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File: fa03d1366230806⋯.png (25.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fa03d1366230806c9aa4ce6eda….png)


A timely thread edition

Previous thread: >>132904

Fuck stuff in alternate dimension

Has furries but can be sorta turned off

(Major characters remain the same)

Download from blog:






Please use up all of a thread's possible post count before making a new thread next time.


Semen-flavored breast milk.

I don't get the other fluid flavors though, is it a fetish? Some customization is strange.


>749 posts

One post, how menial


File: 56c329f2ee36dfc⋯.png (27.26 KB, 858x439, 858:439, bigsmokesworldnow.png)

Rate my genders /hgg/



Beer flavor is so you can facefuck a girl and get her hammered. Also for wild, strictly heterosexual frat parties.



yeah that's a bug or something, I think innoxia's aware of it



You say one more fucking thing about a train I swear


File: e249c97bfb6bfa4⋯.webm (7.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lewd anna.webm)

Would that make sense if the "Dirty clothing" status had been progressive, getting worse with each piece of clothing getting dirtied? After all, going about one's life looking like having just stepped from a cum shower ought to be more embarrassing that only having wet panties.


Despite the recent declarations to the contrary, a virginal harpy with a virgin fetish randomly encountered in Harpy Nests was still begging to fuck her in the version 1.88.1. Not in the ether storm either.



>virgin begging you to fuck her




File: 700ace89bee75f5⋯.png (405.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



It was actually my intention to bait someone into mentioning how to generally build from Github instead of directly asking for the purposes of trying to rebuild a completely different game.

Should have just asked directly. Also I saw the readme directly after posting that post and felt dumb.



why do i type directly so much



t. brainlet



>Anna's VA is dead

>Which means no Shimoneta S2

>No tiny best girllesbian or purely lewd amazon

Life is pain.



>purely lewd amazon

Who was that again? You mean Anna?




I mean, I didn't know Anna was considered an amazonian, she was pretty agile and strong, but I don't remember muscles. Maybe because she is tall?


Man… Time flies.



What do I do if I want a #6 without the extra dip?


File: 28f4e86f0fadb85⋯.png (33.34 KB, 680x619, 680:619, Screenshot-2017-11-14 Cont….png)



All ya had to do was slave the damn train, CJ



You mean you do not see the potential in making human cum taste like grape juice?


>Your semen isn't just flavored like chocolate, it is chocolate!

>like the sweetest chocolate you could ever shoot into a vagina

don't make fenoxo's mistake



wait what, is this in TiTs or something?




blueberry yogurt cum sounds tasty




Archive of the previous thread: https://archive.is/eyldk


Is this a real game yet?



Thigh sex is only getting added in the next update (hopefully)


File: 76491774356efd2⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 337x450, 337:450, 6483b59452b95e8fc4eaeaf5d1….jpg)

File: cd2716be83a0093⋯.png (2.91 KB, 45x45, 1:1, thinkfusion.png)





An excerpt from Shimoneta. A totally wholesome anime for the whole family.


File: 813e688882dd1f0⋯.webm (3.86 MB, 800x450, 16:9, cookies.webm)


True love.



Found the normalfag.


File: 4a5575fc84154f6⋯.png (185.57 KB, 850x755, 170:151, Screenshot-2017-11-15 Thin….png)


Does she have severe autism or something?



No, just a case of utter obliviousness.

(In other words, its her mothers fault)



It's a future where SJW have won, killing all forms of indencency or lewdness and enforcing it with those collars and bracelets you see them wearing. Resulted in a generation growing up with no sexual knowledge at all, so she has no clue what she's actually doing.



>It's a future where SJW have won

There goes my suspension of disbelief.


Can we please keep slave transfer? Maybe just a system to tag the ones you like or something, so the player can decide if they want to deal with the weird of uniques or not.

I kinda got a carefully tailored daughter harem going on, and I really don't wanna lose all that work every new game.



Yeah, I didn't think that was amazonian. Maybe the level of manhandling she does?

And yeah, felt like that show was more recent…



Good news…bad news. The good news is slaves are no longer tracked in the character export file, but are now handled by the game export file, so export/import the game file to keep your slaves. The bad news is you still have to start over with them, but at least it's just once.

If you really want to keep your harem, you could just manually add them in to the file with Notepad++ or something like that. Sadly, copy/pasting the data from an older version's character file doesn't work since the way the data is organized and sorted has changed.



>There goes my suspension of disbelief.

Nigger, in real life that'd be South Korea. You can get imprisoned longer for watching porn than actually raping someone.

At least, I don't know if any of that has changed since Park and her cronies got arrested. I know the daughters of megalia, a hardcore feminist group known for abuse, started to die down I believe.




Maybe 'incremental' would be better instead.



Do you want to read the really bad news? Slaves in the export file don't retain their family relations from the previous game. So if you have some Lilaya's daughter working as her assistant, then after exporting her with your character she isn't her daughter anymore.



fug, hope this gets fixed





>TFW you will never have a crazy pure lewd QT pursue you this aggressively.




*having just stepped out from a cum shower ought to be more embarrassing than only having wet panties.



Well shit.

It'll be a tad annoying, but oh well.


Yeah, that's technically an issue with previous versions too. I don't know how it defines familial relations, but they don't carry over.


If a slave exercises her right to "Use You" given to her by you yourself, then why is that not counted as consensual sex? Doesn't ticking that box beforehand count as expressing consent?


Is size difference (height and otherwise) ever going to matter?

Just seems a little weird that my twelve-foot tall, six winged biblical monstrosity gets treated the same way manlets would.



It's still early in development, but I imagine it'll just be a meager line or two of flavor text.

I wonder if changes in height will make other details grow proportionally. E.g. cock size, orifice capacity


All these past weeks of mostly bug fixing has really started to boil my spaghetti. Hopefully the ever promised story content will be added today.

Honestly short term all I want is some sort of romance system so that I can free Brax and live out my sick fantasies



anon thanks for the idea, I was wondering what kind of creature I should go fro in the next update and this is definitely a good idea.


Dumb question: I wanna add piercings to a slave. Is that not implemented yet? Checked the wiki but didn't see anything relevant.


>Error: Could not find or load main class com.lilithsthrone.main.Main

fun game


File: dddebbf37b2ff7e⋯.png (29.36 KB, 1006x425, 1006:425, no way to comply.png)

How to pull out when being ridden cowgirl style? If that's impossible to do, then why bother asking?



Doesn't seem to be a way yet. For now, accept that she's being tsundere but wants to be bred.


File: 05dde4a21c2fcf2⋯.png (15.36 KB, 908x577, 908:577, incest breeding.png)

Hot as fuck, but still rather strange. Both are MC's daughters (one is a futa), but only one of them has the incest fetish. So how come the other one had no problems with sexing her futa sister, even if the MC would have to rape her?



I'm guessing it only keeps track of who a characters parents are and there is no sibling relation tracking.


It'd be fun that if you cum in someone, you could transfer those fluids around (similar to saliva and other fluids) and get yourself pregnant.



what about if you take a needle full of someone else's sperm and inject it into your own balls and use that as your sperm?



South Korea is trully a magical world.

I have a friend that's majoring in like anthropology or something like that and decided to travel around Asia to write his thesis. I accompanied him through China, India, SK and Japan.

And holy shit SK takes the prize for the weirdest people, it was like if /pol/ made its own country. Porn is not illegal anymore, but don't you fucking dare talk about sex in public or you might get arrested for "public lewdness".


Anxiously awaiting tonight's update, hope it delivers on the expected changes.


File: 0aa92a311d94edb⋯.png (57.12 KB, 1002x950, 501:475, pic 1.png)

File: 725ac21066ea8e0⋯.png (33.41 KB, 1003x649, 17:11, pic 2.png)

File: b7db193f1cb735c⋯.png (83.08 KB, 1426x687, 1426:687, pic 3.png)


Wouldn't it be more convenient to use a condom that was cummed into before? You ought to be able to empty it not only in the mouth, but anywhere else you want, including a pussy. The possibilities are endless.

In other news, I want to exclaim "Curiouser and curiouser!", seeing pics related. Quite a clusterfuck, for example this mangled sentence and few others after it:

>Your rear entranceyour juices.


>Your juices quickly lubricate Brandy's tail.

automagically, just from changing the sex position without any direct contact.

Not to mention the tooltip contents in the third pic, where her tail-fucking her own nipple-cunts somehow contributes to your arousal in equal measure to her own.



I forgot to mention the direct contradiction in these sentences:

>She is not producing any milk.


>Brandy snakes her tail up to her gigantic tits, squealing in delight as she forces it deep into an inviting nipple-pussy. Milk starts pouring out in heavy flow to quickly soak her tits.

So what is it? Is she lactating or not? Or maybe she mysteriously started to lactate heavily in the middle of sex without any apparent reason?


>Innoxia - Today at 1:36 AM

>Hello! :3

>The release will be a few hours still :BlobSweats:




>from this version on, you shouldn't ever have to restart your character again, as you can now export your entire game from the main menu's Export/Import screen! :3



File: 9cad1d4b52a278e⋯.jpg (4.64 KB, 300x168, 25:14, yes.jpg)

>Reverted: NPCs will now beg for you to take their virginity if they're in the 'eager' pace, will inform you that they're a virgin in the 'normal' pace, and will beg for you not to take it in the 'resisting' pace.

yes! yes!! yes!!!



This makes my dick all kinds of diamond.


File: 7a376004d955f52⋯.png (21.73 KB, 287x195, 287:195, virgin.png)


>will inform you that they're a virgin



So how exactly do you make them tell you?


Dumb question but how do you sell your slaves?



Do some part of the main quest up to visiting the virgin harpy queen. Once she moves to the pink tranny asshole slave shop you can sell slaves there.



*pink-feathered tranny



good dev


Interesting thing i found while editing values, game does not accept values less than 1 in some of the stats. In my case it was plasticity, i set it to 0.1 just for the kicks kek


Can you straighten out lesbo/gay slaves?


File: 20404e3d6329177⋯.png (715.14 KB, 683x686, 683:686, When she sees your D.PNG)


Considering I play this game as a customizable waifu simulator, VERY YES.


Hotfix for several issues reported for this release is in the works. Keep an eye out on the blog for some bug-hunting justice.



Not yet but it feels like it should be easy enough to implement.

At least I hope so, I didn't spend all this time and money turning a bunch of succubuses into hunky men for my personal gay army for nothing.



… What.



I'm making an incubus harem

Is that simpler on the eyes


Is it intended for the female player to be able to have infinite orgasms once they manage to reach orgasm?



>"Have you seen that fucking guy? He just bought a thousand sex slaves, he must be opening a brothel or something"

>Six days later a mysterious genetically engineered demonic army takes the country in the span of an hour.



I think that would be pretty bad for their hearts


Is there any way to fight the witch now?



Probably have to wait till October in-game



Game uses your computer time last I heard, so you can turn back your computer's date and get the event.


boy four updates promising to add some new shit to the game and four updates fixing saves that don't matter because there's no content. hmm, do I smell paetreon scam or what?



You may be able to do it by setting your system's clock back to Halloween.




No, your autism is just acting up



Save compatibility work began way too late, also adding all possible minor things that only autist like to sperg about

This are the only mistake done by now, just need a debug a function to trigger special calendar events for a day in game and done, fixed for now



I'm guessing English isn't your main language, is it? No offense.

Anyways, you can mod your game export to be on a different calendar day if you like. Just open the export with notepad++ and look at the first couple of lines. Should start at line 4. Not the best fix, but it should suffice for the time being until start date can be selected in game starts or as you said a debug option shows up or something.


File: 4e3fbd330a7f96c⋯.png (4.37 KB, 1008x117, 112:13, bug report 11.png)

The condom belt renders up to 8 used condoms in the inventory, with more than 8 of them it stops showing its picture in the tooltip, or more like stops showing the whole tooltip at all.

Also, in the slavery management screen, if you are in the company of one slave, try opening the inventory of another slave. Then if you order them to drink the contents of a used condom, you will have pic related. The pic is from, but I don't think that was fixed since then.




Wrong expression, it is a part of inventory screen.


The game logs in the slave overview screen any instance of sex between slaves, but that screen doesn't notify you of the act of giving birth by them. I'd rather know about that event without inspecting the slaves, one by one.


How the fuck do I give the MC a vagina and why can't I start with both a penis and a vagina?



You select only the Vagina transformation, but no modifier. This will give you a potion of vagina transformation or something, which will add one if none is present.

And you can't start with both since you're supposed to start in the "real" world, but then again, we're not exactly here because of realism now are we?

Maybe add an unlockable option after your first transformation into a hermaphrodite similar to CoCMod or something?


Having a strange bug where I'm encountering my kids on new character that technically doesn't have any kids yet. Only knocked up Lilaya and a few now despawned storm npc's so far, and Lily is still in the certainty portion of the pregnancy.

For bugfix purposes, this is an old male character exported across several prior saves, with sometimes hundreds of kids.

First instance of this bug created a semi-broken npc in that I could not look at her character info screen, either via the right sidebar, left character tab or phone contacts.

The second one didn't suffer this problem. I noted that her affection screen indicated Lilaya was her mother, so maybe the other one broke because it was looking for a generic npc that technically never even existed in this run, and just wouldn't open as a result?

Also, for when people do still chose to export, will slaves now retain their familial relationships, or will my slaves still forget that they're my daughters?



I'm running into the same bug. As soon as a character is pregnant their offspring seem to just show up in the world as prostitutes, infinitely. It's weird and confusing.


I had the same bug. Thought it was odd I found Kate's child right after having sex with Kate.



The second one appeared as a mugger for me. I think it's just that daughters are significantly more likely to be prostitutes, and sons significantly more likely to be muggers. Kinda needs more backstories.


Just checked, and you can not access the offspring screen in the debug menu if any of these early created children are created from a storm npc. This does not affect the pregnancy stats screen, however.

Maybe set it so if a child's other parent kicks back an error, give it a default to return.



Are they all incubi? Because I'm getting the same problem.





Fuck it, I know a little bit about Java. I'll check the source and see if I can find something and submit a propper report.


I'm new at this, is it normal I can't buy slaves at Alexa's shop?

Also having the bugged children bug btw, managed to find my incubus son with a female character that never gave birth.


You can't grow big, fat, curved horns to gut people with, can you? Cow-morph doesnt seem to have the option to grow them in size.



No, both of the ones I met were female. I think one was an angel and the other a dog or wolf.

I will note that I haven't reencountered the bug since the storm ended, despite actively populating alley tiles.



>an angel


Thee are angels in the game?



I don't know if they appear in standard play yet or not, but they're fully functional, and you can become one through buggy, and produce angel children as a result.


You've always been able to turn angel from debugging. That's been there since even before the succubi tiles where added. There's just never been a way to get the TFs from normal play that I know of.



>an angel

What the fuck? Back to the source code, fuck the demonic army I'll save the world in the name of Jaysus



Oh shit, they exist.


>Offspring will now only be able to be encountered after they've been been birthed.

New update seems to have fixed it?


Thanks for all of your bug reports and feedback everyone. Although I don't post here very often, I do read and take note of all of your feedback (such as your disapproval of making virgins no longer beg for sex, which I reverted in the following update). I've tried to fix all of the bugs that you've reported, and have made another hotfix for 0.1.89. I didn't post the update I made on Friday here right away, as I was concerned that there might be some large bugs, and wanted to work over the weekend to get as many fixed as possible before making a post on here.

Here's the link to the post on my blog for this most recent update: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/version-01891-hotfix.html

I'm very aware of the fact that I've been focusing on engine work/bug fixes over these last few versions, so I'm going to spend the next few days doing nothing but writing content, so the next full release (0.1.95) should finally have some interesting new stuff for you all to see.

Thanks for all of your honest feedback; it really helps me to see the areas of the game that are in need of improvement.



shit why are you so nice?



thanks fam


I assume this isn't intended, but using the repeat actions submenu during sex allows you to redo the orgasm action repeatedly regardless of arousal.



>approaching 0.2.0




All 0.2.0 content is pushed back to 0.3.8



>Famous /v/ devs

Jews and idea thieves.

>Famous /tg/ devs


>Famous /hgg/ devs

Actually quite nice people



I don't think your game counts as "very early alpha" atm. Just early alpha should be enough, but I'm nitpicking


Lilith's Throne's "very early alpha":

>This update I've completely revamped an entire mechanic and added a bunch of new stuff, sorry it took two weeks

Other games' "very early alpha":

>I spent the last month making the checkboxes look a little prettier and fixed a few typos, you can play it in a month for free or play it now for $25


Really wishing we actually get story content this time.

I mean new game mechanics are great but the more shit you stuff into the game the more buggy it gets and it just turns into a cycle of adding one thing and then trying to fix 20 other things that broke because of it.



I'm pretty sure they've said now that there's focusing solely on story instead of reworking/adding systems.



missing the best devs of all, /a/ devs




See the devs post >>143696, so here's to best on Innoxia being able to achive that goal.



Most of the mechanics added were basic stuff she wanted to add from the start, or basic shit like figuring out how to make the save system not broken.

Is it a bit tedious? Sure. But it's far better getting a solid framework down while it's still really early in development than ignoring essential stuff until it's buried under so much shit that'd have to be revised to fix it that the dev just says fuck it.





>play this like a year, six months ago

>seemed ok, promising

>check it again

>nearly no new content compared to last time

>raking in a tasty 2000 bux a month

laffin at your money flying away

how many times is this going to happen

stop falling for it idiots




wtf what a waste of my $0!


Kek, just had a dominant pure virgin be an eager submissive and beg me to take her virginity. I have a feeling that that shouldn't happen.

Also, a minor bug, but it seems that the game only tracks oral virginity, for purposes of your character screen, as a single stat. So the result is that my character who's never sucked a dick knows how good at sucking dick he is after licking some girl. Or hell, maybe after just getting a bj.



she thought you worthy be her first and acknowledged you as her superior



Wow, I'm really impressed with your ability to play the game before the framework was even complete.





who are the soyboy paetreons that voted for story instead of content



I'm okay with that. Advancing the main quest further is content too. Although more areas to explore with more variety of NPCs would be better IMO.


File: 479cc321a3b9848⋯.png (23.02 KB, 432x376, 54:47,, lubricated finge….png)

I'm still on the version in the filename. Could anybody check out if that was fixed in the current one?


File: 01aee442bd5aaad⋯.png (20.09 KB, 424x405, 424:405, next round, now some anal ….png)


Whose saliva is that, considering the previous pic?



Oh, I get it, it was from a blowjob before.




Still doesn't explain why used fingers feel as sensitive to pleasure as using a cock.




>computer nerd

>playing dungeons and dragons with my buddy while listening to synthwave

>buddy tells me about this guy making a game that works like a video

>take off my rose tinted sunglasses and put down my ecto-cooler

>check theweekly update of WIRED to see what's up

>LISP based computer code looks like game


>hop on my Ford Escort and ride my way to the store

>spend 3 bucks (fucking thieves) in the punchcards to test the program

>mind blowing

>support the author by sending him 50 cents on the mail every month

>fast forward to present time

Innoxia how is it that your game hasn't changed anything in 30 years, what the fuck!



<quality shitpost



>enchanting added

>harpy bosses added

>paces added

>slavery added

<no new content

It would take most game devs 2 years to make that much progress



Shit, some have never even made it that far either. "No new content" my asshole!


I must admit it is pretty good for early alpha.



It's very broken in increasing stats, but balanced by arcane essences being very slow to get.

It can only be used on consumable items.

I don't know if it will be possible to use on weapon and armor in future versions.

Also sheer amount TF options made it even better.

Why Harpy TF don't give any wings though?

>Harpy bosses

They were stupidly easy. Second tier weapons are enough.

Especially, when you use enchanting or wear good armor in all possible slots.


They were nice for some RP.


Largely incomplete and takes rather long time for slaves to not be completely useless in all jobs, but lab rat.

Also one bug:

>Sometimes shops were unusable. For some reason sometimes inventory screen text in options showed up instead.



Clothes enchanting is something Inno has said she wants to implement at some point. The essences thing can be broken if take the trnsformer half of the transformation fetishes. Cuts the cost in half.

The Harpy TF gives arm-wings.

If you have the right fetishes, you don't even have to fight the harpy bosses. Two require dominant and one requires Bimbo. All three require at least 90 (very feminine) femininity.

At least, I THINK two require dom. Been a while since I did the harpy shit.I know one does, the one with the red text.



Chocolate cum has been a thing in LT, man.




I didn't know that transformer fetish is so overpowered.

I guess I will wait for angels to show up then.

They needed bimbo, nympho and dominant for doing this without fight.



Figures I'd miss nympho.


So I'll probably get shit on for asking something as I know Inno has stacks upon stacks of work to do (and tries hard to please all of those who ask for things). I want to stress this is simply wishful thinking - something that could be added when the plate is clean.

I love the slavery stuff so far but I'm a sub at heart. There's not many games out there with good, if any, sub slavery content. From a game point of view it's boring due to on-rails choices (not having many choices due to being a sex slave). It's more difficult to make a sex slave experience fun than a master experience, basically. I was thinking of the possibility of a fetish being the enabler that makes it so once you lose a fight there's a very small chance someone puts a collar on you and takes you to the slaver to be sold. You're then bid on and you can "catch the eye" of some NPC's bidding on you so you can make them bid more for you (picking your owner, if you will). Taking a horse morph over a dog morph or something. You're brought back to his place and depending on how you're acting you're placed in a cage or get your own room, get bad or good meals, have special rules that raise or lower your stats.

I don't know, there's room for expansion on the idea and again this is all wishful thinking…but I hope that the sub slavery aspect gets brought up once the schedule looks calmer. Great work as always, though. <3





>uses <3

>"you should make X for my faggot fetish because I'm important"

Please actually gas yourself, you fucking faggot.



It's in the plans, just not any time soon.



It's like in eratohok where if you lose you get taken by the enemy army officers and used as their sex thing.


File: 6ad8be39817db16⋯.gif (460.83 KB, 350x232, 175:116, tenor (2).gif)


Fuck off


Heh,even if you lose any type of your virginity to Lilaya or one of your slaves in her house, it still is described in your selfie as happening "in the streets of Dominion".



That would require an entire side path and a bunch of extra mechanics to be added to the game.

Just purposely lose fights or submit after winning them or something.





File: 4e7c8d5aa89144c⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 431x324, 431:324, 57392e232433e45febe23de658….gif)


Go back to Furaffinty, sodomite



This game has always been far too easy since I started it a long time ago. I guess the build I use is OP, but I kind of assumed everyone did it?

I just go pure tease build, every last point into fitness, all the perks in that tree and then just a few perks for bonus health n shit. Literally one shots everything except for Sucubi, they take like 3 submissive teases to go down. Don't even need a weapon for this build and everything gets 1 shotted so armor is irrelevant.



Figured as much.


That's pretty much what I was aiming for. The whole powerless aspect really gets me going.


Yeah, I know, which is why I said this was just a suggestion for once everything is done/covered. There's been the unwilling fuck toy fetish added which gives me hope as Inno is great with the non-con stuff.






File: ce8c0ac85f4f2d7⋯.png (20.33 KB, 200x300, 2:3, 1298786579101.png)

Not even sure why there's dominate options on the polls. There's no chance they'll ever win. Why not just give up the ghost?



For all the things you can criticize this game for, the lack of progress is not one of them. If you're going to bash it for something then choose an easy target like the god awful discord and the community around it.



If I'm not mistaken, the way the polls work is that all of it is planned. The poll is just to determine what gets in first. That's the intent anyways.



Not really.

I just gave every point to int and spammed fire and ice spells.

Foes don't have any resists at all.

Wearing clothes at all possible slots helped too.


So is the overall gameplay premise going to be prancing around the map having god awful combat in order to mug and rape people who are trying to mug and rape you, or is just place holder?



like pokemon



If you think that's bad imagine how I feel as a I-want-a-slave-Brax-kin.

That shit is going to be added maybe in two years, at the very earliest.



Innoxia has mentioned that around two weeks in December are scheduled entirely for combat reworks here: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/2017/11/version-0189-release.html

As for me, I think the game would be well served with a few things. Better level scaling, so that opponents can't be level 3 with max stats, for example. The current player level cap is 20, IIRC, and I feel like that might limit options somewhat.

More combat ideas that don't amount to "do damage to this HP bar" - stuff like status effects. Trap Quest has a fairly engaging system in comparison to LT right now because it has other components to combat that factor in, like the possibility of tripping. Weapons could also add a third way to change the playing field - make things less dependent on player level and more dependent on the gear they have, and then scale the gear drastically. I know Innoxia has gone on record saying that she doesn't like the idea of adding knives/guns to the game, and I honestly don't blame her, but that doesn't exclude that there should be a few more tiers of magic items and clothing.

Another avenue would be sex in combat. The two systems are totally detached as of right now, but I'm not sure it would be tough to add an arousal bar to combat. Have teasing chip away at your stamina at a rate relative to your corruption level, instead of having it dip into the enemy's willpower. Add in clothing enchantment (a second time, this adds an entirely new facet to the game), add in restrictions on potion effects (so that you can't make a horse-morph potion or whatever until the race is discovered in your encyclopedia, at least) and maybe add a temporary mental exertion debuff for spending too much time enchanting or casting spells or whatever. Take a cue from Nethack or Dwarf Fortress in terms of relative complexity; make mechanics from one section of the game carry over to another. I'm just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.



I can see that being a thing. But with such an obvious leaning, she/he needs to split it so there's a separate sub and dom poll, otherwise you'll end up with a situation like >>144798 and push people away and make the game feel like it's a sub focused game.



>Trap Quest has a fairly engaging system in comparison to LT right now because it has other components to combat that factor in, like the possibility of tripping.

Trap quest isn't exactly a good example of combat, I can think of more annoyances and problems with that game than good things. If not for purloin I don't think anyone would bother.



Yeah Trap Quest is such a piece of garbage. Everything in that game works against the player, even the shitty UI. It runs like crap too.

It had an interesting concept but was executed very poorly.



>LT right now because it has other components to combat that factor in, like the possibility of tripping.

You mean the player and pretty much only the player tripping, plus annoying as fuck traps that you trigger even with max perception and agility more often then not, extremely bad UI with impossibility to read your current status without debug mode on, where at least you have proper numbers

I have nothing against you anon, but tq is most likely the worst example you could have used


10 Zimbabwe dollars say the update will be delayed



Doesn't apply to Lilaya, but still does to your slaves.



>three cents

I'll take you up on that offer


File: 44d544a6514e616⋯.png (15.72 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Isabelle everything is bur….PNG)



>Game has a milf bimbo babysitter

>Can't fuck

>Game has a semen demon

>can't fuck her

>Game has a slimegirl

>can't fuck her either

>Game has a vampiress (futa)

>Can't fuck vaginally

This is why I can't play male characters in most porn games, though I guess it's to be expected with a game named "Trap Quest" and half the games focus on tranny faggotry, thank fuck for games like Liliths Throne.


>23:00-05:00 GMT 25th

>Half an hour left

I'm waiting.



>not expecting it in 24 hours and 27 minutes



could always play diaper quest :^)




I now owe you three cents


Well there is an update,but the commit says it is really not suggested to play it yet


this update's very dissapointing


File: f111a0dd943753c⋯.png (63.34 KB, 709x1162, 709:1162, Screenshot-2017-11-26 Lili….png)


Dumb newb here, but is it possible to change a slave's hairstyle and color?



You wait for that to be implemented.


Anilingus positions literally when.



can already get your ass eaten in the sixtynine position.



But what if I want to rape boys by eating their ass?



then you're sol



One day, the ass eating lesbian will come out of the shadows.



Can we export slaves again yet?


Oof, was really hoping for knotting and stuff to get in. Oh well.



Their in the game export, not character export.



Yea that needs to be added asap because currently without it there's absolutely no point to wiener modifiers and all orgasms are identical.



Yeah, it wasn't the best, but it's not exactly like I have a stunning selection of good combat in sex games to reference. And it's been way to long since I've played Nightgames Mod.



Even if the combat gameplay was enjoyable (which it never will be), the main meat of the game being walking around the map getting into pointless fights would still be awful. I can't think of any reason why anyone would design this sort of porn game except mindless aping of other (shit) games that do it.




Isn't that at least rather profitable if you enslave and sell them?


File: 753686295b64114⋯.jpg (50.42 KB, 500x590, 50:59, 1448921370698.png.jpg)


>getting to rape them is pointless



It is but until you spend time building them up you won't get that much money since the amount of cheap collars you can get is limited per day and eventually you have to use the 360 collars will get you a max 100 something flames in profit, which you can get quicker by just beating them up.

Also I have no idea what drives up the value of a slave. I assume it has something to do with obedience and affection but I don't know whether their appearance or fetishes affect the price.


Anyone else having issues with importing games from to

The game does nothing when I try to load exported games. Did I do something wrong, or is it a bug with the save compatibility?



If the game does nothing when you click on import, but still works otherwise, it means the file has incorrect data somewhere; maybe a character out of place or even a missing variable. I do a lot of self-editing my export files and anything out of place renders the entire file unusable, so that could also be the problem as well. That I know of, nothing changed between how the exports are created between those versions that would just make them incompatible normally, so I can't think of anything else that could cause that. Maybe the bugs that were corrected (there was one that caused players to go bald and randomize another NPC's hair length) might be the culprit, but I haven't seen anyone else report the same issue.


Btw, you could try saving the game in the previous version, then just loading that save with the newer one instead of using the importer. Saves should still be fine between versions now as the recent issues I pointed out were with the exporter and didn't seem to affect save game files.



It's not mandatory to sell them with their collar on. You can take collars back before selling at the cost of 5 arcane essences apiece.


>all those autists in the discord

I dunno how Innoxia deals with these guys.



>autism shaming

don't do that



Is this a joke or have the discord faggots leaked into here again?



I think it's a joke because it admits that they are autists.



Post some screenshots to laugh at, anon.



>autists in the discord

Next you will tell us that water is wet




Tried loading old saves with the exact same results. I've done a bit of self-editing on a different export file but I can't get that to work either.

Only loading exported characters works for me.



Had a thought, guy earlier in the thread said if variables are wrong the load will fail: the newest version changed encounters a bit. Either get a mugger or a hooker. My thinking is the flags are different between the versions so it doesn't recognize it as correct and doesn't load?



That could be the case. I'll mess around with it when I can and post the results if I get it to work.



Not quite as good, because if there's something inherently broken or bloated in a save, it can transfer with them, and if you want to get rid of it, you lose those slaves.

For example, still have the occasional broken storm npc kid showing up from a previous version because it transfers across game exports.



Then do what I've done in that case…simply copy just the slaves and paste them in a new export if your sure something else is fucked up. All you have to do is literally add them anywhere (though I recommend the bottom the list of NPCs) and add their slave id's to the player's "<slavesOwned>" section. Once you've done it a couple times it's stupid easy to do again. Notepad++ is recommended since it makes this even more trivial of a chore.


I'd like to see a gardener job among new slave jobs being added.



good idea



Agreed. Otherwise the garden is taking up space in the house and otherwise useless.


It might also be that the middle of the house is just open space with a garden at ground floor. Why else would you not be able to move along those tiles on the second floor?

Adding more jobs like gardeners, guards, nurses ('cause why not?), and handlers (for any future bestiality content), and such would be nice though. And instead of just creating more flame income, which is already stupid fucking easy to make, nurses could improve general mode by adding a multiplier to affection and obedience increases for other slaves. Guards could just…well, guard, I suppose. What the fuck else are they gonna do?Maybe guards and nurses can be split down the middle and nurses just improve affection and guards improve obedience. Guards could also show up when someone jumps you in the halls of the house with the "Use me" option toggled and can change the scene into a multi-partner scene with the guard or you being the dom for a change.


^mood, not mode btw.


Just started this somewhat recently. A couple questions:

- Where do your offspring end up? I got one of the characters pregnant, and she just kind of stopped being pregnant one day, with no real explanation.

- I saw the legal disclaimers, but in practical terms, is there loli?



They instantly grow up and start robing/fucking everyone for money and they randomly show up in alleys.

No, not until someone else makes it and adds it in.



>Where do your offspring end up?

Check the list of icons displayed under "Effects" for a pregnancy icon. Once you get to a certain point, you need to talk to Lilaya to give birth as the PC doesn't just give birth on their own like an NPC does. Those same icons appear for them too, btw, so if one of them was pregnant and now they have now associated icon, it means they have already given birth. There aren't any scenes for NPC's giving birth yet, so no sense waiting for it to proc. If you're the mother and no icons are present yet you never gave birth, could be a bug. As long as you are either the father or mother, you can also go into your phone menu, click on "Stats", then "Pregnancy Stats" to check for a list of your kids, who birthed them, when were they conceived, etc.

>I saw the legal disclaimers, but in practical terms, is there loli?

No. The game does a good and intentional job of not specifically referring to anyone's age for that reason. Everyone in game is assumed to be 18 or older and are never described as underage under any circumstances. That will likely remain even once the game is eventually finished. Unless Innoxia changes her mind later, I don't suspect she has any desire add loli or shota content. Post 0.2.0 mods will be more possible and such content could be unofficially added in, but the official base game will probably never have it added in.


I wish orientation played a bigger role. Someone with the wrong orientation shouldn't want to have sex with you, or stop sex if they discover you're a trap.

If you rape someone who isn't attracted to you there should be some flavour text for that.



They DON'T want you to fuck them. That's it. Same as real life, if you want to fuck somebody who doesn't want to fuck you, you have to rape them.



Innoxia lives in the UK where I'm fairly certain loli is illegal.

Loli content will have to be worked on by someone else, likely as a mod.



>stop sex if they discover you're a trap

Why though? This game's sexual orientations are not "heterosexual" and "homosexual", they're androphilic and gynephilic(don't know if I wrote them correctly), so why the fuck someone who is gynephilic should stop fucking a trap when they discover it? They're attracted to overall femininity of a person so they would fuck anyone who is feminine enough no matter what genitals they have.



There's no such thing as a femenine penis

inb4 7000 responses



i concur



Neither is there such a thing as a feminine penis


Oh no, fuck this.

I don't wanna sound like a shill for neither side, but if we start having this discussion again we will get way out of topic.




It's not about the attraction to a specific body part, but more to specific demeanor and general body shape.

If you want a concrete 3DPD example, try searching for keywords "almost perfect" on efukt. You will find an image gallery, only the last being NSFW.






File: 7e12b441207f71d⋯.jpg (7.04 KB, 166x277, 166:277, Worry not you can still gr….jpg)



I recognized that was a trap in the very first pic

Obvious adam apple, wide shoulders and manly face ratio

Damn im too good at recognizing traps




Should the job require some qualifications and give you free reagents of some kind at random?

Job are so pointless right now, beside making some extra cash


File: d0e207a93f3b014⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 640x428, 160:107, i like feminine cock but i….jpg)



It's obvious that >she had undergone HRT judging from >her boobs. So it's more of a tranny than a trap.



I am pretty sure any attraction there might be from the partner gets lost upon rape, else it should. People don't appreciate being raped, no realy.



>People don't appreciate being raped, no realy.

Never heard of Stockholm Syndrome.



Are you literally retarded? Google what Stockholm Syndrome is.



>implying Stockholm Syndrome doesn't kick in seconds

You are doing the raping wrong.



There is a fetish in this game for that, having it should prevent them from either not accepting it or enjoy the raping the whole time



Do you know how many females have ravishment fetish?



And in that fetish it's always an attractive guy "raping" them not some obese neckbeard.



Ah yes, I forgot about that part.



Fantasising about rape does not mean you actually want to be raped.



Well not if you imagine you're doing the raping.





Oh boy was this new update extremely disappointing. Shouldn't even be called 0.1.90.



There does seem to be a cycle of "I can definitely do this" and "I didn't manage to do it".

I mean some of the things on the update list have been there since September



Time to ignore this game until something like 2018 and set my expectations down to 0 cause shit's been dribbling into a trickle.



<female targeted romance novels



There must be at least one female that reads those doujin thingies.


File: f5ce9a06b2f8faf⋯.png (84.14 KB, 703x1670, 703:1670, Screenshot-2017-12-2 Lilit….png)



Sure, there may be, but they're obviously not the target audience, if you have a Japanese hentai doujin with some fat obese neckbeard raping some girl I'm willing to bet the target audience are fat obese neckbeards.



I want to take a break from it too, but even with these disappointing updates, it's still one of the only patreon games that are actually delivering anything at all.

I'm just really getting sick of the "I'm going to do a, b, c, d, e, f, g". Then the patch comes and it's "" I only did f and g I'm so sorry I couldn't do the rest because of some random time management excuse ;_; -_- ;;!!! I learned my lesson though! I will definitely set my expectations back this time ^_^!!!! "" 1 week later does it again.

I appreciate that she at the very least delivers something, but I'm definitely noticing a steady decrease in the amount of work that's been getting done lately.



To add to my complaining and I know this is very obvious business 101. Promise less and give more instead of promising more and giving less. The former makes people happy, the later frustrates and pisses people off.



Honestly, she has backed up months of promised content that she was "DEFINITELY GOING TO DO ALL OF THIS GUYS NO WORRIES" in three days.

The last time a goal was set and then accomplished a week later was a patreon poll goal.



Then go play one of the other numerous H-games with active developement and weekly updates.

Oh, right.



>you can't criticize this game because the creator gives weekly """""""updates"""""

how about bi weekly or even monthly updates that actually give content instead of having one update each week that adds one small feature and 20 even smaller bug fixes

are we not allowed to speak up when we see the classic patreon illness start to manifest?



No need to get so defensive, the post is pretty on point.

We have it good with LT, yet it's clear the roller coaster has reached a slow part at the moment, and we've all seen games that had promise be squandered countless times. It would help if the dev followed >>147080 and

>Promise less and give more instead of promising more and giving less.


Shitflinging will not be tolerated.



Sep-Jan are the worst times for development in general.

Plus, a while back, Innoxia was strongly advised to stop being so reckless about working 18+ hours at a time on the game, because it was obviously leading to prelim. burn-out symptoms.

Which would you have: big updates and a half-finished game, or slower updates and a finished game?

Besides, unless and until the game stops having updates pushed to the git as they occur, it's extremely difficult to make any argument for patreon milking.

If you want a given set of features so badly, fucking write it yourself and make a pull request.


Does anyone else has trouble compiling the game, it give me shitload of error and doesn't work, using eclipse


>still no added anilingus positions

They've been promising it each and every update yet failing to deliver. But then it's nothing new as with everything else.



There's two new doggy style positions, give and receive, that specify oral.

Now if only the new slave transfer system would actually remember that said slave was family, or keep their obedience and disposition stats.

Gotta say, both versions to keep them currently are just inferior to the original, removed method.

And even it blanked family ties and disposition.



>>still no added anilingus positions

But there are? It's right there in the changelog, anon.



Works fine for me and I'm using the open versions of java. If this is your first time trying to compile make sure that you have javafx installed. There are precompiled zips that you can drop in the jdk folder if you search a bit.

If this is not your first time compiling then you might be having issues with how eclipse manages the workspace folder. Try to delete said folder, then make a new one with the same name and then try again.


What do i use to edit the save files?

Tried opening on notepad but the formatting is crap. Any tips?


Is anyone having problems with imported slaves from old saves? My imported slaves can't get impregnated in the new game.





Yeah, folks are running into issues loading old saves, even from the last version, so it might be a bit before it's all sorted out unfortunately. The good news is it isn't just you. Misery loves company, eh?



Same anon, I meant Notepad++ for the character/game export files. Saves are not in a format that can be read outside the game yet.



Kill yourself

>m-muh safespace

>banned because how dare you argue



lol what?


Ok, I feel like I'm missing something obvious: how do you make transformative potions? I thought that I had to do it trough enchanting consumables like, say, Feline Fancy to give the character dick/tits/arms/whatever tied to that morph type, but I can only add combat buffs. I feel really dumb.




I do believe there are generally TWO items related to each race. One can be enchanted for stat boosts, while the other can be enchanted for transformatives. Can't remember when the other Feline item is named, but try that one instead.



There are two types of items, one does combat buffs other one does physical tf




Got it, thanks!



Oh yeah, editing the exports instead worked perfectly. Thanks anon


Is there a reason this game lags the longer I play? Or is it just java?



Might be Java memory leak, open task manager and check how much it's taking when you start and after you've had it running for a long time..



Seems like it, usage goes up the longer I play, and runs like a charm when I restart.


The interface needs some work. Ideally the action box, or whatever you want to call it, should stay stationary at the bottom of the game and be unable to be "hid" when scrolling up. When a new action happens the text should scroll to the beginning of it, currently sex scenes become a chore due to the need to constantly scroll down to select the action you already know the text to.

For a suggestion that isn't an interface complaint I think pregnancy fetishists leg locking during back to wall vaginal fucking would be hot.



Damn, thought that bug had been squashed already. So, is your actions toolbar hiding on screens other than the fetish menu?


>Lilith's Throne

>a game where you can fuck random strangers

>but you can't get to know their name any other way than by enslaving them


Is there a way to lower the player character's corruption?



Yes, you must get one item drop from succubus then make it into potion.

It's hardest item to get at the moment.



oh, fug



just don't lower it too much and you won't be able to do much of anything without getting corruption with every single thing you do until you're back up to 5.



Or until you get all fetishes possible.



Not necessarily all of them. Transformation subject fetish doesn't nothing in that regard and is otherwise completely useless. Safe to ignore entirely.



Dark alleyways encounters drop them quite frequently, assuming you are able to defeat them.



>Can't even Invite your kids to live with you without fighting and enslaving them



Yeah, kinda disappointed on that one.


File: 433f69f735ac4ff⋯.png (87.32 KB, 454x751, 454:751, rose1 (1).png)

File: 78d141fe444fcbd⋯.png (75.94 KB, 454x751, 454:751, rose2 (1).png)

File: 8dffaf4598d6d25⋯.png (70.49 KB, 454x751, 454:751, rose3 (1).png)



>even the aritst is a chan-goer

This dev is like yanderedev done right.



oh god don't jinx it, what a complete and utter shitfest that was



Good thing I have a wooden desk.



quality artwork



quality artwork


woops, im not sure why that happened



Innoxia's said before that ignoring the shitflinging on 8ch is worth it in order to get feedback from people who will actually say outright if something sucks instead of just being """supportive""" no matter what.



What even happened?



yooo jam is a solid artist and an excellent pick for characters man, keep up the good work with getting him on board.




8chan's been bugging out lately, lots of double posts going around and some cloudflare errors, according to /sudo/ we've recently been getting DDoS'd, polite sage for off topic.


File: cece05e12053c02⋯.png (26.28 KB, 233x739, 233:739, nyan 1.png)

File: f40260bd5230a5b⋯.png (29.74 KB, 233x739, 233:739, nyan 2.png)



More new Lilith Throne art, catgirls are miracles of the universe.



Can I fuck and enslave her?

For serious though, the artist was an excellent choice.



Sorry mate, but this is one of the vendors. Unless Innoxia adds a way for a generic to take over shops, it's highly unlikely you'll get to enslave all of Neko-race.



Think he was asking about Rose, Lilaya's maid, but your answer's correct there too, Rose is pure!

Although there might be some save edit/export/import shenanigans you can do to create a slave/yourselve with the exact same specifications as one of the existing NPCs, at least from what I've gleaned searching the discord.




That could be an idea, investing in shops to increase the quantity or quality of their product, and in exchange you could get a few "perks", enslaving them is probably a little complicated or even boring considering you can have as many slave as you want, but having a genuine relationship with vendors would fit

Of course even shopkeeper can have fetishes and preferences, to make them a little more unique

Also, sapient ferals when?


>Can't have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of recreation

but hey atleast i can get my asshole licked



>sapient ferals

Excellent taste but sadly never ever unless someone makes them when the game goes open source at 2.0



>sapient ferals

What does that even supposed to mean?



presumably normal animals, but sapient




what's this? quality artwork for a hgg? this cannot be allowed, it goes against tradition



Have you ever seen any animated movie featuring talking animals ever?



Does Ну, погоди count? Otherwise not really, i dont recall any



You know how dragons in fantasy are usually really smart even though they look like giant flying lizards? Kind of like that.



tbh we're not even close to be as bad as /v/. Which is kind of ironic since this board is supposed to be like /v/ but for degenerates.



>double negative

Shit, I'm retarded.



Innoxia will be adding regular ferals at some point so sapient ones wouldn't be too much more work I'd think



I'm pretty sure that was just going to be anthros with "feral" behavior unless something was changed?



I'm pretty sure they meant regular animals instead of more furries but I could be wrong or it could have changed.





Are witches still able to be encountered or do they purely appear near Halloween?



Purely near Halloween, but I think you can change your computer clock's date to trick the game into thinking it's Halloween.



I think it was an in-game holiday. I could have sworn I saw Innoxia talking about the holiday occurring via the in-game date/time, rather than real-world date/time.



The game start-date is determined by your system's date and time.





Is there any way to get the game to go full screen?




If you're on Linux or Mac you could use libfaketime instead of changing the system clock.


It's also line 4 in your game export file. The Halloween content shows for any day in Oct . Innoxia's talked about adding a date select for LT in the future.



What for? Is the maximized window not big enough for you?


Why was there a need for doggy (oral) when the oral options could have just been added to the regular position?



I guess it's mostly for anilingus. Apparently there was a demand for that position. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



The thing I'm confused about is why you even need to separate anilingus from the other doggy stuff.

Also impressed we got that before we even got anything leg related.



Maybe they didn't want to overcrowd the options for one position?



Maybe that's because the person from behind has to, you know, change their position to switch from for example anal penetration to anilingus and vice versa? Even with a two feet long dick and tongue you have no way around that.



>apparently there was demand for that position

Eugh. Shame there's not a way to block certain positions/sex things as verboten or something.

In the end it's just more ways to shove shit up the PCs ass or eat butt remnants.



What's wrong anon, don't you like licking peoples' ass clean of shit flakes?


It's pretty hard to find a game with rim jobs tbh >>149180



Not as much as I like licking off the remains of dried urine from dicks and vaginas yum yum



>not padding your dick clean after you piss just in case someone decides to give you a surprise blowjob


I went into the discord and it was a complete hug-box so bad I had to bail. That doesn't extend here does it?



It leaks sometimes.

/hgg/ anons lurk there and vice versa.



A few threads ago a discord faggot wormed his way here and started kvetching about trap pronouns and shit

He was banned



>He was banned

good riddance


File: aea02eab5035270⋯.png (108.41 KB, 714x1811, 714:1811, Screenshot-2017-12-9 Lilit….png)



>Added public use slaves in the stocks in Slavery Alley.

I was really hoping your character could personally station themselves in the stocks, but oh well. Looking forward to this update nonetheless.



I think Innoxia's said the player would be able to use themselves for slave jobs at some point, but I could be wrong


File: 6cf79ef6f5eb26d⋯.png (360.6 KB, 858x725, 858:725, 1484439665774.png)


>add urethral effects

>no urethral penetration

fucking why


File: 70e7db6d226b3e9⋯.gif (579.74 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ATATATATATATATATATATATATAT….gif)


>urethral penetration

Fucking hell, that is disgusting.



it's fine to not share my fetishes, but internal urethral effects were added (ribbing, tentacles, etc) several months ago, and yet they're currently useless

no idea why



maybe because they wanted to add the systems/mechanics for future content to use but haven't had time to get around to your particularly shitty fetish




The same can be said for pretty much all the other modifiers. It's called foundation-work. Chill.



Ask that about the angel race first.



Because it doesn't makes sense for them being in city with frequent rape weather and ruled by demons?


So where the fuck are the mods for this game?



It's way too early for this game.

Look at game version at >>149419



v 2.0 is when people might start making mods


Yeah, 0.2.0 is when Innoxia is planning to release the source code publicly, so mods will be possible then.



Well the source code kinda is already public, I just imagined 2.0 to be when innoxia plans to implement better support for modders so that they have an easier time adding stuff in



I use RunAsDate for such things myself. Otherwise I'm likely to forget what date it currently is.


>all the new updates are slavery shit

jesus chrst who even wants this? There's so many slavery hentai games, I just wanted an alternative to Coc/TiTS since I played them both already



Shut the fuck up




>jesus chrst who even wants this?

The dev wants it, so there's that.


File: e0322a84b9275c1⋯.jpg (186.46 KB, 660x960, 11:16, 5513c6a94168fde28afe170f2d….jpg)


Yes but all of all of them are shit

At least i haven't found a good one yet god knows i've tried



Females don't have urethras either apparently, so you can't fuck them in the pee pee


>adding group sex positions

like what? Will this mean you can gangbang/get gangbanged or spitroasted or dp'd or something like that?

I hope they let you dp your female slaves with a male one, would be cool



Pretty much. Great, ain't it?

Also, why is it that half the time I try to reply to a particular post lately, it doesn't link the one I entered? Is the site breaking or am I just getting that bad with the numpad?



I wish they would finish this slavery shit already so we can actually go to different locations or refine the sex positions.



why the fuck would you want to do that… Isn't anal degenerate enough?




Slavery is good and I like the stuff but I agree that more content and exploration is needed in general. The story's pacing is also all over the place, and I feel like we just get saddled into doing a whole lot of stuff that doesn't matter.


I'll just put this here since it seems people obviously keep missing…




Or finally add magical tattoo in, or new races, a more complex levelling up system, customization that actually influence the gameplay ie claw can cause bleeding etc.




never ever gonna happen m8



But what if I have a thing for blood though

Discrimination, I say



You or someone else will have to mod it.



>Or finally add magical tattoo in

Forcing everyone to get tattoos for magical powers sounds like a nice way to railroad people into your fetish, in which if it's your intention you can fuck off.

This already happened in Trap Quest where it was used to block off some of the content, like being unable to max the bimbo level or activate certain fetishes without going full degenerate mode.

>customization that actually influence the gameplay ie claw can cause bleeding etc.

CoC did this in either the base game at one point or in the mods, not sure which. It was awful because it encouraged everyone to be some hybrid-centaur abomination for meta if they wanted more than 100 in a stat, this is pretty much racial shit at it's worst in games and it's been a plague since everyone just copies D&D for doing this shit which always makes playing MMORPGs with multiple races, all some kind of knock off of human anyways, a massive pain in the ass.



>it encouraged everyone to be some hybrid-centaur abomination for meta if they wanted more than 100 in a stat

so power gamers?

i kind of understand your point of "the only way to get x ability/stats is to get a piercing/tat/mutilate your body in some sort of way" while depreciating the classic ring/pendant options and i agree that it's bullshit, but…

>which always makes playing MMORPGs with multiple races, all some kind of knock off of human anyways, a massive pain in the ass.

what the fuck are you going on about here. i'd understand if you wanted to call out people who like to roleplay in mmorpgs as being stupid/wasted potential and generally just making everyone else's life harder, but this is ultimately a singleplayer game. unless the dev decides that power gaming is a feature that you should make the most use of to succeed in-game (something like dark souls), then alright, your point if is valid, this game however presents you with different difficulty settings that should let you enjoy the game without having to resort to some sort of meta.




There will always be power gamers in RPGs, it's something you just cannot prevent.



>Forcing everyone to get tattoos

I don't know what the fuck you smoked or drunk before coming here, but whatever it is stop it, it make you look stupider then you are

Getting tattoos to gain additional unique abilities or change the way your character interact with npc have nothing to do with forcing anyone to do anything, you don't want them don't use them, just like nearly everything else in this game, you are not even forced to actually have slave just the license that you can forget to even have after using it once, you lose some possible interaction but that's your choice, you can play regardless

>It was awful because it encouraged everyone to be some hybrid-centaur abomination

The implementation in coc may have been wrong, but the concept is good, if you have claw why not use them?

Preventing this make any choice regarding your character completely pointless, less then choosing what colour your shirt is, this game already don't have neither classes nor abilities that allow the player to focus on anything, just like skyrim you can start a mage and end up a raging barbarian while Still being the a mage you started with, every charter end up looking the same without any shreds of uniqueness in them unless you wilfully limit yourself by not spending points in the various stat and perks

Beside this is already happening in reverse to a point, by giving the player a bonus if your character is nearly completely of a single species, and mostly disadvantaging remaining human as any other species have more useful bonus plus a special attack of sort, and with transformative not being random any more, i don't see any issue in changing your character in anything you want multiple times



There would need to be other ways to get those abilities even being able to remove the tat while keep the powers would be fine but locking content behind shit tier fetishes (that isn't related to that fetish obviously) is a retarded thing to do


If I recall, back when it was being discussed, there was mention of varients of any "magic" tattoos being done with invisible inc. Basically you get the buff, what ever it is, but no mention of any tattoos would be made anywhere else in the game. As far as the game is concerned from then on, you just have those buffs effectively no tattoo to speak of.

As for the whole TF meta problem, I'm sure Innoxia wouldn't mind doing something similar on that end. Maybe a toggle to disable all TF-related special buffs/powers/effects or something. That way people won't feel pressured into specific TF's for min/maxing purposes.



Guess banning an entire subnet didn't keep you away that long huh.


>try this out

>decide to make a perfect waifu slave

>2 hours on the streets

>still can't find a virgin girl with white skin

Jesus fuck, even after removing all the dicks and furshit its still impossible, they're all shitskin sluts



There's no skin color preference settings?

Skin color preference settings when?



You can restore virginity if you remove and replace their vagina


Are kids becoming prostitutes by default? Can you enslave them or something? Any content for that?



>specific TF's for min/maxing purposes.

If you grind for long enough you can literally get a 100 in every stat with potion enchanting



There's no plans for it from last I checked. Just one more thing modding has to fix.


File: 4377630b9b80968⋯.png (84.51 KB, 240x385, 48:77, 448548.png)

Am I supposed to start with teats on my pecs or?



Let's make a list so they aren't forgotten:

Things to Mod in Lilith's Throne:

- Lolis

- Elves, Orcs and any other "Tolkien Fantasy" races

- Skin Color preferences

Any other niches?



The ability to change their hairstyles, piercings, tattoos and fucking nail polish colors.



Anon, explore the shops more in-depth

All of that is already in the game


>like the seeder perk

>it results in uncontrollable burst of population

How do I stop littering the streets with my bastards? I wish you could ship your kids to other cities or something, or at least give them different occupations. I don't mind having a harem of prostitute daughters, but who needs THAT many?



>slavery is now in

The important question though, is it possible for you to be enslaved yet?



Not yet



I explored the shops and there's zero options to drag a slave there and change their shit



I meant slaves, not the PC. My bad.



Every male in existence has nipples, anon. Unless you cut them off, I guess.



Maybe he's not a human



I'd like to see som fox grills




You know what kind of people don't have nipples? Jews, because jews are lizard people >>150376 go back to your planet snake man



>any other "Tolkien Fantasy" races

gobbos WHEN





>requesting a hotly requested animal

foxes are definitely going in, bunnies too probably before Easter, so you can RP zootopia



Dom content





Well there's your problem


File: d6728c895249559⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 539x539, 1:1, 1512484566375.jpg)


At least i can customize what i want and what not…unlike fencuck SI simulator


Unpopular opinion¿?



If you include lolis then you must include shota so I can fulfill my fantasy of being a loli dommy with a harem of trap shota with cute little feminine penises to tease and bully.



Kobolds perhaps?



Don't forget the shota to go along with the loli!



fuck zootopia, I want me some cyute tamamo from either mgq or fate/extra ASAP, I already have my holo but it's not fucking enough


File: 0493d1be718b083⋯.png (819.87 KB, 789x588, 263:196, V3lLhbo.png)

File: 661bcc8e89c310d⋯.jpg (182.88 KB, 1005x663, 335:221, TAtbe.jpg)


Oh yeah that reminds me, multiple tails could be a thing, there's been some work on tail features so it's plausible and would be cool to have a lot


Edit: read the rules on namefaging.


I can dig it. Urethral penetration kinda grew on me from all the SFM porn I watch.

I will admit it's degen.

Post last edited at


File: e7345fc12961ada⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 184x184, 1:1, haha.jpg)


i second this


So what the fuck is a kobold anyways? I've gotten everything from them being flightless dragons the size of dogs to lizardman humanoids to midgets. Is it some sort of DnD thing or something?



D&D made the lizard kobold, Nips are retarded and took the description of a "doglike snout" to mean it's a furry gnoll-like creature since the original monster had no picture, and weebs have spread the Nip version far and wide.




▶Anonymous 3 days ago No.149913

Why won't you just click on the number after the [No.] in the header of the post you want to respond to? Do you also eat soup with a fork?



Or with attending the gym each day for less than two months of game time and only raising intelligence on level-up.



I guess they will be there at some point, as you can have up to nine tails already.



Chance for offspring to be hookers is about the same for hookers in general I think. Most "female" chillins go whore and the "male" go for mugger.

You can enslave them, but it causes a massive hit to how much they like you. As in, the hate your fucking guts for it.



Actually, D&D books in japanese version were badly translated.

It ended with kobold becoming dog in Japan.


>Goals for 1.9.5

>Improve orgasm dialogue, and add in position-specific orgasm scenes with body-part recognition (such as knotting, orifice modifiers, fluid modifiers, etc.).

>Add thigh sex.

>Work on final improvements to the sex system.

>Add in missing content related to the new transformations. Addictive fluids, part modifiers referenced during sex, etc.

>Bux fixes

>1.9.5 progress

>Added alligator-morphs



Because I didn't know you could do that. Now I do, so thank you, smart ass.


File: 8e84fd0189e831d⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 300x300, 1:1, fcaf70e7b84165832c3fbbe58e….jpg)


>Added alligator-morphs



Still retarded, even if it's someone else fault, how "lizard like creature" can be translated into "dog like creature" i'l never know, was somewhat common knowledge they are "degenerated" version of dragons, or at least cousins, how the fuck you can misunderstand that for dogs?



If you didn't know that you shouldn't be on this board

Lurk for a couple years on cuckchan first, then lurk for a couple more years here.



>Ancient Mythology kobolds

A type of domestic gnome

>DnD kobold

Dragon worshiping lizard people

>Japanese kobold

A dog


File: b27d765a96545e8⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1485786044001.jpg)


>gators before bunnies, foxes and other actually good animals



because they were described as "dog-faced creatures" they just went a bit far and construed that as an all dog creature.



It's because some other person made them. You want your animal shit in fast make it yourself.


File: 253c07655379b53⋯.jpg (244.91 KB, 1935x2048, 1935:2048, florida man.jpg)


Alligators are a patrician choice actually



this, that someone had programmed all the gator stuff and submitted a PR a long while ago


File: 584c2dc83ee37de⋯.png (15.5 KB, 624x260, 12:5, Do you believe Mike Cernov….png)



I don't mean to explain away the joke – I laughed. Alligators are the sexual equivalent of Death Grips.

But to anyone wondering, no, Florida isn't THAT fucked up… not yet.




>Added alligator-morphs

I admit that I wanted scalies, but I expected snakes, dragons or salamanders first.


(((Lolcalization))) always existed and japanese stuff always suffered from this.



This man has some good philosophy.

All of animal kingdom should submit to the superior human cock


File: b8dffcd0a0c3b05⋯.jpg (14.56 KB, 320x181, 320:181, 2443436-big-boss-salute.jpg)


holy shit

that guy is the manliest-manly-man-man i've ever seen in my entire godamn life

He deserve respect



And all what is left to do if you don't want to be picked on as a newfag is to get rid of your reddit spacing. You don't need two new lines after every sentence, you know.

See what I mean?

>smart ass

You meanie, you. Kinda sad to witness trips along with that.



> However, the stretching of the urethra required by this form of intercourse has also reportedly resulted in a complete and permanent loss of urethral sphincter control (urinary incontinence); furthermore such intercourse presents a very high risk of bladder infection to the receptive partner. It can also lead to permanent dilation of the urethra and incontinence during intercourse. Presenting symptoms of unintentional urethral intercourse include primary infertility, dyspareunia (pain during intercourse), and incontinence. […] More serious consequences include evisceration via the urethra and bladder rupture.




magic will save us, lots and lots of elasticity potion whatevers



>>Added alligator-morphs

finally, FINALLY




I'm hoping we get some sort of event for enemies who are addicted to your fluids to come back for more, and if they're horribly addicted they'll willingly be enslaved for that sweet drug.

Would be neat, at least, I find the current addiction a little lacking on both ends. Debuffs are sort of a lame incentive for you to set sail for dick.


File: e4ccd2478ad37cd⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1080x945, 8:7, ali.png)


>Added alligator-morphs

Isn't that frustrating? In her goals all she talks about is how she is really going to focus on improving sex content, how her new save features created a long list of bugs that need to be fixed. Then what has her progress been? Something completely unrelated to the goals… alligator morphs. Yes that's what we need, more useless morphs that don't effect game play at all because the sex mechanics are still so bare bones.

She's taking a vacation for Christmas too so this is it, this will be the patch we will be stuck with for a pretty long time.

The patch will end up being:

1.9.5 Update

- Added alligator morphs

- Added 2 new pieces of clothing

- Finished up the dialogue of that useless plot related NPC

- Added alligator transformations

- Added Christmas related event that will only be relevant 1 week of the year, so now you have to chose between this one or Halloween, both involve a Succubus.

- Fixed 3 bugs

- Here's some art of a story NPC that won't be implemented for another 2 years

Even after all my bitching I will still admit this is the best HGame patreon has to offer with the most potential. I'm just salty because we really need the dialogue and variables that make all of these transformations relevant to the sex and orgasm dialogue.



>A dog

Not a dog-headed anthro morph, looking similar to Anubis from ancient Egypt?


File: 22f5ba6b4ce20bd⋯.png (82.09 KB, 722x1407, 722:1407, Screenshot-2017-12-15 Lili….png)






Check the website, it says nothing about adding new races.




Alligator morphs were mostly programmed by a different guy quite a while ago, he sent a pull request and innoxia recently accepted and fixed it ( check the commit log https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public/commits/master )



>the content that some people are actually excited about isn't even made by the game dev




I believe it's the same person who made Squirrels and Cows




In game enslavable Rfpnj when? I'd buy him the prettiest and most expensive things.



Would kinda be nice if their disposition didn't drop the the minimum for it.

Like, if I raise her disposition to worshipful, and she's a submissive with an incest fetish, would she automatically hate me as much as she's capable of hating anything for it? Seems like, since it's right up her alley, she might be fine-ish, and have a lower relationship hit.

Couldn't I offer her the collar as a gift instead of slapping it on? It does say a lot of slavery is voluntary in the setting.



I'm excited for the bestiality and multiple partners content, but that's a ways away and I don't want to get excited for something that isn't closed to finished yet. even though I am and it hurts that it isn't here yet



I wasn't even sure if bestiality was going to be added in, that's pretty neat.

Personally I'm hoping to enslave a naive little kobold guy to go on adventures with, slaying bitches and fucking bros.



What about the non-consent fetish for those girls (mostly girls, usually) into being 'ravished'? Non-consent play can go both ways, but there is one fetish for that in the game.



Sheep and pig morphs?



Fucking kek.




Should probably amend that this is a list of things to mod into Lilith's Throne that we know Innoxia will never work on themself, like loli/shota and "Tolkien Fantasy" races are never going to get touched by Innoxia, but <general animal here> will likely be added at some point by Innoxia or the regular LT contributors.



Hopefully, fetishes eventually get more implementation either way.

Just in terms of enslavement, they could act as modifiers to initial obedience and disposition.


Sorry that it's been a while since I've posted here, but I've been keeping up with all of your posts, and have added all your bug reports & suggestions to my lists. I really appreciate all of the honest feedback I get from here, be it negative or positive, and quite a lot of the posts made here are directly responsible for bug fixes and changes to the game.

I know that these last few releases haven't been as exciting as some of the ones in the past, and that I have a bad habit of saying that I'm going to work on one thing and then go on to do another. These threads are the only place where people really call me out for this, such as >>146998 >>147078 >>150878 >>150970 , and I really do listen to this criticism and try to improve.

I just updated the game to version 0.1.95. You can find the blog post here: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/version-0195-release.html

There will be another public release next Friday as well (December 22nd).

Thank you for all of your feedback and interest in the game. I'll be working on modding support in the new year, so it shouldn't really be too long before >>150386 is possible without having to mess around too much with huge portions of the code.



yo man that shits gay. I wanna fug a lady-gator



well if you want some dick sucking then I'll tell you the only western h-games that are shaping up to be worth a damn are yours and strive for power.



And FC



you are a bro but you're forgetting about free cities



thanks family



You're going to watch an alligator man fuck himself with his tail and that's the end of it, mister!




FC's base game hasn't been updated for months now.


Is there a way to enslave bree?


Is there also a way to regain corruption? I want to stay pure.




Free Cities is great but I barely register it as an h-game. I get far too into the business management side of things.

It's like a tycoon game that just so happens to have the option to fuck giant titted women.



1. Take a bottle of Lilith's Gift to your inventory

2. Highlight it

3. Select 'Enchant' below to open the Potion Enchanting interface

3. Pick the Corruption option

4. Add Arcane Booster

5. Select 'Reduce Potency' below few times to change the effect name to 'Major Drain'

6. Select 'Add' as many times as you want/as your arcane essences' reserves allow

7. Select 'Craft'

8. Drink your newly created potion.

Was that recipe detailed enough?



Damn right. Thanks familia.

Now I see in the stats tab that there are angels in game. But the Angel's Tears item seems to give only a generic human transformation…

I guess angelic transformation arent in the game yet?



Nope and they probably won't be fully implemented for a long time. It's a mystery why they were added so early



i think they're implemented buy unavailable yet


Is it possible to fuck Nyan, that catgirl who runs the clothes shop?



not yet



To counterbalance demon transformation, but will probably not be relevant until something originally planned get implemented that make it relevant

Demon tf increase potential damage but also weaken your defences, supposedly angel tf should do the opposite, but as it is right now it's mostly irrelevant as corruption do not have any real effect beside boosting attack and angel tf may even inhibit sex to a point, making the game somewhat irrelevant

In theory this means that combat and abilities will change significantly in the future, and corruption will play a major role in this, not just to unlock action, as fetishes easily replace that and very few NPC use your vulnerabilities when present, easily nullified as well by will defence boosting potions as well



>giant titted women

With the version hosted here it can also be giant titted/futa lolis, including blood-related ones.



According to in game lore that I found by going through the game files with Eclipse the angels are actually kind of dicks and have even more sex than demons



post it



>"Angels look pretty much exactly how most people imagine them."

+ " Their bodies closely resemble that of a human's, with the exception of having a gigantic pair of white-feathered wings growing from their backs."

+ " Their skin, while similar to that of a human's, gives off a pale golden radiance at all times."

+ "</p>",


+ "Although they fit the stereotypical appearance of an angel, these ones certainly don't act like their traditional counterparts."

+ " Boastful, loud, and incredibly vulgar, angels often make up stories about how powerful they are, despite the fact that they're actually only quite averagely-skilled when it comes to harnessing the arcane."

+ "</p>"

+ "<p>"

+ "To an even greater extent than demons, angels are completely obsessed with sex."

+ " Their nymphomania is so severe that it's almost impossible for an angel to be able to go more than an hour without masturbating or seeking out sex."

+ "</p>"

+ "<p>"

+ "An angel's offspring will be a mixture of more angels and offspring of their partner's race."

+ "</p>",



Found small bug:

During arcane storm facing a random encounter on generic title and winning by dismissal, (just leave not using removal option), bug out the map and stop listening to mouse commands, keyboard still work and restore functionality after moving



Nice find, still dosen't answer what corruption will do then, or the concept of corruption in this game as quite different from what we expect



Angels obviously must have all the fetishes so they can't become "corrupted" as the game defines it.



Another bug:

Feline Fancy now open the enchanting screen for strength instead of intelligence as it should


Looks like only Incubi show up now.


File: 6b091fb9c44feb6⋯.jpg (128.07 KB, 879x909, 293:303, the_batter_by_theperpetual….jpg)


You take the criticism properly and use it as a means to improve your game and it's development, which deserves respect. Many creators forget that some their harshest critics are also their biggest fans.

I can't wait for mod support, it's going to make a great game even better. It will get a ton of support like FC does.


Contrary to my hopes and dreams, you cannot use your tail to penetrate as a gator. Hopefully this is a bug.



Alligator tails aren't prehensile anon



Magic ought to be able to add prehensibility(?)!



I know that can't be true. I was searching for incubus dick for a while and I had encountered succubi several times before I found one incubus.



their bodies metabolize corruption into energy, they are constantly fucking to get more corruption so they don't die


Is there a bug where if you attempt to get a submissive partner to fuck you in the ass, they'll do thigh sex and not stop no matter what you do? Or are the characters in my game just scared of buttholes?



Corruption addict? Wouldn't have more sense being irresistibly sensual then? You get way more action if people drool just by looking at you then being

>"Boastful, loud, and incredibly vulgar"

piece of shit

My map is also behaving irregularly, sometimes it dosen't seems to register my movement at all taking 2/3 turns to update, in one battle instead of opening the combat layout it opened the inventory one, where only escape and spell buttons worked with different names

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