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File: 2cb33ddadb00a6f⋯.jpg (84.31 KB, 532x1031, 532:1031, 2cb33ddadb00a6fe74673818d6….jpg)

File: 1141378712843bf⋯.png (89.45 KB, 472x627, 472:627, What the fuck are those le….png)


Previous thread: >>214877

Text-based sandbox HRPG

Takes place in an alternate dimension

-Includes Furries/Futa/Shemale/Trap/Dolls/Demons (Can be Disabled)

-Turn based combat


-Forced and/or optional body Transformations

-Unique sex mechanics that give player choice

-Too much clothes

-Will be entering beta soon™(Hopefully)

Version when thread created Version 0.2.8 (v0.2.8 hotfix soon)

(Usually updated weekly)

Newest version always available to build on github (tutorial on git) or wait until it's posted on blog (on a Full Release week)

Download from blog:


Github Build:


8chan Mod:

https://gitgud.io/LilthsThrone/code-base (updated to v0.2.6)

Mod Features:

-adds Bee race, subspecies, and honey related fluids

Latest Mod Version:


Latest Official Version:






>Even angles would be furry.

I would like to discuss the Hound of Tindalos spawning point idea brought up in the last thread.



Explain further.



Furry angles (from anon's post in previous thread) must have referred to hounds of tindalos from the Frank Belknap Long story that spawn from certain angles of architecture. I like the idea of corner spawning spots on the map having a chance to spawn a lewd hound of tindalos monstergirl/boy/thing.


this shitpost is getting too smart for me



Ah I see, but are you absolutely positive the angles are not being bottled by the hounds of rome instead? I personally prefer the idea of non-euclidean quadratic spawn points with a inkling of a chance.



I'm of the mind that all of that is secondary until a basic spawn mechanic percentage for 90° points on the map is established in the vanilla game. Unfortunately, both the angles and curves of time are currently fucked after a single handjob.


File: ff6ec0ae031c4d8⋯.jpg (138.84 KB, 850x927, 850:927, WBa3FYi.jpg)

Mating press when Innoxia?


File: f47c140256e843c⋯.png (1.35 KB, 239x27, 239:27, you don't say.PNG)

Personally, I don't mind slow content updates (I'm not paying for anything), but it is too much to ask for an update that doesn't break the fucking game in half? Like, jesus christ. I would've preferred he just make a post saying "Hey, sorry, redoing all the sex code completely fucked everything; it's here, but it's essentially unplayable, download at your own risk" rather than push this out and call it an update.



Functioning game when Innoxia?



rought missionary?




What's really funny is that I never experiences any bugs until he/she/they/fag started making the "bugfix" patches it was like for every bug fixes two more spawned and some bugs that were said to have been fixed were broken again in yet another way to the same effect.

Of course all this is nothing compared to "okay I promise to have this done next week oh nevermind I focused on this gay back-end thing nobody cares about instead teehee emoji"


File: 22a9a4c93f1e2e5⋯.jpg (157.61 KB, 954x815, 954:815, 1526504110923.jpg)


>gay back-end



Nah, it needs to be it's own position.


>Ask dev to improve sex actions

>Dev starts working to improve sex actions which requires backend stuff to be done first



File: 06639c572ed80f1⋯.png (648.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, BEHOLD, DERR JUDEN WITHOUT….png)



File: 5273f8aa947679b⋯.jpg (44.34 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 139842324.jpg)


Would wanting to fuck Pinkie Pie be considered furry or beastiality?



Why not both?



>tfw set all furry settings to minimal


Lilith's throne badly needs unique situations and dialogue in sex scenes with unique characters.



>badly needs unique situations and dialogue in sex scenes with unique characters

<heres my ocdonutsteel eagle lizard slime centaur that will be integrated into the game in the most obnoxious manner as part of my $5000 backer privilege, btw none of you are allowed to modify it as it's my property ;)))))

that aside, you're right. shit's too samey.



It's spelled bestiality and that's what it would be



It would be the best?



mental illness



Plus three pages of backstory and a lengthy dialogue tree with no quick exit.


File: 3896aba5c342078⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1486x1085, 1486:1085, 1189449__twilight sparkle_….png)


>Would wanting to fuck Pinkie Pie be considered furry or beastiality?

What if pinkie pie was a monster girl?


File: 81f93024bc7577b⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1486x1085, 1486:1085, 1189450__twilight sparkle_….png)


fug, wrong pic

Needs more futa



nothing ever needs more futa



Would have been good if it wasn't for the animal dicks. Wanting animal dick futa is shit taste to the N-th degree


File: adb1730ac1b8cb7⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 2508x2000, 627:500, 962267__explicit_artist-co….jpg)


>nothing ever needs more futa

Everything needs more futa providing that there is always non-futa available



I would normally agree with you except that Turtle dick is the exception


File: aebd6ab21886186⋯.gif (560.09 KB, 367x265, 367:265, 1528933279320.gif)



Good taste, anon.


File: 3f76396a7a0eb7e⋯.png (403.01 KB, 742x858, 371:429, 1192840__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 0d27bd12f9fb267⋯.png (503.17 KB, 742x858, 371:429, 1192841__explicit_artist-c….png)


Its a shame most of the art these guys do is furry, but thats furry bux for you, it pays significantly more



How do you unlock sex with candi?



You don't as far as I know.



Ah, thought I was missing something since she has unlockable art


File: a49864dcd7087b2⋯.gif (610.59 KB, 512x288, 16:9, boner.gif)

>realize you can get even male slimes pregnant by cumming inside any hole

This shouldn't arouse me, but it does.


File: bca96407ce7a34b⋯.png (314.8 KB, 910x890, 91:89, __shep_original_drawn_by_s….png)

Sheep girls when?



When fields area will get basic template map.



>Implying some horny shitscord patreon won't just do the work of making the sheep morphs for Innoxia game before the fields area even gets added


File: 30c8f6d7601840c⋯.jpg (51.28 KB, 1152x720, 8:5, 0233_1_15.jpg)


All hentai boorus need to have this position as a tag, fug.



It would happen by now though.

Especially when alligators, wild cats(as subspecies), foxes and something else were made by them.



You're probably right, sheep morphs are too "normal" for these shitscord degenerates.


File: 83e7e990e8cb47a⋯.png (174.63 KB, 694x632, 347:316, tinkshero.png)


Why do you want more morphs when the BASE game sucks?



Never said i wanted sheep morphs, only that they are too vanilla for the shitscord crowd to make for free.

Would much rather want for this game to have your body modifiers make an actual difference during sex.


So in stats there's a vaginal urethral penetration, or something like that. How do you achieve that? And I wish tits didn't have to be DD to be fuckable.



yeah thats why I'm, not complaining. Been waiting for NPC on NPC sex before playing again so I don't give a shit about nightlife as long as I can make scarlet the communal bitch of all my slaves.



Up the capacity via potions.



I'm not a furry so pardon my ignorance here but what makes one animal morph more vanilla than another? Like you're still fucking an animal. I get maybe like the catgirl/wolfgirl thing since that's an anime staple or whatever's going on with that but we've got horses and dogs and alligators and all other things that I'd never think of putting my dick in so a sheep doesn't seem like much of a reach to me.



its like with porn, the ones who have been in the game for too long can only get off to obscure species from the Galapagos who are rainbow colored and have neon blue tongues whereas people who are new to the whole thing just want to beep a sheep because they just like sheep.


File: 87a1e2c09353294⋯.png (20.88 KB, 827x171, 827:171, javaw_2018-07-07_02-38-07.png)

File: 96a2cc867438cf2⋯.png (14.32 KB, 533x376, 533:376, javaw_2018-07-07_03-53-55.png)

File: 9aeca324edbcaa0⋯.png (205.69 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, javaw_2018-07-07_02-28-20.png)

This new update looks like a mess, and it is my first time seeing body horror in this game to this extent, why the fuck my ears have irises? Is this an intended feature? A hint at eldritch beings and transformations? A well fucked code?

Perharps I will discover in a week + another week give or take.

And somehow found my own elemental summon being sold on alexa slave shop.


File: 8f4bd6d9007f77f⋯.png (4.75 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, ea9b71e1ac88a446d123b0b492….png)


>A hint at eldritch beings and transformations?

This is what I have been waiting for.


File: 5dda07e6c9745cf⋯.jpg (356.03 KB, 1280x1823, 1280:1823, 001.jpg)


I'm down for some hot eldritch onee-sans tho


Welp, Kinda liked the fact you could impregnate almost every female npc in game but after the child is released from their mothers stomach prison they are nowhere to be found? Offsprings are not yet implemented or what? This is bumming me out..


File: eef958d146ffaac⋯.png (78.55 KB, 994x546, 71:39, ClipboardImage.png)


I think I read someone say earlier that you have to go find them as a random encounter.




>innoxia won't add knife eared elves

>might be thinking about adding eldritch horror

I fucking hate this faggot


File: 4ce603aa0273a04⋯.png (30.31 KB, 898x211, 898:211, ClipboardImage.png)


How do you make someone want to be your slave? Just build up affection?


File: 46c2330ce6a0793⋯.png (4.87 MB, 3300x5100, 11:17, 1329844__questionable_arti….png)


>How do you make someone want to be your slave? Just build up affection?

We can do that?

Because I've been playing this since its come out and this is the first I've heard of it



In the description of slavery when you first get your license it says that you have to find someone who's breaking the law (which I assume means the prostitutes) or find someone who's willing and that forcing people into slavery is illegal. But I just forced someone into slavery after beating them in a random encounter and there was no penalty so idk.



you find them in the streets acting as hookers\rapists\muggers because of "mah consensuality" shit that the dev is putting up because Patreon doesn't want rape so she puts it so every npc wants to get fucked\raped on sight.

Can't risk losing patreon shekels.

and another reason, incest, Patreon has been banning that too so the dev makes it that they immediately leave as soon as they are born and grow up to adult in few hours (shit reason) so to avoid the loli\shota content and the PC lewding them, hide the content then with the incest fetish so patreon shekels are assured.


What a fucking retarded reason, BTW where's that book?


>mfw you can't rape an elven beauty to get her mindbroken and make her a sex slave.

>mfw no vampires and loli planned so you can't make a vampire loli to be your slave-waifu


you can't, they react to you the same way at any affection level, and also the enslavement brings to -100 the affection and obedience, they will never ask you to become your slave.

It's the same retarded mechanic that gives you a tiny 5+ affection per sex scene but removes -50 if the sex scene is finished on "resist" pace.



I would guess attacking you for no reason in a random encounter is illegal.



Have you not been to the library on the first floor at Lilaya's house?


File: 902e1a0ec7a6a8d⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 802x240, 401:120, blacks need more slavery s….jpg)


>tfw you don't get enslaved after breaking into that guys house and beating the shit out of all his maids



yeah, but there are no items in the area




Protagonist privilege. REEEE



the books are menu options at the bottom of the screen, not items


File: af57a31c8691c67⋯.jpg (98.21 KB, 600x981, 200:327, 1403343729122 pokemon trap….jpg)


lack of content pretty much describes the whole game




Unless someone's donut steel does it, then it's not

No touchy btw



to be fair, that guy was also probably breaking the law when he baited arthur. So it's a no win situation for both of you.


>can't enslave the matriarchs




Some are mammals and close enough to us genetically, some are not.



Need to enable incest content. Your children will just be stuck in limbo if it's off.


Not implemented.

>[ Planned, Fetish ]

>Slavery fetishes, to make NPCs respond positively to their enslavement.

>From todo_list.txt: "Derived fetish from masochist + submissive + (having a non con fucktoy desire level of at least 3 or higher) . >"Slave" fetish

>Removes the instant max hatred penalty from enslavement. And perhaps even allows worshipful non criminals to willingly chose enslavement."



well of course not, nobody saw nothing, and you know where they live.




>sheep features are a given

>goat features are a maybe

>elves are outright rejected

I suppose it's safe to say that demon morphs are as close as we get to satyrs.



There's a potion that does that? Thank you. I tried enchanting for it, but it didn't work.



Now I just need to find the potions. Wish you could enchant for it, seriously.


File: 407f97d6c896ef7⋯.png (254.59 KB, 1255x832, 1255:832, ClipboardImage.png)


You can enchant for it, take a transformative item (Generally the solid foods) and select Vagina/Capacity II or Penis/Capacity I



fuck, i never even thought to try to dye the enforcer armor



Thank you, seriously! I'm clearly very bad at this game, and didn't realize you could enchant other stuff.



You can enchant for practically everything which is why the best starter class is Office Worker since that just gives flat slave money increase that no other class has, you can just enchant everything to make up for the difference by buying potions with the shekels you make from your filthy goyim slaves.



Yeah it's cool and all but army background buff stacks with crits which is pretty OP when used with double fireball


>tfw find a little foxgirl loli and enslave her just to get her off of the street

Anyway, how do you get the maid set that Rose wears? Just randomly from Nyan?



Do the Nyan quest to unlock meido sets



well she's "late teens" but she's flat and under 5'




Glad I could help.


Really? I can barely find foxes and never lolis.



what the fuck is that outfit


Does the game tell you when you find your kid? I found a cow-girl but I don't know if it's the right cow-girl.



yes, it will be really obvious.



Probably just trying to fill equipment slots and hasn't realized you can max your stats and just be naked if you want. My shitty cowboy outfit was similar.



Guess I'm going to have to grind for a while.



How do you do that? Are you referring to tats or am I missing some kind of enchant option?



Enchant those potions that give temporary stat increases, like wolf whiskey and equine cider. If you make it as strong as possible it should give a small permanent increase instead of the larger temporary ones.

It takes a shitton of arcane essence to max every stat, though, so you should probably enchant clothing to get your combat stats up to snuff and use that to grind succubi in the dark alleys on the hardest difficulty until you're level 50 and they're level 100, giving you around 50-100 essence per fight IIRC.


Can't wait for npc-on-npc sex. That'll be fun.



It's some rule about keeping existing mythological creatures to a minimum, I guess. No kobolds, elves, dwarves, satyrs, minotaurs, etc.

I'd assume we're meant to improvise our own if we want them, I don't remember the official reason for keeping them out.



Inno doesn't want Tolkien stuff, as far as I know. Satyrs would just be lesser goat-morphs and minotaurs either lesser or greater cow-morphs depending on your view of them.

We're almost certainly getting centaurs of some kind.

Elves, dwarves, goblins, kobolds, and such are all just fairies anyways.




Honestly started out assume I would need it then just continued collecting out of boredom.


Ooh, and now I learn something too, totally forgot about difficulty settings.



you can enchant to still to OP in combat but you can't enchant for delicious shekels



They might even get to suck on the other NPC's fingers instead!


>people asking Innoxia to improve sex actions

>completely misses the point and starts breaking the fucking game with bugs to add cuckold shit to the game

DESCRIPTIONS you dumb cunt


how much left for the fix?


wans't the cuckold stuff dropped on innoxia side and left open for someone else to do it?



ear is the easier description to add, just make a pointy ear type (or use the demon one) and add an elf tag for it if the rest of the body is human


>can't make the not your aunt addicted to your semen to the point that she loves getting creampied even if you have the addictive update



So, is there enough content in the game so that it's worth playing?



It'll keep you occupied for an hour or so. More depending on how autistic you are. Just don't use this newest version, it's beyond broke AF.


File: 836e04e168ac7ab⋯.jpeg (460.96 KB, 1024x1540, 256:385, 1298247__questionable_art….jpeg)


>Just don't use this newest version, it's beyond broke AF.

this, i keep pulling buttplugs out of my ass despite there being none in there

I can't tell if this is some sort of karmic retribution or not



Despite me playing a pure female, it continues to say i have a "small" 18 inch donger whenever i undress, despite this not showing up in my appearance description.



>I don't remember the official reason for keeping them out.

Patented retardedness considering it's modders and contributors that is/will add most additional species, as they did in this last update, and you can disable any species you don't want, there is really no excuse for this




Mostly an avoidance to being further associated with CoC I assume

Also they're overdone



>Mostly an avoidance to being further associated with CoC I assume

Which is why Innoxia chose to make a corruption based world run by demons. Also elves and dwarfs aren't in CoC, and there is only one orc, which is gay.

>Also they're overdone

In text based smut games? No.

Cat girls, wolf girls, cow girls, horse girls, dog girls, slime girls, harpies, and succubi are though.



>In text based smut games?

In every aspect of fantasy. They're lame as lame can be, nothing interesting or erotic about them. Tall humans with pointy ears. Short humans with muscle. Short humans colored green. Tall, green muscled humans. True variety.

>Cat girls, wolf girls, cow girls, horse girls, dog girls, slime girls, harpies, and succubi

Succubi sure, cow girls sure, the other furry shit is regulated to this game and CoC if you don't count v.0001 scams.


File: 6184d816ae3e245⋯.jpg (200.92 KB, 541x458, 541:458, But thats wrong you fuckin….jpg)


>Cat girls

>is regulated to this game and CoC if you don't count v.0001 scams.


File: 677d147eb124344⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 332x336, 83:84, 1530669378476.jpg)


>Slime girls and harpies are not overdone

Trash post, kill yourself.


File: 5df01b1432570d9⋯.jpg (50.02 KB, 502x710, 251:355, 5df01b1432570d9bff88147478….jpg)


"Cat girls" does not mean "girls with cat ears and tail", when referring to this game. Furry.


File: 997abdac0c1bd55⋯.png (12.65 KB, 192x534, 32:89, tyhjdghshsgh.png)


File: 2e771d2d0285eff⋯.png (17.69 KB, 842x94, 421:47, Screenshot_1.png)


>being willfully retarded




One of the first npc's you meet in the game, Rose, is a textbook cat girl.

What the fuck are you talking about?



Can you fuck Nyan or Rose?

If you want to go with the that route, how about you acknowledge every other npc. Horse, alligator, squirrel, etc.


You can fuck Nyan but my point still stands



>Can you fuck Nyan or Rose?

Yes, both of them.



>Can you fuck Nyan or Rose?

Yes, both of them.

>If you want to go with the that route, how about you acknowledge every other npc. Horse, alligator, squirrel, etc.

Dafuq does that have to do with whether there were any cat girls in the game or not?



Your argument is that orcs and goblins should be added because nothing in the game is unique and Tolkien shit supposedly is



>Tolkien shit supposedly is unique

Nice strawman, i never claimed that.

I just said that using the "elves and orcs are generic" as an excuse for not adding them is pretty dumb, when you have cat girls, succubi, and slimes in the game.



What would be interesting about them? Cat, succubi and slimes have their own unique things. Elves, orcs and the like could literally be built from the exact same text humans are but change the skin color, height and ear shape, none of which have any impact.


File: 37f4b9949e5f6f3⋯.png (45.04 KB, 262x192, 131:96, 142983616.png)


>What would be interesting about customization in a game all about the customization of your character and npc's?

Please tell me you are just shitposting, anon.


File: 30c213ba1791c0e⋯.png (145.7 KB, 500x462, 250:231, 1497917832120.png)



There's nothing interesting about them. You can make an orc if you add a green skin tone, you can do it literally right now. Add a 'pointy ear' description while you're at it, and you can make elves too.



Too bad the game doesn't qualify that as being an orc, instead of just a green human.

Why doesn't Innoxia just do that? It would be so easy to do, and a lot of people would like it.

Thanks for proving my point of not adding orcs and elves neing stupid even more.



>There's nothing interesting about them

Stop stating your personal opinions as if they were fact.


File: 0399596403feec9⋯.png (387.57 KB, 488x403, 488:403, 43k87085f4c0a80f43c4742354….png)


Alright, then add a check for having green skin and being human turns you into an orc. Do it yourself instead of whining, it'll take at most ten minutes. It's easy, you're right, so you should be able to do it yourself yeah instead of acting like a spoiled child.



Stop trying to shove even more vapid races of your personal preference into the game



>Alright, then add a check for having green skin and being human turns you into an orc. Do it yourself instead of whining, it'll take at most ten minutes. It's easy, you're right, so you should be able to do it yourself yeah instead of acting like a spoiled child.

Word for word what a furfag would say in the early days of CoC.

>Stop trying to shove even more vapid races of your personal preference into the game

>Waahhhh, stop wanting stuff i don't want!



Flail more faggot. You're exactly like the furfaggots, exactly like what the horsefuckers who came to CoC were like, in fact so much so I wouldn't be surprised if you legitimately were one of those people. Get it in your head that you are retarded and retards do not make rational thought processes.


File: 38b75d02a4f3c5a⋯.jpg (176.52 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1365382526450.jpg)


>Gets proven wrong that Innoxia wants to differentiate LT from CoC

>Gets proven wrong on the fact that a lot of the LT races are not as generic as tolkien races

>Strawmans me saying that i stated that tolkien races are unique

>Only has a subjective opinion left

>Resorts to using the same talking points furfags used in the early days of coc

>Gets called out on it

>Proceeds to accuse me of being the real furfag, despite being the advocate AGAINST non furry races inclusion to the game themselves

>Calls me a few petty insults to top it all off

Thanks for the laughs, anon. It was fun.


For anyone who's willing to brave discord, is there any indication as to when and where we will (eventually) find spiders/driders/arachni-things?


File: 03a76cb3c8eb923⋯.jpg (150.11 KB, 800x800, 1:1, (you).jpg)


Imagine being so mentally ill that your entire perception of reality is skewed to such a degree that you think constant backpeddling and fallacies is proving people wrong.



I think the spider gang is coming with the jungle area.


File: 1bc9d950852d43a⋯.jpg (11.67 KB, 236x354, 2:3, Tribianni cascadeiro.jpg)

>genuinely arguing over a furry crossdressing shemale genderbender text game



Is the guy doing the bee mod still around? Any updates?




I think you are the one who needs to kill themselves.



>Still namefagging

Why imagine, when i can see it in action right here on my screen?



>He can't look at a calender

Do you have functioning eyes?


NOOOOOOO STOP IT, it's making me really upset ;(


threads are just shitposting at this point




Still better than your one digit IQ


You are the newfag, sir.



Maybe if Innoxia would release an actual fucking substantial update I wouldn't have to bully autists.



Takes one to know one, i guess.



>using sage as a dislike button




I-i know how to quote, shut up!


Don't act like that didn't just DESTROY you're entire world, kid.





File: 109d3126b9b556f⋯.png (659.38 KB, 808x805, 808:805, 1498334595288.png)



I may have just been dissed beyond recovery, but i will be back, mark my words, namefag!


oh for fuck sake another raid?



no, retard



It must be since every side I own is missing.


File: 09950058e21b483⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1548903532.jpg)

So, what do you guys set your furry preferences as?

I usually disable all of them, unless i'm feeling a want for some cow girl milkies.


File: 5e6ec83c2fd443c⋯.jpg (107.76 KB, 850x1169, 850:1169, consider the following.jpg)

Maybe having a stamina bar tied to your energy during sex would give the sex scenes a bit more flavor.

Every time you orgasm a chuck of sex-stamina would be consumed, altering the flavor text of the sexual actions, and once it reaches zero you're not prevented from going on fucking (maybe for NPCs that could be the limit if they're the dominant partner, allowing for them to go on for more than one round if their stamina allows it) but you'll be a panting mess with only the strength left to pump your hips.

The more energy you have the longer you can fuck.

Would add some nice situations like being able to tire out your slaves by fucking them into exhaustion.



The species that aren't disabled are capped at lesser along with the transformation limits. I tried the default settings with transformations limited to minimal, but size changes only occur if the PC's genitalia can be replaced with furry variations. I'm just grateful that I can disable most of what I don't like.



>Sexually combat system where you can milk your "attacker" dry and then collar them




Depends on the race. Usually I'll set them between lesser and greater depending on race (cows, wolves and horses are usually on greater and the rest on lesser), with the exception of cats and rabbits being set to minimum.


Exactly. Maybe succubi could have fuckloads of sex stamina, allowing them to orgasm a ton without getting tired.

They'd also have more energy because of it, making them more challenging to beat in regular combat.



all allowed

makes the hunt for specific stuff more fun

>not making nekogirls more exotic in a world filled with catface freaks

and any furry I catch is send to the whoring stations


The hotfix was due this night, correct?



Best to add 24 hours to that deadline.


So how do you do a custom morph?



>all allowed

>makes the hunt for specific stuff more fun


And also increase the amount of humans in the game, to make that hunt even harder


>Best to add 24 hours to that deadline.


>not 3 days



Honestly is there anything more rewarding than finding another cute non-black virgin squirrelgirl to make into bodyguard?



>being guarded by a squirrel and not a tiger




What's so bad about black fur?



Nothing really

But black skin is fucking ugly



he meant black skin and the answer is niggers




Ah, i see.

Chinks are uglier than nigs IMO



I mean I disagree but koreans do have a really mannish jaw. Now Southeast asians are a whole nother story.


>I'll try and have it ready for 02:00 UTC

3 more hours


File: 649c37613fc7b08⋯.png (359.79 KB, 860x1200, 43:60, Whats Wrong daddy Hinamats….png)


>3 more hours

>not 3 more days



I mean 3 more hours to know how much is getting delayed


Any news on the delay?



Maximum furshit, humans at minimum spawn rate.


File: 40a552aa47c97b8⋯.png (6.66 KB, 390x79, 390:79, 44ee7440bf0866792bdbea41a9….png)

True or no?

Are we just all samefags?


File: 5c1a4b1706d04bc⋯.png (32.88 KB, 681x366, 227:122, 8ch bully.png)



Everyone's a bot except for me.



The only good looking asians are either massively white washed or have had at least a dozen plastic surgeries.


File: d434fe2b53bbe4f⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 2397603636.jpg)





Is it ok to be the retarded one of the samefags? I'm so bad at finding stuff.



We're only mean because we care. <3

You know when a little boy kicks a ball at a girl he likes because he doesn't know how to express his feelings?

It's like that, except the boy is Innoxia, the girl is Lilith's Throne, the ball is an update, and every day the boy spends an hour lining up a shot at the girl only to roll it in her general direction.



Like, is the angel transformation unique to slimes? Angel's tears or whatever turns you human if you enchant it, after all.


File: da8bf75d973d3c4⋯.jpg (22.01 KB, 647x404, 647:404, knuckle-cracking.jpg)

Starting to think you're a bit of a masochist, Inno.


File: 42b63deb3b21ca4⋯.webm (928.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bully.webm)



Yet here we are, waiting for an update we know full well will be delayed.

Maybe it is us, whom are the real masochists?


File: 6a4dcf55272cbe9⋯.png (299.32 KB, 450x299, 450:299, 328.png)

inno.. this isn't another delay right?

now that I have your atention, what files do I need to modify to get my shitty subspecie in?


I know this would count as shilling,white knighting, or some other kind of being a faggot but I think we all can generally agree that Inno holds themselves to a better standard than most smut pedders



>than most smut pedders

that isn't a really high base tho



20 or so various files

But you can currently make map mods with something approaching minimal difficulty!



Lilith's throne will continue to be a trash game, as long as the mating press position remains absent from it's selection of available positions.

Innoxia seriously though add in the mating press position please k thnx



not really interested in maps useless you can make your own house since lilaya's is looking small already

just want to try with a sub, if everything works then I will try adding sharks and submit it to the git, inno can act as if it came from the shitcord for all I care if there is a problem with this site and his fanbase



Sad but true


Now I have a weird idea that different positions give different bonuses. Mating press boost your odds of knocking up whoever is getting bred. Not sure about other positions


File: a73c0c09e912179⋯.png (5.07 KB, 296x91, 296:91, Mating Press.png)


Do your part, anon. Sign up for Shitscord and vote.



> Sign up for Shitscord

you lost me


File: e694d4ce3d33f38⋯.jpg (549.27 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1524933314447.jpg)


>Sign up for shitscord

No thanks.



done :^)



Like that list does anything at all

There's over 30 suggestions that could easily be implemented in half a hour by someone that never coded in his life before


>over 180

looks like it has enough support already, is there anything over that amount?



at least they're not fenoxo



Fucking someone that's sleeping.



too bad that's also my fetish

wait you mean surprise sex or they stay asleep the whole time?




Also some minor QOL changes to the game.



Was listed as Somnophilia, so asleep the whole way through.


File: 49cab11ff1f514b⋯.png (1.3 KB, 77x44, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)


File: c1da4ea1db15111⋯.png (1011 B, 79x43, 79:43, 8ch raids the LT Discord.png)




Let's get it to 190.




>tfw Elwaxy123 was right and 8ch really is "like 3 people … lol"


File: 3e0a9097c5c8678⋯.png (982 B, 75x36, 25:12, 5ce06502d29312d1ced6ce8536….png)


>Looking through people's idea for the game

>cervix play

>Nipple fucking and even pisshole fucking got in before simply j-j-jamming it in

I'm not sure who should feel more dumb. Me for forgetting this or Inno for not putting this in sooner



s-shut up



more like nobody wants to use discord because it's gay





So these must be all of the three people who are here….



done, 188

forgot I had a dummy mail I used to follow the updates from that faggot making the isle that only uses discord and not the forums




Since dullahans are planned, can we look forward to reverse deepthroat as an option? Maybe even combine auto-cunnilingus with reverse deepthroat.



You're a lot more exciting I am. I want more stuff about them actually complaining when something is too big to fit. Or actually can't fit.


just make a poll and send it to innoxia, I'm not creating a discord for something that will get in anyways



Dick fear is a respectable fetish and something we should get too




Why not both? I want the npc's to fear how much they love my cock.



If discord was merely gay, most of us would be posting and getting banned over there instead of lurking and shitposting here.




Excellent points.


File: 5273fc7e0448b7b⋯.png (4.83 KB, 255x96, 85:32, img.png)


We did it, Reddit!


File: f58f3a76e1ef503⋯.png (152.68 KB, 295x295, 1:1, 14306736.png)


NICE, good job, anons.

Now you HAVE to include it, Innoxa.



Feel like we need to throw in the reverse too. Size queens that want to to get stretched out and ruined

>Get "beaten" by an imp

>She goes and take off your pants

>Her face goes pale

>She decides not to keep going

>You can either turn the tables or let her go

>You of course keep going

>You pull her down on to your monster of cock

>Her stomach is bulging and she's begging for you to stop

>After her first orgasm she starts to get into it

>After the third she's begging you not to make her cum again

>You mindbreak the slut and don't even collar her



> they love my cock.

always with the love for the cock thing

nah I want them to hate it and feel uncomfortable the whole time as they get creampied



you all realize the poll is closed as soon as the next suggestion pops up right?



Yes, definitely! I'm mostly just not into like the shortest character possible taking dicks half their body length without issue. Unless they're into that, then it's pretty nice.



Man it sure sucks for people whose suggestions got posted two minutes before next one



Perhaps a "Big dicc" variation of the rape phase already in sex?


As soon as Innoxia sees what us 8 anons did here, i'm absolutely sure that she/he/it will feel compelled to add in the mating press position ASAP


File: 341b00478054c15⋯.png (346.06 KB, 1438x584, 719:292, unknown.png)





File: c5d8bcfd68bcc39⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 720x468, 20:13, 1523593658087.jpg)





It's fun to dream that this game will ever get passed "Oh no don't rape me." and "Oh yeah MMM fuck me" phase isn't it?


File: 9c9879f9902661c⋯.jpg (368.18 KB, 1307x528, 1307:528, Can't snuff the rooster.jpg)



maybe one day when Innoxia stops slamming her fat dunce cap wearing head into the keyboard and passing out until the next deadline


File: c61dc7ed144ecbb⋯.png (19.83 KB, 1160x96, 145:12, 9abbaee1a867744c05f27abb23….png)

This is Innoxia's grand plans for the next (delayed) update, which will also be nightclub focused.



>Fixed NPCs spawning in hating some fetishes which are related to fetishes they already have.

Huh, thought this was just a quick save/load issue.


File: 588abd95df31591⋯.png (54.2 KB, 568x488, 71:61, 9602e406745c27c41756397e21….png)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 9975df8652e9fcf⋯.jpg (27.58 KB, 933x864, 311:288, DEtsgydVwAAtdPx.jpg)


didn't she say she was going to add this shit the LAST update?



I'm completely willing to let all of the past go if she delivers on this next update.

I don't expect anything but you never know.


File: 7242ccbf98e0d29⋯.png (17.88 KB, 1171x105, 1171:105, 4eaff1d7e34ff8e29d174d7afc….png)



You should be more grateful, meanie. Innoxia is doing her absolute best to make promises she can't keep, how DARE you criticise her?


File: 599be270ca98ae5⋯.jpg (10.42 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 213980fg9dh8fgr5.jpg)




what are you talking about bro :^)


File: 976b9560065792b⋯.png (8.3 KB, 338x82, 169:41, baa02963e37e5b9d25c7786478….png)


The shitscord plot thickens.


So now there's support for slave on slave sex? Those permissions actually do something?



You actually thought Innoxia would finish the update in the hotfix?



New to this, so blame being naive and eager?



Reproduction should work, but actual sex? Not yet, maybe next time


>look for someone in the bar

>choose gender

>choose species

>"Hello! I'm the (INSERT SPECIES/GENDER HERE) I haven't seen you before!."

Jesus christ.


so if 8.5 is the end of npc sided actions stuff, 9 should finally be the update with non slave npc moving in with you right?



yeah I'm getting that too, fuck it I'm going to play stellaris for the rest of the night, didn't touch that in over a year so maybe paradox finally fixed it



>vagina hands

So the "and then everyone clapped" thing is now "and then everyone queefed"? Christ, what a timeline.



It's been two years, and Hoi4 still sucks.

Don't get your hopes up.



>2 of the 3 original faster than light traveling metods were removed in favor of the lead designer turtling faggotry playstyle

night ruined


>try to missionary

>game softlocks if you do it gently, and they orgasm first

>buttons appear as normal but clicking them does nothing

Please tell me I'm not the only one having this problem.



You're not, pressing prepare completely breaks the game.

Great update Innoxia, keep up the "hard" work



I'm honestly curious as to what bug sprang up to break this. Did Inno just miss a nested parenthesis somewhere?



I'm not getting this from my end.

Works fine for me.



I'm commenting on how fucking lazy the dialogue is


>inb4 it's another works on my computer :^) update



funny because I'm getting an error that it's like that when picking someone


File: d9a883ecc280188⋯.png (34.94 KB, 1332x453, 444:151, betaorbiters.png)

You poor "girl", nothing you do ever works right :^)


>Can't spike the drinks of the person you're with

>Can't escort them out of the club, watch them pass out, and then rape their unconscious selfs

Innoxia plz.



>There is always tomorrow

Is this Innoxia's motto when she's working on the game?


File: b4aacccafb10ce3⋯.png (18.39 KB, 975x180, 65:12, 1d53b56794bbae9e49354f9eab….png)


Eh, i've seen worse. It isn't completely bad, just pretty generic. But i guess that's just the game in general.


Yeah so sex is just broke right now. RIP



They said in the discord they fixed it so probably a fix tomorrow.


What's the most recent working version?





well 2.8 works, its just buggy as shit. Its fine for playing though.



what kind of bugs? broken sex still?



nah just some weird as quantum shit where the text says you are fingering yourself and shit like that though you are fingering the other person in actuality.



Yup, all the pronouns are just "you" for me. Gets confusing.



>Literally responds that she needs to fix it before going to bed



Late night update, the crashes with the sex menu has been fixed



thank you


well congratulations when its due, good work innoxia

even if it took 3 more day.. and not everything made it in..

lets just leave it there



No, it's the discorfaggots motto

>Why taking it the ass today when i can do it tomorrow!

<idk they fail even at being gay


This same bug was "fixed" three times already, start to think inno have a thing for selfcest


Yuu mean a week and 3 more days, let's hope inno never have to give estimate on anything in his/her? life, just imagine buying new furniture



You know she likes it.


File: f8c8a094215908a⋯.png (10.11 KB, 363x242, 3:2, Screenshot_2.png)

Does anyone know where the data folder is supposed to be located? I don't have the folder with my download for whatever reason.


File: 4aefc1faf60ccad⋯.png (8.3 KB, 362x209, 362:209, Screenshot_3.png)


And I'm also getting this even though the resources folder is there.



The data folder is generated after launching the game once


Get to work you dumb slut. It's not gonna code itself.


innoxia gets off to being bullied!


I think Innoxia did good with this weeks hotfixes


Honestly would work more in a visual game but what do you think about this?

>Take a fit girl slave

>knock her up

>the baby weight makes her get that perfect amount of chub on top of her muscle

>You order her not to lose it

>Create proper THICC



Does pregnancy add weight and hip size? I haven't noticed.



I don't think so, it just me hoping and dreaming


Any suggestions on how to have penetrative sex with rose the slave? Just wanna knock her up and read her reaction! Derp.



mod in the sex actions for her


You really should be able to get nipple fucked as a flat-chested slime tbh



>human from another world gets intimate with your owner

>don't really care, sex is not that special anyway

>your owner gets pregnant

>you know how much she hates being pregnant and expect her to be angry

>she just shrugs it and keeps on having sex with the human

>once the baby(ies) is(are) born, they shag again and she gets pregnant again

>this happens 3 times

>meanwhile your owner is giving them a house, rooms for the human's slaves, books

>one day the human goes to you

>says that you'll serve them or they'll make your owner make you suffer/sell you/abandon you

>owner seems to put up with anything the human does

>why shouldn't you?




Won't be enough to allow a generic one for now?



That's like saying "at least this food I'm eating is not made of glass and doesn't give me seven kinds of cancer before setting me on fire." If it was just Fenoxo and not "community content" I don't think any of his projects would be as popular as they are.



Lol, is that a thing?


Welp, dunno how


Dudes, any suggestions on how to raise virility/fetil permanently but not through the clothes…



Enchant potions.



I'm too brainlet to understand how to make potions. I figured out enchantments but I've never even used a potion in game because I didn't know what they would do. The only items I've used was vanilla water to refill arcane power, which by the way is completely worthless compared to melee fighting


File: 8d7736c37cc960a⋯.jpg (36.44 KB, 598x449, 598:449, 8d7736c37cc960ac1eed315cd5….jpg)


Find potion in inventory. Open the enchanting menu. Pick a stat from the upper-left of the menu, make sure that the enchantment strength is set to maximum, and the effect will become small and permanent. Then just hunt around from the available stats in the upper menus (they vary from potion to potion) and apply as many effects to that potion as your essence reserves allow. Drink and watch your bars fill.



interesting thank you anon


Android version?



Now that I think about it, nipple cunts are supposed to support pregnancies (eventually) so the size increase might come later and affect only related areas.



Wtf dude? What are you some Imitator/mime? That post above you is clearly not you tis was muah!


File: a50694df10ce1b4⋯.png (92.09 KB, 291x292, 291:292, 1421874486983.png)


Please leave and go back to wherever you came from.


File: 233ec2534a54ade⋯.png (132.89 KB, 334x393, 334:393, 233ec2534a54ade8e783760cfd….png)

>Download the fresh hotfix

>Start a new game

>Error log is already filled with 50+ lignes



So, the usual amaount of errors?


>Nyan doesn't update her stock

great game 10/10


why do blowjobs take benis virginity?


>import level 50 character

>character occasionally summons an elemental durring combat

>locked out of party options for as long as elemental exists


File: e277ec3e3a900a5⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1900x1240, 95:62, 1246504__explicit_artist-c….png)


the same reason anal does?

I agree with you, but i can understand the logic of why some people would think blowjobs can count as losing your virginity

But by that logic does a girl getting licked out count as well?

>tfw waiting for taurs


Now that Age is a mechanic, how do I mad it to allow ages younger than 18?



By killing yourself.


Eat a dick, I don't even care for loli, I just want to play a 16 yo guy.



Shota is still pedo shit, kill yourself.


File: cffbdc19747ffb4⋯.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, 625:626, thisisbait.png)


>16 yo



Okay friend, let me explain something to you since you seem to be new here. Hebephilia is NOT the same thing as pedophilIa. I'm sick and tired of you trolls popping up everywhere and spreading BLATANT misinformation. In many countries hebephilia is considered normal and healthy . Human beings have a natural attraction to girls who are going through puberty. Being attracted to girls who are pre-pubescent is fucking sick and disgusting, but only in the US does there seem to be an unwarranted taboo around a healthy and normal condition. My head hurts. I'm just trying to get my real life back.



>Responding to the wrong post

>With shitty copypasta

Stop being faggots and just tell me how to mod the sourcecode.



Not helping a child predator, you disgust me sir.



go back to cuckchan


File: 829298e76402693⋯.png (927.89 KB, 1700x1850, 34:37, Blanc marries Blan Anon ne….png)


>implying the age mechanic even matters

Just like the rest of the transformations in this game, They might seem interesting and fun, but when you really look at them you begin to understand how much like empty promises they really are

2D on the other hand will never be empty or leave you




holy shit



It's to be expected. LT is like the GURPS of furry tf games.



same for finch now unfortunately. there have been stocking errors for a while now, so you'll have to edit the save to give yourself any specialized stuff you want.



you haven't been cumming all over rose this whole time via her handholding scene?


File: e68a4230c6536bd⋯.png (10.31 KB, 734x103, 734:103, f6efd48e5945c3160149e02b64….png)




Not even lube can save you from this butthurt.



I can't tell how much people are actually disgusted and how much they are yanking your chain for failing to do basic legwork / research.

An early proof of concept for a low age mod was in the previous thread if you are serious about wanting the PC to just be younger as that is all it does so far.



That mod also make all your kids be 4 years old as well



Yeah, but they were all "adults" in body anyways, so it didn't really matter. The mod was also made by one of the translators from the Era games thread for shits and giggles so don't expect anything else from that mod.



Sure, if you're playing on weak babby human difficulty. Real men play soldier background on lilith.



Don't even need that to be honest. As long as the enemy scales with you, you'll be swimming in cash and essences. I always set the difficulty to the second one and then go out during a storm and just hit Seduce once with the Soldier history. One-shot just about everyone. Then you can just loot valuable clothes they've got for extra shekels.



Level 100 Greater Succubi on Lilith is easy enough to cheese and super profitable from all the Innoxia's Gifts and Lilith's Gifts. No real reason to do anything else if you're grinding.



That is 100% not how it works.




Interesting, I guess they just decided it was good enough for now.

How much do people care about the bee race stuff from the other mod? I was debating trying to update or otherwise patch in that and the age mod to the latest version.



>it was good enough for now

More like "I ain't got time for this shit with all the other stuff that I need to get done first".

t. fag who shitcoded that stuff



>get enough money to buy arcane arousal

>set difficulty to lilith

>get 3000 flames and triple digit essences every encounter

damn it feels good to be a gangsta

used to get a lot more flames and essences in earlier versions though

either that or just get enslave everyone you meet in the backalleys since they'll still work even if they hate you


File: 4716c6dfd918ee6⋯.jpg (14.01 KB, 225x224, 225:224, images (10).jpg)

You know what would be rad?

What if fetish lust gains didn't all stack on top of themselves and make you nut in like 3 thrusts.

Especially if the fetishes are all ones that naturally go together.


>Likes Vagina

>Likes Feminine character

>Likes impregnation

All of that shit stacks up. Why?



are you retarded anon



No. But I'm sure you have 50 reasons why I am anon.


how do we fix the game lads?



I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with the game, it's just lacking for context and Inno has a bit of a flaw with holding themselves to a timetable. The only reason why I say "a bit of a flaw" is because everyone else doesn't know what the fuck a timetable is



>Also they're overdone

I'd take elves over 9 different types of dogs everyday.


File: 7380b5110c7cbf5⋯.jpg (26.95 KB, 288x267, 96:89, w.jpg)


>I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with the game

Sure Inno, keep telling yourself that :^)

>you have a 20 meter long dick

<npcs barely react

>penetrate someone's urethra with said dick

<they react the exact same as if fucked by a 3 cm dick

>you fuck and impregnate a being made of literal flames

<nothing changes

>you pump someone wit 30 lts of cum

<nothing happens

>you're a 20mt tall giant with max physical stats

<gets raped by a 1 meter tall manlet

>make someone addicted to your cum

<nothing meaningful happens

>level your shitty fetish to max

<no difference than at 0

Just fucking face it. This game is nothing but a "Dress your furry" game, barely better than some shitty flash game from 10 years ago.


File: 0ff8bc59badc412⋯.png (2.11 MB, 2080x2400, 13:15, 1600003__explicit_alternat….png)


>tfw dress up games are among your favourites

I think your being a bit too critical anon, despite most of your points being correct



Wouldn't most of this fall under lack of content? And you're right, I shou-I mean Inno should maybe move some of that effort on backend work to correcting what you're talking about, not the small doms though, that's a ten out of ten fetish



>being a bit too critical anon

I've seen rpgmaker games with better stuff. Even in something like CoC having a gigantic dick or having over 80> STR lets your Dicktoobig fuck someone or dom them, respectively.


>Wouldn't most of this fall under lack of content?

Not really, if anything that's just poorly planned content. What even is the point of adding so much pointless shit (cum inflation, cum flavours, the option to have a gigantic dick) if they're not going to add or change anything? What is the point of letting me fuck a Fire Elemental if its going to be the EXACT same thing as a random npc? And somehow we get 4 new dog breeds per update.

Innoxia is just running a scam on the discord furries, honestly.


Why don't we just mod this shit in ourselves? It's not difficult. Shit, I messed around with Amber's interactions just for fun.



>A smut pedder getting buckets of bucks by pandering to furries

So a normal thing? I mean I understand, everyone got burned but a game or five that looked like it was make you beat your dick raw but either the dev being a shit and milking patreon or them getting so much furrybuxs they lose track of what they was creating under a mountain of sparkledog ocs so you're wary and quickly upset the second it looks like history is going to repeat itself.

Maybe it will but hey. LT is making better progress than some porn games that been out longer than it and I'm not foolish enough to pay for it. If Inno turn into the next Fen then another one bites the dust, at least Lilith's Throne is built with modding in mind.

Also people upset over the no elves ruling. Isn't easy to make an elf, you just don't get a racial perk and get called an elf?


File: 70e79e869a0409e⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1655x1370, 331:274, 5ffa3f591a70c.jpg)

fuck it, everyone got their flavor text except me so migh as well ask for it


or whatever a lava thing that shapeshifts is called


>still no STORE ALL

c'mon inno, it isn't even hard to make



Elemental slimes would be a fun group of standard mobs that know magic. Each group has favored fetishes

>Lava slimes are generally rape or be raped

>Water slimes are breed like rabbits

Honestly giving each race weighted odds to have X fetish would be nice. Not saying all lions need to doms but it would be a small thing to give flavor to races


I still vote for improving the sex dialog and adding all the positions before adding anymore useless races to the game.


File: 9643555205b0f3c⋯.png (2.03 MB, 2080x2400, 13:15, 1600002__explicit_artist-c….png)


>Even in something like CoC having a gigantic dick or having over 80> STR lets your Dicktoobig fuck someone or dom them, respectively.

While i agree with you, innoxia is trying to avoid having restrictions for what you can do regarding your appearance, which ultimately led to a lot of people grabbing as many character traits as they could so they can access as much content as possible, not to mention the benefits these granted

Obviously this was brought on by the faggots who post on her site as well as an attempt to broaden the fetish base as much as possible, as some transformations might appeal to a certain person but be ultimately useless combat-wise

Personally i like the idea of restrictions, such as you can't dom someone this much taller/stronger than you unless they're a sub, in bondage or drugged


I like the sex dialog part, but the positions might take a bit of time considering the huge amount people who keep suggesting their favourite position and such

What i think we need is more plot and interactions with npcs

And what we particularly need most of all is more clothes



This, god damn it. I'd even be willing to take orcs or halflings over canines. At least we'll see driders and dullahans at some point.



Tbh the discord hugbox was a mistake since the beginning



>I like the sex dialog part, but the positions might take a bit of time considering the huge amount people who keep suggesting their favourite position and such

Everyone's favourite position is mating press anyways, so all Innoxia would need to do to appease the masses would be to add just 1 position.

Where is the fucking position Innoxia, the people want it



You like the two generic responses? "yes fuck me" and "no stop" you LIKE just that?

Improve the dialog.




I'll show myself the way out



>Everyone's favourite position is mating press anyways

It's hard to get that excited about mating press in a text game where missionary already exists and where facesitting was recently added. Not going to lie though, I'm am looking forward to mating press or any position involving legs going behind the receiver's head.


Could someone tell me what is the latest stable version?

I'm not feeling like playing the game if it's broken, last time the hair/pube color kept changing after each reload.



>trying to avoid having restrictions for what you can do regarding your appearance

This is utterly moronic, if your character physical trait make no difference regardless of actions the whole customization part become pointless

Making so that colours, having fur or not, are not influencing your options is ok, making that fucking any species as any other, like natural enemies for example, is completely ignored is stupid

While i understand that coding in all possible interaction would quickly lead inno to insanity, at least some threshold should be present, especially given how easily you can alter yourself anyway, or the fact that probably you will be able to have more then one dick in the future, maybe even more then one pussy

It may be a world of magic and demons but at least some relatable characteristics need to be present to avoid the player feeling completely dissociated with the game, hell even coc do it in some scenes, and oxo the fag is bad at doing things right




Also i want phoenix in this game



Nobody who actually likes sex likes mating press.

It's not all that much fun and it really doesn't look good unless you have a giant fixation for man ass.



You're assuming the top is always going to be male. Don't forget that mating press can also substitute for the amazon position.


Just spent like 5 hours straight jacking to this.

There has to be more games where you can take direct control of the sex like this. The only ones I know are Lilith and the Era games.



I think Strive for Power has a similar system.


you get spell points at some point or I should just buy them at the store?



If you think this is a scam you're a retard that doesn't know shit and hasn't seen other western patreon projects


Milking rooms don't seem to behave properly when 8 characters are in one, and I believe that these lines are the culprits in milkingroom.java:

if(character.getSlaveJobSettings().contains(SlaveJobSetting.MILKING_INDUSTRIAL) && c.getPlace().getPlaceUpgrades().contains(PlaceUpgrade.LILAYA_MILKING_ROOM_INDUSTRIAL_MILKERS) && charactersPresent<8) {
return c;
} else if(character.getSlaveJobSettings().contains(SlaveJobSetting.MILKING_ARTISAN) && c.getPlace().getPlaceUpgrades().contains(PlaceUpgrade.LILAYA_MILKING_ROOM_ARTISAN_MILKERS) && charactersPresent<8) {
return c;
} else if(character.getSlaveJobSettings().contains(SlaveJobSetting.MILKING_REGULAR) && !c.getPlace().getPlaceUpgrades().contains(PlaceUpgrade.LILAYA_MILKING_ROOM_ARTISAN_MILKERS)
&& !c.getPlace().getPlaceUpgrades().contains(PlaceUpgrade.LILAYA_MILKING_ROOM_INDUSTRIAL_MILKERS) && charactersPresent<8) {
return c;
if(charactersPresent<8) {

all of the <8 should probably be <=8



Best choice



I haven't seen any other way to get spell points, so just buy the scrolls for now.


>Setting a slave to silent still (still) does nothing

>NPCs can still talk coherently with a mile long dick in their mouth




Just because there are worse out there, it doesn't make LT any better. Now go back, you tranny furry.


File: a7d54d49a94a1a5⋯.jpg (84.47 KB, 488x516, 122:129, 333.jpg)

>triplicate my eye count

>can't wear 3 aviator glasses


>Come back to this after a while

>Almost nothing in updates

Oh, at least they added the club.

>Only a search as dom option

At least I can submit after that

>Almost character who comes up in search calls themself "fox-girl"


>Every character with a bulge has a large bulge when you grope them

>Initiate fuck and even horsemorphs have a 3 or 4 inch dick

>Only characters with large dicks are demons with their two-foot tentacle monsters


>gloryholes in bathroom

>can't work them

why live


Can't change skin colour on non-demons for some reason.


Does it ever come up if you have more than one pair of anything?



dunno first time playing it, I suppose having 4 arms will let you do 4 hand actions instead of 2


why is the combat description so tame? always connects with arms/legs, should a critical say something like

>you punch/kick the (npc race) in the guts, leaving (npc gender) out of breath and drooling


Holy fuck, simultaneous penetrations still aren't in the game? Why even write the code for it if you're not going to add the content?



Because bad things cannot happen this is perfect world where everyone happy all the time



Except for all the slavery and rape, that's fine, apparently.

The LT universe isn't that consistent.



It's actually probably so you're not fucking a barely conscious vomiting and bleeding person who can't follow your instructions to get into certain positions.


File: 0056cfb72c3c278⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1267x705, 1267:705, 005.png)



As much as I love an anger circle-jerk; Inno is just scardy bitch when it comes to violence.

She's said so herself.



Criminals consent to slavery and rape while you can only steal a prostitutes services.



You can still rape people and they'll actively beg you to stop, but it's usually only if they're not attracted to your masculinity or feminity



Ryona and guro are, thankfully, nowhere in sight.



like in real life



oh alright, started playing it today so didn't know what innoxia thinks


in mean in combat, not sex, I don't like ryona either, but a giant punching an imp taking all its hp but the text saying that "it connects to his arm" when it should crush it its lame



>Criminals consent to slavery

No they don't.


File: 46e1ebbf8189347⋯.png (609.97 KB, 606x1024, 303:512, Deusvultfoundonkiwishthere….png)


I mean the swords phase through people ffs.

I wasn't really expecting gore or anything but still it's kinda unsatisfying to have my claymore just wizz through someone.

Also Lewd-Crusader armor set wen modders?



Why are they not a toggle option in game though? The game is already choke full of degeneracy with all the furry bullshit, might as well go a bit further.



making the xml is easy but if only I didn't suck at drawing in inkscape I would do it, took me a whole day just to get a decent looking loincloth



Because the focus of this game is lust and sex, with some adventure for dessert, and there is nothing exciting in gutting someone or chopping anyone arm off, even relatively minor violence can slippery slope there, today cutting tomorrow chopping heads, that's ryonafags for you

Just like that other guy in the old thread that wanted STD, just no, even with a toggle



>>Every character with a bulge has a large bulge when you grope them

>>Initiate fuck and even horsemorphs have a 3 or 4 inch dick

>>Only characters with large dicks are demons with their two-foot tentacle monsters

thats based on your gender settings in the options. If everything has dicks, then fiddle with the options to make less things have dicks. I basically have the occasional male and everything else are tomboys and normal ladys.



You could maybe mod a pheonix harpy. You could Use the Diana template as the standard, plus give them some solid fire damage and resistance


as someone who played a virgin run through CoC, and often plays these porn text-games for the actual game with a side of fapping, I can sort of understand the idea of a disease mechanic, but I wouldn't want it in the form of fetish content. I think adding a Curse/Hex branch of magic specifically aimed at fucking with the target's stats with lingering effects after combat has ended would be a good way to work it in.



Ryona is a term I am only just now seeing. What is it?



Violence against women, but "sexy"



It's violence in general and there is no ""sexy"" involved.



Oh sorry, all the stuff i saw as labeled "ryona" was targeted against women, my bad for assuming.

But isn't it considered "sexy" to the guys who fap to it?



That's like saying scat is "feces but sexy"



To the autists that get off to it, yeah.



Not everything has to be sexy. Look at this fucking game, for example.





Isn't just called abuse? Like, were I to go to gelbooru and look for this, the tag is just "abuse". when did these dip shits decide they needed a special term to call it by?



When japs make content for it. Like how they calling cucking NTR.



From what i can tell, it's just less gory torture porn.



>why do japanese use their own word for this thing

Are you fucking retarded?



That's fine, why are non-japs doing it though. That's fucking stupid.



You really are retarded.



>Weebfags start using jap term for something that already had a term in English

nah, you're a cunt.


File: d7b29da6aaf3077⋯.png (290.92 KB, 691x576, 691:576, death.png)

>not knowing about ryonaRPG

how long until hgg ignores the existance of VH?


Where's the fucking update Innoxia. Don't make me get the belt again.



>looking foward to a .5

just wait for 9, doubt all the scenes left to convert will be there for tomorrow



I would love to see this game implement transformations over time as a curse effect. This could also be a "flavor" of cum or milk.


Don't start arguing over fetishes again you cucks.

So anyways, instead of complaining about lack of content, let's start actually modding in the content? c:

What do you guys wanna see first?



elves or vampires

But most of all more clothes



Oh they do. The law says they do.



Elves are like the vanilla of fantasy races. The only context elves are good in is as a subjugated slave race like the dirty fucks deserve to be.



>The only context elves are good in is as a subjugated slave race




I really don't see how anyone can be interested in any cosmetic additions. No matter what, the differences between races pretty much NEVER come up, doesn't change a single thing except for a handful of words in their appearance description.


File: 8afc22000349833⋯.jpg (945.8 KB, 844x3142, 422:1571, Soul mates comrades and fr….jpg)



A comrade i see



addictions and jinxes sort of work like that.


Like the clothing enchants?



>tfw you mess up quoting



Enchanted fluids that cause transformations as long as they are inside/covering someone? I actually had that thought myself a bit ago, cum that causes fertility gain specifically.



not as yet, that stuff also tends to get cleaned out quickly as well unless washing is forbidden.


File: 2ffbe4905309bd7⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 250x188, 125:94, 1399724911736.gif)


>addictions and jinxes sort of work like that.

Not him, but i like the idea of a more significant and more permanent debuff you get from losing

What i mean by 'more permanent' is that to remove the debuff you might have to complete a certain requirement or action, Like for example; "this curse cannot be removed unless you get anal creampied" or maybe "this curse cannot be removed unless you get a tramp stamp"

you know actual debuffs that cannot be removed with a single potion antidote. Hell, the curse could get progressively worse and force your character to keep doing different things to their body or wear or not wear certain types of clothing to stop the debuff.

Alternatively, like the previous anon mentioned, a curse that gets worse overtime would also be pretty neat. I mean technically you could do the same with clothes, but its all limited to Weekly/daily/hourly, what i really want is a curse that has effects one after each other and so you have to try and remove it before completely turns you into a furry.

What I mean is a random furry transformation potion effect, except daily/hourly and you have to try and get it removed before its complete


>Enchanted fluids that cause transformations

I wouldn't mind being able to enchant my sperm with something other than a minor debuff

I mean being able to cum in someone and watch them change would be pretty cool, and if you kept coming in them you would eventually completely change them



>I've (finally) managed to get all of the sex actions converted to the NPC-on-NPC system, so, with that all done

well shit, outplayed by innoxia


So what happens to the babies born from two slaves? Do you just meet them in the alleyways?



Can you even breed two slaves rn?



Yes! She even tells you who knocked her up.



>repeated orgasms into the same target with special cum would force some kind of change on them

That's an interesting idea. I'd personally love to enchant my cum to make my targets more feminized. Forcing dickgirls to lose their cock, or feminizing masculine-looking females. If you could set the "level" at which this happened that would be a nice addition. I.e. I want to make it so my cum turns all of my victims into titty-monsters with a cow tail, so it's technically a cow-morph kind of thing, but make it so that the transformation stops when it reaches my desired point. The in-game enchant system already uses a similar approach with it's minor/major/weekly/hourly/daily formula. Something like that, but scaled to the "furry preference" meters in the options screen.


File: 53194f5c172abe1⋯.png (3.25 MB, 1065x1600, 213:320, Girls on the internet Bitc….png)


The problem with that is that it ruins some of the balance in the game

What i mean is that it would be cheaper to use it on yourself or a slave and transform all the rest without using potions

It would also fuck over some of the NPCs, especially the doughnut-touch OCs, although considering you can change the sex of that shitty incubus and have no change in reactions, it probably wouldn't change much

>tfw you will never have a purifying cock that turns all the maximum furry faggots into human chicks whilst you fuck them in the ass, and every time you cum they will lose a bit of themselves, piece by piece

>tfw you will never be given a curse that would force you to wear sluttier clothing each day, and as it grows stronger will force you to get tattoos that would automatically enchant with random debuffs


>You no longer have the superpower of involuntarily pausing time while having sex. (Time now advances 1 minute per action.)

My prayers has been answered, holy shit. Or at least one of them.



That doesn't mean that they actually do though.



I'm still waiting for belts that aren't condom belts.

Black leather dress belts, cowboy belts with big buckles to go with the cowboy hat and boots, chain belts, spiked punk belts, maybe with a spiked collar and wrist bands to go with them, a simple rope belt if you like dressing your slaves like peasants, gaudy bejeweled belts for mages, and finally get the option to hang used condoms from the condom belt.



The transformation potions do already have a random transormation option for their given race. You could set your cum to cause a random trasformation eery hour, until set level of transformation has been reached. Imagine enchanting your cum to do this with 5 different random racial trnasformation, making it impossible for the level of racial parts to be met, so the npc will be this ever changing, morphing chimera of different races. You could revisit them and fuck a different creature every time.



You can't wash out what's in your stomach though, and it drains slower too.



how -do- I go about drawing inkscape



>Like the clothing enchants?

What I had in mind for the transformations over time effect would function like the psychedelic events. I wouldn't be surprised if something like this is already planned.



Clearly you're not familiar with how laws work. Trust me, if the law says you consent to something, you do.


can someone share 2.8.5 pls



There are also laws saying that you can't sign away rights, and to do so is illegal.

Regardless, an exception was made for criminals.



The crimilals this started with were already law-breakers. So why would they start to abide the law now? Do they gain anything from it?

Unless there is some law that says 'get enslaved or die, your choice' your point is moot. And even then, picking the lesser evil is not really consent, just self-preservation.

Lastly, just reading about how freshly enslaved -100/-100 characters react to you makes it clear they don't consent. They just have no hope to escape with that collar on.



Just because they're forced to consent to a thing legally, doesn't mean that they in actuality consent to said thing.

Clearly you're not familiar with how consent works.


I just modded in two pieces of clothing and now the .jar won't even open? The window breifly appears before fucking off.



nevermind, just realised I had put it into irbinx res folder instead of custom folder.



>What i mean by 'more permanent' is that to remove the debuff you might have to complete a certain requirement or action, Like for example; "this curse cannot be removed unless you get anal creampied" or maybe "this curse cannot be removed unless you get a tramp stamp"

This would be excessively limiting for the player, when inno say she diden't want to introduce forced gameplay he/she referred to this, the great majority of player woun't like it, hell even coc and tits have very limited content like this and it's easily skippable, maybe a toggle could allow that but it still would be a lot of work to integrate it with all characters correctly unless purely rng generic scene are fine, and that is just not worth it



As the anon who originally brought up the idea of a curse/hex branch of magic, what I had in mind was more in the way of something that would fuck with your physique, arcane, damage, and resistances in a way that would get progressively worse unless you took something like an antidote. Maybe make it to where angel nectar can be enchanted to remove specific curses.

It wouldn't be a huge impact to the gaming, but if you were to get caught outside in an arcane storm with your stats continuously degrading and no cure on hand it could definitely be an interesting challenge.



Post mod



>Just because this blatantly isn't a scam doesn't mean it isn't a scam



I mean, it's just wristbands and a belt to go with the punk collar. Nothing fancy




wait wtf, how does mega work.





These actually look good

Post them on discord and there's sensible chance they will get in




I've completely forgotten how to start the quest Scarlett is involved in. I pacified the harpies, but can't talk to the last queen.



I'm retarded and just found how to. Typical.



You have to talk to the shop Scarlett runs in Slaver alley to start the quest. Then you can talk to her Matriarch afterwards




The dicks existing isn't the issue, the size of them is. All of them are either sub-4-inch or huge tentacle-covered third legs.


For some reason I keep getting the message "Incompatible characters" at the bottom of my screen. is this because I imported my last PC as a slave?



Works fine for me, thnx famalam.



>get the option to hang used condoms from the condom belt

That's already in the game and it happens on its own automatically.



To nitpick: that's technically not an option, since you can't prevent it from automatically hanging them on the belt.



I'm actually having trouble getting my own mod to work, and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong




I found out what the problem was, it was caused by my name containing a space. The text appears when an invalid character is used in one's name



Last night I encountered a succubus in the club that liked being pregnant but hated vaginal. I believe that she was meant to be the mother of Christ reborn.



This is what condoms are for: you fill one up with your jizz, then give it to her so she can apply it's contents to her vagina without the need for all that nasty "intercourse".



That feature been added yet? I assumed that's where the used condom functionality would go, aside from forcing/asking someone to drink it.


File: 26ea3c48fffe514⋯.jpg (362.12 KB, 611x407, 611:407, 1426283189969.jpg)

>it took 2 years to get to

3 more years until alpha gentlemen.


File: d66e7b031a25a22⋯.png (75.15 KB, 1344x495, 448:165, screenshot from the autism….png)

File: 9334777090cf372⋯.png (21.68 KB, 1347x90, 449:30, another screenshot from th….png)



C'mon goys, why don't you like shitscord? We have attention-whoring trannies, and people who want excuses to post nudes of their whalecarcass bodies so they can get autistic furries to orbit them! What more could you ask for?


File: 1a481d020af98bb⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 4:3, 230784124.gif)


>And i noticed a lot of people have body image issues, and a place to talk about their images would help at least a bit, i think

Discord to discuss a furry text smut game by day, a discord to spread body image positivity by night.

You can't make this shit up.



>screencap doesn't contain Crow's Tumblr-level gender autism

>screepcap doesn't contain the fuckery that is the roleplaying channel, or nomer loudly declaring their submissive-as-fuck nature at least once every hour

>screencap only contains one instance of nomer being a whiny tranny man-bitch

4/10 shitscord screencap



>He actually remembers their names

>He visits channels unrelated to game

And there I thought I was faggot for using Discord but you somehow managed to overshadow me


File: efd972756b35d63⋯.jpg (46.77 KB, 403x392, 403:392, 12023753245.jpg)


>He's a regular at shitscord




The whole point is to be undercover. Getting to some stupid contest defeats the purpose of the whole thing Anon.



You seem to be in the know, make a better screen cap and post it.


More NPC names when? I hate doing the impregnation roulette and seeing two characters both being called Hank or Jake or Bramble or whatever.



Extend the list and send it to Innoxia if you want more names


File: 292a774b07ddaf5⋯.png (439.43 KB, 3000x2400, 5:4, 1495957904185.png)


thanks fren



You fucked up the "res" man. A lot of the dialog is missing now.



I'm not sure what exactly I fucked up, there's a res folder isn't there? Is something missing?




Try downloading again, I think I solved the problem.


File: 5f3ae37ac3ed331⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 480x792, 20:33, when you see a cuck.jpg)



Oh god, that transtrender

I once tried getting a clarification from her, considering tumblr language is anything but clear, and she went on for an hour about how I was a "transphobe", tossing it out like it was the biggest insult one could ever lob.

Of course, that faggot mod Nnxx repeatedly threatened to ban me for disagreeing with her bullshit, but didn't say a word about her going on for a damn hour after I stopped responding.

Never seen this Nomer faggot, though. Maybe because I've muted every channel except suggestions, bugs and modding.




She claims to be a female to male.

I think she's just doing it for attention, and not actually suffering from gender dysphoria. So I won't call her a guy like she demands.


Did the modified age version get updated yet?




What about "it"?




I like you, lad.



Does "it" have a dick, and if so, pics plz?



No, it loves to constantly parrot the phrase that it's a boy with a vagina.

So a girl playing pretend.


File: 52eda4f9a81ea95⋯.jpg (26.92 KB, 410x410, 1:1, 198346363346.jpg)


>Not even a cute trap with a feminin penis and a nice little boipussy

Truly the darkest timeline.



Not that I know of, the translator who did it first hasn't been in the thread to say they are going to update it and I have not started my attempt at merging it forward just in case it turns out not to be that simple and ends up being a weekend project.



Likely. I have some difficulty seeing Innoxia actually wanting to add cuck shit, but also not wanting to say "no" to anyone.

I will resume the beatings to hopefully improve the situation.



>likes being pregnant

>hates receiving vaginal

Enema syringes when?



Innoxia, please don't use dev time on adding in cuckold stuff, i'll do your laundry for like a week, i promise.


File: a0606db3737b6e9⋯.png (4.21 KB, 196x78, 98:39, cuck planned.png)


Sorry, it's planned, which means it WILL take official development time by Innoxia personally.



>Innoxia is going to spend 2-4 weeks implementing some half assed feature she isn't even that interested in.

Just end me now.



>Not interested in.

Hopefully she'll just make something really quick and then just drop it like the shit it is. The REAL problem is when the devs have even the most minute sliver of interest in it and suddenly the entire fucking game is about it.



Can't wait to see this fetish interpreted as "teenage harpy eviction".



Why can you never be the one doing the cucking in games?



I guarantee you all it's going to be is support for a rudimentary relationship system,bit of text saying "You see a ring on the feminine greater wolf-morph's finger" and text during sex that says "But I'm married!" with Tsukaima (the one person volunteering to write cuckshit in that image)

writing all of it.


Invade Zaranix's home, impregnate his dominatrix maid lover, impregnate his other two maids, stuff his ass with cum. Seems like you're cucking him to me.



Some furries just like seeing all their OCs fucking each other regardless of their canon relationships and the player, or decide their character canonically is the best at fucking so everyone else gets NTR'd.

Saying that, I think there are quite a few netori games and elements.


Wish you could use used condoms to knock yourself up. Why? I dunno.



I don't stuff his ass with cum, I force him to revert back to a full succubus form and fuck her pregnant so the 4 of them can be happy moms together.



You shouldn't even need condoms if there's a milking room available, but fluid management's a bit limited these days.



I wonder if there will be an option to gender shift the story npcs. Or at least the demons.

I want to turn them all male.


File: 9e23e6cb200e022⋯.jpg (32.31 KB, 720x447, 240:149, ab5a956c7927b991a096d9cc1a….jpg)


Fuck, i thought it was a joke… I just hope we can disable this shit in the options



Likely will given how much of this game can be gated already.



She should tease it every week but never actually release it. The ultimate cuckolding.




I merge it to latest time to time, check the repo. It's a side thing for me at the moment however, so don't expect fancy shit like autobuilds, you gotta build it yourself.



Nice to hear from you, are you open to suggestions / commits or should I keep my hands off?


I am making an attempt to bring that mod back up to date.

Do we know if adding stuff in the middle of a list break saves while adding it to end does not? or was that just a personal choice by the last author?


File: 60af7f502807639⋯.png (227.8 KB, 858x725, 858:725, ANGER.png)



edit:removed name

Post last edited at


File: f257aa26835460f⋯.jpg (260.58 KB, 489x1200, 163:400, i was only pretending to b….jpg)


File: 7e29c5d46832367⋯.jpg (35.26 KB, 458x461, 458:461, mad bacon.jpg)


This is the future you chose



Well, another game ruined by these chuckle fucks. It was fun while it lasted. See you nerds for the next one.


File: 2b6cf4643bfee77⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Carlos.jpg)


Don't you mean, fuckle cucks?


File: 8c50ff4902497c1⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 960x941, 960:941, I've got the urge to purge.jpg)


Fact is, it very well might be if Inno caves to these fucking "people".

Cucks have a very bad habit of ruining everything they touch because they really want to push the narrative that their bullshit is the natural state of things, and if they're not immediately met by extreme hostility whenever they appear, they mistake tolerance for their existence with being handed the keys to the castle and flood in to shove it everywhere.



Innoxia is fairly active though, the louder and the more people yell about cuck content the better the chances it's either not added at all or be some simple flavor text like >>225946



It'll be toggle-able like LITERALLY everything else. That's not going to stop ultra fags from crying cuck nonstop like they do in LITERALLY every thread.



Yeah no I have no issue with it being in the game for the people who want it. Just saying the option is there.

So long as implementing it happens late enough in the game's development, proportional to how small a subset of the community want it.



>I was merely pretending

now the fault it's on you



you are gay



People's problem isn't that it exists, it's that it's forced into everything and tries to take over while the cucks try to act smug and morally superior. Like your post, actually.


File: c665c667d9a53e6⋯.png (194.3 KB, 505x568, 505:568, 1514526720354.png)


>do swinging and NTR ERP on the side for fun and because it is a good way to set up a threesome

>mfw actual cuckoldry

I have a feeling there aren't any actual unabashed cuckolds, at least not even nearly as many as people think. Even in the comment sections, it's obviously just two or three faggots havin' a giggle. It is both the case of the loud minority and the fact that enforcing it is (((someone's))) agenda, and I wouldn't at all be surprised that plenty of people are being paid to spread it in the news and general culture.

But besides that, cuckolding is a shit fucking fetish. I'd rather have vore. At least that one would make sense, because there's a bunch of rando thugs and prostitutes everywhere, while cuckolding requires, you know, the prerequisite of a romantic relationship, which currently does not exist outside of very limited circumstances.



>suggestions / commits

Sure, I'll add them to issues or something as a backlog.



That it's being actively pushed as part of an agenda is undeniable.

It's supposed virtues have been reported in very biased news articles multiple times.


File: 468a4cb7afe26d7⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 5213x3000, 5213:3000, Traps are Straight mlp my ….jpg)


> I'd rather have vore

If it would help me kill these furry abominations i would take it

Unfortunately I'm still stuck with a blade that phases through degenerates without harming them

On the bright side, in order to actually put NTR into the game you have to supply some kind of romantic interest which we currently do not have, meaning more character plot might be added into the game instead of another species of dog-abomination

Worst case scenario, the cat furry in the shopping center in going to be fucked by those two thugs if you try to romance her personally i don't mind that happening if you chose to sleep with them or lost to them to get nyan the clothing, it would feel like a punishment well deserved


File: a13e737e73ffa28⋯.jpg (108.61 KB, 881x905, 881:905, Desuvult crusade Christian….jpg)


Fug wrong pic

It was supposed to be this one



What if hes doing it for the purpose of transforming them into woman?

protip: hes still gay



You need to sort your images, horsefucker.


File: 0c67087b410c25a⋯.png (92.09 KB, 922x821, 922:821, calmeth_thy_mammaries.png)


The suggestion has been floating around since last year.


File: d4ed03b3a2f6671⋯.jpg (592.99 KB, 1114x1600, 557:800, ane naru mono.jpg)

File: 088c86023474893⋯.jpg (722.3 KB, 836x1200, 209:300, __chiyo_ane_naru_mono_draw….jpg)

File: 88e24ccc9f7568b⋯.jpg (729.9 KB, 1226x1734, 613:867, __chiyo_ane_naru_mono_draw….jpg)

File: 66de25b314ad791⋯.jpg (710.49 KB, 1200x1694, 600:847, __chiyo_ane_naru_mono_draw….jpg)

File: 0d0f597a97f2193⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 870x1333, 870:1333, Horny aneki.jpg)


Was she so busty?


File: ef1b135e95485ca⋯.jpg (141.73 KB, 728x1041, 728:1041, sis.jpg)


Last pic.



>with a thousand young

>Was she so busty?

If she's not she should be.




That's A LOT of breastfeeding.


File: cb2788b4095d623⋯.jpg (109.99 KB, 510x765, 2:3, lovecraft.jpg)


Lovecraft would be fucking livid.



You know what would be even better than actually damaging combat?

Death by snu-snu. Fucking them to death. An option to make the 2 foot long cocks actually realistic, and tear apart throats and cave in lungs each time you fuck one of the back alley tramps. Leave a trail of bloated and disfigured cadavers in back alleyways like in some wet dream of Paul Verlaine.

Or do it the more conventional way of plain and ordinary sexual death through the use of asphyxiation, decapitation, crushing and impaling, stabbing and exsanguinating. It'd make the game all the more exciting if you could have it committed to you if you weren't careful enough. You know, actual stakes and failure conditions that aren't you simply getting bored.


File: 41ca83fce598ab6⋯.png (599.55 KB, 1280x716, 320:179, Worried.png)





Shitty impregnation/offspring system lowkey made me drop LT. It's just really bad. For a game that does mental gymnastics with causing damage in fights as not to imply people get gruesomely wounded, having a world where kids are born in a WEEK and grow up in less than that is fucking insane.

I'd rather everyone be sterile, or impregnated with magic as part of demons' no procreation allowed policy or fucking something.



>Ugh, why does it seem like this text based porn game was built around smut, and fap fuel with actual game mechanics thrown in as an afterthought?



>Lol yea they just grow up immediately with all knowledge of an adult it just happens bro :3

Holy fucking mother of asspulls. Innoxia didn't even try with that one.


File: 4b7045aed708f4d⋯.png (423.65 KB, 956x1400, 239:350, A vision of hell.png)


>For a game that does mental gymnastics with causing damage in fights as not to imply people get gruesomely wounded, having a world where kids are born in a WEEK and grow up in less than that is fucking insane.

Didn't we have a conversation about this a couple threads ago and concluded that the PC and his offspring are all long-lived (if not immortal) and that normal demons die off like mayflies?

Although back then i don't think we had the age mechanic…

Regardless, its similar to a Xian xia novel except in reverse, where the MC is literally attacked by everyone and absurd amounts of casualties occur around him, the rest of the Xian Xia world is actually peaceful most of the time. In Liliths throne, the opposite occurs, where the world around the MC is peaceful and not fatal, whilst the rest of the world is filled with demons living the lifespans of mayflies.



Personally, I think he'd be scared stiff.


File: 58c792e55bb1bd1⋯.jpg (39.19 KB, 634x462, 317:231, Pissed off Mana chan angry….jpg)


What's the general opinion on this type of sex system? I tend to feel that the way sex plays out in this game when you've seen it once you've seen it all. I prefer the CoC style. Basically to me it's the difference between procedural generation and hand crafted level designs, or in this case procedural and hand written sex scenes.



I like it, it's like Eragames', just needs more work on the variation depending on what the characters features are



Just have it actually account for the bodily modifiers of the ones involved in the sex, and it'll be gold.



>No NTR please

>NTR isn't something i'm into but i'll make it avoidable

>just a little down in the page

>Any chance of loli\shota added?

>I don't like loli\shota so it won't appear

What a fucking cuckquean, what kind of dumb whore thinks loli\shota don't deserve to be in the game but says yes to cuckshit?



Despite how unfinished it is, I prefer the way LT handles it. The procedural generation works well for me because I'm able to disable or hide anything I'm not interested in other than unique NPCs. If I never go back to CoC it will still be too soon.



Maybe Innoxia REALLY doesn't like shota/loli stuff.



She lives in England. You know, the place that arrests more people for saying hurtful things on Twitter than there are days in on the calendar. You'll just have to hope someone end up taking the time to make a mod or something.



Both are disgusting filth.



They arrest more people for imaginary, victimless crime than they do actual pedophiles.



did a compile of the latest pedo's throne for you lazy sickos out there


File: 7b56ac06512254e⋯.jpg (285.91 KB, 900x1056, 75:88, 7b56ac06512254ef8b930c67f3….jpg)


Domo arigatou.



Probably because NTR still involves adults. It's disgusting, but not as bad as fucking children.



Keep it safe, keep it secret, If the word leaks out she will rewrite the systems we are subverting so that instead of generating new citizens including the lolis and shotas we will just end up in OC land with a fixed pool.


Much appreciated, I'm still plugging away at the content in the bee mod.



two to three samefags, at the most.



hello me



What does this mod change exactly?



>Didn't we have a conversation about this a couple threads ago and concluded that the PC and his offspring are all long-lived (if not immortal) and that normal demons die off like mayflies?

that was a hypothesis that was advanced, but it doesn't really hold up. something still has to be reducing the population other than old age, since surviving to be able to reproduce = at a minimum replacement rate. If people don't live long that makes large litter sizes fitness promoting which means that TFR just relentlessly goes up along with population.

War, emmigration, aggressive enforcer action, and the rest of the world not being quite as reproduction happy as lilin(and the PC) are really the only ways to square the setting with reality.



on the subject of the setting and NTR, it is prohibitively expensive to NTR a lilin since they and we can just stack jinxed clothing onto someone.



I believe currently if you enable age content you can lower your age below 18, adds age descriptions for the new age ranges, and that any children born age up to ~4~6(?) years rather than 18 before going out into the world for you to find them.


File: 2587343794b71df⋯.png (9.19 KB, 1785x40, 357:8, ClipboardImage.png)


Why the fuck does this particular download shit on me? Picrelated. It starts out fine but quickly drops. I copied it to my mega cloud and managed to DL up to 80% with decent speed (direct download dropped down to below 1kbps at ~65-75% using different browsers). My quota is nowhere near reached.




>the rest of the world not being quite as reproduction happy as lilith(and the pc)

I think these are the most likely.

Maybe the setting is recovering from some kind of collapse and Lilith or whoever is encouraging citizens to breed for the purpose of recolonization.



or innoxia is lazy and just asspulled it


How the fuck would NTR work? The cat girl in the mall is the only "romance" character in game. Unless some of the randoms get spawned in with a married trait or something.



NTR stuff will probably be added in after the "true love" stuff. So late 2022.



Some random guy is going to sneak into your home, fuck all your girls, impregnate them, and make them addicted to their cum. Probably steal a few as well.



Probably an exclusionary version of spitroast, orgy, etc. with some voyeur and denial kink overlap. I wouldn't be surprised to see some custom NPCs offer a special option during conversation. It'll likely affect combat losses more than anything else.



>Custom NPCs

Wooh-Howdy, here comes the "Mine is bigger than yours" OC-please-do-not-steal characters!



obviously I sneak into his home, fuck and impregnate all his girls and make them addicted to my cum, and then I'll steal them



>all are wearing multiple stacked layers of jinxed clothes

>all are missing vaginas

>all hate all sex acts

>all have lust resistance at max and fertility at -100

waifu-lock can protect your loved ones from faceless fat bald man.


File: 7ea29cb0942759e⋯.png (29.02 KB, 721x288, 721:288, Capturelul.PNG)

Not sure if this was capped yet.



>Why do cucks always need to shit up a game?



I wish futafaggots would leave Hyenas alone, holy shit.




>Lots of people like it, but won't admit it


File: 3c6a77c9286e780⋯.png (6.13 KB, 343x125, 343:125, ClipboardImage.png)

pls y



It's comforting to know that somewhere there'll a player traveling through a city full of futa gnolls of varying sizes and shapes unable to fuck any of them.


File: c65290a4faf6248⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 280x224, 5:4, 1512613048228.gif)



tfw like hyenas but hate futafaggots.


is there a mod for violence. Not just in the combat, but like, for choking and slapping your partner and such


File: 8c85c2e12db9fb7⋯.jpg (575.92 KB, 1240x904, 155:113, 0a3df6fa275c4f3a24d84c5e99….jpg)

File: 8a2809767ed3988⋯.jpg (630.38 KB, 844x955, 844:955, 1219a1454e883e53e896fcafa4….jpg)


Nothing wrong with having a few mares in your harem.


File: 938bfeba8b2602e⋯.png (585.5 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Fucking animals


File: 7553bb9985e79b0⋯.png (253.43 KB, 747x906, 249:302, 84b9df5c8c2f1c5664f16b1e91….png)

File: a02ab9965030fd0⋯.png (220.87 KB, 646x666, 323:333, 935650e10c79e6a90b60f516e5….png)



I wish they'd stop treating it like an actual dick, and like the protruding vagina it is.

Hell, the fucking thing retracts when they're aroused.


File: f3e3b0330049b99⋯.jpg (34.39 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1529465066924.jpg)


>Mare on mare lesbianism

Sometimes i wonder if god just ignores humanity and all it's prayers and calls of help out of shame and disgust.








So it's just going to be a text porn game version of the FoBs from MGSV. I can get behind this idea.


Futafags already ruined gnolls for me, leave the god dam hyenas alone. Not surprised its paired with cuckery bullshit.



that just defeats the purpose of blinders if they are going to turn towards each other like that.



I don't like Psuedo penises either. I just want to fuck a gnoll.


File: a56bef7898853f8⋯.png (453.64 KB, 800x2000, 2:5, Getting desperate.png)


And the gnoll wants to fuck YOU, random citizen.

Or anyone, really. He's so desperate.



My statement wasn't so much a recommendation for CoC as it was simply using that as a counterexample. Almost everyone on this board should be at least familiar enough with CoC to know how it handles sex scenes. That is to say that the entire scene is pre-written with a few text hooks to mention what kind of parts you have (and some alt scenes if those parts are sufficiently weird).

LT is basically "press button to thrust", "press other button to thrust doggy style". The content has EVEN LESS variance based on anatomy (you still get refrences to your doggy dick or whatever, but few if any alternate scenes because your dick is ludicrously huge or something), and there is basically no difference from one character to the next. Once you've seen all the motion+attitude combinations you've seen everything the game has to offer, and it's not really a lot.

A game like CoC is only as good as it's writing and content choices, and I know that a LOT of people aren't happy with one of both of those things. A game like LT can never really be good at all because it HAS no writing.



Interactivity and wide variety of well written choices always trumps your massive wall of linear tl;dr text written by a mentally ill furry who dropped out of uni, which will never change. LT lacks proper text currently, perhaps because Inno is too inexperienced.



>Game that's finished has more content than game that isn't even half done

Gee, you think?


File: 2f1d6bf1c3a11d9⋯.png (39.54 KB, 938x306, 469:153, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e96a5210f62dd86⋯.png (9.18 KB, 405x30, 27:2, ClipboardImage.png)

That feel when you actually don't want to be raped this freak.


File: 08d374c6470b7a7⋯.png (675.38 KB, 865x720, 173:144, ClipboardImage.png)


What he said. Nyukka.


File: 6ca572fded511c4⋯.jpg (236.59 KB, 850x1365, 170:273, milf nagato.jpg)


>no shota

fuck there goes my dream of getting dominated by qt3.14 milf oneesan



If we've got god damn rainbow body patterns now, we should just go ahead and get chameleons and cuttlefish so we can have some shit that can use it without it being fucking retarded.



woops meant for this anon




Eh, sometimes I'm into the wall of text, other times I want to chose specifically how I knock my succubus daughter up with some grand kids. I'm not really happy with where fen and his merry band of OC writers have gone with the games, but I'd rather have both options than just LT or Fenshit.



Even if I put aside my distaste for CoC, I would still be bored with a wall of text. The interaction in LT sex is so limited in its description that everything requires imagining it in my head (where it looks the best) and that's why it stays fresh long after multiple repeat encounters. When it comes to prewritten sex scenes, I'd rather just write something myself and get exactly what I want than spend time cultivating a character for a specific sequence that I'll never play again.


Also this.



indeed here it goes my fetish of being breastfed milk by a cute huge boobed milf while she gives me an handjob.

Or have a loli virginal lover.




Maybe once the sex system stops being overhauled we can gather the talent in here to code them in ourselves.


Is panty scene bugged in 0.8.5? I cant do anything once next action makes me orgasm.

Downloaded >>225373 one.


File: 28b233bc2baf61c⋯.mp4 (274.03 KB, 360x360, 1:1, How about no.mp4)


If this cuckshit gets in I'm going to stick to the version before this cancer gets added. Fuck it, I'm not dealing with that garbage because some retards convinced her dumb ass to add it by "merely pretending".



>it's another "futafag pretends to have standards" episode


I'm abandoning my attempt at updating the bee mod at least for the time being.



By being a futafag, you have the highest standards by default.


File: 6cbfa280ee5e843⋯.png (491.19 KB, 803x414, 803:414, FO01_NPC_Master_B.png)


>By being a futafag, you have the highest standards by default.

You must be joking.


File: ac17828b50aa264⋯.png (509.41 KB, 1136x1600, 71:100, 032.png)


Given Innoxia's track record it will surely be behind a content switch. Also with this being a sandbox and all you can turn on some of the content you would hate and play against it or be the one who does it, like how you can get raped by pix or turn the tables on her, it should also be possible for the player to steal/enslave the companions of alleyway attackers when the multiple attackers get implemented for random encounters, while giving the player more incentives for not losing their battle if they have companions of their own.


Newbie modding friend here.

For the age mod I've found the lines of code that randomly assign ages to the NPCs as they are spawned, previously it was a 19-50 range and I was curious what people would want if it is a fixed range or if I should try to modify in an options setting for it.



The best thing would be a toggle button for it, where you can set the age range along with the age content option. I don't know how hard that would be to implement though, so if that's too much I would just want it to be from 16 to 30



Its at +40 and is months old while most things in there average +150 and up. If its on the list, its REALLY low.


File: 0056cfb72c3c278⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1267x705, 1267:705, 005.png)

REALLY trying to hammer in that getting the update on-time and completed would be a game changer. If she doesn't do it this time; I will assume she'll never do it.


Futa is fine imo. It's basically vanilla as long as they don't look like dudes or have hairy balls or some shit.

Cuckshit is what you should be worried about. Seems like a lot of people are pushing for that. Everyone knows cucks and furries have infinite money to throw at H devs; it's like a stand ability.



>It's basically vanilla as long as they don't look like dudes or have hairy balls or some shit

Now imagine if that futa is fucking a girl instead of a guy. BOOM, now people who are into pregshit, and people who are into porn that is more than just tongue and fingering, can also fap to it.

Futa x female is best pairing, unless you're one of those fags who likes to self insert.



>Not stopping the attempted cucking

>Not taking the guy who tried to cuck you and enslaving him

>Not forcefeeding him transformative potions until he's nothing more than an easily aroused slut

>Not fucking him in front of the one he intended to fuck

>Not making him beg you for forgiveness while you dump a 25 liter load of cum into every hole he has

It's like you don't even see the potential



Anon, stop portraying yourself as a futa, it's really unbecoming even for a degenerate


Is revenge a fetish now?



>imply it'll ever be done and he won't keep milking you for shekels


>wide variety of well written choices

Good job describing neither game, retard.


File: f11251e57c67355⋯.jpg (82.55 KB, 555x770, 111:154, Dont touch me you filthy c….jpg)


>Is revenge a fetish now?

its been a fetish for ages anon

Its also partly why so many shitty shounen isekais are getting published into mangas and animes.

It also just occurred to me tat Liliths Throne is technically an isekai according to the current definition



> implying I'm paying for anything



What the fuck revenge or revenge exploitation or even revenge porn got to do with isekai??



>What the fuck revenge or revenge exploitation or even revenge porn got to do with isekai??

a lot of recent isekais have been using revenge as a major plot point

for example; that shield hero one and nidome no yuusha



>tfw you will never go to another world and instead of being the hero you just setup a shop and provide for the actual adventurers while making bank

why even live?




basically recettear isekai edition



A lot of the otome game isekai novels deal with a non-violent female protag and most of the time they make bank by doing that or other sales related things. They also tend to be better written than the generic isekai for some reason.



Is there a feature where your girls will expectantly jump on you begging for your cock/rape you if you haven't had sex with them in a while yet?



>Anon, stop portraying yourself as a futa

How am i doing that?




>Fucking a guy

How about no, you faggot?


Is there actually a way to get spells like Steal or Teleport?



debug menu only for now

they're going to be quest rewards at some point



enable use you in permissions.



>that scenario

This is all the more reason to add transformation over time affects to the game.



Isn't that already in the game through cloth enchants?



I think it's just things like +max cum/milk production every day/hour/minute, for some reason.



There are enchants for basically every stat + or - per hour. A couple of the new ones like uretheral capacity haven't been added yet I don't think.


File: 8fa5a61ef963cbd⋯.png (103.61 KB, 999x1009, 999:1009, d45f4fb3dea4a9a61f477336d6….png)


You can make body and fetish transformations over time with clothes too.

Pretty lame that you have to use clothes for it to work, and can't have over time effects in potions.


How does one get the loli/shota stuff working for the newest update? I wanna play a shota that gets fucked by horny milfs dammit!



Somewhat except that what I had in mind is something like a cursed cumshot or creampie that afflicts the target with an hourly decrease/increase in X/Y/Z for a certain time or until the curse is removed. Kind of like the affects of psycho cum. Alternatively, this affect could be administered through spells in combat.



"Dodge" and "Miss" stat are also not available yet, not sure why you may want to increase miss but so it is, technically even "+ to all elemental damage" and a direct increase to "Energy" and "Aura" are also missing but improbable will even be introduced


And how would you remove a permanent + effect when applied via potions? Another potion? Impractical at best, i do agree however that clothing should have enchantment not available by potions and so in reverse, it would make enchanting and alchemy two different set of skill, as the game seems to suggest they are


File: fc82dc1d0f15edc⋯.png (118.75 KB, 261x334, 261:334, AARGH!.png)

Shouldn't jinxed clothing pieces also be prevented from being shifted aside? I kind of expected that.

Now I can't trick people into fucking my ass thinking I'm a girl.



>Now I can't trick people into fucking my ass thinking I'm a girl.

<not shifting it aside to show you're a man right as he cums deep inside




>shift aside your panties and reveal your cock right when your partner is nearing the brink

>his pace changes to 'resisting'

>he cums in your ass, -50 affection

Get to work on it, Inno.



File: 1891c690bf7cc41⋯.gif (957.88 KB, 650x433, 650:433, 1531276188316.gif)



Innoxia plz


>You no longer have the superpower of involuntarily pausing time while having sex. (Time now advances 1 minute per action.)

Wew lads, get the memes ready, literally cumming in 3 minutes



More like

>now I can unload unlimited amounts of cum into my fucktoys without stopping, running in a circle until I refill, and then coming back to start again



Just disable cum limits? Always full that way



I wonder if this also means scorpions for the desert and crustaceans for the beach?



>He attempts to hold back, but all he can muster is a weak "n-no homo" as his balls slap yours one final time



At the moment there is not an all in one download link so for the age mod on bleeding edge 'patreon' version you could either compile it yourself in git OR you need the compiled age moded game jar from >>226456 and then you need to download the github build from the OP as a zip, unpack it and move the base level res folder to the same location that you downloaded the jar to and then it should be okay to just throw away the rest of the github zip contents.


File: abd1529514aed53⋯.png (958.94 KB, 1063x794, 1063:794, hYT37uK.png)


Yeah I was bummed about that too, I was wearing jinxed aviators and bandana sealed on to be an incognito prostitute, even dyed my hair, switched piercings and changed name for RP purposes, but they can just shift the mask aside.

I mean I suck at art but how would I go about making modded clothing items just for my own amusement? I'd love one of those kink masks. I could probably just poorly trace one and turn that into whatever.



Everything is in the .svg format. Get inkscape or something similar and crack open the game .jar and navigate through the resources to look at some item .svgs for reference. Then just follow examples in the mod folder.


File: 12ae1d0c6d9d843⋯.mp4 (509.02 KB, 880x544, 55:34, dr. evil riiiiight.mp4)



Refugees welcome.



Oh, so codemonkey broke something again, right?



>no a girl

>wants to get fucked in the ass

Double gay.


How do you become a succubus, if you can? I assume you just have to have an extremely high corruption.



Innoxia's Gift, I think. Drops from defeated succubi.



Thx, mate.






Wish you guys could see what I see.


File: 1ac2c7ae746b60e⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, medathink.jpg)


Did you fap too hard and broke your brain?


Is it possible to enslave a succubi or change their default form? I'm not talking about named NPCs, just the ones you can encounter in the back alleys.


File: 00f87b4300ce62b⋯.png (43.24 KB, 200x173, 200:173, 200px-MM3D_Majora's_Mask.png)

File: c2fe758efcfa9b5⋯.png (9.32 KB, 200x173, 200:173, edit.png)

File: 2d6ceeb8a88eab7⋯.png (17.2 KB, 200x200, 1:1, edit2.png)

File: 1c7d61ad23458ba⋯.png (97.54 KB, 1500x884, 375:221, fucking dreamers1.png)


yeah I figured out the SVG conversion and am working on some high level meme cancer but I cannot code for shit since I spent that entire class in high school playing Halo 1 on LAN but once I have some free time I'll piece it together. I'm not gonna submit it or anything just doing this for my own amusement but here's what I've been working on. I have no idea how to make the colors more "full" I guess so that's my main dilemma here never did much photoshopping.



You can enslave/transform every rando nobody you come across



Defeat any random succubi in the dark alley, the one tinted purple, enslave them like you would do with regular random npcs, then a transformation menu become available, you can change most physical attributes from there, including their gender


What happened to special clothes?

Only the "for rent daddymommy" and mega milk are available EVERY day



Did you do the mission for her?


Did you want any particular effects on the new clothing?



Yes, the whole menu is blocked before doing the mission meaning I wouldn't see even these three

Another question: is there a way of upgrading the spells yet? I don't know how I can get points - if there's even a way of getting them



You can buy them from the wolf bitch



Upgrading, Anon

I already have the spells



You can buy them from the wolf bitch, retard.


Why are bodily changes when enchanting clothing limited to permanent periodic changes instead of changing right away and reverting back once the piece of clothing is unequipped? Am I missing something?



Found it. Thanks, Anon



It's harder to do it your way. Also what happens if you tf yourself after putting on the clothes that tf you instantly?


File: 03a82f6e416dabf⋯.jpg (120.81 KB, 850x899, 850:899, 554.jpg)


Shapeshifter here, but it's still the same idea.



>It's harder to do it your way.

How so?

>Also what happens if you tf yourself after putting on the clothes that tf you instantly?

Wouldn't they just get added to your character like normal if the piece of clothing doesn't interfere and get obscured if the piece of clothing overrides it?

I knew about the periodic changes, but I thought it was possible to instantly change/revert too.



Western art is disgusting.



>have dog dong

>put on pants of horse dick, hat of squirrel cock, socks of demon benis and belt of alligator shlong

>drink potion changing dick to human

What happens when you remove the socks



>What happens when you remove the socks

Flared sheathed scaly tentacled porcupine dick explodes.



Each newest piece of clothing put on overrides the last conflicting transformation.

So it would be like

horse < squirrel < demon < gator into

horse < squirrel < gator

Your dog benis would be changed into a human's underneath it.

Though I admit that clicking "Equip all" would fuck that up. Not sure how you'd fix that.




I guess you could assign an order of which items go first in that that only applies to automatically equipped items. I guess it would be more difficult to implement with all the variables involved (though I don't actually know if it really is any more difficult than managing all the other things in the game right now). But it would allow for more fun gameplay imo.



that only applies*

I need to go to sleep.


Does anyone else get this bug where you have to scroll down like three pages to find the action buttons after you click on the items? It's only on the inventory screen that the interface jumps so low. Also, I don't know if it's part of the same bug, but I don't see any text on the inventory page other than tooltips and buttons. No description of transformations or even confirmation that the item was used.


File: c7819d223b32386⋯.png (73.32 KB, 477x567, 53:63, ClipboardImage.png)



If even one of those additions is completely done by the time this rolls around I will eat my shoe.

Also playing all the way through again, I've noticed that money gathering is retardedly easy regardless of difficulty level.



>A non-slavery way to get the Dominion alleyway attacker NPCs to move in with you

If only this one makes it I'm happy



I was gonna throw on some cocksucking related fetishes on the dick mask but mostly I just want to learn so I can eventually submit some needed clothing items that aren't currently in game such as belts and more tops. Is there a better tutorial around than what's found in the data files for the rental mommy shirt? That was confusing as fuck.


I'm super hyped for that but honestly s/he should have delayed it. Just focus on one thing, we're getting NPCs moving in, but only random alleyway ones none of the named NPCs from the nightclub or anything, then we're getting gloryholes in the nightclub but not an option to have guys lead you around and shit. Just like pick one specific thing to focus on and finish it don't half ass a whole bunch of things it makes the content feel even more staggered and incomplete for even longer than it has to be. I love the game but inno is just so goddamn annoying sometimes it's like trying to read the mind of an elder thing.



The best thing right now is knotted flared sheathed 14 inch human cock on a shemale for maximum surprise impregnation with hyper-refilling addictive psychedelic vanilla cum of course.



I hadn't read the file for those shirts before and unfortunately that file is pretty much the only commented code I've seen for the game, if modding in our own clothing catches on here we will have to write a much better template as asking artists and other less coding inclined people to go read giant uncommented files to hunt down the values is asinine.

I was just offering as I had already loaded up most of the uncompiled files into notepad++ so that I could search the entire fileset at once.


God damn it, I just thought of the cum/milk flavors that this game lets you have and started thinking about thanksgiving events. I can't stop laughing about just encountering wild turkey morphs with thanksgiving dinner in a can flavor fluids.


File: 778400dba3f94ef⋯.jpg (21.87 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 1527881676298.jpg)

Did Inno say she was gonna do a bigger revamp of the sex writing/sex system later or something? the one she supposedly did a while ago didn't change crap from what I can see.



Thanks but I plan on doing a whole lot of clothing modding as I've got a lot of free time on my hands and not a whole lot of hobbies so I figured this would be fun if I learned it from scratch.


I turned my tiddies into infinite psychedelic beer kegs and keep like 10 milkers on me at all times to keep the party going. I'm basically Nightlife's drug dealer.


Pretty sure that was all back-end stuff except for NPCs now acknowledge your parts requests (somewhat) in the latest version. It needs to be way more specific imho. Like I say

"use my mouth" and they take that to mean start kissing instead of "insert cock" unless you're referring to the NPC on NPC shit which is completely meaningless as there's no content for it.



>The encounter bugs out completely

>All attacker NPCs are treated as a single eldritch horror

>Nyan's/Finch's inventory still bugs out, but now you can buy the above-mentioned NPCs and release them in your home

It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight.



Neither webm plays with sound for me. The speaker icon is crossed and unclickable. The same file played locally plays with sound just fine.


Proper threesomes when?



8 years and 2 months give or take 24 hours


File: a66f248806212e3⋯.png (70.96 KB, 486x474, 81:79, 1481888905419.png)


Wow I am severely disappointed, the sex system needs a revamp along with the writing to add more depth into each action, if Inno is not gonna do that, I have zero hope for this game.



Innoxia said she would do just that after she's done with the nightlife stuff.



I see, hopefully that happens soon.



I think that inventory bug is caused by date contamination between two save files, are you seeing it with just one save file?



So next year.


File: 12eb0321cbca591⋯.png (5.52 KB, 263x85, 263:85, Peryton.png)

File: 1a16ff313ce2f33⋯.png (733.3 KB, 967x1000, 967:1000, Peryton5e.png)

Now we're talking!



Reading the planned features list is more fun than playing the actual game at this point.



I was joking about multiple NPCs in one encounter bugging out into a single NPC and ending up in Nyan's sales inventory, but I have been dealing with the restock bug. Each time it's with a clean install. I always torch the old directory and never import saves. Usually, it'll clear up after a certain amount of time in-game. Keep in mind that I'm still using 0282, so the issue is probably fixed.





Also, yeah, I'm seeing it across two files at minimum.


File: fc65816a4040066⋯.png (31.23 KB, 285x174, 95:58, nice.png)


>gloryhole content



Just a step away from the cuckold content, boys.


File: 0a9450bd2c32cc3⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Shiteb8m8.jpg)

All these comments about the "cuckold apocalypse" drawing near. Meanwhile, I'm just wondering how it'll allow me to abuse my attackers in several new ways. Are you guys sure you're not secretly cucks? I mean, you're being awfully persistent about it. Either that or you are severely insecure.

Let me mess you guys up then. Every single person you meet that isn't a virgin, HAS BEEN WITH SOMEONE ELSE. You've been cucked before you even met most of the women in this game! It's game over boys! The truth has been revealed! You were cucked from the start! This was always a cuckold game! You merely lived a life in denial of your unending cucking!


File: b8b77e34dfa4416⋯.jpg (105.64 KB, 400x563, 400:563, perytonfr3e.jpg)


I see your fifth edition and raise you one third edition FR bestiary supplement.



The way content works in this game actually makes me somewhat excited for cuck stuff

I want my bodyguards to have use and I doubt they will do anything beyond saving you some money without girl stealing

I mean just imagine not realizing one of your slaves got corrupted by enemy Lilin and slowly corrupting half of your cult before starting violent uprising assisted by enemy troops

Shit would be so cash




it will literally just be a subspecies of harpy with reindeer antlers



and elfs are just human with demon ears whats your point?


god I'd love an elf in my home



subspecies are completely unnecessary and add nothing


File: 6aad197aa00383c⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 800x598, 400:299, He's_right_you_know.jpg)



Those are razor-sharp stag antlers not fuzzy holiday cheer antlers. Completely unnecessary to be sure, but they are most certainly not reindeer antlers.



I wouldn't say that they are plain unnecessary, but it's pretty fucking stupid and hypocritical to say that elves aren't needed because "you can just add demon ears to a human" While saying that adding in more subspecies is fine.



Adding insult to injury, reindeer are included as a seasonal thing yet Christmas elves are just beyond the fucking pale.



Can we even become these subspecies? Is it something as simple as bodydying a cat morph pc with tiger stripes makes them a tiger morph?



you can find the exact requirements for being the different subspecies in the furry preferences menu


How do I unslime my character?



just enchant the slime tf item


File: b07807df31dbaab⋯.jpg (104.36 KB, 1100x609, 1100:609, conksug.jpg)



Sweet. Too bad it will be bare bones garbage.

>can't DP

>can't force party member to service cocks

>no events or meaningful impact on the game at large

>two descriptions over and over


Will Inno deliver?



One day, maybe.



>no events or meaningful impact on the game at large

Nothing but the main quest do, but to be fair neither in most other games


Subspecies is usually just 1 or 2 secondary body mod, like zebra is obtained by changing an horse tail with transformation species 2, done, the rest of the body apparently follow, somehow



wrong, fucking is fucking, only thing that makes it different is what you're fucking, don't care if the text says I'm doing it normaly or spinning like an helicopter


File: 5e23becabdcb7b6⋯.webm (283.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, albedo_stare.webm)


>or spinning like an helicopter

Now we are talking.



Seriously, am I the only one this happens to? Are you supposed to see transformation descriptions when you consume tranforming items? Is it normal to have to scroll for an hour to find the button to equip an item?



I have been getting that on openjdk 8 too since the parser update. Some anon in another thread said moving to another java version fixed the issue but I'm not doing that for reasons until java 11 is released (that's the LTS and Innoxia should stick to that one when it's out). I managed to get the gaps to be much smaller by resizing/maximizing the game window though.


File: 1208637fa01742a⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 2f7.jpg)


Hah, shit bait.


The logical answer is just flags and switches for every fetish someone is willing to fap to but it's generally agreed some fetishes just don't have a reasonable market and shouldn't have dev time put into them. What's your top 3 you think cover that?

>No no order

>Guro/snuff/sexual murder

>loli/shota (not against it just know it's a waste of dev time)

>Realistic body types (another one I hate but for what I'm willing to admit is a dumb reason. People say "I should be murderfuck people with 3 foot barbed and knotted horsecock because it would be realistic" and are shockingly serious about it)



In no order*


File: 790436ee4b9849d⋯.png (41.03 KB, 951x253, 951:253, 9eaa24f2b947ad3053fa2700bf….png)



also looking like another 1hr30 instead of 30 mins.



>innoxia doesn't have anything ready on time for the update

can't say i'm surprised


File: 16ca2417ce51cdf⋯.png (16.55 KB, 500x420, 25:21, 1047337.png)



woah man it sounds like you're not a team player don't you care about all this backend stuff we won't be seeing for several versions? I mean yeah s/he could totally finish the existing content that's currently barebones but s/he's a solo dev stop being so toxic its free


File: 3e8a04000798091⋯.jpeg (136.21 KB, 956x1280, 239:320, eff1a1c47d6f6373544e1f08e….jpeg)


At his point its just a running gag who's been here for far too long


how to make nipples fuckable?

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