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File: 8ab9a123c7481ad⋯.png (4.89 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, egg-OP.png)



Eragames Git


Sign in with this user name and password

era / eraeraera

If you want a game just get it from the git, click the cloud with a arrow pointing down, and save it as a zip or whatever file format you like.

If you require further instruction, consider applying your mental faculties to figure it out on your own. Gitgud.

About The Translation:

Anyone can help with the translation project - ask about it on Discord.

We use machine translators to get the meaning, and transcribe it into English.

Basic Eralang Reference:


Discord Chat:


Git Repositories:


EraMegaten Guide



-Specify the game that you're talking about

-Please report any bugs. Save files often help.

-If you cry about NTR being removed it isn't because its censorship, your taste is just garbage

-"Learn how to use git or get the fuck out" spag 2018

Previous Threads



>that dude who had made some translation of the sex comf

Generally, when I translate/retranslate it's nice to have something to base on, even if it isn't correct.

Otherwise a lot of mental energy has to go to "stop writing like a fucking ESL, rephrase it, rephrase it"

Also, my goal is to more or less finish TW before June



Someone already replied to you or the other anon with the same request in the past, it's called eraSQRed. You can get it from here https://u11.getuploader.com/eraSQ/

I'd like to integrate that roguelike exploration part into SQN, it's in my pedy schedule (which means never or one day).


File: 2b7e2b91a6eeca5⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 269x325, 269:325, 1448126656427.gif)

File: ca5100d8eb1d8c0⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1101x1309, 1101:1309, 1477083854374.jpg)

File: b256a364c591b09⋯.jpg (295.14 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1390601509575.jpg)


>There is nothing wrong with cuddling with your Touhou waifu.

Foolishness. 2hus were created with the one pupose of being abused and stepped on!

There's no other use for those useless cumdumps.


File: 1e66595303dcda6⋯.jpg (443.42 KB, 992x851, 992:851, 1e66595303dcda6668871fba64….jpg)


>Artist ruins an otherwise perfectly good pregnant Reimu image with a belly punch

>Wanting to abuse 2hus


File: be6e47ee85de09b⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 500x346, 250:173, Iihiko-Shishime-medaka-box….jpg)

isnt there a cheat option where you could edit your protag at the start? its gone now how do i enable it in the newest eratohok i want to play as this fucker



Far as I know, that option was dropped at some point back, but you can still access the edit menu after starting from the Settings screen. Fairly sure that has all the options that had and more.



Go into the settings menu and type the number 1467 then press enter.


File: fe550b350e5e163⋯.jpg (189.2 KB, 946x1336, 473:668, rumia1.jpg)

File: 3699a62aa83610c⋯.png (502.97 KB, 946x1336, 473:668, rumia2.png)

File: 76ad21a7a8dbed0⋯.jpg (212.86 KB, 946x1336, 473:668, rumia3.jpg)

File: deeaee2a0dd030e⋯.png (496.35 KB, 946x1336, 473:668, rumia4.png)

File: 134dcd3882c88bb⋯.jpg (233.23 KB, 946x1336, 473:668, rumia5.jpg)



I pity that your empty life won't know the joy of properly taking care of the 2hu who is carrying your child.


File: cc188e87cecce03⋯.jpg (209.43 KB, 946x1336, 473:668, rumia6.jpg)


Final page.


File: fefbec7cb38434a⋯.jpg (183.17 KB, 686x441, 14:9, 4d765a08cd551cc7f44edc5683….jpg)


File: 95c6ba88bf6267c⋯.jpg (490.75 KB, 1280x1819, 1280:1819, 024_w_edit.jpg)


Look how happy Sakuya is to be with child.


File: b7103bdedd48eff⋯.png (95.91 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, 1510141096469.png)


File: b74f709c8209db7⋯.jpg (507 KB, 1280x1827, 1280:1827, 027.jpg)


Even the Yama loves it.


File: 0b192e4fe258d69⋯.png (80.81 KB, 899x925, 899:925, Sakuya gets merged.PNG)


Look at how Sakuya and her baby get eaten by tentacles!



I dont remember seeing that "Impregnate and sell them" option before.


File: edbdc286eaa2ecd⋯.jpg (234.2 KB, 615x714, 205:238, mikuenjoy.jpg)


Boy, I enjoy having loving consensual sex with my 2hus for the sole purpose of populating Gensokyo. Nothing you do can change that.


File: d5ee37812a218e9⋯.jpg (118.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


degenerates like you used to be gassed.


File: 86c23e5c90d5f73⋯.jpg (504.32 KB, 691x899, 691:899, 1497060429357.jpg)


>Populating Gensokyo

>Not purifying if from Youkai scum.



Sakuya isn't a yokai.



She is a race traitor, being a youkai's pet.



>gassing medicine

>gassing fairies

have fun with that I guess


Before you faggots get too into gassing each other over some random Chinese dude's pedophilia fetish, does anyone know if any progress has been made on boat sluts?



no one cares about boat sluts, fuck off. Cant you see we are planning on gassing all the degenerates here?



you could have found that out by checking the git, anon. With the current exception o SQN because the current translator wanted to work on their private repo all progress is available on the git.



How retarded can you be when the problem was never about fetishes but retarded memes?


I don't check these threads often, how do I cheat/use the editor in TW's new version? I had a month old version.

Also the thread repository in the OP is outdated.



I'm the anon who made the sex translations.

Yeah, I had to rephrase a bunch of sentences a lot of times, it doesn't help that I had to make it fit with a ton of IF/ELSE conditions.

I'll just wait for you to finish, dude. I believe it's also better if there's just one guy doing the translation, just for the sake of consistency.


File: ddd60ad18667dee⋯.png (81.22 KB, 352x188, 88:47, Envy.png)

Luna is just kinda watching me fuck her friend.

I thought she'd go away after the next action I did, but she's still there after I came inside Star.

If she wants my dick so badly she can just bump her own favor up a couple thousand points and I'll give it to her. It's only about 700



Star keeps walking in on me when I'm messing around with Sunny.

I want a fucking lock for my door.



Yeah, a lock would've helped me too if I hadn't been fucking Star in the upstairs hallway, trapping Luna and Sunny in their rooms.


File: de2700e00f9cb10⋯.jpg (55.35 KB, 599x457, 599:457, murasa.jpg)


2hus are superior to boat sluts.

Hell there's one 2hu whose sole purpose is to sink boats.



You'd just get distracted by 7,000 year old loli vampire ass, I would too but that's mot the point.


asaucedev, we need you! You seem to be the only one working on tohoK, everyone else seems to be fucking around with the new TW, which is objectively worse than the older one.



it's funny because all he's been doing lately is art assets for tw


So quick question, how am I supposed to find someone in TW? There's too many areas to wander around looking for them.



You can listen to Opantsu-Sama to help you find someone, though it does have some limitations if i remember correctly. Other than that, every day you wake up, you can go to "abilities" and find the one you're looking for there, then go to "Personal information" and you'll see where they are/work during the day.




You can also ask Momiji, as her ability lets you look in various areas to see where they are currently. Doesn't work if they're in their rooms and not in the "main" areas though.



click on the stars in the options menu


In eratohok does the focus actually work as intended?

When I have focus: draft, my towns defense will go up. Which is what I presume defense focus is supposed to do.



>In eratohok does the focus actually work as intended?


>When I have focus: draft, my towns defense will go up. Which is what I presume defense focus is supposed to do.

Defense bonus from draft is smaller than one from defense.



What doujin?


>The tentacles pat Sakuya's head, pleased with the unexpected bonus…

This is way too funny for some reason.



From what I remember seeing, defense focus bumps up the armies' defense instead of town defense


File: 985980ebea614af⋯.jpg (566.97 KB, 1280x1827, 1280:1827, 005.jpg)


[Kagitsuki (Stiel)] Eiki-sama o Mederu Hon



Thank you.

I'm hating the amount of untranslated text in the game. I'll read up about how to contribute tomorrow.


so which ERAs actually have good amount of content?



how about you just pick one and try you fucking baby



Luna's face is all "Not this shit again…"


File: bbdb9127b9113dc⋯.png (8.9 KB, 806x460, 403:230, Looking good.png)

File: aecc2750fdaa2df⋯.png (275.59 KB, 517x671, 47:61, Hee-HO bitches.png)

Who's ready for training?!

I'm ready for training!



I'd fuck you dude



Try eraTohoK first. If you want sheer amount of content, eraMegaten is a patchwork monster, easily the largest of the bunch, but a lot of untranslated crap as well.



Okay, I chuckled


where were you when tohoK died?



Playing TW. The better eraToho game.



>Oh no, the japs stopped writing NTR events. The game is dead now.


what is 成長型 supposed to be






I was talking about how it has been an entire week ,and over a month since the game had a significant update, but whatever. Keep self projecting.



Need context.



it's a character stat in eratohok



> 成長型

Growth type.



and what exactly does that do



… Are you using the pastebin version by any chance? Because the latest release have the basics translated.



It affects the speed at which stats increase, obviously.


>I was talking about how it has been an entire week ,and over a month since the game had a significant update

The game has been dead on the Japanese side since January 14th; therefore, there probably won't be any significant update until Wameku starts working on the game again. And considering the way Wameku works, the next major update will be when Touhou 17 comes out tbh.

Most of K’s “updates” in the last months have been small typos/ bug fixes.

If what you want is flavor text translations, there isn’t THAT much text that could be considered important left to translate. 90% of the untranslated text in the game are NTR events and dialogues from characters no one wants to touch with a 50ft pole.

There’s honestly nothing stopping you from helping out translating those; not like any of the translators know japanese anyway.



>It affects the speed at which stats increase, obviously.



Trying to do some save editing for shenanigans, anyone have some tips? Can edit in notepad++ but it won't keep the .sav so it's useless.


where is character's height stored in eratohoK



It seems to be RNG according to the height type.


where is character's height type stored in eratohoK




It's a shame you can't manually set it within a range. I wanted to make the shortest possible inchling. The odds of rolling under 6cm are so ridiculously low.


Is it possible to make a custom character with animal ears that arnt dog in TohoK? If so how?


File: a88550ce1f02c3c⋯.png (9.2 KB, 899x220, 899:220, anger.png)

>Join Remilia in tohoK

>Take out Cirno entirely and take a couple more cities

>Aya starts pushing my shit in with a few hundred thousand troops

>Everyone else starts a coalition against Okina

>Get reduced to only Human Fields

>Eventually reclaim all my territory with Misty Lake and the Scarlet Devil Mansion taking the longest

>Okina gets beaten same turn

>Planning mass impregnation to celebrate

>This shit happens at the end of that turn

I've never been more tempted to cheat


how do you make money in eraTW?


does anyone have a link to the newest version of eraH in japanese? I just spent like half the day making _TR files of the CSV files and messing about with the ERBs but it seems a little older considering the last update in the readme is from 2016. I'm about to lose my mind trying to find where people are actually uploading this thing



Several ways.

In your home area, you can tidy up the spot you're on. How much the dirtiness changes depends on your cleaning skill.

The other way is helping the tohos with their jobs while they're doing so.

You can also sell off duplicate panties in the day end report, I think.


EraTW: How exactly does the Time Rape Mark progression work? As in, what is it based on exactly?



>How exactly does the Time Rape Mark progression work?

>As in, what is it based on exactly?

By giving them orgasms during time stop.


You need to give them specific traits.

I forgot which traits give specific ones.



I do believe it's rather simple. Normal Orgasm gives Mark 1. Double Orgasm gives mark 2 and then you need like Quad for Mark 3 I believe.



Best way I've found is bank up some charisma and gamble, you can save scum but it doesn't really matter, what you really want is to win/lose enough to get a higher level gambling license so you can hold more charisma.

Then buy when it's low and sell when it's high. I'm not sure of the exact numbers but the casino won't sell if it's too low or buy if it's too high, so I aim for buying around 100-150 and selling 200+

The price changes are based on realtime, I believe, so playing the charisma market isn't something you can just grind out millions of dollars, but is the best way to become filthy rich other than selling sake. Get a subscription to Aya's newspaper and you can check charisma prices and trends at the start of each day.

Oh right, selling sake. Carry water to sake jar in kitchen, fill jar with water, after several in-game days refill to collect sake. Sell in human town. Type of water decides type of sake, best is underground hot springs, then misty lake, then well. There are events to make price of sake higher or lower, but in my experience they're kinda rare and you'll reach the sake cap waiting for them, so just sell whenever.



>not like any of the translators know japanese anyway

I'm so tired of this shit meme. Prove it retard.






I'll take a look, but some of the games are abandoned and probably that old.


File: 064979eb85fc7bf⋯.png (62.57 KB, 1315x617, 1315:617, 2QfLmmqJ9hQOUz2IQgIcuoKHPW….png)



The last standalone build was in 2016. The game appears to be updated regularly, but you'd have to merge two years (about three pages) of patches. If you're lucky, they might be using cumulative patches. I can try to merge all of that for you, if you'd like.


How do i raise Feel in Eramaou? i only know vibrator raises FeelC,what about the others?

easiest way to get surrenderorbs?



I'll ask on behalf of everyone else, but are you fucking serious? You're actually asking how to raise the absolute most basic, the sensitivity, stats? You don't deserve an answer. You need to figure this one out yourself. It'll do good for your brain.



yes,the version i have still has some content in japanese which i cant figure out unless a complete translated version exists somewhere



>Bath water makes the highest quality sake

Is it the oni sweat?



>Is it the oni sweat?

No, just underground geysers.



Every eragame still has some content in Japanese. If only you had some sort of Translation Aggregator.




Sounds good, I just couldn't find a link to exactly where those patches were. The gitwiki had the game as abandoned but I thought I would ask anyway.


how can i trigger the special event where a nun comes to scold you for using your hypnosis power can seem to trigger it anymore


How do i go on conquering the arcana fort on eramaou? i cant seem to be able to invade it


So in tohoK what exactly does Sexing refer to? Is it similar to SexTech? Or does it have to do with experience ?


For tohoK, does playing a crossdresser make any difference from a normal male?



It makes you a faggot.



Apart from that. I normally play a futa anyways.


In tohoTW I got Ruukoto to have [Lewd Vagina] but on the achievement "Unlock trait Lewd Vagina with 5 people (currently: 0/5)"

I just ground out Lewd Vagina on Yumemi as well and it still says 0/5




I think crossfaggots get an extra option during the millionare event.


File: ef437f21be349c4⋯.png (53.08 KB, 856x552, 107:69, 無題.png)


Yes, it's checking the wrong skill.


so, it is posible to play this games using linux?


File: 73eabfcf6dcbacd⋯.png (597 B, 177x41, 177:41, 0hu9RfPgcmqbdAM3c43yHOE2jy….png)




possible on os x even, barely


Wow the updated sprites in TW are great.




you mean sprites?


File: 22a11e932187243⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 24.65 KB, 922x768, 461:384, 2018-05-12-111710_922x768_….png)


Linux? What are you, a commie?

I don't know if the game can run natively on Mono, I use Wine






I downloaded eraTW and it seems that the translation is less completed since the last time I played.

I see the coment about an overhaul, what is that about?



>What are you, a commie?

These faggots usually use Mac OS though.


>So in tohoK what exactly does Sexing refer to?

Tell how much sex that character had. I think so, at least.


Not all areas were done in EraMaou. Maybe it's one of these.


I think you will get it, if your hypnosis power level got way too high.



>I see the coment about an overhaul, what is that about?

A lot of translators just left last year and it was about cleaning up games repos from all hackjobs in translations.

It isn't going very well.


We all know the best way to play a Era game is to find a girl you like, get into a loving relationship with her, make her fall deeply in love with you, get married with her and have sex with her so much she becomes a goddamn sex goddess who only devouts herself to you.



The only problem with that in TW when she starts trying to pin you down for sex 24/7. I want to have non-lewd interactions with her too. Talking, cooking, bathing, cuddling. Just spend time being together and doing things together that doesn't involve shattering my hips trying to satiate her unlimited sex drive on a daily basis.

Post last edited at




I think the filters might be a wee bit twitchy.



>Filtering single digit

No shit.



Read the fucking FAQ you worthless excuse for a nigger.


There's no way to get most achievements in TW if you're a girl, right?



I'm usually in favour for playing a female in era games, but TW punishes you for it, locking you out of a lot of content. So yes, either go futa or male.



Welp, thanks anon, ill see whats new before going back to the old master.



What game is this?





BO has reverted the change.


how do i change someone's height in eratohoK?



There is a 'wondrous ruler' item that should do this. You have to research it first in the item menu however, and it's it random(you rereoll instead of entering the value).






What change?



Apart from the Touhou War game, are there any other ERA games which are good and completed?


File: b8387c4f91a0d0c⋯.jpg (52.35 KB, 841x595, 841:595, d693cf24f18f5565a7cc666e23….jpg)


>era games




>Implying the 'Touhou War game' is good or completed



EraMegaten is the best Megaten game in just shy of a decade.



God damn that must be an awful series.



The last good one came out in 09, persona ruined the franchise. Since then every game has been complete shit.



It is megaten, of course its awful.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like the engrish pop music on P4.

Pls no bully


For anyone interested, I made the relevant changes to the old masters cheat menu to get it working in the new eraTohoTW master, some missing features but working at least. First attempt at editing code so sorry for any errors.



So how do you impregnate someone in EratohoK? I feel like i'm missing something. All the settings say it should be possible but cumming buckets in ovulating Touhou's has not gotten any of them pregnant.

Is it because i'm playing as an officer?



Update already, forgot to add the cheat menu button to the pastebin




Being an officer doesn't matter.

Touhou's are notoriously difficult to fertilize, unlike megaten, holy shit, half my roster winds up pregnant the moment they fall especially if they are youkai or divine spirit or something else. Ghosts and the like will never become pregnant unless you have the almighty impregnation perk impregnate a human, miko, youkai, and divine spirit.

Last time I played K it was the old version from the pastebin, so things may have changed. Which touhou you going for? I'd guess the problem is one of the infertile types.




The cheat menu was already ported from the old master branch. What was the point of this?



You got your Ks mixed up with your TWs there, Anon.


I have never had trouble, but have you researched and bought a Fertility Pill?



any way to do that by editing the files?

character .csv dont have a height/height type(short, tall etc.) field


TW, should "Possible infinite loop" errors be common?



Didnt notice the port considering it being hidden unlike the old master, so decided to do my own at the time and just posted the results. Bit of a pain being a hidden option but thankfully easy to make a button



are you sure they're ovulating? I've never had any trouble getting a girl pregnant in K.



turns out characters' height is stored in \ERB\SYSTEM\PEDY\SIZE.ERB

because why the fuck not



Does it have your custom character's height in there too?



Was the "lust mode" cheat removed in the new menu due to updates breaking it? I don't see it or in >>197166, only incompetent mode.



Not removed, but it hasn't been ported over yet.


I'm kinda new to era games and I was just wondering what are some eras like eratohoK? I like how many factions there are and how many scenes that are in the game.


how long do pregnancies last in tohoK?



until the baby is born



go back to reddit



Takes seven in game days.


is there literally 0 difference between being a ruler and an officer?



I think there was an update where being an officer makes you lose some control now


In tohok where are the custom character files? I keep having to recreate them when I start a new game after updating. They stay in transferred save files but not the custom character list.


No one?




Ask in the discord if you want help with technical stuff related to development


are there any downsides to accepting obscene seal demon contract?



You (or your designated meat toilet) become a turboslut. Strategically, no.




Ive had a go at implanting it myself, requires quite a few change in different files, seems to work as before



how2 marry in tohoK?



If you have true love + lover on a girl you'll have the option to on the left side during the rest phase.



i have managed to marry with regular love + lover, it probably needs a certain amount of favorability

how do i use items though



For those that want it, Ive also developed a new cheat menu for the main game, rather simple but is easy to expand. Needs to be enabled in the existing cheat menu




He's an exaggerating faggot with shit taste, especially considering EraMegaten is essentially just Strange Journey in ASCII with fucking.


File: c0b5139f8c511c5⋯.png (74.36 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1389345184315.png)


He is not wrong, Strange Journey was the last good Megaten



I disagree strongly. SJ is definitely the best Megaten released in a while, but it's not the last "good" one.



I bet you liked apocalypse you fucking faggot


I know there's a lot of intentional meme gatekeeping going on with era games,

regardless of that I have a question,

I'm new, where do I start ?






By reading the OP.



If you speak the moonrunes start on whichever one catches your fancy, if you don't speak the moonrunes then pick one of the mostly-translated ones that sounds like something you'd be interested in; the sex gameplay is quite similar between the games so the choice would come down to which general gameplay idea you're most interested in. Of the mostly translated ones EraTohoK is war tactics simulator with random character events, EraLiG is date simulator, EraTW is date simulator with timestop, EraTYPE-MOON is TYPE-MOON slave trainer, EraSumireTeru is mahjong lesbian slave trainer, and EraMegaten is by far the most autistic and impenetrable to peabrains like me so I don't really know what it's about. Demons or something. Good luck climbing out of this rabbit hole once you're in here though.


File: 5459379e7e947f4⋯.jpg (28.89 KB, 480x411, 160:137, ss.jpg)


Thanks for the rundown!

Jumped straight into the eratohok and got myself in the biggest mess ever.

I'm a massive weeb and I somewhat understand moonrunes.

With my lacking moonrune knowledge I managed to get my waifu stamped with the Obscene Seal. I Mixed it up with another HELPFUL Demonic gift that I got earlier on.

Now my Lords wife is getting rammed every other day by peasants and random ruffians on the street and I'm pulling my hair out in trying to fix it !

All my saves are post-demon seal contract, so I can't return that way.

Is there a way to EDIT out [OBSCENE SEAL] with some kind of cheat ?

I realize that I FUCKED UP, but I'm really feeling awful about it, I'm getting cucked in this game I'm trying to get into and I'm sweating everytime I click end turn.

>But really It's not a big deal




>With my lacking moonrune knowledge I managed to get my waifu stamped with the Obscene Seal

If only we had some sort of Translation Aggregator tool and a helpful guide on how to use it in a repository labeled [Start Here]. What a world that might have been.



I don't know if the Reset Elixir will help you, but it's likely your best shot.


Few questions for tohoTW

1. Is there a camera? There's a film and befilmed stat but I can't find a video camera.

2. What do the candies do?



Oh, and can I even penetrate while sleep raping?


File: b08529d6e8af840⋯.jpg (70.75 KB, 1152x720, 8:5, 597e8e2e780063df1ccde6521b….jpg)


>Agreeing to something you don't fully understand

>Making a deal with a demon

>Paying it with your waifu

Only yourself to blame.



You have only yourself to blame, you deserve this,



> Reset Elixir

Is there a way to get it fast ? Save editing maybe ? Cheers


You can research video camera, it's in the shop menu



That's tohoK.

Unless I'm severely overlooking something, but tohoTW does not have a research menu.



Last I checked it wasn't in the game. I think it's a leftover from feature copying(from another game, or maybe a leftover from the original template they started with) or something similar.



Just checked the code, Reset Elixir doesn't reset that(internally it's not a mark on the character, instead, the characters ID is saved).

Also looking at the code, it seems the easiest way to remove the seal is by turning her into a man, since the seal only works on women. After she became a man, the next time the event tries to run it should detect she is no longer female and remove the seal.

So what you need is the genderswap drug(research for that is unlocked by the' Lewd Catalog' I think?).

And if you want to turn her back into a woman just use it again after the seal is gone. If you want the virginities back, you'll still need a reset elixir though.




So far your solution is working! I'm hoping it lasts and doesn't mess something else up

You saved my waifu, I'm not even kidding about that. It means a lot

Thank you man, you made my fucking day I'd buy you a beer if I could



>So far your solution is working! I'm hoping it lasts and doesn't mess something else up

If you go a message like '[charname] is no longer a woman, the demon's seal disappears and he looks for a new target.' the event should be effectively reset, so shouldn't mess with anything.



Well that sucks. I prefer TohoTW but TohoK has my fetish.

Thanks anon.



What's your fetish anon ?



Filmed impregnated mind-break, aka fertility drugs and a camera.

Unnoticed sleep rape as well.


Just want to say thanks Zerg and Spaghetti and others for all the work on TW


Is there a way to learn shoot video if you don't start with it in tohok?



You research it in the item menu and when it's done you buy the camera and tapes.

Then use it during sex.



I meant the skill to actually use the thing with low sexknow



You git gud



If you do enough crazy shit during sex you'll level up your sexknow to the point you can use it. Once you hit sexknow 4 I think there's an item that'll take you straight to sexknow 5 if you're tired of punching chicks in the stomach or whatever.


>decide to check out the latest TW because its supposedly "new"

>all it does is hide or remove marks, hide or remove the cheat menu, add a useless fishing rod and remove autosaves

10/10 trolling "translators" especially on that last one

you really showed us



Thank you.



>Cheat Menu is a bit more hidden, but still there

>A lot of characters now have some dialogue, although untranslated

>Newer characters from the series are also added

Didn't play for long without your cheat menu, did ya, ya little plebeian. As for the Marks, it might be because they changed the entire encoding of the game, so it's most likely a bug that they don't raise. Auto-Save is also something you can just bring up in the Shitcord and they'll fix it sooner or later.


Is there a way to force repeated actions to get out of the interaction window faster ?

I already know I want to headpat them 10 times, is there a way to automate this



Marks still work fine, I have no idea what anon is talking about.



autosaves still exist. Ive found the issue and talked to Zerg about it, hopefully shouldnt take too long till he can fix it.



You can right click to immediately skip to the end of pending text. That's about it though, I think. I don't know of any way to automate 10 headpats.




There's a macro system in eratohok, one of the files should describe it, I think there's a macro.txt?




Cheers, found the macro function

I can't find it in some other era games though



I've memorized it, it's super easy.

Let's say head pat is command 309, then just

309\e\n 309\e\n…








You're a wizard, the game is basically hands free now.



Be warned.

Once you reach like ((103\e\n)*5 100\e\n (39\e\n 41\e\n)*15 101\e\n)*10, you'll start feeling hollow.



Don't worry mate, we're way beyond that point.



>I don't even see the code !



>Marks still work fine

they don't exist anywhere in the character information.


File: d1e0c928856634b⋯.png (58.01 KB, 1145x464, 1145:464, Emuera-Anchor.png)


So female characters can "skill up" and even focus on their pussy prowess and sensitivity

How is this done for Futa ?

I only see Vag, Clit, Ass, Breasts and Mouth

Is Vag = cock ? Or Clit = cock ?



C = Clit and Cock



it's a year's worth of japanese updates, but it's not like they have any control over what the japs add or remove from the game



Cockclit. Clitcock

Eh, biologically they're pretty much the same shit anyways.


Newfag playing TohoK here with a few questions:

1- In the in-game help it says there's a begginer's guide named guide.txt inside the game folder, but there isn't. Anyone know where i can find one?

2- Is there anything you can do with treasury money other than buying troops?

3- Where can i find the Translator Aggregator? People have mentioned it in this thread but i'm probably fucking blind cause i haven't found it on any of the links.



The working translation aggregator link is in the discord



>1- In the in-game help it says there's a begginer's guide named guide.txt inside the game folder, but there isn't. Anyone know where i can find one?

There is a folder named GUIDES that seems suspicous…

>2- Is there anything you can do with treasury money other than buying troops?

It is also used during diplomacy(the 'discuss' option if you choose to give money)


Megaten, I unlocked tentacle research, does increasing tentacle level do anything? Like, tentacle attacks in battle, or put them in my party?

I rarely use them in training, just for abnormal experience, but seems like it could be useful for giving MAG to new trainees?


fuck i robbed the millionaire cunt in eratohouk and now a few turns later literally cannot stopped being cucked, only consolation was i could kill the nigga but fuck, did not expect that

should've killed the bastard in the first place


Is there a way to remove abnormal exp in Megaten, or just a reset elixir?



another victim



>I unlocked tentacle research, does increasing tentacle level do anything?

It makes them stronger, but don't get them too strong.

They could/will rape you, if you do that.

>Like, tentacle attacks in battle, or put them in my party?

You need to buy {tentacle technique} in item shop or get specific skill, which name I don't remember right now to use them.


You should have just turn off that damn event.


There's none. Try to get {Lewd} if you want to keep character and {Slave} if you want to sell s/h/it.


There is at least one for every thread made.


File: 4a1c1c3d3790dbc⋯.jpg (40.08 KB, 400x480, 5:6, 1525708927207.jpg)


NG+ is the only way I think.


Haven't checked this thread in a few months. Is eramegaten still being ignored or is it in a decent state translation-wise?



Recently checked the git, seems some jap patches have been added to the japanese(untranslated) branch. Other than that looks like it's mostly ignored.



Assuming it got the same treatment the other games got, being updated to the latest Jap version and having the translation redone, it might even be in a worse state.



It's my understanding that the master branch is still the most translated so I don't think the old translation has been oveerwritten yet, though a new translation is planned.



>Assuming it got the same treatment the other games got, being updated to the latest Jap version and having the translation redone, it might even be in a worse state.

The master-old branch still has the old translation so it's not eactly worse. There just hasn't really been any progress. The retranslation hasn't really been started even(Well, Yukari did some stuff on their contributor branch but to me it looked like Spaghetti wanted to do the translation, or at least set their brnch up for it. There a bunch of 'preparing for translation' commits but no actual translation yet).



>it looked like Spaghetti wanted to do the translation

>There a bunch of 'preparing for translation' commits but no actual translation yet

Every time I think I'm going to have to start working on Megaten, I'm fortunate enough to find an excuse to work on something else instead. There's a reason no wants to touch Megaten, and I'm no different; the game is open for absolutely anyone to continue working on it. I don't expect anyone to actually follow through with that, but I'll keep the Japanese branch updated in the meantime.



What's the reason? No really I want to know what's stopping people from translating arguably the best era game.



>What's the reason?

Worst kind of nip code which is only possible to be surpassed by pajeets.



In no particular order:

1. It's one of, if not The, most active eragame on the Japanese end, with far more contributors than other games. This mix of people of varying skill all editing the files means that there's no style consistency at all within the code, and Megaten has some of the worst coding of any of the games. The thing is just an absolute mess that no one wants to deal with.

2. Related to the above, Megaten is updated far more often than any other game. Sometimes I'll see two or three patches in a day (I've had emails for like four of them just today). But their development system is such that you have to ignore these because many are unstable and some will just break everything. Instead, you have to wait for the giant Cumulative patches that they publish every couple of months. These are generally stable, but that also means you're looking at a several-hour merging job every time one of these is published, depending on how many translated files it touches. Lately, I've been the only one volunteering to merge anything, and I'm not overly enthusiastic about this part.

3. Megaten is one of the handful of games that our translation system doesn't really work with. Instead of the usual _TR system we use, entire parts of the game have to be rewritten to use custom functions in order to translate certain things. This adds a barrier to entry that seems to prevent random people from showing up to translate various pieces, much like it does for Reverse.

4. Of the main translators, we have like three that are still active. Zerg is working on TW, Pedy is working on SQN in his personal branch that's so private that he even blurs screenshots of it, and I spend most of my time on miscellaneous general crap (though I will be working on GvT shortly). Outside of the main group, the remaining people all stick to working on tohoK. Everyone has their project, and no one is volunteering to do anything with Megaten.


How do I raise masturbation addiction in TW? I've got Flandre to masturbate a bunch of times but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.



Ieeep going, it takes a whole bunch.


Pretty hilarious how Spaghetti had to change the wording ingame on where to exactly find the fucking guide.txt because some retard couldn't find the fucking GUIDES folder lol

Is this what we've come to? If that guy couldn't find the fucking guide.txt in the main folder, then how could he even play a fucking ERA game which has loads and loads of text?



>Pedy is working on SQN in his personal branch that's so private that he even blurs screenshots of it

You guys remember that translation group that were supposed to be working on Rance and got everyone else to else to back off on translating it because, "Hey, they got it covered," and then it turned out they weren't working on it at all and released fake screen shots to make it look like they were because they were trying to get a job at manga gamer and didn't want anyone releasing a fan patch because mangagamer wanted to sell it, but then ended up holding it hostage unless they sold a boatload of some unrelated game before they would finally begin working on it?

Weird, I don't know what made me think of that old story.



>Everyone has their project, and no one is volunteering to do anything with Megaten.

Megaten used to be my project for a good part of last year. But I'm more of a programmer than a translator, so I mostly did UI, bug-fixing and added some minor extra features(like the option to disable the ending-timelimits). I also did the merging of jap patches during that time.

When I ran out of UI to translate, the repository got reworked and master became master-old, I kind of lost interrest and stopped working on it.



>though I will be working on GvT shortly

Nice to hear that, I always liked GvT.



Oh dear, another one.






Is there more degenerate cuck/NTR events to be turned off in the popular era games ?

I absolutely hate that shit, but even though most of the NTR is turned off by default there's still some that have slipped by.



>Is there more degenerate cuck/NTR events to be turned off in the popular era games ?


Don't go exploring as women, They will get raped.


If you don't turn on very specific things in options, you are safe.

I think that's all.



I don't think any of the exploring events leads to NTR though. Is mostly rape or voluntary sex.

All the shit that leads to real NTR are usually those interludes events which you get at the end of home phase.



>send waifu to explore

>(in)voluntary sex that concludes with her promising/wanting to return

>not NTR



Casual sex is not NTR.

If her character is being a slut it's a given she has a ton of sex, but her heart belongs to you.

Unless you want your waifu 100% pure of course.



Sounds like cuckthink to me.


File: 18fe138dbe9749e⋯.jpg (80.66 KB, 650x487, 650:487, 1475928469649.jpg)


Iirc in eraMegaten some demonesses like Titania are canon wifes, so they have flavor stuff like "but I'm a married woman" "honey, haaaaaalp" and "sorry, this wife of yours is a slave to Summoner's D *ahegao-daburu-pisu's* " when you train them.



Which is why you never fucking send them out to explore ya fucking cuck. It's not a "Chance" they'll get fucked. It's a god damn guarantee, so if you send them out, you WANT them to get fucked by an ogre.



Just because you make the conscious decision doesn't make it less true. Telling a new person "I don't think any of the exploring events leads to NTR though" is a straight up lie.

How is "I want to send my waifu to get fucked by an ogre" and "I want to send my waifu to get fucked by a fat millionaire" any different.



she swears love to ML cock and straight up tells you he's better at sex than you , while the same doesn't happen with the ogre sex is the difference.

In your conception a girl can't be a slut and a waifu at the same time, because she needs to only take your dick to be pure.



I slut out my waifus half the time and play with NTR events enabled, but my concept of pure doesn't include "wew I loved the ogre cock so much I kiss the ogre goodbye and promise to come back next week".



unless your next line is " i have sex with only my waifu" you're a fucking hypocrite.



Hypocrisy has nothing to do with NTR. If you let your waifu get fucked by literally anyone or anything else, you're a cuck.



So a guy fucking multiple girls for one reason or another is fine, while the girl doing the same isn't.

Different people in life enjoy different things, like fighting, fishing or having sex.

Having sex is not the same as being in love though. Unless you think all the couples that can't have sex are not really in love with one another.

If sex is not love, then doing sex for fun is not cheating.



>So a guy fucking multiple girls for one reason or another is fine, while the girl doing the same isn't.

Exactly. Take your progressive anti-human thinking elsewhere.

I hope you're trolling. Having your wife and her womb filled with ogre sperm defiled is much different than an idealized man fucking around.

Before you open you're mouth I'm gonna stop you; No it's not different because she says she just loves Ogre sperm and her heart really belongs to you.

Sorry to take the words right out of your mouth.



>Having your wife and her womb filled with ogre sperm defiled is much different than an idealized man fucking around.

How exactly is it different for a man to be unfaithful?



>I hope you're trolling. Having your wife and her womb filled with ogre sperm defiled is much different than an idealized man fucking around.

You can't even make a coherent point, so you stumble across and prove yourself wrong.

ML is also an idealized man fucking around, which by your standards is ok.

Thus you should be fine with him NTR your waifu, since it's just about idealized man fucking around no?

There's no difference between human or not, if you really give a fuck about the game you would know it. Why are you fucking youkai, gods and dolls anon?



>Thus you should be fine with him NTR your waifu, since it's just about idealized man fucking around no?

I wouldn't be ok with it but is far less disgusting. Ogres and shit like that it's the equivalent to niggers and it's pretty similar to zoofilia. It's just disgusting.

>There's no difference between human or not

Yes there is, dumbass, again, it's like watching niggers fucking around, it's plain disgusting, and even when I don't like the idea of an idealized man fucking around, it's less disgusting than a nigger, an ogre, or a fucking dog.

>Why are you fucking youkai, gods and dolls anon?

Because they are not literal niggers.



Because I'm the man and this is a game. If a woman do it, even if it's a game, is disgusting.


>So a guy fucking multiple girls for one reason or another is fine, while the girl doing the same isn't.

Pretty much.



>Because I'm the man and this is a game. If a woman do it, even if it's a game, is disgusting.

Why is it disgusting? Because you feel insecure about not being the owner of every cunt in town, or because you don't like the possibility of your bloodline not being continued?



Whatever, cucklord. Have fun raising piglets.



>Because you feel insecure about not being the owner of every cunt in town

If I'm not going to own every cunt in the town why play the game in the first place? I don't see any logic for that unless you're a cuck, something you sound like.




Take your inhuman progressive bullshit somewhere else.

You will not infest this thread with that bullshit.

Keep your Ogre defiled "happy" wife and enjoy your NTR on your own in silence (and shame)





Even with NTR Eramegaten still has some NTRish events, as mentioned demons who are married/paired will have some NTRish dialogue as they lose to your dick, but I don't think that's what most people complain about since it's them doing the cucking. Yuzu, from Devil Survivor, is also implied to have a crush on Asturo in EraMegaten, so you can cuck the shit out of him if you get her. There are also various dungeon/event scenarios that can involve a girl being raped before you recruit her or if you make the wrong dialogue choice, usually it's pretty blatant though. Persona 1 girls will get raped by Oni if you kidnap one of them instead of letting her go, that's the only one where there wasn't a really clear connect between "wrong choice" and "get cucked". There's also the possibility for a male demon to ask to fuck one of your female demons if they're in heat under the pretense of training, this actually counts as "cheating" too. And then there's losing in the Colosseum, which will result in your female demons getting fucked and your summoner being eaten by Audrey II from little Shop of Horrors of all things.


Okay, here's an explanation that isn't just of load /pol/bullshit. Because this game exists to serve a certain kind of fantasy and that many people play that serve a certain kind of fantasy. Most men would probably fantasize about having a stable of hot women to fuck them, and them alone over a group of women that also fucks other guys on the side. Having women be unfaithful, in a game designed primarily to suit the tastes and sexual fantasies of men is generally going to be an unpopular move unless the whole kink of the game is cuckoldry.

>but isn't this hypocritical!

Yes and no. It's a game, and one can understand and engage in acts in a game that one finds disgusting and immoral IRL. Many H-games focus on rape and sexual slavery, but you wouldn't think most people browsing this board would be fine with these things in reality. I don't fucking doubt that there are hypocritical retards here that think behavior like this is okay in the real world too, but I would hope that's not the case.



A real human bean, anon.


And now just kill yourself.



>Okay, here's an explanation that isn't just of load /pol/bullshit.

Much obliged. It does make sense in its own twisted way.



I wouldn't hope too much, I've seen entirely too many heated shitstorms on the subject to doubt that a hilarious amount of people honestly believes cheating is okay if a dude does it, based on a wide variety of increasingly retarded logic.


So, anybody around here plays EraSQN? I would like to get some advice on how to get Louisa to stop being a bitch and react negatively to freaking anything I do with her. I'm trying to train her to be my assistant since she can learn any spell under the sun and has mixing knowledge, but she's proving to be a pain in the ass.



>Even with NTR Eramegaten still has some NTRish events

I forgot about these.


File: 90add096a5944c7⋯.jpg (183.21 KB, 1540x1525, 308:305, kbo3tulqhlcz.jpg)


>And then there's losing in the Colosseum, which will result in your female demons getting fucked and your summoner being eaten by Audrey II.


That's literally a bad end.


Is all of the lewd content in megaten consensual for the player outside of events?

I tried turning on monster demands and shit but they never do any of that.



Yes, but it's still NTR even if it's a lose condition/game over. The NTR events when you turn on the NTR option are also all penalties for not doing things correctly, too. That's true for most content of that sort in Megaten. It's either a penalty for losing a battle or 100% player instigated.


As mentioned earlier in the thread, powering up tentacles can have them "act out" and rape you instead of the bitch you're giving it to at the time. It might lead to a bad end incel there's a "tentacle poisoning" stat, not sure though. If we're being real strict with the notion of consensual, certain night crawl events have you waking up in the middle of a slave performing a sex act on you.


I can never actually push through enough of Megaten to find out myself but I'm really curious about it, so - is there a list of Master classes anywhere? I know most of them are just improved variants of the Adept ones, but do all of them have equivalents?



>is there a list of Master classes anywhere?

I don't think so.

I only know that there is 5 master classes, you unlock one per NG+ and that they are over-specialized Adept classes.



around when is it ok to make a sexual move on a girl?



She can't say no if the time has stopped.

On a more serious note, it depends on her and your traits quite a bit. On the other hand some messages given when talking to or touching her should pretty clearly suggest when she wants the D. Or V, I don't know what you're trying to do, either works.



What? I'm pretty sure I got them all or at least several after my first cycle.



Depends, how many girls can you fuck in the frozen time?


Sooo would anyone happen to know about how to mod eratohok?

I want to add a skill that lets a Custom Character transform into another, and I know how to do it, but I don't know how you're supposed to reference Custom Characters since they aren't numerically denoted like the base game chars are



How exactly do you get night crawl events to happen, though?

From what I know to get either the tentacle or night crawl events you need to do training.

I guess I'll just have to stick to tohoK.



>I'm pretty sure I got them all or at least several after my first cycle.

Then they are unlocked by number of good endings.



>How exactly do you get night crawl events to happen, though?

First tier of fall condition.

{Affection}, {Lewd}, {Submitted}


When you say skill, do you mean the automated combat skills that trigger in battle ?



Yeah, those are the skills im talking about



Good luck discussing modding in the threads.


File: 1187cf503a8e8a3⋯.jpg (159.79 KB, 855x398, 855:398, Masterer.jpg)




Seems to be a total of 10 Master classes available at the moment. Did a little bit of digging in the git branches and couldn't find any indication of any others for now.




will let the player select any character in the game by number and the resulting number will be stored in RESULT. If that number isn't the right one try GET_ID(RESULT)



Is there a bug with pregnancy? I've got several pregnant girls and it was giving me a countdown in their stats on how many days till they give birth, but they've been stuck on "about to give birth" for several days.

Worst part is it's killing their value and I'm going for trainer ending. Also, they're human, so I can't abort at jakyou manor when I'm ready to sell.



Nevermind, I'm retarded. Had childbirth off in settings.


File: 15897f412aed91a⋯.png (28.23 KB, 1234x762, 617:381, Capture.PNG)

why is eirin's name colored?



Wasn't there Devil Hunter class that was only unlocked after you beat Dante in the arena?


>play tohok after a long while

>there's actually armpit hair now

>but I still can't lick or fuck Reimu's sweaty miko pits



what is 静かの海 supposed to be


File: 4e4b9697b3a90a7⋯.png (76.1 KB, 870x1174, 435:587, 1519698961078.png)


If you can't speak Weeb, then it's whatever you want it to be.


File: 7a713dfb9367091⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1513003721130.jpg)

File: 4ec9efbc4a08ce6⋯.jpg (155.93 KB, 790x1000, 79:100, 1513003788685.jpg)


I know your pain, anon.



the sea of tranquility?


do talents even have any effect on player character in eraTW



Some of them do, but not all of them. Some makes it easier to do commands while some makes it more likely to be pushed down by the Touhous just to give an example.



pretty sure that means they are working.


EraTW: How to actually deal with Hate Marks? I've had a few of the girls somehow get them from time shenanigans, and by 'somehow' I mean probably figuring out there's a connection between my presence in the general area and the mysterious wave of spontaneous orgasms.



If they only have one hatemark just buy a box of cakes and apologize.

If higher you can pray to the goddess to remove the marks in exchange of panties.



Wow, that was easy. Thanks!



>10 Master classes

That's more than I expected.


Yes, but it is separate class.


>Sea of tranquility

It's in moon area.


how much education do i need in order to access the moon



I think it was D or C rank in education.


File: 655be73346db344⋯.jpg (81.31 KB, 602x572, 301:286, main-qimg-91976ee5de244e52….jpg)




So I check the code for the skills (im using mamizous transform skills as a reference) and it looks like it uses names set the characters abilities to the new values..do you happen to know if that's right? I was able to get the ID but passing in the custom chars name doesn't work, im assuming because its not in the character array since it works if I pass in

"霊夢" for reimu



nevermind, i just have to use what you showed me instead of getting the name


I made a crappy mod that fucks around with a lot of shit in order to make give the humans in eratohoK typical Western European names and remove and/or convert events to be more "western".

This was more difficult than it should have been, because I spent an undisclosed amount of hours trying to make the game recognize names in certain zones, so I could give the slavs slavic names, and the terrorists terrorist names. But that went to shit and I ended up with just huge swats of naming conventions for "westerners" and tons of drunken brother grim inspired events

Anyone interested ?





>Anyone interested?

Sure, why not.



Could look good on the irl maps, so i guess.



>drunken brother grim inspired events

I'm game.


What's up with the white faceless thing that rapes you regardless of gender in K? Is it some kind of japanese folklore or just someone it was fun?



>What's up with the white faceless thing that rapes you regardless of gender in K?

It's called Noppera-bo.

>Is it some kind of japanese folklore or just someone it was fun?

Yes, it is japanese folkore.


Does Eratohok have any Yaoi events

Also LiG gave me a pantytheft kink I didn't know I had.


File: e285f676aac8d4c⋯.png (210.92 KB, 815x319, 815:319, no words.png)


>Asking for Yaoi event in game where 99% of characters are women.




Just a query, bruv.

You tend to rape random female girls in events a lot, I just want to put the bisexual trait to use.



Go on dates. Succeed hard enough and it'll decrease by one, not sure how to actually do it though. Having the date end because the girl was fucked borderline unconscious seems to prevent it.


>western names

>events more western

Like Rachel Heartway and Karate Karen?



Just go violate Rinnosuke's boypussy.


If you choose to end a date yourself with favor and reason at overdrive and limitbreak and only have one hate mark, you lose the hate mark.




If you ever end up in a situation where you want to just reload the game rather than sit through an NTR lose screen or just save time, you can do so anytime by going to File(F) on the top left corner of the emuera client and hitting either Restart(R) or Return to Title Screen(T). The hotkeys are the same if for some reason you're using a Japanese client. Restart reloads all the files and Return to Title Screen just puts you back at the initial state without reloading any files.


Wish I could forget how to game the era training system. Had more fun when I wasn't aware of how to powergame my penor in their spagooters.



As many as your TSP allows for.


File: e4b331f3d3535e4⋯.jpg (477.51 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1485492821979.jpg)


You could just turn Wriggle into a boy and impregnate his ass.



Fair point, I just figured with how many random males you got, you'd at least get to go on your uninhibited rape spree with some equal oppurtunity rape.

As a related question, the hell does the [crossdresser] option do? The clothing system is borked, so it seems pointless.



>As a related question, the hell does the [crossdresser] option do?

Makes you into trap.


In TohoK how long does it take for your children to grow up? After several days my kid didn't need the parenting training anymore but he still has the child trait. I just want to know when that goes away.



Couple more days.



Guess I jumped the gun a bit, thanks.


Assuming you havent played TW in half a year or so, would it be safe to ask which of the girls (if any) have gotten any new dialogue?



About 5-6 turns to end parenting and about another 6-7 to become fully grown.



In the new master there is a lot of new dialogue compared to before. All moonrunes, but at least it's something.



Untranslated doesnt bother me as long as theres more dialogue its great, but do you know any of the girsls specifically that may have gotten some?


chiitrans or aggregator



TA is fine.



why does player character start with 2 technique in eraTW



So you don't suck.


File: af7c18f19be51a9⋯.png (144.77 KB, 645x479, 645:479, youmuhorn.png)

Is there a way to turn all the tohos into shotas, traps or shemales in TW?

Pic related.


File: 802be5f2236da77⋯.jpg (41.75 KB, 381x315, 127:105, 802be5f2236da77949592c8d48….jpg)


File: d52dc9a52b9d894⋯.jpg (308.54 KB, 1600x1032, 200:129, its all moongreek to me.jpg)

I've used TA to translate text for most of the other games when I needed to, but after a year or two pause for TW to wait and let it come out with newer visions certain lines of text are back to being moonrunes. I'm probably more than obviously late to post something about this but with its infinite lines of "—–" or the entirety of the training/H options it hits its 500 character limit before it can usually translate anything leaving whats in the box to be a complete mystery to me. The new dialogue, translated lines, characters, and image portraits are great and all but the lack of knowing whats happening makes fapping almost undoable for me now.

Do some of you use a different translator like agth to get through it? Or am I being a filthy EoP and need to just learn it already?



At the start of a new game I believe it asks you whether or not you want to change their sexual history and/or sex. I dont think turning them into males is an option in any form but you can turn them all into futas for sure in one go, or change one 2hu to "X" and select the option to apply to all the others as well.



I'm aware you can turn them into futas, but that's not what I want. That's the only starting option regarding their sex. I'd have to go to the cheat menu and go one by one otherwise.



have you tried turning off the 500 character limit in TA? It translates that section fine with that option unchecked.


The cheat menu has an option to bulk edit character data.



I-I dont know how. I assumed it would be in its "Managed Attached Contents" option but that only seemed to deal with repeating characters, line breaks, and other filters not character limits. Then Google searches only gave me lines to delete in its code but I dont know how to access it.



Er… there should be an option "Limit Translations to 500 Characters" immediately below the "Managed Attached Contents" option in Tools. Are you running a very old version of TA?



If by "very old" you mean over 4 years, then yes it is very old. I'll just be going then, thanks anon.


File: db31ea1e3bb9bad⋯.jpg (69.08 KB, 562x527, 562:527, 500.jpg)


Not to keep this going, but to my knowledge I have the last available version on a few TA related threads and forums and I don't have that option either. What version are you running?



if it's not the era games TA, it's highly outdated. A link to the current version is on the discord.



I've been editing my eramegaten save file to cheat. How do I get MAG capacity to stick? It keeps resetting 1 after ending the day.


How i can get slave trait on my waifu in EratohoK? My maximum is a submitted trait.


>>200596 Why go through that when Cheat Engine works?


File: 9b46b3175734a76⋯.png (369.79 KB, 666x1645, 666:1645, Youmu (d@i).png)

File: c6ce1ba781ed2b5⋯.jpg (363.32 KB, 979x728, 979:728, 009.jpg)


Open up system.erb and scroll down to case 7. for [TALENT:LOCAL:2 = 3], set it to [= 2]. This should set the gender to male. For [TALENT:LOCAL:形状 = 3], change that [= RAND:6 + 1]. This will set the penis size at random. If you add [TALENT:LOCAL:処女 = 0] underneath that, it'll remove female virginity. This is what I did on the previous version, and seems to work fine on the latest. you can change the option to say man instead of futanari while you're at it. Or set up a new case for it.

I did a similar D@i Youmu run almost a month ago. Even with everyone as a slutty male (by combining the above with the slut variables and changing the vaginal experience to anal experience) with lust mode on it was pretty difficult to get sex going without someone getting angry at me when they're forcing themselves onto me while high on aphrodisiacs.


File: f3c05bac88af342⋯.jpg (4.74 KB, 227x222, 227:222, Computer2.jpg)

Is denial mode still completely busted in EraTW?



shit is there a way to get the eraTA other than going to shitscord?

like mega links



disregard that i'm retarded



you can also do "ctrl+c" to open game log, and copy the lines you want to translate

500 characters limit is there for a reason, pls don't strain free translation services too much, it hurts them



what is denial mode supposed to do



Make your PC into complete coward and unable to initiate sex.



why would you ever want to do that



>Implying that I want to use it


File: 3d4068ccb9106a6⋯.jpg (7.51 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2 slow.jpg)



That's not denial mode. I don't know WHAT the fuck you're thinking of.

Denial mode can be activated during timestop mischief and it's SUPPOSED to prevent the 2hu from orgasming, so you can more easily make double, triple w/e climaxes.




Denial is for edging yourself+your partner. Since it does both, you can end up breaking it yourself if you do too many actions under it. You're supposed to use it to set up very strong simultaneous orgasms to make getting pleasure marks easier.



that sounds nice

how is it broken



>That's not denial mode. I don't know WHAT the fuck you're thinking of.

>Denial mode can be activated during timestop mischief and it's SUPPOSED to prevent the 2hu from orgasming, so you can more easily make double, triple w/e climaxes.

I think I mistook it for incompetent mode.



You stop being able to deny yourself and orgasm anyways. Or your partner can steal initiative and rape you out of frustration. You can rely on it for about 3-4 turns or less, depending on your meter.


so having a look through the thread, guides and whatnot, i still don't entirely get these games. how heavily are these games focused towards lewd things? is there more of an emphasis on combat or strategy or whatever? how degenerate are the fetishes? which games here are the best?

this is like trying to grasp dwarf fortress all over again, only this time my dick is softer and more confused


in eraTW, what's the difference between stamina and energy



Depends on which game, really. megaten is chock full of mechanics, something like Sanya or the TypeMoon offshoot is about as mechanics lite as it gets.



>how heavily are these games focused towards lewd things?

EraTW and EraTohoYMAEM are most focused in these.

>is there more of an emphasis on combat or strategy or whatever?

Eratohok is Sengoku Rance but with touhous.

Eramegaten is JRPG based on SMT with most gameplay systems in it.

EraTW is dating sim with time stop.

>how degenerate are the fetishes?

Eratohok and Eramegaten have largest number of them.

>which games here are the best?

Most translated ones:



>Eramegaten - In sheer amount of lines translated. Not in content.



Your HP, you are KO'd when it hits 0.

You will sleep like hobo in that area where it happened.


Your SP if it hits 0, you are unable to do anything, but rest, relax in onsen or sleep.


>Watch out when raping Yuuka!

what did they mean by this



>pls don't strain free translation services too much, it hurts them

>literally Google



>what did they mean by this

She can break time stop sometimes.

If that happens, PC will be raped instead.



>so having ignored the FAQ and the game descriptions in each repository, I now have a series of questions largely answered in the aforementioned resources.


>Eratohok and Eramegaten have largest number of them.

YMAEM is probably the most degenerate. You can murder the girls and fuck their lifeless corpse. There's a yandere mode where she can kill you too. You can chop them up with an ax or infect them with parasitic tentacles. Urethral electrodes and clit circumcision. The dialog is entirely untranslated, but most of the menus are. It's completely playable with TA.


where in human village can i study/raise education



>abuse free translation API

>get the free API capabilities restricted

>need a paid API key to properly run tools like TA in the future

>muh literally Google

yea right, retard



>YMAEM is probably the most degenerate.

I honestly don't know why I forgot about that.


Just search all areas there to find study option in some area.


File: fb2c193a2fa29c5⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 572x720, 143:180, 10cd73a979ad602800213d88b5….jpg)



You're fucking retarded if you think the actions of a small group of people on some imageboard are going to make a difference. People abuse the shit out of those translation services and they all end up with restricted APIs eventually, absolutely nothing anyone in this thread does will have any impact on that. It's like the handful of people that say they're not going to have kids so they can help 'protect the environment' while ignoring the baby-mills in third world countries.

If you personally want to coddle the translation service, be my guest. But there's probably a shitton of fucks in India using it to mass translate hundred-page documents. If it becomes a paid service, it won't be because of you.


what does the pink wind do



Turns your computer gay.

It makes a bunch of random 2hus horny a few times during the day.


in eraTW can i make 2hus change residence



Only your partner who can move in with you, as far as I know.


what's the limit on favourability/reliability in eraTW?



Probably isn't one for the numbers themselves but I think 'Ex' is as high as the ranking goes.


is current version of eraTW broken? my character keeps "running out of strength" despite still having plenty of stamina and energy left




EraMaou and its enhanced version is pretty degenerate. On top of the monster rape, which can include things like a mindflayer eating a woman's brain while she orgasms, you have stuff like human farms on top of the other degenerate nip stuff like human toilets.

EratohoK gets its reputation from being pretty degenerate but also popular, but I'd say from the era games I've played eramaou takes the cake, though you can opt out of a lot of it.


how do i take off condom in TW



If you had {needs sleep} then you just lose {STA} and {ENE} by staying awake.


I think there is option do that. Look harder.


is getting someone pregnant in eraTW supposed to be that hard


File: 492f77220dc652e⋯.png (5.96 KB, 629x254, 629:254, Capture0.PNG)


You can adjust pregnancy chance in the settings


File: 000efbafaea6edc⋯.png (5.69 KB, 609x227, 609:227, Capture.PNG)



set it to like 10000x and still failed


Is there a list of shit thats already been translated for TW, or I am I just going to have to bumble around until I find things that arent in moonrunes?



When playing an eragame that isn't tohoK, you either use Translation Aggregator or know Japanese.



>Pedy is working on SQN in his personal branch that's so private that he even blurs screenshots of it,

why? What is he building in there?



check the commit history for a general idea of what's been done.

If you're looking for translated dialogue specifically, Mima and Momjii have a fair amount.



Except when it breaks, I'm never the one orgasming. I'll have to try it again – maybe it was fixed… somewhat… but I don't think so.



I'm assuming you're using the latest version? If you want a more complete translation, use this one.




Maybe he's using it as a base for his own era game and he'll let us know how it's going when his patreons up? Maybe he's doing nothing and doesn't want anyone to find out?

Or maybe he wants to hype what will be known as the greatest translation of a japanese jack-off game our generation has ever known.

Only time will reveal what such autism portends.



>Maybe he's doing nothing and doesn't want anyone to find out?

I'm 100% sure this is the case.


In ErotohoTW, what the fuck does the capturing skill do? Did I just basically waste money buying that?



>In ErotohoTW, what the fuck does the capturing skill do?

Makes touhous easier to kidnap in time stop with using rope to trap them in rape basement.



and here i thought TW was the vanilla one



how do i do that?


In EraTW

> get inside Eientei without za warudo on?

> How do I raise pleasure mark on its own?

> fastest way to raise favor and reliability?




Raise favorability with one of the residents. Eiren is by far the easiest because her job puts her in the entrance area, but then again you can't interact with her while she works unless your education is at B(300+). In that case, Reisen is also commonly there. If you visit the bamboo forest without residing there, its easier since the areas get compressed and it raises the chance of having someone sit in the entrance area. It also happens to be the most reliable way to see Wakasagahime who is almost something of a secret character. I know in previous versions she never left the bottom of the lake at all if you were living at the SDM.

<Pleasure mark

Its a record of how hard you've made a girl orgasm. You'll usually get one star without trying and two as you get more "acquainted." Three stars can happen accidentally if you've trained her sensitivities high, but usually it takes a bit of planning or work if you want to get it ASAP. I've gotten a fourth pleasure mark by getting lucky with simultaneous extreme orgasms.

<favor and reliability

Playing an instrument is a good way to get favor and hit high "Favour" which is the real number that determines when you get to leave the friendzone. For reliability, working with them, on their jobs or by studying/combat training/cleaning, serving tea, and serving hard headpats and soft lap pillows is the best way I've found, rotating between them as available, its a bit of a grindy stat. Failing that, you can try conversation and if you're lucky you'll pick up a few points here and there. Some girls have personality traits that make it really hard to raise favor and reliability, though. It takes time but as you speak to them more, even if you aren't earning any points, it works in the background to raise their Intimacy stat until they actually do start building favor.



Can't you also help out at Eientei with Mixing Knowledge unlocked regardless of education?

I mean hardly the easiest task with how shitty money grinding is, but still.


>new, male character in eratohok

>get punched in the stomach during punishment by a bandit and somehow miscarriage

I don't know what the fuck i'm reading



You got punched so hard that your alternate female self from another universe felt it.



I call bullshit.



Nah, that's LiG



Is there any actual reason to play LiG over TW? Are they the same if you ignore TW's time stop?



LiG gives the player it's own house and has a job system, as well as other ways of earning money. In TW you need to clean shit up or help others with THEIR work, but in LiG you can have a job of your own (Musician, Hunter, Youkai Exterminator etc.)

You can also buy property when you've earned a shitload of a money to automatically earn money after each day. More if the residents like you. You can also use your now ever-growing wealth to buy the sluts' loyalty by donating a lot of money to areas, which will raise the Favorability of everyone you've met in that area.

Finally, TW only has you sleep in the same room as your Waifu, but in LiG you can build yourself a god damn giant mansion and have one Main-Waifu and like 6 side-hoes to bang in your house.



this sounds way better, why did TW get translated instead of LiG



TW has gotten more content on the Jap end while LiG seems to be dead from what I can tell. The Translators also know that both LiG and TW are great games and do like aspects from both and has thus been discussing making a new game HGG game called The World - Life in Gensokyo in a new engine, but it seems to be a very unlikely en-devour as there are few people who can work on such a thing.

But yeah, TW has more content which includes a lot of dialogue from the Touhous, so that's probably the leading factor.



Anyway to play the japanese versions?


seriously what the fuck does [capture] do


>give 2hu a lap pillow


what the fuck



Yeah, they seem to have some anger issues…



She's just being tsundere.


can you even rape without timestop in TW



use sleeping pills.



>meet some human, seems okay i guess

>he keeps talking to me about boring stuff and rubbing against me

>about to tell him i've had enough when he shoves my head into his crotch

>what the fuck

>get up and yell at him, he runs away

>suddenly start craving cake


There's sleep rape and drunk 'rape'.

Mix a sleeping pill into her tea or something. I think you can also pop it in her mouth while time is stopped?

If you get her drunk, she'll consent easier but still be pissed off at you if she sobers up halfway through.



so only sleep rape is possible?

also where do i get them



Tewi sells them and I think some other girls but I can't remember which.


Can you not take class with Keine if the human village is your residence area?

I get the option to study, but it seems to be alone so you don't get a bonus. But she can still teach you when she's not in class.



how long do i have to wait til it takes effect



Because LiG is a fork of TW, so TW was available for translation long before LiG ever came about. LiG also has absolutely no dialog.


is the git down?


File: ef26ba94ee646bc⋯.png (171.82 KB, 1453x930, 1453:930, ClipboardImage.png)



Seems like gitgud is having issues, I haven't been able to access it for a while.



it works every time I try it



What's the difference between Paizuri and Tit fuck in TW?



iirc it's basically blowjob vs face-fuck, just differ in who's more active



Paizuri means the woman is moving her body, tit fuck is the man thrusting


In TW what's the quickest way to get First Menstruation or is it just fuck repeatedly and wait?



far as I know it's fuck repeatedly and wait.



If I remember correctly, the character needs to have at least 100 v-exp, and some semen inside, then at the end of the day you have a chance for that event to happen.

Best hope RNJesus is feeling cooperative.


I got threesome in TW, but they don't really cooperate.

> no double bjs or paizuri



A lot of the time it's hard to give them both attention too. Some actions make you stop doing actions to the other. It's frustrating.



this isn't in the gane anymore, is it?



Chupacabra is just a legend, don't worry



now im worried



the chances are astronomically low.


How do you use Forbidden Knowledge, I thought you mixed stuff with Eirin?



I think you should get Mixing knowledge instead.

You will get Forbidden knowledge after helping Eirin for long enough.



Ok, what does Forbidden knowledge do?


File: 02a91c4c795565b⋯.png (547.43 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 25562643815.PNG)


That's an obvious lie, Tupai wouldn't hurt anyone.

Unless they are a goat and then only a little.



I think it unlocks more items at mail order shop and makes penetration ignore size difference for one more size.

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