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File: 184a8d7708ebfa4⋯.jpg (48.61 KB, 375x1000, 3:8, n0n1980q0w-nq890.jpg)

File: b001e1768e5acc6⋯.png (303.33 KB, 600x985, 120:197, f3d96b0debe679e12fff3ea20f….png)

File: c7b7010cc258e3d⋯.jpg (35.02 KB, 366x640, 183:320, 45d678g6f5d4s3tgyhu.jpg)



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Copypasta for turboquestianons: https://pastebin.com/GRB6cabX

Fixes for common errors

Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves with a new version.

>Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting. Error: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0. Stack Trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at JSON.value or some variant

Delete your browser cookies which contain your saves. Use Save to file from now on.

Readme: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/readme.txt

Optimal slave stats for assignments: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/be67deb95e9a36b1f07fd0734de60a9c9e112764c33f6091a099154d7510035b.png

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This is a thread primarily for non-furry discussion of Pregmod, a mod for Free Cities ( https://github.com/Free-Cities/Free-Cities). Furrymod/monster girl conversations are to be held in a separate thread.

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Changelog: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/devNotes/VersionChangeLog-Premod+LoliMod.txt

Twine version: standalone - The above folder and the mega links frequently posted ITT. Modding the .html is a pain in the ass, not recommended. It is slightly faster on some platforms, and force of habit.

Git version: Is more frequently up to date than the twine version. Modding the .html is sightly easier, but still not recommended and also contains the latest embedded vector art that is incompatible with the Twine version.

Git: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod

Pre-compiled: https://mega.nz/#F!b7QkGAqQ!v-YFkSQFZ_KOdcp29YiOAQ (Git version, just for convenience (everything but the file name and slightly smaller file size can be done by following the below guide. A public version of the script can be found under devTools/) Currently checks every fifteen minutes and it takes about one to two minutes to upload a new .html to the above folder.)

Guide: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Stupid_Nigger_Guide_for_Stupid_Niggers_3.0.png

Additional resources

Variety of ~10 second webm files, including many outfits and fetishes.

To use: drop files in your "Resources" folder. Go to "customize" slave, scroll to bottom, add name of webm you want.


Decrypt: !dLNSYTFMWvU4Rjy3xYf2RbDwma6s_KzvAjFbFiILmvo


deepmurk (embedded vector art developer and maintainer)'s request/issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/deepmurk/fc-pregmod/issues/1

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Edit: update pre-compiled link.

Post last edited at


Speaking of panty descriptions:

>Her cute panties completely covers her buttocks.

Should be "cover". Maybe other outfits have number agreement problems too.



Given how many outfits there are, it's not really a priority to me. Anyone is free to submit a correction merge though. I know I'd welcome it.


I was referring to fixing the recETS text since it erroneously said you could sell her immediately when you can't.


Okay, so this is going to sound weird, but I'd like to request wedding dress, wedding lingerie, and ballerina (with and without tutu) outfits, please.


Pardon my newfaggotry, but I'm a stupid nigger, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to delete stupid outfits from my archology, so I can allow my slaves to choose from a wardrobe that isn't full of outfits I would never allow them to wear?

Also, I second >>263940 's

motion for the wedding and ballerina stuff.



If you know how to f12 edit and use ctrl-f, you can find the clothes and set the ones you don't want to 0. There's no way to sell them.



Thanks, Anon

I think you missed the part where I said I was a stupid nigger, but I appreciate the tip, and I'll try to figure it out from there.



I believe F12 editing is described in the FAQ if you need more help.


Please include an option to filter out specific clothing so it isn't so cluttered.


I don't know if anyone else is encountering this bug but the RA isn't kicking in and applying redistributors/atrophiers for me. I have Slimness Enthusiast Research complete and the slaves in question are below 100 weight (Not sure why this is a requirement but it's in the code). It worked a couple days ago, I think, but isn't now on the same save file.



I wonder if black and asian supremacist outfits exist to do the same to black and asian slaves to satisfy everyone.


Can you give us a non-sadpanda variant?



>Can you give us a non-sadpanda variant?

Go away.


File: 3c28a5117c6999a⋯.jpg (12.83 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)


>101st thread

>Not about putting in a paratroop company for Security Mod.




I tried to look it up via e-hentai and hitomi.la but got 404 error. So no, i'm not retarded enough.


File: 4ff287061024108⋯.jpg (58.37 KB, 450x600, 3:4, nb699.jpg)

File: 83a6fa27e42c019⋯.jpg (64.71 KB, 450x600, 3:4, nb701.jpg)

File: 0652404a633816a⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 450x600, 3:4, nb711.jpg)


Here's all of them ya dumb bastard.



It's planned, just cleaning up anon's hyperpreg event chain still.


The asset growth code is not pleasant to work with, to say the least. Save file for testing?

As for the 100 weight, I'm not entirely sure why that is there. Probably to stop it from fruitlessly trying to apply them to slaves at 200 weight.


File: 024a3ab974d102a⋯.jpg (51.48 KB, 676x858, 26:33, 1447171495348.jpg)


This pics are golden



Wait, this artist have drawn just three pictures in his life? I want to look up his art for huge-titted babes, not for "blacked" shit specifically.


To trigger both kkk and blm perhaps. Are you one of "look how not racist i am" or god forbid blm member yourself? Or a fellow troll?



Their name is cornnell clark.



I suppose since I'm neither a blm member or "look how not racist i am" I guess troll?


Is there a place that has a list of all outfits currently in the game?


File: 166e2e5ed522430⋯.gif (2.58 MB, 485x300, 97:60, 166.gif)


>a lefty artist

>who paywalls almost all of his stuff

>much of his work is black supremacy themed

Thank you anon. Christmas has come early this year.


Or a retard, or a fag, or an autist, or a fetishist. There is not that much difference between all of this categories.


Some outfits that I think are way more interesting than the generic ones we keep getting:

- Trashy whore (for degradationism)

- Sissy in pink (for gender radicalism)

- Amazonian/barbarian (for physical idealism)

- Cow bikini + horns headband (for pastoralism)

- Gladiator (for the arena pit)

- Wedding dress (for the wedding event)

- Policewoman/enforcer (for the warden)

- Hip clothes + DJ headphones (for the DJ)

- Pony gear (for the lurcher)

- Dominatrix (for the head girl/madam)



>- Cow bikini + horns headband (for pastoralism)

Nice try you furry fucker



> Not recognizing the iconic cowgirl uniform

> Expecting us to dress our dairy slaves in anything else

I'll pour one out for your taste, anon.



I despise furry porn; it's pretty much what >>263990 said.



It sounds like you have the plot turned off.



Didn't realize you can turn it off, I clicked around randomly, thanks.


Is there ever going to be pet play content added?

I want to clip girls heels, muffle their hearing and either mute them or change their voice box to only make animal sounds, and have events/descriptions related to it. Maybe make it a version of degradationism?



It all depends if someone wants to write it. The coders have already expressed their distaste in writing and welcome writers with open arms.



I wish all FS would receive sub-societies (some compatible, some excluding) in order to explore fetishes.

This would be a more organic way than turning on and off content in options menu.



What do you mean, like have interactions between different societies so for example White supremacism would have different implications based on paternalism (white man's burden) and degradationism (subhumans who should be exterminated), for example?




Stop posting with your trip when it's not related to the succession game you nigger.



I just want transhumanism and making our assistant a full AI and then fucking/romancing her



2b and a2 wheeeeen?






Write it then so the lazy cunts can slap it into the game.



>literally "plz be my ai gf



There should be a list of events that people want in the game and have it posted in the OP. That way any writers with time to waste can help contribute.



Something like that. Right now Gender Radicalism has a few options to cater to you specific fetish (futas, sissies, dickgirls…). All FS could have some variations or specializations.

For example, Ethnic Supremacy could have two incompatible variants with each other: one where you act as a classy British colonialist and feel pity for your lesser (only compatible with Paternalism FS) and another variation where you act as a Nazi and choose the exploitation and extermination path (only compatible with Degradationism FS).

I also think having some requisites for unlocking specialist sub-FS would add some interesting mechanics.


File: 02204939fe9bdb1⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 540x781, 540:781, 0b8.jpg)

>make a new game

>urban asian arcology

>lingua franca is German

>white supremacy, asian subjugationism

>name it Qingdao

muh dick



Fetishist is the one there, yeah.


I was thinking that once the muscle and height vector representations are finished, it won't be that hard to make credible male characters.

If that's the case, I think it would be worth it to give us the option to have full fledged arcology owner customization and displaying it in some menus and events.

PS: I know that events won't comment on dick or other PC assets size, but at least we'd see them.


File: 256b0ef6a0fe19b⋯.jpg (99.94 KB, 676x803, 676:803, EXRGhGj.jpg)

The only one true future society



Again wondering if black and asian supremacy outfits exist. I want each slave to be dressed correspondent to their race.



Perhaps we could have outfits with a slogan or symbol that could change accordingly to the race you want to support.

We could have the same with tattoos: white power cross for whites, queen of spades for blacks, rising sun for japs, etc.



Don't fret it, it's literally just a pet peeve. I just prefer simpler stuff, like White with pink/blue ribbon or just simple solid colors; I ain't gonna be autist and shit all over yer work.

If you want the PSYCHOANALYSIS bullshit, a lot of outfits (in general, not meaning you) tend to try to overdo things rather than just adding to the person, in my opinion. A bit hard to explain.


A vtol drop platoon would make some sense, but they'd need to be better trained than yer militia or mercs, since they're going to be isolated and cut off from your command structure and supply lines.


Have there been any changes to the Security Expansion Mod recently? I've enabled it, but after 50+ weeks still no battles. I'm playing the v5.



I would say the SF would fit that bill but then my bias is clearly visable.


Are you on an oceanic archology? CrimeAnon disabled battles for them while leaving a few descriptions in the code.




Shut the fuck up you dumb nigger. That isn't even close to being furry shit.


I want this so bad you don't even know.



Genemonsters never ever, comrade.


File: bb8c55d14385f15⋯.jpg (290.87 KB, 1021x761, 1021:761, 38862_SCR_SumSaga_006.jpg)


>Shut the fuck up you dumb nigger. That isn't even close to being

Ohhhh yeah. We need it real bad though. So many cucks got games to piss on whites, we really need a game to piss on them. Also I'd like the iconic cowgirl uniform. I mean holy fuck who wouldn't?



The stockings/elbow gloves/bikini are at least mandatory.


Just make her a cheap security drone frame and CLANG CLANG it while she fucks her business self on the holodisplay.



>Are you on an oceanic archology?

You're right, I'm a retarded. When I started a NG+ and I chose the target arcology, I didn't pay attention where it was built. Thanks.


What are the new changes?


File: 233ff88380d6087⋯.png (17.64 KB, 600x200, 3:1, NaN.png)

v5, started a NG+, week 1:

>ERROR: The following variables are >NaN! Please report this.







>lusting after sheboons who can never give you White children

Why are you misusing your God-given sexuality, anon?



It's a white/asian/whatever men's burden to improve the genepool of lesser races. Not to mention that if [insert race here] are extinct (and i will damn sure choose the sex reassignment surgeries for the males (why we only geld them, if we can go all the way? we need a policy for that)) than who will be the slaves?




Geld the males, chemically feminize them, abort male babies, instill the feeling of utter self loathing and inferiority. Use the femoids as replaceable cum receptacles and dispose of them while ensuring slow eradication of that plague.



No one's lusting after sheeboons. It's about humiliation. Fucking normies put black on white cuckold shit and humiliation everywhere and whites can't retaliate. It's sick



>whites can't retaliate

Don't stir the shit up. It is not about retaliation. It's about some diversity. Because interracial is 99% "blacked" shit, like there is no other races in the world. And yeah reverse - blacked would be nice too, but it's not the point.



That's not a sheboon, that's an Mayan waifu.



you mean Bleached? Because that's a thing my dude



>It's a white/asian/whatever men's burden to improve the genepool of lesser races

Lesser races are gross and ideally have no place in the world

>If all the [insert race here] are extinct then who will be the slaves

White owners of white slaves, but that idea might be heavily influenced on the fact that I play in Europe each time and not in a neo-colonialist Archology.



It's Black-white racemixing either way and produces nigger babies either way.

>Implying mulattos aren't niggers


People, calm down. We are all racists here.

Can we stop sounding like butthurt beta kids in a "I need everybody to know that I hate niggers" phase?



Some of the post imply that they don't dislike niggers.



Welp, lets live with it. There are other boards where one can try to convince them.



As my favorite autistic homosexual race realist stated

>I consider the term racist to be the equivalent of calling someone a witch during the middle ages or a communist during the 19th and 20th centuries, no more than a slur to accuse someone of modern day heresy



it's only race-mixing if you impregnate them tho



I was more into new cloth options. There was only one legit shitposter here, not sure why you are alarmed.


>As my favorite autistic homosexual race realist stated

Damn, now i am curious who is s/he.


Thanks. But after looking this up i have to say that it is minuscule compared to "blacked". It is so annoying that my pee-pee goes soft when i see "interracial" tag. I want to have racist boner to everyone not just whites.



Alt Hype

Autistic is a bit of an exaggeration, he's probably a sperg at worst.




>it is minuscule compared to "blacked"

there's a pretty active thread over on cuckchan, specifically /trash/, called /bleached/ in case you want to check it out


Any chance for more adoption-based stuff?





I, too, would like you to stop using the Name field unnecessarily.


>I ain't gonna be autist and shit all over yer work.

You're confusing me for someone who ever draws.

>If you want the PSYCHOANALYSIS bullshit,

Yes, this is exactly what I want!

>I just prefer simpler stuff,

>a lot of outfits (in general, not meaning you) tend to try to overdo things rather than just adding to the person, in my opinion. A bit hard to explain.

Ah, so you're saying the clothes should enhance the wearer's beauty without calling attention to themselves. An admirable position, and certainly preferable to the feminine approach of dressing intricately to status-signal to females.

Where I'm coming from is that clothes can also signal sexuality and femininity, much like facial expressions and body language. I consider lewd, attention-drawing clothing similar to ahegao or lordosis, and that's why I like them.


So, I saw that there was a change to the way intelligence and education worked in the change log, but it didn't say how it was changed.



Buffs to how it effects slave attractiveness and how intelligence is calculated, -100 to 100 instead of -3 to 3. So it is possible that education won't raise it a level (I think, don't quote me on that), but it will still increase the slave's price regardless.



It's {-100; 100} now.



I was more making a general statement, I don't really care to have someone pander specifically for my tastes. On the note, though, yes, I prefer simpler, or 'ordinary' outfits with slight alterations, hints of things rather than out-right sluttiness. In the vein I prefer semi-clothed sex because it adds a nice contrast, like the OP's business clothing with the collar open, a shorter skirt, etc. Implications, like highlights and shades on a painting, rather than a huge brushstroke smacking you in the face in bright colours. I can't phrase it any way without sounding like a twat, but to me it's like the difference between a schoolteacher letting her hair down and looking sultry, and a hooker with her tits out and makeup shoved on with a trowel. The latter tends to put me off (Not always) because it feels tacky, cheap, like they're trying too hard. Hope that answers whatever query you had.


I think it's the paradox of wanting exotic ass but not wanting the baggage that comes with hood rats. Like..wanting a white girl with dark skin. Sparrow has a cache of that shit hidden around I think.



>Hope that answers whatever query you had.

Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for.

>I think it's the paradox of wanting exotic ass but not wanting the baggage that comes with hood rats. Like..wanting a white girl with dark skin. Sparrow has a cache of that shit hidden around I think.

Exoticism, our old friend. Maybe it's because I'm American but blacks don't do that (or much of anything) for me. Amerinds, Pacific Islanders, and Northern (true, best) Indians I can see, however.


Shouldn't the British nationality be called English? Seeing as how we have Scottish and Irish (but strangely no Welsh).



But anon, NatSoc didn't exploit or exterminate anyone.

Expulsion and rehabilitation in work camps was the order of the day.

inb4 muh 6 gorillion

Not that they didn't execute people, but making it out as genocide or enslavement is a gross mischaracterization.


File: a2841782e8b7037⋯.gif (23.5 KB, 464x800, 29:50, Gray's_Anatomy-rib.gif)

This is blatant ideafaggotry.

So I was researching the real-life effects of pregnancy on the body, as one does, and I found that rib pain is fairly common. It's about what you'd expect: the womb needs lebensraum, and the ribs protest. Sometimes the baby kicks there, too. Most mothers experience this towards the end of the process, until the baby drops in preparation for birth. In real life, the ribs expand a few inches in a typical pregnancy, and don't quite return to their original position. This all holds for single pregnancies. With high multiples things would be more intense. Pregmod models this with .pregAdaptation.

For mostly unrelated reasons some real-life people have a few lower ribs removed. It's dangerous and the recovery is slow, but it's doable. Pregmod lets us do this via the autosurgery, though it doesn't explicitly record the missing ribs; a slave can reach the same stats by corseting alone. IRL there's also shortening the ribs as a less extreme measure, but having both would be adding too much complexity at once.

Therefore: it would be nice if we could remove a few (or more) of a slave's ribs to ease heavy pregnancy's effects on general health. I think a .missingRibs variable would do it. It could be worth 10 or so .pregAdaptation per rib. Is there interest in such a thing?

Also, does anyone know how many ribs the body needs to function normally? I'm thinking especially of the breathing muscles.


I know i'm being dumb to ask this but wich is the link to the vector art?



Adding this to the hypothetical "breeder" trait would be nice.



>tfw you fetish so hard you have to ask, "does this collapse the lungs?"


File: 8f52498bf6c1ae6⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 328x201, 328:201, Magnifique.jpg)


Taste of reality only makes it better.



Could have foldable ribs instead, otherwise it would automatically slim down a slave to hourglass.



Read the OP dumbass.



>otherwise it would automatically slim down a slave to hourglass.

Not so! The rib count would have its own variable, so especially wife slaves would still be average-to-chunky after the procedure.



I already read all of it, the link to deepmurk leaves me on git from there i don't know where to go to download.



So you enjoyed yourself then?



You didn't read the OP, I know you didn't because your question is answered there.


Removing ribs in real life slims your waist, if we are going for realism it would do the same in game.



Slims relative to previous shape, not to a fixed shape. Take a few ribs out of Maui and he ain't gonna look like Moana, if you'll forgive the normie reference.



Will consider things in the future, but it would be complicated by the rib removal surgery since they'd have to share some similar effects. It would be questionable to have a .missingRibs not be affected by a rib removal surgery.


The breeder trait will be more representative of twins and the like running in families.



Well yes, obviously it doesn't get rid of the weight. I guess it wouldn't be quite as dramatic as I said, but it would still cause some dilation.



Having these would be a good step towards fleshing out current content, something even more urgent than adding new facilities and ideas.



Incorrect. The absolute highest priority would be a system to better handle all the clothing and its availability. isItemAccessible() was not made this this level of clothing sorted alphabetically. If I reorded the lists by sets, then it would be much better.



Sorry, i'm still obsessing about flaweless, pleasant pregnancies and orgasmic births. Will there ever be a trait for that?



Possibly, too far in the future to tell yet. Lots of potential frameworks to consider as well, like onOrgasm(), onVaginalPenetration() and so on.

I did have pregmodfan finish up the concurrent pregnancy birth code, however, so we may see some fun come out of that sooner rather than later.



>Will consider things in the future,

Thank you.

>but it would be complicated by the rib removal surgery since they'd have to share some similar effects. It would be questionable to have a .missingRibs not be affected by a rib removal surgery.

I was imagining leaving it as one kind of surgery, but giving it an additional effect/purpose (captured by the new variable), which would mostly be integrating existing systems. Also making it repeatable.



I'm a little curious why you wanted to know, but that's beyond me.


Long as the thoracic cavity's intact it ..should be fine. The non-fused ribs are probably the best bet. Hell, you could probably replace them with cybernetic ribs, that telescope out during birth oh god why am I thinking this through.


Is there a way to marry two slaves to each other besides the event?



>I'm a little curious why you wanted to know

Simple autistic curiosity, anon. People are complex, do it pleases me to try to understand them. Through words, from a distance, and anonymously, ideally.

>Long as the thoracic cavity's intact it ..should be fine.

Appropriate reaction.

>The non-fused ribs are probably the best bet.

Reading about this, will report back soon.

>Hell, you could probably replace them with cybernetic ribs, that telescope out during birth oh god why am I thinking this through.

The ribs aren't a major problem during birth. It's when the children aren't on their way out that the ribs get in the way.



There's a couple free-floating ribs, that aren't joined at the sternum by membrane/cartilage, the lower 4. The next 4 up are joined only by membrane, and the ones above are fused directly. So, you've got quite a bit you could…technically remove. And I meant cybernetics in the sense that they would retract themselves when needed, and would revert to 'false' ribs when convenient.

…wait, are you the guy doing vector art, or


The Arcology owner is a nominee for the next 8chanmania and so far the only creative one. We need our combined autism to vote for him!


File: e70152a74a1641e⋯.png (8.47 KB, 240x240, 1:1, seal_script-mu.png)


Disclaimer: I am fifteen lawyers.


I need more girls in business/secretary outfits, goddamn. I need my HG to dress as one.


Is there a list of what outfits do and do not have vectors? Since the game makes no distinction between them in the menu, it can be kind of tedious to click each and every one.


Vector art issues, revamped specifically. No outfits appear regardless of which I choose.



Look at the /devnote/deepmurk_vector_changelog? He lists what doesnt have art.


Revamped has almost no outfits because the original artist bailed out 6 months ago. Someone said he might have lived in Yemen (and therefore is now likely dead)– so probably no outfits ever again for revamped unless someone picks it up.


Anyone got a cheated swf end game file they can share?



There was one woman who had her lower six ribs severely shortened, so that may be a better bet than full removal. From doing some research, I don't think the upper seven pairs of ribs could be touched. The lower five pairs though particularly the bottom two or three, could probably be safely removed or shortened. Shortening them would be the less traumatic and damaging way to go.



How the hell is that even furry? It's not!



talking about dead people, do we know what happened to FCdev?



Pony wear is already a clothing option.


Speak for yourself!



Got a new job or something and jumped ship.



ah I heard something like that but wasn't sure


File: a776a8b1282c108⋯.png (75.24 KB, 1184x548, 296:137, ClipboardImage.png)

I would've imagined that gender radicalism would've been open to penetration.



I might have confused which pack I should be using, looking for the one with all the recent work done to it. I'm guessing that's the Nox/Deepmurk since it has Deepmurk listed. I thought the revamped was the one getting added to, but I guess I was wrong.


Also, my rep pretty much spikes back to maximum after I buy arcology shares, so the FS getting penalized is rather punishing.



Why are slaves suddenly so much more expensive when you build them before starting the game?


File: 840887d45ec913c⋯.png (2.45 KB, 425x56, 425:56, Capture.PNG)

Also, I can't have him being unskilled in entertainment. Every time I select it, if I refresh, it's selected again.


rules assistant isn't applying to slaves in the arcade, can someone help?


Potential save issue, though this is on a save pushed to the extreme as far as longevity, I've had this save going since the end of 2017 and have already been extremely lucky in getting it to keep going with thousands of slaves in my possession and every upgrade possible. The issue is the game tab crashing, the "aw snap" page in chrome, after three page not responding pop ups from chrome. It never leaves the very first screen before this crash. I'm not sure if its the save or a bug. This is using the latest pre compiled version.







If three or more of these posts are (you), please read the guide for turboquestianons in the OP.



There are a lot of things to take into account: facial beauty, skills, flaws, sex drive, health, etc.





Those two are mine. The first I was asking because since the last update, slaves that in the past would have cost me 3000 to 3500 are suddenly 6000+. The second post is regarding a potential bug. No matter what I did, I could not get rid of the entertainment skill which was annoying because then I couldn't select any other skill without the price jacking up.


File: ddd86e16cbaed4f⋯.png (10.06 KB, 943x61, 943:61, Capture.PNG)

With male slaves becoming more of a thing with names and pronouns, is there any chance of this line being removed?


File: 4b32b5cb03070d8⋯.jpg (29.3 KB, 474x501, 158:167, f24ikkolmzk2,i495.jpg)


They want to be a girl anon. Respect their pronouns.



Intelligence is a likely candidate now. That or prestige.


Will look at that. Starting girls has been behaving weirdly lately.


It will need to be considered.



They'll be what I want them to be and like it!



Must be intelligence then since I never mess with prestige, but dang that seems like a big leap.




Alright, there is an int check that sets it to 15. Why this is a thing, no idea. Welcome to Free Cities.

It seems pointless, so going to remove it.



>Also, I can't have him being unskilled in entertainment. Every time I select it, if I refresh, it's selected again.

Educated slaves are supposed to do that. Does this happen with uneducated slaves? Or maybe the education rehaul broke it…


I just downloaded and compiled the git version and my slaves keep getting pregnant, even when they are already pregnant. Thought someone would want to know.



Will pass that along.



Should be fixed now. On the plus side, you now get to let me know if the concurrent pregnancy system is working.



STATUS: closed



Concurrent pregnancy seems to be working, one gave birth to Octuplets and was still pregnant with Quintuplets. Thats pretty impressive to see work.



Pregmodfan does some good work.


Any plans for embryo transfer? I'd like to keep my head girl unburdened, maybe pump all those embryos into one of the fuckdolls. Anyone agree?



It is planned, but has framework alterations needed before it can be implemented. It's the same reason why surrogacy is not a thing yet.


… was the unofficial reason for this mod to eventually make the most realistic pregnancy simulator, hyperpreg content aside?


>Hilma can't give servants verbal orders and cannot serve as your Stewardess any more.

I keep getting this error, even though I set her speech rules to permissive and she has working vocal cords. What's the deal?



Oversized lips or gags?



It turned out to be the language barrier, a week in the Schoolhouse taught her enough English to work.


When I get the event to establish the Security Force, choosing to make an announcement just ends the event and it's repeated the next week.



Have you got a save right before this handy, I also assume you have ran BC?



Discovered what was causing this. Lines 982 and 1124 have "rule.growth_boobs+200" which is adding a string to an integer, resulting in something like 100200 as the targeted size when you put in 100. Fixed the issue by converting to "parseInt(rule.growth_boobs)+200".



>Will look at that. Starting girls has been behaving weirdly lately.

I have experienced this bug for months now.



Got it, will push it to the git in a minute.



It turned out to not be a bug. I've decided to drop it in the next version though, since it doesn't make too much sense to me.


Is there any way to not automatically get religious names when you have the chattel religionism FC? I don't mind having the option like with pastoralism, but its a bit annoying to only have like 20ish traits as possible names.


File: fb0aacd1cf1c4be⋯.png (14.79 KB, 746x329, 746:329, capture.png)

Downloaded the newest version off the git, ran both BCs, got this error.

<<if $NaNArray.length > 0>> 	<br><br>@@.red; ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.@@<br> 	<<for _main = 0; _main < $NaNArray.length; _main++>> 		$NaNArray[_main] <br> 	<</for>><br> 	<<link "Hide NaN variables until next week">><<replace #NaNArray>><<set $NaNArray = []>><</replace>><</link>> <</if>>


One thing i've always been curious about. Why can't you make an amputee into your concubine? For the other positions I get that they need to be mobile, but for a concubine she doesn't. If you install ports and giver her cybernetic limbs you can make her the concubine even if she isn't otherwise mobile and then if you take those limbs from her, it doesn't kick her out.


How the fuck people make a profit with the dairy? I always go red with that shit



>frameworks to consider as well, like onOrgasm(), onVaginalPenetration()

I am curious what you will do with those, because i originally thought that you only need descriptions, changes (or removal) in health loss due to hyperpregnancy and weekly fetish points aqcuisition similar to paraphilias.



Pastoralism and asset expansionism helps a ton and then you just need to wait for their assets to get bigger. Boobs are grown and supported best by a fatter body and max out around 60k per slave. Can also get a bit of a boost by giving females prostates, but males with really large balls are by far the most profitable (although they take a long time to get there).

Boobs kinda max out at 50,000cc while there really doesn't seem to be any limit on balls.


How do you do body swapping? I know i saw it in a previous version, but now i can't remember where you unlocked it.



Remote surgery near the bottom of the page.



Do you not have to purchase it from somewhere first? Because I don't have it down there. Just fuckdoll and lobotomize



You have to wait some time for an event to appear.


shit. vagina count broken


I have an idea for a FS, or maybe just policy:

Individualism: Having more "exclusive" (concubines, fucktoys, etc) slaves will give you a bonus. You get a penalty for "sharing" slaves (public sluts, cows with womb for hiring, etc).

This, of course, will encourage your pop to own slaves, but willing to pay more for the use of sluts.

Communal: Just the opposite


Why does paternalism block wetware, but not the flesh heap?

And can't the former be accessed through a black market?



I mean sure you may have some you keep for yourself, but early on its pretty much impossible to not have most of your slaves being "shared" if you want to make money and have reputation.



So you just don't choose it early


What would it take to add an option for sexy pillow fights in the Pit?

I run a Paternalist society and I want my bodyguard to stay on her toes, but I don't want her to keep bruising the other girls and making my citizens mad at me.



I think something between a potentially deadly combat and a pillow fight is possible.

Have you ever seen an "ultimate surrender" fight? Oily girls trying to fore submission to each other by grappling is sexy as fuck.



>pillow fights

Wrestling, fencing, or martial arts like Karate would be more fitting.



Pillow fights are more for the master bedroom imo. In the pit I'd prefer to see inflatable gladiator duels or oil/mud fights.


If I'm playing a female MC, how do I impregnate myself with octuplets?



Not at all this is how I play just having girls who like you will pump up the reputation, it might be even more effective than the usual play especially if you whore yourself out.



No, KY wrestling.



Unless you play weird, by the time FS become an option, you should be fairly financially stable and be able to build your fortune buying and reselling slaves.


File: 76a7e2a6405e3df⋯.png (17.78 KB, 999x111, 9:1, Capture.PNG)

Okay, discrepancy issue here. When a slave's cock gets to be 35cm or bigger, suddenly they can't fuck anyone. However, this slave is the one from the even where he tries to rape you. Since I have the slaver career, he failed. Obviously though, if I didn't have said career, he'd have been able to rape me with his 35 cm cock, but since I enslaved him, suddenly he can't fuck anything. Makes zero sense.



Must be that specific scene that doesn't check for whether it can get hard.


At the beginning of the 24th week:

>ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.


The week before, that slave got the "whore rebellious" event (src/uncategorized/RESS.tw, line 1668)

I'm playing the current git version.


File: 672835984261ea1⋯.png (95.92 KB, 780x410, 78:41, crop.png)

File: 458146b243142fe⋯.swf (6.05 KB, slave.txt.swf)


Same playthrough:

>Error: <<SlaveArt>>: errors within widget contents

>(Error: <<include>>: passage >"Art_Vector_Arm_Outfit_Cheerleader_Right_undefined" does not exist;

>Error: <<include>>: passage >"Art_Vector_Arm_Outfit_Cheerleader_Left_undefined" does not exist;

>Error: <<include>>: passage >"Art_Vector_Leg_Outfit_Cheerleader_undefined" does not exist)

> <<SlaveArt _Slave 1>>)

It's a slave with cyber prosthetic limbs. I'm using the NoX/Deepmurk vector art.



>When your loli slave baps you with a pillow by mistake and gets sent to the tiger pit





File: 009f1bca14670a3⋯.png (133.36 KB, 759x657, 253:219, crop2.png)

File: d5e6bac875f9351⋯.png (108.47 KB, 780x359, 780:359, crop3.png)

File: 75b56f2de084bb3⋯.swf (229.42 KB, free-cities-20181010-21211….swf)


OK, this is weird: the error happens only when that slave is first on the list.

If I open the Options page and then go back to the main page, if the slave is the second one, her thumbnail is correctly displayed.

Her profile is still bugged, though.

Save attached.


File: d2a370634888b45⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 236x218, 118:109, wat 15.jpg)

>The game where it took longer for someone to add panties and a bra as an outfit than it did to add a sexy KKK costume

Ah, god bless Deepmurk and all he does, but I still find that shit fucking hilarious.


File: dc7f754bb6a8b18⋯.jpg (54.55 KB, 848x480, 53:30, YuriRapeIsTheBestKindOfYur….jpg)


Our lord and vector art savior works in mysterious ways.


>This week she spends some of her downtime figuring out a new way for you to make money, making you an extra ¤0.

This slave is supposedly a genius.



Not yet. Haven't gotten around to adding it there yet.



The dick check is probably off by one. Will look into it.




Will look at it.


File: bf0ac64e11e47ae⋯.png (61.33 KB, 1547x667, 1547:667, Untitled.png)

sorry pregmodder, yet i got this from the latest git released( updated 7 minutes ago)



Known issue if it is referring to the NaN array.



Well, there's at least one anon who wants wombs to become full of crushed infant paste and shattered bones

and is pushing for "realism" in hyperpreg.

Consider: "realism" for hyperpreg is horrible messy death for all involved because IRL humans are so

horribly bad at pregnancy that one baby can kill the mother without medical intervention, twins more than

double the chances of death, and we cap at eight before fetuses start compacting into a deathball.


Start as a Servant (for birthMaster, which if > 0 gives you a significantly better fertility roll set), be on fertility

drugs, and fucking pray for RNG to bless you.

Or open the console, put in "SugarCube.State.variables.PC.readyOva = 8" and then click the self-impreg button.

The only legitimate use of readyOva is incubator slaves, but the impreg code will accept it for literally

anything that can be impreg'd, including the PC. Handy for testing to be honest.


File: f4718aa340f76d5⋯.jpg (107.12 KB, 372x660, 31:55, cephei.jpg)


…wait, you're not making your children out of biopaste in vats?


>Haruka comes before you for a routine inspection. The rippedpregnant pregnant milky loli musclegirl breeder is looking good,







That faggot seems to be everywhere. Though he denies it, I'm sure it is the same guy each time because he always asks for the dumbest shit that would totally ruin a game under the pretense of 'realism'.


Pregmod v6.



-backend work on concurrent pregnancies



>That faggot seems to be everywhere.

Well i'm not the only one, but what exactly is the problem? The "realism" and gory stuff will be hidden behind the toggle just like much of other things already. I mean, fuck, the hyperpreg health damage and miscarriages have this toggle already, so you either didn't follow the thread or played the game and just want to show how "mature" and "smart" you are.



running BC got rid of this for me


The corporation no longer generates educated slaves even when the corporation is set to educate slaves


Pregmod v6.1.



Should be fixed now. It was using the first draft of the education changes.


File: 9bb9c530b7eda2e⋯.jpg (128.07 KB, 800x1143, 800:1143, 9bb9c530b7eda2e796e740a9a4….jpg)


Huh? I remember some posts about it a thread or so ago, but no shitposting. The main focus were bestiality, nursery, clothes and expanding the slave eugenics breeding. Speaking of which is anon working on genePool heredity stuff alive?


I played so bad during an attack that my drones got annihilated. How do I get them back or is it impossible as of now?


File: 57f9d1d785933d8⋯.jpg (224.67 KB, 1565x525, 313:105, error.jpg)

I got an error during the relative recruiter random event



Looking into it.


Pregmod v6.2.


-fixed >>264958

I love how comments are a suggestion and not an "ignore everything in this".



Because, as has been stated and discussed in other threads several times over, realism =/= good gameplay. Also, work out your personal issues on your own time, I never said anything about maturity.

Good on you for being the first of the 'but realism' faggots to realize toggles are good though, most of the time the faggot that brings up 'realism' wants whatever retarded idea crawled into his head to be unavoidable, and he splergs out for the rest of the thread or until he gets banned if someone suggests a toggle.



>Because, as has been stated and discussed in other threads several times over, realism =/= good gameplay

So? Realism just makes my dick hard that's all. We don't ban bestiality because it is a "gateway for furries", or lolies, or guro, or hyperpreg, even if it is not our fetish, right? Live and let live.

>Good on you for being the first of the 'but realism' faggots to realize toggles are good though, most of the time the faggot that brings up 'realism' wants whatever retarded idea crawled into his head to be unavoidable, and he splergs out for the rest of the thread or until he gets banned if someone suggests a toggle.

Are you sure you don't confused the threads? I mean there was no instances of that in Pregmod ones as far as can i remember. If you can provide the archive link to this, that would be great. But i don't remember either me or other anons trying to make this mandatory or even a default setting for that matter. The only thing that is close to what you are describing is a "fertile futas" debate. Not sure why you trying to "work out your personal issues on" us though.


File: 6d2e7eb6649978b⋯.jpg (19.55 KB, 300x406, 150:203, 9d82b6a99901946ff177cfc5f8….jpg)

Since the guy who said he would make pussy licking content hasn't posted his script I'll post mine either today late at night, or tomorrow. But before I autistically waste my time doing so:

>where do you want me to post the script/scripts, is pastebin okay?

>do I have to write a script for each variable or leave it open ended enough for each variable found in https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/blob/pregmod-master/slave%20variables%20documentation%20-%20Pregmod.txt

>if I want to write a gory version that involves biting her clit off, or literally munching so aggressively it makes her labia bleed would it get added under abuse?

>if I were to write a rape scenario where a non-lesbian slave is forced to eat out another slave will it get included as well?

>if I were to write a rape scenario where a non-lesbian slave is being forced to get sat on by a female slave will it get included as well?

I think those are all the questions I have ATM.


One of my slaves is male but has the option to take labia reducers?



Are you sure it doesn't have a vagina as well?



1. Pastebin is fine.

2. Not entirely sure what you mean. The documentation just lists values to better tailor scenes to a slave's appearance and features.

3. No to clit off. Depends on who is getting eaten out for the bloody labia, though it may be too much for some people.

4. Sure.

5. Sure.



That is a good question. The drug might be available if they lack a vagina value but have a labia value. Will take a look at that.


I've asked this before but was wondering if there'd be a change: apart from the lurching one are there any scenes where the receiving side is struggling with a huge dick or do 15 and 30 cm dicks still perform similarly?




Oh also, are you just writing a script or will you be attempting to code it too? I'm very backlogged when it comes to just scripts.



It's mentioned here and there. If anyone wanted to expand places where it could be, that would be fine.



I can take up the code, if anything - I need a break from trying to figure out the Farmyard and Nursery stuff. A scene sounds like an easy change of pace.


File: ab6368b7bf43f6b⋯.png (501.16 KB, 1287x3220, 1287:3220, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)



>Are you sure it doesn't have a vagina as well?

I'm very sure it doesn't. Triple checked. Screenshot just in case.

I got her with a sister, so it may have been due to being based on her.



Likely so, will get that too. As it turns out, it was only checking for .labia > 0 regardless of whether or not the slave had a pussy.



Can't code properly to save my life, so I will not attempt to do so.




File: 782feb25eef9fcf⋯.png (156.46 KB, 382x382, 1:1, Dong_has_gone_too_far.png)

>Mfw I accidentally deleted my save and now I have to rebuild my my caliphate of milky lolis from scratch


In src/pregmod/rePregInventor.tw the closing "<</if"s exceed the opening "<<if"s by one.

I think the culprits are lines 1010 and 1011 (I could be wrong, though).

Anyway, deleting those rows, I get rid of this error:

> src/pregmod/reTheSirenStrikesBack.tw: Found closing tag but with no opening tag:

> src/pregmod/reTheSirenStrikesBack.tw: 1576 : <</if



But those are two different passages? Anyway, rePregInventor is still under cleanup, so I'll get those in time.


File: be94a87dfae74d8⋯.png (85.09 KB, 1621x230, 1621:230, compileOutput.png)



Some what related, I don't get why TweeGo complains about an attribute only being used once when it is clearly used more than once.



It relies off of two things I believe, a set and a modification. No idea why $oralTotal is doing that, then again it may just be thinking it is a slave variable.


How does one edit a save?



Same passage, reTheSirenStrikesBack.tw has only 104 lines, so it's clean. There are only 3-4 files with a <</if>> tag at line 1576 and rePregInventor is the one where the tags mismatch.


Read the FAQs.



Best advice I can give you, take it off your mind and watch something dumb while relaxing. Your brain will chew on answers if you let the subconscious take over.


I need a way to encourage yuri rape in my penthouse. ..and some way to set certain persons off-limits from rape even past the global yes/no.



Looks like the extra closing if was at 994 from where I removed a hacking requirement.



How do I find the variable that controls growth reversal drugs? I bought that shit and it's fucking with my rules assistent



A problem with them was recently fixed, what version are you using?


Is it supposed to be possible to defeat a rival before finding out that they were attacking you? Just triggered the victory scene without having ever met my rival.

Am playing on a slightly older/tweaked version of the game, so that might be it, but thought I'd mention anyway.



Since it checks against prosperity, it should theoretically be possible. Some changes where recently made in an attempt to keep them from falling to pieces spontaneously though that may work against that still happening.



Got it. The version I'm on's at least a couple weeks old, so that might be it, then. I also identified the neighbor most likely to be my rival and started undermining them from the beginning, thinking it'd give me a leg up once they started fucking with my shit. That couldn't have helped.



That's how you'd do it. That's also been a thing since the neighbors were added.



The problem is that I was using RA to fix slaves with small butts, now it's also reducing the ones with big butts to the number I set.



Add a rule to stop it from being applied to slaves over your target size.

I'm just glad it is actually doing that now because it used to not work at all.


can the concurrent pregnancy work for the player themselves?



Birth isn't set up to handle it so it would likely misreport things and then clear the pregnancy, but up until that point, probably. It's impressively robust.



I have no idea how to do it. Is there any guide on how to make custom RA?



Biting her clit off would be a permanent injury, so I don't think it could be added without it being its own special event/scene. It would suck to be spamming the abuse option to jack the slave's fear to maximum then suddenly "oh and you bit her clit off lol".



I want to say there is, but I also may be misremembering my requests for one to be written. But the textbox on custom rule gives you the general idea of how to do it and the variables documentation will tell you everything you could use in it.


Is the default or revamped vector art better? Which one's got more images? I see lots of blind spots for both.


Hpreg anon, you lurking? I a small touch up on the end of your event.


Can you suck futa slaves off yet?



You talking about the inventor stuff? If so, I'm lurking.



Yes. They very last part of the third event, where she talks about your vision for the future is perfect for repop focus societies, but too much for everything else. It could use a more neutral variant, maybe something about massively pregnant slaves no longer being able to have fun or something.



I'll write something up. Can I just post up a pastebin of the text, or would you prefer I resubmit?



Just post a pastebin. I've got everything ready on my end to receive it.


File: a5891e931dea9a2⋯.png (9.92 KB, 975x57, 325:19, Capture.PNG)

The two highlighted sentences appear to be incomplete.



Sorry, forgot to mention that the slave is wearing the t-shirt and thong outfit.




Deepmurk, you lurking? Could you look into this?



Here you go.


Let me know if you want me to tweak it further.

Also, to respond to your question on git: "preginventions" is meant to track bonuses you get from completing the event. = 1 is meant to be the regular rewards. Mostly going to be slave interactions (fucking hyperpreg slaves using the inventions) and a few random events (thinking of some group stuff like a hyperpregnant gooey t-shirt contest for the goo pool, for instance). = 2 is going to be for getting the best possible result in the third event. I'm thinking of writing up an fctv episode where the slave inventor gets interviewed alongside some anonymous arcology owners who were inspired by her story.

At the moment, though, the flag doesn't actually do anything. Its mostly future proofing for the expanded events the chain is supposed to unlock. Actually writing up the slave interactions now, though it'll prob take another week or so before they're ready.



Thank you. I noticed that after working through event three.

Good work by the way, the event is quite enjoyable.



Thanks. Hopefully there's more where that came from.


just wanted to say this game is freaking awesome and well on its way to becoming THE greatest text based erotic sim ever. good job everyone!


What counts as "oversized bodyparts" for bodyguards?



Yeah, I tried it. Went back and made a save right after tracing evidence to the rival, Security Force founding should be a few weeks.



Pregmod v7.


-anon's hpreg inventor event chain enabled



Just curious: is it enabled for broodmothers et al. atm, or still locked behind hyperbroodmothers?



>hpreg inventor event chain

What event chain is this again?



I just deleted the whole folder and made a new compile, it works now. I probably did something stupid.



It works for all hyper pregnant slaves but will work best with hyperbroodmothers since they will never drop below the .bellyPreg requirement.


Submitted random event chain involving a very pregnant slave coming up with some very big ideas.



You probably had the old files still around causing trouble.



Out of curiousity (cause I'm not really into hyperpreg) but does the event have an intelligence requirement?



Is it just me or does it feel weird how cyber limbs don't help with coursing event?

It feels like something that'd be frowned upon or banned, or if not turn into an instant win



The artificial content is a late vanilla originally half unfinished mod (the same can be said of the viewership mod that does nothing to a larger degree) so it should be no surprise that there are obvious edge cases.


Quick question, why would the loli surgery be illegal?

We're an independent authority not bound by any international laws, so how would it be "illegal?"



Illegal isn't the best term for it. The Free City has its own set of agreed upon rules represented by the content settings. More of a loose reasoning than anything.


File: 856832f3427cb71⋯.png (11.04 KB, 1588x179, 1588:179, FC preginventor tag error.png)

Looks like that "=" needs to be an "==" in the new version.


For some reason, asset reduction drugs don't apply if you no longer/never have Slimness enthusiasm FS.


Pregmod v7.1.



Got it fixed.


It probably checks for it. Are we talking just having them on it or in the RA?



Rules assistant, I can apply them, but it'll automatcially take them off as they're "reached growth targets", even if they're double ds when they're meant to be B-Cup



The RA has a window around the target to prevent it from constantly flipping back and forth, but will look into it.



Oh no, even if they're supersized K's it won't work.


Why does Hip/Shoulder surgery count as an implant when calculating club bonuses?



I think I figured out what was happening, it was checking the "Growth hormone regimes for healthy slaves" instead of the actual values put into the subsections.


I can't raise or lower priority, when I click on them in the rule manager nothing happens.


If I wanted to include Fuckdolls in a scene, would I do it separately in fFuckdollWidgets or can I just make a check for it in the scene itself?


I noticed that in knockMeUp() this line:

>>target.pregSource = (!fatherID ? 0 : fatherID);

means that pregSource will be set to 0 if you pass -1 in. This means that the womb fatherID will also be set incorrectly.



I'm thinking fFuckdollWidgets would be the right choice.


Considering <<if $variable>>, with a value of -1, will return true, I'm not entirely sure what it would do. It seems to be working though, I think people would bitch pretty loudly if they knocked a girl up and she birthed someone else's baby.


preganon, if clicking "fuck her", the counter does not increase. .vaginalCount don't work



>Speaking of which is anon working on genePool heredity stuff alive?

Yes. I got stuck trying to understand the sequence of events / control flow that causes a slave to have its genes, and also have its stats, by time of "birth" (incubator retrieval). I have trouble keeping it in my head, so I put the project on the back burner for now.



I see the problem and I'm not pleased by it.


does the drug purity mandate policy do anything besides reducing slave profits and damaging prosperity? it has to right? and for that matter, policies like "respect for youth" and "body purity", do they only help advance their respective FS or do they have other side-effects as well?



if there's significant overlap between here and cuck chan's >>265160

>does the drug purity mandate policy do anything besides reducing slave profits and damaging prosperity? it has to right?

I believe it eliminates all DNA damage, I could be wrong.


Pregmod v8.


-major fix to VaginalVCheck


I tested it and it correctly got set to -1.



Maybe there's something screwy with my code.



With the intelligence changes, did that change the length slaves stay in the schoolroom cause I've had one slave in there for 14 weeks and seen almost no changes to any of her stats. I have the schoolroom fully upgraded, btw.



How smart is she to start with? Dumb slaves take longer to learn. The absolute bottom of the barrel are not recommended to try and teach.

That said, it should be about roughly the same rate as before, but it goes to 30 now with the schoolroom.



She started out average. Her intelligence was finally increased to smart during week 16.

Okay, just seems to be taking way longer than usual.

I don't usually take in dumb slaves when I have a paternalism society like I do now. The citizens throw a hissy fit every week that the bitch isn't educated.


File: 5174d63e6928a76⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 064593d827bdb7ac92ffbcd903….jpg)

Guys my drones got killed in a rebellion, how do i make more?

I checked the FAQ.



Unforeseen possibility. Will look into it in the morning.



An uneducated slave who is being educated shouldn't give bad rep.



No, I know. I'm saying the citizens get pissed if I don't educate the slave and I don't see the point in educating a dumb slave so that they're slightly less dumb.


File: 854bd26e0584c2c⋯.png (19.22 KB, 991x160, 991:160, Capture.PNG)

Any chance with this event that the two will ever not be identical. It's fine when it's twins or they're the same gender at least. But when it's a father and daughter like this and the girl is attractively masculine, it's just weird and kind of a turn off.



Will change up the faces a little. Sometimes variables slip through the cracks.



Paternalism is not about efficiency but about treating slaves with paternalistic love. Wouldn't you send your stupid daughter to school?



In real life? If I had any kids, yes, I'd send them to school. In a game? Nope. Ain't got time for that shit. I like my slaves to be intelligent. The stupid ones are either sold or sent to the dairy. If I'm not playing paternalism, they're sent to the arcade.



Then Paternalism is not for you. You can not send your stupid slaves to the arcade in any other FS.



I'll play how I play and you can feel free to play however you want to play. I like playing paternalism, I just don't do stupid slaves.

Also, your second sentence makes no sense. Stupid slaves can absolutely be sent to the arcade. Paternalists don't like it if you have an arcade, but otherwise, most other FS don't object in my experience. Been a while since I built one though.



If they weren't completely wiped out you can just click the replenish button. If they were? Not sure, never lost all of them



You can also play Degradationism and treat your slaves like princesses if that's your thing. It beats the point, but to each their own.

What I meant by that is that is possible to not send slaves to the arcade while not playing Paternalism.



Yeah first time it happened to me as well.

They got completely BTFO.



Uh you can send slaves to the arcade under any FS not just a specific one (as far as i know, there may be 1 that disables it) but the reputation penalty can change.



Yup, and then you can have all the citizens get annoyed at you because this slave isn't terrified enough, that slave isn't devoted enough and so on and so forth. Degradationism is tedious, imo.

I treat my slaves well. I don't generally like whoring out my slaves or having them be public servants so it's easy to buy the less desirable, less intelligent slaves from places like the shelter, build them back up and resell them at a profit.


I'm having an issue with a slave where I cannot remove her behavioral flaw. My HG had no success and I tried it personally and it will not go away. Any ideas of what might be going on? This is a first for me.


File: 0e641c54607de44⋯.png (8.49 KB, 999x110, 999:110, Capture.PNG)

Had this error pop up with my bodyguard.



Go into settings and hit "Apply Security Expansion Backwards Compatibility" or something like that. Fixed that exact issue, for me.


>using the incubator for the first time

>breeding with brilliant, attractive slaves

>creating beautiful, amazon, super busty genius daughters

>raising them for leadership positions

Holy hell this is insane.



>remote surgery upgrade

>buy hambeasts

>convert masses of lard to glorious T&A




preganon, and this again

ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.










latest git version


and i don't understand, my Rep 20000, and pharmaceutical fabricator tells me "You lack the experience required to contact underground research labs to develop methods for controlling pregnancy progress."



Reputation is not the same as experience. How would you go about increasing your skill and experience in medical matters?



ok, Medicine: You are a master surgeon. and "You lack the experience required to contact underground research labs to develop methods for controlling pregnancy progress"



i think you have to enable extreme pregnancy thing



If/when we finally normalise male slaves, i'm looking forward to this.


Makes you wonder if there's a black market situation where slaves are treated like literal piggos, for meat, lard and other bioproducts. Like a more extreme dairy.



So it's a bug then (albeit minor), since it should be hidden.



same with my concubine



Actually, I can't seem to remove or soften flaws for any of my slaves all of sudden.



Clothing and hair style used?


That NaN catch is doing some serious work dredging up bad variables. Will get them.


Will look at it.


Will take a look. That was one of the concern points during the intelligence changes.



Battledress and ponytail.


As a part of my writing up slave interactions based on the hyperpreg inventor's toys, I'm thinking of putting together a regular interaction with hyperpreg slaves where you roll them onto their bellies and fuck them. Would just be locked behind belly size rather than belly size and completing parts of the hyperpreg event chain. Before I start putting it together, is there anything like this already being worked on?



Also the voices are the same. So the girl has the same deep voice as her father.



You mean the best spreadsheet simulator ever made, right?



Thank you.


Keep in mind the discomfort of being fucked over your own belly, especially when it is nearing its limit. Apart from that, .bellySize >= 300000 has been established as the size for that.


Now that one I swear I looked for. Must have missed it on that set.


Where are slaves initialized?



"BaseSlave" widget in slaveCreationWidgets.tw.



Cool, thanks.



>Makes you wonder if there's a black market situation where slaves are treated like literal piggos, for meat, lard and other bioproducts. Like a more extreme dairy.

Bro. If we can have cowgirls, why not pigwomen? I feel like this is a breakthrough.



Looked at it and it is because you need to have more experience with handling pregnant slaves. I've made that more clear for next version. Essentially have ten children born to slaves in your arcology.




Flaws are softening and getting removed in testing. May need a save file for testing.


Pregmod v9.



-fixed secExp drones total annihilation oversight


What's your favorite type of arcology to make, /hgg/?



I get my kicks from creating a sadistic white supremacist wonderland where we abuse and mutilate slaves, young and old. But mostly I run a Eugenics society that's micro-managed to hell through the automation system.


File: 282e0dac169e718⋯.jpg (655.82 KB, 997x1200, 997:1200, 68868305_p1_master1200 (1).jpg)

File: 9fa70d698d845bf⋯.jpg (393.85 KB, 1080x1200, 9:10, 68994820_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: ac902a58da2e521⋯.jpg (620.67 KB, 1200x1679, 1200:1679, 32094026_p0 (1).jpg)


If my slaves don't look like this one or another it ain't a true playthrough.


File: 3972d2e59f22b54⋯.jpg (81.16 KB, 640x571, 640:571, 1535090793306.jpg)


My man.



A man of fine taste i see


File: dcd7d0307b441af⋯.gif (197.16 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 20.gif)





>calling someone a degenerate in a porn board

wathever you say zog/pol/


File: 65c44b9545f6b40⋯.png (451.65 KB, 444x568, 111:142, shredded moose P2 07 horri….png)


i don't give a fuck about /pol/, you just don't know how to treat a woman.



Repopulationist is always core. Also tend to run paternalism. After that, I usually go for some sort of revivalism and some of the expansion related FSs, to taste. Keep thinking I'm going to try out eugenics at some point, but I'm too impatient to wait to impregnate slaves until after they've been marked.

Speaking of which, any chance we get other belly expansion related FS content in the future? We have "make every slave pump out a billion babies" and "make elite slaves pump out a billion babies each," which is already way more than this particular degenerate ever hoped for in an h game, but I admit to wishing there were a couple more choices to get the full range of expansion content.

Stuffing/enema play is in the game, for instance, but fairly bare bones and not attached to any specific FS. Aliens style "stick 'em to a wall and fill 'em with something until they explode" content could also be pretty cool, or maybe localized fat grafting to stick otherwise slender women with big, soft, cushiony bellies, or advanced trans-humanist implantation (clear cyborg bellies the arc owner can treat like exotic fish tanks/etc). Given the relative realism constraints of this game's setting, some of this stuff might be too advanced/unrealistic, but a lot of it has minor references in the game already and I'd definitely enjoy seeing it worked into more developed play.

Makes me wonder if expanding FSs with branching development choices might be cool. Stuffing fits hedonism perfectly, for instance, but it's not the only direction hedonism can take. What if you let players develop advanced FSs once they've fully established their base forms? Maybe attach expansion to some sort of time/currency system with increasing costs per advanced FS chosen, that way players can technically grind out every option, but you'd still have the fun of limited choices in the course of regular play.


File: bb0701098ddbebf⋯.png (91.89 KB, 900x726, 150:121, dowload.png)


Tell that to America.


File: 8308fb96138b955⋯.jpg (91.75 KB, 1410x985, 282:197, 8308fb96138b955613d1df5edd….jpg)



The most degenarate part is excessive hypermuscle, or rather complete lack of proportions (the fuck happened to them, that their heads are so small, not even mentioning the rest of their bodies).



Never said small heads were my fetish. Just happen to be drawn that way.



>but I'm too impatient to wait to impregnate slaves until after they've been marked.

That's a policy you can choose to take or not, you don't actually have to play eugenics with it.


File: 62fef22ef87f461⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 287x326, 287:326, 62fef22ef87f46188f899c4da4….jpg)


I'm ok with hypermuscle, but this pics obliterated my boner. How do you even fap to that?



Every time I've tried eugenics, it ends up failing when I give in to temptation and start impregnating unmarked slaves. There's a way to do eugenics without requiring the slave marks to impregnate slaves?



Its the process of transforming them that gets you going.


File: 3f15f75bcffe1d5⋯.jpeg (244.12 KB, 848x477, 16:9, small heads.jpeg)


I'm all for that, i meant the mini-heads thing.



I don't impregnate my slaves, I usually keep them on contraceptives, so I don't know if a reputation hit is taken, but I presume so. It may just be a regular reputation hit, rather than going against the policy you set up with the societal elite (should you decide to implement the marking system). Once you become apart of the societal elite your reputation probably won't be damaged when you impregnate a slave, so maybe keep your slaves on contraception until you join the societal elite so your rep won't go down.

I've never had a policy fail, are you putting enough cash into it? The propaganda hub can specifically be made to endorse your policies too, rather than immigration or other shit.



Oh, then yeah, it's pretty weird. It's especially confusing since they tend to be professional artists yet draw small heads on principle.



I'm surprised you've never had one fail. One of the core challenges I deal with while playing is pushing FSs through the maluses imposed by other arcologies/random things. Not complaining–I actually kind've enjoy that aspect of play–but it might be I'm doing something wrong.

Isn't there a cap on how much you can fund a FS?



Shrunken head syndrome seems rampant in muscle girl art. I don't get it at all. Big bodies will make regular sized heads look small already. Why make them even smaller?



There is. There isn't a cap on the amount of slaves you can boosting it though, so that can be used to overwhelm negative influences.



Yeah, you can only fund 10k into it. I go straight for the cultural defense policies and edicts, so I don't get infiltrated by the other arcologies too often. idk, maybe I just got lucky with it.


>>265538 >>265563 >>265583

>tiny heads

The sheer disparity between the last remaining mostly-bone part of the body and the rest of it

implies that the muscles rapidly outgrew the skeleton to the point that all the joints were ripped

apart and now they're just vestigal bones in a muscular hydrostat.

Like a slimegirl, but muscle.

Which is why I'm convinced hypermuscle is an entirely separate fetish from normal /fit/girls.



It is indeed looks horrible. Good pictures are very hard to find, and this small heads thing actually killed this fetish for me. Never suspected that you can be "cured" from a fetish, but here it is.



You can specifically set slaves to boost your FS development somehow? I know that slaves that do the right things can naturally boost FS development, but didn't know you could set them to actively support it. That might be what I'm doing wrong.



>hypermuscle is an entirely separate fetish from normal /fit/girls

This explains a lot. It is a miracle they can even move in this condition.



I meant the natural boost. If you are having trouble getting repop to stick for instance, consider buying a bunch of preggos and stationing them in public places before taking it.



Huh. I can actually get the potential attraction of that. Still personally prefer more normal proportions on my musclegirls, though.


File: b3efa2478d71957⋯.gif (3.38 MB, 540x540, 1:1, 65a4849f71d369df236a3b5fcf….gif)


I feel that way too sometimes, but then i get…distracted.


File: 6c0917aa73b57e6⋯.png (603.95 KB, 633x787, 633:787, 6c0917aa73b57e655e4ee31627….png)


Damn, i hate that it prevents me from appreciating hypertits.


File: 470b4582cce29b9⋯.jpeg (236.41 KB, 720x1000, 18:25, 6b68578836a8705068a99360d….jpeg)

File: ffab32b01dc3b86⋯.png (270.23 KB, 600x773, 600:773, c38507895f447345631b950cdc….png)

File: 639ef7a4a095118⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1280x1600, 4:5, 3bc3ca01f7d7ba8d12435bcac5….png)

File: 491d8f908217048⋯.jpg (314.68 KB, 1122x1600, 561:800, 6da9d32971a69b73220409b2f3….jpg)

File: d53b2a94b23c8b6⋯.png (372.28 KB, 900x800, 9:8, 1537409114539.png)


Same, only slightly smaller and more varied. I want my slaves looking like pics related.


File: ba25b06f742e385⋯.jpg (87.6 KB, 493x637, 493:637, ba25b06f742e3851cf8c5e3162….jpg)


>"Oh i will finally see some good musclegirls"

>see futanaris


File: 36b80fa0a125d9d⋯.jpg (770.35 KB, 1300x1671, 1300:1671, Catallo_friends.jpg)



Strangely enough hyperass on its own doesn't tend to suffer from it, or at least is more acceptable since the head isn't supposed to e in the foreground anyway.


File: f566297ec11fe2e⋯.png (683.66 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 80e2fcc0f162be78bb58d7a0cb….png)


File: 8b4bf4e34958c9b⋯.jpeg (636.75 KB, 1098x1614, 183:269, 3e8bef107c51b33d5c0c73461….jpeg)

File: 6234218c027af4e⋯.jpeg (3.56 MB, 2481x3507, 827:1169, 732a513427d1890599051451f….jpeg)

File: ad4e35aaf829948⋯.jpg (459.89 KB, 1800x1750, 36:35, 1447695668866.jpg)

File: d17e7b9a69efcbd⋯.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1237x1600, 1237:1600, d99785b229fbce666fc0f8a1b….jpeg)

File: 54c93b74fd6bb70⋯.jpg (688.87 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 5165e0d660973f49f416c80eff….jpg)


Hey, I like what I like. Tell you what, probably shouldn't spam with images, but here. For you, my friend of good taste.



Well hypertits/ass are more, i don't know, "human-like" because this >>265538

goes into uncanny valley territory.


Thank you, kind anon.

>Hey, I like what I like.

Same here anon, same here…







Holy shit. Could I get a source for all of these? I'd use google img search but it isn't getting results.




So I was about to post my "content" for slave owners who want to do pussy licking on straight women. But then it occured to me that the pussy licking content I wrote won't make sense for preggers women. So yeah, there's going to be a delay still, on me delivering due to that. So to the guy wanting a change of pace on his coding, sorry broski I'm wasting your charitable offer, if it's even still available.


File: 5ed78373b94c741⋯.png (17.78 KB, 486x788, 243:394, literally trash.png)


UwU it looks like you really like this style of art, anon!

pay me money and i'll supply you with as much of this shit as you want, my dude!

this is your taste and it's fucking disgusting



Fucking newfag. Use saucenao. Get the plugin for it, thank me later. You can use the little S while you're on 8chan.



Your lucky I have literally nothing better to do.

>>265538 Rhemora on pixiv

>>265595 hataraki ari (ハタラキ有) also on pixiv

>>265606 Rebis. They post on a bunch of platforms. A lot of their best art is on a Patreon paywall but considering other artists on patreon, they're pretty alright.

>>265607 Krekk0v mostly posts on twitter nowadays.

>>265610 Multiple artists and I can't be bothered, but the first one is NDC and the last is Jujunaught. Both can be found pixiv or twitter.



Sure, no rush. I've got other things to keep me busy until then.



This little S wouldn't normally happen to be next to or inbetween a little h or u, would it? 'Cause it isn't here now. Also just installed that plugin, it does its job well, thanks.




And to >>265644, see >>265638? Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish, etc.


File: 513bfa30659ad77⋯.jpg (66.27 KB, 500x334, 250:167, fiik2k4o1u501i0.jpg)


Yeah, but I sort of hate fishing and find it easier to simply to throw fish at people.


File: 095dec4e91afd6f⋯.png (91.66 KB, 952x549, 952:549, FCInventorSays.png)

Error in preginventor first event.



Also, reading through it, "tholothal athed" (speaking with lisp) should probably be "colothal athed" or maybe "ctholothal athed" for readability



The lisp also only appears in that sentence.






Hmm. You're right. Thinking on it, the slave speaking is behind a "can speak check," but not with a check for if a slave has a lisp. Wouldn't be noticeable, but the code has the slave describe their title automatically, which I guess automatically reflects if they have a lisp or not. Perhaps its a result of the <<says>> macro not working?



No, it is due to a lack of foresight. That's what happens when you call lispReplace() on a string without paying attention. How to handle that starting c is going to be a problem. Will bring that up to kopareigns.



Hmm. So the fix for the lisp issue would just be placing the lisp replace modifier behind an "if lisp" check, right? What about the <<says>> issue? Should that just be "says" with no <<>>? Don't see many examples of that code outside that specific event.


Pregmod v10.



-adjustments to how intelligence and education affects slave price


Yes. It the case of <<says>>, the widget is actually <<say>>s, I just made a typo.



Got it. I'm going through the event right now to get test saves for implementing the content branching from it. Want me to compile a list of recommended changes? Maybe implement the changes myself and send a merge request?



Implementing and posing a merge would be the best.


File: a8912d8559db40c⋯.png (4.65 KB, 956x70, 478:35, FCSilentlyError.png)

Getting this error when trying to trigger the second preginventor event.



Any idea of where it showed that, passage-wise? Also the dropdown is always appreciated.


Pregmod v11.



-tweaks to lispReplace()


I fixed something, but I don't think it was it. Why it wasn't causing problems is its own mystery though.



Seems to have fixed it on my end.


>Her and the remaining women are trapped and in no condition to run;

She and.

>They are completely out of options and as the looters work their way down the city streets.

Drop the "and".

>you promised to rescue<<if $PAidTarget == "seizedMission">> where held up in

were holed up in.

>she is just a little and a massively pregnant one at that.

A little girl, I assume.

>/* we need our child genetics blacked */






File: ac76377adf921d8⋯.jpg (108.98 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 0a35b2f075b40501af7a8b846e….jpg)

File: 9b6b9a7f11b5839⋯.png (1.41 MB, 919x1300, 919:1300, 033264d63743c235edb0303c12….png)

Well here's my best attempt at cunt licking, unfortunately I just couldn't get "in the mood" for pussy licking preggo women. I'll do that tomorrow probably.


Also I'm retarded and can't make spacing work properly in pastebin when I copy pasta shit on to it, so I'm so sorry about the 2 paragraphs with absolutely fucked up spacing.


>bitching about loli

>in /hgg/ come on, seriously nigger?



Has... he set up a bot? HAHAHA



Are you the retard that posted on /cow/?


File: 672352f2a2b275d⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 29401.jpg)

Me sides.



Archived it in case nursery/bestanon doesn't find time for it.


Good god, he's trying to pull a Tom Preston and get every single board to hate him.


File: 79d40d468fc4d7c⋯.jpg (76.55 KB, 674x670, 337:335, 1446351243783.jpg)


Should I feel bad for the fact that I know Andrew Dobson better by his power word than his shitty internet alias?





mine also had a ponytail, but wore nothing


Cybernetic Sex Limbs don't allow footjobs. Is that a feature or…


for the second part of the inventor event chain, funding the inventor is locked behind the "receiveravailable" variable being set to 1. Should that be the "fctvreceiver" variable instead? Seem unable to select the funding option with a fully upgraded arcology, but changing it to check for "fctvreceiver" being >= 1 seems to work fine. Don't want to commit that change unless its the right move.



That should be fixed at this point. Turned out to be a problem in the longest length of ponytail.


No real support for it, but I swear it was supposed to have some of them working with it. Will take a look.


Will get it myself, don't worry about fixing it.



Alright. I'll be implementing a change on my end just to keep things working as I test/edit, but if they end up wrong when I send the merge request just let me know and I'll revert it.


Pregmod v12.





Should be fixed now and yes, it should have been $FCTVreceiver.


Is that the first one or the really expensive top of the line one? The values that are currently allowed for it are 0, -3, and -5.


File: 96ac1b268a41024⋯.png (120.74 KB, 1407x702, 469:234, ClipboardImage.png)



I think it's right before Advanced combat/beauty




I think you just have one of the exceptions. I'd be glad if anyone wanted to fill out the missing feet.


would it be possible to make have a little checkmark next to clothing options which signifies whether or not the clothes actually have art or not? maybe two different checkmarks for deepmurk and the other guy's art? it's fairly annoying to have to sift through all of them each time i play dress-up like the faggot i am



Don't forget to get fertility drugged at a party/by a rapist/by a john/by the secret way that was recently added


I guess it's a private law society



Thanks for you work, mein nigga. Much appreciated!



Secret way you say?


File: 29dccf62fcd716f⋯.jpg (15.17 KB, 272x185, 272:185, 1516053520233.jpg)


Well for me the "realism" thing is about turning humans who as you correctly stated "are so horribly bad at pregnancy" (although the mortality can be severely reduced in the medical wonderland of FC, >10 children are indeed the problem) into hyperbroodmothers via surgery or genetic engineering (and making them to love it). But since our slaves are stretchy rubber aliens they can bloat to any size, no problem. Also implying that "crushed infant paste and shattered bones" has no place in FC. Cannibalism when? We want meat slave products in addition to milk ones. Speaking of which, the last time i played (admitedly was 2-3 weeks ago) despite hyperpreg being off, i still occasionaly got >10 pregnancies in the Master Suite with all upgrades. Is it supposed to be this way?



>Don't forget to get fertility drugged at a party/by a rapist/by a john/by the secret way that was recently added

Do tell please




If you really must know and are impatient you'll have to look through git's recent additions.



whitekitten please go.


File: 740deec96b2efd6⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 416x416, 1:1, Question (2).jpg)


>Googled "whitekitten"

>results say that he is an artist from furaffinity

Wtf? What furries have to do with it?



Maybe he was involved with CoC? Honestly I have no idea either.


What does Last Dance mode do exactly? Make everything cost more?




whitekitten is a fag who doesn't art himself, he pays others to draw some hardcore shit for him.

He is a furfag so I won't link as furshit has no place in FC.

Snuff, cannibalism abortion by rape. Rape in general but that isn't exactly hardcore all things considered.



I see. Now that makes sense.

>Snuff, cannibalism, abortion by rape

Well we already have guro and miscarriages. Cannibalism can go well with degradationism and/or pastoralism. To be fair i mentioned it more as a joke, but if someone will write it - than why not?



S'all cool in my books but I ain't a writer so I can do fuckall.

My big gripe with the cunt is the shit tier stories that go with the pictures. That art is fine but holy fuck is the dude a right cunt.



I want to say 10 is the cap for hpreg off and should more than likely result in a miscarriage when the new system is finished.


Pretty much. I'd like to extend it to more things than just that in the future.


There was a really old cannibalism mod that I've never seen a copy of the code of. I wouldn't mind trying to revive it, but it is beyond out of date at this point.


Should there be a self-impregnation option for futanari characters in the game other than the PC? Yes or no?



Yes. With heavier inbreeding penalties.



Asking to clarify: is the option desirable or present already? I was out of the loop for about half a year, so excuse me asking clueless questions.



It already exists.



Thanks for the good news.



Edit the html, changing the 'pregType = either' calculation to all 4's seems to work, then make yourself a new button that gives you the $PC.forcedFertDrugs thing.




I'll tell if someone tells me the third way to unmindbreak slaves, because I've only found two and I swear I read someone say there's three.


That reminds me, slave self-impreg does not have a mpreg check so the text always talks about vaginal impregnation.



Will look it over. Also what's this about a third MB fix?

Is the second .kindness? I don't recall adding anything after that.



yeah it's .kindness, is there any way to get it other than .relationship == -3?



Possibly the nursery when it is added. That also might be the third fix you heard mentioned.




I've been tinkering with the difficulty settings so you can tweak the (economic) difficulty more to your liking along 3 axis.



>I've been tinkering with the difficulty settings so you can tweak the (economic) difficulty more to your liking along 3 axis.

I assume that you mean there will be more than three options? If so how is that going to work with the existing content?


Is there any non-shit changelog that just lists what new features got added over the past year or so?



>Is there any non-shit changelog that just lists what new features got added over the past year or so?

Why don't you try creating it?



Because I wasn't following the game for quite some time and have no idea what new stuff got added. That's why I'm asking



>Archived it in case nursery/bestanon doesn't find time for it.

I've got literally nothing better to do this weekend except for changing the oil in my car, so there's a fair chance I'll get it done by Sunday night at the latest.



There's also a wall of notes for the nursery for you to think over on that git issue as well.



Yeah, replying to it now.


Just looking through the game with cheat mode on, it says that your arcology owner can get knocked up by a male arcology owner. Or rather, it's one of the possible father options. Is that from an event or something?



Yes, it's a random end of week event.



Okay, thanks! I've never gotten it so I wasn't sure.



Requires the player to be entirely female as well. Acts as an alternate version of the event where a male PC hooks up with a female arcology owner.


This is a stupid question for the people who actually know the code but where is the widgets code for slave interaction?



miscWidgets.tw, I think.


I just made 4,345,860,946,013 just from the SF alone. Is this a bug? Or has the money sink really started to pay off?


File: 10b1d6649db9cbf⋯.png (23.76 KB, 1612x845, 124:65, 2018-10-12.png)

Found a bug.



It's technically a bug, but since it's all endgame anyway there hasn't been a pressing need to fix it. Just take your ridiculous money and walk away.


<Her very young body was not designed to be able pass a babies.

>how is babby dropped

>how girl delvar child



Got it.


Reported it for locating.



I guess this WIP monthly change log I quickly setup is still too detailed? If so feel free to use it as a base.





You can take fertility drugs on the Personal Affairs screen, but that's been there for a long while I think. Does the secret way not use the forcedFertDrugs value?



Run backwards compatibility.


File: 2b151e8cce371b7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 218.28 KB, 992x1332, 248:333, Wew2.png)

File: 17960a83f66c465⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 175.13 KB, 979x1355, 979:1355, Wew.png)




Speaking of, thanks anon for getting the pre-compiled mega folder working. Any risk of it coming down again?


Alright, the new oral scene is usable. There is a lot of proofreading and grammatical fixes that need to happen though - that's going to eat up most of the time, I think, unless someone else wants to help. I'll push a merge request to the git soon.



I haven't yet had response from mega about the initial collapse (not surprising at all, even though I updated he account's email before submitting the contact form).

>Any risk of it coming down again?

I want to say it is unlikely (at least from my end). Attempting to update the script locally doesn't fully work as expected for some reason (the second part of the compile check doesn't work this time, unlikely the stable version).


I've obviously missed alot. When did we get a bestiality content toggle, and do we actually have any bestiality content?



>When did we get a bestiality content toggle

A few months has it been that long? I suck at time ago.

>do we actually have any bestiality content?

One scene, so far. I'm open to submissions for more, if anyone is so inclined.





whats the trigger conditions, if you remember?


Hey Deepmurk I know you're super busy and all but can you keep it in the back of your head to improve the appearance of bushy armpit hair, its current representation as merely a colored dot ain't doing much for me.



Because you dumb nigger, the guy who did those vectors is ded, and deepmurk already has his work cut out for him with all the shit he's doing.



RIP, but he should merge the dead guy's body vectors with his own imagepack, they're just superior.



It's in the slave interact menu, once you enable cheatmode not sure if that's been moved out of cheatmode actually - I don't think it has though.



Art does not work that way! Goodnight!



Just used cheats to have a look at the content. Beyond the actual besti scenes, the Farmyard looks very interesting, is anyone working on that? My ability to both code and write is …. bad, very very bad. But I would like to see more of that content moved beyond alpha.



Same anon as >>266364 here. I'm actually the dev in charge of all of that content (as well as the Nursery, but that's a whole 'nother thing). I am still working on it, though progress has slowed down a bit since I've just hit a bit of a slump lately. I think I'm going to get back into it very soon, though, so fingers crossed that shit will happen.


I think I've got the preg malus stuff done for the most part, save for the more extreme end of it. But that has a placeholder in, so it's not a concern for now. Still got to run a few more tests first, but everything seems to be good.



Speaking of this, how's the preg adaptation stuff working/going to work? Thinking of using it to determine if the normal hyperpreg sex interaction causes damage to the slave's health or not.


File: 2992a7648196439⋯.png (20.78 KB, 213x525, 71:175, result.png)


I'm not Deepmurk, but here you go!






1000cc per point of pregAdaptation. Up to twice that value is still tolerable, albeit uncomfortable. Up to 3.2 times that is painful and above that is agonizing.

You reminded me that I do need to tie it into the physical development system.



got it. Is there going to be backwards compatibility or should we get ready to start new saves?


File: 8116abf0df1c2d2⋯.png (18.9 KB, 213x525, 71:175, result.png)

Everybody loves the bunny outfit.



It's already in play, just unused.




Well, sort of unused. It is used in descriptions and for physical discomfort from pregnancy. The only thing that is coming online soon is miscarriage and premature birth. The controller variable for those is already in options and can be change freely.



>they're just superior

you're objectively wrong. deepmurk's shit is so much better


Is the P raped event supposed to happen only ever once?


File: ed5ad3aa5afd8eb⋯.png (48.67 KB, 1305x644, 1305:644, FCBellyFuckProblem.png)

Have written up the preginventor slave interactions (link to rough drafts below). Seem to be having problems injecting them into the game to test them, though. Any suggestions for what I'm doing wrong here?

Link (every event with basic formatting but not yet set up as independent files for placement in game):




Once per game. It should reset on ng+, but odds are you won't qualify for it any longer or will just take the simple steps to avoid it.


You added it to slaveInteract, right? Also .belly >= 300000 would probably be all you need. Though you could keep it at .belly >= 600000 if you want.

.broodmother is unneeded and unreliable I strongly advise dropping it. Remember that a slave does not immediately balloon to full size, she still takes 9 months to reach sustainability.

Also consider an anal variant if her vagina is not available.




You could also just have them as a single fine with the end result being selected randomly from a pool of available options based off criteria. I'l code up a quick mock up.




As an additional note, a standard broodmother is slightly smaller than a woman full term with octuplets.



Thanks. Why only once though? Bringing this up because I noticed it looking for the new “secret” PC fertility drug event:




Local turmoil caused by a sudden shift of ownership prior to you reigning shit in.

Also if you haven't figured out it out yet I'll give you a hint. It is really obvious in hindsight.




Also as a new player wake up for not investing in security.


File: 955abca6caf9616⋯.swf (20.79 KB, Suggestion.swf)



Looking at >>266420 I'm going to have to say it would be better to give the player the interact scene they are after rather than randomize it. Small variants, such as positions are fine, but not entire scenes.


File: 130d3b37538e796⋯.swf (20.84 KB, Suggestion-II.swf)


Done (hopefully the temp variable will work), I also did went over the pronouns as well.


Any tips on how to attain the highest level of porn prestige in the new versions? Just pushing the investment to 5k per week isn't enough anymore, not even with prestigious slaves. Have picked a fetish, now it just goes up until it hits a ceiling, goes down for roughly two weeks, then back up for two weeks in a constant loop.


On, carried over a save from before the intelligence overhaul and used backwards compatibility. Arcology 2 has given up on Degradationism last term, now the variable is NaN.

"ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.




Indeed. 9 options in total.

One for how expensive things start out, another for how quickly it gets more expensive and a last one for all your income.

If you allow your income to keep up with price increases you get an almost vanilla, medium difficulty experience.



i've got a similar issue, only mine states "$arcologies[5].FSBodyPurist".

my arcology does not have the body purist FS, but it does seem like my fifth neighboring arcology does have it. you should check if it's the same for you too, my guy



Would the current three still exist (ideally as overall settings, as I eventually plan to expand on hard mode) or will be they be replaced out right? Good luck with your changes, are they going to be functions, as story variables or maybe a mixture e.g.

[[Extreme starting cost|Options][$costStart = 3]]

[[Extreme cost growth|Options][$costGrowth = 3]]

window.economicDifficultly = function(input) {

const V = State.variables;

value = input * V.costStart;

value = input * V.costGrowth;

return value


>a last one for all your income

Would this be done via a function or will it only target end week reports initially?

Would you like any help with your project?


Is there a way to get the female pc to have penetrative sex with the t-girls and get pregnant? Or just in general any more content with the female pc


File: 2c7f9cda1f13649⋯.png (123.18 KB, 2265x574, 2265:574, skr_etc.png)

I don't know what I've already posted, here's the next batch of clothing art.



How much effort would it be to change the clothing into tops, bottoms and full outfits like klan clothes? Cause then you could put the shit in top, skirt in bottom and have an outfit.



why's the ku klux klan one red?



If you mean like paper-doll style, can't do it. If you mean like the striped underwear is, etc….imo it wouldn't be hard from the art side, but it would be ridiculously tedious from the description side. From the description side– a bra and panties are completely different outfits, you'd have to tailor descriptions for every single outfit you broke up into smaller bits like that. I want to say there's like 92 to 106 text descriptions that need to be added every time an outfit is made. So if you wanted to split 'western clothing' (for instance) into chaps, a shirt, and the full outfit. It would be (92 to 106 * 2) descriptions that need to be made. It takes me about 40 minutes to do the description for one outfit (assuming I don't fuck something up). Pregmodder is also concerned about the amount of clutter these kinds of outfits can generate. If I broke up all outfits like the striped underwear kind, you guys would be stuck reading a literal wall of text of outfits across your whole computer screen. (Its already a bit much with the paragraph already imo).


The white one (particularly the thong) on white skin was nearly invisible, despite me trying several different shades/hues of white to make it pop better. Then I remembered that the klan actually does have different colored robes for different ranks/duties…not that it matters much here, since the change was for visibility, but I believe the klan recruiter (sometimes for grand dragon) robe is actually red irl.



You need to be using them on fucktoy duty and focus on the cock.



>white people got in the way of creating a normal kkk outfit



any update on how to get any of these scenes?



missing random() at genericPlotEvents 634



I couldn't think of an elegant way to retain the current settings so a replacement is what I've got. But if desired, these settings can be set up to be identical to the current settings with relative ease.

[[Easier|Economy Intro][$globalEcon = 120]] [[Harder|Economy Intro][$globalEcon = 80]]

Default would be 100, and the way it works is all costs are *100/$localEcon. For now all $localEcon does is follow $globalEcon.

So as $globalEcon goes down things get more expensive and additionally it gets worse and worse (going from 100 to 99 increases prices less than going from 50 to 49). Sadly prices will no longer be neat, round numbers. I truncate everything, of course, and for larger sums I try to keep it rounded to 10's or 100's.

$globalEcon goes up or down based on a random seed, the range for a negative change goes up when you pick a higher difficulty.

Lastly, income can be; not a variable of the economy, *300/($localEcon+200) or identical to the costs. Of course all these numbers are subject to change.

Because cash changes are dependent on all kinds of different variables and sometimes none at all I'm slowly going through all of them to make everything anchored to two new variables; baseCost and baseIncome. Stuff like $foodCost will remain, but default to 1.

But once that's done all weekly income, upkeep, every purchase, etc. etc. will take into account the state of the current economy.

>Would you like any help with your project?

By all means, feedback and practical assistance are more than welcome. Considering I have more plans, I'm sure I'll need it.

I didn't want to merge request my stuff until I finished changing all the costs, but there's more loose ends than just that so it wouldn't be ready for a real merge either way. I Could just put it up now so my work can be picked apart meticulously already, if desired.



Isn't the first pic an artwork for Psycho Pass?

polite sage for offtopic



>you guys would be stuck reading a literal wall of text of outfits across your whole computer screen.

I'd hate to suggest creating more work for anybody since I have no idea how to code and can't do it, but I wonder if it'd be more prudent if most outfits would require to be purchased from a separate page for them to show up. Kind of like the dildos and enemas. At least then it'd be the player's choice to have a wall of text if that's their desire.



The different scenes are meant to be different interactions. The basic "fuck her on her belly" interaction will be available right from the start, locked behind belly size. The other three will unlock once the proper flags have been triggered in the preginventor event.

Got the first event working for testing. Thanks for the help.



Wouldn't it be simple to make the descs expandable, like an accordion effect?




Who would have guessed reading the FAQ before posting which is displayed in the OP as the very first line which is bold and ==red== text would be so hard.


>I couldn't think of an elegant way to retain the current settings so a replacement is what I've got.

You could also just keep them as master difficulty settings.


What other FSes go best with the fine wine that is Degradation?


I know this is just me being a retard, but is it possible to set a permanent future society? It tells me my arcology is ready to accept it, but do I need to do something more?



Implants and gender radicalism



At the highest level, facial attractiveness and competition are major factors as well. If you have other slaves making similar porn, they can cause problems.



Will report it. Got a screenshot for the issue page?


What about a thin black outline to give it a little distinction against white skin?




That is planned.


Was roleplaying as the Moon Presence with an old as fuck slave named Gherman as my recruiter. He died at age 111, something I didn't know could happen since I rarely play with such high ages. When does old age begin to become a concern? 80+?



Something like that. But good health will easily push it up to around 100.



Thank you.



>At the highest level, facial attractiveness and competition are major factors as well. If you have other slaves making similar porn, they can cause problems.

Facial attractiveness is 100, they don't have any competition in their fetish. I only have 4 or 5 girls doing porn, all of them in different fetishes.



Might need some tweaking. Cheatmode will tell you the fame gain vs the decay rate. I could use those numbers.


Pregmod v13.


-added premature birth and miscarriage (optional)


-more work from deepmurk

Run backwards compatibility. If you want your pregnancies without major risk, you can freely enable and disable pregnancy complications from options.


Sorry if this is a stupid question but if I want to write some content do I just clone the git, make the changes I want in the .tw files, and send a merge request? Or is there something else I have to do? Not too familiar with git.



get fucked nigger those bodies look like a 12 year old's sonic OC with those fucked up faces and shit proportions no way



You have to make a branch to make merge requests from, but that's pretty close to what you'd have to do.



>-added premature birth and miscarriage (optional)

How likely are these pregnancy complications and what increases/decreases the chance of them happening?



>added miscarriage just now

So I've been letting my pregnant maids go without their corsets for nothing.



They are proportional to how far past her limit her pregnancy is. If she starts taking health hits from it, she is past that limit.

To reduce the chance, bedrest is extremely effective, though being in good health and spirits will also aid her. Preventatives also reduce the chance.


Different source of miscarriage. This one is representative of how women having multiples tend to give birth sooner in their pregnancy. I still need to do some tweaking, I think. So i'd hold off from turning it on just yet.


so how get the images to show? I cycled through all of them and they only give me broken images or a shit ton of bug lines.



Now that we have premature birth and a developed pregnancy complication system, any ETA on more advanced pregnancy control/delay stuff? Looking forward to eventually having slaves pregnant with toddlers+. Not really good enough at coding to help tweak the framework, but I'd be willing to put together some descriptions for slaves pregnant at different levels of overdueness once the framework can handle it. Plus I still really want to write that "happy birthday Mr. Arcology owner" scene with pregnant slaves popping out of cakes to celebrate their yearly overdue pregnancy anniversaries.



There is already some stuff in place in the pregnancy descriptions for that. Mostly the big hurdle is getting the clothing descriptions finished. After that, I do plan to have an enhanced version of the gestation controlling drugs.



You start by reading the big fucking red letters at the top of the thread.



Huh. I'll have to look at that. If it's cool, I can look into updating clothing/etc. descriptions for overdueness.

Is there a specific flag to track how overdue a character is? Is it just months pregnant?



Oh I see now.

Should it really add to forcedFertDrugs at the end of the week? The PC knows about it after all.



I fucking did and still dont fucking know. I've been stuck on this problem for 3 whole threads now. My shit unpacks with 7zip so when it extracts its in a chrome html file with no folders attached.

> Use: Download, unpack in the resources folder (the same place you have all the other vector images), activate in game options.

Rendered pack: the folder inside the /resources/ folder should be named /renders/

Vector pack: the folder should be /vector/

Custom images should be just inside the /resources/ folder itself


Hair: Make sure they are 1000x1000 px SVGs positioned "right" and with the right colour palette, drop them in resources/vector/hair folder, and then look in the src/utilities/artWidgets.tw file from Git. Modify line 91:


See the ["neat", "ponytail", messy"] part? That's the array which currently defines what hairs the game "knows" about and uses. Expand as necessary.

You can also look for this string in the HTML file if you don't want to bother compiling your own version; it will work the same.

But the problem is that im so inept when it comes to computers that I was asking some kind soul to dumb it down for me. So are going to dumb it down for me or still be an asshat about this and tell me to read the big fucking read letters again.


Also half of that was supposed to be greentext. Which further proves i'm a retard with computers



Clothing descriptions don't need overdueness descriptions. They are entirely size based. I need to stop ignoring them.

You are looking for pregnancyDescription and the initial part of bellyDescription for where overdueness is.

Overdue is tracked via comparing .preg against 40. I think. Just search fleshDescriptionWidgets for "overdue" and it will drag you right to it quickly enough.



So what you're saying is you didn't compile it then. That would be your problem. And since you didn't compile it, I'm sure you have no idea about the /bin folder.



>Sorry if this is a stupid question but if I want to write some content do I just clone the git, make the changes I want in the .tw files, and send a merge request? Or is there something else I have to do? Not too familiar with git.

I struggled with this a few threads ago. What you need to do is something like this:

>Make a gitgud account, which is actually a Sapphire account. Just try to log in to gitgud and follow the links

>Once you have an account, use gitgud to fork Pregmodder's repo

>Use git (a graphical client or the command-line version) to clone your fork

>Keep your fork up to date

>Make changes, registering them and packaging them into commits

>Push your commits to your repo

>Make merge requests from your repo to the main one

>Sync up again

If things don't behave as you expect, it's better to ask for help sooner because trying to fix git things when you don't know what you're doing will make things worse.

Some commands if you're taking the CLI route.:

Sync up:

>git fetch upstream && git merge upstream/pregmod-master

Compile without printing warnings:

>./compile –insane

Add a new file to the project:

>git add list of new files

Add changes since last merge into <buffer whose name I don't know>:

>git add -u

Turn all changes in <that buffer> to a commit, with comment

>git commit -m 'commit comment' –author 'YourName <your@email>'

Push commits upstream, to your repo

>git push origin pregmod-master

These rely on upstream and origin pointing to the right places. See a few threads ago for how to do that, or I can find it for you if it makes the difference between you getting set up or not.


Is there a single variable that governs whether or not a slave with a dick can get hard, in the game's code? Working on a player-on-slave blowjob scene and want to handle either scenario. FWIW I had a look at the "Grope dick" scene and it didn't seem to handle the negative case. Is it just a matter of hormone balance?



Never mind, I was looking at the "Ride dick" scene; I looked and "Fondle dick" and found the variable I was looking for.


Pregmod v14.





Too many individual things play into it. Use the canAchieveErection() function, it contains everything needed. Keep in mind that it does not take into account chastity complicating erections or ability for a slave to actually fit in a hole. Those are handled by canPenetrate().



Alternatively, if the git stuff is too complicated you could write it and kind of haphazardly indicate what sections depend on what variables, but then you'd be waiting for someone else to code it up and put it in the game. A fair amount of stuff written this way hasn't made it in so far, I think. I haven't seen a count of it anywhere.



>added premature birth and miscarriage

Free Cities Loss edit when?



Loss edit? I don't get the reference.



nope so i'm going to go and figure out how to compile it. Thanks man



Then fucking look it up, and lurk more. What's wrong with you?



Minor typo in ./src/pregmod/rePregInventor.tw, line 189: a string is repeated

><<if SlaveStatsChecker.checkForLisp($activeSlave)>>



Will get it.


I apologise for being retarded, but did the cybernetics mod guy just up an disappear? I was thinking i'd love more augments to my bodyguard.


File: 2cfda57fc6c95ef⋯.png (508.14 KB, 800x714, 400:357, Stupid_Nigger_Guide_for_St….png)


This was made for you



Is there a way to stop the slaves from wearing the chattel habit when letting them pick their own clothes?



I don't believe there was any sign of him after he had to trim down his mod for vanilla.


As of now, no. Got other clothing issues to sort out first before considering adding some way to override that.



That's a real damn shame, there's a lot of potential there. Thanks, anyhow.



Forgot to ask this last time it came up: anyone have a source for the pic in the background?


I hate to be a cunt since deepmurk is working so hard, but it's always annoyed me how butts dont increase visually with hips in the vector art, makes me not want wide hipped slaves as the proportions don't make sense as if the glutes aren't even on the widest part of the hip bone


File: c4e4b5b7b87b8e8⋯.jpeg (325.26 KB, 1200x850, 24:17, 6144ca4807d7963133d80510c….jpeg)


Found it. The artist name is broiler.



That would likely require a whole reworking from what it is now, which is still somewhat vanilla I think. High weight would also add to the hips as well.



Look into using git pull + rebase as an alternative to git merge for integrating updates from the upstream branch (i.e., pregmodder's branch) to synchronize with your changes. If you merge pregmodder's updates into your branch, your changes get interleaved with the upstream commits, but if you rebase instead, it basically puts your changes aside temporarily, resets your working branch to be in sync with the latest upstream, then reapplies your changes again on top. This results in a less cluttered commit log (history) since your changes are always at the end and so it is easier to review what you changed. Note that if you pull + rebase and there is a conflict with your changes vs. the upstream, the rebase will stop and wait for you to manually resolve the conflict (meaning, edit the file), and then you are expected to resume/continue the rebase (there is a command for it). It is possible for this to happen multiple times too.

I use SourceTree as a visual tool for working with git. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it makes this process a lot easier.



Gitgud has some feature to squash commits. Never actually used it, so I'm not entirely sure what it does.



What do you want? I'm not gonna do it, but someone else might.


Dumb question. How would you type "hers" with the new pronoun system?




Just when you thought you could get away with using he, him, his, that one came along and ruined it.



>git rebase

I've heard that one's really complicated though. Would it really be so bad to make a series of smaller commits that can fit between mainline commits?



Nothing specific, just some particularly strange ideas come to mind. Everything from cyberpunk-style augments like Camera heads to some sort of wetware plugin that would let your pAi take over a 'host' body. Hell, I wouldn't mind if the owner could mod themselves more, like augmented reality or skill-boosting implants for a cost.



Much appreciated. Thanks anon.



Why wouldn't it be $his?



Possessive his/her.



The reflexive masculine possessive pronoun in English is the same as the regular masculine possessive pronoun, so his/his. Whereas you have their/theirs, her/hers, etc.



haven't touched this in a long while

plotline still ends at beating your arcology rival?


Question about Eugenics.

Once you pass the elite breeder policy, can you only impregnate slaves purchased from the elite breeder auction? Or can you still impregnate custom order slaves that match the breeding requirements?

Also, is there anyway to see your current standing with the Societal Elite?



>Hell, I wouldn't mind if the owner could mod themselves more, like augmented reality or skill-boosting implants for a cost.

Why don't you give writing them a shot. Pregmoder, are all mods relatively equal in what might be considered 'too scifi'? Most of the upgrades I can think of would be/are possible right now. Balancing (mainly cost, improvement, access time, if tiers should be up-gradable and lump/passive boosts) would likely be a challenge though.


Yes the un-modded plot-line. The SecExp SM chain adds a little bit more (depending on one's definition).


So i'm making a new slave interaction. It's going well all things considered but I have some questions before I go deeper on it. First, is there hard limit on how long a scene should be? Obviously, a big block of text will start getting hard to read but it'd nice to know if there's a specific length wanted.

For my second question, where would I make a widget for my scene? I found the widgets for regular slave interactions like vaginal and anal, but I know new scenes are usually kept elsewhere for easier finding.



Not Pregmoder, however likely I) no, II) usually /pregmod/ (for now anyway).




Staying away from modding the PC for now.


Any marked slave. You can still submit slaves to be reviewed.


Only fuckdolls use a widget system for scenes. The rest use passages and the <<include>> macro. Since widgets are stored in memory, in should be lighter to use include for things like this since they aren't used often.



Most of the real-world problems with cybernetics comes down to rejection issues, and the issue of the bonding points; it doesn't matter how strong your robot arm is if the bone it's resting on would snap, or it'd shear at where it joins the flesh. Modern dental implants, for example, can seal-in bacterial infections, preventing them from properly 'holding' in place as the gum/bone never takes properly.

TL;DR, assuming our surgery is very fucking clean and we've got some crazy tier antibiotics, it's all in the realm of possible.


Are there any requirements to trigger the preginventor events? Or is it still just in cheatmode?



Very, very massive pregnancy, very smart, has to be able to talk and either must extremely devoted or have a breeding fixation. Also requires an available vagina, for it to be a vaginal pregnancy, and to have given birth at least 30 times.



Well that certainly is a rough quota to reach outside of cheat mode. I've only managed to do that with a handful of head girls.Thanks for the help.



Is there an example of that being used you can direct me to? I'd rather not fuck anything up just because I chose to believe in myself.



Yeah, it's something you're likely to randomly wander into only once in a while, right now. Shouldn't be too hard in a later playthrough if you're specifcally going for it. Once more extreme broodmother implants are available, it should end up significantly easier to accomplish.



slaveInteract is loaded with them. Look for "<<inlcude". Look at something like fVagina.


Broodmother type 2s will satisfy the conditions in about a month of full operation.



Broodmother type 2?



The old version prior to the pregnancy overhaul. Essentially 12 children a week instead of 1 per week.



Yeah I remember the older broodmother implants. Can one still acquire those?



Not yet.


File: d52d626ba68d19d⋯.png (249.74 KB, 568x653, 568:653, CaAljHkXEAA2dNV.png)


I don't think you understand whitekitten's power level.


There are two nazi outfit and two kkk outfits but zero western high fashion options and zero african outfits, plus all the mena clothing that available is islamic fetishy shit. Instead. there are combinations of panties bra panties without bra shirt without panies that extend ad nauseum

how am i supposed to strut around my empire with my flawless african girls??



i am very drunk forgive the mistakes



I suggest posting a good example of a cultural outfit to see if it catches deepmurk's interest.



I'm having trouble finding where I submit a slave for review.



slaveInteract. She needs to be fertile.



More than that, I'd be willing to write whatever descriptions are needed. I know they are a huge pain



>There was a really old cannibalism mod that I've never seen a copy of the code of. I wouldn't mind trying to revive it, but it is beyond out of date at this point.

I can't seem to find a dead, the modder seems to have deleted their TFG account and this other lead didn't work as once might have hopped.




>site:freecitiesblog.blogspot.com canniba

I found


Sources seem to suggest that is includes the cannibalism mod as the PC can have a slave for dinner.



Can't get it to load the post. Anything that can be pulled from it?


File: dffc668835faeab⋯.png (161.49 KB, 1350x1255, 270:251, Hit.png)

File: dddca9a7c598519⋯.swf (1.23 MB, FC v0.7.0.3 DPR mod v1.0.z….swf)


Yes, I thought the modder was someone else entirely based off other sources.



Some more potentially worthwhile canabilisim ideas brought up from the grave.


>AnonymousJuly 12, 2016 at 10:27 AM

>Suggestions for policies? Hmmm…

>How about a policy that allows using slaves as REAL livestock/eating slaves.

>It wouldn't even have to be a outright visible thing (you won't have to see anything). The effects would be a a higher slave need (slave price increase) and a slave amount decrease.

>It would maybe even open new buyers that want to "process" slaves, those would pay based on slaves physical condition + all natural (mental aspects ignored as they would be just used as meat)

>and a highclass buyer that pays on physical condition + all natural + intelligence + skills (showing off the skills/entertaining the guests and then getting cooked for them).

>Another policy: "Reuse"

>A policy that cuts back on arcology expenses due to increased recycling/reusing of materials including dead slaves. Dead slaves get processed into bio-material for drugs/other uses and maybe even indirectly turned into food (soylent green anyone?).

IF the cannibalism policy is also active (see above) then maybe even a payment for each slave that dies, due to parts of them getting "reused" more directly.

>Idea for a new facility which serves the purpose to get slaves into the best physical condition/puts them into physical work (pulling carts for visitors etc.), with a (possible) upgrade that processes all excess slaves like the arcade upgrade does (permanent workhorses), maybe even a further upgrade with the cannibal policy to process them in a different way.


So wait, how exactly do I trigger this inventor event? I've got a girl I'm certain meets all the requirements, but it's not happening on its own and it doesn't seem to be showing up under the weekly cheat list of RIE nor RE occurrences.



Thank you. Now I need v0.7.0.3 to compare against and I should be able to recover something. Probably the cannibalism events. The war stuff would probably conflict horribly with secEx, so I'll probably drop that.


Here's the full condition chain.

<<if $seePreg != 0 && $seeHyperPreg != 0>>
<<if $pregInventor == 0>>
<<if $eventSlave.bellyPreg >= 600000 && $eventSlave.birthsTotal > 30 && $eventSlave.ovaries == 1 && canDoVaginal($eventSlave) && canSee($eventSlave)>>
<<if $eventSlave.fetish != "mindbroken" && $eventSlave.fuckdoll == 0>>
<<if ($eventSlave.devotion > 90 && $eventSlave.trust > 50) || $activeSlave.sexualFlaw == "breeder">>
<<if $eventSlave.intelligence+$eventSlave.intelligenceImplant > 50>>



If your arcology predates the addition of the new event, it might not be triggering because the flag it relies on hasn't been set to zero during init for your arcology. Only way in-game to fix that is to start a new arcology.

That said, if you're willing to risk altering the game files a bit, you can try the following to open it up:

1.) Go to src/uncategorized/randomNonindividualEvent.tw

2.) Look for the preginventor event injector bit for the code.

3.) Replace all instances of <<if $pregInventor == 0>> with <<if $pregInventor != 1 && $pregInventor != 2 && $pregInventor != 3>>

This should make the flag issue a non-issue for old arcologies, but is obviously not a thing you want to keep doing forever.



Also important to note: use an editor like notepad++ to alter the .tw files. Don't just go in there with word or something.



Backwards compat should set the variable.


It's also worth noting that shokushu did the rendered art.



>Now I need v0.7.0.3 to compare against and I should be able to recover something.

There is no need for that as the mods source is provided as .txt files in addition to a pre compiled .html.

>The war stuff would probably conflict horribly with secEx, so I'll probably drop that.

At least it can serve as a vague basis for inter-archology warfare.



That they are. I expected a bit more as pregmod was a huge pain in the ass to keep updated back then. Nowhere near as tidy as this is. I can definitely work with this.

As for interarcology warfare, I'd rather just hook it into the existing secEx stuff. That said, there is a bit of similarity in the two, so I might even be able to hook some of this into it.





Interesting. I am in a new arco (with all my old slaves cheat-imported), I did run backwards compat, but my chosen slave *was* blind until recently when I gave her eye implants. Maybe that's interfering with something? Or there might be something horribly broken with this save, as I'm up to week 20 and the Future Societies function still hasn't opened up this time for some reason. I'll try pulling down and recompiling a fresh git build.


Definitely seeing traces of this war stuff in secEx. Very close match for the bodyguard/concubine damage from rebellions among other things.



Looks like it isn't in BC. Will toss it in.


File: a6c0b099c86e466⋯.jpg (81.69 KB, 783x590, 783:590, Inbred Retard.jpg)


>searched it

>one of the the most well known memes that i myself known about as well

>"Brain why you have betrayed me?"

>"I wasn't on your side in the first place, retard"

>tfw your iq is lower than that of the drunk nigger



Wait, does that mean that standard broodmother pregnancy is equally un/safe as an octuplet one? If so why eugenics reject it?


Alright, I've got the dinner party half working. Will get the second part running tomorrow. After that there is a lot to clean up to get it up to snuff with current systems. I also plan to make it a weekly/monthly event policy similar to the "Regular Entertainments" policy, so better be sure to have a suitable main course prepped for it or face the consequences.


Size wise it is about the same. Physically it is much, much more intense.



Well if standard broodmother gives birth once per week, then she is pregnant with 36 children at any given time, but only 4 of them in 9 month, 4 in eighth and so on, basically 2/3 of the children she carries are not in third trimester. How is it more intense than 8 full-term babies (you can even prolong it to 60 weeks)?



Number of fetuses that need to be sustained as well as the constant release of new ovum. Eugenics doesn't particularly approve of fertility drug use either, preferring that an elite child be given full attention instead of divided with its siblings. I don't think I touch on this much though, since as long as she produces healthy babies, they can't really complain.

Either way it isn't going to be unrestricted.


So how does Hip/shoulder size work with hormones and age?



While the body is still growing, it is easier to manipulate how it grows. In other words, past a certain age, those effects can not be triggered. I want to say it is 24.



I meant more along the lines of "whats the max size they can shrink/expand" and at what hormonal level.

Thanks though, I knew it was young, but I didn't know if it was past 20 or not.



Looks like -1 to 1 is the range. Not sure why it checks twice though, going to stare at that more tomorrow.


welp I give up I have tried the cutting edge git build and the prebuilt html's posted in this thread, new arco, B/C patch, cannot get this new event to show up


OF COURSE RIGHT AS I SAY THAT it fuckin shows up



I see, i see. I just thought that sustaining a fetus in second trimester (not even mentioning the first) is much easier than the third.

>Eugenics doesn't particularly approve of fertility drug use either, preferring that an elite child be given full attention instead of divided with its siblings.

They don't complain about 10+ pregnancies, so i am not so sure about that. Maybe tieing up elite's dissaproval to low pregadaptation instead since it seems to magically nullify most if not all harm of hyperpreg for both a mother and children i suspect.



I'll use one slave, the one who has prestige level 1. I have her set to abusive pornography and had that from the very beginning (started doing it around Week 50, I'd estimate). It seems abusive is capped, and her other qualities (dominant fetish, perverted quirk) are the only things fluctuating. General fame especially just goes up to 321.67 and then back to 0 in a loop.

Week 142, her fame rose:

Abusive: (100000) to (100000). Dom: (39660.75) to (40002). General: (321.6666666666667) to (0). Perverted: (17829.833333333332) to (17990.666666666664)

Week 143, her fame rose:

Abusive: (100000) to (100000). Dom: (40002) to (40343.25). General: (0) to (321.6666666666667). Perverted: (17990.666666666664) to (18151.499999999996)

I went up to Week 175 and it was repeating like this reliably. My other slave, who's doing neglectful porn, looks pretty much the same:

Neglectful: (100000) to (100000). Submissive: (54655) to (54993.75). General: (0) to (318.3333333333333). Romantic: (23597.541666666715) to (23756.708333333383).

It never said that their fame fell though, weirdly. Guess that was just an anomaly two or three times when I saw it. Maybe the "General" fame fell more than the other categories rose during those few weeks.



Take these in consideration, please!


Is it only me that kept failing the repopulation future society or there is someone else? I mean, I tried implementing it yet every single time it fails. After 10 weeks i gave up. The only way for me to do it is via cheating.



It's easy. Make everybody wear large (I think third trimester) pregnancy bellies. Done.




I don't have a problem adding more outfits, but people have to tell me what outfits they want (and post pictures here or in the link below) as I cannot read minds.


If you're keen on actually writing the descriptions (like the last 10 people who said they would and didn't), see the comments here on how to do it: https://gitgud.io/deepmurk/fc-pregmod/issues/1



I'm gonna write some clothing descriptions once I finally finish writing stuff for SF. Also, if people go to that link, there's a batch file that will automatically open all the relevant files you need to edit for clothing.


File: 8555e862232d523⋯.jpg (45.25 KB, 613x861, 613:861, priyanka4.jpg)

File: 5525e1a5395312b⋯.jpg (12.37 KB, 201x300, 67:100, priya2.jpg)

File: 8d33b4808c38592⋯.jpg (125.93 KB, 640x960, 2:3, deepika4.jpg)

File: 0f051913125923a⋯.jpg (381.24 KB, 550x900, 11:18, tamanna.jpg)

File: f3b8db740f73800⋯.jpg (1010.28 KB, 933x1600, 933:1600, Maroon-Net-Shimmer-Indian-….jpg)


We have plenty of fetish outfits, what about adding the Saree or the Choli?


question: is deepmurk doing both the clothing descriptions and the art, or is he just doing the art and scrambling to keep up with all the new clothes being added?


I usually just pop in every couple months to try out the latest version. Love this game.

I try to support free cities through Patreon. There's a 'freecitiesdev' profile there. But no one ever posts anything on it. Is there any other way to support contributors to this project?

Finally is there a guide to rules anywhere? I'd love to just copy/paste in something that probably is better than what I'm doing. I only end up using like 4 facilities in any given game. Brothel, arcade, clinic and incubator.

Thanks all,



You sorry fool. You have no idea the wrath you've wrought.


File: 411ba7600b4c978⋯.png (18.55 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Bait15.png)


File: d84e0df1eb701a8⋯.jpg (63.2 KB, 600x447, 200:149, DdkFryuVAAAJjU3.jpg)


fuck off leddit.



lol how do you even compile the game






Stop replying to bait you dumb niggers.



But being a nigger is fun. What else am I supposed to do?


File: 301df7c4607ec7e⋯.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 1:1, No fun allowed.png)



Unless you like trolls invading your boards, don't feed them. Fun is fine, trolls are not fun though.


NG+, current git version, 2nd week:

>ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.




File: 639ef7a4a095118⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1280x1600, 4:5, 639ef7a4a0951187a60873070e….png)

When the fuck do they stop asking for female hormones?

I like my legion of Futas with functional cocks.



I don't think I've ever had a slave stop. They want to be girls after all. You could probably rip off their dick and have them be ok with it.



The crazy hormone coctail required for futas to function properly must screw with their head, emotions especially. Trannies are rarely the happiest people in the world.



Will review. It looks like it locked in abusive, but that should have given pornPrestige 3.




Welcome to vanilla where male slaves are pretty much unacceptable. That is going to be one painful web to untangle.


It ruins the fun of feminizing them when they ask for it.


Is it possible to change PC race through console editing? I started as white and somehow after two new game+ ended up as asian.



That was a bug with Japan starts. It should have been fixed about a week or two ago. You can change anything with console editing. You just need to know the variable. $PC.race and $PC.origRace.


Decided to play a really long game with all the optional mods on. Basically I've fully upgraded everything there is and for some reason my arcology prosperity suddenly starts dropping real fast. Does this have anything to do with how a fully upgraded special force gives you ridiculous amounts of money?



you might be getting targeted for economic warfare? maybe, i dunno. it seems like nobody really understands prosperity


Any way to increase sexual energy besides the pills and being young?



>Will review

Thank you. Yeah, had the impression that means it should take her to max porn fame.


I updated from the git shortly after v13 was added and now healthy, happy, natural slaves are having miscarriages before their 10th week. They happened to be pregnant before the update if that matters. Can I post anything to help debug?



How pregnant are they and do they have a "high risk pregnancy" line in their description?



Don't think so. The PC, however oversexed, is only one person after all.



Both were barely visible with 1 child each and not high risk. A 6 year old with a high risk 17er actually made it while these two failed.



Save file and slaves to inspect, please?




Will this do? Haven't uploaded here before. Slaves are Guerlande and Lela. Julia is a high risk one.





Actually it looks like I may just have the sign reversed. Going to make a quick patch on the git.



Thanks. That save is like 2 weeks before the miscarriages with v13 so I'll try again later.



I know Deepmurk has a big backlog to work through with the various panty combos, but it would be fantastic to see this kind of thing at some point (last pic, the maroon one, in particular).


Anyway to see relations with the societal elite?



Not directly. You can get the general idea from endWeek though.



So if you keep pissing them off, their displeasure will show up in the end week report? And i assume it'll improve over time?




Thanks. I should probably just test around with it in cheat mode.


Can someone explain how to run an event from the sugar cube engine.

for example if i want to run the "breeding bull" event from the RESS file

What would my parameters be in the

SugarCube.Engine.play(XXXXX) function



There isn't a good way yet, but pregmodfan is cleaning up how the the game handles events, so something may be come from that. Right now you'd have to set a bunch of different things and then force the game to go to the event screen.



Is there a way to check what the parameters are for an event in the RESS file, it seems to form an array $RESSevents but i can figure out which files handles the cases in the array



The bulk of is in randomEventJS.tw.


Pregmod v15.


-several new gigantic belly focused slave interactions



Turned out that a wayward set of clamps where keeping it locked at 100000 instead of 150000, which was blocking things from ever reaching tier three.



Where i can find the "hyper preg" vector art? i downloaded the pack and got a broodmother but only show the basic pregnant one.



Should happen naturally at high enough womb volumes. The above slave has a tweaked mark 2 brood implant (basically just wrote it in for testing purposes when I was writing the Preg Inventor stuff). You should be able to get that with a sufficiently large belly implant/traditional pregnancy, though. If you're willing to cheat, it's pretty easy to tweak pregnancy/belly implant numbers in the cheat menu to get slaves to truly absurd fetus numbers/belly sizes. I've had slaves with bellies so big you couldn't even see their feet using that method.


SFanon, you around? I'm looking for the rough number of troops you have when establishing the SF.



Sorry, i meant i don't have these vector images, the way to incrase my slaves bellys i have, i just don't have the vector that show that.



That's the basic vector that everyone uses. Check the OPtions menu



Strange, my broodmother is half belly and only shows the basic pregnant one, goona look and see if i can fix that, thanks for the help buddy.


A couple of warnings while compiling (I don't know if I should have ignored the last two):

>[ShouldBeElseIf]src/npc/descriptions/fBellyFuck.tw:19:<<else $activeSlave.amp == 1>>

>[MissingSlavesIndex]src/Mods/DinnerParty/dinnerPartyExecution.tw:500: <<if $slaves.weight gt 0>>

>[Duplicate words]src/Mods/DinnerParty/dinnerPartyExecution.tw:246: <<print "Her huge boobs are tender. Your guests are satisfied with the the portions. ">>

>[ObsoleteMacro]src/Mods/DinnerParty/dinnerPartyExecution.tw:517:<<display "Remove activeSlave">>

>[ObsoleteMacro]src/Mods/DinnerParty/dinnerPartyExecution.tw:525: <<display "Generate XY Slave">>

Also a minor typo in uncategorized/REresistantmotherdaughter.tw, line 39: the space should be inserted after the closing tag "<</if>>" instead of before the opening tag "<<if".



Don't worry about execution, it needs to be thoroughly updated. Noted about the rest.


What is the best regimen for a model midriff?



A bit of muscle goes a long way in keeping a tight middle.


How long does postpartum last?



Anything to balance it? When I start her on a muscle regimine it seems like she gets ripped instead of the fat stomach



What are you shooting for exactly?


Four weeks.

How healthy can a slave be and still benefit from the Clinic? Making an RA rule about this.



the model midriff description, i think it's one notch below belly with a hint of softness



Oh, you mean

>$He has a model's midsection, without any hint of belly or musculature.

? Search your game's HTML, or the git, follow the if/thens upstream, and you fill know the criteria.




Oh that, I think it is slightly under weight. Thought you meant how to stave off things like belly sag and the like.


I've been getting

ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.


Even though I've applied the Backwards Compatibility update.


What's the best way to fix bitchiness and sexual idealism?


File: 318b003950b5614⋯.png (30.14 KB, 1419x230, 1419:230, green.png)

Been seeing this on the incubator report





Event loving headgirl, option "Pull $him in to keep you company as you work" takes anal virginity but doesn't warn about it.


Event idea: Your devoted slavewife is much more pregnant than her body can bear, and the extreme discomfort keeps her up at night. You can tell from her pained moans that this one promises to be especially difficult. You have the option of having another slave tend to her, or staying up to do it yourself. Predictable psychological effects on the slave; not sure how to do a minor hit for a lost night's sleep.

Mostly I just want a scene involving insufficient pregAdaption. No I'm not going to write it, though maybe a little of the description could be used for the event.


>>267263 Yeah I'm here. If it matters my SF troop count was in the 1900- 2000 range. My regular military was max at 1100


File: 93422f66451e6e8⋯.jpg (53.4 KB, 1415x101, 1415:101, Capture2.JPG)

What's up with this insane upkeep? I'm running the SF mod, is this a bug? I'm losing $10 billion a week right now


Bug(?): deaf and blind slaves cannot learn anything in the Schoolroom.

Bug: such slaves are described as making progress towards an education.

Feature request: deaf and blind slaves should have their own category of nicknames, including 'Helen Keller', 'Tommy', and 'Pinball Wizard'.





RESS right? Will look at it.


They should be able to learn, albeit slowly. Will review, I'm considering overhauling learning.

They have their own nickname pools.



>They have their own nickname pools.

Deaf slaves do, and blind slaves do, but not deaf-blind slaves.




It turned out to be PESS which still needs to be cleaned up.



Should three-year-olds in decent health with triplets miscarry five weeks into pregnancy, before they're showing? Running latest git compiled.


ok so im not very good at git or trying to figure this out so i want to ask when might the new vector art be added into the latest release version?



When deepmurk makes a merge request and pregmodder accepts the merge request. Unless you're talking about adding vector art to the mega links pregmodder posts in new versions, in which case that'll never happen. Getting good at git is hard, but if you want to get good at figuring this out, read the OP carefully.



No, I don't know what its problem is anymore. Going to look into it.



About that. I said they were in decent health, but they had lots of genome damage, which was the main problem.



That shouldn't do it. I need to run numbers some more, but can I get their health, devotion, and trust values?



All slaves are 100/100 dev/trust.

Health: 14, 18, 21

Visible chem: 85, 85, 85

Running that same week over again, on average one of three slaves miscarries.


Are there nicknames for albinos?



That makes sense. Thanks for the fix, m8.


Hpreg anon, you around? I could use a couple of sex actions for fAssistedSex if you have the time. Look for the placeholders towards the end.


They shouldn't be doing that, will work out what is going on.






Chem in fact does have a high influence on miscarriage. Let me rebalance that, it breaks half the fun of the incubator.



The exact number is 40, same as vanilla.


I assume you meant >>267363 .

>Probably my first impersonator

I am flattered .


>is this a bug?

No, it is a hard mode 'feature'. Recently the SF mod's income was massively reduced. It would be useful if you could post your save. I had originally built in a slight counter for that but it seems to have been dropped in the recent changes.I would rather not have more than one final income calculation mainly for maintainability.


Pregmod v16.



-chem no longer affects miscarriage rates

The health hits are enough of an obstacle to carrying a child, it doesn't need to do more on top of it.



>The exact number is 40, same as vanilla.

Thanks. Left you a comment on the git, but to everyone else here: Is there a number that seems right for maximum SF weekly pay? I think it's safe to say that hundreds of trillions of FCBucks is too much, so there has to be a happy medium.



I'll get to it. Sorry for missing your comment on Git.



No worries, you've been busy with great things over in the CoC thread, no?



Yeah. Big project that'll take a small eternity, but it should be fun.

Submitted merge request. Still no ejaculating inside the slave, since I wanted the scene to focus on ejaculating over their back etc., but there's specific reference to penetration with a differentiation between anal/vaginal penetration, corresponding vchecks, and an option for no penetration with no checks.



Thank you. That works, the act of penetration alone fulfills the VChecks and pregnancy really isn't a concern at that point, so finishing outside is fine.

Good luck over there as well, I definitely look forward to the results.



Thanks. Let me know if I need to change anything. If you happen to have tried the Nephila/Unbirthing hyperpreg content, I'd also enjoy hearing feedback over in the CoC thread. It's a niche fetish, so haven't gotten much feedback on it, and I think the main coding folks would appreciate playtesters for it, too.



I've read through a bit of it and liked what I've seen, but I have enough testing things to deal with on pregmod to really dig into it. Part of the reason I stopped trying to figure out how to get a modding environment set up to tinker around with. That and I got tired of trying to figure it out.



Yeah, I can get that. The number of merges that get pushed through this mod every day is pretty insane.


File: 526bc52aebd4282⋯.jpg (56.24 KB, 826x516, 413:258, 7a1224ecdc620461b26ffda687….jpg)


>cheese grater

>hyper anus


Well those are new ones to me.



>Never fucked a girl til she nose-cums

What are you even doing with your life?



Cum going into a woman's nose and out due to face fucking is different from actual fucking phlegm and mucosal fluids.

>what are you doing with your life

Not being a degenerate and saving that shit for marriage.



Yes, I meant the latter.

>Not being a degenerate and saving that shit for marriage.

On second thought, it might have been brain leakage, never mind.


ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.











What were you doing when everything broke?


It was the begining of the week,


Does the PC not have a gender variable or am I just blind?



Also how would I call the PC's title (ie what the slaves call you)?


File: 05b0f6a8b6debe6⋯.png (12.57 KB, 649x209, 59:19, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 2186a59a8944e83⋯.png (5.78 KB, 607x119, 607:119, ClipboardImage.png)


Applying BC after the error


File: 6fc1fe1efcae7d6⋯.png (140.98 KB, 1340x740, 67:37, 1.pg.png)

it doesn't need to say it twice.I'm not a dumb nigger.



guess i can try. just it all looks so confusing to me and i like the idea of new vector art just cant always follow how to get it into it.


So I was away for a while

Anything new in last two months?


Universal Enslavement of the Impure is still yanking me off the streets despite being the proper race.


Cool that the Schoolroom finally has more use, now that it provides advanced education. Doesn't seem to upgrade girls to a new level of intelligence though? Very smart girl goes in, very smart girl comes out, but she's well-educated afterwards.

Also noticed that some flaws apparently can't be smoothed. Same goes for inducing and fixing. No idea why this affects just some flaws but not others.



It is currently handled by $PC.title. $PC.customTitle is part of hat controls what slaves call you. Also there is a player variable documentation.



That was fixed with v15 or 16.


Well she needed the lesson twice, it happens when the first doesn't push her high enough and it gets selected again because of it.


Might be a remnant of an old bug. You may have to console fix it. Keep in mind it fires off of .race and not .origRace.


Education no longer directly alters intelligence and instead acts as a modifier to it. Since intelligence now has such a wide range, if a slave is at the lower end of one of those ranges, they may not be able to reach the next one even with the modifier. They'll still do better on intelligence checks, though.




Also which flaws?



Read the link in >>266327 and please tell me what you think of it.


Is it possible to enable the extended family thing in console?



Should be. Some of the checks might not like any existing relations, but it should work. Variable is $familyTesting.



how can I enable it? I don't know shit about those stuff.



I'm not sure it's related to the type of flaw, but Anorexic seems to cause problems, and I can't induce sexual self neglect. Thanks for the heads-up on the education update.



There should be a guide in the op somewhere.


The smarter a slave is, the better she can resist your efforts or the harder it is to break her of a habit.



An interesting feature, but I've been trying to induce this for over 10 weeks now. Same with just fixing a flaw. That's excessive for a very smart slave if you ask me.


File: 88b61db423381d0⋯.png (86.98 KB, 195x300, 13:20, Plague_Doctor1.png)

File: 22ce468f2b7796e⋯.jpg (223.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181013210703_1.jpg)


Would suggesting these for the nurse be too beyond the pale?



I'm thinking that too. Will review the math behind it when I finish updating that dinner party event.


Im traped in android, there is a way to make vector art work?



Sweet, thanks.


Alright, overall thoughts on the dinner party event; it needs a near complete rewrite. It is badly outdated and nigh incompatible with a lot of the changes to slave content. That said, there is a good foundation that can be built from, especially when you start throwing FS tastes into the meal.

It also shouldn't break everything if one is foolish enough to run it now as well.



>Also there is a player variable documentation.

I checked that before I asked, but I didn't see anything exclusively for gender, which is why I asked.


File: 56d34e5b8895093⋯.jpg (2.86 MB, 3105x1353, 1035:451, cut.jpg)

File: c079dee1ce05f46⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 3082x1334, 67:29, cut2.jpg)

File: 865bdf95e66fc17⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 3092x1324, 773:331, cut3.jpg)

File: f6f791518a0e1bb⋯.png (140.73 KB, 994x433, 994:433, cuttest.png)


will make bushy armpits bushier.


>>266871 is correct. Its a hold over from NoX's original art. Unfortunately there's no way to fix it without fucking all the art at this point. That bridge was crossed 6 months ago and burnt down behind us.(RIP).



Sari/Choli added to the list here: https://gitgud.io/deepmurk/fc-pregmod/issues/1


90% of the time I do both the descriptions and art. Which is why some of the descriptions suck ass. There's a post here saying something like 'THEY LEAVE HER BUTT'— it was supposed to say 'bare' at the end. Some other weird fuckery I've seen in others. Art goes much faster when I don't have to cut/paste/write so much.


Plague doctor outfit is actually interesting, added it to the list.

Separately, for all the muscle girl fanatics lurking in the wings. See attached roughs of what it'll actually look like in game. I will actually cut some things when I actually get down to it, but we'll see what happens when I actually start working on it. The pink ones are roughs/drafts, the blank one is a BMP trace where I ripped the line art to start working it onto the actual slave bodies in the SVG. If you have gripes and want to shit the bed, now's the time before I start bolting things together. There's no ETA on this, it'll be done when its done (and I have time to work). To clarify what you're seeing, each picture (of the pink ones) is a separate level of muscle, 1. kind of muscly 2. muscly 3. very muscly (in no particular order in the pics.



I know the fat ones have turtle bellies, but muscles are hard as shit to make on fat bodies.


Thread is closed, have a nice day.

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