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File: 472299c784c9eac⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, egg.jpg)



Wiki: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Main_Page - Includes download links to all games, scroll down.

Discord: https://discord.gg/7MAArwP - If you want to help, ask here. You don't need to know Japanese.

Git: https://gitgud.io/era-games - Requires an account

Popular Games

eratohoK: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eraTohoK-master.zip

Strategy game, conquer the world and enslave enemy generals. Near-complete translation.

eratohoTW: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoTW-eng-dev.zip

Dating sim with timestop powers. The gameplay is all translated, but not the dialogue (it's only flavor).

eraSumireTeru: https://mega.nz/#!6WR1xSqK!dNvzeeXI3jFHACniA19wimu9z4bsmnpTSladKqzv4FU

Yuri game with a story and a fair amount of original art. Near-complete translation.

eraSQN: https://mega.nz/#!gs0A0YbY!tEt32WXmrpZjV8avsMgkl4Fd09QU5y71SeMubkRjLZE

Slave trainer with a lot of features and dialogue. Most gameplay but little dialogue translated.

eraMegaten: https://mega.nz/#!DaoRwQDQ!M2I2eJXOmiI_7IQOOd8Iki8cx42eyF1ksGc3SeLXtPs

A vast SMT game with various RPG mechanics and tons of content. Will never have a full translation.

eraTYPE-MOON: https://mega.nz/#!q8IhDT6T!0xuQIDnbhQ74xztI5p2THm5-vAVLRiEiQ5oYz-7av2g

A smaller and simpler trainer than SQN, but it's fully translated.

eraPM: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoPM-master.zip

Princess Maker game with Kaguya from Touhou. Translation is incomplete but active.

Other Notes

-Don't paste updates onto old versions unless you like unpredictable bugs. Extract separately and move the old 'sav' folder into the update.

-If you see a wall of errors on startup, switch to 7zip for extracting

Bug Reporter: https://wiki.eragames.rip/bugreport.php

Previous Threads: https://pastebin.com/edit/8s0VjiJG


Does anybody have a current list of archive links? I'm trying to fill out the previous thread pastebin, but the last OP and the one before didn't include one.


File: ea8ceec00602f31⋯.mp4 (3.05 MB, 720x720, 1:1, ea8ceec00602f3104be893332b….mp4)

First for most Christmas 2hu


File: 9fc59e8e048ef57⋯.gif (7.38 MB, 654x917, 654:917, 9fc59e8e048ef57fbcadde7994….gif)


>most Christmas 2hu

That's not my Christmas-colored Meiling.


File: 2973bae8dadcffd⋯.jpg (490.82 KB, 2698x2806, 1349:1403, f6c516cbe2fa438b4f79472ac8….jpg)

What is this game?


When is someone gonna translate reverse? I dont know japanese so i cant do it myself



It'll be ready by January.



Pedy has said he's working on it. He works quickly but he keeps his work private, so who knows how long it will be until he releases however much he ends up doing.

And you can do it yourself, everyone here is a machine reliant bum. The output of google translate alone is enough to figure out most of the narrative lines. First starting out you'll suck, but almost any translation is better than nothing.



>Pedy has said he's working on it.

I'd rather read TA output, thank you.



Even his worst old ESL is 10x faster and easier to proofread than Japanese is to translate from scratch. And any English speaker can do it, too.



Translating can be pretty rough, I tried some on my own once but I had to do it line as a time as I was playing the game so I would have context. Plus I don't actually know much about Touhous so I don't know what tone to give them.



>Plus I don't actually know much about Touhous so I don't know what tone to give them.

That would require you to actually to play mainline games and read mountains of official side content.

But it's good to know someone is still working on that.


Can I get a QRD on eratohoPM?



The PM stands for Princess Maker.Theres a disappointing amount of sexual content in it.



It's pretty much just a standard princess maker game. You have a character, Kaguya by default, and spend half a month to either train her stats to be a better ruler, give her leisure, practice diplomacy and combat, etc.

Very little sex content, in night training the only sex options are sex and standing sex. Only a handful of random events, and I haven't beaten the game to see any of the endings.



I meant to say every turn is half a month



Im playing eratohok, how can i sell my prisoners to slavery?



When bandits are enabled they set up a slave market for it. Otherwise you're at the mercy of rare random events.



Yeah I also had that same problem, I researched heavily on the characters I started translating so I could make them sound right, at one point I just gave up midway through translating Reimu because I wasn't sure how to portray her.

Although I did manage to recover my work in Eratohok so I did regain all my progress, my year experience in both writing and translating made all my work basically useless. However I found at one point the writing actually got better, thats because I stopped directly translating the lines and instead rewrote them to better fit my vision of the character, instead of trying to find a way to both make it sound good and also sound like the original. Like for example getting rid of the constant name checks really helps with the flow, in a normal conversation you wouldn't constantly be saying their name outside of group conversations anyway.

I'll probably never release my translations though, I'm afraid that my changes to the character's original script will make die hards mad, and make the character seem different to the average player. Not to mention that I never touched on the sex scenes, I can't write smut to save my life, I just want to romance my waifus.



Nobody cares about rephrasing.

Even some rewriting doesn't bother me. We're not talking about sacred art that abides no departure from the perfect original intention, this isn't some Mizayaki shit, it's crowdsourced amateur porn. Every single line of Japanese dialogue was submitted by complete randos with less editing and quality control than a fenoxo project, and yet people imagine differently because it's from the mystical orient. I translated an event once that turned out to be a fucking Undertale ripoff, and that was by one of their best dialogue authors.

If you've got Reimu that's written well and follows the gist of the original I'll very happily take it. The alternative is that it most likely stays as runes forever. The people who might throw a fit over imperfection sure as shit won't do it.



>there is a Princess maker Era game




Condoms should be in the Mail Order menu after sleeping. Eirin/Reisen and Nitori also personally sell items at a discount.

Hate marks are a common and annoying problem. You have to gradually escalate what you do step by step, and if anything raises the Hostility parameter a bunch back off. Check their personality traits, too.

The safe route, which is just as fast, is to simply spam actions like talking and skinship until they're basically begging to fuck you. Then risk depraved actions like handholding.



thanks anon, appreciate it.


>load a saved hero in eratohok

>it forgets the family settings

>still no bra/pantyjobs, or timestop's pantsu thieving

It gets me off like anything else, but there's always bittersweetness.



How many people play these games specifically for the touhous? Are the games like eraTW popular because they are touhous or just because they have the most content?

I really wish there were eraGames based on other sources, Taimanin might be neat for example.



It's basically just chance. Most era games aren't touhou themed, but the ones that are happen to be some of the best ones.

There's actually quite a few spinoff projects where the Japanese take K or TW as a base and then convert it from touhou into some other franchise. We don't have time to translate all that though.



stars in the settings menu


I must be retarded but I can't figure out how to do dragon training in eraSQN. I get that you need someone with the Dragoon talent but then what?



>I get that you need someone with the Dragoon talent but then what?

Make them your assistant, then, while in training, switch to assistant.



I finally found the issue: the option simply doesn't appear unless the training partner vaginal capacity is large enough. I thought it would be like full pain and hate marks but no it doesn't appear at all.



That sounds interesting, wonder what the most popular ones are.

On another note, I wonder if any games could be modified to be able to include custom characters. I imagine more people would be interested in helping development if they were able to just write characters and dialogue for situations.



>On another note, I wonder if any games could be modified to be able to include custom characters.

Of course they can. The specific implementation details depend on which game you're modding, but it generally involves adding a few CSV and ERB files. You need to define the character's name, their core gameplay attributes, mechanically-relevant personality traits, and their place in the world (summoning rules, home location, faction affinity, etc). Then you'll need to delve into the event-specific ERB files to do the actual characterization work (such as tsundere violence in response to head-patting, ambivalent reaction to tentacles, etc).

Unfortunately, such modding work would *not* be easily portable between the various ERA games. Any development progress (on the master branch) or subsequent translation work could break compatibility with your mod. You'd then be forced to inspect the changelog and revise your code … or just *ignore* the updates and continue to play the 0.0.3 version forever (so that you can hold hands with your Donut Steele original character).

If you want to do this solo then you'll need some knowledge of coding and git version-control tools (or the willingness to *learn* those things). If you're primarily a writer then you can just post something on dropbox - and see whether any programmers will volunteer to integrate your work into the ERA codebase.



You make it sound way more complicated than it necessarily is. If you copy-paste a character file in K, edit the contents to #151 Donut Steele, and start a new game, Donut Steele will be wandering around. Then adding things like skills or dialogue just requires imitating the pattern of the other 150 characters, which any idiot can do with notepad and a search tool. Very few updates would conflict, and the conflicts would rarely be hard to solve.

A real developer would try to make that kind of mod completely integrated into the existing project, totally immune to change, etc etc etc, but nobody -has- to do that. You could pick just about any game and shit out a spinoff with disney princesses in a day's work.



I think the bigger issue would be properly implementing new characters in each game since they each involve different things and are all programmed differently. Plus there can be lots of small issues with the game that you may need to sort through, for example I was trying to add some translated .csv files to a game so I could understand it but couldn't get it to work until I realized that the word was hard coded in, meaning I would need to sort through every single instance of the word and change it manually.




Attempting to use it on someone who is stretched enough to make the option appear but still not stretched large enough take it properly can cause injuries.

Dragoon can also attempt to use it on the trainer while pushing down if their sadism is high enough (4 or 5?), PC seems immune to restrictions and penalties despite their orifice size(s).

Children fathered by the dragon will either gain the dragon-blooded trait or crash the game when the pregenancy is generated. Forget which version(s) the crash was present in or if it only crashed if the mother was the PC.


Is it possible to add a custom mugshot of my children on K?




You can set them in eraTohoK/resources.

Name your file as {Insert number of character here}_Face.png

Then copy few lines in face.csv while changing all ID numbers to your character ID so game will be able to show your images.


I've been thinking of trying out a playthrough in tohok in which all of the starting characters in the PC's faction are an incestuous amalgamation of custom-made characters. However, I can't seem to add customs in the protagonist's Family Settings tab on the character creation page – it limiting the selection to the 150 premades instead.

Is this working as intended or am I missing a step here?



If I remember it right, that page got completely fucked up somehow and you needed to hard code that in CSV/chara/Chara_characterID_name.csv



Aha! That did the trick, they're showing up on the list now.

It's going to take some time to find out what runes correspond to what stat, instead of just replacing the name and character number like the last bit, but progress is progress.


Working on Reverse Tentacle Palace a bit. Offline. I keep thinking that I'll just add a thing here and a thing there while I translate. Like, make it more obvious what the dating thing actually does, and stuff like that. Then I remember that I'm supposed to be translating and not changing the coding. That's one big reason I don't actually contribute on the git.

I'll probably just drop a big load of text files for other folks who want to try playing it. It's not the most popular of the games though. The text isn't organized well either.



>not the most popular of games though

Yeah, probably because of the whole tentacle shabang. That and I find the combat somewhat confusing and annoying as shit.



Improvements are fine, we do them all the time. You're not 'supposed' to anything, nobody's paying you.

As long as your improvements aren't trash like adding a bad fetish everywhere, the only thing you have to worry about is to not dramatically alter the game in ways that make future updates impossible to merge in. That way when someone else has to do that eventually, they don't just throw your changes away.

Push whatever you have to git if you can, there's nothing to lose.


You think people don't like tentacles? Popularity follows translation activity, if it wasn't runes there'd be some audience for it.


Question for the wise among us, is there a way to edit savefiles?



Yes, you can pick through them in a hex editor.

But it's always easier to just load the save and edit through the game. Most games have a debug menu, or else you can write your own dirt simple code like money = 10000 or talent:character:x = y. What are you trying to do in what game?


Mainly to just increase the stats for myself or the character im training in eraTYPE-MOON.



>like adding a bad fetish everywhere

Like tohoK's armpit hair mod, which mirror's pubic hair by default, so anyone with a full bush automatically gets a beard under their arms.



So, for example, go to erb/shop/option.erb and insert these lines under "Please select the setting you would like to change."

ABL:MASTER:Sadism = 77

ABL:TARGET:Obedience = 99

Restart, go to the options menu, and that code will run.

You can find all the ability names in csv/Abl.csv

Talents and everything else work the same way.


Not long after pedy put that in the Japanese added the same thing to their game.

It might have been a mistake to give them the idea, but it's not a mod anymore.


File: 8d2a4f58bc6878f⋯.png (5.89 KB, 473x454, 473:454, questioning.png)

Would anybody be interested in seeing a mod for eratohoK that replaces all pictures and names of characters with irl porn actresses/camwhores?



no wtf


File: 7d95a5b9797ff05⋯.jpg (29.25 KB, 618x466, 309:233, 7d95a5b9797ff05230ca3d0b71….jpg)


its called eraTOHOk for a reason, mate.



Someone that can be satisfied with 3d sluts has no need to scrape the bottom of the barrel for obscure partially translated porn games.



Sure go ahead i want to see how that trainwreck turns out







I already did changed few characters but thats for my personal use

I just wanted to know if some anons would like me to share it here once im finished



I'd go outside if I wanted to look at shit filled meatbags.



Only if you an hero on stream for suggesting the idea.



I'd open up a sad panda if i wanted to look at 2dpd



Guys, guys, think of it like this: for those that would like it, they can go ham. For those that would hate it, they could then have remorse-free torture and kill targets without having innocent touhous cloud the activity.


File: 98b41401da40db7⋯.jpg (56.95 KB, 546x848, 273:424, 9fdd315fd817ddb71de68b4722….jpg)


There is no point in torturing and corrupting 3DPD whores nor is it possible to unslut and waifu them. The whole appeal is taking something pure and either sullying it or protecting their smile. Take pick related for example, the majority of the hentai featuring her is torture, rape, and snuff. Primarily because she is so pure.


File: b45bccb28da0dac⋯.png (89.99 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1519356906190.png)


>abusing tsugu



File: 956825b89ad2730⋯.jpg (2.77 MB, 2000x2824, 250:353, b392f43240f7a935cf51575f9c….jpg)


I don't abuse her too hard, I was just stating that the majority of hentai featuring her does. The more pure something is the more satisfying it is to defile it or protect it.


File: 0580d9535bebd5b⋯.png (126.69 KB, 276x233, 276:233, madflan.png)


Get out.



Cute girls are for tender love only.


Dumb anon from a thread ago.

Finally managed to get EraSumireTeru's Love ending, and I'm damn glad I did. The comfy romance between those two was the most satisfying thing I've gotten out of any Era game yet.


File: 3c1398f680ccc31⋯.png (546.35 KB, 925x518, 25:14, 3c1.png)


well said



Anyone got a source? I need it for some research.>>295498



It's not part of anything.



No, that's a terrible idea, but I'd be interested in other fictional characters.



>replaces all pictures and names of characters with irl porn actresses/camwhores?

what the actual fuck



Isn't that just ShindoL?



If you just replaced images with good cosplayers I am sure that would appeal to someone




File: 69674fdbdd4a861⋯.jpg (286.22 KB, 893x1000, 893:1000, sample-bf91729aa4ee1100ff5….jpg)


Nope. I'm pretty sure it's asanagi, not ShindoL.



This isn't very big difference.


For eraTW, does anyone have a list of like hidden things you might not encounter through normal play. I remember there being something in the old documents somewhere but this was not transitioned to the wiki.

Talking about things like hidden character interactions, or other little event triggers.




Thank you kind sirs my research shall start.


File: 3fe6d20ac7d7648⋯.jpg (555.22 KB, 1102x1040, 551:520, awo.jpg)

hey uh i don't know why but in my eraTohoTW game the price of charisma has been sitting at like 153 yen for like forever now. anyway to fix that?


File: afa061a28d3d103⋯.jpeg (103.79 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 2a6a199639258b6dc5e9a64ca….jpeg)


its called photoshop



Seconding this and specifically looking for the Yuuka rape dungeon requirements.



You're going to be so disappointed when you finally unlock your paragraph of text written by some dirty autistic svensk



Doesn't it change in real time? Like, come back the next day and it's changed a few times?

Then there's some option in the config about Charisma changing or not changing in real time, something I never messed with.

No idea good luck


Can you somehow cheat to make multiple lovers? Or it wasnt a feature in the game yet?


File: 73906d98c3f25ba⋯.gif (3.92 MB, 727x810, 727:810, 6206396.gif)


just passed midnight where i am and i noticed it did change, thanks for the information man!



I'm surprised that of all things was left out and nobody mentioned it until now. It's in the cheat menu of the git version now, stars in the settings.



I'd find this a lot more hot without the drugs.Very nice animation though.



Funny you mention that, enough people agree that there is an edit without them. I can't seem to find it right now though.


File: d90ce6806814acf⋯.gif (3.83 MB, 727x810, 727:810, d90ce6806814acfc1b25fd8225….gif)




Oh, very nice!


File: 174a3a7bb839334⋯.gif (3.85 MB, 815x810, 163:162, __alice_margatroid_cookie_….gif)

oh! how do you usually get pleasure marks on a girl in eraTW?



You fuck them. Make them cum enough and give them multiple simultaneous orgasms.



It's based on the number of orgasms at once, and stronger counts as more.

Strategy 1 is to go apeshit on as many areas as possible. Anal vibe + kissing + breast caressing + lotus or something can get you CVBAM. But this uses all their stamina very quickly.

Strategy 2 is to pick a single action that targets multiple areas like Caress and spam it. This lets you take full advantage of denial mode, which normally cancels continuing actions in a really annoying way.


File: 802029aeb654756⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 670x810, 67:81, 6139686.gif)



Thank you guys!!! Is there a different strategy when it comes to lewdness marks?


how do i get google translate to stop banning my translation aggregator?



I haven't had that issue since I switched to the updated version someone posted a few months ago.



my version is 2018.05.06 r189

too old?



I'm using 2018.07.21. r190 (unofficial). Even since I switched to this version I have not seen that issue.


What are the ways you can use to give Abnormal XP in EraSQN?



I'd love to help, but this collaborative development stuff is way beyond me, and I'm too spergy to ask someone to help in real time. Just finding the download link on gitgud took a while, and I haven't figured out how to join a group, even, let alone how all this push-pull stuff needs to be set up to work. Deciphering homebrewed not-BASIC in a foreign language is easy; figuring out how I git lol is just not how my brain works, when it does.

Besides, I still need to get the translations into my copy of the game. I just have a bunch of unreadable conspiracy-theorist text files running around, and I refer back to them as I play. I hate work, so I work at the pace of a constipated sloth, and so I doubt I'll have anything more than scrambled translation notes any time soon. Thanks for the encouragement though.


Is there anyway to turn off the 50 day time limit for training and if not how am I suppose to satisfy all of the conditions in only 50 days?



You're supposed to get good. It's not hard, let alone impossible, you're just expected to try more than once and carry what you've learned forward. Use the hints girl to figure out how to be efficient. For example you can't get her to accept the training and get her to cum until you train her a bunch of times (7?) and then go out and find the catgirl so you can reject her potion. You should maximize gem gain for those first 7 sessions by not doing anything that'll give her gem penalties. Watch her over and over and over until her desire and loyalty go up and you can maybe kiss her, then kiss and watch until you think she's ready for more so you can build up her sensitivity

Once you manage to finish in the 50 days alloted, you get to keep her and some new stuff opens up



You are pretty likely to fail your first run or two, it's just a matter of learning the system and what you need to do. Once you do it's pretty easy to get the love ending. Otherwise you can just use cheat engine to change the day count easily enough.


last stupid question I have goten all of the gems I need except for abnormal experience how can I get that? Preferably without taking Teru's virginity.



Nevermind i figured it out.


okay sorry but I can't find out how i get the last 2 abnormal xp points after having teru masturbate on camera apparently she needs to pee on camera and also do something with the mahjong set but i don't know how to get those commands to come up


Is there an FAQ or walkthrough for erasumireteru somewhere. some of the events have extremely specific requirements and its really annoying to trial and error your way through.



you must summon the ancient pedophile who worked on the game



The built in hint system should be enough. Otherwise git gud



Still better to have seen the event and know it exists than to spend hours and hours never knowing the event even existed.

I remember there being something related to the Miracle Mallet causing a permanent change, but don't know what the effects are, for example. I also think there was something hidden with using Time Stop on certain characters, but again, there's no documentation to say where these hidden interactions are or with what characters.



dont lewd alice pls


How the hell do you accomplish anything in eraSumireTeru? I can't manage to generate a single loyalty gem without also generating enough denial gems to completely negate them, so even 7 days in I have made exactly no progress toward obedience



Talk to the hint slut.



Tried that, the "proceeding in the beginning" section says to focus on caress and cunnilingus but those increase hostility and depression as fast as they increase loyalty



There is an event you have to do at the beginning before you can make any real progress. The hint slut should point you in the right direction, just talk to her about every topic you can.



Ohhh I just encountered the character who you actually meant - I thought you were talking about the tutorial chick, heh



Also, I just discovered that spending a couple days literally doing nothing in the training but sitting there staring at Teru gives enough loyalty for Obedience 1 (though I get the feeling this wasn't intended)


File: 06805f6d4f07983⋯.jpg (53.06 KB, 1083x179, 1083:179, 121.jpg)



File: dd9cfc8fbfc5ed9⋯.jpg (28.28 KB, 577x435, 577:435, 1434234730003.jpg)

>eratohoK was updated 28.12.18

Where is the changelog?



Just an incredibly minor patch. What are you expecting? The game is basically translated and Japanese development has been dark for months.The only big thing left is dialogue, which I can't do well without making it as much creative writing as translation.



Well it could be nice if maybe there were some english devs too but i guess im asking for too much



>The game is basically translated

This is bullshit and you know it. There is till a shitton of events untranslated, this includes tentacles special faction events, hypnotist slave events and various other events



Can Pedy re-add the cum mod in a not retarded manner?


File: b301f4b71c341ad⋯.png (267.82 KB, 637x654, 637:654, b30.png)


>The game is basically translated

Thats a load of bullshit. You only need to play the game for more than 5 minutes before the moonrunes slap you right in the fucking face. Just say people dont wanna work in tohoK anymore instead of bullshiting people.



>Moonrunes everywhere! Useless stuff!

<Only untranslated stuff are either Dialogue or horrible, horrible, NTR.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and say you're talking about Dialogue not being translated. Otherwise, we'll have to laugh you out of this board.



Wouldnt know. I dont turn on the NTR options. I'm talking about character dialogue, ya know. the thing that adds flavour to the whole thing.



Dialogue, faction events, wandering events, marriage, childbirth,… a good chunk of actual sex options that you see nigh-constantly when using certain items… etcetc.

Yeah just ntr and character - pc interactions. Just those.



Honestly, why worry so much about it as long as it vaguely seems like the dialogue fits the character?

I doubt the Japs' writing is some infallible holy scripture either.

Sure, the weebs will screech about it but they do that anyways.



<Only untranslated stuff are either Dialogue or horrible, horrible, NTR


Tentacles special faction events are untranslated, hypnotist events are untranslated, bunch of other events remain untranslated

I know because i looked into the files myself



Aren't special factions just NTR central anyway? Nothing of value was lost.



Not sure why that should matter to you though, you can fully understand almost every decision you'll make in the game, and the rest you can easily get hooked with a machine translator. Besides most people don't even play with special factions on anyway, so it makes sense that they wouldn't bother. If it puts you off that much nothing is stopping you from editing a few text files to get the result you want, I doubt the tentacles have that much text to them.


Although I have yet to publish any of my work I have started working on character dialogue and have for the most part finished 2 characters. So I wouldn't say there is no interest to working in the game but most of the time the character events are small or don't have much impact to them. Sure there are some characters with a massive amount of dialogue and then there are their are the rest with only a couple of events and maybe some extra bit of fluff whenever you interact with them. EratohoTW however has far more character interaction what with the entire system being built around character interaction, not to mention that the whole discord shenanigans killed most of the work being done on EratohoK anyways.

I think the biggest problem with the lack of translations are because we hate the idea of anyone using a machine to translate text for them, and would rather have some random guy take their time to use their skills to benefit us instead. I'm not saying I'll be that guy, in fact my work will probably only ever be seen by me due my low self-esteem and the fact that most of the time I ignore the actual translation to write something I believe to be more fitting, something I know will piss off some people. But complaining about the problem won't change anything, so unless you got a magic solution that nobody else has figured out I suggest you just learn how to play with a text hooker, it's not that hard.


The real problem with tohoK is that you can't set someone to be your sister and your mother at the start.



Keep up the good fight samurai. This will be a good year


In eraSumire, do you absolutely have to get Teru to "Lewd" by day 50? Or do you just have to show significant progress?

Cause I'm currently at day 37 and I have no fucking idea how I could possibly get the last level of masturbation addiction in time. Fucking 50k CPleas?! Maybe if made her cum to the brink of death every goddamn day.

Plus 3 abnormal XP seems impossible without taking her virginity - I've done everything currently available to me, and having her masturbate and piss on camera were the only things that gave Ab XP - all the things I can think of that gave it in other Era games seem to be gated behind some condition I haven't figured out (and for some reason nothing outdoors - masturbation, piss, sex, etc gives it, despite other Era games doing so)



Discord shenanigans?


Pissing off weebs is a bonus really



Okay I may have overreacted on the MastAddict, that's more manageable than I thought.

Still screwed on the Abnormal XP though



Other ways to get abexp are to achieve quadruple orgasm and to give her ridiculous amounts of pain



Quadruple would require V sensitivity though, which doesn't work if you're keeping her virgin… is there any other option than pain? I'm trying no to be TOO mean…

Sumire's thoughts mention inserting a mahjong tile - what's the requirement for that?



First you have to buy the Majong set.



Already did, all I can do is play mahjong with it



If I recall body mods and blood drinking both count too. Also if you near kill her?



Okay, figured it out, as soon as I unlocked the first body mod set (with the "insanity" gain from it) I suddenly got the mahjong options too.

Because apparently forcing someone to grow a dick is on the same level of perversion as sticking a ceramic rectangle in their twat…???



…And it turns out using them shoots me straight to Hate 3. Goddamnit



Fixed easily enough fortunately, just in time for day 50.

And now I have a new question: how the fuck do you get affection? Hintbitch has been telling me for like 20 days that I need to go out on a date with Teru and run into Awai (I think - "a blonde girl") but no matter how many dates I've tried it doesn't happen. Does it not happen until after 50 or something?



You need Awai to be suspicious of you for the date event to happen, it happens after you run into her a bunch.



[go outside] twice in a row, once again after blonde girl gets suspicious of you. Hintbitch is misleading to call it a date event when there's a [date] option. In reality, it's an event that includes a date but is separate from the [date] option..

Source: I had this exact issue.



> not to mention that the whole discord shenanigans killed most of the work being done on EratohoK anyways.

This is why you stay the fuck away from Discord for anything. It's an absolute cancer and attracts so much drama somehow.



>It's an absolute cancer and attracts so much drama somehow.

The problem with the discord is that most of the people in it didn't come from anywhere remotely similar to here. There are insane people from random ass Touhou-worship communities who spend hours arguing about the qualities of imaginary hat people, street shitters from Fag95, gays and trannies from furshit discords that hear about the games from other people and decide to check it out before they off themselves, and retards that ERP in the images channel. One guy even showed up awhile back asking if he could write NTR events. It's a pile of things that would normally never set foot on a 'toxic' imageboard like 8ch, and they bring all of their problems with them. And some, I assume, are good people.

This group is an absolute shitshow in comparison to the FC group, who have managed to work on the game for several years now as a group without any communication beyond their thread and git.



>unless you got a magic solution that nobody else has figured out

Maybe translating the game properly would make people happy, faggot.



>the whole discord shenanigans killed most of the work being done on EratohoK anyways.

This isn't true, the 2 people who left weren't working on it. K has slowed down for no reason besides boredom, it's the oldest project. And the Japanese side paused around the same time, so we don't even get their updates.


I don't get that impression. Very few people who talk seem like immigrants who don't get the culture.

FC, as far as I know, works because it has a dictator. Era works because people who can't along just work on different games. (Neither server death was caused by a falling out over actual work, just the channel owner getting an ego and flexing their admin power in stupid ways)



Three lines of text in your post and the only part you manage to get right is that the Japanese aren't currently working on K.


eraTohoK question: I can't seem to find a way to make custom characters siblings/fathers/mothers etc. of other characters and it says the parents of custom chars are dogs. Is the character creator glitched or is there something else going on?



You need to hardcode them for this


File: b22d317adf01e77⋯.jpg (29.7 KB, 392x373, 392:373, sticksayaka.jpg)


>You need to hardcode them for this

Welp, guess I'm fucked. I have no idea how to code shit, and much less in japanese.



Just replace Minoriko file

Noone cares about her anyway



The dog thing is a glitch, it will show up differently when the game is running.


File: 03045b8612442fd⋯.png (61.49 KB, 890x632, 445:316, shizunot.png)



I think I might be going somewhere



Status update: can't find anything on the chara csv files that corresponds to family status, among other things (clothing, species, and other shit like that). Any idea where that shit would be?



I tried a while ago to make custom family members. I gave up after a few days. Then I gave up on eratohoK and eragames altogether. If anyone ever finds out how to do it in this thread I'll forever be happy and will come back to eragames.


So why is Shinki mother of Alice in K but not of other Makai residents?

Also Sariel's father, Mother and ancestor should totally be God



Fanon and don't think too hard about it.


Okay, this should hopefully be my last question about Sumire: how do you get Urethral Maniac on Teru? Got a shitload of U Pleasure on her and it's not happening.

It's not E Pleasure based is it…? That would take forever


Are these games supposed to have sound? There seems to be things hinting that that's the case but I haven't actually seen any way to enable it if so. TW in particular


File: 7d7cffd96d4079e⋯.jpg (164.25 KB, 1488x1061, 1488:1061, 555666.jpg)


Bottom of the newgame and pregnant_name_list erbs.


Okay, Jesus Christ. There's not even much incest content.

I've put a family relationship setter in the cheat menu. The Japs went out of their way to never do this for non-touhous, so I was expecting side-effects, but I can't find any. Still, you're going to have to set it after a new game, it's not easy to store it in the custom character files.



Only game I've ever seen reference any sort of sound is eraReverse in which some of the more autistic Japs want you to play music while reading the intros, but none of the other games mentions anything about sound as far as I know.

We've got text and a few small pictures if you're lucky. Where the hell did you get the sound idea from?


So in EraSumireTeru, are you just stuck in your house for the entire Love ending? Anytime I try to leave, the clingy bitch stops me.



Anybody? I'm not about to spend another hour spamming urethral sex if I don't know it'll actually apply the trait


File: 837eeecd225da5c⋯.jpg (14.87 KB, 295x342, 295:342, noblevoice.jpg)

>My fucking child betrayed me and took every single good unit I have

>After having three wanderers establish new territories in my cities

>And rival factions invading from places where it is physically impossible for them to invade

>And the fucking coalition doing nothing when it's against the enemy but making the AI relentless attackers when it's against me

>And the fucking AI recovering from everything I throw at it, despite the fact that in some cases I have arrested half their fucking armies

Not even eraMegaten was this bullshit.

I just wanted to fuck 2hus while invading countries, how the fuck did this happen?



Try actually securing their loyalties next time



>not dicking your daughters into loyal wives

You have only yourself to blame.



I was gonna say, if you're not fucking your kids like you should be you have no room to complain



Alice deserves lots of hard lovin' lewds.




But what if i have a sons? I need a capable heirs for my dynasty after all.



>needing heirs

Just hunt down Mokou, Kaguya, Eirin, or one of the moon bitches and eat their liver. As for sons either send them away to conquer foreign lands or fuck them in the boy pussy.



There are genderswap medicines for that

They can be your sons again when you're dead



>Not making your sons wear dresses and moulding them into your perfect daughters (male) who will come from anal stimulation alone just when inserting

>Not rewarding their loyalty with an anal pregnancy/genderswap potion and allowing them to bear your children

My only regret is that there is barely any content/events for fucking male 2hus (gay or straight). Takes the wind out of my sails for Prepare to D@i runs.


>They can be your sons again when you're dead

If I'm gonna make the effort to swap their genders, they're gonna stay that way. Probably wouldn't bother to begin with anyways, since I'm making more than enough boys and girls to work with due to regularly feeding into my pregnancy fetish.


In TohoK, is it possible to change/mod the number of max partners for Sleep With and Public Use? If yes, where and how do I change it?


So, which game has the biggest amount degeneracy



TW has hand holding i think.



You can be gay in most of them.



It annoys me that you can't specify female pronouns on male characters - if I'm raising my sons as traps it'd be nice if they were actually referred to as girls



Guess I'm not getting an answer on this… back to the grind then I suppose



One of the NTR focused ones.



TouhouK has the most fag content so that one



For sleeping:


Change both instances of 8 to 200. The game doesn't have enough arguement index to deal with continuous or single actions with more than 10 participants. You can only select 10 actors at a time to do actions and then can switch on the next action.



"One of"? There's more than just the SDM one?



Not in the gitgud, they're scattered around Baidu, the seesaa eraseries wiki, and the japanese uploads on the wiki in OP.



Train them into capable warriors like a proper father should. You can secure their loyalty without giving them the dick.


In TW, which file effects gains from danmaku?


File: b0b68d6d15cfc44⋯.png (621.02 KB, 1290x720, 43:24, 9a1cf21294e7dd1924e719af24….png)



I dipped my hands into hardcoding custom characters a bit back and thankfully adding sibling/parent relations is easy, but figuring out how and where is a nightmare due to the spaghetti coding at times. The file that controls pregnancy among hardcoded characters in particular is hidden in some cramped asshole of the game's subdirectories.

Won't get too far into telling you precisely how to modify all of this because it's fairly simple if you're studious enough and take the time, but the major files to look at if you're creating customs apart from their CSV entries are

>ERB\TRAIN\PREGNANT\PREGNANT_NAME_LIST.ERB (controls family relations among hardcoded characters; the relevant entries are at the very tail end of the file)

>ERB\SYSTEM\INIT_TAGS.ERB (controls racial tags for hardcoded 2hus)

>ERB\SKILLS\INIT_GENERAL_SKILLS.ERB (assigns generic, non-character-specific skills to hardcoded characters; if you want your 2hu OC daughteru/sister to have new skills you'll have to create a new folder for them in the SKILLS directory and fuss with editing it yourself)

>ERB\SYSTEM\SHOW_INFO\CHARA_EXPLANATION.ERB (controls custom descriptions that show up in the profile)

>ERB\CLOTH\INIT_CLOTH.ERB (controls clothing settings if you're autistic enough to care about it)

Oh, and as a warning for if you're making a brand-new character instead of converting an old one, make their character IDs come after Jo'on/Shion instead of skipping around to higher numbers. Hardcoded character IDs that are too large will tend to crash the game when viewing certain parts of the profile and character IDs above ~200 flat-out won't work at all.



>without giving them the dick

Yeah but where's the fun in that?


In TW how can you abort? Do you just get belly punched a bunch or what? Fucking random rape events knocking me up not even on my dangerous days.



You mean K though, you can't get pregnant in TW.



I did mean K and am retarded



Just impregnate yourself with tentacles

It even raises magic



We have reached a bright and shining future for porn video games when the most effective contraception is impregnating yourself with something else first. I am so happy to exist in this time.

I mean, okay, it's not quite "just shove a cannonball up there and you're good" but it's better than a boring ass IUD or whatever.



It's not contraception even though you probably can use it like that

It's abortion method


File: 7ae9560a11dc95d⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1000x1300, 10:13, kangaroo.png)


Anon I love you, thanks a lot.



Belly punching used to work but I think a discordnigger broke it with their rework at some point. No idea if it was ever added back in.


>Tohok updated again on 4th of January

>Again no changelog itt




I think the intended and extremely awful way is to spend 50k on the catalog, another 50k and 10 turns researching it, and yet another 50k each time after that to actually do the abortions.



Any idea what any of 'em are called offhand?

From what I'm seeing they don't seem to be bothered with actually describing the games - especially on the upload page


File: 70a2b87b8e885aa⋯.jpg (122.6 KB, 383x407, 383:407, 1544401048078.jpg)

>new game+ in eratohok

>start with a lot of money

>buy low rank officers to suppliment the good ones and favorite ones

>they attack with a low amount of troops and are expected to fail in the event of a retaliation with the enemies full force striking back

>time and time again they manage to capture territory at a lightning pace

team 9 might as well be the special forces of this game




Something similar happened to me before, then i discovered that one officier had an ability that allowed her to swap troops numbers, their with mine, and because i had overwhelmingly more troops their assault succeeded every time, after the third impossible victory i had to disable that ability by swapping it with another, annihilated in the next battle


File: 2c7c16b3b825e90⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 380x250, 38:25, 60251_20170622230423_0.gif)

File: 085913a26198213⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 60251_20180529094321_0.gif)

File: 481cd12fa80820e⋯.gif (2.1 MB, 506x506, 1:1, 60251_20181020222910_0.gif)

File: 3d62b1320340408⋯.gif (419.82 KB, 506x506, 1:1, 60251_20190105173600_0.gif)

Loving eratohoTW but I was wondering if anyone ever showed interest in adding visuals to some of these games? Maybe an engine overhaul while they were at it?



>Maybe an engine overhaul while they were at it?

Oh sure, let's start a nuclear weapons development program while we're at it too.



its a text game because something like this would take years to accomplish if you considered sex scenes for each base touhou girl, let's not even consider the amount of sex scenes you need for 95 and modern, let's just consider the amount of positions for touhou 6 and then consider the threesomes, the foursomes and more. the amount of images needed.

never ask something this retarded again because clearly you don't have the mental capacity to imagine why asking for something like this is stupid if you're not asking "i'm already working on it and i need more hands"



Anyway to change the created PCs display image in eratohok?




This, and the player's character number is always and only 0.


Fellas, I'm sorry for posting this even more considering how long it's been posted but can I get a source to this song?


This caused me a boner that I think porn won't be able to calm down



I have a personal rule that if it only takes me a minute to find the source to something that someone is asking for, I won't tell them.



If the translators adopted your rule, they wouldn't have to answer a single question here again.




so i added

Face_Normal_Clothed_0,0_Face.png,0,0,180,180 to the face.csv file. ofc, 0_Face.png exists, but i still get the no_img. did i miss anything?


Why do you have to buy aphrodisiacs one at a time in the mail order menu of TW, when you can buy everything else all at once?


Okay I still haven't figured out how the hell to get Urethral Maniac in SumireTeru - is it even possible to get through training?



Because some Japanese developer thought, that it's not something you would buy in bulk, so they specifically excluded it when implementing the mass buy function.

Seriously, the comment says that around line 268 of ERB\SHOP関連\SHOP_ITEM.ERB

It also says that if you comment out that block of code, it will become possible to buy several aphrodisiacs at once.



I think your pic could be either at wrong resolution, you copied something incorrectly or made some typo.



i copied the first png in the folder and renamed it.

i also copied the lines straight up and switched them to 0.



Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics to display for PC either.

Something must be missing, but I forgot what could it be.


File: b4350d32f7616c1⋯.png (28.89 KB, 268x158, 134:79, Kosuzu.png)

I don't get it



If I remember it right, there was one chapter in Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery that had eldritch monster in some cursed tome.



She reads youma books on a regular basis and gets possessed at the end of FS. I'd be surprised if she didn't have forbidden knowledge.



She doesn't have it.






Actually it's completely doable, as long as you team up with this guy >>295475



what's your longest ongoing game in any era game?

mine's humble 167 days in eratw



Like 2 hours IRL. I'm here to masturbate and move on, not make a day of it.


Can this game be played on command line on linux?



Around 2/3rds of an in game year



not the command line but on wine yeah

in some eragame there's a run_linux file



would the run_linux file run in command line then?



just fucking try in life for once



the answer is not easily, if it is possible, run_linux is just a bash file that runs wine


File: 5ec5343ccfea1d0⋯.jpg (38.98 KB, 499x338, 499:338, mfw3dpdfags.jpg)



God damn it why did you reply to this, you got my hopes up that I finally got an answer



Special factions are just NTR when you care about the ones being raped.


File: 42cd34e1909a38d⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 385x383, 385:383, Barbarian.jpg)


No, he's not, Anon. And overhaul is one; an overhaul to camwhores/pornstars is RAGS-tier garbage.


File: 37f5e6cb314ab49⋯.png (235.55 KB, 299x455, 23:35, nice.png)

>been replaying eratohoPM a lot

>never bothered with the Orb of Nightlife or kidnapping option

>discover for myself that you can train other girls



All these women, ripe and ready to be conquered and you give 'em up for some trash-tier lard ass who literally just "Deus Ex Machina"d a victory against LITERAL GODS before fucking them silly in record time that beats whatever the fuck you can do.

It's not purely about NTR. ALL of this is pretty much our version of CoC General's Urta. It's garbage that you are forced to deal with that is also super important/strong just because fuck you.


It's all trash that makes no fucking sense, even in a power-tripping-porn-fantasy.



NTR is a shit fetish and should not be enabled or encouraged, in any shape or form. If the cucks want to get their cucking, they can translate that shit themselves.



You're the anon this board needs, but not the one it deserves.



Ive got that version too, but I am still getting banned.

Hopefully somebody can make a updated version with a workaround.



When you abuse Google's API by sending it an entire page of bullshit with every mouseclick, it usually rate limits you. How is a newer version of TA going to prevent that? Either turn off emuera's automatic clipboard copying or stick to local translations with Atlas.


I just installed the latest version of ERATohok and keep getting this:

Girls are preparing. Please wait, they are doing their best…

Warning Lv2:口上\3 ルーミア口上\KOJO_K3.ERH: at line 1:変数名ルーミア_野良妖怪はユーザー定義の広域変数名に使用されています

#DIM CONST ルーミア_野良妖怪 = 0

Processing was terminated because a problem occurred while loading ERH files



Make sure you're extracting to a clean new folder and only moving your saves over from old versions.

If that doesn't work, delete the entire erb\口上\3 ルーミア口上 folder and tell us what happens.



No no no don't turn off emuera clipboard copying, just turn off automatic translation in TA. Much less of a hassle when you do want something translated


Meiling is now translated and in eng-dev.

Her dialogue focuses heavily on time-stop. So, if you want to enjoy time stop content, go for her.



>NTR is a shit fetish

For you



Did you guys intentionally remove Lust Mode in char creation from eng-dev or did something get messed up during the updates?




Oh, sorry, yeah it got messed up, try downloading it again.




As long as you're fixing stuff, can you also look at the Virginity loss history stuff? When starting a new game, every girl's description is "Reality is different, but no one acknowledges it"



>"Reality is different, but no one acknowledges it"

I don't even know what it means

Were they raped but noone knows acknowledges it so their hymen regrew?

They are fake virgins?

The game is fanfiction plz ignore inconsistencies?



It means just that, reality has changed, things are wrong, people without hymens have hymens, people without virginities are virgins etc.



Yeah, but every single one of them?


File: 3c82ca810361f3f⋯.png (69.25 KB, 1195x801, 1195:801, asdc.png)

I am just here to say thank you to everyone who keeps maintaining this game.



Bout time someone translated best girl, thanks a ton!


File: 419c24893e53eaf⋯.jpg (566.93 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 419c24893e53eafcf1a638e005….jpg)

File: ea6c35349f3fdcb⋯.png (838.83 KB, 935x935, 1:1, 46553620_p0.png)


Wonderful! I was hoping for hers to get done.

>Her dialogue focuses heavily on time-stop

I usually don't mess with time-stop molestation since I'm not in the business of raping 2hus. Does it get at least pseudo-consensual at 3 lewd marks or love status?


>best girl

My brother.



Which one is that? Megaten?



>before fucking them silly in record time that beats whatever the fuck you can do.

You can pretty easily brand almost any 2hu but the arrogant ones in one session in your prison. special factions take quite a bit longer than that.

also there's a lot of 2hus that I simply just don't care about.

if one I do like gets captured I'll either buy them or reload if I can't/they get raped. the others being raped is just a interesting background to my harem adventures.

I also play with generics so they can get raped too because they're just that, generic.


So what's with the whole thing about erogenous zones getting more sensitive with use? I'd imagine having lots of sex would desensitize you rather than make you more sensitive.



Just think of it less as physical sensitivity and more the character learning to enjoy use of the area more



File: 7e6ad5f9c90252f⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 7e6ad5f9c90252f657a8e96fe9….jpg)


Oh shit, they merged the jap version with the images in? Time for another play through.


Which version of Eramegaten is the most current one?



You might try one of the only two branches that have been touched in the last four months. And one of those is the Japanese branch.



To be fair, calling the newest updated one's branch "old" is completely retarded.



One on wiki.


What is the best Era game for NTR?






Only one I ever hear people talking about is SDMprotoNTR, most of the other ones either aren't translated or don't have much content.



Eratohok has some fully translated ntr events that the idiots managing the git won't put in the eventlistings notepad. Like the netoraremi event for doremy but best luck would be protontr probably. But it'll never be translated to anything that looks complete.






lamoing at brainlet who cant enjoy thinking man fetish


File: 6b141be589ae9b1⋯.png (111.23 KB, 232x217, 232:217, ClipboardImage.png)



>Helping cucks



I am more than happy to help cucks with their fetish. I will even let them watch and clean up after me.



Liking cuck fetish by extension also makes you a cuck. Now kill yourself.



Is there an option or something I need to select for portraits like this to show up in EraMegaten, I see a resource file with images and stufff but the game still just displays names like normal when I start it up. I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious.


File: a4bb5e3625243b8⋯.png (860.04 KB, 1601x2038, 1601:2038, shin 2hu tensei.png)


**Don't really like portraits.

Sprites are already available in style coherent to themselves and ASCII style from SMT1 and 2 and fanmade.**



Never mind I'm a blind retard that sucks cock for a living


Had a couple of questions.

1. Is there any other Era game that has pictures in a similar manner to SumireTeru? I don't mean just portrait images, nor it having to be original artwork (although that is a plus), but has photo of that shows tits, womb condition, them getting fucked, etc. It is by far my favorite Era game because of that, although I wish pregnancy wasn't just a instant game over >.>.

2. My second question is, in SumireTeru, how do you train the Urethra in a non-slave route without that instant level 5 pleasure modification? Even after turning the option on, I can't seem to find the ability to use the tools required for that unless she is already broken.


Also how the hell do you install the custom fonts? Is it even worthwhile?



Most of the 2hus look brown.


I'm new to eratohok, how does fertile days work? And what are those circles next to character's names in the interact screen?



Can't help with 1, I haven't seen anything else like that either. 100% agree on pregnancy being unexpectedly very, very disappointing.

As for your second question, I think Sumire's "insanity" needs to pass a certain level for those commands to unlock. Can't remember what, though - I remember I struggled with this too but not how I solved it.

Have you tried buying q-tips? IIRC they're the ONLY thing that can be used for Urethral Tease at first (followed by the scoring stick from the mahjong set)




Also, if you're planning on thoroughly training her peehole, drop this file in the game's /ERB directory:


I modified it slightly to allow Teru to gain the Urethral Maniac trait, which not only exists in the files but even has a translated tooltip and lines in the ability-inspection passage… but for some reason can't actually be gained.

The conditions I added for it are equivalent to what's needed for her to get Anal Maniac.



>what are those circles next to character's names in the interact screen?

Shows that it's fertile day for them.



>Also how the hell do you install the custom fonts?

1. Enter Settings in Help at menu bar.

2. Switch to Fonts tab.

3. Click Acquire more fonts

4. Switch your font in list found at Font Name.(It needs to have nip letters included to work)

5. Profit

>Is it even worthwhile?

Not really, unless your previous font didn't work at all.



Can also just (on Windows anyway) just drag the files into C:\Windows\Fonts


can someone help me get the event of affection

in SumireTeru, I try for 1 hour and it does not happen


Does anyone know what you do in the secret basement in YMAEM? I know the first option is torture, but I have no idea what the other two are.


I just want sumireteru free play. I hate having time limits.



I THINK that if you find FLAG:調教猶予期間 = 50 in one or two files you may be able to change the time you get? Not 100% sure



That flag is grace training period and shows up in eraSumireTeru-master\ERB\!eraSumireTeru_ADDED/EVENT.ERB and …_ADDED/DIARY_SUMIRE.ERB, so change it to whatever you want there.

There is also a few events in the same EVENT.ERB that have DAY= 50 and you may want to change those too. Not 100% sure it will all work though, let me try



Alright that seems to have worked, I skipped to day 50 and then 60 without the event triggering, and instead got the usual checkup event that occurs every 10 days, so it should work but I'm not sure if it will mess with any events that should happen afterwards




Yup, thanks so much! Sumire is great but that one thing ruined it for me. Now I can finally enjoy the waifu in a calm and timely manner.


Thank you, now does anyone know how to get Epleasure experience? I thought it was just having them orgasm while shoving stuff in their urethra, but even then it doesn't incease, although somehow I got it to 1 and I don't know how.



Ugh, just realized hours later I forgot to mention the game this was for. This question was for SumireTeru.



I *think* - though I could be mistaken - it's from getting her to piss herself from orgasming.

As you'd expect, much, much easier if she has Incontinence





Downside is, that means no Affection status, since IIRC it's tied to the showcase event




You're welcome. Be sure to report bugs you come find here or on the discord and I'll try to fix them(Mention eraMegaten if you post them here, so they are easier to ctrl + f).


The latest merged version is eraMegaten4260. It can be found on the wiki(should be up to date) or on the git repo(branch game-old/master-UTF-8).


I agree but it's a historic name. A while ago Spag had the ambition to clean up git workflow for as many era-repos as possible. As part of that, eraMegaten got a few new branches to support that new workflow and everything old was nuked, then reuploaded and finally banished to game-old. Since I wasn't really a fan of the new workflow, I contined working on the old branch. The workflow was never used in the end.



IIRC, SumireTeru uses as custom era executeable created by its dev. Maybe something that custom code implements is nesecarry for them?

Anyway, it would explain why you haven't see anything else like it.



well you could just go back in and change the date when you are ready for it to fire. Should work as long as you dont miss anything



True. It'd just be nice if there was an NG+ or something that allowed you to develop her how you want, without requirements or time constraints but with affection/love



how? The only thing I could think of is getting tentacle impregnated by someone else but that doesn't raise magic, does it?



I'm kind of peeved at how non-existent cuckqueans are tbh. Why is it that cucks always insist guys being the cucks? What isn't to love about a caring wife that actively helps you fuck and likely impregnate other women? It is like a harem where the girls take the initiative to find more members for you.


File: 91a3f4c8e1e2eeb⋯.jpg (87.66 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, man of culture.jpg)



>Why is it that cucks always insist guys being the cucks?

Obviously because the males self-insert as the cucks. cuckquean is indeed cool



I wonder, now that eraTohok has the master/owner relationship traits, will there be events where you are the one being taken and your tohou master is getting cucked?



A guy putting it into himself would be NTRing his wife via himself, right?

That shit is so confusing, compared with a superior fetish like bestiality. Did you put it in a stupid animal, or did a stupid animal put it in you? Congratulations, you have successful bestiality. TRIVIAL.


File: b36b306901c25c4⋯.jpg (8.41 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download.jpg)





Its called BESTiality for a reason you know



>cuckquean is indeed cool

Because the guy getting to sleep with more women raises his status, which she thus shares with her lover, so long as she remains alpha female. A guy letting his lover sleep with others shows he is of lower status.




Why would you want to sleep with a woman who is not faithful to her husband? If she can't be faithful to him, its very likely that she won't be faithful to you either. Why would you like to fuck someone you know will betray you later?


File: b941584b5fda189⋯.png (791.23 KB, 1028x637, 1028:637, ClipboardImage.png)


>Getting fucked by an animal or fucking an animal is trivial

Are you gay?


>Why would you want to sleep with a woman who is not faithful to her husband?

Anon, there's this thing called single women. You can collect a lot of those. That's called an harem. The fetish is improved when the woman you actually love gets off on you fucking other women, single women, at that.

It's either that, or you don't understand what cuckquean is.

>Watashi no Kareshi to Nete Kudasai will never ever be completely translated


Any cheat menu or similar in eraSQN?


File: 76257037b6a21a1⋯.jpg (32.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, dog.jpg)


>Are you gay?

Are you?


File: d4443ad0a3c5675⋯.png (35.6 KB, 161x252, 23:36, 1487827036197.png)

is there any way to play these on android?




if you create this I will have you killed



at some point the previous admin of the server acquired a rough prototype of a mobile android application, which IIRC was chinese, which could play some Era games

I did not test it myself, but as I can recall it was very limited in scope and riddled with bugs



88224646 at the main menu (or whatever its called).

If you want to add talents you may have to look up the id of the talent you want.

You can also increase the amount of talents you can set or exclude while summoning by editing the ABL_SAMON at line 1144ish in SHOP3.ERB


File: e02e23a3f7de3a4⋯.jpg (236.01 KB, 1280x1805, 256:361, thanks.jpg)

File: 9958b399c6494b5⋯.jpg (251.38 KB, 1000x1440, 25:36, friend.jpg)


You're the best.


File: 4c34a24a4f2b917⋯.png (7.1 KB, 676x259, 676:259, era001.png)

So this happened while playing eraMegaten.

Can't tell if loyal or just a troll.



I think it just troll.



Isn't it charmed?



What >>301916 said. There is nothing inherently unfaithful involved with a cuckquean, as a cuckquean is when the wife gets sexual excitement from seeing her husband fucking other women. The other women don't need to be married, or this could actually be apart of the relationship. Hell, you could take it a step further if polygamy gets involved. You could a whole harem of women that enjoy watching you fuck whoever you choose. Doesn't matter whose pussy you fill, they all get off on it.

The least faithful person in this scenario is the husband, but I'd hesitate to call him unfaithful for fulfilling his wife's desires.



I guess disobedience events should be disabled while affected by charm or panic.


The interaction between being charmed and the disobedience events is what the poster wanted to draw attention to. So yes, it's charmed.


Which eramaou do I download for the most English experience? How translated is it?


Lads, is there a way to teach your kids the pleasures of the flesh before they grow up on TohoK? I remember fucking my daughter before she grew up once, but it was a glitch or exploit and I don't remember how I did it



I tried translating it a bit before the spaghetti eruption, but doesn't seem like that survived.

Game is pretty much abandoned, there is just a rough UI/CSV translation I think.

Shame, it's quite good.

I would say go with game/eng-translation that one is "release" I think.

Can't say anything for EX variant, I never played it


I think the way it goes is that if mother is your slave then you are given an option to raise them yourself, unless you said before to never ask you again. Then you can interact with them. I think. Either way just capturing them should work just fine too



I already have them in my posession, Anon, but there's not way to initiate sex with Ch characters



By capture I mean putting into prison, you should be able to "educate" them then, or do you mean that there is still no way even if they are already there?



Just tried it and Ch characters apparently can't be imprisoned

Nightcrawl doesn't allow targeting them either



Must be due to a recent update, because i clearly remember that you could decide to raise the child by making it an officer as soon as the girl give birth, as long as the mother is among your willing officers



Hmmm, one last thing I can think of is getting child when you capture last city of a power. It might propose you to enslave.

And you can't target them in nightcrawl? Do you mean having them help or actually targetting them? If the latter then that's funny how you can nightcrawl to the leader of a power but not to a child of a random officer



>you could decide to raise the child by making it an officer as soon as the girl give birth, as long as the mother is among your willing officers

You can, but they'll only be trained and cared. You can't use them for sex - or romance even - until they've grown



Only way I've seen it done is by working for Succubus faction and having them be Enthralled before they "grow up." I got one the turn after birth and I could fuck her senseless right away.



Is there a way to become the leader of a special faction? The option never shows up to me



Don't have to be the leader, you can just join it.



I know

Is it possible?



Only if you start as one


it might be a bug but every so often one of your offspring can show up as selectable for the 'lustful night' (or whatever its called) event even if they're still in the training/education-only phase


File: 6fe99da7b05d769⋯.jpg (461.93 KB, 800x960, 5:6, 1517039974502.jpg)

Regarding EraMegaten, I've fucked up and picked Baal as my Atma while going for magic build. Is there a way I can change it either legit or through hax? Sraosha would fit much better. Starting over is not an appealing option.


File: 313e4152752a947⋯.png (69.35 KB, 428x369, 428:369, Dog.PNG)

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