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File: adf732340b049fb⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, adf732340b049fb543bfd5a80c….jpg)


Download links to the main releases (Start here if you're new):


General Pastebin:


About the Translation:

Anyone can help with the translation project - ask about it on Discord.

We use machine translators to get the meaning, and transcribe it into English.

Basic reference for era code:


Discord Chat:


Git repository:


*You need an account. Here's a throwaway you can use:

era / eraeraera

EraMegaten Guide



-Specify the game that you're talking about

-Check the FAQ section of the pastebin first

-Please report any bugs. Save files often help.

-If you cry about NTR being removed it isn't because its censorship, your taste is just garbage

-"Learn how to use git or get the fuck out" spag 2018

Previous threads:



File: fccdf365462ec49⋯.png (170.66 KB, 900x1951, 900:1951, self impreg.png)

So in eratohok I apparently got drunk enough to go fuck myself. I'm okay with this.


File: e2a97bf029e60c0⋯.jpg (71.95 KB, 798x797, 798:797, 28166623_586646511678955_7….jpg)


Taking "go fuck yourself" to a whole new level.



you didn't simply fucked yourself

you literally impregnated yourself

i just want to imagine, the day she'll have a talk with her doctor

and the guy ask her who's the father, and she simply answer: "i was too drunk, can we have a bloodtest?"


why fairies in eraMegaten will joy being onahole?

Also when you swith after sex with a famale partner she can do same actions.


File: 89b8d89f716c372⋯.png (4.93 KB, 1196x115, 52:5, 112233.png)

Oh god, please no!


>Also when you swith after sex with a famale partner she can do same actions.

You mean Vsex and Asex? They become available if you bought a strap-on



sure it's a strap. thanks for a notice


where can i get more untranslated era games?


File: 46e80dda0101865⋯.png (52.08 KB, 1132x453, 1132:453, ss (2018-02-26 at 12.07.25….png)

have a good day


File: 89729dde9bdfc30⋯.png (34.62 KB, 300x300, 1:1, WcURZji.png)



The $5 tier of my patreon gives you access to untranslated eragames that I've imported from Japan.



where's the patreon link though


It's in the sidebar on the eragames subreddit, where most of the discussion is held.



There's a subreddit?



Yes, but the real discussion is found at resetera and chatango. Not sure what that anon is talking about in regards to the subreddit shit.


The issue with MaouEx isn't solved by using a git client, it's solved by setting core.autocrlf to true or otherwise converting all newlines to CRLF (unix2dos or whatever you want). If you can't get it to work delete the folder, set –global core.autocrlf to true, clone the repo, and set it back to whatever it was when you're done. You can also set it locally to true for that repo so it doesn't break on updates.

The repo itself should be converted to CRLF since the game is not functional with only LF. No idea why that's the case for this one in particular since I see LF in other repos without problems.


Pastebin is kidna old.

EratohoK has been more updated and translated recently? Last time I tried to play it I gave up because most events I triggered were in Japanese… And thus I had no clue what was going on. (because stuff happened like changing country entirely, imprisoning people I wanted free, or freeing people I wanted in prison, and so on)



>The repo itself should be converted to CRLF since the game is not functional with only LF.

Thanks for the information. I'll start converting the repo, we'll see if that resolves the download issue.


Get your downloads from the git. There's a free use account listed in the OP; use that one as it has access to download all de games, as far as I know. Something like 99% of the eratohok events are translated by this point, and the few that aren't are disabled-by-default cuckshit iirc.



I remember hearing someone wanted to mod EraTohok. Is that still a thing?



Converted the repo to CRLF and downloads from GitGud appear to be working now. Thanks again anon.


File: e94dd7ac4df131e⋯.png (2.01 KB, 152x225, 152:225, you really think someone w….png)

>decide to try out eratohoK

>become lovers with Doremy because she seems cute

>invited onto a date

>it's an Undertale reference

The game's still fun as shit, but that seemed so out of place.



Was it? I thought it was a generic dating sim thing.



Yeah, it's almost word for word the date with Papyrus.


File: 516947a8369ed6d⋯.gif (498.99 KB, 245x188, 245:188, Red Button.gif)


File: 9a3f3e0ed3349cc⋯.png (32.68 KB, 245x300, 49:60, get the rope.png)


>it's an Undertale reference

Okay, whoever is responsible better fess up.



Ask the Japanese.



Obviously two nukes weren't enough.



Nagasucky my balls.


File: 6243c46d2dabad0⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1519357508933.jpg)


The date battle is the worst character event so far. No idea who the fuck had the brilliant idea of adding it or even translating it.



Don't forget to disable the Netoraremi events.


File: 8de19de4871c1cc⋯.png (107.35 KB, 900x1443, 300:481, Lustful Night.png)


>you literally impregnated yourself

It's great.

In other news, tonight I learned that this event is different when done with your daughter instead of a loving 2hu (yes she is my selfcest daughter).



it even has two variations - one of if the kid actually likes you and one if s/he doesn't.

i've always wondered if there was a similarly special version of that event for siblings or parents.



I'll have to keep that in mind on my next run, though how would you get a sibling? Have someone else impregnate your 2hu mommy?



just tried it. sadly there doesn't seem to be anything special for siblings/parents


I don't even know which stats effect pregnancy chance in eratohok but there is one thing that is for certain… Clownpiece has the most powerful sperm in the touhou world.


File: f6b6bbcea07b13c⋯.jpg (15.25 KB, 314x160, 157:80, 2134535123153123.jpg)


So I noticed theres some events not on the event page that are translated.(like the recently discussed ntrmi event).. Did someone just not update the notepad that comes with the git? Is there any other events that are not mentioned there that are fully functional and translated?



me thinks the reason is in event name


In TW is Hakurei Shrine the safest starting point?

I tried starting in Marisa forest and crashed soon after , while doing it in Scarlet mansion caused an infinite loop with a character.

i find Hakurei map the most confusing to navigate



>while doing it in Scarlet mansion caused an infinite loop with a character.

That's odd; I normally start in SDM without any issues.


File: 662a0ac2f1119b3⋯.png (33.29 KB, 750x785, 150:157, ss (2018-02-26 at 09.37.30….png)


turning whore to futa in EraMegaten is a good way to do a whole things. Game say about 8x C+V+A+B ecstasy bonus but in a fact it's just x1 V exp



That logic stinks. Like.. Oh no ntr. Lets remove all traces of the event from the event requirements notepad but keep it in the game fully translated so people who hate it can find it whether they want to or not. But I think that answers my question-was the only one not added to eventlist. Ok.



We're just doing them a service by cucking them out of their content. It's exactly what they want, isn' it? :^)

You've also been told, time and time again, that you're more than welcome to create a separate git where you can have all the cuckery in the game. However, due to general consensus, NTR will remain untranslated or removed to avoid having a ton of moonrunes lying around that nobody, or in this case the majority, wants. So either you take up the mantle as NTRanslator or be a good little boy and watch everyone else have fun. Also, lastly, yes there are a bunch of others tumors that has been removed from eraTohoK.



Bless you guys for purging the game of the cuck cancer.



>literally can't hide shit behind options

It's almost as if you're retarded.



There is an option. It's called "Fucking do it yourself then". You don't need the translators to tell you that. But who are we trying to kid here? You little cuckboys are so useless your fantasy is having people leave ya for someone better! Of COURSE you can't do it yourselves.


File: 0ecb5ff1237d8c3⋯.jpg (47.46 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, You Should Fucking Pass Aw….jpg)


>"everyone that knows censorship is retarded is a cuck!"

And why would I do your job in your place? Learn to do your job properly instead.



Read the OP, faggot.

You can cry censorship all you want, but there's no excusing shit taste.



No one likes NTR, and you are a cuck in the proper sense of the word.


File: 061e164a9d6a90e⋯.jpg (45.69 KB, 500x406, 250:203, Disappointment (43).jpg)


>some random retard is ignoring censorship that means censorship is ok




On one hand I don't give a shit about the content being removed because it's NTR, but on the other I don't want some chucklefuck deciding shit for me. Aren't the removed events hidden behind an option? Or did they stop doing that? So long as it's easily accessible(a toggle or whatever) and not completely removed then I don't see why anyone would really care.


File: 478a72caa067687⋯.png (5.46 KB, 700x113, 700:113, 39e3d0bff72da403923b936064….png)


>Aren't the removed events hidden behind an option?

Yes. The option is still in the settings menu, and I haven't seen anything else removed since they were moved there. This all started because a text file for convenience wasn't updated to include every NTR event. The events are still in the game.



>or removed

Isn't a good way to put it then. Unless someone's lying of course.


File: 0846620cef9d987⋯.png (46.22 KB, 1164x472, 291:118, 95489490324906304.png)


It happens almost every thread, anon. Literal cucks from Fag95 will bitch about NTR not being put on a pedestal, and some shitposter will take advantage of the moment to say "We translators are removing all of the NTR and there's nothing you cucks can do to stop us!" The thread promptly devolves into ntr/censorship chaos, meanwhile the translators probably aren't even reading it.


File: 7976e29fd5e0541⋯.gif (794.41 KB, 500x251, 500:251, I Expect Nothing.gif)


Cuckoldry should be censored and any who enjoy it should wear a green hat to let everyone know who they are. Just like in the old days when a man found out his wife was cucking him.



Just remove the NTR shit and be done with it. The more clearly it is stated that cucks are not welcome the less they will bother humans.


File: 26df71b2bc6e08f⋯.png (68.42 KB, 239x254, 239:254, 19ebefbb888dda0fdb204a8118….png)

Why are we even arguing about the NTRsubhumans like their opinions count? Just do what you have to do and ignore them. Its not like they have any real influence on the game whatsoever.



Because, like the vermin they are, they can't stop whining the rest of humanity looks at them with absolute disgust and wants them eradicated.


>censorship is okay so long as I don't like the thing being censored

Wew, you fags are walking the same line as SJWs. Censorship shouldn't be accepted at all, and besides the ntr shit wasn't even removed so why are we even having this conversation agin?


File: faadc565f581867⋯.png (197.65 KB, 389x365, 389:365, 1519359213639.png)


Because you tards jump to conclusions at the slightest mention of NTR content not being translated, crying "muh censorship" and words I'm assuming you have no idea how to properly use.

No one on this general, or even board likes your kind, and yer you insist on forcing the NTR shit down everybody's throat and then whine and cry when people push back.

Go to one of Fenoxxo's forums if you want to discuss degeneracy, we dont want your kind here.


Another NTR shitstorm? While it hasn't been a day yet I think this argument has occurred so many times in these threads that any further conversation will just be repeating the same stuff over again.

Any further conversation on this topic of NTR will result in a ban and post deletion for a period of time.

Post last edited at



Fucked up vol trip.


Does anyone know if progress is still being made on boatsluts?


File: fdc868d52fa25f9⋯.gif (299.9 KB, 480x311, 480:311, I love you.gif)




This should go for both sides though. It's not even the first time you fags say you'll do this but you never actually deliver.


File: c649ce2e27e92de⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Extremely Fucking Dead.jpg)

Pic related is my dick right now. Good God /hgg/ how did I not find out about Erahok sooner? I've been jerking off for the last 20 hours straight, my dick is literally scarlet red and I'm still cumming like a horse!

You gotta love those games that specifically hit your fettish man, because they're rare as fuck - especially if you're into /ss/.


Which Touhous would you say have the best events in Tohok?

Alice/Alice Doll one is bucket cumming, who else?



Depends on what you like really. If you want Waifu material Kagerou is basically all love-dovey. There is also an event with Sanae in which two others will literally tell you to hurry up and fuck her if you're in a relation with her i think. If you're in a relation with Sanae and two others in the same faction (Can't remember their name) they will confront you and question if you can even handle all of them. (Of course you fucking can.)

If you want more personality, Remilia and Sakuya has a lot of content with dialogue and such, although it ain't translated. Even an event in which if you make Remilia submit, Sakuya will also. I believe I've heard Kogasa and Ellen had translated dialogue, but don't tkae me 100% on that.





Doremy aldo has a lot of shit and s3x dialougue but its mostly not translated.



There is a event with aya if i remember right, if you slave her she will go and capture hatate for you if she is wandering i think, its both funny and hot.


I just played 90% of the era games and I want more are there any other games like these?



How good is your Japanese?




Still what do you have I can try.



If you want to dig through the Japanese era threads on their board, there's a bunch of games that haven't been added to the gitgud group. Nothing particularly huge or it would also be on their uploader, but there's shit out there.


Does anyone know the requirements for satoris Mind Rape event in eratohok? I can't seem to trigger it even with cheats. Also what does it even entail?



Events are described in character event.txt.

It should be in your eratohok folder.



I think there must be a hidden requirement or I wouldn't have asked- Tried many things to get it to trigger through the requirements the notepad lists. no big deal though- just wondering what kind of event it was. I assume she sexes you through giving you a vision?.. would that effect virginity statuses?



>wondering what kind of event it was

You get Satori so turned on so hard with your character lewd thoughts that she becomes turbo slut and rides your dick while Satori is a pure maiden.

>Satori(61) -Mind Rape(5%)-virgin, no relationship, player has penis and 8+ desire

Requirements would take a while and probability of event to happen is rather low.


Got my male character drunk, somehow wound up in a reverse-rate scene in a barn as two horses took turn riding cowgirl style, and whispered a thank you for the meal

Zeus would be proud


File: 0fb3bcbb0f2946e⋯.png (8.63 KB, 610x243, 610:243, Emuera-Anchor_2018-03-01_1….png)

What's it mean by special events? Can I somehow enable those? I see I can enable pregnancy.



Just check settings- events can be enabled in content settings, daily events, character events tab



ignore me im retarded.

Thought that was for eratohok


what game can i fuck zombie??



tohoK. Since Yoshika is technically one, you sick fuck.



what version are you using?



I erased it in a rage fit, but it was the one that is in the pastebin.

>eratohoK Tr73



>He likes ancient history


File: 25c3ac9174920d2⋯.gif (3.83 MB, 395x482, 395:482, 1507229247926.gif)


Holy shit dude, thats one hell of an antique you got there.


File: dc94dc78231bd1e⋯.png (308.22 KB, 579x564, 193:188, 1504671962332.png)



H-hahahaha, i-i just realized i-i made a mistake. p-please move along, t-there is nothing to see here.


Do kids in tohoTW do anything, like they do in tohoK, or do they just drain you of 250 yen a day?



eraMegaten as well.



They eventually leave and I think they send money back?



You could just turn off all events aside from Satori's if you want it that badly.


What's the requirements for patchi's darling children and sanae's repopulating genso events in TOHOK?



Not in EraTW.


They weren't added to character list on git, so I don't know.



They cuck you out of money because YAY CHILD SUPPORT. Never played for long enough to see if they grow up and send back money though.


In eraMegaten, is there any way to heal broken?




Eventually they send money back, but not very often or consistently. Two of my children sent back 10000 once every couple months but I think the rest have just been "please pay more attention to mom"


eraMegaten: does anybody know where to find an Undine, no matter where I look, I can only find Chibi-Undines



Just fuse two female Yomas to get one. They could also appear in Sea Arc hotel but I am sure, it uses your compendium entries to generate encounters in that area.



that worked, thank you


>>Recorded the Video ' Lovely High School Girl Rape Trap '.

>>The video has an estimated value of ¥178.

>>Please decide what to do with the video recording.

>>[0] - Sell

>>[1] - Leave to assistant

This is a video about literally nothing but innocently relaxing with a girl



It's called marketing you fucking retard




yeah i highly doubt it, i bet it's some non-consensual handholding shit

fucking degenerate scum, desperate people who pursue such acts can pay a lot for it


Played a handful of these games including EratohoK, LiG & TW, anyone got any suggestions that would be worth a try?






The only other game with a good amount of translation is eraSumireTeru. It also has pretty pictures, but it's only Female/Female or Futa/Female, Futa/Futa, though if that tickles your fancy it's a good game. Just about everything else only has most/some of the menus translated so you can at least navigate them with a few having no translation whatsoever. If you want a simple list of suggestions I'd say…

>eraSumireTeru - Girl-of-Girl mostly, but pretty pictures and a passable story.

>eraSQN - Summon/Capture various creatures to train. Quite a lot of dialogue although untranslated.

>eraYMAEM - Besides maybe eraMegaten it most likely has the most content of all the games of the Git. Unique dialogues and a lot of possible actions and events.

>eraMaou - Fun little Dungeon Keeper type game. Defend your dungeon while you break bitches and bros while also conquering the land.

>eraMegaten - Japs wanted to fuck stuff from the Shin Megami Tensei / Persona games while also having the combat from those games. Absolutely MASSIVE game with more GAME than lewds honestly.


File: 98df23597a135dd⋯.jpg (11.81 KB, 350x300, 7:6, 26907695_943109935838990_3….jpg)

>Date girl

>I'm just an ugly fairy man

>She still loves me after some time

>Expected a terrible thing to happen and she leave, but she confesses to me instead

This hurts


In eratoho K is there anyway to edit character's relations.

Like making custom sibling or parents?


Which one of these games are most translated aside from Tohok?




Did you play Mahjong with Teru lately? If that doesn't help you probably need to advance the going out line further, then play Mahjong again.


File: 9feab6243eb1135⋯.jpg (44.85 KB, 534x537, 178:179, djeetamiserablemist.jpg)

What are some sources for the 3 Abnormal XP for Lewdness in eraSumireTeru? As suggested, masturbating on camera gave +1, but I want to find another two that don't make Teru hate me. Taking virginity with a toy produces a hatemark (and I think I might have run into some under-the-hood numbers comedy because it produces like 5 digits of stamina damage for the "brink of death" cutscene no matter what I try), and I'm pretty sure stuffing mahjong tiles into her pussy is a virginity-taker too.

I'd like to find another +2 Abnormal XP to enjoy a happy-go-lucky yuri ending if at all possible.



any games with yandere content? just finally started getting into era games



YMAEM has a yandere mode. The girl will get jealous and stab you to death.



Anal mahjong tiles, inflicting a lot of pain, lactation, urinating on a video/on accident, electrodes, showing a tentacle, urethral insertion, quadruple/quintuple orgasm, Teru jizzing as a futa, and dying/resurrection. From what I can tell, that's more or less everything that gives abnormal exp that doesn't take her virginity.

And on the virginity note, you try getting her lubrication up? From what I remember, I only saw ridiculous numbers when she was dry.


Is the eramegaten translation dead

on top of that is Eramegaten abandoned by the nips?



For now, yes.

No, but because of the mess Megaten is, we only apply their cumulative updates, which are released every couple months or so.


File: 78efd125bc58a40⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 415x266, 415:266, 1394120169941.jpg)

Anyone have a download to the latest translated version of eraGVT?



Thanks kindly, the electrode and urination did the trick.

>hint-girl has no help for me about Teru's sister

FUCK. What am I missing here? No action I take seems to open up anything new before the 10 days end.



Whatever is translated is on the git. Check the OP, it has everything that is translated/slated to be translated.

I wish more more of the other games had debug/cheat menus like tohoK and TW. It makes setting up fetish stuff possible. I swear some of these games have progression expected in the dozens to hundreds of hours. I would expect the japs working on them to have a debug menu for testing, unless they really are that masochistic.



Try getting the last commit before spaghetti unfucked the code, that one should have maximum translation.

GVT was a weird kind of fun, I liked the part where repeatedly breeding tentacle DNA into your roster over several generations yields some kind of super soldier mahou shoujos.


File: 6127c2df574cda7⋯.gif (42.33 KB, 373x277, 373:277, 1523f582-9783-4ef4-8cdd-6b….gif)


>I would expect the japs working on them to have a debug menu for testing, unless they really are that masochistic.



File: 83ae03c7fdf967e⋯.jpg (134.62 KB, 650x568, 325:284, ancient-aliens.jpg)


>For now

Well that's better than being completely dead. As long as it resumes eventually i'm a happy SMTfag. It's a pretty cool game and I was quite blown the fuck out to even see it has characters from the TRPGs that I didn't even know existed.

Also if it's not dead I find it kind of strange that the skill Pierce doesn't exist in the game seemingly. The Jap wiki for it as well is really incomplete to boot.

Also switching over to my Cyber Sleuth soundtrack gets me thinking: there wouldn't happen to be an EraDigimon would there?


File: 96cb2575df1cb1c⋯.jpg (17.48 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 1513606361463.jpg)


underrated post



>there wouldn't happen to be an EraDigimon would there?

There isn't.

I only saw someone on /hgdg/ making something similar to era game but with pokemon.

Dev didn't posted any demo yet, but dev said it should out at end of this month.



> I find it kind of strange that the skill Pierce doesn't exist in the game seemingly.

I found Pierce only in two characters: glasses Homura (U-U) from Madoka Mod and Hasebe the Fiend from the Amala Labyrinth (which you can't recruit or summon). At least, it is not a unique skill and there is no problem with skill carding it.

Jap wiki is very outdated, like 2012 outdated.


File: d1b440192b99e03⋯.png (20.73 KB, 1196x796, 299:199, secondlaps.png)


Damn that would've been so cool.


On a Madoka character and some unobtainable demon? Yeesh. It's not on the Gaea Magatama so that's super weird. Debilitate is another thing I can't seem to get. I mean like I have a Rangda in my Compodium that has it registered but when I summon it Debilitate just up and disappears from its skill list. What's up with that? While we're sort of talking about Nocturne too: how the fuck do you clear the second Kalpa. IIRC there's supposed to be a guy who shows you a wall is fake so you can get into a passage way up above but there's nobody down here and all the doors are locked


File: 6cad382429c6a72⋯.png (39.71 KB, 2116x422, 1058:211, k2.png)


I do not remember all details, but try this route.


File: a9c21d3fc3f7197⋯.jpg (33.82 KB, 387x547, 387:547, SMT20XX.jpg)

I just finished the 20XX route in eraMegaten. Was a pretty good storyline all around, and the ending was pretty cool. It was quite enjoyable to see the protagonist coldly planning his betrayal of the Phantom Society and the murder of Metatron and Mara. I could take or leave the Ain waifuing though, she didn't seem that special to me when I'm already fucking Mayone, the Femifiend and Mitsuru.


";I rewrote this because the original was fucking stupid" eratohok in an event file.

You really appropriate yourself the game aren't you



Once more, but in English please.



Which event file?



Just search for ";I rewrote this because the original was fucking stupid", it's not that hard




L 177

But if It's rewrote here It can be everywhere too, like the censorship bullshit you modify everything you don't like? It's no longer a translation heh.


File: 101a71096345508⋯.png (752.44 KB, 997x540, 997:540, 1 2.png)


Aye, this here in lies the rub. And it tastes terrible. Terrible rub, you don't put this on meat.

That said, NTR shit can be ignored in translation efforts or otherwise removed. Fuck any of you degenerates otherwise. I will throw you from helicopters if I need to. However, the moment you change the theme of an event to fit your own worldview - just fucking write your own goddamned scene, you fucking retard - I will throw you not only from a helicopter, but into a volcano.



It was a while since I last used notepad++.


Find in files only found that one example.


Don't forget to shot him before throwing him out, while you are at it.




Fuck you pocketshitter, learn english first if you want to talk shit.


File: 1b83ff5ff7ca81d⋯.png (16.81 KB, 1315x255, 263:51, 13143647765.png)


File: 532de7b9e960f04⋯.png (74.65 KB, 1229x723, 1229:723, errors.png)

Trying to run eramegaten, get a whole bunch of errors when I start it that quickly disappear, then this when I go to start a new game. Any ideas? I've tried messing with locale and that doesn't change anything.



Are you using Japanese locale?



That's my system locale, I've tried with English and it doesn't work either.


File: b6c10a89ed486d7⋯.png (83.03 KB, 1206x698, 603:349, errors2.png)

Here's the first set of errors that comes up.



What are some other routes worth doing?



Hear hear, purge all NTR cancer.





I'd like to point out that some event just are "fucking stupid" though, like how the millionaire event needed a massive overhaul to not be completely stupid. I won't pretend to know what was changed about this event in particular, but I still stand by the fact that too many events don't take enough into consideration and lack vital options. They exist in their own little bubbles separate from the rest of the game and only serve to make it harder for me to enjoy it when an event "just happens" without any input from the player or care for the various stats and traits that make up the characters involved.

It is somewhat jarring when some of the events "just happen" without any rhyme nor reason. As someone who didn't know shit about 2hus before this thread came up, I'm just baffled at how easy it apparently is for randos to overpower and rape the supposedly god-like entities in this game.



The anon doesn't have a serious complaint about the event. That event was edited almost a year ago and no one gave a shit. No one even knows if any of these translations are accurate or just total fanfiction-tier replacements. But it never fails that in every thread, an absolute ESL anon will stop by to nitpick a perceived slight from days long gone in tohoK (and never the other 30+ games) in an attempt to stir up the censorship debate again. And people fall for it. Every. Time.



From what I recall of the event pre-fix (of the little attention I gave it) and from what I've heard people talk about there were only for options: 1. cuck yourself for money 2. tell him to fuck off 3. kill him 4.capture him and ransom him for money (with a subtext of "who the fuck would pay for the release of this greasy fatass?") The fourth option would lead to him escaping and kidnapping your waifu and turning her into a cumslut causing you to recieve messages of how you're getting cucked every turn because your waifu is such a slut now. Unfortunately the third option was mislabeled and was also the fourth option.


The constant profile changes on the git are really making me laugh. Shit just gets more & more retarded.



The event was fine, the only annoying part was that 3 and 4 would automatically fail even if you were the very best at combat. I mean, you have the antagonist factions, which can also steal your waifu and give you NTR shit every turn and so can another faction capture your waifu. Same criticism goes for antagonist factions though, there really should be a way to block their auto-capture abilities.




Your file encoding, is like, fucking fucked. You did use "download as zip" option, right? That fucks the thing up sometimes. Pull from the git directly.



>Same criticism goes for special antagonist factions though, there really should be a way to block their auto-capture abilities.

You only can turn off rape events for these.


Does anyone know how to get to Roppongi? I can only find the red light district.



In Shinjuku choose Amane's route and beat Beldr.

In Colloseum beat Four Heavenly Kings and Six Checkmans.

After all of this, you will unlock Six Stars route in which you must clear six dungeons in the row. The first one would be Shibuya dungeon. Roppongi is the 4th dungeon.

Clear Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Ueno to get there.



>In Shinjuku choose Amane's route and beat Beldr.

Ah, that's what the problem was. I guess I fucked up by going with my gut and telling the Messians to go fuck themselves.



I am retarded, how do I do this?


Is the Masakados Magatama in eraMegaten?




Megaten is actually one of the games that we don't normally have to recommend that people use a git client for; the zip download usually works fine. But your encoding does seem to be messed up, and this is the fastest way to resolve that without a walkthrough.



Thanks a lot, friend, this worked. Sorry for being retarded.


So I've been experimenting with save editing in EraMegaten, and so far I've found out how to change:



A character's Stamina/Willpower

and Combat Stats

I wanted to see what It took to beat Margret in that one special event, but she appears to absorb everything, So I was kinda stuck there doing no damage despite my near infinite stats, and Margret couldn't deplete my near infinite health pool. Any idea if this event is just straight-up uncompletable?



>Any idea if this event is just straight-up uncompletable?

No. I didn't got that far in eramegaten. I stopped playing it at lvl 40 areas.



>that feel when I didn't go over that tile in the first picture because the game showed it as a normal tile and I just walked away from it

I've been taken on a ruse cruise and I feel retarded

Thanks my dude. I would've been lost forever


If Margret is anything like Elizabeth then according to the Wiki Elizabeth takes your highest leveled characters stats and adds a +10 to them so if there's something like that in effect that may be why you can't beat her.



If that's the case, I feel like she'd be doing more damage than 9999999-ish. I know it's possible to do more damage than that, my character on the opening turn of the fight always lands the hit, and heals like 1038017486359478634 or something absolutely absurd like that. I guess I shuffle some more numbers around in the save file. None of these integers are labeled, so it's kinda just trial and error here.


File: e95ed400fd9c453⋯.jpg (125.89 KB, 1024x963, 1024:963, 59633284_p11.jpg)

Ran-shama is the best. That is all.




Thanks, my first run through the game I got stuck on that place before starting over and taking another story route.


File: 3cf26618766ef0f⋯.png (764.16 KB, 1065x800, 213:160, ClipboardImage.png)


And to be fair to myself, I did say to fit your own worldview. Legitimate criticisms such as a greasy fat fuck with no training somehow kidnapping your trained waifu - unless she's like E everything - is stupid. I'd expect that plot from a Japanese man who has given up on himself and his nation.

My greatest concern is rewriting something because you - personally - don't like it. Which I thought was the offense. I apologize, I'm just tired of sitting on these helicopters and having little to do with them.



>So I've been experimenting with save editing in EraMegaten, and so far I've found out how to change:



>A character's Stamina/Willpower

>and Combat Stats




Yeah, and I kind of want to but then they feel so bland without it. It gives special factions a bit more flavour and gives you all more of a reason to go after them, I just wish it wasn't an auto-success.


eramegaten playable by eops when?



If you want to do that sort of thing you're better off just using Cheat Engine or something. Just hook it onto the game's process, search for [value of money, macca, stats, whatever] then change that number in some way, either by buying something, using an incense etc etc. Then search for the new value. Repeat until you've got only one or two entries in the side box, double click the one you think is right and change the value to be whatever you want.

Much better than save editing since it's easy to do and you don't have to reload a save whenever you want more money.



I tested that, and be careful if you decide to edit the available troops value, as one of the result seems to be there with the only purpose of forcefully balance out soldiers for the ai, set it too high an all other nations get a ridiculous number of soldiers, just cheat on the money and recruit manually every time


File: ce91f3eb860c325⋯.png (573.32 KB, 700x900, 7:9, best wolf.png)



File: 2a941fbd402b2eb⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1112x1443, 1112:1443, Kagerou Imaizumi Maid.png)


Can concur.


File: f90c81af0304c43⋯.jpg (126.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (3).jpg)


>His waifu is an E, not an S everything


File: 51552e5038f8656⋯.png (12.03 KB, 698x265, 698:265, He rubs his hands Jewishly.PNG)

File: c338c0e657353e4⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 297x365, 297:365, d5c.jpg)


>Is angry that his cuckoldry isn't being entertained

>Bitches at people to do what he wants because he's too lazy and incompetent to do it himself

I knew cucks were faggots but you suck, blow and swallow.


File: 545b6610a468a53⋯.png (645.93 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Cirno (3).png)


>If you don't entertain censorship, that means you're a cuck and a jew


File: 6243c46d2dabad0⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1519357508933.jpg)


really? Are we gonna do this again?



If that's your argument then yes, we will keep on doing this until the mods step in.

Your hypocrisy is dangerous not only to shit you hate but also things you and I love.



NTR is shit and actual humans would rejoice if it were purged from the face of the Earth. Don't even pretend you have the moral high ground when you're a legitimate cuck trying to argue the rest of us have to accommodate for your vile tastes. Your fetish is shit, you're shit, you're a disappointment to your family, race, nation and creed, so you might as well do the world a favor and cuck yourself out of existence by swallowing a bullet.

>but muh censorship is wrong

Not when NTR is concerned.



That's like saying killing communists it's killing people. Communist are not people anymore the same way rejecting NTR is not censorship. Is just common sense.


How do you get Popular in eraMegaten?



make lots of porn



>If you don't entertain censorship, that means you're a cuck

>Not when NTR is concerned.

It's always wrong.


Oh boy, yet another NTR shitstorm. I guess the cucks like to be denied their fetish. It truly must be the only reason they keep coming back despite not being wanted. They just want to hear the magic words "No NTR for you, fuck off you worthless piece of human garbage."

Also, does anyone know how to get the attention from volunteers? Might as well just stop this as soon as possible to save us all time.



> Also, does anyone know how to get the attention from volunteers?

report the posts



sing a lot of concerts



It's actually very easy. Simply use literally any text editor program (notepad works fine) to open up one of the sav files (located in the same folder as the exe)

from there, I figure that the name before every section correlates to their stats in game. Like I stated earlier, it's kinda just trial and error. I've figured out what variables mean what by changing them to random numbers and then seeing what changed when I load the save. There might be a better way to do this with cheat engine or something, but this works fine too.




The millionaire event was completely fine as it was. Literally all you had to do was hit no instead of being a autist that needs trigger warnings and he'd fuck off.

being cucked hard for randomly trying to kill someone who asked a question is a appropriate punishment.

Also, just like randoms can, you as the player can do just that. You can night crawl anyone without any issues. it's not like the player is some kinda super god. without the cheat editor you're locked to just an average person, which is what you're supposed to be.



>without the cheat editor you're locked to just an average person, which is what you're supposed to be.

Unless you grind your PC stats way too much.



>yes, we will keep on doing this until the mods step in.

>I disagree with something the translators did, so I'm going to argue about it with a bunch of anons who have no influence on the resulting translations until someone makes me stop.

Ok anon.



>you don't get to kill a pig that tries to buy off your waifu despite having an army at you beck and call and a harem of superpowered women loyal to you

Talking with you cucks is like trying to communicate with an alien creature. You're a miracle of life because despite the whole universe trying to wipe you out, you keep on existing, like some disgusting cockroach, likely to spite the rest of us.


Why not just ban NTR cucks on sight? I mean, no one likes them, no one likes their fetish, and being cucked out of things turns them on anyway, so it's a win for all involved.


>people are actually cheating in era games




>If a shitstorm lasts for more than 1-2 days a mod may take action.

Discussion on this topic of NTR will result in a ban and post deletion for a period of time.



Devil's Advocate here, what if the cheating was used to set up challenge runs?



I do. I give myself something like "max stat or all items" in exchange of not doing or doing certain thing.

Like "I'll give myself all the items, but i wont recruit officers, i will just breed them" or similar things.


So what Servants are available in eraMegaten? I thought it was just Tamamo, Nero and Seiba, but then I managed to fuse Jalter with a Zoma and a Bune.



>bringing both tea AND coffee

what a terrible maid. 3/10 would not rape



>not training your maid for every eventuality

It's like you want them to be incompetent.



bringing both tea AND coffee is a sign of an untrained maid. nobody drinks both tea and coffee at the same meal. I guess you could just pour the other one onto the maid



It would be far worse if she had to go back for one or the other, granted a well trained maid should know you tastes well enough to predict what you would want.

If she's a new hire though it does show a willingness to try and cater to any need on demand.


File: 5bb9baf366bcbab⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 500x264, 125:66, Shrug.gif)


Sometimes I want coffee, sometimes I want tea.



>being cucked hard for randomly trying to kill someone who asked a question is a appropriate punishment.

And an appropriate answer for even daring to entertain the thought of taking what's mine would be to have dogs rape your children and then proceed to slowly torture them in front of your eyes.


File: a5938af98daf1cb⋯.gif (347.29 KB, 688x387, 16:9, Awe Bloody Nose.gif)


I want this event written.


Aw damn it, really? I had written a rather detailed paragraph on why the millionaire event was awful. I even stated that it wasn't about the NTR, it was just a bad event because of how it completely ignores the tone and setting of the game entirely as well as your stats! And the other thing was purely about someone using the word censorship wrong! Don't use buzzwords and call it like it is!

Why did I get banned&deleted?



This isn't the right thread to talk about bans, I'd go to meta and ask the mods there. But from what you paraphrased, it seemed related to the general topic to me


File: 78b0fdeed02899a⋯.gif (3.32 MB, 566x265, 566:265, bravery-level.gif)


Because the vols here are faggots.


how the fuck do i use the custom npcs i create on the main menu? i've tried starting a new game and ng+ but i never see them in game. how the fuck do i get them in the game? thanks.


It seems like the translations have slowed down since last year, are the overhauls still going on?

Or have all the translators quit in the last couple months?



>It seems like the translations have slowed down since last year, are the overhauls still going on?

Yes. Did you checked git yet?

>Or have all the translators quit in the last couple months?

No. I think there are two new ones, but it was sometime ago though.



>It seems like the translations have slowed down since last year

Pedy's working on SQN, but I guess he doesn't plan on pushing it to the repo until he's satisfied with it. Yukari's been working on Megaten. Not a clue what the others are up to.

Right now I'm mainly focusing on TW. The new version has a lot of new content (you can live on the mountain foot/summit, momiji has a house, a few new characters, characters that didn't have dialog before now have dialog, etc). The work is going to be slow, but I try to work on at least something every day, so it should be consistent if nothing else.

>are the overhauls still going on?

Yes and no. The overhauls were started back when the important repos (TW, Megaten, K, etc) at least had a skeleton crew maintaining them. But since that's largely faded away, I've stopped overhauling the smaller games to focus on keeping the more popular ones alive (I assume the majority of players would rather I work on TW than spend months overhauling something like eraInSchool). I finished reorganizing the git repos several months ago, which lays the foundation for the overhauls, and I've been keeping the Japanese branches for all of them up to date. If anyone starts translating one of the games now, they'd technically be working on its overhaul. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anyone available to work on them.



For someone that is hopelessly out of the loop and likely retarded, what do the overhauls entail exactly?



It's a bit of a long story, and I've probably repeated it to the point that no one wants to reread it again. But the TL;DR of it all is that the git repos were previously setup and managed in a way that was completely unmaintainable in the long term. When translators starting leaving sometime around April 2017, we found that several games had been left in a state that would have been such a pain in the ass to update with new Japanese builds that no one wanted to do it.

Since then, almost all of the repos (aside from K, which has its own management) were restructured and given a set of contributor guidelines that should prevent the problem from reoccurring. Japanese branches are kept up to date, and there's some quality control over what eventually ends up in the master branch.

The second part of the overhaul was to involve translating the updated Japanese branches so that each game would at least be current. Unfortunately, we never really recovered from the loss of translators last year, so I've had to postpone that and just stick with one or two games at a time.



It's like you're on 8ch or something.



It is something that i expected to see a lot in this side of the internet, i was surprised when i saw that a lot of the porndevs were very lawfully in their writing.

A lot of this content is writen only to showcase the antagonists, never giving the player the means to do so, even if the mc is not a "good" person.

For example…in eratohoK i would have genocided the entire hobgoblin population for striking against me, yet we're never given the option.


File: d452ec9a7ca4b9c⋯.jpg (641.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, momoiro closet 2.jpg)

So, how do you creampie chicks in EraTW? My TSP keeps running out if I just try to keep fucking, and at this point my PC has had the thick semen trait for so long he's probably ejaculating toothpaste.

pic unrelated.



>My TSP keeps running out.

Have you even tried developing it? The highest tier gives 4000 points, 4500 if you've put out your body weight in semen in a single day.



You'll raise various sex skills at the end of the day. As long as you're fucking, you'll eventually do fine. After awhile it gets to the point where you'll creampie her every other turn.


is the main character (you) impregnation implemented in any of the ERA games other than eratohoK?


File: ad8a482fe78997b⋯.png (28.24 KB, 186x208, 93:104, 1451703922232.png)

First time playing this, is there any kind of guide for tohoK? Interacting is as confusing as real life.



Save up money, pour strong alcohol down your 2hu of choice's throat (unless she hates alcohol), fug said 2hu with consent, and repeat. With less alcohol.



make smalltalk until you hit 500 (why do canon relationships start at 0 and new hires start at 500?)

invite to hotsprings, or whatever location it looks like they want to go, this gives you more actions and better chances of various actions

experiment with smalltalk, touching, and french kissing until you find what gives the most affection until you hit 1500


note that the star indicates who is initiating the action, and you can switch give/take

action initiator usually gains assertiveness while other party loses it

don't worry about being refused a kiss, it doesn't cost anything, unlike lewd talk, which does



I usually get them to fall in love with me by 1000, at which point I push them over and they consent.

Headpat and French Kissing is my most reliable combo.



The headpat + kiss combo backfires horribly with characters like Remi and Yukari.



I have no troubles with Yukari. Or Remi for that matter. The system has worked consistently. The secret is to make sure you get them from neutral to fine or happy before you start.


so, which individual character has the most translated content in eratohoK?






I thought Kagerou had the most lines.


In EraTW, how exactly do you raise your relationship to love with girls like Shiki? She has so many negative modifiers I barely get 2 favor from conversations with her, and after trying to train her body.



Food is your best friend, as well as drugs. I got her to push me down after only a week or two of forcefeeding her maxed-level cooking food and drugged tea



Should I bother making deep-fried vibrators? Do they even do anything?


Speaking of TW, what are the best gardening foods to purchase? Money's not an issue, got hot spring water for the sake.


File: bc82290a922f511⋯.png (36.72 KB, 710x594, 355:297, jesusmaximumchrist.png)

Do all Era games get like this or is this just Eramegaten?



Just megaten.



I think that Eramegaten also has it.


No, rotors and electric massager should be enough.


I think it would be white rice.



That's why anons here weren't joking about eramegaten code being complete pajeet mess.



Fuck once, keep it continuous while you do less strenuous shit like caressing.


File: 3b3202690016e6d⋯.png (39.84 KB, 1234x863, 1234:863, loke.png)

>when a moment gets utterly destroyed by a typo

Somewhat depressing. It took forever to make this literal dyke love me.

On another note is it possible to get Seraph in EraMegaten? If yes please don't tell me I have to break both Sera and Serph then fuse them to obtain Seraph because god dammit that shit is gonna be annoying.


I have a vague recollection of an era game that was essentially Яeverse except with dungeon crawling, and also entirely untranslated. Does anyone remember which of the gorillions of games that was, and whether it's even still active or one of the metric shitton of dead jap projects?



I think that might be "DungeonandTouhouEX" in the git




I think you need to unlock and complete Inner Sun dungeon.

Don't ask me how is it done/unlocked though.


File: 57595dcfbb42bfd⋯.png (135.43 KB, 375x360, 25:24, sticker,375x360-bg,ffffff.….png)


Thanks, but i'm still kinda lost. Areyou talking about the yellow/pink stars at the bottom? I have no idea how to interpret that. I thought it was going by the <Give> <Get> near the names but that doesn't seem to mean anything, and when i click on the <Give/ Receive Change> Button all actions dissapear.



>Are you talking about the yellow/pink stars at the bottom?

These are turns for possible actions.

>when i click on the <Give/ Receive Change> Button all actions dissapear.

You either stuffed all holes or forgot to change your tab in action menu.


To the anon that was asking about Bing failing in TA, it's fixed now. Here's an updated compiled version of TA:


You can also compile it from source from our repo if you'd prefer.



>Areyou talking about the yellow/pink stars at the bottom?

No, click in the empty boxes to the left of <Give>/<Get>. By default both are empty, and the character with higher Assertiveness will (probably) take charge. Otherwise, the one with the star will take charge.

>and when i click on the <Give/ Receive Change> Button all actions dissapear.

If the <Give> character doesn't know how to do something (like spanking) or it isn't applicable (like… uh, some stuff I dunno) then that option won't be visible.


File: 18cb93d57da9568⋯.jpg (59.79 KB, 800x656, 50:41, P4-Izanagi-no-Okami.jpg)


Mother of shit. I know i'm gonna need that transvestite child of man if i'm gonna want to beat Satan.

Another thing too: Is there an unlockable Avatar Tuner form? Like Persona 1 route gives a Material card to make a Persona for Vishnu,Beating Elizabeth gives Orpheus Telos, I guess Margret(have not fought her at all though) gives Izanagi-no-Okami… They get anything like that?

If it is and it's behind Satan i'm gonna cut myself because jesus christ is that redundant. That gringo is literally the hardest boss i've seen in the game with his resistance scanning,multitude of turns and crippling damage.



The only thing I've seen is the rotors raising CExp, from forbidden menu cooking and sometimes Nitori requests cucumbers. No idea what forbidden menu does if you don't have rotors since I already had a bunch by the time I raised my cooking.

Best way I've found to get rich is buying and selling charisma in SDM. You'll need to gamble some to increase your charisma limit but after getting a gold card you can hold 3000 charisma. Sometimes they won't sell when it's too low or buy when it's too high, so I usually buy around 100-150 Sell at 200+



>Is there an unlockable Avatar Tuner form?

Nope. They only have one form per character.



Even if Hatate's part of another faction she's abducting her. (Probably pisses off the other faction pretty badly too). Just remember need a dick to trigger the event…. and a lot of other events TBH


I keep blowing up the Bandits and having kill teams wiping them but they never learn.


Jesus Christ. How the hell does that even happen?! I mean bad code sure but THAT BAD?!



Japan can't into programming.



Patchouli's one is a % Chance / Turn when captured by Tentacles special faction. Results in instant fall to faction

Sanae's one is % Chance / Turn when captured by the Cultists special faction. Results in instant fall to the faction.



memory usage isn't an indication of a problem.

emuera probably loads all data files into memory. memory is faster to access than disk so if you don't load them then you have to wait for disk I/O every time you want to access something from a file.

emuera is a pretty simple program so it probably just loads all the files and is not intended to be used with insanely huge amounts of data.

ok so why is this NOT a problem? because the OS will swap parts of memory into virtual memory. the program thinks all of it is in physical memory but the OS swaps out the parts that aren't frequently used. so most of that probably is sitting in virtual memory since the game isn't using all of it at once.

It could also be a config setting (Java does this too) and most of the memory you see there is unused. And again this is not a problem because the unused memory will be sitting in virtual memory anyway.



>emuera probably loads all data files into memory

Not just the data files, all ressources afaik. That's why adding character pictures for eraMegaten is not feasable. The game itself is already big enough and all pictures used are loaded into memory when the game starts.


So which ones of the non-2hu games got the most translated lines currently?



Type-Moon is a small game, but it's almost entirely translated (There was an update that added some dialog that was never translated, but that should be it). Maou and SQN are translated to a playable state. Neither has any dialog translations (Use TA). AS is in a playable state, but translation can't continue until I rewrite how the game handles CSV files entirely. SumireTeru is something like 99% translated, including dialog. But it's not in fluent English.


In TW, how do you get past Satori and her hatemarks? Is she just impossible to time rape without getting one.

Also, anyone know the quickest way to get painmarks on a girl?



>Raping the girl who can read your mind, thus always knows what you've been up to.

>Durr, why she hate me?

I'unno, Sherlock. This seems like a tough case to crack.



>In TW, how do you get past Satori and her hatemarks?

You don't.

>Is she just impossible to time rape without getting one.


>Also, anyone know the quickest way to get painmarks on a girl?

Give her a lot of pain during time stop.



you should ask pedolord on the discord he does their machine translations



Byakuren also has a cultist one.

Also each of the Scarlet Devil Mansion people also have hobgoblin events.

We need more of these, where they fall to certain factions.



Just because it loads a lot of stuff into memory doesn't make it unfeasible. Virtual memory is on the hard disk. It only gets swapped in when the program actually uses it, even though as far as the program is concerned it is loaded into memory.

Alternatively you can only load resources when they are needed but then you still have to wait on hard disk I/O anyway. There's no difference at the end of the day.



Oh and if emuera can display compressed image formats that would really help. if it can only do bitmaps then I would see an issue because the download of all the resources would take too long and use too much space on disk to be really worthwhile.



>There's no difference at the end of the day.

The difference is that in one case, it's all loaded at the start of the game(and might end up in virtual memory afterwards) while in the other it's loaded as needed. eraMegaten already takes quite a bit to start up, with pictures added it would take way longer. Hence why I called it unfeasable.




The eragames modded version is here:



File: 4d765a08cd551cc⋯.jpg (209.63 KB, 686x441, 14:9, 1345018245577.jpg)

Why don't you fucks ever translate the dialogue?


File: 8d94d7b2a291eb3⋯.jpg (37.78 KB, 600x375, 8:5, 1480802995524.jpg)


>thinking Doremy's Dialogue will ever get translated anytime soon



I want Flans dialogue in Eratouhoureverserape to be translated.



I get off on disappointing the players.



oh right loading time heh

well if they are jpg or png it shouldn't be much worse than what it already takes

what is so huge that it's currently loading anyway? isn't it all text scripts?


ok nvm i think something is wrong with emuera. the data files are less than 100 mb but take 1.3gb in memory after being fully loaded. it's not a big deal with games that have less content but it doesn't scale very well. is the source code for emuera available by any chance?



>is the source code for emuera available by any chance?





cool. so my first suspicion is that the way it loads CSV data is ballooning in size when loaded because of the data structure it is stored in. the reason i suspect CSV data is that's the bulk of megaten's data, at 85 megabytes or so.

although, this bloating shouldn't necessarily cause a huge loading time increase. it's not extra I/O operations. but the game is single threaded i believe so that would cause a bottleneck since the I/O is a bottleneck by itself, getting worse with file quantity, and then the serialization of the data may be a bottleneck that delays the next I/O operation. so I think this could be sped up a lot by using a thread pool.

anyway so i only looked at the class used to store character data, but it already seems like it would bloat a lot.

here are the data members

internal sealed class CharacterTemplate


int[] arraySize;

int cstrSize;

public string Name;

public string Callname;

public string Nickname;

public string Mastername;

public readonly Int64 No;

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> Maxbase = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> Mark = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> Exp = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> Abl = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> Talent = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> Relation = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> CFlag = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> Equip = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, Int64> Juel = new Dictionary<Int32, Int64>();

public readonly Dictionary<Int32, string> CStr = new Dictionary<Int32, string>();

public Int64 csvNo;

public bool IsSpchara { get; private set; }



so… rough calculations put that at around 549 bytes just for the instance members without having any data loaded into it. i know that sounds like a high number, but emuera is compiled as a 64 bit program so each pointer takes 8 bytes. each string and dictionary has a pointer, plus its own instance members.

you have an instance of this class for each character loaded. so an empty character costs you like half a kilobyte. It might be more, I'm not exactly sure. the dictionaries might use additional pointers for each key/value pair which would bloat the size even more.

a lot of character CSVs are less than that size. some of them are more. but the class they are loaded into will always have a base memory size of about half a kilobyte added to whatever the data takes… plus any other overhead from the dictionaries.

also, operations on a dictionary are relatively slow so loading data into instances of this class this probably bottlenecks loading time pretty significantly when a large number of these are loaded.

i wouldn't be surprised if there are similar classes for other CSV data as well.

the good news is, image files would not be bloated like this.



How many characters are actually loaded into memory?



idk maybe 250ish?

oops i remembered wrong, there are only a few megs of CSV and the bulk of the data is ERB. sorry!

the CSVs definitely bloat in size but the biggest bloat is probably happening somewhere else.


i bet it's the ERBs. idk what else it can be. the code for that is harder to read tho


File: fd65d3d99189267⋯.png (30.61 KB, 1224x849, 408:283, there's nothing in the pee….png)

So what the fuck am I meant to do here?

I'm at the end of the Fourth Kalpa, beat Beezlebub, got the gold key, etc etc. But where the fuck is Lucifer? He's not here!



You're supposed to go back to the Third Kalpa and unlock the door that was near the bottom of the stat blocks. It leads to some switches that unlock the Fifth Kalpa.

If there's nothing behind the door but an empty corridor I read that's because the Labyrinth locks you out of finishing it when you're on another route. But that's just some shit I read.



Aaaah, I missed that.

Also, how do you unlock Ultimate Madoka?



I got no idea fam. Never did the Madoka content



Well shit. I've unlocked Devil Homura, but apparently I need Ultimate Madoka to fuse her, and I have no idea how to get her since the fusion recipe in the pastebin not working means that she's evidently an unlockable.



The biggest bloat is obviously the kojo/dialogue/口上 folder which is also the biggest. Every single dialogue file has shitton of functions and placeholders for every single training action and they're all loaded simultaneously. Try removing that folder and see the difference in size.


I've been playing EraTohoTW for a while and I don't understand why I can give the D to some girls but not to others.

Do I need to do something special to be able to fuck some characters?



-high enough favorability (about 1000, I think some might need more)

-being alone with them

-creating the right mood (alternatively them having high desire/frustration)

your problem is probably the right mood (that or your dick is simply too big)


File: 65d4afa1a2f3a92⋯.jpg (33.84 KB, 575x448, 575:448, tocrashthisplanewithnosurv….jpg)

>ALL the Avatar Tuner characters need to be given a broken status in order to be used in your party in EraMegaten

Satan titty fucking YHVH. I give up on getting Seraph. That's just too fucking much. If Jenna is in the game i'll probably just use her instead on Satan and seen how that goes but i've got no idea how to initiate the Digital Devil Saga 2 stuff. Anyone got a clue? The only thing I can think of is giving all the Avatar Tuners a Condition sort of like how Reiko needs it so you can do more If… content but that doesn't sound very cash money.



well yeah that's the bulk of the ERB files

it's probably possible to make a hacky fix that makes it lazy-load maybe ill try it soon



Don't you just need to do the Lolo-something hideout dungeon? I'm not sure what opens it up but it's something in the early game considering it's only level 15.



Finishing the Lokapala camp is actually where i'm stuck because after the 3rd mission where you choose to either help Serph with the Karma Society or Makoto with Haru(and obviously I chose Serph) it gives you all the DDS characters after finishing then progression seems to come to a halt.

There is a new map you can visit through the exit gate but it's a really silly maze thing with seemingly nothing in it so i'm pretty lost on that front.



Because it's hardest thing to translate.

First translating it, after that checking it if that wasn't (((localized))) by accident and then finally writing it in.


It seems like the ERB files must be preloaded, there's no way to make it lazyload them. I think it would speed up loading time greatly to make it multithreaded but this project is .NET 2.0 which lacks the thread-safe data structures.

would there be any problem making it use the latest version of .NET?


File: 6c2b66f380fccdb⋯.gif (145.64 KB, 500x378, 250:189, Shifty Eyes.gif)






Majority of translators just use machine translator and this is the reason why I wrote it like that.

For example: Look at OP image. It has few of these.


With exception for possible compatibility issues, I don't think so.


File: 91261eb66bd1d2b⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 430x288, 215:144, Winky.gif)


Don't worry, I completely understand.


Guys, which character has translated dialogue in eraTW? other than kagerou..



>translated dialog

>other than kagerou



So which era games are still being worked on? Not just translation wise, though I wouldn't mind knowing that too.




Now stay with me here,


you should just play the fucking game



I heard Suika does but nobody cares about her.



But what are you gonna do with the other 23 hours 59 minutes and 52 seconds of the day?


If I recall, the main issue with translating the TW dialogue is that there's quite a lot of it. That, and translating requires a bit of finesse when it comes from a machine. It will spit out a bunch of relative nonsense, and you have to hash it into something coherent.



There's two paths in the madoka content, siding with Homura and siding with Kyubey. One unlocks Walpurgisnacht and the other unlocks Ultimate Madoka. You can get both, but you have to do NG+.


In EraMegaten how come Avatar Tuner Void/Drain/Repel skills say their Range is Everyone but it only applies to the User?

Just a TL fuck up?


Has any of these era games ever given a justification for why giving the girl an orgasm without already basically having them in a broken in state gets a hate mark?



You can just use your imagination for that. I mean just because you cum doesn't mean you're into it. Nor does it really mean that you'd want to do it again.



Probably some stupid Japanese culture thing. Women aren't allowed to have actual orgasms and must fake them horribly at all times.




Yeah but I think you should post it on the discord in the suggestions channel,

the people there always are thankful for any advice about how to improve this broken mess of a game.

Everyone should post there, so they know what anons actually want.



I dunno, if a dude walked up to me and started jerking me off and I had a dislike of him, I'd hate him too for proving me gay.



Girls need preparation. You literally fetched one off the street/slave market, don't expect them to love it. If they're not willing to slut it up right away with a proper combination of talents or drugs, it's obvious that they'll hate it. Being touched by some faceless loser weirdo, would that not get you pissed off? Imagine.

Start off slow and reap the rewards later - that's how era games usually operate. Certainly a Japanese way of thinking that is.

Usually couple of Submission/Pleasure marks and upping their Obedience/Sensitivity to some degree is enough for a start.

In TW that is certainly a bug for initiating girl. Lots of girls are prude and modificators are strict in that game, so it's almost guaranteed. It's one of the less developed parts too. LIG got rid of hate mechanic specifically for that reason.

For TW/LIG I'll get rid of it or put a better logic when girl is initiating, which already means they're willing to receive the stuff that's coming for them (don't bother asking when though, not in a long time).



If you want to know what I'm working on right now, it's the trio of SumiTeru/SQN/MeiQ. It's really slow as I'm a lazy piece of shit unless I'm struck with some sudden stroke of autism.

SumiTeru (aka that lesbo game with non-fluent english, amirite) needs proofreading and finishing the least interesting part for me, other than that it's almost done. I was hoping for a full uncensor too, but I guess Patche won't deliver. Also I'm guessing that I won't translate event hints, as they're long and I already burnt out, you can just ask how to get them or use mtl on them if you want to know (inb4 lmao you're doing the same for your "translations").

SQN is a pinnacle of japanese autism when it comes to writing as it has descriptions for almost anything and has dialogue for almost everyone. It's going smoothly, but I just have a basis done now, ui and stuff, some events, I'd say "maybe" 20% done. Everything else will be a pain. "But it's already translated!" - no it's really not. It's atrocious and I don't like it. When you'll see my version you'll see why. Apparently another annoying motherfucker doing it also, so he will probably accuse me of stealing 3% of his text of whatever (which is true, but only partly, I'm not gonna bother offering excuses as it meant to be a collaboration from the beginning).

MeiQ is a peculiar one, that's why I'm doing it. It allows a lot of interesting stuff, so it's already good just for the educational value. However it seems to be heavily WIP on japanese side after all these years. I'd say I have about 80% translated, which means almost everything except for the dialogue. I plan to translate the basic dialogue at least for first release, so it'll take time.

I haven't pushed those yet as I learned that in doing so it'll irritate me to no end since people cannot help but start playing WIP stuff anyway. Sounds like a faggy thing to do I'm sure. I'm losing on reports and suggestions, but fuck it. It's slow, you get used to it. I can't say when, but I hope it will be fast enough. Next trio will be Rorona/YMAEM (shit I never finished)/Kancolle (as it's basically watered down SQN so I can probably get away with copypasting a lot of stuff from it, if I find that I can't handle the chinkshit, then I'll switch to GvT (another shit I never finished)). Stay tuned for more blogs you've never asked for.


File: 0cddf21594dae64⋯.png (25.34 KB, 1227x855, 409:285, wew satanic.png)

I'm super curious what are Satans stats because man I cannot hit this guy at all. Taking his attacks is easy with the Void skills but I cannot hit him. What's he have like 300 AGI? Jeez


eraTK, can i live in youkai mountain(summit)?



If you mean TW, only in the new version. It's still being translated, but you can grab it from git if you want.



Thanks, i will do so.


In TW is it possible to change a girls home to your room or vice versa? Unless I've been doing it wrong I'm assuming it's not possible to change your home or move into a girls place thats in a different area, or at the very least in non-starting areas like summit or the river and it gets pretty tedious when you've long passed the 100 day mark, your relationship cannot advance any further than it already has with a girl, and yet your stuck having to go to another area every single day to interact with them.



when I was romancing momiji she moved into the temple so I didn't have to go to the mountain anymore.



Koakuma just began to live in the shrine after some time, there was even a scene of the MC asking reimu if she could live in one of the empty rooms.


File: 68fe5268466f05d⋯.png (26.25 KB, 1088x798, 544:399, GAYans amiright.png)

How can I get light alignment eraMegaten? I've seen the items to push towards dark, law and chaos, but no light. Or better yet, how can I change my summons alignment?

I tried telling the gaians to fuck off, killed an angel and about a million rabbis for phantom society, didn't rape a girl I won in the coliseum. No change. I can't even begin to parse what moon logic morality it implies. Other than chaos is a bunch of mutant faggots banished to their basements (pic related) and law are turbo kikes summoning tetragrammatron to destroy the world.

I just want to be an ally of justice. And rape. And roam this nightmarish world with a band of maduka magucas ready to put a boot, or dick, into anything I find. But they get stressed, won't listen and the synergy is all fuck. Please help.



I'm not sure, but I think accepting requests of mercy from your enemies should slowly push it towards light.



In terms of light alignment, ya either give money to that lily community chest, which can eat up your funds for little, or attempt to dick a light aligned demon. You also go towards light via sparing enemies when you turn on the Mercy switch in options (I assume it's like that so you aren't forced to gain light/dark points.) And some storyline related events, like choosing to help Amaterasu in the Former Goverment building. There's a few free law and good stones in the Heaven Dungeon in the P4 Storyline. As for stress, let them just relax without training or work, spread out your dickings a little.



Summons alignment changes the same way, via dicking them, keeping in mind that you're also getting 'corrupted' by their alignment, so keep an eye on that, eventually it will come. Otherwise there's the alignment stones in the macca shop, but your choice if you're desperate




Thanks, I checked and had mercy events off.


So, alignment is an STD. Got it. Does it only work with penetration, or can I just juggle their tits for a bit?



From my admittedly mediocre understanding, yes, but jamming it in and releasing your holy seed makes it go quicker. There's also a accessory that makes it faster, or halts it all together in either the macca or junk shop.




Shit, also forgot to say that supposedly breaking a character (Making them Love ya, a whore, or a submissive) makes them go towards your alignment, fairly quickly if ya let them ride you like a horse after the day is over. Sorry for all the posts.


File: 42c84910cdeb06c⋯.jpg (418.23 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, mami sweater.jpg)



Thanks! I'm pretty sure the people with more than a mediocre understanding, outside of Japan, can be counted on one hand.



And since I can I'll just give a tiny more general advice.

>If you wanna be luvy-duvy with your megucas, turn on non sexual training for everyone, that'll give them the affection broken route when their loyalty hits around

>Half demons, (Aka when you make babbo with demons) are actually potentially useful, due to having their stat work as demons, while also being able to use equipment, including have a 'innate weapon' exclusive to them that gains in power along with them.

>Don't be afraid to skill card sacifice demons and Mag enhance stats your demons if you're planning of sticking with them long term, just know during fusion and even their offspring will inherit the mag enhancement

And a bonus.

>I don't know the exact requirements or if it even needs to be unlocked, but I once fused the fiend Red Rider via a Cherub and Vivian. I would assume you need to beat them in their arena battle after getting far enough in the Alma Labyrinth.



Fug, around 10000 to 15000. no luck today for me.



hey do you think you could push a playable update of SQN? been hoping for updates on that one for months…


In tw what do pain marks even do?



If it works anything like the other games, it'll make it a bit easier to do actions, but eraTW works quite different so it might just be a relic from the games it was made from and does nothing.


File: 91d429f210986c2⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 268x263, 268:263, 234324236s.jpg)



how do you get alice's love doll event in tohok? i've read the character event file and did what that says but it never happens.



i got it by having her with the [love] status and high fav.



i've got her at both of those never get it.



checked my save, i have her with <slave> <branded> fav: 6849 dependance: 21029 submission 16622

i cant accurately say what is necessary to get her event, since i wasn't looking for it when i got it.



I know rape marks actually do a thing. Sometimes you'll walk in and get a message like her body remembers and unconsciously relaxes. It gives a pretty significant bump to mood without having to chat her up or give head pats.

I haven't experimented with pain marks yet, saving the s&m stuff for the next playthrough, but based on rape marks I would guess it lowers reason?



But it's the most important part?



>But it's the most important part?

Not really, for me it's UI.



item and ability descriptions are a close second for me

then dialog choices because they're often on a different thread to the actual dialog and it's kind of a pain to switch between them


Anyone know how to mod EratohoK so that sex lasts more rounds?


What are the chances we get images such as portraits in eraMegaten? Would be cool for players not that much into SMT games (I played only 2 SMT games and it's a bit "strange" to be tabbing to check the wiki to see who am I talking to)

Sex images as in eraTohoTW would be also cool, but not as important as portraits imo



>What are the chances we get images such as portraits in eraMegaten?






The game has characters that don't have official art anyway. Namely the TRPG characters like Ashra,Ada and Kodai so that'd be wierd



You have the Odd Pocketwatch. Is that not enough? If not, use debug console and set TFLAG:55 to 0 (TFLAG:55 = 0) when you want to reset the time. Or set TFLAG:56 to whatever if you want to increase the allowed time, but high numbers will break ui a little.


Is it possible in EraTohoK to edit how many [Explore] actions you can get?


I know this is unrelated but is it possible to use the modded Translation Aggregator for RPGMaker games? My usual methods are failing me.



get ithvnr


Is there any way to get rid of the human characters that you collect in eraMegaten?

They're clogging up my train menu.



hey im the anon who looked at the source code the other day

i guarantee you adding images would not be a big deal.

the issue is emuera bloats CSVs and ERBs. this is because the data structures used to store them have a huge footprint.

that's not the case for images because an image is stored in a single .NET class.

as an example if you had the game load 100 different 100x100 images it would only add ~4 megabytes.



I don't suppose you have a solution to the bloat?



major refactoring

well, the real issue is the loading time.

i would be able to create a wrapper class for the character class that would lazy-load the CSVs, but unfortunately the CSVs account for very few of the files being loaded. They bloat by a significant percentage but there aren't really that many of them.

Unfortunately the situation is not so simple for ERBs. They have a ton of complex code that loads the scripts into some dictionaries and i haven't read all of it. but I can tell that it can't be lazy-loaded. the quickest way to improve loading performance I think would be to make it multithreaded. Not sure how much this would improve loading time and it would require a tiny bit of refactoring.

But the real solution is to completely redo the whole ERB thing for scratch lmao


File: aa8808751614d8e⋯.png (327.63 KB, 769x1000, 769:1000, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….png)


>the real solution is to redo the whole ERB thing

jap shitcode pls


File: d89a72dee28be52⋯.mp4 (187.15 KB, 476x268, 119:67, I can't masturbate to this.mp4)

So there are images in tohok now… cool. How do I give my custom character an image? It just shows a big "NO IMAGE AVAILABLE."

I guess I could just replace that one placeholder image, but then it would apply to ALL my sluts.



You'd need to make a character file for character #99 I think, but then they'd be in the game forever, and you'd need to fix all the shit that would go wrong in doing that



It'd be character 0, not 99


File: 1852107d3094886⋯.png (318.48 KB, 600x565, 120:113, Guess I'll die.png)



Kill by sex should be a possible execution mode.



If you're talking about RPG maker MV games (these usually have mouse support and data files within a www folder), you need to unpack the game and manually patch in a hook. The process is described here:



In Era Megaten is there anyway you can actually fuck the girl without having her pass out from pain and mindbreaking? I can't even insert a finger in there without them fainting.



Rest and let them recover their stamina


File: a927f98e8fc47e8⋯.jpg (171.14 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Nero pls.jpg)


Nero pls go.



This happens at max stamina, pretty much anything rougher than a blowjob makes them faint. Fuck, putting rope on them will make them pass out.



Might eb an issue with your version of the game, mine doesn't do that.



you might have to change your system formatting to japanese if you didn't do it already

some unlucky system configurations tend to get fucked

to check if your settings work correctly launch this eraTest




i dont want to bash them because writing a script parser is pretty fucking advanced. it would be a huge undertaking to rewrite it.



How to control Dark/Light alignment :

If you whore or sell a girl, you shift a little toward dark (At least when selling, it seems to depends on how much money you get. Selling a girl for 80k result in a massive shift in alignment)

If you have her work at the restaurant, you shift a little toward light.

I've never noticed the PC's alignment changing via sexing, though it does work to shift the girl's alignment toward the PC's.

How to shift on the Light/Chaos axis :

Talk to a demon you already have in your COMP (thus making them go away) : shift toward law.

Kill the demons you already have in your COMP : shift toward chaos.

(Fix your formatting (10min))


In tohok, I rescued one girl from an outsider, but she is in <ruin> mood no metter what I do. Is there a way to heal her poor soul? Headpats didn't work. Maybe more headpats? Or is it something else?



Train them and then sell them.


If she got mindbroken or spiritbroken.

Mindbroken can heal itself after some time.

To cure spiritbroken you need to wait for doctor event and then have hope they won't get raped instead.

However it's special faction, so it could be also caused by special fall condition. Only reset potion can cure that.


How do you build up submission orbs in EraMegaten?



Give them multiple star orgasms and/or use mild BDSM.


Can someone shoot me a few basic debug commands for tohok?

I set tentacle Bros to mid-game 5 like a dumb fag and now everything is spaghetti so I'm looking for a hollow victory like a even bigger fag



They hate me so much when I do that shit. How do you avoid it? Or do you wait for them to love you?



Look in your settings.



Right, thanks for the insight. I suppose it'd be too much to ask of you to see if you could attempt anything in your spare time? You've no obligation to, of course.



It wouldn't be worth the effort unless the anon plans on doing it forever. When the Japanese update emuera, we merge those changes into the English version. If the Engish version is rewritten, we're going to reach a point where the only way to merge Japanese updates is to write entirely new code that results in the same functionality. Short of having someone available to do that every few months, the game would just eventually be incompatible with our version of emuera, regardless of how much better it may be post-rewrite.


So in eraMegaten, I keep running into these ! spaces that tell me I sense a strong demon, but that it was just my imagination. The fuck's the deal with that?


There's a couple of Good Stones in the lower levels of the Amala Labyrinth, on the floor with all the requirement doors.



Obedience is the general stat you want to level regardless of what you are going for, it gives bonuses to all positives and lowers all negatives. Here's a guide that goes into the mechanics


But from my experience the first few sessions just build up sensitivity and obedience. Depending on their traits you can try a couple spankings for a quick submission mark or multi-orgasm for pleasure, reload if you get a rejection mark. After obedience 3 or 4 you can start specializing. Multi-orgasm shouldn't be a problem at that point for pleasure marks and desire, blowjobs are good for sub/learn, filming or bdsm for fear. Just keep leveling obedience if you want to get more extreme or if she has shitty traits.



My guess is that it's actually a 'fiend' encounter, but of course with EraMegaten being fairly faithful, you'll have to pretty much have to check the ! space, if nothing, leave the floor and try again till you get it. Encountered mine in the Alice Dungeon.



I'm trying to this with an Asparas but everry time she orgasms she just gains rejection and the game drops my obedience by more than I can restore with training.



You could try it with her clothed, I've noticed they get less antipathy if they aren't stripped. Or use caps and kiss as she orgasms, I've noticed that can keep from getting a rejection seal even with multiples.

If that doesn't work, I dunno. Try spankings or handjobs. Does she already have rejection seals? Wait, is she out of will? 0 willpower doubles negatives and halves positives, as well as burns through stamina and stresses them.



So in TW, is it possible to get girls to move to your lodgings? Managed to brink Suwako on a lot of trips to my room, but she's a bit of a tight scheduler.




There was "Make her forget" (or something like this) option in "Special" menu during sex, but thanks for advise anyway. What is this reset potion btw, where do I get it?




It would take a lot of grind and you need to have some space on map for them.


>What is this reset potion btw, where do I get it?

It negates broken conditions from special faction, but it costs a lot and is complete pain in ass to unlock.

You need to make all items from lewd catalog at least once to unlock that, if I remember it right.


So how do I into a Persona user in EraMegaten? I managed to blunder my way into acquiring Aegis and I kinda want to use er. I've been using the P3 Fem Protag but she seems kind of underwhelming.



You have to "max out their social link" before you can do anything with them in the Velvet Room. In other words, get them to affection/lewd/submission status. Easiest way without fucking them is to get their loyalty up to about 2000 with the non sexual training option on.

By the way, doing this gets you a pretty interesting scene where Nyarlathotep shows up in your office if you've done the Seven Sisters School.


Does anyone know where Vergil is in eraMegaten? He's in the game files so he must be somewhere, but where?


I've read the overviews of the various 'classes' in Megaten, but I have a question separate from what they're like - namely opinions on the fun factor of whichever options people actually played. Subjective as fuck, yes, but if something feels intensely underpowered, bland, lacking in options, tedious or the like, that's still good to know in advance. Checking each and every one in turn myself would take ages.



For Adept, there's a few main classes to consider.

One half of your class combination should always always ALWAYS be Dilettante, and your bonus ability should always be Summoner. This will give you Summoner 3, which is enough to use most COMP programs.

But wait, there's more! Dilettante not only gives you a rank in Summoner, it's also fantastic for both physical and magical builds!

For mages, it gets a bunch of spells and, more importantly, the ever useful Concentrate.

But for fighters, it has the holy grail of physical abilities - motherfucking Liver Taboo. Probably the single best attack in the game, it's got a power of 420, hits the entire front row, but most importantly DESTROYS ALL PHYSICAL RESISTANCES FOR A TURN.

That's right, this bad boy not only pierces through everything including Absorb and Reflect, something which nothing else in the game is capable of, but it then lets all your allies do it too as long as long as they're using physical moves and take their turn after yours. It's fucking ridiculous how good it is, and I'm not even mentioning how it seems to do bonus damage against absorb/reflect slash.

Your second class should either be Idol, for the fantastic Chariot (a spell which does large almighty damage while also acting as Sukunda) or Gang Leader because it has Charge.

In New Game+ you get access to Master, which is Adept but better. I've never moved away from Dilettante/Sword Saint since I've unlocked that class, that combo is just too good.



That's some useful info, I'll keep it in mind. Thanks.



Another thing to keep in mind is that Rise from Persona 4 is the best character in the game. You can get her by doing a sidequest in Shinjuku, where you save her from being sacrificed by Messians. I think you have to side with Naoya over Amane to get it?

The reason why she's so great is that she has both the [Persona-user] and [Non-combatant] traits. [Non-combatant] means she's unable to fight at all, but if you get her to Affection status by fucking her a few dozen times you can train her up as your current class. It's well worth marrying her so you can bring her into New Game+, starting a New Game+ as a Devil Summoner, then training her up as that.

The end result is a combination of the Devil Summoner's amazing traits, those being Summoner 5, Successor and Gunslinger, while being a Persona User, meaning she's not fucking useless in combat like pretty much everyone else with Summoner 5. So just by having her in your party you can use all the COMP programs in the game, and she can equip ridiculously powerful demon weapons that boost her magical powers into the stratosphere, all the while having the ability to swap between up to three different skill sets.

She's nuts.



>phsyical and magical

So which is better in your opinion? You seem to know way more about the game than I do? Are they both viable or is it like Nocturne/most SMT games that don't have a limit on who can learn what and physical ends up being king?


Does picking up Lordly fucks up your early game in Era K ?

The game does some calculation which include favoritable / submission and so i'm stuck because i cant seduce anyone ( favoritable gain is low while submission goes way faster ) and i still didn't get any slaves to break.



none of the traits have any great effect on your relationships. If you're "stuck", you just suck. Treat the girls like people, and lo and behold they'll break like chinese concrete


File: 6108d21e52a6fd7⋯.png (27.73 KB, 1234x863, 1234:863, strongestfiend.png)

>Beat the boss Satan in the arena and nothing happens

I was sort of hoping for an ending after doing so or a new class unlock but… Ok I guess. His stats really are quite annoying(you need like 400~ Hit rate just for your attacks to touch this shitter) under the normal settings so this fight was a huge pain. If you wanna fight this dude I highly recommend waiting till you unlock the "Stat calculation for human characters" option in a New Game+ because if you like using Human characters they're gonna need so much help to hit him under the standard/vanilla settings.



what the fuck is that?


So kind of a weird Era Megaten question. Is there a way to get a male character to assistant/workable status without doing anything sexual to them? I recruited Carol J and I think it would be kinda neat to try to make him a singer.



I find that physical damage is a lot more reliable, especially with Liver Taboo making it effective on everything.


Question about SQN, how do you get a girl to fall in love with you? I've got one at max obedience and level 3 desire with 1k+ favour, and she keeps asking to have kids with me, but still no love status.



Did you try pissing in her uterus?


File: e90588a21c97701⋯.jpg (58.79 KB, 984x800, 123:100, Emoji suicide laughing.jpg)


File: 4d83cd633d8ab6d⋯.png (8.2 KB, 798x112, 57:8, .PNG)


Wait for the pedy edition with all the helpful info you need :^)



I can't invite people out because submission interferes according to the game, and talking to the girls only raises affection by 1-3 points. Sometimes not even that



The only reward is bragging rights


File: aa4238534465fbb⋯.jpg (504.93 KB, 2262x1920, 377:320, 0ded8fa8ccbb34693f02982037….jpg)


Not easily, since assistant needs to be sellable iirc and you don't get the more benign time spending options until affection.

I guess you may be able to with the nonsex fall option in menu - that makes characters fall for you just by spending time in dungeons or something like that .



>Homura (U-U)

From what Fusion do you get that Homuhomu from?



I think you get glasses homu either by plot (I somehow got her once like that) or by normal homu-resulting fusion with average level below 10?



Fuse Homu with a level 1 Zoma and the lowest level demon you can get



Terrible font, barely readable.



Got an estimate for that Pedy Edition?



>Level 1 Zoma

Is that even possible? A Zoma seems to add one level when you make one and Ada is strangely not able to be used to make Magical Girls


From which part did you get her? The Rebellion? I only got NPM from the Mikihara or whatever part by defeating her early and doing that any other way just unlocks her fusion.


So just to make sure about eraMegaten: the nip devs decided to have version 0.309 as the base, and everything else builds up from it? Also it's kind of funny/sad how it seems that only eraTW is still alive on the uploading site.



2035, second quarter



just kick them in the nuts.



>So just to make sure about eraMegaten: the nip devs decided to have version 0.309 as the base, and everything else builds up from it?


>Also it's kind of funny/sad how it seems that only eraTW is still alive on the uploading site.

How do you figure? Megaten gets updates several times a month, but because of how buggy they often are, I always wait for them to publish their stable cumulative patches. I think it's been a couple months since the last one, there might even be one available now that I need to merge.

Looking at the builds I've merged from the uploader, I'm counting six games that received new builds in just the last month. TW is just more consistent about their release schedule.


Not that I'll ever get anything done, but which is the best branch to go off of for TW character dialogue translations? Main, Jap or Spaghetti's?



Spaghetti. It's up to date with the Japanese branch and is where translations are being applied. The Japanese branch is just for Japanese updates, and Master is extremely outdated.



If you want to translate it from the ground up, better go grab original japanese file so you won't have to deal with someone's sloppy seconds.



>stabbing the guy

>not stabbing all the girls that make casual conversation or eye contact with the guy

>not kidnapping and restraining him so he's safe from them



I fused mine with Zoma x Lady Kikuri-Hime. Any other Lady will result in normal Homura (Lv.10). Homura U_U is Lv.5.



That just gives me regular Homura. This shit is wierd. Kikuri-Hime is level 15 anyways



>Kikuri-Hime is level 15

She is over-leveled.



I can confirm this works.


I used a low level zoma. I used a level 7 grave beetle, got level 8 zoma, zoma+kikuri-hime = Homura U_U With a higher level zoma I got regular Homura.

After a little more testing it looks like the zoma has to be level 8 or lower. I would guess it could be done with other lady types, but average level must be <10


File: d8ee0d456b42639⋯.png (73.92 KB, 1198x1156, 599:578, zoma.png)


It seems it calculates using demon's actual Lv, not the base one.

Summon Kikuri-Hime and Pixie from Compendium.

Then turn Pixie into Zoma.

Fuse Pixie-Zoma and Kikuri-Hime.


Hey guys, finished eraMegaten tutorial and I wanted to ask if I should go anywhere in specific… Like anywhere that has useful Demons, any event in specific that benefits me or good items. I got a ton of events after the tutorial and I'm kinda lost.



You call that over-leveled?

I Have a Zombie Girl, a Harpy, an Apsaras and two High Pixie on level 60.



As over-leveled for Homura U_U fusion.



Not really, since you'll be learning on the first cycle anyway.

No, you can't fuck anything up.




Ahh I see. I was able to fuse her now. What a strangely specific fusion.


>you can't fuck anything up

That's not entirely true. He can get cucked out of the route he wants.



Holy shit, Vergil? Is Trish and Lady in this too?


Anyone know what the passcode is for that door in the Factory Dungeon of Eramegaten? I've got no idea how to even get that damn thing



The passcodes are 9192, 1213, and 1834, in that order, I think.


It's entirely possible that Virgil could have a .csv file and not actually be implemented in the game anywhere. Might be the author had plans to, but never got around to it for some reason. Maybe another optional boss, maybe a potential zoma fusion, maybe a recruitable demon. Who knows?

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