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File: b1506608a198942⋯.png (35.99 KB, 523x220, 523:220, satanguideme.png)


This is a thread about Corruption of Champions, and the CoC Mod being made by CoCAnon/OtherCoCAnon and Denizens of this board.

Remember to play this on a standalone flash player because shit's no longer supported by any internet browser

Also remember to save to file to prevent save loss

Adobe's one is probably the most maintained one,

(https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/updaters/28/flashplayer_28_sa.exe ). The projector is independent of the browser. However it is left up to the individual user in the end.

>OtherCoCAnon/CoCAnon/OtherDev/Aimozg Build Changelog:


>Latest Version (


>Source code


>Previous threads












I'm perfectly fine with NTR when it's done correctly, which is only possible with Helia at this point. The better FTFY is that we don't know how Helboi is gonna make heltaur a thing, and that I'm jumping the gun. Either way it'll real fucking interesting if he does manage not to cock it up


I am glad that there is some working on fixing that. The interactions can be salvaged because there already was an option to hook up FedoraOC and Amily normally and most importantly, with consent.



>That sounds so pathetic man.

Well it's one suggestion of several that I gave you. But it wouldn't make much sense if he didn't have some patheticness to him, would it? I mean, remember the context: this is the MC who knew a girl he loved would get addicted to someone else's dick and let it happen.

>the greentext

My sleep-addled head is saying that's looking pretty good so far, and to force a suggested followup from me:

>"Of course! I'm sorry, you know I didn't mean to leave you feeling unwanted. How about we go for a walk around the lake? Maybe we can spend some time just catching up? Oh, how about a spar! We've not had one of those in a while..." her once chirpy tone trails off abruptly. Half the fun of a spar was the sexual reward you'd give each other, as Helia remembers with a pang of guilt.


File: ba3bc561ea93644⋯.jpg (120.24 KB, 600x734, 300:367, demon dormammu.jpg)

Third for too few demons in a game about demons


Honestly, the Urta x Amily thing can't really be salvaged.

Amily when you recruit her, if there are any other Lovers in the Camp, she'll at most be bothered that you never told her, but she'll ignore it as long as they're not corrupt, in fear that they might end up corrupting the player. Otherwise she's more worried about repopulating her race. The only other character she has issues with is Jojo because of problems between them. So Amily wouldn't care that you've something going on with Urta.

Urta… yeah, Urta have issues about you going out with anyone other than her, despite her routinely requesting the services of the centaur slut fixated on big dicks or getting gangbanged in the tavern table when blackout drunk. So Urta having issues with seeing you visiting the town together makes sense, but her purposely going out to corner Amily in the tavern, getting her drunk and raping her right there in the tavern table for all to see? That's a bit much. She's the Captain of the Guard, after all.

Then there's the fact that if you confront them in the act and get angry, both Urta and Amily will get upset with you. Urta will get all sad and not want to talk with you again, and Amily will leave the camp. Amily, the one that was just was purposely raped by a futa, something that she hates. You'd think she'd side with you about being raped in public and not seeing Urta anymore.

So i don't know how you can work that around other than making the rape preventable or not happening at all.



The last demon encounter update is a WIP Hellmouth here >>182769

The Alice is a new type of demon as well, basically just loli succubus. Finished and awaiting implementation. If you have other ideas for new demon encounters, please share and help foster discussion. Also feel free to critique the Hellmouth.



Honestly I don't know why you'd want to salvage it. You can MAYBE salvage Urta if you basically rewrite her entirely, but that scene? Pure cancer that should be left out.



Wait what, when does she rape Amily on a bar table? Only scene like that is the both drunk, fucking in back room, is it not?





The rape scene is absolutely stupid and even though I believe Urta to be an awful fucking character, the option to bring them to a date should be left in if OOC wants to keep the writing already there



Sorry, and not to sound like I want you to do my work for me, but that kind of just carries on the issue.

You're a cum addicted whore in a sex land who sexually feels nothing for the person you claim to love. How exactly do you respond when they bring up the issue to you??

Here's what I'm thinking. She doesn't love you anymore. Try this on and tell me what you think.

>You tell her that it's only until now that you're beginning to get concerned about your relationship. She says she loves you but is suddenly incapable of proving it, while doing all sorts of intimate acts in the mountains with men who aren't you. Yaou're concerned her feelings for you are no longer genuine and ask what she can do to ease your worries.

>She stalls for a moment, before a look of pain flashes across her features. "You're right, Anon. I tried to deny it to myself and I thought it was just a phase, but the longer I spent away from you and in the mountains the more I realised I don't love you anymore. I'm so sorry, I… I should just go."

And it's at this point you instigate the spar, telling her if she can or cannot leave.



No, she purposely gets Amily blackout drunk so she can fuck the shit out of her in full view of everyone. That's how you catch them.



And she isn't immediately killed?



I thought she got her drunk then took her to the backroom, I remember a while ago that you had to go asking around at the bar and someone says they saw those two head into the backroom, drunk.



I think you are exaggerating the "rape" in the scene a little much. For one it only occurs when you have sex with both of them. Second it occurs because Amily is pissed off at the charcter for having sex behind her back (she has a similar reaction to you inviting Marble in as a lover so it's not unbelievable.) And if you have the self esteem higher then an ant the scene is a little humorous. Amily goes in high and mighty to give a talking to Urtra, then she gets a little tipsy (not black out drunk) and they have sex with each other…it wasn't really rape. If you don't want a three way relationship then you shouldn't have started one.




Honestly, i think the other anon is right in that Helia would still hold some affection for you in her mind. If she still really loves you or not, that's beside the point, but she'd delude herself that's the case as long as possible. The MC would try to convince her to stay with a number of arguments and appeals, she'd be conflicted while giving excuses and faint affectionate words but ultimately her desire to go seek the Minotaurs would speak louder, and with regret she'd be more and more direct about leaving, which would leave the MC more and more hurt and desperate. That's the point the MC would get more direct and even violent, which would surprise Helia.

Basically, the whole thing is a tragedy. The MC would think that acting violently like the Minotaurs and conquer her physically and sexually would be the way to go to win her back, Helia at first would be chocked and even a bit into it, but once it start producing no effects and her addiction end up speaking louder once again, she'd start getting angry and mean. Then the MC gets ultra rapey, with Helia getting hurt and pissed off beyond words. The love between the two is finally dead. Shit gets progressively worse from there.

But then again, i love drama and edgyness.


File: 65f1e35d1485168⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 325x346, 325:346, 65f1e35d1485168a9a8fbf1760….jpg)



Yeah I believe the two are in the backroom with Amily getting fucked, raped in non-fen words, with the only option to watch or leave. Chastising them afterwards makes Urta hate you, who cares, and Amily leave you



I mean that's what you get for being a hypocrite. You were banging both of them and it's cool but they bang each other and you have a bitch fit? Who wouldn't leave you at that point for being pathetic?



>Second it occurs because Amily is pissed off at the charcter for having sex behind her back (she has a similar reaction to you inviting Marble in as a lover so it's not unbelievable.)

Because Marble can corrupt the player, not because she was another lover. Amily doesn't really care about the player sleeping around before Urta.

>And if you have the self esteem higher then an ant the scene is a little humorous. Amily goes in high and mighty to give a talking to Urtra, then she gets a little tipsy (not black out drunk) and they have sex with each other…it wasn't really rape.

Re-read the scene, Urta pretty much make Amily get drunk and then fucks her. Urta, the futa with the humongous cock. Amily hates futas. But in that scene Amily is out of it and basically being brutally fucked by Urta. I counted as rape. Hell, i felt raped by that scene.



It's fine, I meant that to be a spot the player could pick up from, as she considers what she just said.

What you have isn't bad, but it's missing Helia's view of polyamory. You can think the idea's crap, go ahead, but we gotta respect that Helia, from her upbringing and history, believes it. That's how she can enjoy others while picking MC as her favourite. Your version seems to forget that a bit as she's processing things. I'd suggest:

>"But you are special to me! No one makes me feel the way you do, and I don't think anyone else ever can. I just, you know me. I always chase that high. You liked that about me, didn't you?"

>She rubs her eyes. Her face is married with a deep frown, but her legs are twitching with an addicted impulse. "If I'm hurting you, maybe I should just leave. You shouldn't have to worry about me."

From there, you can do the spar, with a more benign 'wait out the addiction' setup following as she goes cold turkey the old fashioned way.


File: 579329b8c1d3904⋯.gif (560.84 KB, 320x200, 8:5, 579329b8c1d3904932d564ff0e….gif)


No need to attack ad hominem you mong. Just because you liked the scene doesn't make it any less fucking absurd and out of character, head back to fen's forums if you don't like opposing views


Repostan Marae WIP drafts for new thread. Please be chill this thread, you're all cool fellas

https://my.mixtape.moe/loharq.txt (Arc 2 Begin)

https://my.mixtape.moe/wjmhmo.txt (Handjob)



Woah okay ShindoL



>I mean that's what you get for being a hypocrite.

I hate this argument that cucks use. Dude, this is a fantasy game where you can have a harem. Yes, i want the harem, yes i want exclusivity out of the harem. So what? Does that make me a hypocrite? So what? I'm supposed to be am awesome champion. My word is law. Fuck being fair, specially to women. Harems has always been about an alpha male fucking all the bitches.

And the MC being pathetic about not wanting that shit? What about Urta getting upset about the player having someone else when she goes to prostitutes and get so drunk she's fuck by anyone at the tavern? Who's she to act indignant?



I mean I can def agree with that, but doesn't mean you get to dictate what goes in and what doesn't. If people want NTR, so what? Fuck it, let em, there's a shite ton of other better things that'll be added soon.



I'm sorry if you felt that was a personal attack but I'm just making the point that its not really out of character. Not to assume but it seems you feel enraged when Amily and Urtra have sex with each other behind your back. Is it really so unbelievable to have a scene where THEY also are annoyed with the player for not following rules they set. Where they give the player a taste of their own medicine?



But it's perfect, the degeneracy, addiction and cuckery killed the love in them. Helia loved the MC, but after everything, specially his violent reaction that love is dead. The MC genuinely loved Helia, but after doing nothing and seeing her slip more and more his love for her is dead as well. All that's left are two broken empty shells hurting one another further and further into more degeneracy and pain.

Its… beautiful…



I'm sorry if you felt that was a personal attack but I'm just making the point that its not really out of character. Not to assume but it seems you feel enraged when Amily and Urta have sex with each other behind your back. Is it really so unbelievable to have a scene where THEY also are annoyed with the player for not following rules the player themselves set. Where they give the player a taste of their own medicine?


COCAnon, can you code the anal marble rape scene as a permanent sex scene?



If you just want a harem girl to do what you say and be a fucktoy then why not just use Slave amily? Lover Amily should have her own unique rules.



I mean, I don't disagree….




Dude, the whole thing doesn't make any sense.

Urta sleeps around, so she has no reason to be upset. Seriously, she tells the player she's a regular of that centaur prostitute that works at the tavern. She's also constantly being caught drunk at the tavern being a slut. So who's she to act so indignant about the player having someone else?

Amily, normally, doesn't care that you sleep around as long you pump her full of babies. So why the shit would she be so upset about you and Urta, other than her finding Urta to be a futa menace that can possibly lead you astray?

See how it makes little sense for these two try to get together and fuck as a way to get back at the player? Urta and Helia fucking in the bar while drunk? That makes perfect sense. Urta and Amily? None.

Seriously, think about it.



It really is unbelievable when it's Amily who's fucking behind your back. Amily is only shown to be a bit angry about the Champions polygamy, but the rest of her dialogue shows her to a loving and entirely devoted partner. I don't care much for FenOC but even then what you're proposing is hypocritical because she even tells you that her relationship with the Champion is polyamorous when talking of Edryn. I'll never go through Urta's love line because of how shit she is, but these glaring problems can't be put under the rug



>Lover Amily should have her own unique rules.

None of them would lead her to fuck Urta in public while blackout drunk, though.

Urta is a futa, that she despises. Urta has a humongous cock that would destroy her pussy. Urta's race would override her own meaning no mouse babies.


File: 147f0052cadba1f⋯.jpg (150.89 KB, 999x761, 999:761, alice_combat.JPG)

For Satan if he's around:

Okay, not everything works exactly as I originally mapped out but a basic structure of everything is there.

Her illusion lowers your speed by 25 (can stack), she can run away to make distance, which checks against your speed (basically if you have over 100 she can't get away from you), she can tease and cast arouse, and while she's at range she can't use runaway again, but is much more likely to try and use illusion to lower your speed.

Things to do:

give illusion the ability to negate you trying to reach her that turn, without just giving it the chance to make her far away from you while using it close range

maybe add a weak damage attack for her to do when she's fatigue'd out, right now it just turns into nothing but teases if you let it go that long

possibly make it so approaching her is a speed check, no idea how to do this one since I just hijacked the knockedaway status effect though, and that has the potential to make the fight unwinnable if your speed gets sub-20 and she's away from you

Shove her into the Imp table, right now she's only in Deepwoods, haven't yet tested if the sub-level 6 block works yet

Also I had to write a few things that I dunno if you'd wanna change when it comes to her making distance:

>The Alice dashes away from you, clearly looking to

if tallness > 50

>gain distance from your more physically imposing stature.


>avoid a more physical confrontation.

then if you pass the speed check

>You quickly follow the little demon, keeping her within striking distance.

or failing it

>You'll have to catch up to the little demon to engage it in melee once more.



What anal rape Marble scene?


So, aside from the cuck shit, what are the latest updates ya'll got cooked up?


So what is the gimmick of the nameless horror fight? It's impossible.



Should have a NoFur option ready for release soon. A setting in the fetish menu that changes all furry characters to be more human-like. The line between "furry" and "monstergirl" is really blurry, so I'm just going with my preferences in a lot of cases (I'll post up the exact changes when it's closer to completion, I'd be open to making changes if there's enough demand).


File: a1f42a40fae92f1⋯.jpg (690.18 KB, 1322x1839, 1322:1839, Peep2.jpg)


I think the line between monstergirl and furry is one of intent. You can tell, even when drawn to be like monstergirls, that there's furry intent.

Not that it's all bad. But it's mostly bad.





The face and torso and upper limbs are supposed to be human, it's not that blurred.



Slave Amily fucks the other people in you camp. She is definitely not who you look to for a devoted waifu. She's a horny slave.




Line between furry and monstergirl is whether or not you can lock lips with coverage of 80%





… There are monsters who are basically humanoid beings covered on scales, fur, etc. i wonder if people are confusing kemonomimis with monster girls or more like adding girl as sufix is a valid excuse to demand a being that looks so much like a female human that you couldn't tell apart from other female human.




If there's no muzzle I can tolerate it.

Though I wouldn't hestate to pound >>183598's pic


File: a9579ff3f3ebd80⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1879x2700, 1879:2700, Christian.jpg)

File: 20152d067af7e36⋯.png (2.66 MB, 2111x3000, 2111:3000, Peep3.png)


Yeah, the author does furshit surprisingly well.


File: 80d6db86005c418⋯.jpg (202.45 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, the_difference_between_gar….jpg)



If it has a snout, watch out.



I'll post crusader and izumi wip tomorrow


can't please everyone


I believe the problem with removing content outright can cause more problems with the code than adding stuff (correct me if I'm wrong) because fen's shitcode is a pyramid of "if this happens this happens"

Heltaur is the last thing on my list, purely because many anons are against it, and it was originally an idea proposed by a kind anon in a relatively decent CoC thread on cuckchan's /v/

I'll likely rewrite him into more of a bro type of character and "son figure" to the PC, I dunno. work in progress, cant please everyone



Tragedy and mutual pain is a lot more interesting than 'GOD MINO COCK IS MUCH BETTER THAN YOU' pathetic humiliation.

Her actually fractured and controlled by her addiction would be an interesting take on it.


I don't think I can hate fenoxo much further but he still manages to drive me to it.



>and it was originally an idea proposed by a kind anon in a relatively decent CoC thread on cuckchan's /v/

Why am i not surprised.

>I'll likely rewrite him into more of a bro type of character and "son figure" to the PC

Literally "my wife's son",



>I'll likely rewrite him into more of a bro type of character and "son figure" to the PC, I dunno. work in progress, cant please everyone

That seems like a doomed proposition given the only people who'll see him are cucks, who would probably prefer he simply call the PC a faggot and fuck all his followers.

Also, it occurs to me that we are missing an ojou type character…



Just remove that paragraph entirely or the character for that matter. Maybe add a paragraph to Izumi that she has no idea who you're talking about when you ask about the Behemoth… but remarks seeing some shaking purple thing and hearing heavy breathing.



The hold-off was from not knowing which route of Heltaur was going to be implemented because most of what was spitballed was shit. It just seems kinda pointless since it's a separate npc having to be written in when so many certain parameters need to be checked to even have a chance of him. Really I would suggest having a chance male version of Helspawn to get more bang for your buck. Be it a salamander, vanilla helia, or taur-like, ntr.




Make the Heltaur an Amazonian Cowgirl. Buff and feisty with eyes to steal her mother's "lover", with remarks about what a moron she is for giving up this dick and how much better off you are without Helia and with her instead.



You mind giving a synopsis of your ideas for Izumi?

The ideas in the last thread were somethin' else, and i'm hoping it's similar



This. This so fucking much



Isn't that pretty much was Helspawn is already? You pretty much Helspawn by yourself, since Helia is never around the Camp, but Marae knows where fighting, drink and fucking around. So you can either raise Helspawn to be a liberated slut like her mother, or a chaste daddy's girl.

I always thought that was the perfect revenge against Helia, specially with the option where you can cockblock Helspawn new Spiderboy's boyfriend and decide you'll be the one popping her cheery.



Aw I was looking forward to Heltaur on Helspawn or Kihra



>wips tomorrow

Thanks dude!


File: 1e01c5eafafd1a7⋯.jpg (5.45 KB, 244x207, 244:207, eralklnjwea.jpg)


>heltaur on kiha

what a fucking shit idea my guy



I imagine you get locked out of the Helspawn stuff when she's addicted to the mino-cum. Her body would react differently to it than just being in love with you. Maybe actually exacerbate it and lose out to the minotaur without realizing. You saw how horny she was without the cum.

Plus the idea I had isn't exactly chaste, she's more rough and knows what she wants. To her she keeps hearing Helia talking about you, maybe lamenting her decision to get addicted, so she decides she wants you. Helia and her probably contest a lot and aren't exactly warm and cuddly with each other like she is with Helspawn. Winning you over would be a major victory Helia could never live down.


File: f09e0f9456e6b13⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 301x427, 43:61, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)


Fuckin' pretty good idea my dude.





To give an idea of where the line is for me (the one doing the defurring):

Minotaurs fall entirely in the "furry" category in my opinion, but they're such a standard monster with a long history that I'm leaving them exactly as they are.

Sophie's pussy-feathers are out. In general, the idea is to have no fur/feathers/whatever above the knees (except for tails obviously) or elbows, or on the face or front of the torso.

On the other hand, something like Kiha's sparse breast and face scales are fine.

I'm currently thinking of leaving inhuman penises alone. Aside from the fact that they're kind of cliche and overdone at this point, I personally don't have a problem with horsecocks. Less of a fan of the gnolls, undecided on whether I'll leave them as they are or change them to a simple huge clit.

Hellhounds are going in the opposite direction, towards animals instead of humans.



>non-transparent background

what a shame



You're trying to reason with a cuck. It's already a losing battle.




Heltaur makes no fucking sense unless you're a huge cuck, and even then hardly.

I get Helia NTRing the player with Minotaurs, since she's already a huge slut and becomes a cum-addict to boot, but why would Helspawn fuck her brother or Kihra?

Depending how you raise Helspawn, she'd despisee her mother for being a cum-addicted slut that is giving her dearest dad such a pain, and the other Camp lovers would just find the whole situation loathsome. Specially Kiha. Chances are the other Camp lovers would kick Helia out of the Camp and prohibit the MC from interacting with her. The fear of being overrun by corruptive Minotaurs would be a factor.

So tell me, how the hell would Helia's Minotaur son be able to convince the other to worship his cock?



Big ol' mino cock. Duh.



Have Helia affectly "drug" Helspawn by cumswapping Heltaur's semen with her



Feel it.



>I'm currently thinking of leaving inhuman penises alone. Aside from the fact that they're kind of cliche and overdone at this point, I personally don't have a problem with horsecocks.

If you're going to leave the unhuman penises alone, you better not touch the unhuman vaginas. I want to fuck my cloacas, dammint.


File: f37b9833a2cc04a⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1680x2500, 84:125, hairy.png)


So, would I be the freak for suggesting Izumi have bush? It makes sense for her.


How's the progress on the rape scene? I remember someone doing something last thread but had to go to work.



Should be a source in there or somethin yo


File: 9c8df5a9d780eaf⋯.jpg (27.01 KB, 422x676, 211:338, Harpy.jpg)


>Sophie's pussy-feathers are out

Yeah, nah.




Is this the true power of NTR fans?



File: 26b335ba20d9ebb⋯.jpg (92.47 KB, 651x922, 651:922, ONIKNOCK.jpg)


Only the best oni author around my man.

Obmas. Here's that specific doujin.





Thank ya boyos.



Autism 101:

1st step: Always be autistic when facing logical arguents

2nd step: If 1st step fail, be even more autisitc.

3rd step: Repeat 2nd step until no one oposses your arugment.



>Heltaur is some sort of natural female salamander/minotaur hybrid



>It's like a spirit ball of pain and misery.

More like a spirit ball of retardation. There's hardly any misery in big cocks winning things by default.



There is for the poor bastards that can't do anything about it. Japan is already angry at the white nigger invading his country for tang.


You'd fuck it.


File: b52a5af44b568af⋯.jpg (454.32 KB, 1280x1829, 1280:1829, 07.jpg)


Pic related. NTR fans are sad shits that must inflict their misery on others.







Heltaur taking the place of Helspawn if the Mino cum addiction route happens is by far a good idea.



>Being part mino gives her the same deux ex immunity that excellia slut has (apparently, or so I hear)

>Looks smugly at her mother as she tries to bring her daughter down to her level by spiking her food with mino cum, tosses the tainted dish to the ground after discovering it

>Forcibly Interrupts every cucking scene and takes you into a lovey dovey world with your own that outshines helia's cuck shit so bad, the mino cock inside her actually feels a little lack luster, as she tastes the love she willingly threw away in favor of a high and a good fuck

>Gets to watch the past play out as her daughter's tail ignites in lovefire one night, and her daughter makes all the choices she wishes she could have made

>Helia hooks up with Scylla and becomes a legit nun to repent

This fanfiction is just taking off in my head, I love it.


File: e9d9c49cab841c7⋯.jpg (34.34 KB, 956x126, 478:63, Cloaca.jpg)


>I want to fuck my cloacas, dammint.

I see no cloacas to fuck.



Ye salty tears taste so good.



God, that manga was such a waste of good art.


>he's proud of being a cuck



Who said anything about being a cuck?



But that manga is pure retardation, specially the weird faces the characters make. You're just proving me wrong.

I'm kinda cool with NTR, but only when it's well written and ends in utter tragedy.



Which is such a bullshit. Sophie should have a nice cloaca that i can fuck.


File: 85a2f68536f6b59⋯.jpg (180.56 KB, 1000x434, 500:217, 1 fap.jpg)


>heltaur is the pure waifu the game deserves

>actively fucks over helia in the cuck route


This is the only good thing to come out of this entire clusterfuck of bad decisions so far.



>Well written

Pick one.



You really like pubes don't you?

I can't really say I'm against fur diapers, but heavy focus on them would be really off-putting. I'd rather have brief mention of pubes, but you know, still have them be there.



I like POV NTR where I'm cucking some nerd. That said I always put myself in position of the bull, unlike that one redditard who mistook why he was getting off and hurt himself when he cucked himself.



>You really like pubes don't you?

It's not my end all be all fetish like loving impregnation but I find it hotter than bare pussies generally.

It just looks more interesting, and it looks hotter seeing cum drip out of one.



Might as well make a male Helspawn to raise with Vanilla Helia to get the best of both worlds. Really dedicating malespawn to be NTR content only seems like a massive waste of resources



Pubes only look good in 2D. Gross as hell in real life.



Admit it, you love rubbing your face in it and scratching an itch that you can't otherwise quite scratch.



Nitori, bro. Just say Nitori so i know you aren't bullshiting me like the people that enjoy Taimanin 3.



Not real, there are all kinds of pubes and as a long you don't get lose strings stuck in you tongue they feel quite nice against your body, specially when wet.



Arigato, Senpai. I know not many of the magical moon words.



Honestly I just like variety in things. Bare, tuft, bush, it's all good, long as it isn't too wiry.



isn't it Netori?



Nah bro. I love it visually and the feeling on my dick but hairinligus is an extra no no.



Netori, fuckin' christ at least get it right cuckfag.





Yeah, fuck. The word is Netori. My bad.



>I like POV NTR where I'm cucking some nerd

I also like things that don't exist.




Also I dislike gangbangs in general. Why would some schmuck share a gorgeous babe with a bunch of weirdos?


It's very rare, and even then I can never seem to find it again… like a leprechaun.



>Sees PC being cucked by helia, wallowing in sorrow, abuse an pity, fucking random sluts to drown out the pain

>Sees a ragtag camp full of sluts and corrupted demon whores and mopey furry shits with muh tragic back stories.

>With the typical minotaur aggression she was born with, she decides to clean up, kick out all the useless sluts, only doesn't kick out her mother out of filial duty, but she completely usurps her place in PC's heart

>She takes PCuck out fighting, they kick the shit out of some demons and PC regains confidence, returns to the champion they once were, only instead of slutting around with a harem they're completely devoted to their heltaur waifu for bringing them out of their darkest point in life.

>Still cares for Helia out of a sense of duty and the fact that helia supposedly legitimately still feels for them, but after a bit blowup about minocum, kicks her ass to the abandoned chapel for the gargoyle to indoctrinate into the way of purity.



>It's very rare, and even then I can never seem to find it again… like a leprechaun.



File: 44dfcf5ff995724⋯.png (820.92 KB, 1578x702, 263:117, ClipboardImage.png)



is taimanin series translated?

I heard 3 was disappointing.


File: 2dcd06643584e38⋯.png (1.32 MB, 940x987, 20:21, 53.png)


Gracias, Anon. Have an image.




Doesn't exist.


NTR, but the guy thinks he's not cucked


NTR where everyone knows the guy's cucked.

It's like the ending of ME3: same shit with a different shader on top


File: 6d32c222451f6c4⋯.gif (841.58 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1509869615823.gif)


>semen going out through her navel

that's pretty fucked up anon


File: e10191d3b1e1133⋯.jpg (318.08 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Peep3.jpg)


I guess I'm just bored of shaved.



This is good though. Redemption stories are almost always great.


File: 5c7db3a25bb04c2⋯.png (863.5 KB, 955x1351, 955:1351, Married Bitches Diana Koda….png)







Eh, can we also have one where the PC kind of just shrugged and let her walk away. I mean, Helia is a slut. It's to be expected.


File: 4533e5d1d54a5c3⋯.png (352.69 KB, 540x539, 540:539, tumblr_inline_p69qw6qCl81t….png)


Lover Volleyball scene when



Goddamn, that looks like it feels like you're stroking a fur rug. You got more?

I admit I have a shameful kink for when they peek over the edge of panties


File: d70959067d51390⋯.jpg (182.58 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, Armpithairisgrosstho.jpg)


A limited amount.


File: df9edd66560dba2⋯.png (6.35 MB, 2500x2011, 2500:2011, MILFs Marisa Hyodo, Lusami….png)



It's not that popular, but I think Pixiv probably has a term for it.


File: c1e34a9bca06e4a⋯.gif (51.24 KB, 192x224, 6:7, 1508134799821.gif)


>armpit hair

>no happy trail




>That stocking skindentation

>That little bit of pudge there

This is Grade A content!


File: e49577f78d2d402⋯.jpg (211.14 KB, 850x1284, 425:642, Oni14.jpg)


Sadly there is no non-armpit version. Only a no-hair version.



Find on Sadpanda


Something you want to tell me here?



was just wondering why she has armpit hair, but is not given stomach hair


File: 58bdc7d343970a1⋯.jpg (242.36 KB, 850x1172, 425:586, Oni12.jpg)


Maybe she's from Quebec.



Fully penetrating regular faeries when?



He should still care for her, but it should be made really clear that he cares for her because she's heltaur's mother, and deep down heltaur would be sad if anything happened to her



has thee ever been a plan for this sort of thing with the fairy in the deep forest?



pretty funny how french girls, even quebecois, get shit on for their body hair



That's their standard shit tag, from what I understand you're a Japanese guy fucking two married women from America I think. The women are being taken away. They have Male:Netorare, too, as opposed to the more often used Reverse Netorare.


This I agree with.


File: 3e885111328dff3⋯.png (181.17 KB, 456x676, 114:169, original_drawn_by_yagi_nin….png)

So, I think we can all agree that we need both an ojou and a better cowgirl.

I offer this as inspiration. Picture it; a virginal, well dressed lacta bovine who comes from a wealthy family. Is very shy and easily embarrassed and prefers to wear pretty dresses.



It's funny because they are fuckin' ugly as shite, especially the quebecois chicks


File: d4a9f78af9560ae⋯.png (204.08 KB, 392x441, 8:9, 1515600699719.png)


>she'll only let you and the family you make with her drink her milk



If you do this, an actual shy, inexperienced girl would be a rare sexual experience in game. Anything better than >MORBLE

Cute slightly frilled panties optional



>You have to convince her that you're okay with being addicted to her if that means you can start a family with her

>she cries and just holds you tightly, calling you 'her idiot'



I'd love a scene where she buys sexy underwear in an effort to entice you after hearing from her older sister how much her boyfriend liked it. It'd be so cute and naive.


[Finished] The Alice/Loli Succubus


Encounter+Battle: https://my.mixtape.moe/isqurf.txt

Kill or Rape: https://my.mixtape.moe/odmtmh.txt

Loli-pop item rewrite: https://my.mixtape.moe/kuxhpt.txt

[Finished] Amily Herm Rewrite



[Finished] Kill Scenes


Omnibus Overseer: https://my.mixtape.moe/gqqpps.txt

Imps: https://my.mixtape.moe/cbmvze.txt

Erlking/Princess Gwynn: https://my.mixtape.moe/kcgzwl.txt

Zetaz: https://my.mixtape.moe/pkjnms.txt (NEW)

[Finished] Behemoth Kill Scene: Don’t Touch My Izumi! Edition

https://my.mixtape.moe/uvjybo.txt (NEW)

[WIP] Hellmouth Encounter


Encounter: https://my.mixtape.moe/adwpes.txt (UPDATED)

Inspiration: https://e-hentai.org/g/983629/69d5ea50f9/

[WIP] Pure Marae Route


Intro: https://pastebin.com/uHJU58sR


Training Tier 1 begins: https://pastebin.com/VrCBG6um

Fauna: https://pastebin.com/ZeXkAzMz

Handholding v2: https://pastebin.com/07W06QJk

Meditation/Talk: https://pastebin.com/DKkfnKDQ

Trial Battle: https://pastebin.com/t5P68MVu

Headpatting: https://pastebin.com/7yLpCvsc

Arc 2 Begins: https://my.mixtape.moe/loharq.txt (NEW)

Handjob: https://my.mixtape.moe/wjmhmo.txt (NEW)

[WIP] Bog Town: Innstail


[WIP] Vampire Content


[WIP] Goblin Taur

Encounter: https://pastebin.com/raw/d2yA8JVa

Fuck the Goblin: https://pastebin.com/raw/ruMMAdVW

[WIP] Naga Expansion


Bianca the Desert Naga: https://pastebin.com/57BrjLdd

Naga Village: https://pastebin.com/0eWeq6ik

"I'm still working on the Zahara/Bianca The Naga and The Naga Village expansion(s). Been very busy trying to find summer employment."

[WIP] Clover the Fortuneteller

Clover Hallucinogenic Suckling Concept: https://pastebin.com/GBm7jhaU

"However, I should have more Clover to show over this weekend because I've had the craving to work on some hypnotic elf titty suckling lately."

[WIP] Tiri, the Abusable or Redeemable


Outline: https://my.mixtape.moe/gqbaxh.txt (NEW)

Encounter: https://my.mixtape.moe/oqzwbk.txt

Camp interactions: https://my.mixtape.moe/wcmpyh.txt (UPDATED)

"Aye sure, you can keep tabs on Tiri with a note that she's not coming in the near future. I like very gradually adding to her… It's not bad that people like her, that's really quite nice. I just don't want any expectations."


Helboi !Wsu9crTfi6 is working on the following but not giving out previews:

Vanilla Helia, Izumi lover/follower, Crusader, martial artist girl, and heltaur shit when he gets to it.

"I'll post crusader and izumi wip tomorrow"

OtherCoCAnon, if there is something on this list that was already implemented or will not be implemented, let me know so I can remove it.

Mareafag, let me know if there is better wording or structure for listing your scenes.

[MIA] tag is for authors not seen for a thread or two to prevent things from going stale and keeping everyone informed what is actively being worked on.

Post your work again in the thread if it's not on this list, I'll sort it out.





Can't we finish Marble's sisters before moving on to more lacta bovines? I want to fuck Clara again.



Regardless of whether one prefers or doesn't prefer having someone smash behind your back, my whole problem is that Urta x Amily makes no sense as you just described.

Story wise Amily would stay as far as she can from anything that isn't of A-grade purity. While still a plausible scenario for people who like both Amily and Urta it also makes no sense that it happens almost on its own. I would think that with Amily being so reserved it would take a mini questline to coax her to be with Urta.

I am glad however that this event doesn't happen if you aren't with Urta.


File: 2f2afe72951642a⋯.jpg (223.86 KB, 583x1508, 583:1508, 1500591037961.jpg)



Is that with all cow-girls? I thought it was a Marble-only thing.



Nah, fuck that bitch, she gets herself a second man in the bad end. She can stew in the prison and stare wistfully at the mountain.



>on your visit she can't get the lace done up, and you walk in on her struggling

>she gets embarrassed and then sulks, saying she wanted to surprise you


File: bc1aac14d1426ec⋯.png (613.13 KB, 730x1293, 730:1293, qualitybush.png)

More bush to push



>her maid tries to stop you from entering the room

>you hear groaning and discomfort

>you push past the maid and find that scene











Would'nt be better to just make her one of the many Marble's sisters?



But why? It really wouldn't do anything other than name recognition.



It'd be easier to explain her, and her being the naive young sister that is out to cuck her older sister is appealing.



Not if you want to tick off the ojou thing. Marble's family is confirmed to be just some fucks in the mountains.

I'm thinking these guys would be rich, like a pre-corruption noble family that maintains their mansion, but have since intermarried with lacta bovines.


File: 5088c9cbdd6b2af⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1235x1920, 247:384, Trap Murasaki Bastet.png)

File: 0528f3552eb825b⋯.png (794.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Team Skull.png)


That's a trap's sister, but I can't remember her name. That said I can remember the name of the trap, Murasaki. 0Lightsource, I think. Also found some more fuzz.



I'd rather the girl be her own. Having a completely clean slate would do the cowgirl better than being latched to Marble



Rich cousins?



Pretty much this.

Plus if we do go with the sexy underwear scene that opens up the older sister – who isn't very serious with most of her relationships. WINK WINK.

Not that I'd do that to dear old Annabelle.



>oni transformative

>onis get a passive racial bonus that greatly increases unarmed damage

>Izumi joins and teaches you suplex, tetsuzanko

>new positions including missionary and handholding

>Izumi has a problem, PC must overcome her sadness with love (it's not any cuckshit, but I won't spoil)

>quest involving her brother who may or may not just be Akuma


I LIKE it, consider it reworked.


she does now



>That said I can remember the name of the trap, Murasaki

Weird, says that's the character's name…




You can flesh out their whole homestead. Maybe instead of a maid they have Tahonta, their jolly minotaur butler. That way female PCs get a love interest.



>minotaur butler

A total dad vibe where he worries constantly about the girls and who they hang out with?

>says that's the name of the character

I know, but Lightsource just recently made an image of that sister, I think. So a lot of people are confused and thinking it's another genderbend. I may be wrong, who knows?



The first time you met her and fight her, you can have anal sex



>Maybe instead of a maid they have Tahonta, their jolly minotaur butler. That way female PCs get a love interest.

Uh oh, red flags…


Can we not have anymore minotaurs? I'm sick of cuckshit.



>A total dad vibe where he worries constantly about the girls and who they hang out with?

You have to prove yourself to him before he lets you date them.


I was gonna say he's a male lacta bovine, but aren't minotaurs their male equivalent? Are there male cowpeople?



Strictly minotaurs, that said there are good ones like the Baker.


File: 437c4d43d9deb83⋯.jpg (130 KB, 383x472, 383:472, 1464043288142.jpg)


Fuck man this is really starting activate my fanfic-almonds. Like her family could be a part of the Inner City of Tel Andre that doesn't do the whole public indecency thing. The new area could lead to more characters that are a breath of fresh air from the killing-fucking attitude everywhere else. Could even have a separate questline to bring the old families into power and enforce decency laws in the rest of Tel Andre, maybe even kick Urta out on the way. I'm starting to sound like a fag, but this is really making me think



>the Baker.

You mean the one that mixes his addictive cum into pastries?



Yes, but that's just a smart business move. He doesn't wanna fuck anybody.



I could dig it, anon. I could totally dig it.



I love how whenever someone start to brainstorm new ideas people always casually mention new ways to throw Urta under the bus. KEK.



Yeah he just wants to get everyone hooked on it anyways. Dominica was right about everything, it seems. Fuck minotaurs (not literally, you degenerate), burn teladre, learn magic.



I don't think the succubus is finished, the rape stuff is missing.


Some of us like simple bow panties or shimapan, but that works too


I just want lightsource to draw the two fucking. Semi-casual incest is rare as fuck, i'm half tempted to write two entries for coC of a sister/brother pair who get off on fucking eachother, especially with someone else involved.



Does he? I mean, it's no different than the tobacco industry and they aren't evil. R-right?



I only put up the finished tag on what authors have said is finished, might want to ask Satan about that one.


So for cow-jou, how about names? How about Penelope?



Of course. But there aren't a roving tribe of tobacco farmers forcing people to smoke, cigarettes have warnings on the side and now there's an active semi-effective campaign against them. CoC only has Dominica and as long as the PC isn't a mino she doesn't give a fuck.



>But there aren't a roving tribe of tobacco farmers forcing people to smoke

Not to defend the cunt putting addictive cum in his pastries, buuuuut

Izumi :^)



Really it's to choose between cliche or not. Something like Bessie or something new like Ashara



Well I called her Annabelle because I kind of like the idea of rich Southern kind of family.


>there aren't roving tribe of tobacco farmers forcing people to smoke


Seriously, though, someone should write up a scene where you mention this to Edryn or somebody competent which unleashes a whole chain reaction of health standards. Health standards get me rock hard.



I can dig a southern style old fashioned family. Maybe Papa has a blunderbuss and a cowboy hat?

Like New Texas but not shit.



from this asshole >>183761

It's 'finished' in that it's technically functional, but he did leave a note in there

>//Eh, I'd add [Fuck] but at the moment not up to writing those scenes. Anyone else is welcome to.

As it stands now, you can get the semi-rapey 'continue' option upon meeting an Alice, or lose the fight for sex scenes, winning the fight only offers Kill or Leave. It's a pretty barebones encounter in that sense, also doesn't have a not-initial meeting dialogue, which doesn't follow too well considering after fighting one once you'd probably be pretty aware the next time you found one.



>Tell Edryn, and the store closes for a week before opening up with new merchandise and no "special eclairs".

>Tell Dominica and the store closes for a day, opening with the minotaur visibly frightened. If the giant cupcake is unlocked there's a second variant that adds a farspawn TF. Also no Eclairs.

>Telling amily or rathazul has them lead you to the bakery to chew out the baker. They don't really get much done but it'd be satisfying to see a minotaur abused verbally.




yeah, fair enough, I wasn't 100% sure, sorry for the bother.


Marion, Dira, Agnetha. Something exotic but not overly fantasy might work, perhaps something a little formal, like Lorelei. High society, european nobility and that.


She can smoke in her own house, it's not like he came into your camp and vaped and told you about how atheism is great.


File: 442f09d13f1eab0⋯.png (33.6 KB, 185x203, 185:203, 1515594527384.png)


>amily's motherly instincts kick in and chides the fuck out of the baker

>grabs him by the horn/ear

>forces him to remove the eclair from the menu board

>customers snicker/shit talk in the background



How about Annabelle Vaghn Agnetha?



>when she's got about 6 names but everyone just calls her Ag or Anie and it makes her flustered and irritable



>Tell Helia and he gets a new best customer



>Amily, all four feet of her, using the minotaur's horns as grips while her feet dig into his chest for footing

>She finishes the minutes-long tirade by fixing him with a glare that reflexively makes everyone within eyesight sit up straight, fix their clothes, and maybe consider visiting their parents as soon as possible

>The player may have fought demons, monsters, shambling tentacle horrors and even escaped the grasp of a corrupted goddess (mostly) unscathed, but none of that can even come close to the power manifesting before you

>The power of a pissed off mother

>The minotaur seems to wilt under the glare, trying to back away but forgetting that she's latched onto his face, shoulders, and horns

>She doesn't raise her voice, but with how silent the room's become as she speaks the next words clearly

>"If I so much as hear about someone smelling one of those eclairs again, I'll make sure you can't make them ever again. Got it?"

>The minotaur nods

>Along with several patrons

>The crowd parts like the red sea as she makes her way towards the door

>She spares one last look back towards the baker, giving him the "I'm watching you" look

>[Silly Mode]As she rounds the corner, you hear a muffled BEGONE THOT, as Urta goes flying past the doorframe


You mean a dead minotaur.



Putting them in Tel'Adre would solve a couple problems. It'd explain how their mansion hasn't become a demon clusterfuck, without giving them their own super special magical demonproof location like Minerva, and how they're still able to live like normal rich people. There aren't really any other locations that would support a conventional wealthy family.

How about this? They left for Tel'Adre when the demon threat became apparent, but not being content with reducing themselves to dirt eating refugees, they brought their entire staff, tore down a bunch of empty buildings and built themselves a new plantation inside the city walls. Now they're wealthier than ever with a near monopoly on food production.




But helia can already be impregnated by people besides the PC.




I don't think an actual NTR route would work with amily.

The best you could do a sort of consensual cuckolding route.

I see 2 options for how to start it.

Either you have amily be off her contraceptives and urta be allowed to knock up other people which results in amily getting pregnant or you have a simple counter that ticks up whenever you watch amily and urta fuck and eventually amily confronts you about why you like to watch her fuck urta so much.

I'd prefer the later since it's pretty much impossible to do accidentally and lets us change the scenes leading up to it based on how comfortable amily and urta are fucking and having an audience.



Nah my guy they should be the old wealth of the city. With the influx of refugees during the demon attacks, the power was given to popular rule after threatening the now secluded families. Not wanting random fucks whoring in their area they walled off their portion of town. Could probably survive through great craftsmanship of high level items or/and supplying the city with food. Probably not gonna happen, but it would add a new story that the Champion is able to affect society other than killing Lethice.


And >>183498 calls it. Can we execute the NTRfags already?




That is actual NTR. NTR covers three main variants

Netorare, Netori, Netorase

Netorase is consensual cuck

Netorare is stealin' yo girl

It's all NTR though


File: 4192c942ad14538⋯.jpg (110.38 KB, 600x950, 12:19, 4192c942ad14538f2756fb4ebe….jpg)


Stop, just stop


Just two notes; does she have a sister too?

And is there any hope for actual cute, loving cunnilingus?

>tfw you'll never have your face straddled by a oni


Maybe a guarded gate where you have to bribe the guard to get in. A nice upscale place with tended gardens, marble plazas and huge family palazzos, a bit like Venice.



Well netorase then.

I'll get to writing this.

Should be fun.



I think if you remain to be purely human that you should be allowed in immediately. Human Privilege, yo. Check it.



Hopefully OCC is just going to cut out the FenOCxAmily rape scene and keep the date option, thankfully limiting her NTR options to what's already in. I'd like no Urta-anything and no NTR Pure Amily but it seems we aren't getting either


Vaffanculo, Dandolo



>Hopefully OCC is just going to cut out the FenOCxAmily rape scene and keep the date option

Yeah thats fine makes no difference to what I'm writing.




I'm definitely calling japes on this

Nothing gets written except maybe deliberately bad fanfic-level content

I'll laugh if you follow-through. Hysterically at first.

Then in quiet sobbing as the thread becomes nothing by NTR and anti-NTR autism for 2 months

We'll try to discuss demons and anti-NTRers will shout over everybody

Just like now, but a little louder and a little longer

May God have mercy on your soul



Good luck my guy. The whole pregnancy thing seems like garnish for a plate already in the bin, but you do you if it appeals to you.



Well now you've put on the spot so I have to do it.



You'll mean we'll try to discuss options to avoid or make the best use of content and cucks will shout over everybody.


Okay but now can you SEE why people don't want NTR in this thread or CoCmod? Look at the shitstorm it always causes.



>where you have to bribe the guard to get in

I think a wealthy family would have better guards than that, unless they wanted people like Raphael walking through the front door and plundering their daughter's underwear.



Well it's good the only things in the pipeline is adding to Hel's NTR route and reworking Amily Netorase. Again I hope the Amily thing was removed entirely, but removing the actual rape/NTR is good enough



Again, netorase is NTR. NTR refers to all three collectively.



yeah, but what's wrong with stealing someone else's girl when you're playing a scumbag.

And if you make too many bad choices in dialogue, one of the punishments for the players could be NTR.


File: 013ff819b0532a5⋯.jpg (86.61 KB, 500x587, 500:587, 1489543032180.jpg)


File: 9379cdcf0368637⋯.png (703.79 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, c608f828-16a9-4e31-8a3a-4c….png)


But fucking why, you degenerate shit? Of it's avoidable, then it's not a punishment. If it's not broadcast then it's bullshit because NTR is a shitty """fetish""".

Half the pol doesn't even want ntr in any form and most of us are here because of fenoxos cuckery, not to add more if the same.



Netorare can be used as punishment for bad player decisions.

> taking too long to rescue a heroine

> choose a wrong dialogue choice

> trust a wrong fat old guy despite being shady as fuck in dialogue



Nigga, not even era puts up with that shit. Japan might get their minuscule dicks off to it, but anyone else would laugh at you.



So can things that aren't a shit fetish. Make them bad ends.




For CoC? What's in the works is probably all that's gonna be. Adding a whole lot more chance encounters would be a waste of resources for a still niche part of the CoC playerbase. Don't get greedy, friend




>falling for these weak japes

As the kids say





Having NTR in CoC is fine. Same thing with the worms its simply a fetish that some enjoy. That said, what SHOULD be done is a clear warning saying what fetishes/kinks are about to be encountered as well as options to go around them. For example, I like the character Amily and would in no way want her to go NTR or whatever without my allowing for it via game choice. That doesn't mean I want it removed though. Who am I to say that the game should be tailored to only me? I just want the choice of what I encounter.


File: 11dd1b7e844e322⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 360x270, 4:3, Bait.gif)


It's cheesy.



I agree with you so much. If someone writes optional content that even 5% of people like add it, because why not? Everything can make the game better. Part of the reason people hate Fexno is BECAUSE he was so limited in his fetish's (which amounted to almost all swinger dick girls with a few rare exceptions.) If someone wants to write and someone wants to code it then there really is no reason not to add it.



Well that's what the Amily talk was doing. You won't pop in and see Amily and FenOC cucking you out of the blue. The option is already there to set them up on your accord, but is getting a rewrite to remove fen's shitty writing. Obviously I'm adding my own bias by wanting it gone but that's just fluff at the end of the day


File: 235c0f0966da650⋯.jpg (271.95 KB, 1280x653, 1280:653, 5f3ab272-a66e-43ca-879c-58….jpg)


Add a fucking button. Worms are gross but aren't almost universally despised. NTR is and should have the option to be turned off at the start. I don't want to be jerking off then have to read "this is some cuck shit. Proceed y/n" because cuckshit kills boners. And it kills threads. Ntr shouldn't be added on simple virtue of not having the thread overrun by cuckolds in the same way vanilla coc was overrun by furfags.



At the end of the day, all ideas are new ways to kick urta under the buss



sure. why not? having a setting would definitely make it easier to avoid kinks you don't like. That said, that sounds like quite a bit of coding.

Until someone is willing to tackle such a monster, I think that future wrings/additions to CoC should have a note (in parenthesis) listing the kinks involved. Would be a good heads up for people. Again, look at the worms. There is an aside saying what the kink is and if you wan to avoid it.



It can't be that hard to add "silly mode but for people that should kill themselves" since silly mode is a thing that toggles content already.

Better option is that cucks drink bleach, but the button is a start



Never underestimate Fen's shitty coding to make OCA's work a living hell


And don't touch Amily. You shitstains already got Helia. Don't get greedy you cancerous faggots.



Now I want to write a cuck route for amily just to drink the tears of the fans.




And it will probably be shit, just like your fetish.



Shhh Shhh Shh no tears not yet….that'll come later.



You do realize all of this is all your fault.

It's like self-fulfilling prophecy:

> make so much fuss about one shitty fetish that people start working on it even more




Cucks like verbal abuse, I thought I was being welcoming.



File: 296fe420a35069b⋯.gif (627.28 KB, 250x140, 25:14, alex jones conspiracy GIF-….gif)


Maybe that's the plan, it's all a NTR false flag attack. Maybe this is their plan people. A syndicate of cucks who create false hate to drum up pro cuck sympathy and pro-cuck content…how deep does this go?



Where do you think we are?

We thrive from rejection.



>3b) Detours are fine, but keep threads generally on-topic. (This rule usually only begins to apply after 3 days except in extreme cases)

Shitstorm seems to be heating up more. Posts on the topic of NTR/cuckshit not directly connected to the game/content itself, and low effort shitposting or bait will result in a ban and post deletion for a period of time. Ban times will now be standard as outlined in the rules page.

Post last edited at



all cowgirls you actually have to get some of claras addictive milk to cure marble and clara reveals to marble that their dad only stayed with them because he was addicted to their mother

purebred cowgirls afaik are one of the few naturally corrupt races (which is ironic considering hey seem like one of the least likely to be corrupted)



I like this option, but it'd be kind of weird seeing as there was never any talk of nobility in Tel Adre beforehand. Maybe we should consider a whole new city?



There's Owca. It's just a village, but it kind of stays around being useless after you do whatever it is you want to do with their demon problem.


Okay, vampire guy here with an example of smut, both of the more degenerate non standard kind, and of the more standard vanilla. A heads up, the vanilla will far outstrip the degenerate in this. Though admittedly that means a lot more fucking vampires than it does getting fucked by vampires.

Any way, loss scene to the hound mistress first followed by bribing the vampire town guard with your blood. I've edited it, but it's fairly late and I may have let a few things slip, please let me know if you spot anything especially egregious. Also formatting, I looked around a bit, and remembered something I planned to write for tits years ago, but I'm kind of winging it, let me know if it's suitable for potential submission. Thanks.




This >>183728 anon here.

Do you have anything written not listed there as of yet excluding the link in your post?

Also going to want a name for your content to be listed as, I just put it down as Vampire Content as placeholder but I can image you'd want to name it yourself.



Yeah, I'm just posting relevant scenes that I feel comfortable posting because the whole document is a fucking mess. Want me to tidy up what I have and post the thing in full next time?


So is there any way to cheat gems? Some of the items are absurdly expensive and who enjoys grinding



Also as for names I don't really mind. I don't have a name for the town yet, vampire content will do.



iirc dragon scale stuff was good to sell but kitteh may have patched that out but if its not you go and buy dragon scales from the pawn shop and make gear out of it and sell the gear




Up to you what you end up posting, it's just that if more of your stuff is out there people are more likely to see it and wanting it in the game.

If you do end up cleaning it up I'll be sure to include it as per usual as with everything else.



Coolio. I'll finish writing up smut for all the characters I've introduces so far, tidy it up and upload it as one thing before moving onto new stuff. Might take a bit of time though



If you want to split it up into several pastes not unlike most things on there (see The Alice, Goblin Taur, etc.) it would be easier to read through and for it to be worked on and with I'd say, just makes it a bit more overseable that way is all.

For the next edition I have your content written down as:

Exploration/Discovery: https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/raw/9c808169

Loss & Bribe smut scenes: https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/raw/3890ab1c (NEW)

If you'd want to change the short naming of them you can.

Loving your stuff so far, vamp chicks as a whole are patrician taste and the bloodsucking is good shit.



It doesn't seem like there's any way to go back and edit though, and I've pasted things like the first werewolf encounter/combat without its propper smut. That'll need to be fixed. Or is it enough to make a new paste and include all of that encounter? Maybe I'll do that.

The names are fine, I haven't really settled on them either. The Mistress is a fine title, but she needs to be named properly sooner or later.

Thanks. I don't know if I said this in previous threads but there'll be lots of blood sucking as paying in blood to various npcs is one of the few ways to get vamp currency. I don't know how gamebreaking it'd be or whatever, but I was planning on vamp items just in general having a higher level of craftsmanship with the reasoning that they'd had a long time to work at it.


For the people writing NTR content for Amily, can i just say that the worst thing about the Urta x Amily thing isn't that it happens in a very obnoxious way, but that it happens at all with Amily of all people? Seriously, Amily fucking Urta for any reason makes no sense at all.

Amily wants to repopulate her race of mouse people, which is why finding the player is such a miracle to her and why she worries so much about him potentially getting corrupted, because if she were to fuck any other race, but humans, she wouldn't be able to birth more mouse people, but other races. Mouses are weak genetically against other races.The only race weaker are humans. So she'd never risk having any babies with Urta.

Urta is a futa, something that Amily despises and find loathsome. She'd be interested in Urta in anyway, and the way Urta is sensitive about her appearance she'd hide in the corner to cry the moment Amily opens her mouth, never to speak with her again.

Urta her as gigantic futa cock that would wreck Amily's small pussy. We already have content written where the player with a big dick wrecks Amily and she runs back to the Ruins afraid of you.

So really, the scenario never made any fucking sense and will continue not making any fucking sense, you fuckers.


So after I'm done with the "kennel" I'll be moving onto a garden, that centres around the vampire "prince" long story short


>Most pure bloodline second to progenitor mom - pureblood, not turned

>Is beautiful, but usual dress makes her look more like a handsome prettyboy.

>Mom won't let any court vampire scrubs fuck her, but is fine with vamps being fucked by her - non-con harem tacitly approved by mom

>Happens to have a huge draconic cock

>Consequentially spends most time running away from harem

>Because of all above factors secretly wants to be treated like a princess.

So I have some scenes in mind, including one where you witness her being ganged up on by her harem of sluts, one where she pulls you into the orgy to help her satisfy them all, one where she confesses her secret to you and a date around town as a princess in mind including a silly mode scene where you get gangraped by her harem for getting in the way only for the intended effect to backfire, but what else would people like with such a character? Just curious.



I've complained about it before. No cloacas or inhuman pussies at all; only a ton of horse cock and a few other inhuman dicks.


>Loli-pop grants the Lolilicious Body perk

>Can't get as a child

But I wanna be a double loli. Toddler champion.

I'm tempted to play as an elderly character and use the loli-pop to become a lolibaba, but nothing would really reflect that occurring. It's not like there's much dialog for the OC as is, let alone dynamic dialog for age differences.

>Goblintaur is a virgin

Perfect. Even better if she stays yours alone.



>Old rat Razzy whacking the minotaur with a cane while verbally berating him

The bakery should sell popcorn so the PC can grab a handful off the counter and watch.


>And is there any hope for actual cute, loving cunnilingus?

I second this.



What, when the heck does that happen? How, what?


File: 38eb62882b2c439⋯.jpg (160.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1518402406546.jpg)


Nobody is writing any of the sorts you instigating moron, stop trying to bait others into this shit flinging.

Hope the board volunteers ban your ass for repeating what the majority has been saying up until now and otherwise not writing anything original but flame bait.




Wait wait that item existed? What does the perk do?



There was an anon saying he'd write it and i just wanted to reiterate the reasons why Urta x Amily is fucking stupid as fuck.

I mean, if there is to be a netorase route for Amily, then i could kind of see it with Jojo, despite Amily hating his guts for what happened in the past. Say that you've both in the Camp and through their interactions is aware of their story, which will trigger the possibility of the event. Basically, the player would try to patch things between them and in doing so would end up making them falling somewhat for each other. Amily would see Jojo as another opportunity to repopulate their race and Jojo in an attempt to atone himself would be up to impregnate her. Of course everything would hinge on the player being a cuck and basically hedging things for the whole thing to happen.

But Urta? Don't see it.



Perk does literally nothing

Being rewritten for a reason



Aw… So the rewrite is going to take care of that right? The perk actually doing something i mean



I mean.. the perk is just being removed. By design, it didn't do anything.

The rewrite makes the lolipop do more things, but with no perk.



Oh well that is kind of a shame but the item still does it's job so that's alright


This is an awful thread to scroll through. Just awful. The suicide rate in this thread is probably five times higher than the national average of sweden. Just an awful, awful thread.


Man writing porn is so hard.

I keep getting distracted by jerking off.


Cervitaur refusal and dildo magic scene written. You'll need to encounter her again to hear about the well after she's had her fun.




Wow, pretty good anon! Hope this gets implemented soon!

Only thing I would add is double penetration if multiple cocks, keep the good work!

[spoiler] and vampire x shota pls [/spoiler{


File: 842184fd0830aa4⋯.jpg (70.29 KB, 511x476, 73:68, tumblr_p2v34xXmfn1x2jv5yo1….jpg)


>cuckchan refugee

You need to go back.


File: 1490fa337b8c608⋯.jpg (73.71 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 3.jpg)


>Behemoth Kill Scene: Don’t Touch My Izumi! Edition


I haven't played CoC in months but don't tell someone made cuck content for Izumi and Behemoth




Behemoth talks about how he beat and fucked the hell out of Izumi.

So bitch must die.


File: 15ddf70cede37e5⋯.jpg (41.32 KB, 460x517, 460:517, ax1jYrW_460s.jpg)



What's the name of the artist? Asking for a friend



Never mind, found it. Artist is "oohara"



>Amazonian Cowgirl




>people of venezia, an assassino has been sighted! They prowl the rooftops to target innocent people, bearing a 9 foot horsecock! They are an abomination to all good christian peoples!


I was thinking more a real high bribe, some rare item or kinky sex, and >raphael

I keep forgetting that thing exists. I'm still sad they never put in the scene where the guards spitroast rape him.

Plundering the daughter's underwear is the PC's job. Where else will you get cute clothes for amily


The ultimate corruption in CoC is how it ruins everything worthwhile in itself.




>shy and easily embarassed

>not prideful, haughty, and easily embarassed




This. You can't spell Oujou without "OHohoho~"



I may be a retardfag, but why only one heltaur? If Helia was able to become pregnant from minotaur once why not more? Imagine an entire brood of "Amazonian Cowgirls. Buff and feisty with eyes to steal her mother's "lover", with remarks about what a moron she is for giving up this dick and how much better off you are without Helia and with her instead." That would make Helia's humiliation even better.



Stop trying to trick me into an NTR route.



Samefag. It would also be good to get Heltaur whithout cucking bullshit. Something like: you meet Helia, don't warn her about minotaur's cum (or seeing what a horrible slut she is even encourage her to try, my god how can i want to see others suffer and do wholesome/handholdig/family shit at the same time) then refuse to become her lover. After some time exploring the mountains you meet her heltaur daughters who are tired of this shit and then you (ubermensh champion) can persuade them to join you (don't care how). Or maybe they can come to your camp either after Helia perhaps tells them about you or hearing rumors about chad champion dominating everything. I know it may sound kind of stupid at certain points - i am not a writefag, but at least some variation of this would be cool.




Why not just let regular minotaur PCs father heltaur? Why does it always have to be the result of NTR?



>Why not just let regular minotaur PCs father heltaur? Why does it always have to be the result of NTR?

Fucking this! The player can be a minotaur too, why the fuck are faggots pushing the NTR route?




B-but i proposed a non-ntr route also… sob.


So, what'll happen if the lolipop is used with the bimbo liquor?



This one is better. Pc fucks hel, get heltaur.


yeah can we have a non-cuck route? i'm not saying people into cuckoldry shouldn't have a route but this is getting pretty savin tier with the railroading down specific fetishes.





The player transformations doesn't change his genetic make-up, lorewise.




Yeah it is cool, but unfortunately player tf are not inherited. At all. So heltaur can't be your dautheru. Since i'm not into incest anyway i would be ok with that, but i would be forced to become "lover" with Helia. And personally i don't want her near me, or my actual lovers, or my camp at all. Yeah, yeah i'm a horrible person.



Helia really became the new Urta, didn't she?




Ah, I completely forgot about that. Still though, its a real shame to miss out on interesting content because I'm interested in being cucked.



Fuck. I'm *not* interested in being cucked.



Oh yeah. But now it's not just one fag inserting, it's a bunch of literal cucks.



Ooh no bro. Seriosly no. Helia must become MUCH worse to compete with FenOC.




Well i had an idea around it:>>183979. But i don't know if it is a good one. What do you think?


File: 9b117b51d4f0af1⋯.jpg (26 KB, 640x473, 640:473, Chad Champion.jpg)

File: 1ea54c0cfa975b5⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 640x544, 20:17, 1481149633.jpg)


>Lose out on helia content

>Raise a minotaur's bastard kid

Call me a pessimist, but this seems like playing into the NTRfag's hands.



Well what i essentially meant is to ditch Helia altogether and then bang her superior daughter. I mean that with all the whining ntr content won't be removed, so might as well squeeze something good from it. And having a cowgirl waifu who slutshames her mother and chooses to build a family with chad-champion over some walking bovine dicks is good in my opinion.



THIS thread is vocal against cuckshit. But the vol actively has banned people for complaining.



Well since some people still believe that Earth is flat i am not even surprized.



Did you mean the mods? Banned people for complaining about cuck shit? What the fuck. I don't know if I even want to try this mod now if cuck shit is going to be added regardless of what people want.




They've banned people both for cuck and against. Everyone is just tired of this argument going for two weeks straight now.



Almost like people really dislike cuck content, and a couple of faggots don't know when to give it up.


File: a9abf0b4da70021⋯.png (186.6 KB, 429x538, 429:538, eraser exploitable.PNG)




I think the better answer is: Why acknowledge that shitty character in the first place and not just completely delete its taint from the mod?

This sort of crap is overly prevalent in TiTs as it is, and all this does is just reinforce its cancer as actually existing in the first place instead of just casually dismissing it as what it is as insufferably out of place self-insert wish fulfillment attaching itself to a pre-existing character.

It's the equivalent of hate art or fanfics where you kill some other faggots donut steel because he pairs his shitty OC up with your waifu. All this does is validate it because its one of those circumstances where its pressured itself into making itself "canon".

You could also take another route where Izumi says he's full of shit and is bullshitting with "locker room speak", because the "solution" just reads like white knighting shit where you kill someone because he fucked your waifu with her consent.



What an awful state of affairs. Forced into cuckery out of sheer exhaustion. You have my sympathy. Still can't believe it wasn't immediately denied by the modders.



You're missing the point. Last night when the cuck vs anti cuck was at its peak they gave out 1 hour baby bans as a warning to the worst offenders (one of them might have been me). It was fine for an hour and then one side brought up the issue again and now here we are. We both just need to stop it's getting out of hand yes people want cuck yes people dont want cuck. Just give it a rest.




There seems to be like one person actually working on the mod, so if he felt like implementing the Helia route, well fuck looks like that's what's being implemented today. I'm sure the nonstop bitching is working really well, instead of actually writing something you'd like to be put in.


Probably kinda stings to take out content from the already fairly starved Volcanic Crag area, and would feel better to reform a fairly shit character than try to prune every reference to him from the codebase.



We are vocally against it, but the volunteer mod doesn't tolerate dissent.



>and would feel better to reform a fairly shit character than try to prune every reference to him from the codebase.

>Remove Behemoths one comment to banging Izumi

Fixed, it's that easy.



> instead of actually writing something you'd like to be put in.

It's about NOT putting something in and you know that.



What a terrible person.



It won't remove his other dialog and sex options, description of which… are not stellar let's put it that way.




I like the earlier suggestion of Izumi saying he's bluffing.



Meant to be in response to >>184073



Honestly that izumi thing hardly matters to me. I wrote the kill because of how poorly written and bothersome he is as a whole. You'd need to rewrite so much that you may as well put a new character in entirely

I'm in favor of removing the character. He's the fursona of Revamp's creator and Kitteh can code, I guess, but not write. He is clearly not a writer.



>The mod is starving for writers to create new content

>One writer comes along, writes a few things, one of them being an expansion of existing cuck content from vanilla CoC

>Nothing else is written, no other new content waiting to be added, and some people are interested in this completely optional content

Clearly the best solution is to let the mod die from lack of anything new, rather than taking what you can get.



Be more shitty guy. It's his job to try to keep this board orderly, I'm sure he is well aware of the hate for cucks and in case you haven't noticed, no cuck content has been added since the complaints started. HOWEVER despite him and everyone else knowing how much cuck is hated ITS STILL TAKES UP 85% of all boards. Just stop no more cuck is likely to be added you don't need to keep talking abut it.



I just got here mah dude, and I'll calls it like I sees it. That said, I likely will not be taking part in further discussion in this or other future threads unless I see significantly less cuck shit, so you don't have to worry about that.



Sarcasm and irony? Oh boy, it's not like the outrage was a result of autism to begin with. I mean other writers actually post their suggestions first than wip in the thread to see reactions. Have the guy who wrote cuck-route done it?



You took out one distasteful element, let's not forget that he also strides back through his portal to find his village fucked up - completely contradicting every other source of info regarding them. You could rewrite some of his stuff to actually add content though, like instead of going back through the portal, that he has seen other behemoths that he recognizes, gone mad with corruption, and fears what prompted them to go through the portal to this shithole. That would allow for a new world encounter and clean up his retarded lore a little bit.


No, look at the fucking list up there of WIP content, what is there to implement? The Marae route and the Naga expansion are what's around that might have enough content just text length wise to implement, but they're both plainly unfinished. Is the modder doing all the code just supposed to write up a whole fucking new set of content *you* enjoy rather than working on what's useable and been made by a writer?

I don't like the NTR stuff, I probably won't end up ever reading it, I ain't gonna bitch that someone actually wrote the damn content though.



It is in the end just a fetish like any other.



>The mod is starving for writers to create new content

Launching the thread into a shitstorm of content nobody wants isn't going to attract writers.

>One writer

Don't pretend it's not you.

>existing cuck content from vanilla CoC

Where? the scene in the plains? The point in the bar? When she moves into camp she stops fucking around.

>Nothing else is written

What's everything listed in >>183728 then?

>some people are interested in this completely optional content

And enough people are against it to launch around two weeks worth of the rest of them saying they don't want it.



Maybe i am wrong but i remember writers working on:>>183875,>>183746,>>183728. I may or may not forget something.



It is not a fetish like any other. It is unique in the sense that it fetishizes emotions, disgusting emotions at that. It can't be ignored, because unlike (most) other fetishes the effects linger after the act is done. It is utterly pointless, and serves no purpose other then for pathetic malcontents to get their rocks off.



>Nothing else is written

Did you even read the bloody thread?



It is just a fetish, i honestly don't see the point, but you cant just write it off as not a fetish like the rest.

Also, fetishes are pointless, in the end is just something that makes you hard for no reason.



>what is there to implement?

Nothing currently. There's also the nun content blackthorne was working on but I don't have the link to it.

>Is the modder doing all the code just supposed to write up a whole fucking new set of content *you* enjoy

Did I say "write something I like"? Because I'm pretty sure that I'm saying "don't put in shit that clearly isn't wanted by more people than those that do by a noticeable bit. Nobody gave this much of a shit over anything including actually somehow fixing Urta, which should give you some hint as to how disliked the NTR content is.

People are willing to tolerate URTA, but NTR gets a vocal response that lasts



>cuck influx and take over. It's happened before.

This too. Remember when CoC was demons and monster-girls?



>People are willing to tolerate URTA

Pretty sure a lot of people and i mean A lot would love nothing to but to kill utra in the most painful humanly possible way.

The only thing i want to do to urta is to cut off "her" dick and beat "her" to death with it.





>What's everything listed in >>183728 then?

Mostly unfinished. The stuff listed as finished was finished after the Helia stuff was implemented two weeks ago. Technically the loli succubus was done before that, but the Helia stuff was already being worked on at that point, makes sense to finish one thing before adding another.

>Don't pretend it's not you.

It's not. I'm the one who added age choices, and from the lack of any writing for that you can probably tell that I can't write for shit.




Then why don't you let it stop? The writer of helcuk immediately moved onto other writing projects

It has been weeks of NTR-hating autism since then. Nobody is flooding in, all you do is >>184095 scare away new writers by making this a whiny shitstorm

And it's the same discussion every time it's brought up. At this point no one could possibly give a real damn about NTR, it's just a meme.



I still dont see the point of all this shitstorm, it only hurts the thread.



>The only thing i want to do to urta is to cut off "her" dick and beat "her" to death

Would it be the strongest weapon in the game because of how much of a faggot Fenoxo is with his self-inserts channeling itself into the penis club?


File: 4d58a88146660d3⋯.jpg (103.95 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 973.jpg)

Honestly, i think we should organize the characters that the player can get as LOVERS, and make so that each character follow a common/popular set of personality/fetish.

This way there will be more variety in the game and we will be able to set some boundaries to alienate concerns. Like say that Helia end up being the only girl with a NTR route for the cucks.

Of course, impreg content is still something every character will fall into, but make we can do something to diversify what we can do with their ofsprings. God knows the game has very little content about that despite the number of creatures you can impregnate.

What you guys think?



I much prefer my idea that he never even approached her, >>183622.



>We should make every character one-dimensional

>If you want a certain fetish, you have to also like a specific type of monstergirl or you're out of luck

No thanks.



Meh, too much work.


Man, when I first heard about the Mino/Helia new content I was just excited about being able to slut it up around minotaurs with a partner (because two girls going around being slutty and encouraging each other is one of my fetishes) or being able to make her addicted myself, which would just be a nice detail for an otherwise vanilla Helia route. Sure wasn't expecting it all to go into ntr and constant ntr talk.



This is also good. >>183622



We can make varied than that, but it'd help things somewhat and this feat that every character will end up having a NTR route would end.


How so?


File: 505b63fe8da26fd⋯.png (9.7 KB, 856x156, 214:39, Cuckcontent.png)


And yet urta hasn't been removed, and the thread is mostly silent about her. One of the major reasons urta is disliked is because urta will cuck you if you are dating amily, and that's just one scene. How the hell is an entire cuck arc that goes even further going to be received.


>The writer of helcuk immediately moved onto other writing projects

There's been talk about it as recent as last thread.

>At this point no one could possibly give a real damn about NTR, it's just a meme.

>It has been weeks of NTR-hating autism since then.

Enough people care, apparently. NTR isn't something most people like, so the chance of it being implemented (more) has pissed off a reasonably large amount of people.



Holy fuck, i am unable to type for shit right now. Mixing words like a retard.



Too much to rewrite, and to much boring.

A character cant just be a fetish.


>Killing off Urta

Long overdue.

For the record I like >>184106 's idea of clubbing it to death with its own penis, kek.



yes, it has been talked about as recently as last thread and as distantly as two weeks ago

It's brought up because people want to the complaints to shut up so we can discuss Non-NTR

just let us talk about demons and other new content, christ

Don't make your shit-tier hateboner be the focus on conversation for weeks on end



>a character can't just be a fetish

Exactly, we aren't Tumblr. We have standards.



Not just a fetish, i was thinking like up to three or something. Just make characters more defined and different from one another.



>every character will end up having a NTR route

That's kind of an absurd fear in any case. We have more writers right now than I think I've ever seen for this mod, and even now the idea of adding any content for even a third of the vanilla characters is completely unrealistic.


File: 8d7185e74dd9a90⋯.png (119.86 KB, 481x422, 481:422, Satan.png)


>And yet urta hasn't been removed

Yet…Come on Satan… For the love of YHVH and Law gives us the option to kill her



One person said that its basically impossible to remove old characters, and I doubt OCA is going to go out of his way to remove something that isn't broke besides some people bitching about it



They are good as they are now, i dont see how your point is gonna help in this shitstorm.

A write will write something to a character, in your scenario he maybe could not because he cant write that fetish to that character.



Dude, i hate everything about Urta. She's a character that's constantly whining about shit, shit herself do, but she wants special treatment from the world. But what i hate specially about her is that shit makes no sense logically.



So the answer is to just not do anything, and actively discourage writers based on the potential fear of backlash if the thing they're writing might upset a very vocal, very annoying group of assholes, whose only proposed solutions to any complaints is to remove content or just not make anything until more palatable writing is finished.

As for Urta, I can see removing her and Amily's weird scene, but that's more on the side of Amily than Urta. You may not like her (can't say I'm a fan), but she is a character with a fuck-ton of written content, it'd be removing a lot from the game just to appease some people who don't like her. On top of the tangled mess it would be to try and remove all references to her with a kill option, or with her being gone altogether. Easiest to just leave it to the players to not follow her out into the back alley and fuck her.


As much as I also love some brutality when it's someone I hate like Urta, I feel like the way to get rid of her should be more ironic. Some poetic justice of some kind. Maybe getting her so drunk she ends up somewhere dangerous and dies or gets put in some demon factory forever.



Urta needs a really deep rewrite, i dont think the character needs to be killed.

But a option would be cool, but the write needs to think of the consequences of killing the head of the guard of the last non-corrupt city that we know of.



>weeks on end

I've only been here for two of the most unpleasant days to grab the newest build as (originally) ask if the nun content had been implemented or even discussed.

>It's brought up because people want to the complaints to shut up so we can discuss Non-NTR

And from what I've seen every time the thread cools down, someone brings it up and the arguing continues. People just DON'T like NTR, and the chance of it being added.

Look man I'm tired too, but frankly this lingering fog of cuckshit doesn't sit well with me. Like I said: I'm a pessimist and It feels like they're waiting for a lul so that it can be slipped in without much resistance rather than dropped like they want it to seem.


File: a4b929b0a09de73⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 245x219, 245:219, 1507421632014.gif)

You know what's another character that is a big 'ol bullshit other than Urta and Helia? Minerva. Fuck, i hate how that character is.

She's this human, right? That came into the world and end up being ultra-raped by every creature while being transformed by them, then to survive ate a bunch of shit that transformed her further. She was even transformed by her baby daughter because the spawn was a futa. So her life was an absolute hell since coming to the world, but at least she found the cave near the like that could sustain and protect her, while also helping keeping her pure. So she stays there while feeling sorry for herself for being now a big dicked abomination.

So you find her and gain the quest to cure her to how she was. Fine. FUCKING FINE! But once you cure her, instead of becoming normal, she gets wings or some shit and continue to be a futa freak. THE FUCK? AND SHE'S HAPPY WITH HER NEW FORM? WHAT THE BULLSHIT?



What consequences? I can make my own non corrupt city with my own city guard. I can shit out children at a near constant rate and make multiple others do the same. If Tel'Adre falls I dont give a damn.



Pretty sure "Pure" Minerva is a bimbo though….look at pure Minerva and bimbo Sophie's sprites.

Not only do they look alike but behave the same,my guess is something went wrong with the Purification of hers,something very wrong.



You know what this made me think of? If there was a quest that could make your dick magical. So every character in the game would be magically drawn to it and if made direct content have, like, 10000 of orgasm per sec. It would be the most powerful magical weapon in existing. You can even have a quest to get rid of it, because how dangerous and troublesome it might prove to be for the player and those around him.



Also, Minerva shoudln't have a dick. Fucking de-dicking her. We should erase her dick. Enough already. Every fucking character in the game has a dick. Fucking tired of it.



This is literally the only thing that pisses people off like this. I come from FC threads, and not even monstergirls piss them off this much. They don't like monstergirls, don't know why, but cuckshit makes them even madder, and is immediately shot down by pregmodder, no discussion.



I'm cool with the wings, but i guess she would be good candidate for the next dick removal scene.



her dick's a good source of AP though



Sometimes i wonder if i'm the only guy here that is bisexual and mind sucking dick.



There are a lots of dick in the game, my man. You're not going to run out of source.



don't mind*

Fucking hell, i cant write for shit now.



But most dicks don't provide AP

And of those that do, hers is the fastest. Twice as fast as other AP-providers



I'm bisexual too, but then there are way too much futas and with very little thin excuses for it. There are also a bunch of male characters you can suck and fuck.



We change things around. Minerva just doesn't make any sense as a futa monster after her transformation, or her happiness with it, this when before she was constantly complaining about herself. She's like Urta in that sense.



I'm Bi, but as far as that goes femboys and futas piss me off. Just…pick one or the other. Guys that look and act like women are like really shitty women, and women with dicks that act like guys are like subpar guys. It's the opposite of minmaxed, I guess. Give me burly guys and cute girls. None of this bull-dyke and sissy twink bullshit.


I'm not trying to be ironic or shitposting here… but these furry waifu type characters really were a mistake, weren't they? The only ones I ever really cared about were Kiha and that gargoyle girl.



As a furry hater, I agree. I'd add Rubi and Ember (neither is really developed, but neither is Gargoyle) along with Kiha and Gargoyle, but there aren't really any other good characters.


File: f83468fd0324312⋯.png (19.44 KB, 443x90, 443:90, birthingequivalentofachain….png)


I don't care for her as a character, I just like that I can birth 2 kids every couple hours.



Mostly. The ones I like are

Kiha: she has a good story arc and character development.

The gargoyle: I just like gargoyles.

Tamani: her personality is established and with how she acts and treats the player she's a good frenemy. CoC could use more of those, and I'd write one if I could work up the gumption to

Isabella: also has a defined personality and is the only friend that makes the camp comfier.

That being said CoC should have taken cues from VNs and fleshed out a small roster of characters instead of slapping in the waifu of anyone that paid enough. It's the same issue that TITS has to a lesser degree. The characters need to feel like part of the world rather than just things that exist for the player itself. You meet Tamani in the woods and she'll interact with you even if you don't have a dick and react appropriately at that. Kiha is reasonably aggressive and suspicious because she lives in the swamp which is full of questionably aggressive spiders, and an orc. Isabella is another adventurer and my only beef with her is that she doesn't read more like one.



Yeah, but the fact that my daughters can futa freaks take something out of it. I want Minerva as a broodmother, for sure, but the monstrous body and big dick ticks me off.



Heh, i'm the complete opposite, hairy guys turn me off, i always prefer a good ol trap.

But i guess there is the point of having too much futas in this game for no reason.


Army of sirens/ants when?


I like the kitsunes, but i like foxes in general, amily and Jojo too, cute little mouses.

Phylla is adorable and i really like her, but she is more monster girl than furry.

Same with the gargoyle



>and an orc.

I just fucking remembered Rogar exists. Why aren't there more orcs in CoC? One would think a race like that would be more prolific, even if it's only as "that race that inhabits too far away from here to really have a very big presence" rather that just one guy living alone in a swamp.



The other thing the game lacks is racewar. Really, you hardly mediate between races that hate each other's guts.


The 3 fucking skeletons in the abandoned manor are a goddamn nightmare to beat.

Especially since my lust level got min capped at 30 and one of them keeps throwing lost potions at me.


Ember update when


Quick question. How do you guys prefer MC dialogue to be conveyed in the game? As actual written dialogue e.g ('"I'm just saying, most monstergirls are not furry."') or a narrated thought e.g 'You're just telling Jojo, most monstergirls are not furry."')

I'm writing and while I feel compelled to do the former on the first go when I want a good line, the latter feels 'safer'



Narrated thought.



Narrated thought.



Narrated thought



Narrated thought.



I'm pretty sure most of the time it's narrated in CoC, with only a few slips here and there, so I would go with the second one. It also works better in general for completely customizable MCs, since that allows the reader to make up themselves the exact wording rather than read what was written and think "That's not how my champion would talk"



File: ac46b85a62120ac⋯.jpg (121.92 KB, 788x774, 394:387, bullying.jpg)


There's always that one guy.


File: e614f6883c5944e⋯.png (110.47 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 66907fbed57b9f56d70d82cc6d….png)





You get the hint. Bashfully, you resolve to write the MC's words only in narrated thought.




Sorry but I was already starting to fucking write that before the first response. I am NOT wasting my precious keystrokes.

I took 10 minutes because I was also watching a video, but still.



Most of the shit in CoC is narrated, only sometimes the MC dialogue is written.



>The gargoyle

Fuck me i wanted to break the binding bullshit so she could be free and i could properly waifu her but nope you don't even bother to ask someone about it


File: 0c7f20aa2814668⋯.png (167.97 KB, 607x571, 607:571, Tiki bust.png)


>Mareafag, let me know if there is better wording or structure for listing your scenes.

I'm still a little flaky with the structure, but right now I'm pretty sure this is what I want.


<option to accept/deny

>accept -> part 1

<part 1 scenes, then fight

>part 2

<part 2 scenes, plus extra events

>part 3

<part 3 scenes


<end. All scenes available.

May add more/less as the scenes demand. Also, I got a terrible/wonderful idea for people to slap sense into me over.

>Marae can change her boob size as the player wishes, from A-E.

Would this be too much?



>Marae can change her boob size as the player wishes, from A-E.

>Would this be too much?

Too much? In CoC tit size terms, that's like barely any change. It's changing from "tiny" to "slightly less tiny."

Half of everybody in the world has tits bigger than that already.



>Would this be too much?

On one hand, it seems weird. On the other hand, it's hard to find reasonable breasts in this game, so an option to make them small (my preference would be less than A) would be nice.


Since we're talking about the sanctity of the tiddy, have a Marae boobjob first draft.



I was thinking more of the 'she can change size' thing. Half pondering it for player interest, also since lore as I was imagining it was lending to that flexibility. From Marae's POV her form doesn't matter as much in that way, so she's grand with an aesthetic change to please the champion. I suggest E as the max for ease of coding, but if enough people want higher, I could write for higher.


It is odd, yeah, which is why I ask in advance. But unless I get more opinions I might just try it in execution and see what people think.

>less than A)

Isn't that just flat?



I want to fuck a giant.


File: 0fcce49e492fae0⋯.jpg (147.39 KB, 878x1300, 439:650, IMG_20180414_100238.jpg)


M-maybe, anon

I admit, I was only thinking of rack and hair (short to long) and use her own personal preferences as excuse to do more. But if there's demand, maybe I can slip the one in, even if maybe as a silly mode thing



>i guess she would be good candidate for the next dick removal scene

with an axe



There's nothing silly about wanting to fuck a giant, man. What the hell.



yes. Cupsize AA is just flat, basically.


File: 0663f4f5d886ab0⋯.jpg (81.7 KB, 700x535, 140:107, IMG_20180414_100200.jpg)


Didn't mean that, just that I'm not experienced with giantess stuff and what I said before on Marae having some preference. My bad.



although it is worth noting that there's a fair amount of difference between flat boobs and no boobs



be gentle


File: 3f6ff59f3c62aa4⋯.jpg (297.16 KB, 3508x2480, 877:620, e5e593da16089ea376a71575a7….jpg)

File: 40cb34f8de92c70⋯.jpg (356.02 KB, 1277x1920, 1277:1920, tumblr_n1usgdkdDb1rtuix6o1….jpg)


Male with no boobs, female with 'flat' boobs

I assume this is the sort of thing you had in mind


File: ce556ecaff4a24f⋯.jpg (187.71 KB, 850x616, 425:308, Flat.jpg)


>Isn't that just flat?

Big breasts fill a man's hand.

Flat chests fill a man's heart.



But big breasts contain a man's dreams and aspirations. Flat chests are not only incapable of this, but they actually possess the absence of hopes and dreams, bitterness and despair.

Have you ever seen a magnanimous flattie who accepts her size as is and feels compassion for those better endowed than her? No, they're all bitter and envious. Note how in this picture the one with bigger breasts also has a more appealing ass. This signifies a balanced and amiable personality.


File: 5e66e491a3a3f29⋯.png (123.86 KB, 239x513, 239:513, 36d5a98f71191661d65729c614….png)


!00% would go with the flat, not because the chest but because the big breasted girl in that pic has no chin. She has the innsmouth look about her.


What's the format for writing scenes? Weaponry? I know we have the goo armor but I wanted to take a secondstab at writing an armor waifu



Living armor a-la MGE?



There is already one, but you can write another.



More like Al from FMA also a cursed sword for a battle harem


You mean the goo armor right? Yeah I was the original anon in the 4ch coc thread that came up with the idea before trying, burning myself out, and ditching the idea for another anon to end up taking and writing something basically similar but a lot less ambitious.



living armor from castlevania is canonically female

Possessed sword sounds fun

I dunno how you can fuck either though

Also, OCA if you're here, you obviously know more about combat mechanics in the game but I was dicking around with the oni passive for unarmed and I was thinking

Oni strength:

Increases base unarmed attack damage by current strength divided by 3.

The iron fists perks already give what is it, around 15? this would make base unarmed (without iron fist perks) at 100 about 33, comparable with other high damage weapons

alternatively, it would be strength divided by 2, the balancing factor being it does not benefit from double attack or any of the current weapon perks like "hold with both hands"



Make like Fi and give the sword a cute humanoid form



Could just look up Valeria's implementation and copy the methods used there. Certain sex scenes are locked behind the if statement

if (player.armorName == "goo armor")

She's also added to the NPCAwareContent file, which I imagine makes her information/state available for use with NPC interactions



Alright. I have no idea how coding works so if I write this up I'll just leave the conditions for things in brackets.



Probably for the best, acquiring Valeria is pretty straight forward, uses some flags but works pretty much how you'd expect, and equipping her sets a flag that you've met her. She has an item that's coded much like every other armor

public function GooArmor() { super("GooArmr","GooArmr","goo armor","Valeria, the goo-girl armor",22,1,"This shining suit of platemail is more than just platemail - it houses the goo-girl, Valeria! Together, they provide one tough defense, but you had better be okay with having goo handling your junk while you fight if you wear this!","Heavy");


but when you take her off it overrides the normal function and she just goes back to camp and shows up in the follower screen by setting another specific flag, talking to her and putting her back on then unsets that so she doesn't show up there. Then from there the conditional for scenes involving her is set in other scenes with the line I put above.

She looks to have some more complex stuff I don't grasp all that well associated with her, like some sort of 'built up goo' flag that can heal you or something, and a bunch of pretty standard looking follower stuff in the Valeria.as file.



>cute sword waifu

>offer to polish her into a nice shine

>take her to the grindstone for some rough fun

>sheathe your dick in her when she's had enough

I like this.


So this is my first time contributing and I wonder how much of the coding am I expected to include in my writing?

I've taken into account character variables but do I have to have the correct code included or is it good enough to just have an indicator of where the variables come into play?

I have no idea how much of the coding I do and how much OtherCoCAnon does.



I'd try takin a look at the WIP list >>183728

and seein what's in there. I think Naga Expansion is the only one that actually has any code, the rest just have things like [if height above 50]{dialog indicating tallness}[else]{dialog indicating shorty}

Basically I think you're just shooting for complete writing, and clear enough communication about flags needed that OCA can get exactly what you mean.



Thanks half-satan for taking a load off my shoulders.




can we have le sword like her(obviously not as big) but super strong but the drawback will be we need to fuck her to recharge her



thats not a drawback, thats a benefit



>fuck to recharge her




I think that's a bad idea. Having to fuck the sword to keep it strong reminds me of having to fuck Shouldra to keep her from raising minimum lust, which got annoying fast. Gradual but permanent upgrades like how the beautiful sword works would probably be better.

Shit, now I'm imagining a fixxer-upper rapier waifu.

>find her rusty, dull, and bent (shit tier weapon)

>clean her with oil baths and lewd scrubbing (little better)

>sharpen her up with sensual grinding (decent)

>set her straight with repeated firm poundings (max damage but not quite done)

>pregnancy, gives birth to loli main-gauche (final upgrade, adds/increases parry chance)



othercocanon said this about content

"I get to filter out content at the end of the day, and if you don't think I'm good for it, then there's no reason to even enter the thread.

Anyway, it's a bit of a moot point right now since all there is is writing. I'm not sure when I'll have the time or motivation to implement anything significant into the game again, which is a shame considering there's a wealth of writing to code in nowadays. I know I give a lot of excuses for not doing stuff, but the mod really feels like work nowadays."


File: 81ea66721d1840d⋯.jpg (66.38 KB, 959x485, 959:485, bowtest.JPG)

So I'm playing around with adjusting bow, by changing the formula from

>20 + (strength / 3) + (BowSkill / 1.2) + (speed / 3)


>20 + (strength / 1.5) + BowSkill + (speed / 1.5)

and making some perks like Hold With Both Hands and Thunderous Strikes apply, though Hold With Both Hands having the special requirement to be unarmed and not use a shield.

In practical terms this would mean Bow would scale a lot better with stats and maybe be viable to use. For NG level stats you could expect using Kelt's Bow to hit like 500+ with 120 strength, 125 speed, and full bow skill, using the above mentioned perks. I imagine that's probably a bit high, though I came to that number comparing it to Dullahan's Scythe or considering how ridiculously hard magic can hit.

Still, it's kind of a stopgap measure and I think it might be better to gate that potential behind perks so you can't get something quite so powerful so early (hits like 150 even with 25 str/speed if you just grind the bow skill, though it does cost 25 fatigue until you can reach level 12 and get Iron Man), or rework the weapon to actually be a weapon like pistol/blunderbuss. Or just drop the idea, I'm not the one runnin the show.



I'd be happy if there were other options for late game besides light weapons with double attack. Next, want to tackle making magical girls viable because they break down after level 10ish.



>Magical girls

You mean simply using magic or going henshin and fighting for love and justice?



Magical girls can be perverts too. But I mean specifically making spells more viable and especially making staffs with the perk to make them your default attack more viable. You can make double attack apply to staffs but even then the strongest staffs fall short of vendor weapons for damage output. Add that with practically no armor and you can't beat anything unless you massively out-level it after level 10


So does Ceraph disappear from the mountain after she pierces you one time?



Oh that really sounds like a problem i guess i never noticed because i use magic as support



I don't think I've ever had that problem, going magic with speed to dodge seems to pretty consistently destroy stuff


So… are you actually going to delete Behemoth? Totally approve it, he's a shit character and his presence doesn't even make any fucking sense.



Hopes… increasing… humanity… returning…



dooo eeet


the self oviposit scenes are not working tested with bee morph both the self oviposit and fuckable nipple oviposit are not available



and can we fix what fertilizes eggs for bee and drider pcs



I don't think so, but you should check wiki yourself to be sure.



Depends how it happens. Did you accept her first piercing? If so, just travel around for a bit. You might find something that surprises you.

If you didn't, then she should be ready to fight you and pierce you again.


Dude, that hentai was great.


It's hard for me not to think of 'dildo' when I think of sword. Seems better suited to be a husbando for a female MC to plough


File: 4c00269680b12c0⋯.jpg (60.03 KB, 791x312, 791:312, hellmouth_multicombat.JPG)

Alright, got what's written of Hellmouth skeleton'd out well enough. Fireball, bite, summoning an imp, just no thought put into balance at all, and missing the parts people are here for, just dummy win/loss scenes.



I lost to her and got the pierceing, then removed it and done mountain like 100 times without seeing her.



>Armor waifu

>Sword husbando

Threesome when


File: 30e102a77ee4d13⋯.png (35.67 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 29d8f38f42f0119d614763882a….png)


When you write it, anon



That's not me. My power was actually knocked out shortly after posting >>184317 so I said "fuck it" and went to sleep. Got some ideas though. Going to NOT try and be an overly ambition shit this time.



I don't mind who writes it. I just want my sword husbando


Yo, vampire guy

I’m thought about a BJ scene where you get a deep throat from the vampire girl, but at the same time she bites/pinches your scrotum (just the skin, no balls bitten) and drinks the blood dripping from your nutsack

So, while you’re throat fucking her, she uses her tongue to lick your blood

Also with the titfuck, she starts sucking your dick, bites your foreskin and drinks blood from it



I agree. De-futa her when she purifies.



Clearly what we need is a way to de-gargoyle the gargoyle(who I always called Gloria).

And then she can be our full time waifu and mother of our bat babies



Way to fix utra:

.50cal BMG to the face


File: c355e1c8181767d⋯.png (540.68 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, __original_drawn_by_todosh….png)

So, here's an idea for Cowjou's older sister!



>de-gargoyle the gargoyle



File: 6dbed1465994e82⋯.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, master_plan.jpg)


>de-gargoyle the gargoyle


Here's an idea - how about we remake all these already estabilished shitty donut steel characters in the game into OUR shitty donut steel deviantart tier OC?

Jesus Christ, just make your own game. No need to fuck with atrocious code of CoC and butcher whatever the fuck source material was. It approaches nigger and tumblr tier of MAKEZ DAE IRON MAN A BLACK WYMYN



Well, de-stone her anyways. Want to knock that bitch up.


I just want yandere Ember implemented. Is that too much to ask for?


File: 308b865f0c9671b⋯.jpg (267.6 KB, 400x565, 80:113, 308b865f0c9671b660585066a6….jpg)


>piercing my dick

It's appropriate from her, but isn't that really bad?



Foreskin & scrotum =/= dick

Also, the game has the option to get your dick fucking pierced, so, getting useless skin bitten wouldn’t be that bad



>Ruining that perfectly chiseled body crafted by master stoneworkers just so you can have babies

Absolutely disgusting



Are you alright anon? Do you need a hug?



>not wanting to make that depressed, forlorn gargoyle girl a happy mother no longer imprisoned in the remains of her failure



We can have them all: release her from her chains, impregnate her, and (optionally) de-stone her.




dear god no


Well, that's the big problem isn't it? You can either make a shitty new game that nobody will ever hear about or play unless you're lucky enough for it to catch on. Or you can try to sew your stuff onto the already existing and popular huge pile of cancer.

Really all software is like this, but CoC more than usual.



I don't really see how you can knock her up without destoning her, short of shoving clay up her cooch with the PC's cock.




>In a world where transformations somehow don't change your genes babies grow stupidly fast and absolutely everything has a fucking dick a magical construct animated by unknown means can't make babies



So turning a statue into a flesh and blood person is reasonable, but a statue making smaller statues isn't?



She doesn't have organs, though. They make it clear she can't even produce bodily fluids if memory serves.



how come no one asked for sauce on OP's image yet?



It's such a classic that everyone who cares probably already knows about it.



Haul the nicest hunk of rock you can find to the cathedral, sculpt the kid with gargoyle, then do some magical sex ritual with her to animate it.



I dunno, part of the appeal of the fetish is her actually being pregnant. At least to me.



What, create Wonder Woman with her?


File: 8389a33a5980b1b⋯.jpg (324.54 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, 003.jpg)


you only need to destone the important parts



Could have the spirit need a few weeks to bake in her midsection.


Just follow the cartoon rules, where there's some magic that will de-stone the Gargoyle during some hours of the day, and that's when you can impregnate her. That would be also when she can interact with you at your Camp. Then during the hours she become of stone again she's either forced to stand guard at the church or be a gargoyle at you camop.



I like this solution!


I don't like the idea of de-stoning being required, I want her to have children while still made of stone. Maybe instead of "live" birth, she lays stone eggs that hatch (grow? get sculpted?) into little gargoyles.



makes the most sense. Also keeps the option of fugging her close to stone-o-clock having a joke scene of being "trapped between a rock and a hard place."


If Satan's around, that alice script made me feel awful. After fapping, I mean.


..I don't even have that kink but I want to watch her lay eggs now, goddamnit Anon.


Name Suggestion; Minaeatha Anjou Gabranos VI. Minae for short, I guess.



I actually don't remember much of the gargoyle, since it's been long since i played the game, but i actually think she gets de-stoned when you interact with her, otherwise she's immovable.


File: fabde73db8f9a06⋯.png (265.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dagashi.png)



This is what I was afraid of with vampire content, degenerates who want to bleed from their genitals who can't appreciate the simplicity and eroticism of neck biting.

Kindly cease.



>simplicity and eroticism of neck biting.

My nigger!


File: 3d8e16aca626420⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 305.69 KB, 776x320, 97:40, 326040.png)


If anything, scrotum and foreskin biting isn't far enough



Not really, the stone just becomes soft and yielding like flesh, it's still marble-like otherwise, smooth, grey, cold.



Would make Vampire BJs more unique instead of the same vanilla BJs you get from any other character

Also, it’s not your fucking dick or balls what were talking about, because I agree that it sounds painful


>Oy vey it's just your foreskin



It is trap quest all over again. Just when I thought the dev would do something fun by adding a vampire. my fetish Instead, we get a futa "feeds" by ass-fucking with no biting whatsoever. Fucking really? Just kill all of the fun why don't you?

Where is the elegant grace that conceals a blood-hungry beast!? The sensual embrace where the vampire catches her prey with her hypnotic gaze, then softly plants an almost chaste kiss on your lips. A series of kisses follow, each as delicate as the last, going lower and lower before she lingers on the veins of your neck. She slowly, carefully, sinks her teeth into your flesh. Any semblance of self-control she had before quickly fades away at the taste of blood, and she presses herself against you like an animal in heat.


File: d68fc0ec06a0726⋯.jpeg (23.39 KB, 380x387, 380:387, 4B103296-FB7A-42B8-9F2C-8….jpeg)


>game known for being full of degenerate shit


>water sports







Don't bite dicks you, jackass. Worms are horrid because they're living in there and the potential three-on-one in the rehab ends because your dick takes damage in the brawl caused by not having enough dick to go around.




Maybe have it be like Ember where she can lay eggs if given ovi elixir?

Otherwise you'll need to find a way to make her flesh during the day and a statue at night. Then you have funny shit like stone bone or the PC getting stuck in place because she wanted to cuddle.

I like Minae for her name. So far we have Annabelle and Minae, then. I kind of want Minae to be a bit of a tomboy, too?


File: 2ee7e541e564c4e⋯.jpg (15.17 KB, 359x240, 359:240, 1520873124928.jpg)


>its not dickbiting if they're doing a botched circumcision with their teeth

>its not ballbiting if they miss the testicles when they chomp your scrotum

I'm not totally against dickbiting (though I'd want it to be a choice, not mandatory with every blowjob) but that is some weird logic.


File: 30eb7c07111e59b⋯.jpg (325.13 KB, 700x525, 4:3, __kirishiki_sunako_shiki_d….jpg)



>he doesn't want a cute vampire to sink her fangs on his dick



Can we have both? I don't see why a vampire lover wouldn't bite your neck AND YOU DICK.



I don't! I want them to bite areas that are specifically anywhere but my dick! Like isn't one of the first rules of oral "no teeth"?


The dick dindu nuffin!




Touch your scrotum, there’s a lot of skin that doesn’t even touch your balls

Also, it would be a small pinch, so it drips blood just enough so she can use her tongue, not biting with the force of thousand suns

Imagine it just with one fang



Good thing that guy wasn't the writer of the vampire content.


File: c155e361e1f9d39⋯.png (335.17 KB, 900x700, 9:7, __kirishiki_sunako_and_tat….png)


nibble nibble


Can a vampire sustain with cum, instead of dick? I always see this happening in my wapanese games.




Is this a dev?




I've been here for the last 5 threads and I don't recognize the name.


File: 856050450275269⋯.jpeg (25.8 KB, 270x544, 135:272, 8BE5EE9B-91EA-482E-8594-D….jpeg)


He doesn’t want to see his vampire waifu milky white face dripping blood and cum from her mouth while watching you with her hypnotizing (red) eyes


File: a8fb665b68080ae⋯.jpg (690.92 KB, 1280x1819, 1280:1819, Lolivamp 1.jpg)

File: 263bc10432c1b23⋯.jpg (657.9 KB, 1280x1819, 1280:1819, Lolivamp 2.jpg)

File: 0f9b040c9000b6a⋯.jpg (576.54 KB, 1280x1819, 1280:1819, Lolivamp 3.jpg)



Bleeding from the dick is never a good thing, and as someone that's had someone think that shit's sexy in real life decide to spring it on you I can speak from personal experience that dick-biting is as unsexy as watching your 90yr old parents fuck in a wading pool full of mayonnaise.

I'm all for biting. Just follow the first rule of oral: No Teeth.



Well shit that's definitely NOT the english version I thought I had clicked.


File: 9132261bff23f65⋯.jpg (169.67 KB, 1396x1330, 698:665, eif.jpg)



oh good lord.

Part of me was musing on the idea of a tribal, dark-skinned loli, maybe a >catgirl, found in the deep woods who can't speak your language and babbles at you incoherently, covered in warpaint and wearing a fundoshi or primitive panties



Not sink fangs into dick, graze fangs along dick. Remind the guy that said vamp is a dangerous girl.



Yeah. It sits well in the valley of "this seemed like a good idea right up until it happened".

Tribal catgirl vampire seems interesting. Definitely a bit different. I'll always have a softspot for gothloli vampires but that's me and my near religious love of frills



Very yes to feral daughteru


Foresking biting seems like a bad idea

Scrotum biting could kinda work



Rule 1: no biting




>no bites


So, what do you propose to make Vamp content less vanilla?

Hmm, what about after biting your neck, she opens her mouth letting your blood fall into her tits,using it as lubricant for titfucking


Why not just have "cowgirl and she also bites you and shit, blood everywhere"?


What's wrong with vanilla anyways?




What about she biting your neck while you do her missionary position,or she biting your neck in lotus position?

Both of these position are vanilla as hell but "enhanced" but biting you in the neck



It's dull?



The submissive one biting feels a bit off tbh.



When done badly, maybe.



How about the writer adds whatever kind of biting shit he feels like writing, and just make everything require an explicit choice so you'll only get cockbiting or whatever if you intentionally choose so?



Dick-biting is a serious subject.



That's like the sub taking the dom doggy-style while somehow remaining the sub.

Biting and drawing blood is something one in charge does. Like, it's about predator and prey.


No, then it'll become more and more logically inconsistent.

It will reach a point where you'll go "just what type of character is it? bites-your-dick or won't-bite-your-dick?"

Just letting people write whatever and leaving it to the player to turn parts off is like inviting shit writers and shit writing, "if you don't like [thing you don't like] just turn it off :^)"

Just, have it be "vampire's hungry, how feed? dick? r u retarded? fine, but this won't turn out well"

Getting your dick bitten willingly is just fucking jarring.

If it's caused by the player, without they player going "I want you to bite my dick", I see no problem with it though.



I mean you're making an assumption but eh. Who am I to be an asshole and tell others what to do.



>If it's caused by the player, without they player going "I want you to bite my dick", I see no problem with it though.

This is mostly what I had in mind. There are a lot of different ways to give a choice:

Vampire tries to bite your dick, you have the option to say "fuck no" and prevent it, or you can let it happen.

The vampire asks your permission, if appropriate; when the situation is consensual and you're not being dominated or something.

Have buttons to choose where the vampire bites you, but don't portray it as an in-character choice (you as the player choose the "dick" option, the vampire proceeds to forcefully bite the PC's dick against the PC's will).


File: 06b2b3cf486002a⋯.png (79.9 KB, 307x352, 307:352, 06b2b3cf486002a8fcbb1614da….png)


with that argument, because there's cuckshit in-game means everyone likes cuckshit



That similar to the fox girls isn't it when they try to shove a dick up your ass. Though dick biting is painful so I don't see who would enjoy that besides people that like getting dominated or likes pain.



As long as it isn't "I'll let you bite my dick" it's ok.

Just frame it as a consequence of your actions, rather than the direct results.


No, that was an example of "I'll let you bite my dick", or rather "I'll let you fuck my ass"



Already implemented in the sex encounter



Ah, fair point


Sup guys, I’m the guy that asked the Vamp writer about the biting stuff, just to letting you know this is NOT About dick biting or ball biting , as even with normal teeth that shit hurts a fucking lot

I’m talking about “biting” skin, and what I mean is how the vampiress puts pressure on the base of your dick/scrotum with her fang and , because of how sharp the fang is, you start bleeding , but not fucking biting/chomping like if it was a Hot Dog

Also, using your blood as lubricant for a titjob seems cool



Then that great!

And if a vamp biting your dick does get implemented(hopefully not) make it a corruption scene aka you tried to rape her and now she gets her revenge.



That sounds dangerous enough to be appropriately hot, but not so ball-busting that I'm yanked right out of it by my defensive instincts. You should do your own thing anyway, but this gets my approval.



that looks lewd enough.



Blood would be a shit lube.



>blood lube

>ends up hardening and crusting by the cumshot



Anticoagulants in saliva like a vampire bat. Or just keep bleeding so the dried blood gets replaced by fresh blood.



Blood isn't that thick

Spit would be several times better


File: 42c3ba7d85c184a⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 371x209, 371:209, 42c3ba7d85c184a1a2defebf16….gif)


You are absolutely keen on having a bloody titjob. Just have the vamp bite his neck or dick or whatever, prep with a blowjob, and have a mix of saliva with a noticeable rivulet of blood for the titjob. No need to overly complicate things



>You are absolutely keen on having a bloody titjob.

Different anon, just offering a suggestion. I'm not really into blood, though it doesn't bother me either.



>that contrived

>not overcomplicated



a lot less contrived than having to create vamp magic for a titjob scene


File: 185a2e6309d61fb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.41 KB, 298x708, 149:354, nach.jpg)



I hadn't considered the vampire angle, but now i'm just imagining her pouncing and tackling a fuckin' imp or a kitsune or something and just draining them dry of blood as they writhe in front of you.

Up till the point she notices you're there, goes narrow-eyed covered in blood and you're in a staring contest until she babbles some tribalspeak and waves a clumsy machete at you.


File: af9f11f2880749b⋯.mp4 (6.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, af9f11f2880749b20da8550998….mp4)



>tribal speak


good to see some aussie characters


File: d2397850b451c4a⋯.mp4 (11.08 MB, 720x406, 360:203, the sexies english accent.mp4)

File: d4a152d7e0e7eed⋯.png (2.07 MB, 900x1188, 25:33, noice original.png)


Aussie appreciation thread?



>what is a fantasy game that doesn’t follow the rules of reality



ayyyyyyyyyy sseth my man



True bloody rite, mate.



>Self sculpting loli gargoyle eggs

I like this concept


File: e120cfdd84ae348⋯.jpg (230.76 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, MooFancy.jpg)

So, does anyone have any other ideas for cow ojou girl? So far her name is Annabelle and she's very proper and naive.

I'm thinking that she dresses well, yet all her clothing is cow print.



Please give me source or the name of guys narrating this hentai. Also where can i find this translation. It made me laugh so hard i hurt my ribs.



a bit too on the nose there, keep the print to a hair bow or other accessory



Not a fan of combining southern and rich aristocrat daughter personally speaking.



>southern and rich aristocrat daughter

That's just a standard issue southern belle, though




Ojous are rich types, aren't they?



This is one of the things that makes me erect for no explainable reason.







Yeah, that's southern belle. Think the blonde from Princess and the Frog.


File: 74357097369722d⋯.jpg (114.92 KB, 502x700, 251:350, caa9bbc439f8cfbfed993cd1d2….jpg)


A little tempted to write it but i'm sorta half-feverish at the moment, so i'm not exactly sure where it'd go beyond 'Civilising' some tribal snatch; maybe cute ritualistic sex near a fire, maybe her hopelessly trying to communicate with you, maybe just plowing her ass and pushing her face into the dirt.

I'm pretty ashamed to say the idea of holding her wrists as she yells and scowls at you entices me


Think the 'ufufufu' types from anime cliches, like this https://youtu.be/g-rASW1-EFA?t=14



I'd be fine with teaching her the basics of our language and not quite civilizing her.

The thought of "misinterpreting" her friendliness as sexual advances and fucking her as she tries to get you to stop also leaves me erect.




Trying (successfully or unsuccessfully, either is fine) to adopt her and raise her into a civilised daughter. Take her home, give her baths (probably need to force her the first time), feed her (and later try to teach her table manners and how to use utensils), clothe her (I expect she'd be constantly stripping off the clothes because she's used to being naked), try to teach her your language. Maybe she's naive about sex (being too young to have much in the way of sexual urges) and you can optionally corrupt/teach her. Maybe she already has an animalistic sex drive and you try to teach her not to have sex whenever she feels like it.


No cow print, also needs to be haughty.



Kinda want to write it myself.


File: f8879935f88aece⋯.png (535.87 KB, 612x927, 68:103, ClipboardImage.png)


If anyone has seen No-rin, I'm thinking of some like this girl.




>no cow print



NO COW PRINT. It's funny in 3d pornos, and has no use anywhere else. I want to fuck a haughty cow-girl ojou sama, not a 3d porno extra.


File: 8b6a5deb6fec1c0⋯.jpg (42.06 KB, 290x290, 1:1, ohohohoho.jpg)



>not ohohoho



You'd probably do better than me, I don't really have much faith in my ideas.


File: 3e885111328dff3⋯.png (181.17 KB, 456x676, 114:169, original_drawn_by_yagi_nin….png)



Original suggester here, and this is what I had in mind for her.



> Cowprint should be endprint when you've broken her



considering cuck content is just helia and urta shit, it would be easy to gate like that.

I'm not a big fan of doing it like that, though. I think the way Helia's stuff was set up is ideal, with the player having plenty of opportunity to gate the content in an "in-character" way. But if people want it like that, sure, at this point it's quite simple to gate.


what about adding a conversation topic to Izumi after talking about that with the Behemoth where you can confront her about it, and she says "who the fuck are you talking about?"


take a look at a few of the scenes to get a feel for how the parser works. Alternatively, you can just look at the Parser folder in the repository and look at the "singlearglookups.as" and "doublearglookups.as"(I think) file to see all the parser tags.

You can also go to options -> debug info -> parser tests while in-game to see them.


no, she just becomes very hard to find.


gib save pls



I prefer in-character as well.

>Ceraph is hard to find

What the fuck is up with that too. My first time enslaving her, I found her EZ=PZ but then the second time I played I was searching the mountain frantically for days

And so many people report that happening

It's strange, is her encounter rate that low or is it just bizarre chance?



stupid encounter design. If you're not pierced it's pretty easy to find her, but if you have one piercing then even if you find her there's a 66% chance you don't find her.


File: 60d49066519349d⋯.mp4 (923.46 KB, 480x480, 1:1, .......er.mp4)


>even if you find her there's a chance you don't find her




whenever you land on her encounter while having one piercing, there's a 66% chance you get a "you search but find nothing" message.



But why, OCA

What's the purpose of this design?



dunno lol



Have you.. considered removing the 66% "whelp,t here's nothin" check?



I sent an access request to the git because it won't let me make a branch without that or something else I don't know about.


I don't know the full details of how the encounter system works, but it looks to me like you can't ever find Ceraph in the mountains with just the first piercing.



In fact, losing to Ceraph with only the first piercing technically gives you the second piercing, but I can't find any possible way to enter combat with Ceraph while only having the first. Getting it from the armour looks like the only way to advance past the first piercing.

Unless I'm missing something.



if you have one piercing and find her, she'll suggest a trade to remove it. You can instead fight her, and if you lose you get the second piercing.



looking at it, that's true, the condition is set improperly. Fixed.



Looks like I was reading the fetish compare function backwards, you're right.



ok now I'm confused, I'll just check this manually lel


Alright, cowjou details so far.

>Family lives in the rich part of Tel'Adre that is less degenerate

>Has a protective maid and/or butler

>Has a more flashy older sister who can't keep a boyfriend

>Is named Annabella and is haughty and ohohohoh

>Father has a blunderbuss and is responsible for Tel'Adre's food supply

>Has cow print dresses

What else need we think up?



I'm also confused now. Honestly, the entire fetish manager system seems completely unnecessary with only three fetishes, it would only really make sense if a lot more were added.

Still, for what it's worth I'm back to my first conclusion, that it was backwards and would only give the encounter at max fetish. Probably worth double-checking to be 100% sure regardless.




How does History: Paladin work in NG+?

That meaning, if you take that history in an earlier playthrough and ascend later, will you forever be damned to lose 25% damage permanently on gaining 25 corruption?

Also, is it effected by corruption tolerance? If i have 1 point of corrupt tolerance, does the Paladin history work until 30 corruption instead?



> remove the cow print dress

> she refuses to wear something ridiculous

> wear cow print bikini - only when you've maxed out relationship



the compare returns true if what you send it matches what 'this' (the player) has listed for fetishes.

So you send it MAX_FETISH and it sends a 0111 flag (all three fetishes), does a bitwise OR operator (0111 | 1000 -> 1111 as an example), then compares the result to what the player has, if they're equal (aka what you passed in is what the player has) it returns true.

Mountain's code would send in MAX_FETISH, return false because you only have exhibition, and then make the whole if statement return false because it has an AND requirement with rand(2) < 1 in order to actually play the friendly ceraph scene.

So yeah it was fucked, should be comparing FETISH_EXHIBITION instead of MAX_FETISH, looks like >>184869 fixes it



the perk stays forever, so the negative will stay forever too.

It is affected by corruption tolerance.



I'm seconding this: >>184873



Yeah, that was how I first read it, then I somehow convinced myself I was wrong.

I also second the "cow print is silly" opinion.



To be clear, the perm -25%

That part goes away when you ascend, until you get 25 corruption again, right?



nope, they run from the same variable. I might change that, though.



bit flags are fun, fetish manager seems well thought in the way that it's functional now, and easy to add to and utilize, just a weirdly written encounter script



Reminding me of the midnight rapier variable carrying over

Personally, I think the debuff should be cleared on ascend, give the player a chance. Maybe they have auto-save and screwed up pretty far into a playthrough and want to ascend

Or, who knows. Currently this hasn't affected me, I'm just considering possibilities. Thank you for the update!



when CoCAnon(or was it OtherAnon?) coded it, they intended on making a system that was easy to expand upon. Just like I do often, systems are created/altered to make them expandable and easy to work with, but never actually expanded upon or worked with.

That's the problem with coders.

>I wonder if I can improve this

>Oh, I can, let's do it

>Ok, done, fucking off now



Well, better to write something that's growable in the future than some janky shit that works 'right now' - though in this case fetishes as an idea hasn't really been embraced by anyone, whoever made it originally probably envisioned some sort of larger scale refactor that would lock/unlock/change scenes across the game based on what fetishes you had.

And then, yeah, didn't really go and do that stuff. Which I get, I can code but I can't write beyond technical/utilitarian communication, so I think the fetish manager's a good idea, but I'm certainly not able to go out and tie it into pre-existing content in a valuable way.

That being said, it looks like Exhibitionism is used in a decent number of places I didn't know about in that fashion.



Yeah, it certainly would be a good system if fetishes were more complex (and it's certainly not worth simplifying now that it's already written and functional), just observing that it's entirely superfluous right now when the entire thing could be handled as a single integer.


File: 5bdb1e2df1b752b⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 544x565, 544:565, This has turned into a dif….jpg)


Clover writer here, I did have a plan to spend the past few days working on Clover as I mentioned in the past. However, I got my bitch-ass sick and that derailed everything I had planned.

As recompense for my inability to look after my own health, I plan to spend a few days working on Clover once I'm feeling better.


thirding the 'cow-print is silly' campaign, at least for baseline attire. If she's to be an oujo or southern belle, the cow print could come back around once she's your waifu or a corrupt slut or however it ends up. Just not a 'from the word go' kind of thing.

So yeah, TL;DR pic related has happened because my family got me sick, weather made it worse, and I didn't get anything of note accomplished. However, I would like to try keeping to updates on a regular schedule so I'm not listed as MIA again.

I hope you faggots like handholding and receiving headpats



should the changelog mention the foxfire change? Or… fix I guess, not really sure if how it looked before was intended




>*Actually set up the "MinosRBad" flag properly.

>*Foxfire now scales with enemy corruption, instead of scaling inversely.


File: f7a487857c5c065⋯.jpg (121.37 KB, 759x722, 759:722, You're the one that turned….jpg)


Last thought before I hit the hay and work on feeling better since I saw mention of an 'Inner Tel'Adre' elsewhere in the thread:

>An aristocratic couple who are on shaky ground in a politically focused marriage ask you (cock-toting PC) to act as a sperm donor for their heir since the male of the couple is sterile. Sequence of events could come to pass from having high enough cum production to knock up characters like Cotton and Edryn, the only Tel'Adre residents I can think of who use those 'magic contraception herbs'.

Speaking of Tel'Adre and - less so - about someone asking about expanding on demons, what about Ifris? The demon-but-not-really chick who fucks you while you lift weights. It always disappoints me when that goes nowhere because the scenes make me diamonds.



well, that's because I released a version but didn't commit until later. It happens.



Tried to delete my post since I realized that like right after, yeah I'm dumb and should read more before speaking.




I can see the cow print bikini being something she does at max relationship/affection at home and is super embarrassed about but wants to look sexy for you.

But why the hate on cow print dresses



On the contrary, I'm talking about delayed gratification.

Keep the best for the last.



Should probably decomplicate things a bit here. How about we keep as just a single child household with dad, mom, Anna. Cowjou should be caring with bouts of high and mighty at times, instead of snobby. Papa cow should get a revolver with a homestead, growing the contraception herbs everyone in Tel'Andre uses. No cowprint on the dress. Instead it should be on her undergarments and bikini for some scenes. As an add-on to the dad after max Anna affection he could be a gunsmith enthusiast for the family heirloom revolver, and could, with enough funding, work on a project culminating with a Lever Action Rifle for you



also, cowprint dresses?


That's tacky as fuck. No sane woman with self awareness and huge tits would wear it unless they're doing it ironically.



Hmmm, what if she refuses to move in with a pc who hasn't constructed a house?



Dude half the people in tel adre barely wear clothing. Also I'm modeling her after this



Well the older sister bit was because of a cute as fuck suggested scene, wherein cowjou is told by her older sister that guys like sexy underwear. So she tries to buy some and surprise the pc with it, but pc ends up interrupting and embarrassing her.

Also, while I like the idea of a homestead, the cowjou thing is less ojou if she isn't actually high class. Hence the suggestion of an inner tel'adre that people seemed to like.



Because A. They look dumb, and B. I'm trying to at least somewhat humanize this person in my head, and I can't do that when they're wearing cowprint, I just can't.



she's the upper crust.



Yeah, I'm the spitballer for the inner city. Just putting forth that the whole snobby/ohoho bit doesn't seem very interesting. I do believe the homestead does give her the ojou-type sense since it's for the Southern Aristocrat feel. As for the older sister it just seems contradictory for the posh inner city to have a flashy cowgirl, though I will be surprised if the writer can pull it off. Of course these are my thoughts alone, but I would like to help sculpt this into something good.



This. If she's wearing a cowprint dress by default she's just going to feel like a caricature to me, a copy-pasted stereotype rather than an interesting character.


Post last edited at



good boy




I'm surprised that's where you guys draw the line, but I can somewhat see your point.


When I say cow girls I don't mean that they're dressed like cowgirls. I mean the family has lacta bovine blood, if that helps.

The flashy older sister I thought would wear extravagant dresses and jewelry and the like. Not so sure it works so well if they're on a secluded homestead, especially given how they'd probably be overrun by demons.



I've taken the liberty of including a "I beat the shit out of some dumb purple oaf" dialogue bit in the Izumi shit I'm writing


File: 66d8f92f204ede8⋯.jpg (257.25 KB, 624x663, 16:17, 522a6523d0681d05fd6e2893c0….jpg)



>I'm surprised that's where you guys draw the line, but I can somewhat see your point.

I'm not sure it's the line, but it's a line.

Honestly, I'd feel the same way about a stereotypical spoiled, rich, ohohoho-type ojou-sama, but the difference there is that we don't already have anything like that, while we're pretty well stocked on cow-girls so a cow-girl stereotype wouldn't add anything.



We've got all of two cowgirls and both of them are shit. Part of my inspiration for wanting this is wanting an actual good cowgirl.

Marble is Morble and Isabela is pretty shit by virtue of her writer writing her as a Morble band-aid.



I get ya but the homestead should work if it's a sectioned-off area since the family had it, and is guarded. Because they have a tad larger land for light farming, in contraceptive production, doesn't mean there is no socialization. The sister I'll have reservations for adding yet another "cow" girl into the roster, but it better be done well my guy. What we're both putting is arguing red to green apples, though I hope there's a middle ground somewhere



What can I say, my man, I like cowgirls.



>I've taken the liberty of including a "I beat the shit out of some dumb purple oaf" dialogue bit in the Izumi shit I'm writing




I really do feel ya, but there has to be some clear points. I'm just trying to weave cowjou into the inner city to have the ability of more rich families to write and interact with, otherwise her family might as well be in some fuck-off manor somewhere else.



I get ya, but I don't see how a family of nobility-turned lacta bova means there can't be other noble families.



>We've got all of two cowgirls and both of them are shit.

Only two lovers, but plenty of cowgirls in the game (Clara, Excellia, several one-off unnamed cowgirls).

I'll grant you the rest though. Cowgirls aren't my thing, too furry and I don't like huge breasts, so I wouldn't really know whether they were shit or not. Cowjou sounds more appealing, because so far she doesn't seem much like furshit, and being younger she hopefully won't be as top-heavy as the others (even if she is, oppai loli is still better than big-boobed old lady).



But Clara and Excellia are practically one offs, and aside from them there's one cowgirl you see getting fucked by a minotaur. That's all aside from the main two.

I'm thinking Cowjou will be pretty physically mature, she's like 19 or such. As said, I'm basing her off of this



File: 80d425577297a4c⋯.jpg (9.62 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 11126584984.jpg)


Damn, got a bit lost in trying to argue for the homestead. I believe in it but if you're the writer then go for the manor family



>I'm thinking Cowjou will be pretty physically mature, she's like 19 or such.

You can comfortably disregard my opinion then, since I probably won't be very interested. From the picture and descriptions so far, she seemed younger than that.

> there's one cowgirl you see getting fucked by a minotaur. That's all aside from the main two.

There are two minotaur/cowgirl watching scenes, plus you can join in the second one instead of just watching if you meet the requirements. There's another cowgirl in the minotaur sons bad end, a cowgirl succubus in Urta's quest, and a couple other cowgirls that are just mentioned once in a scene.


File: 96ddeeb1dc54a38⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 236x291, 236:291, 1508041178588.jpg)


>she's like 19

>she seemed younger than that

>I probably won't be very interested



Okay, so that's the same cowgirl that you share with a minotaur and several cowgirls that are mentioned offhand.

Conversely we have three goblins that you can knock up, plus generic goblin enemies and variants. I'm not seeing this cowgirl oversaturation.

>From the picture and descriptions so far, she seemed younger than that.

Youngest I'd go is 17, but I'm surprised you saw that picture and thought oppai loli.


File: 0191fa9d71f8388⋯.jpg (43.68 KB, 500x375, 4:3, mpbvtiIrnh1sybxb5o1.jpg)



Well, I also wouldn't say we have any shortage of goblins. Like cowgirls, quality may be an issue, but not quantity. At least compared to other things in the game.

From the picture alone, I wouldn't think loli, maybe 16-17. For some reason the rest of the details given (particularly the ojou-sama part) just put the idea of a cow loli into my head. Looking back, I'm not entirely sure why.




Late teens is where I planned it, seeing as it's about the time she'd have to consider looking for a husband to be respectable.

I'm thinking the PC ends up helping her in a wild encounter and she gives you her hair bow, which you show to her Butler and he lets you see her.



The thing about the Behemoth x Izumi thing, is that if we only change Izumi dialogue to look as if she and Behemoth never met or fuck, it'll be her word against his, and there will always be a doubt that she's lying to save face because she lost the fight and ended up being creampied by him.

If we're going that route then i think we've to change Behemoth dialogue as well to show that he's big liar full of shit about everything he says. Not just the Izumi stuff. Every little thing he says has to look contradictory.



Honestly, it's just easier to erase that the bit where Behemoth says he fucked Izumi. Much, much easier.



Yeah this is pretty damn easy, there's no flag or variable associated with it, as far as I know Izumi never has anything to say about Behemoth's existence - it's just his retarded rambling that doesn't really affect anything outside himself.



can we confront him about his lie and use this as an excuse to kick his ass?





Nobody would mind if the Behemoth was just removed entirely.

Even the sex scenes suck.

Sure, Kitteh would mind. Fuck him.


I find behemoth even cringier than Urta.



Should we cut ourselves from Kitteh's code altogether? And have our own production cycle?

Is there anything in Revamp projects that we want that we can't rewrite/write more efficiently and better?



Urta, Behemoth, and what's his face with his ice cave are the trinity of cringe aren't they? I refuse to learn that guy's name.



you're gonna code it all?



>Is there anything in Revamp projects that we want that we can't rewrite/write more efficiently and better?

It's not that we can't, it's that nobody wants to. We don't have a real development team, just a few scattered writers/coders who do whatever on a whim and occasionally finish something. We take what we can get.




what the fuck was his use anyways, other than the sex I imagine there is



To tell you about how cool and powerful he is. I went there because it was called a dungeon but it's just a godamn Place you pointlessly have to walk around inside. I think he has sex scenes but the whole place is just kind of insufferable.



Yeah, a whole new fucking area just to look at his bed or some shit. Wonder how much furbux good 'ol Fen made off of that



I think Anzu is an unfinished revamp thing, nothing to do with Fen.


File: 98e64fc578d968b⋯.jpg (73.76 KB, 652x959, 652:959, Kanna tea.jpg)



A cursory google seems to show that Anzu was a Revamp thing written by "Coalsack".

Fun fact: That is the only thing Coalsack is credited with on the Revamp wiki, so it might very well be his OC.


File: bb9db729daf9689⋯.jpg (78.1 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, CVWUVUPUsAAS1xr.jpg)



I suppose it's a good thing he isn't around anymore


File: 2c301adae74caa5⋯.gif (1003.46 KB, 398x400, 199:200, Kanna sip.gif)



Then again, over 200 pages of content - whether vanilla or Revamp - is listed as 'Author Unknown', and that's the ones where they attributed it an author in the first place.

Good to know the Revamp guys kept up Fen's tradition of badly tracking who wrote what.

I will say that no matter how utterly autistic we all can get, at least we listen to each other to an extent and don't rely on shoving money up OtherCoCAnon's ass to get it implemented.



>what about adding a conversation topic to Izumi after talking about that with the Behemoth where you can confront her about it, and she says "who the fuck are you talking about?"

Basically yeah, but we add that he's a sniveling coward too afraid to approach her. Of course some mentioned the "his word, her word" scenario and perhaps we catch him in a lie when we confront him about what she said.


File: e195a2b7d22924a⋯.gif (178.83 KB, 540x336, 45:28, 1482448775250.gif)


Free to criticize and free to leave, the real gold of revamp. None does it better



The thing about this is that if we do too much work about the "sex" talk it will end up becoming a thing, like some of sort of mini quest, where the player will be kind of thrust into a situation where he'll have to deduce if Behemoth really won a fight against Izumi and fucked her or not. That's just way bad.

Sure, we can rewrite Behemoth so that he'll end up being a huge liar about everything he says, which is perfect for the character because he simple doesn't work in the setting. But then that's just more work. You've to alter what is already there and then write more stuff just to show that he lies about everything he says and is full of shit.

It's much easier to just erase the line where he casually mention he won and fucked Izumi. Much simpler.



That would be the easiest route, but not nearly as satisfying. Up to CoCAnon, though. I'm fine with either.


Isn't Izumi a somewhat minor character why all the interest all of a sudden. Though I never played through all of revamp so tell me if i'm talking out of my ass.



Do we really need to be satisfied by belittling a character? Taking out the reference to a relationship between them leaves space for Behemoth to maybe be changed into something that doesn't suck in the future, while going down the road of calling him out on bullshit just puts him in this mandatory shitty character box, pretty much leaving him as a 'oh good another waste of my time' slot in Volcanic Crag.

Sure it sounds nice on paper but it still just leaves him shitty for a whole lot more work.



I can't speak for any one else who wants to write about best species, but I personally won't write dick/ball biting. I'll try get inventive all the same though. Like idunno, inner thigh or something.



It's a new point of contention for Pro/Anti NTR anons, considering Hel is a given and Amily is getting reworked



I don't think there's any contention about Behemoth sucking.


put it on mixtape man



Inner thigh could be hot.



Hey. Put that in pastebin so we can edit it easier.




I tried but my phone let me



That titjob spitballed earlier sounds alright. I wouldn't do it as spit, personally though, but drool. Adds a cute messy eater vibe, as if it weren't intentional.

>She likes your blood so much after drinking her fill, she's blooddrunk enough to dribble it down her chin and onto her cleavage, making you both look at it like an

>Oh no, whatever will we do with all this lubricant between my giant breasts. And how does your diamond solid cock 'fit in' to the equation?


File: 5d5610cdee6d13d⋯.jpeg (23.9 KB, 354x389, 354:389, B5B7E6A4-B29E-49D3-BF82-5….jpeg)


Pic related is how I imagine her mouth slightly open

So, what you think guys? What should I change ?



The messy eater angle makes me okay with it actually. Like she could be really sweet when normal but she gets really, I wouldn't even say slutty but at least 'sex-charged' when fed. Then the next time you encounter her she apologizes and is embarrassed.

God I've got a thing for sweet girls who are into lewd, depraved kinks. Which is ironic cause CoC vanilla is like, the exact opposite half the time. Overwritten shitty sluts who just wanna be loved or some trite excuse for a storyline.



>but this won’t be any ordinary titfuck, as, in this time, she’s going to use your blood as lube

A bit of telling people that the sky is blue, but other than that it's shaping to be pretty good



Wouldn't blood be a shitty lubricant because it coagulates? Unless she has active anti coagulating saliva.





Ok, so I put it on pastebin, the Vampire fuck and bloody titfuck scene, (also, you could call me the second vamp guy I guess)



Ok, gotta delete that lube part then m8!



Dunno if blood alone would be a shit lube, but blood, soft breasts, boob sweat and vagene fluids would make your dick slippery enough for a good titfuck as scene intended



Just let it go coagulant-anon


I'm hoping you don't, just reword it as noticing how well blood seems to work in the situation



It came from her mouth, meaning it's mixed with saliva. Vamp saliva prevents clotting for an easier and longer feed.

They use blood magic to heal you up once you're done.


Does the new paladin bonus damage affect all forms of damage or just physical attack damage?



Yeah, globalMod seems to apply to all sources of player damage, and that's where a simple if statement checks if you've got the perk and then applies the damage bonus.



Also if you're playing with that history, just to make sure I'm not goin crazy - try saving it and letting your Lust build up to max so you have to Flagellate. I think OCA forgot a doNext(camp.returnToCampUseTwoHours); or something similar function.

Or I've broken the version I downloaded in some silly manner. It's not a full soft lock since you can wait to refresh the menu with no real negative consequences aside from wasting more time than intended, but still probably a minor bug.



Yeah, it's happening on my end too. You're not crazy.



Why the fuck did it link to that post?


This is what I had quoted



I guess these bugs fall through the cracks like the rogar, kiha, and amily bugs





Sounds like a consensus on 16 to me.






>Non-thicc cowgirl

Just fucking why?




Please leave


Sup, guys, 2nd vampire guy here again!

I just did the continuaion of the bloody titfuck and added the biting part.

I know that a lot of people are against biting, but i think i did a good job on portraying it pleasantly and erotic.


Give me your feedback and feel welcome to edit anything you want (even get rid of the biting part if you wan't), i would glady ask your help for the cumming sections, i'm not good at that! Also, remember i'm an ESL guy so sorry for my english

Last but not least, while I didn't thought of an anal sex scene, i think i'm planning of doing one, also editing the text of the first scene and this future anal scene if you have multiple cocks, and if you're a shota boy too!


De-dicking minerva when


Asking again, what I am I supposed to do about the nameless horror fight? It just oneshots me tandomly with an undodgeable attack that is an instant kill regardless of any defenses



its a survival fight. Survive long enough for it to 1shot you and send you back home to win when in doubt check your camp actions.If the fight option is gone you won


probably never




No it isn't. It kills me and I get a game over. The attack says it shatters me and deals 100% HP damage even if it boosted my HP with its restructuring. It always just goes to the game over screen.



I think you can win by lust



It's immune. I'm guessing this must be unfinished or bugged, since it's impossible.



iirc you just need to deal enough damage to it

look out for the time when your stats get hueg and attack him with the best stuff you got

basically, get gud



That's not possible, since it will instantly kill me.



as far as i remember, its attacks are always a percentage of your health, becoming guaranteed lethal hits only after some turns

so how about you go and try healing, m8



Post your stat and equipment, maybe your avatar is just not strong enough yet


File: 2da515c27f5f361⋯.jpeg (31.93 KB, 399x369, 133:123, 25A31F8F-6D72-47BF-AD32-6….jpeg)

>tfw no vampire feedback



Second vampire guy? The scene was alright, but since it's not really my kink and I'm no writer I can't really give more than "Ugh ugh, Me like vamp suck suck" in terms of critique.



Have you read the guide? https://pastebin.com/r7MbEYC5

Spoilers, obviously.



Since when has one of the vampire girls h-cup tits?! Or is that a placeholder?



>implying there's anything wrong with massive vampire tiddies


File: 84092259f22cb20⋯.jpg (14.78 KB, 512x288, 16:9, Ah, I see you're a man of ….jpg)





It’s just a placeholder, honestly that vamp scene I’m writing has no connection with the vamp guards (at this time)

This scene could be used for the supposed vampire mistress, a vampire guard, a fuckable vampire in the vampire realm or even for a vampire lover/follower in your camp



But to be honest i prefer them to be G-L cup, considering I imagine that vampire tits as big as those from Karina Hart, Yulia Nova and Lucie Wilde



Thanks, as a mage my stuns didnt work on him, I'll grab a shield.



Tit sizes are way off in this game anyway. If you have h cups it describes them as "beach ball sized" which is way bigger than actual H cups. It says E cups are volleyball dized even though E is where they still comfortably fit in your hand without spilling out too much. My character has m cups which in reality are maybe the size of a beach ball, but it describes them as "exercise ball" sized.


File: 627bfe695a169ce⋯.png (86.72 KB, 268x325, 268:325, disgusting.png)


>unironically liking titty monsters



Yeah? No. Fuck off.


File: 376128bc9567556⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 409x409, 1:1, pleb.jpg)



It's almost like Fenoxo barely knows how scale works.



It sort of feels like you're hijacking the other anon's vampire content by doing vampire stuff as well.

There is obviously no exclusivity to the subject, but still.


File: 1dfea34ff8cc214⋯.png (431.37 KB, 640x478, 320:239, 1520212474486.png)



this tbh



What size system do you use that E is just a handful? Going by US sizing, C can fill a lot of adult men's hands, D should be at least a handful even with big hands.




I think you'll be pleased with some upcoming content, probably to be released within a week.



He also softcaps breast growth at E cup even though F, G, and even H aren't all that uncommon.





>unironically hating titty monsters

You all disgust me.



I mean E is the point where they *start* not fitting in your hands. Whuch unless you have woman/manlet hands, is nowhere near volleyball sized.



So no big-tit vampires? Sob.



Not from me, but I'm not one of the vampire anons.


File: b19c82b0006ac46⋯.jpg (53.18 KB, 853x640, 853:640, 1TB Tits.jpg)



Clover is going to have big tits because I like them and because it makes sense. She might not be a vampire but, eh. Hypnotitties. I just want to stop being sick and write. Why does being sick have to take so long?



ok i have one idea, if the biting happens i expect to have some forced TF come from it. a vampire TF if you will.


File: 93ab0166eafbf85⋯.png (857.11 KB, 1000x826, 500:413, download.png)

so now i see whyi shouldnt try to fuck the dullahan apparently her "soul sucking" pussy just breaks my game tried multiple times


File: 87f94c3ed48b467⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1280x1217, 1280:1217, 31166565.png)

When you talk about vampires it's gotta be 500+ year old loli vampires.



Normally it just kills you without maxed stats. If you do survive it though instead of being happy that there is someone that can survive fucking her she runs away and is never seen again. She's a shitty anal only Savin character that belongs in the trash.



I thought she was a mod only character?



uhh she's coc anons character



Well, that's something that i don't want, i'm not planning on hijacking his content, just expanding more of the vampire stuff


Well, I think the Bloody Titfuck can only work if she has big tits, anything below E is a no-no for me in terms of sexiness, that's why I put "g cup" in the scene but it could be F/H/J/etc.


Yeah! i thought about that too! Possibly getting fangs and the ability to suck HP from your enemies, but you starve way faster than before and only blood can satisfy you

Also, you can't go outside between 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


You could write a vampire loli scene



interesting, can you give me your save?




either that or just tell me what scene you attempted to access. I just tried the rape scene and it worked on my end.




Tell ya what, she's 17. I refuse to go lower.



lmao at being this level of butthurt




Hey so the flaggelate function seems to be missing a return to camp call, and I still have no idea how to work git to actually submit a fix



oh, I'll fix that, thanks.



The only right way to have vampires.



The best thing to do, in my opinion, is try not to state outright what her age is anywhere. Think about it, what other character directly states their age?

Keep in your notes, yes, but always think "Is it really all that relevant to say age here?"

Vagueness like 'teen' or 'young adult' or whatever may fit the character's way of speaking work just fine.

People can just assume an age they like most and makes sense to them, if age is even relevant to them either.



you cant give a time pentalty if you did then well… you have what? 3 hours to do ANYTHING?



it's a damage race. I think that it's not really feasible for sub-lvl 30 characters. You have about 12 turns to beat it, more if you stun him in a turn where he uses his health-percentage attack. He always does that every 4 turns, so keep that in mind.



I did it at level 18 with soulburst

But yeah, it's a rough one.


File: 26b97c9a352e41a⋯.swf (10.96 KB, test.swf)


it was that cuddle/insist scene



thanks, will test right now.



This is good advice, but also write whatever you feel like writing. Nothing that anyone writes is going to suit everyone's tastes, and trying to fit in every request you get will probably just kill your motivation and lead to another abandoned project.




Nah my issue was not having a working stun. He would be pretty easy with one.



Yeah just beat him first try, by timing shield bashes and getting some lucky tk stuns and not wasting time healing. What does the perk do?



it makes it easier to get a positive result from Test Resolve. Overall, the boss is there mostly for bragging rights.



Sounds reasonable to me. Mid-teens, just.



Yeah it would be a tight DPS check if you have a build where you can't reliably evade.


So I've pretty much got the Alice thing fully coded and functional in game according to the script Satan wrote, but said script doesn't have any win>fuck scenarios, unless you get off on varied and specific kill descriptions. Should I just commit+push that to the master branch and then it gets picked up and folded into the actual build? Or request some more writing before trying to shove something people might consider not quite done in the game proper?

I've also written most of a Bow overhaul that adds 7 perks to make it a more long term option (with the downside being that you can't wear heavy armor/use a weapon or a shield to get the most out of the perks), but I don't know if like… direct game balance shifting things are cool to just push to the repository.



I've kinda asked this before, and the general consensus is that if no dick enters a vagene, then write until it does.




Yeah, having stopped with Alice out of fatigue way back when I did that, I realize I should add more to it.

I'm not adding vaginal victory, I like the idea of getting off without giving her physical satisfaction. I mean, her strategy to survive and feed is tricking people into raping her. Raping her is kind of not winning.

Took the panties idea. (Shoutout to whichever anon was encouraging that!)

Quickly drafted this up just now, I'll finish this tonight and you can slide that in.




I dunno, if you're enough of a pedo to go for a little girl in a land full of tit monsters, you might as well go full pervert and get off by rubbing your dick on her forehead/in her ears/against her lips/into her belly button/on her flat chest.

I'm sure all of that would feel nice while simultaneously being confusing for her.



I like the ideas, actually.

Myself, I get off most to killing her. Wish my scene for choking her to death while fucking her wasn't rejected.

Still, always open to ideas. I think I'll write a codex for her too, to establish overarching things about the demon-type for future reference.


So, anons, what area could use a new encounter?

I'm writing up the first Cowjou scene and it involves the PC helping her out. What area should it be in?


Is theire away to make an pre mod character a teen or a child? Using CoCed or otherwise



Not much of anything going on in the glacial rift, but that might be a bit more high-level than you're intending.



Yeah, I can't really justify her being there.



Load the character, go back to the main menu, then click options, debug info, test input, proceed, debugagechange.

While I'm tinkering with things, I'll put an option for it in the standard debug menu so it's more obvious and less annoying.

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