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File: 3d96f9ea2a10358⋯.jpg (624.05 KB, 835x1045, 167:209, 50536267_p0.jpg)

File: 0e21e6a3de9cd33⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2133x1200, 711:400, 59702578_p1_master1200.jpg)

File: 8226cb8b541904d⋯.jpg (141.37 KB, 572x800, 143:200, __matoi_ryuuko_kill_la_kil….jpg)

File: 445a2b2946ae64c⋯.jpg (647.24 KB, 1200x1141, 1200:1141, 56893137_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 15bc33b88b76be8⋯.jpg (369.44 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, 8ea9b9bfeb6dc76c482e82f6d0….jpg)


Let's say I have the skills to code a hentai game that's at least decent as a game (as opposed to linear VMs and crude pixel-art games), and would be willing to invest into art assets and maybe english voiceover.

Would I have any chance of making money with this? It would be fun work but it feels like everybody would just pirate it and the outlets to publish it would be minimal.

The fact that I want to pander to a fetish (mind control) makes this a bit worse I guess.

images just stuff from fap folder


Comission some arts from chinese artists for dirt cheap

Setup a patreon for your and slowly release the chinese as it were yours

Get enough money and repeat


Start a Patreon, stagger public releases, have half decent writing, have serviceable art, and cater to furries to some extent. These have all been proven to make money, but you'll earn the ire of most people here for the first two things (especially the second) and furry shit.



Yes, but it would allow him/her to survive and hopefully thrive off of the profits and thus more material would come out as a result. So with that in mind I really don't care.

Just do all that you can to keep the workflow steady, don't be too Jewish about money and I'd say you'll do just fine, OP.

Although it can be a tough thing to weigh how successful you'll be so even if you get a large influx of money in the beginning, I'd say try to be as frugal as possible while still leading a decent life. And after some time has passed, say a year, then decide what you can do to stay competitive, yet happy with your income. Remember, if the people like you, you'll have a stronger and more loyal following. And the greed of other devs makes it pretty easy to be competitive in this field.

(off topic: that MC stuff is good shit.)



>cater to furries to some extent

I'm pretty sure you're just saying this because you're a furry, but it is true furries seem to be much more OK with spending money on their fetishes. Not sure if it's just them wanting their fursonas fucked or what, but I've heard it from an artist that FurAffinity pays better than DeviantArt (I'm not a furfag myself so take it with a grain of salt).




Thank you both for the advices really.

I'm pretty fine with a frugal lifestyle if I can make a living from hentai games I can feel proud about. I'd be honest and include tools for modders / no DRM, because I'm a gentile.

Can you start a Patreon 100% anonymous? I know some people got doxed via Patreon.


File: 5fe5d7d947e70f7⋯.jpg (351.03 KB, 887x831, 887:831, 12825002299.jpg)

File: 5060455dfa3f3e3⋯.jpg (126.55 KB, 450x500, 9:10, 127709276337.jpg)

File: a6a9808e9145c2e⋯.jpg (71.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1202890774328.jpg)

File: 093ed49d2011580⋯.jpg (257.88 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, aile_09.jpg)

File: b12f9d32a7e120e⋯.jpg (492.17 KB, 800x600, 4:3, b90d7b9fd89911feb679c32b6e….jpg)


>off topic: that MC stuff is good shit

Have more



It isn't just that furries pay more, they've built up a culture of OCs and commissions that encourage people to freely spend money on their reputable artists in addition to their more costly hobbies of fur-suits.

Meanwhile most /d/eviants are all paranoid that the patreon reliant devs are all taking the advice they gave about scamming their customers. I have no idea what the level of trust towards the artists/writers that have been creating erotica for years prior however.

Reposting the text would be worthless without context so I'll just link to my post from a similar discussion: >>59029 tl;dr trying to profit from trash games you aren't passionate about is a waste of time that is better spent having a real job.



More profitable than doing nothing? maybe. More profitable than working a minimum wage job? probably not. If you think indie game dev data is relevant then there's at least a 50% chance of making zero returns, putting you pretty deep in the red.

The favorable responses here are probably reacting to the survivorship bias. Seeing the very visible minority of people who make a lot of money and leaving out the invisible thousands who try the same thing and fail.

>Can you start a Patreon 100% anonymous?

In short, no, but I don't think angry nerds on the internet are going to put that much effort past cross checking your username.



>Is it profitable to make a hentai game?

Yes, unlikely but yes

>Is it profitable to make a good hentai game?

Hell no, furies and normies ruin any potential for that happening luckily its made hgg a nice little underground community. Regardless of freecities dev making his patreon as a "tip jar" 200$ a month is barely anything compared to shitty devs who get over 700$ a month sitting on there asses.



Lol "reputable artists". I've known a lot furry artists and they're mostly shitty people who think nothing of scamming their customers. Feel free to disregard what I say because I'm not about to name names or anything, but I know at least one artist who got customers to fund their cross-country move then never delivered the goods and continually puts it off by saying "it's on the way, I'm still working on them".



FC Dev is actually a confirmed leftist normie. The only difference is he hasn't been political with the development of what would otherwise be called another shitty twine game.


What no, you misunderstood what I meant by reputable. I didn't mean skilled or competant, just popularity through pandering. Most of the artists seem to survive by creating a small micro-community and leeching off of their fans, using them as shields to deflect criticism and reinforce crowd-think. Although I only have a few experiences with this per some disagreements as I haven't been keeping track of them.



> Can you start a Patreon 100% anonymous? I know some people got doxed via Patreon.

In theory at least this could work some what effectively (in the event of another dump but likely way way overkill otherwhise. However nothing is 100% and >>69304 is correct): alias that has nothing to do with your regular life, strong password/ 2auth either application based or on a burner phone/SIM card. (consider using a password manager), VPN/Proxy, don't mention any personal details/specific fetishes, fake details (obviously),scrub the XIF data from any photo`s and blur/crop out identifying features/grounds (if applicable),attach the Pateron to secondary PayPal/other payment method and email/recovery email that is not tied to your main one, don't use the forums as it can be quite easy to divlouge personally identifying details, mabye look into use Anonymouse (The revelant page on tech`s install gentoo wiki will have the correct name) to make your writing hopefully less unique. Don`t stick to a fully regular post time, this may help against timing correlations.Finally mabye a dedicated browser running no script and other such browser based protection programs. Also fuck the "remember me" option.


File: ab73edf966a4aab⋯.jpg (48.52 KB, 362x302, 181:151, 100pctLewd.jpg)


Speaking of which, I have a henati game I'm working on as a hobby.

Anyone know where I can commission some good smut art?


Just do what the guys from Breeding season did and cater to furries, change art style every few months, never listen to your fan base, hire morally questionable people, show enough new content a month to make people think that what you are making will be finished sometime before the heat death of the universe and make it look like it won't be a shit game when it gets released, never ever release it.

You'll be making 40k a month in no time.


>The fact that I want to pander to a fetish (mind control) makes this a bit worse I guess.

Just go the western route and instead of selling game on some shitty jap site just milk patreon

And look at Cypress Zeta patreon, he also catters to specific fetish (mind control) but menages to cash in 6.500$

You just gotta be smart about it



Im not a furry but you cant deny that furies are a great market, they will pay you for even shittiest games with shitties art and snailpace updates

Look at most succesful patreon hgame with was furry focused - breeding seson, second largest game TiTs and Coc, they get 20k only thanks to stupidity of furries


>Profitable to make a hentai game?


>Profitable to never release a hentai game to keep those patreon shekels coming?




Depends if its a one man job or not. Doesn't really matter if 100 000 people pirate it if 2000'ish buy your stuff.


File: 889a5276300672b⋯.jpg (951.36 KB, 1274x1700, 637:850, 1488257348500.jpg)

The chances of making money go up greatly when you have some art to go with it.

Text only games tend to not do as well.


You could ditch the hentai and make the Serial killer Roguelike.

The Roguelike community has been blueballed since the second half of the 2000s with hoaxes, fakes and dead end projects, they are filled to bursting.

They will pay, if you make it.


File: 3a70b60fffd68b4⋯.jpg (211.3 KB, 1280x1138, 640:569, 60083658_p16_.jpg)

File: a0918054fd38a21⋯.jpg (376.34 KB, 951x590, 951:590, tumblr_mq1t3eDMx61sagrj4o1….jpg)

File: cb759a4f8091aa5⋯.jpg (646.13 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, tumblr_o2xn9z2Hij1ue0s4co1….jpg)

File: a7a10df5cfcae2d⋯.jpg (514.99 KB, 1280x1555, 256:311, tumblr_ohm6jeMG2A1vmybc4o1….jpg)

File: a08f8d933f057af⋯.jpg (379.74 KB, 1280x989, 1280:989, tumblr_ohm623mgKz1vmybc4o1….jpg)


Most of your list is helpful but also a bit over the top, people get doxed by having their real name on their paypal account, which Patreon then openly displays. AFAIK you can't run a Paypal without real personal info or they'll cripple it real soon.


>Anyone know where I can commission some good smut art?

Yes, go to DeviantArt, find a "group" or just search for artists, look for one you like, and check their prices. It's that easy. Also consider how full their to-do list is.


>$6.5K for a shitty RPGMaker title, just barely catering to their target fetish

Wait, is there something I'm missing here?


>Im not a furry but you cant deny that furies are a great market, they will pay you for even shittiest games with shitties art and snailpace updates

That's super jewish. I'd feel disgusted at myself if I went that route. (also I have no clue what furries get off to)



>also I have no clue what furries get off to

It's in the name.

Also dicks in the butts of creatures that also have dicks, they love that.

And cuckolding.


Art style is important.

Game with western style of art would be a gold mine.

Animu style - probably not.



Currently highest-paying patreon is animu-styled, though in 3D. Talking about MGI of course

There's also those guys who make weeb games with art they stole from nip games(claiming they got permission) and they're making almost five figures



What were you even trying to say here? Western devs would hire western artists, but style would often be an irrelevant factor. For the cases western artists create their own game, it ensures a flow of art for the game. Western artists derive from hentai styles but it's not like there are going to be many english eastern stylized artists. As-is, not many western artists will be solely dedicating themselves to drawing asian women for their lifetime.

Art is still a factor because it can't be overtaken by 'good' writing. Most great erotic works tend to skip over describing appearances to ensure the flow stays on lust.


File: f5daea765e576f6⋯.jpg (139.47 KB, 1200x751, 1200:751, 32d1a10d395532ada2d4864617….jpg)

File: f3ca43cadcd687f⋯.jpg (880.88 KB, 1280x1880, 32:47, 2885c9cb00518cc71bcef0c1a7….jpg)

File: c1e56a45b6e26f5⋯.png (700.28 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a1c54bd2b7c14c2f32fd025350….png)

File: ad28ab1f85eaefc⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1176x1776, 49:74, ca8830bbd8cf76681951f78de3….png)

File: 58df3f04acd2175⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1280x989, 1280:989, cb4fbd55fb6a635cbdcd7accd2….png)

A lot of you seem really salty about devs ripping you off. Not sure if normies are just as sensitive to that but I think there's a niche to making a game that's not trying to rip you off and that you can have fun with while being free.

Ads suck, but would allow for a "free" game with ads that charges you to remove them (something minor, say $2-5).

Another way would be to have a free first chapter and some sandbox elements, and say $5-15 to unlock the full game.

I still want the penniless school-going teens to have some fun with it maybe I can relate



Sounds unsettling, but I haven't really had the opportunity to play the porn games with ads due to them all being vanilla.

As for normies, they just have the comfort of a saturated market. If a dev isn't pickup up the slack, they can always dump their financial support, trash their reputation, and then move to one of the 10 clones that appeared as a result of that dev gathering any amount of money. Plus, since you're not the one pariah providing what no one else will, there will be no one defending you despite your flaws. A "Better than nothing" mentality has it's limits however.

Normies will be triggered by anything remotely gay though, so unless you have an avoidable gay/futa scene very early into the game to act as a deterrent, your straight customers will become the majority and immediately demand all future content to always be straight with no variety. Kind of like what happened to Roundscape pre furry-OCs and one near unavoidable shemale sex scene, or so a quick look through thread/forums revelead.



The thing is picking one audience (per game) and sticking to it, but it also comes down to quality. I hate scat but still liked Kangoku Senkan.

Since you sound like a raging faggot an homoerotic afficionado, please tell me, you people still fap to normal porn right? If only due to the lack of variety in gay stuff with regards to fetishes?



Well, technically it's futanari/traps I prefer. I just don't think these things are special enough to be excluded from being called gay.

Every so often I get a specific itch for fapping to a woman being fucked. It's more the lack of skilled artists or heavy censorship than anything else. Still I'm a fetishist first so it's usually that I can get off on anything involving entrapment/predicaments, cute girls, and dicks. Rune's Pharmacy being the most recent game that works well while mostly straight and having few fetishistic scenes. The closest I got was Ice Spirit's eternal ice cage. Mei fell short after the first scene and it become standard fucking.


File: 1bba4b7ea4cd5e9⋯.jpg (319.28 KB, 1280x906, 640:453, bigpussymachine1 - preview….jpg)

File: 55c4df193e6c9e8⋯.jpg (342.43 KB, 1280x906, 640:453, bigpussymachine3 - preview….jpg)

File: 3047b710443ea0f⋯.jpg (161.89 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, fc43957774b2ddbd5627a6cae1….jpg)

File: ae25d7f31b4748a⋯.jpg (183.93 KB, 807x1000, 807:1000, preview0fbb6da834d1939d5e8….jpg)

File: f7045418b6e05ab⋯.jpg (150.99 KB, 799x600, 799:600, preview1cd37e1d60640746e24….jpg)


That's the thing, people who love a fetish with "traps" will still almost always get off to the same fetish with a cute girl. Now the other way around is a tough sell.

There's a few elements which massively alienate some while being an optional turn-on to some:

* loli/shota

* traps/futa

* scat

* furries

* guro

* vore

I'd count rape too but I think everyone enjoys a good rape scene, especially women if it's written properly.



The content in question just need to be properly lewd to bridge the lack of fetishism. It's hard to summarize lewdness as the things I think of are just a fetishism of common aspects, such as sweat, clothing, or semen. While I never want to see the man's face, I still need to see dick that is well drawn. An excuse that no real straight-man appreciates quality cock would be given here otherwise.

I'm not saying you NEED to pander to it, just that changing your mind and allowing the content for it later to appease a majority later would produce a lot of bitching.

Any amount of people complaining about the lack of trap content should just be ignored. The fans of traps have no consensus and actively trying to pander towards them will just get you contradictions from what they want.

A lot of this post was just re-stating earlier points a tad more clearly. I could explain vore and it's contradictions better if you want to know more of it. It's not impossible to appeal towards considering that people make unintentional vore porn. I wouldn't say it's worth the effort without having the fetish or a similar fetish like I do.



>The content in question just need to be properly lewd to bridge the lack of fetishism.

It doesn't matter how well it's written, I'm still not going to touch homosexual erotica.

>I still need to see dick that is well drawn.

How detailed a penis is does not even appear on my list of priorities in porn.

>no real straight-man appreciates quality cock

A dick, much like a knife, is merely a tool.

Attaching some artistic value to it is the height of foolishness.



I'm not expecting you to anon, I'm also an idiot for not saying 'straight sex' and the limited things I find appealing over it when fetishism isn't present.

Do you value anything in art or does anything resembling or describing sex get you off? Do mis-shapen circles for tits and lines for pussies get you rock hard? I'm not talking about hyper-realistic art in case you somehow think that.



Eh, it's the expressions and legs of females for me.

>Do mis-shapen circles for tits and lines for pussies get you rock hard?

I had a coworker who said the most minimalistic sexual rendition of a woman is this: 3=> .


File: b79a18b619134c0⋯.png (710.91 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1462582283692.png)



Not even tits, ass, or the pleb's choice with feet. I am absolutely triggered. Now you have me curious if minimalist porn exists somewhere.

An image to help outweigh the waste of posts.


File: e1eb08a9bcdd733⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 3508x2272, 877:568, c97ea8a23d6743b249fac99f.jpg)


>I am absolutely triggered.

Eh, leg men are pretty common.


File: 6120bc5c940be8c⋯.png (41.48 KB, 596x796, 149:199, 1484103167151.png)



I think that the 1-week to 1 month patreon priority and then everybody get access is the most fair business model tbh



I always wanted to make a EroticRL..

noxico is shit though…


File: 0eba5c5f45444b4⋯.png (210.36 KB, 565x555, 113:111, with jews you win.png)

File: de00299c86e9598⋯.webm (612.67 KB, 422x480, 211:240, who can it be now.webm)

I just got a splendid idea

Although im drunk and its late at night its still a good idea

How about some collaborative effort at scaming some furries?

First thing first, we a game, what format and what engine?

Text only seems to be a viable choice eg. CoC/TiTs, so i would take this route as it seems the easiest

Secondly the game engine, ren'py is out of question as it is not suited for text only/heavy game, twine seems to be a good choice

Third business model, first we would need to get a demo going, it should be really top quality, and for that we need some research, what gets furries going? What is interesting for this retards? And then release the demo and shill it on some sites, all free of course, and then somebody suggests making a patreon on some forum, if they will bite the bait and agree make a patreon and fucking milk them like no tomorrow

r8 this plan, altrought i will probably hate myself and vomit after writing for furfaggotry game the money is too tempting, just fucking imagine 10k$ a month, its so sweet



Dude, if you want to milk that furry cow you need something way better than twine. Go for HTLM5 or flash. Just create a huge fucking sandbox with room movement (a la TiTS), and add in little content that has heavy variations depending on player appearance. They will eat that up.


File: 25c4c85ea80d5ce⋯.jpg (57.18 KB, 600x800, 3:4, aile_01.jpg)

File: a26170d8f79622f⋯.jpg (68.78 KB, 600x800, 3:4, aile_02.jpg)

File: fea0d74ea283e6f⋯.jpg (69.98 KB, 600x800, 3:4, aile_03.jpg)

File: 2df98bdfb049ffe⋯.jpg (346.19 KB, 600x800, 3:4, aile_04.jpg)


>I could explain vore and it's contradictions

Please explain that. How do you even aquire that fetish? Misunderstanding "eat her out" as a child?


Thanks, you deserved the get tbh.



Not a vorefag myself, but eating someone is the ultimate form of dominance. To make something die just to sustain your energy, thats way above any mindbreak or enslavement


File: 355835a3849e87f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1108x1400, 277:350, pepa and the molochitos.png)


I kind of understand, but it still sounds so weird. If any vorefag can chip in, would you also get off to a story where a character is e.g., converted into energy and absorbed? Or do you need the digestive-system-related connection?



But then it is dead!

I honestly don't understand how lust enters the equation here. You can't fuck something that has been eaten, and it just confuses me more when I see how many vore fetishists what to be the one eaten. That contradicts our natural instincts, which all revolve around staying alive by eating and finding shelter so we can reproduce.

I would honestly love to get an explanation from a vore fag. It goes against the most basic reasons we feel lust, so why?



Rape isn't about lust either. Its all about that power play



You're still alive after getting raped though. May even enjoy it. Almost all power play involves submission/dominance and you can't submit if you've been digested by stomach acid.


File: 2a57408819bfb55⋯.png (2.17 MB, 992x1403, 992:1403, 1458363154877.png)


Hah. Though I did get some 'confusing feelings' to a children's movie featuing blob monster eating a little girl and a school's elementary book that had a cat off-screen eat a living sausage with limbs, followed by a mouse boiling itself to death. It stuck with me to say the least.

Personally, my fetish is broken down to a few vague phases. Capture, Encapsulation, and Futility. Straight-forward enough, it's just a presentation of despair against the situation they are in. This means it overlaps with petrification or transformation, but Vore/Merging will still be more overtly sexual unlike them. I still rely on the presence of women, but vore is strong enough of a fetish I have no need for futanari/dicks. A predator's agency is often irrelevant for me as I rely on a victim's described suffering, which is how I can get off on non-vore situations. Where emotional context is lacking, I could instead use absorption into sexual organs likes breasts. And this is also a preference, but it needs to be a tight fit, no vats of acids will do it, but if it's a mud-golem or similar it would technically work.

One of my most vague "vore" faps is this tree transformation one. Also tried to scan my collection for a decent non-triggering picture but >>70071 had a better choice.

Vore is a fetish that hates logic, anatomy, and physics. Aphyxiation is just one of the many things that magically stops existing. A common depiction has victims becoming aroused by their doom often through necessity to be absorbed. I'm being misleading though, very few portrayals do this and forced orgasms is just a potent fetish on it's own. It being tied to sexuality so awkwardly is just one of it's aspects, but a number of purists can still get off to vore alone without the sexual attraction. As for the act of vore without getting into emotional context, it should be obvious. A person is shoved into an orifice such as a mouth which they cannot fit. They then reappear in a chamber of guts that do not reflect how a human body digests food, it is called a belly.


Is it though? Just sounds like people are just trying to justify their attraction to vore using that.


File: d47f737dcedd7d4⋯.jpg (160.98 KB, 1280x2641, 1280:2641, 59829864_p0_.jpg)

File: 45c859bdad90559⋯.jpg (151.05 KB, 1280x2641, 1280:2641, 59829864_p3_.jpg)

File: 212ab2a18f9f9e4⋯.jpg (279.51 KB, 718x862, 359:431, 57446609_p0.jpg)

File: d697a0527fbbce4⋯.jpg (883.81 KB, 1873x1555, 1873:1555, 60279108_p0.jpg)

File: 35ea71daf269d68⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1390x2000, 139:200, 60435383_p0.jpg)


You really seem to be a vore connoisseur. This "merging" angle is new to me, does objectification arouse you?


File: f54a5f74f2b8564⋯.png (132.76 KB, 1120x600, 28:15, 31072288_p0.png)

File: 0a60299041e5c9c⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1100x1283, 1100:1283, 1465417239388.png)

File: 3b147b0f27957da⋯.jpg (338.24 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, p04.jpg)


If the same emotional context is there, yes. Especially when they remain aware post-transformation and given some scenes of just trying to process what is happening. But as with this first image, the autonomous and inevitable reduction of sheltered nuns to sex toys work too.


File: 27a2e21de342f51⋯.jpg (100.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 34608567_p0.jpg)

File: 24e7c6f89870b40⋯.jpg (125.63 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 34608567_p1.jpg)

File: 8ce7d16a1e0f25a⋯.jpg (130.5 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 34608567_p2.jpg)

File: 5c6f9460a59adb3⋯.jpg (355.16 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 20040439_p1.jpg)

File: bffb89d3bde2534⋯.png (586.96 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 46033081_p0.png)


So this will get you off?



Hah… the separate brain thing is off-putting.



What's the most non-vore thing that tingles your vore fetish?


ANY fetish that results in the womens body destruction/disfigurment is shit.

A true man appreciates the simple natural beauty of a womans body


File: fc720ae9117d4cb⋯.jpg (20.64 KB, 325x203, 325:203, 5743545 _bde1bce7fbc58f2f3….jpg)


We have a flag on the play!



>A true man

A true man doesnt wank to h games posted on philiphinese woodwork forum


File: ac61e342937d18b⋯.jpg (67.77 KB, 431x768, 431:768, m'lady pillow.jpg)


>white knighting this hard

If you play GTA you're a serial killer then?


File: 78464260baace3b⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1757x2480, 1757:2480, 057.jpg)


Flattening. Cocoon Bondage is still vaguely vore-esque and Mind Control/Corruption is discredited as a choice for requiring sex. I consider Flattening as my silliest sub fetish. The porn is often rare and DA trash while written erotica is all I get. Not like poor quality has ever stopped me before. Has the same issue with most vore though, it is only about presenting the act without the premise and result. Suffering without context has no value.

I'm also completely out of derivative fetishes to talk about. I may be able to enjoy practically everything if it has the context, but this can be rare. My porn dredging net is too damn wide.


Someone here knows if there is software to make 2D "cg" or 3D characters for all ages easily? (ie: moving sliders).

I am not in the mood to create all the art I need with Blender/3DS Max/Maya/whatnot

I wanted to just adjust what I want in some template bodies until reach more or less the result I want, for prototyping.



I only agree with this statement on the grounds that it covers Dobson's fetish.

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