How will he ever recover?


File: 5a6eaae8ab3213d⋯.jpg (243.49 KB, 750x728, 375:364, fc15a5e970986d72dcbe13aab0….jpg)


retard if you're going to use that argument then you're a hypocrite for being reddit while you make content for this game.



Are you the cuck that added cucking as gameplay?



>4chan alone created tower girls.

Fucking obviously.


File: 223e8ad649c123c⋯.jpg (48.65 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1554342.jpg)


>4chan alone did create Towergirls

I know. And you took that and shaved your disgusting fetish on it.



>implying you have ground for a lawsuit

See, you NTR loving fags pay m1zuki to make fan translations, no?

The game isn't his own, he just make the translation, which is basically patches over the game.

We also patch the game.

Hell, we could make it a business, to patch out the cuck content outside of games.

Worse come to worst, we release the patches "officially" and then share the garbage you made for free.




There has been something on my mind for quite some time.

The game sends you alerts like >>122942

and yet you manage to get someone raped.

How isn't that your fault? How is that shoving NTR to your face?

The Princesses are not Knight's girlfriends, this is not a harem, some of them are straight out whores who'd fuck anything at any given time.

This is not SWO.



It doesn't matter, the fact that it's there in the first place is the problem. Cuckoldry should never be tolerated, no matter how much is there. If there is even a hint of cuckoldry, the thing in question should be shunned and mocked.



>How is that shoving NTR to your face?

You just admitted to NTR being in the game.

That's the fucking problem.

Just label your fucking game with NTR content.

You think people play hentai games to read text?

People probably did that quest to skip ahead and just see what shit was all about

Also what



You took a concept not yours and turned into something disgusting.

You deserve ridicule for that alone.


File: 8b6eef8211976b4⋯.png (136.12 KB, 1130x900, 113:90, 146717730394.png)


Read the OP, fag, that narrative is already debunked. There shouldn't be rape in the first place. The game should tell you HOW TO GET YOUR GIRLS RAPED, rape should be uncommon, but with your game is the other way around.

It isn't our fault that you push that shit on us, it's YOUR fault for surrounding all mechanics, including quests, around it.

What the fuck were you thinking? Do you think this is violated heroine or something?

>The Princesses are not Knight's girlfriends, this is not a harem, some of them are straight out whores who'd fuck anything at any given time

Show me any evidence of this, piece of shit. Here are all the charts: https://imgur.com/a/9hzpx

If your argument was "SOME PRINCESSES ARE WHORES", then it's one thing, but you push all princesses to whore themselves, because the human princess sure as hell isn't a fucking whore, much less the kobold princess. You're full of shit, towerfag.




Whoring a girl out is completely different from cuckoldry.

The Knight doesn't get cucked once, but he can choose to whore out the girls he recruits.


There's 2 whole quests you need someone to get raped to complete, neither of them mandatory for anything.

Some Princesses are harder to whore out, some of them are whores by default.

You give Lust points to Kobby? She isn't betraying you or anything, you're just whoring her out.




First you need to be in relationship to even think about ntr.



>Whoring a girl out is completely different from cuckoldry.

It's not. If I want to whore princesses why save them in the first place? Why is the knight so kind to them? If you played as an evil overlord it would be justifiable, but you're shit at writing.

>There's 2 whole quests you need someone to get raped to complete, neither of them mandatory for anything

And there's just another 2 for you to level up, making a grand total of 4 quests of the same level. So basically 50% of the game is about raping and cucking.

>Making an stat completely useless

>It's your fault guys!

Kill yourself, please. I already removed rape and that's the only think lust is good for.


>Saving a princess

>Get to know her

>Get to love her

It's like you forget the love stat exist.



>It's like you forget the love stat exist.

Its like you forget there can be no rape if you just lover lust stat to 0.




Adding to this, you have to use the chastity belt to prevent them from being raped. Ideally, dividing events between love and lust TOWARDS THE KNIGHT should be ideal, and the princesses and the knight should be able to get bonuses from that. If you still want to whore out princesses I might make an item that enables rape, if you are into that.


And you forget there are princesses with default lust. Kill yourself.



I guess you are the real towerfag then tell me does the patreon complain about


>And you forget there are princesses with default lust.

Kys you purity fags are so annoying.

Are you telling me that im a cuck if i get a Gobbo as waifu because before she became mine. She had like over 100 dicks in her? Women are sluts deal with it.



Not a single one.



No, I'm telling you that you're a cuck because after she is your you shove 100 other dicks in her and masturbate while watching, cuck. Also, in context, the problem with princesses with default lust is that they can be raped, faggot.


Congratulations for your circlejerk.


File: 0fa10193da7525c⋯.jpg (164.78 KB, 920x605, 184:121, 9faf6e3b7596c45d2bf93eceea….jpg)


>Defending cuckoldry.

>"Purity fags"

You and your kind don't belong here. You belong in the oven.



Fuck off cuck


Might be same faggot



>she is your you shove 100 other dicks in her and masturbate while watching.

But i didn't? I fucked her myself there is no need for others to fuck her.

Your simple mind can't comprehend that you need to be a guardian for your princess. Its your duty to not let her get raped.



This. Chocolatefags are the worst.



Why would you do so if you don't want it? There are several ways to get all of them out of harm's way.



>Another man impregnates your princess

>You take care of the children

>Not cuckolding


And I'm doing exactly that by removing any rape chance from the game.


They are not enough. In fact, that's the problem, you have to look for ways to keeping them out of rape and cuckolding. If this was a game about corruption, you actually had to actively look for ways to whore them, in your game the princesses whore themselves. As I see it, you actually have to try hard for them to be into rape in the first place, like giving them specific equipment, after all, you have to give them specific equipment, chastity belt, so they don't get raped.


File: b9b6942cd184b0d⋯.png (221.6 KB, 496x880, 31:55, f9273e32678681a8f314a32cd5….png)


> You guys are fags!

> Immediately sucks the cum that came from another man from his wifes pussy.



>Women are sluts deal with it

Why would you play hentai games to deal with real women? Isn't the point of playing these games that women here should be nothing like real women?


>Make an stat depending of 50% of the game content

>Just don't use it!

You make me sick. This is why everyone insisting not using lust makes you grind forever.



You know you don't need Lust to see any of the animations, right?

That you don't need Lust to go in castles and rape Princess (or make tender love with them) yourself?

You guys are so misinformed…


File: 5c34cb8967ebc09⋯.png (17.92 KB, 957x284, 957:284, fag.PNG)

Well, done:


>Decrypted files for any anon who wants to give it a try

>Removed rape damage from common events, meaning no rape

>Removed quests related to semen collection

That's about it. What else do you want to be edited out or in?

>Towerfag deletes his own posts

This is only fitting.


>You take care of the children

>Not cuckolding

You can abandon the child.



>You guys are so misinformed…

You meanwhile are delusional.



I know, that's exactly why Lust is such an useless stat, because it only purpose is the whole rape mechanic that makes 50% of the game. You telling people not to use lust is telling them just not to play it. Lust should be the lust the princess feels for you. If you want to whore them, you can give them an item just like you give them an item not to whore themselves.



What would my delusions be?

I'm just trying to make you understand something pretty basic, and I'm failing at that.

I'm fully aware of it.



>Lust should be the lust the princess feels for you.

Fucking this, how obvious does it need to have been made?



>The Princesses are not Knight's girlfriends, this is not a harem




You're trying to say rape and cuckolding should be the norm in a game about saving princesses and you still not acknowledge the fact that is cuckolding. That's why you're delusional. It's true that all you need to see the animations is love and go to the camp, then why the fuck lust exists as an stat? Simple, to fucking rape.

And that's pretty much another problem. Towergirls was never about rape.




>Lust should be the lust the princess feels for you.

She is feeling lust for cock any cock. You make her lewder you have to deal with it.

Also you spout that its useless stat but that half is literally for someone else you can't please everyone and Towerfag tries too.



You are not.

We said over and over in two different threads what our problems are, you are just going "LALALALAL NOT LISTENING" and then you go crocodile tear "But whyyyyyyyy you guys don't like it?".

We told you why we don't like the fucking game, we told you why we don't like you, we said all of this shit over and over and over.

Of course, before we started getting ideas to modify your game for our own amusement you were all smug, weren't you?

But now, oh wow, now you want to understand, now you are just a poor soul that simply cannot get why WHY GOD WHY the mean guys at 8chan are being so cruel, so utterly deplorable!

You are delusional if you don't think we can't see through your bullshit.

But hey, want to actually find out why this shit is an issue for us?

You got eyes right?

Hell, you only need one for this task:







This is because you keep framing the argument presented as some factor being misunderstood, instead of accepting that it isn't misunderstood, but utterly despised in any capacity. Especially when it's the most complete part of a game otherwise lacking in content other than grinding. Also it is not marked or marketed as having NTR


File: 0c1b2e71d314d2a⋯.png (113.98 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 0c1b2e71d314d2a744ed8cb636….png)

Just answer me this, towerfag. What were you thinking when you made the whole game revolve around rape and cuckolding? I mean, sure, some princesses in the /tg/ charts are pretty lustful and promiscuous, but how did you jumped from that to rape and cuckolding? Did you played too much shitty games? Too much Violated Heroine? How can anyone in his right mind can get to that conclusion after reading just the first chart?


>you can't please everyone and Towerfag tries too

This is the problem with western games. You can't and therefore shouldn't try to please everyone. If you want to make a game about rape, by any means, there's shit like Mai Den Snow and stuff like that. But the enraging part is how he denies it, how half of the game is focused on that part, and how he tells you that if somehow it happens is your fault. Shit game design tbh.


Kill yourself. I want a lewd girl only loyal to me.



Is there a norm in lewd games about saving Princesses?

And again, there's no cuckoldry in the game.


I never said I care about any specific opinion/community/agendas.

Nothing can be liked by everybody and TK:C surely won't be the first game to achieve that.

We get a lot of new loving fans each month and there's nothing I'd change about the current situation, I just found it funny how deaf to reasoning (reasoning =/= from spouting buzzwords) you guys can get.


There's no NTR. You're just getting way too easily triggered by the girls getting dicked by someone other than the Knight, even if it's only your fault (aka you're doing it on purpose) to begin with.


File: 2eb663b6756a91c⋯.png (278.03 KB, 500x308, 125:77, 2eb663b6756a91c7daf526d4f7….png)


>There's no NTR.

>You can get someone to fuck her on purpose.

>Including cuckoldry but thinking it's okay because it's not NTR, just another brand of degeneracy.


File: ba3ac40d3e08412⋯.png (197.49 KB, 750x750, 1:1, ba3ac40d3e084121096ea0b34e….png)


>Is there a norm in lewd games about saving Princesses?

It sure as hell didn't have a rule about cucking and rape. So much for staying true to the source material. You'd be an excellent Hollywood director adapting anime.

>And again, there's no cuckoldry in the game.

Stop shaming yourself. No one believes you anymore.

>We get a lot of new loving fans

All cucks and normalfags, I bet.


File: fc68b665d99cd57⋯.png (209.23 KB, 620x349, 620:349, ClipboardImage.png)


>There's no NTR nor cuckolding, guys!

>Other guys can fuck your princesses in a game I coded

>It's your fault, obviously

>I also support open relationships

Didn't know Anthony Burch was developing porn games now.



>Is there a norm in lewd games about saving Princesses?


>TowerGirls: Which princess would you rescue?

>"Princess, I've come for you!"




I just want to greentext this entire post right here



>There's no NTR. You're just getting way too easily triggered by the girls getting dicked by someone other than the Knight, even if it's only your fault (aka you're doing it on purpose) to begin with.

>The girl is getting dicked by someone other than the knight with/without his consent, and the knight stays with her





Fairy: "…is no stranger to sex and loves to find new creatures and object to experiment with."

Desert: "… trained in the art of dance nad intense fucking sessions. She is constantly on the hunt for men and women to add to her harem"

Source material has actual whores, you see?

And again:

Goblin is "aroused 24/7", not only when Knight is around.

Rabbit Princess has a horde of children.

Not all of them are virgins either.

You won't admit it and I honestly don't care much, but you're just misinformed and bitter.

This is the game for you >>125493, what more could you ask for? Stop being salty and play the "cuckless" version, give feedbacks to the """creator""" and stop being fixated over little things.


File: a6108dca0195453⋯.webm (3.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fuck this shit i'm out.webm)


>There's no NTR. You're just getting way too easily triggered by the girls getting dicked by someone other than the Knight

> I just found it funny how deaf to reasoning (reasoning =/= from spouting buzzwords) you guys can get.

>There's no NTR. You're just getting way too easily triggered by the girls getting dicked by someone other than the Knight

> I just found it funny how deaf to reasoning (reasoning =/= from spouting buzzwords) you guys can get.

>There's no NTR. You're just getting way too easily triggered by the girls getting dicked by someone other than the Knight

> I just found it funny how deaf to reasoning (reasoning =/= from spouting buzzwords) you guys can get.

>There's no NTR. You're just getting way too easily triggered by the girls getting dicked by someone other than the Knight

> I just found it funny how deaf to reasoning (reasoning =/= from spouting buzzwords) you guys can get.



>The game sends you alerts like >>122942

>and yet you manage to get someone raped.

>How isn't that your fault? How is that shoving NTR to your face?


>What would my delusions be?

>I'm just trying to make you understand something pretty basic, and I'm failing at that.

>I'm fully aware of it.

100% not delusional.





Thats the gist of the reason why we are dissatisfied with you. Deny it as you want, but there is seriously disproportionate amount of sexual content between the princess and someone other than mr. Knight. When over half of the H-scenes werent involving the MC, its honestly fitting that this game be called,ntr game. It doesn't matter if those were gated in a lust system, or whatever, the fact is there is too little of MC-princess scenes compared to those. and even then, quite a bit of those scenes were rape, too little lovey-dovey scenes.


Reminder that we're dealing with a fag openly from 4chan. What does that tell you? This guy is a cuck from a site that had multiple exoduses. I'll be cheering up the lad modding this shit.



>disproportionate amount of sexual content between the princess and someone other than mr. Knight.

Thats a false statement the content is the same. Cuckshit and vanilla use the same animations and vanillafags have also cgs to fap to. You meant that you just go for easy sex scenes and you get cucked.




Human and Ghost CG.

Goblin and wolves CG.

Golem and whoever the other one was CG.

The CGs where the knight is not the protagonist outnumber the CGs where he is.

Go back to Ulmf.



>Some princesses are open about sex

>Some of them are not virgins


Holy shit. You can't make this up.

>you're just misinformed

Nah, everyone naive enough to buy into this game to find it's sad true can easily see this shit is full of NTR and cuckolding, specially for people that have played dozens of these games and consumed even more hentai media.

We will still boycott your game simply because you can't admit the game have both NTR and cuckolding, and it's not a "little thing", it's quite a lot. You can just say "Hey, so I'm into cuckolding and NTR so I made a game about that", and call it a day. We will still hate, you, though, this is H8chan.


It's not about only the animations I didn't know the knight had the ability to turn himself into a a green wolf, it's about game mechanics. If you want the vanilla content you have to grind to put points in the love stat, while rape only requires one single point on lust, not to mention all the quests that have to do with rape.



Even if that were true, which it fucking isnt, why should cucking, a fetish that none of the princesses that towerfag is using are into, have an equal amount of content to literally anything else. 50% cucking and 50% everything else is still a cuck game


>Human and Ghost CG.

Not cuckshit

>Golem and Knight Princess

also not cuckshit



>The CGs where the knight is not the protagonist outnumber the CGs where he is.



File: b55beaf5df68be3⋯.png (3.71 KB, 150x110, 15:11, GhoHumf4.png)

File: a77b397c63adb2e⋯.png (3.66 KB, 150x110, 15:11, GobWolf1.png)

File: cbf9211f4e52a5f⋯.png (4.03 KB, 150x110, 15:11, GolKnif2.png)



Everything else is a "Weird shadow" used to replace the knight when they are being raped. Marvelous.



>If you want the vanilla content you have to grind to put points in the love stat, while rape only requires one single point on lust

Well duh Isn't it obvious that to get raped you don't have to do much.

Also you don't get loving relationship in just a mere seconds. You are butthurt that cuckfags have a easy way to get content while vanillas have to work for it.



>Well duh Isn't it obvious that to get raped you don't have to do much

But that is the problem. Also, if the princesses WANT IT then it's not rape anyway. The problem is that it's a shit game design.




I have an Idea, what about making it so when the Princess are wearing clothes they'll have a lower rape chance, skimpy clothes varies rape chance, and nudity will give a higher rape chance.

While also factoring lust points.


1. Dresses similar to Human/Ghost/Skeleton will have the lowest rape chance/lust point factor.

2. Outfits similar to Kobold/Goblin/Desert rape chance/lust point factor, will be higher than Dresses.

3. Bikini/Slave Gear/Lewd Cosplay blah blah/lust point factor.

4. Nudity will have the highest rape/lust point factor.

Is that too complex?

Just my two cents.

P.S. Cow Princess better win this time, I'm going to flip Cities, if Trap Princess beats her…


File: 75c28c8164f12ae⋯.png (620.25 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, tumblr_ow6ogsJAKq1sp2qepo2….png)


Those are animation fag.

I'm talking about CGs.

Like this one.



I like your idea! Towerfag look at this.

>Cow Princess better win this time

>I'm going to flip Cities, if Trap Princess beats her…

Oh you poor soul, you are going to have a bad time.




They are practically the same. The H scenes of the game.


That's more or less my idea. But instead of having default rape chance even with lust, giving her an item that enables rape as an accessory, much like the chastity belt works.

The only way rape would ever be possible is if you equip your princess with said accessory. Doesn't sound too complex, rape was reduced to work with battle damage anyway.



How ugly. Are all cgs like this one ? If the quality is this low is there at least tons of cg for lots of princesses ? I didn't play the game in a long while.



>giving her an item that enables rape



File: 5366256a179294d⋯.png (699.89 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Slime Scene1.png)

File: 4b2f4de02d328d2⋯.png (320.72 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Dragon Scene1.png)

File: bbaabbd8ccb00e6⋯.png (393.4 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Mimic1Smile.png)

File: fbce2f2a7851a7d⋯.png (384.26 KB, 800x608, 25:19, KobScene1.png)

File: 0cf90fb0508ba30⋯.png (339.49 KB, 800x608, 25:19, GobScene1.png)


Nope, just a few.


Pretty much, but in this case there would be no way your princess would be raped unless that specific princess have the item on, in which case you're are indeed a cuck. In fact, I want to call the item "Cucking pills".


So what is even going on in this thread?

I've played the game for a bit (around 5 hours) and I have no idea why everyone is calling it a cuck game. It feels like one guy fucked up and leveled up lust and got triggered when his waifu got fucked.

Yes it's stupid to have a stat as vague sounding as that add a completely new mechanic (in old versions it was actually required for most CG scenes)



>I've only played for 5 hours!

>but I know about the old versions

Fuck off shill.



I'm talking about the current version.


File: d65179e42692fa5⋯.png (585 KB, 800x608, 25:19, FrogScene1.png)

File: 96a3fe494b6d859⋯.png (278.38 KB, 800x608, 25:19, DuskScene1.png)

File: 166b52f9d31e294⋯.png (659.04 KB, 800x608, 25:19, DogScene1.png)

File: 7e6cf8c5af0aab4⋯.png (353.13 KB, 800x608, 25:19, CatScene1.png)

File: 652491e07e003a7⋯.png (4.44 KB, 150x110, 15:11, DogSleepf1.png)


These are all. Bonus for dog princess. How can you ever think it's ok to even rape her?


>Damage controlling this much

Turn your trip on, towerfag.

>in old versions it was actually required for most CG scenes





It works the other way around right now. A Princess with no Lust cannot get undressed and walk around buck naked, makes more sense to me than having Lust-influencing dresses.


Knight's silhouette is in Dog, Assassin, Dragon I and II animations, aka the ones that didn't need a rape counterpart.

All the ones that can be either rapes or Knight x Princess have the shadow silhouette, because animators don't get paid in peanuts.


>anyone who disagrees with me is a cuck, a shill or a disguised TF

Now you're jsut making a fool out of yourself.



>even if it's only your fault (aka you're doing it on purpose) to begin with.

>multiple girls start with a lust stat

>there is only one chastity belt

>lust is literally speed because you're too fucking retarded to make a new variable



You literally asked if there was a norm in a lewd game about saving princesses. I responded indicating that the point of Towergirls has been rescuing princesses since its inception. Your willful disregard for my response is why we call you delusional.


>The CGs where the knight is not the protagonist outnumber the CGs where he is.



So what exactly did that anon mean? Because it looks like the knight is in all of these.



Great how I can ask what's going on in a thread and within minutes be accused of being the dev.

Honestly if I was the dev I would made it where you play as one of the princesses.

Also lust worked like love does now



>multiple girls start with a lust stat

Towerfag said that only Skeleton start with Lust.

Did he lied?



>makes more sense to me than having Lust-influencing dresses

But what anon meant is that the more lust more skimpy outfits she can wear and more rape chance she'll get. while being dressed would diminish the rape chance. This is why you're a bad dev.

>because animators don't get paid in peanuts

>Makes 6,869$ on patreon

>Can't pay animators

Alright. When will you admit that the real reason is so you don't have to do 2 versions of the same scene, one with the knight and one with the rapist, jew piece of shit.


>So what exactly did that anon mean?

Anon was exaggerating, but it's a fact that the game have fat more animations than that kind of CG, where the dick is just a weird shadow, so depending on the event it can be either the knight or some rapist, and considering that most of the game revolves around raping, it's more common for that shadow to be a rapist than the knight.


You're right, I'm sorry, here's how it is

>Game have NTR and cuckold content

>Devs deny it

>Anons attemp to remove cuck content out

>Devs get annoyed and comes here

>Everyone bullies the dev

>The dev is cucked out of his own game

Just read the thread, faggot.

>Honestly if I was the dev I would made it where you play as one of the princesses

I don't know, I doubt your veracity. You CAN play as the princesses, you just need to switch characters, but when you do your princess gets raped. If you just play as the princesses it would take the knight out of the picture, there wouldn't be cucking, and it would be a bootleg violated heroine still gay as fuck, playing as the girl being raped. That sounds plain better than the actual game, but it's not really Towergirls.



Yes, Dessert princess also start with lust. Even if any princess started with it, that would just mean it's an useless stat if you don't like to see your princess being fucked by another man.



The Princesses will still need the required lust points to go Nude, I just thought with this way >>125530 , It will add a bit immersion on the Battle Rapes and to Open up doors for content based on Lust.


>But what anon meant is that the more lust more skimpy outfits she can wear and more rape chance she'll get. while being dressed would diminish the rape chance.

I liked how Lust was originally required for Kobold Princess's sexual scenes and "Surprise Tent Visits".

Speaking of Princess Stats, what about adding a new mechanic based on having a required amount of points in Power + Lust to make Princesses Dominative(Femdom Content)?



Desert starts with Corruption.




Just like Towerfag said

>you're just misinformed



Disregard that I suck cocks.


Did one guy actually put on a trip and pretend to be this tower dev character? That's funny… But we could use this opportunity to make some more cuck compilation images because he's not intelligent enough to do PR, even if it is just an anon pretending to be the guy….



>I liked how Lust was originally required for Kobold Princess's sexual scenes and "Surprise Tent Visits"

So do I. But the problem is that, the way the game is coded, lust is strongly tied with rape, being the only thing it is important for, in fact. I'd like that Love actually reduces to depending the bond to the knight with cut scenes talking about herself of her past and feelings, and lust for the actual sex scenes. That's why I want the only need for rape would be a non-default item.

>Power + Lust to make Princesses Dominative

This too. In fact, I'd like that she has 2 set of skills, the ones related to combat, and the ones related to relationships with yourself and other princesses.


Same shit, as far as I'm aware. They both only work for rape and they both are inhibited with the chastity belt. Dividing them into 2 different stats is retarded, but that gives me an idea, to threat corruption only for rape and lust for the knight, but that would lead the the problem we are in, having a useless stat.



Stop samefagging, lust and corruption is the same shit.



If you don't mind can i ask you some questions?

Its more about game and art.

Will Gats ever draw scenes?

Is Nekofy do something other than sketches?

Do you consider to make a something like nap, that just let you just skip day and go straight into night?

Probably its secret and you can't anwser that but how much do pay for Akai animations, is something like half patreon money?



>Is the same shit.

Not really corruption is the outcome of rape.

So if you are a cuck and let your girl get raped she finally gets broken.

I think Towerfag should just lock it so you cannot erase it, you would suffer the consequences of being a cuck.



Or just remove it completely, just like what the mod do. They both do with rape, so here >>125559

>They both only work for rape and they both are inhibited with the chastity belt

So yeah, same shit, the division is really fucking stupid, when by adding lust you're breaking your princess anyway.



>adding lust you're breaking your princess anyway.

No, she is breaking up when you let her get raped or when you rape her. Lust only adds possibility that you can get cucked.



And she only gets raped with lust. The fact that she gets corruption when you rape her is also idiotic.



If Superman broke into Lois Lane house and raped her, will that effect her mentality?

If Batman threw Catnip in CatWoman's face and raped her, will the effect her mentality?




Sure, but being part of a game mechanic that includes other men fucking said princess is just retarded. You dismiss other men raping your princess as cuckolding while you raping her works under the same rules.

But it's not your fault, is just, as always, shit game design.



Knight can also rape princesses.



I know, by sneaking at night. But for what purpose? It doesn't really change a lot of things, except being the same game mechanic that makes princesses more likely to enjoy rape. Another waste of "stat".


File: 886ebd799c7f69f⋯.png (650.95 KB, 600x665, 120:133, face857583.png)










The running theme of these comments? "Weak bait." Weak enough to get all those bites. Anyway, I'm done. Don't let me stop you from enjoying this furry cuckapalooza of a game.



Thank you for pissing into our ocean of piss friend.



>a nap isn't really necessary

There are no campfires in towns to level up and you can only level up at night. That's a problem.

>I get the smallest cut

I doubt it. Get better artists.



I think a consistant problem youre having is the conflation of whether something is possible with whether or not its an entertaining thing for the player to do. resting at a town costs chocodicks and doesnt seem to just pass the time from day to night, it just moves the timer forwards a bit. Honestly that might be a lynchpin point actually. Just because there is a way to do a thing doesnt mean that thing is nessecarily an option enjoyable for the player to take. Like, say people complain to me that I dont understand a mechanic of a game I make playing through it. if I got critisized on that, but I countered by saying one npc in an optional area explained that, I technically am right but thats not providing a smooth enjoyable experience for the player.

Ive got a few critisisms aside from >cuckshit that i'd like to mention. First of all, and i'd get if this would be too late to alter. The premise of the game was about saving princesses, but the game design ends up being about kingdoms and such. I understand that theres a new mechanic designed so you dont have to deliberately endanger the kingdom to save them, but changing the core concept from questing to save princesses to the weird reigns system is weird and not particularly interesting.

The writing is also a bit cringey. Your character always acts like a white knight, and while theres occasionally dialogue choices, theres very few significant choices you can make as the player when talking to the princesses. This makes going through their dialogue in the kingdoms more of a chore than anything. For example, say I want to buy an enslaved princess and keep her as a slave because thats my fetish, I have no way of doing that, and you can say that might be out of character for the knight, but I want to be able to have some say in who the knight actually is.

Generally that brings me to another point. I dont see the pieces of content added like the slave auctions, the brothel, the pregnancy etc actually producing content catering to those fetishes. I think that also makes what people consider cucking in this game more prominent, as a fetish that was not in the sheets is very present, but the fetishes they originally had are not, at least not in any way that leads to scenes. I dont care if slave auctions are in if thats not something that leads to different interactions with the princesses or a scene or some such, and I think that interacting with the princesses even non sexually should be a feature sure, but the writing so far hasn't been great and the players options are being limited because theres no option to not play as a white knight.

I also think the game has a tendency to not just have interesting things in the forefront, and everything you can do thats entertaining is extremely out of the way, and sometimes relies on variables the player cannot control, such as rain. It makes the game very boring to play through, and since you cant port saves it becomes more aggravating.

Just thought i'd mention these, since most people are going to be focused on cucking since its a major priority here understandably, but i thought i'd list my other critisisms.



*that they dont understand a mechanic of the game just playing through it



Through this and the previous thread there is more criticism other than the cuckolding, but that's honestly the biggest one. Even the OP pic contains said criticism, and the day night cycle is one of them. But the dev shuns those complains easily, just like the cuckolding complains.

Good post, anon, but your complains would fall in deaf ears But don't worry, the mod is coming, really slow, but coming



>you can say that might be out of character for the knight

Like whoring the princesses? Pretty shitty writing overall,. It's just not consistent nor cohesive, and it's even worse when it comes to the core concept.

>I'm the cleanest knight ever

>But somehow I'll allow this princess to be raped

<It's my choice, after all

>fetish that was not in the sheets is very present

This. Is just fucking stupid. I understand why there is an slave auction in the goblin kingdom, but what does that have to do with any of the fetishes listed in the charts?



Goblin princess gives you a dowry that allows you to enslave anyone you impregnate, and her kingdom was originally stated to be make tons of money off slavery, thats actually the biggest example of towerfag adding content that a princess was originally into.



*well not into maybe, but if you wanted a slavery route you generally picked up goblin.


File: 66bb5139934ed6b⋯.png (129.22 KB, 407x464, 407:464, faggot.PNG)


And yet he leaves out the most important bit of information if favor of dog fucking.

That's not my point though, as I said, I see why the slave auction is in her kingdom, but the problem is that it's not really that important to waste time coding it when you can code things more important that are actually in the chart, and on that point, the brothel simply doesn't make sense except for a shitty "hentai" setting.



Im not saying the brothel is good, Im saying even disregarding whether or not the brothel is good or not. Hes not actually making content for it. Functionally its basically expecting me to get off to the idea of my princesses fucking other men as prostitutes for me. But even assuming you want that, there are not scenes for it. So even if I wanted that I dont get anything for it, and I have to risk my princesses on it.

Also, i stand by the fact that goblins the princess with the most content related to your fetish, but completely concede your point about him deciding to make dog rape content for her instead. I think that makes it even worse, because even with that, shes STILL the most faithful example of a princess from the chart in terms of fetish content.


File: bdffe9f040151f7⋯.jpg (133.2 KB, 515x576, 515:576, bdffe9f040151f7a234a0c50fc….jpg)


Honestly, I don't really know how can you fuck up this badly if all the rules and even items are there. Hell, imagine having the damn crown would completely eliminate cuckolding from the game. How can you stray so much from a simple concept that already had set rules?



"Waive unfaithfulness" doesnt mean stop goblin from fucking people other than you, it means you can have a harem without her getting mad at you.



"waive unfaithfulness" means you can have a harem without making Goblin mad, Goblin by default doesnt want you to cuck her. but if you have the crown you can make her waive it off.



fuck I thought the first message didnt send, I am really bad at not making errors on my messages. I should edit alot more.



Lots of games actually do that. Not justifying this game nor other games, but it's like that generally when the focus isn't you watching the princess whoring herself. For example, in Princess trainer you don't actually see Jasmine fucking other men, but he usually tells you how she does and there are visible consequences like she being drenched in cum. You don't see it because that's not the point of the game and Akabur is a hack but you still get to hear. But if that's the case, why make the brothel in the first place? It doesn't fit with the setting and it doesn't even have content, and you're completely right in that regard.

>shes STILL the most faithful example of a princess from the chart in terms of fetish content

It should be just ok to leave it at that, so I don't understand why adding the rape either. In fact, the rape itself is irrelevant because there's no mention of it in the chart in any point. Just what the hell, towefag? He haven't even answer to my questions here >>125507 and his excuse was "Because some princesses did it".



Goblin wouldn't fuck other people or beings in the first place other than you, but my point is that owning the crown would make other princesses you own loyal to you too, or am I misunderstanding that?



The same way it usually happens, by flagrantly disregarding the source material because of stupid reasons. Usually "I like it better this way" or "I need to appeal to a larger audience."


File: b21f92d5366a315⋯.mp4 (2.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1439557734494.mp4)


Thanks for reviving those memories. Even the newest 40k fag should know why that's utterly wrong.



I think youre misinterpreting the crown, its a charisma boost that prevents princesses from getting mad if you cuck them or add other princesses to your harem if theyre the type to be upset about that. But it doesnt explicitely make them more loyal.

also to be 100% clear, goblin princess should not fuck dogs. Im just saying at least there is something resembling her original fetishes and design, unlike other princesses.



Yeah, you're right, I get the crown now. And yeah, I understand you the first time about the goblin, I'm just saying that once you complete a character, why keep adding content? Specially irrelevant one such as rape. I understand adding content like threesomes between princesses, but that's about it.


>leave for a little under 12 hours

>124 new posts













I've never really felt like messing with RPG Maker before but decided to try it out for this game. Got everything installed but when I run the game, the only key that seems to function is Z/Enter and as i'm sure you can all guess, trying to play a game without any other keys doesn't work well. Any suggestions on fixes?

I've tried restarting/reseting the key defaults etc.



Nvm, it was apparently because the game took priority input from my controller instead of the keyboard. Just had to unplug it.


NTR isn't so bad guys.

Just go with it.


So uh, any new H-pics or are you still raging about NTR and discussing NTR?


So how do you manage to rescue the faction leaders from a siege? I've got their affinity maxed and a couple hearts of relationship and they still reject me when I try to save them from a siege


File: 2a31adc19b824e7⋯.png (241.72 KB, 315x641, 315:641, 2a31adc19b824e725636002a78….png)

>Be OP

>check thread for salt everyday

>have tuesday off, decide to clean up apartment and sift through spam mail (damn you NRA!)

>don't check at all

>come back wednesday morning cause bored at work

>thread has doubled in size

>towerfaggot blaming the players, because he learned nothing from gamergate


towerfaggot is claiming all is well, no one is complaining, blah blah, everyone loves him… YET HE DEDICATED AN ENTIRE DAY DO A MASSIVE DAMAGE CONTROL CAMPAIGN, WHERE HE ARGUES WITH PLAYERS OVER THEM NOT ENJOYING HIS GAME.

Towerfaggot, you wouldn't happen to work for marvel comics, would you?


You know, I used to criticise this game for its eyecancer font that made me unable to play it. Looking over this thread though, maybe I should consider that repellent font to be the game's best feature since it led to me avoiding a poorly designed game chock full of NTR content.


>be towerfag

>have a fetish for seeing people fuck things that aren't theirs

>one day, a bunch of anons fuck my game

>i get upset

lmao cuck


File: 61a7c9fc94b5dc7⋯.png (170.24 KB, 367x400, 367:400, DOES THIS LOOK LIKE THE FA….PNG)

>MFW the above cuckshilling overnight



It never stops being funny.


This anon nailed it.


>I want a lewd girl only loyal to me.

My nigga.


>Cringe Fedora tipping knight etc

This, I prefer the "DEUS VULT" kind of white knight over the fedora tipping kind.

The internet has probably permanently tainted the concept of White Knights/Paladins by making them synonymous with fedora tippers.

You can be a noble smiter of evil without being a beta orbiting cringe spouting loser.


>two different towerfag trips

Can anyone confirm if it is actually towerfag in this thread and not some random anons baiting?

Also, refrain from name or tripfagging when you're not the dev. It's fine to do it as a joke but don't go as far as pretending to actually be them.

Post last edited at




I would say this is not Towerfag, the towerfag that posted early doesn't have this trip. There's a chance both towerfags are the real one and for some reason he made 2 trips. I don't know, I wouldn't threat him as towerfag.



Do this


sounds credible to you?


File: 8817d6652940be3⋯.jpg (35.63 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1429221290706-0.jpg)



If towerfag's actually an Italian, than I'd say that !!IQs5kzK/ws is likely fake, due to >>125691 which is obvious bait, and >>125584 where he spaces before a question mark like a dirty Frenchman



Please provide some kind of proof that you are Towerfag.

I normally don't question this shit but the shitstorm has gone on for so long I wouldn't be surprised if some random anon decided to ruse everyone.



Fuck I forgot the hotpocket tag, just editing that shit into a post makes it into a goddamn tripcode.



Just check the tripcode of the posts from 1-2 days ago.



Yo gibs me the cheats



I have seen the post history, but as far as I know the contents of them were things any random anon could say.



You're still here? I'm glad that you're being patient with us. If I were in your position, I would have cut off contact a long time ago because I have little patience. If they truly wanted to not be cucks at all, then they shouldn't see porn and stick with real women.

It's silly to see people demanding virtue from a dirty genre, it's like searching for serious drama in comedy film. I'm not knocking people who like vanilla stuff, but they should know that they're in a board dedicated to tentacle rape of schoolgirls, not in a church. I'm tired of seeing fake purity. They should either commit to it fully or don't. I can't blame them for taking the easy option though.

I don't think they even played the game either. If they did play it, then they would know that you can activate those animations from Babs in the forest or to use Testos-X that you buy from the dealer to use on their party member in the campfire.



Stop turning off your trip and changing IPs, Towercuck.

>If they truly wanted to not be cucks at all, then they shouldn't see porn and stick with real women

>Implying real women don't do that

That's the actual reason why would you prefer porn over real life, cuck.

>It's silly to see people demanding virtue from a dirty genre

We are demanding respect for the otiginal idea of towergirls that doesn't have any rape nor whoring. If towercuck wanted to make his cuck fantasy real, he should have used his own OC shit.

>they're in a board dedicated to tentacle rape of schoolgirls

Gee, I didn't know romance was not compatible with porn games. We should tell japs.

>I don't think they even played the game either.

I did, that's why a mod already exists.



>Anyone who doesn't think like me is Towerfag.

>That's the actual reason why would you prefer porn over real life, cuck.

Getting pleasure from seeing other men fuck your ideal girl doesn't make you a cuck? I get that it takes place in a fictional setting and that the main character is designed to be a blank slate but you and the character are both different.

>We are demanding respect for the otiginal idea of towergirls that doesn't have any rape nor whoring. If towercuck wanted to make his cuck fantasy real, he should have used his own OC shit.

Not what I'm seeing here. The source material is being respected.

>Gee, I didn't know romance was not compatible with porn games. We should tell japs.

They are and it's in the game if you do the main princess quests. If you don't like the slightest trace of optional NTR, then go watch romance films.



>I get that it takes place in a fictional setting and that the main character is designed to be a blank slate

You shoot your own argument.

>Not what I'm seeing here.

No surprises here, blind apologist. You either never read the /tg/ charts, not the OP or the thread at all. Just read this post. >>125587

>If you don't like the slightest trace of optional NTR

NTR isn't optional when 50% of the game is NTR, is more like romance is opcional in a game where the most important thing was romancing a princess.

Go away, towercuck, you don't belong here, go back to Reddit.



>If they truly wanted to not be cucks at all, then they shouldn't see porn and stick with real women

>Implying real women don't do that

>That's the actual reason why would you prefer porn over real life, cuck.

lmfao you sad fuck



>Says anon while posting in this board



i'm a pervert, not someone trying to fill a void with what i guess is an rpgmaker game


File: 5cede2374c797bf⋯.jpg (47.64 KB, 865x807, 865:807, 12247181.jpg)


Sounds to me you're a loser.


>Checks poll

>Rabbit Princess is on the lead.

There's justice in this world.


File: 3c0c3542ab1962c⋯.png (42.22 KB, 1009x766, 1009:766, Good Stuff.PNG)

So you guys don't want IDs to be put in place because "lol freedom of expression" but then you ban me when I use that freedom to mock a cuck of a developer.


That seems fair.

And doesn't seem like you are doing favoritism at all.



That wasn't really necessary, anon, you're supplanting him. He is enough of a joke already.


The cow would have been better, but sure, who better than cucks to choose the woman who have a shit ton of children already.



Funny thing is he actually got some of them right.


>another good idea ruined by cucks

from the light-posts.



Patrician taste



Because https://8ch.net/hgg/rules.html

Why don't you read up instead of embarrassing yourself. See what you did wrong, for example. It makes sense that you get banned if you break the rules after all.



I'm just wondering what the official party line is regarding automatic ID's per thread. The issue of whether or not these trips were Towerfag could have been easily settled with thread ID's in place, because the trip ID's could be compared to Towerfag's previous posts here e.g. >>123865

I personally prefer it because samefagging and impersonation are both annoying (which I don't believe you disagree with), and ID's stop both without any compromise to overall anonymity. I'd like to hear your opinion on this issue and why you and/or the board owner disagree.



According to the rules, namefagging without being a dev is an 8-hour ban. Since your ban says 5 hours, it's possible you got off easy.

polite sage for off-topic



It's still a fucking retarded rule.

You don't put IDs because you value freedom and the ability for everyone to do whatever they wish… oh but you can't use names, you can't use tripnames and you can't otherwise use that freedom to do anything we don't want.

So what is it?

They don't want IDs because they are against freedom or they don't want for you to have that freedom?

You can't claim that IDs are unethical and then ban people for using names however they want. at least be honest about it.



She issue is less about the rule, more on the double think between that and IDs.

If you ban me for that kind of shit then why not put IDs into place?

These threads have been filled with shills going "I just played the game and I can't see any of the NTR content =)".



I wish I had shills…



IDs prohibition have nothing to do with freedom, retard. The point of imageboards, or at least 8chan, is anonymity, which is why namefags and tripfags are shunned unless there's a good reason for them to do it, like being a dev. If everyone was free to use names and trips this would be a fucking forum like some circlejerk boards right here I'm looking at you /4am/ and /maka/

IDs are easy to avoid anyway, if you know how dynamic IPs work, or if you usually just post from 2 different places anyway. I guess is really easy to miss a trip, but based hotpocket noticed. Now we can mock the actual dev, if it's actually him.


You do, which is why you usually same fag, but you deceive no one.



That's how it was explained to me, dumbass, which is why I am questioning the validity of a fucking rule that restrict the freedom that was used so often as a reason as to why we cannot have IDs.

Names and trips have nothing to do with IDs, IDs are a randoms string of words meant to give someone a temporary ID that does not persist over the fucking site.

How is it circlejerking when your identity is a literal throwaway?

Also while it's true that IDs can be easy to avoid that is a bullshit of a reason, having no IDs makes things even easier, IDs might not be holy grail against samefags but it helps when people that come from outside try to shill, most often than not they won't understand the concept of IDs and either samefag costantly or leave dozens of (1)s.



>How is it circlejerking when your identity is a literal throwaway?

That on itself defeats the purpose of IDs. Your argument is that there would be a bunch of (1) and if so, why use it at all? If the board was more active, like /v/, then maybe, but it's plain better not to have IDs if they are that unreliable.

It should be easy to tell who is samefagging by the content of the post, like using Reddit spaces and the such, and in this case, defending cuckolding. Just calm down, fag, you avoided the ban and you even got less time anyway.

I can tell this anon >>125538 Is probably >>125793 and there's a chance he changed IPs already.


So, are we making a game or what? I can sprite.



Nice. I propose this:

My idea for the game is to have you rescue the princess from various locations before taking them to their kingdom for them to be, you know, princesses. I've been writing the details for this for days, I'll upload it and share it.

The thing is, I'm going to need new dungeons and dungeons ideas, since you should actually have to go on dungeons to save the princesses. I will make some myself, but I'd greatly appreciate any anon that wants to give it a try. Making a map in RPG maker is pretty easy, and you should have plenty of assets in the game files to do your own dungeon. It needs an entrance, and you can do multiple levels or something, I'll give the tiles even and the such later, or you can do that yourself if you know how to, however you want. Now what I need to figure is how to import/export maps, but don't let that stop you.

As for your sprite, I don't think I need more than the game provide, but let me upload my whole scenario and you tell me. I guess you could design new enemies depending on what anons work with.



Also, it could be nice if the background was transparent, for obvious reasons. I think I can use that sprite for some love scene of the Kobold princess looking at the stars.


I made a version with a transparent background with gimp but i can't seem to upload xcf files. I haven't done this in ages.



If you can save it in .png it should keep the transparent background.


>I'm going to need new dungeons and dungeons ideas, since you should actually have to go on dungeons to save the princesses

Considering this, the dungeons, or most of them, might be towers. That's the whole point of TOWERgirls, after all, saving the damn princess from a tower. Anyway to contact gats to ask him a few questions, or is he in cahoots with towercuck?



Export the xcf as .png


I can do tilesets and overworld sprites,but it might take a while, just use the default tilesets until then.

Has windows 10 fucked with mspaint? I can't seem to save files in anything other than bitmaps. keeps giving me errors.


Thank you anon. You're a life saver


I was writing the game's general script and I realized is full of possible spoilers. Do you guys mind things like the end, even though it might change later? Also, what's a good place to edit the whole thing in mass? I was thinking Google Docs, but I don't want to use an email for that.


Perfect. Just picture the scene, she is looking at the sky under a starry knight in a little hill next to the wagon. Thanks, anon.



Are you editing off of towerfag's code or are we starting from scratch? What do you meen by spoilers?

I feel like i messed up on the lower body, does it in particular look okay?



I'm working with Towerfag's code until I start editing my own, ideally remaking the story from scratch, while the mod is just to deactivate rape and the sperm missions in the current build of the game, something even a retard like me could do.

As for spoilers, exactly that, I'm remaking the story to follow Towergirls narrative more closely, not that far from towerfag, but here you will actually save princesses instead of damage controlling the whole thing, working together with princesses until marriage.

And for the sprite, yes, the knee is a bit fucked up, looks kinda bent in the wrong way and the hip also looks wrong compared to the upper body, doesn't look natural and it actually looks uncomfortable.


Not exactly sure since I still use W7, but I heard microsoft dropped MSpaint support recently.



Here's an old reference of princesses in a kind of a non-standard position.



ah, i think i see what i did wrong. I'll tidy it up tomorrow. do the tiles for the tileset need to be a specific dimension or can i make them as big as i please?


Oh, yeah. Can we change the way combat works? even a simple turn based system would be better in my opinion.



Not exactly sure. If you can, use towerfag's tiles as example.



You sure? That would make things WAY better for me. I do like the idea behind the current combat system, but it's way too clunky, obviously RPG maker isn't designed for these kind of stuff.

If that's the case I might port the game to a somewhat better engine like Ren'py, or something you recommend, or just stick to the turn based combat. Let's see what anons have to say about it and I will add it to the overview.

Also, here, the human town seems to be a single tile.



We should probably wait for some other anon's input just incase. Also kek, why on earth would you make a tile this large? What were you thinking towerfag?



You sure the dropdown for file type when you save isn't showing PNG? It's worked for me at any rate.

Windows 10 fucks with many things, and your best bet other than Google is to either reinstall Paint or run it in a backwards compatibility mode.



Turn based combat is better than the clunky mechanics. The controls are honestly just really awkward and unfun to use. The fact that the engine wasnt made for it doesnt just makes it clunky. It means you cant make enemies more complex than just "alot of health", "teleports sometimes" or "projectiles".

Honestly, Turn based combat would be more interesting. Try to make it at least fun, but dont get too caught up in trying to do something revolutionary that'd just get in the way of other things.

What'd really make the game interesting other than just actually having good fucking scenes would be shit like branching dialogue with characters with significant routes and consequences and shit. Personally I'd like to have time to talk to the princesses and such, but the way towerfag did it was theyre cutscenes with cringey writing that you dont have input on, and the very few times it asks you a question it doesnt matter what you anwser.

What I ideally want is turn based combat that works well and was done competantly, a world with things in it, and options for how i interact with characters that have meaningful results. Just quests to go and like, save princesses or dungeon crawl for shit I actually want or have reason to get.

Another critisism of towerfags method of questing I had but havent mentioned yet was that the fact that you are walking up and doing quests because its your job means theres no signifigance for you to feel like its important. I'd avoid making it feel like youre just explicitely doing your dayjob. Giving the player their own motivations could just be as simple as hearing the person who wants you to do it ask you themselves and deciding to do it. At least then you interacted with the actual person, just garners more player investment that way.

Also, i dont know how in depth you wanna go with this. But I got a suggestion. Drop the concept of saving reigns of other princesses entirely. Or at least make it like, theyre saved but its just a thing that exists somewhere else. Could have it be you save a princess and get her in your harem somehow and if the kingdoms save you can just have em in your harem. And if you wanna add any kingdom building, do like the charts did and have it be the whole "because you have a harem of royalty, you have a whole kingdom" thing, so theres only one kingdom for the player to invest in, thats specifically your own, that you can focus all of the kingdom building shit on to make one interesting kingdom instead of just like, 50 shitty ones thatre all identical except oh goblins also has a slave market. That's how i'd do it, if you still wanna have kingdom elements in at all, and I'd rather just focus on questing and princess interaction honestly.

Also try not to do the towerfag thing of making the entire continent feel the size of a very small town like towerfag did. I swear it feels like every kingdom is the size of one house in this game.


File: b61e46add227177⋯.jpg (38.34 KB, 890x158, 445:79, hahah.JPG)

You guys better not be (((kinkshaming))) because that could hurt someones feelings.

You know that towerdev is getting REALLY salty if he's reporting these cuck awareness posts.



Hes probably just mad because we're making a faithful version of the game, as a cuck he wouldnt be into that at all would he.



Yeah, it was windows 10. Don't worry, i got a work-around.


File: 7df0a2147f978be⋯.gif (1013.75 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1407372929482.gif)


>take something he loves

>satisfy yourself sexually with it in front of him



I remember in an extremely early build, they were using the worst knock-off of a Final Fantasy layout, and that was better than what is currently there now. Also Kobold at least gained skills based on point distribution. I think going back to something like before Patreon feature creep doomed everything to NTR and unrealistic goals would be great.


File: c92023f1bf5e4d8⋯.png (242.37 KB, 541x458, 541:458, Wrong.PNG)


>there's nothing wrong if the game has cuckold content

Reddit failing sentient beings once again.


Here, I finish an overview, give it a read and tell me your thoughts: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3SvCovIUAI2anlMSjhtTkdhOE0

I will start working in at least 10 if not more tower dungeons for each princess to be rescued from, at least for each princess in the current build, so let's see how that goes, I still need to figure out how to import/export specific maps.


>Honestly, Turn based combat would be more interesting

Sounds about right. Turn.based will be, then. Any idea in how to make it more "interesting"? I guess interaction actions between princess and even the knight? Give it an action bar like a game I played but don't remember, make status ailments actually matter, things like that?

>having good fucking scenes would be shit like branching dialogue with characters with significant routes and consequences and shit

I detailed it in the overview, but I want interactions for princesses matter, not to the point of becoming too complicated or annoying, but that it could up or down your relationship with them, giving different results depending on each stat and, at the very least, have slight changes of dialog, if the is mad at you, for example, it should show.

>I'd avoid making it feel like youre just explicitely doing your dayjob

This is the reason I absolutely hated the Knight's Guild too, but I plan to change that too. Instead of questing for some guild, you do the questing directly in each kingdom after saving the princess Saving the princess quest should be obtained in her own kingdom, questing will help her kingdom to recover from Dragons Princess' attack and deepen your bond with her.

>Drop the concept of saving reigns of other princesses entirely.

I didn't find this idea annoying, but the execution was terrible. To spice things up, I want to give the knight his own kingdom like the CYOA game, and as so have a little managing game where you help the kingdoms you annex to your own. Do you like that idea? As so, you marry a princess, and she is added to your kingdom, effectively having an harem I'd like to go a bit deep about this too, like convincing monogamous princesses to marry you even if you're already married with another princess.

I like your ideas, anon. From all this, it's sounds like the end result would be Rance: Towergirls edition, and I don't fucking mind.

>Also try not to do the towerfag thing of making the entire continent feel the size of a very small town

Kind of hard, I was planning to work in his already finished overworld, but I guess I can expand it, because I think it's pretty small too, my original idea was dividing the continent in 4 parts, each with settings for said princess, Human Princess should live in a forest like intended, while Amazon Princess in a jungle, and so on.


That's what you get for going to Reddit.


Do you remember what version was it and if you could fetch it? Seems like old towergirls had interesting concepts.



Yeah, that idea of kingdom management sounds pretty decent. Especially the annexing bit. My suggestion was also that if you can focus specifically on mostly his, you could implement some nice features to one instead of spreading everything around excessively, though if there was like a benefit to annexing a kingdom and having a reason to go there or something I couldnt care too much.

Yeah I can get that making a new map would be hard, youre idea for expansion sounds pretty good though, I'd certainly enjoy a map designed like that. Also, as a suggestion for some decent rpg combat, Im not too sure what to do for that, but there was a concept on one of the charts at least about getting to pick between 2 classes for princesses to use and play with those or something. Could do something similar. I dont have many great suggestions for what to do for the combat itself. Interactions between characters in a combat situation could probably just be achieved with complementary movesets or such, like oh X princess can mark a target so Y move does extra damage in darkest dungeon or oh if you use this move this other move would heal more. The best turn based combat game I have experience with is Darkest Dungeon and this is obviously a very different game, so Iunno. but theres my spitballs on that basically.



>Knights Guild

Getting the quest from the kingdom directly could add a lot of potential character events, be it from citizens panicing from discovering their respective princess is missing or witnessing the kidnapping directly, etc. Knight's guild would be better suited for the more common quests.

>Rance: Towergirls edition, and I don't fucking mind.

I like the idea of building your own kingdom with the waifus joining yours, as long as the character does not become Rance personality-wise. Lets not go from the extreme of fedoralord to the extreme of jerkass.

>Human Princess should live in a forest like intended

You mean plains/grasslands? Forest seems like it'd be someone else, unless that's in the OG Towergirls in which by all means.

>old towergirls

Kind of semi-related, but when did the "chocodicks" come into play exactly? Is there a reason that's a thing besides lolrandum?

Correct me if I'm wrong, it's not exactly a thing I gave more than a glance to and chalked it up to someone trying to be funny/sneaking it in between picture versions and I don't really remember it existing earlier on.


Does this look any better?


>Turn.based will be, then. Any idea in how to make it more "interesting"?

How about if your princess takes damage there clothes get ripped up and eventually fall off the lower there health is, sorta like senran kagura. Just don't lead it into rape.


File: 61ca7e89f56d82f⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1817x2421, 1817:2421, Towergirls Add-on Chocolat….png)


It existed but not like it was done in kingdom conquest. They were basically just consumable items from what I can tell. Theres an entire chart of types of them that have different effects they cause based on dice rolls. Mostly aesthetics or stuff that helps you reach lewd scenes though.

I dont really know too much about chocolate dicks though, theres probably some stupid meme reason they were a thing, maybe theres something on one of the original charts? Iunno.


File: 7d08144f241aa24⋯.png (278.19 KB, 468x344, 117:86, 6262426246.PNG)


>Find the faggot you were arguing with

>Look at their comment history

Oh god, my sides, no wonder it was white knighting for Towerfag so hard.

You did nothing wrong dude, fuck, look at this shit.




Seems kind of gay, to be honest.



jesus fucking christ



Holy shit. That's the definition of thirsty and pathetic. That's the kind of people that supports Towerfag. That's the kind of people that tells you "It's just porn mang". God.


A lot better. The leg behind is still lacking, it's too curved, like she doesn't even have a knee.



File: 28e30bd7478c730⋯.png (406.11 KB, 493x365, 493:365, THIS IS AN EXTREME THIRST.PNG)



Oh no guys this guy is just telling you his impartial objective counterargument to the fact that this game in fact is not a cuck game in any way, and he in fact does not have any sort of motive or stake in the idea of making this game more cuckshit no not at all



Eugh, someone save this to the evidence locker.




I'll do you one better with the link to the first build, and the words from Towerfag's own site. 6.1 is the earliest I saw there, next being 7.1 where the princess rape started in, and 7.2 is when the active battle shit scripting began.





File: 84fac5ed776f5cf⋯.png (99.47 KB, 943x936, 943:936, notacuckgametho.png)


sure, heres one cap




File: 5fbed7c6d7b9083⋯.png (106.53 KB, 1070x947, 1070:947, T H I R S T.png)


this guy does nothing but defend cuckoldry in the game and vividly describe his thirst in detail. His defenses arent even that good, its just "Dun liek it? DO A GO AWAY!!!1! I read a description of the game once!" please.



I will never understand this fetish.



A lot better. It does fit with the game. Thanks, anon.


File: 9d8e7c4623632f3⋯.png (79.1 KB, 969x939, 323:313, yeah this guys entire redd….png)


Im screencapping alot of this, but honestly Im probably just going to leave these in a folder to crop later if I get bored or something. Literally all hes doing is carnally describing his impreg and creampie fetishes. Literally I dont think hes done anything else besides defend towergirls kingdom conquest. Im not gunna bother making crops for everything probably. But heres just a general clip of 99% of this guys reddit history.

Im not into impreg, i dont think its weird per say. Considering natural desire to breed is pretty much a genetically hardwired thing. But I dont get why hes being so weirdly carnal about it too. His thing though, I dont really care, I just find it kinda funny that this is all he fucking does.


File: 507766afae18620⋯.png (150.97 KB, 1289x950, 1289:950, maximum suprising.png)

what a shock


Do any of the other cuck-defenders have post histories like this guy does?



I forgot how fun spriting was. Gonna get real monotonous when i have to do the tiles though.


File: 6f6a6ad14fbf9db⋯.png (29.32 KB, 473x835, 473:835, i have ceased comphrehensi….png)


Dont really know, after awhile this guy just has a ton of repetative messages like this, so i basically dont understand what is happening here anymore. Pokemon trading I think or something.


Should have mentioned I did save those old builds in case towercuck gets second thoughts. Here's something fun though, listing lust as a prerequisite for random events, and then expanding on that as meaning with the knight and princesses, like this was some kind of waifu collecting simulator




I checked one or two the first time our reddit friends username who was calling out this faggotry had popped up, only the first pages though. This is the first of the cuck defense force I saw that lit up with a massive amount of thirsty beta orbiter cringe as soon as I clicked it.

These are the kind of losers that whores use for a quick ego boost and that would fund a youtuber on Patreon that was already making bank from ad money.

You could probably find some kind of dirt on most of the cuck defenders if you really try hard to look.

I think this one was more of a "special" case.



honestly going through his entire page for that he didnt seem very sharp on that anyways. His arguments were the stereotypical "dont like it then just go away", "you dont have the right to critisize things you dont like cause thats mean" and "I read the blog and it says that you arent being forced so thats true because towerfag said so"

Just some thirsty virgin whos really into carnal impreg creampie shit. Not too much direct cuckold shit. But he did enjoy a scenario about another man offering him his wife to help raise the chance of impregnating her. Pretty degenerate overall, stereotypical even. You think this guy found a way to get off to the progeny sim?



Just read the drive and i like what you're proposing. You might as well just drop the cucking all together, knowing towerfag he'll probably turn the vanilla game into a cuck's wet dream anyway.



Eh, i'd agree on the cow bit if it weren't because i'm not into woman with dicks.



I will never understand the people who get so defensive about being insulted for having cuckolding as a fetish.

It's a fetish where a person you love is taken away because the other person is better than you in bed. They usually start by raping the girl too, so you have the added humiliation of your girl preferring the man who sexually assaulted and violated them over you.

It's basically emasculation on a level even most BDSM fetishists will call disgusting. How could anyone get defensive? It should turn them on more!



are there any other fetishists that are actually this defensive about it too. Like diaperfags are pretty equally degenerate, but I dont see them going and acting like theres nothing wrong with what their doing. Like seriously, is this just a cuck thing or what. cause its really really stupid.



January of last year it was announced, apparently after input from patreons. There's also talk of possible DLC and expansions about a month after that.


Just as a log, .10 is where the semen collection started. .12 is when the OC donut steal snek and her brothel was added, pregnancy was started, and also when they started posting links on their Patreon, rather than the blog. Would a ghostbin to the older builds help, or a zip of them? Planned on grabbing them all as a matter of archival anyway, so I can supply either.



Nah, all the sperging in this thread probably comes from people having their precious little feelings hurt from the chance of someone who is not your character fucking their waifu.



people arent complaining that theres cuckshit theyre critisisizing the game for having so much of it and almost nothing else, especially due to falsely advertising it as battlerape and the source material the game is pulling from not having cuck content in it. and noone would be complaining about it if there was a dedicated princess for cuck content instead of just making cuck content for literally all of them instead, just like noone complains that rabbit princess is into ageplay.


Woa, you guys are serious about this. Must feel good to have all that free time.



Did you think when we said we were going to create the version of the game that we wanted ourselves that we were not going to do exactly that.



I'm talking about how much time you spend digging out useless informations and "evidences".

The modding part was just deleting 2 common events, it's hard to even consider that as "working on something".

But best of luck to all of you, maybe focusing on something constructive will make your angst useful for something!



That's a cute Kobold btw




>Being this passive-aggressive

>The cuck is starting to have second doubts about letting his wife fuck niggers

Pic related, this is your right now, towercuck.



>microsoft dropped MSpaint support

Actually, the app will still be freely available through the app store, they're simply starting development on a new "Paint 3D". They have no plans to remove it fully any time soon.



"Does an open relationship work for most couples?" HAH these fucking people. Like, even outside of cucking, open relationships are a hilarious disaster that virtually never work as groups of broken people chase a dream that never works.



Instead of doing your job working on your dumbass game you are here shitposting.

At this point being a neet is less pathetic than being whatever you are.


>i am in love with an ms paint drawing, therefore if it gets raped in a game that is cucking and i will sperg out

is that the gist of what's going on here?

rape is good



Rape is good only if you are doing the raping or if you are getting raped.

Being on the side watching is for cucks.



>All in lower caps

>Rape is good

Are you a nigger? Also, the problem is not rape itself, is that you don't even do the raping yourself except in a few cases.


File: 08cea8f69c00aad⋯.png (164.37 KB, 1574x400, 787:200, IDW.png)

File: 437d90c0cf284d5⋯.png (110.81 KB, 480x404, 120:101, 1410366715371.png)



Let me tell you all about a little something called the comic book industry. See, for the better part of a decade, what was once a thriving, multi million dollar buisness has been imploding. The industry giants such as marvel, DC, darkhorse, etc, have always been fairly left leaning; afterall, comic books more or less started as a propaganda tool to indoctrinate children against the axis powers. But it was always subtle. Most people could deal with it, as it was a nod to accepting different people for who they were, and on it's nose, that was traditionally seen as an admirable trait in America. But in the past two decades, things started to change…

The left wing propaganda got more intense. But fans endured. They put up with the blatant marxism, because the core of the heroes they loved were still heroes. But surely enough, even the heroes were changed. Those who weren't changed into marxists were flat out replaced. Some understandably upset fans began to leave. This is where our parallel begins to be drawn.

Marvel and IDW publishing "artists" (kek) flocked to twitter and began to blame the fans for not liking the content. Anyone who didn't like the blatant narrative propaganda was labled as a 'nazi', a 'bigot', a 'troll', and insulted. The fans of the original works were repeatedly shat on and told they were peasants, who should be greatfull that transexual faggots like Maggs Visagio, and avowed communists like Adrey Sitterson graced the industry with the pro lgbtbbq garbage they pushed. The fans were told that THEY were the problem, and not that open communists, who took to twitter to act like snarky spoiled children. The smarmy attitude of these artists directly led to this…



>Income from operations decreased by ($2,321,000) for the three months ended July 31, 2017…

>Publishing revenue decreased by ($751,000)…

And they aren't the only one. Marvel for decades traditionally canceled books that sold under 50,000 copies. Now, they have books in the TOP TEN CHARTS, that DO NOT BREAK THAT. These aren't cheap one offs, these are FLAGSHIP characters that can't actually make sales.

"So that's the point anon?"

The point is that the same attitude that lead the comic book industry to fucking implode is what towerfaggot is doing. Independent creators no longer care for towerfaggot acting like he's gods gift to Towergirls. They are completely sick of him changing the core material. They are completely fed up with the snarky, SJW attitude he uses to talk to gamers with legitimate grievances. And now he is reduced to coming onto h8chan, and belittleing people who are standing up to him. He is the Maggs Visagio of Towergirls, claiming to be a victim when he himself attacks the fans and pushes his agenda on a fanbase. If he was the creator of Towergirls, than it would be different. But just like Adrey Sitterson didn't come up with the GI JOE franchise, he came in at a later point to push his own private agenda. So keep acting like a snarky cunt towerfaggot. Keep acting like you're the special snowflake that you are, and that the people dedicating their own personal time to something they love are below you. Just like IDW publishing. Just like Kotaku. and Just like the Democrat party.



Post the spritesheets for the knights and I can make a ton of new ones, for asthetic purposes. We could have a ton for players to chose from.







Whatever people want, I'll do. I'll also try my hand at some portraits, but they aren't nearly as forgiving and easy as sprite art.



Fair enough.


File: 1911b9ceb203cdf⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 200x240, 5:6, 1459307985799.jpg)

Even as someone who is a fucking degenerate who usually doesnt give a fuck about what people are this shit makes me INCREDIBLY FUCKING ANGRY. I can deal with people being into vore, diapershit, even the most degenerate bullshit imaginable but all but cuckholding I can give a pass to. You wanna know fucking why? Cuckshit is constantly forced on everyone in all sorts of media. How many fucking movies shows whatever have that whole "HOW EXCITING IT IS THAT A WOMAN IS CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND" or plays on it for cheap drama? Even worse, how many times is the conclusion "You should just forgive her" when some unfaithful slut turns around and fucks some other dude vs "IF HE CHEATS ON YOU YOU SHOULD CUT HIS BALLS OFF." Take at look at how 'exotic' open relationships are treated and framed as being an equal exchange when 90% of the time, the female is seeing way more action than the male is. Then go further and see how many eroges have cuckshit in them, even as just a minor missable thing. THEN CUCKS TURN AROUND AND ACT LIKE THEY ARE SOME NICHE FUCKING BULLSHIT AND ACT ALL PERSUCTED AND SHIT WHEN PEOPLE TELL THEM THEY DONT WANNA INDULGE THEIR SHITTY FETISH.


Holy shit Im fucking mad


File: fda80bf78d6ca3b⋯.jpeg (57.25 KB, 497x500, 497:500, fda80bf78d6ca3b40186bb818….jpeg)


yes, they also defend their faggot cuckfriends and fetishes at every corner of the internet, they really act like rapefugees. They turn into angry fetish faggots when they meet resistance in a place that doesn't like their liberal social byproduct of a fetish.



That should make you angry at the morons pushing cuckolding in real life, not on fiction.



Why not in both? Remember Bella and the Bulldogs? Media can be used to push shitty fetishes and narratives, trying to normalize them because "I saw them on TV!" or "It was in that game I played". Anal sex was fucking taboo and slightly uncommon on porn 20 years ago, and now is mandatory and normal. Imagine if 20 years go by and all games feature cuckolding as most western porn games already do, it could be the norm or a lot more common.



>first post on the list

>5 hours ago

>"Yes ma'am. Would you be okay if I gave you a nice filling? I'd love to make a mess inside of you."




Let me get home and I'll post it. The actual CYAO had those clases, and the game could have them even if for aesthetic purposes. As for portraits, the knight's portrait is as simple as his face.



well put anon, I may cap this for /co/


File: 398518636075b7a⋯.gif (51.13 KB, 500x386, 250:193, giphy_s.gif)


>It's ya boy, zach!


I'm working on a very basic tower tileset. It's hard to tell what exactly i should make without program anon making some rooms first.


Thanks. Wish she would stop sleeping with other men though.



Here, the spritesheet and the portrait. There are some more apparently unused spritesheets for the knight, but mostly color swaps and a riding mount.


You mean give you something like this, right? Give me a bit of time.



T.Hanks, I'll start fooling around with it when I get home.



Not quite what i meant. Are you not able to place individual tiles on a custom room, or have you not gone that far yet?



Oh, I get it. You want kind of a guideline to the style of the towers in general, right? Well, about that, I'm not sure if making towers with the same kind of tile set but different layouts and maybe puzzles, or Trying to change the color and stuff, for now, I'll start with the first tower first floor that should serve as tutorial. As I said, give me a bit of time, and yes, I'm that far, but not quite fast with the tools yet.



Thats exactly what i meant. Thank you anon, i'll make other stuff til then.


File: 8f6d40058ec1424⋯.png (108.42 KB, 525x625, 21:25, 1489429360782.png)

File: fc7851438305947⋯.png (203.14 KB, 635x633, 635:633, 1474651015303.png)

File: c33c03a73869c8d⋯.png (113.39 KB, 573x703, 573:703, 1489621204424.png)

File: 28665e0a17edec2⋯.png (227.23 KB, 487x506, 487:506, 1492404504827.png)


Ive only got 5 random knight cards but here you go.



huh, thought i had a 5th one, cant find it now, sorry about that, thought I uploaded 5, i can look for more cards later. aaa




Might be newer ones, but this was on the board shortly before it died.


File: f0f08bffe5fe98b⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 455x274, 455:274, for-3904-chart5.jpg)


ignorant faggot.

kill yourself.


I'm not sure if this is all that necessary, but i'm redoing all of this art to more closely follow the source material.



File: ab6a78fe8a95c20⋯.jpg (37.86 KB, 674x186, 337:93, 2009 comics.JPG)

File: 149f71447e99e19⋯.jpg (43.47 KB, 724x282, 362:141, 2017 comics.JPG)

File: be95888597d7383⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 722x44, 361:22, THE FLAGSHIP FRANCHISE HER….JPG)





>More broadly, series with ‘diverse’ leads accounted for 40 of the 104 series launched or relaunched post-‘Secret Wars,’ approximately 38.5 percent. Of these 40 series, 15 (37.5 percent) have been canceled

>2009 top 5: 80% Marvel

>2017 top 5: 20% Marvel, not a single one more than 86k units SHIPPED, NOT SOLD.



Naw, Gats is okay. I likes 'em thicccccc


Can I ask something? I was fucking around with the world map, considering an anon said the thing feels really small, and he is right. However, what possible reason could Towerfag had to divide the map in North and South? I was thinking I could fuse both sides and add a little more to the east to make just North West side of the map,, which I was, again, fucking around and experimenting how I could even go about that. So far looks simple enough, but I guess towerfag did it to avoid some kind of fps drop for loading a big world, but I seriously doubt that, Hell, if I can make a big enough map there shouldn't be a reason to divide it, and I can make it autoloop so it's more like exploring Final Fantasy's world maps.

I also found a problem. The world map seems to be a parallax, so whenever I try to expand the map it just copy itself from the edge, making it hard for me to edit it. Any way around it?

I also should remove bandits event since and add more traditional random encounters, or should I make events so you avoid enemies if you don't want to fight them? Some anon also suggested the Mother insta-win system, and that can apply now. Every change I'm doing is going to a change log that will be posted with an updated overview.


>Film production

>License goes down

>Publication barely moves

>They cancel each fucking run they release

Gee, anon, it sure must hurt being as stupid as you. Also, that rise on film production is suspicious. You sure that shit is updated?


Go ahead, it might serves you as practice as an artist too, so there's that.



Considering this, I might as well scrap the whole thing and make a new map from scratch. What a fucking waste.



95%+ the maps are parallaxes instead of actual, game engine, maps.


File: 6c8a9d081454438⋯.jpg (62.36 KB, 612x676, 153:169, But wait, there's more!.JPG)


Just to rub some more salt…


How's your wife's son doing, bub?



Yes, I realize. Time to just use the tiles, then. It's pretty stupid that you made tilesets for things like the Skull Kingdom and it's all in the parallax.



Claiming the thicc as hell gobbo



What are you going to add to the game? The thread is tl;dr



See >>125933 for an overview and >>125493 for a simple "Delete all cuck content" mod. That one is really disappointing because cutting off cuck content makes 50% of the game. At this point I'm going to start from scratch salvaging any tile set possible.

For the drawing anon, you think you can keep consistence with Gats art-style or do you feel more comfortable doing something else?



Read the thread




>Gee, anon, it sure must hurt being as stupid as you. Also, that rise on film production is suspicious. You sure that shit is updated?

Sure. When? When did the left shift you are claiming happen? Pick a year, roll them dice. IYou don't know shit about Marvel's business, so pick a fucking year that they shiftedfrom glorious American propagandists to being PC cucksters.



sounds like this will see release even AFTER the original one, if ever. Too much shit, cut somthing out



Not necessarily if I mostly reuse things from Towerfag, which was the original plan, but since most maps are parallaxes, they are pretty useless if you want to edit them. At the very least the world map needs to be redone.

But you're right, I should focus on the new dungeons and combat system, modify the girl stats and re-arrange the new story.



>color swaps and a riding mount.

Go ahead and upload those, a PC customization option's a better use of dev time than a kid randomizer, as that's something you'll be looking at a lot while playing the game.

If you're familiar with Elona at all a character builder like that could work if you want to go above simply switching sprite skins.


I remember there being less bootlegs based on existing characters and more simple and likeable designs, is there another batch somewhere?


The art is fine as it is, but that's just my opinion.



The sheets and some knight lewds.









All right, i'll just keep practicing than.


I'm sure i can replicate his art-style, but i'm not so sure if it'll look as clean around the edges, making this with mspaint and all.




Mo need to, as long as they are similar. Would you minf using a pirated version of Photoshop CS6 or something?



I dunno anon. I don't really know how to use photoshop. Maybe if i get a drawing pad in the future, but with this toaster of a laptop i doubt i'd be all that useful with an unfamiliar program.



I've never drawn anything before in my life, but I've heard Paint.net is a good drawing tool.

You might want to check out >>>/loomis/ and see what they have to say.



holy fuck you are stupid



Thanks anon. I'll check it out later.



>That should make you angry at the morons pushing cuckolding in real life, not on fiction.

they're pushing it through fictional media stupid



Id like more different types of enemies than generic bandits for sure. Some traditional encounters seem fine. The bandits as they were implemented originally seem kind of like arbitary fights that you have no stake in and dont even have to do but just exist. Random encounters are probably a better system done right, just a matter of avoiding making them tedious, I cant make too many suggestions of how to handle that without getting an idea of what the maps going to end up looking like though.

Point being, random encounters are probably better than bandit events and variety is good.



Make it kinda like D&D Random encounters



Can certainly make one of the random encounter BEING bandits. It does happen. One suggestion is tailoring the things you're fighting to the environment they're in. Ie different encounters in the plains/forest/desert etc.



Yeah of course, bandits being a generic enemy would be good. generic enemy variety and location sensitive enemies are both nice things to have.

The distinction of bandit events and random encounters is more about them being an event that shows up on the map instead of just a grunt you fight alot. Like seeing bandits on the side of the road the same way the army fights are in the game.


How is this for world map design, fags? It's cuadruple the size of towerfag's map. If you think that's not enough, I can make it bigger or add an extra section. The lest part was done by overlapping both outlines of towerfag's maps. I hope this is worth it, I could have played Danganronpa but I got sucked in on all of this





what are the current system requirements for the game?

consider that before expanding the map, best to try and keep the system requirements low because most dont have strong hardware and later you may actually NEED that power for something that actually matters like A-life or something that runs persistently



Like randomize what you can get for example you'll find some good shit or some shit that'll help or you'll get raided or fell in a trap



Expect 5 fps withouth 2000$ configurations.



it looks like a nice shape anon but are you gonna use all that space?



So that's the reason towerfag made it smaller. I will divide the map in 4, then.



I played TKC on my laptop, believe me, 1/4 of that would still be too big.

I think the custom resolution might be a factor in it



the rough shape of that looks fine, but if we cant tell what the biomes are the shape doesnt say too much other than whether or not that'll have a shitty framerate, which is still useful, but yknow, cant comment on enviornmental layout or anything.



You should try to divide the world into discrete sections that are linked at certain chokepoints (e.g. gates, doors, tunnels). This is how most games work in order to make performance manageable.

If you want to go full open-world, you can try to make a dynamic allocation/deallocation system for map sections, although considering how much of a novice you are I think you'll have trouble with that, and I've never touched RPGMaker in my life so I can't really help you. I don't even know if their maps can even do that.



The way game developers gave the illusion of a grand world in older games was to either break it up into continents, each being a separate map, or to funnel players into certain paths that would lead them to gopher holes (Id Est, Path forces you through dark woods, then directly from woods into cavern system, then at the end of the cavern, back out to the main map… where the entrance to the woods is actually only three map tiles from the exit of the caverns). That will give the player the feeling of having traveled a long way while keeping the over world fairly controllable.


File: 9a848f808299e81⋯.png (7.94 KB, 96x132, 8:11, The Bull Knight.png)

File: b3ceacdf1c3a294⋯.png (413.72 KB, 765x809, 765:809, Bull Portrait.png)

File: a80cf391b191836⋯.jpg (770.38 KB, 821x842, 821:842, Bull Knight.jpg)


New main character comin' through. That's right! It's me, BULL KNIGHT. I'm the opposite of cuck knight. I fight for honor, am 107% less of a faggot, and I actually love my princesses. You look at my thicc goblin wife, I'll trample you like it's the fourth fucking crusade. You talk to my Kobold maid, and I'll smite you like I smite infidels… WITH THE FUCKING POMMEL. You so much as refuse to avert your gaze from my loving human princess's stacked treasure chests, I'll jam 25 centimeters of lance, right up your ass (It'll bleed for decades).


Sorry brah, you can keep your round helmet. I'm sure it'll look great when your behind a tree watching the wolves and niggers have their way with your damsel. You can keep your shitty desert princess. She's probably a fuckin' saracen anyway.



Recommend using natural barriers for any world map changes assuming you're not planning on doing a true massive world map where you can fly around with an airship or some shit like that.




The biomes should follow the pretty short description of princesses. One thing would be making them feel natural, like Towerfag achieved, or force the whole thing. My problem with the south part of his map is that everything feels the same. If he expands the maps in future releases, he'd do me a favor.

I wand to do a big rocky mountain in the middle of the giant patch to the right. Also, most space should be filled with dungeons, seeing how that is one of the main points of the overhaul. Doing the same dungeon multiple times is a shitty experience, which is why it would be nice to amass quests to complete them all at once in specific dungeons.


Probably, among other useless scripts, I'll see what can I do about that.


If I'm honest, my original idea was really bland

>Make big circle continent that can easily be divided in 4

>Since there are 10 princesses the kingdom would have 3/2 princesses kingdoms per division

>Have the Dragon Queen tower in the middle

>Have the Dragon Princesses castles in west and east

>Have knight's kingdom at top.

Seemed easy and with better chances to spread biome better, really convenient for story progression too, but it also sounds bland.

>you can try to make a dynamic allocation/deallocation system for map sections

If that's what I think it is, I thought so too, but I seriously doubt RPG maker can do it. It would be convenient for things to appear as you approach them, but that won't be possible, and I don't really want to talk about things I want that cannot be done.


What about Final Fantasy? It's actually a big map for it's time, since it loops and all, plus the level progression force you to explore, it's pretty linear, but it does give the sensation of exploration. Not exactly what I'm looking for in the world map, I'd like you to feel like actually spending time moving around, like adding events in the road.



This looks great, but if we're making it this big maybe remove things like weather affects. I imagine that tanks the performance.



Well, I think the only way is to try it. If it runs, it runs, if not… well…



>tanks the performance.

While on the subject, may want to take a more indepth look on what the engine can and cannot do. There's a reason I stopped trying with RPG Maker myself back in XP and I imagine it's still not made any much needed drastic improvements.

With all the scripting nonsense being necessary to make a good battle system it reached a point where I was probably better off making my own engine.

t- someone who still hasn't released a single game



sorry bud, but you're at best a side character





There is no rule that says we have to use RPG maker.



Don't let Towercuck see it or he'll get 'inspired'



Literally why?



because its hard enough to pull off rance as it is without him being boring



Kek. Not bad. I feel bad for the round helmet, because he is in the origin of the whole thing, but I like the crusader idea.


>Make him the default look of "black knight"

>After saving the princesses he goes Deus Vult pm them except human princesses

>He cross the original design as a different character

>He makes him watch

I don't know, it sounds fitting.


When are you coming to bed, brave sir knight~



>still having cuckold fetish in your game

I bet you read NTR



Nice. It would be amazing if RPGboss let you export RPG maker assets. If not, they are all ripped anyway. Let me look into it, RPG maker is a bit of a pain in the ass anyway.

Any specific input about any of those engines, anon?



Anon, that's the joke.


You're godsend, anon


File: 1de0df2641e096e⋯.gif (940.14 KB, 627x502, 627:502, desire to know more.gif)



How about the crusader save only humans, Make it for the very vanilla faggots



Her body being twice the size as >>125956 while her head doesn't change disturbs me a little.

Also I prefer the first one's body, this one seems a lot more bottom-heavy.

Keep up the good work!





>"Anon, that's the joke."

>not having a bro crusader knight as a side character

>not having jolly cooperation as he appears on missions randomly and you two decide to link up and stomp monster

it also takes away from the player to have the MCs personality predifined


>How about the crusader save only humans, Make it for the very vanilla faggots

that's not a bad idea anon, could just be a hard mode for the game or somthing




NTR is bad even if it's netori.

Can't we have a vanilla knight?



>My friend, since I lost my dick in that accident years ago, I want you to have as much sex with these princesses as you can, and I will help you




He could be a "Bro tier" side character and make a snarky commentary at one point about how some fail knight got defeated by a violent pack of niggers because he went after Cuckold Princess, and then got cucked.

He then killed them all out of disgust because cucks are degenerate and the Cuckold Kingdom is pissed off at him, but he doesn't give a fuck and all they do is bitch about it instead of doing anything about it.

The Nigger Kingdom is also mad at him but can't figure out how to make rafts to get to this continent because they're currently dealing with disease, starvation, and building huts out of mud and feces, and stabbing each other with shivs.

This is of course all just his account and there's no need to create any spritework for all figures mentioned and is just a fun textdump you could add in game.

Kind of tongue in cheek the above and badly written/stupid, but you get the idea.

Bit of an idea for any added side character knights, give them all a princess to chase, potentially not the ones we have access to but "Filler" Generic Princesses that don't particularly accommodate any fetish niche.



that seems like the right ballpark but nobody want's to meet a guy they legit pity in a sexy fun times game, him not having a dick practically makes him a cuck too

how bout some shit about "An Evil Wizard cursed me to be unable to climax and a Priest told me the only way to undo the spell was to roam the lands righting wrongs until I found divine favor" or some shit like that



I really like that idea



This isn't going in the game or anything. I'm just experimenting with art-styles, honing my skills and such. Also, Thank you.



This reminds me of in Paper Mario the Thousand Years door where Luigi was having his own adventures offscreen and even had his own donut steel recolor partners. When you ran into him he'd give you a quick summary of events. You can't confirm any of that for yourself because of the game limitations and it's not the scope of the adventure you're currently on, but it was interesting.

Something like that seems like it'd be a really good idea, for world building and such.



I need to play that game, damn



It was even better than that. The side characters would usually give another account of what happened, explaining his embellishments. Near the end of the game, books about his adventure start popping up, and the story is even more exaggerated than what Luigi described. Thinking back, it was a pretty great way to add a bit of world building and characterization to something unimportant to the main plot.




Two ideas I just had in terms of "sidekick character motivation":

>Instead of making the other guys less manly, make them all have happy relationships with a princess back on their home continents, and travelling here to help stop the Dragon Queen

>If you want to go the shonen harem anime protagonist route, make the Knight the newest recruit in the Knight Guild, and he has to rescue the princesses in order for him to become a true Knight. The other companions are full Knights helping the hero on his quest. Not necessarily mutually exclusive with the first one.



I like the first option.


File: 7aac7df61f3c43b⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2550x2139, 850:713, Bull V Cuck.png)








I'm not gonna lie, I'm completely crushed that no one went for a way better knight. (That and because I've been working on this for two hours thinking he would be received better)

But you know what… unlike towerfaggot, I care about what you guys think, and I most certainly do not want to steal this game and make it all about me again, unlike what towerfaggot is trying to do. If you guys approve of him as a back up bro, Good, then I'm glad to help, and fully intend on continuing to do my best to help out. I'll try my hand on more costume sprites later in the week, and perhaps try my hand at princesses.

That being said, if the new creator wants more Bull Knight/Crusader Knight material for the game, I'm down.



lel, I don't know, I just googled "free RPG engines" because everyone seems to hate rpgmaker.



Also, I don't think he should go after any of the in game princesses. A real bro wouldn't do that. …Even to a cuck.

I see if I can't make a backround princess for him.


File: 3c37aa623e9e9dc⋯.png (50.19 KB, 430x300, 43:30, Original Knight.PNG)



Best part is that's probably one of the easiest things to do with this game engine, character sprite, portrait, + the text. Just be decent at story writing to make what they're saying interesting.

Of course no reason that has to be the only thing that happens with other Knights. Quests for temporary alliances would also be possible, no reason to have them be COMPLETELY that.

(Especially with Knight Princess being a thing and all.)


First option sounds better, they could also be rescuing offscreen generic princesses or just not princess rescuing and doing other Knight things.

Second option kind of railroads the self-insert PCs origins.


Problem is that TowerFaggot did not create that Knight, picture related is one of the earlier depictions of the TowerGirls Knight from various comics.

So that aggression is probably misplaced especially since there's no real avatar for TowerFag for you to have beat on in fictional pictures.

The meme maker(s?) just gave him a Carl the Cuck head if I recall.


File: 198cc4b46587bd3⋯.png (153.23 KB, 481x395, 481:395, Essentially something like….PNG)



Something I threw together very shittily in a minute with photoshoop.

Hell, you could also toss a fedora on the knight instead or a cuck t-shirt or SOMETHING that makes it clear it's cuck knight, not the regular knight.



If you wanted to play the joke straighter, there is holstarus princess in the NTR version that doesn't join in the faction wars and can't currently be recruited.


I'm tired as fuck so I'll say I like the idea of the bro-knight as a Luigi character that ultimately wants to help you and give you hints. No turn or twists or any shit, just a comedic relief with his stories and hints.

I also must say that the idea of a Knight Guild helping you is kinda retarded, you already have the princesses for that, so knights in your party or something is stupid, unless you can create those in your kingdom and they work as soldiers for you, you know, to fight the Dragon Princesses and Queen.

Lastly >>126299

I was going to defend "her" because I thought "she" was kinda cute. But never mind.


File: 3c003cad5ad55a6⋯.png (69.77 KB, 270x250, 27:25, benis on 'girl'.PNG)


Was the cow'girl' always futa?

Damn shame because that's half a fetish I like and half I don't.



I was not aware he went with that version, but it's not suprising.



I like this 100%


I was aware of him being the first knight, but I assumed the knight was supposed to be a blank sheet for you to self insert yourself onto. That led me to believe people wouldn't be attatched to him. I guess with Towerfaggot shitting up the fandom I just began to subconsciously associate him with the toothpick armed knight. Welp, that's now changed!


Also, what's a better colour for the MC? I picked mint green because it seems like a really gay colour, or something I'd paint a 1963 buick skylark. Does navy blue work better for a hero? Or a darker shade of green? I say no to gray because that would make the scarf get lost on the helmet and chainmail.




We can always take a look at the charts. And yup. Damn shame.


He is, in fact, I was thinking if I should make him mute and have everything revolve around his choices rather than his talking, unless you select white or black knight, so Sir Knight would actually be the neutral knight. And yes, well, he is the figure of the whole thing, maybe as important as the princesses despite the blank slate status. Consider that the whole "I came to rescue" is a comic where he appears.


Look at the pic, his standard design should be good enough, or you don't like it? What would you change?



Boy princess, Nomad princess and Holstaur princess were all futa, I think there was a pattern of having 1 futa each chart at one point? theres certainly times when shes been drawn without the dick, its always been controversial. But I think the original concept had a dick. You can tell for sure if a princess has a dick or not because the icon next to their lust stat bar on the charts has two male symbols instead of 1 male 1 female like normal.



I say keep the standard red colors from his original sheet. Red works pretty well.




>Second option kind of railroads the self-insert PCs origins.

I suppose I'm just degenerate weeb scum then. Ah well. ;__;


>You can tell for sure if a princess has a dick or not because the icon next to their lust stat bar on the charts has two male symbols instead of 1 male 1 female like normal.

If that's the case, then what's the deal with >>126316 ?



Futa is a shit so change her to a true Holstaur, but have knight do a boss battle with Mino In-Law and some encounters from cucks


wasn't there a cow princess who was basically a non futa version of holstaurus princess?


File: 7bb78ad9e3acdb9⋯.gif (647.93 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 0f00577c1ac0196704f48bdff8….gif)


I like the idea of him being a mentor for the PC or something like that, one that drops the PC in the deep end for his own good and wonders aloud whether he'll look like more of a faggot with or without his helmet on. He could either get killed by the main antagonist, or he goes off on a pilgrimage in a faraway land, telling the PC to sub for him whilst he's gone but taking his waifu's with him on pilgrimage of course. I just think that if he's a recurring main character, he'll just steal the PC's thunder, because, let's face it – he just looks more fucking manly.



>Damn shame because that's half a fetish I like and half I don't.

You're preaching to the choir anon, that's how I feel about H-games in general.

>TFW really like demon girls aesthetic

>Demon girls are frequently made "evil for the sake of being evil" or easy and gross sluts most of the time instead of just being another kind of monster girl.

>This kills the boner

>Don't like angel girl aesthetic

>Almost always pure/likeable


In before a shill recommends me that MGQ shit for the umpteenth time.


>Blank sheet PCs

Nothing wrong with self-insert mute protagonists like say every Dragon Quest PC ever and other earlier RPG protags.

They're not at all synonymous with beta or cuckfaggotry at all. When done correctly your character is only as lame or badass as you imagine them to be.


Could always include a sprite sheet for every main color and let people choose what they want to use for their PC on character creation.

Or buyable "outfits" that switch the spritesheet or something like that.


>Mute Choices dialogue etc

Someone tossed around the idea of using a fairy or sidekick of some sort to do the "talking" to other characters as is tend to be done occasionally for mute PCs. Then again, that's kind of a big addition and would require some thought if that's what you want to do as that's kind of something you can't inch out of halfway through. A sidekick can help to take the 'lame' off of the blank slate PC and serves more as a dense everyman to explain things in laymans terms so your character doesn't ask stupid questions or make uncool and cringe statements.

You can also look at the Persona series for an example of how to make a self-insert PC without making them fedora all over the place.


I thought so too, I think >>126308 posted one of the variants?


File: 0c8d88e02de9311⋯.png (110.83 KB, 472x494, 236:247, nomad.png)

File: fa2551817c74162⋯.png (98.78 KB, 447x466, 447:466, boy.png)


Probably an oversight or something


File: 8a7d19a48e8e9ae⋯.png (491.89 KB, 700x990, 70:99, 3fcc07c3dd569b64f782af0085….png)

File: f1a0c523573c0ff⋯.png (417.57 KB, 700x990, 70:99, fb17e741c97034f9443cec5512….png)

File: ecaa9d16071eaff⋯.png (474.48 KB, 700x990, 70:99, aeb52855857afa59ba809b3151….png)

File: d46ceac52b539e4⋯.png (351.77 KB, 700x990, 70:99, 393fbdd1798b666309c0b4797d….png)

I think we've all forgotten something important, the predecessor of the tower girls knight, and I think it fits well with what we're talking about


File: 9defb512da8ed66⋯.jpg (272.64 KB, 662x888, 331:444, 02dd017837ba30c343cbfc38e1….jpg)


and another



To be honest fam, I like it that even though you dislike cuck content, you're still giving players the choice of whether they want to experience that content or not, something that Towerfag had never considered. So, if you wanna get rid of Futa, it's still your call, but if you wanna carry on from your own set of examples would it be possible to give players a choice for that option as well? Speaking on behalf of those who enjoy Futa, there's already such a small representation of it in this saga as is, so people in my position don't have as much in that regard there are more non-futa than futa after all but I know a lot of people don't like it, and, unlike furfags, I wouldn't deliberately try to be a belligerent faggot and try to push it on people, or flamboyantly post it wherever I wanted. It just would be a shame to see Holstaurus princess neutered, especially seeing as she is my fave princess and Towerfag didn't even give me the choice of whether or not I could persue.



Holy shit, you're right! I will fucking include this as a mentor/bro-tier guy who gives you hints and generally is just looking for a way to fuck off with his own waifu. His waifu is pending.


Sounds good. Since the game will be redone, the silent character seems like a better choice. The bro knight helps you through the first dungeon, then you rescue Kobold princess, and as so, there won't be a need for him anymore.


Not really. I mean, the princess is already in so I will include her, although I personally don't want to work on her. However, we are supposed to follow the charts closely, so changing her is indeed not correct, as much as it pains me. I guess you could find a way to make her not futa, but that might come later, she is a gen 3 princess anyway.



if you can get the rooster bell that boy princess has as a lust bonus, thats an item from the chart that reverses targets sexes, although that requires taking boy princess and getting him to max lust, but yknow, its an option. Or yknow, could just use one of the items that lets you steal/copy lust items to take the bell and then get holstaur or something. Just some spitballs.



>but I guess towerfag did it to avoid some kind of fps drop for loading a big world

The scripts he stole likely have a meshing error that causes large maps to experience a large frame drop. It's pretty much the same thing that happens when you introduce a line-of-sight event on a large map.

There's a keyboard combo in RPGMaker Ace that lets you copy/paste map tiles, just don't remember what it was. Just use that after expanding the map.



The skelly patting always gives me a chuckle, that's good silly fun.



it really is the best part

>guys cut that out seriously



>Bro/mentor etc

Keep in mind his design is a bit different from the Bull Knight anons, so you'll need to do either an new sprite sheet or a chunk of editing if that was your plan.



we could probably have a few knights

maybe pull a getting the band back together quest



I think you should have config options to toggle whether or not divisive content like futa or gay sex is enabled or not, and change the game accordingly. I remember Breeding Season did this and I liked that feature a lot.


What if we took the <insert princess here> from the original artsheets and made it into an actual princess? She could be like an armless mannequin. She could be named insert princess.



>generally is just looking for a way to fuck off with his own waifu

He seems to be pretty indifferent to the kobold, something to keep in mind.


While i'm not into the traps and futas i think they should stay in if only due to them being in the original sheets.




should be optional, but definitely a features of the princesses that feature it. Its just the sort of thing that will cause somea majority of players to completely ignore a given princess.



*cocks shotgun*

Git out.



Holstaur is a futa, Boy, Nomad and Djinn are boys.



Are you scared of everything that has a dick?


Don't just write random words.



>*cocks shotgun*



I think the problem with your pitch is that you called him the "bull knight", which still related to NTR.

I think people (me included) got put off by association.



I was actually thinking the same thing, because the helmet didn't exactly have bull horns on the side or anything like that.




lol, I was taking a shot at towerfag, but that's a very valid crit of the presentation.


File: 8cfcf01f8dc19d6⋯.png (165.86 KB, 499x361, 499:361, 195145460890229183725231e6….png)






File: 0a30193799d3671⋯.webm (1.24 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1432382824552.webm)


Please be real




Give her arms and I'd love it. Make her dowries and gift randomly chosen across all other princess's available options.


I absolutely agree.


>Are you scared of everything that has a dick?

I know this might come as a shock to you, but some people aren't massive faggots.


12/10 damage control, absolutely no way this could backfire.



Just letting you guys know that the files being removed and the people being banned is not something we(Board Vols and BO) did. It's a global volunteer action.

Post last edited at



>typo turned it into a trip code

Post last edited at


Good job guys, you got us DMCA'd.


File: 1fb06eb6839bbc0⋯.png (577.55 KB, 582x824, 291:412, 1fb06eb6839bbc0389eeb2adb5….png)

>Banning and Deleting Images over a false DMCA claim

This is pathetic. The reason these have so much power is because people bend their ass over to them no matter the context, and what exactly is it that Towerfaggot is objecting to? Someone using assets from his product in their own non-profit products? Oh no, no one has ever done that before! Mods, I realise it's the entire site that could be at stake here, but please, grow a fucking spine, otherwise people like Towercunt will walk all over you.



Kys Towercunt.



It looks pretty legit, and apparently it was a global volunteer that did it rather than one of us.

I would of said fuck off even if he had legal authority honestly and taken his ass to court but he's gone over our heads.



Well I was thinking about going to /sudo/ about it, but I think it would come with more authority if a board volunteer or BO from /hgg/ did it.



DMCA is cancer, but until it's gone better to not endanger entire website for NTR porn game.


What a faggot.


Toss some feedback at Towerfags email if you really are upset about this, i'm sure he'll love to hear from all of you. At the same time. His emails up in that /delete/ thread.



I'm at work right now. Towerfag uses stolen scripts anyway, and he justifies himself with "it's free". Maybe we can fuck him over with that.

Also, whether the pictures here are taken down or not is irrelevant. The game can be easily decrypted but for convenience sake, I posted them here and I probably won't stop. Let's keep the good work, faggots.

>A cuck get's mad because his beloved possession is taken away by force by someone better than him



The faggot is probably secretly getting off to this as we speak.



Well, what did you expect to happen, exactly?

He cucked you out of your thread.

I may be shilling but I be shilling the one who puts some effort in what he does.



>Well I was thinking about going to /sudo/ about it, but I think it would come with more authority if a board volunteer or BO from /hgg/ did it.

Shure it is worth a shot but I don't really see anything happening at best and Jim going full hunter mode extreme on the ass of the mod at second to worst.


It's always good to clarify just in case.


>I'm at work right now. Towerfag uses stolen scripts anyway, and he justifies himself with "it's free". Maybe we can fuck him over with that.

Does he give credit for them?

if not hang his feet over boiling coals.


>The faggot is probably secretly getting off to this as we speak.

Thanks my brain has reached it's break point.



There are means to making life harder for good goy's. I.e broken/hashed/passworded links/files.


But surly it would be a burner though.



People can't put really put as much effort in if they get constantly threatened with legal action can they, you pandering retard.



I'm still waiting on that proof that you're actually towerfag

Man, you'd think I would be used to typing out the goddamn hotpocket tag without making any mistakes by now.

Post last edited at



I know you guys hate IDs but.. Tbh fam, it just enables samefagging and trying to work out who is who, with very little trade off except increased anonymity.



Then do it silently and release when it's done.

It is how you should make romhacks and mods to games.

Also you can drop it on another websites, so towercuck won't see it.



Hue Hue


Meh, 2 days is a pretty soft warning ban for "we have to delete this, it's the law." Dev's a dick. If you're that upset, break out the MS Paint and make your own lewds of the tower girls assraping him and his lawyers.


File: 18c6ade90ce5792⋯.png (34.92 KB, 1666x756, 119:54, Towercuck.png)


Towerfag is definitely watching this thread, but even so, I would hope that all of us here were thinking this. Maybe we need a discord or something?


Say no more fam.



Not really. The game can still be opened. DMCA can be avoided by not posting his assets, but if we do modify the assets and post them there shouldn't be a problem if it's different enough. Also, I expected Towerfag to not be a fag, but turns out his smirk posts just hide how fucking pissed and aroused he is. The guy have to be buttblasted to take legal action over an autist learning coding still.


Here is the funny thing, I'm sure he doesn't have a copyright over the girls or the simple design of the knight. Say if we do sprite sheets for the girls, we really need to do it different? It's a fucking sprite.


Hard to do when it's a collective work. But I do agree with you. It would be done to namefag about it or something, though. Let's just wait for towercuck to look somewhere else and I'll just keep going. Once I have the dungeons I'll post them and integrate them to the game. Those would be ours so no DMCA.



Surely a non profit modification of the original game is not legitimate grounds for filing a DMCA?



Did you just covertly prove that towerfag samefags? I mean, we had enough of reasons to think he was but no real actual proof until now.



It shouldn't be, but the law is fuzzy about this sort of thing. If Towercuck actually has the stones to lawyer up I'm sure that jew could find a loophole somewhere.



It shouldn't be, otherwise mods wouldn't exist. Hell, posting the assets here shouldn't be ground for it either, we are not getting any profit from it, if that was the case we shouldn't be able to even post screenshots of the game.



I hate how fucked the judicial system is man, it just gives people like Towercuck the precedence to do whatever the fuck he wants because $$$



Towergirls is not copyrighted, the assets are though, by Gats.

I have rights of exclusive use over Gats artworks I'm using in my game, meaning no even Gats can use them in other projects, only I can.

It'd be fine if you just worked on it without reusing what's mine.

I'll do the same in any other channel or forum where I see something like what happened here. It's not about me being a big meanie, I'm just doing what's between my rights.



No, discord also listen DMCA complaints.


Then just change every art inside game and use RPG maker as base.

He can't use DMCA on setting and characters.

He isn't IP owner.

It even didn't have one to begin with.




Wait a second, I know Gats is compliant in this, but he's the one who made the original slides correct? And Towerfag, was Gats ever complacent about his original concept being turned into a fetishism for cuckoldry? Well, I know Gats might have a lot to lose by cutting dry and dialing it in, but if he wanted to cut short and join the team that wants to stay more true to the original – his concept – then I'm sure you'd be kinda rowing down that famous creek with no paddle, eh?

Question is, would Gats be based enough to leave Towercuck in the dust, renegotiate a contract/do different art for our version, and let Towerfag return to the dust from whence he came? Seems like a stab in the dark, but if Gats is based, surely he'd at least consider it and drop this cuckold? Let's face it, he'd secretly enjoy it, so in actuality everyone would benefit from this scenario.



Hey cuck, you forgot your trip while same fagging.

Do you understand the concept of what a mod is, right? Imagine if every copyright owner of games shut down mods, the Skyrim/Oblivion/Sims 3 threads nor mods would exist. Why so mad about it? Do you want us to ask you for permission? Are you afraid we can do better? Well, we will, at least I will. Also, I'll keep boycotting your game, you even added more fuel. You should have learned by now that you can't reason with autism, and you weren't relevant at all until you started namefagging.



Look itt and I was looking for a way to contact Gats for that same question. Looks like it, but even if that was the case I wonder how willing he is to also help us, but that will probably cost money, and I sure as hell don't want to start a patreon.



It would be worth to try, but Towerfag made Patreon to pay for assets for game.

It could be difficult to do for /hgg/.

Especially, when majority people here hate patreon and take pride in not giving money to any projects.


File: c8f58137a039fc4⋯.jpg (195.26 KB, 357x378, 17:18, vivtratit.jpg)


What a huge fucking faggot you are, faggot.




That would be our project though.

I mean, think about it, we get a dream game and we destroy the dream of a cuck.

Beside, the project doesn't have to remain on /hgg/, it could be spread around as long as NTR is avoided and people stay true to the original concept.

You are right however, it will be hard to convince anyone to leave that shit and even if they do it depends on how many of them remain.

If we want to be in competition we gotta end up having a revenue, can't pay your workers with smugness alone.

I love this however.

It all started with towerfag refusing to change the dialogue of the knight and now we are setting up a project to be in direct competition with him, going as far as steal his scene.


Where's your tripname buddy?

Or did you forget about it while samefagging?




He has a tumblr account here


But you'd need to make an account to get into it.


And here is his twitter page.

Another idea is we ally ourselves with towerfag's enemies, or someone he's managed to estrange somehow.



Well, good luck.


I doubt that Towerfag has that many enemies.


Keep up the good work guys. I've been playing DoS 2 so have missed out on these developments.



You are a huge faggot who got asshurt enough to DMCA people who called you out for being a cuck.


I need the creator of the mod to be on here in about 7ish hours when I get out of work. I know the legal loopholes we can use. He shouldnt have opened his mouth after he dmca'd. He unknowingly just opened himself up, bigly. Towerfag is about to be blown the fuck out. Permanently. This is all I'm going to say for now.

I'm also asking a mod permission in allowing us to tripfag, seeing as how we are now developers.



You best be telling the truth anon. Better screencap and archive this thread, just to be sure.



>Towerfag is about to be blown the fuck out. Permanently.


He he he, Doesn't making a DMCA give us access to his dox?


File: 48bd83cf39240f3⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 48bd83cf39240f312963632d7e….jpg)

>anon says he knows loopholes in the DMCA

>false flag fag immediately shows up




Holy shit it's Trump.



>I doubt that Towerfag has that many enemies.

I'm fairly certain Towerfag supporters are outnumbered by dissidents at least 3:1 in this thread. Could be as high as 5:1 depending how much samefagging Towerfag is doing.


I'm skeptical, but I'll be lurking the thread to see what you're up to.



I also went to the liberty of creating a thread over on /v/ since I wanted to raise awareness, and it is still vidya related.





Let's just say his own lazyness and desire to paint himself as a victim caused him to fuck up and provide us with something. No, this has nothing to do with dox, but I hold no responsibility for the actions of other anons.


File: ed47937546c2f2b⋯.jpg (149.38 KB, 500x550, 10:11, NatImportant.jpg)


You guys should be throwing a much bigger fit over this, this shouldn't be a site that functions like fucking youtube's moderation system. Make some new meme or whatnot and call the global mod a "youcuck" or whatever until this shit is addressed.



What you SHOULD be doing is starting an article on ED, because even though this shit was funny, it's about to get HILARIOUS. Seriously, good job. Spread this shit as far as you can.


>false flag

No one claimed to be planning anything illegal. In fact everything that's going to happen is completely legal. I do not condone any illegal actions. I won't say more for now.


It's gonna be a fun night regardless.



Do it on /cow/


Why did you DMCA'd people Towercuck




For me it started as an innocent fetish for making my woman happy during sex. Alot of anxiety problems led to that fetish and I never wanted to have sex where the woman was unhappy at the end of it. Since alot of women fake orgasm I started getting into dominant women who I "knew" were into it. Eventually I got into futas because they can't possible fake cumming. That led to futas dominating me.


In which RPGMaker Towercuck made it?

Did someone saved images with twenty kind of cum including Golem oil , gameplay mechanic behind it and quests which force you to NTR?





RPG Maker VX Ace. Also, no, but I can easily get it for you. Give me 2 hours to get home. You can also look for it yourself in items and common events under rape.






I completely agree, which is why I posted >>126441 shortly after it happened, but it seems a more delicate touch is required, which definitely makes sense seeing as the outcome of this is still uncertain as of yet.


We can start with all of that jazz once we see the final result. I'm sure some anons will archive footage in anycase.


You guys should have IDs on this board



Thank you, but I need to go to trade school early tommorow.

Can you post it here and on /v/ thread?



I am constantly bugging BO about it.



He isn't a -fag now, he's towercuck



>but it seems a more delicate touch is required

Provided that's really the right way right now, I'd say that at the very least the moderation of this board should look into it.




Please only namefag when you have released something playable.



Do you have some new info about that DMCA?

If not when I can expect it?



if he does that, how are we to know when the anon is floating ideas?



You can probably tell for my somewhat broken english and the fact that I will be working with the game. I seriously don't like the idea of namefagging yet, and I still don't know if the patreon is a good idea, and there is a good chance it isn't.

There wasn't a site where anons put their money towards a goal and


File: 5ea57278e486236⋯.png (216.74 KB, 636x525, 212:175, Untitled.png)


No new info, the email in the /delete/ posts can be found in the official towergirls blog(pic related) if you search using it so it's legitimate. As far as I know DMCA notices are filed directly to the site owner/global vols/etc, board vols and board owners not in the global volunteers group probably have no method you guys can't use yourselves(keep an eye on /delete/) to know about an approved or pending DMCA takedown. The only thing we can really do is unban, and try to salvage what's left when the global vols sweep through.

Post last edited at




I took those from his blog. The faggot DMCAed a public build he posted, a sprite he posted, and an ability sheet he posted.

https://archive.is/FR84x evidence of the mega link

https://archive.is/YD3g1 evidence of the sprite and ability sheet.



>DMCA notices are filed directly to the site owner/global vols/etc, board vols and board owners not in the global volunteers group probably have no method you guys can't use yourselves(keep an eye on /delete/) to know about an approved or pending DMCA takedown

Fuck, that's terrible. You really shouldn't just decide there's nothing that can be done in that regard though, it's definitely still something that should be complained loudly enough about until it can't be easily ignored.




I should later make thread on /sudo/ about this, after this shitstorm.

To make BOs being able to receive them and able to talk about them too.




Fuck no, do it NOW, when it's actually relevant.



do it now


Is there an album anywhere with all the gifs in the game?



we cant spoonfeed you that kind of information right now with towercuck DMCAing the threads



Do it now. It sucks that you can say "hurr the boars owner ignored me" and get away with it. I bet GVs didn't even understood what was happening. BO should be contacted to consent or try to reason, and erase or not if that's not the case.

How hilarious is that Towerfag even deleted things he posted himself? And he goes and whine in his circlejerk.





Now hope for best.


I could have done OP better though.




Just in case of worst possible scenario, I archived the thread for you.



Thank you.

I must admit Towerfaggot thread on /v/ went to full on /pol/ and zap a fag very quickly.

It should be redone later.



Agreed. Almost like D&C shills jumped on it. The thread crashed with no survivors, maybe we wait for LegalAnons miracle before posting there again or something although the debate over faggotry will continue regardless.


File: 7b5f01ef48fc18a⋯.png (167.8 KB, 344x461, 344:461, I'm doing my best to imagi….png)


You can't DMCA me calling you a cuck faggot, cuck faggot.



There's at least one phoneposter trying to stir shit there, judging by his autocorrect. There has been a rash of gay derailment on /v/ in the last month or so though, more than usual anyway.



You're an impprtant part in this. /v/ doesn't really care for this stuff, this is more /cow/'s speed. I'll say this… So long as you or another anon wants to do the rpgmaker end of things, this game WILL continue, and we CAN post the assets; and the only thing towercuck will be able to do is sit there and take it like a fucking bitch.


File: 4d9cd696be0de3b⋯.jpg (32.66 KB, 1428x328, 357:82, 4d9cd696be0de3b85c1d8e6a24….jpg)


Autistic /v/irgin who spends at the very least 10 hours here.

I can attest to that, last 3 weeks have been fucking awful and its obvious people who don't belong are shitting up the board.



>phone poster

Heh heh

>raises hand.


>Shitload of images deleted

>Many of them having nothing to do with the cuck version of TowerGirls

>Volunteer doesn't know the goddamn situation nor did he invest any time due to being a blatant newfaggot who doesn't even know the goddamn origins of TowerGirls.




This, especially considering some of the deleted posts weren't his assets to begin with.

A lot of the original TowerGirls images got deleted and he has no claim to those being created way back on 4chan, nor does he have claim to the designs by proxy.

May want to consider talking to the other TowerGirls game maker as this has a chance of exploding into cancer that may wind up fucking them over also.



I know, but it's better if more anons have evidence of meltdowns.

Experience from major meltdowns. Including exodus and GG.


It was rather awful.

Just report them, if it gets TRULY BAD resort to global one.




I've been advocating for the banning of mobile whenever it comes up, any anon worth his salt can get around it anyway


File: 2f215c3fdeaf979⋯.jpg (164.58 KB, 607x572, 607:572, artistic chen.jpg)

Towerfag, if you can read this, I dare you to tell us where you live. I will personally rape you for scamming us all. No homo though.



Get out, cucklord.


>wake up

>all my drawings are gone

>everythings gone

>find out towerfag dmca'ed us

Is it even safe to repost my drawings?



only if you put a signature on it.



Sure, they are YOURS, Global Vol was just being a fucking idiot when he deleted everything.


File: 3c7e83ec2e94fb9⋯.png (126 KB, 271x297, 271:297, smug liru.png)


Just post non-h pics of knights enjoying a monogamous and healthy lifestyle with their waifus, all the couples having a picnic in the fields. It will trigger the fuck out of him, trust me.



Your drawings are yours after all. It makes no sense for him to have them deleted.


Enable ID's.



this >>126594 is a good plan you need to do it for reasons


File: 6a0cf07934e04aa⋯.png (2.22 KB, 231x270, 77:90, koboldwaifu.png)

File: 5cce4c1cfd7f819⋯.png (5.98 KB, 261x487, 261:487, ohsirknight.png)


I was working on a kinda lewd one last night but i want critique on it and with all this stuff happening i feel like i should wait for things to resolve at least a bit before i post it, i dunno.

I guess i'll draw some more romantic stuff til then.