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File: 755fc3890f40734⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, gge.jpg)


eratohoReverse Translation 1.0


-All description and many characters translated

-Authentic gulag experience

-Free prostrate exam

-Compelling gameplay

-Only a little foot stuff


Wiki: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Main_Page - Includes download links to all games, scroll down.

Discord: https://discord.gg/7MAArwP - If you want to help, ask here. You don't need to know Japanese.

Git: https://gitgud.io/era-games - Requires an account

Popular Games

eratohoK: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eraTohoK-master.zip

Strategy game, conquer the world and enslave enemy generals. Near-complete translation.

eratohoTW: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoTW-eng-dev.zip

Dating sim with timestop powers. The gameplay is all translated, but not the dialogue (it's only flavor).

eraSumireTeru: https://mega.nz/#!6WR1xSqK!dNvzeeXI3jFHACniA19wimu9z4bsmnpTSladKqzv4FU

Yuri game with a story and a fair amount of original art. Near-complete translation.

eraSQN: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eraSQN-master.zip

Slave trainer with a lot of features and dialogue. Most gameplay but little dialogue translated.

eraMegaten: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eraMegaten-master.zip

A vast SMT game with various RPG mechanics and tons of content. Will never have a full translation.

eraTYPE-MOON: https://mega.nz/#!q8IhDT6T!0xuQIDnbhQ74xztI5p2THm5-vAVLRiEiQ5oYz-7av2g

A smaller and simpler trainer than SQN, but it's fully translated.

eraPM: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoPM-master.zip

Princess Maker game with Kaguya from Touhou. Translation is incomplete but active.


Translation Aggregator: https://mega.nz/#!7bQAgaCJ!D2kFihq2zQY1xG7jp5-uDnWqsO7ratKM7wZXvAV1xmc%20 - Automatic translator for unfinished games

Chiitrans Lite: https://mega.nz/#!qpNAXC7R!hJyxXV3umjbqP7zvxR7-8kahaGGRrWgN_FhU7g8QBdM - A good alternative to the above

Atlas v14: https://mega.nz/#!zsVgxIbZ!gAdr3d7n_rjXC-KpmgJv_7A4eRvrryESNcEAWXKljDQ - Offline dictionary that's very useful for either

Other Notes

-Run the game with the anchor exe

-Don't paste updates onto old versions unless you like unpredictable bugs. Extract separately and move the old 'sav' folder into the update.

-If you see a wall of errors on startup, switch to 7zip for extracting. If it's an old game, try pasting in the anchor exe from TW.

Bug Reporter: https://wiki.eragames.rip/bugreport.php

Previous Threads: https://pastebin.com/8s0VjiJG


Old thread died


Only by editing the ERB file itself:


Go to line 734 where it says


Change ABL_SAMON to 50 or something.


I'm still confused about Megaten, If I want to lewd someone and have them in my party, do I train them first and then they'll fight for me when i make them fall in love/submit to me? Or can I not mix the two together.



i mean you can train them but some character will refuse to fight with you afterwards until you make them fall or you can have them fight with and have their loyalty build up till they obtain affection towards you and then you're good



Human characters will not join your party if you train them. They will rejoin after they fall. Or you can do like >>344801 said and build loyalty fighting and they will auto-fall. If that's what you want, double check the options that it's turned on. I believe it defaults to off.

Demons are fair game. They'll still fight for you even if you've trained them. And once they fall they won't "disobedient" in combat anymore.




So What's the fastest way to make someone both be able to fight and be trained.



Fastest? Use demons. They fite. They train. Right out of the box.

For humans? Probably the loyalty fall option. Just don't train them until then. Also, some humans (mostly ones you've kidnapped or otherwise enslaved) won't fight for you until they fall.


In TW, I think something's messed up with Yuuka's Danmaku Match dialogue. Can someone else test if they can get the match to start other than picking "Never Mind" during the betting part?


File: 7dcef0f749f404f⋯.gif (2.18 MB, 500x281, 500:281, hug.gif)


>that crying Alice

I need to give my Alice headpats.


File: 8e56b44aeaf2044⋯.jpg (34.1 KB, 600x443, 600:443, 60f1b77f899613de39e0244fb7….jpg)


>Reverse translated

I hereby issue the blessing of the translators and their legacy down to the 7th generation from this day in gratitude.


File: d5c00b9eb6053cd⋯.jpg (276.58 KB, 1280x1350, 128:135, Booette-11.jpg)


You it's good when it come with a free prostrate exam out of box.


Reposting question from previous thread

>Playin AkumaMaid

>Anyone know how to unlock Forbidden Knowledge 3?

>Also if there's any other characters like Rikka that unlock a feature?

Also I've come to the conclusion that Rikka is a scam



AkumaMaid translator here. I believe it's not implemented yet.

>>Also if there's any other characters like Rikka that unlock a feature?

Rouka has a unlockable minigame called Demoslaviya20XX. Besides that, I don't know.



I guess a lot of things aren't implemented or finished yet

Is it ever possible to fuck Sakuras Vag000?


Which era game has the best dialogue for inseminating an animal girl in heat? I am a furry in denial.



…maybe tohok? There is a fertility bonus (both male and female) and a little extra sex text concerning if they're beast girls.



eraSQN has the Wolf Girl translated and there are Cat Girls there as well. You can have a harem full of them.



I fucked up. There`s a bug where you can`t move to someone`s room. I'm fixing it right now.



As someone who has not paid attention to the other threads

What is EratohoReverse?

What sort of game is it? What do you do in it?



To put it simply, it's a game where your the slave being trained. It honestly has a quite a bit of potential but almost none of the actions are translated, to the point where using a translator just becomes a bore. I think I saw someone working on it a couple of weeks ago so fingers crossed.


File: a874fa7743261ac⋯.png (954.4 KB, 1330x1148, 95:82, 45645646.png)




There. Fixed the darn thing. Please update your AkumaMaid (from the repo on gitgud. I can't control the wiki's links).

Now you can lovingly appreciate Sakura's honey well.


File: bf3a69312608942⋯.png (246.86 KB, 514x492, 257:246, 184fc25da0826e434956d52dbe….png)


Reread the first thing of the OP.



Did she tho?

From what I understand it was more like a temporary reverse house arrest thing, more to stop her from fucking shit up there than to punish her.


Well, TW is as fanon as fanon goes, so all bad girls are actually just poor misunderstood souls who just need your love and dick. As far as bad girls go, besides Tenshi, Seija instantly comes to mind, also small fry youkai like Rumia who don't have much personality besides "Human? I'll eat you!", then thre is also Tewi.

Actually, maybe I just didn't pay attention, but I personally didn't meet much girls with dialogue that makes them actually feel unique and even then it usually doesn't really tell that much about them. I usually just end up looking the characters up on wiki/boorus and imagining their TW character from there.


Is it me or is Reverse just kinda boring?

I want to fug 2hus not spend a week hating that I'm being fugged by 2hus despite picking as many lewd answers as possible at the start.

I'm sure it's someone's cup of tea, but I can't really comprehend why.



It only took me 2 days with Yukari to start fucking her vag and only 4 days to start loving it after that

Seems fine to me



What sorts of options do you have to pick? I tried being really cocky and defiant since those seemed like the kinds of options she liked but I dunno.

Do you just have to be a timid shota? That would make sense, actually, considering the theme.



I told her to get fucked a whole lot and refused to do anything with feet or anal

I think it keeps track of what you refuse to do and does those things less, since at this point she almost never asks me to kiss her butthole or feet anymore. And those times I can easily refuse her

The first penetrative was when I refused pleasure getting edged for 4 or so turns and she basically forced it in. Instant climax, and after that she seemed to just try vaginal every time the cock got hard



ayyy, that worked, thank you.


File: 159d288b9723215⋯.png (17.47 KB, 1199x115, 1199:115, whyisthatslutsopopular.png)




Humans will fall in a fairly short amount of concentrated time. Definitely faster than loyalty option. Some are slightly harder to deal with depending on traits, but in general you have two options.

1. Gentle option. Start slow. Caresses only to build obedience. Hate marks are difficult to deal with. Once they hit obedience 3, start working on submission marks. I forget what exactly I used, but masturbation, blowjobs, and tit slapping were some. stuff around that level or slightly above. you can also try to get her to double or more orgasm in one action. Never penetrate because they'll always get at least one hate mark. They'll fall soon enough after you hit obedience 3, it's just a matter of getting the right combination to get submission marks.

Option 2. Rough.

quite simply, rape them. except you focus on servitude. cowgirl, blowjobs, ect. do it enough and you'll be able to raise obedience, service, desire, ect. while being at 3 marks. then once you hit the requirements spike hate marks down to 0.

either option you'll be clear sailing once you get them into a state outside of default.



Agreed, fucking based as hell.

Blame the fighting game and the fact her knife thing revitalized the faggots that like that extremely shitty and edgy fanseries. Though I'm of the mind that the 'fans' are worse than the character.



I actually like the "canon" Koishi; though fans really do lean on her being edgy.

giving fuel to that shit was a mistake


Is there a specific requirement before you get to fuck Sakura's pussy in AkumaMaid?


hey guys in TW how do you get the "Loves to masturbate" or "Lewd" effects on girls? what's a good path to follow to get it?



I second that question.

Also is it possible to come across 2hus that live in your area masturbating? I know this can happen while visiting someones room, but that is not an option in your home area.

>Horny 2hus in your area are masturbating right now - call 666-2husex right now and jerk off


File: 8e9239d4684e7e9⋯.png (640.31 KB, 620x874, 310:437, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_dr….png)




Is it this serious? I never would have even imagined something like that going on with her. I only really know her by modern fightings, but I never noticed anything edgy about her (if anything, she seemed kinda cute), or do all the characters that get spotted with knives instantly attract edgelords?

Anyway, exhibitionist Koishi should become the new fanon standard and supplant this edgelord bullshit. That is some really good shit.



>how do you get the "Loves to masturbate" or "Lewd" effects on girls?

I don't think it's actually possible to do in this game.


>is it possible to come across 2hus that live in your area masturbating?



A cute and fun character ruined by the fandom, nothing new here



>>is it possible to come across 2hus that live in your area masturbating?


You mean walking on them doing it right? like with the "visit a room" interaction. Because I live in the demon mansion area and found Koakuma touching herself furiously.



There is even an achievement for giving those traits to X people if I remember.



Not really any different than fatchouli fags.



Did it once if I remember right and don't imagine things. Get them excited with a prayer or wait for a pink smoke and walk through their rooms a lot (a LOT, it appears to be very rare). May also wait until just before they go to bed, but I don't know if it helps.


File: fb8b439944fa9e1⋯.jpg (114.93 KB, 239x3335, 239:3335, touhou_characters_meet_the….jpg)


2hu fanon was always complete crap.



>You mean walking on them doing it right? like with the "visit a room" interaction.

Yes, from what I remember.


I really shouldn't shitpost while being drunk.


File: 2771251f58ab3af⋯.jpg (610.85 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 5b7252c4220983beb91ccd3a37….jpg)


Actually, walking in on a character that likes you masturbating while calling out your name would be extremely sexy.


File: dfeeb640af34896⋯.jpg (213.6 KB, 840x1087, 840:1087, __kaku_seiga_touhou_drawn_….jpg)

File: 956c48db2a946ce⋯.jpg (821.53 KB, 1254x1771, 114:161, __onozuka_komachi_touhou_d….jpg)

File: bf85affc89bf5b2⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 600x800, 3:4, __kochiya_sanae_touhou_dra….jpg)

File: 8eeb089ccbb636c⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1308x1800, 109:150, __kaenbyou_rin_touhou_draw….png)

File: 29e07badf51589a⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1240x1748, 310:437, __yakumo_ran_touhou_drawn_….png)


>Looking through the code via N++ while searching for milk, lactation, 噴乳

>Can't figure out where in the code lactation exp outside of sex generates anger/hate marks

I just want to enjoy my pregnant lactating 2hus in peace.


>Also is it possible to come across 2hus that live in your area masturbating?

Very rarely there's a night event where you can wander around and have the chance of finding one masturbating. In my case I end up running into Lunasa a lot even though I share a room with Meiling.



I was recommended to use Visual Studio Code instead of Notepad++.

I'm doing the same but trying to find what calculates ejaculation size so I can instapreg 2huns with 800ml ejaculations.



Not sure how well VSC will help me at this point, but I'll give it a try.

I've been able to cheat engine to increase VIG to well over 1000 which can send ejaculation size up to crazy levels. I think it makes you cum every other turn too due to how pent up you would be.



yep you cum every other turn but I have no idea if you can control the volume, like a splurg of half a gallon…

btw if you want pregnancy and milking SQN has some good stuff, only thing lacking is that so far AFAIK there are NO COWGIRLS :-/

But there are some centaur type things so… hoping there was a minotaur/holstaur to preg and milk but oh well




You can actually, you might wake up randomly at night, and if you go out there's a chance you could catch somebody in your area masturbating.



It is possible to get "loves to Masturbate" you just have to get their masturbating addiction high enough.



She has health problems. By interacting with her you can rise her health albeit slowly. When it gets to 100 you can fuck her pussy.

You can check or cheat using the CFLAG:健康度

To open the cheat menu type in 88224646




Get the erabasic extension in VSC. You get jump to function definition and syntax highlighting with it.

Be sure to open the entire folder on VSC. CTRL+SHIFT+F's on it are crazy fast. You can also use F4 and SHIFT+F4 to cycle the results.


File: 7d1990a93d996a1⋯.jpeg (376.13 KB, 2144x2032, 134:127, D1E466F7-77A0-486B-A55D-E….jpeg)


It’s already happening again



Yeah but that's an event, it's not like you can put your alarm at 3am and check rooms for someone baiting. You have to go to sleep, finish the day, adn then maybe the event will trigger.



From all possible chicken jokes, they really needed to go with that one?


File: ff52ffb47e50803⋯.png (475.68 KB, 960x683, 960:683, Honk loss.PNG)


>while calling out your name

Sadly I don't think this happens in TW, although I do agree it should be added if it's not. I wouldn't know for sure as I generally try to avoid walking in on them. I'd prefer a prompt of "the door is open, go in?" so I don't have to reload, as when this happens accidentally it makes them depressed for a while and I don't want to cause them that.


>2hu fanon was always complete crap

Truth. The Flan in that picture is pretty much on point with Canon/Fanon.

Fanon Sakuya tends to be made a huge dyke and/or bitch in addition to that meme.


Artists are going to draw characters with their favorite fetish or different proportions.

Unless you meant people who are annoyingly vocal about their fetish that I'm not aware of.


>do all the characters that get spotted with knives instantly attract edgelords

All the characters that exchange dialogue no matter how short get shipped together, what do you think? According to the fanbase, Flandre murders hundreds of humans for fun despite never meeting one not counting Sakuya who she may not know is human until the events of EoSD.

I do prefer the more light hearted stuff when it comes to the fanon, as when someone attempts a "serious" plot it develops into the edgelord faggotry, or has some of the worst most awful and cringey OCs I've ever seen in it.

Why do some 'people' see a utopic world of silly happy magical girls and can only think of ways to kill them?


>It’s already happening again

Not until a dozen or so artists are participating in the same 'joke'.


File: 38f2bba138b8d24⋯.png (7.65 KB, 833x207, 833:207, Capture.PNG)

This skank stole our snacks while we were on our date,


File: fd25e64762bf0c7⋯.png (88.67 KB, 601x615, 601:615, 5E419C56-9CFE-49A7-A1C2-E4….png)


File: dea5afbcf4ea53f⋯.png (2.66 MB, 2144x2432, 67:76, 7d1990a93d996a1cd3486045a3….png)


File: cde1446cc461075⋯.png (448.59 KB, 810x600, 27:20, Flan watching TV while eat….PNG)


Be nice to Flan.

Besides it says you gave it to her because her stomach was grumbling.

I imagine game limits prevented them from altering that third line of text.


Pedy is the most based person on this board except for the condom belts






So what are on-going fanon jokes about Cow and Pebble then?


>Why do some 'people' see a utopic world of silly happy magical girls and can only think of ways to kill them?

Some people just want to see world burn.



It's a kill or be killed world and those magical girls will be mine.


File: 02e96758bac5105⋯.png (61.52 KB, 1414x668, 707:334, Dialog.png)

In TW, how come dialog doesn't appear when you play as a 2hu instead of a custom character?


File: 464c923e98e0c70⋯.png (42.06 KB, 900x540, 5:3, KILL OR BE KILLED.PNG)


> kill or be killed



>Very rarely there's a night event where you can wander around and have the chance of finding one masturbating.

Do you wake up for it or do you have to stay up. Does the whereabout sense show them as sleeping during that time or do they only do it before going to sleep? Also are there any indicators that the event is taking place?



Because it wasn't fucking made to work like that. I would guess it has something to do with the fact that all characters, including the PC, is assigned a number that the game keeps looking for when it comes to interactions. So by using a Tohou you're no longer the correct ID and the game kinda just falls apart with a lot of things.


File: ccb721231f0db53⋯.jpg (349.82 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Patchouli butt.jpg)


>exhibitionist Koishi

Seems like a perfect fit since everyone would forget.


The only part of patchouli that should be fat, is her ass.


It's a random event for 2hu in your home area. Like the voice of god, event it'll say something like "you can't sleep, go for a walk y/n?" and sometimes you'll find one or just lose a couple hours of sleep. Keep everyone's frustration high and you should see it.



Pretty sure that's how it works yes, most of the dialogue is looking for ID=0 or something, which is the player. By picking a 2hu, your ID isn't 0 anymore, and I don't think anyone in-game is set up to react to an ID other then 0.

It probably isn't impossible, just no one has written dialogue for it.



I have always preferred sickly and ideally thin Patchouli myself.


File: ae4a3143d1bf2a7⋯.png (13.64 KB, 215x234, 215:234, reimujustright.png)


Check out Itou Life's Patchouli. She's plump and delicious.


is there a mod out there to put some mild H images for sex in TW? I mean the penetration ones are ok but those are just the only ones except for the girls getting naked…

or maybe a tutorial as to how to insert those images? with file sizes, location in the line of code etc… would be really easy to grab some generic content from games like Koitaku



It seems like if the game can't find special play-as-existing dialogue, it displays nothing? A brute force fix is to go into KOJO_MESSAGE.ERB and mass replace

FLAG:なりきり && !CFLAG


0 && !CFLAG



If someone was able to put in the penetration ones, I don't see why not for others for other events.



>Why do some 'people' see a utopic world of silly happy magical girls and can only think of ways to kill them?

It doesn't exactly help when they had to come up with a non-lethal way to beat the shit out of each other because they fight so much.




I always thought it's the opposite with Flan being a psycho and fanon folding itself in a display of mental gymnastics trying to defend her (I guess I wouldn't know without finishing EoSD LUNATIC EXTRA PHANTASM).

Why did she live in a basement for so long then, is she just a neet?


File: 49e52b7bac10635⋯.png (5.37 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



>Why did she live in a basement for so long then, is she just a neet?

Remilia didn't know what to do with her sister, which can destroy everything with one hit(including herself, after what Flan did to her wings in fit of rage).

Canon Flan even destroyed falling asteroid, before it could damage SDM.



Okay, this gets even more sudden.

I always thought it was never stated why she has such wings. Is it from the manga or something?



>Utopic world

Its literally a world of "the strong rule" with a bunch of monsters running around that nearly nobody can killand a lot of those that can kill them are just high tier Youkai anyway.

2hus can talk pleasant and clearly aren't actively insane but its only utopic for the strongest of their area.

Youkai don't do kill each other not only because they don't want to, but because they also lack the ability to.



I second this.

Even human village basically exists as livestock for youkai to get faith from.



Thirding this.

Gensokyo is the basic chaos route for Megaten, tuned down just slightly so 2husfags will want to buy the game and pay for ZUN's alcoholic lifestyle.


Why does the wiki recommend eraTohoK, eraTohoTW, eraTohoPM and eraMegaten as a first game when eraSumireTeru is easily the most complete and polished era game?

Are the people who maintain the wiki a bunch of 2hufags?



Because eraSumireTeru is the outlier, not the rule for era games. It has story, sure, but a good story it is not, and since I'm not a fan of yuri or the original material, it's 100% lost on me.

Gameplay is barebones and even crypt at times. Finally, the novelty of them grephixes can run out quite fast when everything else doesn't catch you.

At least it has a clean presentation and it's translated more than other games, as mentioned, I give you that.

I gave it an honest attempt multiple times and I was bored beyond my mind two hours in. So I moved on. Can't in clear conscience give it a thumbs up because it's not for me, and where it counts, it's even more flawed than the usual shitty era experience.


File: f0832ee099363dc⋯.png (56.68 KB, 281x260, 281:260, 1557663829864.PNG)


<except for the condom belts

Pedy wants to know your location.


File: 39b82420943b00c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1478x800, 739:400, the fandom is too stupid t….PNG)


>Why did she live in a basement for so long then, is she just a neet?

It may be a bit of that and I believe she may be a bit on the spectrum if her interview with Aya is translated proper. She doesn't usually try to leave the mansion.

I'm a bit of an autist myself when it comes to the SDM as I've found them pretty interesting because there's quite a bit more to them than what you see when you look beyond the surface. They also aren't the only ones like that.

Remilia is a bit of a chuuni herself wanting to play the role of the "big bad vampire" while she's actually one of the most benevolent faction leaders to her underlings, displaying actual concern to the fairies mental health if they don't get any rest, course she's not the only one pretending.

Beyond that, it becomes a bit of headcanon as to the motive.



It is a mystery, becomes headcanon if you want more answers.




The source of the asteroid is questionable. This one confuses me also but some believe she had it fall on the SDM on purpose just so Flan could destroy it. Again this is more "chuuni" tendencies if that is the case.


>the strong rule

Danmaku rules state that you aren't allowed to kill someone if they lose the match.

The youkai that AREN'T sentient however, are more akin to feral monsters and are actually that much more dangerous because of this lack of reasoning. If you went to Gensokyo you're much more likely to be eaten by one of those than Rumia.



From my understanding quite a few of us are.

Thats why I got into the eragames in the first place.



Weird, if it's CFLAG 1600 then I'm already at 101 from what I can see. Is there something else I have to do?



>Danmaku rules state that you aren't allowed to kill someone if they lose the match

I hope you realize danmaku is still a fight to figure out who's "right" right; between most characters its literally just a showing of brute strength.



Danmaku was more invented so that humans, and weak youkai, could actually have a way to win a fight.

That and without it, it meant any encounter with the Hakurei shrine maiden was heavily disadvantaged to the challenger. Since killing her would potentially ruin the barrier.



Are you sure thats the actual case; perfect memento paints a different picture.

>However, when ones with power clash, both sides are aware that they cannot come to a conclusion easily

>To counter this, rules will often be decided beforehand and a formal battle will take place

>By fighting with these rules, even if one could continue after losing, they must admit their loss

>Once that is done, the other side will not continue further

>That is the wisdom of youkai who have lived long



I disagree. For people who are non-2hufags, eraSumireTeru is the best era game to start with because it has an actual storyline and character progression.

I gave it a try after playing all the 2hu era games first and was really surprised at the level of effort put into it. All the other 2hu games feel like they're made up of disjointed random bits of dialogue added in by random people.


Danmaku rules were invented so people could settle fights without killing each other, and to allow the weak to stand a chance against an overpowered character.

If there were no Danmaku rules, characters like Yuyuko would win nearly every confrontation just by instantly killing everyone (aside from the Hourai immortals) with her "Power over Life and Death" ability.

And breaking the rules (killing someone, making impossible danmaku, etc) would quickly set the wrath of everyone on the rule-breaker. Reimu would probably kill the offender just like she did with the Fortune Teller. Or become Gensokyo's public enemy #1 like Seija did during Touhou 14.3



>totally forgot about the main article in memento

Oh right the "not just the strongest rule" reason was actually stated.

However how well has the rule gone through? Outside of a few exceptions all the strongest youkai end up ruling their "area".

It doesn't matter if thats a listed rule because at the end of the day it is a showing of power and thus it favors the strong; even if it says to look pretty while doing it.



>The source of the asteroid is questionable.

Honestly, Patchouli wouldn't have too much problem with using magic to eject big rock high into sky so it would fall like meteor.


>All the other 2hu games feel like they're made up of disjointed random bits of dialogue added in by random people.

Mainly, because it's true.

Especially nobody could have enough autism to write custom dialogue for over 120 different characters.





You're just wrong


She's just autistic. I'd have to double check but I'm pretty sure there's dialogue in a printwork about how Remi was trying to get her to come out of the basement.

The reason ZUN doesn't include much for flan is because he finds it hard to write for her.


Hard wrong

>Duels between youkai threaten to destroy the small world of Gensokyo.

>However, a lifestyle without duels will cause the youkai to lose their power.

>Accordingly, I would like to permit such duels under the following contract.


>However how well has the rule gone through? Outside of a few exceptions all the strongest youkai end up ruling their "area".

That's not really true at all. Nue is much bigger than anyone else in 12/13 but she's just a random worshiper, Yuugi wildly outclasses Satori but has no responsibilities, etc.

In any case the commentary about strength is more to prevent Reimu spamming Musou Tensei than anything else:

>A secret technique which is extreme in many ways. With Reimu's ability to float, she floats away from all sorts of things and cannot to be attacked.

>If it wasn't just for play (with time limit), no one could beat her using any method.


*Tosses a Black Tewi at the thread and run off*

But seriously guys, we all know this "my hedcanon > ur hedcanon" discussion will go until the end of days. Why even bother?



>a few exceptions means its the rule

The exceptions come from lack of want and not the fact that they've lost to rules.

Also infinite Musou Tenshi would be shit considering nearly everyone she fights could probably out stamina her.



Oh right i forgot that it actually functioned as an attack whoops.




I wonder who is actually enforcing these rules, since I doubt much youkai strong enough to do so actually care.

Reimu obviously works for Gensyokyo Police Department, but she usually enforces stuff through heavy use of danmaku. Oh well, I guess, being Hakurei miko helps.

Is there a danmaku rulebook that says what disputes *have* to be solved with danmaku?

And what happens if somebody forgoes the use of danmaku opting for the use of brute force. Does the other side go to Reimu/Yukari and complain to them?


File: c06463589e74cc7⋯.jpg (523.55 KB, 969x1440, 323:480, 20.jpg)

File: 3937eb57478ed2e⋯.jpg (472 KB, 982x1440, 491:720, 21.jpg)


>but she usually enforces stuff through heavy use of danmaku

Reimu pretty much killed the Fortune Teller in cold blood for breaking one of Gensokyo's rules.


How do I use Christmas gift? I'm at 24'th and there seem to be no special actions nor does it show up in items menu.



I don't think they really need much enforcement; youkai on youkai battles take ages due to them being insanely durable so they'd rather a fast battle.

Humans in danmaku combat is rare anyway, which would be the main thing that cucks youkai; considering they'd probably want to eat them.

And the few that do tend to be close to Reimu so they're off the table anyway since the Hakurais are pretty much top dog in Gensokyo.

Also Reimu isn't against killing someone in the slightest.



>Why even bother?


Besides, it's still better than someone getting into another argument with cuck-tan.


Thanks to the anon that translated a good chunk of scouting stuff for AS. I'm busy today so I won't be able to check it too closely today but one thing I noticed is that you don't have to comment out the original Japanese that you translated.

GitLens exists for that and it makes more work when merging in JP updates.



Thanks anon!


I think you have to take your 2hu out on a date to use it.



>They were designed to give even weak youkai and humans a chance to win, as well as to provide youkai a way to defeat the Hakurei Shrine in a fair duel. They are described as pieces of paper bearing the descriptions of their respective spells, along with the possible approval of the shrine maiden. This reason was explicitly used in Silent Sinner in Blue, where Marisa Kirisame convinced Watatsuki no Yorihime to use the spell card rules in order to make fights equal and, as Yorihime puts it, to prevent bloodshed.

The spell card system was very much made to make fights "fair". It also prevents the opponents from killing one another, since again, fights with Reimu would be heavily disadvantageous since a youkai wouldn't want to risk killing her, since it might destroy Gensokyo.

And a normal fight, a human would never stand a chance and get devoured by a youkai. The spell card system ensures that a fight is 'fair', or at the very least ensures that even a weak human could potentially defeat a powerful youkai. It also prevents youkai from just eating people, because humans are a pretty precious resource in Gensokyo.



>It also prevents youkai from just eating people, because humans are a pretty precious resource in Gensokyo.

Don't they just gap people in occasionally for that?

Do youkai have to fill out a form and find Yukari to give it to?

Do they have to wait in line while she sleeps and makes Ran do the boring bureaucracy?

Can't they just gap in more humans anyway if the local human resources ever run low? There's plenty of people who want a new start.

Am I overthinking this whole thing?


File: a779bd92a5e35da⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 57.98 KB, 319x299, 319:299, 515256635452525.PNG)


>Tosses a Black Tewi

Tewi's a nigger…


I still can't help but feel bad for the guy for wanting to escape being a human peasant.


File: a5f9bb464c3516c⋯.png (63.83 KB, 995x367, 995:367, Untitled.png)


Serves him right to be honest for all the shit he does each time I try to play K.

But isn't he the bottom of the barrel as far as youkai go?

I would imagine, if strong enough youkai suddenly decided to bully some humans or low level ⑨s for whatever reason or no reason at all, that would be the the last everyone hears of them, no mikos involved.

How much exactly can strong get away with before they attract Reimu's attention? How much *do* they get away?

And while being insanely powerful at danmaku, if I'm not mistaken, as a human, Reimu would not pose much of a threat for someone of let's say Yuuka's level.

I mean, she could turn to Hakurei shrine god for assistance, but if I'm not wrong, nobody including her does not even remember him (and let's be honest, he's probably Oopantsu-sama).

Outside of danmaku, her two main arguments are the fact that she befriended pretty much all the strongest inhabitants of Gensyokyo and the fact that she is needed to look for the barrier (which, what exactly *does* she do?).

Actually, I would totally read/watch/play the series in which some rogue youkai/god who has no interest in fair danmaku kidnaps Reimu and threatens the whole Gensyokyo to kill her to destroy the barrier (because he hates danmaku/is a cliche villain out to destroy Gensyokyo/was wronged by a long gone Hakurei/was sent by moonbitches/whatever), having everyone go out to rescue her.

That would be cool.



>the fact that she is needed to look for the barrier (which, what exactly *does* she do?).

The comics show that she doesn't have any real idea how to do that either. Her job is basically to stay alive so the barrier doesn't collapse



What had the great family of Hakurei come to?

Then maybe she is not actually needed and it's all just Yukari's ruse to keep her as the barrier's mascot.


File: 0d6dcf48770a354⋯.jpg (60.5 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 0507df5dad057c7419c012f09c….jpg)





As far as we're aware in canon, Yukari does "spirit away" people occasionally but for what purpose isn't entirely clear.

Only a few individuals can intentionally open holes in the Barrier (Youkai Sages), although the barrier has pre-existing holes that outsiders sometimes end up 'falling' through and get eaten by wild youkai. Since as it turns out, the whole 'don't eat humans' thing only applies to humans inside the Village… and an outsider wouldn't know about the spell card system, so if they don't know about it, its fair game to just eat them (unless they reach the Village or something).

It also seems unlikely that Yukari would want to bring in a lot of outsiders. Remember, Gensokyo is a "Land of Fantasy" formed because the youkai couldn't live in the increasingly scientific outside world. Its possible that bringing in too many humans who do not inherently fear youkai, would actually destabilize the precious balance Gensokyo maintains. Youkai need fear from humans to survive, but the outside doesn't really fear youkai anymore, since a lot of their stuff has been explained away by science or something like that.


As I recall, the Fortune-teller was killed by Reimu because one of the rules of the Human Village is, well, you can't become a youkai while living there. It is, after all, the HUMAN Village. Even youkai aren't (technically) meant to live there, but you're certainly not allowed to transform INTO a youkai while living there.

Also keep in mind that while Reimu is only a human, she is functionally invincible since she can just 'float' outside of reality and then probably put her fist through your heart while doing that.

On the topic of her needing to be alive for the barrier, its probably just part of the covenant with the Dragon God. She does seem to have some limited ability to repair/maintain the barrier, but by and large, a Hakurei being alive is probably some kind of stipulation of the original agreement. There was talk in one of the side things that the Hakurei shrine maiden might also be something 'created', as I recall Aya wondering if they'd have to 'make' a new Hakurei shrine maiden if Reimu died.



Actually, girls being brought up from childhood to serve as an avatar/representative of a god to maintain X sounds VERY eastern religion.


File: 5302b9f2901f67d⋯.jpg (492.01 KB, 972x1440, 27:40, 22.jpg)


>As I recall, the Fortune-teller was killed by Reimu because one of the rules of the Human Village is, well, you can't become a youkai while living there

Wrong. Humans aren't allowed to become Youkai. At all. Period. It doesn't matter if you live in the Human Village or not. He was already explaining to Reimu that he just wants to live in the wilderness and leave humans alone, but Reimu didn't give a flying fuck.



Sounds about right, otherwise you could just loophole it away by saying shit like "B-but I moved away from the village last week before I became a youkai, I'm technically not a villager anymore!"



Should have moved out to the outside, became a youkai and then returned. Then he would have been on the same ground as Yuyuko (except the whole being important and appointed by Yukari thing).



She said "human villager" there though. You can be a human, and not be a human villager. Like Marisa is a human, but not a human villager. She can become a magician youkai if she wants to live forever, and not get killed by Reimu.

You just can't be a human living in the village and become a youkai. If you want to do that, you need to leave and go somewhere else I'd imagine.


Technically, youkai aren't meant to live in the human village. Some certainly do, but they're not meant to be living there. Judging by Aya going to the village in disguise to look like a human, youkai aren't even really meant to be visiting it but they do anyway.



>Wrong. Humans aren't allowed to become Youkai. At all. Period. It doesn't matter if you live in the Human Village or not.


While reimu has a personal vendetta against this kind of thing, the melon-thief (shoe-thief?) arc has her saying that it's youkai arising within the human village which aren't allowed.


I'd have to double check but I'm 90% sure sakuya says that she gets deliveries of unknown and unmissed people from the outside world.



>Don't they just gap people in occasionally for that?

Yes, but sometimes people fall into gap themselves.

>Do youkai have to fill out a form and find Yukari to give it to?

No. They also can lurk Muenzuka, the place full of "would commit sudoku anytime" outsiders.

>Do they have to wait in line while she sleeps and makes Ran do the boring bureaucracy?


>Can't they just gap in more humans anyway if the local human resources ever run low?


>Am I overthinking this whole thing?




Was he going to live there?

I get a feeling it's more about "humans should know their place, no immortality for you" shit.

Should have became a hermit. 40 years of reading mantras and you're free to go with your immortality and a slightly lighter head. From there just for 1000 more you can upgrade to CELESTIAL PRO and get the right to be a smug little ignorant shit and fart thunders.


I wonder what gensokyo's policy on human-youkai crossbreeding is?



Not sure, but pretty sure the issue is he did it while still living there. It's one of the few crimes we know of in Gensokyo that just gets you straight killed.


Isn't Rinnosuke a half-youkai or something?

It seems to be fairly rare though. But this probably ties into the fact that the human-youkai relationship is a weird balance. If humans get too friendly, or vice-versa, the youkai will start to die out, because they require humans to fear them to survive.



Yes, but he also isn't in the human village. Pretty much anything goes outside of there. Lets say someone knocked up one of youkai in the village, what would happen to the offspring?


File: b19fa341c81b1ed⋯.jpg (434.23 KB, 965x1440, 193:288, 25.jpg)



>Like Marisa is a human, but not a human villager. She can become a magician youkai if she wants to live forever, and not get killed by Reimu.

>the melon-thief (shoe-thief?) arc has her saying that it's youkai arising within the human village which aren't allowed.

No. It specifically says that Reimu is watching over "certain humans" to make sure they don't become youkai. Marisa included. Reimu will kill her in a heartbeat if she did.



Even if that's what her responsibilities dictate she do, I don't think she has it in her to do so. It's one thing to kill off a random dude who became a youkai, it's another to kill off one of her friends.


File: 3408694f3ec69d4⋯.jpg (256.58 KB, 700x1977, 700:1977, __hakurei_reimu_and_kirisa….jpg)


I suppose we can only guess what goes on in her head with all this "cool mysterious hero by the night" thing ZUN seems to hold up lately.



If that were the case, then the first step for a human to become a youkai is to befriend the shrine maiden. Give her plenty of donations, give her food, etc.

That way, you can use the "Aren't we friends?" card when Reimu comes to finish you off.



Why stop there? Marry and impregnate her first. Then when you become a youkai she might even join you.




And since spellcards are just pieces of paper describing your move signed by a miko, you could get her sign you some hax level shit.

They truly are the sugarmommies of Gensyokyo, aren't they?



>what would happen to the offspring?

Probably would stay with human parent, until it's old enough(50+) to spook some villagers by its abnormal presence and leaves village from its own will.




Probably depends on the youkai. Already said that a thread before, but oni kidnap their mates, for example.



It makes no sense for Marisa to be in that list; she's probably one of the most likely ones to not fuck up the rules on "rebirth", considering she's not massively connected to the human village.

I don't think thats she's intended to be "involved" there; Marisa turning youkai wouldn't disrupt much balance at all, which is the only reason Reimu gives a shit ever.

The only massive thing Marisa could do would be mass-spread of the magic that magician youkai come from, which is the same "danger" as literally any other magician.



Okay. Then which "certain humans" is the narration referring to then? Akyuu? It's obviously not Kosuzu because it adds "…and Suzunaan" at the bottom.

It makes perfect sense, because Marisa is the most likely human to turn youkai/magician. And you can never tell if the person will have a personality change once they turn, suddenly turning immortal will have huge changes on your character. Not to mention with how strong Marisa is for a human, turning youkai would probably put her near Yuuka levels of power. You don't want new youkai with that kind of destructive power.



Akyuu would be a massive danger if youkai yeah.

Marisa isn't even that strong magic-wise, she's using an enhancer for it.

Magician transformation isn't even a big power boost most likely; its literally just ditching your need for food.

Magicians in general are really weird youkai, apparently lacking most of the upsides outside of lack of aging.


File: f2c53a21c3a47a4⋯.jpg (50.83 KB, 680x383, 680:383, kokoro.jpg)

Some girls have this trait [Ignorant] which says that if you do V with them they will hate you unless you follow and complete the "masturbation addiction event chain"

What's this chain and any others you guys know of?



I know you have to use Masturbate in sex at least once and get their desire exp high enough to get 1st level of that.



Also comes with downside of heavy metal poisoning, if they forget/don't detox themselves.



That depends on exactly what kind of magic they do. Patchi fucked up her health because of all the toxic materials she works with and because she is lazy when it comes to things outside of her research.



Its mentioned in WaHH that all magicians suffer from this, because their magic tends to involve the use of a lot of very hazardous materials. Magic in Touhou is a lot like science, so magicians tend to use things like mercury or arsenic in their studies.

More specifically, magician youkai tend to have very frail constitutions as a result of slowly absorbing these toxins into their bodies. They take precautions to protect themselves, but they still slowly accumulate this toxic stuff inside them over the years.

Patchouli is the only magician youkai that was born that way we know of. Alice is suggested to have been a human, and became a magician youkai by her own merits. But this is also in PMiSS, which is dodgy on its accuracy, due to Akyuu not being the most reliable writer, her sources are not always reliable, and she's a bit racist.



I would imagine western depictions of magic almost always involving some degree of alchemy.



I don't recall Alice every really having it come into play though. She isn't exactly robust for a youkai but she isn't less healthy than a human either.


File: b77065b2547a9c1⋯.png (340.56 KB, 500x520, 25:26, normie.png)

So now that Reverse is finished, when are we resuming translation efforts on EraProtoNTR?


File: 40894829626a0d1⋯.jpg (146.34 KB, 600x880, 15:22, Byakuren_the_muscle_wizard.jpg)


>Its mentioned in WaHH that all magicians suffer from this

The only exception to that could be Byakuren, but in the end she is musclewizard.



>Akyuu more dangerous than Marisa

Come the fuck on, lol.

Reimu knows that Marisa can defeat the same overpowered youkai that she can. Why would Akyuu be considered a bigger threat than Marisa? Don't forget that Marisa loves to steal random shit, there could be tons of cursed items in her house that could turn her into a youkai at any moment. But nope, Reimu's keeping a close eye on Akyuu and not Marisa.


>Patchouli is the only magician youkai that was born that way we know of.

Yuki, Mai, Ellen, and Narumi Yatadera are considered natural-born Magician youkai.



Only when you will do it yourself.



Isn't she a monk/hermit?

Or is all the same shit in th universe?

I request a tl;dr explanation of difference between magicians monks and hermits.


File: ea9e39f1e530f7e⋯.png (236.21 KB, 408x381, 136:127, face96.png)


Will you play it if I do it myself?



Youkai are literally weak to the things Reimu uses; Akyuu becoming a youkai would effect the village; another strong youkai wouldn't do shit to gensokyo.

Reimu doesn't care about youkai in that sense especially when Marisa would be shit outside of danmaku.

Marisa isn't actually that strong, she just abusing a broken as fuck system with infinite rematches.

>Yuki, Mai, Ellen, and Narumi Yatadera are considered natural-born Magician youkai

>Mai and Yuki

Those two are probably demons which puts them in a wholly separate category.



To be fair, Byakuren has also been sealed for a long, long time.


She's a monk who learned magic to stop her aging. That makes her a magician youkai, as they are 'youkai' who use magic to cease their aging. It's not as overly complex as it sounds. Her race is Magician Youkai, her job is a Monk!


File: 4a3ba93df685188⋯.jpg (182.98 KB, 1659x672, 79:32, 4a3.jpg)


In my JRPG accustomed mind both monk and magician were considered a profession.

How do you call a magic user in Gensyokyo then (except for "literally anybody")?

Or does knowing magic automatically make you a youkai and thus magician?




Used specific two magic spells to stop their aging and replaced their need for food with being sustained by their magic power.

Then were declared as one of youkai.


Used faith(religious texts and ascetic training) to suppress their bodily needs and aging.

They are closer to celestials.


I rather wouldn't.



In Touhou a magician is both a profession and a race.

Magician as a race, are those who use magic to stop their own aging, and eventually, don't even need to eat anymore. This is a kind of youkai.

But magicians are also magic users and practicers, and one doesn't have to be a magician youkai, to be a magician.



What this guy says is correct. For example, Patchouli is of the Magician Race. Marisa is of the human race but has the occupation of magician. Eventually human magicians can lose their human status and turn into the Magician race. At least, to my understanding.



It's Kosuzu and marisa.

The marisa comment is just about reimu's hipocracy more than anything else. This is following on from and commenting on reimu's personal grudge against humans who become youkai, which knows no boundaries.

Akyuu isn't going to become a youkai. She's already a special type of human anyway.

Suzunaan is the shop you retard.


Magician is a class of being that describes both natural examples and humans who become magicians. It's also used as a title outside of that. Humans are only capable of certain levels of magic without the use of inherent abilities; because marisa isn't an absurdity like reimu who can casually break the seal on the netherworld her absolute level of magic is capped at the limits of human capacity; she's explicitly less powerful than alice or patchouli (who's most powerful prepared spells are able to cause non-painful cosmetic damage to remilia's hand for less than a second). Given that reimu is roughly on the level of suika|remilia (she explicitly isn't powerful enough to seal them but that goes both ways cause Musou Tensei).


Hermits =/= Celestials

Celestials are buddhists who were reincarnated into a higher state of being by accumulating good karma; Tenshi was just some random born as the child of a 'legitimate' celestial.

Hermits are taoists. Taoism =/= Buddhism


Quick question about TW. I see random sexual stats up at the end of the day: does that mean the girls are having sex with others or something else?



No, the girls do not have relationships with each other or anyone else. Those sexual stats are probably just them masturbating like crazy.


File: 89859dbf87a1330⋯.png (710.81 KB, 1128x1600, 141:200, x13.png)


read WaHH again, hermits are aspiring celestials



levels happen at the end of the day, so for the first few days if girls have levels they're supposed to be at they'll level up once there. After that it's just from masturbation.


Anyone figured out how to get desirable traits on eratohoreverse? Sick of the character I make being some pansy who flips the fuck out about being lewded by a qt monster girl.

I blame that stupid questionnaire character creator.



Wait, so Kasen is a hermit oni who wants to become a celestial too?

Freakin' powergamers.



>Marisa is of the human race but has the occupation of magician

I think Marisa's occupation is thief. She just focused on the use magic device skill.


File: 3bc5ccf68039f6a⋯.png (168.79 KB, 565x500, 113:100, The 'Borrowing' Witch.PNG)



That's "The borrowing witch" to you.



I'd say its less that hermits are "aspiring" Celestials, and more that being becoming a hermit, one is also on the road to potentially become a Celestial. They're in a similar path, I suppose, and both have to worry about a shikigami coming to try and kill them every century or so.


Tenshi is a Celestial because her family was close to the Nawi family, or something like that, and they got ascended to Celestial status by association. There's a reason that Tenshi doesn't act like a Celestial should, and its because she was given the keys to Heaven, as it were, and has no actual concept of what being a Celestial means.


File: f95b3954eb82003⋯.png (676.31 KB, 1128x1600, 141:200, x21.png)


read WaHH again



I'm just going off what other things have said. Hermits can become celestials, but that doesn't necessarily mean all hermits WANT to become a celestial.

I mean for example, Seiga is a Hermit. A wicked one, but still a Hermit. But she's never going to become a Celestial.



you are missing the point, simply being a hermit is walking the path to becoming a celestial, just because Seiga stopped midway doesn't mean the end goal was different.



The game is meant to be about touhous training you against your will. If you won't flip out, it won't be eratohoreverse. You can try to mod it, but then it will be eratohoisekaiconsensualsex (which I would totally play; however much I love Mokou, she is just Too much into shit like foot licking and neglect).




I thought that to become a celestial you have to not actively want to become one, and path of a hermit is more about cleansing your mind and body of earthly desires for the sake of self-improvement and finding inner peace and all that jazz with perspective of becoming a celestial being more of a bonus.



the becoming a celestial part is very much intentional

I mean, do you even cultivate bro?


to whoever does the dev build of akumamaid, im about 60% sure messing with the returnf "talk", "treat", "appear vulnerable" by translating it to english in i believe shop2.erb fucks up progression. you should be able to pull down panties/pants and be able to take a picture of them naked, but due to translation it never progresses



It's being looked at




Isn't that just a vanilla eratohoTW playthrough?



It's been fixed




Just fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Please get the updated version on gitgud.


Sniped. Shit.



The traits don't really matter as long as you don't have too many negative ones, your masters' traits and inclinations are what actually matter. So, just stop picking the shit 2hus. Read: Pick Eirin or Yukari if you're going for TL'd ones and avoid Akyuu like the plague.



What's wrong with Akyuu?


File: 15806852970a7df⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 17.87 KB, 951x396, 317:132, Akyuu.png)


I guess its the feet and buttstuff that does it.



Aren't nobles into that freaky shit though?



>feet and buttstuff

This is the shit I keep trying to avoid.




Nah, every character has feet and buttstuff to some degree, Akyuu, and Suwako, are a bit more into it than most but that's not why Akyuu is the worst. It's the fact that she pretends to be all about orgasm denial/management but in reality that's just an excuse so that she can indulge in her true fetish: CBT.

So, she'll tell you not to cum while her fist is up your ass choking your prostate and then when you inevitably do cum, because not even cheat engine can save you from that, she'll 'punish' you for it by kicking you in the balls repeatedly. After that she'll ask you if you love her despite being a loli and you better give her a good answer or it's back to step one, or even straight to step three if you piss her off enough.

She does this every single training session, by the way.


You're either gonna have to learn nip or wait until more characters get TL'd. Star's relatively light on buttstuff and Eirin is pretty light on feet, but all of them have it to some degree. I haven't tried all the 2hu's yet but I'm hopeful there's at least one out there that isn't obsessed with my ass.



Why can't obsessive autistic 2hu fans write about love and affection? Why is it always the weird stuff?



Still trying to figure this shit out, 2hu lore talk drowning this question out certainly didn't help things. Does dick size get in the way?


File: 9d9eb1d1ee0cbb4⋯.png (187.56 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 1557753332400.png)


Nothing. It's all lies and libel, probably by those dirty fairies.



Yep, fairies, what did I tell ya.



>Does dick size get in the way?

Only if its way too big.


It comes with that game territory, I guess.


>erareverse release

>only 2 of the characters with actual dialogue are translated



Define actual dialogue



more than 2 pieces of dialogue and a ending



>A game about a 2hu kidnapping your ass and then violating you to her heart's content.

>Why is it always the weird stuff?

I think you answered your own question my friend.



>Suzunaan is the shop you retard.

And who owns Suzunaan? It's Kosuzu, you retard. Why would the narration have to state "Reimu watches over certain humans…. and Suzunaan"? The point is, she's watching over Marisa as she's the most likely out of all the humans in Gensokyo to turn youkai, next to Kosuzu.



>Wait, so Kasen is a hermit oni who wants to become a celestial too?

No, she's using the hermit excuse to explain why she has a long life supposedly as a human. And the next logical step for being a hermit is aiming to be a celestial. Problem is, she didn't think things through when she decided to use that hermit excuse, thus creating a hole in her cover story.


Are translators still needed or are there enough at this point?

I know some amount of nip and wouldn't mind helping out but aren't sure if only people who actually are good at nip are accepted now



Don't really get what's so hard to understand about this.

Akyuu has zero desire and zero potential to become a youkai. For Reimu to think she's a threat and watch over her is retarded.

Marisa, on the other hand, is a practicing magician and has tons of magical artifacts in her home (just like Kosuzu and her books in Suzunaan).


There's never enough translators. Get in the discord.



Not only most likely, but actively searching for a way to either learn those spells, or become a hermit.



Be thankful it's translated at all and not skipped as usual, ya little bitch.



It still doesn't seem logical at all to really stop or exterminate Marisa for such a thing, though it could just be that its just in case.


>pretty much the main point of the game

>be thankful our translation involves any of it


File: 702524774cfd2fc⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 640x360, 16:9, publictouching.jpg)

Hey guys one of the requirements for masturbation addiction levels is exposure, the others are of course the masturbation gem itself and vaginal pleasure gems.

Thing is, how do I raise a decent amount of exposure gems? there's no public exposure training, yeah you can turn them on and fuck them in non-inside locations but that doesn't seem to work for me?

I mean if you wanna fuck a 2hou with the ignorant trait or childlike you need to get her to become addicted to masturbation, so penetration in public is a big nono for exposure gems… what's any other good way? I mean I'm using spread labia and anus but they deliver 5 gems at a time -_-



>It still doesn't seem logical at all to really stop or exterminate Marisa for such a thing, though it could just be that its just in case.

Remember that Reimu's number one priority is to her duty as Shrine Maiden. And she also doesn't distinguish between human, youkai, god, friend or foe. I do believe she will try to save Marisa first (like she did with Kosuzu) but will resort to extermination if left with no choice.



Okay, so that makes the steps so far:

>Get her health score up to 100

>Make sure your dick isn't absurdly big (especially if she's still a virgin)


>Enjoy imouto pussy

Now what else do I need to do?



The reason why people can't youkai is because balance, someone like fortune teller could end up giving people the ability to go youkai and destroy the point of gensokyo.

Marisa isn't heavily linked to the village and thus lacks this issue, though she could be an idiot and actually do that part.

Reimu also wouldn't be able to predict her transformation in a way that she could stop it, the only way would be preemptively considering how it occurs and Reimu clearly isn't doing that.

Magicians are normal humans until they learn a specific magic and then suddenly become "youkai", Marisa wouldn't be suspect until its already happened.



>He isn't aware how annoying translating dialogue truly is.

You're welcome to translate that yourself.


Steal their pantsu and hide them in collection after using time stop, then hang around them for entire day.

You may try flipping their skirts too, just be aware that could lead to hate mark.


How do you have sex in EraAS?



You have to go to the cafe and solve a character's problems. As you solve their problems they begin to like you more and more until eventually they think of you as a close friend. After that you can persuade them into having sex with you. It's honestly a very long process and unless you're cheating your TP points and money you should wait until you find a complete slut and try hitting it off with her.


How to get pregnant in Reverse?



I did that but we never had sex.

Do I have to max out anything?

Does the option comes up?

Or does the sex happens at certain points in the game?



tried that but if you go overboard the newspaper will make an article about you flipping skirts as an event and you'll lose like 100 FAV and REL with EVERYONE.



After solving their problems you can start to persuade them. The number has to hit 100 before you're able to select them as a partner.

Or you could you just rape the residents you obtain from completing missions.




Also just noticed that the number showing the progress of persuading her to consent is gone now because of a UI rework introduced in the last AS update. I'll add it back later but for now just take my word that persuading is working.



Make sure pregnancy is on in the settings first and foremost. After that just do what nature requires and bust a nut in the good ol' coin purse. Characters like Suwako are really into penetration early on so I got her pregnant easy.





File: 57d0cb6567912fd⋯.png (352.65 KB, 619x511, 619:511, 1557768259529.png)


A start of a happy family! I wonder what child of a god is capable of.



It's Marisa who claimed during Imperishable Night that she was interested in immortality and eternal youth (Desire). And she has the high magical power (Potential) to do it. She is both willing and able.

Now explain how Akyuu has either Desire or Potential to turn youkai, and why Reimu should think Akyuu is a bigger threat than Marisa.



That's brutal.

Few harassment actions per entire day would be good for about ~10 gems.

Just stop that before they get mad.


File: fe98f410b697d80⋯.jpg (251.43 KB, 578x800, 289:400, 36b89cb9315f7b231c27871a38….jpg)

File: 7cb1e1e29f5975e⋯.jpg (185.93 KB, 681x960, 227:320, 475e158add1077eca0c9bbbfb2….jpg)

File: 7832f403b2109d1⋯.jpg (548.4 KB, 1050x1000, 21:20, e29b05fb46fe572cde6edb5134….jpg)


I absolutely love pregnant 2hus.


File: b6b1bd5e1b21221⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 1536x1467, 512:489, f01d9c2f8a22ca2521389b608c….jpg)


Yeah, that, but she actually wants you back without force-feeding her gallons of tea each day.


Fucking whatever then. I'll just drink mercury until I stop aging.


Stealing pantsu and flipping skirts is the way to go as well as cumming inside them enough for it to start dribbling down their thighs (bonus points for them having no pantsu), tho, I guess, the latter one doesn't work for you (you can also try bukkaking them, but I don't remember if it works).

It's strange that fucking them in public places doesn't work for you, I think, I remember sex in public locations giving small amounts of exposure each turn (probably imagining that, actually).

What you also can do is get them to fuck in a place that is not considered to be outside, but is frequented by other chars (Hakurei shrine's living room or kitchen are a perfect example). You'll get a bit of exposure each time you get walked in on (may even end up in a threesome if you're lucky).


Forbidden knowledge?


Good for you, I guess.


File: e1d2e7f92d27845⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 653.03 KB, 520x1950, 4:15, __kochiya_sanae_and_yasaka….png)


Not that much. Mostly magic trick grade shit "miracles".



Drinking mercury will make your kids autistic.



>Forbidden knowledge?

Already got it up to level II, actually.



I don't think he has to drink mercury for that


Does Trauma have any effect in Reverse? I haven't noticed anything different.


File: 788bb97218b6e9c⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 480x554, 240:277, American first trump.jpg)


Talk American. Am I supposed to be able to read that, you gook?


File: 1dd48bd133ab4ee⋯.jpg (62.29 KB, 500x374, 250:187, king-henrys-foot.jpg)


I'll bite.


So if you have a huge dick in TW, can you fit inside smaller girls or are you permanently barred from them?


how the fuck do i get the translation aggregators to work with these games?



No, it just takes a lot of prep work. I like to cheat lubrication to obscene levels to make the stretching easier.


Make sure to go to help, then settings, and you'll see a section called clipboard. Make sure "copy to clipboard is checked. After you restart the game, stuff should be translated automatically with the aggregator.


File: b7e6cf8c4dd7d50⋯.jpeg (192.55 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sanae8.jpeg)

File: 2e85769cad0018a⋯.png (29.26 KB, 173x123, 173:123, suwakoderp.png)


Anon is referencing to Sanae's abilities.

Sanae is a descendant of Suwako.


Do you need forbidden knowledge in TW for inchling onahole? Tried a few tubes of lube and didn't get the option.



basically Reimu hates men



She hasn't gone out of her way to kill Unzan though.



Unzan isn't a man, he's a cloud that can take the form of a man


File: 4eed4ba3f3a4fd0⋯.jpg (20.45 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ahmmmbatman.jpg)


Well… I mean… you're not wrong.





Then how the fuck Rinnosuke is still alive?



He is obviously a reverse trap.



Irrelevance is the ultimate camouflage


Anyone have any idea on how to trigger public cumdump play in eratohoreverse? I've never seen it happen.


Is it possible to port a era game for android?


completely impossible with 21st century tech



Isn't it vaccination?


Okay, what game are we talking about, again?






So that's where they've all gone.


Probably need to conjure a collar, it says it's essential for public play. And then also have your 2hu be into that.


tl;dr era*game* - yes. Era emulator (that's used for translation) - only remake from the ground up.


File: 1297f4bca111582⋯.jpg (56.58 KB, 605x418, 55:38, Trump-Israel.jpg)



Who cares, that's what abortion is for faggot. Vaccinate the non worthless ones and long term abort the worthless that's what we did in main land China and look how we are surpassing the declining western world. As the greatest weakness of the west is it's sense of empathy and compassion.


>to much of a brainlet to translate foreign languages

Hope your prepared to only read western propaganda and cucked western media then Mr. Israel First.


Post more pregs anon.



>Isn't it vaccination?

Mercury is in vaccines in the states.



>that's what we did in main land China

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门



I thought is was lead.

Or is lead added for flavor?



I haven't heard of lead in vaccines but I know mercury is used as preservative in American vaccines.


EraAS bug, went to scout and fight in the Lv2 area, got an encounter

REPLACE(LOCALS, "ラーン=テゴス・シャイコース", "Rhan-Tegoth") has appeared!



You… you do know mercury was used in some preservatives in the past, mainly for non-consumed stuff (and when it was in food, dealt with harshly), but never in vaccines, right? Mercury in vaccines is one of the many lies told about them to fear-monger US citizens. Hell, the whole "vaccines cause autism" study, that was debunked, even still only said the MMR three-in-one vaccine was bad, and still encouraged people to take the single-disease ones.


File: f63272c940b03e3⋯.jpg (40.92 KB, 396x382, 198:191, f63272c940b03e3c6d2288f30d….jpg)

File: 94755bc8fd2d7fc⋯.jpg (406.94 KB, 827x1033, 827:1033, download (1).jpg)


This isn't Reddit anyone who posts here has already seen that copy pasta thousands of times over, save it for Reddit.



You don't understand, it's anti-chink spell. It exterminates them on sight.



I doubt its power on VPN Chinks here.

This website is blocked in that bugmen country anyway.




>Hell, the whole "vaccines cause autism" study, that was debunked, even still only said the MMR three-in-one vaccine was bad, and still encouraged people to take the single-disease ones.

Because the person who did the study wanted to sell their own MMR vaccine.


File: 4523e39e91226f4⋯.png (1.23 MB, 2350x3325, 94:133, db20fccdfe41c22d09ddac246f….png)




Okay, this joke drags on for too long, especially for a joke that was never funny in the first place.


>this fucking vaccines debates

Look, here is the skinny that I am sure everyone can agree too.

Vaccines are useful, they helped removed a shitload of diseases and whatever the fuck else.

However, vaccines are a product too, a product owned by an international business of billionaires that sells them to the government and the people, alright?

Since this is a business, the product isn't meant specifically to made you better, now the product is meant to get as much cash out of it as possible, meaning corners may be cut and the imposition of vaccines onto people may simple be caused by the big pharma lobbying for this shit.

Furthermore, it is pointless to give people vaccines and then import people from 3rd world countries that carry the same diseases we defeated a long time ago.

Alright? Can we agree on that?

The idea of a vaccine is good but since vaccines are a product those producing vaccines aren't necessarily looking out for you, they just want to sell you a product and likely they would also love to sell you more than one.

It's the same concept with food, food is good and needed for survival but doing the shit McDonald does ain't.



>what game



File: 037ba289052e92c⋯.png (1.36 KB, 657x20, 657:20, SQN she probably means som….png)

I thought I turned the NTR content off, dammit.


File: c65dd70c673caa9⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 603x603, 1:1, slug.jpg)

I am going insane, I have fucked the 2hus in eraTW so much my dick is going to fall off and they STILL don't get preggo

How the


do I impregnate them? Where's the secret sex technique, the ovulation potion, anything at all?



An anon in the last thread said he was gonna write up a guide, but that was about three weeks ago now, so I'm guessing he changed his mind. One thing that helps is having a lot of cervix exp.


File: 01f09030a481cd6⋯.png (738.79 KB, 1234x1046, 617:523, 084e.png)


it's just a big, fat, bald and ugly rng jesus's middle finger

there's their ovulation cycle with one specific day the most fertile and there's a state for you when you don't cum for a few days "thick semen" or whatever it was called

with these two combined you have bigger chance

you can also increase your semen amount but it's quite tedious and grindy and i don't even remember how exactly

basically there are 2 numbers; you have to get your number higher than they do, your number is kind of controlled by you, their is just pure dice roll

e.g. you can increase your chance to say 100 points, while their numbers can roll from 0 up to 20000 (max depends on their race like ghost has bigger number etc)

so yeah, basically a BIG RED THROBBING WRINKLED MIDDLE FINGER from rng heaven


File: 3a93ed6ea7db02a⋯.jpg (148.51 KB, 558x600, 93:100, illust_70878417_20190514_0….jpg)

File: cbb12472835bd30⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 1875x2500, 3:4, illust_72175205_20190514_0….jpg)

File: 1de5f5d2a99bb0b⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 1244x1596, 311:399, illust_70717308_20190514_0….jpg)

File: 8f1406b5e6bbda8⋯.jpg (399.36 KB, 1000x769, 1000:769, illust_70746393_20190514_0….jpg)

File: 247b3d51cebf83c⋯.png (570.69 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, illust_70712494_20190514_0….png)


Would you rather have wholesome or lewd pregs?



Oh, fuck, should probably read what I'm replying to before actually replying.



Just change multiplier for that in options.

It's quickest and least tedious choice.


File: db3d0205f2ba44b⋯.jpg (152.52 KB, 700x994, 50:71, f6a4ec5cabfd21a8704854964a….jpg)

File: a6d4898d946095f⋯.jpg (222.68 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, __tatara_kogasa_touhou_dra….jpg)


I'm more of a fan of an aftermath.

Wholesome, preferably.



Step by step

>level up cooking

>move your room the closest you can to the actual target

>check her profile see when she wakes up adjust your alarm

>wake up, fuck her endlessly using the cervix tease command

>don't forget to ovulation potion

>her womb will descend after some pushing with your mushroom

>she will get tired, that's when you need your cooking, go to the kitchen cook a dessert that you can eat every hour and lead her to eat it

>she will regain a lot of STA and ENE, repeat as needed

>once she has eaten and regained strength, bring her back to her/your/any room and keep shooting inside her

You need high VIG so you can cum a lot, you need high cooking so you can eat with her your meals and both of you recover lots of STA and ENE, and you also want to keep giving her the ovulation potions every single fucking day.

That has worked flawlessly for me, in fact after a week or two you can "cheat" yourself and herself some extra STA and ENE as part of the larping that comes into fucking 12 hours a day nonstop



to add to this you would need the achievement that grants you the power to see their menstrual cycle, which you unlocks when a 2hou lets you raw her during dangerous day

if your stats and cooking are high enough and you consume a few items for vigor you can wair for dangerous day and wait til you have thick semen and try and make them happen around the same time


File: d2eb2fd6d86eea9⋯.jpg (37.54 KB, 362x346, 181:173, 1480757539218.jpg)


Where did the reverse translation come from? The last update to the git was over a month ago.


File: 9b8d9cbf45170c4⋯.jpg (114.38 KB, 906x702, 151:117, 1.jpg)

File: 5505ea63c35d145⋯.jpg (110.48 KB, 1100x701, 1100:701, 2.jpg)


adding again…

Just found the best position so far is the lotus position, you can access V A C B and M

Which means if you fuck her, put a vibrator in her ass, nipple and clit caps, kiss her and fondle her breasts she will get the infamous 5 orgasm at the same time at some point and you'll get gems like fucking crazy, raising her stats in no time, higher stats mean better resistance to cumming and all that so you want high stats by high training.

If you manage to make her womb descend, train her highly and then save your sperm so it gets thick and during her ovulation or preovulation day you use the ovulation drugs you'll get her pregnant 200%



Great womb descent baiting tactics, classic.

Sadly, you forgot to mention the moon phases and how can they mess up these calculated moves and instead spin around your dick and cut it clean off, forcing you to hunt for the prized 7 dragon panties to wish your junk back.

Of course that was bs I just pulled out of my ass, but TW is so full of stupider bs, I wouldn't bat an eye if that actually was a thing.



and I'm challenging myself with this bitch Eirin, she's drug resistant and she's the pharmacist in town so it seems by background you cannot drug her with anything, and if you try she detects it and Hate marks fly so impregnating this bitch gon b hard



Check forks.

It's the magic of git.



From some bored slav basement.


Good luck. She's one of few 2hus, where MC need several miracles to make her pregnant.



Good luck anon, I did it so can you.


File: 22b57a714f2e58a⋯.png (539 B, 156x33, 52:11, c22 (2).PNG)



I've been doing nothing but ramming her cervix for days. First I tried waiting for thick semen, then I tried that during ovulation, now I'm just pumping her day after day and it's getting ridiculous


Where is this ovulation drug? Is it a max level mixing recipe?



either email order or mixing, there's also a top tier drug that gives you more VIG but you gotta farm for the ingredients.

There is a map with where to find the ingredients tho ingame.



to add to this again I just realised 2hus that are trained with sustained orgasms will get LOTS of STA and ENE.

Just put an entire day of training with BOTH vibrators, nipple and clit caps, breast fondling, kissing and using her masturbation order for her to pump them in and out and every command is giving me 4 points MAX STA and ENE on her.

I've just gained like max 180 in a day


What happened to TW cheat menu, can't find it anywhere



Look to the stars, anon




Fucking morons didn't post the repo link.


File: 577b3a6d537a609⋯.jpg (87.83 KB, 686x514, 343:257, 5b05840e837cd1c96fbeb44954….jpg)


How about a step-by-step guide?

Nothing appears whether I take them on a date or not. Should I give gifts on 24'th or 25'th?



How do I get this window?

I want to know what my 2hu is into


does anyone know how counter probability is determined in erasqn

how do i keep this imp from bullying my dick and making me end the training session pathetically early


File: c54c7dc42abadf7⋯.png (11.52 KB, 1356x43, 1356:43, Untitled.png)

File: b24b923229b821f⋯.png (734.2 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 2b053919675f1dbfa51610a32c….png)

Don't you agree that it would be cool to have an option to be nice to your waifu and warn them about their first time before ramming it in (especially if they are ignorant)?



Avoid making actions which have pink color.

Drain entire ENE by making actions your nightmare is weak to.

After that you can do whatever you want.


There's no way to make the 2hus in reverse traps or something, right?



Try to get yourself accessories with maxed resistance. That'll make you practically impotent so you'll never cum in your life again though. If you don't want that, you can try maxing your vig with them instead.


The entire process of getting rid of ignorant through constant library visits and naughty book readings with the silly 2hu kinda does it already.



They can be changed into futas, so it should be good enough for you.


File: 85c7a389a448104⋯.jpg (273.15 KB, 500x496, 125:124, 1530561385923.jpg)

Reminder that there was apparently this thing: https://github.com/MistressSaeko/eraTouhouReverse-Translation/tree/translation

It didn't even last a week. But they still had a gall to tweet at the dev: https://twitter.com/MistressSaeko/status/1054970397404336128

Check out that dude's pinned twit by the way.


So someone once said hypnosis in Eratohok was overpowered… how exactly? Is there a strategy for it I’m missing.



If you can get it to high level you can get anyone to submit at pretty much drop of the hat

Getting it there isn't usually worth it thought since it doesn't boost chances of them defecting to you or kidnapping them



But you need the mana first right?

There's no obvious "Make them start as futas" option I am missing?


How do you even print the value of a variable in this chink ass language? I'm trying to debug and shit.



Nevermind I have divined it.



I think a strat i saw once was hypnoing somehow, getting some stimulation on each body part since they wont refuse, then lifting hypno. At high enough they pretty much wont refuse anything hypno helps with, and it can end up lasting a regular meeting all the way through a pocket watched training session, but you usually just use it t oset up a specific situation, since they dont gain any stats while hypnod im p sure.



Meh. The whole point of ignorant waifu is telling her the ancient secrets of birds and bees right before the act, and then comforting her so she won't be scared of her first time.

Having it be an s-ed lesson kinda boring.







Make it interactive and ever changing and then maybe s-ed lessons might be worthwhile make it similar to that door to door salesman that you can fuck. Imagine being able to fuck the sex ed teacher in front of the class or something crazy like that, I bet they could make it work if they really want it.


If anybody cares I think I fixed the counter message bug in TW I was complaining about in the previous thread. Nips fucked up on line 552 in BEFORETRAIN.ERB, the function call should pass ARG instead of LOCAL.


File: 8811ceb226d7f82⋯.png (9.43 MB, 4636x3317, 4636:3317, 2500e7eab2af1223faeffd9348….png)



My point still stands. The appeal of innocent virgins is educating them yourself and on practice, not pushing the work off onto some books.

The difference is being kind gentle and caring to her and "So, [Missionary]. Okay, so she's scared. Did she get a hatemark? No? Okay then".

Actually, virginity loss could stand to be more interactive, with maybe an option to ask for her consent and explaining how hymen works to ignorant ones.

We all know, how "reasonable" 2hus reactions to their first times get (almost all of the time). Maybe something like that would give their reasoning some transparency, make them more understandable.


File: b5eeb12358f7076⋯.jpg (843.99 KB, 2420x2812, 605:703, f1d2089009844c65e40baf4fb3….jpg)


By the way, in my case, I got no hate after doing it with Kokoro, whom, I assume, you are going for.


It appears, you don't really need to get rid of this trait if you have high enough favor. Just get her in the mood with a good date, have some non-V experience as to not shock her for the first time, and try not to be too forceful.

(I also have Lv3 lewd mark with her because cake apparently makes 2hus very lewd. That probably helped).




You also need their lust to be high enough so they won't just run away before removing the hypnosis. For most characters, lust at 7-8 is enough.

But yeah, in eratohoK the hypnosis is the means to set up the scene, get all repeatable actions in place (or anything really, like a tattoo or piercing) and then you remove the hypnosis and rack up the gains. In regards of getting a 2hus to do things they'd not do normally at a low relationship state, it is overpowered. After you train it, of course, but even lower levels of it can get you to do some pretty useful results, like using it for a single turn just so you can treat hard-to-get 2hus to a nice diner at castle town if all you want to do is to get along with them.

The easiest way to train hypnosis is to use it on fallen characters during an orgy, aka up to 8 hypno exp for MC per turn, which is a lot. Just keep an eye for the -500 hit on all personal relationship stats from it hypnosis breaking instead of being released and all should be well.


File: b8f8d839213eed5⋯.png (737.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, a6690eb7bc78ff9586ae74baef….png)

Out of PC-98 characters, the one, for whom it would be really cool to be featured in TW, would be Genjii.

Obviously, not as a character in the way any of the other girls are (tho I bet there are *some* degenerates who would like to fuck him here), more like just a separate action in Hakurei shrine's garden (or having a pond be a separate location).

The player would then be able to meet him and hang around with him as two buddies in the world of girls; discussing boyish stuff, like how hard to understand the girls are, panties, doujins, and other such tomfoolery.

The way I imagine him, is an old, mature pervert, who acts as a mentor to the player, giving them advises on how to impress a girl, how to get away with stealing pantsu, more obscure gameplay mechanics, like getting into Aya's newspaper, all such perverted and mischievous, but ultimately benign, harmless stuff. Maybe he'd teach player to only ever use his perversion for good.

Also, maybe, before player gets stolen underwear to their collection, they would be able to visit Genjii and and he would discuss player's new trophies with different dialogue for each type of panty and then maybe some dialogue specific to the owner of said underwear (Think of something like Panty-sensei in MGQ:Paradox).

What do you think? I say, with enough imagination, Genjii would open possibilities for an infinite amount of new, unique interactions and maybe even mechanics. Way more than any other 98 2hu.


Just checking, but the Hunt for Girl command in the human village won't find the previous girl I saved…does it not work?



Since it would be mainly dialogue, it wouldn't take too much technical work. But it would take someone both very knowledgeable of the game and be able to work with the git. It's an interesting enough idea though, enough that I tip my hay to it.


Try Whereabouts Sense? If you actually saved them then they shouldn't appear in the Hunt for Girl command anymore, they should be walking around somewhere. I tend to hunt and dump so I'm not too sure.


File: 7e3e4887ba72d08⋯.png (129.07 KB, 1355x1098, 1355:1098, How to impregnate a 2hu.png)

I thought about making a wiki entry, but in the end I said fuck it and made an image, because I think people will be more likely to see that than navigate to a page. If someone wants to make a wiki entry, feel free to copy this stuff over.

Don't ask me about how filling percentage and semen per ejaculation is calculated. The code related to semen is extremely awkward to follow.


File: f6d8c13eb52095c⋯.jpg (103.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shinryaku_ika_musume_seaso….jpg)


Great info anon, now we finally have info graphic to feed anons asking about pregnancy in TW.



How do I get pregnant in TW?



By playing a different era game.




Well, more collective knowledge is always good, whether you've made it your goal to impregnate the entirety of 2ho or not, so good job.

I wonder, how much more obscure mechanics still need explaining.


File: 4b378f014d9cc58⋯.png (6.49 KB, 475x178, 475:178, c22.PNG)


Prayers? What prayers let you impregnate girls? Are they unlockable or something? We are talking about TW right?


File: 3c27005e1d30b21⋯.png (207.56 KB, 468x589, 468:589, 017.png)



Take her with you.


File: ab3b7f49192f612⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 207x221, 207:221, 0a8a3e0b82f022ee7c2b31cf4d….jpg)


>this is neat I now can raise my chances to 100% and be done with this

>god demands 3 pantsu instead of 1 after 40 stacks

I just want to have a child with my 2ho wife goddamit


File: b8abee1d070dc6e⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 630x448, 45:32, no-little-asian-dont-eat-t….jpg)


Don't be a dead beat dad anon, provide the gods without enough panties.


File: c90be7f5541aa9f⋯.jpg (27.66 KB, 680x383, 680:383, manofculture.jpg)


You are a gentleman and a scholar.



my waifu's womb doesn't stand a chance.


How do I find a lost item for a request in TW? There's no hints as to where it might be.



Find Nazrin at the Myorun temple and pay her to tell you.


Because I love you guys, I'm actually figuring out how semen works in eraTW to expand the guide, since it's one thing to know how to maximize odds of impregnation, but it's completely another to understand how to get 100% fill rate. And let's face it, if you don't have 100% fill rate you might as well not even try.

That said, the devs of this game put in way too much fucking effort into simulating semen traversing a girl's innards. All that matters is how much semen gets to the womb, and tons of shit makes your swimmers die off on the way there to the point where you could end a session filling her with 1000ml only to find out not a single drop actually got to the womb.

So far I can confirm what most people already know, blasting the shit out of her cervix increases how much gets in (After all the other reductions, it gets cut in half until 100 cervix exp, where the penalty drops to 66%, then no penalty after 300)

More to come…


File: 4ae062af71ebca0⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 213x120, 71:40, yesheavy.gif)


I love Anon. I really do.


>More to come…



I wanna be, the very best,

Like no one ever was.

To rape them is my real test,

To preg them is my cause.

I will travel across Gensok,

Time stop far and wide.

Cum in touhou to understand,

The babies that's inside.

Gotta fill'em all! Gensokyo!


File: 96b63c838964a99⋯.png (323.69 KB, 492x492, 1:1, dudereallyemi.png)


Is there a way to see Sakura's health in AkumaMaid? Also having trouble with V penetration on her.


are there any era games with incest or forced incest via blackmail?

something a bit more dark but wihtout becomin smut or a rape fest



>are there any era games with incest

Eramegaten, Eratohok, and others all let you fuck your children


>forced incest via blackmail?

>needing to blackmail slaves


Shit. Got banned from the Google translation API. What do I do?


File: 138ad1699683ee9⋯.jpg (37.89 KB, 481x485, 481:485, 138ad1699683ee924478ceec7e….jpg)


Use Bing as a replacement for Google.



I really liked using both though. Ah well.


File: 1758cef37ad7400⋯.jpg (177.06 KB, 850x851, 850:851, __hata_no_kokoro_touhou_dr….jpg)

>Giving your dearest a goodnight kiss is done through [Molest]

That's a little…



File: d1737ada523515d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 196.69 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, boobs-butt-feet-comic.png)




File: 6b2ef962b2cb185⋯.png (28.05 KB, 853x216, 853:216, bitch speak.png)

OK, doing my duty and reporting stuff.

Now that's done, I'd like to know : what's that all about with the insulting ? I mean, is it a beta nipponese thing to get aroused after being insulted ? I know about teasing and slut-taunting thank you very much, but this game seems to take it to a whole another level. I can't imagine a situation where "reply amiably" would fit better rather than "reply timidly" or "be embarrassed", yet that's what the game seems to be looking for.



Use Google only as an assist engine, once you need a third translation when Bing and Yandex make no sense. Otherwise said, keep Bing and Yandex on auto, and Google on manual.



>game has an inbuilt female player option

>game has an inbuilt pregnancy option for NPCs

>game has no pregnancy for PCs

Sure takes a lot for game authors to go out of their way to be this autistic.



That's because you gave in at least once. Keep refusing or whatever. She shouldn't insist once you make it clear you don't like it, and proceed to try other stuff instead. Yukari might be an exception.



Guess I'm swapping then. Thanks.



Actually almost all the content assumes you're male to begin with, so you'd be wrong to assume that it has an "inbuilt female player option". Sure you can play as a female but there is nothing for you and everyone will just assume you have a dick anyway.



Not contesting what you say, just seems silly to present a female or futa option at chargen in that case.

The sexxing at least seems to work fine for females and futas. Nothing much in there that I could spot which assumes the player is male when they're not (except the occasional sucking dick when it should be sucking cunt or clit instead). I guess we have to thank the translators for that.

What I'm wondering is since it's been done for K, how difficult would it be to add to TW ? Always easier said than done I guess.



Rather then being done for K, it was a feature of K I believe. The female character thing for TW is a mod I think, which is why it has so little content.



TW is more "macro", so to speak, while K is more abstract.

Things like interactive children and player pregnancy are probably more difficult from the design standpoint than just plain hard to implement.

Also, I would imagine, pregnancy would change one's lifestyle enough to significantly alter the game's usual gameplay, which is also a pain in the ass.


File: 98adc6c0287c21b⋯.png (141.87 KB, 1202x126, 601:63, Untitled.png)


>is it a beta nipponese thing to get aroused after being insulted ?

Um, yes?

I don't know, what you were expecting, playing a game, centered almost exclusively around femdom reverse-rape.


File: 02c122fd8051bdb⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 227x219, 227:219, 1498876653204.jpg)


Bugs are fixed at repo: https://gitgud.io/Pedy/eratohoreverse

By the way, new update soon with at least two dialogue translations and hopefully an update with a new command from game dev.

Any of you play untranslated dialogues? Should I try to reset all their variables so you could see the translation? Or you don't mind starting a new game?

I also had a concept for a straightforward character creation in the beginning without the debug mode, now that you all went through the shitshow that is questionnaire I can put it in.



>I also had a concept for a straightforward character creation in the beginning without the debug mode, now that you all went through the shitshow that is questionnaire I can put it in.

Thank fuck.

"whats your favorite color?"


"well it says here that means youre into anal. NEXT."



It's the reaction to being humiliated/insulted that sounds weird in game, at least it is in English as I know it. Compare :

> D: You're just a dumb little slut

> s: (bowing head and blushing to death) yes, Mistress.

> D: (sadistic grin) Did I allow you to speak up, slave ?

> D: You're just a dumb little slut

> s: (replying amiably, almost squealing in joy) Mistress, you're being so kind.

> D: … ?

Might be just me, but I fail to put any kind of likelihood on the second, except for some hidden streak of sarcasm which shouldn't result in optimal satisfaction of D.



Awesome work on the translation, thank you again.

Don't mind restarting, 30 days go by fast enough. Haven't spotted any untranslated lines so far either. More importantly, when will we get to see translated Alice ?



Yeah, about that. I decided to touch Alice the very last after everything else because of how crazy big her dialogue is and how often it gets updated.



The part I find the hardest to figure out in Reverse, is what responses the various Trainers actually want. And when some of your responses are you saying no, or yes, to various requests.

But this might be due to my never playing a proper slave trainer game.



That's mostly because responses are kinda "volatile" and the reaction changes depending on the context of action. For example if you're "accepting" when you fuck the 2hu, you basically double the effort and lose your mind. When you get fucked or when you service then you also lose your mind but you don't try to put any effort in because you get overwhelmed by the pleasure, which upsets the 2hu if she wants you to move or service her properly.

Those responses also vary a bit with how reasonable it is, when natural you're willing with your mind and body, and when unreasonable you force yourself to do it. It's pretty complex and hard to make sense of and not a lot of dialogues try to take advantage of it (except for Alice and Hina and other monsters) with like three varying dialogue lines per response and you have like what, usually four main response categories? Shit gets really bloated fast and that's why it took so long to translate.


Is it possible for the girls to give up in Reverse? So far it's been 10 days and I've been so hostile I've racked up 9 Hate marks and pretty much every "natural reaction" option is completely negative. And yet Suwako acts as if I'm becoming more obedient, even though she has real trouble to do anything at all.



What for? Why would you want them to give up on you and how do you imagine it?

Or do you mean give up on a specific action? I was pretty much at the same situation before I had abandoned any hope of combating Mokou's footlicking crap.



I just assumed there was some Game Over condition if you're too rebellious for their tastes and I was trying to reach it. If there isn't, oh well.



I hope it's Flan that's getting translated. I also don't play the untranslated ones.


File: a4e5ea6ea19723d⋯.gif (51.37 KB, 80x150, 8:15, 8A52883F-9913-4E86-B474-1F….gif)


I know it probably won’t be soon but I want to fall into her misfortune



She only has basic dialogue on start.

Her standard action choices aren't bad, as long you don't give her access to torture tools.


File: d242a917f9126b7⋯.png (163.47 KB, 996x546, 166:91, alice margatrout.PNG)


I was going to post that but "Butt" stuff is something I also wish to avoid so the joke doesn't work 100%.



>>347105 summed up my feelings on it perfectly, though I hope it's possible to keep the immensely stupid questionnaire in while giving the option to customize your character.

Some people enjoy going through it just to see the responses for the answers to the questions, and someone already went through the effort to translate it so it'd be a shame to just dump the whole thing regardless of how awful it is at character creation.

I tend to avoid the untranslated ones.


A shame for Alice fans, but it makes sense hers is large as she's the character in the title.


This, I have no idea what I'm doing half the time.

Do you scream at actions you dislike to make them stop doing that or does that just encourage them to do it more?

Do trainers with "sadist" have it reversed? Fuck if I know.

Feels like figuring out how it works is how the game is meant to be played, but it could do with some more concrete hints.



My interpretation of the "you're disposable if you don't do what I want" type lines is just them being tsundere or traditional 2hu bants. The initial goal seems to be to get more magical power from you through lewd but I think they get sidetracked and it becomes more their attempt to get a boyfriend and they're just extremely incompetent at it.

It is an incident…


I hope this as well.


Normal character creation should only be an unlock after a certain number of days played.

All future players should suffer through the questionnaire too.


How long is reverse supposed to last?

It seems to take ages to get anywhere




A small few characters have multiple endings that are based on either how cooperative you've been or how you've answered during some key events that came up. Flan's bad end is that she kills and eats you and then gets another slave the next day. I was quite confused until a message came up telling me I saw it because that was the good end wasn't written yet..


File: 50208149f3b6d0c⋯.jpg (90.64 KB, 565x750, 113:150, bb032b8e9be7e89daa6bc7f6a9….jpg)


>she kills and eats you

Noice! We need more games with choices that have (real) consequences.


File: 229f2ec2e899431⋯.mp4 (575.75 KB, 800x450, 16:9, LFowB3F2gs91kcyKvSOTvGYdnI….mp4)


>she kills and eats you



Well unless you're into being eaten alive I'd rather be dead and eaten.


File: 02459c1aab90403⋯.jpg (23.55 KB, 320x321, 320:321, 7e9669e3d93c5f11bb33bc0479….jpg)


Alice has a very bittersweet and easy to get good ending if that can console you. For other 2hus, you might just have to put some effort into it.



I meant it as a joke, I'm not into any form of vore.


File: 0ed6dc289aeb3a8⋯.jpg (4.71 KB, 190x153, 190:153, youdisgustme.jpg)


…Yeah, I was about to say…



Seconding. The hazing ritual is mandatory.


Can you get more total soul or soul regeneration per day in AkumaMaid?



You can, but I don't know the conditions or if it can go higher than 3 and regening 1 per day.


File: 59f62d11b4595b9⋯.png (2.64 KB, 657x41, 657:41, Captura.PNG)


aaaaand I just got this, but I have no idea how




I've not had a problem with questionnaire thus far. Maybe I'm just not autistic enough about who I play.

I'd rather have an ability to customize 2hu's likes/dislikes to some degree.

All the 3.5 2hus I like are always either somewhat into fucked up shit or VERY into less fucked up shit and refusing seems to do fuckall.

Either an option at the start of the game or a reward/buyable item to throw some of her affinity points from one fetish into another would be a blessing.



>it becomes more their attempt to get a boyfriend and they're just extremely incompetent at it.

Is there a way to play like this. without much femdom stuff?

If it is. I probably should give Reverse a chance…



I hope you enjoy footjobs and spanking.

Just don't give them BDSM tools, almost all 2hus with dialogue have high affinity points for these.


File: 9ec9fba19c1386b⋯.jpg (190.4 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, 1464799159128.jpg)


You won't be disappointed.


I don't intend to remove questionnaire entirely, it's up to you whether you want to fuck around with it our go around it.


But of course. I thought the same too. How dare we take away the suffering from our dear new players.


Yeah that's the premise of the Good Boy system I'm planning to implement some day. You get those points whenever 2hu is satisfied, multiplied by favor, attraction and your level. It can forbid them from using an item, manipulating the likelihood of executing certain actions or sealing them off completely. If there's a demand for that I might try to do it earlier.

Another reason why they tend to execute the same actions over and over again is because they don't have a lot of alternatives to it. Adding some new actions can be a solution, but it's pretty complicated. I plan to port some old deprecated actions from older versions coupled with some other stuff, that's about 10+ new actions. Dialogue translation takes priority for now though.



Regardless of which order development takes, thank you and god speed.


File: 19e7b956670cf99⋯.jpg (10.95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, the fence.jpg)


So I have TW, K, Reverse and Megaten on my list of Era games that are quite enjoyable. Any other recommendations? I've enjoyed K the most since I prefer the strategy side of the game quite a bit but, I was curious if there was any other Era games that would be interesting that is also at least being occasionally worked on.


For Nue's ending if you choose to return to EARF, you live in fear until she shows up and kills you.

If you choose the love route she keeps you tied up in the basement but gets you a sick DX racer chair.



Only other interesting ones would be SQN/AkumaMaid, but there are no other gameplay oriented era games other than Megaten and K as far as I know.



K is a good game, but don't expect any real satisfaction out of its strategy part.

Steamrolling everyone as the only superpower is easy and rapidly boring, so I usually try to keep some allies alive and support them with troops, gold and general sexiness. This also gives me the time to use some interesting features coming with this style of playing (betrayal, abduction, etc.).

Unfortunately, since my allies keep doing stupid stuff like giving their territories away to hostiles that they should be able to easily beat or at least contain, I usually have to to absorb them before they disappear into chaos, which results in me having to go against the whole world again.

Since you've asked about more games, I can recommend SQN, AkumaMaid (similar to SQN, but different enough to warrant a play), PrincessMaker, MaouEx and Sumire (heavy on the Yuri). You can find them all on the wiki in the OP. There are other good era games, but you'd have to go out of your way to find them.


what is akuma maid about? why people suddenly keep recommending it?



A trainer like SQN, but with demons instead of monstergirls.



>what is akuma maid about?

Some faggot(a.k.a. MC) has multiple souls and uses those extra souls to contract demonic lewd maids in his house.



only one of the characters is a maid, everyone else seems to be a custom written waifu that is either a fuck buddy, family member or leech



Alright then.


What is the appeal of these games for you?

Personally, compared to Free Cities which I used to play all the time, the girls here feel like they have some personality.



K for weird game stuff, and TW for grinding your waifus. Comparing this to free cities seems weird, as no matter what you do there will always be a difference between rng characters and something someone actually wrote.



I get to fug 2hus.



Seems mostly untranslated. I'm guessing ETA is three years before I know half of what's going on?



i want 2hus to fug me


File: 49efa23d6de99ea⋯.jpg (156.1 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ss_6876b980517a666a694581f….jpg)


Most popular era games have something unique about them. Their gameplay can be intriguing and rewarding, even if the games remain unpolished and unfinished. When I discovered them, it felt a bit like stumbling upon a secret treasure, the same when I first played VH or Rimworld alpha. I couldn't care less about the 2hu hype train at the time, but I'm slowly getting into it, the lore, the pixivs, and I surprise myself larping while conquering stuff in K or kicking ass as a cute ice fairy on that silly Steam Diablo-like. To me, imagination is King, so I leave fapping to cheap smut games with mediocre DAZ renders to the plebe. I need something more sophisticated, not necessarily complex but more tasteful, and the sex sim stuff in some era games is high tier stuff and unmatched to this day.

About Free Cities, most people seem to play it only with cheats activated because of the RNG. That rings a No Haven don't-touch warning in my mind, but to each their own.


File: 6c9ba4bb9390f37⋯.jpg (352.79 KB, 886x1000, 443:500, 1557605663559(1).jpg)


I play for the detailed sex scenes, rare fetish content, and waifu text. Bless those japanese.


Hey guys just crafted an elixir of life in TW and I was wondering why isn't showing in the item menu? is it a one in a lifetime thing to consume?



I play K mostly and like how you're able to do depraved stuff and some of them have real effects on the rest of the game.

Also, they're nice for Authority play. Really enjoy playing as an officer that has trained every fellow officer and secretly controls the nation through sex.



A lot of people love the Touhou girls, and there are so many of them.



I don't think Free Cities RNG is any worse than the average Era game's RNG. It's certainly nothing like the cancer that is No Haven. And if you want a reroll you can literally just refresh or reload the screen you're on.



This is why you play with the No Haven cheat mod, Can't recommend it enough for that game. As an aside to anyone who may know: are any of the Reverse girls fully translated or are we dealing with mostly half or less complete translations in most of them?



From what I can tell if the girl has translation shes finished, the game will tell you if she does. But the translations aren't too long for most of them(outside of Alice apparently)



Also, Touhou lore is loose enough to allow doujin stories to thrive. There are so many fan works, both h and non-h, out there to enjoy that you can actually develop your own fanon versions of the girls. Of course, there are the canon, and it pays to at least acknowledge them.

It kinda has like the whole X-Men theory. There are different characters with different personalities and powers. If you don't like one, then you have another to choose to like, to follow. Don't want to follow the MC? Want a ghost waifu? You got several. Even half-ghost half humans. Dream waifu? You got your dream eater in Doremy. Sadistic? Yuuka. Masochistic? Tenshi. The studious type? Hello Patchouli. A girl who can work with her hands? Nitori. The list goes on, and increases with every new entry.

That, and the music is great too. Pretty much each girl has their own theme, save for the mid-bosses, though those on occasion can get a theme.


What's the TSP cap in TW and are there specific things you need to do besides just using time stop to raise it past certain points?



It upgrades to around 4000-4500, I don't remember if there are achievements involved.

After that it can only be temporarily extended by offering fortune teller's underwear to oopantsu-sama or deciding to stay in your room during the night event.



Did you get it from the git? Honestly I think it should be mentioned in the OP that some of the wiki links can be hit or miss, some of them aren't translated while the game has a lot translated in the git for months. The last time I used it I had that problem at least.


File: dc9f83340b864cc⋯.png (7.15 KB, 785x169, 785:169, reverse.png)

This doesn't seem right


File: b8a20d47dea0583⋯.png (844.46 KB, 1200x986, 600:493, 25562643795.PNG)

File: d166b635d665302⋯.gif (2.23 MB, 367x272, 367:272, Meiling the dancing bear.gif)

File: 5680d1ab38e17b3⋯.png (339.03 KB, 1294x1000, 647:500, Remy being served an exces….PNG)


I enjoy the cute girls fun personalities and their silly antics.

TW is probably as close as anyone will ever get to interacting with them.

I don't even play it for the lewd content.



Suwako's pussy is clearly so gaping and/or you are so tiny that you were both inside and not touching her, what's not to get?


File: 7eb4b24a2ae2ea9⋯.jpg (645.68 KB, 2048x2394, 1024:1197, c6521b37b34ae85b1067e6ded6….jpg)


I'm personally a fan of TW specifically.

—tl;dr unnecessary personal backstory incoming—

For me it started, when I saw some really well drawn 2ho artbook, and, being an autist that I am, instead of looking at the 2hus depicted, as one is intended to do, I turned my attention to the backgrounds and thought "fak, that's beautiful, I want to live there".

Around that time I've found out about K by seeing it either on the japanese github repo or fag95. Using the power of search engines (I'm not signing up for the game I don't even know about), I've eventually arrived here.

I've tried K and didn't like it much despite sinking at least one fucking day into it, and that's when I tried TW.

Living out an escapist isekai fantasy about leading a calm merry life in the beautiful land of cool girls? Sign me up.

And thus I've spent half a week straight into playing TW. Without a concrete goal, not even trying to fuck anybody, just imagining how the Hakurei shrine looks from inside, what I'm talking about with the little drunkard Suika. Didn't even know, how to use TSP.

Eventually I've found a few girls I really like, started to look up info on the ones that don't have dialogue on wiki to know what they would talk about (That's also about the time I've learned about 2ho lore and understood that "Yeah. I would probably not like living in there"), from there I've started reading 2ho 4komas on boorus, got a few games from Moriya Shrine (as it turned out, I really liked AotCF).

And that's, pretty much, my story with both eragames and Touhou.



That system seems like exactly the sort of thing Reverse needs. Adds some interesting gameplay decisions without breaking the core theme of the game. Godspeed.


File: af213d377cffb7e⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 250x200, 5:4, realisation.gif)


>check game info

>[your waifu] is on the no-ETA planned list

From what I playtested / sent through jewgle translator, Ran seems to basically be a gentler Yukari. I hope her referring to you as a meat toilet at the introduction doesn't imply that it will turn into watersports later.



I just want to marry and live with the 2hu, all the fucking is just a nice extra


Where's this list?



>Where's this list?

In INFO at main menu.


What are the requirements to be able to buy [Mixing Knowledge] in TW? Was it changed?

It's not letting me get it on mail order when I have 5 in knowledge



Mixing was completely overhauled.

Now you only need to buy mixing supplies, go out to collect items at certain locations and grind Mixing skill to make better items.



What mixing level do I need to work for Eirin?



I don't know, I didn't got MC mixing level that high yet.

By the way, its Level 2.


File: 42fe96e842e7522⋯.jpg (241.66 KB, 1098x1600, 549:800, 1555390603786.jpg)


I remember there was a fairly obscure undocumented feature which granted you mixing knowledge if you helped Reisen enough times with mixing medicine. Can you still raise your mixing skill faster with her?



I'll try that, thanks.



Probably yes, but I didn't check that.


Is there any tutorial for making an autotranslator? I'm sick of having to press ctrl+c everytime a new japanese dialogue comes out. It doesn't matter if it's a clunky translation.



Auto copy is built in, although you should probably map it to a button press in some games.


File: 8de3233b4bc1b3f⋯.png (18.74 KB, 339x497, 339:497, setings.PNG)


Set your settings to this (though you might want to only have middle click set, it helps with not getting banned from google) and open TA/Chiitrans, and you've got your auto translator



Did as you say. Opened Chiitrans, hooked it to the era I'm playing, set config as you said, but nothing gets auto translated into the translation box.



You don't need to hook it, it copies the text into clipboard. So make your translating software read from the clipboard.


File: 826cfe474389bd9⋯.png (35.41 KB, 578x634, 289:317, ss (2019-05-19 at 06.17.46….png)


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.



Using google.



What should I use?



Bing, Yandex and Atlas on auto. Keep Google on manual, to avoid being banned for 24h.



My experience with jap games says 'meat toilet' tends to mean you're stuck out for public use with nothing you can do about it

Kinda like a public toilet for the town's sex needs


Speaking of TW, can we do something about visiting girls in their rooms = taking them out on a date? I don't recall this being a thing in the earlier versions.


File: b68427f25be219c⋯.jpg (22.99 KB, 220x151, 220:151, 1493825998797.jpg)


If you mean gals like Nitori, Momiji, Murasa, Miko, koishit - they're kinda there, I just didn't write them down to maybe give a chance to anyone of you who wants to contribute and not be discouraged that every dialogue is already taken. Well they're not and I'll appreciate your contribution, including writing the dialogue for other characters or improving the very short ones.

Hell I'll even take simple text translation without any fuckery with the functions, I'll code it in myself.

It's kinda a fantasy at this point though, so far we only had, what? Sakuya-anon during the three years of /egg/ existence? Not very promising.


File: cbad852941da11e⋯.png (4.81 KB, 576x25, 576:25, Untitled.png)

File: 43a861494c41a3f⋯.jpg (158.08 KB, 1119x1200, 373:400, 2775faa91ec074bc7cea844757….jpg)

Makes one wonder if that's because there are multiple levels of Gensyokyo, in which you can fall deeper and deeper as you keep getting forgotten even in there.


File: 6c5db9cd9c0ca9f⋯.jpg (82.83 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, tree in the garden.jpg)


The next level is the void. A nothing place that appears as a pale reflection of what memories and emotions one has brought with them. Though nothing exists to sustain these experiences and in time even the truest love or most unforgettable suffering will fade causing one to slip into an even deeper level, known as the nightmare. Within the nightmare they will begin to forget their very selves.



You might want to attach a note or something letting people know the normal mode choices are the only ones with dialogue. Not everyone is going to try the other modes and find out you can select other 2hus after all. Also update when? you said soon like 3 days ago.



Yeah I'm working on it, don't push me. "Soon" in pedy language means "sometime this year maybe I dunno". I thought you knew that already.



I've tried my hand at making my own events for Sakuya on TW around 2 years ago, or sometime before we had one made for her, and I later attempted to translate the Japanese one before deciding that the English one we got is equal to or better then what the Japanese wrote(personally I think we already got the better version as shes far more sadistic in the jap version.) So I wouldn't be against the idea of adding new content to an era game. But honestly I'd rather just use a different engine as working in era reminds me back when I used to work with rai7 translations, not fun.



I thought more like "Once nobody in Gensyokyo remembers you, you get pulled into Gensyokyo^2", which is like Gensyokyo with it's own 2hus, barrier, Yukari, being concealed from the outside world and shit, except it's filled with youkais so mundane that even in Gensyokyo nobody cared for them.

Would also explain where the majority of pc-98 girls went after EoSD arrival.

Yeah, that's just about right. Youkai don't stop existing once nobody fears them. They just transcend into the new level of Gensyokyo,





Someone (me) translated some of it and now it's kinda playable.

The MC has a super soul that regenerates, and demons, spirits, and mages (all mostly classmates or school faculty) get interested in them. The first/main one is a demon maid, thus the game name, and she makes a contract where you give her 0.05 Soul everytime you cum.

The best way to transmit soul/mana is having sex or servicing, so logically everyone is the MC's sex friend.

I'll give a push to completely translate the character sheets so it gets a bit more easy to understand the characters. 60% of it is still untranslated.



I dunno, it's been three years and it's still very fun to me. I'm hopelessly addicted to era, help me.


I'm kinda doing a rough translation of the TW girls, and goddamn, Aya's writer is the most annoying. The MC acts so fucking casual around Aya, it makes me want to punch through the screen. No honorifics, no nothing.

"Are you okay? Aya"

"Is something wrong? Aya"

"Aya. Will you come with me for a bit?"

"Heading for work? Aya"

I'm fucking tempted to just mod the dialogue and add honorifics or something, just so the MC doesn't come off as rude or tryhard or over-friendly to a Tengu when he's supposed to just be a normal human.



I'd say it's a lot less than 40% translated even with a complete UI translation.


File: ddc2744c0f5a96c⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 170x264, 85:132, 170px-Attempted_restoratio….jpg)


I'd say go for it, as long as you don't too grossly fuck up (and misrepresent 2hus personalities). If some grammar ayatollahs aren't happy with it, they can always try to do it themselves.



I feel like Aya should smack him for that


Can I get a summary/list of the translated ladies in EraTW? I know Meiling for example has fully translated dialogue for most/all stuff, but I'm not sure who else does, and I've not found any sort of list indicating such either.



The protagonist talking at all the conversations is really weird. But this might be partly due to inconsistency in how to mark it (as I think some have them speak without quotation marks, so it looks like descriptive text), and that its also putting words in your own character's mouth.



There's a file that tells you in the game folder, even an in-game option.



Oh shit, really? I didn't even…huh. Thanks, I'll try to be less blind from now on, I guess.



I'm not saying the games aren't fun, I do play them on and off every now and then, what I am saying is that I'd rather work with a different engine when it comes to adding new content.


Hey guys in TW when you're given the quest:

"Help X find the lost item"

Is the item near? in the same map where you are? in the same map where the girl is from? can you find it during timestop? do you have to find it outside like exploring other areas?



Bless you, Anon. Keep up the effort.

But watch the spacing, faggot.


Why is ejaculation in eraTW so complicated? Why did they feel the need to do so much just to determine how much jizz comes out of your dick?

So there's formula that takes 8 variables to determine how good your dick feels (based almost entirely on the girl's desire, technique, obedience, and service), which determines the base ejaculation. Then it determines whether the ejaculation causes you to go limp, which reduces the amount that comes out. Then, for some inexplicable reason it reduces the amount of semen by the player's C-Sensitivity at the end to get your milliliters shot out. It's not that cut and dry, though, because C-Sensitivity increases semen generation on the front end (by increasing your pleasure), then reduces it on the back end. The problem is that the increase is part of a huge formula, and I can't say definitively whether C-sense increases or decreases semen amount in *all* circumstances. I can definitely say that when I tested a character with 0 C-sense vs one with 99, the one with 99 shot out a lot less.

You might not think that's a big deal, because a guy with 99 C-sense will ejaculate every other action, so you should in theory be able to get more ejaculations per session, but the problem is that the cervix blocks a FIXED amount of semen from entering the womb, meaning a guy who ejaculates 1500 ml in 50ml squirts won't get anything inside her womb, whereas a guy who shoots 1000 ml in a single explosion will fill her womb in one shot.

Leave it to Japan to make cumming so complicated that it takes a fucking spreadsheet to figure out.

I'm still working on hard numbers, but here's what I've got for you all so far. The first 150ml of every ejaculation is lost. You might say "But anon, I can't even GET 150ml to come out." You'd be right, since the amount you shoot is heavily dependent on the girl's sexual prowess, odds are low you can even get a drop in there. If her womb is descended, the resistance reduces to 100ml.

The good news is if you use Cervix Tease on the same turn that you ejaculate, only 100ml is lost even if the womb is still up, so you can use that prior to the womb descending (btw, the chance of womb descending looks to be 1 in 7 chance on insertion after 100 cervix exp). There's another variable that reduces the cervix resistance by another 30ml (Which is a big fucking deal, trust me), but I honestly have no clue what カウンター行動の派生 and カウンター行動 are referring to. They're both TCVARs on the girl, so I'll dig around to find out what that is, but based on what I'm seeing it looks like character specific event flags.

Anyway, after your ejaculation gets past the base resistance, you lose half of the remainder until cervix exp is over 100, then you lose 33%. You don't get the full amount into the womb until she's over 300 in cervix exp.

You need between 150ml and 750ml to fill the womb, depending on the body size of the girl. Eyeballing it, it looks like most girls are in the 500ml category.

This is way more complicated than it should be…



Looks like the main takeaway is don't cheat MC's c-sensitivity to ridiculous level, train up the girls sexing, get her 300+ cervix exp and go for cervix tease the round you ejaculate.

Great job Anon. I'll name one of my kids after you.



Well, to be fair, Aya is the most friendly-to-humans Tengu in the series by far. But yeah that dialogue is a little much.



Dirty tengu don't deserve honorifics.


File: 660b0bd363c8e54⋯.png (856.09 KB, 778x599, 778:599, Newsy Aya.PNG)



Ehh, not sure how I feel regarding japenglished honorifics.

Why is the MC saying things and having erratic personalities all over depending on the writer when they're meant to be a self-insert in the first place as is the majority of the content?

On a related note I like Ayas newsy 'human village' outfit.


File: 4b993317540c7d7⋯.jpg (26.64 KB, 600x428, 150:107, science-rihlru.jpg)


Lovers with PK for Oblivion had the game follow single sperms for impregnation chance. We could've had it worse, just saying.



No, no. The character sheet is what's 60% untranslated, I mean.


Git cert expire or did it get hijacked?


File: 1f13733856a7272⋯.png (251.73 KB, 622x516, 311:258, Dracula enjoys a hamburger.png)

Going from a heavily translated game back to a barely translated game is painful.

Fuck the TransAgg.


File: ee94128777fbfc8⋯.png (483.57 KB, 619x411, 619:411, hunting girls.png)

This is about TW hunting for girls.

is it possible at all to edit them? the cheat menu doesn't allow it as it says something like "how am I suppossed to know who this is"?

I just wanted to create the perfect submissive virgin :(



Just search for Nazrin, pay her 1000 yen and she will give you info where that item is.

She will help you in any item related requests.


>Why is the MC saying things and having erratic personalities all over depending on the writer when they're meant to be a self-insert in the first place as is the majority of the content?

That's because writers mainly self-insert as themselves, which leads to retarded shit sometimes.


Just in case I started to translate Tenshi dialogue.


File: 63e98920e4a35bb⋯.jpg (123.84 KB, 1400x1600, 7:8, 1542277886808.jpg)

File: 922f6f3ad6210a3⋯.jpg (280.32 KB, 2067x3445, 3:5, 1536825936970.jpg)

File: 531c01fc9b9af4a⋯.jpg (994.69 KB, 1000x1429, 1000:1429, 1513943273427.jpg)

File: 2ae9fe7ebb2ee74⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1229x1700, 1229:1700, 1496496088362.png)


For an average human Aya is just a friendly girl next door with a little newspaper she's running. And apparently it's not doing all that well if she keeps pestering people for alcohol every couple of days to drink her problems away. Where does she get all that money though? Freakin' government-funded propaganda my ass.

But still, the dialogue puts words into your mouth? Hate that shit. Small brain writer.



Well I'm talking about the coding itself, I'm too used to it now to notice any of its shortcomings although I acknowledge it gets very silly sometimes.



I hate tw's pregnancy system tbh. I get it, they wanted to make you experience how hard it is to knock up a Youkai. But it's dumb. To this day I still prefer protoNTR's, it makes the most sense and is the most realistic. All the semen stays inside the vagina, some of it is wasted to simulate that not all of it got to the womb. At the end of every day, a significant portion of it gets absorbed or something, it's gone. It will continue until all of it is gone. During that period, game makes checks whether it gets the girl pregnant. That chance depends on her cycle, where ovulation has the highest chance, hence why the dangerous day is actually dangerous because the next day after that is always ovulation. Safe days are almost 100% safe, while usual days have pretty low chance, but it's still possible to get pregnant.

If there's multiple semen sources, then they will compete with each other. Most deciding factor is of course the quantity, then the quality (visitor is always packed with s-tier semen, that motherfucker), thickness and so on. Whoever wins gets to be the father.

I also liked womb size mechanic from meiq where petite lolis almost always have tiny wombs so it's possible to fill them with one shot, and everything else just oozes out.

I'd personally make the game additionally check pregnancy and expel semen every hour and then announce the result at the end of the day. This also gives you a chance to wash the vagina to remove visitor's semen because fuck him. Also manipulate how much semen do you shoot and how fast do you regenerate it and all of that, sorta how LT did it. I guess they tried to make it so that with high C sense your semen becomes more watery because you tend to ejaculate so often.




Thanks. But also darn. She uses old dialogue template and I wanted to port them all to the new one before the translation. Currently I'm porting Nue, so Tenshi is next then I guess. You carry on though, maybe it won't be too difficult to move the translation there later.


File: 771343dd0c2f006⋯.png (80.68 KB, 721x217, 103:31, Untitled.png)

Speaking of Aya's writer, he's also fucking obsessed with smelling her hair for some reason. Sigh.


For an average human Aya is just a friendly girl next door with a little newspaper

The MC does know she's a tengu though. He knew right at the moment they first meet.


>I feel like Aya should smack him for that

Now that's an idea. May instead of modding honorifics, I could write Aya smacking him each time he acts so casual around her.


> I like Ayas newsy 'human village' outfit.

Speaking of that outfit, can someone fix the oversized character portraits like Aya's and Mamizou's? They just look really off alongside the other characters. I tried resizing it (see picture), but I'm sure someone could do better.




Thankfully, I only finished kojo_k file and started translating kojo_event_extra.

I think possible changes in these two files should be rather minimal.

Also she really loves getting her feets licked on start.



If Nazrin tells you a lost item is in the Sanzu, you may as well ditch the request. I had one once, and the item just didn't exist on the map anywhere that I could find, and no one living there had it…


It's only me or gitgut is giving some certificate errors?



Yes. Git activity is also bricked on wiki.


Nice to know, thankfully my item requests are usually in Forest of Magic or Mountain Summit.


How much do you actually have to know about how the game works to translate things?

I would like to try my hand at translating some girls but have no real idea about coding at all.


Been forever since I made Yukari, Patchouli and Star futas on Reverse… neither of them even tried to fuck my girl yet. Is there something I'm missing?



You need zero coding experience to translate stuff (machine translations do not count, just to be clear. It's been a problem before). That's not the problem.

The problem is inserting that translated text into the games.

Most era games use dynamic text in a good bit of areas, generated on-the-fly from bits and pieces of other text, depending on context, all over the code base, and translating those are a pain. Not to mention a good amount of the code itself is written and commented in japanese as well, but you just want to touch the text. From experience, eraBASIC can blur the lines between the two at times, which is not good.

AKA to add translated stuff to a game by yourself and do a good job at it, you need both japanese and coding knowledge. If you can team up with someone from discord that knows more coding than japanese, I'd say you stand a better chance.



So I feared. I suppose you can't just do a partial translation of just the fixed dialogue stuff either?

Mostly would be interested in translating TW or reverse characters right now



Considering joining the discord channel, clearly explain your skills and lacking parts, then attempt to work something out with the people on era development.



Speaking as someone whos knowledge of coding was 16 years ago when I asked my dad I wanted to be a game creator and he gave me a giant book of C++ that I never looked at, learning how to translate is annoying and not fun, but if you can get past that hurdle(or talk to other people) than translating can be a simple affair, for the most part. Most of the time you don't need to learn how to code you just need to recognize certain bits of the code, so you don't mess with things that would fuck the save, but seriously go to the discord learning without any help leads to issues when we already have a smart enough group of people with all that knowledge. >>348380

If you're just looking to translate certain bits of dialogue then you'll be fine, just translate the bits and pieces you do understand, you don't need to translate the entire character, although that would be nice.



Now if only we know how insertion works because I've gotten big dicks to go into lolis before and sometimes I can't get them to go in no matter what I do.



>How much do you actually have to know about how the game works to translate things?

Only enough to not end up with breaking everything.

>Don't translate variables, flags and talent changes in events(more trouble than its worth and if done in one place it would be needed to be done everywhere)

>Text after PRINT is usually safe to translate as long it doesn't break rule above(Don't forget to split long sentences into several prints)

There is more, but it should be enough for start.


They probably have low preference for these actions. You can check it database/interest by command.



Going to confirm I've had this problem before also.


>I could write Aya smacking him each time he acts so casual around her.

The only people that'll annoy are the people playing the translated version, not the guy writing self-inserting wrong.

Being casual with the girls isn't too bad, because for many of us: They're cute girls before they're youkais, which might be part of MCs draw for them, who knows.



Ignore the replies acting like you asked about translating a whole game. The DIALOGUE is usually dirt simple. It was designed to be written on a standard template by volunteer japs with no coding knowledge. Find a character where the text looks mostly plain and you can figure out what you're doing in ten minutes.


File: a219d184d3f4a7e⋯.png (2.68 KB, 473x48, 473:48, 2huk.png)

Do you have 0 political influence when you play as an officer and not ruler or am I doing something wrong?

I end up having to fight pretty much everyone and cant get any allies because of it



Set small automatic payments(max.200 per nation) to all nations that adjacent to yours which you aren't currently fighting against.

It should fix relations to all countries in about ~13 turns.

If you manage to make some nation to like you, try to make free/low-cost cease-fire.



This. It's just the sheer volume of work that'll keep you busy for a week or so.



Wow anon, that sounds really and it once again showis us how bad the nip writers actually are.

>"Are you okay? Aya"

>"Is something wrong? Aya"

>"Aya. Will you come with me for a bit?"

>"Heading for work? Aya"

The MC is really impolite and just like you said and it sounds terrible. so I think it would be really great if you could rewrite the dialogue to be more fitting.

But i would really like to see how bad the original actually is, so could you please post the original japanese lines which you had translated, please?

I mean spoken dialogue of the MC like

"Are you okay? Aya"


Do any of the other era games have a sex system comparable to tohoK in terms of interactivity?



Sure, here are several lines from the original.

<(Becoming your lover)


<(Aya heading for work)


<(Hate mark removal, this one really annoys me since you're supposed to be asking for her forgiveness, and MC is just like "Did you have fun? Oh, she forgave me, cool")


「……あ, はい, 何ですか?」

今日は, 楽しかったか?

「……はい, とても, 楽しかったです」


その顔からして, どうやら許してくれたようだ

<(Random convo)


<(Failing to make good tea)

……ふむ, 少し多かったかな。 すまない, 文。

And on and on and on. I could give more if you want.


File: 47fbe5a25335589⋯.png (1.85 KB, 240x220, 12:11, C_RACE_2_2_0.png)


So I notice there's a demon wing with tail graphic in the resources, figured I'd try to recruit a semen demon but neither demons, vampires, or dragons are using it.

I thought it was meant for demons but they have a bunch of random shitty tattoos instead.

Only race I've not checked yet are the near and that's because of their crazy recruitment requirements but it's unlikely to be meant for them based on the description.

This a bug or a leftover image graphic? Any idea?



It's bad.

It isn't on Minoriko level at least, I guess.


If I remember it right, EraAS is still being worked on by nips.

So it will be probably given to some already existing race or to new one.


File: 6e894ae18e64339⋯.jpg (26.86 KB, 470x357, 470:357, icanfaptothis2.jpg)




I want a doujin where Aya has sex in that reporter outfit.




Is that an era game too?




not so important but it should be clear that at this point they are at least close friends, normally if you are close enough to someone, you don't use honorifics from that point anymore, so I don't see the problem in this case if the MC just calls her Aya.

If the text isn't written in parantheses then means that this is not directly spoken dialogue, like thoughts or merely the intent of the character shown.

And this is just my own retarded theory of why everywhere honorifics are not being used here and the MC dialogue is awfully short and this is also the case in all other characters Kojo, is that it is meant to be left open for the player to interpret how their character speaks or acts.

Everyone has their own image of how their MC looks and what their character should say and do,

so those lines where the MC seems to speak mean that the character wants to tell whatever but if he is overly polite or rather friendly, is left to your own imagination.

In the other Kojofiles the MC won't address the other characters by name at all, that is right but apart from this, Aya's Kojo is not a lot different from the other Kojo files.

I am pretty sure also somewhere it was documented how you should write Kojo and the reason explained for why and how … but right now am unable to find it.

But I also think there is no problem if you think it is better to rewrite Aya's Kojo, then this is of course also a option.




Only game where other characters can form relations and fuck on their own.

However, it was only prepared for (((visitor))), main theme of this game.





NIA - lore explains that those are beings created by crossing human dna with alien invader dna and because those are created by your city you cant just find them in dungeons or just recruit from cafe.


your base level, sorry forgot which institution and level exactly but it needs to be ridiculously high, like above 100, 150 or so.

Then you must visit that Waste disposal site institution and hope RNG is nice to you.


File: 121ab28c28937f7⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 394x386, 197:193, timetofap3.jpg)



sorry, should have taken a closer look at pic first.

Doesn't seem to be NIA afterall.

looks like subspecies of dragon to be honest, maybe rare kind or like >>348465

said not added yet.


File: 52a346d5c32bf84⋯.jpg (84.06 KB, 525x682, 525:682, ayaya.JPG)


>not so important but it should be clear that at this point they are at least close friends, normally if you are close enough to someone, you don't use honorifics from that point anymore

The issue here is that the player acts really close and friendly with her right from the get go. (Which is ridiculous for a Human-Tengu relationship, even Aya made subtle threats against Kozusu during Forbidden Scrollery, implying she can kill her any time she wants)

>If the text isn't written in parantheses then means that this is not directly spoken dialogue, like thoughts or merely the intent of the character shown.

That's how it should be, most of the other characters feel that way. This one specifically feels like an author self-insert putting words in your mouth, with a totally different personality compared to the other characters.

>I am pretty sure also somewhere it was documented how you should write Kojo and the reason explained for why and how

This sounds interesting, if you can, please try and show it to us.



All era games based on Koihime (恋姫) that use the same system - era恋姫, eratohoK, eraTohloveKh, eraFGO K. It's too bulky and a lot of japs prefer original and simpler training system instead, and for good reasons.



Can't spell Shameimaru without shame after all.


File: dbf02437dc6ad6b⋯.jpg (212.42 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, tengu.jpg)


People hate the Tengu but they have great doujins.







Right. Maybe I'll just try getting my feet wet a bit with a character first and see how it goes from there.


File: 63f8f3bf146c9c2⋯.jpg (42.72 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1123.jpg)

So whats the deal with the male options in AkumaMaid?

As far as Ive seen in my limited experimenting with it, theres no males in the game other than the trap.

So whats the point of all the male-related options?

Is there some hidden thing I am missing?

Or is it just that AkumaMaid unfinished and male characters arent in yet and the male-related options are all placeholders?


So how are hate marks lost in Reverse?



Give them a cake

2hus love cakes



I am talking about Reverse not TW



Keep playing. If training goes better and relationship improves with your trainer, they'll fade over time.


You can play as male I guess, and NPCs can become futas too.



Thanks for the knowledge



>You can play as male I guess, and NPCs can become futas too.

What I am referring to is that theres options for your character to have preferences for various male-only options unrelated to futas.

Yet there are no males other than the trap.

So playing as female means you either go futa, yuri, or go with the one trap.

As far as I can tell there are no straight up male NPCs despite the PC having options that imply there are male NPCs.



I wish I were as wholesome as you.


Which are the better reverse trainers? Yukari has plenty of dialogue but it's all about the femdom and the sadism which is not my cup of tea. Patchouli is a lot more well rounded but seems to have a lot less lines. I just want an all-rounder with enough dialogue that actually has an interest in futa fucking my character.


First time playing tohoK, is it normal that the bandit/outsider/etc factions are stronger than the normal factions? They managed to defeat some factions in a few turn during my play.



Don't play with custom factions (ramp up the difficulty to make up for it instead).

Don't play as officer.

Don't play with the millionaire (and some other crap events).

Enjoy the game, and thank me later.



I think it may be leftover of SQN where characters are nore generic and can randomly be male.


File: 06c801d794d374c⋯.png (15.17 KB, 709x120, 709:120, howmafiaworks.png)


It depends, doesn't it?



Aren't bandits stronger than normal factions even on the weakest setting?



They are since every time I play the special faction btfo everyone else even at the lowest settings.


File: 22f9a06e4a55070⋯.jpg (585.41 KB, 1936x1364, 44:31, Chris_the_Car_(Christine).jpg)


>Chris has unique dialogue


>It turns her into a mecha

Dammit.I wanted to fuck the car.

My disappointment is immeasurable.



By custom factions, does it mean when you make your own faction? Already lost Kyouko because I suck at the casino event, guess she'll be a slave forever.


I set everyone of them at 1 or 2, they're still pretty strong, especially since they can steal officer from random events.



Playing as an officer can be fun, even if the AI does dumb stuff sometimes. Also it helps to decide before hand which you value more, your honour or your butthole.


Playing with special factions is asking for tears. Just don't.


The problem I have with the extra factions in K is that, unless I've just done something stupid, they seem to generate non-Touhou custom characters, which gets annoying when there's an extra dozen names I don't know running around. I guess I have a lot of custom children hanging around, too, so maybe it's just something I can learn to live with.



and not just the nameless leader-types–the victims, too, I mean.



>Playing with special factions is asking for tears.

I know you're talking about all of the cucking that goes on, but I'm honestly heartbroken that vigilantes were turned into another rape machine. What ever happened to good old propaganda and a nice suit?



I am pretty sure you can disable that.

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