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File: a7fd4c03b3453a5⋯.jpg (131.71 KB, 657x986, 657:986, gk8ggvJMOS3m9wtiUBJTSMjj02….jpg)




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Due to the recent daily site wide spam the BO has set the 'Maximum number of threads per hour boardwide' to 0 (Edit: 29/05, Ron recently updated the option to make a lot more sense).

This has now been reverted back to five (the previous value).

Yes that might mean the spammer has won however on the flip side if his spam is ignored and allow to sit (e.g. >>>/co/) one can also suggest that he has won as well.

Feel free to discuss Meta stuff ITT.

If you have to privately contact the current BO: hggbo@airmail.cc

Or look at the contact us page for the emails of the vols.This thread may be periodically edited/updated.

Previous meta threads:


III: https://archive.fo/tms0p

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I: https://archive.is/eqWQU


>Why isn't this thread stickied?

Because we assume you can use ctrl+f and locate it. Stickying would clutter the front page.

>Why was I banned? I didn't break any rules?

Please refer to the rules, or posts in the thread around the same time you were banned. Most of the vols will archive why they banned someone, sometimes they won't post the ban so as not to clutter the thread, sometimes they don't archive. They usually have a good reason for banning you and will respond if asked though.

>I shouldn't have been banned!

Report it to one of the vols. All of our emails are in the contact section. If the ban is less than 8 hours, you might not get a response. If you legit shouldn't have been banned, the issue will typically be quickly resolved.

>Why are some bans visible in the thread while some only appear in the logs?

Personal preference of the vol. Sometimes a public statement makes it clear that we're super serious or are just fucking around, but sometimes a quiet ban is preferable if it's irrelevant to the current discussion/thread.

>Some vols only give short five minute bans while others give 8+ hour bans!

Each vol has their own way of dealing with bannable offenses. Some of us take a laxer approach than others, such as editing posts and giving warning bans for first-time offenders, but that's not guaranteed and is a personal preference, not a requirement. Don't take it for granted. We all take a hardline stance on repeat offenders more or less. Just consider it the luck of the draw and a risk you're going to have to take if you violate the rules. It's not our fault if you didn't read the rules page linked on the front page.

Edit: To make it more clear, 8 hours is what the bans are generally supposed to be for first offenses.

>I'm not receiving a reply! My report is going unnoticed!

If you don't immediately receive a reply, its because we usually will let a few posts stack up before replying. We also work or go to school, so while some of us check the thread during the day, we might not be able to respond to something in a ten or thirty minute break unless it requires an immediate and brief response.

>Can I make a thread about X?

You can make a thread about anything really so long as it follows the OP quality rule. Threads that are completely unrelated to porn or are furry/NTR are likely to get the B&D treatment though.

>I'm an X, so why can't I namefag?

Read the rules.

>Why aren't old threads just left up?

Because it would clutter the board and kick dead but reviveable threads off the board entirely. An exception has been made to keep the previous thread up for a little while, but not forever.

>Why are some threads purged while other threads left up?


<Dev interactivity and non-shitposting activity for the threads will be considered when deciding to delete it or not after the time period for 0.0001 alpha games (currently set to two weeks since the last post).

Some vols take a more liberal stance than others on this rule's application, but basically pump-and-dump threads will be deleted after two weeks while threads that had lots of activity or quality OPs will generally be left up after two weeks so as to allow further discussion down the line.

On 3/29: Furfags and Cuckshit have been given a soft ban. Please read: >>330674 Please use another board for such content. Options include but are not limited to…



Post last edited at



>On 3/29: Furfags and Cuckshit have been given a soft ban

Wait, doesn't that include CoC?

On a side note, i have no problems with games that have NTR in them, however i do have a problem with games mostly about NTR

Albeit, I personally prefer games which have NTR in them to allow you to dodge the NTR or content, or just disable it through toggle. Games that force you through NTR are terrible unless you can get revenge

I will however hold on to the belief that NTR as a fail state in games shouldn't be considered an NTR game so long as the win condition isnt NTR.


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but….

what is that game where you have girl in your basement and you have X days to train her to be obedient and you shitpost about her training on 2ch?

the core game loop is you lewd her until her endurance runs out and then you wait until the next day



>Wait, doesn't that include CoC?

See >>331000.


>I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but….

Technically, >>16620 would have been a lot more ideal but what done, is already done.

>what is that game where you have girl in your basement and you have X days to train her to be obedient and you shitpost about her training on 2ch?

I am 99.999% certain that is the 'Sealed Room Breed' series.


5th for cuck-tan is CUTE and needs autistic/artistic representation.



What about games like Seeds of Chaos which are obviously intended to be rampant cuckshit but they make it "opt out" so they can argue it's optional when someone criticizes them?

I think it's a "I know it when I see it" situation with a bit of leeway for personal/vol interpretation.





>The thing a lot of people have raged and shitstormed over have been avoidable NTR/cucking

To be fair, the EraGames thread had a cuck infestation a ways back. The cucks got really pissed that a broken event that cucks the player was put on a toggle with the default being off. For context, this was one of the only events that wasn't on a toggle to begin with. You just had to accept that this rando fat ass would regularly ask to fuck your woman and would just take her anyway if you did anything but politely ask him to go away.

the thread had fairly regular complaints coming in about that exact event from people who had only recently picked up the game and didn't know about the event ahead of time, as well as complaints from people (me included) that didn't like that there was no way to permanently get rid of this guy who kept taking up event slots. Cucks started crying 'censorship' about their fetish having to play by the same rules as everyone else's and not being forced on everyone.


I'll be honest, I'd fuck both those dragons. I get why furry isn't okay here, and I agree with it, but I still think there is a tasteful side to the furry stuff. Like the difference between amazonian women and giantess porn. Similar concepts, but one taken to weird extremes that I just can't understand.

Still though, the furry 'community' is a pack of degenerates that ruin games with their shitty donut steel OCs.



The retarded sparkedog OCs have always been around in the furry fandom, but it seems to have gotten really insufferable in recent times. Between that and a bunch of prominent figures getting outed as pedos, the whole scene is just a giant dumpster fire.

Furries have historically been an invasive species, and that is true today more than ever. Cuckoldry should probably be treated the same way considering the fetish is oddly politicized now. God knows PC bullshit is the last thing we need here.



I'm not sure that you understand how internet communities work. You have to be proactive about cultivating the kind of content you want in your board, or else foreign bodies will take over.



>I think it's a "I know it when I see it" situation with a bit of leeway for personal/vol

That is the absolute worst way to do moderation.



Why? This isn't the fucking Hague, nobody here is Emmanuel Kant, nobody cares about intangible ideals of justice or whatever, we just want the right content.



More or less this. The current foreign bodies on this board long took over almost six months ago in my opinion though.




Because in the end the enforcement is arbitrary and inconsistent. On top of that you get constant arguments over interpretation and bitching about vols which leads to retards forming factions that fight with one another and turn everything to shit. It's none of the freedom that you want in a chan combined with all of the pointless shit-flinging that you find on social media.



So is the lore behind cuck-tan that she's so fucking thirsty for cock that her brain stopped working and she wants every man to solely focus on hording as many virgins as possible in order to maximize her chances of getting her holes filled?



You underestimate her. Cuck-tan’s autism is so severe she wouldn’t be able to get her hymen broken even if she was the last girl on earth.


File: d4971aee943014e⋯.jpg (110.75 KB, 773x785, 773:785, Except NTR.jpg)


>I think it's a "I know it when I see it" situation with a bit of leeway for personal/vol interpretation.

I think its a pretty bad idea to give the mods any kind of personal interpretation, but at the same time i know where you're coming from.

Technically I would think that seeds of chaos should be allowed as it contains shit that isn't NTR while at the same time makes NTR skippable.

Although I haven't played it since the very first build came out so i have no idea what methods they've put into to stop NTR.

Does every time a possible NTR scene comes up does it ask to you to skip it? because that would be fucking annoying

Also if the prelude to the cuck content is exactly the same, doesn't that mean you're still getting NTR'ed except you can't see the actual NTRing?

Honestly IMO it depends on how they block the NTR content in the game that determines whether its NTR or not, if the game includes content or dialogue that suggests that the NTR scene from before occurred, then its an NTR game. If the game contains unavoidable NTR that you can't get revenge for, its an NTR game. If the game starts with NTR but has no further NTR in it, maybe its not an NTR game?

Honestly i just feel like the anons asking for any kind of game that has NTR in it to be banned are actually being weak faggots.

IF there is NTR in a game in one of the threads, you should bully the cucks that want it.

Cucks are the lowest kind of human being, they NEED to be bullied, they deserve it, otherwise they and others will never know how fucking awful creatures they are.



eastern european stilted english pornography is cuckoldry definitely-not-from-/pol/ has been posting longer than that.



I don’t mind cucking being banned, except for how it raises questions on “what else are they going to ban” but fuck it, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

The problem comes when total fucking retards, and by that I mean one particular total fucking retard, comes and says that any woman being fucked by any man that isn’t explicitly a self-insert is cucking. Because that would preclude quite literally 95% of games on this board.



No one seriously listens to that fag.



>it's still cuckshit and allowing it will only attract more cucks. You are basically asking for cuck games to be allowed

This might be hard for you to understand, but there are games that aim to provide an audience for cuckolds, and there are games that have NTR content in them as a plot device or narrative tool.

I actually have no problem with a game with cuck content in it so long as most of the content is not cucked and you can skip/dodge/stop the cuck content that is there (and so long as it isn't alluded to further in the story). I mean gods knows how many games I've played that had, scat, dark skin and guro that I didn't mind so long as i wasn't forced to go through that literal and figurative shit.

Yes i know that NTR is sort of more indication of the type of person who wants this content and how subhuman they are whereas the others are just disgusting fetishes, but i still don't see why we can't just put them in their places when they come here Which they will even if cucked is absolutely banned, you're lying to yourself if you think cuckfags only exclusively play cuck games.

Its almost like you're afraid of dealing with them personally.

>Are you stupid or false flagging/virtue signalling?

I have no idea what you mean here.

what the fuck am I Falseflagging? Virtue signalling on /hgg/?

are you fucking retarded, do you not even understand what these words mean?

It sounds like you're just shitting the thread up with buzzwords you've heard.


Cucks can and will be bullied, cuck games that are overwhelmingly cuck content or force you to be cucked will not be allowed here, NTR can actually be a plot point or narrative device in a game which is why I don't want it banned otherwise we will never get a shield hero parody game and anon has no idea what certain 'buzzwords' mean.



Oh Boy, will there be furry cuckholdry?

I would play the fuck out of that just to see how far i could make it until i vomit



>NTR can actually be a plot point or narrative device in a game which is why I don't want it banned otherwise we will never get a shield hero parody game and anon has no idea what certain 'buzzwords' mean.

I think that little tidbit about a "10% exception" more or less covers this aspect.



>Not touched since 3/29

How about you give anons a reason to go there?



>I think that little tidbit about a "10% exception" more or less covers this aspect.

to be honest fam, I could play a game so long as its 70%+ not cucked

as soon as you get near a third it goes to shit

90% seems a bit rigid for games that are just starting out, will there be a leniency for incomplete games that havn't got at least 9 sex scenes that aren't of the NTR variety?

Wouldn't this mean i wont hear about the shield hero parody until its got at least 10 sex scenes?





This board seems lame as fuck and lacks content that exists here. What use would there be to split the userbase of /hgg/? It would make sense if the BO and vols were acting as retarded as (((Mark))), such as how successful the /k/-led /vg/ split has been mayorly due to (((Mark)))'s team complete incompetence at moderating /v/ to make it actually be about discussing videogames instead of webcomics, reddit and fucking blogposting. However, banning furries while being completely lax on nearly everything else, barring obvious crossniggers from Fag95 and v0.001 patreonshits advertising their garbage, is already complete opposite of what (((Mark))) does.

What is the point of this? Do you just want "/b/ but with hgames" or something? Isn't that already what /htg/ is, barring the focus on trainer games?



>Because in the end the enforcement is arbitrary and inconsistent.

That's the best part about community policing. Can you name a single instance of the moderation going awry here? No, because there is community trust, which is far more effective than hard and fast restrictive rules.

> On top of that you get constant arguments over interpretation and bitching about vols which leads to retards forming factions that fight with one another and turn everything to shit.

One autist REEEEEEing doesn't mean there is "constant arguments" nor will her autism actually be alleviated by concrete rules.

Case by case is best for small boards like this. Rules will just allow for autistic lawyering of said rules.



>So? You'd only be affected if you are a cuck yourself.

Everyone is affected when the board is swamped by retards like you calling each other cucks in every thread.



>That's the best part about community policing.

Moderation is not "community policing."

>Can you name a single instance of the moderation going awry here?

I don't really keep track.

>One autist REEEEEEing doesn't mean there is "constant arguments" nor will her autism actually be alleviated by concrete rules.

I doubt that one faggot is responsible for all the thread derailments let alone their perpetuation.

>Rules will just allow for autistic lawyering of said rules

I don't want more rules. I want fewer, simpler rules. A few simple rules allow for very little lawyering. Mods should not get involved in how the users interact. That is when you get actual community policing.


File: c00c25fc640b9a5⋯.png (169.81 KB, 750x750, 1:1, c00c25fc640b9a51bc4e7edeb8….png)


No i did not ignore the last thread, i actively posted on it a few times to shit on cuck-tan even. You're making Zero sense and are outright grasping at straws on why people should join your board.

>I won't do anything about crossposters

They're already bullied 24/7 here by the userbase. Problem with crossniggers is they will still keep posting as long as they aren't banned and purged from the thread, which is part of the reason /v/ fucking sucks. (((Mark))) does absolutely nothing about those faggots and they end up flooding threads with shitposting even after being called out on their shit. Your stance doesn't solve this issue at all.

>Arbitrarily enforced on what you should or not consume

But nothing is arbitrary. The community outcried about a faggot making a completely shit thread for a v0.001 patreon game that was nothing but shilling for people to buy it and catcalling for the furry community to swamp the board ala eternal september, instead of a normal thread to discuss an hgame for its merits, how to play it, its content or whatever. Was rightfully banned and rules were updated to catch any more attempts at something similar, as well as exception cases for existing threads that are still alive on the board.

Where was the censorship? What censorship even?

I really don't get ya.

If there was a legitimate reason to switch, i would because it's logical to do so, but i don't see one.



>Where was the censorship? What censorship even?

not allowing content you personally don't like is somehow not censorship?


File: 58c792e55bb1bd1⋯.jpg (39.19 KB, 634x462, 317:231, Pissed off Mana chan angry….jpg)


>theres no difference between a game with 2% cuck shit and 100% cuck shit

>I would never touch a game like that

I've played a whole lot of shitty RPGmaker games and cuck shit isnt that uncommon.

However most of the time it allows you to either ignore it or dodge it, so in the end i just ignore it

If you've been on any /hgg/ for any amount of time you should already know that cuck content being in a game is almost unavoidable if you play any amount of /hgg/ games

>Even if it was allowed, it will just be shitted on by the user even if vols didn't outright delete the thread. That kind of fetish are only used to flame stuff.

liliths throne is at least 30% cuck shit and theres quite a few games up there that have it as well. The difference between cuck games and games that have cucked shit in them is if you can remove it or not, and if theres even a game there if you take the cuck shit out,

I can list you some of the games that contain NTR content if you want:

>liliths throne

>Degrees of lewdity


>One of those avatar trainers


>no Haven


>untitled 3d sex game

>flexible survival

>one of the avatar trainers, albeit might not actually be the one on this board


And thats just the games i know definitely have it and i can bet that several of the others have NTR shit in them as well

However all of those games have something in common and thats just that you can skip/toggle/dodge all that shitty content.

Thats why i think the 10% is too low for beginning games.

You can keep calling me a cuck all you want, but at least i can tell the difference between a cuck game and a game with cuck shit in it.

go hang yourself faggot



I..don't remember the cuck stuff in FC, mind elaborating? Unless you mean that fucking awful hacker.


File: f730a4b43d234b3⋯.jpg (38 KB, 512x384, 4:3, f730a4b43d234b3e3b51b0fa4a….jpg)



>NTR is ok because the games I play have NTR in them



>shield hero parody

Fuck you. You made me think it's a thing.



>It's not uncommon so it should be accepted

Die in a hole faggot, I just said that cuck content will always exist (because it makes easy patreonbux), and NTR fags deserve bully

I just think if anons were more hostile to them they wouldn't come here, giving the mods extra powers to attack one type of fetish is just giving them more unnecessary power.

>Just close your eyes and pretend it doesn't happen

Depends on how they block off the cuck content as i said before, in some games you can actually kill the guy who cucks you before he does it

Other games just remove dialogue, some games do shit all and even have references to it, but those games are actual cuck games.

>all text-based threads are containment threads

>everything i dislike is a containment thread

except they're not faggot, And if you think containment threads actually work make an NTR thread you potato nigger

>The Avatar game doesn't have it,

I don't think it was Four element trainer, but there used to be 3 or 4 other ones, one which had a scene where you could watch katara (I think it was katara) suck someone off in a tent

>any amount of cuck content makes a game cucked unless its >1%

that's just retarded. go suck on cock, you're almost as bad as that guy who says all porn is a form of cuckoldry, or playing as a female mc makes you a cuck


>I..don't remember the cuck stuff in FC, mind elaborating? Unless you mean that fucking awful hacker.

You can literally marry one of your slaves and then let them fuck other slaves. theres a few other things involving other arcologies but thats about it. Although yes, there is the awful hacker, not sure if you can count that though.


>NTR is ok because the games I play have NTR in them

I've played hundreds of shitty RPG maker games cunt, And a good portion of them have cuck shit in them

I'm not saying you should play them at all, most of them are pure garbage, but I'm trying to say that not every game that has cuck shit in it is automatically garbage. (but definitely when its forced or the game is geared towards it)


File: c106de169af2ed4⋯.jpg (45.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2017-04-12-clz5pdrc_x8.jpg)

crashing this board with no survivors

get rekted, degenerates.


File: d87bda2975581a8⋯.png (5.91 MB, 2144x3000, 268:375, Slutty Rabbit Tewi cucks R….png)


I can't keep up with this, defending NTR in the first place is already killing me

Can't we just agree to disagree?

I think games can have a ratio of NTR avoidable content to non-NTR content (so long as the NTR content is avoidable) and still be classified as good

You think NTR is like the single drop rule

On a side note, does cuckquean count as cuck content for you?


File: 72ace1a4b2e75b3⋯.jpg (216.89 KB, 1610x906, 805:453, sanic done wrong.jpg)


>And no, cuckqueaning is not NTR since I'm not a woman.

I don't think that's quite correct, the reasoning why cucking is bad is less to do with which sex you are and more to do with societal norms and the warped mind you must have to be a cuckold in said society.



>On 3/29: Furfags and Cuckshit have been given a soft ban

wait, I thought the whole NTR hate thing was a joke. why would anyone care about fetishes are in a game they don't play? I mean I think incest stuff is gross but I'm not going to petition for it's removal.



>there are no practical reasons for a woman to have more than one partner

[Citation needed.] If that were true, there wouldn't be any female infidelity nor the need for mate guarding for their partners. Off the top of my head, it prevents them from putting all eggs in a single basket from the genetic standpoint. Less genetically uniform offspring means for cheating slut's bloodline more chances of surviving an epidemic, for example.



>I think games can have a ratio of NTR avoidable content to non-NTR content (so long as the NTR content is avoidable) and still be classified as good

And that's basically how the rules have been fleshed out regarding what would get the "cuck" ban or "furfag" ban. Continue shitting on NTR, but blatant games designed around NTR will get the hammer.


File: 287106bb43efc46⋯.png (351.38 KB, 711x822, 237:274, 287106bb43efc465111566b063….png)


Long story short, someone who was from off-board was using CoC as an excuse to push a furshit game and implicitly stated it was a furry invasion of the board/they weren't from around here. The vol locked the thread, there was a fight in the previous meta thread, the NTR shit had been ongoing, so BO decided enough was enough (after a few vols said something to him) since furshit and NTR are the only two groups that consistently create unneeded 20+ queue report queues and seem to be defended the most vehemently by a handful of sites that we don't mind visiting but don't want acting like they belong here.


File: e34c7dad90c5c8b⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, justice_has_arrived.png)

Repost from the FC thread since I was drunk last night and probably should have posted it here.

Question since FC seems to consistently be the only thread screeching for moderation day-in and day-out while the rest of the board functions semi-normally.

How would anons feel about possibly getting a new volunteer dedicated to this thread? Answer in the poll, responses in the FC thread to me will be deleted for derailing the thread.


Obviously they'd basically be just a regular vol, but they'd more specifically be brought on for FC threads.

Also on the off-chance that you are interested, shoot me an email answering the following extremely important questions. That way I can filter out the shitters before forwarding the rest to BO.

Email me here: notcia@national.shitposting.agency

Again, responding in this thread will see your post at minimum deleted/no response returned (and your email thrown out) for being unable to fucking read/for derailing the thread further.

>Do you have previous vol experience?

>How large (both # of files and size) is your smug folder?

>Which 2hu would you fuck (and why)?

>Are you capable of taking it easy? What did you do the last time you took it easy?

>How often are you available to moderate the board? When are you able to? Possible schedule?

>Are you capable of enforcing the rules? Even when you disagree with them?

>How long have you been browsing anonymous imageboards?

>What is your opinion on the state of FC threads? Of /hgg/ as a whole?

>How much pornography do you consume on a weekly basis?

>Why do you want to moderate /hgg/?



You're correct on a technical level, but you're missing the point of the statement. There are no practical reasons (from a male perspective) for a woman to have more than one partner. She still is either fucking for the sake of fucking or popping out kids of unknown heritage. The underlying implication isn't about her popping out kids of unknown heritage and taking care of them herself, it's about doing so and making the guy unrelated to the kid raise said kid. If she wants the money she has to give the honey and she better not be sharing that fucking honey.



wouldn't the solution here be to ban the people causing a fuss or isolate those topics to their own thread? removing the topic entirely is giving trolls power just for being annoying.

"don't shit on other people's fetishes" should be common sense for a board of already niche sexual interests.



>Moderation is not "community policing."

Potato tomato

>I don't really keep track.

Long winded way of saying "no". I asked for a single example, it can't really be that hard, can it? Because if there's no instances in which the current system is bad, why are you trying so hard to change it?

>I doubt that one faggot is responsible for all the thread derailments let alone their perpetuation.

Doubt all you want, look for yourself. Cuck-tan is supremely dedicated.

>I don't want more rules. I want fewer, simpler rules.

I didn't say "more rules", I said "rules". What we have now is guidelines, not rules, so mods have discretion and can be reasonable and some faggot screeching because "technically in this scenario the player character isn't the one fucking a girl" doesn't lead to shit happening and she's just screeching in the darkness like she usually does. Hard and fast rules will only lead to lawyering.


>cucks vs anti-cucks

Hello /htg/!



It's funny, because the logic is "we have to stop these people because they cause constant shitstorms and ruin everything!" and right now the only people who are ruining everything and causing shitstorms are the one poster who thinks owning sex slaves is cuckoldry


File: df6540488a90ecb⋯.jpg (156.72 KB, 850x1209, 850:1209, 1537669590243-1.jpg)


>wouldn't the solution here be to ban the people causing a fuss or isolate those topics to their own thread?

Both were tried, both result in the people from those isolated topics becoming bigger and bigger faggots who spread to other boards. This isn't something that happened in the last few months with Cuck-tan, it's something that's been happening for several years. At least since the towergirls fiasco if not even further back. They have containment boards at this point if they're really upset, and there's nothing stopping a dev from using one if they want to explicitly make a cuck game or furry game. If someone ever thinks their game was unjustly banned, there's both the email option or simply the posting in the meta thread option. The only things banned in the meta thread are literal spam and avatarfagging like >>333328

>"don't shit on other people's fetishes" should be common sense for a board of already niche sexual interests.

/hgg/ is a big tent board of fetishes. "Don't shit on other people's fetishes" is the kind of garbage that belongs on Fag95 and similar websites. This is an anonymous imageboard, shitting on someone's fetish should be the standard, not a cause for alarm. Anons get banned for nonstop shitposting that prevents discussion due to intensity and for being an outsider, but it's the job of a thread's denizens to defend their fetish, not the job of a volunteer who only evens the playing field when someone brings a gun to a boxing match. As for niche fetishes, they're allowed and no one is going to stop them, but /hgg/ is simultaneously AnCapistan and also the "internet Nazis" of the porn world. Most fetishes might get a disgruntled sigh but are looked over because they aren't creating problems. Those particular two fetishes do nothing but create problems on this board most of the time. They've been doing it for years. The vols are pretty good about justifying their responses if they do something out-of-hand since the board logs are public (link in OP) and they aren't supposed to just delete/ban things in the meta thread without very good reason. For every normalfag fetish that has a strong reasoning behind it being disliked here (whether social or monetary pressures are the reasons for such, see our disdain for patreon which is a major source of furry, though the two are mutually exclusive), there's two more fetishes that are allowed and welcomed here that very few other places on the internet will openly allow. For every furry that's shot, a loli is born. For every cuck we hang, three womb-fucking ogres are born. It's just the nature of this place.



>/hgg/ is a big tent board of fetishes. "Don't shit on other people's fetishes" is the kind of garbage that belongs on Fag95 and similar websites. This is an anonymous imageboard, shitting on someone's fetish should be the standard, not a cause for alarm.

Nah, being a niggerfaggot and whining should rightly be bannable behavior.



>Potato tomato

No, you idiot, moderation is not the community making a decision about a given issue. It is definatively one individual or a group of individuals who are distinct from the community making decisions at least ostensibly on their behalf. Community policing is users telling a troublemaker to fuck off.

>I asked for a single example, it can't really be that hard, can it?

I am not interested in telling the mods that they should not have banned such and such OP whose thread none the less is full of on-topic discussion. I just don't want them to start doing our job for us, which is acting as a community.

>Because if there's no instances in which the current system is bad, why are you trying so hard to change it?

The system is changing right now. That's the whole point.

>Hard and fast rules will only lead to lawyering.

Bullshit. Your "guidelines" lead to lawyering, just as they have been.


File: dc0b2f59c406945⋯.jpg (48.82 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1537049698364.jpg)


And you have about twenty or so porn forums that agree with you, yet you continue coming here, fucking kike.



>I am not interested in telling the mods that they should not have banned such and such OP whose thread none the less is full of on-topic discussion. I just don't want them to start doing our job for us, which is acting as a community.

What you just said is a total nonsequitur to what I asked.

>The system is changing right now. That's the whole point.

And your point is that you have no real reason for implementing what you are asking.

>Bullshit. Your "guidelines" lead to lawyering, just as they have been.

Really. Because the only lawyering I have seen is cuck-tan whining that there are no hard and fast rules and that something that almost barely could be counted as cuckoldry, if you asked an autistic alien who has never seen porn before, isn't getting banned because there's no hard and fast rule on the subject. Again, feel free to give me an example, of which you have provided none.



hi cuck-tan



Thing is, the only problems being created are on the side of the purists. I don't see furries constantly starting shit here, but cuck-tan is happy to pick up the slack.


That and the shitposting has DEFINITELY seen a big uptick in recent months, if the moderation keeps up the bans even someone who prides himself in "weaponized autism" will get bored eventually.



>if the moderation keeps up the bans even someone who prides himself in "weaponized autism" will get bored eventually.

The existence of Johnny Nigger on /n/ disproves this point.



>Both were tried, both result in the people from those isolated topics becoming bigger and bigger faggots who spread to other boards.

isn't this just conceding that the board's management has no real power and should just do whatever the loudest voice wants? I get that running anonymous boards is hard but explicitly taking that stance could be asking for trouble.

>shitting on someone's fetish should be the standard

I'm not opposed to banter, but fetishes are inherently subjective, there's no real constructive discussion to be had. the only direction I can see those smaller fights going in is escalation until it becomes an actual problem for everybody. again, I get that there's a balancing act. but it feels like volunteers are condoning the very same posts that are forcing them to the more authoritative decisions.

I'd put money down that even if those two fetishes were taken out of the picture, people would find another one to get up in arms about. and it's not like it's rare for these communities to attract the type of people who just want to see shit burn.



This. I have no desire to see muh porn board overrun by loud retards who scream until they get what they want.


honestly I'd be more concerned about all the shitty shovelwares and people spamming patreon links over people contained on specific threads that catter to their interest, they aren't clogging the board and I doubt they are the one shitposting on other people's threads.

People that spam threads with shitty OPs shilling their patreons and the people that are just being contrarian for the sake of trolling are the one that should be dealt with.

It's fine to critic a game but users harassing people on the threads because they don't have the same taste or the game isn't what they want it to be should be promptly dealt with. Whining about a game that's about tentacle porn because there's tentacle porn is silly and a waste of space on the thread.



and here's a poster proving my point:




Doushio! Cuck-tan noticed me!


File: 40567003111d9ab⋯.png (72.35 KB, 220x293, 220:293, ClipboardImage.png)


At this point, kind of. The whole "cuck-Tan" meme is getting out of control, used as boogeyman. And the funny part is that it doesn't ridicule anyone. Everyone hates cuckolding, so effectively everyone is cuck-tan at some extent. Even the vols said they don't disagree with the spammers.



>isn't this just conceding that the board's management has no real power and should just do whatever the loudest voice wants?

I don't see how lacking power immediately means giving anyone what they want. Vols just said they won't get involved, as it should be, except for explicit NTR and furshit.

>but fetishes are inherently subjective

And this is where you fall for your own Fag95 stupidity. No, fetishes are not subjective, some of them are objectively worst than others, there's literally a shit fetish, there's guro, then there's inflation and that kind of shit furries like. If you are meaning to tell me those are not OBJECTIVELY shit, one being literally shit, then you must have problems.

This is the "everything is ok mentality" that prevents people from forming their own opinion because they fear they may offend someone, in an anonymous imageboard of all places. People who likes those fetishes should be shamed, and they can decide to ignore it or to get upset like faggots.



N-no, I love you, cuck-tan!

It's just that it's so easy to recognize someone who has such a hilariously broad definition of what constitutes "cuck".


Aah, she's even samefagging for me! Cute~!


File: c010132c4aa68d2⋯.jpg (48.47 KB, 415x398, 415:398, Capture.JPG)

File: 9fe9d118093de8e⋯.gif (800.07 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 9fe9d118093de8e5030833273b….gif)





It's an all-out assault! Her favorite tactics too! Post your whole reaction folder, cuck-tan! Ganbatte!



Making cuck-tan edit screenshots



that isn't even the issue you complete retard, the issue is that mods just remove it regardless, is the fact that users of a site who left cuckchan due to shitty moderation being concerned about shitty garbage mods beyond your comprehension?



What the fuck is fag95 and why do everything-is-cuck autists keep insinuating people are secretly from it



Namefag h-game forum.

It's shit and moderation there suck so much cock, that it could be measured in marathons.



I might be with you if you couldn't simply create your own board, but you can. I might be with you if you couldn't simply fork projects, but you can. Since there are remedies to the situation AND it involves staying on 8ch, you can fuck right off with your cuck and fur shit.



> There are no practical reasons for a woman to have more than one partner except being a disgusting slut. So no, it's not a construct, it's a fact.

Social Construct isn't just a buzzword anon, it literally refers to constructs created by humans social interaction. In this case, marriage was created by humans wanting 1:1 exclusive partnering and is therefor a social construct. Just because its also practical doesn't mean its not a construct. You know, just like civilization?

Societal Norms in this case just refers to most societies believing that partners should be exclusively for each other. Reverse harems have existed before in society, but they are rare due to how biologically unnecessary they are as well as unpractical Shit happens all the time in France weirdly enough.

Also you could say the same of literally any animal, but take horses for instance. Mares literally fuck every stallion they can reach just so none of the stallions can figure out whose it is. Horses are like any animal, biological geared towards breeding, but due to their herd mentality having multiple partners is seen as a good thing. that and they're also fucking Animals, so sort of mute point

There is also the fact that previous sexual partner genetics have ended up in the offspring of a child, its just that its an extremely tiny amount, like less than 1%. Just putting it out there that used women don't give birth to just your child.


>There are no practical reasons (from a male perspective) for a woman to have more than one partner.

In human society, yes, but as i mentioned before horses and other animals have a practical reason to be sluts. Its based on their social interactions, with being a herd species and all that. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some backwards barbarian society in the past that shared women, but coupled pairs were not allowed to fuck until marriage.

But yeah, in normal human society, what you say makes sense.

You just need to remember that not all humans think the same, take bug people for example.



You have the same IQ as a nigger, jump off a building and help the gene pool.

Social Construct is a term older than Tumblr and the SJWs. Jesus Christ you come off so fucking retarded, just because they use that word incorrectly all that time, is the word ruined forever? This is the same logic that ended up putting 'literally' meaning its exact opposite in the oxford dictionary.

Something being a social construct and something being practical are not mutually exclusive.

And what part of what i said implies i like sluts?

Fucking end yourself you cocksucking cunt.



So you can't give me a reason, slit your wrists faggot



You're using their language and speaking like they do - trying to suggest that e.g. human mating patterns are a "construct" which opens the door to the very relativistic moralism that gave rise to tumblr et al in the first place, while using the exact same arguments they use now to do so, without any actual factual basis that isn't entirely lifted whole cloth from (((anthropologists))) who were the first academic field to be pozzed.



>human mating patterns are a "construct" which opens the door to the very relativistic moralism that gave rise to tumblr et al in the first place,

They are a construct, its just that they can also be practical. its why humans can have both monogamous pairings and harems. If it wasn't a social construct then it wouldn't be as various.

>which opens the door to the very relativistic moralism that gave rise to tumblr et al in the first place,

I can't deny this, thats quite correct. However I'm of the opinion that the social constructs of old were and are of practical use, which Tumblr and SJWs are counter to.

> while using the exact same arguments they use now to do so,

Yes and no, I am arguing that monogamous sexual pairings (marriage) is a social construct, which Tumblrs argues all the time, however i am not saying its useless and has an actual practical use which tuimblr willingly refuses to understand.

>without any actual factual basis that isn't entirely lifted whole cloth from (((anthropologists))) who were the first academic field to be pozzed.

I disagree mostly with this, albeit i will admit some of my opinions do come from Anthropology, which is indeed at the moment mostly pozzed. That doesn't necessarily make all the age old arguments useless. Also I'm pretty sure there were quite a few other fields that were pozzed first, such as Journalism, the arts and some social sciences.



>The problem with your logic, autist, is that then everything is a construct,

I don't think everything is a construct, just that social interactions from intelligent beings can give rise different sexual behaviors and pairings, and as these can vary both in functionality and practicality, these can be called constructs. As in they were created by people/animals unintentionally to fill a social niche. This is more distinctive in the more intelligent animals which behave more on a learned basis where as the more instinctive lesser animals are more uniform

>Even animal behaviour is a construct designed by animals themselves instead of patterns, which is what they are, patterns, that's why they are practical, because they have been proved to work before, so they keep happening.

Some animal behaviors are instinctive, and some are more learned. Learned behaviors that are created via social interactions for the use in social situations can be considered on some level part of a social construct. I.e, shaking hands vs saluting a superior (not so much the action itself, but rather the reason for the action). They exist because they're different stations of power created by humans interacting with each other, which while i admit covers a huge amount of subjects, still does have a limit. SJWs will literally use it for anything.

Learned behaviors do not always have to have been proven to work to become an occurrence, especially when you have social media coming into existence, which has given rise to an entirely different type of social hierarchy.

Now excluding social media, I will admit that they are patterns, but patterns is an even broader subject, you can literally use patterns for almost anything. Not to mention patterns don't actually give you a reason for why they exist in the first place and more used as evidence or something, rather than an explanation for why something is happening in the first place. A social construct is an attempt at explaining the patterns between social interactions.

>Humans didn't construct shit like marriage, it was the most logical thing to do at the moment, to the point that most societies worked under a similar idea of what marriage is.

I think we're getting a out of sync here, Social construct doesn't mean that it was intentionally constructed, albeit you could argue that some of them actually were. Rather social construct means something created by social interactions. Its a construct not because it was created intentionally, but rather just that it was created by humans. Now you could argue that other animals which have monogamous parings are also social constructing them. However with animals i believe it is more instinctive in a lot of cases, being more of a result of genetics than actual learned behaviors. This is counter to what humans do, via learning their behaviors, which is why humans can have, harems, reverse harems, cuckolds, menage de trois (or however you spell that fucking french word) and asexual pandas. These can still be functional relationships providing most of whats needed by a social group,

However there is a great deal less practicality in these relationships vs monogamous relationships, which is why I consider them all social constructs. Animals are held back by genetically learned social behaviours, while humans can make their own.


Patterns aren't mutually exclusive with social constructs, and actually encompass more things than social constructs. Also social constructs don't have to be intentionally made, they just need to be formed from human social interactions.

>I'm shocked. And no, anthropology fell before journalism or even arts.

I want some kind of citation for this, not because i don't believe you, but because it would be nice information to have



>>Do you have previous vol experience?

oh, is this one of those situations where everyone only ever wants someone who has been a vol for years previously, meaning that it's impossible for anyone new to join?


I realize I'm late, but one of the board's resident medfags reporting in just to dab on cuck-tan having no idea how the fuck female sexual behavior works and still being wrong even in their cherry-picked example


>otherwise women would be able to get impregnated by multiple men at once. Seeing how the contrary is true, then no, a woman having multiple partners is not practical, while the contrary is.





>anyone who uses memes I don't like should be banned

Fuck off.



>oh, is this one of those situations where everyone only ever wants someone who has been a vol for years previously, meaning that it's impossible for anyone new to join?

That is very likely not the case, as if it was the vol would be kind enough to clearly specified a minimum amount up front.Unlike a certain board's application process, which shall not be named, yes I am still slightly salty about it. My reading is that it is similar to several sections on most job postings, ie. having some experience would be useful/beneficial but is not a hard requirement as the application's 'fit' with the organisation is in general not something that be so easily adjusted on a large scale. Hopefully >>333438 can clarify further.



>women would be able to get impregnated by multiple men at once

>women can get impregnated by multiple men at once

>W-well it's rare under modern circumstances so it doesn't count

Nice goalpost moving faggot.


File: dd4444a9f5f9145⋯.png (56.82 KB, 188x264, 47:66, d99aa2e1798b44725c43dec53e….png)


>Oh, is this one of those situations where everyone only ever wants someone who has been a vol for years previously, meaning that it's impossible for anyone new to join?

Of course not. That would be asinine. It's a combination of what makes anon into anon. There's been a few small boards I've BO'd for (back when we first started migrating to 8chan) and there weren't any questions asked at all. It resulted in terrible results that killed said boards. As >>333663 said, it's more about "if you have it, it would be a consideration, but it's not a hard requirement." I can't outright state what the goals of those questions are as it could let someone game them, but they should be semi-obvious enough to anyone considering it. I'm not asking those questions to find someone that I get along with I'm just a drunken inactive after all, and I don't need to get along with someone I just need to be able to understand why they take certain actions, I'm looking for someone that the core users of the board, and more specifically BO can get along with.

tl;dr- No, board experience is not a make-or-break factor. I had basically zero experience voling so much as doing stuff like tabletop DMing when I got brought on so it would be hypocritical of me to claim it's necessary. There are some pass/fail questions mixed in to that list, but none of them are dependent on "prior experience."

Whoops, forgot I wasn't logged in.



2.4% of the time in paternity suits involving multiple ovulation. To put this into perspective, the general rate for a non-paternity event is around 10% in general paternity suits. One fourth of the time a woman has multiple ova and has committed infidelity children can be born from different fathers despite simultaneous gestation. You are clearly wrong in assuming this is insignificant, especially considering that people who are poorer and younger have higher rates of non-paternity events, up to about 30% in unmarried blacks today. The vast majority of people throughout human evolution lived more like the former than modern people in developed nations; therefore we can extrapolate that it has had a more significant role in human evolution than we would expect based off of modern data. Moreover, you're falsely assuming female and male reproductive strategies are identical when they clearly aren't. Male mammals produce millions of sperm at a time and are in theory capable of fathering many children simultaneously without much investment afterwards, female mammals produce a small number of ova at a time and must invest significant amounts of energy into raising young to adulthood. While they don't directly benefit from infidelity beyond potentially having better genes for their offspring, the do benefit significantly from maximizing the amount of resources, either physical or social, they acquire from courtship in order to better raise their offspring, which often involves extra-pair copulation and manipulation of the uncertainty of paternity (this is probably why humans don't go into noticeable heat, for example). While this is more apparent in mammals and birds, literally only the jackdaw is known to not engage in this or similar behavior.



Ah right, before I forget, I'm gonna close the application pool next Saturday night at midnight. We'll say Midnight Alaska time to keep it simple.



>no multiple children involved but a single one with 2 different fathers

Oh, so you don't even understand what heteropaternal superfecundation means. "Superfecundation" occurs when there are multiple, separate ova inside the female reproductive tract which are fertilized on separate occasions, typically resulting in multiple births; mosaicism is relatively rare in comparison. Might help your case if you bothered to look up terms you didn't understand as opposed to pretending that you did.

>speculations with no evidence or proof



>you not being man enough to not only being able to provide for a single woman but for multiple ones, thus making your slut of a woman having to rely on multiple partners

I don't even have one. I'm not a nigger, and I'm still in education, so I really don't have any desire to start a family I can't support; but that's besides the point. Women, regardless of position, can gain from having multiple sex partners, and therefore have a motivation to perform acts of infidelity. Likewise, men can gain from raping every women they see. Just because they can doesn't mean they do.



>Even though I'm wrong you still have to wait 9 months

>still only have the possibility to do it 20+ times

I'm not seeing the argument.

>risk factors for a certain result on a genetic test have nothing to do with biology because they aren't based on a genetic test but rather factors that increase the probability of a woman fucking more people

Nice reading comprehension, dipshit.

>I still don't understand conditionals

You might want to consider medication or a gas chamber.


Mods are retarded.

If you have sanity, >>>/sgg/ welcomes you.

That's all.



No one is ever going to go to your board to do anything but laugh at you. Christ, you actually put those banners up.



>What about the fact that men can do it no problem with more women and more often

Since you seem to ignore reason when it doesn't agree with you, let me put it this way: how many men do you know that have had over 20 children with multiple women? As you don't seem to understand that a potential for something to happen isn't the same thing as that thing actually happening, the practical number of children men and women have is functionally identical in humans, with higher class men and lower class men being the extremes in both directions. Humans sexuality is not and has never been primarily polygamous; this is indicated by other indices such as the relative testicular mass between species which is demonstrated by other studies which you aren't intellectually capable of understanding, so I won't even bother.

>That IS exactly my point, I'm an utter fucking moron who can barely read, let alone understand basic scientific concepts

Well at least we can agree on something.



>just like your shit argument

I honestly don't think you've understood even a single statement in this entire exchange if you think that's a rebuttal for any portion of my argument.

>more logical and practical in literally any way for men to do it and not women

Which I've demonstrated is based on false assumptions, to which your response has been "cuck" and a fundamental misunderstanding of basic conditional statements.

>So you agree you have reading comprehension

Yes, I can read scientific papers, unlike you. I also don't assume anyone who calls me out for being a fucking retard has some fetish I dislike, consistently repeat criticisms levied at me against the people making them, and am actually capable of abstract reasoning. I imagine to someone who is as retarded as you are this probably seems like some type of fucking magic show, but this is well within the capacity of most of the human population.


File: 6fa7fca2085f0d8⋯.png (816.48 KB, 553x765, 553:765, ClipboardImage.png)


Anon, this is where so many have fallen before you. You're finally starting to see that cuck-tan is just privy to certain higher truths, and no amount of your pitiful logic can shake her.



I love cuck-tan, and all her adherents. You're all so cute.



>I'm pretty sure you are just playing the devil's advocate

I'm pretty sure you're retarded and your entire world view is based off of misunderstanding your secondary-public-school-level education.

>This one specific example is the only thing that matters to this argument and every other factor that's been presented doesn't matter at all

Fuck, you're dumb. Can you even tie your shoelaces by yourself?

>An study is barely a fact when even then say the impact of it is inconclusive and merely speculations

You really have no scientific literacy whatsoever. It's not even a study, it's a review.

>So you're a fence sitter.

I'm not a fence sitter, I just want you to fuck off and stop shitting up threads with your chromosomally-enriched misinterpretation of what cuckoldry is. I realize you desperately want to fit in, but different boards have different cultures, either make your own board or fucking lurk more and stop being such an autistic retard.



He? Who's the one making assumptions now? For instance, I'm not the one earlier up in the thread doing that. I must admit some fault here, this person clearly doesn't use the actual word "cuck" quite enough to be cuck-tan.


It's funny that a new thread is made and cuck-tan started the exact same cycle over again. Once again he will eventually lose the argument to anyone who cares to respond to him and he'll fuck off until the next thread.


Cuck-tan has demonstrated an ability to repress his constant urge to scream the word for a couple hours at a time.



Pot, meet kettle.



>Pretty sure I fit in more here than you do, faggot

Textbook egocentrism. You get in an argument in every single thread you go to, at all times of the day. Literally not a single person has ever agreed with you, which you conceded last thread. How is that "fitting in" by anyone's definition?



Oh, really? Which one of us has the selective memory of the last thread?

Because I remember you getting into a dozen different arguments, continuing them until you lost so hard not even your stupid ass could come up with a response, then refusing to ever respond to that argument again. You'd then start an argument with a different person. Or possibly the same person who just wants to kick the retard again.



Gradually I began to hate them



>the fact that a woman doesn't have any logical nor practical reason to want more than one partner, either biologically or societal

Except they do, which has been previously stated, you're response to the explanation was accusing me of stating it because of

>you not being man enough to not only being able to provide for a single woman but for multiple ones

like some 16 year old valley girl.

>still using study to refer to a review, but it it's not a fact except for the references to studies that have conclusions I like

The purpose of a review, you mongoloid, is to compile conclusions of studies on a particular topic in an easily accessible manner. And you still managed to get the wrong conclusions from that review, call its validity into question, and then selectively use sections to support your argument. Literally the reason I brought it up in the first place is because it demonstrates the correlation between PD and low socioeconomic status combined with the fact that for most of human history more people had lower socioeconomic status than they do now in order to support my claim that NPEs were probably more common in the past than they are now, which you said had no evidence. In short, you are completely retarded.

>Pretty sure I fit in more here than you do

Even if you did I still wouldn't give a fuck.


File: 47c91de83f634c8⋯.png (277.97 KB, 706x412, 353:206, 1424554395436.png)


Why are some people on 8ch so obsessed with cuckchan? I haven't thought about that place since like 2015, but it seems like thoughts of it consume you.



>t-t-there's tons of people like me here

>i-i can't show even one case of anyone but me personally doing this, but trust me!

>e-everyone who doesn't post agrees with me

This is why some people don't believe you're being genuine. No one is actually this retarded, right?



No, the only ""evidence"" I have is cuck-tan repeatedly admitting that it's all him.

But that could be fake, right? Because there's no proof about the identity of the people I'm replying to I should assume by default that each and every post in every single thread is a completely separate person, even when people explicitly state otherwise.



>Why are some people on 8ch so obsessed with cuckchan?

This place was literally founded on butthurt re: cuckchan's moderation


File: 5df13d55d0c8973⋯.jpg (388.21 KB, 899x907, 899:907, 1442864678594.jpg)



Just sounds like you've made up some boogeyman in your head and now feel the need to attribute everything you dislike about the website to that boogeyman, rather than admitting that you share the board with people you dislike.



When he says things like it repeatedly over hundreds of posts of arguments it's reasonable to assume he's the same person, but as mentioned, it's actually unreasonable to begin with for me to assume that anyone has ever posted on this board more than once.



He's literally not wrong, though.

It's EXTREMELY unlikely that a large number of shitposters with the exact same posting style, mannerisms and bizarre behavior and beliefs cropped up out of nowhere a few months ago



It's an honor, Mr. Bush.



>cheating is still badly seen in society

Fuck, I forgot about all of those times when having mistresses who were married to someone else was considered shameful and inappropriate or how the Greeks and Romans detested Hercules, Castor, Pollux, and Aeneas because they were the products of female adultery.

>So your argument in short is that since niggers do it.

Niggers also breathe. It would make the world a better place if you stopped doing that, too.



What are the inherent differences between someone who posts here and someone who posts on cuckchan?



>i've been in this argument with someone for six hours now and they've continued posting in the exact same style and continue espousing the exact same beliefs

>should i assume it's the same person

>no that wouldn't make sense, clearly it's six dozen different people!!

>everyone who disagreed with me was one person

Stop saying that you inbred goblin. No one claims that everyone is the same person. We are saying that you in particular are the same person. Because you are literally the only person who has ever in the entire history of the board used your single-digit IQ definition of cuckoldry. With repeated prompting you couldn't even manage to point to a single post, even one that you made, and claim that it's an instance of someone else using your retarded definition.



While the person you've been (pointlessly) arguing with is clearly one person, there are a few people across the board who've adopted that viewpoint. You can tell because, for instance, it crops up in threads that cuck-tan doesn't go to and in a few different posting styles.


File: b17d12f32658385⋯.png (8.69 KB, 286x139, 286:139, ClipboardImage.png)


>You can spot a cuckchanner even with their filename

No, you can spot someone who used to browse cuckchan by their filename, it tells you nothing of their current habits. Are you telling me that you never browsed cuckchan, that posting here is literally your first imageboard ever?



>and they usually have leftist/SJW mentality like "accept what is different even if it's literally shit", which is why you get retards with "STOP KINKSHAMING ME" that never was a problem here before except for a few instances really long ago, that were dealt with.

You actually had me going that you weren't cuck-tan up until this part



Does it? There are other anti-NTR hardliners on the board and that's fine, the problem I have is with his utterly retarded definition of what cuckoldry is.

But fair enough, I accept that it's possible I just don't pay as much attention as you.



I guess I'm different, because I don't do any of that.



>it was generally seen as a fucking dick because of shit like that

You've got any evidence to back that up? Neither Venus nor Jupiter ever had negative consequences for repeatedly getting knocked up by other men despite being married or knocking up married women as far as I can recall, but I only studied the classics for four and a half years so maybe you could enlighten me.

>it seems perfectly practical for a woman to do so when cucks are willing to comply

Good to see that you still have no fucking understanding whatsoever of any statement in that entire exchange.



I wouldn't really consider "shitposting so hard and being so universally hated board-wide that people gave you a name to mock you with" winning an argument



>and losing

Oh come now, cuck-tan. Point at one argument you've one. Seriously, feel free to claim credit for any argument in your style that has actually won the argument.

Every single time it's just you screeching incoherently for a few hours while everyone else laughs at you, then you refuse to reply to them.





File: 72031bbe5f2329d⋯.png (188.65 KB, 495x568, 495:568, e27e232cad613eacacf72cae60….png)


>you seem to be such a massive newfag that you don't know about them

What's the implication here, that newfags are incapable of knowing about Unix time? Do you realize how dumb that sounds?

>It is impossible that you spent 4 years here without even realizing the hate this place have for cuckchan

I've recognized it, but I've never understood it. I don't hate cuckchan. I had a lot of fun there back in the day, and it's disappointing to see its current state. It's more akin to pity than hatred, really.



To be fair, does anyone ever win any of these?


File: 74dc7251dfe67da⋯.png (209.09 KB, 600x592, 75:74, ClipboardImage.png)

>In greece being a cuck was already bad. Just read ancient shitpost around pompeii.


File: 616cbe06bab1d20⋯.jpg (255.42 KB, 1321x1782, 1321:1782, heretostay.jpg)


It happens occasionally, but very rarely. Sometimes there'll be an argument back and forth, ending with a concession on one side. It really just depends on the goal when the argument starts.

Cuck-tan has mentioned before though that anyone who admits they have lost is a cuck, so obviously he would never publicly admit to losing an argument in any capacity.



Not really.

Cuck-tan tries and fails to push her beliefs on the board or "popularize" them and gets her IP banned, everyone else ridicules her but she's past the autism threshold for caring about that so it all starts again in a few hours.



>In greece being a cuck was already bad. Just read ancient shitpost around pompeii

Pompeii is in Italy and basically had a reputation as the Roman equivalent of Vegas. In contrast, a shit ton of prominent Romans, including Julius Caesar, Augustus (though he had her divorce her husband and marry him), Catullus, and Ovid were publicly known to have had sex with women who were married to other men. Having your wife be unfaithful was considered dishonorable for the husband, not necessarily for the wife; hence mater semper certa est, pater numquam.

>Gee, why would the goddesses of fertility will not be shitted on for "doing their jobs"

Well Gilgamesh did it, for one.



>NTR is generally despised

See >>333843

Everyone agrees that NTR is shit, you absolute mongoloid. We disagree with your absurdly expansive definition of what "cuck" means.


I'm very confused as to why you all are arguing over semantics about a topic you already fundamentally hate.



I think my favorite thing about you is you're at least cognizant of dialectical tactics. You're leveraging anonymity to try to put reasonable doubt in lurkers' minds that you're just one samefag (unfortunately your beliefs are so jarring and bizarre that it's mostly unbelievable), something that can't be disproven and requires having interacted with you for a while to recognize. You're pretty good at deflecting (drawing out a point that's pretty clear-cut against you with fucktons of minor points that confuses the issue) and arguing from incredulity, so good that I'd wager you were one of those "meme war" twitter propagandists who got bored because there was nothing to fight for any more and you were still a NEET with time on your hands. It would be impressive, if you weren't too autistic to realize the content of the message you were trying to push doesn't appeal to anyone here.



That's literally a joke, anon.


Because cuck-tan has spent months at this point aggressively shitposting almost non-stop. When he first started only people who like NTR argued with him, but he has been at it for so long with his stupid fucking definition of what a "cuck" is that he has earned the antipathy of the entire board regardless of their opinions on NTR.

That's why he's had repeated accusations against him of being a false flag attack.



>the peasants that did hate cuckolding

Augustus was so popular he was still worshiped by some peasants after Christianization, yet he would be a cuck by your definition. Julius Caesar was popular enough to end the fucking Republic. Historical reality does not match your interpretation.


What the fuck do you even mean?



Because anon, literally every single game on this board except Honey Select is cuckshit according to cuck-tan.

Every. Single. One.

I fucking hate NTR but I can't get behind the idea that we need to purge every single game from this board based off of one retard's misunderstanding of terms.



Here I am pouring my heart out and you can't even break kayfabe for one minute to give me a "thank you"?

That's it, all my cuck-tan merch is going in the garbage can.



>I don't know what is more pathetic, that person if that was true, or anyone who believes that is even possible.

You literally admitted it, cuck-tan. Several times. I don't know why you bother with this whole song and dance when you just abandon it in the heat of an argument.

>I hate this guy so everyone must hate him too

Oh, we're going to do this again? Alright, cuck-tan, point to anyone on this board agreeing with you. Not just being anti-NTR, because 90% of this board is anti-NTR, you need to find someone who agrees with your specific definition of cuckoldry.

Don't worry, I'll wait.



>I've never done any of this

No, he's literally describing precisely what you were doing in the post he replied to. You can't just say you didn't do something that is clearly evident to everyone in that exact post. You can deny the conjecture afterwards, but it's asinine to claim you didn't do any of it.



>he was worshiped

>therefore he wasn't worshiped

Not even him, but how the fuck do you get this backwards in logic? X, therefore notX?



>How the fuck do you get to unironically say you "dab on" people, do the whole cancer that is currently infesting cuckchan with his "OH NONONONO" and STILL not catch a ban?

Because it's the meta thread, anon. If this were any other thread they would be shat on/banned under rule 0, but that's allowed here.



>he wasn't worshiped exactly because he was a cuck

>the peasants hated cukolding

>but they worshiped a cuck for three centuries


>Authority figure shits on another authority figure

>this is somehow significant



>>Everyone I don't like is the same person

>a specific instance is the rule

That's not how it works, you utter retard.

>You do realize you are on an anonymous imageboard

You frequently cast doubt over whether or not it's you arguing in every thread (despite at other times admitting it is you), but you're not even willing to point at one of your own posts and say "see? that one's definitely someone else!"

Come on now, cuck-tan. How is anyone going to take you seriously if you aren't even willing to put in the effort?



>If anyone other than the MC fucks a woman then it's cuckshit

This is the definition that only you have ever used, anon.

It just gets so damn tiring to deal with you.

Why do you bother? According to your own definition, everything on this board is cuckshit. In your mind, this place is no better than Fag95zone. Why bother coming to what you believe is a hive of literally nothing but cuckshit?

Go create another board that is "cuck-free" by your definition.



>So people aren't allowed to worship a single aspect of an authoritative figure but his whole life as if it was a cult? Are you retarded?

That's literally how deification works though. You might want to read apocolocyntosis, or just look at Islam. The pope isn't worshiped as a deity, Augustus was.



>I don't know what is more pathetic, that person if that was true, or anyone who believes that is even possible.

I can confirm Cuck-tan's existence. In the previous meta thread she even stated that she swaps IPs around after getting the [B&D+] treatment for constant shitposting over several weeks.

Unfortunately, the anon that anon has been fighting with actually isn't cuck-tan for once. It's a different anon (who is admittedly also a cross-boarder going through their history).



>If you actually hate NTR, why do you get so upset when anyone shits on NTR

I'm not the person who's responding to you, but if you permit someone to be a retard just because they agree with you it reflects poorly on your side of the argument.


>"Divine right monarchy" is the same thing as deification

>good leadership is the only qualification for deification

You really have no idea what you're talking about.



>there's evidently more people that hates NTR as much as I do

Yes, that's precisely what I'm saying. Everyone universally dislikes NTR on this board, yet people still disagree with you in particular. Use your pattern recognition to analyze why the board at large can shit on NTR while simultaneously hating you.

>if you actually hate NTR, why do you get so upset when anyone shits on NTR?

I don't. I get annoyed when someone uses your particularly retarded arguments.

>If you don't think that's the definition of NTR you can just ignore it,

The problem is that you have kept this up for months. It's so goddamn tiring. I didn't argue the first time you started a shitstorm in a random thread. I didn't even argue with you the tenth time you started a shitstorm. It just gets so tiring dealing with it so often.


>It's a different anon (who is admittedly also a cross-boarder going through their history).

The problem is that VPNs exist, which muddy the water with those kinds of things. For example, I use PrivateInternetAccess as my VPN and it auto-connects me to Silicon Valley. That's the same VPN and node that Viperfag uses, so occasionally I get caught by bans he was hit with. I also often just don't have to enter a captcha when I try to post the first time in a day, meaning that someone else is currently active with that same IP.

Though I suppose general posting style is an indicator as well, but that further muddies the water because not everyone posts the same at all times.



Can confirm. I have been busy so I have not been able to post anymore. But I'm glad faggots made a boogeyman out of me.



>But, if the BO allows me, I want to shill my own, that it's dead even though I've been wanting to post a doujin I read recently.

Sure go ahead and I way say post it any way.

What do you think about merging the two boards or >>>/hgg/ outright absorbing your board? If that is the case then you are more than welcome to be a vol/co-BO if you want. Either way I have added your board to the announcement bar.

>I also put a lot of effort in my banners and I can easily make more. Vols are free to use them here if they want.

Thanks, the five you have posted have been added (only because of how minimal the upload tool is).



I'm not sure what you're thinking, but you need to seriously rethink this post

>letting /sgg/ shill

fine, I guess. if someone wants their furry/cuck games that badly, /sgg/ can act as containment.

>absorbing /sgg/

have you fucking looked at /sgg/?

there's nothing there to absorb

>giving /sgg/ BO vol position on /hgg/ when /sgg/ was created less than a month ago and purely as a way to bitch about /hgg/ moderation

what the fuck are you smoking?



He means /hentaiclub/, you fucking illiterate troglodyte.



my bad, but it's still an empty board.

how the hell would "absorbing" it benefit us?

why should the owner of a board that tiny get any kind of special treatment like automatic vol status?


File: d211831b0d5f9d7⋯.jpg (141.25 KB, 464x464, 1:1, da2b5527aef8377ee66d3a8e96….jpg)


It would give /hgg/ an excuse to be bigger tent and include hentai in addition to H-games and westernshit (and maybe set us back on the correct path of being HENTAI games general). It's mutually beneficial.



If we make the merger, I suggest making it "allow hentai general and scanlations initially to have threads, and allow specific mangakas to have threads if this works out in a few months." Also a strict ban on western comics unless it's in the hentai general.



Why would we want a "bigger tent"? What does any of that have to do with h-games?



>hentai games general




If BO wants more vols that's okay, but I don't want some other no-name BO being given vol status just because.

If he goes through the same application process any other vol does and gets approved, then I'm fine with that.

What really bugged me was offering co-BO status to somebody we don't know from adam.

What the fuck, BO?



You do know someone saying "hey, I do X/Y/Z and have a vested interest in this board" is how NotCIA and Veil were brought on, right? Dunno about Oilrig's circumstances. In fact NotCIA is the only one pushing for this application process I think.






I assume it's a "Reeee! The West is cucked! We must rely on Japan for everything!" weeb sentiment.


File: 5321841420f6daa⋯.gif (160.13 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 5321841420f6daae442b227a6b….gif)


>hentai games general

<NOT porn games general

Two can play that game, fucking nigger. We allowed your westernshit, so you can at least be conscientious about it in allowing hentai (again, I'm shilling for a hentai/sad panda general and scanlation groups who want to use our board).



That was my thought process, yeah. I think the last thing anyone wants is to have a dozen separate hentai threads dumped on what's generally a porn game board.


On the topic of furry.

>Humans with superficial animal characteristics are okay

I've some thoughts about this.

Monster Girls tend to have animalistic traits that enhance or hinder them in some way. Like a Wolf Girl looking like a regular girl but with wolf ears and tail, but still having the improved sense of smell attributed to wolves and the like.

On the flip side, CoC is fairly rare in the realm of furry. I've delved into that abyss before. It was research I swear. Don't judge me too harshly.

Furries tend to be very sensitive. By that I mean they are thin skinned freaks that very quickly feel emasculated. They suffer an inferiority complex. So, to cater to these freaks, most furry content tends to have as little emphasis on the animalistic parts as possible, as paradoxical as that sounds.

That is why a sizable chunk of furshit has outrageous proportions or weird biology that never gets addressed or even noticed, with grossly oversized genitals or tits not even disturbing the way they walk, or no one even mentioning why someone's pussy is literally glowing for seemingly no reason. Basically, most furries are that one kid that insists that a parakeet could totally beat a lion in a fight, and generally won't shut up about parakeets. To keep their shilling dispensers from getting upset with them, most who make furry content just never bring up how one animal is obviously better or the best at something.

It still happens, but I've found Monster Girls actually utilize their animal sides more often than furries, so I think that definition could use some work as it would actually allow more furry stuff than Monster Girls.


File: 8f23bec6dc70ff3⋯.png (326.75 KB, 542x619, 542:619, 8f2.png)


Damn, forgot the image.


File: 9c9d73a2a2a0671⋯.gif (421.57 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1450003846748.gif)


Thanks for replying, mate. How exactly would the merging works? I've read some of the posts about it and I like the idea of the hentai general with the redirection to >>>/hentaiclub/.

As for being a vol, I'd love it, but the truth is I'm busy and I don't have access to my PC all the time, let alone a PC otherwise. So sorry, I have to decline.



What are you smoking? I haven't read extensive amounts of furry porn like you evidently have so I'll have to accept that your interpretation of it is correct, but even with that you're being dumb.

>b-but the author doesn't actively point out how dumb a zebra with ZZ cup tits are!

Doesn't fucking matter in terms of the rules, it's a zebra. Doesn't matter if the fact that the girl is a zebra is only mentioned once, she's still a goddamn zebra.

If it's not a zebra and instead just a girl with horse ears, it's not furry, it's kemonomimi. Pretty fucking easy to figure out.



>What the fuck, BO?

It made sense for me to ask him up front now rather than once the merging process was complete. I personally find it only fair to offer him equal say in how the hypothetical combined board would have been moderated.


>In fact NotCIA is the only one pushing for this application process I think.

Last week I sent a unloaded PM to the rest of the team, asking for their thought's on 'if it was time to bring in more vol's'.


>How exactly would the merging works? I've read some of the posts about it and I like the idea of the hentai general with the redirection to >>>/hentaiclub/.

My initial idea was simply that I updated the title and subtitle (tags,etc) then your topic has a dedicated thread, finally >>>/hentaiclub/ would be deleted after any desired importing. However in hind sight it is not very fair and board's can not be deleted by anyone but Ron on an individual case. So now I agree the redirection idea is a good one.

>So sorry, I have to decline.

Fair enough.



>only fair

Why? How is that fair?

If the two boards were equal size, that might be fair, but that board has like six threads or something grand total probably for its entire lifetime.

It's like the king of some decent sized country offering to marry the ruler of a tiny pacific island kingdom with like 300 population total and giving them equal rulership.

It simply doesn't make any sense.


You're missing the point. The point is that furry material doesn't take like rabbit x zebra-taur and spend the entire time talking about the uniquely interesting ways they have to mate due to their differing physiognomy, instead furry material mentions in passing that it's a rabbit and a zebra, then it gives them both two foot horse cocks, Q cup tits, and balls the size of watermelons, and then writes a bunch of thinly veiled gay sex focusing entirely on those oversized sexual characteristics.



>hentai, not doujins or manga

You want to split hairs, let's split hairs.

The board's name is "[perverse/perverted] games general" and strictly has nothing to do with any non-game medium in the slightest.



>it's not furry, it's kemonomimi.

No no no. That isn't my point at all. I'm pointing out how, in a lengthy discussion, it was said that animal traits were fine as long as they were superficial cosmetic shit. Here is the exact quote.

> "Superficial" would mean that it is either purely aesthetic (eg. cat ears and a tail) or induces the character to affect silly mannerisms (eg. interspersing speech with "meow"). Once the animalistic feature significantly either impares or enhances the character's abilities it ceases to be "superficial."

For all intents and purposes, this more commonly includes furry. This is because monster girls are more likely to be enhanced by their animalistic traits in some way, while the furries could easily be argued as just humans that are completely covered by purely aesthetic animalistic features.

I agree with the notion, but I think we need a better definition to work with.



> In the Japanese language, however, "hentai" is not a genre of media but any type of perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act.

Better than you, apparently.



Cucks are like muslims. If they'd fuck off we wouldn't keep having to tell them to fuck off.



What cucks? All I see is idiots calling eachother cucks.




It's insulting.

I'm disappointed in you, BO-senpai.



wew lad



Yeah, but you don't suddenly make that hick a baron or something.



vol, sure. co-BO is a different story.



He mentioned both. And vols aren't god so I don't mind that, you seem like an okay guy. I just like to think that if he was going to offer co-BO to anyone it would be an existing mod or something. I'm just not sure what he was thinking with that part.



Nah, fuck you. BO did nothing wrong. This is a fucking imageboard, learn to take it easy. It's not like Jim giving /fit/ to a redditor or something extreme like that.


File: 5d36dae54b795b6⋯.jpg (181.7 KB, 2508x1649, 2508:1649, 5d36dae54b795b6b6ce4b69fc3….jpg)

Was gonna just ban the TiTS thread, but anon unironically used emojis and admitted to being a furfag so I gave it the [B&D] treatment. 8chan shit the bed when I banned him/it made it a permaban, so I had to unban and reapply the ban using a different post he made in a different thread, in case anyone checks the board logs and is wondering what the fuck.


File: 0cb9e95f9cf5323⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2000x1297, 2000:1297, Bored tomoko with headset ….jpg)


>tfw theres no way for TITs to go the same way as CoC

>tfw TITS will never be completed, and even if it did it would likely go the same way as kingdom come deliverance

>tfw you can't even discuss TiTs modding in its own thread here because there isnt enough de-fur modding to the game as is

>tfw CoC was only defurred as thoroughly as it was due to being here in the first case.

>tfw you were counting on some of the anons to actually fix it up and make it playable as well as add the incest back in ESPECIALLY ADD INCEST BACK IN

Vita sic est


File: d49a5abbf03b7c7⋯.png (101.91 KB, 400x436, 100:109, 1554360211382.png)


it hurts


File: 89dda76cab16aa6⋯.png (50.07 KB, 174x187, 174:187, 1424112363350.png)


>anon unironically used emojis and admitted to being a furfag

oh. I wanted to complain about the game some more



CoC started out as a demon/monster-girl game with furry on the side, and degraded into full on furry when the furrybucks started to flow in. On the contrary you have TiTS, which has been a game catering solely to furries right from the start. As such, CoC can be cleaned up to a degree to make it what it was always intended to be, while TiTS is furry through and through.

As such, I have no intention to unlike CoC ever work on TiTS, not to mention that the gameplay and movement is shallow as fuck.




The thread wasn't banned, just the anon. That's what was being clarified.


File: 97ec55a0967ebf7⋯.jpg (105.58 KB, 524x1009, 524:1009, rage feels hate anger.jpg)


>On the contrary you have TiTS, which has been a game catering solely to furries right from the start.

It was never supposed to be a furry game, it was supposed to be an alien game which everyone wanted. But instead it just got filled with furry shit from the start and became COC 2: electric Boogaloo, Furries in space edition

I wanted Alien shit, but instead i got furry shit

Like less than 5% of the NPCs in the game can even be considered alien, the rest are pretty much furry

I would have even preferred elves in space over this garbage, albeit there is an elf store vendor.



Actually, if furries and cucks made their own country and all moved there, it would be so much easier to genocide them because we'd know where they are.



In a straight-up war between furries and cucks on one side and /pol/ on the other, I would lay money on the first group kicking the shit out of the second group. Cucks are supposedly already genociding the 56%, and furries have shitloads of disposable income. All /pol/ has going for it is mass shooters, which don't amount to much when the other side is also armed. Whatever the outcome, the viewing public would be the winners. They could put that shit on pay-per-view.




>mass shooters



File: fd5447fd3a996e5⋯.jpg (116.48 KB, 1024x730, 512:365, truth.jpg)


They already have their own country. The US is owned, run, and occupied by furries and closet furries from coast to coast, and ruled by their dictatorial fur-god Donald Trump, who is openly furry. Don't expect the mainstream media to report on this. But all is well, the great Redeemer of Russia, incarnation of Christ reborn, purist and Western garbage incinerator Vladamir Putin is playing his hand to end the fur-loving West as sure as the son will set. Perhaps you will survive?



Oh, right. I forgot that they were secretly jewish cultural marxist falseflags who wanted to smear /pol/'s good name by spouting /pol/ memes before doing exactly the kind of shit that /pol/ always says it wants to do. Damn those impossibly brilliant and supremely capable untermenschen and their 4D chess! I gotta say, though, that newsman reading Navy SEAL copypasta gave me a giggle.


File: 6a6af67047b0084⋯.png (422.12 KB, 469x372, 469:372, IDon'tBelieveIt.png)


mfw the yarmulke that Trump wore to the Western Wall was actually the inner lining of his fursuit's headpiece



>>Can I make a thread about X?

>You can make a thread about anything really so long as it follows the OP quality rule

Yeah, you probably should point out right there, that you can't post stuff that BO doesn't like (like cuckfaggatory, furries [unless it's the particular kind of furry content that BO enjoys like CoC]) instead of on the bottom of OP.

Just for the sake of clarity.

And speaking of it: when are you going to update https://8ch.net/hgg/rules.html ?



Well, as it is now, I wouldn't be surprised if more people would accidentally make some threads about furry games: rules aren't updated yet and OP literally says that anything goes.

The only mention of this change is a small footnote on the bottom of meta thread.

Are you really too dense to see the problem here?



>nah, there's no reason to clarify rules at all!

>and anyone who don't like it can just fuck off!

I'm really not sure are you retarded or just shitposting.


File: dcc7e31ef42566b⋯.gif (192.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, stars.gif)

In my opinion, the decision to ban certain kinds of content is the first step on a slippery slope towards puritanism, which is antithetical to the very notion of adult videogames. It is no better than Paypal willy-nilly deciding that incest is not allowed, or videogames banning certain playstyles because they do not fit the developers' vision. It is a dangerous precedent to set. What is to say that rape or feet or lolicon won't be next?

You may collectively run your board however you wish, and I will naturally comply with this new regulation. No new Kobold Adventure threads will be made, despite the fact that a lot of people found the game through this board, and that feedback from the people here has lead to the game itself improving. It's a shame that this has to come to an end, because someone else did something unrelated, that the moderation does not agree with, but so be it.

I hope for this board's sake that you collectively picked the right choice of actions in enacting the ban, and that this decision will end up benefitting the board in the long run, instead of causing it to spiral downwards into further restrictions of what may and may not be discussed. Thank you for the time that Kobold Adventure has spent here so far, and for however long it may take for the current thread to reach the bump limit (probably half a year or something). After that, there will be one fewer place on the internet, where my videogame can be discussed.



Except that it's been plainly stated that existing generals won't be banned, you colossal faggot.



Will you be moving the game to a new board?



Probably /fur/ or something. We'll see when the thread itself gets closer to bump limit.


File: b28babaa13b7dbf⋯.png (765.02 KB, 1278x720, 71:40, b28babaa13b7dbfb92d271ee0a….png)


>What is to say that rape or feet or lolicon won't be next?

The fact that at least three of the vols are lolicons, one of them was involved with writing a rape h-game back in the day, and I'm pretty sure one of them is a foot fag? The cuck thing and the fur thing have been a very long time coming, it just finally spiraled out of control. I can't even comprehend how anons can't see the difference between those two very vocal very minor communities that cause 90% of the drama, and the rest of the range of fetishes (that I find disgusting but have no intention of going after). Even the vol response in regards to the fur thing has been more or less "we're only gonna enforce it in extreme cases" for the most part. The thread that started it only got that treatment and started that mess because OP admitted to basically raiding /hgg/ and wanting to use it as a launch pad to post other furry games.

>Kobold Adventures is leaving

Never played it, but it was already discussed and Kobold Adventures was in the clear, so you're always welcome to come back, dude.

>After that, there will be one fewer place on the internet, where my videogame can be discussed.

I'm not sure if you were around when that one Nip was throwing DMCAs around and we added a magnet link of his game to the announcement page section, but if anons want a Kobold Adventure thread, anons will make a new Kobold Adventure thread. You might stop browsing and there's nothing stopping you from doing so, I won't hold that against you, but it's not gonna stop anons from discussing your game.



>two very vocal very minor communities that cause 90% of the drama

Oh, please. It is plain as day that /pol/ causes 90% of the drama. The furries are annoying, but there has been nothing unexpected out of them. The cucks don't even seem to be real, just a paranoid fantasy. Whatever. It's you guys' board. You do what you want to it.



>Kobold Adventures was in the clear

I do not understand the reasoning for this. My game is 100%, undeniably, irrefutably furry. I have never claimed it *not* to be furry. There's a fox lady, a wolf guy, a sheep, a bunch of anthropomorphic dragons, a rat, an owl guy, and a scaly protagonist, a bunch of which already have art drawn by furry artists. The character sheets page alone, should tell you all you need to know about the nature of the beast.


I'm not going to tell you how to do your job, and if you want to allow the game to continue to be discussed here, then that's fine by me. Just seems a bit hypocritical to me, that's all. Why am I arguing against my game being here? Because I don't want to be dishonest, and claim it's something that it's not.


File: d624d25375e0e64⋯.jpg (23.04 KB, 276x326, 138:163, Alfred hang.jpg)


>(that I find disgusting but have no intention of going after)

Yeah… for now.


File: 38a936575702450⋯.jpg (308.92 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1553390543529-1.jpg)


I mean, you'd have to bring that up with the others, I'm just saying what seemed to be the consensus at the time when the Kobold game got brought up- again, I never played it so I don't know. What do I know though? I just sit around drinking dark beer or scotch and shitpost.


I've defended stuff I didn't like before on this board and have played devil's advocate more times than I'd have liked to, anon. I even defended the cuck thread/banned gorespammer (while shitting on said cucks of course) because it wasn't banned material at the time. I'm basically only around occasionally to pop my head in and make sure everything's alright & running smoothly/no one's bullying BO.


Having rules in the first place is fucking retarded, and you're genuinely a moron if you think otherwise. That is all, you may ban me now.



I'm no vol, but I think I got the gist of what is going on. The issue with furry stuff seems to be less about the fetish itself and more about the type of people it attracts. I didn't see whatever shitstorm sparked this action, but, from what I gather, some of the more obnoxious members of the furry community found their way here and the board is collectively lashing out to show they aren't welcome here.

As is often used as an example here, most don't want a repeat of what happened to CoC or Libre Cities. These new rules will likely be forgotten once everyone calms down and only ever brought up when someone who clearly has never been on the board before tries to shill their furry cuck game, like CoC2 or something.


>>336063 (cont.)

For clarity's sake, if I were to try my hand at making a furry game and make a thread about it here in a couple weeks, I doubt I'd have to deal with anything more than the usual offenders that shit up every thread when first made.

That is, of course, as long as I uphold the necessary standard of quality and am not an obnoxious twat about it.



>Never played it, but it was already discussed and Kobold Adventures was in the clear, so you're always welcome to come back, dude.

if you're going to pick and choose how to apply the rules to that degree you may as well not have the rule at all. this kind selective enforcement implies that there is some other unwritten rule or that you need to be in the good graces of the authorities for the privilege of breaking them.

it sounds more like the moderation team is unsure of what the rule is supposed to accomplish and what it's supposed to communicate to the user base. it doesn't help that BO didn't explain his reasoning or intentions as far as I can find.


File: 9e2360c70bedc53⋯.jpg (238.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, eternal_suffering.jpg)


I think there's going to be a hardline stance eventually, but for now it's mostly just soft enforcement when something along those lines pops up.


A) Swapping IPs just to respond to the meta thread destroys any point you might be trying to make to a vol since they're just going to see you as a one-and-done shitter who doesn't contribute at all to the board.

B) I never played Kobold Adventure and literally the only person who's ever even mentioned furry content in it is the creator- everyone else who's ever brought it up has explicitly pointed out the kobold and has left out any other details. Do you expect people to have played every porn game on this board or something? I addressed this point here: >>336037 and basically washed my hands of the matter/left it for BO or another vol.

>unsure of what the rule is supposed to accomplish

It's supposed to ban threads like >>328342 (that thread being allowed to stay up for the time being since it was created before the rule was enacted)

>and what it's supposed to communicate to the user base.

It shouldn't communicate much of anything to the current userbase who should remain relatively unaffected. To outsiders however it's supposed to send a clear message. There were only three threads really called into question as grey areas and at least last I checked the consensus was to leave them alone unless a good reason sprouts up to push a more thorough ban. We'll worry about that bump if we get there, and in the mean time I don't really see much reason to make a mountain out of a molehill. By all means lash out over that, but I'd like to think none of us are about to become fag-95 tier moderation nor /a/-tier moderation (not that /a/-tier moderation would be a bad thing). If we were going to do that, it would have been when the Teaching Feeling TL brought half of reddit over with him a long time ago, or when Towercuck was around still, or etc.



>rules are common sense

>the same rules we were discussing for the last few hundreds posts

>are common sense

If they're causing so much drama and discussion for so long, then they obviously aren't common sense.


>Except that it's been plainly stated that existing generals won't be banned, you colossal faggot.

Can I make a new Flexible Survival thread then, when the old one will die?

If not, then you're a fucking moron for making this invalid argument.


>Kobold Adventures was in the clear

It's as furry as it gets. There's transformation, rape, turning into a breeding slave with drugs, characters that have snouts and fur on their whole body etc. Your new "rules" are shit.


Is it wrong that i don't hate furry game threads, so long as they're not /htg/-tier threads?

Hentai games are going into a drought, Patreon-shit games are on the rise and /hgg/ has decided to fight amongst itself to determine which game belongs up here.

That, and text-based furry games are leagues better than furry games with pictures.

How do i put this? I can play a text based furry game due to having the ability to ignore words i dislike. However a picture is a picture and U can't tune that out.

Also 3D furry games are amongst the worst, they should be banned without a second thought except for skyrim



Fuck off, Todd.



Not sure what sort of newfag you are, but /pol/ has been a significant presence on this board since basically forever and isn't the cause of the problems. If anything /pol/'s presence is a great way to spot outsiders because newfags of all stripes whine about them, from cuckchanners to fagzoners to redditors. The only group that's legitimately managed to kill a project here was /leftypol/.

Anyway, just chiming in to throw my support of BO in trying to clean up the worst of the cuckshit and furfags. More moderation is bad, but for them I'll make an exception.


Why are furry games being banned? I thought the thing that differentiated infinitychan /hgg/ from cuckchan generals was that each game/topic having it's own topic automatically segregates it and creates containment?

I hope the 'general' thread on this board picks up steam though because the fluid discussion of h-games from one to the next is what I really like about the two generals on cuckchan.



>Why are furry games being banned?

Because BO and mods threw a hissy fit when they saw this thread: >>>328342 . It doesn't break any rules whatsoever, but apparently BO decided that only games with content that he likes are allowed; since he dislikes furries and cuckolding, they've decided to start banning those.

> I thought the thing that differentiated infinitychan /hgg/ from cuckchan generals was that each game/topic having it's own topic automatically segregates it and creates containment?

Unfortunately BO doesn't think so: he probably think that hiding threads is for pussies or something. And since it's his board, he can do whatever he wants to do with it.



>Because faggotry leaks.

Shouldn't it be left to each threads own culture as to what constitutes faggotry?

>Containment doesn't work when the faggots of furry threads start leaking to other threads and you end up with furries winning when it comes to including his content in games like CoC.

This is strange. As I take it CoC is essentially a game where anybody can add content as they like, right? And if the person in charge of updates likes it, they include it in the next modded release? The thread culture over there seems to decide what they want to do with their game.



>t. Furry


File: 10467b6ffd8d440⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 295.84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, todd vmtb.png)


Buy my Game



If you don't like me being butthurt, then you can fuck off as well.



>As for CoC, it was really against furries until recently becausebecause furries grew in majority so drama ensued.

What are you talking about? It's the same as ever, there was no drama, and there's no open furfaggotry.



He has no idea while attempting to be divisive and get furry game threads kicked off the board. Surprised such faggotry is tolerated to be honest, but I guess that's maybe the culture of /hgg/?



Yeah, but if you could figure out your spacing, I'd look a lot less stupid standing next to you.


As you can see, he only makes low quality shitposts in an effort to merely create pointless argument rather than anything constructive.

I wonder how many threads he does this in..






>As for CoC, it was really against furries until recently becausebecause furries grew in majority so drama ensued.

The last actual drama was when cucks tried to get their written content in, which was close to a year ago and every single instance of cuck shit has been removed from the game. The only thing your posts say is that you hate CoC and are trying to stir shit up here by spouting the most inane things you can think of.

Here's a little reminder for you: the CoC thread and mod are anti-cuck and anti-furry shit. Not a single contributor from the past year has written or tried to get either of those into the game, and everyone that regulars the thread actively shits on both those kinds of people if they do crop up. Not even to talk about the fact that it has a NoFur toggle that changes every single furry character in the game to be monster-girls or just girls with animal ears and tails.

CoC may have originally been a furry game, but it certainly no longer is here with the mod. It's even funnier when you complain that furry faggotry leaks from the CoC thread to others when it doesn't even exist there in the first place.


File: 6f38995ac4b0f2f⋯.png (83.38 KB, 449x389, 449:389, autistic screeching.png)



What a world we live in that the furries are keeping to themselves and the faggot drama queens are on the other side.



I forgot the part where that's happening here at all. All I see is kobold dev keeping to himself in his threads and the autism inquisition (ie, you) screaming that the furries are taking over.

Of course nobody actually does that so to even make an argument they have to say there's a secret conspiracy from whatever "fag95" is to convert us into furries.


File: d5a555ec6f6c14a⋯.jpeg (80.83 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Pepe_the_Frog_-_Plush_dol….jpeg)


>stir shit because "if you don't, the furries will invade"

>reason for not wanting furries is "they stir shit all the time"



there's already like 50 threads with NTR games in them, that argument is bad.



Sometime you should check out the stats of mass shootings, using the proper legal definition, globally. NatSoc guys are wildly, flagrantly statistically under-represented.

Of course, you wouldn't know that because you aren't actually paying any attention.


The consensus on /pol/ last I checked was that mass shootings were a horrible idea because they wouldn't have the desired effect and the backlash would be catastrophic. That would also be why anyone advocating "direct action" tends to be told "fbi plz go".

Maybe you also need to be paying more attention.

Then again, I haven't been on /pol/ in a long while. Maybe things have changed.



I do not give a fuck because it does not affect me. What does affect me is autists shitting up my board and trying to drive away games like kobold dev because they'd rather argue against shit even they admit they barely have a problem with because "give em an inch and they'll take a mile"



>I do not give a fuck because it does not affect me

The peak of conformism. Kill yourself.



No, that is literallythe opposite of conformism.


what is this dev null shit?






Working on deleting it. It's a tor node and the delete functions aren't working properly so it's taking time.



BO has tweaked the filter, >/dev/null was the initial pass.


good job on deleting every single tor post on the board.

especially when a vol deleted every single tor post while another was already removing only the spam ones like it should've been done.

how do you fuck up this badly?


File: ade47ee086dc0ca⋯.jpg (66.71 KB, 564x827, 564:827, 1519133333423.jpg)


>ten non-shit tor posts

>five hundred bot spam tor posts

>"oh no how could this have happened to me"


File: 40280b3b2120228⋯.jpg (835.26 KB, 986x1000, 493:500, 1540088410285.jpg)


Ara ara~ I got a little carried away there and didn't see the other volunteer's work until I had already hit [D+] Anon-kun. My bad.



Jim answering DMCA's tier work anon.


>Meta Thread 5: The League of Vols

I'm going to need an official rundown on which vol is which superhero/villain.



we're all both



that negan guy deletes alot of low quality threads and killed off another 3 threads earlier

he would probably be thanos because he snaps all the faggots from the board

also who is this rickles guy in the board log i havent seen him before


>>338999 (checked)

>also who is this rickles guy in the board log i havent seen him before

He was brought on as a direct result of >>333438.


File: 1c2ff03dec33d12⋯.webm (4.91 MB, 480x270, 16:9, dancing lolis.webm)

Hey, I'm the new vol, went ahead and switched my name from rickles to quill. I was brought on for the FC thread so I'll be mostly focused there. For the rest of the board I'll probably just be deferring to the other mods and helping to keep the report queue down. Here's some dancing lolis.

Post last edited at



nice vol tag you fucking loser





dUrPS, heh.


File: 934cc246c921011⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 106.1 KB, 670x336, 335:168, We become the girls anime.png)

Can someone tell me why so many of the games feating female MCs keep having that faggot calling everything cucked?

I was looking through a few of the RPGM threads (which i usually don't even bother to touch) and a third of the posts are taken up by some faggot calling everyone in it a cuck due to some esoteric reasoning which is pretty much on the same level as pic related.

I'm seriously beginning to think that this is the work of some kind of cuck. Dilute the definition of cuck enough and soon everything is cucked so therefor nothing is.



You deserve every insult you get for playing fem protag trash.


File: cf76eb815f95868⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Alex jones tin foil.webm)


>I'm seriously beginning to think that this is the work of some kind of cuck. Dilute the definition of cuck enough and soon everything is cucked so therefor nothing is.

More reasonable explanation than him actually believing that literally everything is cuckoldry.

Although, if there was a board where someone was so disconnected with reality they COULD believe that, it would be this one. No doubt.

Thing is, the vols don't seem to have a problem with him shitting up literally every thread, despite banning all the other shitposters. Or at least trying to. My sneaking suspicion is that he's one of them.



>My sneaking suspicion is that he's one of them.

Mine is that nobody bothered to even report that seething faggot.


File: b6d34473284d7cd⋯.png (6.36 KB, 380x443, 380:443, feels think.png)


You're overreacting.


What's bizarre to me is that cuck-tan is still at it despite the overwhelming hate he gets in literally every single thread he posts in. In his mind surely that means this place is a degenerate den of cucks, doesn't it?

If the entire community is already cucks, it makes more sense to make a new non-cuck community than to waste all your time fighting for an impossible task.



Thing is though, cuck-tan is really obvious. He has a certain style to the way he writes that makes him easy to spot among the faceless, and he always spouts the same rhetoric with the exact same wording wherever he goes.

Couple this with him previously admitting that he is on what he sees as a one man crusade throughout the board, and it becomes fairly easy to see why it is totally believable that it might just be him every time.

Then there is his messed up definition of cuck. The dude legitimately thinks that if you are in a threesome and the two woman so much as look at each other, that is cucking you. Personally, I agree with the idea that he is a false-flagging cuck. Would make a lot more sense, especially with how many actual cucks still have grudges against this board in particular.



It still isn't completely wrong.

Cuck-tan was doing his deranged moralfag crusade for almost year now.



The problem isn't shitting on NTR, this board almost universally agrees with that. Look at any time NTR is posted in any capacity on this board and you'll have your proof that this isn't a place that welcomes it.

With cuck-tan though, he's on a crusade because he feels that the normal definition of cuckoldry isn't expansive enough.

This is the problem with criticizing him. Idiots like you see us making fun of a baboon pretending to be a human and think "W-wait a minute, that baboon dislikes cuckoldry, how dare they defend cuckshit!!!" because you are seemingly incapable of reading the posts and understanding that it's cuck-tan behaving like a turbonigger that we find objectionable, not his dislike of NTR.



> From what I've read, gangbangs and even female protagonists falls under what he considers NTR, and even though that's more along the lines of cuckolding

And cuckchan spotted, go back to your shithole


Oh wait, not even /htg/ wants you anymore since the word cuck is now filtered to cluck, you fucking faggot.



You just proved that the guy accusing you of being unable to read is right. I gave an example of one of the more outrageous things cucktan has actually labeled as cuckshit.

It wasn't a joke. The guy actually said that MFF threesomes, where you are the guy fucking two women, is cuckshit. His deranged reasoning for this is that if the women even acknowledge the other's existence, you are being cucked because their full attention is not on you.

He also thinks a game is cuckoldry if it has any form of story, because, by his own logic, any game that isn't a pure sandbox is cuckshit because you can't perfectly self-insert into a character that makes any decisions whatsoever.

The whole "well anyone could be cucktan" argument doesn't work, because he has been consistent in his rhetoric. We have a clear idea of who cucktan is by what he has constantly repeated across the board.



>We have a clear idea of who cucktan is by what he has constantly repeated across the board

Hardly, I've seen faggots accusing each other of being cucktan, so there's clearly not an exact idea of who he is. Also, stop advocating for others, faggot, as I see it, you're the only one pushing the "cuck-tan" meme.


Nah, Viper was a faggot who never gave a logical reason to dislike shota other than "I don't like it".

>She can watch though, as long as her eyes are on me

Cuckqueaning is a nice fetish.


File: 2ef3e425250ac0c⋯.png (262.48 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>you're the only one pushing the "cuck-tan" meme.

I've only made 2 replies in this thread today, not counting this one. Also, I didn't coin the name. When I noticed the pattern I started calling him cuckanon. Someone else noticed that he really hated 'weebshit' in general too, so he was dubbed cucktan to piss him off.

<I've seen anons incorrectly label each other or use a term in jest, thus it has no basis in reality.

You don't seem very bright.


Cucktan hates that name and also vehemently denies being the same person despite his usual talking points practically being copypasta at this point and admitting on multiple occasions to intentionally shitting up every thread he perceives as 'cuckshit'.

Therefore you can't be cucktan, because you would never admit to being cucktan if you were!


File: c9ed438d12b03fe⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 329x375, 329:375, 1449998242447.jpg)


Cuck-tan here. Don't know who said I hate "weebshit".


File: c5d79f4c9a94580⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 396x222, 66:37, brent.jpg)


ACTUAL Cuck-tan here. I DO hate weebshit. Because I said it, cucks.



If someone goes out of their way to shit up multiple threads, all while spouting the exact same rhetoric, and going so far as to admit to shitting up multiple threads in each of those threads, it would have to take someone incredibly retarded to think, "Nah, it couldn't be the same person. You guys are just labeling people for the shits and giggles."


File: c6868bd431376a1⋯.jpeg (21.88 KB, 402x394, 201:197, c6868bd431376a1f06bb7f820….jpeg)

At this point I'm sure the faggots screaming cuck-tan are trying to pull some kind of divide and conquer, so they can blame anyone shitting on cuckolding as cuck-tan.

Ultimately, that's retarded. People still hate cuckolding. If someone calling is something cuckolding and you think that's not cuckolding, then you can just shut up. It wouldn't affect you. All you do is trying to divide the opinion and force your boogeyman for """unknown""" reasons. If someone is shitting on cucks, regardless of if you agree with it or not, just let it be, otherwise you might as well be a cuck yourself.



You've been replying to several different people, anon. You seem to use the "every post which agrees with X stance is a different person" when it suits your interest, but then immediately assume that everyone you reply to is always the same person.


File: 75543729b207204⋯.jpg (62.45 KB, 516x339, 172:113, 1371526375104.jpg)


>If someone calling is something cuckolding and you think that's not cuckolding, then you can just shut up. It wouldn't affect you.

And we did. For the first six months. He continued to make a concerted effort to ruin threads, even if no one was replying to him. It was only after months of tolerating his bullshit that we got this fed up.

Seriously anon, I don't believe for one fucking second that you have spent any amount of time here if you haven't seen him shitting up the place.

I didn't complain the first six hundred times he posted his utter nonsense, but after a while it just gets too annoying.



> What is learning?

< Keeps ignoring the admits to shitting up multiple threads in each thread part.

Something beyond you, apparently.



So, the guy outright saying, on multiple occasions, that he is intentionally shitting up multiple threads, isn't enough for you to believe that there is a guy that would constantly shit up multiple threads?

There is being a skeptic, then there is straight retardation. You have reached the later. A guy could approach you wearing a mask, with a knife, covered in blood, holding a sign saying he is a murderer here for (insert your name here), all while charging directly at you, and you still wouldn't believe he has any ill intention.



>Only the handful of faggots shitting up the board belong here!

Why do you think people agree with your tiny minority? Do you know how to count?



Nigger, I haven't posted in this thread at all today. You keep assuming that there's only 1-2 people who don't like you shitting up the board, for some bizarre reason. It's transparently pathetic. I don't like cucks because they force their absolute garbage fetish where it doesn't belong, but guess what, you retards force your garbage posts into every thread, ten times as much.


I haven't been here in some months and I come back to find cuck and furry shit banned. Cuck ban is obvious, but did the furries do something extra autistic or something? I don't recall furry sperging being as much of a problem as cuck derails.



Yeah, I read the previous meta threads, and he is allowing Lilith's Thrones and Coc to stay as well, mentioning "precedents" or some shit. Makes me wonder why he bothered including furries at all, I assumed the furfags did something particularly heinous to piss everyone off.



Read >>342451



Really, anon? Define cuckoldry right now. Give your own personal definition, don't be shy. Cuck-tan has a very specific definition of cuckoldry, that's one of the most identifying characteristics of him. Even when idiots like you misunderstand what his argument is and mistakenly defend him, you don't adopt his retarded belief because you haven't read any of his posts.



>did the furries do something extra autistic or something?

Just few standard 0.03 alpha "games" in usual money laundering scheme called patreon.


Ah, so cuckanon is a mod:

>quill hidden 3 hours /hgg/ Created a new 1-day ban on /hgg/ (#151719) with reason: cuckshit

>quill hidden3 hours /hgg/ Deleted post #342402



File: c8a9390d092952a⋯.jpg (133.24 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, Lamia wants meat held by c….jpg)


>Is Viperfag actually Viper?

Boy i hope so, Viper is my favourite avatarfag


>banning someone because they're annoyed at all the constant cuck dilution

well fug, looks like he was a mod all along

So maybe he really is trying to make cuckshit acceptable by constantly calling everything cuckshit so that when everything is cucked, nothing is.

Although I'm more annoyed at someone getting banned for using a wojak under rule 0.



Nvm, one of those posts was actual cuckshit

Still, I'm pretty sure it was a false flag, maybe by cuck-tan himself, for example:

"people are actually catching on to me, better post something from my prepped bull folder and post an anti-cuck-tan message", or something like that.

Its just I can't understand why someone would post actual cuckshit on a board that hates it to the core, in response to someone who thinks everything that isn't his personal taste is cuckshit.




>actual cuck porn gets posted

>vol cleans it up

>cucks come rushing to its defense

What happened to "we're anti-cuck too!" ?



see >>342524

you mong

>post bannable content with anti-cuck-tan message

>get post removed by mods

>Ignore ban and post about the horrors of anti-cuck-tan messages getting deleted

>wait for someone to respond without checking the actual post itself which had been deleted at the time

>"see guys, theres plenty of actual cucks here who disagree with me"

You are a transparent degenerate, neck yourself



>We're totally not cucks, it's just a conspiracy to make us look bad!



The admins have literally on more than one occasion corroborated the existence of cuck-tan.


Admins: There is a small dedicated group of shitposters (in many cases, only one shitposter) who stir the pot and shit up threads over fetishes they don't like. On a porn board.

What are you going to do about it?



>Where’s your proof?

Idk, try looking in the archives you braindead fuck. Specifically the old pregmod thread, the female protag thread, and the actual cuckshit thread where he decided to post guro. Although considering your reddit spacing you might be too retarded to do that.


Wrong, you fucking idiot. The fact that people unironically believe this makes me weep for the education system of wherever you’re from. Words have meanings, go look up the definition of cuckolding.



The fact that it was always in the middle of cucktan's rants. It was never a separate thing, and at least one anon would have spoken up about someone randomly appearing in the middle of an argument pretending to be them for the sake of discrediting them, yet no one ever did.

This is one of the reasons some are starting to think cucktan himself is a false flagging cuck. Probably one of the many who still hold a grudge against this board going out of his way to make people think 'anti cucks' are just as annoying as cucks are.

Considering how often it happens, and not just by cucktan either, why the hell would anyone have a hard time believing that one guy is going out of his way to shit up multiple threads? It isn't like it would be hard to do, nor is cucktan the first one to do it. Did you newfags not see the cunts that made bots to spam every single thread at the same time demanding an apology for the way we treated them? It happens. There are people who think way too highly of themselves and get absurdly angry when not everyone immediately agrees with them. These people hold grudges for a really long time and will go to ridiculous lengths for what most people would see as petty goals.



>Whatever you say, cuck-tan

Kys faggot. I’m not here to spoonfeed retarded kids. If you’re too new to have been there when it happened, don’t be a subhuman and refuse look it up.

>Cuckold have changed meanings since it was coined as a term blah blah blah

None of that makes the idea of labeling 95% of all porn as cuckshit any less fetarded.


File: a4775f17e4accd3⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 355x201, 355:201, a4775f17e4accd380e6094e861….gif)


This is a cucktan rant. I'm cucktan. Do you believe me now?

>and at least one anon would have spoken up about someone randomly appearing in the middle of an argument pretending to be them for the sake of discrediting them, yet no one ever did.

Didn't know this board had IDs now. Wait, it doesn't. This is as retarded as this >>342524


>There are people who think way too highly of themselves and get absurdly angry when not everyone immediately agrees with them

The irony.



>The irony.

I don't think you know what that word means.

>Didn't know this board had IDs now.

You really are new. If you had spent any amount of time here, you've have figured out how to follow an argument by now. It is usually pretty easy to follow when two anons are having a spat.

God you are stupid. Hows this newfag, admins, as in the people who can very much so see who is who and knows if you've posted in multiple threads, have confirmed that it is one guy on multiple occasions. You would know this if you weren't a newfag.



>I support whoever claims to be cuck-tan.

It’s great that you’re so proud of your mental deficiency. But you’re still a worthless human being, and I’m going to have great fun telling you that fact over and over again.

>It does, because it falls under the definition.

I know you hate looking things up because words hurt your brain, but at least open a dictionary.

>How's you call someone that masturbates to someone he likes fucking someone else?

I know you might be desperate enough to fall in love with any slut that walks your way and seethe every day that women sleep with people other than you, but not everyone is as heartbreakingly pathetic as you.



>I don't think you know what that word means.

And yet here you are being angry because you lack any proof of me not being cucktan. I'm cucktan. What are you gonna do about it, faggot?

>have confirmed that it is one guy on multiple occasions

Not quite. They said cuck-tan is real. They didn't said it was one person. Hell, they can come up and point if this whole time you've been talking with a single person or not.



< Explaining common occurrences is now a ridiculous length for a petty goal.

Your lack of reading comprehension is a pretty convincing argument for you actually being cucktan.


< Sluts existing = cuckholding

< Falls in love with any woman he sees

You know, but your own logic, that makes all porn cuckholding. No matter how much you'd like to think otherwise, it isn't your dick getting wet. Even the "self insert" stuff has you watching a dude on the screen fucking all the women you love, all the while you jack off and pathetically wish you were like him.



< "Everyone you don't like is cucktan"

> "Everyone I don't like is the same guy"




>Your lack of reading comprehension is a pretty convincing argument for you actually being cucktan.

Well, there you have it, I'm cucktan. Are you happy now? What are you gonna do now? If everyone is cucktan, nobody is.



Fuck off cuck! There can only be one.



>Which is me.

Yet you're still a virgin, fancy that. It is almost like you are just watching a boring twat fuck women while you wish it was you, but it still isn't you cuck.




What is it?


File: 458036021c12ddd⋯.png (32.18 KB, 602x246, 301:123, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 93d2f8cf9a8095f⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 620x340, 31:17, 34564567453645345645765675….jpg)


>Nah, as long as it isn't pig disgusting shit.

Unless you're a Catholic priest, I'd think little boys would fall under that umbrella.

But then I'm no a faggot, so...



Cause it still isn't your dick in her pussy, and the range of games where you have total control is incredibly limited. Any game with any semblance of a decent story to it, like the entire RPG genre, if going to have the character make decisions on their own.

Even with total control, you still aren't getting any, cuck.



You don't need total control to self-insert, cucktan.


I almost forgot how useless meta threads are.

Thanks for reminder, fags.


File: 233ec2534a54ade⋯.png (132.89 KB, 334x393, 334:393, embarrassing.png)


>You don't like this gay thing? You must also not like this not gay this!

No problem with little girls. I just don't like little boys because I'm not a faggot, Anon.

It's really quite simple.




>little boy

You gay.


File: f0267b7e00089bb⋯.png (212.57 KB, 500x725, 20:29, I'm sorry Mr Saracen you h….png)

I think what cuck-tan is missing is that almost all porn is inherently cucked. You are never the one who is having sex, it is always the people on screen or on the page who are having sex.

Self-inserting as the man is still cucked, you are not the man, you will never be the man and until sci-fi VR actually becomes a reality, you will never fuck any fictional character ever.

I mean self-inserting is a pretty shit excuse to use as a way of trying to say you're not cucked in the first palce.

What If I self-inserted as the bull who was preparing to fuck my wife IRL?

Is that in any way less cucked?

No its not you absolute cucks.

And don't get me started on solo porn, you are still getting cucked by by that dildo or maybe by some girls hand, unless its literally you using your hand to get her off, you're still being cucked.

I wish cuck-tan would stop defending his cuckoldry


It's hilarious to me that both sides right now are repeatedly screaming that everyone on the board agrees with their opinion and that the other side is just one person, despite obvious evidence to the contrary.

Maybe, just maybe, multiple people have dissenting opinion. I know, it's baffling to imagine more than two people using an imageboard, but it's the model I'm working with and it seems pretty accurate so far.



It still doesn't make this shit any less retarded though.



I have no idea why I even posted this. Please disregard.



>implying I watch porn

>implying i dont have a wholesome relationship with my wife

>implying the only reason i come to /hgg/ isn't to shitpost in the meta thread

you're making a lot of assumptions cuck-tan


File: 1647ef82cc86373⋯.jpg (28.67 KB, 247x247, 1:1, 3453hg53.jpg)



yeh rite


Reminder that the jew plays both sides, both to discredit and to push his agenda.

Whoever has forged himself the identity of cuck-tan is also the one posting actual threads about NTR games, while shitting on them, to shit up the board, create drama and kill threads.

It's no longer in doubt, it's a concerted effort into lowering the quality of the board to subhuman standards.

If you can't see it, you're wearing a blindfold willingly.

Now the real question is where he came from. I'm placing bets on either hongfire or fag95.


File: b7481a2e28b47b1⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Conan-2Inches.jpg)


You are, cuck.


>Bunch of new vols

>They're all shit and do nothing about the rampant pro-vs-anti-NTR shitposters making /hgg/ terminal

Too many cucks spoils the broth I guess



>Too many retards spoils the broth I guess




They are more like moral crusaders than proper retards.


until BO instructs me otherwise, I am treating shitposting the same thing across multiple threads for days on end as spam.

this is not a fucking blog site.



>Vol is a cuck



File: 2f86208ef66e0d0⋯.jpg (55.77 KB, 264x292, 66:73, 1450676033963.jpg)



Reminder that the first subverse thread was deleted because of cuckolding but now it somehow is up. That along the Kobold dev going full NTR on top of being furry already.

Rules are kind of a joke in this board.



While all moralfag crusaders are retards, not all retards are moralfag crusaders.

All of them can fuck off forever.



Hey there veil. Patreon thread shitposter here. I had a great time at the festivities yesterday. Just wanted to pop in to say how astonished I am that you went through the entire fiesta yesterday and individually removed posts while keeping up others. I don't know whether to be impressed or laugh. At least you're dedicated to your job, so keep up the good work I guess.

That's all, you can hammer this IP for ban evasion now. I'm sure one of the 7 bans are mine.



Woops turns out it was kickstarter. Whatever.


Kobold Adventure threads were not flooded with constant shitposting until the mods ruled it a specific exception to the rule.

There is a clear concerted effort by the autism brigade to drown out things they don't like PLEASE bo increase moderation.



>pro-vs-anti-NTR shitposters

You mean cuck-tan and everyone he baits?



>thedonald tourist trying to blend in

fucking yikes



>Spend literally months shitting all over /hgg/ and crying rivers over any content in any thread that even vaguely resembles furfaggotry or NTR

>Get surprised when board activity slows to a crawl and that the new vols are as autistic and volatile as the anons who helped make /hgg/ empty in the first place

Life comes at you fast, anon.



Basically >>346497. Cucktan and his ilk have a very specific idea of what was considered acceptable hentai. If it wasn’t a game where a male self-insert MC is the only male character in the game to have sex, and all women only had sex with him, then to him it was unacceptableand “cuckshit.” Unfortunately that includes about 90% of all games on this board. So he shit up a bunch of threads because the games contained “cuckshit”

The vols woke up around the time that kickstarter thread fiasco happened and started banning most of cucktan’s spam. The damage is already done though.



Possibly? Cucktan IP hops, and IP hoppers need multiple bans. I got two of my IPs banned a while back for something or other.

Aside from that, there’s also the fact that at some point, cucktan got tired of getting shit on all the time so he called backup from reddit. This would explain why there were suddenly 4 or 5 reddit-spacing fags helping him shit up threads.

On that topic: fix your spacing.



Normally yes, but that ignores squatting outsiders, bored anons and terminal shitposters.



Well then, what are you asking, exactly?

Less cucktan shitposting is basically a 100% quality improvement. I'm not shedding any tears for obnoxious shitposters if they just so happened to start shitposting recently in an ongoing, multi month tidal wave of shitposting. Good riddance.



fuck now even I'm using r*ddit spacing



Agree to disagree on that one. Stamping on cucktan whenever she showed her face was some of the best entertainment I’ve gotten from this board. That kickstarter thread was almost as fun as gassing a furry convention. It’s a shame the vols began actually doing their job, but I can’t blame them.



Don't forget he also shat up freecities threads with "bestaility is furry because furry means two different species having sex"



Sure, but if you want to shitpost, take it to /b/ or something, not muh porn board, please.



Was that what she was doing there? I didn’t participate in that particular beating. I walked in, saw about 8 other anons dogpiling her, and decided to sit that one out.

I would’ve guessed that cucksgan was throwing a bitch-fit about how you can whore your slaves to other men, thereby “cucking” yourself.


Eh. Fair point.



Those bans are long overdue and the BO has said before he's caught cucktan IP hopping previously. I could give a fuck if someone got caught in the crossfire so long as it stops this incessant fucking shitposting.

24 sounds about right given our little mascot's notorious dedication to her craft.



>Also, how do you know cucktan called backup from reddit?

I don’t know, I’m making a guess based on circumstances. Cucktan was alone for the first few months or so of her shitposting, and regularly got chased out of threads by anons. Then all of a sudden 4 or 5 people who agreed with her magically showed up agreeing with her incredibly broad definition of cucking. 4 or 5 people who regularly lapsed into reddit spacing and repeating each others’ arguemets like a retarded hive mind. What would you think in that situation?



>Aside from that, there’s also the fact that at some point, cucktan got tired of getting shit on all the time so he called backup from reddit

Claiming this without evidence is as childish as his claims that cucks from all corners of the web are flocking to this place because of his amazing crusade against NTR. That said, recent posts like >>346481 reek of post-2016 moralfaggotry by maladjusted pseudonormies who think that fapping to hentai games is completely normal and morally unquestionable whereas NTR and furfags are some unique breed of cancer that needs to be larp-crusaded against


Wow, if bans cause cucktan to act this civilized they should happen more often



>It's not?

Jacking it to a woman being raped and impregnated by a group of mutant dogs/minotaurs/mutant freaks is not normal or morally unquestionable.



Still worth it.


>both are trash

Fair enough.

>are against the rules

Only because there was enough of autistic seething to actually force BOs to ban that shit.

Hopefully, it won't lead to slippery slope by giving moralfags ammo to ban whatever they dislike.



No. They aren't real anon. None of this is fucking real.



>They aren't real anon. None of this is fucking real.

I’m aware. That doesn’t make it any more normal.


>You talking about the helia content?

I don’t even remember if helia had mintsur gangbang content. It’s been years since I’ve played CoC. But helia isn’t the only minodick recipient in that game, and CoC is not the only game to have minotaurs fucking and impregnating women.



>Why don't you ask CoC what they think about that after I ran the original writer of that NTR scene off the site and shitposted incessantly until the thread OP had to promise he wouldn't include any more NTR?

cmon lad, don't have the nerve to kill the board over several months and fill it with poleddit shitposters and then claim it's been board culture all along


this shit is still going on? has the BO not made his intentions clear to any of the vols yet?

I mean from what I can see BO made a new rule, but in private made enough exceptions that the board wasn't supposed to change significantly and confused everybody.

as well as never stating what the spirit of the new rules were so nobody can tell if they're working. and allegedly some are taking it as proof that ruining threads with bitching and moaning are effective ways to get the changes they want.



The rules are clear to me, anon. The only person taling issue is cucktan et al.



One shits up the board at a time

The other is your personal strawman, cucktan.



>and allegedly some are taking it as proof that ruining threads with bitching and moaning are effective ways to get the changes they want

I mean, it is, the BO made that quite clear when he banned furry and cuckshit in response to their bitching. The new insane vol who actively encouraged anons to spam threads they don't like is just the cherry on the cake. I personally believe it's incompetence on the part of the BO instead of actual malice, but the damage is pretty much the same.

He should have taken a leaf from the Corruption of Champions threads. The shitposting started there after someone wrote an NTR route for one of the characters, so after about a week straight of not being able to have a conversation the thread owner banned any more cuck content from the game. Surprise surprise, the shitposting didn't stop one bit and they just moved on to other aspects of the game that they considered cucky like polyamory or threesomes and started asking for toggles to be implemented on them as well. It did absolutely nothing as fanatics will never be satisfied.



>So you, uh, like to watch women take mino dick, huh?

When it’s a female character I give a shit about then I want for comfy vanilla sex with a self-insert, but that requires her to be a well-written character, which is about as easy to find in hentai as a virgin in a whorehouse.

When it’s a female character who’s sole purpose is to take dick, I like getting her to take a variety of dick in a variety of ways. That way at least the sheer novelty can keep me interested.

Also, why am I explaining my fetishes to a random anon.



>Also, why am I explaining my fetishes to a random anon

Because you're either retarded or a false-flagger

Your post will now be screenshotted and shared to a group of about 5 other people who will snicker and hoot over their BASED DEUS VULT BRIGADE's latest wrung confession of cuckoldry from a random anon who was pretending to be impartial



>Your post will now be screenshotted and shared to a group of about 5 other people who will snicker and hoot over their BASED DEUS VULT BRIGADE's latest wrung confession of cuckoldry from a random anon who was pretending to be impartial

Wonderful, maybe they’ll have the balls to come her and post again so I can have my fun shitting on them in the few hours before they’re banned.



>You have no problem when the board briefly runs off a serial shitposter who became so annoying that not even the vols that agree with their views could defend them anymore, but when that person who has never contributed anything to the board runs off a writer for another game you take issue

Yes. Can you really not tell the difference?



>It's not as long as we maintain community standards.

if that was what we are going by then the bans shouldn't be there in the first place. it's called the slippery slope because each individual step feels insignificant to a loosely defined standard.


>The rules are clear to me, anon.

I'm sure you can understand them if you follow the meta threads. but to anyone else the rule says no furry while the board has a number of active furry threads that have been given an exception slip for whatever reason.



>but to anyone else the rule says no furry while the board has a number of active furry threads that have been given an exception slip for whatever reason

That's kind of what happens when you panic like fuck and implement sweeping changes to try and satisfy retards only to swiftly realise A) You've shat on a huge chunk of already existing content with no way to rectify the situation without pissing off the majority of the board for being so heavy handed and fickle, and B) That the retards are not, in fact, satisfied, and never will be

I feel for the BO but there's no shame in swiftly retracting a fuckup



> as fanatics will never be satisfied.

This. As soon as the rules were clarified in cucktans favor, the shitposting only increased. They were emboldened, not placated. Suddenly to cuck tan the kobold adventure exception was worse than satan betraying god and the one exception made the rules labyrinthine and arcane.

It will ONLY stop with strong handed moderation, full stop.



It wouldn't bother me so much if there wasn't literally already a year-old example in CoC of what they'll do once the rules are bent in their favor. I think they keep archives of their threads, so if they go as far back as March 2018 or so you can actually go and check them out now.

Nothing short of a single player harem simulator with all female NPCs and one-on-one sex scenes will suffice for these people.



How else would you have a game where the only man who has sex is (You) and no woman has sex with anyone other than (You)?



>The new insane vol who actively encouraged anons to spam threads they don't like is just the cherry on the cake

wait, what? where?




When compared to NTR and furry it's. Especially when given that NTR exists outside of fiction and plenty of furries want their fetish to be actualized. Usually by fucking pets or or each other in fursuits.



>cucktan strawman

Who are you trying to convince, exactly? Everyone who has been involved with this board has seen cucktan's autism for themselves.




Fair point. I’m just confused at the idea that people find hentai normal. I’m not about to discuss this shit over dinner with relatives.



>Comparing masturbating to extreme pornography to the process of excretion in terms of normalcy

If I didn't know you really were this retarded I'd think you were trying to slide the thread



To put it in your terms:

Look how he shrinks back, "I've been found out".





So what do you want instead?

Should there be any standards for content in the games posted here?

And what about the sort of bullshit you get from the kind of people who are into cuck shit, especially the BBC variety?

Or the faggotry that furries are infamous for?

Even if you object to the posters, but not the content, how do you separate the two?

I'm asking what you'd do in the BO's or vols' shoes if you had the chance.

How would you refine the rules - either loosening or tightening them - to fix this situation?



You make refusing non-contributing moralfag tourists in favor of prioritising people who actually enjoy and contribute to the games over them sound like such a dilemma.



>So what do you want instead?

For the shitposting and autism to stop.

>everything else you said

Don't care, tired of cucktan controlling the discourse.

Ban cucktan, ban shitposters.



>Should there be any standards for content in the games posted here?

In a word: no. If I wanted heavy-handed moderation with a bunch of power-wanking vols, I’d be on reddit or cuckchan. That being said, I don’t want NTRfags or furfags running over the board either. There was a solution, which was to have NTR contained in a single thread and to tell every single cuckfag to go back to that board. But then cucktan decided to trash it with goreposts, and now the cucks aren’t in containment anymore and run all over the board.

Make two containment threads, one for cucking and one for general furry. Dump the degenerates there and leave the actually decent games the fuck alone.



why are you trying to spin it like it's some sort of moral quandary kek

ban the shitposters who don't give two fucks about the actual board and treat it as a vacation home from the_donald while they carry out their crusade



I'd hardly call banning shitposters who have been on a months long crusade "heavy handed" or "power wanking"

Then again, the rest of your post is subtly implying moving in favor of cuck-tan's direction would be a good idea (removing his hated kobold adventure exception, for one, in favor of relegating KA to a "general thread"), so I'm taking everything you say with a grain of salt.


File: ca182df28d4d0a2⋯.png (198.8 KB, 1800x1578, 300:263, 1538606960765.png)


>Should there be any standards for content in the games posted here?

why should there be? this isn't reddit where the most popular threads control the discourse. people come here for the games they like and ignore the ones they don't.




That would never work now that the floodgates are open unless every single comment disparaging NTR or furshit in their respective threads gets deleted on sight or else it would just constantly fill up with cucktan and co's shit. Simply unsustainable



I can already imagine half of all responses on this board being links to the NTR general in response to ridiculously trivial things.

>How about we stop shitposting across /hgg/ as a whole and you give us two specific threads to wreak havoc in instead

>Oh, by the way, you have to agree that anyone who posts about NTR or furry stuff elsewhere gets abused and redirected to those threads

>Also we should be allowed to shitpost in those threads as and when we please, it's our right to criticise low quality content

>What do you mean they're not staying in their shithole threads that we spammed anymore and are posting on the wider board?!

Come ooooooooon


Cuck-tan's thought process is as follows.

Her opinions are so ludicrously "out there", I honestly couldn't comprehend it at first. Then she said something that sort of turned a lightbulb on in my head.

"Give [furries] a finger, and they'll take the whole hand". She views her issues in a sort of overton window like state. Her MO seems to be to use whatever means necessary to push the over the top, ludicrous version of her opinions here as hard and as long as possible, such that when she whips up another sock IP to propose a "modest" "compromise" that nobody wanted in the first place, people will be so exhausted from the shitposting that they'll agree to anything on the off chance that it'll cause it to stop. Without, of course, being so obvious as to provoke a spiteful reaction from the vols, the BO or the userbase at large.

Either that, or she's EXTREMELY autistic and genuinely believes what she says, but I am simply not far gone enough to believe that.



>Sounds like a pretty good compromise.

CoC literally banned and removed NTR content and it didn't stop them from finding new things to complain about, what the fuck makes you think two generals would satisfy them?



I can hear it already

>Woooooow mods bending to cuckfags with bans??? What autistic, powertripping faggots! How dare you ban me for shitposting in the ntr thread?



>Then again, the rest of your post is subtly implying moving in favor of cuck-tan's direction would be a good idea (removing his hated kobold adventure exception, for one, in favor of relegating KA to a "general thread"),

You’re misunderstanding something anon, so ket me make it clear.

I fucking hate NTR. I despise it, and unlike cucktan, I’ve seen the damage it does in real life. It’s a fucking atrocity, and the fact that’s it’s a mainstream porn genre is what turned me off to non-amateur porn entirely.

The reason I shit on cucktan so much is because she doesn’t actually know what NTR is. Her retardedly broad definition of cucking dilutes the word to the point of meaninglessess. If she had an actual grasp of what cuckoldry meant, I’d have no problem with her.

If you want to preserve your precious KA that much, tell the writer to not write actual cuckshit. If you can’t, don’t be surprised when several anons, cucktan included, want it gone.


File: 0712600733040aa⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 1000x716, 250:179, 1262002907476.jpg)


You just know when you know you know man?



i imagine it's supposed to be humorous and disparaging given the nip honorific we assigned to the shitposter anon

good to know you have no more arguments except "YEAH WELL TRUE AS THAT MAY BE HOW DO YOU KNOW CUCK-TAN'S A GIRL HUH" though


Obviously cuck tan is a girl because she's so cute!



/r/ing cuck-tan r34



preferably something involving NTR



>unironic moral crusading on a porn board

>guys i promise i hate cucktan but we should really appease her with rules nobody but I wa- uh she wants

Really jogs the noggin.



Pretty sure thats one of the old vols. New vol came in >>339186 . Unless there were multiple new vols brought in unannounced.


File: 8b453702f46326f⋯.png (682.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1331556674277.png)


You're right anon. That shits private. Grandma doesn't need to know about the minotaur folder.



>I feel for the BO but there's no shame in swiftly retracting a fuckup

I just want the BO to make a statement that makes clear of what he actually wants. people (and the actual legal system) put more value in the intent of a rule than it's literal lettering for a reason.

if he strait up said "I personally don't like furry and NTR and don't want it on MY board" I don't think it would be the controversy it is now; these boards aren't a democracy.

but by saying no fur shit and then allowing some furry games sends the message that the issue isn't actually about furry. flinging the entire issue up into the air for everybody to argue over.


File: 03f9f3527e6ce96⋯.mp4 (15.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Viper - The Phenomenology ….MP4)

The absolute state of this board.




What, exactly, does this accomplish, aside from providing cucktan more material to bitch about endlessly and turn a mountain into a molehill?

They've already managed to turn "btw kobold adventure is cool so it can stay" into its own mini crusade



if you don't want people like cuck tan shitting up threads then make a rule against shitting up threads. if you don't want furry then ban furry. if you don't want the board to take a stance then explicitly say the board isn't taking a stance.

if you dangle a these half implemented rules and imply that it can go one way or the other based on some vague notion of popular opinion then it's just going to aggravate people into escalating the issue and making the board worse for everybody.


File: 7ba1d85cab15d77⋯.jpg (89.69 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, bed2c1b85d712442eac0e64eb2….jpg)


>My sneaking suspicion is that he's one of them.

It's more like >>342179 With the exception of lolicon my fetishes are generally leaning extremely towards vanilla, so I mostly just check one or two threads actively and otherwise just check the report queue.


There were a few incidents, but basically a couple furries started posting >>342481 and mentioned how they were going to use the board as a platform, so the problem was nipped in the butt.


I might have supported him all of once as an anon in a single thread like six months ago, but after realizing he was shitting up every thread I've called him out a few times.


We're vols, not admins. Report him so we can investigate and don't respond to her.


>The new insane vol who actively encouraged anons to spam threads they don't like

>New insane vol

I'm not new, and it was pretty clear in my inebriated state what I meant when I specified sagebombing a thread that would violate the rules but had its current thread grandfathered in, but interpret me as a big bad boogeyman if you must.



Veil has been one of the only walls standing between you and half the board getting shat up about 10x worse this last month. Him and the new vol. Just saying.



>Vol is reddit spacing

>What a twist.

how do you not understand the difference between spacing for readability and redditors habitually adding an extra space between every single line?


File: ca9aeb9e8efc2e9⋯.jpg (32.83 KB, 349x344, 349:344, ca9aeb9e8efc2e911696eabb29….jpg)


Bold words from a reddit spacing vol.

What happened with the "no hands on" approach this place was good for? Last time I checked, only cuckchan handed bans because they felt like it. Since cucktan keeps IP hoping you are not doing a lot since you keep banning people that enters it for no reason whatsoever.

Despite all the bans issued in the last month, I have not seen the shitpost diminishing one bit.


File: 5a6b5d61fd3a7a2⋯.png (157.83 KB, 1343x372, 1343:372, ClipboardImage.png)


Unless you are posting from your phone, which I wouldn't be surprised, this can be perfectly readable if he didn't reddit space.



This isn't fucking reddit spacing you retarded sperg, people have been putting a new line between replies for fucking decades now



Maybe in cuckchan. Guess where we are not.



If you leave spaces where you don't need to, you are reddit spacing. Learn to format properly here, faggot. Otherwise you are as much of a waste space here as you are IRL.






Are you stupid or just retarded? Just because you're too stupid to have finished any schooling and don't understand the concept of paragraphs doesn't meant you get to put a strawman spin on it. That's not, has not been, and will never be reddit spacing, you dumb mongrel. Stop diluting the problem of people who actually do it.










This, >>346665 is differentiating between different replies, to different people with a space. Are you telling me that all the OP's that put lines between links are reddit spacing?



A single line is not a paragraph, retard.



>doubling down on being wrong


Separating replies isn't reddit spacing you retarded nigger monkey.


File: 1ffdea3278e6914⋯.png (234.68 KB, 703x664, 703:664, ClipboardImage.png)


The quote itself differentiate different replies, reddit. Just like this.


Different reply


Different reply


And you can tell by the hyperlinked red numbers that are hard to miss. I guess you don't learn that in reddit.

>T-the OP!

The OP actually do it correctly when he actually have a correct paragraph and only breaks them for either emphasis or to facilitate reading.



It's good to confirm you genuinely haven't finished any formal schooling. It is if it touches on a completely different subject, and especially if you were to answer questions. If you need tutoring, I'd be happy to help you in the QTDDTOT, anon.






if anything should be banned it's this kind of shit posting.

the guy isn't even trying to make a point anymore. he's just derailing the thread on the pettiest of shit.



>And you can tell by the hyperlinked red numbers that are hard to miss. I guess you don't learn that in reddit.

Often enough even if a reply is headed with the red hyperlink, there can be several more in the reply itself. Using something for a header that's used somewhere else as well removes usage of it being a header. My offer to tutor you in the QTDDTOT is still open, anon, it's the least I can do for someone who most likely never grew up with enough money to actually attend school.


File: c706fe19bc4ff69⋯.png (455.15 KB, 1906x860, 953:430, afasdfasfadsfads.PNG)

File: 4ac7cae36444e74⋯.png (741.29 KB, 2090x963, 2090:963, afdasfsdfdasfa.PNG)

File: ce9047bdbbf6fb7⋯.png (565.49 KB, 1412x933, 1412:933, asdfasdf.PNG)


wow whee look at all this redditspacing




>In CoC or Era

Newfag confirmed, filter and report


Reminder that Reddit spacing is a myth and that if you look at any cuckchan archive that goes back to the late 2000s and early 2010s before the Reddit invasion of ~2012 they constantly use "Reddit spacing"

Cucktan has successfully derailed the entire conversation away from losing the argument and highlighting his obnoxious faggotry to discussing spacing


you are fools



>Removing NTR from an NTR game doesn't mean the game isn't NTR

Assuming the last 10 posts or so by the person claiming to be cuck-tan isn't false flagging (which is likely considering he really is just that autistic), can everyone make a note of this post for the next time somebody suggests appeasing moralfags? Here you have a solid admission that the shitposting is NEVER going to stop.


File: 8af4bb94b7911b6⋯.png (4.61 KB, 699x84, 233:28, eternal ntr.png)



I work on the CoC Mod. After removing the NTR shit, the complaints about NTR actually did die down. Only recently in the last week some newfag has taken it upon himself to start trying to rile people up again about NTR, even though there is none to be found in the whole game. It's just one retard shitposting, but the general majority of the board does in fact loathe NTR, as everyone should.



Okay, but the last one actually is.



>After driving away much of the board over several months of concentrated derailment and shitposting they left my thread alone after we bent over for newfags and removed content they didn't like from the game

mm yes very interesting fellow contributor



You're a fucking idiot if you believe most of the people working on it didn't want to get rid of that shit as well. The problem was that a large portion of it was intertwined with Jewnoxo's fursona who was the the character with the most writing in the whole game and entangled in the code mess all over the place. Nobody wanted to touch that shit as it would break the whole game which is the only reason it was put off for so long.

>mm yes very interesting fellow contributor

Fuck off with your retarded falseflagging crusade whenever someone gives you a genuine answer that goes against your narrative.



>Strange rant about how a polyamorous character is cuckshit instead of discussing the ACTUAL NTR content that was Helia's minotaur route.

Want to know how I know you're a cuck-tan bootlicker?



Cucktan needs no provocation to shit things up and "clearing up the rules" will probably just cause her to press the issue even further.

The problem isn't a "fag95 conspiracy"

The problem isn't "unclear rules"

The problem isn't "exception cuckery"

The problem isn't "powertripping mods"

The problem is cucktan.



Well we live in 2019 now, double spaces between paragraphs makes text look good when you're viewing text on a 1024 by 768 monitor where one sentence wraps multiple times but we don't live in the stone ages anymore and it looks like shit.


File: e0f41785241edf8⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, e0f41785241edf886a280633ce….jpg)


Looks fine if not over used if you sperg and use it every chance you get then it trash but when used within reason it's not that bad.


File: fc34fe8049975da⋯.png (417.35 KB, 1780x4559, 1780:4559, redditspacing.png)


The real menace plaguing /hgg/ is the word "cunny".


Can posts that are clearly just low-effort shitposting by calling others Cuck-tan be banned?

It's getting REALLY annoying to see this in every thread now with people falseflagging some retarded scapegoat that really has become the next Viper, only this one probably isn't even around anymore and is just people taking the piss out of it all.

I haven't seen an actual post from "Cuck-tan" with his incredibly obvious way of posting in several weeks now, and it's getting tiresome.


File: 2676292c918475c⋯.gif (13.92 KB, 256x300, 64:75, trust-me-goyim.gif)


>guys, anticucktan is just as bad! I bet cucktan isn't even real!

Look at how she clings to anonymity as her only weapon despite everyone seeing right through her only ruse.







The person who coined Cuck-tan is definitely just as fucking autistic. Not to mention with how fervently it's being spammed most definitely a good chance of it being a falseflag.

But of course, you can't have an actual dialogue with anyone aside from calling them Cuck-tan, can you?



Listen retard. Your constant accusations of people being cucktan is fucking obnoxious. You claim to hate cucktan so much, but I sure as shit didn't see you in the kickstarter thread when her and her goon squad started shitting it up. So either you're an unironic cuckfag who's trying to falseflag or you're just a massive coward. Either way, you're not helping


lol her attempts failed so miserably she has no recourse now but to claim someone else was "false flagging" and tries to pull big brain centrism like this is /pol/ and not a board about anime porn games

vols I'm so sorry for feeding the trolls



You should be but I forgive you



To ignore the stupid argument that spawned, how do you propose the vols determine this? Read though every single post in every thread on the entire board so they can have the proper context for every report that comes in?

That would require an ungodly amount of time investment on their behalf, so obviously they're not going to do it.

You need to propose plans of action, not just desired end results.


As far as I know, I was the first guy to use the term "cuck-tan" and it feels bizarre to me that you're calling it a false flag now. To begin with, I was arguing that cuck-tan himself was a false flag, and now apparently other people using the term has gotten to the same level of retardation that cuck-tan himself reached.

Gotta love /hgg/. Our top autists can turn even the biggest nothing-burger into an endless shitstorm.



You're trying so hard to be subtle, but anyone with half a brain knows what's going on.


File: 732633c3821f3f2⋯.png (688.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2ba0ab323f55f240fb6eb3ac29….png)


I genuinely don't understand what you're referring to. I only check /hgg/ once every few days at most, so I don't keep track of the meta-analysis of the entire board.



Well, that being the case, go ahead and read almost any thread where "cuck tan"'s garbageposting hasn't yet been cleaned up by the vols and you'll see how asinine "both sides are just as annoying!" really is.



>The person who raided and moralfag LARPed across this board for literally months, even going so far as to wrangle up a coordinated posse to shitpost threads they didn't like

>Someone who coined a nickname for said lunatic and started calling them out whenever they shitposted

>Equally autistic

shadilay brother


what is this and why?







Some lost /x/fag using alphabet ring sigils.

Also words written in it these seem like complete nonsense.


File: 61ee2dd22514ffe⋯.jpg (119.31 KB, 800x450, 16:9, material.jpg)


>cucktan's new "anti cucktan is just as bad" campaign failed so miserably she has to move back to "power tripping mods"



For anyone who doesn't know the context, cuck-tan started sagebombing the kobold adventure thread and finally got banned for it and now she's dindu nuffining



Consider the following hypothetical scenario: one person acts like a retard and is banned for acting retarded, and then another person starts acting like the first retard to show solidarity with them. Would getting rid of the second retard with a hard on for Spartacus have any downside whatsoever or would it be a case of killing two birds with one stone? Or, more bluntly, do you think that retardation approaching a critical mass makes it less or more of a problem for the board as a whole?


File: 4bbe38813099d44⋯.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, You autistic cunt.webm)


How special are your needs?



If it were NTR it would also be shit on by people who aren't drooling retards. I honestly don't know what particular example you're citing but there has a repeated trend for over a year of at least one dipshit, possibly more, who repeatedly starts shit in 90% of threads, gets called out, and then runs away whenever he's exposed as a fucking buffoon because he thinks NTR is a catch-all term that applies to anything he dislikes. I am assuming this is the case in whatever you're bitching about because statistically it's unlikely that I'm wrong, and excusing retardation by repeatedly misrepresenting what's going on seems like the sort of thing a retard would think is clever.


File: e13febe29391860⋯.jpg (18.42 KB, 720x290, 72:29, Autism2.jpg)


This board has had a consistent level of NTR-related content since its inception. That is, 1 to 2 relatively active threads with SOME cuckshit in them.

Since the guy who thinks gangbangs or even FFM is cuckshit started shitting up literally every fucking thread, NTR has basically become the focus of this board. Every single thread devolves into a shit flinging match between those obsessed with sperging about cuckoldry and those annoyed by them.

>You already invalidated your own claim

He did not. You just have autism.

<If it were NTR it would also be shit on by people who aren't drooling retards

<people who aren't drooling retards

<one drooling retard starting shit, calling EVERYTHING NTR in every thread

He's right on the money. Most people aren't drooling retards who think FFM, or a woman you can't have sex with in a game having sex with other people is cuckshit. But there are one or two dipshits.


File: 073952d8c75a249⋯.png (484.12 KB, 1088x1600, 17:25, impotent desu cuck.png)


>Even if it wasn't, it shouldn't be a baneable offense

>what is rule 3?

>what is rule 0?

If they can't determine what NTR actually is and/or constantly need to blatantly shitpost bait in order to get more (you)s, then its probably a bannable offense

As in they need to lurk more or stop shitposting for (you)'s

And its not just the kebold thread, who ever this faggot is, he's been hitting a lot of the threads with the same fucking message. I.e: "Everything i don't like is cucked"

Its pretty disingenuous to say that this is a rule against people who shit up threads due to cuckoldry

I'm half-expecting him to be some Fagged 95 moderator at this point. I mean we did have all those threads calling out their uploaders for stealing shit and not crediting where it came from (especially the mods). Not to mention calling them out for their rampant cuckoldry.

Hell, I'm pretty sure /htg/ still has their threads up.

Honestly though, if the moderators would actually just ban this guy for his rampant shitposting we wouldn't be having this problem (apart from him jumping IPs which is pretty easy to do now days, or the fact that these are temp bans)

I mean there are more important things to be discussed, as in when are we going to get rid of the rule against avatarfagging?



>Everyone knows already what NTR is.

Apparently not, or maybe they're just pretending to be retarded?



All the reddit spacing stuff is still there lad save for a few spergouts by cucktan



>when are we going to get rid of the rule against avatarfagging?

Only when certain avatarfag will finally die.

ETA: Not soon.


File: 2ef7fb30ead9a15⋯.jpg (108.66 KB, 500x469, 500:469, lamia sleeping in basket s….jpg)


Viper will live forever anon

Only when you accept him into your hearts will you finally achieve salvation.


Is Viper pro or anti cucktan?



For anyone who doesn't know, this guy is lying. See




That's dull.


Honestly, it would probably take more time than max lifetime of this imageboard.


File: 642dfddc4ef4780⋯.png (506.97 KB, 2343x442, 2343:442, fuck.PNG)

This fucking bot has been posting new threads almost every day for the past week. VOL's please.



Viper is cthulhu?



He's doing it to other boards too. Not much I can do about it.


File: f5378638bd905d7⋯.jpeg (2.57 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, a273aa524f626e6021601721e….jpeg)


Is this vipers real form?


File: 0256102a99197a9⋯.jpg (173.43 KB, 960x1393, 960:1393, eafb6141e6824b72a1ac4876ca….jpg)


Is this vipers real form?


File: 0a0931ce88b5361⋯.jpeg (2.57 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 87467e1b9014edc921617a93a….jpeg)


>implying ancient Mongolian monks can even use computers

>implying Mongolians can even read English

>implying an Asian would have so many viper pictures stored on their computer

I don't think Viper likes cucked porn, but if i remember correctly, he does like interracial (Which is almost as bad)


File: c1b3991e7658935⋯.jpg (386.46 KB, 900x1210, 90:121, 5121345125468.jpg)


There is nothing worse than racemixing


File: 1eee4965d317fcb⋯.png (98.41 KB, 1788x203, 1788:203, this isnt even my final fo….png)


The only kind of porn I don't like is shota trash.

And futa.

And PC-centric sissy shit.

And 90% of "Interracial" is just racist sissy shit. So that's out.

Orcs are fine

Orkz are better.

My real fetish is starting shit, though. I've probably advocated for NTR, scat, etc before. Though I'd never stoop so low as to advocate for shota trash.

I hope this answers some questions.


File: db1eb923a208df3⋯.jpg (675.58 KB, 1594x1408, 797:704, macha orcs screencap.jpg)


>There is nothing worse than racemixing

interracial isn't technically race mixing unless they breed, although it does support racemixing which is why its just below NTR for me.


>And futa.

what about futa orcs viper?

They're surprisingly common.

>And PC-centric sissy shit.

Ok, but what about non-PC-centric sissy shit?

Because tbh PC-centric sissy shit can actually not be entirely gay because femdom is exists, but content involving non-PC sissy is generally always about fucking said sissy and therefor gay (unless its a female MC)

I'm just saying, if you shouldn't be ruling out just sections of sissy shit, but the entire thing.

femdom isnt a bad fetish, but a lot of people who like it also like CBT, diapers and feet, which inevitably means a lot of them also like cannibalism and snuff

Still i semi-agree with you about the shota stuff, although its only western shot stuff for me

How do i put it?

Jap shota stuff always makes out that the stuff happening to the shota is by mentally deranged women, whereas western shota always makes the shota seem more like a man in a small body (Except for the dick)

Whereas people who have sex with a jap shota are generally cast in a negative light, for some reason western shota women are cast in a vulnerable light. Basically Weeb shota women are Carnivores who prey on children, western shota women are herbivores that the shota has to seduce. In a way, this difference makes western shota trash unrealistic and tolerable (which pisses me off to no end), while weeb shit is realistic (as much as a H-game gets anyway).

Still what about traps?

Technically they don't count as sissy shit.


After the past couple of weeks, my patience is at a low point.

Please, for the love of god, try to at least pretend to keep the meta on topic.

If you want to talk about crap like this, QTDDTOT is more suitable.

>>348011 is right though, nothing is worse than racemixing

Post last edited at



As the product of race-mixing I agree 100%.


File: 5791f224a3d2aec⋯.jpg (516.94 KB, 1866x2800, 933:1400, 3094269 - Corrin Corrin_(F….jpg)


>After the past couple of weeks, my patience is at a low point

Well, to be fair the Meta has always been sort of like this, although i agree the past month has been some low quality posting

I mean we've had for discussion:

>how much furry in a game constitutes it as a furry game, as well as the relationship between mods and their games (COC in particular)

>How much cuck shit in a game makes it cuckshit

>All those posts that were deleted

>banning people who used old memes

>the definition of cuckoldry and NTR

>Viper posting

>and all that cuck-tan garbage

Yeah its been pretty bad this month.

I think maybe its do to the lack of content being produced, either the lack of new games or the small updates games produce is dwindling. Then there was all that steam sale garbage. Weirdly it isnt that there hasn't been an actual lack of new content, but just that all the new content tends to be shit and doesn't really get made into a new thread..

Also does it look like their are more loli game threads than there used to be?

Its just that I remember there used to be significantly less loli threads around 4 years back than there is now. I'm not saying that they didn't exist, but I remember their being no more than 3 dedicated threads to loli. Is it a result of loli-posters being drawn here increasing the amount of loli-threads, or is it that people have been inspired by the demand for loli games here and produced more?

I mean I'm not a fan of dedicated loli games, not because of the actual loli but rather because most games aimed at lolicons are mostly loli-stuff

They just feel like they lack variety, I prefer games where everything isn't loli, like Treasure Hunter Claire, but thats just my opinion.



>Is it a result of loli-posters being drawn here increasing the amount of loli-threads, or is it that people have been inspired by the demand for loli games here and produced more?

I think it's more because this imageboard is one of very few sites in West that still allow loli.



>I think it's more because this imageboard is one of very few sites in West that still allow loli.

Well 4cuck still allows loli if its /b/ (i think?) and I'm pretty sure there are others, its just that they're not very well known.

So i suppose 8chans infamy mighty actually be attractive for loli? (especially after all those pedo accusations which turned up nothing except in the case of those people who actually were trying to get the site shutdown for pedo shit).



>So i suppose 8chans infamy mighty actually be attractive for loli?

Yes and being anonymous helps too, so anything what isn't illegal in US can be posted freely.

However, board rules still apply but someone needed to be completely retarded to actually get banned in first place.


Stop banning things because some people don't know how to hide thread/stay in the threads with content relevant to their interests. You are going to kill this board.

If anything, ban people who raid a thread they don't like just to shit it up. That's the only actual problem. It's impossible to read a thread about anything other than consensual sex in the missionary thread without some autist sperging out.



>banning people who used old memes

Banning people who sagebombed threads they didn't like*

Bans were as justified as they were late.



Pretty much this



This should be the Golden Rule for imageboard moderation.


File: 86b1f721548f6e5⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 619x444, 619:444, 352316201a0d406b40b8912df2….jpg)


Sounds gay, I think I will choose to be antagonistic on this "viper" thing.

If Nagatoro was the god on the other hand I would sign my self up to be the fucking choir.


Never found the spergs to be much of an issue as they never got out of hand at worst you get some person with a autistic bingo chart and they normally eat a ban for being to retarded for even here. The problem is anything is the lack of new content posted but that's less a problem of /hgg/ and more that the western adult industry is cancer and feel to call me bull shit but it feels as though the Japanese Adult industry is stagnating as the economy sputters. Things are bound to pick up but what's the best way to promote growth and give it the kick in the balls…



>Never found the spergs to be much of an issue as they never got out of hand at worst you get some person with a autistic bingo chart and they normally eat a ban for being to retarded for even here.

Actually the worst part was the autism inquisition shitting up threads of games they didn't even play because it contains things they don't like.

For months on end.

Nah, it's a big fukken problem, ban shitposters.






I'd say at the very least the old standard should stand. We don't want this place getting flooded with constant .00001 games with "devs" that think /hgg/ is a wonderful place to advertise their game, again.


Due to the recent daily site wide spam the I have set the 'Maximum number of threads per hour boardwide' to none.

This will be lifted when the situation changes.

Yes that might mean the spammer has won however on the flip side if his spam is ignored and allow to sit (e.g. >>>/co/) one can also suggest that he has won as well.

>Why do you just ban it every single time it is posted or attempt to use automated ban tools (e.g. Ring's anti spam bot)

Because A) that would fill up the ban log and that does not really make sense if the currently visable attack vector (in this case, thread creation) can in theory be closed. B) the script/source code does not seem to be released and Using the API/writing a custom tool is unlikely to be useful for very long even assuming either are viable. Edit: Ring released botmod (https://8ch.net/botmod/catalog.html) under GPL-3 (https://gitgud.io/ring/infinityctl).

Post last edited at



looks like that didnt work at all.

the spam is still coming in just as hard.



Generally some settings take a little while to apply or only apply after a new post is made.


Is there a way to revoke the spammer's daily verification? If only to temporarily disable the spam until the human controlling it can interact with the site again. I suppose that's probably not within the BO's granted powers though.



>I suppose that's probably not within the BO's granted powers though.

Even if that was remotely possible it would only probably be in effect for a day and seeing as the auth is bassed on IP, proxies (range ban also seems to be broken) bypassing would be trival.

I am both not impressed and not suprised that a option is broken.

Post last edited at




I'd say that if it's still in 'proof of concept' status, it has no business being posted outside /hgdg/ and even once it's playable it still ought to have at least some decent content before it deserves its own thread.

Basically it shouldn't be posted to its own thread before a reasonable person could enjoy playing it even if it's not 100% complete - before that, we should treat it as spam/shilling and ban accordingly.



Sounds more like you got caught in the crossfire of the cuckanon's constant shitposting.



Good, go and stay go. This place needs less shitposters.



>Shitposting about how literally everything is cuckoldry

>Gets banned




Funny, cuckfriend did the same thing in the same thread (archive of the thread before all the shitposting got cleaned up) pretending anybody cared that a bunch of her IPs got banned.

Then the archive post got deleted, lol. Thanks vols for cleaning up the trash, finally.



Learn to read faggot.

Besides, didn't you noticed spambot threads which were posted on several boards?



I think you meant >>349377



>board is almost dead

>board has over 100 more active ips posting compared to this time last year

What did he mean by this?



To be fair most of those are dedicated shitposters and cucktan proxies

If you flood a place with certain undesirable elements who only want to piss and shit all over the place then the place isn't more vibrant than it was before even though it's more "active"



>tbf poster

>wanting a place to be "vibrant"

That /a/ style chemo moderation idea keeps looking better and better.



I use that word only because the political comparison I drew from often likes to describe such situations as vibrant, enriched etc etc when all it means ultimately is that quantity has demolished quality


File: 138ad1699683ee9⋯.jpg (37.89 KB, 481x485, 481:485, 138ad1699683ee924478ceec7e….jpg)


Better point since the Christ Shooting governments have been gunning for 8ch, in certain countries due to censorship and fear of appraisal you have to use VPN/Proxies because the goverments are so cucked you can't even go on an autistic porn fourm without getting fucked.


I'd wager if the board is slowing down it has something to do with a certain autistic spammer grinding actual on topic discussion to a halt.



its not but if it was it would be a good thing. itd be a sign that the flood of retards from reddit and fag95 that have been flooding in are filtering out



>insistent that some place called "fag95" is invading

Hmmmmm, sounds familiar, you don't happen to post here often, do you?


File: dbc516921a002fb⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Oblivion.jpg)


I did, stranger. Thank you.


File: 98a36d3fc3776fa⋯.png (395.18 KB, 2191x412, 2191:412, Capture2.PNG)

File: a58d4eaf0bf92aa⋯.png (791.53 KB, 2230x862, 1115:431, Capture.PNG)

It's been almost half an hour vols, are you even awake



They mainly check board once per day.

I only wonder for what purpose that spambot is used on this board too though.


File: 1c209b8f247239c⋯.jpg (122.04 KB, 1286x800, 643:400, unrelated needed a picture.jpg)


Any brave anons visit the link?


File: 03569ed85ea23f8⋯.png (395.75 KB, 2125x416, 2125:416, Capture3.PNG)


It's some shitty website that hosts pictures of girls with big tits writing the URL on them.



File: 4c85fa0cb9d50d4⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 560x447, 560:447, Anime-Meme-4.jpg)


I don't even understand why they waste their time spamming it on 8ch anyone who isn't a mouth breather runs adblock so what is there even to gain other the occasional fuck tard viewing and cringing at that shit site.



It is likely yet another whiny cunt trying to be annoying as a form of revenge for some perceived slight against him, probably just some anons being 'rude' to him. Happens on a monthly/bi-monthly basis.



I agree, this is disgusting. All the other vols should be as proactive as Veil



Agreed, both should be cleaned up immediately.



My guess is that it's the cucktan brigade.



Sitewide so probably not


Where did the Lilith's Throne thread go?



Obvious false flag from an actual cucktan supporter pretending to be a retarded NTR enthusiast, stop shitting up the thread



came here wondering the same thing, the tab i had it open in 404'd




my guess goes out to one of the vols being a stupid cunt and deleting all posts by IP address, but not actually checking if they had previously made a thread or important post so in this case the Lilith's Throne OP poster was axed by that same dumbass

judging by the board log you can take a guess who it was that deleted it on accident


>BO absent

>Makes rules based on shitposters' whims then immediately stops enforcing them because they don't stop the shitposters but leaves them up anyway

>Vols (many of whom ARE the shitposters) take the absence as carte blanche to go Dirty Harry and delete what they want when they want

>The original rules don't matter anymore unless you're posting images of a rapper

>One of the oldest threads on the board was deleted for a laugh, or worse, purely accidentally and out of sheer ineptitude

>Nobody in charge has even noticed for hours




>If anyone is supporting NTR is obviously the only guy who is against NTR


More proof that vols delete things out of fucking ineptitude for fearing a literal boogeyman.


Ne careful, you might get a 4 week ban for disagreeing with Veil.



It's literally just that veil dude that seems to be mass deleting posts he doesn't like. BO seems like a limp wristed faggot and the other vols sit around and dont do shit so veil is fucking just banning shit that hurts his feelings and the dumbass probably deleted the fucking lillith's throne thread.


File: 443fe90ca44c410⋯.png (405.83 KB, 600x580, 30:29, I'm just shitposting.png)

>itt: lilithfags btfo

vol pls explain why thread is gone and restore it asap if possible.


>One Alacrity node crashed, but it is back online. Some threads might be 404ing as a result. As for the media server, we are looking into potential improvements.

It's probably just 8ch shitting itself as per usual.



Too much of a coincidence that the thread for a game that was the original catalyst for the "FUCKING CUCKS REEEEE" shitstorm gets canned



>One of the oldest threads on the board was deleted for a laugh, or worse, purely accidentally and out of sheer ineptitude

Which thread exactly?


As with above (once the thread number is known), I'll contact Ron about it. However in the mean time, https://archive.is/o/fxJYc/https://8ch.net/hgg/res/341282.html.

Post last edited at



>a game that was the original catalyst for the "FUCKING CUCKS REEEEE" shitstorm gets canned

I don't browse the LT thread that often, but are you sure thats right?

I mean i know that LT has the option for NTR but from what i remember its pretty bare bones, as in "you can either fuck me or my companion" and also starts toggled off

Meanwhile the cuck Shitstorm is all about cuck-tan who has been shitposting the same message in almost every fucking thread, I mean unless you're referring to a different shitstorm?



I don't think that's quite right. /egg/ and CoC were dealing with the cuckstorms long before LT was even in development.



My guess is this. A number of posts temporarily disappeared from the meta thread and a similar pattern was noticed on some other small boards I frequent. Then again I could be wrong.



A vol had a breakdown recently and started deleting everything criticizing NTR.


Posts have been deleted for weeks now. This is just convenient.





rank the vols from best to worst!

who would you root for in a death match?



i still have the 404'd liliths throne thread open with the url if that helps?




>archive link

thx bb



>who would you root for in a death match?

The rapper







Reminder that this is absolutely untrue and that the vol going insane is anti-NTR, not pro-NTR


File: b2bbb9ccb40cb4f⋯.png (18 KB, 772x219, 772:219, noBrakes.png)


It does thanks, however. Also the BO has notified CM with the change in target thread.

Post last edited at


File: 9d4e4a7e84b03c3⋯.jpeg (933.53 KB, 1520x940, 76:47, 1431446283891.jpeg)

Imagine having your little thread where you posted the information and chatted up with buddies about how shit the game is and if it were you the game would be x100 times better for months and then suddenly the thread gets deleted inexplicably, hahahaaa Fucking kill me please

I'll bless this thread with cunnies instead.


Does viper-chan like little boys?



>Deletes all anti-NTR posts

<B-but he is just one of us guys!


I love how viper gets triggered by shotas.


the fuck


File: cc1ec55ab5d2ca1⋯.png (245.62 KB, 913x1304, 913:1304, ClipboardImage.png)

"Rule 3 should be considered a last resort, and should only need to be enforced for repeat violations or anons blatantly abusing the rule."



He does it for free.



Pretty gay tbh



I have to wonder are all those Viper posts?

Because it looks like someone who's rapidly trying to sabotage the board, or someone deleting the posts of a spammer



Majority of these were spammer threads.

Good thing, it stopped for now.


File: 6f6c8269dbbb9b6⋯.png (72.66 KB, 1272x268, 318:67, ClipboardImage.png)


spam threads should have been rule 2 then, not 3



cucktan by proxy falls under namefagging



Cucktan is a coined name. Pretty sure the original cuck-tan never claimed to be cucktan. And subsequently, people started calling themselves cucktan as a way to support her.

If something, ban people that claim themselves to be cucktan. But banning random people because you THINK they are cucktan under rule 3 doesn't apply.



Just make a new thread dude.




The rules were rearranged recently, rule 3 used to be shitposting. But since the posts I deleted all had stuff like "I'm cucktan" you could make a case for it being namefagging too, though I've only ever applied that rule to actually filling in the name field.


I probably should have called it spam just as easily, someone claiming to be cucktan was rapid fire shitposting to meta and cycling IPs every 1-2 posts.

I'd believe it was the actual cucktan though because that poster openly talked about jumping IPs and deliberately shitting up threads even before the name cucktan was coined.

Post last edited at



>I delete people I don't like without any proof because I want to

You should apply to cuckchan moderation and fuck off. You will be better received there.


File: 6b8934e66b252f4⋯.jpg (182.68 KB, 512x525, 512:525, e8f284e3c66443e78a17988982….jpg)


I've actually had to cycle IPs all these days because you banned me for 4 weeks just for making a single question. If you think everyone cycling IPs for something you caused means everyone being cuck-tan, then congrats, you are a retard.

You even went and deleted the post where I denounced your power tripping. But I'm glad at least more people realized it. Like >>350731 I did't know it was so bad.




You mean the post where like six other people laughed at you because you were openly lying about the situation?

Also obvious samefag. Nobody else has had a problem except you, and you only have a problem because someone actually cleaned up your mess.


File: 7840033dcd57edc⋯.png (35.59 KB, 566x577, 566:577, 188f61f1b10ae3ae069b124120….png)

Since the post where Viper's faggotry is shown, I have some concerns about this whole idea of deleting everything that have to do with the avatarfag/namefags/shitposters instead of the shitposters themselves. You are deleting proof of what makes them faggots. You are basically leaving people blind when it comes to them. I think the reason so many people joined the shitpost to support cucktan is because they didn't know who he was, while people already know who viper actually is because it's more easy to identify.

>But they are derranging/shitposting in a thread!

Well, the solution is simple


I said this back when the stupidity of cucktan started to happen, and it wasn't cucktan herself that started calling herself like that, it was the faggots who constantly started to reply to her, that are as much of shitposters as her, if not worse. This in turn made a lot of people to also post as cucktan, and it didn't help that cucktan claimed to jump IDs.

In the end, this is a problem that should be solved by users, not by the vols, because that will only cause more problems, and only interfere when absolutely necessary. I think that's the reason why cuckchan started to fall apart, and the same seems to be happening here. Pic related, meddle too much and you will collapse what you are supposed to be guarding, and if you make any trace of those faggots disappear, then the same mistake will happen over and over again.

Then again, I recently noticed rules changing for the worst. So it's probably time to jump ship.



And this faggot is the proof of what I just posted.


File: a6cbee25bbe1d6a⋯.jpg (44.46 KB, 474x592, 237:296, fe089e7571a649c11ff8cbf73b….jpg)


No wonder they ban you your an absolute faggot, at least the shit posters are enjoyable but you take avatar fagging to level that makes POLs retardation look pedestrian. As for deleting your posts I can understand why as fuck your content is cancer.

Well at least your not the cow fag, I hope his site gets nuked for his autistic spamming.





Pretty sure all 3 of these are the same guy and that that guy is cucktan.

He wants to be able to jump IPs and shitpost without any real consequences, he argues that user feedback will fix the problem when that was very clearly proven not to be the case.

When people started dismissing cucktan in the KA thread, he just started sage bombing.

Bullying and other users only work when the poster wants to fit in, or at least cares somewhat about what other people think of them.

Since that's obvious, trying to whine about vols banning spam/shitposting is just deceptive - it's like claiming we just need to give those poor immigrants a chance and they're only being criminal because they're being persecuted.

>hai guise we should all jump ship

That didn't work last time when you tried to create /hentaiclub/

It's pretty obvious you're just desperate because the only person around here with a problem is you.

Here's an idea: stop being a massive faggot.



>>350906 here again, and you know what? I just remembered something from like a year ago when you made the same arguments, that mods should be neutered and nobody should ever do anything except relying on the users to police each other.

The BO decided to trust your argument and loosened up the rules a bit, and you know what the result was? /hgg/ because a complete train wreck.

>shitposter who started bitching about any/all female MC games in every thread that mentioned them

>shitstorms in era, LT, and a few others I don't remember

>NTR shitstorm that made CoC threads practically useless for a while

>plenty of other crap I don't remember in detail

And that's even before cucktan became a serious problem, but thinking back, the spam/false flagging about all games being cucking didn't happen until BO softbanned NTR and that faggot - probably you - tried to get everyone to join /hentaiclub/ in rebellion.

I'm pretty sure you're just an angry shitposter/NTR enthusiast who got mad the BO stopped catering to your bullshit and has been attacking the board since in an effort to kill off what you see as a competing board.



>/hgg/ became a complete train wreck

that was a weird mistake, fixed



>Someone made the same argument so that must mean it's the same person

This along your cuckchan mentality of

<Mods should ban everything I don't like

Makes it obvious where you came from.

Here is the thing, I never once saw cucktan or anyone claiming to be her screaming


As if they were from cuckchan.

>and you know what the result was? /hgg/ because a complete train wreck.

>the spam/false flagging about all games being cucking didn't happen until BO softbanned NTR

You're full of shit, don't know if you are new or just retarded. This shit have been happening for years, rules or not.

>Mention board nobody have ever heard

Let me guess, you are that faggot that tried to make an "alternative" /hgg/ and failed miserably. No wonder you try to make the board worse.



>Propose a solution to shitposter other than ban happy vols

<Y-you must be a shitposter yourself!


>Mention board nobody have ever heard

BO offered the owner of /hentaiclub/ to be a vol, but he said no. The board have been dead for a while.

>"Alternative" /hgg/

You mean /sgg/? That one is also dead anyway I always thought that the whole infinity gimmick was pretty pointless and only further divided the user base

And I mean, look at the banner. Who in his right mind thought to do this unironically was a good idea?


File: ef3eb9dc9c82814⋯.png (65.71 KB, 300x100, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png)



This, the only people that would be complaining about "muh ban happy vols" or "muh powertripping vols" are people who want to shit up the board, because THE ONLY THING THE VOLS ARE REMOVING IS SHITPOSTING. Look at him, he's even trying to associate wanting the vols to do something about a months-long shitposting spree with being from reddit. Even more laughably is saying "the people calling out the shitposting crusade are just as bad, because they actually respond! Instead we should "self moderate" by letting me-uh i mean HIM say whatever he wants!" It's pretty transparent for anyone with half a brain.

Ban shitposters

Ban cucktan

Problem solved



>ban everyone and your problems go away

hi reddit

>the people calling out the shitposting crusade are just as bad, because they actually respond!

It amazes me that there are people so new to the internet that they've forgotten the biggest, most important piece of advice anyone can have when dealing with online forums: Don't feed the trolls.


File: 0951f8bdbe92f7e⋯.png (43.82 KB, 816x278, 408:139, ClipboardImage.png)


Well, cuckchan, it is known for years that the best way to stop shitposting it's to not reply to it. If it's actual spam, then it should be deleted. Shitposting is not a form of spam. If you need to ban people for shitposting, go ahead, but if you respond to shitposting you are as bad as the shitposter.

>Instead we should "self moderate" by letting me-uh i mean HIM say whatever he wants!"

It's calling hidding messages, bucko. It is pretty much what made a difference between cuckchan and here. But well, here we are, sharing the board with insufferable faggots unable to ignore what they don't want, and that includes you and cucktan.



Now I just know you're a lying sack of shit.

Hiding messages works great if you want to ignore a small number of posters, it does not work when you're dealing with someone who routinely IP hops.

Not only that, but hiding works on the assumption that you merely don't like someone's messages, not that they're deliberately flooding shit to ruin a board.



Then just ignore the posts, faggots. Is as simple as not replying to them. It worked for me, but you replying to the shitposting means I have a lot more to ignore, which I can easily do.

>not that they're deliberately flooding shit to ruin a board.

It literally only affects you. You seem to want to make it a big deal so there are a lot of bans to people that don't deserve it, effectively destroying the board.



>Inb4 you are replying to the troll too

This is the meta thread, this is where I'm supposed to.



Nah, take it to /b/, cucktan.


File: a337d41b952dc56⋯.png (132.58 KB, 313x382, 313:382, 1458789746742.png)


>Then just ignore the posts, faggots.



File: 84ca7e7c3138745⋯.gif (563.68 KB, 216x126, 12:7, tenor (1).gif)

>be loud obnoxious faggot

<"guys why is this loud obnoxious faggot so loud and obnoxious?"

<lol ban him

>REEEEE why aren't you letting me shit up the board in peace!? Ribbit! Cuckchan!!! Fag95!!! Just ignore the loud obnoxious faggot and let me convince people I'm the majority because I'm the loudest voice!




>if you need to ban people for shitposting, go ahead

That's literally all I've been advocating for.

Thankfully, I am not an autistic weirdo with non dictionary definitions like "any porn that is not POV is cuck", or "responding to shitposting by calling it shitposting is also shitposting, because reasons"



Responding to shitposting is shitposting, retard. Were you too young for "do not feed the trolls"?

>Someone shitposts

>Someone respond to the shitpost

>Shitposter responds

>That person shitposts again

>Rinse and repeat until the thread gets nuked

<B-but I'm not as bad!



>invokes advice meant to contain flame wars on moderated news groups and forums

>while also advocating for no moderation

>on a forced anonymous image board

I knew you were a lying, hypocritical sack of shit, but now you're going to add "pretentious fake oldfag" to your list of offenses?



>Needing moderation in an anonymous image board

I have this totally cool site you should try, it's called cuckchan, it's more your speed, lad.



The reason cuckchan went to shit was for the tighter no fun moderation, faggot, and 8chan was easier to handle because lower user base meant that users could moderate things themselves, and guess how, by ignoring shitposting.It's the reason why /v/ went to shit and people moved towards /vg/.

You essentially just want to ruin the board with your crossboard misconceptions. Want more moderation? This is not the place for you. Learn to ignore shitposting or go shit some other board.

(>samefagging this hard)


File: e11f6d6f79e8e8a⋯.jpg (57.34 KB, 570x441, 190:147, il_570xN.324789625.jpg)


>just let them shit up the place as they are too much of retards to read/learn and respect the rules


>have open borders and let anyone in to shit up the place or your cuckchan



Cuckchan was compromised and various topic became impossible, combine that with aids level astrotrufing and more shills then the population of China and you have why cuckchan is fucking trash.

Muh Censorship is little more than over simplification used to open the gates so shit users will shit up boards, sure we shouldn't be retards and ban anything but we have to have standards and Viper for example is well beyond them and deserves nothing less than a ban if he can't even follow rules that brain dead children could follow. Same goes for the rest, the most I say is becoming more relaxed on shit posting if not retarded might help to make it more comfy around here and much be worth considering.



>people went from /v/ to /vg/

>/v/ has 230 pph and /vg/ has ~2 pph

Yes, /v/ sure is looking dead these days.

Also, the reason cuckchan went to shit was outright censorship, moot being a cuck, and various other factors. If anything, the site was under moderated - see how /d/ took like 2 fucking years to deal with the futa spammer, but meanwhile would ban certain topics on sight if they offended people.

That isn't happening here, and never has. You're just a buttmad salty shitposter who wants to be able to run /hgg/ into the ground with impunity.



>This guys are shitposting the board!

>Let's shitpost as hard as them, that will surely save it

Add vols meddling censoring all you want and you have cuckchan in a nutshell.



>Yes, /v/ sure is looking dead these days.

<More pph and more people means the board is alive!

You know what still have a even bigger user base? Cuckchan. I guess you should go back there.

>That isn't happening here, and never has

Like how it took hours to the vols to delete actual spam but deletes boogeymans on sight?

>You're just a buttmad salty shitposter who wants to be able to run /hgg/ into the ground with impunity.

Here is the thing, there have been dozens of bans of over 4 weeks in the last couple of months, and shitposting have not stopped. If bans were the solution, it would have stopped by now.





>also a fucking liar - shitposting has slowed down a lot recently



Nice deflection, faggot.

>Shitposting have slowed down

Yet you have plenty of faggots crying about text games threads being shitposted, to the point one was deleted by mistake, again.



Didn't that thread was erased on accident by website bricking itself again?



As far as I can tell, yes.

A bunch of other crap went missing too site wide and on here.


File: c7dddee2d64e6d4⋯.gif (3.48 MB, 500x617, 500:617, tentacle rape mind control….gif)

Holyshit is the thread descending into another shitstorm?

Fucking hell, self policing does have a reason for existing, but entire threads getting ruined by a few shitposters is also another fucking problem. All the mod/vols have to do is get rid of the derailers, delete the few derailing posts and we should be golden. That cuck-tan stuff was due to Cuck-tan going into several threads to shitpost/derail ("everything is cucked that i dont like") while IP hopping like a faggot. I'm pretty sure Cuck-tan also namefagged just as much as his supporters.

Also I've not sure about banning anons who write that they are cuck-tan outside the name field, quite a few of them were shitposting in response to other anons trying to go all "Spartacus", except in this case Spartacus was a massive cuck if not cuck-tan himself.

I mean if it gets worse i could understand, but so far I've only seen them in the meta-thread.

Worst case scenario it can just be word filtered, maybe cuck-tan will become (((chicken-little))) or some other innocuous, retarded name?



Literally go to /b/ faggot if you want muh epik sekrit club



Nice .gif anon. Something also has to be done about the Cow Site Spammer although it may fall to 8.ch it'self to fix something needs to be done about it as I understand that the moderators are volunteers and as such requiring them to be moderating 24/7 is insanity but something needs to be done about response times to the spam as if we let them leave it up for 10 - 20 minutes then their succeed in advertising their shitty little site. Not sure what can really be done about it honestly but It's an issue I don't see enough people bringing up as they are bound to pick up their spamming with time, if anything is done about so we might want to think about a solution if possible.


File: 221175da14a0678⋯.gif (410.03 KB, 549x372, 183:124, zko mind control loop.gif)

File: cdf920b19f8f82d⋯.gif (909.06 KB, 600x534, 100:89, zko 2 mind control loop.gif)


Is it wrong that I have no idea what the cow spamming was even about?

I havn't been on 8chan for like a week due to my shitty internet



Wordfilter the URL to something inane.


I wonder (((who))) could it be?



File: facd98a2c36a310⋯.gif (329.73 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1554434839261.gif)


Every board gets an infection like this every once in a while, I hope you get well soon /hgg/.



After the BO

>set the 'Maximum number of threads per hour boardwide' to 0

the spam seems to have stopped (probably only becuase he does not see a need to spam inivudal threads on a single board when planety of others still allow new threads to created.


Any suggestions?


It would not suprise me.



It's really kinda touching, how much he seems to care for a board that clearly rejects him.

>when (((chicken-little))) was NTRed by an entire board



url -> OP loves butseckz

I dunno, something stupid and horribly dated so it's not even relevant memes



That will do just fine. Also it has slightly envolved. >>>/co/1062542


What even is the site for? I accessed it with a VM and it's just some website about fat chicks and big titties and some weird cow fetish thing.



From what I heard on other boards.

It was some mass spam made by butthurt admin of some failed imageboard.


Bet Seafoam is veil




What kind of fag would do that for free on 2 major boards anyway?



thanks anon



The fact that (((chicken-little))) is the type of faggot to try and stir up shit across boards/sites really explains a lot. A shame this idiot kept on for so long, most of them finally give up on whatever personal crusade they've put themselves on in about a week.


I've got to ask, why the hell do we get so much hate? I constantly see other sites, forums, and boards shit on /hgg/ specifically at seemingly random, especially the CoC thread for some reason. I haven't seen any particular reason for it, as far as I know we tend to keep to ourselves and mod/translate a small amount of porn games, nothing exactly worthy of the infamy and attention /hgg/ gets.

Even with that whole fiasco with Towercuck, he came here to start shit. Why?



>I constantly see other sites, forums, and boards shit on /hgg/ specifically at seemingly random, especially the CoC thread for some reason.

Post your sources.


File: 053ec1c61c443bd⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 680x616, 85:77, alex jones society.jpg)


>why the hell do we get so much hate?

>Board full of incel Nazi weebs



because everyone else cucks out to Fenoxo and especially Savin in terms of what kind of content is allowed in CoC, specifically simulated loli/underage content which both Fenoxo and Savin have said they don't want and have asked any contributors not to include. Ulmf, dunno about Fag95 but they seem to be cut from the same log, particularly are sticklers about this so far as to ban era games discussion on the pretense of possibly featuring characters of indeterminate fictional age, even if it is text-only. That kind of kowtowing to the rules isn't something I can get along with, even if here I have to rub shoulders with fag/trapshit, furries, and cucks.


Is my interpretation of what is happening in the cuckwars,


Consider (you)r bait taken, have a (you).



The fact that you feel the need to shit up multiple boards would be kind of impressive if it weren't so sad.



I honestly have never heard of anybody not on an imageboard giving a fuck about any imageboard outside of cuckchan's /pol/ or maybe its /b/ 10 years ago.



See, while I agree with your assessment on other sites, the /v/ faggot you linked clearly has no idea about the situation. For one, it isn't a trainer, you play the kobold. Two, this situation is nothing like the Towercuck one. Koboldanon is given special treatment because he show none of the traits that cause cucks and furries to be hated in the first place. He keeps to himself, is totally honest and upfront about the content in his game with non of that 'but you're not married to her' bullshit that Towercuck tried to pull, and has been a generally amiable fellow.

If anything, I would compare this situation to the EraCucks fiasco, where shitty forced cuck content was in some of the most popular Era games, and cucks started shitting up the thread because their precious content was made optional. Not removed, optional. Chicken-little has become the very thing he claims to hate, a cuck. Maybe not in fetish, but in attitude. He has failed to understand that he is hated for the exact same reasons people hate furries and cucks. His constant autistic screeching at anyone who likes what he doesn't, while insisting that his very specific and narrow taste in porn games should be the only one that is ever catered to, is the exact type of behavior that caused those communities to get the hate they so deserve. The only difference between him and cucks or furries, is that he isn't a collective that has the money to throw at degenerate patreon kikes.


File: 5a37ef693d68f35⋯.jpg (34.62 KB, 1024x497, 1024:497, sam seder pause it.jpg)


>cucks started shitting up the thread because their precious content was made optional. Not removed, optional.

Let's not whitewash history. You can go to the archives and see people arguing for the hard removal of "NTR" content.

And considering the nebulous definition of NTR, and the reasoning presented in >>>/v/16534060 yes, people fought back against what looked like it could be a slippery slope of censorship. And yes, it was eventually settled by making the content optional, and not straight up removing it.



There were a few people advocating it, but the general consensus was that managing the scenario properly would be an acceptable alternative.


I've been unable to make a new gay ToA thread due to hourly board limit, not that anyone would care.


The hourly thread limit has been set back to five.



Yes, some people wanted it removed, but for the most part people were satisfied with giving the option to turn it off and having it off by default so newfags didn't have to get shafted by an auto-fail event that cucks the player and complain about it in the thread.

It was a bad event, and some people, myself included, wanted it reworked rather than straight up removed. I didn't like that it was in its own little bubble that completely ignored the rest of the game's content as well as the player's stats. The general consensus was that this was the best course of action, and it is what eventually happened. Cucks, however, did make a big ruckus about the supposed 'censorship' of making a shitty event not shit or at the very least optional. Don't try to confuse things. That was one of the events that caused the general disdain for cucks that spawned chicken-little's mindset and allowed it to fester.

Cucks were being stupid shits that didn't just want the content to stay in the game, they genuinely wanted everyone to have to sit through it and indulge in their shit fetish. Don't forget, while the cuck hate might have gone overboard recently, it didn't come out of nowhere. Back then people were happy with just leaving it as optional content that the player doesn't have to sit through, the "ITS OPTIONAL" meme that chicken-little keeps spouting gets misused. Optional content was never the problem. It became a problem when cucks would insist that it was optional when it really wasn't, like EraTohoK's millionaire needing to be ignored, cause interacting with him in any way other than politely telling him to leave would trigger the cuck shit, and the player just had to accept that a daily event just got wasted, or Towercuck's game having cuck content that only triggered if characters had a certain stat alignment, but had those characters start with said stats that trigger cuck content!


File: 7169159b288d09f⋯.jpeg (491.92 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 792ccb4f7565883414fe1eb4b….jpeg)


> Optional content was never the problem. It became a problem when cucks would insist that it was optional when it really wasn't,

Pretty much this, although there are a few cases where I'd let it pass.

I vaguely remember there was a renpy game i played last year where you automatically got cucked unless you killed the guy who was going to cuck you before he did it. I thought that idea was pretty good, as in you would have to be good at the game not to get the bad end (because Cuckoldry is ALWAYS the bad end)

Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing that in an RPGM game or a wolf RPG. game, where you have to either Grind or play Newgame+ mode in order to get the good endings. And I'm talking about good endings here, I want to actually get something out of managing to avoid being cucked. Fuck games where stopping you getting cucked doesn't reward you, I want a reward for newgame+/grinding to avoid such a fate. I fucking hate games where most of the content you will never see because its all cucked or locked behind bad-ends.

Still my point is using cuckoldry to punish bad players is not a bad idea so long as its not the majority of the content. shit players deserved to be cucked



If cuck content had any niche it could properly fill, it would be harems cuckqueans are pretty good shit and punishments for a player fuck up. The issue with that is that it is rarely implemented well. Situations like the Kobold's, where it actually is just a small piece of possible side content, are incredibly rare.

Typically, if a game has or is introducing cuck content, it is for one of two possible reasons. They could be doing it for the money, in which case the game is going to be built around cuck content, but in a lazy, half-assed, but still unavoidable fashion. Or, they could be doing it because it is their fetish.

Now this one is weird. Of all the fetishes out there, cucks are some of the most defensive I've ever seen. Even furries don't get as uppity as cucks when people shit on their fetish. It is like cucks feel some need for validation, so they want everyone else to have to indulge in their fetish too in an attempt to normalize it and will vehemently claim it is 'vanilla' to let another man fuck your wife.

Again, take the Millionaire for example. This random fat fuck that just happens to have a decent amount of cash approaches a God slaying warlord and demands to fuck his wife in exchange for some money while talking down to the warlord, in the middle of the warlord's palace, surrounded by his army. You can tell him to fuck off, but he comes back regularly after that to keep making demands. If the God-Slaying warlord tries to kill said fat fuck for his impudence, he somehow dodges, escapes the entire army, and steals and rapes the warlord's wife the process. The wife is also likely an actual Goddess and practically all-powerful in her own right.

There was no win condition. The event was set up with simple "If you do this, that happens." with no regard for player stats in a game where the player can become a very powerful entity, and every result was the wife being fucked by the millionaire. It was also one of the only events in the game that couldn't be toggled off, with just about every other event having said toggle to allow the player to customize the game to cater to their tastes.

That was the event that was 'censored' by making it toggled and eventually improving it by allowing a strong enough player to catch and imprison the millionaire.


File: d70d5bc516fb205⋯.jpg (919.79 KB, 1447x2047, 1447:2047, 8fa0140bdd37f21fc6379ecd86….jpg)



>Even furries don't get as uppity as cucks when people shit on their fetish. It is like cucks feel some need for validation, so they want everyone else to have to indulge in their fetish too in an attempt to normalize it and will vehemently claim it is 'vanilla' to let another man fuck your wife.

Just more evidence for NTR being a shitty fetish and a mental illness. They're kind of like psychopaths who can't understand actual love, they have some twisted understanding of it but don't feel it like the majority of the population. But rather than face the truth that is their distorted mind they would rather try and make like its normal and spread their filth. Cucks don't make any kind of evolutionary sense, they're a complete dead end, even Cuckqueans in comparison make more sense.

>This random fat fuck that just happens to have a decent amount of cash approaches a God slaying warlord and demands to fuck his wife in exchange for some money while talking down to the warlord, in the middle of the warlord's palace, surrounded by his army. You can tell him to fuck off, but he comes back regularly after that to keep making demands. If the God-Slaying warlord tries to kill said fat fuck for his impudence, he somehow dodges, escapes the entire army, and steals and rapes the warlord's wife the process. The wife is also likely an actual Goddess and practically all-powerful in her own right

I haven't played the EraTohok games, but Jesus Christ thats rough.

>That was the event that was 'censored' by making it toggled and eventually improving it by allowing a strong enough player to catch and imprison the millionaire.


>not tortured to death

wtf is going on over in the Era general?



Originally, any option but ignore and capitulate led to you getting cucked, but for a while Millionaire was default off, and eventually modded to make it so the other options actually worked, giving you the option to kill him on the spot, imprison him, agree, or ignore. Imprisoning him treats him as a generic prisoner which you can torture, rape, feminize, etc at your will.



One of these days I'm going to have to play the shit out of this

Any recommendation for which one?

also can I bind him and the fuck women in front of him? does he have a wife?



You can indeed fuck someone in front of him, and no he doesn't have a wife. I recommend K if you want the warlord experience with a hint of sadism and gore, TW if you want slice of life Gensokyo simulator and loads of character dialogue (my personal favorite), and PM if you like the Princess Maker style of game.



was meant for >>353325



>he doesn't have a wife

What a shame.



>Cucks don't make any kind of evolutionary sense

wait, seriously? this argument is actually being made?


File: 3d4068ccb9106a6⋯.jpg (7.51 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2 slow.jpg)


>having it off by default so newfags didn't have to get shafted by an auto-fail event that cucks the player and complain about it in the thread.

Literally the only reason to watch that thread. The triggerings were legendary.

Y'all ruined it.

>Optional content was never the problem. It became a problem when cucks would insist that it was optional when it really wasn't, like EraTohoK's millionaire needing to be ignored, cause interacting with him in any way other than politely telling him to leave would trigger the cuck shit

I think you're confusing cucks with people who enjoy fucking with newfags. Like every good anon should.



> I think you're confusing cucks with people who enjoy fucking with newfags.

Uh huh, sure. That is why they were screeching about censorship and their fetish being persecuted, right?



t. newfag who got fucked with



Nope, I didn't understand a damn thing about the Era games back then and had to lurk for a while before I could get into them. I got plenty of warning about the millionaire before jumping into it myself. Unfortunately for you, more people around here are interested in making the games actually good rather than appealing to cucks who want others to embrace their shit fetish.




>i was only pretending to be retarded

>le epic trololololol

>die newfags i hate u

And all of this to actively keep a shitty cuck event.

Come on, nobody's fooled by your shit.




I really hope you're only pretending to be retarded.



> People who try to figure things out for themselves should be punished by shitty game design.

Either you're a genuine cuck salty about having his precious event 'censored', or you are actually advocating for intentionally sabotaging any attempt at making the game good. Either way, you are a retarded cuck.


File: 347da5b083f8c62⋯.webm (7.61 MB, 361x240, 361:240, beer and cirno.webm)


>I've got to ask, why the hell do we get so much hate?

It goes back a ways.

>Shat on Towercuck so hard he had to remake his game due to copyright infringements

>Allow loli/shota and basically every fetish unlike the vast majority of porn enthusiast locations

>But also require minimum standards that keeps alpha 00.0001 games and pay-for shit from flooding the gates

>Actively shit on pay sites like patreon which directly hurt devs bottom line

>Have embedded links to pirated copies of games into the announcement header when Jim DMCA'd us in the past

>Shit on discord

>TL'd games faster than the official TLs taking 10 months to do it for cash (Teaching Feeling) and were the main site people had to go to in order to bring the content back to their own website

>Are brutally honest with devs- Vols give them leeway to skirt the rules, but don't give them special support or anything else

>Constant bantz/shitting on the rules limitations/moderation of other sites, specifically one website that some consider our "direct competitor" even though we're not competing for shit

/hgg/ is basically seen as either a boogeyman or a cyst by the majority of other porn-specific sites because we shit on others, steal download links from other websites, are on a righteous active crusade against patreon cancer where people go to make porn games except not really, and we allow lolicon/shotacon which is seen as the devil by normalfags. I think the only porn sites that see us in a neutral lighting at this point are allthefallen and ULMF, and I think allthefallen has more to do with an overlapping userbase more than anything else.


It honestly was funny how every player used to get fucked by the millionaire like a rite of passage. That's probably the only reason he wasn't just immediately deleted. But the point of a game isn't to draw people in and then ruin their fun as an epic prank lmao xD. New players still get to have the famous millionaire experience if they let him live out of greed, but threads no longer fill with complaints because it's no longer a totally nonsensical and undeserved fuck-you with permanent consequences.



All of that makes sense, but what gets me is that every time someone has gotten burned by /hgg/, it is because they've come here to start shit. That would be like walking up to the shady figure in a dark alley, punching him in the face, then trying to play the victim when he shanks you for it. Sure, the guy is being creepy, and he starts autistically screeching whenever someone he doesn't know gets too close, but he is just fiddling with his toys until some jackass picks a fight with him. And yet, everyone talks about him like he is some demented demon that eats naughty children.


File: d4f87232028dc04⋯.jpg (119.2 KB, 850x850, 1:1, ultimate false despair whi….jpg)


>tried playing EraTohok

>decide that conquering my Waifu is the way to go

>start with gengetsu

>enable bandits because they sound cool

>Let the AI control everything because surely it would be better than my dumb ass

>AI can't do shit, everything is in a constant cycle with no change

>end up allying with bigger factions

>still can't actually get anywhere

>waifu ends up getting kidnapped by bandits, mind broken and filled with piercings

Fuck my life anon



>enabled a special faction

Oh you poor anon. My heart goes out to you.



>The only difference between him and cucks or furries, is that he isn't a collective that has the money to throw at degenerate patreon kikes.

And that's where you are wrong. If there's so much autistic screeching what makes you think it comes from a single person? It will keep happening because people is sick of NTR content being pushed into every fucking game. Optional or not, it's a cancer that have been infecting hentai games only because cucks have money to throw at it, and so people get upset with it.

Getting upset about people getting upset is like giving a free pass to cucks to fuck games with their fetishes.



I suggest you take a moment to actually read the thread and not be a total retard. Cucks aren't welcome here, but neither is chicken-little's retarded "everything I don't like is cuckshit" mentality. Getting rid of one doesn't invite the other. We can be sick of his constant complaining and still not give an inch to cucks.

Again though, actually optional content has never been the issue. Read the damn thread before you make even more of a fool of yourself.



Stop advocating for others, faggot.

Shit content will always be shit on, you like it or not, even if it's your favorite fetish, which I seem to be the problem here. I bet you think bestiality is not cuckolding despite being cucked by an animal.

(((OPTIONAL))) is not the main focus for a reason, and it might as well not only not be there but actually mocked. Funny you say you don't give them an inch to cucks when you close your eyes at (((optional))) cuckolding. Either way, your opinion is irrelevant to the matter, that complaining will keep happening at cuck content, whether you perceive it as such or not.



That is why (You) and the totally not (You)s keep getting banned, right? Because (You) are so welcome here and totally not just one guy shitting up the board, right?



I waited for my ban to end like a good goy and I come back to see the board still being shitted. I don't know what else to tell you, you are in a crusade against a crusade, that's as retarded as it gets.



Not really a crusade on my end. Some retard started screeching about all porn being cuckshit and was told to fuck off. Actual cucks started advocating for shit game design and were also told to fuck off.

You show up spouting bullshit about a false dichotomy between (((chicken-little))) and actual cucks. We can be free of both, as you can see in this very thread.

As for why actual optional content doesn't bother me? I'm not some puritanical faggot who thinks he needs to police what others masturbate to. As long as I can still enjoy the game and not see it, it doesn't bother me. I'm not the one going into autistic fits because someone somewhere gets off to something I don't like. I just give the appropriate response to retards that think their tastes are the only ones that should ever be catered too, whether that be furries, cucks, or (((chicken-little))) and the 'totally not (((chicken-little)))s'.



>cucked by an animal

target spotted



>I just close my eyes and pretend it doesn't happen!

Figured, have a happy marriage life, cuck.

>We can be free of both, as you can see in this very thread.

Hardly, I still see shit being raised in other threads and dosen of bans still being handled. Hardly a solution to the problem.



Do you think what you're doing is going to endear yourself to the mods?

Stop acting like a faggot and stop trying to tell other people what /hgg/ is or is not.

Things have been kinda peaceful here for the past week. I'd much prefer for it to stay that way.



Your post should be deleted solely because you're a faggot for using an image like that. Fucking cuckchan cancer.


File: 8e44010d90fd963⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 430x352, 215:176, A Marvelous Specimen.jpg)


I'm pretty sure you're baiting, but what the hell. I'll give you a bite.

That is the difference between actually optional content and Towercuck's "OPTIONAL" content. With optional content that is really optional, it isn't, "I just close my eyes and pretend it doesn't happen", it is, "It doesn't happen unless I want it too".

I hope you realize what you've done with your accusation. You've revealed yourself to be Schrodinger's Cuck. A marvelous specimen, a cuck that is simultaneously anti-cuck yet by his very existence has been cucked. You truly believe that if the possibility of cucking even exists, you have already been cucked. Which must make you a cuck, as you exist, therefore you have been cucked. If you find someone attractive, you have been cucked, because there is a possibility that at one point in time they might eventually have sex.

To claim otherwise would be hypocritical considering your stance on optional content, as you treat all content that can possibly be explored as having already been enjoyed.



It's almost summer but (((chicken-little)))'s "both sides are just as bad" story arc is still going on. Come up with something new already



Wouldn't that put you in a crusade against a crusade against a crusade? Thus, you have found a whole new level of retarded in which to plant your flag.



> Who is deleting my "lol so random" shitposts about newfags and reddit?

A true hero, that's who.



Are you that guy who spammed doge memes on /f/ about a year ago and believed that trolls were organising to get you banned?



Why are we here?



This is hilarious, mods please keep deleting his shit.


File: 69a64c58ce7d765⋯.jpg (90.98 KB, 600x1085, 120:217, ockeroid.jpg)

File: d0fd1be928b83e1⋯.png (60.69 KB, 661x716, 661:716, hgp.png)

board history etched in mspaint comic when



You didn't even edit it to be board specific. That's literally the whole point of template comics. What kind of lazy nigger are you?



Reread the post, he's begging.




Definitely a lazy nigger then.


File: 0c76c628ca9938c⋯.png (60.05 KB, 693x716, 693:716, rate.png)


ho'ws this






does that equal one cheek?



Maybe one free spanking from hostfag.



>cringe cuckchan images

>tinfoil hat bullshit

>whining about mods

>ban evasion



Why are you replying to him? Are you too retarded to recognize patterns? He's going to reply to you with the same Brule image, which will then be deleted.


Another spammer.

Why the fuck they pick this one board anyway?



>This one board

He got tired of spamming a different board that became good at banning him on arrival.


File: 5c4eddd44b836a8⋯.png (348.82 KB, 572x632, 143:158, is this cucking.png)

qtdddd thread maxed


>3 years


also, is this ntr.jpg?



No, just >shad.jpg

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