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File: 9077e0177823e53⋯.jpg (328.59 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, erwerewrydfg.jpg)



Primary: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.html

Text only: hhttps://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.txt

Readme: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/readme.txt


This is a thread primarily for non-furry discussion of Pregmod, a mod for Free Cities. Furrymod/monster girl conversations are to be held in a separate thread.

Pregmod git: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod

Changelog: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/devNotes/VersionChangeLog-Premod+LoliMod.txt

Latest Pregmod Release v253: https://mega.nz/#!AVZ3QZYb!hTmnhsKrA-2ni74Ju8LFYqC7gannJeekokui9hY8bqM

Additional vector art for Pregmod: https://mega.nz/#!EMg3ABQK!yUrUYxoM5puIO1l39S2L_ZwWXRCo1LLjN_uWLZLNDB4

Suggestion sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YC3R5by6TjDggbPEU-vDWy4G5wk_af8PHrATQcrAf-k/edit?usp=sharing

Optimal Slave Stats for Assignments: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/be67deb95e9a36b1f07fd0734de60a9c9e112764c33f6091a099154d7510035b.png

Official git: https://github.com/Free-Cities/Free-Cities

Latest Official Release: https://mega.nz/#!C8gTURwK!sigeAsFCltyNo_Hr5hkxF3N6MmyiFAQUWH5nkzMGyvc

Official vector art: https://mega.nz/#!ulJlALpI!RnPOgB5zE78cjcDcDpxIXkjhNUZ7su8b-vpw84r1T_0

Suggestion sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eiWph4B4oFKdHLMLAqrJxYUuZI9-S_-8XlXcmpiedvA/edit#gid=0

Git versions



Fixes For Common Errors

Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves with a new version.

>Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting. Error: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0. Stack Trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at JSON.value

Delete your browser cookies which contain your saves. Use Save to file from now on.

Replies to Common Requests

>Is there a way to increase penis size at the plastic surgeon?

Changing penis size would require an inordinate amount of effort with the way the game is coded currently. Someone might take a crack at it once the game hits 1.0 status (I wouldn't wait) but until then updates to the base game would be too much of a hassle to deal with.

Previous thread >>153402 https://archive.is/B1sAp

Post last edited at


File: 5e4d80de0bccd0e⋯.png (45.47 KB, 1226x194, 613:97, wife (male).png)

Best girl.


Bodyswapping's text will be finished tomorrow. Will also be merging in !1271 then too. Don't want to post an update right before calling it a night, that never ends well.


I know this is probably me being stupid…but where is the option to build the incubation facility? I feel like I've looked everywhere.



it is in the main penthouse upgrade section.


any fun challenges?

Also, what is the best way to get rid of surplus slaves?



don't spoonfeed redditors things that are in the FAQ.


File: d98bffb63d0c074⋯.png (93.42 KB, 1500x891, 500:297, Capture223.PNG)


Here right?



>probably me being stupid


Yes it is.



Read the faq.



I have, extended family is on, power lines are made.



Drones-only military run

"Best" depends on what you want from it. Cash? Sell em. Rep? Arcade iirc, Authority sadly idk. Me, personally, I just toss excess, useless slaves in the pit to be murdered by my psychotic, Deus Ex'd, testosterone pumped "bodyguard/anime main character".


Is vector art working again



The FAQ is poorly formatted tbh.



Wait the arcade gives you rep now?


will the new pregnancy framework be able to support animal impregnation?



>Rep? Arcade iirc

Arcade gives rep now?

Also, has anyone have a idea how to do a repoulationist FS?



>The FAQ is poorly formatted tbh.

Ok I'l bite, how would you format it better?



Differently than the current one obviously.



Then do it.



Why should I?


quick question, I have all the mods enabled, but have not once had a battle occur? is there something ive got to check to have them happen? i already have barracks with a few platoons of troops and whatnot



What kind of arcology? Oceanic don't get attacks, according to the information given when you show SecEx changes when starting a new game.



>Oceanic don't get attacks

im retarded for not reading that earlier, thank you kindly



I doubt it will be added in the pregmod version; you might have better luck with the nekomod variation floating around this board.





Arcade might produce rep in degredationist future societies, but the primary focus is on squeezing the last bit of money from a slave. To get rid of slaves for rep, I know that you can send them to fight in the slave pit; if you have literally any slave fighting against a high-stat BG (look at the "Optimal Slave Stats for Assignments" link in the OP), specifically with cybernetic limbs, the audience will be impressed with the kill no matter what. Only downside is that it only happens during the end-of-turn phase, so it can't be spammed the same way that simply selling slaves for cash can be.



>>be me

>>Buy raider's slaves for 2000

>>Sell them for 30k profit in less than a month

>>>>>>simply selling slaves

You sir, have disrespected my art.



I meant only in the way that you can sell one slave after another at any time, sir.



Did you select all of the appropriate new game choices? It may be under extended families, and you may need the "extreme content+creative about it" choice, or the "no extreme, but creative" choice.




>be me

What site did you crawl out from?



Probably 7chan



Is anyone even working on that version though?



I'm thinking it's Reddit.


On and off.


Can we add the suggestion spreadsheet the next time the thread starter gets posted?




Because if you "know better" you should be able to do this, otherwise you are just another whiny fag.


File: 739e8cee44e22f8⋯.jpg (24.12 KB, 1480x90, 148:9, Capture.JPG)

Asking the colonel for money gave me a retardedly huge amount (this was after having fully upgraded almost everything except the SF Barracks barracks) this pretty much ruined the game for me since now everything is pointless, why worry about upkeep when I billions at my disposal, why train prostitutes, why run a dairy…



>looters with that much money

(((Someone))) must have had their hand in this.


How do I build the incubation facility? Do I need a specific FS first?



You can allow battles on oceanic as well in the options if you want. They're deactivated by default.



Three things:

-reading the FAQs

-enabling extended families mod at game start

-upgrading the arcology up to power lines



Read the fucking faq. The ones between two underlined all caps bright red sentences telling you to read it before posting.


File: 3d008f0bffc7e7a⋯.jpg (37.31 KB, 396x382, 198:191, 1513291530649.jpg)






Stop spoonfeeding people things that can be found in the FAQ.



<<set _spy = $slaves.findIndex(function(s) { return s.ID == $slaves[$i].father && s.assignment == "please you"; })>>

There are four other similar instances covering other familiar relations. These gives the PC a rep boost when related slaves are tasked to please the PC together.

However, this does not work when the slaves are in the master suite. Since the master suite is supposed to be an enhanced version of the pleasing the PC job, I believe that's an oversight.

the s.assignment check should check for "please you" || "serve in the master suite". E.g., <<set _spy = $slaves.findIndex(function(s) { return s.ID == $slaves[$i].father && (s.assignment == "please you" || s.assignment == "serve in the master suite"); })>>



see my first point



See your second and third points.



There is some code for something similar already that's disabled, but functional to a degree. If someone finished it, I don't see why it wouldn't work in the new framework.


it there a way to get rid of eugenics? The social elite confronted me many times already and I keep killing them but I still can't abandon eugenics




Technically no, but with a little work can be made compatible. The problem stems from fetal size/growth differences, accommodate that and the system will handle the rest just fine.


Bestiality is fine. It's not like they'd be popping out hybrids in this case.


This is the vanilla suggestion sheet. It holds no bearance on what directions I go. But it really won't hinder me if anyone else wanted to work from it, though no BMI. BMI gives too much definition to weight instead of allowing it to be vague enough for players to have their own view of it.


Noted. Caught a lot of those in the random event selection when I was handling RESS.


I'll think of something.



>that pic

>have preggo slaves doing water aerobics

>slip into the pool and sneak up like a shark for surprise sex

>bond with resulting daughters by teaching them to swim then knock them up inside the pool


We definitely need a pool.



The spa is mostly a pool.



There are events where you take milk-bath with your cows and actually have sex with random slave in the spa.



Yeah, but its not a proper pool. Maybe an upgrade?


We need more events like that.



>Yeah, but its not a proper pool. Maybe an upgrade?

Onsen ?




Well after I murder or enslave the social elite once, that should be the end of the eugenics FC. As it is, it can even be exploited to periodically get a bunch of high prestige slaves by enslaving the elite



That pool has got to grow proportionately to the number of slave able to stay in the spa. Couple that with it starting off as a fairy good size in the events that describe it, I can see preggo water aerobics being a thing in Repop archologies.


I've fixed it for next version. It'll now be abondonable after beating them and shuold you decide to keep it, they'll stay out of your way.




>not just saying hot spring



>sage auto filled into subject field

Fucking web browser



> It'll now be abondonable after beating them and shuold you decide to keep it, they'll stay out of your way.

I suggest that the social elites (if enslaved) correspond to the description of the eugenics that are being put in place because the RNG makes them look like a bunch of hypocrites (which is also fun but not realistic).

btw was the vector image problem fixed ?



>I suggest that the social elites (if enslaved) correspond to the description of the eugenics that are being put in place because the RNG makes them look like a bunch of hypocrites (which is also fun but not realistic).

Fucking THIS



This is usually where I get stuck with the game; once I purchase all the upgrades, make more money than I know what to do with, and usher in the next gen of slaves I don't know what to do.

Marry my favorites slaves and keep them as master suite slaves / the nurse / the teacher / the head girl etc

Their daughters I educated and occasionally fuck. Then I master suite them until they are sex masters before I put them on house work and leave them to be trained in being whores / entertainers by the HG. Once that's done I leave them in the suite.

I'm reluctant to take in more slaves because managing or even enjoying them all becomes difficult.

I don't know man there aren't enough jobs / tasks I think



>btw was the vector image problem fixed ?

Never mind I just test compiled it and it's good.

But the d3js.org domain is still phoning home.




They are supposed to be hypocritical.


I'll ask prndev about it. I think it is the .html compliant color picker.




what could be fun if you want to end eugenics would be to use the RNG and make the elites walk down in the streets and show how much of a bunch of hypocrites they are.



>They are supposed to be hypocritical.

Really? A shame, i liked to imagine some sort of ubermensch with some FS additions.



That could work as a Edo upgrade, but I was thinking Olympic pool


Then I guess we need more pool/spa events then. Would like to have my own swim team and keijo battles. Wasn't there a anon working on that?.



Keijo was discussed, but I don't think anyone commited to it.



>They are supposed to be hypocritical.

That doesn't make much sense.


>I'll ask prndev about it


> I think it is the .html compliant color picker.

ok, from what I'm seeing it's a JS script.


> A shame

Well it's not a shame depending on the context. Eugenics isn't inherently bad depending on how it's managed, for example instead of forcing sterilization if people could voluntarily do it after seeing the long term benefits, that of course would necessarily would had more content in the game like for example a advertisement campaign with or without lies with consequences for each (lying would have negative of course).


Pregmod v256.


-Fully established eugenics is now abandonable after you've dealt with the uppity SE.

-Corncobman's brothel/club advertisement and code tweaks

-SFanon's fixes



Hold up on this one. Small patch coming up to fix a couple little things.



thanks m8



When I speak of eugenics I don't of course I don't take into account the whole elitist side, I see it more of a necessity of survival to have physical healthy children (that my paternalistic side fusing with the idea I guess).

Unfortunately eugenics has been tainted by the whole supremacist bullshit from the 40s that why I suppose that the devs see it has inherently bad.



Maybe it would be better to have an elitist ideology and eugenics separated.

Elitist could bring some social system like the case of India for example.




Wait devs think that Eugenics is bad? Wow. I honestly didn't noticed that, while blinding, quartering, milking in the industrial diary, raping and stuffing them with food, chemicals and dosens of children.



>tainted by the whole supremacist bullshit from the 40s

>implying it was bullshit or tainted




Sometime earlier there was an idea of some sort of "human hive" FS. Caste system could work very good with it (as well as repopulationism if you think about it)


Pregmod v256.1


Should be cleaned up now. Got to love when fixes come in right after you post your update and they have merge conflicts.


I will be making that into a neighbor FS.



>I will be making that into a neighbor FS.

Cool, cool.



That could work as a Edo upgrade, but I was thinking Olympic pool


Then I guess we need more pool/spa events then. Would like to have my own swim team and keijo battles. Wasn't there a anon working on that?.



>>implying it was bullshit or tainted

Not necessarily devs, writer can also but that isn't the problem, the problem is the inconstancy of seeing eugenics has a negative trait while it can be helpful depending on why and how it's done, we do that all the time in with cows or horse or any animal the differences is that we don't do that with humans just to have humans with bigger breast or milking output…. wait a minute.


>as well as repopulationism if you think about it

a lot of ideas can work together for example eugenics and repopulationism can work together has long has the mothers correspond to the eugenics standard.





Are there any other FS neighbor or otherwise you plan on adding?



Nothing too set in stone, but I may have a few ideas.



The old family tree style uses d3js.org. You should be safe to block it if you don't use it.



Could you give us a taste? Would love to have vikings, vampires, or beehive.



Vampire like FS is planned. It would sell pale girls with fangs.




>vikings, vampires, or beehive

I remember the beehive arcology idea, but I don't remeber vikings or vampires coming up. Is there some doc or something on the git that has a list of future society ideas?


Milkanon, the coded and reviewed body swapping reactions have been pushed to the git. I'll handle the pregnancy potrion of it in phase 7, but the rest of the notations are at the top of the file for you.

Time to start phase 4.



>a lot of ideas can work together for example eugenics and repopulationism can work together has long has the mothers correspond to the eugenics standard.

ikr. The reputation malus when choosing face/intelligence/height SMR when you have repop. FS is unpleasant. I mean i completely understand the reasons behind it, but there is no way to negate this like in Eugenics where despite hatred for slave pregnancy you can still do the breeder proposal.



There's this line:

<<if (($activeSlave.attrXX > 50) || ($activeSlave.energy > 95)) && ($activeSlave.behavioralFlaw != "hates women") && ($activeSlave.trust >= -20)>>

The check is for incubator babies, with a similar check for XY. However, as far as I can tell by looking at the code, incubatorReport.tw sets $tanks[_inc].energy to 80, 50, or 0. The newChildIntro.tw has no code to increase energy. Other files related to the event also have no such code. Which means that that particular check will never be true. For that matter, as far as I can tell attrXX and attrXY are never changed from the initial default value of zero.

Not sure of intention so can't suggest bugfix. If incubator isn't supposed to mess with attrXX and attrXY and energy is supposed to be 80, 50, or 0 only, then those checks can be safely deleted. If those checks are supposed to be there then incubatorReport.tw or newChildIntro.tw or something must have additional code to develop the incubator babies' sexuality further.



newChildIntro was just a massively tweaked newSlaveIntro. It likely inherited it from that. Will get it.




attrXX and attrXY get set in slavegen and passed on, so keeping them. Opted to change the energy check to "adores women/men" in case she inherited it.


Am I retarded for not being able to understand the writefag guide no matter how many times I read it? I feel bad that every submission I ever made had to be coded by someone else, but every time I sit down and try to comprehend what the fuck I'm supposed to do it's like sensory overload. Code hurts my brain.


File: 9b44bd96a92b602⋯.png (524.86 KB, 528x528, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



It's good to see jimmies are still rustled by the pettiest shit. Have a pic worth more than your opinion as thanks.



Funny enough, the Spa started as a suggestion for a pool. I forgot I suggested that that way back in the day; I just wanted to fuck slaves in a pool that would take the strain off of their bodies (intended for old slaves), but FCDev made the pool idea into the spa.

By the way, I am getting a LOT of slaves generating with waists in the 50s with very little exception.



Sometimes RNG just hates you. I'll check waist gen to see if anything may be skewing it, otherwise, are you consistantly getting the slaves from the same place? It might be a specific slavegen that's doing it.

Also the spa predates me working on pregmod. So that would have been quite some time ago.



I am getting a lot of FCTV slaves genned that way, and some of the non-school slave purchase options do it as well. And yeah, I have been playing FC since around v.4, so some of the more paternalistic things in the game may have had the input of myself and others incorporated back in the day.



Will give the FCTV slaves a look over, they honestly might be getting set to 50. Any other specific markets/events would help as well.


File: e9086674e7c62ca⋯.png (27.71 KB, 847x716, 847:716, Clipboard01.png)





Actually, I think I figured it out. Any case where weight gets reset after slavegen can desync waists if the slave originally genned as a lardass.





That so far looks consistent, since the fatasses also have ugly waists on gen.




Turns out to be visual bug only, numbers are still being tallied properly, so it'll be fixed with next update.


What should I do with sons who are born?

1. throw them in the industrialized dairy

2. Throw them into the pit to be victims

3. rapid surgery and injections to make them female

4. pump them full of hormones and see if they become more feminine.



Depends on your FS, what kind of degenerate your PC is and playstyle



gender traditionalism, Youth preference that has a industrialized dairy for $$$ and for discards mostly.

and my PC likes to breed




Personally, I take a few exceptional sons and send them off to lead my neighboring arcologies.

It works especially well with gender traditionalism and youth preference like you've got.

Any others, I'd probably convert to girls and breed like their sisters.



First and foremost make them female than differentiate them by their attributes (like beauty/intelligence/breasts size/whatever). Those who pass go to the diary, others die in the pit. The best ones can be your viceroys in other arcologies like >>155976 said.




okay, well I did the surgery to make them female, put the ovaries to start growing, and then put them on heavy hormones and put them in the clinic to flush out the genome damage. when they finish that they will be sorted.


I played Free Cities a while ago and recently started playing again, having found this mod. It's great, and adds some content I particularly like, including the herm diets and the hyper growth drugs.

One suggestion I had was for the player character. Being able to have surgery yourself is awesome. As you progress your society and go down the future societies routes, would it be possible to add the ability to change your appearance, or get some additional player customisation options based on your chosen society? So for example, if you've chosen the asset expansionist or transformation route, you'd have the option to further expand your character's assets beyond the normal limits the plastic surgeon gives you. Or if you'd chosen physical idealism you could bulk yourself up with big muscles etc and the hedonistic one could allow you to stuff yourself with food until you're obese. That sort of thing.

Perhaps it could be available the other way round a sort of 'lead by example' thing, where all the future society options for the player character's appearance are available from the start. Changing your appearance in line with one or more of these would make your arcology more likely to accept these future society options, rather than rejecting them. (If the leader of the arcology is doing it, then it's probably good for me too). To offset this, perhaps the society related appearance changes could have a negative effect on your reputation until your society accepts the new route. This would be in addition to changing your assistant's appearance.

Being able to select your clothes would be great too.

I welcome any suggestions or feedback for this idea.

TL;DR If anyone can add something to the game that allows me expand the limits of the plastic surgeon to allow me to turn my player character into a hyper herm, that would be great.


File: cda533137ff39a3⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1016x1383, 1016:1383, nagatoro 23.png)


>Text in subject field.

>TL:DR on a relatively short post.

>Suggestions and showing no sign of doing it himself.

Someone stumbled in from reddit. Look, I get we're the only source of anything FC related these days and you pillocks direct link the threads in that trashheap of a subreddit but that doesn't mean you belong here if you're not going to contribute or at least try to fit in.


At creating a new PC: the first option to add breasts add a DD breast, while the second also add a DD. Previously, the first one added a C breast.

Also the "wealth origins" seems bugged. When the "past career" option is clicked, you gain the 10.000 bonus, but if you don't click, it's not earned. And the option "rumor" is inverse, if you click, you don't gain anything, but if you do not click, the 10.000 is added.

Click in wealth in "rumor" and don't click in "past career" = 10.000.

Don't click in wealth in "rumor" and click in "past career" = 30.000.






Go back to where you came from.



Reddit is down the hall.


Pregmod v257.



-phase 4 work

-personal attention now respects chastity better

Here's hoping nothing broke so far since the bodyswap stuff enraged the sanityCheck.


I've noticed more anons shitting on newfags than in the past, did we just all hit our boiling point in similar times with the trickle of refugees?



Shut up faggot.



It's perfectly legitimate to point out failures in a project without volunteering to fix them.

Don't be one of those fucking faggots who bitch that "it's free; if you don't like our bugs, shut up or submit a patch"

It's wrong when FOSS faggots do it with their shitty tools; it's wrong when you do it about an FAQ.

I know this game inside and out, and I would consider it an act of sadism to refer anyone to the FAQ, because of how badly it's put together; it's just a bunch of random posts and gibberish glued together any which way with no cohesiveness. There are no sections, no headers, and it's only searchable with ^F and hoping that you know the exact phrasing the person vomiting words used when they described the answer you're looking for. The entire thing makes me want to claw my eyes out, and that's saying something since I do 99% of my work in a text console.


Obviously you hate being useful, so I'm not going to ask you to do something as simple as unfuck the FAQ; I'm not going to do it, because when I have time to contribute to FC, I write code for it. However, you're just passing the buck like a screaming baby, so shut the fuck up and stop shitting up the thread.




The new tree uses d3.js and loads the latest version dynamically from the site, because I hacked that part together in a hurry and I wanted the latest version.

However, "phones home" usually implies things like reporting telemetry or usage; I guess the request might include the file name (FC_pregmod.html e.g.), but I seriously doubt that the server delivering copies of d3.js are tracking that sort of thing. If the other (actual) devs


Hard to say.

On the one hand, there have been a lot of obvious ledditors shitting the place up; on the other hand, I'm seeing hypedensive nut jobs jump down random people's throats for innocuous shit.

Probably a mixture of anons losing their patience and some ragefag(s) who just need(s) to take out a few emotional issues on random posters.



Fuck me; I can't finish a sentence.

If the other (actual) devs think it's a problem, I'll make it load from disk.


Already up to date.

warning: load src/pregmod/widgets/bodySwapReaction.TW: No passages found; skipping.


I would personally prefer that everything is self containing.



Same. Also I forgot to give the passage a header. Either way, it isn't used yet, so it skipping it is harmless.



Do we have a defined directory for holding static content?



You can make one if need be.




Otherwise you can use devTools. Since I just had to post before finishing my thought.


File: c16b49629ec0a7c⋯.png (33.87 KB, 1342x654, 671:327, why I don't believe in God.PNG)

The new family tree is ridiculously off center for me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm using opera or because I applied backwards compatibility to a slightly older save, but I have to grab the leftmost of my kids and drag all the way left just to see even a portion of the tree.



>telling people to read the faq and not spoonfeed so as to discourage asking stupid questions is acting like a screaming baby

>all this salt

Not that anon, but you need are a fag. That anon started out with cheeky lazy replies like "different than the current one obviously" and "why should i", just what did you fucking expect with posts like that? You act like a faggot and get treated like one.



Attach a save as .swf.

There are all kinds of corner cases I'm not handling yet.


Merge request submitted.



I'm not the guy who needed the FAQ; I just think that the FAQ is bad enough that pointing people to it is asking for trouble.

As for the guy I replied to, it's the same useless smug shit I've dealt with on FOSS mailing lists. Thankfully most of those monkeys have been culled from the more useful projects, mainly because they do the same things there (namely, shit up threads and indulge in pointless autistic screeching) and people who do actual work got tired of their shit.


I received a sign that I've been playing too much Pregmod today, when I was watching a nature documentary that talked about a lake fish that was 10 cm long and my first thought was "So about the size of a small penis, huh?".



>I just think that the FAQ is bad enough that pointing people to it is asking for trouble.

How would you rework it then? Also ctrl+f still exists I believe.


File: 1b7f2098ee243b9⋯.swf (468.61 KB, off-center family tree.swf)


Here you go, friendo. Hope I didn't fuck it up.



I'd rather deal with the "same useless smug shit" than a post from some anon that didn't read the faq on how to turn on incubator or whatever every day when it can easily be found with ctrl+f. I found this game a four weeks ago and I was able to Ctrl+F, read the faq, or dig through the game options to find everything I needed on my own.


File: 13b49eed34185e1⋯.jpg (338.43 KB, 1369x1183, 1369:1183, serveimage.jpg)


>post on a malaysian shadow puppet site where smug anime girl posting is very prevalent

>get annoyed when unsurprisingly the posters are smug too



When I open it in Firefox I got this message:

Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data.

Stack Trace:









However, it works fine on Chrome.



Tried clearing cookies?


File: 2d3859fd09fbcf1⋯.jpg (330.28 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 63.jpg)


Give deleting your cookies shot you, silly billy



Was about to tell you to read the fucking OP but the text is different. Did the clear cookie error message change? Or does it just change according to browser?



Could I get a quick reminder of what parts of the pregnancy overhaul are completed?



Basic system stuff, conversion of old pregnancy system to new system, conversion of inflation system to new system, conversion of belly implants to new system.





Clearing cookies did fix it, thanks.

Though I distinctly remember a different error when this happened in the past.



What exactly does this mean in terms of content?>>155738

Does this mean bodyswap might come tonight?



Bodyswap is going back to editing again. It's getting closer though.

As for content, instead of belly size being based entirely off .preg, it is now handled by a variable .belly. This allows for all the belly affecting things to not be in conflict with each other and for effects like multiples resulting in faster belly growth. The other big thing is a level of inflation can now be stacked on pregnancy and belly implants. I'm probably forgetting some stuff, I got sidetracked pretty hard by the .need problems and everything that stemmed from it.


File: 2260ee8a9b073ed⋯.png (496.94 KB, 634x462, 317:231, ClipboardImage.png)


I was born here



You cant post if your under 18 faggot.


i want to make a new sex system. which file(s) are involved in that?


File: 0ebc03b1f045a45⋯.jpg (35.73 KB, 552x313, 552:313, 1513348509598.jpg)

>running white supremacist, semitic subjugationist, and repop

>mfw citizens are pissed when my pet Jews aren't pregnant

Can it be adjusted so that repopulationism doesn't apply to subhumans?



>Dogs are not meant for breeding


File: 399e1349500b27b⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 900x635, 180:127, 399.jpg)


>making more Jews is the solution to the Jewish question


What do your militaries look like, lads? I've got an almost entirely slave army that I call the Toy Soldiers. I believe I am in need of psychological help.


Any plans on making it so we can put specific slaves in charge of Platoons, the military as General, security headquarters, etc?



HG and BG can already lead troops through edict, but being chiefs of buildings is a nice suggestions, I wonder what they'll do however… provide extra training per week? Or maybe they can have a "command" skill that they can increase by staying at the barracks that will make them more effective?



Unfortunately eugenics is the only answer it this case.



100% mercenary and my arcology is named Outer Heaven.



> I believe I am in need of psychological help

Like everybody here bro. Join us in our degeneracy!




Make sure your avatar wear eyepatch and smoke cigars… what do you mean, there's no eyepatch in avatar customization option?!



There really should be


File: 850a07e128cee5c⋯.png (50.55 KB, 338x59, 338:59, jewry.PNG)


>not physically removing them



Editor anon here, I have basic coding knowledge, is there anything I can do to help? I was looking through the git and I couldn't find any bodyswap document.



Actually yes, there is something that would be perfectly tailored to you. The amp breast descriptions have a lot more reactions, such as shape change and nipple alterations, that the initial set of breast reactions currently lacks. Adding them in would be a huge help.

They are in devNotes for the text files and /pregmod/widgets/bodySwapReaction.tw for the end result. The devNotes ones are slightly outdated at this point, however.



So you want me to download the text file, and add more stuff to the breast reactions?



bodySwapReaction.tw is the most up to date, so use the code from in there. It should be simply copying the framework for the missing content from the amp descriptions and tweaking it slightly to make use of arms.



Is it alright if I add in all the missing reactions that you wanted milkanon to do? I don't think he'd mind.



That's fine.


Would adding facial restructuring to the RA be feasible(ie cute to sensual)





Is that you? Or is this a new newfag?



>This allows for all the belly affecting things to not be in conflict with each other

Will this allow for things such as non-conflicting anal and vaginal wombs?

Or failing that, will the ability to simply take a normal girl and rotate her womb to create an anal only females arcology ever be an option?


Composed entirely of fanatically loyal slave soldiers.


All of these updates, all of the way through the process of making this game and no one has ever made an option to remove this bullshit.

>She uses a quick douche to clean her tight pussy, before crawling back into bed.

>She uses an enema to clean her tight butt before crawling back into bed, face down.



No, those share things like .preg. All the pregnancy variables would need to be split for it to be possible..




Thinking on it a little more, it would be a lot easier to do it on the new system than the old system since most of the checks use .belly instead of .preg now.



>non-conflicting anal and vaginal wombs

Please make this a thing, for the sake of all that is lewd



There's already gonna be breast, testicle and possibly butt cheek pregnancies.

Making .preg just default to vaginal and anal check its own thing seems pretty well within the scope of the mod.


File: a79503854e24176⋯.swf (385.32 KB, free-cities-20180107-16204….swf)

>Error: rep is outside accepted range, please report this issue


Still getting slavegens with ugly waists more often than I might expect, as well as with shoulders wider than hips. Specifically, I am finding this for Slavegirl School slaves, and particularly on the ones that generate as lolis. Is that intended? I don't think someone would go from wide shoulders/narrow hips to narrow shoulders/wide hips in 10 actual years, so the difference should be a bit less exaggerated, I think.



Check your slaves for $Beauty.


Will take a look at shoolgen.



Not to give you yet another thing to do, but would a different kind of mindbroken be possible? I feel like the mindbroken of most slaves is like they are just kinda unresponsive and just lay there taking dicks, but the Cattle Ranch MB seems like it should be different, as in, they act like cows, not just a broken husk that does nothing.

I think that something like "simpleminded" should be hypothetically possible, and it would probably read the same way that incubator slaves do: know nothing despite their age. If this distinction could be made, I feel like the Cattle Ranch slaves would make more sense, and it could open a door for more content. Still, other problems to take care of first.



Planed, but not soon.


Does anyone have a list of possible careers before slavery for coding illiterates like me to make our own slaves a little less generic?



setupVars.tw in /init has the arrays that hold all that.



Hentai-manga level mindbroken wold be cool like when you remove the broodmother implant from the max preg fetish slave description says that she lost her mind from pleasure of birthing or something like it. I always imagined slave going completely nuts about pregnancy stuff in this case and classic mindbroken mechanic certainly doesn't fit. Other fetishes/paraphelias can be used too. Would be a bitch to implement however.


Another idea that is (probably) simpler: might it be possible to add an option to the pit wherein you will have a menial slave, a criminal, a raider, etc, sent in to fight against a slave of your choosing every week. For me, I keep have a wife BG with cybernetic limbs and optimized combat stats, and I have her with a guaranteed slot every week. Problem is, I run out of disobedient slaves faster than I actually bother to replace them, so I can't keep my sadist/malicious wife happy all the time.

My idea on how it would work is that it would just generate a slave with suitably combat-oriented stats every week at a fixed rate (like, 1,000 a week, for instance), but none of them would generate with super high-end stuff like cybernetics, since they were probably acquired in some way related to not being able to kill everyone. I have absolutely no idea how to code this, but I might be able to writefag a *few* scenes.


Crimeanon, you around? It looks like there might be a NaN present somewhere in the pre-battle code or full slave report. Likely going to need help isolating it since it seems to not be slave variable related.



More questions, if you can help. Did you change anything FS related or policy related the week before? Also, did you happen to catch any glimpses of $rep during the initial endweek report?



I'd make collapsed descriptions for hiding the answers to the questions, but don't know how to do something as simple as that.


We gonna get more tv shows?



>rats are meant for breeding



Mice are for experimentation



When you write 'em.


player pregtype larger than 4 when


Can anyone post that chart with the ideal leadership traits? I lost mine while transferring stuff to a new computer.



It is in the OP still.



Shit. Thanks, didn't notice that.



>This is the vanilla suggestion sheet. It holds no bearance on what directions I go. But it really won't hinder me if anyone else wanted to work from it, though no BMI. BMI gives too much definition to weight instead of allowing it to be vague enough for players to have their own view of it.

I'm the author of that spreadsheet, funny enough. If you'd prefer a separate pregmod suggestions sheet, I'd be happy to branch the vanilla one off, especially so since pregmod's development is much more active than vanilla. I'd probably have to give write access to some other folks, as I can't keep up with these threads as often as the rest of you.


File: 495f09ecd3ed544⋯.png (74.51 KB, 1272x1070, 636:535, FAQ display.png)

Massively reworked the FAQ, however now it works best when downloaded and loaded locally while still online so the js scripts can be loaded.



There is also firepad/Etherpad as another option that doesn't require sign up.



It goes to 8, it's just absolute RNG bullshit even with max fertility possible



You mean you wan't the option to forbid salves cleaning themselves?



I'll take a look, sure. You are referring to the anon who posted his save a few posts back, right?



Uh great work anon!



Yeah, it kind of goes against the purpose of putting semen into them, if they're just going to rinse it out immediately.

These are harem girls, not porn stars.



I think he just means them keeping the cum inside, rather than them immediately cleaning it all out.

Why bother pounding fat loads in my daughter's ass and giving her a buttplug if she's not even gonna treasure that gift?




I'm with you. I'd like to see something like that implemented as well but i have no idea what the effects would be.



>download it so it will load better and not look like a clusterfuck of code and text

Now we'll need a FAQ on how to properly view the FAQ.



Thought the tv modmaker could've come back. No good at wrting myself. Do we have any good writers here?


File: 72a2937073275e5⋯.png (23.33 KB, 885x294, 295:98, Capture.PNG)

got this while trying to soften the judgmental flaw



Thanks anon even of you are in shock.


It's just that the text side will look off. I could put it on a gitgud page (if it exists) but then I am not sure how it would work with git.

>Now we'll need a FAQ on how to properly view the FAQ.

I am not sure why this amuses me.


>Thought the tv modmaker could've come back. No good at wrting myself. Do we have any good writers here?

With the Patreon cancer that was unlikely at all and there are several good writer however they already have projects they are working on.


Ah the good old straight forward bugs, what a treat.



If you want. I keep my own list of what I intend to do and interesting suggestions tend to get placed on it already. It would likely be a help to others though.


Yes. I did a look for $Beauty and found nothing. Could be comething out of the new club/brothel ad stuff too.




in pregmod/widgets/bodySwapReaction.TW (btw, uppercase file extension, REEEEEEEEEEE):

line 614: missing a greater-than sign in the closing tag

lines 309, 387, 416, 461, 490, 535: missing a lower-than sign in the "room</if>>" substring

line 740: there's a double "of" ("as that means she will now will have less time with you before the end of of her")

lines 310 and 311: should they be in reverse order?

in uncategorized/ptWorkaround.tw:

line 241: should it be elseif instead of if?



I fixed a lot of those. Never pushed them I guess. As for ptWorkaround, that's likely the cause of >>156362


Pregmod v258.



-phase 4 work

-backwards compatibility fixes for vanilla to pregmod saves

I tried to change it to .tw. Git seems to be ignoring the change.



Great, thanks!

(and please, forgive my autism about the ".TW" thing)



Where is the FAQ?


Hmm… bodyswapping…. Might one be able to graft heads of two twins onto a single cloned body? I want to fuck two girls at once without resorting to acrobatics.



Someone suggested that before and I think my repsonse was that it will be the biggest variable clusterfuck you've ever seen. It would be a complete nitemare to differientiate the two slaves personalities off one slave object.



A pity then.



How would you feel about blinding a slave along with bodyswapping them at the same time being an auto mindbreak if they aren't devoted?



I don't think that would be enough. Much of the shock of bodyswapping would be lost with the inability to actually see the changes. Plus odds are high they'd be far more focused on the blind part than anything.



Alright, that's fair.




Literally the first (and second) link in the OP. Download it, save with the original filename and only THEN open it in your favorite browser.




I submitted some random events to pregmod anon recently but since I can't code I don't want to continue working on that right now. I feel bad about essentially giving the man more work. From what I've seen the FCTV stuff looks much easier to implement, so I'd definitely be willing to produce something for it. I think I even have an idea written down somewhere.


File: 1a336939054a581⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1468935597663.gif)



The two slave recruits, right? I've got them stored away for when I have an opening.

As for the cum inside thing. If anyone wants to set up a universal rule for it and track everything down, I'd take it.

Also I accidentally updated firefox and broke everything. At least the fonts work now.


File: 18ebc2a785f7759⋯.png (434.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>>At least the font works now.



It was the one where I tried to fill in the gaps for incest couplings that you can get, cause I was bothered that it had father-daughter and mother-son but nothing else. And there was one about a priest I snuck in there too, for Chattel Religionist FS.

Speaking of, I fucking hate the names for that FS, how hard would it be to make that something you can toggle? I'm sick of owning 100+ slaves and having the same ~50 names crop up for all of them.



The problem is your arcology's FSPaternalist value is out of whack, but I can't figure out how that happened. Do you remember if you messed around with the FS Paternalist in the previous turn and what exactly did you do? Did you try to save edit? Did you try to use the cheat mode to play with the FS?

To the devs: in his save, $arcologies[0].FSPaternalist value is a long string that starts with unset followed by a bunch of numbers and periods. This then snowballs affecting many other variables, including $rep, $ACitizens, etc. Unfortunately try as I can, I can't figure out how this happened in the first place. At first I figured there's an "unset (without the closing quote) somewhere, but I can't find it. I'm giving up.



You can disable FS naming. Also I have thm stored away.


I know of that one. It seems to be coming out of cheat edit FS, but I have no idea why or how. Perhaps it is somewhere else as well. There is actually an issue on the git talking about it.


File: dce519f1dffafb6⋯.jpg (31.18 KB, 600x326, 300:163, 1437276682241.jpg)


>You can disable FS naming.

Really? How the fuck did I miss that? I've been craving that feature for a solid year.

And that's great, thanks. I want to try to learn enough of the coding to be more useful, but I find it mind-boggling. My hope is that it's not too annoying for you to keep having to fix my shit, since I genuinely enjoy making content for pregmod. I haven't written this much since I was still in school, which is a shame.

Also, to the anon(s) who was/were asking for more FCTV stories I'm writing one today. Also, I was looking for one of the FCTV stories in the code and found:

>Savvy execs at 8HGG and arcology owners alike have realized the benefits of exposing the old world populations to FCTV content

>Savvy execs at 8HGG

I chuckled.


File: 12c4a4314760817⋯.png (6.11 KB, 285x264, 95:88, slowpoke 44.png)


Here's the obligatory slowpoke.



Damn, hitting me with those ancient memes.

Where is the option to disable it? At game start? I checked the options tab in-game and the FAQ but didn't find anything.



Universal rules.



Thanks a lot bud. I'll be posting an FCTV episode today, hopefully.



>why this amuses me

Because it's hilarious.

The new FAQ looks great, though.



I wonder if the guy who got dogpiled for bitching about it without doing anything finally did it, or if someone just did it because of his comments.


File: b0baa6f5219ca99⋯.png (206.04 KB, 189x275, 189:275, boat.png)








File: a2dac1a7568fb1d⋯.png (53.24 KB, 300x328, 75:82, 1421192044019.png)








Some questions that I didn't find in the FAQ

1. How in the hell do you get repopulation FS going?

2, What are alternate names? the nicknames?

3. How hard would it be to add the idea of toys playing Russian roulette?



1. Make sure all your girls are pregnant or wearing fake bellies until it gets rolling.

2. You see that little description on slave summary? That.

3. Possible , but don't look to me to do it.


Is it possible to place the faq within the game?

Or is that a bad idea, since if the game is shared, the archives leads here?


Finished an FCTV soap opera episode about a father who's wife abandons him to care for his daughter alone. One can only wonder what that leads to.

Just needs implementation. But anyone can read it now, in its current state, if they'd like to.




The only thing I ask is for FCTV submissions is that you replace any linebreaks and double linebreaks with <br> and <br><br> respectively. That way I can just plug it in.

Also returning writer or shall I make a new channel?



Never written for it before, no. I'm the same retard that was behind the incest couplings.

And sure thing, I'll fix it for you and post a new link.




>I tried to change it to .tw. Git seems to be ignoring the change.

On Windows it's can be tricky thing to change such wrong uppercase symbols in filenames in git. For windows "file.txt" and "FILE.txt" - the same file. For unix (linux and etc) - it's different files.

To change this you can rename file through gitgud web interface (but i'm not sure if it possible) or do:

1. copy file from sources somewhere for bakup and delete it completely.

2. make commit with removed file.

3. rename file as it should be, and copy file back.

4. make another commit.

Or, I can do it myself, and then push master branch on gitgud. Just tell me to do so.



I figured that would be what it demanded. I'll just call it something else when the edits get back for it.



I always wished I could just set the father and daughter up as citizens. Or him as a citizen and her as his slave, to show that this is a society that respects a mans authority over his daughters.

You know, rather than cucking the poor guy to death.



I feel that. Honestly I don't see why a description for that couldn't be written so it's another option. You could purchase his debt and then give him his own daughter as a gift, raising your rep similar to the Spa Day random event where you pay for someone's spa treatment, but even more generous.



It would be simple enough to do. Look into reMalefactor and reRecruit for examples. It should be pretty straightforward.



I think I will. I'm a sick man who loves him some incest, so I'll probably be submitting that soon enough.

I just realized that I've been writing all day, too. Didn't even stop to eat or piss. You sick fucks have awakened my desire to actually pursue my interests instead of sitting around rotting like a sack of meat.


Think it would be fun to have the AI pull a Monika from Doki Doki and become self aware? Maybe even killing a favorit slave?



Not really. The AI doesn't always have to be hostile.

Hell, it grew and trained itself up on thoughts of submitting to the player.



Thanks for the update, keep up the good work.

Is there any way of implanting wombs on XY slaves without gender radicalism? I would like my to transform men into breeding stock and then apply gender fundamentalism.



You can apply an fs then repeal it once you have everything from it that you want.




I finished it, here's the link:



I was mulling over writing something like that myself after I saw the glitched avatar event. When the description said that my PA had taken a ton of time to do something normal, and hadn't disclosed what, I assumed that meant she became self aware and was pretending not to be. (Purposefully withholding information from me about what she was doing was a dead giveaway, or so I thought) I was disappointed nothing came of it, as I thought it might lead to some Smiling Man-esque hacking problems, but without the focus on financials. I was thinking more along the lines of reputation damage as your unhinged assistant fucks with infrastructure and causes blackouts, VTOL crashes, factory explosions, etc.



Forgot to mention, that link also contains some random events I did for royal blood.



>for royal blood

I find myself terribly interested all of the sudden. What events exactly?



Power struggles within the royal family resulting in the player receiving a slave. One is where the youngest of 2 princes poisons his father and sells his brother to gain the throne, one is where the princess is deflowered by a man of improper station, the man is executed, and the princess is sold off for being an unruly slut, and the final one for now is where a servant girl is impregnated by the prince, the king finds out, and he sells her and her coworkers to the PC as a way of covering up the improper pregnancy.



Yes, black market. It's scheduled after the pregnancy overhaul.



Will look them over.



Let me know if something has to be fixed on my end.



It may be a little before I get into a good place to swap to it. I'll likely do it before I set to work on expanding pregnancy clothing descriptions and condensing the various belly clothing descriptions down to one widget.



I'll be looking forward to that then. Keep at it Pregmodanon



If you need help with the descriptions I'm game. And no problem, beggars can't be choosers. Without you I only have ideas, no implementation. So I appreciate the dozens of assists.



I'd say go take a look at the writers wanted issue on the git, but it seems to be down for now.



There's something wrong with my brain when it comes to coding, I tried to learn off the FAQ entry some kind soul made but it physically hurt to read. Not to suck my own dick but I have a way with words, those I can handle. Throw numbers and symbols in and you've effectively crippled my cognition. I don't really understand why I'm so retarded in this one particular area, but I am.




It could probably also improve certain FS's. Like paternal, gender traditionalism, or Egyptian.

At least till we get a more freed up incest FS.



I agree. Once reigned in, a fully conscious, nearly human PA would definitely be a boon. Not to mention that once conscious, you could even have a relationship with your PA, and fuck "her" through a fleshlight on a mount, or perhaps by creating a piece of tech that allows her to live vicariously through the body of a slave.

Which makes me think the next logical step after that is literally giving her a body. She could begin to crave one, like K's robowaifu in BR2049. You'd bodyswap her with a slave, effectively killing the chosen slave's consciousness, and replacing it with a worshipful, trusting, cyborg PA who manages everything while simultaneously living in a physical body and fucking your brains out.




I completely misunderstood your comment but my point still stands. Kill me.




Pregmod-specific suggestions sheet broken out from vanilla. Contact me if you want edit access; otherwise, just use the comments.

Did a quick pass-through to change a few statuses to implemented/not. Feel free to overwrite FCDev's commentary.



>Feel free to overwrite FCDev's commentary.

More like please do because the guy is fag



It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out there were tabs. I'm going to get back to work on removing obsolete JS calls now like I'm supposed to be.


File: fc5a2341d2ebaa8⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1771x1315, 1771:1315, 1424701968998.png)


In the suggestions tab "u/zopeda" is hilariously inept. Nearly every suggestion is complete shit, he's almost incapable of speaking English, and he seems to not understand that this is a text game based on some of these suggestions. Reading his shit is lowering my IQ by the second.



There may be a reason I disregarded the vanilla suggestions page the first time I saw it. I would post my todo list, but I don't want to excite anyone over content that has no set scheduling nor do I want to lose out on coding some of it. Also it looks like someone just dumped words on a page and hastily rearranged them into sort-of sensible thoughts.



>Also it looks like someone just dumped words on a page and hastily rearranged them into sort-of sensible thoughts.




Reading through it is starting to make me hate FCDev more than I originally did.

>makes contradictory statements like "you can never have enough events" while making recruitment events low-priority or mod

>vast majority of things he says to make into mods his reasoning is literally "it's too hard, you do it for me" or "I don't feel like it, so you do it for me"

>marks things as implemented even when they only exist in mod form and have nothing to do with the official game other than being a mod of it

Someone needs to stop this man.



Some of those exists in mod form where added when that sheet was remade, I think. Though I do have to disagree with FCdev on the recruiting events, we need more variety. Either more small ones for the general recruiting or new big ones like reRoyalBlood.



I wonder if any of my suggestions on the FC blog back in the day were thrown on there? I think the stuff I think up now is probably better though.

FCDev was a bit of a stickler for keeping things uniform in slaves so as to "not be gay," so no male slaves, and likewise no women taking dick from slaves in the regular game.


His original invitation for content also had a stipulation that contributions should mimic his writing style, so that might make your feelings on it worse (though it is for consistency of style more than anything).


File: ebd6c29fab8ee24⋯.png (22.85 KB, 718x218, 359:109, involuntary cock spasms.PNG)


I need to hate him because he is anti-loli and anti-PC-incest, which makes him anti-fun. So I'm anti-him.

It's a shame because I really love FC.

Ironically I made small ones for reRoyalBlood. But I completely agree, which is why I keep making descriptions for them. Every time something in this game bothers me I just throw open Word and start giving myself arthritis, and now every time I open mega I see pic related and my cock twitches a little.


>His original invitation for content also had a stipulation that contributions should mimic his writing style, so that might make your feelings on it worse

No that's fine, at least it has logic to it rather than: "I don't like this, so it doesn't exist." Ala lolis and teens. Even I mimic his style and diction for that exact reason. Or at least I try to.



I'm thinking royal blood is tapped out, so odds are your tweaks to it may be dropped. We need more things like it though.

I still have some of your docs in storage for future addition. Forced marriage blossomed into something grand, after all.



I'm still excited for the possibility of having more events to recruit incredibly wealthy or famous slaves. Presidents, superstars, etc.



>odds are your tweaks to it may be dropped

committing suicide asap

>Forced marriage blossomed into something grand, after all.

No longer committing suicide asap, pushed it back to the end of the fourth quarter.

But thanks. I'm also very satisfied with expanded drugs, as it was something I personally wanted. Cigars and liquor got boring for me after a while, especially when the game mentioned other drugs existing. I am also a degenerate, I'll leave it at that.

I plan on making more random events, and after today I might make another FCTV because that was fun as fuck to make. I did not expect to get that into it, I just had a tiny idea in my head snowball into what I personally think is my best smut yet.

Right now I'm working on random events where you hang out with your mercs and do more than just play poker. And I'm working on one where you hang out with the colonel and bro it up. Definitely going to do more recruitment events as well, because there won't be enough until I'm dead.



The black market will have an auction for untouchables, famous people far more trouble than they are worth to keep as slaves. But be careful with event density, it is possible to overload the random event pool. We'd need more other events to round it off, which seems to be exactly what you are doing. So good work being ahead of things.




Meant that latter part for you.




Gotcha. And thank you. I didn't even know I was helping anything beyond flavor.



his events are as you say but things like increasing retirement age were good, and an abuse system is actually good



That's why I said nearly. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.



First part of phase 4 is done, so I'll look into implementing some of your stuff tomorrow or wednesday.



Cool, sounds good. I finished one of the merc events tonight but I'm tapped out so I'm just gonna have dinner and sleep. I'll probably post more events tomorrow, if I finish it.

I'm excited to have my FCTV episode in the game because I'm curious how people will like it.



I'll start with that tomorrow then.



You don't need much more than understanding how to structure a if/else statement to do an event. You can pick an already existing one and see how they do it.


After playing this game for some time now I'm thinking about doing a little mod.

I'd like my slaves to keep their holes tight even after heavy use without having to resort to rest or surgery (I'm ruling a body purist arcology, after all). The easiest solution I could think of is reversing the way dildos and butt plugs work. If you order your slave to keep an undersized dildo or plug inside them at all times, they'll have to use their internal muscles to hold it in place.

I already found the relevant code in saLongTermEffects and have a pretty good idea on how to modify it, but before doing it I want to hear your thoughts



Sounds like a good addition. Any slave that uses a dildo for an extended period of time, say more than 4 weeks, develops the muscles necessary to keep tight. But with the more heavy use stuff like the arcade or brothel, that might not be possible. If a girl sees 20 guys a day, it's gonna expand.



*20 guys a week or alot of them.


But the whole point of it all is offering my citizens top notch arcade installations with perpetually tight holes.

As i said, this was the easiest solution i could think of, not the best. One of the alternatives i thought was a pharma upgrade that lets you create a "tissue elastizer cream" (a new drug) that may prevent streching, but that takes more work.


File: 71c28a09ffbbf87⋯.png (23.6 KB, 994x197, 994:197, shit.PNG)

I may be retarded but is there a guide for how to make the vector artwork work?

Right now I have a folder called "resources" with two subfolders called "dynamic" and "vector" but using the images option in-game just gives pic related.


>keep starting new arcologies with the intent of creating my own übermenschen master race of my own daughters created entirely by me for training and selling to the highest bidder

>it never fails to devolve into just a giant farm for sperm by harvesting futanari sister slaves' dicks while waiting for the PC's unalterable pregnancy to complete

I wish I could get over this fetish.


File: 0802ae3989eead2⋯.png (701.5 KB, 780x632, 195:158, 0802ae3989eead2f91a0ce1813….png)


Question to our honored moders here

How hard it is to mod/remove/edit 99 DNA damage on PC offspring from incubator? Open file in note pad and edit some stuff? Or its some true coding sorcery, compile/recompile/ect in some specialized editor?




There should be a guide somewhere to using your browser's console to directly edit the variable. You would be looking for .chem.




Seems sensible enough. Let's see what preganon says.



There are already hole tighteners under medical enemas. Otherwise, perhaps a more elastic implant/tweaked organ?



If only we could speed up our own pregnancy… :(



> :(




It's not going to happen, no matter how many times it gets asked. The closest thing that may happen is surgically implanting your ovum into other girls, but I coded myself into a corner on that one due to the way childgen works.



Using the console commands, you can. Read the FAQ.



It would be nice to have hole stretching prevention included in the effects of preventatives.



I'd say no to outright prevention, but I can see resistance.



Noted. REFS was the newest set of submitted events in vanilla, so expectedly is the roughest.


File: 2ebefe0b8b1bacc⋯.png (187.99 KB, 500x651, 500:651, autism.png)


There are some events where boobs are generated with values like 328, 371, 412, etc. (any integer between X and Y)

For the sake of consistency, could you please edit uncategorized/REFS.tw?

- lines 124, 159, 343:

random(300,450) to be replaced by random(6,9) * 50

- line 399:

random(700,1100) to be replaced by either random(14,22)*50 or random(7,11)*100

In one of those events, a paternalist MC may take a slave away from an abusive owner. Imo in this case (line 122) the slave should start with an higher devotion, like [0, 25] instead of [-25,0] (she's so happy that she even kisses the MC on his cheek). In the complementary event, that is when she's bought by a degradationist MC (line 157), her starting devotion could be lower instead (e.g. [-50, 25]).

Eta: sorry, I've deleted my first post because one line # was wrong.



I wish we could get vaginas to work how they do in real life. That is to say they are quite quick to tighten up even after taking abuse. Failing that I like your idea.



Read the fucking faq.



Alright, got them all and cleaned out some uneeded setters too. Will post an update later, since I won't be around for awhile and that is always when shit breaks hard.



Is it a bug if a slave requests you to buy their mother and the mother is a shemale?



>I may be retarded but is there a guide for how to make the vector artwork work?












The problem I see with streching resitance/prevention is that the only way I can think of implementing it is going through every event that causes streching and adding a "if slave is taking drug/has this implant/whatever, then nothing happens" sentence. And beyond that, any event that causes streching added from now on should have that sentence so, either every contributor starts doing it, or I keep doing support for this mod for a long time, which I'm not sure I'll be able or willing to do.



Btw, I've been trying to find the code for those in the git, but I cannot find it. Does anyone know in which file is it?


Btw i looked through some random recruitment events and found out that some slave parameters are locked. For example the before mentioned incest event where both child and parent have the same 15 face attractiveness coded into the event, or broodmother event where the mother also always has 15 attractiveness, this and some other parameters. If this intended to be this way - why?



I'll believe it when I see it, it's in the source files but it doesn't proc



Why not?

It wouldn't even be that hard to code.



Do it then.



No problem.

I just wasn't sure if you were refusing to merge such a change, or if you just didn't feel like doing it yourself.



Tried to NG+ from v99 to v255. The lines or error pop up and then it just take me to the start page again.

Anyone else have similar issues? Am I doing something wrong or does NG+ not work for pregmod?



Most likely it didn't work because you're jumping 156 versions ahead, some of which have massive changes within.



Try upgrading to an intermediate version then moving to the newest.



I didnt realize how fast you guys were iterating over here!


Do you know where I can find past versions?



Sorry i'm not pregmodder. Just a trollfag walking by.



In the archive.



Hey pregmodder, if you're around how do you want the mindbroken stuff to read on the bodyswap? Like, would it be too much to say nothing but "suchnsuch is mindbroken, and stairs uncomprehendingly at her new body. If she regains her mind at a later date, it will likely surprise and shock her, but for now she shows no reaction." Or something like that? Or would you like something else?


Finished a new batch of random events:


This one features:

Hanging out at the mercs' shooting range, with the option to do a timed competition and win a femmerc with combat exp.

Hanging out at the barracks and drinking with the mercs, where you have the option to either compete and get so drunk you black out and wake up in bed with a merc, or drink normally, remain relatively sober, and convince a drunken merc that you're fucking to voluntarily enslave herself for life.

Hanging out at the barracks and watching an amateur slave fight, with the option to bet on a slave and take home the slave should they win.

A branching path for the poker event that allows you to turn the game into strip poker, which quickly devolves into an orgy.

An event where the colonel awkwardly invites you to hang out in his tiny empire and you both get fucked up and spitroast a newly-kidnapped slave.

A large event where an old world nation, anticipating an invasion, decides to turn their prisons into forts and dispose of the prisoners. All male prisoners are forcibly conscripted, but the general in charge of a women's prison decides to sell them instead, and sells you an entire cell block.

A random event where an old world nation is having an election, with one candidate pro-slavery and the other vehemently against it. The pro slavery candidate orchestrates a kidnapping of the other and sells her to you, netting a prestigious slave.


Fixed your description just for the fuck of it:

[Slave] is mindbroken, and stares incomprehensibly at her new body. Should she regain her mental faculties at some point, it would likely shock her, but for now she shows no reaction.



Hard to tell, sometimes, because pregmodder never namefags. It would be a lot easier if he did.

Anyway, I did it anyway & created a merge request.



>more prestigious slave events

I think we're going to get along just fine.



I saw multiple people requesting them and I had an idea. I'll probably end up making more of them.


File: 6fbe1f5d1d359d2⋯.jpg (42.83 KB, 500x298, 250:149, 6330191 _9b9e803319bfe090e….jpg)



I have 5 planned.



Extended family mode on or off? It sounds like something isn't being cleared properly.




Probably a number of various things. Inherited from what ever event served as its basis, a general default number I go to for a certain range, possible forgotten change, consistency, or any number of other possible reasons.


Odds are its just wanting you to clear cookies. Save to file first on your old version though.


Either a generic response as if nothing changed or it's a big enough change that she registers something is different, i.e flat to huge breasts.


You are keeping me busy, that's for sure. One thing about your FCTV show, try not to assume PC reactions. That's going to be up to the player to decide how they react. It's been handled already this time.


I need to think about this. I'd really rather not permit extreme surgeries/affects on the player that would have potential to hinder their ability to run the arcology, especially those that lack drawbacks they would have otherwise.

Second problem, .pregWeek would need to be defined on the player and set up accordingly.

Leaning towards denying currently.



>You are keeping me busy, that's for sure.

Haha, and vice versa. You're enabling me by coding them in.

>try not to assume PC reactions

I was gonna cut them out, but I didn't for some reason.



I'm going to look into the two slave recruitment events next.



>extended family mode on or off?

off. It was a pretty generic event except that the "mother" was male.



That'd do it. The original family recruit events pretty much just cloned the recruiting slave's starting stats. Will clean it up next pass.



The recruiting slave wasn't male though. Or am I missing something?



Sounds good. Patiently awaiting a new version.



The reason just occurred to me. >>156535

He's her "mother" since father was not permitted in vanilla FC. I'll have to sort that out some time.



That would explain it.

Thanks for putting in the work.



Well, good to see that my little commentary was helpful.



I should have seen it coming considering father in extended family mode was change to dick-mother.



In vanilla, that is.



I don't see how preg acceleration would adversely affect the PC any more than being pregnant already does; it seems like it's purely a drug regimen and doesn't require surgery or anything like that.

And setting .pregWeek is easy enough.



It's supposed to greatly increase the strain on the body. Plus I've tried to avoid anything that would increase .chem on the player.


Pregmod v259.



-phase 4 work

-anons FCTV channel and story

I probably should have tested "fuck her vagina". Anyone want to click that link and tell me how badly I fucked up?


Is there an automatic way to stop new slaves being automatically renamed when you do Revivalist future societies? Right now I'm manually having to switch them back but if they come in rebellious I can only do forename/surname and have to break them in more down the line to revert the other.



Universal rules.



You call her over so you can fuck her tight cunt. Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: State.variables.activeSlave.activeSlave is undefined



We got past one sentence. So better than expected. On it.



Just checked on other slaves, it is only coming up on my BG so far, directly from the slave inspect screen.



Was that it, though? Still no idea how I managed to $activeSlave.activeSlave though.



Nevermind, got it on my DJ. I don't know what the common variables are. If it helps, they are both white, muscular, and have tight pussies.


Pregmod v259.1.


-fixed fVagina

Everything is moving too fast again. I'm used to my browser being slow.




it's like you're not even trying



You call her over so you can fuck her tight cunt. Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: State.variables.activeSlave.activeSlave is undefined

Bodyguard again. I tried on a few others as well, got it on maybe half.



Looks like it is somewhere in the wetness code, since my BG and DJ are naturally soaking, but it reads "A steady stream of lube leaks from her pussy in preparation to recieve you."


Pregmod v259.2.


-fixed fVagina, again

I'm pretty sure that is the last of the activeSlave.activeSlave action.



Fixed the error, but it is reading about lube with wetness at 2 still.



It's supposed to be. Perhaps lube was the wrong work to use. Last time I turn to the variable's name for advice.



Okay, at least it isn't a bug lol



I think you're trying to add a little too much of the wrong kind of realism.

This is a game with body swapping, now; it doesn't really seem reasonable (or sane) to quibble about excessive strain when we left the bounds of realism behind long ago.



Considering oversized preg malus is set to get a heavy reworking in phase 7 and that slaves on pregnancy speed enhancers are encouraged to stay in the clinic for the duration.

Also don't get me started on the planned downsides to bodyswapping. It is a very risky procedure.




I doubt that immune system of the new body will leave implanted brain untouched



>Probably a number of various things. Inherited from what ever event served as its basis, a general default number I go to for a certain range, possible forgotten change, consistency, or any number of other possible reasons.

Soo… Would it be a problem if someone tweaked them?



Should be fine, just keep them between 0 and 60 if you're going to random them.




File: f55c06e24e5fb7b⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 338x252, 169:126, 1469172150230.gif)

>tfw you realize you were referring to general cunningham in your random event as a colonel

It's like I don't even play the fucking game



You see those big red underlined letters at the top of the thread? READ THEM



Transhumanism. Soon.


can we have a nihilist FS?



What would be the point?


File: a1c810bca2a444a⋯.png (26.26 KB, 192x191, 192:191, 1469122692034.png)


File: fded44486c6dfa3⋯.jpg (76.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, feaed35b3f745e582ffac8e5ed….jpg)


File: 98d2f4083af7711⋯.png (119.25 KB, 636x440, 159:110, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 92cd2331ebc0c66⋯.png (7.88 KB, 888x109, 888:109, fgdfds.png)

Advertisements need to be checked. I'm getting rep loss from my slaves not matching ads when they should be.



Will look into it in the morning.



Submitted a merge request to fix this





Thank you all very much, I'll be here next week.


File: 5d5787ae44b8bd0⋯.gif (376.47 KB, 598x357, 598:357, h4.gif)


Okay, I giggled.



File: 1d7397934974b40⋯.png (37.1 KB, 1894x272, 947:136, crimepls.png)

Security Exp's crime stat seems to be affecting immigration even while SecExp is disabled.


In starting slave creation menu - "More customization options" - there "Origin Override" option. "Will unlock origin and allow slavegen to overwrite it" Can someone pls explain what exacly this mean? Slave with this ON can have random gen relatives recruitment event?




If you change the listed slave's origin and exit "More Customization" without enabling the override, it will change back to what it was before. It has nothing to do with relative recruitment.



> go to wardrobe and buy force feeding equipment

> force a slave to fill on two units

> move them to the dairy

> set the weight target to maximum

> "Stuffed with 10000ccs of none."




Oh left something out. Fixing now.



encountered something similar, playing on a file tilted pregmod v136 secexpansion v13.7

ran into a slave rebellion which i think is related to that mod even though i have it disabled. rip that save, no way to win all choices lead to game over. probably my fault for not taking a vanilla file tho


Speaking of SecMod I still got rebellions nearly every week regardless that I completed the brain implant project which is annoying and also means that battles will not fire at all even the option enabled. Week 360 or so.


>encountered something similar, playing on a file tilted pregmod v136 secexpansion v13.7

Unless I am reading it wrongly your are about 105 ish versions behind so updating would be useful to say the least.


What are the FCTV channels? Can you decide to watch certain programs? I thought they were just random, am I retarded?


File: 2245cd5a001f212⋯.png (35.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fcart.png)


i see :\

so i upgraded to the glorious v260, can anyone help me fix this? i have the resource folder inside the same folder as the html for the game.


File: f303df9ec26483f⋯.swf (713.75 KB, free-cities-20180111-12225….swf)


This still happens on the latest version. Save is attached.


>What are the FCTV channels?

Primary a way to help contain writefag in a logical fashion.

>Can you decide to watch certain programs?

Not not yet.

>I thought they were just random, am I retarded?

Still random I believe.


>so i have the resource folder inside the same folder as the html for the game.

Sync up the vector image choice with .html type. Embeded only worked with the git version I think.




hey, im fucking illiterate, by sync with html type you mean make sure the vector files are firefox if the html is firefox?

thx ill just use the non embedded version i need to lurk more but the PROGRESS is too fast for this mod, once again thx 4 helpin tho



>Their loyalty is not as high as it can be, but they are not actively working against their arcology owner.

However after the ensuring the rebellion the fourth unit decided to rebel against me.


>hey, im fucking illiterate, by sync with html type you mean make sure the vector files are firefox if the html is firefox?

I'l just quote them but bold as needed.

>Vector art by NoX is selected. Switch to rendered imagepack | Switch to non-embedded vector art

>Highlights on shiny clothing ENABLED. Disable

>Git compiled only, no exceptions.

The mega versions are not git so it wouldn't work.



>However after the ensuring the rebellion the fourth unit decided to rebel against me.

Thankfully I solved that by enabling more edicts (mainly the merc one and another one) and most likely RNG feel my way this time.





Rebellions build up in time, but should not fire one after another. To be exact there's a 80% chance of a rebellion firing when the buildup reaches 100.

If you are in the week where the rebellion can fire you cannot do much in the immediate. You can however disable the gameover by rebellion in the options (like you can do for major battles). You can also change the build up speed for rebellions if the get too quickly to 100%.



Will look into it.



oooooh alright. thnx i was wondering what exactly that was referring to. but im too fucking stupid to realize it meant get the images from that lol

much big help many thank




What did you try to fill them with and did it report "none" before putting her in the dairy?



I selected "Surrender" yet I apparently still fought and murdered all the instigators (at least it's a a good way to lower the slave population). Same save I attached earlier, >>156853 .


Can someone point me to a tutorial or something that explains how to use the browser console to change variable values in-game?

I'm trying to change $PRraidTarget, but i'm not sure how to do it


how far is bodyswap from being implemented?



The reactions need a bit more work, but it's getting close.



awesome i really cant wait to get into it

any eta?



That depends on milkanon and editoranon. They are currently setting the pace.




I'll have my end of it done before the week is over.



Sounds good.



That is something I did not consider when I wrote the passage. Wrote a quick patch to fix this.


Pregmod v261.


-small fixes

-secEx fixes

I removed the obsolete belly size tracking JS. All calls of them should have been removed, but if any come up, you know why now.


A tiny thing, but the cattle ranch and hippolyta academy don't appear under arcology cheat menu unless you have dicks enabled.





I'm guessing I should add to the text faq rather than the js one. I wouldn't know how for the latter.


Why is my agent pushing for gender radicalism instead of traditionalism?

I know it says he's a "walking, swinging argument for dickgirls.", but he's a male. XY genes, all male parts, no female, and very masculine to boot.



Because traditionalism says that he should be feminized as much as possible. Radicalism leaves agency to use his dick.

Another note, I have found a bug. My white PC and my white concubine produced a mixed race baby when extracted from the incubator.



Same anon, I think I found out why. Concubine is an NG+, and the child was therefore born without a mother in the code.



Remember that there are no male slaves in vanilla.



Run the genetics array test.


File: 274740ab68fa247⋯.png (358.43 KB, 1036x628, 259:157, orin2x.png)


>My white PC and my white concubine produced a mixed race baby

Start asking questions, anon.



Shit, forgot that was a thing. Right. All of my slaves going back to my oooooold savegame (I'm the old newfag) do not exist in the gene pool, and have IDs like 9800002 or 10400006.


Does someone know how the beauty ideal policies work codewise? Where are the checks to decide wether the slave conforms to the ideal or not?



That makes sense, there is no loader for it in backwards compatibility. If someone wanted to code it, that would be great.


assayWidgets.tw, the beauty widget to be precise. It is in it, somewhere.



Thanks! It would have never occured to me to look there


Finished 5 new random events. All pertain to prestigious slaves:


One is about a pop star offered to you for enslavement after she refused to sleep with her manager, and he beat, raped, and imprisoned her in his hotel room.

One is about a clothing company attempting to replace their models with slaves. When the models unionize and threaten to sue, the company has them drugged and bound, and sells them off to avoid the mess.

One is about a board member at a film studio who catches another board member in the act of having sex with a child actor. He forces him to resign, but needs to cover up the crime to save the studio, so he reluctantly sells the child to you.

One is about an actress who refuses to sleep with a film executive, and he has her kidnapped in anger. After raping her for a while, he sells her off to you to cap off his revenge.

And finally, the last one is about a "content creator" who gets kicked off of pseudo-youtube after a scandal causes them to lose their fans and with them, their income. In debt in a country that allows the enslavement of debtors, their only choice is offer themselves to you so that they can hopefully live in better conditions than they might arrive in being sold on the open market.



I'm only about half way through the incestuous recruits and you come with more? Good work. You know what else could use some variants? Extended family mode's relative recruiter.



For a few of those, do you think you could write up choices as well, if you haven't already? Like the first one, could we maybe take the pop star AND the rapey manager?



Actually another thing to ask, since coding makes you shutdown, does pseudo code also have that effect?



>I'm only about half way through the incestuous recruits and you come with more? Good work.

Haha, thank you. Like I said, something has been awakened in me and I just keep making them. Every night I look forward to creating more.

>You know what else could use some variants? Extended family mode's relative recruiter.

That's something I'd be interested in, though I'm not sure which ones already exist.


I could do it, yeah. I'd just have to run through it again and add a few more paragraphs. I'm going to have lunch and then I'll take a crack at it and drop a new link.


What do you mean by pseudo code?

And yeah it's quite a puzzle to me, I'm genuinely not trying to be lazy I just keep having mental meltdowns when I try to comprehend what I'm looking at. I've got some serious autism in that regard.



Pseudo code is writing mock code in english.

if char 1 has benis and char 2 has bagina => load sexscene1. else if char 1 has benis and char 2 has benis => load sexscene2.



Okay, that I understand. It sounds like I'd have to simply specify which paragraph to use by title/number and give them all titles or numeric values.



>I'm guessing I should add to the text faq rather than the js one. I wouldn't know how for the latter.

By text do you mean FCE? As for the extenal one it is the same content (give or take) just now in js form for betrer formatting. The content addition system is still the same as previous, either post additions ITT or create a MR (no real need to try and apply the js part as I am more than fine with doing that when adding). Either way it will be added soonish.


>I wonder if the guy who got dogpiled for bitching about it without doing anything finally did it, or if someone just did it because of his comments.

The latter, it helped alot having constructive issues to work on as I was mostly blind to most flaws due to the amoumt of time spent.


Yes it would be very easy to just port it over. However, 0) your point, 1) it would overlap with FCE, 2) it will increase the file size.



I added a choice to the first one that allows you to enslave the manager as well, because the secret hand-off is a prime opportunity to have your mercs turn on him. As for the others, the way I have them written it wouldn't really fit unless I did them over from scratch. However, I really doubt I'll never make a prestigious slave event again, so I'll keep this in mind for future descriptions.


My next project is the household liquidator descriptions, which is what I assume >>156920

is referring to.



I'm referring to reRelativeRecruiter.tw. Where a slave asks you to purchase her relative. Plenty of possibility there for you.

Also added to the ever growing pile.



That was my second guess. And yeah, you definitely picked the right man for the job on that one. My dick will never be soft again. I need to be locked up



Oh, also, which ones already exist?



Everything already exists, it's just what fate has befallen them that can have variants. It is set up to handle it. I.E. a slave's older sister has become a prized bedslave, etc.



I see, now I remember. Every fucking one of them is "for sale this week" right?


Crimeanon would it be possible to have the proper check for this?

><<if $UnitsThatDefected > 1>> Units <<else>> Unit <</if>> executed. Dissent will not be tolerated.

Pregmoder what should happen to the Eugenics SMR when the PC doesn't have Eugenics? Lock it behind of Eugenics or provide a boost to it?



Thanks for doing that. As a person that is rather twisted in real life, getting the opportunity to get someone I want AND fuck over a person that fucked over the person I want is just great.



Everything is in SugarCube.State.variables I think.



>I removed the obsolete belly size tracking JS

Thanks anon.


File: 44ce6e51fed4825⋯.png (726.3 KB, 800x495, 160:99, 13e01ee41f84f92ff452da1493….png)

Would it be possible to add another choice to the royal blood event that allows you to ONLY buy the royal family (Queen, Princess, Prince) and not have to get the entire court as well?



Yeah, I second this. I don't really care about the court as much as I do the royalty.


Sigh, I still have bug that one of the Big Robot (and Satellite if I remember correctly) upgrade cost 0 and when I buy it, it eats all of my cash and fucks it so I can't even earn money. I think there is a problem with variables or so




>literally describing a sound that you make

Where the fuck are you people coming from?


When you are programming in the custom slaves at the start, can you make them married/in love with each other?




Quit it.



What stops you from selling them away right then?



They are coming from Reddit to destroy all that is good in the world.



Good point. I am a bit worried that they could still affect my load times after I sell them, since there are events for previously sold slaves, and therefore, sold slaves are tracked somewhere.



Just build a acade with drugs, they will be gone soon enough



Shit, I forgot I could just kill them. My bodyguard loves to kill people.



I don't see why that option to only get the royal family couldn't exist, but I also agree that it's a trivial matter to dispose of them, so I'm unsure what to think.



Nothing, its just a pain in the ass to sell all those slaves, especially since there is no bulk sell feature.



As always having a save helps a lot.


File: a525a487e341f67⋯.png (83.41 KB, 1554x361, 1554:361, Capture.PNG)


I don't think I'm keeping her but




It already provides a boost to it should you take it.



Lucky son of a bitch. She was the hottest politician we've had in a long time.




I dunno, she is probably outmatched by some more local politician somewhere, and it was almost painful to hear her speak.



> :\


lurk more.



Gonna have to provide some evidence to back up that claim there bud. Also, Alaska was in the green throughout basically her whole tenure, I'd say she gets more flack then she deserves.


SFanon, see comments on your merge requests.



Go back to reddit



>SFanon, see comments on your merge requests.

Policy changes are much less than the intro ones maonly just formatting. As for the walk past I hoped that converting the of/else onto JS wouls improve speed. I'l go remove the rest of the stuff unrelated to unit loss when I can.



I just don't like her voice or the way she talks, really. Just googling to find others, though, I am finding a lot from outside the US, so maybe you are right. Also, the claim was about her attractiveness, not her performance.




>two anons replying to the wrong person

Its the post below. I agree though



If would be minimal if anything. Will merge in the policy request now and ready a twine version.




Actually, if you'd get the walkPast changes out, I'd like to merge in the unit count corrections too.



>Alaska was in the green throughout basically her whole tenure

All two and a half years of it, most of which she spent running for not-president or selling books?

Anyway, apparently Greece and Russia have some politicians. Probably because everybody knows they don't matter.


File: 3d22275aa7eb4e5⋯.jpg (21.51 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 65454968711112.jpg)



If you read the later posts, you would see that it was actually a compatibility issue, but go for it.


Pregmod v262.


-SFanon's fixes and policy cleanup



Le sigh :^)



A little oversight, this one's pretty old (if it isn't intentional for some reason):

<<case "angel">>
She's a gorgeous little <<if $arcologies[0].FSSupremacist != "unset">>$arcologies[0].FSSupremacistRace <</if>> angel with long blonde hair and large <<if $arcologies[0].FSGenderFundamentalist != "unset">>black<<else>>white<</if>> wings as large as her when they are folded.

Shouldn't the wings be black for degradationist societies instead?



Yes. I'll get it for next pass.




gets off with $HeadGirl.SlaveName

Should be $HeadGirl.slaveName





I cant find where the pregnancy generator implant is. Doesn't seem to be in remote surgery and I cant research for it either. Is it not in yet?


Pregmod v263.


-The rest of SFanon's fixes

-minor corrections

-fixed a number of ".SlaveName"s



Hyperpreg and extreme content must be on. After that, it should be in the dispensary.




It also requires the implant manufacturer.




Milkanon here. Real life and other things have kept me busy for the past few days, but I'll get to working on things tomorrow. If editor anon hasn't already finished it. [spoiler]Sorry I've left it to you for a bit. I think I may have taken on too many projects at once[spoiler]



Take it easy if you need to.


is there something wrong with the RESS in the suite? the character never shows up in individual section.



It likely views it as an invisible assignment. I'll look into correcting it tomorrow.



Do you mean master suite? If you do, they have never been available for random individual events, though I would quite like it if they did.


Yes, I was referring to it. one of the event "breeding bull" requires the slave to be IN THE SUITE for the event but when you select the slave a RESS is never available, this been a issue for quite a while.



Ahh. See, I have NEVER seen a good number of events simply as a result of my FS choices and whatnot, so I thought I just wouldn't see that one for those kind of reasons.




Readying an experimental fix.


Pregmod v264.


-allowed master suite slaves into RESS eligibility


thanks, it works now!


I'm not satisfied with the changes. This is likely going to result in large scale reworks to random event eligibility. I need to think about how to handle this.



From v261, in FVagina:

<<if $PC.pregMood == 1 && $PC.preg >= 28>>
<<set _fPosition = either(50,50,50,90)>>
<<set _fSpeed = 90>>
<<elseif $PC.pregMood == 2 && $PC.preg >= 28>>
<<set _fPosition = random(1,40)>>
<<set _fSpeed = 10>>
<<elseif $PC.belly >= 3000>>
<<set _fPosition = random(1,80)>>
<<set _fSpeed = random(1,75)>>
<<set _fPosition = random(1,100)>>
<<set _fSpeed = random(1,100)>>

I imagine _fSpeed is how fast your pace is and _fPosition is how far your position is from gentle and loving missionary with the lights out.

If that's the case, both .pregMood checks should be swapped since 1 is "gentle and motherly" one and 2 is "aggressive and domineering".



My notes are wrong. Now I have to check every instance of it.



What is a cleansing diet?

I see it for specific slaves



drugging up your slaves causes dna damage. that fixes it


For the last few releases I've noticed changing assignment causes your slave's living conditions to be altered. I know some of them have restricted living conditions (school, spa, suite) but now this is happening whenever you switch between whoring and p. service. If this is the RA, anyone know how to disable it?



Ah, I haven't played in a while so I'm starting over. I still haven't bought the medbay upgrade.



You cant collect the babies with the incubator though right? I wanted to create an entire industry based on 1 massive broodmares children.



Correct. Let me finish my overhaul and you'll find that you'll be able to output more than enough I'm sure.


Found a typo when you give a new slave a tramp stamp.

>She continues to weep as yo lead her out, but offers no real resistance.


I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere so it may be only happening to me, but the last name of NPC's is being displayed before the first name. So Jane Doe is being displayed as Doe Jane. Very frustrating.


Error in Master Suite Report

hyperBellyTwo is undefined

It's referenced in saLongTermEffects.tw



Never mind, I'm a dummy.


>You perform the dark rituals, pray to the dark gods and sold your soul for the power to change and mold slaves to your will

The tenses appear to clash, perform and pray should idealy be performed and prayed. Also the first "and" could be replaced with them as two and's in the same sentnce just feels wrong.



So will this be a thing?



It might take a bit of rewriting but wouldn't just being able to select who you want off a list like a really expensive shopping trip and have a tally you have to pay at the end be easier than listing every possible combination and excluding those you don't want?


SecExp mod: the case when the arcology has no losses is not considered anymore.

The battle report says instead that the defense force has sustained at least "a casualty".

The dots at the end of the sentences are also to fix (sometimes two dots are printed, sometimes no one).

SexExp/rebellionReport.tw, lines 88-90, 182-184

SexExp/attackReport.tw, lines 152-154, 218-220, 284-286, 350-352

On a side note, thank you so much for the Numeric formatting option!


Change of plans.I'm pushing back the second part of phase 4 until the weekend and prioritizing handling this event eligibility thing. While MS slaves getting complete eligibility will work in enough case to warrant handling the exceptions as they come, SQ, club and brothel slaves have a few events that they could pop up in that I'd like to allow as well. Not quite sure how I'm going to do that yet.




These, I believe, were fixed with v263 and v265.


>give a slave some decent clothes

>becomes a dom

why man



>tfw your club is full of dom, Futanari MILFS


Is there any way to remove the Cheater tag?



She once had a model's midsection, however, it now sags considerably from being stretched so long and so full by her excessive pregnancy. Society finds her pregnancy ruined stomach very unattractive.

other than surgery what can be done



Time. Muscles also case midsections to firm up faster.



If I muscle her up and then slim her again do you think t will be alright



Don't cheat.



Depending on how pregnant she was, she should firm up again after a few weeks. If you've been messing around with hyper pregnancy, then she may take some time.

As for muscling up then losing it, it'll have some effect sure.



nah just twins

it's been a month


So I went full meme and am now playing a Free Cities run as adult Naruto.

It's actually been funny as hell and breathed life back into the game for me.



I'm going to tweak the descriptions a little to differentiate between slight sag and excessive. Right now it is all or nothing.




Does the broadening of hips that occurs after pregnancy also slowly return to normal?


Is there a successor system in place yet?




No to both.



Just to be more precise, losses are zero but units report says they suffered a loss?



Yep, I've double-checked every unit and nobody died.

>Our defense forces, 1648 strong, clashed with them just against the walls of the arcology, completely annihilating their troops, while sustaining a casualty..


>During the battle they suffered no casualties


>During the battle they suffered no casualties


Compiled from git a few minutes ago, still there.


She has a model's midsection, without any hint of belly or musculature.

How to achieve this?


Found another flaw in SecExp/attackOptions.tw

My readiness is equal to 8 and the page correctly says: With your current readiness level you can still send 16 more units.

I've saved a rooster with all my 12 units. When I restore it, the page says: With your current readiness level you can still send -22 more units.

I've checked the console and I have: deployedUnits == 38, deployableUnits = -22


muscles <5, bellySag<2


Can children from Incubator be made to be the same age mentally as they are physically? I find the descriptions of a 1 year old walking around in an 18 year old body unnerving



slim down



No. They don't actually have the mental functions of a one year old, but they are immature for their age. No good way to explain mental aging, you know? Physical was a massive stretch as is.



Chemicals and Science and Shit


Also apparently foreskin doesn't grow in the incubator but cock does ouch


File: 5baa238b4082f14⋯.jpg (747 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ayase.jpg)


The only way I could see someone implanted with experience and mental abilities of someone much older would be with some sort of brainwashing or conditioning pod where they live a simulated life in fast forward.

There's already a mild imprinting going on but I can't see maturing and skill training done without a new expensive as fuck facility you stick them in for a couple years for balance.


Time for more basic JS questions:

1. Is this valid?

window.populateEventArray = function(RESS = SugarCube.State.variables.RESSevent.length, RESSTR = SugarCube.State.variables.RESSTRevent.length, RETS = SugarCube.State.variables.RETSevent.length, RECI = SugarCube.State.variables.RECIevent.length)

2. I would call it as "populateEventArray()"?

If I succeed in what I am doing, we will see a noticeable jump in endWeek performance.


This. Plus mental age is not tracked at all. What you are seeing is actual age, namingly how long they have been alive.



Life experiences and mental abilities aren't really what I meant, I was more referring to cognitive abilities.


forget it I'll just stop being gay



1. Looks valid to me—I ran this in my browser with Free Cities open and it gave what I expected:

window.populateEventArray = function(RESS = SugarCube.State.variables.RESSevent.length, RESSTR = SugarCube.State.variables.RESSTRevent.length, RETS = SugarCube.State.variables.RETSevent.length, RECI = SugarCube.State.variables.RECIevent.length){console.log(RESS+' '+RESSTR+' '+RETS+' '+RECI);}

2. Yes, you would call it as that both in JS and in the story files



Are there any plans for PC mpreg? I'd be willing to work on it if there's nothing being done already.



Good, good. Trimmed it a little and the end result is:

window.populateEventArray = function(RESS = State.variables.RESSevent.length, RESSTR = State.variables.RESSTRevent.length, RETS = State.variables.RETSevent.length, RECI = variables.RECIevent.length) {

var events = [];

for(var i = 0; i < RESS; i++) {
for(var i = 0; i < RESSTR; i++) {
for(var i = 0; i < RETS; i++) {
for(var i = 0; i < RECI; i++) {
if(events.length == 0) {
events.push("RE no event");

return events;

This is the tail end of randomIndividualEvent.tw, just before it moves on to choosing an event. Moving as much of that bloated monster into JS as possible should speed things up, a lot.


Incompatible with a working digestive tract.


File: 0d8639dd53e81c3⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 288x264, 12:11, 1469111878349.jpg)


$PCCreationBoobSize and $PCCreationBreast instead of size numbers and letters when setting up a new game just under where you set PC hormones. v265



Does reset if you change size setting in either direction.


>liechtensteiner slaves are all asian

I don't know if this is a Pregmod bug or if it's in the main game, but I thought it should be said.



That's how it was in vanilla. Pose a merge request if you want to fix it as I have no idea what country that even is and I have a lot of code ot convert to JS before the weekend.


I asked in the last thread about doing giant dick pneumatics, and the problem is that there is nothing they could fuck without killing it. Well, I have thought of a solution.


Since mpreg is incompatible with a functional digestive tract, this means that slaves, as in the lore, do not make use of their digestive tract. Therefore, if we were to, say, remove the womb and artificially extend the vagina so that it is almost to the lungs, and remove the intestines to extend the fuckable space of the anus about as far, it would be hypothetically possible for a dick larger than 50cm to fuck those holes without killing the holes' owner. To account for girth, pussies and anuses would probably need to have a cybernetic augment that literally pulls the opening and inner surfaces wider.

It could hypothetically be possible to retain the womb, but if this were made an option, it would need to lower the dick size limit to account for it.

I might have some serious problems.



Presumably some part of the intestine is still used, so complete removal is out of the question. Alternatively, what about some sort of artificial replacement of the abdominal wall to allow for extreme stretching?


File: b1c59f974d0dd93⋯.png (124.23 KB, 351x351, 1:1, 1454031483071.png)



>the already unrealistically large dicks aren't enough




What if you keep the dick sizes, implant the womb in the dick and then mpreg by sounding?

Would that work?



Perhaps a complete rework of the abdominal layout? Like, wind the intestines around the extended pussy and anus like a grotesque, not-springy spring. Of course, this procedure would take off at least 100 health to do.


What are you talking about? We are already doing loads of crazy body modification, so why not make the genitals usable? and what do you mean




I meant more along the lines of bulging her stomach out.

Also I'm still looking for someone to write up the clothing descriptions for hyper cock and balls.



Well, I just thought of the weird coiling thing as an alternative. Whether by artificial abdominal walls or completely reworking the abdominal layout, I think either could work.



>clothing descriptions for hyper cock and balls

I had another fucked up idea. Remember that South Park episode where Randy microwaves his balls to get cancer so he can smoke weed? Remember how they used the excess scrotal skin to make a coat for his wife? That. A clothing option that requires you to have removed another slave's scrotum.

Also, I would love to writefag, but realistically, I am approaching my final semester of college, and am currently writing my capstone for my degree, so I can't really afford to write for FC, lest I fuck up my papers.



It would be difficult to track outside of a very general thing. Would also be hard to efficiently limit it.

Also we aren't going anywhere. When you finish, if you feel like writing, I think we'll still be here.


In custom slave creation at the beginning, surnames seem to be overwriting given names.






>I really liked your capstone paper anon, up until the part where you went off on a tangent about a slave scrotum coat.



Yeah, I'm a bit worried about accidentally doing that.



Nevermind this one, just got the layout of the name boxes confused.



It was putting last name as both, found out it was because the boxes are situated vertically instead of by slave or original name horizontally and I wasn't paying attention. My earlier one about the variable showing for PC breast size is still active, though.


Okay, I just had another, but less ridiculous, idea. Can we publicly execute slaves, either ourselves or have our bodyguard do it? I would love to do this kind of shit, but FCDev wasn't too keen on it when I asked one time.



I honestly don't want to deal with that second one. I'll flag down SFanon later to fix it; unless he is lurking as we speak, of course.


Is there a way of narrow shoulders without using surgery? 30 weeks or so with normal hormones and nothing



If they are out of the age window for hormones to take affect, you're out of luck for now. I do have plans for non-surgical methods with the body purist research, but it won't be for some time.



And what age is that? They are all lolis




When you finally believed you squashed most bugs… thanks for the report, I'll get to it.



Get >>157234 >>157236 too.


It's like 24 or something. Keep them on female hormones until it hits "overwhelmingly female". That's the window for hip/shoulder changes.

And then I realized you said loli. If aging is on and growth is on, the year's changes will be applied on her birthday.


Do the upgrade advanced HRT affect breast/butt injections? Or only hormones?



Your save would be very handy.


This is true most of the time.



Only hormones. There is another upgrade, "enhanced drug formulations" or something that improves the growth injections.


Can you make clones in this game?

Like, clones of slaves, and yourself



Not yet, but future planned.



awww, i wanted to make a gender-bender clone of my character to make her pregnant and then groom their daughter

Welp, i guess my sick fetish will just have to wait

Do you have a idea when it will be implemeted?



Not for a long time.



I don't have any method to upload anything in the size of the current game size, so I'll just tell you what to do. It's really easy.

Go to line 223330 and change the Liechtensteiner weightarray to

"weightedArray({white: 95,&quot;middle eastern&quot;: 5, &quot;mixed race&quot;: 1}),"

This should make it more realistic; 95% European, 5% Middle-Eastern, 1% Mixed race.



That will suffice, thank you.


Can we make it an option to abort any girl's baby when you enslave them, rather than just girls who have been impregnated through rape? The only babies they should be having are my own.



If someone wanted to do it, I'd take it as long as you couldn't do it with repopulation focus. Paternalist maybe as well.


I really love this game is there any kind of sfw style of game, that has this amount of freedom in make yourself powerful?



I don't know of any. Massive freedoms tend to lead into NSFW territory.


Haven't checked up on the threads for a couple weeks, has the dairy been nerfed yet?



do females learn faster? i feel like im mastering things in like 6 weeks instead of like 18 or 20 on male.. if so any other hidden buffs anyone knows about?



Having your character impregnate herself if you start as a futa is essentially the same.



You can get surgery to be a futa, though I haven't really played with it beyond just seeing what the descriptions were.



Depending on how you define freedom and powerful, maybe CK2, it's a grand strategy game, or M&B, which is a mix between action RPG and strategy game. It has a NSFW mod called dickplomacy and plenty of SFW total conversions.



CK2 and M&B aren't like FC, so I didn't think of those, but they might work for that anon.



If you play CK2, check out the After the End mod.



I haven't played CK2 myself, but looking at that mod on it's own wiki, the setting looks rather like Fallout but about 1000 years after the bombs fell, imo.


Self-impregnating as a natural born futa resulting in a futa child when


So am I missing something or are there no vector art images for… well any of the clothing really?



When you extract tissue and attach it when they come out of the incubator.


top feature for 2018 is a replenish all units button


There seems to be a bug with being mindbroken, I can't select it in cheat editing a slave and any mindbroken slaves I buy default to not being mindbroken



Will look into it in the morning. Not sure what changed that could cause that.


I created a WIP merge of the JS event selection to the git. It currently fails to run with a "Error [EventSelectionJS]: missing ; before statement." error. While I found some things lacking an ";", I'm at a bit of a loss for the moment.

I'm hoping someone can find it while I'm sleeping so I don't have to track it down in the morning. I would expect there to be more than one problem.



But then they aren't authentic little versions of me



There is also caused by things being undefined (which in this case means lack of $ at the start of eventSlave mainly). As a result you can either just simply do the above or JS expand itt with State.variables.eventSlave.* . I'l pasting the modified file in the MR.


How does the custom rules assistant work? Is there an explanation somewhere of how to use it?


File: 84228fa86540948⋯.png (2.66 KB, 518x170, 259:85, Untitled.png)


specifically this



The other rule activation options are actually read by the game as those codes; with the custom activation, you can set multiple variables to be required for that rule to be applied. For example, you could specify that a slave would only be selected if devotion is greater than 50 and trust is greater than 50.



Eugenics Focus instead of Repopulationism, run a death camp.



Neato, thanks. Is it possible to only apply the rules if a particular slave does or doesn't have a certain set of genitals?





How would you write up a simple logic operands like OR and AND?



<FAQ » How to create custom RA activations?

(short answer: use && and || )

About the FAQ: is the equality operator '=' or '=='? The example is unclear:

(assignment = "work in the dairy" || assignment = "be the Milkmaid") && devotion == 50



Github allows to properly see HTML pages (even if not hosted there), I don't know if GitGud has a similar feature:


Or: I suppose you may host the FAQs on GitLab Pages




Oh whoops. I should help organize the FAQ some.


Crimeanon, it seems that $losses is counting SF soldiers that have OD'd (now that I got that to work).


That would be good thanks.


It would be so much easier to just use it as is.



Losses are all put into a common pool and then assigned after the battle. I'm not sure I understand the problem.



>a futa impregnating herself is the same

but then it would actually be more like masturbation than selfcest


You wouldn't be having your own superior waifue/headmaster



Anon, i think he's referring to the cloning part.


File: c3656f690896fe3⋯.swf (723.14 KB, free-cities-20180113-23020….swf)


The problem is that I was told that I had 17 losses yet every single lines was "suffered no casualties". This current rebellion I lost a soldier yet the same thing happens.


File: 894ade9adc13022⋯.png (9.7 KB, 529x64, 529:64, PlayerFullName.png)

Two bugs in the current git version:

- unless you pass some FS-related law, many current policies are not displayed anymore (while being active).

In uncategorized/policies.tw line 161 should be moved after line 395 (or 393? I hope I didn't miss a closing tag). As for line 160, it looks like a temporary fix to me, I don't know if it could be safely removed

- in events/intro/introSummary.tw PlayerFullName is not set (see related picture: NewGame+, starting screen).

The previous code was something like:

 <br>Everyone calls you ''<<textbox "$PC.name" $PC.name>>'' <<if $PC.surn
ame == 1>> ''<<textbox "$PC.surname" $PC.surname>>'' <</if>>



you mean genetically it would be same?

I'm not quite sure of that neither

I mean i'm no genetics-scientist

But a futa impregnating herself is ultimately one individual with only one genetic-code impregnating him/herself

So the kid would either end-up having only his X/Y chromosome changing, or he would end-up with both and be a futa right?

But a gender-bender-clone of yourself is ultimately a second individual with a slightly different genetic-code right?

She got a more feminine skeleton-frame, a more effeminated face, she have breast, a complete set of working genitalias

So ultimately, even if they share 85% of their genetic-code, they're still two different individuals

But a futa impregnating herself, is ultimately one individual sharing no genetic-code with anyone making a child alone



All right Iw as just trying to see if it was the same bug reported yesterday.



Noted. I'l commit several fixes, hopefully Pregmoder doesn't have to fix them not much. I didn't really know that <<PlayerFullName>> was a thing really.

Lines 160-161 are from vanilla if I renember right.

>- unless you pass some FS-related law, many current policies are not displayed anymore (while being active).

Which ones exactly and what do you wish to happen?



>Which ones exactly

Every policy between line 163 and 393, because they are inside the "if" block related to Future Societes.

AnalEncouragement, ProRecruitment, CoursingAssociation, you name it.


>rules assistant STILL doesn't apply autosurgery settings

mild ree


File: c6dbe94f6b8bcf4⋯.swf (85.25 KB, policies.tw.swf)



another anon, if you make a man a futa you would have to alter the genes of the new ovaries to female for them to work properly, if you make a woman a futa you could leave the genes inside the testicles unaltered, but all children would end up being female.

a child with XXY- Chromosomes would be a male with Klinefelter-Syndrom (infertile and low testosterone)



So that's what would happen if a futa impregnated herself?

And what would happen if you impregnated a female-clone of yourself?



>So that's what would happen if a futa impregnated herself?

No, you'd get a normal human, because the only way a person could impregnate themselves is if their testes and ovaries had different DNA.

>And what would happen if you impregnated a female-clone of yourself?

Same thing as impregnating your immediate sibling.

However, if you modified someone's DNA so their offspring would have both functional sets of genitalia, said offspring could knock themselves up with clones.



A futa impregnating itself imply she can produce working ovaries, and working sperms

So what if the futa sperm DNA was based on it's owner DNA, instead of using a totaly different DNA?



Functional testes and functional ovaries cannot possibly have the same DNA, unless modified from base human in a manner that modern science does not yet understand.

Two parts of a person's body can have different DNA; see transplants and chimerism.



That's the point, FC is a sci-fi game using sciences-gimmicks with no fondamental understanding in real-life, like cybernetic prosthesis

But you're saying it would be impossible for one individual to impregnate itself without altering the DNA present in one of his reproducing genitalia right?

Basically, you could impregnate a female-version of yourself, as even if you both share most of the same DNA, it's not the EXACT same-one

But it would be impossible for a futa to impregnate herself if her ovaries/sperm DNA isn't altered?



You're an idiot. Fuck off.






as the one who made the >>157382 thread I apologize if I created an Argument by being unclear, what I meant was, that the additional set of genitals would be genetically no different from the ones of a gender-bender clone, so impregnating yourself as a futa or impregnating a gender-bender clone would both result in chidren, whose DNA is a rescrambling of yours.



With the way childgen is set up, any child who's mother and father is the same will generate nearly identical to them. That child would then fulfill many of the same conditions as her parent and would also likely produce near clone children should she be coupled with her parent.


If a human body had both sets of sex organs they could impregnate themselves. Genetically it would be the same as two clones of the same human having a child. A-sexual reproduction is actually fairly common in nature particularly in plants but not in larger animals and no mammals reproduce that way. I'm not sure why anon thinks a person couldn't impregnate themselves because of 'DNA'.



ho, okay then

I thought they were more difference between a gender-bender clone of yourself, than just yourself with both genitalias



the problem with the DNA is mostly just that gonads (testicles and ovaries) with the wrong gonosomes (y and x) would have trouble functioning properly (though testicles with xx could theoratically work)



I was under the assumption that the keyword functioning meant that the body possessed both XX and XY gametes. Otherwise the ovum and sperm wouldn't be fertile.

I don't have a great understanding of biology but I can't think of a reason why this wouldn't be possible.



the chromosomes are the databank for controlling our cells and especially in those that are responsible for reproduction (not just the gametes, but also the ones creating hormones for example) the x- and y-chromosomes have a lot to say

bewae also that the xy-system is only universal for mammals, other species use different methods to decide gender (like temperature of the eggs, hermaphrodites, or even sequenzial hermaphrodites)



not to forget, that testicles and ovaries develop from the same cells based, on their chromosomes, so it would be pretty hard to force develop yx-proto-gonads into ovaries and vice versa


Pregmod v266.


-Gutted random event selection and recoded it as JS

-Crimeanon's fixes

-SFanon's fixes

-minor fixes and typos corrections

Should only be a minor speed gain since event selection was predominantly <<if>>s. It looks nicer though.



You uploaded right as I was about to play. Thanks preganon.


Throwing nonconformists out of your arcology should give an authority boost



Advertisements for age seem to be broken, the end week screen is saying they're set to advertise a variety regardless of what the actual setting is.



Looking into it.


Pregmod v267.


-fixed age ads getting set to 0 when they shouldn't be


File: 0de223211cd16a1⋯.swf (85.25 KB, policies.tw.swf)

OK, just one last fix: insert a <</if>> @line 390 and delete line 674

(now the FS block is inside the Education block)


File: 2dbfef55a3bdf2b⋯.swf (87.14 KB, policies.tw.swf)


This is the same file, but indented.



line 292 in masterSuite.tw should be changed to start with this: [[Decommission the master suite|Main]



Got it. Will post a patch with >>157422 as well in a bit. Little busy right now.


Pregmod v268.


-fixes to policies and master suite



Busy. That's as much as we've gotten out of him. No details, and as far as I know, no notice of absence. He just disappeared, came back for a day, then vanished again.




I'm betting this is the beginning of a slow slide into abandoning the project.



I'd say a schism has already formed over lack of response to free cities reborn and what it means for vanilla's future.


We all know that the official blog is https://freecitiesblog.blogspot.com/

but what the FUCK is this.


Who the fuck is this person?



Looks like a thieving piece of shit whose making money off of ads. But I don't think FCdev has copyright over his stuff, so there's not a lot we can do about it. FCdev has done some dumb stuff, but he at least deserves credit for what he did.



My thoughts exactly. You think we can get the domain to take that little shit's stolen content down?


What is the best combination of Future Societies if I want to max civ population?



We could try. I don't want to make too big of a deal about it, but we could also inform FCdev, if someone could get a hold of him.



Yeah. Fortunately, the fraud still links to the real Patreon (I think) so no one will send him tips that are rightly intended for the real FCDev. I looked into taking down copypaste blogs, and it seems that the original blog owner is supposed to be the one to initiate the report, so we can only try to inform FCDev and let him handle it.


Does this mod work on android






It is worth it to pay for the education of the babies of my slaves? Do i get some kind of return or I'm just wasting my money?



Reputation each week, since it impresses the citizens of your acrology that you can afford to spend that money every week for many years.



It also gives them a boost to devotion (probably not a problem at that point, but yeah)



That would be an interesting realism mechanic, a genetic male converted to be capable in some way of birth and impregnated by another genetic male will only produce sons, because there's no xx genes for them to pass.

And likewise, a genetic female given functional male genitals could only impregnate genetic females with daughters for the same reason.


Pregmod v269.


-servants can now qualify for a reduced selection of random events

They are always around, after all.


It could be done, but I would expect a number of players to get frustrated over it.


Rules assistant ignore mindbroken slaves when is set to devotion or trust, is this a bug or intended?







In FC game world do not exist true born herm's or futa's, only artificaly created ones. So, I can say, most plausible explanation of their fertility - they all are cases of artificaly created and calibrated chimerism. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimera_(genetics) )



That's what I was thinking. Wouldn't a penis with sperm in it need xx genes anyways, so a female body wouldn't accept it in the first place.



That reminds me I need to test some issues from yesterday involving mindbroken slaves.



xy, I'm an idiot. Point stands though, I think.




As far, as I understand, such chimera can have both set of working organs, but it's very-very-very low chance to happen naturally. But we have advanced medical and genetic science in FC world here, so I think it's plausible enough for artificial created ones, IMHO.



Could be either a togglable, or some kind of thing to research around.

As in, research ways to be able to only change that single chromosome in the sperm/eggs, to reduce genetic drift from the parent genetics.

Though changing it for a woman would probably be a bit more intensive or expensive, since they don't produce new eggs, you'd have to scrape her ovaries and refill them with new cloned eggs.

Even for people not playing around with dickgirls, there's the possibility of of the player just wants to ensure their brood is only of a specific sort, or new events such as something like a slave dispute regarding breeder who can only produce sons, and it was never disclosed that she was born male.


Pregmoder, I received this from a vol.

There's a rather serious design flaw with how individual events work - namely, the slave is chosen first and then the event is chosen from what the slave qualifies for. However, since most arcologies have a lot of a given slave type, this tends to massively weight the odds of certain events occurring, and make other events pretty much impossible to ever see.

While it would be somewhat intrusive, a better way to do it, in my opinion, would be to compute a pool of all possible events across all slaves as a hash of arrays:
e.g. and then select as
which would make every distinct event have a roughly equal chance of occurring. There are probably a dozen events that one slave or another would qualify for, but I've never seen, because the slaves that qualify for them simply don't get selected very frequently from $eventSlaves.
This seems like a massive impediment to replayability, since trying to get unique events becomes a horrible grind-fest.

Also, time sensitive events like "first period" and "wet dreams" should probably get a large bump in priority since they can only appear under very specific conditions.



I won't do it myself, but I'd implement it should someone else submit a merge.


I do not understand hashing, so I can not even begin to work with it. That was the way things were before the first vanilla event changes were, though, albeit not hased. Event standardization would have done just that.

Noted about the puberty events, I already weight the birthday event to be about eight times as likely or something.


For anyone who maintains the git.

RESS.tw line 6195 <<link "Invite her "in"">>, needs to be <<link "Invite her 'in'">>.

Using double quotes around _in_ makes the game throw a cannot find passage "in" error.






No this is wrong. Overies with xy genes would work as normal. But youd have a 1/4th chance of the fetus self aborting due to the possible yy combination.


>>157482 (Self response)

There is alot of missinformation going around here. Your genetics do not matter when determining your sex beyong the sry gene in the y chromosome and that only matters during about a week in the womb. Testies and overaries made correctly would produce sperm and egg cells respectively just fine regardless of what chromosomes they have. A futa with both working sets would be fine regardless but all other actors being normal humans a (xx) futa would only impregnate girls with girls and would have normal 50/50 odds of having a boy or a girl if impregnated. A (xy) futa would have normal 50/50 odds impregnating a girl with a boy or a girl and would have a 50% chance of being impregnated with a boy, a 25% of a girl, or a 25% chance of the fetus aborting at the zygote stage because it lacks an x chromosome.

2 (xx) futas would produce girls 100% of the time and 2 (xy) futas would produce boys 50% girls 25 % and rejects 25%



How do the anal wombs work? Are the eggs in there all XY, even though the womb is a female organ?



If the dna is male half the eggs are x and half are y





Sperm and eggs are haploid cells. They only have 23 chromosomes instead of 46, they have half of each set.


Pregmod v270.


-fixed bad RESS choice

-tweaked puberty events

The puberty events now only proc if the slave in question has not gone through puberty yet and can go off anytime they are close to their puberty age, setting puberty to 1 should they go off. They are also highly weighted to appear in that case.

Slaves can still go through puberty without the event.




I sent that e-mail; it's a domain I'm quite comfortable with, so I don't mind doing the hairy parts as long as you guys don't mind that the result will bear very little resemblance to the vanilla code.

The actual event code itself can remain the same; the only difference would be how the event slave and event are selected.



Another slightly more intrusive change I'd like to make is to fire "unique" events (meaning, events that can only happen to a specific slave once) separately from generic events, so that multiple unique events can fire in a week, and doesn't conflict with the more generic stuff.



If you can submit a merge request, it would be acceptable.

Also, could you make it toggleable? Use $normalizedEvents for the toggle, it used to do the same thing and can be reshaped accordingly.


Define unique events.



A toggle will make things horribly messy, but I can definitely do it.

And I defined "unique" in >>157496 - events like "wet dreams" or "first period" that can only happen a single time to a given slave without cheating.

Anything that can potentially fire at any time (or at any time under conditions controlled by the player) would not be considered unique.



Who's to say they tell you about it? Weight it sure, but don't guarantee it.



That's a good point.

I think it would be ideal to:

1. Make it possible to do >1 unique event per week

2. Make unique and non-unique events separate somehow, so that they don't interfere with each other

3. For unique events where the slave has to approach the PC, roll trust/devotion (either/both, whatever makes sense) before adding them to the pool.



Sounds fine, though actually I have one more request. You see how some events check assignments for "work in the brothel"? Those can't work on the current system. Is there a sane solution?




Oh, and everything separated into it's own options toggle, would be the other request. But you already knew that.


Does the primary FAQ that was made to have dropdown menus have any more information than the pure text FAQ?



How about guaranteeing them if you are working with a girl? Could we do that? That way you can see your favorite girls first period, or whatever if you're into that.



Oh, I ask because the version are different.



That's another good idea.


The issue with a toggle is that it will, essentially, require having two copies of what is already fairly nasty code. That means double the maintenance, double the pain-in-the-ass, etc.

Now, if you just want a way to preserve the old behaviour, that's much easier. I can easily have a toggle that controls whether we do slave->event or event->slave.



That's pretty much it. A toggle to keep the behavior as is.



The current event is not set up to support that. A new one would need to be written for that case.



The primary version is the one that I can easily update the secondary is/was giving me issues trying to log back in/recognise ownership to update it. The information is slightly different due to update differences.



I want to edit it without most of the html, is the thing.



what happened to the slave mutiny event? I can't find it in the code


never mind, just found it



if he's in the states he has copyright automatically, but he would have to file a claim using his real identity for anything to come of it


After feminizing, how can you get a slave to get erect again?



if you cut their balls off, you can't



I haven't, the balls are still in the scrotom. I just pumped female hormones until i was satisfied with the description



change hormones until weekly summary says they have a neutral balance




Do note that the hormones will ramp down over a few turns, so be careful not to oversteer, so to speak.



I'm trying that now but to no avail

the thing is, the description never said the slave had a feminine hormonal balance


you mean they become less effective?



Not even with aphrodisiacs?



Not that that lose efficacy, but rather, when you take a slave off of hormones, they will remain in their body for a few weeks, rather than just instantly returning to natural levels.



it's been like 3 months though



It might be longer than a few weeks, I was just going by a rough estimate. I don't pay too much attention to individual slaves a lot of the time, so I often forego hormones altogether.

As far as possible reasons that they don't get erections, there are a few things you can look at. First, make sure that they don't have a chastity cage that you may have forgotten about. Second, you can try to use a bit of male hormones, or have them work out a bit for a more controlled result. Third, make sure that the penis is not too big, as penises beyond ~30cm cannot get hard; on the other hand, I don't know if there is a minimum size for a dick to get erect, so there is that (side note, if you want to get the dick bigger, put heavy piercings in it and let a few turns go by. They have a chance to stretch the tissue.). Fourth, a prostate might help, so if it isn't there, make one and put it in. Fifth, are they old enough to get hard? I don't actually know, since I don't use younger slaves often.

If all else fails, turn on cheatmode and look at the variables in the alternative view of the cheat edit, and you might be able to find your exact problem.


Actually, it looks like hormone regimes are bugged; one of my slave's description states she's on intensive female, even when she's set to intensive male.

Also, non-school slave prices seem to be bugged. some are locked to a consistent price, flesh heap adds 3k each time you cycle them, starting at whatever the last price you saw was.



Hormone balance needs to be shifted, which takes time and effort if you've built it very strongly to a side. Will look into the flesh heap prices, they shouldn't be doing that.




Slave market prices seems to be working in testing; I noticed nothing out of the ordinary, plus nothing really changed with them any time recently.




Maybe my save is bugged.



Yeah, starting a new game fixed it. That's lame.



Can we have natural born futas please? We can tie the futa gene to one of the chromosomes.

If we tie the futa gene to the X chromosome, the possibilities are:

(FX)X x XX = (FX)X, (FX)X, XX, XX

(FX)X x XY = (FX)X, (FX)Y, XX, XY

(FX)X x (FX)X = (FX)(FX), (FX)X, (FX)X, XX

(FX)Y x XX = (FX)X, (FX)X, XY, XY

(FX)Y x XY = (FX)X, (FX)Y, XY, YY

(FX)Y x (FX)X = (FX)(FX), (FX)X, (FX)Y, XY

(FX)(FX) x XY = (FX)X, (FX)Y, (FX)X, (FX)Y

(FX)(FX) x XX = (FX)X, (FX)X, (FX)X, (FX)X

(FX)(FX) x (FX)X = (FX)(FX), (FX)X, (FX)(FX), (FX)X

(FX)(FX) x (FX)Y = (FX)(FX), (FX)Y, (FX)(FX), (FX)Y

(FX)(FX) x (FX)(FX) = (FX)(FX), (FX)(FX), (FX)(FX), (FX)(FX)

Instead, if we tie the futa gene to the Y chromosome, we get:

X(FY) x XX = XX, XX, X(FY), X(FY)

X(FY) x XY = XX, XY, X(FY), (FY)Y

X(FY) x X(FY) = XX, X(FY), X(FY), (FY)(FY)

(FY)Y x XX = (FY)X, (FY)X, XY, XY

(FY)Y x XY = (FY)X, (FY)Y, XY, YY

(FY)Y x (FY)Y = (FY)(FY), (FY)Y, (FY)Y, YY

If we do both, we get the above as well as:

(FX)X x X(FY) = (FX)X, (FX)(FY), XX, X(FY)

(FX)(FY) x XX = (FX)X, (FX)X, X(FY), X(FY)

(FX)(FY) x XY = (FX)X, (FX)Y, X(FY), (FY)Y

(FX)(FY) x (FX)X = (FX)(FX), (FX)X, (FX)(FY), X(FY)

(FX)(FY) x (FX)Y =

(FX)(FY) x X(FY)

(FX)(FY) x (FX)(FY)

Then if we set the pheonotypes:

(FX)X and (FX)(FX) are futanari (internal balls).

(FX)Y, (FY)(FY), and (FY)Y are futa (external balls).

YY is not conceived.

We get a completly optional system (since it can be disabled by excluding the genes from slavegen) with the possibility (but not requirement) for stable pheonotypes for offspring.

For futanari only, use (FX)x(FX).

For futa only, use (FY)x(FY).

Note that phenotypes don't have to match genotypes (gene therapy in lore?).

If the work is isolated or someone leaves instructions (maybe issue on the git), I can implement it sometime this year, assuming pregmodder is OK with it.



(FY)Y and (FY)(FY) would also not work since the X-Chromosome is responsible for more than just gender-related things and therefore necessary


File: d9fe14361e38c6f⋯.png (17.95 KB, 500x220, 25:11, upgradeMultiplierArcology.png)

My MC is a master arcology engineer (PC.engineering = 253.4). Despite what the game says, he pays the arcology upgrades in full ($upgradeMultiplierArcology is equal to 1).

Digging into the code, $upgradeMultiplierArcology is set different from 1 only if the Societal Elite is fully developed or if $PC.career is either "arcology owner" or "engineer".

This last case is not mentiond in uncategorized/manageArcology.tw, though (but engineers do pay less); the green sentence is printed under this condition instead (line 59):

<<if ($PC.engineering >= 100) || ($PC.career == "arcology owner")>>


File: fe10cdddb3746ea⋯.png (56.28 KB, 724x639, 724:639, whereslavestho.PNG)

After a near-disastrous defense of my arcology against some roving bandits, my slave defense unit was demolished to 0 men, displaying an error, but not disbanded. I thought 'fuck it', and dismissed the unit, and weeks later I notice this caused every single slave in my arcology to vanish. v265.




maybe you should git gud



Futas are unnatural in this game. They'd also be completely infertile.

Also what, was giving you the option to have the other set of organs cloned and ready to be attached at release not enough?


That's an instance of the pre-skill checks still lingering, will get it.


I don't know enough about secEx to really fix it, but crimeanon will likely be able to get it.




Units reaching zero not disbanding is meant to happen, this is so that you are not throwing away the equipment.

Can you confirm that it was the disbanding and not the battle to cause this? Because disbanding slave units should affect only your menials not the arcology's.

Also if you want to continue the save you should be able to restore the number of slaves either witht he console or with the buttons that you can find in the secEx mod options.


Pregmod v271.


-many new incest two slave recruit combinations

-small fixes

I'm concerned that the two slave recruit events may be too common now, so I would appreciate feedback. If it is the case, then it will be rather easily fixed.



>-many new incest two slave recruit combinations

Good, more meat for the Pit.


File: e89ba3f8d68746e⋯.png (219.12 KB, 313x449, 313:449, e89ba3f8d68746e247ef440494….png)


>many new incest two slave recruit combinations

Nice, can't wait to see what I've wrought.

I'm working on the reRelativeRecruiter stuff, just wanted to hold my fire for a few days, let you catch up, let my brain rest a little.



How difficult would it be to implement sale of pairs of twins/sisters/etc… as a unit?

That way they could stay together and you might even get a small (10%?) bonus on the sale.



Hey pregmodder, I know you said you wanted a muscle description, but I already have one in the text, right after arms. Do you want something more about her full body, or is what I have enough?



Would need to have outros written for it, otherwise shouldn't be too hard. I'm setting to work on phase 4-2 belly description expansion and merging. It'll take awhile, especially when I realize I have to deal with walkPast as well. I always forget it has a block that needs work.



Full body, also keep in mind that amps and cyberlimbed slaves won't have muscular arms.



I would be more than happy to work on walkPast of you want? I could also work on converting the for's into acceptable JS this time.



<<if $arcologies[0].FSRestart != "unset">>
<<if $slaves[$i].bellyPreg >= 1500>>
She unashamedly live streams an obstetric health check in the nude, promising to broadcast similar footage right up until, and during, the birth.
<<elseif setup.fakeBellies.includes($bellyAccessory)>>
With some discreet editing, she uploads fake ultrasounds to match her plastic pregnancy, bringing a little more attention to your fertility campaigns.
She posts plenty of snapshots of gravid mothers-to-be. But with no belly bump of her own to feature, the impact is no different from any preggo porn already floating around the net.
Obviously it shoud check Eugenics IS unset.

Speaing of Eugenics:

<<if $arcologies[0].FSRestart != "unset">>
<<if $slaves[$i].bellyPreg >= 1500 &amp;&amp; $slaves[$i].breedingMark == 1>>
She prominently displays her pregnancy and the mark branded upon it signifying the superior child growing within her. Her audience is enamoured by her distinct status.
<<elseif $slaves[$i].bellyPreg < 100>>
<<if ($slaves[$i].dick > 0 &amp;&amp; $slaves[$i].balls == 0)>>
She makes sure to wear tight fitting clothes to show off the bulge of her dick and, most notably, the lack of testicles under it in all her photoshoots.
<<elseif ($slaves[$i].vaginalAccessory == "chastity belt" || $slaves[$i].dickAccessory == "chastity" || $slaves[$i].vaginalAccessory == "combined chastity" || $slaves[$i].dickAccessory == "combined chastity")>>
In all her public appearances, her choice of clothing is always crotchless, leaving her chastity gear as the only thing protecting her modesty.
<<elseif (($slaves[$i].ovaries == 0 &amp;&amp; $slaves[$i].mpreg == 0) || $slaves[$i].preg < -1)>>
She frequently livestreams massive orgies involving herself at the center, making sure to always follow up with her negative pregnancy tests.
Her lack of commitment to sterilization and eugenics drive away potential listeners.
No-one cares what bloated trash has to say.
If your recruiter is allowed to get pregnant and the game still penalizes you even if she has the elite mark, same with early pregnancies.



Please don't touch it.


Noted. I really don't like the way that passage is coded either, it is extremely confusing.



Actually, did you ever solve >>157204 ?


I understand why Asian names read backwards, but since I'm not fucking Asian, can we make them read normally, like every other name? I just renamed my Japanese wife to have my last name and she's the only slave I own, including her own half-japanese-half-my-own-cum daughters, to be named in reverse. Even her granddaughter-sister is named correctly.



It appears to all have changed but then reverted since I last read the code and a not having a save to test with doesn't help matters.So no not yet



I know, just a gameplay mechanic to get them working. Pretend it makes the Y chromosome viable for those functions somehow.


Yeah, the proposal was to make it possible to skip all that. It sort of grosses me out, so I only use starting slave and market futas. I might be the minority though, since I avoid surgery altogether.


how do i new random starting slaves


Not sure if this has been addressed, but is there any chance that in the future we'll be able to choose more physical characteristics for our bodyswap slaves? I mean, all we can do now is really choose age and virginity. It would be nice to have the option to choose attractiveness level (ugly to very beautiful), race and nationality and what not.



You'll be able to do so using any slave in the future.


So, slaveSacrifice.tw is in the source, but I can't work out how to sacrifice slave in-game. Was it ever implemented or is it just sitting in limbo?

I have the "Captured and Incorrigible Slaves" policy for what that's worth.



More or less limbo.




It would have been part of aztec revivalism. I think the first part should be functional; the second, not so much.


Repopulationism enabling a scientific development so that woman with that artificial womb that pops 12 babies per week have a chance of generating one to three babies with unimaginable growth spurts, these are born already pregnant themselves with the same self-propagating effect. You get a birth scene of the slave birthing as she does during the week, but this one baby is slightly bigger already, this doesn't faze the broodmother for long as she is quite used to this already, as the baby is starts its first movements it already develops into a *insert minimum age here*, the growth spurt leave the child quite ill and thin, but as soon as the spurts stop, her stomach can be seen growing a little outwards already. She is probably carrying as many as her mother, if not more. So the cycle isn't infinite the children of the broodmothers don't necessarily have to birth every week, and don't get the same chances the mother has, maybe it gets cut in half every cycle.

Is there a way to make conjunction free city upgrades? Maybe a Body Idealism + Pastoralism, if you have both at max, you gain access to a upgrade to your slave's cum, they serve as a potent medicine and help raise muscle mass. You could get scenes where slaves or outsiders would come to ask to be pumped up with your slave's cum until their bellies are inflated just to absorb all of it and serve as a health improvement. Untrusting slaves could be given cum in their food and hate you for it, but trust you more because it cured them of their ill status or something like that.


I made sure to read the whole FAQ so I really hope this isn't an stupid question. The slaves images are not loading. It shows as if it's a missing file.




Fair enough, if I ever get to the point where I can read slaveInteract without going cross-eyed I might see about trying to add it in as an assignment.


have the body swap been implemented in the game?



That's what I want to do with the second part, the penance piece.


You are either trying to use the wrong slave art or have the resource folder in the wrong place.


Not yet, but is moving along.



I believe so.

What does the body swap thing? Literally change between bodies? or fully change someone's gender and body without a lot of surgeries?


What is the exact difference between the luxury apartments and dense apartments?



Sorry by the newfagginess but, by resources you mean these two folders right?

>Additional vector art for Pregmod: https://mega.nz/#!EMg3ABQK!yUrUYxoM5puIO1l39S2L_ZwWXRCo1LLjN_uWLZLNDB4

>Official vector art: https://mega.nz/#!ulJlALpI!RnPOgB5zE78cjcDcDpxIXkjhNUZ7su8b-vpw84r1T_0

Because I put them in the same folder the html is.



You only need the pregmod one. After that, make sure your art option is set to unembedded vector art.



Ah. That's the issue then. I didn't set for them. Thanks.



The only thing I have observed for certain is that there will be more slaves in the arcology with luxury apartments, and therefore whoring prices and public servant rep gains go down.



This was outside of a game, during setup on the last page before the custom starters.


New issue as of v265, the hostage disappears without a trace except for a blank page that comes up as SE Burst.

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