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File: 9ba9762bc71f6ce⋯.jpg (208.58 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ168810_img_main.jpg)

File: c25e9b35fa0e7e9⋯.png (564.85 KB, 810x629, 810:629, Ayame Translation 1.PNG)


I'm this faggot >>270077. I'm working on a translation of this game (RJ168810). It's nowhere near complete, but I thought I should make a thread about it because there might be people willing to help and it helps keep me motivated if I have people I need to appease.

I wrote a couple of Python programs to help me translate the game, I'm not ready to make them public because they are a bit of a bitch to use, but when they are done I'll post them. They generate JSON files, which are easy to parse and are human readable.

Is there any interest in helping me translate this game? If so, I can post some JSON files for translation. I'd really appreciate it if people would check my translation work and help me make sure it sounds okay.

Where should I post the code and JSON files? Github won't work because I can't access the site through my VPN. Pastebin would probably be fine.

Let me know.



>Mediocre female MC shit game No. 943289126412

Stop wasting your time.



>Is there any interest in helping me translate this game?

No. As someone who has translated h-games before, if you don't have a team before going in you either shouldn't do it at all or do it entirely by yourself; otherwise inconsistencies pile up in the translation. There's also the issue of people procrastinating and wasting time by organizing multiple people and setting schedules when you could just be translating instead.



But those are fun, anon.



good luck and good choice



Good luck anon this is one of the games I've yet to play because I couldn't hook it properly, nor could I be bothered to do so. I'd start out small though and do a partial translation as in, do the menus then advance onto the items/weapons/armour then if you're still keen enough go for it.

Partials are always accepted.



This may or may not be popular advice around here, but hey I want to see the game translated, so if you haven't done so already, you may want to advertise your project on the ULMF translation boards :


They have anti-loli policies, but as long as you don't post pictures, you should be fine.

Next, I'd take to heart the advice given to you (by your fellow translator, it seems) about doing it on your own. If you aren't ready to do this by now (without a good team), then better stop, to avoid getting frustrated and also frustrate other peeps here like me. You probably won't get to build an effective team out of strangers in the middle of a strenuous translation process.

On the other hand, don't shy down from asking help about difficult words or structures which seem to make no sense. There are tons of knowledgeable peeps around, here, on the ULMF boards, on the fuwanovel forums and elsewhere (Discord), always willing to help someone on improving their skills. Who knows, you might be able to gather a team for your next translation that way ?

Finally, if you prove to be a good translator over time (with finished games), set up a patreon. I'll make sure to send a couple of bucks your way. PS : I hope you'll stick to your guns, the game looks worth it. Good luck.



I can't help, but I'd like to see this game translated. Good luck.



Good luck anon, great game. Would love to know what's actually going on in it.


It's by far one of the better of that type I've played. Sorry for your shit taste


Loved this game, Good luck OP!



good taste



Honestly though female protag corruption games are getting old. The best RPG maker games are male protag battle fuck.



I admit to being an NTR fag. Not in real life, of course. It's just a fantasy. Sane niggas can separate the two.



>stop liking things that I don't like



File: e2695e8deb80cc3⋯.jpg (244.23 KB, 1400x2104, 175:263, steven seagal.jpg)


>Only rapists enjoy rape fantasies

>Only guys who like dicks enjoy futa

>Only pedophiles enjoy shota & loli

Sorry, anon, but you're autistic. You can have a trash tier fetish without being a trash tier human.



I suppose rape fantasies can be enjoyed by those who want to get raped but otherwise what the fuck are you on about? Why would a non pedophile watch loli? "I totally not want to fuck children but I want to masturbate to fucking children." You just wouldn't commit the crime for various reasons but you are pedophile.


File: beb07ffce022b1f⋯.jpg (480.94 KB, 800x1065, 160:213, Ocean_says_fuck_you.jpg)


Not this shit again.

Thinking like this led to worst korea making insane laws from which just by watching hentai you can get thrown into prison and put on list of sexual offenders for 20 years.



To be fair animu children often don't even resemble irl ones much, especially in behavior. Doubly so for hentai.

And there are slimfags like me who just like slender girls with small tits. Way easier to find that just by searching for loli stuff. I suspect this actually contributes a ton to loli popularity.



Same thing with rape, actually. There are probably quite a lot of people who are into rough sex in general, and searching for rape is simply easier.


I really don't get these people that compare these intelligent (For the most part) adult minded Crazy Flexible EXTREMELY stretchy little freaks of nature. To real life snot nose kids Is beyond me. Loli's are pretty much aliens.



You do realize that is how normal people think? Pedophilia is simply not illegal because by itself it doesn't harm children.



>You do realize that is how normal people think?

I don't give a fuck about how normalfags think.

>Pedophilia is simply not illegal because by itself it doesn't harm children.

I am aware of that, but throwing people into jail just because they looked at some images is completely retarded, complete waste of tax money and time/power of local police force.


File: 75a9234b454000e⋯.jpg (43.53 KB, 400x534, 200:267, 1393800992354.jpg)


Normalfaggots allow the law to do what it does, not us, so you should care what they think.



>Normalfaggots allow the law to do what it does, not us, so you should care what they think.

They really don't. Politicians do that instead.


>I wish faggots, cucks, stoners and people who like Female MC shit games could be stoned publicly to death.

While I can agree with first three the last one is just pure overkill.



>Honestly, people only like those games because there's a metric ton of them.

It makes sense.

>The more people is aware of this, you'd probably see them less, or not, since those are way too easy to do.

If you meant ones made in RPG maker, then I could agree.

Especially, when I remembered they even made plugins to show female MC on game screen with destructible clothes.



What's wrong with GitGud?



Same here. I started looking into loli stuff when the norm for porn artists became overblown proportions that look cartoonishly silly.


File: 94c10334df2d3d1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1889x2036, 1889:2036, Guide.png)

For a late Christmas Present, here is a partial translation with a couple of game-breaking quality of life mods. To keep the archive small, only the files that have been changed (or are so small they don't matter) are included. You will need a copy of the game. If this is too complicated, I'll find some way of getting all 450 something megabytes to you. My upload speeds are beyond shit when going through my VPN.

Follow my poorly made guide to patching the game.

What's added:

- Ultimate OP Sword of Fuck You. In the first town, talk to the girl in the garden.

- Attribute editor. Changes Ayame's shame and lewdness characteristics. Talk to the girl in front of the windmill.

- Hold left ctrl to skip dialog boxes.

What's translated:

- Most items

- Most equipment

- Most of the interface

- A bit of the early game dialog

Please let me know if there are spelling mistakes, if you want to tell me how much of a faggot I am, or (god forbid) the patch doesn't work.





The dev of this game specializes in NTR games- all his "non-ntr" games still have NTR in them- including this one. People praising the game still- the same people who would be against the very idea something may have subtle ntr-like things in any other game. keep those standards.


File: de51931ab969725⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 232x293, 232:293, SupChamp.jpg)


Sup faggots. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm still alive and I have been working on the translation. Recently got a new job, so that's been using up my time.

I've changed the way I track my progress, so I should be able to give you guys a percentage at some point. I'll be posting an update sometime in February. I'd really appreciate it if someone would play the partial translation and tell me what they think. Particularly places where the text runs of the side of the screen or just sounds wrong. I'm not exactly a poet, so a lot of the dialog probably sounds stilted.

Thanks, guys.



Fuck off, cuck, nobody wants your cuck game translated.



eat shit anon, some people like good clean fun.



>Having fun with cuckshit




Just ignore him. He does this with every female protag game. If he is so insecure that he sees all porn as cuckoldry, that is his problem.


File: deec7cba2c29226⋯.gif (8.1 MB, 600x338, 300:169, D3C7C465-2BA5-460C-B3C1-4C….gif)

So a ntr, female protag game?



Not all. There are pretty good H games like Eroico. But it's extremely easy to shit female MC NTR games made in RPG maker. This game is not special, is as shit as every other game like it.


File: 7bef0c7907e676d⋯.jpg (12.99 KB, 300x168, 25:14, eyeball lick.jpg)





Your saltiness fuels me.


Oh I remember playing through this one in Japanese with no clue about what was going on, the art was hot though.

Good luck OP!



Immolate yourself, cuck.



File: adbdf6a10a68b0d⋯.png (645.77 KB, 756x556, 189:139, adb.png)


>politicians do that

Let me tell you about the Jews.

Also sage for NTR cuck shit and the japs always drawing men with grey nigger alien skin



Age for NTR cuck shit and the japs always drawing men with grey nigger alien skin



based, ignore the braindead cuck spammers


Listen to your fellow cuck supporters they give great advice


Sup guys. I have another update. This one is a bit all over the place. I particular, the bit where the two brothers take turns shapeshifting into a goblin so they can get that sweet Ayame ass is mostly done, among other things.

Like last time, apply the partial the same way. Apply the first one, then the second.




Roughly how much in total is translated now?



>no preg

waste of time


Why didn't you just use translator++?


Is this one of those games where you self-insert into a female rape victim in hopes to fulfill your sissy fetish,?




It's hard to gauge, because there's a lot of unused data in the game and I haven't completely nailed down what is and isn't used. I would wager around 25% of the common events are translated. That's not a lot, mind, but I'll keep going in spite of the haters.


Never heard of it. It is a machine translator?



These people are pathetic to be able to masturbate to well-drawn lewds. True men like us escape into harem fantasies where we're the biggest ultimate badass and no one can ever stop us and we're so cool and everyone loves us.



I'll probably hold off till it's closer to being done then but thanks for the work. It's bizarre how much shit this game is getting considering how uncontroversial most the fetishes are. Well for hentai at least



We had an influx of closet cucks at some point. They see cuckoldery everywhere, to the point where they think m/f/f threesomes, with the male being the PC, is cuckoldery.

I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. The obvious truth is that they themselves are cucks in denial, or they think they can convince everyone they totally aren't cucks by constantly raging against themselves. Like those preachers that rail against homos as hard as they can, only to have a scandal going around about them being in a gay porno the next week.

So one of the obnoxious side effects of their cuckery is them constantly shitting up every thread about a female protag game.



I'm only really posting updates to keep myself motivated to continue working. It's certainly not a vanilla game, but it isn't really a cuck game, either. No more so than any other game with a female protag that can whore it up.


It's projection.



I like this developer games , and i find Ayame in particular to have the hottest scenes out of all of his heroines.

Keep going strong anon, i'm really happy you're doing this good work.



Yeah, but you can't outright call out someone for projecting else you get people shouting "buzzwords!" or accusing you of being a apart of some conspiracy by {insert website here} to invade 8ch.

You have to explain in clear and concise terms exactly what they are doing because everyone assumes everyone else lacks understanding of basic terminology anymore. It doesn't help that, in a cruel twist of irony, most people who accuse others of projecting not only don't know the meaning of the word, but they themselves are actually projecting their own faults and misdeeds onto others.

So you get people who hate themselves projecting the fact that they are projecting onto the people they are projecting their own most hated qualities onto.

You can see why the word doesn't hold much weight. Better to just detail exactly what is going on and let everyone come to that conclusion themselves.



>If you don't like spiders you love spiders in secret

Yeah. If you spend every day thinking of spiders and constantly bring up spiders when no one was talking about them and they don't fit the conversation in any way, people are going to suspect you actually really like spiders no matter how much you claim the contrary.



Explain how it is a cuck game.


File: 8aa5601810067e3⋯.png (187.26 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)


Sounds to me like you are just looking for excuses talk about cuckoldry. You spider loving degenerate.


File: 4e1888b209ce7dd⋯.png (362.67 KB, 600x661, 600:661, the man who was cucked to ….png)




>But this is a [EVERYTHING] game and you ask me not to call it so?

>Fuck off, [EVERYONE]



It's not that you love spiders, it's that you're obsessed with spiders. You are incapable of thinking about anything but spiders, and all you ever talk about every time you post is spiders.




Is it really necessary for you two to bitch at each other in so many threads simultaneously? Can't you just settle on one thread and stick to it?


File: 574ff546bee33f9⋯.png (821.4 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Looking to get cucked.png)


Shut up, cuck.



>Yeah, because spiders are everywhere

See, that's the whole "You are incapable of thinking about anything but spiders" part.

Not everything is a spider. If you walk down the street, 99% of the time you never see a single spider. But you're so obsessed with spiders that you freak out the entire time you walk down any street because "spiders are everywhere, they're probably lurking just out of sight!"



Anon, that would only be valid if you weren't shitting up the entire board across dozens of threads every goddamn day. You actively seek out spiders in every opportunity out of some autistic fear of spiders.


File: 6adaa771697dfad⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 620x670, 62:67, Tyrone laughing 20 years.jpg)


>Everything is cuckolding now

>I certainly won't stop. [EVERYTHING] need to be purged.


File: f53f524512d9f38⋯.gif (883.78 KB, 360x150, 12:5, laughing wailing oni demon.gif)


>female MC games are cuckshit

How triggered do you get every time a sequel to Tomb Raider is announced?



Neptunia is also cuckshit.



But you migrated to this board and started shitting it up. You actively sought us out.

Your obsession with spiders caused you to move to new places in an attempt to rid the world of spiders that only you can see.


File: 6adaa771697dfad⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 620x670, 62:67, Tyrone laughing 20 years.jpg)


>Neptunia is also [EVERYTHING]



>I didn't

But literally I've been here since the day this board was made, and you weren't. You came here fairly recently, and we both know this.

Why did you actively seek out content that you profess to dislike? If you feel the need to purge spiders from this world, why not go somewhere that actually has spiders and fight the good fight there?



But you're not complaining about towercuck, anon. You're complaining about nearly every game on /hgg/ simultaneously. If it was all literally cuckoldry you wouldn't get the ridiculous pushback you do when you post. If you were supposedly here for towercuck then you'd know how the board actually reacts to that shit instead of the phantoms you're fighting against.



Except that was dealt with. The towercuck fiasco was a while back now, and he has already lost.



Hey retard, it was MFF threesomes, with the M being the PC and the dominant member of the threesome, that people were claiming to be cuckshit.

Also, learn to read. The anon you're responding to just gave an accurate argument stating that he did remember the towercuck event.



>I wasn't here for towercuck

Fuck off newfag.



>The fact that I'm not the only one complaining across multiple threads

You implied you were earlier, but whatever. I'll just write that off as you misspeaking and ignore it.

At around the same time, several threads start getting aggressive shitposting all in the exact same style, and then the shitposting stops in all of them simultaneously. Do you genuinely believe it's unreasonable to assume it's the same person?



One of the oldest and most well respected games on this board is a FemPC game. You are some random newfag cuck imaging spiders around every corner. You'd better have some actual reasoning to back up your claims, otherwise you should get out.



It's not the anger that I find implausible, but rather the precise timing between them.

You're proposing that rather than you personally shitposting in these threads (which you already admitted to doing, but have since retracted) that instead it's an organized group of people angry about shitposting that all use identical terminology and images. Do you seriously not see any reason why this would be doubted?



No, the reason VH has little activity is because everyone has already played it to death. It's literally the entire reason there's an imageboard community around h-games, you fucking newfag.


File: a7cc983cb36fe21⋯.png (172.02 KB, 586x258, 293:129, 148e0a5b5d714caaf7045323cf….png)


You don't even know what cuckolding is from the sound of it. You are just using it as a catch all term for whatever you personally dislike in an attempt to police what is and isn't talked about on an anonymous image board that is already openly hostile to the one fetish you claim to being doing all of this to spite.


And you have shit taste, not that I'm surprised by that.



>I just love watching attractive females getting raped by anything that isn't my self/insert

Here we go, now the all porn is cuckoldry comes out, right on schedule. And you wonder why people think you are a closet cuck?





File: 0f2d8bf96ebd47e⋯.png (96.53 KB, 621x683, 621:683, futafag apologist bingo.png)





I would say playing porn games the way you would watch porn is actually a step further in terms of cuckolding. You can't blame normies for liking their cuck porn because they know nothing better. That better is porn games, and yet cucks insist on turning it into cuckolding. That is no longer ignorance, is a choice.

You are choosing to be a cuck.



By that logic, ALL porn is cuckoldry, even self insert. It isn't you, no matter how much you wish it was. You will never get the girl, cuck. You sit alone imaging that you get all the pussy, but you never will. You want to talk about pathetic? How about getting triggered by the very idea that someone else fucks at any point in time.

Congratulations, you've actually helped me understand why insecurity is thrown around in arguments like this.



>And, again, where's your proof?

You never asked for proof, and my proof is the board. Seriously, look at it some time. I know you're new here but you should check it out.

>Learn to read, retard.

You literally retracted the statement and corrected yourself. I am accepting that you misspoke when you admitted to it earlier.

>New to imageboards, I guess.

How does that follow? Ignoring that we've established already by your own admission that at the very least I've been here longer than you, how does shitposting being organized mean I'm new to imageboards? Genuine question, please elaborate.



I choose to play as the girl, because FemPC games tend to have better stories and more of a focus on the actual women, rather than each girl showing up only ever having one scene then never being touched again.



>Not really

Rich, coming from a newfag.

Alright newfag, if you believe VH wasn't instrumental in creating an imageboard community around h-games, what do you propose caused it instead? What games at the time were larger and more influential than VH? What else were you playing at the time, and where did you post about it on imageboards?



>Congratulations, you've actually helped me understand why insecurity is thrown around in arguments like this.

Something good came from this. Life can blossom in the most surprising places.



Anon, you're about to step into a real deep rabbit hole. He thinks that self-insert video game characters are spiritual hindu avatars, thus making it not cuckshit.



Anon clearly it's less gay if the entire game is focused on one guy's penis. It's not gay at all that I jack off while picturing a man's penis, in fact you're a cuck if you don't.


File: 8590e8da58cf8d1⋯.png (1.05 MB, 913x841, 913:841, ClipboardImage.png)


> I can't come up with a comeback, better laugh like a retard.

You know, smug pictures are the better option. Less cringe inducing too.


File: e3fc5aa43483792⋯.png (93.95 KB, 667x662, 667:662, ClipboardImage.png)


Not him, actually, but he is right. It is just pathetic

>They have better stories

Corruption is always the same thing

<Girl is good

<Bad things happens

<Now she is addicted to sex

They are all shit.

>Focused on the actual woman

Oh yeah, and the multiple guys they fuck in the story. Surely better than watching different women with different personalities and body types, right, my non cuck friend?

Cucks are funny guys.



>Surely better than watching different women with different personalities and body types

>i'd rather get one CG of a woman who gets no focus

Sounds like a cuck thing to want, anon. Surely a true alpha wouldn't just abandon women without properly dominating them?



>Wanting multiple women is cuckshit

>Wanting to see a single woman being fucked by everything who isn't you isn't

Whatever you say, cuck.



>They are all shit.

Depends on what games you're talking about. Don't sit there and pretend that all MalePC games are shining examples of story telling. I've found more FemPC games that I like than MalePC games.

> the multiple guys they fuck in the story. Surely better than watching different women with different personalities and body types.

Yes. Unlike you, I don't obsess over the men in porn and don't feel the need to get attached to one. I'd much rather get more time and development with a single woman than having a whole bunch just come and go like a slideshow with one note personalities. I'd be looking through artist galleries if I was after that.

Also, your reddit spacing is showing.


It isn't you, cuck. Just like that guy in the porno isn't you. The game might refer to him in the second person, but you haven't gone through your monitor into the game. Good job trying to move the goalpost though, even if you shit on your own arguments doing so. Now you've gone into the same territory as cucks claiming to self insert as the NPCs.



>Because shitposting is hardly organized unless you use outside means.

That's exactly my point, anon. It's very, very likely just one person rather than an organized cabal. The very fact that you find it incomprehensible that one person would post in multiple threads about the topic simultaneously despite you yourself doing so is baffling to me. I'm literally just saying that maybe, just maybe, people are doing exactly what you readily admit you are doing.



>Depends on what games you're talking about

Nice back pedal

>I've found more FemPC games that I like than MalePC games.

Probably because you are a cuck.

>Unlike you, I don't obsess over the men in porn and don't feel the need to get attached to one

Sure you don't. You like sharing your woman with multiple bulls.

>Reddit spacing

Desperate grasp from a desperate cuck.



> Nice back pedal

And you're calling me desperate? Quote the exact line where I said all FemPC games are good. I'll wait.



See >>321984

>because FemPC games tend to have better stories

<Inb4 that is not me!



Nah, I said that. You saw it twice and still failed to read it properly, congratulations. Tend. At no point did I claim that all FemPC games are even good. I said they tend to be better than MalePC games.

You are really stupid.



Except they don't. they are all the same shit. The reason you might think so it's because there are barely any maleMC game. And the ones that exist are far better than any shit shovelware female MC game around, including violated heroine.



>I don't control the guy in the porno.

Pfft. Most Jap games don't give you any real control over your "avatar" either. They tend to act autonomously, as in, without your input. They also tend to much fucking retarded decisions. That is one of the main reasons I prefer FemPC games in the first place. If I have to follow some retard doing stupid shit, I might as well get some enjoyment when the Jap devs inevitably and arbitrarily decide your character fucks up. You are following someone else and watching him get all the women, you cuck.



Just like you're watching someone else fuck a bunch of random women. Congratulations, you're still a cuck. Hope you're proud of controlling your bull's legs and guiding him as he goes from one wench to another.



Using a gif this time, you can learn. Doesn't change a thing though. The character that you cling so lovingly to isn't you. He makes his own decisions despite you imagining you could be in his place. Face it cuckboi, you are just along for the ride, helping your bull get everything you want.



>developer makes a choice

>n-n-no, i made that choice!


What I find interesting is that there is no game that shitposter-kun likes. he hates ""cuckoldry"" and shitposts extensively about it, but he can't name even a single game that is "good" in his mind.



>developer creates every option

>developer decides what the character is allowed to look like

>developer decides what you're allowed to name the character





Except you don't. There isn't a single game outside of some shitty sandboxes where you have total control, and even those have weird events where your character acts out on their own. Even then though, you know you are full of bullshit. Japs in particular love riding the railrode express through their stories.

>Looks like me

>Named after me

That makes it even more pathetic. You aren't just following any bull around, but what equates to your own surrogate son.



Whose hand is it on your dick, cuck? You're just a voyeur.



Whatever you say, cuck. The developer is deciding each and every aspect of the game and only your cuck mind can ever pretend that it's not. You see a character you want to fuck, but don't? Why is that? It's almost like the developer is choosing what you're doing and you're just along for the ride.



>Control every action they make

>Looks like me

>It's named after me

Literally just name the game you're thinking about, anon. Tell us exactly what game it is and we can have a productive conversation.



>Then it's a shit game. I don't play shit games.

Oh, so >>322034 was correct.



>I have the legs! That is all I need!

Yeah, have fun with that, while everything else is the character's.


Now I know you don't belong here.


Wow. You are so cucked that you can't even enjoy a good story, huh? You are one of those fellows. Enjoy your time in the sandbox.



>Basically any illusion game. Particularly Koikatu. And even then there are games like FoBS and Eroico.

None of what you said applies to those games, though.



For even the most basic counter-example, you don't have complete control over where you go. The developers included a certain amount of sets for you to interact with and that's it.

Jesus christ anon you haven't even played the games that you hold up as the "only games without cuckoldry"



Suuuure. Have fun playing Skyrim for the umpteenth time while the rest of us play real games.

Also, if you closet cucks only ever play sandboxes, what the fuck are you even doing on this board? Why the hell do you even look at games outside the select few long-running sandbox threads?



Skyrim is a cuck game.


File: 93aa5c4fb8e7c44⋯.png (230.2 KB, 589x297, 589:297, sad angry.png)

File: 787fe6603b9ecc0⋯.jpg (25.47 KB, 580x350, 58:35, laugh7.jpg)


Didn't know people did this… kind of sad, really.

But also kind of funny in how pathetic it is.


>newfag shows up

>hey this place is great

>but want to know what would make it better?

>if it was nothing like what it is!


It literally does not get more reddit than this anon.



What are you crying about now, anon?



Then hurry up and throw yourself into the fire. This board is already hostile to cucks. Anons are just also hostile to you because you're a delusional retard that thinks everything is cuckoldry.


File: 85a7f6c48fd6a02⋯.jpg (80.55 KB, 728x546, 4:3, how to apologize wikihow.jpg)


Meant to quote




>Why would you want to go somewhere else?

Literally sour grapes. Not even joking, this is precisely what people are referring to when they reference "sour grapes"



>admits he wasn't here for the whole towercuck fiasco

>b-but you're a newfag because towercuck!!



>I never said that, anon.


>I wasn't here for towercuck

Eat shit, newfag.



So it's your hips moving when the character fucks a girl? Not some premade animation? You made all those polygons yourself?



>>321941 > And I wasn't here for towercuck,



>But that's not an argument

But it is. You argued that it's cuckoldry unless you have absolute freedom, I said you don't have absolute freedom, and you said "yeah well whatever I don't want freedom anyway, fuck you"

You can't even remain consistent.


File: 5f83ddd1d76d041⋯.png (329.23 KB, 1800x873, 200:97, ClipboardImage.png)


The spider lover is a shit taste sandbox enthusiast. Why am I not surprised?




>It's called an avatar for a reason.


>Except that, you know, you're controlling the character, that's why it's you.


<Control every action they make



I don't think the guy is baiting. He has been pretty consistently stupid across the board.


File: cef44be87719a3e⋯.gif (482.16 KB, 256x192, 4:3, giphy.gif)

I see that someone came and poked cucks nest.


File: 04023ba54080f15⋯.png (242.66 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh no. A new thread will be made that doesn't have your autistic screaming. Whatever will I do.

You dumb spider lover~.


File: 372a1f3e75bfdf9⋯.gif (46.87 KB, 306x469, 306:469, Feels live with purpose.gif)


>The plan is for the thread to reach bump limit. If a new thread is done, I can just do this again.



>I didn't. I argued that it is cuckolding if you have no control, like porn videos. But nice attempt at goal moving.

But you literally didn't say that. Seriously, look at your posts. Quote where you said that.



Post more spider porn



>I wasn't here for towerfag because I was here even after that.

You weren't here for towerfag because you showed up after it happened, therefore you were here for towerfag?

You aren't even trying to make sense any more.



Right. And explain to me how that disqualifies games like MGQ.



>i-i was lying earlier when i said i wasn't here for towercuck

>i was also lying when i explained it more in-depth about how i wasn't here for it so i don't understand the culture of the events surrounding it



So the only criteria is whether or not the MC is male?

What if it's a lesbian?


File: cf70492fc4cba94⋯.png (577.17 KB, 1300x1320, 65:66, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b6d677b15806d7b⋯.png (192.6 KB, 750x1100, 15:22, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 93dc75d9b24beca⋯.png (308.24 KB, 1000x1700, 10:17, ClipboardImage.png)


Undertale was a touch pretentious with way too much backtracking for a such a slow walk speed, but it was a decent game nonetheless.


Here you go, you filthy spider lover.


File: 455a28ea04a3d5d⋯.png (257.72 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Don't worry, little degenerate. It isn't your fault you have no imagination.



Nice argument, anon.


So if I'm getting this correct, it's cuckoldry and gay to be aroused by women but it's 100% straight and pure to be aroused by men?


File: bba8e24bcb0819b⋯.png (249.08 KB, 828x1500, 69:125, ClipboardImage.png)


Undertale isn't much of a sandbox. It has a bunch of different endings, sure, but the events and story are pretty on rails. Also, what makes you think I'm the same anon?





aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stop doing this






>The plan is for the thread to reach bump limit.

But why though? This thread was kinda dead, with one or two posts every now and then, before you strolled in.



Because cuckoldry should never live, cuck.


File: 731ff07c2f4dfbd⋯.png (321.37 KB, 970x1800, 97:180, Fiiiiiine.png)


Eeeeh, if you want a humble spider poster's opinion, neither are all that bad. Undertale was mediocre. Not terrible, but not that great either. It had some weird themes to it, like the best ending coming from forgiving and befriending unapologetic child murders, but it also gave you the option to butcher everything that moved. As for sandboxes, depends on the game really. Most are shit, but I'm a sucker for Dwarf Fortress.

As for why you would imagine yourself as a woman, why not? I don't care what other people would think of my fantasies. I kind of like the idea of being so desirable. I like the idea of reversed gender roles, where women are horny 24/7 and approach men for our favor and attention. Kinda like this:


But that isn't a very well explored kink, so I make do with gender bender and female protag games.


Fiiiiiine. You spider loving degenerates might keep entire folders of your spider cuck porn saved to your hardrive, but I am a pure poster. I'm gonna need to get my computer exorcised for this.



But you fool, you've been kept pinned down here for hours while cuck threads like Era and FC post freely. You'll never beat the cuck cabal, just accept your fate.



But I'm female. Why is it so unacceptable to you that I have a self-insert? Have you ever considered that maybe every game isn't made for you?



>Text game threads are containment threads. People who play those are subhumans.

But you said you'd suffer none of them to live. Already backsliding on your ideals, yes good. We'll have you prepping a bull in no time.



girls out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



>Being a faggot out of neccesity

You can blame male protag games for not being very creative. Also, good male protag games are hard to find. I've already played your only suggestions to death, and most RPGs start with the protag spouting the usual self hating nonsense that seems to plague japan, usually with them obtaining a weird power that lets them 'get back at' all those women that mistreated him before.

Sorry to say, I can relate more to a woman than I can a self loathing sack of scum that sounds like he was written by a future school shooter.



Anon, Free Cities is the thread that made /hgg/ what it is today. Back when the board was made, nothing but the Free Cities thread was being posted in even weekly.



>Bringing in crossposter and normalfags is a good thing

They aren't the crossposter, anon. You are. This is their board more than yours, because they've been here since day one.



>So you can relate to a literal sex ragdoll more than an actual male?

If you're actually willing to consider those dickless scumsacks men, yes. I repeat, I don't give a shit what people think of my fantasies. You keep spouting the word pathetic all you want, but just keep in mind that you are the one going on a one man crusade through an anonymous hentai games board because other people's fap material upsets you.



>Hardly when they don't go out of their shitholes for a reason

>i dislike them therefore the largest and most active userbase on the board doesn't post on the board

Sure, anon. Just like how /pol/ being the largest board means that no one from /pol/ ever goes to any other board.

>Plus, I'm pretty sure the originals faggots could have left ages ago

You're incorrect, there.

But you really don't seem to care about being correct.



>Go ahead and prove me they do

You're the one who made the assertion first, prove that they don't.

>Excellent proof

Half the current devs for pregmod have been here since the beginning. Unless you think that people like pregmodder are a grand conspiracy of newfags banding together under the same accounts that they have access to but no one else does?



That doesn't prove anything. You said >>322168

>they don't go out of their shitholes

I interpreted this as you saying that they do not leave the Free Cities thread despite them being the largest and most active community on the board.

Was that not your intended assertion? If not, please clarify what you mean.



>Furry content is not in the mod

>even though the mod was against it from the beginning


So, you're 'proof' that the old posters aren't around anymore is that everything is going as it always has? That is pretty shit 'proof', cuckanon. Also, FC thread has always been the most rabid haters if cuck shit since its conception. You really are a newfag.



It doesn't prove any of what you just said. Literally none of it.

Jesus christ, how do you even argue with someone who doesn't even understand basic logic? Fuck, this is frustrating.



Their hate for cuckshit is a smokescreen for their love of it.



>It doesn't prove anything because I say so

No, it doesn't prove anything because you haven't logically supported any of the assertions you've made. You simply stated another unsubstantiated claim followed by a dozen more claims that are vaguely related, none of which are supported.

This isn't how arguments work, anon. You don't just get to declare yourself as correct without providing evidence or reasoning to support your stance.



There isn't furry content in the game. Also, you're really cherrypicking pretty hard to just ignore how much backlash both nekos and beastiality both got. The shitstorms lasted a long fucking time until they were finally allowed.


Just like cuckanon's.



But it's literally not in. That's not a "it's not technically furry" thing, it's just not in the game. You're just lying.



>not logical

Well, I guess we agree on that. You can't just make a dozen unsubstantiated claims then act like they all logically support them in some kind of circular reasoning.




See >>321941

You're the only newfag in this thread, newfag.



>Can't get the irony of greentext

But he very obviously did. Go to sleep.



>you have shit reading comprehension

>clearly by "i wasn't here for that" i meant "i was here for that"

>how could you fail to comprehend that?




Your entire argument has been a chain of you stating your opinion, then extrapolating from there as though your opinion is incontrovertible fact, then extrapolating from your extrapolated opinion, ad nauseam. The fact that you don't see the lack of logic in it is almost more disheartening than the lack of logic in the first place.



>literal cuckoldry is cuckoldry, therefore everything i said chained from thirty-five different unsubstantiated claims is all 100% valid and you're stupid if you disagree

Your intellectual prowess astounds us all.


File: 93d766ba55e5f1a⋯.png (220.77 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1435087586470.png)

i still don't believe that /pol/-tan is being serious about even a single one of her posts.



Low functioning autism is a hell of a drug. Just look at CWC.



Poe's Law has cursed them with ridiculousness.


File: 7794af7e10302a1⋯.png (95.11 KB, 534x664, 267:332, high impact sexual violenc….png)

I leave for a few days and the thread quintuples in length.

I seem to have touched a nerve.


File: f3164a1ff1d1efd⋯.png (114.91 KB, 451x726, 41:66, ClipboardImage.png)


> look at CWC




Go back to /htg/.


Self inserting does not make it you. The character still has their own traits and ideals, you are not that person no matter how much you want to be them.

>No matter what, if you are not using your imagination and imagining only yourself doing things, you're a "cuck".

Don't be this stupid.

Watching a story unfold is never you doing it. No matter how much "control" you think you have.

There is no argument here. There is only shitposting.


File: 1bc97349fbea82a⋯.png (313 KB, 1348x1172, 337:293, 1401968192590.png)



after a quick run through of the thread, i'd guess about 95% of the posts are dumbasses bitching about or defending cuck content…

is this game dead? i cant sift through all the retards bitching about pointless shit.



You're right on that not being a slippery slope... but it's empirically clear that you don't understand that phrase. Just as you do not understand the word "quantum" - it means "very small" not "very big". For example, "quantum physics" deals with the smallest things in the universe.. not the largest.


File: c25e9b35fa0e7e9⋯.png (564.85 KB, 810x629, 810:629, 123123.png)


I just stopped by for the exquisite tiddies and I'm not sure what is going on in this thread and what the argument is about except it is somehow related to NTR, but colloquially

quantum jump/ quantum leap does describe a 'big' change (contrary to its meaning when used in physics related stuff)


As I skim this thread, I notice the last update patch was in February.

So is the translation effort RIP?




The translation is still ongoing. I'm working on it, but I think the general consensus is that I should post it when I'm done (or nearly done), as opposed to incremental updates.

I haven't been keeping up with the thread because of the all the retards.



I'd be interested in incremental updates, would also be a good way to get feedback.



thanks for this. ignore the dumbasses.



Ignore the idiot, you're doing gods work

I have no problem with incremental updates as long as they're large.


File: 06b81d9ac678c18⋯.jpg (42.14 KB, 241x360, 241:360, 1421644787848.jpg)

I'd like to have another update up for you guys by the end of May. I still can't quite say how many events I have to translate. By my estimates, I would guess the events are about 35%-40% translated, which still leaves the maps. Most of the part where the brothers and Ayame are in the jail cell is done, as it a good chunk of Ayame sneaking into the cult.

I tried playing through the game and seeing how many events I could trigger that I hadn't translated. I'm at 50% and that number will probably continue to rise.

Sorry about being such a slow faggot, guys. Between the 50 hour work week and the wife, I don't have massive amounts of time to work on this.




does she know?



Ask your wife for help


I have an update for you guys. This one is all over the place with changes, but it is a full archive of the game, all 500 MB. Let me know where the game complains about missing assets, my translation assist script also replaced some of the filenames and I haven't caught all of them, just a screenshot when it happens is fine. I fixed the script, but I didn't realize it until the game started complaining. It'll still run, it just pops up a green box with moonrunes on it, press Z or X to move past it.


Added an NPC in the first village to give you a lot of money, along with the OP sword and the item that lets you change Ayame's lewdness/shame/virginity stats.

All the cult member events are translated, but not the cult storyline.

The start of the storyline with the soldier and Ayame's classmate is translated.

Almost all of the storyline with the brothers in the jail cell is translated.

The first form of Belochi village is translated, but not the second.

The guide in Nimumu village who brainwashes you is translated (I think this event is supposed to break the fourth wall).

A naive estimate for the total number of unique dialog and choice boxes in the game is about 11000. My next focus will be to finish the cult storyline and the storyline that a dude in the imperial city gives you, along with map translations.



>end of May


At least you tried.

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