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File: d7d00306fb1c9fa⋯.png (121.5 KB, 542x320, 271:160, LilithsThrone.png)


The 'so much potential' edition

Previous thread: >>141863, https://archive.fo/mSoE3

Text-based sandbox HRPG

Takes place in an alternate dimension

-Includes Furries/Futa/Shemale/Trap/Dolls/Demons

(Can be Disabled)

-Turn based combat


-Forced and/or optional body Transformations

-Unique sex mechanics that give player choice

-Too much clothes

-Will be entering beta soon™(Hopefully)

Version when thread created 0.1.97

(Usually updated weekly)

Newest version always available to build on github(tutorial on git) or wait until it's posted on blog

Download from blog:


Github Build:


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What's new then?


Is loli/shota still not getting in? Is minimum height still 4 feet?

I want to be able to play either a loli or a fairy/inchling/other minigirl type before I give this another go.



Technically the multiple partners system is in place, but you can't use it.


Loli/Shota literally never, don't expect the creator to do it. Wait for mods.



So nothing new then?

I just skimmed the blog and saw them complain about how they could have pushed themselves to put some new content in but they would "exhaust" themselves.

Hope this fuck doesn't have a Patreon because I'd feel sorry for the schmucks that pay money for this lack of effort.


File: e94869d65708d51⋯.png (5.28 KB, 266x151, 266:151, Thanks for the donations, ….png)


>Hope this fuck doesn't have a Patreon



File: ff9e833a2aa2419⋯.jpg (11.94 KB, 399x296, 399:296, ukx.jpg)


Patreon is fucking cancer


File: c8439bba7391c03⋯.png (470.78 KB, 800x892, 200:223, uwotpal.png)


Patreon is definitely the cancer of porn games, but when you compare Lilith's Throne to a game like "Dating My Daughter" where the guy makes hundreds of thousands of dollars to release a pathetic update once a month, you start to become a lot more forgiving of Innoxia. She definitely over-promises but at least she updates weekly and I would hope she's trying pretty hard to deliver.


Not much new since the beginning of December. She took a break for the holidays so the updates slowed down significantly. Hopefully next weeks update will be pretty good, but there have been repeated disappointments, so don't count on it.


Looking at the github, there's currently a new update referred to as the Pix sex scene fix.

Could it be that there'll finally be an alternative soon to being femdom raped no matter what your stats and body?

Because I want to hold her down by the throat and ruin her figure with a ton of babies.


Patreon usually sucks balls yes but as far as I can see the dev is still working on shit. Sometimes that stuff is mostly back end work we won't see, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to get done. We like to bitch here, but in all honesty I think the dev has been doing fine at releasing material especially since it's been coming out pretty much every week. That stuff out of the way though… now that I've seen the art for it how the hell do we bang that cat that sells us clothes?

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really? I thought they were all men


not really, most guys know the clit exists they just don't pay attention to it and think tongue and finger penetration is the way to get someone off which the game does by default and is kinda annoying to mash the clit attention button



The only sex scenes we lack for vendors are Nyan and the Dickwolf Vicky. We'll probably get them soon enough, and hopefully a new route for Pix that doesn't end with forced handjobs from the strongest and most energetic dog in the universe.



Some porn writers will pretend to be women because that helps sell it, I guess.



>reddit spacing



Nice try discord.


File: 349c3683a0bebee⋯.jpg (38.56 KB, 475x326, 475:326, Persona Awkward.jpg)


Your gatekeeping only makes this "community" look shittier. Like this imageboard matters at all. Just download your porn and shut the fuck up

(>"This imageboard doesn't matter, but it matters enough for me to post about it")


File: 1f18699a788ebdb⋯.mp4 (368.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, It don't matter.mp4)


When a man's right, he's right. This board really doesn't matter, let's be honest.


If you're gonna bully someone for coming from reddit, at least be clever. You're not special for pointing it out. We all see it.


Looks very promising


File: d2f8004fdd9f458⋯.jpg (213.2 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, c1d6092e45c44e1b6f5a1b9283….jpg)



>These faggots


Imageboards aren't a community, you don't know anybody here, but that doesn't mean you can't have standards. If you don't like it, you can leave. The fact that it seems "shitty" for you means the gate keeping is working.



Hating everyone who does not conform to strict norms that regulate fetishes, political/cultural/societal opinions and taste in everything and anything = standards. Good to know, gg no re. If you're wonderin' about the spacing… I'm a massive cunt yah bloody wanker!

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File: 8c51db7e8b04cb4⋯.jpg (60.27 KB, 641x513, 641:513, cdc8348cce881aa74ae809934c….jpg)


Fuck off F-95 faggot go back to where you belong. Spacing like that does more than show where you come from, it's actively detrimental to making good post because it's limiting your thoughts into short shitty sentences and is actively making you dumber. People don't hate reddit user because of their spacing, reddit users deserve their hatred because they've become the lowest form of intelligent thought.



>being butthurt by how people space sentences.

Well, that's good to know.

From now on, I will continue doing this because it makes faggots like you mad.

Or maybe you actually don't get mad, and this is a attempt at counter-trolling. Either way, it's a pathetic way to spend time and energy at being mad at.


File: 17e1d985e3133fe⋯.jpg (27.54 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 17e1d985e3133fe635a6362aae….jpg)


>ill eat shit because it makes you mad haha sure showed you

Go away.


1. Reddit fags, either blend in or gtfo.

2. Everyone else, stop shitting up the thread whining about it. Report and move on.


Back on LT discussion, how about an option to automatically sell your children as slaves? Creepy i know

If nothing else, if you meet one of your children in random encounters, chasing them away should delete them from the game, as they leave for, don't know don't care, it's bothersome having to enslave them just to remove them manually one by one, especially if you have the seeder fetish and the the mother have the brood mother fetish, 10 children or more are a possibility



Can't you chase them off when you beat the shit out of them?



If you tell them to fuck off, there is a chance that you encounter them again as before, the only difference being that they don't like you.



What about the probably Russian guy making Strive for Power? I'm pretty sure he is him, not her.



>report and move on

Whats the point in doing that if most of the reports on them are dismissed anyways or get 5 minute slaps on the wrist at most? Since vols won't do anything we have to resort to shitting on them whenever they appear.



Well, I'll tell you what I would say in his shoes: do both at least if you feel reporting isn't working. But not reporting at all does no one any good.



Check the board log, quite a bit of dismissed posts and I'd wager a good portion of them involves newfags. Especially recently with the influx. So it's not like anons aren't reporting them.



Different vol here, NotCIA, one who's probably dismissing the reports/giving slap-on-the-wrist bans.

I read through a number of reports and choose proportional methods of dealing with them (typically slaps on the wrist or editing since full-on bans for piddly stuff will kill off the userbase/I don't think a full ban for faggotry can really be justified unless it's sustained/promotional faggotry we're dealing with). We can discuss this further in the meta thread if you want but I'd rather not shit up this thread further in regards to the newfag situation. I typically mull over posts for a while before deciding a course of action (assuming another vol hasn't taken action by then). I will be around for about three or four hours if you want to help come up with better solutions that don't involve a heavy banhammer.


File: 0ada7f0e2ca659a⋯.gif (713.37 KB, 285x171, 5:3, 1458505086027.gif)

>just DL'd the game

>just go to the point where the maid tell me i'm free

>check things

>check phone

>check fetish

>"Incest Fetish" unlock "Incest Tease"


>"Not implemented"

>sad boner is sad

fuck, that's like my favorite thing

with inbreeding

So, even if the perk isn't implemented yet, can you still have incestuous relationship in this game?

Also, do you have any ideas what is "incest tease" ability, and when the perk is going to be implemented?



Incest is already in the game. You can find your kids as random prostitutes/attackers in alleyways and if they have the incest fetish(which you can give them with an enchanted mystery kink potion) or if they're a prostitute you can fuck them. An incest tease would be pretty useless since you would have to attack and attempt to rape your kids before getting the chance to use it.



Yeah, like >>158157 said, it's in the game but that version of it is pretty much scrapped. What you want to do is enable it in content settings (which I assume you did in character creation) then have a kid, and then go looking for them.



Oh, and yes, there's inbreeding. Lots and lots of inbreeding, especially if you up some virility/fertility stats.



>An incest tease would be pretty useless since you would have to attack and attempt to rape your kids before getting the chance to use it.

Well, it could be used on randoms with the fetish. Saying you're gonna fuck the kids you fuck into them.


Damn straight. Keep a nice harem of perpetually pregnant daughters myself.



> Well, it could be used on randoms with the fetish. Saying you're gonna fuck the kids you fuck into them.

Don't incest fetishes usually involve the peeson itself fucking someone related? Not having someone else do the actual incest?



There are people that get off to other people committing incest but have no interest doing it themselves.




What a bizarre choice of term for them. Whatever. It's good shit either way.



I agree but what else would you call something something genderless? Eunuch or neutered just triggers anons too. It makes partial sense if you think of it's origins from dollification, but even then most people still include the sexual bits because it's a fetish not a statement.


>got slavers license

>farmed a shitton of arcanes

>level 9 without really trying

>finished harpy quest line

>tried to get a slave

>figured a random woman attacking me in an alleyway counted as "breaking the law" kind of thing

>give her slave collar bought from finch

>equip it from her inventory onto her

>fuck her for good measure


>she's not in slave list

did i do something wrong or do i have wait a bit longer? how do i into building my slave harem?




thanks for the information guys

i know you can have "slaves" in this game, but can you "enslave" your own childs?

Also, yes, of course i turned this shit-on

But now i'm gonna sound really dumb

But how do you have any penetration sex at all in this game?

Because it seem like i can do anything other than that

Can't have anal-sex

Can't have vaginal-sex

I thought it was because i was clothed or/and not aroused enough

But when i get naked / when my dick get exposed, the options for penetration suddenly disapears, whether it's consensual or not



Once you equip the collar on her, she's supposed to immediately POOF away to the slaver's alley. Glitch, maybe?



Basically, all sex-scenes looks like that:

>get hot and bothered

>get lewd sex with grill

>unzip/unequip pants

>move-aside/unequip boxer

>grill screaming "fak me dude"

>can't figure where to put his dick

>have to satisfy her with his fingers

>cum all over the floor each-fucking-times he's not getting a blowjob

My character is basically the tiles-lover at this point



Are you picking a position? To properly fuck someone in this game, you have to make sure to remove all clothing blocking the bit you need on both your character and theirs, then get them into a position that you can use to get your bit into theirs or vice versa.

TL;DR: get naked, get into position, select what goes where



"Null" is the pretty standard term. Never heard of dollification.


Like, for real, guys. Must be from third-world countries or something. You can put pretty much anything into anything in this game. Dicks into vaginas, tails into nipples, fingers into mouths, hell, if you're REALLY degenerate, there's a secret handholding scene, but you get put onto an FBI watchlist if you even try.




Good thing you can change it.

Post last edited at



I do, but i still can't have any penetration

It's pretty laughable

>Like my character take-out his freacking cloth >reveal a massive-bonner

>Girl get naked too

>get into doggy-style

>forget where to put his dick

>have to hot-dog her and nothing else



Are you playing the latest version? because that one has a bug where you can't penetrate stuff with your dick


File: 7809c76ea069ce2⋯.png (220.94 KB, 500x336, 125:84, 1510319406340.png)


Hate to say it, but: It works for me.

Maybe ask Innoxia on Discord? There's a dedicated bug reporting thread.



Not that guy, but I forgot about that. Downloaded after the hotfix. Newest update here: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/version-0197-hotfix.html

Hoping the link isn't blocked, still getting used to what is or isn't blocked on this _chan.



yeap, that's me

i downloaded the last version of the game on the site linked by OP


thanks for the link, i'll try this version and i'll tell you guys if i still have problems with it fixed my problem or not



The dev literally works too much. People on the Discord server have to actually beg her/him to go to bed.



Is that before or after they ban you for using the wrong pronoun?



>can't into penetration

make sure they aren't actively doing something to the hole you want to do something to. if you're trying to fuck a succubus and she's busy tail-fucking her own pussy then the option to fuck her will be grayed out. same if someone is fingering themselves somewhere. forbid self touching under the misc options menu will stop them from doing anything like that. then it's just a matter of getting the right position and sticking it in.


>equip collar, target goes poof

that's what i thought too. did i use the wrong collar? it's one of the ones i bought from Finch. i also picked up a number of other things but they aren't specifically noted as being "slave" collars, i just assumed they were because they were sold by the slaver guy. maybe that's my problem.



I want to breed with these cute catgirls.



nah, i had this problem even with human-girls doing absolutely nothing lewd to their own genitalias

So yeah, my character simply forgot how to have sex even if he already had sex once with his gf

I tried with the version given by anon >>158227 and now my character isn't so confused anymore

He can actually have penetration-sex now

Thanks guys

I'll show my gratitude by impregnating a bunch of girls and then make a inbred army

btw, can you impregnate NPC's and slaves, or only random ones you meet in battle?



>impregnating npc's and slaves

well, lilaya doesn't want you to cum in her for fear of getting pregnant, and you can make that succy shop owner at the arcade pregnant, so i'd say that's a yes for NPC's. plus the harpies too now that i think about it. and i've made all of my current slaves pregnant already, so that's a go too. get to fucking anon. be the hero the world needs.




i might not be the hero they deserves, but i will be the hero they needs



That genderbent ex-police officer slave also counts, right?



you can also force genderswap the police officer and make her pregnant but again there's no actual extra scenes for it





>still getting used to what is or isnt banned on this _chan


>dev works too much

>people on shitscord begging him to go to beg

Jesus Christ, is the shitscord leaking into here again? Though to be honest it felt like from the first thread on here that there were people consistantly shilling for the game in the thread.



One is unsexable, another is Lilaya's exlusive plaything.



Every female you can penetrate can be impregnated. Even Lilaya, but she'll be pretty annoyed.



can you make your own with TS-items?



Any item you use on yourself can be used on any non-unique NPC. So if you find a normal woman in the alleyways you can turn her into a bimbo alligator with three sets of breasts.

The answer is yes, is what I'm saying.



The slave collars are specifically enchanted with -100 in all stats, so you know they're made for slavery. It's a shame that effect doesn't apply to you. Being easy rapebait that has to get through the alleys with your holes intact would be fun.



oh no i hurt a mods feefees

(>not my cancer)



Nah, bro…she's cool with it. Yeah, she throws a hissy fit about it at first, but then just rolls with it like a good girl. I think she's more annoyed that you didn't follow through with her initial wishes than the idea of carrying one your kiddos.




Somebody doesn't put enough effort out.


How do you know when a girl is pregnant?

I only get the "there are high chance she's gonna get pregnant" stuff which is nice, but i still can't be sure

In fact, how does pregnancy works at all in this game?




You can either attack your kids and force the collar onto them, or be friendly until they allow you to manipulate their inventory and just slip it onto them.

Unfortunately, the latter is done as a trick and makes them loathing, even if they're an incestuous submissive who worships you.


Currently, the only unpreggable npc's are the the shop owners except the salon owner, the catgirl maid, the friendly harpy matriarch, the second in command of the other matriarchs, Arthur, the bimbo at the police desk, and the the catgirl maid.

You can fuck a baby into everyone else I can recall so far, though genderbending them may be required.


You'll know within a few hours. But you can boost your virility stat, and at 100%, pregnancy is guaranteed unless birth control is used.



That's the point, if I'm not mistaken. The reasoning is that you wouldn't know the second someone is knocked up that they are, it would take time to confirm. Give her a milk bottle if you need to know right meow, though.




>you'll know within a few hours

>you wouldn't know the scond someone is knocked-up

I'm so confused right-now

And when i asked "how does pregnancy works in this game"

I meant "does it takes days, weeks, months for the babies to come-out, do they need to grow-up or are they immediately adults?"

And all the questions in the same spirit



>how does pregnancy works in this game?

You will know if they got knocked up after few hours, or checking one screen with detailed list of your rape spawn.

>does it takes days, weeks, months for the babies to come-out, do they need to grow-up or are they immediately adults

They come out after some few days and then they age so fast that leave as adults.



There are status icons* on the female that took your seed that say she may get pregnant, you'll know for certain when the status effect expires, because* either she gets* the pregnant status effect, or she doesn't.*

Pregnancy has* two stages, she give birth after the second one expires*, you can check every *breeder to verify the actual stage, but* then the child just runs away into the night without even say goodbye, and apparently the girl? She doesn't* bother informing you, but on the cellphone status, you can see your children if any, and of course if any female genital host is pregnant or not.*

Vol Edit: Holy Mother of Pearl, I shouldn't have tried to clean this post up.

Post last edited at



there was far more faggotry in your post than actual information, well done.


File: 794df1829129a36⋯.jpg (158.14 KB, 499x365, 499:365, whogivesashit_0_u18chan.jpg)


There so much pointlessness in your post you may very well hanged yourself, well done

(Fit in better, faggot.)



I actually never even heard the term before this game, but that's the label Innoxia uses in game so I figured I might as well use it for thread. It kind of makes sense. A barbie doll immediately comes to mind, human-ish figure but never have genitals.



>not offend the special snowflakes

go home reddit.


>she's cool with it

this is good to know. gonna knock her up asap now. gotta spread them good demon genes around to counter all the spawn i'll be bringing into the world in the coming weeks.


>>158242 You can impregnant Lilaya. She get's all butthurt after you do it, but just wait a few in game days and she forgives you. Easy way to get succubus children.



can you keep your kids around without having to enslave them?



No, at least not yet.

I think.



how do you get your daughter attracted to you?

Because the game tell me:

"Trina doesn't show any sign of being attracted to you, and any affection that she shows is no doubt simply due to your father-daughter relationship."

I kinda considered straight-up asking for sex, but i didn't want it to be just like any prostitutes

What's the point of making cute kids to fuck-them if you gotta pay anyway?



Get their affection high enough to accept items and give them a mystery kink potion enchanted with the incest fetish




>kink potions

any way to determine what's enchanted in those potions? and any other way to get them other than the stupid high price at ralph's? also, what they hell can you use your extracted arcane essence for? supposedly it's super valuable but i can't find anyone who want to buy it.



You choose what you enchant them with so you could make it add or remove every possible fetish at once if you wanted. You can sometimes find them on the floor and I think some enemies can drop them rarely. If money's a problem just type 'buggy' and enough money to buy all you want.



im still unsure what to do with arcane essence though. can i use that for anything? if so, how?



Pregnancy has THREE stages. 1 heart, 2 hearts, 3 hearts. The third one feels relatively short, though.



Anon of all three posts here. 1, Ironic emoji to hurt someone's feelings. 😎 2, I bounce around between several different chans and I haven't been to this one much since the board I liked died. 3, yeah people legitimately beg the dev to go to sleep, since they actively post for way too many hours at a time, or updating the game at like 5AM their time.


I really hope the orgasm-specific scenes and dialogue will actually be in the preview build this time.



I've been hoping for that stuff since october.


Wow, you can actually enslave your children. Man, this game does not fuck around.



You use the essences to gain fetishes. It's also crucial if you want to enchant things.



i'm not the anon you answered to

But yeah, i did guess you had to give her the incest fetish, or make her horny enough to see your character as a man

So i tried a bunch of logical things:

-Tried to raise her affection to maximum then pay her for sex and give her enough orgasms, didn't worked

-Tried to tell her to stop being a whore and then tell her to have sex with you, didn't worked

-Tried to dress to fit her fetish, didn't worked

-Tried to hypnotise her with the watch, didn't work

-Tried to fight-her (i thought it was a friendly fight, training or something) and then win by seduction, didn't worked

-Tried to talk to her on a sexual-storm, worked

So yeah, my last guess was that she simply needed the incest fetish

Which is pretty strange as it would be better if you could give it to them simply by seducing them

Incest thing aside (what a weird fucking sentence)

I still don't understand how enchantement works

I managed to enchant the watch, and i got a shit-tons of arcane

But i tried to enchant a bunch of cloths, and it didn't worked

So atm the only thing i managed to enchant was the watch



You should enchant the transformatives (for example sugar carrot cube) to modify your body and some NPC's bodies.



where do you get the TS-items, except by finding them on the fucking floor or getting them as reward from NPCs?



Winning against NPCs who are the race you want to transform into is a very reliable way of getting them (remember when you enchant you can add multiple effects on one body part so that can be very useful).

Alternatively you can get them from Ralph pretty easily if you factor in the discount and the fact that he replenishes his stock frequently.



basically, you can increase your weewee's size with any TS-item

All you need is to have-one, then you enchant it in your inventory

Enchantement let you add whatever the effect you want on the item, and supress any-effects you don't want to get

Basically, if you don't have any TS-item

Just buy one from Ralph at his shop, and then enchant it with a dick-size enchantement



Every time you beat an enemy you get an arcane essence. These are used to either give you fetishes, or enchant objects that you have.

What you want to do is get a consumable item, one that's a food, not a drink, then choose to enchant it.

Depending on the item you'll get a variety of different options to what it does, but all of them share the general body type enchantments.

So pick a food item, look through the list of the enchantments, craft it, drink.

Remember, the more enchantments on it, the more arcane essences.


File: fb2f028b0130696⋯.jpg (103.3 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, Smug.jpg)



hgg mods are the most fun mods


>Nah, bro…she's cool with it. Yeah, she throws a hissy fit about it at first

>at first

the scene is repeated every single time. Lilya "loves" HandMaid and so her getting pregnant by you is frustrating to her. That said, she accepts it eventually since she - like everyone else - will just toss the baby in the back alleys once she gives birth.

You never get to bring in your kids to your home and never get to go on raiding parties with your kids who magically become adults in like a week or so. You just stumble upon them while walking around, chat, either encourage or scold them for mugging for a living and move on. It's a shame, really.


Don't forget the succubus shop owner. She's the most chipper preggo in the game actually


40 dick swinging, 1Gallon viscous hallucinogenic semen shooting, 103% Virility Chad'' MASTER RACE reporting in


File: 936518b8794f9c0⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, 3:2, 936518b8794f9c07c24a0964cd….gif)


ho my fucking god, this spacing is disgusting

you are disgusting, delete this shit, it's impossible to read



you're welcome, i'm the anon that keeps asking questions on pregnancy and incest

i'm just figuring the game, and some anons helped-me by answering my questions

so of course i'm gonna help do the same if i can help another anon



>go home reddit.


Why the fuck would you want to avoid offending snowflakes, anyway? If you want to be "nice" to people, there are a million shitty hugboxes for you to choose from.



Doesn't that "stormy" weather make them horny enough to disregard incest?



>magically become adults in like a week or so

They magically become adults in a few minutes, it's how Innoxia explains away having children in this sex-crazed universe.



read it again, that's what i stated

"-Tried to talk to her on a sexual-storm, worked"



You are funny mod, did your eat up your stocks of progesterone pill too quickly this week? So sorry to hear that

Try the suppository variant next time, i am sure you'll like it just as much

(Take it to meta ya faggot.)



I wrote that before reading your post.



That weather can even overcome virginity fetish, not only reluctance to incest.




The cap is 2 gallons. Get on my level.



>get called out on acting like a faggot

>well shit, better be even more of a FAGGOT!

you need to go


File: 0da7ce628e35d88⋯.jpg (241.38 KB, 2000x1340, 100:67, Nice thread.jpg)

Why is it so hard for some people to keep their faggotry to themselves?


File: 6806dd63388406b⋯.jpg (2.46 KB, 97x116, 97:116, shiggy.jpg)


>Holy Mother of Pearl


>(Fit in better, faggot.)

Take your own advice, hotpocket

(Stop bitching about modding outside of meta.)


getting back on topic, i take an immense amount of pleasure in defeating the random greater succubi around town and enslaving them. they make up about 75% of my current stable of slaves. i've systematically made all of them unwilling fuck-toy fetishists and have given most of them either pregnancy or broodmother fetishes as well. i rotate them through the stocks for public use with vixens active to boost fertility and ensure pregnancy and the results have just been heartwarming. and dick hardening. it's so nice to see a game like this with actual potential and a dev who seems to give a fuck. TiTS and CoC were nice for what they were, but the fine-tuning of available content is pretty well done. i've got things set for 75% normal human females with a small chance at minor cat and cow-girl's showing up, and i've seen enough of both to know that i've hit my own personal sweet spot as far as taste goes.

i'd love to see more content involving incest and your children in general, especially something where you don't need to enslave them to "get" them. being able to convince them to move in with you and your demon aunt would be great. more derived fetishes would be nice as well. something like incest + broodmother/pregnancy + submissive that would cause your offspring to seek you out voluntarily so you can seed them with more children. or oral + transformative (other) giving you the ability to unlock a special sex move wherein you use oral sex to administer some kind of transformative to your partner, complete with unique sex scene detailing the action and it's results. "lineages" of fetishes would be nice, like having a certain fetish would increase the likelihood of that fetish being passed on to offspring. you could choose to alter the weight of the contribution the mother and father make, so you could breed a race of submissive fucktoy succubi by introducing a the submissive fetish to a succubus you capture and then setting the weight for passing traits to come largely from the mother. levels of fetishes would be great as well. maybe have 3 levels, normal, strong and intense. normal would essentially function as-is in game right now, with strong giving extra weight to seeking out that kind of sexual satisfaction, while intense would compel the target to engage in that sex act or else suffer the "pent-up" debuff (or something similar). imagine locking an intensely dominant sex slave into the stocks for 24 hours straight, watching the sexual frustration rise until they handle it anymore. maybe excessive amounts of fetish denial can cause a massive shift in the other direction as the slave gives themselves into whatever it is happens to be pleasuring them. so our intense dom would become an intense submissive/unwilling fuck toy fetishist given enough time in stock lock-up.

but really i just want a harem of sex-hungry broodmothers spawned from my own loins craving my cock and pumping out a dozen babies every week. i'm a simple man.


File: 7e5e90ae483e571⋯.png (101.77 KB, 280x246, 140:123, 1510295431440.png)


File: d2d422ec60046d9⋯.png (726.86 KB, 1800x2250, 4:5, poltbestwaifue.png)


Thoses are pretty great ideas anon

But instead of making simples fetish carried by the mother to the child, i think it would be more interesting if you could enchant your fluids to have specific-proprieties

As your childs will also share your blood, they would inherit the specific-traits you enchanted your blood/sperm with

You can already enchant fluids to have specifics tastes and textures for a specific number of Arcane

For example you can already make your cum "addictive", why not making it simply "submission-inducing"?

So the ground is already there all you need to do is add the ability to enchant them with TS-abilities

Basically, you would randomly give one of the specific-fetish/traits you added to the pool to anyone tasting your enchanted fluids

Be it sweat, saliva, milk, cum, piss, or blood

It would be a great idea to add TS-proprieties to your fluids too, but only TS-traits you share

For example, if you're a partial aligator (more aligator than anything-else), your fluids could trigger randoms aligator-TS to the NPC

For example if you're a partial-wolf

>find a human grill

>rape her once

>she get cute wolf-ears

>rape her twice

>she gets a fluffy-tail

>rape her many-times

>she become a partial/pure wolf-grill

>make her pregnant

>she gets a litter of wolf-pups

Of course, it would make sense for the childs to carry the specifics traits/TS proprieties given by fluids like blood and cum

Just imagine having a nympho-sub-cum addiction-pregnancy-incest-feminity-dogTS-inducing sperm

>find a perfectly-normal not-horny criminal-scum

>just enslave-her if she's a female, and rape-him into womanhood if he's a male

>rape her once

>she get cute wolf-ears and she becomes a sub that like getting dominated

>"rape" her twice

>she a fluffy-tail and she become a nympho that can't live without your "attention"

>"love" her a third-time

>she gets cute paws instead of hands, and she start to really want more of the "love" you consistantly feed-her

>"love" her one last-time for your mastermind-preparations

>she a cute muzzle and start getting turned on by the idea of getting pregnant

>love-her into pregnancy

>she now get short-fur on her skin, and want to make a bunch of really "loving"-kids

>get a doggo-waifue that will only give you "loving" doggo-daughteru

>live a long and happy-life entoured by all your doggo-waifues



That's dumb and your fetish is dumb. Also the first suggestion about non-physical "x-inducing fluids" would be really impractical to implement and would doubtlessly be janky as hell even if added



i disagree, i think it would be a good way to take advantage of the enchanting abilities you can give to your character

what's the point of having a big fetish/physical-traits system that already rely on enchanting things (potions) if you can't even just advance it by fusing it with another system you already made

Your "fluids" would basically act as potions

i don't see any differences with the already existing potions and/or the fluids-enchantement

i fail to see what you find too hard to understand in that


>Have forceful transformations on because I want to see what random things I get for my female character

>A guy who's purely into girls shows up

>Forces a drink on me

>"I'm gonna turn you into my perfect shemale!"

There really needs to be some things certain people will not want to transform you into.

Also would be nice if they forced transformations on you if you submit too. Turning my character into a slut for transformation without having to be beaten within an inch of their life would be better.


File: 835c3339bd824c5⋯.jpg (7.52 KB, 209x200, 209:200, 835c3339bd824c51b296e6c239….jpg)



nah, want i meant by "feminity-inducing" potion

was "add-breast and vagina and make you more feminine, but remove dick-and-balls"

i'm into gender-bender, not futa/shemale

but you're right, this game dosn't have forced-TS

which is strange as you can have a fetish that imply you like being TSed against your while



Wasn't referring to your posts, this is a thing that happens in-game. A guy who's completely straight and is into transformations will give your female character a dick.

There are technically forced transformations, but you can just as easily opt out of them if you want to.


I just want a mansion full of submissive feral sentient wolf slaves to fuck.

It's probably going to take years and I will have to battle my suicidal thoughts but it will be worth it. If society doesn't want me to be degenerate in real life then I will take my sodomy to the virtual world instead



there should be something like in the beginning of the game, when you see furries and you can tell them to fuck-off because you hate them

we need the same kind-of options, but with transformations


>"i'm gonna make you a shemale/futa/something-gross"

>ho plz no (yes)

>no fucking way *hit him in the balls*


can I rape nyan yet?



Ferals will apparently be worked on when the game hits 2.0. Don't worry, I'm right there with you, brother.


No, but Innoxia did say she was going to work on Nyan content from a patreon poll she held. So maybe in the near future.



I think it's a great idea.



>a harem of sex-hungry broodmothers spawned from my own loins craving my cock and pumping out a dozen babies every week

5 star fetish my man


Is it just me or is every single female you meet a sex maniac? I want to enslave and break unwilling girls that will start loving me and breeding with me, but that seems to be only an option for men because every single female wants to fuck me. Is there a way to change it or is non-con sex with females not implemented yet?



did you turn on noncon in the options menu? If so there should be at least a few traits that pop up and cause them to not want to have sex with you, usually out of wrong sexual preference or desire to stay a pure virgin.



Yeah I did turbn the non-con on, that's why I'm weirded out, maybe I'm just unlucky.



might also have a storm going on, that tends to override anything that might have them resist. Other than that can't think of anything else that might get in the way.



arcane storm makes everyone horny


File: a491fc8e7904de1⋯.jpg (251.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs]_Killing_Bit….jpg)

File: 56dedff098d0491⋯.jpg (284.31 KB, 1280x1350, 128:135, Killing_Bites_spread_1.jpg)

File: a914e8385afaddb⋯.jpg (299.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1516221127176.jpg)

Honey badgers when?



>non-con sex with virgin females

i've noticed a high number of random encounters with virgin harpy women in the harpy nest's. i've met a few partial cat and cow-morphs who are also virgins, but that seems to be about a 1-in-10 ratio for that. i've also met a few human females that are virgins, but those i can count on one hand out of the dozens of human females i've encountered. the arcane storms make it unlikely you'll find a virgin female unless you get a "fresh" spawn sometime between the storms. you could also check out alexa's slave shop. i remember seeing a virgin or two there before.

never seen a virgin demon. don't think it's possible, but it would be kinda funny to induce the virgin fetish in a succubus just so she suffers the broken virgin debuff. not that it would do much outside of just lowering her willpower and resistances.


always good to see patrician tastes are appreciated.



It gave me a boner so I disagree



>that tuft of fluff sticking out of her panties

Oh lord, have mercy on my boner.


File: bf197b1170c13dd⋯.jpg (80.5 KB, 598x720, 299:360, Yuck.jpg)


>For example you can already make your cum "addictive", why not making it simply "submission-inducing"?

That makes things a bit too easy.

Changing fetishes currently requires a kink potion (rare and 3expensive) + enchantments


>she gets cute paws

>she a cute muzzle


Go yiff in hell.



>i don't see any differences with the already existing potions and/or the fluids-enchantement

One requries you to make a potion for every use and you can engage into a encounter as you wish - you can control the effects at any time.

The other is basically an endless free potion that can't be turned off whenever you want.

So yes, STUPID idea. You so stupid. STUPID!



You do realize you can adjust the furry level in the options, rioght?

You can completely remove all furries. And you can humanize all of them too.


So, when I mouse over some options, sometimes the hover boxes don't display the whole text e.g. while fucking where is says if stuff applies, or in the prologue when mousing over soldier, which has a lot of bonuses.

Any idea how to fix that?



>a furrification venereal disease



File: 4c67e92da7a7c13⋯.jpg (122.08 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, 4c67e92da7a7c13f175580c54a….jpg)

File: 61ba12fe6fbd53d⋯.jpg (345.54 KB, 833x1100, 833:1100, 271_hellhound_L.jpg)

File: 547cbe636e0d4c4⋯.jpg (47.74 KB, 300x460, 15:23, polt-monster-musume-79264.jpg)

File: 45475eba316b809⋯.jpg (54.48 KB, 500x389, 500:389, Cmon people this is simple….jpg)


read my sentence again

that's exactly what i said

i think we need the same thing for futa/shemales

i'm only saying it for the peoples bothered by it


>implying finding TS-items are a limited-ressource

yeah right

not like you can easily get a shit-ton of money and a shit-ton of arcanes just to buy them and enchant them limitelessly anyway, right?

> make a potion for every use and you can engage into a encounter as you wish

yeah, because it's not time consuming at-all

especially when you need to make a bunch-of-them for whatever the reason you want

>you can control the effects at any time.

you do realize you can do the exact same with your own body right?

all you need is enchanted potion anyway

the only difference is the time you saved by not having to make the same potion over-and-over again

anon, did you played the game atll?

>can't be turned-off whenever you want

ho jee-anon, you're so smart

i don't know how to answer that…

lemme pull-something out of my ass

maybe, just MAYBE

don't cum in the person?

don't make the person drink your sweat/saliva/blood?

jee, i don't know anon, this one is a tough-one..

So, exept insults, and dumb-shitposting, do you have any actuals arguments or is that all?


i'm not sure if a dog-waifue with paws and a muzzle, even with fur, is furry tho'

i think it stand on the very-border of becoming furries

like the last step the fur-faggotry ladder before becoming a actual-furfag

i mean, look at thoses pics

they're all considered as "monster-girls", not furries

even when they do have very light-fur (on their paws)

even Polt, which have paws, muzzle, and complete light-fur, isn't considered as a furry but as a monster-girl

so yeah, i think you're might want to read your monster-encyclopedia one-more time

maybe go on a furry-board, you might be able to vent your social-frustration on them even tho' you're as much as a neckbeard-faggot than them



Damn, hot


File: 3003bfcbbf897dc⋯.png (190.88 KB, 460x480, 23:24, HMMMMM.png)


>on 8chan in a thread about some furry text - game

>use "neckbeard faggot" as an insult



guys, does what you put in a slave's inventory stay there? cause i got a bunch of transformation materials im not sure i want to use and they are taking up too much space



>i think we need the same thing for futa/shemales

That already exists. In the options in Gender preferences, you can individually set the likelihood of every possible combination of gender and sexual characteristics.

If you don't like your chicks with dicks, then go into the options menu and set all the females with penises to None. Not that hard.



It'd be nice if this option extended to TF stuff.



You misunderstood him, I think.

When NPC tries to transform you, they can try to transform you into pretty fucking weird shit for their supposed tastes. Transformations done to player only care about whether or not furry tfs are allowed, and take a random pick from gynephylic/androphylic/ambiphylic options for gender. For example, gynephilic npc with impregnation fetish may try to transform pc into futanari. I mean, yeah, the pussy is still there, the tits are still there, the femininity is high but why add a dick, tho? Especially when nothing even hints at NPC liking him some chicks with dicks.



Are you new around these parts? Of COURSE the fuckers wants to put a dick on it. "If you like it so, you should've put a dick on it" or something like that.

Not to mention, NPC's seem to have a strange fetish for extremely long hairs…




This is clearly a bug. Only androphilic or omnisexual characters should want dicks.


Well it's been delayed. Is this a good sign or a bad one?



It's old news is what it is.



my experience is yes. back when i confused slave collars for generic "tag" collars from finch, i put a couple of "tag" collars on random bitches that had attacked me. i didn't send them away after combat and when they would re-attack me later i noticed that they still had the tagged collar on them that i had given them.

later, i was able to unjinx the tagged collar and replace it with a proper slave collar and return the tagged collar to my inventory. so i think you can even go so far as to store stuff on random npc's if you want. i know i've put random bottles of water and shit on npc's i've fought and they retain them, even if i fight them a few days later or make them into slaves.


Is it safe to be cautiously optimistic? I mean she knows that we really want a good content update, she will deliver this time right?



Don't get your hopes up, ever. Innoxia is one of the harder working, less Jewish patrons, but her habit of underestimating the amount of work that needs to be done and her priorities are fucked.



>androphilic or omnisexual

the discord is leaking again



The NPC pictures I added when I created this thread might have attracted a lot of newfags. Which is a good thing if it grows the player base, but maybe some of the discord SJW lunatics seeped in with them.



Lilith Thrones doesn't support the latest Java updates. As a redirected recommendation, I'd suggest trying the EXE version as it comes with the older version of Java assets it needs to run properly, especially if you've updated your Java lately at all.



>thing that has literally never happened



You got a better term, then?

One is the in-game term for "likes dicks" or whatever

The other is easier than figuring out the term-of-the-week for "will fuck anything that moves"

If you have more suitable terminology, I'm all ears.



Bitch, your fucking whining about discord or reddit or halfchan makes up at least 25% of posts on hgg, this shit is more cancerous than any goddamn cancer meme ever. What's the fucking best way to show everyone how "smart" you are? Of course, to whine about any of these three above leaking into /hgg/. What a moronic cunt you are, sitting here and trying to be a goddamn smartass by posting MUH SHITSTURD when people use terms which can be understood by everyone but you, apparently, and which are used in the goddamn actual game which is supposed to be discussed here. Congrats on lighting up my ass, faggot.


Do they try to give you long hair even when they try to transform you into something masculine, too? If not, then maybe it's working as intended, as mostly, long hair is considered feminine.

(Cool down a bit, hot head.)



>being this buttblasted over an anon calling someone out

Are you this angry because you feel personally attacked due to being one of them? Go back to where you came from. I don't even agree with that anon on the terms being signs of shitscord leaking in.



yeah sure i do, it's called 'gay, bi, or straight' not your special snowflake non-existent tumblr sexuality pronouns that are unused and unknown everywhere else


>wahhhhh i'm not from the discord wahhhh don't say that reeeeee

good job convincing me otherwise buddy


File: 41db47b2f9355ff⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1280x1294, 640:647, ClipboardImage.png)


The thing is, though, is that gynephilia and androphilia are usually attached to feminine and masculine qualities respectively. So you could be attracted to a butch woman that looks like a dude - androphile. Or a girly trap - gynephilia. BUT! I don't think that's how it's applied to the game. It's strictly homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual since it focuses more on the sexual organs. So, bleh.

Also not sure why they're using omnisexual when the appropriate term is ambiphilia when you're using gynephilia/androphilia.

Can't wait for Ornate Building as a gender in game, to be honest. I want to identify as Saint Basil's Cathedral.



Are you a communist or something, son?



No sir, this was around before the Communism.



>non-existent tumblr sexuality pronouns that are unused and unknown everywhere else

you like the men, you are the gay

you like the women, you are straight

you like both, you are bi

it is this simple. "butchness" does not matter. it is a yes/no scenario. no matter how girly the dude is, he is a dude, and you are gay.



Eh, I just wanted to be Devil's Advocate.

If it makes you feel better I'm betting on the same horse you are.



'omnisexual' is used in FC, which is where I got the term, you ignorant faggot.


Liking women so butch they might as well be a guy with tits isn't straight. Just because the hole is there doesn't mean a sane man wants to use it.


ambi- usually means "either" or "both", such as being bisexual, or attracted to either men or women. I know a number of bisexuals who would run screaming into the hills if you showed them a futa or cuntboy or some other freak of nature. That's omniphilic or omnisexual makes more sense; it's a decent term for someone who has no fucking taste and will fuck anything.


Is it possible to fuck someone out of the resisting phase? Because that would be hot.



>Although this Project is publicly available, it is not open source software. All Content is under sole ownership and Copyright 2016 Innoxia (innoxia7@gmail.com) all rights reserved.

KYS you communist faggot.



the factor in determining sexuality is the genitals, not opaque subjective "butchness"


>proprietary software is commie

are you retarded



By that argument, MtF trannies are female. I don't buy it, faggot.




The terms androphilia and gynephilia are used because they do not depend on the sex of the character that has them, while gay/straight do. Also I'm pretty sure they are not pronouns and that their usage predates tumblr by several centuries.



>trying to muddle the pool

you're a dumb faggot. a dude who gets his dick cut off /= woman. psychological differences exist between the sexes no shit but that is not in question, we are talking about what determines the straightness of an external looking on.



I don't think so.

You can probably ask for it, though.



let's say you have a dude, right. and he looks a woman. and you're attracted to the womanly form.

does pulling down this guy's pants, sucking his cock, and then saying you're "gynephilic", make it not-gay because he looks like a woman? no. maybe it makes more sense if used as pointlessly extraneous special snowflake labels, but it can not be used in place of gay/bi/straight like you're trying to assert.



You are missing the point by a mile. This game features transformations, so if your character is heterosexual or homosexual and swaps sex what happens then?



since we're talking about the confines of a complete magical 100% gender swap, it relies on the genitals, as i've already said. trannies as we know them don't apply.



I will go really slow now. You make your player character, a homosexual man. Your character drinks a magic potion that turns him into a woman. Is your character now attracted to women because of said change or does he still like men?



Question: Do I still feel like a man, though?


It's a porn game why do you even need to try to accurately define what you fap to like this when it isn't even something that can happen in reality? Just fap and stop being obsessed with definitions and categories.

>update is late again

I don't know the first thing about any kind of game making but is the dev just giving themselves too much work or something?


File: df28b2c7d408635⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, df28b2c7d408635dd8d22ac6fd….jpg)




button noses were a mistake


If they ever add fox girls, I'm for sure gonna call my companion Tamamo.



>is the dev just giving themselves too much work or something?

"Hey guys, gonna have this huge engine related feature thing out in a couple of weeks!"

"whoops, it took way longer than what i said/thought it was gonna take, sorry guys, here have some small nuggets of content, but not bigger stuff like orgasm/addiction stuff because instead of doing the smaller things, then the big things, i'm going to do the opposite"




I understand the logic of getting the engine related stuff out of the way first, I'd probably do that if I was making a game like this, what I don't get is why she doesn't just say, this week I will do say, multiple partners for sex and only that, if I finish it before the week is up then I can do extra stuff that week, then do the same for all engine related changes that will require more work so she can make sure the framework of the game is done and then work on everything else. Going by her current progress if she had just done the multiple sex partners and sex system engine stuff instead of the christmas event and any other stuff she could have had it done in 3 / 4 including bugfixes. Again I've absolutely no coding or game making experience so I don't know if it would be this easy but the planning aspect of this just seems odd to me. Still that said once she's finished all the engine stuff we should start seeing more content heavy updates right?



Meant to say 3 / 4 weeks.



polt is best waifue, and don't let anyone tell otherwise

heresy should be treated with swift and painful death



I'm angry because I'm tired reading this shit again, and again, and again. In every single fucking thread. Combinations of words "discord/reddit/halfchan" and "leave" are used here more often than SJWs use words "racism" and "oppression".


>good job convincing me otherwise buddy

Lad, I just wanted to shit on your face.


Maybe leave androphilia and gynephilia as an attraction to overall appearance, and add gay/straight/bi as an attraction to genitalia? This way a straight gynephilic dude will not turn pc into a futa.

imo should not have bothered with sexuality at all and left it all to RNGesus


File: e684225b4b83ca2⋯.jpg (23.18 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Ranch or Cool Ranch.jpg)


Maybe if it gets you that angry you should leave, reddit.



>Combinations of words "discord/reddit/halfchan" and "leave" are used here more often than SJWs use words "racism" and "oppression".

You have to go back.


File: 13b49eed34185e1⋯.jpg (338.43 KB, 1369x1183, 1369:1183, serveimage.jpg)


Mods are all pro bullying so good luck with that


File: a78ed959b05106f⋯.jpg (176.92 KB, 553x700, 79:100, smug highclass furry.jpg)


>monmusu's resident furrybait is best anything



>are you retarded

Haha either you know perfectly what you're doing or you actually have no idea of how intellectual property works.

ok let's see:

>be proprietary

>have centralized power

>can bait and switch whenever you want

>people don't/can't legally control the software they install on their property

>if people create content their copyright can be removed from them

Has you can see you have the same level of freedom of soviet Russia.

Let's compare:

>be free/libre software:

>have the four freedoms

>if you do shit people can fork or make changes legally

>people can whenever have control of the software they install

>if people create content their copyright remains to them

The true spirit of American freedom and free market.



Free stuff and free market don't belong together. Because market implies exchange, not giving away.


File: ad43e098142c324⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1181x1080, 1181:1080, 65430434_p0.png)

>delay update to today

>give a very specific time that it will be ready

>that time passes with no update

>delay it again

The absolute state of Innoxia!



Well at least it's not just going to be 5 bug fixes and a set of clothes that nobody will wear because the whole point of the game is to take off all clothing so you can have full body access.



>Update will be: Saturday ~23:00 GMT Very soon (before 00:30 GMT)! (Just a couple of bugs… x_x)

innoxia had a rough life



Knowing Java she rather wrote some pajeet-tier code that broke, when she wanted to update it.


20 minutes until promised deadline

100 milliliters of cum say she won't deliver



Github was updated.


File: 6e0964f1cc886e9⋯.gif (745.69 KB, 500x288, 125:72, RaggedWickedBengaltiger-si….gif)


Better give us that 100 milliliters of cum now.

No, please don't.



Too bad, open wide


That changelog has legitimately made my shitty day slightly better.


threesomes still kinda busted.

Say i get person A to fug my meatclam, and i suck person B of, depending on which of the two i am focusing on, i can make them do either of those things regardless of what i set them to do earlier, also no orgasm text showed up at all.



wait there are threesomes in this game?

is it related to slaves sharing rooms or something?




>Repurpose an empty room for two slaves instead of one

>Grab two slaves and put them in the same room

>Choose one slave to interact with, then go to the new Sex tab and choose the third option

>You are now (buggily) having sex with both slaves

I'm really hoping this'll be implemented into those planned clubs or something like that. Maybe into the slave stocks too if they'll ever be made useable by the player.


File: 3e604c2a486dfd1⋯.png (16.38 KB, 739x317, 739:317, shiet.png)

File: 7e95287953abbaa⋯.png (16.62 KB, 760x307, 760:307, shieet.png)


my character is anon, also is a regular dude


File: f456006d202628f⋯.png (235.54 KB, 299x455, 23:35, Ozen approves.png)



also, big one, preferences are completely broke. been getting squirrel and alligator morphs and other dudes despite having all turned off.



Guess it's time to become a gay furry, anon


I'm a fucking idiot. Is the file I'm looking for liliths-throne-public-master/src/com/lilithsthrone/game? And what do I use to open it? I'm sure there's a simple answer that's eluding me because I'm drunk.



Disregard this post. I'm a bigger fucking idiot than I thought I was.


Anyone have a download to the updated game? I'm too lazy and retarded to know which shit from the github I need to put where (at least give us a readme, innoxia)



Stop being lazy and retarded, which you can start by reading the latest blog post.



There is a readme. And a build tutorial on the blog page. Unironic retards like you don't deserve spoonfeeding.


For those of us who aren't so lazy as to not bother with eclipse, I figured out an easy way to update the project when the github gets updated, I just right clicked the project in the package explorer and IIRC hit replace with index? I did it last night and it seemed to let me spit out the new version when I compiled so it seems way easier than having to readd the project every time or something.



The readme is just a software liscense. The build tutorial is garbage because Eclipse's git functionality is super buggy and prone to disappearing.

Deleting Eclipse and reinstalling works for some people but its easier to just download an archive from the github page and import the project file since you don't really need full git functionality.

Post last edited at



Fuck you for not being here earlier to say that.

But at the same time I love you bro.

Time to uninstall Eclipse.




Fix your post formatting, shitscord.




>Both memespacing retards are too lazy and retarded to spend five seconds actually following instructions and decide to impotently complain instead

Your problem. If you refuse to follow literal step-by-step instruction that have worked for everyone else for all of time I really couldn't care less. Have fun waiting bud



I need it in español, s'il vous plaît.



Did I ever say I couldn't get it working? I did follow the instructions fucktard and it worked fine. However, I'd much rather just import the file than continue having Eclipse installed. Not only that, I have the newest version working in an exe file now. The real retard here is the ones who can't do anything BUT follow spoon-fed instructions.






(Fix the way you format your posts)



Lurk moar, faggot.



Basic elements of it are so technically inept that I'd believe it's by a woman.


>Setting slave to silent still is non-functional

Well, maybe eventually.



>faggot complaining about people getting called out for reddit spacing is reddit spacing

makes u think



>(Fix the way you format your posts)



File: 0e27b87310939e0⋯.png (77.76 KB, 381x333, 127:111, paincag.png)

>Lose every fight and get raped because my PC thought some dude flashing his cock was extremely effective even though I'm supposedly immune to the arcane storm and an gynephilic



This is why you do all quests that don't involve combat first.

After doing all of these you will be on level 4 and your character should have high enough stats to win all fights on dominion's alleyways.

With exception for succubi/incubi.



Get in touch with your feminine side, Anon. Only then can you conquer the dick.



You can set the frequency of random 'dudes' appearing to zero in options. Problem solved.



If it's happening it's because you want it. I don't like any of that faggot shit either and haven't had an issue with it.



Try lowering the difficulty. Beyond that and what others have said, you're on your own. This isn't Dark Souls. Mod your save if that isn't enough. It's in XML format now which makes it stupid-easy to edit.



That's right, isn't there a gay setting or something? Same area you can find non-consent.


File: c71aebb0df816a9⋯.jpg (89.19 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 1507526687744.jpg)


I think you can just disable males and any form of futa.


File: 8955c52f51bdb09⋯.gif (309.67 KB, 300x220, 15:11, Relax.gif)


This works too.


I've been out of the threads for a while now, does Innoxia still come around?



First two are clearly monster girls, because the monster parts are clearly tangential. Cosplay even. And that's the big thing that separates a monstergirl from a furry. No one (sane) argues that a neko is furry. Animal ears and a tail ain't gonna cut it. The hands and feet though have the appearance as if they were gloves or stockings.

Polt. however, is the resident litmus test for monsterfags. If they like polt, they are just furries in denial. She's only tolerable because she has a button nose and not an outright furry skull structure (snout/muzzle). Even then, she's still not quite furry, because it looks like she has mostly skin that just so happen to have the same tone and hue as her furry shoulders.



Yes, but I think she only replies when there's a major/buggy release. Pretty sure she lurks though.



File: b7d6c0f4f934870⋯.png (65.78 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, b7dsdg4ze8zert79zy45rz.png)


i agree, by the chart she's a semi-furry then

semi, but still kinda-furry

she's basically the last line before becoming a furfag

but what if you only like polt, and can't stand actual-furries anyway?



Damn straight we are.




Trips of truth.


I've literally never had issues with Eclipse and git.

It takes like a minute to import the git repo and create the project, tops. And it's always easy enough to cleanse with nuclear fire if something does go horribly wrong. One thing I do that's a little unusual is pulling in new versions via CLI and manually refreshing the workspace in Eclipse, instead of ever trying to have Eclipse interact with git directly.


You've clearly never seen actual girlcode. LT isn't perfect, but it's above average compared to what I see professional software devs writing.



Definitely some manner of transitory stage. To call Polt furry would be like calling frogs fish, because they can breathe underwater and prefer to live in the same habitat. That's just being fucking obtuse, which is sadly the crux of the tiresome trolling you'll get constantly in a random /v/ thread.

There's clearly a distinction between the colors red and orange on the color spectrum, even if there is an infinite continuum of shades between the two and an area where they blend. Yet even a child can clearly distinguish between the two. I'd say the 'semi-furry' is too much. Something like quadri–furry would be more apt. Not quite half, but more quarter furry. Yet that's only if you argue that a monster girl is defined not by how far from human they are, but how far from furry they are.



Have you tried not being such a little buttslut anon?



the story of my life until I got good


last time I played (6 months ago?) the game was mostly about finding horny monster girls then fighting them then being raped/raping them. Has there by chance been added normal girls (or monster ones w/e) that don't want to be raped and have to be fucked till they like it or mindbreaked or something?



Just search for ones with un-willing fucktoy fetish or give it to them.



>Definitely some manner of transitory stage. To call Polt furry would be like calling frogs fish


>fur everywhere

Polt is shit


File: 0c74faf01342593⋯.gif (466.18 KB, 279x281, 279:281, bouncy.gif)


>Polt is shit

So is your opinion


File: dd3ccac50e29c0c⋯.png (621.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, nary but those residing in….png)

Is it bothering anyone else that there isn't a missionary position for fucking regular NPCs in? I mean this should be obvious..



Yes but we're trying our hardest to get her to fuck off.



You might be, faggot, but I'd bet that you're the only one. The dev actually hears what we have to say. Innoxia has been really good about taking criticism.


Having some trouble with simultaneous penetration here

Can't use tail after I start fucking, can't fuck I use tail, can't fuck ass after I finger pussy (and vice versa), and a few more I can't remember

Only one?



It'd be great if this thread was mainly criticism instead of autistic screeching.



But almost everyone becomes turbo slut during arcane storm and missionary position isn't for sluts. :^)

Shouldn't it be in already though?


Try to restrict self penetrative actions and check if clothes block holes.

Sometimes sex-positions could affect that too.



I wanna rape in missionary though.

>Shouldn't it be in already though?

No, that's my point. It's so obvious but it's not in except for a few instances with special NPCs.



No, yours is shit along with Polt. You are the furry equivalent of a closeted gay because of her.


Two questions.

Who do you lose your virginity(ies) to?

Is there a quicker way to raise Strength and Fitness than Pix's Training?


File: 4f50cad36de56a4⋯.png (4.8 KB, 230x157, 230:157, Przechwytywanie.PNG)


playing on morph difficulty and enchanting potions



Aren't potions temporary?


File: d785a0f45f428da⋯.png (8.04 KB, 352x285, 352:285, Przechwytywanie.PNG)


also found a typo

>ice shard

>summonig vortex of fire


File: 535f23571405682⋯.png (43.34 KB, 761x410, 761:410, potions.PNG)


when you enchance potions and click that pink star and increse potency potions then effect is permament



Wow I'm mad, I wasted literal hours on RNG to get the mall next to the house.


File: 4ca090facd6adb7⋯.png (8.45 KB, 370x273, 370:273, Przechwytywanie.PNG)


yea when I started the game I did the same.



There no tribaldism.

There is no ordering salve 1 to fuck slave 2

No matchmaking

The fuck toy/breeder permission do nothing

This game has a long way to go



Yeah, system is broken.

But fights in general are too easy, since seduction is so powerful.

I don't even bother with spells.

Just take the Flirty tree + fetishes + Laydkiller and you'll be doing 10 times more willpower damage than the enemy can ever hope.


I just want to put a futa dogril and a catgirl in the same room (or not) and force them to have sex until they become dependent on eachother for emotional support and eventually fall in love.



>The fuck toy/breeder permission do nothing

I'm not sure what you mean. They will have sex if those are ticked on and will get pregnant if possible. I'm not sure if that also gives them creampie/soiled effects, but maybe it does if you turn washing off.



They only use you if they're in the same area as you, IE if they're allowed to roam or are assigned to work in that area



Fucktoy permission do not regard the player, i think the game use a RND daily to check for possible pregnancies but i am not sure, also base chance are relatively low with standard npc, if you want your slave to breed boost their fertility/virility

Only the use you option allow them to demand sex from the player, and that option does of course require you to be there, but that's it

Now adding job money gain dependent on stats would be nice, my smart slave librarian should gain more depending on intelligence, same for cook maybe?




Kinda wish there was an alternate where instead of trying to force you, they would simply try to ask you and you could shoo them on.

On a semi related note, would love if character icons would change in some way to denote pregnancies, such as having a pink ring or something. So you could tell at a glance from the map if you needed to impregnate something again.



>There no tribadism.

it hurts



Must hurt being such a tasteless faggot.



I played a barebones version about six months ago and came back to half of the content in TohoK. That's pretty damn good.

Slaving shit's neat, but I hope the dev focuses on

>more sex options + flesh out existing fetishes

>more fetish combination options

>sex toys & more nonconsent



File: bec471dd7de6720⋯.gif (892.13 KB, 300x300, 1:1, thinking emoji except its ….gif)


I think they were using arcane fire as a descriptor, like its non-elemental magic that's shaped like fire.


File: 63220de1a67e8d2⋯.jpg (152.71 KB, 975x975, 1:1, 91c9ca87d42cb9b8fbdc2a8e7d….jpg)


I like you, anon.


File: 4018f9270fa1147⋯.png (66.23 KB, 205x320, 41:64, lexi.png)

New update bois

Version 0.1.98 patch notes:


Added 'Cum Inflation' option to content preferences screen (on by default).

Reworked and improved creampie status effects, adding new icons, and keeping track of how much cum is currently inside of your orifices. Having the 'masochist' or 'cum addict' fetishes now makes these status effects apply a positive modifier.

Added related status effects for cum inflation, and added in more detailed cum inflation descriptions in orgasms (can be disabled in the content preferences screen).

Further improved orgasm descriptions for all penis modifiers, and added in the start of fluid descriptions. (I ran out of time in which to properly create alcoholic and psychoactive status effects and descriptions.)

Improved UI for changing colour of a body part (in Kate's shop and character creator).

Added the (basic) ability to send slaves to Kate's shop, in order to change their appearance. (I'll expand this and tidy up the UI at a later date.)

Added missionary position (both on back and between legs for both sub and dom) to generic sex scenes. NPCs will now also use this position (if they want to).


Displacement of clothing is now restored after a sex scene. (So if you start a sex scene with your jacket unbuttoned, it will be re-equipped after sex in its unbuttoned state.)

Reduced arousal gains from characters with the 'Unwilling Fuck-Toy' fetish resisting in sex from 150% normal value, to 125%.

Made all penetrative actions visible in sex scenes, although disabled until you meet their requirements.

Added submissive sex variations for offspring encounters.


Fixed some reported instances of incorrect parsing & typos.

NPCs should no longer repeatedly start/stop penetrations in sex.

Fixed black and grey text colours being inverted.

Fixed unavailable eye colours for demons, wolf-morphs, and cat-morphs.

NPCs should now comment on body parts the first time they're revealed in sex again.

Fixed several instances of orgasms removing ongoing penetrations.

Fixed bug where you could increase the wetness of your vagina even if you didn't have one.

Fixed inconsistent descriptions in being force-fed TF potions.

Fixed bug where loading a saved game would not load any of your clothing's displacements. (All clothing would be reset to having not being displaced.)

Fixed case where multiple types of exposed status effects could be applied at once to one character.

Corrected description of the double-sized bed upgrade in the two-person slave room.

Fixed the bug where when feeding a potion to an NPC (or drinking it yourself) which has a large number of effects, all of the TF descriptions were based on the target's end state.

NPCs will no longer use the last of their stamina on a special attack.

Fixed parsing errors in hypno-watch effects.

Added some more reasonable descriptions for alligator 'body hair' (scales).

Choosing 'Rough'/'Gentle'/'Eager'/'Resisting' options at the start of sex will now correctly start the sex scene with you in that pace.

Fixed bug where you could drop/remove/displace NPC's clothes through the [Phone] > [Contacts] > [NPC Name] tabs.

Fixed not being able to switch positions in Kate's sex scene.

Fixed all offensive spells referencing 'arcane fire'.


TL;DR: Missionary's finally in. I'm more excited about the cum inflation, but I've had that fetish longer than Dobson.



I thought dobson was into regular inflation. Like bike pumps and all that shit.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty happy with this new update, glad to see that nothing major was delayed. I get why the backend changes had to get made for so long but it's nice to have content coming in I like again.



>Missionary's finally in.



File: f814940f3f2566d⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 1338250531240.jpg)


Well I'm not into cum inflation but missionary is something I've wanted for a long time and the fact that we are getting a proper content update is good enough for me. Hopefully all the engine crap is finished.


File: 76d834b9713b7f1⋯.png (1.77 KB, 293x67, 293:67, ralphbug1.PNG)

File: ee01258fa6cd301⋯.png (124.08 KB, 792x728, 99:91, ralphbug2.PNG)

The discount thing is broken, he's paying you for buying his stuff.


Female gameplay is non-functional, npcs can't penetrate anything except nipples and even then they'll fuck flat breasts. Also orgasm dialogue is broken for them, ie it will always say 'absolutely zero cum; you feel the cum going down your x'



I admit it's a little hilarious.



Bit of everything I think. I know he was doing both air and water inflation for sure.



Works for me. Inno went to bed for the night, but if it's a big enough issue for people, she'll make a hotfix tomorrow.



Implying thats a bad thing



He must really really like you!


how do i get a larger penis and more cum per ejaculation? i'd like as much of both as possible please. i need to fill my demon slut daughters up until they are bursting.


>Added the (basic) ability to send slaves to Kate's shop, in order to change their appearance. (I'll expand this and tidy up the UI at a later date.)




enchanting potions



which ones specifically? or do i have to screw around with crafting to find the right combo?

am i missing something stupidly obvious? i feel like i am


File: 7b8643f1098179e⋯.png (139.93 KB, 872x786, 436:393, Przechwytywanie.PNG)


any that can transform you into something like angel tears, canine crunch etc.


trying to bang lilaya in newest version, the game crashes when I try to pull down her bra or grope her tits, gonna wait for hotfix


File: b0f8b0b80ab1bd2⋯.png (414.96 KB, 456x810, 76:135, absolutely SOLID.png)



>Added missionary position (both on back and between legs for both sub and dom) to generic sex scenes. NPCs will now also use this position (if they want to).

The Gods have heard my cry. Awesome.


jesus christ this build is fucking broken, should have tested it, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING



It's working for me. In fact, the only bug I have experienced regarding penetration is that multi-partners are over zealous in their fucking. They will somehow begin hotdogging you while also fucking you, amazingly. Similarly, partner positions don't seem to matter, since someone stated to be in front of you can also fuck your ass and then suck off the person stated to be behind you.



Yeah, missionary is especially fucked. Guess I'll wait for a hotfix.


A horse boy managed to ram his 14 in dick into my non-oraficed nipples through my shirt and bra. I don't think that's supposed to happen.



being so horny that your sexdrive breaks logic


File: cb6a28010ecd21f⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 301x167, 301:167, ifthereisahole.jpg)


File: aed280e34162f4e⋯.png (34.6 KB, 897x641, 897:641, Untitled.png)

After throating Ralph once, repeating the action has become impossible and 'refuse' is the only option that works. It will indicate .25 corruption gain for each click of 'agree' prior to selecting 'refuse' without any actual gain.


Thank you all for the bug reports. The vast majority of these penetration bugs are due to one small mistake I made late last night. I'm working on a hotfix now, which should be ready within the next couple of hours.


File: fd084518dc1d135⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 600x440, 15:11, thumbs up.jpg)


File: 90abfbc2f304c93⋯.gif (153.92 KB, 463x324, 463:324, excited.gif)



They were thinking this is a testing build and you're here to test it and report bugs.



>dev delays a build because its buggy and shit

DURRRRRR delayed again for shit i dont like REEE

>dev releases a build on time but it's buggy

DURRRR what were they thinking releasing this shit

You're cancer, consider suicide.



>"You're such a good fuck, I'll actually pay you to buy my shit!"

Btw anyone who's reading, is there a way to change the measuring system during character creation. I know the game itself works on both imperial and metric, but I haven't seen anything to let me pick shit like height or hair lenght in centimeters.

Just a nitpick, but you know…



it's not like an alpha build is still in development or something


How do you transform Brax into Brandi (the bimbo option)?



go over to the receptionist, it all happens there



The hotfix is finished. I made a blog post for it here: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/version-01981-hotfix.html

Thanks again for all the bug reports and feedback. Although I may not post here that often, I check this thread every day, and I always add all of your suggestions/bug reports to my todo list.



thanks B



Thanks for the hotfix, though I got a question. Are the NPC sex paces supposed to not be fully working? If I rape them then they switch to "Resisting" just fine but their Submissive and Dominant fetishes never affect anything and always leave them at "Normal".


File: beda635b927e6c9⋯.png (352.16 KB, 284x317, 284:317, 1516754623287.png)


That was fast.



thank you for putting in the work



>Now adding job money gain dependent on stats would be nice, my smart slave librarian should gain more depending on intelligence, same for cook maybe?


>On a semi related note, would love if character icons would change in some way to denote pregnancies, such as having a pink ring or something. So you could tell at a glance from the map if you needed to impregnate something again.

Now those are some nice ideas.


Best dev :3






Keep your brown pill to yourself.



There's no way to browbeat him into bending over, is there? Fuck.



checking these dubs

>pregnancy radar

mah nigga. truly this thread is filled with patricians.


Am i the only one having trouble with sex scenes being bugged when i download the Github files and compile with eclipse?

The bug i have is

>Start having sex with any character. Friendly or enemy

>Can only interact with inventory

>Does not have tabs related to sexual actions.

>When clicking on an item, then unequipped in the menu, i must click the item again in the wear screen for it to update it's unequipped status.




thank you friend and family


tried the hotfix, lilaya sex still freezes


File: 677decfca47e06c⋯.png (16.55 KB, 244x234, 122:117, clothes.png)


actually, scratch that, all sex freezes when they try to undress me. Starting sex naked works just fine

Here's my getup, I have no idea which item causes problems, probably the pants



I figured it out

you're dressed like an autist and the game can't figure out why a girl would want you lol



What's wrong with it beside the sarashi? I am wearing those for the def boosts

by the way, they were the freeze reason, I figured it out



Might be the problem with Java. Her code works in a somewhat obsolete version from few weeks before. Try downloading the .exe version and then check if it's working for you.


Does anyone know what the core resistance and core damage modifier things at the bottom right corner do? Does anything modify them?



I think there's a bug with fetishes: some characters who don't have the masturbation fetish (and have impregnation, cum stud, oral fetishes) keep fingering my PC instead of doing vaginal or oral.


File: 84f2dd217ba4c52⋯.png (26.63 KB, 728x782, 364:391, Przechwytywanie.PNG)


These? You can increase by absorbing morph essences sold by vicky.



>I'm not sure what you mean. They will have sex if those are ticked on and will get pregnant if possible

Where is that shown? Nothing in the game tells me the slaves are having sex. Not the daily report or anything. I certainly didn't walk into anyone having sex in the mansion.

Also, sex and breeding are different things. I want to pair slaves up, offspring is optional


File: e57921d4092e103⋯.png (757.21 KB, 1333x640, 1333:640, GGTans.png)


A dev that actually listens?

What sort of devilry is his?

Ok, here is my suggestion - more slave/slave interactions. I want to force slaves to have sex. I want them to fall in love and have opinnions of other slaves. I want to play matchmaker.



Then you're asking for something entirely different. Those settings are purely for breeding and do work as intended.




You have 4 settings - breeder settings (stud and bitch) and sex toy setting (is a sex toy, can use a toy)



Not him, but these are currently limited strictly to temp buffs, correct? I have't seen any way thus far of permanently increasing them.


File: 3395ed85adfb139⋯.png (99.1 KB, 363x366, 121:122, 3395ed85adfb1393610ab8833b….png)


I sure as hell hope you mean female/female only.



Not him, but these are currently limited strictly to temp buffs, correct?

sadly yes.


Well might as well throw out my opinions.

I think the combat should be improved at some point, as of right now it's pretty much having higher numbers than whatever you're fighting.



You mean like every other rpg?



Why not change the difficulty? They will either be your level or higher then.



Doing that would still fall to "having higher numbers than the other guy".


Found a bug - If pc is wearing any sort of face slot that covers their mouth(bandana) and in the sex scene they give oral sex, right after the orgasm dialogue the game will freeze with a description of how that piece of clothing is now dirty with cum.

So I have been thinking about the fetish mechanics and although the system is pretty good on it's own merit, I think it could be improved a lot more by making it feel more RPG-like. I'm not really sure if others would agree because I'm a big fan of RPG progression so maybe I'm bias, but I think it could really improve immersion and give the game longer play time, although some may consider it fluff.

The idea is to completely remove the mechanic where fetishes are gained by using essences(instead make essences focus entirely around crafting and transformations). Then make it so that fetishes are gained and improved upon dependent on what your character chooses(or gets forced to do) during sex encounters(think Violated Heroin). So if your character submits frequently, they gain submission fetish, if they tend to be the dominate partner and chose rough paces they get sadist and dominant, if they give blowjobs a lot, they gain that fetish, etc etc. The current fetish mechanics could even stay and not be altered at all, just add it in so that the player can gain them organically as described above if they chose to.

If that's too much work and not worth it to the developer, at least make it so the PC gains experience(whether shown or not) the more they do certain actions which is then reflected by text descriptions, maybe having the NPC not be satisfied at the end of the sex encounter, saying the PC is bad at it. The sex statistics of the PC could be overhauled, instead of just showing the amount of times they did certain acts, it would actually be reflected as a skill bar and/or a description of how experienced they are at it.

Again I know this would be a whole lot of work to overhaul, these are just random ideas that could possibly looked into in the beta phase. I'm curious what others think about this. Is it a bad idea that just adds fluff or a good idea that would improve immersion? Any additions to improve it? Or explain why it sucks.

Finally, good job on the last 2 patches Innoxia, although buggy, you delivered.



Are you sure you are compiling with java9?

When you open the project in Eclipse does it say "JRE System Library [jre-9.0.4]"?

If it say version 8, you need to setup Eclipse for java 9, otherwise some link in the code won't work, it's part of the update that java 9 introduce




Not always, good rpgs will allow ways to win fights even with a number disadvantage.

In fact some games (the Devil Survivor series being a good example) will have every fight with you having the number disadvantage, forcing you to come up with strategies around the fights.

I mean Lilith's Throne already has something like this where you can make potions to buff your stats to 100, but that falls under making your numbers bigger than the other guy's.



Well the next update will be Nyan and "combat work" so who knows what will change.



My hope is that the focus is on integrating more sexual mechanics into battle. Standard RPG mechanics where you're just whittling down the enemy's bars are hard to make sexy. It'd be interesting to have other victory conditions like applying bondage or getting a good grip on the opponent's sensitive bits.



Making it more like Nightgames? Well, can't say I would object to it. Not sure how well the game would be from a bug standpoint afterwards though.

The rewark will likely only be for the combat side of things rather than a merging of mechanics, hence the use of calling it a "combat rewark".



>Added 'Cum Inflation' option to content preferences screen (on by default).

>Added related status effects for cum inflation, and added in more detailed cum inflation descriptions in orgasms (can be disabled in the content preferences screen).

>Added missionary position (both on back and between legs for both sub and dom) to generic sex scenes. NPCs will now also use this position (if they want to).

>Made all penetrative actions visible in sex scenes, although disabled until you meet their requirements.

>Added submissive sex variations for offspring encounters.

Absolutely fantastic update.


File: 9fc821cf3765958⋯.png (24.76 KB, 913x199, 913:199, Untitled.png)



It's treason, then.



Well some improvement to the seducing actions in combat could still be done, instead of just spamming that button a whole new bar can appear in combat, just like during sex, completely dedicated to seducing your enemy, and maybe in the future enemies

As it is right now fetish are mostly insignificant in combat, sure you can use some stamina to attempt a special move but that's still quite weak, and useless unless the enemy have exactly that weakness

It will be interesting adding to the game a small array of like/dislike content randomly generated for the various NPC, the array would work as a multiplier for the various sensual actions you can attempt in combat, the result in loss of will will be dependent from how much aroused the enemy is, and arousal increase or decrease depending on your actions

As an example a vaginally equipped pregnancy fetish NPC will like anything related to vaginal sex and impregnation, and may be disgusted by anal or not liking oral and masturbation teasing

With all multiplier starting at 1.0 +/- changed by fetish +/- changed by some random value

It seems a relatively simple mechanic that to a point already exist in the game under the form of damage, and allow to make combat seduction a little bit more interesting


File: e0271be70b84c16⋯.png (23.4 KB, 744x516, 62:43, Przechwytywanie.PNG)

Where are these 2 other weapons?



third feather doesn't exist yet as far as I've seen and you can get third tier demonstone through debug



What about the Halloween special?


how exactly do kids inherit appearances? in-game it states that the kid should look like both the mother and father, but almost every single kid i've had just looks like my player character. it could be because he's the 'angel' race, though.



Halloween special?


RNG and gender pref options i think.






Nice bait. Made me angry.



Halloween special? Same thing as the event?

I think the weapon you can get is a broomstick or something. https://www.lilithsthrone.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:items:witchs_broom


Ralph needs to sell more Dye-Brushes, 5 is not enough when you want to dress up your slaves.



tfw male slaves are still shit-tier because you can't remove their balls without removing their peen



>tfw male slaves are still shit-tier because you can't remove their balls without removing their penis

Are you aware that you can make elixir that changes size of testicles?




Also a potion effect to make the balls internal. I mean, they're still there but you can't see them. Couple that with the effect to change the amount of fluid produced.


I'm sorry for a mildly off-topic and retarded question, but can someone tell me what TiTS is? I've tried to find out on my own but I'm new to text-based adult games and it's not the easiest thing to search for.



TiTS is the shit space furry horsecock futas game right?



Oh God, you mean that one they keep posting piecemeal flash scenes from all over the place?

Thanks. I'm not a faggot so it's of no use to me, but thanks.





It's another purely text (Last I checked, but that was years ago) erotic game. Trials in Tainted Space. You played Corruption of Champions? You played TiTs, just that the former is in fantasy land and this is space. Same futa furries, same circlejerk of content creation, same wandering around trying to figure out how to sex everything, same combat. It's got a better UI than CoC, at least.

Wait for Fenoxo to drop this one and move onto their next cash cow that plays exactly the same except taking place in… I dunno, Furry Wild West?



TiTS does actually have drawn art for the majority of NPC's now(including the option to change the pictures dependent on which artist you prefer cause many NPC have multiple artists). The art + the improved UI is quite literally the only improvements over CoC. Aside from those 2 things, modded CoC brings so much more to the table.



CoC is only barely for me. You should pretty much sign up for a case of the fuck flu if you play that game as a male character.



gender pref options only seem to modify the gender/what sexual organs they have, not other body parts/colors (all of my kids inherited my char's hair and skin colors).



Right. I think when I played only the enemies had any sprites, like the dick snake. Is that thing still in? I was surprised they put something bestial like that in after being so adamantly against bestiality in CoC despite the parasitic worms, rape, incest, and slavery.



>Right. I think when I played only the enemies had any sprites, like the dick snake. Is that thing still in?

I think you meant Nagas.

It isn't thread to talk about (((these))) text-based games though.



Nope, it was a literal snake that your character used as a dildo in the starting area. But you're right, I'll stop now.


File: fe2667e4e1d6319⋯.png (15.45 KB, 183x239, 183:239, 1442264113225.png)


Holy shit I forgot he was doing a furry futa/closeted fag wild west game now

why will he never go full homo like he did with Ro'Gar



Because he'd have to be honest with himself. Futa is just gay shit for giant faggots in denial.


File: be839943d2caae2⋯.jpg (102.41 KB, 362x298, 181:149, 1463332215147.jpg)

Not sure if the most recent patch has fixed this but I've encountered it a few times.

>encounter succubi

>want some lewds, submit

>succubi forces me into doggy style

<"aw yeah, here we go"

>strips both of us down

>she get's her dick out, starts fingering my ass

>she starts fingering her nipples and pussy

<"alright, she's just getting herself warmed up"

>she keeps doing it

>realize she isn't going to actually do anything to me

>realize that I'm Wojack sitting in the corner of the party while everyone else is having fun

>this succubi assaulted me so she could literally masturbate behind my back



Maybe they have the masturbation fetish?


Wait, what? That was me joking. Did he actually start working on something like that?



>Did he actually start working on something like that?

No, he didn't. At least not yet.


That's why you always should try to win first.



Way too much furry in his games for my tastes. And too much weird shit, like insect girls. Yuck.

Good thing this game in you can adjust everything to your preferences.

That said, I'd reccomend adding visual vector art, like Free Cities


Stop pretending to be me.


Yes. I don't hold male slaves.

Only non-furry females.

And an occasional futa. I usually make them overseers/headgirls/jailers in these kinds of games.



Every NPC has a randomly-generated preferred sexual position. Weights are given to certain positions/acts based on their fetishes, but it's not a guarantee.

Just kill it, let a new one respawn, and pray.



I'll look into this and get it fixed for the next version, thanks for the report.



I'll try and figure out the problem for these and get them fixed asap. I'm still compiling using java 1.8.0_152, so some of these bugs might be due to a compatibility issue. I'll upgrade to 9.0.4 for the next version.



The AI in sex still needs a lot of work; I'll get it sorted as soon as I can.


Thanks for the bug report. Also, I'm improving the fetishes and adding sex experience for the next version to tie-in with the lust mechanic during sex. It's not going to be a huge overhaul, but will hopefully make the fetishes a little more interesting.



So what does the denial fetish do, or intended to do?

I can't think of any practical use. If you fuck anything other than rarely, you get not essence for trying to use it.

Best I can think of is either xp boosts, or getting a buff when you frustrate a lover. Or an alternative positive version of frustrated if you add a receiving version.

On another note, when you start adding sex toys, will we get any sorts of things that art targeted towards specific species or rather the related body parts?

For example, special long clitoral bar piercing that can control an equine's wink, which could, among other things, raise lust in masochists.



Denial increases the final orgasm or something?

Also, is there a limit to how many times you can cum? I know magic is involved but really… producing 100 liters of cum from tiny testicles and no refraction periods is just daft.




unlocks the denial option during sex, which lowers your partners arousal, thus delaying when they will orgasm. i imagine you could use it frequently enough to plant your seed in a girl without her actually orgasming, thus preserving the "pent-up" debuff on her. why you would want to do that i don't know, since orgasm = arcane essence, but i imagine innoxia will add something later that maybe makes orgasms more powerful if they've been denied. or maybe some kind of denial fetishist.


File: 85658e356a34e61⋯.jpg (354.44 KB, 770x770, 1:1, 1445981126754.jpg)

I want to hold hands with aunt.


File: 6230dafe31f4247⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 400x248, 50:31, Oh Come On.gif)


>not having a hand holding threesome with aunt and cat maid


File: 75b548d137e469c⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 478x360, 239:180, WbHmGTf.gif)


handholding fetish when?



It's already in with Rose.

Go to her room for it.



I know, I just hope there will be more scenes like this in the future.


All my saves vanish when i exit from the programme. Am i supposed to be saving/extracting them somewhere before I quit? This is on windows 10



>Am i supposed to be saving/extracting them somewhere before I quit?

No, you should have automatic save at least.

Check your antivirus settings.

>This is on windows 10

Get any other OS than that steaming pile of garbage.

I recommend Windows 7.



Well there is need to be rude, dude.



Upgrade to win7 anon.



try creating a separate folder for the game, put .jar file in there and see if that helps.

I had the same bug on win 10 several weeks ago, but this and several other issues with this system made my ass promptly detonate and reinstall windows 7, so I'd advise you to follow recommendation of other anon and install 7.



>Well there is need to be rude, dude.

I wasn't rude though.



install gentoo


File: beb7e7f13f113d5⋯.png (191.86 KB, 1198x959, 1198:959, ClipboardImage.png)

So does the Dev plan on nerfing the fucking BANANAS money gains from slave running?

I'm not even trying to make money!



You're clearly not buying essence or using the saloon on slaves you want to keep. That money will run out quickly.

I'd rather we get more things to spend money on.


File: 204bed2c9215883⋯.png (1.66 KB, 127x81, 127:81, Przechwytywanie.PNG)


In time everything will be fixed/adjusted but it's a porn game not managment game like FC.


Why Nyan is so cute.


I swear to god, if the Nyan content is just some generic 'le shy character is le shy about fucking you xddd' I am going to fucking riot. Rape. She is the most absolute perfect character for a rape scene.


File: b826966f9acb05b⋯.png (15.08 KB, 350x542, 175:271, 0157898207556012985.png)

I am become Death, Destroyer of worlds.

The difficulty settings need work; winning on Lilith takes -ages- of getting raped, building essence, retrieving just enough of your essence to sell to afford something to enchant permanent resistances onto (at which point you become untouchable) where winning on Lilin just takes a trip back to your bed for your first few fights. Also, the damage-reduction-by-difficulty doesn't seem to work on spells, just main hand/off-hand attacks.

I also feel like having the 'Unwilling Fuck-Toy and 'TF Test Subject' fetishes should grey out the spit option if you get defeated and forced to drink something.

Also, being able to opt yourself in for the same feminine/masculine testing you can put your slaves into would be nice. It might even be worth being able to let the player do the rest of the slave work just as a way to actually earn money on Lilith difficulty that's not just clearing snow with the reindeer.


If you really want to roll in cash, focus on raising the Obedience of any succubi/incubi you enslave. You can do it the hard way of feeling them up every morning, or just passively if you give them submissive fetishes and lock them in the public stocks for a week or two



NOOO! Nyan is for hugs!

>inb4 she's ultra dom or/and sadist


>winning on Lilith takes -ages- of getting raped

I think that's the point


File: 2148fde38fdfed2⋯.gif (82.67 KB, 500x447, 500:447, shotgun-clipart-fallout-ne….gif)



Oh I understand that entirely, it's just that with the current sex AI and the lack of things to do means there's a conflict of "why choose this?" when on Lilith you're forcing yourself out to lose fights when you can already just choose to lose on a lower difficulty, and either way you're most likely going to get fingered and dropped instead of actually raped. At least on a lower difficulty you can take part in the whole slavery/enchanting aspect properly.

It might just be a personal issue of mine, but I don't like just 'giving up' or walking into guaranteed losses. I like it when something actually WINS against me, but I guess this isn't the game for that (just yet) seeing how enchanting is Morrowind-level game breaking. Maybe some options to make the main streets more unsafe more often and throw in some random high-tier opponents who won't let you run. Maybe some tasks from Lilaya/Rose/Arthur to give you a legitimate reason to go outside.

Perhaps there's potential in a scenario where your rapist enslaves you for a week or so before Lilaya buys you back and eventually frees you.


File: a3ce508d5054bcc⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 414x414, 1:1, a3ce508d5054bcc11fee3c8a38….jpg)


>be a arcane-searcher

>be famous for being the only half-succubus reconized by her lilin-mother

>saved a dude who fell from the fucking-sky

>he's my nephew from another dimension

>let him live her until we find a way to send him back

>we fucked-once

>he tried to fuck my cutie 15/20 maid-cat-girlfriend

>seem like he got a hands-fetish or something


>tell him not to go too far from home

>told me to fuck-off cuz he's a manly-man

>came back the next day


>he(she?) get enslaved for reasons

>have to buy him(sound wrong) to free him (definitely "her")

>came back looking like a dog-girl


>scream at the literall bitch because i lost shit-tons of sparks

>she's turned on by being screamed at

>next day she get captured again

>the cunt stole shit at some convenience-store in a very obvious way

i fucking hate my life



>If someone has a entry-tier "fetish" that I dislike it's bait

Go back to fapping to your collection of blacked femdom porn retard, you can get your share of boring ultra-vanilla archetypal shit there.


File: 8b837323245b712⋯.png (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, YOU.png)


File: 3f6724fbe07b733⋯.jpg (28.24 KB, 390x310, 39:31, 32.jpg)


you should see how mad she gets when you impregnate her





>He's this triggered




nyan is pure, pls


File: 6b73627637171be⋯.jpg (25.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, snuganimu.jpg)




I don't mind that kind of scene, besides game happens in world where rape is equal to saying hello.




Combat and stats will be improved, but it will some time.


>when clothing is such a major part of the game, but you can't collect panties like tohok

Goddamnit I want to make Lilaya ashamed of me and be a masturbating NEET all day with stolen underwear



just like in real-life!



I want to steal Lilaya's panties! ALL OF THEM!



I want to ____ Rose's panties, all of them




I want to hold hands with Nyan and then steal her panties, all of them!


Is there a possibility of an option to set Male/Androgynous/Female player names so that they change on gender swap like the NPC ones do?


Can you customize a slave's makeup?



Take them to the girl who changes their skin tone and such, there's a makeup option there.


>local human causes market crash due to pantsu shortage, news at eleven



Yes, you can send your slave to Kate in the slave menu.



i want to put cuck lilaya by making nyan-pregnant and then gender-bending arthur to make her pregnant too


File: 910b9ad9187a79d⋯.gif (772.3 KB, 300x224, 75:56, 1510001259113.gif)


No! Don't bully aunt!



This. Game needs option to cuck Lilaya. Patrician taste friend.



She's meant for holstering my 32" dick in her throat.



This. Although I'm currently enjoying sneaking into that demon dude's home and banging/knocking up his maids. I won't finish the quest on side characters when I learned you currently can't get back in after finishing the quest.



it would only be justice, since she cucked arthur and dumped-him when he cucked-her back



Indeed. Nothing will bridge that divide like fucking all three of them pregnant.



Ruined orgasms being in in some way would be kewl in the far future



Yeah, you're right, a guy with small balls is exactly the same as a eunuch



>Size = Vestigial

>Cum Production = 0ml


Vestigial means the balls are tiny and inside.

0ml Cum Production means no cum.

So yea, it is pretty much the same.

Although it depends on the type of Eunuch you're wanting since some had cock, balls, or none.



You are confusing one catgirl with another one.


Does the cum inflation option only have one version?

While it may not be everybody's cup of tea, I occasionally enjoyed some stuff that Fenoxo did with over the top cum inflation. Does this sort of thing not yet exist in this game?


So Rose is a sadist and Lilaya masochist now?




Just some anons here caught cuck disease.



No I mean in the new build from git


File: 590886fc48f26a2⋯.png (16.5 KB, 248x459, 248:459, Lil.PNG)

File: ac7d9bbf890062c⋯.png (22.02 KB, 248x516, 62:129, Rose.PNG)

Lilaya's desires:

Loves: Pain and Humiliation

Hates: Pregnant stuff


Inflicting pain

Acting dom/sub


File: 054061dbe3a6dd4⋯.png (71.98 KB, 777x966, 37:46, newfetish.PNG)

At least the new fetish system looks neat.


>you can finally rape cute straight cat boys into loving getting fucked

GOTY 2018



Fucking guys into loving cock is so underappreciated.


You'd think he'd fucking notice after the 6th or 7th time, wouldn't you


File: 4e7c8d5aa89144c⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 431x324, 431:324, 57392e232433e45febe23de658….gif)


File: b485373216a2dad⋯.png (454.3 KB, 1280x1174, 640:587, 1514657870559.png)

So, if you were given a choice, what kink/fetish would you add to this game?

And what's your most degenerate kink?



Giantess. We need a race of giants that we can squeeze and fug.



Well my goal now is to have a slave harem of giant demon women musclegirls. Thank you, anon.


there's nothing to do besides owning slaves is there



Straight shota / loli for sure



Oh and living or shared clothes, like the “NPC wears clothes with PC stuck between NPC’s body and the clothes” thing; not many h-games do this enough.



I wonder if the dev has a personal thing against it, or it's just trying to not get legal v&'d.

I mean we're already into near-feral and non-con, it's not like this is PG-13.

Personally I just wanna hug and tenderly care for a loli catgirl.



I just wanna be the cute shota and be the one being snuggled.





giantess is planned

innoxia isn't a fan of loli/shota so we need to wait for mods

i know parasite clothing is planned don't know about what ever sorta clothing thing you're talking about





I'm fairly certain the no loli/shota stuff is because they live in the UK, and despite its new population, they'll fucking bash your skull in for even thinking about something lewd with a fictional minor.



>giantess is planned

Surprising tbh, seems like it would be hard to implement. I wonder what approach Innoxia will take.



I'm aware of a few developers in the same situation. UK's pretty nightmarish about thoughtcrime.


I imagine it'd just be a few flags to check size relative to you, much how tails or furry stuff is implemented, to make it appear in a scene.



Wearable goo girl slaves/companions.



Dual, Triple and Quad PC Amputee stuff as well would be nice.


File: 6713c5428a2628b⋯.png (49.24 KB, 265x177, 265:177, 6713c5428a2628bc295dfefd30….png)


>forcing me to choose from my list of fetishes

So many are already included I don't know where to start. Everything I can think of is more of a mechanics update or expansion on existing content than an outright new fetish implementation. If I were to list it all, I guess:

>repeatable quests with multiple potential consequences for failure

>some way for the PC to go through everything they can put the NPCs through (ie; Testing and Slavery, plus ways to get free or continue questing while owned)

>stronger forced PC transformations

>more species to encounter/transform into

>more reactions (and sexual consequences) to the fetishes you choose (or are inflicted with)

>stronger hypnosis options/consequences (that the PC can fall victim to as well)

>more options for fetish clothing (leather/latex/bondage and petplay gear, etc)

>ways to get the Enforcers mad at you for breaking the law

>uncontrollable actions due to circumstances for PCs and NPCs (being denied orgasm too long causes begging for release, addictions make the victim forcibly seek more of their vice, getting drunk forcing or disabling certain actions/responses)

>ways to turn the tables when you've lost (and ways for NPCs to do the same)

There's probably more to list, but I think I've gone sperged out too hard already. Parasites/Living Clothes is a pretty nice idea though

>And what's your most degenerate kink?

pick between Depersonalisation, Sexdoll/Mannequin transformation and/or bondage, and Diapers. I get questioned about all those if they're brought up to the point I can't tell which is the most degenerate, and so many things I like are already there I don't want any suggestion I make to stretch development over something new instead of perfecting something already there


File: 4cf94e5f9e2f9a9⋯.png (40.48 KB, 152x254, 76:127, 1484915447513.png)

>And what's your most degenerate kink?

watersports, feral monsters


>>ways to get the Enforcers mad at you for breaking the law

Honestly I wouldn't mind that. Sexual punishment, maybe being fucked in a cell, enforcement abuse. Maybe Lilaya bailing you out or somesuch.


I'm not sure how you'd enslave a goo girl. A giant jar or somesuch?



> Depersonalisation


>Sexdoll/Mannequin transformation





get out, faggot




Have some fucking self-respect, degenerate.


>I'm not sure how you'd enslave a goo girl. A giant jar or somesuch?

What about refrigeration? Keeping them cold enough should congeal them to the point that they can't just squeeze through restraints. Or just win their loyalty somehow, so they willingly stick to you and don't run away. Like Miyu from Lulu Farea


File: 1c358a40c9ded54⋯.jpg (10.8 KB, 222x395, 222:395, ChpmYn9WkAAE3pp.jpg)

File: 2947c8ea1fd0d2e⋯.png (195.82 KB, 569x501, 569:501, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at ….png)



I didn't ask to be into it and I actually don't want Lilith's Throne to be infected with it either. Not just to spare LT fans the autism of diaperfags, but making diapers and related scenes function beyond aesthetics is obviously detrimental to overall development. Just look at Trap Quest


Instead of a slave collar, you put a slave hamster ball around the slime core, easy




Lay off him, it's not like he's trying to force that shit in like Fenoxo and his goddamn horsecock futa fetish.


Or maybe some sort of electrical charge or chemical that either pavlovs them into keeping shape, or stops them morphing for a bit.

..fuck, why am I thinking about this?



Enchanted collar with spells to limit their shape changing abilities perhaps.


File: e55412a2bd1ee82⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 500x500, 1:1, tw.gif)


>what's your most degenerate kink?

Stealing women from other men. Forcing my offspring onto other men. Cucking the shit out of boys. Making them watch while I do it. Hearing their ineffectual protests slapped down by the woman they love as I turn her pussy inside out.


Enchanting my own clothing when?







Disgusting vanilla experiences as headpats, tickling, holding hands with anybody else than Rose.

Also purification on Lilaya and Lilins for shits, giggles and their butthurt/disdain.



Gas myself? When you're into such repugnant things as hand-holding? Fucking hypocrites.


File: 6b0b79bc25541f2⋯.png (336.59 KB, 398x582, 199:291, 1471498036924.png)


>not cucking the girl by gender-bending her man and then impregnate him

how sweet and cute



maybe he think the kids is his

the funniest thing is, you can force-him to transform into a succubus, and then impregnate him if you beat him



i want to have a cute goo-armor waifue i can take to bed and bath to have sweet-vanilla sex for the purpose of recreation


File: a9cee855dbb3fb4⋯.png (737.69 KB, 592x556, 148:139, 1511883765108.png)


>not impregnating and turning them both into your cocksleeves.


File: fd552bf699fa4d5⋯.png (428.65 KB, 768x1142, 384:571, 532.png)


I want to dress my cute oni waifu in panties and have her accompany me through town during rape storms.

And beat the shit out of every single encounter lovingly femdomming me



patrician taste


File: d108db48f3e26c8⋯.png (777.02 KB, 658x658, 1:1, k9cx89fr.png)


I like you



>ways to get the Enforcers mad at you for breaking the law

With this, the shit map we already have and your other idea of shitty repeatable quests with multiple potential consequences for failure, we could do a GTA mod in Lilith's Throne.


Damn 2 great patches in a row. You're on a role Innoxia, thanks for the hard work



Great Britain and Germany in general are pretty horrifying with it. You all hear about the story a couple months back where some Irishman Youtuber got arrested for making a prank video where he taught his girlfriends pug to "give paw" during a hitler speech? He said multiple times it's just a joke and a prank on his GF because she's obsessed with her dog, yet he got arrested and is still going to court for it to this day.

Still though I don't think that would stop a dev if the dev enjoyed Loli/Shota. It's a combination of the fact that Innoxia hates Loli + her country is insane. Sadly it's easily my #1 favorite degenerate fetish, Loli's specifically. I don't care about Shota but both are branches from the same fetish tree so I still support it if I can out of principle.


brainlet here, how do i build the new version in .exe



I am dangerously close to fur-faggotry, Otherwise I am vanilla through-and-through. as for what I would add to the game, I got a think for sappy love shit so probably the ability to waifu a character with appropriate waifu dialogue.



It's illegal in Innoxia's country (the UK).

Version 2.0 should enable other people to more easily mod content like that in.



Scottish, but yeah. CountDankula is pretty awesome. He said on a video recently that his court case has taken longer than the Nueremburg Trials.



Good time to learn Java and do whatever the CoC thread guys did.



I wish she'd add loli/shota in too, but even aside from the cucked laws over there, I understand why she wouldn't want to. Probably more than most, since I only like it if it's loli x shota, and can't stand the degenerates who ruin their lolis with an ugly adult. So basically, losing a fight would be total boner-killer most of the time if it were in the game.

We might get permanent mods sooner than 2.0, though. The only reason I haven't checked it out myself is that she changes enough of the engine every week right now that it's pointless. Once the engine stabilizes and she moves to mostly adding content, the modding crowd is likely to give it the full CoC/Free Cities treatment.



Filthy casuals



what if it's a loli with an adult woman though?



There are instructions how to do that on git.

To make loli/shota you only need to change minimal height, everything else can be changed with shapeshifting potions already.



Right Scottish my bad. He also makes it a point to always be smiling when Journalists are around, just to fuck with them a bit. He's a great man.


I usually go for the whole futa adult woman plowing out cute innocent Loli's. My modded Skyrim game involves playing a Loli girl that goes around convincing other children to bang and/or whores herself out to women with large penises, good times.

I have high hopes for the modding community with this game, it just seems like the type of game that will flourish with it. Praise to any anon who immediately starts modding in some Loli's for us when the codes released.



It's not the same. That's just playing an adult woman who happens to be a midget with a tiny body frame. The game makes it a point to label their age and how everyone's definitely, absolutely of legal age. It's something that has to be done with modding. Adding in description variables dependent on PC/NPC age, possibly some new quests involving Loli's, etc.



>The game makes it a point to label their age and how everyone's definitely, absolutely of legal age.

Are you even aware that NPCs in this game grow straight to adult after they just get out from mother's womb?



>It's something that has to be done with modding

thanks for restating what we all already knew since the beginning?



>I usually go for the whole futa adult woman plowing out cute innocent Loli's.

Ah yes finally. another person of fine taste. Only difference is I typically prefer being the futa in that scenario.


At this point an obvious thing missing from slave management is satisfaction

Slaves that don't have sex for a day get frustrated, incurring in a penalty on willpower of 50, but that's it, realistically this penalty is pointless as none of the available job even use stats to determine effectiveness, and even if it was willpower would probably be ignored in favour of intelligence

What about make slave unhappy if they don't take their daily fix instead? Happiness or love does influence effectiveness, thus making frustration actually a problem the player may care to solve, even if just adding a few herm in the harem only (well mostly) for that purpose

Also if frustration can level up as days cumulate without relief and in the end, accept the help of another slave even if he/she doesn't normally like that body type, as long as it can satisfy her/his mounting urges

Perhaps loving fetish should bypass body restriction entirely?



I'd add orifice capacities: you fill someone with too much cum and they hit their limit. Overfilling the butt or mouth would make their other end into a fountain. Overfilling their uterus? I dunno, hyperpreg? You'd use TF potions to increase their capacity.


File: be2da056abff49b⋯.png (224.8 KB, 658x530, 329:265, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at ….png)

>trying the 98.5 build

>give a futa slave fetishes for giving anal/vaginal, receiving oral and cumming

>also give them a hatred for masturbating and other actions so they'll focus on actual sex

>let them pounce on me in the hall

>pushes me into the wall

>fingers my asshole

>gives up 75% of the way through

>"I'm just not feeling it right now"



File: 22836de2417de4a⋯.png (69.15 KB, 1253x409, 1253:409, makesense.png)


This game is quite obviously focused on npc being penetrated/used by the player, the game bot-ai is still too primitive to work properly and most of the time just short circuit itself, despite the many fixes innoxia said to have applied to the base code

On similar grounds, i have a slave that love being pregnant but hates taking vaginal, artificial insemination must be a thing, i also found a reindeer that liked anal but a few seconds after penetration her lust is gone to 18 and she stopped



>hates cumming

>hates fun

>/hgg/ has a casual meet'n'fuck with /v/.png


File: 7c6bec44d0f9d27⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.95 KB, 700x989, 700:989, 7.jpg)


There was also the fact she kept trying to hotdog me despite hating legs and if I ever stuck my fingers in my own ass before she could, she'd quit sex immediately instead of stopping me from doing it. It's honestly strange that the first scene after I added all the fetishes and hates worked fine she even ignored my request to pull out but every scene after that (~6 or so) has been the same disappointment.

I hope updating the AI is the next focus, it'll make Lilith difficulty scenarios more interesting when dominant characters can actually dominate with the fetishes they have and don't cuck themselves by starting things they hate.

>artificial insemination must be a thing

I'm hopeful that a testing chair can be added to Lilaya's lab that would let you do this (and other things) as a full interactive scene



>hates fun

which of the two were we speaking of again?



>Are you even aware of how dense I can be?

That's the problem, the whole insta-adult shit is a way to avoid putting in loli/shota.




An anal only breeder harem? I could get behind this.


File: fb6dca90c36b78a⋯.jpg (51.94 KB, 504x336, 3:2, 00dea247f541b89a932adcd19b….jpg)


>An anal only breeder harem? I could get behind this.


Anyone have the newest build?



I do. I got it from the link in OP.



Yeah, turns out compiling the game is actually eezy peezy, although I have to open it with command prompt


File: 178976e3d9088f1⋯.png (39.33 KB, 175x293, 175:293, cm1.png)


>harem of enormous dominant horseboys

>give them non-consent fetish, impregnation, cumstud etc.

>let em loose in the mansion

>one finally grabs me


>bend over, spread puss, beg for cock

>sticks his fingers in my cunt and jizzes all over himself

I am disappoint.



toppest kek. i'm impressed with the way this game makes it's NPC's into "MC of a harem anime" levels of dense when it comes to this kind of shit.



Shirou disease is a serious condition in Lilith's dimension, Anon.


File: 2edc6828c026a15⋯.gif (2.13 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 1506453273669.gif)


>max out butt-slut and pussy-slut because i actually want them to use my holes

>they only ever go for my thighs and maybe finger me

>make using thighs hated

>they just stop having sex entirely if they win


File: 1ef9c7b20cc1314⋯.png (85.54 KB, 918x440, 459:220, Legs.png)


Can't win against the leg man


More or less glanced through the topic and didn't really see anything about it, I was wondering if it's possible to change a slave's gender preference?



Finish Arthur's sidequest. He will give you an item which can be used to change NPC gender preferences.


What exactly was Zaranix asking for from Arthur? Vickie sells permenant TFs for demons, is there a more specific thing that he wants? Is is the sort of ability the player has?



Current demon TFs doesnt work like that according to the "lore" and will get changed, even innoxia's gift says that.



So to my pleasant surprise a lot of the things I discussed here were actually implemented in this patch, which is fantastic. I don't know if these are bugs, if I'm not doing it correctly, or if it's not implemented yet, but I am having some issues with a few of the fetishes. From what I have tested so far, I do not know how to build up experience naturally for certain fetishes like: "dominant, submissive, any of the cum ones, incest, cross dresser, etc".

Basically any of the fetishes that do not directly relate to a certain sex action seem to be impossible to level up. For example to level up submission I assume I would just have to either offer up my body to NPC's or buy prostitutes and select submissive sex, but neither works and it doesn't level up. I know I can max them out by using essences, but I want to be able to level them up naturally because it feels more organic and immersive. So is this just not implemented yet or am I doing something wrong? I also noticed that NPC's prefer thigh sex way too much. They can have the anal fetish but for whatever reason will always try hotdogging before anal. I really like the addition of listing off what NPC's love/like/dislike/hate in their fetish list.



Oh great, thanks!


At this point I just want to enslave Pix and leave her in total bondage gear, depriving her of her sight and sound. Further, one meal a day, not allowed to sleep, not allowed to move. I want to torture this bitch and leave her with just the bare definition of 'alive'






>non-consent fetish,

>beg for cock

I think I see the problem



man im not quite that vindictive. at this point i just want a way to turn the tables on her and have her beg me to let her get off while i pump her full of my seed.





da fuq? is there something in the new update that i missed because i'm waiting for the ez mode release?



You're thinking of the 'getting raped' fetish. He's talking about the one for raping others.


Loli, orientation rape.




I've spent the entire game being dominant. So being tricked and forced into submissive sex ain't my bag for this character. That's why I want retribution.



You can just pay her you know, the game dosen't force you to have sex with her

Still the chance to turn table on her would be nice




Fair enough



thats a bit rough, I just want to turn her into my own personal puppy-mill.



The joke is that you can't rape the willing.



I like how you're automagically made unable to fight off that attacker that's just like the hundreds of other attackers you've been maiming, raping and possibly enslaving up to that point :^)

Basically? I don't think Pix should any of this special snowflake scene shit. I think she should be treated as the common attacker that she is, and she should just be treated the same as the other common attackers instead of having this special snowflake "teehee, I automatically win. I get to rape you now ;)" shit that she has now.



Alternatively, how's this for a special scene for Pix: A scene where you kick her out of the game.




I'm not fond of Pix' shit either but there is an actual logical reason she can overpower you: Her personal training consumes 80% of your stamina, leaving you significantly weakened.

Is it still bullshit? Yes. Yes it is.


What does Lilith's Throne look like?

Do you think it's comfy to sit on?

Can we take it?



I wan't to be Lilith's dickthrone!



Likewise there is a leave option if you don't want her scene even if you have the full membership.


File: 048f46536be6005⋯.png (2.82 KB, 337x48, 337:48, Przechwytywanie.PNG)

How do you think combat will be improved?



multiple combatants like in CoCAnon's CoC :^)



My guess is more pointless stats and variables that make the garbage combat gameplay even more annoying.



This. I want to reduce her ability to offer personal training to aerobics, and I want to make her thank me for it.


But it doesn't account for anything or even give you the ability to resist. Even if you're at max height of 12 feet, max strength and build, and have a full 6 possible arms, she just manhandles you like a child. At that point, you'd be so large that if you can lift an arm you could lift her.



It's a plastic lawn chair with a bad dragon dildo glued to it


File: 3d23c9cb6f8baea⋯.jpg (71.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1432539271237.jpg)

>added missionary

>can't do anal

Damn it!



I want to hold Pix down and lick her armpits



its not just that you are weakened, but that your aura is more prone to fucking with you when you are weakened as well. same reason incubuses will happily switch sex for you.



>hold Pix down and lick her armpits

good taste, anon.



Id does break continuity with the indefatigable perk then, once your character have it, you never lose in combat unless your health reach 0, it ignore both stamina and willpower damage

If your character can still fight someone in that state and win, it should be able to fight her head on



How many people go to the gym at level 15? You're honestly just asking for it at that point.





>make her thank me for it

I'm on board with all of this. Putting a tough girl in her place makes me diamonds.



This needs to be implemented.




forced eunuch trap "loli"


Are nose hooks part of the game's wardrobe?


How do you make your cum addictive?


No but I wish they were.



Enchant any transformative potion and select the cum option (white drop)



Oh, fuck off.



Not >>162896 but do note that making your cum addictive doesn't really do a whole lot yet, sadly.



thats what you should do instead of picking pix's reward if you don't want that.


I think the reindeer sell those.


Can items be enchanted already?


File: e9ed498fdede0b8⋯.png (11.98 KB, 747x237, 249:79, If you're giving me a paiz….png)

I think that sentence should have its subjects switched.



I think it's just nose studs, I checked all the overseers and it's all they had.



>pix fucks you against your will

>go out and get swole as fuck, come back at level 15 to try and put her in her place

>lol, nope, she's still better than you



Can you do anything with Felicity, or is her stuff not yet implemented?



Outside of her one appearance she doesn't even exist in the game.



Shame, it's a bit odd that you can visit her flat but there's nothing. Kinda like that dog trainer girl that will dom you no matter what your stats are. I've hoped that you could reverse things a bit with enough of physical stats, but again, there's nothing.


update got delayed



And people thought I was crazy when I said it'd be cool to be able to enslave and/or fuck NPCs regardless of how game or event breaking it might be!



I hope that changes soon



What a “surprise“.delayed until when?


File: b822d0fad92a67a⋯.jpg (57.41 KB, 691x264, 691:264, delay.jpg)



Thanks mate



That's not too bad.

Pushing it back a single day to fix problems is fine by me.


File: 09e4da6d7d58e80⋯.jpg (142.58 KB, 800x774, 400:387, my man.jpg)


That's god tier right there.


Thoughts on a potion effect that allows mpreg?



How would that even work?



How does magic work



Put it in the ass section



Cum in dude's ass and make him pregnant? Not like the current pregnancy mechanic is super sophisticated and Jesus was an ass baby too.



How would kids going from 0 seconds old to 20 years old in ~6 seconds work?


>inb4 thegaycommunity.jpeg



This is worse than gays, these are gay furries.


File: 0bb25870918266d⋯.png (310.61 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 2vshlxy.png)



You have a shit fetish.



It's just that I don't want to give either of us a vagoo to have kids.



Your kids are going to be pathetic thugs and whores anyway.



It's time to reconcile yourself with the fact you masturbate to the same garbage fujoshits do. Do you think fujos are human?



Majority of people barely classify as human anyway



That's not the point. There are still levels of subhuman at the bottom of the barrel, and fujos have dug right through the bottom of it and into the putrid sea of shit underneath.



Why bother finding out who is at the bottom of your own subjective elitisitc meter of measuring which fetish is acceptable when you can just not give a damn.

I mean anal pregnancy won't change anything, really. As long as its implemented with an option to turn it off, its nothing to be concerned about.



I was just joking. I really don't give a shit. But I'm dead serious when I say fujoshits are subhuman, just like furries. Not really because I'm disgusted at their fetishes, repulsive as they might be, but because of their batshit insane behavior.



avoid Fujoshis and horse chicks. They are the woman equivalent to fedoras and creeps.


File: baeb16e6a041ff5⋯.png (576.69 KB, 720x720, 1:1, baeb16e6a041ff5447d74ad942….png)

File: 891ce29254d88e8⋯.webm (11.29 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Pence.webm)

File: f6722c8c5c93586⋯.jpg (173.42 KB, 318x488, 159:244, 7be59f780c38888ac081b3a2fd….jpg)


The issue is that you think taking any other stance on fucking anal pregnancy than 'Don't care' makes someone an elitist, fag.



I agree I want my cute gay slaves to carry my babies.





Why do you hate fujoshis so much?



>Why do you hate fujoshis so much?

I knew some in high school.


I can't fucking wait for preferences to control how scenes work, I'm getting sick of doms somehow working themselves to orgasm through nothing but kissing and fingering someone else.

Also, I kind of want autofellatio to make it into this, if only to force uppity Incubi to pump themselves full of their own cum



> irl gay TM here

>yall yall yall yall

>degenerates like you

wew lad

it really makes me giggle, a legit cockmonger calls some random dude with a gay fetish a degenerate and tries to act superior because 'he knows how real gay sex works'

youll get the gas chamber far before the sad schmucks with degenerate fetishes do



Well my bestie in hs was gay and that's how I got into it.


What's so different between fujoshi ideas of sex and normal weeb ideas of sex anyway, they're both pretty wrong? Lots of fujoshi are just early teen girls too who got into it from a young age and nobody expects early teens to have perfect knowledge about sex.

I like getting my character with massive loads and cum inflating some seme and imagining he's pregnant too so it's not like I can't improvise without mpreg, plus kids are a fairly minor part of the game (but having hetshit impregnation and tracking down your sons to mpreg is so good)


What the fuck is a seme?


File: f7500090cd109f6⋯.png (291.92 KB, 1051x1920, 1051:1920, b1a704739a64532ade1ae58160….png)


>i'm posting like a tumblrfag and bringing in identity politics and telling all these problematic assholes to not, like, um, objectify me???

>lmao its ok tho because this is a lewd thread



>my Final Fantasy is to stick Tifa's dicks between my tits if you know what I mean


This whole discussion aside, I kinda would like if you could give certain other orifices wombs, like anal or nipple. Maybe urethral, when it's functional.

Not because I'm interested in mpreg, but because I want to maximize the possible output of my brood girls.


Would like if the new dislike system had a bit more effect.

I tweaked my girls so they now have a fetish for having their own orgasms denied, but despise anything to do with vaginal besides the resulting pregnancy.

Yet they still get a wholly negative debuff from not cumming, and will periodically try to finger their vaginas, dropping their lust and sending them from eager to resisting.

Though thinking about it, something like that akin to thinking unsexy thoughts would be a pretty nice touch for npc's into being denied, if the resisting pace didn't pretty much assure me it was accidental.



>multiple titties




>all pumping out (potentially) clutches of offspring

absolute madman I approve



uke and seme is retard fujoshi speak for top and bottom. a seme is the bitch of the relationship



I think it's the other way around ("josou seme" is a tag for dominant traps after all)


Not yet, sadly,


Someone who fucking gets me. Hell, I'd actually prefer urethral impregnation to ass, but since only the latter can be used at the moment...




I think it comes from training martial arts or something where one person trains a technique on a partner. The receiving one is uke and the one performing it is seme. They merely used existing terms for a different thing.


File: 2a523fb3d645508⋯.jpg (174.2 KB, 763x1048, 763:1048, fujoshit in the wild.JPG)


Does it need explaining?



>Loli/Shota literally never, don't expect the creator to do it. Wait for mods.

I almost wasted my time reading this thread. Thank you.




Meant female urethral. For some reason, it can't be modified like the male urethra. But there's no urethral scenes either way, so it's probably a low priority.

If individual tit pregnancies were a thing, I'd probably give every one of my slaves maximum breast rows. (cap of 5 rows)

But for those interested in more male/futa oriented stuff, there's also prostate (which you could probably put into an otherwise female character like in free cities), testicles (cap of 8), and possibly the knot.

Udders as a separate thing distinct from breasts for relevant species could also be a thing.

So on a standard biped such as those we have now, there's space for a potential 13 wombs on pure females (before we account for varied udder types), 10 for pure males +2 if they have a knot, and 24 for optimized herms before udders.

>potentially) clutches

Of course. If you're going to this level of extremes, giving your slave broodmother should be one of your first investments.



Like birds cloaca


File: 9023d054e4ba3ac⋯.png (249.77 KB, 500x495, 100:99, 1517517118843.png)


Are we not gay now?



In the same sense that we are not furries despite fucking animal-boys/girls.

Just a whole bunch of Nile going on






File: 0cd682e7bc1eee9⋯.png (702 KB, 924x616, 3:2, 111490d811e6cc93190556f281….png)

Update so near and yet so far away.


File: 74ce89b65af4c2e⋯.jpg (93.16 KB, 640x720, 8:9, 1462938305975.jpg)


I'm legit hyped, I'm curious to see how the new stats/combat changes things up. I really want to find a nice medium between 'win forever' and 'lose everytime'

The day after the last update hit, I actually decided to do a no-fap until 1.99 came out.

At least my orgasm denial fetish made this delay easier…


File: 33fb3dcb3114316⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 404x557, 404:557, 1455818108320.gif)


yea Im really interested in combat/stat update too.

And Nyan the cinamon roll too pure for this world.



We all know Nyan will be disappointing.


File: ad9b608c59ed5f2⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 500x351, 500:351, 1508667603579.jpg)


NO! We must not lost hope!



Im too drunk to drunk








Cut that hype shit, only setting yourself up for disappointment.


File: 69bd66cd85c46d4⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1236x2200, 309:550, 1516718215019.jpg)

>no voyeur mode for slavery, where you can designate two slaves to fuck eachother

>no ability to have a blindfolded, well-hung slave who rapes others on command

>no rape dungeon to break new slaves in

Lilith you need to step your game up


Thread wasn't really derailed, and if I go and attack the actual faggot for that much, I'd have to go and salt the earth on a similar principle. Dismissing the report-spam until further notice. Polite sage.

Post last edited at


Are there any romance quests in the game? I haven't found anything



Not yet.


i've been cumming inside people for hours now how does inflation happen?



Sorry for opening that can of worms, Mr Board Volunteer



Increase your cum amount by making potions or drink a single demon potion, click phone, click transformation, click dick, click cum amount to highest, and you can inflate people with a single cum shot.


File: 00c88ae467cda73⋯.png (114.99 KB, 987x490, 141:70, 7890186166089168019.png)


By making a potion to boost your cum output beyond a teaspoon sized amount. most foodstuffs will do this 2 potions with the full 100 enchantment slots filled will max you out at 10 litres. Succubi/Incubi can just boost their output in the transformation menu to 5.5 litres.

Penis/Testicle size has no effect on the amount - you can still pump out 10L from a 0inch dick with vestigial internal testicles.



>Penis/Testicle size has no effect on the amount

u'm no biologist, but i'm pretty sure the bulk of what makes up cum is produced in some vesicle things and the prostate, so it makes sense imo



> so it makes sense imo

not in this game



Game is literally magic. Making sense is not exactly the highest priority.



how do you become a succubus without being forcibly transformed?



the item he is showing allows for such transformations for the time being. it will eventually be removed however.



>Making sense is not exactly the highest priority

Not the same guy, but size impacting production is a big part of why I like big balls. I don't care whether or not it makes sense; bigger balls producing more is important to me (might be because it creates a sense of authenticity). The way it works in CoC is great imo.



i used it but it had no effect on me other than stat boosts, still can't open the transform menu

is there anything else i need to do?


So is there any decent content in this or is it another patreon money grab?



Make sure its the yellow one, the purple one does stat boosts.

In any category(except perhaps the last 3) click the green butterfly transformation icon. add that enchant. You now have demon parts. all of the other transformation items work similarly for their respective races.



Make a potion out of it via enchanting.



There's enough to get the overall idea. Most of it is largely bare bones and unfinished. Lots of clothes tho.




oh you gotta enchant it, i see



Will check it then, thanks.


Protip on Succubus/Incubus transformations: if you're fully human you only need to add 1 Demon TF. That should give you the 'lesser (demon gender)' descriptor and the transform option should be available on your phone.


What's the quickest way to get rich I couldn't get cheat engine to work



god fucking dammit



Get a slave and make it work. Putting your essence into bottles and selling it is the second fastest.



Not yet.



One more hour or until next morning.

It should be done by then.


File: 00f482726b84556⋯.png (15.44 KB, 492x266, 246:133, Screenshot_166.png)


>saying "quote unquote" in text format where you can just use quotations

off yourself AIDS magnet

pic vaguely related



I definitely wouldn't call it a patreon money grab. Innoxia is dedicated and active and does her best to update every week.

Patrons mostly just get to vote on what Innoxia works on next and their name in the credits and a fancy title on the discord server.

Patrons also get preview builds, which anyone can already just compile for the git for free. Patrons just get it without having to compile it themselves.



Head over to the harpy nest and fight over there. each movement only costs 1 minute and the enemies are decently high level. you'll get cash,essence that can be sold for more cash,lollipops and perfume that can be sold,etc.

Max obedient slaves will also produce around 100 flames each per day which is around 1 or 2 fights, and max obedient demons can be sold for 15k but that takes a week and some transformation enchants.



There's a cheat engine for this game?






I realized you can just edit the save files easily



type "buggy"


File: 5e127eb29e79930⋯.jpg (60.63 KB, 800x762, 400:381, fugg.jpg)

>Update (22:35 GMT): The release time is looking as though it's going to be more around the 05:00GMT mark… I'll get it released before I go to bed, but it's going to be in the early hours, so don't stay up. x_x





I didn't expected anything else to happen to be honest.




Well no reasons to stay up for me. Going to sleep now



I mean, you should expect it by now, always assume it will be released 24 hours after it's stated to be released so you don't waste your time being disappointed.


File: d8e6ecdade8a5a7⋯.jpg (179.38 KB, 640x775, 128:155, 1446838425320.jpg)





>no voyeur mode for slavery, where you can designate two slaves to fuck eachother

>no ability to have a blindfolded, well-hung slave who rapes others on command

This two i would actually like



>>no voyeur mode for slavery, where you can designate two slaves to fuck eachother

How would that work? The game is purely based around your own choice pushing into the next scene.

Would it just be a "wait" command?


Update posts being written, upload is finished though



The dev is a whore for shekels by nature and I'm personally annoyed by some things in the game, particularly the furfag elements that are written in and can't be turned off, and the fact that Incubi ask me to fuck them before I transform them into Succubi.

But honestly, it's pretty great, especially once you get access to the slavery system. Succubi are a real treat. If it gets finished, it'll probably be amazing.



Order system, like Era Tohok. You kinda give them vague-ish orders and the AI carries it out. So you can experience situations without having to change your character.



File: 74781b5270ddbc5⋯.jpg (747.52 KB, 690x2965, 138:593, 0.1.99.jpg)


so is 0.2.0 when mods are going to be a thing?



Yeah, that should be when anyone can start more easily adding in their own stuff and running around with their pregmod builds or whatever



wew Nyan's not in this release who could have seen this coming?



I did.


At this point I expect for them to be delayed to 0.2.5 version.


The perk tree looks neat imo.


File: 51aa562e38d265c⋯.png (37.07 KB, 494x361, 26:19, lilithsthronenpcstats.png)

The combat has definitely improved at lower difficulties, but there's still an issue of NPC enemies swapping between attack types which makes what could have been a fair loss an easy win. Higher difficulties is still 'one-shot or get one-shot' (It also looks like stat-boosting to be able to one-shot is easier now, the NPCs don't seem to have access to the a perk tree so their stats suck, pic related). I also noticed that spells seem to bypass the damage reduction set by the difficulty, don't know if that's intended (I assume it is otherwise spells are objectively inferior to main/off-hand attacks due to seduction mechanics and how potent it is in higher difficulties) I also feel like the 'forced transformation on loss' should be actually forced and not always a choice; maybe some way to disable the spit option or give the victor a chance to hold your mouth shut. An event where an NPC who transformed you (and wasn't later beaten or shoo'd away) can ambush you on the safe tiles if you're hurt/tired would be fitting

Also, is there any info on how the 'dominant NPC refuse sex requests' works? It looked like 'pullout' was backfiring maybe 10%-15% of the time at first, but now it seems to be happening about 60% - do they tend to gain extra chance over time, or did I just hit a 'lucky' streak? Does the 'Cum Stud' fetish affect this, or is it just based on dominant/non-consent? There needs to be some kind of upper limit/speedy drain for cum inflation; getting 60L in your stomach isn't gonna wash out in the shower.

I also feel like there should be more variance in cum amounts in NPCs so that you don't have to resort to building your own in-house fire hose to see it in action. Tie it to the cum-related fetishes maybe? It should work on the public stocks too, so your slave can come home with proof they're doing their job beyond a notification in the daily overview

There is also a growing need for some kind of milking option, either a slave job, room upgrade or a location (or all of those, that works too) to actually get something out of that fetish other than the occasional titty-grab being wetter than usual. I'm also partial to nipple-sucking doing something like the cum inflation mechanic

As an extra suggestion, I wouldn't mind seeing an option that ties femininity gain/loss to the kinds of sex you're engaging in IE: having lots of dominant sex, making babies lowers it, taking loads, birthing, submissive stuff raises it. Maybe add on an adjustable cap so you can set a stopping point, or that the scale only goes to one side (IE; dominant sex won't lower femininity, but sub stuff will raise it and vice versa) Ideally, the changes could happen to genitals as well and during sex too, so you can quite literally fuck a dude so hard they'll grow a womb and mother your children.


I noticed that Fire Damage and Resist isn't available as an enchant on the drinks anymore - red drinks are all crit/physical, Harpy Perfume is seduction/virility/fertility, Lilith's Gift is corruption/poison/global and purple drinks are all spell/cold - none of them have an option for specifically Fire boosts.


So there's no way to keep my current save functional?

Because I really, really don't want to redo the massive amount of work I put into building my slaves.


What breast size do you think would be head times 2?

I'm not sure at what point it becomes grotesque



The lack of breast size descriptions really leaves it up in the air, but generally I'd go with G-H for something of that level, just by imagination,although realistically it'd depend on the band size.



I'm not sure what issue you're having with your save but exporting and importing has done the job for me when I update versions and the saves don't just work out of the box. What's snagging you?



H cup is a patrician taste.


Where the fuck is my arcane essence counter?

I have no idea how much essence I have.



inventory and enchant tab


File: 3b68dcf4843a80b⋯.jpg (14.9 KB, 388x341, 388:341, ravioli.jpg)



Nevermind I'm an idiot.

Just found it.



Yes, there aren't any items left that can boost Fire.

Dev removed a little too much.



>fuck a dude so hard they'll grow a womb

I think I saw this in some recent manga. Disgusting old fart cockmagic'd traps prostate into a womb and made him a girl.



Why are old men dongs so powerful?



Year of acquiring sexual powers as salarymen.


File: 8ca328a86d428eb⋯.gif (911.85 KB, 291x316, 291:316, archmagepepe.gif)


They are celibate until 30 whereupon they gain their magic powers.

They then use their newly attained magic to enslave MILFs, lolis, high-school girls, and traps to their cock.


File: 8434bc7da471658⋯.png (151.1 KB, 500x610, 50:61, 8434bc7da471658720f59db45d….png)


you have peaked my interest. Sausage?



What all can grow antennae? It seems whenever I try that potion option on someone it fails.



>What all can grow antennae?

Nothing at the moment.

You need to wait for insect-morphs to be implemented in game.



Oh, alright then. Seems odd to have the option then. I'll have to wait on bee-girls, I suppose.



Game's extremely unfinished right now. It might be a good idea to wait a few months and then check it again.


>create a female with gigantic proportions and get fucked by everyone

>create a male with gigantic proportions and fuck everyone

>fill all rooms with slaves

>see all fetish related events

>done the quests

anything left for me to explore in the game?



>anything left for me to explore in the game?

Right now?




>Not having well hung slave rape you while they think its just another slave



>not kidnapping someone to have them gangraped by horny fuckslaves you've kept frustrated for days while you have a half-dressed catgirl give you oral



have you exported and then bought every character in the game into your slave holdings?



>washing cum out

i heard there is supposed to be an upper limit of ~50ml washed out per shower. that might be one of the bugs.


>import every character

does this mean you can have kate as a slave? or the maids in what's his face's apartment? or alexa? if so, my dick may just be diamonds.



Basically can't access slave management screens, the mansion map, other stuff.

Do full game exports actually still work? Or would I have to meticulously export over every individual slave I have, then edit them back to account for the many variables that the game doesn't carry over, like them being related and other such things?



Still working on testing it, but I've exported every one of them.





I don't even remember who they are.


File: c7ffc8f8bb68bf4⋯.jpg (76.95 KB, 641x360, 641:360, obedience maxed - time to ….jpg)


Kate runs the cosmetics store and Alexa is the harpy that enslaves Scarlett and takes over the slave-trading business. I guess it's easy to forget names when you spend more time building a breeder harem than actually leaving the house to go questing.



Actually quests are the only thing I care about. Slave management is ultimately a repetitive chore. It's just that I talked to Kate exactly once and Alexia has about as much lines as other harpy matriarchs, minus getting to dom and fuck her so I just forgot about her.



I feel you on the questing, especially since there's so few and it's the only reason to leave the house once your slaves are generating positive income. I will say that doing Zaranix's quest was the most entertaining when I forced him to have a vagina and later ran into a child of mine born from 'Zoenix'



to be fair, the game isn't really stuffed with story/quest content

so it's kinda the only thing you can actually do atm



Same here, changed everything but forgot to give him boobs. It was a bit awkward when I realized he was one hundred percent feminine succubus, save for having a man chest.




On what basis? Only of those reveling in overindulgence.


the hell is ribbing/internally ribbed



Ever see a ribbed condom? Me either but I imagine it's like that.


File: 3aa3ee736b1f0e8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 14.15 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Image.png)


Highly realistic illustration related.

trust me, I'm a Chad gynocolomagist-scientist


It's just me or the active traits resets after every save load?



Known issue, not just you. It was reported on the blog already. Bug is scheduled for termination on the next release.



oh, but wouldn't that be the same thing with barbed?



His drawing is shit. Ribbed is a bunch of small bumps and barbs are pricks around the tip.



>His drawing is shit.

Why would you go on the internet and be mean? As a highly acclaimed artist, I'm really hurt by this.

>barbs are pricks around the tip.

Where's the tip on the inside of a vagina?



>where's the tip on the inside of a vagina?

The clit?


File: fc2f4cf44e0daa0⋯.jpg (139.37 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, condoms.jpg)

File: b07d8fa8e81919f⋯.jpg (18.69 KB, 280x320, 7:8, male-cat-penis-spines.jpg)


you are shit

ribbed is stripes

barbed is spikes

barbed doesn't have to be the tip, cats have the shaft barbed to stimulate female ovulation



Thanks for the cat penis anon.



wow, their penis looks like an anteater's nose



snout* I feel like there's an /sp/ meme about that


File: 07ca141cf6d30b0⋯.webm (433.09 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1416120547765.webm)


Good times


So I know with the new fetish system that you can naturally level your fetishes and for the most part it's working. I'm wondering if it's just not implemented yet or if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out how to level certain fetishes. Mainly any of the more passive ones; Submissive, Dominant, Masochist, Sadist, Cum addict, etc. Is it just not implemented yet? If it is how would I go about naturally leveling Submissive. I have tried using prostitutes and paying for submissive, I have also tried submitting before combat, neither work. Anyone know?




elephant shrew



You just pick the relevant pace in sex and hope the NPC you're fucking is pitching what you're trying to receive.


>NPCs have been told to reign in their obsession with self-actions.

Kind of disappointing to hear. I actually find it endearing when my succubus slave-girls keep pushing their tail into their mouth, ass or pussy when I'm trying to fuck them. They generally stop after a few 'stop partner' actions.

I think it gives them character. What I'd really like to see implemented is a filter list of words used for genitalia. Some of the words used really make my dick soft.


Is there a way to get slaves piercings?



Send them to Kate.



I assumed it had to do with Kate, but how so you send them?



In the slave list menu.



yeah i was bummed about that. first thing i did after first getting that scene was sett out to max my stamina, it reduces it to the point of no resistance no matter what. i'm dominating doms is my fetish



Is this new to the new release?

Sorry if I'm retarded, just don't see how.



I think it was added last patch, not this one, but just go into the slave list and it's the little icon that looks like lipstick and nail polish, right below the button to manage a slave's inventory. If it's greyed out than you haven't actually met Kate yet so go poke your head in and say hi.


File: 82f69d548d7532b⋯.png (2.24 KB, 696x152, 87:19, Arthur is.PNG)

Arthur is? Arthur is what? Tell me I need to know!



male human who managed to get Lilaya angry at him to end of his/her life by NTR'ing her with her own mother and survive.



Well, Lilaya was NTRing him with Rose so..



He just is.


Dominant NPC's has always been finicky in this game but I feel like the last couple of patches have made it really fucked up. Mainly anal fetish. When trying to play submissive PC, I have noticed that NPC's will prioritize pretty much any penetrating fetish over Anal.

I did some testing, played as a character without a vagina because I know NPC's will prioritize vaginal sex 9 out of 10 times, even if it's not their main fetish. If the NPC does not have anal or any fetish relating to penetrating, they will almost always chose thigh sex or hot dogging over anal. If they do have the anal fetish, they will 100% of the time chose anal fingering instead of actual anal sex. Even if you stop the action, they will just do it again over and over. I think this issue is happening because anal fingering is also part of the anal fetish and I remember Innoxia making code so that early on during sex they would prefer foreplay like fingering, then switch to penetration. I think that's part of whats causing the issue.

Whatever the case may be, as of right now playing a submissive buttslut is pretty much impossible unless you have a huge fetish for anal fingering, which I don't, so it completely ruins it. I know some people enjoy them but the additions of hotdogging and thighsex has been nothing of a burden to my playthroughs because NPC's are absolutely obsessed with those 2 fetishes and self penetration. The AI needs some serious work, hopefully it is addressed sooner rather than later.

I would just combine the fetishes. For example hot dogging is the intro stage to anal sex, where the character can continue hot dogging or advance it to the next stage by shoving their wiener into anus. Same can be done with Thigh sex by making it the intro to vaginal sex. I don't think they should be unique fetishes.



Also I forgot to mention that I'm aware that when being submissive in a sex scene there is an action the PC can do to force anal sex, but the whole idea of doing that completely ruins the entire purpose of playing submissive, it makes no sense.

The PC is being submissive and letting the NPC take control, but when it comes down to it the PC is the one to take charge and back their ass up into the NPC's cock to start anal sex, that would be a Dominant action and it ruins immersion. The entire purpose of playing submissive is because you want the NPC to take control of the scene, the loss of control is the point and as of right now it's impossible to be a submissive buttslut. Also that option is only available when PC willingly submits before the battle even begins, it's not possible to do it from a lost battle.




Clearly, we need to bring harmony by gender bending Arthur, then impregnating her, Rose, and Lilaya's mother. Then maybe Lilaya herself, after she uses her mouth to clean everyone up.


File: 8b0bbe2ba2bb132⋯.jpg (28.52 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 1518278664021.jpg)


That sounds like a good idea to me.



To make sub sex fun you would have to have the ai take into consideration both their fetishes and the players.

In non-con sub sex you could have the ai then tease the parts the player likes but never commit to the action.

I foresee problems arising when the ai and pc (sub) have conflicting fetishes during consensual sex.

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