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File: 7ea3d00e95f5770⋯.jpg (125.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DvHraJ-WwAA1KXk.jpg)


Tales of Androgyny is an RPG by Majalis featuring an effeminate MC that has to deal with vermin that want to rape him on his quest. If you are angry about playing as a male that gets fucked by cocks, this game isn't for you. There is straight or dominant gay content, but is often disappointing and without art.

Niches: oral, anal, shemales, females, men, CDs, beasts, gay, text, hyper proportions, toys, etc..

All of the game content is a prototype, nothing is final.



Cur. build 20181002 ver. https://mega.nz/#F!974i0IBR!LPWzouxyuveGZ33rdxIbmw

JRE still required

FAQ: https://pastebin.com/aXUh0tcU

Consult thread and FAQ before asking

Previous Threads: >>270115, https://archive.fo/e3MgM






I forgot to include download…


Version: - 3rd December Weekly

–New features:

Story mode now uses the same graphics as adventure mode

New map gen algorithm to try and eliminate gaps and over-crowded maps

Prevented overlapping or bunching of encounters

Different road types

Added water blending and shading

Roads now orient themselves in less geometric ways

–New content:

Brothel schoolgirl-roleplay scene

Fire elemental caged defeat scene

Fire elemental mating press art

New encounter tiles

New ground tiles

New road tiles

–Tweaks and bug fixes:

Changed text font to white; might give a color option

Fixed Dullahan crash

Both true fire and combat fire are learned in story mode

Can't offer 69 without a free phallus

Post last edited at


Is that actually just a recolored CG? IS that officially in the game?



yes and yes



I would've posted it along-side the original, but I don't have my porn collection/CG rips at this moment.

Post last edited at



Hiro is a little bitch boi!


how i'm suposed to pass the ogre at the begining? not even stealth or scout 5 let me pass and i can't scape that thing!


What can you do with the baby spider from the ruins?

Didn't see anything in the FAQ about it



Eat it to restore HP



It'll become Hiro's mount after he raised it.

Hiro can also mount it.




It's a recolor of the Dullahan, I think.



Does anyone have a non mega? They are being jews with their download limit and want people to pay.


File: 01d3bf51eb87097⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1864x1042, 932:521, 187930_start.jpg)

>that one dude on Fag95 that recolored 60% of the game to make Hiro a redhead

>Hiro looks hot af with red hair

>He won't share

I want redhead Hiro


FACT: Hiro is made to be dominated and then ass bred over and over


File: 40775cb3525ab86⋯.jpg (64.33 KB, 1080x780, 18:13, anime kill.jpg)


>hiro will never be real



If actual traps looked like Hiro I'd probably fuck only traps tbh fam



that is weird. Free, quality, downloads was always the appeal to me when it came to mega.

Sucks that it's paid.

Though I imagine that…

being able to 10$/month should be a higher in the list of priorities than fapping to TOA


File: ffb5c91e00fb544⋯.jpg (213.06 KB, 648x828, 18:23, Jewel Kelshey.jpg)


Has it finally gone back to it's sub/reluctant male/trap roots or is still futa, futa, futa?


File: c2b1c78b62cb317⋯.jpg (619.79 KB, 1312x937, 1312:937, The Auction (Jewel) Hi Res.jpg)

File: 06c42a7a13e88e4⋯.jpg (132.16 KB, 432x853, 432:853, jewel butthurt.jpg)

File: e7f6dfb72783437⋯.jpg (125.6 KB, 1023x1279, 1023:1279, 0017 Humans Need Boy-Love ….jpg)





I thought we wanted to be (or are) Hiro?



Free bandwidth is dynamically assigned though.Using a proxy with megadl (apart of megatools) is trivial, megadl 'link' –proxy IP:PORT .

Regardless here is another host,

https://volafile.org/r/f8vk0tec (currently uploading the .jar,mac and .apk version as those are all I have already downloaded). (I would use another with alot better/reliable speeds in the past if attempting to download recently uploaded file(s) after getting through a more bullshit process than before did not result in a broken final link for some ((reason)). It would be useful to only download ports are even remotely used at all



Patrician taste.


Also patrician taste. I want it to go back to male/traps too. Maj throws us some bones, what with the brothel and bandit bad ends and becoming the male centaur's wife, but it's obvious that the patrons aren't voting for it much.



It was never that in the first place.

The majority and focus has always been dickgirls.



Wrong. From the conceptual stage it was gay and that continues into the actual game. The entire narrative question's the player character's masculinity and sexual orientation.

>Trudy's bitch

>Kylira's bitch if your cock is locked up

>A male centaur's wife

>A bunch of male bandit's sexual relief toy

>A male direcat's queen

>A male goblin's bitch

>A bunch of male centaurs's bitch

>a male giant's cratered bitch

>Three different random male townsmen's strumpet (male)

>A random noble's butthurt boitoy if you go too far into debt

>a man's random encounter 10 coin prostitute

>Male warg's bitch

>Male wolf-pack's bitch when you run out of food

That's at least half the encounters in the game.

Even encounters like the warlock and gadgeteer heavily insinuate going to men to fix the problems that they give you.



And then you click on futa option and there is none of it all.

Why do you faggots just have to push your own fetishes/tastes/orientation on the content? Are you really that fucking desperately empty and shallow that you need to promote what you like to fuck as if some political or ideological statement? Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the game. Jesus.

Also do we have some peek on the next weekly? I really do hope that it won't be so lazy as previous one.



It was literally a major component of majalis's stuff.

>Are you really that fucking desperately empty and shallow that you need to promote what you like to fuck as if some political or ideological statement?

There's more than enough futa games out there, trap/male is fucking rare.



No it fucking isn't, trap/futa is new, all trap content until recently was trap on male.



>futa option and there is none of it all.

Which was added later. The gay shit was there first, faggot. The futa option was added to make people feel less gay. Talk about pushing fetishes.


File: b821b262c2ed63b⋯.jpg (33.15 KB, 640x698, 320:349, EXp7Aec_d.jpg)


I only get off to dominating traps so I self insert as whoever is raping him.

If you self insert as the trap you're gay. And doubly so because I will bet 1 BTC you are not a passable trap IRL.



Wait are you trying to say it's not gay if the dude is feminine enough? That's real fucking gay dude.



Look at this faggot getting off to the concept of treating other men like little faaggot women. I bet you like doggystyle and pointless creampies too, you fuck.



thank you


File: 1c4af2a5011d98b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.64 KB, 281x500, 281:500, 1c4af2a5011d98bdad2c12c84d….jpg)

File: 62b7c19651dcfcc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 362.93 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 3e83ad43edd86d068941017246….jpg)


Being attracted to masculinity is gay. Being attracted to femininity isn't. Being attracted to pics related aren't gay despite them being male because the body and face are completely feminine, penis included.


Traps are not normal men. If you were to take a random guy on the street and force a dress on him he would look absolutely disgusting and gay. So no, I can't get off to 99.9% of crossdressing faggots with man hands and a hairy pot belly. If a biological male fits under the extremely rare category of having both a completely feminine face and body, then by logical extrapolation said male must engage in feminine activities, which include but are not limited to getting fucked in the ass, to live in harmony according to what nature deemed for him.



>"Completely feminine"

>Has a cock

The obviously fake breasts doesn't help either. Dude, just get out of the closet and admit to yourself that you want to fuck a man because you find him pretty.



I was agreeing with you moron.

But I think this thread has derailed already. If majalis doesn't start doing more male/trap content this update, man, I don't know where else to look.



>being attracted to a male, knowing it is a male, is not gay

You better look up the definition of gay dude. Being into twinks instead of bears don't make you any less gay.



No way that one on the right is a dude, also how come the "popular" trannies you see in porn look nothing like that one on the left.



oh i understand so you don't actually like traps, you like futa, well that was easy. Now by extension you must like male on futa, what pleb taste you have.


File: baa0787796db4ae⋯.png (495.46 KB, 953x1282, 953:1282, pathetic_pigeon.png)

File: 65c44870f613a6c⋯.jpg (516.56 KB, 1280x1807, 1280:1807, 9sxcommander.jpg)


>male on futa

>pleb taste

You submissive basic bitch. Male on futa/shemale/dickgirl is top tier feel-good shit.


>degenerate faggots constantly arguing about who's gayer



>calling me basic

male on anything is the most basic you can get. and male on futa is like dipping your toe in the water of being gay without any substantial addition to the porn.



>Getting elitist about a dude sticking his dick in anything else with a dick

Look at this faggot ovah 'ere.


File: 975bbadd1b14ab0⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 354x423, 118:141, AKKOWRRY.jpg)




File: f2cb2edae1e0660⋯.jpg (460.04 KB, 636x900, 53:75, 68496103_p42_master1200.jpg)

Here's the new weekly.


Version: - 4th December Weekly

-New features:

Class changing is more fully implemented

Added an option to change font color

-New content:

Added Lewd Order CG and placeholder encounter

New Schoolgirl Hiro outfit

New Prostitute Hiro outfit

-Tweaks and bug fixes:

Fixed Incantation occurring on characters that shouldn't have it

Fixed magic being taken away erroneously

Changed button sizes so choices wouldn't fall off the screen

Fixed a lot of typos


File: c5becdd1f0d82b7⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 353x320, 353:320, AKKOWRRY.jpg)





>Lewd Order

? Is that talking about the cultists?



It's a new encounter in the making.



Oh. Thanks anon.



What good does a cock on a bitch do if she can not use it?

You add cock on girls to replace the males.



I need to stop checking every week.




are you forgetting the first enemies/monsters where the harpy and the bandit?

hell, even on hentaifoundry you can find out that they've been making futa stuff since their beginnings.

i don't get where this whole "but it was supposed to be male on male stuff only!" rhetoric is coming from, when it's always been a mix of both futa/trap and male/trap content.

also i get you (actual) faggots are angry they're leaning towards futa content nowadays, but you should instead redirect your complaints to the devs over here https://majalis.itch.io/tales-of-androgyny/community

instead of bitching about this non-issue on every single thread per saecula saeculorum



>What good does a cock on a bitch do if she can not use it?




It's humiliating. How are you struggling to understand this?






oh so you are actually into denial play, you can easily do that with guys as well or deny the females other sensitivities. strapping a dick on just for that is really going a bit far.



>It's humiliating

No, not really. Like, lets say that you are about to fuck a snake, right? A snake got two dicks, but you only got one asshole so youll just let the extra dick flap around. Its not humiliating, its just an extra dick that serves no purpose. The sex would be better off if you fucked something that only have one dick, like a dolphin.




Are you intentionally being obtuse or do you seriously not understand that some people get off humiliation, and having a useless dick plays into that?


File: 001c4772490e9e0⋯.jpg (521.75 KB, 1105x620, 221:124, 0e94b4f967940047de047a4c60….jpg)

How get Expert Horse Rider and Spider Nursery?



>Expert Horse Rider

Have Equestrian 3 and then surrender/lose against a centaur.

>Spider Nursery

Go barefooted in the spider infected ruins and accept to be fucked. If you like your shoes too much, you can also surrender/lose to the spider queen.



Then just watch traps getting fucked.

They are just flat girls without vaginas from a drawing point of view.



It's just regular sex with a girl who wears a strap-on.

A strap-on she never uses. You paid $40-80 for something just to be there.


File: 317e16ac615ceb8⋯.jpg (425.37 KB, 1270x704, 635:352, c02772faf3393ff6d3b6549ebb….jpg)



Also why can't all the CG art be put in pervert?


How the fuck does magick work in this game?

I somehow created a Mage with 0 mana. I never paid attention towards it. I usually have stats that range somewhere between 5 and 60, but 0? On a Mage where I put a lot of stats in Magic? Come on!

Any ways to raise this during the game?


File: eca702f4a96e243⋯.jpg (272.21 KB, 1065x902, 1065:902, 1432629245056.jpg)

>Great game, but the art is still shit

You can never have everything you want



>Great game, but the art is still shit

this but the opposite



>doujin artist only draws that niche fetish you like

>art is a little weird and not to your taste

> all the artists you like draw the things you dislike the most

the world is a shithole



I add cocks on girls because I like to see them cum while being fucked. Unless the guy fucking them is a trap, I have absolutely ZERO desire seeing him get fucked or sucking dick. If I wanted that, I'd watch hardcore gay porn.



>b-but the first monsters!

Not the fucking point or the argument. Someone >>295721

said that it was never supposed to be a gay male/trap game, it was futa from the get go. That's obviously untrue when such a large number of encounters are (or were) originally male on trap.

The only faggots bitching are the ones saying that it other's are pushing their fetish on it, which, if it was always a mixture of both, is obviously untrue.

Majalis may have been making futa content since their beginnings, but the earliest posts concerning the game in its conceptual stage were male/trap. Even then factoids like that are neither here nor there.


File: 6564cc56b42015b⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1280x1764, 320:441, 654566eee2679915c39cecc880….png)


I think the art is perfectly alright, it's not amazing but it's certainly not bad. I've seen bad and ToA isn't it.



>New Schoolgirl Hiro outfit

>New Prostitute Hiro outfit

Where's my Mare outfit?

Are we getting a clothing store next?

Is the cage going to be visible on dialogue & Character menu?

Is the witch, blacksmith, trainer, and story going to get finished?

Tune in next year, maybe we'll have version 0.3 released!


A reply from the previous thread


>futa is gay

Futa isnt gay so long as its with another girl who isnt also a futa

Futaxfuta is gay, futaxmale is gay and malexmale is gay

Futaxtrap is also gay, but not as gay as futaxmale or futaxfuta


File: dca01df6e539406⋯.jpg (56.32 KB, 800x533, 800:533, sbv.jpg)


in this timeline we give birth to slaanesh


>tfw can't find replicas of Hiro's Enchanter clothes anywhere and can't sew


File: d0e99937fddfdb2⋯.gif (647.85 KB, 360x346, 180:173, 1544933515013.gif)


Now, see, I can understand how futaxfuta is gay since they'd be the same gender. The rest, technically, isn't however because futa is it's own gender and is, of course, not male or female. It'd be like saying fucking a chick with the same hair and eye color as you or your sister or something is incest, just because her body has the same features.

But futaxman is totally fucking gay. Malexfuta and futaxtrap is where it's at.


File: 0dd1b5a20e59119⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 346x196, 173:98, Majalis_ToA_punkslut_Hiro.jpg)

File: 8a188fc98dbf4bc⋯.jpg (129.47 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Majalis_ToA_orcslut_Hiro.jpg)



File: b635971311987d7⋯.png (276.01 KB, 526x767, 526:767, fiber wire on dick.png)


more Urka content/art


more Urka, more Warlock & more chastity and I might lose enough brain cells fapping to donate to this piece of shit



Prostitute outfit 11/10



>Being attracted to masculinity is gay. Being attracted to femininity

No. It has to be a female. Otherwise you can justify fucking a guy and a dress with a wig, with your retardation.


I haven't explored much of this game yet, but are the witch and the warlock separate characters, or different names for the same character?


How do I get the outfits?



Separate. Witch helps you defeat the goddess thing on Xiuh mountain and it's implied she has a big dick.

Warlock helps you become an impotent bitch and it's proven she has a fairly thick dick.


File: 8f4451fe64ab2a3⋯.jpg (20.21 KB, 640x515, 128:103, 83927492.jpg)


Behold the typical zoomer. It replies after reading half of the post. Its estrogen riddled brain fails to sustain attention in greater amounts than a teenage girl is capable of.

Unfortunately, if this creature read the other half its concern would have been addressed and thus no need for its pitiful attempt at a rebuttal.



learn2draw u scrub

Anyone can draw, you just have to practice.

When it comes to art, talent is a myth, practice and effort are everything.



Is there any content for the Warlock beyond the repeat scene, and are there any ramifications for fucking her?



>practice and effort are everything

I would say there's some natural talent involved but yeah, 99% is learned skill.


Happy New Years, you degenerates. Try not to lose to the cock in 2019.



>But futaxman is totally fucking gay.

That's what makes it good.

>guy vehemently insisting it's not gay while getting destroyed by the girl's dick

>in response, she creampies him hard while the balls touch




This anon gets it.



I think every single fetish I gained in the past year can be directly traced to this game, which really sucks because some of them are niche and specific so I can't find any smut of them. I've already lost to cock because of this game.


What does the Tiara of Control do?


Never mind, it just makes it so that you can't do shit in fights.




Links are down.


>schoolgirl roleplay starts out really hot

>midway through includes public sex

>oh fuck that's even hotter

>a couple of guys show up

>oh boy, here we go!

>they just stand there and stare at Hiro

>scene ends without Hiro getting spitroasted

>can't even redo the scene, it's a 1-time thing

What the fuck were they thinking?


Started playing recently. How do you become a bitch for the other traps?



Doesn't matter. This Mega link has the current version and the past two. >>296026


Does the circlet of control at the witches or the cursed armor at the out post(after the first scene) actually do anything?



Circlet keeps you from doing any kind of attacks in combat. The cursed armor I'm not sure.


so where's the monthly?



>Encounter Trudy three times

>Recruit him

>Get Charisma to 8

>Become his bitch



you can't be the elf's bitch can you?



Other than a small line about him fucking you if your caged, no. It's weird, actually. Trudy was the one originally sold as the 'super uber buttslut', but he makes you his bitch. All the while Kylira is the really submissive, secretly slutty buttslut to the point that… he really is, without question.



absolutely lame, its always the one i want to be the dominant that is submissive.


Is there any way you can gain a fire resistance and be able to take the hottest load from the fire elemental?


File: 9bb871bf3b4c8b0⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cultist_rework.png)

File: 3c6af8b5a695099⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cultist_compare.png)




Here. I reword one of Maj's pieces

This is what we could have had



at last i truly see…



Damn, left is so much better. How much did you have to redraw to do that?


File: 801ba0da3c26625⋯.gif (3.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, d.gif)


>Unthiccning the babes in a game about fucking big booty traps and futas

You belong in a garbage can.


File: f937791c4e667d8⋯.jpg (303.38 KB, 1500x843, 500:281, majalis_toa_harpy.jpg)


>This is what we could have had

If someone other than Majalis was drawing it, duh. I think I remember seeing an edit for th game in a similar vein on the cuckchan /dgg/.

But the thiccness has always been a staple of their work to the point that it even shows up in the stories. The left just isn't the same. Obviously.

Not to say it's bad, but it just isn't as good.



How do I get the schoolgirl event?



Just work in the brothel while caged. There's a decently large amount of text plus a new player render, which is weird considering you can only do this event once.


File: 3fc9ac7ef5cedc8⋯.jpg (713.21 KB, 585x1859, 45:143, Kankaro used roll picturek….jpg)


You are gay since you are hoping the 'female' you are interested in is actually a male.



No, I am hoping it is actually a female with a penis.



You could probably redraw the whole game much faster than they could make new art. Very nice work, friend.



Much better, i have the same gripe as the artist who does the TiTs art, the thighs and ass don't feel like they are thicc anymore and are instead borderline hyper. ive seen women who have those ridiculous size asses and thighs and everything is off putting, they can't walk normally, they take up 2 seats on the train it is absolutely comical and completely distracts my fapping on how they could do anything in the setting.



I'm with >>297761

Yours is good but just isn't the same.

Do >>296288 next please



Considering the other player model they added is the one you get when you class change to prostitute, it seems like they're planning to add a schoolgirl class at some point.



I'm not saying it's better, since I fucking love Majalis t h i c c stuff, but you are definitely talented. Why not do more reworks and then ask them if they want a hand? You could maybe even grab few of those sweet betabucks they earn and we get new art quicker. Win win.



>I'm not saying it's better

This >>297611 is objectively better. We just like Majalis style but yeah it's better




>We just LIKE

Nigga do you know what Objective means?


File: 7440ef4eb5bdac0⋯.gif (4.02 MB, 370x360, 37:36, fa41b705fc8799d7239de9ee54….gif)


>gives opinion

>This is objectively better

That word is going the way of literally.





Objectively and subjectively are not the same word, anons.

Objectively, cheap salt and vinegar chips are awful. Subjectively, I like cheap and awful salt and vinegar chips.

Objectively, the Star Wars prequel trilogy was worse than the original trilogy. Subjectively, you know where this is going.


Asking again because I never got an answer, is there any consequence for being fucked by the Warlock? It doesn't seem like her enforced impotence has any effect on any scene I've seen.



>Liking sucking dicks.

Nothing that I can find.

>Liking anal.

Get cursed panties (may or may not allow you top for certain content)

>Being a girl

Can't ever get it up again which guarantees that you can't do certain content.



Is that 'panties may allow you to top', or 'panties may exclude you from topping'?

>Being a girl

Is there any dialogue change, or do options just no longer appear? I'm expecting the latter since it's the lazier option.



Panties allow for backdoor entry, but can't take them off. Assuming you can't top with them, but not 100% sure.

Being a girl just locks you out of options that require your dick.


File: 8c3e8d6ddb5d07a⋯.gif (2.31 MB, 640x360, 16:9, futabagif.gif)


>Panties allow for backdoor entry

I don't understand how that differs from the usual?

>No custom dialogue

I expected it, but I'm still disappointed.


Are they still doing an update today, or no since the monthly just dropped on Tuesday?


File: c08ab200ede92eb⋯.jpg (82.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, tarp_arp_pee_gee_battle_sc….jpg)


>said that it was never supposed to be a gay male/trap game

I wasn't defending this point at all you faggot. I know there's been malextrap content since the game's inception and I'm fine with it, but there's a group of niggers here that make it sound as if the game was conceptualized to be malextrap only

>the earliest posts concerning the game in its conceptual stage were male/trap

pic related was the first or part of the first concept art to be released from them. fuck off with those made up facts.


yeah, here's an early changelog. i'll leave the uploading to someone else.

- Lewd Order Encounter!

- Need to have been impregnated by the Dark Goddess (lose your virginity to her)

- Located on the second map in a set location

- Warlock expansion!

- New repeat encounters depending on how you end the first encounter with her

- Anal addiction magic repeat encounter with multiple scenes

- Another Warlock sex scene

- Option of a gay scene or a demon scene

- Cock addiction magic repeat encounter with multiple scenes

- Another Warlock sex scene

- Four options post sleep-over

- Topping hypnosis scene expansion

- Orc Doggy art

- Lewd Schoolgirl Hiro

- Queen (Kitty) Hiro

- Mare Hiro

Tweaks and bug fixes:

- Fixed crash bug with doppelganger based on new classes

- Fixed typos



Someone pls upload? It actually sounds they got plenty of a good content.



it's an early changelog. they post the updated changelog before they actually post the updated game on their dropbox for some reason.

i imagine they'll do it in the next couple of hours though.



Didn't know, thanks anon. It's the different timezones always fucking with me.


File: ad91be80316c854⋯.jpg (252.47 KB, 960x768, 5:4, game over.jpg)


>pic related was the first or part of the first concept art to be released from them. fuck off with those made up facts.

And pic related came out before even that one, giving a glimpse into the concept of the games. Bad ends and getting fucked, so get fucked.


Anyone that's a Patron, is there any info on the shopkeeper, or anyone asking for more of her? I've been waiting for them to do something with her since they had her hug you from behind in story.



She was on the art vote (back shot of her butt and possibly humping her) and lost miserably.



they didn't even know what they wanted to do back then. hell they even state in the description of that pic was from a supposed VN of whose contents were left vague.



It's retarded writing without any thoughts to continuity(?).



>Topping hypnosis scene expansion

haven't played in a while, who has a hypnosis scene and it means that you top right?



nice bait faggot


File: e5a30a4bc62fc51⋯.jpg (966.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, OrcDoggy.jpg)


believe what you want.


File: c00d3d5aa4ec3a1⋯.jpg (31.55 KB, 444x332, 111:83, MORPHINE ADMINISTERED.jpg)


>- Warlock expansion!


link when/where?


This game is gay. You're all gay. Being gay is bad.




Wish the MC was female, but nooo, faggots just have to ruin everything.




This does sound too good to not be bait.


Weekly build v0.2.08.1 is out, anyone got the release?



There is something so disgusting with this drawing. The "cum" looks like some sort of mucus



If your cum has the consistency of water then you might want to see a doctor.


File: 3eeec8509c1e307⋯.gif (1001.01 KB, 288x162, 16:9, YES.gif)


>Warlock expansion!



That legit looks like snot though. Mostly because of how it's connected.



That's how men who don't guzzle soy by the train load have their loads. Do you just piss out white water or something?



>My cum comes out like spider silk

See a doctor.



I literally am a cum doctor. You see me. Post a picture of your cum so I can see what's wrong with you.



>I literally am a cum doctor

Ingesting large amounts of cum doesn't make you a doctor



This isn't a joke. Stop eating soy and see a urologist.



In addition, thicc semen is more healthy and fertile:





The cum in that picture doesn't look even remotely like real cum. It looks like it's made of plastic. I don't know why you're trying to force this false dichotomy where cum is either thicker than glue and homogenized or thin and watery.



And how would you know how real cum looks like?




Bait so good it's real. Also, I'm lazy so here's just the jar file.



Yeah it looks taught like stretched taffy, suspended semen strands should hang curving under their own weight. Alis is retarded or Maj has no balls idk



>your cum is either water or it is snot, no inbetween


Here's the new version.


Version: - First January Weekly

New content:

- Lewd Order Encounter!

- Need to have been impregnated by the Dark Goddess (lose your virginity to her)

- Located on the second map in a set location

- Warlock expansion!

- New repeat encounters depending on how you end the first encounter with her

- Anal addiction magic repeat encounter with multiple scenes

- Another Warlock sex scene

- Option of a gay scene or a demon scene

- Cock addiction magic repeat encounter with multiple scenes

- Another Warlock sex scene

- Four options post sleep-over

- Topping hypnosis scene expansion

- Orc Doggy art

- Queen (Kitty) Hiro

- Mare Hiro

Tweaks and bug fixes:

- Fixed crash bug with doppelganger based on new classes

- Fixed typos



For anyone wondering, the Queen and Mare Hiro stuff in the changelog is in reference to new outfits now in the game. No idea where they are at though.



Please stop pretending to be retarded.


File: 73c3772f4941101⋯.jpg (53.37 KB, 480x678, 80:113, suwx2ocsir211.jpg)


>having skim milk cum



Is that a one-off picture, or did Asanagi actually draw another trap doujin?


File: 8ecf576794b42b9⋯.png (961.01 KB, 1500x900, 5:3, 227622_hiro.png)


These are what the new outfits look like apparently.



pretty high effort for what is essentially a game over screen



No it isn't, you get them when you change class. It's not a game over at all.



This actually sounds like a bretty gud weekly. Can someone explain this part of Warlock expansion to me?

>Option of a gay scene or a demon scene



>lose to warlock

>pick "to love anal"

>go through scene

>update now allows you to go back again

>she asks you what you hate more (demon or gay)


>makes a bet that whoever cums first gets reamed

>you lose, obviously

>gay option has a hypnotized dude fuck you while she constantly comments about how gay you are

>demon option is mostly the same, minus the "you're a homo" dialogue



Thanks anon. You get what you picked, or the other option to piss you more?



Sadly you get exactly what you pick, no switcheroo, which would have been even better. Even so, the new scenes are great.



The only trap doujin Asanagi has written is 139808.



I fucking love you



Gayest person in the entire thread



That is deeply unfortunate.



it is though

I checked



Well, not for the whore class change anyway. The others are game overs? I thought you'd get the horse one with the mare class.



Does anyone know how to get the Orc doggy art?



Whenever she puts you into a wrestling stance.



>new warlock update lets you sleep with her

>can act like a whore and milk her while she's sleeping

>doing nothing makes you wet the bed while she pees up your ass

Well alrighty then.




Oh no.



To be fair, it's completely avoidable if it's not your thing. I'm sure there's people who appreciate it too, kind of like the vore content.



The mare one only happens if you surrender with your Equestrian perk maxed out. Then you get to wear the outfit during the horse marriage game over.


File: 40489dad225dd39⋯.jpg (24.61 KB, 640x359, 640:359, YES.jpg)


>warlock expansion

oh god


File: 9a1db199fe926a1⋯.gif (479.39 KB, 450x400, 9:8, 1544620070640.gif)


>implying that anyone on this board is going to have to worry about low sperm count reducing the chances of having children



I like Majalis, but she suffers from samebody instead of sameface. I like the left more because it's refreshing to see a character that doesn't look fucking identical to all the rest. Looks good m8, given the simple nature of the game, you could really easily make a 'mod' for the game which replaced a lot of the pictures ingame with your own if you felt like it.



I get to that bit but after that nothing happens. Tried surrendering but its just the usual stuff. Is there a way to unlock a submit option?


Anyone know what the flavor setting does?



changes Puca's skin tone



Oh, so the least important character. Would be rather it change Kylira and Trudy.



Devs actually suggested adding m2f tf with the warlock but gays had an autistic meltdown all over their forums so they're not making it.



>was talking about how futa bullying guys for being gay earlier this week

>Majalis add a scene of that into the game

Majalis is some kind of porn whisperer that knows all of my fetishes.



Holy fuck those new cock addiction scenes are hot and also really, really fucking degenerate



I sympathize with that. Fucking the masculinity out of bois is way hotter than poofing them into a different gender.



This guy gets it.


anyone care to tell me how to install the linux wine version? The process just crashes.



>Wish the MC was female, but nooo, faggots just have to ruin everything.

I don't really understand this viewpoint. There's a million porn games with female MCs and you want to turn one of the very few trap MC games into a regular porn game?

What the fuck is your deal? Most of majalis's stuff was trap stuff before so what in the fuck drew you here?


So they finally added more male/trap content?


Where do you first encounter the Dark Goddess for the Lewd Order stuff? I haven't been keeping up with the updates for a long while.




For good reason. Feel free to fuck off and play one of the thousands of straight games. They receive over 10k a month to make a futa and trap game, not to cater to straight niggers that feel the need to interject themselves into every single fucking thing. They already have limited resources and make such small updates, they shouldn't be dedicating a single second to making straight shit, but God forbid we have one thing that isn't straight.

>but gays had an autistic meltdown all over their forums

The autistic ones are you greedy niggers that can't accept that not everything has to be for you. You talk about gays on their forums having an autistic meltdown, yet here yall are autistically whining that not yet another thing isn't being inclusive to the majority.



Install Gentoo.


Complaining about faggots in ToA is like complaining about the lack of vegan options in a steakhouse.

Why are you people even here?


File: 9fd8f120917eedb⋯.jpeg (631.28 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, f99a24803186b8851fbbfa928….jpeg)


There's a new area to the north called "the mossy expanse" or something like that and you can encounter her as a random thing. Then you can go to their location for a game over.


File: 398b76c4e0f8a1b⋯.gif (538.15 KB, 265x322, 265:322, butthurt.gif)


Oh the sperglords post here too. Stay mad faggot.

Opinion on Majalis wasting time on redrawing all "gay" art for the Futa+ option? That's an another results of you and your buttplasted friends crying and whining at them.



Not him, but

>Opinion on futashit

It's why I'm here.



Why aren't there more vegan options in a steakhouse? HUH!


File: bf3e11c6367fd5e⋯.jpg (186.8 KB, 1500x852, 125:71, butt.jpg)

Didn't even know this was from a game.


Tales of Androgyny is like the episode from spongebob where squidward eats too many crabby patties and it all goes to his ass and his ass explodes. All the characters in this game have the most disgusting cottage cheese asses like my obese grandmother. These asses are only seen in real life at locations like at a ghetto walmart where everyone eats burgerking for breakfast lunch and dinner and their asses are so big that they are wider then they are tall. These people have such fat asses that when they stand up they get shorter. Seriously, there is a difference between THICC and literally injecting 20 gallongs of porkfat into your ass cheeks and then calling it sexy or some shit. Please tone down the obesity. I like big butts and I can not lie but these are not big butts. These are big regretts. Came for cute traps, Left 4 dead.




There's not really much of a difference.

t. faps to gender bender & trap porn



File: 82289cc3ad497a1⋯.png (145.37 KB, 416x260, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


>Game made by an artist who's whole gimmick is crazy fat asses and hips

>See thread about said game

>Join thread

>Brain synapses start firing

<Wait a minute; I don't LIKE THIS STYLE



Anon it is my opinion that you watch so much porn and have so little sense of self that you became lost and are only just emerging to realize that the shit you have been jacking it to for years is repugnant to you.



It is it my opinion that you should stop projecting unto me. I've been onboard the Majalis train before ToS. Stop being such a stick in the mud and just revel in the absurdity of big ass'd traps and futas. There are plenty of different games/image sets that have standard proportional traps.

In other words quit bein' a faggot and jerk off to this gay ass game.




No can do, I'm not a faggot so dudes don't do anything for me.



look i think his style is shit as well but everyone has their own taste, your wasting your own time arguing about this.



>cottage cheese asses

Except that's wrong, you fucking tard. It's more pear-like. One pear for each buttcheek.



His? Man writes and his woman draws, right?

Or is his wife a "she"?



I wish there was a futa with a cottage cheese ass in the game tbh.


I still don't get why people come into the threads to complain about the game's content to be honest.

Like maybe when it was new and no one knew what it was I'd sort of understand, but at this point everyone here probably knows exactly what the majority of content is like, what its gonna be like in the future, and honestly if they knew of who Majalis was in the first place they'd probably expect it too.

If they don't like it, they should go play something else like CoC or something - that game already has better base systems built in, and probably would get a lot more enjoyment out of them.

(Not to say ToA doesn't deserve its fair share of criticism given the incredibly dull and needlessly "in-depth" combat, with the depth in question just being a large collection of moves most people will never bother using because the first two or three you get are good enough.)


File: 6c57bd66c4105aa⋯.png (948.39 KB, 1506x3976, 753:1988, ClipboardImage.png)


It's always fun to laugh at faggots. They struggle so much trying to defend their faggotry because deep down they know they are wrong.

Don't get me wrong, you have to be a faggot to play a game with a title like this, and they can just ignore people trying to make fun of it, but they get so bothered by the truth, it's just hilarious.



>homos are bad because they cant have children

everyone on the board is a chronic masturbator

>homos are bad because they are a fetish

everyone on this board is a chronic masturbator

>being homo is comparable to a frienship

I concede that it is different, but I dont see what it being different proves

>if homosexualtiy is a valid means of romantic bonding why does nature disallow them reproduction

everyone on this board is a chronic masturbator

>if being homo is as pure as natural love then why are they promiscuous

everyone on this board is a chronic masturbator

>a homosexual society would cease in 1 gen

probably not tbh I imagine at least some people would surrogate for each other

its a moot point though since everyone on this board is a chronic masturbator

I didnt read the rest but your shitpost you screencapped makes judgement upon gays for not having children, when such is the sin of all masturbators including yourself and literally the entire board

this dosnt make you wrong, but you really should address the whole board about it since every single one of us shares this sin, go make a thread



>other games that feature non-obese traps

LIKE? can't find any at all. This game does everything right except the huge fat-ass thing.

>Want cute traps with big cute butts

>get obese ass whale ass punk ass fuck asses




>links to trapquest

>a buggy broken poorly illustrated mess and non-existant storytelling that looks like it belongs in an interactive story from the 1990's on some weird old website

trapquest ruins traps and makes them not fun anymore.



>stop talking about things because then progress might be made!




>Except that's wrong, you fucking tard. It's more pear-like. One pear for each buttcheek.

No. It's morel ike one planet for each buttcheek. Not fun.



Did you not play the game? Unless you mean like full package futa.



People are interested in this game because it's so great and different and they are uplifted and overjoyed but also depressed and crushed at what the game could be, and what is currently is. People love what this game does and how it does it because it does everything so so very right, but one very important thing ruins the fappability of it so people get very sad. It's so painful that there are so many bad quality porn games out there and then one ALMOST PERFECT game comes along but it's got asses several sizes to big for their taste. Loads of people share this opinion. Nobody here talking about this is stupid, we're just in pain. Our balls are about as big as the ass of the MC becasue we can't cummu.



Forgot to mention but anything by fenoxo is a no-go for me and most of other people. If you recommend fenoxo games then you must not have ever played them. You know not of the horrors within. Pray that you never do. Don't go looking. Not worth it!



I do enjoy the combat though. I feel like the system is built so that if you just want to fap you can make it go any way you like, or so that if you're in the vidya gaming mood you can just enjoy the deeper combat, all without changing the settings. I love the current combat system.



Base CoC and other fenoxo games are pretty trash, but the 8chan mod is pretty enjoyable (once everyone stops fighting about everyone else being faggots and liking niche fetishes).


File: 6020cc82e3bbe35⋯.png (981.47 KB, 674x1024, 337:512, AverageSwedishMan.png)

My favorite thing about the art is the thicc thighs, hips and asses.

If you dislike them you're low test tbqhwuf



its his style which he won't change no matter how much whining.


if someone had those ass and thigh ratios in real life you would call them obese not thicc, your terminology is wrong



lol hail satan. This is the real faggy shit in this thread, are you asian or European? From some sort agrian people? I'm honestly curious what genetic stock ends up like this? You're short too no?



Or some of us want more traps being pounded by non-futa instead of futa. It's like Fen making everything futa in CoC all over again.



Because the feminine shapes depicted in this game line up with proto-typical goddess fertility effigies mankind has made since the first boner was grasped by a thumb. You're honestly a fucking freak in the grand scheme of history, may your genes not suffer long on this earth… . :)




>everyone on the board is a chronic masturbator

That would still be able to reproduce if presented with a woman.

>I concede that it is different

It is different. If I had a female friend I still could have children with her.

>I didn't read the rest :(

Probably because you couldn't handle the truth. I love it when homos like you get mad.

>Muh masturbators

Masturbators could still have children. It's literally impossible to have children with the same sex. How can you miss the point this badly? It is because you're gay?


That's still gay, faggot.



>Comparing an old saggy dinarid, with a young fecund alpinid/halstatt type.

Obviously the gaunt one comes from a tribe a weak hunters, and is an ideal prize to abduct and nurture. There is no loyalty to men who fail their role. If your mind doesn't work this way it's because eons of cyclic famine shrunk your ancestors brains faggot.


File: 98284aa2e6c016d⋯.png (448.56 KB, 600x598, 300:299, elmo.png)

its saturday so where's the fucking update

if you come to these threads to argue politics or sexuality you are legit retarded


File: f4f1dfe6e6733fe⋯.png (137.76 KB, 359x414, 359:414, ClipboardImage.png)



Correction, is gay porn.


File: 0805c939be646a6⋯.jpg (21.95 KB, 480x480, 1:1, attention.jpg)


i didn't ask you for your opinion, cleetus, i asked you for a mega link to, either drop that shit or take your sorry ass to /pol/



>I was just begging for gay porn

>If you hate fags you're obviously /pol/



File: 925a554f4e20779⋯.jpg (697.75 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1 (You) Bill.jpg)


hungry fucker aint ya



The real retards are the ones that spam the thread as soon as they wake up on Saturday morning asking where the weekly is. Fucking wait a few hours before you post, you fucking mouthbreather.




File: 83566e646055649⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 800x530, 80:53, 3093420-businessman-commit….jpg)


a few hours

ye okay nigger



>stereotyping others while being a stereotype




Did I deny it was gay? Variety is the spice of life.



Homosexual mating strategy increases group cohesion in social animals. Homophobia is natural and beneficial component of that strategy. As fear is more important to survival than courage, so too is shame than pride.



This is what your average self-loathing faggot in denial looks like.


why are you feeding him (((you)))s and not saging

I gave him a (((you))) because I have autism and take everything seriously but its also tedious and despite the fact that I take it seriously I know he dosnt so its not worth continuing

please sage for off topic



It's funny how sodomites try to appeal to emotions rather than facts and logic. You know what could add spice to your life? Jumping to the traffic.


>Homosexual mating strategy increases group cohesion in social animals

The thing with "homosexual" animals is that it's not a way of life, is not something you choose to do your whole life. "Homosexual" animals eventually go and reproduce with a female.


t. faggot.


So autism causes homosexuality?


File: 2557df3cc2f39f6⋯.jpg (145.43 KB, 1600x1036, 400:259, 4151252711.jpg)

Here's the new weekly.


Version: - 2nd January Weekly

New content:

Added new Harpy encounter

-New elite Harpy variant​

-Has a different game over scene​

Added story-mode Orc run scene (a big one, check it out)

Added Orc Doggy art to encounter

Added Minotaur animation

Added Slime animation

Added Lewd Schoolgirl alternate animation (schoolgirl scene)

Tweaks and bug fixes:

Fixed story mode Fort and other encounter appearances

Fixed story mode map placement

Buttons on main menu are no longer selectable before they're visible



So no new art?

Thanks anyway.



Mr.Hands is a mistake



>The thing with "homosexual" animals is that it's not a way of life, is not something you choose to do your whole life. "Homosexual" animals eventually go and reproduce with a female.

As do most present day males that engage in homosexual behavior. You have anything smart to say, or we done here?


File: 90c33fc1948841d⋯.jpg (106.92 KB, 694x882, 347:441, 1543817572305.jpg)


Ya mama double gay so how did she have you if she didn't reproduce? You whole faggot.



Homosexual is an imaginary category that doesn't comport with reality. The behavior wouldn't exist without reaping a positive genetic yield, that is undebatable. A behavior too shame, fear, and repress those urges exists too, likewise it is must be beneficial. Those facts foretell a grim prophecy: Social acceptance of open homosexuality will doom homosexuality, and we do not know the consequences unfettered heterosexual competition will have on our society. Hearken not these words at your own peril.


is there a way to edit your stats? i want max charisma for scenes but i also wanna win fights lmao



You can open saves in any text editor, wordpad works better than notepad. Find the line that says basecharisma under the "player" section, not the"playerstart" section



You have a poor concept on how traits work as well as having a poor concept of nature versus nurture.

The best theory to genes that cause homosexual behaviors is that they're not sex-linked genes and only have their effects on a particular sex. I.E. a "gay gene" in a woman more than likely will do very little to the woman, however if her son gets it then he's either going to end up gay or be more susceptible to homosexual behaviors.

Take your reddit-tier garbage elsewhere.



>Social acceptance of open homosexuality will doom homosexuality, and we do not know the consequences unfettered heterosexual competition will have on our society.

Pray tell how people being okay with men fucking other men would doom homosexuality? It seemed to work aight for the Greeks who had literal young male sex slaves.



So did China and Japan, even most of Europe. Those squires and disciples, training and all.

Best way to run an army if you sodomize them to raise morale.


File: 56dc3e77732cd79⋯.jpg (100.94 KB, 364x444, 91:111, 56dc3e77732cd7924c6e2f468f….jpg)



>Hurr u don no what ur talking aboud

>Not sex linked

>Dont actually effect women. Only effect men.

>Go bag to reddid

Cool. Listen traits become prolific because they improve fitness, you were trying to articulate that you've read somewhere that genes that influence homosexual behavior in men may improve fitness or attractiveness of their female siblings. It's possibly a factor, I don't think it's as convincing because lots of ugly ass animals are still hella gay. It is possible though thank you for clumsily asserting it to no clear end you fucking retard.


Somehow homosexual behavior improves group fitness at a cost to the individual. Lots of closeted men have families, it's not a huge leap to reason that homophobia has helped them reproduce. All I'm saying is that it's possible that the advantage keeping the behavior around is slight. Unless of course…

tHeIr sExY sIsTeRs oFfSeT tHe GeNeTiC bUrDeN tHo? >>301350 Shut the fuck up retard.


File: 14a57aa02bd6e54⋯.jpg (234.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fuckinginvincible.jpg)


I mean you can be gay and be a sperm donor


File: 761e8adf6166b06⋯.jpg (7.49 KB, 200x252, 50:63, u autistic.jpg)


>I mean you can be gay and be a sperm donor


File: 7be17e2e6136617⋯.jpg (130.6 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Shes12YearsOld.jpg)

<<301624 No (You) for (((You)))

I thought this 9fag cancer went extinct long ago



Says the literal faggot.



What in the Lord's name did you just say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in Ministry school, and I have over 300 confirmed conversions. I am trained in the Baptist religion and I'm the top missionary in the entire Christian world. You are nothing to me but another infidel. I will teach you the word of God with the largest gospel choir that has ever been seen, mark my words. You think you can get away with rejecting Christ? Think again, sinner. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of pastors and priests across the USA and you're going to be forced to accept Jesus as your lord and saviour, so you better prepare for your baptism, sir. The baptism that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call atheism. You're Christian soon, sir. I can teach you anywhere, anytime, and I can preach in over seven hundred languages, and that's just off the top of my head. Not only am I extensively trained in reciting the bible from memory, but I have access to the entire literature of the Archdiocese of the Americas and I will use it to its full extent to bring you into Christianity, you little atheist. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your heresy was about to bring down upon you, maybe you wouldn't have challenged the existence of God. But you couldn't, you didn't and now you're paying the price, you goddamned sinner. I will teach Christianity all over you and you will drown in it. You'll be a believer soon, kiddo.



>Stale pasta

Also, your fedora is showing.


It's nice to know that a dead board is kept alive by shitposting and a few updates

seriously if you're here complaining about fag shit put a shotgun in your mouth and let your mom pull the trigger, at least that way she can take responsibility for birthing your worthless ass



Dunno, anon, I think your mom would be more disappointed about you being a faggot than anything else.


File: 1358a194ba6630d⋯.jpg (62.59 KB, 625x500, 5:4, 6dd2d5ef24c84aa983f0389cb7….jpg)


File: 06327f75a1b5b86⋯.jpg (7.42 KB, 106x123, 106:123, dat face 01.jpg)

Honestly, at first I was just here to rip the game's art and avoid the dogshit writing the game has

Now I keep coming back to see all of you retards perpetuating natural state of 8chan: petty autistic slapfighting

Never change, you sad fucks



>Y-you're autistic for making fun of my sexuality :(



>Listen traits become prolific because they improve fitness

Homosexuality isn't prolific you retard, that's why homosexual relationships make up the vast minority of relationships.

>you were trying to articulate that you've read somewhere that genes influence homosexual behavior in men may improve fitness or attractiveness of their female siblings.

No I wasn't. I was mostly referring to how you don't seem to understand heritability and that the most likely explanation is through autosomal chromosomes as to avoid the issue of homosexuals not reproducing.

You should probably take a look at papers like this one: https://ep70.eventpilot.us/web/page.php?nav=false&page=IntHtml&project=ASHG18&id=180120617

>I don't think it's as convincing because lots of ugly ass animals are still hella gay.

Don't try and umbrella homosexuality in differing animals with homosexuality in humans. You're majorly fucking retarded for drawing those connections in the first place as the major differences in the vast majority(think 99%+) of animals is that we have conscious thought and are self-aware.

>calling everyone else retards

10/10 there, buddy.



Reference for anyone who's trying to get the costumes:

Prostitute Hiro is the only one that can be achieved in-game and will allow you to continue without any items. Just grind out the Brothel as a bottom until level 20, then pop in the door one more time. You'll get the class change and the new art.

Mare requires two things - one, to have Equestrian at level 3, and two, to surrender in a Centaur fight. After you get the class change, you'll be stuck going between two nodes that have various centaur/horsecock related goodness - essentially a game over screen. However, if you want to continue as a Mare + costume, just buy a return scroll from Monsters and use it when you're locked in the nodes. It'll take you back to the main city where you can continue.

Queen, from what I can see, is purely a game over screen. Find a drow beastmaster, and make sure you have the beastmaster perk. Choose the 'pussy' route, and surrender/lose. You'll get a long-winded game over sequence where this costume flashes up only once or twice.

Still disappointed there's no art variation for at least the Prostitute skin - having Hiro go from pink/turq hair and costume to brown + base costume every other scene takes you out of it. Know making art for all that would be a pain in the ass though so I understand.



>Know making art for all that would be a pain in the ass though so I understand.

Fuck off. You are part of the problem.



Calm your tits, it's early in the development cycle of the game in the grand scheme of things. Art takes time. Would I want to see the skins in every piece of art? Absolutely. Is it something i absolutely expect at this stage of the game? Fuck no.



Fuck you. The game is 3+ years old with a Patreon. This isn't "early in the development cycle".



Caucasians are the vast minority. Shut the fuck up rrrrreeeeeetaaaaaaard. That study amounts to people who admit being gay are sexy and have have a lot of sex, and share genes with heterosezuals who are sexy and have a lot of sex. Fucking einstein ova hea! Rururetaaaaard! Because you need account for the higher order of consciousness when assessing what rouses the hog. Animals kill eachother over small things just like people do, if one social animal lets another animal sodomize it and you cant think of anywhere else youve seen that before (check your browsing history now) then its because you're a



Average IQ normie trying to keep their internal ego narration on the up and ups. Maybe what that study was saying was that you aint gay cuz ur an ugly virgin? Hmm? Am I wrong tho?




>you're dumb and i'm smart and gay people are superior!



this isnt what was said at all

both of you should be fucking saging for off topic though



Slaanesh has been born and here since before i was born. You just can't see the two sides of the same coin you foolish ignorant cat.



>Buttons on main menu are no longer selectable before they're visible

Fucking finally, this shit drove me nuts.


Haven’t played since launch how far into the story mode are they now?



I don't even think homosexuals exist, it's just a category of behavior to me. All parties are more comfortable to live their lives with a labels that clearly demarcate who's supposed to behave how. To be certain of one more little thing, and spare yourself from of life of questions and wonder. Anyways I'm not superior you just are fucking retarded. And likely unfuckable.


Where are the mods or janitors who can clear out all this political gender bullshit talk



They've barely worked on the story.


<Unlock 4 achievements

<Acquire 2 Bonus Points only

<Cuckoo lover -> Harpy Wife achievement not fixed.

I'm so done with this game



I don't think retards exist, it's just a category of behavior to me. And it's exceptionally catty to insult someone while you're trying to feign intellectualism.



This. Can't decide who is more annoying - gayniggers trying to convince everyone is gay too or braindead morons trying to seriously debate fantasy smut game from gender and sexuality view. Jesus Christ, talk the game you monumental cunts or get fucked. Board is slow anyway, nothing will happen if you don't post.



I'm flattered that you're starting to learn how to think from me, but you're conflating categories of behavior that aren't actually parallel. Behaviors one desire to do versus behaviors one is able to do. For example while you may have the profound urge to make a reasoned argument, that does not make you capable of such. Ya retard. ;) Whereas one capable (such as myself) ought to be above being petty (the word you were looking for) but can desire to behave so anyways. Did that help at all? I feel kinda like I'm standing in front of my corgi tapping a mirror going "it's you buddy it's you!" Bless his heart.


Maybe if you get even more upset, it will finally be enough to shock me into contemplating the effects off-topic sidebars might be having on snowflakes like you.



>"why u so mad le snowflake xd

We both know that none of us is actually even close to being upset, yet you still act different. Anon are you really that stupid?


File: a3cb9f798812bf6⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Version: - 3rd January Weekly

New features:

Added Surrender skill instead of designated button (used in Kneeling stance)

Added Arrows for use with a Bow

Cock width and girth by species

Semen volume by species

New content:

Added Wasp Story encounter

Added Orc blasting art

Added new genital descriptions in the bestiary

Tweaks and bug fixes:

Moved Hiro to be more in line with other characters on Encounter screen

Footwear, armwear and headgear refresh in durability at the end of combat

Moved de-equip button to prevent text overlap

Withdraw increased in cost

Can no longer use certain skills while in chastity

Fixed crash bug

Trash update


Here's the link to the new version.

Version: - 3rd January Weekly


Someone already posted the changelog above so I won't bother.



So orc blasting art is new? Encounters just mean text right?



That's where your wrong kiddo




Is it me, or have the more recent updates been really bare bones? Like last week's harpy update just added a green color and a few lines of text.


File: 13e95a89a9b2a73⋯.png (268.75 KB, 526x511, 526:511, xbJpZKe.png)

Hoe many enemies in the game can use Hypnosis? I know that one wizard bitch can, but is there anyone else?



>Cock width and girth by species

>Semen volume by species

Does this actually mean anything?



>add another piece of orc art when they're already got multiple, including one of the few decent animated scenes

>half the enemy roster still has shit all




That's is and what will always be the big issue with weekly updates.



Down the line maybe. At least with text descriptions and how big your stomach is.


New art takes time but getting people to push for new art of certain characters on their patreon will probably get you what you want.



>Added Surrender skill instead of designated button (used in Kneeling stance)

but why



Yeah you want faster art grab those wallets



Previous update was bretty gud, content-wise. I would however like monthly releases more.


Isn't Alis just drawing what people in fagtreon vote to draw? I think she got a bit quicker with relasing the art, but still not quick enough.


Does the etten have any art?


File: d7524334316715e⋯.png (363.09 KB, 695x1011, 695:1011, 1476323218862.png)


I hope they start focusing on creating new encounters and characters rather than just keep adding scenes to what they got, the newish characters also lack art.



they should add art to more enemy scenes not more walls of text



Since one of them is a dedicated artist there's no reason why they couldn't do both.



Dedicated artist yeah right, I wished I would have kept drawing so I can sit around and buy the newest switch games that come out while charging people hundreds of dollars for pixel boobs and dicks


Imagine making thousands of dollars a month for one measly picture a week.



It's great to be a NASA scientist. Rover is such an investment.


How the fuck do I do the first Brothel Madame quest?



dont forget the awesome dialog and great music and also changing the circle menu items into squares


Fun. The centaurs are busted.




>can no longer use certain skills while in chastity




Guess you just weren't dedicated enough and became a wagie cuck instead.



Not gonna defend Majalis here, fuck that, but nigger you can learn to draw on your own. Give it a year or two and you gonna be same level as her.



Keep spending ur grandma ssi checks




Cant wait to get locked in a loop where the enemy grapples me and doesnt let up and isnt horny enough to fuck.


Worth noting that she's likely also doing the animations; a lot of the art was made before any animating was planned, which means they werent properly broken up (nor were the obscured/offscreen limbs and skirts and etc. weren't fully drawn).

Is it a ton of work even with that? Not really, but it's still a bit more than a pic/week.



No idea, but the tweeny animations are a waste of time, they don't look good.



Just dive.



>Go to monsters

>Apprehend guy

>Fight Wereslut

>Lose, maybe

>Have Trudy fight Wereslut

>Collect Wereslut semen from Trudy



And after animation was planned, there isn't much of it, nor is it good.

I won't bash Majalis, but I'm not going to defend her either.



know how drew this pic by any chance? reverse image search is turning up with nothing



The game pops up an error every time they try and do their running hay maker



anyone found any cheat engine tables for this?

value addresses keep changing when i think i have them nailed down



Dude, you guys know you can just edit the save file with notepad, right?



this is more for bug testing. for instance, i just found out werewolf crashes reliably if you pin her with full stamina


File: 09bb8485b65cc78⋯.jpg (550.83 KB, 948x1200, 79:100, 7ec11ca406e3aae94fc998727a….jpg)

Here's the link to the new version.

Version: - 4th January Weekly


New features:

-Added support for Surrender endings while also defaulting Surrender endings to be Defeat endings

-Added Remove Curse scroll to revolving inventory for Monsters shop

-Added a learnable skill that allows for surrender on the first turn of combat (Balanced stance)

New content:

-New Harpy Elite defeat scene, focused on oral

Tweaks and bug fixes:

-Fixed arrow crash bug

-Fixed repeating lines in wasp story mode encounter

-Fixed Brigand oral image in battle

-Tweaked location of witch's cottage in story mode

-Huge typo reduction


Such a huge update hope I have time to play it



How the fuck is this thing 600MB? What is in there?



hopes and dreams



where the fuck is the option to forage for food? its completely gone. i can't go into any battle with more than 10 HP now because i keep running out of food and meeting the stupid merchant that shares some food with you with isn't nearly enough to fully recover HP




>It's a last resort only option now, in that it'll automatically happen when you hit zero food and try to move. So fuck you essentially



Is story mode even possible to advance? Enchantress doesn't have enough strength to beat anything and trying to win through lewdness doesn't seem to work. I keep getting game overs.



Last I understood it, storymode is often behind sandbox mode. Personally, I've tried storymode maybe once months ago and never again.




The reason you're hitting a wall is because they never updated story mode to account for the (now ancient) combat changes. Way back a year or so ago, you could just unga bunga smash stuff with aggressive attacks. They changed it so you have to go through the now boring and laborious process of breaking armor (or using magic). Unfortunately story mode didn't get any adjustments, meaning Hiro is a complete wimp and can't do much, if any, damage.


Survey #28 Results

New Art - Orc Mating Press and Gadgeteer adorning chastity cage

New Animation - Fire Elemental

Expanded Encounter - Beastmistress

New Feature - Sphincter/Rectum/Colon status visual indicators


People must really like Urka for her to keep getting more content. I just wish they'd expand on the other stuff too.



I kinda get it, but yeah this is just getting absurd. I just want this combat UI overhaul they keep talking about.


File: 5902728acc5e332⋯.png (247.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 590.png)


>new art for two of the worst characters




>worse than (Insert Your Favorite Character Here)



>try to unga bunga

>get BLACKED by the ogre

At least the game over is pretty hot.





I don't have a problem with Urka getting art (prefer the Gadgeteer and Warlock tbh), but am I the only one seeing the waifuism that plagued CoC and TiTS here?



>New Art - Orc Mating Press:

aka Mating Press Delta 3

>Gadgeteer adorning chastity cage

Or inverse Wolf Knot Mouth Art

>New Animation - Fire Elemental

Hip left and right, fire fickle

>Expanded Encounter - Beastmistress


>New Feature - Sphincter/Rectum/Colon status visual indicators

More HUD changes, like we needed. Next we need tattoo swellness.



I want that beastmistress expansion, preferably without ending in a bad end cuz i want PC to sport that kitty outfit.



>New Feature - Sphincter/Rectum/Colon status visual indicators

That sounds hot



Urka is the best character besides the mouth fiend and the brothel madam.



Oh yeah, and the Warlock is pretty fucking great also.



>but am I the only one seeing the waifuism that plagued CoC and TiTS here

To some extent I think you're right, but on the other hand… hot orc dick, can you really have too much of that?


I haven't played this game in like a year, is there any art for chastity stuff yet?



>any art for chastity stuff yet?

Negative. They did exactly the opposite and added new outfits IF you have chastity in place, but art with chastity none.


File: 458f28a8bf3ee58⋯.jpg (234.02 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, DwA1d3kWwAUfXeP.jpg)

File: 68c07f56d5e4855⋯.jpg (359.23 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, Dv787n5XcAENBaB.jpg)

Speaking of art, what really enrages me is how all the art is just various angles of Hiro getting dick. Meanwhile they do tons of interesting art that never passes the sketch phase.

>could have had some scene where Hiro walks in on Trudy seducing/fucking Kyrlia with branching options (either top both, Trudy smashes both Hiro and Kyrlia, some sort of sandwich with Hiro in the middle, etc)

>could have gotten some "romantic" option with Urka

>instead all of these interesting concepts get a sketch and then are scrapped for YET ANOTHER generic image



>Trudy smashes both Hiro and Kyrlia, some sort of sandwich with Hiro in the middle, etc)

That would have been hot. Trudy and Kylira taking turns with Hiro would be even better.

And holy shit her dick is like 2/3s as thick as Hiro's ass. Where does it even END? You'd think you'd have to pass an endurance check to even get an encounter with her that didn't end with Hiro passing out and waking up with bubble gut.



It's hilarious because the new in-game dick measurements make everyone midgets. For example, Urka is supposedly "only" 11 inches. That's fucking huge no doubt, but the art seems to depict her as much bigger. The Brigand's art for example has a bulge so long it's nearly touching her knee in her regular art, yet the info says she's only 6 inches long.


Can anyone suggest any other futa/monstergirl on trap content? The weekly updates are just starting to depress me at this point





Like it isn't necessary at this point. They need to just scrap the story mode and focus on the sandbox seeing as how that is the focus of pretty much every update. Then they just need to set what all will be done before taking fan opinion on extra content and add continuity(I think this is right.) to the existing encounters.


File: 350d59670bb421e⋯.jpg (23.14 KB, 437x431, 437:431, 1528776102941.jpg)


>tfw every time I see a sketch not finished and put into the game



Fuck that second sketch looks good.



>Expanded Encounter - Beastmistress

As if she doesn't talk too much already.

I assume the people just want more bestiality content.


File: 0f00c59d4d52219⋯.png (180.53 KB, 640x441, 640:441, ClipboardImage.png)

Dice rollRolled 93 (1d100)




Dice rollRolled 94 (1d100)


>Rolled 93

Guess Hiro is safe… for now


y'all niggas gay


File: bb61e8f0f41829c⋯.jpg (79.85 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Mormon_Missionary_Position….jpg)


You appear to be lost boy


File: c76dd3e7c1efb6d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, c552286a1f806068f6a6367b73….png)

Here's the new monthly. It actually has new stuff.


Version - "Old Familiar Faces" update

New features:

- Totally redone battle UI

- New enemy character portraits which will be used for chatter as well - some enemies are using a generic portrait temporarily​

-Almost everything in the battle UI now has an appropriate tooltip describing its function on hover or touch

- New bars with demarcations for status effects​

- New status effect bar with a list of all status effects and their numeral levels (hover/touch for new descriptions)​

- New balance widget with visual indicators​

- New battle UI background​

- New Armor/Weapon dolls that shows all battle equipment slots and their current durability (highlight for damage reduction and more info)​

- New Outcomes pull-out widget that graphically represents potential encounter outcomes​

- New ammo display​

- New stance-change widget to show stance outcome​

- New bar for tracking arousal till next arousal level​

- New lust widget​

- New background for tooltips and combat log​

- New assets and adjusted layout for skill selection​

- New hide/show battle UI widget​

- New nameplates​

- In multi enemy combat, UI now swaps out to show whose turn it is (mini UI for the remaining combatants is planned but not implemented)​

- Centaur now have limited arrows

- Tutorial tips that pop now form an orderly queue

- Added android error handling

- Added hotkeys for most things on World Map and some for Character/Inventory screens

- Added multiple foreground image/animation support

New content:

-Expanded adventure mode Wasp scenes

- Added a Brigand forfeit divergence

Tweaks and bug fixes:

- Defaulted agility ties in stance-forcing situations to player successes

-Fixed shop crash

- Added orc doggy/standing art to pervert screen

- Added Trudy/Kylira POV shots to pervert screen

- Inventory screen position fixes

- Increased start gold bonus

- Fixed goblin phallus display desyncing

- Fixed mute toggle for ambient volume

- Fixed knotting endings

- Prevented grappling mismatches when a character tripped



That lack of art though



and so are you


File: 3d1377df882a45d⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TalesOfAndrogyny_2019-02-0….jpg)

It's alright, I guess.


File: fbea4714ee73618⋯.png (62.84 KB, 187x189, 187:189, TalesOfAndrogyny_2019-02-0….png)


brigand's portrait is fuck-ugly though, and i say that as someone who really likes Majalis' artstyle


Anybody willing to drop a full profile.json?



looks like a bad trace of Haruka from FLCL


File: daf2508ddbed5b8⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, 1:1, JUST.jpg)

anyone know what files I need to edit to unlock achievements

i drag'ndroped this one on to my old folder and now all my achievement data is gone, same with pervert data



Go tell maj to do a pov flcl retelling with pics.

That way she can justify one pic per update(to that not this) and the writer can actually write instead of the small place holder shit that he does for the game.



Me likey.


I can dig it, kinda. She looks kind of fuck crazed - the kind of expression you'd expect her to have if she hasn't cum in a week or more and then sees Hiro in the forest, which is apparently the case.

Something just occurred to me. The Golem has the suction device that collects your spooge and it says that it 'emerges from within her'. Is the collection device her rectum?



go to your profile.json

there's the achievements list at the top

stick all this in



"QUEEN": 1,


"BITCH": 1,





"GOKKUN": 1,







to my knowledge there's only 16 achievements, so 8 bonus points, frankly this should be in the FAQ or in the OP in some way


Anyone have a problem with editing the save file? Trying to give my char higher stats, but the save resets back to how it was when I first opened it after I save and close, then re-open it to check.



>the brothel and bandit bad ends

I guess the bandit bad end is the ghost possession one; but what brothel one do you mean? The only ones I've seen are with the Madam and Lura.


>>Kylira's bitch if your cock is locked up

Is it less gay if you use your cock on them? Is it gay if the narration can't make up its mind about whether they're male, futa or ambiguous?

>>a male giant's cratered bitch

How do you turn the giantess male? She was futa for me even with "Futa+" off.

>>Three different random male townsmen's strumpet (male)

The innkeeper and who else? I know there are male encounters in the town square and the brothel, but I don't know of any endings with them or any way to tell whether they're different townsmen.



>>Trudy's bitch

Always male.

>>Kylira's bitch if your cock is locked up

While their pronouns are inconsistent, they always say "Could you tell that I was a boy?" if you choose "Kiss".

>>A male centaur's wife

Always male.

>>A bunch of male bandit's sexual relief toy

Always male.

>>A male direcat's queen

>>Male warg's bitch

>>Male wolf-pack's bitch when you run out of food

Direcat is always male. Warg is "it". What would futa animals even look like?

>>A male goblin's bitch

Male goblins always exist in Encounter Mode.

>>A bunch of male centaurs's bitch

Text in Futa+ mode says "she" at one point, but otherwise still calls them "horsemen".

>>A random noble's butthurt boitoy if you go too far into debt

>>a man's random encounter 10 coin prostitute

Always male.


You have to go to Character -> Learn Skills -> Magic and add one or more spells.


See >>298470.



The cursed "armor" has same effect as chastity, I think.



>Other than a small line about him fucking you if your caged, no.

To be fair, there's a little more detail the first time (your second meeting); and you don't have to be caged then.

Also, Trudy's still submissive to Urka at the inn; and to you if you choose "It's a party" after you "train" with him.


You can "Overpower" the Warlock with high Magic.


When you lose to a Drow with Beastmaster 3, and >>298773, respectably.


Was already there with at least the giantess.



Is Majalis secretly one person?


Pretty sure that's it.


>you can make it go any way you like

And then they cut the Surrender button.

Also, is there any way to reliably rape enemies in combat? Rub doesn't seem to do anything to get my character erect. Enemies rarely fall to the ground; when they do, I'm usually not in Balanced stance and can't switch in time; and when I am or can, I usually can't mount them because neither of us is ereect.


Technically, you get the Mare class the first time you take a centaur. It's only the costume change that you need the "game over" for.

>Find a drow beastmaster, and make sure you have the beastmaster perk

Level 3, I think.


Still happened for me in


><Cuckoo lover -> Harpy Wife achievement not fixed.

What's broken? It unlocked for me in; although I'm not sure what I did to trigger it.


Follow the north edge of the town til you reach Monsters, then go into the Tavern. What's confusing?


Do you mean Hit the Deck? That has exactly the same result as everything else.


Depends on what you mean by "advance". You can beat all the enemies and reach "Beyond" in, but after that the game doesn't end, so there's nothing to do but chase a bad end, marry the innkeeper or see how much you can make at the brothel before you get tired of holding Ctrl.

3 Strength is plenty to beat the enemies if you get decent equipment and savescum where appropriate. You can't pleasure most enemies into submission like in Character Creation, but you can afford better equipment depending on what you're willing to do at the brothel, and (at least in you can get past the wasp by being willing to take her eggs.


Still no Surrender button?

(Also, whose art is that?)


File: 61937378be422f0⋯.jpg (526.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1521311068183.jpg)


>male/reluctant trap stuff

>most of it's old content

I knew majalis was never gonna go back when the latest centaur content used "they" instead of "he" or "she". We're just gonna get futa with scraps of the trap/male content.



You can change the values at :1 to :2 to unlock the ironman varient, which gives double the points.




I knew someone would shift the goalposts. I'm not even the poster you were arguing with.

Also, I don't known which centaur content is the latest, but to be fair, they use "they" for confirmed male characters elsewhere (at least Kylira and Trudy).



>Encounter Mode

*Character Creation Mode; sorry.



huh, it actually works

16 bonus points basically makes you a god, turns out



> New Art - Orc Mating Press and Gadgeteer adorning chastity cage

Two of the worst people in the game. Meanwhile the shopkeeper continues to get no love. Why are the patrons such plebs?



Still can't beat the Dark Goddess or Demon, or kill anything but the Ogre, Quetzal Goddess and Elemental, I bet.


I'd vote, but I'm banned. Probably just as well.


I just jerked off to Hiro deepthroating a Harpy shemale instead of fighting it am I gay? I also got hard writing this even though I've already masturbated twice in the last 4 hours



You're at least bi.



That's pretty gay. If it was the ogre or ghost, I could at least make a case for you.



…Can the ogre be deepthroated?



I wish. She only destroys you anally in a short scene. No one seems to vote for new content for her yet, so she's underrated.





File: ffc9fa2e0e8f2ed⋯.jpg (150.78 KB, 480x406, 240:203, 1521855774023.jpg)

ur all faggits



Ffs, these comments are old.

1. It's easier to call transgenders she. Why go out of you're way to mot, and to "correct" people?

2. Yes, in this case it is objectively a she. She isn't trans, she is a futa. Futas are female.




>one of the worst people in the game



File: 8be296ed4e0ef62⋯.png (794.68 KB, 864x1080, 4:5, Ogre.png)


Damn you're right, this sure looks like a "she" to me.

Fucking idiot, try playing the game before talking about it.



are you still living in 2017 or something?

the default is the futa. if you see that in the game you're going out of your way to be more of a faggot.



>bio girl trash

>not the worst girl



That was nothing but a placeholder, and was updated to a futa months ago.

>try playing the game before talking about it



File: 55f19c64924fc34⋯.png (73.73 KB, 534x311, 534:311, ......png)


>point fingers at other guy




I also jerked off to this

I don't view "Hiro" as me though



The ghost stinks



>she is a futa

Technically there aren't any futas in the game because none of them have vaginas, these are just shemales.


File: c7a6545b0e164c2⋯.jpg (217.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dylb-PUX0AA0UB3.jpg)

More Urka. Woohoo.


Is Hiro in denial of his faggorty?




we need more of this, why isnt anyone funding some foot stuff for this game



Not if it's a female penis.



No otherwise this would be better and the request for hardcore gay shit would be tolerable.

It would be perfect if you were actually androgynous and were made more in to a "girl" as your masculinity was destroyed over time.



Yes please. I can already imagine a scene with Trudy teasing you with his feet, or the gadgeteer tying you up and making you suck her toes. Those would be great scenes.



Yeah, as it stands Hiro is a huge slut right from the beginning and is willing to get assfucked by everyone he meets. A more gradual process would be nice.



I'm more pleased that it's a missionary scene, we need more of that.



That, on top of having lust locking you into slutting it up if not taken care of more often



For fuck's sake Majalis, just give me some Urka/Trudy/Kyrlia romance already. I need to see Hiro getting all lovey dovey with them like kissing and such.


File: dcc2a041718784d⋯.png (48.86 KB, 188x182, 94:91, LoveCrazyFemme.png)


yes plz


File: 16b49f059d08913⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1366x738, 683:369, EXCUSE ME, IT'S MA'AM.png)



Literally the latest version, on a fresh profile, after checking the "Futa+" option before starting the game.

Are you Majalis, and you never actually checked whether your "update" worked?



Is there anyone besides Trudy who Hiro lets fuck him without the player explicitly telling him to? Usually you have to get full Lust for it to even be an option; and even then the text and art usually frames it as painful and reluctant.



Kylira, during the second meetup if you choose kiss instead of be kissed



Don't you mean the other way around? Also, I thought the implications of those options were pretty clear.


File: 94402d7f6a18572⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1296x758, 648:379, Kylira.png)


Nah, it gives you Top rank 1. Also need a free cock

Granted, there's no actual mention, like a fade to black




Fucking morons.



It works just fine for me.

>after checking the futa+ option

It's checked by default though. Maybe you just aren't very smart and you unchecked it.



I hate to assume that you aren't trolling or retarded, but are you using the Win64 version from >>309541?



I exclusively use my phone for all my porn needs.



Must be different, or be packaged with different default settings, then.



File: 8c23da95255a40d⋯.jpg (619.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1.JPG)


Anon, I think you gay



>What's broken? It unlocked for me in; although I'm not sure what I did to trigger it.

Fresh reinstall, no saves, attempt and document how to get harpy wife.

I'm more sad achievements only unlock .5 bonus points


>but I'm banned

What sorcery did you conjure to accomplish this?


>Are you Majalis,

If Maj & Alis knew about imageboards, I'd be delighted.

But both used hentai-foundry before anything else.


File: af6095dd8d289c0⋯.jpg (280.44 KB, 731x1000, 731:1000, 1413260384605.jpg)


M-mayb even some h-hand holding?



Exactly. Majalis needs to go 200% sappy (but degenerate) romance mode. Just make it an unlock like the "…" scene Trudy has. For example:

>get Trudy

>go talk to him, etc. to unlock the "…" option

>get fucked by Trudy 3 times in the "…" option

>on the 4th time, you get an option to roll over and leglock him

>cue romantic shit like "I love you" (Trudy could go "sure ya do slut" or whatever), passionate kissing, hand holding, staring into each other's eyes, all that sappy shit

>building a romantic bond means said character will help you out more often and more effectively in combat

Obviously it would vary depending on the character, such as Kyrlia being far more romantic, and Urka being nice but still highly controlling.



Stop making me wish for things that won't happen



It can happen if you go nag Majalis enough and throw fat wads of cash at them as well.






File: 2a0862c1242a6b6⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DullahanMatingPress.jpg)

Finally 'caught up' on content after not touching it for 4 months. Not sure what I was hoping to get but at least I got a few oral scenes I wanted sorta.


They posted about twice on /d/'s /dgg/ thread then fucked off promptly. They didn't engage with any anons, which, given how often /d/ hates devs (for incompetence) was still a good call.

Ogre was femme to me on Futa+. There was an old complication due to the obscure nature of the 'checks' that players couldn't tell if something was enabled/disabled or even the right option being toggled, but it's not a problem now, surely. If you're still going to be arguing about it, just screen shot the options next.

Way late, but here was the original image from OP if anyone had still not seen Dullahan's girlfriend scene. >>295235


Need art of 2 head waifu plowing hiro


Why is Hiro so good at taking dicks anon?



Peak femboy genetics, he is the homosexual equivalent of Dolph Lundgren


>doppelganger has 5 inch penis

>biggest option is small

>game constantly describes how huge even the 6 inch penis enemies' penises are

What did Majalis mean by this?



Its like 5'11" and 6 foot, technically a small difference, but performance wise its a massive powergap



at last i truly see


File: 9a086f7558579ff⋯.png (42.94 KB, 589x417, 589:417, ref.png)

A reference guide if anyone is still confused.


File: 048e8b88e556cbe⋯.png (330.78 KB, 497x459, 497:459, 1541647472592.png)

>hiro will never be real



>Hiro will never spread his ogre AIDS




Who the fuck has a head only an inch tall?



Slimes can have vaginas. Goblins, Wasps and the Spider have oviducts, and the player at least believes that Harpies and Nagas can be impregnated through their cloacas.


Depends on how good you are, what options you take and how you interpret contradictions.


>Fresh reinstall, no saves, attempt and document how to get harpy wife.

I reluctantly admit that I have no idea.

>I'm more sad achievements only unlock .5 bonus points

See >>310177.

>What sorcery did you conjure to accomplish this?

I'm sure if they'd wanted me to know they would have told me.


Do you expect any less from the Demon Lord's boy-daughter?


Gameplay-story segregation, anon. All the cool games do it.



Hiro is related to some demon lord?



Option 1. A 6ft tall man as shown in the picture.

Option 2. A proportionately sized ~6 inch tall man.

Option 3. No one and the picture is meant to visualize the perception that if you are shorter than 6ft you are a manlet.



According to Story Mode, his mom defeated the Moon Lord, then disappeared, and the Demon Lord appeared. I don't think they were trying to be subtle.



How do you get this particular CG? I haven't seen it.



>They posted about twice on /d/'s /dgg/ thread then fucked off promptly. They didn't engage with any anons, which, given how often /d/ hates devs (for incompetence) was still a good call.

Wut, link the thread



>if they'd wanted me to know they would have told me.

They don't ban for just anything



You mean bad


I think………. I think I want to fuck Hiro… help?



Get in line, I saw him first, faggot.




No I'm not doing this shit, fuck it and fuck you.



After consenting to getting fucked, Choose to be the Dullahan's girlfriend. Next 'Talk' scenes are repeatable and has this CG. Or just rip it in 7-zip's open archive.


This was like a year or two ago.


It is actually an entire foot difference, just changed the 7 to a 6 after the comparison was drawn.


File: ddbb3cabc2dc6f9⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1068x1200, 89:100, ClipboardImage.png)

>Finish Brothel owner's second quest

>Expect to finally fuck that sweet ass

>Bring werewolf in

>She spends 30 minutes getting fucked by a random mutt

>"Did I…get NTR'd just now…?"



File: 5e9e32336a22c7f⋯.jpg (20.97 KB, 237x255, 79:85, 1456740046659.jpg)

So there is no male/female, just a futa bullshit?




I mean it's in the title dawg



The Madam, some of the brothel girls and the Strange Merchant are dickless. The Mermaid is until you knock her up.


When is majalis gonna CG the ghost scenes? I mean it's probably the most beneficial dicking you can take in the game; unless you are going for some kinda virgin run.



It is almost like being a subby anal loving bitch boy would have you treated as such.



I have never been fucked once, I have level 10 top, I can split an ogre in half. Just what else would I need to do to not be "Subby" exactly?



To not play a game that is designed around you being such?

Brothel had you be a whore before you could fuck them(as content was added not as a requirement to fuck whores now)

Can't fuck the ogre if beat them or sleep rape them

Don't think werewolves are an option either outside the whore if she even does

Warlock has more focus on you receiving than giving

Same with the other boys



>implying this is TrapQuest where every choice leads to fucking you over

This is a different game you get positive feedback for winning. If this were a game that wanted you to "Suffer" at every turn I wouldn't be playing it. The reason why TrapQuest is a steaming pile of garbage and I actually enjoy this.



What's the benefit, other than XP and "food"?




Also, the angel and Helena the vampire.



The Slime can be female.



And what is that postive feedback anon?

Its not made around you suffering but you being feminine instead of masculine. That why we start out girly and made to look more like a whore as we get fucked instead of looking as though we could be either and start to look more like whatever we go for i.e. getting makes us more girly and giving makes us more masculine.

While we wouldn't have it in art for 2+years we could have it in writing at the moment considering the dignity icon breaks everytime we get fucked.



>dignity icon breaks everytime we get fucked.

Not him but that makes me diamonds every time it happens tbh


File: 482af59f08e0f0c⋯.png (159.24 KB, 922x486, 461:243, MaleSymbol00.png)

File: 06483093b42e012⋯.png (173.81 KB, 922x486, 461:243, MaleSymbol01.png)

File: c402600068e1393⋯.png (193.41 KB, 922x486, 461:243, MaleSymbol02.png)

File: 17cbf83fd5f80a9⋯.png (225.25 KB, 922x486, 461:243, MaleSymbol03.png)


how do i find the rabbit?



Get in debt, she won't fight you unless you're both in debt and flat broke, though.



>how can I not he a sub in this game where the entire purpose is being a sub

You can try not being retarded.



ah shit, i got too much money. guess i'll have to newgame



you could go shopping from the witch, her stuff costs like 200g each




You could take out a loan and then wait for the interest to build up. I'm not sure she actually waits for you to be broke, though.



Well I've got nothing better to do, gimme a few minutes.



>slowly becomes a female symbol

Wow that actually mildly creative.



Anon I think you need your eyes checked, it's very clearly just his masculinity cracking and eventually shattering entirely the more penises he takes in his butt.




Yeah from what I can tell interest just keeps climbing higher and higher, got it at 598-ish right now and she's still just taking 10g payments every 3 days or so and won't fight/fuck you until you're broke.


There's a weekly out but it's only a bugfixes and option to remove tutorial messages.


A perk point, this is if you get ass-fucked during the day or go through the whole mouth/ass fuck process at night. They often spawn in on refreshed tiles too. If you're not trying to do 'No Anal' and get the three Quetzl achievements in one go it's fairly useful, but only before you have the XP to level up.



Fair enough. You can become broke by making interest payments at the bank, though.


What are refreshed tiles?



>There's a weekly out but it's only a bugfixes and option to remove tutorial messages.

Seriously? Fucking wack.

> If you're not trying to do 'No Anal' and get the three Quetzl achievements in one go it's fairly useful, but only before you have the XP to level up.

Actually that brings up a good question. Is there any real consequence to sucking dick besides mouth maniac etc. or are you forever impure once a penis has entered anything of yours? I remember being sat on by the elf while caged increases your femininity but not much else.


Is the story worth doing or is the adventure where the content is at?



Story is still very under-developed and the meat of the game is in the other mode.



What the other anon said is true but there are a couple very good scenes exclusive to story mode, there's a scene where you fight not-urka and if you choose to run instead of fight you get some fun stuff. Saved a file to that scene, in fact.




Is there any content exclusive to adventure mode, other than picking a class that is not enchantress?


Any Quetzl topping scenes



Did it myself, sucking dick does in fact reduce your dignity & masculinity, although a lot slower than anal sex, so I had to suck a lot of dicks before Hiro got his makeup.


File: 6d1149d834e9944⋯.png (28.69 KB, 388x201, 388:201, TalesOfAndrogyny_2019-02-0….png)


File: fdc7a28900ffb0b⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TalesOfAndrogyny_2019-02-0….jpg)


Not sure what you mean by Adventure mode but the vast vast majority of content is readily accessible & intended to be played in Create Character mode, while Story Mode has very little by comparison. Again, the previously mentioned Orc scene and possibly one other scene somewhere else makes it worth going through at least once for me, but your mileage may vary. Pic related is literally all of story mode's map right now, and only about half of the nodes have any sex.



He is saying that the fully shattered version has its pieces in just such a way that it vaguely resembles a female symbol.



>you get positive feedback for winning.

What about that bullshit where, if you win against the Werewolf, you still lose?



I can't see it, personally.



just jerk the werewolf off dude, nothings gonna happen to you


File: 97aa8f44011d1aa⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 1812x1080, 151:90, Dy6UxITWoAAyre3.jpg)

>If I take that off will you die?

>It would be extremely painful

For Hiro





So neither developer knows what the word "adorning" means, I guess.

(Also, that looks much more painful than I'd previously imagined.)




a chastity cage isn't exactly meant to be the most comfortable thing in the world, especially if you're surrounded by lewdness


I want to play just to see him get railed what’s the best class



warrior raises arousal from buttsex faster

paladin starts with a chastity cage

thief ranger & mage are shit, don't bother

enchanter is a good all-rounder and what i use the most



probably enchanter and dump your stats into charisma to get more scenes.



>I'm not sure she actually waits for you to be broke, though.

Unless they changed it, she does. You need to not be able to pay back at least like 10 gold, two times. First time she gives you a warning, then next time you can't pay she fights you and if she wins you get a game over scene where she takes you back to rape as payment. And it forces you to actually not be able to pay, you can't just say no, so make sure to spend your gold and not step on the caches.



You only need 8 at the most which requires you to start with at least 5.



>warrior raises arousal from buttsex faster

Or you can just take the Catamite perk.

>thief ranger & mage are shit, don't bother

I've played Ranger a few times to get the bow without losing virginity. Was I wrong?


4 if you buy the Charm, and maybe more if you use the Wellrounded or Specialist perk. But it's simpler to start with 5 or more and use Hotter; or better yet, to just start with 8 and use Cheat mode to access scenes.



high perception lets you see what scenes you are getting into, very important if say… you want to lose your virginity in a certain way

so ranger is useful



…What way is that? The only critical Perception check I know of is to see Trudy's trap, and that's only 3. (The FAQ says something about a "Female Goblin(male)", but I don't know where or what that is.)



I dont mean like a check inside of a scene I mean you can tell whats on the tile before getting into it and plan out a route or look for a particular enemy, last I knew the game still likes to make the map in such a way that there might not be a way around certain enemies



I just meant when something spawns on top of empty tiles.


It's the only goblin you talk to or avoid completely. Perception is still great for combat in planning ahead on when to guard/attack since it shows you the AI's next move.



That's determined by your Scout level. High perception makes it high by default, but you can also just use the Scout button (and/or the Surveyor perk).


>I just meant when something spawns on top of empty tiles.

I thought almost everything did that.

>Perception is still great for combat in planning ahead on when to guard/attack since it shows you the AI's next move.

I usually just attack til my Stamina or Balance gets low, then guard to get them full again. Even if you can see that the enemy's going to grapple you, I don't know any reliable counter except to have enough stamina to get out.


File: 4cf94e5f9e2f9a9⋯.png (40.48 KB, 152x254, 76:127, yes.png)





>thief ranger & mage are shit, don't bother

thief is god tier, you absolute nigger


Any updates today



I kinda foresaw this (and went for the additional gold) so I wasn't even mad.



>raises arousal from buttsex faster

how so?





You can also find her in the Arena in Monsters.



money doesn't matter.

Debt does.

The more you have it the sooner she will appear (Just ask 4 times for 50 gold).

Once you met her I recommend to remove the debt asap. The interests are going to kill you.



Well, that's what the "weak to anal" perk does. Your arousal would normally go up by 2 or 4 per turn while getting fucked, but if you're a warrior it goes up by 6 per turn


how the fuck is thief anything other than useless?


>I've played Ranger a few times to get the bow without losing virginity. Was I wrong?

Good point, a bow isn't really important but if you really want one and to not be a virgin then ranger is your only option as far as I know.


But you can already get high perception if you don't fuck up character creation.



>to not be a virgin

meant to be a virgin, obviously



This >>312206 , apparently.



if jesus ain't a busty lady with a fat ass and a fat dick i'm not interested



Well, yes. Everything that belongs for the tile-type which regions seem to be more locked in now judging from the map. Until more generics fill in the early area you'll still get plenty of ghosts.


It is the best early-game class. Thief's stat spread is what I already aim for as Enchanter. Agility is crucial for many fights. Since you also have the agility, you can jack opponents off at any time to avoid the grappling loops of Spider/Brigand. It still bugs me how Thief is just an off-brand Enchanter combo in their stats. At least Ranger feels unique by having a bow and high base 7/6 Perception, something ridiculous because you only need 4 base perception to safely travel through current encounters.

The one thing Thief excels in is stealing. If you have doubts about Thief, just steal a Diamond Plate/Rapier +1 without getting caught at 10 Agi then use the bonus Brothel gold on the rest of the equipment. You can leave town a virgin in full gear and 55 gold to spare.

To note I start every main quest loop by dumping all my extra bonus stats into Charisma/Hotter because the stats don't matter if you can reach 5+, and can use magic. My Current Enchanter spread is 3/3/5/4/5/6(+3 Bonus)


Saturday is past, no update?



>Until more generics fill in the early area

More whats, now?

>high base 7/6 Perception, something ridiculous because you only need 4 base perception to safely travel through current encounters.

Not sure what "high base 7/6" means, but aren't you >>312529?

>Perception is still great for combat in planning ahead on when to guard/attack since it shows you the AI's next move.



>If you have doubts about Thief, just steal a Diamond Plate/Rapier +1 without getting caught at 10 Agi then use the bonus Brothel gold on the rest of the equipment. You can leave town a virgin in full gear and 55 gold to spare.

On the other hand, if you use the low-hanging Bonus Points to get decent stats, "full gear" is overkill for the early encounters. Why steal Diamond Armor when I'll be able to afford it long before I need it (if I ever do)? Why buy a Gladius +1 when I can get a +2 just by beating the Spider?




Generic as in not generic encounters; or mobs. NPCs like Brigand, Were-wolf, Harpy, and Goblins.

>other junk

Ranger's base perception is 7, or 6 if you decrease it. And yes, same anon. Base as in starting stats, before being affected by gear/levels.


Which is why I only said early-game. You can skip Brothel/Quetzl quests or collecting the gold. Although by the time you get those levels for Zone 2 you might as well have done those quests normally.



Woops, *as in generic encounters. I changed the wording from 'as in not unique' but it was too redundant and forgot the not.


>>313235 >>313237

Isn't the Golem a generic encounter?



I don't mean it literally, and it wasn't a full list because I'd have to talk about which NPCs spawn in which sub-sections. Yes, those respawn too along-side Ghosts. Which is extremely strange given how both of their events end, and can be farmed for Perk Points/Magic Shards.



Not sure why that's strange; lots of RPGs allow grinding to improve your stats well beyond what's needed. I still don't understand what you mean by "until more generics fill in the early area", though. Are there particular generics that permanently take over a location and prevent Ghosts from spawning there again?



What about the "training" from Trudy that gives you 6 skill points?



step 1: use rapier

step 2: be nimble qt that deals insane damage and never gets hit

I beat the Goddess on the Mountain at Level 1 with a thief, anon. Thieves fucking own.


What monster girl in this game do you think is the best to be with? (Yes I’m really bored)



Probably mouth maniac tbh

You'd have to suck a lot of dick but you'd live in a castle and your butthole wouldn't get ravaged.



'Those smelly Harpies of course. I want a harpy queen to mold Hiro into a cum guzzling slave through a bad end.



brigadier or however you spell it. Chocolate stacked waifu



Whats the point of even going to her? Doesn't she give you an instant gameover anyway?



cuck shit, what else



If there are more NPC types, Ghosts will spawn less as a result. I'm not even sure Majalis is actually weighting the spawns right now.


You can avoid the game overs if you do all your shopping early. I forgot on what conditions, but you can also buy the chastity cage to avoid a game-over but you can't visit her again from that point.


File: c2b899b0c4ad564⋯.jpg (183.26 KB, 1092x1600, 273:400, brigadier-courtney.jpg)



Aren't they just regular girls?



oh that's what you meant

dibs on dullahan


Futa is unironically gayer than regular males fucking hiro, and the fact that there is so much makes it seem like it's going the path of CoC.


File: a694cab5704a817⋯.jpg (141.36 KB, 1008x450, 56:25, SavalKas-446637-Goraknas_H….jpg)

Got around to adding a disclaimer on 'Female' Goblin


It already is.

>'Futa' content eclipses former plans to be more inclusive to more body-types (Inn, Ogre)

>One good female NPC and nothing else. (Elf woman; choose not to drink at healing pond, then meet her again to fuck her.)

>Small closed chat that shuns outsiders (presumed)

>Updates are determined by a small clique of rich-fags' votes

>Constant bitching from anons because game content is being side-tracked by waifus

The only major difference from CoC is that it's also ""optionally"" retconning past NPCs into dickgirls, and not even like CoC's route of transforming them manually to fit your preferences. It mirrors CoC more than LT does in it's current form, which is saying a lot.


Would've stated something earlier but I don't have a set preference because no one quite hits my specific fag buttons. Harpy is fucking great, but it's essentially being enslaved to a beast. Spider-Queen would be better if she caught companions too, but I'm not a fan of oviposition. The combination would be a Monster-girl that will taunt me as she forces me to service her smelly cock, riding my 'small' cock while stimulated by a dildo, and then locking me away as another of her toys when not in use still being basted by her recent release. I'm not sure I've ever typed anything gayer.

Dullahan is too perfect of a waifu and only fit for marriage as her bride (male). Not a justified reason but one regardless. I don't consider Urka a 'Monster-girl' since Orcs are treated as another 'civilized' race in the world's context, same with Drow.

Image related, I didn't have the un-cropped version on this comp.

I was waiting for some motherfucker to state Fire Elemental.



>Got around to adding a disclaimer on 'Female' Goblin

Are you the FAQ author?

>The Female Goblin, Selkie, can fill you with eggs when you lose the battle against her and forcibly fail the endurance checks if you were able to pass them at all.

IIRC, she also does this if you beat her and then choose the option to ride her; but not if you seduce/mount her in battle. (Or maybe it's the other way around.)



This was the previous case before they changed it, I hadn't updated this yet and also can't remember what alternative ways you can get inseminated. Will test it later.



>how the fuck is thief anything other than useless?

You halfwit

>high AGI+Slide+uppercut

>Forever stunlock enemies


>There you fucking go, you win.


Is there a walkthrough for the new stuff



What stuff in particular? Not much is very new, and not much in the game can't be handled with grinding plus trial and error.


Is there literally any point to the armor of anal torment, or is it just underwear that you can't remove?


dumb question but can you get every scene from the encounter button?


Well I've managed to outdo myself this time. Not content with making the same mistakes every time I create a new thread, I accidentally erased the guide I had built up over two years due to mixing up my pastebin accounts. Not unless someone else had a backup of it.

Luckily, no one reads it anyways or cares in the first place.

It was also too long with irrelevant information because there are more than 6 NPCs. Like the entire section about getting raped and possibly game-overs with the same NPCs being placed in each. It was fine at first but when anons only posted just to complain about werewolves, but every new encounter has game-overs and even more are being retroactively added in as pitfalls.

Someone else already made a complete scene guide which should still useful except for recent updates. I don't have the link though.

It'll get rewritten within a month, sorta, and hopefully it'll be easier to read. It will cover grappling, how worthless it is, and the achievements on how to acquire specific annoyances. I'll just make the disclaimers about game-overs more aggressive instead. Not going to bother adding back the lists of games directly inside the guide, it'll be off on another side link.


File: 9c64b74f22bc26b⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 300x622, 150:311, fVW1gc.gif)

why does that ugly fucking orc and tranny dude get all the attention

i just want more puca



>only monster you can change skin color of is Puca

>is the most annoying encounter to get and you rarely see her because of debt




>tranny dude




Trudy I'm guessing, the red-head human adventurer boy.




Infinite disappointment



nigga i don't think you're playing the right game


File: a96adf3988e436a⋯.png (55.9 KB, 202x201, 202:201, imminent_anal_knot.png)

File: 2f9432aa2fdc3c8⋯.png (49.26 KB, 202x201, 202:201, imminent_fucked_by_her_dir….png)


>Not unless someone else had a backup of it.

Was this it?


>Luckily, no one reads it anyways or cares in the first place.

Now I just feel bad.



Any more icons?



not him but he just took em from Majalis' twitter



File: 002e4b64c105375⋯.jpg (106.51 KB, 663x525, 221:175, unnamed.jpg)

anyone have a 100% pervert save or something

or at least tell me what i need to copy and paste to make it



Cool thanks, I'll got check it out



This is really crunchy but it's better than I had. Thanks. Only immediate changes I need to add back is the latest achievement and changes on viewing the win/loss conditions. Will actually keep more backups this time.


This was the scene guide I was gonna link to >>313932 at least. Is this still being updated?



He just wants to be banged by regular men instead of the same old ~ same old.






The 【 and 】 from being converted to plain text. I didn't expect how easily it was fixed with find/replace.



So uh

Anything worth mentioning this week



Probably not weekly builds usually suck



Version: - Third February Weekly

New features:

- Added Sphincter and Rectum displays on the Character screen

- Sphincter irritation and gape now based on phallus girth

- Ejaculation amount for calculating rectum/colon fullness now determined by bestiary-listed output with adjustments based on context

- Can now scroll in the inventory

- Crank Master, Blowjob Expert, and Perfect Bottom now increase the effectiveness of their respective "skills"

- Added stat requirements for equipment

- Added Nipple Teasing

- Created phallus types for non-combat NPCs

- Changes to ammo supply now show up as events in the log

- Added enemy lust indicator

- Added average size option for Hiro

- Added more descriptions for status effects on skills, particularly spells

- Expanded the descriptions and individual traits for erotic skills

- Five random scenes are now displayed in the Progress hint section rather than one

- Can now see locked Achievements on Progress screen

- Added stances to the skill learning menu, including advanced combat stances and many erotic stances

New content:

- Added Fire Elemental idle and attack animations

- Added a spanking sound

- Added a bunch of new erotic skills with new attributes

- Added a lot of new battle dialogue based on the new erotic attributes

- Added new armors (to the Monsters Town shop for now aside from the Chastity Belt and Ball Gag)

- Added Lacy Panties that increase Charisma

- Added one-piece Lingerie

- Added Full Plate armor

- Added the Indestructible Shield

- Added Chastity Belt

- Added Ball Gag

- Centaurs now provide arrows instead of additional bows if you already received a Centaur bow

- New Menu arrows

Tweaks and bug fixes:

- Increased pulldown size on Android

- Increased skill selection size on Android

- Decreased load times

- Lewd skills should generally increase arousal by less now; still more adjustments to come

- Aligned arousal numbers in combat log and display

- Improved duration of Gravity and Oil spells

- Fixed Harpy Wife ending in original Harpy encounter (now unlocks achievement again and displays full scene)

- Fixed shop restocking - now restocks by individual shop

- Fixed shop menu position

- Fixed an issue where equipping a cage wouldn't properly be reflected in the phallus display

- Fixed Gravity spell so that it affects the enemy instead of player

- Moved Mount Xiuh over so it was less likely to have other areas hidden behind it

- Added Harpy Butt Hold to Pervert screen

- Fixed some enemies (Elite Harpy, Quetzal, and Giantess) knowledge acquisition

- A bunch of skills are now learnable rather than always being known

- Moved which stance some skills are available in

- Adjusted Assault and Overrun

- Seduce is now usable in Balanced stance instead of Defensive Stance

- Changed logo and Alpha build text

- Fixed some leftover button widths

- Flipped the arrows the right way on the Replay screen

- Fixed some button highlighting

- Fixed typos



File: aff16692f5110f8⋯.jpg (31.62 KB, 650x609, 650:609, ebin.jpg)


That's… actually a decent bit.

Huh, go figure.


Is it possible to get the new version with redhead hiro?



what a dumb fucking fetish



Another week off for alis



you're a dumb fetish, redheads are great.



>still no romance option for Trudy/Kyrlia/Urka

Come the fuck on, Majalis. All I want from you is some lovey dovey shit. It would take all of 5 minutes to write too.



If you want that, you need to become a patron and request it. It is highly unlikely he will do any fan requests with the long list of patron requests.



If he really wanted he could try bribing other patrons to vote like he wants



Or he could file a lawsuit against Majalis. He wouldn't win, but it would jump up the priority list.




Not that guy, but "Achievements" isn't anywhere on my profile.json doc, and when I do a quick cheevo like Ass To Mouth it doesn't seem to register at all. It's not even highlighted on the progress submenu.



Ass to mouth is glitchy sometimes, try doing seat of power, that one is super fucking fast.



How do you do that one?



>Crank Master, Blowjob Expert, and Perfect Bottom now increase the effectiveness of their respective "skills"

I am actually pissed it took this long to do this. Wish they could also increase from battle too, it's a bit ridiculous it only increases from the brothel, but I guess that's just the price of dignity.

>Added Lacy Panties that increase Charisma

Goddamn finally. Now I can completely skip over Warlock's ass-fuck for panties, though the 'hole' was a fun novelty.

>Added average size option for Hiro

Also great for just having as an option, choosing a smaller dick and dominating them regardless.

A lot of other fixes are actually very good. Now to see if 'sphincter' tracking is actually interesting yet.


From Guide:

>Seat of Power - Make fun of the Brothel Madame for having a fat ass and don't apologize, then she kills you.

Forgot to include a bit about 'not apologizing' but it was there.



>Fixed Harpy Wife ending in original Harpy encounter (now unlocks achievement again and displays full scene)

Wasn't insane.

Fucking Maj.


Why not bsdiff the JAR >>315897


I forgot how many parents l trolls still do this in USA.


>Ass To Mouth

Iirc it only works strictly on Harpies because Maj is a shit programmer.



Ass to Mouth always works for me when I do the event at the inn with a full party.



Wondering what Perfect Toy achievement is.



Anal addict max, mouth gagged open, anus plugged, cock caged, then talk to the merchant.

It's a lazy scene so don't bother unless out of curiosity.



>a lazy scene

No it's not. It's not as good as the other ones for best girl, but it isn't lazy - just short.



>class change

>instant game over

Nah son.


File: cbb3aacdc49bb0a⋯.png (280.93 KB, 613x649, 613:649, icecat_2019-02-18_00-28-16.png)

i hope yall niggas like Ettins.



That's a big hand.




I like ettins, but hyper is retarded. Compromise when?



>he doesn’t think about swallowing cum so thick it clogs up your throat and makes you choke




Toy merchant remains best girl

>Tfw no toy merchant gf to turn me into the perfect toy


File: d429aeb1583755b⋯.jpg (275.46 KB, 1171x1500, 1171:1500, Majalis-430181-Dog_Days.jpg)


>instant game over for having maxed sub stats just like in other encounters

>Werewolf - knot eater max - game over

>beastmistress - beastmaster max - class change - game over

>brothel - lady of the night max - game over

>harpy - cuckoo for cock max - game over

>warlock - cocklover max - game over

Apparently yeet, son.



>demon merchant

Confirmed, thanks. This could be animated or slided. Would love to see the scene, not read it



>I forgot how many parents l trolls still do this in USA.

How many who what, now?

>Iirc it only works strictly on Harpies because Maj is a shit programmer.

I thought I managed to get it surrendering to a male Goblin; but I could be wrong. (Maybe it said it unlocked but didn't.)


Is >>312334 in the game yet?



>>warlock - cocklover max - game over

Has so many options and that is the only game over there is, although I'd still like more, it's still a better scenario.

>>brothel - lady of the night max - game over

you get prostitute and a new artwork for hiro at Rank 20, and you only get game over if you visit once more after the class change, if you don't then you're just fine

The rest I agree that they're shit, they're shit and need expanding, but in the beastmistress' case it's already in the pipes as far as I'm aware.



Shit, this new UI looks pretty fucking good. The sex skills mid-combat are a nice touch too.

>Kiss the brigand while she dicks you

>Hold hands with the brigan while she dicks you

Fuckin' hell, Bringand 'bad' end when?


File: 69113e660cbc5f0⋯.jpg (312.98 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, Majalis-411498-Maiden.jpg)


Point is, the 'meeting criteria for a bad end, leads to a bad end' isn't unique to best girl, which is what it seemed like you were complaining about. All of those, plus the Centaurs who I forgot, necessitate you getting certain 'perks' to max before the bad end can trigger. Gadgeteer is far, FAR more forgiving in that you need to have anal addict maxed and have no willpower OR dignity for it to trigger.

My complaint about it is that it's too fucking short… and kind of doesn't make sense. I mean, she's training Hiro to cum from getting it up the ass in that ending. What's he been doing the entire time he was getting railroaded by the enemies in the game? Maybe she's training him to have this super 'cum from your butt so hard you'll be gay for ever' orgasm, or something. I dunno, but it's jarring.



Honestly I'm starting to feel for that one anon in these threads who wants something more lovey-dovey. I wish the AI would try to fuck you in missionary more so you could wrap your legs around them more.

I got a little half-chub writing that



>My complaint about it is that it's too fucking short… and kind of doesn't make sense.

Honestly I can agree with that, but the same is true for most outcomes. Personally I really want them to expand Urka & the Warlock more, specifically the Warlock making you impotent & having more dialogue/events surrounding that, but the game's already a fucking mess of wasted opportunities that won't be finished for at least a few more years, so who knows.


File: 3a38de2d3d6bb52⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 352x500, 88:125, 61-BKeZtlEL.jpg)


Meant patent trolls

>Is >>312334 in the game yet

Yep it's Locked Up achievement ending, not Perfect Toy. Iirc you need Anal3 & key, then buy or have [Power] cage


I wish Prostitute class didn't degrade stats, or that keeping the look would be class change.

What's wrong with a sexy prostitute with godly powers dominating enemies?

Liked the new dom Harpy art.


>I really want them to expand Urka & the Warlock more

Warlock for me, esp. if you sodomize yourself for the profaned goddess first, then acquaint the warlock. So many potentials, either surrender, reading the dairy, "feeling lured", etc., and she tries experiments, maybe even quests you to remeet the cult and acquire more knowledge.

Imagine if the cult makes a deal with the warlock, and the scenes end them ruling the world or something, and you as the MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

Plenty good options.

Just imagine being the warlock's errand sissy boy, doing quests "because you think" it will liberate you.


File: 91cf8d4f4f32008⋯.jpg (109.83 KB, 746x454, 373:227, 1dfd3d86d21b8aac59755beece….jpg)

Oh shit, forgot to say new bug:

Buy Chastity Belt, since it's cursed, select underwear, and poof underwear is gone for good.

Not like cursed armor or tiara of control were it doesn't allow you to equip noncursed items. It maintains them in stock until you use anticurse scroll




>Brothel Rank 20

This was changed a long-ass time ago, you could safely whore past rank 20 no problem, or was. Now at Rank 20, you can no longer choose to whore yourself for gold/gain skills or even do the 'girlfriend' scene. Or this is a bug, I can never tell.


>Kissing and holding hands like lovers while being raped

Quite lewd. It is actually the only reason the Story Brigand is worth a visit because she did specifically that.



>Quite lewd. It is actually the only reason the Story Brigand is worth a visit because she did specifically that.

This. I go to story mode once in a while just for this scene. Her kissing you after you choose to let her finish in your ass always makes me cum.


File: 62c8370790a5a6e⋯.jpg (67.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 313_1.jpg)

anyone know where this cg turns up? I know the mouthfiend and the prostitute have the same scene, but I never found this one


>- Seduce is now usable in Balanced stance instead of Defensive Stance




How do I download/install this version, I've only used the download from the Majalis site.



Install latest java, use google to find the 64bit JRE when on 64bit OS. Download the java .jar. It is also necessary for playing Lilith's Throne so if you aren't retarded enough to figure that out, you've already solved this one.

Or just fucking download the downloads marked down for your OS like a brute.



Brother quest, last door, insult/say no, pick Rosa or Daisy, forget which.



In general it would be nice if sex actually had an effect in combat.

>certain positions and actions during sex "push their buttons" for certain enemies

>doing this right counts as a win for combat (you get XP, etc) and gives you a more "friendly" scene where the enemy romantically fucks you as opposed to the typical rape-ish lose scenes

>having high charisma and prostitute skill levels allows you to more easily figure out what each enemy likes (much like how perception shows upcoming enemy moves)

Each move also having perks to it would be nice, such as "wrap legs" allowing you to hold the enemy in for a second round so you don't have to get injured while trying to arouse them again.


I hope there'll be some seriously gay human male stuff available eventually.


>Random unseen event: Story Orc Run Cage

Am I missing something? You can't get a cage anywhere in story mode, right?



Is it possible to win through sex?



What brother quest? First I hear about it.



Taken from scripts/encounters.json: "STORY-ORC-RUN-CAGE": [ {"text": "Despite having already cum twice, you're still so plump in your cage… and you feel yourself producing so much semen that your pouches are getting full again, filling you with both sperm and frustration."}] dunno how to code tags.

It's pretty old, and was just written for if story mode was actually updated. Just set it to seen if you're tired of seeing it on your unseen scenes ticker.


He meant Brothel Quest. Also oh. I didn't realize anon hadn't done the brothel quests and though it might've been anywhere else.


Why not just play a 'more gay' gay crossdressing game?


You can check if there are dominant or submissive sex victory conditions with the pull-out tab on the right side of the screen. Short answer, not that often.



Thanks Maj.


Do gags actually do anything beyond the bandit encounter?



Ring gags also affect harpy, mouthfiend, and possibly goblin encounters.





>still no cute and energetic neko girl

>still no airhead loli ram

>still no dominant dragon girl

>still no thicc cow girl to milk for food

I am dissapoint.



donate to the patreon and ask them for it goy :^)


File: 2660cf0b2de5b93⋯.jpg (239.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_20190220_044433.jpg)




I'm poor :(



same tbh



>Why not just play a 'more gay' gay crossdressing game?

If you could give a link to that, I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it :^)

Otherwise ToA kind of cornered the market on that better than the other competitors (CoC, TiTS, TQ, SissyMaker).



Not Seeing a mention of Witchload or Secretary on there. They are both very incomplete regardless. At least Witchload has a decent amount of CGs and is comparable to the shittiest HRPG you can find being circulated. I had to move the list of alternative games to the archives pastebin since it was eating up a lot of space. Also changed the tumblr link to Stockingboy's twitter since tumblr is defunct. Secretary only has the usual 'one good scene' that all text interactives typically do at this moment.

There is also DoL, which already has a thread here and all the degenerate shit you could ever ask for. The only other things on the 'Alternative Games' list which of course will never get any new additions is Queen of the Seas and it's surprisingly still being worked on, even if the content is non-existent. It's about the same field as Magical Camp where the fun isn't porn scenes, because there aren't any, but just going day-to-day living out the scenario.

On 'market' it's definitely there considering shit like Perverted Education can sit idle with zero updates or messages from the devs and still collect money.


Well it was in his own words, at least.

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