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File: b4a7fe84279fc4f⋯.jpg (127.3 KB, 636x900, 53:75, 3cde829b697bf0ff5868e9ffa7….jpg)

File: 84f618d2d07bdd2⋯.jpg (130.5 KB, 636x900, 53:75, 5b0be3517d46b222028f102cee….jpg)


Last Thread: >>89288



Official git: https://github.com/Free-Cities/Free-Cities

Latest official release (0.10.2): https://mega.nz/#!SwIzzZja!NsE1y14Pfj8pjapqIxa1dElNGnXdEQ1q4G0ttRd8lkE

Latest official release of all art (0.10.2): https://mega.nz/#!i9YCFZ7Y!_uJ9f1B-OEZM7rBJRdFr9Vs8_por_lE3torAUFuNJkk

Pregmod git: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod

Latest pregmod release: https://mega.nz/#!oVBjzACQ!b0QQ3KJVjfl4865qfMSwGLQZBXbEfZo6UPAS56FTkFc

This is a thread primarily for non-furry discussion of Pregmod, a mod for Free Cities. Furrymod/monster girl conversation is to be held in a separate thread.


I really hope this doesn't become a "who shoots first" thing.


File: 2074d644d06627e⋯.png (113.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 665c8b832be72c9⋯.png (114.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e464fabc689c580⋯.png (112.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)




Praise this day. Does this require an agent, by the way?

Surely you can also instruct the trustees to do this, right? Right?!



I made it require an agent.


File: a539b97a8ba6ce5⋯.png (60.98 KB, 742x396, 371:198, ssue.png)



>I made it require an agent.

Why though?

However! Agent or no agent, you already did gods work, anon! The mods are literally an objective improvement. There is no reason to use the base game whatsoever. This is great.



no particular reason that I can think of… I'll add it for trustees too



sorry but I have no idea how to debug this

maybe someone else can help


Hmm, I can't seem to get Aztec to update, despite the game saying it should


I may have found a bug in the slave gen for the royalty event, RE Royal Blood. I just bought the princess by herself and in her description under slave interact, it marks her as though she were one of the slaves I started with. It claims I owned her before taking control, in other words, when I just got her.


Are the RA reworks going to include changes to the auto-surgery settings? Being able to set specific rules for gelding and sterilization would be nice for those of us running the eugenics FS.


So I love the brothel chart showing expenses and stuff, what's an anon gotta do to get more of that for other facilities? Code it 'imself?



Update, it did NOT happen consistently over four bought princesses.


How do I get the player character pregnant? Cant find it for the life of me. Can the player character not be futa and get pregnant?




I had this problem before. I think clean your cookies?



Pick a slave that can achieve an erection and is potent, switch them to fucktoy, and either switch the focus to their dick under their details screen or pick the "ride them" option at the bottom of the main screen.



The last time I did it was under 'Manage Personal Affairs", at the bottom you'll find an option for you to get yourself pregnant with an unknown father (as far as I know). It may only happen if you have certain things like pumps of fluids from a penthouse upgrade or the dairy. You may also get pregnant if you have a new slave with a dick, just when you get him, dominate him and he'll have a chance to get your pregnant. I actually got one of my children from the incubator impregnate me, the family tree was bugged out at the end since I did incestuous shit several times with the lil cunt.


No idea why it happens but the " sold herself into slavery to spite her father" girls are sometimes set to extreme aphrodisiacs on their own, latest build.


Fastening pregnancies shouldn't kill your slaves that fast. Any chance we can upgrade that medicine?



Also, code still got problems for self-impregnation? I'd like to write something for it when I'm not occupied studying


A few questions, how do you use tightening enema? I can't find them, I did develop them.

What is the difference between Competent and Highly Skilled in the Corporation?


Seems the only way reliably to get my old acquiescence from my rival is just steal her at the start with military background. Every other way takes 10 weeks minimum to defeat rival.



slave interact page, under description



> I'm not occupied studying

college/uni finals too?


Seems similar to my problem in the past. Try clear ingyour cookies.



from slaveCreationWidgets:

<<if $trainingUpgradeSexEd == "competence">>

Trainees spend weeks learning sexual competence.

<<set $activeSlave.oralSkill = Math.clamp($activeSlave.oralSkill, 15, 100)>>

<<if $activeSlave.vagina >= 0>>

<<set $activeSlave.vaginalSkill = Math.clamp($activeSlave.vaginalSkill, 15, 100)>>


<<set $activeSlave.analSkill = Math.clamp($activeSlave.analSkill, 15, 100)>>

<<elseif $trainingUpgradeSexEd == "highly skilled">>

Trainees spend months learning sexual skills.

<<set $activeSlave.oralSkill = Math.clamp($activeSlave.oralSkill, 35, 100)>>

<<if $activeSlave.vagina > 0>>

<<set $activeSlave.vaginalSkill = Math.clamp($activeSlave.vaginalSkill, 35, 100)>>

<<elseif $activeSlave.vagina == 0>>

<<set $activeSlave.vaginalSkill = Math.clamp($activeSlave.vaginalSkill, 15, 100)>>


<<if $activeSlave.anus > 0>>

<<set $activeSlave.analSkill = Math.clamp($activeSlave.analSkill, 35, 100)>>


<<set $activeSlave.analSkill = Math.clamp($activeSlave.analSkill, 15, 100)>>



No special sexual training is applied.




That is the your saves are too big bug, use save to file to avoid it our start using less save slots.





Fcanon. You missed a critical commit in your pregmod merge request and made me spend all night checkng updates.


Is there any real difference between the options under the apartment blocks on the new UI? This is the first time I have intentionally left it on and I decided to go ahead and gain full control block by block. Now, I have a bunch of apartments that I don't know what to do with. The others I have not touched are the shop, market, and manufacturing blocks, but I know what those do because it outright says it. It isn't clear with the apartments.


File: a391fdbbfe17141⋯.png (71.95 KB, 1044x416, 261:104, Broken comment.PNG)

Broken comment in the pregmod.


Another one, I tried converting a shop to roman revivalism and the block completely disappeared. I tried paternalism and it converted fine. Possibly within roman revivalism code.





Where did you do it from?



which one? last night I didn't finish updating the merge request before I fell asleep



Gingering and slave market slave duplication. As well as a large number of eununciate work.



alright, sorry for leaving the incomplete PR up

I updated it today, not sure if you looked yet


I can't figure out why this is happening; I'm doing a bulk purchase from corporation but it's only giving 1 slave ("lowered due to financial grounds") … but I have 44m cash and the cost per slave is definitely less than 100k


Pregmod v4.



-re-enabled FS based shops since someone figured out why it was $rep-ing


Don't let it happen again. I was able to recover from it, but missed commits are grounds for a full code comparison to resync with vanilla.

Also you update too much. Smaller merge requests are more likely to be directly merged instead of manually compared. So that or bundle up all the changed files at the end of the day and post them for me to compare against. Will save a lot of time given the amount of files you tend to edit.


At least it isn't a known bug that has been in the code for about a year without anyone being able to explain it.


Both subjugationism and supremacism are showing $arcologies[0].FSSupremacistRace on the FS menu.



is my current pending merge request acceptable? it's just one commit



sorry, I fail at counting .. it was one commit, but I forgot I added the neighbor arcology stuff too



Selected the block from the main screen, converted it on that block's menu.



Gitgud says its 5 for starters. Only thing I rejected from it was the master comes out as <<Master>> stuff since there is no pretty way to do that.


It is unfinished content. So no garuntees that I can fix it. It's probably something simple though, will look.


File: b407d427e362f4c⋯.png (50.69 KB, 445x510, 89:102, bug.png)


That happens as soon as I open it on 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)



Meant to say on Google Chrome




It looks like the version save compatiblity error. Clear cookies, I think is the response to it?



Jup, that helped. Thanks.




Think I got it, let me update FSDevelopoments too.



>You completed the legalities before heading to the Incubator, knowing the tank will release her on your approach, and instruct Hippolyta to notify the new girl's parents to meet you in your office. As the tank exumes the disoriented girl, you help her to her feet and walk her to your penthouse. Though first you must decide upon a name for the new girl; it won't take long to reach your office, so you have only one chance to name her before you arrive. After some careful consideration, Mino picks a name she hopes you'll like; from now on her daughter will be known as "Mino".

Mino, you had one fucking job


in bulkSlaveGenerate, change all _i to _newSlave because GenerateMarketSlave includes GenXX/YY and for corporate market with certain upgrades those passages override _i


File: a9a6852caaef73b⋯.png (35.92 KB, 637x650, 49:50, 361b96b01f293ce5b1ef4b4d49….png)



I knew it!

I knew Sanae was a slut



Hah! Not taking motherhood too seriously, is she? Did she happen to be Arrogant or Funny?



thought this was a vanilla issue but it seems only pregmod includes the for loop in genxx/xy




So what am I doing?



I have no idea how I'd handle that without the possibility of ending up in a loop.


Will take a look, no promises though, I don't slave art.



change bulkSlaveGen to not use _i, or change both GenXX and GenXY to not use _i

either / or

since bulkGen is including GenXX/XY through the GenerateMarketSlave widget, _i is overridden to your $slaves.length so iterations past the first are skipped



probably safer to change GenXX/GenXY so other passages that include them and use _i don't get tripped up



Alright. Will look into it.


>download the newest pregmod

>see aztec revivalism

… Alright, I'm curious now




Changed the slave gen passages to _u instead.


It's a vanilla addition that got added the other day.



I wonder if similar bugs are lurking. Any passage that includes others from a loop is vulnerable, even if the include is indirect (was through a widget in this case). And _i is used for many loops.


Doesnt Azted Revivalism conflicts with Paternalism FS?

You know, because of the whole "sacrificing virgins" and all that?



It doesn't do anything interesting yet.



I feel it does, but currently it does not. I'm thinking if paternalism is taken, the sacrifice/bloodletting should be shifted to a focus on sacrificing virginities. Thoughts?



It could work.



To clarify, not looking for a fix, just thought this was funny. I imagine her picking Mino for her daughter's name was complete chance


Nah, her only quirk is Insecure.


Isnt Aztec revivalism basically "Roman revivalism" with sacrifices included?



After getting so intimate with its code, I think its creator used roman revivalism as its base.


That reminds me. Fairyanon, your PAs could use an aztec revivalist FS appearance.


Any reason I can only give enema to my Head Girl?



are the other slaves pregnant?




the slaves' inflationType property might be unset

is this a vanilla save you moved over to pregmod? go to options menu > apply backwards compatibility update, then try again



other possible reasons slave can't accept enema:

assigned to dairy or arcade; has belly implant


Replying to the post in the old thread >>89288


Why delete it ?

The hash with a PGP signatures prevents so shithead to distribute wit some malware.

The GPLv3 prevents loads of shit problems (especially when you see the content of the game it)

If you are worried about loosing you anonymity by making a GPG signature then know that it doesn't reveal your real ID.


>What's Stallman's stance on degenerate porn games where you enslave people?

He doesn't care about the content or use of a software his stance is just use GPLv3 so that people can't be restricted and do what they want.

>Funny thing is, he's so autistically principled about copyleft that he'd basically say "Just license it GPLv3."




>implying he wouldn't choose a license that prohibits 90% of pregmod

>Does such a license exist?

There is no such license that exist.

If a license has to be chosen it's a license that doesn't restrict people (aka Gplv3)

>He didn't just say he'd never add lolis, he also requests that nobody else do so either.

>If he did license, it might well be one that prohibits that.

For now the software is under copyright because the copyright system gives the initial creator per default full rights on it.

That means if he doesn't want to share the source one day he can and that also means that every people who make mods for the game are giving away their copyright to the main developer of the game.

>He didn't just say he'd never add lolis, he also requests that nobody else do so either.

If he doesn't want to put loli himself that's understandable but if someone makes a mod with lolis it might bring problems.

Since the default copyright gives him per default the copyright of the loli mode thus it's legally belongs to him thus he's responsible of the work of others.

He wouldn't have these problems under GPLv3 if someone makes a mod/fork with lolis it isn't legally his problem.


Their is no license that can magically prevent someone to make a mod.

Their is only the shit open core (used for the unreal engine) license that can legally force someone (but you need money).

>Ever consider who may be watching these threads?

FBI, CIA, Cloudflare etc…

And ?

You anyway have already the per default copyright license might has be one where you can't be directly fucked.


Swansong anon, would you write up a little blurb for new slave intro? Search for .origin to find its kin.


Are there any other Revivalisms planned or in the works?


Okay been away a while.

Where are the extra rooms you can buy located? Grabbed HG suite and master suite and I can't find out how to get them.


File: 006dd61b8b27759⋯.png (392.93 KB, 1440x627, 480:209, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at ….png)

Has anyone else been getting weird error messages all over the place in the new versions of Pregmod?



The UI was revamped. You can find those facilities under "Penthouse" in the "graphic", or switch back to old UI in options.



That is the JS failing to work. I have no idea why it would do that.



Are the issues also present on a new save?



I'll look into it, still in the middle of both bug hunting and follow up planning.



It'll just be a quick little reaction.


File: a9d9017cc80291f⋯.png (28.64 KB, 494x319, 494:319, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at ….png)




Ok, when opening the HTML file I get this message, if it helps. Beyond that, I'll check to see if maybe there is a new Java update I missed somehow.




Java has nothing to do with JavaScript, anon. They're completely different languages.

What browser are you using?



Safari (because my Chrome refuses to open HTML files for some reason and I'm a total scrub). If this is a browser problem, should I download Firefox (or something)?



Scratch that, I can't find anything else beyond the shops issue, subjugation/superiority code showing, and the royal blood event issue. I'll look into it once I clear my browser of any trace of the game.



Oh there it is. Under Manage Arcology. What a strange decision.

Thanks anon!




I looked and .origin seems to be in already. I'm not sure what you're asking of me here.



Oh wait, never mind, moment of stupidity. .origin in New slave intro isn't referring to the variable, but to a different block using that variable.




Awesome, it is working in Firefox, so it is probably an issue in Safari rather than the mod itself.

Either that or it only works in Firefox since I can't check with Chrome or Explorer, haha.

Thanks for the help anon!




So, an entire code block dealing with the different interactions? Or just like one of those two line elseifs at the top?



Just the two line elseif to give a little flavor to her intro.



Got it, I have an idea already. How do you want it? Just put in another upload of the event txt or an upload of the .tw with the code added? The second means I have to download the files while the other has been open as a reference for the follow up event.



I can probably just post it here and I'll add it in directly.



I was trying to stay away from that after some reaction to another anon directly posting code. I can do that, too, though.


<<elseif $activeSlave.origin == "She came to you to escape being sold to a cruel master after her producer informed her of her debt.">>

wondering if she will get to continue to perform for your people even as a slave.



Thank you, I've almost got it set up.


Glad to contribute, I'll have the follow up finished in a few days, just need to nail down a few writing details, add the slave gen code, which I'll just copy off my first event and edit that, and gate it behind a time gate and a condition that the first event has triggered. Then, I need to figure out how to get it to take a random number of days within a short range to get the producer captured and that will determine what will happen in the event conclusion. The two variants will be either a punishment performed by the PC or the slave from RE Swan Song.



I can probably use another time gate like I did before, with $week, and then use greater or equal to the first number but less than the second to get it to select a turn in a specific range.



I legit forgot the time gate. When was it supposed to happen again, timewise?


File: cde11629abe0bf4⋯.jpg (75.53 KB, 978x273, 326:91, 威風快樂萬千年。.jpg)



File: 11531274b1228bc⋯.png (152.34 KB, 1429x393, 1429:393, Free Cities week-end-FS ju….png)

So, just updated my last save and it's throwing these errors on week's end, but also adding FS for aztecs when that didn't exist before and I didn't select it …




got the same error but only for chicks w/ dicks (or maybe balls).



Try running the backwards compatiblity feature.



Found the image issue: line 188265 of the file has

<set _needBoobs = 0>>

^^^ missing the first '<'



where do I find the backwards compatibility feature? … looking



Options, I think.




yup, found it.


File: e60064534af08d2⋯.png (57.52 KB, 997x464, 997:464, Free Cities new-fangled ar….png)

there's a missing block between the dairy and the first manufacturing .. it was a manufacturing I owned and upgraded to a sweatshop…


Pregmod v6.


-fixed bugs

-added anon's recruit event

-likely broke ng+ extended family mode harder


Will take a look. I think FCdev might be getting overloaded with all the changes coming in, seeing as we haven't seen released yet.


Bug: nearly exhausting your starting money on your custom slaves can cause the auto-generated slaves to take up slots in the arcology and be counted towards upkeep but they will not appear in the main slave list. Witnessed in pregmod v v5 unable to replicate in vanilla v



Compile off vanilla's git and try there.



In case you're looking at this:


I confirmed the change by hand resolved it v0.10.3.0 v5 – might be a vanilla bug.


Repaired the sector, by hand in the console.



Got the missing <, looking at manufactury now.



Unable to replicate with vanilla's most recent version in git


The incubator doesnt work in the latest version, it wont appear on the summary page or progress at all.



Tried to incite it with no luck. Was this with an established arcology?


Still poking at it. First slot worked fine, will try to reroll until I can test the second slot.




Pregmod v7.


-fixed lost incubator report, fcanon!



Well spotted, yes I was using established arcology. Just tried with a custom arcology and it worked fine (pregmod v6).



Odd. Does it happen with any starting type of arcology or just certain FS?



I've had one girl stuck in my incubator for 3 weeks, each week it says one more week, is there a function I can call to force the extraction?



It likely got broken since incubator report got disconnected. Code wise nothing has changed since it last was functional.




work around hacky-solution:

SugarCube.State.variables.tanks[0].growTime = 0;

Then visit the incubator. Enough for tonight.



What's the word on the latest updates?

The guy working on slave rape said he had more stuff, including big-clit scenes.

What happened with that?



Oops, sorry. I need more sleep.




Just tried a bunch of games, looks to be tied to some FS but not all. Confirmed starting cash consumed is irrelevant.


Ostia - Roman Reviv - North America

Saturnalia - Gender Rad - North America

Second Chance - Eugenics - North America

New Tokyo - Edo Reviv - North America

Halls of Montezuma - Aztec Reviv - Oceanic

Cornucopia - Pastoralism - Oceanic

Upskirt - Slimness - Japan

The Womb - Repop - North America

Holders of the Future - Repop - Asia


Dick U - Youth Pref - Africa

The Rose - Gender Fund - Asia

Shady Acres - Maturity - Europe

MILF Heights - Maturity - Middle East

Sunnyside - Youth Pref - North America


I'm having some issues with teaching a slave.

Started out well enough but when it got to teaching prostitution, I get this message at the weekend summary:

"She's devoted to you, making sexual training much easier. Her intelligence allows her to absorb her lessons quickly. She's learned everything you can teach, and is now a masterful "

That's how it ends, I think it's supposed to say "whore" at the end, but it doesn't.

After that, it goes on with the trust/fear description.

This happens every single week, it's repeatable and her prostitution skills seem to be locked to 45.


File: 260b10282c18550⋯.png (4.9 KB, 514x26, 257:13, CANT WAKE UP.png)



File: 2f050759fea05fb⋯.png (9.65 KB, 1633x68, 1633:68, kgyjG33.png)

Latest version, during the weekly financial report.


File: 9e48bd3fbe0ae27⋯.png (101.9 KB, 955x670, 191:134, 2.PNG)

File: 783b91a1028b48f⋯.png (22.2 KB, 995x436, 995:436, 1.PNG)

File: b625466e12628e3⋯.png (22.73 KB, 984x301, 984:301, 3.PNG)

File: c0e9e238f11994f⋯.png (19.11 KB, 966x300, 161:50, 4.PNG)

File: 68a1b52e279baef⋯.png (19.63 KB, 974x265, 974:265, 5.PNG)

Nickname scene isn't properly recognizing the slave's attributes.

It says she likes submission when she's a dom.

That she likes anal, when she hates it.

She doesn't have a cum fetish.


File: 0e82e3dba0e8ea0⋯.jpg (10.32 KB, 252x212, 63:53, 1298882069073.jpg)

>Want a place full of Citizens

>Favorite FSs are Pastoral and Chattel

How do I combat the routine downwards spiral of Citizen pop



There's a ratio, unless yours isn't fucked it's normal to have more slaves than citizens.



It was set t week 100, but any time after resolution of the hostage should do. I had it set so it would trigger any time after that week.



Here's the code if you meed it, the time gate is at the end.

<<if ($arcologies[0].FSPaternalist = 100) and $week >= 100>>



<<if $arcologies[0].FSPaternalist >= 100 && $week >= 100>>

1. Never assume the (floating point) values won't somehow end up as 100.00000000000173 or something silly like that.

2. The operators "and" and "or" for boolean comparison are pretty much deprecated in favour of "&&" and "||", and slower to run besides.



Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data.



fuk off u n00b



It's not in the FAQ though.



Fcanon, cracking this one is going to be a priority today.


It's supposed to stop trying at 40. Looking into it.


Fcanon, get more sleep. Noted.


Seems to be getting her fetish mixed up. Odd bugs today.




Will add it in during this pass.


Never assume a player will have an FS value of 100. It is a shockingly hard thing to maintain at 100.


Someone add the cookies save bug to the FAQ.



>Someone add the cookies save bug to the FAQ.

I'll check the past few threads for any info too add to the FAQ.

I'm not familiar with this bug, mind clarifying?



I'm loaded up on Dense Apartments and programs to encourage citizen population and on week 123 I'm still chasing a 1:1 ratio. I have a ravine arcology but don't remember the mechanics that applies to population



>Never assume a player will have an FS value of 100. It is a shockingly hard thing to maintain at 100.

Really? Because I was under the impression that spending something like 100k on promotion would basically max it out each week, no matter what. And 100k cash weekly tends to be so little after week 300 or so that I barely notice. Hell, a million in cash weekly wouldn't put a dent.




> Fcanon, cracking this one is going to be a priority today.

I'm finishing up some fixes for vanilla, and then I can take a look at this.



>100k on promotion

Can't spend more than 10k



Well, shows how much I care about FS. Half of the time I don't even have any active.



1:1 is impossible.



It's likely to fluctuate off a number of factors, dropping below and jumping back above. I had something tied to it ages ago, but don't remember what it was exactly, ended up switching to the FS decoration value, since that will stay at exactly 100 until you lose the FS.



Will you never have more citizens than slaves? I thought you could but I may be mis-remembering.



>Will you never have more citizens than slaves? I thought you could but I may be mis-remembering.

Eventually the slaves will outnumber the citizens. But you could keep up the fight for a long time previously if you used all the citizen policies. Now you just can't… it seems.



With the changes to the various caps and the new appartment system everything got changed. It will likely be awhile before anyone figures out a new setup like that.



Though it was classes, but this is in personal training. Digging deeper.



The new architectural population system pretty much works on an "if you build it they will come" basis, and you're compelled to build mostly slave housing.



Clear cookies because incompatible save.



Ideally, the Roman FS should lead to having lots of "useless" citizens without jobs, which you would have to placate by creating gladiatorial arenas (which kills slaves) or create legions out of to conquer - and thus new game elements.

And there's the new Aztec FS which has the potential to kill off lots of slaves via human sacrifice rites.



Turns out it isn't a bug. She qualifies for those four in particular if her .energy >= 95.


Pregmod v9.


-several bugfixes

-hateful slaves may now voice their opinions of you more clearly

Speaking about that last part, if anyone wants to compile a big list of rude names to call the player, it would be appreciated. General though, not specific. Specifics would require later setting and can get messy with the number of possibilities.



>General though, not specific.

Not even stuff that would require a simple appearance and/or FS check such as bitch (if the player is female) or blasphemer (if Religionism is a FS)?

>Have slaves call paternalists cucks

>Have slaves call fundamentalists cis scum, male pig or mysoginist

>Have slaves call radicalists faggots




Those would require updating should the conditions for them change. Though what I'm thinking could be an interesting possiblity would be setting something similar to nationaility to race and have them refer to you as insults in their native tongue.



>you racist sexist pansexual shitlord nazi! you euro-centric, intolerant colonialist! How dare you enslave people you backwards bigoted facsist patriarchal mansplaning fuckchild!

>I bet you can't even handle a real woman unless she's in chains you intellectual virgin pissbaby manchild!

>You're some kind of vile MRA. Wait until SRS hears about you! You're gonna be all over the tumblr blogs you fat, neckbearded, intellectual double virgin!

>I can't even, how can one person be such a greedy, xenophobic, male-centric, patriarchal rapist!

>how dare you put me on a diet you cis gendered fat-shaming, imperialistic cuntbreath!

>Your problem is that you can't handle a real woman of color, you white, marginalizing, heteronormative traditionalist poopshitter!

the secret to good SJW insults it seems is to combine a swear with something sexual or childish you glorious golden pissfucks.



>Have slaves call paternalists cucks

Am I missing something here? Paternalists is that you're the "father" of the slaves, right? So it's all headpats and comfy beds for them.

How is that cuckoldry?



I understand the issue. But only using unisex names is a bit limiting.

Your idea though:

>Get middle eastern/arab slave

>You hachkhalaramchkhal


>Am I missing something here? Paternalists is that you're the "father" of the slaves, right?

You are missing something. Paternalism literally means infringing someone else's personal freedom for what is supposedly their own good.

That being said, the insult was just as shallow as the other two. It's called "poking fun at something.", and you stockholm syndrome inflicting care-bears provide room for that.



ask that question to a feministe. you'll know the answer if you make it out alive



They don't have to be unisex, just unfocused on those things. The more you want to gag the slave to make her shut up, the better.



Low hanging memes.



>call semitic black supremacist PC a "literal nigger-loving jew"

>Call black PC a "fucking nigger"

There's so much value being lost!

Actual contributions that work in general:












Fairyanon, your PAs could use an Aztec FS appearance if you get a chance. Search for "//Placeholder//".



I know, think of the fun you have with backgrounds and body types. It's just it would require updating should any of them ever change. Got a few to add already.



>a fairy ring of skulls


can we collect skulls for a skull throne yet?



Thanks for the correction, I'll remember that for the follow up event.


I'll run another bug hunt game once you get it up. Not quite sure which of us you mean when you replied to >>91161, but I will not be making that mistake again. I forgot the values could do that.



That wasn't me, but they offer good advice. I'll ususally clean most of that when I add it though. Speaking of which, it now resides in reRecruit.



It seems my reply was late to the party, I updated my master copy to reflect the comments on deprecated values and the possibility of going into some decimal above 100 in FS value. I'll use my master for the follow up and get it up once written. I'll be skipping the first couple attempts I did last time and upload the fully coded version in the first link. First is a test run, though.



Surething, I'll still clean a bit, if not to save text, make it flow slightly better or lesson word repitition.



Probably after we can stuff dead slaves and use them as decor or fuckdolls.


Bug, stuck on the arcology management screen, where the old UI would allow you to buy more of your arcology. The back option is doing nothing. v9



Got out through wardrobe.







Also, it doesn't seem to be consistent, not sure what caused it. Every other option worked on that screen.



Some link must be getting changed somewhere. If you can isolate it, I can likely fix it sooner.


Lads, noob question but how the fuck do you marry your slaves in game? I was messing around with he debug mode and I saw its an option but I've never seen it in game.


What are the chances of triggering the Royal Blood event?

I'm at week 140 and havent found it yet.



I just got this in the Manage Penthouse option as well.



Update, it seems that if I go to the pharmaceutical fabricator then press back to go to the Manage Penthouse menu, the back button stops working.



I got it after like 80 weeks, I now have a princess and her brother who's also become a full princess.


File: 41d7199785ab1af⋯.png (60.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 61085641_p10.png)

File: eb1598270fd9f88⋯.png (131.97 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 61085641_p11.png)



0.10: [5/19/17] Added:

>Is there a way to change corporate market settings?,

>Genome damage?,

>Can slaves and the PC die of old age?,

>Can the PC get penetrated? Pregnant?,

>Slave menu basics,

>Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.,

>some thread archives.

I made an ugly list to detail the effects of the slave menu choices. If anyone can look over it, check it, add missing details then please do so. Maybe making it more readable as well as it takes up a lot of space in the faq.


Implement the relevant policy. You slaves need to be emotionally bonded to you before you can marry them. It'll cause rep damage if you don't have paternalism FS, I'm not sure if some other FS allow it.



That seems to be it. Fixing it now.


They still doing that? Testing more.


File: 9230bbd0f78eec7⋯.png (38.27 KB, 1520x228, 20:3, bug report.png)

Bug report on status screen

This is also a save where my 5th society direction randomly disappeared into the void.



Use backwards compatibility button under options. As for the FS, who even knows anymore. The code has changed so much over the last two-three weeks I barely recognize it.



Fuck it. REroyalbloodWorkaround here we come.



>–Nice: May raise trust/devotion, especially if they

Unfinished sentence, isn't it?



Masochists besides harsh clothes also like oversized dildos in all their holes.



And now we aren't goign that way. I got them to be two different people; but now that always have the saem name. Still working.


Is there a way to mitigate this? I've been a bit… degenerate… and now my reputation gets set to 0 every week. This carried over from my new game where it wasn't an issue (guess I was getting a ton of rep from FS and whatnot), but in + it's preventing me from getting any FS started.


File: 4541b356483c5be⋯.png (1.64 KB, 241x35, 241:35, xK7I8J6.png)


Forgot my image like an idiot.



Hormone enhancers also raise the effectiveness of hormone treatments in general, like their name indicates.




Player permanence strike again. You can wait it out, since that is currently the only way to mitigate it. Best to not let it get that bad in the first place.




What the fuck did you do




Confirmed consistent case under manage penthouse



Guess the club is gonna get some love here soon for a while, then.


dont look in the basement



Anything that raises your reputation in general. It's a pity that you can't order your recruiter to run a public relations campaign to quell these rumors when she works to raise your reputation. It would make a lot of sense.



It's planned, that and generous donations. But busy, as always.


Pregmod v10.


-various bugfixes

-more rude names

-you can now successfully buy the prince and princess and they will definatly be different people


File: 59911dd1b3bf41e⋯.png (1.7 KB, 138x34, 69:17, EtnS54b.png)

File: afe732e9c5bd041⋯.png (1.28 KB, 124x24, 31:6, EbWp5VP.png)


It's a bit of a tough fight to beat with normal reputation gaining, unfortunately.


What's the point of extreme high heels?


Lads this game is hilariously fucked up, I basically turned the that guy that leads the "Rival Archology" that funds the daughters of liberty into a woman then into a brain dead fuck stump and have her destroyed in tattoos and piercings. Where's this been all my life.


Yeah I have that set but I couldn't see the marriage option, I must have missed it so. Cheers.



You forgot to add that extreme corsets can lead to miscarriages



Crush your enemies, see their archologies driven into the ground before you, and hear the lamentations of them being turned into women.



Prestigious slaves help.


Q for premodder

How are you creating the twine version of each update. I finally moved over to using the git version to update personal changes on new releases and I was wanting to compare to my last modified twine version to make sure I moved all my changes over to the proper source files.




Didn't know. Will add.


>Yeah I have that set but I couldn't see the marriage option, I must have missed it so. Cheers.

Did you find it then? It's under "talk about relationships" under her description in the slave page


It didn't come to mind while writing it.

Don't normal corsets do that as well? I think they do.


$arcologies[0].FSSupremacistRace is still showing up on the FS selection screen for racial supremacism, the equivalent is happening for subjugationism.


File: a13bdb42cddb1bf⋯.png (187.69 KB, 1287x2012, 1287:2012, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at ….png)

I got the option to inseminate a male slave.



You are not going to be able to that. Only way you could would be to compare every passage, one a time. Alternatively, one of the compile methods outputs in a similar layout to the twine version, but you would have to do a lot of replacing to make the close enough to not bury you in differences.


Will look into it.


Not what you think it means.



Compared my results with vanilla git and it is a vanilla bug, not pregmod.



Not him and I was surprised at first, maybe "fill up" would be better? Unless you add enema to recruitment.



What I am talking about is the twine version being posted for updates here, how is that being done. How is it going from the tweego source files to a properly formated twine/sugarcube html



Inseminate means you cum inside of them.

If you're impregnating a male slave then we have an issue.

Or an odd definition of male



Well you see, the tweego source files all coincide with a passage in twine. So I just copy them in and comment out the tweego header.



That's the kind of answer I was looking for. Thank you.


How many names are needed to create a good RNG pool for them?



>Did you find it then? It's under "talk about relationships" under her description in the slave page

Yeah I found it thanks. Kek'd at the tradition being suck the grooms dick as well.



Personally I think that option should just be labeled "Fuck her.". Inseminate is a very weird choice of words.



Apparently more than we have seeing all the mothers naming their daighters after themselves.



If I make a few lists of random names and format them in the style of the fs name generators will it be easy to add them to the game somehow?



They'd need to be added into the preset lists.


Should be pretty easy to raid a baby name website for content. They're often even broken down by culture, which I assume we need here.



Those sites tend to be unreliable for good names or accuracy.


Brief idea pitch: since the Policy to sell slave babies feels wanting, how about a Breeder/Pedigree system? I'm imagining there would be an arrangement with an NPC to breed a slave with particular traits, with a larger cash or rep bonus or what have you if you are closer to their specifications.

There could be a Wanted posting in the Arcology menu, or you could seek buyers. Kind of a rough sketch but I might try to go into detail when I get to a keyboard.



Sounds like the other side of custom slave request



Go for it, I'm all for making money by not exploiting the girls(too much).



No possibility of adding a new list and having it draw from it randomly?

For instance, https://pastebin.com/d08buKjz this list of names?


I was also thinking of making lists based on names of the 20's, 30's, fantasy names, ect if we can figure out how to integrate them




Why would you format it like that?



That's how it is in the html file.

why, did I fuck up?



Thats what the compile Twine version looks like



How should I format it then for it to be useful? give me a template and I'll use it.



Take at look at the git repo. No one here deals with the URL encoded mess in the compiled version.



Not with current slavegen. I'd be interested in having more names added to the existing lists in storyInit though. Just make sure they are accurate.



>Don't normal corsets do that as well?

Never mind, they don't.

>Her corset lets her growing belly protrude comfortably, preventing any danger to her pregnancy but preventing any effect on her waist.



If you use Notepad++ then get the HTML Tag plugin and use its Encode and Decode Entities function.

Or you could use Twine to edit. Or as was said, use the git source and edit using that.




ok looking at the repo. I can fix this. I don't know shit about coding or gits or anything. About all I can do is autistically make lists of names.


Would it be possible to create a blank revivalism, one that does nothing but only exists for adding RNG names to things like the incubator and renaming slaves?

Since we have so many slots for FS now and we don't really use all of them since they conflict.



>I don't know shit about coding or gits or anything. About all I can do is autistically make lists of names.

Luckily for you, autism is the only thing necessary to learn git.



False. A fair amount of intelligence is also needed, as distributed version control is complicated. There are also multiple styles of collaboration to keep in mind (large/small patches, fork/don't, accept+fix/reject+improve).


The amount of autism needed to release the twine version is extreme, I envy not the time it takes to move changes over just to share with the not as autistic fags here



I rather not set up any new name lists, instead opting to add to the existing ones to permit the existing code to take advantage of them.


Is upkeep immediately updated after assigning a maid/servant? I don't know how big its effects are.



Effects are immediate.


its been a while since I played, looks like you can make daughters now. My question is daughters made during the initial slave creation(by setting the value to -1 or whatever) subject to the same events as daughters made through the incubator?


If the check is for a parent of -1, then they should be. There aren't many events though.


What ever happened to the incubator mod?



Completely obsoleted by my own version. Unless you are refering to the short while it got accidentally disabled in a slave assignments report shuffle.



Why was it removed I enjoyed that mod



What version are you running?



The latest



Looks like it is working fine to me. Do you have extended family mode on? First four arcology upgrades?



What age do hormones stop affecting slaves?

I don't want the tall musclegirl I got to lose height.


File: 0cb5540e8d9d688⋯.jpg (65.42 KB, 500x519, 500:519, 1495184947886.jpg)

Week 120 in the latest version and I havent found the Royal Blood event yet.

At this point, I'm confident the thing is just a myth. Unless there are some requirements I'm not aware of.


File: 346e1b6b89b02e6⋯.gif (45.55 KB, 321x311, 321:311, Serbian_Radical_Party_logo.gif)






At least 10k rep and even then it is just a chance.



shit reddit says. a place on reddit where sjws went to bitch about the rest of the internet and scheme and collude to instill their own mods and take over everywhere else.

I guess its a bit dated now like "goon" is (seriously who pays to go to a forum anymore?) I think the equivelent would be r/esist or some shit. have no idea what the future equivilent would be.


I opened my corporation but it doesn't show up on the slave market list, are there any prerequisites?


>tfw you are waiting on those sweet updated graphics to play again

>tfw it could take a while



Why are you even referencing "popular" reddits? Who the fuck uses reddit?



>Why are you even referencing "popular" reddits?

Because back in the day, back on /v/ the hot accusaion du jour was to accuse people of being a redditor, and it was commonly known that srs owned all of reddit. Thats why its an insult a woke feminist SJW would use.

>Who the fuck uses reddit?

Who the fuck uses tumblr?



Did you try to enter it through the market you built it in?



SRS became relatively common knowledge when Gamergate was still a top 10 board I think.


File: b368bf6bbfdbeee⋯.png (7.47 KB, 64x64, 1:1, Summon_Raging_Spirit_skill….png)


There is only one SRS. I refuse to acknowledge anything else.



SRS was common knowledge before Zoe Quin had the great idea of spreading her legs for reviews.


Tbh because of my time around trannies I always think of SRS as Sex Reconstruction Surgery, basically when trannies get their dicks turned into faux vaginas.



with ghostflame mtx and the baron helmet this is the best.


File: a38a1174e55435a⋯.jpg (25.19 KB, 893x185, 893:185, granny.jpg)

File: 5172a497e536d23⋯.jpg (29.26 KB, 999x183, 333:61, mommy.jpg)

File: 7990f7d95cd85a9⋯.jpg (31.79 KB, 989x196, 989:196, daughter.jpg)

The first family tree is easily readable, but others completely fucked up. Will you change it? Because I can't understand it and, I bet, many other players too.



Out of my control. I'd much rather a way to either resize it or scroll the block when it gets too big for itself.



I wasn't aware I had to build it now.



Generate the tree in an anonymous document element outside the actual page, measure its width, set the transform scale CSS to a valid number, and attach it to the place it should finally go.

Something like 5-10 JavaScript lines, I guess.



I think some brave anon's gonna have to step up and redo most of this from scratch. The colors are good, and very simple families look quite nice, but it's clearly not working with the family tree as a whole, as it needs to. I'd do it myself but I don't do anything. Nice Hapsburging, btw.



Oddly enough, clicking to upgrade a sector into a specific FS doesn't end the week..it just loops back to the start.



That's interesting. Thats prerelease content for you. I'll see if I can get it to not do that.


Pregmod v11.


-fixed root issue with now shop system and my FS

-FSdevelopments shops setting should now function?

-fixed a bug involving slaves not ceasing calling you names when they are no longer fearful

Due to that root issue, a new game or ng+ will be required to activate that content.


Is there a general pool of names that all races draw from? or is it all segregated by race/continent?



All by nationality, otherwise race.




They are located towards the latter half of storyInit under init.


File: 84163c1131f1d48⋯.png (6.88 KB, 200x80, 5:2, download.png)


>voluntarily sharing the company of trannies



what do you mean by shop system?



ugh. I have no idea where to put some of these names


Yeah I see em, I was hoping that there was a general pool of generic names that all races pulled from as well as their national race though cause that would make things simpler. I could just dump names in there.

In any case, here's a list of 200 new names, maybe it'd be better to let you guys decide if you want to add them and where. https://pastebin.com/hzJazREX



You can replace shop sectors with FS focused shops for an FS boost. It's pre- content.


Why do I get pokemon vibes from this list? Did you go name mining from the games?


>Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with 'Back Door' Fio and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her. Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with Ruta and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her. Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with Natália and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her. Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with Camila and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her. Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with Itzel and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her. Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with 'Lolita' Angelica and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her. Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with Rishika and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her. Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with Kai and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her. Ana tries to strike up a sexual relationship with Kriszanne and is punished for breaking the rules against such things; she resents being prevented from pursuing her.

> Ana's highly acute mind naturally resists slavery and encourages her to fear you. Ana's devotion dropped and her trust dropped this week.




You caught that fast. I did add some pokemon names into the mix.



Looking at the code, that was caused by her being allowed to make relationships but all her valid tagets not permited. In other words, you really cock blocked her.


What's the quantity of fluids i need for the dairy enemas to work? So far it keeps telling me I don't have enough.



It might actually be broken. Let me check.


Pregmod v12.


-readded lost dairy pipelines, milk and cum should flow through the pipeline properly again


I haven't played in a couple versions and geez, is it just me or the economy is much harder now?

Even on easy, if I don't take drastic measures I run out of money in just 2/3 weeks. The daily arcology cost is super high.

I have to sell arcology shares to get some money, then use that to build a brothel, dairy or arcade to barely stay afloat.



First step on any new game: go to "Policies" and repeal the "Regular Entertainments" domestic policy.Forget that it even exists; you won't need it.



So… I started up a new game for the first time since the new UI became a thing. Game says I have 4 sex slaves, but only lists the one I purchased custom.

Reloaded, didn't purchase any custom, game doesn't list any slaves.

I still get the little fluff 'x-slave is doing whatever, call her up to fuck her' things. Am I just being a retard and unable to find where they're hidden?



That seems to be a vanilla issue stemming from taking a starting arcology. It is currently under some investigation.



So I have to take a flavorless arcology to avoid it? Lame.



Copying from the old thread, what are your actual slaves (enter this code in the development console, typically accessed via F12)?

.map((s, i) => {
new SugarCube.Wikifier(document.createDocumentFragment(), '<<slaveCost $slaves[' + i + ']>>');
var vars = SugarCube.State.variables;
return s.slaveName.padEnd(30) + " [" + s.ID.toFixed(0).padStart(10)
+ "] beauty:" + vars.beauty.toFixed(0).padStart(4)
+ " modScore:" + vars.modScore.toFixed(2).padStart(6)
+ " sexScore:" + vars.FResult.toFixed(0).padStart(4)
+ " value: " + ('¤' + vars.slaveCost.toLocaleString("en-US")).padStart(13)
+ (isNaN(vars.beauty + vars.FResult + vars.slaveCost) ? ' <ERROR> ' : '');



From reports, >>91103 not all are effected, only some.


I'm also curious about what exactly is going on.


 Evi                            [        68] beauty:  63 modScore:  0.50 sexScore:   3 value:       ¤13,500
Sara [ 67] beauty: 76 modScore: 1.25 sexScore: 2 value: ¤12,500
Valenti [ 69] beauty: 79 modScore: 0.75 sexScore: 2 value: ¤13,000

I think this is how I do code?

Regardless, this s what I get if I run that after selling my custom. If I run it with the custom, only she seems to show up.





I've noticed something, the code sets them all to "work as a servant". I request a printout of their current assignment, could you make it so?



Got it. She is being assigned to a phantom servants quarters.


Do me a favor and make one and tell me if you suddenly have slaves in it when you look in it.


File: cc379bc75480f38⋯.png (135.47 KB, 1564x755, 1564:755, welp.png)


There we go.



Guess I'd better go get this sorted out for vanilla.



For the record:

.map((s, i) => {
var vars = SugarCube.State.variables;
return s.slaveName.padEnd(30) + " [" + s.ID.toFixed(0).padStart(10)
+ "] assignment:" + s.assignment.padStart(25)
+ (s.assignmentVisible ? ' (visible)' : ' (hidden)')
+ (s.choosesOwnAssignment ? '(self-chosen)' : '').padStart(15);



We should get a variety of these into the FAQ, they can be quite useful.


Pregmod v13.


-fixed missing slaves in certain starting arcologies

Thanks to the anon for the partial list of buggy arcologies, he got me to notice something shared in common by all of them that turned out to be the bug.



Do I have to start a new game if the last version I played was the v3 one? Because I get

Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: Cannot read property 'YouthPreferentialist' of undefined , if I hover over it, it says

<<if $FSPromenade.YouthPreferentialist==0>>


File: d7aa51ce706d45c⋯.jpg (57.91 KB, 440x489, 440:489, Capture.JPG)

File: 6cb01984ecbaa4f⋯.jpg (40.87 KB, 451x399, 451:399, Capture2.JPG)

File: d515208ecb6a7d0⋯.jpg (21.83 KB, 463x192, 463:192, Capture3.JPG)

For some reason, the only browser I'm able to get the game to run in without error right now is Firefox. I get a script error in Chrome, Edge, and IE11.



Whelp, it just opened fine in Chrome in an incognito window…weird.



23 / 26 (normal / intensive)



Go to options > apply backwards compatibility update



Clear browser cache (will wipe old saves so back up with save to file first using older version that last worked for you if you care)



Thanks. Clearing the cache didn't actually work. I had to clear the cookies to fix it.


Okay, this is really strange and I can't figure out what's happening: some of my slaves are randomly disappearing.

They're not dying, they were both mid training, one being devoted and the other accepting and they were both at green health.

They're not hiding in any of my facilities either.

I'm 99% sure there were no weekend messages about why they disappeared.



Of course as soon as I make a post, I figure out what happened.

I had the slave set on choosing her own assignment, so she decided to stay in the "master suite".

Except the master suite doesn't actually exist yet, I haven't built it.



Plot twist: It wasn't your master suite.



That was likely me forgeting a space. Tracking it down.


I wonder if all the facilitiy self assignments do that. Will look into it, though fcanon may want to get this one since they've been doing so much work on those passages.



Scratch that first one off the list, it was the BC fixsable bug afterall.



>I wonder if all the facilitiy self assignments do that.

Personally, I'd rather have an option to let them choose assignments, but not enter facilities.

So in that case, she would pick "fucktoy" but not actively go to the suite.



I made it a universal rule. That defaults to off. I must have missed this check if you have it off or don't know about it.




Found one instance of it were it needed to be fucktoy; did you have repop as an FS by chance?



Could somebody explain how is that even supposed to work? The presence of estrogen makes growth zones in bones ossify and fuse faster (that's called "closure of epiphyseal growth plates"), preventing their further growth, not making them shorter. The only possible shortening effect would be hunched back caused by backbone elements compacting due to osteoporosis, which obviously shouldn't happen.



No, I only had Roman Revivalism at that point.


Yeah I didn't touch it. Under rules it says "Slaves are not permitted to assign themselves to facilities when choosing their assignment."

Other slaves went whoring without assigning themselves to the brothel (just using it normally if it has open places) while I had a slave assign herself to the suite three times (2 without it existing, once with it built).

I also had slaves assign themselves as fuck toys correctly occasionally though.


Pregmod v14.


-fixed, hopefully, slaves sneaking off into non-existant master suites


Magic future drugs.

When I first set up the loli growth code, I made hormones restrict potential growth (female) or favor the higher end of the roll (male). Though I still need to do a crossed version for futa.


I may not have gotten it then. Looking more.



Actually, if you can get the text that it displays when it happens, that will point me right to where it is occuring.


File: 07d2568a176c974⋯.png (3.51 KB, 320x50, 32:5, jXbFKM2.png)

File: b6ee8665f5f18de⋯.png (7.06 KB, 812x65, 812:65, asH1cwb.png)

File: 0f81d9481224941⋯.png (32.11 KB, 1605x257, 1605:257, PwBJWiW.png)

My rule assistant is supposed to give dicked anal virgins a combined set of chastity, but it seems to be overwritten by the "other" setting, causing all dicked slaves to only have chastity cages, regardless of anal virginity. (Anal chastity is noted as visible in the text where this screenshot was taken.) This slave has no vagina, if that's relevant.

Secondly, and not really much of a problem, but I'm not sure where these 8 liters of milk came from. None of my slaves are even lactating currently.



Noted about the second, fcanon will have to handle the first.


So I wasted some mone on a research lab apparently … doesn't seem to do anything… *sigh*

side note, the FS purchases you make on the end of week financial page seem to overwrite the sectors. Earlier in this thread (or the last) I reported a missing Sweatshop, I recovered it manuall, shortly after I lost my Pens sector. And last night I lost a Markets sector I didn't own, and this morning I lost the dairy. The interesting thing I figured out by scrolling back up to look at them, in each case the 'type' field of the sector was set to a FS name like Slimness or Repopulation, etc.


> Dang!

Buying parts of your arcology with reputation used to hit you for about 10000, this time hit me for 18000, is that normal?



In regards to this rule assistant issue, undoing the accessory settings entirely, saving it, and then reapplying them seems to make them start applying correctly. Not sure how I managed to cause the problem in the first place, but it doesn't happen on a new save. It might have something to do with the rule being imported from a save on an older version, but it's easy to fix regardless.


Yes, you're getting more ownership with each section than you did previously when buying with reputation.



Is anyone else having this problem? Trying to determine if it is isolated, cirumstantial or just generally occuring.




More details: I started with a save from an older version, from like a month ago, so it may just be situational.


Pregmodfan, clean out the fmarry stuff, I'm actively working on it and will handle that on the next pass. Also could you grab the vanilla changes to the santiyChecker and spell checker? I don't dare touch them after all the permissions issues that came up last time.



Did you run the backwards compatibility? It might be the newly added $promenade breaking things indiscriminately.



I'm pretty sure it was the $promenade code. I did run the back-compat after first getting some ugly << errors >>

and I ran it again twice in the last 2 days for updates. So that's probably it.



Is it not getting initialized or something? Will find when it gets set after handling the dairy report stuff.


So what would be the ideal combination of future societies if I want the ultimate loli harem? I was thinking Youth Preferentialism, Slimness Enthusiasm, and Body Purism, but I'm not sure what else to get. Paternalism? Chattel Religion? One of the revivals?



ArabianRevivalism loves harems, so that could work. Alternatively Egyptian if you want those lolis to also be your daughters.



I'm completely unfamiliar with the prominade code, but I just made the connection becase of this sequence of events.

1] had fixed the first 3 errors without thinking about it each time.

2] saved game, and clicked next week, glanced through slave updates, glanced through financial updates, and as clicking the 'continue' link I saw the Promenade link for um I think it was for the Gender Tradionalism. FS. So then walked through a few vignets, saw my arcology, (normal).

3] loaded from save, skipped slave updates, then clicked the $promenade link, … through the rest, and the arcology boxes generated without the Dairy. …

4] checked the code again with console.log(SugarCube.State.variables.sectors); and checked, the 25 entry had type = something like 'Gender Fundamentalist'; I updated it back to 'Dairy' and things were restored.



I mix it up sometimes using Egyptian, sometimes using GenderFundamentalis and Repopulation for lots of pregnant lolis



The code is alpha content. I'm digging around now, we'll see if anything turns up.




Nothing seems wrong, though I can definitely see it freaking out if $FSPromenade is not defined. Guess we'll find out on monday when the content possibly gets completed how bad things are.




Without looking at the code, I'm wondering if the code uses some other global variable maybe for looping, and getting those initial errors set it incorrectly, … then maybe the back-compat didn't clear or reset it…. just a guess.



It should work fine if the game initializes post addition. That or it is somehow leaking out of the promenade layer, which I can't even begin to explain.


So what's up for the Lab – is there any purpose?



It should only appear if you have cybermod enabled.


Interesting, my mindbroken flesh heap-purchased working in the Head Girl suite spontaneously became un-mindbroken. Wow. My Head girl is a spa attenedant in her time off. Actually, swapped the slave out and bought another mindbroke mess to see if it happens again.



I do, but after I purchased it, it doesn't seem to do anything … *sigh*



I think that's bad fetish setting. Looking into it.


It might be disabled. I don't know anymore.


File: 88859844d1c2d14⋯.png (2.29 KB, 269x47, 269:47, Capture.PNG)

So, what's up with the question marks?



Ah! I found the problem, aparently a revision changed the 'researchLab.built' from an integer '0/1' to a string thing, updated the structure built value to 'true' and I have a link now.



Where did this happen? I'll fix it.



I'm not sure, just vim scanned, looking at the code in the html object, and the code around it. I saw the <<if $cyberMod != 0 && $researchLab.built == 'true'>>

then I looked at the object in the js console and it said built = 1. to I used console to change that to 'true'. i think this is because of some update that happened changing the use of that object's build element. I can't say when it happened, more than maybe sometime in the past week or so.

maybe the next release can have something like if ($researchLab.built) { $researchLab.built = 'true'; } or the like.



I'll scan for .built, it ought to lead me to something at least.




Apart from backwards compatibility setting it to 0 instead of false, which has now been fixed, I don't see how it managed to become 1. Everything sets it to "true" or "false".



well ok, I'm enough of a programmer that I wasn't seriously affected, whatever the cause.




I don't see anything obviously wrong in the code. The logic is: if the slave has a dick, and is an anal virgin, use the anal virgin dick accessory, otherwise (if the slave has a dick but is not an anal virgin) use the regular dick accessory. When the rules are applied, it should say "[[slaveName]] is a virgin and has been given a [[dickAccessory]] accessory for her cock" if it's using the virgin accessory. Do you still have a save where it wasn't working?



yeah, I don't see how it could become 1 either




Well I fixed it. It was fucked, hard. But it is working now.

Moving onto the mindbreak thing before next patch.



must've lost the correct symbols somewhere along the line. rulesAssistant.tw still has the <- and -> symbols so can cut&paste them back into slaveInteract


Pregmod v16.


-fixed bugs (mindbroken HG slaves and research lab BS)


Minor question, I recall a few months ago, my slaves would show up as loli slavegirls or shuta toys or other sorts of teen/loli naming things. Is that on the schedule for re-adding?



Alternate slave titles option at game start or under options.

Content never gets removed, only broken.


Oh I must have missed that one, whats the flag name?



Assuming you are talking about alternate titles, they can be changed at any time under game options.



ah thanks anon



FSPromenade in backwardsCompatibility needs to be updated to mirror storyInit



On it.



maybe add below the existing check something like this

<<elseif (def $FSPromenade.RepopulationFocus))>>

<<unset $FSPromenade.RepopulationFocus>>

<<set $FSPromenade.Repopulationist = 0>>



without the extra )


So, what IS the point of the Flesh Heap?



Will offer bodies for use in bodyswapping and other things.




Wait, is this actually a thing?



Not yet, current implementation is flawed and I'm not in the mood to return to it yet.


How exactly do you marry a slave? I saw that it's a policy, but I'm not seeing it as an option anywhere.



Talk to her about her relationships, it should be above the list of slaves.


Is there any chance of some expansions to the cheat menus any time in the near future?

Would really like to be able to deal with things like genome damage or edit my corporation's asset holdings.


Is there a reason why, as of v9 of the current build, I only ever get one slave in story events? Even in events, DoL coup, Refugee raid, VTOL airlift, and old world country attack specifically, where I got as many as 10 before that? I just got done after a very long bug hunt and that stood out to me as the strangest thing happening in the game. Also, possible vanilla bug where, if you add another neighbor via cheat, it gives a red line bug when you pass a turn while the cheated in arcology is active and seems to display the arcology twice as well. I already passed the screen, so I'll get a screen shot of it if I get it again. It does mention a "token," though



No idea, I also only got one starting two days ago so it's definitely not a recent issue.



>Royal Blood event yet.

The what now?


Apologies! An error has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly.

Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: State.variables.sectors[State.variables.AS] is undefined.

From clicking the "Upgrade this sector" in the report, latest version. (Week 26)



I'm also experiencing this. VTOL airlift targeting as many refugees as possible gave me one slave, and the undocumented cargo container event gave me only one when I enslaved them.



Backwards compatibility.




Odd, it might be something clipping $i again, but nothing has changed in those in some time. Everything looks alright as well. Need reports from vanilla, if anyone can do that.



But the save is fresh, also, my pens just disappeared from the map.


This has probably been asked before, but are there any plans to let a Radicalist PC have an anal womb added to themselves?



No plans.



And for some reason, after I upgraded FS from the report it started building up Subjugationism on its own even though I was going for Supremacism.



Looked into it, and seem's that new changes for sanityCheck in original FC needed some tweaks. They right now show false positive result on some files with JS scripts. I'll tweak it after waking up. Right now I'm too sleepy…


Two things about the Brothel:

1.) Why is the spreadsheet-esque summary both above and below the section explaining what each whore did?

2.) Why does it say the Madam didn't earn any money even when she has?



Ask fcanon, he touched it last.


Noted, this is the shops thing in FS developments, right?



>also, my pens just disappeared from the map

Not sure if yours was in the same place, but the sector in the bottom right just disappeared for me.

I don't even remember whether or not I purchased it, but I definitely hadn't upgraded it.



I always make the lower middle one barracks, this time instead of picking rightmost I picked the one right next to the barracks and it disappeard.


End Week Report, last tab, they asked me to build something for FC, about sectors, I clicked and it mentioned Subj. instead of Sup. , a while later Subj. was instantly unlocked.



Will look into that.


File: ff0eaf57a6d5f1d⋯.png (30.56 KB, 998x413, 998:413, bug.png)



The summary at the top is a more detailed version of the one at the bottom. It is at the top because the report expands downward when you enable the accordion view, and so you can use the summary to decide if you want to examine the report more closely.

I did not touch the madam stats code. It is possible that they never were counted.



This sector loss bug is going to require attention, especially since I don;t know if it is vanilla or not.




Oh and the oddities with the salve giving events like >>91627



Found something, but it looks like it will require all those events to be altered. <<AddSlave>> alters $i, which ruins the for loop running the slave additions. Requesting a list of all affected events, not listed in the linked post.



I can provide a save where it has occurred as long as you promise not to judge my degeneracy too harshly.



It may be useful for fcanon, but I firmly believe it is vanilla so I'm going to wait till monday to try to fix it.


For some reason I got the post Daughter owner enslavement speech event after only one of the Buy Peers event but the name was $activeslavewhatever and now I got the "Make it so" event and no Owner slave.

Latest build.



This may be related to the bug.

Arcology X-1 is located to the east of your arcology. It is governed by an individual, making its development vibrant but unpredictable. Its leadership has control of approximately 55% of the arcology. You own 73% of this arcology. The arcology has an estimated GSP of ¤0m, behind its neighbors.



File: b53dcac36488c00⋯.png (31.43 KB, 1005x507, 335:169, bug.png)


Picture didn't upload, sorry.


Happened again, right after I upgraded for Paternalism.



Fuck it. I'm commenting it back out.



Oh, and the removed Sector was the Corporate Market, placed in the middle.


Pregmod v17.


-heavily altered how physical development works when active. Now balances hormones over the year to decide which bonus to give.

-fixed bugs, maybe

I converted a number of the $i involved in the multislave acquisition events to _i, since $i was being altered in <<AddSlave>> thus causing the for loop to be terminated.

Alos removed the FS shop system and its effects. You can still make them, but they serve no purpose other than to exist for now.


it would be nice if there was an option to discard a slave after she comes out of the incubator when you dont like her. i like to breed large broods of slaves but it's painstakingly tedious to go through and discard the ones i dont want.


Perhaps this is stupid question, but is there any way to increase PC dick size (and ball size without using gel) in pregmod?



No and no.


File: 7d76a0ecedcec61⋯.gif (3.72 MB, 581x327, 581:327, 1449465922937.gif)



My guess would be that it would require a lot of scene differences or there wouldn't be a point of specifying more than "above average." And that would require a lot of work, frontend and backend.



Rule of thumb is if it increases chem in a slave, the player should avoid. As for dick size, events. Same for height and muscles.



Player customization is a thing. Games with too many things feel chaotic and unfocused. So games have a thing budget, which they'd better spend on what they're fundamentally about. And FC isn't about transforming the player; It's about transforming everything and everyone else, roughly speaking.

So that's why you can't expand dong.


File: 64d226eaa2d3dbf⋯.png (6.97 MB, 1813x2111, 1813:2111, y tho.png)



should add this to the faq, it gets asked about as much as the how to make huge penises erect


File: 73fa46ab2992eda⋯.png (481.95 KB, 439x471, 439:471, Really dude.png)


>Wanting to transform the character

>Not wanting to stay pure and build a harem of /fit/ exotic girls and run an arcology that is glorified by all.

It's a shit fetish and a reason I don't play CoC.



I dont play coc because I'd rather die before I support furfags in any way



you dont have to use transformatives in CoC so if you wanted pure demon purging run with a harem you can.



>Why does it say the Madam didn't earn any money even when she has?

Are you sure she earned anything? If your brothel is fully staffed, she usually doesn't earn any money directly, just raises the multiplier for the earnings of others.



>Apart from backwards compatibility setting it to 0 instead of false, which has now been fixed, I don't see how it managed to become 1. Everything sets it to "true" or "false".

Does it set to false or does it set to "false"? There's a difference. In JavaScript, false is a false value while "false" (the string) is a true value.



"false", but it checks for either "true", or not "true", which makes that 1 even more baffling since it shouldn't have cuased issues. Either way, the research lab turned out to be just missing completely from the new penthouse layout, so I add a link for it in with with the others.



>Using strings for boolean values.

Who wrote this? They need to never write any code again.



Considering the sheer numbers of problems that came alongside its first incarnation, I have to agree.




iirc didn't FCdev state that FC was also him learning how to code in a trial by fire fashion?



This one wasn't FCdev.



FCDev tends to use 0 for false and 1 for true, which has its own small set of problems, but is otherwise an acceptable substitute in languages which don't have true boolean values (JavaScript does). For example, this (also used in the code) works with both:

var flagsSet = flag1 + flag2 + flag3;

When the flags are booleans or using 1 for true, the result is a number between 0 and 3. When they are strings, the result is something like "truefalsetrue".



in javascript adding boolean values together coerces them into numbers

you cant win. its a bad language.


Tried setting a RA rule based on age.

<12, No Lower Limit.

Somehow it applies to 24-year-old and no one else, including some much younger girls.

I suspect it might be looking at birth week instead of age.

It's currently Jan 19 (fresh game), the only slave it applies to has a birthday in two weeks.



I think it might be trying to use .age, which is deprecated but still gets set for future compatibility. I refuse to work with the RA if I can help it, so maybe fcanon will be able to deal with this.



Though if it is that simple, then I just added some more options to it. Let me get a patch out for testing.


Arcology X-4, your arcology, has an estimated GSP of ¤5m, about as prosperous as the rest of the Free City.

Arcology X-2, your neighbor to the west, has an estimated GSP of ¤4m, about as prosperous as the rest of the Free City.

Arcology X-3, your neighbor to the northeast, has an estimated GSP of ¤7m, much more prosperous than the rest of the Free City, limiting its economic development. Its leadership acquires an increased share of its ownership. This places its government in control of approximately 43% of the arcology, against its most prominent competition, with a 14% share.

Arcology X-4, your neighbor to the north, has an estimated GSP of ¤3m, not as prosperous as the rest of the Free City, spurring its economic development. It resumes its original name, Arcology X-3, since the arcology to the north of yours is also named Arcology X-4.


I certainly didn't name them like this on purpose. But I do recall dithering about how many neighbors to have. May have changed the number back and forth a couple times on the final screen where you can do that.

Next week X-3 changed its name to X-2.

And sure enough on the 3rd week X-2 renamed itself X-1. So I guess it's all sorted out. Pretty weird though.




And it is not. Though I think I have something.


Known issue in vanilla.



No, it explicitly said that it wasn't full so she whored for herself. She made ~3k, but it said she made nothing.



>FCDev tends to use 0 for false and 1 for true, which has its own small set of problems

…When would this lead to problems?


Pregmod v18.


-maybe added/reactivated some more conditions for the RA?


Give this a try.



It does appear to be working now. Thanks for that.



>5000+ LOC changes in physicalDevelopment

What the fuck did you do?



Mainly when working in a team or reviewing your old code. When you have booleans as booleans, it's clear which value means what and which values are valid. When you have them as 0 and 1, you have no idea if there's not a 2 or -1 as an additional valid value somewhere until you check ALL the code. As a result, the maintainability of your code suffers.

Compare how FC deals with $slave.brand vs. $slave.earPiercing, or $slave.prostate vs. $slave.anus, or $slave.combatSkill vs. $slave.vaginalSkill.


>You call her over so you can fondle her dick and soft perineum. She devotedly comes over and gives you an impassioned kiss. She smiles and points her dick towards you. You gently trace your fingers along her dick before taking it gently in one hand and tenderly stroking your hand along its shaft, while simultaneously cupping her soft skin beneath her base and her butthole with your other hand . You firmly wrap your fingers, thumb and palm around her dick, rhythmically stroking along with both hands, starting slow but gradually increasing the speed of your movements. You occasionally squeeze the tip and head of her dick between your fingers and thumb. Her prick stiffens like a rod in your hands and you continue your expert strokes along the erect shaft. She begs you not to stop. Soon, she moans and her movements indicate that she is about to orgasm. She shudders and leaks her cockmilk as she orgasms in your hands. She looks at you passionately as you stop moving your hands and get cleaned up.

This is only super saiyan 1, we need to go even further



PC sucking slave girldick when


File: 367b57bd9c52f98⋯.png (130.88 KB, 480x800, 3:5, Screenshot_2017-05-21-04-4….png)




>Using a phone to visit a website

Why do you do this to yourself?


I have limited time for modding today, but I saw my name a few times here - is there something that still needs attention?



shouldn't the check added to buildingWidgets for the research lab be .built == "true"


Possible to get female MC impregnated when ?

I've read through the pastebin, and I didn't see anything like DONTEVENASKYOUFUCKINGCUNT for furries.

I guess it's worth a try Sorry if I missed it


File: 63cd7ec3e6117e7⋯.jpg (25.04 KB, 439x521, 439:521, fuck.jpg)

Any way to salvage this or am I just completely fucked? I get to about week 150 and it always, without fail, does this. I tried opening it in a couple different browsers (Brave, firefox, even iexplorer) but my saves were gone.



This is the thread for 'me no like furs 'cus they sick. Me no sick, me go play porn game now' kind of guy, but isn't there a mod for that?



reread his post and stay on topic



did you look in "manage personal affairs"?



Thank you, will do.



go the fuck back to reddit with that retarded post


V17, for some reason Radicalism disappeared from the FS list.



Reloaded and applied compatibility and it's still missing in V18.


File: d7647e639f29008⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1860x2631, 620:877, 89dbac4b7d93ee0af5ba260058….png)

Haven't played this game in good while but I seem to remember there was a mod that added underage and headpats is this it or am I thinking of something else?

Is there a place that lists all the mods?



pregmod has lolimod bundled in



What else does it come bundled with?



play the original first, this version has way too many bugs



To put it simply; made it so you can't just throw her on hormones before her birthday to control how she grows. Also made it a widget to get out of a nasty $i requirement.



The mystery of the missing sectors definitely. Seems to be coming from vanilla and I haven't seen any more reports since I commented out the block of code involving shop effects in fsDevelopments.tw.

As for the lab, probably. My goal was "make it work" nothing more.



Do you have dicks off? Because it requires dicks on.



No (Yes), the option to have none but to be able to make futas.



I'm working on an overhaul of vanilla code focusing on $i / _i / _j collission avoidance and using .find/.findIndex instead of for loops where possible


It would be nice to have alternatives to menials when doing Paternalism, like savants and artists.

I miss selling 1500 Fuckdolls 2k each.



How much .find/.findIndex? I don't understand how it functions compaered to a for loop but know it achieve similar results.



supposedly it's a lot more efficient to use find/findIndex since it's using a pure JS function to do the comparisons

it also doesn't use any variables so less places to possibly fuck up when passages get included



Looks to be working. Make sure you don't have gender fundamentalist.


When do you think you'll have it done?



two hours tops



Any idea roughly how many for loops are getting replaced? Trying to gauge just how hard pregmod is going to be affected.



No fundamentalism.



at the moment, I see 341 places in the code with $i used in a for loop, and 116 matches using _i

not sure yet how many I will be changing



Mostly I'm contemplating if I should even bother trying to work until if I am going to have to fully recompare due to largescale base changes.


Check debug and tell me if any FS are stuck on or something because it should be appearing.



I'm not touching any pregmod exclusive files so perhaps you can tinker with those for now?



What do you mean check debug?



Make a save, go to options, turn on debug, go to future societies, click cheat edit future socities and tell me what the game thinks is going on.



I could edit it in, no errors, but it didn't appear in the list.



Mostly wanted to hear if both rad and fund where "unset" still.



Not just pure JS function, the find/findIndex/map/filter/reduce loops are done with NATIVE JS functions - that is, ones written in C or C++, depending on the browser.



Yes, both are Unset.



It worked in testing for me, so you may have inadvertanly changed something in the intro summary. I see no reason it should not be appearing.



It can't be from the FS combo because Paternalism doesn't lock it, and it can't be from the settings because I have three futas.



You made them yourself, surgically? Then I really don't know what to tell you.



The first two, yes, the last one is from the shotgun match.



You should be able to take it. The last reason I can think of is you can't take anymore FS due to rep or cap on FS.



It's simply missing from the list, Paternalism took its place.



Oh thank the Lord this is what FC needs right now. It'd be cool if you could do a before/after perf comparison.


Forced marriages are coming along nicely. Even took the extra step and made it so you can steal lovers away from slaves. About half-way through seWedding now, which is the last really big passage, so it might be finished before all the updates tomorrow.




Not true at all. One of my future plans is having certain bad ends turn the lost PC into a slave in the following NG. I guess technically she won't be the PC anymore, but she'll be sucking lots of dick.



Does that involve adding in more PC customization first?



never in vanilla tho



Not really. Enough is already set up to allow for a great deal to work with, and some of the bad ends are going to leave the old PC barely recognizable under their new master's meddling.


When you customize a slave during a new game, what actually determines when you can make yourself as either father or mother of said slave?



But that's not slavedick



age of the slave compared to your age and maybe whatever minimum age you set for fertility


Tell me your economic success stories, anons.

>Billions of ¤

>Upkeep of 70000¤ a week (mainly due to the incubator) is completely unnoticeable compared to my income

>Give free rein of the markets to my personal assistant, I have more money than I know what to do with anyways

>Each share of my corporation worth well over 100000¤, dividends of 600¤ per share each week



What does giving free rein actual do?



Give them 100000000¤ or so to play with and set buying and selling to aggressive, they make a lot of money each week (saves me the effort of buying and selling a couple thousand menial slaves each week)



But is it better than doing it yourself or not?



I've updated my vanilla PR … still testing though, if you'd like to grab the branch and experiment



Yep, thats practically a full merge. Did you have to sort everything? Especailly the workarounds from their main passages? Nothing I love more than jumping between folders collecting everything I need to work with. Furthermore, seeing as you already flubbed #491, back off from it.

Since there is absolutely no way I can check to see if you've slipped anything of mine in, I'll just voice my greivances after the fact.



What do you mean, I flubbed #491? It only touched two files and I made the same changes. I also made other changes in those files, and I want to avoid merge conflicts.

Collecting included passages into a different folder structure is not strictly necessary but I feel it is worthwhile since extra care is needed for those passages. It won't be hard to gather the files for comparison; if you'd like once the vanilla merge is finalized, I'll reorganize the pregmod src folders into the same structure and upload them (unchanged) for you to compare against.

Moving the workarounds was admittedly just me trying to tidy up the uncategorized folder a bit, and could be left out.



Look closer at birthWidgets.

And please keep related passages near each other for the sake of simplicity, nobody wants to have to run around the block just to get what they need to work with.

I would like a means to check you though, but you are not reorganizing pregmod's folders.



Not him, and as far as I noticed it's worse than doing it manually since it does not seem to affect the slave prices. Normally, buying or selling several thousand menials would change their prices by at least 300¤, and this oscillation turns into quick and easy profit.

But I stopped using the business assistant as soon as I noticed that, so I might be mistaken.



You're absolutely right. Sorry about that. I've removed your changes entirely.



which files do you think aren't being moved to the right place?



I backed out the workaround tw files too



I don't have time to sort through over 100 files. But workarounds should really be kept with their main file, i.e. recETS and recETSWorkaround. Often times, when one needs to be altered, the other also needs to be changed; that or you need to have them both up to grab a reference or bug check.



I won't be back until tonight, I'll see what you've done then.



There's nothing I love more than recruiting the blind hobo and giving her new eyes.


Which slave school is best to sponsor if you're going for a full-on degenerate lolicon paradise arcology?



The one you want but won't use, the best "school" is the Royalty/Albino summoner.


File: b229d9f58f48fce⋯.png (15.28 KB, 497x216, 497:216, Capture.PNG)


I'm not sure I follow.



I pick Futa because Futa, but I'll never use it because there's the Slave Auctions to provide me with princesses.



>Albino summoner



I would be great to have a way to automate enemas.


Is that paperdoll mod still being worked on?


Is there a guide for how to optimize slaves according to each FS?



I think I saw something about the author stopping until the end of the semester so he could focus on school. I would assume we'll hear something about it soon.



what's that referring to



Slave School is the basic one that basically just trains normal slaves. The best thing to get if you want easy access to loyal lolis is to build up the company and choose things for it to specialize in, then buy slaves from said company.



Prestigious slave auctions.


does this have an interface that isn't a complete unreadable clusterfuck yet? I haven't played in awhile



Alright. With how big your update appears to be, I say it would be best to split it in at least two. First the changes, then the restructuring. Right now it is pretty much hiding your changes completely, and unless FCdev plans on just blindly adding them in, he will likely get hung up for some time on them, if he takes them at all. Furthermore, it is going to completely slam anyone else trying to make changes, including FCdev.

My advice, save the sorting until after your changes go through, then push them on tuesday or wensday, seperate from any more of your additions.



makes sense

I haven't pushed my latest yet; still testing



FAQ note: "=<" and "=>" are usually spelled ">=" and "<=". Also, there's a case of "0< muscle <2". Does that simplify to 1, or is muscle on a floating-point scale?


Tomorrow is going to be fun. All I have to say at this point is "Don't fix what isn't broken".


>She enthusiastically serves the public. Her appearance attracted 125 members of the public (17 a day)

>She doesn't seem to feel she's getting fucked in public enough, leaving the attention whore depressed and anxious.

Is there a minimum for attention whores to feel like they've served enough? Or does being the DJ prevent them from being satisfied?



Serve the public should be fulfilling the condition for her to be satisfied. DJ doesn't qualify, will add it in since that is pretty mcuh attention whore the job.


Fcanon, are you sure you want to break apart the end week for loop like that? Changing the tracable $i that moves through it into those temp variables?



All in all, I don't see anything of mine to complain about, so good work there. Though changing all the existing variables like this strikes me as more confusing than effective. Least we won't see any more conficts with those.


Do the PC can't have a chest smaller than C-cup?



Ample busom or masculine chest on the PC in events. Sort of locks the minimum size of breasts down.



The simple solution is to exclude those events from happening if their requirements aren't met.


So… My babies in the incubator don't come out and I can't get them to be my cute slaves. Is it an issue everyone has?



Should be fixed in later versions. The incubator report got lost during fcanon's code restructuring, so anything involving it during that time frame is likely bugged. I did test it and had a child succesfully exit it.



I had to cheat and buy 19 incubators for one pregnang slave, fully upgrated yet they didn't came out, so I'm stuck with some highly expensive stuff.

Also, I've been thinking about playing an 'end of the world' scenario where everyone is male, just to create artificial reproductive organs, but I don't know if the game removes the incubator if it does that.



Did you change the target age for release by chance?



Yeah, to 16 before they got in.

… don't tell me that fucked up the whole thing?




I believe I see the problem. $i interception since someone moved everything around!


Math.clamp() should handle that. I forget if it makes Number() redundant or not. Setting up a fix now.


Pregmod v19.





Havgin doubts on this fix. Question: did the weeks until release count down at all?



Thank you.

Also, any news when we get new content?

Or how to get not disgusting or worthless slaves with some old world background?



Did it work?

As for content, just finishing forced impregnation weddings now. That leaves two more after it before all the large scale content in forced marriage is handled and I move on to the little details.



Kinda weird, I loaded up a save from an older version (10.2) and it automatically had me trying to revive the aztecs on load, even though I was maxed on future societies. Abandoning it lets me pick another



…and I got $rep



Yeah, it finally start doing the countdown of weeks before release.

Thank you.




NG+ or incompatibility it seems. You can try backwards compatibility immediatly after loading, but it may be too late already. Maybe if in 10.2 you saved in options, you might be able to trick it.


I guess $i was clipping. Don't know why it would stop it, seeing as it set it in passage. But if it works now, it works.



Well, I haven't saved, so it should theoretically still be the same. Let's give that a try…

yup, that did the trick, somehow.



Anyway, are there any plans to be both nice and rought with your slaves? I want to turn criminals into cows or stuff like that, but I also want to get little helpless people and confort them.

Also I want to do lost of pastorism and make a decent farm.



Just build their trust and devotion to be nice and lower trust, raise devotion to be rough. However, there is no way to turn criminals into equipment while leaving your happy cows free range.



Is just that I wish there was a criminal flag and some society development that could make you difference between the criminals from the unfortunate… also to make gladiatory fights with them.

Also… I guess this is not for everyone's tastes, but there might be an option to merge slaves? or the coding needed would be a nightmare?



Unlikely, both code wise and logistically.



merge slaves? As is in fuse them into a single amalgamate? Ignoring the fact that that's a very niche fetish it's also way outside of what should be possible in the canon universe




merge them in one slave, yeah. And I guess I'm just weird.




Code just can't handle it either.



Well, another weird request or idea. How about getting some body modifications for the arcology owner? In particular the mpreg implant.


Speaking of request : is PC gestation control/hyperpreg in the work ?



PC will not be doing anything too out there. Plus that has been answered severel times already.



I am planning a reowrk to pregnancy that I hope to use the PC as a test subject for. If it goes well, you'll be able to have several children. No hyper though, like I said, within limits.



Ah, shame. Is my first time writing in these threads.

Anyway, do getting cybernetic implants work like any other implant and interfeer with my naturalism society?



They don't seem to care about cybernetics.



Ah cool, now I can get amputee girls and give them nice implants.


More events when?



Constant trickle of 2ish a week from vanilla. Do not expect me to write events.



Is it psyker girl from One lunch man?


what does it mean by this "Use "based on the previous slave" and the available .father and .mother controls to create your family." when I follow it i can't seem to find these controls.



Traceable $i? Which passage?




I don't see how $i could have been an issue for the incubator?


File: e59320cb30b9222⋯.png (439.72 KB, 592x443, 592:443, 1425086621095.png)

>No way to make manly slaves be considered as males

>Warned that being motherly will change slaves' reactions

>Start off with Slaves that hate me

>Use their dicks all day

>Everyone hates that I fuck my slave

>Eventually they fall in love with me and fuck my pussy ever day

>Making steady pay despite not employing anyone

>Slaves don't take advantage of me






feel free to take a crack at the several thousand specific pronouns that need to be converted to use dynamic <<SlavePronouns>>



Self insert as a custom slave.




Then either make your own mod, or play a different game. Free Cities is a fundamentally dominant game, so why not play a submissive game instead of shoehorning in submissiveness into a dominant game?



How many times has this been asked the past couple threads? Do you not check to see if your questions have been answered before asking them?

If you want it, write it yourself.



Try Lilith's Throne


So I keep on seeing this image ressources option but everytime time I enabled it I get those "broken images" problem. Where does the game try to find the content it needs exactly ? Can I make myself a custom image pack ?



see art download links in OP


pregmod is not entirely image friendly at the moment, but those are the resources needed


>>Thanks a lot man


Organ harvesting, torture, and cannibalism when?



Add pee and beastiality to that.




Can we please stop getting this one wrong? It's bestiality.


File: 6841966750187b9⋯.png (27.72 KB, 690x134, 345:67, awaodt7.png)

I'm not sure how this slave managed to get this cock cage on with no cock. I assume my rule assistant put it on somehow, but I can't take it off. She does have a prostate, however, so perhaps that ticked it off in some form? The cage isn't mentioned in her slave description page at all.



Play a different game. Seriously, there's tons out there.



The chastity section of the RA is fucked. It hasn't been properly checking for dicks for dick accessories since time out of mind.



Guess she'll be haunted by a floating chastity cage for the rest of her days, then. Hopefully it doesn't spook the customers.



did this slave ever have a dick in the past? please upload your save



from what I can see, all checks are correct



Well, I've had it slapping chastity cages on grills without dicks



>Can we please stop getting this one wrong? It's bestiality.

You're right, and I am sorry.



give me a save and I'll look into it



gimme a while, working atm, will send one later today





What does the Slave Shelter get pissy about when they do their inspections? Can I just reform the cheap slaves and throw them into the Brothel and call it good, or is that not good enough?

Also, what is their punishment if you disappoint them?



why not try and find out?


File: dcfacae325a7d18⋯.png (31.55 KB, 1517x123, 37:3, Capture.PNG)



I guess I forgot a backwards compatibility for that. Will cobble something together.




Wasn't there a mod like that before?

I wouldn't mind if there was an ACTUAL flag for criminals. I generally don't like guro, but I dislike it the most when innocent people is involved.



Aside from Criminals, I feel like the game would benefit from the ability to set flags on characters.

So you could mark specific characters with a label (eg. Training cow, training prostitute, etc.) and then apply the Rule Assistant based on those flags.



You can set labels. But I don't think the RA can check for them.


File: 5cfb9989898207e⋯.gif (638.91 KB, 500x281, 500:281, heavy breathing.gif)

>There are building blocks to your arcology

>an actual faily tree exists

>numerical values are shown for slaves

Holy Shit I've been gone for far too long, this is glorious.

Thus far I only used intendured srevants for my starting slaves, any reason to use normal slaves instead? I tend to have the necessary amount of money by the time the contract runs out.


>being a poorfag

>having a laptop so old that can't run pregmod for 1 turn without system freeze

End my suffering or suggest a browser that does not eat my RAM for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



>suggest a browser that does not eat my RAM for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Funnily enough, the last couple versions of IE without tabs are quite RAM efficient.



Better yet, if you can get them to sell their freedom away to become an actual slave at the end of their tenure.



How much memory do you have? Because even Chrome, Devourer of RAM and Virgins, only uses ~200MB when you have no extensions and no other tabs open.


Pregmod may be losing its prostate implant or seeing a large rework to it. Furthermore, do not expect completion until wensday, tomorrow at the soonest, assuming no other updates slam me.



I'm still on Windows XP, anon.


Will saying that my laptop has Pentium Dual Core as a processor be enough?



Multiple FS will also take some time to adjust to new changes.



>I'm still on Windows XP, anon.

Holy shit you are a poorfag. I don't think you can reasonably expect to run FC in the near future. Maybe check in once a month and we can make a game of seeing if FC has slimmed down enough for you? I mean, I've seen anons take steps to reduce CPU time, but nothing w/r/t memory. I suppose that could be a fun project, if anyone wants to take it on. There's probably some hilarious duplication or temporary-value bloat going on somewhere.


>buy incubator

>doesn't show up in sidebar

>doesn't trigger when slaves give birth to my children

I've tried it with both C-section and natural birth. Do I need to do anything or does it just not work on pregnancies that started before you had an incubator?



It should appear in the penthouse section of the new ui, but otherwise you have to preset which slaves you want to take from and how many from said slave.



>otherwise you have to preset which slaves you want to take from and how many from said slave.

Where do I do that?



Can do, anon. After all, I should be able to scrape up some funds for adecent PC in a couple of months.Wish me luck and austerity.



Keep an eye on newegg. I've managed to get a few Win7 i5 4+GB RAM for $100-150

Or if you're confident in you ability to keep everything together you can always upgrade your RAM and keep XP.


File: 4f0eb40aa81cb22⋯.png (121.96 KB, 1440x876, 120:73, 581045801580.png)

So why isn't she getting the Girlish figure bonus? I thought you only need breast less than C-cup and ass less than big



I want to say that it also requires a roughly equal waist-shoulder ratio and a certain weight range. It is surprisingly specific though




Muscles sub-30 unless physical idealist is taken and weight sub-10/30 I forget which.



If you're going for slimness (or maybe youth OR slim+youth) you need to make them completely flat, including disproportionally small butts.


so how hard would it be to add ,s or .s to the numbers that show money? would certainly make seeing the values easier



>There's probably some hilarious duplication or temporary-value bloat going on somewhere.

I just checked, and just FC is using around 160MB. I didn't do any further analysis, but that seems a bit extreme.



>she has no problem keeping herself hard for her Onee-sama

Fuck, I didn't realize before now just how much I wanted weeaboo titles in the game.

Is it possible to make most slaves call me Onee-sama, but my actual family call me Onee-chan?



Yes, look into my custom title setting under customize.



This anon has a point.



Fuck, she's my bodyguard and I don't want to pick physical idealist just for this, I guess I'm going to have to make her less effective… but she is already thin, fuck I think I'm going to need another bodyguard


Glad to have help, friendo


Regarding incubators, I haven't been able to find the option to build them either. Are there prerequisite upgrades I need first or anything?



Did you turn on the extended families option at the beginning?



You need extended families and you need to upgrade the arcology (to transmission lines? I think.) before you can build them.



I've got extended families enabled, but may not have upgraded the arcology that far yet. I'll make sure to work on that. Thanks.



this would be a good addition to the FAQ as well because the arcology upgrading is something you'd only know if you're always in the thread or if you ask



>swole fanged loli bodyguard

you my nigga anon


File: 047efa8690c22b8⋯.png (13.57 KB, 1197x298, 1197:298, Image1.png)


Yeah. It would be nice to see to see a list of all the upgrades and what they do. A tech tree if you will.

Also got a bug, see attached.

This was after I clicked the slave's name in the event to refresh my memory who I was dealing with, and then went back (by clicking "Continue", or whatever it says on the side).


File: aa5f5f83499dab5⋯.jpg (5.01 KB, 224x57, 224:57, 1415671040008.jpg)

Why the fuck are they called Futanari Sisters if they only sell disgusting trans people and not real futas?



They sell real futas if you sponsor them then throw enough money at them.



if you are pure of heart you can lend your expensive organ growing farm to help them become women. Think about it, all the futanari sisters get to go in and out of your penthouse to use your organ farm to grow ovaries set 10000 per person for absolutely no cost to them and all you get in return is the choice on whether or not they get pregnant. You don't even impregnate them either.



Futas are women that grow a cock out of their clits, not men with implants.



what's the difference, really?

you're still gay for liking either one.



What are the futanari sisters anyway? they aren't women because they dont have ovaries and they come with a pair testicles and a penis but they dont have an organ growing farm for those…


File: 235a6f6a375b5f0⋯.png (60.07 KB, 1213x318, 1213:318, Capture.PNG)

What is this upgrade that requires your rep to be above the cap?



It has another condition, I'll toss a note in for that.


File: 6162d91ea5611b7⋯.png (49.17 KB, 696x47, 696:47, GL3cR4y.png)

File: e51af10d3a6c924⋯.png (29.55 KB, 445x725, 89:145, VU74dLP.png)

Was the bug involving only getting one slave in a normally multi-slave obtaining event fixed?

If so, the one involving getting refugees after the attack on your arcology still only gives one slave with the "target the largest number of slaves" option. Shortly after the raid scene, this error pops up and quickly disappears.



All vanilla error reports are void until next revision. Too many changes to even consider anything not pregmod exclusive.


Fcanon, you lurking?


How do I make a specific slave impregnate the PC?



You can not impregnante yourself with another slave directly. You can choose to ride their dick if they are serving you and become pregnant that way, but I'm pretty sure they have to be able to get erect.


File: fcff12425027b28⋯.jpg (393.69 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, contemplative-nonoka.jpg)

I remember when a new vanilla release merited a post with a download link and excerpts from the changelog. I even remember switching back to vanilla to try out some shiny new feature. Now it's just a short burst of dev chatter and on to loli breeding. Quickly or slowly, it can't be denied that the center of gravity is shifting. (This post isn't prompted by a vanilla release. Latest is still 0.10.2.)


Well lads, I disabled social events in my penthouse and I want to re-enable then, how do I do that?



It's under domestic policies, called regular entertainments


Can we get a stable build? Focus on just fixing bugs for a while and give us that version so that people who are new can try playing that, and then you can move on to experementing and adding new things



While I don't want to tell people who are just doing this for fun what to do… I agree that a stable build would be highly desirable.



on mobile but here for a bit now




For every ten bugs I've been fixing lately, I've probably created at least two due to typos or not noticing a small detail. I will try to do better.




Due to the way updates are handled, thank vanilla for that. Either way, unreported bugs do not readily get fixed.


Extended family mode got upity about the various changes to fRelation, but they've since been sorted out. That said, they weren't pretty to begin with.


Yo fcanon, I'm seeing pregmod variables in vanilla's backwards compatibility. The promenade to be specific.



Oops. I will fix that in my next vanilla PR.


Here's another weird bug, no idea if it happens in vanilla too, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to document it too well, but I have to mention it just for the humorousness of it if nothing else.

I had a RA rule set to give devoted slaves a luxurious lifestyle. As you can imagine, this was fine initially, but later on got expensive, and exceeded the number of Luxury Rooms I had anyway. Upon switching that to Normal in RA and applying the rules, somehow I was left with 1.5 (!) Luxury Rooms filled. And conversely, <whatever>.5 Penthouse beds where now being used.

This persisted for multiple weeks, but quite some time later I see it's cleared up (both are now whole numbers). I did not notice exactly when this happened.



That happens when two slaves in a relationship both have the same lifestyle. They share a bed and take up less room total.


Fcanon. You are going to have to handle pregmod's RandomNonindividualEvent or I'm goign to be stuck on it for hours trying to fit extended family mode back into it. Which, coupled with a largescale conflict regarding future societies and the complete reworking and removal of .prostateImplant is going to kill my entire day.



> pregmod's RandomNonindividualEvent

What's wrong with it?



Are you fcanon? If not, it doesn't concern you.



Add reRelativeRecruiter to the list of things that need you to update, fcanon.



Perhaps it'd be time to consider "backporting" the extended family mode to vanilla…



Far too many issues and other things related to it to do that.



Well, having more playtesters and also contributors is only going to improve things. Also, from what I understood from the various discussions and reports, most of the issues seem to be with the family tree thingy. You could just not "port" that to vanilla.



It is not going to be backported. Also the family tree itself is miniscule compared to other things.



OK. Will tackle RNIE.


You cant change the genes thru the cheating options

you can select them but they never carry over after the continue button



Get reRelativeRecruiter too. I'm calling it a night now, but before I go I'm going to push a WIP merge request onto the git. I forget if others can see it or not.


I'll take a look at it later, got it written down on the to do list.



>I'm going to push a WIP merge request onto the git. I forget if others can see it or not.

Generally, we can.





Thank you, it'll save me a headache later. Just leave a merge request and I'll sort them into mine to get a better feel for the code changes. I sort of get what you did, mostly avoiding in-between objects and editing the slave array contents directly by finding indexes.



I thought it might be somehow related to that… but surely something is still going wrong here.

If I broke up a couple, I should no longer be getting this "economy of beds", right? How can half a bed be occupied at two different locations?



regardless of where they work, they come home to sleep?


My Daughter called me "Son" after sending her away as an agent for another Arcology

had 100% ownership there with my daughter agent and lost control of it due to a coup

my daughter disapeared and the new owner had control of -1%, my control stayed at 100%



it's your rival's arcology, so being kicked out despite 100% ownership is appropriate

the rest is a bug



… or maybe buying out your rival's arcology early should shut down all related content



Not that guy, but I found buying out your Rival's arcology before they become your rival messes up the content. I didn't mean for it to happen. I saw the writing on the wall and purchased 30% of their arcology… they bungled the whole thing, and I ended up the majority shareholder at 30% which bugged the rest of the Daughters of Liberty content before it even started.



tbh i would rather like to see me losing all the % i own there than blocking that content



Should an ex-couple still share a bed? That goes against orders of the owner, doesn't it?



oh, separated as in ended relationship, not separated as in different assignments


File: f92eda014c82446⋯.png (245.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

my save is a bit messed up it seems



this is obviously not true:

genePool 22 Katie (birthName Katie, origin 'You kept her after her owner failed to pay your bill for performing surgery on her.') has the same ID 2 as genePool 39 Fiona (birthName Fiona, origin 'You got her at the Slave Shelter. It's not clear why her previous owner cut her arms and legs off.') The duplicate entries are different.

You have a current slave with the same ID: slave 72 Fiona (birthName Fiona) assigned to get treatment in the clinic.

You have an original slave record with the same origin and birthName as genePool 22: slave 20 Morgan (birthName Morgan) assigned to get treatment in the clinic.

Change ID for genePool 22 to match the original record


File: 210352985b16e04⋯.png (48.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ecce1399d6d4946⋯.png (200.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5e32bcbf6f86b99⋯.png (374.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

genetic testing - now with accordions! and repair options! plus even more options with cheatMode enabled!


… when importing slaves via NGP, their ID and weekAcquired in the genePool should be updated to match, so as not to confuse me and my code



… part of this might be that I still am using a very old save that went through NGP on older versions

… I see code in ngUpdateGenePool that should filter the genePool on NGP to just the slaves brought along … except its method of determining which slaves to filter is to look at IDs > 1200000 … and of course, that's any slaves that ever went through NGP … so after a second NGP, you have duplicates in your genePool (with 1.2m IDs and with 2.4m IDs)



or… not duplicates? unlinked… my genePool has the old 1.2m IDs, not the new 2.4m IDs


File: bd7a70b34b13354⋯.png (233.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

I'll use career instead of weekAcquired, I guess


File: b79712a6fd6bd91⋯.png (245.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

unfortunately careers and origins and birthNames can all be the same even for different slaves …



This is why I don't like using JS. Is the updater not doing what it is supposed to? It is supposed to check itself on ng+, adding 1.2m to the slave's ID and checking it against the new slave array to see if that slave is still present, dropping it if it is not. Ulitmitely, only the ID matters, everything else is to help identify where the slave originated for potential failure assignment to the array.



I (the guy who originally posted about this quirk) unfortunately didn't keep real close track at the time, but the only change was to living standard. Not job assignment or relationship rules.

So presumably a slave couple was sharing a luxery room, one was changed to normal and kicked out, and one stayed (probably my body guard who would be except from this rule change as a "special slave").

I still don't see how it makes any sense for them to continue taking only a half-accommodation each when they're living separately.



They shouldn't still be sharing a bed after breaking up, also amps may take only half a bed, it's been awhile since I've looked at that code block.


File: 42f7cc5656eeef1⋯.png (221.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


attempting an NGP to test now

ran into an error - backwards compat issue?



How bout some hover over so I can see what is undefined?


File: 53b87adfd1295a2⋯.png (222.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


oops.. with mouseover this time


looks like NGP is working as intended; the IDs of the imported slaves are incremented by 1200000 (so my multiple NGP-carryovers have IDs in the 2.4m and 3.6m range now) and the slave IDs match the entries in the gene pool, and no duplicate entries appeared in the gene pool

so, good news.. I just had a messed up save for historical reasons


the origins for the default slaves should probably be set, though (and fix Lilac's birthName?):


Index Name (ID, Birth Name, Origin, Career)

110 Miss Anne (990000, Lindy Anne, '0', '0')

111 Cornelia (990001, Cora, '0', '0')

112 Sheba (990002, Shaneequa, '0', '0')

113 Cornflower (990003, Alysa, '0', '0')

114 Miss Lily (990004, Lillian, '0', '0')

115 Lilac (990005, Lillian, '0', '0')

also, options.tw needs to set nextButton and nextLink .. I just somehow got trapped there

<<set $showEncyclopedia = 0, $nextButton = "Back", $nextLink = "Main">>



Nationalities check sometimes does that, I think if you restrict trade and then try to use it.


Good news indeed. Should have pregmod up and running soonish, fsDevelopments is going to need tweaking.


The cheatmode slaves are not a big cocern as they can really confuse extended family mode and are more there to just test if things work rather than play a real game with. Will add the options line in.



I just picked 'skip intro' after NGP and ran into that error. no customizing.



I assume you saw my merge request



Old save still? That was a bug at first implementaion that went away. Don't tell me it is back.


Working with it now. Some questions about .find though. If I have a variable already set and try to set it using .find, will it alter it if it finds nothing?



it will be undefined if not found



old save still, yes



Even if it was defined before?


Then that's likely the reason.



yes, whenever you set a variable you overwrite the previous value, if any, and array.find() returns 'undefined' if it didn't find a match – so a check of (ndef var) would return true if no match

.findIndex returns -1 if no match



Good to know, have to begin considering updating my content accordingly, you know?



So I take it -1 is considered undefined?



In respect to a def check, that is.



no, -1 is just the integer value -1 (< 0, > -2) … it IS defined

undefined is a special value

find and findIndex results must be treated differently



So wouldn't

<<set $mother = $slaves.find(function(s) { return s.daughters > 0 && s.devotion < 10 && s.anus != 0 && canWalk(s); })>>

<<if (def $mother)>>

always be defined then since .find will return -1 is no matches are found?



you're confusing find with findIndex

.find returns _undefined_ if no match - (def var) will be false

.findIndex returns -1 if no match - (def var) will still be true



Ok, I see. When I said I was JS illiterate I was not lying.



me too, just about. I'm figuring this stuff out by trial and error




Again, bugfixes only. Changing the requirements for the concubine events were not a bug fix, they were personal preference. Not something that shold have been pushed to vanilla. Plus they'll just cause problems there, as it was not designed to handle that.




>Ok, I see. When I said I was JS illiterate I was not lying.

>me too, just about. I'm figuring this stuff out by trial and error

You two are every JS dev ever.



Have you seen the roundabout way I get global variables to work in the game's JS? Luckily it is only used in one place and I really should swap it to using sugarcube.state.




Google has some JS devs that got fucking Google Earth running on JS with better performance than FC, so clearly not every JS dev is JS illiterate.


why is it that ng+ completely disables making slaves related to each other? it mentions player children, but it doesn't say shit about making a slave the child/sister of another slave.



Ng+ starts to get ugly with extended family mode and the player children thing is just a this slave is carrying your baby toggle.



how does restricting the conditions for the events to occur in vanilla cause problems? it means you won't see those events in cases where you could see them before, but those checks seem like they should be there - unless I'm missing something

my concept of a bug fix includes "this event/scenario should not occur given stats of participants" (like chastity checks)



Wait, you're right, those should have been there. Which raises the question, when did they disappear?



I'm not adept enough with git to find the answer to that type of question easily



I'm going to guess they got caught up in another merge by accident.


Where can I find a list of widgets available for use with custom rules in RA? For example checking if educated.



you can't use widgets in custom rules

but you can check any slave variable that has an integer value

there's a slave variables documentation txt file in the git package you can reference

for example:


if slave is educated or not

0 - no

1 - yes

so you can use intelligenceImplant = 1 in a custom rule to test for educated



I actually was going to ask the same question in regards to race




Is this because of OOP, or does FCDev just dislike having reasonable variable names?



Thanks, would the variables be the same as the output in the "Upload Her" option?



the latter I think




can't make a custom rule for race because it is a string and the custom parser doesn't like strings (or if it does, I haven't figured out how yet)


File: b2b96aa2e51a3ab⋯.png (159.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

after much error … I have something working



the fuck dis?



Massive overkill I say, since the test needs to only say if they exist in it and where they came from if they don't.




a coding exercise for myself to figure out how to dynamically generate a comparison table for multiple SugarCube objects .. the code is horrific, but it was built to address the specific problem shown in the screenshot - I have an entry in the genePool that doesn't match an existing slave perfectly but it does have the same background characteristics, so I need a more detailed comparison

obviously I could just output JSON.stringify but that's a lot of unnecessary clutter - here I just show the properties that are different



Maybe I should clarify, what is this, and what are you attempting to do overall?



did you see these screenshots? >>92516



I just assumed they were walls of code. So while yes, I did see, I did not examine.



this saga began with me discovering that my save was messed up .. and rather than mess around in the console, I decided I would implement tools to correct the situation in-game (as it were) … and here we are


now how do I cause a <<link>> to be clicked when a user clicks on a different <<link>> on the same page? I want to make a link that fills in some textboxes and then clicks the other "compare" link, without having to make a widget…



<span>s? Clicking one link replaces the span conatining the other?



without using replace

I'll just leave that as a future exercise… for now, it's functional, you just have to click the compare link manually after clicking "fill in"


File: 1113e7f8a85bd5e⋯.png (167.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

here's another way you can use it – comparing a slave's entry from genePool to the slave's current stats to see changes since you acquired her


here's a build with the extra sanity check / array repair features if anyone wants to try it: https://ufile.io/o3m22

it will display any issues it sees with your slavesOriginal array on the main page (above arcology UI and penthouse slaves list)

go to options -> run genetic test for the rest



enable cheatMode for extra options after you're done sorting through any errors in normal mode


Should have pregmod up and running tonight by the looks of things; working on dealing with the FS changes now.



>FS changes

Is this something new with 10.3? What's new?



Your rep, number of taken FS and some other things affect how much FS gain you get each week with the spill over the cap getting converted into something, might be rep, not sure.



Oh, neighbor influence. Looks like neighbor influence is what it goes into.



More surplus reputation conversion options are cool.

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