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File: 8b2136038a66fe1⋯.png (4.6 MB, 2000x5541, 2000:5541, 8b2.png)


This thread is for the Corruption of Champions mod being made by OtherCoCAnon and Denizens of this board.

Corruption of Champions is a text based flash game that anons can and are writing content for to be implemented into the mod.


Latest Version (


Use a standalone flash player (aka projector) because shit's no longer supported by any web browser.

Remember to save to file to prevent save loss.



>/hgg/ CoC Mod Build Changelog


>Source Code


>Previous/Archived Threads

Previous thread: >>256542



OP Template: https://pastebin.com/raw/q38Ccy3n

Writing Tutorial: https://8ch.net/hgg/writingtutorial.html

All /hgg/ mod content submissions by everyone (Turn off Print layout under "View" in the top left.)


/hgg/ CoC Submission Archive (Turn on list view in the top right.)


Edit: updated OP.

Post last edited at



Note should change the OP template for the flashplayer




The chronicler's links should probably be added to the OP as well.



>Any thoughts?

A corrupted champion being turned into a strong demon should be very rare. Remember that most "champions" are locked up in the factory or some other demon facility as soon as they arrive, so they wouldn't have a chance to become strong like you do, and anyone already strong or valuable probably wouldn't be sent through as a sacrifice. It's not impossible, as evidenced by the PC, and I like the idea of fighting demonic champions, but they should be something special and not something you just randomly encounter occasionally.

Making the stream start out corrupted would be a pretty big project. You would have to change a lot of scenes that use the stream. It's also your only source of water, and the player could potentially go a long time before they're able to do anything about it. Imagine playing a child in hard mode, where you have to struggle against imps and goblins for a week or two before you're strong enough to explore further.

If you still want to do it though, I would probably make purifying the stream (at least partially, as a temporary measure) the first quest that Marae gives you, before she sends you to the factory. It feeds into the lake after all, so although it's not as big a problem as the factory, it should still be a priority for her. When you first meet her, she could give you some key item or spell that would let you purify a small amount of water, just enough for you to survive on (before that you would gain corruption/libido every day from drinking the water), then she could send you to make some kind of filter or magical purifier near your camp, maybe after gathering some kind of mtaerials nearby (I dunno, I don't really have any good ideas for this part). Rathazul can be an alternate starting point for the quest, and having Rathazul at camp would also stop the passive corruption gain since he can purify drinking water for the camp.

You could add another higher level quest after the factory (remember that Marae might be corrupted after the factory, so have an alternate way of starting it if Marae can't give you the quest), where you go into the mountains and cut off the problem at the source. Not Lethice's keep, but maybe they have some smaller facility at the foot of the mountain to taint the water, similar to the factory.

Really though, I think it makes more sense to change the lore so the demons never stopped the rain, instead of trying to fix all the plot holes.


What fag changed Isabella's standards? She used to be fine with an cock under 9 inches for her morning blowjobs. Now you need to be under 6 inches.



It's entirely absurd to treat anything under 9 inches as a tiny little baby cock. Even making the limit 6 is kind of ridiculous.

The real problem is that the Low Standards setting isn't applied there.



>It's entirely absurd to treat anything under 9 inches as a tiny little baby cock.

In Mareth?



Isn't it outright stated that Katherine's eight-nine inch cock is small by Marethian standards?



That doesn't make it any less stupid.

And if it's the scene I'm thinking of, she actually said that the average being 12 inches (and the tone makes that sound like an exaggeration) is a recent thing in Tel'Adre, and 4 inches is normal for cat-morphs.


File: 3c105901b3a81d6⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 200x199, 200:199, 3c105901b3a81d64dd2476897f….jpg)


>but I plan to make every character I make killable so if they ever get added into the game the Player can just get rid of them if they dislike what I make

We don't deserve you.


So is there anything besides weapon crafting that this mod doesn't have?



A few perks.


File: a3be0fad4a5bad0⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 720x438, 120:73, Memeoth.jpg)

Moth pussy


File: 81ee2e133f4479c⋯.jpg (600.45 KB, 887x855, 887:855, Pure tism.jpg)


The problem with that is that the thread consensus is “Don’t make the lore more of a clusterfuck to deal with.” I’d be up for just retconning it, but the anon coding it said he doesn’t want contradicting lore.

>expanding on the lore

Right now I'm working on a demon, that was one of the earliest champions before being turned into a war hungry general. I'll post it sometime this week when I can iron out some of the problems and ask other anons for their opinions, I'm too afraid to go overboard and fuck with pre existiing lore. So I'm hoping I don't get too ambitious trying to increase demon presence. I also have plans to elaborate on the water in mareth implications. At least unless the codefag anon says he's just going to retcon it, so my only focus will be on purifying the camp water and branching out. I feel like an autist taking the world building in a porn game seriously.


Rather than retconning the entire drought, couldn't we just say the demons are only collecting clouds from the affected areas (the desert in particular)? The swamp/bog/rift could just be too far away for them to bother with.



Rewriting everything related to the stream is still a ton of work.



I agree with you wholeheartedly that champion demons should be rare. It's the key reason I had the idea for only one or so being strong enough to have been able to hold his own before driving himself mad like the other wizards from being trapped inside Mareth. Thereby making him and the champion the lucky few on the opposite sides of the war.

>The water

Honestly, I'm not arguing about making it a massive overhaul. But at least making rath/marae plausible fixes for the water. It's the key reason why I think it should at least trigger the champion to go for rath or anyone else to help purify the camps watering hole. I guess it's only hard if we think in terms of scope. As the camp could be a quick thing that can be done and over with, but more ambitious things like curing the water in the lake is going to take a quest.



Other people have suggested some simple changes that can take care of that (e.g., having Rathazul purify it, having some of it come from Minerva's place, etc.). I think the problem is easy enough to ignore entirely, but if people really want to fill in this plot hole, I think going for a minimal solution is best.



That doesn't make it any less work, because you have to account for what happens before it's purified. If someone hasn't purified it yet, none of the existing scenes make sense.

Every scene that doesn't treat the stream as tainted (anything involving bathing or drinking, or swimming for characters who care about corruption) will have to have a variant written for the new corrupted stream, in case it hasn't been purified yet.



Then should it just be retconned? I mean, would it be a big deal to just remove the one bit where it says the water is coming from the mountains?



If some of the stream comes from Minerva's part of the mountain (like the post you ostensibly read said), you wouldn't need to do anything to purify it. You could also say you're close enough to Marae for it to balance out. You could also say Rathazul/someone else was already working on it. In any case, purifying the stream is a completely separate topic to the one I was talking about (solving the drought).



and the durability system.



>If some of the stream comes from Minerva's part of the mountain (like the post you ostensibly read said), you wouldn't need to do anything to purify it. You could also say you're close enough to Marae for it to balance out.

The water being pure is the entire problem though, regardless of why it's pure. The demons trapped the rain for the sole purpose of weakening Marae. The factory and the champions from Ingnam are being used for the sole purpose of corrupting the lake Marae is confined to. The source of all water in the area, including the water feeding the lake, is right next to the demons' home base. But for all the efforts the demons went to to starve out Marae, to keep any rain from reaching her, they somehow ignore the pure water running directly to her? Ensuring that the stream is corrupted is vital to their plans, it should be one of their main priorities.

>In any case, purifying the stream is a completely separate topic to the one I was talking about (solving the drought).

I was saying that the swamp/bog/rift are lesser issues, so even if you explain them away there are still other problems with the drought.


>Then should it just be retconned? I mean, would it be a big deal to just remove the one bit where it says the water is coming from the mountains?

In my opinion, that would be the best way to handle it. It wouldn't be a difficult change at all; remove two or three lines and you're done, the lack of rain is barely even mentioned in the game, you could easily miss it. It's not vital to any other lore, because nobody ever wrote any consequences of the drought, they apparently figured "you never see any rain" is the only effect it would have on the world. It can be retconned with very little effort and no impact to anything else.

Hell, there's even a weather system already, it's just only enabled after Lethice is defeated.



I would just retconn the no rain thing. Besides it being retarded and very easy to fix, would could headpat waifus while watching the rain.


Has there been any word from the guy who was writing Telly's Toys & Sweets? are you still here?


File: 60f71e530ad5bf1⋯.jpg (73.36 KB, 1080x1018, 540:509, 646272_n.jpg)

2hufag here with more Snuggles the crow.

https://pastebin.com/m23gR9dd - p3: First time sex scene; and some camp stuff, (mostly chatting scenes).

Note: there is technically spoilers for the kids name in there if you ever were to impregnate her at some point.


I mean it isn't like anyone would ever kill my characters, cause they're obviously the best things ever written. /s

But i'm glad me writing them killable makes you happy.


If we add rain to the game i'll gladly write up a few cute scenes of your kids jumping in puddles and you sitting in your cabin or tent holding Fran while watching it, or something.


I somehow wasn't even aware there was no rain in Mareth. Where does it say that, and how did I miss that in all my hours playing this game?



>Where does it say that

Mostly just when you first meet Marae and in two of the endings when you beat Lethice.


where is that mare fucking scene?



>They’ve used magic and industry to trap the pure rains in the clouds around their mountain, starving me

What a terrible design decision though. How is the forest even still a thing, why hasn't everything become a desert at this point? Not to mention that getting rid of rain robs you of some great scenarios and atmosphere. But it says "pure rains" here in Marae's dialogue. Does that mean there's corrupted rain anywhere? Is that mentioned at any point?



Haven't been here for a year or so, what does the no-fur mode do? Does it simply remove the furry encounters entirely, or does it replace them with non-fur alternatives? Like, does it replace the hellhound scene with the original bestiality one or what?



While I have no intention of ever killing off little vamp and qt crow, I've always stood by the idea that having the option to do horrible shit in a setting where it makes sense to do horrible shit makes the lovey-dovey sweetness all the sweeter.

It has always felt kind of empty to me when a game praises me for being some kind of selfless hero when I never had the choice to be anything but.



It makes furry characters non-furry, leaving just things like animal ears, tails, maybe animal-ish legs from the knee down or arms from the elbow down but that's it, no furry/scaly faces or torsos.

The only exception I can think of is Akbal; normally he fights in jaguar form and transforms into a furry for sex scenes, in no-fur mode he stays in jaguar form in sex scenes.

Hellhounds and the Erlking's hounds are always animals in this mod, with or without no-fur mode, they're never furries.



Here is the answer to all your questions.

Fenoxo is a retard.



I wasn't sure, so I went looking for an answer to your question. After sorting through nearly 200 instances of raining semen (metaphorically, not actually from the sky), the answer is no, there's never any mention of "impure" skyrain.

I also only found a single somewhat-redeeming thing where the lack of rain is actually addressed. It's the silly Jack Frost stuff which involves making it "snow". I also liked the part where Marble is confused because she's never even heard of rain and doesn't know what a cloud is.



Deserts exist in real life. It's presumably a natural desert since it's made of sand dunes and not sun baked dirt plain.


Retconning is the easier solution. There's like two lines in the entire game referring to the drought, one in the intro and one in the credit scene.


It could still flow down from the mountains, that changes little. Not even all the water there would be particularly more corrupt than anywhere else, since the mountains are clearly an immense range that even the harpies seem to have no idea that that's where the demons are based.


This. I want to impregnate animals too.



If we retcon it, we could also start thinking about possible weather effects. Actual pure rains that slightly remove corruption, or a sudden mist rolling in that affects lust.

Of course there is the question of how it would be implemented, but it would be on the table for anyone willing to give it a go.



>It could still flow down from the mountains, that changes little.

Actually, the game never says that water flows from the mountains, the source isn't addressed at all. In reality, Fenoxo just didn't consider that lakes and streams would dry up after decades without rain.

The idea that the water comes from the mountains is just the only way for it to make some kind of sense, since that's where the clouds are. And even then, the game says the rain is also trapped in the clouds and not actually raining on the mountain, so the explanation isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing. And Minerva's pure rainwater suggests at least some rain spilling out.


>Not even all the water there would be particularly more corrupt than anywhere else, since the mountains are clearly an immense range that even the harpies seem to have no idea that that's where the demons are based.

With all the clouds in Mareth being gathered ominously around one particular mountain peak, it does make it kind of obvious that there's some kind of demon base there. Or it should be obvious, but again, Fenoxo.



Maybe the weather effects themselves are individual scenes or apart of other scenes. Since the world itself seems to be a metaphysical place, we would be free to get weird with it. Some encounter could describe how the swamp is blanketed by a heavy rain and it really wouldn't be strange for it to not have been raining mere moments ago. Or having a hurricane tearing its way through the forest, only for there to be no sign of its passing when it disappears.



Don't have much time right now, so just a couple things while going trough it.

>back in your camp with Snuggles who

Comma after Snuggles

>isn't what she expected it.

Forgot to delete the it at the end there

>She gives you a wink

Repetition of "she gives". Try "She winks at you and […]"

>"It… Smells like you

>that… Before we do this.

Lowercase smells and before, as it's a continuation of the sentence. There are many more examples of that, so just CTRL+F … and see if you can find them all

>J-just kidding." she says then

J-just kidding," she says, then //Fullstop becomes a comma, and comma before then. I personally would write "J-Just", with two capital letters, but that's preference. Just need to remain consistent

>sitting up from her laying down position

Sounds awkward. Specifically the "laying down position" does. Lying position? Prone position? Eh

>with a tone full uncertainty

full of

>she has a curious look on her face

No dialogue tag here, so uppercase She

>both hands on your shaft stroking it slowly,

Comma after shaft

>H-hey wait my heart

Comma or exclamation mark after wait. This one's in both sex scene versions

>You grab her legs gently,

Repetition of legs. Use "them". Also in both sex scenes

>Her whole-body shakes

No hyphen. Again, this one's in both sex scenes. Three times in total, even

>Snuggles winches as she


>"I love you, [Player]." She whispers

Comma instead of fullstop and lowercase she

>so good." she says it lovingly

Strike the "it"

>I'm glad you were my first, [Player]." she says this with

Comma instead of fullstop, and strike the "this". There are a couple more similar instances of that. They're not necessarily wrong, but unneeded and sound awkward. And if you do decide say something like "She says this with conviction in her eyes.", then I would not count it as a dialogue tag.

>She smiles and kisses your cheek,

Fullstop instead of comma

>she waves goodbye as she

Uppercase She

>You wave goodbye to her

Repetition of "wave goodbye". Perhaps "You wave in return" or something like that

>in your camp sitting on her brown bag

Comma after camp

>really quick, [Player]." she tells you

Comma instead of fullstop. You got pretty sloppy with those, even though you had them right at first

>she hands you your purchase

Uppercase She

>I'll do it for you.

Comma instead of fullstop

>as she groans telling you,

Comma after groans

>don't have the best reputation.

Forgot the closing marks " at the end

>She nods and tells you

Comma after you. I think? For some reason, I'm not entirely sure here

>but no they want mine too."

Comma instead of fullstop

>you and then chuckles.

Strike the "then", makes it sound awkward

>she wipes her teary eyes

Capital She

>Snuggles responds quickly, and grabs your hand,

Playing with fire here. If there is a dialogue tag, it should always be directly before or after the dialogue. So I would reword. Also no comma there before and. "She quickly grabs you hand and responds,"

>someday." she smiles gently at you.

Uppercase She

>asks about you a lot."

Comma instead of fullstop

>that goes down to her waist, it looks

Use a fullstop or em-dash here. "that goes down to her waist. It looks" or "that goes down to her waist—it looks"

>I'll only ever show you my panties." she says it lovingly,

Comma instead of fullstop and that "she says it/that/this"-issue I talked about earlier

No need to sweet-talk you, you won't become another Shakespeare any time soon, but you have improved visibly since you started out. You're absolutely getting there. Not Shakespeare, I mean, but somewhere. And I like your stuff, so do keep on going, dude. The insane frequency of your updates has me worried about your longevity though. Try not to die.


My thoughts exactly. Glad that's a shared sentiment here.



"She quickly grabs you hand and responds,"


even. I'm tired.



i like how your character can throw up more sugar then half of the vanilla romances we see in-game



Ah, right, so it makes some characters into catgirl-type things, and makes other encounters into bestiality, nice.


File: 80e43ebdd63f71d⋯.jpg (17.89 KB, 248x248, 1:1, My fucking head hurts.jpg)



I think the best excuse could be that Marae in a naive hope, just made the area around the portal have qualities that could help the future champions. As the water itself isn't corrupt, though it's another plothole since the demon's basically just camp that portal and wait for the champion to show up to fuck him up. Retconning it still doesn't help in the greater scheme of things, but even then it blows my mind Fen and his band of merry faggots didn't think this shit through at all. But I agree with the other anons heavily, retconning the drought and adding interesting weather effects could help heavily. After all, it helps husky-anon write his character. Though it doesn't solve the base issue of how corrupted water sources could be, I'm all for just leaving it alone. But it's like one of those things that nags you in the back of your head.



>I think the best excuse could be that Marae in a naive hope, just made the area around the portal have qualities that could help the future champions.

The biggest problems I can see with that are the fact that Marae's influence is limited to just the area around the lake now, so she can't directly help out elsewhere, and even if she could it wouldn't make any sense to provide fresh water to people who only pass through the area briefly as slaves on their way to the factory. She doesn't have the power to see the future so she wouldn't know it would be made into a camp for an escaped sacrifice.


File: 4848325e552b34e⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 7d363827866ae6a93a988a58ed….jpg)


I feel really sad on the killing part, the part where she tells she loves you its particularly hard to read, so good job on that. Do you have any plans on making a slave/corruption route? I prefer vanilla pure shit, but its interesting to break characters without killing them.


That was adorable, an plans in making more vanilla shit? I love vanilla shit.


Jesus fuck, just change to the rain don't actually stopped completely, so it still rains sometimes, the same could be said of snow or any other random weather effect.



>Jesus fuck, just change to the rain don't actually stopped completely, so it still rains sometimes

That would be even more work than just saying the rain is perfectly normal and not messed with at all.



I guess, i just want to make it not break too much lore, but i guess anything goes.



Gonna wait with any further work on it until that little detail gets fixed. Or not. The small chance of me writing everything for it to be useless because 'B-But blizzards aren't a thing, this isn't immersive! We won't add it!' is killing my motivation.

On a side note, does anyone have tips how to get better at writing sex scenes? I don't have much experience there and I don't want them to be too short. The only thing that I know I should do is actually play the darn mod, so the writing style gets stuck in my head.


File: 80c0c3e32c48685⋯.jpeg (15.71 KB, 300x300, 1:1, parting the red sea.jpeg)


Like one of the other anons said before.






The other thing to keep in mind is that a lot of sex scenes are overtly descriptive on parts that don't carry over into a lot of writing. Since the focus goes into the penetration, the action, and a lot of the other senses that I made above. It's the key reason why people write their own fetishes, since if it's attractive to them, odds are they can imagine and detail out every part that get's a rise out of them. This is the best I know.

>Killing desire to write

The key thing is that a lot of characters exist in a space where their lore doesn't interact with anything, the only thing it interacts with is the champion. Or if the writer wants it, other characters the champion knows, or has met. If the blizzard is a key thing that you want to happen, just think of ways that fit the lore. Since even anzu himself, who lives in the glacial rift, is surrounded by an endless blizzard.

It's key thing why I and other anons were talking about the lore and how to make it work, since some parts make no sense, while other parts work seamlessly.

So don't get discouraged and try to write, like I and the others contributing are. I think as long as you aren't time traveling, or teleporting back to ingam, or pic related you should be fine.



>Gonna wait with any further work on it until that little detail gets fixed. Or not. The small chance of me writing everything for it to be useless because 'B-But blizzards aren't a thing, this isn't immersive! We won't add it!' is killing my motivation.

I wouldn't worry about it yet. The glacial rift already has snow, and Anzu (however lore-cringey he may be) explains it away as the rift being too far away from everything else so it's not affected. So until the lore is actually fixed one way or the other, I think you're fine sticking with the precedent of having snow in the rift. If someone ever does implement a fix that involves removing the mentions of snow and blizzards, they or you can worry about fixing the husky stuff then.



Blizzards could just be snow and ice picked up by strong winds, no? At least that's what I'm using for something I'm trying to conceptualise right now. The intro for that gay-ass Ainu bird-god mentions that as well. Though that's content added by revamp, if I recall.

As for sex scenes: read. Read a lot of smut. Most is shit quality, no matter where you look, but you'll still learn something, even if it's just things to avoid. Get anatomy right. Don't penetrate the cervix unless you want to write guro. Convey feeling, don't be too afraid of adverbs and adjectives. Make a rough plan beforehand, but if you get a better idea in the middle of writing, just go with it. If ideas aren't coming out in the first place, then try a bit of alcohol, or porn, or both. And regarding length: there's no real upper or lower limit here. Some make them really short and clock in at 400 words, while others, like myself, punch them up to 2k. Just don't make them lifeless or have a bunch of paragraphs that say absolutely nothing. Stay in the action, don't stray unless necessary. And remember to have fun.



Can we kill Anzu yet?



>On a side note, does anyone have tips how to get better at writing sex scenes?

Only write about sex acts that you have actually personally done. Porn written by people who have no experience with what they were writing about is always godawful.



Go for it, even if we never add the weather shit because nobody wrote it, no one will care if there is a blizzard in a event.



>Get anatomy right. Don't penetrate the cervix unless you want to write guro.

I agree, and would expand on this; the game was primarily a furry game before this mod, and furries are inherently, fundamentally cartoonish and thus lend themselves to all sorts of cartoonish fetishes and writing and Looney Tunes anatomy. Absurdly stretchy bodies that let anyone be blown up like a balloon (from air, cum, milk, whatever) or take a foot-long cock without being fatally impaled, literally everything is hollow so you can fuck nipples or stick anything in any hole without worrying about annoying internal organs getting in the way, cocks, balls, and breasts can get big enough to fit a grown man inside them, balls will expand from getting filled up with semen if you don't let it out, having big balls means you produce more semen for some reason, and your body always snaps back to normal right after sex so there are no injuries or consequences to taking a 6 foot cock all the way to the hilt when you're 4 feet tall, and all of it feels amazing and it's never horrifically painful. And that's just the anatomy, there's also the dialogue and personalities and reactions that go along with it.

And that's bad. For this mod, we should try and move away from that, and strive to be less cartoonish. A lot of the sex scenes in the game already should be looked at as counterexamples, as what not to put in the game. You don't have to go 100% autistic devotion to realism, but on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being "real life" and 10 being "Bugs Bunny", most furry porn is between 8 and 11, you should try not to go past 3.



I think getting to 5 is ok, because demons and shit.



Yeah, I just meant normally. Cartoonish is okay in moderation, especially when it's explicitly magic so realism can get fucked. Shouldra is a good example of being patently ridiculous but still fitting well.


File: ca9813fe0b166f2⋯.jpg (38.72 KB, 500x599, 500:599, Wed be liars if a similar ….jpg)


>But i'm glad me writing them killable makes you happy.

Its not kill scenes in particular that make me happy, but the fact that you actually give a damn about the players. Which is a very rare quality this days. In all seriosness - we are very thankful to you for that.


File: 298774bfaa002a9⋯.jpg (58.51 KB, 540x341, 540:341, 23462346234.jpg)

>Write the set up and the first interaction with no problem

>Come to the first sex scene

>never happy with they turned out and they just feel like shit

Of all the things to get stuck on…


File: 9da337178e16124⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, we are.jpg)


You can't really chase perfectionism with writing. It's suicide, the only thing you can do is throw it out and write it again until you find something that you hate less, and does the job you're looking for. Taking a bit from 2hufags persistence with writing, he's kept going for better or for worse, and wasn't afraid to scrap shit or reinvent his scenes. That's just him out of main anon, who went out of his way to write a new character for the crag, and elaborate on the wizard lore. Keep going faggot



So I see that killing her after rape doesn't explicitly mention her dying

Snuggles with robot wings boss fight when?


File: cb3494a892d621c⋯.jpg (117.56 KB, 850x636, 425:318, y6763fo.jpg)

2hufag with big post coming through sorry.


I think it is pretty important to let the Player choose if they're the villain instead of the noble knight.


I'll get on fixing these by tonight. I thought I had kept your initial corrections of Fran in mind but I guess i still made mistakes. Thank you for looking it over.

In regards to my insane amount of updates; I feel pretty motivated to keep going and I think as long as I switch between projects when I get a bit burned out on one i should be fine.


I sort of write my characters with the idea that they're cutesy rather then sexy. I still don't think I write the romances to be natural enough. Glad you think they're sweet though.


I did have slave/corrupted routes planned but I kind of dropped them. Maybe i'll go back and do them.

uh not sure if this is how to do spoiler text but; For Fran i was going to make it so you could take her home and just violate and literally beat her all the time; and for Snuggles I was thinking you'd sell her into slavery at the bazaar where she'd be gang raped all the time. That would include your child if you raped her and had a dick.

Also, i'll pretty much only write vanilla shit. Maybe i'll try and go more edgy for the corrupted routes though. If I do them.


I wouldn't even try and write stuff up if I didn't care about the players. I can't even use the content I write for pleasure; reading it back just makes me cringe tbh. (also i want this mod to completely outshine CoC2 cause fuck those guys.)


I could probably write that up. I just don't know where she'd possibly show up at. Maybe just a random encounter?



You could have her invade the camp a month after being defeated or something

Could even have some interaction with one of six thousand defensive measures PC ends up with

But honestly, random encounter is probably the best option unless you want to write a whole new dungeon and occasional robot birds attacks

Option of having her intercept Giacomo encounter is also possible




Wait wait wait, if the world is a metaphysical mess that shifts around you as you walk, how the hell can someone cause a drought? Wouldn't it be entirely possible for the various areas to just be simply because that is what they are? Maybe we are thinking too small here. What if the stream doesn't come from anywhere and following it would have it be never ending, only to realize you've been walking in place the whole time. You never went anywhere because you were already at your destination, the stream. It doesn't come from anywhere, nor does it require rain, it just is.

Then raises the question, why would anyone bother causing a drought in the first place if it does diddly nothing? What purpose does that even serve in a directionless world that is seemingly formed from the primordial chaos?



>What purpose does that even serve in a directionless world that is seemingly formed from the primordial chaos?

Sounds like a cheap excuse for Fenoxo to not have to right anything involving weather.


File: 94d92f9de480268⋯.png (1.32 MB, 850x1822, 425:911, __original_drawn_by_crowan….png)


That stuff is beautiful. Can't wait.





Thank you all for the feedback, it helps a lot. Writing sex scenes is fun, but I do have to learn how to - anything straight up sexual I've done are scripts that only contain dialogue.

Another thing I'd like to know - how many of 'What if MC is…' should I keep in mind? Stuff like having a tail, being bald, young, old I can manage, but I don't exactly fancy the idea of writing something for a centaur. Or naga. Or any crazy thing you can become in this game.



Well, that might be problematic with some of the ideas I have in mind, but I'll manage.



This seems like awful advice. Besides the fact that people have always written about stuff they haven't actually experienced (I'm developing my wizard powers, but my stuff was decently well received), games like this are meant to allow people to play out fantasies they never could in real life.



Just jump into the cold water and see how it turns out. Might as well post it here then, too, and see if you can get any specific advice.

Nagas are surprisingly easy to accommodate, especially since they have thigh gaps in CoC, so I do try to do that whenever they come up in mind. Taurs on the other hand require whole rewrites, so I just ignore them. Though I probably shouldn't. How many people play taurs, anyway? Other things to generally ignore are goo bodies, multi-dicks, worms, and any tail-genitalia. It's always nice if you include as many possibilities as you can without needing psychiatric help, but not mandatory. Height differences being mentioned is always pretty hot.



>not mentioning height difference with (most likely) mom femdom

What do you take me for, a monster?



>Nagas are surprisingly easy to accommodate, especially since they have thigh gaps in CoC

They don't. Most naga scenes leave everything vague enough that it could go either way, but several of them make it clear that there's no gap.

There is some inconsistency in how naga anatomy is described though. The tail always starts at the waist, but sometimes they just have an ordinary human pussy with scaleless labia and everything stuck on the front somewhere, which is really stupid. Sometimes the vagina is inside a slit in the front of the tail. Sometimes they have scaly buttcheeks on their tail, sometimes it's just a hole in the back. But most of the time everything is annoyingly vague so you aren't sure what's going on and have to make it up yourself.



>Instead of bifurcating into legs, her hips elongate into a snake’s body which stretches far out behind her,

Shit, you're right.

If we go by the player appearance tab, then nagas have a normal ass and any sexual organs are stowed away in a slit at the front. That does make some scenes pretty awkward, like any mention of your dick tenting your clothes.


File: 5a108365cf1a5a6⋯.png (390 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Chronicles.png)

The Chronicles are now in a rolling doc that I'll update once in a while instead of seperate docs.

The Chronicles of CoC Modding (Turn off Print layout under "View" in the top left.)


/hgg/ CoC Submission Archive (Turn on list view in the top right.)



Good god the OP template took a hit, the way it's formatted right now looks awful with my stuff thrown in there.

If people think it should be in there, be my guest, but barely anyone ever reads the OP.

Also, having the things under "Information" not be greentext is an aesthetic mistake.

New new OP template to go along with all this: https://pastebin.com/raw/q38Ccy3n

How would the current active writers feel about a footnote of the Chronicles in their submission posts to more easily get it seen by all the anons now that it's no longer a post that takes up the size of ten?

It feels pretty faggoty to even ask, but getting it back in circulation would help writers in the long run, and nobody ever really reads the OP.

The footnote would be nothing more than two simple lines:

All /hgg/ mod content submissions by everyone (Turn off Print layout under "View" in the top left.)


Speaking of writers, I dug up the old writing tutorial and dusted it off a little with proper thread formatting, all good to go to inspire people again.


The BO once asked if we wanted this to be a page on the board to easily link to, I might follow up on that as it would preserve the formatting while not clogging up the OP.

2hufag, consider making a Pastebin account with a throwaway email.

You pump out content and edits fast enough that I update the links five times over as I go through the new stuff, while with Pastebin you can simply edit the pastes and have it so you wont end up with old revisions posted throughout the thread.

I'd say it's easier for the both of us.


Is Kelt (not sure about the name, the centaur that's on the farm) still the only way to learn archery?



He's the only way to get a bow and the archery skill in the first place, but after that first meeting, you don't need him any more. Just using the bow will train your archery skill so you no longer have to suck his cock to master archery.



Oh, okay. I was wondering how hard would it be to make a different NPC teach you how, but since you can learn it yourself, that kinda seems pointless now.



>How would the current active writers feel about a footnote of the Chronicles in their submission posts

Sounds like a good idea, more visibility for the chronicle is always needed. There's always hoping tha some of the dead projects get revived and we get more people willing to jump in and proofread. Hope it doesn't come off as spammy, but I don't think we have enough writers for that to be the case. How do I bold shit, like this?

Doing God's work as always, Chronicler.




A slight update for Mrs. Coffee to fix some grammatical issues, phrasing, and some conditions numbers to be less wonky.

Really just needs someone who knows code to find time for it, and it's probably ready for what little it is.



Maybe i'll do a silly mode thing (someday) where she comes back as a super boss, cyborg or something.


I'll do my best to try and have a bunch more of her written up as soon as I can. Glad you like her.


Also did these edits now; next time I get something significant done i'll post an updated version.


Alright made a pastebin account; i'll use it for my submissions from now on. Apologizes for making you work more.



>I might follow up on that as it would preserve the formatting while not clogging up the OP.

Done, https://8ch.net/hgg/writingtutorial.html .



Out of curiosity, what else do you want to write for Fran before you submit her to be put in the mod? It looks like you already have everything you need, and any new content (dungeons, playing in the rain, etc.) could be put in as you make it.


File: 1e10cfa6a2398dc⋯.png (258.17 KB, 549x560, 549:560, WyYjmAt.png)


I mean what else do I need to submit her to be put in? If the coders who plan to code her in think shes ready then i guess she's ready? Maybe she needs more spell checking or something.

I'm going to be honest here; I never had a plan on when she was complete. I also have zero clue on what else I would need.



I think you just ask Chronicler to mark the done bits as finished and then Oca adds it to the mod.


Am I right?




I'd say she's ready to put in. There's nothing that NEEDS to be added to make her functional. Putting her in as is won't really leave people feeling she's unfinished, and it won't suddenly make her unable to be further expanded whenever 2hufag might feel like adding her sister or a denial path.

Or when some glorious faggot allows us to nurse our baby daughters like a father should.



Pretty much, it's also a tool for devs to see progress on content among other things.

Oca is having burnout from working on the mod though, so it will probably sit around for a while.

There's also always people like Koraeli who are just as important as Oca who put in the hours to implement things.


If everyone feels Fran is good to go I have no reason to stop it.



I didn't mean any disrespect. I just haven't followed the thread closely until recently.



Content-wise, I agree, you pretty much got everything a character needs to function, and more. But as it stands, she needs proofreading. It's a lot to go through, but will be needed if we want to assure a certain level of quality and wipe out any mistakes.



I'll proof read her stuff sometime this week; but I want to finish Snuggles sex menu stuff first. then i'll check through Fran's stuff, then jump back into Snuggles and her kid,


Did the hurricane kill Mothfag?



So will Smiles be the only kid you can have with her, or will we be able to have further generic kids while Smiles stands at the forefront. Like a more refined version of Sophie's daughters.



He posted updates in the last thread not too long ago i think?


You only get one; I think it'll allow for more focused content; plus I wrote Fran's kids as generics. Smiles is planned to be either a son or daughter; PC should get to pick it when they first meet the kid.



Ah.There may be no mass breeding until the post game, but maybe you'll deign to bless us with glorious inbreeding.


Is it possible that a sex scene is too long for arousal?



I'll try and brain storm some stuff up so you can have your derp babies with Smiles and have some kind of mass orgy or something.



>what if the mc is doing an old bald bastard run

Don't worry too hard about the specifics, the only things that matter from the get go will be

>How corrupted is the mc

>what appendage does the mc have

Some scenes ignore this, and change the thing around so it only brings up certain scenes. The focus should first and foremost go to the character, the MC just fits some of the specifics like above.



You mean if sex scenes stop being hot after a certain length? That depends on the reader and your own abilities. I, for one, enjoy the longer ones. Take Loppe, for example. Her scenes clock in at almost 2000 words each, including post-coital cuddling, and I think they're some of the best in-game. And I've read smut stories that went well-past the 5k mark and enjoyed them. If you have enough going on in the scene to fill that much, then no, there is no hard limit. But remember that most scenes in CoC are between 500 and 1800 words, so be careful if you intend to stray off of that.



I'd be satisfied with loving inbreeding without the orgy, honestly.

No need to taint the purest fetish with hedonism.



Ok m8, maybe it’s not that long but it has some variations. If you read all of them, it would feel long


File: 3eb05cde053a937⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Mare_004.png)


>where is that mare fucking scene?

indeed, where are them's trap elves at though something tells me that was a typo and you meant marae… oh well.



I thought they meant a actual horse. But that was my assumption.


I'll see what happens when I get to the interactions.



I have a great desire to fuck my own children and to see then pregnant, please make the scenes as hot as possible, will the mom birb also participate?


File: 3dddb7b87796fe7⋯.jpg (175.57 KB, 800x1184, 25:37, 40d4ee43688a454a260af50d61….jpg)


>where are them's trap elves at

I can get behind that, but only if the trap elves are also shotas.



After you're done proofreading everything you can find, let me know and I can go through stuff again. I know I started doing the in depth editing with part 3; did anyone do that for 1/2? If you get the early parts in good condition, someone can at least start on implementation.


I'm still around, just got sidetracked by real life for a bit. I have the start of her home content in progress, and it should be out before too long. Sorry that my pace has slowed down so much.



I don't think it was a typo. I think there are some post's about wanting to fuck mares a while back. As long as it's well written I'm all for it.


File: 32450e58c166e92⋯.png (374.24 KB, 838x521, 838:521, 1469928757771.png)


>2 months since last update.




Koraeli put out and update about three weeks ago. But yeah, it has slowed down. Coders are busy and just not as motivated as a year ago.



We really need to give Koraeli the ability to directly modify the main thing, and otherwise get a couple more coders on board.



Wouldn't even need that many coders, since most submissions are not finished, and many of them will never be. But someone to take care of the smaller ones, the ones that are one or two scenes in total and mostly expand on existing characters, and put them into the game. That would already help a lot, I'd figure. But it's always a question of finding someone who's willing to do that shit without getting paid. Maybe we should put a big, glowing ==Coders Wanted== sign somewhere.


Excuse me, but how in the poop do I download and install an APK file into my nexus 6p? I've got APK Manager, but… WTF do I do now? It's not jailbroken.



>Uses Android and doesn't know now to side load, wew.

It depends on your OS version


Side loading is per application, so a dev will have to make some code changes for it to work.


Check the security sub menu under options and it should be obvious from there.



Made a template for bringing your goblin daughters to camp, along with some basic scenes for bringing Lynnettes over specifically.



You never need to suck him off. At most, all I had to do was get naked in front of him. When subbiness to Kelt gets too high, I wait some days for it to lower, train again until I get to 100, then beat Kelt within an inch of his life (With archery, for extra irony) and take his bow. No need to get anywhere near his weiner unless you explicitly choose to ignore the warnings in the stats screen.


File: ffa26f6af56e830⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1194x1617, 398:539, ice ice baby.png)


Has no-one thought of a yuki-onna before? Couldn't find anything, so here we go. Not one of those pussy versions, they never sat well with me.

This here includes a first encounter, description and outline of what I have in mind, as well as a totally wholesome sex scene for being suicidal enough to trust her. I might have a thing for fearboners, her loss scenes will be fun to write. I haven't proofread it yet, so forgive me any stupidity you might see.

Tell me what you think, so I can decide what to do with her and hopefully find out if I can convey the intended atmosphere to the reader or not. I stumbled quite a bit.

All /hgg/ mod content submissions by everyone (Turn off Print layout under "View" in the top left.)




Could use bad end for having low toughness and either unique loot if it's unique encounter or encounter text for encountering her again after fight

Pretty good otherwise


File: 60a3c20e2eea553⋯.gif (416.52 KB, 250x250, 1:1, yes.gif)


We need this.


File: f244c49f4d93228⋯.png (116.56 KB, 575x547, 575:547, objective truth.png)


File: 5daf81cd4ad36ae⋯.jpeg (39.1 KB, 612x387, 68:43, A6F32D9C-78CB-43A5-8FD3-D….jpeg)


>writing a non-furry/animal character



That was quite good, but why cant i defeat the snow woman with my hot rod? Melt her frozen heart and make her my actual wife?

Also you could make shouldra wake you up after the sex if you have her.



Did you miss the vampire loli?



Not him, but the more non-futa, non-furry characters there are - the better.



make it an actual npc and i might wanna fuck you



Not him, but he basically said he wanted to do a more traditional Yuki-Onna, which means she'll either be a harsh but beautiful winter spirit with only a fleeting capacity for mercy and kindness, or a vengeful spirit of a woman who died in the snow.

Though if the old legends are inspiring this, there may be a capacity for her to develop a distant but played up soft spot for you if you end up fathering her children, but an equal demand that you treat those children well.


File: 63f0f04f4535bab⋯.jpg (63.91 KB, 640x626, 320:313, 1533615429293.jpg)


For the love of god yes!



Missing the 3 vampires?

Of course not

I’m writing one



No sense in writing someone you can't ultimately bend to your will.

It reminded me a bit of Robert E. Howard's "The Frost Giant's Daughter" - someone ought to adapt that character to CoC.



I doubt you'll ever get her moved into your camp, but if you either succumb to her tricks and survive or manage to rape a child into her, she'll probably drop them off at your camp and slowly develop an affinity for your as long as you're a good father to said kids, and a nigh irreversible aggression to you if she feels you've wronged them.

Gotta keep in mind the mindset of the creation of the original legends. She's a personification of winter from a temperate place with both warm summers and cold winters. It's easy to mostly see winter as pretty these days, but before modern conveniences, it was a hard season where it was a daily struggle to not freeze or starve, hence why Yuki-Onna were pretty, but almost universally dangerous, and prone to using their beauty as bait until fairly modern tellings.


File: 74d9679e9b69250⋯.png (1.06 MB, 932x1400, 233:350, 1379180684278.png)


I'm inclined to agree with other posters. I want to melt her heart with my dick.

The fact that she's actually dangerous and killed many people only makes my dick harder. No woman can win against the power of dick.



No need to be able to rape and dominate everyone the champ encounters.


I like the idea of raping her fathering a child with her and having interactions be focused more on being a good father to the kid.

Would she consider lewding the kids to be bad parenting? Should we care what she thinks?


File: 437b05664ac7931⋯.png (1.14 MB, 707x1000, 707:1000, Diane_Bookmark.png)


Damn, this game really needs a giant waifu



You might have to knock some sense into her, and it'd probably have to be loving lewd, but I think you can make her see the light of how wholesome father-daughter truly is.


File: 7983a0c6c9f37b4⋯.png (315.32 KB, 680x382, 340:191, 652.png)


>No need to be able to rape and dominate everyone the champ encounters.



There's that giant turtle bitch. She's absolutely shit, but giant nonetheless.


File: c3ae76f585415f6⋯.jpg (24.52 KB, 546x395, 546:395, 1539021111970.jpg)





We have the oni (expansion on her when?). isn't she technically a giant or am I imagining that? I always pictured her to be big anyway.



>just got done reading through D&D source material for the Nine Hells

>come to this thread and realize this mod is taking submissions

>have urge to write about demonic creatures, cool monsters and maybe some shapeshifting deceivers

Fugg, I'm tired as hell now so I can't start now, I hate this feeling. Give me suggestions for hellish things you want to see. Also, are submissions for monsters that aren't necessarily lewd allowed, too?


File: ce5ed6d28071ad9⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 1f363e91ef002db1916976f965….png)


>Also, are submissions for monsters that aren't necessarily lewd allowed, too?

Allowing us to lewd, impregnate, then take home and lewd our kids is highly encouraged, but not required. It can be a legit monsterous, non-humanoid creature. People will probably still be down.


did you guys ever fix that bug, or actual weird virus malware shit?

that thing where you download this and it comes up as a trojan or keylogger if you scan it

I'm unable to play until this is 100% clean. I have scanned over a hundred different flash games but this is one of the very few that gets results like that.










I have merged Koraeli's updates into the main version.

Guess it's no secret that I pretty much vanished. Hard to say if I'm going to return to full autismal coding any time soon.

https://blog.kentcdodds.com/open-source-stamina-dafd063f9932 explains it pretty, well, I think.


don't know what to say about this, still. I have no idea why that happens, and there's been quite a few players from OG coc/revamp/this mod that have never reported any problems.



wait so you're the main mod person for this game? you're saying you will be taking more breaks and relax more and mod less? mod = dead soon??!



used to be, yeah.

I'm not saying I need to take more breaks, because that's evidently not done much to help.

Mod is not dead until there's no one willing to help.



oh.. that sounds better than dead, but still pretty bleak. I hope you feel better, I know that feeling. remember to do yoga and eat your fruits and veggies and breath deep ( I know how stupid that sounds but try wim hoff breathing ) and eat oats and chia and flax. good fiber. take big heavy shits while squatting on the toilet. go to sleep early, wake up late. get lots of rest. drink lots of water. drink green tea when you wake up. it's gotta be green. yellow = bad brand.

don't feel forced to help make the mod. you don't have to do it, you get to do it because it's awesome! you can do, or not do it whenever you want. all relaxed, no pressure. just whatever! ahhhh peaccceeeee



btw your name oca reminds me of orca whales



oh don't worry, I'm not depressed. It's just that it's hard to keep motivated to work on a game I no longer play.



I know that feel too. just think about how happy you're making everyone else though! I guess that's selfish for me to ask you to sacrifice for something you have no willpower for. I hope before you go one day you make it very easy for others to continue what you started, that way it doesn't just flat out disappear.


btw I'm getting

PUA hacktool warnings on these files





Hope you can jump back into it soon. As >>264248 said, a lot of people enjoy this.

That said, you could also give Koraeli proper privileges to push proper versions, and see if another coder or two might be interested in implementing small projects. Having a few things to come back to play that are a mystery to you could help you get a bit more interested in playing.


I always always seem to get a hacktool, trojan, keylogger, or some other crazy warning every time I try to test this before playing (never ended up playing) and it's always a different warning, and the warning is always on a different file each and every version that comes out.



While I'd love to turn CoC in to a lewd cosmic wheel, l think it would take some serious rewriting to fit much of the D&D devil stuff into the game. Are there even other planes of existence in Mareth? Or is it just Mareth's material plane and the material planes of completely different worlds?


What is urta's fucking pregnancy time? It's been ages since I got her pregnant and yet she still hasn't given birth. It also doesn't help that her description at the bar is the regular one 99% of the time so it becomes even harder to know how it's progressing.



It takes until your taste improves enough that you regret having anything to do with her.




the code is here. It's mostly plain text.


I guess I could give Koraeli admin privileges in the main branch of the mod, though I'm not sure there's any real reason to do it since the ability to compile versions of the mod isn't bound to git at all.



Lol. If you have enough daughters you basically get a second anthill that's filled with goblins.



So that's how dungeon code looks

It's a wonder that this game doesn't lag in them


Glad to see people like it.


Should have mentioned I'm not done with her yet. I'll do the other things like win/loss scenes and subsequent encounters when I find the time. Unique loot sounds good, but what would it even be?


Part of me wants to do that, but part of me also doesn't. A murderous, vengeful spirit might be above the power of dick. She's too far gone to listen to anyone. I'll do the Shouldra wakeup though, she should have quite a few comments on another ghost.


You know, yuki-onna are sometimes depicted with a child in their arms. Never ends well if you take it, though.


But after you have melted her, what appeal it still left? The way there gets me going, but the end result I can't agree with.


File: a1304a32d1ccdd8⋯.png (637.03 KB, 1162x1400, 83:100, 1513236327173.png)


For me the appeal is getting to relax with a dangerous creature that was tamed by you.

Though I suppose there's also the aspect of just because you melted her with your dick doesn't mean she's actually reformed or anything. Just that you're different.



Glad to see you're not dead yet, OCA. I can understand you, sadly. Hard to keep motivated for something that sucks up this much time but you aren't even being paid for. I'd wager that happens to a lot of our writers and other open-source coders. Just know we appreciate all you've done so far, dude, and hope you'll be back to some capacity.



>melted her with your dick

That would make a good kill scene.



>she should have quite a few comments on another ghost.

Agreed. Sad that she didn't have scenes for the dullahan, the necromancer or his undead, or the desert ghoul. Nor for Circe's curiosity involving undead and mages, which Shouldra is both. Circe also says nothing if the player is semi-ethereal from ectoplasm use.



Dont misunderstand my intentions, anon. This is a pre-ascension run, meaning i'm just trying to get as many points as possible by doing stuff like having hundreds of daughters with Tamani and such. It just so happens urta's quest gives you points for completion.

This is all for the sake of getting tolerance so I can have the likes of vapula without amily and jojo getting pissed. Post ascension i have no plans to inreract with Urta.



you could just ascend multiple times, you know


File: aa28bbd57ec2c49⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 4934.jpg)

2hu Fag here. I wrote out some of Snuggles sex scenes. I only wrote like four. Vaginal, anal, oral, and well, the last one is the one i'm most iffy on; i'm not sure if I wrote it well.

https://pastebin.com/EF9S2qfz - P3: Snuggles sex menu;

I'm not too sure about if these are all the ones i'll do for just Snuggles, but its a start I guess.


I'll re-read Fran's stuff and post the changes I make to it as I go; It shouldn't take too long.



I don't wanna bother with that if I can make it in a single go. From playing normally I have a bunch of points already, and as I said the bulk of my points will come from my army of children with Tamani. I just want to finish Urta's pregnancy for the sake of completion, I've already come this far after all.


does the COC save editor work on this? does it contain it's own cheat and editor system built in? It's just that I used to play COC so many years ago that I can't even remember, but I know I grinded like crazy and I fear doing that all over again.



Protip: Hold 1 with regular training enabled

Only encounter you can't finish this way is the merchant one


Little question, does furless mode simply do away with all furry characters or does it just defur them? For instance would it remove Amily entirely or just make her defured version the default one?



what do you mean? ascend? huh?



What would the purpose of doing this be?


Ascension is a mechanic added by the mods that allows you to restart the game but keep a bunch of your shit and your levels, while also giving you points to buy special unique perks. The most interesting of these perks is one that allows you to become corrupt without followers leaving or complaining.



Partially. It doesn't work with a lot of the new stuff added by the 8chan mod.

There was an updated save editor linked I think last thread, but it wasn't added to the op, unfortunately.


File: 845e43196ea4c73⋯.png (33.89 KB, 176x172, 44:43, 1 whole minute of work of ….png)


>What would the purpose of doing this be?

I dunno man, but I heard good regen helps in it




is that last thread still alive, with the link sitting in it? where is it?



Oh, level farming. I'm not at 100 but I'm fine as far as levels go roght now. But i'll keep it in mind if I ever feel like going ez (or ezer) mode.



The perk also lets you see corrupt content without actually having to be corrupt.




You do know that you get ascension point every two levels right?



>Izumi expansion

100% agreed.

>isn't she technically a giant or am I imagining that?

She's 10 feet tall at most. The game comments on it if you are as tall as she is.


Looking good.





There's not much we can do on our end to fix your antivirus software. Any antivirus will inevitably have false positives, the best you can do is report it to the vendor on the off chance that they might adjust their filters/heuristics for some obscure porn game.

The game is clean, the source is pretty easy to understand and anyone can look through it (you can also compile it yourself if you don't trust that OCA is actually using that source), and you can scan it with a dozen different virus scanners that will show it's clean.



Yes, I know. But as I said, I'm finishing urta's pregnancy for the sake of completion more than for the points. With levels and children alone I probably have more than enough for what I want, it's just autism at this point. Besides, it fits with this "sacrificial" run in which I made my PC a completely corrupted degenerate, might as well do it now.

Which brings me back to the initial question, how fucking long is her pregnancy supposed to be?



Speaking of height, are there any items dedicated to altering height? I know screwing Vala and some stuff like goblin ale can, but I was thinking something more direct



I guess nobody actually touched that abomination of selffellatio furfaggotory, so nobody actually knows.




About the only content this mod sees for Urta is attempting to strip her bullshit from scenes she was hamfisted into for no reason, like the forced Amily and Lotte cucking, and fixing it so your relationship with her is no longer as important to the end game calculation of how fucked up the game world is as whether or not you corrupted Marae.

Most here seem like they'd much prefer she could just be removed altogether, quite honestly.



I don't mind most content in the game so long as it doesn't force my character to be gay. Sure, it's retarded that your relationship with her has any impact at all other than releasing taroth (which is also a pretty dumb subplot to justify futa shit), but what really gets meis that she was written as hating her male parts since they were the cause of all her suffering, yet the option to remove them is never given even after the thing preventing that is gone. Pretty much the sane goes for Minnerva.

It's these moments where the authir's interests seep through and completely destroy the writting just because they don't want peolle to decock their OC.



Gotta say this time I agree with the original writers, the game lacks this kind of monsters/enemies that aren't waifuable.

Maybe adding some rape scenes for the sex



Amily would be a mousegirl instead of a mousemorph/anthro

For example, she'll retain the ears and tails, but no snout and fur over her face and chest outside of probably legs.

Some enemies like Hellhounds will be full animal instead of anthro.



Somebody proof-read the De-Urta'd Lottie scene, Honestly I think it's ready for implementation



>that anal stuff.

Approved. Wonder how she'd feel if the player had satyr biology and knocked her ass up with a second kid. I'd just realized that was planned for the player and never finished.


Minerva is at least salvageable, and it needs to be an option to dedick her.

The problem with Urta is her entire character revolves around her dick, trying to make you take her dick, and crying about what a bad person you are if you don't worship her dick. If you remove it, there's legitimately nothing left of her "character". She's that shallow and one dimensional, because she exists solely to be a fetish self insert for Fenoxo.


File: 39d55bbe621c98a⋯.png (22.1 KB, 691x575, 691:575, COCMergeIssues.png)

oca, did you ever get a chance to take a look at the unbirthing stuff I did? (https://gitgud.io/HiveBro/CoCAnon_mod/tree/NephilaMod1.0) Still unable to send a merge request/don't have any permissions to do anything on my end. Pic is what I see when I try to merge branch.



>Are there even other planes of existence in Mareth? Or is it just Mareth's material plane and the material planes of completely different worlds?

Mareth is a plane, so it doesn't make sense to say "other planes in Mareth". The game itself doesn't mention any non-material planes as far as I can find (nothing to suggest they can't exist either), no idea if Fenoxo or another writer has mentioned anything elsewhere.

I'm pretty sure >>264221 was just talking about the "hellish creatures" aspect though and not the actual cosmology.



I'll have a look.



Cool. Thanks.




with that said, you might want to upload a version of the mod for people here to try out. It's probably a much faster way to find any bugs or issues that might be present.




link from the previous thread (also i am not >>264328, i merely remembered that a link was already posted)





Thinking on it, it's also probably a good idea to give instructions of how to access the content for potential testers:

Explore the mountains, when you see dick worms enable them, you'll eventually encounter a nephila when exploring the mountains some more. Let it win/rape you. Keep your brood fed with the cum it needs and, over time, you'll eventually get to the point that the rest of the unbirthing stuff unlocks. You can then find the nephila follower in the high mountains.



whats a nephila? what kind of unbirthing is it?


What's the latest version in this entire thread?

is unbirthing already in?



What’s unbirthing



>What’s unbirthing

Some disturbing shit…



Nephila are subterranean slime girls that evolved a hyperpregnancy centric society that elevates one slime girl as a brood queen the rest worship and pamper into immobility. Live under the mountains, but their empire has long fallen to disrepair. They look kind've like a mix between a regular slime girl and a be-tentacled angel.

The unbirthing is player -> npcs. Basically soft vaginal vore with a lot of mom-dom theming. There's also some significant hedonism/stuffing/adult incest themes once you unlock the follower.


Not sure about the latest version, but the unbirthing isn't in it yet. Version linked right above is a test version with the unbirthing mod in it, but some of the latest changes aren't there yet.


Vaginal vore, essentially.


>*Koraeli's implementation of Akbal's quest is coded in, along with his mastery system.

what are those?



That's really cool but I'm also sad that it isn't slime girls or weird tentacles or huge worms or other creatures forcing their way up my characters pussy or butt or both. No unbirthing for the main character? Imagine a creature forces it's way it and orgasm tortures them from the inside and instantly creates an ongoing pregnancy and you give birth later? PLEASE let this be a thing!



some really weird shoes brah



There's one scene where that happens, actually. The high mountain nephila are the player's "daughters"–a grown form of the parasites that infest their womb. If the player loses against one of her daughters in the high mountains, the victorious high mountain nephila decides to "visit" with their siblings by forcing their own hyperpregnant bodies into the player's womb. Once a player's infected with nephila parasites, they only ever give birth to more parasites, though, so no birthing extra slime tentacles as a result of the experience.



Just how hyperpreg player can get?



Stupidly so. For normal play, player goes from looking preg with multiples, to being attached to a belly the size of a carriage, to being room filling, to being the size of a building (at the very tail end and I'm still on the fence of whether this should be behind silly filters), to (in one Bad End) basically being the unbirthing brood queen equivalent of Galactus.

Those last two are pretty hard to get to, though. Most of the time the player's going to be immobilizingly large but still able to fit places. They move around at advanced sizes using a palanquin of tentacles in order to get around.



Wish there were "normal", non-unbirthing hyperpreg for both pc and npcs (especially Amily and goblins since it's their thing basically).



I like that but I don't like how it locks the player out of any other future content, that's not fun for me. I like having the experience but please don't make it permanent or have the option to recover from it if you player chooses please. While I'm a fan of unbirthing I'm not a huge fan of hyperpregnancy because it just seems too silly and big for me, I guess everone has their lines that when crossed make things not fun anymore. I like the idea of a sufficiently large creature forcing its way inside my pussy and making me feel and look somewhat preganant but I don't like the idea of something HUGGGEEE just practically killing me in some wacky thing. I like the idea of being stretched out and forced to orgasm from the inside and having my pussy ruined into a big stretched out gaping cunt and then recovering from it and getting better again eventually after giving birth to a massive invading creature but not having a person sized object enter me

can you add more content like that?

>Big worms

>Big eels

>Unbirth Slimes the size of a very large watermelon

>You go to the ocean and an octopus rapes you and goes to live inside your pussy for a while

I'm also interested in more parasites, because I'm sad the females never got worms like the males do, the females should get worms that go inside their bladder and block them from peeing and force them to shake and tremble and suffer until the worms allow them to pee. males should get a bladder varient of the worms too. the worms already go into the males urethras and settle in their prostates or balls which is already really silly and unrealistic but no worms ever go into the females urethra or the male or females bladders.

It would be lots of fun to get raped in your sleep by a swarm of tentacles and they all slip up inside your butthole and pussy and force you to become pregnant for a while, maybe some aphrodesiac stinging jellyfish invade you in the ocean if you're swimming there. can we also get stalls where you can get fucked by horses? Can we also have scenes where other NPC's fist your female or futa, or even male character in the ass or pussy or both (double fisting?) I think females should also have a parasite that jumps out of the water and suckers onto their clit and sucks on it really hard and tortures them into orgasming while it makes their clit permanently grow larger and larger. Also the parasite gets fatter and heavier the bigger your clit grows inside of it and the bigger your clit gets the more sensitive it gets too. the heavier the parasite gets the more it sucks and weights down on your clit stretching it out longer and longer. you can find ways to get it off sooner or you can wait for it to go naturally and let go on its own. eventually when the parasite lets go your clit will be almost an entire foot long and look like a skinny long pink clit from the torture and anything that touches it will force you to cum painfully hard until you can shrink it back down to a more usual level again.

males should also get a weird creature that unbirths into their butthole and stings their prostate with venom that makes it grow larger and larger until it's the size of an apple.



Can't believe that i, of all the anons here saying this, but this is a bit too specific.




I have seem worse.


Well, Circe is oca's creation, maybe ask him, the rest just need someone to write .


Cute, do you have any plans on making interaction between your creations? And the rest of the followers too.



I was about to point you to my changelog where I detailed all the changes and additions, but apparently I never actually made one of those? Weird.

In short, Fera is easier to unlock now, once she's unlocked some stuff happens and Akbal (a powerful demon general trapped in a weak jaguar form) is unsealed, a horribly balanced boss fight ensues, you get a huge set of horribly balanced new spells (mutually exclusive with black/white/grey magic) as a reward, plus optional other rewards.

The mastery system is like how the tease skill works, but for everything; each type of weapon has its own skill that you train by using that weapon type, and there are also masteries for archery, shields, spellcasting, the new magic, etc.

Although most of the masteries don't actually do much yet.



can we get all the other stuff I mentioned too? you seem like the right person to add this stuff to the game!


File: ce813e3acf9563a⋯.png (2.07 MB, 960x2185, 192:437, Nephila Codex.png)


Me too, actually. Been thinking I might try expanding them at some point or put together a hyperpreg themed follower that's more vanilla. Could even still be a nephila, but one you don't have to be infested to encounter/interact with. I enjoyed doing the unbirthing stuff, but it's not worth much if you don't play female characters.


The nephila leaves the player's womb after having some fun, basically, so that part's not permanent. No way to get around the infestation being a requirement to experience the content, though. You can starve the parasites out/remove your vag to get rid of them, but that locks you out of the content until you're infested again.

I agree on that massive invading creature bit. Good shit. Plenty of big shit getting shoved in the player's vag for the nephila content, but there's not much focus on near-death content. There's a bursting scene Bad End, but not attached to labor.

Some of what you mention is already a part of the nephila content. You can see their codex entry with biology and culture/etc. attached. My interests focus on expansion with everything else centering around it, so a lot of the specifics you're talking about aren't there, but tentacle fueled expansion and complimentary body transformation abound, including clit transformation.



can we get all the other stuff I mentioned too? you seem like the right person to add this stuff to the game!



wait so, you can give birth to different things after they leave? not just nephila?



I certainly intend to contribute more stuff, and some of what you mentioned might happen, but no specific plans. Basically, if it interests me and I don't see it in-game/being worked on, I'll probably try to add it. I'm more into vore/stuffing/just straight expansion then the womb invasion rape angle of things, though, so keep that in mind.


Not for the nephila mod. Once the player's infested, they can unbirth a range of stuff, but will only ever give birth to nephila tentacles unless/until they get rid of the infestation.

I'm thinking of adding a scene with the mouse-morphs where an unbirthing capable npc tortures them by unbirthing/rebirthing them a bunch of times, but the mouse-morphs are kind've a pain in the ass. That scene and a transformation item that would let the player become a nephila slime are the two things left for the mod that I might implement in the future but haven't already. Still on the fence regarding both due to the work involved and working on some FCpregmod stuff at the moment, so it's on the back burner.



so you're able to get rid of the nephila infestation, and then birth and unbirth everyone and everything as normal unless you get infested again? nothing truly permanent right? I really hope you add most of my other ideas it would be so cool! IT NEEEEDS to be in the game!



also besides the rape unbirth invasion of creatures into your ass and/or pussy, maybe there could be a consentacle variation? like you allow a creature in a cute and nice way to just live inside you for a while? like a magic octopus is like "help there's so many dangerous predators in the water please let me hide inside your pussy for a few days! I'll make it worth your efforts!" and you're like "oh okay" and the octopus just ravages your g-spot from the inside and your clit on the outside with a tentacle leaving the opening of your pussy for DAYS, just days of bliss and hard painful sweet magical octopus orgasms.




Being this pathetic doesn't help your case any. Even if you're never going to write anything yourself, there's no reason to beg like this.


another idea, you use nut based body lotion (like tree nuts) and masturbate with it a little and get attacked by angry magical squirrels and they rush up inside your pussy and make you pregnant with 200 squirrels at the same time.



well I hope someone likes the ideas enough they they get in somehow.



Spamming the thread with your niche fetishes and begging while contributing nothing yourself isn't going to get you very far. I know this might be confusing on account of the game we're modding, but most people here hate that variety of fur-faggotry.


File: a647d32b5e2465f⋯.jpg (67.7 KB, 564x679, 564:679, C9uhHniW0AAlBWl.jpg)


Squirrel girl broodmother when



Basically how it works:

1.) The player gets infested by a territorial Nephila Handmaiden's "nymph" tentacles (see above codex entry for what that is). This is intended to control the player so they only hunt specific cum/leave the handmaiden's territory alone. The champion's mutant womb takes to the infestation, though, and they end up slowly transforming into the perfect host for the parasite nymphs. If you've ever encountered the bog's parasite eel content, it's based off that, just expanded.

2.) Player will periodically hunger for cum to feed the tentacles in their womb. They then have to go hunt down the monster their hunger corresponds to and have vaginal sex with them. The current monsters they can hunger for are mouse-morphs, imps, anemones, and minotaur. As they hunt and feed their brood, it grows, swelling them up larger and larger and making it take more and more vaginal sex acts to keep the brood fed. Each growth scene describes the player noticing some tentacles have been birthed as they grew and disappeared off somewhere.

3.) When the player's "infestation level" (basically size) renders them immobilizingly large, they gain the ability to unbirth monsters to feed the brood. This allows them to vag-vore the things they hunger for to more efficiently feed their brood. It's at this point that the player can encounter the nephila follower, a group of nephila slime girls that wants to use the player for their own ends. In exchange, this follower group gives them access to tools to let them grow larger.

So, basically, you have to be infested (and heavily so) to be able to unbirth stuff. The unbirthing's a one way trip. You're using the prey as food and nothing else, with that one earlier mentioned minor exception excluded. You only ever give birth to nephila while infested, and can only ever unbirth when infested.



Would nut to that, for sure.



I'm not into furry stuff, I'm just putting ideas out there because it's what's I'm good at. I'm not good at much else. I don't care too much for the squirrel thing I'm just trying too hard, all my other ideas were serious though.



Everyone's an idea guy. Nothing wrong with seeing if more skilled people seem interested, but this feels like begging for something too niche for most people.



oh.. that's really disappointing to be honest. I was hoping for unbirthing content like as a surprise when otherwise totally normal and not already pregnant and have it stretch my pussy into a gaping hole as a tentacle or other creature forces its way in.



I'm sure there are plenty of others lurking who love what I posted. I doubt I'm the only one.



Vore and unbirthing are on the short list of shit most people find just weird and gross, and you're not helping that by seeming desperate.


File: 7f2d72b6ba16caf⋯.jpg (6.35 KB, 253x200, 253:200, i1m5461).jpg)

2hufag here again;


Glad you like her scenes so far.


I'm not a fan of anal pregnancy. Though I suppose birth control wouldn't stop a butt baby. Glad you like the anal stuff though. I might touch it up to focus more on the spanking bit sometime.


I'd like her and her kid to have a few interactions between other followers; I'll probably have her and Fran at least acknowledge each other.

Anyway I proofread and touched up Fran's content a bit. Here are the new links; these shouldn't change from now on when I do updates. (I probably missed stuff… but i'll keep re-going through it every so often so I can make her at least acceptable.)

https://pastebin.com/NFZwG5d0 - Fran p1 Introduction

https://pastebin.com/P3BZUxk9 - Fran p2: Building affection

https://pastebin.com/LntD5dZG - Fran p3: Camp stuff

https://pastebin.com/eUnMzeQY - Fran p4: Sex menu

https://pastebin.com/ns2GVTFQ - Fran p5: Birthing and more camp stuff.

https://pastebin.com/9AQKLVtK - Fran p6 : Family interactions

https://pastebin.com/9aiVZEjr - Fran p7: Yuri content.

Also, I don't think Fran can be added even if she has no spelling errors till the seamstress (Maribelle?) is added? Since her outfits are tied to her shop now.



Shouldra has a tiny line related to the Manor, but it isn't much. I admit I plain forgot about her most of the time while I was writing.

Conversation topics with Circe about her and the Beautiful Sword are something I noticed would make sense pretty much immediately after releasing her. Gotta get into her character again to write, though.



Try writing stuff. Plenty of your ideas could work great, but the best person to write them up is the person who came up with them. You're gonna get shit on if you spend too much time filling the thread with ideas that you won't implement, but anons will always be interested in seeing concerted efforts to produce content. Even if your writing sucks balls, it's almost guaranteed to be better than half the shit already in this game (looking at you, Urta), and other people in the thread will be happy to help you polish up what you produce.

If you wanted, you could even draw from my unbirthing stuff as a base and go from there. I wouldn't mind. As long as you don't change any of the stuff I've already written, I'm happy with whatever.



>Minerva is at least salvageable, and it needs to be an option to dedick her

Absolutely. It was actually something people wanted kitteh to do but the idea got shut down by the faggot authors complaining iirc and it was justified as being "part of her character", even though it brought her a ton of misery.

I wonder how hard dedicking her is from a coding standpoint, would it just require altering her scenes to remove any mention of it and add one or two for the removal, or is it more comllicated than that?



Wouldn't it just involve writing pure Minerva with no dick? Or do you mean completely removing her dick from the game?



>would it just require altering her scenes to remove any mention of it and add one or two for the removal,

Probably. Can minimize the work by limiting her to being willing only after you purify her, too.

You know, Kitteh's crew seems to chafe badly under the fags rules over there. There have been many things they wanted to do, only to get shot down by cucks, fags and retards.

I wonder if we can snatch them up? We could use more programmers and writers, we're practically more notable than their mod at this point, and the people there that actually contribute anything seem to hate it there.



you seem desperate for the opposite for some reason. bias much?


File: ebe068fea2acfa1⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 250x300, 5:6, rofling.gif)

Haven't check thread or a while due to illness, you guys are the best. Still plucking away at my CoC projects that I will never get to finish

cucks got btfo, lolis are the best, keep the board safe



I'm hoping to inspire others who are better at implementing these ideas than I am since no coding skills. I'm just doing my best and hoping for the best.



It's good that you made a pastebin account, but none of your pastes are public, so you can't access them through your profile. I'll start looking through the early stuff.



Just want to note these are different people who're talking to you, and none of us like your shit. It's fine to have niche tastes, but you shouldn't be such a faggot about them. Take the unbirthing content guy, he puts actual work into his stuff and doesn't shove it in anybody's face. Even if I'm not into his stuff, I'm happy he and people like him are here. If this is your "best", leave.



No i meant just removing it from pure Minerva.


Well I'm not sure about how contacting them would go but assuming those who hated it haven't just gone away, that could be a good idea yes. Honestly I think you could convince a bunch of people to switch by telling them they can now dick hellspawn with no fucks given to savin.



I think so too. It's entirely possible a lot of them either have no idea this place exists away from their cuckery, or they've been fed nothing but lies by Fen's shekel cult.

Sadly, I wouldn't be the person to do it. I am told I'm not only uncharismatic, but that I can be incredibly, unintentionally abrasive at times.



>1 trolling asshole with a biased hatred for certain harmelss fetishes a thousand times more tame than anything in the game = multiple people

get fucked and eat 100 buckets of pig shit












Get the fuck out of this thread and this board you underage retarded CoC Discord spillover, nobody gives a shit about you or your ideas guy shtick.

Fucking neck yourself and stop posting before mods do something for once and give you a vacation.




You bunch of faggots, we don't need even MORE retarded newfags like the before mentioned retard even if development is somewhat slow right now.



Anon, you might want to take a step back and notice that not a single other person here is interested in anything you've posted. Even the unbirthing guy was telling you to pump the breaks.



>everyone who has ideas I don't like is from discord/reddit/some other place I don't like and underage

get fucking fucked you stupid fucking retard. you are a pussy sissy bitch and you are throwing a tantrum because you want me to stop liking what you don't like. get cucked fucker and kiss my ass right on the crack.



File: ddd0d2d2a665753⋯.jpg (421.54 KB, 1000x1220, 50:61, 1dd67d.jpg)


Should I change them to be public? I think they're set to unlisted right now. So as long as the links are here they should be accessible.

Also side note questions:

>Has anyone felt that Snuggles and Fran are too similar so far? I have a few characters i'd like to write eventually and i'm sort of worried i'll just end up making the same shit with different coats of paint.

>Opinions on seasonal events? like say Christmas and Halloween themed stuff?

>What is the overall opinion on Fran now that she is "almost" done? like what do you hate/like; how are her sex scenes etc.

Anyway thank you in advanced for any feedback, to the Anons that help me edit stuff, and to the coders who might code her in.



I don't know what you're trying to accomplish with the tantrum here. The last guy I called a retard posted his mensa membership card, and I don't think you can top that, so you can probably just leave now.


Making them public would mean people can access them without having to dig up the posts. Not a huge deal if you don't want to do it, but I don't know if there's any benefit to keeping them unlisted.



>bringing in more writters and potentially a coder or two is bad

>bringing in more people who enjoy the game and can help keep the comunity alive is bad

Fuck off.




I didn't mean just anyone clinging to the Kitteh mod like a leech to narc for Fencuck about stuff their god wouldn't like. I only meant the people involved who actually make significant contribution.

After all, if people doing all the work there are getting shot down, especially after doing the work, just because Fen doesn't like it. And if shit like >>262929 from the shit you hate thread is true, then I doubt many of the big modders are happy there.



I've known about coc for years and have known about kitteh's mod for a long ass time but I never even heard of this place until earlier this year, and it was by pure luck. There's no mention that a mod other than kitteh's and xianxia even exists anywhere, let alone mentions of this place. I'm certain a lot of people have no idea this mod is a thing.

The real problem is how you'd take the info to them. Forget getting a link up on fenoxo's blog, Savin would never allow it, and I imagine if you went to discord or to whatever forum they use to link it they'd probably kick you on sight.



Only thing I can imagine is PMing the people who's names appear most in the Kitteh credits.



>bringing in more writters and potentially a coder or two is bad

Never said or even implied that, you mongaloid.

>bringing in more people who enjoy the game and can help keep the comunity alive is bad

<bringing in more people from awful and disgusting normalfag communities is a good thing

Spotted the exact kind of immigrant we're talking about.


>I didn't mean just anyone clinging to the Kitteh mod like a leech to narc for Fencuck about stuff their god wouldn't like. I only meant the people involved who actually make significant contribution.

And you know what that will accomplish?

Bringing in the cancer from Kitteh's side even if you only talk to the devs, which is pretty fucking significant seeing as how he runs his ship.


>There's no mention that a mod other than kitteh's and xianxia even exists anywhere, let alone mentions of this place. I'm certain a lot of people have no idea this mod is a thing.

That's a good thing you mongrel, this isn't a community to join and expand upon, it's a project of a bunch of faggots who don't want to cater to a wider audience.

Catering to a wider audience will only bring in more fucking cancer which will drown out exactly what made this mod good in the first place.


There might be some writers who contribute to revamp but don't know about this mod, but the actual devs are all familiar with it. There's even a channel for this mod on the main CoC modding discord.



Truly amazed.



>Has anyone felt that Snuggles and Fran are too similar so far?

Not really. They're similar in that they both fit the “cute” archetype, but they feel different, and I wouldn't mistake one character for the other.

>Opinions on seasonal events? like say Christmas and Halloween themed stuff?

Definitely. Halloween and Fran is self explanatory, but since Snuggles' kid is going to be unique that offers a lot of potential for family Christmas events.

>What is the overall opinion on Fran now that she is "almost" done?

Absolutely love her. The only thing I would recommend is adding an option in the “you find your son masterbating and can let him fuck you” event to turn it into the “you fuck your son” event, like “show him a different way to feel good” or something like that.



If only Oca and Koraeli stopped shilling the mod on there and letting new retards more easily find this place and shit it up.

The guys as devs do great work but by god it's retarded.


Reminder to report retarded newfags so the mods actually know whats going on




Jesus Christ, fuck off with this secret club attitude and save it for people trying to actually push shit ideas like the vore up there.


>PMing people unrelated to here

>"Nobody knows about this mod!"

>"We want a bigger audience"


I want you all niggers to fuck off back from where you crawled from and to never come back. HGG mod never needed any of this and certainly doesn't now, or ever. This is an anon-only project, no matter the case. Having faggots from outside the board and outside this thread dictate or do ANYTHING about this mod is to be stopped, full force, no quarter. Be either shilling for, shilling against, acknowledging anywhere else outside of here, modding for or even writing for.

We don't want you. Fuck off, we're full.



Go back to where you came from faggot.


Can someone fucking explain to me why de-fur mode NEVER WORKS?




Did you turn it on?

You'll have to be more specific if you want more help than that.



Yeah, you're supposed to turn it on before starting a new game right?

I did that but it still doesn't take effect.



Try making a new character entirely, if you use a save it tends to break.

Alternatively, if that doesn't work: Once you start the game, go back to the main menu > options and doublecheck if it's still applying. If not, make sure it is, then go back to the game.

All it does it mostly just change flavortext for characters. I don't think it changes character sprites unless you use a spritepack.



Alright, I'll give that a shot.

The idea of kissing an animal face is the opposite of hot.




If enabling it after creating/loading a character doesn't help, it's possible that it's working fine and you're just expecting it to do something other than what it does. If anything seems furry (other than sprites, nobody is interested in making new defurred sprites so you'll just have to turn them off) while it's enabled, point it out here so it can be fixed or so you can be called a retard, whichever is appropriate.


Is non-corrupted Whitney still unfuckable? Also, is it pissible to turn kelt into kelly without pissing her off, while not having the corrupt farm?



Yes, no.



And I don't suppose fighting but not killing him is an option either? I get her side of it but he does deserve an ass-kicking. Oh well.



You could always be the one to write some of this.

Guilt Whitney for being complacent in Kelt's schemes, fix the security problem by raising some of your sons with Kelly and later Whitney to know combat. Claim Kelt's former centauress harem as your own.

And remember, Whitney is based on Fen's now ex-wife, hence why we never got to lewd her until divorce shit started kicking off.

Messing with her might piss him off super bad.


is there a way to edit your saves? And how?



>And I don't suppose fighting but not killing him is an option either? I get her side of it but he does deserve an ass-kicking. Oh well.

After beating him down (without starting the Kelly stuff), you have the choice to kill him, rape him, or take his bow and walk away. He's gone for good whichever you choose.



Does Fen even keep up with what happens in this mod?

Never knew she was based on his ex, but wouldn't the sex options in the corrupted farm route piss him off all the same? Otherwise yeah replacing her guard so you can tf kelt could be cool. You could even just have one/some of your followers do it, like with the corrupt farm but only clean followers such as Jojo.


File: 27550b04f0ea417⋯.jpg (118.24 KB, 1280x1354, 640:677, 63cf45282558d5c8601a2f5261….jpg)



>Fenoxos ex wife

I'm surprised no one bothered to write the player fucking whitney really early in the mod, even having players including whitney in their harem just to piss on fenoxo seems like a missed opportunity.


I debated that, but honestly. I think the issue with the camp water thing would just be more of a coder problem, I say that since all they'd need to do is gate bathing scenes until the champion purifies it. It's not easy either way, and it would take a lot of work, but I'm not a programmer and the only thing I've been doing has been chipping away on a new demon. I do hope we can get someone else to code, but at this point even if I'm writing scenes, I still feel like a faggy ideas guy.



>I'm surprised no one bothered to write the player fucking whitney really early in the mod, even having players including whitney in their harem just to piss on fenoxo seems like a missed opportunity.

No, ask her to write it. Now that would be magnificent.



She wanted to escape the fur; you can't pull her back in like that. It's inhumane.



>oh hey I just wanted to know, would you mind writting sex scenes for this character based on you just to piss off your ex-husband?

<which one of them?


<oh, sure just tell me what to do.



Would rather avoid having to move over camp followers. One of the biggest issue with the corrupt farm is it fucking sucks. You basically need to have every follower and then depopulate your camp to fully corrupt it and have enough workers there to turn a profit and enough guards there to keep it from being taken. And the profit is still nothing to care about.

You telling me Kelt somehow did more alone than about a dozen of your other followers do together?

Hence why I suggested the tried and true farmer method of breed your own workers. Your sons with Kelly, Whitney and whatever else around there you can breed help guard the place, and your daughters work the fields.



She should also write about how Whitney is glad that the champion is not some gender-fluid tranny-loving literal faggot.


File: 09cb1edb3a4746d⋯.jpg (176.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 459 - mJ1Qzin.jpg)


I guess you can ask the madokanon about how much time it will take for him to finish the cute undead seamstress, by what i see he mostly needs to finish some sex scenes tied to some clothes.


>Has anyone felt that Snuggles and Fran are too similar so far? I have a few characters i'd like to write eventually and i'm sort of worried i'll just end up making the same shit with different coats of paint.

They arent that similiar, fran is a lot more childish and dumb, make more dialogue for the birb, it may help you to not find then too similar.

Also, make some scenes of the birb meeting the crazy people of your camp, her reacting differently to fran will also help with that.

>Opinions on seasonal events? like say Christmas and Halloween themed stuff?

What do you have in mind?

>What is the overall opinion on Fran now that she is "almost" done? like what do you hate/like; how are her sex scenes etc.

She is cute and i want to fuck her, put her in my lap naked with my dick deep inside of her while i help her study and train her to control her lust.

I also want to fuck our offspring.



How would that work in universe?

He got addicted to constantly downing anything that would change his genitals back and forth until he lost his mind and disappeared?


I just noticed that Callu has a special sex scene if you are a child, quite cute.



That would not even be close of being the strangest thing that ever happened in Mareth.



That is a good point yes, having to send half your camp away kinda sucks. Would be pretty funny to be able to send Tamani's daughters there though but it would pretty much have to be silly mode.

One thing I was wondering is how getting intk Whitney's pants would go. Just confronting her about keeping a blind eye to Kelt's shit doesn't seem like enough. Would it be something like she sees you and Kelly going at it and progressively gets more pent up until she decides to get a taste, or something more earnest?



Just send some ant children, you have a lot of ant children.



Considering how whitney is treated in the game, it wouldn't be hard to believe she'd just start finding the champion attractive over time from just having him working on the fields. But it's really an either or scenario considering, she's a barren character, and she only ever gets more character from the camp corruption scenes. She's a sad waste of potential honestly. At this point the fact she's based off fagnoxo's ex, doesn't make it any better. She's pretty much a double nigger.



Would Phylla be ok with letting her children go that far from her?

She's another character that could do with some extra interactions. I mean it's almost funny that none of your followers comments about the giant anthill next to your camp or goes check it out. Poor Phulla never even gets to meet Izma.



Suddenly having some centaur colts patrolling and some fillies doing some of the farm work would get her curious at just what the hell's up. Especially the idea of you fixing the problem you created on her end, despite her hypocrisy.

This could cue some spying and possible curiosity at Kelly being happy.

Though it might require some tweaked low corruption variants of the Kelly scenes for Whitney to start wanting to be in that spot. As it stands, it assumes the player is always corrupt and has the player act accordingly dickish to her.



Both corrupt and non-corrupt phylla are extremely submissive to you, pretty sure she would do anything that you asked.



>corrupt and non-corrupt

Hold on what. Since when does she have a corrupt version? I thought she remained the same after you rescued her and only switched between preggo and regular.



She does, but a lot of scenes differ if you are corrupt or not. I meant the corruption of the mc, not phylla's



She also has a variable called Drider_pregnancy_incubation. Presumably, if the pc is a drider, this would cause her to produce drider children instead of ants.

I don't know if this is implemented though, I've never seen anyone mention it.






>Also, I don't think Fran can be added even if she has no spelling errors till the seamstress (Maribelle?) is added? Since her outfits are tied to her shop now.

I don't mind if you wanna add them to Snuggles' inventory, temporarily or permanently. But yeah, I'll see to it that I finish her soon, though coding everything will be another story entirely, especially since she needs a new location added as well.



I've ovipositored her, I'll post again if anything happens past the sex scene.





well that explains why you can never lewd her normally.

However it's kinda retarded that whitney would be mad when you turn kelt into kelly since even she admits he's an ass


File: 074f89c95ddc54f⋯.jpg (63.27 KB, 432x344, 54:43, Blank _bb08d948eb7f9bf8add….jpg)



He is right though you know.



Yeah you just get another scene a few days later, it's relatively short.



This. It's like a cult here. You disagree and you get banned even if you're 100% right. There's that one guy screaming about how he hated the other one for having an idea and two guys get banned but the one who wanted them to shut up simply because they didn't share the same interests gets left unbanned no problem. Why is everyone who disagree's or has an opinion or has an idea automatically considered a newfag? Is it completely fucking impossible that someone who likes the game could have come up with something because they actually like it? banning those guys was completely unjustified and it takes community support for this game and just throws it down the toilet because any sort of discussion is punished and derailed by try hard's who hate everyone's fetishes but their very own.



why in the every loving fuck do you guys assume that anyone that has an idea came from some other place? I came here to share some ideas but I read all of this shit and said "nah fuck it" because you and every other cult fanatic here are going to demonize any common user to /hgg/ for brining up anything you don't like and mass reporting them so that the mod just bans wrong think for you.



Where do you think they are from? They're from here man, you just can't handle the fact that you disagree with them or they said something you don't want to face. You're behaving like an SJW feminist that just screams like a baboon at anything with a pulse.



Her excuse is you could have just avoided him to not be turned into his fuck sleeve, but you sought him out to force him to be yours.

Considering the corruptive aura presumably compels people lorewise to return and is subtle enough people usually wouldn't notice, it's a bad argument, and she's kinda complicit.

Her argument about now being down a guard is at least valid.


File: 8af245d08c15189⋯.jpg (71.9 KB, 392x379, 392:379, Stfu _07c29a2ed37939390d2d….jpg)




Then quit behaving like a "SJW feminist" yourself? S/he were banned because s/he was an annoying 14-yo retard spamming the thread with their writefagging. Idea fagging is ok, but not in the "War and Peace" proportions. Not to mention that even an unbirthing-fag like myself couldn't fap to it. It was so cringey it killed my boner. And no it is not a cult, since people disagree and discuss stuff all the time here. As long as you respect the board rules and don't act like a complete moron and don't push ntr-shit - you will be fine.



Because their "new idea" is to invite the same kind of faggots a good number of us came to this site to get away from. I happen to like the "secret club" attitude, and you sound like a newfag when you talk about it like it is somehow against the norm here.



This actually. People of all ages (you know whom i mean) are coming here spewing their feces and getting surprised why people are getting angry. Lurk first goddamit! And don't post untill you learn how to do it properly in accordiance with the board culture.


File: a8145a3fdeab5f0⋯.jpg (430.35 KB, 1659x1080, 553:360, e7f239d3c625ccd8600717e858….jpg)


Did you even bother to read that retards post?

>Ideas are the only thing I'm good at pushing.

He didn't bother to contribute to the conversation, help other anons, or even post a pastebin with his writing. He just wants other people to write it for him and do all the work him.

>muh cult mentality

What is lurkmoar?

saging for offtopic.





Because, newfag, you are likely only here because of the mod. Didn't ever occur to you that this mod only exists because this is a secret club? This is a place that people aren't supposed to easily find, which gives us the freedom to do and say shit that wouldn't fly most anywhere else. This is especially true considering the death grip Fencuck and his pet Savin had on CoC modding for so long. Here though, anything goes. The reason most people here don't want you newfags flooding in to "help" with the mod is because that is exactly what would ruin it. This mod exists the way it does because of how the board is structured, letting a bunch of oversensitive newfags that have no intention of integrating with the board, or even care in the slightest about quality, have any say in the development is exactly what killed Librecities.



>This mod exists the way it does because of how the board is structured, letting a bunch of oversensitive newfags that have no intention of integrating with the board, or even care in the slightest about quality, have any say in the development is exactly what killed Librecities.

I thought that Librecities were killed thanks to tumblr and trannies infestation.



>I thought that Librecities were killed thanks to tumblr and trannies infestation.

Aka: a bunch of oversensitive newfags that have no intention of integrating with the board, or even care in the slightest about quality



That's exactly what you get when you start inviting people in.





Exactly. Things seemed to be going great until the dev went silent. Turned out he had looked elsewhere to recruit helpers for his mod, but tumblr trannies are a lot more sensitive than the common hgg faggot and quickly took offense to what was being said and/or proposed by more long term members of the dev team. But hgg is also a small community, so the newfags quickly outnumbered the veterans and started pushing people out that didn't fit their delicate sensibilities. Of course the newfags were also as dependable as 1-ply toilet paper and fell apart when they lost the direction of the "offensive" vets.

The same shit would happen here. Remember that Fen had a completely random fit of retardation and turned one of the actually cool monsters in his game, the Hellhound, into a retarded two-headed furry growling on his hands and knees. Does anyone really think oversensitive twats on a powertrip wouldn't undo everything about the two vamp lolis because they are lolis? Or remove loli mode in general? Or maybe add more retarded furry self-inserts that "fugged all da waifus?" Or maybe a Fen fanboy would undo all of the anti-Urta stuff that had been done out of spite.

Inviting newfags in mass only brings trouble, because we've already gone far beyond anything they'd be comfortable with, they would take over the project through sheer numbers, and we've all already seen the 'contributions' that random faggots elsewhere have made.

In light of those contributions, I ask everyone to consider this, how many characters in this game, whether from a mod or not, have you wanted to kill?

Now how many of you want to kill Snuggles the Crow?


I love the newfags that come from 'third party sites' that try so hard at rocking the boat in this thread.

It's over, you cucks lost. Go back to where you came from and jerk off to NTR somewhere else.



>Now how many of you want to kill Snuggles the Crow?

Hell, just how many of the characters you want to kill came from hgg? Notice the vast difference in quality between everything made here and literally everywhere else.



>Now how many of you want to kill Snuggles the Crow?


Do I get to fight and recruit her cyborg version?



Gatekeeping quality control is the only way to keep CoC mod from falling. It wouldn't take much and that's why you must be vigilant.

And I wanna snuggle with Snuggles.



The samurai code



If the victory scene for the pc fighting snuggles, isn't Struggle Snuggle, I'll be disapointed


File: 1a3487713d677f0⋯.jpg (188.42 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, castle_siege_by_maxprodano….jpg)


Ours is an eternal vigil the instant we relent is the instant we fall



>letting a bunch of oversensitive newfags that have no intention of integrating with the board

this board has considerably gone to the shitter ever since a stupid faggot namedropped /hgg/ on the LT blog, plus the normalfags flodding in from fag95 for sylvie and not to forget the towershit fiasco.


File: 38465ed4cd2a2e6⋯.png (427.94 KB, 769x1000, 769:1000, whyarewestillhere.png)

I was wondering what roles haven't been filled yet in the camp and could be. Best I came up with is a cook, but no idea if there is one somewhere in game already. Or how could a cook work for the matter, without being too strong.



Shut the fuck up you fucking faggot

You got shat by everyone and banned because you kept spouting your retarded idea pushing others to write it instead of yourself, you fucking idiot.

“Ideas guy” that doesn’t write their ideas mean shit here, so you either write your shit and post it here or get the fuck out of here.

Nobody is going to do your work, faggot.

Now, just to let you know, only to kind of anons matter here: writers and coders.

So go fuck yourself with your ideas shit



>Is there a cook?


>How to cook

You know all those peppers fruits and that kind of transformatives that are going to be most likely sold? Use them as ingredients


To safely reduce hunger and maybe some buffs depending on recipe



>without being too strong

maybe do it like roasting in monster hunter world?

give item, get food later?

better item->more and/or better stuff




I don't want to overdo it, implementing something like a whole cooking system might be a bit much? My idea for it would be simply having the cook sell food (the cost being ingredients), that might work. But if it wouldn't be too hard to code, the idea of being able to do something with all the stuff you get (beside sell) would be nice.

Also, any suggestions on who could the cook be are welcome.


You could also just give food items values like 1 or 7 and after combining all the values from three items or something you get things like "Terrible meal" or "Exquisite meal"



sounds kinda weird to pour 3 bottles of gods mead and get a great exquisite meal



Or bottles of mino cum.



Go away helia



Just make it so adding drinks turns it into soup and have Rathazul make them


File: bbbfa07830594ff⋯.png (159.03 KB, 535x480, 107:96, waah.png)





Seeing what kind of 'drinks' there are in CoC, would you really want a soup of that?



Dragon blood soup when



>any suggestions on who could the cook be are welcome

Do you mean a new cook follower? Well the game needs more traps and elves, so an elf trap would be awesome. Or do you mean someone already in the camp to make the cook? I could see Isabella being a good choice, she has convenient access to all the milk she might need.



You already drink and eat random shit you find on ground or in shady places so not like it's out of place

At worst it could just be way of making explosive potions

For example to produce grenade you need to hit exactly 9 point with any overflow making it explode and anything less not exploding

Though it's not really related to producing eatable things



I meant a new follower. Mostly because I'm thinking about writing one and I don't want to write for exisiting characters because I'd never get them right.

As for the elf trap idea, it's a good one, but one I'm not really down to write. If someone else likes it though, be free to expand on it.



You can always steal that werewolf maid from Xianxia



I don't really want to abuse (or at least more than already they are) coders so I'm not so sure if the whole idea with food items having points is that plausible.



No idea who she is, never played Xianxia. Didn't hear very good things about it so that kept me away.



But wouldn't it coding point values to every item that could be classified as food more annoying than making some recipes?



You could probably scratch the werewolf part pretty easily and she's perfectly serviceable base of NPC otherwise

And if you want to check her out she's in Tel'Adre for free so you don't need to grind or anything to check her out

She also has amusing mechanic where she cockblock you from visiting other followers if you ignore her for too long


File: b37c330fb4b29b6⋯.jpg (462.45 KB, 1662x1680, 277:280, ca0e45f4e5fab49312f38a8593….jpg)


What floats your boat then? What kind of fetishes do you think you would want to write about?



An Orc woman who's a gourmet and samples various ingredients found around Mareth and is resistant to their effects? Wants to taste proper food not canine peppers and and the like. So hero cooks for her and you then provide her with ingredients you get from farming and it's a source of untainted food you can get in camp.



Wait, are orcs even in Mareth?



Consider that for some reason peppers and the like lose their transformative qualities upon being used for cooking



There was one I think, not sure if he was added by the Revamp or if he was in the base game. Forgot his name, but what I do remember was that you avoid him by running away while he looks for something to clean your face with.



There's one in the swamp. It's a dude though.



Wasn't there a away to turn him into a girl?



He is a cool dude



I've just seen her. Doesn't seem too bad, would be a nice base. But the cooking part is kind already there and like I expected - not that balanced. It's pretty much a free heal whenever you want it.


A lot of things do, but don't really want to write that idea. Could play through it, sure, but spending time on it? Nah.



Not that I know of.



I meant if you want suggestions it would help if you narrowed down what kind of characters you like writing. Anyway, a few random suggestions.

A Wuxia inspired girl training in her family's ancient style of the cooking arts.

A milf and her daughters who are the only survivors of a demon attack on their village, and are now desperately seeking someplace safe to stay.

A retired adventurer who just wants to opening up a tavern somewhere and live a quiet life.


If it's about cooking couldn't you just get the cake woman from the bakery and use her? Either make it possible to take her to camp or use her services at the bakery itself.


I'm writefagging something up. A whole shit ton of slavery related stuff. PC as the one doing the enslaving and such of course. I wanted the input of the anons here. I'm thinking of having Urta get fixed or corrupted and being a bottom bitch. I thought of a Bimbo Liquor thing, maybe have Lumi enhance it and then spike Urta's drink with it. The other option was to castrate and de-dick her with a enchanted knife. What do you anons think?



I want an expansion for him where, as a character who isn't a gay male, you can continue to have a friendship with him and play wingman(/woman) for one another. I'd love to go on the prowl for hot dudes as a chick with my orc gay friend.

Fuck I want to write this, but I write at approximately two words per day and already have a thing to work on.



I don't know about others, but involving Urta at all just seems like a waste. Why even bother with such a shit character? Do horrible slavery-related things with a character that's actually hot and liked is my advice.




Until we can finally decide and implement what is a proper solution for her i would say that you don't touch her



>I wanted the input of the anons here. I'm thinking of having Urta get fixed or corrupted and being a bottom bitch.

Don't touch Urta at all, period.

Let that cancer rot in its own disgusting corner for those retarded enough to want to engage with such a godawful self insert.

This consensus has been reached many times in the past threads.


Is it impossible to completely remove urta from the game? With the consensus of the community being that she's shit, you'd think she would have been removed right from the start.




I thought the consensus was that no one wants to go through the hassle of removing her from all the shit she has infected.



Is she really involved into that much? I usually ignore her and the only times she appears then that I can remember is the first visit to the city and that one scene in the streets.



You are correct. If you feel the strength to slay the beast then go for it Anon! It would be difficult, but Koraeli made a de-fur mode which is much more of a challange than this. So, whatever you decide - Good Luck!



I remember that she can show up in stuff for Katherine, Helia, and Amily. Possibly others as well.



Well the idea is that once you enslave it and turn it into a proper female, You'd send her back into Tel'Adre and have her help you enslave people that won't be missed. Plus she makes the guard turn a blind eye to your actions in the city. For the most part that is.



that would be rogar, there is also another one on a gay scene in the bazaar alongside a bear-morph and a tiger-morph



I had heard a whole lot of it being in a lot of code and that it should just be reworked rather than removed. All the old threads with talk of reworks led me to believe as long as I don't add more cringe inducing tranny or furry shit I would not receive any wrath from the anons here. I promise not to do either of those two things. if anything I could aways dispose of it in a concise and useful way if everyone is so against fixing and then corrupting Urta.



I was of that understanding as well.



A lot of the older threads had plans for reworks and even a extended family aspect to Urta. Including a mother and sister. I'm not trying to "save" this abomination. I'm thinking of forcing it to become a woman and enslaving her after the fact. I only care about the position of the captain of the guard being in bed with a slaver PC, in more ways than one. That and this lets me put some of my hatred for Fenoxo to good use.




I say go for it. Just keep in mind that it's going to be a pain in the ass to track down and edit all the shit she's in.



You are doing God's work anon. Good luck.


File: c3801196345a399⋯.jpg (41.39 KB, 800x447, 800:447, thankyou.jpg)



Yeah but it's worth it. Hell the Tamani Bottom Bitch route might be better but to take out the rage on that abomination is fucking liberating. And yes their will be options for who to make your bottom bitch. so far i've planned out Tamani, Urta, Kiha, Sophie, and Izma.



Thank you. It's more stuff than I've said here but so far on the word document I have a decent amount already there for when I start up the pastebin. The bottom bitch part is the hard part. But I feel that the anons here deserve a chance to have their waifus by their side as they fuck over Mareth for gems and bitches. Plus I might add in ways to change them up a bit; through potions of course. I'm planning to let you turn them into Bimbo,Broodmother, or Cowgirl versions of themselves. Let's see how that works out.



Isn't izma already a bottom though? Her whole thing is you becoming her alpha and making her submit.



Sorry, I'm using pimp slang. A bottom bitch is basically your favorite girl who is also your Lieutenant to the other girls. She helps you run your operation pretty much. Basically say you pick Tamani: She will sell your slaves to whoever you want but she can sell the slaves to the goblins for more gems and can give you the option to poison Tel'Adre's water and soil with Succubi milk so the newly transformed get exiled and you get chances to bag them and sell them. At least that's the idea I had for that route as of right now. But you get the idea behind the bottom bitch now?




I still think the best option read: most offensive to Fenoxo is to almost completely rewrite her end to end.

Kill her position as captain of the guard, shim in some rando male non-furry character that meets you at the gate and deals with the infested dog dude or whatever

Make her into a pure non-furry female character with serious bonding issues and possibly fertility issues that you have to overcome to get close to her. Secretly soft-hearted feminine sort who plays the cold bitch to keep people away. Make her a virgin due to trust issues. Ideally some degree of 1488 for extra salt why are you interested in me instead of another human? don't you care about your own race?. Give her a mom and sister, whatever personalities you want, but probably make one of them abusive to explain her being fucked up.

Saving isn't the goal, making it unrecognizable as a self-insert is. It's too fucking creepy and weird.


File: 59cafe03ce2fc22⋯.jpg (8.33 KB, 292x173, 292:173, 3(45351).jpg)

2hufag here; I got a storm coming my way again, but if i don't lose power i'll continue to work on Snuggles.


Alright glad they aren't samey, i'll try to do new characters types for the next ones though. The mandragora(s) will be a good way to test my ability to write different personalities.

I think I wrote a scene where you dick one of your sons; I could see about adding an option for where the pc lays down the pipe on their son who was fappin though.


I agree I need more dialogue for snuggles; I plan to write up follower interactions between Snuggles, smiles and other characters soonish.

In regards to seasonal events, I was thinking you'd take Fran treat or treating in Tel'adre; Maybe visit Snuggles's little family village in a Christmas event or something idk exactly. we'll see if I can throw something together eventually.

Also maybe i can turn the orgasm denial thing in her slave route instead. Might be a good way to break her in to loving you in a different way.


> how many of you want to kill Snuggles the Crow?

I mean there isn't a reason to not kill her.


Mfw i think you're implying Snuggles is quality.


*If* I do the cyborg thing; it'd probably be a silly mode only thing.

<spoiler>And tbh considering you had to rip her wings off after raping her to get her turned into a cyborg… i feel like she may not exactly want to be with you.</spoiler>


You reminded me I need to make an option to ask Snuggles and Smiles spend the night with you.


Maybe if you win against her as a cyborg? as it stands now I can't see her every trying to fight you in a 1v1 situation. it'd probably be suicide on her end regardless of the PCs level.



Is her backstory supposed to be self-inserty too? I thought it was just her prominent position and being a futa furry that were for the sake of self-insertion.



You have excellent tastes. I am much more simple in my thought process. Plus I'll be honest with you I've got a lot of shit to write as it is. I'm thinking either break her in or turn her into a fuckdoll and use her as a camp appliance. once you actually make Urta a female that is.



Remember to save often or use pen and paper


>>264221 here, I started on a creature but instead of a devil I went with a demon. A monstrous one, since a monster is easier to make as a first try since it's mostly mindless, whereas something with proper intelligence might have dialogue, friends, a dungeon, ability to recruit, etc…

Specifically this bad boy:


>This creature combines the features of a scorpion and a horse— slavering humanoid faces peer from between its two pincers.

I'd attach a cool picture but no one has undertaken the task of drawing this beast… Anyway, it jumped out at me from the list of demons because while it's totally monstrous (and 7int, not exactly the brightest light bulb in the box), it also has access to spells like Unnatural Lust and apparently its MO is spreading its fiendish seed everywhere. That sounds like a CoC monster to me.

I think it'll be a cool later game encounter since it's pretty powerful and has a unique combination of attacks: scorpion stinger with venom that saps your strength, powerful horse kicks, a grapple with its pincers, and crazy demonic tongues covered in sharp teeth that emerge from the faces in its claws and corrupt your mind… yeah. A paladin should feel pretty good about purging this monstrosity

It was pretty much an afterthought, but since its body is mainly horselike I figured it should have a horsecock it can fuck you with if you lose, too. Why not.

Instead of writing it in a google doc then asking someone to code it in for me, I figured I'd be better off just making it myself by hacking it together in actionscript. Especially since apparently the resident coders are losing motivation or something. A lot of copy-pasting later and it doesn't seem so hard, even though CoC is a gigantic mess of cum-stained spaghetti. There are a few things I'm not clear on though.

>What's the difference between game.combat.takeDamage and player.takeDamage? Anything?

>Is a stat change made with game.dynstats only effective for that combat or is it permanent?

>How does distance work? How do I make sure the player can't just perpetually run out of range of this monster? And how does the boolean that makes a monster's attacks close distance work? Is this even implemented? (haven't played a version that has this in it)

>If I add the monster and all its dependent stuff in other files like status effects, is there a way to just quickly test combat against it or do I have to hack an encounter in?



I'd never kill Snuggles the Crow. I might be a sick bastard but I don't hurt cute waifus.



funny story; when I tried writing some stuff for Fran during the last storm, I lost power and 3 of her sex scenes which I hadn't saved. still pretty pissed about it tbh.


After reading the previouz discussion I think it needs to be said that while gatekeeping is fine, that faggot's (he knows who he is) attitude isn't and he deserved a ban as much as the vorefag.

The point of this place is to add quality content to CoC while avoiding Fen, Savin and kitteh's bullshit, not to become the same as them but on the other end of the spectrum.



Rest in pasta sex data


File: b98d472fc62e429⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1414, 500:707, b98d472fc62e4291dd41599446….png)

File: 133643a4678b44b⋯.gif (988.26 KB, 498x474, 83:79, 133643a4678b44b12065912ae1….gif)


>I'm planning to let you turn them into Bimbo,Broodmother, or Cowgirl versions of themselves. Let's see how that works out.

We don't deserve you Anon.



Well I hope you'll enjoy her if she ever gets finished and added to the game that is.


Was probably for the best that I had to rewrite it.



I don't know how the cowgirl thing will work for a shark girl or for a dragon girl but if everyone won't flip out I'll just make them lactate a lot. Tamani and Urta will get full cowgirl transformation. Sophie will just get spots and become milky. That works for you all?




Didn't know about that pimp slang, guess you learn every day. Thought you meant bottoms in the more traditional sense. In the way you described I could see the options you listed working, yeah.

As for the cowgirl thing, for thos like kiha you could just change her horns to cow horns and make her nipples quad nipples.



>I'll just make them lactate a lot

Works perfectly. As a hyperpreg-fag i am more excited about the broodmother part.



>Bimbo,Broodmother, or Cowgirl

Will there (in the future) be an option of all three combined?



>Quad nipples

Isn't there only and only one source of that?



I'm not too into the quad nipples thing. Sorry if you are, I just find it too furry for my tastes.



I don't think so. I might let you switch them at will via a potion to return them to normal.



Here're some edits on part one: https://pastebin.com/raw/mwZkepzg. I especially like the very first intro scene, so good job on that one. Hope mother earth doesn't treat you too poorly.



The broodmother thing I'm still trying to figure out. I might go with the conservative perpetual pregnancy part and you can have her give birth or hold off on it with a magic ring. Or I can make it so they are constantly in labor and giving birth throughout the day and night.It would make them basically be forced to consider the next offspring to slide out during their daily tasks. though you can force their cervix shut with the magic ring so you can fuck them safely while they are in labor. Also they have no bottom clothes if they are a brood mother, exposed vagina so those offspring can come out without getting stuck in panties or pants. Plus it gives you a view and easy access. I am however going to have different bottom bitches react to the potion you give them differently. Keep that in mind. Which of those broodmother options do you anons prefer though?



Perpetual birth ftw!



Ember can lactate, izma too i guess.


Fran going trick or treat in the city would be really funny, maybe take some of your other children if you find that you can write that.



No prob, just a suggestion. I'm not even sure how they'd work on smaller tits nor am I too fond of them.

Cow tails might be a better suggestion, they'd work for almost all followers. Spotted skin might too but in some like Tamani it would look like some weird case of goblin vitiligo.



Anyone else second this? Cause if it is too niche I'll just make a hyperpreg potion.



Yeah true. Tamani would look weird like that.



I think cow horns and tail would be the best choices seeing as they work on pretty everyone and aren't excessively furry. Maybe a spotted black and white bikini for giggles. I gotta admit seeing kiha go along with her new cow-dragon look with her classic bad temper would be funny.



>What's the difference between game.combat.takeDamage and player.takeDamage? Anything?

just an alias, in case you don't like putting "player." everywhere in Combat.as, I guess.

>Is a stat change made with game.dynstats only effective for that combat or is it permanent?


>How does distance work? How do I make sure the player can't just perpetually run out of range of this monster?

It's chance based and a good chunk of enemies have ranged attacks. Aside from that, there's nothing stopping you from spamming it, but you can only really kite enemies that are much slower than you.

>And how does the boolean that makes a monster's attacks close distance work? Is this even implemented? (haven't played a version that has this in it)

what boolean? The game has a function that takes a monster and closes the distance between him and the player, game.combatattackdata.closedistance(monster). Aside from that, if you set an attack's range to RANGE_MELEE_CHARGING, then the monster will close distance when he uses that attack. Additionally, any creature with the Charging Swings perk automatically closes distance after regular attacks.


File: f44468965200a14⋯.jpg (51.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 37AcBfp.jpg)


I'll get to editing this soon thank you for looking it over. Kind of started up snuggles camp interactions an what not so i'll probably finish at the least her follower interactions before getting to it.


I doubt Fran would be added in by Halloween but, i'll probably try to do something up for it regardless. depending how many kids you had It definitely would be cute to have your children basically taking over the city for the night.


File: c6d675154aba433⋯.jpg (70.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 556 - 5e6tWFG.jpg)


>your children with izma

>your children with Amily, maybe

>your children with phylla

>your children with sophie

>your children with isabella


I was gonna add ember, but you spawn with her is not complete yet.

It would be funny seeing a shitlot of children going to the city, they gonna think its a invasion.

You can also make so fran scare the shit out of everyone by just being the creature of darkness that she is.



>Additionally, any creature with the Charging Swings perk automatically closes distance after regular attacks.

Yeah, that one. I called it a boolean because it's either on or off, not really the right word for it though I guess. I guess I should use that since its main attack will be the pincer grab.

Thanks for the answers.


File: 1ea335bee998977⋯.jpeg (241.47 KB, 429x607, 429:607, bc4bbd7d1535fd552cdb51a7f….jpeg)

Symbiote anon here again. Very delayed update, blame writer's block.

Two scenes this time. First another Rathazul extra scene, only happens if you viewed the first one, explains some shit about the symbiote, not essential for the character herself but kinda is for the lore. Also includes an option to disable the symbiote if you didn't like it so far, although you can enable it again if you change your opinion.


And yet another dream scene. Next one is the last, I promise. This one is really only for choosing her appereance, and little else. Also a way for me to practice her going from qt to psycho. She a yandere, kinda important that i know how to write mood swings.


As always, feel free to critique my shitty mistakes.


Also, Chronicler, if you see this, just want you to know that the first 2-3 links to my scenes in the Gdoc are the very first drafts that i posted as a guest, the updated ones are all in my pastebin.


File: 1d77aad45fb3dae⋯.png (858.14 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, 1d77aad45fb3dae3f0e2bbc430….png)


Why not constantly birthing hyperpreg broodmother (immobilized perhaps)? Sounds perfect for this fetish.



A cook would be nice. Depending on what you want to do, she could take edibles off your hands when you don't feel like running to town to sell and produce meals that give temporary buffs and non-transformative hunger reduction for hardcore players.

She could also help the player make cum based meals for his harem and daughters if he has the output for it.

The Mrs. Coffee thing adds acknowledgement of a cooking area that grows with camp population that you could hook it into.



You seem to be very quickly expanding your plans into a massive project, given that you'll need to do a bunch of scene variations for extremely different characters. I'm not saying you shouldn't work on it or anything, but you might want to start out with a smaller scope and see if you can add more later.



>The Mrs. Coffee thing adds acknowledgement of a cooking area that grows with camp population that you could hook it into

Yeah, i really liked that part, it does make sense too.



He said he'd rather avoid using existing characters.

Though having her be originally found in the bakery or the bar, unable to find work due to no positions needing filling seems a decent start.



There is not. But considering he's gay and clearly attracted to a male player, he might be willing to down a pink egg or two and whatever Rath could cook up to override the bro brew he drinks.


Hmm, bimboing and dedicking her just might work.

One of the biggest problems, aside from the sheer amount of scenes you'd need to change to remove her, has been that her character revolves around her dick, so she's blank without it. But if she's a bimbo, that doesn't matter, they're pretty braindead in general. Just make sure she has likes about how she's "like, sooo happy to like not have a cock anymore."

A tough fight with a fetal version of Toath when you remove her cock would probably be in order, of course.


If he wants to go through all the trouble of purging Urta from existing scenes to give us some way to make her tolerable, I say go for it.


I'd say make a toggleable universal variable for defining when Urta is removed from appearing in these scenes not connected to your specific events. That way, your stuff could flip it, someone else's event chain could flip it, or if someone just wanted to make a quick kill scene, it could flip it. And the end result is the same, she doesn't appear in all these otherwise contaminated scenes.

For example. I would love to enslave, defuta her and turn her into just another brood womb. Especially with hyperpreg or broodmother stuff. But I'm not interested in just becoming a general slave merchant, though. Player choice stuff.


File: f42d65a340eabee⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1165x947, 1165:947, f42.png)


Thank god you're back.



>Fetal taoth boss fight

God i would murderrape him so hard that getting caught by the demons would had been a better fate



Lethice, Toath and the Elder Thing are down. Now for Fera and Anzu.


The rabbit-girls from this game are pretty shitty and herms

So, is it bad if we rip-off the Ice Bunny from Xenoblade?


File: ea96e7a9c1567d6⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1532019597629.webm)


Forgot WEBM



Yeah, they're basically easter content that wasn't put behind a holiday gate. And universally futa shit because Fen.



https://pastebin.com/USKPDbi6 - Went through the lesbian sex scenes

You still struggle with awkwardness in a lot of your wording and trust me, you will continue to do so for a while longer. I didn't point them all out, that would take a lot more time than I have, and I don't know if I could find good alternatives for everything. The only thing you can do to help that would be reading more English literature. There is no quick and easy way around that, books are your friends. That will also help you with acquiring a larger vocabulary.

Commas are another bane of yours. It's gotten a lot better, but still needs more work. Sadly, I can't help you much there, as I do most of them by heart and don't know all that many rules. One note about commas before "as": if you can substitute it with "while", then use no comma, but if you could use "because" instead, then it needs one, like in my previous sentence there. An exception would be if you inject a dependant clause before it, like: "You pump into her, all your muscles straining with the gargantuan effort, as the voices in your head beg you to strangle that heretical whore."

You have a lot of line breaks within paragraphs, you want to avoid that in CoC. I corrected them without comment. Remember to only ever hit enter to create a new paragraph.


File: 77f534fc6ea5634⋯.jpg (137.81 KB, 1202x1200, 601:600, Remi21847.jpg)


i'm doing the corrections for p1 right now;

A lot of this stuff still goes over my head. I do try my best to keep your corrections in mind as I continue writing but I still slip into bad habits i'm sure.

I do read quite a bit, things like the witcher and metro books have been pretty good so far. Didn't have the dosh for more books this month though.

I'll give this a look through once I think finished the p1 corrections. thanks again.


File: e65909b9e87af7a⋯.jpg (282.34 KB, 638x825, 58:75, sambiote.jpg)


Creepy. I like it!


File: 48834368b732139⋯.png (12.73 KB, 223x200, 223:200, 1426390204002.png)



Not the same anon who did the p1 corrections, but good to know you're doing exactly what you need to. After reading through a book once, it helps to have a more detailed look at it. Things like sentence structure, punctuation usage, quirks that particular author might have. You don't need to emulate anyone 1:1, but it's always worth it to have a look and see if you like anything specific and can use that in your own writing.



Very minor/autistic point, but your example with the participial clause needs a comma because the dependent clause needs them on both sides due to being an interjection.


Comma rules in English can be tricky because some of them are optional depending on the logic/flow of the sentence (e.g., introductory phrases and interjections). I would say as long as you have the obligatory ones 100% down, you should be mostly fine. The ones you seem most confused about are with conjunctions. Coordinating conjunctions (like and or but) need commas before them when they conjoin two independent clauses (subject + predicate). The subject is the most important part for identification there; I see you using commas with just two verbs sometimes. If any of those terms are unfamiliar to you, there are probably internet resources better at explaining this than me.

I can start in on part 2, and if that other anon wants to look at part 6, I think all of the parts will have had at least one good pass through.


Yeah, if us being the same person was confusing, it's because I shamelessly stole his format a while back.



don't forgot carol, a seemingly(at least here) forgotten goddess from vanilla

https ://coc-revamp.wikia.com/wiki/Carol



I wouldn't say i'm doing exactly what i need too… but I'm trying my best at least.

I really do want to make decent content for the game so hopefully these corrections stick with me a bit.


>Very minor/autistic point, but your example with the participial clause needs a comma because the dependent clause needs them on both sides due to being an interjection.

I see. These are words. I'll look this up real quick.


Regardless I appreciate you both looking through my work, realistically I should be doing it myself.

Reading back what you spent a few hours on is a dissatisfying experience at least for me. I try and do it anyway but I obviously still miss stuff so it is really nice to have others combing through it and giving me proper corrections.


Did they/you guys add more content in which you can have kids with characters in the worlds or is it the same amount as from fenoxos version



She's not a goddess.



I think some added content involves some player kids. There's definitely upcoming content that adds such.

Frans kids. Some stuff to bring goblins home. A unique daughter from Snuggles the crow merchant and a unique eldritch daughter from managing to beat and rape the Elder Thing from the special Cuckthulu dungeon.



Fuck off, newfag, figure it out for yourself.


And of course there has to be an equally new retard spoonfeeding the blatantly obvious immigrant.


Anyone been playing through the unbirthing content? I'd be interested in getting feedback on things that might need changed before it gets implemented.


File: f98669658cf099d⋯.jpg (5.48 KB, 316x59, 316:59, paid DLC.jpg)


>realistically I should be doing it myself

It's far more difficult to spot your own mistakes than someone else's. Your brain knows what you intended to write and tends to screw you over, giving you a "corrected" version as you read, especially when the writing is fresh. Plus, you're always biased, positively or negatively, towards your own stuff.

By the way, please do make your pastes public, makes them so much easier to find.



I wouldn't worry about it too much. Everyone needs help from time to time, and you're putting out content people like.

Sorry if the grammatical terms I use aren't always totally clear (for instance, it seems people use "participle clause" more than "participial"). There's probably a simple primer on clauses somewhere that'll get you most of the way.

One other thing I realized I didn't mention is that I think you use "which" and "that" to describe nouns a bit much. It can really throw off the flow of a sentence, especially when it's in the middle. I can't give you a super clear guideline, but see if you can make some of them into adjectives (participles are your friends here).


File: f72e9c809c2d0d9⋯.png (158.39 KB, 490x470, 49:47, kiri smug.png)





I'll make them all public soon. just about to finish touching up p7.


Yeah I don't know why I have the habit of putting which and that to describe nouns. I must've picked it up from somewhere; or i'm retarded and thought it sounded right to do that.

Probably the retarded thing tbh.



Give more information, because I have no clue what you're talking about. What do you mean by rival? What character? What specifically was the scene?



I'm a dumbass and posted in the wrong thread. Ignore my idiocy, please.


File: 7cbbaec5bb40ded⋯.png (44.7 KB, 554x439, 554:439, SpqCZCv.png)

2hufag here one last time before I go to sleep.

I posted all my current works to pastebin and made them all public.

>hope i don't get banned for the lolis though. feelsbadman.

If I don't lose power tomorrow i'll have all day to work on Snuggles so that'll be nice. I started her follower interactions, though i'm not satisfied with them atm. I'm pretty sure no one in the player's camp would give a shit about her selling shit looted from corpses.



wait the farm can be taken? how? what happens?



Jojo might care about the dead bodies not getting a proper burial if you want to go that route. The only other follower interaction I can think of is Bimbo Sophie or Helia mistaking her for a harpy.



If you forcefully transform Kelt into Kelly, Whitney will give you the boot from the farm, leaving your only interaction on visiting being to visit Kelly.

But you have the option of corrupting Whitney into your slave and taking the farm. But it's absolutely awful.



>You get to breed goblin with a purpose to the point your camp is like a city full of them

Yes please


somehow I lost all my saves, which makes debugging quite a lot harder.

Can anyone upload their saves here? I could use saves of all types of characters, from lvl 1 to 99.


File: 1a5a8a12a22eab1⋯.swf (12.41 KB, Walter.swf)


Here's a random one. Also not sure if you saw the bug reports I put in the previous thread, so I'll post them again in case.

>Helia's cuckening start needs a check for her to be in your camp instead of finishing her dungeon, very awkward scene if she hasn't joined you yet.

>Drider's "RideOviAnal" scene doesn't work properly if you do not have a vagina. Clicking the button just clears the text, and pressing leave will display half of the correct scene, but it end abruptly and no pregnancy happens. Works just fine for females, futas, or what else can have a vagina.

And another one I fixed in my repo a while ago that I completely forgot about:

>DesertCave.as, Line 2415, if you have 100 intelligence (or more, if that's possible), you cannot have low enough corruption to not trigger the fight with the sand witch queen. Can't have negative corruption values, so you can't win.



Forgot to mention, this file has been save edited to hell and back, if it's not obvious looking at the chosen perks.


File: 861ea9de8ab427b⋯.swf (9.47 KB, current.swf)


that's my current save



thanks for the save and the reports.




File: b782bb890640bb5⋯.swf (12.63 KB, lolidrider.swf)


Unedited loli char produced just by repeatedly using ascension reset.

Currently has drider ovipositor


File: c14a57373506172⋯.swf (11.65 KB, Ascension grind.swf)


Save just before ascension but after the grind


Is there any plans for Ember? She's been my favorite and am deeply eager for her continuation as she has a lot of potential.

Been waiting for her corrupted route were she goes full rape machine on you and is not so tsundere and submissive.





Woah there, buddy, you might want to consider lurking a bit or jumping off a cliff before posting.


File: bfcfa21c970c9e5⋯.swf (10.85 KB, Save.swf)


Mihari ready to adventure out, pure human LV40.



I was gonna post mine, but they somehow ceased to exist.

Gonna make another char and post it here when i get some levels if you still need.



Well, plans there are a lot, but no one really wrote too much content to her, a guy wrote the loli ember shit, but nothing else by my knowledge.



>calling oca a namefag

Ask me how I know you're a newfag.



Technically, he is a namefag.



I was wrong, she does mention the drider children when you talk to her about it later.

You get both types of children, not just driders.



Alright who had the brilliant idea to namedrop /hgg/ again?



Does she seem to continue making them once you do it once like normal ant kids, or is it something you have to specifically do each time like normal impreg stuff?

More importantly, do they stick around in camp, and are they logged under your children statistics?



Doesn't seem to passively increase on it's own.

Drider children are tracked (there's a stat for ant children, drider children, and total children).

I'll try seeing if anything happens if I turn off normal egg laying or from the stat getting high



There's some idiot that keeps spamming hgg to on fenoxo's private group channels

at least that's what my FRIEND to told me



Much appreciated. If they're tracked, and especially if they don't interfere with each other, I'll probably test on exactly how much transformation you need to be able to lay eggs, or better yet, see if drider oviposition is one of the perks you can make permanent via ascension just so I can max my brood potential.



So far as I can tell she just doesn't ever trigger the drider scene if she's not laying regular eggs also.

Ovipositor is not saveable unfortunately, you need spider 8 to have it (demon 4 + spider 8 seems like the optimal build for gunloli's anyway, since you get big speed and int bonuses), though I normally have that anyway because it's my fetish.

Note, I've got almost no information about how anything changes if you have a cock or aren't a child.



Nah, scratch that. Neither spider nor bee oviposition are on the list of racial abilities you can make permanent on ascension.

Satyr sexuality is however. So that's interesting.



Well that's all a shame, hmm. Hopefully it'll be made savable. Because I've played drider before, and I just honestly don't like the limitations of taur body shapes.



or snek body shapes



More gobbo stuff. Some basic scenes for getting Tamani's daughters in camp, minor changes to the largest church description for characters with satyr sexuality.



We goblin kings now son.


Tips for newfags like>>265140 so you don't look like idiots:

>Before asking anything scroll up to the last version posted and read the changelog. Reading previous posts is also a good idea, as it can answer many questions.

>in the previous threads there's a save editor you can use to test anything you want

>people with names here are contributors to the mod the names are to help identifying them not for attention whoring

>if you want new content put into the mod then write it, don't expect others to do it for you. Asking for proofreading and feedback is fine.

>Asking for suggestions to improve quality is also fine, nobody expects you to be a pro (just better than the self-insert tier crap).

>Lurk more. Even the rules say it.

Most of this should go without saying but might as well post a reminder.


File: cab325301b23f34⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Bait bolg vs Baitgarach.jpg)



Why are you two faggots restarting an already extinguised fire?





Not this shit again.


File: 9a1e5ec2e8eca8c⋯.jpg (48.21 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1517784682886.jpg)

Can someone explain me why the fuck this shit has exploded out of nowhere?


Are we being raided?



Looks like it



Just ignore them, they're just asking for you's. It's probably just a gay raid, if you read >>265226

This is just a raid of autists trying divide and conquer shit. This is embarrassing, first some retard posts his mensa card, now retards are coming in droves pretending they give a damn about some obscure mod. I thought the autistic and lazy ideafagging was enough. But they just keep coming.


Just for (you) The guy was blatantly begging people to write for him.



If i remember well there is already food for that?



Why not buy vitality tinctures, scholars tea and then biscuits from the desert city? just live on those. That is what I always do.



>living on tea and biscuits

Is our champion british?



Well, realistically those vitality tinctures that (ant? what is his name giacimo?) merchant sells would probably have loads of vitamins.

Also maybe i'll try to write up a hunting action that the player can do. Other stuff comes first though.


If it keeps me a pure human then that is all that matters. I did try writing up a garden, but it isn't all that good; and i don't really know what it needs exactly to be functional.



>Well, realistically those vitality tinctures that (ant? what is his name giacimo?) merchant sells would probably have loads of vitamins.

Arian went from a sick wimpy lizard to a STRONK nerdy lizard by drinking that so if anything living by drinking that stuff is going to be more than viable


File: 4979401354939fc⋯.gif (88.61 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1371033437810.gif)


there was a big CoC thread on cuckchan's /v/ yesterday and people linked here


Fucking hell



They're probably too OP tbh; they give great stat increases, and heal hunger for a good amount. Don't think i ever did a playthrough where I don't just chug down tea vit tinctures and then eat a stack of biscuits.

Always max str, toughness, and int with those items then just pour my points from leveling into spd.

Still don't if there is a way to increase stats past 100 without turning into a weird degenerate though. smh.


I wasn't a newfag but you banned me over and over just because I shared some ideas. I didn't deserve that. You all freaked out all because I had an idea you didn't like "unbirthing content" which some other anon was already adding in anyway, so now I'll get my revenge and post the link to this very thread literally everywhere in the damn internet, unless you say sorry and let me share my ideas without banning me







Ascending raises max stats by 25 each time, to a max of 200.

It still does this if you have ascension reset on, which means you'll be a new char with higher max stats in the regular world.

My current character (NG+16) has 240 speed in a non NG+ world.



>unless you say sorry

>i did nothing wrong

>i'm totally not a newfag

>stop banning me or else

is this guy underage


File: 68c3a77b0a707cf⋯.jpg (206.74 KB, 1273x717, 1273:717, 20100220204531.jpg)




File: 5e874fcb1fa63f2⋯.jpg (20.65 KB, 300x241, 300:241, A pimp named slipback.jpg)


Bruh, I've been here a long bloody time but your behavior takes the retard cake.


Some faggots linking to this thread all over /pol/ saying you're putting CP into this game.

just letting you degenerates know you're doing gods work



Oh shit. I always just deleted my saves and restarted when I finished the final dungeon. Guess i should give the ascension thing a try next time.


File: 210bd0428053687⋯.jpg (28.14 KB, 450x430, 45:43, stock-photo-smiling-senior….jpg)


>it's real


The power of weaponized autism, sage because this is completely off topic.




Same happened on /leftypol/. Does this retard not know he's on fucking 8chan?





He's doing it on /tv/ too.


File: b1736a3bed2add0⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 600x340, 30:17, lolloli.gif)


>The guy gets banned for being a faggot

>Tries to assemble a personal army



same on /tech/



>looking for a personal army against loli

>on /a/

Is that faggot trying to get banned everywhere?



/k/ as well.


File: fab6242885c6edd⋯.png (50.65 KB, 250x293, 250:293, ce8483006c14447cb170c832f9….png)


/leftypol/ here

the fuck is going on

dumb fuck keeps spamming links all over the board



A faggot


File: faae7083fd02346⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 818x585, 818:585, faa.jpg)



He's buttmad that people wouldn't write his sick fetish and put it into the game, so he's spaming the link claiming that there's CP here when there's only people laughing at his retardation. Just ban him and you'll be fine.



To be fair unbirth wasn't the problem the problem was him acting like a bitch




>now this

What is it with you guys and hilarious shitstorms?



People get too serious over porn game?



nothing generates autism fueled sperg-outs like fetish content


So I got here from one of the spam threads going around and I am very confused, but not in the normal sense.

I know of and like Fenoxo's stuff, and have played the CoC that's on his website, but this appears to be something different/extra? And people here don't like Fenoxo? I have no understanding of the internal politics of fetish games.

Also, how do I play your guys' version on mac, cause last time I tried downloading the game a few years ago it didn't work.


File: 816717dd4c4e085⋯.jpg (238.94 KB, 841x1182, 841:1182, even more moth.jpg)

>took a break off the internet for a month

>came back

>some autist is spilling his beans everywhere in this very moment

I love this place so goddamn much.

Mothgirl when, by the way?



Only the most autistic of autists actually cares about a 26 year old text based bestiality simulator made in macromedia flash.

Only the most supreme autists of THOSE autists cares enough to visit the thread and voice their opinion on it.

And it takes a special kind of mega-sperg - the sort of arch-autist that only appears once in a thousand years, the kind that can only be born after countless hours of gestation and fermentation inside a dimly lit room in his parents' house - to consider writing content for such a game, and actually put effort into such an undertaking.

And for every ten thousand of those ultra-high-functioning autismal case studies, there exists one sperg, a chosen sperg, an uber-sperg, touched personally by Satan's mentally retarded stepchild himself. Only a combination of drinking while pregnant, a family history of mental deviancy, a freak accident involving being bitten by a radioactive Finnish person, and a grand sacrifice of millions of puzzle pieces and legos in the name of the God of Autism can bring forth such a failure of the human race. It is said that his very personage shines in every color of the autism spectrum, even in the ultraviolet range. He can turn any social interaction awkward by the mere thought of his existence. He possesses an infinite wellspring of secondhand embarrassment, which he constantly unleashes upon the world. The prophecies say you shall know him by his unending torrent of anal anguish, and his cursed mark: an unholy seal which reads


May god have mercy on us all.


File: 7aeba0730789a32⋯.png (61.58 KB, 200x255, 40:51, Baned.png)


Moth is dead. Hurricane won. Love is over.


File: 367c0fd3e8d325d⋯.jpg (465.22 KB, 1000x802, 500:401, 367.jpg)


The faggot who got banned again was responsible for this post.


Again, pushing his fetish and not shutting up about it.

As for CoC, read the OP. This is a mod which has undone most of Fenoxo's furry shit by implementing a non-furry mode, removes mentions of snouts and stuff and makes them more monster-girl than anything as well as fixing up the battle system. Urta being a damn exception still though, she's been quarantined and hopefully fixed soon.

To play the mod, get the latest .swf from the mega link the go to adobe flash link and download "the Flash Player projector". Combine two and done.



In a nutshell

>Fenoxo is a faggot that sold his soul for furry money twisting his original project into a mess of broken dreams and promises

>People didn't liked that and made mods

>Fenoxo and his gaggle of faggots didn't like people messing with the game trying to prevent people of doing so

>Here we don't give a fuck about his bullshit



Did… CoC really start back in the 90s? I only remember it getting big around 06 or 07 when it was close to complete I think.


File: 34d42d17aa1a6a2⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1662x2160, 277:360, moth (2).jpg)


N-no… It can't be.This is a nightmare…

You're just messing with me, right?



>What is it with you guys and hilarious shitstorms?

No matter where you are, turbosperg awaits you.

It's true for all boards here.


File: 7cb8e9d8093630f⋯.png (491.92 KB, 497x641, 497:641, 1538838266802.png)

File: fd3087dc27ca93e⋯.jpg (14.61 KB, 514x294, 257:147, 1538745844135.jpg)



as is just

we don't need your kind coming down here to just roast us


File: b96724acbf9bd5a⋯.png (30.85 KB, 1107x291, 369:97, The Autist.png)

Capped. Perfectly sums this up.


File: 12efd5755a6b48d⋯.jpg (747.29 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, 12efd5755a6b48d8516d1539d7….jpg)


Where one hero falls, another must rise to bear up his torch.



How can you play CoC if you aren't able to read?




Thanks. I don't terribly mind furry stuff but I do prefer other things more so I'll check it out. I suppose that explains why TiTS has so many furries for no real reason.


File: 575c41781f2fd46⋯.jpg (92.37 KB, 700x744, 175:186, ebc82323f6881682_hq.jpg)


I'm 100% sure moth anon is still around. (i think)They have been (kindly) proofreading my work. which probably cuts into their own.


File: af1b3cb694eb36b⋯.jpg (172.66 KB, 983x1300, 983:1300, mothsummore.jpg)


That's good news, Anon.



I don't mind furry stuff either but oversaturation does make you want to never see the damn thing ever again



member when futa was unique and cool?

yeah me neither




Holy shit, I thought this game was from 2010, that’s the first time I played it as “Unnamed text game”



i think you mean furries in general



Complete is an overstatement though


File: b79b2d9f73f69a0⋯.jpg (230.98 KB, 1001x1147, 1001:1147, b79.jpg)


You know anon, first the ntr fags, then the mensa anon, and now the newfag shitshow. This thread just clowncar, and I adore it. I do hope the constant shitshows don't deter our other writefags.




Oh yeah i totally forgot about the mensa anon that was really amusing



I was debating writing a short scene for sillymode, where if your character breaks over 100 int, you get invited to join the mareth version of mensa. But it's actually a bunch of furfag losers literally circlejerking in a darkroom.



After you have enough goblins your newly fortified camp should probably count as being guarded, disabling imp attacks.


File: bebc2449bb36bbc⋯.jpg (80.82 KB, 600x450, 4:3, CATstanza.jpg)

>flash game

Into the trash it goes.



Do it, you have my blessings.



To be fair the game is really fucking old so yeah no one wants to port it to something else




Not dead (and this hurricane probably won't change that), but editing and real life have cut into my work a bit.


File: 3e9252d25093b81⋯.jpg (13.33 KB, 218x231, 218:231, images.jpg)


The hurricane already passed me (apparently). hope it doesn't give you any problems friend.

So i'll see what I can get done with Snuggles today. I'm starting on the Smiles intro scene. So i'll probably have that posted tonight assuming my net doesn't piss on me.


File: c0584e8bb87bfa9⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 492x449, 492:449, tiresome.jpg)


It would be easier if the original code wasn't such a clusterfuck.




>Last message on that reddit was good four days ago

This thread will get archived before someone from there check the link



>Evil pedo cult

Sadly satan left us





he's spamming the shit on /r9k/ also. it actually got me excited because i thought some new loli content had been added, or the alice encounter was given more depth. RIP.



At this point I have to think it's all some elaborate troll at the expense of the original user.

No way anyone is this stupid.



There is loli vampire pretty far in writing



Fran, the vampire loli is ready for implementation, so there’s new loli content



>No way anyone is this stupid.

anon… the vertigo-inducing heights of human intellect keep growing with each generation, and conversely so do the abyssal depths of pure unbridled stupidity.



>No way anyone is this stupid.

You would be surprised.

After former /pol/ BO had genius idea to ban site administrator. Made me think that human stupidity is truly infinite.



Transhumanism can't come soon enough



Well, I can imagine why he's former BO


So we can reach superhuman levels of stupidity and bask in the following internet drama?





File: 7a9af0ee944cee6⋯.jpg (26.54 KB, 540x611, 540:611, 43400797_10215248230311902….jpg)


This is amazing




I love how this mod actually feeds off of idiot trolling instead of being dragged down by it.

I'm both impressed and bemused that the content I wrote inspired the current turbo shit-fest. At this point I'm embarrassed I entertained writing up some of that blatant twelve year old's ideas. Will never understand the person who sees the two options of "back off and try doing the easy thing anons suggested" and "act like a mental patient to everyone's detriment, including my own," and then chooses the second option.

oca, you need me to do anything while you look into that issue I'm having with merging my writing?


File: 365fd4f8b1134aa⋯.jpg (134.45 KB, 368x521, 368:521, 3453.jpg)

2hufag here; wrote up Snuggles interactions with other followers; Child intro; and scenes of you Snuggling with them both at night. One for Snuggles; and one for both her and Smiles.

https://pastebin.com/W4458YHe - Snuggles the Crow P5: WIP events+Smiles intro

Anyway i'll probably do the smiles interactions (lewd and wholesome) then go back adding more events, interactions, and then finally do some fem pc content for Snuggles and smiles.

I guess after I finish this stuff (obviously i'll still do any editing that people point out, or that i find on re-readings), the next project i'll work on is the mandragora waifu(s) i guess?



Doing gobbs work anon.


File: 86b20e3a54d4867⋯.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1278x1800, 71:100, 1f6a794f3e97f4ac482a3e827….jpeg)


I'm already looking forward to seeing more of Smiles. Nice work.


File: 6177ef0a8fc20ff⋯.jpg (92.06 KB, 720x579, 240:193, content.jpg)


File: 782feb25eef9fcf⋯.png (156.46 KB, 382x382, 1:1, 782feb25eef9fcfc26126cdf9e….png)












What an amazing thing to wake up to.

Just for this, I'm going to write a babycon scene for newborn gobbos being initiated into your religious little family.

Wouldn't want to disappoint the pedo cult, after all.


Makes sense, added a note for if someone who can code picks this up to disable imp attacks at 100 gobs.



Thanks, lads.


Is it possible to remove the achievement(s) tied to urta's quest?

Not having it triggers my autism but I've been chain sleeping and nothing fucking happens and I'm about to kill myself.



Posting your save would help with debugging.












Since you're fiddling with ascension stuff, do you think you could make some more of the racial perks like ovipositers permable with ascension?



shouldn't be a problem.



You're a good man, OCA.


so, what is this Akbal's quest? how do i start it?



You seem pretty cool gobbanon

Are there anymore plans with Priscilla's stuff at all I feel like the stuff about her secret tribe of less corrupt goblins could really work with this, but it looks like there's nothing beyond her current scenes.



I play on mobile, it saves it as .coc which isn't recognized by the site. Do I just change the extension to .swf and post it or should I port it to pc and resave via the pc version?



Just changing the extension is probably fine but I don't know much about mobile or if the saves are compatible.


File: 6f2df61bba2a40a⋯.swf (11.49 KB, Mike.swf)


Might as well give it a try.



>Helia's minotaur ordeal will now only start after you completed her quest AND she's actually in your camp.

Is this one of the things you miss if you tell her not to fuck the Minotaur. It's been ages since I didn't tell her no and I don't know what's this is referring too.



I'm not entirely sure. I do plan to make it so she'll up and vanish when you knock her up instead of never getting pregnant, and let you bring said kids over if your gobbo settlement is big enough and you have very low corruption.

Other than that, not sure. I might add unique descriptions or functions to their city based on which groups you've brought in too.

Though, just because Pricilla's kids are purer than the average goblin doesn't mean they'll object to rampant linebreeding and patriarch worship. Because we all know father on daughter is the definition of wholesome.

Same goes for Abylon, who you normally can't knock up, and possibly Lumi, who you normally can't sex. I may add content for them as well.



Whoops, meant for >>265506



Oh, nice. Welcome back.

Not really a bug, but is it possible to get rid of the "You’ll probably come to your senses in eight hours or so" when losing a fight? It still shows in sparring sessions and the like, even the ones that don't have you black out if you lose.



If your sparring mate doesn't get knocked the fuck out upon defeat you are doing it wrong



Just read the pastebine. You are a real Hero. However what is the reasoning behind the limiting pc's height to 10 feet or more to be able to select your daughters as sleeping parthers? Haven't played the game for a while - who is Abylon?



Mostly just so you can be crowded by smols.

I should remove the height limit unless you want multiples to sleep with you. You know, so there's enough lap space for them to all ride themselves pregnant in the morning in a timely manner.

And Abylon is a goblin in Tel'adre who's implied to be one of Tamani's daughters from before she met the player. She likes to pretend she's different from normal goblins, but the second she gets excited, she acts contrary to that claim. You only meet her as part of Scyllia's events, though.



Thanks for the answer. Yeah it's makes sense for there be no limit to height, but to cum production. The more you have the more you can impregnate through the night. Are there plans (in we hope not very distant future) to add Tamani, Abylon, etc to your camp as broodmothers?



what about mitzi?

would she be just another named gobo for breeding, or would you be willing to repurpose her content from TiTS, which in itself was repurposed from her intended content of CoC(which is something chronicle anon said he might look on the feasibility of doing so)?


File: 8819b3c9b21e52f⋯.jpg (178.91 KB, 800x1176, 100:147, 5853be87824b5d88633275584e….jpg)

Symbiote anon here!

i bring you both the longest scene i've written yet, by about triple the length of the second longest, and it's also my first smut scene ever!


Also it's the final dream scene, fuckin finally.

It ends on a cliffhanger, cause honestly i am burned out for today. This shit took me about 2 hours and a half christ that was long.

anyway i want to hear what you think because again first sex scene i ever make in my life. don't hold back those criticisms will ya?



Not from me, no. I'm getting the kids worked in, because I just like the idea of keeping your kids close instead of wandering around the wilds. In the same vein, when I'm done with this I was probably gonna do a short override for the shark-daughter bad end you get for fucking too many random shark girls at the lake. So you can smack their shit, bring them home and have them periodically collect other shark kids you set prowling instead of you just having an instaloss bad end. Maybe some other events where the player would feasibly have a way to track down and drag home his kids, like the spider girl hatching even from knocking up the generic ones in the swamp.

But I don't really trust myself to have the chops for writing new, longform content for distinct characters like Tamani and others. I guess in a way, I'm just someone who's not a great writer just trying to do what he can to inspire and get the ball rolling on the content he wants instead of just sitting around and begging and hoping someone else does 100% of the work.


The minotaur king's goblin slave, right? I don't know what her TiTS content is, since I never played more of TiTS than the demo that went no further than the bar where you met your rival. But her CoC appearance had her mostly mindbroken, yes?

I suppose her place in it would be that given how stretched out she is, she can be subjected to tentacle dongings, make your kids watch as you show the them the stretch to aspire to if you have absurd endowments, and hyperpreg stuff because she can stretch to accommodate way more kids per pregnancy than the average gob.


File: 3a861627264eede⋯.png (543.46 KB, 808x989, 808:989, d90aeg1.png)

2hufag here again; power went out again. but came back. again. So i'll stay up and write more, since i'm sort of not doing anything tomorrow. Honestly, i'm enjoying writing in my free time more then playing video games.


Glad you're looking forward to Smiles, I'm still trying to figure out what scenes to do for her. Obviously I plan to have a threesome with Snuggles and Smiles worshiping your dick at least.


I'm really looking forward to this being finished. One thing I might say is for this line:

>"Her other hand goes down too, and she starts cupping your [balls] with gusto."

The PC might have a dick but no balls; so maybe adding a

>"[if PC has balls: Her other hand goes down too, and she starts cupping your [balls] with gusto.]"

I don't know if it is necessary to do that but… I mean it might be something to consider? sorry if that is bad feedback.

Anyway question: should I make it so the Smiles pregnancy takes longer then Snuggles? I mean Smiles is at least part human right? so I could use that as the reason her pregnancy would take longer. I'm still debating on if i'll make Smiles able to impregnate the PC; it would be inconsistent but I could make the PCs pregnancy faster as it'd be probably be inconvenient to have the PC preggo for too long.

As it stands I was thinking of making Fem-Smiles take at least a couple months maybe 4? I made Snuggles take one month away from the Players camp to have and raise up Smiles a bit. but you gotta have time to enjoy that preggo loli you feel me?



Glad you're looking forward to having a symbiotic yandere loli waifu. It warms my heart.

>sorry if that is bad feedback.

No, it is good actually cause i hadn't considered that a pc with a dick wouldn't have balls. It just hadn't crossed my mind cuz why would you have a dick but not balls?

As for preggo Smiles, i'm with you in taking your time enjoying the preggo loli, but i think 4 months is a bit excessive. Considering how much you can do in a day ingame, at some point players will just start mashing the rest/sleep button until the pregnancy is finished.

So i'd say fem-smiles could be preg for about 3 months, and even then it would take an eternity if you're just playing normally.

Or you could make smiles be able to take an item to speed up the pregnancy. That way those who want to enjoy preg loli can take their time and those who don't want to wait can just give her something to speed it up.




Could always make an option for ovi elixers to jump a few weeks per use or something.


Was away for a long time, who are Smiles, Snuggles and "symbiotic yandere loli waifu"?



More loli's is always a good thing in my book.

I mean if i play a femPC i always grow a dick so i can knock up Amily. Mouse waifu is too good to put a dick on her. but Obv don't want balls on my futas though.


Isabella has the option for that right? Should be fine for Smiles then too.


They're wip characters. Hopefully they'll be added to the game someday.

My plan was for Snuggles to become a merchant for the PCs camp; it'd just be faster then having to go to other places to sell off gear.

Smiles would be the PC and Snuggles kid; think of them like helspawn I guess? Except i'd want for the player to chose Smiles's gender.



Snuggles: crow waifu you can get pregnant

Smiles: son/daughter of said crow waifu

Ask 2hufag for more details.

Symbiotic yandere loli waifu: now THAT I can aswer, cause i'm her author.

Basically, you find a goo, you take it back with you, it fucks with your dreams and eats your emotions, you become its host and it wants to be together with you forever and ever, so it becomes a loli and you have sex with it. oh and it also has mood swings and bipolar tendencies aka a yandere.

here's all her scenes in order:










Thank you for existing guys. Looking forward for it. Also "crow waifu" - as in harpy-like monstergirl?


File: 6b32cf5e49552ea⋯.jpg (7.7 KB, 203x249, 203:249, s5891(1).jpg)


More like this tbh.



I may be wrong, but isn't she a tohou chick? Thanks, can't wait.



Well I mean they are calling me 2hufag for a reason. The vampire loli I did, and crowgirl are both based on 2hus

You can see other work i've written up so far here if you're interested.


While I don't know when what i write will be added to the game; i still find it pretty fun to write this stuff, so i'll keep going till i'm told to piss off enough times i guess.



Fuck me this utter devotion is adorable


Ok I finally managed to make that fucking pregnancy happen. For anyone as insane or autistic as I am, her pregnancy time is somewhere around 90 days, and no, it's not worth it. Fuck Fenoxo for adding this shit character that requires your mc to be a futa-loving fag to even interact with, and fuck whoever thought that pregnancy time was ok.

To 2hufag: since I just tested it myself I can tell you 3 months is a VERY long pregnancy time even spamming wait/sleep so an item to speed it up would be interesting. 4 months would definitely be excessive.





File: 8f57c7a2ab179ec⋯.gif (667 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 06kcHK5.gif)


I could just make it a month long; and speed up-able by using ovi-elixers.

Also I didn't even know you could get urta preggers. I mean outside of the quest option. Eh i still want to re-write her as a tan tomboy who is just ashamed that she isn't seen as girly enough; and remove the dick of course. meh maybe i'll write a new guard character who's like that.



Giantess with 22-month pregnancy when



Yeah, after the fertility quest shit, she can just impregnate or be impregnated at will, and there's even a character who only shows up to watch her kids and beg the player for cum/egg samples for fertility research or some shit.


File: 086ffadf21b87da⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 327862.jpg)


Option to take the oni girl in the high mountains home, make a bit bigger and be our devoted oni waifu whom we have lots of children with when? I guess a rough oni waifu is just a distant dream.


You're a braver anon then I to actually suffer through her content. I guess fucking a maid/nani would be kind of hot though. Assuming that is how that character who wants your nut/eggs works. You can fuck the bitch watching the kids right?

Rather would just cheat with a save editor to avoid urta as much as possible though if i wanted to check myself.



Actually fuck it. Give me a couple hours.



I only suffered her content halfway through years ago when I didn't know better about Urta.

I only found out about the nanny a few days ago when trying to scrape through to find all the Urta shit for the Anon want to gate it, and just found myself wondering who the hell that character was.



>I'm going to write a babycon scene for newborn gobbos

Do it.


Good shit, but one thing does seem a bit off. It reads like she is as tall as you are, which is unlikely unless the player is also a child. You might want to add something like “she jumps up and wraps her arms around your neck” if the player is over a certain height.


Somehow you keep hitting all my fetishes, you're going to end up spoiling me at this rate. Anyway I would vote for two to three months with the option to speed the pregnancy up with items.



Out of curiosity, what fetish in particular?



You don't fuck the nanny. She just milks you for fluids/eggs.



Lolicon/shotacon, pregnancy, oyakodon, incest, and tender lovemaking in the missionary position with an eye towards procreation.


File: c706b3dc63ff70e⋯.jpg (51.5 KB, 307x449, 307:449, c70.jpg)


Ah, I see you are also a dong of culture.



A shame. Maybe someday we'll have a cute devoted maid in our camp who'll watch our children for us as well as let us put children in her.



Nice to see other also people have good tastes.

Unfortunately I doubt i'll be able make every character i try to write able to have good pregnancy content. I'll at least try my best though.


File: 21ba9bae33a4bff⋯.jpg (216.19 KB, 1596x2257, 1596:2257, Everybody Ought to Have a ….jpg)


>Maybe someday we'll have a cute devoted maid in our camp who'll watch our children for us as well as let us put children in her


File: 219affdffb4ee16⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 485x600, 97:120, 7daa.jpg)


maybe for that vamp dungeon i'll be writing. a third vamp loli and devoted maid combo? no reason not to.



That sounds awesome. I just couldn't resist making a Sakuya reference, your post was practically begging for it.



>Time stopping fuckery from both sides if you bring the homu shield



Is she in game yet. Cause I'll start a new build for this.



>you stop time using the clockwork shield

>the vampire maid uses time stop

>The rest of the world is frozen, now its only you and her


Make her a Dhampyr.



He also posted it to fucking leddit, lmaooo.



>She trows all her limbs around you, hugging you with everything she's got.








mods, requesting cleanup.


lmao sperg can't even spam properly, what an embarrassment


File: e26a8c143e8c862⋯.jpg (85.86 KB, 500x628, 125:157, Nobody important cares.jpg)







File: aed5fe5a8506be0⋯.jpg (100.82 KB, 582x1034, 291:517, 827.jpg)

Man I sure love lolis! Yuck 'yuck!


File: 2303b620f72ba15⋯.jpg (60.81 KB, 480x479, 480:479, ww.jpg)

/f/ finally snapped


Honestly, the splerg had a better chance of upsetting people when he was just a newfag with shitty ideas. Being this desperate for attention is just funny.



Oh man did i really missed the second coming? I always end up missing the fun



She's really good. Can't wait.


Awww. Always like interactions, smiles will be a good kid.


Thumbs up. It'll be interesting to see how she develops now that she has a form.



He just got banned/erased for the umpteenth time. This time he was spamming a couple threads with what might have been a bot.


File: e63af9e48320f9b⋯.jpg (31.83 KB, 397x859, 397:859, eee6fb5e75e341afecdfe3f242….jpg)


Cool, i wasn't expecting a physical form. Do you have any plans for us to be able to wear her in combat?




feels horrible man

now we can only imagine how platinum mad he was


File: e4d3cdf02447d40⋯.png (373.3 KB, 839x929, 839:929, ClipboardImage.png)


wasn't much to see


which NPCs are hit by loli mode again?



Ember, Shouldra and the church gargoyle.


File: bfeb8a19c826373⋯.jpeg (370.39 KB, 850x1168, 425:584, 172.jpeg)


I can't imagine being that seething over a porn game


File: 108e2cbcfcf0572⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1969x5906, 1969:5906, ych___makaishinsei_shinki_….png)

File: f3c7b54f2fabc73⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1969x5906, 1969:5906, ych___makaishinsei_shinki_….png)


He should grab big bottles of the most potent hemorrhoid salve he can find. Those levels of butthurt can't be healthy.


File: f4e9e6d20a48020⋯.jpg (51.21 KB, 622x643, 622:643, gosling meme.jpg)



He even made an image to spam? Wow this guy is SERIOUS BUISNESS!



God damn, that autism.



So far you only posted on reddit and 8ch fag. What a sad display.



>Lil' Wayne, shemale, "wife" porn that can easily slip into cuck, hypocritical teen lust, vegan.

Not sure what to be most disgusted at.


But is he banner worthy?


I know my writing is slow, but by seeing how often other writer anons update their stuff I just now realize HOW slow it actually is. Such dedication, wish I had half of it.


does the apk have more content?



Don't worry, dude, I'm here on that boat with you. I don't know how to get off though.




Not in the game yet, I still have a ton of scenes to write for her.


I can't think of a better word/way to describe what she does, so yeah. Throws.



She will have a bit of character development, but not much. She's a mostly static character really.


Yeah. I thought about making her the light armor counterpart to Valeria. But unlike Valeria, I also want her to be unequipped out of battle, because one thing that's always irked me is how you have to take Valeria off in the camp just to talk to her. Like what the fuck, you are wearing her, why can't you talk to her?!



He's just trying to slide the thread into being "anti loli". Chan culture is by nature promoting anons to strike against the 'new norm', and the NTR cuck is trying to tap into that to make people "rise against loli".

Pretty basic and low level chanology tbh, I guess he's an enbittered level 32 oldfag with an NTR fetish. Luckily the samurai are on the case.


File: 88b0b90882d49e7⋯.png (180.34 KB, 600x329, 600:329, TheJewsFearTheSamurai.png)





>Thinking that sperging all across the boards where no one cares is going to do anything at all

Pick one


Why is Ember so ignored by the mod community here?

She was never finished.



>She was never finished.

Maybe you just answered your own question?



well you would need to find someone who would be interested in writing for her; or take up the task yourself.



There are also quite a few dragons/lizards in the game already, so not that tempting to finish.


File: 70eb5f626e3b750⋯.jpg (301.2 KB, 1200x1936, 75:121, 3. Nix.jpg)

Husky-anon here. Wrote enough that I feel I can update, twice as long as it was before.


Still need to improve it, make it less messy to read and if eventually edit it so it's easier to implement, if it's good enough for that. Beside some polish, all there is to do is to write a win/loose rape scene, which will be quite difficult. Then I'll be moving to building affection and interactions.


I was thinking and I would like to know if we could get some more ntr content recently there hasn't been enough.


File: 66e357fb0fab451⋯.jpg (57.43 KB, 625x626, 625:626, BAIT.jpg)




Do you really think we'll cater to your degenerate filth here? We only cater to the most refined of fetishes, like loli content and cocknursing. NTR is just crossing the line, m'boi.



If you want it, write it.


File: 3d51cd49aafc8ad⋯.gif (692.38 KB, 1009x738, 1009:738, xxKI27P.gif)


Keep it up husky anon. I believe in you.


File: 43e0d951838399d⋯.png (374.9 KB, 533x813, 533:813, bleach.png)


>I'm just putting my idea out there.

Oh my fucking god he's back.


I'd say the decisions get a bit excessive at the start, but so far it's looking promising. I'm glad the weather effects aren't holding you back.


File: 745659667903ad1⋯.jpg (37.37 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 745.jpg)


You're an outside board influence, probably from fag95, they have bitch niggas like you ask for cuck content all the time.


Then take it back, too many ideas get thrown around. If you want it in and you actually care enough about said idea, which you obviously don't from just discarding it, then write it yourself.



It's not really even an interesting idea, though. You just said "Hey, make some NTR". You didn't suggest any interesting NPCs or scenes for it, you just asked people to include a specific fetish. It's a bad suggestion.


File: 3512d71f22b5a0a⋯.png (905.86 KB, 904x505, 904:505, GREAT SCOTT.png)


>Urta anything.

Now I know you're not from around here.



How is that even NTR? Cucking herself? What? Besides that, wanting more Urta content?

But yeah, you did actually give a concrete suggestion this time. Too bad it's shit and I hate it.




Why do CoC threads here consistenly attract such retarded autism as this?


File: 53482be9b1e7a33⋯.jpg (281.8 KB, 660x924, 5:7, __grey_wolf_kemono_friends….jpg)


I dunno.


Nix is good. I hope there's an event to howl at the moon with her.



Don’t worry, I take MONTHS too





Stop. You basically said "hey make ntr for me".

ntr is a fetish that almost everyone here hates with a passion, and you just assume that because you asked they would write everything for you.

And now you're trying to make excuses about "cucking fenoxo" to try and rally everyone so they write ntr for you.

Not gonna happen. Get lost.



>ntr is a fetish that almost everyone here hates with a passion

[citation needed]


but for real, just write your own shit


File: 49c515f4f5045a5⋯.jpg (28.37 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1454816203817-3.jpg)


Bait. It's bait. Report and ignore.


Steps are still steps. I know 1,000 words a day is kind of a hard goal when you've lost focus but even 100 or just getting the next part of the structure can help push it forward.


File: bb2a4843380060c⋯.jpg (117.19 KB, 601x460, 601:460, 467812.jpg)

>MRW I come here and the NTR begging starts.


File: 0a9450bd2c32cc3⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0a9450bd2c32cc3175dfd65d41….jpg)


Are you really this stupid? That's not how cheating works.


>If we make urta cuck herself and get sad and cry fenoxo will be like "oh wow they got me"

Yep, this is bait.


File: 0dd2bdfbb6ff8ee⋯.png (59.63 KB, 559x702, 43:54, 0dd2bdfbb6ff8eeac8497b4ddc….png)


>removing ntr from the game is bad, anon

>don't worry anon, cucks won't come here because of it

>don't worry anon, no cucks and trolls will clog the thread ever

>don't worry anon, nobody will capitalize on some underage newfag's shitstorm to create their own


File: b2f3cb5b8185a48⋯.jpg (98.14 KB, 595x842, 595:842, 2. Nix.jpg)


Thank you for the feedback.

By excessive, you mean there should be less, correct? I have to admit, I did possibly put too many - a few are just kind of… to be there, so later I can choose which seems the most appropriate.


Thank you for this great suggestion, I'd never think of it. I was actually thinking of possible events and couldn't come up with anything decent, but I do like that idea. Could be along the lines of "I know I'm not a wolf, but…"


Yeah, I know. Small steps are better than lack of any progress, learnt that the hard way. That's why I try to write daily, even if it's not much.



>>265867 is right. for example, when i'm writing the symbiote, there are times when i get stuck, like i've written myself into a corner and i have no fuckin idea how to progress. so what i do is take a small break to clear my mind and come back to it later when i'm thinking clearly again.

tldr don't force yourself to write if you really don't feel up to it, because you will most likely churn out bad content. It's okay to go slow.


File: 151b5263f42d597⋯.png (54.17 KB, 183x200, 183:200, Blank _19e9765a2613b988c07….png)




You have to go back.



That would be an interesting idea.

Too bad you have absolutely no idea of how to achieve that.


File: dac35c6803f5efb⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 308x308, 1:1, Bait5.jpg)


You couldn't be more obvious




Go fuck yourself faggot, this “HURR DURR i’m Just saying ideas so another anon writes it” doesn’t work here, bitch.

You either propose and write an idea or go fuck yourself


So this is how the thread dies.

Bloated with useless posts from an ntr number bait newfag.

And everything was going so smoothly too.



20 plus posts are gone, new thread soon.


File: 411ba7600b4c978⋯.png (18.55 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Bait15.png)



Is all this recent dumb shit from that same megaautist from yesterday?



Most likely. Like 95% likely.



Probably not, he was just pushing his sick fetish while this guy said ntr and kicked the hive.



Mainly the opening with the options to turn back multiple times.

>Do you go back to camp

>Do you move towards the figure

I feel like just one is alright, the hidden affection system is quite alright. The only problem I see, is really how it diverges if you make two routes for pure and corrupted. Though your character is very sweet, the only problem I see is just some spelling errors, and some minor miss using of commas. You should be fine on your own so far, as for the stats and the encounter, it's more dependent on oca or whatever coder would call for in terms of balance. But it's a nice touch that you went so far as to detail the combat scene for every action. You've definitely got something.



>added all these great ideas

First off, they're not great. They're not even good. Why would you ever think that ANYONE would want anything to do with urta? why would you think that anyone would want to do anything with ntr? WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT COMBINING THE TWO IS A GOOD IDEA?

And second, you can't just "add" ideas to the game. You have to get an idea, make a prompt, write the necessary scenes, go through quality control AND THEN wait until oca or koraeli decide to make the next build that contains it, which can take anywhere from days to months.

Do you see the problem here? Or are you that blinded by autism?



Yeah, did put too many choices to go back. Will just stick with one, two at max when it makes sense.

I doubt I'll make a corrupt route, a lot of effort on content I wouldn't enjoy working on.

Spelling errors will be (hopefully) fixed when I actually check what I've written and use some basic grammar check, same goes for commas.



That was sarcasm you retard.


File: 74035a25bc0e02d⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 188x268, 47:67, yuugi2.jpg)

2hufag here;

So… I wrote this up real quick.

https://pastebin.com/pehQguDh - Ruri the Oni: intro scenes

Opinions? Good? Bad?

It's pretty short all things considered, but it is just the intro stuff. Anyway, i'll be getting to Smiles now, maybe they'll have a lot of stuff done by tonight or tomorrow that will be worth posting.



Thing is, there's actual effort there. And not only an idea, but also a writing to follow up. You can only dream of being that good and be salty because you got righfully banned.


File: a85db816337f3b6⋯.jpg (20.43 KB, 500x360, 25:18, 4idlsO7.jpg)



Oh my b. famalam. I guess I'll throw my stuff in the trash thanks friendo.


File: e2996d6e0af867e⋯.jpg (6.08 KB, 232x217, 232:217, images.jpg)




>time between replies

Could you be any more obvious that you wrote all of them yourself?



Why woun't you just expand current Yuugi ripoff instead?


File: 4aa2a575b92a6bd⋯.png (267.79 KB, 1120x864, 35:27, kek.PNG)




I like it! but two things:

One, I hope the spelling errors are intentional. I'm pretty sure they are, because I noticed a shitton.

Two, we already have Izumi the oni tho. Ruri's a bit redundant for now. Still, depending on what you do with her, she can make herself very different from izumi.

Overall, pretty good. But don't try to undertake 2-3 projects at once, you'll go insane. Maybe leave this one in the backburner until you finish the crows?



Wasn't swamp already kind of crowded? I mean, yes, that ruins the joke at the start, but…

Overall, seems quite good. I think there was another Oni though, so not sure if there's any lore on how tall they usually are. Also, do you ever sleep or just keep on writing?


File: 04495d0faa39309⋯.jpg (455.33 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1412428547772.jpg)


>Oni waifu

Already at a great start for me.

If any thing I think she should be found at the volcano since there is already an Oni at the mountain and the volcano would be the next best thing in my opinion.

Now you just need to write a Kitsune and you will have wrote about my top three Monster girls.



We already have Izumi in the high mountains for Yuugi expies.

If you feel we need more onis, why not take inspiration from Suika? Or Shuten or Ibaraki. Some Fates ripoffs would be cool, too.




Aiko's a thing, y'know. She has her own quest and everything. You can even keep her pure or corrupt her.



>gains affection if you beat her in combat

Diamonds. We need more fight happy followers.

One thing I noticed while going though the Fran documents.

>Vampire children snuggle at night with PC; requires PC to sleep alone have lots of kids with Fran

> requires PC to sleep alone

It should probably still be able to trigger if you are sleeping with Fran.



She also should still be in google doc because she's unfinished mess



the android version, its twice the mb, does it have more content then the swf?


File: 154be22d296bdec⋯.jpg (20.04 KB, 247x255, 247:255, afc70aba.jpg)


i rather write new characters then expand existing ones that are fine the way they are. I can just scrap this project entirely if enough people don't want it, or dislike it.


the spelling errors in Ruri's dialog are intentional. i wanted it to be how she talks;

Also I can swap between projects which i thought might prevent me from getting burnt out on one to the point i'd want to quit like i was starting to with Fran. I like a little variety in life.


I need to re-encounter Izumi to see if she has a codex thing, but i dont recall seeing one for her. also the swamp has, two spiders, driders, kiha, embers egg, the orc? um.. dunno what else? An anon suggested the craig so, maybe i should rewrite her for that? rip Shrek joke. Ithink an anon mentioned earlier that izumi is only like 10 feet or something

also, my writing is low enough quality that its pretty easy to pump stuff out in my free time.


top three? Oni, kitsune, and ??? who's the third? i'll probably change Ruri a bit, based on the feedback im getting though so hopefully you'll enjoy her (if she ever gets finished.)


I never got into fates; I read a few doujins with some of the Oni characters from the series. I can change her appearance a bit more to be different i guess?


I figured it'd make sense she'd admire you for being so powerful, and obv not rapin and killing her.

I can just remove the no fran requirement from the doc real quick.



I don't get it, isn't there already an oni waifu in this game? Basically seems the same as Izumi but with blonde hair and a weird tendency to break down into stereotypical anime stuttering



>top three? Oni, kitsune, and ???

1. Kitsune

2. Oni

3. Vampire



not wanting an oni waifu…

>to fall in love with you after drinking together, sparring, wrestling and overall just bein chill.

>to take home and have missionary procreation sex with.

>to end up having a cute oni daughteru who you can also give a dicking.

I mean… the more waifu's the better? as long as they come across different enough, it should be fine.

We'll probably have at least two camp vampires, but they're both different enough in my opinion that it shouldn't ever be a problem.


I see you also have good taste in monster girls.




>as long as they come across different enough, it should be fine




Wasn't Izumi blonde as well?


that's cool and dandy but




File: 82c300100bec01b⋯.png (71.76 KB, 236x231, 236:231, pete.png)


Why make new character instead of expanding on old one? Why didn't just write this all for Izumi?



Literally yesterday.



Wew, really? That's even worse… maybe 2hufag should just change this character to something else that's similar but distinct, like a cyclops girl. Or just write it for Izumi I guess.



I mean, Izumi was a clone of Yuugi as well soi t's only excepted


File: 70e65561144f9c0⋯.jpg (72.11 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Blank _cdefd44ba3013bc58ec….jpg)



Just let him do whatever he wants. If we get an oni-waifu that is not Izumi - fine. It's infinitely better than no oni-waifu at all.


Good luck man. Looking forward for it.


File: b3a95ac556041ea⋯.jpg (491.35 KB, 1050x1450, 21:29, b3a.jpg)

More mesmerizing moth marvels for your perusal: https://pastebin.com/raw/hQc2iWgy

I did the intro scene where Sylvia explains the whole pregnancy shebang. This scene is pretty important, so I definitely want to make sure it doesn't fall flat. I also did an actual full description for her (for in combat and appearance). Sorry there's not a whole lot here, but if I didn't get something out this thread I'd bring dishonor on my family.

Before preceding too much further, I wanted to make sure it's cool to put her home in places rather than have her continue to be a random encounter. I know this isn't done too much in the base game, but I think that's kinda stupid (Kiha takes 10 years longer than she needs to before you can invite her back). I also wanted to ask if she fits with no-fur mode (I'm not very familiar with the standards there).



> If we get an oni-waifu that is not Izumi - fine. It's infinitely better than no oni-waifu at all.

No. This is not acceptable. I cannot abide two expys of the same character in the game. An oni waifu fanbase divided cannot stand. It cannot remain both Izumi and not!Yuugi, and it will become all one thing or all the other.

There is only one way to settle this. A fight to the death. Izumi and not!Yuugi will battle it out for ultimate supremacy over our collective dicks.

also you could just make it so they're twin sisters and make their characters intertwined, differentiate them by personality. You could even make them have a rivalry and then the fight scene can really happen.


Greetings from reddit please don't kill me. I heard some fucked up things about this game but some others said it was totally bull and I just wanted to ask some questions before I even dare try to allow this to go on my computer.

Is there real pedo material or is it technically legal somehow? If it's not legal how the hell do you do this? (I'm not going to of course)

Are all the characters technically aliens or non-human? or are underage characters actually fully human? Wouldn't you guys want to make things less risky by turning all humans into humanoid aliens that look like something combined of humans/elves that only appear to technically be different ages but are all officially over 18 so that if you are really making some bad content that technically it unbad-ifys everything? Isn't that technically safer and better?

Does this do a good job of explaining this?


I don't want to risk this shit on my computer otherwise.





>Moth girl

>Her name is Sylvia


File: 4fc7e9643e5d93f⋯.jpg (24.16 KB, 311x393, 311:393, 4fc.jpg)


> I also wanted to ask if she fits with no-fur mode (I'm not very familiar with the standards there).




Insects aren’t furry m8



You can literally put your dick in a literal toddler


File: de101a65076a1bc⋯.jpg (249.2 KB, 1298x714, 649:357, oni1.jpg)

i'll remake Ruri to be different. But after I at least get a bunch of Snuggles kid written up today.


they're not real anon. None of these characters exist. You can't fuck them even if you wanted to.



If you actually believe that you're pretty gullible.

Refer to





I see the faggot's hard at work. Goddamn.

>is there real pedo work

Do you consider a text game to be reality? Or that it is harming actual individuals such as young kids?


Then why would there ever be a problem if there IS loli content? Moral relativism? Don't delude yourself to propaganda and accusations from mass media, research why they campaing against that instead of being a fleshlight drone.

As for the actual question, yes there is loli content. Yes, it is legal and has always been. No it is not pedophilia.

>Furry content

There are efforts to monster-girlify most of the furry monsters in the game, or at the very least defur, descale and humanize most NPCs that aren't demons or otherwise. You should actually play the game to find out, it's only a single macromedia flash file anyways.



Fuck what the hell. Why don't devs for this mod do some legal proofing or something? What are the requirements? I mean couldn't you just change a few lines and words and explainations and make sure that ages are just visual descriptions and all actual real ages are 18-21 or something? make everyone even humans "some kind of aliens" without changing too much so that nobody gets swatted with this shit on their comp? I don't want to play this because I don't want to go to jail. Would the devs maybe just think about it? I don't know how you all sleep at night.



File: 99ef6121e99ff23⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 99e.gif)


As expected of reddit.



> I don't want to play this

Good. Fuck off.



If you think fictional lolis are pedo content and can't be convinced of the opposite, we won't get along.

If you think collating loli and pedophilia is stupid, we invite to stay and try our humble attempt to turn this smutty textgame into something worthwhile, with not just loli but other fetishes as well.



It's hard to say something is adult if it's your kid that was recently born



Fuck off nigger. Nobody gives a shit and it isn't illegal in the first place. You have been deluded by shit standards of society into believing anything ever related to kids and pornography to be pedophilia when drawings and text literally do nothing and harm nobody.

REAL CP as in actual photographs of real children being exploited is illegal. Fantasy renderitions of something vagely resembling that is not unless you live in a cucked state.



Ya think that's bad? The character i'm writing is 5 days old when you fuck it.



It doesn't actually matter what you or I think because it matters what they think in court doesn't it? Do you actually have real proof that descriptions of minors and even human babies getting fucked is somehow legal? Like take this game, someone gets arrested in the USA with this on their computer. What happens to them? Wouldn't it be a hell of a lot safer to just have all the human characters be aliens who are hundreds of years old but only appear to be certain ages or some other shit? It doesn't matter how stupid it sounds but I'm sure you could think of something better. Be straight with me here, how can you know for sure that this can't ruin someone's life just because they like playing a game and even if they avoid all the other content that's extreme? The fact of the matter is that it would be on that persons computer. Period.

How do you all sleep at night without freaking out that the swat team comes and your pc is loaded with baby fucking stories? You must have done the legal research right? I'm totally shocked this exists and I've never seen anything like it before so I don't understand how it's possible for it to exist without something bad happening to everyone who makes it, and everyone who uses it.



File: 1e10cfa6a2398dc⋯.png (258.17 KB, 549x560, 549:560, WyYjmAt.png)


You ever play GTA? you can buy hookers in that. if you do should you go to jail for buying the prosty? Hell in most vidya games you can mass murder people. its just a fantasy. unless you live in some shit hole country you won't to jail for a shitty text game.

Look at the two other threads; degrees of lewdity, and free cities. in free cities you can literally do way worse shit then in this game and its great.


>people are replying to this """new guy""" as if he isn't the original autist

just report and move on



Welp, my post from above was wasted on deaf ears.

And here I was hoping we could recruit some people from Cuckitt that hadn't lost all of their braincells…



Damn nigga you're retarded.


File: 9f328f643ee6313⋯.jpg (33.48 KB, 520x390, 4:3, 1424733639743.jpg)


You should have known better.



Can anyone actually show me proof that this is 100% legal in every way? 100% not illegal? I heard that besides all the crazy shit it's actually a fun game (if you avoid what you don't like) and I want to try it out, but I don't dare until I'm 100% sure I can not ruin my life over it. I don't even care about the pedo shit Will avoid all the way. But if someone can help me and give me undeniable legal proof that this is A Okay I guess I would try it out. Maybe I would think of contributing some good writing to it. I'm pretty good I would like to think. But no promises until I know I'm safe, I wont even touch it with a ten foot pole.




Do the legal research on your own. it won't take you long. obviously it mainly depends on your country of residence though.




It doesn't matter that the text says they are six hundreds year old aliens you are still going to slammer

If a judge reads out description out loud in court room no excuse matter so just learn to accept it



>It's infinitely better than no oni-waifu at all.




If it APPEARS to be kid it's illegal in America



ehh.. that's not a bad question. Sorry son of a bitch.


Where would one begin to search for this legal information?


File: a4144b05aaebfa0⋯.jpg (288.35 KB, 800x1107, 800:1107, one.jpg)


>more moth

day is good


File: bf1501e7375fcb3⋯.jpg (13.74 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Bait18.jpg)


>apparently knows that people here hate reddit - says he is a redditor anyway

>pushes anti-pedo arguments on /hgg/ of all places

>asks if furries, monster-girls, and fantasy races are humans in a setting with magic where pregnancies last days and kids can grow into adulthood in a week.

>links to Tearuge thread

You are not even trying.



The legal code

Then search for cases in which they were used and their results



So anything even seeming like that is automatic jail even if it says "all characters are 18 years of age or older"?



Look at it this way, you're writing smut for a porn game, if you use a VPN you should be fine as they can't trace your IP back to your post.

I've been pirating for over a decade and have loli stuff on my hard drive, I've never got in trouble because I keep myself protected and they probably wouldn't bother. I get why you're paranoid but you are overthinking it.



Only in certain states and not punished by federal court and only by local. Such as in California, Jew York, Florida, etc. Other states do not give a shit and do not consider lolis, hand drawn or written, to be pedophilia.



I would assume google. The odds of you being arrested for this game is very slim. if the authorities wanted you they'd just grab you. Unless you have real CP on your rig (which then yeah you prob need to be in prison) you'll be fine.



That sounds pretty much impossible considering that I don't know any cases like that or where to find them. Do you know any? None of you seem that worried to be honest. What's up with that? How do you not worry so so good?


File: 61f5e7d3c05bc7a⋯.png (26.12 KB, 182x239, 182:239, stop.png)

>giving all these (You)s to the ban-evading sperglord







Good, every Reddit poster should get the fucking rope.

Now if only everyone else would stop actually talking to the filthy mongrel as if he's a fellow human being, that would be great.

Shun them, don't actually talk to that filth.

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