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File: c552ae04e70417d⋯.png (44.91 KB, 633x394, 633:394, coc.png)


his is a thread about Corruption of Champions and related mods.

OtherCoCAnon/CoCAnon/OtherDev build changelog:


>Last build:


Shotafied/Lolified MC version(unsupported):


Previous Thread:



Is the ghoul encounter in cocanons build already?




As the 8ch mod diverges from Revamp, merging gets more complicated. I've changed how combat logic works:

I've moved all "enemy reaction" effects(like the anemone lust damage when you touch it) to enemies, to clean up combat a bit. Previously, enemies would call for the combat round to be over after they took their action. Since I introduced multi enemy fights, that logic had to change, and now combat itself decides when the round should end.

And the new Ghoul encounter works on the old system,so I had to make a few tweaks. It's all done now, but this week has been hell for me and I didn't have time to post them here and in mega.



Take your time, friend, no need to hurry.

Btw, is there an option to change to OtherCoCAnon mode after an ascencion?



probably not right now.



Are you working on the Cum Witch glitch?


Why is it harder to decrease libido then it is to decrease corruption? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Why is corruption so easy to decrease in the first place? I'm acting like a total degenerate and my corruption is still at 0.






went to the previous thread, made a new save, went to that scene, it works just fine. It just checks whether or not you have the perk, not sure what could be going wrong.



If I invite Kiha into my camp as a lover, does that prevent me from finding the inquisitor robe? I've been looking and still haven't found it.



You can find the robes as long as she's dead, or at your camp, or you've paid the toll. At best though, there's only a 1 in 40 chance of finding them, so it could still take a while.

If you ever see "You wander around through the swamp for a while, but you don't find anything" or "While exploring, you find an item on the ground", then it's possible to find the robes, you just need to keep trying. If you aren't getting those though, something is blocking the event where you find the robes.



how do you find the robes anyway?



Meet one of the requirements I mentioned (pay Kiha, bring Kiha to your camp, or kill Kiha), then explore the swamp.



Could it be that it's because I'm on mobile?




Nevermind, it looks like your newest update fixed it.



shouldn't make any difference, really. Weird stuff.



Do you plan to add the age selection stuff that anon in the last thread made or is it not possible at the moment?



not impossible, but I don't have access to the modified code.



You should, I included the source (the files I changed, at least) in the Mega folder.


Since GitGud is working again, I'll get it properly set up soon.


Uh…I think I may or may not have made a boo-boo: I loaded my save from 1.7.13 and I can't attack anyone in a fight. I just have an "Approach" command instead of "Attack", only I can never get close enough to attack, so I have to win via tease. New game works without issues. Is my save data feces?


I'm using 1.8, btw.



does this happen for every enemy?

Have you fought a Mimic?


Every enemy so far. I was running around the desert looking for the new enemy from Revamp and so far the Nagas, Sand Witches, and Sand Trap does this. I just loaded the same save back in 1.7.13 and it's fine. Maybe some weird flag shenanigans is trolling me?



very weird. Mind giving me your save?


I think I know what happened. When I loaded it into 1.8 again, it asked about the flag shifting thing and I decided to try selecting "Revamp" this time even though the save was made with this mod…problem solved. Odd.



the issue is with the "new"(altered) mimic encounter. I'll whip up a fix.



ok, let me guess something.

You found a mimic encounter with a "fight" button that didn't work, right?

Every time you click that, it gives you the "knocked back" status effect. So when you approach, you remove one of them, but not all.

Can you go to the debug menu(just type D E B U G) and click "dump status effects"?


Yup, reloaded my back-up of the save and picked "Fix me" glitches the fights. "Reload" seems to work though.


^ Oops, meant the word "Revamp", not "Reload".



Yes. Encountered the Mimic, Fight button didn't work, so I gave up and hit "Leave". Any fight afterwards was bugged. I'm trying to get it triggered again since I already reloaded my save and fights are working now.







Guessing you clicked it several times. No matter though, I think I've fixed it. You can go back to your bugged save and do the procedure I've explained in the changelog to most likely remove this bug.


Yeah, I did get it to happen again and checked Debug and found a ton of 'Knocked Back': 0 0 0 0 entries.


I'll try your new build and see if that works.



Yeah. What was happening was that the button was creating a monster but never starting combat. And the combat was supposed to start with the player having a "KnockedBack" status effect. The effect was created every time you clicked the button, and it's removed only once when you approach or end combat, so that can cause some issues if you press the button many times.


Seems good now. Mimic fight twice and no bug.


File: 93e0116495b1d24⋯.jpg (48.55 KB, 300x345, 20:23, 1369185080174.jpg)


File: 6174ad9e230530b⋯.jpeg (25.23 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 6a2bb4bd-c47b-4b2e-a5b3-c….jpeg)

So am I…fuck bugs!


How do you encounter the ghoul?



Just run around the desert. It won't initially outright say it's a ghoul though due to how the encounter starts…you'll see.



well, degeneracy isn't corrupted in this game. Corruption is more about being an evil degenerate.


File: cf349343f51cb09⋯.jpg (44.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1489363675790.jpg)



Does vaginal tightness come back naturally or is an item needed?



it should come back on its own eventually.

If that doesn't work, you can just reset your vagina by eating blue eggs and then pink eggs.


File: b311e7eb2958dab⋯.jpg (282.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1487777348644.jpg)

I'm probably going to introduce the new goblin scene an anon made and reintroduce Rathazul's Lethicite Staff crafting today.

I didn't add that bit of Revamp because I was planning on making my own way to acquire it, but it's becoming clearer to me that I won't be able to buckle down and work on CoC for hours on end(like I did for the dullahan and the manor) for a long while. There's also the fact that I don't have much of a spark of inspiration like I had before, so progress would be much slower overall.






Goblin loss scene if you're a shota finally added.

Lethicite Staff crafting in!

Also, the FoxFire/Corrupted FoxFire changes are in too.


I've always wondered, why can't you have some companion animals or hired swords with you in this game?

It'd be nice to have a horse or a dog, or have a hired sword to get through tougher bits.



Unfortunately the game doesn't support parties like fall of eden or trials in tainted space.


Maybe if a sort of double-strike action could be worded and dressed up to sound like it's an attack from a "pet", but I doubt a true form of party battling would be possible without a shit-ton of reworking CoC's guts.


Adding party members would require changing combat logic. This can be done programatically, which would be annoying, but feasible.

The issue is going through every single enemy and editing descriptions and targeting to account for different party members. That would be an absolute nightmare.



Agreed. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I'm not expecting this. Much as I would love to see camp members tag along and actually do something other than fuck, I don't see the point in pushing for it unless there's some oddly easy and simple way to make it happen.



Will you add the zoo?


File: 361a9763a7e414f⋯.jpg (167.43 KB, 791x1010, 791:1010, a_squiggly_valentine_by_ma….jpg)

Is there any way to get pregnant while being infested with eel parasites?



I'd be okay with it being a restricted thing. Maybe some time after defeating lethice her remaining devoted followers storm your camp and your own followers help you defend it, each one tossing in relevant attacks and tanking a little bit of the damage. To make it a little more fair for those who didn't/couldn't get all the followers you could probably set the damage pretty low and compensate with an epic hp bar.


Can anybody help with a bug I'm having? When I save my game it says it saves successfully but it doesn't seem to actually save it because when I go into load it isn't there.

What's up?



What patch number, what are you using to play, and are you saving/loading or saving to file/loading from file?




not saving to file



(I'm not >>87679 )

Are you playing it in incognito or smth? Most of the people think it still saves the data, but incognito in web browsers does not work well with swf games.

You should try a swf player, the one i'm using is SWFFilePlayer if you are interesed in testing it.



not incognito.

I'm trying this player but it doesn't seem to want to save either. I don't get a "successfully saved" message in this though, the namefield for what you name your save just disappears and nothing.



Maybe it's that version only. I'm on due to me being lazy af to download it and I don't have any problem. Try an earlier version and see if it's that the problem.



Ew, sick bastard.




I had the same issue. I wasn't able to fix it, but the newest version hasn't given me the same trouble.



weird, not getting this issue on my pc or my laptop.

try actually saving to file and loading from it to see if it works. Neither myself or Kitteh has changed anything regarding save logic, so the only reason I can imagine this would happen is if there's some weird permission issues going on preventing the file from being created.


Is it possible to get Marble as your Lover without getting addicted by her milk?

I have her affection over 300% but she hasn't moved to my camp


File: 1040e1379d3b57a⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 121x255, 121:255, 1443961225188.jpg)


Get addicted, tell her it sucks, fight the addiction, do the purification quest after she's moved in for a while.

Bob's your uncle, a milk faucet that's not tainted by the pipeline.

Visit her in her room enough times for her to offer you a drink, do so until addiction occurs.



can you outline exactly what the Zoo is supposed to be?

Either way, the short answer is no, because I'm not implementing anything right now. Maybe when I get some free time.



I think it's a way to trap randomly encountered enemies so you can have repeat sex scenes with them




Where is the source-code located? I have free time and can draft some psuedo-code for it. Or if the syntax is fairly simple I can write some basic code and create a draft.




There was discussion about it at the end of the last thread

The idea was that when you defeat a generic enemy(ie one of the ones where it is implied you're encountering a new one every time,) you have the option of dragging it back to your camp and adding it to a sort of degenerate petting zoo, which would basically just be a new menu with a list of all the enemies you've grabbed that you can select to skip to their sex scenes.

Ideally it would require a bunch of wood and nails and maybe a unique item or something to build, so it would be a late game only thing, but I have no idea how much work that would be.

I feel like the basic features are probably not that difficult, I think the debug menu can already do some it which implies it might not be a ton of actual new functionality that needs to be built, but I haven't really looked at the code enough to say.



I liked idea with summoning circle more

It would probably be easier too

Even easier if it would summon you to them not other way around



What if when you lose in combat your opponent could steal something from your inventory?

What if you could get "teleportation tags" made that would make it easier to get to places? (make it take less time or something)

What if when a monster steals a teleportation tag it adds a chance that you will be summoned by that monster? (with a group combat scene if your lust is low enough, a group sex scene if it's too high or you lose the combat)



all three of those sound dumb


Does this mod add anything to improve on a paladin (no transformations/human only, no corruption, no lovers) run? Normally it'd be more fun to just get lizard tail + bow/lust magic to stun and dick everything to victory but, sometimes i get the feel of actually following the starting goal of the PC story, instead of grinding for scenes, and maybe some new white book spells or equippable weapon-based abilities that don't rely on changing your species or gender would actually be good.

Or maybe just making hummus a rare item way later into the game, instead of a memecheat, would be a better idea? It sucks when you forget about certain scenes that force transform you into some abomination and as i'm just not really into that kind of shit it tends to ruin my playthrough if i had already used it. Making it an item that you can craft with Rathazul or having it drop rarely in some of the later areas of the game would be wonderful, could also lower its effects so it only transforms you back to your former self a little (like normal TF items do but backwards) instead of resetting your character entirely upon use.

Also, does this include the unofficial updates that add the Lethice dungeon & boss?


File: b591f1ff132c8c5⋯.png (655.8 KB, 836x549, 836:549, coc.png)

File: 09fa1b09ab6d7a9⋯.png (594.84 KB, 832x506, 416:253, cocmod.png)

File: 51678f56866ab8b⋯.png (608.62 KB, 979x608, 979:608, cochgg.png)


>no lovers

why tho?

Anyway, corruption/transformation-free has always been a good way to go. The BS sword works a bit differently now, but is still very paladin-y. You still need low corruption to wield it, but the base stats are lower, and instead of scaling off low corruption, it powers up when you kill certain enemies (ceraph, vapula, etc) for a bit higher max than the original bs sword.

No new basic magics have been added to the game, though you don't really need much beyond charge, blind, and whitefire (though heal and arouse also have their uses). There are, however, unused gray magics in the game that, once implemented, will be stronger the closer you are to half lust. I think it's kinda weird, but we'll see if/when that gets finished.

Hummus is now obtainable legit, unless the changed it. You'll find out of place things while exploring that will sometimes lead to a mimic fight, of which one of his drops is hummus. As far as I know the number of scenes (as opposed to items) that transform you are… what, 3? I want to say fucking the succubus at the factory gives you a demon dick, essy can make your tits bigger and lactate, and the fairy will grow your nipple so long as you don't have boy parts.

Lethice's stronghold has been an official thing for a while now, though this is built off of cocmod which did have their own for a while, but was replaced when the vanilla one was added.



>scenes that transform you only 3

Don't forget about the golden witches in the desert. Or losing to any high-tier demon. Or Marae's corruption scenes (why would you do this?). I think we're still missing more here.

Also neat thing about the BS. I always thought it was complete shit because you could just get the hammer or a halberd and do more damage without having it locked at med-high corruption. Gray magics could be something interesting, as long as they don't require corruption to be useable.

Good thing to know about the hummus change, now at least fucking up on something isn't a reset to last save point. Are mimics fuggable monstergirls too, by any chance? Or are they just deadly boxes of fuck you and die like classical mimics?



They're like traditional mimics, but instead of just chests they can also take the shape of a rock, a tit, or a cock (yes, just a random giant penis or boob laying on the ground, nothing suspicious there). They do rape you if you lose to them though.

Hummus is also sold at the bakery in Tel'Adre every 7th day, and there's about a 10% chance per day for it to show up in the pawn shop or Benoit's shop. You'll probably need quite a few of them to return to fully human, since hummus only has a 1/3 to 1/5 chance per part to change a part back to human, and the number of changes per use is limited.


how do i play this on mobile? when i touch the swf mobile it says i cant do nothing with it do i need a specialized app



you need some kind of flash player



whats the /hgg/ recommened app




I very highly recommend Webgenie SWF Player. It works much better than Flash Game Player Classic & New IMO.

BTW, what is the difference between the mobile and PC version? I never use the mobile, because the PC version was the first one I downloaded.



I don't remember the halberd but I'm pretty sure the vanilla bs sword has higher damage at 0 corruption than the hammer. And since we're talking about a paladin run you better be at 0 99% of the time


How do you do a corruption run? I've only ever done paladin runs.


Finally have the source for my changes up at https://gitgud.io/Koraeli/CoCAnon_mod

Also updated to 1.1.8 (changes since then aren't on GitGud yet).




corrupt kitsune mage



What are the best ways to raise corruption? I'd say the wine in the old manor, but it lowers your stats.



Submit to Akbal

It also raises speed


How do I get the basilisk eyes?

Also, is it possible to have multiple TF perks abilities while mantaining a human form (like dragonfire) every time you ascend?



Updated git. I'll try to be more diligent with git updates in general from now on so you can keep your version up to date as well.



>Also, is it possible to have multiple TF perks abilities while mantaining a human form (like dragonfire) every time you ascend?

should be. Most TF perks can be permed when you ascend.



Yep, I had Dragonfire and Ninetails as a human that way.


And I think you get basilisk eyes from Benoit.



You can bad end from that though




People keep mentioning this. How the hell do you ascend? I've gotten to over a year in-game days, and as far as I know I've done everything that I can without the corruption events. I've even killed that golem thing in the volcano area, which I was horrendously overleveled for.



Defeat Lethice (kill her, purify her, whatever).




Who now?



Leader of the demons, basically the final boss of the game. Her stronghold is found in the High Mountains, after you get Zetaz's map by clearing the Deep Cave.



Oh my god are you serious. I thought I had finished the high mountain area ages ago, since I only ever got the harpy and minotaur random events there after recruiting Sophie.

Well, good thing since then I've done literally everything else, so the fight isn't going to be hard or anything.



Tip: Save a few times, theres some bad ends lurking around there.



Around High Mountain or Lethice's dungeon?

Also is this like the phoenix tower dungeon where you can't leave when you enter?



Just keep exploring the high mountain and you'll find it. You can leave after you enter but theres a near immediate bad end if you dont go cautiously.



>best ways to raise corruption

Phouka Whiskey: +1-2

Incubi Draft: +2-5, depending on randomness and number of cocks.

Succubi Milk: +1-3, depending on randomness, vagina wetness, and skin colour (extra corruption if your skin isn't demonic).

Minotaur Cum: +1 if under 50 corruption, +0.5 if between 50 and 75, otherwise +0.25

Succubi's Delight: +4 if under 30 corruption (plus corruption tolerance, if ascended), +3 if under 40, +2 if under 50, +1 if under 90, +0.5 at 90+. If under 50 corruption, only has a 50% chance to add corruption.

Succubi's Dream: Same as Succubi's Delight but with an additonal +2 corruption, and corruption tolerance lowers the corruption thresholds instead of increasing them.

Use Succubi Milk on the chameleon girl: +5

If corruption is already 66+, you can fuck corrupted glades to increase corruption.

Get caught by the Erlking.

Fucking (or various other interactions) corrupted sand witches: +5

Having sex with the random encounter succubus: +3

Rape Jojo: +4 the first couple times, after that it's only +1 unless you already have high corruption.

Give birth to imps: +7


Updated my version (character age choices) to (completely up to date with the main mod now).



File: c461defa0dc2b71⋯.jpg (19.6 KB, 328x266, 164:133, Newfag.jpg)


This the loli version? Ive not read this thread long enough to know all the versions



It's not the shotafied/lolified version linked in the OP, but it does allow you to play as a child. Specifically, it adds the choice of child, teen, adult, or elder to character creation (or in the debug menu, for changing the age of an existing character), with huge mechanical differences.

Very little in the way of altered content; Ingnam has some minor changes for elders and for children trying to buy beer, some new text for elders when telling Jojo about their past, and I think that's it, it's primarily just mechanical changes at the moment. I'll probably work on that this weekend, but no idea when I'll have anything ready for release.

I forgot about my changelog, I guess I should keep including that when I post updates:



For those who've tried the lolified version, what do you think of the global text replacements? Changing "your body" to "your young body", "your face" to "your childish face", "your hands/legs/arms" to "your small hands/legs/arms", "your breasts" to "your preteen breasts", etc.

If people actually want changes like that to show up everywhere, I can add to the game's text parsing to implement it in a smarter way, having that sort of text replacement done automatically based on age, along with some random variation so it's not as repetitive. Is there any interest in that?

It's something I'm hesitant to do because it involves changing most of the files in the game, which makes it much more annoying to merge changes and keep it up to date with the main mod.



Also yeah, more variations on the descriptions would be nice, and maybe make them fit in better with the situation. Making this up but i remember something like "she latched on to your small 10 year old body while blowing you" some shit like that, instead of "your body" it was a long description of it, kind of off putting to me


it has been ages since i played this. is there any sex in the prologue, yet? i always though it was odd that i could choose slut or whore history, but couldn't ply my trade in ingnam before i left.



You can rape the thief you run into while exploring, that's it. And that's only if you can beat him, which probably means wasting gems on a weapon you can't keep.



So you just want the text parsing I mentioned (if I implement it) to have text for young-looking adults in addition to the different ages? Because all the actual loli/shota scenes (which weren't implemented by me, they're already in the main mod) treat you as an actual child, so it wouldn't make much sense for petite adults.

If that's all you want, it would be easy to do. Would tying it to the Lolilicious perk (from the lolipop, currently only found in the Kitsune's Gift) instead of just body type be okay?



Deleted the post cuz I thought you can already make yourself petite in the main game, pretty sure you can. should probably test shit out before I post, my b. Would all that even fit in with the loli mod? I don't think its that far off, gotta change some shit so its not referring to the mc as a kid though. As long as the lolipop doesn't mark me as a kid and not describe everything with my age, then sure, just want some descriptions for a tiny body without being called a kid, but if thats too much work then forget I suggested it lol



You can make yourself petite (I think the height would be the hardest part, reducto pretty much covers everything else), and the lolipop currently makes your body child-like all at once for you. So if you just want a child-sized body and that's it, it's already done.

I'm not sure what the rest of your comment (fitting in with the loli mod and referring to the mc as a kid) is referring to.



Nah forget it, thanks for answering.


Mega keeps refreshing for me when I try to open the page.

Is there something wrong with the link? I can open the mega links in the FC thread just fine.



All the mega links in this thread are working for me. Mega just does that sometimes, no idea why. Try using a different browser or clearing your cache.



I skipped bothering with the brower and used jdownloader2


Well, I guess I'll ask here, because half-chan isn't helpful right now:

I'm searching for a textbased game that I've played some years ago, where you could choose your own race and gender, it was supposed to have transformation, but it didn't have any in the version that I played. The UI had a mad-max/fall-out styled look and the game started with you trying to escape the city through the sewers. I hope that someone here remembers it and I too hope that the game isn't dead yet.



Probably "Gangs n' Whores"



Ah, thank you. Sad that it's dead but I kinda expected it at that point.


Any plans to make eels available for asses or is it going to stay as the female worms?

I like big slimy things but don't really want a vagina.



Yeah, that place is brutal and has several surprisingly difficult fights and if you don't have enough speed you can't leave till you beat Lethice



You mean back through the lizard stronghold? i thought trying to go back forced a badend on you and they added in a way to let you leave through the incubus mechanic (if you didnt kill him in the factory) via the zipline/troleycar/whatever.



I'm not 100% certain but if you have enough speed you can fight them and open the way back


If you have 90+ speed or you have petrification resistance, you can get past them and enter the stronghold safely. If you don't, or if you want to go back through after that without basilisk resistance, you have to fight the leader of the basilisks. He wasn't that hard, in my opinion, if you're actually strong enough to attempt the dungeon. Once you beat him the area is completely safe.



hm, that might be a good idea.



Any reason why this isn't implemented by default with the otherCoCanon mod at this point? Because it really should.

There's not much point in maintaining a main communal mod if we start making a bunch of offshoots of it with new features.


So either I'm the unluckiest person on earth, or this is a bug.

You see, I need a Black Egg, and looking through the wikis, there's a Chicken Harpy in the High Mountains who will trade Ovi Elixirs for any egg you want. Well I've been, no kidding, 12 goddamn hours exploring the place and I haven't encountered her yet. I have encountered everything there is to see there except her. So can anyone tell me if she's not in the mod or something?



She's in the mod, you have a chance to find her as long as you have ovi elixir in your inventory or you've never run into her before. The more ovi elixirs you're carrying, the higher your chance to find her is.



My dude just sex the lizard mage dude in the city and make him into a girl. Every some odd days she'll pop out an egg of your choice. I've never seen that harpy either.






Thanks for the quick response, I'm gonna go kill myself now for not doing something so obvious.



She won't trade unless you have at least two ovi


Forget this just bang bimbo Sophie with ovi elixir in our inventory. One ovilixir = a random large egg of any color and you just have to wait one hour



>make him into a girl





Boi sissy or burn it down.


Is the corruption tolerance broken again?

The akbal scenes for instance don't work anymore


Does the mod kill Akbal yet? I don't want spiky cat cock every time I decide to go for a stroll in the woods.




Better yet, can you drag Urta into the town square and behead her?


anyone got a good image mod? the less furry/futanari the better.



fuck it, I'll just make my own, It'd be better anyway.



Will you share when it's done?



can do, but it will be tailored to my likes. so basically:

>no girls with dicks (that's gay yo)

>no shitty weeb drawings

>males only stay if they are clothed

>If i don't like an image i'll just remove it

The gallery originally had 600+ images it's probably going to less then half that because of all the furry shit


File: 30fcc924f7dba0d⋯.jpg (374.12 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, 001.jpg)


what the hell kind of monster girl is this?


File: 4bfa54c04add1d7⋯.png (520.16 KB, 806x486, 403:243, ClipboardImage.png)



oh thanks annon, so its a bear-like girl?



hm, maybe the merges to Revamp screwed it up(they also changed corruption tolerance stuff).

Will take a look when I get home.



Well, Koraeli's modifications are pretty well thought out, but the main issue is that it removes the loli/shota pseudo-races, and prevents adults from being classified as such.

I can merge it to the main mod, but I'll have to change it up a bit so that adults can be classified as loli/shotas while still keeping children and elders in the game.

Kinda weird to imagine an elder looking like a loli, but I'm willing to bet there's one anime somewhere where a 1000 year old wizard decided to turn himself into one because why not.


File: c69f8b30ef15181⋯.jpg (242.81 KB, 1266x1700, 633:850, 4_20.jpg)


this is taking longer then I thought. I went thugh and deleated all the image i didn't like. then I collected about 50~ images of monster girls and organised them into folders for there respective race, now what i have to do is find the relent monster in the XML file search rename the images i downloaded to match the file path and put them in the img folder.

If I don't finish this tonight expect it in a few days (weeks). if anyone feels like helping let me know, i'll upload when i've got before i go to bed.



yep, the Revamp changes made it so that it's actually harder to get the corrupted options if you have corruption tolerance instead of the other way around.






I'd be fine with keeping the adult loli/shota. With nobody offering any feedback/opinions, I just went with my preferences.

The only issue I see with it is that the loli/shota scenes treats the player as an actual child, not a small adult.



>The only issue I see with it is that the loli/shota scenes treats the player as an actual child, not a small adult.

Well, we'll just call it a convincing look in those cases.



uploaded the WIP: www.mediafire.com/file/ry4lfmlrvc9gwdu/CoC_imageMod_WIP.zip

please help me out and correct any errors i may have made/fill it with more art.

I just ask that you stick to the: no futanari or furry (rule of thumb: if there skin is fluffy or there face is non human its furry) if you help make this version.



feel free to use this to make your own version with your own prearranges btw.

like i said I probably work work on this for a few days now cuz work but i'll come back to it.



*like I said I probably wont work on this for a few days now because work, but i'll come back to it.


Any plans to make any new sex-related perks like one that keeps your vagina almost virgin tight?



Fera's Milking Twat is pretty much that already.




Upon further thought, I merged Koraeli's changes as-is, since I don't think there's a single loli/shota scene so far that would actually benefit from the player having a child body instead of being an actual child. Maybe in the future.


Er just a quick question, why if i try to access the download for any of the versions via mega does it keep on looping dencrypting folder data?



Fera is based



I hate seasonal events. I wish we could just encounter them by chance



me too. I'm still thinking up a way to make them accessible anytime that isn't just "1% chance when exploring" stuff.

Yesterday I did the initial implementation of the system I mentioned a while ago where the player character might not be capable of resisting the opportunity to rape something after they beat a monster. It's working well enough, but I still need to debug some parts of it.

Here's how it works, basically:

>OtherCoCAnon mode only

>at character creation, you can pick your initial sexual orientation, basic stuff

>male, female or bisexual

>the more attracted you are to a certain "gender", the harder it is for you to resist fugging that, if you have >= 33 lust. Bisexual means you're not as attracted to males or females, but herms are hard to resist.

>libido, corruption and your proportional lust(current/max) affect your chances

>as do the perks Acclimation and Corrupted Libido

>having sex with enemies will slowly change your orientation

there's no failsafe yet to account for players that for whatever reason are ineligible for any scenes, so I'll have to add that.



>Bisexual means you're not as attracted to males or females, but herms are hard to resist.

I don't think that works like that :^)



I know. But that way is much simpler, so help me out here.



Make bisexual a hard mode maybe? Since they are attracted to both sexes



the thing is "orientation" in the game is defined by a single spectrum(inb4 triggered), bisexual is just being around the center of the spectrum.



That could be interesting in those new multiple target encounters, unless I'm misinterpreting what you've written. Being forced to choose what target you face so you're not forced to lose turns and taking damage from getting hit while being forced to fuck the downed target could be cool.



nah, it's a strictly after-combat thing.



Well that's neat, could this be implemented so that you can resist lust attacks from certain enemies or would that be too complicated?

I mean I know that some of them use potions and magic to raise your lust but magic isn't exactly defined in this universe, it could just be handwaved by saying "it only works if there is already a desire".




what about equipment or consumables that guarantee or increase the chances of seeing a type of yearly event? you could make them easily available in stores or find them in events while exploring or by an enemy dropping it. and you could do silly things like buying a snow machine to set up in camp to make nieve available all year round. that could be a good giacomo scene "combination hookah and snow machine. also makes julienne fries!"



Like taking away the 'back' button?



thats where you are wrong kiddo.



I'm not, actually. I know because I'm the one that coded it.



Seems to be an issue with getting Mystic Jewels. I have a Fox Jewel in my inventory and enough crystals, go to Lumi's Lab, Enhance, and there's no button for it. Try coming back without a Fox Jewel in your inventory and the button's back but grayed out (as it should). I am using

Could you also tweak the appearance of the Succubi's Delight event at the desert, I usually get the starting event with Marcus, but then the follow ups from this seems rare. On the flip side I get tonnes of Mimics and "You walk through the shifting sands for an hour, finding nothing." events. Trying to farm for Delights atm seems impossible I tried for 5 days and several reloads just searching the desert and never saw them so unless my luck is terrible (which it probably is, thanks RNGesus) this probably needs a tweak.



Yep. It will have a chance to block you from leaving a fight without having sex, starting at lust over 33.

If there's no eligible sex scenes you'll be free to go, though.



Will look into both.



ah, found the issue with Fox Jewels. The button is being overwritten with another button. Trivial fix.

I'll probably also go through every location and reduce the chance to find nothing/mimics by a lot.



Anyone want to give feedback on this?

I hav't beat the game before but i did play it over a year ago so I'm unfamiliar with the characters and sex related scean, so if you could help me out trying to match the appropriate image to the right dialogue that would be helpfull.



What about my character for instance my minimum lust is capped at 35 but it can go up to 135. Im not really fond of the idea of being forced to have sex everytime



the chance starts at >= 33 lust.

By that I mean, if you have less than 33 lust, you'll never be forced to have sex. If you have more than 33, you'll always have a chance of being forced, but it isn't guaranteed.

The chance isn't really significant either unless you have 100 corruption and 100 libido, which logically means you're obscenely lusty at all times.

I'll still polish the mechanics a bit, taking into account status effects like Heat or Rut, parasite reproduction and so on.



Why are you sageing your own thread?

Will you implement the zoo idea that was discussed?



>Why are you sageing your own thread?


>Will you implement the zoo idea that was discussed?

I just find it a bit pointless. If you want to repeat a few scenes, just explore, it doesn't take that long.



It will add something to the construction option.

Also, it could have slightly different text than the originals.



>Also, it could have slightly different text than the originals.

will anyone write it?



I will



Well, if you're willing to write unique scenes for every single regular monster encounter to be added as zoo "animal", then I guess it's valid.

I still think it's a bit pointless, though, since you can just explore(monster variety isn't very large in specific areas) and if you have access to the source you could even access the scenes directly through the debug input.



I think that the scenes would be slightly different at the start.

And the body left completely untouched.



>you can just imagine you killed the golem and remove it with the debug so why make an effort?



I mean, if the purpose is just accessing the scenes directly, then that's an option, even if it's a cheaty one.

If you want the golem gone, then yeah, disabling him through the debug input is an option.



You could introduce some sort of ritual mechanic where the MC has to gather a lot of supplies that change the season for a day, thereby allowing you to encounter seasonal events.

Something like 5 icicle shards, some white eggs, some purified honey, then bring them to a ritual NPC or setup a ritual type building at camp. That way they don't just easily come across it and its a bit of an arse to accomplish for a comparable reward. Plus it'd still be a by-chance event but hey, at least you don't have to wait real days for it.



> I'm still thinking up a way to make them accessible anytime that isn't just "1% chance when exploring" stuff.

Maybe make it based on in-game days? Doesn't have to actually match the real-world calendar, you could have it cycle every 100 days or something (christmas events available the last 10 out of every 100 days, thanksgiving the 10 before that, etc.), maybe with a notice when you wake up or a hint in camp that special events might be found in a certain location.



I've a few ideas, like giving a chance/guaranteed drop after x when fucking/destroying a glade to give the player a "curious pumpkin seed" key item that will enable the Fera encounter, the second one becoming available after the player has sex y times.

For the Christmas event, there's already something built in.

I think a good one for the Thanksgiving event is going to sleep with a camp chest filled with food items(like 15 or so total). Once per year, of course.




I've made another pastebin for an older chunk of the changelog, because it was really huge and really slow to edit.



>>OtherCoCAnon mode only

how do i even enable that



Enable debug mode, create a new game.

Imagine there's a "under construction" sign there.


Is it possible to get the Enlightened Nine Tails and Corrupted Nine Tails at the same time?

I just started a new + Quest with Corrupted N tails on,


Guys, I'm having trouble trying to activate certain scenes.

How do I start the purification quest for Marble? I've done everything to get her in my camp, but no matter how much I talk to her, she won't start it. No matter how much I fuck her, it doesn't help either. I've gotten La Bovine's, but she doesn't mention anything about it, purified or not.

How do I do more threesome scenes with Helia? I've seen in the CoCEditor that there's a flag for a Brooke and Helia threesome, but I have no idea on how to activate that.



Yeah, if you have one Nine-tails perk permed you can then get the other (and perm it as well).

Although if you have the perk permed, you can't get a ninth tail that way again. So if you have both permed, you're stuck at 8 tails.


That flag is actually referring to the Brooke/Heckel threesomes (no idea why it says Helia), and isn't fully implemented. The only Helia threesomes are with Vapula, Bimbo Sophie, Kiha, Valeria, Isabella, or a minotaur.



I'm a 3 foot 5 tall human child and I can't get the goblin loss scene to pop. Did I miss something?



Do you have a cock with an area (thickness*length) less than 11.4?



I have the smallest cock. For some reason it's also not classifying me as a shota.



I just tried it, and you're right, it's not triggering for some reason. It was working before my changes, so I probably screwed something up. Looking into it now.



Ok, that answers the question for the Helia threesome.

Now how do I start the quest for Marble?



Will look into it.


I'm kind of stumped on the goblin thing. I know what the problem is, it's a simple fix (line 50 of GoblinScene, make it "player.isShota() && player.cockThatFits(monster.vaginalCapacity()) >= 0"). What I can't figure out is why it was working before.



Can't say much right now, not at home.


Since OtherCoCAnon isn't home, I uploaded a fixed build for now.




>What I can't figure out is why it was working before.

function cockThatFits returns a number.

(<condition> && 1)is a valid expression, which is why stuff like while(1) leads to infinite loops.


player.cor < (50 + player.corruptionTolerance()) && !campCorruptJojo() && !amilyScene.amilyCorrupt() && !vapulaSlave()


&& player.findPerk(PerkLib.MarblesMilk) < 0

quest is unavailable if you have corrupt amily, corrupt jojo, vapula, if you're addicted to her milk or if your corruption is bigger than 50(outside of NG+).

Does that apply in your case?




forgot to quote.



The problem is that cockThatFits was returning 0, since that's the index of your first (or only) cock, and (<condition> && 0) is false.



huh, right. Not sure then.

Since you have your own fixed build, I'll wait until I get some feedback on the marble bug before releasing anything on my end.



I also fixed the goblin loli victory scene, lolis were still getting the normal female scene.



can you post your fix here?


File: d2b5d6830410fce⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1001x802, 1001:802, Queststuff.png)

And as for Marble's quest. It's a matter of time.



I uploaded it, just forgot to link the folder.





I think the buttons for using a name with a backstory could be a little clearer. Something like:

1) I am [name] 2) just a coincidence



you mean pre-made characters?

I don't think those were ever intended to be used by everyone. Back in the day, people could pay Fenoxo to make specific characters for them to use, so it's just an Original the Character storage array.


I kind of wish there was more lewd interaction between the harem, makes it feel more sincere if your heremettes are fucking eachother when you're not around, because what else would you expect? Them to just chastely sit on their ass until you pay them a visit?

Obviously this is just wishful thinking and it would require so much writing about something not many people like, but it's be great if the Izma x Sophie scene for instance allowed for you to participate, and give Izma some surprise sex while she fucks the bird.



one of the reasons for this probably because some of these characters were created early on in development and never changed once new characters were introduced.

And a few characters(like Marble and Amily until she gets URTA'D) actually dislike the PC's promiscuity.

It's definitely not something I'm against, but unless someone shows some interest it's going to be pretty hard to add in. I'm still pretty busy and every minute I'm not working is a minute I'm wasting.



>Amily until she gets URTA'D

See, that's one that I don't like though. Feels too cuckish, despite how hamfistedly they try to force the romance.

If she won't join the camp, she's no good as a harem member and thus should fuck off. Inter-harem promiscuity is fine. Everything else is not.


Aren't you guys planning on adding bestiality?



no plans, no. It's definitely not my fetish, so I can't write it.

It's just not blocked anymore, so if anyone whips up a scene for it, I can add it.



Do the fact that hellhounds have multiple heads disqualify them or what


Is the pregnancy content in this still really meh as it was a year back?

I remember most of the enemies being women and only being able to get pregnant from very few enemies.


I activated Grimdark, the whole game became pitch black and unreadable and now I can't activate it anymore, explain?



Never touched it. It's Revamp WIP stuff.


File: 8817fb564ac5c09⋯.jpeg (38.43 KB, 412x470, 206:235, Beg.jpeg)

Any plans to add more short stacks or lolis into the game? All ive found was goblins, would love more of that kind of content



Plans, yes. No guarantee it will happen soon though.


File: c85be84062e0c2e⋯.jpg (79.35 KB, 540x405, 4:3, stack of fennec.jpg)

Honestly I'd really enjoy just more enemies and encounters in the forest to help replayability. Any chance of that happening?



if you play the loli version some of the enemies are described as lolis.


The loli version doesn't change any enemies, only the player and the gargoyle are made younger.


Is it just me or is it kinda strange that a game that basically caters to a fuckton of fetishes, only has 3 incest scenes?

Thought it'd be more popular than that.

Atleast 3 from what I know of?

Minotaur gang, Harpy daughter, Corrupted Amilies son/daughter.



Tamani's daughters are also technically incest, Ember is arguable since they need your sperm to hatch and you can even literally give them your blood.



the original creator is a massive faggot he even removed an incest scene for no reason at some point


Anyone remember the commands to open the "super secret debug menu"?

It was posted at some point in one of the threads, but I cant find it



Just type the word DEBUG



literally just type debug


File: a0efd5f6d14a51a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.44 KB, 213x360, 71:120, 523111.jpg)

I heard that some time ago Savin had an autistic bitchfit and made the Revamp team remove everything related to Valeria, or at least any extensions/addons in progress related. How much of it is true? I really liked Valeria and it'd be a bummer to find out she's gone now.

Also, I had an idea. How about adding **flavor text about the weather* while in the camp?




The fact that sort of thing even exists makes me kind of agree with >>89021 anon, maybe not as extreme but a "make this specific character fuck off indefinitely" switch is long overdue.



Lots of places aren't tracking how much they've been explored, making some events like Ceraph impossible to find.


File: 25270ee42e6ab6c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1316x1160, 329:290, CoC.png)

New to 8chan but I've been modding CoC off and on for about 6 months. I've made my own sort of "OtherCoCAnon" mod. At the moment I've focused mostly on loli integration, hairstyles, a vampire transformative, a "spin-the-wheel" random item NPC in Tel'Adre, Legendary Items, and converting the main areas into dungeon maps. I like what you guys are doing here. If I can help at all that would be sweet.



I think Valeria expansion is being held up due to Savin's autism but Valeria herself is still in the game.




I want tigershark/shark daughter lewds to come back

How would some of the waifus feel about incest though?

Also how many generations can you impress gnate your children?



I've always been disappointed in the lack of vampires in these types of games. The only one I can think of is Slavemaker has an option, but it is really lackluster.



I think the excuse was they were considered "undead", but there's plenty of types of vampires that are just demons or a different species or things like that.



got a link?



>How would some of the waifus feel about incest though?

Izma would probably be pretty easy to bully into letting you, if you had enough corruption. You're the alpha after all.


My pc stopped being loli…can I know the what counts as loli in game??



In the latest version, the loli/shota "races" are gone. An adult is an adult, a child is a child.

If you want to change your age without starting a new character, go to "debug info" in the main menu after loading the character, then go to "text input" and then click the debugAgeChange button.

If you're playing an older version of the mod (before, the loli/shota requirements are (tallness <= 58 && femininity > 40 && averageBreastSize() <= 3 && hipRating <= 6 && buttRating <= 6)




I'd much prefer it if the tigersharks were more agressive in their exploration

>Track one's 'progress' over a few days of observation

>Watch her play with herself and discover the feel of maturbation

>Watch her dick a sister if there is one

>Watch her steal glances at you and her mother

>Do a little plotting with izma

>Pretend to lay asleep one night as she sneaks into your bedroll and feels you up before putting it in, having a good time until she nuts

>Wrap your legs about her hips and have izma burst in, catching the shocked child in a threesome

Or you could get to see your kids raping each other, that'd be pretty sweet.

>Izmakids gangbanging Helkid, Sophie's daughter's sexually bullying izmakids


All that incest stuff would be a lot more appealing to me if there were some mostly-human kids instead of just furries and monsters.



It's a text game. The only character that' ruined for me is Urta due to seeing so much art. Basically every other character is just an MG in my mind


File: 1d56039f91e7931⋯.gif (565.05 KB, 367x265, 367:265, 1490994886436.gif)


Stop, stop, I can only get so hard. But seriously, it bums me out that out of all the kids you mentioned only izmakids stay as lolis.



Still a WIP, but here's a link to the swf




>still as "meh" as before



My vampire TF is pretty much completely finished. I think I've done a good job with it so far.



Link's incomplete, FYI. You forgot the key.



How about Sophie's daughters gangbang/ bully !male! Helspawn?




No worries, brah. It's the one thing I hate about Mega is their UI is not very straight forward in places where it should be.


…and thank you for bringing your toy to class for show-and-tell.



There's a big bug in that every hour the game reports in that I no longer have a foot fetish.



Yeah, lmao. Just noticed this now. Let me do a quick bugfix


File: 5de52101f4af2a9⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 903x806, 903:806, Peek.jpg)


Whats this about foot fetish?



It's cause I wrote a foot fetish masturbation scene, but was too lazy to make it for any gender. So I tagged it female only and it got bugged. Fixed now




crap. Will take a look.



I'm guessing the Ceraph event just fine. Are you higher than lvl 2?



Sure, if men are your thing. Personally I'd rather read about them gangbanging a futa Helspawn, but the concept itself is golden.


Been playing this game for 5 days straight now. this game is like, really good






I like the Tel'Adre map thing. Are you just using the regular dungeon maps, or have you come up with a smarter system?

There's a bit of a prototype of a system in my code where you can set map layouts with integer arrays instead of painstakingly using dozens of different if conditions and outputText.


does anyone know what the combination is for the bookshelf in the haunted manor?









It's pretty much the same thing as the dungeon maps, I just modified it and separated it from the dungeons area.



Explore and places button don't for me in this version. Tried it in Flash Projector and IE.



huh. Will take a look.



Same, ran into that problem when starting a new savefile.

Explore doesn't work at all.



ugh, most likely a merge issue.




I'm only seeing available



should be there now. Forgot I restarted my computer and closed megasync.



Cheers for the quick fix man.


File: 13dd8adc37d7762⋯.jpg (7.75 MB, 5386x3061, 5386:3061, ff0bf26dbb3baf70744b0ab45b….jpg)


you're the hero of the thread o.c.a.

also if I were to write some feral / bestiality type enemies, would you be willing to add them in? I've never written for a CoC like game before and I'm really eager to try, since I'd like to see some new encounters



sure. Can't promise to introduce them quickly since I'm still strapped for time, though.


Huh, I just noticed something kind of new: apostrophes in the intro (transition scene between Prologue and vanilla game's normal start, the scene where you actually leave Ignam) are showing up as "’" rather than an actual apostrophe. Not sure if that's from Revamp or from OtherCoCAnon's mod. I'm using btw. Also, only happened with "child" start so far, an "adult" start didn't have that issue. Maybe because it's written differently for the little champs?



merge issue, most likely. Kitteh probably uses Linux, and the "-" there are different from "-" in windows and shit gets borked.















Always wanted centaurs other than Kelt





>not dog


We even got a sexless encounter for a dire wolf to go off of




You get the text saying deepwoods exploration is unlocked, but the button doesn't appear.


Is there a limit on how many m. Specials you can get? Because i've submitted to Akbal like 10 times with over 80 Corruption still haven't got the Fire Lord Perk.

The perks i have are:





>C. Firefox




>Test Resolve



Yup, I had to force it to unlock several areas with CoCED. So far, Deep Woods, Plains, and Bog would not unlock normally. I also noticed CoCED seems to not be tracking the number of visits to most if not all areas consistently. When I load a save in CoCED, it shows most of them (except for the areas I listed) are all at zero. So sounds like the flags responsible for tracking visits are fucking up somehow.



Talking of CoCED, is there an updated version that has the newer items, etc?



A recent revamp update introduced a rather pointless change to how exploration works, and apparently my merging software is extremely trash and didn't do it properly. I'll have to take a careful look at it when I get home.



Sadly, no. Haven't seen much from the editor's dev on the forums, so no clue when or if he'll make an update. He was going to do one for one of the mods, Xianxia, but that's the last I heard and that was weeks ago.


For some reason I can't explore the Deepwoods in the new update.

The option Is non-existant




will fix tonight, I literally don't have access to a compiler right now.



Have you ever attacked him, it prevents unlocking Fire Lord.



How many child PC scenes are there? I have seen a couple references to my size but the only different scene I have encountered was Edryn showing you around Tel'Adre.



Goblins when they're raping a male PC will bring up their age, but it isn't much different than a regular scene (at least from what I've noticed)



Sex scenes:

Goblin loss scene for children with a cock, goblin victory scene for children with a pussy, imp victory scene for children with a pussy, Callu for either gender.

Non-sex scenes:

Buying beer in Ingnam, going through the portal, Tel'Adre intro, slightly different scene when first encountering a kitsune.



Depends on who's version you're running.

If referring to OtherCoCAnon's version, it's mostly just Goblin losses, the Tel'Adre intro scene, and I think MAYBE Amily's scenes. Not many of the PC age/ size related verbiage refs are included for scenes.

If referring to Koraeli's version, most of the PC age/ size related verbiage refs are more frequent in terms of scenes (More of the Lovers/ Followers refer to ages more often, scenes include more verbiage refs for age indicators, more use of tone indicating younger player age, Callu, ETC) .


All of my changes are in OtherCoCAnon's latest versions now. I also didn't touch any scenes at all, except to change them from body size checks (the old loli/shota system) to age checks.



Correction, I didn't touch any scenes post-Ingnam, except for elders telling Jojo their history.



> finding Amily's kids

> since most mousemorphs are converted

to demon or ded they turned incestuous

> join in without Amily knowing

> or convince her this is necessary for continued mousemorphs

> 50 years down the line get mousebillies

Anyone know Kiha and Isabella kids are in?



>Anyone know Kiha and Isabella kids are in?




progress update

all defeat scenes for the first enemy complete

tomorrow I'll post the first then I'll have to do the other at another time, but atleast there'll be 1. more underage and 2. a bestiality based enemy


I'm pretty code-minded(used to code on a shitting scripting piece of shit) and have been learning C# quite well. If I helped code for this mod what would I be expected to do and what kind of help is needed?



No m8, i haven't attacked him but I can't get that perk

Is there a limit on how many m. specials you could get?



nothing hard coded, no, but the practical limit without changing the display logic is 13, because there are 14 buttons and one must be the "leave" button.


CoC is written in ActionScript 3, which is very much C-like, so aside from small details you'll have no trouble if you know C#. As far as help goes, there isn't much on the table right now since I'm pausing development(bug fixing aside) to handle real life stuff.

If you want to do small contributions, you may want to check Kitteh's repository and work from there. Since I constantly keep my repo updated, anything you fix or add there will end up on this mod as well.






These are the lewd tiger/shark kid scenes. They're more or less intact as well as the GoogleDoc one having several new ones. I've posted before about adding them back in, but I'm no coder



Sorry if any of these points are stupid, it might just play out but I thought I might bring it up to see if anybody else was finding the same… I haven't played CoC in a long time.

1. I can't seem to find Lumi's lab by exploring and I am on the 20th day, do I find it some other way?

2. I am unsure of the sexual orientation system, I am playing a female character and it seems that the attraction to strictyly females seems to keep going up despite that being largely the least likely partner. Any efforts to make it go down seem impossible… changing gender might change this but I thought it might be good to comment on?



>2. I am unsure of the sexual orientation system, I am playing a female character and it seems that the attraction to strictyly females seems to keep going up despite that being largely the least likely partner. Any efforts to make it go down seem impossible… changing gender might change this but I thought it might be good to comment on?

Expanding on this, as a female character the attraction to women number keeps going up with heterosexual sex which does not seem right?



>1. I can't seem to find Lumi's lab by exploring and I am on the 20th day, do I find it some other way?

nvm found on day 23, must just be very low odds?



The orientation system only matters at all in a WIP difficulty mode, and it is itself WIP. Bigs are to be expected.

But right now, orientation only changes from having sex with monsters. Might be your issue.



I found a couple bugs


>be in battle

>touch tease

>all options remain but no text on screen

>touch again



>be in inventory

>use lolipop/ wolf pepper

>all options remain but no text on screen

>touch again

>screen says, "YOU CAN'T USE NOTHING!!"

>item is gone

There are probably more items that get problem 2, but I'm not sure how many.



will take a look.



still, if you could upload your save somewhere, it would help a lot.



I'm afraid I can't. I'm on mobile. Although, my save is several versions old. Also, I have found that when I go to the saves screen, it does not display my character's gender, which is shemale.



I can't really do any extensive bug testing and fixing on mobile, sadly.

Has anyone experienced similar bugs in the regular version?



It doesn't display age either, so I'm actually just starting a new save.


Currently working on a Vampire expansion for myself, and if it all goes according to planned it'll have a vampire dungeon (working on now), a vampire TF (already done), a new Lover / Follower (will do this last), new enemies, and some new items. I'll keep you guys posted if interested.


File: 119250ef35bb719⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1200x909, 400:303, ClipboardImage.png)





Here it is, if someone else feels like writing some scenes for females, be my guest. Sorry its just gay shit but, that's how it is right now.

I wouldn't know how to balance it so I'll leave that up to you othercocanon



gib artis


Hey, Venus the giant person in the lake needs fixing badly.

I did 50 days, all hours of the day run of just going to the lake, with characters varied in levels/etc, with Venus activated, and I'd get her 75%-80% of the time. Really frustrating.



Feral horses and dogs? Glad that's finally becoming a reality, friggin Fenoxo should have had that in the original, not the weird dog-man.



It's been like that for a while and it sucks because she's by far the worst encounter in the area.



What about an option to permanently kill her?


Isn't there already an opt-out choice for her, or am I thinking of someone else?


I just started playing this two days ago and I'm having a blast but can someone please tell me what the fuck is up with all the futas?


File: b7d266e25422a9e⋯.gif (999.49 KB, 250x251, 250:251, 1409432651700.gif)



The game was made by a furfag, all furfags are YMCA-tier faggots. They'll slap a dick and fur on anything.



Anything in specific that you'd recommend repurposing/fixing?

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