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File: d3e01d7ff14f4b8⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, eggmacho.jpg)



Two gitfags, Spaghetti and Gingercock, broke as many toys as they could and left. This has disrupted organization, but actual development continues unchanged.

Convenient Downloads


Eralang Reference:


Discord Chat:



-Specify the game you're talking about

-Please report bugs along with the exact version you're playing. Save files often help.

-When using git, download eng-release for the latest stable version, or eng-develop for bleeding edge updates.

Previous Threads:



Man, at least this one is not that laggy as last one


File: 1208637fa01742a⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 601:508, still reeeing in the secre….jpg)


>but actual development continues unchanged



Spaghetti did nothing but manage git repos. I heard Ginger variously claim he'd make a superior version of SQN, take over Megaten, and completely recreate the entire game engine, claims that all individually deserve a laugh in the face. I won't say their departure will have *zero* impact, but it's not going to deprive you of anything major.


I just want to play text porn games, why are people so autistic



Because spergs.

Aside from that, we're having the old issue with MaouEx that was supposedly crushed with the conversion from Shift-JIS to UTF8-BOM. Perhaps the conversion was lost in the recovery process.

And I cannot access the git through GitKraken. It just keeps asking for L/P. Not gonna worry too much about it for now, though a progress report on the various issues would be appreciated. Thanks.


So new git when?



Didn't you guys switch from mega to the git thing because some niggas were reporting the mega links and getting them deleted?

Maybe not the best time to switch back.


Complete era newfag here, I'm trying to play tohoK but I'm getting errors on the startup and interaction options with characters are broken and unreadable. Probably a simply solution but I've never used this kind of shit before.



The old one works, but OP forgot to add link to it.


Also new public account was made.

QAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA / Quichis1993@teleworm.us



Install any japanese font.

I recommend MS Gothic.


File: 82099d19b1b1f2b⋯.jpg (47.7 KB, 936x178, 468:89, niggerofagame.jpg)


Didn't seem to work, still having the exact issues. Here's a screenshot of whats going on.



Either you or the uploader of the Mega archive are still using the white man's locale. If it's working for everyone else, I'm going to assume its you. Switch to radioactive.



Tried to sign in with that, it takes me to an error page https://gitgud.io/users/auth/sapphire/omniauth_error?error=Email+has+already+been+taken which says " 422

The change you requested was rejected.

Make sure you have access to the thing you tried to change.

Please contact your GitLab administrator if you think this is a mistake.

Go back "



Third time in row?

Someone seriously does it on purpose.



This is why you don't trust discord niggers.


File: 022fb4505394839⋯.jpg (864.88 KB, 1813x2111, 1813:2111, y_tho.jpg)


>This is why you don't trust discord niggers.

>When they made three public accounts to git themselves



I thought Spaghetti was the one that went nuclear? This sounds like some kind of vendetta of yours.



Spag left the project leaving Ginger in charge who in turn locked down the git, effectively forcing us to start a new channel. Ginger and a few others "stayed behind", they are no longer part of the new group.



My bad, Ginger locked down the Discord not the git. I need to wake up before posting…


File: a34213e7979bc9e⋯.png (186.79 KB, 1208x1819, 1208:1819, MTL_Guide.png)



don't download tohoK from browser, it brakes encoding, a lot of era games break like that

get some git client, gitKraken should be easy to handle, download games using that

it also will allow you to update the game or quickly swap between branches

there's also a tutorial on the git group, go check that out


git gud

get git



>don't download tohoK from browser, it brakes encoding, a lot of era games break like that

Since when? If his PC is in nip format like it should be there should be no issue. I certainly have never had an issue and I always download every eragame through my browser.


File: 919a4bc314d7d3e⋯.png (2.23 KB, 145x34, 145:34, 2018-09-11 10_49_27.png)


well maybe that fixes it, but pic related is certainly not what the file is supposed to be named



That's because encoding format broke.



How do you know, were you in their admin circlejerk? I woke up to a missing server and those two people are gone. Everyone says he had some role in it. I ignored the guy and all the hatred of him right up until this bullshit happened.


People hate making accounts. I've never had my links get taken down, but I'll cross that bridge if I get there. The zipped filesizes are so adorably small that it's easy to replace links and put these games in a dozen different places if necessary.



I'd have to have been an admin to be in their admin circlejerk, no? I was just some dude on discord. Gingercuck seemed fine, although everyone liked ganging up on him.

The facts, as I understand them:

a. he didn't have any control over the git, so he couldn't have deleted anything

b. he wasn't owner of the discord server and thus couldn't stop Spaghetti from fucking it up

This tells me the only culprit was Spaghetti Code and that someone in the new discord group has it out for Cuck.



>were you in their admin circlejerk?

You wouldn't have had to be, since some very fine people leaked everything that took place in the admin channel to the shitposting discord.



You don't need to be discord server owner to lock down the server, which was what happened, admins have more than enough permissions by default. You only need to be owner to A) set someone else as an owner of the discord server, and B) delete the server.



Wasn't spag the one who wanted to make his own LiG version? Big dreams for someone who did fuck all, but overmanage git repos. Fucking git repos out of all things.



Dunno about Spag, but there one of the others called Zergrush has kinda started on a LiG/TW project. No idea if it's still ongoing though.



Oh. If it was Zerg then the game has a chance. Though I'm glad he's focusing on the existing projects first.


Is there a way to get more collector gaps in eraTW?

Is there any truth to the following hints, and if so what's the best way to get to observe them?

When rape mark is on the same level as pleasure- and lewd marks, they have a special effect. Even hard-to-get characters will melt in your hands.

Be careful when time is stopped, a chupacabra can appear and kill you.

There is a little chance that they can learn about your powers if you are not careful.

Always use a sleeping pill before a sleep rape. - what if you don't?

Be careful on a drunk or sleep rape, she may wake up and she will never forget.

There is only one garden per home zone, be smart *some may not even have one. – what's special about gardens?

Watch out when raping Yuuka!



>Be careful when time is stopped, a chupacabra can appear and kill you.

This used to be true, but the faggots translating took it out.


Patche is making his own era games fyi



That sucks it sounds fucking awesome.




Glad to see people from that time.

shhh nobody tell them they missed the memo

Post last edited at


how do you get them to learn about your powers? that would make it so much more interesting.


Is there any advantages to playing as a peasant in TW?

Like more scenes, events, etc? Or is it purely an added money sink challenge?



there is no reward only a job that will torment you the rest of you life



Is there anything those assholes won't censor?


Is there any merit to playing LiG over TW?



Not really. There is if you feel adventurous enough to port the dialogue files over though.



>Always use a sleeping pill before a sleep rape. - what if you don't?

When I tried to molest girls without pills, "undress" button did not appear, so I assume it's about it. (And you need to undress to do lewd staff.)



The option only appears if they are in deep sleep.



>what's special about gardens?

You can raise vegetables there to make some food for yourself/girls or just give them away to girls when they ask you for some.

>Watch out when raping Yuuka!

She has very high sadism and fighting skill, one fag ended up his game as her rape toy until he chose to bite the dust.


>how do you get them to learn about your powers?

Just steal their panties, turn off time stop and attempt to go away.

You will receive hate mark for doing this if your relationship with that girl is too low.



I think the guy meant a route where you can make then learn of your time stop after becoming lovers or something.



I see.

I never managed to get this far in eraTW.


What does the option "Ignore stable Period" do when starting a new game in EraTW?



It shows you the merits of machine translation.



It's about having sex while girl is pregnant, I belive.

By japanese default it's forbidden.



More specifically, it's forbidden during the early and late stages of pregnancy. Maybe they believe it could be dangerous for the baby.


anyone ever wonder how the negotiations must go in eratohok with the fairies?

>if you join us there'll be all sorts of parties, snacks, and fun to have

and then you fill their ass with cum


File: dffdcdaf9c8a5fe⋯.jpeg (116.56 KB, 480x625, 96:125, b1d1bf7537105fd99bbb80306….jpeg)

File: 04e9bdb2d184c09⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 5c33d1aee212c006c88d8a64c1….png)

File: 58022567799f0d2⋯.jpg (789.8 KB, 1260x2380, 9:17, 3495913ede94f65ac2fc2d86eb….jpg)

File: ee65f2d4e4ded25⋯.jpeg (505.07 KB, 782x973, 782:973, ba923787c18c9ebfc97e1748f….jpeg)

File: 688921837756e55⋯.jpeg (781.65 KB, 892x1200, 223:300, 5c9727ba1ec6dcbe4d185eefe….jpeg)


To be fair anal with fairies sounds really fun.


Is there a debug command setting for EraSumireTeru?



but what exactly happened? why ruin everything for everyone? this is fucking stupid.


File: 8b4d2a2365de2de⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 200x150, 4:3, nofunallowed3.gif)


Because people don't want other people to have fun.


>>>haven't checked this game's thread for a month

>>relied on git to check for updates and dl new versions

>git no longer works

What the fuck did I miss?



m8, I've been downloading from browser for months and I've never encountered that problem.


File: e119eab990634cd⋯.jpg (431.3 KB, 1200x1113, 400:371, star 22323.jpg)


To be honest, thats more or less how it would go in canon, fairies in general are extremely simple.



Some discord nigger sperged out and deleted everything and is now fucking with any public account made. You can still access the new git but you have to use an account of your own.



because you shouldn't let autists run anything



Does anyone know what triggered the retard so hard? I'm already amused that something caused someone to chimp out to this degree, but I can't help but feel that specifics would make it funnier.




run the unzip tool in applocale


File: 89449ef0a6b7932⋯.jpg (374.76 KB, 1057x1500, 1057:1500, 006.jpg)



Anyone stupid enough to use applocale over just seting their computer into moon mode properly deserves whatever issues they run into.


Have any efforts been put towards translating eraKamihama? Last I checked, it was nothing but moonspeak.


Have any efforts been put towards translating?


Have any efforts?



What the fuck is 'translating'?



Not really.

Only these games in pastebin are still being translated with exception for eramegaten.



eraMegaten is being translated. Please wait warmly.



Well, that's a bit disappointing. I quite like Madoka.

Oh well, maybe someone will pick it up once one of the current projects gets wrapped up. That should only take, what, thirty years?



Some madman picked it back up? Godspeed.



don't get too excited, it's gingercuck



Isn't gingercuck one of the suspects for fucking up git to begin with?



That was Spaghetti.



I don't understand what you are saying my dude. I guess i'll put that on google translate :^)



>When they made three public accounts to git themselves

Nice stroy you have there. Not that it matters, the first public account was being messed with I created a second one and then applied for access only for it to be rejected. Them I made a second public account ( >>250371) also has also been rejected even though I didn't make a request via it. I competely am over this, enjoy your discord fags and thanks for giving me further proof that never getting involved with them is the only logical idea left.




there's a great tool called Locale Emulator which beats the shit out of Applocale. I already had my computer set up on JP because I've been into H games for years but if Locale Emulator was available when I started there's a good chance I would have just used it instead. I recommend trying it.



Doesn't work with era games.



Mistakes happen sometimes. Also >>250412 is most probable reason why they are all down now.


>Since that girl is an important friend of mine I will forgive you

>I don't blame you, even if she wasn't my friend she is a good girl.

>And if I was a man, I would make a move on her too.

I thought it'd be hot to give Junko a 30 incher and have her fuck Hecatia but now Hecatia got pregnant and Junko has a child again.

Did I do the right thing.



As long as they're not trying to kill you, yes.


How do I masturbate in EraTW?



You can't?

Unless something has changed recently.

Just za warudo and make patchie blow you. She's in her library all day, everyday. Just waiting for it. The fucking whore.



You don't need jap locale to play the game, just to unzip the file



Locale Emulator from my experience fails to work with nearly 90% of j-Hgames, compared to Applocale which only breaks with about 40% of them from my experience. Both rpgmaker and not.

At the very least, i can't play the newer fullflap's games with LE while i can with AppL but strangely Mushroom Kingdom Princess does work. Nor VH. Or Rondo Duo.

Fairly certain it's more based on the OS being used though.

You should be setting an isolated VM instance with XP or 7 with japlocale for playing Hgames instead of compromising your primary system anyway.



i wish to know as well but it will forever be speculation as the fucker deleted his discord account right after nuking everything



I used AppLocale until it started randomly causing my PC to ask what I wanted to use to open the program.



The only thing LiG has over TW would be the ability to marry multiple characters and have them all move in with you



You got cucked son.


Having a bit of trouble with TW. It mentions the ability to rape, but I can't seem to figure any of it out. The best I can get is butt caress against a girl's will, obviously so since she gets angry over it.



did you try stopping time



Also don't have that ability, literally the only thing I can do is either skinship, flip skirt, or butt caress.



No, you start with time stop, look for the button called "Stop Time".



Found it, was looking in the main section where move is, I noticed stop time near the little sun symbol.



why dont i feel as bad if it was with a guy, why does it feel okay for heckers to get knocked up by junko



How do genetics work in this game? What gets passed down and with what chance? Could you feasibly do eugenics?


What's the best game to play for traps, /egg/?



unique skills from girls can be passed down but i dont know the chances. if you want character only skills you need the girls to fuck which would make turning them into futa's to get a baby with special skills a feasible option. i had lilly white and lilly black repeatedly impregnate the other to get a fairy that could get troops easily.



Russian Roulette



I would but it's not a japanese text game



Ain't none honestly. A couple of the games has a tiny amount of Trap stuff such as Megaten. Other than that though, don't think there is any.


FUCK, where are the downloads now? I accidentally deleted the era games and the git is dead. Fuck that spaghetti guy.



There's a link to the main games up to date as of like a day ago in the OP.



thanks, I just didn't think that the pastebin would be updated.



Normally it wouldn't be, but this one was made because of the git shenanigans.


Is there a legit way in EraTW to get character talents like "mysterious charm" and "captivating" which have benefits defined for applying to the player, or are those pretty much only intended for if you play as a 2hu who already has it?

Is there a way to get more than two collector gaps?

Is there any guide to how the various stats and actions interact with each other?



In TohoK, you can make everyone be a trap, and/or play as one yourself.



Same goes for eraTW. Granted they get hate marks really easy if they ejaculate, especially if it's inside you.



SQ has some trap stuff.



>Be careful on a drunk or sleep rape, she may wake up and she will never forget.

I managed to trigger this; fucked Patchouli through her normal wake up time at 8AM and she woke up and got a LV3 Hate Mark.


[stats display]








I've seen children with no race at all, so probably completely random.




It looks like few if any things are possible to strictly increase forever. There's lots of random chance involved. Better parents generally make better children but you can't force things to persist forever like you're breeding peas.



There should be atleast one race present on the child it's just cosmetic but still weird to have a kid that is raceless.


Is anyone else getting crashes in TW?

Dumb question. The situation is that I ejaculate doing a G-Spot Tease in a girl, and then I end session. It then crashes. I can't end session following a G-Spot Tease ejaculation. I have to put in another command otherwise. It's annoying.



What kind of monster doesn't finish it up with a kiss?



But it started with a kiss.



How did it end up like this?



Like I said, the game crashes when I end session after ejaculating during the G-Spot Tease action.



Please mention which branch it is, as well as what the game says when crashing.


Is it just me or do some of the item prices seems a bit off? An anal vibrator costs like 4500 but a fucking rope and blindfold both costs 15,000.



Item costs are fucked in pretty much all the games. Better to just cheat for them.



Vibrators are cheap because rotors are indigenous plant life in Gensokyo.

Rope and cloth doesn't grow naturally and is subject to tariffs by Yukari.



That's some Digimon, 'meat is grown and farmed' logic….it's stupid and I love it.



Okay let me just recreate the situation.

game/eng-release branch


8ch /hgg/ Git Build: 1.0.0

….and it's not doing it.

I don't get it. This kept happening every time, now I can't bring up the bug when I need a screenshot.



>Vibrators are cheap because rotors are indigenous plant life in Gensokyo.

What the actual fuck? Is this why rotors can also be used as a cooking ingredient?


How hard would it be to make a game using the era engine?



Probably too hard for you if you think emuera is an engine.


File: ba1777e53b02783⋯.png (190.3 KB, 416x700, 104:175, Cirmaybe.png)


Probably. I have no idea how it works, but I wanted to see what I could do with it.



Open an ERB file and read through it. If you understand that and can type out your own files, you can make a game. There's no engine to help you.


In EraTohoK, what's the best way to build dependency/subordination? I want muh army to be loyal.



If they're an officer, my strategy is to get favor to 1000 then flirt like crazy, dates are good if you've got spare cash. Prisoners, just rape them into submission.



If you want to make them a slave (as opposed to a lover) the only reliable way is to imprison and punish until they submit.

Taking the lead in sex builds up submission but as far as loyalty goes, a character with Love or Submitted will never betray you.


In TW, do the childlike girls eventually get 'first menstruation' on their own or do you have to cause it in some way? Besides cheats. I can always do those.



Fuck them enough and they should



Just fuck them, a lot.


In TW is there a way, aside from trial and error, to know exactly when you can do particular things and not get a hate mark for it?

Also, what do old hatemarks do, and how exactly does stat leveling work? What are "gems"?



>old hatemarks

Do nothing.


It's basic stat mechanic, you can see more info on trainer era-games. SumireTeru has a pretty good tutorial, if I remember correctly.



yeah you can grow 'em in games like TW


Do girls not get pregnant anymore in TW? I activated pregnancy and stable period, got the points needed and yet they still don't get pregnant. Do I have to wait more days or what?



It doesn't really show until a couple of days later, no.


Why is the SDM dice game in eraTW so broken? was it always like this?

your profit gets worse with each successive round, so its better to win one, cash out, then continue


In tohoK, if you want to brand a lover just for the sake of leaving your mark, you can always tattoo your girl.



Turn up your pregnancy speed


Why are you surprised that the casino is trying to jew you?



If you want to make a killing at the casino just study until your education is S-rank and batch do the quiz.


File: 4465f990ae9c62c⋯.png (390.38 KB, 508x685, 508:685, exasperationsgettingbigger.png)

>Sakuya can't move in frozen time

Immersion broke, shit game



Maybe she's just playing along, did you ever thing about that?



how fast is it in x1?



Its strange, i would expect her to at least feel something wrong.



Just do slots.



The classic "I just wanted an excuse to fuck you." plotline.



any easy way to grind that shit? doing it alone gives 1 xp at a time, together its like 3 or 4



If you live in human village Akyuu is at her home 24/7 and you can study with her to both get the exp and improve relationship.

I forget the exact syntax since it's been a while I played but you can type something along the lines of "([command number] \e \n)*10" to execute the same command 10 times. More complex instructions are possible too and you can store them in macro.txt and call them with F-keys.



don't live in the human village but still good to know

any idea on how to level combat fast, as well? just want to fuck Yuuka into submission without timestop



play sakuya



Half as fast as x2


File: 00a1c66440c39fc⋯.png (186.2 KB, 660x370, 66:37, 1498535391867.png)


>Sakuya can't move in frozen time

Of course she can't. You're like 2 or 3 years behind with the canon, m8.



>Taking what she said to a rival/potential threat about her ability at face value

What would a denizen of Gensokyo know about movement speed and mass anyways?




What would the dumb chink who wrote that know about movement speed and mass, for that matter. There's a reason why he's drawing manga for the #1 otaku cancer instead of designing hypothetical proteins from DNA fragments.



That doesn't make any sense, so I'll just ignore it. Sakuya should be able to move inside frozen time, since she has the same type of stand as the protagonist.


How am I supposed to make sense of the .erb files? Variable names and comments, where they exist at all, are all in japanese, and information is further obscured in things like gender being a number from 0 to 4 or something like that.


Is there a new public gits account yet, or is whatever drama it is still happening?

Also has this drama effected the development/translation of TW or K?



No public git, but making your own is hardly a hassle. As for impacting development, sounds to me like it just made things a bit more of a mess for a bit, but everyone's still doing their bit unperturbed. But then, I'm just an onlooker, so my intel may be a bit spotty.



Welcome to japanese coding. It's all like that, complete and utter shit.>>253665


Is it possible to fuck around with eratohok files and force a certain event to keep playing at least once every turn? For example, lustful night?



No. Despite the games being entirely open source, and the source being distributed witch each game, this particular scenario is not possible.



get chiitrans or something for easy translation of variable names. There's always comments explaining what the values of csv variables mean wherever those variables get defined. You can ask specific questions on discord and people who've stared at this stuff for years can easily answer them.


Go into the event's file and make the @RATE function return 1000 and the @DECISION function only return 1


EraSumire is nice



Fuck off, shill.



Because anyone praising anything mean they shill. I fucking praise anything i want


File: 5cb7060425854b7⋯.jpg (216.42 KB, 535x535, 1:1, 1435580990533.jpg)


Sakuya has no stand nor she's a time stopper. She can't even manipulate time without her pocket watch. And most of her time-stopping feats have mostly (if not all) been in danmaku battles. So all of those feats pretty much go out of the window.

She still can do shit like manipulating time to accelerate the aging of wine and shit like that though.

And even then, as she said in WaHH, she's incapable of stopping time for others. She wouldn't be able to do anything against someone with actual time-stopping powers, she's just as helpless as any other 2hu.


At the end of the day, whatever things she did in the past or whatever mental gymnastics anyone tries to pull such as "lol just 2hu bantz" or "outright lying just because", the time-stopping part of her ability was retconned, and hasn't been used ever since.



You are severely undermining Sakuya's ability.



She manipulates space as well, which cannot be explained by going really fast.


File: 90eeca8cc9285af⋯.png (98.68 KB, 1220x956, 305:239, エラー例.png)

Update 4202 for eraMegaten brings us character icons. And it is completely broken. Be afraid.



>Japs broke an era game with their update

Tell us something new, would ya?




Fucking hell nips just back off already and let us take over.


>wondering what to fap to this time

>don't feel like anything I recently played

>let's play era

>first check for updates

>login doesn't work


>check thread

what kind of unique autism does it take to do something like this.

dick is supposed to bring unity.



You can still access the new git if you make a your own account at least.



The saki game is fucking amazing.

Makes me wish there was something similar with 2hus.






Text game autism and 2hu autism do not mix well.



Sure as soon as you finish the translation you filthy gajin.


File: d01154e3f597fad⋯.png (544.84 KB, 1200x1716, 100:143, touhougtfo.png)


Okay, >>253151 here. I'm back. It finally did it again, and it's NOT the actions I did. It just happened to be what I usually do and I got the error.

game/eng-release branch


8ch /hgg/ Git Build: 1.0.0

衣服\CLOTHES.ERB at line 370 THROW has occurred


THROW contents: UNIQUE_UNDERWARE_BOTTOM(ARG) doesn't exist in 下半身下着_ずらし可能.

Function: @CLOTHES_ID(file:衣服\CLOTHES.ERB in line 363)

Function call stack:

↑衣服\PANTS.ERB at line 184(function@PANTIES_TRANSPARENCY)



↑イベント関連\AFTER_AFFAIR.ERB at line 98(function@AFTER_AFFAIR)

↑コマンド関連\USERCOM.ERB at line 443(function@USERCOM)




She can manipulate time, bit she cant bring it to a complete halt, it has no difference for pretty much anyone, even the moonbitches got spooked from her.



how does jp locale "compromise" a system? ive been on a jp locale system for 10+ years and there have never been any issues.



you shouldnt need jp locale for emuera. maybe you need to install jp language on your system?


Google on my translator aggregator stopped working because of 'suspicious activity' again. Was there a recent update on the privacy term again?



Anon isn't saying that jap locale compromises your system, he's saying that running countless binaries from sketchy sources on your computer is ridiculously dangerous.



>running countless binaries from sketchy sources on your computer is ridiculously dangerous.

I have never had any issues with H games and that's damn near all I play anymore. As long as you are not a total retard you are pretty much golden.



I just came to this thread thinking "should I update my year-old eramegaten"




The english branch should be fine.


How do I level up someone's intimacy past 7 in TW? Does it just take ridiculously long? I'd rather not have to resort to the Midara stone if possible.



Could you upload a save? The problem is related to clothing not existing being printed. Pretty sure that is not caused by our modding.

It might work on the eng-development branch, but I doubt it as that code should be the same.


Who are the best girls in eraSQN?



Probably just my save then. I've been using this base save and updating it for literally years.

No seriously I've had that base save for that long.



Pretty sure the Midara Stone is for LUST, not Intimacy. Also, intimacy raises all the damn time. Just hug the bitch and handhold her into submission. Whenever I play this and try to get a fuckbuddy it's god damn impossible since Intimacy raises so easily.

Just have some patience. Intimacy is for a wholesome relationship and needs time.



Ah, my mistake. The way the Midara stone's described made me misunderstand there.



Music works well. Go on a date to the Misty Lake and see if the Prismriver sisters are in the mansion. If they are, spend the whole date playing music, the sisters will join in and intimacy will go up and favorability will go up ridiculous amounts.


Half of era games is raping touhous, half of era games is getting raped by touhous. Pick your poison.



oh does he do FGO manga now?



>half of eragames don't even involve touhou


what is the difference between the modded Emuera vs the original japanese program? and is anyone still updating our version?


protip: if you lose danmaku in tw to yuuka as a child she'll forgo her reward to just rape you




Also appears in any sleep state if they have more than 100 (i think) sleep rape xp.



Be the change you want to see in the world, anon.

Agreed though, SumireTeru is almost visual novel-like in its presentation and it's refreshingly different from the other games.



When I start it it says:

"Error has occurred: PuchiAnchor

An error occurred while loading the resource file

Processing was terminated because a fatal error has occurred during initialization"

I installed the fonts and read the readme and macro files. It's the pastebin's version btw.


public account when?



Try downloading it from git instead, seems to work fine for me.



fuck. I don't want to create an account.





Found this from an earlier thread:

obviously has to have [Infant Regression] or [Childlike], at the end of the day has to have over 200 V Orgasm Exp and semen in vag, and if all these requirements are met you'll roll 1/10 chance of her getting first menstruation

(also it'll check for impregnation chances right after)



Why not? It's barely even an inconvenience.



I'm too used to this shithole I guess


File: 79649b517593e0d⋯.png (69.62 KB, 895x972, 895:972, lJrtR7g.png)

>Gives me tons of lines of errors and wont let me start a new game

I might be too brainlet for era games



Something is wrong with your encoding. If you're not in jap locale switch to it, if you're on linux find out how people run these games on linux.


>Gives me tons of lines of errors and wont let me start a new game

I might be too brainlet for era games>>254637


I'm using the version from the OP and running it in JP locale emulator



The game itself gives no shits about the locale, but you have to *unzip* it in japlocale.


god I wish I could up the font sizes in these games without fucking everything up



>JP locale emulator

This meme needs to stop, who the fuck is telling people online that using shit like Applocale and Locale Emulator is the right way to play your H-games.

Just type "how to set your locale to japanese" on google and click the first result, it only takes seven steps to do so and after that you can delete Applocale and LE from your computer.

I should also add that some games require you to change your clock to japanese, and doing so is as easy as setting your locale to japanese.



>JP locale emulator

Put your PC into moon mode retard. There is no reason not to.





Ok thanks seems like it's working now. Is there any reason to not run my PC in japanese locale?




I have only heard of it interfering with rarely with some niche European programs. You will probably never run into any issue. You may also see a yen symbol replacing some slashes but it does not effect the functionality any.



Backslashes in filepaths get displayed like yen signs. Sometimes software will install in japanese.


I actually can't work out how to attack places in that main touhou war game



click place you want to attack

click invade

click army you want to invade it

protip: you can't attack before turn 7



I thought you had to move the army tile by tile, not move by deciding on a destination


How do I into machine translators?



Step 1: launch TA

Step 2: launch the game

Step 3: ??????

Step 4: profit



What's TA? I tried basic googling and didn't find anything



Translator Aggregrator


File: c4dfa377963abb3⋯.png (41.4 KB, 1411x697, 83:41, EXOgx3v.png)


why is nothing in life easy



set up atlas for offline translation and get the most recent version if you want to use google translate.



You can teleport armies anywhere in friendly territory in a single turn, even if you'd have to go through enemy territory to get there.


File: 9f43f32d8e11700⋯.jpg (86.57 KB, 512x768, 2:3, 07c6ca5a2f7e3a586969955db5….jpg)


>the filepath symbol

>potentially different date and numerical formatting systems may corrupt your files/processing of programs that expect a different format

>unicode fuckery same thing as above, plus it's required to have proper locale to be able to write in a language (that's not japanese) that requires unicode

>additional language

>doesn't fix everything/doesn't guarantee full compatibility

>switches your default language when running installations and programs themselves

Basically if you are not a burger, there is plenty of reasons to not switch your locale, especially since proper installation guarantees 50-99% flawless compatibility under emulated locale (i.e. different fields of work may have different requirements and setups where emulated locale just isn't feasible). With H-games and doujins it's around 95% compatibility for me.


File: f48f00e360e3b36⋯.gif (2 MB, 388x268, 97:67, The taste of a liar, giorg….gif)


File: 876560c74ccb6f2⋯.png (16.51 KB, 287x417, 287:417, 8f6464d3dd18b1171473cf45e8….png)


Not an argument.


How do set up Atlas for offline translation

I am brainlet


File: 24f12cac2059810⋯.jpg (130.93 KB, 600x803, 600:803, zunbeingzun2.jpg)


She was retconned and NERFed by ZUN himself.

At first, her timestop was timestop, but then ZUN said it wasn't. She simply 'goes fast'.

She says as such in Wild and Horned Hermit ch 35. Quoting from the wiki here: "The idea is possibly alluded to in chapter 35 of Wild and Horned Hermit, in which, faced with Reimu's accusation that she's the one behind the sudden disappearances of the Human Village people because of Remilia's need for blood, Sakuya jokes that it didn't occur to her to kidnap people that way and then denies her involvement in the case on the basis that the kidnapped people come back unharmed the next day with no recollection of what they were doing during that time, stating that her time manipulation powers cannot stop the flow of time for people other than herself."

So basically, yeah, she got MASSIVELY NERFed when MoF happened and ZUN started to take Touhou's story a bit more seriously.


Is there an "End the Day" command in tohoTW like there is in LiG?



Go to your room and wait until at least 8 o'clock PM



Not quite what I'm asking for.

In LiG there's an "End the Day" command you can use to immediately end the day as though you had slept, even if it wasn't time to sleep. I recall in an older version of TW there was a similar command, but it was hidden, and you had to manually type the command code in, but I've forgotten what the number was, and I haven't been following development, so it may have been taken out.


File: 73899bc4b242c38⋯.png (14.59 KB, 895x294, 895:294, what.PNG)

Is this how guantanamo bay works too?


File: 24aa64091c6237e⋯.png (1.34 KB, 280x40, 7:1, Untitled.png)


Yeah that's right, choke me you bottom bitch!




>letting Millionaire live



It's kinda icky you gain BL even from torture. Can't you just hurt someone in a non-sexual way?



>not letting millionaire live with the complete and total mindbreak that is the realization that his money can't buy everything



You've clearly never hurt anybody in your life.



What's wrong with millionaire? He provides monetary compensation in return for services. Nothing wrong with that.




>playing a male

What are you, gay?



i mean you're playing a porn game. why are you spending time doing something in the game that you're not sexually interested in?


> interesting era games from japan in ver 0.0XX

How long do I have to wait until ver 1.00?


>eratohoK (Significant updates coming soon)

anything I should be looking forward to?



Minor text fixes, autism, and whatever the japanese did since january


eraTohoTW is now version v4.631

Japanese changes:

New way of displaying panties - all of them.

New command - Danmaku Match.

Two new achievements.

New long chain of daily events related to the Stone of Midara.

Clownpiece got 45 KB text.

Kosuzu got 58 KB text.

Yuuka got 137 KB text.

Iku got 32 KB text.

Skirt flipping accounts for more clothes.

126 new underwear and bras.

And some other stuff.

It's available on the git, but as some people have trouble I'll just post a mega link.

Link to eng-dev here: https://mega.nz/#!thhUTAbZ!gwRajiwIADDO1gqK1mjyhgNygPm8_bBQmupGNVF2RWg



Much obliged.



Never ever.



>>>>New stuff for panties

>>>New texts

I'm not sure which one I should put more attention, the one where we will have more panties to collect or new texts that probably will not be translated and alot of people will

still ask about how to use Aggregrator?



No I've translated the new panties and bras.

There's a new way to display your collection of panties - all of them at once, including the ones you haven't gotten. Go to options and change there.

It lists character by character all panties they can wear (there are some conditions though), and at the bottom it says how many unique panties you have out of the total 1400+.


How do you get rapemarks higher than one in TW?



Get them to orgasm over and over, or, use denial and build up super-power orgasms.



How exactly does denial even work? They seem to come even if I toggle it on.



no no, what I meant about "new texts that probably will not be translated" are the ones on the new text for the characters.

But hey, good to know that those are translated. Can't wait to give the new version a spin later.


Is there any way to pick individual pieces for your clothes in TW instead of picking a preset?

On another note, kinda disappointed you can't prank people through Za Warudo like stop time, strip someone down, run away to a nearby spot, resume time, and then listen to her scream as she finds herself somehow suddenly naked for example.



>Is there any way to pick individual pieces for your clothes in TW instead of picking a preset?

Download a version from two years ago.



You can only do denial for so long. Best way to build for the super orgasms is to make their clit/breasts/mouth sensitive, then spam caress

do it while fucking them for 4 orgasms at once



Speaking of, how does the gem multiplier from multiple orgasms work? The way it's written implies it affects gems from that particular action, but based on how other era games work don't gems only get awarded at the end of day based on get levels of the various gauges?



Seriously? Kinda stupid of 'em to get rid of a feature like that.


While playing through TW today, I came across a bug.

It caused every command that the target didn't have dialog for not to display properly, like, kissing Meiling didn't write out "You kiss.." like it should.

It's fixed now in eng-dev, also translated the new combat stuff etc.

While I guess I could make a mega link, it feels like if I started doing it, I would have to commit to it. I don't want to post mega links every 3-4 days as it would be pretty spammy.


>get rid of a feature

It was simply never ported over, unless it's something the Japanese removed. The old translation and code was a mess.

Don't get me wrong though, I do recognize that I stand on their shoulders.



It doubles the amount (or triples, quadruples, etc.) of "good" points you receive from that action.


In TW, how would I remove the "molested her while asleep" description from a girl's personal info page



I tried reseting sleep rape exp to 0 and reseting the character to default and niether of those worked, so your best bet is to either "Bites za dusto" or start a new game.



>pick individual pieces for your clothes

Do clothes even do anything? Or is it just flavor on your stat screen?

Also, you can't prank them with that example, but there are still plenty of pranks to pull with a little creativity.

>filling their mouth so they spray jizz all over the tea party works best with low oral skill, so they don't swallow

>Make them cum a million times so they suddenly begin screaming and thrashing high sensitivity helps of course

>Creampie them everyday, imagine their shock when a few weeks later they are pregnant Virgin for top kek

Or the ultimate prank

>Talk to them everyday

>No time stop rape

>Head pats and hand holding

>Make them fall for you through a pure relationship


>Move them in with you

>Don't take her virginity

>Kill yourself

This is how crazy cat ladies are made


So is officer mode supposed to be easy?

Will Cirno be mad at me if I start romancing other girls or boys after marrying her?

How do I use the other S&M items after I've researched them?



Officer mode means you don't have to deal with managing troop movements, however you could still get captured and raped if you lose in battle. Characters do not give a fuck about sleeping with other characters. You should have a menu option to use SM options during the sex phase, unless you filtered it out.


Is it possible to get the InGame Cheatmenu to work in TW?



Go into options and click on the Stars.


What do you all do with the men in eraTohoK? Permanently imprison? Execute? Feminize? Become best bros and gangbang every slut in the game together?


So how do I get the newest version of EraTohoK if all the accounts are busted?



Make your own account.


File: d944a58d583f629⋯.png (4.7 KB, 1006x94, 503:47, Capture1.PNG)


Not the star one, like the cheat menu that can be used while in game rather then the options. I remember someone made it before the TW retrans.



It's constantly feeding me the 422 error that was in >>250400



Make em a futa and then the last option.



I keep impregnating their asses with tentacles since it's the only practical way to train magic and I don't want any girls touched by any sexual appendages besides my dick.



>special factions appear


I wish eraTW had more of a blackmail mechanic. way too hard to engineer situations where you can rape conscious tohos, even though they have some dialogue for it.



It is actually even possible to do so? Please teach us, anon-sensei.



>impregnating their asses with tentacles since it's the only practical way to train magic

Better than having every touhou perpetually birthing children to sacrifice to the tentacle pits?


Easy. Get her to let you push her down but not fuck her raw (or even fuck her in the first place), do some bondage play and tie her up, then empty your balls into her while she can't do anything about it. Enjoy your instant level 3 hate mark.



Oh, that. That barely count as rape.



>shy lovestruck touhou reluctantly agrees to naked cuddling

>you cum inside of her multiple times

It's rape.


> Google part of TA breaks again

Where is the link to the next vesion?

Or is there some other way to bypass it?


Is there any way to remove cumdump? I've gotten events to remove spirit-broken and lazy, but not this so far.



Get her wasted, and push her down. The sex will stop when she gets sober enough though. But you can still use the rope trick. There isn't really any option to rape girls without weakening them somehow (drugs, alcohol).


I haven't gotten around to impregnating girls in TW yet. But are the kids active in any way like in K? Can I have sex with them? Because I really want to.



Nah, they pretty much only appear as flavor text when you enter the room and when talking with them afterwards. When they grow up they piss off into the Void and sent cash munees afterwards as parent support.



I cant even recover my wife before I clear my save



basically just start tie her up while she's drunk or asleep and time it so she comes to her senses during the act. it's a huge pain to pull off




He was talking about K. And yes, they're characters in K. They start small, and you can only train them during visits (in skills, not sex). Eventually they grow up enough to become officers, and you can treat them as any other character, except with special flavor text during sex due to the familial affiliation



>"He was talking about K"

>"I haven't gotten around to impregnating girls in TW yet"



whoops, my bad, just re-read what he said


How do I into TW? What do all of these words mean? Is there a guide or even a glossary for this game anywhere? How do I date girls? How do I increase intimacy?



>How do I into TW?

git gud

>What do all of these words mean?

Which ones?

>Is there a guide or even a glossary for this game anywhere?

eraTYPE-MOON has a glossary, I think, though not all of it is going to apply to other games.

>How do I date girls?

Make them like you enough to follow you around then take them to a map exit.

>How do I increase intimacy?




I managed to figure out dates, however, it's not clear to me when or why intimacy increases. I've had some characters gain several levels very quickly, while others stay still as favor and reliability increase by the thousands



Favorabilty and Reliability are the most important stats in TW. The big thing about Intamacy is that it can't increase by sex (to my knowledge, anyway). Music, food, and conversations are good ways to increase intimacy. I think the non-sexual actions like skinship will increase it too.


What do I need to change in the cheat options to allow smaller girls to take larger dicks? I figured it'd be V Stretch but that doesn't seem to help even when set absurdly high.



Your dick size.



Forbidden knowledge helps. It lets you fuck fairies with normal sized dick.



I wish EraTW was translated.


What is the best way to learn about touhou characters in general? These games are fun, but I don't know a damn thing about the actual universe.



The discord maybe. 2hu is basically the japanese equivalent of SU in shittiness, and the fans are just the same. Go ask them about some character you're interested in and the 2hu fans there will trip over themselves to give you their life's story.You'll probably even learn their shoe size.



Playing through the actual Touhou series and reading the books if you're an autistic boomer.

Binge-reading the wiki while listening to a playlist of every song in the series if you're an attention-deficit zoomer.



Play the actual touhou games, start with the goal of beating them on normal without continues. There's a lot of them, but they're short. There's very little text, but once you've played a bunch of them, you start to piece together a feel for the characters and universe. There's a great deal of character in the music and bullet patterns as well.


I have some question about EraMegaten:

1) Is there a time limit?

2) How developed is the Persona User class? Can I roleplay as Adachi without the game mistaking me as a Demon Summoner?


Be careful though.

>2008 In the Year of Our Lord

>Visit /h/

>Tons of 2hu porns

>Learn more about it

>Play TH07

>Great music

>Learns lore/read comics

>Can confidently identify any 2hu character and recognize their powers, personality, their age, their leitmotif etc.

I can't play Touhou H-game anymore. I care too much about the characters. I had to disable the Extra Events in EraMegaten because it contains 2hu.



There's the games, and the manga. I'd say go read Forbidden Scrollery and Wild and Horned Hermit



If you want to be a true autist, go through the entire Gensokyo Timeline in order here:




>1) Is there a time limit?

There is a soft time limit that locks you out of some routes and endings unless you turn it off in the options menu.

>2) How developed is the Persona User class? Can I roleplay as Adachi without the game mistaking me as a Demon Summoner?

The different classes are mostly just for gameplay. There is not much if any different dialog from what I can tell. Basically persona users fuse demons then sacrifice them to turn them into personas that they can switch between, taking on the demons skill set and resistances.

>I can't play Touhou H-game anymore

>he does not want to tenderly love his favorite touhoes


File: 8d09a0c78c0e258⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 650x366, 325:183, jon richardson.jpg)

Why can't I clean in EraTW anymore? There's garbage everywhere and I'm losing my mind.

I'm using the latest stable version from the mega.


It's fucked up that you can't impregnate Alice Doll. How am I supposed to enjoy my harem of pregnant 2hus when one of them is sterile?



Think I saw cleaning getting restricted by cleanliness traits a while ago.

I had to make my dude sensitive to smells to clean a room to spotless.

Is your character resistant to bad smells?



Touhou is one of those series that nobody can figure out what is actually true and what is canon pulling the wool over your eyes, all the while the creator of the series, ZUN, is content with sitting back and fanning the flames of confusion.

Take one character for instance: Kazami Yuuka.

ZUN himself has at various points suggested that she is

1) As old if not older than Yagakoro Eirin, who is TRILLIONS of years old.

2) One of the most powerful characters in the series.

3) Unimportant to the plot.

4) Incredibly important to everything.

5) Maybe not actually as old as (1) seems to suggest, because he was drunk at the time.

etc, so on and so forth, and he insists that none of what he has said on the character is contradicts unless you just take it at face value, noting that 2, 3, and 4 are not face value descriptions.

And Yuuka is one of the LEAST convoluted characters in the entire series.

So, EVERYBODY that claims to know anything about the series has their own opinion and conclusions and therefore, nobody knows what is going on in that universe.

Especially because ZUN loves the 'lying narrator' and 'unreliable viewpoint witness' troupes.

He outright admitted that the original Character Book, PMiaSS, was absolutely chock full of in-character lies and falsehoods, and that SSiB (an official manga) is a VERY ROUGH idea of what happened, but the specifics may be different (such as Sakura's time-stop not being able to allow her to pass through fire, which he derides as illogical due to how heat works).






I read in another thread that you can't clean unless completely sober.

And as >>256029 notes, some traits alter at what levels of cleanliness you can clean. Though you should still have the option, the game just notes that you don't think it's dirty enough to bother with cleaning.


my character gets some sort of sexual pleasure from cleaning so it's not a problem for me



>Especially because ZUN loves the 'lying narrator' and 'unreliable viewpoint witness' troupes.

>He outright admitted that the original Character Book, PMiaSS, was absolutely chock full of in-character lies and falsehoods

You're one of the few people I've seen that is actually aware of that. You can generally take quoted dialogue as "that character actually said that", the thing to keep in mind is it's directly from that character and may not necessarily be a lie from their point of view, kind of like how false rumors spread. Characters making recorded comments about other characters is a good example of this.

There's also that bit about Yukari being the editor for the final draft of Akyus books in one of the official mangas, I think it was the one with Kasen?



Do you wear a cute maid outfit?


File: 4cf39f102c11bb7⋯.gif (3.91 MB, 270x263, 270:263, 1535957620782.gif)

Help me I'm trying to get sex friends but all I get are lovers in TW! I think I might need to use the Stone of Midara to get sex friends but I'm not sure on how to get it.



You can also make them all sluts.



Just get consent to sex and avoid raising reliability over 700 while fucking them everyday until lust/desire raises high enough.

You can get sex friend after yearning but not love, also love removes sex friend.


Thought it'd be a funny to start an incompetent run; but now the girls are training my character and I can't get my character to take initiative or even learn what initiative is.

It's just cycle after cycle of being openly raped with a character that can't do anything to get away or get involved; it's become extremely sad to watch to be honest

is this even salvageable or is there some way I can beat the intimacy h-ability into him



Actually, the starting class does have some impact. Devil Summoner starts with L5 summoning, but the other classes start at a lower rank. The Persona User won't be able to summon the highest level demons. Other class starting skills like [Gun Slinger], [Item Use], etc impact combat options.



There's always cheats. You can edit the incompetent mode there.



>2hu is basically the japanese equivalent of SU in shittiness

t-take that back!



A fair bit of Touhou seems to be Zun taking the piss out of other things as well. For example, CoLA is taking the piss out of the standard exposition character in fantasy stories. Rinnosuke knows a bit, but nowhere near as what he thinks he does, and a lot of the scenarios in that are him explaining things from the real world in a way that is completely wrong. Even his explanations for concepts in touhou veer into the absurd, and yet people take his word.



Yeah, that's about right for Incompetent mode. If you want what you've got now, but with the ability to take the lead, you want Lust mode.



Those are all gameplay things. They don't affect dialog.


I wish 2huReverse had a more complete translation, at least for generic actions.

Is there some sort of machine translator I could plug into Emuera perchance? I saw stuff like that for some other games.




I guess I was completely wasted and had no sense of smell, because I wasn't able to clean even a garbage mountain.

Sure enough I bought the smell res. down and sobered up, and I was able to again. Thanks.



You were drunk? Nah, that was entirely it. You can't clean while drunk.



Wait since when was Eirin trillions of years old? I remember Tewi being the oldest Touhou.



Actually shouldn't Hecatia be the oldest? She's Hecate - the Olympian. The Greek god of magic.



That must be why she dresses like a Hot Topic reject. Mid-life Crisis.



Eirin is implied to have been alive before japan was an island, thats hundreds of millions years ago.



Read the pastebin in the OP





Are there any other games translated to be playable besides the ones in the pastebin?



The reason she dresses like that is because she isn't stuck in some japanese backwater town like everyone else.


Found a bug. When starting a new game, the options for incompetent mode are switched. So saying you have enough courage turns it on, and saying you don't turns it off.



Yep, there's no different in dialog. The Tartarus lads still call me a Demon Summoner.


Why cant I fuck a girl if she's given me consent?



80% chance you're fucking Incompetent. Go change it in the cheat menu.



I figured it out regardless, turns out they actually have to be in the mood first, which is a check of a bunch of stats.


What the hell does dancing even do? And how do I raise it? I can't find any actions/items to help me with it.




I think it's just a thing some 2hus will do, and gain exp in, if you play an instrument. Probably nothing.


All I want is for TW to implement player pregnancy. It would be so fun to broodmother for all kinds of 2hus.


How do you even penetrate in TW during time rape? Best I can get is fingering so far and this is without the target being a loli or some other restricting factor.



Probably incompetent mode. Look higher.



Are you sure the erection meter is above 1000, or that you have the v/a abilities selected?



I have the abilities selected, maybe I just wasn't erect as you said, though that means it isn't possible at first since I never got erect in the time the time stop ability lasts.


As someone who has been out of these threads for well over a year, what's the eng-dev/8chan git build of eraTohoTW?

Is it simply a machine pre-translated version of the Japanese version, or a fork with different content, or what?



Didn't someone mod a cheat menu into eraTW? Whatever happened to that?



You mean, the cheat menu from the options menu?



look towards the stars, Anon-kun



>it isn't possible at first


The first few weeks your time stop is shit, and having 0 desire is erectal dysfunction simulator. Later you'll be about to cum from undressing them. The curve is a little backwards.



I just pull up the wiki as I play. It gives me enough information to go off of, and I imagine the characters are probably going to be more like their typical porn interpretations rather than having their canon personalities.


File: 318edc94d6830e2⋯.jpg (104.18 KB, 625x1000, 5:8, c3cd58303e17edb5c3b8bd3608….jpg)

>Mimi-chan not present in any era game

What a shame.



She's too pure.


File: 890ed857f28c111⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1036x1353, 1036:1353, e961053b133ff580416fab640c….png)


Jesus, I thought I had a thing for panties, but Japan makes me look like a goddamn clothes-hating nudist.

I just wanted a touhou to jerk me off with her recently worn pair, fill a goddamn warehouse.



Is there a quicker way to get girls from -1000 to 0 in tohoK? Spamming conversation to only get +5-8 takes way too long.



Memory wipe.



That's what I'm trying to do, but it always fails until I get them to love status.



What do you mean it fails? Screenshot it.


File: ee527c6957301b2⋯.png (15 KB, 1331x179, 1331:179, ClipboardImage.png)


It fails, and only does a flat +5.



>Special faction

That's a shame, guess you're stuck as a cuck.



It's fine as long as I get them to positive numbers, then I can spam comb hair and shit until they let me fuck them, fall in love with me, and then they allow me to make them forget.




Wouldn't it be way faster to just hit em with a reset elixir?



Just throw them into the tentacle breeding pits, they are already ruined.




Change locale to Japanese, or, use applocale to unzip the game.



How do I get that?


You're boring. I want to redeem them all with the power of love.



This is Tohok yes? then you research it in the Item tab. May need the lewd catalogue and research some other stuff first, like other drugs.



Oh fuck, I didn't even notice that. I had researched everything and never bothered buying shit, so I never saw it. Thanks!



>I want to redeem them all with the power of love.

Just like h-manga cuckolds who try to redeem their post orc/monster/fat man cumdump love interests with the power of love only for them to be unable to forget the pleasure and slowly slip back into being a meat toilet!


Do the girls ruined by special factions have anything unique or interesting once you "save" them or defeat the faction? Like dialogue or events?


So I'm a big fan of eraMegaten and want to get into eraToho and eraTW as well, but I don't know shit about touhou. Is there any good way to get to know touhou?



Play the games.



But is there any specific one recommended for beginners?



The first one that isn't for PC98.



Touhou 8 Imperishable Night is the easiest.



Any of the mainline bullet hells from the Windows Era onward are a good starting place. So, any full numbered title from 6 onwards (anything with a .5 or whatever is a side game, which you might wanna look into later, but aren't good starting points.) Good luck.



If you're looking for characterisations, I'd argue the fighters are better because they have a greater number of interactions overall due to more playable characters. SWR on its own has fifteen fucking story modes. Tenshi did nothing wrong.



You can play the windows games.

You can also read the official mangos, like forbidden scrollery or wild and horned hermit


In Megaten, how does one train someone with [Persona Potential] to be a [Persona User]? I remember that I once managed to get someone here or on Discord to tell me, but I can't find it in the old thread links and the old discord is gone.

The girls I am trying to make into Persona Users are basically all ready (obedient, done with basic training), but I'm not sure what I need to do to get the option to… I think it was called 'pull out shadow' or something. I swear I remember the headset being needed for it, or something like that.



what is reverse



the opposite of forwards.



That'd be EraToho Reverse. Where you are the one being trained by a 2hu.



>Where you are the one being trained by a random number generator.



Does Reverse still get updated at all (last version I played was probably 2-3 years ago).

Even with my crappy JP it has some of the hottest PC-sub mechanics I've encountered and I'm salty there's no EN games even remotely similar.



Isnt the point of the emuera anchor that you dont have to change locale?

Never had to change locale with any other eragame, is this just a eng-dev build thing?



I've been watching here: https://launchpad.net/eratohoreverse for updates on Reverse but it looks like the updates stopped around February of this year. No clue if its being worked on elsewhere. This is completely untranslated though.



It's not the anchor.

It's zip.

Downloading straight from gitgud lets you avoid this problem.



Thanks for the link. I'll check it out!

(Might even take a look into a making UI translation myself once I read up on the OP materials)



They never had mind wipe pills or sex tech 99999



Went on their IRC and a JP follower informed me that the devteam is alive, just busy/slow-going, but that your link still the place to keep an eye on for updates etc.

So, better news than "they died/quit", although no ETA on actual update.


User/pass doesn't work for QAA or old one for the git. Any others out there?



No, make your own account. Some discord niggers ruined it for everyone.



Some dumbfuck threw a hissy fit and broke the public account. Not that it really matters, since making one for your own use is completely free and simple as can be anyway.




Discord invite?



Check OP



I recall that the only reason I bothered with the public account was that I couldn't see some games without it. I think LiG was one?


In eratohoK, is it possible to marry a slave character or remove slave status from her? Can you remove personality status too?



Reset elixir?



It seems the buttons for incompetent mode in character select are reversed.

If you press Yes it acts as if you pressed No.

If you press No it acts as if you pressed Yes.



Character creation I mean, not character select.



Fixed in eng-dev.

It'll be fixed in the next eng-release (which is probably a month or so away).


has anything new been added to EraTohoK in english trans yet?



For that matter, what was the last jap version merged?



I don't think the project is dead, the dev just works really slowly. He got a history for disappearing for 7 months and then suddenly popping out an update.


There is already a translation in the works. I think the UI is done, but there is still a lot of things that needs to be translated.



How do I fuck Sanae in eraTW? I've done all the stuff in the abilities page, but all it says is to be continued. Is her content incomplete?


File: a4bb5e3625243b8⋯.png (860.04 KB, 1601x2038, 1601:2038, shin 2hu tensei.png)


Shit, I almost wanted to propose someone to add it sometime ago.

Though, to be honest, it should TRY to be more consistent. The images seem to be 72x72 (16 images sized 18x18?) so actually most of old SMT1 sprites would fit right in, and stuff like 2hu and FGO is already made on pixiv so we can steal appropriate it.



>Is her content incomplete?

If you mean her content made by some waifufag, yes.


how does everyone else make a character in eratohok

i have a base stat total kinda like pokemon at 450 with all new characters. what do other people regularly? i haven't played with special factions mostly because i dont want my waifu's to get raped. i like too many 2hu's so i'm really protective of making sure no one but me touches them.



I go with the Tactician growth and usually put 80/80/80 on Fighting, Defense,and Strategy. The last 20 normally go to Politics.



>In TohoK, you can make everyone be a trap



File: 369c015b2c1db86⋯.png (67.5 KB, 934x1050, 467:525, Ackbar's Folly.png)


Like this.



Don't know if you're still here, but the process requires you have someone who is already a persona user as your training assistant. Go outside with the potential, and the assistant should have the pull out shadow command.


How do the alignments in EraMegaten work again? I've only recently gotten back into it and I remember we used to have a guide for it, but I can't seem to find it anymore. In fact, a lot of the pastebin guides seem to be lost to the archives.




Not him but don't suppose you know of a way to turn characters the game forcefully made into slaves into party members without lewd or rape involved?

I like how it gave you the option for that for characters you could choose at the start, but it kind of railroads some into either one or the other.

It's also odd how some of these "forced to be slaves" characters are giving me their events as if they were already party members, which means I can't do them until they're converted to party members proper, Nemissa for example.


Is Translator aggregator + atlas still the go-to method for reading the un-translated parts of eraTW nowadays?

And if so, anyone have a link for the former? Translator aggregator has fell out of use by the visual novel community years ago, and as a result nearly every link I could find for it was dead.



What's your definition of lewd? You can make them fall in love with you without ever outright fucking them and then they become combat capable if they're not a non-combatant. In which case you can eventually train them to become a fighter anyways.


All I really know is that the PC alignment is influenced by items and how you decommission slaves, it affects how fast you can get slaves to fall for you and some plot stuff, and you can influence slave alignments if they fall for you.



Links to tools can be found on the discord (https://discord.gg/7MAArwP) or on the mostly WIP Wiki (http://eragames.referata.com/wiki/Contributing#Translation_Tools)



>How do the alignments in EraMegaten work again?

You gain following by:

>Light for killing demons and all characters that work in restaurant.

>Dark for all characters that work in hotel (otherwise known as brothel).

>Law for talking with pink demons (same demons you have in your party and COMP) and your PC wearing rosary.

>Chaos for killing them and your PC wearing praying beads.



Cool. I'll look into the current translation.

Semi-related: is there any PC-sub stuff in the non-reverse games (eg. getting defeating, messing up a sequence, or even outright training gals to be assertive)?

A quick glance at the event contents/requirements makes them seem pretty one-sided (which makes sense), but figured I'd ask.


In eraTW, can you get talents like [Mixing Knowledge] and [Forbidden Knowledge] cheaper than the mail order? Do you just have to talk to every character to see what they sell?

Also is affinity a bonus to favor, reliability or something else?



[Forbidden Knowledge] you can get as a reward for achievement "Impregnate a magician".


Why is the "serve alcohol" option in tohoK an actual choice sometimes and random at others? I've lost count of the amount of times I've gotten a loli shitfaced from whiskey when I wanted to give her the weak stuff.



I think it depends on which one of you leads the action, which is random if you haven't specified it.




You can get Mixing Knowledge from helping Reisen make medicine, I think it was her at least.


I started a new game but Im a lazy cunt and dont want to have to grind everything again.

Any way to cheat in Megaten? Couldnt see anything in the setting menu.



Edit save using whatever you want


Hey guys. New wiki.


Features include:

Links to the latest development and release build for every game.



Seems pretty barebones. And by that I mean only EraTohoTW has a page. Not to shit all over an attempted kindness, but as is, was this worth the effort?



Considering you can now download games without registering an account on gitgud. Yes. Absolutely.



…was that really such an ordeal, though? Feels like a hell of a lot of effort to avoid coming up with a disposable username and password.



The less hoops people have to jump through the better.

Besides, it just took like a day and a half or so, and that's with borderline dial-up speeds and procrastination.



the log in service for gitgud is really fucky some times. I actually can't log in at all right now, I get secure connection failed trying to log in through Sapphire




Alright, whatever eases your lives. Far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth.



This is a chan, son. SOMEBODY is gonna look that gift horse in the mouth soon enough.



He must have very impressive dental care, then.


In eraMegaten, do I have to have Yosuke into my party? I'm only willing to go gay for Raidou but that's about it.



If you don't want a character you can always get rid of them.



He joins you as a normal human, you can just not enslave and break him.


What exactly is the trigger for slave/love, and why cant I confess if neither of these are up?



Which game?




The girl in question has over 40k standing with me.



Settings -> Help


Is it possible to change Slave Name/Nickname in EraTypeMoon? Can only find the option for changing Master/PC name.


Are there any plans for a full translation for that eraReverse game (backwards R) where you are the slave being trained?



>Full translation

>Era game

You must be new.


Is there anything actually engaging in TW? It feels like I'm missing something, but all I can find to do is stop time and fuck with girls, or just straight up fuck them. Sometimes I clean rooms and go to an event.



It's supposed to be a dating sim, what did you expect, to rape and pillage?


File: 4c908cedab82f63⋯.jpg (247.11 KB, 800x600, 4:3, youmu.jpg)

Eratohok Tr74


Changes dumped in the last few days:

-17 new character events, 1 generic daughter incest event

-New items: sperm injector, gap generator(replaces cell phone)

-New sex acts: Dildo gag, Self-insertion, self-sucking, self-insemination, frotting, ball licking

-Vigilantes now rape like the other factions

-Female player routes added to more events

-Dominance stat and Master/Owner relationships. (Not yet incorporated into events)

-New lewdness traits: Hyperactive womb, Thick semen, Puppet

-New Sexpref system - characters can have an unlimited number of fetishes

-New map - Pacific 1936

-Current semen in womb now visible in family tab

-New reverse training options, for things like keeping people away from your butt

-Exposure play now introduces generic mobs into the sex scene

-Revamped public use action

-Better body size and hair length/color systems

-Many changed skills, and a new system for generic skills

-Lots of Japanese improvements to things like AI

-Various minor translations and fixes

I've also rewritten all the action stacking logic, since it was a twisted nightmare riddled with bugs and inconsistency.

For example, hundreds of pairs of actions were allowed to stack in one order but not the other.

I've also added a feature - actions already happening are now always reselectable, which is useful because the latest action clicked is 2x as effective.

However, I've removed the auto-cancelling that the game did to allow switching between some actions. If you hate this change, there's an experimental branch on the git with a universal system that will autoswitch between *all* actions. Safety not guaranteed.

Let me know if any actions are blocked and really shouldn't be, or vice versa, particularly in the 1-on-1 case. We can make whatever changes we want until the Japanese pick it up - after that point I'll probably just want to match what they do.



Well no, I guess I just expected more, since I was playing tohoK and that was an actual game with the porn.



I'm pretty damn sure eraTW even sells itself as a daily-life sim with time stop powers



That's fair. I guess I'll stick to the other games then.



>New map - Pacific 1936

I'll download the new version just for this. I bet this is even worse than Europe.



Thank ye kindly



>Sperm injector

>Self-insertion, sucking and insemination

>And more

Thanks Anon, you cannot grasp the true form of my erection now.


File: fb10787961d2c5c⋯.png (4.41 KB, 259x123, 259:123, bug.PNG)


Found a Bug with Yuukas Fire Flower event



What is "Ride"?



> Dominance stat and Master/Owner relationships.

[visible hype]



>Vigilantes now rape like the other factions

Oh goddamnit. I actually liked how they weren't like the other factions in that regard.



yoshi style


File: aa30d13fed92b06⋯.png (150.78 KB, 663x546, 17:14, m3.png)


That was just inevitable. Nobody and nothing can be trusted until we have a Muscle faction.



Fun fact/ possible bug. If a character gives birth as a virgin while in captivity and the child is seized and removed- virginity remains. Also virginity loss for birth is still in Jap- but its a minor quibble.


I can just picture Meiling going mindbroken from being unable to be lazy in muscle faction.


File: 0cbdb9edea3252e⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 300x300, 1:1, plutiesayswut.jpg)


wtf the git is dead?

shit i've been away for months and this is what happens

wtf did spaghett do



fuck old era account doesn't work.

does this mean gitkraken is useless now for updates?



They work now.




You have to make your own account now. Some faggots on the discord fucked up the old git and any public account anyone tries to make.


How the fuck are you guys logging into gitgud? Whenever I try it gives me Secure Connection Failed, Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG


File: 45f6d77563ff45d⋯.png (317.59 KB, 1439x1377, 1439:1377, fucking_fags.png)


wow thanks alot faggots how the fuck did this clusterfuck happened



Autism. Possibly of the tranny variety, I'm not sure, I didn't really keep track of who was what.



Yeah only found out about these games the other day and only downloaded them yesterday. But is there like, any translation at all? They've translated maybe a dozen lines and none of the important stuff and I don't speak moonlord



EraTohoK, EraTohoTW, EraSumireteru, and EraMegaten are the ones with the largest amount translated. Others rarely have much more than the UI translated.


I simply cannot figure out how to make mitamas in eramegaten, is this due to not playing as devil summoner class?

I've done a large deal of the content and not having access to those sorts of things for fine tuning my team is impeding my clearing endgame content.

By the way be careful about autism grinding levels into the triple digits because a certain opponent will always be 10 levels higher than your highest level.



I don't think mitama fusion is in the game.



If that's the case I'm at a loss for how to make my team gitgud against the games superbosses, incense doesn't seem particularly viable at 10k macca each.



You can use mag to raise stats/transfer skills too.


File: d7f16392d4d2123⋯.png (26.5 KB, 162x77, 162:77, Time_Wizard 2.png)

Alright. EraMegaten. What file do I need to put my dick in to set some proper values to the sizes, hair color, etc as demons spawn, so everything stopped coming in 'undefined' until manually set. I'm autistic enough to give it a go.

This ain't my first rodeo with this fucking game, but I still can't read Jap.



Nvm, I think I found it. This could take me awhile.



It was Elizabeth from Persona 3, isn't it?


That's weird.

Mitamas are in demon compendium as separate group though.



They don't appear to have character files either. Unless they are hiding under some non standard name for them.



Her and arena Satan are things I haven't cleared yet, the prior because I can't hit them without using the "never miss your next attack" powers beforehand which is obnoxious because of the damned level difference hit/evasion penalty, and the latter takes 6 turns per round. If Mitama fusion or something similar is in I'd love to know so I can start working on my party proper, just setting skills won't do it as you'll want to cover your weaknesses so the super bosses don't "one more" you to death and you can't afford to waste turns with the one time element blockers.



>They don't appear to have character files either.

In this case nobody added them.



You can get incense from macca tickets and use them on your demons, so it's not like you really need the mitama fusion anyway.

Using this (and MAG improvement) to have stats way above your level is basically the way you're beating Elizabeth btw. You just need someone on the frontline with pierce + multi-hits physical attacks and the backline able to prevent things from dying.


Is there not an option to set everybody as a virgin or slut in Tohok when you create a new game? I swore I remember seeing something like that under the misc. options and it being similar to eraTW's



There should be an option to alter it before the game starts. Should be simple enough to find. Alternatively you could bulk change them in the debug menu.



A few things after playing a bit:

-You can't do blowjob into face fucking anymore which is silly.

-You can do stuff like glans handjobs during insertion which is also silly.

-Tit and cleaning blowjobs are gone.

-Line 236 in COMF160 is checking the entire talent array of the target instead of a specific talent.

In general not being able to switch from one continual insertion position to another is pretty annoying and should really be re-enabled by default if possible.


File: 61b9a5fccdc5274⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, doremy_sweet_and_hinanawi_….png)

>tried making a baby with pic related for special officer skills

>didnt know about the random seed in eratohok

>turned doremy into tenshi's breeding slave for at least 300 in game days hoping a child with the skills would be born

i still feel guilty



Don't worry, that will fade with practice.


In EraTohoK: Anyone know what the difference is between "only rape officers" and "only rape captive" settings in the special actions menu? Aren't all officers they get a hold of captives already, and vice versa?

Also, unrelated question, but what people's thoughts on playing as a wanderer start? Is it advantageous to build up your skills before entering the fray, so to speak, or is it better in the long run to start empire building from turn one?



>Anyone know what the difference is between "only rape officers" and "only rape captive" settings in the special actions menu?

Not all captives are officers for enemy countries. Sometimes they will have ——– which means they don't belong to any nation.

>Is it advantageous to build up your skills before entering the fray, so to speak, or is it better in the long run to start empire building from turn one?

It's more interesting to start empire from turn one. Also it makes easier to prepare toys or recruit more officers/soldiers earlier.



Normally, officers of special factions that aren't generic special faction characters get fucked every turn just like the captives do. Although the text is slightly altered so that they're willing participants, since they've been broken and recruited by that point.


What's the best way to raise intimacy? I want to get love, but I'm only at 7 intimacy, I've cleared all the other checks though.

EraTW btw.


File: d7554b09d7d913c⋯.png (9.07 KB, 934x213, 934:213, Untitled.png)


What the fuck did you do to my game options?


Seeing as erareverse doesnt have a real translation yet, do any of the translated games allow yourself to be trained? Or are you always the trainer in every one



In tohok you can let others choose actions, prostitute yourself, and volunteer for public use.



Why do subfags even need to turn to obscure porn games? There should be plenty of people willing to degrade and dominate you IRL.



My particular strain of subfaggotry demands PC to be a girl, otherwise I just get angry and disgusted



Just hit explore on the map screen in eratohok, you'll get what you want eventually.



Where's the option?





It's in the cheat menu, click the stars in the settings.


I hope this isn't a dumb question, but I have to ask: What makes other factions gain hate in eraTohoK?

Very few things warn you that doing them will make other nations hate you, and those that do I've been avoiding as much as possible, yet hate against my nation is climbing non-stop. I haven't been torturing prisoners, raping or enslaving, or even conquering much (three cities max size). I also haven't been signing pacts or agreements, so it's not like they hate me for allying enemies.

Does hate just generate naturally over time to force you to put resources into diplomacy, or are there some non-obvious reasons I'm missing that are causing hate?



There is a diplomatic action that increases hate of the target nation with several random nations. And AI nations that already hate you spam this thing a lot.

To counter it, you really should just do what the help tells you: setup auto-sending some small amount of money (20-30 is enough) to every faction every turn.



Figured out prostitution and public use, but how does letting others choose actions work? Is there some sort of minimum relationship requirement first I'm missing?



All characters have to "learn" sex actions by watching others do it in the same session. (With the default recommending settings, you the player know all sex acts at game start, so you never have to worry about hunting down hard-to-find actions). This will unlock the option for them to use this action, but they still won't necessarily use it if their personality traits restrict it (i.e., they're virgins, or prudes, or can't summon tentacles).

In the character window is the [Proclivities] tab. Whenever a character uses a sex action a certain number of times, they grant points towards the next level of that specific action's proclivities. When levels are unlocked, it will increase the odds of that character using that specific action in the future, if given the opportunity to do so.

However, by default the points are merely collected, and will not be applied to unlock higher levels, unless the player manually does so themselves. Though you can make them spend points automatically with one of the game settings.



Got it. So I can either train a dommy character by "teaching" them myself first, or having them learn indirectly through something like Public Use? (I noticed the characters there were learning moves, for instance, though I assume only the officers can be "found" outside of the Public Use later.)



They have to perform the action themselves to get points towards proclivities. As I understand it, public use locks the assigned character in stocks or whatever, so they can't move or perform any actions, so would not train any proclivities.

Unless you mean them just watching. But I don't think that'd be much use since most stuff done during public use events are just pretty basic moves (insert penis, get blowjob, anal, etc). So not much point in doing so.



Thanks. I think I got it. After "ordering" them to do something dommy the first time (which itself was rather lewd), I can then give them the Lead star and it will appear on their move-list as well. Looks like it then appears on Their Choice and Reverse Rape as expected. Having her become [Mistress] during testing was nice also, although I assume there isn't really any content for that relationship-type yet.

Ultimately while it's a different style of PC-sub (trading the responses from Reverse for more granular control over the domme/scene), it's definitely a lot of fun in its own way.


I don't know what happened to my Translator Aggregator, but it's just not injecting itself to the game anymore… any help?



TA has never injected itself into anything.



thank's man, I'm fucking retarded… haven't played in a while.


How do I gain and maintain the motivation to learn nip? Best I've gotten to is around 2k kanjis a year or so ago and I've probably forgotten more than half by now.


In Eratohok is it possible to be captured/enslaved?

And in eratohoTW is it possible for an NPC to use you (an inchingling) as an onahole? And how do i get NPCs to take the lead sexually



The system mainly works through the SexKnow ability, which mass unlocks knowledge of actions as it levels up. It can level up to 4 simply through orgasms and then to 5 using an item.


Take a character like Ran who has bitchy traits and max sexknow out of the box, use the items to max her assertiveness and perversion, and you'll get anal fisted on the third date.


You can be captured in K. You can start a game as a special faction captive to see what that's like.

I don't think the player can be used as an inchling onahole. TW actions don't seem to go both ways so there'd have to be a "Get Inchling Onahole'd" action and there isn't one if you click on the command filter.

To get NPCs to take the lead you basically just have to get them to a reasonable level of favor and reliability and raise their Sexual Frustration until they start grabbing you. At first they likely won't go beyond kissing but if you just keep letting them do it and spamming Surrender they'll eventually start fucking you. You can mix aphrodisiacs into tea in a kitchen to get their frustration high.


How would we know


File: 03a473cf02d028b⋯.gif (713.04 KB, 500x467, 500:467, 7a908ceabd82f63652166a6ba9….gif)

>playing EratohoK

>do a playthrough as Minoriko and go through 90% of the game fucking Shizuha's brains out with a strapon

>decide to do another run with custom siblings to recapture the magic with someone other than those two

>except, nope, can't set family relationships in the custom character menus

>can't edit family relationships ingame either via the cheat menu

>making custom characters shit out kids and then saving the kids as new custom characters still doesn't work because saved custom characters lose all their family data

>create two new .csv files for the characters and fully edit them so they can retain sibling data, but all they do is spit out error codes because apparently 2hu characters need to reference data.tsv for hardcoded information and the .csv itself is completely nonfunctional on its own

>after spending around 3 hours figuring out the above, say fuck it, go for the messiest option available, and use the cheat console to switch master characters to one of the kids that the two custom parents had, then manually edit everything without ever being able to save the little shits

>it still doesn't fucking work because apparently you can only change master characters to a regular Touhou character or a special faction officer for some godforsaken reason

God fucking DAMMIT



Jesus Christ



I don't think data.tsv does anything. The game runs fine if it's just deleted. You probably either made the csvs wrong or started with 'create new text file' instead of copying an old one and never set it to the right encoding.

Here's the most idiot proof way to make two custom siblings and play as one of them: Go into the csv of some character you don't care about and edit them into being sibling 1. Every few lines load the game to see if anything broke. Then start a new game and make a new hero character, they'll be sibling 2. When making them there will be a "Family settings" button where you can assign any csv character as their sibling.


worth updating to latest tohok?



Judge it yourself.




On the universal canceling branch when a continuous action is canceled it persists for another turn which it really shouldn't do. This affects ejaculation location and stuff like that so if you're in a vaginal position and switch to anal one then the ejaculation will happen in the vagina.



Thanks anon.



Managed to get it working by changing the encoding and doing some more wizardry to hardcode in both of the characters permanently, thanks for the advice.



still wanna know this

i wanted to mod it but if i use the base JP version which features will it be missing that u guys use?



Anymore dialogue translated?


File: b113ac55c60404a⋯.png (197.07 KB, 663x548, 663:548, inside.png)


I'd like to know this too. I remember quite a few versions ago Doremy had her dialogue translated, but then it was all reverted to moonspeak ever since.

The hell was that about. Slep time waifu was amazing.


File: c105d21c2544814⋯.png (29.6 KB, 176x137, 176:137, cirnoishorrified.png)


File: 434f7df8e02f069⋯.png (11.24 KB, 655x307, 655:307, Gentlemen and Gentlemen, w….PNG)



From what I know it was that they made it not require jap locale (some bs with random and time not working proper), translating csvs with <csv>_trans.csv

Could be more though



You have done a great deed today, noble sir.

…Why Chiyuri, though?


Is it possible to do two actions at the same time in EraMaou? For example doggy + spanking



Also, I'm getting my ass kicked. I buy a bunch of traps and place them in the beginning but it always ends with lv 30 adventurers at depth 7 after a couple dozen rounds.



She was closest, easier than yumemi and I haven't really prodded my 2hu contacts to figure out who anyone is

actually this all started as porn and now I'm having a lot more fun figuring out all the interactions and mechanisms playing with each other when you try new things

this is too dumb an endeavor for me to be getting sucked into god damn it



That's because you need to use pitfall traps, so they will fall to lowest levels, while they are still weak.



Thanks, works well so far. Some more questions: do I get points for buying things only at tax day? Is there no other way to get them? Also, what effect does the level of my dungeon have?

Is there any guide out there on this game?



Yeah, forgot that you can sell slaves for points of course, but aside from that one.



>do I get points for buying things only at tax day?


>Is there no other way to get them?

There were few, but it was a while since I played it last time so I don't remember.

>Also, what effect does the level of my dungeon have?

More stuff to buy, more trap slots and few other things.

>Is there any guide out there on this game?

I don't think there is one for this game. It's one of less popular ones.



did all the people maintaining it vanish?



When making a custom character while starting up a new game, there are options for choosing the character's family members. Is there any chance we can Frankenstein the code from that into the more permanent custom characters?


File: 1281fe42f15a794⋯.png (249.92 KB, 587x1300, 587:1300, 51621241_p13 - ちゆり立ち絵 表情差分.png)


>Why Chiyuri

Why not?



In prior versions of tohok, I used to be able to play a female MC that would get creampied and then feed it to some other cuck with facesitting/cunnilingus. I haven't seen any text about the cum in this new version. Was it removed for some reason?



When I redid the comf logic I stripped a lot of that out with plans to replace it later. It's too obsessed with the modder's fetish and the logic bothered me. Even when the original game text says a character has swallowed your load the mod has them keep it in their cheeks like a cum squirrel and then helpfully return your gainz when you try to kiss them ten actions later.


File: 106d66ed50f991b⋯.png (37.33 KB, 261x223, 261:223, Marisa64763.PNG)


>text says a character has swallowed your load the mod has them keep it in their cheeks like a cum squirrel


File: 14bed6f95547835⋯.png (79.66 KB, 500x416, 125:104, Goofy laughter.PNG)


Fuck, I am loving the crossover autism in the Digital devil Saga and Persona 5 stuff.

Shame it's a pain in the ass to translate.

Only other complaint is how the PC seems to have become a non-entity combat-only ghost in it that everyone doesn't even acknowledge as existing rather early on.



Now, that could be hot once someone starts a threesome, cumming in one girl's mouth and have her share withe the second, but I can see why this is an issue.



Something's broken with generic unit tag generation in this release (or at least compared to the one in the OP) and they have a good 20-25% chance to be generated without any tags at all. Some tags also don't seem to spawn at all, like [Robot], [Angel], and maybe [Yama].


File: fcd98c745af93ad⋯.swf (7.37 KB, EraMaou.swf)



Here you go. It was in the general pastebin a few OPs ago, but was abandoned with the rest. I went back and saved it cause I figured it wouldn't be coming back.

Just turn it into a .txt file and it should work fine.



>Some tags also don't seem to spawn at all, like [Robot], [Angel], and maybe [Yama].

These tags rarely spawned even in previous release.



That reminds me that all guides for games were erased in recent autism fit.



>all guides for games were erased in recent autism fit.

Nevermind, about that part.

Eramegaten guide was saved as archive.




You keep grinding. Consume more and more media. Regrind the kanji, learn the onyomi, learn the grammar (japanese the manga way isn't bad, neither is tae kim). Then grind proper vocabulary.

If you're not spending at least half an hour every day on either grinding or trying to read japanese text, you're doing it wrong.



Experimenting more with this, it seems like all tag generation for generics is controlled by RANDOM_CHARA.ERB, and the no-tags-generated issue is due to some really fucky coding for the RNG on lines 799-804 which is screwing everything up. Managed to easily replace it with something that works, approximate spawn rates should be something like 50% human/47% assorted nonhuman and youkai/3% filthy halfbreed instead of whatever the fuck was going on with it before.


The three tags I mentioned never being generated is apparently because they were completely removed from the weighted list of tags that can spawn for nonhumans/youkai, along with some other headscratching omissions like hermits, oni, inchlings, and divine spirits.

After spending a bit longer with RANDOM_CHARA and tweaking a lot of the spawn rates I was able to fix that up quickly and it seems to work like a charm now. Here it is for anyone who wants my shitty homemade patch.




Forgot to mention, but I didn't include random spawns for Hourai individuals or yamas. File goes into the ERB\R_CHARA directory and replaces the one that's already there.


In eratohotw how can you get the npcs to be more sadist/rape you? I finally got one to start giving me head pats but thats as far as she goes


Recently discovered era games.

Those are pretty great and i'm grateful to the translators.

I think i'm getting addicted to eratohoK send help.



turn on incompetent mode and act nice to sadist characters

it's like every bit of kindness you show to the girl turns them bit by bit into their true flesh-hungering rapebeast form

soon it becomes eroMetalgearsolidtw, you will see



Go pay Yuuka a visit.



I must be blind cause i looked through the options and couldnt find incompetent mode at all.


Wheres she? I was trying to get reimu to abuse me


File: b2401666863da6e⋯.png (509.48 KB, 746x1350, 373:675, 41646587_p5 - 幽香立ち絵その② オプシ….png)


You only have to go one place for that man.

Just be prepared to be stuck with her forever.


Alright I might be being retarded but how the hell do I use the sperm injector? Does it even do anything yet?



>The three tags I mentioned never being generated is apparently because they were completely removed from the weighted list of tags that can spawn for nonhumans/youkai.

It actually makes sense for these three.

>along with some other headscratching omissions like hermits, oni, inchlings, and divine spirits.

It seems someone who was way too into official canon wrote code for that.




Yuuka should be in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

If you want her to be extremely sadistic, set yourself to be a virgin shota and fight her, bet your virginity, then lose



Yuuka should be in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. If you're a virgin shota, you can bet your virginity in battle and she'll rape you if you lose.



Me too. only know of one ERA game that have player pregnancy, shame.



New or retarded?



Been around for a short while, might call me retarded. I came to this channel for some inbreeding, mainly impregnation, and tried a few game and found only the war game have player pregnancy. It's just not the same when you're not the one carrying the baby and making everyone carry one while you're at it.


I downloaded TW and keep getting this error:

MOVEMENTS\ò¿îÅè╓ÿA\PLACE_ïÆô_ò╩ò¬è≥.ERB at line 319 Error has occurred:Emuera-Anchor


Error description: "MAP_SEARCH_REPLACEMENT_4" cannot be interpreted

Function: @GET_MAP_REPLACEMENT(file:MOVEMENTS\ò¿îÅè╓ÿA\PLACE_ïÆô_ò╩ò¬è≥.ERB in line 300)

Function call stack:

↑MOVEMENTS\ò¿îÅè╓ÿA\JOB_MANAGE.ERB at line 29(function@GET_JOBPLACE)

↑MOVEMENTS\JOB_ÄdÄûôαùe.ERB at line 1214(function@仕事内容設定)


↑âCâxâôâgè╓ÿA\BEFORETRAIN.ERB at line 167(function@EVENTTRAIN)



and this was the stable release



You didn't have your locale set to Japanese.




Does it work as a virgin futa loli too?


is there way to get portraits in eraTW ? i dont see shit in options



To anyone reading the thread, if you ever see any gibberish text like this in an error, 9/10 times it's a locale issue. Change locale and re-download.



Someone needs to cum into a condom, that's the only way you can collect sperm


Where do I find Doremy in LiG? Does this also apply to TW?


File: be218263cba1bac⋯.png (1.56 KB, 318x33, 106:11, Emuera-Anchor_2018-10-08_2….png)


are you sure about that?


no idea, all I know is you need to be a virgin with [Childlike] or whatever the child trait is



I tried this (virgin childlike shota) but got a "Cold stare" in response. Does she need to be a minimum level of relationship first?



you shouldn't need to

I remember making a new save just to test out what >>254564 said and it worked

She makes you drink an aphrodisiac and cock teases you, which makes you eventually lose the danmaku




Are there any like this but for females?


How do you start a danmaku fight in Eratohotw?



For me she just wins the Danmaku normally then takes half of my Cha/$ or whatever I wagered. Not sure what the issue is since it's basically a test save like the one you mentioned. Oh well.



The very bottom option before you start a danmaku with yuuka should be your virginity

right above that is your children, iirc



Choosing that option gives this:


> 冷めた目で睨まれた……

(TL: She gives you a cold stare)

And returns to the wager selection menu.



honestly, no idea then

the change to making everyone being able to do danmaku probably changed something


File: 74f167dc9a4e64c⋯.jpg (45.34 KB, 331x331, 1:1, 1384666019279.jpg)


Please respond I can't get Yuuka to rape me without knowing this.



Danmaku should simply be an option once per day whenever you're in the same room as her.

As per >>263916

>>263918 though it might not actually be working properly.



are we talking age:child, figure:child-sized, childlike or some combination of the three?



I was able to get it working once I had all three (my original attempts were missing Child-Sized).

I also had Masochist and Incompetent Mode active, but I'm not sure if those are necessary.





No, the problem is the unzipping, use something like 7zip or winrar, if that fails run the unzipping program itself in applocale.



thanks, this is good to know



I was able to get it with just child-sized of the 3 >>263930 mentioned.



Applocale is garbage.



whos this and where is she


File: 312a656bcca820a⋯.png (182.73 KB, 720x360, 2:1, 117_Face.png)

Guys my Yuugen Magan looks off

Should I take it to vet or something?



You mean no nipples or fact that it isn't five-eyed eyeball monster?



Mostly the second one


So I just started my first game and my boss became lazy on first turn

Is this bad or very bad?



Bad, but not cataclysmic. Just get some less-lazy employees and you should be good enough.



I suppose that's because not all people can fap to this character in another form.



An attractive 2hu? Never thought I'd see the day.


So how curremt is eraTW download in pastebin?

Month? A year?


File: a069b1bd30d544a⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1241x1246, 1241:1246, yuukacleavage.png)


Does it ever get to the point where Yuuka sees you and immediately drags you somewhere to rape you? The furtherest ive gotten is doing skinship to get her in the mood, lead her to the toilet or bedroom, hope nobody walks in while im surrendering over and over and let her doggystyle me which seems very consensual.



>Does it ever get to the point where Yuuka sees you and immediately drags you somewhere to rape you?

<When in EraTW there was tip in main menu: Watch out when raping Yuuka! and one anon needed to bite the dust because he got trapped in her basement as her rapetoy for almost in-game year

Yes, I think so.


File: f26e05e716acd20⋯.jpg (27.36 KB, 480x617, 480:617, savage moment.jpg)


>one anon needed to bite the dust because he got trapped in her basement as her rapetoy for almost in-game year


downloaded the latest eratohok from git, can't seem to impregnate girls who are taking care of children even though its her dangerous day and gave her some fertility drugs.



english or japanese?



where is the git?



the new one



having trouble finding the english version, not sure if I got the most updated one or not.


So what's best faction for beginner in eratohok?

I am constantly losing to combination of overextension and running out of troops



Basic map? Tenshi. Abuse the fuck out of relays.



Easy way to win is turtle up, set it to Draft unless someone is attacking you or you can't Draft more troops, and just hold chokepoints until you can roll over your neighbors, then do it again forever. There's no need to put troops and officers in cities that can't be attacked by the enemy. Relays let you know a turn in advance if someone is going to attack that territory. You can win as anyone because the AI is still not very smart. If you just want an easy win play a faction that starts with good officers/economy, the moonies or Remilia are good and everyone with Miko starts strong enough.



Just make one or two death balls and focus on one faction at a time. I'm not actually sure how it's possible to have trouble unless every officer in your army is shit.


Thanks, translator dudes.


In EratohoK, is there a way to get Lewd traits other than events? And if so, how?



Settings > Game Help.



relays are your friend. Empty a city next to a relay and the enemy you want to bait, when they send an army to invade your bait city, buff its defenses and eat the invading army. If you try to invade/defend the old fashioned way the AI will send reinforcements if you reinforce in order to keep the numbers in their favor, but without wasting soldiers on excess.



I don't know how I never noticed the extra tabs at the top of Game Help before. All this time I've thought it was empty except for Game flow.



But… her house doesn't even have a basement.


Is there a list of characters that have unique dialogue in EratohoK? I would have expected faction leaders to have some but so far the only 2 I've found have both been independent characters.



I mean, she's strong and controls plants

It probably wouldn't be that difficult for her to put one together in a hour or two



Blind or retarded?



It's completely arbitrary, and largely depends on the waifu preferences of the japs who made the game in the first place.

For example, Doremy is basically a nobody, but she has THE most dialogue I've seen in the game. Granted, most of that is as a result of her having a bizarrely extensive event line, but that doesn't exactly help matters. Contrast that with, say, Miko, who is kind of a big deal, but only gets like a handful of easily missable lines (One such being if You, as her officer, reject an offer to join Byakuren).



Neither? I'm not talking about character events, I mean unique dialogue in interaction and sex scenes.


Yeah, I guess it's just the preferences of the

makers and contributors. I found a couple more just going by those who have 6+ events, but Mamizou who only has 2 events has a bunch of extra dialogue.



So what happens if one NPC becomes another NPC'S slave/master/w/e?






Can 100 words a week really be considered translating tho?



I don't think that's possible. NPCs don't really interact, unless the player is somehow involved.





Is there a good/reliable way to get captured/imprisoned as a wanderer?


File: be17bf902befea7⋯.png (6.79 KB, 572x244, 143:61, why.png)

Great work translators, but could you maybe stick to one language?



that is original that from the japanese source bud



It's not enough for taco niggers to shit up the countries of humans, they have to invade and shit up translations of erotic Taiwanese cave painting games too.


So how do I get rid of lazy in eratohok?



There is an event that can remove it.


File: 437417a8fc4895a⋯.png (7.04 KB, 441x218, 441:218, for gods sake.png)

I think I prefer Spanish text over this shit


File: 8344470094083c2⋯.png (40.58 KB, 887x726, 887:726, fuck.png)

And I haven't saved in quite a while too



auto-saves are a wonderful thing


So what are best events in EratohoK?

Is it that Yukari one?


Is adding gender support a desirable "contribution"? Poking around the git, I found a lot of cool hypnotism content that I'd like to make male-accessible and if it's just a matter of adding pronouns, rewriting anatomy, and adjusting some control logic, it's definitely a project I think I can handle if it's welcome.



>How do I get past the blade barrier in Tartarus?

>Where do I get the passcode for the door in Factory?

>How do I advance Fatemod after fight with Berserker?

Also I guess I should train a neural net to solve the captcha since my human eyes/brain have a ~80& fail rate.



Considering you just used an ampersand instead of a percentage sign, you might want to consider glasses, contacts, or laser surgery.



Which game?

If you mean "make is possible to play as a man", then sure. But words like "adding pronouns" make it seem like you're talking about gender "politics".

Consult the wiki on contributing.




Thanks for the reports, fixed on git.


Yes, definitely. Assuming you mean tohok, the hardest part is writing new calls to the FUCK() function that make sense for a different sex, but you can usually just find another place in the game where the same thing happens and copy from it.

If you're only changing a few words don't copy and paste an entire scene into an If-Else, but you can do that if you're completely rewriting it. Talk to us on discord, we can tell you things a lot faster than figuring them out from scratch.



>How do I get past the blade barrier in Tartarus?

Depends how far you are. Try talking to junpie/yukari or leave and check your events.

>Where do I get the passcode for the door in Factory?

Good luck, I had to search through the dungeon file to find it.

>How do I advance Fatemod after fight with Berserker?

That is as far as the event is written. Kinda sucks because Rin has a full character file with even a couple unique skills.


So should I report any instances of untranslated text or just shit that is obviously wrong?



depends, which game



tohok. By pronouns I mean replacing "she" with the pronoun handler so that a male officer/player would render properly. No politics pls.


Thanks. I'll hop on discord and hopefully move forward from there!



He's making the events trans-inclusive, anon, that's totally what's happening here.

It's 2018, just accept it.




Honestly with some rewording you could leave having tea with fairies



if it's not dialog, yes


File: f00a601bd2be026⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1480x1800, 37:45, Rei.jpg)

From whom can I buy the futa drug in TW? Rei'sen seems like the obvious answer, but she does not sell it.


How do i get Yuuka to forgive me or take out her anger on me? I kissed her while she was sleeping and now she wont talk to me or have sex. But she still interacts with me, i can take her on dates etc but that doesnt remove the hate marks. I could use 10 panties at a shrine but she never wears any and cleaning her room never gets me any



Just rape her silly



Are you getting super good dates?

Try giving her cake, bitches love cake


Do you have Forbidden Knowledge?

IIRC Futa drug can be bought from the mail order store.


where the heck is cheat menu in eratw

i remember it being in earlier versions



Click on the stars in the options menu


Playing eraTW for the first time, no idea what stats do, is there a guide that gives me a quick overview of certain stats/talents?



Type moon trainer had glossary that covered some of the terms


So if I execute fairy in eratohoK will it respawn?



I don't get it how you actually rape people in TW without stopping time and if you do stop it Yuuka doesn't catch you so I'm lost.



Get her drunk and force yourself on her.



Get enough reliability and favorability to push her down

Then tie her up and fuck her silly



I want yuuka to rape me though. And no matter how much aphrodesiac i feed her its always consensual. I just want her to drag me to her room or rape dungeon, not me go out of my way to find her and get her in the mood



Every day I wish you could do more with the panties.


So, In eramegaten, i'm stuck at the first day tutorial where I have to use a fusion spell to take care of a lot of enemy.

I just can't find it. And when I try to click on bullet during this fight the game crashed the two times I tried it (I don't have the heart to try it a third time to check if this happens every time but this might be a bug).

Anyone can help?


How the hell do I balance making a custom character in eratohok

Also fuck timed events out of nowhere


File: ac491d6721957df⋯.png (9.81 KB, 865x182, 865:182, dupe.png)


wasn't there a way to marry more than 1 girl in eratohok? Forgot which file and line to edit.



Just do it. The second and subsequent will be called concubines but it's basically the same thing under the hood.


I've a question about EraTohoTW

In a few versions back, I remember there being a cheat menu included, but I can't find that anymore. Is there any way to access it, do I have to download it or is it just gone?

Anyway, I'd also like to know how to remove hate marks.


File: 67868f5c8ea670e⋯.png (143.85 KB, 265x256, 265:256, a big fairy.png)


It would be extremely painful.



Look to the stars anon.




Thank you, kind sir.



nvm, found it. Time to marry alot of girls.



It's a bug. I thought it was fixed in the latest version though.



Well shit. I'm running the 309.114 version the one in the op's download link. Is it not the last version?

Is there any imprtant tutorial bits I should know after those machines encounters or can i just continue without doing the tutorial?



That appears to be the one I have as well. I guess it was never fixed then. You can skip the tutorial though, just leave the dungeon or do something else the first day.



>Where do I get the passcode for the door in Factory?

Talk to your contact in the bar, should be the area nearby when you go outside.

The orange gate symbol that normally takes you back to base? The one on factory takes you to a different map.



I already went out before. I talked/interacted with with everything I could find but it was all untranslated and I didn't see a number sequence come up. Either I missed it or it was written in kanji or otherwise not explicitly a string of numbers.


Couple of small bugs in TohoK:

Double Dildo action is available before the Double Dildo has been researched.

When one of the fairies take's someone else's place during punishment, it doesn't cost AP.


Where can I check the progression of tohoK? I downloaded the one in the paste bin, but I'm not sure if there has been a newer version or whatever.


Just noticed that Vigilante in tohoK don't take the virginity of my toe hoes.


Man Gengetsu is fucking Kaiser in TohoK

It't great, shame about mass industrialization doing fuckall even when it triggers



you`re a big baka



I know what you're talking about. It's a bug.I still recommend doing the tutorial though since you can level up your character easily especially with Raidou on your team.

Now, the way around said bug is:

1. You have to get your Endurance high (HP 130 would do fine).

2. Have your character Guard when confronted with the balls. Other characters can do whatever they like.

3. After the first round, you would automatically escape said battle.

4. Save in the middle of the dungeon. It's in your COMP> Interrupt Save. This will make eraMegaten close.

5. Load up from your dungeon save

6. The enemy will be gone, and you can go down and face the boss.


File: 4c967e0c838bf4a⋯.jpg (930.13 KB, 2082x1453, 2082:1453, cirno giantess.jpg)


four you


File: 8e892915d660fe3⋯.png (34.26 KB, 892x729, 892:729, wwww.png)



Whenever I try to tie someone up, they usually get mad, and then the sex ends. I just tried it on Momiji, but I was told she wanted to wanted to wait when I tried missionary, even though she was tied up, and when I used the vibrator she got a lv3 hate mark, and the sex ends. Is there something beyond bind hands/body I'm supposed to do?



Might need the capture skill for it to work.



I've already bought that.


So what exactly does difficulty do in TohoK?

Nerfs my gains?

Makes AI actually smarter?

Gives max economy to everyone else on map?



all of the above


File: ec698370b4cdaa9⋯.png (2.9 KB, 579x54, 193:18, Free abortion.png)

Man this is pretty great

Not only does this train magic it also doesn't cost a fucking fortune


After trying for many many hours I simply cannot get Yuuka to do the rape train. Either there is some variable I am not accounting for or it's just a myth.


Wait, what's the username-password for the common gitgud account? I remember it being username:era password:eraeraera but it's not working.

Also, what's the news on translating the Chinese eraMaou to English?



>common gitgud account

Got bad news for you bub.



Wait, so now I'm supposed to beg for downloads now? Gosh darn it to heck.



Just make an account, nerd.


File: 4c33a672b307952⋯.png (53.36 KB, 995x685, 199:137, MOMDADHELP.PNG)







A salesman came and you said you'd hear them out, they're selling that stone that you can get as a starting bonus in the English version.



is this not the english version

what version is 'up to date' cause if it's not eng-dev 4.631 oh boy howdy do I have some problems to attend to


File: 16b4dd28ea49966⋯.png (29.93 KB, 828x353, 828:353, Best thing to start the da….png)

Nothing like fresh smell of mass abortion in the morning

Are all factions this impregnation happy or it's just outsiders?


File: dfab7c6125ecf5c⋯.png (22.76 KB, 1193x697, 1193:697, eramegaten.png)


I just did it and it worked thanks anon.



>This image


>Are all factions this impregnation happy or it's just outsiders?

I think it was case for majority of special factions. Vigilantes were exception before >>261376 and succubi just drained skill levels by rape.


which version(s) of tohok had that big europe map that expanded much further north and east?



>which version(s) of tohok had that big europe map that expanded much further north and east?

It probably was WW2 scenario. I think.


Huh apparently tentacle abortions can spiritbreak

I mean it happened like thrice and I did it dozens of times but still

Also they all were animal girls so I think there could be connection


Got a bug in TW

If you kiss someone that doesn't like it, you can follow it up with another kiss that works



It's still more effective than abortion or belly punching.



Any sort of abuse can when done enough.


File: f9e4f7669f2841b⋯.png (11.05 KB, 823x197, 823:197, memetic.png)

r8 my ultra original meme

Honestly I wanted to use tentacles but it was too late for that



>apparently tentacle abortions can spiritbreak

Are you seriously surprised about that?

>Also they all were animal girls so I think there could be connection

The trick to avoid it, is to not let their will fall under -500.


Nothing will surpass fag which made tea that causes miscarriage, if some woman drinks it in first month of pregnancy.



It's incredibly disappointing no characters have dialog for this.


File: 8aa3968ce40c11d⋯.png (18.12 KB, 855x328, 855:328, 1.png)

Can anybody help a nigga out?

What does it says?



Retarded or did TA break?



No, go to the wiki.



Eng-dev is the latest.


So has anybody figured out how good the "Tentacle User" subclass is for eraMegaten? The wiki states that certain mechanics haven't been tested out yet, and that if it's unique mechanics can upgrade its skills, than its moveset might actually be somewhat powerful




Ok friendo and everyone else too stupid to use TA, here is what you do:

1. hit "File(F)" in the top left of the game window.

2. hit "Open Clipboard(C)" from the little list that pops up.

3. drag the scroll bar down to the bottom then go up until you find the moonrunes you need translated. Highlight them and hit Ctrl+C

4. open a tab on google translate. Hit the input box. If there is still old text in the box, hit Ctrl+A. Hit Ctrl+V.

This is what I end up doing when Google blocks out my TA.



tfw will never be able to join the vigilantes to go on a great purge when the other factions control most the world again.

the vigilantes explode like crazy as soon as the player joins them. they went from barely holding in a corner to controlling half the map extremely quickly. making them an effective final resort.

but if they rape too now it's just trading one bad for another.



Too much work is there no way to machine translate it all



You stupid nigger that is how you machine translate it.


File: 07a940a6a7d1f7d⋯.jpg (155.94 KB, 1024x923, 1024:923, disdain.jpg)


Honestly hope you're shitposting. I just spoon-fed you baby's-first-machine-translation instructions. All that was missing were the airplane-noises.

Go fap to western porn.




All we want is for the game to be in english not to have to copy and paste moonlord into google translate every other second



Translation Aggregator


On the topic of TransAgg, has there been a new update yet? Im still on 190 and now Google is locking it out again like it was with the previous version.



I almost always use Visual Novel Reader over Translation Aggregator, it's UI is much better looking at it has way more options, but it's also a larger and more intrusive program to install. I just figured I would throw it out there as an alternative.

>All we want is for the game to be in english not to have to copy and paste moonlord into google translate every other second

To auto translate with TA in Era and not have to keep copy and pasting, you need to change the settings in Era itself. Go to Help > Clipboard Tab, make sure "Clear clipboard and Buffer when game screen is cleared" is checked off and of course "Copy to Clipboard". All the numbers at the bottom are what you will adjust, just play with it until you find what works for you. All of this also works with Visual Novel Reader as well. Either way, machine translations are pretty awful and don't work well at all when translating lewd text. It's only use for me has been UI's or to understand the very basics of a story. I'm curious if anyone has ever managed to fap to machine translated porn scene text, it's impossible for me.


File: 2bc635b4e768b45⋯.jpeg (718.8 KB, 998x1196, 499:598, 39635f70f3734bcdef99a5f74….jpeg)


>Be an officer in a nation

>Everything is fine for 20 turns, make a few lowers, rise a kid, research some stuff

>Meanwhile on the other side of the continent tentacle infestation appears

>My employer nation get invaded, ganged upon by a coalition and eventually is conquered

>My kids and lovers escape with their lives, some of them become wanderers

>All my heavy work is ruined, nation conquered, family scattered

>In act of desperation decide to visit tentacle nation

>Get invited with open arms, receive 30 000 as a starting gift

>Get 3 times the salary i got in my last nation

>Hey this isnt that bad at all

>Infested Generals is a pretty cool guy too

>Invite my family and lovers into the tentacle nation

>And they all lived happily after that, stuck in endless cycle of tentacle breeding, brainwashing and parasites


In TW what exactly counts as a great date? I get them to overdrive/limitbreak but the 1st level hatemark is still there when we return.



Give them cake



Where is it even sold, aside from mail order?


File: bb0f62905d3df39⋯.jpg (343.86 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1538542754879.jpg)


Additional information:

Now also tentacle faction leader is in love with my character. too bad there arent any unique events and interactiontions with special faction leaders i think?

Also Tentacle Faction best Faction



Should I avoid persuading prisoners when playing as tentacles so they get hyperactive womb or does it make no difference?


Man I just realized that as long as you hourai immortal Seija's necromancy is pretty much free

Kinda strange that fairies don't respawn though


File: 4bb4fcf41d1d19a⋯.png (30.69 KB, 878x606, 439:303, 3.png)

File: 6404e630213630c⋯.png (40.77 KB, 878x653, 878:653, 2.png)


Dont know if it is intended, a bug or just not implemented but when my character is <tentacle infested> and goes on a nightcrawl, by using hypnotize and demand submission it not only brands characters as its but also gives them <tentacle infested> trait.

But other than making said characters submit to tentacles faster after getting captured it does nothing.

I once infested whole faction with all its officers and they still fought with tentacle faction normally.



>Hyperactive womb?


File: c41031c1bb07583⋯.png (2.97 KB, 514x51, 514:51, wombs.png)


How the hell are you supposed to save Saki in the SumireTeru once she's kidnapped?



Just fulfill the conditions for true love and a new choice will appear in the menu.



thank you kind anon


Is there a way to edit orgasm strength? Or increase it to maximum?

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