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File: 26a9413bf5fe25f⋯.png (123.67 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, 05222019003.png)

File: ce34f652a670e9d⋯.png (174.11 KB, 1400x960, 35:24, 05222019002.png)

File: f266c2da7de013f⋯.png (88.82 KB, 525x1000, 21:40, 05222019001.png)



Text only: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.txt

Markdown: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/blob/master/FAQ.md

HTML: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.html

Readme: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/blob/pregmod-master/README.md


Copypasta for turboquestianons: https://pastebin.com/GRB6cabX

Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves with a new version.

To upload a file, change the filetype to either .swf or .pdf.

>I get an error on gamestart reading "Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting. Error: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0. Stack Trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse () at JSON.value" or some variant

-clear cookies or if you are using Firefox you can increase the quota by typing about:config in the address bar and then finding the value for dom.storage.default_quota and increasing the number.

Pregmod (https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod) is a mod for Free Cities (official github is 404. Blog: https://freecitiesblog.blogspot.com). Furrymod/monster girl conversations are to be held in a separate thread.

Previous thread: >>343730 ,https://archive.is/v4W5c


Git: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod

Is more frequently up to date than the twine version. Modding the .html is sightly easier, but still not recommended and also contains the latest embeded vector art that is incompatible with the Twine version.

Guide: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Stupid_Nigger_Guide_for_Stupid_Niggers_3.0.png Background source: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3501272

Pre-compiled: https://mega.nz/#F!02oXHADI!XYwKOnN6EjxnamxfiTaTGA (Just for convenience (everything but the file name can be done by following the guide. A public version of the script can be found under devTools/), the script currently checks every fifteen minutes and it takes about one to two minutes to upload a new .html to the folder.)

Twine: standalone - Modding the .html is a pain in the ass, not recommended. It is slightly faster on some platforms, and force of habit.

The release details here are either added during thread creation if OP renembers or when/if a mod updates this post. This link and version may not be the latest so check ITT: v2.4.0 - https://mega.nz/#!UE5XUYhS!mrIWD7nntwC0Hp_GEG-np-UOedgluUrkbyxGeV2qQ-M


Full: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/Changelog.txt

Monthly: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/MonthlyChangelog.txt

Optimal slave stats for assignments: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/OptSlaveStats.png

Tactics: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/Tactics.png

BreastsCC: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/BreastsCC.png

Thread text archive: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/TextOnlyQuickArchive

Variety of ~10 second webm files, including many outfits and fetishes.

To use: drop files in your "Resources" folder. Go to "customize" slave, scroll to bottom, add name of webm you want.


Key: !dLNSYTFMWvU4Rjy3xYf2RbDwma6s_KzvAjFbFiILmvo


Deepmurk (embeded vector art developer and maintainer)'s request/issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/deepmurk/fc-pregmod/issues/1

Male pronouns issue tracker: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/issues/389

Animal request thread: https://gitgud.io/DCoded/fc-pregmod/issues/6

Public gitgud acc: Name:ThreadAnon, Password:b427083d8147Cfa8f7fafe17e3180da0

OP template: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/OP-Pasta.txt

Edit: update OP.

Post last edited at



If you have ideas for events, scenes, and the like, feel free to leave them on the git.


That sounds like a cool idea, and it also sounds like a nightmare to implement. I'll add it to my todo list


File: e6a4899a5289762⋯.png (3.47 KB, 707x51, 707:51, 1497555421549.PNG)

Branding is still kinda wonky, branding on any of the pubic mounds does this, and why some of the spots would have several sides anyway?


we should be able to give slaves both anal and vag preg for the ultimate breeder


Did the age display code get changed for incubator slaves? It used to say their age in weeks from the time of release, but now it displays the age a slave was set to be released at. For example, on release, the age used to be 0 weeks old with the body of an 18 year old. Now it displays as an 18 year old slave with no mention of them being however many weeks old with the body of whatever age the incubator was set to. Just curious, I don't really mind it if it was changed and figured I'd bring it up in case this isn't supposed to happen.


File: 7645620b76584b4⋯.png (5.36 KB, 220x98, 110:49, download.png)

The blood god demands more sacrifices.



I'm not having this problem, though brands are occasionally disappearing on mine unless I cheat it in.


File: 3b1a9cdb0479ed0⋯.gif (48.09 KB, 220x220, 1:1, GoddamnitKhezu.gif)

Unless I'm missing something extremely obvious, who fucked up the nipple and anus coloring?

I can't even get brown coloring unless I change the skin color to brown or below, even changing races…. Really hope changing the colors might be a thing in the future.

PS: why are some of the pale options still really fucked up on certain races/combos? some nipples just come up as grey almost.



Someone mentioned something about that. Now I need to dig.


Will look into what it is trying to set it as. It doesn't look like it is properly setting.


At this point, flipping the table and just separating them into their own variables seems like the saner choice.



>dick chicken from non porn game shows up in porn game discussion

god I hate kehzu



"Replying to When was your .html built?"

Assembled it on from Git on 5/16

version 0.10.7 mod version 2.3.X build 1044

(rule 0: lurk more)


Alright, now I'm confused. I just had slimness enthusiasm fail on me and I can't see why. I have disapproval of inhuman attributes, but that doesn't sound like slimness enthusiasm. I have disapproval of boorishly large tits, which could be, but only 3 of 49 slaves have that. Those same three have implants, but that's purism. Society finds my cows' inhuman ears appalling, still not slimness enthusiasm. That's all I can see, still no explanation.



This was also after several months of it being fine.



Piggybacking this, why are asian nipples always brown?

How is it that I can grow my clone in a vat and give it tits and a vagina, then pull it out and stick asexually reproducing ovaries in it, have it fuck itself and induce gene therapy for hyperfetation, but I can't make slaves regrow hair? The null school sells slaves without eyebrows and I'd like to be able to put some back on. I can already do it with cat ears, this shouldn't be weird. It's just a style change from "bald" in code.




I figured it out, flat feminine ideal and fuckable nipple sized breasts don't mix apparently. Every slave has 500cc breasts to ensure I can make their nipples fuckable. 500cc is nowhere near flat. It should probably say something to that effect in the end of week report. My evidence for this theory is I am now several weeks in after a second fail and changed my policy to the normal slimness enthusiasm policy. I haven't had it fail since that change.



I can't actually figure out where it would be coming from. The only negative I can see checks against a butt of 5 and breasts bigger than 800.


Where do I encounter watersports scenes? I have it enabled but I'm not sure where I would see them.



Go back to reddit.



Theres an event where you have a slave refusing to get out of bed. If you have watersports enabled one of the options will be to move the bed to a public rest room and have people pee on the bed sheets until your slave wants to behave. Its the only random one i can think of right now.


File: 739e08a1a3f78c1⋯.png (24.03 KB, 655x415, 131:83, ClipboardImage.png)

To deepmurk, if in the far future you are still interested in making stuff for this game, do you think you might like to make a system like pic related for this game? None of the words, but just pics detailing what the ass, anus and vagina look like. Or anything else you might want to do.



Are you looking at the girlish policy or the FS preference?



Not sure how that's in any way related to a bug



If you don't mind, what game is that?




Where do I leave the ideas? Sorry for wasting thread post limit.



not a game, just a image in a series of images for a potential game mockup


File: 5f7bd52727dd5e1⋯.png (98.76 KB, 1903x925, 1903:925, Screenshot_2019-05-23 Free….png)

For some reason I can't remove company specializations anymore. I definitely used to, but now the option's gone and all I can do is add specializations. Is it something to do with share percentages?



Just raise an issue on the git titled "Suggestions" or the like. The more specifics you go into, the better the chance a dev will pick it up.



I have been scouring it looking for such thing but could not find it so if you could direct me to it that would be nice and currently I'm writing it in a Google docs so would that be fine?



muh nigga.

stats get me rock hard for some reason.


I haven't played this in probably 6 months, can you still not change the player character's penis size?



No you can't.



It seems like such an obvious oversight. Do you happen to know if it's just that the game just coded in such a way that makes it difficult?



Its not that it is difficult but it would be extremely tedious as every single sex scene would now have to take into account the size of the player's cock, and there are a LOT of sex scenes in this game. Sure they could simply add it as a mention but that would be cheap wouldn't it? I dare say to the point that makes it pointless, if I remember correctly however, the devs have shown willingness to add it if a writer is kind enough to actually put the work into writing the scenes.



Aah, a fellow autist I see.


That would be cool, this sorta allows you to get the most info on a slave in a quickest way. Long descriptions should stay though, it's just sometimes they're so tl;dr for experienced long lasting slaves it's hard to see the relevant information right away.




Never mind, I found it, thank you! Its titled "Suggestion for the Arcology Conquest" though.


What do you lads think about a racial supremacist policy that makes a different race "honorary"?



What is the point?



It's so asia bros can feel happy that they are still contributing to the white race.



So my Italian fempc won't get the arcology pissed for getting bleached while still being a true authentic Roman revival.


File: 6819cc4ca0415f6⋯.png (394.23 KB, 573x360, 191:120, japs.png)


File: d08a721e759b422⋯.png (99.9 KB, 1422x964, 711:482, fc.PNG)

Anyone that know which rule that puts everyone on breast redistributors when my highest priority rule says that no one should be on any kind of drug or is it just a bug?



Pretty much any number that says Infinity is going to be bug related, devs might want your save file posted


What's the benefit of passing the Frigidity SMR? I thought it's better in all cases for slaves to be more nymphomatic?



It was tied to .FSSlimnessEnthuisast, so I would hope it is the FS preference. The law only affects beauty and things like it, not the cutoff for pissing off the FS.


I have no clue anymore either. The code just confuses me. I think it might have to do with either something going wrong with a division or something getting stuck on 0.



That would probably be a good idea.


Certain jobs work better with a focused slave. Also preferences.




I meant create a new issue.


how do you get your slave "approved" for breeding with a Eugenics set up? I already did the Policies action for it.



Does edo revivalism or any such get boons for a themed bodyguard? I kinda want to make a kimono-themed Oni BG waifu but I want to know if it's worth the surgery grind. Secondly, will there ever be an option to have starter slaves come with cybernetics? It's a pain to deal with my amputees before I can get the lab running because they get constant devotion/trust loss.



Yes I know, I did just that, copy pasted the stuff I wrote into the issue.



It does not, may consider giving little bonus like that though. They'd only affect the rep bonus, but I suspect that is what you're asking about in the first place.

Cybernetics will never start unlocked. They aren't something publicly available, especially not at game start.





Fuck me, forgot to save the game before I went to sleep and now I lost 100+ weeks of progress.



I think the main reason here is that FC almost doesn't use functions for descriptors, they're all hardcoded. That means adding any new property to a body part will require editing trillion files, and then like you said to make it interesting you will also need to add unique content to some events.


Is it possible to change minimumSlaveAge during the gameplay without cheating? Like a policy you can pass or something? Or it's locked until you start a new game? Just found out that if it's not at least equal to 8 you can't get some upgrades.



It is locked and I have no intent on unlocking it outside of game start.



You can change it with the console, if you don't mind "cheating".



Which ones?



Yeah, just a 'Society approves of your bodyguard''s appearance' or some shit. And honestly i'd just take junky prosthetics or something to tide over the girls until I can get the lab running, like modern-day non-cybernetic limbs. It's a real pain in the ass because I don't want to force amputate my slaves just to put limbs on because the devotion ripple is nightmarish.


File: 650f98ebee0c2d5⋯.png (9.04 KB, 952x63, 136:9, 1431750325475.PNG)

File: b61934d8759f31e⋯.png (1.64 KB, 327x36, 109:12, 1548358387315.PNG)

Couple of things:

1. Early puberty entry is doubled during the end week report, I have a loli on heavy feminine hormones.

2. Young ovaries entry is using what looks like variable name in Organ Farm screen


Also one time the TV event offered me to buy a slave without the debug or cheat mode, is that intended?



Pretty sure this is intended, if I remember correctly I've gotten it as well without debug or cheats on.



Will poke around once the big merge goes through and I resync. The revivalists could always benefit from more flavor. Basic prosthetics is a whole different can of worms though.


The first might be referring to both male and female puberty. Will try to get it to not do that.

The organ farm does that. It would be a pain to correct, so I haven't yet.


The home shopping network?


Any plans for further corporate specialization? I'm one of the richest companies ever but apparently I can't get things more impressive than a standard slave school. I just want accepting, mildly trusting cute lolis but apparently that's pretty difficult. Even if I have to pay 3 or 5 tokens for each advanced specialization and pay out the nose, I want to have lolis that are ready out of the box.


Take off contraceptives and there should be an option to have a slave be tested. Check personal notes section for the passing requirements because your slave will be sterilized on failure.


Seconding hook hands/legs, and hoping for the eventual (once all the current to-do features are wrapped up) separation of disabilities. Armless girls are one of my kinks.



Separation of missing limbs is next in line for review.



Won't help if you play in private window. Or is there autosave-to-disk?



I still wish we had a version of the treats that didn't make our slaves gain weight. I just want to give out cookies to good girls.



Why it causes slaves to gain weight is because it is highly-addictive plus if you pay attention or remember, current slave food renders slaves unable to eat anything other than slave food in the long-term so giving cookies out may actually be detrimental to their health.



There is such a version. I'm not sure what unlocks it, but I've got it. I bought the slave treats on the black market, I don't have the hedonistic decadence FS, and do have a fully upgraded pharmaceutical fabricator.



Slimness enthusiast.


Do we have cybernetics now? Version I downloaded before didn't had that (cybernetics got removed iirc), and I wanted to have my robogirls harem.



Unless it was removed recently we should have had it for a while.



That's strange, I've used cheats to unlock everything before and have not come across that.


File: 312f8e5d08bf857⋯.png (7.87 KB, 931x68, 931:68, 1507136917209.PNG)

Sentence ends too early for the last part.

Branding is still wonky, trying to brand several body parts in "both" does this >>348849 and most of them are not even shown in description.


Yeah, the FCTV.






I know, but I always thought that was kind of dumb. The only reason that was put in place to begin with was for FCdev's shitty anal fetish. When people brought up that humans poop, so constant surprise anal was a bad idea, that was his solution.

Not adding a vignette about slave protocol making sure they are clean, not not having surprise anal in every event regardless of player input, he made it so slaves couldn't eat normal food and were stuck with some kind of damn nutrient paste.

I was spoiled by slavtrainer back in the day, and I like having some say in what they eat. I think it gives a bit more flavor to just what kind of slave master the player is. While I could totally see a degredationist player making the slaves eat tasteless but efficient slop, why wouldn't a particularly generous paternalist allow slaves to eat regular food? Doing so could even open up some nice rulings or random events to further customize and spice up the game, like having a ruling that lets your concubines eat at the same table as you like a traditional family, or an event where your character goes to his dining room only to find a devoted and trusting slave has topped herself with whipped cream and is waiting for you.

After typing all this up, I might just try my hand at modding this stuff in myself. If I'm allowed anyway, I'm not going to maintain a fork over this.



Alright, thanks guys.



I'm not defending FCdev but it makes sense to me as the liquid that slaves drink are very simple for our body deconstruct thus resulting in our digestive systems to adapt and get "lazy" so to speak, the same can be seen now in real life with our eyes. I do find it a little restrictive however, that although paternalism is a thing, apparently having even our slave wives act how a wife would is unacceptable (such as taking them out for dinner), sure it kind of betrays the game's current flavor but that's up to Pregmodder now.



I prefer the "clean" slave setup we have now. I don't want to be considerate of the menstrual cycle of a slave, or for a slave to shit herself if I do X or Y. I want to get slaves pregnant with a child that is her genetic grandmother and to have a slave so insanely muscular she is unable to move without hydraulic assistance. FCDev was a faggot, but he was a smart faggot most of the time.



I've no idea why he didn't just gloss over mentions of the more 'realistic' aspects of anal sex like most porn games. Was that too much of an acceptable break from reality in a world where dressing up as egyptians and running sex slaves in a tiny city has more GDP than the EU?



I'd say allow both - players can choose to feed their slaves either the paste or solid food. The food would obviously be much more expensive, though, but that cost could be mitigated with the Farmyard.



this leads to an interesting management aspect where you have to deal with a farm probably having many harvests ruined by inclement weather beyond normal famines, and also enemies could attack your crops, and you would have to decide how to distribute food among the population of your arcology, and your slaves, with slaves who eat slave goop for too long being unable to eat real food, and becoming sad from this. This kind of mechanic is already challenging enough, but adding in a difficulty spike for paternalists, and especially paternalists with a lot of slaves. Do you feed your slaves and face a french revolution leading to a possible game over, or do you see your slaves lose their digestive systems? do you pay lots of money to import food, along with a shifting global food market, or do you attempt to get your general population to eat slave food themselves? not that letting slaves eat the slave food would lead to negative consequences beyond them being unable to eat real food and taking a trust hit, but it's an interesting sandbox management idea.



That is the wonders of realism my man. Unlike what AAA shills think it means, we are supposed to show the most exciting aspects of life. We can have slaves eat real food and just never mention the waste or dismiss it in passing, like how you rarely see restrooms in games.

Like >>349433 & >>349451 said. Stuff no one really cares about can be glossed over while giving players extra flavor when it comes to personalizing their own slave training tactics.

And as >>349461 said, a lot of new possibilities for events and challenges come from this. Though, I would like to add that, since we've got such medical abilities as growing new organs and hormone manipulation, I don't think slowly reintroducing solid foods to someone as a way of getting their digestive track back on track is all that crazy an idea.



Whats the size of the sprite?

It in 512? Im doing a game in 256 and the sprite size just not satisfying to me but putting it in 512 puts it in the uncanny valley.



We don't exactly mention the slaves pissing, despite the fact they'd still need to do that. Not that some players would mind, but..



I think it just needs to be a square, but I haven't used them custom images myself in a while.



One of the problems is Im not doing anime face. So in 512 its realistic but uncannily so while in 256 its small enough to obviously not be human looking but human like.



All are set at 2 on my end and I use the absolute minimum size breasts supports fuckable nipples. I've got nothing else to go on as changing from flat feminine ideal to the standard policy has not produced a fail while switching back to flat feminine ideal does.



Considering that weather late game is pretty much impossible to go out in, I think its not going too far to believe that the farmyard is completely internalized in the Arcology similar to how a greenhouse would work. I doubt anything can survive outside with disasters happening every single day. It kind of also makes me wonder how enemy troops can even reach us though, probably a glossed over detail as well, not that I'm complaining.



>It kind of also makes me wonder how enemy troops can even reach us

Where a goat can go a man can go. And where a man can go, he can carry a rifle.



> At this point, flipping the table and just separating them into their own variables seems like the saner choice.

yeah, I want to have asian girls with pink nipples, and pure white slaves with black nipples for the mimo slaves.



if none of the farm's production is outside then that brings up a limit to your yield.


File: 69df000914535aa⋯.png (689 B, 166x39, 166:39, 1548743683889.PNG)

I was thinking about a policy that would focus on specific minor bodypart attributes, making slaves that have it more attractive. Fetishize it, in other words. Like big areolae, heartshaped areolae, big labia, phimotic dicks, intact bodyhair (goes well with Edo revivalism), etc. You pay with your reputation to shill it and you can decide how much which is proportional to the effect - low, med or high. There's a lot of possible parts I think so maybe add a bar where you can type so you can put in a custom one.

Then there was also an idea to modify counting tattoo descriptions during Edo revivalism to use the tally symbol 正 that asians use, japan specifically. I have a font for it pic related. Full 正 means five.

Another question - if I want to add an item slave can wear, should I follow the example of pasties and edit all those files or there's something else as well?


Does passing Universal Enslavement of Subhumans do anything if I've already passed Universal Enslavement of the Impure?


>Brand her now with SLAVE on the left pubic mound, the right pubic mound, or both? Branding will slightly reduce her beauty but may slowly increase your reputation.



File: 648104b546222a7⋯.jpg (6.41 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Why we are still here, jus….jpg)


>we have an universal enslavement for suprematism and subjugationsm

>no universal enslavement of women in fundamentalism


File: 6a4f99a56761ade⋯.png (457.29 KB, 647x1000, 647:1000, legs.png)



For the first, it seems like a project where at least a small team is nearly required.

For the second question, adding support for it and other revivalisms is not very likely to be hard.

For the third and final question, you would also will want to add it as an purchsable option. After that, it would be complete as a purely texted based expirence.



Children of slaves are slaves. That would just enslave everyone.



enslave everyone by default and have slave masters free the next generation of slave masters sounds very dystopian.



I'm pretty sure bodyModification is after my sanity at this point. Or is there another approach for branding that I am overlooking?



Why we have a choice to send our children to citizen schools then? Why slaveowner can't free his slave at will? Why in a Gender Fundamentalist, scratch that, any society it is unacceptable to keep daughters as slaves and sons as heirs?



Slavery is presumably a one-way street. Once a person is enslaved, they and their entire bloodline are chattel.

I still wish you could retire slaves as citizens with a paternalist society, even if doing so imparted significant penalties.



You can.



Ok. Even if that was true, why there can't exist a policy for Gender Fundamentalism, that changes it a bit in accordinance with this FS ideology? Daughters are slaves and sons are citizens unless their father wants otherwise.




If you actually READ the text, sending the children to private schools effectively allows them to grow into a high class citizen and NOT a slave. Furthermore you CAN release slaves in order for them to be citizens as well. Why slave-born children can't be "heirs" because it isn't even a feudal society, its anarchic capitalistic, the one with most money wins, not the one with bloodlines.



>the one with most money wins

So? The point still stands. Not to mention, that money is one of reasons for bloodlines to exist in the first place. Rothschilds is the more famous example.



>implying Rotschilds aren't part of a blessed bloodline literally Chosen by G-d

Shame on you, this is a Christian board.


File: 5783c61a1e5ce20⋯.png (195.49 KB, 741x486, 247:162, 036d7f6143acb149550660de92….png)







At any one point in time the FC is probably 20-50% bastard offspring of a male PC. I don't see how bloodline would be useful in any way if you consider just how much fucking the PC does.



>not only impregnating a harem of chosen daughter-sister-wives


File: d55f2f502a7ccf5⋯.jpg (144.45 KB, 1000x952, 125:119, condom breaker.jpg)


>Not ensuring that the world is solely populated with your own offspring.

If nothing else women who even get *near* a person who has taken your jizz would probably try to impregnate themselves with your offspring as a kind of status symbol; this already happens in the real world, it should definitely happen in a game where you spend 70% of the time fucking and 70% of the time arranging forcing other people to fuck.


File: 7548308957e4c04⋯.jpg (65.57 KB, 593x589, 593:589, и снова седая ночь.jpg)

Still no sign of FCdev?




How useful is 90% of shit in this game? Status and rights segregation between sexes is very much in line with Gender Fundamentalism. Also why slaveowners can't decide whenever their offspring is a slave or not? On a bit unrelated note. Many leaders had a lot of bastards throughout history. They still had dynasties and bloodlines just fine.


Well, it's not like your sex-slaves have much contact with the outside world. However this is a good idea nonetheless. Some menial slave can do this when cleaning up after you and your slaves for example.


How is the loli vector art coming along? It's currently my most anticipated addition.


customLabel doesn't seem to work anymore, was it changed to something else?

(slave) => slave.customlabel === 'Headgirl'

for example.



It now uses .custom.label





How does the gene lab work? All I can do in it is make clones and nothing else.


whats the simplest way to edit starting money?



open dev tools, either f12 or ctrl + shift + i,

go to console, type in


where x is whatever amount you want.



open the html in notepad, search for $cash = 10000

change 10000 to 1000000000000



>$cash = 10000




was it changed or did I become retarded?




just checked on the most recent build I had downloaded, I was right.



I think flavor text for abnormal fetishism would be good, I don't care about any beauty bonuses.



I believe it was changed from the old "$cash = 10000" to now being "run cashX(10000," and keep looking until you get to the "initPC" block. Change the 10000 there to whatever you want to start with.


File: 756c50175017b23⋯.png (66.19 KB, 1046x748, 523:374, cash does not equal 10000.png)





Correct. Thanks mate.



I stand corrected


I haven't downloaded a new version in awhile because of bugs and waiting and changes.



Why would you want him at this point? If he started updating the base game again this mod's authors would either have to spend half their time keeping compatibility or just call the current main version the one compatible with this mod and you'd have to pick between this and the main game anyway. I'm pretty sure this mod has added at least as much content as the main game at this point.


File: c1ee94422a6ea13⋯.png (60.93 KB, 1033x816, 1033:816, Capture.PNG)

Is having open Corporation slots without any options normal? I'm not sure what version I started this save on, but I tried saving on the game options screen, updating to the latest version, reloading HTML, running backwards compatibility and moving forward a week and it still looks like this.



I just noticed the option at the top to add a slave training division, I tried adding that and now I have a whole bunch of specialization options, so I guess I'm good.


The issues with branding may be resolved now. Seems that a common variable shared between several locations was the reason for the oddities.



>implying that the Holocaust wasn't divine punishment meted out by God against the Jewish people for tolerating the hubris of the Rothschilds



>implying the Holocaust happened


So do genetics not get passed down to children? I've given by the mother and father gigantism but the child doesn't get it?



Probably the same case as albinism, as in there is a 25% chance of it being passed on even if both parent salves have the gene.


Speaking of the corporation, I have been seeing some very strange activity regarding shares. At first, I couldn't buy at all and was left at 2k personal to 1k public with the ability to sell my shares. Then came the really weird part as this was a limitation I have never seen surpassed before, I was able to buy the 1k public shares, making the public shares drop to zero and officially making my corporation privately held despite the limitation that the corporation has not been able to be privately held up to this point. I now currently stand at 3k personal to 0 public, which should not be possible not to mention I have finally regained the ability to buy from the market a single time, I would normally be at 50k personal to 1k public by now.


I had my bodyguard on muscle-building diet and now her muscles are NaN.


Having trouble with the auto salon, nails keep reverting to neatly clipped.



I have no idea what you are talking about because for months I have always made my corporations completely privately held.



She swoled out of phase with reality


Quick question. do i need a basic/advanced interface to install a tail interface?



No you don't.



She got so swole she exceeded the third dimension and went into the fourth dimension


Anyone else's RA not working? I have a rule that puts slaves that have less than 80 health on curatives, but it's just straight up not working.



When the corporation was first added and for a long time now, the corporation was restricted from being privately held. It may have been changed in the last few months without me noticing until now as I have been away from the game due to lack of time and a build that didn't scream at me, red wall, in the first five minutes. I also don't pay much attention to the thread unless there is an explicit change log listed, which usually comes when a Mega version is posted, so I probably missed that change. I ignore the majority of comments to avoid the idiocy that occasionally ensues. Anyway, it seems like that is the most likely case since it isn't acting like a typical bug. That still leaves the odd activity regarding share options not popping up like they are supposed to. I only got the ability to buy off the market once and it was long after I fully upgraded my corporation and it disappeared again after that one time. This is while I have plenty of funds both within the corporation itself and in my personal cash.


how does the special force FS acceptance thing work? I got up to 30% on a single FS and the special force firebase disappeared entirely without warning, not sure about the special force itself as I didn't let the end of week proceed to the battle phase to check if all my upgrades still show up in battle. I had to revert back to the beginning of the week auto save to get it back.



I've accidentally toggled off the "Apply RA at end of week" option on the main arcology menu, which toggles the RA entirely. Make sure you didn't do that same








Did you run BC recently? If not, that would have done it.



Based and moroccan-pilled.


File: 8a0d07ac1d4931c⋯.jpg (25.63 KB, 237x408, 79:136, sidebar before.JPG)

File: f0142b6e709b3f5⋯.jpg (20.06 KB, 224x298, 112:149, sidebar now.JPG)

I haven't updated in a few months and I'm wondering what happened to the sidebar button to access various arcology functions. Do you have to turn them on in the options now somewhere?

Playing FC-05-25-2019-23-04-e488



And yes I did purchase those buildings in the arcology menu.



To conserve sidebar real estate, since it was starting to get scrollbary, some moved to manage arcology and manage penthouse.


Pregmod v2.4.0.


-unified cybermod with vanilla

-major pronoun work (99.9% completion)

-slave assignment links improved

-facility transfer tab added to facility assignment

-new slave school specializing in nulled slaves

-added a drug to force erections

-aphrodisiacs counter erectile dysfunction

-added birth tracking tattoo

-added event to revive FCNN

-added upgrade to gene lab allowing further genetic quirk detection and control

-dwarfism and gigantism genetic quirks added

-added genetic muscle gain and loss

-added dick and testicle branding

-fixed branding

-breast implants now impact milk production based on % implant

-many new names added to lacking name pools

-restored chem summary to the clinic


Figured now was a good time to release 2.4.0, mostly as the next major update will be an amputee overhaul and that is going to require special BC calls needing a new versionID.



>how does the special force FS acceptance thing work?

Buy upgrades for your chosen FS while keeping below 100 tension else The Colonel rebels. Tension can be reduced by either purchasing gifts or talking to The Colonel that week.


can the link to the git be added to this part of the OP template please ?



i always have to search for the link when i come back



Thanks for the updates my dude. They are looking pretty good.



You are doing God's work. A big thank you from all the "incels" here.

>next major update will be an amputee overhaul

What about the new FSs and energy overhaul?






If I won't be able to turn my braindead amputees into goddamn cyborg terminators and sex androids I'll be seriously disappointed.



Those are my works. The amputation stuff if from contributors.


This is mostly focusing on amputating certain limbs and making it not all or nothing.



In other words, don't go overboard trying to rush it to 100%, got it. I'll try alternating gifts and talking into the mix.



I think I found a way to cheat it into not rebelling on me. SugarCube.State.variables.tension seems to be connected, though I should probably test that by running a week without tension reduction first.



The new school listed is Nueva, right?Or are we talking about yet another school here?



SF.FS.Tension, mistyped that last one.



Yes. It may have been awhile since the last patch, so if you use the git version you've seen all this already.


If there is a 16 year old with shoulders wider than her hips, will her hips develop as she grows older?



No, she won't undergo any more natural growth at that point. You can try for the hormone effect still though.



okay thanks


Major problem, I just had the corporation disappear on me. It is still an option, but it went from fully established to the groundwork not even having been laid.



And, no, I did not hit the end corporation link. In fact, I specifically made sure to avoid it like the plague.



What did you do that could lead to such a situation? It had to have been something specific or there would be more reports of it.



I didn't do anything. I just ended the week after finally getting the special force FS acceptance thing cooperate and it came up with the yellow exclamation point that tells me there is an available upgrade. I click to go and it gives me the options to start a division or do an 8-7 split like when I first founded it.



Got a before save by chance to test with?


File: 31c0d4a61541085⋯.swf (413.45 KB, free-cities-20190526-23443….swf)


Here, it isn't exactly right up to it as it happened before I got the chance to save. The save is back at around 5% of the first FS acceptance, which was the last thing I was working on prior to this and had just finished convincing the colonel to accept the last FS. I passed a week and boom, no more corp. I'll also provide a save with the corp partly reestablished as another issue possibly related just popped up. I have the option to enslave all but a chosen race or to enslave only said race, but asian is missing from that list and was my one chosen race in the corp when I established it the first time. There is also a problem with shares as I have plenty of money and everything, but I can no longer buy shares at all unless I sell my own. This was a problem in the first corp as well. 234438 is the save with the second corp and the race and share issues. 192616 is the original save prior to the corp disappearing. To replicate, my process was to get the special force to full acceptance of Roman Revivalism, Slimness Enthusiasm, Body Purism, Gender Radicalism, Youth Preferentialism, and Pastoralism, then pass a week. I also have Asian Subjugationism, but there was no option for that or for supremacy in the special force acceptance options. There should be a new specialization token available for the corp, it should be marked with the yellow exclamation point in other words. Go into the corp after getting out of the end of week events and it should give the starting options instead of my fully established corporation.



Will poke around. SFanon, you should take a look too, there may be a common variable between SF and the corp that is causing this.


Alright, anons, what FS should I have for this next playthrough? Total of five.


Everytime I get too many girls that I can't bear to sell I start a new save. It's a sickness



your not alone with that



Same, except I stop playing and go back to jerk off to my harem every once in a while till a big enough update comes out for me to start over.



Yea I do that as well



I only ever start new if my save gets fucked up or an update comes in that cannot be waved off with BC.


>Seated at your desk, you glance at the visual representation of Angel, down in one corner of your desk's glass top. She's a beautiful little sex demoness with an ideal figure. She has recently adjusted her age to reflect your youth focused society. She's a cute loli wearing tight, crotch hugging spats and a tight tub top across her flat chest. She's getting oral from a recognizable little representation of one of your slaves, and is using a handheld camera to film the action, gonzo style. The slave must be using one of the penthouse's many vibrators, and your personal assistant is clearly turning the feed of it into porn.

>She's a cute loli wearing tight, crotch hugging spats and a tight tub top across her flat chest.

>tub top


Seeing as branding was mentioned, will we ever get an alternate form of it? Like, hot pokers to the fleshy bits is fun and all, but regular old scar tissue is kinda bland, ya know? What about cybernetic brands? A fucking little LCD grafted into/under their skin. Displaying all their stats like a live score tracker. Or even nanomachines, son! Nanobot pigment tattoos! We got RGB for our computers, why not put RGB in our bitches, too?



Will there be an option eventually to toggle on males in the startup rather than game options? I know it's a rework pain in the ass, it just gets a little odd. Plus it'd be nice for the game to finally mention your ass can be on the line as a guy. Secondly as a QOL, can diplomacy be moved to the sidebar? It tends to get lost in the wall of desc pretty fast.



I transfer between arcologies, got 130 currently.





It's more of a tattoo than a scar. I could see variants in type in the future though.


Males will default to off as referring to slaves as females is standard for the Free Cities. Changing it from it will involve policy.

You are right about diplomacy, it does get hard to find. Will ask SFanon about slipping it into the sidebar.



I thought the gender stuff was FCDev's weird fetish. I just figured it could be an option that free cities just saw masters and slaves, not male/female. Lastly, is there a way to disable the tran-whatever prefix? I can't feed those slaves into meat grinders fast enough.



Everything is built around the slave being considered female. It will take a long time to adjust everything accordingly. Will consider starting options though.

If you are talking about slave titles, I don't think mine use that at all.



No rush, i''m just hoping in the long term. And i've seen it on slaves for sale, it's a bit jarring.



Rome wasn't built in a day. It even took more than one to sack it. And even longer to rebuild it. Some parts are still broken to this day. I'm not sure where I was going with this.



>I'm not sure where I was going with this.

Me neither. That was dumb.


File: 502431ca41acbe8⋯.png (188.95 KB, 1920x922, 960:461, Error 1.png)

File: da25e92388fe28d⋯.png (41.17 KB, 1920x925, 384:185, Error 2.png)

So anyone else getting this problem? its making the game unplayable.



Git or twine version?


File: 51c19ba6b3da55f⋯.png (31.69 KB, 1276x630, 638:315, Untitled.png)


Yep, I was literally here to post this as your post updated. I'm also getting this after running BC



For me I downloaded off Git and then ran compile, so I guess Git version?



Run BC and report if there is any difference.



BC made had no effect


Any idea roughly when this started?


Just after I download and complied the new update.






For my part, the version I was running before this was from Git about 2-3 days ago.



Are you getting any errors at compile? Cause I am and I'm just going to chalk it up to JS failure cascade.



None that I can see


Well that answers one question and raises another. Apparently compile.bash has stopped working for me.


Since I can now compile the game again, let me look deeper.



.batch, not .bash. I'm getting all sorts of confused at this point.


Can anyone report back on if compile.batch is producing playable files?



Still unable to interact with slaves after a fresh compile.



So you can compile with compile.bash? The fuck did I break?

Anyway, try grabbing it off the git now, I changed nothing and now it is working fine. Seriously. If anyone could explain the difference between the old:

:: Slave Interact [nobr]

and the new:

:: Slave Interact [nobr]

please do. Because it broke everything and I officially having a bad morning.


I all works fine now. From my experience coding some times it just break for no reason then will just start working with no explanation.



The average sugarcube experience.


the breast description differs to the slave creation options :

the description says : Her small breasts, 500 CCs each, would fill B-cups.

the creator says : Breasts: Healthy (C-cup)



forgot to say that they differ on every cup and not just on Cs




Starting girls, right?



yes starting girl creation



Will look into it. The setters are likely slightly off.




Got it fixed. Was an off by one issue.


Why are my slaves giving birth even though I set .preg and .pregWeeek to 38?



That's about when the random birth rolls start. It'll be even earlier with multiples, more than likely.



At least one of the three slaves gives birth at week-end, though - is that supposed to happen?


File: a2d72d794fda16f⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 150x191, 150:191, Tubbb!.jpg)



As much as you have given me, yes, it is within reason.


Just got a new Git version "version 0.10.7 mod version 2.4.X build 1046".

Think the rules are messed up. The rules are applying to girls but not the actions they're supposed to for a lot of stuff. I checked export rules from my old version to compare it to the new ones and a lot of the names were changed. "Fix Fat and Skinny Slave" rule used to be "attractive". Old one still works. If I import my rules from my old version they actually work.

Won't apply corsets, apply fixing fat/skinny slaves, corrective eyewear (It actually removes it if I leave the rule active and manually put them on) are some I've noticed. Curatives/Preventatives, and a lot of the Appearance/Cosmetic stuff seems to be working.



Make sure you've run BC. The RA got majorly changed.




And some fixes just came in too.



Oh I didn't mention that this was a clean save/game. Tried the new version too and Backwards Compatibly (If that's what you mean) anyways and no dice with some of the stuff. Corsets do apply now but the food and glasses are still messed up. Old name of "attractive" vs the new "fix fat and skinny slaves" works still.



Save file with a precise list of what's wrong please. There is an issue up about it so now's the time to grab as much broken as possible.



The RA gives the wrong names for the actual rules to fire on many things, most notable and quickly testable is on the punishment and reward rules.



More fixes came in. Will pass those along though.


Impregnation seems to be broken on girls without superfetation. Currently no matter what i do normal girls end up with a single ova where as if they have superfetation it works normally.



Will look into it.




Should be fixed now. Hopefully superfetation didn't break because of it or anything else stupid.


Im getting a really weird error that pops up for half a second at the end of the weekend events. I believe its saying local storage exceeded or similar. Is it an event trying to fire?



Autosave failing probably. Disable it or clean out a save slot to make room for it.



Yep, that fixed it. i forgot about autosaves lol. Too used to saves not working so i have like 20 save files in save to disk


Could I suggest a simple QoL change? Would it be difficult to add a yellow [!] to the incubator to indicate a new slave is ready to be released? Tracking the tanks and writing down their release week in a separate document is kind of tedious.



Shucks buster, that's the kind of suggestion that gets you a promotion. Just as a general wondering though is the auto-release no good for your purposes?



SFanon handles the storyCaption stuff, though that would end up being in the buildingWidgets too, so it'll be up to him if he wants to set it up.




My bad anon nevermind, should have tried the feature before commenting, I see it doesn't work how I imagined.



Superfetation is now broken.



How so?



seems to be back to only getting 1 ovum every impregnation after the initial one.



Better than one per every primary. How far along is she in the pregnancy?



multiple slaves all less than 10 weeks.



Hyperpreg on or off?




Can you give me a general idea of the average fetal count?



2 with around 30 and 1 with 50.



That's probably the reason. There's just no space for more. You'd have to get their pregAdaption up higher.




Either way, I'll need to poke at it more.



i just checked on one with only 4 it still seems to occur.



Do me a favor and remove the comment on line 393 of /js/pregJS. I'd like to know what coeff is being set to.




That should enable it to report variables to the console. I'll need to see what it is up to to get a better idea of what the problem is.


my interest is peaked at the "dwarfism and gigantism genetic quirks added" what are they exactly?



They are growth affecting genetic traits. Sticking them on a grown adult won't do much other than add the chance of them passing it to their offspring, but on a growing child, it will have major effects over time. It pretty much results in what you think it does.



"coeff: -70.74641190409288"

"coeff: -18.710918416935503"

"coeff: -19.469272894117918"



Anything negative will result in a single ovum being added. Can I get the whole set of variables it reports? Starts with ftvol and ends with coeff.



"ftvol: 15523.902511022647 cmvol: 62095.61004409059 maxvol: 20599.999999999996 freevol: -41495.61004409059 coeff: -963.3319988164877" heres the one who's preg with 4

"ftvol: 15523.902511022647 cmvol: 838290.7355952229 maxvol: 100000 freevol: -738290.7355952229 coeff: -19.469272894117918 FC_pregmod.html line 379733 > eval:47800:11

ftvol: 15523.902511022647 cmvol: 853814.6381062455 maxvol: 100000 freevol: -753814.6381062455 coeff: -18.721629871553564 FC_pregmod.html line 379733 > eval:47800:11

ftvol: 15523.902511022647 cmvol: 341525.8552424982 maxvol: 17200.000000000004 freevol: -324325.8552424982 coeff: -18.710918416935503 FC_pregmod.html line 379733 > eval:47800:11

ftvol: 15523.902511022647 cmvol: 465717.0753306794 maxvol: 100000 freevol: -365717.0753306794 coeff: -70.74641190409288"

heres the others



Something doesn't look right. I'm going to flag down pregmodfan to look into it more. It's likely one of the first two variables needing adjustment.



Thanks for your hardwork as always pregmodder.



>making it not all or nothing.

This pleases me greatly.



How do you transfer?



Every day I wish we could build an extension for shops and markets. Some kinda outgrowth of the arcology.



New game plus then debug everyone over. Run BC when I get and I usually have no trouble.



Is there a sure fire way to get his attention or should I just hope he sees it here?



I probably lurk the thread to an unhealthy degree. 0On an unrelated note, the MR is already done: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/merge_requests/4647.


What .tw file holds ethnicity appearance data (like, which skin etc colors go with each)?

I can't manage to find it for the life of me - closest I've gotten is nationality/ethnicity associations.



Are you thinking about working on subraces?



Nah, sorry to disappoint… just making a custom amerindian slave and wanted to see what all color options were "accurate" as far as FC's concerned



I believe utilsJS has a function that randomly assigns a skin tone based on race.



Fuck, THAT'S why I wasn't finding it! I was only grepping the tws, can't believe I didn't think to include js.

Thanks a ton!





File: 0c7aaaf758d7c83⋯.png (8.23 KB, 497x213, 7:3, alert.PNG)

weird shit tells me to report it


File: 472d62d3e7d08ed⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 2048x1448, 256:181, 71902223_p0.jpg)

>Perfection doesn't exi…

an entire society focused around hidden sluts would be fun, but annoying i guess.



What about disproportionately small asses from age 15-16? Will they fill out naturally (besides maybe from the effects of a pregnancy)?



IIRC fattening them up causes ass and breast growth, but it's pretty slow. (But then you can do a fat grafting)

Also, for the hip thing, I haven't seen the code but I believe the cutoff for hormonal effects is 20-ish. I have my slaves on extreme female hormones all the time and I know I've read "something something her hips broaden something someting skeletal structure isn't set until your 20's" quite a few times.



I know about fattening, fat-grafting, and hormones already, I was referring to natural growth (assuming that option was enabled during the new game setup). Do the hips or the ass or the breasts develop more in the game after the age of 15 or 16? The comment I was responding to seems to suggest no, but I am following up just to make sure.


How big is are:

- plump and healthy derriere

- juicy buttocks

- small but well-rounded

- big bubble butts

is there a chart available like there is with breast ccs?



I wouldn't mind one for tit-shapes, either.



tit-shapes are googleable

perky tits, wideset tits, torpedo tits, sagging tits, and rounded tits, which are the most common




I would love one for eyebrows



Anything you could tell me about what they were doing? A save just prior is also useful.



Once you get out of the range of the growing up function, the slave stops changing on their own outside of unusual circumstances. The game expects you to start flesh crafting at that point. Off the top of my head, pregnancy is the only really natural thing that will have large physical effects like that.


I have something, but would need to adjust some of the size ranges to utilize it. An actual cc chart would be amazing though.



This, so much this.



>-unified cybermod with vanilla

Is there a readme with all the features / changes in the mod ? i can't seem to find anything in the ingame wiki beside credits to the guy who did it.


I think genetic quirk inheritance might be a bit bugged, currently 1 in 3 of my daughters are ending up with the bigdick quirk. Which none of the mothers have whilst none of the quirks the mothers have are transfering to their children.

Pc is the father in all cases. I tested both cloning and self impregnation as well and the quirks also do not seem to be passed on.



Father has the big dick quirk.



That doesn't explain why the mothers quirks arent passing on at all. Especially since they each have 5 different ones so surely at least one would pass on eventually



Keep trying, luck might just be doing its thing.



Mostly just annoying like Tsundere girls or any other mainstream Hentai/Manga/RPG character archetype.



You are right, something is going wrong and well hung seems to be the only thing that likes to transfer.


I got a single albinism once with albino mother, out of the dozens of offsprings I cheat-savescummed. The same batch had only a few bigd's, and mostly nothing.


Well I think I found the problem. Let me run new tests.



And now everything works right. Fix on the git.

Had to check current slaves stats, not stored slave stats. The only actors passing on quirks were the player and the small handful of natural quirk holding slaves.



Could you make it so gene therapies need to either be studied from a natural holder or purchased from the black market like NCS/elasticity? Maybe keep a natural in the clinic for several weeks while they're studied. A single upgrade at the sequencer is a little tame all things considered. It'll give the market a bit more flavor and it'll save from a tiny bit of clutter in the surgical screen for those who only plan on using one or two.



Maybe in the future when designer babies are set up as something similar is planned for cataloguing traits for it.


Would be neat if there was a pie chart or something of demographics in an arcology instead of just total numbers.


If i wanted to develop a game like Free Cities, where should i start and programming language should i use?



What ones do you know anon? You don't really need a particular one these days, plenty of languages can compile to a form you can use in the browser, so if you know one already start there.


File: 9632e9ec09d6f05⋯.png (16.09 KB, 790x70, 79:7, nipb.png)

Happens with all nipple sizes.


File: 686cc26fd651caa⋯.png (16.17 KB, 793x72, 793:72, nipba.png)


It looks like it only happens with normal areolae size. same slave with bigger areolaes.



File: 1d6f1b6c8d53e36⋯.png (177.49 KB, 1316x828, 329:207, Selection_020.png)

File: 5f8013984f6cb17⋯.png (17.98 KB, 480x255, 32:17, Selection_021.png)

Got some of these again.



Did you run BC prior to those happening?


inside the starting slave creation :

She is your twin sister. She is your sister.


i know this has probably been asked a few times but would anyone mind telling me how i build the nursary? cus i can't find it anywhere and cant find anything through google



manage personal affairs mirror incorrectly uses $activeSlave.race for the prefix before PC's race (You are a/an …)



it's still wip


when you have zero slaves, the penthouse page breaks (cannot read property 'ID' of undefined) at line <<print App.UI.SlaveList.penthousePage()>> … and therefore you cannot access the markets to acquire one


For some reason tit size on images becomes kinda wrong when you enable `Height scaling` with the embedded artwork, I mean while my lolis are small their A-cups shouldn't turn into H-cup monstrosities and beyond.



File: 756474f799b2e70⋯.png (3.62 KB, 640x59, 640:59, dwarfism.PNG)

Get a dwarfism error in the autosave lull between weeks. Would expand it but they come and go so quick.



Size scaling is still very WIP


so I feel like this question has already been answered but I'm gonna ask anyways

what's the difference between gigantomastia and Macromastia, the internet shows similar results or symptoms but I'm not sure how that manifests in the game, I've added both to slaves and the gigantomastia just started breast growth, but the macromastia has had no effect so far. Does the macromastia cap out at a certain breast size?



In the game and reality they are differentiated by the amount of excess breast tissue. In the game Macromastia caps out at 5000cc and Gigantomastia caps out at 25000cc. Together their tits grow forever, even beyond the old cap of 50000cc. In reality the difference is usually measured by weight, though specific numbers vary by source.


File: 182334a046db77f⋯.png (33.99 KB, 1206x146, 603:73, _belly.PNG)

Just saw this text variable error



Will look for it.


Browser? It's supposed to return an empty string but seems to have become very erratic lately.



I'm using chrome




Don't see why it would be doing it. Will track it down and gate it so that it can only appear if it would have returned a string.



Any hope for more arcology expansion? I'd like more slots at severe cost in all sections. You run out of areas really fast at high FS Tiers, so it'd be nice to build taller or wider for more shops/manufacturing/markets. As a query, there's an option that confuses me; I have a minimum age setting for slaves to appear in the arcology, but also one for slaves to be molested under that; how would they be molested if they can't appear?




>but also one for slaves to be molested under that; how would they be molested if they can't appear?

As far as I'm aware it's not actually implemented yet, so there's currently no effect.



Its an optional addition that's part of the WIP Nursery. Essentially would add the ability for events involving molesting the slaves growing there.


Something I've always really been curious about. Why does the concubine position require the slave to be "functional" (like other leadership positions)? Once she's installed you can do whatever you want (like taking off her artificial limbs) and she stays in the position unless removed. Always thought it was a bit weird since she's pretty much just a figurehead right?


Wondering if I'm reading the code correctly in analyzePregnancy. Most of the quirks are color coded yellow for carrier, green for active, but for the mastias its yellow for carrier, red for active/untriggered?

By the way, congrats on finishing up a major addition in a pretty reasonable amount of time. I look forward to all the other things to come.



Green can be considered for the most part valuable, while red signifies potential problems. I think I forgot heterochromia again.



>she's pretty much just a figurehead right?

i always thought she is like the headgirl just for the suite

she keeps your other toys in check while your not there



>><<if $activeSlave.womb[_ap].genetics.geneticQuirks.gigantomastia >= 2>>

>> @@.red;gmast@@

>><<elseif $activeSlave.womb[_ap].genetics.geneticQuirks.gigantomastia == 1 && $geneticMappingUpgrade >= 2>>

>> @@.yellow;gmast@@

I don't see tits big enough to take a nap on as a problem, but I can see where others might get that idea.



I don't see tits big enough to take a nap on as a problem, but I can see where others might get that idea.




ah fuck im retarded




Right, the wording's a bit confusing. Also, someone mentioned some events wont fire if you have the setting below 8? What events?



I haven't really fiddled with it lately so no idea if something has been added recently but last I checked there really were no actual events in the game which used it.

The entire facility is still incredibly WIP, so much so you have to enable cheatmode to even access it. So ya… take it at your own risk and don't expect much in the way of content.


On vanilla commit head 9c6aa4, right after granting a slave marriage and then moving on the following error appeared.

>Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: State.variables.slaves[State.temporary.i].skill.whoring is undefined <<set $slaves[_i].skill.whoring = Math.clamp($slaves[_i].skill.whoring.toFixed(1), 0, 100)>>

Another bug is that after helping a slave to find the meal dispencer and continuing on to the next week,

>ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.



Runing BC only seems to fix the genePool.

After completing several cycles reamining the NaN disappeared.


File: 27b0a1dd5c5261d⋯.png (64.63 KB, 998x337, 998:337, Setting.png)

File: 8f895b17e164a1d⋯.png (44.96 KB, 1018x282, 509:141, Incbuator-2.png)


File: 9b8e9f7a28a4467⋯.png (54.91 KB, 1584x475, 1584:475, propertyLeaderID.png)

One error, plus it cant display the neighbour's custom name



Also, i remember agents being instant. Did that change, or did i just lose a slave


i get that error when i try to enter the Genedit inside the Game Options : Error: Object.isObject is not a function.

when i use BC it changes to : Error: s.custom is undefined.



Need a save file before and after for situations like this.


Should be fixed now.



SFanon, would you look into this?




File: 486bd526631c0ce⋯.png (13.64 KB, 217x248, 7:8, ClipboardImage.png)

Where is the SF tab?



its under Manage Arcology


Is Swan Song the rarest event? I'm using cheat mode to explore some stuff and I've only seen it once after all the time I've been looking around. Are there some hidden prerequisites?



I have probably put 100+ hours into this game and have never encountered the even you are referring to. What exactly is Swan Song?




minimum age <=14 and it seems to be a onetime event

the bullslave rape scene is pretty rare aswell



That's poor realism, then, especially if the slave has been undernourished.

During famines there have been cases of people continuing to gain height until they reach 30 or so, but after that point their body just kinda gives up.



I should say, even without problems like undernourishment both sexes can continue to physically develop well into their 20s.

It's a lot more subtle, but it does happen.



A reasonable estimate of high density futuristic farming would allow ~40,000 people to be fed from a single square km of space, and that's assuming no stacking.

By layering crops in a high volume modern warehouse, you could easily feed hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in a paramodern mega-structure.



well then I guess that should be the final upgrade to the farm then.



Making name changing work was easy to fix, assigning an agent not so much even though the passage does produce any visible errors and debugging makes it look as if all is well.


Aren't the special forces supposed to be on the sidebar? I can get there via the elevator in the penthouse, but there's no sidebar option.




See >>351324, specifically under the security tab.


File: 41e9717d361bf97⋯.swf (159.8 KB, mod_editSlaveCheatNew.swf)

so i've added the Genequirks to mod_editSlaveCheatNew.tw

there is a deactivated textbox for heterochromia inside the code but someone would have to edit a check into the cleanup part

hope someone could add that to the git



Will get it sometime tonight or tomorrow.






I added it in now.



thanks alot and due to the git changelog i found a minor issue :

line 4095 needs <<set _genqR = 0>> at the end



Got it.



im okay with that, that way mixed children will become accepted in society, but only as second class citizens.


>-enabled weight gain/loss genetic quirks

was it genetic all along? brb apologizing to tumblr.



Bring back this anon's suggestion, more space is a wish of mine.


Slaves shouldn't take a trust HIT from slave goo (unless you mean the existing hit from announcing the effects), rather they should get a small boost if their bodies remain able to process solids. If you implement that you have to account for how long newly recruited slaves have been on slave diets before arriving, a hidden variable for goo dependence, and potentially serious impacts of the food not being engineered to include aphros.


For a diverse diet expected by modern living standards, that gets cut down a lot. Even more when you remember you need to provide meat, processed food, presumably some fish, and luxury crops to satisfy the upper class and millionaires. Your lower class can live on space-efficient Meat(tm) steaks and hydroponic nutri-veggies and potatoes, sure. Your upper class won't be happy if they can't take an elevator down to the markets and come back up with a bag of strawberries, grapes, oranges, and a rotisserie chicken for that night's dinner. That being said, you shouldn't lose a dozen citizens on week 15 because some freak weather cut off raspberry supplies for one week, and I think you should be able to do everything without a farm until about the point where weather cladding is a requirement to survive. Full self-sufficiency would be very expensive but could make your citizens happier, healthier, more loyal, and willing to stay during/after extreme weather strikes in the late game. At that point you have more money than you know what to do with and the only thing left to improve is retention of the richest. I think expanding the physical footprint of the arcology on top of farming could open the door to huge populations, which is a step closer to fulfilling my headcanon of my single-building arcology eventually expanding into a city block-sized haven from the elements.


applying braces from the RA is broken and the tattoo bleach setting is missing. New save on newest git





just something i noticed in regard to this >>351280

when you save inside the gene edit window with the slaveslist

the savefile will get this name : <% if(SugarCube.State.variables.surnameOrder != 1) { %><% if(["Cambodian", "Chinese",…



>For a diverse diet expected by modern living standards, that gets cut down a lot.

Indeed. This can serve as a small penalty for feeding your slaves normal food instead of the addictive paste or whatever they are eaiting usually. Yeah, you can be nice to your property, but it will cost you a bit, as it always does.



These are physical malfunctions resulting in overproduction/underproduction of certain compounds. It happens every now and then, so of course its a common excuse.


RA is still under heavy work, specifically the surgery side. Brands are under their own overhauling as well.


I don't understand its code and have no idea what it wants. That makes some sense though as it takes the first line for the save name.



>That makes some sense though as it takes the first line for the save name.

ah okay thought it might have helped

so i want to ask again if it would be possible to add this loop to the end of mod_EditSlaveCheatDatatypeCleanupNew.tw

<span id="spot">
<<link "Gene edit ?">>
<<replace #spot>>
<<set _tempCheattext = "Slave not found!">>
<<for _i = 0; _i< $genePool.length;_i++>>
<<if $activeSlave.ID == $genePool[_i].ID>>
<<set $genePool[_i] = clone($activeSlave)>>
<<set _tempCheattext = "Slave found and replaced !">>
<<print _tempCheattext>>

so that we can copy our edited slaves into the genepool as a whole

i tend to rework slaves completely and without that i'm not able to breed them as the offspring doesn't share the new values



Too much cleanup required to dump useless variables to do it directly like that.



why ? ain't the genePool just a direct copy of the slaves starting values ?

i mean if i check the pool inside the games console it looks like that, it even saves the slaves current clothing



It's not supposed to be. It is supposed to strip things like rules as they are completely unused.



on a fresh start the genepool has the currentRule array, im 99% sure it is just an exact copy of the starting stats of a slave

but i don't want to enforce something so i gonna drop the topic, you might have to check the code tho if it shouldn't be that way



By that I meant the space available for farming. Feeding the slaves you own (conservative example at 30) on upper class standards could take up space that could feed 400 lower class citizens. Real animals are REALLY expensive to keep relative to crops in terms of space required and resources needed to feed and remove waste. Imo the arcology should usually rely on imports to stay fed unless you invest heavily in agriculture, maybe at the expense of your manufacturing capabilities. I'd prefer being able to expand the physical space to accommodate both.


A modern fighter jet costs upward of 80m USD but apparently a giant robot can be purchased then fully upgraded and deployed frequently for like 120m ¤ including infrastructure needed to repair, house, and refuel the thing. I know it's the future where you can give a human being gene therapy, cyber prosthetics and then cure their cancer all for <100k but the SF upgrades don't make sense for a merc team of slavers and occasional defenders. Then again this coming from the guy who thinks the colonel would require the arcology owner to lose face by bringing along a thousand armed guards to follow him on his home turf and says the player goes around performing surgery on homeless people and makes business deals every time he takes a walk with her. If you really need to make every one of the PC's skills have an impact on a simple walk then just show one per walk. Or make use of the space with some interaction with the colonel herself, since she doesn't have much content apart from the first meeting and when she stops her hookers and blow to greet you. The mod is full of superfluous equipment text and could condense tons of upgrades into fewer but significantly more expensive levels. The FS influence system should reward low tension and especially not cause the colonel to jump ship without warning at 100%. Give warning at and above 70% that she's interpreting your actions as undermining her authority and is paying you less respect or has started dropping hints that she's losing trust in your leadership. Plus we have the option to choose her personality at the start but talking to her is a generic "you learn more about her". If you ever decide to get to that part then some of her discussions, though not all, should reflect her personality. Maybe a shell-shocked colonel is the only one that describes seeing her troops get hit with a fatal dose of radiation due to a bad order and had to watch them vomit blood and seize off and on for hours until they drowned in their own fluids, while the conscious ones cut their own throats to escape the pain of deep tissue burns across their entire body, or maybe she was pinned under rubble and her original team failed to navigate a minefield/got ambushed trying to make their way to rescue her. A cruel colonel wouldn't have a story shared by all the others about the time she barely survived a gamble to evacuate an unarmed enemy platoon, winning scores of trained allies to her side; to her it would have been a routine incident of leaving her foe for dead. Point being, the SF is just a boring economic tool at the moment. FS influence is a step in the right direction but it's another surface-level addition instead of a fleshed out piece of the existing system.


How can i know if a slave that i own has natural genitals or they are a result of a surgery operation? (implants)


File: 80b5db61ba8acc3⋯.jpeg (133.8 KB, 1201x2048, 1201:2048, D7uzd-5UEAETl_M.jpeg)

How many ccs is this?



Given that I don't know the USD-to-dollerydo conversion ratio, I don't have a problem with the prices so much as I have an issue with WTF the SF even is gonna do with all that shit.


File: 5e297df5998d93b⋯.png (240.47 KB, 1242x900, 69:50, 57c61de0cb00f8e5bd9e13a1f0….png)


I unironically like that image.

Between genetics, cybernetics and surgery, I'd fill my arcology with all manner of medical wonders.

Science hasn't gone far enough.


I've long wanted racial mix tracking for supremacist or subjugationist societies, with it not tracking a mixture below a certain percentage so you can breed them upwards and keep a hierarchy. White > quadroon > mulatto > black


The arcade doesn't seem to be making a dent in the lower class market demand



Around 400kcc, give or take. Depends on height too, but just assuming something average. The sag makes it hard to estimate.


That is a known issue.




i noticed this problem too. which file has the code for this?



At any given time, kangaroo currency is .75 to the usd and usually the same as canuckbucks. I agree though, the equipment is absurd. Sec mod is much closer to what you'd actually want to give troops: stims that don't kill 10 troops a week, special forces-tier weaponry, drones with tactical programming, whatever. I'm cool with the SF using helicopters and a couple jump jets with stealth mods or whatever, they can be rolled out of a hanger to lift off outside. It's fine to have armored cars and humvees. But there is no point in having a single super-tank or a space plane or a giant robot to secure trade routes or go on a raiding mission, like you're saying. How do you even upgrade the satellite anyway? Drop it into the nearest body of water to retrieve, slap some new parts in, and launch it back up in a shuttle the same week? Hire some spacemen to do it while staying in orbit?



I wish we could get that big and bigger. 50kcc doesn't seem like much relative to this. If you've hit the soft cap and you're only growing by gigantomastia then do factors like weight have any impact any more?




If she wasn't a magical shipgirl she would've died from the heart attack instantly. Speaking of, if doctor-anon is still here, at what volume of breast tissue the slave's health will deteriorate? And how much the damage will increase with said volume increasing further? With the amount of milk our slaves seem to produce is it possible to consume and more importantly digest enough to negate the its deficiency?I know, that this are hard questions since there was ittle to no irl research to take data from, but at least an educational guess will be if not helpful, than at the very least interesting.

P.S. will the "connection" (i don't know how it is actually called) between the breasts and the rest of the body increase as well, or it remains the same no matter what? If so, i dread to imagine the amount of blood that is getting transferred through this "corridor".



It's fixed now. It was trying to use $genePool instead of the current slave and thus ignoring induced quirks.


They'll ground a slave eventually due to weight. I do plan to up the cap to 100kcc, which is what the hyper gigantomastia is aiming for.



Obviously. Same goes for owning a 1600lb slave with a 6ft dick and max t&a size or any human with 40 kids in their womb and constantly producing more. Doesn't matter. As for diet, sure. Just keep puttin in more of the right stuff as she puts out more milk.



She can put them on a platform truck and wheel them around, or have someone/something do it for her. Give her the remote control. 100kcc is a little smaller than I'd hoped to be frank. I wanted to make that pic happen.



Maybe in the farther future. Just increasing the cap to 100kcc will be a lot of work.



>Same goes…

Of course. I just wondered at which point (25k, 50k, 100k etc) the real damage, that can be expressed through health hits in the game, starts. And how it increases with the size of forementioned bodyparts. Breasts just seemed easier to estimate. If it is impossible to even guess - eh, that was expected. But if you have at least a rough estimate (even better if not only for breasts) - it would be very appreciated.

>Doesn't matter.

For an autistic chimpanzees like myself it does. Pregnancy damage is already implemented and seems more or less realistic (it is, right?). Even if pregmodder will never add health penalties for oversized bodyparts, i can always add this to my game myself. I just wanted to know opinion of a person, who understands medicine.



I'll consider things when I expand the range again.



After thinking about it further, maybe it would be better to stantardise the size measurments of bodyparts first? There was a project of converting ass sizes to cc as well. If all bodyparts will have the same size measurment method, there will be no need to assign health penalties individually, but to the amount of excess flesh as a whole, since all of it is equally demanding on the heart (except pregnancy since it is far more demanding on the body as a whole). At least, i think that is how it works. Maybe i am wrong. What say you, medic-anon?



Not medic-anon, but you have to consider other effects as well. Consider how much strain gigantic breasts will put on a back thanks to gravity versus an ass of the same size? Location matters a lot, especially since implants don't increase flesh.



I ignored it since the slave will be immobilized and laying in the specially designed bed anyway. At best, slave will be able to move through artificial/mechanical means. So i am not sure, that damage to the skeleton is an issue.


Ive seen a couple references to a bullslave rape scene here, but I couldn't actually find any evidence of it in the code. anyone know if it actually exists?


File: 41eda2d5dfe07e0⋯.swf (244 KB, free-cities-20190530-23461….swf)

Next week just never quite generates. The game began on mobile, but the same happens when I transfer the save file to desktop or if I try other browsers. Do I have a bugged slave somewhere who's breaking things?



I think BC is breaking something. Will report.



I am currently in libreOffice attempting to answer these questions to the best of my abilities. I really enjoy these kinds of hypotheticals so you're gonna get a decent volume of text to chew through and hopefully find useful. I am always hanging around these threads, I love this game.



You are truly a man of culture.


File: 7b91d024afc4b5b⋯.png (531 KB, 497x732, 497:732, 200% GLAD.png)


My esl-ness prevents me from thanking you appropriatly and fully convey my gratitude. I am looking forward for the results of your research



Issue is with subordinate slaves. Don't use them for now and you'll be fine.

Looking into the why now.




Issue can be resolved by removing the slave from serving your other slaves and reassigning her to it again to refresh things.



Way, way too many


>How do you even upgrade the satellite anyway?

I'd assume you launch a shuttle (or use a space elevator, if this future has those) to upgrade it in space. What do I know, though


It's there, unless it's been removed in the last few months, which I highly doubt - I believe it's in PESS, if you're looking for it.



The problem with estimating that is that the body parts already ignore some rules of anatomy. Introducing health damage (at least while the breasts adapt) to what are already magical body parts is a bit odd to me.

On a semi-related note, I finally found an example of extreme breasts with confirmed volume in cc's. Most cursory google searches only list cup sizes which are very unreliable. https://www.instagram.com/p/BNAVPQRD32q/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Apparently each has 10k of saline inside, which gives me a better mental picture of what 50kcc's looks like as well as the potential 100kcc's in the future. I think the boteslut image may be less than 100kcc with this in mind and considering that character is shorter than this woman. Her instagram also shows how her breasts connect to her chest and shoulders, and personally I think she's disgusting to look at. For reference she's 5'6". I hope this helps some other people too.



Lets start with some math.

The average density of fat is .9 g/ml.

As as assumption, let's say that the difference between density of dense breast tissue (fibroglandular tissue) and adipose fat isn't super important. We're just looking for a ball park.

We can find mass from density and volume using the following equation

D * V = M

Plugging in the density of adipose fat and the volum given in-game we get the following (keeping in mind that 1ml = 1cc)

.9 g/ml * 50000ml = 45000g

4500 grams equals approximately 99.2 lbs.

So we can reasonably say that a slave at the old cap of 50,000cc has about 198lbs of tit-meat hanging off thier chest, with each breast weighing 99lbs each (when emptied of all the delicious milk therein).

So why is this important?

The first documented case of gigantomastia was recorded in 1670 and resulted in the patient's death.

You can find the original documentation here: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rstl.1669.0048

One of her breasts was removed and weighed post-mortem. It apparently weighed 64lbs. They eye-balled the other at about 40lbs. Reading through this we can see that she had “lost her stomach and rest several weeks before” and was “exceedingly emaciated”. She also complained a lot about how big she was getting (reasonable!). So at about half the cap we see in-game this patient experienced a loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping, which may have as much to do with her emaciation and eventual death as the size of her breasts. It’s difficult to say right? I’m sure you can imagine the quality of medical documentation in 1670. But we do know that gigantomastia can result in death. The modern approach to treatment involves a partial or complete mastectomy long before a patient’s breasts reach such a size.

Now let’s consider the most likely health issues that would arise from growth at this scale. Blood supply wouldn’t necessarily be an issue in the short-term as a healthy body is capable of producing as much blood as it needs to maintain homeostasis. Unless there is a long term vitamin deficiency or disease factor that results in anemia (HIV/Leukemia) our cow slave should be fine. But what about the ability of that blood to reach all throughout those magnificent titties? Here we could look at the effects of extreme obesity as a simple corollary.

Now we can talk about health risks.

Lets say our slave cow is a 22 year old of average height, 160cm or approximately 63in, and nicely plush at 140lbs with a flat chest. Her BMI comes out to 24.8, just below overweight but still normal. Now a year later she’s at the growth cap of 50,000cc as beautiful creamy white rivers streaming from her engorged nipples and down her massive breasts to pool between her… ahem. If we add the additional weight from our original calculation we see that she now weighs 239.2 lbs. She now has a BMI of 42.34 and is now in a state of class 3 obesity, or specifically morbidly obese. If her breasts continue to grow to the new 100000cc cap she will be classified as super obese. Now we can talk about our slave in the same manner we would talk about any morbidly obese patient while adjusting for our scenario.


>>351718 cont

So what does this mean for our pretty little moo-slave? We can rule out myocardial infarction (heart attack) as long as we keep her cholesterol in check with diet and future-science. She’ll definitely have an increased risk of hypertension, which is associated with obesity through a number of mechanisms. She may also be at risk of developing a thromboembolism or pulmonary embolism. These are blood-clots that form in areas of a great-enough distance from the heart that blood is slow moving. When they return to their point of origin (the heart or the lungs) they are large enough to form a blockage that can be fatal depending on the embolism’s dimensions. This wouldn’t be an issue for our slave’s breasts, but instead their legs. Without regular exercise the chances of an embolism forming in the femoral artery or vein and traveling north into the heart become a reality. This leads to a more immediate concern. The slow movement of blood in her gigantic tits would likely result in thrombosis within the veins of her breasts, leading to ischemia (insufficient supply of oxygen/nutrients) and necrosis of the surrounding tissue. If those are untreated she’s going to either lose those tits or die to the resulting infection. How you might treat this depends on the level of science fiction you want to engage in, but administering anti-coagulants and thrombolysis is how we do it in the present.

The issue of sufficient blood flow also comes into play with her biggest risk factor, congestive heart failure. As her breasts grow her heart will become overloaded by the amount of work and volume blood it is required to pump. Eventually her heart muscles will become weakened and stretched, incapable of contracting sufficiently to maintain blood flow throughout the body. This kind of heart disease is generally classified in stages, and as her breasts grow her condition will gradually progress to the point that without a heart transplant she will die. Along the way she will exhibit increasingly insufficient blood flow throughout her body and develop a host of issues including the ones discussed above.

It should be noted that I swept over quite a few obesity related diseases that could reasonably be applied here, including a lot of joint paint and mobility issues, but the stuff I covered above is what jumped out at me as issues of immediate concern.


File: 4476264d27741f6⋯.png (140.66 KB, 476x234, 238:117, You, uncultured swine.png)


>Way, way too many

There is no such thing as a too big breasts.



Keep in mind that saline and breast tissue have different densities so their mass and visual size are going to be a bit different.



Must be super cheap to land the sat and launch a shuttle every time. I suspect no space elevator due to weather.


File: afe35bcf2138a7a⋯.gif (378.53 KB, 245x245, 1:1, It's so beautiful.gif)




You are a fucking hero! Ok, treating this as obesity makes things much easier. We already have the health penalties for that with forementioned heart problems in mind. Not a 100% realistic of course, but good enough. There are two problems though: 1) obesity is measured in range from -100 to 200, while breasts are in cc; 2) because of it, it is unclear what breast sizes correspond with different obesity levels. Btw here is the code:

obesity levels

	&#x27;&#x27;Weight (-100 to 200):&#x27;&#x27;
&lt;&lt;if $tempSlave.weight &gt; 190 &gt;&gt;
@@.red;extremely obese@@
&lt;&lt;elseif $tempSlave.weight &gt; 160 &gt;&gt;
@@.red;very obese@@
&lt;&lt;elseif $tempSlave.weight &gt; 130 &gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $tempSlave.weight &gt; 95&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $tempSlave.weight &gt; 30&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $tempSlave.weight &gt; 10 &gt;&gt;
@@.yellow;pleasingly curvy@@
&lt;&lt;elseif $tempSlave.weight &gt;= -10&gt;&gt;
@@.yellow;neither too fat nor too skinny@@
&lt;&lt;elseif $tempSlave.weight &gt;= -30&gt;&gt;
@@.yellow;pleasingly thin@@
&lt;&lt;elseif $tempSlave.weight &gt;= -95&gt;&gt;
@@.red;too skinny@@

health hits due to obesity

&lt;&lt;if $slaves[$i].weight &gt;= 100&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if $slaves[$i].weight &gt; 190&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if $slaves[$i].curatives != 1&gt;&gt;
$His extreme obesity @@.red;directly affects@@ $his health.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 2&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if random(1,200) &lt; 5&gt;&gt;
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to $his weight this week. After extensive surgery, $his health was stabilized, though $his survival is not assured.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 80&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $slaves[$i].weight &gt; 160&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if $slaves[$i].curatives != 1&gt;&gt;
$His obesity @@.red;directly affects@@ $his health.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health--&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if random(1,200) &lt; 5&gt;&gt;
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to $his weight this week. After extensive surgery, $his health was stabilized.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 40&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $slaves[$i].weight &gt; 130&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if random(1,200) &lt; 5&gt;&gt;
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to $his weight this week. After some rest, $he recovered.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 20&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $slaves[$i].weight &gt; 95&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if random(1,200) &lt; 5&gt;&gt;
$He experienced @@.red;minor@@ health complications due to $his weight this week. After some rest, $he recovered.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 5&gt;&gt;

code is taken from the html file btw

Interested about your thoughts on it. Are health risks of obesity represented correctly for a porn game? And if it is not much trouble can you continue linking obesity levels with breast sizes, like 190 weight = xxxxx cc, 160 weight = yyyyy cc, etc?

As for joint pain and mobility issues, i thought, that the game represented them well enough.

>The problem with estimating that is that the body parts already ignore some rules of anatomy. Introducing health damage (at least while the breasts adapt) to what are already magical body parts is a bit odd to me.

Can you elaborate on ignored rulesof anatomy? Also health damage gives me another kinky way to punish slaves while also allowing me to treat slaves as humans and not cartoon characters. In short - biological realism is my fetish. I try to not autistically screech for a completely accurate representation of rl in the game, but some little things, that allow me to think "yeah, that can happen", while being able to handwave the rest as "things, that are possible in near future with a good health care" are always welcome.

P.S. Hold on, "breasts adapt"? We can have a breast adaptation now as well? How much an organism/heart can adapt to this?




Upgrading the satellite can currently only be done on earth once launched it can not be upgraded any more, nor can it be brought back down.

>I'd assume you launch a shuttle (or use a space elevator, if this future has those) to upgrade it in space.

At least the space elevator, would very liekly break FCDev's 'rule' on the world's technological state.


Is there a way to make a slave younger than 8 with the NCS?



The health complication mechanics for weight are a reasonable representation of the long term health effects that arise with obesity. As for linking weight and obesity, BMI is actually a ratio of height to body mass, which means the values shift as a person gets taller/shorter and heavier/lighter.

That said, I crunched some numbers and for a slave weighing 140 lbs, 63 in tall, and a flat chest she would be classified as follows throughout her treatment:

W: 140 lbs B: 0 cc BMI: 24.8 (Just below overweight)

W: 169.3 lbs B: 15,280 cc BMI: 30 (moderately obese)

W: 197.6 lbs B: 29,500 cc BMI: 35 (severely obese)

W: 225.8 lbs B: 43,720 cc BMI: 40 (very severely obese)

W: 254 lbs B: 57,945 cc BMI: 45 (morbidly obese)

W: 282.2 lbs B: 72,165 cc BMI: 50 (super obese)

W: 338.7 lbs B: 100611 cc BMI: 60 (hyper obese)

Have fun and remember that the game is quite fun as is. I'm not a dev but its not hard to see that alot of the suggestions that come up here would be a massive undertaking on top the shit load of work they already put in.


File: 8f52498bf6c1ae6⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 328x201, 328:201, Magnifique.jpg)


>Have fun and remember that the game is quite fun as is.

Doesn't mean we should stop adding stuff improving it. Not neceseraly a massive undertaking btw:

&lt;&lt;if $slaves[$i].boobs &gt;= 15000&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if $slaves[$i].boobs &gt; 60000&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if $slaves[$i].curatives != 1&gt;&gt;
The size of $his ridiculously gigantic mammaries @@.red;directly affects@@ $his health.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 2&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if random(1,200) &lt; 5&gt;&gt;
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After extensive surgery, $his health was stabilized, though $his survival is not assured.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 60&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $slaves[$i].boobs &gt; 40000&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if $slaves[$i].curatives != 1&gt;&gt;
The size of $his gigantic mammaries @@.red;directly affects@@ $his health.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health--&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if random(1,200) &lt; 5&gt;&gt;
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After extensive surgery, $his health was stabilized.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 30&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $slaves[$i].boobs &gt; 30000&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if random(1,200) &lt; 5&gt;&gt;
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After some rest, $he recovered.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 10&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;elseif $slaves[$i].boobs &gt; 15000&gt;&gt;
&lt;&lt;if random(1,200) &lt; 5&gt;&gt;
$He experienced @@.red;minor@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After some rest, $he recovered.
&lt;&lt;set $slaves[$i].health -= 5&gt;&gt;

The hardest part was to not blind myself when editing it in the "reply" window. Same is for other bodyparts if/when we measure them properly since the descriptions of asses give too little information on volume to be able to build a similar chart. This is of course a rough estimates. I am sorry to bother you again, but i hope this is the last time this week: can you link breast sizes to a weight levels in the game specifically since there are only obese, very obese and extremely obese. No, not to translate it directly since there seems to be more damage levels for breasts, than for weight, but it might significantly help with measuring an appropriate health damage for each breast size limit.

In any case you were a tremendous help. I hope you will let us to use your knowledge again. Thank you very much.


File: a1838894a5adfb7⋯.gif (21.22 KB, 1187x139, 1187:139, Untitled-1.gif)

I'm seeing a problem wherein slaves allowed to pick their own assignment, when they pick "serve the public," will draw 0 customers. Those directly assigned to serve the public appear to work normally.

I tried to code-dive to figure out the issue myself, but unfortunately I didn't have much luck. My only guess is that slaveJobValues may not be running for them, but as to why…



Yes there is, it's called "anything over F cup". B is roughly ideal, A/flat is second, then a declining gradient. Whatever image of breasts is in your mind this instant is probably in the negatives on the quality scale. Die asset expansionists, slimness will rule


I think it just shrinks them to your minimum age limit, maybe whatever's pre-puberty. I shot up a 4 year old and she turned 3.


In context of the game, the sat gets used during weeks but can be upgraded as often as you want. It's ridiculous.




The woman I mentioned in my initial post had breasts in the range of 65000 cc. They actually mention that when they dissected her that the tissue seemed healthy enough, so I guess you could say that ischemia and necrosis weren't an issue at that point.

If we loosely equate BMI to what we see in the existing code I'd say the following:

30-60,000 cc = 96 - 130 (fat)

60-75,000 cc = 130 - 160 (obese)

75-90,000 cc = 160 - 190 (very obese)

90+ = 190+ (dangerously obese)

That's all just spit-balling though.

This ladies breasts apparently weighed as much as "two small children" before they got lopped off: https://youtu.be/lp8zFcGxZ3A

That's a pretty broad range but your average 2yr old is about 25lbs, meaning you might be looking at 50,000 cc breasts right there.



If the satellite is big enough, and geostable, it would be a measure of sending up a team or drones with parts on a small rocket, then applying the necessary upgrades mid-flight. We fixed the Hubble telescope, after all.



It has to do with where choose their own assignment is located in the code. I think it needs to be dug up again.




Just remembered, it should work fine after the first week.


Is there a particular reason my cows in a slimness enthusiast dairy are becoming emaciated or did I just stumble onto a bug?I do have the maintain smaller size setting active and decoration is set to slimness enthusiasm because I needed it to combat that FS failing on me for no apparent reason. Last I checked, it was slimness enthusiasm, not starve to death enthusiasm, and emaciated weight is a health malus.



No wonder I have to correct their health every week because it dropped during the end of week phase.



An extremely expensive endeavour that requires more than a whim of planning.


File: 39f1366b885a9e5⋯.png (27.6 KB, 1045x383, 1045:383, Untitled.png)

Git compiled maybe 20 min ago. Getting this for every diplomacy option.


File: 963c18ce19ae5bc⋯.png (20.23 KB, 1038x349, 1038:349, N1DIU2A.png)


Ran BC out of curiosity and now I'm getting this.



This changes things. Health maluses will be significantly reduced. Also i found this, another severe case of gigantomastia: Annie Hawkins-Turner aka Norma Stitz. I couldn't find any health related articles about her, but her breasts combined weighted 38 kg, almost 85lbs combined. She is one of the few who hadn't got a reduction so i hoped there would be more medical data on her.

>ischemia and necrosis weren't an issue at that point

Yeah it seems that this things are not as common in this condition. Maybe they are exclusive to only one type of mastia? Unlikely, but who knows?

An improved version:

<<if $slaves[$i].boobs >= 15000>>
<<if $slaves[$i].boobs > 90000>>
<<if $slaves[$i].curatives != 1>>
The size of $his ridiculously gigantic mammaries @@.red;directly affects@@ $his health.
<<set $slaves[$i].health -= 2>>
<<if random(1,200) < 5>>
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After extensive surgery, $his health was stabilized, though $his survival is not assured.
<<set $slaves[$i].health -= 80>>
<<elseif $slaves[$i].boobs > 75000>>
<<if $slaves[$i].curatives != 1>>
The size of $his gigantic mammaries @@.red;directly affects@@ $his health.
<<set $slaves[$i].health-->>
<<if random(1,200) < 5>>
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After extensive surgery, $his health was stabilized.
<<set $slaves[$i].health -= 40>>
<<elseif $slaves[$i].boobs > 60000>>
<<if random(1,200) < 5>>
$He experienced @@.red;severe@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After some rest, $he recovered.
<<set $slaves[$i].health -= 20>>
<<elseif $slaves[$i].boobs > 45000>>
<<if random(1,200) < 5>>
$He experienced @@.red;minor@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After some rest, $he recovered.
<<set $slaves[$i].health -= 10>>
<<elseif $slaves[$i].boobs > 30000>>
<<if random(1,200) < 5>>
$He experienced @@.red;minor@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After some rest, $he recovered.
<<set $slaves[$i].health -= 5>>
<<elseif $slaves[$i].boobs > 15000>>
<<if random(1,200) < 5>>
$He experienced @@.red;minor@@ health complications due to the sheer size of $his breasts this week. After some rest, $he recovered.
<<set $slaves[$i].health -->>

If this gets implemented, will it be behind the "dangerous pregnancy" toggle or it, and other possible additions of health penalties for hyper-bodybarts, will have a separate one? Speaking of, medic-anon can you share your thoughts on hyperpregnancy penalties and bursting limits in the dangerous pregnancy mode?




Will look into it.


I'd go separate. Possible expand on what is currently the drug side effects toggle to general side effects. I'd also argue that implants would not affect health the same way.

Furthermore, different major complications would be needed. The weight based ones imply massive heart attack.



Why not use switch case if you're evaluating same statement? Especially when sugarcube's switch is noob friendly with automatic return after each case.



Switch only handles comparisons. Also sugarcube's switch statement is not very efficient.


What's the best way to increase pregnancy adaptation?



I see. Implants indeed must have little to no impact on heart. Then changing it to $slaves[$i].boobs-$slaves[$i].boobsImplant >= 15000 etc should do the trick. As for different complications, medic-anon said what i suspected and hoped to be true - that hyperbodyparts have similar problems to obesity, so at the very least breasts and ass/lipidema should be covered. Dicks and balls - not sure. I'll wait his opinion.


Because i am not a codder. I just copy-pasted an already existing piece of code and changed it a bit.


To be pregnant. Maybe there can be some genetic quirk and/or surgery for natural high preg adaptation, as a part of Repopulationist research perhaps, but i wouldn't hold my breath.




Should be fixed now.


Pregnancy. Actual answer is being stretched to her limit, either by child or by implant.


Is there anyway to change the speed or how quickly people age?



Only newborns through the incubator and only to age them to the chosen age.



No, the same thing was happening week after week.



So I was looking over what I posted yesterday and there was a significant error in my math. In game values are for EACH breast. That means that this >>351743 (and as a result >>351764)

is wonky. I will try to post a correction later tonight. The simple correction is that the volumes in that post are combined, which puts a slave at the 50,000 cap in the range of hyper obese. I'll try to post a super clear summation of what you're looking for and correct my mistakes.



On tissue damage as size increases, I can almost promise you that those conditions are going to be guaranteed past a certain threshold of growth. I just doubt any human has ever reached that size. I do recall reading a case study of an very young Chinese girl that experienced hypertrophic breast growth exhibiting tissue damage and circulation issues. The issue was that her ~10 yr old heart couldn't sufficiently pump blood through her beyond-adult bust.



How can I get virginity branding and multibranding working?

I just see the standard brand option.



You wait for it to be merged.


What's the threshold for large assets on a bodyguard slave? IE what's the biggest they can be before they start getting penalized?



The same for stacked in the brothel I believe.

So Butt > 4 or Boobs > 800.



However! If I manually set them to public service for a week, and then allow them to choose their own assignment again, they do attract the public. I suspect that the numbers they attract will fail to change over time, though.


File: 269501dc911c588⋯.jpg (118.11 KB, 964x486, 482:243, arcology.jpg)


Fcdev was a furfag/actual fag that turned the game into a propaganda simulator rather than focus on actual lewd gameplay. He could be making mad money on patreon if he stuck to it and actually tried to make it the way it should have been but no. Thats why pregmod and lolimod exist, the game is the hgg communities baby now.


What level of cuckoldry is it considered when you take a married couple then impregnate the husband up the ass?



It's up there with taking virginity of the wife before her husband does or getting knocked up with husband's seed before his wife does.



Largest I've had without seeing complaints is 1950 boobs, 5 ass


Is there anyway to have numbers shown on their stats? Like How big is the slaves ass or oral skill?


If I were to mix one, or both, of the mastias and NCS, would it cancel out the asset shrinking aspect of NCS?


Is there any way to influence the physical assets of who your troops will get from the 3 location raiding event? Or is it just a bunch of randomness?



Description Options, granular stats.


Sad day. The rebellion of the troops in the neighboring country procced the same week as the royal blood event and the 250k I sent the general means I don't have enough to get who I want. Womp Womp…



So um… interesting exploitable side note with the new raiding options associated with the royal blood event. By having my troops take everything of value and destroy my trade, I can knock my arcology value back to 0 which drops the value of all the sections of my arcology to minimum to allow me to cheaply buy everything…






What about weight affecting assets size rule?



That I don't recall. I'll need to look into that.


File: d22526ea15d28fb⋯.png (108.28 KB, 1535x422, 1535:422, lover.PNG)

I know its a small thing and they're the results of 2 different conditions, but is there any particular reasons why mood improvements from the base of carrying your lover's child is really far in the text from the boost from perverted and carrying your family member's child?



Old code, probably.



One is in the pregnancy block and the other is filed under the pervert quirk's effects.



Ah, that makes sense.

Btw, in the current version on git Rep and Auth on the side bar no longer have commas when Numeric formatting is enabled.


So apparently the current git rules assistant seems to be using intensive version of the drugs no matter what. I've already got the hyper and I'm even changing the rules to "no intensive" and its still giving all my slaves intensive drugs.



>Btw, in the current version on git Rep and Auth on the side bar no longer have commas when Numeric formatting is enabled.

Noted, a MR is already up to address that.



Yah, that's actually a valid tactic to jeopardize your own arcology and buy it out for cheap and then build the economy back which won't be too hard.


>find a 42 year old milf

>she's literally perfect

>turn my degradation-style society into a paternalist one for her

>marry her

>select "next week"

>She turns 44, retires and disappears from the game forever


I did reload the previous week and extended the retirement age, but is there a way to keep a slave after she retires?



Clone her and brain transfer the original into the clone body?


File: a781628828df747⋯.png (164.18 KB, 428x368, 107:92, t9h2dmviuzc21.png)

I've been wondering, is there a way to make the rival a relative of the pc?



That would be a pretty hot option, if it could be done.


hottest thing would be a rent revamp.




Where is the internal problem when creating relatives of the PC? Or is that an old issue that was resolved already? We can create PC clones, so I'm not sure if the problem still exists nowadays.



I didn't know there was a problem with creating pc relatives.

You can make starting slaves related to the pc so I thought you could do it with the rival.


While I was browsing for a way of looking at body measurements I found this site, I'm sure someone here can find a use for it.




Treading on the player's backstory.


I'll think about it. Maybe a siblings question in the intro to allot a number of slots to use.

I just don't want to spring a surprise brother you didn't know you had on a player, you know? Sort of trashes any history the player has thought up for the PC.


Looks like it is build around fat distribution. So to build up something, it takes from elsewhere. Not so useful when you start considering how assets are expanded in game.


File: 44939a5e39b0931⋯.png (103.77 KB, 503x744, 503:744, Screenshot_2019-06-01-10-3….png)


My slave had better not look like this.



This is the ideal body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


File: 134f246a5ad1368⋯.png (241 KB, 990x1387, 990:1387, Screenshot (68).png)



Not enough, but a good effort.



Got any more of these pics?



Yep, can confirm.

Also mad respect for introducing the detailed revenue table per facility, makes it easy to see who is profitable and who should be worked on.




Fix went through for something related to it. Not sure if they exact issue was fixed or not though.


File: c698b459228eb8b⋯.png (5.74 KB, 867x63, 289:21, 1524448695746.PNG)

File: a591ecade671a16⋯.png (2.44 KB, 507x41, 507:41, 1449805520967.PNG)

File: 3f14c1ab4da8e72⋯.png (6 KB, 957x82, 957:82, 1454764039938.PNG)


Yeah, it works now, but if you have any size presets they'll overwrite them which is annoying and they also don't use the best drugs available.

Second pic, for some reason description is set as

>You turned $his into a slave $$$girl after $he fell into debt to you.

Dunno if that's already fixed or not.

Pic 3 before "slightly increases your reputation as a slaveowner."

<<for _brandName, _brand range $activeSlave.brand>> 				_brandName 				<<break>> /* Just list the first one that pops up for now */ 			<</for>>

Also a suggestion to match slave's eyebrow color with their hair automatically when their race is changed. Although that seems to happen in some cases, but not all of them.

And another thing - I assumed that slaves in the club of the chosen supremacist race won't receive penalties but that's not the case which is dumb. Especially so under Edo revivalism where club is supposed to be a prestigious geisha-tier facility.


Also shouldn't slimness enthusiasm make an exception for cows in the diary under pastoralism? At least with policy or whatever.


I have a question about growth mechanics. If I start w/ a 16 year old slave but don't activate "slaves will grow as they age", gigantism won't do anything at all, correct? And to get the maximum benefits of gigantism you would need a ~12 yr old to start puberty and ride out their growth until they hit the 274 cap?



Something like that, yes.


Selling 10% of neighbor arcology gives the same amount of money as if you sold just 1%.



No, those slaves have to maintain girlish/slim proportions while giving milk.


File: 798650e298e2a65⋯.png (1.46 KB, 292x27, 292:27, 1450403119038.PNG)

When you visit male's slave page with he as pronoun and then go back to the main screen, every description pronoun starts using he as well. Also pic.


I'm getting issues where a slave I shot full of every fertility multiplier possible no longer has pregnancy interactions. It says they're fertile but all I can do is put them on/take off contraceptives. I can't have her impregnate anyone, including herself, and I can't harvest eggs. I went into cheat mode to check on her and everything seems fine in stats and edit. She is not sterile, past puberties and implants don't seem to be interfering. Any ideas?



The main screen is the summary cache displaying the current values in those variables. That will take some thought. Second is being looked into.


Save file for testing.



>men exercising makes them shorter

>women exercising makes them taller

Is that true?



Exercise can't affect your physical height, except for maybe in extremely rare cases.


Couldn't find this mentioned anywhere:

>As an expert prostitute, she gets more money out of customers.

I'm getting this on completely unskilled slaves when they whore on the twine version.


File: 587a9867c8b11ca⋯.png (16.96 KB, 1008x120, 42:5, 1453443531166.PNG)

File: 58ff16f8a8fe9c6⋯.png (5.55 KB, 777x64, 777:64, 1488759642910.PNG)

Pics. Second one shows that size presets overwrites custom set growth drugs, which is annoying.



Don't let her retire is about all I can come up with unless you want to be keeping an eye on her every time she nears retirement age so you can do as >>352155 said. To do that, you would need to turn off aging or set it to semi aging. I personally only use semi aging since there is no content reliant on full aging. I retire slaves at my own pace, which is never, and don't have to monitor slaves I want to keep because it doesn't retire them without my say so.



Could be career.


Can I get a save file?


Choosing standard breast implants at the surgery implants string ones instead.



Remote surgery, right?


File: c07bf2e65978a94⋯.swf (634.72 KB, 1522548299549.swf)



Should be fixed now.


Thank you.


One time I saw that your agent can hold shares in the neighbor arcology, was that removed or…?


File: cecaa753b7d3843⋯.png (4 KB, 720x28, 180:7, shares.PNG)


According to my git build from yesterday its still there.


What exactly differentiates between different weight categories? I have 2 girls who are both at 74 and yet one is a bright red "Overweight" while the other is "Nicely chubby"



It's their hips. Wider hips make higher weights more attractive. Overweight = Nicely Chubby with very wide hips, and Fat = Pleasantly Soft and Shapely with inhumanely wide hips.


I started in a ravine, is it intentional that I can't do any diplomacy at all with the other free cities?


Is it intentional that you cant set your relatives in a new game+ with a new character?



It should still let you.


It is.



I only just realised that there is a new diplomacy button.

I thought I was going crazy.



Is this thing even possible to use legitimately? Tried to make a short woman and got instant goblin.


There's nothing in the change log except the initial groundwork, so just in case the change log is behind on this specific addition, was slave multi marriage ever finished or is that dead or on hold while other in progress sections are finished? Also, is there any way to avoid the rep hit for missing a shelter inspection? As it was the last time I bought from the shelter, I do this to have at least one slave for every market, the inspection event that comes with that slave treats not viewing it as if you did view it and got a negative result, which means a permanent hit to your rep as a bad owner. I'm not so sure that is such a good thing as, canonically speaking, it didn't happen unless you viewed the event and something that didn't happen should not have an effect at all.



You can also still access the other arcologies through the "View Neighbors" button in penthouse.


Should my character be my current age or my age in 2037? Which is more immersive?



Multi-slave marriages (unless they're marrying you) is definitely not a thing and as far as I know never was intended to be? Could be wrong, but I've certainly never heard of it being worked on.

As for the shelter, part of the contract in buying the slave so cheaply is that they can come and interview the slave whenever they want. So telling them that they can't is breaking the contract and so they won't let you buy any more. The actual canonical result of "not viewing" the event isn't that it doesn't happen. It's that you essentially walk away or don't participate. So canonically speaking, you walking away from the inspector is the same as not allowing them to view the slave which is again, a breach of your contract from purchasing the slave in the first place which means its exactly like it should be.

All that being said, unless you truly have done something horrible to the slave (put her in the arcade, mindbroken her, or have her in an industrial dairy) the inspector may not be happy with her current situation but since its a random event and could potentially happen the very next week where you haven't had time to fix anything, the shelter won't blacklist you.



That only allows you to view their descryption though, the only means to perform diplomancy is via the side bar option under Manage Arcology.




Extra note:

If you bought her mindbroken they'll expect her to still be mindbroken and won't be mad.

Also you can always F5 the event to randomize the slave they're visiting if you really want to cheat and not get blacklisted if they happen to pick the one slave you've broken.


So something i notice with the current rules assistant. If a rule is being applied to a slave and has a higher priority with a "no" selected on hyper drugs (even without any modifications actually being specified by that rule) then they will overwrite the selection of any lower priority rules that actually are modifying the slave.

So for example lets say I made an All Slaves rule with minimum priority to bring slaves to a certain level and used hyper drugs to do it with. I currently have to select "yes" for hyper drugs on every other rule that could potentially be applied, even if none of them are actually changing slave assets. Otherwise if any other rule is applied to a slave, they'll only use regular drugs. Haven't actually checked if this is the same with intensive as well, but would guess they're probably the same code?


is there a trick to breaking up slave relationships



Click on a slave to go to her personal page then scroll down to the bottom. Right above Media is "Relationship rules" Set this to restrictive on at least 1 of the 2 slaves and they will be forced to break off their relationship. It will drop 1 level per week and they will both get negative devotion and trust for it.



As long as I've used the shelter, it has been available every single week, which essentially means viewing any other event instead is in violation of the contract. When I say missing an inspection, I mean not even selecting it from the list of available events. I use cheat mode, so I get all available events instead of a single event at random. If, from that list, I do not choose the inspection, that's the same as just walking out on the inspector? I thought that was if you hit continue when the event pops up through either the random selection for non cheat mode games or from the player choosing the event from the list. Oh well, guess you just can't duck out on it. I'll either have to forgo the shelter, take the hit, only choose the inspection from now on, or use F5.



Problem is I've always got that set as default, and I have no idea how these two became lovers in the first place


Should a clone be labeled as a bastard child?


What exactly is the difference between "Marine" and "Oceanic" arcologies? Proximity to land or are they built differently?


I can't seem to unlock the black market. I'm on week 240 and have a reputation for 20000 but I still don;t see the black market option.



Perhaps they were generated that way? Did you get them as a couple from an event?


Oh, I thought you were talking about clicking continue on the event itself. If you're using cheatmode and never got an inspection then it should still be available unless you went with a degredationist FS in which case they won't sell to you on principle.


Go to Manage Personal Affairs and it should be at the very bottom. If its not then idk.



Not generated that way, one was the one I customised at the start, the other was by event


Something wonky going on with FS shops atm. If you convert a shop to represent 1 FS then swap to another the previous FS disappears from the list (and if you keep swapping they'll all vanish) until you convert it back to a regular store. The option to use the store's services also gives the text from the first FS you used.



Odd. I may have missed something.



My version is about 12 hours old at this point if you've changed something super recently, but i noticed the shops disappearing from the list on a version from a day or so ago as well. Just didn't get a chance to report it.



Can I get a save for testing?



I never use degradationism, always neutral on those two to both keep the wetware market and shelter available, though I do activate paternalism around week 100 to get the event tied to it and the DJ specialist slave that comes from that event. I also take that opportunity to upgrade the corporation's handling of slaves to utmost care. Then I drop that and go to asian subjugationism. No, when I mean skipping the inspection, I do mean from the events list from cheat mode. Three or four times not picking the inspection event does give me the rep hit as if I did choose it and got a negative result or just left the inspector hanging at the front gate. It's been that way for as long as I can remember and it definitely wasn't a pregmod change as it did this in vanilla as well.


Is it possible to provide our own code to the rules assistant for changing variables which there are no options for? I know you can do custom activation conditions put talking about custom settings. Or do I need to just open up the RA file to add them?


File: 19ef23471557bea⋯.swf (784.86 KB, free-cities-20190603-01162….swf)



Thank you.



Oh, thanks. The black market option used to be on the left hand bar previously, so I didn't know that it had been moved.




I see what the problem is. Nothing resets the tracking variables for them until you completely reset it. I'll set up something to handle it tomorrow.


It should still see on the sidebar under some of the manages. SFanon, would you review the sidebar?



Ah, sorry don't use cheatmode enough to know that.

Curious about why someone actually uses the wetware market. Maybe its just an aspect of me playing on max difficulty, but I tend to find that by the time you can either bodyswap them or get them implants to actually do their leadership job, you have either broken a regular slave for the same job or can afford to get them fulfilled (especially now that you can do fulfillment requests without needing like 12k rep or whatever it was). Which also makes me ask why you're getting a DJ from a particular FS event at week 100 (unless you just like that event chain?).




Its on the sidebar as well once you go to the Manage Personal Affairs. It just used to be there in its own right from the penthouse. Lot of people don't really know where things are now that the sidebar has been simplified.

Personally i find visiting the special forces firebase be the most annoying removal. End up going there a lot and having to visit the penthouse to then click on a link in the text is annoying. Only other alternative is Manage arcology -> Manage security -> firebase which is still a lot of clicks in its own right too.



The wetware market has some great slaves if you're willing to work out the few issues they have. The drawback is they are somewhat high maintenance from buying to completion of training. Not really a problem for me as I use cheat mode and can whip any slave into shape with a few clicks, but they are great slaves from the start in terms of the benefits they do come with. They're usually pretty intelligent for one.


>14 year old former video game streamer

She wasn't that hard to break, not at all. I'd had to keep her confined and naked for the first couple of weeks (not to mention on a diet!), but after a couple of weeks, she was willing to attend classes, and it didn't take very long before she became accepting, even devoted, and I'd started letting her wear short dresses. She'd even learned to start trusting me after I LASIK'd her eyes into better vision than human 'normal' and she learned that I wouldn't hurt her unless she disappointed me somehow.

One day, I was tired of the usual FCTV bullshit and realized that there could be a much better show.

"Jenny," I ordered her shortly after lunch, "go to the bathroom, and then sit in the broadcasting room. Use the equipment to stream yourself playing Darkest Souls 5 for the next six hours. You will not be disturbed by any other slave." Of course she knew how to do that; she'd been helping broadcast her Master's announcements for several weeks. She looked at me in a sort of ecstatic shock; not only was she being allowed to return to her old hobby, she was being ordered to do it!

I caught glimpses of the stream as I worked. She'd played the game before coming here, when the old world's electricity and internet connectivity still worked. She hadn't forgotten her old skills, and as she got to a particularly well-known boss, one she'd beaten before but often had trouble with, I entered the room; she paused the game and turned in surprise.

"Did I say you could stop playing? Unpause, and play. If you fail in my presence, I will give you a spanking you'll never forget," I told her, easily lifting her up by the sides and putting her under my lap. She gasped as I entered her under her dress, desperately trying to keep her attention on her controller and Gigabastard the Hellmurderer as I fucked her live on stream, her breasts cutely jiggling as I bounced her up and down on my dick, gently kissing her hair as I pounded her warm, soft twat.

I refrained from laughing out loud as I watched the screen in front of us. She hadn't even gotten hit; this was the best she'd ever played in her life. Being a Master means first mastering one's self, then one's slaves; I felt her inside, knew exactly what would cause her to orgasm, and timed our mutual orgasms just as she landed the final blow, her breath in throaty gasps and dress soaked with sweat. Kissing her again, I gave her a "Good job, sweetie," walking out of the room, leaving to wonder whether I'd do it again.



Also, just noticed the part of your comment on the event chain. I get my DJ from that event because the event is designed specifically to provide one much like the nurse event after the mercenary raid on the refugees if you raided the largest group, which is where I get my nurse.



>It should still see on the sidebar under some of the manages. SFanon, would you review the sidebar?

The link is under 'Manage Personal Affairs' and only requires that the PC's rep is >= 10,000.



1k rep and 5k credits and you can force the market to only sell you intelligent slaves. Another policy and they can all be pretty (something wetwear slaves will never be). So for 2k rep and the same price as her implants you can set up the other shops to give you superior slaves than the wetwear. Sure you have to cycle through a bunch of them and it will probably take you a number of weeks to find all of the leadership slots. But if you're filling all of those slots, its actually cheaper to get the policies than it is to do implants or bodyswaps. Both of which also require you to be quite a few weeks in to achieve (at least rep does on max difficulty). Basically means I get a superior slave (one who isn't ugly as sin) for some rep that i was going to spend anyway and less credits at least 30 weeks sooner than I could have made a wetwear slave even functional.

For me its just the fact that wetwear slaves are limbless that make the shop completely useless. They would be nice early game leadership fillers if getting them limbs didn't take longer than finding another superior slave.



Marine is just a city on the coast. Oceanic is built on water.



Interesting concept and just the sort of thing i can see happening..

Just a couple critiques.

Both the second sentence in the first paragraph and the last sentence in the 4th paragraph could really use some splitting. That is a lot of punctuation in those sentences and while the second one is still grammatically correct, the first one is a run-on. Perhaps a few less semi-colons overall as well. You use 5 within 14 sentences.

The last sentence could also use a transition between the speech and the action of walking. Otherwise pretty good.


Can someone please enlighten me as to what the fuck "eary" hair is?

I've never heard that adjective in my entire life and the game doesn't even try to describe it



It's a specific hair description that's used to add animal ears to slaves if you have the appropriate image pack.



Oh that makes a lot more sense now, heh


File: c8dc3c7c417baa2⋯.png (50.85 KB, 269x894, 269:894, Main-1280x1024-fullscreen.png)

File: 91293d57e4652bc⋯.png (49.35 KB, 255x851, 255:851, Main-1280x1024-window.png)

File: 837e04562e8f67e⋯.png (52.84 KB, 233x975, 233:975, Penthouse-1280x1024-fullsc….png)

File: 62f90b3239a6a0e⋯.png (50.88 KB, 269x880, 269:880, Penthouse-1280x1024-window.png)

File: 069301d31799994⋯.png (50.5 KB, 274x920, 137:460, Penthouse-1280x1024-window….png)


Would moving it (and mabye the rest of the 'Manage Arcology' and also 'Manage Personal Affairs') to be under 'Manage Penthouse' be of use, seeing as the penthouse is your BOP?

So in game it would lool like this


Policies [Y]

Universal Rules [V]

Future Societies [F]

Personal Assistant [T]

Manage Corporation [!]

Manage Penthouse [P]

Game Options [O]

FCE: How to Play

Manage Penthouse ->

Manage Corporation [!]


Pharmaceutical Fabricator

Organ Farm

Implant Manufactory

Gene Lab


Black Market


Manage Security

Game Options [O]

FCE: What the Upgrades Do

I have emded several local mock ups. The scrollbar can be easily removed by hiding uneeded ouput while on the page such as agruably, Rep, Auth, GSP, security and crime. The next post will embed local mock ups with those changes applied.


Alright it's been a few months, can I make genetically engineered catgirls now?


File: cb6c7820f4fb705⋯.png (43.6 KB, 250x870, 25:87, Penthouse-2.0-1280x1024-fu….png)

File: 1e18a61191cb72d⋯.png (44.06 KB, 280x874, 140:437, Penthouse-2.0-1280x1024-wi….png)



Not entirely sure what is different between the first 2 and then the last 3 pictures there. They look like duplicates to me.

Personally I think Manage Arcology and Manage Penthouse are both important enough they really need to stay on the sidebar. I would keep personal affairs there as well since they provide a good split of the different categories. The black market though really does fit in more with getting upgrades from the Manage Penthouse screen even if it does technically involve you going somewhere.

As for simplying the sidebar when you're on the main page, I would actually thinking moving Personal Assistant and Universal Rules elsewhere would be the better choices. Those tend to be the sort of thing (at least for me) that gets set up once and rarely changed again.


As for completely hiding those numbers, I would agree that they're fairly irrelevant in later games and lower difficulties but for someone like myself who starts new games with absolutely everything on max difficulty I would really beg that turning them off be an option. I would gladly suffer a scrollbar to not have to go through constant menu changes to see when my rep has finally gotten high enough for the next upgrade or when I'm about to be overthrown and have to buy more of my arcology or security.



Plug tails and mechanical implants only. Don't think there's any cat ears either although not something I actually look at.



>Not entirely sure what is different between the first 2 and then the last 3 pictures there. They look like duplicates to me.

The state is described in the file name, I decided to use the select function of my image tool rather than take a full display dump and mess with it.

>Personally I think Manage Arcology and Manage Penthouse are both important enough they really need to stay on the sidebar. I would keep personal affairs there as well since they provide a good split of the different categories.


>The black market though really does fit in more with getting upgrades from the Manage Penthouse screen even if it does technically involve you going somewhere.

There is also the link right at the bottom of 'Manage Personal Affairs'.

>As for simplying the sidebar when you're on the main page, I would actually thinking moving Personal Assistant and Universal Rules elsewhere would be the better choices. Those tend to be the sort of thing (at least for me) that gets set up once and rarely changed again.

I persoanlly think that both would best fit 'Manage Penthouse'.

>I would really beg that turning them off be an option.

That would be very easy to accomidate, have you got any particular name in mind?

Here is the MR: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/merge_requests/4718



>The state is described in the file name

Ah, that makes sense.

>There is also the link right at the bottom of 'Manage Personal Affairs'.

I know not saying it couldn't necessarily stay there as well, but there's been a number of people in the past few days who don't even think to look there after it getting moved off the sidebar. It really does fit in better with all the various upgrades you can find in the Manage Penthouse.

>That would be very easy to accomidate, have you got any particular name in mind?

Why not just make another category under Game Options and just call title it Sidebar. Then just do an option for each value. Then people can have whatever they want displayed. Alternatively I would guess having an option for rep/gsp together and then auth/security/crime would be the logical route to split between vanilla and sf mod



>Why not just make another category under Game Options and just call title it Sidebar. Then just do an option for each value.

Because persoanlly that page is already very loaded and it very could do with being made into an accordian. I'll like the idea though and perfer to have plenty of options.


File: 63a27d44470f600⋯.png (16.73 KB, 1228x91, 1228:91, typo2.PNG)

Found a typo during one of the birth scenes



Ya, I know. But at this point there's so much there it really doesn't hurt to add a few more lines. And I agree it could be accordion-ed but at the same time, its an options page. Options good.

Much less annoying than the accordion on the rules assistant. Nothing more fun than bouncing through my like 20 rules opening accordions trying to figure out exactly which one has the wrong option selected because the RA is acting weird on some random build.


File: a5f7d7e1802d308⋯.png (19.48 KB, 1838x58, 919:29, issue1.PNG)

File: 5da5f945d16be71⋯.png (19.21 KB, 1838x55, 1838:55, issue2.PNG)

Issue on current git. some of my slaves aren't showing ccs for their breast size, others are. Granular numbers are on, though I'm not sure that matters. Also tried backwards compatibility and all that. Can provide a current save but not sure when it started.




>Volume, in CCs, of breasts is


>Description Options

set to SHOWN?



If you check the sidebar in RA, there is a summary of all the rules now.



>Darkest Souls


You had one job.



Here's your (you), now fuck off. I'm not even going to bother fini


This is singleplayer you mong, the only one invading her realm is me


has reputation seen a massive rebalance over the last few months?

I used to be able to max out rep easily as a completely female mistress with penetration campaign, personally starring in porn and ex prostitute background.

Now with the same settings I can barely stay above 2000rep with about 15 slaves only as fucktoys and public servants and 5 other slaves as reputable whores




how do I game the new system then?

I already have enough slaves for the game to slow down on every screen change and I still haven't picked my first FS



Slaves like the concubine, recruiter and bodyguard can give lots of rep. Also consider policies.


File: aff884ca7bfe380⋯.jpg (47.78 KB, 943x293, 943:293, bcvncgvhjgh.JPG)


There's a problem with the RA, it applies growth hormones to indentured slaves when it shouldn't.



I don't recall ever seeing an indenture check when working in the RA. That does not bode well.



Eugenics is pretty much the only option at this point. The new system is fucking retarded; the game could at least fucking tie more shit into rep decay so you can build permanent rep more faster. It's either eugenics or you never access half the penthouse upgrades until like 150+ weeks into the run. Not even a fucking choice.




It's fucked up. I have a horde of prestigous slaves and its' not helping.

Also, all policies that increase rep or reduce rep loss.


File: 0c4413e4f0b353c⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 600x398, 300:199, no.jpg)


A thousand deaths is not enough for this travesty.




that's ridiculous, am I supposed to get 100 fucktoys and wait half an hour on every week change?





You're supposed to marry them and then set your wives to whoring/PS you fucking idiots.



You literally lose reputation for having your wives whore around.


File: 4638efa9038abd3⋯.png (4.63 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Smug .png)


>He doesn't keep so many prestigious slaves that he can't max rep in one week.



I guess the long term plan is to replace every slave with a prestigious one in the club and have dozens of former arcology owners as your own personal playthings in the suite.



who doesn't really?


I haven't played in months.

Why do my slaves earn no money while whoring?


please forgive me for my dumbassery but i want to make separate rule sets for cows and bulls but coding is 100% not my strong suit so i don't know what i'm supposed to put in. i understand that the recognized values are XX and XY but just putting one of this within the brackets gets me a syntax error. this probably has a really simple solution/explanation i just know absolutely jack about JSON so if someone could throw me a bone i will be eternally grateful



Post your custom rule. We can't help you with syntax if we don't know what syntax error you've made.


File: 7eb9fcd4a8d91ec⋯.png (11.83 KB, 980x148, 245:37, activation function genes.png)


totally fucking forgot to mention that its the preset sex rule.

if i just put 'XX' for example within the brackets i get "SyntaxError: Unexpected token X in JSON at position 1"


"Currently outside parties are providing 100% of the sexual services."

How can i change that?


File: 9e04489f0009cdf⋯.png (9.27 KB, 516x129, 4:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>ERROR: The following variables are NaN! Please report this.



Have you tried, ["XX"] or "XX".


Running BC is very likely able to reset it, do you have a save or can remeber what happened before it NaN'd?



Making numbers go high makes my pp grow, shut up.



It's a subtle eroticism.


Why can we transplant eggs but not sperm? I want to cuck everyone of my male slaves by replacing their balls with clones of mine so whenever they impregnate someone its technically me that's impregnating them



What kind of variables?



play swarm simulator


File: 0577bfe2b564737⋯.jpg (20.49 KB, 1560x80, 39:2, badeval.jpg)

Currently getting "bad evaluation: girl is not defined" for any slave younger than 13.



why even have male slaves? why have any slaves with dicks?



So you can geld them and turn them into pretty princesses.



imagine not defining gender by whether you get a choice in who fucks the shit out of you.



Because traps and dickgirls are hot. And turning them into caged, pathetic shadows of what real men are supposed to be and fucking their asses pregnant is even hotter.


<<if $slaves[_i].physicalAge <= 18 && $loliGrow == 0>>

<<run physicalDevelopment($slaves[_i])>>

I don't think slaves are growing properly. Isn't loliGrow == 0 meant to stop physical development?



Yes the check is revesed, however the introSummary could simply be flip and it would then be inline with the effect.


File: 3730cc80caa5822⋯.png (213.73 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 66ec59a1e764a699a26b18f27f….png)

If you were to increase the initial retirement age to be above the default of 45, would that also impact the generating process of slaves or would they still generate between the ages of 3 through 44?



You'll start getting slaves above 45. I usually set it to 90.



Gotta have those gilfs.



I like to bodyswap my favorites into loli bodies.



overly involved and convoluted breeding projects, duh

also incest


File: 269badaa03a46ff⋯.png (310.12 KB, 530x450, 53:45, Holy Lolibaba.png)


A true patrician of taste I see.


File: da76abd29d9df57⋯.jpg (368.34 KB, 1500x2515, 300:503, 1477283546770.jpg)


Aaah, a fellow lolibaba enthusiast. There should be such status for girls with very old real age but loli bodies by the way.


File: 6361a749d58faac⋯.jpg (116.03 KB, 800x672, 25:21, 984719a4b05b1633c2eb1adgfg….jpg)


I must be missing something. I can't seem to spot anyone over 40 in the markets or through events after raising the retirement age. The geriatric paradise was so close at hand.


File: be997aa69dd4d30⋯.png (9.05 KB, 1024x120, 128:15, 1456732382463.PNG)

Error when detaching slave's cybernetic tail.



I'm not sure if it has an affect but I always do it a the start of a play through.



Because of the way the function is set up. The father's ID is passed, but not their object. This limits what all the function can do without having to look up the father.

This will likely change in the future as I intend to add some sort of penetration tracking.


There's some safeties in place to prevent an issue in the past where slaves close to retirement had a much higher chance of generating compared to other ages. They should still occasionally spawn though. Some markets may also have a max age limiter as well.


Will get it tonight/tomorrow.



Backwards compat should fix that.


>Many customers disapprove of body mods and are pleased that she's unspoiled in that regard

>all her limbs are replaced by sex limbs, her eyes and ears are augmented, she's a goddamn cyborg

<cue risitas laugh


Can we get encyclopedia entries or something explaining all the genetic quirks?



body mods in this context are things like tattoos and piercings.


slave diet in the RA no longer appears to accept integers. intended?



Don't mind me, I must've not cycled through the markets enough initially. I've gotten several past the default age now. Much appreciated.


Having a hard time passing any future societies. Any help?



This is still a huge problem. Lurcher screen is especially fucked.


This. Very needed.


Assuming you have everything else setup in support of your FS, your neighbors are probably inadvertently sabotaging you with their own future societies. What are you trying to pass? In the very beginning you might wanna go with multiculturalism for free rep or paternalism.


Are there any plans for a way to keep our kids without using incubator?




I got 40 slaves, 30 of which are prestigious or very prestigious.

Something is very broken.



Nursery has been in the works but it isn't quite complete. If you want it anyway, cheatmode on > penthouse > build nursury > cheatmode off (if you don't want to get flagged).



Have you tried a club this run? I assume you have but a perfect DJ still gives a LOT of extra rep to the units inside, as before, so if you haven't then go for it. If you have, post the weekly reputation report so we can see where your biggest leak is, probably just your PC choices. It would give an idea of how badly it's fucked though.


File: c8bc1873a8e8ae7⋯.png (1.11 MB, 900x1400, 9:14, 1555163911633.png)


>an experienced lolibaba will never slip her shimapan off and give you the best pantyjob the arcology has ever seen

Thinking on i'm suprised the arcology doesn't have those japanese vending machines. God knows i'd sleep on a bed of panties if I could.



Thanks for the info, I'll fiddle around with it.




I have a 10 slave club with max ad spending, 20 penthouse fucktoys, a perfect candidate in all leadership positions, meaning I specifically made them match, 11 bed slaves in the master suite, 10 brothel whores with a fully funded ad campaign there as well, 5 cows, 5 farm hands, 5 nursery workers, and 5 servants. ALL are extremely prestigious and branded and ALL have porn campaigns at max spending. I barely take a hit, but I do take rep damage.


Where does one find these drugs that force erections? And do they work on oversized (30cm+) dicks?



They do work, but be careful as they do gradual health damage. Not sure how I got them, just noticed them on the cows in my dairy at one point.



Maybe some rep hits need to be reworked earlier into the equation so they don't bypass that much reputation gain. Can I see the rep income screen? Either you're taking some retard level damage to counteract a trillion rep or the hits are being calculated after the other rep gains have been wasted from being at 20k.



>he doesn't have the drug purity mandate


I'm starting to get in to the eugenics. Is there a way to get a slave in such a high esteem, that having working testes is actually a bonus?



Actually, you can grow ears in the remote surgery/organ farm and shit after its all upgraded and graft them onto yo gril, its just that there is nothing that really grabs your attention and tells you that you can grow an extra pair of ears to surgically attach to the top of someone's head while shaping them to be cat ears. I only learned about it when I was fucking around and grew one of every organ for a slave just to see what the options that resulted from that were.



My character is way the hell less than my current age. And not my current gender.

The 2037 thing worried me a bit the other day. Had that event where you buy the used-up frat house slave who's supposedly been there for decades. So… like… she's there right now?


Running the latest build in the pre-built download, I get this error when I try to remove a slave's vocal cords:

Apologies! An error has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly.

Error: missing ) after argument list.

Stack Trace:













File: 160c2259e5f5c8b⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 76 gender.jpg)


How many genders you had?


The issue with 'girl' not being defined is fixed on the git now.


Fixed on the git.


I'll add entries for the quirks eventually. I have a huge list of things that need to be added to the encyclopedia.



Turning cheatmode on will still flag the save, even if you turn it off. You can get rid of the flag by using the console, though,



I'm disappointed and my day ruined or something like that


setupVars.tw: setup.ArcologyNamesStatuesqueGlorification has a typo ("Hieght")



setupVars.tw: bimboSlaveNames is missing double quotes around the comma



the recent change to increment a $Sweatshops global var in manufacturing.tw might not be the best way to ensure the variable is always correct; it wouldn't cost much to scan all the sectors each week and count sweatshops in a _temporary var



It 100% is irrelevant the moment the player ends the week as it gets recalculated. I'll check the if it needs a decrementor as well.




Looking at it more, agreed. Just added an updater to it as it only checks four slots or so anyway. It's nothing big, so no harm in having there.


File: 898cdea6763719c⋯.png (88.58 KB, 1350x684, 75:38, Selection_024.png)


Will you add a streaming revenue table too so I could see which of my e-thots are the most profitable?


Would it be an issue if someone took the initiative to split the diet RA into a ListCapitalized and a NumberRange? That would preserve the ability to set specific diet type (fem, masc, futa, fertility, etc) but also allow rules that target a specific weight.


Dairy keeps removing chosen dietary setting even with dietary control disabled. Set a choice > let week pass > diet is now "Healthy" instead of whatever you chose.


File: a1044d491f4c19b⋯.png (8.19 KB, 229x213, 229:213, fc dickbelly.png)

Graphical issue: pregnacy turns belly buttons into "outies" for slaves with large erect dicks.



>Genetic modification has gone too far.


what makes a girl Barren? I made my starting slave a double virgin and she becomes barren, but once i make her pussy at normal, she can get pregnant again?



You didn't have to research anything in the fabricator? Did you have to apply them at least?


File: e6cc3be46585f26⋯.png (68.6 KB, 454x169, 454:169, purged-1.png)


>dick attached to a bellybutton


Cloning seems to be overwriting pre-existing parents and breaking families apart.

It would also be nice if the "legal" black market upgrades could have descriptions attached.


File: 6a943fdef092648⋯.jpg (117.21 KB, 1058x705, 1058:705, keep going.jpg)


There's never too far !


File: ac6776ed69cbb3e⋯.png (106.09 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Untitled.png)


Is that the reputation tab on the end of week financial report? Here. Also, my bed slave count has gone up to 14 at the time of the screen cap. Another thing, I have a corporation that makes millions in profit in which I have a 100 to 1 ratio in shares and all divisions are present and yet I did not gain a title for it like I used to. Is the corporate titan title just gone or am I missing something here? Another question, what is the max weight at which slaves do NOT lose health? My cows are at dangerously fat and I do find them a few points short of full health every week. The dietary control is maxed.


The health hit is WITH the purity mandate in place. It is because of how the drug works that it causes a health hit. The health hit is working as intended from what I can tell.


I may have researched them, I don't pay attention to exactly what I click in there as I just set that up real quick in each game to give me the full spectrum of options. Yes, you do have to apply them on each slave's screen under the drugs category.



Now that I look at it, looks to me like you hit the nail on the head. The rep changes when I hit the economics screen, which bypasses all facility and penthouse gains. That calculates AFTER the indvidual and facility reputation.


File: a8014f5740eb0bc⋯.png (65.86 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Untitled.png)

File: debceaec65378c6⋯.png (65.14 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Untitled2.png)


Oops, I posted the wrong screen, I found the correct one. Didn't even know about this one until just now by clciking on "Rep."





Tag @ezsh if you do.


Will look into it. RA might be trying to change things.


Do all outfits do it or just naked?


Save file for testing.



That rep screen is a mess, I would go into description options and make sure numbers are set to display integers ONLY, and redo the screenshot. Also turn on debug mode to get more precise values. I'm honestly not sure how that happened.

"Negative rep" doesn't tell a whole lot.


File: 0064fa4c9df8aba⋯.png (14.47 KB, 1031x142, 1031:142, 1408762609872.PNG)

When I tried to buy Fuckmeat, I got this.

Also can you make firebase button visible at all times while you're in security management? It disappears when you try to manage rebels for example, forcing you to go Manage Arcology - security - firebase again.


File: 88535394960e2d6⋯.png (64.71 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Untitled.png)

File: 0310bbc7bb51327⋯.png (62.62 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Untitled2.png)


I changed the display setting to integers as well as turned on debug and now it makes even less sense in terms of what is going on here. I kind of figured it out, the club and brothel are a major rep drain for some reason, the question is why they are when each of my slaves in those two facilities is extremely prestigious, has a career suited for their position, has at least some degree of porn fame, and I'm not getting any negative feedback in terms of what is advertised and presented vs what my citizens prefer. Also included the penthouse section, which I originally left out because I'm not getting a rep drain there.



Also getting a rep loss on vignettes in the slaves section and your actions, rep decay, and wasted rep in the financial section. I SHOULD be getting way more rep out of the facilities in question than I am, that seems to be the issue there, while the rest cancels itself out according to the final numbers.



I'm sure yoy've figured as much out but it looks like a variable is misplaced, causing the cancellation. Post the save file for someone to test, but know that it's not a common bug, so when it gets patched you should be back to full rep.


File: 5860acff598fe77⋯.swf (467.87 KB, free-cities-20190605-13182….swf)


Here's the save



Keep in mind, for anyone testing it, this was from before I changed the display setting and debug setting, so it is set to display both integers and words for numbers up to 20, the default, and debug is off. I forgot to make an extra save when I switched it over and went back to this one to play around and see if I could figure it out.



>Will look into it. RA might be trying to change things.

I don't like RA. Like, at all. I don't just exempt slaves from it and prohibit it from applying to new ones, I delete the default rule too.

If it's still trying to mess with me after all that, it's time to put down this AI uprising once and for all.



To be fair the dairy is a bloated greedy monster of a facility that has always had trouble playing with the rest of the game.






>the dairy is a bloated greedy monster

That would be the girls in the diary.



and I love them for it.



Having the dairy restrain slaves will set their diet to "healthy" if the weight controls are off.



Ah, so that's the cause. I'd prefer if I could still choose the diets restrained slaves. Sometimes they need a cleansing diet to lower drug side effects. Having to manually switch them from healthy every week is a pain.


File: 1974aeeebd8208d⋯.png (129.46 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (174).png)

So I'm at endgame with the combat mod and I notice that the attacks on my arcology keep getting more severe. Am I eventually going to be overrun?

I seem to have my entire military strength maxed out. I would add more units but the barracks are as big as the game allows.

Thanks for any help, it's my first time posting in this thread!






I don't actually use the furry aspects, haha. I don't remember how I wound up with this version. It just means I occasionally have to remove ears/tail from a new slave, which is annoying but no big deal. I think all of my starting slaves came with fucking ears/tail.


File: 31262ed09a5a6d2⋯.gif (882.69 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 1465543176008.gif)


this is what you get for defying nature



Looking at it, I think it was a side effect of making too big dicks get erect. The vector JS assumed dicks > 6 would always be flaccid.



You seem to be capped at 20k already, notice the overflow line. That seems fine.

The club is “costing” and gaining a little bit, but that’s chump change compared to the slaves working there. Look at the very next line. The club itself never makes much, it’s all about the slaves assigned there.



I should add that the amazing slaves you have in the brothel have their contributions recorded under the slaves section, probably prestigious and/or trust. They are very much counted, they just aren’t listed under the brothel. It was a little tricky teasing apart some of these formulas and recording certain transactions. The brothel buffs them IIRC, but the gain is recorded somewhere else.

It’s impossible to display the full value of the brothel because it buffs an enormous number of entries for slaves that work there.


File: 3a565fbab70b89c⋯.png (187.92 KB, 1520x853, 1520:853, Untitled.png)

I bred a slave the game described as albino and they were as brown as their parents. Looks like albino skin tone has some sort of bug? Both her parents had the albino gene thing added via the gene lab instead of having it naturally.



Albinism has only a 1 in 4 chance of passing. I'm more concerned by that error there.



I made her mother hyperpregnant to ensure there would be at least one albino child, then kept the first one I saw with active albinism in the pregnancy inspector.

I did build from git. Maybe I should try the pre-made 4.2.0?



Will dig deeper, it does sound like something is wrong.


was there a drug or something to speed up pregnancy



When a slave is pregnant, there should be an option for "faster gestation." It is, however, recommended that you only use this with a staffed clinic.



where do you find that?

do you need to unlock it?



yes, it's rep locked.



You buy the ability at the Pharma Fabricator.

It's rep locked like last anon said, with the total rep needed being modified by your medical and hacking skill.


>>353551 (cont.)

Rather it's modified by medical or hacking skill, whatever provides the better bonus.

Potential range is 6000 ~ 15,000 rep required depending how amazing or shit you are. Pretty broad range.


What kind of Fem arcology owner content is there now? Last time I played there was the random encounter if you haven't bought any security upgrades and that was about it.


By default, Head Girl's "use piercings on slaves" option is set to OFF. I have not fiddled with it, but the weekly report just told me HG gave a slave a nasal piercing because he was adjusting to slavery and would feel more girly.


It seems like, in my game, the rules assistant is setting various options to capitalized versions of the rules (e.g., "Normal" instead of "normal" living standards, or "Relaxation" instead of "relaxation," which are then not being properly recognized when the week end effects happen.


File: 2201997e26276f3⋯.swf (358.32 KB, NewName72-4.3.save.swf)

File: 9e635e5852ab938⋯.png (327.27 KB, 2548x2023, 364:289, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-06….png)

File: b8c5d373cc92cfc⋯.png (117.83 KB, 2560x1341, 2560:1341, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-06….png)

File: 8a637d8de167e20⋯.png (92.65 KB, 2560x1341, 2560:1341, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-06….png)

I updated to HEAD (commit hash b905931c5c8, previously 19 commits behind) and was welcomed with the following error and running BC fixed it however while running yet more appeared.



Will pass it along.



one new scene where a bull slave will rape you during nighttime


File: 148976b85a73bac⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 592x409, 592:409, 1469209410810.jpg)

Is there a way to make a slave not sterile?



Get enough prestige to unlock the organ farm for purchase, then remove/replace reproductive organs as needed.


File: 597554529d16b51⋯.png (817.57 KB, 647x718, 647:718, 2019-05-18 03_52_23-Window.png)

Why is reputation so difficult to raise now REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



To make it slightly harder to break the game by repeatedly cucking everyone out of their property and selling it back for ludicrous sums of money.



Minmaxing fags are depriving me of my fetish fap material. Does that count as cuckolding?


What organ?




How does that trigger? I was sifting through fDick and found something that looks like it but im bad with the syntax.



What this flag even do?

Also it would be nice to have more detailed aging option, so we could turn on/off aging only for a few slaves, not for entire population,



I assume they mean this


The fdick event is only for rebellious slaves that you are riding the dick of

Unfortunately, there's no way to get it to trigger for devoted slaves




Looking further, these are the conditions


So it's basically impossible to trigger

Having some sort of 'are allowed to initiate sex (sorted by type)' flags for slaves to gate high devotion versions of this kind of content behind would be nice, but that's the kind of thing that's not got much point until PC|slave parity gets implemented


Holy shit that's hilarious

In abscence of actual values for the player, changing your title between master and mistress changes your actual strength for overpower checks, regardless of your actual body



yup was talking about that event >>353607 >>353608




So, any updates on that?


I see. Approximately what bust size in cc said chinese girl had? This issue can be represented with adding:

<<if $slaves[$i].physicalAge < 16>>
<<set $slaves[$i].health -= Math.round(x + ($slaves[$i].boobs/10000 * (16 - $slaves[$i].physicalAge)/2))>>
<<set $slaves[$i].health -= x>>

Or something like that. I am not very good in coding. If there are mistakes feel free to rub them into my face.



Welcome to my hell. After the FS quartet I'm dealing with that problem once and for all.

You want another good one? I have to run exception checks to print the player's name in functions because the variable is slightly different.


Looking at it, they'll fight unless the slave has both gigantomastia and macromastia.


What do undercover soldiers do?


Albinism in children should now be working correctly.




How do I trigger this flag?


What are the conditions for triggering the boomerang event? I'm too much of a noob to deduct that from the code.



Yeah it would be also nice to give a clue what the special force commands do on the week summary screen unless I'm blind and it already did before.


First pic is still a problem


Pls respond.


Also is it possible to add custom branding design for rule assistant?



I added an MR but the textboxes in RA seem to be broken atm. #811


I know farm is very much WIP right now, but I noticed that your slave apparently doesn't get the farmer exp if they have a farmer background and farm summary will remind you of their inexperience all the goddamn time. Getting experience is valuable too because it increases the possible income. So maybe allow the farmer to get the exp regardless of the background, and actually do it faster than some newbie? I don't know if the same applies to any other leadership position, it's just dumb in my opinion.



I re-did the BMI's but it doesn't really change anything. If anything it better supports you using the weight -> boobs conversions I suggested.

I can't remember the chinese girl's approximate bust size, but what you have looks fine at a glance.



Depends on the reason for their sterility, if their missing ovaries then replace that, but they can also be sterilized from the remote surgery and that can be undone



Absolutely nothing - it just labels you as a cheater.


>very much WIP right now

Key words here - there's a lot of changes and balancing the Farmyard needs to undergo.

I'll have to look at the Farmyard code again, though, once I finish the Nursery.


File: 560e3089f2a5d2c⋯.png (23.5 KB, 949x430, 949:430, 2019-06-06 23_44_34-Free C….png)

Got this when I ran backwards compatibility

save was made on this version https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/commit/721e20f42dfa95fe8565f052307d19c1123a5d39

current version is latest from git



Run it twice in succession. Sometimes that fixes things depending on definer order.


any progress on the farm? haven't played in 3+ months


So if I have mindbroken slaves in the spa, with a competent attendant, shouldn't they get fixed?

I have a couple mindbrokens in there and nothing is happening…


All three of my neighboring arcologies are balls deep in gender fundamentalism. How do I keep gender radicalism from failing? I have the cultural defensiveness and public personal assistant policies, a decently upgraded

propaganda machine, and am solely focusing on GR. Am I fucked?



you can set the attendant to only fix mindbroken slaves at the top.

It also helps to have an attendant at max devotion, the math wants her devotion as high as possible.


Is there supposed to be multiple gifts to give the colonel for each FS you are trying to implement in the SF? Giving her gifts based on eugenics and milfs seems counterproductive to implementing gender radicalism.



Buy a controlling share in 1 or more of them and force them to abandon it.






not in the next 5-6 years



alright, I'll be back in 2025


After today I'll be taking a break.


>What do undercover soldiers do?

In gameplay terms, help boost FS acceptance. It is mentioned near the top of the FS EOW report however I'll make that more clear.


>Yeah it would be also nice to give a clue what the special force commands do on the week summary screen unless I'm blind and it already did before.

Vanilla FC did not either.


Yes it seems so per the inital design doc - https://pastebin.com/7MdBJDc8

>Giving her gifts based on eugenics and milfs seems counterproductive to implementing gender radicalism.

It might but that is not the case as gifts are described as optional and I inteperated them to be seperate from the sumggling options, otherwise the vanilla doc does not have any other means to reduce tension.


how do i make sure egyptian revivalism goes through? it seems to automatically fail as soon as i pass a week.


Corporation calls regular legal enslavement "extralegal" when you lack funds for the division to start it.



There's a number of things you can do to boost its success chances. First, if you don't actually follow the dictates required for it its gonna fail no matter what. Second in the future society tab you can spend up to 10k a week to boost it. Then you can also get a boost by making a shop for it in your arcology. You can also use the propaganda machine to boost it as well and finally there's a more generic boost for having fewer FS so that you can "focus" on them. If your neighbors have opposing FS their culture will attack yours. You can protect yourself a bit by getting the cultural defensiveness policy. Finally you can change the other arcology's offensive policies by buying enough of them to get majority control and forcing them to give it up.


File: 40a485c753330cc⋯.png (4 KB, 564x39, 188:13, 1446240650570.PNG)

Also pic related.



You can reduce tension by 5% per week by talking to her (or fucking her once that gets unlocked). Not exactly quick, but means you can get one FS done every 18 weeks even without buying gifts.



i got it to a point where it isn't automatically failing but it's not advancing at all


Any tips for improving degradation approval besides fear? Degrading tattoos don't work and devoted slaves start trusting you, like when you tell them about the food.



Yes, I added that extension after an anon suggested it.


Game Options [O] link appears in the sidebar of combat screens. Clicking it during the attack/defense setup or resolution takes you to options. Backing out takes you to the week you just left - but with all the week-end progress saved, which makes this a player-favoring exploit.

The same link is present on the post-combat screen as well. Link leads to options as normal, but using "back" to exit breaks stuff. You pop back to the post-combat screen, but it doesn't remember the combat that took place and uses defaults instead ("You In the end your commander was not able to effectively employ none tactics, greatly affecting the efficiency of your army." for a combat PC personally led).



Degredationist societies like heavy piercings everywhere, tattoos everywhere, facepussys, mindbroken slaves, fuckdolls, gloryholes and the arcade. Keep obedient slaves fearful by keeping their collars harsh, their living conditions sparse, and making them wear tailed buttplugs. Operating an arcade will also make all non-worshipful slaves fear you more, and let you threaten new slaves for a one-time devotion and fear boost.




While not directly liked by a degredationist FS, if you have an industrial dairy you get the same fear and introduction options as the arcade (the weekly fear stacks)


am i not able to send a broodmothers kids to the incubator?


File: 1f0adac962275ad⋯.png (320.86 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, all_hail_britannia_episode….png)

File: 264113c019b8af7⋯.jpg (22.32 KB, 490x313, 490:313, 00mosley2.jpg)



>honorarily your genes are not your genes

>"one of the good ones" policy

Those are the last refuges of a closet degenerate who's real motivation is his own, personal insecurities.

You must not be afraid of the subhuman and you must not hate them for they are not deserving of your hate, only your pity and your ambivalence.

Expel the impure from your society!

With that said, I feel like a racial supremacist society should have slaves of the "supreme race", that seems to me like it defeats the purpose altogether. You have citizenry of the "pure, supreme" cast and slaves of whatever is to those citizens' fancy.

It should be a benevolent slavery, for their own good you understand!



Supremacy is about who SHOULDN'T be slaves, subjugationism is about who SHOULD be slaves. Say you have asian subjugationism and white supremacy, that means asians should be slaves while whites should not.



Not that anon and I do agree with the subjugation part, but not entirely on the supremacist part. Why would an asian supremacist, who thinks the other races are inferior and disgusting, rent a black woman to fuck instead of another asian? How would he get off on that? Owning a slave who belongs in the superior race should be scorned, but only for menial, fuckdoll and bio-reactor enslavement. Maybe make it mandatory to free supremacist slaves if they reach the retirement age, make it illegal to sell supremacist slaves outside of the arcology, or set all of their contracts to indentured slavery.


whats the best way to get slaves combat trained?



Try a degredationist playthrough. Getting someone bonded to you becomes a real pain.

>Then the devotion stat would mean something. Right now it shoots up to 100 in no time and just stays there forever.

Not on my girls in the arcade. They tend to go -100/-100 until they break.



Mind broken girls are approved of, but it is 100% about fear management.



Change your lingua franca to ancient egyptianor whatever facsimile thereof.



My point is that even with a paternalist playthrough devotion rises too fast and means almost nothing.



You can tone down the attacks in the mod options.



Because DJ got removed already in the earlier run demand code. I have an idea of how to handle that.


SFanon, I hope you didn't scurry off yet.


You are not.




Can I get the exact passage name or a brief screenshot to identify them?



Or better yet, a save file.



I kind of agree that having mercenaries with advanced military tech to secure trade routes or raiding is a bit too much for something so simple. I always wished we had the posibility to invade neighbouring arcologies to make full use of them.



Master Moshe doesn't own his kind, that's what white loli slaves are for.


It's been a while since played this can you make a futa/female only society yet?


File: 8a9f0dc23c81676⋯.png (823 B, 435x51, 145:17, eratohoLiG.png)



Newest version fixed it, thanks mr. pregmodder.



Isn't there an option for only-futa in the initial setup since forever?



No I mean something like society that has futas on the top and females as slaves and doesn't allow man.

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