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File: fd4a065697fa399⋯.png (181 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, 02092019003.png)

File: e2913db9e0dff3d⋯.png (179.31 KB, 1400x770, 20:11, 02092019001.png)

File: 1ce4c48283ecc43⋯.png (152.34 KB, 1400x969, 1400:969, 02092019005.png)



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Copypasta for turboquestianons: https://pastebin.com/GRB6cabX

Fixes for common errors

Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves with a new version.

>Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting. Error: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0. Stack Trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at JSON.value or some variant

Delete your browser cookies which contain your saves. Use Save to file from now on.

Optimal slave stats for assignments: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/be67deb95e9a36b1f07fd0734de60a9c9e112764c33f6091a099154d7510035b.png

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This is a thread primarily for non-furry discussion of Pregmod, a mod for Free Cities (official github and blog: github.com/Free-Cities/Free-Cities,freecitiesblog.blogspot.com, unofficial blog mirror: freecitieslib.blogspot.com). Furrymod/monster girl conversations are to be held in a separate thread.

Previous thread: >>310796

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Twine version: standalone - The above folder and the mega links frequently posted ITT. Modding the .html is a pain in the ass, not recommended. It is slightly faster on some platforms, and force of habit.

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Git: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod

Pre-compiled: https://mega.nz/#F!02oXHADI!XYwKOnN6EjxnamxfiTaTGA (Git version, just for convience (everything but the file name and slightly smaller file size can be done by following the below guide. A public version of the script can be found under devTools/) Currently checks every fifteen minutes and it takes about one to two minutes to upload a new .html to the above folder.)

Guide: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Stupid_Nigger_Guide_for_Stupid_Niggers_3.0.png Background source: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3501272

Additional resources

Variety of ~10 second webm files, including many outfits and fetishes.

To use: drop files in your "Resources" folder. Go to "customize" slave, scroll to bottom, add name of webm you want.


Decrypt: !dLNSYTFMWvU4Rjy3xYf2RbDwma6s_KzvAjFbFiILmvo


Deepmurk (embeded vector art developer and maintainer)'s request/issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/deepmurk/fc-pregmod/issues/1

Male pronouns issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/issues/389

Animal request thread: https://gitgud.io/DCoded/fc-pregmod/issues/6

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You mean the thread archive? It's for reading old posts.


File: 4c0428f5aa6a8da⋯.gif (995.86 KB, 271x200, 271:200, giphy.gif)

good fucking lord OP those lolis are fucking prime


File: 12f6966dc02f803⋯.png (17.08 KB, 1542x84, 257:14, Capture.PNG)



Thanks anon, I try.



But none of those images are jailbait.



Will search it out.


Can you do breast reduction through the rules assistant?


File: 573655285b478c5⋯.jpg (142.63 KB, 719x1086, 719:1086, ThisIsALegalAndNonPornogra….jpg)

>jailbait edition

>posts lolis

pic related is actual jailbait



Research shrinkage drugs and the RA will switch between growth and shrinkage drugs to get slaves as close to your target size as possible.

The RA can also control implants, although it's not as fine-tuned.


File: e1b876825335778⋯.jpg (185.81 KB, 2495x1663, 2495:1663, C8mTfds.jpg)

I think I have an addiction to ass. Every time I see any cute or attractive female I fantasize about worshipping her ass and burying my tongue deep in her asshole, especially if she got an unbleached browneye. I feel like a solid 30% of every day recently has been dedicated to thinking about eating ass. Do I just accept this new ass obsessed reality? It was never like this before.


The slave you get by bankrolling the illegal raid is calling me Brother when I send her to the Dairy, but not when I ask her about her feelings.



t. FCDev



Stick your finger in your own ass, taste it, mull over the results. Dirty ass ain't tasty. Thankfully lolis don't have dirty asses.



They are if you're using the right hormones (or NICS)



A couple other bugs I've found with the Dairy:

-Some remote surgery options (blinding, amputation) eject the slave from the Dairy.

-A deafened slave will speak when being sent to an industrial Dairy.


File: 571f0c3e99e31f2⋯.jpg (329.74 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 3b180994410a528da7d05099e5….jpg)


Stop reading my mind I swear I was fapping to those top two pictures just this morning.


Flat is justice but lolis that actually look like prepubescent girls are gross. Pic related is the perfect ideal.


File: b38859414c6d4ce⋯.png (399.39 KB, 1677x881, 1677:881, fc1.png)

my girls are brilliant, musclebound, tall, white and lactating.

Living happily in a s/m society where I shoot people who are not them for fun when i'm not drugging/cutting them into rechargeable vibrating nugget breeders.

>>oh the fun we have

Ladies Liberty is home to the following;

Lower Class Citizens | 9989 | 52.8%

Middle Class Citizens | 2924 | 15.4%

Upper Class Citizens | 716 | 3.7%

Millionaires | 74 | 0.3% |

Slaves | 5182 | 27.4%


File: 32bb81619149d07⋯.png (64.25 KB, 2151x245, 2151:245, View.png)

_himP seems to have failed for the 'RE shelter inspection' passage.





The new balance for SF is bad. Losing moderate battles with maxed 16 troops deployed, master of warfare and correct tactics (heavy damage to arcology). Losing big battles with intervention from SF forces, prompting game over even with right tactics. Losing 100+ members a week when my Colonel setting is for recruiting and training. Overdosing on drugs even when drug concoction is maxed.

Is this your new way of finding ways to get cucked since regular cucking wasn't getting accepted?



>Pic related is the perfect ideal

finaly somebody understands me



I'm not amused by all the problems coming out of secEx either. Strongly contemplating rolling back to how it was.



So you want a waifu that was gently kissed by malnutrition?


File: 09c8e6bd99aac8e⋯.jpg (358.97 KB, 960x1361, 960:1361, 1548986107346.jpg)

How's the gender radicalism going?




God tier taste.



Sauce? Saucenao isn't doing anything.




nvm, it's kaifuku jutsushi if anyone else is interested.



I have my four younger sisters rolling with me taking up the head girl, concubine, recruiter and bodyguard positions and are treated like royalty.



Good man, imoutos a best.


File: 0e922f649a4564d⋯.jpg (175 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 02042019003.png.jpg)

Anyone have the full sized image of this from the last OP?



Truly, taste beyond the realm of man


How do i go about creating a society that promotes high devotion and high fear?



Degredationalism and some revivalisms work well with this. Or did you mean how to give slaves that combination?


File: db70bf9a1d54eff⋯.jpg (135.67 KB, 563x800, 563:800, 17.jpg)

I just noticed my cows get the "noticeable body mods" sticker thingy in my all natural Dairy, I've set it to all manual stimulation and no implants at all…

I've checked their profiles via remote surgery and they didn't get any of the slow release milk/cum implants, nor do they have any other sort of implants. They're fresh from a batch I cooked in the vatlabs via 2 very beautiful slaves, they just went through detox and school so they have absolutely nothing on them…

What's going on here?



Do they have tattoos or piercings?



Thanks anon, that was it… I had them tattoed with bovine patters :-/



Completely understandable anon. Good taste.



Eh, close enough.


Not sure about the original source, but this is where I got it from:



I give up. I can't find an idiot's guide to increasing storage to stop the SessionStorage quota exceeded crash on Chrome. Anyone want to help out?



AFAICT you can't; the only real way to deal with the underlying issue is to have better serialization, less stupid compression than lzstring, or switch to using IndexedDB instead of SessionStorage.



You can also stop using that botnet and switch to firefox. You can manually increase its storage.




Thanks anon the site you linked has a higher res



Quick question here, when we talk about age penalties related to assignments like Headgirl etc… does it matter if I swap her current body with a younger one?

I mean I've had this amazing set of "leader" girls in all the working positions but they're in their early 40's so I want to keep them but youngerize them.

Good idea? bad idea?


Are… are catgirls here yet? I saw the catgirl in the OP.



It will be here whenever you make it.



Funny, there is a merge request on Git and the catgirl mod seems pretty complete… so apparently I don't have to make it.



I was only using Chrome for FC since it ran better there. Still get some problem on Firefox, so how do I actually increase it? All I can find is a bunch of storage API that doesn't help and I can't understand.


Is there a way to force cheat or save edit the SF mod to activate it? I'm on week 241 and no news of the SF.


are there any good doujins about mass slavery?


Been forever since I last played and I always used firefox but now I get Error: starting passage ("init") not found. when I try to run it. Any advice to fix it?



be the change you wamt to see in the world. I believe in you



>Wanting westernshit


Minor request for a quality of life improvement: When we sort slaves by [Resting // Confined // Etc // All] could it be made so we don't automatically default back to [All] and just stay on we sorted by?


File: 82a79823181ad84⋯.jpg (98.38 KB, 749x1024, 749:1024, 82a79823181ad844b89151ef28….jpg)


>muh cherrypicking



One or two threads ago someone explained how to do it on Firefox, really helped me.



You can't make doujins out of that.


Question about images, can I put my own pics for some slaves instead of using vector art?



I cannot make a doujin anon, for I am not Japanese, which is a heavy per-requisite. nor do I speak or read the language which is what I would need to fake it. Nor can I draw really unless you want a bunch of stick figures in lewd poses shouting "kimochii oniichan!"



I hear King of the Hill was drawn by Koreans. Does that make it manwah and not western?

It appears you are getting bogged down by semantics, anon. I expect a full doujin by tomorrow morning.



>I cannot make a doujin anon,

Then make a comic instead



Dude, that looks so terrible I cannot tell if you actually believe that is good, if it was done by someone famous so you assume it is good, or if you are trying to strawman for someone. Holy shit bro, just look at the belly button or the face. I'll admit the clothing is decent and the hair is good, but the rest is a waste of kilobytes.

Why do you even have that saved?



what is wrong with face?


File: 0d6a201d914f004⋯.gif (89.18 KB, 403x193, 403:193, Smug is ON.gif)


Not smug



Lets see you do any betterf, aget.



We already have one terrible piece of art posted, no need to make that two.



As long as they/you make and attempt and see how full of BS you/xhe is'are.



You don't have to be an artist to criticize art retard


File: 3d860a37dfca52a⋯.jpg (193.67 KB, 1200x926, 600:463, d7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfront.n….jpg)



This is good art.



Yeah, you do. Stop derailing the thread with your nonsense.



this is not art


>Yeah, you do.

go be a dumb nigger elsewhere



Holy shit, I'm ironically moved by this



that is hilarious




But it's true, otherwise your opinion is worthless. Only an artist can see the sweat behind the artwork. Only an artist has a valid opinion on what is worthy. A worthless critique may as well be made by a bum on street with a "personal taste." Utterly worthless.



Worthless. Unless you're artists.

No more derails. Okay?



>displayed at the Museum of Bad Art in Tokyo

Based Japan.



I'm going to have to report you, friend.




The mods will be busy today. Back on topic please.



On the one hand you are right about artists being qualified to determine the worth of an art piece. On the other hand if I see someone smear shit and menstrual blood on a wall and call it art, I'm going to tell them to fuck off.


>no fun allowed

Alright, fine. I would like to say that I am quite enjoying the new vector height, looks really nice.



> Only an artist can see the sweat behind the artwork.

Art doesn't work that way; nothing works that way. Have you ever heard of "experience" and "education"?



umm you can only get experience and education in art school sweaty. STEMtards no nothing of the suffering in this world


If someone were to add customization for the PC, what would you all want to see? Asking for a "friend".



The what?


I recall that there was a way to abort a baby without emotional loss to the mother, was it really long dildo?


File: bb0ae6d61f667db⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Being able to be ugly. The idea of forcing slaves to get me off when I'm a neckbeard with poor posture that they can't stand the sight of gets me off


Hey guys, how can I force an event? I just realized after some testing that the SF event didn't fire for me, I got the liberty daughters but the colonel event and the firebase event etc… never showed up.

Is there a way with they debug mode that I can call that function? been sorta testing doing some edits on the save but I got tons of errors if I activate the firebas via save edit.

So yeah, option is either to completely remove battles since they're mostly up to 2k raiders now and I can't win that unless I got the SF support or maybe starting a whole new game… any tips to fix this?


File: 59354e46faa071f⋯.png (241.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

SFanon, I'm guessing I'm not supposed to be seeing pic related, or at least not in that form.



Some sort of clothing/accessory customization, such being able to wear a toga as a roman revivalism or a ring contain the names of all the slaves you married as a paternalist.



afaik battles are fubar right now anyways might want to wait until everything gets unfucked



>a ring contain the names of all the slaves you married

I'd need either like 3 rings on each finger and toe or text etched on the atomic level


Tried checking what the new features do for kicks. Are animal knobs implemented yet or are the options just awaiting a future update? I only tested a couple junk slaves in the horsefucker pit (not really interested in putting any others) but they seem to be pretty cool with having a job arguably worse than a gloryhole or even arcades.



Dong size.



Hit up sadpanda with human cattle tag. Add group or bondage or whatever other kind of sex you think would be in your taste of slavery doujin. There are thousands but you might have to look a little hard to find specifics. I personally wish there was more forced incest or vanilla with freckled glasses girls and less stupid giantess fart foot fetish shit, but I suppose some people get to have their specifics sated more than others.



Good trust/devotion just makes her more devoted to you no matter the method (except if they have a high breeding fetish, then I dunno if you can do it without absolutely destroying their devotion/mindbreaking them). I forget if the extreme corset used while they're early into showing damages anything.


File: 98f6c2cb08d2e69⋯.png (187.35 KB, 369x334, 369:334, 10459260.png)


Damn nice



Not quite what you're asking but more interactions with PC traits (like anon mentioned, dong size) has been pretty high on the general request list. Massive asset detriments, bust/dick domination and slight sexual interaction changes are okay but from a player's perspective, all that doesn't amount to a whole ton. Being a shota master or being public about your incestual origins (incest FS when?), I dunno.

On topic, being extra muscular/fat slob would be cool. Hair length and style - facial hair and bald for the degenerates and floor-length braid for (wo)men of taste. Height would be nice, being an intimidating 7'2" spidery dude or I probably wouldn't use it but the ability to surgically change your race in case you want to go for subjugation of your own might be okay, I can't imagine it would require much more than what's already in. You can change sex and skin color and even swap bodies with other races already. I guess just try to throw in all the customizations slaves currently have. Oh, and vaginal/anal tightness for female PCs. Being a virginal victorian queen sounds fun.



Turn on all types of extreme content including bestiality and make sure your minimum ages are set really low. Dunno if allowing kids younger than 3 to be molested affects nursery. Once you do, nursery is penthouse and farm is manufacturing.




How was the .html built and how long ago was it? In your browser's console (per the FAQ, usually F12), copy and paste V=State.variables;. Then run V.SF.Active and V.SF.Toggle, if the values are not -1 and 1 then set then.

Finally in the console run (once again from the FAQ) SugarCube.Engine.play("Security Force Proposal") to run the init event.



Yes, I am aware of it and a patch for it is in the pipeline.



Have multiple dongs, dp will be never more easy.



The .html was built 3 days ago via compile .bat, downloaded it from github.

I paste that and it finds absolutely nothing in fact I just redownloaded it, ran backwards compatibility (since now I remember the event actually fired but it hanged my game, that's why I chose the option to ignore it via the 2nd text option in the event and didn't even notice it was the SF event).

Now with today's version and backwards comp shows LOTS of errors https://pastebin.com/0d9yjSM8




Ok am I retarded? I ran backwards compatiblity before running the event, which led to THOSE errors, then just in case ran backwards compatibility AGAIN aaand now I have a firebase…

Yep, I'm retarded af…



go back


At the risk of looking like a huge faggot

How do I make my first slave male?



By selecting XY, removing the vagina and adding penis and testicles. Prostate optional.



Yeah that's what I thought would work but it doesn't change the description.



I want this more than ever now


File: 880d98dd7e28b6a⋯.jpg (69.57 KB, 1443x153, 481:51, Untitled.jpg)

Ten effing thousand men…



Newest git build? More tweaks came in to it.



just downloaded this from the git barely an hour ago



Merge occurred 50 minutes ago. That is cutting it a bit close.



Isn't that basically a whole division?



Male pronouns can be enabled under the options menu.



Brigade. Divisions are 30-50,000, made up of 3-5 brigades. Army structure is peculiar.



30-50,000 is a corps


File: dcbce59937379ec⋯.png (10.7 KB, 550x576, 275:288, kimochii onichaaan.png)


here you go. best doujin ever drawn. puts rustle to shame.



As an artist (that means my opinion is more valuable than anyone elses) I give this 10/10



>sisters instead of clones

Step up your game friend.



My man, selfcest is great. I kind of wish you could give your slaves more power so I could have my clones as extremely wealthy arcology "citizens" and influence the economy but that'll have to stay in the realm of imagination.

Is there any way to get eugenics not to lose their shit at clone/selfcest/incest stuff? The future should be ruled only by my blood. I wouldn't mind being forced to get a pharma upgrade to eliminate inbreeding damage even if I keep it turned off, I just want to have an army of fuckable selves.



>his sisters aren't also his clones



is there a way to get a sister unless you had one specifically set from day 1? can you clone yourself and change the chromosomes?


Is there any way to only send female children to the incubator/nursery? I want seeDick=0, but still have some sons.



Inspect pregnancy



Oh duh, thanks. I hadn't played since that was added.

So the only thing you can't do is have different options for the remaining non-incubator/nursery kids: sell the girls, send the boys to school.


What happened to numbers next to slave fetishes? They seem to have disappeared from most recent git. Intentional change?



Yes. The option that was doing that was never supposed to default to on. It can be found and toggled under summary options.



Well anon think about it where do sisters come from? I'm sure you can figure out how to get as many sisters or half sisters as you could ever need.


Cloning is in the surgery screen, right? I can't seem to find it.



If you don't start the game with your mom and keep her knocked up 24/7 then you should stop playing



>not starting with your mother, sister-daughter, and sister-daughter-granddaughter



To clarify, I had it before and now it's gone. Unless I'm an idiot and it's not actually in the surgery screen.



Usually do tbh.

Although this time I tried inverting it a bit and I started as female with my father and my son-brother



Go to "Manage Personal Affairs", then to "Gene Lab"


Honestly the game still feels super fuckity when playing as a pure female. Like, you can be dominant without having to whip out a strapon for every encounter. May as well just pick a male or a herm at that point.

I understand the reason is mostly just because it would be a shit ton of writing and rewriting tho.

That's definitely something that's on my long-term wishlist for this game, more diversity between gender options.

Also I wish I could force my slaves to eat my ass. Why do I even have sons if they're not going to worship and tonguefuck their mom's asshole?



female protagonist was a mistake



Ah, thank you.



I just played a game where I started with my mother and 5 generations of kids below me. Toddler pregnancy's a bitch I guess.


What's "well hung" do, does farmyard food do anything besides provide income, and do nursery babies exist for any purpose besides molestation? Will pedo become a fetish?


Installing implants and prosthetics. Plus stuff like bonuses for certain careers, like having an intimidating scar and being early-middle aged would make you look like a veteran and give a slight boost to rep or maybe bodyguard devotion/trust but might make slaves fear you more at the start. Or being a younger celebrity would give you more starting rep but declines faster, vice versa for an older celebrity. I don't want the game to be about minmaxing your starting stats for an optimal race-to-owning-every-arcology thing but some (optional, maybe?) gradient character features that could let what most people already RP have a slight tweak to how they develop. I guess it would expand into rumor, not just career, too.



>What's "well hung" do

Just what it sounds like - the slave will grow up to have a larger dick (not sure what effect it has on females, if any)

>does farmyard food do anything besides provide income

Not really at the moment. It will eventually be part of a system that will cause you to bad end if you run out of both food and cash, but it's still in the early stages.

>do nursery babies exist for any purpose besides molestation?

Yes. You will be able to raise them as you see fit, once I can figure out why their description passage keeps thinking their objects are undefined.

>Will pedo become a fetish?

Highly unlikely.

>the rest

Some decent ideas in there. Not sure how I'd implement them, though.



It's great that the faggot can't say "make it yourself :^)" anymore lmao



merge it yourself :^)




Whether he says it or not, that's the way it is. You want it and the devs don't care for it? You make it yourself, you being anyone who wants it, not necessarily you personally. It just means the devs aren't the ones that will do it and will therefore have nothing to do with the content they don't care for, leaving the ones who want it to both make and maintain the content they want or risk it being stripped from the game when it finally starts breaking things from incompatibility with newer additions.



Sure, that's the way it is. This anon kept spamming it even after it was very apparent that someone was working on it. He was just being a dickhead probably because he doesn't like neko content



Wouldn't raising them take hundreds of weeks? Does anybody really play once they have all the arcologies, self-sustaining money and rep, full upgrades and a dream harem? And I guess to add gradient creation you'd have to do something dumb like add a bunch of variables at the start that get checked at final character creation, get bundled into what complete interaction combos you've hit and then get added onto the base rumor value (or rep, prosperity, whatever) that gets checked every time, but I'm no coder so good luck figuring out if that even makes sense/how to do that. Should be pretty easy though right, it's just some words and numbers dummy.



I'm always trying to get further and further when it comes to the perfect slave, now that gene stuff has been added I can play for 500 more turns…

I spend a lot of resources trying to get the most beautiful and smart ones to breed with each other (futa style), then you clean up the rejects via the gene screen… release them from the incubator when they're 15, then it takes another year for them to be cleansed of the gene damage and be properly educated.

When they're 16 they're the perfect breed stock, they sell for A LOT and they loyal to death.




>Wouldn't raising them take hundreds of weeks?


>Does anybody really play once they have all the arcologies, self-sustaining money and rep, full upgrades and a dream harem?


>good luck figuring out if that even makes sense/how to do that.

I'll need it.

>Should be pretty easy though right, it's just some words and numbers dummy.

u right


Speaking of doing things on your own what would it take to do a racial overhaul? Ideally I would want to make races and subraces. I was looking at the archive and someone was saying the current racial setup is all screwed up but that was two years ago.



All that's needed is for someone to do it. Themselves.




Clinic blood cleansing with a great nurse and clean diet shouldn't take a year minus intelligent education, even at extremely high genome damage, right? I've released at about that age before and iirc it took a lot less but maybe some stuff has been changed, it's been a while since I had to. I guess I just need something more to happen for me to want to play past getting my absolute perfect set of slaves. Not looking for implementation but imagining becoming powerful enough to bring four arcologies under one unified free city banner and moving on to establish an even bigger power and compete against some other big economic power or work your way up to dismantling/infiltrating an old world government is pretty fun. I'm just a sucker for the eternal grind, though it wouldn't be much of a slave game anymore.



You'd need to set up a .subRace variable, and likely a .origSubRace, and decide what will go into it. From there, you'll need to inspect all instances of .race to decide how they will need to be altered to suit your changes. You'll also need to toss a subrace description in, but that'd be trivial.

The big problem will be setting how racial sup and sub will handle things.


I couldn't find "extra long dildo gags" as an item for my slave to wear anywhere after buying it, does it actually exist? There's only the regular dildo gag.



It has an oral skill requirement. It should tell you that is the reason a slave can't use it though. Then again something could have broken.




Or it doesn't and nothing else that has a condition like that does either. Skill needed it 50, just so you know.


File: 278acb3d00361a2⋯.png (25.04 KB, 980x220, 49:11, screen.png)



That makes sense, I guess. Need some skill as to not choke and die with a big dildo down your throat. Found it after looking at a masterful slave.


File: 12fd45a0796daca⋯.png (22.85 KB, 975x251, 975:251, screen2.png)



Forgot to add but I'm not really sure where it would tell me, this is a slave with minimal skill (22 overall) so the larger dildos don't show up even as greyed out options. There's no info on the slave page, on the wardrobe page, in the in-game wiki, or the readme for this thread. I don't think there's any info before you purchase the upgrades either. I went and bought a double virgin as well to see and she also has the same options as the slave with 22 skill. It does make sense that they need skill to use bigger dildos though.



I know. That was the whole "and nothing else does that either" part. Only empathy bellies seem to do it. Will have to consider scheduling in a cleaning pass for things like that.



I play into the thousands, so yes, some of us do play long term games capable of lasting that long.


If the comment you're talking about in regards to racial setup was referring to how subjugation and supremacy work, no, the anons that comment that just don't understand what is meant by supremacy and the current racial setup is just fine as is. That said, subraces would be kinda cool. I know it means a ton of work, but maybe that means a subracial equivalent FS to the current racial subjugation/supremacy FS pair or, for less work, a policy within the current pair that has to do with subracial preferences.



The way I was thinking of it was that the racial FSes would have options for both entire races and also subraces, and if you picked the overall races it would just selected all the subraces under that umbrella. I think that would also make it more compatible with the old version.



But my Jewish feminist professor told me races aren't real.



My Jewish feminist professor told me anything is real if you want it to be.


File: 0275717f728fb7f⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 1033x679, 1033:679, 0275717f728fb7f77e1c0f9198….jpg)



Polite sage for off topic.


File: f6d5dfde4ddfc7c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 429.6 KB, 1450x800, 29:16, 22d7fece6b047732a28f9af396….jpg)

File: 6df2471b8847d48⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 490.25 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, 591818f1dd0a1a051a60bfafbd….jpg)

File: e916ac9951142cd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 623.77 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, a4612563a5635ed1b2fbd7e0b5….jpg)

File: 7448beb1342d9f5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354.67 KB, 580x1061, 580:1061, c41d6afa981e0974f57200af22….jpg)


>"do not bump" box is checked

>post still bumps

as109 pics as compensation.



The big problem I have with as109 and other japanese artists is that they make the men niggers.



The purpose behind making the man's skin darker is to draw more focus to the girl via contrast.



>Also I wish I could force my slaves to eat my ass.

I want this for male MC too.



Demeaning and fun. I kinda wish there was at least an event where you piss in a slave rather than head to your bathroom. Remind them they're property, paternalist or not.


Nurseryanon, any luck with the multi-marriage thing yet? I need those twins.


designer babies when?

or am I gonna have to mod it in myself with my shit code?



That's been finished and is in the game.


Will we see penor virginity (0 penetrations done) soon?


I'm getting an error message when putting slaves in the farmyard.

Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: Cost calculation for slave Asina (1200129) failed. New Roma, Week 27, 14 Slaves, ¤172120 … …



To be more precise, I get the error message when ending a turn if there are slaves working in the farmyard.



Is it only on cheat mode?




You're off by one size.

Brigades are 3000 (5000 for reinforced Brigades)

Divisions 10000 (12-15k for reinforced, basically one or two extra brigades), around three brigades plus extras for logistics and command.

Corps are 30000-50000, but from corps onwards it's unofficial sizes.


Didn't see this one in the FAQ.

Is there a list of requests somewhere? I wanna try my hand at writting one or two short ones, see how y'all respond.



More scenes with multiple partners seen to in demand.



The git, issue #9.



I realised my mistake after posting, I was thinking of WW2 organisational structure.


Do you mean little events or actions?


I smoked a breast milk


File: 5567823061796ee⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 592x326, 296:163, DGhgJ1R.gif)



Damnit, anon, you're supposed to vape it!



The clinic (fully upgraded and staffed with a brilliant nurse WITH experience) takes about 5 gene damage each week, kids from the incubator are released with 99 damage.

Then of course some of them are release at healthy or below, the game forces some sort of mechanic that set the slaves at -30 health which means you take at least 3 to 4 extra weeks just to heal the health damage.

That, so far are 22 to 24 weeks

Next comes education, at least in my book, you could keep retarded slaves of course but let's not in this example… again, a schoolroom staffed with a brilliant teach WITH experience takes somewhere around 7 to 10 weeks in my experience to release the slaves.

Out of 52 weeks of the year we've used between 27 and 30 or 30 low somethings weeks.

Now the ocassional RNG fuckery, while those slaves are genetically programmed to be utterly obedient some get flaws like bitchy, arrogant blah blah… I make big batches maybe 20 at a time which means at least 5 to 8 get flaws, that's more time breaking/softening, even at high slaving skill the player character can't break a smart slave in a week, it always takes minimum 2 maybe 3 and that's the same for the HeadGirl.

Sooo… to sum up we can say in average in takes 32 weeks if everything is upgraded and all your staff members are truly competent.



Both would be fine, really. Though I imagine actions would require knowing the parsers.


File: 6774b985d88ed9c⋯.jpg (161.24 KB, 1061x1520, 1061:1520, 85f8e028518cdff17e5904d6b0….jpg)


Call me a fag but I think m/s is gross so I just start with a sister and work down from there.


I seem to be stuck at 140 of 141 SF upgrades, and is the facility enabled yet?



maybe the true 141st upgrade was the friends we made along the way


Could some anon guide me as to how to make a rule that allows my cows to have breasts/asses/dicks between certain range? Just bought from the black market the drug that allows slaves to "redistribute" weight so now unless my slaves are EXACTLY on the weight/size I've set they keep going backwards and forward with the growth injections/redistributor injections pattern



There's an ejaculations virginity.



Post what you have now.



This is literally just one rule to set them to be moderately stacked, but once they pass above that set limit (via growth injections) the RA just sends in the distributors and it's been like a year and half and at some point it will find its balance…




>"function": true,

Why not make a custom rule that only activates when they are outside of the range? Having them on weird drugs at all times is obviously going to screw things up.



>"function": true,

Because I don't know how, and the RA doesn't come with a breast-size/ass-size/dick-size activation rule. So I'm forced to have it always set to true.



I'm not going to write it all out for for you but for example:

(slave) => slave.boobs <= 800 || slave.boobs > 500

would activate when boobs were less than or equal to 800 and less than 500. || means 'or' and && means 'and'

Here is a list of all the variables.




Thanks anon will try, I was just trying to find some examples to use as guides because doing it from zero was a bit challenging.



Dong size.

Going ‘bigger’ than current sizes with penalties to running and possible fat/muscle levels that are independent of each other



1) Lactating tits to breast feed concubine and her fellow harem members.

2) Variable body types / a customizable diet and workout plan to alter the PC's body type and specific events for each general type

3) Cybernetic body parts

4) Wardrobe

5) Custom tattoos



If no one plays for hundreds of weeks then it's because there's nothing to after hundreds of weeks. That means adding content that is relevant hundreds of weeks in is opening new horizons. Except some people already do play for hundreds of weeks.



I find that it doesn't work most of the time. That my futa lolis just suddenly go from "prepubecent(male)" to normal without getting the "hasn't had first ejaculation", nor me getting an event about it, which I have seen sometimes. Is the event only for stupid uneducated slaves?



You had to set that option up at the game start, the one at which age they develop premature pubescency before being truly fertile.

If you set those ages too close to each other I think they just become fertile the moment they reach that age.

In my game minimal legal age is 12 and potency/fertility is 14.


What is "actor2" in generateGenetics?

Is Mother the genetic mother, and "activeMother" the one bearing the kid?



I usually set it to 10 and 12 for female and male puberty respectively, and the girls usually can't ejaculate before they're 12, but when they can then the "hasn't had first ejaculation" just disappears without any warning or event.



you mean there's no flavour text showing at the end of the week report? I usually see it coming since it shows something like "she's showing signs of puberty" a couple of weeks before losing it and becoming fertile.



I only get the "showing signs of puberty" when I mess with her hormones. Although I haven't played in some months, since I'm waiting for the Nursery. I just recall getting an event once where a confused slave did the classic "wtf, white pee? Am I sick?" and then there were some options, but far from all slaves get this event when reaching male puberty. It would make sense if the event is only for uneducated slaves or even dumb uneducated slaves. I don't remember how smart the slave I initially got the event with was.


Pregmodder please add a way to get Daughters of Liberty even after the event triggered, maybe spending some money with some sort of event to raid a place where they could be?

I just need to make them my sluts in my arcade… it's not the same if they're not all DoL sluts.

Unless anyone knows of a way to find unbroken ones and put them there?


Did you guys increment the chances to get amputee slaves or something? I haven't touched this since last year so I decided to start a new game an ended up with 2 quad amputee slaves. Not that I'm complaining, they were soiled and I decided to use and abuse them until they were mindbroken and I had to kill them due tot his.



>and eneded up*

Fix'd that typo


Can anyone offer advice on keeping the corporation viable going into late game? It seems like infinitely growing your corp eventually punishes you as overhead starts to eclipse profit. Is that baked in or am I just a financial retard?



Supposedly, 8-9 divisions are basically the maximum before you actually start losing money from overheat. No idea how big each division should be, though.


What would a mature woman's face "gorgeously androgynous in a complex way that captures the eye" look like? I'm having trouble visualizing it. Can't decide if it would look gross or hot.



What is that picture from?


Not entirely sure on the "complex" part but have you never seen a pretty face that could realistically be a man or a woman?


File: 8928cdfaffc243c⋯.jpg (212.11 KB, 1024x1246, 512:623, 1024px-Milla_Jovovich_by_G….jpg)


File: 355ea9c5547ff0e⋯.gif (143.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, disgusted.gif)






Excellent example, thanks.


Better than your buck-toothed rice chunger.


File: eb8b84c29f65db7⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 920x584, 115:73, rexfeatures_1267420l-920x5….jpg)


Try this one then



Slightly better




>when both are bucktoothed

>and the western one has a very masculine chin

Get AIDs



Is that Bowie?



>getting this upset

Lighten up, weeb faggot.



Yeah, he's pretty much textbook androgynous. He'd be a pretty hot middle aged woman in this pic


File: d54078705933abc⋯.jpg (16.67 KB, 220x284, 55:71, Mary Martin as Peter Pan.JPG)


Mary Martin might fit the bill.



Yes anon it is lucifer


File: 6be484bc02b4378⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1522x1900, 761:950, lucy.jpg)

File: d1a92e4877bbb86⋯.jpg (251.56 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, mila.jpg)


I dunno something like this maybe? Where its clearly feminine/pretty but has some well defined masculine traits as well.


Mila is actually a good example as well.



Peter Pan, eh? She's more feminine than the average woman today.



That's good, they could pass off as young but frail and weak men, that's what androgynous is.



Personally i'd love an event where a slave gives you a pantyjob; how that comes about is up to you, and the options, as i'd rather not magical realm too much. Otherwise, I know there was some desire for incest-related events between slaves, and a lot of stuff for female FC owners.



She headlined the old 1954 Broadway production of it along with Cyril Ritchard who was Hook. I think we still have the VHS somewhere.

And, yeah, you're right.


File: e3e6fc2e50d0197⋯.png (1.44 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c114da175eb0c31⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1203, 1000:1203, ClipboardImage.png)

Bros I think I am developing a lactation fetish. I don't even know what it is but the idea of loyal slaves with milky tits just does it for me suddenly! I THINK IT'S PERMANENT, WHAT DO I DO!?



Take a sip and just enjoy the ride, I guess?



Good list, but is there actually a way to generate it or have it formatted differently? Seems pretty clunky to me.

Instead of


How old her body is.

Accepts int"

it should be

"int physicalAge //How old her body is."


File: c33410f73c65ee8⋯.png (42.68 KB, 1519x423, 1519:423, 1549924695776.png)

Just found this on cuckchan, how reliable is this information?



Assuming nothing has been changed in the months since I made it then perfectly accurate.



active2 is the father.



Do you know if the flavor text during the batles is accurate? just tested it a few minutes ago, I'm on an urban arcology against Freedom Fighters and I employed guerrilla but even tho the colonel was succesful it said something along the lines of "this tactic was not adequate since the Freedom Fighters use it all the time against superior enemies"


File: e13a26a6f92a06b⋯.png (815.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

What can I do to make an ugly slave hot? Surgery will happen sooner or later but if I were to try to salvage her face it'd go into uncanny valley by the time it got to "Attractive" -90 [Ugly]

Help me bros



I had to come just to compliment a gentleman that shares my superior taste



Seems to be since in the chart FF and guerilla has -25 which would imply not effective at all.



i think female hormones can improve attractiveness?



Just because a tactic is successful, doesn't make it the correct tactic to use.



Just get a new slave



Can we rename "Human Wave" to Brannigan and put a entry where it's named after a famous FC colonel.



Female hormones as >>313516 stated do slowly drag them into acceptable levels.

Surgery is for the impatient or the ones whose policies encourage artificial appearances.



Just sell her and get another one at this point. Institute market beauty standards so you stop getting uggos and F5 if you get one in a random event.

If you're really patient and your slave is 18 or older you can get them from negative to 0 attractiveness by pumping them full of female hormones.


I'm new to twine modding.

What's the class name for all of the slaves? Is it something like slave[45] for the 46th slave object in your unassigned list?



$slaves is the array that stores all of the slave objects. If you wanted to call the 46th slave for some reason, then yes, you'd use $slaves[45], though I don't know why you'd want to do that.



Overwhelming female hormones will reliably trigger week-end facial beauty increases of +2, until the slave hits 0 or higher.

Addiction to unrefined aphrodisiacs will trigger random week-end effects, one of which increases facial beauty by +10, until the slave hits 11 or higher.

If you already bought the refined aphrodisiac formula, strap in for a year of waiting via hormones - and even then you'll only end up with a 0 or 1 (depending on whether the original number was odd or even).




I need the player to add a lot of slaves to a list, which is later then looped through. I don't see any other way it would be easier other than directly adding those objects with their index to that list.



What is this for, again?



I've had those week end effects raise beauty from 98 to 100, so it doesn't just cut out at 0.


How can I speed up pregnancy aside from fertility drugs and incubator upgrades? I'd like to continue using one of my slaves as a breeder, but the length of pregnancy and the fact that I have to have a clutch of slavegirls one at a time really sucks. Not sure if I'm missing an option for like…double pregnancy or something lol



I've made an alternate Pit that has a more dynamic calculation, without the If's in sequence or the hardcoded values. It also can do a 100 slave free-for-all. It's just unformatted plaintext so far and only debug flavour text.

Wasn't sure how I would have the player move high quantities of slaves into it, which is why I thought I could make a checkmark list off $slaves, then move the selected entries into a new array, from where the above mentioned script goes through the slaves to determine the outcomes and effects.



>98 to 100

That specific thing won't work for most slaves - it's a special case for a very young and extremely healthy slave / one that popped out of the incubator / had high facial beauty hardened by workouts/steroids.



Sounds interesting. I'd like to have a look at it once you're closer to completion or have enough to show off.

The way the Pit currently adds slaves is giving a full list of all eligible slaves, then the player can choose to add or remove slaves - all of those slaves then get pushed to a separate array, where they one or two are pulled at random to fight.


File: 7e852d00db2dea0⋯.png (21.77 KB, 1245x462, 415:154, 2019-02-11 21_22_24-Free C….png)

Oh god, I've never tried abusing a combat-trained slave before. This is…Something, for sure!



No reason you couldn't use that same list to populate a free for all.



its locked to two contestants only per loop



The list is still populated. You'd be dealing with accessing it.


Just did a merge request for an alternate YouthPreferentialist namelist in games with a low $minimumSlaveAge.

If anyone's interested, I could do something similar for the "sports bar" brothel decoration, which doesn't really fit with minSlaveAge=5

Is there any missing content a liberal arts major with VScode and too much time on his hands could be working on?



But… it's literally in there as the BEST and MOST CORRECT tactic to use since your bonuses are the highest and their penalties the highest too.



File: 58b7caa58f31281⋯.jpg (46.94 KB, 604x454, 302:227, GTbiAY_2.jpg)


>people in FC can survive incredibly invasive surgeries

>die from being stabbed in the chest




That's not what that means at all. That -25 for guerilla vs FF is your penalty, not theirs. So you're only getting a total score of 25 points, whereas Choke Points would get you 55.

Also, just because you're an urban arcology doesn't mean you're actually fighting all your battles in urban terrain. I usually play rural arcology, and I frequently see combat in rural, wastelands, hills, and walls.



>cuck mc can die to his combat trained fem slave

Is this because the anon in this pic was a soyboy who didn't work as a PMC or is this cuckoldry really in the game right now?



That was in FC by the original dev.



That would be a nice way to further elaborate on the two current FS choices.


Are the details of Protective and Restrictive indenture written up anywhere? Making a new game, trying to optimize my starting girls.



It determines what kind of surgery and drugs they can be subjected to.



I know the basics, but it almost looks like level 2 stops them from even taking hormones. Is that right?



Daaamn, I get it now… I didn't even notice there's an scenario of sorts. I just fought against the WALLS of the arcology against RAIDERS which means using choke points for the 50 that gives walls and +25 against raiders.


I remember in my old game having that event "her face becomes more beautiful" but right now I got a test slave she's on extreme female hormones via diet, drugs and the hormone tab. And she's still fugly.



Protective keeps them from undergoing most things.


That is from being healthy and happy and has a low chance of occurring.



You can overcome this by doing in the slave details page, if you do it from the main menu, you will die.


File: 6d23f4f36482dac⋯.png (211.63 KB, 773x822, 773:822, ClipboardImage.png)




File: f0ee8ee62967ee2⋯.png (9.75 KB, 1576x58, 788:29, csec missing.PNG)

Have children born in my arcology automatically sent to the repopulationist school and just got this from performing a c-section on an unwilling slave. Some words missing from the end of that line






>That is from being healthy and happy and has a low chance of occurring.

Close its from being healthy and happy AND having a face that is already 90+. Its also not that rare assuming you meet the conditions.


How do you get exact values for devotion and fear again?



Option under summary options. Show granular values or something like that.


File: cfa600bef2adc98⋯.png (14.97 KB, 1000x186, 500:93, spierce.png)

>It will increase the rate of the effects of the smart piercing

Can we talk about this? I don't think an upgrade of this sort is the way to go.

The smart piercing is supposed to work by subtly stimulating the slave to encourage certain behavior and creating discomfort to discourage unwanted behavior. Simply ramping up the power or the like would make it less effective not more.

I am not opposed to an upgrade but it really should be more like a brain implant or hormonal regulator than simply sticking a more expensive hunk of metal on their clit.



Thanks, I didn't even see that submenu in the sidebar.



I haven't looked into the proposed effects yet, so I haven't decided which way to go with it yet. I do agree about the nature of the upgrade though.



There's a thread over there?



fuck this exactly the kind of x+1 money sink we were talking about not doing anymore


File: fe0689763aa352f⋯.jpg (151.47 KB, 1068x1071, 356:357, bot.jpg)


Brain implants that give us more direct control over their likes and dislikes? I'd honestly really like that.

Seems like a logical next step for cyborgs too. We already chop off their limbs for machinery. Next up we could computerize their brains. It could give us a way of influencing their likes/dislikes, maybe make them smarter/dumber, or even have a shutdown feature that toggles a mindbroken state.



tbf I don't see what's subtle about the smart piercing - the flavour text when you install one at the enslaving legalities screen seem to suggest that the slave is entirely aware of what's going on and how it works. I'm not entirely for the x+1 measure either though, because if we keep adding these x+1 measures, might as well just cheat the slave to whatever we want.


are we expanding on chastity/orgasm denial or has that gone down the drain? still waiting to have a harem of insanely horny hateful slaves who are unable to orgasm without my permission



The smart piercing is already really overpowered.



Interesting, I've not seen this before



Reminder that the Security Expansion allows a PC to implant loyalty-inducing devices into the heads of their arcology residents.


File: 6e310763356b804⋯.png (408.53 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1549736573601.png)



Honestly, that's one of the things that's most lore-breaking for me, since it seems most against the spirit of the Free Cities. People are leaving the Old World to get away from shit like that.

I wouldn't have a problem if it was just slaves being implanted, but I've never liked the idea of implanting your citizens.



Keep in mind that secEx isn't considered 100% canon. I may look that part over as some time as that is the big offender.



No, people are leaving the old countries because of war, economic depression and natural disasters.


File: 609ea04e6893639⋯.png (6.05 KB, 783x57, 261:19, ss (2019-02-12 at 09.14.57….png)


It's not like they have much choice on the matter since it's a secret project but I get what you're saying. Then again I'm more than happy running an utopian surveilance state.


Did anyone make a spreadsheet for the fertility combinations?

If not, I'm going to go ahead and do it.



But that is not quite the same. I want to allow my traps to fap or cum from getting fucked up in the ass but keep their "male virgin" status at the same time.



What kind of hegemonic industrialist would we be if we couldn't be a massive hypocrite in secret.


File: bb22898a6302860⋯.jpg (624.76 KB, 695x1100, 139:220, 1549218221052.jpg)

File: 58d9c31b5eaea51⋯.jpg (115.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1549146943737.jpg)

I need more information on my arcology and its citizens!

>How many citizens have a penis / vagina?

>How old are my citizens?

>How beautiful are they?

>How fat are they? Tall?

>What is the racial / ethnic makeup?

I'm sure the Future Societies affect the population too, and not just the slaves, but all I can be sure of is that some of them are rich and the occasional event.



fair enough


File: c88af64832048b4⋯.jpg (126.52 KB, 573x900, 191:300, 1546396095599.jpg)


>Talking about yourself as 'we'

'Tis the RP we need.


Reposing my issue from the previous thread, modified from some quick research.

>The below code works as expected except that setting 'value' to null does not work at all.


"use strict"; const V = State.variables;
V.InitStoryVariable=250, V.InitStoryVariable2=0;
let KeyPairs={Name:V.InitStoryVariable,NameV.InitStoryVariable2}; TargetObject={};
let keys = Object.keys(KeyPairs),
len = keys.length,
i = 0,
while (i < len) {
prop = keys[i];
value = KeyPairs[prop];
if (value > 0) TargetObject[prop] = value;
value = null;
i += 1;



Think of male elves.



>setting 'value' to null does not work at all

Of course not, you idiot. Stop trying. You should never need to set anything to null.



strict mode does not allow delete and I prefer to delete or at least mark unused variables rather than wait for GC to never do anything because the prior variable is still valid.



What are you trying to do anyway? If you're looking for something, there was a problem with csecs and the part of the code you worked on earlier in the thread that you could get real quick while I question why I am still trying to wrangle walkPast after this many hours.



It's one fucking variable that you're going to be setting to other values later anyway, nulling it out is unnecessary and in fact actively detrimental. The fact that you're doing it EVERY FUCKING LOOP makes it even worse.



>What are you trying to do anyway?

Re-organising and expanding SecExp. I'l transfer over the MR at a better time.

>there was a problem with csecs

I can see what the cses problem is.

> and the part of the code you worked on earlier

Do you mean >>313159 or something else? If so, >>313159 does the issue still persist after freshly updating?


>It's one fucking variable that you're going to be setting to other values later anyway

I am not though, it has already been assigned to the new variable if it's value is greater than one.

>The fact that you're doing it EVERY FUCKING LOOP makes it even worse.

It seems personally more logically efficient to null the variable for GC right after it has been set rather than store it in a array (which automatically converts in into a string thus breaking the link) and then clean it later. The code is native JS and keys.length is only 36 variables (37 if I want to add in the completely unused one for no useful reason). The SF's BC clean functions alone handle 49 variables while also being in native JS. Most of the time spent waiting while running BC is probably due to twine.



>I can see what the cses problem is.

After that then I really need to sleep.



Meant >>313604

As for BC, it has to loop through five different arrays, so it can take some time.



Would converting them into JS help at all or is it just the size of them that is the issue?






I'm open to suggestions.



Don't touch them. Others are handling it. It's just a potential lot to work through either way.


Perhaps other means? Something like a plug/vibrator attachment or something for the soon to be unused .dickAccessory slot?



> soon to be unused .dickAccessory slot?

> soon to be unused

What does this mean in-game? Removal of chastity cages?



Chastity is moving to its own set of variables to greatly simplify checks for it.




Also to allow things like dildos under chastity belts and the like.



Except nullling it out does nothing for garbage collection that simply setting it to another value would do. And that's when setting it to null works at all, which you've already said it doesn't, so stop fucking trying.

What you're trying to do won't do what you think it will, and will instead just add more fucking script lag.



>What you're trying to do won't do what you think it will, and will instead just add more fucking script lag.

By not using the any more variable I assume it eventually be marked as explicitly unreachable, even though it will be attached to the main object?



Donate to my Twitch and Patreon as well as giving me Reddit Gold™. Don't forget to add me on Furaffinity!




The variable 'value' is part of the object 'keys', which remains in memory. 'Value' will not at any point be removed from memory. Any objects stored in variable 'value' when you write new data of any type to it will be discarded for later pickup by garbage collection. It doesn't matter if you write 'null' or 'KeyPairs[prop]', the result is the same. All you'd achieve by writing 'null' to 'value' every loop is a single extraneous write operation that achieves literally nothing.

And once again, that assumes you were actually able to write 'null' to 'value' in the first place, which you're not, probably because 'null' is almost never a valid value to write to anything.



Ha, ha. The reason I namefagged in >>313698 is so that other anons would know that I was the dev in >>313611 and that I was looking for feedback. Not that I should have even bothered replying to you, but here we are


Why is fPat still in cheatmode? What needs rewriting? I'm looking at it now and it looks fine to me.



I really do need to test it more. It felt very repetitive last I checked.



I suppose it could use some trimming - it's twice as long as pretty much all of the other miniscenes.



It should be broken down into a "reaching", "first contact with head", "the patting", then "hand removal + thought of event". I don't know what it is now exactly.



Approach, action, outro and reaction, according to the comments.



That's a plus. It's been so long since I first processed it I don't remember if I put those there as future notes or if they are actually applied.

I have it up in cheatmode right now after testing the next block of converted walkPast code, so let me go pat the starting slaves and see how things look.



Actually, it looks pretty good to me from the testing I've done so far. I've corrected some spelling and grammar, though - I'll push my changes to the git.



Consider adding a defiant branch to it, assuming it doesn't already have one. Low devotion, high trust. I'm sure they'd really like getting head pats.



Would that be less than accepting and more careful or some other combination?



Definitely still feels repetitive. Too much drawing closer and feeling things and not enough petting.


Defiant would be more along the lines of biting your hand for putting it close to her mouth.




fDick has the defiant state defined in it if you want to grab it from there.



.devotion < -20 and .trust > 20, right?




This would make a lot more sense if it were changed from "brain implant" to some sort of refined/tuned propaganda device like the TV's from V for Vendetta



That's not a bad idea. Will look it over tomorrow.


File: 665df736236ebfc⋯.jpg (97.31 KB, 755x526, 755:526, lolwut.jpg)

lol, I was expecting 500k or something



What event was it?



Thats a lot of money for a fleshlight



Not an event, a fulfillment order for a concubine. Ended up with a extremely prestigious, near worshipful, brilliant master sex slave with 100 beauty.

Only worth a mil btw.


Pregmodder when you buy a set of family slaves from the household liquidator you're just given a vanilla text instead of being directed to the screen where you choose the action to perform (shave hair, rape her etc…)


>Force feeding a gluttonous slave 2 gallons of slave food

Legitimately didn’t expected to get a boner from that. Kind of a shame that stress eater softens into fitness rather then its own thing.



Just don't touch it, it's fine as is.



The "choose action to perform" screen is a part of vanilla as well.



Well, at least one of the nicknames for fatties is 'Jabba'.



What is the ideal weight for the strongfat police under physical idealism, anyway?


File: 724ec02dbbeb9db⋯.png (224.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 56e622b91a22fdc⋯.png (235.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2a5d905e9ec67d0⋯.png (345.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cf2f445df0a2727⋯.swf (619.09 KB, free-cities-20190212-11420….swf)

This slave has an anal womb and working ovaries and for some reason I can't impregnate her. Any idea why? Save file included.


File: 8a16c5ab34ae98f⋯.swf (523.82 KB, Military01.swf)

Git version dl'ed 1 hour ago. My personal asst keeps getting the credit, even though I choose to personally lead my forces. (Has been this way for a fewish days)



Buying a conubine? You can do better anon. Use your rival, or a queen/princess, or if you really feel down for the investment, buy someone to bodyswap into the perfect body and have them lead your armies until they reach max prestige. Then you let them retire to your comfy bed.


Um, sorry if this has been addressed in the past, but I'm having an annoying error I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have a slave that I can't get rid of. She can't be retired, discarded, or killed. This error is all that comes up:

Error: <<=>>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'father' of undefined

<<= removeActiveSlave() >>

Based on the mention of "father" I even tried changing her parent(s) before attempting to get rid of her again, but just ended up getting the same error message.



All good options. Another fun one I enjoy is acquiring a high attractiveness slave and breeding her, incubating our daughter, and then making her my concubine. Occasionally things work out such that my Head Girl is pretty top tier worship/devoted towards me easily, works hard to take care of the girls, puts in top tier effort as a sex slave, that kind of thing and I'll knock her up and make our daughter my concubine as a reward for her mother's work and loyalty.


File: 9161367bb325c80⋯.png (280.66 KB, 700x800, 7:8, cody0.png)


>flat chest

>big butt


that's a femboy, anon



She's on contraceptives


File: ae9ac77a3cdb698⋯.jpg (63.45 KB, 1608x905, 1608:905, 1543055373893.jpg)


There are such things as women who fit that description, you degenerate.





>flat chest

wtf is the point of the girl then you omega level retard? You might as well just fuck a girl (male) and breed her boipussi at that point tbqhwyfam



I suddenly can't win any battles despite having max armies, upgrades, and following this chart. Was there a change to battles I missed?



>Is so obsessed with dicks he's forgotten lolis and pettankos exist.

Please anon. Seek help.



I'd rather breed actual pussy.



There was a change, you clearly didn't miss it.



What was the change? Why is it fucking up my endgame military?


There seems to be some inconsistency between the PC's breast size limit and that of slaves, and as a high functioning autist this bothers me deeply. Could the PC get access to strength surgery to improve back muscles or options to increase size beyond the current limit?



The latest changes to make the early to late mid game battles slightly less of a push over do not effect week 120 and greater, while being a weaker variant of prior code.



It is yet another of those details made much more difficult than it needs to be because FCdev was a retard. It seems like it would have been trivial to have the player character use the same body system as the slaves, had it originally been designed that way.

Everything we have now for customizing the PC is all the work of modders working around the fact that the PC is less of a defined character and more of a vague anomaly that is assumed to exist.


File: bf2623d3a45ff14⋯.png (147.44 KB, 1894x970, 947:485, FC_pregmod.html.png)

Error after new game plus


File: 3d15d89ea46ddc4⋯.jpg (779.68 KB, 3000x1274, 1500:637, KenRhhq.jpg)

Not sure if anyone saw my previous post, so maybe a thumbnail will help lol…

How can I speed up pregnancy aside from fertility drugs and incubator upgrades? I'd like to continue using one of my slaves as a breeder, but the length of pregnancy and the fact that I have to have a clutch of slavegirls one at a time really sucks. Not sure if I'm missing an option for like…double pregnancy or something



you can speed up gestation with one of the upgrades. I can't remember if it's in the fabricator or what, but somewhere in there.



Its the Nurse station, whatever it was called, but you need a nurse to do it.


${his} ${T.count > 1 ? 'babies':'baby'} went for a total bid of ¤176

Looks like the latest birthing rewrite messed something up with cash4babies. The global rule is set to "individually decided fates."

When the rule is set to auto-sell, the result is slightly better, but still messed up:

Her babies were sent to the market. went for a total bid of ¤508.



You can speed up gestation in the clinic but an even better way is to just transfer the ova to other slaves that way you can keep knocking her up over and over.



I'll try bugfixing this myself, and will take the chance to add some flavor text for prestigious mothers. Auctioning off a litter of princesses should definitely be notable.





Found it! I had to buy the upgrades in the pharmaceutical, then transfer the pregnant slave to the clinic.


What's the minimum amount of slaves you could play through this game and still be successful? 3? 2 if you drop the recruiter?


Can we get the option in the rules assistant to set specific diets, rather than target weight/muscles? If If I set slave diets to 'fix fat and skinny' and muscles to 'toned', slaves that are both fat and weak will diet instead of working out, which would achieve the desired end result sooner. Even if I use separate rules, with muscles as higher priority, they still diet when they should be lifting.



Ok, it looks like turning on cash4babies allows birthJS.js to handle children remaining after incubator+nursery removal, and it fucks up big time.

If cash4babies is disabled, the old seBirthWidgets.tw takes over and gives you the "will be remanded" options, which work fine.

Unfortunately I don't know what the intent of this was, so I can't fix it. Who made birthJS? Is it supposed to be live?



sent to one of <arcology>'s ${his} ${T.count > 1 ? 'babies':'baby'} went for a total bid of ¤428. Valentyna Levchenko is deeply hurt by your sudden decision to sell her children instead of having them cared for. Her trust in your words wavers as she thinks of her children's future. Her babies were sent to a citizen school. children are Valentyna Levchenko Valentyna Levchenko knows about these and will be overjoyed, she will miss her children, but she expected that.

Holy fuck birthJS is wonky.



Given that, I wiil just post the bugfix here rather than create a merge conflict.

if (T.call !== 1) {
r += `${his} ${T.count > 1 ? 'babies':'baby'}`;
} else {
r += `Where they`;



This. I think it might be feasible to do it like Vicky 2, where every x (10 or 100 or something) citizens gets one object containing their demographics. Sugarcube still has that max for loop length restriction doesn't it? That's the main thing to be worried about. The objects themselves can just be pared down versions of something like the PC variable. Dick/vagina/boobs/age/class and maybe a couple others.


File: e4e7f8376a99823⋯.jpg (353.96 KB, 661x716, 661:716, 1497899503091.jpg)


Motherfucker is like the ancestor. He's the entire reason we're here, and we're forever dealing with his 'mistakes'.


The pronoun bullshit still makes it hard to make good femboys.



Single slave intro only.


You also shouldn't be able to have both at once. How'd you manage that?


Run backwards compatibility twice and see if t hat changes anything. Otherwise save file will be needed.


>>313871 hit the nail on the head. It's slated for a rework after the FS quartet though. Also, I'm going to lose patience sooner or later and swap .name and .surname on the player to the slave equivalents so that I can just call the damn name without having to set up miles of exceptions.


Will look at that as it seems to understand your race just fine.



I really hate that it uses a ternary for that. It makes it hard to read.


Also SFanon, this is why I'm frustrated with the code. This is like the fourth or fifth time this has happened out of it.


I'll look at it. Diet used to be in an intersection with fertility, hormones and drugs which made it incredibly complicated to work on. The new RA may be simpler, so will see what can be done.


I think ours is 1000, don't remember where I saw it though, the sugarcube code all moved around.



Is selling babies even remotely worth it?

At ~100 credits a pop you'd have to be churning out a fuckton to break even, not to mention cover the rep loss.


File: d13d2958f44bf9b⋯.jpg (97.82 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, narrator.jpg)


>The poor Caretaker, I fear his long-standing duties here have …affected him.


Start a baby farm. Economic theories suggest most profits are small ones done en masse, so you just need more babbies.



Do they need to be objects? Why not just save it as a set of stats?

You could describe citizens/groups by rolling against the table (%dick*%middle-aged). Unless you wanted to have fancy subgroups (young women, old men), which would take correlation-matrix bullshit.


Yeah, I'm lost at how birthJS and seBirthWidgets interact/are supposed to interact (or if one was supposed to replace the other), so I'll have to bow out of that.


By week 90 I've got several dozen [100]face genius children of my starting girls constantly pregnant with 3-9 babies at a time, picking the best for the incubator and selling the rest.

And I start a breeding program with the daughters of liberty, criminals, royals, etc.: picking the best of 25 babies per generation gets you perfect stats by the time their great-granddaughters join them in the dairy.

It's not about the money for me, but about how fast you can bootstrap slavegirl factory farming. Industrial slave breeding is my thing, and I wish there was more end game content for it. The Gene Lab preg inspections were a fantastic start.



birthJS is supposed to just contain the text strings from the birth scenes to cut down on bloat. This is a prime case of don't fix what isn't broken.


In what file is $upgradeMultiplierArcology defined? I swear that I found this shit before and now I can't find it.



I want to say initNationalities.tw.



Thanks anon, this shit was annoying me so much.



For the subgroups, yes. Objects make it far easier to do those.




The weirdest part was how vehemently against defining the player FCdev was. Really early on in development, players had suggested the ability to customize the PC so they could further personalize it.

FCdev was borderline hostile to the idea, giving some bullshit excuse that it would somehow hinder the player's ability to self-insert.



I agree that it can, but as long as you keep details broad or make them the result of a player's actions, then it doesn't disturb that too much.



If it used the same system as the slaves, then it should have offered enough variety in its customization that you could just make yourself in the game. Mostly, we are talking about the player character's body.

Also, keep in mind that the faggot that went on about how, 'important the player's ability to self-insert is', was the same guy that decided almost every scene needed surprise buttsex, regardless of how many players were telling him they didn't even like anal, much less randomly losing a slave's anal virginity and reducing their price.

or that it isn't gay if you call him a woman



That's my philosophy on it, not FCdev's. But you are not wrong about how much more convenient things would be. One of the long term things I want to do is make some bad ends lead to the former PC ending up in the prestigious slave market or the like. Can't do that with the current object - can't do a lot with the current object.



>You also shouldn't be able to have both at once. How'd you manage that?

I misspoke, she just has an anal womb. Unless you saw something in the save file?



Will look deeper then.



I know the milking pens can be used for breeders. I love the idea of this fetish though.



combat trained, and most importantly armed, slave. Don't smack people around if you give them swords, battlerifles and cybernetic combat limbs.



>muh combat trained woman

Hahahaha, ahahahahahahha



>He also actually forgot that they can receive steroids which could get them strength of world-class bodybuilder in FC.



+ shark teeth, enhanced cybernetic vision, and a massive set of pendulous girlballs



It only happens when you abuse your bodyguard.



Fine maybe if they're roided out I'd accept it, hell the science of FC is so advanced trannies can be given working female bodies, or more amazingly HEAD TRANSPLANTS.



the original post said that. I personally believe it is much more important that she has a gun and a sword than any particular training, she could put someones eye out for example, but whatever.



I suggest not to fuck with it.


So just got a girl from the cattle ranch who wasn't mind broken and she made me think. They come from the ranch with their tendons clipped and trained to think of themselves as livestock. So why then does she get mad that she's forced to crawl around on her hands and knees?

I know that's just the standard reaction a non-obedient girl has, but still in the case of a girl from the ranch i'm willing to bet she's probably been clipped most if not all her life.



Just because she knows how it works doesn't mean it can't still work.

Ever tried a basic conditioning experiment on yourself? Just get some kool aid powder and a randomizer that goes off every 5-10 minutes and then just go watch an hour of tv. Every time the randomizer goes off, put some kool aid powder on your tongue. By the end of it you'll start to salivate when the chime goes off even though you know exactly what's happening.



As in not bother with an upgrade that allows for quicker / better training?




There's also another condition where a slave that is very healthy and trusting will slowly have their facial issues smoothed away


What does fDick still need?



Variants for .pregMood. Maybe amp variant expansion as well.



Basically. It's better to put new things in the game, rather than just better versions of what's already there.


I literally cannot stop myself from creating a harem of loving, devoted women who have my children that I dote on and give headpats to.



does this mean there is gameplay?

can you make a archaeology citizen a slave?

maybe i have missed something



Its more like just monitoring their thoughts to prevent uprisings



I'd argue that new content is new content.


Is there a good example of a scene with .pregMood somewhere I can use as a base?


You can buy a breeder's diet for 25k in the Pharm fab and an ovulation diet for 5k, but i only see the option to actually use the ovulation one (called Fertility on the slave page). Is the breeder diet actually available?


So overhead in the corporation is a hard limit on profitability? I spent a few tens of million in couch change on an expansion, and suddenly it's losing 2 million a month.



Not off the top of my head. Refer to the documentation for the exact value, but the overall tone of the scene will be changed. One is sexually aggressive, demanding and takes what it wants when it wants it. The other is submissive, a little clingy and easy to take advantage of.


The breeder diet is a constant effect on all slaves. Its main effect is to make conception more likely.


Something like that, I think. I know there is a point where further expansion will hurt more than it will help.



Ah thanks. Might could use a comment about it being a persistent effect since all of the other dietary upgrades are actual selectable diets.



>It's better to put new things in the game, rather than just better versions of what's already there.

That's the opposite of the truth, anon. Sanderson's Third Law, and all that. Sure, he applies it to magic but it's applicable to writing in general as well as development.


File: 240bffac855ec2f⋯.png (784.65 KB, 1074x934, 537:467, ClipboardImage.png)

>jailbait edition

Oh, did deepmurk's new vectors make it in?


>Of her 2 children, 2 were taken to the Incubator, and 0 were taken to the Nursery.

>Her baby was sent to the market. sold for ¤47.

Probably time to just rewrite the whole thing.

How often is the royal family event supposed to happen? Last year you'd get it twice a game, but I've played about 400 turns of the newest version without seeing it once.



I'm at the verge of losing patience and just reverting all of it.

RERoyalBlood is supposed to be rare.



It's a little odd the game is full of queens and princesses. I always rename their origins to be daughters of dictators and politicians but their job experience still shows up as them being queens and courtiers.


Not really an issue all things considered but even with "exclude special slaves" set to false in the RA, the rules do not apply to any of the facility leaders, the Head Girl or your bodyguard. Unless those aren't the special slaves in which case I need to ask what the fuck a special slave is.



RA only applies to penthouse slaves, which does not include BG or HG.


Do the food and medicine dildo actually do anything besides stretch assholes and encourage anal/cum fetishes? My slaves keep gaining those fetishes and it's starting to piss me off.



They are needed for several events, but other than that, you pretty much summed up what they are good at. I think they also have some dev/trust effects as well.



It applies to the slaves in the facilities though. They don't seem to be counted among the penthouse if the 0/20 penthouse beds is any indication. If that is an oversight, may wanna fix that.




Well my RA is applying to both HG and BG, as well as facility slaves and facility heads.




I don't know anymore. Just keep in mind that facilities can and will override RA changes in the case of a conflict.

Reading the original post more, I think those are special slaves, yes.



BRB, adding a "are you a bad enough dude to enslave the president's daughter" event.


I wish there were more generic degrading upgrades for the penthouse, rather than fetish-training ones. Don't even get to use the cellblock, because most girls show up already too terrified to be sent to it.



Food dildo prevents 'retard slave is too dumb to use food dispenser' events. I'm not sure if medicine dildo actually increases medicine uptake, though.



Aight, thanks. And I'm fine since the only thing I'm really using the RA for is corseting and accent elimination so, like I said, not really an issue just something I noticed.



Maybe I should explain what I meant by that. X+1 upgrades, while useful up to a point, eventually just lead to powercreep. The smart piercing already works pretty well, there's no real need to make it better just for the sake of making it better. I'd rather see effort going into fixing some of the outstanding problems or expanding (which is different from upgrading) stuff that already exists in the game.


>new content is new content

Sure, but that doesn't mean that all newly added content adds the same value to the game. It's also content that no one has really been asking for, so don't be surprised when you get a lot of friction from us about it.

To be fair, you are the one making content for the game, not me, so I do applaud you for that. But you have asked us for suggestions, and everyone I've seen has said that we don't want it.



Are you actually retarded or just practicing?


Your conditions are most likely wrong "special slaves" does indeed refer to facility heads. Export the rule or post a picture of the conditions and maybe I can help you.


Thats flat out wrong the RA will apply to whatever slaves you tell it to apply to.



Oh and to be clear I'm calling you retarded because Sanderson's Third "Law" is about balancing depth vs breath. Adding a smart piercing that is exactly the same as the one we have now but costs 2x as much and works 2x as fast is neither of those things. also we need to stop referring to everything as a law, these things are guidelines at best




I still think alternatives to it would be a good idea for those that hate piercings or are body purists.


Well it used to be that way, ok? I've been at this for a long time; the years are starting to roll together.



>I still think alternatives to it would be a good idea for those that hate piercings or are body purists.

Maybe once the chastity rewrite is done, smart bullet vibe/dildo?

As for more breadth, how about a chip implanted in the brain that stimulates pleasure centres during sleep cycles, replacing the week end 'bad dream' events with sexual ones?



Yeah I'm on board. Or alternatively, have a new facility or add-on to an existing facility to allow "indoctrination" where the slave is useless for the week, but in exchange, the indoctrination centre increases the specific fetish you desire. You can then stack that with the smart piercing if you want fast results at the cost of using the slave for the week if you wanted to, or stick to indoctrination if you want to maintain the purist ideology.


did deepmurk die?



that pic is fuckin 10/10


Someone needs to take a look at minor prison incarceration reasons, I'm getting 8-year-old tax evaders, domestic abusers and career burglars.



It's a tough world.



>lewding the keyhole loli

You walk a dangerous path. I would not be lewding the gateway to the elder gods myself even if she's too fucking cute.


File: ee4d19aebec1e66⋯.png (72.69 KB, 178x180, 89:90, 919dd774cb0dd8ab0f588baff6….png)



I keep asking for young slaves, but even the four-year-olds that come in have gray hairs and ruined livers.



>it would somehow hinder the player's ability to self-insert.

fucking kek



I guess if you want to make a tycoon game it makes sense to avoid constraining you too much to an avatar, but in case of FC I think having a well defined avatar that shapes everything to his persona is essential.



>Old Worlders can't even feed and headpat their lolis

Fucking disgraceful



I agree.


File: 8f0bd5bade08b4d⋯.jpg (163.72 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 1439900059714.jpg)

I'm new to this game and i'm sincerely having a blast ( probably because i got fulfilled my long lasted dream of twin blonde lolis to love me ) and i have some questions.

1 slaves that work in the brothel lose devotion daily. Is this gonna be a problem later or it can be ignored ?

2 my favorite loli twins have around 80 health while the other girls reach around 12. Is that because of different treatment i gave them, an individual hard cap, or something else ?

3 linked to the second question i guess, can i make some girls diet? I got 3 fat lards that are always sick

4 my first criminal was a 4 years loli that tried to scam people out of their money ( they grow up so fast these days ). Trying to break her mind softly doesn't seem to work, should i go hard on her, or just sell her.

5 how important is the city management part of the game ? I just spend money at random and for now it seems to work.

Thank you in advance for your answers.



1. Yes

2. Softcap is around 100 I believe but you can go above that

3. Yes, set it to restricted. Surgery is also an option.

4. You can go hard, but if you push it too much she'll get mindbroken. That can be fixed too but it's usually easier to turn your personal attention to her and work her devotion to something neutral at least.

5. Can be ignored if you want. You can easily make your most money on your slaves.



for health give drug "curatives" to take them up to 100, they need job "rest" to get higher

combining both will give faster health gain up to 100



Reminded me I need to make a shinobu slave.



File: 70c48531ea39aee⋯.png (45.48 KB, 1586x273, 122:21, set against each other err….PNG)

Just got this from setting 2 rebellious girls against each other in public


What is the milestone that allows your corporation to unlock new divisions?



Depends on the corporation's value. I think the first expansion gets unlocked at 400k, then 900k and it keeps scaling from there.


>overhauled reputation tracking

What has changed?



Ruin has come to our arcology…



The tracking.

There's a page that details rep changes now. You can click on rep on the left panel while on the main screen.


File: ef6db7b82c50b45⋯.jpg (716.84 KB, 2500x1767, 2500:1767, 74927492.jpg)

>previous threads had rampant r*dditor and fag95 invasions

>this thread has loli in the OP pics

>greatly reduced r*ddit and fag95 newfags ITT

(((Coincidence?))) I think not. A loli a day, keeps the cancer away.



Meh, more like just a certain topic hasn't been mentioned since that always starts a shit storm


File: d0fd1be928b83e1⋯.png (60.69 KB, 661x716, 661:716, serveimage(3).png)



isn't there one of FC yet?



These are vintage memes from /new/, the grandfather board of /pol/.



should it be about thread drama and shitstorms, or more focused on the game itself like future societies and arcologies?


Trying to use the Gene Lab, says none of my slaves work as surrogates. What do I need?



They have to be fertile, not have a current pregnancy that is more than 4 weeks along and i believe they can't have more than 6 or 8 kids already in their womb.

Generally for surrogacy you're going to access it from the "Harvest and implant egg" button under the egg donor's page.



thread drama about FS


File: 671a19a85746583⋯.jpg (206.14 KB, 661x716, 661:716, FC v1 0.0.1.jpg)


here ya go

and in typical FC tradition it's not finished and its "creator" is taking a sabbatical.





not enough redditors doxing themselves/10


How does the Asexual reproduction modification work? I implanted it in a girl but nothing in particular seems to be happening.


>devoted/trusting slaves will stop having rivals

Noooo! They should compete over my attention and continue their rivalry.



No lie, I died laughing and came back from the dead because of this.



Throw in the odd bit of fan-fiction involving Councilman Taggart and it's perfect.



It should be an option to crack down or not on rivalries, as well as to incentivize them, by allowing slaves to set up their own pecking order. Also, relationships should be reworked to allow multiple relationships between slaves.



>Also, relationships should be reworked to allow multiple relationships between slaves.

This would be nice


File: 9c599912cd4bac9⋯.png (5.62 KB, 1115x29, 1115:29, those who arent.PNG)

So with the old corporation setup you could pick a specific race that you wanted your corporation to focus on, but now you pick an individual race you don't want? So what, if you happen to just want one you need to use 10 specializations and take 20 turns to narrow it down?


So I'm trying to do a custom rule where only devoted slaves (>95) and undereducated9<30) slaves are sent to the school. I can't figure out a way to add in more than one condition unless it uses the custom option, and I have no idea what the name of the fields etc are to use here. Can anyone help?



Yes you would use custom for combining multiple rules and i believe this is what you need:

(slave) => slave.devotion >= 95 && slave.intelligenceImplant < 30



Every specialization point allows for 4 total races to be removed from the pool one after the other and if I am not mistaken these all only take 1 week of down time.



This is correct however in my opinion there is no reason not to send all slaves to school right away.


Oh nice I've been waiting for the nursery to start a new game but the new corp seems cool and the nursery is probably not coming as soon as I hoped.



Ah didn't know about the 4 per one, but just tried it and its giving me the same 2 week cooldown before i can give select another race, so even if it takes less points still gonna take 20 weeks to narrow down the list which is pretty absurd.


Agreed. My slaves go from confinement/cellblock straight to the schoolroom. School really does a pretty good job of getting most of them up to accepting by the time they get out even with a maxed out teacher



I like the way that the new corporation functions but really not a fan of how the specialization system works now. Seems like you're a hundred turns in before you even get it whittled down to what you want them to sell.



I guess I only considered making it 1 week instead of actually doing it. I've made a MR for it on the git now.


Maybe you desire something really specific. What are you trying to get them to sell?


I can't see anything within the changelog, so how goes the status of horns? If they're done, what branch are they in?



can we marry more than 2 at a time?


File: 4c1cd0f60d94f0d⋯.png (2.72 KB, 541x41, 541:41, Nope.png)





>Pregmodder @Pregmodder commented 8 hours ago

>You're next in line since the merge I've been waiting on is delayed.



what happened with the numbers for stats like whoring and entertainment?


How the fuck do I even start the corporation now, it got completely removed from my current save.



They were hidden. There is an option to re-enable them.


It should be under Manage Economy.

Do I need to put my slaves on neutral hormones to stop breast growth or are regular female hormones okay?


File: b6a008d5f52439d⋯.png (77.29 KB, 1275x621, 425:207, Screenshot (12).png)


From economy screen it is available in sidebar. I couldn't find it either.


Is there a way to get rid of the "emotional slut" status?


File: 6ae432e7eb877aa⋯.jpg (71.62 KB, 600x682, 300:341, bundy313.jpg)


Mindbreak them



Isn't being an emotional slut supposed to be a good perk? at least its not listed as a flaw.


File: b4223ca277c6f7b⋯.jpg (122.02 KB, 720x960, 3:4, b4223ca277c6f7bc36c3c9770a….jpg)




File: 4cdf4a56dde7e1c⋯.png (13.27 KB, 1263x88, 1263:88, emotional slut penalty.PNG)


Depends, emotional slut will get a devotion and trust penalty if you don't whore/public whore her. So you are stuck with a penalty if you want her to be HG, recruiter, teacher etc.



Reduce her libido and limit her sexual outlets and she will go back to normal.


Haven't played in like 2 months so when I saw all the new gene lab stuff I just bought everything immediately.

However I'm left wondering: Is cloning the only thing you can do with it at the moment? Is everything else just locked in cheatmode? If so, where? And what about that genetic quirk thing I read on the changelog?


How large can breasts get before they start sagging? Is there an optimum size for beauty by maintaining perky/torpedo, ignoring FS modifiers?



I think it just a random chance that may happen every time the breasts grow past a certain point.



I don't know exactly but I think they start having a chance to sag at >1500


File: 532f4956a964ebc⋯.jpg (70.74 KB, 720x763, 720:763, 1549767851588.jpg)

I generally don't fuck with the generic, no-description slaves so can someone clue me in? I sort of get menials and fuckdolls but what's the deal with bioreactors specifically? Are they just a font of bodily fluids you stick into a dairy?


File: faa11d4518426db⋯.jpg (555.41 KB, 1897x939, 1897:939, baka.jpg)


What an excellent question, if only there was some kind of in game resource that had relevant information pertaining to your query.


Development is going hella slow for this. Is there anyone going to take up the mantle and seriously develop major new features etc and take this game to the next level?



I don't really know what you mean by that but if you have some ideas you can always work on them.



No. As with all H-games we're stuck with slow development. And this is a text game, so our slow development is relatively fast compared to other games'.


What are the largest tits and ass a bodyguard can have without receiving a penalty?


File: bc37dff306cee3a⋯.png (10.95 KB, 969x71, 969:71, valleyits.PNG)


File: 752c7e0a37fd13d⋯.jpg (88.71 KB, 577x203, 577:203, yay profit.jpg)


Hey, managed to squeeze a profit on this expensive cunt!



Yeah, it's a shame you gated it away from the average user, forcing them to pester you for answers.



>you gated it away from the average user

What? Are you too retarded to use the in-game FAQ?



No, you opened with a passive-aggressive response to a genuine question instead of just telling me to check the FAQ, so I responded in kind.


quick question

boobs = 500

boobsImplant = 500

does that mean her boobs are 500 in total or 1000 then?



File: 9049744dfa10601⋯.png (122.37 KB, 488x350, 244:175, 9049744dfa10601cbd2f239a50….png)





activeSlave.boobs = the total




I looked, and didn't see anything (probably because I'm coming up on my 40th hour awake), so I asked a question. You're the one who decided to be a shitcunt.



Is the chef stuff her because he likes to stuff slaves or because he likes to use slaves as a replacement for turkeys in a dish?



This reminds me there should be cannibalism in the game. We already have slave cattle, why cant I eat them?



There's an option to host a dinner party under manage arcology. I think it might be locked behind cheat mode. I personally think its pretty hot


Is there any way to improve a slave prestige?



Seconding some good guro


You seem a little grumpy, maybe take a nap.



Porn, acting as HG and BG, and certain events while whoring and slutting.



Literally physically can't, rotating shifts exacerbated lifelong issues with insomnia.


File: d05f4e25d0fa880⋯.png (230.51 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-02-13-14-1….png)

I can't turn this off and it's messing up SF and adding errors in my economy weekly tab and the top of my main screen. Any way to fix this on mobile?



Hadn't actually seen the chef before this game.



How long does it take with porn? I had all my slaves doing it and a half a dozen of worshipful beautiful slaves that matched all of the societal shit but the best I got was a small amount.



check the deadliness calculations, I think they're in assayJS.


There should really be changes to the buyers depending on price.



Export save to PC, see if you can disable it there or in the console and export the save back.

You can also try using remote debugging to disable it using the console.



So do you guys give this your own specific ost or just play whatever? Trying to fit a couple osts on this, ones I think come closer are stuff like Mirror's Edge or Deus Ex: Breach but a lot of heavy beat tracks stand out like a sore thumb.



Spreadsheet simulators work best with the ambient hum of my computer.


File: 6309d2d14cf3c04⋯.webm (3.34 MB, 512x500, 128:125, ultra sheriff.webm)


Not really but if you wanted to there is plenty of synthwave and the like that makes for good cyberpunk themes.



generally I go with semi- or retro-futuristic electronic shit, like the Furi OST or Mega Drive's 198X AD

rarely I'll put on some chiptune or faketune instead, like Jammage The Jam Mage or Slime Girls



>Furi OST

Love this but it has the same problem. Ambient tracks are on the spot but the battle ones don't really mesh.

Having said, that Make This Right & the remix are the shit.


I've bought out 100% of another arcology leaving it being run by "my trustees" for like a year. Now I've dumped all of my shares and it's been like 10 or 12 weeks and the thing is still being run by the trustees.

Aren't they supposed to "oust" the trustee government and apply their own once you lose majority participation, let alone all of it?



Porn used to add 1 to prestige, but now there's a separate PornPrestige variable?

If I read the code to figure this out, should I write an encyclopedia article for it?


Is there a way to explicitly murder your own slave, other than sending them to their death?



Have them be contacted by the Sisters and NOT be Paternalist. Used to be you could save during that event and then reload and a new slave would be selected, just in case it picked one you liked but I don't think that's the case anymore.

You can just throw them in a fight pit tho.


Other than the succubus and penitent nun costumes, are there any others that spawn random encounters?






If she can get pregnant during that end week cycle, it will see to making sure that happens.


Work in progress.


There's also a size point where they have become so big they no longer have a chance of sagging.


FCdev up and vanishing did us no favors. I haven't posted an update in awhile now as I am waiting for what will be 2.2.0 to get finished.


It's a force feeding thing. If the slave boomerangs, she'll have gained weight and still have a food belly.


Probably. I would not be surprised if something wasn't properly set up to handle that.


If you want to expand/write something for the studio about it, I'd say go for it.


Nothing specifically, but modest clothing can prompt and event asking to try on some slutty clothes for you and huge butts can spur an event where she has trouble putting on certain outfits.



There is a "Threaten her life" at the bottom in Cheatmode, near the discard options.



What's killSlave.tw for then?



Knew about those, but thanks!



Hella slow as compared to what? Because FC has seen more consistent development than just about any other porn game I can think of and thats without milking patreocucks.



Haven't been here since 1.0 was released a few months back. Whats the status on the nursery, bestiality, expanded map, etc. did I miss anything else important, and do we have better control over what order we fuck slaves in yet? Looks like Security stuff got broke, but thats about all I can tell.



The Nursery is still in WIP, bestiality is a sore spot, the expanded map's dev is MIA, and there's a changelog somewhere.


Which vector art is newer and more diverse?

the NoX/Deepmurk one shows clothes, but the revamped one has better faces but doesn't clothes



>expanded map

Wait, what was that supposed to be?



The revamped's artist is MIA.




Right, I sort of remember you, you wanted to better spend your seed or something. No real luck with that as it would force endWeek to be restructured as a second loop is out of the question. Budget and rep tracking changes would be the big thing. Food resource as well is pretty new. I think a lot of the pregnancy manipulation stuff would be new to you as well.

Other than that, MIA dev on the expanded map and I have no idea how salvageable it would be.



oof. did deepmurk get anything huge done?



He's messing around with body sizes, which is no small thing given how many vectors need to be adjusted for it.



So in other words no way to make sure my head girl, teacher, spa assistant, nurse etc get satisfied? I still have to put a bunch of generics in those roles and move all my favorites to the master suite?


The .git compiled build gave me errors when I tried to use it through Iron, but for some reason the vector art (Deepmurk) is missing all hair assets on the pre-compiled .html build (all slaves appear bald).

Any ideas why?



Why not just scale down the SVG's in the html according to the age while keeping the canvas at the original size?



Putting them on 'restricted' release rules might do it. I think I see something wrong in the code for that though, so I'll need to look into that. Maybe add a catch if they are your wife as well?


Doesn't quite work out. We do have something for height the does that, but there's more to it than just that.



I believe he tried it and it didn't work out.



Cool hoping for good results.



The Deepmurk is the one still being worked on. He just added height and is working on proportions for different ages.


File: df5a83c778120ec⋯.png (22.92 KB, 1596x151, 1596:151, bottom event undefined.PNG)

So just sold a slave and then got this when it returned me to my penthouse. Apparently that sold slave is still in the pool to be selected for the random event at the bottom of the page?



Will look into it.


File: cb326dc4b7ec7ca⋯.png (14.12 KB, 395x599, 395:599, lol midget.PNG)


Because just scaling them down gives you stuff like this 3 foot midget.



that would be fine with me, since I'd just want to know if one slave is taller than the other.


File: e7843cad50951cd⋯.png (2.29 KB, 154x152, 77:76, camo nazi.PNG)


The small picture ends up being super small too. Especially with the ironically camo nazi uniform against that black backdrop.



speaking of which, it would be great if the background could have a custom color



If you want it as it currently is though you can use the NoX/Deepmurk image pack and right below that is the option to enable height scaling


So has there been any mention of slaves eating real food, running a restaurant and managing an idol group, getting multiple body guards and multiple concubines, or other outlandish ideas since I left?



Slaves can eat slave cookies, but otherwise no.


Asked this once a long while back and got an answer, but I have since forgotten: In what file or files are the possible PC titles found? Things like "the Great, Commander of the Mercenaries, Pharmacologes".


A slave's genetic stats aren't exposed for the RA, are they? It's not possible to set a rule that only works on natural Face, ignoring the effects of cosmetic surgery etc.?



I don't remember but it should be easy to search for on the git.


You could try face - faceImplant


Is there a way to enlarge small images? I like seeing the outfits that the slaves in the Brothel wear and I can't do that very well right now.



On this same topic what about an option to enable height only on large images?



I've decided to add a catch into the restrictive release rules so that you always go out of your way to satisfy your wives.



Is that not already an option? Why would you want it only on small images in the first place?



Get another emotion slut and put them in a relationship.



That can happen, but only if they're extremely attractive already. I've never seen it happen to one with a face stat under 85 or so.



I guess so you can see who is tall or short immediately.


Anyone else have zero fluid production in the dairy? What causes it?



Did you just put the girl in? If she's not naturally lactating and doesn't have an implant then she won't actually produce anything in her first week (the dairy will implant her… unless you have natural turned on in which case not entirely sure how quick it ramps up)


So why does advanced pregnancy now remove a little value even when running Repopulationism? Pretty sure pregnancy used to be a positive under that FS?


May, at some point in the future, want to look into how societal influence works with the neighboring arcologies in New Game Plus. Because I have managed to convince all but my rivals' arc to adopt my values without asserting any direct influence. So much so that the rival is almost unable to get their shit off the ground. I'll state for the record that I understand that this is really a non-issue, and I'd change it locally myself but: I have NO fucking clue what files that shit would be in and I don't have the knowledge to actually make the changes. By knowledge I mean, I don't really know the syntax twine uses, I don't know any javascript stuff (if that's something I'd need to tweak).

For the record, I'm just bitching in the hopes that doing so will make the thought stop circling in my head.



Honestly its not limited the plus. If you know what you're doing you can get all 7 of your FS easily maxed before most arcologies even have their first FS at all and from there it's pretty easy to influence them all to be copies of you.

Most play throughs i intentionally reduce my influence on my neighbors simply to have some variety at all.



How do you reduce influence? I mean, I never interact with the other arcologies until I need to destroy my rival.



No, most of them have been there for months, with stats like 2147/661/0. And dairyreport.tw says "The machines also managed to reclaim 57 liters of salable vaginal secretions"–it's just not showing up in the individual slave stats.




On the flip side, if you fuck up and don't get set up right away then some of the FS (such as Repop) can become effectively impossible for the entire run because the feedback loop against you is too strong.



Pick up the cultural defensiveness policy down at the very bottom of the list. You can also pick one of the more isolated arcology locations like oceanic or ravine to reduce it even more (although that comes with other changes as well).


Agreed. Repo has always been super finicky. My first repo run was hard as hell to get established and i think its actually been made a bit easier since then even. It should still always be one of your earlier ones while you still have a strong bonus for not being stretched too thin. Also much easier to ensure you have a high percentage of your girls pregnant for getting it established right at the start (especially if you're getting them pregnant from the initial creator to reduce those prices)



So defensiveness reduces the influence I exert as well? Shit, should have taken it then.





I would call to the end of the war on lolis a favor considering the shit FCDev pulled to stop it from happening.


What makes the difference between a good market and an excellent market for my slaves in other arcologies?



Overall tastes. Like a neighboring pastoralist arcology may like big boobed slaves, but lactating slaves are liked even more.



Puts in a barrier both ways.


Its associated with what the FS in that arcology likes. For instance selling big boobed girls to a pastoralist arcology is a positive since it helps, but they're not going to like them as much as an asset expanission FS would. Just like if the slave you're selling are lactating then that pastoralist arcology will love them. You can also potentially get multiple positives for the same thing if the FS from that arcology has some overlap like Repopulationism and gender tranditionalism


So anyone know how the asexual reproduction modification works?



It attempts to self impregnate the slave if she is fertile.



So can she not be wearing a chastity belt or something? I've had a girl with it implanted and fertile for weeks now and she still isn't pregnant.



Let me check the condition, that might actually be it.




It is in error, fixing it now.




Awesome. Hard to leave an unprotected slave sitting out without her getting pregnant from someone else first lol



Fixed on the git now. Keep in mind that it still checks after the primary canGetPregnant() check, but now chastity will not stop it from functioning.



So in other words, something else impregnating her would get priority?



Things like the universal impregnation rules would. The random impreg block would also run, but is no guarantee of pregnancy.



What about random customers for a slave working as a whore or servant?



Same random chance.




Protip: It's not a Western artist.


Is there any way to get a link to Pregnancy Inspection directly from the incubator "mother-to-be" list? It's really annoying to have to search the facilities for the right girl when you see a birth coming up–especially if some of them are being accelerated.





Anyone else having trouble with battles now? I lose way more than I win despite having fully upgraded everything.



Yeah if we're going to be getting regularly attacked by armies over 2000 in size there needs to be a higher deployment cap or unitd must be larger. I dont like being raped, shits retarded.


File: 3d356be91be82e8⋯.jpg (160.97 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1479676655026.jpg)


Pity we can't mount some defenses or artillery on the arcology itself. Fire support is a godsend.



And you can have the SF intervene for large scale battles (because somehow you can't have more than 1.6k troops but enemy arcologies can send 11k ezpz), but apparently having satellites that can shoot laser beams with nuke, giant building sized robots with massive plasma sword and guns, gunships, goliath tanks which fire mega caliber rounds on top of your usual attack helicopters, tanks, supersoldier drugs, railguns etc can't help you beat 11k random riff raff and force a game over. Shits fucked yo.


File: d99ed8a7aa0db8f⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2250x1431, 250:159, buratino.jpg)

File: 6fb511496f600e6⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 400x266, 200:133, bigtray.jpg)


Shit, even discounting that, linear mathematics aren't a decider in war. Exploiting the potential width of a battlefield, the dispersal effects of artillery, lines of communication and supply, morale and terrain issues, there's no real reason we couldn't use force multipliers to our advantage, as we're a static, vulnerable position.

Thermobarics, coordinated barrages and even things such as chemical weaponry would be disturbingly effective against large numbers in a relatively crowded area, no matter the size difference.

The gloves are off, we might as well play by the rules of a new era.


File: 57099d6a2889dd1⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1800x1320, 15:11, ClipboardImage.png)


People and slaves to notice my age more often. What's the fun of being a 14 year old hyper genius slave owner if I can't be spoiled by all the MILFS i've surround myself by!?



Why cant I be an 11 year old shota slave owner either?



Ya can start out 14 and use cosmetic surgery to make yourself look 9. Not like I use that to be a self-reproductive oppai loli or anything weird like that.



Height. Height is the problem. Once I manage to expand that, age can easily be expanded as well.



I feel like height would take a SHIT TON of rewriting scenes. Not that I have a problem with it though. Getting picked up by milfs is a hot idea.



It will. The list for RESS alone is staggering.


File: ef5c6dda0e0e09d⋯.jpg (165.42 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ALicewebbing.jpg)


Cute pantsu, pubic hair, all the kinda things you can show on slaves. Actually, shit. Deepmurk, if you're lurking, I need nude webbing on slaves.

Something like ALICE or MOLLE, as sort of an acessory item so it can be worn naked/semiclothed, the straps going over the breasts. This is my ideal warlord bodyguard outfit.


(slave) => slave.faceShape !== 'normal' && slave.faceShape !== 'androgynous'

This works, but is there a more elegant way to test two strings against a comparison?

(slave) => slave.faceShape !== 'normal' || 'androgynous'

was the first thing I tried, but it didn't work



Try: (slave) => !['normal', 'androgynous'].includes(slave.faceShape)

The first you have there is the most efficient though. The above should work as well, I think.



Multiple dicks, so I can actually fuck all my daughters at once.



I want the futa pc to wear a skirt goddammit



Want to give the futa pc a mini skirt and steriods and aphrodisiacs and a ft and a half slong



I would like a pregnant PC to go above 8 kids. For balance sake perhaps put it behind total AI upgrades- so it can more or less run the arcology for you wile your writhe in your gravidity.



That will be considered alongside the height changes. Once PC immobilization is worked out, allowing more children will be within reason.


I've played this a bunch now, and I'm more interested in a feature to create specific slaves. Presumably something like that exists? Where I can set the nationality I want, age, career experience?


Is there import and export in initial slave creation yet? saving all 40 of my starting slaves and importing them would be easier than flawlessly recreating them every time I start the game.



You can set a pretty precise set of specifications through the 'Place a special order' option in the slave markets, though some things are out of reach - and it's very expensive.

Career experience is pretty much just RNG in most cases, though. If you want to, you can edit the career experience (along with everything else) by activating cheatmode in Options and then using the slave's Cheat Edit from their interact screen.



And then can I export this slave / import it again in another save later on? How would you do that?


File: b93255eb3304ddc⋯.png (1.39 MB, 950x1350, 19:27, ClipboardImage.png)

I am liking the MILF content in this game but it needs more. Like a Spa day for the MILFy slaves with you there too of course.



Yeah, but you can only import a slave when cheatmode is active.



Perfect, I found export already. Cheers.



Be warned, import/export was in pretty rough shape last I checked. Hasn't been a development priority for a long time. Don't rely on it working at all flawlessly.



Consider learning how to make your own hero slaves for the customSlaveDatabase.


I'd love some event writers. No more slave acquisition events though, sort of overloaded it and now they won't stop showing up.




>>>314504 (You)


What is the customSlaveDatabase?


File: 5aec4d7e3f5a0c3⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 24eb46cc17f1480260a25be811….jpg)


Interesting mix of alice and LC2

this one is full ALICE (ca. 1969s)


>HeadGirl.slaveName loves cum, so she puts Dana on a diet designed to make her cum harder and stronger.

I keep seeing that at the end of the week. Also how big does my head girl's dick needs to be to stop using a strap on? If one of my slaves has an large 20 cm weiner will she accidentally stretch out the other girls?


What does the option "Molestation of slaves younger than xx is forbidden/allowed" actually change? Haven't noticed anything



If she's on any kind of female hormone (potentially even aphrodisiacs depending on her total balance, since there's some fem hormone in the food) then she may not be able to get an erection and thus defaults to the strap on. Anything 30 cm or under should be able to become erect. If you have a large dicked girl who is a lover with a tight slave then yes, she can get stretched out although usually not past the "veteran" size from just that (1 step up from tight but not gaping).



I didn't have a non-worn pic handy, I just found the idea of a muscular shirtless woman wearing just webbing to be hot as fuck. Can be generic loose webbing or a specific model, depends on what would be easier for deepmurk to model. It's a complete aside, but was there any ALICE made in Khaki, or was it entirely in NATO olive?


Abubu is good taste. That skyrim comic is literally free cities tier.



Speaking of feedback loops, I had Slimnes Enthusiast fail every turn, despite pumping 10000 in it, already having Youth Preferentalist and having my Propganda and AI go full force into FS.



Will allow for future content in the Nursery.


Thinking on, can the list of slave fetishes be expanded or is it hardcoded? I wouldn't mind seeing someone with a age preference or zoophilia kink.


Master Suite seem to be bugged again.

I had 12 girls there, and added 3 virile futas, and after several weeks not a single girl got preggers (except by me)


I haven't enabled Loli mode in a very, very long time, because it always used to annoy me that you would get like loli terrorists and Loli's that apparently used to hold down all these jobs and stuff. Has that been fixed yet?



They can, but you'd need to add hooks for the new fetish throughout the code, associated paraphilia included.


Sort of intended. They should still fool around, but the chance of pregnancy will be low per action.


Lolimode likes to override a lot of the min age checks, so I can't promise anything.



>when you get attacked by the daughters of liberty and it turns out they were a bunch of 8 year olds



Lolis are fearsome. They lure in decent arcology owners with pink floyd albums and cold beer, and next thing you know you're tied up by a loli gang.


File: 552e134e5e31e74⋯.jpg (406.93 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Wew.jpg)


Satsuki Itsuka tried to warned us, but we wouldn't listen.


How would I write a female variant for the REFI cumslut event? Would I just write something about femcum? Females don't exactly produce semen, last time I checked.


in the ideal leadership roles picture, recruiters are listed as needing 'Club PDA'. What does that mean here?


Nice, the catgirl content just got shot down for actually making catgirls and not having everything be cybernetic.



Deepmurk, if you're here, do you plan on adding art for the ears and horns when they get merged in?



You have to put the curious slave in a situation where she witnesses another cumslut getting their fix with you involved somehow. You may have to get creative.


Club upgrade.


There was an agreed upon plan and they failed to follow it. If it remains deadlocked for too long, I'll look into manually merging the acceptable pieces. I know some of you are very eager to enjoy horny slaves.



I don't know what you mean by club upgrade.



An upgrade in the Club.



bvm, i got it. It's the upgrade within the club for a personal data assistant to pass tips.



Not your personal army.


Is mentioning still broken on the git? I left a comment on https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/merge_requests/3586 yesterday, but I don't think Pregmodder got a notification.


File: 1c503b1bebc2910⋯.jpg (192.68 KB, 620x876, 155:219, __hoshiguma_yuugi_touhou_d….jpg)


> very eager to enjoy horny slaves.

i NEED to make my bodyguard yuugi


File: fb4880fb5aa58da⋯.jpg (1001.28 KB, 840x900, 14:15, onintt.jpg)

File: 17537c0eeede5c2⋯.png (748.91 KB, 1159x1802, 1159:1802, ittlaoni.png)

File: b485373216a2dad⋯.png (454.3 KB, 1280x1174, 640:587, 1539183071735.png)


At the risk of the shitstorm, what did they try to pull?


I am glad I am amongst fellow patricians. ..I need to bribe Deepmurk into adding seals as clothing.


File: d2bd4ed97b5b93a⋯.png (1.32 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, 92fec58135e65d501506db8f9f….png)

File: 7533d80b868a814⋯.jpg (537.23 KB, 780x1024, 195:256, __hoshiguma_yuugi_touhou_d….jpg)


> what did they try to pull?

they basically made it so animal ears were vat grown organs effectively, rather than constructed from a persons own body



From the person's own cells like a limb, or? I'm not sure how that'd work, there'd be nothing to connect it to. You can't just sew an ear on and call it good, you'd need to restructure part of the skull or modify them in vitro. Cybernetics, -maybe-, if we're assuming a graft similar to a limb replacement or augmentation, but you'd still need some hefty bone surgery or subdermal wiring. Rats cocks, someone always has to bollocks things up.

Completely unrelated, but Yuugi awoke a desire for body hair and dominant musclegirls I didn't know I needed. Goddamn Eratohok.


File: 3aa0472184c2463⋯.jpg (153.02 KB, 850x613, 850:613, __hoshiguma_yuugi_touhou_d….jpg)

File: b77369945598fa3⋯.jpg (144.54 KB, 850x903, 850:903, __hoshiguma_yuugi_touhou_d….jpg)


quoting from the merge request

>Alright, problem time. The condition was the ears were human in origin and surgically altered to the desired shape. From there, hair (fake or real) could be implanted to give it a "fur".

>Straight up growing them in the organ farm is outside of the acceptable range.


>but Yuugi awoke a desire for body hair and dominant musclegirls

amen brother


File: f739c2f722a3291⋯.jpg (163.68 KB, 1000x813, 1000:813, s-l1000.jpg)

File: c411621f2f13c96⋯.jpg (457.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, gulf-war-0823.jpg)


As far as i know LCE (introduced 1956), MLCE(introduced 1956) and ALICE (introduced early 1970s with LC1) were made in OG-107 (Nato olive). Example pictures show its use during first Gulf War. Other colors for ALICE are reproductions i guess.



It's a curiousity is all, since i've received mixed answers, but I appreciate the info. Now we just need a bodyguard wearing some ontop of her maid outfit.



Apparently. No go on brain chips I say. At least not yet.



They may also be within range to salvage, since most of the work is descriptive. Will consider things and see inevitable responses.



Please do this.


File: ebee5c16001834e⋯.png (347.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

It says she's on the verge of puberty, but she's 29. Not sure how that happened.



Will take a quick look. Otherwise, not sure what could of happened.




Seems to have been a Math.max in place of a Math.min. Should be fixed now.



Cheers. Also, were you able to figure out why I couldn't impregnate that guy(female)?


Will amputees be able to become dominant in the REFI events?



I don't see why not. They'd have to put in extra work, but if they want it hard enough, I'm sure they could find some way to make it work.






I think it's an important distinction, basically it has to be a way where you can kind of see how that would work, but at the same time does not handwave away the whole process as "lab grown", because that's a very short slope to "why can't i grow a furry and swap my slave in"



Not yet. Will take a quick peak but I do want to call it a night soon.



Thanks man, I do appreciate it.



Why the fuck is that a problem? Also why are you so nitpicky about this?

I mean jesus this is getting ridiculous, the organ vat can grow a fully functional vagina that is 100% accepted by the body but use it to grow ears and its suddenly no good?

It also seems like the only way you'll allow cat ears is if they are done in the most surgically gross way possible, where it has to be a completely obvious hack job with surgery scars and bad plastic surgery which doesn't make sense when we got magic biotech generators that can pop out a cock in a week.

you're just being stubborn and obtuse.


File: d1144bb57688770⋯.png (482.75 KB, 1112x620, 278:155, 1549403264533.png)

Fuck, here we go again..



>they basically made it so animal ears were vat grown organs effectively, rather than constructed from a persons own body

Not quite there was additional material grown in the lab sure but it all came from the persons own body. Its basically a more refined version of what we can already do:


Just instead of growing the tissue on their arm or whatever it is grown separately then attached.





stop implying im someone im not, retard



She has a belly implant and that blocks pregnancy.



>it can't be easy or clean because otherwise furrys will use it.

You can't be serious. having the kind of tech you already do in free cities and not turning it to a project like animal ears because "muh furries" is dumb and wasteful


and this is why this will never go in. The basic answer to this whole nekomod thing was already a fucking no. Then after 3 days of incessant autistic whining/begging/bitching/flaming/dumpster firing it got to a point where pregmod finally allowed nekomod in with the condition that it be either surgically altered ears or cybernetic implants. And now, despite the fucking clear condition, we've gone ahead and ignored the one condition placed and when he raises it up as an issue to be rectified, people start getting all autistic again and "but muh technology"

Well fuck you guys for constantly pushing the envelope. If I were pregmod and I were already leaning towards no on this project, you just convinced me that sticking to no was the right decision


File: b9eab9d4928b2d7⋯.jpg (102.06 KB, 584x573, 584:573, b9e.jpg)



Pregmodder is a hypocrite. Wait till you hear about the animal wombs.


Hold up, why should the ears be surgically altered to the desired shape in the first place? Hasn't anyone here heard of the Vacanti Mouse?

"Cartilage cells into a biodegradable ear shaped mould and then implanted under the skin of the mouse, with an external ear-shaped splint to maintain the desired shape. Then the cartilage naturally grew by itself within the restricted shape and size. The splint was removed briefly to take the publicity pictures."

Sorry about the Reddit spacing there. But seriously - Altering the ear shape surgically seems really, really crude.


I'm a very stupid nigger that deserves going to the Arcades, but downloading/compiling from the git would get me the latest version?



Pregmod is pro-furry. He even okay'ed fursuits and happily goes along with bestiality because it's his fetish.



Pregmodder doesn't care. Only thing you get from animals is wombs. Enjoy getting cucked by pigs.



im not having the bestiality = furry argument again. you do you



Believe I did not want to use the organ farm as its a huge pain in the ass compared to just adding a magic surgery button that does it instantly.

I was trying to balance realism by saying that using the slaves own cells you grow some additional muscle, cartilage, skin, etc, which you then shape into whatever specific shape you want. Which I think is both reasonable and within the guidelines I was given but I don't know I guess maybe it wasn't clear enough.

Anyways pregmodder I left a comment on the git. I'd rather talk about it there then feed a new shitstorm.


fucking amazing that people somehow cannot accept that the autosurgery which is a medical marvel in advanced technology can assist to make most surgery a simple task. Nope, it will be blood and gore and everything will spill everywhere






>I'd rather talk about it there then feed a new shitstorm

Why say no to free concessions?


File: 74a438dd0c57134⋯.png (198.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (296).png)

Very odd bug, I'm pretty sure I already have the cattle farm built in my arcology.



>Anyways pregmodder I left a comment on the git. I'd rather talk about it there then feed a new shitstorm.

How very dare you.



Just downloaded the game from the Neko branch and even after buying tail interfaces, I can't install them on any slave. They aren't showing up in my stock, might want to look at that.



honestly, why not just leave the details vague? Something along the lines of "you perform extensive surgery to fundamentally reshape <slave>'s ears to be elongated/cat-shaped and after many hours of complex surgery, the procedure leaves <slave> with a fully functioning set of <fucking ears>. The procedure is incredibly invasive, and <slave>'s health suffers greatly as a result."

Fucking no details, and everything is left to imagination of the autist okaying the shit.



You don't reshape the ears. You cut off the old ones and attach new ones.



Big Tray, my nigga.

I'm the guy whose SF thing got screwed up. It didn't let me upgrade anything but during a parade it mentioned my giant robot was fully upgraded. Too bad I can't newtype my way to world domination because I had to turn the whole expansion off.



Fine. "You perform extensive surgery to fundamentally alter <slave>'s ears to be <fucking new ears>."




Fucking earthers keeping us oppressed. Space arcology when?



I'd accept it. But Pregmodder won't. If he doesn't like it then he'll just say that it doesn't fit with his vision of technological advancement.


File: 069d7b85004ede0⋯.jpg (34.6 KB, 623x414, 623:414, 41a.jpg)



come on, the nekofags have bent over backwards to meet these assinine conditions and the ears are surgically altered.

I don't see the problem in growing the skin you're attaching in a vat. unless you want there to be huge bald spots on slaves for no reason other than petty vindictiveness



>Growing a fully functional vagina to slap into steve turning him into susan

>"perfectly ok with my vision of technological advancement"

>Taking barnyard animal parts and replacing human organs with them


>using that same technology to grow ear and cartlige for surgically attached ears



File: 7fd8acff2fc8e23⋯.jpg (9.75 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Monkey's paw.jpg)


You get your cat ears


your slaves will have permanent bald spots for the rest of their lives


someday we'll get a thread without rampant shitflinging… someday…



Because I don't like being a hypocrite?

One of the big issues I had with the whole pig womb thing is that I just consider it to be completely unrealistic.

And I don't want people rightfully giving me shit for introducing yet more magitek. Without some additional tissue I just don't see fully functional aesthetic cat ears being possible.

Also I want to remind everyone that I made a pastebin, way back before starting work, clearly outlining everything I intended and my reasoning for it and got absolutely no complaints at that time so don't even try to claim I bait and switched.



Fuck off. This is more productive than people just dumping images.



>I did this thing back when no body cared

>Now that the subject has gotten attention people can't complain, they should have been more aware



The funny thing is, when everything is merged people will just find something else to rage about soon after. I'm just grateful your working on this at all.



well why don't we just attach some real animal fur then instead since apparently animal/human implants are fine why don't we just find some cougar ears and surgically implant them



Finally a use for the farmyard!

Cut the ears off of the animals there and implant those, I'm sure that would get approved no problem.



Belay that, it turns out I didn't have one. The PA's descriptor is still fucked tho.


File: 9e411dd8b81c08e⋯.png (213.52 KB, 530x1050, 53:105, .png)



and we'll never run out since we can do perfect cloning we can just clone the animals we harvest the ears from and also sell the meat. I'm sure there's plenty of wealthy people who want to eat cougar meat.


or we can go back to the pre-neko mod merge days and pretend the last 2 weeks didn't happen



If you defeat your rival and take over their arcology can you drop it on Syndey?



Yes lets compromise. You get everything you want and we get nothing but we're also not allowed to complain.



I for one also oppose magitech and wouldn't mind taking some that's already implemented and moving it to an optional content setting


I've been gone for a few threads and this happens.

Really all it would take is bioprinting the right organs in a shape identical to a cat's ears using the slave's genes, just like most organ printing is done. You can even approximate fur from hair follicles. Gene splicing to alter ear stucture isn't so out there compared to some of the shit available in free cities right now, such as man-portable energy weapons.



he's leaving it for you to change the description to something he can accept, not denying the entire thing. If anything, you guys are the one sperging out about "my way or the highway"

Whatever the case, I'm not about to support some guy who made cat ears over a guy who took over development of a dead game and maintained constant development over the last year without gating it behind patreon shekels


File: bb73ffb9cc8af56⋯.png (708.13 KB, 1007x569, 1007:569, 1321920117950.png)


>take the only escape shuttle with your harem

>causes instant NG+, but so worth it



>he's leaving it for you to change the description to something he can accept

and why does HE get to be so persnickity about this? You know what, at this point I'd rather just implant actual animal ears onto slaves since that's already been cleared. it's much preferrable to the surgical abominations pregmodder wants to "let us have". Lets just add it onto the farmyard and fuck pregmodder overall.



He gets to decide because he's a shitty dictator who's trying to influence us FS-style into liking his fetishes.



Technically speaking the animal organs aren't in the game yet, and they are going to have a severe health cost - the human body would try to reject something as foreign as organs from an animal.



because HE is maintaining the development of the game everyone is playing. The solution to this was covered like 5 threads ago - if you hate his dictatorship so much, fork the git, put whatever you want in and take point on development from now on together with everyone who wants to overthrow the tyranny of pregmod. then YOU get to be as persnickety as you want with regard to any content that gets added to your branch



>Technically speaking the animal organs aren't in the game yet

According to Pregmodder they have technically been in for months if not years. "It's just that no one used them until now".



>Just branch it

Fuck off, we know that's not viable.



Because it'll just die like the previous furrymod?



and turn these threads into the Venezuela of hgg? Is pregmodder really Maduro bad?



>Is pregmodder really Maduro bad?

Much worse.


Thread is now closed. Have a nice day.

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