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File: 30383a2d0717a6c⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 87759501_re238175_img_smp1.jpg)


This thread is for the people who don't like eroges focus on the male characters.

Female focus.

Games where the player is male, (Female, futanari, whatever) but is about one girl or more and all the atention is in her.


Teaching Feeling.


The player is a doctor and take care of one girl with traumas and injurys with headpats and pancackes, is like a training game but in reverse. Cute interactions and interactive gamplay.

Do you have AKIRA Points?


The protagonist live alone until his chilhood arrive to his house and offer him "Akira points" in exchange and everything become lewd. Is a simple lineal game but the main girl is cute as hell.

Female protagonist:

Games where the main character and the protagonist of most of the lewds scenes is the same girl.

Violated Heroine.


Considered one of the best and most incomplete eroges, this game is about girls who get in lewds situations because the player. Good story and also good gamplay.

Wings of Roldea.


The main character is a warrior girl who live in a kingdom that gets destroy by bandits, the she travel to another kingdom to find how fight those bandits. Good gameplay, small and compresivle dialogues and also good art.

("or tell users to go to a different forum/blog/etc. to acquire the download link")


Wings of Roldea is the best h-game i played in 2018.



Same here, is just so fucking huge and complete, and also is well written with true RPG elemnts base on lewd.



Well, it didn't feel "complete" to me but the mechanics were top notch.



Seconding this, ironically the porn was sub-par(Hey at least I got my dear goblins) but everything else was top notch, I want more.


File: 678b18564d5d215⋯.jpg (199.54 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ165546_img_main.jpg)



The game that came before from the same circle (Waterspoon) is also really good.

Prizna the Puppeteer

Is a dungeon 3D game with also good lewd scenes and RPG base on sex.



Yup, was about to post it, really nice how you can get your teammates fucked, but it's older and more archaic than Roldea.



My main fetish is anal and that is why I love this circle, the main characters can be virgins at the end blocking the vaginal interactions if the player want to do it.


File: c853d5877b87b63⋯.jpg (310.75 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ189787_img_mainf868f2662….jpg)

Recently was translated Urge to Molest.

A game where the MC molest a girl in a bus with multiple endings. Also, is interactive.



Female MC games are shit

>Playing as a woman is gay as fuck

>Wanting to watch a woman getting fucked by everything is cuckshit

Fuck off.


File: 435360072d3d9ff⋯.jpg (69.97 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 0gk89d8kbval.jpg)

I found this game time ago, is actually funny and good.

Even more perverted girlfriend.

The girl beg for sex and depending of the answers can be triggered different sex escenes.



Did this ever get translated to English like the other two? Roldea didn't have enough variety for me and I can't find if there's a vagina sealer in Holy Grail.




Excellent. Thanks for the link.



I wish the links in the OP weren't dead, I wasn't aware there was an English version


My own contribution and recommendation for this thread: https://hentai-sharing.net/150115acid-style-barrage-englih-re145229/

Great pixel style action. None of the circle's subsequent games really live up to this one, but they're all good to check out.


File: 05f8be2c8e46285⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 05f8be2c8e46285e0049b14235….jpg)

>sketchy-ass DDLs

>Wings of Roldea


>Prizna the Puppeteer




any fxf non futa games?



Thanks a lot


I see that game before but I don't like side-scroll eroges. But well, i'll give it a tr.



No, because Japs can't comprehend sex without penises everywhere.


File: 5cc4e28350e938c⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 468x558, 26:31, 1523931880206.jpg)


My Brother.



the sole act of watching porn makes you a cuck, if we're gonna be honest then let's be honest you fucking faggot.



Actually that is exactly what I dont like about eroges, I can't relate to the MC and for me is like watch another person fucking the girl.

Actually Teaching Feeling do this perfectly because is like the doctor is just like a puppet for the player, barely say something or is on screen, making take care of Sylvie more personal.



File: 9c55b50ad4bc401⋯.jpg (97.95 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RE242244_img_main03e7bd89d….jpg)

I play this game and was a surprise for me because is highly interactive and also has some good sex escenes and dialogues.

Is called Wet Summer Days, the main character stay with his childhood friend during the summer vacations, the game contains some voyerism but overall is a vanilla game.






fuck off. something people can actually download from?



Can you fucking zoners stop pretending to blend in by not just grabbing links of svscomincs and actually post some magnets to shit?


File: 88659d7ee178795⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 333x358, 333:358, 1520625028113.gif)


Just stop your adblock and click through 7 ads to unlock the download link goy.


File: a17712c0d81ad3d⋯.jpg (208.03 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, DOg5GZ4VwAASLaY.jpg)

>when your porn game has better water physics than most regular games



What's this one? Reverse image search didn't help.


File: 3d0d165b0bd981c⋯.jpg (123.63 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, DW2VglIVMAA64x7.jpg)




What a shame. Thanks though.





I have Ublock Origin and Katfile let me download without problem.

But well. Here is on Mega.



File: f1059877135c83f⋯.jpg (41.21 KB, 636x480, 53:40, 636full-hizashi-no-naka-no….jpg)

Hizashi no Naka no riaru

Because need to be in this thread, this game is one of my favorite loli-games ever. The player take "care" of the loli and touch her while she sleep, and well, give her a lot of love… with sex.

Everything is interactive, all the actions are by the player, touch and sex.

Version 2.0 Decensored with movie viewer from All The fallen (The user that made this version).


(I dont find a torrent of this version. If somone find one, please share)




A bunch of fucking endings that reference disjointed but interesting lore is nowhere near complete. I want more, but will never ever get it.



Actually exist a theory about the 3 games from the same circle existing in the same world, in Wings of Roldea the main character of Prizna the Puppeteer is mentioned as a demon queen or something like that.



>Do you have AKIRA Points?

Man do I regret not picking this up earlier. The dialogue is hilarious.



This one is also >>323897 really funny, I just play it over and over again to see every dialogue



I am not sure how much content it will be but an update is being worked on for Roldea and is planned to come out some time this year.



That’s fantastic news. It feels like waterspoon has the Acid Style problem where they make a variety and content-rich first game (Holy Grail for waterspoon, BARRAGE for Acid Style), and then every game after that starts dropping off in content. Hopefully there’s a meaty expansion for Roldea.


File: 62135032c723893⋯.jpg (53.66 KB, 256x368, 16:23, 27796.jpg)

Bonyuu ga Shimideru Manamusume Manami "Otou-san, Watashi no Milk Takusan Shibotte Hoshii no…"


It's fairly easy to know how to play correctly you have to get her horny through dialogues and you can choose if you want her to be your lover, borderline slave or nympho the bad thing is that i think it still hasn't been transtated which turns easy into save scumming hell.



Looks so good but is not translated, what a shame…



Omg, great news, I want more events and dialogues from the MC, she accept everything without say nothing.



>Blood-related Daughter Heroine

It's a shame it's not translated. Does it hook well at least?



>good art

>no gameplay

>not even translated

Here is the gallery if anyone interested, I didn't look for it but it came up quite quickly in results.

The art is alright, but it got me wondering, why is she milking so much?




Non-lethal disease which essentially turns her tits into udders that must be milked constantly to avoid chronic pain sex scenes are filled with death metal BGM


File: bb3750574e37c56⋯.jpg (296.32 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RE183431_img_main.jpg)

Another recomendation: Fallen Princess Lucia Story.

Is a eroge RPG with story where the player is the MC loli and a bad guy at the same time. Has art between weird and good, also a lot of escenes and multiple endings. Is simple but fun.

(Is on English and uncensored)



File: 0e1fa448a24bcd0⋯.jpg (161.62 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ204992_img_main.jpg)


This circle: BLACK PANDA


Make good loli games with CG or Pixel art and sometimes with both in the same game.

Moment Valkyrie of Dazzle

Is another good game from them, a pixel art RPG, but is not translated.


The amount of loli in this thread pleases me greatly. You guys deserve cookies.


File: f6f92b511c7dab2⋯.gif (491.25 KB, 600x816, 25:34, 818614_3drod_chew.gif)


File: 83266671a011cb4⋯.jpg (94.85 KB, 320x460, 16:23, c740058package.jpg)


Your welcome, anon.

Now, talking about lolis.

Itazura Musume


The MC take care of two lolis and can choose how and whe fuck them, also can choose a busty teacher. Multiple endings and interactive.

The torrent game is in jap, here is the patch to english: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/requests-releases-tools-other-mods-123/patch-hf-patches-166339/#post1160969



all the hentai-sharing site download links say ive reached my download limit even though i havent fucking downloaded anything and all say i should pay for premium. Fucking hell. Does anyone have AKIRA points on mega?


got any screens?



I just want to say that wings of rhodea is really good. Thx for the recommendation


File: 7ef53577120fddc⋯.jpg (162.76 KB, 560x420, 4:3, 120546_N7_1.jpg)

I fucking love this one.

MILF Next Door - Saeko & The Room.

Game: https://mega.nz/#!yjZjgQCJ!2UKjHJ4rxMAdMHEOQtCjNkgo8sDE7IkvNJG_GoslCsE

Uncensor: https://www28.zippyshare.com/v/NQgeQUkk/file.html

Is a flash game but a great one. You get trap on the room of a busty girl and try to get out, depending of your actions you can have different situations with the girl, from abuse, fearful, sleep, etc. to nympho.

But belive me, this game is hard as fuck, the puzzles are complicated, so, here is the save file with the free mode:


C:/Users/"Your user name"/Appdata/roaming/macromedia/#sharedobjects/"[Random name folder]"/localhost





Has anyone else played this that can tell me how to get past the scene in that screen shot? All the walkthrough/hints are just "force her legs open" but no matter what she pushes them back together.>>324319



Could someone upload this to mega?




Im stuck in wings of roldea, how do i get past the statues in the voz labyrinth? How do i get through menils border, or through lastellas altars cave thing, i already triggered the white roper ?



Is because you need to separate the thighs slowly, then she look at you and the sex escene start



HentaiBedta has the game with patchs and everything, multi download sites but no mega, this game is old, now days you can find it only on torrents.




There is a walkthrough somewhere on the net. The only difficult moment I had was when you have your hand trapped under her sleeping body, besides fishing for safe opening codes. I recall there also is an impregnation scene somewhere.


File: 943f31292251da2⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1406x1047, 1406:1047, 3735463546356.PNG)


>Even more perverted girlfriend

Here is the link on mega



What are you supposed to do to unlock the next area in Wings of Roldea after you get the blessing from the forest?



I remember being stuck there, but at the end I complete an event (Not the dungeon) and open the next area. Again, as far as I remember.



I figured it out, I had to rerun one of the dungeons I had already cleared to trigger an event.




Answer this pls




I found a Walkthrough from Fag95

=Blessings of Spirits=

I've discovered 5 so far:

>The forest of Romenia, at the beginning of the game.

>The forest of Atere, west of the capital city.

>The ruins of Rastera, north of the valley/mountain pass area.

>The ruins of Rishiria, southeasternmost of the map.

>The phantom castle, accessible by talking to the giant dragon skeleton in the southern cave.

After obtaining at least 4, returning to the capital city unlocks the Shrine of Rolldia, where you can undertake the ceremony to call upon Rolldia.

=Capital city sewers=

>Unlock the sewers in the capital city from the bar, and head down there while avoiding/defeating/getting caught by the suspicious hooded people. This event may be a prerequisite for later (involves Ilmeia).

=Bandit Fort=

>Obtain information regarding the bandit-extermination efforts from the capital city bar, and head to the newly revealed barracks and do some sidequesting.

>After a while, the commander should inform you that they have discovered the enemy's base, and is organizing a large scale attack. Accept the request when you're ready.

>Team up with Kurumi and carve your way through the dungeon, getting every single piece of loot you can get. One of them should be a memo containing seemingly random numbers; this will be important later.

=Cult infiltration=

>Not sure when, but after some time entering the port city warriors' guild should have someone approach you with a request; accept, and follow through the event (involves Ilmeia and Iriza). This event may be a prerequisite for later.

=Succubus resurrection event=

>Head to the southeast area of the port city's residential district late in the night to see one of the mook succubi wring a man dry. Chase her down through the dungeon she ran away to, and you'll eventually get the lewd curse. This event may be a prerequisite for later.

>The curse gives you a buff while you have low EST numbers, but ensures that you always have EST buildup over time, and worsens the debuffs of having high EST numbers.

>One of the mages in the port city says that he can probably uncurse you, but he needs a special item from the reclusive alchemist next door who's requesting an assistant to provide him with 100 units of semen. By the way, accepting the job offer from the alchemist also gives you an item that allows you to pretty much prostitute yourself to random town NPCs.

>Not sure how this event progresses later on.



They stole it from ULMF which has a more complete version in their thread.



=Dilapidated Mansion=

>Not sure when, but talking to one of the NPCs in the northwest village inn/bar will give you a request to investigate a mansion; accepting this request allows you to discover said mansion by clearing the west forest (right next to the capital city).

>Loot everything in the mansion for a bloodstained bracelet and an old book, and return the bracelet to the former maid who gave the request to get your reward. This event is likely a prerequisite for later. (Pre-requisite to Helior's questline. The old book you get triggers an event when you go to the port city.)


>Probable prerequisites: may need to have progressed Ilmeria and Helior's questlines some, must have finished the Succubus resurrection and Dilapidated Mansion events.

>Sleep in the northwest village inn. If all the flags are right, you should automatically wake up to a nightmarish version of your room. Make your preparations and exit the room into an eldritch dungeon. Fortunately, time is temporarily stopped here. Clear the dungeon and return to your usual world. This event is likely a prerequisite for later (involves Ilmeia, Helior and the succubus). (I reckon this may be the end of the succubus questline. She said something about the otherworld being their home world.)

=Rita (red-haired twintailed girl)'s questline=

>Meet her in the western plains (south area)

>Meet her in the port city's warriors' guild, unlock the (south)west cave

>Head to the aforementioned cave, speak to her, party up and clear the dungeon (note: patch notes imply that if you trigger her 'retreat' passive by dipping to red HP around this area something breaks, so you probably should clear this first go).

>Head to the southwest town, to the innermost building, and enter the long line of people; she should be there, right before you. Progress scene.

>Make your way to the northwest village; you should see her in one of the buildings undertaking a request in the northwest forest.

>Follow her to the northwest forest (high danger level; beware of ridiculously fast green ropers), rescue her, and make your way to the end. Watch the scene.

>Return to the northwest village, and watch her complete her quest.

>Not sure if there's any continuation after this, but from now on you can see her in the port city warriors' guild, available for recruiting. She's probably better than the mercenary you can recruit for 50g. Probably. At least she's free.

=Kurumi (oni miko samurai girl)'s questline=

>Meet her in the western plains (south area)

>Finish the Bandit Fort event

>Meet her in the port city bar

>Meet her in the cave east of the port city (danger level 2)

>Make your way beyond the northwest forest to the place with the orb thing and see her there

>Make your way through the labyrinth ruins north of the desert city (danger level 5, stupidly long dungeon. Be prepared.) and enter a strange room with a large statue and 5 smaller statues side by side.

>Interact with the statues according to the order given to you by the memo (so 5 1 3 2 4 for example means that you need to interact with the statues in the order of 5th, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 4th). If you do it right a treasure should appear. Loot it. (To further elaborate, the above example means that you should interact with the 2nd statue from the left, 4th statue from the left, middle statue, right-most statue, left-most statue.)

>Talk to her in the port city bar and show her the treasure. Talk to her again when you're ready, to be transported into what's probably one of the most difficult dungeons in the entire game alongside her. Time is temporarily stopped while you're with her, fortunately. Clearing the dungeon ends the questline and awards a Rainbow Crystal, a necessary ingredient in upgrading your weapon one last time into its final form, Sylpheed.



=Elemia (little kid?)'s questline=

(This quest, or at least the opening scene of this quest, may be pre-requisite for Helior's quest.)

>Meet Elemia in the port city bar and agree to help. Elemia will give you advance payment.

>Head to the port city residential district, enter the only enterable home there, and speak to the person there to gain information.

>With Elemia in the party, head to the northern ruins (the place with all the Gazers, accessible from finishing the mountain pass/valley area). Enter the small cave near the end of the area, and fend off the white ropers.

>Return to the port city residential district, and get new information regarding the white rope from the guy there.

>Head to the northwest village with Elemia in the party, and talk to everyone in the inn/bar to gain information. Then head over to one of the houses with the immobile old man (again, with Elemia in the party), and talk to said immobile old man. After the scene you should have a new area unlocked.

>Make your way through the new dungeon, and loot the end room for a key item and a nice hat.

>With the key item and Elemia in tow, return to the place you had to fend off the white ropers for the first time, and head further in. Examine the crystal. Make your way through the dungeon, and you've finished this questline. Not sure if the choice at the end changes anything.

=Lane (detective girl)'s questline=

(This quest is pre-requsitie for saving Romenia)

>Meet her in the desert city bar, and agree to help. Go through the slums and the sewers, finishing the event.

>After some time (not sure), she'll be missing when you next enter the bar. Go through the slums, and unlock the sewers; go through the sewers, to eventually free her and strongarm the local rich man into cooperation (note: if you don't lose at least once it's possible to miss one of the h-events in the basement. The basement is no longer accessible once you complete this quest. I haven't found a way to unlock all h-scenes yet).

>You can find the prisoners you saved from the mansion at the inn at the desert city.

>Not sure if there's any continuation to this questline.

=Vampire questline=

>Free the vampire from the southwesternmost ruins.

>At night, walk around the southwest town to meet the second vampire.

>Sleep, and after you wake, mr.vampire will request you look for and obtain a certain treasure.

>Go through the series of dungeons accessed first via the northeast mining town's mines to eventually obtain the treasure you've been looking for.

>Sleep, and after you wake, mr.vampire will request you go through another dungeon close to the place you first met him.

>Head through the newly revealed dungeon. Boss fight. Unsure if you have to win, but I won anyway. The questline likely ends here.

>Confirmed optional (I did this after the boss fight): at night, walk around the port town's residential area for a second meeting with the second vampire.

=Freeing Romenia=

>Probable prerequisites: must have finished the Bandit Fort event, must have helped the detective girl twice.

>If all the flags are right, then the green-armored soldier in the desert city inn will offer participation in the decisive raid to retake Romenia from the bandit force. Say yes when you're ready.

>Clear the dungeon. Note that your magic is sealed for this. You can finally rescue your surrogate elder sister (and view her second H-scene) and take back what was your home for 15 years.

=Iriza (pink haired knight)'s questline=

>Enter the capital city church and see her muse.

>Head to the port city market area, and meet up with her panicking over a stolen pendant.

>Follow her to the western plains (south area) and watch Ilmeia try to calm her down.

>Maybe optional: head to the port city market area again (at night?) and see her grieve.

>(Unsure what triggers the following; you may need to watch the thieving succubi events in the northeast mining town and the northern desert wilderness, and finished the Otherworld event) (Confirmed that you need to finish the otherworld event before this event can be triggered) Enter the capital city church and see her again, with Ilmeia by her side. Leave, and watch another appearance of a thieving succubus. Pursue the succubus to the end of the dungeon. Watch the event.

>After this, she should be always visible in the capital city church, where you can ask her about her stolen pendant. When you obtain the pendant, giving it to her will end the questline. (Locket can be found at the end of Helior's questline.)



=Helior (dodgy blonde mage)'s questline?=

>(may require some progress in other questlines) Take a meal in the port city bar. He'll come by and tell you about the whereabouts of his home.

>After getting the Old Book from the Dilapidated Mansion, take it to him in his home, and he'll trade it for 1000G.

>After some time (unsure; Otherworld may need to be finished) wandering in the west forest (right next to the capital city; you needed to get through there to unlock the mansion, and it's the location of one of the blessings you need to take) will have you encounter him for some lore talk.

>Head to the northern ruins (the place with all the Gazers, where you needed to take Elemia to, accessible via the northern mountainpass/valley area, also is the location of one of the blessings) for another encounter with him and more lore talk.

>Head to the southeastern ruins (yet also the location of one of the blessings) for the third encounter with him and even more lore talk. He should give you his home after this.

>Head to his home. Examine the sparkly. Obtain the Locket Pendant. The plot thickens.

ED6: is given to you when completing Kurumi's questline.

ED5: is given to you when completing the Vampire's questline.

ED4: is given to you when completing Elemia's questline.

ED3: is given to you after retaking Romenia.

ED2: is given to you if you undertake the ceremony of Rolldia's descent before finishing Iriza's questline.

ED1: is given to you if you undertake the ceremony of Rolldia's descent after finishing Iriza's questline.

You may also consider ED1 the true ending and true final boss.



Link?, I don't find it.

Also, here is the Wakthrough in japanese with images. Just translate the site.



File: 9af63a0e77eb408⋯.jpg (62.23 KB, 560x420, 4:3, d8ea7113ed5efaaf3fa55bb3c6….jpg)

Sexaloid Girlfriend

VR: https://mega.nz/#!xi4XRIiL!Eb28nECy4wG6dJ0DOLTP03Zt_9rcg2NgGK7W4_4GDoI

No VR: https://mega.nz/#!c2xDhQzY!BGpNA0FyBnjep3j7ZtZ66L1YO5RLvHJI9Zre7XThzL0

A full 3D interactive eroge where the player can fuck a sex droid in any possible way. No anal unfortunately, but is good, feels like a game with potential but at the same time limited.

But well, give it a try~



Anyone tried the VR implementation? How bare-bones is it? Is it just having the camera fixed to the dudes face or is there more to it?



Is like you move the girl, the MC moves, and that, there a lot of positions and variations. The camera is controlled with the mouse and also the hands.

Everything works decent, is not great but it work.



like in Rapelay?



Yup, but in first person.



Itazura Gokuaku has four heroines that you can molest, but I think it still gives more spotlight to them than the male MC that seems to be a bland everyman character intended for the player to project himself into. It would be a great chikan degradation simulator if not for few issues like awkward camera controls, incomplete translation, shit representation of a blood related sister that doesn't look at all like the MC, and especially the cuckworthy gangbang mode that roughly half its sex scenes are wasted on.



I can't spawn the "treasure" from Kurumi's questline, perhaps because of doing almost all preceding scenes out of order or maybe because of trying to "brute force" the five statues riddle even before getting the note with the proper code. Is there any way to fix that without restarting the game?



>almost 3GB

Is the graphics really amazing, or is it caused by retarded resource filetypes used?



>is it caused by retarded resource filetypes used

I mean, I really like this game but is really old, is a flash video game and because that the almost 3gb. If this game came out now days in Unity full 3D would be an 200mb eroge.



>Itazura Gokuaku

The MC is fucking trash in that game. The MC had some girls that voluntary are in love with him with the molestation and everything but he is just had a chikan fetish and all the game is focused on the train or the bathroom instead of progretion with the girls. I would love to have more progretion with the anal slutty girl but the game never let the player to explore even more her slutty self… I really like Itazura but had a lot of wasted potential.



I specifically hate this one game, you are making the loli sleep so she can get assaulted, at least at the start of the game enemy that you encounter wakes her up quite horribly often


I think that's the end of the game where depending on what you do/collect you'll move to the appropiate ending, unless there are sleeping pills



It doesn't matter either way, since on both cases i'm sure that the RAM usage would be ridiculously high



This game is incredibly tedious.



Also it has unbelievably retarded looking faces that might haunt you in your nightmares.



I actually found it quite fun. The graphics are absolutely terrible, though. Whenever it can, it shows the male's big fucking gaping butthole, ruining whatever arousal i might have.



You need to rush the main story to unlock the free mode, then wait some days and the loli get her first menstruation, then the king talk with her about sex and then she can have sex for herselft.



Yup, I avoid any misionary postition because that, maybe is because some people had a fetish for ugly guys fucking pretty girls. The vagina and dicks looks weird because this game was decensored by fans.


File: 26c5ea3e1d3861a⋯.jpg (169.66 KB, 560x420, 4:3, 157644_RJ228027_img_main.jpg)

1room -Runaway Girl


The MC try to kill himselft and then the girl save him and start to live with him. Maybe only the begining has to do with the male MC, but after that everything is in hands of the player and the MC barely talk.

The game is interactive but not animated, is like CG images base on interactions, (Kinda like teaching a feeling) you can touch the girl in a lot of ways and have sex in different positions. The girl is cute and charming and had a lot of dialogues.


File: 84f874a8a39b1e9⋯.jpg (327.35 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ17in.jpg)

Loli Hoi SP * Yaechan Remember


Pw: hentaibedta

First of all; [WARNING], you must execute this game with Windows XP compatibility, if not, the game will eat your whole ram. Has a really mess up problem with optimization.

This is a interesting game where the player kidnap a loli to make her a sex slave, you can chat with her, buy her clothes and objets, touch her and impregnate her. The image of the girl in the main screen is absolutly weird but the sex scenes are good.



hero of lolikind



Three questions about the game:

- how to catch the cheater in the casino at the slot machines, and is there any reason to fail that quest instead?

- in the back area there you supposedly can find a history book you need to complete the set of five tomes. How to get there?

- you get a unique key as a reward of completing another set of books, sex education guides. Where can you use that key?



1= Talk with the manager and then search for a guy at the nigth inside the casino, ask him about cheat the machines.

2= Afte complete the casino event, you can have the book as a reward or take it.

3= Idk, the guides that I read don't explain what the hell with the keys. (Afte complete the story books, another one will appear)


Anyone here played Treasure Hunter Clair?

Its not so bad for an RPG Maker game, mainly because the combat is easy and the only enemy who is even a threat is an optional one post game, and the true ending boss

The biggest problem however is that you have to go through the whole thing twice to get the true ending. Which takes another fucking 5-6 hours even though everything pretty much dies in one hit.

Apart from that its not that bad, the CG looks ok and its uncensored, story is somewhat generic fantasy sex God and all that.There is pretty much no grinding except for some of the quests it gives you such as a generic kill 5 of these with your ally ect…

I've played through the whole thing twice and got all the endings, however I recommend you just download someones complete save once you've completed the first playthrough. It depends on whether you have 5 hours to waste on content you've already seen.

Its actually one of the better RPG maker games I've played, which are generally almost always shit imo, and its Complete which is a fucking major plus.



There is an easy yet boring way to raise the sex stats of your loli that usually are hard to do through sex alone: first get her to over the half pink bar of excitement (where she cums if she reaches 100 during a sex scene), but take care not to make her drenched in spunk while doing so. From that moment a simple talking interaction being initiated (which means the talking menu with "information" and "chat" being shown) has a chance of triggering some groping animation that raises her sex stats and doesn't advance the clock. Most guys have two out of three possibilities: forced kiss, tit grab and butt grab. All raise their corresponding sensitivity sex stat, shame, sex XP, and excitement (ZP). All you have to do is to face the guy, then strike Z repeatedly while holding Ctrl.



I forgot to mention the fourth act possible - tonguing the earlobe - besides the other three.




Decent but a over in a flash and maintaining the awareness level is annoying, also lack of variety in endings, there's 5 and at least 2 or 3 of them you get caught. Also no ending where you train her to love being groped and follow you home, made her cum at least 6 or 7 times and nothing. Disappointing.

Recently been playing been playing something called Seed of Evil, you play as a Nun battling demonic corruption, you get implanted with a flower that slowly corrupts you over time, and you can play to either speed that up or slow it down by various lewd or pure acts, but the corruption is inevitable increasing day by day.

Quite difficult gameplay wise, you gain levels from specific actions, some of which are easy to miss due to lack of exploration and can be semi tedious, and easy to end up taking on tons of corruption all at once by losing against enemies or having your clothes shredded, then being gang raped and impregnated by monsters mid combat. In my playthrough, I ended up having a game over due to too much corruption, earning money by whoring in the whorehouse and being put in stockades and used by a gang of bandits is apparently very corrupting and started over with NG+ keeping all my levels from the previous game.

Thankfully if you just care about turning the Nun into a lewd cumdump then you can turn off game overs from corruption and have her fuck her way to the end of the game.



I didn't know this had even been translated, thanks.



Actually is auto-translated via "XUnity.AutoTranslator" https://github.com/bbepis/XUnity.AutoTranslator , works with a lot of eroges made on Unity



What does make it better than Rune's Pharmacy, Tilvaryu Recollections, The Heiress, Ariadne or a dozen other female MC RPG Maker games?



well its not censored, and doesn't contain NTR, making it hundred times better than the shit you suggested.

I mean for fucks sake, they even censored the panty scenes in Ariadne

Fucking Panties were too explicit

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Its a Wolf RPG editor game, not RPG maker, sry about that

Wolf RPG editor games are generally a whole lot better than standard RPG maker games.


File: 2560a84dbf6eebf⋯.jpg (391.97 KB, 1035x804, 345:268, 103649_sample_03.jpg)

Slave Matrix


A game where you can buy and train slave to manual labor, prostitution, breed or personal use. If you don't like prostitution like me, is totally avoidable. You can earn money in other ways.

This game is really good, you can buy really sexy or weird monster girls, impregnate them and have more sexy monsters or abobinations. Is totally interactive and the entire game don't had any male character, even the MC is a futanari.



I think OPs looking for games that aren't on the catalog anon



I guess, that thread is forgotten, is not that bad try to take attention to this game again.

But well, here is the Pastebin, is updated.




Any other games like this? I really digged Teaching Feeling and this has the same sort of vibe but the machine translation is just horrible. I honestly can't focus on the story at all, too busy piecing the puzzle of a story together. Shame as it looks great…

Would really appreciate other games in this tone but with proper translation.



It was okay. I think I had some glitch or other error where sleeping in the inn always got you raped if you initiated talking to one guy there.



Show which title in particular among those mentioned contains NTR, you cumguzzling faggot. And NTR requires being in a relationship first, to clear any accusations you might legitimately have.



There was NTR in The Heiress you cunt, not much NTR but some, and thats enough to kill a game for me

I also like how you don't even bother address some of the retarded censoring in those games.


File: bc132686c8f22ae⋯.jpg (24.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Hounds of the Blade

Side-scrolling fighting game with surprisingly fun combat. You get raped if enemy catches you while downed or if you give up after you reach 0 hp.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByZjcQCxFkxvN1kwa3FNTkkzdWc/view

Translation: https://ulmf.org/threads/hounds-of-the-blade-translation-project.8257/ (check the second page also, there's some translation updates)



>Fuck generic haremette number 80 after she sleeps with half the world

Truly nothing can compare.



>lose to get scenes

You can get raped and not lose in HotB btw. Not sure what the problem is.



[heavy breathing]




Having a crush on the guy doesn't mean they are an item, so that's not NTR unless they both recognize the relationship first.

And ridiculous censorship (sunflowers and big grinning bunny heads) was added in the Steam version, I played the release with some non-intrusive mosaic only.



>Having a crush on the guy doesn't mean they are an item, so that's not NTR unless they both recognize the relationship first.

NTR is NTR even if it's a one sided crush. It depends on how it's framed to some extent though.



Consider that from the guy's perspective. Would you be hurt emotionally by that exactly like by explicit NTR?



Also I think you should bitch more about shitty translations than censorship tbh



I know that now. The moon key can be used on the piano in her room to give her an OP item before the final fight in the true route. The sun key can be used in the fireplace there, to give her another OP item, but what is the place that you can use the the star key?

I have also two wicked gems (one as a reward for beating the boss worm and the other from the golden chest) and something called Linda's memento that I found on the way to the mountain top, but I have no idea either what to do with them.



Yes, cuck.


I know nip, so neither of those are a problem for me. The real problem are these games coming to steam. Just why? Steam is one of the worst platforms for video games distribution exactly for problems like censorship and bad translations. You can say that's not directly steam's fault, but localizatiolon do these changes for "steam public". Let alone using steam in this day and age.



Why? Do you always care when somebody who isn't your love interest in gets fucked, bleeding heart emo kiddy? Walking across the street might be quite traumatizing for you, considering that 99% of women of legal age you can see there are getting it from someone else than you. Slit your wrists along, not across, and free yourself from that misery.



Looking through the save file with the online editor, I have found some items listed there I haven't found in the game:

Succubus Love Juice

Incubus Saliva

Blue Honey

Black Pepper

Pink Brugmansia

Garlic Bulb

I wonder what they are there for.



Libra Heart games are way too shallow to be any good and the developer can't animate tits correctly.

Plus doing any succubus game without pregnancy is a crime against humanity.



Odds are they were intended for content that never got added.



Getting raped is hardly that much of an inconvenience in this game.

Your Easter egg CG hunts in almost all male protag games are much worse than what you're complaining about idiot.



>(((Anything that gives you an erection is marriage material)))



>you have to lose in order to get your porn

You keep saying this dumbfuck but you don't lose when you get battle raped in HotB. Maybe learn about the thing you're criticizing

so you don't sound like a complete retard.

Yes GoR is fucking boring as shit I agree, but not all female MC games work this way. God damn you male protag fags are stubborn and low IQ af.



>They're supposed to be an incentive to master the gameplay mechanics and git gud

The issue with games like those is that the porn is barely a part of the gameplay at all. Playing gud and then getting rewarded with some CG or a scene is hardly engaging.

>H-game devs simply don't know how to incorporate H-content into an action game without resorting to GOR or combat rape.

I literally don't see the issue with combat rape at all unless the combat rape leads to you losing the game. HotB does it well imo.



You're telling me you self-insert in an h-game? lmao what a fucking loser.





Oh look cuckfag is back. I was wondering where he went after he got ran off the meta thread.



It's just his usual tactic of shitposting until he definitively loses the argument (which he has ever time) then never again replying to that person. Eventually a thread runs dry of people he can shitpost at, so he wanders into a new thread and repeats the cycle.


File: d20ee5953cff483⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1496x6209, 1496:6209, anon draws ntr of his moth….png)


Cuckfag should just post his waifu already so we can give him what he craves.



Cuckfag's waifu is "every girl that makes his peepee hard" so that shouldn't be too difficult. It's the reason why he thinks 95% of all porn is cucking, because the guy fucking the girl isn't him.



>stop accusing me of samefagging, you samefag!



File: a94cf141c6050cf⋯.png (5.1 KB, 362x126, 181:63, Cuckfagiswrongyetagain.png)


You did this exact same thing in the meta thread too. No, it's not samefagging. You're just so retarded that random people will wander into the thread just to laugh at how retarded you are. It's like you're so dense you have some kind of retard-gravity.


File: 5056a7d7cce8934⋯.png (6.13 KB, 638x92, 319:46, Retardmakesthistooeasy.png)


You're so predictably retarded that I can use other people's posts to argue for me.



Stop giving him (You)s



It's not like he'll stop if I don't. Either way he's going to keep shitposting until he inevitably necks himself, since for some reason the vols don't want to do anything about him. Might as well kick him around for fun while I can.


File: 2444d628dd2bf21⋯.png (54.87 KB, 337x256, 337:256, b0f.png)


Thanks OP for putting into my view that this guy made another game. Loved his previous ones.

>mfw reading the rest of this thread


File: b5a28929ab710e0⋯.png (402.2 KB, 400x367, 400:367, ClipboardImage.png)

Any games where you play as the mom and get fucked by your son?

The only one I've run into is "A Wife and Mother" but that's got too much cuckshit



So, wait, you want the mom to have sex with her son, but don't like a wife having sex with people other than her husband? How does that make sense?



No, the game has literal cuckoldry. The son gets cucked by all his friends and jerks off in the corner.



Ah, okay, that makes more sense.


Excellent thread. There are a lot of games on here that I'm going to be trying out. I can't believe the amount of sperging out that's happening in such a productive thread.



I am stuck on this as well, if anyone has figured out the solution.



Stop feeding him, he's retarded enough to think that a woman the character isn't romantically interested in is still his love interest for some mysterious reason.

(t. the original anon that questioned the cuckfag's bottom line itt)



I suppose this is why he is stuck in a cuckloop.



Are you autistic? Can't you recognize the difference between the player and his preferences and the player CHARACTER and his preferences? Assuming it's not bait.

I doubt that you are the genuine cuckfag, he won't reveal his retardation so openly for all to see and laugh at.



And in The Heiress that's not even the player character, but only a side character, the surrogate father figure to her.



Retard, if no character INGAME does have romantic feelings for the woman getting fucked at the moment of fucking, that's not NTR.

I'm getting baited the last time now, I swear.



*for the woman getting fucked (other than the one doing the fucking)




So if you're romantically interested in a haramette in a male MC game you're literally watching her being fucked by Chad Thundercock. Sounds very manly



The decensor and save file are both 403; can anyone provide another upload?



>Not self inserting as the Bvll



No, he’s perfectly capable of being even more retarded thn that. Last time I checked he thinks that only normalfags masturbate to porn.


File: fc282090fd80e61⋯.png (109.16 KB, 984x689, 984:689, Saeko.png)


Both links work. Pic related. However, for me they only work over direct connection. Accessing them through Tor gives 403. Guess zippyshare started restricting Torfags. Are you using a VPN, Tor, or some other way of proxifying your connection?



The female MC doesn't exist in reality dumbass. I don't have a relationship with her.

You being a male protag retard are far more of a cuck since you like seeing a male character that isn't you fuck other women.



self-inserting in an h-game is beta male tier.



Who are you quoting, retard?




Still just roleplay. You are roleplaying as the guy. So you are sitting on your ass watching someone else fuck women while thinking about how cool it would be if you were him. That is really pathetic tbh. What is even more pathetic is then getting upset about other people's choice of fantasies when yours is so shit tier.



Fair enough.



You being in denial doesn't change the truth. You sit at your computer watching someone else fuck women while pretending to be him. You can imagine that you can get laid all you want, but that doesn't change anything. It is exactly the same as when the cucks argue that they could self insert as any character, so they could totally be imagining themselves as the bull of the situation.

You are a closet cuck. You masturbate to other guys getting laid. You are pathetic. Go out and actually get a woman you pathetic cuck.



A question: what are you still doing posting on a board dedicated to cuck games? Don't you have your own woman to worry about? Your awesome social life is being wasted on us obvious cucks. Neglect her more and you can become a cuck IRL.



>Says the stupid fuck who thinks “cucking” is “any woman having sex with any man that isn’t explicitly a perfect self-insert male MC”


You’re replying to the wrong guy. He’s pointing out how retarded it is to think that just because there’s a male self-insert that it escapes cuckfag’s ridiculously broad definition of “cucking”.



Bingo. The dude believes that all porn is cuckolding, except his super specific taste in boringly generic, male, self-insert, sandbox games. I'm simply pointing out the obvious flaw in his logic, in that his own tastes are still cuckshit by his own reasoning.


File: 4fbd6766371408d⋯.jpg (188.55 KB, 1038x635, 1038:635, 8c15291d1ce01f2968681197c2….jpg)

Wait just a minute. Cuckanon can't enjoy porn without his shitty generic self-insert OC donut steel, and he demands that his special OC be inserted into every game, regardless of whether or not it would fit the game's context…

He's no cuck, he's a damned furry!



I bet you think all acting is method acting.


File: 5349fc94bc1e2a7⋯.png (168.66 KB, 220x271, 220:271, ClipboardImage.png)


Krishna bless you, you have the truth of it. He will surely make you less pathetic in your next life, keep walking the blessed path.



Blessed trips confirm. Hare Krishna.


File: 15f4967fe78720d⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ132648_img_main.jpg)

Well, cuckfag and his one-man circus aside, this thread's OP did give me a good, good game to play with, so I'll give back by sharing some of my own collection.


Fair warning: I have a taste for femalexmonster, and I also won't be posting actual download links. Suffice to say, I got every single one of these games for free using nothing but google searches, so as long as you aren't as mentally deficient as cuckfag you should be able to find them yourself.


First up: セイナルモノヘ or RJ132648. A platformer game about 2hus or something, the entire thing's in japanese so I can't tell what the fuck the story is. That being said, the sprites are great, with a ton of variety for monsters and a gallery mode as well. The gameplay is metroidvania without being obnoxious like another recently-released game I could mention, with the player organically unlocking powers that allow access to more areas which let you find upgrades to more areas. The circle also releases the CGs in a separate folder, and they're worth a look. But of course they're locked behind passwords so go to ulmf or something to find them.


File: 578eb6999507546⋯.jpg (46.58 KB, 450x336, 75:56, 2014-05-11_192314.jpg)

The second recommendation, put in a separate post for formatting's sake, is probably as retro as retro gets. It's probably the oldest game in my collection, at least. This being an old h-game, the story's basically non-existent. You're a schoolgirl who falls into rape hell or something. That being said, it has some of the tightest platforming controls I remember from an hgame, and it calls upon you to use those skills too. The gallery is also clever too: instead of forcing you to lose to monsters to collect the scenes, the gallery is a separate level, and each monster is locked behind a destructible wall. You naturally unlocks the spells to destroy each wall through playing the game. Fair warning though, this game is old as fuck, so trying to find a full save file could be awful.


File: 58b444c54f1c99a⋯.png (79.29 KB, 315x250, 63:50, Banner image.png)

The third and last one for now is a recent one, Anth*phobia. The reason I'm censoring the title is because the developer is western, or at least very fluent in english, so if I use the title he might stumble onto the thread and make a stink. It's a 2d survival horror, kind of reminds me of that one hentai resident evil game that never got made properly. You have to scavenge around for bullets and conserve ammo while at the same time neding to find creative ways to fend off hordes of rapey plant-zombies. Great for people who like that kind of thing, although I'm not one of those people so I just used the infinite bullets cheat. Sprites are fantastic and varied, although the "every enemy is a plant monster" thing kind of dampens that. Still worth a look.



>get to that golem boss boss three or four

>Knock it down to low hp and somehow end up losing while dodging through it

>this occurs half a dozen times

>get bored of this and give up

I never got passed that faggot either




Doesn't this have a translation?



Yeah, that particular boss has way too much hp. Even with a broken OP save file it still took 10 minutes or so. Good news is the GoR scene isn’t actually an h-scene. Meaning you can just find the CG.



Now try doing that a half dozen times to die due not your own error but the game bugging the fuck out and killing you from 90% hp to 0 instantly for no reason I gave up for a good reason



dev is japanese

game is okay but tedious

has the usual kitchen sink fetishism problem common to nip games

some of the art is pretty hot but you'd need a wide spread of fetishes to appreciate all of it



er m8 the dev is western I'm pretty sure he just bought some nip artist to redo his shit CG's



I wish there was a kitchen sink eroge



>dev is japanese

No he ain't. It's a western patreon game.

It's just that after the game released and made even more money, he used some of the money to hire a nip to draw anime CGs because the original were awful.


File: 4b9518d8789da88⋯.jpg (131.1 KB, 1104x624, 23:13, i0.jpg)


>I'm too fucking braindead to use a google search

That's unfortunate for you friend, but you don't have to broadcast it, you're only embarrassing yourself.

I hope I don't have to tell you guys about the classics like MaiDenSnow Eve or KoonSoft's stuff, so if you're looking for the best of the best female-protag stuff then crawl out from that rock you're living under.

That being said, I'd be a poor collector if I didn't at least have one diamond in the rough, so here it is: [ぬぷ竜の里] ルインズシーカー.


I don't like to recommend incompleted games. So you'll have to imagine how much potential this game has that I'm bringing it here anyway. The combat mechanics are some of the tightest I've had in an h-game. It reminds me of the aforementioned MaiDenSnow Eve combat (2d, top down sprites), except made about a thousand times smoother so you don't have to fiddle around with menus for half a boss battle. The hentai scenes themselves are also basically just better versions of MaiDenSnow/Dungeons&Prisoners. It shows the character, it shows the monster, and it has internal view as well. Incidentally, since it's a trial, it's also free, meaning you literally just need to google search the title to find the trial. But in case you have an incurable case of brainlet syndrome, here's the link: https://ci-en.jp/creator/718/article/20657


File: d4a7756de8fe927⋯.jpg (351.94 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ201837_img_main.jpg)


>Why would I google shit games?

For the same reason you're complaining about no links, brainlet.

Incidentally, thanks for bringing me back to the thread, there was one more I forgot about.


Imagine Limbo, except replace the depression with hentai, and that's basically this game. I'm guessing most people paying vague attention to the hentai game scene heard about this coming out a few months back, and I'm confident in saying there isn't a single hentai game out there with better art than this. The gameplay itself is platformer-puzzler, with the player needing to find solutions to the problems to get to the next stage.



The other ones were shit platformers. This one is actually decent with majestic art.



There are gameplay videos on a bunch of porn sites. The game itself looks like garbage.



A fair conclusion, but I think comparing Furries to Cuckanon is kind of insulting to the furries.


File: d020191fda45547⋯.jpg (159.89 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 4625289.jpg)


Wow, thank you for the recommendation.

I've literally been craving for another game like ME ever since playing the shit out of it. I've only played the demo for a couple of minutes, but what you say seems to be true. Very promising.

I just hope there will be a dirty gaijin translation. Do you know if one is planned, or if the author could be convinced to release one ? I buy my games nowadays if they're worth it, so I wouldn't mind paying a lil extra.

Thanks again, and more recommendations of quality would also be welcome.


File: d4bc7c1de1a6b46⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, crappy translation.png)


Where can you find the whiny boy from the market area for the last sex scene with him? The last place I have seen him was where you pick up an obsidian piece for him.


It translates weekdays incorrectly, calls Yue sometimes Yu, sometimes "evening", and names ecchi as etch and clit as crisp for some reason. And what exactly is the meaning of the stat name "bitterness" and should you keep it high or low?



No problem man. As for your questions: I’m a dedicated pirate so I don’t follow developers all that much, but if I had to guess I’d say there’s probably no translation coming down the pipeline. Mostly due to how underground this game is. The only thread I saw on this is the ulmf thread and that one doesn’t even have a full page of posts.

>Thanks again, and more recommendations of quality would also be welcome.

Yeah, that’s the sticking point here. Hentai games in general will have inferior quality to actual games. That’s unavoidable. On top of that most games that have actual decent gameplay are already known by 99% of this board’s population (Parasite in City, aforementioned ME, the ancient classics like Witch Girl, etc.) So, in the end most of my recommendations are going to be for games with gameplay that can competently kill time.



do it slowly untill she looks at you, then you separate her legs quickly, if it doesn't work, keep doing it fast untill you eventually push her down


File: e0dc7f4a162ddfa⋯.jpg (127.35 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ145229_img_main (1).jpg)

This will probably be my last recommendation for now, mostly due to how few h-games out there that are actually worth a damn gameplay-wise. So, unless I start getting into the ten billion rpgmaker games to try and find the few not-awful ones, here's the last one.


BARRAGE is the title that put developers Acid Style on the map, and hold the distinction of being one of the few pure h-action games that actually has an english translation (albeit a bad one). The story is: aliens invade, and they want to fuck women. With a nice variety in both weapon types and an interactive gallery where the monsters are kept in pens for you to drop your character into, it's all quite nicely put together.

One thing to note about this developer in particular is that they seem to like ripping off setting/themes from popular AAA games. This particular one is based off of halo, their next title was the TES series, then they did Fallout then finally Mass Effect. So if you're curious about them go sniff out some links using google.


File: dd266668293b239⋯.png (242.85 KB, 1100x820, 55:41, gD34O0O.png)

File: 29d8d172a648e97⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2507x1917, 2507:1917, 1.png)

I'm currently working on a game where you play as a zombie girl, anything you guys would like to see me include? Or any advice on design pitfalls to avoid?



I assume you're talking to /agdg/ so anything technical should go there. For content suggestions:

>having her parts fall off should be a gameplay mechanic

>consider a body-part swap system so the player can shape her as desired (tit size, ass size, height, etc.)

>infection and conversion is a major part of the zombie fetish, the game should involve turning people

>zombies are usually portrayed as expendable, consider letting the player "die" a lot- for example, let them store spare bodies in the graveyard and restart there every time they die

Basically, you're making a game about zombies, it better stand out more than "green skin and stitches".



Freakish zombie babies



Lots of guro.



Necrophilia is not my fetish, sorry.



I am still sad they gave up on translating their games and because of their custom engine RJ204720 is a never-ever for me.

Or not, at the rate I'm getting through my kanji I might actually be able to play it within a year or so.


File: baafbfea3fdf1c9⋯.jpg (323.87 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ204404_img_main.jpg)

File: 100bac9d0fdf3f7⋯.jpg (678.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, RJ204404_img_smp1.jpg)

File: d4da89400592af4⋯.jpg (694.93 KB, 800x800, 1:1, RJ204404_img_smp2.jpg)

File: b4f113e7691dbaf⋯.jpg (638.69 KB, 800x770, 80:77, RJ204404_img_smp4.jpg)

RJ204404 definitely fits here. It's a mostly vanilla male MC game where he adventures around with his slave girl and fucks her a lot. It's not translated, but is hookable. Fucking her while in combat gives a few animated scenes.





File: 217a67dc1600488⋯.jpeg (4.28 KB, 174x192, 29:32, images (5).jpeg)


>Has to revive a girl to get sex

I see, maybe i should try this approach


File: 34c95c7d8b964c3⋯.jpg (33.13 KB, 480x360, 4:3, guyz guess who's stopping ….jpg)


Try to guess who's even more of a faggit for ignoring the thread's title and purpose.



Don't listen to him fam, You should make the Main character a male, and then have him fuck other male zombies in order to raise his husbando

You would be a trend setter


File: 839f5b603265aaa⋯.jpg (329.08 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RE244772.jpg)

Youmu Konpaku & Dungeon of Lewd Creatures

a good platformer

clothing damaged on low(er) hp with multiple outfits

rape when hp hits 0 but you can continue right there or from the last door you went through.

lots of secrets and challenges

mega #!LTQ1nSRY!tAZj6YnLvVpwNVd73I246LoHgM5fZx0x_JGWnf3SqTI

Torrent up on nyaa /view/2685494



Reading must be the hard for one of us, and it isn't me. Lemme translate that for you :

> make it a male MC game

> Female focus / main character Thread



Is it censored?

Can the main character do any raping?

Are all the fuckable NPCs male?



Female focused games can and should have male MCs, retard, like teaching a feeling, where even though the female is the focus, you control a male MC.

Maybe playing too much female MC games rotted your brain. I bet you are a faggot too.



>You need to lose to see the sex scenes

The epitome of shit games.


File: 668f8227dec9e40⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 559x840, 559:840, double dumbo award.JPG)


Did I hurt your feelings? I'm sure kids at elementary school called you dunce.



Sadly yes.


No, there's a scene with succubi, and a couple with tentacles.


Not a big fan of it either, but what other options are there for games like this.

At least there's no game over after getting raped.



Then fuck off to a thread that is about games with male MCs.


Succubi are nice at least. Too bad about the rest of it.



>but what other options are there for games like this.

Easy, you stop playing shit games.


This is a male MC thread as well, retard. I'm sorry your faggotry is not welcomed.



Wow, you're terrible at retorts.

Are you so intellectually limited that even trisomic kids made fun of you at school? Can't you distinguish what kind of thread you're replying to?




Have it be a cute story where a girl wants a living boyfriend, she goes through and gets into odd situations where she loses her clothes or something simple an ecchi tale where we learn about how she died, about her, he hopes wants dreams etc then have her find a nice tall dude who she accidentally bites in the end and now she has to find a cure for the poor fellow because it wont make him a zombie it'll straight up kill him, perfect sequel bait.

The end has them elope and fug somewhere.



>1room -Runaway Girl

Took me a bit of looking, but I found a guide. It's in moon and I don't read moon, but here's the gist of what Google Translate says:

>Progress -1: Prologue

If you do not leave Yuu or attack her on the bed, you will progress. There is no problem even if you skip.

>Progression 0: The first week.

Chat to and Listen to Yuu about her problems three times and believe in the Yuu that believes in You.

"Go to the station (LP100)" on the last day. You will see her again, and she'll come back with you to your apartment.

>Progress 1: Endless rush

Repeat this twice because an event occurs when you return from the shop.

After you buy the "Hard Technical Book" Yuu will get interested in programming. Buy her the "Easy Technical Book"

Every time the date changes, Yuu's programming increases by 1 as long as you have the “simple technical book”.

"Working" when Yuu's skill is 4 or more causes Yuu to help with the work

An event will occur during the next day, and Sunday will be rested (?)

Progression 2: Favorability 80 or more

Buy "Clothing for somewhere else" and invite to a date on a holiday (LP 200) (Scene 04-05) ※ Be careful because it does not occur if Yuu is a virgin

Progression 3: Lover relationship

H will not be denied even if Yuu is not prepared with contraception

The BGM of the room changes. Most features are unlocked

Unlock all body positions except for laterality (unclear, likely prone). Buy the latest career change guide

The epilogue (scene 14) is unlocked when the date is changed

Progression degree 4: 120 or more

Reaction to room sex increases


Two ties: Speak to Yuu in the morning and she should eventually explain her School's dress code.

Ponytail: If you take a bath when the degree of progress is 1 or more, Yuu has a ponytail on the third turn. Speak with her then to unlock it.


Prone: choose "from behind" when Yuu is on the bed

Doggy: Friday night on or after progress 1. If you have two or more condoms, check out the gym dressing bag at the bottom right of the room (Scene 03)

Breaking Matsuba (1 leg up?): Afterpills (chamomile, I think) or after the first date, attack Yuu (scene 08)

Masturbation: make Yuu frustrated and return home with the second choice of a peep event after a bath (scene 09-11)

Cowgirl: Ask for a date after obtaining micro bikini (LP 200) (scene 12)

Backwards cowgirl: Use exercise clothes after getting cowgirl, or check exercise clothes bag and get Yuu to put them on

Temporal (sideways): Get all body positions other than progress 4 & laterality (prone?)


Physical Education Sitting (fetal position?): Click on Yuu's uniform skirt while sitting or the hem of the Y-shirt

How to put Yuu to sleep

Drink coffee and act up to the 9th turn, or let chamomile drink after the 4th turn



Satisfaction level

Yuu's sexual satisfaction. Pleasure gauge goes up or down and escalates (including events)

After Yuu is deflowered, it will be lowered at the date change according to the degree of lewdity. Because of this it is not possible to make her cum until she's at 100 perversity.

It is considered "frustration" when it becomes 50 or less.

H scene where conditions are difficult

Scene 06: Weekday, Progress 3 or higher, SP 3 or higher, no sex or blowjob the day before.

Scene 07: Holiday, Progress 3 or more, Peak 4 or more the day before (?)

Scene 13: Weekday, progress 3 or more, SP 3 or more, a frustrated Yuu, has seen scene 08 (with current data)

See scene 14: Simple chart progress 3


Increase by about 700 to 3000 yen every day

The amount depends on the degree of progress and favorability, and Yuu's skills


Basically, take baths, pat her head, give her coffee, and it'll go up. Sexually harass her (click her boobs too much, that kind of thing, she doesn't mind letting you fuck her) and it will go down. You can't ask for a blowjob if she's unhappy, so make sure she's not.

Good mood effect

Favorable sensitivity, increases perversity degree is 1.5 times

"Blowjob" is added to the position selection

Special impression battle occurs when ejaculation & acme (?) in the room H (cleansing fellatio, semen overflow)

Number of ejaculations (SP)

Recalculated based on LP at date change, up to a maximum of 4 for LP 200

Energizer/aphrodisiac has the effect of doubling the number of ejaculations (only on the day you take it though)

Pleasure gauge and cum

Depending on the number of hearts and the sensitivity of each part, the reaction Yuu gives is different (for this reason the gauge does not go up even if you go to town fingering or fucking her)

Penis in Vagoo is a possibility at 2 hearts

The pleasure gauge does not rise unless you blame "a top that can be topped" from 4 hearts or more to the top. Be careful because Yuu is a virgin; it's difficult to make her cum normally, but it's impossible if it's only been a few days after her defloration (ime, it takes about 3-4 days, and the last heart can be filled by toying with her clit, but it might be different for you. Play around and see what works)


Basically, playing with a part of Yuu's body increases it's sensitivity.

The clitoris and vagina are two different parts - playing with the exterior increases clit sense, while fingering Yuu increases vaginal sensitivity.

Sorry if I made any mistakes, but even the Google Translate version was barely legible, and I couldn't find an english guide. Enjoy your older!Sylvie.



>>having her parts fall off should be a gameplay mechanic

>Hitpoints are represented by her losing limbs, once she's nuggeted you're done

This sounds cool, but…

>>consider a body-part swap system so the player can shape her as desired (tit size, ass size, height, etc.)

Combined with this, it might be a *lot* of artwork. Maybe there's a way to trim it, but art is going to be a pretty big sticking point, especially with a graphical game.

I agree with everything else though and would encourage thought into the above two as long as goals are kept realistic.


File: 9e05da594848a5c⋯.jpg (196.86 KB, 1018x1440, 509:720, 8ac58c41fc163ed5c3cb37284e….jpg)

File: e65859eca34393f⋯.jpg (2.48 MB, 2267x3153, 2267:3153, d07604dd44da46fc959c0ce95f….jpg)



>you need to lose to see the sex scenes

Its not so bad as losing doesn't mean you lose the level, but rather respawn at the start of the stage. Not to mention save scumming is easy

My biggest peeve with it is needing to fucking get all the sparkles without losing once to get the true ending.

I was several hours into the game and didn't even find out about that until I reached the endboss. I didn't bother collecting the sparkles after realizing some of them are absurdly hard to get and instead downloaded someones save. I mean seriously, some of the sparkles are retardedly hard to get, and I couldn't even finish the fucking tree level.

I did however fight the boss with my virgin Youmu, and took 0 attacks just so I would have no Vaginal experience. However this still got me the bad ending as i didn't collect all the sparkles

So i tried the save I downloaded and it started right near the boss with thankfully most of the sparkles.

However the guy who did this didn't realize that the projectiles at the start of the last map give you sex exp, so it had already acquired some exp which sucks shit.

I gave up on getting the true ending, I'm ok living with the good ending.

Also I should probably mention that taking zero damage from the final boss is difficult, it took me almost 20 minutes to do it. The true final Boss is a whole lot harder so if you are retarded enough to to collect all those sparkles and make it too the end without losing once go for it. Just remember if you make it to the final stage, you CANT be hit once to get the true ending.



just use cheat engine and freeze it at 0 lol


This game was dropped recently https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ247849.html

It's not too bad I don't mind the art. Story is girl falls into debt and has two choices on how to get cash back, I hit a certain point against a really powerful robot and have absolutely no idea how to continue as I lost instantly.

Magnet link here



File: c035fc9c63a161e⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, d5b1a52549126b916a3d5f2fdb….png)


>It is bad, faggot, because you're still forced to lose all your health in order to get the scene

You only have like 3 health at the start though. Not to mention some sex scenes can happen without dying, its just that dying unlocks more of them.

Also you can get some sex scenes by going prostitution, however this still fucks up the ending as well

>What if you are actually good at video games, specially shitty ones, so you hardly lose?

theres an absurd amount of stages, some of them are fucking unfair, losing is an inevitability

The real problem is that depending on how you lose determines the sex scene. Drop onto one of those zelda-esque plant holes, get raped from below. Walk into one, Get orally raped upside down. And its not just that, depending on which why you are facing when you hit an enemy, where you hit the enemy and the attack the enemies doing all determine the sex scene.

My biggest problem was that some sex scenes are difficult to fucking get because of all the other enemies and the rarity of the enemy I want. If you want to see all the sex scenes, you will have to lose a lot and take every kind of attack from every angle.

Thankfully the saving grace of this game is that saving and loading are real quick. Its the only reason i could stand playing it.

Also some stages are ridiculously difficult to do. I ditched the tree level by buying bombs and taking a different route. Christ I fucking hate some platformers.

>The fact that you need to avoid the sex scenes to get the true ending is hilarious, though.

And you're also not allowed to be Hit once at the end stage when you're surrounded by shooting tentacles.

Its fucking Difficult



File: ac70a861e778374⋯.jpg (540.42 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, EK.jpg)

Do you know any 3D action games that have playable girls, lewd outfits, free roam and some kind of roleplay? I've just found out about this adorable shooter called Eliminator Kaede which is not complete yet but I'm afraid it's the only game of its kind. Anything slightly similar coming to mind is Bethesda crap, Rust or Conan Exiles. In other words - not anime. Am I missing something? Are there any upcoming projects worth waiting?



>Eliminator Kaede

It reminds me of Rape of the Dead, even though I know it's not the same.


File: c25b13381064b8e⋯.jpg (295.93 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 122592.jpg)

https://vndb.org/v20847 (Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne)

This girl is prime waifu material. I'm going to spend a long string of nights fantasizing about having a qt dark-circle eyed NEET girlfriend who secretly wants to kill and rape everyone.

I want to lick Rinne's feet.


File: 6602d31afeba823⋯.jpg (593.16 KB, 2220x3094, 1110:1547, 00ac9ff71a9c78e864f7c131af….jpg)


>Whether you have 1 hit point of 300 is irrelevant, you are still forced to lose, still forced to save scum

Only if you want to get the true ending

Also losing and getting the sex scene doesn't end the game, it just resets the monsters in the current area of where you are.

Considering most areas only take less than a minute to complete its not really a problem unless you're going for the true ending (which in case you will need to save scum). Also some sex scenes are acquirable without losing.

I'm not saying that its not a bad mechanic, but compared to 90% of the games I've played that did it, its not implemented that badly. Mainly because it doesn't impede you much by losing (unless going for the true ending). I also said that the game gets unfair at some points, so you will most definitely lose, albeit I will say that enemies like goblins are weak as shit so you might not ever see their sex scenes unless you willing stand in their way.

Personally if you are going for the true ending, I recommend just finishing the game as quickly as possible regardless of the amount of sex scenes you get, acquire the really good shit and go newgame+ (which I'm pretty sure resets everything but you keep all the good stuff)

That way you take piss all damage from all attacks and kill everything in one shot except the endboss. Alternatively just use cheat engine.

I disagree that the game is shit, even if its got a shit mechanic for acquiring most of the sex scenes. Personally I think the worst part of this game is trying to get the true ending, which is absurdly hard to do without save scumming on your first try as well as meaning you never get to see the sex scenes without save scumming.



I mean, there’s sexlab with anime mods. Problem with 3d hentai games in general is that 99.9% of them look and play like crap. Because making any hentai 3d game not look and play like crap would take 14 years and 80 gorillion dollars.

If you’re looking for just 3d action with free roam, lewd outfits, and playable girls then the closest I can seriously recommend is Nanocrisis and Hound of the Blade. Otherwise, yeah it’s either Loverslab or bust.



That particular game you're talking about is one I avoided recommending. Not for the other anon's reason (hint for the other anon: if you can't stand losing that much just look for a save file from someone else), but because it's just bad.

Around 4 levels in, the developer forgot they were making a hentai game and began to think they were making a home console/arcade game from 30 years ago. So as a result a bunch of the shit that you need to get for the true ending is locked behind pixel-perfect jumps and key hunting. If you seriously don't have any other hentai games for whatever reason and are willing to sink multiple days into learning and playing this game then sure. Otherwise, can't recommend.




I'd kill for a Rape of The Dead that wasn't dog shit, well at least the death animations are not half bad.



>Do you even understand the concept of "playing" a game? What is worth a game if I need to avoid playing it in order to enjoy it, let alone losing at it.

Hey faggot, maybe try looking at what board we’re on. If you want a game that you can legitimately call good by sheer gameplay factor alone, maybe stop drooling on your fucking keyboard and go play a normal, non-h game.

>That you think that only because a hentai game is hentai must be easy, which makes you a gigantic faggot, and that you are just bad at games.

And you must be so good at games that you can perfect score centipede on osu while jacking off. Because, you fucking moron, that’s what you’re supposed to do during a hentai game.

>Kill yourself. You are the reason why hentai GAMES are bad, with your lack of brain to just play a game and be good at it.

Listen fuckface, I’m going to explain this once. Triple A industry games, which have hundreds of millions of dollars behind them, are by in large boring piles of shit. Indie games, which still have thousands of dollars behind them, are still usually boring piles of shit. If you are expecting hentai games, which have even lower budget and manpower than that on average, to be anywhere near as good as an actual game, you’re completely fucking deluded.



>Yes, hentai GAMES. What part of that excludes good gameplay?

The money, the time, the manpower, the stability all being vastly inferior, moron. That’s what.

>Rance is a hentai game, and it's only you play for the gameplay alone, in fact I'd say rance h content is shit compared to it's gameplay, same with games like Kamidori Alchemy Meister.

Those are produced by full-fledged companies you fucking downie. And they’re still shit compared to most normal industry games on almost every single level, not even going to talk about true classic non-h games like SotN. Or even classic JRPGs like the older FF games.

>Osu! is not a good game.

Learn how to follow a conversation faggot. I never said it was, I was replying to how you asserted hentai games have to be hard.

>Not really. The hentai part should be the reward. If you think that mixing gameplay and sex is a good idea then you must be new to these kind of games.

That’s like saying driving games shouldn’t mix cars with gameplay. No you fucking idiot, that's why people play hentai game.

<All new games being developed are shit so I will just enjoy more shit games and praise them

<Money means shit to game development

>You are part of the problem. Kill yourself.

If anyone here desperately needs to eat a gun it’s you, for being so fucking retarded and still using valuable resources like food and oxygen. Money means shit to game development? Of course it fucking does you jackass. If you expect a single developer to put out anything close to the quality of a literal fucking company then you need to be euthanized.



>AAA =/= and you are a faggot for even suggesting that. Plenty of great games have been done by a handful of people with small budgets, even by hobbyist. Doom was made with a small team with iittle money, same with Legend of Grimrock and Cave Story, one of the greatest games of all times, was done by a hobbyist.

<Pointing out a small handful of exceptions to the rule somehow disproves the rule

You aren't worth the time and effort to look up what that fallacy is even called, so instead I'll just propose a bet. 1 guy with a hundred dollars and an entire company with 100 million dollars are both making a shooter. I'll bet 100 bucks the company makes the better game, you bet on the 1 guy. Sound good?

>Osu! is hard for the sake of being hard, so I insist, it's not a good game.

So you understand what was bad about most 70 era console games.

>Name a single game that blends sex and gameplay that isn't a shit game or a cringe fest.

Literally any game that has pregnancy mechanics that affect gameplay? Or literally anything related to sex that affects gameplay? Are you so fucking stupid I need to explain what "gameplay" encompasses?

>Play Cave Story. Then kill yourself. He didn't even need money. And even then the game did not only became and instant classic, it's also by far better than most games released post 2007.

Yes and some people can memorize entire books and recall every single word even years after they read them. That doesn't mean we should base national education standards on those people, you fucking moron.

>You are a faggot, and you don't realize that.

You are an idiot, and you don't realize that.



>Doom, of all the things, is pretty much the "1 guy with a hundred dollars" and to this day Doom is the best first person shooter ever made.

Your dumb fucking ass couldn't even be bothered to look up the budget. It was 1 million dollars USD you fucking clown. What fucking h-game made by a single person has a 1 million dollar budget? Holy shit you're such a fucking moron.

>Ahm so you are one of (((those))) that think all Arcade games were quarter eaters.

Most of them were, you fucking idiot. Again, not going to waste time explaining why games from 1970-1990 were so hard, because you obviously lack the brainpower to comprehend.

>Again, name a single one. Go ahead.

<then comes porn, because it should be a reward from playing good,

Rewards are part of gameplay. If you need me to explain what gameplay is then you're too young or too braindead to be on this board.

>We should, otherwise we end with retards like you.

Good, we can start by euthanizing you. And then 99.9% of the population. Then the human race dies out because there aren't enough people left over to reproduce. This is why morons like you need to shut the fuck up.

>All I gather from your posts is that you are a kike that tries to enforece the "Big budget = good game" meme. I will just tell you, VVVVVV exists, plenty of games like it exists, games that are far better than this crap. At this point is amazing you are defending these shit games, and what is worst, justifying them. If you like shit, that's your problem, but these games are shit and there's nothing you can say to defend them, and budget is not a problem, as I already proved you wrong.

Shitting on your keyboard and calling it an argument doesn't prove anything wrong shit-for-brains. How do I know you have shit for brains? Because apparently you can't follow a conversation properly. I hate most AAA games. They're almost all boring shitfests and have been for the past 15 fucking years. The few gems that aren't are the ones I buy, which is why my steam library is about 1/8th of the average size if that.



>The budget is estimated, idiot, and even then is comparatively less to any other AAA game, and it was done by a handful of guys.

Oh that changes things. Let me rephrase the question then. What fucking h-game made by a single person has an estimated 1 million dollar budget? Holy shit you're such a fucking moron.

>The fact that there are already H games with small teams or even a single guy done that are better than this crap, then I insist, you are part of the problem, brain dead faggot.

Exceptions do not disprove the rule.

>Whatever you say as long as it isn't a lost state. What you are supporting is that the game over screen should be the sex scene, you fucking retard, what a nice reward.

Should? No, hgames can put the hentai wherever it fucking wants so long as it is accessible. But if you insist on focusing on that maybe look at Eroico.

>You'd go first than anyone seeing how much of a fucking retard you are. You are just justifying your retarded existence because you are too much of a fucking brain dead to even have decent skills in video games.

You say to someone who like Darkest Dungeon and Binding of Isaac. No, fuckface, I don't want to play a hard game with one hand on my dick. And anyone who doesn't believe money, manpower, or time has anything to do with quality because "m-muh cave story" is going to die a lot sooner than me if they start purging retards.

>And yet here you are justifying these shit games because all you want is to masturbate like a retard. Tell me how or why these games can't be good only because you don't have enough blood for your brain to function while you have a boner.

I don't expect them to be good, for the same reason I don't wander into a kindergartner finger painting class and start looking for pieces to sell to the Smithsonian.



>Why you keep insisting on budget when games like Cave Story exists, you fucking kike?

<Exceptions do not disprove the rule.

>It isn't a rule just because you defend shitty practices. You're essentially saying it's ok because "everyone do it".

If I expected every game to be like cave story, I'd be even more disappointed than I already am with the gaming industry.

>Eroico rewards you gallery pics by defeating the monsters instead of just losing. Likewise, FotBS takes an step further by having you digure out how to capture the monsters instead of just losing like a retard.

So part of gameplay then. You fucking clown. Did you lose track of your own argument?


>Holy shit, what else? You like Sunless Sea and FTL as well? You think those require skill?

Don't be man because your retard brain can't handle playing RNG. Unless you think poker doesn't require skill.

>So you are also one of (((those))) retards. What about putting down the controller when h-scenes exist because they are not part of the gameplay, retard? Ever played early releases of WIATWA3DA? Your shit mentality of 1 handed gameplay over simplifies game controls, makes them even more casualized than they already are, only because they can't put damn the fucking controller when sex is happening, imagine.

Imagine wanting sex to happen while playing the game. Imagine actually having integrated mechanics. Imagine actually having two fucking braincells to comprehend these things unlike this fucking chimp I'm currently replying to.

>If the exception exists then there's no rule

Holy fucking shit it's like I'm arguing with a grade-schooler. Just because you find a sheep with red wool, doesn't mean you should expect all sheep to have red wool. Just because you find a goose that shits golden eggs, does not mean that every other goose needs to start shitting golden eggs.

>So I insist, you are part of the problem, because you are the public they cater to, retards of your levels that need to lose to "access" porn.

Yes, they cater to the pirate who hasn't shelled out a single buck for porn in his entire fucking life. You're not wrong when you say I'm part of the problem, but for completely wrong reasons. I said I was only going to explain this once, so go ahead and look at the current state of h-game development. Then tell me if we should expect anything like cave story to come out of it.



Is there an english patch for this?


File: 3a8b68930ce7d18⋯.jpg (329.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, disgusted slavloli uchimai….jpg)


>Challenges are bad, goy

Where did i say this faggot?

I said that getting the true ending is bad because its absurdly irritating to do. Finding all the sparkles is almost impossible, finishing the tree level is almost impossible. Not because its hard, but because I can't figure out where to go after exploring all the map 10 times in a row. There isn't an online guide to help with this shit.

Also you have to replay most of the levels anyway because A); you need special equipment to get some of the sparkles, and B); The game is pretty unfair in some levels, particularly the conveyor belt ones.

Thats why i said you should go Newgame+ which gives you quite a bit of health and good armour/weapon.

I wasn't saying not to play the game because its hard, but that theres a point where the game becomes less fun and more of a drawl.

>Devs don't put any effort in these games because you have faggots complaining about not being able to get sex scenes because it is too hard, because, gee, it's easier just to let you kill yourself to get those scenes

fuck off cunt, If I was playing as someone dominant I would expect winning to unlock the sex scene, but when you're playing as a girl in a sex dungeon, Losing is what gets you the sex scene and thats a big part of the appeal in this game. Playing as the rape victim is fun. If i was playing in a game where I could rape people, then winning would be the aim of the game. you're blaming the losing=sex mechanic on why people don't make as many winning=sex games, when its really more of a submissive vs dominant fetish type of argument. You do know you still need to actually complete the level if you want to finish the game and see all the sex scenes right? I'm pretty sure you're just bitching because this type of game doesn't appeal to your fetishes.

Besides, losing doesn't actually lose you the game, it just loses your chance at getting the true ending, which is almost impossible outside newgame+ or a LOT of savescumming.

Now if the Losing did actually lose you the game, this game would belong on that list of shitty Lose=sex=endgame game piles which is filled with shitty fucking RPGM garbage.

>And yes, this makes me really mad, necause you are the kind of loud faggot that praise these kind of games for being shitty, and it IS shitty, and the only good thing about THE GAME, is that you need to actually be good at the game in order to get the good ending, which is the only thing you don't like about it, it seems, and yet, even that on itself is bad because it also forces you to miss most of the game's H-scenes.

Just fucking kill yourself and your faggoty opinion.

The game doesn't force you to miss most of the H-scenes because you need to play most of the game more than once anyway to get the gear you need to acquire sparkles. This is why I said you need to play newgame+ which resets sex data and lets you keep the stuff needed to get all the good shit again.

My problem with this, is not that you need to play the entire game again to get the good ending, but rather you need to go through every single level and find the Key and its corresponding door to get a sparkle. Not to mention the difficulty in getting the key to the door, because as soon as you take damage you lose it and most of the levels have tons of environmental damage dealing areas like lava and shit that you WILL hit if you miss a jump.

Also there are FUCKING invisible walls, good luck finding all the sparkles faggot as you hit every single wall, floor and roof in a level to try and get that sparkle.

Thats why I think getting the good ending is hard, not because its actually hard but because its so absolutely time wasting.

Your opinion is just as good as those faggots who call Dark Souls the hardest game ever because you die so often

Just fucking kill yourself



Neat- Got a save/ link to one? Thread so far has been a dumpster fire over this but I would appreciate it.


File: ec4c01d6ba013bd⋯.png (44.54 KB, 1229x462, 1229:462, fag95 F95 Youmo Konpaku du….PNG)


>Neat- Got a save/ link to one?

There are some on Fag95,


Also just fuck my shit I thought there were only 3 endings

Turns out there are actually 6,

From Fag95:

>Okay, so I finally know how to get each ending :

>ENDING 6 : Finish the last level without Hakyrouken & Roukaken (bought 10000p at the 2nd store)

>ENDING 5 : Finish the last level with the swords but without having collected enough lights things (33 or 34 are needed I think)

>ENDING 4 : Finish the last level with the swords and lights but die at the last boss

>ENDING 3 : Beat the last boss but you have been defeated at least once in your playthrough * If you've been creampied enough and are pregnant, the ending text is slightly different

>ENDING 2 : Beat the game without dying ONCE (even if you're still a virgin, the game really is a bitch and gives you END3)

>ENDING 1 : Complete the game with 100% (haven't actually got it, the game just tells you that when you get END2)

>I managed to cheat to get END 3 & 2, I just changed my light counter to 34 and put my Obedience, Lust, Sex and Humiliated to 0

>(I don't know which stat in particular triggers the ending tho, I think it should be humiliation or Lust but I haven't tested it)

>(tip : To easily find the adresses of the stats, just use two saves files and switch from one to another)

So basically I recommend you just finish when ever you Want after getting one of the endings

There is no way in hell this game is worth more than 3 playthroughs



>Leading people to other places is a baneable offense. I'm not surprised, though. Please, kill yourself.

>not knowing that Fag95 is always filtered so it doesn't really matter

>not seeing that its an attachment

you are a potato nigger, neck yourself



>It's filtered so it doesn't matter

It does. Follow your advice and head jump down the stairs.


File: cb130d94dc0bbe6⋯.jpg (5.48 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Boobies are so disgusting,….jpg)


Bro, you seem to have bigger issues in life than female focused games, or any game for that matter. Care to tell us more ? Are you about to blow yourself up because some womyn mocked your pipi ?



>So you're a conformist that eats every turd in his plate because he have no option.

<He says a few posts after I said I barely have any games at all

Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re a subhuman retard. I don’t know why I tried to talk to you like a human being.

>yes, as in it isn't losing, faggot, which is the main problem here.

Nobody gives a fuck what you think is the problem.

>Never bet anything, you'd lose instantly.

Says the guy who can’t handle RNG.

>Why would you want sex while playing the game? That would only get in the way of playing the game, retard.

<He’s so fucking stupid he doesn’t even know what “playing a game entails”

<Also he didn’t even notice how I already said Eroico

>This is not some super rare shit to happen, is something that happens regularly and should happen more often.

HAHAHA. Yeah sure because stuff like cave story happens regularly. You fucking moron.

>Oh yes yes, goy, the vote with your wallet argument, here we are.

<You are the problem because devs cater to you

<No, no dev caters to me because I pirate all my games

<Wow, he’s saying vote with your wallet (????)

Genuine fucking autism. If you can’t make a cohesive argument don’t embarrass yourself by trying.

>If you actually expected and pushed for something better, we might get something better, but instead we get faggots like you praising a game whose mechanics are "lose so you can get the scene"

Again, nobody gives a fuck what you think is the problem. If you think it’s shit, then feel free to think it’s shit. But no one important will listen to you. We’ll just make fun of you for being the autistic sperg you are.


would it kill you cocksuckers to stay in topic? good god this fucking thread is like a second /htg/


It's in the style of hentai that women in the main role end up being sluts.


Are 3d games managing corretly reactions of 3d characters in term of expression or movement or is it all scripted ?



Yeah, actually, my bad. This guy's nowhere near as fun as cuckfag was, and definitely not worth sinking the thread over. I'll leave him alone for now.


Well, as always, there's sexlab. If you're willing to spend 9 parts fiddling with code to 1 parts actually playing, you can get it to do basically whatever you want.

Outside of that, the only game that comes to mind where expressions are on point is Breeders of the Nephelym. But that's both an incomplete game and furshit so pick your poison I guess.


File: d5e702389a67e25⋯.jpg (298.07 KB, 900x600, 3:2, RE242244_img_smp3.jpg)

File: 4a56d9f82ee537a⋯.jpg (24.77 KB, 334x602, 167:301, Capture.JPG)


For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get the tentacle scene and I guess a lap nap by the tree? Also I'm not sure what some items do (third from the top and second to last).

Overall I say it is a nice game though.


File: f579aa9fa1b4f16⋯.png (154.89 KB, 1417x1874, 1417:1874, RadeonX1950 your sacrfiice….png)

Some neet on ulmf almost got 99% of the Youmo Konpaku dungeon

And holy fuck the walls that you can run through except you still see a character in front sounds straight up retarded

I mean the UFO one was bad with the UFOs being off screen and behind things without any actual way of seeing them, but now knowing that you could actually be walking into a tunnel to get some translucent heart except your character looks like its still in the same place on screen is fucking shitty.


AKIRA Points is absolute top tier. Thanks for showing me this, anon. I really like how the MC isn't a total cuck for once, it's just very cute.


File: 616f6e4f98bc1d2⋯.jpg (73.17 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RE210055_main.jpg)

Since I enjoyed Wings of Roldea I thought it'd be polite to try and share a game too. I don't believe this has been recommended yet: "The Ability To Manipulate Demons" Been awhile since i've played it, but I recall it was fun.

You play as a maid named Forty who's (also an assassin) on a mission to save their mistress. In terms of gameplay, you're not really supposed to confront your foes head on. If you want, you can stay a virgin the entire game or seduce your enemies.



That's true of porn in general though, since non-slutty women don't get fucked often enough to warrant centering a porn story, unless it's rape; and anon has made it clear what his stance is on rape-on-defeat games.


Looks alright enough. Do you have a Mega link?


File: 802c9700f7e0ad8⋯.webm (3.94 MB, 302x660, 151:330, Night of Revenge - black ….webm)



Is it an RPGM game or is it a Wolfs RPG game?

I'll still play it either way but i would prefer to know first regardless. I mean Hypnosis is one of my fetishes when its done right.

Also does anyone know if webm related game has been released in English yet?



Am I allowed to post that? Not sure if it counts as spoon feeding, you can just google the title


I believe it's rpgm.



It's in nyaa you lazy fuk


File: 81d5858426d482a⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1652x836, 413:209, 1554150781271.png)


>Also does anyone know if webm related game has been released in English yet?

The usual response is "Be Patient."


The translation in Wings of Roldea is so fucking bad. It is marked as an "DLsite Official Translation", so I thought it would at least be decent. They are a decently sized company, right? It's a shame that they couldn't hire at least one native English speaker to just read through it to see if everything flows correctly. The translation does also contain untranslated text


Translation was serviceable. Better than to have no translation at all.



Pretty decent as a game, using the crazy good concept of assasin maido. Sex scenes didn't really get me, though


File: e39a1f32631136a⋯.jpg (231.19 KB, 850x1238, 425:619, __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_dra….jpg)


I personally stuck with it for the plot rather than the sex scenes. While it might not be deep, I liked it. Also maids that throw knives are a personal fetish.



The people who get upset over "spoonfeeding" are faggots anyway, they claim it's to stop people from asking for the same sauce 50 times but it doesn't seem to help much in that regard and just adds more steps that don't need to be there, minor though they may be.

"The ability to manipulate demons" is a pretty common phrase too, so those of us with weak google-fu can find it hard to get proper links with titles like that.


Man, I am patient, but that translation has been in development for what feels like years now. I'd take a partial TL over no TL at all, easy.



Since it's translated you'll be able to find it in the bin https://pastebin.com/Q6aDUFHA

Most non-VN English translated games are in there.

Same goes for








I could really do without an English copy myself but the only copy I have found the menus are broken so if you access your inventory your stuck and forced to relaunch the game.


File: cb648e9c773b92a⋯.png (278.29 KB, 700x543, 700:543, aradia_stuck_in_menu.png)


>getting stuck in the menu

That's every version of the game though, but only if you need to git gud.



>he got trapped in aradia's mazey menu madness hex



Anyone got a webm of DSP complaining about the inventory system in Dark Souls?

Because I'm getting flashbacks



>"The ability to manipulate demons" is a pretty common phrase too, so those of us with weak google-fu can find it hard to get proper links with titles like that.

I somewhat agree with what you started with, but that last bit is fucking retarded

Just fucking kill yourself, I literally just googled "The ability to manipulate demons erotic game" and it was the first thing to come up

I hope you choke on cum you faggot


Is there a guide for wings or roldea? Is there any way to check what the different status effects does?



You could have a game where the female main character have to play the courtesan and seduce to have a game progress at some point. Or an open world RPG with an optional prostitution possibility and where you have sexually based character stats which change with experience l



There’s literally a guide someone posted farther up the thread. Try looking before asking for something.



did you check the caves to the right of the town area? theres an empty event that doesnt trigger until you find him in the noob area south of town



Second to last is a bracelet for a special event where you take her on a date and declare your love for her. this lets you kiss her almost anywhere leading to fucking. BTW this is the event that gives you the fifth heart.

Third from the top is rope. Its used for the game you play with her in her room at night. she starts out willing to play for stripping, i havent talked her into stripping and tying up the loser. might need to max out her hearts or arousal.

I'm not sure about the tentacles either but the napping is when you go to bed in your room with her being aroused she will give you a blowjob while you are asleep.


File: 76ec36755d0d55e⋯.jpg (15.94 KB, 284x284, 1:1, OP IS A RAGING FAGGOT, PRO….jpg)


Thanks anon.


File: 510dffab7a97943⋯.png (509.9 KB, 837x661, 837:661, 1550009976570.png)


>inb4 "how do i level up"





Yeah no, those are what we call "sluts".

I mean, it's nice to have non-rape scenarios sometimes, but it's really difficult to get a situation where a girl is willingly having lots of sex while not being a slut since willingly having lots of sex is like 90% of the definition of being a slut.



Lolno. Use a dictionary.




Hate to be that guy, but source please? I have to play that game, even more so if there's a chance of a translation. Last time I had such an eyegasm was with Iris Action.



Jesus christ is this dark souls?



Have you tried looking at the name of the webm in the post you replied to?



the gook should really switch the two filenames around



I can't seem to get the Go to the station option on the last day, maybe I'm retarded or something.



Did you believe her?

Did you fuck her? You might need to if you didn't and obviously you need 100 points..



Thanks, knew I was doing something dumb.



Shamefur display on me, and many a thanks to you. I guess I was tired.


Anyone got 0.10 of Third Crisis?


File: b618989e35e8648⋯.jpg (337.32 KB, 986x1378, 493:689, 1529384009871.jpg)


It's actually Bloodsouls 3.


Bloodstained: Night of Revenge?





>Yeah no, those are what we call "sluts".

>I mean, it's nice to have non-rape scenarios sometimes, but it's really difficult to get a situation where a girl is willingly having lots of sex while not being a slut since willingly having lots of sex is like 90% of the definition of being a slut.

Having the main character being someway a slut is nearly required for an erotic game and the fact of being a slut doesn't exclude rape, and it can be integrated in the game.



No it's dick souls.



No it's dick holes.





Any games where you get to play as a sex slave?



>This only means you need to play better games, slut loving cuck.

Slut doesn't only implies female but also male in some sense. You may like sluts for their sensuality, the lack of exclusivity doesn't always mean that you're a cuck or all porn is exclusively for cucks. The main character need to have a lot of sex for the game to be erotic



>Any games where you get to play as a sex slave?

There are game where the main character is more or less raped all the time throughout the story

A sex slave would have even fewer choice, wich may lead to a lack of interactivity



Well you don't need to be a sex slave throughout the entire game. Something like Claire's Quest is what I'm thinking of.



>Slut doesn't only implies female but also male in some sense.

It only applies to faggots, "stud" is the male equivalent to "slut", both are only worthwhile in regards to their genitals.



Stud isn't a derogatory term. From a biological perspective unlike sluts, men who sleep with many women are not broken.



>Stud isn't a derogatory term.

Yes? I never said that it was derogatory, I said it was the male equivalent to slut.

If you want a term of equal derogatory value, then faggot would be more apt.



There is no male equivalent to slut.



>There is no male equivalent to slut.

Completely wrong

I mean aren't homosexuals and traps roughly doing the same thing?



Of course they are, don't take the bait.


File: 3f13f9416d07f5a⋯.jpg (220.41 KB, 850x850, 1:1, ika shinryaku musume no im….jpg)

Anyone know a female focus game, where you come for the porn and stay for the plot?

So far all i know are RPGM game Which is fucking abysmal such Roundscape Adorevia and Treasure Huner Claire.

Not even joking, the plot in these games easily beats out most of the AAA games that have come out in the past 5 years. and I'm not complimenting the RPGMs here

I suppose WoR is also up there as well.



Are you fine with VNs? I started playing fate/stay night for the porn, and that game has some pretty awful sex scenes.



Fate/Stay night isn't the best example since it isn't "female focused", but I remember liking Saya no Uta quite a lot.



>Are you fine with VNs?

No because VNs aren't real games most of the time

They're more for people who don't want to put much effort into getting lewds.

I can't really put all my attention into a VN, mainly because their book-like nature ruins my immersion.



>Not putting in the effort

If I remember correctly, I had 108 hours in fate/stay night towards the end. I have never put in so many hours for so little porn in any game.

>their book-like nature ruins my immersion

Then you haven't found a good one. When a VN is good, it's great. When its shitty, all you want to do is hold down shift.



Taima Miko Yuugi


File: a1e71d66a0b16e5⋯.jpg (59.1 KB, 444x208, 111:52, Meritocracy of the Oni & B….jpg)

I will die someday for suggesting rpgmaker games but


Anyone that have seen Kill la Kill or have played Sonic Adventure 2 will recognize the plot



how could you ever regret suggesting a game by oneone1



This is really well-made, so far. Thanks.



because there is no game in this "game".

You have to lose on purpose to everything for 100's of battles.

+ you have to run on purpose into H-flagged NPCs to get interesting stuff happening.

+ every other oneone1 game is the exact same'ish as the previous one.

= waste of a time of a "game".

Wish other authors would pick up steam and attention on dlsite or elsewhere. That author has started to reek like a lazy has-been.


File: 23b6a5b01df070f⋯.jpg (9.66 KB, 258x195, 86:65, images.jpg)



which version is that?

Also is there a way to stay a virgin through the entire game?



When i checked it out it said the complete version and yeah, i think there is a virgin ending.


The anon that wrote this >>335630 makes a fair point, although iirc completing the game unlocks every scene so you don't have to replay the game, but for me 99% rpgmaker games at least pre-MV were made by people who liked a lot unskip-able cutscenes, also hated cutscenes which were shorter that 30 minutes along with those who liked just painfully slow talks, then 99% MV games are like unity games… memory leaks so i started to hate all rpg-maker games i'm using some save editor site that a jew made which will apply a cooldown unless you give him money through patreon to turn the chore A.K.A. 99% of the anti-fun work in the game into something more bearable… or at least get to the good stuff faster


File: fc0bcba3e0db758⋯.jpg (335.18 KB, 900x843, 300:281, 1430559 - Brandon_McCartin….jpg)


>although iirc completing the game unlocks every scene so you don't have to replay the game,

Is it wrong when i dislike it when games do this?

How do i put this, It means that both people who are terrible at the game and people who are good get access to everything, sort of making how good you are at the game pointless.

At the same time i know some scenes in some games are almost impossible to get, and other scenes will stop you from getting the Virgin route, but it still hurts knowing what you do and how good you do it is almost pointless.

I wish they could just reserve this to either cheats or finishing NG+ (but only when NG+ actually adds content).



I get your point and in some cases i would even agree, but this is not a game where the difficulty is the point… i genuinelly don't remember if there's easy mode, the game at least like 50 to 70% the same base game, the difference is if you choose the slut path, the evil path, the virgin path, so on, so forth, even win or losing most of the battles bring no consecuences, you win you move through the plot, you lose MC get raped and someone finishes the boss for you/MC get warped to the infirmary and can try again



Having just picked this up and played it, at first playing to win but the hilariously easy difficulty curve leaving me to 1-2 shot enemies and never need to use any special attacks or items. After doing around 7-8 missions. I was confused at the lack of sex in the game and begun purposefully losing to everything to try and get raped in a loss scene or have these fabled H attacks happen that were advertised in the description,

Turned out I'd gone past the point where it was even possible to have sex and locked myself into the virgin route by chapter 2. Which I think I hit when I did 4 missions?

So it seems as though if you don't lose your virginity to a specific bandit boss early on, that's it. You're locked out of any sex for the rest of the game. Yet the game advertises that you can lose your virginity in a multitude of ways. Now maybe there's other ways to lose your virginity, but in my testing I found none. Everytime I tried to lose in chapter 2 the guy defeating me would lament he had no time to have his way with me, or some other character would come in & save me.

Only once I lost to that bandit and lost my virginity, would NPCs then try to rape me mid combat and I would able to interact with the H-NPCs

On the upside, the slut route is actually somewhat balanced to be harder, maybe that's because instead of fighting stuff and getting xp I was busy trying to get it to rape me, but regardless, I felt as though I actually had to start to engage with the mechanics of the game at least for boss fights.

On the downside going into the slut route means all the areas of the game that you are currently in are locked off from you for the foreseeable future, which means all their sex scenes are lost to you too. At least you get to unlock all the scenes by beating the story if what >>335670 says is correct.

Overall I'm not a huge fan of this one.



>So it seems as though if you don't lose your virginity to a specific bandit boss early on, that's it. You're locked out of any sex for the rest of the game.

Well, shit on my dick. I retract >>335615.



Haven't tried it yet, but I went onto Fag95 to see what they said about it.

Supposedly the Virgin route is only there so you can get Crow, Otherwise all other routes aren't virgin

Wtf is this shit?


Anything like Good Girl Gone Bad except not trash?



It's still possible to lose your virginity in the good route. There are some (not all) bosses that rape you when you lose, and eventually you can get a dildo which lets you lose your virginity yourself. Can't remember the exact sequence for getting that though, it's in one of the shops in the first town I think.

That said oneone1's only redeeming factor is his art (which is pretty good for a doujin RPGmaker game), each game plays exactly the same, features the same basic storyline and choices, and has no difficulty at all. Also like half of them are actual cuckshit with NTR.


File: 9d89c58f2b6057b⋯.gif (729.76 KB, 391x400, 391:400, Angry Violent awoo momiji.gif)


>Also like half of them are actual cuckshit with NTR.


File: 0c7eaaddcc3c3e5⋯.png (226.89 KB, 793x736, 793:736, i came here to laugh at yo….png)


You care about fetish preferences of anonymous users here, which is even more gay.


File: ca1255968f68f05⋯.png (161.16 KB, 500x313, 500:313, 555-LAUGH-AT-YOU.png)


>all female MC games are basically cuck games

Go on, bulldoze that autism through, as nobody is invested enough to insist otherwise for long.



He's right though.



His argument is stupid.

He could just say that he really doesn't want to look at another woman turning into roast beef in his 2D porn.


File: 30ec45176d0d39e⋯.png (355.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 89c.png)


>Definition of cuckold

: a man whose wife is unfaithful

There you go retard. Glad to see you're as endlessly laughable as ever.


File: c80ea6b73605173⋯.png (130.98 KB, 632x473, 632:473, 2a0.png)


>Saying a woman is unfaithful when she doesn't even have anyone to be faithful to

>Still being this retarded


File: 46afc46a656b401⋯.png (18.27 KB, 232x255, 232:255, 8a8cc6fe563bbd12c60a9f25a6….png)


>Do you even know what the word means?

What's the matter cuckfag, I thought caring about definitions of words is for cucks.




> caring about definitions of words is for cucks

now you sound like a nigger



The idea of definitions is an outdated concept with no use to any literate person who's read a book since the 1950s


File: 614d0ce29f7f26f⋯.png (319.58 KB, 547x609, 547:609, ClipboardImage.png)


>A woman being unfaithful

>Not the definition of cuckolding

You're not even trying.


File: 89fb351530d71c8⋯.png (75.43 KB, 849x314, 849:314, ad57e24b0a6f496b89be7bb401….png)


>now you sound like a nigger

I'm not the one who made this dumbshit bingo board in the first place. Also lol for thinking a ban will stop me from shitting on cuckfag


>A woman being unfaithful

>When she's not in any kind of relationship whatsoever

>And then accusing me of not knowing definitions of words

>When he's the one who says dumbshit stuff like this

I don't even have to try with a retard like you, cuckfag.



Just stop it.

He's not going to stop because you shit on him it's obvious he likes being shit on. scat fetish?

You're just shitting up the thread even more.



>You need to be in a relationship to be faithful

Yeah, you don't even know what faithful means, retard.



Thanks for proving that the Civil Rights Acts were a mistake.



>Yeah, you don't even know what faithful means

I'm not the one who can't be bothered to crack open a dictionary here. Or do you not know that the context of words are important?


>No u



Do you even understand that faithfulness doesn't only apply to relationships? You understand that's why the definition YOU provided doesn't mention a relationship?


any good game with preg content for female mc?



Naedoko Demon's Ground isn't bad IMO. It's an RPGmaker game where the female MC gets impregnated and gives birth to monsters to fight for her. Basically pokemon triple battles except you have to birth them instead of catching.

MC is a loli though, if that's not your thing. It's a spiritual successor to another similar game by the same devs that has an older MC, but that game lets you own much fewer monsters than exist in the game, along with some other QoL things Demon's Ground fixed.


File: 2e12634979ae6c4⋯.jpg (33.55 KB, 532x385, 76:55, Naruto Dating Sim by Fejjr….jpg)

How about the naruto dating sim? Sakura is the main focus :)


File: 1012e4224efbc0a⋯.gif (16.13 KB, 160x160, 1:1, Who Cares Hinata naruto.gif)


>Sakura is the main focus :)

Only if i could NTR her



>the butthurt is still so powerful

Incredible. Bravo, Kishimoto.


File: beb2ebd4928970c⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Screenshot.jpg)


It has been a while since i played it so i cannot say it's good but Tobihime Interbreed is like angry birds except that aside from sending MC to attack the monsters, you can let MC be impregnated by the monsters the ones with hearts next to them in the stages and then make the monster girls she births get pregnant with certain other kind of other monsters to get even more variations with special attacks to complete the stages, i think you also recruit some female characters along the way.


File: c2f10ba3eb1d10c⋯.jpg (116.33 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ115762_img_main.jpg)

just finding out now that MaiDenSnow Eve has a translation patch. also remembering the hellish grind.

anybody figure out how to use the cheat engine on the game, or at least have a decent save? I just want to go through some of the end game stuff.




doesn't work. MSE does a lot of weird shit with the engine.


File: 6a95e87b3254d68⋯.jpg (378.35 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, RJ236136_img_smp7.jpg)


Game just got released, and I'm going to shill it for a bit because I enjoyed it.

The purpose is to explore a labyrinth/dungeon with a party of cute heroines who can get molested in battle. If you're familiar with CRPGs and Wizardry, Etrian Odyssey or Tsukinomizu Project games, you'll feel right at home.

The art is (really) good, the gameplay doesn't insult your intelligence like some oneone1 crappola and some of the heroines are also voiced, sometimes. Several difficulty settings for every tastes, from heroic down to story mode. Looks bug-free even as 1.0 from what I can tell.

Needs a translation but as a MV game it's easily auto-translated. If the game gets popular, there's good chances it could get one.



Because "I'm afraid anon won't like it and will cry about it on the internet" isn't a thought that goes through most people's heads.



Looks good, will play it if it ever gets translated



Is it censored?


File: 9eab00fbfb9f6f2⋯.jpg (329.06 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, RJ236136_img_smp4.jpg)

> Is it censored?

Yeah, as anything nip probably is, with dicks anyway. It's not that bad, but I hardly pay attention any more, so I'm not the best one to ask. Here is the trailer if you want to make your own opinion :


> will play it if it ever gets translated

Of course. Tbh, it's already very playable, even the story can be understood. I didn't spot any complex kanjis confusing Google or Bing. If you need a guide, you can check this one out :


Finally, really recommend to play it on harder difficulties, to get the good feelz once your party reaches an underground camp after finishing a level. With torches, trapped chests, locked doors and no enforced grind, it's rather satisfying. Also, don't forget to use the neko with her handy mapping skill since there is no mini-map.

Not saying this game is groundbreaking (not as perfect as MaidenSnow for example), but decent H-games that are actually worth playing as fucking *games* are so rare nowadays that I had to mention it. Wish we could see more of these again.


File: b770c18e83a1e50⋯.png (95.31 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1528142047431.png)


you mean a proper english patch, or the engrish one that comes with the game? if you mean the first one… link pls?



>hey guys, check out this cool game

>doesn't post a mega for it

The state of this board.


File: 1660e5cb18dbe9b⋯.jpg (5.97 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)


>pretends to be an weathered board geezer and doesn't check nyaa for new games

I gave you the RJ, what else do you need ? The torrent is waiting for your downloading pleasure. If double-checking before whining doesn't suit you, that's just too bad I guess.



I don't remember how bad the first one was but the mega on ULMF has items, menus, and dialogue translated which is good enough for me.



Agreed. >>338800 just wants someone to spoon-feed him.

If it's not in any of the usual spots, then he can complain a bit.



Is there an offline version of that? the jew that made it programed it so you had to wait after certain amount of times unless you donate to his patreon


File: ad2fd31e36b2303⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, fc3f1cf8e2a9e60dd532716b80….jpg)

File: f862b9bf4204891⋯.jpg (489.34 KB, 925x1050, 37:42, 221e858aa65a2c5d02b2843024….jpg)

Anyone know a good female MC game with a focus on parasite/infestation content?

Maybe living clothes?

I'm a big fan of games that actually give you sexual penalties when you lose in battles, like parasites, infestations, curses and living clothes.

I'll even take an RPGM game at this point


File: 9a7b22c8125ab24⋯.jpg (331.36 KB, 900x550, 18:11, RJ227553_PTS0000017999_0.jpg)

this is actually better than it looks. the animation makes up for the flat art.

might have broken the game when I cheated and beat an event boss trying for a virginity run.



>I'll even take an RPGM game at this point

Rain's Rave, I guess, although it's not exactly good.


File: 9c49587ee39313d⋯.gif (3.1 MB, 500x390, 50:39, WWE Thumbs up.gif)


Check out Thug Hero Party, Anon.

(12 hours for cuckshit)


File: 3a8b68930ce7d18⋯.jpg (329.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, disgusted slavloli uchimai….jpg)


>male Protag

>every female that is close to the mc gets fucked by somebody else and the MC watches them getting fucked.

You nigger



RJ205600 - The Tentacle-Adorned Royak Knightess



Got a link?

All i can find is a shady russian torrent

Also is anyone else a fan of games with sex stats?




Is this translated to english?



The animation in this looked like shitty tweening from the little I saw. Is that not the case?



it just came out so no


didn't mean to say it was good. just that it's better than expected. enough poses and interactions to make it feel more alive than your usual CG hunter.



Checked it out and the animations are surprisingly not awful for this kind of game. I've seen much worse.



The opposite doesn't help either

>Female Potag

>Must be deflowered by monsters then keept being fucked by monsters until she's ok with fucking dudes or even taking a piece of her clothes at all

We are living in the darkest timeline



>Must be deflowered by monsters then keept being fucked by monsters until she's ok with fucking dudes or even taking a piece of her clothes at all

How is that even the opposite?

I mean wouldn't the opposite be:

>Must be fucked by every person they meet whilst being blindfolded when doing it until she starts hating it and does it to get clothes for herself.

But yeah, games that force you to have your character deflowered and gang raped just so they can remove a single piece of clothes are retarded.


Are there any good decent female focused bondage/restraints/captivity centered games which are not visual novels? Ideally, something with battles or captures.


File: 0f3e3a3b67420ae⋯.jpg (16.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Didnapper 1 & 2 (itchi.io) - rpgmaker, has battles

Bonds by the same team (itchi.io) - sim game, no battles

Bondage College (deviantart) - some kind of dating sim

hostage hotel (deviantart) - rpgmaker, has no battles, but still good

Wish we had more of these games.



Unfortunately, I played all of these, as well as Natamins adventures and Gbeee's did game, both also from deviantArt. I didn't mention them because I wasn't sure if citing western games as examples would have caused angry reactions.

Didnapper is really good, I too wish there could be more like that.




Try this

left(2) > far right(5) >middle(3) > right(4) >far left(1)


Are there any western female focused (preferably female protagonist) games without battles? Just like life sims and stuff.



Mostly Russian stuff : Girl Life (has the most extensive English translation, School Life and Evil. All three are QSP games, have translations (check tfgames to find them) and need an additional download to play the games.

Otherwise there is also The Sims of course, and would recommend TS3 + mods (check the relevant thread on this board).



Magai no Shoujo Knight Eltrinde. Best game on DLsite with parasites/living clothes. Can't remember if Princess Sacrifice has that feature too, otherwise it'd only be the 2nd best game.



played through this and like it more than the game in OP image. surprising amount of content despite the generic art.



Its not really to my taste, I'm not a fan of loli and scat is a big turnoff for me.

Not saying its a bad game, but still not a big fan of those genres. I mean literally the only thing i hate more is cuckshit


>Are there any western female focused

<Mostly Russian stuff

Albeit it is different from the normal stuff you'd get from asia.


File: 662c4144ffdd9a2⋯.png (805.67 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, dorp.png)


>recommending Girl Life



Its ok if you've literally got nothing else, although I recommend definitely using the guide as you'll definitely miss a lot of things without it


File: 1ef5ea2bebb1ccb⋯.mp4 (897.05 KB, 202x360, 101:180, gas.mp4)


see >>280096 for why you are utterly full of shit

plus the new content is increasingly loaded with BBC cuck porn



>worthless nigga post

How about you suggest some games instead, dipshit?


File: 86f973854b9aa79⋯.jpg (7.79 KB, 306x165, 102:55, images1.jpg)


>quotes a post of 2018


File: 2bbcf86178cbeeb⋯.jpg (13.32 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)


I love you too, cuck-kun.



The pic you linked went back to a thread from last year talking about the lack of content.

If you can't understand that you should suicide.

However it does have some valid points, there are still plenty of quests that don't go very far even if the school ones have received more content. Although that might have been a result of not all the russian shit being ported over and also all the forks.

Another problem mentioned was the too-accurate-to-life stuff which is still true. However the game lets you cheat (with an actual cheat menu) which is really the only way to play it.

Still there are more negatives that weren't mentioned, for example the cuckoldry between your mother and step-father never reaches a resolution. You never get to fuck your mother as well. I've also never followed the questline to reach your real father so I'm not sure if that incest is there, but you can fuck your siblings (and stepfather).

Ultimately you should play this game when you have literally nothing else to play

t. cuck-tan



I suggested the game as an option to the very specific query of an anon, nothing more. I agree that if people can come up with better alternatives they should do so and *share* here them by all means. It's the purpose of this board I believe, but I guess that is beyond the intellectual abilities of some anons.

I'm not the most knowledgeable of all its forks, but most of the unfinished stuff was already well present in the original game as I found it on TFG, as was the BBC crap (at the university for example). I think only the exchange student has been added since, with no other content that I could find, not that I did particularly look for it either.

About there being too accurate and useless parts added, once again I agree, but some parts existed before and were just stabilized. Other parts have nothing to envy the magical stuff that no one ever uses. So yeah, the whole game has always been an utter mess, but "western female focused (preferably female protagonist) games without battles" just don't seem to pop up every day on the radar. There is Glamour too, but I was loathe to mention it, since the dev only seems busy milking his patreons atm.



I couldn't care less about what other people like you think or enjoy, cucktan. It's all about what I enjoy playing, and some female focused MC games are part of that. And I'm not worried about the industry : where there is money to be gotten, there will be always be a market. We're getting there day by day.


File: 16c8ca8f420091b⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 562x640, 281:320, 31d6ee23.jpg)


>you will be laughed at every time



>hai guis i want a game like x

<heres a game that is total shit and unplayable

That's what you're suggesting.

GL isn't fun, it's buggy and incomplete, and normally that won't put me off a game but it's also loaded with cuckshit and BBC fetishism ever since KevinSmarts and his crew took over.


File: 7ab33c13d338ed3⋯.png (353.05 KB, 544x416, 17:13, s01_1.png)

Bitch Exorcist Rio series.

1 and 2 are mostly girl x tentacles and are translated.

3 to 5 has some tentacles but is mostly humanoids or niggers.

they're rpgmaker games that have you collect items and solve puzzles, and get bad ends, since they're the main source of scenes.. there are some consentacle scenes.

/view/2514624 on sukebei.nyaa


File: 79f6f5bd2adc220⋯.jpg (195.14 KB, 800x1178, 400:589, 03.jpg)

Anyone find any good games like Night of Revenge or Anthophobia? I can't for the life of me seem to find any good H games lately.


File: 9e5a380b0798c83⋯.jpg (144.14 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ152072_img_main.jpg)



For something that costs $1 and takes no more than an hour to finish, this game is actually very good. I mean really, the experience is very well designed.

It's a tiny roguelite. You attack this girl, who can wave off your attempts at first, but you upgrade and upgrade, strip more and more of her clothes off, and eventually she's yours. It's honestly an excellently crafted little game.

The sequel is maybe slightly worse, because of the choice of a different battlefield.



Sounds like fun, but the art is trash

Besides if you can't knock her up, what's the point?


File: fe47ff3d713bf72⋯.jpg (184.99 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Xenotake.jpg)

File: 1b787e02656b17e⋯.jpg (321.4 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Ghost Hunter Vena.jpg)

I recently came across these 2 games by the same dev and their pretty good actually. Fine games and the animation is pretty good.




Ghost Hunter Vena:





Glad to see Ghost Hunter Vena here. Played the demo ages ago and then the full game which has great writing and great sex scenes. Plus the story is actually pretty good. Xenotake crashed towards the end but the bits I did play were also fun. Wish there were more games in this author's library.


File: 5892b5a147583cf⋯.jpg (66.66 KB, 350x262, 175:131, That Life ~The Rural Survi….jpg)

I would like this one if it didn't have scat since it seems decent enough… there's another one from the same company that focus on being stranded on an island




That circle makes a bunch of games like that. Several have english translations floating about too.




>Even more

Does this imply it's a sequel and there's another game?





>One of the best RPGmaker h-games I've played

>80% of the plot is stolen



I wish there was more of this game and they fleshed it out more. The final levels are more unique, but the rest is very samey. Why does this shit make my laptop overheat?


I wouldn't call it a roguelite.


How much scat? Is it avoidable? Is it just bathroom voyeur type scenes that can be skipped through? Or do they do stuff with it?


File: fab3ef1e5be8cb8⋯.jpg (87.85 KB, 272x272, 1:1, laughing british women.jpg)


>is scat avoidable?



>How much scat? Is it avoidable? Is it just bathroom voyeur type scenes that can be skipped through? Or do they do stuff with it?

It's toilet or shitting/pissing yourself stuff. There isn't any doing things with it. This is the CG set https://exhentai.org/g/932136/98b496438f/




Holy shit this is great. This would be worth playing even if there wasn't any porn in it.



>CG set

Hard pass.



Good choice, the game is shitty anyway.


File: 756621b5145feaa⋯.jpg (77.25 KB, 600x800, 3:4, penn_jillette.jpg)


Couldn't even play it for more than 30 minutes as every character seems borderline retarded and what game play there is more boring then staring at paint drying. Anyone have an suggestions that are not fucking awful on a level once thought to be impossible? Pic related to this awful fucking excuse of a game.


That's the understatement of the century, this game is among the worst suggestions on /hgg/ that I have seen in a long time. Might as well recommend Hero Party as even cuck games are better than this festering garbage. >>345426

On a note that isn't putting on the autism spectrum for hatred of a eroge game, Xenotake has pretty good death cards anyone know any eroge, just with less death/eating and more fucking?



Could be any reason to live with such an insufferable cunt that is not sex?


File: 4b91fd90638f6eb⋯.jpg (3.89 KB, 199x127, 199:127, 200px-Tv_Sherlock_Holmes_i….JPG)


I've played this game, if you can somehow avoid the scat and scat routes, the CG isn't bad at all actually. IIRC there's also an option to turn off the scat content as well. It's ambiguous enough that it fits under several situations and scenarios found in the game that is not related to the main storyline. Ironically enough this game despite being almost a hardcore survival game on the level of Stranded 2, gives the player shitloads of free agency to do whatever he pleases with the slut MC. Still though, like 1/5 of the game's content is scat related, so you're effectively gutting 1/5 of the game experience by doing this, and at times it's noticeable by characters making references to shit that never happened, or scat fetishes you never made your character develop.

I'd rate it a C+ or B, with A+ being excellent.


File: b47c880a47d9cc7⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 644x362, 322:181, sottr_review_screenshot001….jpg)



I wish the author didn't have the fixation on that particular fetish, because he seems skilled at making games that are worth playing. H-survival games (minus the scat) seems like a winning game design concept to me, especially if it comes with some delicious ryona.


looking for a game like rune's pharmacy with more clothing options and the options for corruption or finishing the game pure



> insufferable

She's cute. Even when annoying, she's cute.


File: 750843cd3d6dfff⋯.jpg (58.47 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Sad_sekai.jpg)



What you call insufferable I call cute but then again I found Kotonoha and Sekai likeable from School Days so I might have a few problems. >>346249

I second this I would love to find a good alternative/companion game to Rune Pharmacy.



Kotonoha is likable in the VN, Sekai even isn't that bad in some routes. It's the route the anime follows that plays up the worst aspects of the characters.



i know of one but i forgot what it was called

you started as a dragon princess or something with a ?lesbian body guard and there was this infinite dungeon it was an rpgmaker game iirc



That’s Dungeon and Prisoners. Had the potential to be one of the classics like Maidensnow. But unfortunately the creator has eye-cancer or something and production has slowed to a crawl.



so is there any good translated games with corruption and clothing that shows on character?


File: 67cd311f2e68a1d⋯.jpg (102.48 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 5t63y765.jpg)


File: 9cc54c59c93cbed⋯.jpg (130.6 KB, 683x817, 683:817, 9cc.jpg)


Being retarded enough to think any response to piracy will be effective.


File: e102d71ed1fb7ec⋯.png (275.94 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, jej.png)


File: c073dd04f8ffd95⋯.jpg (84.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 000a.jpg)



Ambrosia is a very good example of what you're looking for and I highly recommend it.

>has an actual story

>solid art

>several different outfits

>lots of different CGs

>the majority of scenes aren't 'lose and get raped', though a few of those exist

>gameplay is decent for an RPGMaker game, has slightly more going for it in that new abilities are paid for by acquiring more believers in your religion (you're a priestess), rather than just leveling up

>all but two H scenes are avoidable, up to the point where you can give birth as a virgin

>the ones that aren't are fairly tame

The only downsides I can think of are that there's no yuri with your alraune monster girl friend, and that it's not translated. That said I was able to get through the game with only a minor grasp of Japanese.



Is there a walkthrough for this anywhere? The game is pretty fun, but I can't read moonrunes so it's a lot of running into walls over and over again until I figure out how to progress.



Only thing I can think of would be to check the thread on ULMF. Is there somewhere in particular you're stuck?


File: f1f8ab170f75c60⋯.png (467.59 KB, 500x541, 500:541, face92.png)


But muh capitalism


File: 51eb6ef8e8566a7⋯.png (109.34 KB, 500x584, 125:146, i-hate-authoritarian-food-….png)


Piracy provide competition in markets that can't have competition as there based on IP/INFO monopolies. This helps to force them to compete and not just abuse the shit out of their consumers as if they wen't insane and charged 300 dollars people would just pirate their shit. If anything it helpful to capitalism and the original theorists in market theory would see this as a healthy function of the market.

Good example of this effect is in streaming, Netflix use to be the main streaming service but since everyone grew to want their dicks sucked people have being pulling tons of content off Netflix to then make you pay else where. So did this work? NO people just subscribed to one at most two streaming services and pirated the rest, piracy gives people an ability to communicate what their willing to accept in a way companies care about as reviews are ignored as polls but lost dollars that a whole different story.


File: f0401f4f78c6de5⋯.png (4.69 KB, 307x213, 307:213, Perfection.png)

Sakuragi Shoukan/Sakuragi Co. God-tier pixel art on walking simulators focused on lolixshota People with talent working on shitty/oversaturated things… what went wrong with the world?



Ambrosia was too good of a game, every eroge since then has felt lackluster. I really hope their next game is as big of a step up as this one was from Anthesis.


File: 6bb294a31888be6⋯.png (1.12 MB, 595x842, 595:842, tfw hiding mother daughter….png)

Anyone here played Phantom Thief Celianna?

I just found out about it and for some fucking reason i can't beat the first two enemies in the tutorial/intro.

I always go for a virgin route, but for some reason, despite how much i button mash, I can't beat the fucking wooden horse or slime.

So i just wanted to check if anyone here has played it before, or if I'm just doing something wrong?

I mean I've tried 5 fucking times now on easy and i can only move the part less than a tenth of the way needed to free yourself.

Is this one of those games where the character has to be fucked?




I wish upon a star for dowload sources.

I found Ambrosia on SXS hentai, but the source looks dicey



Nyaa ? Checked a second ago, and there were 28 seeders.


File: 7fb261dc210abea⋯.jpg (426.27 KB, 1934x2153, 1934:2153, yande.re 398844 animal_ear….jpg)


Just go to that 95 faggot website, although you should probably be warned: supposedly its pretty short and it is around 2GB



I don't want to create an account there man.



use an account from bugmenot


File: 1792105952556e5⋯.png (70.19 KB, 230x230, 1:1, 1792105952556e532676d828ff….png)



Really, do you have something against just using Nyaa?


File: 2328ebc477287be⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 204x247, 204:247, index.jpg)


Just ignore lazy entitled fucks. No one here has to compensate for their lack of education.


File: 3b1fb2ded50cf44⋯.jpg (280.9 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ206474_img_main.jpg)

File: 764f50da4c12733⋯.jpg (76.49 KB, 833x667, 833:667, 7055d6ec6bfc1d5e3c638fdb8d….jpg)

Branded Azel games for the weeb mosaic audience.

I Love Daddy and My Little Princess for normal people.




ACK, is that you?


File: c265fbf5e0fe292⋯.jpg (3.98 MB, 2480x3789, 2480:3789, __pixiv_fantasia_revenge_o….jpg)

In Fumika Fantasy, is there any way to get past the goblin checkpoint or the Orc Village?

In regards to the former, Fumika keeps walking up to it and saying "There's too many for me to defeat" even though at this point in the game I could easily one-shot the lot of them with a single Lightning Bunker.

And for the latter, I just want the bride costume without having to become a "female orc" but whenever I actually get to the village without getting captured, she just goes "well, nothing to see here" and fucks off just like the checkpoint.



I know that you get a shitty new scene in the checkpoint if you're in love with goblin cock (get raped too many times). No idea about the orc one, though.



He's probably too fucking dumb to use torrents.



Nigga it takes 30 seconds to jewgle "disposable email", just flick through those until you find one that isn't range banned and you're good to go.

t.been using a disposable fag59 acc for 2 years with the password as password.



Is there a proper translation for this out? Or are you using partial / machine translation?



Thanks, it worked.


File: ab944895701f8ff⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1000x1329, 1000:1329, __original_drawn_by_waterk….jpg)


There's an almost full translation out on pastebin. Story and dialogue seems to be all translated, the only things that aren't are the in-battle rape scenes and some of the more obscure scenes in the game.


Link to the pastebin in question. Have fun actually knowing what the fuck you're doing.


File: 03abdb28f552864⋯.gif (465.06 KB, 215x194, 215:194, 03abdb28f552864cb66b4e440b….gif)





May i know the artis for that pic?


File: eeba5f13aa40a4b⋯.jpg (146.56 KB, 975x1390, 195:278, doctor-spoonfeeding-medici….jpg)


The artist for the lolis in both my posts is waterkuma


File: e5e1f18d3061101⋯.jpg (301.31 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ165991_img_main.jpg)

Kurone's Rise to Witchdom https://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE165991.html

You fight monsters and shit to get monster points and gain new abilities, but the events are what really matter since they have all the h-scenes and allow you to gain hentai points which do basically the same fucking thing. It's only minimally translated, so tbh I don't know what the fuck is really going on. The arts nice and it has a fair amount of nipple fucking which was a nice surprise for me. Honestly you can get half the h-scenes really quickly in the main town anyway, so the gameplay seems like a pretty fucking moot point. Worth a look though

Anyone have any suggestions for other games with nipple fucking? Shit's impossible to find and I'm always looking for more



The whole gimmick is that you can have lots of sex to become extremely overpowered in combat, or do things the hard way by playing as a virgin.


File: 17626a1fb4240b7⋯.jpg (292.21 KB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 2831516 - Bloodborne Plain….jpg)

Anyone know how the translations for night of revenge is going?



It goes. Updates to it get shown every now and then. Last I saw, the slew of rings added like a month ago got a screenshot of their translations and abilities.

The game isn't even done yet, so it's probably best to just wait and play something else.


File: 8a8b4e5e9756189⋯.mp4 (593.71 KB, 480x480, 1:1, BSHvMj6AZJ.mp4)


How about a quirky girl who rides the subway along and is also a qt hacker?



Anyone got the English version? The two torrents on nyaa have zero anything going on.






This copypasta gets posted on various board sporadically.

It's probably Aaron.



So what no download?


File: 33a299bb7b12125⋯.jpg (76.55 KB, 598x597, 598:597, 日本人は犬や猫を食べます、そしてそれが私がそれらを好….jpg)


Sounds like a Tumbler tier story thread, then again I really shouldn't give you shit Tumbler being Tumbler would also add land whales and feminism in per quota so this story might not make me want to jump off the tallest building I can find.


I'm looking for a specific game where you play as a female teacher in a small village. I never finished it and now i can't find it anywhere.



Mischief Wars?

I wouldn't bother. It's too linear and grindy.



yes. thank you. I liked it.



What’s so great about Roldea? The hentai elements look boring AF. Not only does it look like the most annoying variety of ryona, but the mechanics of hentai scenes themselves are rather bland as well.

Am I trying to play that game wrong, perhaps?




Is there pregnancy in the game by the way?


File: 24c5e7cf01cabb6⋯.png (66.96 KB, 300x249, 100:83, HowEmbarrassing.png)


Maby I'm retarded, but how do you spend the orb points in ghost hunter vena?

Pressing enter brings up the on screen menu, but nothing seems to manipulate it.



Go to a savepoint anon, they're marked with red totems.



No pregnancy afaik.

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