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File: b6201f480bd993a⋯.jpg (221.84 KB, 1491x1080, 497:360, hotu3.jpg)


>What is NWN/HoTU?

Possibly the best D&D port of 3.5 rulesets into game form to ever be released. Neverwinter Nights (NWN), Shadows of Undrentide (SoU), and Hordes of The Underdark (HoTU) were the three main campaign modules released in that order for the game engine, but HoTU is a sequel to SoU while NWN is a standalone campaign (Hint: HoTU is the best, these were from the glory days of Bioware before they sold out to EA). The game had an active modding community that released hundreds (if not thousands) of modules, many of them longer than the campaigns themselves, for people to play. Some people even went as far as to recreate the Ravenloft campaigns into game form. The devs even released CEP files which were files that didn't make it into the game along with developer files for traditional D&D creatures and such for modders to use, and they collaborated with the PRC project to introduce even MORE tabletop classes into the game. Shit is cash, and if you don't know about this game you're either a fag or underageb&.

>Alright, but what does this have to do with porn?

This game is quickly approaching abandonware status, and the NWN vault has undergone some major rehauls that killed off a lot of the old content, but there's still a shit ton of adult modules out there to be played. I'm partially sharing this so we can get a module repository going and partially because of the above facts.

>Alright, I'm sold. Where do I get it?

I have a copy of my old file here (14GB): https://mega.nz/#!2lUHBJxZ!EXaWxE8Y_u1gshDQFigo6Lxx3CbiNe7YrZZaabY11oY

That being said, that file is about 6 years old from a 10+ year old disk, has undergone massive deletes/reuploads, and has survived three computer transfers. It's pretty fucked (you need to save a game twice for it to read properly, hakpaks are missing, you are NOT able to use it for online gaming since it has my CD key so it'll boot you out of online games that now check CD keys if I've ever even once browsed that online game (or someone else does) since you have a different IP address, etc.). If you want to have a non-niggerrigged copy of the game, I suggest you buy it on GoG for $10 or get a hard copy from Amazon for $16 and just transfer over the relevant module/hakpak/music files. The official campaigns alone are worth a full priced $60 game in today's market, so you're getting your money's worth and then some.

As I said above though, you can buy it on Good Old Games for $10 if you want online access and premium module access: https://www.gog.com/game/neverwinter_nights_diamond_edition

Request your unique CD key here after buying it: www.gog.com/en/support/neverwinter_nights_diamond_edition/online_play_in_neverwinter_nights_diamond

>So what's included that's adult related?

First off, lemme point out some important files:

<1. LETO: It lets you alter character stats out-of-game and set up scenarios and characters you want

<2. CEP: I think I got the last CEP release as well as the last PRC release, so you shouldn't need to download any CEP resources and such when installing other modules. PRC can and will fuck shit up, so I don't suggest using it outside the official campaigns and maybe certain hack'n'slash modules

<3. tlk/hakpaks: My files are chock full of these fuckers. I don't even know which ones you need any more, but this is a fraction of all of them I had at one point. Originally my NWN folder was over 30GB, most of that being hakpaks.

<4. The Toolset for modding or adjusting shit as you see fit. I was making mods for this game back when I was fucking 14 (I'm in my 20s now) so you can imagine how easy it is to use (unless you wanna make custom hak files and such).

As for adult games, on this install you've got…

>A Dance With Rogues

The first one was fucking amazing despite containing an optional cuckqueen scene later in the module. You play as a female rogue-like character and solve puzzles, kill baddies, sleep with people for information, and fuck around (sometimes quite literally). Second one was a shit, but it completed the series. There's even a fucking wiki!

>A Dance With Spies

Spinoff series of ADWR

>Always Winter Nights

First game was just a dude fucking around with the toolset. Second game is a dude fucking around with the toolset again, but now with porn!


>Whips & Chains (Dark Lord)

>Dragon Caves Expanded

Just a little (dialogue only) sex mod

>Gladiatrix I-III

Gladiatrix series. It's a little more fetishy than I'd like but the roleplaying is legit

>Miss Jones Spirit

>Save The Princess!

Fun little sex mod after you hack'n'slash through some PC-crashing areas. I suggest saving when you get to the princess room, and then you'll have access to both the princess and the wizard bonus scenes.

>Sex & The Single Adventuress

More of an lol sex module than anything, but when I was younger this was the module that got me off multiple times. It's good old fun.

>Teen Bloom

A project I stole from over on LoK. It can't be saved (save files will corrupt), and it's a fucking pain/takes forever to play through, so probably not worth it other than for seeing what is possible "modern-wise" with the engine

>The Wink & Kiss

It's a little too "realistic rapey" on the female side for me to properly enjoy it, but it's still an enjoyable sex module that makes use of positions and such

>Help! Something's not working! Spoonfeed me!

Nigger, did you fucking hear when I said this file is probably fucking unstable as shit? Fuck this, fuck you! Launch NWNMain, maybe use compatibility mode for XP if you have to, and if that doesn't fix it you'll have to shell out 10 bucks on GoG or find a GoG torrent of the game since that's the only way to get it DRM-free, which you should be more than capable of doing. If a module isn't working because it's missing a file, then go online, find the module, and insert the files into the proper folders. If you can't fucking do this much, then the only thing you deserve is a bullet to the brain you illiterate little shit. I bet you're fucking underageb& and afraid to fuck with your computer files.

>Are there any neat tricks to know?

If you save a game, you're saving all the information attached. That means you get ridiculous large game save files, but in exchange if you ever accidentally delete something, as long as you have the hakpak resources/tlk files still installed, the game will still play even if the module itself is missing. Missing music files should just make the game silent rather than making it unplayable.

>What's not included?

Even though this is the Diamond Edition, there were some fuckups from all the transfers that have made the premium modules unplayable/undownloadable since it's no longer recognized as "installed" (hence why you can play it from the mega link file). This won't affect anything in terms of adult modules, but if you want to play for instance, infinite dungeons or Darkness over Daggerford which are fucking great modules, you're shit out of luck unless you go and buy an official game copy (or find a pirated version of those modules that has the DRM stripped out).

>What about online usage?

As I mentioned above, don't fucking bother unless you buy your own copy. The online community was great, but gamespy is dead and NWNScry (the main site for finding direct IP links, see: http://www.nwnlist.com/# it's not comprehensive and there's other server lists, but a buddy made it so I'm gonna shill it) shows that many of the servers are dying. On top of that, I was being nice and giving you my copy of NWN instead of making you torrent it yourself, so you're using my CD key and you'll likely get auto-booted from most servers if your IP doesn't match up with mine and I've logged into their servers before (which is increasingly likely if English is your first language given how old the game is and how few online communities are still around). If you buy a GoG copy because you really want to play online modules, make sure to ask them for a fresh CD key because it comes packaged with the standard key for all copies (or just pay the $16 to own an official hard disk copy from Amazon).

>But I heard Sinfar…

We don't fucking talk about those abominations called "Social Servers." You want to talk about some people fucked up in the head? How about the folks on NWN Social Servers who've consistently logged in for the last decade to roleplay fucking dogs and three-boobed eldritch horrors, anon. Just drop it.

>NWN is shit as a D&D game! Play Baulder's Gate or Icewind Dale!

Everything is shit compared to Baulder's Gate and Icewind Dale. Fuck this, fuck you. NWN has aged much better than most games, and it's fucking great on its own before we even get into all the adult modules. All the older D&D games ran on 2.0 (or a mix of 2.0/3.0) which was arguably the best version, but this game is based on 3.5th edition D&D. Stop comparing Titos to Svedka just because they both have "Vodka" written on them.

>NWN 2 is better

Neck yourself, fucking mouth breathing retard.

As for unincluded modules that you can download yourself…


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'd post the links directly, but 8chan will spazz out because of link limitations. Therefore adult module links can be found here…



Ahhh, NWN. Still got the original discs for all 3 of them. I just loved the amazing persistent world servers. Good ol' times.



>but HoTU is a sequel to SoU while NWN is a standalone campaign

HoTU is a sequel to NWN, NOT SoU. SoU is the standalone campaign.


File: db573f8fbedc861⋯.jpg (28.47 KB, 329x244, 329:244, breeding_elf_opinion.jpg)


>HoTU is a sequel to NWN, NOT SoU. SoU is the standalone campaign.

Nah, it's the other way around, m8. You're thinking that because the NWN companions are in HoTU, but if you play through the beginning sequence of Chapter 1 HoTU and listen to Deekin, it'll remind you right quick that it's the SoU sequel.



Then how did we manage to convince Aribeth in HotU and talk to her about the conversation we had in the last chapter (4 iirc?) of NWN.

It's been literal ages since I played the story, probably 12-14 years by now. But I do remember a couple of "You remember we did this back in NWN?" talks.

That doesn't really work if it's a standalone campaign, right?




So I just realized I didn't include one of the better old mods some French chick made back in the day called Kunoichi. here you go, anons: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/module/kunoichi-complete-english-version


They were henchmen reminiscing about the hero of Neverwinter. I believe the scene you're thinking of is when Aribeth is breaking the fourth wall by saying you remind her of the hero of Neverwinter.


Reccing A Dance With Rogues and Gladiatrix, the rest are meh.

Real shame that ADRW expanded got dropped back in 2014 or so.



>ADWR expanded

Wait, what? What was that about?


Too bad modders didn't put the same effort into NWN2.

Modules like 16cygni are quite enjoyable.


File: 0495826e66a9425⋯.png (15.56 KB, 96x96, 1:1, newknight_face.png)


Oh I know those are the good ones from the pre-installed files, but did you see the exhaustive txt file list?


I think it was getting part 2 caught up with all the extension changes she made to part 1. As it stands, part 2 is an ending, but a lot of the encounters are tied to the prior version of part 1 (such as being able to fuck a dragon, or the lack of Tony's existence) that were seriously altered or flat out removed. Part 2 seriously sucked balls compared to part 1 if only because the author tried t turn it into an epic which it clearly wasn't. Also for the sake of transparency, I clicked the ONE FLIRTING OPTION with the Barbarian that managed to convince my Pia to stop having a relationship with my pure princess while still managing to lose virtually all of my companions other than the drow in part 2, but I didn't find out I fucked up until I was 2/3rds through the module, so I was pissed and rage quit after getting back to the surface.



>Also for the sake of transparency, I clicked the ONE FLIRTING OPTION with the Barbarian that managed to convince my Pia to stop having a relationship with my pure princess while still managing to lose virtually all of my companions other than the drow in part 2

I hate when that happens in games. I remember Mass Effect doing something similar if you were nice to certain companions. Didn't Part 2 end on a cliffhanger or something, though? I only played Part 1.


File: b86e42a69b16924⋯.png (129.96 KB, 220x333, 220:333, Piaplaying2.png)


>Didn't Part 2 end on a cliffhanger or something, though? I only played Part 1.

If you don't mind spoilers, you can read the plot for Part 2 here: http://adwr.wikia.com/wiki/Part_2_Extended_Plot

Pretty much it's a cop-out that gives an "ending" to the game, but leaves the plot relatively open. It's pretty dissatisfying (much like part 2 in general), but it's something. The only thing I see as a cannon ending is the return to Delberg Castle, as I can't imagine the MC ever forgiving the Dhorn for everything that transpired by running away, and I also can't see her being stupid enough to kill herself just to take out Arto, who is the one Dhorn she doesn't absolutely despise as well as killing off her whole family from the demon pox.

>I hate when that happens in games.

To make matters worse, Part 2 pretty much forces you to take on the Barbarian character that fucks relationships up unless you multiclass as a fighter/ranger or use the DebugMode cheats due to how tough some of the encounters are, and if you multiclass as a fighter or ranger, you get fucked over hardcore because the second part has a much stronger emphasis on high-level locks, traps, etc. that need a high rogue level to beat.

I love Part 1, and Part 2 isn't a bad module, but it's frustrating as hell if you don't use a walk-through or debug mode cheats to get the approximate results you're going for. The part 2 game pretty much forces you to slut it up or be evil to not get fucked over even though part 1 gave you the option to play a relatively "pure" or "good" route and just miss out on certain aspects like Tony's questline or the revenge questline (which made sense since the consequences of not slutting it up would be being unable to get information from prostitution to murder whatstheirfaces in revenge). Not that it made much sense how the game gives convenient plot armor to prevent you from using a raise dead scroll you have access to by that point on Caron.



Pig Disgusting.

You didn't even recommend Swordflight the best NWN module of all time.




We're discussing mainly adult modules, not the good modules for playing, anon. Otherwise I would have mentioned it.


Oh finally, and excuse to complain about Vico. God I hate that character, and I hate that ADWR seemingly inspired other characters like him in later adult mods. I don't mind his "bad boy" attitude or his unavoidable rape scene at the start of the game. What I do mind, however, is that he is a god damn tease! Until he finally tries to bed your character halfway through part two, every interaction with him can be summed up in;

Vico - "I really want to fuck you again."


>"Go fuck yourself!"

>"That is improper!"


>"Right here, right now? I'm game."

>Chooses to let him.

Vico - "I've suddenly decided I don't fancy you at this moment, even though every word of dialog out of my mouth up-until and after this point is about how much I want to fuck you."

Someone who spends as much time thinking and talking about fucking your character as he does wouldn't turn down the myriad of chances you can give him to do so! There were so many possible sex-scenes that just weren't followed through, and a lot of them reached an interesting fetish territory that never got to be explored. Example, when he wanted to fuck you in a barn like a farm-girl, you can offer to make that fantasy come true, and he says no.


File: d9d7c66706e4abb⋯.jpg (34.86 KB, 1009x1167, 1009:1167, feels goodman.jpg)

>played all those mods years before this thread was made



I hate to break it to you anon, but…

>That feeling when you realize you're literally being a hipster



I'm more sadden that for years nothing more has come out, W&K2 and ADWS has some minor updates, nothing else.


File: 3a4a65db7b19045⋯.gif (326.99 KB, 500x273, 500:273, 1432169667187.gif)


There was demonheart which showed potential a couple years ago before the author realized they could make money turning it into a VN on steam. The NWN community has largely been dead since about 2013/2014 short of a few multiplayer servers hanging on by a thread and patch updates tbh fam… The fact that there's still a community at all when the game was released when I was still in grade school is quite a feat in its own right.

>tfw you refuse to upgrade from D&D 3.0/3.5 to 4.0/5.0

>tfw you've grown up with a game across 6+ Operating Systems, only to see it die a slow, cancerous death prolonged only by chemo like DRM-free re-releases and community expansion packs

>tfw you're watching it take its last breaths but desperately want to hold on and keep it alive just a little longer, even though it just makes you suffer more

feels horrible familam.




If I knew jack shit about NWN modding, I'd make something, but I'm pretty busy and don't have much motivation. And it'd probably have fetishes no one but me is interested in.



Huh. I think I know this guy.


File: e318247ca4655a0⋯.gif (846.02 KB, 245x194, 245:194, 1456803427952.gif)

>tfw A Dance with Rogues was written by a middle aged female college professor with a husband and children

I can only hope they grow up and play this wonderful game (and then learn that their mom made it)



>Mom why does my player character get rewarded for being a meat toilet and punished for trying to not be one?

Interesting conversation.



She's married!? Goddamn, I wanted to make it my mission to rail that freaky bitch, I imagined she must have been something else in the bedroom from writing all that dirty smut.. Well, I wish that lucky bastard the best, wherever they both may be.



I've been modding the game since I was like 12 or 14. The toolset included is ridiculous levels of easy to work with, like we're talking take the Oblivion TES construction kit and make it about 100x easier to modify than that, utilize a wizard with tokens to make conversations, etc. I used to make dungeons on the weekdays for my dad to beat on the weekends back when I was still innocent and hadn't discovered the online RP servers/thirsty fucks on them trying to sext me to get their fix.

Most difficult part is getting the hakpaks in the right order and setting up the triggers just right, but if I remember right I always just took a merchant trigger on autowizard for exact placement, and replaced it with whatever I wanted.




Expanded was one guy who wanted to add a ton of sex/encounters to part 1, some to the existing dialogue, some new stuff. You can find the thread on loverslab. It was dropped quickly after a handful of additions.


No mention of Dragon Claw Inn yet. It's unfinished (also abandoned), small, and has a handful of quests. But that handful contains: goblin gangbangs, dwarf gangbangs, ogre sex, and some vanilla stuff.



I managed part 2 up to the Delberg BDSM scene. Was there any more h content after that?



>>A Dance With Spies

Dropped reading there, enjoy your cuckoldry fantasies.



Nigga I've never even played the game, I've played maybe about 1/3rd of the modules installed on my system.

It wouldn't surprise me though.



No, I'm not remotely exaggerating or joking. It's word-for-word a cuckoldry module that latched on to ADwR because of lack of originality, I imagine. There's also BG's Imoen preaching against slutshaming.



I'm gonna play it a little to make sure, but I believe you anon. Half of these modules were installed because I saw them at two in the morning and thought they were tied to something or another.

ADWR isn't exactly clean of cuckoldry content either to be completely honest though.


Other than the minatour rape, Gladiatrix was pretty vanilla right?



>tfw you refuse to upgrade from D&D 3.0/3.5 to 4.0/5.0

You make it sound like a bad thing.



weirdly large amount of oil massages but it's pretty vanilla



Don't get me started on that module, the author must have major issues or perhaps it's some kind of satire.

Imoen basically makes a sex cult based on her belief that women are all whores who crave sex more than men. The only pregnancy in the game results in an abortion and there is an abortion clinic in a backroom of the town healer. The main city is an enlightened liberal utopia, unisex bathrooms included, that trumps the Dhorn on every level, culminating with your repressed-lesbian schoolteacher whore of a wife beating their champion in single combat while naked. At least the cuckoldry is a voluntary choice, but the amount of content for that route is far greater than the pure route. And god forbid you skimp points in Constitution or Discipline in this rogue based module, as your wife will humiliate you in bed constantly for your tiny penis and premature ejaculations.


File: 31b49dafd0c9767⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 500x281, 500:281, laughing_but_dead_inside.gif)


>You make it sound like a bad thing.

That's because all my D&D friends insisted on switching to that shit so I have to play with filthy casuals.

>Half-Fairy race being its own a thing instead of just allowing Moon Elf subrace on player request

>Dragonkins to appeal to newfag furfags

>Putting furfag race as the first fucking race in the book instead of humans

>Tieflings getting solid bonuses instead of getting the worst of both worlds with a few nice fiendish bonuses when using expansions like Book of Vile Darkness


>No Gnomes

>No Half-Orcs

>No optional THACO system

>Replacing Sorcerer with Warlock

>Getting rid of Bards making Bard a base class instead of a fighter/rogue prestige class was a mistake in 3.0

>Epic levels are a common thing rather than being for epic-tier adventures against archdevils and gods and shit



File: de14d7aea89b89b⋯.jpg (77.2 KB, 625x469, 625:469, de14d7aea89b89b169b96c7e12….jpg)


>Putting furfag race as the first fucking race in the book instead of humans.

Dungeons and Dragons, complain that Dragonborn are the first race.



>Preaching against slutshaming

Nigga that bitch is either using her body as a bed n breakfast or doing some ridiculously OP shit. Meanwhile, the PC is made to feel like a cuck pretty much all throughout, even in passing conversations your character is made to feel emasculated.

All the self inserts, all the fanfic or culture references make me cringe almost non-stop, let alone the literally overpowered companions with raised stats (Imoen with 19 charisma or something fucking ridiculous like that), and to top it all off, you play as a fucking married man. This could've made an awesome module if it wasn't for all this fucking shit. I had a monogamous relationship with my wife pretty much all throughout, and it actually made me feel like I missed out on quite a bit of content. Not to mention I don't really like the bitch anyway, but since the PC is shacked up with her and the rest of it, y'know? Bottomline, if this was just some independent module, I can almost guarantee it would probably have less than half the following it has now.


>ADWR isn't exactly clean of cuckoldry content either to be completely honest though.

It's in there, but it's not fucking shoehorned in.


>No Half-Orcs

>Replacing Sorcerer with Warlock

>Getting rid of Bards


>Epic Levels common

Jesus. Things really took a dive ever since Gary Gygax died eh? That should have been indication enough.. What rule set did NWN 2 use though? Pretty sure it was 3.5 wasn't it?


File: 1b7997e8c918cef⋯.jpg (5.79 KB, 255x188, 255:188, 1447443811654.jpg)



is there a mod that turns her into your sex slave? or a loving housewife companion?



>What rule set did NWN 2 use though? Pretty sure it was 3.5 wasn't it?

If I remember right, NWN 2 was released right as 4.0 was being released, so it's based in 3.5 but they took elements from 4.0 such as Tieflings/Half-Celestials.


It's called Dungeons & Dragons because you delve dungeons and Dragons are considered one of the most badass OP monsters in the game only beat in power by the most powerful devils of hell/demons of the abyss, eldritch horrors of the Underdark, and Gods.


File: 65f99a3f3ac19a1⋯.jpg (35.26 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 1424726642371-2.jpg)


>Or a loving housewife companion?

There's an option if you're evil to turn the Valsharess into your waifu in the vanilla game, but Mephistopheles cock blocks you at the last second if you do that.



I'm pretty sure Tieflings and Half-Celestials (aka Aasimar) were in 3.5, they just weren't very common as player characters (though the rules for playing them were there).


I play cringe Skyrim mods where my MC gets raped and humiliated by the entire town. What degenerate mods does Neverwinter Nights have in store for me?



NWN was built around making your own modules rather than modding the base game. That being said, see the OP as well as >>131688 and >>131698 for a (80% complete) list of modules with sex in them. I don't think it's all of them, but some have been lost in time.


File: 014c2c7e8277686⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Link killed by chicken .jpg)

File: 6082858cfeb42bc⋯.jpg (9.34 KB, 233x251, 233:251, pepe sad.jpg)


>80% of all the games degeneracy has already been listed



The best porn modules are made by women:

A dance with rogues



So they focus more on romance than rape.

ADWR make you able to play quite a degrading gameplay with the correct choices.




Hi Lilura.



>So they focus more on romance than rape.

I dunno man, most of the women I know have been way more into rape than men. It's like their #1 fantasy.



Yeah, but is not rape by everything and everyone.

Just the bad guy (not the villain, not necessarily at least) of the story.

Rape is implemented in all the modules i listed, and the rapist are all rebel/rascal hot stallions that the girl in the end can fall in love with.


man, this fucking game was my childhood

it singlehandedly made crpgs into my favourite genre in gaming

it's a shame that one of the best crpgs around adapts the rules of the worst edition of dnd to date

also, my favourite mods were the penultima series

on the topic of adult stuff, i've always seen people recommend ADWR, but is there any worthwhile mod where you get to play as a man?



>but is there any worthwhile mod where you get to play as a man?

A sidestory of ADWR made by another guy: a dance with spies. But it give a kinda nasty cuckish after taste.

In the list here: >>131688

There is many where you can play a male character, but they are kinda shitty. Or just have some minor nudity like "vampire heaven defied" that is a good module but erotically speaking don't offer much.

For NWN2 there is the modules made by Claudius33 that are kinda fapworthy and you can play a male character.



thanks m8, i'll be sure to check them out


File: b5e3698b349d22f⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 372x323, 372:323, 1449257102938.gif)


File: 60820eaa9e469aa⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 379x216, 379:216, 1440210414664.gif)


>adapts the rules of the worst edition of dnd to date

>play NWN

>go pure half elf wizard girl

>can summon a qt pixie familiar

>can play with her

>she can actually unlock shit for you

>play NWN 2

>pick the wizard because it was fun

>summon familiar

>no pixie

>only common animals

>they only give small buffs

>worst edition of dnd to date


I lit up when I saw this thread after coming on after a while. I still own the original discs and the Diamond Edition (Which was easier to install for me) plus I own the whole thing on GOG as well. Just an amazing game.

I know there was this DLC I had a long time ago for it that let you import a character and play a never-ending, increasing-in-difficulty-with-each-floor super dungeon that eventually had my HOTU endgame Orc Monk (Who was topping out near level 40) taking on multiple red dragons and liches at once and simply wiping the floor with them all on auto combat settings. I LOVED that module. Wish I still had it.



Probably Infinite Dungeons or some derivative? Should be this link if we're thinking the same thing: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/module/bioware-premium-modules






That's it! I loved this. I actually bought it when it was released back in the day.



>plays a fucking full caster

no wonder you don't get it

also, yeah, nwn familiars were much better done


Did anyone ever manage to make the Pirates of the Sword Coast module work after the server went down? Last I checked it was impossible to play since it needed online verification, the server for that was dead and there was no crack.

I know it's non-h so I'll just add the Gladiatrix is fun but it was hell trying to go full lesbian, the game kept throwing dudes at me



See above. There's a working fix out.>>132634



>it's a shame that one of the best crpgs around adapts the rules of the worst edition of dnd to date

I was going to say they didn't make a 4th or 5th edition crpg but then I remembered the cancer that was Sword Coast Legends (5th editonish game).

I guess you could consider Neverwinter (the mmo) to be a 4th edition crpg, gods know they were certainly trying to appeal to casual mmo filth with that edition so it seemed to translate well.

Personally a much bigger fan of Pathfinder after DnD got so casuled.

(shitty editions rant over)

Anyhow, Demonheart was great fun, too bad they decided to Patreon up with a visual novel version instead. Still worth a playthrough.



>Sword Coast Legends (5th editonish game)

last i've seen it, it was inspired by 5e at best

it had fucking skill trees of all fucking things

i've never deleted a game so soon after pirating it

>fan of Pathfinder

you're a huge faggot etc.

better keep edition stuff to a minimum tho, it's a 3e game we're here for anyway


what module you're playing right now guys?

what race/class you're using there?

any particular reason for that combination?



>Anyhow, Demonheart was great fun, too bad they decided to Patreon up with a visual novel version instead. Still worth a playthrough.

Worst thing is that the VN is not even fapworthy, and have overally shitty art. At least for an eroge point of view… but cause there is no fap maybe it can be considered proper.

Basically: NWN demonheart is the best demonheart.



It had problems, lots of them in fact, but I actually liked Sword Coast Legends. It was less "PnP on the PC" and more "D&D used as the base for a game" like that old Xbox game.

Then again, I'm used to 3.5e so any 4th/5th edition is a bastardisation of what I'm familiar with.



to each their own, i guess


>I'm used to 3.5e so any 4th/5th edition is a bastardisation of what I'm familiar with.

it's a sentiment i see all over the place

many blame it for the poor reception of 4e

it was quite well balanced (after they fixed the maths at least) and thought out, but the average grognard saw the standardized format of powers and went >everyone is wizards

i bet that if they hadn't called it dnd, it'd be far better received

not to say it didn't have issues though, but deriding something just because it's not the same rehashed crap as its previous incarnations is rather silly



>what module you're playing right now guys?

>what race/class you're using there?

>any particular reason for that combination?

Not playing from some time. But you know the hot stuff at this point: ADWR, demonheart, and gladiatrix are the ones to go. Other have been listed here: >>131688

But some of them like "a hunt trough the dark" is not even fap material (if you don't consider some topless drider fap material), and most importantly this module was remade much better for NWN2.

Talking about NWN2 i would recommend crimson cherry 2 (the first for NWN1 is unplayable and crappy) and xenothya that have some interesting premise, but is impossible without cheating. Seriously, cheat it if you wanna try, at least to not play from the start 20 minutes dialogs/cutscenes that cannot be skipped.

And those made by claudius33.

Usually i play human or half-elf cause rarely custom modules allow other races. You can play them but from the dialogs you'll see that every NPC/quest giver will assume you are human.

And i like play spellcaster. In fap modules charisma points are usefull.



4th/5th are crappy for many reasons. Deal with it.

The reasoning itself "they should have called it in another way" say a lot.



It's a sentiment that's there because there's a metric shitload of material for characters in 3.5e, and if there's something you like in 3.0 you can usually transfer it over easily enough. It was, however, bloody complicated because there is so much material and casters are without doubt Bloody Broken. You can argue all you want about 'martial classes are more powerful in the beginning' but that just highlights the problem with 3.5; it's boring for many caster classes at the start, and it's boring for fighters and the like beyond other levels. Then there's the problem of clerics and druids; druids are no slouches yet the get the animal companion as well.

The other end of the spectrum has things like the ranger and, of course, the bard.

Fourth shit the bed because it was such a massive departure, you 'lost' all this material and classes for the base stuff (at the beginning) and I *think* there was supposed to be some kind of online integration, something along the lines of an online tabletop so you could play across the world, but the programmer did a murder suicide or something so it got shafted, hard.

I've not really looked at 5th edition, but I've heard it fixes lots of problems; bards get to cherry pick spells, rangers get actually useful shit like huge bonuses in their favoured terrain, so the rangery stuff actually fucking does something. I believe the druid loses the animal companion entirely, or at least doesn't get a free combat orientated henchman as strong as the party's fighter, and instead of 12 different types of positioning there's a simple 'advantage/disadvantage' system where you get a flat bonus if you're in cover and a flat penalty if You Fucked Up.

I honestly don't like 3.5 that much, but it's got the most material and lets you do the most interesting things in part because it's so complicated.



Get the pdfs from 5e general on halfchan's /tg/.

Classes are no longer balanced under presumption of having certain amount of magic items, +bonuses are more scarce and don't grow into bloody infinity, and the whole advantage/disadvantage thing is a neat system of good/bad rerolls.

It is quite the improvement on the meagre 3.pf formula.



My biggest beef to this day is that they released the demons and devils books, but never the yugoloth book.

Actually, here. Have a copy of my PDFs as well as some reference books I made for holy/unholy spells back in high school: https://nofile.io/f/ZB7tMhD6xrT/DnD.zip

Pass is: D&DMane


okay, so I've been out of touch with nwn1 modding for quite a while now

did anything good, lewd or otherwise, come out in the recent years?



Basically nothing.

People that create new modules are basically disappeared.

The small surviving community just update CEP or create some texture/asset for the persistent worlds.



now that's sad

am I right to assume that nwn2 is in similar state?


The funnest thing about NWN was the character creator.

Anyone have screenshots of the lewd content so that I don't have to download 14gigs to check it out?



Even worst.

The community and the module creators didn't put half the effort into NWN2.

And this is really a pity cause some good module like "a hunt trough the dark", dark waters, those made by claudius33, and others really show that there was lot of potential with the adequate community support.



I've thought about making a module myself but I think one of the things that is pushing back is ironically how dead the NWN mod scene is. I might just have enough autism that I don't care if anyone ever plays it but it's still a factor. People who make these things are drawn to active communities and since NWN isn't dead but comatose it doesn't get much new blood or material anymore and it keeps being in this state because nobody is making new stuff. Catch 22 really.

It's a shame there isn't any newer games with the same tools and ease of content creation. NWN was pretty much perfect for making your own RPG stories, combat encounters and so on. The toolset was precisely in the right place between simple and complicated. You could put together really cool stuff but you could also make something without too much effort.


Question: Do you prefer your NWN lewds in kind of awkward but animated form or in written form with a black screen?



>It's a shame there isn't any newer games with the same tools and ease of content creation.

My thoughts exactly. Skyrim seems to be popular for sex mods, but TES construction kits have never been that great imo. I'd kill for a D&D adventure making software.

>NWN was pretty much perfect for making your own RPG stories, combat encounters and so on. The toolset was precisely in the right place between simple and complicated. You could put together really cool stuff but you could also make something without too much effort.

If I remember right, Bioware splurged something like 2/3rds of their resources into the NWN toolset with NWN itself just being a "demo" to show all the cool features you could do with the toolset, before the employees were told to go back and make a decent game out of it later (HoTU). It's kinda funny (and sad) how we'd likely never see a pay-for product that would feature their toolset/custom content capabilities as more important than the game thewse days.


In most cases the animations are awkward because it's on outdated and largely static models, and "jiggle physics" never look right so you just end up with static dick clipping and awkward 3D fucking that looks like it (rightfully) came out of the early 2000s, even with graphical improvements. If it's more of a porn parody work where the sex is supposed to look bad, I like the animations. If it's trying to have well-meaning porn, the black screen dialogues are much better. Ideally you can implement both animations and text if you do it correctly (I believe gladiatrix pulled this off), but I don't think it's worth the time and resources in most cases to do that.



>Skyrim seems to be popular for sex mods, but TES construction kits have never been that great imo. I'd kill for a D&D adventure making software.

It's awful. TES construction set is okay for making new items, graphics and mechanical stuff but making dialogue and stuff is annoying. It doesn't help that unvoiced dialogue feels so out of place in the game. That's why the TES modscene is like it is, very few mods add actual content and even less add non combat stuff. That modding scene is just not about making neat adventures or more standalone content like NWN is. I really wish we'd get a new moddable D&D game if only for the chance to play more user made adventures.



>with NWN itself just being a "demo" to show all the cool features you could do with the toolset

It wasn't meant to be that way, the issue was that they developed the tools and the content at the same time. They basically had to throw something together once everything was locked down because shit kept breaking.




good animation>writing only>awkward shite






People are only now re-discovering this?


I broke ADwR by continuing the main plot without rescuing Vico.

I mean, he's a relentless cunt with no redeeming features, so when I found him in a cell, obviously I left him there.

Then I got to the dwarven tunnels and events didn't fire off properly because he was supposed to have lines of dialogue.

Come on man, if you're not supposed to dump his bitch-ass, don't make it an option.



>I mean, he's a relentless cunt with no redeeming features

Does it really surprise you that the female author didn't consider the possibility of the player not loving him?



The NWN games are made with the purpose of letting the players do their stuff. Is made to literally play D&D on PC. It even allow the presence of a dungeon master.

Skyrim is not like that. Is not to let people make their own adventures and stuff. You can add missions on skyrim but is not made to add your own personal module indipendently.



Valine must had some masochist fetish. The asshole Vico is supposed to be the main love interest, and your character is supposed to spread her legs continuosly for the invaders that stolen her kingdom and killed her family.


File: 913333dac1fffff⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1280x1433, 1280:1433, 913333dac1fffff04d46558072….png)

Friendly reminder that The Prophet series the the best module series ever, and also the only rpg story where time travelling has no inherent logical flaw.

Also, OP is a faggot.


File: a8cf116bf522fe6⋯.jpg (27.91 KB, 539x566, 539:566, QzTTI1d.jpg)


I like to think it was a plotline about how the PC is nothing but a useless set of meat curtains from start to finish, with everything else just being filler to help keep reality from soaking in and making her go insane at from everything that's transpired.

And that everything from her prison escape onwards is her still being in the prison in a mental state, likely getting raped by guards, trying to cope with this realization (and/or she made a deal with the devil in order for all the events post-capture to happen since she becomes able to stand on her own feet more or less after that point).



Sure, there are huge differences in how they were designed and in their toolsets and so on but even so content creation is just way too hard in the TES series. It doesn't have to be standalone adventures but just a few new populated locations and quests. That kind of thing is just takes way too much effort.

Honestly even NWN 2 shat the bed somewhat by making modules harder to make. There's a reason it never got as much user content as NWN did.


I was pretty disappointed by ADWR in that there was no Hyath or orc romance. Also, I'm still annoyed by the expanded part 2 not getting done. It gets kind of weird due to the first part being both of much higher quality and a lot of stuff that should carry over doesn't.



>Gladiatrix series. It's a little more fetishy than I'd like

It was way too vanilla for me tbh.


Are the sex scenes good in this?



Honest-to-god answer? No. Most of the sex scenes are clunky or fade-to-black depending on the module. You play most of these modules as D&D games first, porn/erotica second.



Yep, the toolset was harder to use and more unstable.

Didn't help the fact that NWN2 was very demanding for the hardware of the time. And had less creatures to use. Only red and black dragons to make an example. While the NWN had already developed CEP that doubled the amount of objects, clothing, and creatures.

I really hoped for a NWN2 CEP…

Plus many modders switched to other franchises like elder scrolls and dragon age.



I'd say they're contextually good. As in not amazing or even great on their own but as a part of a larger narrative they're good.


Are there any more obscure lewd modules not already mentioned?



Trials at the academy isn't on the list, but it's Urta-tier shit.


Will there ever be an NWN 3?



Not very likely. If it would it would be console first.



>no Hyath or orc romance

Both of those are in. The one thing that should carry over the dhorne royal bastard was supposedly planned for part 3 aka never, ever



Sort of exist already, but multiplayer only and based on rules 4, basically it's utter shit and no one want to play it, for good reasons

An eventual NWN 4 for rules 5 was discussed, but nothing came out of it, for now at least



>Both of those are in




Good animation > good written smut > bad animation > bad written smut.

And since good animation is almost never an option…

Look at Violated Heroine, it just has sprite sex for the most part, but the context and player engagement makes it very hot.

So its all about that CONTEXT and IMMERSION, and its hard to immerse when you have two ugly models clipping into each other while someone mashes cabbage or something.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Soon you can watch 3D models from 2002 fug in 4k.



What orc romance?

The bit in the orc camp was an avoidable fisting.



>NWN Enhanced Edition

Oh, that's actually pretty neat, maybe it'll revive interest in moddin-


Nevermind. Prepare for new, poorly written party members, bugs out the ass, and forced political references.



This. Don't by anything Beamdog. They somehow make the new version worse with game breaking bugs, rewrite scenes that they don't like, force tranny characters in AND still somehow expect people to buy it.

The Diamond edition of NWN is available up on GoG and has all the content, is cheaper and works on modern systems already.



Where is the enhancement?


File: f72c8e879610987⋯.jpg (57.05 KB, 577x575, 577:575, everything_wont_be_alright.jpg)




Looking through it, the only thing that changed (so far) is that they're adding community mods to the game files (which anyone can do), making the UI a little nicer (https://archive.fo/V2iSK), fixing "issues" that the 1.7 patch already fixed (so they're pretty much stealing a community patch), making it easier to install on linux/mac, and improving features that mainly only effect servers, which have mainly already fixed said issues a long time ago (so this will likely clash with the servers still running). I can hope as a cash cow it'll get more players playing online multiplayer, but the improvements are pretty fucking stupid/not worth paying more than what GOG is charging for diamond edition, and most online communities + 1.7 patch have already fixed 99% of their "bugfixes" to the game, so in reality they haven't done anything. They've just taken the base game, chucked in some stolen mods, stole some code from online persistent servers and made it easier to use, and made a couple changes to make it easier to install on Mac/Linux. They didn't want to say what was actually "enhanced" because it'd make a modder laugh. PDF files not supported (wtf?) so here's the link: https://www.beamdog.com/files/nwnee_release_notes.pdf



>Looking through it, the only thing that changed (so far) is that they're adding community mods to the game files (which anyone can do), making the UI a little nicer, fixing "issues" that the 1.7 patch already fixed

<Tell me something new

This is exactly what they did to Baldurs Gate 2, pretty much nothing but adding a lots of bugs and making default modding tool non functional in need of revising, fortunately it was done, for some at least

Beamdog are nothing more then parasite, leeching off the community, i would prefer NWN/2 to die with dignity as they are then become Beamdog next victims




Beamdog did a good job with planescape torment, so I think they've learned from the baldurs gate fiasco



>badly implement a high res patch

>muh good job

Go fuck yourself.



I'll bet they go the Baldur's Gate EE route and take down the Diamond Edition so you get forced to buy the EE to get the unfucked version.



They slapped on a highres patch and fixed more bugs than they broke. Why the fuck would you want anything else from an hd remake?



How does that work for folks who've already purchased the Diamond Edition?



If it ends up like BG, people who already bought the Diamond Edition will be able to download it on its own, without needing to get the EE, but those who want the Diamond Edition after it's taken off the store will be forced to buy the EE since it'll have both.



How about we talk about what I'd like from you. To stop lying thru your teeth for start.



Ok, high res patch might be a bit of a stretch, but I can't really see how they could have done it better as the original assets are long gone. As long as you turn off the ugly as hell outlines and the AA it looks just fine


it's super fucked up that in the history of everything, no one tried to remake the legend that was neverwinter nights

didn't even have to be dnd, dnd is a garbo system. Needed a toolset, multiplayer and you're printing money but smh

this shit was my childhood and the closest thing to it in memory is divinity 2, which has… issues, and is only five player besides.



>Needed a toolset, multiplayer and you're printing money but smh

But how are you going to sell DLC maps and items if you let the players have a toolset? How will microtransactions work if the DM can just give the players loot?



Of course they will, because it will guarantee sales even if they shit out another mess. That's their entire business model, forcing people to pay for their garbage in order to buy old games that should be cheap.


File: f674af4d6402c31⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 488x305, 8:5, f674af4d6402c313d0745fa004….jpg)


>looks worse than original

>more expensive

>I can't really see how they could have done it better

Sucks to be you I guess.



The only way I'd ever get this was if adwr got an enhanced edition too with a fully fleshed out second part.


Is A Dance With Spies as cucky as it's rumored to be or is that exaggerated?



>I clicked the ONE FLIRTING OPTION with the Barbarian that managed to convince my Pia to stop having a relationship with my pure princess

ADWR was full of retarded shit like that. Just getting Pia into a relationship required you to be pants on head retarded. And don't get me started on the mechanics of the vote in part 2 where they're debating handing you over to the orcs. I don't have a head big enough for all those pants.



I thought the actual dungeons in p2 were good. The plot not so much, and there wasn't enough lewd.



Agreed, I also think the more focused area of the first part was better than the travelling of the second. You really got to know that city. Still, while more of a standard adventure it was pretty fun to play through.



It kinda depends on how you play it too.

But is quite unsatisfying. Lots of blueballing. Girls that are lesbian when is about spreding their legs for you, but accept gladly to "help" you in your mission by fucking other characters to distract them…

Your character get a really small amount of action. If any at all… i don't even remember.



Actually i just checked on the vault and look like it was updated multiple times until recently. Look like the dude that made this is still patching/adding some stuff every now and then. So i dunno if the module have been uncucked a little bit.


File: 423daab9e883922⋯.jpg (710.07 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, nwmain2014-09-0518-32-52-1….jpg)


It seems kind of finished since it has an ending now. Still, from what I've heard it's also quite cucked still. It's ironic that the modules that have you play a woman sleeping with half the men of the realm and sucking an endless row of dicks are much less faggy than the module that let's you play a man.



>There was demonheart which showed potential a couple years ago before the author realized they could make money turning it into a VN on steam.

I just stumbled upon it and it was really weird finding a VN based off a NWN module I've played years ago.


I the VN any good?



Never bothered playing it, but the fact that it's on steam tells me it's censored to high hell and likely not that great. Only difference between Patreon and Steam is that the designer only gets money once and has more expectations to at least try to complete the game. The ratings seem to suggest it's good I guess, came across one that didn't like it claiming the adult content was all removed:

>I'm very sad to say I didn't enjoy this as much as I wanted to. Yes, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, but I did not come for pretty pictures, I came for the story - and almost everything that once captivated me so much about the story is not there now. All of the darker adult scenes from the NWN modules upon which it is based have been removed, some plots have been completely changed, and many parts have been removed altogether, with basically nothing new added to replace them. As far as VNs go, this is also very short - the third part ends approximately at the middle point of Chapter One of the NWN modules, and with only two chapters remaining I'm not hopeful a lot more story will be added. It feels like the plot has barely started and yet is already nearing its conclusion. The gameplay itself had a lot of potential though, the word scramble puzzles were a neat idea and I did like those. Overall though it simply was not what I had hoped for, and I'm really crushed…

Can't actually play it to tell you since I have a shared steam account/don't want to bother logging in and out with steam verify every time, so purchasing smut isn't an option.



Thanks anon. I liked the modules but now i know there is nothing worth in the VN.



That's a real shame. The module series had a pretty interesting plot and I had hoped that the VN was the complete story even if the lewd stuff had to be toned down for steam.



>full of retarded shit

That's all you baby.

>flirt given option

>fuck given option

>don't fuck over given option

Hell, that almost sounds like a healthy relationship.

>m-m-muh vote

>nigger can't take a walk and push the right buttons

Again, that almost sounds like what you do in every crpg ever. Almost. :^)


Anyone got older versions of ADWR archived? I used to have some but they were lost in a hard drive failure. Now I want to play them again but can't find anything older than the newest version.



Its just not the same with a male protagonist.



Is not just that.

The dev look like preferred a some kind of voyeuristic approach. That some kind feel cuckinsh for the already said reasons.

Out of curiosity i tried the latest version, never uninstalled NWN so no big deal for me. Not much after the starting of the game i can peep the wife while masturbate with a dildo, and when she go out i can look for the dildo and… use it…

In the very end feel blueballing and unsatisfying. Completely different from ADWR.





bump of great justice

i hope the engine renewal will come with a revival of the modding scene


The problem with NWN erotic modules is that all the ones that had any effort put into them were written by women, for women; they're generally as unsatisfying for male consumers as Twilight. Vico and his many expy's are the perfect example of that.



>all the ones that had any effort put into them were written by women, for women

Well I had no interest in this before but now I'm sold.

(Not a grill, I just like female-oriented porn.)


File: d0b377bd07a76f0⋯.jpg (883.47 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, Kataaoyoc-506628-Unhelpful….jpg)


I doubt it but it actually got me kind of interested in putting a module of my own together. The ones I've played teased incredibly well but never really delivered in the end, except maybe The Wink and Kiss.



I actually hope this will lead to rediscover and put some effort into NWN2.

In the beginning it was a very demanding game and the aurora tool is not as user friendly as the one for NWN.

But now is a completely different matter. Just look at 16cygni or other modules from claudius33. Or "dark waters". If guys like them had a CEP for NWN2 to work with…

NWN2 is so much wasted potential.



Actually i think "a dance with spies is way more unsatisfying". And was made by a man.



>NWN2 is so much wasted potential

Isn't that because Obsidian focused on making a game instead of an adventuring platform/only ported over some of the non-game features that players were nostalgic about from NWN1, whereas Bioware with NWN focused on making an online adventure-maker as a successor to Baulder's Gate/only bothered making it into an actual game with HoTU after Shadows of Undrentide was a hit?



Surely i was disappointed by the lack of creatures compared to NWN1.

But as an adventure creator it even surpass NWN1. Just see the modules i've named before.

The real problem is that NWN1 had CEP and a much more user friendly creation tool.



Yeah, it's much easier to work with the toolset of NWN than that of NWN2. Even so it was actually better in some ways and compared to many mod tools out there now it is still very easy to use.


File: ecd95f3b6823866⋯.png (4.35 MB, 2000x1126, 1000:563, c6b8ef12ccd9e02ae37014273d….png)


Would NWN2 be good for lewd content though? It's very party based and I think it'd be harder to create animations for the more variable models.




NW2's dialogues, the way the camera is directed from face to face, makes it harder and slower for noobs to develop.

Also the models are higher quality, so all your props have to be too, else they look out of place.



Years ago this would have been a problem. But nowaday modder work with games that have way more higher quality models than NWN2.

And dialogs in NWN2 are not necessarily cinematic.


File: 289e197729dd2f8⋯.png (820.71 KB, 885x1040, 177:208, 8e3439b24d3ed39f41be1f57d7….png)


Even so the higher fidelity models and such raises the bar a bit, the first game is much easier to create content for. Even building levels are much quicker and easier in NWN, anyone can put something together in minutes. With that said NWN2 is much better if you actually know what you're doing.



>if you actually know what you're doing

This never works out. Powerful, but complex, tools don't produce a good modding scene.

Reminder the most popular games for modding are Starcraft/Warcraft with their basic world creator, or Elder Scrolls with their integrated console where you can do trial and error pretty much.



>This never works out.

Pretty much, ease of use is key. That's partly why people still make content for Doom but many powerful SDKs have gone basically untouched. The closer your skill level is to a professional the more likely you are to be one and thus not very likely to do mods or just content for free.

TES games might technically be complex but making content for them doesn't have to be since you can add or change as much or little as you want. Popularity also helps.


File: 4727cb48451a576⋯.jpg (644.4 KB, 1274x1600, 637:800, Ezhaillia-563002-Bright_Sk….jpg)


The issue with it is that the guy who made it had a cuck fetish.


NW2 mask of the betrayer is better tho


File: 2fc3a6d563272cc⋯.jpg (199.45 KB, 1000x1376, 125:172, 39.jpg)

File: 8e8773a6d01142a⋯.jpg (241.48 KB, 1000x1376, 125:172, 40.jpg)

File: 6405b481e22465f⋯.jpg (196.72 KB, 1000x1376, 125:172, 41.jpg)

File: 45eed1223aba35e⋯.jpg (196.05 KB, 1000x1376, 125:172, 42.jpg)

File: d786a8c85090e59⋯.jpg (218.1 KB, 1000x1376, 125:172, 43.jpg)

So, how's the EE coming along?


File: 49a88f57687a57a⋯.png (813.26 KB, 900x662, 450:331, elf circumcision.png)

File: c657ddbb6e3e6bb⋯.jpg (367.54 KB, 720x440, 18:11, inkeddvnrahjvmaecmepli[1].jpg)


Quietly, there was interest for like 2 days after the announcement, and then its dead again. Same as the whole modding community.



I mean, honestly? This new Aribeth looks like shit. I'm fine with assets being the way they are. Should've given the engine itself some updates and maybe made a new module.


File: df92e37bf4dd192⋯.webm (3.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, minsc - ethics in game jo….webm)

So, any module that lets me collect waifus like Hordes of the Underdark allowed you to get Aribeth and the drow?

Also, I hope nobody here is stupid enough to give Beamdog money.



Come the fuck on. You have to be blind to think the old model looks better than the new one.

Regardless, as long as they fix lighting, resolution and widescreen support, anti-aliasing, the frame rate going to 6000 randomly and burning GPUs, stuff like that, models can easily be replaced by a dedicated modding scene. Everything from The Witcher 1 is directly compatible.


File: 93446bd45f79831⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 1655x1957, 1655:1957, camelface.jpg)


>You have to be blind to think the old model looks better than the new one.

If you consider this attractive we might need to gas your whole family tree.



Old models aren't necessarily better, I just fucking hate the new aesthetic. The kind of play-doh hair this they have, the thick pauldron material, the colors especially.



There's no excuse for them to look this shitty, nor for her to look that ugly. But it's obvious it was a deliberate choice by Beamdog, just like what they did in that abortion of an expansion called Dragonspear.

This is just another lazy, no effort cashgrab by these disgusting parasites. I don't even touch their rereleases because I can't be bothered dreading how they might actually have butchered the game.


File: 0865d791cb49c3f⋯.jpg (547.97 KB, 986x569, 986:569, Lost_Isles_3.jpg)



To elaborate on this look at picrelated. This kind of model aesthetics is fucking garbage, and the colors are even way worse trash. It's like the modellers and designers don't fucking know how to do their job. I don't see how NWN would be any better. Fortunately, divinity team got better at it in DOS2.



>Fortunately, divinity team got better at it in DOS2.

I wish Larian had gotten better at writing after eight Divinity games, but alas, that has yet to happen.



I wouldn't get my hopes up.



I don't. They seem to think they're witty comedians and their shitty attempts at humor can be used as substitutes for a plot. Hell, I'd rather have a generic and cliche storyline that takes itself seriously than have to cringe through their retarded attempts at humor.

I pity those poor gameplay designers, all their talent squandered because Swen the Cuck can't be bothered to actually hire competent writers. Larian could have been cRPG greats, instead they're just the clowns of the genre.



The old model blends with all the other textures. Unless they changed all the other textures (they didn't), the new model looks like it came out of a KoTOR mod file and the hair isn't even touching that bald head model. The only thing more "attractive" is the higher-res neck/collarbone that don't blend in, and boobs which were already improved by a dozen mods in the community. It looks like they took her blackguard armor and tried to make it as close to paladin armor as possible while still not being "good guy."

Sticking a higher resolution model into a room full of lower-resolution models looks like shit, anon. The painted on titty mods look better.



Hey now I enjoy like one out of eighty of Larian's jokes.

Most of them are fucking awful, but occasionally they're alright.



This is the new ingame graphic?

Considering the cucks they are, i'm surprised she is not wearing an hijab.



Putting a potato sack over her head would improve things actually.


File: c5d3c1ab05c8649⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 583741.jpg)


Seen some gameplay video. Same amount of polygons as before. Probably just promotional images.

Well, good old Aribeth is still the best.


I remember quite fondly ADWR, the first part was more or less taking everything that made NWN good, and then running some interesting ideas, like a stealth system that actually worked (Although spamming quicksave/quickload was a must in some parts, any minor mistake was a quick death)

The first part in combat was all about not having combat, you could fight, but most enemies could butcher you without any issues, and the two parts that had real combat, gave you henchmen, so it was less you fighting than you keeping your henchmen alive while they did the dirty work.

The second part though… before 1.20 it was like Valine simply tried to do something different at first, without caring if it was good or bad, you went from avoiding guards and monsters like the dire threats they were, to have mandatory fights against dragons, then a dracolich, then teams of drows, and then, after a while, she regained her senses and gave you a city with some stealth quests, and a massive dungeon full of stealth again.

1.20 improved the second part a lot, polishing the characters, making them less idiotic, balancing the romancing routes (in terms of difficulty, Vico was the easiest route, since you kept him, while Rizzen and Pia were hardest, due to only keeping them in the team, post update you could have one more henchman) and added a final quest that included the original experience, stealth, avoiding dangerous enemies, using your wits or sex to get your way, and a castle with quite the things to do, plus what you could consider the good ending of the story.

Another module I liked was Arandie, quite long and full of things to do, but sexwise the author was heavily biased against heterosexual sex, the way to play was with a lesbian elf, and every single time you tried to go for any other option, it was clearly treated as a mistake.



Actually chapter 2 was the core of her project.

She said that she was disappointed with "hordes of the underdark" cause she had a sorcerer with many charisma points and no one was giving a shit and in the end a character she liked even betrayed her. So she wanted to make a version of HOTU that didn't focused on combat and more romance. That was the original idea for ADWR. She picked the rogue class cause she tought it was the best for a social character.



>but the programmer did a murder suicide or something so it got shafted, hard.




> It doesn't help that unvoiced dialogue feels so out of place in the game. That's why the TES modscene is like it is, very few mods add actual content and even less add non combat stuff. That modding scene is just not about making neat adventures or more standalone content like NWN is.

That's why Morrowind mods were so amazing. They had quality written content, great storylines, great quests…

Man, where'd the time go where I could just spend days and weeks in fictional worlds?



Man, Divinity OS2's modules (lack of them) is such a disappointment. But to be expected, nowadays you can't steal assets to build such things, especially since its on the Steam Workshop.



She expected too much, even though HOTU was a massive improvement compared to vanilla NWN, it was still really lineal and charisma itself isn't usually used for skill checks, you have persuade and intimidate for those. (Even then, the important check when facing Mephistopheles was about having used the true names right or keeping evil Aribeth on a tight leash, if you brought an evil blackguard to a fight against a freaking archdevil, you should've expected being more threatening than the big, red devil to be more important than being pretty.)

What the hell, even in tabletop 3.5 CHA is a complete dump stat, unless you're a sorcerer or a bard, only the meanest DM would give you grief over your 10 CHA PC not being able to charm some wench.


Well the multiplayer servers just shit the bed.

Always very bad when you are trying to revive a community, and you disappoint it with crashes. A lot of these people won't try for a second time.



>He doesn't realize they shit the bed years ago

>He doesn't realize all the cool kids use NWNScry now


The biggest issue is some of the servers like Thay are actually pretty active/get filled up during DM events, they just sit at (0) or (2) most of the time if there's not an event happening.


File: af773b9477376fe⋯.jpg (91.37 KB, 850x1180, 85:118, 92aabd6af0e10124a972e011e6….jpg)

So this is out now and there's fuck all improvements made over the original.

>No model and texture overhaul

>No new content

>No new animations

>No new classes

>No new races

>No anything

Cuckdog has outdone themselves again.



They didn't even add any new, badly written companions like in the BGEEs?



Nah, I mean the Enhanced Edition servers. They were online, and then died, within 24h of release.



Nope. All they did was to add a contrast filter and depth of field to the renderer. That's it.



From what I understand the online community enjoyed the extra 3 players or so each server got from its resurgence?



Wow, and I thought they couldn't get any lazier.


File: 68846fe82191dab⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1100x1000, 11:10, 68846fe82191dabc088d5cc111….png)

>Reading comments on steam

>Faggots claiming the EE "brought back multiplayer servers"




File: f134813f7c46a17⋯.webm (211.97 KB, 286x360, 143:180, reeeeeeeee.webm)


checking these trips of "i feel you brother." have a webm to help you express the hate.


File: ef2f548abbdce89⋯.png (2.88 MB, 2068x1026, 1034:513, custom boys.png)

File: b658aa05e1a86b6⋯.jpg (1002.94 KB, 2064x1540, 516:385, custom girls.jpg)

File: 2c775e76df32ed3⋯.jpg (64.34 KB, 261x702, 29:78, 4chan approved mods.jpg)



File: 76afd575ab63bca⋯.jpg (25.52 KB, 603x393, 201:131, dewas.jpg)






>not a single NWN module with good monster content.

The tiny bits here and there don't count.



Got any more custom portraits?


Post EE Lyanna pls



The player character models were not updated at all, only certain NPCS like Aribeth. Even her new model is only used in the OC, she still has her old one when you play Hordes of the Underdark, lmao.

The EE is UI scaling+some bugfixes, Beamdog has like two people working on it, it's just a cashgrab.



Is it better than Diamond Edition overall? I already have DE and I'm just wondering if I should pirate EE or just replay DE.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me, is there any porn mod with a corruption theme? From what I'm reading Dance with Rogues doesn't turn the girl into a mess of a cum cump.



Might as well grab the EE, it's just slightly improved DE with no missing content.


File: 9b55f0a54909211⋯.png (392.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2a7be484c91ce19bb24963ed19….png)


If you plan to just play single player and mods: Get Diamond Edition.

If you plan to play online with the dying userbase: Consider pirating EE.

Keep in mind Diamond Edition doesn't require authentication to log in, whereas EE does. A lot of servers are cross-compatible, but you can expect all the servers to switch to EE-only over the course of the next year assuming EE brings some semblance of life back to the multiplayer scene, which at least I'm skeptical on this point.



Literally the only useful thing in the EE is UI scaling, Diamond is unplayable on higher resolutions.

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