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File: 3e4749ac589c3a6⋯.jpg (117.81 KB, 772x1053, 772:1053, 1_id_67172065_.jpg)



Primary FAQ: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.html

Text only FAQ: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.txt

Readme: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/readme.txt


This is a thread primarily for non-furry discussion of Pregmod, a mod for Free Cities. Furrymod/monster girl conversations are to be held in a separate thread.

Pregmod git: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod

Latest Pregmod Release: v21.1: https://mega.nz/#!VZpnTYJb!dxdoED6sIUPui_kw58n7EuEjSK0VH-G-lQhFwt0qWmQ

Git compiled versions


Pregmod Changelog: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/devNotes/VersionChangeLog-Premod+LoliMod.txt

Updated vector art: https://mega.nz/#!Nd5WiazC!lWwNeowWswLX9w0a1tRYqA5hgbU7iZiw3P30FyOfIng

Suggestion sheet for Pregmod: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YC3R5by6TjDggbPEU-vDWy4G5wk_af8PHrATQcrAf-k/edit?usp=sharing

Optimal Slave Stats for Assignments: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/be67deb95e9a36b1f07fd0734de60a9c9e112764c33f6091a099154d7510035b.png

Git compile guide: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Stupid%20Nigger%20Guide%20for%20Stupid%20Niggers%202.0.png

Official git for un-modded game: https://github.com/Free-Cities/Free-Cities

Thread Text Archive: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/TextOnlyQuickArchive

Fixes For Common Errors

Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves with a new version.

>Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting. Error: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0. Stack Trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at JSON.value or some variant

Delete your browser cookies which contain your saves. Use Save to file from now on.

Previous thread: >>220355 http://archive.is/g2wd1 archive.is/XJuua

OP Pasta: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/OP-Pasta.txt


So I just noticed that you can't give a starting slave a background of being an arcology owner and have it come with career experience. at least that career is not listed in the variables document or in game wiki.



>hit apply rules repetitively

No, that is happening because you do that.


File: 66028404c38fee3⋯.jpg (243.29 KB, 1200x1680, 5:7, 02_03_.jpg)

>Have Body Purity FS on

>Get a prince and princess sibling pair from an event

>Prince has had cosmetic surgery on his face so he's not very popular

>Give the princess a dick and make her impregnate herself

>Bodyswap the prince with a random asian girl I bought from the market

>Sell the prince's body away

>Put the princess's selfcest baby in the incubator for long enough that the baby will be the same age as her

>Bodyswap the self-cest child with the prince

>Prince and Princess are now all-natural biological twins but the prince's body is birthed from his sister

>They're both happy devoted anal sluts

this game is fucked


File: 72869aaff0f86b4⋯.png (15.46 KB, 276x335, 276:335, Capture.PNG)

The divider between Penthouse and Clinic disappears if slaves are able to be sent to Penthouse.


Beautiful story.



Good points. Well hopefully one of the devs will chime in on this idea. I wouldn't want one of the few people contributing art to be offended or see this as an attack on their work. The more I play the more I think that the models would look best (with current assets) with revamped vectors from the neck up and deepmurk vectors from the neck down.


Still looking for a genre each for caring, romantic, attention whoring, big dicks and neglectful. It must fit "x porn" to work correctly.




Other than the possibility of the vectors not fitting the face, there's also repositioning that would need to be done along with setting up calls to display the content. You'd be better off begging deepmurk for faces next time he gets time off and shows up in the thread.




No, guess I didn't make that clear... the slave's mother and father are both the same, not the slave herself



For caring, soft petplay, for neglectful, l rape or severe bondage (something that puts them in uncomfortable positions), for an attention whore maybe reality porn that involves them going out in public and asking for some dick, for Romantic there's gonzo porn or pov porn where she has to be very sensual and realistic for the viewer, and for big dick hardcore could fit that. There's nothing more hardocore than being penetrated by foot long dicks.



PoV would be perfect for romantic, but I don't think it would work with the nature of the porn feed, unfortunately. The rest aren't quite there. I need something that can be more easily linked with what they are known for.

Thinking about it, some sort of denial porn would work for neglectful.



Attention whore could be a cam girl of some sort. Softcore could probably work for caring. And for big dicks you could go simple and just say big dick porn or BBC for shits and giggles.



I think attention whore is going to be the biggest problem in this. Nothing really defines it, nor can it be too general, you know?

Caring in game is defined as being sure to bring their partner to orgasm.


File: 896c31f4b7d4183⋯.gif (927 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 18967876.gif)


Also I think you could make POV work by describing it as a set of short videos with your slave having sex in multiple POV shots.

Image related.



I think it could be some sort of "Girl walks around arcology asking random strangers and groups to fuck her on the spot" sort of thing. Fits well.



If you want to get creative maybe it can be actual exhibitionist porn and your slave just walks around naked with a camera following them and lets anyone fuck them.



>body swapping

Reminder that this is a ploy to make skinwalkers tolerated through fetishizing their existence. Do not fall for it. There must be a skinwalker hunting policy to stop their spread.




Missing the point. The studio utilizes the arcology's and penthouse's monitoring systems to produce porn of slaves. This limits it to a more passive role.

Perhaps if I called it a tag it might sum up what I'm looking for better?



Shit like this is what keeps me hooked on the game, just wished slaves gave more varied reactions to the shit we do to them



Ah, I see, that makes sense. Maybe you can make the slave wander around the arcology as an exhibition slut and multiple times a day the cameras will flip to them, making them want to take off all their clothes and start sucking dick in any random part of the arcology. You could even make an event out of it where she'll show in set locations for a day so that anyone can have a chance with her and the only way to find her is by watching the monitoring systems that can be televised for the sake of the event

Either way you can just say that they're a public exhibitionist slut and describe her having spontaneous sex because of her uncontrollable libido all over the arcology and everyone can fill in the gaps from there..



But from i understand it should make sense for slaves that are just chilling in penthouse or busy being your personal fucktoy.


Perhaps softcore, but with emphasis on them teasing, stripping and showing off?



That will work. That leaves romantic and caring still.


Tease already holds that aspect.



If you define caring like that then maybe gangbang porn where everybody gets a turn and everybody finishes.



>body swap

What? I haven't played the game for a while, what the fuck is it? Gimme a quick rundown.



You can swap the brain of slaves into other slave bodies for whatever reason pleases you.



Too specific.


Take the mind of slave A and put it in slave B's body and vice versa.



>That will work

Sorry, I don't quite get it. Will only slaves in public servant role do that sort of porn then?

Because if porn is supposed to be just recordings of what slaves normally do - slaves not on public servant assignment aren't allowed to wander arcology or fuck whoever, regardless of quirks. They are slaves.



You could just go simpler and just describe them going about their regular day in the penthouse but whenever they know a camera is around the corner they start getting really raunchy and ask for people to fuck them so it can be recorded.




Holy crap, isn't it a bit too scifi-ish? Yah, there's the incubator thing, cyber-limbs, organ farms, etc, but it's still arguably modern tech.



It's basically just a brain transplant. There are scientists already trying do that.



That also leads to a question of how porn will interact with chastity belts, release rules and assignment - especially concubine/'focus on you'master suite, since getting a description of them fucking random people (other than you) or slaves would not make much sense.


Yeah, this makes the most sense. People being just you if their release rules aren't set to permissive.



Softcore, hardcore, masturbation, etc. None of it is mentioned. So it's entirely up to the player to decide what exactly the porn entails.



I see, thank you!


It's a bit of a stretch, but how about making a unique genre for caring and romantic. It could go down like this for caring.

>Cornelia quickly grows famous for her selfless, people pleasing porn debuts. Her constant care and sensual touch quickly bring her partner and her viewers to a satisfying release whenever she's on camera.



That's what I'm trying to do and that's what the vanilla variant already does. Why it didn't just use fetishes, I don't know, but it's giving me a headache.



Maybe amateur porn for romantic and as a short clarifier say that she fucks like her first time.



Again, too specific. It'll still be a few days until I'm even going to consider testing the new systems, let alone balance them, so it's got time still.


Is there a way to reduce scrotum size??




How do you access this feature?



Event enables it, then it's in remote surgery. Need like week 45+ and surgery upgrade for event to be able to happen.



I thought I remembered seeing an event like that at some point. I PROBABLY reloaded to before it happened for some unrelated reason. I'm at week 205 trying to test it out. Can it maybe be found in cheat mode so I can at least test?




If memory serves, the event is just a notice that the option is now available. Check the slave market.



It should certainly be enabled this late.

Click on slave, go to remote surgery, scroll to very bottom.

If it's not there - double check if you have surgery upgrade, end week after installing it and event will happen.

If still not there - can enable from cheater mode or just

SugarCube.State.variables.bodyswapAnnounced = 1

in browser console.



Nah, event enables it completely.



Unless I'm blind, it's broken, but that's probably an incompatibility on my end and nothing for anyone but me to worry about.



What does browser console say when you input that line?




Well, it was set just fine.

The last thing i can think of - is the slave you are looking at indentured?

If not - post your save.



Oh, and if you set variable in console while looking at remote surgery screen - need to leave said screen and reopen for it to update.



As in, reopen the remote surgery, not the game.



It's just a version issue, I have it fixed now


File: 56e591814850fbb⋯.png (273.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e790dbf7aa84726⋯.png (328.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (154).png)

File: 3e4873d12d379e9⋯.png (196.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

This slave isn't being made to wear a corset for some reason, even though she falls within the bounds of the Corsets rule, and it says she's in the No Corsets rule.


Is there a setting that lets slaves masturbate or get off with you? I recall there being talk of such an option at one point, but I don't remember if anything ever came of it.



Your rules are waist > -36 for no corsets and waist < -35 for corsets.

So it's working exactly as intended.

Did you mix up what lower and upper bounds mean?



POV porn is incredibly popular, the rise of small cameras allows porn stars to play the 'girlfriend,' which alot of people are into.


Is the balls vector art bugged or something?



Yeah, I was looking at it as getting bigger right to left, like the other charts.


Is there a limit on how long younger ovaries last? I distinctly recall giving a slave them, and now at 100 or so weeks later I've had to do it again.



Yes, it says when you buy upgrade to make them - something like "last a few years at most".



Okay, thanks for answering. Wish there was an upgrade for that.



Why so little?



? Few years is a very long time gameplay-wise.


So… how do genetics work in this game? If I breed a beautiful slave will I get a beutiful child?


File: e7fc97250a10d85⋯.png (261.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Bug in this slave in the dairy, dick is not showing up on the profile picture.



IS there a reason for this?



Oh I can see the niche clearly. It's just the nature of how the studio works and how candid it is just doesn't mesh with it. Maybe far later, but it wouldn't be able to explain how she builds up into it.


Does she have a dick when you remove her from the dairy? Will report it.



Looking into it.


Is there any way to change skin colour to something wacky like red or purple? Was thinking of making some sort of succubi haven but Tribal tats alone aren't edgy enough




I am asking the in-universe lore explanation because you create an organ and it fails a few years later. Do other organs so short-lived too? If not, then what is so special about ovaries?



It's cloned from a slave already menopausal and tweaked to give her just a bit more time to have children. Giving it to non-menopausal slaves really doesn't do much.



This game is permitting the invention of entirely new families of fetishes.

You're doing god's work, boys. I'm not sure which god, but at least one of them is probably pleased by this.



Hmm, as far as i am aware women hit menopause when there is no eggs in ovaries. Just clone a huge number of them in the laboratory and it should be good.



The problem with that is that most organs will reverse age to match the age of their hosts.

The only reasonable in-game explanation would be if your shitty black-market cloning techniques didn't produce very good quality organs, but that would just be solved by pumping a few more million credits into R&D.



Not at all correct.

Follicle tissue continuously generates new eggs, and a woman only ovulates a tiny fraction of the eggs she's born with.

Menopause is caused by weird aging hormone shit, probably to prevent women who are physically unlikely to survive birth from advancing age from getting pregnant.

It also triggers a bunch of changes to brain structure that remove a bunch of the custom neural programming that controls women's behavior when they're of childbearing age.

If you want to get into the details, it's because in earlier times there were a ton of social roles that post-menopausal women filled to ensure survival of the group - midwives, herbalists, etc - that required more cognitive ability than most younger women have at their disposal while they're raising kids. Just look up "mommy brain" if you want to know what I'm talking about.



Huh, really? Well the more you know… Thanks.



The organ farm is so outside what we can do with modern tech that if we can hook up two separate sets of genitals to the nervous system we could maybe connect the brain stem to a new spine.



If you mean if you breed the slave with your PC, then yes, you'll get a slave with similar stats (beauty, height, etc). If you breed two slaves with different stats, then the child is the average of both of their stats (at least, I'm pretty sure that's how it works - I'm not a dev so take that with a grain of salt)


How do you get anal wombs again? Is that locked behind a FS?



It is locked in gender radicalism I believe.



Yeah, that's kinda what I was expecting. Thanks.



You can also buy it from the black market if you want.



I checked there, but I couldn't find an option to buy it - does the inventory change week to week?



It does.


>The paternalistic nature of your society blocks the abusive Wetware CPU manufactures from operating within your arcology.

Okay, then can I shop online or something? Have the prices raised because I have to have it shipped?

You view most of the slave schools' products online. The Cattle Ranch is mentally more horrid than the CPU people.

Don't just block the player from an entire product. Make it harder to get ahold of, sure, but not impossible.


Any fancy facilities that speed up pregnancy? Don't mean the incubator, but when actually in the woman's womb



There's the drug fabricator, it has drugs for increasing/doubling and decreasing/half speed gestation times

As for buildings, not yet at least



This really got my noggin joggin. The cattle ranch is mostly mindbroken cows, you'd think than thats worse than scientists keeping brilliant minds in horrible bodies alive.



Is there drawbacks, like retard babies?



Nothing that bad.

But it's unpleasant for most slaves iirc (depending on quirks) and unhealthy. To manage unhealthiness place slaves who are on faster gestation in clinic, can make it even faster with option in clinic screen.



Planned for the black market stronger versions.



They make them that way. But yes, I do plan to have the branch available in the black market if you can't buy them due to paternalism.



Yeah probably should've tossed them in the clinic before my two best slaves died

Woopsie daisy



Holy shit I'm dying



Its obvious which god Slaanesh of course.


Shit like >>224995 and >>224782 can be solved with a check when displaying parents to see if IDs are the same. I've already corrected the PC's parent selfcest on my copy. I should make a merge request for that.



I think POV could work if you make up some BS about it being carefully edited. Or virtual sex depending on their masturbation rules.


Have balls < scrotum and wait.


Yes. body mod studio -> dye her skin IIRC




She doesn't.



Bizarre. Save file for testing?


File: debf9267de99192⋯.swf (347.33 KB, free-cities-20180712-21120….swf)


Here you go.



Thank you.


Haven't played this since (at least) you re-formatted the birth screen. The options I get concerning what to do with the kid are slave, public and private raising. Am I missing an option??



oh jeez never mind it's not that simple. You'd have to check if it's 1 grandparent 1 parent, 2 grandparents 1 parent, 1 grandparent, 2 parents, 2-2 self-impreg, 2-2 sibling impreg,3-2,or 4-2, and I've probably missed some there.



that's all the options you get without FSs as far as I know.


Just wondering whats the best way of using the custom pic option? Like i get a random image i want then what or hows the best way of resizing it so it fits?



What are the others tho?



Kopareigns found your missing dick. Git version updated.



My regards.


Damn, haircuts will need a whole new rules assistant section instead of piggybacking off hair length, but I'm not familiar enough with the RA to put a new variable into it.



There's some randomness to it and I'm still not convinced that the PC's stats are set at max. Everytime mine has kids with a slave that has 100 beauty, I consistently get lower beauty, sometimes as low as 25.


I was looking through the game's files to see if I could roll my head on my keyboard and somehow make an immobilizing super-broodmother mod when I noticed there's actually references to "hyper broodmothers" in there already. Is this disabled? Cheat Mod lets me take the pregnancy past the limits I managed with the regular broodmother implant and there's new descriptions, but I didn't see any events or anything in the files that would indicate how you could achieve this without cheating.



Currently WIP. Most of the stuff that will involve it will come out of the black market.



Got it. So it'd be a waste for me to try it, then. On the suggestion sheet, I posted some basic (not formatted for direct input into the game) writeups for scenes/events involving debilitating pregnancy. Wouldn't mind writing more if there was interest.



I don't actually pay any attention to that suggestion sheet, but would welcome more events for pregmod content.

It's pretty easy to set up events as well. Just clone an existing event in RESS and go to town. I'll clean up the rest and hook it into event selection.

But to the point, boosting pregnancy past 750k lacks descriptions and I'm currently taking a break from writing the belly descriptions for a number of reasons - mostly they are horrible to write in bulk. There's also the debilitating aspect and a counter to it that I need to set up, though bits of it can be seen here and there.


i haven't played in ages but i remember there used to be a bug that made all your slaves get implants and lactate if you set up a dairy, has that been fixed ?



That wasn't a bug, it did that by design. There is an option in the dairy now that allows you to toggle that, even going as far as disabling milk focus on a slave entirely if cock milking is more your thing.



I was thinking of doing either a one off event or a short event chain for obtaining a hyper-pregnancy generator. Maybe also a slave encounter themed around a sex encounter at that size. Wouldn't be much use for it until the rest of the framework was there, but would that be something you'd be interested in?



No to the chain event; the prototype generator will be purchasable from the black market. Yes to everything else. Fun fact, the old style generator destroyed the description system by managing to pull a max valume of around 1,500,000cc,


File: dc811cbd64055e5⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 255x197, 255:197, book.jpg)

Hey, Im the anon who was working on The Free city Story about Future Societies.


Recently I had some time to edit some of the "event's" I had written in my free time. These are obviously not in real code, I just made them for the writing aspect. If anyone likes them feel free to Say!

Bodyguard Beatdown-


Wholesome Loli


Anal or Painal?




Inter-slave Rivalry Event


And these are non personal slave events and more for an owner walking about.

Shoe Shine


Wax Museum



A little question, does the widget to JS conversions make the game faster or with less bugs? Just for curiosity



Faster? Maybe a little bit.

Less bugs? No, the opposite.

I think the final goal is to completely or almost completely drop sugarcube/twine. That would improve performance - that engine was never intended for use in anything resembling actual game (and not a text adventure with relatively little logic). Replacing it with code written for FC needs specifically can help.

I'm not one of the devs though.



It would make adding new content harder for people without js knowledge.



Js is one of the simplest languages to use on basic level. Anyone who knows coding overall can write simple js. And for people with decent experience in programming it makes way more sense than twine.

Those who can't code at all aren't going to be able to do complicated logic either way. Writing snippets with basic pseudocode logic can be easily added to game by one of the devs, writer only needs to explain clearly where they should go.

Still not one of the devs though.



both need speed up options

waiting 18 turns for the incubator is too long



So getting ahead of the news anchor nets you more of a rep loss then just walking away? Seems kind of unbalanced. Other then that I liked the event, but I'm not sure how much people will enjoy the prospect of selling a slave to prevent some jagoff from running their mouth.



Realistically, meaning with technology as we are limiting the game to, no more than 10 years in the future if I remember correctly, a year per week is about as close as we can get without high risk of killing the child due to all that genetic damage piling up so quickly. The incubator is tampering with the human genome, something real world science is just barely getting into now. The only way to speed it up with the technology restriction is for the player to lower the age at which an incubated child is released.



We already have mind swapping ingame but making it more than a year per week is not technologically realistic



I liked the wholesome one alot anon


File: 7fd6758cbd1b05a⋯.png (557.93 KB, 767x746, 767:746, nipplefuck orgy.png)

I guess I posted too late into the last thread's lifetime. So posting it again, in hopes that one of the modders or devs see it.

Wrote a nipplefuck scene since I know it hasn't been implemented yet despite giving slaves fuckable nipples. Made a lactating and non-lactating version.

Starting with non-lactating:

>You take her breast into your hand, admiring the modified nipple, a testament to modern body modification and hormone treatment capabilities. You lick your index finger and explore the shallow inner chambers as she lets out a moan, the softness and sensuality inherent to the nipple surrounding your wet fingertip, bringing you to full mast. You bring out said finger with a noticable pop, anticipating the same experience to be felt on your dick.

>Repostioning your bodies, you lube up your penis for entry. You penetrate her nipple, the sensation overwhelming your self control, bringing you to an almost animalistic drive to fuck her modified nipplehole. You slam your hips against her breast, causing ripples across her bosoms as her moans of pleasure turn to cries of delight.

>It doesn't take long for you to shoot your load into her breast, overflowing the hole it was in. You bring out your dick to a pop much louder and perverse than when you simply used your finger, the overflowing stream of cum adding to the lewdity of the action.

>She excuses herself and rinses her nipple hole clean, erasing any sign of use, except for perhaps a slightly looser nipple hole caused by its usage. She awaits further orders.

With lactation:

>You take her milky breast into your hand, admiring the modified nipple bringing out a mild squirt of cream, a testament to modern body modification and hormone treatment capabilities. You lick your index finger and explore the milky shallow inner chambers as she lets out a moan, the softness and sensuality inherent to the nipple surrounding your wet fingertip bringing out more milk bathing your finger in the tight chamber, bringing you to full mast. You bring out said finger with a noticable pop and a small burst of her lactate, anticipating the same experience to be felt on your dick.

>Repostioning your bodies, knowing that milk is a rather poor lubricant, you lube up your penis for entry. You penetrate her nipple, the sensation overwhelming your self control, bringing you to an almost animalistic drive to fuck her modified nipplehole. You slam your hips against her lactating breast, causing ripples across her bosoms, the lube and milk mixing together in a lewd mixture, bringing you further pleasure as her moans of pleasure turn to cries of delight.

>It doesn't take long for you to shoot your load into her breast, overflowing the hole it was in. You bring out your dick to a pop much louder and perverse than when you simply used your finger, the milk and cum mixture flowing out of the hole, adding to the lewdity of the action.

>She excuses herself and rinses her nipple hole clean, erasing any sign of use, except for perhaps a slightly looser nipple hole caused by its usage. She awaits further orders.

Are there any other scenes that need to be written? I could try my hand at those if anyone wants them. Though if I'm bad, feel free to let me know so that I don't embarrass myself further lmao


File: dd658aac3986778⋯.jpg (80.18 KB, 900x1100, 9:11, 09d1f52322a20db08d6473b437….jpg)

File: 100e0cd61ee664e⋯.jpg (765.84 KB, 1698x1200, 283:200, 100e0cd61ee664e4dc19ca7b88….jpg)

File: 07d2bc6bc5fe83b⋯.jpeg (262.86 KB, 914x868, 457:434, 134d52b79ab840074e8aedde4….jpeg)

File: ba6ee4240af2a15⋯.jpg (156.35 KB, 724x1023, 724:1023, 135739880372.jpg)

File: ca32dd3c37f9faa⋯.png (640.2 KB, 900x1044, 25:29, 1427662771442-0.png)


>impregnate your favorite slave

>incubate the child till it is capable of walking and talking

>bodyswap yourself with the thing

>modify yourself to be able to get boners

>your favorite slave is now your mommy and her master is also her son




The major problem with what you are writing is that it is very simplistic. It will need different reactions from the girl for whether she is devoted, undevoted, hateful, or terrified, and further divided into denoting whether she is an amputee or not. You can separate each of those scenes into parts where she is reacting, and you are reacting to her reactions, and have those be seperate from how you fuck her if she has (milky?) ginormous, big, or smaller tits. Then you need to write different end scenes depending on whether her tits are pregnant or not, because if she's not you'll probably be impregnating her. Then you'll need to write different phrases depending on whether the MC has big or normal nuts. Finally you'll need to write different scenes for how her final reaction. And keep in mind we don't want to inject too many personal feelings into the MC, because it will break self-insertion.

So, if you were going to write the scene in pseudocode which is the preferred method, it would be something like this:

You invite slave over to blah blah

(if devoted)

she happily

(if undevoted)

she obediently

(if hateful)

she resists, but you make her

(if terrified)

she stiffly and hesistantly

comes over

All of that aside, milkanon and I are already working on this, however if you'd like to help we could use someone writing urethra-fucking. Actually, I should probably set up a writing group so it will be easier to communicate about this stuff.


Because MC bodyswapping is pretty far off, if it's even happening.



Wouldn't the slave hate you for doing this to their child though?



If they love you enough, they don't care what you do to their child. Besides, you're their child now. They will love you regardless


File: 7ef25d19759b0fc⋯.gif (35.51 KB, 170x170, 1:1, 1452687706008.gif)


>Urethra fucking

Well, I'll take it, and sorry it didn't meet your reqs, but I'll try it harder with this one.

Thanks for the feedback, and keep up the good work.



Your writing is far more then adequate, it was just in the wrong format. I look forward to your future work.



Actually, if you'd like to make a google doc and post it here, it could save both of us a lot of time.



Hope I didn't put you on the spot there, if you work better on your own that's fine too.


File: 62bdb62cc266f52⋯.gif (949.81 KB, 410x232, 205:116, docking.gif)




Here's my shot at urethra fucking, wrote only for huge flaccid penises since I assume the urethra of a smaller penis may not be as penetrable lmao, though if it will be, let me know and I may take a crack at that too. Let me know what you think: if there is anything to improve or if I should re-do with focus on a different aspect of the action involved.


And not at all, besides, I asked if I could write something for it. Although this format is new to me, I will give my best towards it.

Of course, anything else I could take a shot at writing?



And I would prefer if I got feedback instead of working on my own tbh. If I didn't write up to par or if I made any errors or focused on an aspect that is not well received, let me know and I'll fix it up ASAP




Okay, cool. You'll need to give me access, just sent it as Editoranon.



Is it working now?



Yup, I am making suggestions as we speak.



Will toss together a folder for possible future addition.


It makes it so you can call the widgets in JS without jumping through hoops, which is a pretty big plus in my eyes.


At a basic level, sugarcube and JS are very close to each other structurally. If you want to dig up and old version of saRest to compare to the JS'd version, you'll see that they are very similarly laid out.


Player variables can not be cleanly translated yet. That's the biggest problem and will require an overhaul to standardize it. I'll do it when I expand player height/age since it can piggyback off the sweep it will require.


Might as well speak about urethra fucking since things are moving along on that front. Two types of modified dick are planned; big and flaccid, and the upper end of still able to get erect. Both will have a minimum size requirement for the surgery, 5+ dick size I think is reasonable. First type will block erections, the second type not.



stealing this



You can just make one of the starting slaves your mom, and use the cheat menu to make yourself 8 years old, or however young you want to be.



I was unsure about that one, but I felt like losing more Rep at the expense of getting the last laugh vs letting him smear your name was a valid trade-off. And yeah I'm not sure who would sell their slave either, but might as well include the option. Thanks I'm glad you liked it.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! I think the game needs a few more 'non sexual' scenes as a break from all the sexual ones.


Hey Thanks.


In terms of more non-sexual scenes, what about more scenes where you can mind fuck your slaves? Something along the lines of the one where the slave is in confinement and several of the options let you screw with her head.


Fist time back since early June. Anyone else have trouble with imported rules in the new rules assistant? I tried making a basic rule that I could export/import to customize into more specific rules. I can't seem to switch between the imported rules and the original, but I can switch between new rules just fine. Do I have to make all my rules from scratch or have I fucked up somewhere?



If you import the rule you already have, it has the same id as old one. And that just doesn't work. Might be unintended, don't think there is a reason to export ID at all.

Workaround is to manually change id in text you when you import - just changing last letter to different ones every time is enough.

Also, there is usually no reason to copy same rule at all, even just to edit it. Set basic rule to lowest priority and apply to all slaves, while more specific ones will just override it where needed (and anything not needed in specific rule will be "No default setting" thus falling through to basic one).






I like the idea of it, are you thinking like sleep deprivation or more Sci-fi hypno or elctro calming?


If i deactivate all control in the incubator, the baby will came out with no genetic problem?

Also, i tried the fully upgraded blood purity system in the clinic, and its not worth it, i'm afraid that if i am not careful, it will kill my slaves, with the previous tier i suppose to wait 10 years for their genetic problems to heal?


there's any guide of the requisites for those descriptions?

I´ve never had similar to that.

Also, what do if the message for choose a recruiter or a head girl disappear in the main?



>there's any guide of the requisites for those descriptions?

>I´ve never had similar to that.

That's how they look when you activate cheat mode IIRC.




I'm assuming you are talking about 'amazon asslsavegirl', which is a vanilla variant slave title for a tall, muscular slave with no vagina. I think.



My bad, I thought he meant the shortened stat names. Disregard >>226067 I suck cocks, etc.



Yes, there's any guide? Once i see someone with a whatever whatever Goddess, and i have no fucking clue how to achieve that, i already have thick slaves.


It's fine, i didn't know that either

Thanks anyway you two.



That would have likely have been fertility goddess or something of that nature. It's in assayJS now, I think and should be clear enough to read.


File: b93f6b57b73ca37⋯.png (11.54 KB, 1061x120, 1061:120, 2018-07-14 - 01-05-59.png)


Thanks, lad.


in PTWorkaround, the "learn skills" escort bonus applies after $skillIncrease is set, which means it does nothing.


Is the corporation still nerfed?


Why ddoes SugarCube recognise


as valid printable code but not

even though all variables are defined. Neither encasing the individual operations in brackets or conversion into temp variables/JSification didn't help.


also in slaveSummaryWidgets, weight up to 130 is displayed in white when hips are >= 2, but hips have to be 3 in order for the >95 weight penalty to stop applying. It should be > 2 instead.


What does it display instead of the printout you were expecting? An error?



It seems to have been buffed to at least being able to get 5 per share, not sure if it goes higher then that.






I'll need to look into that after I resync.


File: feb8f2d8ff098b6⋯.jpg (60.62 KB, 750x738, 125:123, feb8f2d8ff098b6959a5bc8444….jpg)


You people are motherfucking degenerates.

I approve.



>An error?

Simply zero in both version of the code. If it was an error I could remotely understand why.



>>incubate the child till it is capable of walking and talking

Wait, this is currently possible? How? Also, fuck me, I'm out of the loop.



Use the incubator.



Huh. All the variables are >0?


Had a "buy identical twin sisters who were kicked out because they were fucking each other" event.

Buying them gives you this flavor text.

>(…)The sister sister shows more boldness as she lowers her head towards her sister sister's privates (…)


So slave's children are no longer taken away? That's hueg.



Noted for post resync.

As for children, if you have the incubator, you can set aside a slave's children for incubation. Limited and expensive though, so plan ahead.



Yes, it turns out I had got confused between 0 (with a small central dot) and uppercase O like a idiot. Time to see if I can get my original of idea to work. Finally last step.


Speaking of incubator, is there any way to you know, not have basically a mindless drone come out of there every time? The way a slave is presented if it came out of the incubator.kills a lot of scenes for me, it cant just be me right?



That event >>226190 has a couple other grammatical errors, but oddly it recognizes that it's "twin sister incest action", in its own words.

The incubator is a regular, rep-dependent medical upgrade, right? Certainly don't wanna miss that thing this playthrough.



to get the incubator you need to have extended family mode enabled and also have upgraded your archeology a few times (to the transmission lines upgrade). It shows up under the penthouse upgrades.



Very interested in this as well.






>mindless drone

it's a newborn baby with brainwashed language skills and incest/worship feelings. It's not supposed to have a personality.


File: f44ea873d158614⋯.jpg (108.82 KB, 1611x644, 1611:644, 3a7e2312d85672b94ca607d6fe….jpg)


well fuck me for having a fetish for PERSONALITY


File: 3db19e678447a95⋯.png (40.21 KB, 1537x234, 1537:234, pregmod error message.png)

seen on week end summary.



the slave in question does have both a lip and an eyebrow piercing, if that helps.




Passing it along.




You did run backwards compatibility and the like, yes? As well as deleting all old RA rules before activating the new RA?

A save file may be needed.



Yeah, I'm using rules created with the new RA.



You must like fat chicks IRL



it doesnt seem unreasonable to be able to just turn off the imprinting device. Individuality at the cost of inherent obedience. Maybe make it influence paternalism?


Currently accepting RA additions? I think I got haircuts working.



Can you pose a merge request?



It's just abbreviated descriptions. It's deeper in the options menu.


Pretty much, except she does have a vagina. She's an assslave because she has the largest ass possible.



Slaanesh, we are playing in the wh40k universe we just don't know it yet


File: 4203e29e65008e6⋯.png (70.3 KB, 637x487, 637:487, 2018-07-14 12_06_13-Free C….png)

File: 498b7a30d9fd70c⋯.png (31.1 KB, 684x222, 114:37, 2018-07-14 12_09_32-Free C….png)

File: c4117d84ad0f850⋯.png (22.5 KB, 586x190, 293:95, 2018-07-14 12_09_47-Free C….png)

Some stats are not separated with spaces.

virginity / gaping

combat skill

sex skills and whoring



Will pass them along, calling it a night now.


File: 45d6dae210104f4⋯.jpg (47.99 KB, 500x304, 125:76, 63492701.jpg)

The new RA confuses me. Is there any chance we can get the old pre-made rules back so we have something to work off of?



What is confusing about it? Cause it's literally exact same thing with slightly different syntax.



That's all I want too.


The new syntax looks like actual programming and I'm not gonna remember that shit so I'm gonna have to ask what it looks like here every time I start a new game. it's like slave(name) => slave.whatever = blank, right? How does that work with &&s and ||s?



this was meant as a response to >>226415



Works as you would expect it. && = and; || = or. All the variables are the same, you just type 'slave.thing < number' instead of just 'thing < number'.



All that you have to remember is slave.whatever === blank, where whatever is the slave's variable, and blank is in single quotes if it's a word, and just plain numbers if it's numbered. It always has slave(name) => slave.whatever = blank as the default, so there's only two things you have to remember.



Body swapping was an exception to the rule if I'm not mistaken. Even putting aside the technology restriction, the genetic damage for one year per week is already high, any further would be an instant kill level, meaning the slave would end up dead during the end of week phase after their release, and yes, the damage would need to be raised for balance reasons at the very least, don't want a broken system.



I'm way too sleepy to understand but I used to love reading dwarf fortress greentext, maybe we can have those with FC, maybe till the game has more story potential


I want to keep cute accents, but I can't get my rule to trigger. Activation function: accent. Lower b = 0. Upper b = 1. Speech = Permissive. Not changed any other conditions/settings and it isn't triggering on slaves with cute accents set to accent elim. My other rules work fine



I find that a well-equipped schoolroom and a smart teacher is enough to get cute accents.



It's working as intended. Value must be between lower and upper bounds for rule to trigger, there is no integer between 0 and 1. Just set upper bound to 2.



That worked, thank you.


Is there any particular reason we can't freely rename slaves?



You can. Hit customize underneath the slave description.



Oh shit. Never noticed that. Thanks.


I don't suppose there's anyway to change what kind of arcade you have, is there? Seems to be nothing in the cheat edit.


Suggestion wrt to renaming slaves, mindbroken slaves should always be renameable regardless of underlying devotion.


Where is the SF barracks stuff located in the source files? There's some grammatical stuff I want to fix



>Is there any chance we can get the old pre-made rules back so we have something to work off of?

If you think that's a big problem, feel free to brainstorm what you think would be decent default rules, click on the export all button, and upload the result somewhere. I will happily incorporate them into the game. I didn't want to accidentally impose my specific playstyle as the default.


Yes, it's actual programming, JavaScript. It allows you to do insane things that the old RA format could never do, plus we don't have to maintain/extend a parser for our very own DSL that like two people could comprehend.


Wait, I thought you couldn't cheat pregnancy beyond 5 babies? Was this changed?



I had a slave come in with like 29 babies, so I think so



It was, but it still may be volatile. The new womb system does not like cheat edited pregnancies much.



you can know, but its dangerous. More than 20 babies proves to be really unhealthy, and if your girl isnt at peek condition during birth (hips, wetness, health) it may cause her death, specially if you supress her labor for more than 2 weeks.


Is there any way to save/import custom slave trade presets?



I don't think so, but you can hack around it with the web console.


Then later,

SugarCube.State.variables =
and paste it back.



More like SugarCube.State.variables.nationalities but you get the drill I guess.


Are RA rules client-side or part of the save?




How's that work? If someone downloaded someone else's save, would those RA rules be added to their already existing rules or would they be overwritten?



Anyone? Pregmodder?



/pregmod/secForceEx and a bit in /uncategorized



Your rules are stored in SugarCube.State.variables.defaultRules. Your save file is a serialisation of the variables object and a few other objects, and gets deserialised whenever you load it. If you load someone else's save, that's no different from loading one of your saves from a different playthrough or whatever. If you want to export/import RA rules specifically, there's dedicated buttons in the RA Options. Imported rules are merged with your rules.


I've got an idea for the armory / bodyguard's quarters: be able to assign a slave there to be trained by the bodyguard.


I've got an idea for the armory / bodyguard's quarters: be able to assign a slave there to be trained by the bodyguard.


What does carcinogenic damage actually do?



if above 10, slaves periodically suffer health damage.


How far off are hyper erections?

Need those four foot long erections


Is there a list of all the descriptors in the game somewhere? (And not the variables - I mean the actual descriptors, like "big bubble butt" and "plump, beestung lips")


Is there no way to anally impregnate a slave except through luck? There's no option in the interactions menu.



Wait, never mind, turns out the slave hadn't begun to ovulate yet.


File: d179a6af5028d51⋯.png (12.04 KB, 1557x61, 1557:61, pregmod typo.png)

found a text error in the incubator.



Unknown. More scouting of canAchieveErection() would be needed to tell if the path is clear.


You'd have to go digging through all the description widgets in /utility. There are more than a few.




Been away a while, mod seems to have progressed neatly. GJ mod people. Dev still missing?



Still silent from what I've gathered.



The last post on the subreddit (I know, reeee) was 10 months ago, so I think it's safe to say he's gone




Didn't he change something in the git (no idea how it works so don't ask what) relatively recently? You'd think he'd deign to at least inform the audience he knows he has as to wtf happened. Or maybe he died, the poor fuck.



Three months or so after the first disappearance, so about 9 months ago now?

But yes, any sort of warning would have been nice. With the sudden reappearance, death is unlikely I'd say.




Does the git keep a log of the history of edits or anything? If it does we could probably check when the last edit by him was, if it really matters



Github for unmodded game is in the op, his last appearance is november 17 2017.



Was you primary issue with the chain idea based on rewarding a hyper-generator? If so, would it be cool if I still make a chain, but just make its reward something less intrusive?

I have a basic proposal for a three part chain:

The hyperbroodmother has some ideas for improving sexual intercourse with hyperpregnant sex slaves and wants permission to try them out. The first event is her asking for permission. The second event is her demonstrating what she learned and you deciding if you want to take things further. The third event is her showing her newfound skills off at a popular televised talkshow and (if handled correctly) becoming a renowned slave. If possible, an additional reward of unlocking a custom title for the slave or maybe a poster to put up in your display case would be cool.

Have the first part of the event chain written up in a non-code fashion. Link below. Does it seem like something that would fit in?

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jYPMZWE92Z7oxzH5LlheAJAoa9PUElVYxalEDAeLTCc/edit?usp=sharinghttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1jYPMZWE92Z7oxzH5LlheAJAoa9PUElVYxalEDAeLTCc/edit?usp=sharing



That could work. Chain events tend to be a pain in the ass, though, so only a single slave would be able to go through it. At least slaves from past saves don't intercept chain event progress anymore.

Why not take a stab at setting up a coded event? It's fairly straightforward and most of what you'll ever need is in the slave variables documentation.



Not a dev, but I did notice a slight error: it says "Once her womb is resting safely on the ground…", but that's physically impossible - the womb is the uterus, so that'd be like saying "you put your lungs on the table". Try "belly" or something instead


Is it an impression of mine or restocking your ovaries for 50k doesn't actually do anything?



Body swap?



It should only push back menopause, so if you aren't menopausal it won't have any apparent effect.



My PC is already menopausal, and it doesn't actually affect her



There is still an upper age bound where it won't have any effect, how old is your PC?



Nvm. When I updated to the newest version, it started working for some reason. And 65


File: 7c49d6204e2100e⋯.png (24.96 KB, 939x161, 939:161, pregmod error message2.png)

error related to pregnancy.

The slave in question was impregnated by another slave via to "use another slave to impregnate her" option.



Passing it along.


How do I change slave stats using browser console?

I tried

SugarCube.State.variables.slaves[0].analSkill = 100;

but it somehow doesn't work. Slave array shows changes at first but when I reload the description it still says unskilled. Yes, it's the correct slave ID.



Okay, apparently for it to work you must not have the slave currently selected for some reason.

Weird. I guess it stores the values when opening the slaves and writes them back when leaving the view.



>Okay, apparently for it to work you must not have the slave currently selected for some reason.

Not a dev, but in this case you may use:

<SugarCube.State.variables.activeSlave.analSkill = 100

I suppose the game overwrite the values of SugarCube.State.variables.slaves[0] (or whatever slave you have selected) with those of activeSlave, once you leave its profile.


I have a few suggestions for romantic porn and the associated prestige.

Eye gazing porn, thousands have enjoyed $his deep soul gazing.

Lovely dovey porn, thousands have enjoyed $his profound serenades.

Hand holding porn, thousands have enjoyed $his deep physical connections.


I'd like to shorten (or, more simply, reset) the indenture period of selected slaves.

Then, at the end of the week, I'd buy for ¤1000 those who are emotionally bounded to me and I finally could surgically modify them.


I have a fully upgraded surgery but I'm not seeing any options for bodyswap on the remote surgery screen, how do I do this?



after the event appears it is the last option on the surgery screen



You are half right.


It is on the remote surgery screen, but you do get it after you are contacted by a surgeon. Once that has happened, you will have an option at the bottom of your remote surgery screen to swap a slaves brain with another's, and you will get two scenes where both slaves react to getting the new bodies. You can get a custom husk from the husk slave market, and that will give you only one new body reaction. But the main point is the even happens at about week 45.


I noticed this a while ago but thought I wouldnt have been the only one to see it, but NCS restores vocal cords in a not so bug free way, only problems being other than the fact they get restored is in the surgery screen it doesnt say anything about the vocal cords other than you can remove them or increase them.


File: 06a83b07807397c⋯.png (300.29 KB, 2972x845, 2972:845, Screenshot (100).png)

File: 444ca2e42114c62⋯.png (311.06 KB, 2972x634, 1486:317, Screenshot (101).png)

File: 8647be1377049ec⋯.png (242.09 KB, 2972x804, 743:201, Screenshot (102).png)

File: 62900357e6797b7⋯.png (770.05 KB, 2971x1761, 2971:1761, Screenshot (103).png)

File: 117f802198311dc⋯.png (487.71 KB, 2971x1775, 2971:1775, Screenshot (105).png)

Various bugs I've found. 100 and 101 are the same slave giving the wrong name, and "tightens her anus" in 103 should probably be in green.


File: fe83f3e13f38450⋯.png (548.83 KB, 3000x1778, 1500:889, Screenshot (110).png)

File: 96da54081f99df7⋯.jpg (3.31 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, Screenshot (112)_LI.jpg)

File: 5dbb4ab13beff12⋯.png (182.26 KB, 2655x395, 531:79, Screenshot (99).png)


A couple more. The slave in 112_LI isn't related to me. Also, I've already reported the last one, right?


What's the variable for genetic damage?






Yep, I think that was it.



It's trending romantic still. Also the pronoun system isn't clean with the prestige setting, so that will be something handled later. JS conversion will have no troubles with it.





Bad timing for a wall of these. Will report them all. Not sure how much longer I'll be trapped in the WIP merge.

The anus tightening is not green as it hasn't actually tightened to any worthwhile degree yet. It should green when it actually makes a change.

The very last one isn't an error. Isabella gave birth to both the slave's mother and father. Looking further, this means Isabella is your mother? Will need confirmation on that quickly.



I gave a slave 3k babies and she barely took damage. You just have to have her chilling in the suite and have it set to reduced strain on pregnant slaves. Descriptions are broken at this point though, just says "WIP" when you pump them up to the extreme



I wonder if ant/bee-queen style pregnancy will ever be a thing?


how to age up children with out the incubator ?


is there a way to give my slave a scrotum? she already has a dick and internal testicles, but the can't grow any larger since they're internal. nothing relevant in the surgery screen.



You can't, AFAIK. Without it, you can't even keep your children



>Isabella gave birth to both the slave's mother and father.

Isabella is the slave in question.



My bad, no she's not. Looks like it was actually working as intended.



organ farm in the pharma fabricator.



New RA system looks so much better then old, the only one thing with it that I personally miss - ablilty to set labels for slaves through rules… There is custom labels, and it will be very nice to be able to use them for automatic marking though RA rules.

Not thast old RA system can do it, it's just my thoughts…


I meant children slaves u buy ?



I don't think you can then


It would be helpful if labels showed up in more places, specifically the list you get when selecting a target slave for things like bodyswapping.


how do i add vector art to the latest pregmod release



I could do that. A one off's probably the best start. How about this for an idea:

>“Growth Spurt”

>You come across your slave in obvious distress. She starts experiencing a “growth spurt,” where her poor, overburdened body visibly expands over the course of several minutes under the insane cocktail of hormones she is subjected to.

>Three options:

>Fuck her: What it sounds like. Has a significant negative impact on her health.

Watch: Enjoy the show. Minor negative impact on health.

>Help her: Massage her body with curative laced moisturizers. Prevents health impact.

I think I can manage to code that story up using stuff I've already seen in the game's files. Might end up having to leave out the actual health impacting stuff, but the event should still work without it. Would this idea be too "not real"? I noticed folks have been talking about different ideas being too disconnected from near possibility and I could see an argument that visible expansion through growth could fit that bill. My instinct is that it would fit fine, but figured I'd check before writing it up.



Visible expansion is probably a no go. The only thing that could reasonably do that would be fillable implants and backed up over production of milk.




Could do something with an unremodeled penthouse and a hyperpreg slave getting stuck and causing a commotion. Help her, watch her struggle and take advantage of her for the options?


So how can I swap body with one of my slave?

I have the swapping tech but I can't seem to find the convenient red button for swapping body with a young strapping shota



Can't do it to the PC yet due to massive variable mismatches.



Player bodyswap not implemented yet.



You mean, you want to change your body to that of one of your slaves? That's impossible. The PC's body uses a different set of variables to those of slave bodies, rendering the two incompatible.



I'd actually been thinking about that. Alright. I'll give that a go.


>No updates for some time

Is there something new on the horizon?



Porn overhaul. I'm currently bashing my head against prestige gain/loss. It's the last of the three major parts before I can start testing.



>Porn overhaul

Sounds cool



Doesn't sound too difficult to add in. I'l look into it tomorrow.


Pee on the slaves?


I'm a bit of a sadist. Is there any chance of adding more options related to that? For example, when breaking in a new slave, having the option to do it gently like is already described or roughly in a painful and degrading manner. Same thing with like childbirth: have the option to choose if they're allowed an epidural or if they have to go through a natural birth.



If someone were to write it, I have nothing against adding it.



If you'll add it, I'll write it. Any specific parameters I would need to adhere to?



Breaking in a new slave is entirely contained in src/uncategorized/newSlaveIntro. Why not start there?



Has there been any updates to the security force mod or the anime style art for the past 6 months or so?


Could we get some sort of drug or something that prevents slaves' breasts from growing during pregnancy? I'm tired of having to always cut their tits down every so often.


a 'very sick' 3 year old toddler is being accused of theft



Are you me? I JUST got that event.



Another option could be to slightly tweak it so that breasts only grow 100cc or so total during each pregnancy (or once per slave's lifetime) - that would be much more manageable.



yeah the pregnancy breast growth could really stand to be toned down. It gets a little ridiculous. I like pregnancy but I'm not a fan of hyper body parts.




Will teak it.





Reviewed and don't see anything out of the ordinary, at least for normal pregnancy. Extreme hyper pregnancy does cause fast growth though.



I would be cool overall to have genetic therapy that makes asset sizes only grow up to chosen target regardless of hormones, etc.

NCS is already a thing, so should be possible tech-wise.



wait, why did it link that? Disregard plz.



What is NCS?



Thing from black market - makes slaves revert to lolis/shotas and stay that way.


Its been awhile since Ive been in the threads. Did the nursery idea ever happen or did that fall through due to lack of interest?



Afaik it's alive and will be implemented eventually(tm).



Cool. Also im pretty sure im retarded because i cant figure out how to make vector art work on mobile. Ive tried downloading the art from the github but it didnt do anything. Am I just potato brained or does it not work on mobile?



Did you download entire git and compile it yourself into html? Downloading art alone does nothing.



>the security force mod

A few bug fixes so far, however the overhual will be a much major improvement.

>the anime style art

Don't such on exactly which one you mean, however deepmurk's has been updated.


My synicism would say other wise.




>Don't such on exactly which one you mean

Assuming that you're asking what exactly he means, then that anon is probably referring to the embedded vector art that actually has eyes.



Im a filthy technological illiterate qnd have no idea how to do that.


Thank you kindly.


"Raimunda has a private room." pops up on RA log every week. It's obviously related to me giving normal living conditions to my slaves, but seems a bit unnecessary to spam me with all the time


"She comes harder than ever when you push her down on her knees in a crowded public arcology elevator and facefuck her while she masturbates fervently." this on a quadruple amputee


Fat slave does not display her extreme corset. Maybe a known issue?



I assume you clicked the "Apply RA at weeks end" toggle. It should've changed to "Stop applying RA at weeks end". Click that and it will stop.



Umm, he is saying RA gives useless messages, not that he wants to disable rule check on week end.


Can the assistant be given a body yet?



Why can I gime herm hormone bland to one of my slaves but not others? The one that I can is XY but I gave it an anal womb, while the others are futanari



Do they have ovaries?






I believe it only checks ovaries, so will request a fix for it.



Nvm, I found it. I thought it was under hormones since, you know, it's called an hormone blend, but it's under diet. My bad






Speaking of which, why is it under diet and not under hormones?



Because it actually is a slave food diet and can be stacked with hormones.



So, what exactly happens if I stack with either male or female hormones?



They'll likely stalemate and her hormone balance won't go anywhere. Though I forget where the herm diet tries to move it to.


There is a bug: when I choose a custom image, the text on the main screen is partly hidden underneath the picture. I am using the git compiled version.


Is the vector art revamp broken? The only clothes that show up seem to be the nice maid outfit.



there is a global option you can enable to give all your slaves c-sections (highly recommended unless you like blowing out their vags). But individual pregnant slaves can only get c-sections if they're … ripe, I think at week 35?



IIRC the revamped version only has a few outfits



Sadness. So its still a WIP then?


File: a6cdb448bac0c6b⋯.png (147.56 KB, 629x1173, 37:69, 1521364703117.png)

>She was the Queen of a royal kingdom, till her husband was overthrown and she was sold for credits.

>She was a princess of a royal kingdom, till her family was overthrown and she was sold for credits.

>She was a member of the court in an ancient kingdom, till it was overthrown and she was sold for credits.



A till is the tray in your jew piano

'Til is short for until




Yes, and the artist is MIA I think?


Does the game look at a slave's physical age or their real age when determining their leadership bonuses? I want to reward my good slaves with eternal youth through new bodies every few decades.


File: ec438ca09d7b7a9⋯.png (1.82 KB, 590x164, 295:82, DETERMINATION.png)

Alrighty, I've got a week of vacation time on my hands. Anyone got any fun/interesting themes for a playthrough or two?


Undefined heights that can be added to utilJS.tw MeanHeight:

Kosovo - xx= 165.7, xy = 179.5

Ivorian - xy = 170.1


File: 3d171421d23ae76⋯.png (10.2 KB, 1505x227, 1505:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2c44898af8fd959⋯.png (20.42 KB, 1584x276, 132:23, ClipboardImage.png)

Bug with applying backwards compatibility and another bug when starting a new game plus.



Should be real age.





I see what's the problem, on it.


File: 896596d3b882bc5⋯.jpg (91.38 KB, 357x399, 17:19, AmusedRich.jpg)


>Jew Piano

Well done anon.



Fixed on the git now. Also ball scaling for the standard vector art, so don't be too shocked.



Extended family harem stretching back to your grandmother's grandmother.


Tried another JS conversion: https://pastebin.com/UF0326Ym



Will pass it along.



Hillbilly family arcology? Done!



be sure to become your own grandpa.


Another conversion: https://pastebin.com/P1ySUwHu

Bear in mind, I made some tiny changes. Firstly, the names variable seemed to be overwritten if the slave had a leadership position, making all the previous checks useless, therefore I put it before the else.

I also renamed the prefix variable to names. Unless I'm missing something, it was never initialized nor used for anything.

Lastly, I combined the checks for setting names and suffixes where I found them.



Thank you.


File: f335aab143bbbc7⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 185x272, 185:272, DerIstSchuldAmKriege.jpg)

What file do you have to edit to adjust racial prevalence in a country?

I recently attempted a Nazi LARPer campaign in Israel with white supremacist and semitic subjugationist policies but it was ruined by the fact that about 25% of Israelis seem to be "white".


File: 67f2d8af6aa661f⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 466x492, 233:246, photo_2017-10-25_12-38-21.jpg)

what happened to the changelog updates? i just pulled a week's worth of shit and i don't know what was added or changed and i don't have the time to be checking git commits


File: 3f8572294df1c2c⋯.mp4 (4.02 MB, 568x320, 71:40, Hello Fellow White Man.mp4)


Even the game was fooled by their (((typical tricks)))



I think they are wedged in the WIP merge of mine.


would it be possible for slave descriptions to list the number of pregnancies as well as the number of children? Like if a slave has had 10 kids in 3 pregnancies it would say that instead of just saying they've given birth 10 times. Which makes it sound like they were pregnant 10 times which gets a little ridiculous.

Probably broodmother births would have to be listed differently, something like "she has produced X number of children via a pregnancy generator."



If not you could just change it to "she has given birth to x number of children" to make it less weird.




Can't do the first due to lack of tracking, will consider the second.


File: d030d6411028666⋯.png (8.92 KB, 591x120, 197:40, Untitled.png)

Happens with amputated slaves, multiple clothes have the same error.


File: f03658e8f91b910⋯.png (2.95 KB, 155x161, 155:161, Untitled.png)


Also this is what happens with the quad amp when I switch back to the main screen.


So, just updated and ended a week, everyone affected by RA got labeled "undefined"

Any way to remove this or is replacing it the only thing I can do right now?



Did you run backwards compatibility? I think there was a catch added to handle just that from happening.



Save file for testing?



I forgot to run it beforehand and ran it after the incident


File: fb4b9daa93ee30a⋯.swf (117.26 KB, free-cities-20180717-07113….swf)


>Save file for testing?



make a top-priority rule with an empty label, should fix it



Oh, I must've accidentally left a space or something when I last tried that, because it reverted to "no default setting" before

That worked, thanks



Thank you, will pass it along.



Don't we already have immediate growth effects like that in that event where the slave is pestering you for growth drugs?



I believe that is a "By week's end" type deal.


Main menu leadership controls disappear after End Week.

HG, BG, Ambassador invisible, not above, not below, there is only Change plans and Buy slaves.

( Backwards Compatibility applied)


Sorry. I found them in Overview.


Here's a neat trick.

Assume somebody made a table of custom slaves in Google Spreadsheets. Like, for example, this one only with more of them: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kQbGObaPlo_VsfQs0CtsoCzvkvIml6CjJJwaoevvSp4/edit?usp=sharing

Say for the sake of the example that we'd also like to be able to import those to $heroSlaves or maybe even directly to your herd. Or maybe have custom slave markets which look up such spreadsheets. Can we easily load and parse it? Yes, we can - with Google's visualisation API. We could load the full API, but for our purposes it's enough to simulate one method, google.visualisation.Query.setResponse, and parse what comes from Google:

window.google = { visualization: { Query: {
setResponse(r) {
var cols = r.table.cols.map(col => col.label);
var rows = r.table.rows.map(row => row.c.map(cell => cell ? cell.v : undefined));
var slaves = []; rows.forEach(row => slaves.push(_.zipObject(cols, row)));
} } };

Now obviously, in the real game we wouldn't simply output the slaves to the console but store them somewhere in SugarCube. Regardless, now we just need to call Google and tell it to give out the data for the spreadsheet "1kQbGObaPlo_VsfQs0CtsoCzvkvIml6CjJJwaoevvSp4":

url: "https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kQbGObaPlo_VsfQs0CtsoCzvkvIml6CjJJwaoevvSp4/gviz/tq",
dataType: "jsonp",
data: { tq: "select *" }

And there we have it. Slave import code done. Mostly.


File: 0507dbfd48fcd45⋯.png (4.4 KB, 684x48, 57:4, immobile slave issue.png)

seen on end week report. The slave in question doesn't have a dick and is actually immobilized by lack of muscle.



How much muscle does this slave have, exactly?




And also how old are they? Post screenshot of their summary, please. Or even a save.


File: 763a10bb53f392d⋯.png (32.99 KB, 1604x231, 1604:231, slave summary.png)

. >>227623

the tits are 1950 cc by the way.

Anyway the actual issue is that it's giving the wrong information in the week end summary about what's immobilizing her.



>Cavernous pussy. Age 10. Tits 1950cc





Oppai loli ftw!

>hates men

Why she is resting in the spa and not dying in the pit?




Will look into it. -100 muscle shouldn't still be considering a value of 0 immobilizing. This is a really bad time for a calculation like that to be failing.

Clearly this is a bit later, she should have start immobilized by her pregnancy, which I am assuming she did.



Issue is here:


30+muscle*0.3 is negative and there is no check for dick == 0.



Already posted a request for someone to make a merge request with the changes.


Do anyone know how to increase random event count displayed thorugh one week? I like to set it to 2x or 3x from normal. Looked in the code - it just give me headache and I nowhere near target.



You'd have to loop it back to the start of event selection and that can get messy fast.


File: 9c0fd6a34ca0535⋯.png (3.55 KB, 718x31, 718:31, no default.png)

there is no button to disable libido auto-correction with the RA. Even when my slave is at the set goal it prioritizes "monitoring" when I try to use the smartpiercing.


Do quirks (be they sexual or behavioral) do anything for a Head Girl?



Will pass it along.


I don't think there are any that do.



That's the behaviour for manually setting it as well. What would you have it do?


What does giving your recruiter an office in your PR department actually do? I can't find any reference to it having any effect.



I gave her a c-section almost immediately.


Is there a way to edit some of the colors for the clothes? I want to make some red qipaos instead of the weird yellow that's default.


Just saw this:

Merge branch 'vectorart_jsification' into 'pregmod-master'

More vectorart added? Can't find changelog



Would there be a call to add a control for a number of extra events in a week? like +0 (default), +1, +2?


Tried converting another two widgets. Uncertain about how <<silently>> works, so check that if removing it is incorrect. Also, I'm uncertain which convention you prefer for very long if sentences, see line 107-111. Combined several consecutive if-sentences.




Jsification is meant as conversion to javascript, meaning no new content other than potential speed optimizations.



It's just a shift from sugarcube to JS. No new art.


There is nothing of the sort.


Where was the silently tag at?


Sorry if someone already reported, but I found today that whole autosurgery settings in RA is not working. I looked in DefaultRules.tw - seem's to be no section related to surgery at all. Missed? Or new RA just not finished?



Look for the JS version.

At this rate I'm going to have to completely rebuild the folder structure so things are actually located someplace that makes sense. We can't end with all the JS being in the JS folder if the entire game becomes JS. Same as we can't really stay with most of the game sitting in uncategorized. And of course moving files is just horrible since it throws a conflict for everyone working on it until they figure out where it went.




Gotcha, didn't know the meaning behind Jsification.



hi i havent looked at pregmod updates for like 8 months. is the vector art still only enormous adults?



I don't know about enormous, but yeah, it's still adults for now (not sure if it'll change, either)


> She was voluntarily enslaved after she decided that your paternalistic arcology was a better place to live than the old world

Shouldn't that be Old World?



I would imagine that would depend entirely on whether or not it was a title. Since that is vanilla and really old content, I'm going to go with not changing it.



Fair enough. I figured since "the Old World" is what it's called in the lore, references to it in-game should reflect that


Having a slave become an Elite breeder using the Eugenics FS then dropping the FS results in the slave still having the breeder mark and status, meaning you can't abort any of their children, or even change the rate of gestation. Is this intentional?



I'll need to go over all that again. You weren't able to drop eugenics at that point before, so it wasn't a concern. It should be nothing more than a tattoo without the FS.


File: 153a675bdc1ea9a⋯.png (310.1 KB, 3000x972, 250:81, Screenshot (119).png)

Amputated a criminal's limbs, the intro event at the bottom describes tying up her wrists and ankles.



Will look into it.



There's no way to get rid of the tattoo in the Body mod studio


File: 827902a6d0f68b5⋯.png (948.59 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, Screenshot (120).png)

My character doesn't have a pussy.



Like I said, it was intended to never be removed.


You are using her dick though, right? Will look into it.



Right, I wanted to see what would happen when I gave her dick special preference.



The whole thing with children not being able to be aborted is a bug, though, correct?


Idea for a new title: quadruple amputees under a certain height are "human sex toys" or just "sex toys".


File: ba8da3714dda478⋯.png (698.4 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, Screenshot (121).png)

This is for slave who have had an anal womb implanted, right? Because this slave hasn't had one implanted yet - it'd only just begun to grow.



It has an effect on all for options and the reports will have a sentance to that effect.


I have a folder structure in mind, I'll post it ITT before suggesting code changes. Also I am planning on attempting to test and add a few more temp conversions to the ones already suggested in endWeek. Also is probably isn't worth converting cost report to JS is it?



Nobody but me will be doing a folder restructuring. As for the temp conversions, they aren't worth that much effort, really. I just grab them when I work on relevant passages for whatever reason.

costReport is so out of the way that there is little point to convert it short of annoying me with all the JS I now have to update.



Where'd you get the slave from? Also I really hope the RA isn't somehow doing it.


File: 7904f14e144cae0⋯.png (43.19 KB, 950x507, 950:507, Capture.PNG)


So.. I'm not sure why but I cant buy menial slaves, anyone know why this would happen? I compiled off of the latest master on github.. no other errors I can see.



Reporting it, something went wrong with the new JS converstion.



Just to be crystal clear I meant >>227867 as a suggestion. Is even suggesting one a worthless idea?



Depends on whether or not the person doing the organizing thinks similarly enough to you that they will sort similarly as well. As it stands, I'll sort as I see fit, regardless of suggestion more than likely, so with all honesty it would be better to not waste the effort.


File: 6243a89b5934ffe⋯.png (81.33 KB, 1528x227, 1528:227, ClipboardImage.png)

Paraphilias are showing as undefined



Passing it along too.



This slave was born from one of my existing slaves. I haven't set any rules in the RA regarding anal wombs or even pregnancy in general, so not sure how that could have caused it.



I honestly am not sure what could have caused it. Did she always have it say that or did it just appear one week?



I think it appeared right after I started to make the anal ovaries and womb for her, but I wasn't paying attention to whether or not it was there beforehand - I just happened to spot it after I left the remote surgery.



My guess is that starting to create the organs in the remote surgery triggered a flag that caused that description to appear, but I don't know enough about how that all works in FC to say for sure




Could be an autoimplant rule or something? What's your autosurgery rule settings?



All settings are "no default setting" for all of the rules that applied to that slave except for:

>Vision correction: 1

>Apply or undo vasectomy for slaves with testicles: undefined

>Body Hair: 2



Also I had a slave born with brown hair when its parents and all of its siblings have black hair. Not related, just something you might want to look into when you get time.


File: fe2627d871b7ad8⋯.swf (244.98 KB, free-cities-20180718-01050….swf)


Here's a save file if you want to check it out - the slave is in the penthouse


File: 24c58e7a0937594⋯.png (1.97 KB, 517x55, 47:5, dM6ZXJ.png)

why is the stuff in the SF hangar printed out like this? imo it would make more sense (and look better) to print out all that stuff in the hangar's bullet (just like it's done for the garage) instead of making a new separate (and incorrectly aligned) one.



Most of the SF is all over the place. There's a different dev that did all of that, and Pregmodder and the other devs haven't caught all the typos, grammar, and other little stuff if they've even had a chance to really look it over



just felt like pointing that out because i saw a commit where a typo in that same page was corrected, but this one apparently flew under the radar.



Will pass it along and see if anything can be gotten from it.


File: bcfa1c6d2ee93de⋯.png (304.74 KB, 2560x560, 32:7, NewDisplay.png)


>why is the stuff in the SF hangar printed out like this?

Short version, because it makes sense to me. Embed is the latest version as apart of the overhaul.


>There's a different dev that did all of that

The base content (visible on the vanilla git, with an apparent lack of additions since initial release) was done by anon1888 and all I have done is work on it for a while now.

>typos, grammar, and other little stuff if they've even had a chance to really look it over

A mixture of being only one anon and deciding to work on it frequently into very late evenings would produce issues, who would have guessed?


Most likely because in theory at least the SF mainly my domain.


Rule Assistant's still wonky. Doesn't seem to want to do body hair removals, doesn't do any autosurgery on slaves not in the Penthouse. Selecting "None" on Nasal Piercings sets it to "No Default" and then sets Ear Piercings to "none"


What are the possible modifications you can have each slave school undergo?



If I understand it correctly, the error stems from the new MenialPopCap() function not editing PopCap as a global variable. If that is correct, this should fix the issue:


The above pastebin also contains kopareigns fixes. For later, is it correct that _ always signifies local scope and $ global?



That is correct. Also kopareigns already tossed in a fix by just setting the global at the end. So everything should be working with it right now.




I looked in JS version /src/js/DefaultRules.tw - there is sections (functions) even for custom label setting (newest), but no section/function for surgery (like installing/removing implants).


What is the point of a custom slave order if I can't define either trust or devotion. Also why either than a super late edition can I choose either male or herms when $seeDicks is at == 0 along with the attach option (makeDicks) option not being enabled. Also for the same reasons why should I see

>hermaphrodite hormone therapies

>encourage cum production

>ejaculation enhancing prostate implants

>The fabricator is ready to grow an organ for her. Extract tissue to begin growing: Prostate



Also maybe a drug or something that limits asset growth to a certain size? Maybe something that doesn't allow any more growth if it's being applied every week.



Try rulesAutosurgery.


Cost more than likely. Low devotion makes slaves cheap.

Secondary effects from them. Also it is fully intended for you to be able to stick a prostate in a girl without a dick.


Pregmodder, during eow events it gave me the option to select whichever slave I wanted, and whichever even I wanted. I had turned on cheat mode at one point after the update before last, but I turned it off and saved before loading up that save in the most recent update. I saw that I could change it to let it be random again, I just thought I'd let you know that it is behaving like (I suspect) I'm still in cheatmode.



It is the custom order page though so I'l go mod it in if not for my own sanity.

>Also it is fully intended for you to be able to stick a prostate in a girl without a dick.

For what purpose though and what is the point of toggles existing if they aren't used when it would be logical to do so? I'l submit a MR making a few changes and bugs fixes, when possible.



I don't know man. It's just that those two empty bullet points for the hangar and the naval yard look out of place in comparison to how the garage's stuff is printed.

That point aside, mind giving a realistic reason as to why something like a zeppelin employed for military purposes would make a sudden come back after a literal century of those just being out of the table for their obvious vulnerabilities? Also are you aware of the manpower costs of operating an aircraft carrier? I think the current SF, with it's 1,5k personnel cap, wouldn't even be capable of operating an helicopter carrier in a decent form, and that isn't even taking into consideration the escort ships a carrier absolutely fucking needs to operate safely.

Also I don't think you understand how sonar works. You can't "overclock" frequencies to make them go faster underwater, unless you're trying to bend the laws of physics. The actual reason a sonar rotates "that slowly" is because it takes quite a while for a sound wave to travel from the sub to the target, then bounce off the target back to the sub's receptors, so basically it's just displaying the time frame at which those transmit/receive cycles occur. It would make more sense to say something like "The sub's sonar was upgraded to a long range, last generation, ultra potent, highly efficient radar system that manages to send and receive electromagnetic pulses underwater, making the detection of targets much faster and reliable".



Pregmoder would you be fine if I moved the initial event so that it is more useful?


>comparison to how the garage's stuff is printed.

I'l go make them more uniform then. The zeppelin I have in mind is alot more modern, along the lines of FO4/New order(also technically R&C II)'s.

>Also are you aware of the manpower costs of operating an aircraft carrier?

I wasn't fully at the time of creation, however as the game is in 2038, the very likely high levels of automation would drastically reduce requirements though. Thanks for the sonar feedback, the sonar upgrade means more the elecontric/computing enivorment got overclocked but I assume that would help much if at all? Any potential ideas for events? I already have a few in mind; one that is similar to the merc poker night, a very vague spy one, neighbour invasion. Yes some of the upgrades may not be realistically achievable in ten years however the lore is set further along though and I don't get the reason behind the disconect.



>The zeppelin I have in mind is alot more modern, along the lines of FO4/New order

I see, so like some sort of mobile fortress/command center. I don't know though, while it certainly looks cool, tactically it doesn't make any sense to have something as slow as a zeppelin fitted for military purposes (unless you're in some real desperate situation). The extent to which you'd have to go to defend the zeppelin far outweigh any of the possible benefits that it would be used for on a battlefield/scenario. I think it would make more sense to replace the zeppelin with something like modernized version of the Air Force One.

>the very likely high levels of automation would drastically reduce requirements though.

That's a valid argument indeed, but aircraft carriers always operate with a group of ships (whole thing is refered to as a Carrier Battle Group) and never alone, given their susceptibility to submarine attacks, and I very much doubt this tactic would change any point in the future. So, in my opinion, the current purpose I see right now for the carrier would be for dick waving and extra storage for planes and shit, not much else really.

>Yes some of the upgrades may not be realistically achievable in ten years however the lore is set further along though and I don't get the reason behind the disconect.

I understand that. Just trying to put out some feedback on stuff that looks kind of out of place when compared to other stuff. Like I just noticed small arms, for some reason, have reached the where man-portable railguns are a thing, yet the heavy tanks seem rely on old kinetic big powder boom-booms?



>zeppelin with something like modernized version of the Air Force One.

An AWACS would serve the same purpose though while being more lore friendly, (archology owners don't do a lot of travel).

>the current purpose I see right now for the carrier would be for dick waving and extra storage for planes and shit

It is a current use from them, so it would be nothing new then.

>yet the heavy tanks seem rely on old kinetic big powder boom-booms?

Big shells are fear inducing though and sound powerful.


Three conversions: https://pastebin.com/HtFrMqCM

Hopefully V[string] does what I think it does



I am sure you need V. so that the full internal code name becomes State.variables.decoration, State.variables[decoration] is not likely to be valid.



>AN AWACS would serve the same purpose though while being more lore friendly, (archology owners don't do a lot of travel).

Yeah I was thinking about using the AFO for that purpose more less, maybe not so much for the arcology owner's use but for their SF's high command and stuff. I mean, if they can "borrow" an aircraft carrier, what stops them from "borrowing" a 747 and remodel it as an AFO.

>That is a current tactic, so it would be nothing new then.

Yeah, but you can't really project power if your carrier is going to be mothballed for the entirety of it's service life.



Have this situation that to me is a bug but YMMV. Nympho concubine without an emotional connection turns into an emotional slut instead of being bonded with the PC. When it happens, the exact same paragraph says both:

>She gets more of your attention each day than any other slave…

>Since she does not have a strong relationship, is a sex addict and has a spectacularly promiscuous sexual history (double virgin btw), she begins to think of sex as her only meaningful emotional (…) She's become an emotional slut!

Now, it stands to reason that if a fucktoy gains enough attachment to the PC to become emotionally bonded, so should the concubine, even more so, right?

Unrelated issue- love the new store (wetware) but is there a way to get some attractive if expensive slaves out of it? Sure, you might think beautiful or very beautiful wouldn't be subjected to that but at least let us have an attractive every now and then, especially for people with body purity FS.

Related to that, those slaves are perfect reclamation projects for people playing paternalist, but the FS doesn't allow for a store-front, reasonably enough. Is it possible to have a semi-frequent event where you're allowed to buy one or a couple of those slaves to make up for the fact? Something like a citizen was smuggling them and is apprehended and you get to pick from 4 or 5 or something of the sort.



I think the wetware girls are meant to be bodyswapped.

Also there is a plan to add a thing in the black market where you can buy wetware CPU slaves, but I also like this as an event.



>I think the wetware girls are meant to be bodyswapped.

Makes sense. My initial reaction was "flesh heap slaves, except salvageable". Tbh, there's no reason they can't fill both roles. IMO, ofc.



Because you can answers a surprising number of questions. Also the toggle controls slavegen, not so much things indirectly related to maleness. I will give you custom slave though, that should adhere to the toggle.


What do you mean by the initial event? I'd really like to not mess with how it chooses random events.


Will look them over in a bit, busy right now.


Will look at it, saRelationships isn't the most simple passages.




Passed them along. I've asked for testing to be done of the third one, so we'll see if it will accept V[string] soon enough.


Small bug with the "The call comes in from an old world university. The caller, surprisingly, is a beautiful woman (…)"

If you choose to enslave you get the line

>Your estimation of her (…) There is and indecipherable glint in her eyeColor: nerves? Excitement? (…)

Her eyes are correctly indicated in the slave description above it.



>What do you mean by the initial event?

The > week 80 event that allows the playler to choose to enable it.

> I'd really like to not mess with how it chooses random events.

There is a small problem though, the event is listed in NonRandom rather than the random events file(s and I don't see the point of it being random). As a result I have already removed the randomness on my version.



I'd say it must come after the daughters of liberty chain and the rival event at a minimum.




Is there an upper limit on how many shares of the corp you're allowed to own? I'm positive I've issued and bought several but it's been stuck at 142000 shares for several weeks now. Also, not sure if it's supposed to be like that but when you issue 20000 shares, the game only allows you to buy 15000 back the next week and the remaining 5000 shares disappear as in they don't go to the public.



Odd. If you issue 10k you can buy the 10k. And the game acknowledges it, too. I'm at 152000 shares nao.


Is it not possible to impregnate yourself using a slave?



It is.



Just click the ride button a few more times



Ive had a million shares before.




Cool, thanks.


Apart from putting them on a cleansing diet, is there anyway to speed up the removal of carcinogens from slave?



Send them to upgraded clinic.




You can give your slaves cancer?



You can find benign tumors from toxin buildup.



They are in the upgraded clinic



it's not in the slave page for some reason but if a slave is assigned to fucktoy/bodygaurd duty there will be an option to ride em on the main page.


any reason for the delay on a new version? Vacation? Working on bigger stuff?



pregmodder is working on overhauling the porn system.


When recruiting identical herm pair from RecETS, slave id 1000+x would be pregnant with her own children instead of her twin(slave id x)'s. Judging from the description I thought it should be a bug?



Will pass that along. It may be something involving the womb object getting passed instead of reset.



that's about all you can do.


How exactly does one buy a breeding bull?



Buy a few slaves from Cattle Ranch (2-3 should do it) to unlock a random event where you can play host to a cattle ranch school in your arcology, after that theres a second event to either pick the sale of heifers (non mind broken girls) or Breeding bulls (what it says on the box)


Is there any way to get my slaves less confident about their sexuality, and removing that libido boost?


How much real world monies (US$ for instance) would a FC cred go for? 1-1?



It's in the encyclopedia somewhere. It's like 3-4 per dollar or something like that.




Other way around, sorry. 3-4 dollars per credit.




"Depending on the index good, the 2037 ¤ can be argued to be worth anywhere between thirty and several hundred US dollars."



actively set the smart implant to something other than her current fetish, keep her guessing what gets her off


One way to measure is check the daily cost while on food, and then subtract dairy fed milk-based diet

to get obtain liquid nutrition fluid price

compare to local average price of liquid nutrition drinks such as Ensure, Boost or any others.

Should give you your answer classic game theorists style



Her fetish is Vanilla [0], so she really doesn't have a fetish?



Yeah, this makes more sense than just 3 or 4. Even so, and I'm not saying this should be changed (realism be damned, it has to make sense from a game mechanic perspective first and foremost), I feel like the relative prices of things in FC sometimes don't make sense.

A shitty slave (but a slave nonetheless) for 2x the price of an expensive dinner? Remodeling a penthouse for accessibility is 5x more expensive than remodeling a whole block of apartments? Any other oddities I'm missing?

Thing that set me off was if it was anywhere near 1-1 is that you were buying really well trained slaves for the price of a car. 1-100 makes more sense but stuff like the spire at 350M or a whole arcology valued at half a billion still seems too low.



I just figured the world was going post-apocalyptic and values are fucked, so who knows what is worth what anymore?



To be more clear, I mean who of us today can predict the shortages and technological innovations that might drive future economy, especially during a post-apocalypse situation



That reasoning might cover half or it might cover the odd price ranges completely. Demand for slaves for instance would mostly be from rich people so the prices would tend to be higher, relatively speaking (or at least for the highly trained ones), whereas if you want to build something in the arcology you could probably get cheap/free menial labor pretty easily. But what about raw/refined materials? If the old countries are at war or in a state of unrest, those are going to be at a premium.




But yeah, who the fuck knows, I'm more fishing for someone else's autism. I'm sure someone has tried to make sense of this and has come up with interesting excuses/reasons.



Things like sugar, coffee and the like would probably be extremely expensive, I'd think.



Depends on location. Asia and South America would likely have very cheap coffee and sugar since they produce sugarcane and coffee easily. Africa and Middle East would also produce coffee.



Sorry dude, I'm trying to focus my annoyance and autism at the SF mod. Speaking of, SFanon, I'm gonna hit you with a pastebin of recommendations, unless you want to give me a link to your git.



>unless you want to give me a link to your git.

Here you go, https://gitgud.io/Blank/fc-pregmodgit . Time to see if I can nuke my email account.


File: 2ece6af9238a09a⋯.png (38.93 KB, 1316x336, 47:12, Capture.PNG)


Not a huge deal, but The RA is missing this option under the Cosmetic settings, currently I have to manually change this on all my slaves (I like to dress them up as demons with red skin, demonic eyes, and succubus outfits)



Here's a suggestion: Turn all the JavaScript-only Twee (".tw") files into pure JavaScript (".js") files, which basically involves renaming them to make sure their names don't clash with anything else and removing the first line (the one starting with "::"). TweeGo, since quite some versions, is just fine with including pure JavaScript files into the story.

They get turned into passages named after the file name, with the suffix stripped, so for example "src/js/utilJS.js" would be turned into a script passage named "utilJS".


File: 5ff8f9bc00091c5⋯.png (274.04 KB, 2972x781, 2972:781, Screenshot (126).png)

The mother is physically younger than the daughter in this instance



I would like to write a new custom rule for ugly, manly slaves. The trigger doesn't seams to proc, but i am sure i am just a normie and wrote it wrong.

How would it look like?

Here is how mine looks:

((function(slave) {return slave.face >= 10; }) || (function(slave) {return slave.faceShape === 'androgynous'; }) || (function(slave) {return slave.faceShape === 'masculine'; }))


File: c022cd5a3e8c7a9⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 419x419, 1:1, 1470256943069.jpg)


>This game is permitting the invention of entirely new families of fetishes

>mfw he's right



I"d like to see a system where once you have enough arcologies in the free city, you can turn them into specialty hubs. The idea being that due to economics of scale, one arcology that can make various amounts of certain goods wouldn't be profitible, but having ONE arcology make a FEW types of a certain premium or advanced product(computer hardware/auto-doc) or refined goods like a foundry that makes various alloys. than it's profitible, the idea being that at the end of it, the Free City the player owns is 100% self sustaining in terms of production of goods.



(slave) => slave.face <= 10 && ["androgynous", "masculine"].includes(slave.faceShape)


The Future Societies button is not showing up for me anymore on the left.

Is this a bug, or a new requirment has been implemented?






I finally found that piece of code, and found why it's not work for me. It's triggers only on really heathy slaves (hardcoded). But no notification about that on the RA autosurgery tab - so I just become confused as my slave been not healthy enough. It's actually worked normal, sorry.



I just don't see a point in doing it and those :: lines make really good search points for the twine version's horrible js container.


It's probably got some variable swapped in the event somewhere. Will report it.




Katie is the mother though, right? The event more than likely just isn't set up for the possibility that a mother could be physically younger than her daughter.



>I just don't see a point in doing it

The point is to make it easier to edit the files with proper syntax highlighting (for example in Notepad++) and automatic syntax and code style checks using JSLint or similar. Granted, it's a small benefit, but if you're already reordering everything …



Will consider things. Also I have no time table for when I'll be reordering things as there at are least two to three large overhauls in the works by other people that would need to be finished first.



You can easily tell NP++ to use JavaScript for parsing .tw files. You could also define your own set of high-lights, that would include twince specifc syntax(it's what i did and it works well).

Don't know about JsLint for NotePad++ I don't see the need.

Also, renaming files/changing their extension could be trouble-some for merging feature fork on the git side of things. Personally, I'm against a rename.



I don't disagree with your points but how I do it now is manually activate js-mode and comment out the first line in order for jshint not to puke nonsense. It's a nuisance but it doesn't cripple my dev environment.

It's probably more annoying if you don't use emacs on debian like a real man.


How to prevent the snowball effect. Once you get a certain amount of progress becoming a max rep living god is all but unstoppable


File: 175a4cf05d2907e⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 524x411, 524:411, Dulmur_and_Lucsly.jpg)


We're from Temporal Affairs, and we're here to help.



How do I change the vector assets so that abs show up on muscled girls


I love the Arcade. Throwing War Prisoners and the occasional sissy that comes through into them makes replaying this game over and over again all worth it. Looking forward to the prisoners from raids actually being usable for this.



I'm willing to bet that it isn't, since it's probably from before the Incubator was added. It'd be worth changing though, right?


Is there a mod that allows for a war against the other Free Cities?



I'll give it a go over later. The passage holds most of the relative and lover related interacts, so it is mostly a mess.


Another conversion. https://pastebin.com/CWYZw6FA

Running out of stuff to convert in miscWidgets, so may start looking at other potentials in /src/utility.

Tell me if there is anything in particular I should steer clear of, otherwise I'll continue on relatively simple stuff and hopefully work my way up



Not yet (that I know of), but that sounds like something that would fit in perfectly with SecEx (although that would probably be a huge pain in the ass to set up).



Can't we just call the playerName() js from the other day at the start of it?




Also dig around in pregmod widgets a little. I might have squirreled away a setter or something in there. Otherwise, the saWhore and saServeThePublic vignette blocks are prime canidates to be popped out into a function.


Do jobs have age limitations? Can they? I just got a 18 year old chief of police in a voluntary enslavement event.



Some do, though it also depends on your settings.



So if you use <18 you get 10 year old lawyers and such? lol



Only if you have age penalty off. Some events might still output things like that though, it's not a perfect system.



Yeah. After a certain point, we'd need to make some kind of sequel game instead. If it were possible to import the main character or slaves to play as, that would be even better, but even more unrealistic.


Would it be possible to apply the <<link goto tweak to the [[|][[] option?


This could just be the branch I am,

Error: <<run>>: bad evaluation: undefined has no properties
<<run clearSummaryCache($activeSlave)>> FC_pregmod.html:293704:25676
Error: <<silently>>: error within contents (Error: <<run>>: bad evaluation: undefined has no properties)

<<set _SL = $slaves.length, _ID = $activeSlave.ID>>

<<if $i >= 0 && $i < _SL && $slaves[$i].ID == _ID>> /* shortcut if $i is already pointing to this slave */
<<set $slaves[$i] = $activeSlave>>
<<set $i = $slaveIndices[_ID]>> /* find $i if exists */
<<if ndef $i>> /* not found, so new slave */
<<AddSlave $activeSlave>>
<<set $slaves[$i] = $activeSlave>>

<<switch _ID>>
<<case $HeadGirl.ID>><<set $HeadGirl = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Recruiter.ID>><<set $Recruiter = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Bodyguard.ID>><<set $Bodyguard = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Madam.ID>><<set $Madam = $activeSlave>>
<<case $DJ.ID>><<set $DJ = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Milkmaid.ID>><<set $Milkmaid = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Schoolteacher.ID>><<set $Schoolteacher = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Attendant.ID>><<set $Attendant = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Nurse.ID>><<set $Nurse = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Stewardess.ID>><<set $Stewardess = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Wardeness.ID>><<set $Wardeness = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Concubine.ID>><<set $Concubine = $activeSlave>>
<<case $Collectrix.ID>><<set $Collectrix = $activeSlave>>

<<run clearSummaryCache($activeSlave)>>




How did you get the princess to impregnate herself? I've only got the ability to impregnate myself, or have someone impregnate my slaves.



Functional cock and balls, should pop up once she's taken off contraceptives.



Weird. Coque&balls, fertile, but no option. Is it in something besides the slave's personal menu?



>slave starting her new pregnancy generator with own ejaculate


What about after a certain amount of years elapse (depending on difficulty) the world goes to such shit that it starts to become uninhabitable and arcologies start producing ships to go to new planets. Then you can pay either a HUGE amount of money to get your own ship built or your corporation can build one and you buy a ticket for a still large amount of money.



and then you go enslave alien girls.



I mean it's more likely that humanity will use generational ships to reach new solar systems. So it would effectively be taking your harem into space, along with the citizens of your arcology, and then running an arcology that has no access to outside resources, trade, or new slaves, but the only "weather" effect is asteroids. And you die on the ship, needing to leave behind an heir.



Dude it's a game where you can give people cybernetic limbs and incubate them 1 year of growth in a week. Just implant your head into a new body.



PC bodyswapping not implemented


What's the past that makes a good milkmaid?



Farming backgrounds.



Where can I find a list of what is better for what?





File: 72d22a9c08ac5e8⋯.png (267.86 KB, 2208x732, 184:61, ClipboardImage.png)

Can somebody explain to me why the cow on the top produces more milk than the bottom one?



If you can't solve a game of spot the differences, she's happy, very healthy, and pregnant.



So, there is no purpose to buy cows from the Ranch then? Because they are always mindbroken. And the mindbroken one is also pregnant and healthy.


I wonder if it couldn't be tweaked by adding in a bit of genetics. Some people could simply make for better cows, and some for worse - and the Ranch could select (and breed) for the positive traits.



The Ranch gets you partway, but the best slaves will always be the ones you sculpt personally, though you can eventually buy heifers that aren't mindbroken from the ranch. Your mindbroken slave may not be healthy or pregnant enough to see bonuses come from milking.



She's 22w with quads and is best of help. Mindbreak is one hell of a demerit, jesus



There's also I believe a hidden stat on how adapted to milk production they are which increases as they're milked so if it's a new purchase then that stat will be low.



It's part of the downsides to aging bioreactors in the industrial dairy. It's one of countless little things that are pushing towards a dairy rework.

Speaking of reworks, the porn rework is almost ready for testing and balancing. Just need to touch up fame loss for not producing porn of a slave with porn fame and add a bunch of hooks for the new variables, but overall it should be ready by the end of the weekend; assuming it just doesn't spew error messages at me, of course.


File: 1fe6dfa9bdd0551⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Bernie Mac.jpg)

Nigga what the fuck? These bitches chomping down on fuckin slave treats an shit, gettin all fat and nasty. What, who? How do I turn dis shit off, nigga?


Why does mindbreak set devotion/trust to fixed values instead of zeroing gains/losses?



Stick them on a diet, also wann't it clear in the sales text what would happen? That said, if you don't have hedonistic decadence, I believe that you can disable the research in the dispensary.



Essentially 0 dev, 0 trust is fairly neutral to slave life, which is my guess as to why FCdev chose to do that. It works out well enough given that mindbreak overrides nearly every dev/trust check in the game.

Why it doesn't immediately do that is another story. It's not like you can undo the surgery.



Makes the Cattle Ranch gimmick kind of pointless when the devotion/trust disappears next week, though.




It also affects price.

I'm using it in the cattle ranch to manipulate the game's cost calculation.



Shiet, nevermind. Just noticed I forgot to buy the diet recipe. Shit freaked me out for a second. I buy most this stuff in the fabricator in bulk so I never seen all the bitches suddenly going fat.



And yes this sounds completely retarded but it might have happened that I've bought these in the past and immediately use the last link to cancel their production, thus flushing however many ¤ they cost down the toilet because redding is teh hard.


> ¤

Wtf is this thing even called?



the currency of the anarcho-libertarian future


File: 9a3f10d422dad70⋯.png (103.89 KB, 1510x492, 755:246, currency sign.png)


It's a currency sign. I like to call it "Hillary".



>Not just minimizing your age on character creation and making one of your starting slaves your Mother

You don't even need to wait for PC bodyswapping yet.



> "Hillary"

Eh, it's better than Credit. Credit's such a shit word, wonder why everyone and their moms use it for fantasy currencies. Can we get a new one?



I vote for Carat


File: 03b4a1fa3b4149f⋯.jpg (284.49 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, Ron-Paul-on-the-slave-bubb….jpg)


From investopedia

>Credit also refers to an accounting entry that either decreases assets or increases liabilities and equity on the company's balance sheet.

Probably the reason why it is a good generic term.

I vote for calling them Ron Paullers. Or just Paullers for short.



It's called a shekel. The judeo-libertarian future is bright indeed.



>It is sometimes called scarab.

Egyptian Revivalist is officially canon.



OR you could research some way of "stasis" and put yourself into stasis. Only getting woken up when needed.

Or you could upload/store your brain and have a body ready when you need one (when you wanna fuck a girl)… Honestly, I still ask myself why we can't just scoop out the brains of super smart but otherwise useless slaves and use em for computing power.

Could be a degradationism thing ("Either you are pretty and dumb, or you go to the think tank") or a general thing (that may or may not heavily impact your standing, depending on how you "sell" it to people… Could be something of a Science/High-Tech fututre society thing)


Whoever thought merging Russian and Ukrainian name lists like that was a good idea … it wasn't. Pic related is the result when the game (current git version) tries to generate a Russian slave. The result isn't too bad (she just has "blank" as her given name), but still. The same should apply to Ukrainian slaves, but I didn't check.

The *why* is because setup.namePoolSelector.Russian and setup.russianSlaveNames is now a string instead of an array. The *where* is line 447 of src/init/setupVars.tw, where the two arrays get (implicitly) converted to strings to be able to be concatenated with the "+" operator. If you want to join two arrays together, use the array.concat() method, like this:

<<set setup.russianSlaveNames = setup.russianSlaveNames.concat(setup.ukrainianSlaveNames)>>


File: d27498d386bf869⋯.png (16.13 KB, 1187x128, 1187:128, broken russians.png)


… forgot the picture.



open up art/vector/layers, look for "fill:". What I want to do is have the game give the slave a shoe colour that matches up with the clothing colour but that's looking mighty difficult.


Weird. ST3 auto-synatx-highlights those files as JS, but the other .tw files as twee. I guess it works off the file content instead of extension.


>"…and in economics news, the Ron has hit a record peak of 312 USD…"


File: f46f5e352ee3429⋯.png (82.88 KB, 1211x607, 1211:607, virgin.png)

I have a case of virgin birth here, I think. Should I start a religion or get worried?

For context: Letje (18 year old) is with me since 14 weeks, and I got her from the "virgin runner" event. Which very much means she was a virgin back then. Or at least that's what I paid for …

This week, she introduced me to her cute little 7 year old daughter Johanna.






RE Relative Recruiter needs a lot of love. It's just one passage but it needs big work done on it. Age ranges, missingParentIDs, extra relative types which seems to have been planned but never followed through on, and I'm not sure it's switching between checking the genepool slave and the current slave the right way. It probably also needs to figure out the time the slave has spent in your care to figure the relative ages properly.



>Just one passage

>45200 bytes of code

Thankfully most of it is simply lots of weird SugarCube code. But the $genepool calls look correct. Just that everything else isn't.

To be fair, I have no idea how to check for the possibility of some slave being the mother of father of some other to-be-created slave at the point in the past (conception for the father, conception to birth for the mother) either.


File: fe12c515e322b01⋯.png (96.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

This came up in the eow event, and would much prefer having the events be as random as they were before. I'm not quite sure how it got switched over to this.



Nvm, I fixed it.


In my current run, I am playing a narcissist woman. Thusly, I am currently trying to time when my self-impregnated kids are born and when they go into the incubation chambers so that they'll all share the same birthday as "me". My question is, do pregnancies without boosters have a set date, or does it vary by a few weeks like in real life?




It's fixed now.



That's sort of a logic hole, there is just nothing to track if a slave is truly a virgin or not. Couple that with surgery to restore virginity and things start to get muddled. I think I can exploit genePool though to make a better guess at virginty, however.


They are, it's just virginity was never taken into account.


They can vary, but that's where labor suppressors and labor inducement come into play.



There's nothing to track a slave's history at all. This doesn't just affect virginity, but also things like children being born within too short a time-span (for example, I've seen two born three months apart from that event) or in general weird things happening with people who switched genders.



You should be able to induce yourself at the 38 week mark regardless of the blurb in Manage Personal Affairs informing you that contractions have started.


I've been going through my first run pretty slowly, only on week 37 after about 12 hours. Is there some looming threat I should constantly be looking out in the end game is or is it ok to keep a faster pace?



File: 70ffe29ab16e89a⋯.png (280.95 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1531900136683.png)

Do older women bodyswapped into loli bodies get the age penalty applied to them?


Is there a way to change the slaves food so that doesn't make it so that they can't eat anything else?


Less adding new, superfluous kinks and mechanics and more time spent fleshing out existing content when



Nope. Age penalties and bonuses depend on actual age.



Considering porn is getting completely redone, now?


There is not.



Thank you.

Time to create my harem of 100 year old lolis





File: 478ce9b761c28c1⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 530x450, 53:45, lolibaba.jpg)



>Considering porn is getting completely redone, now?

Wait what?


>>228899 (Checked)

actualAge split into mentalAge and chronologicalAge when?



That's what I'm talking about. It's a big undertaking. Do you loop through all the sisters to find ones who were born too close together? Exclude half-sisters with different mothers? Do you make same-year sisters twins or do you move their birth weeks 9+ months apart? What about different-year sisters that are still too close together? Do you change the year? What if that year puts you too close to a different sister? And that's just one small tweak.

>>228866 (Checked)

They are what?



Porn as in the ingame recording your slaves for porn, or the sex scene?



The former.




Pretty much the studio and its porn feeds. It's not going to be just dump money until prestige 3 any longer.


The checks are used. The lack of a virginity check was what caused her to have a daughter.



Will it still clobber existing prestige descriptions?



Nope, it's getting split into .pornPrestige which an be stacked with .prestige for a bigger bonus.



The way I'd do it is to start recording the slave history. Date of birth, date when puberty finishes, date of loss of virginity, date(s) of conception(s), date(s) of birth(s), date(s) of when the postpartum finishes, date when they get a new cloned set of ova added, … Then you can easily find intervals long enough that they could be pregnant and make sure no silliness like this can even happen.


A simple virginity check wouldn't have helped when it comes to the situation with the "virgin runner" girl. She was a virgin when I got her (and was still one for a few weeks after), but wasn't one any more when the recruiter event fired.



Hence why it would check $genePool. That locks in near immediately. There is still some room for mistakes, but the gap is much smaller.


File: 9ce9b4f1d88efad⋯.png (174.96 KB, 510x346, 255:173, 9705dc8c-62c6-44dc-9dfc-43….png)

Is the changelog correct and there's been no major updates for about 2 weeks? Or should I just re-download the Git and try to play Where's Waldo?



Up to date changelog is currently wedged in the WIP merge.




I kind of wish there was a way to make them eat normal food. I get that that leads to scat which nobody wants, I don't want it either, but I bet there are bathrooms in the game cause I fail to see how slave food prevents peeing, and I want the slaves to be able to eat actual food if I let them to show that even the quality of life for my slaves is better than the quality of life for an old world citizen, and make them cook for me in a big luxury kitchen with a cooking skill in nothing but aprons.



anyway it doesn't have to lead to scat because enemas exist.




It's too ingrained into the game's world.



I don't know how hard it would be to add a paternalism policy for slaves eating normal food, having a penthouse facility that acts as a kitchen with a head chef as a leader, with a eow report description of something about slave is grateful they are still allowed to eat real food instead of having their digestive system atrophy, and adding a few kitchen events.



you can buy some solid slave food research thing over at the black market.



scratch having it as a penthouse facility, make it a five star restaurant next to the brothel and shops. that way it earns money and rep based on cooking skill, and has a function of selling to citizens and providing room service without being locked behind paternalism. Have the policy be locked behind paternalism to allow slaves to order room service.


File: 5060c686a60e17d⋯.jpg (12.31 KB, 297x221, 297:221, Synthetic-Krabby-Patties.jpg)


that isn't real food though. The slave's digestive system still atrophies and it's all slop shaped and flavored like real food like that one episode of spongebob where mr krabs retires and krabby patties get made on machines.


>Your inter-arcology war with the arcology owner behind the Daughters of Liberty has dragged on for 4 weeks.

How long does this last?



until one of you goes bankrupt or you send in mercs. 1-30+ weeks.



Can't I just ignore it, choosing to continue instead of choosing any of the options?



you could of but you didn't. Just send in mercs to kill/capture her, she's one of 3 unique slaves in the game.



Still not an option. Just gonna skip it until it does show up



It shows up if you are fully trained in combat. You could also end it by being fully trained in hacking.



What if I'm neither?


>be chattel religionism prophet

>losts of reputation gain (around 8k per week)

>buy property for reputation, sell for money

It's money printing machine kek



to be honest you should be fully trained in everything by that event.



>fully trained in everything

Unless I'm mistaken that takes a long ass time.



Daughters of liberty is week 73. It's doable.



Mine triggered on week 55ish



I meant the attack.



If you have the elites you can financially nuke the target otherwise enjoy spending 50,000 every turn until mission accomplished.


True however technically some skills don't really do much.


What background did you pick?







So how hard would it be to implement expensive actual foods, or even install a hydroponics sector in the arcology?


Is there a way to disable the whole stomach atrophy thing? Of all things in the game, that's the one that I truly dislike for some reason.



you can lie about it and they won't ever bring it up again I guess.


Multiple cocks and balls when?



I guess that's as good as I'm gonna get.


I mean, you're allowed to grow many organs for a person. Be a shame to just leave them blueballed.



yeah it doesn't seem like people are interested in real food, or at least they aren't paying attention.



Yeah, but you're not allowed to implant more than one



Apparently facilities are hard to make, but I'm sure it would be easy to just put an option to feed slaves real food if it is made exactly like the option to let slaves eat solid slave food.


File: ce3542372d23c04⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1500x1670, 150:167, ClipboardImage.png)

So i suggested this a few versions ago but it got forgotten in time so i'm gonna ask again to see if any coder anon has the same degenerate fetishes as me.

Could you guys add a way to choose how the slaves give birth? Currently it depends on the facility/assignment but it would be nice to have choices no matter what facility the slave is in, if needed i could try to come up with some new ones too.


File: 2c2e3758fab5f42⋯.png (54.31 KB, 1548x289, 1548:289, ClipboardImage.png)

Getting this error on week end report



Pretty sure there's a major overhaul in the works, but not sure how far along that is or anything



Passing it along.


Last piece of prestige setting nearly done, which would be the last of the core. After that, mostly fluff left to handle and to look into how pornFame interacts with FS gain.



To be clear the porn my slaves star in will always be lesbian porn between my slaves or involve me correct?



Slaves can have dicks.



not in my game they can't.




only homos like penis.



It's not gay if you have them fuck your slaves and don't give them the dick.



I'm not a cuckold. Only I can fuck my slaves. They can have fun with each other but only I can fuck them.



If they're not good enough to breed they don't get my seed.


File: b12303a89965280⋯.jpg (13.19 KB, 275x275, 1:1, You lost me.jpg)



Try running backwards compatibility.


It trends more generic descriptions to be able to accommodate the possibility that a slave may not be penetrated at all.



so basically I pretend that they are only having sex with me, just like with the previous porn system, only that system was backed up solely by how I limited the slave's sexuality.

Will there still be things like putting the daughters of liberty into porn immediately and the eow report talking about how thousands of people like watching them get raped?



That worked thanks.



That was an event, so yes it will still be around.



A better route would be to colonize the asteroid belt first. Just hollow an asteroid out, get it spinning, stick some solar panels on the outside and you've got an archeology. The colony upgrades could be pretty interesting and eventually you could research faster than light travel. This is when full colonization and enslavement of space waifus begins. We'll can call it Sins of a Solar Empire… wait no…



of course the daughters is an event, I meant specifically the optional bit of text in the end of week report



>I kind of wish there was a way to make them eat normal food.

They do on occasion - see the birthday event, which can end up with the slave eating a cake with you.

The problem isn't so much how hard it would be to implement (very easy, about on par with any other weekly effect like from the drugs), but how many descriptions you have to hunt down and fix in all kinds of events.



That reminds me. I'm beginning to think this so-called birthday event I keep hearing about is a lie and isn't actually a thing or I just have the worst luck with it. I've had games where I've had a birthday on me or a slave nearly every week of the year and never seen it trigger, ever. Is there some method of getting it to proc or is it just really rare or something?


Either I'm going crazy, or the game has some kind of grain filter. the effect doesnt seem to appear anywhere else.


I hate have only 3 shops, I can't put the brothel, the club and some of my future societies at the same time. There are a lot of markets, can't we had more shops in the future?



Wasn't the birthday event something that would randomly make a slave age up prior to having normal slave aging be a thing?



What would you recommend the limit to be? This would impact on additional units for everything else in order to keep the current layout and reducd individual sector percentage.



Why not make it an upgrade, that switches some apartements into shops? or it simply adds more shops like the last upgrade tier does with apartments.



That would be a good idea, or switch some markets into shops.


File: c27112faf0eaad8⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 329x344, 329:344, smugslut.jpg)


>American English

So spelling things wrong on purpose?


File: 1c5d0e588f96fa1⋯.jpg (86.44 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1521122198693.jpg)


Oi m8 yuo gotta loicense fo that spellin?


Haven't played for a few months, but was anything updated or added for Eugenics?



I believe there was a special market added that has incredibly beautiful slaves, but I'm not sure how precisely to get it.



I agree with this idea, especially since it would add a facility that could in that one last unconverted spot, in the manufacturing area I believe.


I've never actually seen any effects from the atrophy, I think it might be just lore as it is right now.


Its in there, you just haven't had it come up.



it's a Eugenics FS thing.



Well yes, as he asked about any changes or updates for Eugenics, that was implied.



Right I'm blind af and failed to read the entire message.


So pregmodder, editoranon here. I was thinking about a progression system up to your super expensive more trouble then they're worth slave market. So, it is based off of your authority, and it begins by unlocking a blue collar prison market, with gang members, murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. After that it goes to an illegal immigrant market, where people who were trying to get in illegally are sold. Then it gets to a white collar prison market, where people like high powered, corrupt businesspeople, ponzi-schemers, corrupt bureaucrats, etc. are sold. Then we get to the military prison, where enemy combatants, deserters, spies, and the like are sold. And finally we get to the big kahuna, your super black market.



I like the sound of that


been away for awhile is PA body swap in? if so how to use it



Those would fall more towards normal slave markets. That market is more for things with a huge reputation, but stiff risk to them, like say a mafia don's daughter or the like. Essentially someone prestigious to possess, but liable to cause major trouble if word gets out that you're the one that has them.


The stomach thing just sort of is in the game's lore. It would be best to work around it as you could only realistically apply slaves not undergoing it to slaves that you are 100% certain have never been outside your possession.

Now I can see the possibility in trying to wean them off slave food.


Sectors are rigidly set, I would strongly advise against any attempts to change other sectors. Arcology expansions would be the best way to go, but then you run into other issues.



No it is not. I have some stuff for it, but it is still a long way off.



Okay. Is it alright if I work on getting them added anyways? I think they sound fun.



Sure, but they'd go with the regular slave markets. More variety couldn't hurt.



Cool, will get on it with mezzy.



Also, do you want us to work on the super black market as well?



If you can think of any slaves that meet the criteria and enough to fill out something like the prestige market, sure.



I hadn't thought about slaves who were enslaved before they were yours. So how fast is this stomach atrophy thing supposed to work, I know the supposedly longest enslaved people in the world were enslaved for around 15 years, and would it be possible to grow them new digestive organs with the organ farm?

I also like your idea about weaning them off slave food.



This would be awesome! I've thought the same thing myself. Different options would be nice.



That art style looks familiar…


So I've started working on a list for the prison markets, let me know if you think I've missed anything or if you have any suggestions.




You may have missed giving permission to view it.



Did that fix it?



Yep and looks good.



Pregmoder would it be a good to create a new underbelly section that can be swapped between the others at will but the price will increase drasrically and it would be keept inline with the current layout? A few of the defaults could be a level gang area increases the chance of that event firing,a area for. subpar menial slaves/citiznes to be housed that increases their cap but reduces rent.



Let's not mess with arcology sectors right now.


Do you guys know a good guide to make like these on Twine?



Step one: Don't use twine.

Twine is suitable for CYOA type things, not games built on repeated loops. It has too much overhead for it to be worthwhile.

If you must, at least look into tweeGo; it strikes me as easier to work with, though that may just be because twine refuses to let me edit text without a ridiculous input delay. More mod friendly, though.



Isn't Free Cities made on Twine?



TweeGo these days, but that is largely the reason I'd advise against it. So many problems coming out of it.


Anyone have a good guide on how to program this shit? I'm really curious about what's under the hood.

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