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File: 808f2514207102b⋯.png (161.49 KB, 500x309, 500:309, ClipboardImage.png)


Text-based sandbox HRPG (once updated weekly)

-Takes place in an alternate dimension

-Includes Furries/Futa/Shemale/Trap/Dolls/Demons (can be disabled)

-Turn based combat


-Forced and/or optional body Transformations

-Unique sex mechanics that give player "choice" (heh)

-Too much clothes

-Will be entering beta in Valve Time™

Thread creation version:

Newest version always available to build on github, or wait until it's posted on blog (on a full release week).

Maven instrutions (the tutorial on git is hot garbage)

1. Get a proper command line environment set up, and install maven and git.

2: Clone the repo.

3: Make sure you have master and dev branches on your machine, both tracking their counterparts on origin.

4: checkout the repo you need (dev now), and pull.

5: run maven with the "package" command.

6: don't forget to copy ./res into target, it was still mandatory before I wrote a script to do this all for me.

Pull to update, mvn clean package to recompile, remember to recopy res.

Blog: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/

Github: https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public

Latest (built) Version: 0.3, https://mega.nz/#!D99wSQxQ!4sNe78TenCa0tol_D9er_vZw4e-tyw8bVbVcqztbSY8

Wiki: https://www.lilithsthrone.com/wiki

8chan Mod:

https://gitgud.io/LilthsThrone/code-base (updated to v0.2.6 ) (outdated)

Adds Bee race, subspecies, and honey related fluids

Latest Mod Version: https://mega.nz/#F!rPImETaT!YcGWICLKbSbmjUDizBNcjA (outdated)

EDIT: Moved the subject to the correct field,slightly cleaned up the OP,added Maven instructions and minor capitalisation fixes.

Post last edited at




fuck you dude this computer was brand new



This is the easiest way to compile it by far. No need to muck around with software packages and programs that you don't need; one fucking command and it's done.



Reposting because I want to stop seeing the Mega-begging and stupid questions in the future. And because I was a dumbass and didn't check to see if the old thread was hitting the limit.

Might as well fix this forever, for the worthy but ignorant. I'm not going to spoon-feed you retards any more detail. You can search out how to do these things on your own, it's not like git or maven aren't documented to hell and back. I just can't stand all the "help me with Eclipse" bullshit from anons who are dumb enough to follow the retarded FAQ.

1. Get a proper command line environment set up, and install maven and git.

2: Clone the repo

3: Make sure you have master and dev branches on your machine, both tracking their counterparts on origin

4: checkout the repo you need (dev now), and pull

5: run maven with the "package" command.

6: don't forget to copy ./res into target, it was still mandatory before I wrote a script to do this all for me.

Pull to update, mvn clean package to recompile, remember to recopy res.


File: 82e2e26bc301c3b⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, c133fefa558e420d03eacd00a7….jpg)

Do you like your -taurs with udders/crotchboobs or not?



>unicorn-morph, pegasus-morph and alicorn-morph, as well as centaur, pegatuar, unitaur and alitaur

Called it.



Not, definitely not.


File: 118bc1939053c1c⋯.png (158.65 KB, 500x590, 50:59, 118.png)

>cloacas are in

Are they any good?



Source please!



Obviously. If you cuck out on that you might as put the genitalia on the front.


File: 345161a8b4313ee⋯.png (174.33 KB, 416x396, 104:99, 1536351808058.png)

For that anon last thread who mentioned how good this game would be if it was multiplayer; yes it really would be. I'm honestly surprised nobody has tackled such a golden goose of a concept yet, or at least got far enough with it to simply show something. A game like that would rake in unprecedented patreon bux.

I'd mainly like to see it so I can act like a massive smug bitch and piss anons off until they rape me into oblivion.



Deertaurs fucking when



>act like a massive smug bitch and piss anons off until they rape me into oblivion

So like Meraxis except actually rapable



Don't worry, I'd let any anon fuck my snowflake self-insert OC.



already in with reindeertaurs



Caribou =/= deer


File: 284258eaf128ad7⋯.png (123.46 KB, 700x595, 20:17, Top suits.png)


Reindeer are for big, we need small too.



bro what the fuck is your problem.


File: 5a3b553bf9f5d78⋯.png (825.26 KB, 1128x1600, 141:200, 6.png)




What was it?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Big ass virus, thankfully my computer caught it



I wanted to rape my party member today and the rape button was grayed out, it said "Vicky does not want to have sex with you."



Definitely not. Give them front genitals though (and back ones, double the fun).



fucking kek



I hate crotch boob and now even non-taurs have it. I pulled some horse morphs pants down and crotch boobs appeared





Can you not urethral fuck a centaur? Which position even lets you do it?



So as it turns out, this update actually has substantial content in it *cue audience gasping*.

That whole "Lilaya reactions to PC getting demonized" thing? Well as it turns out, that can actually segue into you convincing Lyssieth into fully demonizing her, and Meraxis too, by proxy. Ends up with you getting to double team Lilaya with her mom while Mera watches, and then all three of you can gangbang the chuuni while simultaneously taking all three of her virginities. It's some good-ass incest content, and it gets bonus points in that Lilaya and Meraxis both can end up getting knocked up by their mom. Exactly the kind of depraved content this game needs.


so how do i TF into a centaur?



I wouldn't risk it

Just wait for the full update in a week or seven


I can't tell if you're joking or not about this since I always expect frustration from this game, never compliments



Of course. If you don't like crotchboobs on a TAUR then why not just fuck a furry instead.


>Added: 'Anal-only pastie'

Can I get a picture of this please, Anons?


If you like crotchboobs why not just fuck a horse or a cow instead?



I just played it and it was fine, my Avast went off a couple of times but I'm sure it's nothing


…so, I dropped out of the update cycle after I heard dev got themselves into a really bad echo chamber.

Is it worth it to get back in?


Am i the only one who can't find the new positions or what?



Check back yearly for one or two more features, eighteen sets of clothes with no gameplay impact whatsoever, and maybe like six new furry races.



You can turn that off


File: 44dc8075d483cc2⋯.png (21.82 KB, 399x438, 133:146, AO pastie.png)


File: 16ded7053b2bd0d⋯.jpeg (18.3 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 16ded7053b2bd0da84aea26d8….jpeg)

>mfw reading the comment section on the new post



It was me. We could send out daughterus to each for arranged marriages. My seeds run with his seeds, marry his seeds. that's how we keep wu-tang money all in the family



Actually it wasn't me, I'm in the wrong thread, but the point still stands with LT.



Wasn't there some garbage Meet and Fuck 2 MMORPG in development or something? I remember seeing it at some point but it was awful.



Don't post her face in this thread or on this board



It really wouldn't be difficult to put together some kind of MUD or something along those lines (in fact, it's been done before (Tapestries is an old one). The novelty wears off pretty fast, though.



There are probably more steps for anyone using Java 11, but that's only because Inno is lazy and is using Java 8, i.e. relying on the built-in JRE that Oracle has stopped providing.



What the fuck I love deertaur lolis now.


So just a quick list of bugs I've already noticed:

>can't change preference for your fetishes

>perk bug still present

>Lilaya keeps fucking changing sex positions and won't let act like the goddamned submissive she's supposed to be

>No content toggle for crotch boobs. Christ almighty, please tell me that this is in the works.

But besides that, seems like there's some good stuffed added in there. Based on the gangbang scene, there's now support for more threesome positions: a standing one where the one in the middle gets DP'd, and one that'll let you put a dick in each hole at once. Those'll be great to have when this game finally gets finished thirty years from now.

Also having options to force creampies is nice, but just why exactly are submissives allowed to use these actions as well? Sure it makes sense if it's Lyssieth doing it since she's uber strong, but if I beat down a tiny, weak little catgirl and she's suddenly able to force me to breed her I'm calling bullshit.


Huh… so Innoxia seems to have stepped up the development game, against all expectations. Half of the stuff that's not new content seems to be forward-thinking refactoring of the systems she was already updating.



>Tapestries is your point of comparison

>not HellMOO


>The game still lacks option to make our potions alcoholic

>Or changing their taste for that matter


File: 6af3282e4b01d3b⋯.png (15.15 KB, 746x218, 373:109, Pic.png)



Same toilet, different turd.



I have a hard time keeping my cock hard knowing there's a man on the other side of that 2d poon.


File: 5f74c63000cad8a⋯.jpg (76.77 KB, 483x477, 161:159, e807e7c68a7abaf6d8bdb413d4….jpg)


If this doesn't turn you on, there may be something wrong with you.



Flexible Survival



Why though?



Anal is hella gay



Furry game.


Not even a sex game and the sex mechanics it has are incredibly barebones. The community who still plays this game treats it like a joke and goes out of their way to hunt down and fuck with anyone who pops up just to use them.



A man of culture i see



Thanks, Anon

A pity it doesn't look good




My niggas

On an unrelated note, whatever happened to that anon that tried making a game like this out of fun, and made more progress in a week than Inno did in a year?



Well, at least pegasus transformations would make wings on back accessible without turning into a slime or demon.


So once you went through all the sex options once, you have basically seen all of the sexual content in the entire game, right?

Every sexual encounter is the same more or less, some are more restricted or am I wrong?



Sex is sex, dude. It doesn't exactly take on a new definition upon every instance of it. If you're fucking random NPCs, then yes, you're going to go through your options fairly quickly. And that's what the non-randomized NPCs and their scripted scenes are for.



Lost motivation to work on it and disappeared forever, like 99.9% of game devs.



Not him, but, you lack vision, with that mod you can change the enchanting limit (only 5 because is a common item) which is very handy.


Where do you get condoms from? I cant even find them in the spawn item menu



Buy them from Raplhs Snacks



He sells condom belts but not condoms themselves


Maybe I am thinking too hard about the mechanics of this game but; What exactly is the different between stacking a bunch of Melee Damage on a weapon or stacking more of the elemental damage?



As I recall from a comment on the main blog, condoms have been temporarily replaced with the belts for now.



>What exactly is the different between stacking a bunch of Melee Damage on a weapon or stacking more of the elemental damage?

Former is normal damage made by weapons and latter is used as multiplier to weapon attack power.


File: 29028ba75205fd3⋯.jpeg (217.6 KB, 480x800, 3:5, ruu ruu.jpeg)


Do you even need that much enchantments?

I wish Anon had made a better design instead of just removing the best part of it

Pic related of what I'd like to see in this game, a mod or otherwise



What exactly am I looking at here?



I meant the crotch plate. LT has something similar sold by finch but it doesn't look good either

But if you meant who's that in the pic, it's Ruu Ruu from "kuroinu ~kedakaki seijo wa hakudaku ni somaru~"


File: 66cbe535a1ad638⋯.jpg (721.92 KB, 2108x3722, 1054:1861, Armor_of_Emperor_Ferdinand….jpg)


Not sure on the specific mechanics but basically just do both. I maxed them out and now I can one shot slimes with a physical weapon.


No yeah I meant the "crotch plate" never seen something like that before I wasn't sure if it was some kind of degenerate lewd device I wasn't familiar with. So its basically a codpiece for chicks right?


File: 5aba37fd070e57e⋯.png (518.33 KB, 1000x1329, 1000:1329, tron bonne.png)


>codpiece for chicks

I guess? I suppose one of the functions of the codpiece is to draw attention to the sexual part of the wearer, and that's also the case in crotch plates

But they also have that same allure from lingeries, making "little clothing" sexier than "no clothing", or armor in this case


File: 19889518de9e3b9⋯.png (841.27 KB, 940x672, 235:168, Fenoxo summarized.PNG)

File: 0977137e952fe14⋯.png (50.03 KB, 718x592, 359:296, Rabbi Fenberg.PNG)


How mad does it make you that Fenberg and others make even more for doing even less?

And for tricking dumb retards into doing their own work for them?





Has an incredibly simple sex mechanic but it still works better than LT when you have more than two participants, also we had an orgy in the sky while falling to our deaths after leaping from a blimp.

Also yeah don't fuck anyone outside our community, even in the sex club. Someone bit my goddamn dick off.

All said I would play it again if I was part of a big enough group.


>On an unrelated note, whatever happened to that anon that tried making a game like this out of fun, and made more progress in a week than Inno did in a year?

Now I'm salty, even if it was just a testbench I wanted to playtest some of those claimed features.



Actually makes me want to kill myself sometimes



I hate to sound like I'm defending lazy devs because I'm truly not but I have to bring up the ol trope of "why don't you do it then?"

I mean if you're a professional developer then surely you have the expertise to make something that could blow this out of the water.



Poe's law is truly in full effect, not only can I not tell if you're serious about this being real, I can't tell if you're ironically saying such a garbage scenario would be great or actually want this.



I assure you, the scenes in question are now in the game, no bamboozles. As for the second part of your post, go be a faggot somewhere else. It's almost as if in a game about depraved sex demons, the game should have a few moments where they actually have depraved sex. But no, I'm sure you're going to tell me all about how I should feel bad for my deviant tastes on this thread for a deviant porn game.


File: bc131f8b51ac026⋯.jpg (148.17 KB, 1242x1520, 621:760, a3f56af.jpg)


File: c18e0750456579a⋯.jpg (19.3 KB, 180x319, 180:319, 1421801028616.jpg)


I have no idea who's baiting who anymore




If you want to sexhave like a retard, you're in luck.

The game is mostly dead and the only admins left are either trannies or limp-wristed ultracucks.




>don't kink shame me

Naah you're a fucking faggot with shit taste and deserve to be bullied to the ends of oblivion.



That is a shame that it is dying/dead, the sex was fun/funny when you had someone who you knew wouldn't try to castrate you but I just wanted some friends to share the work with unless they made it possible to be a one man army and one man work force or totally removed the main death penalty.



Is that game here or elsewhere? I mean not to beg, but then again, all this talk of it has my interest peaked.


whatever happened to that age mod?



Working on merging in the latest update now.


Putting hellMOO in to a search engine will find their site with the connection info but I've not played in such a long time that I can't recommend what generic MUD/MOO client program to use to play it or how to build a character.

I don't think interest is enough to validate making a thread about hellmoo but maybe could ask in the "Questions that don't deserve their own thread" thread if anyone knows of a modern guide or is actively playing.


File: a8e9aaeb23efaf8⋯.jpg (252.12 KB, 1932x2048, 483:512, d279388ac5680eb1e7d88345c0….jpg)



Where would one find this mod once its ready? I searched for "lilith's throne age mod" but came up empty.



Glad to see some more interest in age mod.

I'm not sure why people making the thread opener posts keep leaving out all the links related to the age mod content while including pretty much everything else.

Pedy's Public source:


My compiled jar and res folder:


The link will stay the same but the online folder contents will change after the update.

Both are out of date, I'm hopeful I can get the update merging done in one more sitting / under a day but I'm being excessively slow and deliberate in an attempt to relearn the changes to the code for whenever someone gets inspired to make new fan content.


So I got to Meraxis and I was about to fight her 3 minions but when I click "Fight" I get taken to the inventory.

What the fuck bros



It's a metaphor.

It's not people you need to fight, but the things they carry with them.



>Have to spec into magic treat to get the weeabo perk or w/e just to get around a bugged fight

10/10 Inno


File: 7f74d79ff8407bc⋯.png (44.13 KB, 681x416, 681:416, perks.png)


You actually don't

You see, perks are unlocked for purchase no matter from which side you connect to them!

Not that it even matters since the actually interesting perks are obtainable within first five levels


File: 7886ec53e7625ce⋯.png (17.73 KB, 1200x89, 1200:89, ClipboardImage.png)

What is it with these people and having something against incest? It's always either downplayed or loopholed around like THAT'S just too much.

I remember CoC and TiTS doing the same shit



A lot of people have something against Incest

The "narrative" of the game hardly allows for it here, is the reasonable excuse.

One that is common now(though not when that was first written) is that Patreon HATES incest or mention therof.

So if people making this stuff are making their money off patreon then they have to do shit like this.

The biggest and most successful adult games backed on patreon usually have incest, and all of the main ones have re-written it out, for it to be patched back in with a fanpatch.



People are instinctually disgusted by incest because it creates fucked up, deformed children.




But I want chuuni sex with the chuuni demon where we fight to assert dominance, not some faggot gangbang.


File: 1e82c4b6467c925⋯.png (33.79 KB, 351x395, 351:395, ebin_intruder.png)

So, what's deal with keeping modifications on the Discord?



Repeated, yes.

But in reality the chance of getting fucked up children isn't really that high.

Statistically, your better off than trying to have sex with an old woman, since her eggs are degraded and riddles with DNA/RNA. flaws


Has anyone gotten an NPC that wanted more than one orgasm to be satisfied? Can it be forced with enchantments?

Or is this just another placeholder among the twelve billion we already have.



Wait, so she's not actually related to you anymore? The fuck?



From the beginning Lilaya was supposed to be an alternate universe version of your aunt, meaning you weren't technically related. But with the latest info bomb it turns out she sorta kinda is and isn't at the same time. Basically it's up to you whether you think it's incest or not.



eh, there's worse places to host it.

at least there's no mod authorship private hosting bullshit


by god, that feel



I've seen at least one in the code who wants 2 minimum.

May have also seen a scenario where they won't stop until they've forced you to orgasm more than once.



It's schrodinger's incest, she both is and isn't your aunt but I believe she wants to sex you either way and the dialog at a few points just changes depending on if you have the fetish positive level or not. Same appears to apply the rest of the family where you are either very familial in conversation or more obviously technical/deferential about being a member post adoption.


Mainly it is a central location and they encourage each other to try even if the results will be mediocre or failure.

I wonder how much of it is now badly outdated with the last round of clothing tag changes in the code.

Maybe we should try not being absolute shitlords to each other and see if we can collectively make even a single piece of well polished clothing, weapons or tattoos even.



Was it a named character? Literally every single NPC just goes for one orgasm and that's it


File: 999a6099c6941e4⋯.png (892.96 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 7a966d5430a6b908575e6fe667….png)


You're doing gods work and I salute you.



Well gangbangs are pretty gay and if you like futa then you're unambiguously a homosexual, perhaps so deep in the closet that even you don't realize it, but a homosexual nonetheless.

Besides I wanted to pop that seal myself and fill her womb with my babies, why does Innos microdick self-insert get to do it.


>Working out immediately causes visible changes in your fat and muscle mass

>Has no effect on your ability to fight



Its basically body-positive healthy/beautiful at any size nonsense.



Didn't it buff your core strength/fitness at one point?



>tfw can't roleplay as that ugly, fat old SOAB you always seen fucking the cute girl in hentai doujins


File: 131d51101253fbc⋯.gif (817.64 KB, 340x212, 85:53, 131d51101253fbc9a07fb72eb8….gif)


>still on may's events he did not write but people actually wrote them on their own and he is behind even in implementing them

This blasted my ass harder than it should have, so much so I even flew right past the threshold and I'm not angry anymore.



It really is depressing that Inno, despite their flaws, still somehow has a better work ethic than that jew.



I didn't make note of who but it is either a named or an event NPC as they had a overwrite of the function for when they want to stop sex.



>People are instinctually disgusted by incest

They're literally not. It is very much a learned behavior.



This, though it applies to anyone you grow up in a house with, even when it wouldn't be incest, like stepsister, provided you grew up from young age

inbefore lies



Not being """disgusted""" is the learned behaviour.




wait how to bold again?



>it creates fucked up, deformed children.

So it creates demons?



>create a ~50 year old obese manbeast with a footlong dong

>acquire a cute girl slave


just use your imaginatioooon!


File: 6ac6f321c87a05c⋯.png (164.79 KB, 637x349, 637:349, YESH.PNG)

>Added: 'Force creampie' (requires advantageous body position, such as being on top in 69 position), 'Leg-lock' (required unhindered legs), 'Hug-lock' (requires at least two free, unhindered arms), 'Wing-lock' (requires wings large enough to fly), and 'Tail-lock' (required at least one free prehensile tail) as orgasm preparation actions in relevant positions, allowing both you and NPCs to force partners to cum inside.



Long term sure and you can also get unlucky with recessive congenital defects but as a rule if you are only going one layer deep the increased risk is negligible like a fraction of 1% increase. To put it in perspective impregnating a woman over 35 has much greater chance of birth defects in certain cases like down syndrome we're talking like 10x greater chance. All those pictures you see of ugly inbred royalty and such is because they were doing it for hundreds of years and dozens of generations.


Well its a bit complicated there are some physiological attractant factors mostly in pheromones and morphology, however there seems to be an equally potent physiological deterrent that develops when you grow up together. This is why you sometimes see stories where siblings or father/daughter were separated at an early age, meet as adults and are, seemingly, inexplicably attracted to each other.


Need help Anons.

I get through halfway through character creator to the dress-up section and am greeted by a black screen.

If I mash buttons sometimes I get an inventory section, but can't move anything around. I click, click and drag, double click the clothing, nothing happens. Is it glitched?



So is it possible to fuck a futa while she is fucking someone else?

Otherwise it's literally unplayable for me



No. If I remember correctly, you either assume total dominance over everyone, submit to the enemy (or enemy party), or cuck out and let an enemy fuck your party member to avoid combat.


Yeah, on 3.05 the main quest got fucked for me. At the point where you need to buy a slave so that they can answer your question and tell you where to go next, I get stuck endlessly paying the fee and leaving the store…without the slave. And then the scene repeats when I go back inside.


I think it'd be hot if you could TF into an Imp and run around mindbreaking NPCs who are disgusted by your transformation–including the ones who are ordinarily friendly, like Nyan and Lilaya–with your freaky, super-charged aura. Seems like a lot of work for very little payoff, though, so someone would probably have to write scenes for that so that the dev wouldn't have to.



>but I just wanted some friends to share the work with unless they made it possible to be a one man army and one man work force or totally removed the main death penalty

You can totally opt out of pvp now and brains builds can be mostly self sufficient, though expect solo combat to kind of on hard mode unless you build just right.

Death isn't too bad, mostly just losing some exp and items dropping if you clone, but if you join a corp, any decent one will likely have people willing to come defib you and you don't lose anything that way. There's also autodefibs but are RNG, and I think zombies can keep crawling back up when they die as long as their body is in one piece.


MUSHclient is a pretty good modern one, and it's what most people use.


So we all know that current perk tree is fucking shit, but how could it be fixed?

Each job having it's own perk tree?

Forcing choice between traits?

Races having their own perk trees?



You get to pick. When you start the scenes you say if you're taking the ass, puss or mouth of both lilaya and meraxis. Lysseith gets the other choice



Less "Increase X of Y stat" and more "Your aura causes lust damage every turn"/"Some physical damage taken is absorbed into mana"



Basically this >>311167

Perks should do something unique and sometimes un-quantifiable not just increase your stats. Thats why the vast majority of games give you distinct stat and perk points.

Race/bodypart type "perks" might be interesting too like if you have a long tail you can do a trip attack once per battle that stuns a foe or something.


The fetishes don't seem very balanced. "Unlocks [fetish] tease" isn't quite on par with "Gain XP equal to level for each virginity you take" or "Gain an essence each time you crit"



Fetishes actively giving you upgrades are a mistake in first place


File: 2f02d7a4942b38a⋯.jpg (70.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3926834664356.jpg)

>Can't buy Scarlett

>Can't progress the main story

Fucking great update, Innoxia.



Gangbang's just if you want to literally fuck the soul out of her, there'll probably be a chance later on to interact with and take her first time normally. Shit, there'd better be.


File: ff80284675cc3c5⋯.png (925.5 KB, 1044x1623, 348:541, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm fucking around with this autistic pronoun system, trying to make it that I can be a smokin' hot trap and be referred to as "HIM"

Is that shit even possible? or is it directly tied to femininity?



Futa on female is basically just girl on girl but with a really good strapon. You'd have to be a retard not to understand that.



I'd been wondering what was the progress on that for the last couple of updates. Glad to see it's still in the works. Can't wait to get leglocked by a loli.

Actually, as a separate question, is it possible to alter height/breast size more by age? Coming across seeming 5 year olds that are taller than I am with massive breasts is a bit odd.



Fucking something with a dick is really gay. You'd have to be a retard not to understand that.



That's why you don't fuck it

>Futa on female is basically just girl on girl but with a really good strapon

Fag off



Is it not?



It is, I was reinforcing it and telling >>311249 to fag off



You can't impregnate with a strap on.




Shit, if you're gonna have a magic dildo that can knock someone up, you might as well just make it a real dick. Sex toys are boring, no matter how it's shaped a dildo's just a lump of plastic at the end of the day. Lame.


Never even came close to stating anything about fucking a futa. Nice job, retard-kun.



I really wish there was something like TohoK's Tentacles in LT so my pure female paladin could fuck the corruption out of dirty species out there



Actually finished game with better sex system than this mess


So where are the loli mods(i.e. free cities)?

Its unaceptable to be stuck with these old hags



Yeah progress slowed for a bit as community interest dropped on all the communities the mod is on and we had hit some walls for what we could do without more serious core modifications.

Shorter heights became possible a few versions back as far as I can tell and I believe is one of the projects of a contributor who doesn't visit here. I can pass along comments for what people want.

The scale of breasts/penises and such I'm not sure about as I think the issue is some of the races and maybe even humans have large values compared against real human statistics.




Finished uploading now


Be warned I did not have time to play test it myself despite all the shade that I throw at inno but I can't even start on that for another day.

Constructive feedback is encouraged.



God bless


So, what the shit are you supposed to do if you are engaging in consexual sex and out of nowhere your partner goes into resisting pace? Keep fucking until they go back to normal? Stopping immediately still gives you -50 affection.



any kind of info on what changed?

even setting everything to low ages made every random enounter at least 18 years old



Just fill them with tentacles and hope that they won't escape the restraint before you make them cum enough times that they stop resisting

Wait, wrong game

Just give them all the fetishes at once before fucking them

They probably can't resist then



get psychoactive fluids

then you can use hypnosis to raise their lust and go back to normal fucking



Player creation doesn't permit lowering the age below 18 for PC.



Check the era game thread on this board


You mean mostly finished and only partially translated game with many possible interactions, where to get any you have to either break the game or grind stats till the end of time



Good thing you can just change your stats on the fly to see all possible scenes.



>only partially translated

Most of the stuff aside from character dialogue and cuckshit nobody wanted to translate is there though. TohoK ain't Megaten.

Kind of funny how much better the sex system is when it's pretty much the same as what this game is doing too.



Why does it feel better anyway?

More sex stats? ore actions? Lack of positioning system? Actual fucking interaction with mechanics outside of sex?



There are more interactions with noticeable effects and consequences

Lewd tattoos even on the face, filming and spreading sextapes, public exposure and gangbangs with strangers have barely any consequences - there are no events when officers are approached and questioned or humiliated due to these - but TohoK still has those specific traits with their scenes

I think TohoK's system is fated to be much more limited than LT's, but we have this formerly? incompetent dev


just spent the last hour trying to compile this hunk of shit. worked the last twenty times, didn't change anything since, god just decided he wanted to keep me from degeneracy this time. eclipse compiles with warnings and the .jar refused to launch, intellj for twenty minutes compiled with a gorrillion errors no matter what, and then when i tried the jdk demo it compiled, but the .jar refuses to launch.




I'm not sure it's working. The lowest age it'll show in character descriptions seems to be 18, even with everything teen and up turned to off.



It's because latest LTS JDK is Java 11, and Inno is a lazy shit using the previous LTS build (Java 8).

Java 10 and below included a JRE, Java 11 doesn't i.e. even if the game compiles correctly you can't launch it without going through extra steps that probably won't work anyways.

The problem is made worse because the "how to compile" guide (given by Inno) is both outdated and fucktarded.

For good measure the pom.xml may or may not be broken and/or outdated, so Maven might be fucked too.

Of course, Inno is (((incentivized))) to continue being a lazy shit, because Java 11's lack of a JRE makes building the game from source more complicated and tedious, i.e. encourages people to (((donate))) for pre-compiled preview builds instead of manually compiling them and "stealing" Inno's potential shekels.




Fucking hell, I spent so long and some how missed all the trap code being rearmed. That should be fixed now but I can only imagine what else might be broken.


Mainly just allows lower age selection (and I think lower height but that might have broken if age related slection limits broke) for PC and new age lower categories to spawn child age NPCs, the height and appearance changes for children have been described as not great but until recently no one has given useful feedback and rarely does anyone want to join the contributor team.



well damn, lmao. thanks for the explanation. that'd explain why eclipse was giving me shit about only being able to select the jre or the jdk


Are self fetishes bugged or something? I can't even set stuff to Desire at max exp. What the fuck is going on with this build?



Fixed in git, believe it or not. Compile it yourself, and you're golden.



To do that would I need to go through all of the steps again?


>> 311507

Don't forget player creation while you're at it, it won't let you select an age under 18 on the current build.


>> 311593

If you're still on dev, just do a pull and clean compile. I've found a clean compile is important here for some reason.

Also make sure your data folder is backed up outside the default compile target if you do that.




Jesus christ man, are you actually manually typing post numbers? How can you possibly be this new?


File: 5cc5db8ebd9d231⋯.jpg (20.52 KB, 201x208, 201:208, Fj is so stupid _ddb250e1f….jpg)




You have to build from the dev branch instead of the master branch now



You'd have to be an androgynous trap and set it to refer to all androgynous characters as male


It's pretty fun to powergame the shit out of this. Filling every single clothing piercing and tattoo slot and enchanting the shit out of everything can easily max your stats, enslaving succubi can provide the money for that and afterwards you can spam the 1 key in a combat area to grind xp and essences if you really still need any.



That should have been fixed when I made post 311507





I've done a third update as the chunks of code for body redefining were also missing somehow.


There was a hotfix for that apparently, it should be in the newer agemod builds or you can make a new one from Inno dev branch.



Why would you even bother enchanting clothes and tattoos? Just make a ton of elixirs and increase your stats permanently while dressing as well as possible



Because enchanting clothing takes far less essences than permanent upgrade potions?



are there even permanent upgrade effects for every stat you could want?

crit damage multiplier, chance and all resistances are things I'd look for.



What difficulty are you playing in that makes essences so scarce? Also, what's the point of improving your armor and staying useless without it?


I believe so. Not like it makes that much difference too, most fights end rather quickly with higher stats



If >>311637 wanted to get more essences, do the following:

Set the difficulty to lilin, get the arousal spells, wait for arcane storm. Using it on any non-demonic enemies within a few turns and you should be able to get a lot of essences once your enemy loses by having max lust.


Can't for the life of me get the jar to run, guess I'm just too retarded.



Which jar / which link?

Was there a popup error?

Is there anything in the data folder's errorlog?



Looks like it doesn't work on harpies, or on imps, even the randomly spawned ones. Also, not on the succubi that spawn on the purple spaces.



I'll need feedback from the wider community on that issue as I suspect what it is is that harpies and demons and maybe imps as part-demon all have a line of code that makes them look 20ish regardless of biological age because they are lorewise supposed to look youthful / beautiful / 'prime of life' their entire lives. How disastrous would it be to remove that line of code for them and end up with 40 or 50 year old looking harpies and demons?


File: 8c1d4c2f0af62f8⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 374x374, 1:1, tf.jpg)



when is it coming out officially fellas?



Next month



>How disastrous would it be to remove that line of code for them and end up with 40 or 50 year old looking harpies and demons?

people should save edit their character's ages to what they want them to truly be




>Beautiful for the whole life

What was Innoxia drinking?



maybe they were thinking about sirens



Piss or what they call their beer



I'd imagine that for those that wanted to see more characters of those age ranges would be happy, then.

Maybe a different line, to tie in with the Observant trait or something, to be able to see their real age beyond what they appear to be?



I can only imagine there is some kind of future plan for it but characters actually have biological ages and an offset to look a different age.

Quick glance over the code before going to day job confirms that imps are a subspecies of demon and both random demons and harpies spawn looking like they are in their twenties regardless of if they are 6 or 60 years old biologically.

The change would also effect the cultists which I still have never encountered.


File: a3ec77e019a8b28⋯.jpg (127.98 KB, 692x1000, 173:250, Sample48b74270de08c438fc95….jpg)


To hell with LT's inane lore.



16.02. M42


File: 8b695c53173ffbe⋯.jpeg (298.12 KB, 750x1108, 375:554, 3F26986E-DA65-4BC1-822F-E….jpeg)

Jesus Christ


File: 4936a8fff48e932⋯.gif (88.51 KB, 498x416, 249:208, tenor.gif)

>they say gam is out

>gayme is not out

>they say they playin

>I can't play

Was it fair bros?



>How disastrous would it be to remove that line of code for them and end up with 40 or 50 year old looking harpies and demons?

I'm pretty sure anyone using the age mod isn't setting encounters to 40's and 50's



There is literally a link out for the latest version of the game at the top of the thread, you gigantic retard.



stupid frog



Not new, just retarded. But not retarded enough to have JS turned on.



we have to make it ourselves though


File: 8a3fc0e220163bb⋯.jpg (97.94 KB, 1200x923, 1200:923, faf84a0.jpg)


When the sun rises in the west and sets in east. When the prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) returns to destroy the Jews with the assistance of the Muslims as is fortold in the Holy Quran 1400 years ago mashallah takbir.



If I'm not mistaken, your MEGA build is ahead of the public branch on git. Might explain any fixed bugs getting reported again.


I have some questions about age mod, I apologize if I missed a reply that explains any of this. So from what I understand age mod effects PC but now also has the chance of spawning below 18 age NPC's? Does this effect descriptions? Like if having sex with an NPC that is 14, will it refer to them as a teen? Or 9 year old as a child? Or does it still describe them the same? The descriptions would probably be the most important detail for the age mod, right? How it refers to them during sex, the nouns it uses, etc.



>So from what I understand age mod effects PC but now also has the chance of spawning below 18 age NPC's?


>Does this effect descriptions? Like if having sex with an NPC that is 14, will it refer to them as a teen? Or 9 year old as a child?

Yes, but that's only thing which is different from normal one.




how to install? java can't detect the data folder, or something. I'm new to this game…



True, altho this is the first time I've seen Inno actually present enough to receive urgent bug reports or code changes and merge them in before they go stale.


PC can be child age and NPC's now have age categories that are younger than 18.

>Does this effect descriptions

It will refer to someone who looks like a teen, preteen, little boy or girl.

It is mainly the less used basegame descriptors for the lack of an asset at the moment, there is framework to add child-specific nouns and such but it has seen only a little use.

Sex specific stuff we keep deciding to delay as the sex overhaul was thought to be adding features like referencing to one partner being larger than the other, both in terms of height and penetrator vs orifice size.

Mod is very much a work in progress and anyone who wants to help is welcome to try.


hmm, agemod is actually a core mod and is built into an alternate version of the game.jar at the compiling stage rather than loaded like a clothing or tattoo mod. You should only need to download the agetest3005'letters'.jar and the res folder from the link to mega and run the agetest jar instead of lilith's throne jar

It might complain if it can't find the res folder and maybe if it can't write to or create the data folder.


File: 8918be77f50cb07⋯.jpg (79.39 KB, 416x410, 208:205, highrule.jpg)


i dont get these fags


File: 49df107a7f70a83⋯.jpg (74.76 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1529084879001.jpg)


>I'm a former Marine Commando military special forces I'm as Alpha as you can get

This is what I live for.


What is the fetish requirement for the mating press position?

I thought it was impregnation, but i still get corruption


Man I got a way to fix that shitty perk from fire spells

Instead of worthless damage boost it could allow you to brand people with tattoos

It would even fit into the theme of these perks being of noncombat type


File: aa4e989003efd6f⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1453509709011.jpg)


Man I missed shit like this


File: 0e243f42043e79b⋯.png (4.16 KB, 226x204, 113:102, what the.png)


>I'm a former Marine Commando military special forces I'm as Alpha as you can get

What i read….it can´t be real can it?

No way a normal human being can write that cringy shit right?


File: 7773b551d2f201d⋯.png (92.04 KB, 670x1073, 670:1073, uh.png)


File: 1f10a9377d031ac⋯.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1532046938817.gif)


File: 663c39ff7d382fb⋯.jpg (5.75 KB, 264x169, 264:169, i lack reaction images.jpg)

>falling for obvious "top of my class" pasta tier shit-stirring



>Stop having fun waahhh



Like clockwork.


File: 14ea9262fdd57cd⋯.png (4.23 KB, 238x210, 17:15, i present my feelings on t….png)


>I'm just pretending to fall for it


File: 301df7c4607ec7e⋯.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Z7HeRxU512HPf1235890.png)


>You can't laugh at something even if you know it to be fake

Loosen up a little, no need to be so uptight.


fellas im literally retarded, where were the chastity cages moved to? I keep checking the slaver shop, but they only sell collars now



>only sell collars now

delete your res folder and get a new one

if it's the bug i'm thinking of, that should fix it

be sure to back up any mods you have


File: c08e1979b078107⋯.png (145.82 KB, 380x267, 380:267, ClipboardImage.png)



How do you give Arthur his package?



It's been delayed until next century



Just go to him and give it.


It's either tomorrow or in next week.



>It's either tomorrow or in next week.

What a strange way of saying next month


File: 60361f6057bc11a⋯.gif (2.04 MB, 480x271, 480:271, even_possible_aliens.gif)


Don't you get it?

The update is symbolic,the update is in all of our hearts


For anyone wanting it, i grabbed this from the git today, and Exported it. Doesn't have any Res and such, so if anyone who has updated stuff for that wants to rezip this with that, go ahead.




based anon hacking into the mainframe



But anon I don't want E-aids.



>no res

doesnt that mean that nothing is going to work, from the new update



you can literally just download it off the git



shut the fuck up


File: 50f2f393e97b500⋯.jpg (35.57 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 1523481454578.jpg)


ok resume being a retard then


File: 124b84e82121005⋯.png (25.13 KB, 771x138, 257:46, Screenshot_1.png)






Of next year, right? Just so we're clear.





Next round of agemod tweaks done and uploaded, harpy and demon children should now have child like appearance instead of being twenty somethings.



Cheers, will report back anything odd.


File: 530e8f3eac9adb6⋯.jpg (158.69 KB, 450x417, 150:139, 1694929-bigthumbnail.jpg)


There is a God after all.


File: 78f02468793c778⋯.jpg (152.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Samael der unbekannte.jpg)

Leak pic of humanities savior,hero and our greatest ally Arch Angel Samael


Since innoxia's gift was baleeted, how do you turn yourself into a demon? Do I have to download an older version, tf into a demon, and then import that character to a current version just to be a qt succubus?



Submit to Lilin and become a race traitor



Now, how often do you guys think this question will get asked, despite having already been asked and answered several times?

Just type "buggy" and hit race resets, my dude.


Oi lads

Noticed the patch notes saying that Inno updated the price for demon slaves. But isn't there a whole thing where you can't slap slave collars on demons because no one will actually enforce it?



Maybe the real update was the friends we made along the way.



>But isn't there a whole thing where you can't slap slave collars on demons because no one will actually enforce it?

I think that's only for higher-tiers of demons.

No one will care about some imps or some weak succubus from dark alleyways.



I'm surprised no Patreon has tried this yet.


How is the fucking update still not out?

In what world is it ok to say

>hey here is the update but you have to compile it

It's like a restaurant saying

>her here are all the ingredients but you have to cook it

I don't have the fucking recipe dude. I'm not computer scientist and shit. I'm just a guy trying to play this shitty game so I can get off. Fuck shit fuck.


Can't you just turn into a slime, transform into a demon and then become solid again?

I used this trick to get angel slaves in the past.



>I don't have the fucking recipe dude.

You have, its literally written on the blog how to compile the builds, you are just lazy and/or a brainlet


File: fbb1cf83045c8e8⋯.jpg (16.03 KB, 480x320, 3:2, Stallman001.jpg)


>In what world is it ok to say hey here is the update but you have to compile it


Where can I find the maid clothes I need to put my slaves in their place?




>you have to compile it

All you gotta do is run the compiler, you don't even have to write your own compiler you stupid fucking nigger.



so where do i get this? or am i just a blind retard




Might as well BM it in case AgeScale anon continues to update the mod any further.



Under the special tab at Nyan's.


v0.3.0.6 is up.


>I also guarantee that the full public release of v0.3.1 will be out in about 7 days from this post.

why the fuck is she like this


File: 92b26be7f1eb534⋯.png (628.83 KB, 712x5739, 712:5739, Screenshot_2019-02-10 Lili….png)


Has there been any mention by the dev on redoing the way sex works so it doesn't always end up being you fucking a bunch of clones with the same five lines of dialog, or should I just stop hoping that will ever happen?



Do the story.


Do more, fgt. I demand you update for every micro-update Inno gives us.





Erection level and orifice wetness due to arousal mechanics are being added sometime after 0.3.1 (as referenced in the game file comments) but other news beyond that no one knows yet afaik.



That's pretty sweet. I'm gonna pretend to myself that she'll finally allow characters with dick and no balls, and they won't be able to get properly hard.


File: 546dbdba92bb84b⋯.png (11.83 KB, 610x265, 122:53, error.png)

fuck's sake



What did you expect when you are using a program that is literally made for retards? Software packages are more trouble than they are worth, just use git for windows and Maven. They are both faster, more reliable and takes way less space.



Hoped she would've bothered making sure her recommended method worked. Guess I'll go try Maven.



See on of the last posts in the previous thread. Someone made a guide on how to set it up



You can already do Dick + No Balls, you just make the balls internal and set their cum release on orgasm to 0 so they can't ejaculate which makes them frustrated.


File: 5cc5db8ebd9d231⋯.jpg (20.52 KB, 201x208, 201:208, Fj is so stupid _ddb250e1f….jpg)


>no balls

>explicitly has balls




Dangly bits gone, you can set capacity and expulsion to 0. It's effectively castration.



Just download in zip from the git and import, for fuck sake guys it's not rocket science


>literally made for retards

Considering how much people use it even for pro coding, I'd say you have a problem


Inno is not the most tight of game developer if it wasen't clear by now, in fact up till yesterday the dev branch compiled but with error on sex positions




Like they ride you or what



Yeah, like that.


I regard all technology with fear and suspicion, as is proper.



Too bad he is indoctrinated


File: 0973f307cdb52df⋯.jpg (667.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PS3p.jpg)


>Too bad he is indoctrinated

Who Samael?

Nah,We will have an option(Hopefully) to join Angels or become a Angel ourself and save humanity no matter the cost


File: c1283c84f75c901⋯.png (79.5 KB, 781x594, 71:54, JAR.PNG)

Anyone else having this error or know how to solve it?


Does anyone if the age mod works with 3.0.6?


File: 742840d2018544b⋯.png (55.08 KB, 514x345, 514:345, confused.png)

So I am using the agemod what I just compiled from pedy's git this morning, but I can't seem to get any npcs younger then 18.

Looking through the savegame.xml I can see that the npcs seem to be generating with younger ages the description does not show anything younger then 18.

What the fuck is going on? My guess is there is a new bit of code added somewhere recently that is overriding the "yearOfBirth" value (and possibly height, can't get them under 4'7") but I have no idea where that would be.


File: a08d98cdec2650c⋯.png (169.72 KB, 800x600, 4:3, mod.png)

And people say that mods aren't good

These are some great cosplay items

In other news the outfit modding from new version is great and convoluted mess



does it have the other magical girls or is it just madoka?



Kyouko when?



You can roughly make her outfit in game already and her spear is another mod


finally got it compiled properly, using maven

if anyone else is having problems following this http://roufid.com/no-compiler-is-provided-in-this-environment/

and running the jar in cmd with "java -jar game-1.jar"

got it working for me



That's quite a large list here

I'm optimistic


File: 1de070f56517112⋯.png (275.17 KB, 432x586, 216:293, 20770312_1958092781116395_….png)


gib mega



Don't bully me, that's my fetish and I can't work with this large an erection.


Not the drag and drop kind of mod people are used to, it involves overwriting files in the jar that are often updated by Inno.

Merging Inno's 3.0.6 changes into the code from Pedy's gitgud can be done by anyone who is familiar with the tools.


Very odd, unless this morning is more than 18 hours ago that should be the version with the second round of fixes for that in.

I'm working on merging 3.0.6 in but it sounds like there might be another set of fixes for inno stuff in the works too



This morning as in roughly 1 hour before the time stamp on the post, but I might have fucked something up will I was tracking down another issue. I am now doing a fresh download in a new directory and recompiling.

I am very curious what the process is of merging the new versions in, I have not messed with java for quite some time (focusing on c++/c# lately) but I am familiar enough that I could probably work it out


File: 6a62adff3bf07c4⋯.png (148.4 KB, 475x473, 475:473, fuckinghell.png)


well shit, it worked.

It looked like I was missing a bunch of clothes and items so I tried copying in a fresh download of the res folder and must have used the original (not pedy). That's probably what fucked it up.



Using git and such the machine does most of the work of combining the differences in the two sources so it is easy but the machine doing most of the work also means it can make wrong assumptions and revert our changes if Inno changes the same part or a part upstream.



>outfit generation framework

finally no more swimsuits with fishnet stockings feminine watches and cowboy hats



File: 9c46cfbf952805a⋯.png (24.91 KB, 590x399, 590:399, ClipboardImage.png)

wat do?



That don't look like Maven to me. It looks like a lot of unnecessary work.


Holy fuck, does slavery make you a shitload of money as a water caster. Each milking slave is giving me 216k per day. Previously my money making method was to buy the four collars then enslave and sell four succs (which I'm pretty sure is a bug/oversight since Finch mentioned that demons can't be enslaved).


File: c2bb010418cc81f⋯.png (87.49 KB, 1006x899, 1006:899, BuildIssue.png)


I can't say if Maven would be better or not as I've not tried it myself yet. I suspect not as Inno keeps doing stuff to the build so that it won't work automatically if your environment isn't just right and that means it likely won't work if your skill with the programs is just being able to execute a guide.

For eclipse you probably need to open the problems report and address most of the issues. See Red

Sometimes it is as simple as clicking refresh to reload the working directory. See Blue


File: 4ff421b65a12687⋯.png (23.07 KB, 1136x233, 1136:233, ClipboardImage.png)


This is all french to me bro



It looks like for some reason Eclipse unassigned your JDK. To to Project, Properties, Java Build Options and select the JDK that you actually have, but preferably 1.8. I'm naming them from memory, so the actual names might be a little different.



Hon hon hon c'est la vie mon ami



Had the same error but haven't had a chance to test my fix other than that it cleared those errors, Inno specified 32 bit java 1.8, no clue why.

As far as I know you should be able to right click the bottom note and select quick fix which should let you change to a version of java you have installed. If you intend to share your compiled build I would recommend 1.8 which you probably already have installed but you likely have the 64bit version.


File: 02fc659b4799b6e⋯.gif (7.28 MB, 818x460, 409:230, giphy-downsized-large.gif)



Nice bitcoin mining virus



What the fuck anon this was a brand new computer



I can't believe I fell for it again


File: 2aa858ae05d4377⋯.png (8.5 KB, 205x246, 5:6, fuck.png)





stop fucking teasing me you niggers shits, does it work or not


A hotfix for the hotfix just released


how does anon's age mod compare to ATF's age mod?


File: 7744153671f5025⋯.jpg (31.43 KB, 650x609, 650:609, 1234897623626.jpg)

>Mating press position still broken

Very nice Innoxia thanks.



If you were able to look at all the archived threads here you'll see I've probably called myself Gamma once or twice here when clarifying that I'm not Pedy. I'm also the contributor Gamma there.

Generally this agemod has been the same as the one on ATF as I was sharing with the contributors there, give or take small fixes or updates depending on who makes them and how often we communicate.

Before anyone asks as far as I know 8ch community will be welcome to share in upcoming content by Loliphile and I believe I'll still be the one who posts the build here.



God bless



Works for me, what problem are you having?



No option to iniate it unless you have a dick, which is pretty stupid.

Seems like an oversight.






That makes sense to me, why else would you put someone in that position? Are you asking for Mating Press (bottom)?



>Are you asking for Mating Press (bottom)?

Yes. It just seems weird that that specific position is locked behind having the right genitals, when every other position can be done regardless of what junk you have.



Its a very dominant position if you want to have control then stop being a faggot.



Anon, stop acting like a retarded nigger, it's really unhelpful.



tell inno and it'll probably be fixed in a hothothot fix patch



Is there a version already compiled with a mega so we can play?



Doing god's work anon, thanks!


What is the appeal of playing a male character






meme levels of impreg


File: 54dcfb3493ca76d⋯.png (82.21 KB, 500x509, 500:509, preposterous-28851568.png)


>He doesn't self insert going around into a demon beating rampage through dominion



not until you can kill them



idk the game can get really gay even if you only turn on gynephilic encounters



I get see many different woman fucked instead of only one?



Why not handcraft your perfect girl to get fucked?



I do, and then I handcraft 5 other perfect girls and fuck them too.







How to learn new magic?


File: 65daf62948d60f2⋯.jpg (135.34 KB, 900x1663, 900:1663, a63673e.jpg)

>year of our lard 2019

>he doesnt play exclusively as a human white man who goes around impregnating every human white woman he meets *consenually*

stay low test you cucks




Nah I prefer to be a based black man knocking up white sluts.



based savior of our race





>Fapping to porn with a man in it

Faggots like you deserve the rope.



Any girl that fucks anyone other than me is not my perfect girl.


File: d1e6180e241e20a⋯.png (54.63 KB, 838x983, 838:983, 1297199206149.png)

Someone upload the new hotfix hotfix version pls



It's already up on the git



What kind of upcoming content?



I think he wanted a link to the latest version that's already been compiled, not the DIY version on github.




It isn't specifically age related content and all I can say for now is what is already in the ATF thread which was fetishes for age groups or age group differences and urine related fetishes, there are some other ambitious projects on the roadmap but generally all the contributors have been asked to keep individual projects under wraps until they are closer to a release worthy state.


The maven instructions are noticeably better than the official shit (my background is in scripting, so command line/terminal options are a lot more preferable than some bloated garbage GUI), thanks anon. I do not like how maven has to download a lot of very small files every single time package is called. It is not very likely this will be a regular thing at all (as I do not have any stakes in this game), I'l get a mod to add the maven instructions to the OP.







Weird. Why is that file only 27mb? I have from the official Patreon link and it's about 97mb. The size discrepancy is a bit puzzling.


File: 866af4f6dd74028⋯.png (598.71 KB, 1040x932, 260:233, please.png)


what are you trying to say bub?


Am I completely missing something? It seems like no matter how I play it out (both slave and friend route) my partner always freaks out and ends up losing all affection. Is this a feature or something? The worst part is that if I just "do nothing" they will have orgasm after orgasm without a care in the world. How do I loving feeling these trollops?



Just mindwham some rando into loving you after enslaving them with a ring and pretend you are married


File: 096e939292e4796⋯.jpg (49.51 KB, 444x563, 444:563, 096e939292e479688ad882b7b7….jpg)

>install lolimod

>enslave and impregnate 10 year old daughter

>find new daughter

>shes 18




Just change your age preferences my man. They're both a few hours/days old anyway. Pregnancy in this game causes hilarious reverse 1000 year old lolis.

>Hah, you thought I was a 32 year old cake, but in fact I was born literally yesterday!



18 usually means there is a line of code doing that deliberately, I'll see what I can find and do.



what is the purpose of selecting desires & fetishes?

what use does it have?



Fetishes give small buffs and a few of them give special tease attacks. They also prevent you from gaining corruption for associated actions. Desires effect a character's lust, which in turn changes how fast arousal rises.



Honestly, I wouldn't mind if that had a chance of happening naturally randomly.



Wait, I'm half asleep, so you had one who became 10 meaning things aren't broken?, it is just weird that children can be older than their parent?


Which playstyle has more content

Dom or Sub?



That has a bigger impact on control of the encounter rather than having a lot of content differences. Otherwise it's largely the same rinse-repeat, just a matter of who's calling the shots.



Only for random encounters.


For unique encounters, I'd definitively say sub has more content.



>As I said previously, I wanted to make this post to outline my plans for the upcoming public release of v0.3.1. As it's been far too long since a public release, I'm going to cut back the goals that were originally planned for v0.3.1 so that I can get it wrapped up and ready for the end of this week. As a result of this, everything that was originally planned for v0.3.1 is going to be pushed back to v0.3.2, and instead, I'm going to be concentrating on finishing off the final things that I had planned for v0.3.0.5.

>As you can see, I've also cut the planned encounters down to just the one centaur one. I really don't think that I will, but if I do run out of time, I'll cut it and include it in v0.3.2.



File: 4df47f9bdb8bf40⋯.png (54.26 KB, 747x712, 747:712, b4f78b88df6be368f81338cb8f….png)


At this point i'm only here for the blogpost comments.


The sealing enchantment still causes debuffs? I use it to protect my character's virginity and that's a little annoying



Seems even those are drying up quickly. The shitstorms were fun to view from a distance, but now there is barely any fucks given. Not too surprising since interest in new updates are quite low from what I can tell. It usually goes like "Here's a new place with a new species and some lore!", which is quite literally just a palette swap since interactions and sex and whatever else is still the same.

I'm feeling confident in saying that LT has already peaked in quality and quantity is slow going so it's only worth taking a peek once a month at this point.


File: 8f70c45128f0a85⋯.jpg (23.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 582e0f7507629c0⋯.png (277.35 KB, 1920x986, 960:493, Global_prevalence_of_consa….png)


Worse, Pakistanis and middle easterners.


Except there's a reason some cultures create shitholes. Notice how Africa is uncolored because of lack of data, not because of lack of incest.



This doesn't prove incest as much as it proves lack of immigrants/different ethnicities in a country.


with the new -taur addition, are we just one step away from Innoxia adding literal animals?



I sure hope so.


Does raising affection with an elemental change anything?



It's literally you

It shouldn't even have affection mechanics in first place




Would it really matter right now though? Wouldn't the sex be exactly the same in this game? Because unless that changes, most if not all updates that add new things to fuck are pointless. Even AgeScale mod is at this point, no offense to the mod dev.



That would be nice. I thought animals were planned at one point.



Originally they weren't, but that's changed. So at some point, indeed.


File: 642b24abf438c40⋯.jpg (549.38 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, 888ekdixq6o11.jpg)

File: 863f3d4d12e8e7d⋯.jpg (96.5 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, 204322963b7fb20c5f21637ea5….jpg)

File: 8c77ed2028fc7af⋯.jpg (344.87 KB, 682x1000, 341:500, 1397535237.whitemantis_kaz….jpg)

File: f6dc85c0692a3bf⋯.jpg (382.63 KB, 1280x725, 256:145, 1433893277.whitemantis_nei….jpg)

File: d89b8828e3b9c1a⋯.jpg (228.8 KB, 905x1280, 181:256, 1521223674.mellowpastelrap….jpg)

Are insect-morphs of any kind planned for the future? I know there's an antennae bodypart slot, but considering this game is in valve time I'm not too hopeful


File: df4b1aec71b8904⋯.jpg (98.62 KB, 532x1031, 532:1031, planned maybe rejected up ….jpg)


Don't bet on it happening any time during 2019, but they're planned.

Maybe if Innoxia made racemodding easier bee-anon would've kept updating the bee mod.




It will be a disappointing just like with coc



Especially if the modding community gets little more than what they have to work with now. Even then I'm not so sure it won't just become the next CoC either.


File: d7c392416e1070e⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1524514243714.jpg)

is the game stable yet or should I wait another 6 months?



Stable as in how? Bug free, you mean? Probably never in that case.


File: 50f5eadbf923d06⋯.png (375.8 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, abel.png)

File: f52c345c7256c57⋯.png (445.11 KB, 515x685, 103:137, 1363176316.whitemantis_ske….png)



That's about what I thought, thanks for the quick response gays



Now, I could be mistaken, but wasn't that fields area supposed to have been released for 0.3.0? What happened with that?



Innoxia pushing back content happened


File: ab64d795c1859ed⋯.png (617.75 KB, 503x628, 503:628, losing it.png)


>no elves, orcs

>3452345435345345 kinds of animals because fuck you, that's why




Absolute shit tier taste



At least with furries it's still mammals…

Now, lizad/bug fetishist, those are the TRUE degenerates


File: e7f46f152c4dbf7⋯.jpg (209.46 KB, 1847x1431, 1847:1431, 4527d1d.jpg)


Who the fuck looks at a lizard and says:

"Oh yeah, I gotta get me some of that. I ain't leaving until I get me some lizard ass."



On the other hand all these races mean that once full animals are in you can play as beast master/vampire/awakened cat



vampires are rejected too



Use imagination baka

You don't need demon sealed in your eye for cursed eyepatch to be holding back your magical powers



We've been over this nigga a Elf is just a human with pointy ears while an orc is either based off a pig or a green human with pointy ears so you could make them right now



But they wouldn't be called an orc or an elf.

I just want to be a big orc that knocks up all the pretty girls.



If Innoxia ever gets off their ass and adds half decent race modding your boring shit tier tastes will be the first to get modded in



come back in a year friend


File: 162518efb264777⋯.png (185.69 KB, 431x324, 431:324, 1533523243107.png)



Because humans with cat ears and tails is sooooooo much more interesting and unique, right?



I play with humans disabled and nothing below greater morph just waiting for ferals to be added



>It shouldn't even have affection mechanics in first place

Welp, thats what I found odd, nvm then.




If they do get added. I haven't seen any official news on that lately.


Are the we really any better than Lilith?

I mean, we take normal people and change both of their body and mind to suit our needs

There's not much difference outside of scale


How do I get new spells?



buy them in the arcade


File: 281ba5368362e4f⋯.png (35.59 KB, 120x194, 60:97, yes and.png)



I don't flood the world with furries.



Oh thanks.



I turn all furries into humans with no fetishes. I want to make the world normal again.



>whitemantis' nae

>a reminder of Blade Under Mask being abandoned



you use protection then?


<feeling hot hot hot(fix)

fuck, Inno is taking away our freedom units. Not sure how much of agemod was already in metric and how much wasn't.



Yes. Until you decide the world should be infested with furries and fill all the countries with furry migrants.



There's definitely some merit in that NPC meme. Always fun to see the sentient telling them to fuck off.


File: ac6cf367c1320d7⋯.jpg (220.71 KB, 1102x967, 1102:967, 1412391339848.jpg)


alright has the game content increased and is playable since the demon tf change?






I only fuck humans.



Dumb inno whore


File: 8f3573a458785a2⋯.jpg (75.17 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1412699124171.jpg)



I'm sorry for laughing anon, you're better off waiting a year rather than 6 months, see you then


File: 94ca6cd026ef287⋯.jpg (44.13 KB, 635x473, 635:473, 94ca6cd026ef287e235f160a60….jpg)




So you guys got any ideas for rooms/room upgrades?

Things like alchemy lab to make potions stronger/cheaper or training room that allows you to spar with residents and gives loser some exp

Things like that



>So you guys got any ideas for rooms/room upgrades?

BDSM room for more placeholder scenes.



bdsm room with hanging ropes, wooden horse and all that jazz


This game is gay furry shit. If I wanted to get fucked by gay imps I would play this game.




Furry fuckers need gassings


Objectively incorrect.

You might as well say a nigger is just a white man with dark skin.



Okay then. There's the door. Don't let it sodomize you on the way out!



Nice response, gayboy




Oh shit, I have been owned-ed!


File: c84adfd8ba6cb71⋯.jpg (60.46 KB, 670x670, 1:1, c84adfd8ba6cb71d1a6701038a….jpg)


You can play as a human man and go.around impregnating human women with the correct settings. I would like for you to explain how that is gay.



>>every guy wants a male character to suck their cock

>fucked by gay wolf

restart game

>fucked by gay imps

yeah this game is mega gay



disable the gays, faggot


File: f739864e62fa84d⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, yiff.png)


Anon being raped is a punishment for losing battles. Grind some low level encounters during arcane storms to level up a little, you can win easily by using seduction techniques. Remember it's not gay to seduce other guys or furries as long as you don't put out after.


File: 81c829818fe0182⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 345x458, 345:458, 81ctrp.jpg)


You could go even further and play as a human woman and go around impregnating human men. This is supremely ungay. LT is great like that.



Yes, as demons are evil, humans are naturally right to punish* them.



is there a way to get like billions of dollars? Cuz the buggy cheat way aint the way to go.



just edit your save



Nothing in this game even costs much

Just mash that button like twenty times and you can afford anything of relevance

Alternatively just get two mindwhamed slaves into prostitution



Just open your save on any text editor, search for your current dosh and enter the amount you want in.



The real money maker is milking. You can earn more than 200k a day with a proper slave.



Was trying to buy the elder lilin and make her ma slave.


Cool ty


File: fb0959b7fd885ab⋯.gif (247.52 KB, 313x320, 313:320, 83228b2b5b_00.gif)

For those struggling to build the dev branch in eclipse, go to project properties > java build path > libraries > edit and pick 'workspace default'. It'll take a minute or two to rebuild then you can export normally.

I'm not code smart but it's something to do with the JDK defaulting to a different version than the one you have.



I think the most expensive thing might be if you try an import one of your characters depending on their level and setup. I had one that neared something like a quarter of a billion flames in value.



thanks deepweb hacker anon



I swear to fuckin god if i see that fucking cat one more time…..



The problem with lots of characters being milked is it lags the game tremendously


File: d732ce870917fd7⋯.png (49.01 KB, 1511x862, 1511:862, ClipboardImage.png)

LT is the only game that actively seems to fight you the more you build it.



>Everything in a porn game wants to fuck you

Who would've thought.



There are options to not have that sort of thing happen to you.




Honestly it's kind of off-putting that men want to fuck me or get fucked by me after the battle. Kinda the same for the women too actually. If the sexual orientation matches then they are down for a fuck no matter what.

Everyone is a fucking degenerate

And when everyone is a fucking degenerate, it's not fun to be degenerate myself



>>Everyone wants to fuck me!

Especially the ones who beat you up, take your money then leave you alone. It's also not like this takes place in a universe where there's literal lust thunderstorms.



>>This game is mega gay.

If only it were possible to use the option that turns it off, damn, thinking and reading's just too fucking hard.



Just one top-tier milked character produces more income than 10 prostitutes. Filling a room with 8 of them will give you 800k per day which is already ridiculously overkill and will not do much harm at all. Hell, even with just one at 200k per day you can get a shitload of tattoos done.



Then make it so only women can spawn.



Anon is complaining about the fact that everyone is dtf all the time if you match their sexual orientation, which is absolutely true

I'd rather have people be more normal about this, avoiding sex or being just a little more controlled about it


And that's bad too. Innoxia did this to avoid even allowing a "darker" fetish like rape, just like she did the stupid kids growing up thing



You know that rape is already in the game, right?



>>Innoxia did this to avoid even allowing a "darker" fetish like rape.

Rape is in the game you fucking idiot.


>>314446 >>314447

To be fair, you have to specifically enable non-con content when you start a new game. I wouldn't put it past the average sperg lord to pay no attention to any of those settings.



So you're saying it's just like those morons complaining that there's too many gays and not even thinking to turn that off too? Unlike the gays, the setting for non-con's really obvious.


File: be8f6273e78009c⋯.gif (228.37 KB, 220x220, 1:1, bingo1.gif)



>those morons complaining that there's too many gays

Any amount of gays is too many. There's no reason to even cater to those things.



So turn that setting off. If you don't like that you couldn't find it, well the amount of retards is too many, so there's no reason to cater to you.




>"It doesn't matter that there's a toggle to disable it, the fact that this content dares to exist in MY porn game is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!"

Fuck, it's almost as if this game wasn't created to cater specifically to you.


>Anon is complaining about the fact that everyone is dtf all the time if you match their sexual orientation, which is absolutely true

You are almost literally a walking sex demon. And again, this is a porn game, you know exactly why you're here, so why exactly are you asking for normalcy in your demon/furry/slave fucking game?

Personally, I find it amusing that everyone I beat wants my dick the second I best them. The fact that people will ignore their incompatible sexual orientations just for you is incredible when you think about it.



I'm not seeing it, I've lost in fights in this game where all they did at the end was just steal my pocket change and leave me alone. I've also found plenty of NPC's who aren't interested and if you force the issue, you get the rape scene that the idiot anon insists isn't in the game.

Also doesn't having a toggle to remove features you don't like mean the game is literally catered towards you?



>Also doesn't having a toggle to remove features you don't like mean the game is literally catered towards you?

No. It means the game is made to appeal to the broadest audience possible, which is literally the opposite of catering towards one in particular.



But if you add an option specifically for those people, how can you say that's not catering towards them?



Are you fucking retarded? Being able to toggle options or customize things isn't catering. So what, is LT also catering towards people who like redheads because you have the option of red hair? Just because the choice is available doesn't mean it's there to suck some preference's dick.



Haven't been following this convo in awhile, but I really want to know what caterers you've had in the past. I have to admit I've never asked a caterer to provide blowjobs, but it's never been an advertised service.



You ARE dumb. Yes, the game adds options and fetishes for different groups, that means it accounts for the tastes and desires of a multitude of different people as opposed to that of just a single individual. Lilith Throne "caters" to a shitton of different people, it's just that Innoxia had the foresight and brilliance to add in toggle features so you can fine-tune the sandbox experience to your personal liking. As opposed to lots of other fucking porn games where you have to wade through a veritable ocean of shitty fetishes in order to try and find a scene that actually suits your tastes. Like TiTs.




No shit, you fucking retards, that was inserted later and it is still pretty stupid. The only thing NPCs care about is wether or not you look like a girl or a boy

It is in the game but since she created those excuses and they will still be there with or without non-con activated, rape is much less rewarding. Sex is so common that forcing someone to have sex is irrelevant


The above but less aggressive

Rape and lovey-dovey relationships in this game won't ever be as fulfilling as they should because sex is commonplace




>>Having things specifically added for certain types of people means the game isn't catering towards them.

An you call me retarded. If you have the option of seeing what you like and removing what you don't, that's the definition of catering towards you, you fucking morons.



>>There isn't rape in the game.

>>Rape was added later, that's why I said it wasn't in the game, also forcing somebody to have sex is irrelevant even though that's literally what rape is.

Found the retard.



First of all, I didn't say there isn't rape in the game get the fuck out of here with that dyselxia

>forcing somebody to have sex is irrelevant even though that's literally what rape is

That IS rape, since it is sex without consent, but it isn't as rewarding because sex is something everyone does with any person they find on the street. Sex loses its value if done with/to anyone. Following this same logic

>lovey-dovey relationships in this game won't ever be as fulfilling as they should because sex is commonplace

You'd understand what I meant, but I guess you have way too many chromossomes for that



>> Innoxia did this to avoid even allowing a "darker" fetish like rape

>>I didn't say there isn't rape in the game get the fuck out of here with that dyselxia

Get the fuck out of here with your short term memory loss. I'm also wondering if you're too stupid to know the difference between dominant sex and rape.



I can't tell if you're joking or retarded

That doesn't say "there's no rape in the game", and you'd have to be really stupid not to get what it means

This excuse was created back in, and it carries on today. She did it so NPCs would be ok with having sex with strangers on the streets and so rape wouldn't be a thing

>I'm also wondering if you're too stupid to know the difference between dominant sex and rape

>he says, responding to a post that reads "That IS rape, since it is sex without consent"

Yeah, just retarded



You said "instead of even allowing a darker fetish like rape." That's exactly the same thing as saying there's no rape in the game.

>>it carries on today. She did it so NPCs would be ok with having sex with strangers on the streets and so rape wouldn't be a thing

Except rape is definitely a thing, though since you don't know the difference between dominant sex and rape, I wouldn't expect somebody this retarded to understand that.



>This excuse was created back in, and it carries on today

>it carries on today


The fucking lust storms and the fact that everyone is a sex crazed furry, you fucking moron

>you don't know the difference between dominant sex and rape

>he says, responding to a post that highlightens the difference between dominant sex and rape

So what is it (the difference between dominat sex and rape)?



>So what is it (the difference between dominat sex and rape)?

In this game? Fetishes

In reality? The other one like or accept to be the sub


This has got to be one of the most autistic arguments here yet.



>So what is it (the difference between dominat sex and rape)?

Consent, you fucking nigger.



Yeah, that was my answer on >>314699 and >>314685 but I guess it's wether or not the rapee enjoys being submissive


Funny thing.

If you choose resist [sex action], most NPCs stop. Unless they have the no consent fetish.


Everyone hates rape/being raped by default unless they have the fetish.



>>The fucking lust storms and the fact that everyone is a sex crazed furry

Especially the ones who just mug you and don't try to fuck you.

>>So what is it (the difference between dominat sex and rape)?

Consent you fucking moron, you're acting as if rape and dominant sex are one and the same thing for some reason. You're acting as if everyone in the game is a sex-crazed rapist when they're not, unless they have a trait that makes them like non-con. Try to resist after losing or lose a fight where they only want your money and nothing's going to happen to you aside from you lose some pocket change.


File: 79047629c0c1ba7⋯.jpg (69.17 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1547894857606.jpg)


Thanks anon, I really appreciate the build. I couldn't get the game working after trying everything suggested in this thread in Eclipse, despite not having issues with previous builds. The closest I got was the game initializing the data folder, but not actually launching.


I hope taurs get a bit more work done at some point. Pregnancy scenes don't seem to take taurs into account. Since, you know - the baby would be in the womb of the animal lower-half rather than… somewhere in the upper-half. You also can't suckle or grope crotchboobs, just the pair on the upper-half.

I'm not saying a lot of work hasn't been put into taurs already, but if I'm going to be a degenerate then let me fully embrace the degeneracy dammit.



Anon, you see everyone else using quote arrows correctly, right? Where would you even learn to do it that way?


File: 753375c4fbc8e20⋯.jpg (430.99 KB, 792x560, 99:70, 753375c4fbc8e20fc626ff6ad2….jpg)


>If your mother had a date it would probably be one that gives her $50


File: f8b93cd8830848a⋯.png (75.7 KB, 662x600, 331:300, 1550189672715.png)

>There are people wearing outfits like this playing this game



Are you raiding the board right now or just shitposing in all these threads?



>double katanas

>chastity cage + anal beads


>random maid clothing pieces

This is the most disgusting screenshot I have ever seen from this game

What does that orange tag piercing say? I can't remember or read it



Lads, I give up trying to explain basic concepts to you



We're calling you retarded because you are. You have to edit the game and remove certain elements in order for it to be enjoyable to you; the game is most definitely not catered towards YOU SPECIFICALLY, you goddamn mental defective.

Just the fact that all the more questionable content can be blocked off means that the game isn't really aimed directly towards anyone, really. The game has furries but they can be disabled so it's not specifically for them. The game has futas but they can be turned off so it isn't aimed solely at them either. The game seemingly seeks to be as broadly appealing as possible which'll in turn allow more people to enjoy it the way they want to, instead of pandering to just one crowd and NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON.


File: 12d195e1235d8a3⋯.png (248.67 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)

>Be human

>Fight through hordes of demons and imps

>go to last fortress

>QT Kitsune bitch offers to turn me into foxgirl

>assume she mean Kitsune

>Hell yea

>Drink potion

>Notice face and legs change too


>Big full blown furry

>Attack Kitsune bitch

>Kick all of the imps and her ass

>Is still a furry piece of shit




Bad things only happen to you because you are dumbass.



I didn't become furry

I turned that shit off beforehand



You mean you've run out of ways to shift goalposts and still can't admit you are just a dumbass.


File: 4ff8744b1af5d9d⋯.png (107.56 KB, 1535x413, 1535:413, ClipboardImage.png)

?????????????????????????????? uh inno



Bad Dragon really outdid themselves this time.



You dominated her so thoroughly with your superior femininity that you impregnated her. What a stacy.



Comfort and practicality irrelevant: must acquire stats.



Editing the game? Is that what you call changing the settings in a fucking options menu? Sometimes I have to do that in regular games if the volume's not right, does that mean the game is not catered towards people with ears?

If a game has settings meant to make it more appealing to you, that's the definition of catering towards you. If you think it isn't, then try this argument with a different group, argue with the Dark Souls crowd that adding difficulty settings wouldn't mean the game is catering towards more casual players.



only a small chance of that.


Can you actually use the world map or is nothing else done yet?



Stupid monstergirl fag, that's what you get.



>comparing content settings to a volume slider

I'm actually done talking to you. Any longer and I might catch your rampant retardation.



Go ahead, try and explain what the difference is between one setting and another setting. If a game has terrible music or voice acting and I turn those off in the options, that's exactly the fucking same as not liking gay content (or whatever other example you want to use) and turning that off.



Bad voice acting isn't ruining society and molesting kids. You're also talking about a product produced by a company with entire teams dedicated to music and voice acting. If they don't add the bad voice acting, they don't work on something better instead, they just don't work. Inno is a single developer, and her not catering to gays means more content developed for people.



I disagree, I never got over the screeching harpies the PS1 games called voice actresses, they touched me deeply.

I do like how you couldn't say why the two are different though, you just went on a long ramble about unrelated bullshit. Either way you look they're both options that make the experience more to your tastes, either way it's catering towards you.


File: cd804449045f369⋯.png (354.87 KB, 400x402, 200:201, 1520634853299.png)


>difficulty settings in dark souls




Exactly my point, according to the other anon, it would be fine because adding that means it's not catering towards people who would use the lower settings.




Game's not even hard, though. I don't know who these autists are with such poor motor skills that they can't deal with Dark Souls. I've never met one. Seriously–who thinks that series is hard? How it got that rep I'll never know.



tbh I've got such poor motor skills I struggled a lot with it

but that just meant it felt 100x better when I finally beat it on NG+, cause I knew I'd persevered where people much more advantaged than me had qq'd, or stopped after NG



It got the rep from a 'dares to be different' kind of situation. It came out during a time when most big gaming companies were trying hard to appeal to casuals, and big time game devs equate casual to functionally retarded.

Dark Souls taught the general masses that had grown used to games holding their hand all the way to the finish line that a challenge can be fun again.



A lot of it's based off not knowing what's coming up or what's about to happen. As much as people like to claim that it's all skill-based there's still a lot that's trial and error (anyone who says otherwise is pretending shit like the Bed of Chaos fight didn't happen) and once you know what's going to happen, how to play and where the bonfires are the games are not that bad at all.

Seriously though you can find tons of games that make Dark Souls look fucking easy, both older and newer ones which people will inevitably call "the Dark Souls of its time".



>A lot of it's based off not knowing what's coming up or what's about to happen

that only applies to the first playthrough though, it's been explicitly stated that intended difficulty is NG+

so you're meant to get fucked by everything the first time you play, then come back with all your gear and levels and knowledge and fuck em up

then remember all the shit that fucked you and how to deal with it for future NG playthroughs



But NG+ is for boring people. Dark Souls just doesn't have the same appeal when I know where all the tricks, traps, and ambushes are waiting for me.

That ever present dread of the unknown dangers behind every corner is part of what made Dark Souls fun.



so you only played it once? cause playing it for a second time on NG is also shit by your logic, since you know everything that's about to happen anyway

personally, I view it as an obstacle course, I'm always coming back to try and beat my best time, or challenge myself in a new way



Of course, that's literally what I just said: "once you know what's going to happen, how to play and where the bonfires are the games are not that bad at all."



>>You need to have some foreknowledge of what's going to happen in order to play the game properly.

And then there's idiots who claim that the game's entirely skill-based and there's no trial and error.



that's fair, I missed that bit


agreed, those people are morons



If you had paid attention and read the dialogue you would have noticed that she explicitly say foxgirl and not kitsune

If all go well kitsune transformation should be in soon anyway, so hold on anon, your multi tail dream may still come true



>demons can't be enslaved


I have like a dozen succ and halfsucc slaves


File: 8aed293142f1ba9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.54 KB, 235x294, 235:294, tailsfordays.PNG)


he doesnt know



>eight tails

Weak tbh



Finch's dialogue says that demons can't be enslaved because no Enforcer would process their paperwork out of fear of stepping on someone's toes. And I think in Lilaya's library you read that non-demons owning demon slaves is illegal. As I said, it's probably an oversight that you can enslave them.


File: 2236bb9bcaf3b44⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 180x180, 1:1, 6f6.gif)



>having tails at all


File: ce8bfaa54bf486b⋯.png (171.51 KB, 500x566, 250:283, community_image_1426902802.png)


>double katanas

>E.Y.E Flashbacks


This game needs auto-fellatio if you have a big enough dick, or they do. Forcing a futa with a huge dick to suck her own dick would be great



This game also needs armpit sex if it's a real sandbox



I might try to complete the code side of this as a test to see what the game currently allows but someone is almost certainly going to have to write better text.


Researching this better not awaken a new fetish in me.



But you can just drink potions to max stats, armor is irrelevant



Goddamn Anon, learn to read and use the fucking arrows



This, so fucking much. Dark Souls was honestly challenging most of the time, but people like to conveniently forget that the game was also filled to the brim with tons of cheap bullshit that you'd have no way of preparing for. Capra Demon springs to mind.

Not to mention that the game is literally impossible to beat without dying since you're thrown into an unwinnable boss fight that the game so kindly steals your souls, Humanity, and human form for.

Oh, and the Four Kings suddenly become absolute cancer on NG+ for no good reason, thanks to suddenly being the tankiest boss in the game. Such fun.



Unless it's giving me the power to beguile people into attacking any demon on sight, aka doomguy style, it dosen't worth my time



Yeah. I only played it once. I never went through NG. I've always been that way about games though. After I beat it the first time, I have no interest in doing it again except to dick around. Once the story is over, once there are no more surprises in store for me, it just isn't fun for me anymore.

In the Dark Souls series specifically, I would stop at the final boss and indulge in the multiplayer until that no longer interested me. I would then finish the final fight and be done with it.


Lads, is the fetish xp system working? Say, if I give someone a hundred anal orgasms, will they begin enjoying anal sex?



as far as i know, it does nothing currently



>Anally raping someone so much that they eventually enjoy it

Absolutely sick, twisted, and degenerate.

This should be put into the game somehow.



Only if we can anally rape someone who has an anal fetish so damn much that they get bored, tired and then eventually hate it



This is what happens you hit corruption 101.



Only a Lilin can have 9 tails probably.



I beat dark souls on hard. You jelly?


Can you leave dominion yet?


File: acc8c3c57dbc0bb⋯.png (8.22 KB, 718x104, 359:52, whatismath.PNG)



get back to school and learn to count, please


>All this retarded bullshit about 'building' and Maven and Eclipse

Fuck that bullshit, I'll wait. How hard is it for Innoxia to just post a fucking normal update? It's not enough to keep us waiting, now we need a homework assignment just to playtest their fucking game?



>bullshit about 'building' and Maven

Maven is the easiest shit in the world. Install the JDK, download the dev git branch. Open a terminal and navigate to the downloaded branch. Enter 'mvn package' and you're done. I have done this for literally every build and have not once had to deal with the compiling errors I see from Eclipse users.



You misunderstand, Anon. I don't want to download Maven or anything else but this game. Downloading random shit like Maven that I will literally never use again, just to play this game, fills me with disgust.



Makes sense, I use Maven for other things so it hasn't been any extra work on my end. I guess I'll start uploading each build then. I think the current one is already here though.



It's a Patreon incentive. Pay 3-12 a month and get the EXE without ever needing to touch anything else. Everyone else has to go through that crap every other release.



Reminder that it takes almost zero effort to setup a CI server to build and push the jar every commit.

Innoxia isn't doing it out of laziness, he's not doing it specifically so he can sell the jar file to patreons


every single person spawned at the glory hole has a 3-4 inch penis



>TFW you have to go around giving all of your future rapists dick growth potions so they can properly destroy your holes


Is the gloryhole still not anonymous at all? I remember being able to see the person going into the other stall and them being able to see you but I can't remember if that ever changed



You can only see what's put up to it now, or that's the theory at least. Haven't tested.



And once you start servicing, the descriptions for the dicks go away and they become generic. You cant tell which dick is which


Looking into the code and testing stuff out, EVERY newly spawned male has a 2-4 inch penis. Even rapists on the streets. Once again Inno fucked up and gave everyone, not just Lysseith, micropenises





I love to dump on inno do not get me wrong but I'm not having this bug.



I think it is one specific build where things were switched to metric measures but not properly multiplied so what was supposed to be an 8inch became 8cm and then converted back to inches if you are playing from the USA.



current dev branch is broken if you use imperial measurements


File: 0e7750b5a67df00⋯.png (23.83 KB, 1135x94, 1135:94, hmmm.png)

What did Inno mean by this series of alt-right dogwhistles?



"I have no idea how people or internet work"



I'd sell out my nation for a waifur tbh. At least the Demons give me pussy rather than the jews getting me replaced by a Mexican.



When you narrative is intrinsically true people will find themselves agreeing with it even if they don't mean to.



Wtf I love based Inno now



Shh, don't blow /pol/'s undercover operative.


File: bc002d668996b03⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1240x1240, 1:1, 1482190329611.png)

Fuck all of this building bullshit. You niggas alright.




>intrinsically true

Don't use words you don't know the meaning of; It makes you seem stupid and pathetic.



Their narrative's truth value is intrinsic if one considers their narrative to be a collection of their general claims of how systems function, not intrinsic if one considers it to be merely their assesment of the specific case. If anything, the example of Inno is closer to the former rather than the latter. It's obvious from how you wrote your message that you're going for a jab at your political opposition rather than being primarily motivated by your interest in the truth, but I'm loathe to let someone be wrong on my internet and get away with it.



It's true by circumstance. There is nothing inherently true about an export of "demons" or "furries" creating chaos, it all comes down to the "demons" and "furries" themselves and the country that they are entering. As long as they can comprehend a "What if"-question and have an ounce of thought, I can't see how someone could legitimately rationalize it as an "intrinsic true".

Please don't misuse the word, I'd like it to not lose its meaning.



We're hacking the planet


File: a3030f0355bb712⋯.jpg (86.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>We're hacking the planet

I'll call the man himself


File: 75a11539a7b48ad⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 466x493, 466:493, akkogun2.jpg)




it's literally getting posted tomorrow virgin. T-thanks for nothing


File: 18237eaf2670e2c⋯.jpg (6.96 KB, 320x338, 160:169, 1534121261231.jpg)


>it's literally getting posted tomorrow



Anon I…


File: 77a7f96e3e9725f⋯.jpg (131.03 KB, 1242x932, 621:466, 2 int.jpg)



As much as I'm willing to give Inno the benefit of the doubt, having any faith in her updating schedule is foolhardy at best by now, Anon.


Someone remind me please which files I need for importing everything build to build because the save file alone is not enough



Borderline retarded. Can you even use magic properly with such low int?



No, haven't you watched the show?



Evil demons trying to take over the world is a common fantasy trope. Especially demons vs angels 'war in heaven'. But whatever makes you happy anon.



It's weird how it's universally accepted that mages have to be smart in order to use magic. Has noone ever considered that maybe you just have to have an instinct for it? I'm genuinely curious if there's ever been a series where a character is a complete dumbass yet still a magical prodigy.



How else would you learn magical theory and read all those magic books?


File: 0898f0edf472ada⋯.png (222.85 KB, 1025x588, 1025:588, Lina_Inverse_by_drzejan.png)


> I'm genuinely curious if there's ever been a series where a character is a complete dumbass yet still a magical prodigy.

Gourry canonically has a greater well and bucket capactiy than Lina fucking Inverse, which is why he can use the Sword of Light so effectively. The only thing keeping him from casting the spells Lina casts is that he's too fucking dumb to memorize incantations.



That's only for settings with wizards and shit. What about more eastern settings where you have things like magical beasts? They're not sapient, and yet they can cast more advanced spells than most humans can. So in those kinds of settings, intelligence clearly isn't the most important factor in magical ability.


File: 85171cbd009e16d⋯.png (154.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bug.png)

Can any kind person give me a line on why I'm getting this bug that blanks any text in the inventory screen that isn't a button, and that pops the feed back up to the very top whenever the inventory screen is used in sex? Updating hasn't worked. Baleeting fucking everything and reinstalling from scratch hasn't worked. Nothing has worked. Been dealing with it for a good while now, but it's really fucking annoying and I can't figure it out.


Why am I capable of carrying more of the same item when they're all the same color?

This game really needs some sort of inventory/wardrobe solution.



You're describing Sorcerers



Kitsunes get 100 magic bonus, dwag.



Those bonuses are useless with just a few potions, just like clothing as armor and their enchantments

It's not worth the humiliation of being an impure race or dressing like one of Innoxia's NPCs



The hard caps are way too low. You hit them pretty fast in whatever you spec in and can easily be maxed out on everything. Yet even when maxed out you don't really feel all that powerful.



That because they cap out at 75% because obtaining 100% bonus is OP or something



Importing your progress?

Should just be the data folder but you need the newest res folder for each build.



Yeah, like for instance how you can't really get over a 75% chance to impregnate someone. I guess the thought is that some stuff should still be left to chance, but if the player is willing to invest in enchanting/making elixirs to raise the stat high enough, they should be able to get 100% effect of whatever stat they're working on.


After running 'mvn package' the jar it is giving me isnt opening. Is there any other steps needed to get this working? I have copied the res directory alongside the jar.



I would agree, but even with critical chance at 75% more often then not you can wipe out pretty much anyone with 1 hit, 2 if unlucky in the first roll, even bosses get owned in moments just with 30 min grinding for potions, maybe if higher degree of proficiency would have been locked behind unique and separated quest lines..



never mind. I got it working


Where is the glory hole? I cant seem to find it.



I honestly can't think of other games that let you enchant things with shit like enslavement or +25% weapon damage right off the bat

Even things like damage boosts should be limited to weapons until later on in the game



Club bathroom.





Careful anons, we already have demon for the PC locked behind having to fuck an NPC and you have to import slaves if you want virgin semen demon waifus.

Thankfully I've already figured out how to mod my characters files for in case things get worse along those lines.

If I recall CoC went the way of species having different stat caps/special moves, something I've never been a fan of in games. In MMORPGs humans frequently got fucked over with some useless shit like "Makes money easier (Money is useless endgame.)" or "balanced stats" (Unable to be competitive for endgame/PVP)

The career you pick at the start in this game is an example of this sort of thing in action, some choices are clearly better than others.


File: a38ae8367bc0b6d⋯.png (8.11 KB, 353x76, 353:76, Screenshot_4.png)



File: 649f03b5475c41f⋯.jpg (15.27 KB, 640x479, 640:479, niggano.jpg)


File: 0fb9013d74fbea1⋯.gif (8.52 MB, 600x338, 300:169, 2cc.gif)


Not really surprised as i'm disappointed


>it's literally getting posted tomorrow virgin. T-thanks for nothing

You are welcome


File: 1232a5ce491ada7⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 245x320, 49:64, 1531723921727.gif)


This game development has become a trainwreck at this point.


File: 0e530de53de8584⋯.jpg (170.03 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Zeta-Thumbs-Up.jpg)


>it's real




File: 4671a0a8667b42a⋯.png (27.74 KB, 777x228, 259:76, itsokay.png)


Remember, it's okay to not deliver!



Innoxia is very reliable, always consistently delivers delays.


File: 79e5f842de67b13⋯.png (270.33 KB, 784x1080, 98:135, 016_BAttle_BULMA_1.png)


I brought that up and got banned by hurt feelings guy. I'm not sure if I should care or not.



It's gotten to a point where I don't even care about the delays, but I have to wonder if everything she does is like this. Is she the type that shows up 3 hours late to a doctor appointment or a dinner invite? Is she still writing her Christmas cards?



He should just stop with the eta's and keep the roadmap private. Release whatever he has worked on once a week, even though its not a full build number-worthy.


File: 99c1dbd80972b05⋯.png (11.39 KB, 300x113, 300:113, hurt feelings.png)



Any non-wizard caster in D&D and in LT Arcane used to be called intellect but tbh fuck magic and using your mind don't mesh so good change. Also lol delayed again still won't accept any help tho.



> Has noone ever considered that maybe you just have to have an instinct for it?

You have Warlocks and Sorcerers for that according to NWN1 and 2


Funny how inno doesn't even bother to apologize in this latest blog post and how you cannot comment without a google account anymore. Really makes you think!


File: 9d03125bbe7065d⋯.png (16.06 KB, 640x108, 160:27, cantmakethisup.png)


Is this the real world?


File: 99906464f83af9c⋯.jpg (74.13 KB, 750x545, 150:109, gote tells swedes how to u….jpg)


These asskissing little shits, holy fuck!

And people wonder how abominations like fenoxo happen.



Blame D&D and d20 derivatives for not offering a proper magic attribute. With the older Elder Scrolls games you could easily get by with high willpower and potions. Goddamn it, now I want to install Diablo.


The delay has been delayed until next week.


So can she please just upload 3.07 publicly, then?



What would simulate intelligence in a game like skyrim?

All actions are in first person and the character act directly on the player commands, ES is not a good example on how to integrate a magic system in what can be described as a 3rd person game, where you merely 'tell' at your character what to do

The concept of intelligence in D&D was based on the idea that magic is a complex science, and only someone with some serious grey matter and sufficient willpower could understand it and thus control it to a degree, it's not the case here




Innoxia made it so you can't post on her website without linking your gmail account, pathetic attempt to avoid criticism



Are you fucking kidding me?


File: 4c5aff6737b6a42⋯.png (8.11 KB, 667x214, 667:214, gay.png)



I will miss faggots shitposting on that blog.


File: afc091fbe986a16⋯.jpg (237.48 KB, 1131x783, 13:9, afc091fbe986a16ae05f3781fb….jpg)


>Patreon creator discourages criticism and surrounds themselves with a safespace

I've seen this before…


File: e68deb26739ca8e⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 600x600, 1:1, viper71.jpg)


I miss faggots shitposting here.




>missing faggots

What are you, faggots?

On a serious note though, I was so certain that this would be delayed that I'm actually glad she didn't release a shitty version still without offspring moving in content

Not that I'm too faithful about this being in the release next month



how is this a deterrent I have like 12 throwaway gmails.


File: 1281f5efee9c996⋯.jpg (85.17 KB, 598x662, 299:331, 1550395031349.jpg)


>The only thing left about lilith's throne that was still enjoyable has been removed by Fenoxia.



File: fe7d3e38eba31b1⋯.png (756.86 KB, 671x1191, 671:1191, ClipboardImage.png)


Wow all this time I thought Inno wanted to do right by the game was just grossly incompetent. But this is just straight out of Yandere dev/Fenoxo's playbook. Seems like he just gave up and is just fully embracing the echo chamber. I've lost what little faith I had in this project. Lilith's Throne wasn't a GOOD game but it had so much potential.

What a rotten way to die.



I'd kinda just accepted playing it as an incest dress up sim. In it's own way, just having a daughter harem to use as I please while I support myself on their milk can be fun.

But slowly, surely, she's managing to ruin even that.



On the one hand, rest in piss what little hope I had left for this game. On the other, look at all those unique usernames tied to a main identity. What a bunch of fucking idiots.



LT is magnificently following the standard lifecycle of every patreon porn game.

You can't make this shit up.


So, just double checking here. If I want my slaves holes to be able to take large insertions and not get all btfo, they need to have low plasticity and high elasticity, right? So like, Rubbery plasticity and Elastic elasticity?



You could have low plasticity and low elasticity too

Plasticity means "If it stretches it stays like that"

Elasticity is "It stretches easily"

I prefer the holes to hurt while stretching and return to their original size quickly so I always go for low on both


anybody got a built version of 3.0.7 for us stupid people that cant build it themselves

it would be appreciated


File: bb07ed0961b9417⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 1179x618, 393:206, el hak.jpg)

I already gave the built exe version. Look for the kang post.



forgive me, you must understand, i am stupid



That is probably the correct meaning of the words however elasticity in the game is how fast they return to the normal size from hours to days. Plasticity is probably related to it returning to the same size or not.





File: f48a8e8d52181f2⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1460585452676.jpg)


Innoxia, I know you read these threads you shameless cunt. Just want to make sure you're aware of how much of a fucking coward you are.



Kitsunes are pure, faggit



Anyone else feel like the ease and availability of transformations cheapens all the races? Something that just took the shape of, say, a kitsune is not the same as a kitsune from birth.



whoah why are you so xenohophobic

sorry sweety but those transracial folks who transition to the race they are inside are just as legitimate as those who are born that way on the outside #stopthehate



From birth in this setting? A few hours doesn't make that much of a difference.



The asstarded reproduction is a whole other can of worms. The issue is species already means little when they don't have their own societies, cultures and histories, and even less when anyone can just up and become anything.


File: 0fc22796bfebc9b⋯.jpg (101.57 KB, 980x1471, 980:1471, bauman2.jpg)



>Anyone else feel like the ease and availability of transformations cheapens all the races?

Yes. At this point its just heavily diluted flavor. I feel like the transformation system is some kind of lame commentary on post-modern society ala Zygmunt Bauman.



To get the result (I assume) you want would just require an origin species stat and current species stat, but I wouldn't suggest implementing that until all the species are included. Christ, I can already see the potential delays that would create.



Funny how I got an email from Google not too long ago that Google+ is being axed by April anyways.



In planescape torment, a D&D title, you could pop heads if your willpower was high enough. I'm not sure how much magic that actually is, but bending reality by sheer bloody determination must come pretty close.


File: 5f986de22f3ba2b⋯.jpg (273.13 KB, 715x1000, 143:200, 1550066166720.jpg)

Anyone else find it kinda embarrassing how every other male/dickgirl npc you meet on the streets always has tiny balls and barely produces any cum?



Since this a magic transformation that changes you utterly, it cannot be compared to trannies or anything.

That said, does a difference exist? Maybe. But it cannot be really quantified in the context of hte game.



Is this because of >>315779 as well? I'm almost sure that didn't happen back then


File: caae32531378bee⋯.png (45.71 KB, 704x601, 704:601, anonymousbreedingismyfetis….png)

Innoxia might be shitty at their job, but this game is one of the few where I can sate my urge for this sort of degeneracy.




It's a problem with the current dev branch. The game calculates potential size in centimeters not inches. However it's still expecting inches, so the average dick size should be between 5 and 12 inches or so, but it uses 5 to 12 cm. I dont have the exact numbers off hand. Then if you turn on imperial measurements, it converts these to inches again so you get micropenises.



The greatest degeneracy here is how many furries are on that list

Those are the characters with who(m?) you had sex and probably impregnated you?

If not, what's with the "Mothered Children"?

If yes, why are all of them "girls"? Are Girls(male) treated as actual Girls?



I believe so. I used the Gloryhole for creampies 10 times, fucking every taker. Thus, my current pregnancy could be due to any one of them.

Also yes, shemales and herms are listed as 'Girls'. Would you believe after all that, and with max fertility, my current pregnancy is just one brat?



Innoxia's job is to create turbo autist drama and she excels at it.



The link doesn't work anymore. It says the file has been removed. :(


Can I fuck not!aunt's mom yet?


File: ab5fafcf8607cd1⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 1421x1920, 1421:1920, f187b39758930b9e74da65ef08….jpg)


She's surrounded by asskissing trannycucks in her circlejerk. She can't HANDLE criticism, or indeed, work anymore.

Gotta strip away anonymity so the troublemakers can be more easily banned.

No, she'll just keep releasing nearly 0 content "updates" where a ton of tiny, meaningless things are changed and dutifully listed in the changelog to create the illusion of progress.

Inno is well on her way to becoming fenoxo.



At this point she has actually fucked off in the middle of some hot fixes that have already been done for her.

Do you think we should start just doing our own shit and building fixed versions?



anon, more sperm doesnt mean multiple offspring per batch, that's not how it works


Does the world map function yet? Or is it just a placeholder?


File: 2da45fc73e3858d⋯.webm (2.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, AnalNeckBent.webm)

Sucking your own fingers has been in game for forever. Why is that dumb shit in but sticking your fingers in your partner's mouth not?



Yes. You've been able to do that since 3.0.


If inno straight up dropped the project what game would you fall back on?



The Proteus Effect

Lewd Maze

Fallen Angel

Are games i'm also following.

Free cities if i want to play a text game.

I heard that Allure of Wanton Cove is done, so i might check that game out.


>Implying Inno hasn't already dropped this project and is only putting in minimal effort to keep the patreon income



Probably the bigger jap games like AA2, COM3D2 (with NTR off), Rance 10, PlayHome, etc. Pad it out with some DLsite crap occasionally.


>The Proteus Effect

Is that the one that looks like Playdough?


File: aa6ad35e64cb841⋯.jpg (426.54 KB, 816x624, 17:13, WFgZnf.jpg)


>Is that the one that looks like Playdough?

Yeah, but it's sexy pladough!


I've been out of the loop. Does this game still have potential? Or has Innoxia gotten eve worse in the last few months of development?



Inno is like a shitty lawnmower, you give it one last chance to work and it lurches to life just long enough to convince you not to replace it.



I would just keep playing the game. I haven't actually finished the story in what exists, I just enjoy making daughters with my (early childhood) daughters, and that's just not really an option in all that many games.



Are there any other games that use that cartoony style? I'm actually kind of digging that sexy play-doh look, but the dickgirls ain't for me.



I could have sworn we actually could do that early on in the game's development, but it was taken out because Innoxia couldn't get the NPCs to stop spamming it, so sex scenes would start with them shoving their fingers in ours and their own mouths.



literally the entire reason i picked up liliths throne was because i heard i could inbreed a harem of my own daughters, without the contrived boring bullshit that takes a million fucking years of busywork like free cities



It's the only game that lets me run a clone zebra cum farm. My character is a zebra morph who milks herself, then uses the milked cum to impregnate herself to make offspring (who would be clones). Those clones are enslaved and put to work getting milked.

I posted a pic and it's been used as the thread start picture before, but I have a couple thousands of gallons of zebra morph cum saved up that I sell every so often.



>Do you think we should start just doing our own shit and building fixed versions?

Wouldn't it be funny if our version blows it's out of the water?



Are these "clones" really clones? With exact same appearance, fetishes and body?



I don't feel right calling it ours when the fixes are stuff I'm pulling from inno's pull requests.

We could however blow it out of the water by finishing half finished projects if we didn't immediately suspect Inno would steal/claim all the work.



Simple. Make it ALL loli and shota content. Then she won't even touch it.



Just sneakily include comments showing that it's ours. You really think inno would bother checking?

also who cares lol its all in favor of a better game



No because the game doesn't model genetic inheritence, but genetically they would be clones and not offspring. If the female genetic material and male genetic material is from the same organism (in the case of a hermaphrodite), the resultant organism is a genetic clone


File: d5c6b00c4af6cc8⋯.jpg (21.95 KB, 547x402, 547:402, damn.jpg)


>No because the game doesn't model genetic inheritence

Fuck, I thought I'd finally be able to begin mass producing clones of my best slaves for commercialization



>also who cares lol its all in favor of a better game

This. It's pretty absurd to debate using a base built by Inno and worrying they would "steal our work".







but think of all the money innoxia will continue to make piggybacking off anon's work



I want to thank this anon because he perfectly describes my attitude toward this game's update schedule. well…that and all the other lawnmowers on the market aren't actual lawnmowers but the promise of a lawn mower.



Anyone have any download or anything of this? Or should I take this request to the patreon request thread?



A download for the gay nigger game is literally the second google result for 'Proteus Effect Game.'



Oof. Thanks for making me realize I'm a retard. Cheers



Well actually, the game does have a feature inheritance system in place, although a very minor version of it. After having enough kids, I noticed that more than a few of them had my character's hair coloration, and they tend to have similar busts and heights to their parents even if it's unusual for their species (ie., a human girl birthed from a cowgirl having a huge rack and being crazy tall).


File: a430db72c7e99d0⋯.jpg (31 KB, 500x365, 100:73, notthisshitagain.JPG)


>More tranny shit


The arts passable for a fap, but as usual with most western "devs" it comes attached to the community of "TF means only genderbending" TFgames,



If you find it on TFGames. It's 90% chance it's another garbage Male-to-Female nowyoucangosuckdickyoufuckingfaggot game. It's just part of the laws of nature.

On a different note, does anyone even know what Innoxia is working on anymore? Despite all the goals she's throwing around most of them don't make it and then a bunch of shit nobody asked for gets added.



>does anyone even know what Innoxia is working on anymore?

Probably planning out next week's delay.



Nigga, Innoxia has had Febuary's delays planned out since December. She's planning out March's delays as we speak.



>No because the game doesn't model genetic inheritence

That's one thing we could change.

Someone should set up a separate fork



Is there even anything to inherit outside of body parts?


This game doesn't have any special abilities outside of ones granted by equipment and body parts



I dunno, doing eugenics is fun in Slave Matrix, but here the result is a wall of text rather than something you can look at, plus the ability to just make a potion to sculpt a body into anything you like makes it feel pointless.



Actually I see a way in which breeding could be useful

Shit like bonus fire damage? Make it static and only raisable by breeding

Then give player ability to drain it from characters that have it higher than player

Would slow down the silly growth rate and allow for some fun things like creating our own breed of super soldiers

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