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File: 183048f6d869037⋯.jpg (382.63 KB, 1641x1160, 1641:1160, eb45249af9a0925a18a791aebe….jpg)


This is the Corruption of Champions mod being developed by OtherCoCAnon and the denizens of /hgg/.

Corruption of Champions is a text-based flash game overhauled with new dungeons, new mechanics, new characters, and a lot of lolis.

The mod is open to content submissions, anons can and are writing new content to be implemented all the time.


Latest Version (


Use a standalone flash player (projector), this shit is no longer supported by any web browser.

Remember to save to file to prevent save loss.



>Game Related

Source Code: https://gitgud.io/BelshazzarII/CoCAnon_mod

Changelog: https://pastebin.com/CDU8byhd

>Thread Related

Previous thread: >>350718

Thread Archives: https://gitgud.io/Blank/CoCAnon_mod/raw/OPT/Archives

OP Template: https://pastebin.com/raw/q38Ccy3n

>Writing Related

Content Submissions (Chronicles): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iuDsLw3PxshvL8yYUkOeiJr6DSJ7zpjaeGvumF65l_I

Submission & Misc. Archive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LGK4sPuWH69iEZ9ZmX2fnfDRrhj7h4hQ

Writing Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PGysInt0S0VHYvPv0b__4xpHqrfbE-zikQiRonsnUsU

Bounty Board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZUtah0gtbBQzB5kM7wElYlcNAwU8-QOgNkovO0_7WUI


File: ca193842f5af7e9⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 74897218_p0.jpg)

Moth Maturation Mission, p6.99


Sorry about the lack of updates, but here's (most) of the final encounter in Dolores's hikkiquest. Got extremely stuck on a part of this (the last riddle), but it was bothering me that I haven't posted in so long, and incomplete's better than nothing. The main thing missing from it other than the third riddle is the actual combat stuff, so that and a few other small holes will be filled in (hopefully) soon. You may also notice a public sex option added to the quest itenery, which I had planned to do right after the final encounter, but that's ended up taking way longer than I expected.

Also, since it's been so long, first request I get, I write.



Also, it's itinerary, holy shit.



Is it possible to add some more submissive scenes with any characters? For instance when Urta is drunk, she wanders to the champion's camp to look for sexual release, player can either refuse or allow it to happen. Also it would be nice if we can access Urta's apartment.



Write more goblin stuff. Goblin harem, goblin lore, expand current goblin with more interactions!



That reminds me. Is goblin colony anon still around? His stuff sounded cool, if a little over the top.



Using [say:] is pretty helpful and saves a good amount of time. outputTexts do save time, but are less of a big deal. Additionally, I think [say:] is readable enough to use in primary pastes (though people are free to disagree), but outputTexts probably aren't, so that would mean you have two versions to update when proofreading happens, which isn't ideal (though I guess it's less important to update the readable version if it's about to be implemented).


I'm not even wasting a shitpost on you.


Not specific enough. This is for one-off scenes.


He's not. As noted in the chronicles, all of his stuff is abandoned, but can be picked up any time (though it's not super likely someone does, I'm sorry to say).



Hm, do oni horns grow back if you cut then? Would be cool if you could get her horn after defeating her various times to make a club/sword.


Cute, Dolores is cute as fuck.

Its possible for you to write a option to give sylvia or dolores a lactaid for some breastfeeding? Its one of my shitty fetishes.

Or just more dolores cute/lewd stuff.



Than a scene with huge clit penetration.

I only remember 1 scene with fairies that support such a body part. Niche, but the amount of scenes are quite sad…


File: 6ad49b29cca7141⋯.png (39.18 KB, 790x240, 79:24, ClipboardImage.png)


A lactaid TF would be an extended thing, and since that's not my fetish, I wouldn't be too interested in writing it. Glad you like her, though.


Since you seem to be having some trouble, here's a definition.



I'm not entirely sure if you already wrote something like that, but a spooky dream sequence about Sylvia when she's on high of max domination. We need more event- and character-related dreams.



Then write a cuddle scene for Dolores, please.



This, but with a few randomly picked pillow talk conversations.

Perhaps including some banter about possibly fathering yourself some grandkids with her if you've taken her virginity.


File: db64a2661f08538⋯.jpg (973.85 KB, 1200x1669, 1200:1669, 1446212806043.jpg)


I had not, so here it is:



A good idea, one I might do when the quest is done.



Quite what I had in mind, thanks.

>as you write


>feel the almost predatory intent there, but for some reason, you feel […] when you feel

Repetition. Overall, eight instances of "feel", six of which are in the first three paragraphs.

>Those pitch-black sclera

Has a proper plural: sclerae or scleras.

>They gently, lovingly caress you

Can it work like that without a second comma? Looks weird to me if you don't make it parenthetical.

>there's something in their depths makes you

Forgot a "that" before "makes". Or scratch the "there's", but that sounds meh.

>reminds you of someone, though you don't know who…

"who" is an object here, isn't it? "Whom", then.



I'd figured it might be you.


I've definitely done that one before.

>Has a proper plural: sclerae or scleras.

Interesting, I'd actually always assumed that "sclera" was the plural, for some reason.

>Can it work like that without a second comma? Looks weird to me if you don't make it parenthetical.

You commented similarly on the exact same scenario a month or two ago, but this is just two adverbs modifying the same thing, so they take commas similar to how adjectives would.

>Forgot a "that" before "makes". Or scratch the "there's", but that sounds meh.

Added the "there's" without looking at the rest of the sentence, how careless.

>"who" is an object here, isn't it? "Whom", then.

I think I probably use "whom" in narration, but I wonder if I've been consistent about that, given that I go back and forth depending on register.


File: 58c9c39a78e05c2⋯.jpg (151.64 KB, 736x1183, 736:1183, 1f5eb00da24fc2309951545a8c….jpg)


I'll change the quotes in Snuggles to [say:] then as I proofread it a bit myself.


I'd do something like: pc beats her up a lot of times and she'll wanna a chill a bit randomly. She then brags that if she was serious she could break the pc like a twig. PC can either boast that they'd easily be able to handle her at 100% or agree she would. If pc boasts they do that rock competition idea, since she obviously doesn't really want to hurt the pc and accidentally killing the probably only person who visits you would suck. If the pc out lifts her, she's instantly aroused and it'd open up a more romantic relationship with her that could lead to breeding.



>You commented similarly on the exact same scenario a month or two ago

I know I did, but with adverbs, it just looks and reads strange to me. Not sure why.

> I'd actually always assumed that "sclera" was the plural

I guess you rarely ever see the word in anything but singular, but it follows the Latin pattern, i.e. pupae, areolae, etc.

>I think I probably use "whom" in narration, but I wonder if I've been consistent about that, given that I go back and forth depending on register.

Well, "whom" has been steadily fading from use, even in writing. I doubt too many people would notice, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over that. I probably gloss over most of them when proofreading, too.



>I guess you rarely ever see the word in anything but singular, but it follows the Latin pattern, i.e. pupae, areolae, etc.

Yeah, I guess I assumed it was an -um plural, no clue why.

>Well, "whom" has been steadily fading from use, even in writing.

Probably a good idea to be consistent within a given character/piece of writing, at least, but I don't really care enough to check myself.


File: fd552bf699fa4d5⋯.png (428.65 KB, 768x1142, 384:571, 532.png)


>cut something Izumi hates having touched


Touhoufag, I ask you; what is the best thing for pantsu



>cut something so sensitive that it's practically another clitoris

Yeah I'm sure that would go over well.


Is there any decent character viewer for CoC, CoC2, TiTS or LT? It seems to me it could even be possible to make one that would work on more than one game.


File: f8533ac5dd26110⋯.jpg (164.31 KB, 850x1319, 850:1319, c84c8e23c5c2455970a18.jpg)


>what is the best thing for pantsu

I'm not sure I understand the question. If we're talking in a 'what is best for the panties well being'; that'd be having a good waifu to wear them and washing them properly based on the material they're made out of. If you mean the best thing to do with panties: it's obviously to inhale their smell them, but only if it's your waifus' underwear. The scent of their sweat tinged with arousal and their warmth specifically is truly what makes a pair of panties special.


File: d8e05ff3384b45d⋯.png (352.23 KB, 645x1016, 645:1016, Homing_The_Best_Way_to_Enj….png)



>Hehe… like what you see? It's like an inside-out tomato!

If there's anything positive I can say, it's that this fits as a Shouldra scene


File: 5368fd521abf2e6⋯.jpg (51.92 KB, 675x505, 135:101, 56737.jpg)

File: c4f13d49bbccd4d⋯.jpg (374.65 KB, 1023x724, 1023:724, 71497997_p4_master1200.jpg)



Clits, abuse 'em or lose 'em.


I can't seem to get the typing to get into debug menu to work, even after clearing my hotkeys and shit it just does nothing. Am I missing something? I've combed archives and got no idea.



Just play the game



I have, I've done so many full game runs I just wanna fuck around with transformations instead of keeping 10 different save files for each of em.



Do you have debug mode on?



Yeah, I can see all the other stuff in explore and whatnot, just can't get the main debug menu up.



Have you read the changelog?


File: 4cf94e5f9e2f9a9⋯.png (40.48 KB, 152x254, 76:127, 1484915447513.png)

File: 67f179524c368bc⋯.jpg (110.38 KB, 680x955, 136:191, 1c4.jpg)

File: e8326f1b2777c07⋯.png (5.42 MB, 1750x2475, 70:99, 70788432_p1.png)


Reasonable answer, but they have to be yer waifus?

And consider them being taken off by someone gooey with arousal, stepping out of them and draping them over your face or slipping them around your dick. Optionally wearing them again after.

Alright i'll stop shitting up the thread


Were Izma's hooked gauntlets fused with the spiked gauntlets from Teladre's weapon store or something? I noticed that they randomly induce bleed now and I haven't had the event of taking Izumi's gauntlets from her happen for some time.



Yes, when the weapon code was improved the spiked gauntlets were accidentally changed from stun to bleed.

That happened in April 2017 though, so it took you over two years to notice.



Read through the frog-girl:

>you believe you can hear the sound of water splashing behind you or the trees that tower above you angrily rustle.


>You take a moment to let your vision adjust, brush aside some moss


>You struggle with all your might, trying to unwrap the slimy tentacle from your body

Wasn't it around your arm?

>but your strength is nothing to be scoffed at; allowing you

comma instead of semicolon

>She has light-green skin, though her soft looking underbelly is white; which reminds you a lot of a frog.

comma instead of semicolon

>Her breasts are rounded and tipped with inverted pink nipples. She has webbed hands and feet, likely to allow her to more effectively swim in the water.

I know this is a porn game, but this seems rather silly when you consider the champion is being dragged underwater to (as far as they know) drown, and they're doing nothing but checking out her tits.

>put them back on regardless their dampness.

of their

>As your blurry vision starts clear

starts to

>Her long tongue hangs from the side of her mouth and you feel her begin rubbing her slimy body against you

comma after mouth


no hyphen (for all of them)

>while slick tunnel squeezes

missing 'her'

>are loving hugged by her walls and practically numbs your brain

"lovingly" and "numb"


two words

>A heated sigh escapes you, that seems to spur on her movements and you can swear

, seeming to spur on her movements,

>you can swear there a slight smile


>and you look to spot your [clothes] are messily piled up

I suggest "in a messy pile" to avoid having to deal with subject-verb agreement and the parser

>thanks to your gills and the frog-girl's expression

comma after gills

>They're are tipped

>tipped inverted pink nipples

missing 'with'

>There's a small looking slit between her legs, that draws your attention to it.

small-looking, no comma

>The frog-girl slight spreads her thighs for you


>You end up collapsing you to the ground

extra 'you'

>perhaps in search of your genital


>takes in the sight of [pussy]

missing 'your'

>grabs ahold your dick

missing 'of'

>The amphibious-girl forces you both shudder

you both to

>at frog-girl's cervix

missing 'the'

>She can't fit manage to take

pick one

>the parts that her slippery folds do wrap around sends


>her baby room and you find

comma after room

>The feeling of you parting her inner folds and them wrapping hungrily around you, sends countless blows of pleasure to your brain.

no comma

>The frog-girl grabs your hands, placing them to her soft breasts and urges you to fondle her rack

comma after breasts

>a lewd expression spread across her face while shudders and the first rope of sperm blasts womb

"while she shudders" and "blasts her womb"

>to her obviously delight


>tightens her tongues grip




>The moment her tongue looseness it's

loosens its

>until your done using her mouth as your personal cum toilet

first "your" should be "you're"

>get redressed

get dressed 'redress' has nothing to do with putting on clothes

>to your imagination and you grope

comma after imagination

>appreciating the weight there is them

something is missing here

>The slipperiness of her tunnel allowing you


>watch as you cum slowly leaks out



File: a937050e74bd8e7⋯.jpg (151.05 KB, 850x960, 85:96, 6038d70b883cbdb2f43c.jpg)

So I fixed up Snuggles' content a bit more; changed quotes to [say:] basically. Will write a pc having too big of a dick to fuck her scene later tonight.


>they have to be yer waifus?

Of course. You can't simply accept any girl's underwear, not in the current year.


>Wasn't it around your arm?

Your arm is part of your body, so i though that'd work; but I've changed it to "trying to unwrap the slimy tentacle from you to no avail"

>I know this is a porn game, but this seems rather silly when you consider the champion is being dragged underwater to (as far as they know) drown, and they're doing nothing but checking out her tits.

Should I delete that bit then or maybe make it show up only if the pc has a high libido?

>"appreciating the weight there is them" - something is missing here

to? 'You heft her breasts, appreciating the weight there is to them.'

Thank you for taking the time to proofread it. Only thing I didn't fix was the pc staring at her tits, since i'm curious on if it should be kept for pc's with high libidos. Like yeah you might be dying, but you at die staring at tits, right?



I'll need to hear your reasoning, how else will I amass a collection?



My reasoning for not accepting any random girl's panties, simple. You don't know what she's been doing, who knows what freaky stds she might have. Plus, the only panties that should truly matter are the one's that belong to and are on the girl you love. And the girl you love shouldn't be sluttin it up, unless she's a slut for exclusively you. That's acceptable.


How do I get rid of the obsidian vines and turn human again?



But what if you love multiple girls, touhoufag



ooey gooey lube and funky spunky weekly cheese at the bakery



Pretty sure polygamy is a sin, but… I suppose as long as they're only with you, it's acceptable?


File: 6832a21dedc950a⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 300x213, 100:71, la vita harem.gif)


They can rub the baby bumps you give them together in loving competition with their sister-wives.



Does it count if they fuck eachother, though? These are too deep philosophical questions just to see if we can roll about in a pile of waifu panties.



As long as the girls in your harem only fuck the other girls in your harem, and know that you're the boss, it's fine.

It's not alright if they fuck people outside your harem, even if those people are girls.



But what if your girls bring the new girl to you so she can be added to your harem?



>philosophical questions just to see if we can roll about in a pile of waifu panties.

Rolling around in your waifu's pile of panties is completely acceptable, even if it is multiple waifus. So long as they're yours and no one else is fucking them it is fine.


>As long as the girls in your harem only fuck the other girls in your harem, and know that you're the boss, it's fine.

I guess this is okay.


Depends, what's her offer?





File: 919d1e9690596db⋯.jpg (458.96 KB, 1200x1196, 300:299, 66123266_p1_master1200.jpg)


Guess it depends on the individual girl and if you think she's sly enough to get targets in bed with you while she's holding their legs open for a breeding before she has to actually do anything with them.



Don't make this into cuckshit, we're talking about loving relationships.


File: fcb3381752261b7⋯.jpg (570.11 KB, 724x1200, 181:300, 66007090_p48_master1200.jpg)


Of course.

Wifey just likes helping you get more wives and doting on their, and her own, big pregnant bellies.

And raising all those babies.


File: 95dad6bf5c26603⋯.png (394.17 KB, 954x406, 477:203, ClipboardImage.png)

excuse me?


File: e2eb17eb53b4fdd⋯.png (117.14 KB, 580x216, 145:54, ClipboardImage.png)

And got some very specific damage from the goo girl



what's wrong here?


someone forgot to round damage.



Where did you find the demon girl pic?



I think that's a dranai or however you spell it from WoW.



I don't have a source on it, sorry.



It said I died to lust, but the bar's 24 off full



>Where did you find the demon girl pic?

>>File (hide): e8326f1b2777c07⋯.png (5.42 MB, 1750x2475, 70:99, 70788432_p1.png) (h) (u)


That's a pixiv file name, ID #70788432, second image in the set (starts at p0)



<This work has been deleted





It's a work by John Doe, original piece.


Does latex slime have anything 8mod specific? What about Ember? Every so often Ember gets mentioned in these threads but I don't know if anything ever happened



No, yes.





Is there any chance that the stupid fucking minimum lust requirement be necked so sex options are always available on victory? Omnibus' Gift is bugged again, only this time it won't apply in the editor and I can't remember for the life of me how to get it in game.



I suggest scenes where you try to have sex but can't get an erection because your lust is too low. That solves your problem of scenes being locked and should hopefully also satisfy that anon a few threads back with an erectile dysfunction fetish.


is there a list of changes or guide to this or anything? just curious because completely new to this modded version. Been playing the Kitty? think thats the name modded version.


File: f0eca1d7bb71e62⋯.jpg (70.32 KB, 960x953, 960:953, f0eca1d7bb71e62f7f93f98af1….jpg)


Literally read the OP you lazy faggot, and walkthroughs are for shitters



i would make it so that you check her out anyway.

if there's a naked beauty even if the Champion is bruised is going to watch the body, like the kitsunes tits and ass.



Tying it into low standards (or its own) option would be nice.



Give yourself a pat on the back for that.


Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, a girl showing initiative is good; on the other, you probably shouldn't just fuck anyone and everyone that comes by.


I think there is a point about it being rather silly though. At the same time, you're probably not wrong either.



>anyone and everyone that comes by

>not having your waifu carefully choosing high-quality lolis that suit your tastes to seduce and bring home for you


File: 847980eb9f3b553⋯.jpg (248.51 KB, 875x1079, 875:1079, pregnancy worship is a top….jpg)


Waifu is excitable when she sees a pretty girl, but she's a lot more selective once she calms herself about which ones she actually wants to be her sister-wives.

After all, she'll be sharing her bed and husband with those girls. It's also hard to dote on pregnant girls as is proper if they're insufferable, because the hormones will make it worse.


File: 8cd5638cbad8bb3⋯.png (35.91 KB, 1399x233, 1399:233, 1.png)

File: e7884b1ebcbe318⋯.png (133.18 KB, 1516x736, 379:184, 2.png)

File: 2985bbfe95f024f⋯.png (89.12 KB, 1453x708, 1453:708, 3.png)

File: fce76e72cee3df1⋯.png (32.15 KB, 1333x572, 1333:572, 4.png)

File: 39008a3da740760⋯.png (5.85 KB, 1306x153, 1306:153, 5.png)

Right, I've had a filter through the Sprites; just checking in before I start rattling away and working on them

In order, we have:

>Unfiltered [TN: I either can't tell if it's a furry or if it's fine as is, tell me what to put it in]


>Low Pri/Minor [TN: Needs some cleaning up in some way shape or form; whether to get it in line with the style of the rest of the sprites, upgrade an aspect of the model (such as the wings on the harpies), colour refinement/contrasting (such as the Coffee Girl) or clean up a very small aspect of furfaggotry]

>Furry [TN: Needs cleaning up]

>__ ___ [TN: I genuinely have no idea how the fuck this shit is in the game and unless I get answers I won't even give it the time of day]

I just need a review on what goes where for each category and if there is any major iffy placements (ie, have I miscategorised any). And yes, inb4 scope; most of these will take a few minutes at best. It's very, very manageable.

Also; are there any other sprites bar Shouldra that are in 8bit scale rather than on a 32bit scale?



*oh yeah, is Nephilia still in the game or not?



Yes, but their sprites were removed so that we could sleep at night.



Right, that makes more sense. Ignore it in Low Pri then; I wasn't aware.



Yvonne, weaponsmith, poisontail are definitely furry. No idea who Bernice is, but it looks furry. The others shouldn't be.


File: 928c5b73bfac972⋯.png (1.3 KB, 70x84, 5:6, fenimp.png)


I got you covered on the fenimp one.


File: a21fb3486bb01bb⋯.png (744 B, 27x36, 3:4, sheila_first_meeting-Corr=….png)

File: d4b4c66c1ecb33b⋯.png (742 B, 27x36, 3:4, sheila_Corr=20-11.png)

File: 55b8f49371b448d⋯.png (739 B, 27x36, 3:4, sheila_Corr=10-0.png)

File: 39b433e22dc7302⋯.png (572 B, 26x32, 13:16, sheila_demon.png)

Realised I didn't post the clears of the Sheila; just gonna quickly dump them for the friendly faggot who puts them in.


I wonder what that pixelated image could be? But seriously, if Benoit gets a shekel forme in Sillymode, I don't see why we can't have that as Fenimps Sillymode sprite at the very least and I think a compelling argument could be made on top to extend that to the base sprite too while we're at it.


File: 9698186aab534bc⋯.png (747 B, 27x36, 3:4, sheila_Corr=21-99_preg.png)

File: ed19721896f1054⋯.png (746 B, 27x36, 3:4, sheila_Corr=20-11_preg.png)

File: 54b991ee2a6ac33⋯.png (743 B, 27x36, 3:4, sheila_Corr=10-0_preg.png)

File: 0b99191a4626ff6⋯.png (566 B, 26x32, 13:16, sheila_demon_preg.png)


And pregs



Huh…so that's why Benoit's sprite bugs out: one of his sprites is actually fucked up.



It's not a bug, that's on purpose.



It only looks like that because the attempt was before there was a thing to put images anywhere.



Surely if you actually like Urta you'd rather be visiting the house she bought after she got pregnant? It has all-new awkwardly implied polyamory content with her maid and everything. It's stated multiple times while she's buying her new house that her apartment is basically a dishevelled mess and just for sleeping and fucking in.


I would say Brigid's sprite needs some serious work, that pixie cut on her head is a mess and the shield looks a little bad as well. Does it say anywhere in the lore that Vapula has big bird-butterfly looking wings? Izumi's face and her nude sprite need some improving as well.



>Does it say anywhere in the lore that Vapula has big bird-butterfly looking wings?

She has "majestic, aquiline wings" in her appearance.


The editor can't seem to access my inventory, just my storage. Doesn't matter anyways (just an extra step in-game), but I thought it worth mentioning. Perhaps eventually someone will feel like forking the thing and making updates to it for this mod.



So it's suppose to place him half-way on the stats bar and scene screen? And that's intended?



What a docile goy.


Ok, this may sound odd, but I've been using the stand alone player to play CoC for a while now since I've found this mod version, but as of the past few weeks I've been unable to open anything in the stand alone player. It simply does not load anything. I know it can't be flash doing it since when I try opening it in IE (Using windows 7 btw) it works fine. so any clues as to what's going on?



You tried uninstalling the standalone and reinstalling it?




The legs are still a bit odd. I wouldn't mind the normal version enough to reject it, but the demon version is pretty fucky.


Would it be possible to write content where you de-dick urta and she goes more submissive and to get that implemented?

Or would be against lore/unwanted etc?



Wait, uninstall? The one I got from adobe was just unzip and use



It's possible, but no one will do it.


Yeah, there's no installation. Just make sure you have the most recent release, though I don't know why an older one would have a problem here.



idfk; I just mean the equivalent of advanced-turning-it-on-and-off-again.

Makes sure you put your saves to disk just in case.



It would have to come after finishing Urta's quest, and at that point it would be incredibly odd to suddenly reverse course and decide to change her after all that. Plus there are very few fans of Urta here, so the content would mostly just exist out of spite, which doesn't make for a very good game.

I think it's better to just let her not exist.


It's the most recent version and I've checked that already. It's what I first checked so it's a very strange problem, y'know? I even went to places like ddg and so on searching for any idea of what could've happened. But no one else seems to have this problem.



Something with Windows permissions maybe? Have you tried running the player as Administrator?



Considering I'm the only account on this pc? Yes, yes I've tried that directly as well. All I get is a white window like nothing was loaded at all yet.



It wouldn't be against the lore as long as Urta's Quest is completed but it certainly seems unwanted at the moment, especially when you consider that by the time you can theoretically remove her dick, the bulk of her content has been completed anyway. It's hard to argue in favor of making her submissive and "fixing" Urta when her entire character is that she's a manipulative, domineering, power abusing, sociopathic, alcoholic rapist who pretends to be a victim but actually adores herself. She's a decently-written asshole, sure, but it doesn't make for an actually likeable character in most cases. I always had the headcanon that even though Urta ends up being able to remove her dick, she doesn't want to because she prefers being a corrupted cunt that can go around destroying Watch trainees' pussies with her horsecock and playing the victim and crying anti-herm prejudice when she gets called out on the fact that she's basically a demon with manners.

We would essentially be looking for a unicorn who likes Urta's character enough to want to create and edit a HUGE amount of her content, but isn't blinded enough by furfag donutsteelery to actually accept that she needs serious work to begin with. For the vast majority of people it would be easier to just ignore her presence. Very few people could hate her enough to think she needs to be changed but like her enough to think she's actually worth trying to change.


I wouldn't go that far, writing content for a character that is largely ignored or disliked isn't spite, just alternate tastes. I find the nephilam stuff a little gross but I'd never say the person added it because they hate the mod.



>Considering I'm the only account on this pc?

Running as administrator is different from using an administrator account, unless you've disabled UAC entirely.



No no, you misunderstand. I did try that, just was clarifying that since it's my own pc that I had already tried such.



Whenever someone suggests dedicking, abusing, or dominating Urta, you can be fairly certain it's because they don't like the character.

It's technically possible that they're a fan of Urta and just want some content for her that goes in a different direction from everything else, but judging from the last 100 times it's been discussed, it seems very unlikely.


File: 0a49928f7ec0d4c⋯.jpg (220.29 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, 1553413624472.jpg)


Unless you want to do one of the brutalize or break her ideas, I don't think you'll get much support.

The problem is, she's just unlikable through and through, and 90% of her personality is that she's a futa. Remove it, and what's left? Like she uses it to crybully people or some shit. You're treated like a monster for not worshiping the damn thing.

This of course also means almost every scene with her, and there are so many, would need a cockless alt written.

Now, don't let this dissuade you TOO much. If you want to break her in mind or body, it could actually be slotted in pretty easily. There's already a No Urta mode that replaces her, so if you just wanted to do something that would more or less cause her to drop out of her old life, IE, leave the guard and stick to a closed routine or leave the city, you could probably stick that in very easily and have it play nice by forcing a faux no-Urta mode.

Say, for the sake of argument, you dedick and render her slavish towards the player, she drops out of the guard and now just tends a small garden or something to sustain herself and otherwise stays home, not appearing anywhere outside of player prompted scenes from visiting her.

One of the biggest issues facing the stuff would be the absolutely moronic god in her cock shit that renders her infertile, and if the generally untrustworthy character is to be believed, which she shouldn't as >>354841 stated, she can't remove it by normal magic or potions.

Retconning is possible, but not to be undertaken lightly. A big thing people mentioned for a while was the idea of removing it via blade, forcing you to fight said god, who would be strong but beatable in his immature form.

One general idea that also got traction for her, not so much dedicking but sadism, was smuggling her out of the city and reducing her to forniphilia and total sensory deprivation


Decided to not do a too big dick scene for Snuggles, couldn't figure out how to go about it and worked on the frog instead.

https://pastebin.com/1hsY9Ns6 - wrote out the pc using the frog-girl's tongue on their vag or ass and anal raping the frog-girl. Probably going to write another vaginal scene that the pc can initiate from the anal bit, since the anal rape is supposed to give corruption.


>your waifu carefully choosing high-quality lolis that suit your tastes to seduce and bring home for you

But I can do that myself, it's important to try and not to let people do a job you can do yourself.


That doesn't sound bad, but i'm not completely sold on the 'whole her bringing other girls she selects' into the harem.



You might just be taking the discussion too seriously. Also, shimapan best pan


File: ef785db317ac6f9⋯.jpeg (363.8 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 4b06771c12c8b6a53edabfa93….jpeg)


>i'm not completely sold on the 'whole her bringing other girls she selects' into the harem.

She wouldn't sleep with them till you give your approval, of course. If you don't. She either breaks it off or doesn't initiate depending on situation.

Girls are a bit silly by nature, you gotta make her plead her case for the prospect. Think of her talent scouting for you.



>no image

You're not the real 2hufag, impostor.


File: 72dca9d5a0d1da1⋯.jpg (163.71 KB, 900x677, 900:677, ad17695b7b004dc0a5a670fb09….jpg)


It aint going to kill her, she a oni, she can take it.



Suika is flat! FLAT!



>she can't remove it by normal magic or potions

Is it ever stated by Taoth whether or not Urta can dedick herself after he's freed?


File: b37221bb80eae82⋯.png (374 B, 21x50, 21:50, mrsCoffee_orig.png)

File: dc84805734d988e⋯.png (659 B, 22x50, 11:25, MrsCoffee.png)

File: e3569b3b564c038⋯.png (6.33 KB, 352x800, 11:25, MrsCoffee_large.png)

Right, finished up the first of the quick touch ups; any issues, you know the drill. Not much time today, but these should be pretty quick rolling in. I'll moe onto the more invested ones later.


File: 080a0d0c2c5c1ff⋯.png (499 B, 19x38, 1:2, milkgirl_orig.png)

File: 96bd5fd8c1249ae⋯.png (488 B, 19x38, 1:2, milkgirl.png)

File: 81faebf71aa89a0⋯.png (4.39 KB, 304x608, 1:2, milkgirl_large.png)



Not sure, don't see why not, though.

I doubt she'd do it willingly, though. She definitely loves the thing for free oppression points.



She could but just not want to because she can continue to cry about how nobody likes or approaches her because waaah i got a cock waaah….also she's fencuck's pet OC and he never would've allowed this, so nobody really broached the idea with any merit to it.



So after the last time you just randomly changed something because you didn't read and were told not to do that, did you not learn your lesson? You're only wasting your own time here.




Nobody's arguing that she's a malignant cunt, it's just that the actual possibility of dedicking her being stated somewhere is the difference between a lore-friendly Punished Urta route where you lop her cock off and collar her and "My butthurt overrules all lore" forced changes to the game a la Satan's angels.


File: c141df194dee245⋯.jpg (564.52 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Mrs. Coffee (Adjatha-16247….jpg)


Gonna call bullshit on that chief

>Along the far eastern wall sits a small counter, complete with a strange ebony sculpture of a busty woman with 'Mrs. Coffee' printed on the side.

>the busty coffee-maker comes to life, grabbing her thick dusky nipples and squeezing out a trickle of scaldingly hot liquid.

These are the only two descriptions of Mrs Coffee in the game and pic related was made by Adjatha, one of the game's original writers. Whether or not 'ebony' means pitch black or just brown is up for debate

Her legs ought to be shorter with her thighs partially disappearing into her base, though



As much as I don't even believe her, I'll say for argument it would realistically only be Taoth cancelling magic via his presence.

It still being unremovable post quest would, if stated, be pure hand wave bull of Fen's part.

Chances are it's either not brought up, or she just gets mad because Fen expects you to love and worship Urta's cock.

I mean, in the original game, being mean to Urta was tracked in the score as being as detrimental to the world as corrupting Marae.

But none of that really matters. As I see it, the only real way to do slave Urta is to just slice her cock off.


File: 37867fc24ec0b04⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 176x172, 44:43, dis_nigga.gif)


What drugs are you on? I've got the descriptions now; both changes were so you can actually make out what the sprite is, since the originals were evidently shambled together without regard to visibility or contrast on a smaller scale. Now, you can actually distinguish the things on the sprites.


>Along the far eastern wall sits a small counter, complete with a strange ebony sculpture

How have I not chaged the Coffee Sprite to be more in line with the description? It's described as an Ebony statue; not a 'black', 'pitch black', 'obsidian' or 'dark grey' statue.

And last time I checked; Gargantuan was permadisabled/tits have an upper limit, so the Milk Girl sprite was that way for a reason originally anyways. Unless >>354782 was incorrect, and you want hyperinflation in the game.

Petty fucking shit.


It doesn't say anywhere in the description and the original model is more statue-esque. I can shorten it for you, but I'm cautious that it might take from the table being a table and not her legs.



>No idea who Bernice is, but it looks furry

Bernice is a sand witch you dolt



How about you neck yourself already, Adjatha? You can't draw for shit, and you haven't been nor will ever be an authority on character appearances.


File: 2b07f72a4488ac3⋯.png (247.15 KB, 650x510, 65:51, ClipboardImage.png)


Ebony generally means dark black, but it definitely doesn't mean whatever color that is. That point is mildly debatable, but what the fuck do you think dusky means? Why are her nipples orange? Honestly a bit baffling. That sprite looks a lot more like a human than a statue.

>and pic related was made by Adjatha, one of the game's original writers.

Why do you think that picture is compelling evidence of anything? Just look at it, christ.


>It's described as an Ebony statue; not a 'black'

Ebony is a dark black color. As you can see in pic related, the wood itself is very dark.

>And last time I checked; Gargantuan was permadisabled/tits have an upper limit, so the Milk Girl sprite was that way for a reason originally anyways.

It took me a second to figure out you meant Exgartuan, but he's not permadisabled, and the upper limits on tits are absurd, so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, or what it has to do with Mrs. Coffee.

>Unless >>354782 (You) was incorrect, and you want hyperinflation in the game.

As I said then, the nephila have not been removed. You're only further proving that you really don't like reading.



I still think she'd look better shorter, as it stands (no pun intended) her frozen state looks really awkward, like if she stumbled or got pushed her shins would snap off. I can't see how Mrs Coffee was intended to be a coal-black latex statue that doesn't really resemble a living human. I always thought the whole point of her existence was to showcase the banal horror of demons; they're so soulless and skilled at magic and alchemy that they literally turned a woman into a fucking statue for all eternity just so that they could get a kick out of squeezing coffee from her tits



I'm going to assume the first anon was being cute for effect and was not sincerely retarded enough to think that incredibly wealthy and talentless hacks are lurking this board getting mad at people tinkering with a game they made a decade ago. That said, I don't think the drawing is actually good, but Adjatha was there from the start and involved in the original spitballing of character appearances and world-building, it's fair to assume they're an authority

The orange nipples are certainly a weird choice though, especially since they're described as dusky



In addition to the fact that ebony is specifically a dark shade of black, I have two reasons for thinking that that's actually what her skin color's supposed to be. First, the player immediately recognizes it as a sculpture. There's no moment where you think it's just a normal woman, so the unusual skin color helps make that plausible, as why would you make that assumption as soon as you saw her otherwise? Second, the original sprite was that way. This is a bit shaky, as there are situations like Akbal where the sprite was just completely wrong, but Fen did sign off on this one, which would tend to suggest it fit his vision.


File: b569349f9985204⋯.png (203.95 KB, 632x475, 632:475, mere pigs.png)


>That said, I don't think the drawing is actually good, but Adjatha was there from the start and involved in the original spitballing of character appearances and world-building, it's fair to assume they're an authority

You're a real dumb cunt, aren't you? Adjatha is notorious for never staying on-model with drawings of existing characters, not to mention he has absolutely NOTHING to do with the factory and the content there. Look at all the drawings he did of characters from other authors and tell me that's what they look like.

>but Adjatha was there from the start and involved in the original spitballing of character appearances and world-building

Still fucking wrong. He has barely written anything for the game, let alone do any world building when the game is primarily consists of submissions from random people.

His fan drawings are nothing more than that, and I'd honestly argue they're even less given how dreadful they are.



I meant those awkward DnD campaigns where the game's lore actually got penned. Again, calm your tits, nobody is claiming he's Michaelangelo or that he doesn't go obnoxiously overboard with the tits n ass, but to claim he was just some retarded onlooker is silly


File: c72919cb7e75f0b⋯.png (811.46 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, c43d580921967247c5addec75e….png)

File: 0c52980ef9d74b5⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, dsc_0022.jpg)


Why latex.

I'd say wood-like or just really dark, non-latex looking skin.


File: fcb63e540a5715f⋯.jpg (738.13 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, dear god.jpg)


>First, the player immediately recognizes it as a sculpture. There's no moment where you think it's just a normal woman, so the unusual skin color helps make that plausible, as why would you make that assumption as soon as you saw her otherwise?

This seems to be supported by this image by Adjatha, it's described as if someone applied the same magic used on Mrs. Coffee to Niamh, note the shinier, off-color skin and eyes. I do think she'd benefit from being trapped by her thighs instead of her ankles though, as is the case in the newest sprite.

If we're going to get really autistic we could have two slightly different sprites and make her skin and eyes light up slightly when you wake her up to milk her.


File: 244b299833a2112⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1584x750, 264:125, ebony.png)

File: b00926db032a801⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1577x761, 1577:761, ebony wood.png)

File: cf364b26394dc26⋯.gif (967.65 KB, 500x295, 100:59, 100%_GIVING_UP.gif)


You are being purposefully dense to the point of autism. In the context for NSFW content, Ebony overwhelming refers to niggers; the same way cock refers to penis and not the fucking farmyard animal. Gotta love the fact you went for one of. if not, the literal darkest result you could get-as if your point wasn't intellectually dishonest enough.

>The upper limirt is quite high

Pray tell Anon; I love how once again you either purposefully or autistically miss the point entirely as you miss the part of her description where the slaves tits are so enormous that she is physically immobile and her teats are the size of plates. The upper limits are quite high indeed - as in stereotypical bimbo tier; not physical disability tier. Perhaps if you yourself had read the fucking descriptions that you are lashing out about, you'd see that your point is completely null.


I couldn't care less about the fucking content; unless you haven't noticed I'm spriting, not writing. Once again you're being purposefully dense either out of pettiness, autism or because I skipped a beat and didn't cater to your fetish (perhaps a mix of all three, who fucking knows).

I'll spell out the line of logic literally everyone else could infer from my point from you - people don't want to see hyperinflation sprites, regardless of content. I'm reading quite well, it's your complete lack of fucking inferrence which is creating problems where there aren't any.

Then on top of ALL of this, I'm still in the right, because T H E S P R I T E I S N ' T E V E N F O R T H E H Y P E R I N F L A T I O N, it's for the end of her questline after Rathazul gives you the special reducto to shrink her breasts down to manageable levels. There is no sprite in the game for her hyperinflation, the one in question is just a fucking placeholder because nobody (including me) has yet gotten around to making it. Maybe if you'd read the descriptions, you'd know about this, autist-chan

Just shut, the fuck, up. You autist.



>This seems to be supported by this image by Adjatha

Sentences like this make me want to reconsider my viewpoint.


File: c42d7bc1aa669fc⋯.jpg (62.29 KB, 794x960, 397:480, mvvpdus02k131.jpg)


Christ, not him but calm down, man. Breed some daughters and chill.

It's a guy being a fag online. Make your sprites, and discuss it during the day when there's more people to provide input. But don't pop a blood vessel over some rando.


File: 52ef15b88d600f2⋯.png (796 B, 23x33, 23:33, goblinShamanNEW.png)


Speaking as a former spriteanon you have to stop getting so angry when morons try and poke holes in your work and are obtuse for literally no reason, they aren't interested in helping you refine your craft or suggest legitimate changes, this general is 95% angry bottomfeeders and dedicated shitposters. I know this is going to sound like asskiss bait but you're already basically above and beyond the rest for lifting a single finger to contribute to this mod in the first place, even if it is a few pixels - if you put so much faith in the opinions of plebs who are just here to make "Why doesn't someone write a scene where X happens?" posts every few days and bitch about furfags, you're going to have a bad time

Have a goblin shaman



>That random tranny in the third row



>In the context for NSFW content, Ebony overwhelming refers to niggers

As a category, but I don't think the word's being used like that here, as the narration is describing a statue, not a person when it uses that word. Again, why do you think she's a statue at first sight if she just looks like a normal human being? You would have to take at least a second to realize that she's completely still.

>Gotta love the fact you went for one of. if not, the literal darkest result you could get-as if your point wasn't intellectually dishonest enough.

There were both lighter and darker results. Why do you think ebony doesn't refer to a dark shade of black? Look at a fucking definition, christ.

>Pray tell Anon; I love how once again you either purposefully or autistically miss the point entirely as you miss the part of her description where the slaves tits are so enormous that she is physically immobile and her teats are the size of plates.

Are you talking about the milk slave sprite? Why? I never once brought it up, and I didn't reply to that post, so I'm baffled as to why you think I was talking about it. How are you accusing me of autism when you're basically having a conversation with yourself?

>The upper limits are quite high indeed - as in stereotypical bimbo tier; not physical disability tier.

No, I'm fairly sure you can get disability-tier tits (through the nephila content if nothing else). I don't know why you're so confidently talking out of your ass.

>I couldn't care less about the fucking content; unless you haven't noticed I'm spriting, not writing.

This statement is retarded enough to stand alone on it's own merit, so I'd like to let it breathe for a second before pointing out that you were the one that brought up Exgartuan, not me. But in any case, the sprites are based on the writing, dumbfuck.

>I'll spell out the line of logic literally everyone else could infer from my point from you - people don't want to see hyperinflation sprites

Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about? Why do you think I want hyper sprites? Please stop listening to the voices in your head.

>I'm reading quite well, it's your complete lack of fucking inferrence

I think you're inferring a bit too much, given that you're insanely assblasted over something I never said or implied.

>Just shut, the fuck, up. You autist.

If you continue to not listen to feedback about your sprites, they're unlikely to get in the game (you still haven't responded to the Sheila leg issue either). Calm the fuck down, dude.

You also still haven't explained why her nipples are fucking orange.


Conversely, some random nigger shouldn't get hoity-toity because he made a few shitty sprites, and many contributors don't namefag, so you shouldn't discount random posts.


>he's still trying to goad another reaction


Notes for Yuribot's Holli thing:

>[say: [if (dom holli) {A work of art, aren't they?|Enjoying yourself, are you?}]

Add a ] at the end for the [say:.

>your mind fog over with desire, wanting nothing more than to dive

Fairly sure that "wanting" is dangling.

>squirming shaft

But she has multiple tentacles, right?

>her aroma tingling [if (isgoo) {inside you

Seems a bid odd, and do goos not have noses? They get the standard "your face is human in shape and structure" line. This bit is repeated, if you do decide to make a change.

>I like the way you think, champion.

"Champion" should be capitalized, as she's using it as a vocative (or title or whatever you want to call it).

>[if (hair)

I actually did cave and make hashair, so that it doesn't have to be hairlength > 0. I should really expand the parser guide with the conditional parsers.

>By the time it finally stops, your camp looks like [if (discovered desert) {you've moved to the|you're in a}] desert, the hard, dry earth creeping all the way up to your [cabin].

This seems like it would cause continuity conflicts with anything that describes your camp.

>and she shrinks inside her tree again.|

You already have a period after the conditional, so you can get rid of this one.

Sorry about the lack of recent proofreading. I'll be working through stuff over the next few days.


Notes on Yuribot's kitsune victory scene:

>the air already growing thick with the scent of [monster.his] musk.

I feel like "musk" might not fit certain things. Nagas come to mind, and I imagine there are others, but I don't know how much of a problem that is.

>[if (monster clothed) {tears at [monster.his] coverings and}]

That would have to be done very manually, and I ask that you take pity on me.

>[hair color]


>our [tails] crave to feel the warmth of [monster.his] hands wrapped around them, and in an [if (low corruption) {extraordinary|apparent}] act of generosity, you extend one of your tails

I might recommend replacing that "your tails" with "them" to prevent repetition.

>[if (two hands) {both|all of [monster.his]} hands

I think moths and ants are the only things with more than two hands. Am I missing anything?

>Though not <i>entirely</i> covered, you notice

I'm not sure the omission works well here.

>and a very confused [themonster]


I'm happy my shitpost suggestion resulted in something so nice. This is almost 1800 words, though, so you might want to consider a next button somewhere in there (though a lot of that is in conditionals, and it flows together really well, so I'm not actually sure about that, on second thought).


Am I the only one who reads the Mrs. Coffee description as suggesting only a partial body? She's on the counter, having legs would make that awkward. I picture her as just being from the waist up, if not less.



That also makes it clearer why you instantly know it's just a sculpture and not a dark-skinned person.




She's also never called a statue, just a sculpture, suggesting not a full body.


Anyone know if the dickworms/mountain parasite infection perk adquisition was changed? Losing 5 times doesn't seem to work and lust stays at +50 minimum.



I always imagined her as a coffeepot-sized human.



This picture stimulates my dick take responsability



I think the consensus is clear spriteanon, give us a look at her as if she were a potted plant



That's not spriteanon though you nigger. Spriteanon is the one who did Holli and the others.



Cute. Coffee fairies when?



If she's not human-sized it would be weird to wonder if she used to be a living person.


File: 49b52d9c79acfd4⋯.jpg (115.01 KB, 850x632, 425:316, 84f754442d9dc0446147d13.jpg)


I am, but it's all in good fun. I kind of like frilly panties, ones with ribbons, bloomers are good too though. Honestly, there are too many to commit to just one type.


That's fair, but I still think half the fun of building a harem is doing it yourself.


I was too lazy to grab a cute Suwako image before going to bed, my bad.


Dang, Hyper Preg still in the works?



There's only one anon interested in writing any, and he comes and goes unpredictably. It's unknown whether he'll ever finish the Nephila stuff, let alone his other projects.


File: 0008c5f36677012⋯.jpg (433.11 KB, 1072x1031, 1072:1031, 1543786901612.jpg)


Hey, if a fairy daughteru is strong willed enough to turn one of her half sisters into her throne, I might allow the latter to stay furniture for a little while to teach her a lesson about something or other.


Mostly true.

But there's also some joy in a wife who wants to do what she can to help her husband have as many babies as possible.

Starting with her, of course.


Is there any way to properly use CoCEd with this mod?


File: 64f89ad55bd0613⋯.jpg (5.87 KB, 323x156, 323:156, 64f89ad55bd0613471c02edcb1….jpg)



Considering that there isn't really an other instance of amputee stuff, it never really crossed my mind.


You can still use it, but it only affects the basegame variables. I'm not sure, but you might be able to change specific variables in the advanced settings tab; but I've never used the program/working with what I've seen in screenshots so I genuinely don't know.

The real question is why you want to cheat in a textbased porn game with broken mechanics that make the game a cakewalk of all things.



Is it "amputee stuff" if that's all she ever was to begin with?



Before asking a question, use the archives to see if it hasn't been asked a billion times before. If this is too hard, kill yourself. Actually, since it clearly WAS too hard, just skip to the part where you kill yourself.



Well it's up in the air as to whether she was once a normal person or not.


File: 1df5806dcf40bb8⋯.jpg (605.64 KB, 1600x2415, 320:483, 1559545130514.jpg)

All those statues of lewd ladies in the tower that we're not hauling back to decorate the camp with.



>Hey, if a fairy daughteru is strong willed enough to turn one of her half sisters into her throne

Have i missed fairy content?




But honestly, Vala could stand to get some pregnancy stuff.

If she's consistent with transformation lore, she'd probably birth normal fairies, but likely had transformations to give birth to huge broods so the imps could swell their numbers.

So if she counts each child she gives you instead of each time you fuck her, she may actually wear that backless gown yet.



Having the camp full with cute faeries flying about would be pretty great now that you mention it it is no fairy TF but it is nice regardless



We deserve a firefly watching scene with swarms of cute fairy daughters.



Or a crusade against phoukas with your fairy daughters wielding tiny weapons empowered with charge weapon



If she's consistent with lore, the player can't impregnate her, since fairies can only be impregnated by other fae (and even that's apparently only due to the demons).



When was this ever said, and why can't we override it the same way you can that trick being pulled on the basilisk?



In the faerie codex and in phouka conversations. Not very familiar with whatever goes on with the basilisk. Would probably not be a huge deal for someone to rework faerie lore, but they'd have to make sure to track down loose ends.



Regardless of that, the player can already can give birth to fairies, so fairy daughters at camp is just needing someone to write it.



Sure, but I think anons are more interested in fatherhood than motherhood. I think Kid A is also the only kid from a generic pregnancy that sticks around. Not a problem or anything, just something of note.


how the fuck do I learn magic shit in this game I cant figure it out. I think I am retarded or something



I'd tell you, but a magician never reveals his secrets


File: e9118ddfc577b31⋯.jpg (204.63 KB, 500x727, 500:727, 1529454936301.jpg)


You can learn magic by using "white" and "black" books they are usually droped by sand witches.

Another way to learn magic is to study it from Tel adre in the library which you only have access at 18:00,repeat that process and you will learn magic that and free increase in intelligence.


are there non-corruption, non-sadist incest options besides the harpy daughters? first time playing this mod after playing the original a lot



How about reading the thread or the OP? Nobody fucking cares about the umpteenth post about how it's your "first time"





Faggots spoonfeeding newtards should be executed.


File: 231813c6af4c843⋯.png (47.89 KB, 275x200, 11:8, ad12swa.png)




Just helping a newbie a little out what's wrong with that?

There is no need for needless hostility no?



Depending on the why you can't reproduce faeries you might not even need to change anything at all.



Most of the incest is neither corrupt nor sadistic.

The only exceptions being cocknursing Isabelle's kids, which gives corruption, more for the babycon because the actual scene is fairly loving, and the vanilla ant orgy which requires corruption because only a depraved cuck would do that.

Only spoonfeeding you because it's about incest, mind you. Go play the game and fuck your kids.



thanks man. i was referring to requiring a high corruption or a "sadist" perk i saw mentioned somewhere. having 4somes with amily nad kids was a slave amily interaction only, was curious if there was a lover amily option to do so as well. i've been looking through the content submissions and have found a couple of things, such as kelly the centaur's daughters and bringing goblin daughters back to camp.



>and do goos not have noses?

Probably, but do they smell with them or are they merely ornamental? I changed it anyway, best not to go down to that amount of pedantry or they wind up almost as bad as centaurs.

>This seems like it would cause continuity conflicts with anything that describes your camp.

The scene when she first sprouts makes it sound like that's how your camp is by default, but I'll remove the part about the cabin.


>I feel like "musk" might not fit certain things.

I made it vaguer. Here's hoping you can't rape a statue or something that wouldn't smell at all.

>Am I missing anything?

I was thinking of spider-morphs at the time, but they apparently have only four limbs. Since you never fight the ants, it might actually be only Sylvia.

>you might want to consider a next button somewhere

It's also considerably shorter if you lack tails (probably sub-1000 for only two, once you account for the conditions), so I'm not sure how to best handle it.




also i can't seem to be able to find the cocknursing scene in the submission list…



sorry, the isabelle cocknursing scene. found the goblin church one



There are four spriteanons that I know of because you can tell by their style, from oldest to newest:

>The person who did Circe/Kelly/Evelyn a very long time ago, likely a writer who only made them out of necessity because they aren't very good

>The original spriteanon who bombarded us with Essrayle/Greta/Sheila/Loppe/Niamh and more about a year ago then disappeared, quality was eh but what's important is they match the other sprites in the game

>The newer spriteanon who made a few sprites for Helia/Holli/Callu/Arian, said he'd practice and learn how to make them closer to the existing sprites we have in the game and then completely vanished. Higher quality, but a little out of place, and Izumi's sprite remains awful

>The newest spriteanon who made updated Mrs Coffee and Sheila, little bit of a temper problem



Hopefully, we'll get some Amily kid interaction actually added soon.

You're more than welcome to help write some more incest content, though. It'd be greatly appreciated.



Church and goblins were never finished. The Isabelle one only requires her to have kids, then go and interact with the babies.



Andy is a slightly androgynous satyr boy, the anemone is a plant creature, Bernice isn't in game, Fenimp is Silly Mode, Kid A is an anemone, Maddie is a golem made out of cake and icing, Poisontail is a lizard, Rogar is an orc, the Weaponsmith is a furry wolf, Yara is a cat girl, Yvonne is some kind of full furry dog.


where can i find the lolipop? been searching the archives, but i only hear tell of it in passing.



Uncommon drop from Alices.



What do you mean?


>The scene when she first sprouts makes it sound like that's how your camp is by default, but I'll remove the part about the cabin.

From what I remember, it's meant to be a mostly barren "wasteland", but that there's sparse vegetation that's occasionally referred to. I've never actually recruited Holli, so I'm not exactly familiar with how she changes your camp.


>The newer spriteanon who made a few sprites for Helia/Holli/Callu/Arian, said he'd practice and learn how to make them closer to the existing sprites we have in the game and then completely vanished. Higher quality, but a little out of place, and Izumi's sprite remains awful

Except he hasn't really vanished. He checks in every couple weeks. Did the Nieve sprites pretty recently.


Please stop spoonfeeding him. He's repeatedly shown that it just leads to him asking more questions like that.



That was his last bit of advice from me, especially if it's shitty "Help, I don't wanna play or read" questions.



You shouldn't be spoonfeeding people like that regardless, you dumbfuck.




I wouldn't be so rude about it, but he has already demonstrated the type of poster he is.



I can understand asking about obscure things, but simple gameplay you can find out by having even a sliver of critical thinking? Not to mention with how much information is provided in the OP.

How did we get to the point where people think spoonfeeding obvious newfags is acceptable?



Boardwide stagnation caused by the (((chicken-little))) shitstorm. People are just happy to see newfags playing the mod, quality be damned



Though I suppose the retarded vols still prefer to think that nothing happened there



I wasn't disagreeing with you in any way.




>Boardwide stagnation caused by the (((chicken-little))) shitstorm.

>actually invoking his boogeyman in a thread that had not a speck of that shitstorm touch it

Imagine being this upset over someone that hasn't been around for months if you bothered to look at his posting style. The only reason why that shitposting gained any traction is because dumb people like you keep getting so buttmad over it, no one would waste their time if you weren't except for maybe the actual original one.


My reply already assumed you weren't.


File: 677ee1dee7c8f61⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 500x368, 125:92, eaglel_beak.jpg)

File: 062a373e4db8cc6⋯.jpg (162.92 KB, 1300x987, 1300:987, swoop_da_woop_eaglel.jpg)

File: 2f827ff37fae140⋯.png (12.09 KB, 371x253, 371:253, aquiline.png)

File: ef353c29c203791⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1581x753, 527:251, succ wings.png)

File: 5aae9ff6f61881b⋯.png (3.23 KB, 144x160, 9:10, vapula_orig_large.png)

Going off of Vapula's description; her wings are only described as majestic and aquiline. The issue with this is that aquiline has a double meaning, in that it's hooked/curved like an eagles beak (its main, usual usage and referral) and a minor secondary usage of just resembling an eagle as in the entire eagle.

Going off of the first one, and in the context of Vapula being a succ I initially was going to do the wings as bat-like, since that's what expected and can get that curve down well; but upon further thought it appears that the original sprite was going for the secondary definition for some reason and just failed in the portrayal I actually though it was supposed to be her holding some kind of oversized club upon initial glances. There are depctions of succs as well with bird wings, notably Albedo from Overlord.

So which to do, bats wings or bird wings?



Variety be the spice of life, I vote for bird.


File: df5f28be6f0a6f9⋯.jpg (628.75 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, albedo_succ.jpg)


And reference




Her name's Vapula, which is a demon known for having the wings of a bird and the body of a lion. The bird wings were likely what was intended.


File: 08018ff3090aef3⋯.png (3.97 MB, 2100x1600, 21:16, 1560198001318.png)

File: d1bac3bcd9f5fd8⋯.png (1.32 MB, 860x1200, 43:60, 1546965863705.png)

File: 3d1b3310687fd7a⋯.jpg (416.38 KB, 2048x1422, 1024:711, 1485619681975.jpg)

File: 46d5be8df4d4063⋯.png (5.02 MB, 4944x5120, 309:320, 1439274981167.png)

File: a31e97c77c7c8a3⋯.jpg (960.77 KB, 2490x3510, 83:117, 1551617736460.jpg)

Dropping by just because I saw a loli oni in the op pic



I think the whole 'whoah bird wings not draconic wings' thing was her intended shtick, best work on improving them instead of leaving them looking like two fucking magnum ice creams sticking out of her back



God bless you.



The vidcon is a portmanteau of the phrase "video game" and the word "console." In the strictest sense, vidcon specifically refers to video games released for consoles, such as the Sega Saturn, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Atari Jaguar. However, Tales of Game's Studios titled a collection of over twenty video games, each meant to be played on a computer, the Tales of Game's Vidcon Pack. Thus, vidcon may possibly be an acceptable, even preferred, term for all video and computer games, no matter the platform. also don't use browsers









>What do you mean

Well how do fairies reproduce ccording to the lore? Because depending on how do they reproduce you can make something up like the basilisks



>He tells you that faeries are supposed to be born out of special flowers after a "magicy sparkly fucken ritual". "When the demons came they didn't like that faeries was so pure and chaste that they didn't even fuck to make babies." His face breaks into a wide smile as he says, "Little did they know, faeries always had all the right parts for carrying babies, just needed another fae to knock 'em up."


I uploaded a new thing


File: f6b4122749ce43b⋯.jpg (122.43 KB, 1861x630, 1861:630, Hmm.jpg)


Did you really though? Or was that one of your hallucinations?



I suppose it's a bit ambiguous as to whether faeries can only be impregnated by other fae because of some special property of fae sperm/eggs or merely because nothing else is small enough to actually fuck them.

Not that either one really helps the champion on a quest for fae daughters.


File: ae8c3057d295974⋯.png (317.2 KB, 443x430, 443:430, thatfuckingfaggoteggman.png)


works on my end


File: 520740a1cfcd919⋯.png (5.22 MB, 3218x2901, 3218:2901, __kraken_monster_girl_ency….png)



>Just needed another fae to knock them up

Sounds like a case of weird wording to me



>or merely because nothing else is small enough to actually fuck them.

Shrouldra's fuckery can probably make them hentai strechy or something though




>tfw can't play new content when it comes out because it takes another 3 releases to fix the entire game

I'll preemptively bug report: All the items and combat systems are broken and talking to an NPC that hasn't been changed in years crashes the game



>He tells you that faeries are supposed to be born out of special flowers after a "magicy sparkly fucken ritual".

Are you paraphrasing or do phouka talk options really lack actual dialogue in parts and have to tell you what they said indirectly instead?

>As you fuck the goblin she tells you how good it feels, I mean, we won't go into specifics, but she really likes it

Phoukas are the Sheila of the Bog and need to have their retarded dialogue toned down to the extreme.



That's an exact quote from the game.



Except they're explicitly said to use some weird flower ritual to reproduce. Furthermore, why would the phouka be needed if the demons could just give them a quick injection?


How so? It's pretty clear.


Hopefully stuff should be mostly fine this time. Last update had a large amount of under the hood work, so bugs are bound to happen. I usually fuck something up, though, so I'll put out a preemptive apology.


File: 86f8a7c11d6848b⋯.jpg (37.92 KB, 600x1241, 600:1241, stoplookingatthefuckingfil….jpg)



>Furthermore, why would the phouka be needed if the demons could just give them a quick injection?

Isn't that exactly what they did with Vala?



I think the difference is that Vala took effort and experimentation, dumping all sorts of chemicals and alchemicals into her over months of captivity. They could do it to a fairy here and there, but not on a large scale.



I remember a quote where they just stuff fairies full of whatever roots and that's it



Could also just have them ride the top of your cock like little cowgirls.



>With enough cum production they could get shot at high speeds

Could we weaponize faeries this way?



>Fairy daughters you can use as consumables once per day per fairy.

>Lowers your lust, but takes 2 turns for moderate damage and high lust damage, fairy needs time to recover from her bruises.


Do oni not like being called ogres? Reading Izumi's scenes at the moment and it seems to be a theme. Are ogres niggers to them?


File: 8af6b7d87f0f87e⋯.jpg (831.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1559611453993.jpg)


By shouldra backstory and the bog ogre, they are dumb as fuck.

She probably feels like if someone called another white human a monkey.



>bog ogre




Those are orcs.


File: f5cca6d30ef23aa⋯.png (277.92 KB, 750x951, 250:317, 73639971_p0.png)



Bog ogre is how goblins and other greenskins call orcs niggers.


File: e653d41c9c3286a⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 517x541, 517:541, 1559494409497.jpg)



Yeah, my mistake, thats what i get by using the internet at 3 am.

I think my comparsion may still be valid though, western ogres are normally dumb as fuck.


Reminder that Shouldra is a demon and devoted LARPer and that there is no proof of this so-called orc invasion


Notes on Yuribot's chasing centaurs thing:

>//race your centaur kids

I assume [Race] is fine as a button, but do you want a tooltip? I assume this is just accessible from Kelly's main menu, but tell me if you want some sort of children submenu.

>[if (>1 kid) {children|[if (son) {son|daughter}]}]

You can do that [children] thing you did with the Ember hatching. That's actually really easy to do now that Koraeli added temporary parser tags.

>with Kelly are playing

Brackets around the "are" (though the last time I said to do this, it was just completely wrong).

>You whisper your plan to Kelly,

Not a huge deal, but you haven't really established her presence in this scene.

>//do some magic here to see if you win, based on speed or fatigue or something

I can do that, but how hard should it be? Medium, mildly difficult, very difficult, etc.?


Good lord.

>Doubt creeps in as you look up to what seems like an eternity of track.

Is it really track? I hadn't been imagining any sort of developed path. This complaint is autistic enough to be potentially ignored.

>Her cheers give you the strength for one last push, and you gladly take it

Don't think the "gladly take it" really works with the first half of the sentence.



>Ghost is a demon



File: 0d04f73af93cda9⋯.png (138.93 KB, 540x304, 135:76, Seinfeld_Costanzo_depresse….png)

>ccleaner deleted all my saves



They should put a warning in the Save Menu that that can happen




>With multiple dicks you get a missile massacre type attack


File: ee815b1794aa5b5⋯.png (1008 B, 61x40, 61:40, vapula.png)

File: de6f3fdb0858c31⋯.png (988 B, 61x40, 61:40, Vap_alt_wings.png)

File: fe18855a2dd77d3⋯.png (4.23 KB, 488x320, 61:40, vapula_large.png)

File: 24fe4700dcc25eb⋯.png (4.22 KB, 488x320, 61:40, Vap_alt_wings_large.png)

File: 5aae9ff6f61881b⋯.png (3.23 KB, 144x160, 9:10, vapula_orig_large.png)

So we going for shoulder blade wings or hip wings? God I hate feathers so fucking much



*just noticed that there's a pixel missing on the alt's right breast, ignore it it's not intentional



>using windows



Just because you used Albedo as a wing example doesn't mean we have to go down the same awkward route of putting them in a really strange place, the shoulder blade version looks much better imo. Those wings are fucking fantastic


I've also spotted a second incorrect pixel on the alt thigh, ignore that too. Sorry for the shoddy job


It's only an option, I see the appeal in both and it's always better to give people choices. We'll just wait to hear what others think.


File: 4e03f1dcbc508da⋯.jpg (61.69 KB, 700x415, 140:83, hokuto_tears.jpg)

>still have CoCEd for non-inventory stuff

>able to salvage my kitsune loli from the void via a backup

>my warrior monk and his family were not so lucky



Let us go with non-butt wings



Normal wings are the best option, yeah.



Please don't put them on either her throat or ass. The only place where it makes sense from a balance point of view is slightly above the navel, so the original wings got that right.



A challenger appears



kek; I didn't even notice at first



google always knows what you like


File: aec5699c72be95c⋯.jpg (208.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, chataeu_autism.jpg)



can you read?



No, I didn't read a post arguing about definitions.


File: cf3d07ec114fbc4⋯.png (691.25 KB, 1074x605, 1074:605, 0__8_.png)

File: e04e2fcffa7326c⋯.png (748.75 KB, 1079x601, 1079:601, 0__7_.png)

File: 8c9e5b88da21c0b⋯.png (743.23 KB, 1079x610, 1079:610, 0__9_.png)

Wasn't Cait that follower that says to you upon meanting "I can't stay exclusive to you?"


File: f33d8a26f4bc7e2⋯.jpg (158 KB, 1024x831, 1024:831, 034CC8B.jpg)


yeah,the only one that could/is exclusive to you is your kitsune wife


is there ANY source of mouse semen but Jojo?



Yes, three others off the top of my head.



which ones? other than Amily



Other than Amily, two of them.


File: c3247b9eb37a6b5⋯.png (378.63 KB, 750x564, 125:94, Canon female.png)

File: 9874b411d46fb37⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1308x737, 1308:737, Borealium.png)

File: a5f022402529c3a⋯.png (392.31 KB, 783x584, 783:584, Intro.png)

File: f9116a88ecc5479⋯.png (759.92 KB, 756x1166, 378:583, BUT THOU MUST.png)

File: f2e253d34b3f9f3⋯.png (1 MB, 1295x741, 1295:741, Skill system.png)


Fug it I'm curious and bored. I hope I have enough purity seals for this shit.

>Brothas, today a catwomyn is out oar door!

>We feight in tha name of tha Emprah! We will recovar her sista and win glory and fame for tha chapta!

Given a short sword.

>Reminds me of my time in the Scout Companey A pig stickah like this won't do any good, need to find a nice powah sword.

Skill system is pretty nice. With the cards and everything.



yea but where?



Amily's the mouse you find in the ruins. She starts as a female but you can turn her futa



I meant the other two.



From mice, for one of them. The other is presumably also from mice, ultimately.



Workout machine in tel-adre.



All this effort for a fancy UI when the coding is going to be the same shitty spaghetti


File: 667f232559c371b⋯.jpg (70.41 KB, 1026x770, 513:385, spoonfeeding.jpg)



Look either tell him or don't. If you're going to be cagey fucks I'm going to rain on the parade.


File: 7cd1fe8b7419239⋯.jpg (428.66 KB, 700x755, 140:151, 763fe63a142c85308677cce4fd….jpg)


The problem is when you just answer every little question for people clearly not even playing the game, they have a habit of just coming back to ask more dumb questions.

Sure, tell him about the workout machine because that's obscure, but the others he could figure out by actually just playing the game.


File: b7f95d5cdb9d9cc⋯.jpg (21.24 KB, 720x405, 16:9, damn_hound.jpg)


>I appreciate that what I'm doing is wrong and making the problem worse by setting precedent that they can come back and ask even more as well as show newfags that they too can get spoonfed, but if I don't make the problem worse they might feel bad!!!!1!!1!!!!!! and they might keep on asking for 1-2 posts while everyone else ignores them!!!!!!111!!1111

>>If everyone here doesn't want a long term problem, I don't care becuse the world revolves around me and I can do no wrong. Haha, that's right, I'm going to rain on your parade, triggertrolled much?

Fuck off. Spoonfeeding is never the correct point of call, one should only seek advice (not direct fucking answers) once they've exhausted all other options; and they should be prostrative about it at the absolute minimum. At which point the answer should be vague at best to the direct answer, and more straightforward if it's something that nobody could be expected to guess (akin to the infamous Goat Puzzle)



There is a still working CoC wiki and CoC Revamp wiki. Any changes in the mod are documented in links in the OP. He should have tried any of these ideas on his own initiative instead of going straight to the thread.



the point is that I already knew about Jojo and Amily though, and one of those is important not to corrupt and the other's unavailable to even begin to find above a relatively low threshold of corruption.

I looked through the wiki and it didn't list any other mouse NPCs than the two that you can actually interact with, so I asked here.



I said tell him or not you illiterate fuck. You want to ignore him, thus forcing him to seek the info himself, I'm all for it. But if you're going to waste everyone's time with this "tee hee, oh I don't know~" routine I'm going to take an equally annoying shit in the opposite direction.


File: 1311dab5dc12d79⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1318x747, 1318:747, Thunderstruck.png)

File: 9f23e27e5f7e9e2⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1307x740, 1307:740, Pocket Sand.png)

File: d5a4cb305b7781a⋯.png (1.02 MB, 760x1514, 380:757, Slaaneshi Cult.png)

File: 93922afee66f6a5⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1308x740, 327:185, DEMON.png)

File: 372b2e91d405a02⋯.png (798.82 KB, 784x1144, 98:143, No. Nono.png)

>Brothas, I have finally found my face. It was under my helmet the entire time. I'll leave my helmet here, for aesthetic reasons.


I wouldn't expect anything different.

>I just thought of something amazing, called the "Boreale special." I'll flip the sword, grab the pointed end, then bring it down on an enemy so hard it'll ruin their armor.

<Pocket sand

>My one weakness Brothas, if only I wore a helmet.

>The cultists dropped a shield, I shall not be using it as it's probably corrupted and shield are reserved for Terminators.

<Skills are one use only in battle.

>Well that is bad Brothas, I thought I could use the "Boreale Special" more than once a battle."

<Picked up a dagger

>A simple knife, but will serve me till I get my Powah Sword or Thundah Hammer.

>By the Throne, It's a Slaaneshi Cult! Charge! Drive them back into the Warp!

<They just manage to toss the "Pure" catgirl in anyway.

>There is no time to rest! We must charge the enemy again! We will not stop, until they all lie dead! For the Emprah!

<Black out in temple, Demon appears.

>Be careful Brothas, it appears to be a breed of Bloodthuster cross with a Daemonette. Deadly and alluring at the same time. We must be careful.

<"She" wants me to suck "her" off.

>The Codex Astartes has a section on the promises of Demons. And it's two pages with the letters in big red, one says N, the other says O.


File: ebc9e78611975c5⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 499x281, 499:281, 6281fc8578617083096865384d….gif)


>Anon 1: What's 2*3, I can't figure it out

<Anon 2: Are you really that stupid

>Anon 1: Just tell me the answer

<Anon 2: Fuck off already it's not hard. Work it out yourself.

>Anon 1: Tell meeeeeeee

<Anon 2: What do you think it is, retard. You tried using a calculator? The internet is a thing too, most search sites have built in calculators.

>Anon 1: No, I don't want to do that. Can you just tell me.

<Anon 2: No. I've given you the tools to figure it out yourself, fuck off already. You haven't even thanked me for the previous stuff yet.

>Anon 1: Fucking tell me already


>Anon 1: Right, now can you give me the answer for 3*3



Dear god what the fuck is that writing. And art. And UI. And formatting.


File: 45460953d52b323⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 800x450, 16:9, notsurprisedkirk.jpg)




>futa-cuckery and mega-quality writing

>Scene by: Savin



That demon sounds like a reworking of that demon from Savin's other game, which had a similar combat system to this.



As opposed to

>"Hey what's 2*3?"

> [No Response]

It's easier, and you look like less of a faggot for doing so.



Wouldn't you get raped by that first fight 9 times out of 10 unless the rng gods favored you and gave you crits and the demon brain damage when deciding its moves?

I generally prefer not to lose my anal cherry in these games, and Savin really made that difficult. Did he make it impossible in round 2 here?



what game?



You left out the part where they don't take the hint and keep asking. Do you really think someone too stupid to read the OP is able to figure out when they're being ignored?



I didn't feel like copy/pasting > [No Response] over and over. Point is even if he keeps asking, just ignore him. Either he'll figure it out or leave and you don't look like as much of a faggot as he was.



The first imp fight could be difficult and relied more on the main demon not summoning more imps or buffing the existing ones too much. I was actually thinking of the second demon who was also a giant futa that tries to seduce you.


Fall of Eden.



>Refuse to answer

>Gets spoonfeed by another faggot




Did he made that one? That explains it, it kinda felt like a clone.



Ideally nobody would answer. Point still stands that Not being a faggot > Being a faggot back at them



I thought he was involved in it some way, but I can't remember exactly. CoC2 is a clone of it however so if he wasn't involved in it that would be even worse.


you're all autistic faggots, get a fucking room



We already have a room, you're in it



Think he did some of the writing in FoE, not completely sure though. Been a minute.




The demon is exactly the same yeah, though I think Alder made FoE. People should have just contributed to FoE, it already had a combat and class sytem and the npc's weren't cancer, aside from being furry. So they weren't cancer+ I mean.



Says the guy who just barged in through the fucking door!


File: cd4bef194411ff3⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1329x1600, 1329:1600, 64038047_p0.jpg)

So how goes progress on the guy making the masochistic lizard demon?


File: 82fc763098c015b⋯.jpg (101.77 KB, 656x893, 656:893, 82fc763098c015bbb8c96606c9….jpg)


>Savin's absence would have made something worse



I think he means it's even worse that CoC2 is a clone of FoE if Savin' wasn't involved with FoE, because then it's also plagiarism.

I'm not sure either way myself. I recall disliking FoE because of the player often being forced to behave passively like sucking up to the rabbit king or something along those lines. It's been a long time, mind you. But I don't recall it being full of cuck content, and that's very unlike Savin.


When Ascending, you can select Blood Mage as a permable perk. I thought that this was added intentionally, but all it does is bug out the process so that you can't ascend, and are instead asked to input a new name before being sent back to the un-exit-able ascension menu. I'm pretty sure I've seen someone else report this kind of bug, but they didn't know what caused it. Sorry if it's already known that selecting blood mage is the cause.


File: a0846207fbe37cb⋯.png (357.9 KB, 777x522, 259:174, Yerg Sthgink.png)

File: 5f161002a667aea⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1304x738, 652:369, Ivris.png)

File: 9ad3686d2a97f71⋯.png (1.43 MB, 760x2276, 190:569, Tactical headscratching le….png)

File: 1eea4414314fa5f⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1315x752, 1315:752, Wolf.png)

File: af1bbb03768a674⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1317x743, 1317:743, Shop.png)

<How did you survive coming into contact with a demon.

>Maybe a wandering Grey Knight showed up and saved me by being crazy and swinging his sword. If a Demon can come through the portal, it's only correct that a Chapter Master of the Grey Knights can as well.


"She" does seem a little too detailed to be just suddenly pulled from the air.

<We get to the actual game part.

>That Ecclesiarchal Felinid healed me up pretty good before. Since I'm stuck here away from the Chapter, I'll need to get in contact with as many Imperial people as possible. Now if I can find a Magos, I'll be set for awhile.

<Talk with furry inn owner, he says a Witch may be found in the forest, overrun with demons.

>Great. Maybe an Inquisitor can introduce me to the Grey Knights after all the demons I purge. Also need to talk to that Magos.

>There are also Orks to the east. I'll need to get better equipment before I charge in there and eliminate the Warboss.

<He can train me in more warrior skills and even change class.

>My skills have gotten rusty. I need a Thundah Hammar to be truly effective.


I'm not autistic. I am Indrick Boreale, Captain of the Blood Ravens, trapped in a heretic Warp infested hell hole.

>I have heard Felinds like head-scratches.

<Mallach is the god of Lust she worships.

>Hmmmm. I suspect Heresy. Slaanesh takes many forms. So this Felind isn't Ecclesiarchy but an apostate Choas worshipper. Lovely. At least the Magos might worship the Omnissiah.

<God of Catgirls. It's why they're all promiscuous.

Ahhhhhh… how can you ruin something like that? They're supposed to be for loving singularly, not being a slut like this. Hmmm. Maybe you could cuck Savin again by having Calla appear in this mod version through the portal, she gets to meet everyone and doesn't want to go back if you're pure enough. Having a pure catgirl around would be nice.

<Gangbanged into service of the god.

<This is presented as normal and happy and good.

God, even the various NTR shit out there with similar themes don't try to trick you like this.

>Ahem. I must escape this situation. She tempts me with her features. I need her for Rites of Healing application so we'll add her to the group for now. She mentions a woman to the north who can help me track down the Slaneshi cultists.

>Let's head out the back, there's someone there. Come across furry inn owner's daughter Gywn, who just had puppies. She has more fur than a Wulfen.

<Can donate to the nusary and get special "favors" from her.

So not only are you paying alimony for someone else's kids, the father is nowhere to be seen. Good grief.

>There is nothing for us here, let's move on.

<Find the local Manufactorum, let by a green haired Felinid.

>Lots of Felinids around. This hellhole must attract them somehow.

>A bow? A primitive weapon. But if I had enough arrows, I could STHEL REIN the enemy into submission. I need it.

I'm gonna take a break for an hour or two. I need to make a few more purity seals, as many burnt off talking to Caite.



>I'm gonna take a break for an hour or two.

Can I convince you to make that at least a year? This is a pretty thick wall of shitpost.


File: 76cf84ae8bff665⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2935x2678, 2935:2678, there is no cuckspiracy, g….jpg)


>This is presented as normal and happy and good.

That's generally how it's pushed for people who are receptive to the idea. "It's optional." or "Stop caring what other people do." for people who aren't, depending on if we're talking games or not.

>I'm gonna take a break for an hour or two.

I'd recommend you just stop playing, to be honest. Unless you really wanna scrape the bottom of the barrel for content to transplant back into the serviceable game.



Like it or not, the demon in CoC 2's design is actually perfect. She's supposed to be an utterly corrupted, evil abomination - so what better way to demonstrate this by making it a mismatched gendered freak with a disgusting horse dick?

Savin hit the nail on the head.



>Gangbanged into service of the god.

>This is presented as normal and happy and good.

>God, even the various NTR shit out there with similar themes don't try to trick you like this.

Fuck's sake, is it really that hard for you to understand this? It's basically a religion where all the priestesses are courtesans. There's literally nothing NTR about it unless you're too dense to realize that you're never going to get anything much more than a one night stand.


File: 54f8a4db550ddd4⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Chronicler New UI Mockup.png)


>All this effort for a fancy UI when the coding is going to be the same shitty spaghetti

I made a mockup for a widescreen version of our mod in the style of CoCII some time ago. None of the assets were copied over from CoCII so even though I put some time into this it shouldn't be considered a finished project, and I'm probably not going to put more time into this anyway. It would be possible to put this into the mod, although there's not much of a reason to.



Lots of wasted space; plus coming from a spriter PoV, the dark background would fuck up some of the fading on a lot of sprites. Most of the sprites have a feintly darker outline which varies for shadow which contrasts them more from the default yellow background, whereas the dark background would blend the sprites as oppose to contrast.

6/10, looks nice but functionality over form always wins.


File: f9c119c7c8d2322⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 400x225, 16:9, Not drunk enough for this.gif)


Awww. That's actually pretty good.


It's from Savin mate, even if it makes sense logically, would you want a thoroughly used catgirl as a mate? I wouldn't. Also it's CoC, where you pick up different party members and specials and in this mod have kids with them. Introducing a courtesan to that mix seems wrong and "making it known that she isn't tied just to you" is explicitly stated.

Again, you can defend the logic of it but this is a fetish game and it's pushing cuckshit.



>Lots of wasted space; plus coming from a spriter PoV,

The sprites would have their own dedicated box to be in like all other sidebar stuff. This should've been quite obvious to you or anyone else because there are multiple background options in the game already so it would be foolish to not account for this. I could've mentioned that if I wanted to shill the mockup to get into the game, I guess. The space on the right would be properly utilized in fights with multiple opponents. There is no "wasted space" when you have space in abundance with nothing to fill it, that's also how you don't make a cluttered mess that takes the focus away from the actual point of the game.

>looks nice but functionality over form always wins.

That explains a lot.

If you wanted to give critique you could've said something about the button box is shit and misaligned or other little things I didn't bother to fix. There are plenty other things wrong with it.

I actually listen to feedback.



This is some fancy stuff desu



Considering the UI and/or controls are some of the best and only redeeming factors from TITS/CoC2 I'd say go for it. I'd somehow incorporate the control scheme from TITS as well so it can be played one-handed reliably.



can we actually get this?


control scheme?

you can already remap all the keys in the game if that's what you meant



I was unaware. Yeah little things like how the "leave/cancel/run" button is always mapped to and the confirm is always 1.



> I'm probably not going to put more time into this anyway. It would be possible to put this into the mod, although there's not much of a reason to.

Damn. I like this, just think the buttons should be a bit darker, and maybe center the stats. Assuming level up/stat up/perks/appearance would all be merged under the "Self" tab, it is a better solution than having them all over the top of the screen.



And then leave a small yellow box in the corner and you'd be able to show the sprites as well.



> would you want a thoroughly used catgirl as a mate?

Not as like, a wife, but as a convenient companion who I can drain my balls into? Sure.

> Introducing a courtesan to that mix seems wrong

But anon, this is a setting where we can literally win fights by being sexy and turning on our enemies. Having a courtesan in that setting makes perfect sense. Hell, it's even one of the starting classes.

> "making it known that she isn't tied just to you" is explicitly stated.

Well, when you're essentially raised from birth to be a hoe…

Anyhoo, it's not cuckshit if you don't see the fictional characters as anything more than living fucktoys. There's no need to have an intimate romance with every female in the game, you know.



>the "It's not cuck because they're totally not in a relationship" argument

Then why the fuck bring the person around and pal about with them?

Have you ever noticed that people don't get mad that Cinnabar isn't loyal to the player, but they do hate that Helia does and sometimes mention distaste for Edryn still whoring about once you have a kid?

Write some kids for Cinnabar, move her into camp, or have her start doting on the player for emotional reasons instead of just liking if you have a huge cock, and suddenly people would begin to have a problem with it if she didn't give up whoring afterwards.



>Then why the fuck bring the person around and pal about with them?

What is friendship, anon? You've never had a female friend who you'd never in a million years date or pursue romance with, but you'd still have a no strings attached fuck with if it came up?



>you'd still have a no strings attached fuck with if it came up

No, because fwb is a myth only teenagers believe in.



There's an "if" there for a reason. The point stands, and the scenario can easily happen in fiction- which is what we're talking about.




>Implying the guy didn't come here horny, post the idea, fap, then leave forever



This, you aren't fucking funny


File: aac03ce1fd249d2⋯.png (607.51 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, cap-004.png)

File: 735b806ed1102f7⋯.png (963.34 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, cap-005.png)

File: 5c74d2ece204c3a⋯.png (774.01 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, cap-006.png)


I really hope not. We need a masochistic demon slave.



>injected with a toxin that will cause lifelong unbearable pain

>will undergo therapy at the same time




That's the point. It's twisted, sadism logic.


File: cf8b5b16873f6f1⋯.jpg (27.53 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1530714188945.jpg)



>The purpo$e of therapy i$n't to keep people in a $tate of lifelong pain and di$tre$$

sasuga 21st Century



Um, excuse me, but that pic clearly states it's happening in the 22nd century. They're more civilized there. It's purpose is to keep women in lifelong pain and distress.




Sounds about right



Still here. Haven't made any meaningful progress in a while. I've been having to deal with other shit. It will be done, but it won't be done quickly.



Wait, which game is this?



Seems like reasonable treatment for feminists.



Another bug, Marble can invite you to bed, which results in nothing happening if you're a herm. The text implies that you should choose which genitals to proceed with, but the only option is "Next" which sends you back to camp.



CoC2 I'm pretty sure



Worked for me. Are you on the latest version (just to make sure, sorry about how basic the question is)? Can you upload a save?



Sorry, I've got Marble at the camp now and already saved over that. It may be a version thing, though. Seems I was still using


File: eba420ce0a575fb⋯.png (735.28 KB, 1037x715, 1037:715, 246816.png)

I hate to shit up the thread with this but I don't know what the hells going on.



Nobody knows what the hell's going on and I suspect that nobody ever will. If you pretend you don't see anything, maybe the bug will get bored and leave.



The sad part is that unironically works.


>>355555 (checked)

So that you don't have to reload, here's the text you missed (unless you already did):

>Before she can even question your resolve, you set off again in search of a greater challenge. You're briefly unsure if such a thing is even possible, but then you see the solution which was in front of you the whole time. You start towards the mouth of the cave.


File: f96028cf2731d6e⋯.png (764.21 KB, 1031x741, 1031:741, 246817.png)


I already did reload and apparently turning the font down to 15 makes it work though I'd rather not play like this



Did you resize the window?



Wait, was it happening for you consistently? The bug seems to happen mostly at random, so if you were always triggering it at normal size, that might mean something.



It's not random, the triggers are just mysterious and nowhere near the scene itself. Whatever you've been doing recently before getting the scene has some influence.



I exited the game and reloaded the save 3 times with 18 font size and every time I had the same problem.


Well nvm apparently minimizing the game and pulling it back up fixes it. Maybe i'm just retarded.



Yeah, but someone on another character will do the same things you did and never have a problem, or you might do things in a different order and avoid it. The cause has been impossible to track down so far.



It's this world that's retarded, anon. And actionscript, too.



If you still have the same save, try with size 18 font again (or any other way you know to reliably trigger the bug) in these two swfs and see if it still happens.



File: 3d6265f48040faa⋯.png (568.79 KB, 900x950, 18:19, she_who_thirsts_by_techmag….png)


Speak for yourself, cuck. This larping is actually amusing.



you have to admit that this game still being in actionscript has a charm to it. look at all those souless html games on this board that you're forced to play in a browser, there is nothing that says normalfag more like that.


File: 5a108365cf1a5a6⋯.png (390 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Chronicles.png)


File: 3aff8e5f38a2aed⋯.webm (1.84 MB, 1080x585, 24:13, gay_condition_{raffs_in_a….webm)


Gay Frog Intolerance Notes

>For attempting to lure you in by such underhanded means, you'll give her much more than she bargain for, and make haste to push yourself through the shallows of the pond.

… , you'll give her much more than she bargained for as you make haste …

>There's no doubt that her body must coat itself in some kind of hallucinogenic poison

Poison imples that there's some kind of damage being done; when hallucinogen is a much more apt and straightfoward word

>you don't really have another choice

Nitpick, but 'any other choice' flows better



>Poison imples that there's some kind of damage being done; when hallucinogen is a much more apt and straightfoward word

Even more of a nitpick, but semicolons don't work like that.


File: 98b6cc08fae7b01⋯.jpg (46.66 KB, 400x419, 400:419, consumed.jpg)


I actually saw that I'd typed a ; instead of a , only after I clicked post. I was kind of hoping nobody else would notice.



CoC 2.

<Sell bladed staff and wicker shield, pick up Leather Jerkin and Flame Cape.

>Great, now I get to prance around like a Slamander and I still don't have my giant Thundah Hammah.

>Meet Ivris, the Magos. She's… been touched by Nurgle and is willing to teach me secrets. What sort of techpreist worships Nurgle? I get they hate their human body enough but they usually replace them with cyberparts, not wish for it to rot off or transform into something else. The people in this infested hell hole.

>She's selling a few heretical ingredients, but a nice amulet she's marked up to 1000 coin. I'll save for that.

>She teaches me alchemy. >Reagent + Ingredient = result. So bodypart + animal = what you want. I wonder if I can grow back my hair? No, that'd never work. I'd grow horns and end up as twisted as her.

>Go to the chapel and meet Brotha Riordan, first pure human in this hellhole and former Crusader of the Ecclesiarchy. He can teach me ways of the warrior and offers heals for free. Emperah protect him, I think I've found the first person here who's actually going to help get me out of this warpscape.

>He can only train me in matters of faith however, as age has taken his skill for battle from him. Looks like I'll need to pummel the dog a few times to get him to blorf up secrets.

>Last person in town is an Ork Magos with really fugging good hair. I need to kill him, not just for being an Ork but having hair as long and luxurious as the Emperah's on a Xeno is heresy.

That's why I go bald, no hair to offend the Emprah with how bad it would be.

>His armor selection is decent but he lacks any heavy weapons. If I get enough of their gold currecny, I could get another small sword and go into battle using that but I like that throwing axe he has on display. So I buy that and leave.

>Ready to step out in the hellhole that awaits me. But I'll go in the morning, should probably get some rest first.

I'll continue tomorrow. Also cloud saves? Why?


File: 597bfb8f86c5a9d⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1317x750, 439:250, Nurgle.png)

File: e2e642d8954525a⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1314x744, 219:124, Heresy 101.png)

File: 1e455786f7cc668⋯.png (960.12 KB, 1309x751, 1309:751, Black castle.png)

File: d80aaed8b66cf89⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1324x743, 1324:743, Brotha Riordan.png)

File: e295e50c116f2e0⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1304x737, 1304:737, Hair....png)



This thread isn't for CoC2.

Stop posting this autistic shit here you faggot.



Fuck you faggot I like reading it.



>I'll continue tomorrow





I like it but it might be better off as its own thread, dunno if that's a thing on this board


File: b8c25276a15763c⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 900x1350, 2:3, ALL_ogre.jpg)


>Haha I'm totally a different person guise, everybody knows that read some blogposting faggots non-review of a shitty game that literally anybody could get for free and play themselves is more fun than just playing the fucking thing, but yeah guise totally not the blogposting faggot lol ecksdee

Fuck. Off. Already. Shill.




fuck off and stop spamming





>I like it but it might be better off as its own thread, dunno if that's a thing on this board

Take a hard fucking guess why no CoC2 or TiTS thread is on this board, newfag. Nobody wants this shit on the board, and especially not leeching off this mod thread.



>>Last person in town is an Ork Magos with really fugging good hair. I need to kill him, not just for being an Ork but having hair as long and luxurious as the Emperah's on a Xeno is heresy.

PEAK Reddit



There was a TiTS thread, and it did fine, until the modder requested it to be deleted because he's a whiny bitch. A CoC2 thread would also probably be fine.



If people on this board actually wanted a CoC2 thread it would've been made months ago.

But surprise, the only mention of it is when reddit or other cancer passes through this thread in search for it, and it's always obvious.




This is off-topic on top of being spam. Noone is interested its just ruining the thread. mods?


A couple of questions for Yuribot: Did you have a name/tooltip in mind for the kitsune thing? Also, did you want the option to appear for the actual kitsune?


File: fc6b52ad5db7315⋯.png (52.79 KB, 590x618, 295:309, fc6.png)

Talk about antifun.



He even named the screenshots

It wasn't for fun


File: c9bc92189ab81ce⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 850x400, 17:8, harmless fun.jpg)


>No one*

Personally, i find it entertaining.


File: 337ac6f1653210c⋯.jpg (30.99 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1541548324420.jpg)


>more fun than just playing the fucking thing

Given the game in question is CoC2, that's unironically true.

That said, this shit's still cancer. Warhammerfags are more obnoxious than Lovecraftfags. But even more repetitive and with even less interesting shit to say, somehow.



>Quoting a nigger-loving Amerimutt whose main shtick was "Haha don't take anything seriously at all xD" unironically

No wonder you do


File: 376fdedfb3bb72a⋯.jpg (27.75 KB, 500x434, 250:217, missing_context.jpg)


>Warhammerfags are more obnoxious than Lovecraftfags

I don't get it


File: 193312eb97cafbe⋯.jpg (186.15 KB, 888x485, 888:485, Did I trigger you.jpg)


Doesn't make it any less true though. Please continue helping me to shitpost further.



Lovecraft shitposters are mostly kinda just edgy fags who constantly ramp up the power levels to "fuck you, you lose" tier and really love to ride the madness angle. Maybe because when characters are insane, you don't have to justify anything. A lot of the time, it just comes off as tedious and forced, if not edgy. Especially since a ton of games, including big names, feel the need to drop heavy references to it separate from any inspiration it may have initially drawn from it, doubly so when there's tonal clash.

Warhammer fans tend to just spout their same few lines about the various factions.



Wow you're so cool and unique!



No, I just don't get the connection between people who speedread Lovecraft to a sperg who wants to blogpost about Jewnoxo's shitty V2.



Do you not know what warhammer is?


File: ad3b7f7da9d03e2⋯.jpeg (112.89 KB, 958x960, 479:480, c5cd49c291d1e527f32ee2b46….jpeg)

I thought the CoC2 stuff was fine but seeing you guys get riled up like a bunch of kicked hornets is even funnier.


Notes on Yuribot's helspawn mother appreciation:

>//req: incest enabled, sleeping with her or no one, had sex with her before, a vagina

Which version do you want for herms?

>Something soft, cloth, and if you had to guess <i>pink</i> covers your vision

I'd recommend commas around "if you had to guess" (or dashes, I suppose, but you just used some).

>It's as if [if (slutspawn) {–no

No space before the conditional (or after, so include "| ").

>no, it simply <i>is</i>, you're sure

This doesn't make sense. "It is your daughter's only a stray touch…" doesn't work.

>your daughter's only a stray touch, the mere brush of your lips against hers, from throwing aside the blankets and sating both of your desires with that salamander [if (slutspawn) {ferocity|passion}] you've come to love.

Could just be me, but I stumbled a lot on my first reading, and it took some time to figure out what you mean. Not sure if that's because of the "'s" contraction, or because the "from" is separated from the "only" by that appositive, or what, but you might want to do something. Sorry that that's not very helpful.

>Once there she simply pauses

Once where? She's not at your chest, given that she just pulled the bedsheets past it.

>way she can feel every beat of your pounding heart

Is she groping you now? How is she feeling this?

>[if (chastespawn) {Her bare skin comes as a surprise, and the|The}] little moan that slips out of [helspawn] is mesmerizing

A bit odd to have the pronoun first and her name second if she's chaste.

>The sudden contact makes you tremble, every part of you desperate to taste them

What's this "them"? If it's meant to be her lips, you only mentioned the player's lips.

>[say: Not yet.] With each word her lips brush against your own,

Kinda minor, but I'm not sure how well "with each word" works when there're only two of them.

>[say: [if (slutspawn) {Just let me take care of you, [Daddy].|Today is all for you, [Dad].}]

Add a ] at the end.

>Nothing but the soft, fiery warmth of your daughter, pressing down, pressing <i>in</i> until you truly taste her can satisfy you,

Dunno, feels a bit oddly specific to me.

>If the first kiss savored you, then the second devours you,

Seems incredibly awkward to me.

>to defy nature itself.

How do you figure?

>and when her lips break away for a second and you don't need sight to feel her radiant smile, there's nothing you wouldn't do for her.

The "and you don't need sight" part feels a tad awkward to me.

>Another pause and the sheets rustle again,

I'd tend to recommend the comma there, but feel free to ignore me.

>until soon your entire body shivers against its own heat.

I don't really know what that means.

>[if (chastespawn {

Missing a ).

Will finish this out shortly. I usually feel that your flow is impeccable, but it seemed a bit off here.


File: 1a8f29cbc29ca0d⋯.png (330.64 KB, 600x1081, 600:1081, merely_pretending.png)

Yes, I too was totally and completely fine with it too, yes indeed, I am definitely not an obvious samefag, no siree, even though I refer to 'you guys' as if subconsciously putting myself outside of the group akin to the obvious newfag blogposting 2shit, I am indeed one of you, in fact anybody who tells blogposters to fuck off it just being epikk troled, and that is even funnier than the blogposting faggot, so divert your attention away from the blogposting faggot which (as stated by numerous, definitely different people despite the similar posting patterns) is fine and please and start going after the people telling them to fuck off, since there are all these other people who are also ok with it otherwise you're outside of the group consensus and that's definitely bad because reasons


File: ae7320c220effb6⋯.jpg (68.81 KB, 1200x918, 200:153, Smol and angery.jpg)


That was beautiful.



It's the mothfag writer backing him up, not a samefag, just a redditor



What a terrible lie. I've also asked him to stop.


I'm playing 1.4.9 and I don't think the Obsidian Vines are working. They don't seem to be doing anything.



Actually I'm an autist and they're working, they're just taking longer than I remember to start working. Maybe I've just had shit rng until now.


How do you upgrade weapons? The wiki says that they can be upgraded at the weaponsmith in Tel'Adre, but there is not option available. Rathazul can't upgrade my weapon either. I'm looking to make the Divine Pearl Sword.



You don't. That's a feature not in this mod. The wiki is not for this mod.



Thanks, anon.



you're actualy the same guy who posted all that COC2 stuff and you're not fooling anybody


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> Again with "moth is a reddit meme" meme.


Honestly surprised at the pushback to the new moth girl, I thought the story/characters were compelling. I may be biased because I love incest though



It's just one cunt tard sperging out about the mothgirl.



a retard



It's just one faggot spamming.



It's just one guy who thinks all moth-girl love started with that lamp meme, simultaneously revealing his newfaggotry and extra chromosomes. Ignore him: most people either like it or don't care either way.


File: e62851054b34760⋯.png (270.82 KB, 351x463, 351:463, 1560166724447.png)


This general is full of people that when thing they dont like get in they get angry and shitpost.


File: 53f14d62880670f⋯.jpg (34.93 KB, 459x402, 153:134, Men discussing porn.jpg)


Porn and fetishes are a serious business.



>I assume this is just accessible from Kelly's main menu, but tell me if you want some sort of children submenu.

I believe 2hu wrote the children menu already, so moving it to there once he finishes the other scenes would make sense.

>I can do that, but how hard should it be?

Medium-ish, I guess. I think Kelly's kids are supposed to be quite young.


>Did you have a name/tooltip in mind for the kitsune thing?

If anyone has something that doesn't have the unfortunate connotations of [get fluffed] in a sex game, I'd love to hear it.

>Also, did you want the option to appear for the actual kitsune?

Not right now I have the start to a variant for the doppelganger somewhere, so I could adapt that to the other kitsunes if I finish it.


>I don't really know what that means.

I wish I knew. You might want to wait on the second half as I'm reworking a lot of this rambling nonsense in the scene.


File: 0bf684ddbc0c886⋯.png (475 B, 23x32, 23:32, gargoyle_smol.png)

File: e517b3c582466da⋯.png (6.06 KB, 184x256, 23:32, gargoyle_smol_but_not_smol.png)

Getting all the feather/butterfly winged sprites out of the way at once because they're right fucking hassles to do properly and I'm at the Phoenixes/Pheonixi/Pheonixs/Fenixoxo.

Question is, have we got the foundation to switch between sprites during battle (ie, is it worth making an alt sprite for the Pheonix Commander and the Pheonix Sapper) or have we only got a static sprite per battle (ie, just do one sprite with the entire legion depicted in it)?

Also, Gargoyle alt.


File: 27b04a426e96930⋯.png (2.3 KB, 192x296, 24:37, gargoyle_main.png)


oh, you might want her main/adult forme for reference



Who threw acid on my poor daughter?




Well her general body shape is super deformed. Her left leg is a withered stick, her right arm is a fucking flipper, and her bust is more defined (compared to her overall body) than in the adult sprite for some reason. She's pregnant, but it looks like her right thigh is eating the baby. The random light gray streak on her wing doesn't make sense. Her left arm is jutting out in a really odd way (the original has this problem a bit, but the different proportions make it look a lot better). Her feet have color outside of the outline. I have no clue what's going on with her back/side/ass region. Overall just really bad work.



Dolores is a good girl. I want to help her become a powerful mage while she pops out a bunch of her own sisters.




>If anyone has something that doesn't have the unfortunate connotations of [get fluffed] in a sex game, I'd love to hear it.

That doesn't sound bad to me. Something like [Force Fluff], maybe?



Yes, it works just fine on most things. I've been playing this mod for ages and ages now and I still never found the ingame body editor, so I shall lurk until another anon like you gets a legit answer instead of a reeee.



But people have been spoonfed with that answer dozens of times. Probably at least once a thread. Are you lying or retarded?



>Are you lying or retarded?

I can guarantee you he's both seeing how he answered.


File: 25d97376ac79a8b⋯.png (457 B, 23x31, 23:31, gargoyle_smol_2.0.png)

File: 1cf42d02082860e⋯.png (2.02 KB, 184x248, 23:31, gargoyle_smol_but_not_smol….png)


I'll take a bonk on the nose for that one. I was trying failing to get it to just look like a younger version of the original sprite. Issue is that upon inspection the original sprite is in itself offmodel and has some weird areas to it (Wings are very iffy to be called bat wings, that definitely isn't an 'easy DD'-cup, inner leg shading is way too extreme, feets are ??? for why they're lighter, Left arm doesn't know what it wants to be, horns aren't aligned properly). Still some fuckups on my end though (chest is dumb, feet are somehow worse etc)

It's was an admitted rush job on my end thinking it'd only be quick so I'd have something to show while asking my question - but that's an explanation, not an excuse. I've taken a few liberties with the new one with disregard to the older varient/treating it as a standalone; it should look better now.

That being said, has anybody got an answer to my original question about group fights?



Just do one group sprite. Currently sprites are displayed manually before the fight, monsters don't set their own sprites at all. It's possible to change that, and to have sprites change when you switch targets, but it's probably not worth it right now since it would need a bunch of new sprites.



>Group sprite

I have this sudden urge to request for ginyu force poses.



> Issue is that upon inspection the original sprite is in itself offmodel and has some weird areas to it

No, that's not the issue. The original sprite has some minor problems, sure, but the main issue is that you made an awful abomination. You don't need to try so hard to deflect your fuckups. Anyway, the new wing is kinda bad, the entire main part of her body is an amorphous blob like she's a fucking teletubby (though this is probably less of an issue at the intended size; I'd still recommend it be less blocky, in any case), and you've made it look like her right leg is in front of her left (not to mention her total lack of feet, completing the onsie look). I'm happy that her acid burns have healed, but you didn't have to break her left arm; she's suffered enough. What's that random pixel outside of the outline around her right shoulder? You still have the problem her her back/ass/the left leg that has consumed both of those things going too far to the right. Seriously, what would the line of her back be if the arm weren't covering it? Her horns are starting to look more like antennae, and I really feel like if you're gonna make her look like that, you should at least give her a frown, so that she can express her discomfort.

>it should look better now.

Quick question—did you do the Vapula wings yourself? I'm just trying to reconcile this with that, and I'm coming up blank.


How long do i have to wait for ember's egg to hatch. In my save we had like 30 of the little fucks.



Should be two weeks, unless I fucked something up somehow.



Thanks for your effort man



Is this actually possible?

Can this be made an actual thing?


File: 766490299871601⋯.png (1.83 KB, 68x91, 68:91, phoenix.png)

File: d7496e41d45d690⋯.png (7.65 KB, 544x728, 68:91, phoenix_large.png)

File: 2b5e32eec028612⋯.png (10.54 KB, 471x615, 157:205, facing.png)

File: cc90857888c818c⋯.png (553 B, 25x46, 25:46, anons_waifu.png)

File: 11b0b11c5de9f17⋯.png (2.44 KB, 200x368, 25:46, anons_waifu_large.png)

First Pheonix sprite done; took a few liberties with the hair and flair since it's basically undescribed outside of colour and without it she kind of lacks the whole 'genetically engineered superweapon/bred for battle' feel, but bar that should be much closer to description.


Even if it's just for the Harpy Legion right now, I don't imagine it would be too much work compared to getting everything else sprited. As much as I can remember there aren't that many group fights in the game in the first place, and most involve a 'Main' enemy and a hoarde (Vapula, Basilisk King, One part of the Lethice Boss Rush etc). The ones which want individual sprites for each enemy are even fewer and farther between (as much as I can remember, only the Pheonix Legion and the Definitely-Not-Darkest-Dungeon battles want individual sprites; of which the latter has the enemies pop up on their own before the fight anyways thus requiring individual sprites anyways)


I'm gonna level with you Anon. I know you're the same faggot nitpicking all the sprites. I also know you are either brain damaged, or have no idea what pixel art is.

You know how I know? Because you're complaining that she has a right hand shoulder. Because you are complaining that pixel art looks blocky- a scaled down varient of a fucking 32bit base sprite looking blocky at that. Because you are complaining that the sprite has no feet; when nearly every single sprite in the fucking game does not have feet either unless there is a detail to the feet such as claws/heels (since that is a major design aspect of the chibi-esque style the game's style is going for and that I am attempting to unify the rest of the sprites under). You're complaining at horns that don't even reach above the head as if they look like antenna. You are complaing about a model from that PoV having curvature along the chest/back. You are complaing that her arm looks like one of the most default pixel art style lightbulb arms in general usage. You are complaining about the fact you have no idea what the back would look like, despite the fact you have the shoulder and lower torso to literally draw a straight line between. You have a problem that a few pixels have been dedicated to give her hips to indicate it's a girl (since otherwise there are no features to deliniate that).

So here you go. I did literally everything you asked for. To the T. This is the perfect visage of your expectations of a loli gargoyle. You can't complain now. Since you're clearly an Anon who is prepared to put his own time and effort on the line to make constructive posts (what, with all those modified sprites of mine that you edited yourself to improve upon, and show us all that your criticisms were completely justified and not impossible to rectify due to the pixel limit), I'm sure you can find that little bit of time to mod in this sprite into your own personal client for the Alternate Version of the Gargoyle minor character.

And yes, I did make Vapula's wings, I quite like it when there's a bit more freedom in pixel limit to work with (you should know that good feeling too, what with your extensive experience in pixel art yourself too)

You evidently have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. You're an obvious samefag. Every post you make takes away from actual criticism of people who do know what they're talking about. You aren't funny and I'm not sure if you think goading (You)'s with mindless stupidity is some ascended form of high effort troleing to you. I'm just trying to think you logic behind all your points, but I'm coming up blank.

Now please fuck off and stop wasting bumps.


File: 6a92c87fe9882af⋯.png (13.76 KB, 296x288, 37:36, phoenix_orig_large.png)

And a reference to previous Pheonix sprite.


File: ce6fd182207dbcb⋯.jpg (76.57 KB, 720x652, 180:163, ce6.jpg)


>the detail on the wings.



>That phoenix sprite

I this, i like you.

>Anon's wifu

Funny stuff, what kind of signals do the antennas catch? You should be careful with that temper though, lest you get milked for outrages until you leave us forever.


File: f2cd3c113658787⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 245x204, 245:204, enjoying_anger.jpg)


He can try, but I'm more annoyed at the fact that he's diluting genuine criticism. I'm all for being called a dickhead when I've been a dickhead, but unapolgetically bitching over something with no actual grounding means that I have to filter if it's somebody genuine in saying ___ looks scuffed or some sped thinking he's funny rattling away at nothing. And if I were to ignore it, there's the offchance that I could have mistaken actual criticism from someone who knows what they're talking about for it.

I won't be going anywhere anytime soon though; being angry at retards on the internet and venting my frustration of reality online is a good hobby of mine.



That's reassuring. Hmm, talking about criticsism. Maybe the wings of the phoenix are a bit too big? But they are fully extended so that might be throwing me off.



You're right in saying they're at maximum extension, a more neutral postion would basically be taking off the outermost feather. It's easy enough to visualise I'd imagine.



I mean, I shitpost you a bit harder because you're a massive cunt, but you responded to the normal criticism pretty similarly (you still haven't fixed demon sheila's legs, by the way, which is why it's still not in the game). I'll admit that the second round of gargoyle complaints were more nitpicky, but you should have a long think about the fact that you thought the first draft was something you should show to other people. But in any case, I'll apologize for being a dickhead and offer an olive branch. Here are my actual points, which were previously masked by heckling.

>when nearly every single sprite in the fucking game does not have feet

This isn't right. I even checked to be sure of that criticism. Almost all of them have some level of foot detail, if you look. Not always a very defined shape, but generally at least some coloration. Doesn't need much, but you should probably have at least something. Maybe being a kid gives her a pass, though, I suppose.

>Because you're complaining that she has a right hand shoulder.

A single pixel doesn't really make a good shoulder.

>a scaled down varient of a fucking 32bit base sprite looking blocky at that.

You have 80 height to work with, by the way. Not saying you should go too detailed (you've done well sticking to the style thus far, abominations aside), but just in case you wondered. Width isn't a concern, but you'll run into the buttons if you go too far.

>You're complaining at horns that don't even reach above the head as if they look like antenna.

Well the shape's pretty off for horns. Maybe some type of animal ear would have been a better comparison. You might want to make them taper, like the ones in the original sprite do.

>You are complaing about a model from that PoV having curvature along the chest/back.

Curvature that doesn't come off well with what you have. Whatever you intended, it doesn't look like that. Her torso being almost entirely a straight line on the left side doesn't make it look like she's thrusting her chest out.

>despite the fact you have the shoulder and lower torso to literally draw a straight line between.

The way you've done her hip/thigh makes that not work well. It doesn't look like it's curving in like you've doodled over the sprite. It just looks lumpy in your version. I see what you want, but I really don't think it's coming across well in the actual sprite.

>You can't complain now.

I can't, it's great.

>I'm sure you can find that little bit of time to mod in this sprite into your own personal client for the Alternate Version of the Gargoyle minor character.

I can put it in the next release too, if you'd like.

>You're an obvious samefag.

Despite you saying this, I haven't ever samefagged or implied that everyone agrees with me (though I know of several people who do).

There you go, insult-free, more detailed criticism. I'm sure you'll actually fix it now instead of sulking. I like the pheonix, though, no complaints there.



Actually, maybe one complaint. Her eyes look really weird when you look closely, but seem fine when smaller. Don't know how much of a problem that is, given the intended display size, but something to think about.



Scratch that, I'm colorblind and didn't realize that the eyebrows extended one more pixel diagonally. I would definitely prefer the original, where they extend to the sides instead, but that could just be me.


File: f6ff03b970a87fe⋯.png (624 B, 21x50, 21:50, Mrs. Coffee.png)

File: 16a5685e7bbb2db⋯.png (1.03 KB, 61x40, 61:40, Vapula.png)

File: 70e11e6f1c11eae⋯.png (655 B, 23x33, 23:33, Goblin Shaman.png)


>with all those modified sprites of mine that you edited yourself to improve upon, and show us all that your criticisms were completely justified and not impossible to rectify due to the pixel limit

Funny you should say that, because I had some criticism as well.


Mrs. Coffee is supposed to be statue-like, and this simply does not reflect her properly as she should be. There is also the problem that because you got rid of her feet (heels, although why a stone statue would wear them in beyond me but some demons are into weird shit, I suppose) it looks like the table is at the front, then the pedestal, then Mrs. Coffee behind it all. It really fucks with the depth perception and it's not great. The table and coffee pot in the original were pretty bad in that they were both gray blobs with everything else there, that's a good change. Her nipples being orange is by far the weirdest change. Seriously, why?


This one feels like change for the sake of change. Some colors got shifted around for what looks like little reason. The original has the colors that make up her skin blend together quite well as naked skin should.


The wings look great. Much better than the current slabs, good work. It probably would look better if the wings were moved down one or maybe two pixels, as you can see in the actual sized preview that's closer to in-game size that it looks a little too high up. in pic related I moved the wings down a single pixel as two would require reshaping them slightly. I also closed her mouth, that just does not sit well with me and never did with the original. Definitely an improvement over the previous ones with less arbitrary changes.


Someone else already brought up the flaws with the first and second design, I'll leave that to them as to not bloat this further.


A very solid improvement, great work on this one. I'm just curious what the red horn-like thing on her head is.

All in all, these seem to either be a hit or an utter miss so far with no in-between.

I hope you refine the style you're going for further so it'll tip the scales more to Vapula and the phoenix, I definitely want to see more of those. People are actually giving you constructive criticism, even if you don't see it as that.


I adjusted this one slightly to not have part of her hair be a solid blue chunk. It just didn't work well when transferred over from the original sprite. The shape of the hair itself is great, finally a non-dyke haircut. You also used opacity in your image which is not used in a single other sprite, so I changed that out as well.


File: 7d02005abac47ef⋯.png (2.53 KB, 168x400, 21:50, Mrs. Coffee.png)

File: f6ccc8142f63098⋯.png (4.23 KB, 488x320, 61:40, Vapula.png)

File: 7eada82273ac2d8⋯.png (2.3 KB, 184x264, 23:33, Goblin Shaman.png)


Here are the sprites in a viewable size.



The goblin's legs just kind end like they've been cut off.



I think the goblin legs are fine, I'm not sure I agree with the staff tough. The rainbow particles coming off feel just way too intense out of place with her color scheme.


Right so maybe I'm just bad at finding content but I've literally found like one bit of loli anything. Well written scene and all, but it was at random after repeatedly aimlessly exploring out of nowhere.

What gives?



There's a reasonable amount of loli content by now, but it's by no means so ubiquitous that's you'd constantly trip over them wherever you go, especially without the toggles in the NPC options. As for why—because nothing more has been written.



Got it toggled on and all, just figured it'd be a little bit more than this. Earlygame seems almost entirely vanilla, and other than a memey full porno run where I ran into and raped a loli or altering the gargoyle haven't come across much.

Granted it was always weird that CoC had a weird "ban" on it anyway given there's several instances of it baked in vanilla anyway, between your various kids or one of the demons in the horde.

Anywhere I should be looking in particular for this?




I'd say the right leg looks cropped, and the left looks like an actual amputation.



Hey - get your fucking perspective in fucking order of who the cunt is in this situation. I'm not the one who's gone on a fucking nitpick bitching tirade because I beleive that shaved Kangaroo legs have ankles a third of the size of unshaven legs.

>You should have a long think

Just who the fuck do you think you are? This isn't your fucking personal project, I'm not doing requests nor commissions for you alone. Don't act so high an fucking mighty you unapolgetic cunt, you should have a long think, get the fuck out of here with that condescending shit. You aren't the fucking arbiter of quality here, and as somebody who is extremely evident in having no fucking idea what you're talking about when it comes to spriting, you don't deserve a bit of fucking respect either. Since the first fucking post here, it's been constant fucking snipes for no fucking reason.

Even if you're trying and failing to desparately default to the 'oh it was just a shitty shitty postpost prank bro, get triggered', you've now evidenced the fact that you refuse to do basic spritework yourself. If you felt that the ONE of Sheila sprites with it's S I N G L E F U C K I N G P I X E L out of place on the right leg was incorrect; then I had already given you a version of the legs you could work with. Nothing was stopping you from just removing the one pixel without anybody elses approval, but I think we've established that you're a big guy/the head honcho around here, so it's not as if you need it anyways, nothing was stopping you from cutting the legs off the alt and pasting them onto the edited on - hell if you didn't even have access to transparency tools, nothing was stopping you from going inot MSPaint and colouring that one pixel and the background behind it to the same as the background (so it would be rendered effectively transparent). You haven't got the 'oh me no have time' excuse, because you've got the time to bitch and whinge that things don't go your way without arguing a single one of your points, so it's either the case of you being a dumbfuck who has no idea how, or a lazy faggot looking for excuses to shit on and exclude it. Pick your poison.

I'll repeat my argument for why I think it looks better with the one pixel of controversy again.

Kangaroos have 90' ankles. That pixel give it that effect >>353485 . Removing it makes it look more canine >>353507 , which was pointed out by another Anon to be a furfag description only >>353517 . I said, I don't care; and that we could use either/or, depending on if other people felt the same way >>353511 I'm a monster, I know. Nobody else expressed they felt the same way >> . End of story.

How fucking pathetic, that that entire scenario was what fucking led up to this point; that you couldn't have a single fucking pixel your way.

I apologise on behalf of Mother Nature and Evolution-chan that Kangaroos have fine fur on their legs, which when shaven do not affect the shape of their legs. Fuck. You.



>Nearly every single sprite

You seem to imply that I don't have a folder full of every single sprite in the game >>354774 , which I have looked through and come to the conclusion I have. And yes indeed high-IQ-Anon-san, the scale of the sprite does indeed mean her feet are/should be even less visible.

>A single pixel doesn't make a good shoulder

No, it doesn't indeed - but a lack of a pixel makes no shoulder. Which is more of a fucking issue that a shoulder looking a bit off due to the small pixel limit.

>Muh height

Yes, I have 80 pixels to work with. But if you had any understanding of pixel art whatsofuckingever, you should know that equates to a 32bit base sprite with double it's height in accessories and space for borders, like with the Pheonix's wings and tail. Just having 80*80 to work with doesn't mean you have to fill the entire fucking space; moreso when you're trying to give the effect that the sprite is small. There's a reason why the Fairie sprite being 20px high works extremely well; because it gives the effect that the object is small in scale compared to other sprites in the game.


It's almost as if the pixel limit doesn't really give much to work with. It's almost as if you have no idea what the definition of tapered is, because the only tapered horn on any of the three sprites (Adult, 1.0, 2.0) is on 1.0 for the Right horn; which needed work on anyway as I made the overall sprite itself smaller again to make it look younger. >inb4 Adult Right horn, it's around her head and thus implied to be the same shape at the one we do see, wich is tapered. 1.0 was wrong, since the horns were different shapes despite the fact the should have been the same; a problem that was self rectified in the 2.0


Wow, that pixel limit sure is a fucking bitch, ain't it. It's almost as if I've literally drawn out for you that the proportions would be correct when scaled up and you're still finding reasons to complain.


>>I haven't ever samefagged or implied that everyone agrees with me

>>(though I know of several people who do)

Hey. Psst. Bright idea incoming, so put on your sunglasses. You've got an entire thread to link for your proofs. Go on ahead.


>Insult free

>>because you're a massive cunt

>>abominations aside

>>like you've doodled



<implying I've been crying in a corner asking for a booboosafespace instead of making alterations where I feel appropriate and defending my decisions where I think they look better (even after pixeling it out according to the incoherant bitching criticism)

>no complaints there


Suck on a fucking shotgun, faggot. Stop treating yourself like you're top shit, because newsflash, you ain't.






I haven't commented once on the writefags. Or the codefags.

You know why I haven't yet commented on the writefags/codefags?

Because I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to writing or coding.

Sure, I might point out a punctuation error or a speling flaw; Sure, I might point out a bug in the game or an odd value. And both those times either the fix occurs, I get an explanation to why the person with evidently more experience did XYZ OR why XYZ is just an issue that can't be gotten around easily. At which point, I'll shut the fuck up since I'll trust that they know what they're doing, and that others who know what they're doing will pursue those issues in more detail if relevant. Because I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to recognising and criticising stuff like prose or coding the game.

But I won't nitpick to living shit every single piece of work one Anon makes because he told me that my issue was kind of unfounded and that he thought that something else worked better. I won't make paragraphs of purely vapid autism to try and get back at them for some unforseen sleight because You Sir, I didn't like your attitude; You shall address me with more respect, Young Man

Take the fucking hint. This is that last time I expend so many chromasomes on your shitposting, you fucking sped. Just a quick reminder that you need to be 18 or older to use the site, just in case nobody told you.


File: 57057a3125ab58c⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1015x857, 1015:857, Window.png)

File: e2ed408c324d74d⋯.png (1.02 KB, 61x40, 61:40, vapula.png)

File: 96e2e3839a5e400⋯.png (447 B, 22x31, 22:31, gargoyle_smol_2.0.png)

File: 3c934a9a67f0ac1⋯.png (1.97 KB, 69x72, 23:24, phoenix.png)



The Coffee/Milk sprites were mostly to increase contrast and visibility; it's easy to see the contrast even with the originals with both of them; but when scaled down to the size they'll be in the window and in front of a beige background, the features/details are barely visible.

The Coffee sprite was described as Ebony, which I've detailed why the shift in colour. That's a point we'll have to agree to disagree on since I see it as the Ebony skintype and you see is the Ebony statue material; all I'd say is if you're going for ebony-material, at least give the sprite more contrast. The one you've got falls into the same flaws as the original of just being a black blob. The table was always an issue, but I never saw a clear cut answer to - the second best I got was making the table silver instead of wooden, but it doesn't mesh well with the games background at all (though if you're working on it, you might find a better solution). The teat was understandable (looking back it kinda is a few shades light to be described as 'musky'), but I did it purely for the contrast, since it's supposed to be the main focus of her body, yet is barely noticeable with the Coffee I added dripping out of them (which is actually in her description).

The Milkgirls sprite was purely only for the contrast. The base skin colour is just too damn dark to make out her features. Both Coffee and Milk were only done early because their lack of contrast is so poor that it fundementally renders the sprites null. Functionality always comes over form and those sprites were fucking criminal and a constant issue at the back of my mind while playing. The Cumwitch, Guiacomo, Latex Goo and Minotaur (head) sprites all suffer the same issue (hence why they're in the same folder and are getting worked on shortly); but all at least have details which are somewhat distinguishable.

I like the Vapula wings change, it does indeed look better; but I disagree with the mouth. She's supposed to be more aggressive/dominant/reassured. The open smile shows that, the closed mouth takes from it. If she had a follower spirite, it'd be make more sense for her to shut her mouth since she's subserviant to PC, but otherwsise an unneeded change that takes a bit of character out of her. You've scuffed a few pixels to her right (bra and hair) which I've fixed up too.

Cleaned up a few bits on the Gargoyle sprite too.

The Phoenix just needed more flair, so the things on her head are just feathers (if you notice, basically the same colour as her wings shifted closer to the hair tone so it's noticable with contrast). That looked like what the initial sprite as going for with the lines from her hair, I just exagurrated/emphasised it a bit more for stylistic purposes. Also, while I was at it, I've changed the reflection of a part of the tower shield and altered the overall sprite it so it'd fit within the space given.


It's a mod-only addition so things are still being written for it. The easiest way to access it is via the NPC settings since the encounter you're likely talking about is one with a very low chance. There are a few other instances here and there, but the short of it is that it's still being written/reviewed it seems.


Go to the plains a few times to do some shopping, then go to the Swamp and until you bring something back to camp. The rest should be obvious.



Thanks, big help there.

Man, if I was a writefag worth shit I'd just build some events for it myself but I dunno even where to start.


File: c9c1e00394e712f⋯.png (1.98 KB, 69x73, 69:73, phoenix.png)

File: 79ee6060577aa9a⋯.png (7.38 KB, 552x584, 69:73, phoenix_large.png)

File: f753827a9d5e8ed⋯.png (4.24 KB, 488x320, 61:40, vapula_large.png)

File: 890c70970120829⋯.png (1.91 KB, 176x248, 22:31, gargoyle_smol_but_not_smol….png)

And larger versions so you can see them Also fucked the Phoeix up a bit by having her on the ground. Fixed, naturally.


If you're thinking of starting, check the OP for the most part. There's a bulletin for things that need doing, but you're best off starting on your own terms probably.

Best thing really to do is to just keep a small scale (expand a bit on a one character, do one new scene for a character etc) instead of jumping in at the deep end and making a new enemy/NPC/quest/place. Getting used to parsers (the bit where changeable text like PC names or weapon names get put in) seems like the main challenge

Sillymode is also a thing which seems to need expanding a bit, and is probably easier to write random scenes for/more forgiving overall (ie, do anything you want within reason). I'm not the person to ask, but that seems like good enough general advice to get you started at the very least.



Jesus H. Christ dude, that's like nine more paragraphs than you should have typed.

>Just who the fuck do you think you are?

Some retard on the internet. You're the one taking things too seriously. I've never once bragged, my point was just that that first gargoyle sprite is legitimately embarrassing. To the point where when you now try to throw your weight around like you're some sort of expert, I have serious doubts.

>Since the first fucking post here, it's been constant fucking snipes for no fucking reason.

Nah, bud. I've posted at you normally plenty of times. This is an anonymous board, see.

>with it's S I N G L E F U C K I N G P I X E L out of place

I don't really know what you mean. The demon legs are just pretty weird (mainly the left leg); I don't know what one pixel would do to fix that. You went on a really long rant here, but you seem to have once again assumed that I'm saying something I never said or implied. Flying off the handle about stuff like this is why I thought you were a cunt in the first place, and you only confirm it with every interaction.

>without anybody elses approval, but I think we've established that you're a big guy/the head honcho around here, so it's not as if you need it anyways

To confirm for you, I ask the rest of the dev team before basically all decisions like that. I was even ready to add the Sheila sprites, even though I thought they were a bit off, but was told not to.

>colouring that one pixel and the background behind it to the same as the background

There are multiple backgrounds, just in case you weren't aware, so don't do things like that.

>Removing it makes it look more canine

Oh, I see what you're talking about now (3/4 of the way through your rant). I think the furred versions look better there (accuracy aside), but the demon one there's still kinda off, so that's still not what I was talking about.





Assuming that's actually you and not some retard trying to stir up shit in your name: fuck off. Anon gave you some rude but valid criticism, but you take it like some sort of personal vendetta, and here you are, throwing a temper tantrum over being called the little bitch that you've now proven to be.

Yes, those 'roo legs look like a chicken's, the coffee sprite is questionable at best, and the gargoyle is a flat downgrade lacking in definition and looks like she has tumors on her head and back. Now get over or neck yourself.

>I won't make paragraphs of purely vapid autism to try and get back at them

The irony is lost on you, isn't it.




>which I have looked through and come to the conclusion I have.

Then I have no idea which ones you're looking at to come to that conclusion. Again, there are some without any kind of foot, but feet are definitely in the majority.

>but if you had any understanding of pixel art whatsofuckingever, you should know that equates to a 32bit base sprite with double it's height in accessories and space for borders

Bud, I'm not telling you to use the full 80. I was telling you because I wasn't sure anyone had told you. I said "by the way" and "not saying that you should go more detailed", so I don't know how you've read what you did. It's so fucking difficult to talk to you when the things you read have only a passing relationship with what I actually write.

>is on 1.0 for the Right horn; which needed work on anyway as I made the overall sprite itself smaller again to make it look younger.

And I like that horn better, but you're also wrong, since her right horn tapers in the original. The left one is fine, because the perspective/the fact that it's curling back make it look like that, but doing the same thing for the right one doesn't look good, in my view. I actually scrolled down enough to see that you made them taper anyway, and they look good in your latest version, so I don't know why you sperged out so hard.

>1.0 was wrong, since the horns were different shapes despite the fact the should have been the same

They're the same shape from different perspectives. I should think that you would know that things look different from different angles.

>Wow, that pixel limit sure is a fucking bitch, ain't it. It's almost as if I've literally drawn out for you that the proportions would be correct when scaled up and you're still finding reasons to complain.

Is your argument that the medium doesn't fit what you're going for, but that means that it's the medium's problem? The pixel limit means that you can't get the effect you were going for, but that doesn't mean you should just leave it like that. I'm actually a bit confused what you're trying to say. If the proportions don't look right in the actual pixel art, then you should change the pixel art, not tell me what you want it to look like.

>You've got an entire thread to link for your proofs

>>355915 , there you go. Again, I asked the dev team to make sure I wasn't criticizing something that was fine. Also, where did I samefag? I've never responded to any of your individual posts more than once or tried to imply that I am multiple people.

>insult free

I missed removing the abomination comment, so sorry, but that was part of a compliment, which you've still managed to take negatively. The first wasn't part of the criticisms, and the second isn't an insult, sorry if it came off that way.

>Because I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to writing or coding.

Then what was that huge paste you posted where you complained about a lot of writing? And anyway, it's not like you need a fucking art degree to see when something looks off. I have working eyes; I don't need to know exactly how to solve the problems, but I can see them right there.

>But I won't nitpick to living shit every single piece of work one Anon makes

Oh yeah, I've definitely done that, that's not a blatant misrepresentation at all. I surely haven't complimented two of your works and not commented on others. Do you think this is some personal attack on you? Why? Who's the one with the bloated ego when you act like any fucking criticism is an attack on your character, and that anyone who disagrees with you should just shut up when you make your opinion known. This is a discussion thread.

>You Sir, I didn't like your attitude; You shall address me with more respect, Young Man

I do not give a fuck what you think of me, and I don't do stuff out of spite. I'll be adding the sprites that are good like Vapula and the phoenix regardless of how many times you call me an autist or whatever. And to be clear, that's not me saying that it's my decision whether or not to add them, but that I'll most likely be the one actually doing it.

You read words I haven't written just in order to piss yourself off. Please just take two seconds and realize that constantly acting the way you do isn't good for anybody. No one's trying to drive you off or anything. I don't even really want to be having this spat. You've said you don't want to waste any more chromosomes, and I fully agree. I won't heckle you any more, despite how effective and satisfying it is, and I apologize for everything. Just please be a bit less prickly about things.



>(looking back it kinda is a few shades light to be described as 'musky')

Seems there was a misunderstanding. The word there is "dusky", not "musky".

>(which is actually in her description)

It doesn't describe her just leaking coffee when she's not animated, though. That would just be a problem for the demons.

>Cleaned up a few bits on the Gargoyle sprite too.

Minor issue, but the darker outline of her right leg overlaps the lighter outline of her left leg, which makes it look like the right leg's in front. Having just the bottom edge of the wing that color also seems somewhat odd to me—what's your intent there?

>The open smile shows that

I think the issue is that it's not clear that that's a smile. I'd agree with you, but I don't know if there's a great way to pull it off properly in the space available.


Unrelated to the shitflinging, how do I get rid of the black vines?




Big fucking help that.



transform into a slime. don't listen to the shitposter, it's an obscure advgame-tier solution



I do wonder if the hints should be a bit better.



>It took over 9000 bewildered newfags for somebody else to come to this conclusion

It doesn't necessarily need to be a better hint; just have more items/solutions that fit the hint. It's not that hard otherwise. Slime balls, Milk Baths, Lube and Purification Peals/Honey should be extra solutions on top; especially balls since the description is near identical.



You don't need to actually transform.


It probably does need dumbed down slightly, considering the audience. Maybe just speed up Rathazul giving you the answer, or make it clear that he'll figure something out of you just give him some time.






It's particularly grating that there's like half a dozen characters who can "look into it" resulting in a pile of dead ends. particularly if you blaze ahead without the old rat [not super common, but I've done it myself a few times] and he becomes a rarer occurrence by th time you actually end up covered in the damn things. Similarly the goo girl slimes can also start being rare by later game because of the spawn tables or whatever getting clogged up for the lake.

First time I had it happen to me I assumed I had to grind up relationship with Aiko to get it off because of Kitsune stuff seemingly like they had an answer.



Hey man, I didn't write it. Not sure about just plain old lube or milk baths, though. And I somewhat doubt that Satan would be willing to make it any easier.


>First time I had it happen to me I assumed I had to grind up relationship with Aiko to get it off because of Kitsune stuff seemingly like they had an answer.

The kitsune thing seems clearly enough a joke to me, dunno.



It's really hard to tell with them.


>>It took over 9000 bewildered newfags

So? Mind kitsunes do that too.


File: 33845756b71c2b2⋯.jpg (116.03 KB, 429x332, 429:332, 1440803748683.jpg)

>Venus initial encounter description details her having red curly hair

>sprite has green hair


I wish we could keep the vines for the aesthetics without having to turn into a plant.


File: 839ee0a4b7ebf53⋯.gif (239.09 KB, 250x188, 125:94, Robby.gif)

So when are we going to meet Rob schneider in Coc?

P.S. rated PG-13


File: 3cd9d61acd28e5d⋯.png (78.14 KB, 741x337, 741:337, ClipboardImage.png)



write it faggot



Then post it here so we can all laugh at you together.


File: 259cb9953016a92⋯.png (92.36 KB, 224x522, 112:261, 144791617401.png)

Here's that rework of the helspawn scene I promised, somehow even longer now: https://pastebin.com/WNX6etCY

The male one is probably just as awkward, so it's next on my list.


Good enough, I added it to the paste.


I found the Light Rail Avenger once and now I want to find it again, I think you find it when you use the boat but I must have clicked 100 times and I still can't find it. Is there a requirement?



I don't think so, but I've found it a grand total of one time in my entire history of playing. It might just be obscenely rare.



Silly mode.



Silly mode, and I think it has like a 0.1 chance to show up.


>Sees there are archery perks

>Only guns and a crossbow

I'm missing something?


File: f29210a705b4df4⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Wiggling bestgirl.gif)


Wrote two small scenes for Snuggles' sex scenes which at the bottom of the above paste: one for her refusing to have sex with you if you have parasites and one for if the pc's dick is too big to penetrate her. Not sure how worms really work honestly, I infected myself with them in game just to see if anyone cares but doesn't seem like it. Anyway, i'll be working on the frog-girl more tomorrow. Just going to ask now about whether certain ideas are dumb before doing more though.

[spoiler]If the pc willingly breeds her a few times (by beating her up and successfully impregnating her) she just submits naturally; maybe does things besides impregnation sex at the pc's request like anal or using her tongue on a pussy if the pc has one. if pc rapes her butt a few times she stops showing up or brings other frogs (two that do status effects like lust and poison) to win. I haven't written out any dialogue for the frog-girl yet since I was considering her not speaking the good lords English, with the pc being able to slowly teach her. Though maybe her not being able to speak English or anything the pc can understand would be better, i think that could interesting. End game goal is loli frog daughters (who wouldn't want to lewd tadpoles?), maybe with the two frog-girls (the lust and poison one mentioned before) being brought in for a consensual threesome if the pc proved to be a virile breeder.[spoiler]



>I'm missing something?

Bows, apparently.



You don't say? Wow, thanks for the tip, ass. Any reason why there doesn't seem to be any? Debug shows no such weapon.



Maybe play the game? I'll hint that it's not a weapon you equip.


You're right, what was I thinking? Bows aren't weapons.



There is a crossbow?


i dont like kiddie porn but i still like incest and breeding, does this mod got what i need?



It exists but isn't normally available, you can only get it from the debug menu or save editing.



Just play it and find out.



For once, "just play the game" isn't in fact a correct answer.



It's always the correct answer, you daft cunt.

If people for once used half a brain cell they could easily check this sort of shit.


>Pfft do not be paranoid guys the newfag will not keep asking retarded questions instead of playing the game if i spoonfeed him

Good job



perhaps the point of asking the question in advance is so they don't have to play through everything to get an answer?



I misread and thought you were replying to >>356102. I agree it's the right answer for >>356104.



Perhaps there is a way to see exactly what he needs to know in a very obvious place that doesn't require him being a newfag and polluting this thread and board as a whole?


File: 4adde42e6ae4043⋯.jpg (66.52 KB, 822x800, 411:400, 2ef0dc253acf64daffed0933be….jpg)


Good thing this game is CP free then.



>i dont like kiddie porn but i still like incest and breeding, does this mod got what i need?

Probably not. Most people—and thus probably you, statistically speaking—who "don't like kiddie porn" hate games where it's even an option, because if they're presented with the choice they can't hold themselves back from fucking all the kids.



Just play revamp and get your ass filled by bees like a """normal person""", free of CP.



Man, sure is a good thing this is a text only game, so it's completely impossible for there to be any sort of CP in it.



Can you blame them? Nothing can resist the allure of lolis.


File: f6a0c9b5640d16c⋯.png (37.13 KB, 587x378, 587:378, is she single.png)


Clearly, she has to start of speaking fragments of broken English mixed with French.

>who wouldn't want to lewd tadpoles?

Oh lawdy.



>You [if (pc dressed) {remove your [clothes] and}] notice that Snuggles is staring at your [cock] with a look of pure curiosity.

You'll want [pussy] here if they have the eel parasite, as that one only infects girls.



>fragments of broken English mixed with French.

She would eventually surrender to you, being french would add up.

>Oh lawdy.

Best to get them before they grow arms or legs.


"You [if (pc dressed) {remove your [clothes] and}] notice that Snuggles is staring at your [[cock]|[pussyorass]] with a look of pure curiosity." - would this work? Not sure if worms and eels infect those without a dick or pussy.



>Not sure if worms and eels infect those without a dick or pussy.

Worms and slugs require a penis, eels and nephila require a vagina.



Didn't even know about slugs and i've changed [pussyorass] to [pussy] now.



The slugs actually live in your ass. They just require a penis because the penis comes with a prostate.



Could you make the phoenix's wings and tail a little smaller?


File: c5bbb4dfba427d2⋯.jpg (34.49 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Super bait.jpg)


Come on, dude. It's obviously trolling at this point. Painfully so.


File: 62dc7a793f583a1⋯.jpg (99.75 KB, 928x678, 464:339, crow1.jpg)


I thought crows liked worms.



Heretic! Guards, seize that man!


File: 70579af0f095882⋯.png (68.68 KB, 226x223, 226:223, howstressful.png)


>The slugs actually live in your ass.

Glad I play with these things off.


This makes me curious on if the inhabitants of mareth eat one another just casually or if it's always considered an abhorrent act of cannibalism. Either way, it's more like weird shit wiggling out from your dick is pretty freaky.


That being said I wish we had some more parasites in the game. And don't say 'write it yourself' because anyone whos created content before can tell you it's damn-near impossible to enjoy something you made, because you see the flaws more than the content itself



>And don't say 'write it yourself'

I think you partially miss the point of people saying that. It's to get begging niggers like yourself to fuck off. There are four parasites in the game, that's already a hell of a lot.




Well shit I think I missed a couple unless we're counting Exgargantuan and the Black Vines.



They were listed literally twelve hours ago. I'm still mystified as to how people this illiterate can enjoy a text game.



>This makes me curious on if the inhabitants of mareth eat one another just casually

I always assumed the (after natural selection) part listed by your children with tamani meant akbal eats them.



Dick worms, prostate slugs, vagina eels, and Nephila slimes. And the vines could be counted as parasites, for a total of 5.

Possession is an entirely different category.


How do you go back to ingnam? The Wiki says it should be released, but after clearing the stronghold and fucking around with the portal I can only do the ascension stuff.. And Ingnam seems to be lacking the content it looks like it should have.



Why would you spoonfeed him this hard when all he had to do is scroll up three centimeters? If you go down this road, pretty soon you're going to be tying his shoelaces and wiping his ass.




>vagina eels, and Nephila slimes

You know, in spite of having a save focused around the slimes I had completely forgotten about them because I had started thinking of it as a subquest. Also assumed they had just replaced the eels since once I found the former I had never seen the latter.


I tend to skim until something relevant comes up. Mostly because, coming into the thread, anything I might've had a comment on is days old.



The WIki isn't for this version.



>akbal eats them.

He best not be if he knows whats good for him. Could be that they tried to take a dick thats too big, could swear i read somewhere young goblins occasionally died to minos. Shame you can't take all your goblin children home to keep them safe and secure.



Not him but I always took it as "killed through dick" like it's implied would happen if the PC went through with using an oversized dick (without corrupting her first)



Izma casually states she's eaten people before, so it's at least a common thing amongst the sharks.



Why do you act like one of those faggots who leaves out context to prove a point? She doesn't eat or kill intelligent people. And no, minotaurs and especially imps do not count as anything but braindead scum of the earth. Speedreaders need to fucking leave.

>She shrugs “Well, in the past I’d just munch down whatever was in the lake. Small things, ya know,” she replies. You can’t help but note that reference to 'in the past'. So what precisely does she eat now?

>“Um… well, whatever food you have in camp, of course. Or anything that swims upstream,” she replies. A part of you feels frustrated at Izma’s evasive answers. Changing tack, you ask if she eats only fish or other kinds of meat as well?

>“I’m not really picky.” She shrugs languorously. “It’s just instinct - you catch food, you eat it before something comes along and takes it off you… are you feeling okay? Why are you asking such weird questions?” You take a deep breath and let it out slowly; then ask: has she ever eaten a person?

>“Depends what you mean by people,” she replies. Then her eyes widen as she realizes what she’s just said. “N-not like that of course! I’d never eat you or any of your friends or anything! I wouldn’t dream of it! I only ever ate things like imps and minotaurs! And they were dead first, I swear!” You laugh nervously, and thank Izma for not getting mad.



I don't know how you've missed out on nearly every single non-random encounter with those two races in the game, but every imp and minotaur are intelligent on at least a human level. Look at the gym imp, Zetaz, Lethice's minotaur servant, and the cook in the Tel Adre bakery. All intelligent, some could argue more intelligent than humans. And just because they're dead, doesn't meant they're not people.



Don't be so queasy if you kill something might as well eat it too.



You're really taking your autism in stride, aren't you?

>gym imp

I should've guessed you were one of those people.


You've confirmed yourself to be a speedreader, good on you for coming to terms with it.

Honestly, Izma could eat you and she still wouldn't have ever eaten an intelligent person.



Nice job completely ignoring half my post, but let's deconstruct this.

>gym imp

>I should've guessed you were one of those people.

Not sure what this even means. He's an imp, and you said imps weren't people. He holds intelligent conversation and shows a distinct personality, and therefore is a person.


>You've confirmed yourself to be a speedreader, good on you for coming to terms with it.

He was the imp who tried to rape you at the start of the game, and became a super imp or whatever in the time leading up to your final encounter with him. But he was still an imp, still intelligent, and still a person.



>He's an imp

He is not.


>that's already a hell of a lot

There is never enough parasites, living clothes/armour, symbiontes, slimes. God, strange creatures clinging to my body exploiting it in lewd ways and never letting me go no matter how hard i tug scream and struggle One of the best parts if you ask me makes me hard as diamonds.



>Not sure what this even means. He's an imp, and you said imps weren't people. He holds intelligent conversation and shows a distinct personality, and therefore is a person.

A poorly written self-insert that was denied by even Fenoxo but put into the game by Kitteh is not a person, hell, he's not even an imp. Try again, retard.

>He was the imp who tried to rape you at the start of the game, and became a super imp or whatever in the time leading up to your final encounter with him. But he was still an imp, still intelligent, and still a person.

Zetaz is a greater imp, an incredibly rare variant of imp that has a semblance of a personality and can have some lucid thoughts of his own besides "FUCK FUCK FUCK". And by the way, imps don't have souls, are beyond stupid and have absolutely zero redeeming qualities and will never amount to anything unless they're the rare one-off greater imp.

The only thing you broke down are your own arguments in the same breath you made them, not to mention and validity you might've had by saying Pablo (Piblo) is an imp. I'd tell you to stop white knighting imps and minotaurs but chances are you're a cocksucking faggot addicted to them anyway.



>Either way, it's more like weird shit wiggling out from your dick is pretty freaky.

I thought it would be funny if she wouldn't freak out since she is a bird… kind of.


I would gladly write some myself, problem is I never done any yet and I'm not a native speaker so it would be filled with grammatical and linguistic errors. On top of being shit probably



Practice anon practiceeee



>I would gladly write some myself

Don't sweat it, man. a good 90% of my posts are more just speculation and complaints so don't pay they any attention. One day I'll stop being a lazy git and do it myself.



I mean if you fellow parasite aficionados would throw a few ideas my way maybe I would find the motivation, I'll have plenty of free time in the next few months.



If enemy has penis then stuff your infested cock down their urethra, drain your balls into their balls abd fill them with worms. Currently only works on minotaurs.


File: c8bc1873a8e8ae7⋯.png (1.11 MB, 900x1400, 9:14, 1555163911633.png)

The OP gave me false hope for more Oni. I feel cheated.



Your best course of action would be to start small. Why not edit some scenes to account for having dickworms? Cuming them into someone could use something like this, with reactions from the person at the end of the sex scene.



I like parasites of the "living clothes" type. A skinsuit that milks you 24/7, or maybe just one that covers the important bits. If we wanted to go all out it could raise your lust by a flat amount per hour/turn but otherwise gives you ridiculous lust res or maybe give you a "revive" when you die to lust in battle.


besides the goblins and the first venture into Tel'Adre, I haven't found much content regarding my Champion being a shota. Is there a list of specific changed dialogues somewhere? I skimmed the change log but didnt find much



There's also a change to bee and sand witch encounters, iirc. Isabella might have something but that could be because I haven't done anything with her in a while.



Callu at the lake is another one that has different scenes for kids. Most of the time it's maybe one line that you probably wouldn't notice if you didn't know the original.



But there was more oni literally just added to the game.


I'm trying to get bimbo jojo but the event wont start even though its been about a week since I put the liquer in the chest. do i need to do something else?



It's disabled, currently, much like your ability to check changelogs.



to be fair the log doesn't specifically mention bimbo jojo



>tfw had an idea for a scene where, if shota PC and sleeping with Sophie, she would sing lullabies on occasion and lean more heavily into the "mama" Sophie thing, maybe some mom-dom

>also had an idea for a "monster under the bed" dream/thing that requires shota, the cabin with a bed, and sleeping alone. May or may not actually be a dream.

>tfw can't write worth shit

Maybe I can catch someone when they ask for a prompt.



Yes it does. Can you really not read?



I control f-ed bimbo and jojo, didnt think to search for joy. I'll accept im a retard



>Shame you can't take all your goblin children home to keep them safe and secure.


Goblin kids, the shark kids that can pop up in the bad end instead of instant loss, and others. Need an option to just tell them to march their little butts to camp for immediate inbreeding duty.


Paco isn't an imp, he's a demon-morph. And a cuntboy if I remember what the unfinished "Paco's secret" content was about correctly.



>Goblin kids, the shark kids that can pop up in the bad end instead of instant loss, and others. Need an option to just tell them to march their little butts to camp for immediate inbreeding duty.

Pretty sure this was the content El_Goblino was working on for the most part. Hopefully someone picks it up someday.


Did hellboi ever comeback?



File: ca5b3e4b46a03a2⋯.jpg (155.22 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, e2b3bc901e3.jpg)

Wrote another scene for the frog-girl rework attempt, now you can not cruelly anally rape her if you select anal and instead have the chance to use the proper hole. Will probably work on the more hostile side of her before writing her willingly submitting. Think I have an idea for a bad end too.



File: b9f8580f8ac87dc⋯.png (440.06 KB, 517x643, 517:643, untitled.png)

From last thread, if they're even still around because I'm slow

>Does Rubi have a sundress option so we can go on a date and I can just drag them into an alleyway, flip up the hem and obliterate their tight hole until it's a gaping cum-oozing wormhole of sin?

The request didn't specify which Rubi, so this accounts for all four combinations of parts (minus the cum, of course).

Rubi anal exhibitionism: https://pastebin.com/knQ8Sc3N



His legacy lives on though



Well the NTR was removed, so not really.


File: 1baed882b01ca5e⋯.png (66.99 KB, 397x316, 397:316, 1382474481215.png)

>equip mino axe after getting one to drop

>clockwork shield put into inventory because 2h weapon

>later accidentally replace clockwork shield that was still in my inventory with a lust draft


File: 6f00391a3063e80⋯.png (63.35 KB, 543x75, 181:25, Screenshot (54) - Copy.png)


I was thinking the same.

Just discovered the Nephila Queen stuff as well, I'm not really into hyper most of the time but damn. Wish it was more integrated though, also pic related is kind of annoying.


Is there any MC shota exclusive content?



You have to be trolling. All you had to do was ctrl+f shota in the thread.



>also pic related is kind of annoying

Only if you missed some stuff.


File: af5d5eda4ad318b⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 336x241, 336:241, gsGt5.gif)


>The request didn't specify which Rubi, so this accounts for all four combinations of parts

All sinholes are the best holes. That's some good buttfuckery.


Is the scene with Helia and the minotaurs on the mountain still in? Not the scene in the plains by the way.



Painful newfaggery detected


File: ab72678265584fa⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 400x206, 200:103, 1517179076116.gif)


>Not storing your shield



>Not keeping Rubi's orgasm denial regiment up.



Good thing this is a game and you can make choices


How the fuck do you beat ascended Akbal?

I get his HP to 0 and he immediately heals to full and one hits me.



You need to shrink the space between you, redditard.



What level are you? What attack did he kill you with? Did you try gitting gud?


File: 1b8678cacdf843d⋯.png (222.58 KB, 608x885, 608:885, cropped_moth.PNG)

Moth Maturation Mission, p7


Still stuck on that riddle, so I did the outdoor sex option instead. Might be a tad bit off, didn't feel the most confident while writing it, but that could be nothing, dunno. I'll take a request now, but might not be able to deliver it for a little bit.



Female Nieve fucking you with a "strapon" made of ice.




One of his magic attacks.



Found a temple in the bog,what can you do there except pray i mean?

And who does that temple belong to anyway?



File: 0a41343a58050f8⋯.png (3.45 KB, 160x160, 1:1, Bug Hunting Doom guy.png)

Found a bug…when you spend time with Sylvia/Moth girl you are stuck forever on the "next" option while the days go by,and no this isn't a bad end because i can't even proceed to the main menu anymore



>She clings to you, making every movement

Probably missing something.

>You keep your grip tight, and your daughter lovingly accepts your,

Probably missing something.

>She cries out and moves her other pair of hands to your head

Previous paragraph said all four hands were already there. /shrug

>but in any case, she certainly grown, somehow.

she HAS, maybe.

>Before you could get the impression that he has an actual sole

Soul I assume

>I asked when I gave you mine, and I seem to remember

probably missing something


File: 9478e9bc8b9fa3c⋯.jpg (1013.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, demon horns.jpg)

File: 749b0ca95297281⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1267x1426, 1267:1426, bull horns.jpg)

File: 423f19dbe3b3892⋯.jpg (47.21 KB, 786x1162, 393:581, dragon horns le question m….jpg)

Right, working further into the Phoenix sprites at this point with my crusade to get wings/feathers out of the way first, basically all the sprites for the Tower of the Phoenix + Harpies/Sophie/Minerva a few questions before I carry on.

<What the fuck do dragon horns look like I'm guessing it refers to the direction of the horns, with Succubus/Demon horns being circular protruding forwards (Hellboy without cutting them off), Bull horns being circular protruding to the sides and Dragon being circular protruding from the back of the head (since they usually have the lizard-like look) - though that final point is somethng I have no idea if is correct or not

<Should a heater shield be tapered at the bottom or tipped might just show two sprites with and without and let you faggots choose

<When it says the Phoenix Commander/Squad have red skin - is that only referring to the scales on her legs, is it a remnant of the furfag shit or is it genuinely them having red tinted skin

<Does Harpy Queen not have a sprite yet? Can't find the thing anywhere when searching.

<Does Lethice not have any sprites yet either? And in turn, can you switch out sprites for phases of a battle? Because that seems pretty high priority.

<Was Brigid supposed to originally have butterfly wings and changed later to large harpy wings, or is that a fuckup on the sprites end


Almost all of it is de-activatable and any you do come across either has the 100000000 yr old cursed forme excuse or is so obvious to avoid you'd need to be genuinely illiterate to accidentally stick your dick in them.


The wings are described as 'magestic' and her tail is described as 'long'; anything else wouldn't flow with the description. Plus it adds to the whole bioengineered-supersoldier vibe to the sprite, since the grandeur supposed to be a bit more exclusive to the Phoenix's as oppoe to the other sprites. Most importantly though, I think I genuinely think I'm going to fucking kill myself if I have to redo any of the wings, they're bastards enough as it is first time around.


>I'm not a native speaker so it would be filled with grammatical and linguistic errors

Thats why we have writefags check through though. There's no failure in not trying, as long as you keep it mostly focused and run it through a spelling and grammar check online beforehand https://www.jspell.com/public-spell-checker.html


There's no other way than to spoonfeed you; but in short it's a sillymode place where you pray to Allah to get sillymode exclusive endgame explosion magic which deals some damage to yourself to reach stupid amounts of damage. You need to keep going there, and after a while a random encounter can occur where you get it.



I added some variant lines, just for you.


File: cbd0d63a599296b⋯.png (24.32 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 9YEAtn1jSn-2.png)


It's always a reeee


File: a30defd1a9e6394⋯.png (664.18 KB, 1540x1454, 770:727, good girls edge perpetuall….png)


You're a good person, thank you.



I can't figure out any way to cancel orgasm denial for female Rubi once you start it, so that filename might be more literal than you'd think. Am I being dumb or did this never work?



Are you playing on the most recent version? Are you attempting to do it at 6am?


whats this?




A thread.



My bulgy wulgy



what do you mean?



I'd never noticed. I'd never cancel such a wonderful thing.


How do would I add images to Alice encounters? I have a image pack i've been working on but so far i've only replaced existing images.



>I have a image pack

Disgusting. Seek help elsewhere.



Add the image name and path to images.xml (just copy the format for existing images), add outputText(images.showImage("image-name")); to the scene in AliceScene.as. If you want to add an image to the fight too, add this.imageName = "alice"; to the constructor in Alice.as and use "monster-alice" for the xml and filename.



what can I say, i like looking at porn


thanks man



Thanks. Did worse than usual on those, really shouldn't let that happen.



Just waiting to proofread Dolores' cummy anal gaping scene.


File: f85c422494d6c7b⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 454 - M3zDjzT.jpg)


Only that for now, there is a NPC that is being written to be here, when the author stops trying to make her dialogue more archaic and actually finishes her.



>still no lamia lover



Not bad, could be a little longer though.



Will we get to make her use our dick as her seat while we teach her magic?



I see she really hates anal.

Will we have the option to essentially train her as an anal only fuck toy once she submits fully?

Full on keep plugged, and knock her up either via ass fucking before just sticking the tip to her entrance or taking advantage of satyr sexuality.



I like the sound of this.



Is there ever going to be an option for consensual anal? Uncomfy sex is amusing.

A girl from touhou fag without pantsu? What's the world coming to



>Are you playing on the most recent version?

Yes i'm using the latest version

>Are you attempting to do it at 6am?

No i interact(ed) with the moth at random times



She's not allowed to wear 'em. Would just make it harder for her master to make her delightfully miserable.


>be me

>haven't played CoC in quite a while

>find this mod purely by coincidence

>read through what the anons been up to

>moth girls, onis, etc.

>sounds neat

>download and get to playing

>go through the old routines of exploring, getting B. sword and bow

>now that winning is not purely RNG I get to leveling

>find goblin

>beat her but have high lust

>Womb fuck

>Oh neat! I love cervix penetration!

>Click button

>Read scene

Why ;_;


File: 0c08a85fb7b919e⋯.jpg (443.36 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 70395595_p0.jpg)

Cervical is the best and we could really use some focused content for it. Please write some.



gore is off by default if I remember correctly so you did this to yourself.


its pretty good in theory, but its a shame that in real life it would be extremely painful.


File: 0ca777e085e9cc7⋯.png (106.04 KB, 375x186, 125:62, 0.png)


Your image is appropriate, as a magic portal is one of the few ways for cervix penetration to make sense.




We are talking about a setting where magical sex changes, transformations and even the loss of all sex organs can occur in seconds just after imbibbing some fluids

In other words: It's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit



>magical sex changes, transformations and even the loss of all sex organs can occur in seconds just after imbibbing some fluids

If it was just that, I'd disagree, because organs should be in their usual places until there's a clear and specific reason they aren't, so the cervix shouldn't normally be lined up with the vagina.

Unfortunately, we're also talking about a furry setting, which means anyone can take a cock larger than their entire body with no damage, and all anatomy goes out the window. Looney Tunes rules apply instead of biology.



True I suppose.

But still "magic" of the "I ain't gotta explain shit" variety is still in play. So it shouldn't be much of a factor…

However now that I'm talking about it… how about this?

Remember the turtle girl? The one at the lake that's the size of a fucking island?

She uses magic which specifically turns you into a living onahole.

How about that?

Couldn't we learn a dummy version of it which enables us to have some delicious cervix penetration?

That'd finally give that stupid character actual purpose



>it would be extremely painful.

>a shame




Anon… Probably the highest use currently on mareth of black magic is to disregard biology and shove 77 dicks in your vagina at the same time or something


File: 0bfca45e812bc8a⋯.jpg (676.72 KB, 1172x1654, 586:827, 5.jpg)


Maybe we'll get a snake wife someday.


Yeah the anal scene is only a little over 300ish words, maybe I should try adding some variation to it.


I'm not too familiar with how the satyr stuff works, but i'd be fine with trying to write something where the pc exclusively fucks her ass and then just puts the tip into her as they finish. Maybe I should redo the current anal scene to have that.


>Is there ever going to be an option for consensual anal?

I was planning on writing her willingly accepting anal after you bred her a few times. She wants you to keep putting children in her, so if you decided you wanted to use her ass or mouth she'd begrudgingly submit to it at least a few times; maybe she steadily starts to get more pissed if you keep fucking her don't finish in her pussy. I'll apologize for her not having any panties to take.



How far back was that when it was removed? I was around when it was first implemented but that was months ago.



What is the point of fucking a snake if it doesn't have a snake pussy?


File: bceaa7bc40b583b⋯.png (48.64 KB, 301x172, 7:4, useless.PNG)

The Alice are too pure for this world and I want to take them back to my camp and keep them safe.

Life is unfair.



>falling for a demon's trickery



>extremely painful

Your average basic bitch likes being beaten like a legionary guilty of cowardice during sex, it's fine. Besides, Mareth runs on some very generous porn logic. I think there are already a few scenes referencing cervical penetration if you have a big enough tool, I know Callu does.



>not becoming their lord and have them be your subjects

It's almost like you want me to call you a faggot.


File: e61e8154ae67ec3⋯.jpg (56.72 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1389110109309.jpg)


I don't think their tricking me with their shitty situation.

They hit that fucking gap-moe spot though and I can't help it.


File: cd34981cf4c5d9e⋯.mp4 (1.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hit Kids.mp4)


>I don't think their tricking me

>>Not realizing they were turned into alices for being shit-tier scum that everyone hates, and they're all in their mid-40s and have acts like retarded teenagers for decades

They deserve what's coming to them and want to act all innocent now because they can't fight back anymore



>Implying that some demons have not been alicified so long ago that they have started to become the mask and act like little girls by instinct


File: f3fea5d325a1fa4⋯.png (360.22 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, ClipboardImage.png)

Snowy Strapon Sorcery


Okay, here's the Nieve request. But also, as Koraeli's starting on child Nieve, there's the scenes for building a snowli/snowta at the bottom. I hope you all celebrate this Father's Day with your loving daughters, god bless.



The mainstream demon factions are all hyper/preg/furry enthusiast with only the shittiest of taste. It's well within reason that a sizeable portion of alices are just political dissidents with patrician preferences.

On a somewhat related note, I'm always surpised that alices are able to get (imp) pregnant.



Sterilizing Alices would be a good thing though. FUCKING NO ONE wants imps for anything but senseless murder. Higher imps can be decent though.


File: 2bbcf86178cbeeb⋯.jpg (13.32 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)


>all hyper/preg enthusiast

>shittiest of taste

no u


Fair point, just wanted to Bainpost for a bit.

for you



Break her down till she wants anal not because she enjoys it, but because she completely and consistently hates it and she knows that that pleases her master.


File: 3104bdc23aaa99c⋯.png (44.94 KB, 1396x308, 349:77, prostration.png)

Academics, please respond




It depends on the character what the horns look like. That goes for almost every race.




Impregnate all Alices but later abort the imp


File: 7b64ec43746e6bd⋯.png (12.48 KB, 150x300, 1:2, There WAS a baby in my bel….png)



Sounds great, but she's probably wanting it in the pussy so to get preggers, if you get her pregnant she should indulge in anal or milk her tits as a "thank you".

Will she have a more passionate scene with her frenching/hold hands with the PC if you preg her enough times?



>You will never skewer a baby imp with your dick and remove it from her womb

why live



I'll probably try my best to make it clear she never likes anal but only does it to appease the pc when I get to writing her submissive stuff. I do think she should eventually go back to attacking the pc after not being bred for awhile.


I don't think there is any abortion scenes in game, is there?


>Will she have a more passionate scene with her frenching/hold hands with the PC if you preg her enough times?

I can try to write some scenes like that for her, working on her smashing the pc's prostate and milking their seed as revenge for fucking her ass right now though.


File: 7da325e646d5e65⋯.png (662.55 KB, 1100x935, 20:17, tief.png)

File: fd888e920f56c30⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1528x1080, 191:135, fd8.jpg)


Some girls just don't understand pantsu. It's a strange world.



Impregnant alices with more alices. Make an alice town. Give them a bunch of toys or something and let them live off that.



>never likes anal

We just need to give her an ass orgasm.

in b4 she has a strapon and revenges the PC


File: 2cfcc7a874655f4⋯.jpg (156.33 KB, 811x1171, 811:1171, 05ccf7a4d2d324f45208cae2d1….jpg)


Freaky frog tongue



As a tonguefag I appreciate frog girls and wish for more of them in life.


File: b70fa5723695889⋯.jpg (44.28 KB, 345x458, 345:458, 1502546883896.jpg)


I'd take that, i'm just amused at the idea of her presenting the dilemma that if you assfuck her, she wants to strapon fuck you. But she'll tonguelube you first. Rimming's pretty fun though.


Is there any way to remove the obsidian vines from the Alarune?



Is there any way to remove you from this website for being retarded?


File: 97636af88019106⋯.jpg (250.16 KB, 640x960, 2:3, kill.jpg)

>he doesn't have fantasies of ripping and tearing through a demonic womb, giving the dumb bimbo a caveman's C-section and crushing the skull of a hellspawn to the tune of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn7dCgtwX2c before it goes on to commit atrocities



by playing the game you dum dum



Oh, she'll be bred, she just won't get anything vaginal other than the actual cumshot.

To answer your claim of ignorance earlier, satyr sexuality is a perk, permable thankfully so you don't need to actually be a satyr, that allows you to anally impregnate things. It's from vanilla, but nothing was ever properly done with it.

So you could impregnate her in either hole, or possibly both.


If she ever joins or visits the camp, she could always become friends with Arian.to hone her anal skills, regardless of if she actually enjoys it or not.


File: 49ef71da0050c52⋯.jpg (165.14 KB, 850x1169, 850:1169, __miia_monster_musume_no_i….jpg)


>Maybe we'll get a snake wife someday.

Here's hoping.




While we're talking about turtle girl and cervical penetration: What about a scene in wich she shoves the player into her vagina, he crawls up in there and begins to literally fuck her uterus, with the possibility of cum inflation and pregnancy if the players stats are high enough?



>with the possibility of cum inflation and pregnancy

Wouldn't that imply that the PC creates enough semen to completely surround themselves with their own spunk within the womb itself. As much as I can give points for effort, I don't think the logisitcally impossible would fit in even sillymode.

Answer: Write it yourself


File: 70b3a1f54f83432⋯.mp4 (950.4 KB, 400x400, 1:1, how_to_tie_a_noose.mp4)


You sound like all those furries.


I wish there was a mechanic where in the talk menu or something where you could flip someone from corrupted to pure. The corrupted sex scenes are more my thing, but having someone just 24/7 being a cock/pussy hungry slut is a bit boring after a while, and I'd prefer to talk to a pure Amily or whoever sometimes over a corrupt Amily


Am I missing something or is the Manor dungeon not finishable? No combination I try on the bookshelf will get me past it and I've already gone up to the bedroom and got the talisman.



You have to try the correct combination. It's okay, a lot of people miss that detail.



No sooner did I post that did I realize why that name was an important detail. God damn it


>the Fenoxo forum mod isn't kill anymore

>the Behemoth and Ghoul got sent to the Shadow Realm

Oh snap.






>Demon Soldiers

>Sparring Intensity setting

>Character Viewer from Xianxia

>Watersports scenes for Imps and Goblins

>Multiple enemies in fights that have them (Minotaur King and Excellia)

>The Shadow Realm is now a zone you can visit those two in, but they're seemingly being removed


File: 7b46236cc519f5d⋯.jpg (697.23 KB, 1057x2805, 1057:2805, 1552582291425.jpg)


Make it ovary fucking, and not something you could potentially do with most girls, and you'll have my interest.



>Demon Soldiers

the ones he took from an old unfinished submission. the same ones that have a big comical L as a logo on their armor. great content.

>Sparring Intensity settings

has existed for years by now and it was only added to one or two more characters.

>Character Viewer from Xianxia


>Watersports scenes for Imps and Goblins

the very same ones that were written specifically for this mod. i don't think he ever asked for permission?

>Multiple enemies in fights that have them (Minotaur King and Excellia)

this existed for god knows how long in this mod already. also the way it's implemented both code-wise and visually is terrible.

>The Shadow Realm is now a zone you can visit those two in, but they're seemingly being removed

you mean the meta zone that was made to do nothing but self wank Kitteh and his creation. It was purposefully left out from here.

go back to kissing Kitteh's cock on the fenforums you nigger.


File: 150ca8b7d4f8676⋯.png (446.17 KB, 810x552, 135:92, ClipboardImage.png)

Companion Menu Overhaul


Everyone knows the button layouts for your camp companions are inconsistent dog shit. More than a couple of the characters don't even have an Appearance option. This overhaul should make the menus much more usable for people who use keybinds (shoutout to that one anon, I can't find your post) to navigate menus, but also leave less ugly gaps between options. It will make it so you'll always know where certain options will be, much like how the Back/Leave button is consistently placed in the bottom right corner these days.

It's not finished yet, but I wanted to share what I'm working on regardless. If you see things missing, rest assured that It'll be there when it's done (and if not be sure to tell me).



polishing makes me happy inside


File: 215a770b6931ab9⋯.jpg (237.12 KB, 669x947, 669:947, Moriya.Suwako.jpg)

Wrote the frog-girl hitting the pc's prostate with her freaky tongue, not really sure on it though. I tried reading up a little on prostate stimulation before writing it though. Apparently the prostate isn't very deep? Assuming the site I was reading is right anyway. I also tried redoing the anal scene, it's pretty much double the length it was before now. I did save the old one just in case the new one is shit though.




That's new to me.


>If you assfuck her, she wants to strapon fuck you.

Well… I guess she'd be nice enough to tongue lube you up first.


>To answer your claim of ignorance earlier, satyr sexuality is a perk, permable thankfully so you don't need to actually be a satyr, that allows you to anally impregnate things. It's from vanilla, but nothing was ever properly done with it.

Does it impregnate things with more satyrs though? I also don't plan to write the frog-girl leaving the bog.


I too shall hope.



>being this mad

Someone asked me what was in the mod and I answered. I didn't even offer an opinion about it, you dumbass.




>Oh snap.

You might not have outright praised it, but you still post about it and in the most telling way that you're not from around here.



It might be a shill or somethin'



I would presume it still follows the standard rules of children being the parents original, genetic species, with demons overriding everything but goblins.

So they'd be either frogs or humans for her.

As it stands, it does nothing, though. It was used as a placeholder for future content, but then TiTS shilling happened.



If it follows the standard rules then I can probably try to add it being used for the frog-girl. Though I'm not too sure how to go about writing it; maybe she'd be confused but accepting of it.



Satyr sexuality makes more satyrs. It never actually made sense for the PC to have it because GENETICS.



Shouldn't it be removed from the abilities a pc can get then?



I don't recall that ever being stated. And even if it is somewhere in the depths of obscure fenlore, it's so tremendously underused I see no reason it can't be rewritten to be another weird, but mechanically consistent transformative ability.



I believe drider oviposition makes more driders, so there's precedent for weird birth mechanics to take after transformations.



Satyrs deposit hyper virile corrupted seed into asses, which form into eggs, which hatch as satyrs. It doesn't nor can something like this birth anything from the "mother" side. It doesn't magically change someone's ass into a womb, it can't birth your partner's offspring.




Ah, fair enough.

I still support using her to mother some extra offspring from that or either ovipositor you may have, simply to bully her hatred of anal.

But it would therefore also probably not satisfy her desire to mother children as well if you don't give her a bloated womb alongside it.



I'd go with the ovipositors. They're sound in how they function and could use more scenes. Keep in mind that the bee and spider ovipositors are different in functionality and are not interchangeable also due to body types.



All 3 are possible if 2hu wants to write it.

There's also sandtraps and bunnies, but I don't personally know if their functionality is available to the player.

Honestly though, if these got made into permable perks so you could have multiple forms of oviposition at once, it'd be pretty funny to have a special option to absolutely fill her to the brim, and force her to mother every type of child you could give her, except one of her own.



>Mystery sack ovipostor

Why i find that so amusing?



You should probably extend the scope to NPCs outside of camp that follow roughly the same conventions, e.g., Minerva and Sylvia.


File: 4cf94e5f9e2f9a9⋯.png (40.48 KB, 152x254, 76:127, 1484915447513.png)


Hey, if strapons ain't your thing, I ain't gonna complain.



I'm glad you like it.


I still plan to do other things with my life besides this, anon, I'd die of old age before I got through every character menu in the game. All of this is a gradual process, and I have a limited amount of time to work on the game. I'll get to it if and when I get to it, unless more people tell me they want this I'll probably move on to more pressing matters first.



>The tongue quickly recedes back into the water and there's suddenly a loud splash

Comma after water

>isn't very happy to meet you, in fact, you'd say she looks furious

Switch the first comma to a dash or semicolon (or a period and have two sentences).

>[big list of conditions]

One situation is missing: you beat her, but left without raping her.

>a powerful blow and you

comma after blow

>shoves the blunt tip of tongue

her tongue

>It feels like your ejaculating



Do people refer to the prostate with that term? I don't actually know, maybe they do

>spot in your ass and you feel

comma after ass

>causing you pathetically cry out

causing you to

>shows what she milked from you off with an oddly twisted smile

I think it reads easier if you move the 'off' back behind 'shows'

>exposing her glistening slit to gaze

your gaze

>she stares at you with a wide grin with it being almost as if she's trying to mock you

comma after grin, remove "with it being"



>One situation is missing: you beat her, but left without raping her.

Forgot the second one: you lost, but didn't have a dick and weren't raped



>I'd die of old age before I got through every character menu in the game

I mean, I don't really mind doing them on the implementation side, if there's a general pattern to follow. I'm just saying it would be odd to have a difference there, if consistency is the main goal.



A man's gotta love all his children, even if they look like a bowl of chex mix.

She should be happy to host your menagerie so her own tadpoles have plenty of playmates right off the bat.



>force her to mother every type of child you could give her, except one of her own.

That's kind of evil.


I personally am against anything going in my butt.



Thanks for checking it, I've fixed it up and added the missing situations now.

>Do people refer to the prostate with that term?

I've heard it referred to as 'the male g-spot'


>She should be happy to host your menagerie so her own tadpoles have plenty of playmates right off the bat.

I kind of imagined if frog-girls got pregnant with something that wasn't a frog they'd just drown it.



<Do people refer to the prostate with that term?

>I've heard it referred to as 'the male g-spot'



The alices might not be innocent, but the idea of cracking open a cold one and talking shit about lethite with one sounds fun.

Also HOLY FUCK these god damn spiders are a pain. Fuck off you, eternally-thirsty webslinging cunts, I'm trying to get my inquisitor robes!


File: b826028585d428d⋯.jpg (334.39 KB, 1548x710, 774:355, it's garbage.jpg)


At long last, I'm done reworking Marielle's general talk options. Now with 20% more alliterations and 50% more need to have an outdated dictionary at hand. I hope I overdid it.



>20% more alliterations

That's pretty fucking 𝓡𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓬


File: 9de9583ea93605c⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 266x315, 38:45, great find.jpg)

>give a kitsune a massage

>tells me to keep going deeper

>Pull Marble's warhammer out of her vagina



Should I use p-spot instead of g-spot?



No. Probably neither.


File: c9a6ebf5c46696a⋯.jpg (48.61 KB, 437x380, 23:20, Futanari Elle to Ludger no….jpg)



Launch button

Pressing on the fag pad

It's not p-spot because it's not a prostate, it's a gaystate.



kek, i like this one



>Should I use p-spot instead of g-spot?

silly mode perhaps




[if (silly) {launch button|insides}]


I actually didn't think of silly mode until you just brought it up.



>I kind of imagined if frog-girls got pregnant with something that wasn't a frog they'd just drown it.

The player should just break her neck if she does that.


I'm not degenerate enough, so I need some help understanding you people's tastes. Specifically those of you who want to fuck (or be fucked by) little boys.

What do you look for in shota scenes? What aspects of the scenario or body do you prefer them to focus on? What terminology do you find appealing?

I'm aware that's a pretty broad request and I'm sure there will be a variety of preferences here, but a general idea of the opinions of one or two anons is better than nothing.


File: f154f55790bf733⋯.png (9.57 MB, 3600x3000, 6:5, 09fb38736b050a852e8072051e….png)


Maybe it's best to think of them as little girls. Either way it's just another sphincter of tight flesh to pound into submission and drench with my alabaster emissions.


File: 183714e4c156d2a⋯.png (644.76 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1270946.png)


/ss/ is be/ss/t. Shotas putting their cute little dicks to work is among the hottest things out there, keeping in mind that you can be the one penetrating regardless of being dominant or submissive. Personally I like little uncut dicks and lots of cum, but everybody has their own preference. No matter what, the aesthetic here is cute more than manly, which isn't to say that you can't have masculine shotas, but unless you're getting into really muscular stuff they're still more cute than anything else



as for being fucked by a shota, I always prefer them having tiny dicks but a ton of energy, so even if the person doesnt cum from being fucked, they cum from their holes being used for hours on end. I also like the shota being innocent and not really knowing how to have sex, but after the third or fourth time they've gotten used to it and the person being fucked is broken



>Maybe it's best to think of them as little girls.

>Focus on the flat chests and narrow hips that adult men also share, and the puffy vulvas.

This advice seems questionable.



Different person but to expand on this, their sexual stamina should be near zero, cumming instantly, but unreal physical stamina so they just keep going anyway



You gotta learn to love the butt, touhoufag. It's only another step into deviancy.



>Lawn's getting a bit tall champion

>Now that was a good rape


I read everything of Marielle in her trying to not tell you you're a NEET.

>PC leave me alone

>stop trying to get me to wear panties

>can't sleep he'll do weird shit



She's only trying to make you a better person by stopping you in your degeneracy before it festers.



>fuck he's got a dick

>i don't like dicks

>I wish I could say no

>is this necrophilia

>i think this is necrophilia

>he's going on about panties again

>maybe if I pretend to be dead he'll leave me alone


The champion is a fucking NEET.

>Instead of finding a job you go and "Fight the demon menace"

>That means fucking lolis and masturbating to panties

>Probably has the slacker backstory


File: 2a02a6c65adf4d4⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 722x666, 361:333, 1559122900115.jpg)

File: 4c939ff4aad261f⋯.jpg (100.11 KB, 1080x1246, 540:623, 1546543509352.jpg)


My champion is a daddy

>Bearded mountain god physique

>Gather a harem to form a town

>Meditate with brojo everyday

>Breed perfect harpy daughters

>Say no to disgusting thots like Helia

>Own a farm and sell Rathazul's products for a steady income

Truly the best way to play



She's too polite to point it out, clearly.


File: 888c52ae736684f⋯.png (386.41 KB, 603x340, 603:340, 888c52ae736684f93f34b6f2af….png)


>not turning the thot into a mom and raising the daughter to be chaste and pure, the opposite of her mother



>Not taking in your harem a girl that's 24/7 thinking about you and your dick

>Not impregnating her to have a cute daughter to be your esclusive lover

>Not wanting to sleep all together and having good old family bonding

>Not eventually impregnate her as well to have your Kids

Why the fuck the option for kissing helspawn has been removed?



>Why the fuck the option for kissing helspawn has been removed?

A bug. It's being overwritten by the "Sleep With" button.



Ah yes, Helspawnspawn.



The problem with inbreeding is that you would just want to impregnate your granddaughter too.



The great thing about inbreeding is that you could just impregnate your granddaughter too.




>the duality of man

I'm a simple man.

I just want to have pregnant sex with Helia or Helspawn.



>Not wanting to sleep all together

I just want the hero to be at the bottom of a big cuddle pile. He goes to bed one night and each successive girl comes to the cabin and slinks into bed but for the ones that get their later, like Ember when she's stopped being tsun, they have to fit between other girls.



>daughter and granddaughter are both the same age, and both possibly older than their parent

It's best not to think about the silliness of multiple generations of incest and Marethian time.



At least until flag 2780 is ready.


File: cd9cfe9b1614860⋯.png (268.22 KB, 630x463, 630:463, Untitled.png)

On the topic of helspawn, just got these errors.

Full disclosure, coced has been used, so it could just be me if oca can't duplicate it.


Never let your daughters go around with an empty womb. And plant plenty of kisses on he big, baby filled belly.



The issue isn't you using an editor, it's you not using the most recent version.



Must've missed that there was an update. My apologies.




The problem with inbreeding is that while we can fuck our daughterus as much as we want and therefore make more daughterus, therefore profit




Start writing some content, Anon.

Make options for your family to flee into the portal for some reason.




Maybe…. maybe…

Would it make sense if, for example, after reaching a certain level (meaning you stirred enough shit in the world) Lethice starts sweating bullets and sends her demands to the denizens of Ingnam: "Send in the Champions mother or I'll skullfuck all of you"?

Which would lead to your dear mummy being thrown into the portal which means you can start turning your family tree into a Möbius strip.



>Would it make sense if,

No, none of that would make sense. In addition to the fact that the portal only works once a year, there's no guarantee the champion has a living mother. Also, how can she threaten them when she can't go through the portal?



>Big cuddle piles

My heart and somehow my dick want this.




>The inganiams think they can cause misfortune to them

>The inganiam elders want the deal to keep on rolling



Her framing it as a requirement for their deal continuing would work a lot better, but the other problems still stand. Also, this seems like a super convoluted and inefficient solution for Lethice, when she currently doesn't try to stop you at all.



Background option on character creation that lets you choose a couple aspects of your life, including having your parent/sibling be the previous champion, in which case you can meet them somewhere. Maybe rescue them from the factory, but some anons might take issue with them being used goods and likely heavily transformed for maximum cum/milk production.


File: 8640b0b1ea5d2a3⋯.jpg (148.04 KB, 850x1088, 25:32, 98c8e4c.jpg)

Wrote out two loss scenes for the frog-girl which are for her bringing two other frog-girls to try and beat you up. I was going to make it so they either kill you or bring you back to a cave full of frog-girls to be used a sperm factory but I think a bad end for an enemy outside of a dungeon might not be the best thing.




>I think a bad end for an enemy outside of a dungeon might not be the best thing

A few enemies have one. Usually the requirement is losing like five consecutive times to them, at which point you're either pathetic or actively trying to see it.



Feel free to make that a bad end. If you beat her up several times to the point she gets others involved, you already shouldn't be losing anymore. If you keep doing things to her she dislikes it's more than reasonable it could lead you to the possibility of a bad end.


Hey this might be coming out of nowhere buuuuut-

Would there be any interest in some vampire content?

I've been thinking about getting back to a project I abandoned. The Mansion Loli one.

If there is then feel free to greentext any ideas you might have because I sure as shit forgot everything I planned in the past