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File: 9125a66a9006528⋯.jpg (157.19 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 46c6a4e5d2ea1d0a84ab5b33d0….jpg)

File: 33caf76d22a364c⋯.jpeg (975.3 KB, 1200x923, 1200:923, d03abdd09aa29f1f6d98c275d….jpeg)

File: d2d84efcbccd24d⋯.jpg (327.23 KB, 850x1231, 850:1231, julionatranswildwetwestdra….jpg)

File: 90ed31364e30e97⋯.jpg (347.49 KB, 850x1230, 85:123, julionatranswildwetwestdra….jpg)



Text only: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.txt

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Readme: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/blob/pregmod-master/README.md


Copypasta for turboquestianons: https://pastebin.com/GRB6cabX

Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves with a new version.

To upload a file, change the filetype to either .swf or .pdf.

>I get an error on gamestart reading "Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting. Error: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0. Stack Trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse () at JSON.value" or some variant

-clear cookies or if you are using Firefox you can increase the quota by typing about:config in the address bar and then finding the value for dom.storage.default_quota and increasing the number.

This is a thread primarily for non-furry discussion of Pregmod, a mod for Free Cities (official github is dead. Blog: https://freecitiesblog.blogspot.com, unofficial mirror: https://freecitieslib.blogspot.com). Furrymod/monster girl conversations are to be held in a separate thread.

Git: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod

Previous thread: >>xx ,archiveLink



Full: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/devNotes/VersionChangeLog-Premod+LoliMod.txt

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Git guide: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Stupid_Nigger_Guide_for_Stupid_Niggers_3.0.png Background source: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3501272

Optimal slave stats for assignments: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/OptSlaveStats.png

Tactics: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Tactics.png

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Latest release vxx (Twine version): xx

Pre-compiled git: https://mega.nz/#F!02oXHADI!XYwKOnN6EjxnamxfiTaTGA (Git version, just for convience (everything but the file name and slightly smaller file size can be done by following the below guide. A public version of the script can be found under devTools/) Currently checks every fifteen minutes and it takes about one to two minutes to upload a new .html to the above folder.)

Variety of ~10 second webm files, including many outfits and fetishes.

To use: drop files in your "Resources" folder. Go to "customize" slave, scroll to bottom, add name of webm you want.


Decrypt: !dLNSYTFMWvU4Rjy3xYf2RbDwma6s_KzvAjFbFiILmvo


Deepmurk (embeded vector art developer and maintainer)'s request/issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/deepmurk/fc-pregmod/issues/1

Male pronouns issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/issues/389

Animal request thread: https://gitgud.io/DCoded/fc-pregmod/issues/6

Public gitgud acc: Name:ThreadAnon, Password:b427083d8147Cfa8f7fafe17e3180da0

OP template: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/OP-Pasta.txt

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first for idol management, adding in better cannibalism, feeding slaves real food, running a restaurant, slave relationship webs, customized revivalist mixtures, and deeper arena content.


File: ecd9325b7665e71⋯.jpg (47.67 KB, 680x568, 85:71, 2ea.jpg)

Second for no bullies!


File: 4f1bdf51751bc72⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1309x877, 1309:877, 1a978a93dfcf9db37e9a4cf825….png)

Nice try but i'm already first for incest.



incest is not sexy, prove me wrong.


File: 251ba7cd0f61e2c⋯.png (48.47 KB, 684x780, 57:65, Untitled.png)


Was adding slaves to dairy. Mind you I am running off of New Game+ and have used BC so error might not pop up on a normal save.


Pregmod v2.2.1.



-code cleaning

I fixed most edicts not being removed with their relevant FS. I decided that the revivalist ones were fine to keep as is.


I've had no luck getting others to find the source, so let me do that myself.


is loli model yet?



incest is already in the game tho


File: a205d2cf6a44ab4⋯.swf (498.94 KB, free-cities-20190311-13073….swf)


Here's me save. If you click on the dairy, the errors should be there.



Yes but i want to marry all my daughters at the same time.



oh yeah I forgot to put more than 2 at a time slave marriage and import export for starting slaves in my first. damn.



Thank you. I think I see the problem, so time to start prodding it.



So it's in the game already?


File: 91f82e5bcff7b25⋯.png (107.54 KB, 1343x768, 1343:768, Untitled.png)

File: 0ef9354ec51328b⋯.pdf (443.12 KB, free-cities-20190311-09525….pdf)

>Oral count has broken, report what you just did!

>Anal count has broken, report what you just did!

>Vaginal count has broken, report what you just did!

>Titfuck count has broken, report what you just did!

>Penetration count has broken, report what you just did!

I was checking in on the incubator to check in and this happens. I have no idea why.



no as far as I know you can only marry 1 or 2 slaves at a time. I meant that shit wasn't in my "first for: wishlist" post


It annoys me that there aren't more Future Society directions dedicated towards high quality slaves of a certain type. Racial Supremacism provides demand for everything but your chosen type. Racial Subjugationism lowers the value of your chosen type. Eugenics pretty much just comes down to sterilizing any slaves.

What I WANT would be policies that encourage you to keep slaves of a certain type. Maybe something like "racial fetishism" increasing the attraction and demand for a certain race? Eugenics was an attempt to aim for slaves with high intelligence but that doesn't work at all, not sure what kind of FS could solve that problem.

Currently I take Slimness, Youth, and Paternalism, maybe Gender Fundementalism, maybe a Revival FS but they don't really suit my taste.

This might be a double post, I swear I already posted it.



Got it. Turned out to be the ternary causing problems.


Looking into it now.


A pair of intelligence focused FS are scheduled after the genetic quirks are finished.



I have no idea either what happened there. New save, ng+?


Any progress on the revamped image pack? There's a lot of missing images for the clothes.



long dead use deepmurk's


File: 831e634464cb290⋯.png (86.19 KB, 900x809, 900:809, Untitled.png)




Thats nice. If it makes it easier to get high-intelligence slaves one way or another that would be great. Still wish there were an easy way to get white slaves.



thx. any other alternative image packs that actually look good?





File: 984719a4b05b163⋯.jpg (39.79 KB, 750x537, 250:179, DsAkXbnX0AAJQ3x.jpg)

I wish hyper pregnancy didnt break browser saves



New save, but not ng+. It's just speculation, but maybe it's related to the filter bug. On the same save, select fucktoy on the filter by assignment, then click on the very bottom. Unless the character is the fucktoy or one of the assigned leaders in the penthouse, it's going to result in an error. I probably moved the parents around or assigned one of them as the governor of an acquired arceology, so the parents' data is ripped away from the child.



That still shouldn't cause that sort of failure spiral.



That's working for me now, actually. I know it used to have an error but following your exact steps is having no problems.



Just trying the new version now, where do i marry 2 slaves at once?


File: b640225f67e2dba⋯.png (35.2 KB, 663x344, 663:344, ClipboardImage.png)

I had a question about NG+. So say I had 1 character; lets call him Chad Thundercock. Now if I wanted to NG+ but I wanted to use a new MC would Virgin New Boi get Chad's bonuses? Would he get any of the benefits of NG+ other than imported slaves?


File: 29fd55c180895b8⋯.png (85.15 KB, 1590x358, 795:179, ClipboardImage.png)

Weird bug



Passed it along.


File: 627beadccdae721⋯.png (200.08 KB, 680x447, 680:447, mynigger.png)


>another chad thundercock





There's an error message when you try to make a ng+ save. Maybe that can help?


An error with the rules assistant when selecting leg accessories and selecting long stockings instead selects Long stockings causing long stockings to not appear on slaves.

The L in long stockings should not be capitalized.








Did you do anything involving the nursery?



Nope, i don't even have the debug on.



Age of save and you did BC as needed?



The version i was using before this was from january then i jumped to this one. I did apply BC



Got a save file prior to it?



Getting no problems with your supplied save and ng+.



I do but not sure how to post it.


File: dccca84c4edc3f3⋯.png (5.02 KB, 686x49, 14:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Speaking of genetics, aside from quirks are skin, eye, hair colours (and who knows perhaps even race) planned?



I get that but 8ch is giving me unknown file extension.



They already are implemented. I do plan designer babies in the future.



Oh. I was saving with the browser. It works if it's saved on a file.



Per the FAQ, appened .pdf or .swf.


File: 9aa659ae2c649ca⋯.swf (381.02 KB, free-cities-20190130-03585….swf)



Will it happen right at weekend or is it inconsistent?


52 for pregnancy is great!


File: 73dca5e738208fa⋯.swf (395.71 KB, free-cities-20190311-01085….swf)


My bad this one is right before it



Thank you.



>designer babies

Yes! More ways to play god in my mechanized Frankensteinian nightmare of a city!




Got it fixed on the git.



how lewd are you?



I buy children in bulk and turn them all into perfect pretty little girls who I caress and kiss in my harem.


File: 62a53a2530c92d1⋯.jpeg (6.04 KB, 224x224, 1:1, images.jpeg)


I use the incubator to breed my perfect harem



I buy politicians and make them be my house servants.



I pour memes into my slave's asses.


File: dd18571d2f8ccb2⋯.png (167.94 KB, 1890x903, 90:43, bug.png)

Just reporting this error. Anyone knows how to fix it? It pops up every time you pick more than one slave in the royalty overthrown quick event


File: ca9c441d8e0442b⋯.jpg (14.11 KB, 251x234, 251:234, 1394789236076.jpg)


I spend most of my time in the market, letting the Rules Assistant do most of the work with the girls and go home to my Master Suite with 15 emotional sluts.



That's sad



That's why I don't play the security mod. It's just going to be another distraction and I'm pretty sure there's nothing lewd in it.



Will pass it along.


Any good way to remove or transform bad traits like bitchy or sexually judgmental? Or i should just hope for a random event that lets me change it?



Do you mean other than manual softening through personal attention, a head girl, or attendant?



I once used faster pregnancy growth and an overcharged incubator to create about 7 generations of daughters that were less than 6 months from the oldest to the youngest while all being age 3. Whoever wrote the desc on the "overcharged" hormone option for the incubator is the real culprit here.



Honestly no idea, still kinda new to the game. How do I do it personally, i don't yet have a head girl.



1. Go read the FAQ

2. Actually play the game

Honestly those are the two best methods to learn. A lot of shit being thrown about here won't make any sense for a while.



I read the faq, it only mentions what positive or neutral traits they can transform into, not HOW. And guess what, I already played the game, the only thing i found about it that there can be a random event at the end of the week where one choice fixes the bad trait.



Scroll to the bottom of the main screen. Start clicking on shit. If you fuck something up then just save scum. It's really not that hard, and we don't want to spoon feed for obvious reasons.



kek. I was trying to be nice. Nevermind. Fuck off, we're full.

The in-game guide tells you how to do something that simple. Again, go play the fucking game.



If you're new, you shouldn't worry too much about flaws. You'll probably lose devotion because of them, but if they're scared enough, they'll increase their devotion. Stop scaring them when they're accepting you ass their owner. But a sure fire way to remove flaws is with the head girl and the stewardess when you build the servant's quarters is properly upgraded. The duration depends on their age and int. The attendant in the spa and the dj in the club are also supposed to soften flaws, but I haven't seen it happen. I think you're also maxed to two quirks (upgraded flaws), so if you got another flaw (which is probably a bug if a flaw is softened but you get another flaw), you probably can't remove that.


I honestly think it's not in-depth enough and we need an actual wiki. There was that one guy who though the mc needs to be Japanese if he set his location to Japan but it's actually a bug.



I see, thanks for the help.



Can't help but think that if folks really needed a wiki someone would have made it by now, especially when it was popular on that other site. I'm pretty sure there's a skeleton of one out there that people started on and then stopped. My guess is it turned out not to be really necessary.



Nah, this game is pretty complex and some people tend to plan ahead. For example, there are degrees of Future Societies which lets you buy clothes and set policies that are not included in the game. It's inconvenient to check every Future Society just to see what's inside, especially if the surrounding arcologies opposes you. Same thing with other games like Degrees of Lewdity. It needs a wiki. Personally, I have shit to give, but not enough to contribute directly into a wiki.



>It needs a wiki.

I'm not arguing against one. I'm just saying that given how old the game is, it'd be reasonable to think that someone would have made a good one by now if enough people agreed with you.

But hell, I dunno. Maybe there's just enough info available that it discourages the people that would otherwise make the extra effort to try to record everything in a more detailed way?



I really do need to add some more entries into the encyclopedia.



>feeding slaves real food

I'd be keen for selectively allowing my slaves real food, slave gruel is for menials, my harem of daughters deserve better.



iirc you can fuck the commander, but it's super bare-bones. If you could turn the commander into a fuckbuddy, I'd be more interested in it, but as it stands it's just a couple scenes.



Real food makes real poop. I'ma pass. We don't need that.


Going through slaveCostJS I found that the effect on beauty of the slave's accent is rather weird:

function calcVoiceBeauty(slave) {

if (canTalk(slave)) {

if (slave.accent >= 3) {

beauty -= 1;

} else if (slave.accent === 1) {

beauty += 1;


} else {

beauty -= 2;



This means that at values 0 (no accent) and 2 (Thick accent) beauty gets a -2 penalty; and values of 3 (barely understand language) and higher only get a -1 penalty. I don't think those were the intended results so I suggest this correction:

function calcVoiceBeauty(slave) {

if (canTalk(slave)) {

if (slave.accent >= 2) {

beauty -= slave.accent-1;

} else {

beauty += slave.accent;




This way, no accent gets 0, slight accent gets +1, thick accent -1, barely understands language -2…

I hope you get some use out of this.



I think you're wrong. This is how I read the code: If a slave can talk and if she has a (3 or more) bad accent, she loses 1 beauty, but if she has a (1) cute accent, she'll gain 1 beauty, but if she doesn't talk (mute), she loses 2 beauty. Your code gives cute accent and no accent to receive 1 beauty and no punishment for mutes.



Shit, you're right. My bad.



>iirc you can fuck the commander, but it's super bare-bones.

Creative writing is not one of my strong suits currently and I would rather not feed more writers into the black void. Also to be a padantic fag, you are talking about the Special Forces (SF) mod as I renamed it from the vanilla (Security Force) in an attempt to differentiate from CrimeAnon's "security/security and crime" (SecExp) expansion.

>If you could turn the commander into a fuckbuddy, I'd be more interested in it, but as it stands it's just a couple scenes.

That what The Colonel is described as though. Personally a couple of scenes is extremely abusing the definition of a scene.


The write ups are good but just for variation there should be 1 or 2 that are done like a porn scene in a book.


File: 59cfef776f17bdc⋯.png (393.26 KB, 800x449, 800:449, JJJ.png)


Thanks for volunteering, faggot. Have your first revisions on PregDev's desk by the afternoon of the 15th, JST. And get me some decent fucking pictures of Spiderman, while you're at it!


Just found out that I can send slaves to battle with animals in the pit. Just wondering if there is an opinion which you can have the animal rape the slave if it wins.



non-lethal it retard



Mah nigga. I turn them into sexy fucktoys so they know what it's like to get fucked for once.



Si Bosso.


>-taste and smell senses

what the fuck is this supposed to be


What are the criteria for a girl to be selectable for clone implantation? I seem to be having some difficulty with this. I would have assumed age/puberty, but currently the only girl available is 11, so that's obviously not the case.



I imagine not being on contraceptives and having an empty womb is part of the criteria.



The senses you use to taste and smell things with.



>muteness removes beauty

Has to be a bug.



> I think you're also maxed to two quirks (upgraded flaws), so if you got another flaw (which is probably a bug if a flaw is softened but you get another flaw), you probably can't remove that.

You can have a maximum of 2(1 behavioral, 1 sexual) quirks (softened flaws), 2 flaws (again 1 and 1) and one paraphilia (cum addict, sadist, etc,..). If you soften a sexual/behavioral flaw, it will replace whatever sexual behavioral quirk you already had. I recommend doing so if you like the new quirk more, otherwise just remove the flaw, as its much easier than softening anyway.



You monster.



>slaves to battle with animals in the pit.

One step closer to having that proper Colosseum. I'm hoping that once the pit rework is done, this can become a "release the lions" situation.


Bug/exploit; Giving a slave a heavy piercing related to her kink gives a small devotion boost for the first time, as intended. Cycling through the different piercing styles while the message is still on screen keeps giving devotion boosts up to the maximum.






I am also against real poop but it's clear the girls still piss and that means bathrooms already exist so we can just ignore poop. I just want their digestive tracts to stop atrophying, and I want to tie in selling real food in a restaurant, slaves cooking real food in nothing but an apron, and slaves

being able to eat real food. basically the simplicity of the simplicity of the "favorite food" scene for the player annoys me and I want more business things to micromanage while also wanting my harem to have better lives than my citizens and being interested in them doing womanly things like cooking.


File: e0c7c96b00abfbe⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1493x976, 1493:976, __koshimizu_sachiko_shiras….png)


>womanly things like cooking.




Got a save by chance?



I buy up every albino I can, mod them to all be futas, force them into relationships and once the new generation is born fore all the parents into death matches in the arena.

The surviving albino then is aloud to impregnate all the children. Then the cycle repeats itself




What if we receive a new slave/slaves every battle and we get to decide what to do with them? Maybe turning the invaders/rioters into futa slaves or taking their wives/daughters.


the slave from the blind homeless event doesn't get a postpartum timer after the intro decision to abort her baby.



Talking of albinos. How does one get a hold of one the easiest?



f5 prestigious slave action until you see one







I genuinely love this idea.



Contraceptives was my problem. I don't actually have anything in the rules about them (since all my slaves are on chastity anyway and I usually don't let anyone else use them), so I didn't think about that.



nth for no relationship webs or revivalist mixtures, they're powerful enough as it is. Just give another policy option or two to shift tastes into something more specific, like the strongfat decision or the flat idealism. Guiding your society into advanced militarism/aristocracy/utilitarian meritocracy might be cool though, and would make wanting to stack a million conflicting revivalist FS bonuses unneeded.


fffFFFFFUCK yes high INT incoming. Young slim genius girls getting headpats here we come.



Until then, I'll just clone myself and my starting slaves.



I just want my head girl and concubine to be important, my spa to be a hot springs, and myself to get benefits for keeping a harem to myself.



You already get rep benefits from your harem, that's kind of the point. Head girl/Concubine importance is already kind of a given, your head girl even gets a rep booster when you keep her long enough. Use your imagination for the spa. Picking and choosing things from every FS defeats the point of it being revivalism.


One of the other arcologies has cummunism and I guess it's an improved version of pastoralism. Are there hidden FS in this game other than that?



>Picking and choosing things from every FS defeats the point of it being revivalism.

But could actually give some point to the multiculturalism FS. Maybe it should let you swipe aesthetics from all cultures?




It would nice if there was some level of customization for the revivalist stuff. For example, if it was just so broad scale larp or focused on more specific elements and/or periods of the culture involved.



That and incest fetishism are for other arcologies only and don't have any function.



Allowing your citizens cultural freedom is different than being a hotpot full of aesthetics. Besides, multiculturalism has a point, which is filling in empty slots after you're satisfied with customization. It's the balance to how powerful religionism can be. Revivalism has to be a bit broad lore-wise because it needs to focus hard on the slave parts. For example, it's not an amusement park that looks like Egypt, it has to be a functioning, implicitly-understood slave-centered Egyptian lifestyle. I don't see what other focus you could have on the culture.



Started as a 14 year old mistress. Cloned myself 4 times and incubated them for staggered age releases. Now I am 16 and I have 12,14,18 and 20 year old versions of myself serving as my Harem. The ultimate egocentrism.



Not bad. I only have my now-17 year old twin, and both my and her 6 year old clones (and our original sisters and their clones). Interesting thing about having a twin to start with is that you basically control your own genetics that way, whatever she looks like is exactly what your own clone will be based off.



Unless I'm mistaken and player characters just happen to have 100 face and intelligence regardless


Pregmod v2.2.3.



-css tweaks

-body modification reactions expanded



>body modification reactions expanded

What's that?



Can't use it to boost slaves to max devotion anymore and the devotion gains are based off how much modding is done. Defiant slaves now have a reaction and heavy modification can be used to damage their ego.



What are the best pantsu, pregdev



White with a cute little bow.


File: fbb3db3eb90b919⋯.jpg (551.54 KB, 850x1400, 17:28, 6b72d802f8c46ba8914e5c8082….jpg)


Truly a patrician taste.



muh nigga


(Cybernetic) Sex tails are neat but is there any chance of them getting any content ever?



be the change you want to see



I do. What do you want me to do?



Post it. My testers are having no luck tracking down the problem.


So, in this case I am the blind idiot. Is the html file that >>324671 uploaded supposed to go somewhere in particular, or is it just a standalone file? I'm trying to get images to work with it, and it's not.



Read the OP.



How do I post it?



I already have the game installed with images, but it's a way older git version. The file posted is apparently an update, but it's an HTML file and nothing in the guide that I've seen says "how to update"



I agree it's a little bit confusing. Pregmodder posts the Twine version which doesn't work with the images. The one you are looking for is in here:




Pretty sure the git and the twine versions are different in a way, and you should just play the git version if you want to play with your save file.



There is line in bold called the Git guide. Maybe try using that.




As an assets expansionist i want to ask when the macro- gigantomastia will be implemented, and if huge butt/hips quirks planned? Thanks for the game anyway.



No panties is best panties.


the mastering/learning other skills giving absolutely nothing has been fixed?



There are plans.


Never heard of this problem before. Explain.



i consistenlty start with surgery mastery and then i legally learn every week about engineering, when i get to master after like 90k or so (not really sure how much it is) reach mastery in eng. no decrease of costs in any bulding or upgrade ever

only noticed a reduction of 50 in living expenses of girls but i think its related to other thing as starting with engineering wont give this particular reduction



must claryfy i stopped playing like a month ago for this problem, so thats why im asking if now works




You are right, something does seem off. Will report it for review.



some anon told me even learning a bit of eng mastery reduces costs of upgrades and it gradually grows to normal when master

i also asked a few times about if there is any difference between starting with a mastery skill or learning them to mastery but never been replied





File: cac60db67a61839⋯.jpg (101.15 KB, 755x481, 755:481, 2019-03-12-13-11-34.jpg)

File: 63d1cb434e11565⋯.jpg (115.16 KB, 755x640, 151:128, 2019-03-12-13-12-08.jpg)

File: 09f7b2de4fbdfdc⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 755x361, 755:361, 2019-03-12-13-17-26.jpg)

I seem to have an issue…. As you can see from the pictures I have obligatory military service (cuz why not, bigger army is better… Right?) But in the military screen it says voluntary and only 1.5%. My citizen number is also quite high as seen in the picture so is this an issue for everyone or is it just me? It stayed consistently throughout multiple versions.



Now that may be a problem. I'll have to do a deep investigation sometime tomorrow into whether something is misattributed or outright missing. I really hope it isn't the latter.



>44032 citizens and 6381 slaves

That's a lot more than expected. How did you manage that?


Why does the PC have to wear slacks if they have a penis, and a skirt if they don't?



That's the way it is. If anyone wanted to set up player clothing, that could be changed.


File: 0140250e0b29b2e⋯.swf (341.86 KB, free-cities-20190312-16264….swf)

I made ears for my deaf slave and I got 'Error: unrecognized organ.' when I clicked the 'Implant all organs' at the bottom of the page. The organ farm in the penthouse doesn't have a record that it's making one. I forgot about the ears because I don't check it often.



Looking into it.



Gentlemen here never cease to amaze and impress me. Well done, sir. Is there any method to this madness, or is it just for shits and giggles?


File: f1319d6a24dab84⋯.png (333.39 KB, 576x755, 576:755, 1551477667423.png)


>Can't have my giant PC cock tent a skirt



May you learn the beauty of contrast and cute shimapan one day



I don't suppose you have a near-future roadmap sitting about? Also, how do you feel about something like a 69 or other 'not really sub or dom' stuff? That out of bounds?



I make a giant harem of incestuous futa daughters and keep the smartest most good looking ones to breed with to make even more good looking ones while the slow/ugly ones get sent to the dairy and knocked up by the milkmaid (who is their much more attractive and smarter sibling) Any of them that come out exceptionally ugly are sent to the arcade/sold or lobotomized.



Fixed on the git. It turned out there was no support for ears in multiimplant at all. Also they don't fix deafness. I need to mull over ideas and discuss things with the hearing coder over how to fix that with cybermod disabled.


Roadmap is generally dependent on mood. Currently focusing on JS conversions as it has been requested that I get a move on with that. Other than that, I have a handful of more genetic quirks planned and then a quartet of new FS.

As for 69 and the like, it's socially unacceptable for an arcology owner to be penetrated by a slave. I've decided that oral outside of that is fine, though you may be the butt of a joke or two over it.

Sub and dom roleplay is fine so long as the slave is properly trained or broken. Letting a defiant slave do something like that would be a mistake.




Or it's late and I'm losing it. There is a cloneable organ for hearing. You are looking for "cochleae", not ears.



I was meaning in a 'acceptable for the game ooc' perspective though I get the arcology owner thing. I can imagine letting a defiant slave do it would lead to amusing shit, especially with or without a bodyguard, near death experiences or worse. Letting the player do stupid/rep murdering things for sexual gratification is a reasonable tradeoff, I think. Like a personal handicap or such. …shit, I want a little interweek thing or a TV program that mentions rumours or jokes about you based on what you do.



I meant that from an in-game perspective. It would be fine to add, I just gave what the in universe response to that action would be.



The sooner you start writing what you want, the sooner it'll be added, anon.



Starting something without a reasonable idea as to whether it'll be allowed or not isn't too smart, there's no need to needle at questions.



Sure thing. I eagerly await your new content submissions.



>Man in a skirt


>Submissive lipstick futa in a skirt

cuck detected




Thanks, man. Is there way for me to get rid of the message at the bottom? I have the cybernetics mod on.



Instead of bulk implanting, do it through the remote surgery. One of the options will be to discard.



nvm I removed her ears and implanted the new ones instead.


File: 22d60f9eddc9d13⋯.png (166.09 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 400px-Masochistic.png)


I heard there is beastiality content.

How can i unlock it?



On Week 30 you'll be invited to a party where at the end you're given the option to watch a woman get raped by jackals. Follow that through and then you'll be able to talk to your personal assistant and have her build the zoo. If it doesn't trigger, there's likely a higher priority event scheduled. You might have to wait a few weeks for it to launch.



Thanks, but i am already at week 136…

When was it implemented?

Maybe i should start a new game with a newer version.



If you're hearing about something in the 8ch threads, and you're not seeing it in your own game, it's a pretty good bet that it's a recent addition. Try to make sure you're up to date before asking this sort of thing.

If your save is from v2.0 or later, though, you should at least be able to continue using it if you run Backwards Compatibility.



You have to enable it when you first create your game, it'll be on the penultimate screen with all the other game customization options and is disabled by default, it doesn't have a unique screen in the intro like hyperpregnancy, you can't enable it in an ongoing game iirc, not without cheating at least.



I get a single basically perfect slave at the start and then have every. single. person. working for me be their clone.

That and occasionally execute dissenters or soldiers who've gone AWOL by pumping them full of 50 kids and having them literally explode.



That… sounds a bit boring tbh. Well, the first part. The second bit sounds tits.



I've been playing this shit since back when the original dev was still around. After a while, I just started going for themes or just experimenting with shit to see what happens. Like setting the minimal slave age to 3 and seeing what happens if you have them grow up to 18 while on absurd hormones the whole time.



I'm just saying having dozens or hundreds of the exact same girl doesn't seem especially lewd, fam. You do you. It's important to come up with zany ideas to keep the game interesting.

>Like setting the minimal slave age to 3 and seeing what happens if you have them grow up to 18 while on absurd hormones the whole time.

That sounds a lot more interesting and perverted.



It is if you've got a thing for shortstacks. Results can vary, but on average it seems to produce petite girls with massive tits and ass. Regardless of the slave's original starting gender.



>As for 69 and the like, it's socially unacceptable for an arcology owner to be penetrated by a slave.

I've got to say, this is fucking retarded. Sure, it's the default position just as gender fundamentalism is essentially on by default, but there's no reason for this to be something which can't be changed considering the owner has 100% control over the culture of their arcology in the long term.

I don't usually run into it because I'm mostly going for 100% yuri runs, but this is especially dumb in how it interacts with gender radicalism, which I am picking explicitly because I'm using a femPC.


File: cae07c14007e454⋯.jpg (870.29 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, 467692840359.jpg)

File: 6a37bcbc594c91c⋯.png (6.4 MB, 2393x3391, 2393:3391, 083149341432088.png)

File: f4627aa1f0f53c1⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1588x1949, 1588:1949, 82146595224375.png)

So is the watersports toggle just for show at the moment or am I an idiot?

I checked the events on cheatmode, but there doesn't seem to be any new events.



Last I heard it was just a couple instances. Nothing new or big yet.



>Everything I don't like is cuckoldry

Thanks for contributing to murdering a word, anon


U can buy an owners stock, how do u modify it and the catalog.



>I guess it's an improved version of pastoralism

Hardly. Pastorialism is for making money by selling to the highest bidder. Cummunism is when the sex-proletarians seize the means of reproduction and spread it among themselves.



Slava Cummunisma






Dunno, never paid attention to citizen number to be honest, maybe because I have 30m prosperity and maxed out trading?


How to fix images if they broke after an update? I know that twine and git images are not compatible, but i have no idea which one I downloaded because they are broken in both versions. Is there a way to make the game redraw them or something? The images work with a new game but not on my old save.



Actually nvm, i'm retarded and simply didn't apply backwards compatibility.



No, says the Old World, it belongs to the poor.

No, says the Chattel Prophet, it belongs to god.

No, says the Beijing Arcology, it belongs to everyone.


Off the top of my head there's one event where a disobedient slave refuses to get up in the morning so you move her to a men's restroom floor while she's asleep.


There's a group of old "legal dispute" recruitment events where PC can choose to side with one of the parties or acquire the slave at the center of the dispute. One of these involving an indentured slave recently got a new option to take over the indenture instead of outright enslavement. That's great, but the slave doesn't have an origin (it's listed as "0" on the customization page). Something like "You took over [her/his] indenture after [s/he] launched a legal complaint against an abusive master." could work.



And I also just noticed that restricted indenture doesn't prevent horn surgery.



Pulling this along for todays work.


The databases in /npc.



Noted. And I was just cleaning those surgeries more last night too. Got caught up in linebreaks and didn't notice that.


File: a8410f1725656c5⋯.png (73.78 KB, 1193x404, 1193:404, Capture6621.PNG)

Are FS policies supposed to cost 5k a week? Are rents supposed to not be worth shit? How many weeks of 10k misinfo against the general is it supposed to take to fuck him up? Any chance of sorting by fear or career experience in the future? And finally, I'm getting the following when breaking a slave's will.


So what are people's thoughts on the corporation? It's ridiculously overpowered both for providing money and good-quality slaves, but you get it up and running pretty late in the game and I don't think people like the idea of nerfing that sort of thing.



I'm a holy prophet that espouses degradation. I once arbitrarily picked between two twins, amputating, blinding, muting and deafening one before throwing her in the arcade while grooming the other to be a perfect virginal assistant, beautiful but absolutely no sex drive. When the other one's mind breaks, I take her to the spa and recover her so her mind can break all over again.



Looking into the problem, not sure about the rest.


Pre or post overhaul?


File: de879a6e967825f⋯.webm (246.17 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 9797.webm)

File: fa68334111d90bd⋯.png (17.76 KB, 254x343, 254:343, roundglass.png)

Deepmurk here, progress update as follows on the new loli/teen body vectors. Art is approximately 50% complete, I was further along, but I corrupted my local copies of the SVGs and it took me a few days to get somewhere where I could download my backups. So we're still getting there, quite slowly, way slower than I'd like tbh. Luckily I can't be fired, since this is done for free (cause I would have fired me by now), so I don't feel too bad– But I am a bit aggravated that now I have to commit more time I wasn't planning on (since I'm on a time crunch anyway with IRL work), to make up for the lost ground. I've basically reorganized the 3 existing SVG files to accommodate the newer changes, so those existing files will go bye-bye at one point and I will rip any vector contributions to the newer ones. Fair warning, outfits are going to be fucking awful to add in the future. So for the adventurous people, that means 18 torsos, 12 legs, 32 arms, 32 butts, 3 breasts (maybe more), and some other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head. That being said, when I do drop the new loli/teen vectors, they will not have outfits available yet (due to the obvious time sink involved above). All the base stuff, faces, genitals, hair, etc (maybe shoes) will be present at least. Separately, all the minor requests are done as well (will be dropped the same time as the loli/teen vectors to make it a little more convenient for me), such as removing the open mouth vector, removing permanent beauty marks on some facial features (mouths in particular), round framed glasses, eyepatch, blindfold, surgical mask, and a few other things (not yet on body paints, but I'll get to them). Also I'll still have to do prosthetics for the loli/teen bodies and that'll take a little while. No ETA for any of the above as usual.



Both have the same problems, but I'm talking current



Allo Deepmurk

You want me to stop asking about that webbing/load bearing gear idea, or? It seems to keep getting missed.




The post overhaul version is a bit more limited. It's easy to make tens to hundreds of millions per dividend payout on the current version, but unlike the old version that doesn't keep going up infinitely. The bigger your divisions the more they cost per-slave to operate so at some point you start losing money by expanding. I also don't know how the economic and society difficulties affect the corporation, so maybe it's more "balanced" on hard settings. I generally run on easy, I'm only even bringing it up because I get SO MUCH money that I no longer even care about other aspects of the game.



I have the harness/webbing on my list. When I actually get to it, I'm not sure, but it's on there.



Cannot recreate issue. Are you sure you are on the newest version?



Sweet. Will it be counted as an accessories, or..?


File: 57fd6e5f074f7e2⋯.png (25.82 KB, 842x279, 842:279, Capture.PNG)

Just wanted to let people know how you can solve this problem in firefox, since it took a decent amount of searching myself.

When you exceed your local storage quota you normally won't be able to save in game anymore and have to save to file instead. In Firefox, you can increase the quota by typing about:config in the address bar and then finding the value for dom.storage.default_quota and increasing the number. Obviously if you increase it TOO much you might run into memory problems, but I made it 10x and haven't had any trouble since.



That's the kind of thing that should be added to the op and event he game's readme.



Sounds great. Will shorter adult bodies be getting more proportional?



aw shit niggy. does this means i'll be able to have pregnancy generator without breaking my save files after 20 weeks?


File: 1a6dfd995b7d2d0⋯.jpg (155.7 KB, 725x1026, 725:1026, 0251_64809624_p00.jpg)



weekly auto saves still work…



Update on this: It is leaning towards the latter assessment.



Probably depends on how big you are willing to make the file. I don't get into the hyperpreg stuff, I only even use pregnancy at all for the purpose of cloning.


What the hell is "China Rev Law" in the optimal slave stats image?



Chinese FS has Policy called liek that



I just want to pop in to say you are amazing Deepmurk. PregDev is doing great work, but it's your vectors more than anything that make me fall in love with the game. Keep on trucking and take as long as you need. I, at least, will be waiting with baited breath.



2.2.0, fresh file started a couple days ago. No clue why or how I'm getting this error, I haven't tried to replicate it even on this release so no clue if it was fixed in a patch.



It's nice to be able to know some of the details about the slave without reading through an entire wall of text. Skin color, relative asset and belly size, and outfit seem to be the main things. Outfit is especially important just so I have some idea of what each outfit entails, because I can't really visualize it on the text.

Usually I'm the kind of person who thinks pictures are just a distraction, but these help a bit.



Well damn, okay… Thanks though




Sounded like it had to be. Since 61 doesn't go into 1.5% of 44032 in any meaningful way, I had to assume that the milita system was calculating population on its own (or rather, making it up on its own).



Fix is up on the git for it now. It looks like it was mostly just a mismatched variable name. I've pinging Jones to review how it interacts with population though, so that may take more time.


It has a max cap of x%. It looks like it is calculating correctly, but we'll see.



Profits received are greatly increased and your overhead costs are halved on (very) easy.

Normal is already a great deal tougher because of that.



That actually sounds too restrictive, but I guess I'll have to see. Guess it's a non issue then. I play easy because I don't really want an economic simulator. I also don't want to have to make money on cucking myself prostituting my slaves. I just kind of wish I still cared about the money I get from selling a slave for 400-500k.



I don't get all this "anyone paying for the use of my merchandise is cucking me" mindset. What's weird about selling/renting 95% of literal property while you look for the top-tier ones that deserve to be in the other 5% (luxurious harem for raising my kids)? What's the point of managing slaves if money is no object?



I meant it half-jokingly, which is why I did the whole strikethrough thing. I'm not one of those assholes who thinks anything and everything is cuck shit.

I do however get attached to my slaves. I have a high quality standard and I prefer not to even touch slaves who don't meet most of it, so there isn't really a split between "5% mine and 95% business". There are plenty of ways to earn money though, so I'm not really complaining.



Ah, in that case I'm about the same. I wish slaves wouldn't get so scared after passing 20 different rejection filters, being a bright slim young beautiful well-spoken healthy slave is something to be proud of, not terrified of. The ones who aren't my type still get to be whored out, albeit nicely.


File: 9e7da410743f29e⋯.png (27.22 KB, 975x175, 39:7, boobWatch.png)

File: 3edb4b8914d8f87⋯.swf (261.53 KB, boobWatch.save.swf)

Current Git version, BC applied. Minor bug in walkPast/boobWatch. Save attached.

Also, if I select a slave and I click "Sell her", her financial report is borked. Instead of her real cost, it says:

>You bought her for: ¤-500.



Least the first one is easy. Will look into the second.


File: f4412db624cc862⋯.png (14.84 KB, 978x65, 978:65, ClipboardImage.png)

Was reading through the commits and noticed a "\" on line 822 in manageCorporation.tw that I'm not sure whether that's supposed to be there.



Look for any other sell 10s in the passage. That may give a clue.



I think that second part is intended. Will ask.



It's using the listing fee as her new obtainment price iirc, so probably not intentional



Which slave specifically.



I tried looking through other sell 10 lines but I can't seem to find any other "\" and I also looked for any other $corpDivTrainSurgeryTimer as well and I can't find any other lines that have the "\" so I'm fairly certain that is a mistype.



Will report it then.



Every slave I sold so far. If there are any exceptions, I did not find them.


File: 6b6daca05ff1808⋯.png (23.91 KB, 1027x355, 1027:355, Capture420.PNG)

File: bcef1ed8025470f⋯.png (24.12 KB, 1030x361, 1030:361, Capture5555.PNG)


Any slave that's listed for sale and then not sold.



Oh it's worse. It seems to actually be modifying the variable. I'd advise not looking at it until I announce a fix.




Should be fixed on the get now.



*git that is.





hey I know this thread isn't about furry shit and all but can someone give a link to the guy that made the cat ears mod?



It's already in the main mod my dude.



Alright I'm officially retarded XD


Any tips for increasing rep? I used to max it in one week, but now i only get 3k at most. I know that's the intention but what exactly changed?

Also how do i increase slave prices? They've been very low since the game started.




Get out.



Come on, man, he did say he was retarded that's not cool



yeah but what impact does it have on gameplay? are my slaves going to be upset about me farting on them now?


Pic related: Facility leaders who participate in slutting/whoring should show their gains on the income chart. At the moment the data is inaccurate.

Typo during lurching event:

Heavily pregnant hare: She pregnant belly will probably stop her from running at all.


Slave prices can be increased by trying to decrease the supply (menial market influencing, citizen ratios I think), increase the demand (various FS, policies and SMRs), or just having a really good economy. Don't quote me on any of this because I don't know for sure.


Daughters of Liberty slaves (acquired if you choose to enslave them after their attack fails) all have "She is an enslaved Daughter of Liberty" as their origin even when male pronouns are on.




- on a male DOL slave's page, origin is displayed as "He"

- in the slave's customization options, origin is displayed as "She"

- in the slave list on the main page, origin is displayed as "She"

Seems an override is hitting the slave's page properly but not reaching the main page.



Origins and other stored stings aren't converted yet as the need a function to be converted.


Can somebody explain, what the chastity overhaul brings? Would I ever feel some difference, or its just a inner wor?k



Incels work in mysterious ways.



Wait since when is canniblism a thing? Does that mean I can finally force slavs to watch me eat their testicles/ovaries?





Paternalism a best.


File: 7a6b94f6e6c35fd⋯.jpg (688.9 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, baywatch-ready.jpg)

I wanna say something:

Good porn games are very rare, and this is a good one. It's swallowed up several of my afternoons, and I don't even regret it. Thoroughly enjoyable. The stories that can happen have a surprising depth and freedom that so far, only Crusader Kings II and Dwarf Fortress have done for me.

And I love how people are constantly working on it and improving it just because they want to, instead of doing the least they can possibly get away with and milking geeks for money.

I have to say, this is my favourite porn game of all time. Do not stop what you're doing here.



>Everyone who think differently from me are incels

Thanks for contributing to murdering a word, anon



Fox tail plugs got missed too. Some anon was claiming you had a file somewhere on your git a while back but they couldn't make it work. so maybe it's a trivial fix? Not worth delaying proper loli art over.



I would kill my arcology for this.



Actually this was the correct usage; not tolerating women having sex with other men is the incel MO. Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll get it next time.



Thank you for the fix! I don't know if its intentional or not but it seems recruitment is just insanely slow as that 61 number was accumulated over weeks.



Incels are people who can't get laid, men and women alike. The fact that you use the word incorrectly is hilarious in hindsight.

>not tolerating women having sex with other men is the incel MO

By that definition anybody, who doesn't allow their wife/s, concubine and HG to have sex with other men is an incel.


Look, i don't criticize the way you guys play, This is my toys and i don't want other children play with them. The next thing you will say that having dairy consist of hyperfutas is gay.



i made it x10 times bigger and well into week 120 without any issues aside from somewhat slow loading times. But I dont mind them if it means i dont ahve to deal with that fucking warning everytime i try to save.


Engineering skill now does something on the git.


Bug report: the older slave tutelage at line 1455-75 of saRelationships.tw is printing "_girlA" directly instead of the appropriate replacement word.





File: 9272c60bca28a82⋯.jpg (969.78 KB, 500x280, 25:14, That.jpg)


>harem of slave wives acting like wives



really great news

there is any easy way to check if all skills are doing what they suppose to do?



if/when the mod has restaurants/other buisness please someone make an announcement in these threads

normal restautant with cooks and waiters, with options of sex for customers maybe (mix of money and rep but balanced for not being op) and big money for big chef skills

maybe changeable approaches like eat on body/eat while serviced/diary direct feeding

cooking on home could work similar to home servant but related to qol of slaves/master or costs

happy meals give happy thoughts


maid cafes (mix but more rep and less money)

street food point (little money but somehow related to advertisements)

textile factory for special effects clothes/changes in population reactions and dispositions though fashion

modelling agency for getting salves somehow, maybe indentured

law firm for legal issues and money/salves source

also x2:

focus choice on your shops for economic/rep events

i guess being with you harem in your fancy restaurant doing something could be good under certain circumstances

sorry for lots of text



Very nice look with the round glasses and that bald/topknot style, looking forward to it :) I recall you mentioning ears before, and how they would really only show with some hairstyles if we did have ears, but with bald styles in particular (like the ponytail/bald style), it would help to have some ears if we could :) Loving your work though either way, thank you so much for enhancing this game so well with your art :)


File: e3a329b76fa477d⋯.png (376.17 KB, 480x800, 3:5, __kino_kino_no_tabi_drawn_….png)

kino bodyguard



She's got a sleek and attractive rear end. Her butt is flattered by her very wide hips. It's way too big for the fashionable feminine ideal!



yes please.




It is not so easy to tame the slave market. The most powerful tool the player has is the corporation. Arcades, menial services, dairies and escorts will remove slaves from the market, thus increasing prices. (Extra)legal enslavement will add to the market and reduce prices.

Is the corporation super effective at manipulating the market? No. It's still slow and takes effort to get going, but it is better than anything else aside from cheating or getting a juicy random event.



I want to Claim her panties at the end of the day like a trophy while she services me

Pantsu FC never



Wait, this is considered very wide? I imagined it wider tbh.



Looks like trim hips.




You guys can stay.


File: 2d99be48ed0843f⋯.png (559.81 KB, 810x1023, 270:341, 1528698794000.png)

File: 2eafdaeaa9f0fa3⋯.jpg (210.51 KB, 850x1443, 850:1443, 1551633932908.jpg)

File: c81f92627f6d4c3⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 1551917405692.jpg)


*Blocks your path

Your kid needs more gains


How do I actually give Combat Training to a slave?



Assign them as a bodyguard and they become trained within a week or two. Combat training is stupidly easy to get, and only comes in flavors "trained" and "untrained". Winning fights in the Arena will also give training. Lastly, your bodyguard might train other slaves.

Speaking of the Arena, if one slave is superior to another, will that slave always win? That's my experience, but I don't use it much so it being a weighted dice roll is also possible.



Not confirmed to always win despite the advantages, I've had shorter slaves win against taller slaves that are supposed to win.



That's a minor boost though, isn't it? What about something as large as trained vs. untrained? Does the untrained slave stand a chance?



From what I've seen, absolutely not. Haven't tried an untrained slave with absolute peak physical condition though. Since I'm here might as well report an issue as well, my bodyguard seems to be wrongly detecting the amount of trained as I have absolutely none other than her in the penthouse resulting in her never training anybody else, ruining my plan of making a non-lethal gladiator arena filled with a crap-ton of trained fighters lol.


File: 2a6dd23590384a2⋯.png (349.21 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, kino's journey to the cent….png)


fucking hell


Kino is kino.


When is the SF infinite income bug being fixed?



Gains amazon vs cybernetic loli, who would win?



In local testing nothing errors out, so please post your save so I can see what does (it may or may not be the same variable for everyone).


I feel like I have to be an autistic savant to keep up with or enjoy anything about having more than 5 slaves. How the fuck do you do it?



Makes me wish I could apply a tag to certain slaves, like 'Loli maids' 'Personal slaves' 'whores I don't care about' 'fix up for resale'

at least some way to divide slaves I want to keep and the ones i'm using for purposes, like personal tag.



You can apply a tag to specific slaves. change her custom label.



I actually tested this. I put a 7 year old loli with various prosthetic limbs +- tail up against an 18 year old tall musclegirl un-augmented. Both are geniuses, both trained in combat. The combat and cybernetic limbs win every time. With normal or sex limbs the amazon can win, but add a combat tail and the amazon loses. In non-lethal fights the combat/cybernetic limbs are able to guarantee a win without injury to either party.



I was meaning more in the sense of having a seperate 'waifu slaves' and 'Everyone else' tabs, but I can't articulate at the moment



It gets to be a pain dealing with the rules assistant if you want different slaves with more or less the same baseline being treated differently. There are things you can do, assign rules to specific slaves only, or only apply certain rulesets to your master suite slaves, but the more different things you want to do the more complicated it becomes.

Besides, what it comes down to in the end is that I don't want to touch garbage. Stupid I can kind of handle, but if she isn't at least pretty and not a nigger (redundant I know) then I don't want her in my arcology.



Things should get cheaper the better you get. So if you are used to a certain price, it should stick out somewhat.


Anybodu want to share exports of their RA rules?



Funnily enough that sounds accurate to what anyone with professional combat training would tell you. Even the masters warn their students to never underestimate the importance of a knife, no matter who is holding it.



You don't keep a couple of bodacious blacks around?

Huge, jiggly molasses cheeks are an essential side dish for a good harem, I think.



Learn to code. Or just use the presets. We all have different tastes so you should probably make your own. Here's the order in mine though: Obedient, Female, Male, Disobedient, Terrified, Unhealthy, Too Healthy, Deserve Luxury, Virgin, Anal Virgin.


File: 433e4ec3c9534d3⋯.jpg (80.13 KB, 412x491, 412:491, crow the boy.jpg)


>too healthy



It's a waste of money using curatives on slaves that are too healthy, and their tits can get too big if you didn't disable the curative side-effects.



Here's the basic set. What this does is it

>Removes all piercings and tattoos (always)

>Adds smart piercing (always)

>sets sex drive/attraction/fetish targets to Nympho, Omnisexual, Vanilla (always)

Might be worth making "vanilla" its own rule so you can make specific slaves have different fetishes. I don't really care much for fetishes.

>Automatically removes slaves below "very healthy" from jobs, overrides other settings to give them curatives (health)

>Sets standard reward/punishment rules to release/chastity (always)

>Sets rules for non-devoted slaves: penetant nun habit, steel collar, spare living, no release. (Low devotion).

This ruleset increases Fear and Devotion, resulting in slow but completely hands-off training for most slaves

>Sets rules for devoted slaves (Conservative clothing, pretty jewlery, flats, luxurious living, sapphic release). (High Devotion)

This rulset further increases Devotion and adds Trust instead of Fear.

>Enforces chastity belts (Chastity). I'd like to make this rule only apply to virgins but I haven't been able to figure out how.

Some major shortcomings:

>No way to distinguish virgins for chastity

Chastity as a separate rule allows you to manually exclude or only include certain slaves, while still subjecting those slaves to all other rules. In general if there's ever something you want to specifically exclude sometimes, make it its own rule.

>Rules do not apply to most slaves with leadership roles (eg club DJ).

Seems to be a limitation/bug in the current RA. Nothing I can do as far as I know.

>If you aren't paternalist, you'll need to change the high devotion rule to a different nice clothing

>If you don't disable Curative Side Effects, you'll probably a rule to switch slaves off Curatives and use other means to improve their health. Currently everyone is (always) on curatives.

>Recommend adding a rule for slave pornography subsidies when you can afford it. I removed that from my ruleset before posting because it's not something you'll want to start with.



I hardly find the cost of curatives to be an issue. Side effects on the other hand are a pain, but I usually turn those off.




Y'know "curative side effects" has nothing to do with curatives, right? It's just a really badly misnamed toggle for all chemical/genetic damage. The only time curatives will ever cause breast growth is in a single non-repeatable event.



Truly, there are demons who cannot appreciate the flat



>Enforces chastity belts (Chastity). I'd like to make this rule only apply to virgins but I haven't been able to figure out how.

Here's the custom condition I use for virgins

<(slave) => slave.vagina == 0

And here's for anal virgins

<(slave) => slave.anus == 0

If both of their holes are virgins and you use those conditions to make them wear chastity belt, they wear double chastity. I also make them wear chastity belts regardless of their devotion or trust so it's separated from the other conditions.

>Rules do not apply to most slaves with leadership roles (eg club DJ)

I think that's because they have their luxury beds so I can't make them sleep in a normal bed. But I'm pretty sure they follow the same rules unless you exclude them.

>I hardly find the cost of curatives to be an issue.

I'm just stingy like that, and the cost adds up if you're starting a new game.


Good to know. That still sucks if it's turned on and they have 60+ health anyways.




New paste because I fucked up the rules priority. Chastity is supposed to be the LOWEST priority, Health is supposed to be the highest.


Anyway, if I apply a rule to change clothing for example, it does not work on my Bodyguard, Head Girl, Nurse, Schoolteacher, or DJ. It DOES work on my Concubine, and all the girls in my Master Suite, Penthouse, Clinic, Schoolroom, and Club (combined that's all the girls I have, no other rooms are in use). I don't know why those 5 get excluded but there shouldn't be anything in the rules that interferes.


Pregmod v2.2.4.



-code cleaning

-player engineering skill now functional



One question

Pantsu content when



When someone writes it. Also most outfits lack pantsu, unfortunately.



Would be interesting if it were it's own category of clothing like collars and shoes, but I don't really see it being worth the development time.




God, why even live.

I can think of few things shimapan and thigh-highs don't improve. I at least want some kinda edict or FS boon or something.



> if I apply a rule to change clothing for example, it does not work on my Bodyguard, Head Girl, Nurse, Schoolteacher, or DJ.

I ran your rules and it's too compact and I don't know why it won't change their clothes. Mine works well, m8.



What do you mean "too compact"? Just that you use a lot more rules?



Yep. Also, I found out why the clothes don't work in your rules; There are checks in "Apply to assignments and facilities". If you uncheck those boxes, the clothes will apply to them. Or just make a separate rule for clothes.



OK so the "Apply to assignments and facilities" section should actually say "ONLY Apply…."


An anon posted some really hot Cyborg-Girl stuff a couple threads ago. I can't find em. Like amputee stuff but decked out in cybernetics anyone have that stuff saved?


Hey, just got to the advanced Security expansion stuff for the first time and I have to ask: did my mercs really manage to get their pyschotic little mitts on a goddamned Mammoth Tank from C&C and an Evangelion mech?


File: ebb18da2bab09e5⋯.png (87.37 KB, 2108x500, 527:125, Screenshot_20190314_105406.png)

File: 18bd02be855060c⋯.png (241.65 KB, 1846x1052, 923:526, Screenshot_20190314_104855.png)

I was thinking that we could have a macro for the options. Here's a proposal for how it would look in the code, and look in the GUI. The GUI is styled with css, and of course can be changed.

I've left the old code there for easy comparison.

I've pushed the code to https://gitgud.io/Stuffedgame/fc-pregmod



Or perhaps it is better if the text is 'inside' the option like:

<<options $seeAge>>

<<option 0 "Disable aging">>

Slaves will not age




So it's a new macro? That could be workable given that I am absolutely terrible at CSS.

Not sure how it would look with a full conversion though, I generally don't like the bubble look.

Also glad to see you're still kicking.



If you find any example on the web that you do like, I can probably make it look like that.



It's mostly a question of if I want to move on from the existing text links or not.

Thoughts on the various tabs and other visual bits already in the game?


In that case, I'll leave the css empty, so that it's styled exactly the same as before, with only the advantage of being a lot cleaner in the code.



That's not a bad idea. Plus it becomes editable for anyone with the initiative to tinker with the CSS, no?


I've updated the pull request, along with converting more of the intro page to the 'options' code. I'd love to get some feedback on the commit.

I would really like to see the page become a bit more pretty, but I will leave that for now.

I think it makes the code look a lot cleaner.



I can definitely agree that it could be a bit prettier given the length. Would you be willing to set up the entire passage as a proof of concept to see how it looks?


Can I fix the error at startup without deleting all my cookies? Is there something specific to delete?



You'd have to identify what the cookie produced by the game is. But if you know it, you should be able to track it down and delete just it.


It took a few searches but I found it



The amount of just jeans, just panties, just a t-shirt, etc options is so gay and needless


File: 3a3e9d4723821bd⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1200x888, 50:37, asldfkjsdfasdf.jpg)

is there a chance to add gloves?

i like my slaves naked only wearing stockings and gloves


File: b4a9917462358a6⋯.jpg (106.37 KB, 757x520, 757:520, 2019-03-14-01-16-02.jpg)

File: 3f84e97c226aa52⋯.jpg (24.81 KB, 755x151, 5:1, 2019-03-14-01-16-25.jpg)

Since nobody responded… Imma repost with pictures this time. As you can see from the picture, the option to allow my bodyguard to train other slaves as her successor is enabled but as shown in another picture, it says that apparently there is a sufficient amount of slaves combat trained when in fact I have absolutely none other than my bodyguard who is a trained fighter and furthermore that bodyguard was from a fulfilment order, I have the fund for it but its quite annoying having to order one every week just to have an army of them for the pit.



Okay, I've pretty much converted over the intro summary page. I'd like to get this approved and merged first, on the basis of making the code nicer, and then look at css styling.



Propose a merge then. I've got a few other things on deck, but nothing should touch introSummary.



>eparately, all the minor requests are done as well (will be dropped the same time as the loli/teen vectors to make it a little more convenient for me)

does that include horns/ears or are those separate?


I see references around to body swapping. How do you get started with that?



post save


>slave wife retires

>can't let her hang around, the marriage just ends

I mean, even if it's just flavor, that's kinda disappointing.



If it were up to you, what would happen?



You have the option to keep her on the premises as a free assistant, where she still vanishes for all gameplay purposes, but you didn't cut her out of your life entirely. Maybe have the implication that you're still continuing your relationship, and when you finally retire, she'll be waiting to marry you for real.


File: c006d06b4584929⋯.swf (337.65 KB, free-cities-20190313-22165….swf)


>excess assets totalling Infinity

It's been happening every game since 2.2.0. In practice it adds anywhere from 100k-10M weekly income depending on the save and other variables I haven't pinpointed, maybe the corporation? Anyway it really kills the difficulty for me. The SF is supposed to operate at a deficit for a period of time but it instantly matches my other sources of income and exceeds them with very little investment.


>impregnate daughterwife with triplets

>realize she's only like 3'11"

oh god no what have I done


File: 66c7384cb960b73⋯.png (140.58 KB, 1280x976, 80:61, Female_Stature_vs_Age.svg.png)


According to this graph you probably did a 6 year old.


File: 12082c1e7bd7a26⋯.jpg (15.68 KB, 259x307, 259:307, hansen_063011.jpg)



On an urelated note, do I need anything special to run this on my android with 4gigs ram or is the standard html explorer with just the one tab ok?



According to that graph she's probably 7 and could be almost 9.



Maybe keep her in the game as a possible random event, "visit from the wife".


>buy a shelter slave

>inspector shows up two weeks later



Werent there plans for tits and testicular pregnancies?



Yes but the womb system flipped the table on it. Other than access and setting, it should work out well. It's just all the functions would need to be retailored to be capable of that.


File: b3eeb93c5d17749⋯.png (322.93 KB, 3060x1796, 765:449, Screenshot_20190314_155535.png)

CSS Proposal v2

This is a pretty minimal change - simply sets a width for the text, creating a visual 'column'.




I have updated a MR with a fix. I though the report was another case about the value being Infinity and it resetting to zero rather than said value being too large.



Possible issues based on screen width, I think. The lines that wrap around really bother me.


Please place fixes in a separate merge request. They need to be taken in immediately, not get caught up in reviews and delays.



Would it be possible to bring the economic climate settings inline as well? it looks odd that they are the only the only ones different (assuming that economic forecast is the same as the rest).


File: e3a16b8395a01e3⋯.png (351.88 KB, 2838x1798, 1419:899, Screenshot_20190314_161145.png)

This is an attempt to add subtle borders.



The Economic climate and forecast work a bit differently from the rest - you can click 'harder' multiple times. Would you want it to behave like the others, or just move it to be lined up like the rest?



I kind of like it.

How does it handle the flipped colors though? I think the first time you can use that is the in-game options though.



>Possible issues based on screen width, I think

CSS lets us set this conditionally based on screen width - it's simple and clean to do.



The second as seeing all but those two settings being inline with their respective text feels off to me. The borders have grown on me.



I will agree on that last part. The more I see, the more I like it.


File: 56e6794ec76d5d7⋯.png (395.12 KB, 3508x1800, 877:450, Screenshot_20190314_163012.png)

Adding color?



Maybe too far.


File: 3aba3cb2777340c⋯.png (3.31 MB, 3800x1818, 1900:909, Screenshot_20190314_164235.png)

Too far? I haven't even started.



Okay this was a joke, but I actually really like having that background there now.



I like this one but can you do the borders around the highlighted words like "enabled" and disabled in the left column? and any word that is highlighted by color like that?



I fking love it, and heck that background isn't so bad either. Might wanna do something about the disabled options though, I can barely see it because of the background.


Looks like pregmod was updated with SF income fixes in git an hour ago


File: 021fd22a455752d⋯.jpg (51.97 KB, 800x744, 100:93, 0534682354.jpg)

Is Male Gender Traditionalism in yet?



Pretty sure that's Gender Radicalism? Never used it so don't quote me on that.



What do the Ps mean, which P should I look at?



I'm assuming it stands for percentile. P50 would be average.




pantsu could be an entire new system that get stats and then gives bonus/sells for rep and cash

you would need different treated pantsu on a gladiator than a whore

think of:










strap on








Getting closer and closer to watersports and scatology there, bud.



This is actually really good, hell, if you could even add text friendly backgrounds depending on the scenario and scene that would be even another amazing step forward, but of course there are limitations to everything and limitations as to how far everyone wants to go. But I'm really excited to see where you go with this anon.


File: 890ed857f28c111⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1036x1353, 1036:1353, rttp.png)


You've made me regret suggesting pantsu at all. Jesus christ.



>makes a joke

>it's actually good

gg. Make a custom background option and we're gucchi.



Gender Radicalism is people with dicks getting fucked in the ass. I was thinking about people with dicks fucking women into pussies.



>people with dicks fucking women

Gender fundamentalism?



…. Wouldn't that be Gender Fundamentalism then???




I think he might be saying anyone with a dick who fucks a pussy is a guy.


File: c21f67082c60185⋯.jpg (87.03 KB, 1080x1050, 36:35, UWut.jpg)





What happened? I missed it.



Isn't that an edict under gender fundamentalism? He could also just remove futas whenever he sees them.

>Anyone with a dick who fucks a pussy is a guy

That's just the other side of gender radicalism.



Some spammer wanted to share his filthy 3DPD porn.


Would it be possible to have more than one racial subjugation FS. I always wish I could select two. Also would it be possible to set up a selection screen like the nationality screen but for age ranges so you can select what age ranges you want to see in your game the way you can select nationalities you want to see.


My Head Girl is dignified. Respected. Prestigious in her own right, for her long service as my assistant. Recognised by the community as my trusted representative, whose word is taken as effectively that of the the supreme authoritarian mistress of the arcology.

And she still gets to go and slut around an entire men's locker room at a public gym while I'm expected to uphold standards.

I mean, some things go along with supreme authority, I guess. The dignity of the queen as against that of the prime minister. But everyone knows I'm heavily pregnant with the bastard child of that breeding bull slave I keep in my personal suite. It's not as if fucking a whole room full of free men is all that much more disgraceful…



Yes. Ain'tcha proud of 'em?



Thanks ifunny :))))


Age is much harder than ethnicity. Even trying to set a minimum age above 18 or a retirement under 45 isn't working properly yet. Hell, having precocious puberty on can give you events with 14 year old "mature" businesswomen with loli daughters about to become partners in their companies, and the "become fertile" preset claims a dozen different ages of majority exist. The game needs work defining lots of things internally before granular functioning age ranges can be worked on properly. On a side note, I wish my lolis talked like lolis. My cute wife shouldn't use the fuck word and 3 year old recruits shouldn't lay down a hundred screamed curses as they get enslaved. Something for way down the line but I might try to rework the text in a few events and dialogues in the mean time. I'm proactively creating failsafes against anyone trying to add cunny, clitty, or coochie into the base code though so don't anybody dare think about it.


File: d8fcbd77b3090ac⋯.png (913.19 KB, 1379x1558, 1379:1558, 1541019385.png)


You could argue the context is important. The supreme ruler having sex with a designated breeding slave that she hand selected to use to produce a child with, and which is her total subservient slave is arguably better than being gangbanged by free men. She cant really be allowed to be seen as willing or available to be with the common folk, might put ideas into their heads about their stature and where there should be standing in society if they were allowed to have their way with the Queen. Its a free man, or worse a room full of free men, having her and using her for their gratification, rather than her having one slave and using it for her own purposes and gratification. In one scenario its hard to say who's really in control, in the other its readily evident. Its not wholly uncommon for Arcology owners, even male ones, to end up as bimbofied cum sluts, so female owners it stands to reason have to be especially selective about who they have sex with and under what context, less they end up doing nothing but get fucked all day as one of the new owners prized trophies.


File: adf5b20ba2136fd⋯.png (19.44 KB, 1360x767, 1360:767, Screenshot_2019-03-14 Free….png)

Need some help here. Started a new game not NG+ and for some strange reason after a few weeks i get this infinite continue loop whenever i hit end week.Using firefox.


File: 3ae5db62df36a61⋯.png (178.04 KB, 1877x884, 1877:884, Bug.png)

Don't know if someone has already brought this up but this happens sometimes when the slaves are choosing their own clothes. You can't select them or change anything, so you have to hope they change out of it if you want to do something with them

It looks like it's the vector art for pasties that's the issue


When will the united catholic/orthodox church issue a formal crusade against chattle religionism, secdev?


so… Maybe this is a stupid question, but is there a way of doing something with babies that is not just giving them away.



Incubator, nursery.



Crusades hasn't been organized for centuries despite chistianity being threatened, but in a strong position. To think that they'd organize one when the world is in a bad state and they're plenty busy with providing emergency relief is ridiculous.



yeah, thanks, huh do I need anything special to get them? because I haven't seen them in the penthouse menu



A custom background slot is a very good idea.


Need a bit more information than that. Best would be a save file from the week before it hangs like that.



There could be a rise of extremism in old world nations that are still doing well. They would blame other religions and the free cities for the state of how far the world has fallen. Old world religions would rise in prominence to where they become inseparable from the state.

It could be any religion where a holy war would be organized, but it would be mostly for political reasons, and the "crusade" is just a pretense to conquer.



Or we can just admit the hypocrisy of the game design based on the fact that the lore was created by a guy who openly perfered anal sex to vaginal, had some pretty obvious closeted homosexual tendencies, and hated the idea of female sexuality in general.



read it again, but you likely need to have the 50k upgrade from Arcology.



Fucking stupid typo - s/perfer/preferr/



My bet is he doesn't have extended family mode on.



The world being in a horrible state and all the casual christians falling off leaves you with a devoted (if not radical) group of people who are very angry at the very incarnations of man's deadliest sins popping up worldwide. Crusades were often paid for by the crusaders themselves with some support from their kingdom, and in the modern age that isn't even really necessary. A couple grand could buy you a couple rifles, a ton of ammo, supplies recommended by the crusade's facebook group and a ticket to the operating base of whichever chapter you're joining. Back in the day crusaders would liquidate their material possessions, so a few of the most extreme would be arriving with several times that, maybe a couple hundred grand. Some countries (Poland) would definitely be chipping in cash, training and supplies to help crush local Free City power grabs. If muslims can jihad, who's to say christians can't crusade anymore? Countries are collapsing, the world has changed, and the patriarch of rome isn't interested in fucking around anymore. DEUS VULT



I'd say it would be better served as being apart of a clothing overhaul. Properly separating outfits into different parts to mix and match, thus allowing for more customization without needing the frankly obnoxious amount of individual outfits we have now.



The problem is that Christians don't have the spine to do it.

A thousand years ago, Christian men were essentially a warrior race with a fairly thin paint job of Christian morals on top of their pagan traditions popquiz: how much of Catholic trappings and rituals are rooted in Chist's teachings vs being adopted from pagan traditions? that were interpreted within that context and used to justify what essentially amounted to the tribal defense of their ancestral lands.

Modern Christians have had centuries to lose that primal fire - in many ways, modern Christians are much closer to pure Christianity than their forebears of the mediaeval ages - not in terms of practices, but in terms of moral structure. They're pacifistic, they "turn the other cheek" at any offense, they have pride only in god, not in their race, nation, or fellow man; they're collectivistic and often soft socialists. These things have far more support in the new testament than crusades.

To put it another way, Christianity bore the seeds of its own destructions and at long last those seeds have borne fruit.

There will never be another Christian crusade.



Tried a save file from a week earlier. Doesn't work just ends up happening again. I'm using current release build of Pregmod v2.2.4.

Oceanic Arcology

Mods of Special Force, Cybernetics, and Security expansion are enabled.

No cheats or debug mode active hell i didn't even tamper with code.

Need to remember to keep an old build just in case new one don't work lol



So can I have the save file or not?



In the interests of saving space, I'd personally suggest moving the clothes choices to the actual wardrobe screen and having some 5 customized outfit presets be available from the slave customization/description screen. Maybe keep all the useful options like corset/dildo/collar (until more are released anyway) on the general screen and put a link to go to the wardrobe purchase screen from the wardrobe selection screen so nobody forgets all the good new stuff is there. Good luck coding any of this and/or breaking down every outfit into non-conflicting pieces (and sending some fragments to the stockings section) while avoiding letting full-body bodysuits break while making sure slaves don't choose their own buggy hideous mashup, oh and when are you getting around to the content I requested a week ago huh??


File: 62d76f8868d5c1c⋯.swf (125.74 KB, free-cities-20190314-16164….swf)


think i did it right



I'm seeing no hang up. Consider redownloading the archive as you may have lingering files.


whats the value for pretty lips again?



25 <= x <= 50 i believe



thanks, That seems to be the range.


Is there a cure for cum addiction, other than forced withdrawal?


so I just got the slave where an artist enslaves herself to you as the culmination of their craft or something. the girl was called yokho and was japansese, I need to know are those events harcoded?



Head Girl can cure any paraphillia.



To an extent. Most things, like name and race, are not.





I suppose I should clarify that only certain traits are hardcoded. The more vague the event, the less that is usually set in stone and left up to the slave generation code.




For instance, this is what is hardcoded, and what can be under certain exceptions, straight from the recruit file.

<<set $activeSlaveOneTimeMinAge = 18>>
<<set $activeSlaveOneTimeMaxAge = 42>>
<<set $oneTimeDisableDisability = 1>>
<<if $arcologies[0].FSSupremacistLawME == 1>>
<<set $fixedRace = $arcologies[0].FSSupremacistRace>>
<<elseif $arcologies[0].FSSubjugationistLawME == 1>>
<<set _races = setup.filterRacesLowercase.filter(race => race !== $arcologies[0].FSSubjugationistRace)>>
<<set $fixedRace = _races.random()>>
<<include "Generate New Slave">>
<<set $activeSlave.origin = "She offered herself to you for enslavement out of devotion to her artistic 'craft'.">>
<<set $activeSlave.boobs = random(4,6)*50>>
<<set $activeSlave.weight = -20>>
<<set $activeSlave.height = random(160,200)>>
<<if $pedo_mode == 1>>
<<ResyncHeight $activeSlave>>
<<set $activeSlave.face = random(15,100)>>
<<set $activeSlave.butt = random(1,2)>>
<<set $activeSlave.lips = 0>>
<<set $activeSlave.devotion = random(25,45)>>
<<set $activeSlave.trust = random(25,45)>>
<<set $activeSlave.career = "an artist">>
<<set $activeSlave.health = random(-60,-50)>>
<<set $activeSlave.intelligence = random(16,50)>>
<<set $activeSlave.entertainSkill = 40>>
<<set $activeSlave.intelligenceImplant = 0>>
<<set $activeSlave.behavioralFlaw = "odd">>
<<set $activeSlave.fetish = "humiliation">>



At any rate I'm trying to steer society in the right direction here. I'm putting out the propaganda in favour of getting penetrated by slaves, and beginning the push for repopulation ideology. Totally because I believe it's the best for everybody.

You know I've been keeping that one bull for my own exclusive use ever since I got, uh… 'her'… and it says she's pounded a hole on average once every three hours she's been awake? Wow. I mean EVERY woman should own one of these things, it's just great.



What if the Head Girl is the addict though



damn redownload didn't work gonna try again and clear out cookies as well



Try a smart piercing. If you push her away from cum in general she'll lose the paraphilia in time.



Is there a fix for chrome?



Either use smart piercings and set it to vanilla or whatever you want her to have, rely on your head girl to EVENTUALLY solve it or train her yourself to remove it.



> train her yourself

How do I do that? I can only do business, support the hg, and sex.



As far as I'm aware Chrome is hard-coded by the developers to only have 5 MB local storage quota so I don't think you can change it.


File: e9996e6c84c1139⋯.jpg (531.49 KB, 1080x2280, 9:19, Screenshot_20190315-065342.jpg)


Scroll down and find your HG's name then tap or click on it, it should give you a few options like Build her devotion, explore her sexuality(unless you already have), fix a flaw, etc. Paraphilias like cum addict are included as a sexual flaw. It should look like in the picture.


I made a pull request for (almost) the rest of the introSummary.

It's looking a lot better :-)



crap infinite continue loop is also affecting chrome. …fuck it ill wait till next update to plat again.


A few threads back I saw people talking about a nursery, but I can't find anything of the sort in-game; was it all just talk, or am I being retarded?



The nursery and incubator is only available if you have extended family enabled. Unfortunately you can't enable it mid-game.




I think it's also hidden behind the cheat section along side with the farm, isn't it?



Yes. Turning on cheats, buying it, and turning off cheats will not mark your save as cheated.


File: 2cba139b43fcb45⋯.png (44.15 KB, 658x662, 329:331, OGMEMEALWAYSFUNNY.png)





Where should I be able to find it?



Try checking starting a new game with family extended on, if the option for nursery and incubator appears then you either start over or do an NG+. If it doesn't try turning on cheatmode to see if they appear.



Turning the cheat mode on did the trick. Thanks!



Np, note that when using nurseries you will actually have to wait years for them to grow and if you max out the incubator speed, it will result in a child with 100 genetic error meaning in the long term her health will be shit so I recommend immediately putting her in the clinic with the appropriate upgrades and a nurse immediately.


Brainlet question here: Everytime on git when it says "Pregmodder authored: X time ago" does that mean he uploaded a new build? Because that shit updates like 2 to 5 times a day.



Last I checked it's still heavily WIP, but that was weeks ago. Is it now playable?



src\SecExp\secExpSmilingMan.tw has everything except some flavor text and end of week report stuff for after you've completed the event chain. The events themselves are called from src\uncategorized\nonRandomEvent.tw like most random events in the game.



/secEx, file should be obvious from there.



Yeah, he uploads a lot.


File: 18e57c6a10baf81⋯.png (332.47 KB, 3408x1730, 1704:865, Screenshot_20190315_111040.png)

File: 2dacca82104763b⋯.png (339 KB, 3626x1790, 1813:895, Screenshot_20190315_110852.png)

Which is better? I like the buttons being a little bit bigger.



The latter. The entire button space is clickable, yes? Or is it just the word within it?



Second by a long shot.



The 2nd one.

Can you make the description align right on its cell so the description and the buttons are side by side? It's ok, but it's also kinda hard to see if you're changing the correct option.



Yeah the last one just looks cleaner


File: 06af21a4aa36449⋯.jpg (64.79 KB, 960x949, 960:949, 06a.jpg)


I've been asking this for ages, thanks man


File: e29c94b20d241fe⋯.png (346.09 KB, 3524x1810, 1762:905, Screenshot_20190315_122315.png)

File: 75e190900b5e4b4⋯.png (344.05 KB, 3388x1796, 847:449, Screenshot_20190315_122148.png)


The entire button is clickable.

How about with color again?


Right-aligned and left-aligned images attached - is this what you mean?



First one is better


Stuck trying to set a custom image, I read the FAQ and everything should be working. No extension, in the resources folder. It's the right file type and I still get a gray box. I remember having a similar problem but I don't remember how to fix this. Anyone know?



Leaning first as well.



Absolutely the first one, great work


The constant white space changes in the code are killing me. What should the white spacing be?



Yes. First one is better. Some of the buttons are kinda floats upwards because some of the description uses two spaces, so I suggest using vertical-align: center;



Indentations via tab.


Can anyone help me with this error? I can't into programming stuff. It says "Error: localStorage quota exceeded."



With what tab size? How many spaces for a tab?



The button, tab. No spaces.



Okay new merge request - like the first screenshot above.

Where is the other place that uses this introSummary ? Other than the intro :-D I haven't had a look at that yet.



No other places really, but good places to apply things would be the options menus and perhaps the cheat edit menus.



Um, I kinda like the second one more but first is fine too



Basically your browser have run out of space.



So what do I do? I tried searching for an answer, but most answers I came across basically boils down to "Not much you can do lol"



What is the browser you're using?



download more ram.



Its software side not hardware, RAM have nothing to do with it (unless its an actual potato pc or laptop)


File: 80c71dc961681b6⋯.png (16.05 KB, 243x676, 243:676, Capture.PNG)

Is the economy link missing on the newest git or was it moved somewhere?



It appears to have been renamed to Manage Arcology




It got dissolved into several separate locations. The pieces should be in places that make sense for them to be, though.


Does anyone else want to port one of the screens over to the new <<options>> macro? introSummary took ages, and I'm tired now :-D


Btw, are we going to get loli vector art at some point?



I mean… If you turn on height scaling its kiiinda loli?


Kitsune/fox ears still not in… sad life



Yes, you missed deepmurk's checkin. He was around just before you returned the other day.


what the fuck man this shit is addictive. I've been playing for about then hours now.


is there anything to do when managing your slaves manually gets too tedious? Or you just power trough it?



Use the rules assistant.


Is it possible to get pregnant from the futa sister's orgy? I don't see why not. Also I find it amusing that I blundered into possibly the only non "bad" game over that way.



It should increase the size of the head and make the body wider as it shrinks the girl. Like I do in my app:




That's an overlook. Will get that soon.



The hieght scaling is more to show the difference in heights in adults. IE so a 5 foot slave doesn't look the same as an 8 footer.



Fair enough, and I'm assuming kitsune/fox ears won't be added?



I'm about 99% certain they are already added.


File: 7e5951a2e0adddc⋯.png (72.62 KB, 2176x386, 1088:193, Screenshot_20190315_170515.png)

File: c5300836de9d220⋯.png (74.62 KB, 2134x412, 1067:206, Screenshot_20190315_170408.png)


Even in adults you want to scale proportionally.

Here is the current situation compared to making the body wider and head bigger.


It looks kinda bad because of the curves are obviously wrong for the age, but imho it looks more like someone who is short, rather than just far away.


File: 6fa74b8451fb7fd⋯.jpg (52.74 KB, 755x253, 755:253, 2019-03-15-15-08-11.jpg)


Not seeing it.



That is kind of creepy. Honestly you may want to try and get in touch with deepmurk on the the git and discuss things.


I'll give you that. Up close it looks like the unholy cross of a gnome and troll doll. A scenario I did not need to picture.


That's cause they go on top of the head, not the sides.



Yes but they're still ears so I assumed they'd be in that section. Nevertheless I don't see them anywhere else unless I'm missing it.



Yeah it is creepy, but it's pretty difficult get anything loli like with this really curvy exaggerated woman's body.



Deepmurk is actively working on an alternate set of vectors for both lolis and teens.


Grow a pair of ears and opt to graft them to the top of her head.



I shall try that right now and thanks! (Never used the organ farm despite fully upgrading it so yeah)



Got it! Now I just gotta wait for the vector arts supporting tails and ears lol.


RESS event for a male slave who dislikes men & likes women (with a herm PC) seems to get things mixed up a bit.

First, resolution options where the slave is "forced to get off all of you" says it will take anal virginity, even if the slave is in the recently added combined chastity belt. Resolution text only describes oral. Virginity is preserved on next week's main screen.

Second, the last paragraph has the appropriate random text/effect, and then has the text/effect from the OTHER version of the event - that is, a description+effect from the "dislikes males" version and then a description+effect from the "dislikes females" version:

>He takes it like a good slave. His dislike for dick doesn't change, but he gets better at suppressing his own inclinations and serving as your cum receptacle.

>He serves your feminine body like a good slave. His dislike for sex with girls doesn't change, but he gets better at suppressing his own inclinations and serving as your plaything.

Seems the resolution choice is pulling from both versions at once, possibly because of herm PC.



Will look it over.


Could somebody clarify slave age and body age? Currently I have a 30YO in a 14 body- What law would cause slave retirement at 45 to affect body age- not.. Chronological age? In other words is it possible to keep a slave permanently via mind/body swaps?


File: 98fd15e1266c116⋯.jpg (451.71 KB, 1080x2280, 9:19, Screenshot_20190315-160704.jpg)

File: 6441d7518768a8e⋯.jpg (501.96 KB, 1080x2280, 9:19, Screenshot_20190315-160651.jpg)

Touring the firebase seems to result in the same descriptions being repeated twice but interestingly everything except for the launch bay is repeated. Minor bug and a minor annoyance at best but should be an easy quick fix.




First part was missing a canDoAnal() check causing it to misdisplay. Second part appears to have been a 50/50 split between keeping that text in the variants and moving it out of the variants and combining it. As expected, I managed to do both wrongly. Everything should be fixed now.


Look closer at the retirement policies.


SFanon, if you would. Me going into your code leads to tangents.




As >>325688 said, I ment renting my sons out to be the breeders of the arcology


File: 060822ce989b970⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1310x960, 131:96, ClipboardImage.png)

So do the people ever stop being angry that I know how to hack?

Bleedin' rep


File: e4084cbf45a03b0⋯.png (627.16 KB, 500x700, 5:7, ClipboardImage.png)


Finally my Shota bodyguard can beat full grown adults



Rip lol, I'm a master hacker but I don't see a rep deduction from it.



Damn, should've done that from the beginning.


Did ya actually use it to make money? Because I was using that shit to make bank in the early game, then turns out the people REALLY fucking hate it.



I used to do it when I still had about 10 slaves but now that I have 52 of them I'm constantly training but no, I didn't rely on hacking to give me the money early game, I relied on whoring or the brothel.


File: a1959588e7d0e5b⋯.jpg (21.05 KB, 755x112, 755:112, 2019-03-15-17-33-23.jpg)

Just noticed this from the SF mod (again), pretty sure it meant 74%


As much as I like this game, I despise the idiot that makes the OP and the degenerate pictures he uses.



To be fair its not always degenerate pictures and its an attempt to change things up a bit for the community here. Some people are into it.



How do you get this game to run on Android?



Just go to the pre-compiled git link, scroll all the way down then download that one, voila, you're done, its in html format so it'll open in your browser (pressumably chrome)


File: 90b740f44e7fffe⋯.png (26.71 KB, 1021x300, 1021:300, 1.png)

current git, something wrong with growth


So, I've never tried bulk release and now that I have, I regret it. At least give the option to automatically name them??? Now I have 12 kids named your and bla bla bla's child.



Doh, my bad. Pull request made.


Would racial supremacy make more sense if all slaves of the chosen race have their slave status changed to indentured at some point during the development of the FS?

So they're not just property like the other races and thus clearly superior.



Unfortunately I haven't been able to work on it lately. With any luck I'll get some free time soon, though, and then I'll be able to work on it some more.


File: 78151cd31f3e2bf⋯.png (560.72 KB, 3762x1554, 627:259, Screenshot_20190316_002756.png)

File: 095e03103362080⋯.png (489.5 KB, 3780x1406, 1890:703, Screenshot_20190316_002733.png)

How about this? I've embedded a 3D model into it (makehuman).



Hmm… Maybe the left side instead? I play exclusively on mobile so I can't really test it.


>can't give PC natural giant dick and balls




As soon as someone commits to writing new variants for every single scene that makes a reference to his dick, it can happen.


A question if I may, has there been any talk about FC Revivalism-related make up?


Anyone know of a fix for end of the week hyper pregnancy labor simply giving a black, blank screen?

I was wondering what was causing my game to just give me a blank screen at the end of each week, but then I did a c-section and it works again. Apparently hyper preg stuff breaks the game?



I dunno, I don't use hyper pregnancy but when I have massive amounts of slaves I'd get a black screen for a few seconds (maybe 10-30 seconds) then it'll finish loading. It might be that.



I am working for it, writting the text and all but the dev needs to implement a base code into the game that can be referenced with dick size and such. Otherwise it will never be done.


Going to do a New Zealand/Australian slaves only Arabian Revivalism run, in solidarity with Christchurch



good luck in your run



Should probably post examples of your work here first. In a pastebin, preferably.



High rep removes any career deductions, just power through til that point. I think some events need rep modifications with the new system in place, even as low as 10k some event choices will only give you ~8 rep. I like the new system but lots of one-time events are kind of pointless now. Major plot victories give you several hundred, maybe 1.5k rep maximum at even mediocre reputation for that point in the game. Wouldn't mind bumping those up to 20-40 for small events and x2 or so for stuff like the daughters victory or rival defeat.



That was discussed during its addition. The naming code was very incompatible with it.


It's probably the autosave hanging and not throwing an error for whatever reason. There was a tweak to increase allotted memory earlier that will alleviate.



Keep in mind that there are certain limits placed on how large the PC is allowed to go for gameplay/logical reasons. The current ball levels are considered outside that range.


This is the part where while you are finding what needs to be changed, you should be adding a check for dick size as well. $PC.dick should be used for this instead of being just 0 1.



How was the rep system reworked, other than just generally making it harder to get high rep? Also, I noticed that the +rep policies don't seem to show as impacting rep in the end of week reports, did the way they work change?


File: bf5ec1e0deda73f⋯.png (367.01 KB, 739x603, 739:603, c09.png)


The game about hyperpreg futa 1400lb whores with cybernetic limbs who masturbate with crucifixes while fucking their loli grandchildren who are permanently immobilized as mindbroken cows in order to fund your racist eugenics religion shouldn't have degenerate OPs.


Rep gains from all sources scale down as you get higher. +rep policies are in there, they're either in the reputation tab or under personal business iirc.



20-40 is still completely pointless. Weekly loss of reputation means event rep rewards disappear quickly, if they aren't large enough to push you over next the rep threshold then there's no benefit at all.

It really seems like the entire new rep system was built without understanding that weekly reputation losses based on current rep is already a thing.


File: 83e7210013a8a71⋯.png (174.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Very strange bug. I just had an impregnation wedding ceremony with this slave, and had no mention of it taking her virginity. Now I have this event in the same end of week, and it says this option will take her virginity.



That ceremony should take virginity. Will review later.



Nvm, it said virginity but it meant anal virginity, so not so strange of a bug.



There's lots of really minor events, though. They were always pretty crap in the rep department. Unsurprisingly, they are still crap.

1.5k rep for a big one is nothing to sneeze at, though.


>It really seems like the entire new rep system was built without understanding that weekly reputation losses based on current rep is already a thing.

I am well aware and it was reduced quite a bit.

I've suggested removing or further reducing the impact of reputation decay, but I believe pregmodder wanted to wait and see before making any further moves.

General feedback suggests things are going alright, but with more time and feedback we will be able to make it better.



I see, will add anal to that warning later then.



20-30 would be a hell of a lot better than <10. And 1.5k is on the high end, so considering what you've done 750 is pretty pathetic.


We need more lolis to serve and to protect…. never touch them…. just keeping them safe from a distance…. *pls insert Bette Midler Soundtrack*



What did you do and what was your rep at the time?

If you believe there's an issue I'd like to know more specifics.


File: d3354ef172aa630⋯.swf (195.13 KB, free-cities-20190316-09030….swf)



I'm getting the black screen for a normal pregnancy, with autosave disabled. Latest Twine version, save file attached. Pregnant slave is in the clinic.



The repeatable events from the original dev were up to +1000 rep. The fact that all the new events give crap rep is just one more thing that indicates pregmodder doesn't even slightly understand the rep mechanic, and should either stop fucking with it, or completely remove and replace it with something he actually does understand.

>General feedback suggests things are going alright




10802 + milk slave in public = 10825, for example. Opera gave me ~70. Will play more later. Once you reach into the 15000s it shrinks even more.


Rep also does a lot more and the original game was always in alpha with plenty of changes to balance. 1000+ for repeatable events with an unscaled system is for babies. I'm just hoping for a bit more from events, I like how it works weekly. Go play an older release.


>Get breast-fed by my own daughter

wtf I love anarcho-capitalism



On the one hand I understand you want these things to do something. On the other, perhaps events like those should just be considered flavor and any benefit a bonus. If you already have a certain reputation, the people come to expect things from you and the reward is just not there anymore, you know?

I suppose it comes down to how meaningful we feel these events should be. It wouldn't be a huge deal mechanically to up their gains, but these small events may not 'deserve' it relatively to the more unique ones, you know?



Have you seriously deluded yourself into thinking degenerate pictures are inappropriate for this fucking game?



neck yourself



You make it sound like you could simply farm those events for rep. The repeatable ones are all random chance. It's not really going to significantly affect the difficulty of the random low-chance events have a higher payoff.


File: 4b36b7b616bf178⋯.png (856.67 KB, 750x914, 375:457, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyway to customize what kinda people are in your Knights/Merc squad? I want my kill squad of Trap/Shota soldiers.



Not the same anon, but you can definitely swing the rng in your favor depending on how you've got your slaves set up. I can proc Opera/Poker Night on a bi-weekly basis pretty easily, for example. Having/not having certain things, etc, can limit the total event pool a fair bit.

That said, late game rep gains are kinda crap, and I've found it trends to either: 'Slowly losing rep' or 'So far into late-game that rep is no longer an issue', without much in between. May just be my perception of it, though.


File: 9b4f685ec5f6415⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 434x308, 31:22, 1395399908963.jpg)

>only a few countries have male names

I can help add a few. Maybe 2-3 more countries. I'll just google the names though.




No but it's a good idea.



It has to be their original name, not just customizing their slave name. It's unrealistic that male slaves used to be a carpenter, a mob boss and a police officer, and their names are Alexa, Philippa and Lucy.



I meant copy names from the name generator into the game code. If you are looking for names to add to the game just add a hundred or so random names from each country/language.




Speaking of birth names though, I should be able to set the birth surname of incubator slaves, or optionally allow one to be chosen automatically based on parentage.



Twine version, you say? That suggests a bad passage. Will try to find it.


Hi guys, I just recenlty downloaded the latest release and the game seems to not be contuining after week 2.



Twine or git version? I'm getting sporadic reports of this and need to isolate it better.



Just tested the latest Git version, it seems to be working perfectly so I'd assume it's Twine.





Either of you trying to use the RA by chance?



Scratch that, it is seBirth for some reason.


so I've taken to buying and fixing slaves from the flesh heap but surgery doesn't seem to take their tightness anywhere below loose, is there a way to fix that?


Pregmod v2.2.5.



-code cleaning

-CSS tweaks to intro summary

This also makes sure that seBirth is in the right place. So no more endWeek hang on the twine version.


I think the tightening enemas might be able to bring them down to tight.



thanks man, not to be a bother, but where do I find those?


Does the rumor removal policy do anything for that -rep for slave marriage?







so guys, I'm kind of new and using the git version, how often should I update it?



As often as you'd like lol, for myself I update it daily (sometimes twice a day) through the pre-compiled github.



Check the changelog and see if you want anything, it's usually not a big deal either way, but if you want to report bugs make sure you're on the latest version. If you catch something and post it here it will likely be fixed in a few hours.



I'm using Firefox



Yes it does, I'l go make it clearer though.



I have said repeatably, it seems to be random as I experienced it yet another dev did not even with the same save and branch (clearing browser state does not help, annoyingly). Hopefully I can eventually find at least of the caused though.


The script checks every 15m so it is the absolute latest when several new commits are made within that time frame.



any news about the nursery?



File: cdce2dfe7e81a90⋯.jpg (495.69 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, tKIJ02f.jpg)

Taking bets on the next general topic. Pantsu edition? Close Air Support Edition? War Rigs and Mother's milk?



does it break anything too much tho?



No clue. Waiting 'til it's a bit further along myself.


is it possible to import slaves during character creation?


Does that outside general storyline ever go anywhere? Is there a way to read event plotline type stuff outside actually playing through it?



Keep helping him out and he'll eventually become the leader of a vassal state and give you a bunch of menials every week.


in the optimal slave sheet what do the numbers on intelligence mean? are they the steps above moronic or average?



I'm not sure what you are talking about exactly, but the numeric values on intelligence range from -100 to +100 (actually you can get as high as +130 with education). 0 is most likely average on whatever you are looking at.


how the hell do you change or get cumTap?


Something's been bugging me about the "ball expansion fetish" version of the rival arcology owner for the longest time, and I just figured out what. The capture event generates a rival with massive testicles but not a matching ballsack. As a result, the rival ends up with an "agonizingly overfilled scrotum" practically forever.

My brain didn't parse what was happening because art checks for and displays ballsack sizes, so I just thought there was an inherent bug with the rival being generated in a way that skirted the rules. But no, pretty much the same thing happens during startup. If you switch a custom slave between female and male without explicitly setting up a ballsack, you end up with a sackless slave. I think the same thing may be happening here - the rival's ballsack isn't being set up by the event, and only comes into existence in weekly summary due to the tremendous pressure from the balls.

As an aside, dangerously overfilled ballsacks should probably pose more health risk, similarly to dangerous pregnancies. As of right now, their only negative effect is on the slave's sex drive - well, and immobilizing the slave without displaying the cause, because massive testicles are internal and the art shows ballsacks instead.



Will take a look. You may be on to something.




1. It was setting .scrotum to 1. .balls to 300 and .scrotum to 1. Going to move it to 280, as the rival was going hard on the drugs. Also will note deepmurk that the vector art needs to use .balls as long as .scrotum is not 0.



Rules Assistant seems to be fucked in this version, trying to access it gives you following message.

>Error: setup.vaginalAttachments is undefined

and only the "Activation Condition" part appears. You also get the same end result if you try to add a new rule.



Try running BC.


File: e23fa937edd3384⋯.png (1.04 MB, 3748x1848, 937:462, Screenshot_20190316_182450.png)

File: c4b68c6f125c7d1⋯.png (932.8 KB, 3752x1736, 67:31, Screenshot_20190316_182744.png)

I've been playing with using a 3D more, using the twine variables set the various properties.

Its all dynamic. Here are different visual ages for example.

Is there any interest in this? I'm not sure how much to continue on it.


File: e1f7f019557c138⋯.png (1000.41 KB, 3284x1720, 821:430, Screenshot_20190316_183120.png)

Now she just reached 80. Life was not kind to her.



>Is there any interest in this?

Not to denigrate your work, but I'm firmly in the '3D renders are usually abominations' camp. But if you're enjoying yourself, you should continue; I'm sure someone will like it.



I actually agree with you. I've pushed to: https://gitgud.io/Stuffedgame/fc-pregmod/tree/makehuman and will leave it for now.


Could someone explain all of these different render options please, whether they have any support for pregmod additions, and where to download them?


When compiling from git, the artwork doesn't work because the html file is put into the bin/ folder.

How about outputting the html file into the root folder instead, so that the artwork actually works?



How about just moving the file yourself? So long as it's in the same folder as the resources folder, it'll work just fine.

I personally move both the .html and resources to a different folder entirely, to keep it cleaner and let me keep my own documents and such with them.



> So long as it's in the same folder as the resources folder, it'll work just fine.

You mean the top level folder, no? The web page references images like resources/render/foo.png

> How about just moving the file yourself?

Because why not just get the script to do that step, and have it work straight out of the box?

Would you be up changing the compile scripts to put the output html into ./ instead of ./bin ? It shouldn't affect you if you move them anyway, no?




Thanks for the fix, dude


File: 0a265dada6f66e6⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 729x1000, 729:1000, 2 (3).jpg)

File: 883dcdfa143af7c⋯.jpg (54.87 KB, 720x972, 20:27, 2 (4).jpg)

File: 0a0fb0b5183e503⋯.jpg (194.19 KB, 634x820, 317:410, 2 (1).jpg)

File: fb9aea125925f22⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 2 (2).jpg)


How about: Wife Duties or Male Supremacy?



Those first two pictures are quite nice, do you have a mega upload collection you can share?


Why are the breast sizes in the vector art so absurdly wrong compared to both reality and their text descriptions?

Text: 500cc, moderate C cups my dude.

Vector art: Each breast is larger than her head.



Does it break anything outside of the Nursery? No. Is it still fairly buggy and lacking content? Extremely.


That's what I've been wondering, to be honest.


In introSummary, concerning the economy, Hard should be changed to Very Hard for the following line:

<<option 67 "Hard">>



And pregnant bellies. An adult carrying a single child ends up looking like someone fucked a teenager into her by her 30th week or so.

This should be a simple tweak on some if/case statements. Does anyone know where these are handled?


Game-breaking bug: at least one random event breaks during the week-end, causing the game to start cycling through all of the possible events on its own, not allowing input from the player. The one event I've found that causes this is event where you can buy in to that event where you shoot the slaves with a taser or whatever.


File: 59abed9226e89be⋯.swf (140.11 KB, buggedSave.save.swf)


Here's a save file for testing.

Simply end the week and skip to the events.


Anyone got a comparison guide for the tit-shapes? I'm having a bit of a hard time picturing them in my head. And is there anything better in an arcology than corrupting family members into incest over time? I only wish it had more content.




Wait, never mind, scratch that - turns out I was using a compiled version of one of my dev branches. Time to do some bug hunting, I guess.



I wish, but search David Dubnitskiy, he's the photographer, guy is a genius.


After enslaving the "anchorBaby" criminal, the slave slave summary is incoherent.

>She has given birth a total of 2 times; none of them happening within Arcology X-4

>You sentenced her to enslavement as a punishment for smuggling slaves within her body.

She technically gave birth within my arcology


Been wondering for a while, is the price for when customizing your slaves at the start of a new game just a bit janky or does it use some weird cross referencing with other attributes I just can't get my head around?

Sometimes increasing skills has no price effect at all and on other characters changing from basic to unskilled reduces the price massively.

Also how many points can you bump intelligence through education? Is it 1 point from uneducated to educated and a second point from educated to well educated?



Skill levels during slave creation have something of a ratcheting system, so the price won't always increase or decrease with every inc/decrease of skill, just every 2 or 3. Also, if a slave is extremely valuable due to other factors, you will probably see bigger jumps from that sort of thing.

… but yes, it is also pretty janky.

As for intelligence, it hasn't worked like that in ages. Education doesn't actually change intelligence at all anymore, it just sits on top as a bonus. To be specific, intelligence is a 1-100 scale now, and education a 0-30; any checks that would previously have checked raw intelligence now check (intelligence + education). You can see those numbers if you turn on Granular Slave Stat Numbers under Summary Options.



So if I have 70 intelligence and 30 education, it's the same as 100 intelligence?

Is 100 intelligence and 30 education even better or does it cap out at 100?


guys? how much of your money get's tranfered during NG+?



(reposted for clarity)

Yes, 70+30 has the same effects as 100+0.

No, functional intelligence does not cap at 100; 100 + 30 = 130, which the is best possible intelligence score.




Thanks, I was just reading from the FAQ in the OP but I guess it's a bit outdated.


File: b45de9aac9fe192⋯.png (1.16 MB, 884x1150, 442:575, ClipboardImage.png)

is this furry?


is there a way to erase the self hatred trait?


Is it possible to succeed in this game whilst only keeping a maximum of ~20 slaves? Last time I played I had well over a hundred and it made the game boring because I couldn't really use my imagination relating to their peculiarities.


File: 8a88e3c6f9ad10d⋯.jpg (26.4 KB, 260x830, 26:83, Hangmans_Noose.jpg)



Maybe use the market or train 5 more to buy/sell. But with a really successful market, you can get intelligent, 95-beautiful, titan tall, naturally lactating slaves for 33k each that you wouldn't limit yourself with just 20 slaves.


earnings from selling porn get kind of ridiculous if you apply it to every slave you own. Not that I'm complaining


I wish I could watch the porn



I haven't updated since before the reputation changes but I try to keep my number of slaves under 30 and I do fine.


I'm using the last Git version and pregnancy only work with "Harvest and implant an egg". Impregnate yourself or with another slave options doesn't even show up. Family tree isn't working either.



Several reasons. /bin is ignored by git, so custom art and things like that will never be affected by it. The external resources aren't a main focus, but it is understood that some may wish to use them, which is why they are kept stored in the /resources folder.




There is a system, of some sort, in place that increases the price based on the number of good attributes taken.


Will poke around.


File: a241c8f5f5b0dcd⋯.png (22.61 KB, 309x543, 103:181, G769Ke.png)

>playing without images for some time

>finally turn it on to take a look at some slaves

>tfw my best slave in the Holy Cow Dairy looks like this



Tfw you need a team of lesser slaves to wipe your ballsweat.


File: 1048c8a6dec87b7⋯.png (516.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (305).png)

File: 1ba97f73a0788e1⋯.png (530.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (306).png)

File: 13aa20ac97922df⋯.png (433.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (307).png)

The first slave had the buy my sister event. I got her sister, but her art is busted.


ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.



has anyone managed to switch a slave who is an emotional slut to being bonded to you? Or vice versa? I've been trying for ages by giving them a place in the master suite, but nothing happens…



They should be capitalized. There are some instances where grammatically it would make more sense not to but capital is still applicable in all of them and trying to do half and half would be autistic. At the moment, the default name for your assistant after it asks is "your personal assistant", which is incorrect when it starts a sentence. This obviously applies to any similar title ("your monitor", "your adjutant", "your AI companion", etc.). If we're going to go after capitalization, I'd say that could use work before anyone delves into the mess that would be searching for even more instances of your personal title needing to be properly reverted to upper-case in only certain spots from the default lower-case.



That is actually a good point since <<Master>> often starts sentences.


File: 050a31363047c42⋯.png (765.4 KB, 1000x1142, 500:571, ClipboardImage.png)

>Make arcology

>Make Master as young as possible

>MILF policy and slave milking

Still waiting for that PC customization. So close yet so far.



Make Arcology in Africa*


File: 6355bee70068f03⋯.png (13.26 KB, 1000x200, 5:1, CanAttend.png)

File: 1e9f0ee334b3a83⋯.swf (368.66 KB, CanAttend.save.swf)

Current Git version, BC applied: an error is triggered at the end of the week, after I create the Special Force.

Save attached. From the JS console:

Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: Cannot read property 'CanAttend' of undefined
<<if $SF.Toggle && $SF.Active >= 1 && $SF.MercCon.CanAttend > -1 && $SF.MercCon.CanAttend > -2>> <<set $SF.MercCon.CanAttend = -1>> <</if>>
I think the code line is the 51st of src/SpecialForce/WeeklyChoices.tw. Apologies if you are already aware of the bug.


File: 48ba7027695850c⋯.jpg (702.92 KB, 990x700, 99:70, 1534466320062.jpg)


>War Rigs and Mother's milk?

More reason to be rich would be good, at the risk of turning this into a business sim.



What's wrong with a business sim?



That would be solved by using <<= capFirstChar()>> as needed.



Then that forces anybody using a title starting with a lowercase for any reason to use an uppercase.



Literally the opposite.



>implying it's not



Nothing really because I have spent more time trying to build my corporation up than jacking it to my slaves lately. I really wish the money making part of the game was less addicting because I swear I spend more time with my dick in my hand looking at numbers going up than I do when my slaves come to beg me to fuck them.


File: bd29f0f7a56c695⋯.png (343.96 KB, 1000x1029, 1000:1029, bldg.png)







Your Head Girl can fix self-hatred like any other paraphilia. Just check the box in Head Girl Management.


File: dd12839ce5bd173⋯.png (147.96 KB, 285x267, 95:89, 1552780807221.png)


i know exactly how you feel




This is only natural to me. The weirdos obsessing over slaves and trying to treat them like people or marry them and shit are the strange ones.



>occasionally she asks in vain.


Fuckable nipples option missing while in fuckdoll suit

Amputees "self-molest" when being nipple fucked despite armlessness, "stand" in fuckdoll suits, etc

Surgical release from suit states Extract " + $him + "

Womb/ovaries cannot be altered while pregnant but removing pussy allows you to remove them entirely and installation of various fertility implants is allowed

Setting predetermined child locataion to breeder school does not add to the actual count of children sent (stated at week end report)

Brothel customers are capped at 210, club isn't, not sure why it's capped at that in the first place, should be closer to 250 in my opinion (they're sex slaves working all day with "each of their holes often filled with more than one dick", 30 a day would mean each slave works 3 hours MAX by a really lenient estimate)

Royal family event: prince is almost always prettier than the princess, I guess the game is trying to offset the dick attractiveness detriment

Desperate pregnant: "I know I'm not that pretty" but face can go to very high levels



Running backwards compatibility generally fixes busted art in my experience.



Will see what I can fix.


File: 81c24885ee8c747⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 568x416, 71:52, american-restoration.jpg)


Personally the big draw of this game for me is fixing up the disobedient piles of ugly, broken trash I get from the markets and events into something profitable, money is more a supplement to that. It's just too easy to come by at a certain point, especially if you have the special forces mod going. Also making your own brainwashed clone and turning him into your own personal fuckslave it is hilarious to me.



>making your own brainwashed clone and turning him into your own personal fuckslave

my entire harem is usually this plus the rival sans limbs being passed around like a fleshlight



Fuckdolls would need a variant for the nip fuck scene. I'm not seeing anything stand out in said scene for amps though. Everything is gated behind an amp check. Also fuckdolls can stand and walk (if able), just not by choice.


When it says the gene lab can create treatments to alter a slave's genetic code where is that at exactly?


I still want to be able to customize my family tree at the start without necessarily adding a slave



Meant to type 350, not 250. Assuming more than one cock = an average of 3 at any given time and that they work all day (let's use 8 for this example but realistically it'd be above 10), and assuming that she has two foursomes an hour (regular gangbangs are the flavor output for ~20 a day so realistically more than one cock would be closer to a 6p minimum), we get 6 customers an hour x 8 hours = 42 a day = 294 a week. When you spell it out like that, 210 could be accomplished by a mildly motivated slave in two days.


Fair nuff. Dolls have one or two mentions of standing that aren't gated behind an amp check though.


The black market sells shit like controlled cancer and loli disease

You can store unlimited menials in the security HQ, bypassing menial pens

Gender Traditionalist is used as an alternative to Fundamentalist in some places, not sure why they're not standardized

Still looking for more.



oh, that sucks, i thought i could make shit like the white serum from iron sky and turn my negros into aryans



All those fuckcounts are being reconsidered right now so they are likely to change over the coming weeks, so I'm not too concerned with them. You'd have to point out locations where amps "stand" though, it'd be too much time wasted digging through code to find them without a lead.


You'll be able to do that with designer children to an extent. It is intended to be able to give slaves genetic quirks, but that is on hold until the full set is completed. Next planned quirk is superfetation.



better than nothing i guess


am I retarded? How come there's very little to research in the research lab? Also, how do you actually attach stuff like tails/neural interfaces?



The research lab is a subset of cybermod, which ended up somewhat gutted by vanilla. Those get attached in the remote surgery I think.


where do I go to find the events list, I remember doing it once, but I'm pretty sure it was in a different git



At the end of week: Ritsu Sekigawa takes the week off. ${He} has nothing to do but stand in place." Didn't notice the pronoun error before.


You can buy a single cybernetic module and reverse engineer it to get the schematic for a lot cheaper. It destroys the part though. Besides that, no, it's not much of a research lab at the moment. To attach, slap on the interface in remote surgery and pop on limbs and tails in "configure cybernetics".


In-game, it comes up at the end of the week in cheat mode only.

Trick shot night just made me spend 500k on bullets and apparently beating every merc doesn't require any combat experience whatsoever. I know it's a copy of the poker night event but it needs a fix.

Simple typo in the SF end of week bit. "your accounts.The rapidly degrading" missing that space.

3 year old prepubescent lolis with no body hair have it fall out during the virus administration reaction. In the slave description for her it says "always have a loli/shota body" which should be a check vs genitals.

Attempting to implant ears onto a slave from the main screen returns "Error: unrecognized organ." not sure if this happens with earless slaves, the one I tried had functional ones. There's an unnecessary space after the slave's name in "completed an organ for [Slave] , which is ready" and after the eye color in the slave desc (errors on heterochromia too but that might have been fixed recently).

Having a pair of unshaped ears (do those look like gross human ears poking out where an animal's would be?) does not show up in the slave's desc. My slave was happy to get those "cute" things attached but incredibly fearful when I shaped them into something not hideous. She's also appreciative of my surgical skill when I trap her in a fuckdoll suit.

Slaves being able to remove their own support bands clogs up the PA tracker.

Getting a NaN error:



Not sure what the cause is or if it's been reported/solved before.

"japanese" in the tail purchase area should be capitalized.

In slave description for virginal fuckdolls, male attraction is erroneously measured by "when a dick enters one of her lower holes".



I legit cracked open the entire list of events in notepad and looked through them, but I'll give it a shot



Nursery related errors are not a concern until it becomes more functional. Will get to work on the rest.



Oh, in files. fc-predmod-master\src. They're a bit mixed around but I think most are in uncategorized. "Events" doesn't actually contain anything besides the intro.


Oh. "cribs". Makes sense. Thanks.



Did they split the events up for preg's git or was it always like this

I need to find the events that involve a female master


I think another anon mentioned this before in a previous thread, but I'm expanding in case it helps find a fix:

There's definitely something wrong with the Rules Assistant applying "Build Muscle" and "Slim Down." If there is anything in the Physical Regimen Settings > "Slave diets" text box other than "no default setting" for any rule applied to a slave - regardless of the rule's relative priority - target muscle ratings take a back seat for that slave.



I always play with just one slave.

Post last edited at


In the code, do we have any variable for a template slave, or default slave or something? I'm want to do <<slaveArt $anyslave>> just simply to show what the art looks like.

I tried to do it on $PC, but it doesn't have all the properties set that slave does.



It's going to be dependent on where you place it as the base slave is built as needed from a schematic. It's in /js/slaveState.js.

For the most part, $activeSlave will probably return something.


File: 0efbb80ccabff19⋯.png (7.48 KB, 789x223, 789:223, Capture.PNG)

Running BC on a relatively new game. Pulled and compiled from git just now



Fixed in my pull request


File: 2b746b8e42ffa7e⋯.png (21.33 KB, 282x602, 141:301, corrupt.png)

wtf is this



Tentacle guro ?



A slave with a C-section who was pregnant with eight slaves.


File: f318ac6de22d980⋯.png (119.41 KB, 1624x940, 406:235, Capture.PNG)

Image not showing for event purchasing sister



Image showed as broken after purchase as well, but was fixed by running BC.


File: 2630d87ec937e37⋯.png (75.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Ran backwards compatibility because I was having a similar error to >>326628, and pic related happened.


Do the new bullet vibrators etc have any effect? I can't see any text on it on slave description


File: e4a095cbab5afa7⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 640x272, 40:17, thing.jpg)


Someone in this Arcology ain't what he appears to be.



Genestealer cult uprising event when?


How do you attract millionaires and other rich people? Does it have any real effect on anything except rent?



Prosperity and luxury apartments. And no, just rents.


Is there any reason that every time I get the event to have my garrison capture one of three prestigious slaves it fails?



save scum



When you own the entire place, is it even "rent" anymore? Wouldn't it be rightly called "taxes?"



It's still technically an apartment building.


File: 1b86d02446f1b88⋯.jpg (34.85 KB, 490x337, 490:337, peasent-cottage.jpg)


Peasants' quarters on crown lands



Seems to be a WIP alternative to the smart piercing, don't think it's functional yet.



Bullshit! That an alien invasion, bro.


File: 30aeda5bd7e298c⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 417x600, 139:200, post-1506-0-46658600-13915….jpg)



How do we know it hasn't already happened? Some of these slaves ain't fuckin human.



Correct - they'll enhance the effects of smart piercings (and will give an alternative to the smart piercings for the Body Purists) once I wrap them up (which shouldn't be too long hopefully).


what's up with that last downloadable appearence for the personal assitant? Does it do anything if I leave it on for long enough or is it purely cosmetic?


I don't see a point in putting a slave with the head girl.

It takes her dozens of weeks to actually get the slave to a usable devotion level. Is it just to get the head girl to get into a relationship with a girl of your choice?



It's to let her have something to play with and alter to her tastes.


File: 3d6265f48040faa⋯.png (568.79 KB, 900x950, 18:19, she_who_thirsts_by_techmag….png)


Temple of Slaanesh facility when?



the slave gives your head girl 1 extra action for the week eg. she can soften a flaw and teach another girl about oral.



if the slave is devoted



Aren't all free cities kind of that way?



The opulent incestuos fuckpit with dickgirls, lolis, and boatloads of narcotics arent' enough?


File: 73a3d06c5f3a43d⋯.png (242.69 KB, 2057x1146, 2057:1146, Untitled-1.png)

Is there a way to restore body hair and eyebrows? Every now and then I'll get bugged slaves like this one that don't have eyebrows despite the fact that they haven't been surgically removed.


Why does generateGenetics use actor2 instead of actor2.ID in some places? Line 28, for example:

if (actor2 > 0) {



It's a full object. Sometimes you just need the ID and nothing more.



confirming, I get this too



So you could use just the ID as the parameter for generateGenetics()? How does that work?



Sorry, that was an error. Pushing a fix now.



Cosmetic. It's cute! Just wish it wasn't mainly focused on hyperpreg stuff.


I thought it influenced the citizen/slave ratio as well. I'd need a confirmation on that.


Raise it yourself. Toss an already-devoted slave in in the mean time. Shouldn't take more than 5 weeks using the standard optimal setup unless she's at -100 or something.



I doubt it affects the ratio, I only have 17% slave population with 143 millionaires.



man too bad.

how hard would be to make it so once that appearence is selected the game goes full lovecraft on you anyway?


Actually, why is prosperity being clamped to 300 every week, i.e. 30m? With maxed luxury apartments, the prosperity cap is 390. Shouldn't the next week clamp be set to the prosperity cap rather than a hard-coded 300?



Probably. The clamp is likely very out of date.


File: 9af70b1b748e490⋯.png (46.38 KB, 1252x410, 626:205, Technically not a bug.png)

Today on Low priority stuff no one will ever fix because who cares





Would it be worth shortening "$slaves[$i]"s down to "_slave"s?



That wouldn't cause any performance hits, would it?


WombInit() calls MissingParentIDCorrection(), and MissingParentIDCorrection() calls WombInit(). Is this intentional?



Depends. $slaves[$i] allows direct alterations to the slave array while _slave acts as a reference, less safe, in other words. For descriptions, it can be easier.



I don't ask anymore. I assume yes. Also this is why the womb system halted alternative wombs for now.




Just wondering if it's be worth shortening the "$slaves[$i]"s down.



For the most part no. Especially during the endWeek loop where it is used to easily keep tabs on the slave in the loop, given how many files that make it up.

Outside of the loop, one should consider using a temp variable instead of $i. Still better to directly modify the array though unless it is a read only case.



On second thought, not concerned with fixing this as it is going to get wiped out with male slaves.


RESS for an aphrodisiac addicted slave event, one with "make an example via massive dose" and "caring sex" options. Second option shows up labeled as taking virginity for a slave with only anal virginity. Resolution text doesn't reference which hole is used; slave is still an anal virgin the following week.





The recent commit to REFI.tw went and asploded; the page churns when rendering, constantly attempting to update things, and complaining about unmatched tags.


File: e9d4a1c83590556⋯.swf (355.21 KB, dafuq.save.swf)


Not the same anon, but here's a save.



Dammit. I was afraid of that. I'll push a fix shortly.


File: fe1d6807aba3a81⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 300x470, 30:47, stock-photo-portrait-of-a-….jpg)

File: 837141e9f659484⋯.jpg (92 KB, 733x1080, 733:1080, bbec58e991daf43dccdeca2afe….jpg)

Will my bodyguard recieve scars during deadly pit fights?


Any plans to add a scene or sex option that allows us to fuck female slaves in front of their sons/former-lovers/husbands, etc?

Now that it seems male slaves will finally be in the game in a pretty decent form, I think it would be cool to add fetishist ways to interact with them that don't necessarily involve fucking them.


File: d86e23cc1966c40⋯.png (64.96 KB, 1096x259, 1096:259, ClipboardImage.png)

Why is it that princesses from the prestigious auction are 'extremely prestigious' while all three royals from the royal blood event are 'very prestigious', added prestige from the slave school she comes from?



So basically reverse cucking? Interesting.



To cuckold, not to be cuckolded. The "cuck" is the one getting cuckolded.


Since slave deaths in the demographics/arcology management screen are already implemented, how difficult would it be to implement slave births as well as citizen births/deaths?



So, what triggers this slave? I see it on my files as well.


Can I raid the neighbouring arcologies with my mercs?



Isn't that just the corrupt option Personal Assistant image?



File: 9f96534eacf4d93⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1327094652748.png)

File: c8e547bb98cbd31⋯.jpg (785.16 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1342488749373.jpg)

File: 743029d4cfbc281⋯.jpg (338.9 KB, 1024x956, 256:239, 1396572658039.jpg)

File: 4a19bdabf480647⋯.jpg (516.86 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, citywp.jpg)


I always thought of urban arcologies as existing in a mash-up of cyberpunk and brighter more colorful mirror's edge type cities.

The arcologies themselves would be like those old school sim city structures, but less ugly.



i like making my mother a virgin and being her first time


File: 43b18f1ef871823⋯.jpg (23.61 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 47b.jpg)

So am I the only retard that thought a ravine arcology was some underwater bioshock kind of city?

It wasn't until I stopped jerking it enough to actually closely read the flavor text that I realized it was just a city in the grand canyon or something.



That's the only thing this game is missing, an underwater arcology and an outer space arcology.



>get attacked in space arcology

>just a squad of people in space suits banging on the door to the airlock

>ignore them to instantly win

Do it

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