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File: c552ae04e70417d⋯.png (44.91 KB, 633x394, 633:394, coc.png)


his is a thread about Corruption of Champions and related mods.

OtherCoCAnon/CoCAnon/OtherDev build changelog:


>Last build:


Shotafied/Lolified MC version(unsupported):


Previous Thread:



Is the ghoul encounter in cocanons build already?




As the 8ch mod diverges from Revamp, merging gets more complicated. I've changed how combat logic works:

I've moved all "enemy reaction" effects(like the anemone lust damage when you touch it) to enemies, to clean up combat a bit. Previously, enemies would call for the combat round to be over after they took their action. Since I introduced multi enemy fights, that logic had to change, and now combat itself decides when the round should end.

And the new Ghoul encounter works on the old system,so I had to make a few tweaks. It's all done now, but this week has been hell for me and I didn't have time to post them here and in mega.



Take your time, friend, no need to hurry.

Btw, is there an option to change to OtherCoCAnon mode after an ascencion?



probably not right now.



Are you working on the Cum Witch glitch?


Why is it harder to decrease libido then it is to decrease corruption? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Why is corruption so easy to decrease in the first place? I'm acting like a total degenerate and my corruption is still at 0.






went to the previous thread, made a new save, went to that scene, it works just fine. It just checks whether or not you have the perk, not sure what could be going wrong.



If I invite Kiha into my camp as a lover, does that prevent me from finding the inquisitor robe? I've been looking and still haven't found it.



You can find the robes as long as she's dead, or at your camp, or you've paid the toll. At best though, there's only a 1 in 40 chance of finding them, so it could still take a while.

If you ever see "You wander around through the swamp for a while, but you don't find anything" or "While exploring, you find an item on the ground", then it's possible to find the robes, you just need to keep trying. If you aren't getting those though, something is blocking the event where you find the robes.



how do you find the robes anyway?



Meet one of the requirements I mentioned (pay Kiha, bring Kiha to your camp, or kill Kiha), then explore the swamp.



Could it be that it's because I'm on mobile?




Nevermind, it looks like your newest update fixed it.



shouldn't make any difference, really. Weird stuff.



Do you plan to add the age selection stuff that anon in the last thread made or is it not possible at the moment?



not impossible, but I don't have access to the modified code.



You should, I included the source (the files I changed, at least) in the Mega folder.


Since GitGud is working again, I'll get it properly set up soon.


Uh…I think I may or may not have made a boo-boo: I loaded my save from 1.7.13 and I can't attack anyone in a fight. I just have an "Approach" command instead of "Attack", only I can never get close enough to attack, so I have to win via tease. New game works without issues. Is my save data feces?


I'm using 1.8, btw.



does this happen for every enemy?

Have you fought a Mimic?


Every enemy so far. I was running around the desert looking for the new enemy from Revamp and so far the Nagas, Sand Witches, and Sand Trap does this. I just loaded the same save back in 1.7.13 and it's fine. Maybe some weird flag shenanigans is trolling me?



very weird. Mind giving me your save?


I think I know what happened. When I loaded it into 1.8 again, it asked about the flag shifting thing and I decided to try selecting "Revamp" this time even though the save was made with this mod…problem solved. Odd.



the issue is with the "new"(altered) mimic encounter. I'll whip up a fix.



ok, let me guess something.

You found a mimic encounter with a "fight" button that didn't work, right?

Every time you click that, it gives you the "knocked back" status effect. So when you approach, you remove one of them, but not all.

Can you go to the debug menu(just type D E B U G) and click "dump status effects"?


Yup, reloaded my back-up of the save and picked "Fix me" glitches the fights. "Reload" seems to work though.


^ Oops, meant the word "Revamp", not "Reload".



Yes. Encountered the Mimic, Fight button didn't work, so I gave up and hit "Leave". Any fight afterwards was bugged. I'm trying to get it triggered again since I already reloaded my save and fights are working now.







Guessing you clicked it several times. No matter though, I think I've fixed it. You can go back to your bugged save and do the procedure I've explained in the changelog to most likely remove this bug.


Yeah, I did get it to happen again and checked Debug and found a ton of 'Knocked Back': 0 0 0 0 entries.


I'll try your new build and see if that works.



Yeah. What was happening was that the button was creating a monster but never starting combat. And the combat was supposed to start with the player having a "KnockedBack" status effect. The effect was created every time you clicked the button, and it's removed only once when you approach or end combat, so that can cause some issues if you press the button many times.


Seems good now. Mimic fight twice and no bug.


File: 93e0116495b1d24⋯.jpg (48.55 KB, 300x345, 20:23, 1369185080174.jpg)


File: 6174ad9e230530b⋯.jpeg (25.23 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 6a2bb4bd-c47b-4b2e-a5b3-c….jpeg)

So am I…fuck bugs!


How do you encounter the ghoul?



Just run around the desert. It won't initially outright say it's a ghoul though due to how the encounter starts…you'll see.



well, degeneracy isn't corrupted in this game. Corruption is more about being an evil degenerate.


File: cf349343f51cb09⋯.jpg (44.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1489363675790.jpg)



Does vaginal tightness come back naturally or is an item needed?



it should come back on its own eventually.

If that doesn't work, you can just reset your vagina by eating blue eggs and then pink eggs.


File: b311e7eb2958dab⋯.jpg (282.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1487777348644.jpg)

I'm probably going to introduce the new goblin scene an anon made and reintroduce Rathazul's Lethicite Staff crafting today.

I didn't add that bit of Revamp because I was planning on making my own way to acquire it, but it's becoming clearer to me that I won't be able to buckle down and work on CoC for hours on end(like I did for the dullahan and the manor) for a long while. There's also the fact that I don't have much of a spark of inspiration like I had before, so progress would be much slower overall.






Goblin loss scene if you're a shota finally added.

Lethicite Staff crafting in!

Also, the FoxFire/Corrupted FoxFire changes are in too.


I've always wondered, why can't you have some companion animals or hired swords with you in this game?

It'd be nice to have a horse or a dog, or have a hired sword to get through tougher bits.



Unfortunately the game doesn't support parties like fall of eden or trials in tainted space.


Maybe if a sort of double-strike action could be worded and dressed up to sound like it's an attack from a "pet", but I doubt a true form of party battling would be possible without a shit-ton of reworking CoC's guts.


Adding party members would require changing combat logic. This can be done programatically, which would be annoying, but feasible.

The issue is going through every single enemy and editing descriptions and targeting to account for different party members. That would be an absolute nightmare.



Agreed. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I'm not expecting this. Much as I would love to see camp members tag along and actually do something other than fuck, I don't see the point in pushing for it unless there's some oddly easy and simple way to make it happen.



Will you add the zoo?


File: 361a9763a7e414f⋯.jpg (167.43 KB, 791x1010, 791:1010, a_squiggly_valentine_by_ma….jpg)

Is there any way to get pregnant while being infested with eel parasites?



I'd be okay with it being a restricted thing. Maybe some time after defeating lethice her remaining devoted followers storm your camp and your own followers help you defend it, each one tossing in relevant attacks and tanking a little bit of the damage. To make it a little more fair for those who didn't/couldn't get all the followers you could probably set the damage pretty low and compensate with an epic hp bar.


Can anybody help with a bug I'm having? When I save my game it says it saves successfully but it doesn't seem to actually save it because when I go into load it isn't there.

What's up?



What patch number, what are you using to play, and are you saving/loading or saving to file/loading from file?




not saving to file



(I'm not >>87679 )

Are you playing it in incognito or smth? Most of the people think it still saves the data, but incognito in web browsers does not work well with swf games.

You should try a swf player, the one i'm using is SWFFilePlayer if you are interesed in testing it.



not incognito.

I'm trying this player but it doesn't seem to want to save either. I don't get a "successfully saved" message in this though, the namefield for what you name your save just disappears and nothing.



Maybe it's that version only. I'm on due to me being lazy af to download it and I don't have any problem. Try an earlier version and see if it's that the problem.



Ew, sick bastard.




I had the same issue. I wasn't able to fix it, but the newest version hasn't given me the same trouble.



weird, not getting this issue on my pc or my laptop.

try actually saving to file and loading from it to see if it works. Neither myself or Kitteh has changed anything regarding save logic, so the only reason I can imagine this would happen is if there's some weird permission issues going on preventing the file from being created.


Is it possible to get Marble as your Lover without getting addicted by her milk?

I have her affection over 300% but she hasn't moved to my camp


File: 1040e1379d3b57a⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 121x255, 121:255, 1443961225188.jpg)


Get addicted, tell her it sucks, fight the addiction, do the purification quest after she's moved in for a while.

Bob's your uncle, a milk faucet that's not tainted by the pipeline.

Visit her in her room enough times for her to offer you a drink, do so until addiction occurs.



can you outline exactly what the Zoo is supposed to be?

Either way, the short answer is no, because I'm not implementing anything right now. Maybe when I get some free time.



I think it's a way to trap randomly encountered enemies so you can have repeat sex scenes with them




Where is the source-code located? I have free time and can draft some psuedo-code for it. Or if the syntax is fairly simple I can write some basic code and create a draft.




There was discussion about it at the end of the last thread

The idea was that when you defeat a generic enemy(ie one of the ones where it is implied you're encountering a new one every time,) you have the option of dragging it back to your camp and adding it to a sort of degenerate petting zoo, which would basically just be a new menu with a list of all the enemies you've grabbed that you can select to skip to their sex scenes.

Ideally it would require a bunch of wood and nails and maybe a unique item or something to build, so it would be a late game only thing, but I have no idea how much work that would be.

I feel like the basic features are probably not that difficult, I think the debug menu can already do some it which implies it might not be a ton of actual new functionality that needs to be built, but I haven't really looked at the code enough to say.



I liked idea with summoning circle more

It would probably be easier too

Even easier if it would summon you to them not other way around



What if when you lose in combat your opponent could steal something from your inventory?

What if you could get "teleportation tags" made that would make it easier to get to places? (make it take less time or something)

What if when a monster steals a teleportation tag it adds a chance that you will be summoned by that monster? (with a group combat scene if your lust is low enough, a group sex scene if it's too high or you lose the combat)



all three of those sound dumb


Does this mod add anything to improve on a paladin (no transformations/human only, no corruption, no lovers) run? Normally it'd be more fun to just get lizard tail + bow/lust magic to stun and dick everything to victory but, sometimes i get the feel of actually following the starting goal of the PC story, instead of grinding for scenes, and maybe some new white book spells or equippable weapon-based abilities that don't rely on changing your species or gender would actually be good.

Or maybe just making hummus a rare item way later into the game, instead of a memecheat, would be a better idea? It sucks when you forget about certain scenes that force transform you into some abomination and as i'm just not really into that kind of shit it tends to ruin my playthrough if i had already used it. Making it an item that you can craft with Rathazul or having it drop rarely in some of the later areas of the game would be wonderful, could also lower its effects so it only transforms you back to your former self a little (like normal TF items do but backwards) instead of resetting your character entirely upon use.

Also, does this include the unofficial updates that add the Lethice dungeon & boss?


File: b591f1ff132c8c5⋯.png (655.8 KB, 836x549, 836:549, coc.png)

File: 09fa1b09ab6d7a9⋯.png (594.84 KB, 832x506, 416:253, cocmod.png)

File: 51678f56866ab8b⋯.png (608.62 KB, 979x608, 979:608, cochgg.png)


>no lovers

why tho?

Anyway, corruption/transformation-free has always been a good way to go. The BS sword works a bit differently now, but is still very paladin-y. You still need low corruption to wield it, but the base stats are lower, and instead of scaling off low corruption, it powers up when you kill certain enemies (ceraph, vapula, etc) for a bit higher max than the original bs sword.

No new basic magics have been added to the game, though you don't really need much beyond charge, blind, and whitefire (though heal and arouse also have their uses). There are, however, unused gray magics in the game that, once implemented, will be stronger the closer you are to half lust. I think it's kinda weird, but we'll see if/when that gets finished.

Hummus is now obtainable legit, unless the changed it. You'll find out of place things while exploring that will sometimes lead to a mimic fight, of which one of his drops is hummus. As far as I know the number of scenes (as opposed to items) that transform you are… what, 3? I want to say fucking the succubus at the factory gives you a demon dick, essy can make your tits bigger and lactate, and the fairy will grow your nipple so long as you don't have boy parts.

Lethice's stronghold has been an official thing for a while now, though this is built off of cocmod which did have their own for a while, but was replaced when the vanilla one was added.



>scenes that transform you only 3

Don't forget about the golden witches in the desert. Or losing to any high-tier demon. Or Marae's corruption scenes (why would you do this?). I think we're still missing more here.

Also neat thing about the BS. I always thought it was complete shit because you could just get the hammer or a halberd and do more damage without having it locked at med-high corruption. Gray magics could be something interesting, as long as they don't require corruption to be useable.

Good thing to know about the hummus change, now at least fucking up on something isn't a reset to last save point. Are mimics fuggable monstergirls too, by any chance? Or are they just deadly boxes of fuck you and die like classical mimics?



They're like traditional mimics, but instead of just chests they can also take the shape of a rock, a tit, or a cock (yes, just a random giant penis or boob laying on the ground, nothing suspicious there). They do rape you if you lose to them though.

Hummus is also sold at the bakery in Tel'Adre every 7th day, and there's about a 10% chance per day for it to show up in the pawn shop or Benoit's shop. You'll probably need quite a few of them to return to fully human, since hummus only has a 1/3 to 1/5 chance per part to change a part back to human, and the number of changes per use is limited.


how do i play this on mobile? when i touch the swf mobile it says i cant do nothing with it do i need a specialized app



you need some kind of flash player



whats the /hgg/ recommened app




I very highly recommend Webgenie SWF Player. It works much better than Flash Game Player Classic & New IMO.

BTW, what is the difference between the mobile and PC version? I never use the mobile, because the PC version was the first one I downloaded.



I don't remember the halberd but I'm pretty sure the vanilla bs sword has higher damage at 0 corruption than the hammer. And since we're talking about a paladin run you better be at 0 99% of the time


How do you do a corruption run? I've only ever done paladin runs.


Finally have the source for my changes up at https://gitgud.io/Koraeli/CoCAnon_mod

Also updated to 1.1.8 (changes since then aren't on GitGud yet).




corrupt kitsune mage



What are the best ways to raise corruption? I'd say the wine in the old manor, but it lowers your stats.



Submit to Akbal

It also raises speed


How do I get the basilisk eyes?

Also, is it possible to have multiple TF perks abilities while mantaining a human form (like dragonfire) every time you ascend?



Updated git. I'll try to be more diligent with git updates in general from now on so you can keep your version up to date as well.



>Also, is it possible to have multiple TF perks abilities while mantaining a human form (like dragonfire) every time you ascend?

should be. Most TF perks can be permed when you ascend.



Yep, I had Dragonfire and Ninetails as a human that way.


And I think you get basilisk eyes from Benoit.



You can bad end from that though




People keep mentioning this. How the hell do you ascend? I've gotten to over a year in-game days, and as far as I know I've done everything that I can without the corruption events. I've even killed that golem thing in the volcano area, which I was horrendously overleveled for.



Defeat Lethice (kill her, purify her, whatever).




Who now?



Leader of the demons, basically the final boss of the game. Her stronghold is found in the High Mountains, after you get Zetaz's map by clearing the Deep Cave.



Oh my god are you serious. I thought I had finished the high mountain area ages ago, since I only ever got the harpy and minotaur random events there after recruiting Sophie.

Well, good thing since then I've done literally everything else, so the fight isn't going to be hard or anything.



Tip: Save a few times, theres some bad ends lurking around there.



Around High Mountain or Lethice's dungeon?

Also is this like the phoenix tower dungeon where you can't leave when you enter?



Just keep exploring the high mountain and you'll find it. You can leave after you enter but theres a near immediate bad end if you dont go cautiously.



>best ways to raise corruption

Phouka Whiskey: +1-2

Incubi Draft: +2-5, depending on randomness and number of cocks.

Succubi Milk: +1-3, depending on randomness, vagina wetness, and skin colour (extra corruption if your skin isn't demonic).

Minotaur Cum: +1 if under 50 corruption, +0.5 if between 50 and 75, otherwise +0.25

Succubi's Delight: +4 if under 30 corruption (plus corruption tolerance, if ascended), +3 if under 40, +2 if under 50, +1 if under 90, +0.5 at 90+. If under 50 corruption, only has a 50% chance to add corruption.

Succubi's Dream: Same as Succubi's Delight but with an additonal +2 corruption, and corruption tolerance lowers the corruption thresholds instead of increasing them.

Use Succubi Milk on the chameleon girl: +5

If corruption is already 66+, you can fuck corrupted glades to increase corruption.

Get caught by the Erlking.

Fucking (or various other interactions) corrupted sand witches: +5

Having sex with the random encounter succubus: +3

Rape Jojo: +4 the first couple times, after that it's only +1 unless you already have high corruption.

Give birth to imps: +7


Updated my version (character age choices) to (completely up to date with the main mod now).



File: c461defa0dc2b71⋯.jpg (19.6 KB, 328x266, 164:133, Newfag.jpg)


This the loli version? Ive not read this thread long enough to know all the versions



It's not the shotafied/lolified version linked in the OP, but it does allow you to play as a child. Specifically, it adds the choice of child, teen, adult, or elder to character creation (or in the debug menu, for changing the age of an existing character), with huge mechanical differences.

Very little in the way of altered content; Ingnam has some minor changes for elders and for children trying to buy beer, some new text for elders when telling Jojo about their past, and I think that's it, it's primarily just mechanical changes at the moment. I'll probably work on that this weekend, but no idea when I'll have anything ready for release.

I forgot about my changelog, I guess I should keep including that when I post updates:



For those who've tried the lolified version, what do you think of the global text replacements? Changing "your body" to "your young body", "your face" to "your childish face", "your hands/legs/arms" to "your small hands/legs/arms", "your breasts" to "your preteen breasts", etc.

If people actually want changes like that to show up everywhere, I can add to the game's text parsing to implement it in a smarter way, having that sort of text replacement done automatically based on age, along with some random variation so it's not as repetitive. Is there any interest in that?

It's something I'm hesitant to do because it involves changing most of the files in the game, which makes it much more annoying to merge changes and keep it up to date with the main mod.



Also yeah, more variations on the descriptions would be nice, and maybe make them fit in better with the situation. Making this up but i remember something like "she latched on to your small 10 year old body while blowing you" some shit like that, instead of "your body" it was a long description of it, kind of off putting to me


it has been ages since i played this. is there any sex in the prologue, yet? i always though it was odd that i could choose slut or whore history, but couldn't ply my trade in ingnam before i left.



You can rape the thief you run into while exploring, that's it. And that's only if you can beat him, which probably means wasting gems on a weapon you can't keep.



So you just want the text parsing I mentioned (if I implement it) to have text for young-looking adults in addition to the different ages? Because all the actual loli/shota scenes (which weren't implemented by me, they're already in the main mod) treat you as an actual child, so it wouldn't make much sense for petite adults.

If that's all you want, it would be easy to do. Would tying it to the Lolilicious perk (from the lolipop, currently only found in the Kitsune's Gift) instead of just body type be okay?



Deleted the post cuz I thought you can already make yourself petite in the main game, pretty sure you can. should probably test shit out before I post, my b. Would all that even fit in with the loli mod? I don't think its that far off, gotta change some shit so its not referring to the mc as a kid though. As long as the lolipop doesn't mark me as a kid and not describe everything with my age, then sure, just want some descriptions for a tiny body without being called a kid, but if thats too much work then forget I suggested it lol



You can make yourself petite (I think the height would be the hardest part, reducto pretty much covers everything else), and the lolipop currently makes your body child-like all at once for you. So if you just want a child-sized body and that's it, it's already done.

I'm not sure what the rest of your comment (fitting in with the loli mod and referring to the mc as a kid) is referring to.



Nah forget it, thanks for answering.


Mega keeps refreshing for me when I try to open the page.

Is there something wrong with the link? I can open the mega links in the FC thread just fine.



All the mega links in this thread are working for me. Mega just does that sometimes, no idea why. Try using a different browser or clearing your cache.



I skipped bothering with the brower and used jdownloader2


Well, I guess I'll ask here, because half-chan isn't helpful right now:

I'm searching for a textbased game that I've played some years ago, where you could choose your own race and gender, it was supposed to have transformation, but it didn't have any in the version that I played. The UI had a mad-max/fall-out styled look and the game started with you trying to escape the city through the sewers. I hope that someone here remembers it and I too hope that the game isn't dead yet.



Probably "Gangs n' Whores"



Ah, thank you. Sad that it's dead but I kinda expected it at that point.


Any plans to make eels available for asses or is it going to stay as the female worms?

I like big slimy things but don't really want a vagina.



Yeah, that place is brutal and has several surprisingly difficult fights and if you don't have enough speed you can't leave till you beat Lethice



You mean back through the lizard stronghold? i thought trying to go back forced a badend on you and they added in a way to let you leave through the incubus mechanic (if you didnt kill him in the factory) via the zipline/troleycar/whatever.



I'm not 100% certain but if you have enough speed you can fight them and open the way back


If you have 90+ speed or you have petrification resistance, you can get past them and enter the stronghold safely. If you don't, or if you want to go back through after that without basilisk resistance, you have to fight the leader of the basilisks. He wasn't that hard, in my opinion, if you're actually strong enough to attempt the dungeon. Once you beat him the area is completely safe.



hm, that might be a good idea.



Any reason why this isn't implemented by default with the otherCoCanon mod at this point? Because it really should.

There's not much point in maintaining a main communal mod if we start making a bunch of offshoots of it with new features.


So either I'm the unluckiest person on earth, or this is a bug.

You see, I need a Black Egg, and looking through the wikis, there's a Chicken Harpy in the High Mountains who will trade Ovi Elixirs for any egg you want. Well I've been, no kidding, 12 goddamn hours exploring the place and I haven't encountered her yet. I have encountered everything there is to see there except her. So can anyone tell me if she's not in the mod or something?



She's in the mod, you have a chance to find her as long as you have ovi elixir in your inventory or you've never run into her before. The more ovi elixirs you're carrying, the higher your chance to find her is.



My dude just sex the lizard mage dude in the city and make him into a girl. Every some odd days she'll pop out an egg of your choice. I've never seen that harpy either.






Thanks for the quick response, I'm gonna go kill myself now for not doing something so obvious.



She won't trade unless you have at least two ovi


Forget this just bang bimbo Sophie with ovi elixir in our inventory. One ovilixir = a random large egg of any color and you just have to wait one hour



>make him into a girl





Boi sissy or burn it down.


Is the corruption tolerance broken again?

The akbal scenes for instance don't work anymore


Does the mod kill Akbal yet? I don't want spiky cat cock every time I decide to go for a stroll in the woods.




Better yet, can you drag Urta into the town square and behead her?


anyone got a good image mod? the less furry/futanari the better.



fuck it, I'll just make my own, It'd be better anyway.



Will you share when it's done?



can do, but it will be tailored to my likes. so basically:

>no girls with dicks (that's gay yo)

>no shitty weeb drawings

>males only stay if they are clothed

>If i don't like an image i'll just remove it

The gallery originally had 600+ images it's probably going to less then half that because of all the furry shit


File: 30fcc924f7dba0d⋯.jpg (374.12 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, 001.jpg)


what the hell kind of monster girl is this?


File: 4bfa54c04add1d7⋯.png (520.16 KB, 806x486, 403:243, ClipboardImage.png)



oh thanks annon, so its a bear-like girl?



hm, maybe the merges to Revamp screwed it up(they also changed corruption tolerance stuff).

Will take a look when I get home.



Well, Koraeli's modifications are pretty well thought out, but the main issue is that it removes the loli/shota pseudo-races, and prevents adults from being classified as such.

I can merge it to the main mod, but I'll have to change it up a bit so that adults can be classified as loli/shotas while still keeping children and elders in the game.

Kinda weird to imagine an elder looking like a loli, but I'm willing to bet there's one anime somewhere where a 1000 year old wizard decided to turn himself into one because why not.


File: c69f8b30ef15181⋯.jpg (242.81 KB, 1266x1700, 633:850, 4_20.jpg)


this is taking longer then I thought. I went thugh and deleated all the image i didn't like. then I collected about 50~ images of monster girls and organised them into folders for there respective race, now what i have to do is find the relent monster in the XML file search rename the images i downloaded to match the file path and put them in the img folder.

If I don't finish this tonight expect it in a few days (weeks). if anyone feels like helping let me know, i'll upload when i've got before i go to bed.



yep, the Revamp changes made it so that it's actually harder to get the corrupted options if you have corruption tolerance instead of the other way around.






I'd be fine with keeping the adult loli/shota. With nobody offering any feedback/opinions, I just went with my preferences.

The only issue I see with it is that the loli/shota scenes treats the player as an actual child, not a small adult.



>The only issue I see with it is that the loli/shota scenes treats the player as an actual child, not a small adult.

Well, we'll just call it a convincing look in those cases.



uploaded the WIP: www.mediafire.com/file/ry4lfmlrvc9gwdu/CoC_imageMod_WIP.zip

please help me out and correct any errors i may have made/fill it with more art.

I just ask that you stick to the: no futanari or furry (rule of thumb: if there skin is fluffy or there face is non human its furry) if you help make this version.



feel free to use this to make your own version with your own prearranges btw.

like i said I probably work work on this for a few days now cuz work but i'll come back to it.



*like I said I probably wont work on this for a few days now because work, but i'll come back to it.


Any plans to make any new sex-related perks like one that keeps your vagina almost virgin tight?



Fera's Milking Twat is pretty much that already.




Upon further thought, I merged Koraeli's changes as-is, since I don't think there's a single loli/shota scene so far that would actually benefit from the player having a child body instead of being an actual child. Maybe in the future.


Er just a quick question, why if i try to access the download for any of the versions via mega does it keep on looping dencrypting folder data?



Fera is based



I hate seasonal events. I wish we could just encounter them by chance



me too. I'm still thinking up a way to make them accessible anytime that isn't just "1% chance when exploring" stuff.

Yesterday I did the initial implementation of the system I mentioned a while ago where the player character might not be capable of resisting the opportunity to rape something after they beat a monster. It's working well enough, but I still need to debug some parts of it.

Here's how it works, basically:

>OtherCoCAnon mode only

>at character creation, you can pick your initial sexual orientation, basic stuff

>male, female or bisexual

>the more attracted you are to a certain "gender", the harder it is for you to resist fugging that, if you have >= 33 lust. Bisexual means you're not as attracted to males or females, but herms are hard to resist.

>libido, corruption and your proportional lust(current/max) affect your chances

>as do the perks Acclimation and Corrupted Libido

>having sex with enemies will slowly change your orientation

there's no failsafe yet to account for players that for whatever reason are ineligible for any scenes, so I'll have to add that.



>Bisexual means you're not as attracted to males or females, but herms are hard to resist.

I don't think that works like that :^)



I know. But that way is much simpler, so help me out here.



Make bisexual a hard mode maybe? Since they are attracted to both sexes



the thing is "orientation" in the game is defined by a single spectrum(inb4 triggered), bisexual is just being around the center of the spectrum.



That could be interesting in those new multiple target encounters, unless I'm misinterpreting what you've written. Being forced to choose what target you face so you're not forced to lose turns and taking damage from getting hit while being forced to fuck the downed target could be cool.



nah, it's a strictly after-combat thing.



Well that's neat, could this be implemented so that you can resist lust attacks from certain enemies or would that be too complicated?

I mean I know that some of them use potions and magic to raise your lust but magic isn't exactly defined in this universe, it could just be handwaved by saying "it only works if there is already a desire".




what about equipment or consumables that guarantee or increase the chances of seeing a type of yearly event? you could make them easily available in stores or find them in events while exploring or by an enemy dropping it. and you could do silly things like buying a snow machine to set up in camp to make nieve available all year round. that could be a good giacomo scene "combination hookah and snow machine. also makes julienne fries!"



Like taking away the 'back' button?



thats where you are wrong kiddo.



I'm not, actually. I know because I'm the one that coded it.



Seems to be an issue with getting Mystic Jewels. I have a Fox Jewel in my inventory and enough crystals, go to Lumi's Lab, Enhance, and there's no button for it. Try coming back without a Fox Jewel in your inventory and the button's back but grayed out (as it should). I am using

Could you also tweak the appearance of the Succubi's Delight event at the desert, I usually get the starting event with Marcus, but then the follow ups from this seems rare. On the flip side I get tonnes of Mimics and "You walk through the shifting sands for an hour, finding nothing." events. Trying to farm for Delights atm seems impossible I tried for 5 days and several reloads just searching the desert and never saw them so unless my luck is terrible (which it probably is, thanks RNGesus) this probably needs a tweak.



Yep. It will have a chance to block you from leaving a fight without having sex, starting at lust over 33.

If there's no eligible sex scenes you'll be free to go, though.



Will look into both.



ah, found the issue with Fox Jewels. The button is being overwritten with another button. Trivial fix.

I'll probably also go through every location and reduce the chance to find nothing/mimics by a lot.



Anyone want to give feedback on this?

I hav't beat the game before but i did play it over a year ago so I'm unfamiliar with the characters and sex related scean, so if you could help me out trying to match the appropriate image to the right dialogue that would be helpfull.



What about my character for instance my minimum lust is capped at 35 but it can go up to 135. Im not really fond of the idea of being forced to have sex everytime



the chance starts at >= 33 lust.

By that I mean, if you have less than 33 lust, you'll never be forced to have sex. If you have more than 33, you'll always have a chance of being forced, but it isn't guaranteed.

The chance isn't really significant either unless you have 100 corruption and 100 libido, which logically means you're obscenely lusty at all times.

I'll still polish the mechanics a bit, taking into account status effects like Heat or Rut, parasite reproduction and so on.



Why are you sageing your own thread?

Will you implement the zoo idea that was discussed?



>Why are you sageing your own thread?


>Will you implement the zoo idea that was discussed?

I just find it a bit pointless. If you want to repeat a few scenes, just explore, it doesn't take that long.



It will add something to the construction option.

Also, it could have slightly different text than the originals.



>Also, it could have slightly different text than the originals.

will anyone write it?



I will



Well, if you're willing to write unique scenes for every single regular monster encounter to be added as zoo "animal", then I guess it's valid.

I still think it's a bit pointless, though, since you can just explore(monster variety isn't very large in specific areas) and if you have access to the source you could even access the scenes directly through the debug input.



I think that the scenes would be slightly different at the start.

And the body left completely untouched.



>you can just imagine you killed the golem and remove it with the debug so why make an effort?



I mean, if the purpose is just accessing the scenes directly, then that's an option, even if it's a cheaty one.

If you want the golem gone, then yeah, disabling him through the debug input is an option.



You could introduce some sort of ritual mechanic where the MC has to gather a lot of supplies that change the season for a day, thereby allowing you to encounter seasonal events.

Something like 5 icicle shards, some white eggs, some purified honey, then bring them to a ritual NPC or setup a ritual type building at camp. That way they don't just easily come across it and its a bit of an arse to accomplish for a comparable reward. Plus it'd still be a by-chance event but hey, at least you don't have to wait real days for it.



> I'm still thinking up a way to make them accessible anytime that isn't just "1% chance when exploring" stuff.

Maybe make it based on in-game days? Doesn't have to actually match the real-world calendar, you could have it cycle every 100 days or something (christmas events available the last 10 out of every 100 days, thanksgiving the 10 before that, etc.), maybe with a notice when you wake up or a hint in camp that special events might be found in a certain location.



I've a few ideas, like giving a chance/guaranteed drop after x when fucking/destroying a glade to give the player a "curious pumpkin seed" key item that will enable the Fera encounter, the second one becoming available after the player has sex y times.

For the Christmas event, there's already something built in.

I think a good one for the Thanksgiving event is going to sleep with a camp chest filled with food items(like 15 or so total). Once per year, of course.




I've made another pastebin for an older chunk of the changelog, because it was really huge and really slow to edit.



>>OtherCoCAnon mode only

how do i even enable that



Enable debug mode, create a new game.

Imagine there's a "under construction" sign there.


Is it possible to get the Enlightened Nine Tails and Corrupted Nine Tails at the same time?

I just started a new + Quest with Corrupted N tails on,


Guys, I'm having trouble trying to activate certain scenes.

How do I start the purification quest for Marble? I've done everything to get her in my camp, but no matter how much I talk to her, she won't start it. No matter how much I fuck her, it doesn't help either. I've gotten La Bovine's, but she doesn't mention anything about it, purified or not.

How do I do more threesome scenes with Helia? I've seen in the CoCEditor that there's a flag for a Brooke and Helia threesome, but I have no idea on how to activate that.



Yeah, if you have one Nine-tails perk permed you can then get the other (and perm it as well).

Although if you have the perk permed, you can't get a ninth tail that way again. So if you have both permed, you're stuck at 8 tails.


That flag is actually referring to the Brooke/Heckel threesomes (no idea why it says Helia), and isn't fully implemented. The only Helia threesomes are with Vapula, Bimbo Sophie, Kiha, Valeria, Isabella, or a minotaur.



I'm a 3 foot 5 tall human child and I can't get the goblin loss scene to pop. Did I miss something?



Do you have a cock with an area (thickness*length) less than 11.4?



I have the smallest cock. For some reason it's also not classifying me as a shota.



I just tried it, and you're right, it's not triggering for some reason. It was working before my changes, so I probably screwed something up. Looking into it now.



Ok, that answers the question for the Helia threesome.

Now how do I start the quest for Marble?



Will look into it.


I'm kind of stumped on the goblin thing. I know what the problem is, it's a simple fix (line 50 of GoblinScene, make it "player.isShota() && player.cockThatFits(monster.vaginalCapacity()) >= 0"). What I can't figure out is why it was working before.



Can't say much right now, not at home.


Since OtherCoCAnon isn't home, I uploaded a fixed build for now.




>What I can't figure out is why it was working before.

function cockThatFits returns a number.

(<condition> && 1)is a valid expression, which is why stuff like while(1) leads to infinite loops.


player.cor < (50 + player.corruptionTolerance()) && !campCorruptJojo() && !amilyScene.amilyCorrupt() && !vapulaSlave()


&& player.findPerk(PerkLib.MarblesMilk) < 0

quest is unavailable if you have corrupt amily, corrupt jojo, vapula, if you're addicted to her milk or if your corruption is bigger than 50(outside of NG+).

Does that apply in your case?




forgot to quote.



The problem is that cockThatFits was returning 0, since that's the index of your first (or only) cock, and (<condition> && 0) is false.



huh, right. Not sure then.

Since you have your own fixed build, I'll wait until I get some feedback on the marble bug before releasing anything on my end.



I also fixed the goblin loli victory scene, lolis were still getting the normal female scene.



can you post your fix here?


File: d2b5d6830410fce⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1001x802, 1001:802, Queststuff.png)

And as for Marble's quest. It's a matter of time.



I uploaded it, just forgot to link the folder.





I think the buttons for using a name with a backstory could be a little clearer. Something like:

1) I am [name] 2) just a coincidence



you mean pre-made characters?

I don't think those were ever intended to be used by everyone. Back in the day, people could pay Fenoxo to make specific characters for them to use, so it's just an Original the Character storage array.


I kind of wish there was more lewd interaction between the harem, makes it feel more sincere if your heremettes are fucking eachother when you're not around, because what else would you expect? Them to just chastely sit on their ass until you pay them a visit?

Obviously this is just wishful thinking and it would require so much writing about something not many people like, but it's be great if the Izma x Sophie scene for instance allowed for you to participate, and give Izma some surprise sex while she fucks the bird.



one of the reasons for this probably because some of these characters were created early on in development and never changed once new characters were introduced.

And a few characters(like Marble and Amily until she gets URTA'D) actually dislike the PC's promiscuity.

It's definitely not something I'm against, but unless someone shows some interest it's going to be pretty hard to add in. I'm still pretty busy and every minute I'm not working is a minute I'm wasting.



>Amily until she gets URTA'D

See, that's one that I don't like though. Feels too cuckish, despite how hamfistedly they try to force the romance.

If she won't join the camp, she's no good as a harem member and thus should fuck off. Inter-harem promiscuity is fine. Everything else is not.


Aren't you guys planning on adding bestiality?



no plans, no. It's definitely not my fetish, so I can't write it.

It's just not blocked anymore, so if anyone whips up a scene for it, I can add it.



Do the fact that hellhounds have multiple heads disqualify them or what


Is the pregnancy content in this still really meh as it was a year back?

I remember most of the enemies being women and only being able to get pregnant from very few enemies.


I activated Grimdark, the whole game became pitch black and unreadable and now I can't activate it anymore, explain?



Never touched it. It's Revamp WIP stuff.


File: 8817fb564ac5c09⋯.jpeg (38.43 KB, 412x470, 206:235, Beg.jpeg)

Any plans to add more short stacks or lolis into the game? All ive found was goblins, would love more of that kind of content



Plans, yes. No guarantee it will happen soon though.


File: c85be84062e0c2e⋯.jpg (79.35 KB, 540x405, 4:3, stack of fennec.jpg)

Honestly I'd really enjoy just more enemies and encounters in the forest to help replayability. Any chance of that happening?



if you play the loli version some of the enemies are described as lolis.


The loli version doesn't change any enemies, only the player and the gargoyle are made younger.


Is it just me or is it kinda strange that a game that basically caters to a fuckton of fetishes, only has 3 incest scenes?

Thought it'd be more popular than that.

Atleast 3 from what I know of?

Minotaur gang, Harpy daughter, Corrupted Amilies son/daughter.



Tamani's daughters are also technically incest, Ember is arguable since they need your sperm to hatch and you can even literally give them your blood.



the original creator is a massive faggot he even removed an incest scene for no reason at some point


Anyone remember the commands to open the "super secret debug menu"?

It was posted at some point in one of the threads, but I cant find it



Just type the word DEBUG



literally just type debug


File: a0efd5f6d14a51a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.44 KB, 213x360, 71:120, 523111.jpg)

I heard that some time ago Savin had an autistic bitchfit and made the Revamp team remove everything related to Valeria, or at least any extensions/addons in progress related. How much of it is true? I really liked Valeria and it'd be a bummer to find out she's gone now.

Also, I had an idea. How about adding **flavor text about the weather* while in the camp?




The fact that sort of thing even exists makes me kind of agree with >>89021 anon, maybe not as extreme but a "make this specific character fuck off indefinitely" switch is long overdue.



Lots of places aren't tracking how much they've been explored, making some events like Ceraph impossible to find.


File: 25270ee42e6ab6c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1316x1160, 329:290, CoC.png)

New to 8chan but I've been modding CoC off and on for about 6 months. I've made my own sort of "OtherCoCAnon" mod. At the moment I've focused mostly on loli integration, hairstyles, a vampire transformative, a "spin-the-wheel" random item NPC in Tel'Adre, Legendary Items, and converting the main areas into dungeon maps. I like what you guys are doing here. If I can help at all that would be sweet.



I think Valeria expansion is being held up due to Savin's autism but Valeria herself is still in the game.




I want tigershark/shark daughter lewds to come back

How would some of the waifus feel about incest though?

Also how many generations can you impress gnate your children?



I've always been disappointed in the lack of vampires in these types of games. The only one I can think of is Slavemaker has an option, but it is really lackluster.



I think the excuse was they were considered "undead", but there's plenty of types of vampires that are just demons or a different species or things like that.



got a link?



>How would some of the waifus feel about incest though?

Izma would probably be pretty easy to bully into letting you, if you had enough corruption. You're the alpha after all.


My pc stopped being loli…can I know the what counts as loli in game??



In the latest version, the loli/shota "races" are gone. An adult is an adult, a child is a child.

If you want to change your age without starting a new character, go to "debug info" in the main menu after loading the character, then go to "text input" and then click the debugAgeChange button.

If you're playing an older version of the mod (before, the loli/shota requirements are (tallness <= 58 && femininity > 40 && averageBreastSize() <= 3 && hipRating <= 6 && buttRating <= 6)




I'd much prefer it if the tigersharks were more agressive in their exploration

>Track one's 'progress' over a few days of observation

>Watch her play with herself and discover the feel of maturbation

>Watch her dick a sister if there is one

>Watch her steal glances at you and her mother

>Do a little plotting with izma

>Pretend to lay asleep one night as she sneaks into your bedroll and feels you up before putting it in, having a good time until she nuts

>Wrap your legs about her hips and have izma burst in, catching the shocked child in a threesome

Or you could get to see your kids raping each other, that'd be pretty sweet.

>Izmakids gangbanging Helkid, Sophie's daughter's sexually bullying izmakids


All that incest stuff would be a lot more appealing to me if there were some mostly-human kids instead of just furries and monsters.



It's a text game. The only character that' ruined for me is Urta due to seeing so much art. Basically every other character is just an MG in my mind


File: 1d56039f91e7931⋯.gif (565.05 KB, 367x265, 367:265, 1490994886436.gif)


Stop, stop, I can only get so hard. But seriously, it bums me out that out of all the kids you mentioned only izmakids stay as lolis.



Still a WIP, but here's a link to the swf




>still as "meh" as before



My vampire TF is pretty much completely finished. I think I've done a good job with it so far.



Link's incomplete, FYI. You forgot the key.



How about Sophie's daughters gangbang/ bully !male! Helspawn?




No worries, brah. It's the one thing I hate about Mega is their UI is not very straight forward in places where it should be.


…and thank you for bringing your toy to class for show-and-tell.



There's a big bug in that every hour the game reports in that I no longer have a foot fetish.



Yeah, lmao. Just noticed this now. Let me do a quick bugfix


File: 5de52101f4af2a9⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 903x806, 903:806, Peek.jpg)


Whats this about foot fetish?



It's cause I wrote a foot fetish masturbation scene, but was too lazy to make it for any gender. So I tagged it female only and it got bugged. Fixed now




crap. Will take a look.



I'm guessing the Ceraph event just fine. Are you higher than lvl 2?



Sure, if men are your thing. Personally I'd rather read about them gangbanging a futa Helspawn, but the concept itself is golden.


Been playing this game for 5 days straight now. this game is like, really good






I like the Tel'Adre map thing. Are you just using the regular dungeon maps, or have you come up with a smarter system?

There's a bit of a prototype of a system in my code where you can set map layouts with integer arrays instead of painstakingly using dozens of different if conditions and outputText.


does anyone know what the combination is for the bookshelf in the haunted manor?









It's pretty much the same thing as the dungeon maps, I just modified it and separated it from the dungeons area.



Explore and places button don't for me in this version. Tried it in Flash Projector and IE.



huh. Will take a look.



Same, ran into that problem when starting a new savefile.

Explore doesn't work at all.



ugh, most likely a merge issue.




I'm only seeing available



should be there now. Forgot I restarted my computer and closed megasync.



Cheers for the quick fix man.


File: 13dd8adc37d7762⋯.jpg (7.75 MB, 5386x3061, 5386:3061, ff0bf26dbb3baf70744b0ab45b….jpg)


you're the hero of the thread o.c.a.

also if I were to write some feral / bestiality type enemies, would you be willing to add them in? I've never written for a CoC like game before and I'm really eager to try, since I'd like to see some new encounters



sure. Can't promise to introduce them quickly since I'm still strapped for time, though.


Huh, I just noticed something kind of new: apostrophes in the intro (transition scene between Prologue and vanilla game's normal start, the scene where you actually leave Ignam) are showing up as "’" rather than an actual apostrophe. Not sure if that's from Revamp or from OtherCoCAnon's mod. I'm using btw. Also, only happened with "child" start so far, an "adult" start didn't have that issue. Maybe because it's written differently for the little champs?



merge issue, most likely. Kitteh probably uses Linux, and the "-" there are different from "-" in windows and shit gets borked.















Always wanted centaurs other than Kelt





>not dog


We even got a sexless encounter for a dire wolf to go off of




You get the text saying deepwoods exploration is unlocked, but the button doesn't appear.


Is there a limit on how many m. Specials you can get? Because i've submitted to Akbal like 10 times with over 80 Corruption still haven't got the Fire Lord Perk.

The perks i have are:





>C. Firefox




>Test Resolve



Yup, I had to force it to unlock several areas with CoCED. So far, Deep Woods, Plains, and Bog would not unlock normally. I also noticed CoCED seems to not be tracking the number of visits to most if not all areas consistently. When I load a save in CoCED, it shows most of them (except for the areas I listed) are all at zero. So sounds like the flags responsible for tracking visits are fucking up somehow.



Talking of CoCED, is there an updated version that has the newer items, etc?



A recent revamp update introduced a rather pointless change to how exploration works, and apparently my merging software is extremely trash and didn't do it properly. I'll have to take a careful look at it when I get home.



Sadly, no. Haven't seen much from the editor's dev on the forums, so no clue when or if he'll make an update. He was going to do one for one of the mods, Xianxia, but that's the last I heard and that was weeks ago.


For some reason I can't explore the Deepwoods in the new update.

The option Is non-existant




will fix tonight, I literally don't have access to a compiler right now.



Have you ever attacked him, it prevents unlocking Fire Lord.



How many child PC scenes are there? I have seen a couple references to my size but the only different scene I have encountered was Edryn showing you around Tel'Adre.



Goblins when they're raping a male PC will bring up their age, but it isn't much different than a regular scene (at least from what I've noticed)



Sex scenes:

Goblin loss scene for children with a cock, goblin victory scene for children with a pussy, imp victory scene for children with a pussy, Callu for either gender.

Non-sex scenes:

Buying beer in Ingnam, going through the portal, Tel'Adre intro, slightly different scene when first encountering a kitsune.



Depends on who's version you're running.

If referring to OtherCoCAnon's version, it's mostly just Goblin losses, the Tel'Adre intro scene, and I think MAYBE Amily's scenes. Not many of the PC age/ size related verbiage refs are included for scenes.

If referring to Koraeli's version, most of the PC age/ size related verbiage refs are more frequent in terms of scenes (More of the Lovers/ Followers refer to ages more often, scenes include more verbiage refs for age indicators, more use of tone indicating younger player age, Callu, ETC) .


All of my changes are in OtherCoCAnon's latest versions now. I also didn't touch any scenes at all, except to change them from body size checks (the old loli/shota system) to age checks.



Correction, I didn't touch any scenes post-Ingnam, except for elders telling Jojo their history.



> finding Amily's kids

> since most mousemorphs are converted

to demon or ded they turned incestuous

> join in without Amily knowing

> or convince her this is necessary for continued mousemorphs

> 50 years down the line get mousebillies

Anyone know Kiha and Isabella kids are in?



>Anyone know Kiha and Isabella kids are in?




progress update

all defeat scenes for the first enemy complete

tomorrow I'll post the first then I'll have to do the other at another time, but atleast there'll be 1. more underage and 2. a bestiality based enemy


I'm pretty code-minded(used to code on a shitting scripting piece of shit) and have been learning C# quite well. If I helped code for this mod what would I be expected to do and what kind of help is needed?



No m8, i haven't attacked him but I can't get that perk

Is there a limit on how many m. specials you could get?



nothing hard coded, no, but the practical limit without changing the display logic is 13, because there are 14 buttons and one must be the "leave" button.


CoC is written in ActionScript 3, which is very much C-like, so aside from small details you'll have no trouble if you know C#. As far as help goes, there isn't much on the table right now since I'm pausing development(bug fixing aside) to handle real life stuff.

If you want to do small contributions, you may want to check Kitteh's repository and work from there. Since I constantly keep my repo updated, anything you fix or add there will end up on this mod as well.






These are the lewd tiger/shark kid scenes. They're more or less intact as well as the GoogleDoc one having several new ones. I've posted before about adding them back in, but I'm no coder



Sorry if any of these points are stupid, it might just play out but I thought I might bring it up to see if anybody else was finding the same… I haven't played CoC in a long time.

1. I can't seem to find Lumi's lab by exploring and I am on the 20th day, do I find it some other way?

2. I am unsure of the sexual orientation system, I am playing a female character and it seems that the attraction to strictyly females seems to keep going up despite that being largely the least likely partner. Any efforts to make it go down seem impossible… changing gender might change this but I thought it might be good to comment on?



>2. I am unsure of the sexual orientation system, I am playing a female character and it seems that the attraction to strictyly females seems to keep going up despite that being largely the least likely partner. Any efforts to make it go down seem impossible… changing gender might change this but I thought it might be good to comment on?

Expanding on this, as a female character the attraction to women number keeps going up with heterosexual sex which does not seem right?



>1. I can't seem to find Lumi's lab by exploring and I am on the 20th day, do I find it some other way?

nvm found on day 23, must just be very low odds?



The orientation system only matters at all in a WIP difficulty mode, and it is itself WIP. Bigs are to be expected.

But right now, orientation only changes from having sex with monsters. Might be your issue.



I found a couple bugs


>be in battle

>touch tease

>all options remain but no text on screen

>touch again



>be in inventory

>use lolipop/ wolf pepper

>all options remain but no text on screen

>touch again

>screen says, "YOU CAN'T USE NOTHING!!"

>item is gone

There are probably more items that get problem 2, but I'm not sure how many.



will take a look.



still, if you could upload your save somewhere, it would help a lot.



I'm afraid I can't. I'm on mobile. Although, my save is several versions old. Also, I have found that when I go to the saves screen, it does not display my character's gender, which is shemale.



I can't really do any extensive bug testing and fixing on mobile, sadly.

Has anyone experienced similar bugs in the regular version?



It doesn't display age either, so I'm actually just starting a new save.


Currently working on a Vampire expansion for myself, and if it all goes according to planned it'll have a vampire dungeon (working on now), a vampire TF (already done), a new Lover / Follower (will do this last), new enemies, and some new items. I'll keep you guys posted if interested.


File: 119250ef35bb719⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1200x909, 400:303, ClipboardImage.png)





Here it is, if someone else feels like writing some scenes for females, be my guest. Sorry its just gay shit but, that's how it is right now.

I wouldn't know how to balance it so I'll leave that up to you othercocanon



gib artis


Hey, Venus the giant person in the lake needs fixing badly.

I did 50 days, all hours of the day run of just going to the lake, with characters varied in levels/etc, with Venus activated, and I'd get her 75%-80% of the time. Really frustrating.



Feral horses and dogs? Glad that's finally becoming a reality, friggin Fenoxo should have had that in the original, not the weird dog-man.



It's been like that for a while and it sucks because she's by far the worst encounter in the area.



What about an option to permanently kill her?


Isn't there already an opt-out choice for her, or am I thinking of someone else?


I just started playing this two days ago and I'm having a blast but can someone please tell me what the fuck is up with all the futas?


File: b7d266e25422a9e⋯.gif (999.49 KB, 250x251, 250:251, 1409432651700.gif)



The game was made by a furfag, all furfags are YMCA-tier faggots. They'll slap a dick and fur on anything.



Anything in specific that you'd recommend repurposing/fixing?


File: 742e326d95071db⋯.png (205.48 KB, 399x453, 133:151, absolutely disnyasting.png)


Filthy degenerative pervert. Just kill yourself.



furfags and futas always go hand in hand



One of the reasons i can't play TiTs anymore. Fucking futas everywhere, Fenoxo sees no problem with furry fags and quadruple vagina dick nipples but lolis are wayyy toooo extreme for him.


Using build new game from start.

During infestation scene, pc will "trash on the ground" not thrash on the ground.

Once infested, first hunger scene is for anemone. cool, beat anemone, take it in the vagoo. second hunger is mouse. Get penetrated by Joy. Parasite reproduces now two in the bush. Stats show mouse hunger still.

Wait in camp a day or so until lust is high enough to take Joy again. Get penetrated by joy. Stats still show mouse hunger. next dream scene still mouse hunger. Long story short, Penetrated by Joy six or eight times over span of like 10 days and still craving mouse cum. No new eel reproduction, base lust keeps rising. Seems like hunger not being reset, or random craving not being triggered.




>anime reaction

go swim in nuclear reactor coolant



Will take a look. Can you upload your save?



please write more holy fuck



Hm, could I alter this a bit and use it on the Amarok enemy in the glacial rift? It's also a wolf, and it currently has no sex scenes despite being a complete enemy encounter.




>tfw like both anime aesthetic and bestiality

Can't we all just get along?



interesting question


if you don't like it then don't lose to it.

I'm looking forward to this but rather than separating child and adult do it vagina capacity and maybe wetness.



Last 3 save files (pre), (post), (current).


Sorry it took so long. I didn't know these boards don't recognize common extensions like .zip, .7z, .txt





Is there any hope for enemies pictures?



thanks. I tested it on my own save and despite many attempts with different amount of parasites and different hunger types, it all worked well. It may be an issue with Joy herself.

Could you try Amily or the machine in Tel Adre's gym and tell me if you get hunger reduction?


you mean new enemies? And if so, image pack images or sprites?




If i recall correctly the game had very tiny pixel renditions of enemies



it still does. They're there, but my additions don't have sprites for two reasons. First, I don't have enough artistic skill for that, and second, to alter the actual graphical layout(and sprites) you need a different program that costs quite a lot of money.



I did talk with Amily until she futafied herself. no change (current save).

Just ran the machine in the Gym like 8 or 9 times no change to hunger.

Is the Gympregator supposed to give you the correct type of cum the parasites are looking for? I thought I read that somewhere it does. If not I suppose that in 8 or 9 random tries I might not receive the correct type.



Is there a way to tell if the STAT display did not update / change and the parasites are craving a different type?



yes, you can go to the debug menu(type D E B U G) and click on "dump status". Tell me what shows up.




Hm, I just had sex with Joy 4 times on your save and the parasites were satisfied.

try it once on your save, go to the debug menu, click "dump effects" and tell me what you see at the bottom of the list.

There should be something like

>'infected by eel parasite': 2 -1 0 0

>'ParasiteEel needs specific cum': 0 4 4 0

The third number on parasiteEel should decrease every time you have sex with a "mouse" character.



You can yeah, I'd also like for it to be an earlier enemy too since thats my biggest complaint with CoC mods is that they add a lot of late game but no real reason to play through the early game.

afterall whats the point of playing it again with mods if half the content is still the same as the first time you played it? yes I know theres a lot of reasons but shut up



Sorry, I don't see how to do that.

I went to Main Menu, Debug Info, and I see Image information as well as Test Input, Parser Test, and Back buttons.

I can clear the Test Input area but nothing happens when I enter D E B U G, or DEBUG.

Parser won't allow me to enter anything.

Am I missing something?



you just need to type D E B U G anywhere. Think of it like a cheat code. The debug info menu isn't the debug menu.



Am I the only psycho who wants more high level content for the NG+'s?

It's probably pointless considering how repetative it gets as you go through them but sitting at 15 perk points kinda sucks.


File: 4988bed8a22be16⋯.png (157.18 KB, 324x406, 162:203, 1457385663163.png)

Anyone else having the problem where they click any of the options and no text appears?

This has happened multiple times, has anyone else run into this problem?

If so how did you fix it?


maybe I'm doing it wrong but I can't get a ball-less herm Ember.


As fun as it is to play as an 8 foot tall 9 year old nig named bubba, should there be a cap on how tall kids are?



My vote is for "yes", in terms of maximum height growth; how about a maximum limit for kids being five feet, with no minimum in terms of height shrinking down?



well, there's the natural cap in height. And I guess I should limit height during character creation if you're a kid, though I won't limit anything after you enter Mareth proper.

Also, I almost choked on my drink reading that.



When I was implementing children, I decided against it because the game is all about transformation, and realism is already thrown out the window. If you can have foot-long vagina-nipples attached to breasts that are twice the size of your body, why draw the line at being a supernaturally-grown (but still human-sized) child?


I thought I did limit child height during character creation, but it looks like I forgot.



This needs to be Added.



Any chance you could impotent a system that everytime an event happens the %change of it happening again goes down until the day is over?

Example: mimic chance currently 30% (guess) interaction 1 lowers the chance of it to 20% then 10% then 1% permanently til the next day.




>tfw no system where you kill monsters and over time their population shinks because of all your muderer

>tfw no ending where you're the only one left in the barren hellscape



IMO there should be a max height, max breast size, and you should become infertile if you're a child.


File: 80556eb4b4a7e3c⋯.png (100.51 KB, 294x250, 147:125, 294p.png)


>no minimum in terms of height shrinking down

I wonder how would that work out if you were to turn your character into a Kobito



>you should become infertile if you're a child.

Ixnay on hat one actually. You'd be AMAZED how quickly certain parts can get going.

Look up Lina Medina, and then feel the last of your love for humanity shrivel and die.


With faeries in the game already, I've always wondered why there's a minimum height preventing you from becoming faery-sized.

And yeah, 8-9 years old is definitely old enough for puberty and pregnancy to be possible, especially with frequent sex (which can speed up sexual development by quite a lot).



>I've always wondered why there's a minimum height preventing you from becoming faery-sized.

the fact that most sex scenes would make absolutely no sense if that were the case.



Maybe make pregnancy harder as a child then? Still possible, but more difficult



Already done. Children start with a base pregnancy chance of 1%, compared to 5% for adults.



How about a set limit of Children start with a base chance of 1% (same as child pregnancy)?


Don't you mean a CUTEbito? And the answer is easy: snuggles from EVERYONE.



But it would be fun!


>check out TiTS since CoC tickles me right

>almost no impreg stuff

It's garbage



Garbage fueled by the burning of countless furbucks.




>fen adds an even more complex system of fertility

>get to fuck everyone and everything bareback

>can't preggo them

>the few that are supposedly 'fertile' demand you use a condom

This whole game is just trash



That sounds pretty good actually, the only problem i can see with that is the item drops for that monster would become extinct making curtain things Impossible. That's only of the reasons i said to reset the percentage chance everyday.



Maybe a "track down/ look for' option which increases the encounter% of the mob or npc your looking for? Or maybe an avoid option that works after first encounter?



>TiTS development starts

>"Now, guys, this is going to be a space game so there will be aliens but furries will be rare and will just be humans with gene mods"

>Twelve minutes later

>There are somehow more furry NPCs than aliens



Not that it surprised me much. After the first couple of releases, I pretty much figured it'd turn into what it is and will continue to be. Too bad.



There are pretty much no aliens in tits, with the exception of the ants and those strange bugs in the demilitarized zone, plus the yeti girl, nothing. Even those aren't aliens, just dehumanized myths and weird fantasy creature plus robots, that's it



Yeti girl??



Yeah, in TITS on the frozen planet whatever is called, the one where without having the fox transformation it require a thermal belt or losing health at every time frame, walking waiting and so on, sometimes a sort of yeti girl can be found around the glacier, at least it's what the description of her seems to tell, i think it's a sort of yeti



Well, for some reason debug is not working for me.

Instead I did a backup of the save files, and ran CCleaner on my system cleaned everything out.

Then restored the saves and ran again. several rounds on the Gympregnation machine, Amily, and Joy with same result.

Just downloaded - went two rounds on Gympregnator, one with Amily, and two with Joy and I no longer have a hunger display in stats.

Going to wait until I see the next craving… If I run into any more issues with this I'll post it.




game is literally furry futas with triple E tits



but the furries are aliens :^)



I think the point was that the initial promises went one way and the actual game wound up going the other way.




You can get double and triple pregnant. Fertile people want condoms. All the Futas have bitch breaking size dicks. Why doesn't Fen just give up the ghost?



Any thoughts on this OtherCoCAnon?



not the first time this was suggested, actually.

aimozg started working on it, but he gave up/put that on hold.

I might be able to implement something similar, but it's not straightforward enough that I can do it right now. Give me one month or so so I can get some free time. After I've failed all my classes I can focus on the code again.



Hey man, take a long as you need i appreciate the work you put into this. Your academic sacrifice is greatly appreciated.


File: b87c1e1145ec75e⋯.jpg (32.9 KB, 454x468, 227:234, adam stop.jpg)

>tfw you can't uncorrupt Amily

>tfw troll's remorse



it's for the best

>Keeps threatening to leave because i keep switching between pure and corrupt

>Actually leaves more than once and makes a big deal out of it like Marble everytime

>Based Brojo and Kiha don't come and complain to me. If Kiha moves out i have to find her and she doesn't just pop up out of nowhere one day

bitch I'm schizophrenic



>During infestation scene, pc will "trash on the ground" not thrash on the ground.

Perhaps he's violently shitting instead of flailing?


Hi I'm the guy making that new image pack, but I've run into a issue. I've got images that relate to a charter or sex scenes but the previous image pack I'm improving on does not have the correspond scenes. usually how it goes Is i rename an image something like "monster-izumi.jpeg" and then when you encounter izumi the image shows up, but if you looked for the sex scenes relating to izumi no naming conventions are given. does anyone know how to find what i should be renaming the images to get them to show up correctly?



Look for "Images for Revamp Mod.xml", which comes with the image pack. It should contain most of the scenes, which can have images. Not all of them, though, because some scenes (or image pack support for them) were added after image pack v6 came out.

Or, you could look for "images.showImage()" in code, where brackets should contain name of the image corresponding to the scene.



it's because they think pregnancy is too serious for their npcs to have.


Where can I find the math of CoC aka how to calculate damage, evade and encounter chance?



thanks for the code, I'm using the v6 mod as a base for the one I'm making but it still has scenes missing. any idea why some of the scenes dont support images?



you can check the code. There's just one function for main attack damage, but every ability has its own formula, which can get a bit confusing.

		//Moved this here so we can get attack damage outside of combat.
public function calcDamage(inCombat:Boolean = true,attackStyle:Number = 0):Number{
var damage:Number = 0;
//Determine damage

//Double Attack Hybrid Reductions
var getBase:Function = function(init:Number):Number {
if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.DoubleAttack) >= 0 && player.spe >= 50 && init > 61 + (player.newGamePlusMod() * 15) * (1-flags[kFLAGS.ASCENSIONING]) && attackStyle == 0) {
return 60.5 + (player.newGamePlusMod() * 15);
} else return init;
//(1-flags[kFLAGS.ASCENSIONING]), if flags[kFLAGS.ASCENSIONING] is 1(reset mode) then NG+ double attack increased cap vanishes.

// init value depending on weapon type
if (isWieldingRangedWeapon()) {
if (player.weaponName.indexOf("staff") != -1){
damage = getBase.call(null, player.inte) + player.spe * 0.1;
damageType = MAGICAL_RANGED;
damage = getBase.call(null, player.spe) + player.inte * 0.2; // woudn't be better to use speed as base and int as extra?
damage = (player.weaponPerk == "Large" ? getBase.call(null, player.str * 1.3) : getBase.call(null, player.str));
damageType = PHYSICAL_MELEE;
if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.HoldWithBothHands) >= 0 && player.weapon != WeaponLib.FISTS && player.shield == ShieldLib.NOTHING && !isWieldingRangedWeapon()) damage += (player.str * 0.2);
//Weapon addition!
damage += player.weaponAttack;
if (damage < 10) damage = 10;

//Apply AND DONE!
if(inCombat)damage *= (monster.damagePercent(false, true) / 100);
//Damage post processing!
//Thunderous Strikes
if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.ThunderousStrikes) >= 0 && player.str >= 80)
damage *= 1.2;

if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.ChiReflowMagic) >= 0) damage *= UmasShop.NEEDLEWORK_MAGIC_REGULAR_MULTI;
if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.ChiReflowAttack) >= 0) damage *= UmasShop.NEEDLEWORK_ATTACK_REGULAR_MULTI;
if (player.jewelryEffectId == JewelryLib.MODIFIER_ATTACK_POWER) damage *= 1 + (player.jewelryEffectMagnitude / 100);
if (player.countCockSocks("red") > 0) damage *= (1 + player.countCockSocks("red") * 0.02);
if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.AscensionMartiality) >= 0) damage *= 1 + (player.perkv1(PerkLib.AscensionMartiality) * 0.025);
if (player.statusEffectv1(StatusEffects.CounterAB) == 1) damage *= .5;
if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.HistoryFighter) >= 0 || player.findPerk(PerkLib.HistoryFighter2) >= 0) damage *= 1.1;
if (player.findPerk(PerkLib.Sadist) >= 0 && !inCombat) {//this is here just to allow all relevant calculations to be made when attack is displayed on the stats page
damage *= 1.2;
if (player.isChild()) damage *= 0.8
if (player.isElder() && player.findPerk(PerkLib.HistoryFighter2) < 0 && damageType == PHYSICAL_MELEE) damage *= 0.9
return Math.round(damage);


File: 7070eaddf9d6441⋯.png (1.03 MB, 672x935, 672:935, monster-sophie_1.png)


I'm not sure if I undertood you correctly.

To see an image in a certain scene that scene must contain


in its code and an image with the same name in the img folder, as far as I know.

Also, I have made an image pack based off v6 to satisfy my OCD.

Differences are:

-Removed most pics that didn't fit the in-game descriptions at all or were completely unfappable/badly drawn.

-Recolored some pics to fit the descriptions (varying quality) and replaced backgrounds with transparency, where I could.

-Added a few pics stolen from here and there

Can upload, if anyone is interested.



do it




There you go

Also, I forgot to mention, that I made some images smaller (who the fuck needs 2000x2000 6MB images that won't even be displayed at half -size and can take a few seconds to load).



thanks a lot, not sure how true this is but 7zip files are very prone to corrupting so i would use regular zip files if i was you


File: d2b486e08549c8d⋯.png (683.75 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, monster-sandwidch.png)


here's man btw:


this image is hilarious



Gracias, mate.


oh' it seem that Jiggy completed the -Eve parasite project (on the official forms)

any plans on adding it to the project??



chances are it will be added to Revamp.




>Shop with Inquisitor set


What the fuck is he doing



It's not Kitteh's work, actually. I think he just doesn't have much of a strict guideline or doesn't want to disencourage any potential modder from adding content.


File: 38cba750e683b5a⋯.jpg (32.13 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1448178460219.jpg)


That would be most satisfying.


why doesn't file loading work? it worked before.



Use an actual flash player instead of a browser.



If you using chrome i had this issue, you need to slow flash in your settings then open it in a non-incognito tab and it works fine



Not slow, allow flash in browser*


File: cf151a722c60b5e⋯.gif (633.13 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Rohan Livid.gif)

Okay seriously what the fuck are the requirements for encountering eel parasites? I am playing as a female champion, have worms enabled in the fetish section but the only thing I keep getting are the frog and chameleon girl encounters with an occasional Phouka.


reeeeeeeee go away you giant turtle bitch I don't want to talk to you



Have you encountered an infested chameleon girl? You need to lose to her, iirc.



not sure but I think it's inside side some of the chameleon girls..infected ones




Boy do I feel stupid now. I have been completely skipping the text as soon as I would see the sprite for the chameleon girl. Cheers anons.


Isn't there a trigger when you first meet her to prevent her from showing up?



There is, but for some reason I guess that little button that reads "Never" doesn't seem to be obvious enough. How about that?


File: 7e884816a6a0671⋯.jpg (34.14 KB, 600x652, 150:163, 4e3.jpg)


>after three playthroughs of this game I can clearly remember Best Girl's defining body shape

>helia is THICC

>open image pack

>helia is cut as fuck



>generic anime girls


Now I remember why I stopped using image packs. They tickle my autism badly.



you can just delete the ones you don't like


Any chance we can get the imagepack broken down into say, 200MB sections, for those of us with a potato connection?



CoCed is your friend.



Generic anime pack here, yeah I get what your saying, it does bother me that images from the same characters or descriptions are different but what can you do? I have a fairly tame prefrance when it comes to hentai, no overly large assets, no dick girls no males that are sexualised. So it can be somewhat difficult to match description and characters sticking to this.


I can split the file up into 1 download per character or 1 picture per character if you'd like?



FYI, you're missing an Akbal scene from revamp where if your butt is big enough there's a different scene where he polishes it before fucking it. Also, I believe after that point, the scene expands your butt all the way up to the limit eventually.


How do I even fight Marble milk addiction?



Go see marble at the farm but never directly drink it


How am I supposed to advance the Dullahan arc?



Fight and defeat her until she tells you about the mansion. You might also have to talk to her a little.



I don't want her to totally go away I want her to stop showing up three times out of five when I am searching the lake



Would it make sense if she was accessed by the farm instead of a random encounter?



weird how it didn't get merged. but I'll take a look.


I'll think of a more unique encounter condition.



am i supposed to be able to open this with 7zip or should i stop trying



how do I stumble apon the mansion after the fact? I can't seem to find it. it's either the rng fucking me over or I'm searching in the wrong place?



she's supposed to take you there, it's a dungeon.



Is it even possible for melee characters to defeat the Dullahan?



I've been talking, sparing, 'masturbating' with her for days…. the scene ain't happening


File: 3f01ffa4fa8ee43⋯.swf (11.62 MB, I-AnonCustomImageSet.swf)


I extracted just fine on my version, "16.02".


If you mean >>93547 I have split it into archives just under the max file limit (so one post per part, I'l put the fraction in the subject line for easy searching) in addition to changing the extension and file names. To complete the process; ensure that all six files are in the same directory and (optionally) match their invidual sha256sums , then simply convert the roman number at the start to the revelant extension and then remove it, e.g. I-AnonCustomImageSet.swf becomes AnonCustomImageSet.7z.001, etc.

3f01ffa4fa8ee4354e2966da5639c7f1ac24ec86ca5e1df4bc7f4dd7566285ec I-AnonCustomImageSet.swf

f7e20c5e9913612cedb387b3cd8b1278778d21e4dc9789cf479256625b529f15 II-AnonCustomImageSet.swf

de2b0dccd8d07e5e934535fae3e21f479082f69b1b4f7cb7ab90b86a4a26000c III-AnonCustomImageSet.swf

777da8a2125960d7caf0d36f1cc6d36e1cf3045da992897056164bd4e7c37e86 IV-AnonCustomImageSet.swf

1d7795f2e3c810592da44586d39f0449bbce24d6a04d825843cc5d2c1173d388 V-AnonCustomImageSet.swf

36eee13d24f119525bd6e8d1cc1d609dcb549e5fd4cf8c5eff5bae848d46fc25 VI-AnonCustomImageSet.swf


File: f7e20c5e9913612⋯.swf (11.62 MB, II-AnonCustomImageSet.swf)


File: de2b0dccd8d07e5⋯.swf (11.62 MB, III-AnonCustomImageSet.swf)


File: 777da8a2125960d⋯.swf (11.62 MB, IV-AnonCustomImageSet.swf)


File: 1d7795f2e3c8105⋯.swf (11.62 MB, V-AnonCustomImageSet.swf)


File: 36eee13d24f1195⋯.swf (93.59 KB, VI-AnonCustomImageSet.swf)


What are all the motherly milfs characters?? Nor rhe ones you turn into mothers but ones that are already mothers.



Sophie and… I think that's it really. Not a lot of MILFs in the game now that I think about it.



does the giantess or minerva count?



Yes but I forgot about them.


So, which version is the best one for each character? For example:

Marble = Corrupt Marble

Sophie = Bimbo Sophie

What about the others?



Could you upload your save?



Bimbo Sophie since that is the only way to get her to join the camp without having a dick.


Also, seems someone else is taking up updating CoCED. Haven't tried it yet, but this is suppose to support all versions of Revamp post 1.3.25, including the current latest Revamp. Might be good to keep this linked in the future in case the original dev for CoCED doesn't come back and this other dev actually does some good.



Is there something i'm missing with the Dullhan here, I can beat her but I need to just blind her, spam whitefire, wait for my fatigue to go down while she's blinded, and repeat.

Everytime I try to attack her 75% of the time she counters, even when blinded. Even my own counter stance doesn't do shit against her.




it's based on your speed, so if you're low you're unlikely to land physical hits against her.

also, what level are you? She's quite a bit stronger than your average deepwoods encounter.



I'm not a very good metric, I'm at level 67 and on like, NG+++ I think?

Thing is I inspect her and see she has 155 speed, which makes me faster than her, I'm at 175.



holy shit.

Yeah, I definitely don't know what kind of effects her counter ability has when you're in NG+++.


So the runed ebonbloom undergartments give you the Wellspring of Lust perk, which makes it so that if you have less than 50 lust when starting battle, it sets you to 50 automatically at the begining of battle. Well I have the jockstrap with the perk and it doesn't work, I still have to raise my lust manually. I'm pretty sure it's a bug.



I had a feeling it was a stretch. She doesn't even do much damage, just standard 50-100. It's only really annoying because I can't hit her without whitefire.

Maybe someday I'll figure out how to write code for this and try and contribute some more combat content.



will take a look, but that's Revamp content.



I might be reading it wrong, but it looks like the Dullahan's chance to counter is reversed.

You do "if(rand(100) > chancetoCounter)", so the higher the "chancetoCounter", the less likely she is to counter.

So the base chancetoCounter is 90, giving a 9% chance to counter (rand(100) has to return from 91-99), 175 speed brings the counter chance up to 67%, blind brings it up to 97%.



true, not sure how I missed that. Will fix tonight.



I beat her on my first play trough by just pin cushioning her with arrows from Kelt's bow and chugging sheep milk. She can't counter projectiles.

Also to the mod maker, you are a cool dude. I love your work, keep it up. The mansion was very entertaining.

Not so sure about how to deal with nameless horror and the lava golem though. Are you supposed to fight them in new game plus? I mean, I beat pure Marae and Lethice and got their shiny bark armor and whip no problem but those two things are kicking my ass.



Oh and one more thing, are there other two handed weapons that are worthwhile to use besides the huge warhammer? The stun kind of saves my ass all the time and I have yet to find anything better than it besides the scythe which kills me faster than the enemies do.

Is using shields pretty much mandatory at this point for melee builds? It's kind of a bummer.



>Is using shields pretty much mandatory at this point for melee builds?

not really, Hold with Both hands is a noticeable damage boost. You should still have one for battles whereyou can't just blow through by spamming attack, though.

The main issue is that it's the only non-tf source for stuns. Should try to fix that.



There are only 5 two-handed weapons to choose from, none of the others are comparable to the warhammer or scythe (Marble's hammer has 1 higher damage, but that barely makes a difference and it doesn't stun). The game is kind of lacking there.

You can make up for the lack of shield bash if you have Horn Stun (from having ram horns), Terror (from Corrupted Nine-Tails), or Constrict (Naga tail).


>it's the only non-tf source for stuns

Aside from shield bash and warhammer, there's also Izma's gauntlets if you don't mind fucking her.



well, I meant on-demand stuff.




Any plans on making the little information window for armors as detailed as the weapon ones are?

Also, what is the deal with the midnight rapier?



well, armors are pretty straightforward, so there is no need for it right now.

As for the midnight rapier, no fucking idea, it's a random chunk of Revamp content.


is othercocanon compatible with coced? fucked up a perk choice by accident and no backup



I've had no problems, but not everything from othercocanon has labels in coced.


Unless something's changed in how CoCED works, CoCED should work up to things not present in Revamp already. It'll treat it like it's a save from Revamp.


Which perks are capable of being permanent after ascencion?



>Which perks are capable of being permanent after ascencion?

private var permeablePerks:Array = [

//Transformation Perks







//Marae's Perks






//Fire Breath Perks




//Other Perks










Btw, using the latest version of this mod, text from moving around room to room in the Factory isn't clearing properly. It just continues to add each room's text at the end of the previous until I enter and exit a fight. Revamp 1.4.6b doesn't have this so I'd assume it might be related to this mod.



Same guy, opening and closing the map also clears the text box, but the map and legend remain after closing the map. The current room's text simply appears after the legend.


Zetaz's Lair also showing the same issue. I'm going to assume other dungeons are like this as well.


Could someone explain how claws work/do/how to get? Saw them in CoCEd. Also, Predator arms?



I suspected this could happen. It's wonky merging, will fix tonight.



probably WIP.


Is there any way for a non-corrupt to get tentacle dicks?


Bug i'm noticing with dullhan, I rejected the scythe the first time she gave it to me so I could make room and now I'm able to get an infinite amount of them because she keeps giving them when I ask for them.



CoCED or the in game debug menu. Beyond that, get your floral meat and then lower your corruption just as you normally would…by being not-so-corrupt.



will fix.



Found a bug. In Lynette's salon, selecting "beard options" results in a blank options field that is impossible to continue, forcing reloading.



My fault, assuming you're playing a child. I don't have updated source files to release a fix though, unless you want to go back to for now.



no worries, can just avoid that option for now.


For some reason after the 1.8.8 updste i can't give Ovi elixir to Bimbo Sophie , use the Urta's Roleplay option from Ceraph ( the "Sober" option Is unavaliable so I have to restart the game) or get the Firelord perk from Akbal even when i have submitted +8 times with 90 Corruption

I'm playing NG+ and in my first run before ascencion I fought akbal.



>i can't give Ovi elixir to Bimbo Sophie

what happens, exactly?


File: b7bce01fb6a0c3f⋯.gif (991.43 KB, 500x375, 4:3, sakuramorning.gif)

greetings friends

anon who couldn't get flash to save files here, I think I have it working properly now, seems to be saving LSO's into appdata where it should.


Using this standalone player: (Released 5/12/2011) Flash Player (70.5 MB)


also, have you ever fought Akbal? It disables the ability to get the perk, even if you submit 8 times.




Sex scene where you have the "daddy" option and gives you a color egg


I fought him in my first run, after ascencion and reincarnate I didn't



Thank you soo much for modifying Venus the giant turtle, to only show up later in the. Damn beast would show up 24/7.



I can't access the prison mod through either the back alley in the bazaar nor by random encounter exploring. What happened?



It's now gated behind a toggle found in options due to it's unfinished nature.


How do I get pregnant of the Behemoth?

How many Fertility points do I need to have?


File: dd286af6a4e39f8⋯.png (553.96 KB, 596x720, 149:180, machi_62.png)

People really need to expand upon the loli/shota scene variants on the game. They're hot as fuck.


loli/shota scenes are in OtherCoCAnon's build?




Are these ever going to be added?


Dullahan follower when? probably never :^)



She was probably a parody to Lala from "Monster Musume no iru Nichijou" but that'd be awesome


File: 6e25a4c4178fd7d⋯.jpg (323.35 KB, 1602x1210, 801:605, cocLL001.jpg)

I find that http://pochi.x.fc2.com/kisekae/k_kisekae2.html is a good way to show your progress. This is how I've started off with a uncorrupted loli character.



After doing some work on the farm, I bought a tube top.


File: 644f5dad098627e⋯.jpg (311.17 KB, 1598x1198, 799:599, cocLL002.jpg)



How do I use this for COC?


Does anybody know how to unlock the Blacksmith girl sex scene?

I somehow got it on my first playthrough but I can't remember exactly how I did it



most likely, yeah


she's a free bird man, can't keep her in your camp


she kind of is, although I have to admit I've never read the manga aside from random bits here and there.



Well, you just have to manually create what your character looks like and then change them accordingly



Just lower NPC standards to fug her then change them back whenever you want.


File: 53a7a90b58f655a⋯.jpg (322 KB, 1598x1198, 799:599, cocLL003.jpg)


File: f2983bf22fb3a16⋯.jpg (338.93 KB, 1598x1198, 799:599, cocLL004.jpg)


After two does of Reptilium



I guess i could use that to show off my character if I didn't know how to use higher quality character creators.


File: d519a8084c53ea2⋯.jpg (331.48 KB, 1594x1202, 797:601, cocLL006.jpg)


After a dose of Goblin Ale


Oh, indeed.


File: 9f75abd4e72032f⋯.jpg (329.46 KB, 1594x1194, 797:597, cocLL007.jpg)









stop spamming the thread. At least sage while posting that much.


File: 6d8408ec187da3d⋯.jpg (341.22 KB, 1596x1078, 114:77, cocLL009.jpg)



sage goes in the email field.. like this



and you fucked it up. GG Retard



How did you add the cock ?


How to acquire Pink Eggs(Not to confuse with Pink neon egg)? All I remember is from trading them to a random encounter with "X" NPC but I can't remember where can I find her



high mountain for oviexlir you need 2 for small and 3 for large iirc?


She also won't show up unless you have 2 or more ovi on you, just FWI (unless you haven't encountered her for the first time yet, then she only shows if you have the ovi)


Just found out about this. I have a few questions about content

>Are there any new costumes?

>>is one of them a nun outfit?

>Has there been any expansion on impregnating isabelle? last time I checked on it was a thing but didn't really go any further.

>new transformations?





3)Yes but it's fairly lackluster. Just appearance tab notes and a birth scene.



The shota/Loli option Is missing from the mod



it's been replaced with the age choice.


Are people working on the prison scenes??



Prison mod was a different guy. I believe they are turned off by default.


Noticing a bug with the harpy squadron fight in Helia's dungeon.

Whenever I lose to it I've been either doing retry or loading a previous save, but when I reload anytime I fight something (even outside the dungeon), it brings me right back to the squadron fight as I left it when I lose, status conditions on enemies and everything.



right, will fix.



Bitch-ass harpy,she doesnt want to appear…she appeared yesterday,traded her 2 eggs and she no longer appears on High Mountain



the more ovi elixir you have, the higher the chance she will appear.



Thanks,geez…I feel so noob,anything else?like,a reason about why wouldn't she appear at all? ,Corruption limits or anything like that?



nothing that I can see here.



she likes short fellas.



Nvm,I give up…she is not spawning,I even bought 20 ovi elixirs to make sure she appears…


You need to have at least 2 ovielixers (might not be spelled correctly, honestly don't care) for her to proc after the first time you run into her. Beyond that, she has no other known prereqs.



about time I made her available as a place you can access directly.


There might be a reason why the TradeHarpy isn't spawning,I mean,she spawned twice while I was playing yesterday,but she no longer appears. Also…my Jojo just turned into a girl..



I can't see anything on the code that would lock her spawns.



Thanks,I will keep trying I guess,am probably unlucky as heck today


File: 7066ff7132f432c⋯.jpg (205.58 KB, 910x650, 7:5, kisekaecock.jpg)


In CoC? I drank Incubi draft, in Kisekae, I used the tab as highlighted.


whatever happened to all those CoC character viewers?



Stopped getting updates


Just tried to craft an enhanced Wizard Staff with Lethicite but when I click on Rathazul's option to craft the item,nothing happens and both items disappear from Inventory


Somehow got bugged ghoul event in deserts which said that he had horns even though his horn type was none. Don't know how exactly that happened and it happened yesterday, sorry if that's not enough information.




will take a look.


Anybody knows how to get Kath's submission up?





two weeks for me to get some real free time.


>touch one seemingly completely unrelated part of the code

>bugs flare up else-fucking-where




what happened?


Hey,will Rebecc ever be your lover? or follower?



No plans on my side, but that shouldn't stop people from writing it.



nothing actually, I was just wondering about all these bugs constantly showing up with each new version



A lot of bugs come from merging in revamp changes. Sometimes whatever merging software is used isn't very smart, sometimes there are changes to how things work and so things in this mod have to be manually changed to match the new system, sometimes there's just a bug in the revamp changes.

And then sometimes the bugs are older bugs that just haven't been caught before.


File: 89fd2eca69e9ad1⋯.jpg (15.7 KB, 228x222, 38:37, 15781245_10154397517223068….jpg)

Is there any list that shows you which ones can become followers/lovers/slaves? You know…just to avoid trying with pretty much every NPC



That's a list of followers/slaves/lovers for the base game, I can't think of any additional ones we have.




There's also the NPCs tab on the revamp wiki



So I didn't know ceraph could be a slave, I killed her a long time ago lol. Where do I edit my save to make it so I never met her again?



I believe you can edit or reset NPCs on the Debug Menu


that being said,its kind of hard to make her your follower,you need to feed her often and most Uncorrupted Followers might leave you if she joins you



How do I open that up, only debug thing im finding is the debug info one, no idea what to put in for that



Type DEBUG with your keyboard anywhere and it should open,I advise to do it in the main menu of your Campsite however



I'm guessing its flag editor, whats the number for unkill ceraph lol?


I googled for it but and set meeting her to zero but haven't run into her for 2 days.


"The lusty dragon-maid dips a digit inside your depths before commenting, “Not bad, I guess.”

Dragon-maid?? Kobayashi reference?? (Upon choosing "loving hug" option with Kiha)


"sliding her hands into your Ebonweave thong and grabbing your flat breasts."

It should be bra not thong (during scissors with valk)

Should I point them out or am I being a grammar Nazi?


Hey guys, didn't played the game since the update where a based anon made ou possible to have sox with helspawn.

So i wanted to ask if there's a mobil version of the last update, i'm pretty bored at my work and i could use something to pass time


There's a bug when using the Minotaur blood, it doesn't show the effect when you drink it



Can you upload your save? Haven't been able to reproduce it.


Probably a result of writing laziness, since the player may not be wearing a bra(or any clothing at all).


The manga, maybe, but Kiha is quite older than the anime.


It's in the mega link. You need a mobile flash player, which you can find on the google play store quite easily.



>Can you upload your save? Haven't been able to reproduce it.

It's okay now after I restart my rig



It's using maid as a shortening of maiden, though this isn't correct since Kiha is not a virgin.



Thanks, i downloader the mobile version on méga, and i got adobe Reader but it dosn't open it

Should i try another app or i did i simply did it the wrong way?



No but there should be


Would it be excessively difficult to add a pregnancy risk to the tentapussy scene?



what would the character be pregnant with, though?



Since it's a tentacle cock, it could be a tentacle monster of some sort. Or it could be based on what kind creature the PC is - human or whatever morph they are. It just seems silly that a character that can both knock up and be knocked up can't impregnate themselves.

Or the offspring could be some kind of abomination. I dunno.



main issue is that humans don't grow in days or weeks like other creatures, so that is a bit of a problem to implement.

I'll think of something, and if it ends up being good I'll try to implement it.


Doesn't CoC's lore answer that question though, that things grow up much faster than they normally should, or am I thinking of a different game?



most creatures in Mareth grow up faster, but there's no humans around, and Ingnam implies that humans are just regular humans.


So is there a way for a female character to grow just a penis without any other bodily side-effects?



Maybe I read into it wrong. I had thought the insinuation was that things grow faster just for being in Mareth irrespective of origin, not strictly just entities from Mareth.

Either way, maybe that could work for what you're trying to do?



Can't remember what the stipulations are beyond saving at least once with said kind of character, but there is an unlock that allows you to start a new character as a chick with a dick. Not the greatest solution, but beyond save editing, I'm not sure there's another way without going through some additional TF's.



Switching on Hyper Happy in the options should prevent shrinkage and genital removal from items like incubus draft. Don't know if it also affects masculinity/femininity changes, but that's easy enough to fix at the salon.


I can't seem to increase Katherine's submissiveness more than 4…


Nvm,got 7 on Kath submissiveness now



Isnt Isabelle from a different world like you are/were but she changed because she ate shit from Mareth? Cant she get preggers and shit out a fast growing kid?




Nah her pregnancy is normal for a human and she just pops out regular human kids that grow regularly.




That's what I already thought, too.


I don't think there's much discussion either way, but it makes a lot more sense for everything to develop quickly, rather than for humans to somehow be magically immune to whatever influence causes everything else to grow quickly.


It largely depends on how much work you wanted to put into it.

One thing that depressed me about this game is just how little tentacle content there is. One furry tentacle scene with corrupt Jojo, one shitty herm-centric tentacle monster in the forest, and the corrupt Marae rape scenes.

There's also virtually no non-furry corruption content, since interaction with most of the demons is pretty limited. I mean, there are a few interactable NPCs, but compared to the furry characters their content and interactivity is pretty much zero. So, idea time!

One option would be to limit tentapussy to high corruption, which I think makes sense, if there's a risk of pregnancy. Knocking yourself up doesn't seem to be the sort of thing a pure (or sane) character would do, which limits it to the depraved and corrupt ones. If you wanted to avoid the human question, you could do my other idea, which is to have the PC give birth to some kind of tentacle spawn, possibly with the explanation that the sheer degree of corruption implicit in such an act warped your offspring into some kind of unearthly abomination.

That, in itself, is pretty easy to write; you'd need to modify the tentapussy writing and logic slightly and add a new pregnancy type/progression/birth scene.

If you wanted to take it further, you could make it so there's a possibility of encountering this (new) species in close-by areas (forest? lake?). They could become more powerful over time, making them a scalable encounter of sorts, though obviously there would be some kind of upper limit on how strong they got. Would also make for a non-furry "raped by your own kids" option, since the only other content like that is minotaurs.

Finally, if you wanted to really dial it up, it could be a corruption progression arc for the PC, where they can inadvertently (or deliberately) breed more of these things. A good number of existing character progressions could theoretically be modified to interact with your starspawn - which ones, and how, are pretty much up in the air, but anyone living in remote and relatively unprotected places that isn't basically godlike in power could be fair game. That could vary from adding throwaway scenes with them being raped and/or fighting the things (and wondering where they came from) to full on alternate corruption arcs.

I dunno if any of this is a really good idea, but I'm just kind of thinking out loud, here. Maybe someone else can butcher critique this and help make it into something worth adding into the game.


Is anybody else running the game under linux and unable to save?

I've tried running the game as root. but that doesn't work either.



How do I download? Moonrunes aren't convenient.



it's a pretty interesting idea, but writing it would be a bit of a pain. Gotta see if I can muster the will to do it when I get some free time. I've pretty much given up on one of my ideas for a quest(despite writing a bit of it) because it just didn't feel right.


the cum witch is regaining health when i hit her(its okay guys shes a futa) with a melee attack (beatiful sowrd)



>its okay guys shes a futa

why would that matter?


sorry my bad it seems i can't read I used to beat her (non-violently) while playing on revamp and she didn't do that cum on wound thing so it was new to me



Oh, it's always depressing when that happens.

If you want, I could try taking a stab at editing your idea (or the writing for it) to see if it can be massaged into something that will fit in better.

Likewise, if you do want to work on my idea, I can help with editing that. I rarely write, but I can edit things easily.



Not sure if it might be different for Linux though I doubt that, but hard saves don't work in browsers anymore. Use a stand-alone flash player instead. Follow the link below and choose the "Flash Player projector" for your OS…




I'm fine with adding stuff that may not fit CoC thematically too much(hell, the Manor is very different from the rest of the game) but it's more about not feeling that spark of inspiration when writing and coding. It's just "meh".

It may also have to do with the fact I'm plain getting tired of working on CoC all the time. May need to fuck around with some other games for a while.


Is there anyway to turn off the greyed out options for certain sex scenes so they don't appear?



Not that I'm aware of, though it's also a Revamp feature, so it might be better to request it on the Revamp's Trello unless OtherCoCAnon can add a toggle for it.



I can't remove Ceraph's fetishes. It plays through the dialog after enslaving her and I get the stat penalties for removing them but I'm still stuck not being able to attack enemies and such. Would using the CoCed do this?



will fix.





Jesus dat haste. Genuinely didn't expect that. Many thanks anon, works fine now. I'm getting a bit addicted to this game again so I'll let you know if I find any more bugs



please do. Bugs are sneaky but generally easy to fix.


Nothing beats players for play-testing and bug-hunting.



>I'm plain getting tired of working on CoC all the time

Nigger you're gonna burn out, why are you even working on it so much?


Is the Ghoul ever going to be anything special or is it just a way to get ectoplasm without having to deal with weird inflation fetish ghost.



not my work, so dunno, but probably not.


How do I write new content? Is there any basic format?



Aye, what number do I put in the flag editor to unkill ceraph? Didn't know I could do more with her so I just killed her a long time ago in my save. Changing meeting her for the first time didn't bring her back.



you can check the fenoxo forums(submissions board) for a guide. If you look back in the previous threads there's also some other examples.


flag 2657. Should be 1, set it to 0.


it can be fun sometimes.



I have a player to use off browser I just don't know how to actually save the thing to my hard drive.



Can't help you there, never even seen what Linux is even suppose to look like, let alone ran a rig on it. Is it really that much different from Windows?



Still, the editing offer stands.

A lot of good writers have trouble (or hate) editing, and vice versa.



I run Windows. I just want to know how to save the game to my hard drive.


Click on "Data", then "Save to File". Then, once the save dialog box pops up, enter a name in for the file and click on "Save".



Where does it say data on the fore UI? I'm talking about the dress up game and wanting the full thing to be able to run without a browser. Maybe I'm just not getting it.



Ah. Sorry, friend. Seems I had you mixed up with the guy with the save/load problems and replied to your posts by mistake. My apologies.


A question, what does the Abyssal Shard do and is it related to that Lethicite crystal that has 100k health?



If you destroy the crystal, you'll weaken the necromancer.

You can use the shard to get to an optional boss battle.



I can't seem to beat that crystal. Every turn it does 30+ lust damage, and I can only do about 36, so I never get it above 220 lust before game over.



Managed to beat the Necromancer, had juggling 3 different groups of baddies. But exactly where do I use the shard?


And like this guy says, I couldn't figure out the way to shatter the crystal either. Any tips?



There is a dead end ion the mansion where you can use that shard at 8 pm i think…



Yeah, use in the chamber after 8pm. Infinite horror messes with your stats and has 100k health. Hmm.



It's a lust fight, so you probably shouldn't bother if your lust resistance isn't high. And if you've beaten the necromancer, there's nothing to gain from it.


File: 12f4f864bfdc60e⋯.gif (935.45 KB, 497x478, 497:478, 12f4f864bfdc60e056c28dd79a….gif)


So guys, i tried every Flash Player i could to make it work, and not even one worked.

Since i couldn't make it work as a flash, i tried to convert it as a .apk, but it still dosn't work, it just show a black screen with a orange "Loading", and then the same black screen but with a orange "Failed".

I'm kinda out of idea, and i really want to play this game on my phone.

Can you guys help me with that?

I got a Samsung Grand Prime.



You're using a mobile version right? I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't work either way. Might want to troubleshoot by looking up similar problems with people trying to get swf files to work. Otherwise if it doesn't run it doesn't run.



If you're NOT on a mobile, make sure you have the non-mobile version and try with IrfanView. (Available to DL free online.)



i got no problem playing it on my computer.

I want to play it on my phone because i'm bored as fuck at my work, and i need something to occupy me for hours.



Did you look up issues with swf files on your phone model? Try that and if nothing then you're probably out of luck. Why would you be browsing this stuff at work anyway? Just play games.



i did everything i could think of, i even uploaded the game on swfchan to play it on a downloaded browser for my phone, but it still didn't work

so yeah, i guess i'm out of luck, exept if someone got another idea…

Dude, phones games are either shit, or super repetitives, and i'm not gonna play fucking minecraft on my phone

i like this game because of all the shit you can do and how you can be basically anything, also i like long-ass text-games.

I DL-ed a game called "Fallen london" and for now it's quite interesting, even if it's another of thoses "you gotta wait 4 hours to get back your action points" game



I think you're up shit creek then. While I can't blame you for wanting a fun game to play at work, I can't really say that CoC is your best alternative. I'm sure that there's better alternatives out there that actually have better gameplay.





Hey, thanks to Revamp wizardry it's now possible to add sprites without needing .fla editors, meaning that, if someone here is kind enough to create them, it's possible to add sprites for the /hgg/ additions.



Mobilefag here. It works fine for me. This is what you need to do for this to work:

>Download Adobe AIR of the Play Store. After it's downloaded, you can just forget about it.

>Next, download any old SWF Player off the Play Store. I recommend "SWF Player Free." Should be your first result.

>Download your desired SWF.

>Use your SWF player to find your file boot it up.


Just so you know, when you boot up the mod, the screen will be black for a while until the game loads. Just be patient.


File: 98afad0e26b5011⋯.png (708.4 KB, 583x649, 53:59, Redy.png)


Many thanks. The history function will help a bunch for the kind of player I am. Keep up the good work.


File: bec9125d1bb8018⋯.jpg (235.84 KB, 1280x1419, 1280:1419, latest.jpg)

File: bc5e5aa8b08644d⋯.png (496.07 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, bc5.png)

Just finished for the first time, so I might as well write some thoughts.

Good stuff included the battle and stat system. It's simple but it doesn't need to be overly complicated.

Exploring is simple but for the life of me I couldn't trigger the chicken harpie to buy a black egg, so I just cheated one into my backpack. I walked through there over 150 times and no luck.

Storyline of being thrown into a hostile world reminds me of Berserk. Goblin is like "You're gonna fuck me now big boy" and my guy just stands there and swings down his huge fuck off blade.

The girls, oh damn the waifus are damn good. Isabella is not too bad, Marble is sweet when you finally purify her, proving to be a knight worthy of Phylla, keeping Shouldra company, even if she is mischievous, Valeria is into some weird stuff so I didn't do much with her. Sophie's not too bad and it's pleasing to dick obedience into the latex goo girl. Also giving the bath girl her ability to walk again. Jojo's good for a clean path and Rathazul always helps in some way.

I wish there was a way to get the Gargoyle (Demona, heh) and Shelia to join you but I can understand their circumstances.

But the reptile girls, ahhh, so good. Kiha and her repeated attempts at fending you off, so you just stand your ground and talk and she warms up to you. And later the simply act of a hug sends her off embarrassed. Never gets old.

Finding Ember's egg then forming affection from sparring and eventually dicking the tsun temporality out of her.

But Helia… You dick her first when you beat her and you keeping dicking her after that. You dick her with that minotaur and then if you tell her to stay only with you, you dick her twice as much. You eventually get her father and you get her at camp finally, you continue to dick her and she becomes in love with you (and your dick) that you eventually dick a child out of her that you raise while still dicking her.

It took a fuck lot of dickings to tame a salamander but god damn if I wasn't impressed by Helia's storyline. If I had to rebuild my camp again after ascending, I'd go and grab Helia as quick as I could. I really did like her and just how smitten she is with the champion. "Hey there, lover-mine."

I also have no idea weither any of the above counted as furry, as some of the descriptions were ambiguous at best describing facial features. Also a reason I didn't go after Urta or any of the furry stuff in the city. Soon as I heard Arian moaning my name, stopped that quest line dead. Also avoided the gay orc and a few other people.

The bad stuff and like, where to bloody start. Think the number one problem is that only the worms content is gated off, the transformation, futa, furry, tentacles, gay, and other perverted shit are all standard. Where in Slavemaker or Free Cities you can turn these off to a degree, here it's all in the open.

There's just so much shit as well to wade through in terms of content fenoxo and the other furry faggots put in. But still, a pure run is possible but you're still missing a good amount of scenes they probably spent hours writing and masturbating over.

Worst part is if you haven't played this before and you don't know what some stuff does. Whoops, visited the wrong showers, now you're being buggered by a furry fuck with a horse cock.

I don't know how TiTS is going but if they've got someone like Helia and a pure path available, it might be worth a look.

But jesus man, you know someone's jacking off to a kitsune fox boy fucking a Minotaur with his 9 inch cock. And that's probably the worse aspect.

Also good luck to the various modders, you'll need it to wade through furry faggotry this deep.



yeah, Helia besto girl.

>The bad stuff and like, where to bloody start. Think the number one problem is that only the worms content is gated off, the transformation, futa, furry, tentacles, gay, and other perverted shit are all standard.

I think worms are gated for grossness, not perversion. The game is all about degeneracy, after all.

>I don't know how TiTS is going but if they've got someone like Helia and a pure path available, it might be worth a look.

All girls are pretty meh in general, in my opinion. There's a dog-girl early on that's a bit fun but nothing much.

There's also no corruption in TiTS. It's mostly about being renegade or paragon, in a way.


out of curiosity, how many scenes react to the PC having a small dick?



not many. "small dick" in Mareth means less than 9 inches, so it's kinda pointless.

Isabella and the centaur guard lady in Tel'Adre do mention if your dick isn't huge, though.



>tfw small dicks are your fetish

fuck me then i guess, at least I still get to be a shota



I see. Thanks.



Isabella, Centaur guard lady, Amily (required to do the dong with her), and Sophie are all who I can think of when it come to small dicks.



Sunara and the drider talks about your baby imp dick. for the drider you can fuck her ovipositor. i think the yellow kitsune has a scene if you lose to her. but i never lose so im not sure



Actual scenes specifically for small cocks:

Sophie (<5 inches), Izumi (<4 inches), Rogar (<4 inches, but it's only a scene about refusing anal sex)

Scenes where the dialogue or text mentions your small cock (at least a full line, not just a 1-2 word description or something), but the scene is otherwise the same as a normal/large cock:

Callu (<6 inches, shota only), generic goblin encounter (<5 inches, shota only), Cotton (<4 inches), incubus mechanic (<6 inches), Lottie (<4 inches), Rubi (<4 inches), Nieve (<6 inches)

Isabella's scenes make it -sound- like she's into little boys and small cocks, but the trigger is actually "9 inches or less", so you could have a giant cock and the scenes will treat it like it's tiny and adorable. I have no idea what the logic behind that is.



People working on revamp had been talking about getting the Gargoyle to move to your camp then Savin started bitching and killed it



why the fuck do people even care about what Savin has to say, as if anything major would ever come out of some autist pursuing legal action over use of some porn character that he doesn't even have any legal holdings on solely because he doesn't like the way its used, and thats assuming he even takes it that far to begin with

seriously, just fuck savin for ruining so much fan content



it's not about legal action. It's about the Revamp thread being hosted in the Fenoxo forums, where he's a administrator.




Does anyone really still care about what this hack is saying?

He is worse then fenoxo and fenoxo is already shit with his waifus needing to be dom on PC.

Savin creates normal girl characters, well from personality and you are not allowed to fuck them in the vag out of some reasons, maybe he feels they are his shitty wafus alone or something.

What the heck is wrong with him.



At first I was just gonna say that they should get rid of said thread, but then it dawned upon me that it's not that simple

Don't understand why Savin cares so much about how other people expand upon his characters, it's not as if J.R.R Tolkien throws a giant fit whenever someone makes LotR fanfiction. Really, if other people using his characters triggers his autism that much, he should just keep shit to himself - why bother going out of the way to share what you've made, especially if its something like a story or character other people are going to want to use and expand upon, if you're just going to start bitching whenever people do so? Same goes for artists that get mad when people draw lewds of their characters, but I digress



i just realized tolkien is dead, but my point still stands


cant we replace gargoyle with an automaton or golem girl?? Any similarities will be purely coincidental…


File: a749c0d53b00753⋯.png (1.79 MB, 3200x1800, 16:9, OtherCoCAnon1.1.8.14-Acced….png)

File: bc55e5af7b2be36⋯.png (1.38 MB, 3200x1800, 16:9, OtherCoCAnon1.1.8.14-UnAcc….png)

File: 3cde4e5d276e492⋯.png (1.59 MB, 3200x1800, 16:9, OtherCoCAnon1.1.8.15-Accen….png)

File: ae81d137561367c⋯.png (1.54 MB, 3200x1800, 16:9, OtherCoCAnon1.1.8.15-UnAcc….png)

File: a18b5aafdbcb291⋯.swf (4.92 KB, COC-SAVES.swf)

I am not shure if this is really a bug or just my system acting up. When using the last version (14) the map is displayed correctly however the newest one (15) complains about broken lines. Clearing the history option didn't help. I have archived the revelant saves via 7zip and then changed the extension to .swf so that I could embed them.




Wow, what a shit story.



>this is your brain on monstergirls


So for some reason I can't find Tel Andre, any idea why?



And right after I say this, I found it after 4 days on searching the desert.



It has a pretty low find chance for some reason.



most likely merge issues. Will fix.



nope, not a merge issue, because that's a bug in Revamp too lel




it's fixed. It wasn't line breaks or anything like that.

The parser the game uses reads tags like [face], [cock], [legs] and such and replaces it with the proper text. Dungeons maps have "[ ]" as pseudo-icons. These maps use the rawOutputText function to basically tell the engine to ignore the parser and print everything as-is. A recent Revamp change(probably the history thing) changed rawOutputText by accident, causing it to be parsed. It doesn't recognize any "[ ]" or "[P]" tags, so it shits the bed.



Well that was anti climatic. Now I should hopefully be able to speed run so I can accend again seeing as the map is back. I deleted my post as I realised it was worthless.


I didn't played for long and i don't know what changed since the last time i played, but i wanted to make a new game starting a corrupted male character, to have a harem full of slave and corrupted characters

So, since the CoC wiki dosn't give informations on everyone, i wanted to know if there was any changes on characters since the last time i played.

So, last time i played:

Jojo could be corrupted

Amily could be corrupted

Sophie could be corrupted

Ember could be kinda corrupted

Vapala could be enslaved

Ceraph could be enslaved

Bath Girl was just a slave

Latex goo girl was just a slave

Helspawn still didn't have any sex scene

Kiha couldn't be corrupted

Helia couldn't be corrupted

Marble couldn't be corrupted

Izma couldn't be corrupted

Isabella couldn't be corrupted

Phylla couldn't be corrupted

Arian couldn't be corrupted

And Shouldra neither

And if i remember well you could still corrupt Kelt

So, was there any changes since last time played, like news slaves or news corruptible characters/followers?



there's sex scenes with Helspawn now, but I'm afraid there hasn't been any corruption expansions.



Welp, i guess that aspect of the game didn't changed THAT much.

But at least i can finally get on with best grill Helspawn


I see that there is a lack of physical special attacks and magic for human only/Pladin builds, hopefully these will be of use. I know coding them will likely be a pain and (I don't have coding back ground as such, more of a scriptor).There doesn't seem to be a easy to find list of all the veriables also I can't seem to find most of the perks so that I could have used a more suitable baseline. I have only been able to find CoCAnon_mod\classes\classes\Perks.

These can either be /hgg/ exlusive (probably would be seeing as the damage code differents may cause issues) or be contrubuted back ot the base mode, in that case feel free to take the majority of the credit due to porting and such. I have a feel that it can't be this "simple".

Modified Perklist WIP: https://ghostbin.com/paste/njye9

Special Attacks:


Whirlwind (Perk)

Allows a single attempt at a 360 spin with the current weapon

Uses STR (1.5),SPD (1.5) and toughness (1.5) but at a cost of 50 Fatigue. Requires: Hold With Both Hands. Rquires level 10 plus 25 STR and 25 SPD. Has a chance (e.g. 5%) to stress the muscles. of PC, adding 15% of Fatigue cost to the current total and reducing STR by 5-10% (Based off max STR at the time of execution, with higher numbers reducing it) for a few turns.

WIP code: https://ghostbin.com/paste/a9q3f

Whirlwind 2 (Perk)

A much stronger (2.0 of all calculation stats) version but now uses 85 Fatigue. Requires level 20 and Whirlwind 1 plus 50 stength and 50 SPD . 2% greater chance and the same effects as the previous version. (e.g. Now a 7% )

WIP code: https://ghostbin.com/paste/emgoc

Whirlwind 3

Provides a 10% chance (toughness based) to perform a second Whirlwind per turn. Requires Whirlwind 1,2 and level 30 plus 75 STR and 75 SPD. 2% greater chance and the same effects as the previous version.

WIP code: https://ghostbin.com/paste/kdxzh


Charge shoulder first at target with no regard for defense, casuing damage,a reduction in defense and a chance to stun.

However there is a chance to miss leaving oneself wide open.

Uses STR (1.5),SPD (1.5) and toughness (1.5) at a cost of 50 Fatigue. Requires level 10 and a STR of 25.

WIP code: https://ghostbin.com/paste/ujoqa


10% chance to knock the target down for a short while which reduces defense and leaves them wide open but at a cost of 100 Fatigue. 2% greater chance and the same effects as the inital version. Requires ShoulderCharge, be level 25 and have STR of 50.

WIP code: https://ghostbin.com/paste/gvsc5


Attempt to trip the target via a crouched side kick and carry through to the legs.

Uses STR (1.1) and (1.1) SPD at a cost of 5 Fatigue. Has a chance to cause the user to fall reducing defense and leaving them wide open. Req: SPD 20, STR 20.

WIP code: https://ghostbin.com/paste/w6wpb

Magical (White)


Using Intelligence (1.5) an attempt is made to overload the senses of the target thus causing lust damage while also locking them in place and a percentage reduction (Intelligence based) in SPD for a number of turns. Has a chance to backfire with the full force of it being transfered to the player and a short stun due to confusion over the newness. Costs 25 Fatigue. Requires INT >50, being higher than level 25 in addition to both Focused Mind and Improved Self-Control.

WIP code: https://ghostbin.com/paste/q8psm



does whirlwind hit multiple enemies??


Is "SenoryOverload" a misspelling, or am I missing something?



Originally no and I don't want to make coding it even harder. However if it isn't too hard to code that in it would be nice as an optional extra.


Yes it's a misspelling, it should be SensoryOverload.



Wait, Helspawn has sex scenes now?

How the hell do you access them in that case?



Oh nvm, just had to do it on a character that didn't already have Helspawn unlocked.


Can you bimbofy Jojo after corrupting him, or do you need to make a choice between corrupted Jojo or bimbo Jojo?



it's an either/or situation.


I do like the idea of more physical attacks in general, but I don't want for them to be level up based. I personally like when level up perks improve the character's stats, and gameplay perks give the player new abilities.

I think it would make sense for Izumi and Izma to teach the player some new moves, for example.



Feel free to make the revelant changes. How about a perk that increases both the max stats cap from 250 to 300 for example and another that increases the first ascension skill cap from 125 to 150 or so?






finally a way to get halloween and thanksgiving events outside of their respective holidays.



The way I see it is white magic works is external, black magic internal. For example, Charge Weapon boost your damage by enchanting your weapon while Might boosts your damage (and health) by buffing your body. Whitefire burns an enemy while Arouse puts lust into their mind. Blind works through a flash of light not directly damaging the eyes. Heal restores your body's health through the same idea as Might. That's why Blackfire is a terrible spell. Not only is it simply a better version of Whitefire, but it doesn't fit how black magic is supposed to work. Personally, I would remove it entirely. If black magic is going to have a damage spell it should work on the internals of the mind or body. In that line of thinking, I would either rework how Sensory Overload works or just make it a black magic spell. It would also give black magic a lockdown like white magic has but that works differently. If it was a white magic spell, it should summon illusions and images that overload the target's senses instead of directly affecting them. Other ideas for spells that work in this paradigm would be:

White magic:

- summons a number of illusions increasing your evade chance

- some sort of DoT (or maybe just change the Immolation perk to make Whitefire apply a DoT)

Black magic:

- either increases your chance to flee by making you run fast or is simply an improved method of run that can backfire which maybe would work by making you levitate or fly temporarily

- Keen; increases speed and critical hit chance for the fight by improving the caster's eyesight and reflexes

- a lockdown like SensoryOverload or some sort of hypnosis which could be learned from Dominika

I would also say there should be one "ultimate spell" for each school that you need 100+ intelligence to learn. I can't really think of anything, but maybe an instant kill with bosses being immune. Also there should be some way for each school to have access to an AoE which should be damage based for white magic and lust based for black magic. The way I see it this could either be through a perk that changes Arouse and Whitefire to deal damage in an AoE but I'm not sure how the damage should be balanced. Just making it evenly divide the damage between enemies might make it too weak for certain fights. I'm going to look into coding this shit later since it's late, but I just wanted to write down some ideas I had.


*Added a way to get the Fera halloween encounter outside of halloween time. The player must consume a certain number of pumpkin seeds; 4 for the first encounter and 4 more for the second.

Pumpkin seeds may be acquired by:

>Fucking flowers in the corrupted glade and having large(250+ should be enough) cum volume.

>Getting impregnated by plant-y things. This includes Tentacle Beasts, Corrupted Glade Vines and yourself, if you have a tentacle cock and a pussy. Keep in mind that the seed won't be acquired if you don't have a slot in your inventory when you do "birth" the seed; I'll have to find a way to fix this.

*Added a way to get the Turkey Thanksgiving encounter outside of Thanksgiving time. The player must have at least fifteen food items in his chest(not inventory) when waiting at camp. Food items include:

Black Cat Beer, Cum Bread, Cupcake, Fish Fillet, Frothy Beer, God's Mead, Hard Biscuit, Izma's Milk, Marble's Milk, Prison Bread, Phouka Whiskey, Pro Mead, Pure Peach, Sheep's Milk, Trail Mix, Bee's Honey, Boar Truffle, Bulby Pepper, Canine Pepper, Double Pepper, Fox Berry, Ferret Fruit, Goblin Ale, Hummus, Imp Food, Kanga Fruit, Knotty Pepper, Mouse Cocoa, Pig Truffle, Pure Honey, Purple Fruit, Salamander Firewater, Satyr Wine, Whisker Fruit, Wolf Pepper, all types of eggs, Pumpkin Seed…

Pretty clever way of doing it. Nice work.



>Personally, I would remove it entirely.

I'm all for it, but I'd like more feedback here before doing it.



Not that anon, but I feel like having a powerful black magic damage spell that isn't like Whitefire would be good.




Personally whitefire seems to be much stronger than blackfire. Is blackfire's strength tied to the amount of current lust or libio? Also why would casing it increase fatigure rather than lust which is against the lore of black magic. I would be fine it was gone as I don't use it at all really. Also good work on providing extremely logical means for the special seasonal events. It personally makes the world more believable when restrictions are changed biased of off reality rather than the usual "it is a video game, deal with it".


I'm in favour of removing Blackfire.

If black magic has a direct damage spell, in my opinion it should be significantly weaker than Whitefire, but really I don't think there should be that much overlap between the two types of magic in the first place.

Black magic can get some improved offensive potential in other ways, if needed/wanted. Random ideas:

* A debuff that increases the damage the enemy takes (maybe scaling with their current lust, or yours)

* Pushing your own lust close to the limit to convert your opponent's lust to damage

* Burning debuffs on the enemy to cause damage (though I'm not sure debuffs are widely available enough for that)

Just something that makes it distinct, so it's most useful in a different set of circumstances than Whitefire is.




>Helia besto girl

I think Savin said Helia keeps fucking everything that moves even after her questline and having a kid.

I remember someone asking a question about it on the helspawn doc. There was a line about seeing Helia fuck minotaurs having an influence on her being slutty. Since you can tell Helia to stop fucking mino's it didn't make any since.

He said she does keep fucking everything, but the mino thing was for the people who don't stop it.



>Getting impregnated by plant-y things. This includes Tentacle Beasts, Corrupted Glade Vines and yourself, if you have a tentacle cock and a pussy. Keep in mind that the seed won't be acquired if you don't have a slot in your inventory when you do "birth" the seed; I'll have to find a way to fix this.

I hope this won't negate any other kind of plant pregnancy - not that the game has any at the moment, but the complete inability to birth tentacle monsters is quite disappointing. >>96859 had one of my ideas - I have several - about where the game could go with that idea; in general, I stand by my position that there is nowhere near enough non-furry corruption content in CoC.

Another deranged idea, taking the "pumpkin seeds" idea and extending it a bit, is this:

Make pumpkin seeds only possible from fucking the corrupt glades (this way, my other idea with tentacle monster impregnation is still viable from fucking tentacle beasts or tentapussy), but when you birth them, you get the option to keep the seed, plant it, or destroy it. If you keep it you can plant it later; if you get enough of them at once, you encounter Fera. Planting them would basically be a way to grow a protective barrier that would stop demon invasions - basically your own corrupt garden of plant tentacles. This would grow very slowly (maybe 100+ days if you only planted one seed), with a small bonus to base growth rate for every additional seed you planted, up to 10 or so. Maybe if you plant 10 seeds, it only takes 50 days, instead of 100. However, you could also go and fuck the plants once they sprouted, kind of like how the PC can fuck Holli, which would both boost the growth rate and give the PC more seeds to use as they see fit.

This could also become a possible source of a new dark magic ability: tentacle bomb. This would consume pumpkin seeds, but would be a powerful lust attack with entangling; the PC would infuse a seed with lust and magical energy and throw it at the enemy - if they hit, the seed instantly sprouts, envelopes the enemy, and rapes them for a few turns (until the plant dies - making it grow so fast would also make it only live a few minutes). If you fail normally you just miss, but if you fail critically, the plant rapes you, instead.

Anyway, this would let 100% corruption characters have a way to grow a barrier using a mixture of their own perversity and lust, instead of having to rely on Marae's lethicite or whatnot.



Check out >>99246 - let me know your thoughts.

You also never indicated whether or not my offer of editing would be helpful.



The idea of letting the player birth tentacle beasts is not off the table, but I want it to be a bit more involved.

I don't really see the point in more camp defense, since the encounter is rare as it is and it's pretty easy to beat anyway.

I like the idea of a constrict ability that's tied to a limited use item.

As for the editing, there's no need to put too much effort into writing or developing. I prefer to keep this "loose". If something I wrote doesn't work, meh, I'll give it time and see what happens.


File: 588c64ba457fec5⋯.png (181.61 KB, 535x466, 535:466, 1466022013023.png)


Actually, i played hours and hours of the game, and not even once i've been attacked by imps in the camp.

So basically, either you should up the chances so camp defense can be usefull, or you leave it at it.

For the constrict ability, i think you could do the same skill that Kazuma in Konosuba got.

Basically, as long as he got a rope, he can use magic to use tie anyone/anything as long as the rope is strong enough to contain their strenght/weight.

You could make it more limited by making the spell use one rope everytimes, but you will have to make the number of rope stackable, and foundable/buyable (like nails).

It could also be interesting to make differents kinds of ropes.

Like, if you go to Tel'Adre, they sell normals and better ropes great for constricting enemies (they can constrict them longer).

But if you go buy some rope to the Bizarre

Bazar, it will be things like bondages ropes/barbed ropes, either building lust, or damages while the enemy is constricted, but it wouldn't last as long as normals/better ropes.

What do you think about it?



Played for 3 days straight, got 120 days in and not attacked once.


If you are significantly corrupted do the imps have a higher chance of appearing? Does having vapula in the camp increase the odds of being raped by the imps.



They can be something in the base to fuck followers and lovers with, maybe corrupting them, and an option for masturbation.


How are you supposed to win multi-enemy fights? As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be any AoE abilities and in my latest playthrough I'm a mage so if there were any I'd imagine I should have access to them. The only possible way I think I'd be able to beat the Phoenix Platoon or Vapula is by just overlevelling the shit out of myself for the fight which seems like a weird way of dealing with things.

Am I missing something or does this feature just feel kind of silly?



The old tactic of focusing on target at a time should work quite well. Blind is probably the best spell to have.


Playing using a recent save (version and I seem to be only able to be impregnated by the tentacle beasts during a loss scene.

2 for 2 when loss by lust with 40% fertility.

2 for 2 when loss by damage with 40% fertility.

2 for 2 when submit with 85% fertility (Fera's Boon)

0 for 20 when win by lust with 40% fertility (sated every time).

0 for 10 when win by lust 85% fertility (Fera's Boon) (sated every time)

Female PC, have not tried herm PC but I expect similar results.

Not yet corrupt enough to try the glade….working on it….

Other thoughts regarding tentacle beasts…..

I get the idea of the thorn injection to cause the PC to create more fluids. More fluids = more food, it is using you to feed itself after all. What seems counterproductive to me is the subsequent ocean of fluid the beast fills and covers you with. Do they all suffer from Bulimia Nervosa?

I know the TB has always been a frontal assault type of monster, but it seems to me it would make a better stealth type opponent. A trip and grapple hazard while exploring, or a night time visitor to camp (without using thorns to wake PC). The PC could have a dream sequences of nipples being sucked if lactating. Cunnilingus, Fellatio from an ex lover, Anal sex / prostate massage etc depending upon equipment. Everything feeling so real… PC could experience thirst, increased sensitivity, increased lactation, increased semen/pre/vaginal wetness etc. Drawing the Beast back to feed again.

PC could notice sucker marks on body, soreness, fatigue not completely restored .

Depending upon intelligence PC could determine cause and feign sleep to catch the beast, or Orgasm / awaken during feeding and choose to fight, remain "asleep" and let it have it's way, or catch it in the act and show it mercy feed it caress it etc. leads to eventual consentacle sex



"Involved", meaning what? I'm happy to hash out the idea further, and possibly contribute some code/writing, if I can make time. I do have experience with both, but I'm also pretty busy.

Re. camp defense, I think that's actually another part of the game that's desperately underserved. There are quite a few threats I can think of that could attack the player's encampment:

-Single goblins. They nose around and are semi-predatory; they'd make a good "early game" defense challenge.

-Tam's daughters, once there are enough of them.

-Hellhounds. Obviously they favor the mountains, but it's plausible one would track the player's scent home from the mountains on occasion. A good place to hook into would be the "it's a miracle nothing attacked you, with the sexual smell you're emitting" text you get randomly in the mountains.

-Minotaurs. It's pretty common lore for creatures like that to do raids from their mountain hideouts to capture/rape women. Also the minotaur sons could decide to track down their mom for a little "family visit".

-Ivory succubi, or whatever they're called, but only if PC has a cock.

-Possibly tentacle beasts, but only if something caused them to leave the forest. It might be good to revamp TBs anyway, since the experience you get for defeating them is way out of line with how much HP they have. I always got the feeling that they were kind of thrown in half-finished and never touched since.



Thorn idea is interesting, but frankly the whole "feed on sexual fluids" concept in general is pretty stupid. Semen isn't all that nutritious, and vaginal fluids are less so. I always felt like ideas like that were some coward's cop-out where they don't want to admit that rapist monsters are probably using women (or men) to reproduce, since breeding is "Icky" but still want sex-crazed monsters. Stupid all around.

One variation that does let you combine the two is to have creatures like that incapable of creating their own sperm, so they basically corrupt other creatures' sperm to impregnate their female prey. That explains several things:

1. Why they attack men - to harvest sperm from them, which they'd store away for later use

2. Whey they attack women - to impregnate them in order to reproduce

3. Whey they love herms - because then it's kind of a "one-stop shop" for breeding, since they can harvest your sperm, adapt it, and immediately use it to knock you up with their own spawn.

Another idea I forgot to include in >>99445 is to have multiple growth stages for TBs - like baby, adolescent, and adult, similar to the various types of goblins and imps. In that case, it actually makes sense for the baby ones to be stealthy, since they're not strong enough to directly attack. They'd sneak into encampments and prey on the weak, the sleeping, and the sick. Adolescents would be stronger, but they couldn't take on most prey directly, so they'd rely on ambush tactics in the woods. Adults would be a different story - they'd be fast, powerful, and capable of subduing most prey without much difficulty, so they'd actively hunt their quarry.



> "feed on sexual fluids" concept in general is pretty stupid

In a game with magic, I always take the "vampire" view on things like this: It's not the fluid that they're feeding on - It's simply the vector for life energy (blood and sexual fluids alike are symbolic for life).



I know that's usually how they handwave it away, but it still strikes me as pretty dumb. Feeding on blood, at least, has a lot of symbolic significance - blood has been associated with life force pretty much everywhere in the world for the entirety of human history. It's only a few localized areas of the world that associate sexual fluids with life energy, and the logic behind it has always struck me as a little shaky. You don't die if you drain your balls; you do die if you drain your heart.



stunning and blinding is probably the best idea to control damage "input".

For the Phoenix Platoon, beating the Commander may get the others to not act sometimes.

For Vapula, the more you attack the Horde, the less attacks you get each turn, so it's a matter of surviving the first couple turns.


will take a look. The tentacle beasts scenes are quite complex(at least in comparison to most other scenes) so I may have missed a branch or two when adding impregnantion chance.


File: dfd81e08e034a3e⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 454x1149, 454:1149, 24be9b203810c1fef76572ef79….jpg)

Hey CoCanons, love the dev work you've put into this baby.

I've played about two active hours on the most recent build. When using a new character, I can't get to Tel'Adre no matter how many times I simply Explore. Furthermore, when I first bumped into Jojo in the forest, he acted like I'd met him before. I'd done the 3-day prologue in Ingnam, if that affects things any.

Any ideas what I gotta do? I've got a heap of items here I'd love to sell off eventually.



Are you doing the simple "Explore" by clicking on the button or are you properly searching for it on the desert? Tel'Adre can only be found by exploring the deserts, though you can, afterwards, visit it under the "Places" tab.



>cum bread

Wait, where is this from??



It's the bowl of cum with bread floating in it that you get in the prison.



I can see how semen is associated with life energy for a simple reason: It makes new life.

Vaginal fluids are a bit shakier, but the symbolism still holds if you squint just right (and have less medical knowledge than your average modern highschooler.)



Yeah, I understand the logic; I just think it's idiotic. It's so deeply embedded as a trope I have no real hope of it ever being excised from the hgg culture, but I can dream.

Besides, being parasitised by unholy starspawn has so much more potential than just 'feeding on sexual fluids' bullshit. Parasitism, mind control, impregnation; it runs a pretty wide gamut of fetishes. If one is going to be depraved, I think it's much more elegant to use a mechanism that can feed into multiple angles, instead of being relatively inane and superficial.


File: 1a265cda05a81d7⋯.jpg (149.25 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, 1a265cda05a81d7a70ff2fbe65….jpg)

>Hear this mod has more Ceraph options

>Search for her in the mountains for ages after picking up the third piercing from her

>No sign of her after 7 days in-game

What am I doing wrong?



Latest version she has a higher chance of showing up at 35+ lust



you have to be at least level 2. Having >= 33 lust also helps.

Also, a ton of the ceraph scenes were placeholders by CoCAnon, and in the process of keeping this mod updated with Revamp I had to remove them due to conflicts with how certain underlying functions work.



Oh, I'm not arguing that there aren't better methods, I'm just saying that the usual approach has at least enough behind it for me to suspend my disbelief briefly.



Speaking of which, do you know where that lazy cunt is at?



nope, I have no contact with him outside of these threads.


Sorry for abandoning, still alive and lurking.

At the moment I do Revamp & Xianxia, mostly latter, and even managed to bring these two mods a little closer. Since OtherCoCAnon keeps sync with Revamp, most of things I do there eventually end here anyway.

Last month player and dev QoL updates:

- In-game auto generated Perk database

- Text history (by default bound to [H], needs to be re-assigned in loaded old games

- Sprites can be added/edited without Adobe Flash

Things not yet in Revamp master:

- UI completely rewritten to have almost-zero dependencies on Adobe .fla project and .swc library. Full control through source code.


- Monster/sex/tf counters (I feel guilty but there's only that much hours in a day)

And now for something completely different:

Google Docs to CoC ActionScript converter


Very very alpha. Not and won't be a "mod editor".

Howto on set up simple scene will be added today (in next 12 hours).

Text is structured using indents and headers.

Generates page functions with text output (bold and italic preserved), choices, and even conditionals. Has syntax check and highlighting with nested ifs having different colour.

Custom actions and conditions are replaced with method calls. They should be implemented somewhere, preferably in superclass - maintained by "coder", while "writer" can update the story, and unless new features are introduced, regenerated class doesn't need any attention from "coder" except copy-pasting and recompiling.

More documentation and build-in tag reference this week.

Porting more features from my old CoC Scene Editor with preview running is planned, but won't be implemented because I'll be hit by truck another crazy idea



Revamp and /hgg/ sync has been working pretty well for the most part. I make sure to commit any bugfixes I find with this thread's help to Kitteh's repo, so it's been pretty good for both sides.


Exept the nipple egg event, is there anyways to impregnate yourself?



thanks for the update


File: 841fce50762c7d0⋯.jpg (462.92 KB, 1886x2048, 943:1024, C1RBNXAWIAACdgC.jpg large.jpg)


gotcha, thanks. In the case we never get those scenes implemented, can you share what those scenes were?



Your ability to suspend disbelief is far stronger than mine.



So is this the most up to date Xianxia version?



there isn't much to it, honestly. They were mostly placeholders that sadly never got fully developed



No, that's Revamp. Separate branch for UI technowizardry, maturing to merge with master branch


So is there any hope for the Prison expansion?


Anyone know if there's a stand alone flash player I can use on Linux? My PC is dead and I want to try some of the new stuff.



I'd write for it if someone could give me a guide for writing for this fuck ass engine.



>Also, a ton of the ceraph scenes were placeholders by CoCAnon, and in the process of keeping this mod updated with Revamp I had to remove them due to conflicts with how certain underlying functions work.

honestly rather thankful for that, I like the base ceraph scene but some time back when I played this mod and got an option to turn her into my "wife" most sex scenes got replaced with a simply "(Placeholder) and then they had sex (lol"


A heads up, to help reduce confusion all but the last 2-3 threads will be deleted imediately if they are in the archive and in 1-2 days if not.



Do you have the latest Xianxia build then? You said that you were the guy working on it and im interested to see what was done since I last saw it.


Why though? People will know which thread is the most recent via the post count and where it in in the catalog.


I use https://mega.nz/#F!5sUwCAKT!RjmUTR99e-63UCc2U87ebg (This is my current player, I just upped it for you.)

It saves files in ~/.macromedia/…




sorry about the double post, internet fucked up



Other vol here, I agreed to cleaning up the thread from a request in meta because I wanted to unclutter the board.

You can delete your own posts, click the little triangle next to "Anonymous" and the rest should be obvious.


Is the bug where loading a save before you've discovered the first 4 areas still around, or is it save to do that now?




I use the projector from here, it's just another name for a stand-alone player.



I fixed that about six months ago and haven't seen any complaints about it, so probably.



RIP cocanon I guess.


First time playing CoC, what should i play? Orignal? Revamp mod? or OtherCoCAnon version? and why?

Thx by the start



I want to say original so you can go and explore literally all the content, so you'll appreciate the new content more, but honestly, you may as well just do the OtherCoCAnon version. It has the Revamp plus its additional stuff added onto it.



Thank you! So i suppose i'll do a Original than OthercocAnon version. Just one curiosity, why another version and not coninuing the revamp one?



Revamp is the Original with some added content.

OtherCoCAnon is the Original, with added content, AND Revamp's added content. It also has some bugfixes that the revamp hasn't gotten around to or noticed. It might have made a couple more bugs in the process.

Your saves from the original should be compatible with revamp and the Other version, so I guess you're not losing too much doing it that way.


Thank you for the explanation :)



Just wanted to be sure, heh. Hadn't played in a long time but I remembered how incredibly frustrating that was



>Just one curiosity, why another version and not coninuing the revamp one?

Partially because of certain content restrictions and other limitations that revamp still has to adhere to. For example, no loli/shota content, no bestiality, no incest with your daughters, can't touch certain characters.


File: 0734697f733f54f⋯.jpg (75.98 KB, 689x731, 689:731, w-gu0bkw.jpg)

Thanks for the mod, guys, it's pretty damn fun.

The Beautiful Sword is meant to scale with any kill against corrupt foes, right? Well my pure heroine has the beautiful sword, 0 corruption and has cleared out the factory. Why is its attack power still 7?



against specific kills on certain corrupted characters, using the sword itself.

You can get it to be pretty fucking strong, but it requires a bit of effort. Check the cheat sheet.



File: 2754820580c62aa⋯.gif (3.59 MB, 400x253, 400:253, Laugh.gif)


>didgeridoo me



Specific kills, aye. I've beaten Ceraph, the omnibus overseer and a few others, typically by using 'attack' or having the sword in my inventory. Still, what is the specific kill? Using the Attack command while the beautiful sword is equipped to deal the finishing blow?

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