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File: f8101c334ec9d61⋯.png (788.58 KB, 890x698, 445:349, battlewsummontab.png)


Slablands is a text based erotic rpg set in a medieval fantasy era. Having defeated the demon king and finally awakening from a 200 year slumber, you must complete quests and cross continents to find out what dark forces compelled your old enemy to bring about a catastrophic war. You can turn the fortress of the fallen king into your own castle, fill it with followers and wives of your own, and even have children.

You can play as a male or female character, with transformation coming soon to change your appearance and gender. Monstergirls and boys abound. Some are hostile and need to be defeated in combat, while others friendly. Right now the main focus is on clearing dungeons, completing quests, and getting laid.

The latest update included massive UI changes including clicking to advance text changed to scrolling, so please report any bugs.





Project List:



File: 05724ca1fae619e⋯.jpg (189.56 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, sample_27e7a70a5b1cc6435a4….jpg)


It would be great if you were willing to write those sort of expansions for characters or scenes.

If anyone here is interested in writing/learning to write for this game I'd totally be willing to work with you


This game still exists?


File: 44be6368c71f939⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1383x807, 461:269, locationavfinal.png)


Yup. And we're working on a nice new ui to boot.


File: 29e13f3c55e5969⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 3000x4772, 750:1193, Untitled-1.jpg)


File: 9c76fd9e3aa318e⋯.png (967.88 KB, 825x1275, 11:17, 8c4a812778892d5157b6491bbf….png)


File: 3da37465b783e91⋯.jpg (153 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, 1530819320835.jpg)

I'm writing out descriptions for the new castles themes, and I'm wondering if I should add something like a "hedonistic/sensual" one. For example, statues and paintings of sexy naked ladies and so on. Still classy, but definitely sexy.

For reference the current themes are:









Do people still fly in to a frothing rage at the mere mention of futa?



Maybe in the other thread.

The pc will be able to tf into a futa in the first town on Erebus. It's all already written, just waiting to reach that point in the game.



So let me get this straight. This is a project that's working to be like CoC but got posted here and now people are working on a mod for it? Not bad, might check it out later.



yes. for sure.


Before I start fapping to this "thing" first I wanna know if you can impregnate female npcs, if so: how many of them and do your children grow up.



Demonic sensual but not in an evil way. Make it the cheesy "maybe the demons we slayed a thousand years ago weren't 100% evil" type of shit while providing fap material, I guess.



Last time I checked was a couple years ago and the project list was at 100 now it's at 115. Do you guys at /vg/ do anything but post monster girls? :^)



can you fuck your children though



Was more annoyed that the futafag was being such a faggot and spamming the thread with his requests


Not exactly a mod. It's straight, cooperative development from the few(2?) original creators that are left and the community.


Not 100% but I think that the gobo is the only one that can get impregnated and gives birth

Fathering actions are in but don't think your children grow up



Yeah, two. The baby only ages for one of them though and to maybe age three or four?



File: 870bf941d3bbc81⋯.jpg (159.69 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 522bc7f7d7357a21f04cd2ae79….jpg)


Nope, not a mod. Just trying to get a bigger audience for it



>like coc

sweet jesus no


File: 730437e6ab314f2⋯.gif (613.94 KB, 800x530, 80:53, cb64b5280b7da76022cd7e22b1….gif)




Dunno how I feel about this. No garden variety sexy theme, just a demonic one? Or change the demonic one to have sexy statues of demons and the like?



Are Sheepie and tats really the only original contributors left?


File: e07bfc2a030ee69⋯.gif (871.27 KB, 254x276, 127:138, 07b9b8354050932b12a64bda34….gif)

Some recent complaints have been that the scenes have little input in them, like you can't choose whether to pull out or cum inside, be dominant or submissive, stuff like that.

I'm thinking of adding some branches to currently existing scenes. Which characters would you like to see these for?



How can a scribbled gif have better content than 90% of all hentai games?



Impressive that you think something that took probably 10+ hours of work is scribbled



Futa? Trap? Loli?

And what kind of Monstergirls?



lurk moar


File: 81d212833e7db56⋯.jpg (170.61 KB, 850x601, 850:601, sample_b7719169dc8cf0ed672….jpg)


Yes to all. Any kind you can imagine. If you have more specific questions about where to find them I'm happy to help.



10+ hours of work > years on patreon


What's in the update today?


File: e33ab62a943ae46⋯.png (496.06 KB, 768x1061, 768:1061, a36aad1d7212c3dd24333c379a….png)

Done with the first three castle themes. I'll probably finish the rest today or tomorrow and then they'll be ready for editing and to go in game.


Coder permitting, I'm going to write fishing into the game. Would you rather see it work like pokemon, where better rods get you better fish, or like a skill that can be leveled up?


Choosing to fuck the ram beastman after winning the fight skips the text with no input from me. Same thing happened to a female wyvern who approached and praised me.


Is there no way to bring saves from earlier versions of the game up to current? Every time I try it breaks and tries to force me to start over.



Fixed it, forgot to post.


Since the scrolling screens had some issues that can only be fixed with recompilling, old saves doesn't work anymore.



What is the source on that gif? I find myself intrigued.



The new UI is a WiP? Just downloaded the game and i still have the buggy one.



The coder needs to sign off on it first



is this new UI already impllemented or just ™d?



Not really. The scrolling stuff is ready, and after that I'll ask if I should focus on the UI or begin adding things that are on hold.



I got a bug where turning the evil overlord in the beginning into an bunny loli auto advances past the sex scene.


Upload in shared folder, scrolling screens are finished, and support for 8.1.9 is over.

Now I can begin adding more stuff.



The editor was also around so there's three, and some occasional anons.



I'd rather it be stat based and with gear, I don't think there are actual skills like what you're thinking in the game. Would be weird to just have them for fishing.



I want to pull out of a wyvern and deny her of the children she desires.


Does it effect the whole place or just your bedroom?


File: 3c5fe83ac0a7ffa⋯.gif (175.11 KB, 108x68, 27:17, gatling.gif)


>cm is inferior

A triggered burger raging agasint a more sensible and superior system.



I don't think it counts if he was a shitposter then



It would just work like leveling up but specifically for fishing. I don't think it would be that complex.

Also what stat would effect fishing?



Whole place minus some things like the hospital, armory etc


File: 389fdf459c525d6⋯.jpg (39.63 KB, 449x401, 449:401, 389fdf459c525d6c21ccf82cb2….jpg)

I just tried this game for a little bit and I have to say it's one of the most boring ass sex games I've ever played, is this shit supposed to teach Fenoxo how it's done? There's a difference between not going overboard with femdom futa shit and making dull vanilla shit only monks could fap to.

After reading through that gigantic sexless intro I feel like I've been watching the writer masturbate to their own words instead of reading anything titillating. The world is boring, generic and unsexy, there's no sense that this is some kind of perverted realm with weird sex around every corner, there might as well be a monastery around every corner. NPCs barely react to you or acknowledge your customized character. I get the impression this is going more for the /monster/ crowd of faggy romances with monster girls. Where is the gang rape, the BDSM and the slavery? Playing as a loli the only rape scene I ran into was some naked guy in the forest and it was the most dull rape scene ever. Another guy in the forest was the only one to even acknowledge my character as a loli and he's some kind of omega fedoralord. I swear this shit reads like it's written by feminists or fedora-tippers, I can't believe someone can make porn this neutered an unexciting. This game should be called Vanillalands: Missionary Position For Reproductive Purposes Only Edition.



>not tfing the demon lord into a loli and raping him




If fucking your dullahan waifu in the ass while she eats herself out is vanilla then count me in as a vanilla fuck.



If it's generic shit where they both agree to fuck for no reason and then fuck, then yes, it's vanilla shit. There are no power dynamics, there are to stakes, it's just two people fucking just because. It would be hotter if for example you were blackmailing the dullahan into performing degrading sex acts or something. Think about some weird and exciting context for the sex, it's not just about the act itself.



I mean, I rescued her from a rusted heap and she 's now my lover and fights for me as well as living with me

I don't want to degrade her because she's my wife



If you want something with power dynamics go rape one of the many mobs



scene was broke last time I tried like 2 days ago so good luck with that


personally I ain't interested cuz my big boner causer is impreg which apparently this game only has 2 impreg scenes for some reason so why bother.


File: e8d641078730cc8⋯.jpg (489.94 KB, 850x850, 1:1, sample_1734012e48e7f55cdf0….jpg)


It has plenty of scenes that mention cumming inside and possible knocking someone up. With the wolf threesome/foursome you can even nonconsensually impregnate one of them. It's only that you can raise children with two of them



this guy gets it



> consent is vanilla

Careful, we're getting into some freaky shit. Maybe go to Free Cities and play around with a degredationist society, that'll help get your rocks off.


Will you add undead monsters?? Or is that just a modifier that can be pasted on characters?

Also, is there a trait system ?



I kinda agree with this (I actually like the setting), the story is way too series for a porn game, after seeing all my men die so that I could fight with the demon king I just couldn't pick the option to rape "her", it just would have ruin the whole scene, I could'n do it and even when I got to the first sex scene in the forest I find it a chore, I was more interested in learning more about the world (the village of Valkyries for example).

The world is too unsexy and I find that I'm breaking it every time I pick a sex option



>Vanillalands: Missionary Position For Reproductive Purposes Only Edition.

What if…Slablands is there for people who aren't complete into whatever the fuck you are into.>>223668

>Vanillalands: Missionary Position For Reproductive Purposes Only Edition.

>gang rape, the BDSM and the slavery

Not everyone is into that weird shit like you are,maybe slablands isn't for you.


>The world is too unsexy and I find that I'm breaking it every time I pick a sex option

Isn't slabland not supposed to be an adventure game with sex scenes and not the other way around?



Yup. They're coming in the next area. There's an undead waifu with a revenge plot and everything


File: 257af02af5c4cfe⋯.png (231.03 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 66898981_p0.png)



>waifu with a revenge plot

Oh god this game is god tier now! I really wish the undead you're referring to are the corporeal kind, like zombies and stuff.

However, ghosts are fine, too. If only my dick won't go through their transparent pussy.



She is a zombie. There is a ghost girl who will live in the castle to be added soon, Caede the cat girl from the intro. There's also another ghost girl in the countryside but she's female only.



Oh yeah. Wasn't she supposed to be the guide or something for beginners? What happened to her?


File: 24855c000aa975a⋯.gif (123.88 KB, 590x333, 590:333, 2559012030270471218824675.gif)


>Isn't slabland not supposed to be an adventure game with sex scenes and not the other way around?

Because those deep RPG mechanics can sustain a game on their own.

Because this is a proper game we want for the outstanding gameplay and story and not for the perverted sex.

Perverts go away, we got a "real" game here.



Why are you so frustrated?



>Where is the gang rape, the BDSM and the slavery

Yeah dude, where is the castration, scat play, and waterworks? This game is so damn boring and vanilla. I wish it could have some chocolate instead.


Christ dude. How is that deathgrip going for you? I can't imagine living life where you absolutely cannot get off unless it's loli futa rape NTR with a plot FOR each sex scene. Like shit, go read a doujin or play an h-game with a non-customizable character. That would work out a lot better for you since you seem to want only a specific experience tailored specifically for that specific character. I'm not even shitting either, that's a legitimate suggestion. Your complaints center around the fact that there isn't enough intrigue in each sex scene, which is a perfectly 100% valid complaint that I for one will take into note, but you're also way too hung up on wanting every scene to have, as you put it, "weird and exciting context". Not everything needs to be like the incest porn you've been watching on pornhub where the brother blackmails his sister.

Also try to understand exactly what you are asking too. The thing about "power dynamics" as you call them is that the writer has to assume how the player character will act ahead of time. Usually that's fine if there's choices involved, but a lot of the time it leads to the player being like "I wouldn't do that?" Since we have customization characters it would be hard to both allow you to have some kind of interesting dynamic, acknowledge everything about your character's appearance, while also trying to make sure anyone can read it without feeling railroaded. Since we have lots of people submitting, people are going off of the rules and trying to stay within boundaries. A lot of the reason why, I don't know if you played this or not but I will use it as example anyway, CoC scenes are "weird and exciting" is because it's just one or two guys doing the most weird or exciting thing they can think of not having any qualms with surprising you with random furry futa anal rape out of nowhere and having your character moan and ahegao as if they like it even if you don't.

I would also like to say that while a lot of the sex IS rather "generic" in terms of not having a doujin-level plotline for each and every scene, it's definitely nowhere near as dull as your hyperboles make it out to be. Like chill out a bit. Plus you you only made it like one town in, which while not a very good excuse, still only means you've played a fraction of the content. Definitely not enough to make a scathing rant about the entire game. I do understand and respect that you probably wouldn't want to continue if things aren't at all to your liking but damn, how the fuck am I supposed to take most of your posts seriously when it's clear you're just upset the rape isn't rapey enough for your distinguished rape tastes?


In my personal opinion, I'm fine with it being both something I can read into and something I can fap into. I like lore and I like tits. Like why else would I play a text based porn game if I don't want to read text? Besides, it's classified as a text based RPG porn game, not just a text porn game. What do you expect from an RPG other than lots of lore and shit?

Anyway, to go back to the problem at hand, how do you suppose this should be balanced? I think the focus is mostly on making it a world where you can have sex rather than just a world all about sex. The latter feels rather tiring and trite to me so I'm on the opposite standpoint here but I respect that since it should be a porn game where you can just open it up and fap.



>Isn't slabland not supposed to be an adventure game with sex scenes and not the other way around?

I get the impression this is correct. As I was saying before, CoC is just sex and no substance. Slablands may be a case of too much substance that, while there is a good deal of sex, is sort of smothering the sex aspects. I probably shouldn't be referring back to CoC so much but I find it easiest to draw a proper metaphor with since mostly everyone here is familiar with it.


You go, dude. Let that straw man feel your wrath.

But seriously, that's definitely not what he was saying (I assume). I think what Slablands is aiming for here is instead of thinking of a location you think of "oh there was that one girl you can fuck" and when you think of that one girl, you think "that character fucks really good", and that's it, you think of a location and you remember both what that location was supposed to be about and some of the characters found inside of it. And when you think of a character, you remember aspects about them other than their HHH+++ tits and two vaginas.

I'm sure all of this post is sounding pretentious as fuck but whatever, if you're going to shit on the whole game, I might as well try making a defense because I legitimately want this game to improve so we aren't just shat on and that's the only thing we're known for.




Caede is still intended to be a guide of sorts, but it seems we've settled on her being more like a secretary or something. She tells you about places and monsters and I think is supposed to try to help you get your bearings so you have an idea at first. Pretty sure that most of that is sort of waiting on the rest of the intro stuff to be reworked, which, among other things, will be worked on as we get to it. It's been kind of pushed to the side for a while now though, mostly in favor of the UI shit. Also of course you can fuck her. I think she's supposed to be like the PC's first encounter with sex other than transforming the demon in the intro. Would make more sense and would let the player get eased into it without breaking that immersion one guy was talking about, but on the other hand I guess it still falls into the category of "vanilla consensual sex" or whatever.


I will also mention that the next (Next next after the beach) area that is being worked on is basically an entire continent (well half of a continent) full of undead, complete with some sort of death diety that may or may not be eventually fuckable depending on how that works out lorewise.


I've noticed there is a hell of a ton of a shitload of people that keep bringing up impregnation. It honestly doesn't appeal to me very much but judging by how many people are into it, there's no doubt there will be some content for that eventually.




I'm not entirely sure what this is supposed to mean, but I believe there's more than just two steady hands here. But you are right that it is no greater than exactly one handful as well as some anons/more notable anons that come and go. A bit depressing but Sapros and Tatoba, Sapros especially I'd say, are really committed to this so that gives me a little motivation.to help them.



I'm waiting on tatoba to write the codex for her



I'd honestly say sheepie is probably the backbone of slab



>I get the impression this is correct. As I was saying before, CoC is just sex and no substance. Slablands may be a case of too much substance that, while there is a good deal of sex, is sort of smothering the sex aspects.

No, the problem with slablands is that the sex has no substance and that the world around it doesn't build up to the sex.


File: 8f9ac55a7ec544f⋯.png (65.63 KB, 500x499, 500:499, Doomguy.png)


>doesn't build up to the sex.

Well this isn't Coc…in the world of slab not everyone has a dick or is a sex crazed maniac like in Coc, and the demons of Slab are also real demons not sex demons.

Like i said slabland is in my opinion an adventure game,an adventure game that you can have sex in it.

And if you feel that sex has no substance why not write something yourself though?

No one is stopping into writing something more…shall we say interesting?



You whine about strawmen and hyperbole and then do exactly that in every defensive butthurt post, you have more in common with fenoxo than you think.

>if you don't like it go make your own

Oh boy, does that sound familiar.

I guess I'll take you by your word and assume you didn't just get bootyblasted at criticism and Vanillalands legitimately represents your shit taste and can't be improved upon. I'd imagine even shit taste would have more passion and excitement put into it, but maybe I'm just not enough of a conossieur on describing trees and castles to appreciate the craft. Mea culpa, carry on.


This sounds like the kind of guy who would have liked the old harpy rape scenes


itt: someone who thinks taking futa horsedick is more interesting than impregnating a milf and raising kids with her


File: c7a5146474b13ca⋯.gif (414.74 KB, 488x519, 488:519, ........!!!.gif)


>you have more in common with fenoxo than you think.

Nah,i hate furry shit and i loath horse cocks.

>Oh boy, does that sound familiar.

And unlike fenoxo though,slabland is a 100% free game,anyone who writes in it does it for free though….no commissions,no patreon no bullshit.

>Vanillalands legitimately represents your shit taste.

To each his own taste my friend,if i like vanilla i like it,if you don't your, loss i guess…?

>can't be improved upon

No thanks,i prefer my women to be 100% women with no male parts(or any other weird shit aka like in Tits) if by improvement you meant that then i pass at your "improvements",no hard feeling i hope.

But like i said if you want something in go ahead by all means write it,as long as i get a choice and it's not forced i don't mind honestly.



>Insults me

>Doesn't even reply to any of my giant wall of text posts

>Instead replies to someone else

Doomguyposter is a different person

Try actually refuting one of the claims I made instead of latching onto someone else's posts and pretending its me. I made it clear that I was being defensive so there's no reason to start dragging other people into this.


This guy being super autistic reminds me. Are there any fetishes that aren't in game so far that you'd like to see?




Alright gommie fenoxo, I'll leave you to admire the color beige, but I'm confused about one thing:

Can you point to a post suggesting futa and horsecocks?



Old rape scenes for the harpies in the mountains that read like guro porn.


is this closed source?


Is this game worth playing yet or should I wait 10 more years?

(last time I tried was at least 3 years ago)



If you're interested in it, I would say it's worth a try. Be aware that the UI is being changed right now so things might still be a bit glitchy, though that's supposedly fixed now.



what's up with the god-afwul scrolling



Some didn't like the click-to-advance so they made it a wall of text with scrolling.



So fucking stupid. The big-ass scrolling just bores you and looks unprofessional as fuck.



It's new and being fixed still



Yeah. What sort of monster girls you like? I can direct you to them



I decided I'd try looking and couldn't find a source, does anyone know if this game has an open source or not?





I'm not entirely sure what it means to be closed sourced but I would assume it is since only Tatoba is the only to interact with the code.



I'm not going to lie but I don't like the scrolling either and prefer clicking to advance but I think more people would rather have the scrolling so it's a worthy sacrifice I suppose.



That's not exactly true. He will code stuff that other people have done if it's useful.



Well it's coded in ren'py/python/whatever it is so I would assume that other people who know how to code stuff can try to submit some code for Tatoba to add. All I know is that the only "coder" guy is Tats.



This is fine by me. I want to impregnate everything I meet and turn the castle into basically a giant comfy family home.



The ability to engage in incest with your kids.



Any suggestions from someone who doesn't want to fuck infants?



The ability to engage in incest with your non-infant kids.



Those don't exist.



>wanting your waifus to age 15+ years just so you can bone your child

But why


Is this game good?




Depends on what you're looking for



ehhh It just ain't gelling for me despite me liking text games. In this my eyes just glaze over the text and I couldn't tell you why.



Skip the long ass intro and it gets a lot better



I am waaay past the intro. Its everything including the sex scenes.



It's possibly part of the way text is formatted. I have been feeling the same way but only recently since the scrolling has been added.



Huh. You think it's too much test per page or the spacing or text size?



You haven't found any of the sex scenes hot at all?



It could be all that, but it could also be because instead of the text appearing at once, it basically just auto advances the text. Something about that makes me not want to read it. Maybe it's because I've been used to just advancing the text at my own pace like a visual novel and that's what I prefer when I look at this set up?


The problem with the scrolling is that when you play the game you find these huge blocks of text all written in one paragraph. There's no room to breathe or alleviate your eyes, and of top of that there's the scroll there reminding you this huge block of text is just the beginning and you'll find a lot more once you scroll it down.

That just takes the interest out of you to read more. The prologue is a big offense.



So you mean there aren't enough paragraph breaks?


Coc did scrolling without a problem. What was their secret?



Yeah. That's one of the problems. And the font, as well. It tires the eye.



The first is something that the coder controls unfortunately. How does the font look in >>222139



It doesn't look too bad, i think, though i feel that the white letters probably isn't the way to go. Maybe black letters on a clear font like with the pics showing the UI.



Huh? All of the text in the new ui suggested is black on tan


File: b4c82793010f6bc⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 358x302, 179:151, angry pururu.jpg)


the scrolling is borderline retarded and game-breaking since it keeps jumping to the top when you're actually trying to read something. Plus some scenes (like the intro rape scene) have forced auto-text that jumps to the next page so you need to set the text speed to the lowest and keep pressing pg up to actually read the damn thing. Both of these are game-breaking, it saps the life out of the game which sucks since the text is actually pretty good.



Forced scrolling and auto advance both should not be happening with scrolling, so that's coding fuck ups

Hopefully the coder will start ironing out bugs with it and it will be more useable soon



What scenes are your favorite?



the loli scene in the intro



Welp. That writer left a long time ago.


File: 83f10fd7329746c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.59 KB, 225x225, 1:1, lowres monmusu looking at ….jpg)


welp that's one more reason to shelve this game i guess



If that's the only scene you like then yeah probably


File: b3cf62d11ba42d8⋯.jpg (13.8 KB, 396x190, 198:95, 21687803_1898731590159942_….jpg)


I'd like to donate a bit every now and then, if this gets updated this often. Reminds me of CoC but without the crappy corruption system.



Don't the goblins instantly age 3 years?



We're not really set up to take money at this point but your best bet would probably be giving money through kofi to the code for one of the writers



Would need someone to write them honestly.


File: 33dd11190a7afcf⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1920x1079, 1920:1079, ClipboardImage.png)

Are you guys taking any "volunteers" right now?



well I am the big impreg fan from earlier and the only mention I got for that was the harpy and a mouse girl I found in a city. I liked those ones but the others were just, ehh.



Go fuck the wolf girls in the plains. Trust me.



You haven't knocked up the baker or the goblin yet?



Anyone can write if that's what you mean.



i feel like this was written by fenoxo or one of his supporters tbh

the writing in slablands is largely better than everything he and his minions shit out


Who would you rather fuck in a jungle city? An anaconda, amazon, poison dart frog, spider, or something else?



Of course



Can shotas not knock up the goblin chick, btw, or is she just ironically very infertile?



Everyone can. You should only have to have sex with her like three times for it to take though



Weird, 'cause poor thing can't seem to take after a good five or six times. Maybe RNG is being a fag again…happens to me a lot in Darkest Dungeon. My poor Vestals always get shafted.



I think anyone that wants to contribute anything is more than welcome to do so. What do you have in mind?


I think a frog girl would be a pretty neat girl to have in a jungle place so my vote goes to that.


At least it would be similar to real life in that regard, eh?



I bet they're mad that this thing includes one of the most verboten thing for fuckoxo.

>no zombies reeee



>Thinks having sex with dogs is totally okay

>But how dare a cute girl not have a pulse



Rotting flesh and gaping wounds? Some people don't realize those are optional.



Speaking of undead, I had an idea the other day.

So in V:tM lore states however the vampire looks when they were turned they will remain that way forever, like if they had long hair their hair will magically grow every evening if they cut it, or if they had a sunburn they will always have that sunburn, beards need to be shaved every night etc.

What about a vampire that was a virgin? Every night regrowing her hymen. Of course, V:tM sex isn't really a thing proper vampires do, but I thought it would make a neat gimmick for an eroge character.

She's gotten accustomed to the pain and would have a masochistic bend? Tempt mortals into raping her so she can enjoy herself and feed guilt free? I don't know. Haven't given it much more thought than that.



Do they still have salvageable organs? If yes selling them would mean infinte income whit that mechanic. Imagine a vamire perma-strpped to an operating table, having organs removed every day. They would get a bit of blood every now and them to preserve them but it would be very cost-effective. Would probably turn mad after the first few days though.




They are physically dead. Atrophied organs. Their esophagus and stomach no longer work; feeding is explained as magic and shit.



So unless there are some corpse-eaters somewhere that market is dead. Or does that not work with lost limbs? Never saw a one-armed vamp in V:tM but I also don't remember the bit about returning to the appearance they got turned in.



Almost any injury can be regenerated with enough blood and time. Except anything they lost before they were turned.

What makes it interesting is that all other healing must be willed (probably more for the crunch of player agency) but minor things like hair, or in this case hymen, regrows whether they want it to or not because of fluff.


File: 69d5c92a1bdb2e8⋯.jpg (138.65 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 6a618f93b125f2e459ab4c2613….jpg)

Speaking of the undead, do transformative spells exist?



I STRONGLY disagree with this sentiment. It's basically the difference between procedural generation and hand-crafted level design, except sex scenes. You simply cannot get the same quality out of it and it ends up making ALL of the scenes derivative of each other.


I remember playing this and thinking that it'd have a lot more content later on. Yet here we are, two years later and there's still barely anything there.


File: 6e66b5737548889⋯.png (29.7 KB, 372x59, 372:59, everyone_in_h_mood.png)

Old Slablands cheat guide




I'm in this boat.



It has plenty more but only two lead to offspring you can raise



i take that back, even though the game has major kinks it's actually pretty good



What changed your mind?



It's more involved than that but yes.



there's a lot of content i guess. castle building's pretty fun plus aofie's pretty cute.

However to a first time player the scrolling issue is definitely frustrating, including the stuff i mentioned before. Otherwise this game shows a lot of promise.


anyone knows how the fuck do i get a saddle for my horse, wiki doesn't say anything



nevermind i'm retarded



Aoife is so popular here


how do I check time and fatigue?



found it


How do you view the stats of different armour?

Also why are dullahan described as a "headless" race when they clearly possess heads, they're simply not attached to their bodies?



While dullahans are commonly believed to be a single entity, they are in reality 2 beings in a symbiotic relationship.

The "body" is a rare sub-species of headless which is covered in iron-like scales that resemble armor when fully mature. While the "head" is an offshoot of the penanggalan, a subspecies of vampire that can separate it's head from it's body to fly in search of victims. Some have theorized that the relationship between the two species began when a penanggalan's body was destroyed and it nested within one of the "armored headless" out of necessity, while others believe that the penanggalan abandoned it's body in favor of the greater strength and protection such an easily dominated creature could provide. Some go further to posit that the armored headless are a result of experimentation by penanggalan sorcery citing the failure to observe any non-symbiotic armored headless in the wild. This theory is often countered by the argument that armored headless are so exceedingly rare that their species was entirely dominated after the first penanggalan combination proved successful.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that both have evolved to have a closer symbiotic relationship and can be considered a separate species in their own right. First of all, they have a mental connection that cannot be broken even by the most powerful of modern magic. This connection shares thought, emotion and even sensory information.

The penanggalan portion is no longer capable of flight, and can cast spells through it's host's body even if separated by great distance or slain. While the headless portion shows greater intelligence and agility than it's more bestial cousins, even with the death of the penanggalan. Of course, in these experiments the other would always die within a few days of its symbiote, the penanggalan due to it's continued weakness of requiring a body for metabolic function and the headless for reasons which are still unclear.

Judging the creature on its appearance and mental link it is easy to understand the source of the misconception that it is a single being. Indeed, by the co-dependence of their symbiotic relationship the distinction is mostly academic, and would have likely gone unnoticed for generations if not for the dullahan's penchant for talking to itself or fumbling with its head in front of adventurers to appear "kawaii."



Fair enough.


File: fa1fbc50aa72a57⋯.jpg (163.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1506890412950.jpg)


Best post in the thread by far



If your only definition of 'non-vanilla' involves NPCs raping you then that stinks of inexperience or bias.



>There's a difference between not going overboard with femdom futa shit and making dull vanilla shit only monks could fap to.

I found it hilariously telling how salty people got at the mere idea of people asking if there could be an option to play as futa in this game and how the go-to deflection for people when this game is criticized is inevitably "being fucked by horse dick futas!" As if the only two possibilities is this boring shit, or full-on fenoxo garbage.

This game, and it's writing, is hilariously sterile and soft. It's a private haven of insecurity for people so utterly afraid of something that doesn't match their taste, like a penis that isn't their own, that such things don't exist. It's basic baby's first smut trapped by the transparent idea that you're either this tiny cage of security, or you're a wild world where it's nothing but horse dicks up your ass and random men cucking your wife 24/7. It's hilariously transparent, boys.



You can soon play as a futa, anon.


File: 1f429cb524791df⋯.jpg (58.1 KB, 1351x367, 1351:367, how_OP_became_a_faggot.jpg)


>I'm not saying take a horse cock, but maybe you could let a trap stick a little feminine penis in your ass

>You aren't a puritan virgin, are you?

The game is pretty vanilla, but what kind of slippery slope are you pushing here?

What's wrong with a game that has no gay shit?

Maybe it just isn't for you.



People with trash fetishes like you always call others insecure, it's the funniest and yet the most pathetic thing to me. The level projection towards the rest of us in this post is extremely cringe inducing.

Your argument falls apart considering the amount of gay content in the game, the dicks of other characters you can still take in your ass and all of the straight female pc content. But I won't shatter your fragile self delusion any further.



It's forbidden to make a game exclusively for a straight audience anymore. Needs gay and futa.

But don't dare go to communities for games built around gay shit and demand alternative straight stuff for everything.


File: 03e18fb9a9781a1⋯.png (183.82 KB, 716x724, 179:181, 03e18fb9a9781a191ce4688a00….png)

Speaking of fetishes and content.

What I'd really want is some way to fuck female NPC's without having a permanent dick. Either a simple strap-on or some magical solution that lets you temporary get a dick like appendage. The latter seems more fun and could be rewarded to the player through discovering some long lost spell tome.

For example, having possession of the item or spell would let you choose if you want the "male" or "female" scene to play out before starting the sexual encounter.

Futas are pretty gay because then you can't fuck male NPC's and still call it straight content.



It's still hilarious that you absolutely can not stop fixating on cocks up your ass, anon. That's why this game is so sad.



Futa is getting added in the next area


File: 20a2b31be6097ed⋯.jpg (640.24 KB, 1920x2070, 64:69, 20a2b31be6097edbd41637d7a8….jpg)


>Implying vanilla romances with monster girls is a bad thing

>Implying every game has to have BDSM, slavery, or gang rape

Shoo on back to /d/, I'm sure you can find someway to fulfill your futa dick up your ass rape fantasies there.



To be fair we have two bondage scenes and slavery will most likely be added


I've followed the cheat code guide, but it doesn't seem to work. Is it outdated?




would the magic dick allow me to impregnate girls? if so I'm on board



No. What are you having problems with?



Well, I've followed the steps stated by the list from >>226376

Yet after following the steps, no evidence of success occurs when pressing Shift and D.



You opened options.rpy and did everything necessary?


Are there any cum stats?



As far as I know, and it's been working for me, you have to press Shift + O to open the console so long as you've enabled it in options.rpy.



I'm amending this because I forgot that you have to be on certain screens for it to work. You can't just do it anywhere. I've been opening the inventory, then hitting Shift + O. If you do it most other places, it just opens the options menu.



File: 2033bb0d199cd1a⋯.png (42.85 KB, 500x328, 125:82, 1516907911490.png)


That solved the issue. Thanks dude!


sheepie if you're on this board i sent ya an email or two. Not sure if you're isp is still fucky or not.


I just downloaded a fresh copy, and for some reason, all the text loads at once, like im in skipping mode

I doubt i hit the skip key, but can anyone tell me how to turn skip mode on/off by whatever button press



it's part of the new scrolling text. Instead of clicking to advance every piece of text, it loads it all at once now.


File: ec0cb02f58638d2⋯.jpg (58.95 KB, 330x752, 165:376, yer drunk.JPG)

got a bug for the release I downloaded, check the picture



Yep. Known. Gonna have to bare with it for now until the UI overhaul hits release. Should be pretty soon, though, from what I gather. They just have to put a bow on it and it'll be ready.


Update in shared folder. Beach is halfway complete. It needs tweaks on the items, the techniques and the magic.


So, is everything in the project list that's "Game Ready" going to be in the next update or am I misunderstanding? Not entirely sure if you've got a place where we can see what's next or not or if we've got to ask every time.



I'd guess not since that'd be a ton of coding, it'd probably be like two or so at a time.



it means that it is content complete and edited; and is just waiting Tats to code it.



You have to ask. 90% of the time the coder won't bother telling you.





non-consensual forced rape



Keep in mind at one point this game's contributor community was mostly tumblr bluehairs who would namefag and blog about their daily lives on cuckchan's /vg/



so a reverse mate


Poking my head in after not looking at this for years. The last time I played there was a boring-ass super long intro sequence that appeared to have been written by a non-native English speaker and should have been cut from the game (everything before the time skip). Is that shit still in? That's the only question I need to ask to know if things have been going in the right direction.



It's been cut down and has a skip button.



Thanks, that's encouraging. I'll give the latest build a look.



Yeah this bug happened to me as well,makes the game almost unplayable.

Is it fixed it yet?



Check back in two years.



Releases are every week.



>implying tats is going to fix that in the year



Vanilla kills the fag


Update in shared folder.

First part of the Bianura tweaks, the PC can learn spells and techniques now.


File: 231813c6af4c843⋯.png (47.89 KB, 275x200, 11:8, 1518842126534.png)

So i tried the new version…

First the UI is still broken as the bars as misaligned.

Second i bought the new magic spells but i can't use them and nothing shows up in the combat skills either,do i need to do something first till i can use magic?



The ui is never gonna be fixed since the new ui will be coded instead.



Can you explain what you mean by spells and skills can now be learned?



He added two shops, one teaches you martial techniques and the other teaches you spells.



And neither of them works or are coded in yet.



die in a fire faggot


What happened to that guy who was gonna write an elf?



If you mean loli elf, then sorry but the project died early.

Problems are things like what wanted to write about just didn't seem to mesh with the game lore at all, also noticed that whole my idea was built upon bad cliches.

So … basically found out that i am absolute shit at writing.



I did yeah. If you're still interested in writing it I can help you work her into the lore in slab, which really shouldn't be hard. And as for writing, everyone starts out being bad at it. That's why we have editors here. I can also work with you help you if you're interested.




All you need to do is just talk about your character and what you want to do. People can help you with that no problem.

>Bad cliches

Don't sweat that too hard, no one here is an award winning auther or anything so even if it's based off of cliches, your writing is still going to be your writing. I'm sure people would still be interested in it regardless. Also you can't get better if you don't try. I'd say give it a go anyway and if you still don't think you're up for it, it's cool. Just don't sell yourself short and give up before you give it the old college try.



Anon has a point.


Wouldn't blame him, it's one of the few decently written ones. Especially that part about having a girl's name.



The intro has to be the single most amateurish part of the game. If any of that's to your tastes then you must only be able to get it up when the writing is cartoonish and long-winded.



>Popping a boner to a seting introduction




You haven't played the game, have you.



You're just mad because you have no taste.



I honestly agree. It's a ridiculous text dump too early on for you to actually care about anything that's happening.



I have but I don't get why you think people are going to fap to the intro specifically when it's a setting introduction.



Think back to the sex scenes, perhaps.



The demon boss has sex scenes, I'd count those as part of the intro.


File: 17366668a61c497⋯.png (487.87 KB, 651x1010, 651:1010, StickySheepu-479473-Pretty….png)

If anyone is interested in coding, writing, or editing, please let me know. Our coder has been really busy with work recently, so anything helps.



Been going through the game for a good part of today reporting bugs, I'd be willing to edit as well if needed.


File: a311d5133fd4b15⋯.jpg (242.58 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, BBC-Chan-579552-Ana.jpg)


Awesome. If you're looking for things to edit anything in the project list under active projects or awaiting editing could use a look over.

Also if anyone wants to write but isn't sure about how to start or whether or not they'll be any good, I'll work with you and write alongside you to help you get going. Everyone has to start somewhere, and being able to make your own porn is a very underrated skill.



Does the coder have an updated google form bug report page? Looks like the one linked in the game is not checked anymore.



I don't think so. At this point the best way to report bugs is just to post a screenshot




he does own the current google doc for bug reports. He said he will be making a new one soon. For now, just take a screen shot of the bug, and either post it here or in the /vg/ thread with as mush info as you can.



Thank you for repeating exactly what the person above you said.






Attempting to get a lower lip ring piercing any of the options, leading to this crash.


Attempting to get an outer lobe ear piercing, causes this crash screen.


Attempting to go to the Item shop in the beach town, leading to this crash screen.


Attempting to order rum at the beach towns bar, leading to after ordering it, to this crash screen.


Attempting to order Ocean Spirits in the bar in the beach town, after ordering it, leading to this crash screen.


Attempting to enter the post office is Mesi after accepting the quest and not completing it, makes the game go back to the main menu.




I downloaded and tried whatever version is available - it didn't have the new UI. And so far I'm not impressed at all.

It's hard to get anything done and get my bearings.

How the fuck do you even fuck anything in this game? I saved that Dullahan, but even after doing quests for her there's nothing I can with her. It also sez she's my follower but I'm alone in fights.


File: 55893db29d0b153⋯.jpg (506.34 KB, 709x979, 709:979, 4b94bcd8d9e916b9032b4ea5aa….jpg)


If you mean the pictures posted in this thread, those are mock ups that were just made a few weeks ago. They won't be coded for a while, especially since we recently got a new ui.

If you want to fuck something go out and fight anything that's not an animal. Or go to a bar. Or go to the brothel. Or go into town. etc.

You can fuck the dullahan once she confesses her feelings to you and you respond. Then you have to complete a few quests to unlock the kinky stuff.

Followers don't join you in fights. It would be weird as fuck to have your waifu watching as you screw some chick, and get fucked in the ass by some buff guy. Also no one wants to deal with the logistics of rape scenes with a follower. Does she get raped too? That's a messy situation.



The new ui is not even close to being ready. Tats and another coder are testing to see if the mockups that i and someone else made, are feasible for the game.

There are several things you can fuck in the mountains just outside of the castle. Take time to explore each area, if you rush from town to town, you won't find much and will get lost pretty easily.

Followers =/= Party members. Followers can also be party members that fight in battle with you, if the writer so chooses to make them one. I wrote a fire elemental follower that doesn't fight with you, but i might allow him/her to do so at a later date after completing a quest


>Followers don't join you in fights. It would be weird as fuck to have your waifu watching as you screw some chick, and get fucked in the ass by some buff guy. Also no one wants to deal with the logistics of rape scenes with a follower. Does she get raped too? That's a messy situation.

That's the other reason why there is currently no party members in the game. For the one that I wrote, I was able to circumvent that issue by making her a magic doll that reverts to her doll-sized form outside of/losing a battle.




Then what are followers for?

And how many can you actually get in the game?



Followers are NPCs that decide to move to your castle, or provide you with some kind of benefit (typically with items). There are no limits on followers, and followers have no limit as to what they can do except for what the writer decides (and obvious stuff like infinite money, etc).

I believe, that follower count will also include non-descript followers for larger scale events/battles. I'm not entirely sure but I think Tats said he wants some kind of army vs army mechanic later on.



you fixed the intro loli scene bug yet?



They're waifu/husbando characters with more extensive relationships, children, and mechanics like hunting mobs or forging things. Also they tend to have 3-5+ sex scenes rather than one off characters that only have one



i'm a writer, not a coder



but is it fixed yet?



Yes it is. I just need to upload the update of this week.


File: e16c2e30f60e362⋯.png (95.82 KB, 597x501, 199:167, here it is.png)


File: bed0307a02aa057⋯.jpg (585.95 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1501309034101.jpg)



Are old saves compatible?



It depends on how old, the changelog details the exact point where saves lose compatibility.



Will we get portraits soon?



It's not currently planned.




By the way is there a pastebin or something about what I can do in this game?

All the wiki has are quests.


Update in shared folder.


I hear talk of spells. So far haven't found any. Where can I get them?

Also, is there a way to turn into a futa?


File: 66cf00b3a7d2de6⋯.png (200.83 KB, 734x455, 734:455, having fun.png)


>Where can I get them?

In the beach city,you can buy spells there and thanks to an update you can actually use them now without using a gay ward/staff.

>Also, is there a way to turn into a futa?


And why would you want to ruin the beauty of the female body by adding a gross penis in it!?



not him but I like futa because it allows a girl to knock up another girl and i have a huge impregnation fetish plus the kind of futa i usually like are the ones that can summon the penis at will like bible black



You'll be able to turn into a futa in the next town.



No. What exactly do you want to know about? The wiki has pretty much everything you can do on it



So only quests huh




that's all I see on the wiki



Can you answer the question?



Wasn't that the question



So you want to know about quests?



I want to know what I can do besides town quests.



So when I asked what do you want to know about that would have been a good time to say that.



I'll take pity on you. There are three dungeons to beat. The first is an introductory one in the mountains, the next is a minidungeon in the countryside, and the third is a large dungeon in the desert. The first dungeon involves a quest. The third has sex scenes, and I reccomend you beat it if you need cash to upgrade the castle.

You upgrade the castle, which I also reccomend.

You can recruit Weiss, Rambles, Elly, and Aoife and bring them to your castle. You can have children with Elly and Lynette, the baker in Skypoint.

Other than that it's pretty much wander around and fuck who you want.

Tfs will be coming soon though.



Forgot the roc boss in the mountains. That's pretty satisfying to beat.



And Darby, who lets you get piercings and tattoos.



That reminds me. I've seen people saying that sex scenes aren't customized enough to their characters, and with tfs coming up this is especially relevant. I'm thinking of going back and adding in sections to my characters to account for things like piercings, dick size, height, trapness, and probably upcoming futa support. Perhaps hair length as well.

Is there anything in particular you want to see support for? Or character in particular you want updated?



My shota


wow rude but thanks.



Not a big fan of underage stuff so I'm not going to provide shota specific content, sorry. Besides, doesn't Kara have plenty of that?



People always love being acknowledged for their features. One of the biggest breakers I personally know of is when dicks and tits are all the same. Smol tits? Yeah, totally as effective as "Has definitively had children" burgeoning flesh titties. Or even better, petite girl half the size of the dude taking a dick more than half her size "comfortably" and seemingly more space to spare! Shouldn't that gal prefer smaller partners!? Play a trap that looks like the daintiest girl, but once sex starts, the game threats you like Burly Mc Manly Man with muscles.

I'm pretty sure people would like at the very least SOME acknowledgement if they've chosen to be a shota with a small penis or a HeMan with a gut punching dick.

Though personally, I'm one of the futafags patiently waiting for the TF's, but once they're here I would greatly appreciate if that was something NPC's acknowledged. Especially since Futa is supposed to be rare/damn near non existent. It would be weird if they didn't react at all, ya know?



Are there any scenes right now that are particularly bad at doing that?


File: 8d753e648a30580⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1910x1031, 1910:1031, Help.png)

Any one know whats going on here? my bars and stats are not coming in right



it's aknown bug and no it won't be fixed



A new and better UI is coming,until then this broken one has to stay for the time being…



It was in the options







Where, anon…



the beginning…?



Setting de. Upto oh yeah yea.



>Not a big fan of underage

Pretty sure there isn't even any underage stuff to begin with even.



Why don't you quote it for me.



Are you confusing futa with shota?



Kara, loli menhit, the old harpies




are you going somewhere with this or am I getting memed?



Some guy said there was no underage content so I listed it and the characters that support it. What's confusing to you?



I didn't offer it in my post and I'm not interested in writing it.



Then what are you asking me about?


you sounded like I wasnt supposed to play one.



Not really. I said I was going to be writing and asked for content, then replied I didn't feel comfortable writing the type of content you requested. Seems pretty straightforward to me.



Are you ESL?



You're allowed since it's a feature in the game, the writer you're talking to is just moralfagging at the moment. Other writers are more open to it.



I don't think saying they don't want to write something is moralfagging. That's like saying a writer who doesn't write gay content is moralfagging.



Can we get back on topic and get some suggestions here?


Nice to see you guys here.



>Having preferences is moralfagging

Exactly the logic I'd expect from a lolifag.


I agree, I want to hear what people want more of that isn't impregnation or loli/shota. I'm not moralfagging but I want to see some people express interest in things that aren't either of those.


Man, I got pretty excited when you said you were coming back to finish your penguins. What happened?



What do you want more of, anon? Is there any feature your character has that you want to see represented in the sex scenes?



Life, sorry. I'm being kept busy with work and I need to look at how to work out the rest.


File: 98dae6464e6127c⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 98dae6464e6127c7f1edb2802d….png)

this game is garbage, you can't pretend to be gameplay rather than porn focused when your writing, gameplay, interface and world are all literally worse than early alpha CoC, fuck you for making me waste my time trying to figure out if this was worth playing, it isn't.


File: 0e243f42043e79b⋯.png (4.16 KB, 226x204, 113:102, ........png)


>early alpha CoC

You do know that Slabland is in the Alpha/Beta stage right?

The UI is being completely redone,even some combat coding is being remake to work better.

>if this was worth playing

Hey no hard feelings,you can still go suck horse cocks in Trails in tainted shit though.

>fuck you for making me waste my time

How could have we waste your time when the only thing you do is play games or complain all day that alone is time wasted too.



It's not even that bad and some of the sex is fap worthy


Am I the only one who thinks the sex scenes in this game are way better than coc?



They are, need more of them though.



I still haven't seen all of them yet. Any recommendations?



I also am missing out on a few, but the valk going to town on your dick is great. I also enjoy the moth down innawoods.



Moth is good. So is the wolf and little fairy. Haven't figured out how to fuck Kara yet though.


File: 48a6e3b98c2675b⋯.jpg (270.43 KB, 1000x843, 1000:843, thumb.jpg)



Would you guys mind listing your favorites and ones that need improvements? It really helps us improve the game


>other thread dead



Does eating do anything?


File: 5300b5800b684d4⋯.jpg (113.13 KB, 850x566, 425:283, sample_7254ad42606c81de1b1….jpg)


It should heal hp.

Updated the wiki with descriptions for weapons. Now everything you need to know about weapons can be found there.






File: 9a2c6cb5ca4ffb7⋯.jpg (235.8 KB, 1050x1000, 21:20, 0844ff3ac14068b24f11c1770e….jpg)


Armor, gauntlets, helmets, and boots are up




Thank you for your work, but I would like to say that "everything you need to know about weapons" is a bit of an overstatement since it's not listed where you can find them, unless you left that information out intentionally or something and I'm ruining that.


File: 67c7ac1e46cc3cf⋯.jpg (151.5 KB, 783x953, 783:953, fd94b63aa1359da2fee35ace21….jpg)


Unfortunately I didn't. I pulled the info from the game files, and there's no indication of where to get weapons in them.


Update in shared folder.



Do you guys keep a changelog somewhere I could look at, or is it just some very minor fixes that doesn't warrant one?







Why's the recent update so vague?



it's whatever Tats feels like/has the time to fill out



>Prepare the TF system

>Low Priority



Why are you still trying to make this a thing ?



Even worse, the tfs are all written and so are two characters to transform you. One for Al-Elisha and one for Bianura.



It's called a hobby


wish i could contribute to this.



There's lots of ways, if you're not confident in your writing you can proofread projects if you'd like.



Why not?



As the other anon said, there are lots of ways you could contribute. Honestly, just playing the game and posting your thoughts or ideas on content is a great contribution.


File: ee4390455819cd0⋯.gif (67.43 KB, 294x381, 98:127, 2dbb67d0e2e74b78b001e4ebd1….gif)


You can, anon.


File: 0c16b1680fc65cd⋯.jpeg (108.07 KB, 781x1105, 781:1105, 63a4123dec1ed6a2be237c1ef….jpeg)


Since I've asked this many times and never gotten any answers I'll be moving on to other things



No one can answer because no one knows what we will be allowed to do yet.



>piercings, dick size, height, trapness, and probably upcoming futa support. Perhaps hair length as well.


File: 13ac5cec8c0f7b1⋯.gif (699.91 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 876a948229d15d1872be498429….gif)




The whole conversation started because people were mentioning they wanted their characters to be catered to, not because it had anything to do with tfs.


Can't seem to create character. Have filled in all the info, yet the finish button won't light up. Bug?



I'd like to see dick size support for bigger ones.



Tfs are really where this support comes in Obviously, as for trapness, people have bitched about that in the main thread from time to time, however not many people play them so it's unsurprising that no one is around to ask for it in this thread.



Make sure you've actually clicked every button and selected something


File: 8f4608a8aa40b37⋯.jpg (342.52 KB, 850x748, 25:22, sample_26402afc5a48c6682f8….jpg)


You realize that all of those things are what can be tfed at the first tf place, right?

Also you really have no interest in seeing content for large/small dick, large/small breasts, different heights, and so on?



Yes obviously they can be, but none of it is in the game, so no one is thinking about any of this yet.

Also yes I do. But it's not in the game yet and likely won't be anytime soon so I don't really think about it.




Yes I do as in yes I have interest in seeing content for some of that.



Dude what? I play with an eight inch dick and want to see content for me. That shit is definitely in game.



>everyone is the same height, weight, hair length, dick size, piercing status, skin color, etc

I'm confused.




>pretending there are vast differences in most of those

This is getting extremely disingenuous.



If you want to see the same exact thing when you're playing as a character with 4 inch dick and an 8 inch dick, or a prince albert vs not having one, that's fine. But don't ruin it for the rest of us. The whole appeal of this game is being able to choose your appearance and have it effect gameplay.



I never made that argument. Secondly I'm pretty sure you're


and pretending otherwise, since if you weren't you'd be replying to the person asking for feedback on options. So stop being asshurt.


Update in shared folder.



Bump, and update in shared folder.



Being into loli/shota/trap/futa

double fag



BRUTALITY to fairies.



You can turn one of them into a living cocksock already at least.


Oi if I wanted to come back to writing which thread is the one to do it?



You'll get more frequent feedback in the other one honestly, but it's not like people don't check this one too. I know I do.


Is ui unfucked now



There's been an improvement at least.


Wow there is a lot of asshurt in this thread, I thought the furry game page was full of blatant shitposting. But this place is filled to the brim with it doesn't suit my taste and its bad posts left and right.

Overall its a bit buggy, but its not a bad start. Just needs a lot of time and work.



Glad to hear it anon. If you can, post screenshots of any bugs you see so they can get fixed.


File: 145ecee2220eb78⋯.png (782.87 KB, 1188x676, 297:169, bully.png)


I like it. Reminds me of how seriously Lune games take themselves half the time while also having random bits of humor here and there. It'd be a better game with more clear direction, mind you, but it's definitely better.


Not remotely a bad thing in any way. I don't want to get cucked and don't like getting raped. Besides, I like the setting and backstory so far.


>As if the only two possibilities is this boring shit, or full-on fenoxo garbage.

Outside of Lilith's Throne…yeah, actually. That is the only two possibilities.


It's been a while since I've checked the title out. Would rather just follow on patreon or something so I at least get some update notes.


Are zombies in this game yet?



Nice dubs, I thoughts zombies were finally dead as a source of amusement, fuck this universe.



Yeah, as far as i know there is a zombie waifu written and ready we only need the Hub and that's it.

Mind you there are not "braiiins" zombies but actual speaking ones(i think…i could be wrong though).



Free contributer games can't really do patreon.


that smt music got me fucked up


I know scrolling text skip mode is set to on by default, but is there any setting in the game folder that I can change to off?

it skips past some flavor text that I want to read but skip mode goes past all that



I'm pretty sure you can turn it off in the settings i think?



Make you sad?


Anons! Still no female npcs getting pregnant by mc implemented yet?



No clue



Baker milf can be



can't turn it off in the in-game settings; even turning it on, letting it skip, then turning it off doesn't work



I'll mention it to the dev



also, because of the constant text skip, I keep missing what aoife the dullahan says about her horse and where it was last seen


We might actually have to fully move to 8chan or aco with how much of a shitshow vg is being lately



The Baker woman(the one who sells bread) can get pregnant by you, if i recall correctly


so what's this game like I mean, anyone have webms of it?




It's a fucking VN. Just download it and check it out if you're interested.



Just download the fucking game and try it.



Some of the first content was the goblin you can knock up….


so has work on slablands stopped for good?



No, it's still being developed. Bit slow because of work/school though. It's just that nobody new from this board has posted with any interest lately so the thread goes down. I check every day if you want to ask something.



im still wondering if the auto-text skip was fixed; I understand newer releases had it turned on in a way that couldn't be disabled in the game settings, but the problem with it is that it skips through certain scenes with more than one window needed

last time I asked, I was told it'll be mentioned to the dev, so im wondering if the text is now back to click-to-progress instead of "oh hey, tha 3 page sex scene, im skipping straight to the end instead and you cant stop me"



That's the only reason why I dropped this game even though it looks great. When your text-based porn game skips most of the text in its sex scenes… then what's the point)


Is there any bestiality content in it?



It's banned.




There's been bugfixes since then, so I'd check.



Just downloaded the latest version, bug is still there.



Was going to give this game a shot, but I guess that's a nope for me, then.



This game is so fucking dull.

Playing this is like running through old vanilla off-the-shelf singleplayer RPG MUD games to see if any naughty words trigger a suggestive counter prompt.

The world is dead. Empty. Extremely simple and dull. It doesn't feel like the medival times, HUMANS have been interesting in all eras, yet this game feels like waking up bored and utterly alone on xmas. Everything is FORCEFULLY mundane, nothing IRL is this kind of bland and meaningless.

I'l write more but I gotta jerk it in a REAL game. brb



Well anon, this would be helpful if you'd articulate how it is mundane. Do you want freakier fetishes?



I'm sure it involved bestiality in some manner, that's usually what I see when people complain about this game being too vanilla.



has nothing to do with fetishes I assume, just a more living world.

Dev should look more into fiction writing for fantasy/scifi stuff to see stuff for good world building and interesting characters



Nothing worth making one for



this games got the best sex scenes out there to be honest, writing wise anyway


So I saved the dullahan, checked on her, explored the castle (where she then makes porridge), and then she disappears. People are talking about doing quests for her in the thread, so I'm wondering if I missed anything or if I'm proceeding correctly.



Nevermind, I found the next event.


File: 5d13a0a9bba4304⋯.png (582.34 KB, 2042x2090, 1021:1045, rabbit.png)

I'm going to play through the game tomorrow before I think up how I may want to contribute.

Have a rabbit MILF.


Is the mouse girl event unique? I'm trying to trigger it again, and it's not coming out after I handed her to the guards.



So I found secondtownquests.rpy, and it seems that the mouse girl event is set not to repeat from what I could understand of the code. I'll just delete the if…else lines so that it jumps to the event whenever the quest condition is met.


look, this game may be lacking in some aspects, but its alright; what I would REALLY like to hapopen, is by next bugfix release, the "skip everything" bug/option that can't be disabled in the in-game settings, or in the options file, is turned off, bringing full control of whether we do/don't want to skip text all the time

im surprised this hasn't even been touched yet, so forgive me for the metaphorical text yell, but WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG?!



Cute MILF. Did you enjoy the game?


It's unique. Author might expand it someday, but who knows.


From my understanding, graduate school.


File: 237f21682ed32e9⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2515x1547, 2515:1547, unknown-2.png)


I had it all set up and ready to play through the next day, but unfortunately for me, I am not the only person in existence and other people put a damper on my plans these past few days.

I'll try and play a good deal today so that I can see for myself what might be lacking/how I can connect a project to what's there already.


File: 8b4452a9014f242⋯.png (2.97 KB, 154x176, 7:8, Capture.PNG)

so. what the fuck is with the Bewitched Sword?



It's a cursed weapon it can either go great damage to the enemy or to you….it's a gambit



I want the bun

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