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https://archive.is/G7KQi 08/05/16, 21484

EDIT:upgraded all archive.is and pastebin links to https, added some missing ones and dumped more details about them while removing duplicate ones. There is a restore point (https://archive.is/rhlrS ), if needed. Added the credintals for the CloneAccess.

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Swapped the race of Iku+Tenshi and the Tsukumo sisters, along with minor level shifts. Original level is now listed on the side of the new one for easier viewing.

Still not sure what to do with Snake and the Zoma Fusions just yet.



>English community fixing another japanese game

Wow that looks great anon.

Will you also add more spellcard-based skills for the 2hus?


One of the issue is the level 70+ girls.

Okay, if you're diligent in your dungeon crawling and colosseum battle, reaching that level yourself shouldn't be too hard.

Getting the fusion fodders for them is another matter entirely.

Especially since element fusions doesn't always act like element fusion does.

That and the utter stupidity of some dungeon designer, what with putting demon with 20+ levels than their base levels (and upgrade skills) so you get annoying enemies but if you recruit them they're useless…

…Damn those guys did they even understand half the point of the fucking entire franchise?

So lowering the base level but keeping their best skills acquisition fairly late might be a better idea.



Yeah, it's a good point, and having too much demons locked to lategame would suck too since there isn't that much level 70+ content in eramega anyway outside of like Monad and the optional bosses like Satan.

Not to mention, getting the Paracelsus app is quite a lot of effort too.

What about pushing the level range down so the non-special fusion caps at high 60s with perhaps some low 70?


How do you pass on your MC's skill set to kids in EraMegaten? Seems like even non-combatants as second parents leads to not inheriting any at all instead of MC's.Does MC have to be the mother that nurses them, or would kids just inherit the other parent's skills either way?


Please tell me Belial isn't at the end of that ridiculous, trap chest-filled maze in Dungeon 5.

Also, how long is Tartarus?



Which is Dungeon 5? Tartarus is like 40 or 60 floors I forget which, and then Monad I didn't get to.



Tartarus is 60 floors long, and Monad is just 10 floors long.



I unlocked it after killing Beldr, the name is in kanji for "Big Demon Palace" or something like that. 8 floor tower with ~25 level demons, then a huge trap filled maze with ~35 level demons, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't poison constantly, then another tower at the end with ~45 level demons which I didn't get to the top of because the traps destroyed my party's MP.



MP-traps are the worst, indeed. The other are just mere annoyance if you bring an out of combat healer.

You can either blow a couple hundred thousands of yen to get enough core shields for the whole dungeon, or simply put 1000 macca on a border stone you will use just before the boss. (Or alternatively, have chakra drops/pots to recover mana before the boss fight)

Being out of MP do get rid of a safety net, but you don't really need spells outside the boss fight anyway.

Well, until you get to those level 50 dungeons where some of the enemies reflect all physical attacks obviously.



What are the requirements to unlock dungeon 5?

The wiki says to do specific events in Shinjuku, but I can't find Beldr inside the Gaia church.




Just get a demon with Liftoma



I had forgotten that was a thing. What are some of the demons that have it?

He or she shall become a permanent resident on my COMP just like the one with Estoma…



Buraq, Thoth and Chris the Car should have it as their first skill according to the CSV files.


File: 5c25d6249e12631⋯.jpg (2.1 KB, 104x104, 1:1, download.jpg)

You guys want to recommend ne the scenarios for new necrophilia/resurrection scenes?

Something like you dig up a grave and fuck a dead 2hu? And then the corpse gets reanimated by dick magic?



for eratohoK



So basically Shinjuku progress is like this.


>See the events, prompting you to talk to Naoya

>Talk to Naoya in Gaia church

>Fight guy who's making AV, Ozaka or something

If Naoya's back at Gaia, talk to him, otherwise you're done for the day.

>Come back the next night

>Save Rise at Messianic Church

Either before or after this you fight Beldr the first time.

Then you should get a message from Naoya about the BaBel program, then go back to Shinjuku, talk to Naoya again, run to Atsuro in the north side, kill Beldr, then the dungeon should unlock


Are there any era games like elona?



New? Does eratohok have some of those already?

Totally on board with scenes like that but i'm not creative enough to give you any good ideas. I'll just continue to stick with my obscure fetishes and leech off others work.


File: 27de9849867c675⋯.png (13.59 KB, 900x312, 75:26, tohok typo 00.png)

Typo in Tohok. "Ler" instead of "Let"



Can you go at night the first time and save one trip?

Because coming back three time to the same dungeon is… Yeah.

By the way, how do you get Amane?



How do you get to Ozaka? Every time I try, his door's locked.



It has to be in the day, after you visit Naoya. You may have to visit the Messianic church first, as well. There's a program that lets you rest in the dungeon, so that might help if you leave in the evening.



Can you use that one as a summoner lv1?

Actually, is there any program you can use as summoner lv1?

…Also I can't find this program. Is it one of those you get through requsts?



I believe with summoner lvl 1 you can only use the basics of comp, like summoning and active software like HI-DAS



There is no such program.

Ther eis a program that lets you save in dungeons not rest.

However, there are borderstones that allow recovery of health/mp inside the dungeon. I don't think time passes from using them though.



Much appreciated, man. It's been days that I tried to follow the Naoya route with no luck.


You also need to speak with at least 6 people who know about Ozawa (five of them are inside the Yakuza building, another one can be found in the lower part of north Shinjuku). If you've done everything right, you can talk again to someone at Yakuza building 2F, which will open the door.


Is there a way to use video tapes to blackmail girls in TohoK?



I received a message from Naoya when I retreated from that dungeon, so, no, I don't think you have to go to the end. Given it seems like you can chose where you start, the dungeon isn't supposed to be cleared in one go. Surprising.

Anyway, I was a bit after the Minotaur when I retreated.



Good jobbu.

Make Sukuna a special fusion between [Suika/Yuugi] and any fairy demon

That's one snake down, and it makes some sense flavor-wise with her being a supposed oni-slayer

Nue could easily be a rumor. Not sure how rumors are fused though.

In general, maybe you could shift some of them into rumor, if possible? Mamizou would fit.

You could easily shift Suwako and Kanako into Snake without being weird. Kanako is represented as a snake, and Suwako has Mishaguji.

I'd say switch the places of Tewi and Nazrin.

Take lily from tyrant and make her fairy, fairy has relatively low members anyway.

Komachi could easily be Yoma. She's the shikigami of Eiki. Same with Shou, she's the divine herald of Bishanmonten or whatever, fits Yoma class well.

If you need help with movesets, I could try my hand at it for some. Never done coding, but i it's as simple as editing a text document of 'when does X get Y', I think I could do it.


Been meaning to give EMega a try, since there's so much discussion on it. What's the learning curve like compared to TW and K?



Cheat my dude, it's not worth the grind for the reward. It's basically an rpg, learn what things are weak to and do it or cheat.


Does Lilim mutate into Lilith in eraMegaten?



It doesn't mutate into lilith but it does mutate to something called shoakuma Lilim I think


Do megaten melee weapons ever get good? I'm about 8 payments in now, and I have yet to find anything more than slightly better than the shitty cross spear you get from like the second payment.



Issue with Snake/Dragon/Drake is that there's barely anything that fits the designation in Touhou, yet at the same time we can't leave it blank either. Moving Sukuna to special fusion and moving Suwako/Kanako or both to Snake works though, yeah.

You can't fuse Rumors I think. It's mostly filled with Shadows here.

Komachi being a Yoma is something I can see, since she's only a Tyrant because Reapers defaults to Tyrant in eramegaten. Same case with Shou too, yeah. Maybe I can move them both to Yoma and move Yuuka to Tyrant.

Help with moveset is definitely going to be appreciated. Once the draft is done we can split the work, perhaps?



All the swords with japanese names are good, although for the most part melee weapon selection is kinda sucky, yeah.

You'd better off using a weapon fused with a demon.



>You can't fuse Rumors

Actually, you can, but it's limited to Flight x another Rumor. What You can't do is summon ANY of them from the compedium.



Huh, that is news to me. Something to keep in mind then. Does it also allow you to get the higher-level Rumors from Monad that you can't recruit normally?



>snake includes dragons

Oh, you can add Meiling too then.

In general, Yoma could be populated by Futo, Ichirin, and Tojiko. Though it's only really necessary if the others are needing for space.

>Rumia is in yoma

Not sure if that was you or the jap devs, but that's a pretty sneaky gag.

>Help with moveset is definitely going to be appreciated. Once the draft is done we can split the work, perhaps?

Sure, just need to know how to do it.



Depends. Some bosses have a (Cannot Be Summoned) in their compedium, wich usually means they are boss-only (Like the Septentrions, Walpurgisnacht and somehow a fucking Janus) and you can never use them unless you cheat, but the Rumor-Race Demons ALWAYS appear as (Cannot Be Summoned) despite you being able to get them, so who the fuck knows.


File: 9280c09456750af⋯.jpg (19.66 KB, 200x229, 200:229, psychorage.jpg)




Disregard everything I said.

>The Demon I used as the first test for Flight x Rumor appeared as a Rumor-Race

>Do another test to check if it's alright

>"nope fuck you I hope you like Fouls because it actually was a Foul with it's Race renamed to Rumor"

This fucking fusion system wouldn't be so bad if whoever made it didn't decide to rename everything however he fucking pleases. It may have also been my fault for only running one test, but seriously, Stop changing the Race name of everything. Also Foul's way too fucking bloated.



RIP, there goes my Heat Riser dream.

And yeah, it's especially messy for Touhou stuffs. Sukuna and Junko is probably the biggest offender. Sukuna's race is Famed, but to fuse her she's treated as Snake, and mechanically (as fusion fodder etc) she's treated as a Lady/Kishin.

Junko's a Jirae but treated as Divine to fuse her but is treated as Megami as fodder.

I can understand some of this as being the result of flavor or limitations, but it's still hella confusing.



You can get Walpurgisnacht, you just have to side with Homura in the mod scenario and then defeat it.



Oh didn't know. Still haven't kicked her ass because I don't know if It's going to force me to NG+ also what gets you the Homu route. Because since Kyubey was talking to me in nip I just decided to pick the first option to both of his questions before the Huenight fight


I said it and I will say it again: The 2hu mod was NOT made with this fusion system in mind.



Alright, I can move Meiling from Yoma to Snake, then I'm also considering moving Toyohime to Snake because she's based on Otohime/Toyotama-hime who's traditionally a Snake in SMT.


I can see that. You can't just implement 2hus to this system without making a confusing mess out of it in the process.



To get to her scenario you just need to pick the option to side with her when she interrupts you talking to Kyubey. Honestly you should side with her first. I went into detail a couple threads ago, but Walpurgis and the Kyubey route boss fight both get weakened by the unique demon you acquire from the other route, but the weakening is much more important for Kyubey's route as his boss is much stronger and has insane resistances without it. Neither of them force you into NG+, and in fact there's a further scenario that takes place awhile after you finish either route.


File: a8a18edd0f80113⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 326x278, 163:139, this is happening!.jpg)


Okay then, I'll probably level-up the weaker "main" party members first and then take on Huenight.

I don't know what option was the "side with Homu" one because then again, nip, so I just picked the first to both questions. Also didn't receive any message on unlocking a new demon recipe, so I assume it comes later?

Also decided to check the fight (not actually doing it)

>Walpurgisnacht is able to use Witch Kiss and moves of a shitload of elements (Reflecting that she's basically a living orgy of witches)

>Level 75

>Probably can summon other Megucas as familiars

Also what does having a Soul Gem do to her? It gave me a little message when I brought Kirika with her Soul Gem Plug-In for the fight (just Kirika, somehow Oriko's Soul Gem plug-in never became a thing despite her being at 100% Analysis).



Another revision. Figured that it'd be fun if LilyW/LilyB works with the Divine/Fallen mechanic, so I moved LilyB. I've tested it, it could actually work thankfully.

Kagerou still sticks out like a sore thumb in Snake, but I think other than that the race distribution has been somewhat sorted out now.



You unlock the demon after you finish the fight that ends the route.



What about corpse gangbang? Say, if an enemy officer fell in battle in the current phase, you might stumble upon your soldiers digging the grave of that hated enemy commander to defile her one last time, then you get the option to join in, reprimand them, or take the body for ressurrecting if idk, maybe some condition like having Seiga or someone else as an officer.

Or perhaps obsession over a dead girl? If certain dependency or if they see you as close friend/lover and they die, you can't get over their death, so you picks up your shovel and start digging and fucking.



Having a soul gem lowers her resistances slightly. She's strong or immune against everything except Almighty without it, while she has a few things that she's not strong against with it. The boss of the other route is even worse, with stronger resistances including against Almighty. If you bring the boss of the other route to the Walpurgis fight, or bring Walpurgis to that boss' fight, all those strengths turn into weaknesses however and the immunities become normal.



Also if you're fighting Walpurgis that means you're on Homura's route, as Kyubey's route has different fights.



Oh and correction on this. It's not Walpurgisnacht you need to bring to Kyubey's route as you unlock her on both, but the other one you unlock on defeating Walpurgisnacht.



Won't bringing any witches also lower the Kyubey's route final boss resistances, albeit to lesser degree?



I liked that event where Seiga remodeled one of the zombies into a sex slave with lewd body

Though I never figured out how to trigger it

Some more of this kind of stuff would be nice


When I get pushed down after visits in tohok my char auto consents. any way to at least get options??



Unfortunately not.



I think your character's assertiveness is too low. Consequence of giving other people the leadership star all the time.


File: e885b694a7b2042⋯.jpg (560.81 KB, 850x1223, 850:1223, sample_22ed59ee57deb7b5fc8….jpg)

Seiga Necromancy event has been expanded!

Now you have the option not to use a sacrifice and use the dead 2hu's body instead.

But that comes at a cost…

zombies, mostly



How does the event probably go?


In tohok I've been running as a tentacle monarch, but I can't figure out how the troop breeding event works. Does it require the "special factions rape captives" option to be on? I would rather my nice officers stay clean.

I have a suspicion that branding them is somehow important to making them into little troop factories



Mjolnir is pretty based, but I don't remember which mission I got it from.

Hits all enemies from any range with Ligthning damage.

Meleee weapons as a whole are weaker than even the weakest melee skills.



Because it is. Without brand, you can't trigger that event.



Yeah, thank you, finally more things to fuel my favorite fetish.

Seriously we need more zombies and necrophilia events.

How about some ending where your character rules over the undead empire with his zombie waifus at his side.



Is this just a random event where seiga happens upon a dead touhou if one dies? Or is it more complex to trigger?



Yes. She need to be your officer and that's it.



Also a question- do these events still trigger if they're the played character?



I don't know, but I think they don't.


File: 4f3d442798592e2⋯.jpg (455.42 KB, 1169x738, 1169:738, eraDigimon when.jpg)


Small update of the Fusion pastebin, more unique fusions/mutations and the witches (at least the basic ones). Would have wanted to update the triple fusion table with the sneks but apparently positioning DOES matter and the sneks keep crashing my game whenever I try to select them for fusion. As always please tell me if you find any errors/ special fusions/mutations I have not listed.


Okay, seriously, what the fuck is up with Loki in Dungeon 5…

He's noted as a level 40…

Yet attack before any of my level ~60 party, and hit for insane amounts of damage…

And when I tried to give everyone resistance to his ice elemental attacks before trying, suddenly he's spamming Megidolaon…

I eventually beat him because Maha-Analysis is a fucking broken skill, but even then it was very close…

So seriously, what the fuck. There's no way that's actually a level 40 boss.



Some bosses in this game appear at a lower level as the actual demon is (For example Bunne in the colosseum appears as Lv 35 but she's actually a level 50 demon accoding to the compedium). Also the "boss tries to anally ravage your ass if you take away his favourite toy" thing is standart SMT shit.



Yeah but usually the stats reflect the level… Here i didn't at all. And it certainly doesn't reflect Loki's stats, since his Agility is nothing special so everyone in my party should have been able to act before him…

Also, yes, in retrospect, I should have simply given the ice resistance/null/whatever to those that had the weakness. But getting Megidolaon-ed was actually an improvement since he couldn't get one-more with it.

Once you survive the first turn, Maha-analysis will null one attack per turn, which is enough to make sure nobody is dead when the mediarama come to heal everyone from the damages they take.

But surviving the first turn was tricky when he could attack four time and kill my healer before I could even react.


For eratohoK, how do you trigger the following events. (Note: Highest priority for me are Kaguya's . and i will be honest half of these i just discovered going through the character event list, but work is not gonna give me enough time to discover them anytime soon by myself.) Thanks and sorry for the block of text.

Kaguya - 貴族の誘い and かわや姫

Noble's Son

Grave Robber Attack

Bandit Prisoner Release (don't recall triggering this one)

Smuggler's visit.

Wandering Misfortune

Bitch's Life

Daiyousei's - Me instead of her

Patchouli - 愛しいこどもたち

Remilia's - Bad Weather and にくべん鬼ごっこ

Alice - Frayed Clothes

Lunasa - Prismrivers erotic Show

Yuyuko - Hog Raising

Yukari - Pleasure that usually can't be tasted.

Wriggle - Insect News Service

Aya - Playing in the Water

Shikieiki's - Your Ideal

Reimu - Naughty Shrine Maiden

Sakuya - The Mistress's Master and Reminiscing.

Flandere - Forbidden Play

Tewi - Lost Property

Eirin - Indulging and グッバイ知性ハロー備品

Mokou - 蓬莱の穴の形 and おうちかえして

Tenshi - all of her events

Koishi - rope play

Momiji - Daishogi

Renko - Secret Club

Iku - where is tenshi

Toyohime - Gourmet Peach

Satori's - all her events

Ichirin - all her events.

Minamitsu - Festival Peach

Tojiko Sacrifice

Miko's - all of hers except natural born statesmen.

Sumireko - lewd dream

Seiga - i give you everything i have

Sekibanki's character events

Benben - instrument sisters

Doremy - Soldier's Dream and 今日は私から

Junko - あの子の代わり

Myouren's character events.


File: 85c3dd044b74647⋯.swf (8.51 KB, character events.swf)


Most of the non-character events you listed are disabled for one reason or another. Bitch's life is from the bestiality talent.

For the character events, rename this file to a .txt for a half-assed list.

Events still being translated have one dash in front of the character, events that are disabled have two. Kaguya is totally unfinished unfortunately. I wouldn't waste too much time trying to trigger everything, not everything is interesting.



And I'm guessing with a brand, you can't prevent the event?



Thanks for the list. I enabled a few of the disabled ones. So few questions

"Yuyuko(20) - Hog Raising* (4%) - Lewd and Breeder. Also has a minor non-sex event."

How is the breeder title obtained? just repeating impregnation or is that the tentacle seedbed title? . When you say Kaguya's events are unfinished do you mean translation wise? I was mostly interested in hers to see if their was a continuation to that descendants of aristocrats event. lastly, i don't see noble's son in that list. Would you happen to know how to trigger it? Noticed i once got noble's slave during one play through from the nobles entertainment event and was wondering if that led to nobles son.

again thanks for the help and list. saves plenty of time.



I think getting Breeder is simply a matter of the Birthing ability but check the ingame help. Kaguya's stuff just isn't translated. The noble's son (also called precocious brat) is independent of other events.


Encountered a crash in Tohok.

Daily Event: 『温泉旅行』


Kaden was given a voucher for a visit to an onsen in the Hot Spring District.

He has some free time now and is thinking about using it.

0[Go alone]

1[Invite someone]

2[Forget it]


"I should bring a friend in."

SYSTEM\EVENT_DAILY\各イベント群\TERRITORY_SPA_TOWN.ERB at line 55 Error occured:Emuera1821_eng_v2b

PRINTFORMW Who should %ANAME(MASTER) invite?

Error description:'%'が使われましたが対応する'%'が見つかりません


Function call stack:

↑SYSTEM\EVENT_DAILY\EVENT_DAILY.ERB at line 74([email protected]_DAILY)

↑SYSTEM\TURNEND.ERB at line 172([email protected]_LIFE)

↑SYSTEM\TURNEND.ERB at line 12([email protected]



ah, forgot the ingame help listed those statues . Looks like its called nursery instead of breeder. Huh surprised that nobles son is independent. could of sworn i disabled all the others and tried to get it before. well give that another shot. thanks again.


File: a34e09cb2dc5e3b⋯.png (264.56 KB, 500x540, 25:27, a34e09cb2dc5e3b44f00fdf920….png)

>Grinding up monsters to their best, learning all their moves before fusing them

>Finally get one monster to 52, pretty sure they learned all they can

>Next skill is at level 80

Fucking hell, Eramegaten is testing the limits of my autism



When I say that noble's son is disabled I mean that there's literally a "Return 0" pasted at the beginning of the event file so it can never run. If you want to see a bunch of ntr moonrunes you'd have to open that file up in notepad and delete that line.



Even better is most of the time that skill won't be worth it.


File: c0e3ea6d396a1b7⋯.jpg (20.72 KB, 229x343, 229:343, angrychrysippus.jpg)



>Finally get Oriko to level 55, so she can learn her ultimate skill

>She has already learned Concentrate, Mana Bonus and My World, wich are all great skills (still searching for a Demon with Dekunda to mitigate the effects of My World, tho)

>Expecting Oracle Ray (Her finisher from the mango)

>Also since her normal attack wich is using the same steel orbs wich she throws the beams from is Almighty, I was also expecting it to be Almighty too

>"Oriko has learned Oracle"

>It's a shitty RNG skill that can only be used once per fight, has a chance of turning all the party members' life to 1, and costs as much as a Concentrate

>This is her ultimate skill

Re-done movesets when



How's millionaire?



ahhhh, alright i got ya. Thanks for the heads up. Guess that saves some time.


Fuck, the level 99 Satan in the arena pierces Dark resistances.

Went with a team that entirely nulls Dark and Mamudoon keeps on killing people.



Just do dungeon 5… I'm at day 15 and my main team are level 64-67… You do get a lot of macca as well (though don't expect to clear it in one go)… The bosses can be brutal though.

A lot of Tyrant/Lady to recruit, too.

Though I must say that having Tyrants or Ladies on the regular random encounter table is utterly absurd.


I just accidentally broke one of my demons from stress, and now I'm wondering exactly what "collapsed" and "lover" mean.

The stress was created inside a dungeon in which I gained over 2 million MAG (a shitload for how short into the game I am), and 10-15 levels for every character in my party all over the course of about 3 hours.

What I want to know is if it would actually be worth it to reload to change collapsed and lover back, but lose all that progress.

If it were some generic demon I lost, I wouldn't mind, but it happens to be not only my strongest character by far, but I am also somewhat attached to it.

Can anyone tell me what benefit lover gives (got it on like six girls, but I somehow can't determine this), and what detriment collapsed gives?



>Re-done movesets when

Fuck, this so much, japs have no fucking idea how to do movesets right.

Someone please at least change the 2hus movesets.

Yukari is laughable weak, one of the freaking strongest 2hus who would be able to wipe the floor with everyone from the normal megatenverse has not even a good spellcard-skill.


File: fc4b92c60967a8e⋯.jpg (99.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, pleasee respond.jpg)

eraMegaten virgin here.

What do I do with my starting stats?

Chose Devil Summoner to keep things simple.



Invest most points into VIT, STR, AGI

especially VIT, your devil summoner is a tank, not a damage dealer, you want to let him survive and summon new demons if needed.

After that STR to do at least some damage.

AGI for more gun damage

you can invest points into Luck if you really want to get crits more often, doesnt really help much as Devil Summoner though because of the whole resists stuff and how you cant change weapons in battle.

ignore INT and WIS.

Those increase item damage and magic defense a bit but not by much, only some points if you really need it.







I will agree that En and Ag are most important, because defence and evasion.

But Ag effect on gun power is… Not great. So don't improve it because of that.

St so you can do some damage.

Luck increase a lot of stats by a bit, apparently improve your negotiation skills, and always has some other hidden and/or unclear effects, so it's a good idea to improve it.

In actually is at least as good as Ag for gun damages, but neither are very good at it. It also have some effect on negotiation, and is the stats that improve Magic Effect (which would probably be what impact magic defence among other things). So, it's not actually useless, but you have to prioritize. Put one point every now and then, and use incenses, but that's it.

Ma is mostly about magic power and MP, which you don't care as a summoner.


Also, I need to mention : the effect of stats is totally different between demons and human characters.

For example, for demons, En give more attack power.



>totally different between demons and human character

>En give more attack power.

Those are a bit different, yes and depending on human class again have a bit different effects but not so different even for demons the attack strenght gets mostly decided by STR.

The increase of damage through putting points into EN/VIT is not that big.

Same goes for increasing magic damage with MA/ WIS. The deciding state for doing most magic damage.is again IN/INT

also MA/WIS increases item damage, of course it is not that useful but it is not a completely uselss state.



It's really absurd when someone like Seiran gets one of the best Gun skills in the game (consistent 10 hit light gun attack to a row of enemy) that costs 15 MP, or Ringo that with a little grinding gets the best recovery skill in the game (imagine an almost Mediarahan that also doubles as Luster Candy while being cheaper than Mediarahan). Or Kagerou getting the closest equivalent to Debilitate in the game that with little manipulation only costs 24 MP. Or Seija getting the exact same spell like Yukari with the added benefit of also being Debilitate on top of it.

Meanwhile, Yukari is stuck with a situational spell on top of a situational and gimmick moveset. Or how about Eiki with her amazing version of Heaven's Vengeance that only has half the power? Touhou mod's spell card balance is out of whack.



>IN decide magic dmage.

No, IN increase mostly Magic Effect, while MA increase mostly Magic Power. That's one thing I tested and I'm fairly sure about.

If you're telling me that Magic Power isn't the substats which is used for magical damage…



yeah completely right, am already to correct my post but failing horribly and at this point, I am just gonna let it stay.

Magic power is INT, increase Magic damage,

yeah I know that myself

but freaking damnit already third time my post to correct it made still the samge mistake.



Whats dungeon 5 and how do you unlock it?



It's Makai from the first Megami Tensei. You can unlock it by going with Naoya's route at Shinjuku (It's possible there's other way to get it)… Though I've yet to find one of the Bel there so I'm not actually sure how to progress on Naoya's route further.

It is better considered as several successive dungeons of increasing difficulty… Some parts are relatively straighforward, other are very frustrating.

Though one issue is that it's mostly untranslated and there's quite a few moment where you really can't go blindly so you need to machine-translate things.

So a very long, quite difficult and annoying dungeon, but on the upside you get quite a bit of Macca after each boss, there's several good drops and good equip you can find… And encountering strong demons means you can recruit strong demons.

…Sadly it does seems that Seth is bugged and refuse to properly die, but, heh.


How is Ozawa's room unlocked? I took out his bodyguard outside and the Datsue-ba that put up the barier, but it doesn't seem like I've gotten a key.



You need to talk to six yakuza members.

One is in Shinjuku, five are in yakuza building.


Have anyone here actually played eratohok and not just eraMegaten?



Aw damn no wonder, i went the other route so i could get Rise and Naoto

I'm currently grinding in Tartarus's basement, though i haven't beaten Nyx yet.


I have, i play whatever Era game thats available and slightly translated. Although honestly i get bored of Eratohok after a while, only so much you can do when you rule everything already and fucked every 2hu and custom character and experience every event. The only reason i find Eramegaten so enjoyable is the collecting of different demons each time, hell i haven't even broke through 300 yet, and apparently from what the compendium collection event says, there's still so much more demons to collect

not sure if that counts scanning unobtainable demons though.



Waiting for more Tenshi events and for someone to write a Yumemi event before I play tohoK again.

Well…actually I'm just a bit burned out on it right now.



There are about ~900 of them. It doesn't count unobtainable.




Gotta catch 'em all



Most people here have already play ed eratohoK to hell and back. It was the eragame that sparked the whole community, though I believe it was originally brought to attention by some nip-speaking anon on 4chan. Granted, the game got a shitton of events, translation and new mechanics since, but it does get repetitive when you know them anyway.

Eramegaten is newer, based off just as popular of a series, has arguably more shit to do as a game so right now it's in the spotlight.



The sex scenes are shit in Megaten though.



True, but i feel it has better gameplay, even if its horribly unbalanced and shitty at times

I guess more Gameplay then?



If you like grinding a shit ton for lakluckster sex scenes an untranslated story that will make no since gimmicks goloure. With a complete lack of customization on how you can manage girls. You want a brothel? It's shit, you want a strip club and it's shit. Unless you want to spend hours grinding with hardly any good reward, it's a great game. For others that actually want sex and good feels ago eraSQN. It's especially good for vanilla fucks.



Honestly, most of the issues of eramegaten's gameplay would be solved by simply reducing the random encounter rate to a tenth of what it is.



Woops, got sense wrong. This has been my experience from over hundreds of hours of play.


File: 91477628f90cf4c⋯.jpg (446.54 KB, 2053x1505, 2053:1505, サタン撃破報告.JPG)

>Stan fight




>Master is Dark/Chaos

He's probably an edgelord.


So in eraMegaten, are all initial personae who aren't named Orpheus destined to be forever stuck with the same shitty tier-1 moves? I have no option to upgrade them in the Velvet Room.


File: b97ebce573366d1⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 1348139158476.jpg)

Does devil summoner have the most content translated or is it equal for all the player types?

I wanted to try a tuner because I liked the digital devil saga games but I dunno if it's gonna fuck me over later with sudden lack of development or something.



yea I'm waiting for the new update as peeking in the Git we got a lot of stuff coming soon.



Iirc they get upgraded by training the character until Affection/Love, but unsure.


Everything has around the same. The Mantra system is translated well enough, don't worry about it.



since I get access to magic I assume starting stats aren't the same as a summoner, right?



all classes start with the same base stat total, increased by 1 for every ending you get.

Trust me though, Devil Summoner compensates lacking magic a lot in its own way.



well I just mean like on a persona user or tuner, would I focus more on mag/int since spells are available. Instead of being a damage sponge like earlier posts said to build a summoner.



Playing the hell out if tohok, I'm guessing people will be talking about more after the update



So did anyone actually ask the discordfags when they are going to release the update?



Yeah, I can confirm. Having gone with a Master in my current playthrough, the price for the increased combat power is the loss of a lot of the most convenient features of the COMP.

No switching your party at a Terminal, no DDM for effectively unlimited recruiting, no fusion within the dungeon…

And it may be that I simply failed to find where to go to use it, but I think you also can't use the fucking border stones.

Of course, some of those problems might be fixed by bringing a summoner lv5 with you, but they're not common, and given most don't have additional skills… Well, that defeat the point of making your MC good in a fight if you must bring someone else underwhelming.


File: d4916ee17cc3ccf⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 180x240, 3:4, Huapopersona3.jpg)

Hua Po is my waifu


File: 71c6f8177aa783e⋯.jpg (15.02 KB, 318x324, 53:54, Legion.jpg)


My waifu is Legion.



;リリム× ネコマタ = 黒レン Lilim + Nekomata = Black Len

;リリム× = ユキジョロウ = 白レン Lilim + Yukionna? = White len

;ヴァンパイア× = キマイラ = ネロ カオス Vampire + Chimera = Nrvnqsr Chaos

;アークエンジェル× シオン = リーズバイフェ Archangel + Sion = Riesbyfe

;ヴァンパイア× シオン = ワラキア Vampire + Sion = Night of Wallachia

;ドッペルゲンガー× 遠野志貴 = 七夜志貴 Doppelganger + Tohno Shiki = Nanaya Shiki


;Zoma×Yoma = シオン Sion

;Zoma× Rumor = さっちん Satsuki

;Zoma×Brute = 秋葉 Akiha

;Zoma×Tyrant = アルク Arcueid

;Zoma×Divine = シエル Ciel

;Zoma×Fiend = 遠野志貴 Shiki Tohno

;Zoma×Deity = 蒼崎 青子 Aoko Aozaki

The list can be found with other special lists under ERB\女神転生\悪魔合体\コンバータ

Some of these are unlocked by doing the MB events. Arcueid for example can't be fused until you do MB7 event I believe.

Not listed are Zoma+Kishin for Kishima Kouma and Zoma+Element for Hisui. Kohaku also exists but she's already in the pastebin. There may be others.



File: ff4b8510a10ad03⋯.png (825.45 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, vs stan.png)

1 Soma, 3 Cliffpowder, and 1 Diarahan from Satan later, and finally here.

Special thanks to all the Harihara that I used as my team's EXP food and the countless slaves that get sold to stack on Incenses.


File: 854c8e4dc833cf5⋯.jpg (21.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sig-4473377.hqdefault.jpg)



Yay congrats!






Is there a wlkthrough on events and a rough description on them in tohok?? tried using anchor to translate but it screws with the game for some reason.. a head pat gave me over 7mil favorability…


File: 8ffccad96182d8e⋯.jpg (8.14 KB, 500x281, 500:281, bullshit.jpg)

>Last match of the Devil Colisseum, S-Rank

>"This is a battle to decide the fate of the world"

>It's just a fight against a Beelzebub and a Cthulhu

>The Cthulhu gets downed easily by Wind and despite using fog of temptation it ISN'T inmune to Charm (used a magical mirror and he charmed himself)

>It also has Tentacle Frenzy wich hits for shitty damage despite only being at -1 attack

>The Beelzebub is only SLIGHTLY better because it has Dekaja and Megidolaon

>On the other hand it dies like a bitch to Ice and uses Zionga (a mid-tier spell. And the guy's level 66)

>Both are weak to Gun, and one of my party members has a Gun skill that deals Severe Gun damage to all enemies

>The second part is a fight against some guy called Honda

>It's just Beelzebub with Fog of Temptation, Akasha Arts, and Mabufula instead of Mazionga

>And no Dekaja

>Dies in three turns thanks to Slash and Wind attacks breaking the four digits all the time (at least with the demon duo above I only hit the four digits once)

And to add insult to injury, I brought two level-50 party members, and they survived the entirety of the first half and almost all of the second they would have been revived, but Honda has shit defense and he dided before I could revive them. Every single lower-ranking match was harder than this shit.


New tohoK build when?


Is there a guide for adding your own day events for 2hus in tohoK?



It's because that fight to decide the fate of the world is in two part… The second part is a bit more tricky (though not insanely difficult compared to other boss fights).

It's also an hilarious ending. Definitely try it (but wait until you're ready for NG+).



Isn't the second part the Honda fight tho? I defeated Honda and got a last Devil Colisseum match that was basically just an ending of the whole Devil Colisseum shit.



If you make a copy of an existing character event file, rename the functions (the things that start with @), and then add the event name you used to the character's daily_map file, then you have a new event. If your new event is mechanically similar to some existing events and you can follow a pattern then you should be able to frankenstein it together.

But that's going to be really slow and limiting if you don't know tohok and era code. If your writing and fetish aren't horrific then you can give me the text and tell me how it should work and I can quickly put an event together.



Well, you do get to fight Lucifer and Satan in succession for that ending.

Though they're simply level 70 versions that are perfectly beatable.



when can i fight YHVH?



Whats your Adept classes?


What program do you guys generally use to translate Japanese stuff from the eraHook when it copies stuff to clipboard?


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what settings do you use for the eraTW erahook function, so it doesn't copy all the status menus to the clipboard along with the dialogue?



I actually use Master, hence the really crappy lineup of skills since I can't replace them.

It's Gunslinger+Sword Saint. Really damn not optimal (I only picked Gunslinger since I thought the physical Master classes didn't get Pierce, yet they actually got it at way lower level than Gunslinger). Even with that ridiculous Str (from all the excess str incenses I had lying around), he can't even outdamage Dante and outside of poking when opportunity arises, he only serves as a Heat Riser bot.



Check the Zoushigaya graveyard after beating the coloseum, and he should be in the last tombstone.

It's a false one though, and pretty simple.


Dante is ridiculous in EraMegaten though. I've yet to see a demon match his damage output on Showtime. I certainly don't think any of the adept/master class demons can outdo him.


How would one go about making your own era style game? Where would one start looking into this?



Yeah, comparing it with Dante perhaps isn't really for the best. Max buffed dante dealt 6k or so before Co-op with each use of Twosome Time here. It's pretty absurd. Still though, the player not being able to use item really sucks for a fight like this, so I'd really recommend going pure adept or just a Master with Detective/Armchair Detective as their base job.

Will try a dante-less run later then do a writeup of how to approach the fight after, probably.



Devil summoner now, might go new game as adept with my main goal beating the devil

Do you actually get anything or is it bragging rights?



Purely bragging right.


Anyone know what happened with that Kantai Collection themed Era game that came up a few months ago?



It's in the git, but it's fully in chinese.

Good luck navigating it.



If I had more know-how I'd go in and see if I could at least google translate the menu options, but instead I'm probably just going to be a coward and hope it gets translated at some point.



Eratohok updates are the only reason I lurk these threads. Though I'm not surprised that eraMegaten dominates the discussion given that it has more hard gameplay mechanics to discuss.



It's the only I've played, given that it's the only only one that's properly translated. But yeah, there's not a lot to talk about in that game. Everything's been said already.



We can talk about the millionaire again if you want to.


File: b34f8cebabbaf5d⋯.jpg (61.27 KB, 335x407, 335:407, whathtehellgnome.jpg)


Please no.



Japanese side put in at least four new events and one spawns a daily setup if not two.

Bugtesting is needed as last daily I grabbed had some bad crash bugs in it




Can somebody tell me, what is the equivalent of millionaire in eramegaten, in terms of rage?



anyone else have nightmares of a fat bald man breaking in your house at supersonic speeds and raping your entire family until it all goes silent and you have to sit and wait until morning.



Only if you turn event off. Sorry for late reply.



Getting hama'd or mudo'd.


Shit anon.



If you turn NTR setting on, there is a decent chance that a girl you have working on the restaurant gets kidnapped and gangraped.



NTR is a shit fetish, with the most retarded, convoluted scenarios so you can get the text equivalent of getting your dick stepped on. I guess its not a problem as long as you aren't self-inserting as a male protag.



at least you have something being done to you with getting your dick stepped on.


File: 146dc4b982db6b5⋯.png (12.17 KB, 1197x603, 133:67, Junkers.png)

Just for fun, so far things are working nicely.


Been a while since I played any of these games.

Any of them still being actively developed / translated?



Yes, but they all are on git. All git versions can crash. If you want stable check first pastebin. If you want newest versions go to git.


How much content has eramegaten gained?

I recall playing an earlier version that seem just as complex but trying to start up the latest version causes some significant slowdown on everything else.



How old is this earlier version you're talking about?



almost a year I think



A lot has been translated, I can't tell how much has been added, since I didn't seriously play it for a long time until recently.


Is it worth giving persona users anything other than agility luck and vitality? Or rather is all the damage and MP determined by their equipped Persona?



Yes, it is. Remember only to pick one main stat. STR or INT. Game will get annoying, if you don't.



40/40 split on magic and intelligence At this point

I didn't even need Makoto anyways, having Teddie crossdress as Alice was the right choice all along.



If you are talking about how much 'great new awesome content' have the japanese added in this 'long' timeframe you last played the game, then you will be astounded cause the answer is ….

not much

okay seriously, maybe one or two dungeons,

some extra flavor dialogue here or there.

The japanese release out one or two content updates per month, those are not big and can be something like adds character x, fixes bug in dungeon, changes a bit game system, edits event dialogue, such things, anyway nothing big.

The game doesn't get that much development, sure content gets uploaded by different peole but there is no dedicated main dev team, the content gets just added without real quality control and often bugs get discovered far later.

Well there might be some few people who are working actively on the game but not much.

What gets uploaded is often unfinished and bugged with most apparently being left unfinished.

The game won't be finished in ten years, nor will it have big content updates.

Else the translation has progressed yes, but also not very far really.

Also some new cheats, so you dont need to hurry like a idiot to get that one certain special ending which is limited to day 50.




mostly translations and bugfixes? Alright, but what are those new cheats? I remember that the old "cheat mode" just turned you and a pixie to level 99 at the start and gave you tons of macca



It really is. Personally, the worst part is how the convoluted scenarios either make no damn sense or ruin a perfectly good set up for a decent sex scene.

I genuinely want more to happen with workplaces like the restaurant in Megaten, like waitresses getting groped and having differing reactions based on their relationship with you. A submissive demon would just let it happen, a lusty demon would love it, and a demon that is in love would get pissed. But no, instead we get this NTR shit, and likely nothing else will come of it. And knowing these games' history, I haven't actually turned on the NTR settings for Megaten It likely doesn't matter how strong the girl in question is, some random scrubs will somehow manage to kidnap the demon that I poured all of my MAG into and can clear out entire hordes with but a wave of her hand.



You are so damn right, so damn right, especially about how the game doesn't care about your most powerful characters being forced to do shit..

Same with eratohoK and the millionaire shit.

Best would be just to remove that fucking NTR content in eraMegaten and eratohoK completey.

I mean do we really need some shitty content, which makes no fucking sense?

Only cucks want to let it stay anyway.

Are the translators cucks or what is the problem?



and a mod or two, i know the Fate mod is the newest addition



It doesn't help that NTR always seems to go that extra mile to be just as ridiculous and over-the-top as possible. I mean really, a powerful demon kidnapped and gang-raped? or whichever world destroying horror of a touhou getting kidnapped by a random scrub who happens to have some cash?

It isn't bad enough that the scenes are seemingly cut off from the rest of the game? In there own little bubble where stats mean nothing? The writers couldn't have had the decency to at least make a semi-plausible scenario?

Maybe have the restaurant scene start as some groping, and the demon has a hard time resisting because of how sensitive she is after being trained. She then rationalizes that she is horny anyway and having sex with the customer might be good for business.

There, a plausible scenario where a demon of world-ending power might fuck someone else that doesn't involve any immersion breaking nonsense or random scrubs that are seemingly immortal because plot-armor. The same could have been applied to the millionaire event. Instead of saying this guy is invincible because reasons and can steal any girl, have him convince his target that she would be helping/saving a war-torn nation with the money he could give her.

I hate NTR, and I can come up with better scenarios for it then those writers did.



Speaking of the Fate mod, is it just a "you get a new char" Event or do you get a new software like Kaleidoscope/Incubator?

Also do I need to do anything special to activate it or is it random



It is just some 'get character' event with one fight. though it depends on your allignment (Law, Neutral, Chaos) which character you get.



Yeah, same with ignoring the power levels of everything. the 2hu mod in eraMegaten makes Yukari seem like a pushover, I mean freaking Yukari. that is so much of a disappointment how she has one of the most useless spellcards..

Fucking Nips just don't know shit how to keep the setting consistent.


File: 71930c6b725f837⋯.png (460.37 KB, 775x666, 775:666, uee.png)


>No "Throne of Heroes" software

>You don't even get to choose between the 7 classes, it's just a "Here, have Casko/Nero/Seiba, fuck you if you don't like it"

Well, atlest it seems to be a recent mod, so there's a chance it'll get updated, r-right?


You faggots do know you can simply not turn NTR on or you can just turn it off, right?

Stop being so hypocritical, you retards.



Anon the problem is, when and if it even gets finished.

THere is this Raidou scenario someone added, well mostly Nagi centric.

And after one year he released one update for one event



I can actually understand why they did it the way they did. Some demons and Fate characters share the same origin and name, like Tamamo, Shuten and Ibaraki Douji, Jack the Ripper, and so on. Tamamo got saved though with the nickname Cas-ko


Oh boy here we go



What's wrong anon? You can't take the heat? I know the echo chamber is cozy, but it's still retarded, ya know?



He's called Jack Ripper, not Jack The Ripper :^)

But speaking of names, both Lilies appear under the same name in the 2hu mod, and the only difference between the two summonable Homus is that one has (U-U) at the end of it's name (and that it's called Houmra). I think you can just add a (Fate) at the end of the name and it would work imo.



This is not only about NTR but about how the fucking nips are unable to not break the immersion in their own game.

If there is NTR, it should at least be related to how strong or weak your character is.

Why should my level 120 demon waifu who can erase whole armies and is completely in love let her butt be grabbed by some fatso in the restaurant.

That doesnt make any fucking sense.

This just shows they dont know how fo fucking develop a good game.

And you would think in the english community, this shit would get recognized for what it is and removed completely but nope.

If they had just removed that NTR crap completely we wouldn't even have those threads of millonaire whining anyway.


File: de67e466379caae⋯.png (206.35 KB, 324x336, 27:28, 1399670589224.png)


I just find it weird when someone has a critique or a complaint about the NTR stuff, you're here to defend it like always at a moments notice without fail

Not a lot of people like NTR, anon, its weird how you call others hypocritical or that they can't take the heat but as soon as SOMEONE makes a comment on the millionaire mod, you're right there waiting to white knight it and cause a bigger commotion. I'm just saying maybe you should take your own advice and try not to be so hostile about it, y'know?


File: 0246c10f1923147⋯.gif (2.32 MB, 500x374, 250:187, iveheardsomething.gif)


>"I don't like it, therefore it should be removed"

What happens if I proclaim every other fetish to be shit too? Should we remove those too?

If you don't like it, learn to use the Options menu, it's in fucking English, you moron. Thank the translators.

And seriously, the fetish itself asks for one of the partners to cheat or be forced to cheat, you're basically saying it should be impossible to happen, meaning you can just turn it off and it would be the same thing for you.

How can you, in Tohok, be able to subdue 2hus like Yukari and rape them anyway? That shouldn't be possible either, Yukari should be able to open a gap through you and kill you instantly, she also has no qualms in doing so either. Yet it happens.

Try not to bring retarded arguments to the table, realism was never a staple of these games. If you're not forcing yourself to have some willful suspension of disbelief for NTR, why aren't you crying of all other instances in which your fetish was impossible or stupid?

>"some retards can't use the options menu!"

That's on them. I guess dying in Dark Souls for you is blasphemy, since the game should have told you how to beat the boss from the beginning. These games even allow you to skip shit unlike DS.


I'm sure those who have defended it before are multiple people.

>Not a lot of people like NTR, anon, its weird how you call others hypocritical or that they can't take the heat but as soon as SOMEONE makes a comment on the millionaire mod

It doesn't matter how much you like NTR or not, anon. Your likes and dislikes shouldn't get games censored.

And I'm pretty certain that engaging a bunch of mongoloids about this is enjoying the heat, not turning away from it.

What you're asking me to do is let you spout nonsense unhindered because "muh opinion is popular".

>I'm just saying maybe you should take your own advice and try not to be so hostile about it

I never said anything about not being "hostile" though, try not to lie now. What I want you to do is not to stop the hostilities, but stop the nonsense.



>defending shit

So you are a fucking cuck.

What is wrong about wanting to have shitty content removed?

NTR is the worst fetish, which most people hate and only cucks will try to defend it.

Also I will start wagging my tail at the translators when they do something great but right now all they do seems to be fucking around on the discord.



>So you are a fucking cuck.

Sure, if that makes you feel better about your shitty reasoning.

>What is wrong about wanting to have shitty content removed?

What is wrong with me removing what you personally like as long as I call it shitty?

>NTR is the worst fetish, which most people hate and only cucks will try to defend it.

Can't you say the same about every fetish? What makes your or my rape fantasies any better? Just because we like them?

>Also I will start wagging my tail at the translators when they do something great but right now all they do seems to be fucking around on the discord.

I don't like some of the translators either, I was just saying you're a moron for asking for shit to be removed when you could just turn it off and not enable the fucking translators to cut content as they wish.

I don't want NTR removed just because I don't want shit that I can gate to be removed, since my own fetish might get the axe next.

Dullards like you have an issue with understanding that, and I'm quite curious of what the fuck you're doing on a chan at all with that retarded mentality, especially on 8chan to boot.


File: 4b426c56f394ba1⋯.jpg (102.38 KB, 540x360, 3:2, laughingisunbrekeable.jpg)



>actually defending NTR




>letting fetishes be axed at random

Wew, that will get these games really far. Why not ask Yukari to change everything to zombies?


stop ruining the thread you cucks


File: 306e3b061dfa1d0⋯.jpg (20.09 KB, 305x315, 61:63, smugcirno.jpg)


>at random

Also Seiga is the necromancer 2hu, not Yukarin. Get the facts right next time.


File: 92b119433cc47ad⋯.png (253.43 KB, 660x1049, 660:1049, femi-fiend.png)


Yeah, while i agree that it shouldn't be censored when you can just turn it off, but i can also understand that its a underhanded tactic since you wouldn't know about the event in the first place unless you read the thread, but you can just return from an earlier save if that happens and turn it off from there.

>What you're asking me to do is let you spout nonsense unhindered because "muh opinion is popular".

Now who's lying who? because i never said anything about the event in the first place, only about the Fate Mod because EraMegaten interested me more, and reason i said my original comment was because people who have defended the NTR events usually comes out causing this huge shitstorm like someone threw a rotten egg at their mother, like seriously the only guys that were talking about the NTR event was 2 or 3 anons and it ended there with talks moving on about Eramegaten, because no one actually gives a shit as its been talked about numerous times before, then i made a small comment and you acted like it was an attack on you from what i read, when really this whole thing goes on like a broken record every thread.

Really, im seeing two extremes here

What we should be arguing about is who is best demon waifu, and why is it Female Demi-fiend?



I was talking about the translator, you faggot.




Whether you like NTR or not doesn't change the fact that the scenes are terribly done. I'm honestly surprised you aren't the most pissed about them. I know I would be rather upset if my favorite fetish was included in the game but done absolutely terribly with no chance of improvement.



Then try to be more clear, in context, what you said about people not liking NTR implies that somehow, the position of "remove the content" is valid because of popularity.


I'm not into NTR, I turn it off. And it being shit doesn't mean it has to be removed.


File: bfde9a93ac57d7b⋯.jpg (243.24 KB, 728x800, 91:100, 1489056678605.jpg)


Maybe you shouldn't assume everyone has the same mindset then, or else it just makes it look like you're attacking everyone.

besides, not like the translators can remove it if they wanted too, do you know how badly that would fuck up the game? I'm sure there's multiple files that are connected to that one event in some way, only way you would really water it down or fix it up is to make a mod that adds different scenarios or outcomes, which im surprise not a lot of people do, make mods.

If you get a basic understanding of coding, you could add in your own demons to summon in Eramegaten or events in like the necromancer mod in Eratohok, or a fix like the Time Wizard mod.



>besides, not like the translators can remove it if they wanted too

It isn't as hard as you think.

You can turn shit off pretty easily.



>Female Demi-Fiend

Good taste anon.


>still can't play as a demi-fiend

I know avatar tuner is pretty close but it's not the same



Really? I figure for a big ass game like Tohok or Megaten, a lot of codes and files would be connected in some way, while touching just one line of code would cause it to fall like jenga unless you fix it.

Although, I haven't tried tinkering with the Era engine so the code could be absolutely different then what im use too


NTR as it exists in eraMegaten isn't a problem because you can always opt out, save in certain scenarios triggered by poor performance/defeat. Colloseum loss comes to mind(in that case, I recommend going to the options on the top left of the emuera window and choosing to reload/reset.)

NTR in eraTohoK is because while you can opt out, there's no easy-to-read option for it like there is in eraMegaten. And a lot more content in eraTohoK involves sexual events involving the heroines and strangers, which becomes NTR if you're self-inserting as a male protagonist. I've learned to limit most of the events/options that end up cucking you, but its a minefield for someone just stepping into the game.


emuera is pretty good at helping you find out the cause of a crash if one happens. The only problem with us making changes/additions is that it slightly complicates the process of updating to a new version when the Japanese end gets an update.


File: 63b87b152bad465⋯.png (471.59 KB, 650x561, 650:561, stockinguess.png)


>The Linked Devils avaliable for female Tuners are Valkyrie, Ishtar and Mara

Did they run the Demon list throught a randomizer and picked the first three female results for a physical demon, a magic demon and whatever Mara's purpouse is.



Mara is tanky I believe, but IIRC it has different stats depending on if you're male/female.



Trial and error has always been a part of gaming. People should learn to save or have some warnings added to the options or the main menu.



In the case of NTR, its not a stretch to call it more trouble than its worth to play a new game that has it mixed in. The Millionaire is legendary for trapping noobs. In my case, the Millionaire asked for some random girl that joined my country that I hadn't even spoken to yet, but I still found it jarring what happened to her. Imagine what I would have felt if it was my beloved waifu that was kidnapped instead. Yea, I would have gotten over it eventually, but I probably would have never picked up eraTohoK again.


While we are on that subject, I discovered protoNTR a couple days ago. Whoever is/was translating that, thanks dude.

eraTW was too vanilla for me, but protoNTR is just perfect.




You need a psychologist, not porn games, man.


I only played as a female with that one.



Now thats just rude and unca- ah, who am i kidding. Thanks anon, I like you too.


Yeah, you can take control of one of the girls and start relationships that way. Keep it pure yuri until visitors appear.



I tried that one out a bit before but as a guy, how does it work as a female? Will visitors target you?



>Whether you like NTR or not doesn't change the fact that the scenes are terribly done

I disagree with that. I'm not big on NTR either but the redone millionaire is pretty interesting because large part of tohoK's events are "something happens, you get 3 options, some kind of random roll that takes in account your X stat, whoop you get +100 affection with some char" or other shit that feel inconsequential. Redone millionaire is relatively complex and more of a chain of events than just a single one. You even get a proper short time objective with some choice (gather troops or money). It's pretty OK right now and probably is one of the better events in the game. Millionaire's son also needs to get a fix like that and then it can be un-return 0'd.


You seem to hold terrible amount of affection for fictional characters inside text-based sex games.



It's not automatic like it would be with the visitor and other characters, you kind of have to make them target you.

E.g. if you clean near a visitor, he'll start touching you, depending on your choices you get favorability with him, meaning you're "falling" for him, meaning that you get more options with them or it's more of a "consensual" relationship (e.g. for cleaning, you can disregard his touches or try to get him off you, at max "fall" exp, you are only able to disregard his actions, so implicitly, you're consenting, basically).

I don't know of other events, but you can also get some when you're sleeping, when you're in the bath or enter the bath with him, you can get kidnapped (only when you clean) but again, you have to choose the option (and then he trains you and you gain favorability faster).

It's not that great because the descriptions for the Female option are basically "You got fucked 40 times, for X amount of minutes, he came inside you 250 times". It's pretty shitty in that regard.

Even when someone else falls and you can invite them to have a threesome with the visitor and you, you'll still get the "You and X got fucked Y times… etc".

With all that, the other characters seem to move and interact (you can even put on the option to show you how they interact), but it seems pretty barebones anyway.



>You seem to hold terrible amount of affection for fictional characters inside text-based sex games.

Welcome to 8chan



where pls



its on git, you have to use the public account to access the project cause its private or something.



The problem I have with the millionaire event, other than how silly it is, is how bloody often it repeats.

Every turn this jackass comes to demand my wife.

Every fucking turn.

You'd think after the third time you could just ambush him with the tens of thousands of troops that I have.

Hell, even with the depowering of the Touhou chicks in the game, you'd think I could still ask Yuuka to pop his cranium like an egg.


I wanna try getting into modding for something like Eramegaten and such, but fuck how much do i need to know about coding?



I'm a novice modder and coder myself (no actual training, only self-taught modding games), and I'd say the language barrier is a better obstacle than complex code in script/event heavy games like EraTW or TohoK.

The same could be said if you're planning to focus on the events and scenarios of eramegaten. Though I haven't tried modding the latter myself.



The only logical explanation I have for the millionaire event is that the millionaire in question just happens to be Lucky Ted and by pure luck if you try to kill him your entire army happens to get diarrhea all at once.



The code is pretty simple so not much. If you don't even know IF, FOR, ELSE, then spend an afternoon on codecademy or something. If not then just ask about what you want to mod and someone with a lot of experience on that particular game can tell you how hard that would be and what you'd need to edit. That's not usually something you can just glance at and figure out yourself no matter how much general programming experience you have.



Eh just a simple mod, kinda like the Fate mod, only adding in 3 or 4 Demons you can recruit.

Figure i better start learning moon AND coding, i really enjoy the Era style games.


…Welp people actually ended up discussing NTR and millionaire again after I prompted to have that discussion again yesterday.


File: 8e4d321ce96c930⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000160518367-st4e….jpg)





If you get enough endings you can play as a devil hybrid, which is pretty close.

At 5 endings(?) you can play as a knockoff Dante.


File: 3a39d447d5c476c⋯.jpg (95.19 KB, 850x601, 850:601, sample_728837bf462e09d6d87….jpg)


I'll take the last one. the event will go like this:

>MASTER remembers the deceased TARGET

>MASTER is overcome with grief

>MASTER really want to make love with TARGET again

>so there's two options(edited)

>-one where MASTER tries to suppress the grief

>-one where MASTER succumbs to the grief

>the later has MASTER visit the graveyard where TARGET's grave rests

>MASTER then puts a flower on the TARGET's grave

>MASTER then despairs again

>now there's three options:

>-MASTER leaves the graveyard

>-MASTER lies down on the grave

>-MASTER go crazy from the grief

>the third option makes MASTER dig up TARGET's grave

>then MASTER makes some tender love on TARGET's corpse

>after that MASTER clean ups TARGET's corpse and reburies it

>OR MASTER takes TARGET's corpse home with him

So How's the event?



found untranslated one



Exquisite, I like it. If you take the corpse home, what would happen next?

I'd imagine doing so would lower your reputation, but would doing that give you the ability to keep the corpse as possible sex partner?



well. i can't do the take-out corpse.

so, nahhhh. just a hypothesis


File: b7d6c0f4f934870⋯.png (65.78 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, b7d.png)

So as an avatar-tuner, persona user, shifter, adept, and basically anything other than summoner, do you still use a horde of demons in your party? Or is part of their challenge that you're solo until you can get humans/slaves to fight with you?

Because I made a persona user and I still started with a pixie in my comp that I can't actually use.



You can get demons to fight with you. you just can't summon and recall them while in a dungeon.




Can't you use Sabbatma to summon?



Yeah, you can.



Problem is none of the new stuff is translated at all and at least one has a crash bug on it.


NTR talk aside, what kind of content does people here actually want from the usually played eragames here anyway?



Well if we are not going to shit on anyone's fetish then

some extra events for futas, like the thing the one anon wrote before in a previous thread, something like that would be nice.

(Personally would also like to hsve more furry stuff but everyone else seems to hate it)





I don't really mind it. There is one drug that make demons more furry in eramegaten. If you didn't know about it already.



necro? u dont want necro?



Well my main fetish is futa but necro is also great.

More events like what >>96784 posted, would be great.



What about bestiality? Anyone else here is into bestiality?

The boar god event in tohoK is great, more things like that would be really great.

Maybe expanding the animal trainer?




Sure, why not, events about mindbreaking 2hus and then letting them get raped by a horde of dogs, sound good too.



Dogs, pigs, those stuffs are good. Horses, bulls, snakes, insects, elephant perhaps, or big predatory cats would be really nice.

Ignoring the fact that some of those won't exist naturally in Japan, but yeah you get what I mean.



Barbed cat dicks! Maybe a few Touhous would enjoy that. Kagerous dialogue is really cute all around. Wish she had more stuff and more of what is already there was translated.



corruption my dude



still working on the necro event



Not really into the big heavy hitters like Necro or bestiality, but as long as they're optional i don't really care.


Noob here- Noticed a lot of these updates are not being reflected in the pastebin versions. How often do those get updated? A few changes and stability check then they're changed? Is everyone just using github to get the in-between instant updates?

And will all inbetween updates make it into the pastebin version links?



More events that affect the player character and for the special factions to be more fleshed out.



A lot less than in previous threads.


Majority of players now do.

I doubt it.


File: f55a3e31546732a⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 500x350, 10:7, 1465056501156.jpg)


I'm always tempted to make her wear a maid uni or a nurse outfit, but the half-naked god-slayer look is pretty great.


Why is there no choice to make certain characters futas in eratohok from the beginning? having to tech through 100s of thousands of moneys to get the drug each time is pretty stupid and seems like something that would be fixed.

I remember there was an "all herm mode" But I don't want everyone to be futas. Just certain chars. Is that a lot to ask?


Nevermind above post. Found it in cheats.


Originally linked in the discord. Early mod of megaten to play as a character instead of custom character.



>Re-doing the Abe-no-Seimei fight to level up some low-leveled chumps

>Abe manages to damage Minako (the P3 MC)

>Life ends up as -4

>Think that it's a display error

>No, she was still fucking fighting at -4 life

What's even better is that using a Revival Bead on Her worked and just healed her into 8 Life points. This game is fun even when it glitches out.


>keep impregnating Seiga and using our children as necromancy fodder to enslave all the 2hus

So this is what degeneracy feels like



Wow this sounds awesome.

Finally I can play as Satan himself.



That's my fetish! I wish more era games in general had beast stuff.


Okay, I swear. How do I clear the Factory?



Just change them in cheat mode right after making your character. It asks if you want to use the character editor, say yes, find the characters you want to edit, gender is near the top.



More sex or lewd events in general in eramegaten.

For an eragame, there's not really that much sex events in it, and hey, maybe this way you can actually have your demons/slaves get involved in something that isn't training/whoring/NTR event/end of day lewds.


I have a feeling those NTR basher above are samefagging…



It's easy in eramegaten. Get a beast demon and then fuck them. Same thing.



It has a few but the only starting beast is a zombie dog. It takes a while to get to Chimera, and few others as well. Imps, demons like that, and ghost don't count as beast. It's honest vary little on pure beast dudes, I don't care for rodents like that squirrel thing either. I also play as a male a lot so that locks early training as well.




Woops didn't check my reply.



I know getting Kikue out from her cell is important, but I don't know what else needs to be done. I remember in an earlier play-through I somehow managed to unlock a new part of the factory, but I can't remember how.


File: 81ae6c46945705e⋯.jpg (159.71 KB, 1000x1030, 100:103, Maria.jpg)

Are there any characters from SMT Nine in EraMegaten?


File: 14faa105e4651ee⋯.jpg (265.92 KB, 816x637, 816:637, Millionaire's_Deathd.jpg)

Should we get the translators to release the updates immediately?



There are two ways to get to Kikuehime and this is just he long obvious path.

To lazy to draw a map but basically it is





You find door to the to the outside of the factory

Then you are at point S and you need to find the next entrance to the factory left of you.

Then follow the way, there are only some little offside paths, with continous leaving and entering the building, until you end up in the lower right part of the outside map, there is another entrance to the experiment facility which has many other people captured after day 5 or whatever, Kikuehime gets moved a bit farther away but still in the experiment facility.


Yes but really dont feel like doing screenshots for something like that.

Do you need to save someone else, especially after Kikuehime has said you should?

You cant, so ignore her blabbering and just leave the factory with her in tow.

Then in the main menu, you use the request option to contact, that guy who gave you the mssion to continue the storyline.



The different part of facory, is not unlocked through her rescue, it is just the other path to the experiment facility. In the building you start in after being transferred, there are stairs which lead to another part of the building which sooner or later brings you to experiment facility anyway,

this way is the shorter but more dangerous with boss encounter.

You dont need kikuehime for that though and pretty sure, you can just visit the place later when you feel like it anyway. The only thing which is timelimited is Kikuehime's rescue


How exactly does one get Chefei in the beginning of Eramegaten?


File: d954e72db320b97⋯.png (18.54 KB, 813x193, 813:193, wow.png)


>removing features


What does the Reason stat do in eraYMAEM? Because I'm not sure if a slave went insane due to pregnancy or pleasure.



The only way i've found is if you start as a cumdumpster.

at one point you used to get her at start regardless of choice, not anymore.


File: 6ba5db8cfaf058d⋯.png (7.61 KB, 799x410, 799:410, Chefei.png)


Can find Chefei in its two-tailed form in the back alley of the Red-Light District that opens up at nighttime, just make your way through the hidden passage in the back alley and buy the perfectly normal looking fox from the pet selling dude for a whole 100 macca (note: ends your day).

Extra tails attempt to mutate on as it levels up, with the ninth appearing at level 71.

As an aside, the path in green leads to a trio of demons arguing. Depending on one's answer they could find themself with a free Troll, Duergar or Cupid, get into a fight with all three (lvl 20 battle) for 1000 macca or get hypnotized and gangraped (also ends your day).


File: fbf736a15773a4e⋯.png (60.05 KB, 1253x291, 1253:291, ClipboardImage.png)

>Just showing what i'm working on currently

>for eratohok


Guns attack do 0 damages in the last build of eraMegaten…

It's an annoying bug.



More precisely, it's attacks from guns, not gun-type attacks, that fail to do any damage.



Thanks for the report, should be fixed on git now.



It is. Good job.



It's generally due to not liking you enough. It's silly since there isn't any abortion stuff and condoms cost quite a bit. It takes me awhile to get them pregnant so surprised you got them so soon. Might be best to turn ejaculation settings on. Still, good luck and if you continue they shouldn't do anything dangerous, or at least I've never seen them do something serious. Just make sure you save before they make you eat any food just in case.


I'm liking the new era hotel so far. anyone know how quickly it's being developed on the jap side?



There is a change-list-like file in the main folder of the game. Considering it lists one release/update in 2015 and one in 2016, I'd say development is anything but quick.


there was lots of updates last month that appear to be mostly character additions but for the most part work on it seems to be infrequent



fuck. are any of them being actively developed?


In Reverse, which of the Trainers has the most translated speech? Love the concept, but too much of it still in Japanese for me.



Well I wouldnt count character or kojo additions even as real updates though, those basically add nothing but minor content.


Basically eraH is right now in a very incomplete state and especially the gameplay of eraH needs to be updated.

But so far it seems 2016 was the real last update from the official eraH dev team.

So since more then half a year no one has worked on the core parts of the game.

Might be a similiar situation with eraMegaten where no has decided to be the next main devs and so we will only get constant minor content updates.

In the case of eraH that is really bad though cause like before mentioned the game is far to incomplete to have fun with it for a longer time.

So yeah, you shouldnt hope for to much.



None of the dialogue is translated it will likely never be translated. Either learn to adapt, or stay away from era games. Except for things like tohok and eraTW.



The point is just wondering which path has the most translated dialogue. No need to go Reimu strap-on on me.

tohok, TW, and megaten are obviously translator's favourites already.



Is it only me has it been months since they update/translated anything new



The problem with Reverse is that although the idea is great, the execution is not so much. The game gets stale and repetitive pretty quick, the trainers' actions are almost completely random with no rhyme or reason to them, and that ends up turning away everyone that has approached it.



I haven't spent too much time in it, but I believe if a slave's reason hits 0, any action that uses up reason will decrease it permanently. And if it goes beneath a certain point the slave will go insane.

So try to ease up on the nonstop orgasms because those drain reason really fast.


Is it just me or does the Ring of Secrets do fucking nothing?



Does it do nothing or is its effect a secret?



Woops this.

was meant for this



File: 25af4c463332d18⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1464808153877.jpg)


Oh, so that's why there keep being rooms with nobody in them. I get it now, haha. I guess I'll save her in the new game plus.

Perhaps I should look into half-decent machine translation and not just try to rely on the bits and pieces I can read myself.


I must be retarded, since the files I downloaded from the git for EraTohoK just reads a whole bunch of errors.

any way to get it to work?


So about seigas necromancy encounter in eratohok. I get the necromancy event a lot but it's a simple sacrifice to revive someone or revive someone with less stats. Wasn't there an h-event or 2 tied to it? Is something extra needed for that?




did you download them one by one or in a single download?






if you post the error will it be the one that happens when you don't have your computer set to japanese locale?


okay, nevermind, it suddenly decided to work i guess?

before it would shot off a bunch of random error messages before going to the title screen. when I download off the git.


File: aa9d5d70cfd0f80⋯.gif (50.8 KB, 192x224, 6:7, kyle.gif)

>trying to collect SEES members via trust in tartarus

>manage to get everyone but Junpei, Shinjiro and Mitsuru

>SEES members very rarely show up in tartarus, have to slowly ascend and descend repeatedly looking for events with them in the dungeon

>CAPSLOCK software doesn't work in this dungeon, only estoma

>after 2 days of looking finally manage to get Shinjiro to join

>keep heading up the tower, looking for more members

>no one shows up

>back at the lobby of tartarus, everyone is gone

>Coming back at another day and the last two are still gone

2 Freidynes weren't enough.


SEES disbands if you get most of their active members


Can anyone please tell me where the cheat button is on EraMegaten?


File: a46b06c5fa95e3d⋯.png (1.51 KB, 174x53, 174:53, Untitled.png)

What does the pastebin mean by "just reload" for the millionaire event? I tried reloading a quicksave and the results don't change.

The "Pregnany chances are way too low (eratohoK)" thing of the pastebin needs updating. It says to "uncomment line 87 that says ;LOCAL:5 = 1 so it says LOCAL:5 = 1" but when I took a look at line 87 it has pic related. What do I change?



It means reload and don't try to kill him.



You gotta use cheat engine.



Ah okay, thank you. I knew not killing him would keep him from NTRing you but I read something about someone modding in things to improve it a while ago so I assumed it was in. I also thought I turned off the event in the beginning too.

Could you tell me where to find the code to just delete that event?



that line is for when the girl is ovulating

and anyway you shouldnt need any help getting girls pregnant in TohoK its really easy



you can disable any event you want in options


Hey, hey.

You guys have any problem with the new event in eratohok?


It might be of interest to some that I've managed to get eraMegaten to work on linux with wine.

All that was needed was to install wine-mono. That say, I also had to change the font to get something not implayably ugly (I had to manually input the name of the font I wanted).

There's been a few issues so far, but I managed to work around them (most of those happen when clicking on something, and using the keyboard to do stuff instead bypass the problem).

I also tested eraTW (crash on launch) and eraTohoK (crash on a new game. It might actually be the same issue that clicking on stuff doesn't work well, except you can't use the keyboard for everything like in megaten).



There are some things in eraMrgaten that can't be used with just the keyboard as well.

Changing the equipped persona in the character screen for example doesn't give a number for you to type(In that case, you can type 'Persona change' to bypass it).



Thankfully that's one of the thing where it doesn't matter if you're clicking on it.

Where it does matter is for the keypad thing where it crash the game, but if you know about it, writing the number you want isn't more annoying and may be faster.

Also sometime clicking on a choice can cause the text to go fast-forward until the next stop… Which can be fine or annoying at time, but you always can get around it if you need to.



Keyboard thing? Do you mean this?






No the numpad thing when you chose how many items you buy or for payments and other things.



Why? The only thing I'd ever want is something that ups the damn pregnancy chance from "near zero"



Have you tried enabling pregnancy?

I made this mistake before, so just checking.



Yeah, it happens sometimes, but it's pretty rare, like 3 playthroughs using fertility drugs I've gotten it once.

Then again it could just be my shit luck, I did manage to miss a 50% chance over 200 times in a row



> I did manage to miss a 50% chance over 200 times in a row

You need an exorcist, not a cheat menu



Pregnancy is pretty common, I've found. I actually broke a girl once because I didn't bother trying to avoid it.

Hell, I know that one time I needed to give thick, hot MAG to my team to enhance them, three of them ended up pregnant the very same day…

So I would say you must be doing something wrong.

1 - Enhance their stamina and willpower so sessions can last longer.

2 - Don't waste her stamina/willpower when you're recovering. Fuck her, fuck her again, and then do two other actions like caressing that take little willpower/stamina because filling her again.

(This second advise is also valid for when you want to fill a demon with thick, hot MAG)



really must just be my luck then. That's good to know at least.


Jaust curious, anyone here can recall any fights in eramegaten where the boss changes form mid-battle or has another healthbar after you deplete the first?

Something like Nyx Avatar, yeah.


Can I play Megaten without any knowledge of the different series?


So, apparently you can rape a demon into joining you… I'm not quite sure that make sense…

It's not really worth the trouble of trying to get that dialogue options though.



Yes. The different mechanics might take some getting used to though.

This pastbin: https://pastebin.com/jzMW33Ri

Has some basic info but it is not complete(and some things might not be entirely correct).

There is also the in-game help but that has little information on the basics(like combat stats).


Seiga should randomly revive a dead 2hu as a zombie.



The second page of Other Variable actually has the description of the six main stats.

Sadly, it does lacke sub-stats, because while some (hit, or magic power) are self-explaining, I'm not exactly sure about all the things that Magic Effect do…

Also, an advise for beginners : on your very first playthrough, Devil Summoner is the only options worth considering. You really need that tutorial to bootstrap your party.



She already does. Only, when she is your officer.



Huh you are right, the base stats are explained.

…and looks like I was the one who translated that…



If someone has a good explaination how the sub-stats work, I can add that to the in-game help.



Isn't Hit Accuracy? Also Magic Effect was hard to understand at first, but I'm 99% sure it's actually Magic Defense. I mean, it IS lowered when the victim recieves a Provocation along with Defense.



>Isn't Hit Accuracy?

And what would Accuracy be? The main stat you are probably thinking of is Ag(ility).

>Also Magic Effect was hard to understand at first, but I'm 99% sure it's actually Magic Defense.

Interresting theory. I'll have to check the code on this…



It makes sense. I thought it was related to status effects, but if it decrease from Provoke then probably it is Magic Defense.



No I mean accuracy as in "how much of a chance you have of hitting this guy", not as a stat.



wait no, accuracy appears as just accuracy. What Hit are you talking about?



Found this in the code:

>L_DMG /= (32 + CFLAG:L_T:魔法効果強化)

L_DMG is the damage done, and it's divided by the value of magiceffect of the target. The name translates to magic effect though…


Look at the character status page, the one that shows equipped gear.



>the one that shows equipped gear

Tested what happened if I used a gun with lower Hit. I MAY have been avoiding attacks less often (This could just be confirmation bias), but I saw no noticeable change.



Well, yeah, Hit is the accuracy. The name is pretty self explanatory.

As for Magic effect, I'm pretty sure it's not merely magic defence. At least, if I compare to some of the actual megaten games, among other thing it can affect are magic defence, magic hit, resistance to status effect and accuracy of your status effect magic…

Someone with access to (and understanding of) the code could probably confirm (or deny) those.


Pretty sure magic effect is magic defence + to hit.

status effects generally are luck's job so i dunno about that


How do you people keep track of all these tohou characters? I don't know anyone other than well known ones like Sakuya.



Update on this.

Sadly, getting Abnormal experience in training cause a crash, raising a "System.NotSupportedException:Conversion Wide is not supported yet"



Just keep a wiki/bunch of boorus open in the background or something.



>How do you people keep track of all these tohou characters?

By being huge touhoufags, duh.



They're kind of easy to know when you partition them. Each of them essentially has their own power/gimmick, and faction that they belong to. Like the Taoists, the Buddhists, the Hakurei shrine, the Moriya shrine, the Human Village, Eientei, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the Palace of the Earth Spirits, etc.



Just time and steady consumption of Touhou content. I can name every Touhou character and their appearance post EoSD from memory, and I've only been a fan for 2 years or so.



It's easy for the characters that are in the games you actually played.

When you repeat a boss fight a hundred or so times when trying to get that one credit clear, you end up knowing the characters…




Try my fork of the engine:


Build with xbuild/mono using the command

xbuild /p:Configuration=Release /p:TargetFrameworkVersion="v4.5" Emuera.sln

Then copy Emuera/obj/Release/Emuera.exe to your game folder and run it with

LC_ALL=ja_JP.utf-8 MONO_IOMAP=case mono Emuera.exe

You also need to make sure you have MSGothic (the font) installed and that you have the ja_JP.utf-8 locale generated.

I haven't tested it extensively with megaten but I have played quite a bit of tohoK with it and it works fine. It also works with tohoTW with minor text alignment issues and GvT works if you change the name of a function that it refuses to load for some reason (not sure what the deal is there, the same build works on Windows without renaming).

>"System.NotSupportedException:Conversion Wide is not supported yet"

I ran into that problem when running megaten and ended up rolling my own replacements for VbStrConv.Wide and VbStrConv.Narrow (which are shit because I don't know C# and unicode is AIDS).

You may also have luck trying winetricks dotnet20 instead of using wine-mono



I remember majority of them. Minus these from Netherworld, Moriya shrine and about half from Youkai Mountain.


Is marriage restricted to Male Mc -> Female NPC

Female MC -> Male NPC? I made a futa and can't seem to marry anyone. when the prompt would appear when I played as a man.



What game?



Woops. Eratoho.




Do you have the cash? It cost a shitton to do.



Don't know, never actually did it in the previous game. I have $400,000 saved up though.



Then it might be some bug in the latest git version becaus i only play futa and i could marry just fine




Downloaded the lastest Git version and c/p and old save and marriege works fine.



Thank you based anon. Had to try a few times to actually manage to build, but Megaten run with no issue so far.

I also managed to launch and start a game in tohoK (but didn't test farther).

TW still crash on launch though, but I don't care much at the moment.


File: 03ed0134c92b33f⋯.png (47.01 KB, 720x360, 2:1, 58_顔.png)

Can some one give me on how to do these task in The World like take these supplies to meling or play with chirno. Also can i get some tips on how to work this game also why did't this game get more of a translation.





necrophilia when?



the gap hag is still working on it.



Why do you need tips? What version do you use?

Requests didn't work right on the last release. Use the Git version.



>TW still crash on launch though, but I don't care much at the moment.

Looks like TW was updated and now has the same bad function name problem as GvT.

There's a function called "渧泣" which is causing mono to shit itself (it shows up as ?H泣 in the error log), so changing it to just 泣 (or really anything else) makes the game work fine.

You can do this with sed:

sed -i 's/\xfb\x48\(\x8b\x83\)/\1/g;s/\xe6\xb8\xa7\(\xe6\xb3\xa3\)/\1/g' ERB/**/*.ERB



You might need to use

shopt -s globstar

before running the sed command to turn on recursive globbing in bash, because apparently it doesn't do it by default.


Is it just me or Yukari is bugged out?

I already raised her favor and dependency to thousands, but when I wanted to do even a quick kiss, even after passing the check, she always enraged and drive me away…

Am I doing it wrong? Or Yukari is really invincible?



You should reset her assertiveness. She has stupidly high amount.


It's been a while since i was here, is the machine translator hook built in now?



Turn her into a zombie., obviously


in eraTW it seems that sleeping pills and alcohol overdose don't actually do anything

sleeping pills flat out just do nothing and the gals stop drinking the alcohol proffered to them before they get blackout-ed

i think i'm just retarded though

how do i into nonconsensual cuddling


new mega links when? I can't login on that gitgud shit



Managing to get the girl to drink two drugged tea and waiting a bit for her to go in deep sleep you can get enough time to do some action… Maybe.

Or, get forbidden knowledge, za warudo, begin mischief, and give her the sleeping pill directly. Then wait for her to go to sleep and go do whatever you want with her, she won't wake up.



For drunk rape you can't get the girl too drunk or she'll just magically fuck off home somehow. So, don't fill the bar completely. Get her wasted and you should get the option to lead her around. Take her somewhere private and push her down. She won't be able to resist and you can fuck her. Be quick about it though because girls tend to sober up quick.

This was a hell of a paragraph to write and I'm probably on some kind of watch list now. An additional watch list at any rate, I guess.



>An additional watch list at any rate, I guess.

I'm on more watch lists than you, faggot.


EraTW, latest nightly build. I tried cooking a "Staple food" with White Rice in Alice's kitchen while I was living there.

コマンド関連\COMF\日常系\COMF413 料理を作る.ERB at line 119 Error occured:Emuera-Anchor


Error description:配列型変数FOOD_MAINDISHの第1引数(20)は配列の範囲外です

Function:(at)COOKING_MENU(file:コマンド関連\COMF\日常系\COMF413 料理を作る.ERB in line 94)

Function call stack:

↑コマンド関連\COMF\日常系\COMF413 料理を作る.ERB at line 10(function(at)COM413)

↑ステータス計算関連\SOURCE\SOURCE_CALLCOM.ERB at line 141(function*(at)CALL_COM)

↑ステータス計算関連\SOURCE\SOURCE.ERB at line 67(function(at)SOURCE_CHECK)



File: d0df1a0fdd309c6⋯.jpg (61.76 KB, 538x491, 538:491, Zqma-LRRL6k.jpg)


>TFW The simple act of cooking fucks up the universe


File: 25adf91611f7b84⋯.gif (352.87 KB, 500x357, 500:357, laughingteacher.gif)

>Try to upgrade one of my Demon's skills

>Go to enchance Demon

>MAG: 0

>It's basically one of my staples of the team, think it's a glitch

>Train that demon to give her more MAG

>See that somehow I had the MAG-Drain option on

>I was actually draining her out of MAG the whole time


Anon either is the worst cook in the universe or he used Alice's Grimoire as a recipe book.


Is there a way to acquire Orpheus Telos and Izanagi-no-okami in eraMegaten as personas?



Reset her assertiveness? How to do it again?



Orpheus Telos is gotten from defeating Elizabeth at the bottom of Monad.

Doing so gives you his material card.


Man, I have no idea how I reached this point. I went from needing visuals for everything to masturbating to fucking words.


File: ef15fbd04431be0⋯.png (375.91 KB, 626x1252, 1:2, angryshiki.png)

>Fight walpurgisnacht

>After that Kyubey (I think) gives me two options

>Both result in me getting Krimheild Gretchen

Where the fuck is my Godoka you little shit.

Also maybe unrelated but what is sacrifical fusion and why does it require me to use the demons married to me



Sacrificial fusion takes your wives and conjoins them with your body. Never tried it, personally, don't know if it is worth it.



Already lowered her assertiveness to minus, but she's still enraged everytime I tried anything more than a headpat…


>can't work in brothel on male summoner

I can't believe this sexism in 2017!



You can but I hope you like getting penetrated.

Unless that was changed recently.



just doesn't give me the option

I select my dude but it just goes back to the main menu stuff



Do you even know how to use the brothel?



as far as I know you just select the "work part-time at the brotherl" option and then select yourself or a slave

the thing is on the times I made a female/futa after selecting the character it gave me a yes/no option and that was it

selecting my male main character doesn't and just goes back



To get Godoka (Law of Cycles), you have to side with Kyubey from the start, and end up with the final battle against Oriko, Kirika, Homura, Kyouko, and someone else, then against Godoka herself.

Better luck on NG+


Sacrificial fusion fuses demons to your wives for EXP. Very worth it lategame.

Fusion with you…well, it fuses your wives to you for EXP and appearance change.



>Better luck on NG+

Fug. Still Gretchen's level 79 (an possibly godoka too) so I don't think I'll summon her anytime soon.

Also is the Rebellion route NG+ Only or does it open after a while. Now that I've beaten Huenight I have nothing to do but try to beat Nyx Avatar, see if the MB route decides to give me half of the fusions I did not get and to clear the "fun" (read: absolutely horrible) teleporter messhian dungeon



What day are you? It should open after a while if you're before day 50.

Also I think you should be able to go to Monad and defeat the bosses there too now, unless that is locked to NG+.


File: 0b4725366414f76⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 680x382, 340:191, worn-outshoe.jpg)


>muh fifty days bullshit


Fuck this autistic "do it in less than 50 days" shit. Time to download Time Wizard's mod then.

I have already completed an in-game year. Surprised there wasn't a new years celebration event or something like that


What are good settings for event encounter rates?

I am tired of extorting money and sex from kappas/banging tengu journalists every single turn, while the unique 2hu events are not activating


Which demons get Pierce?


Any tips for eratw?



Stop playing that shit game.




>shit game



What do you need to know? Try to go for the achievements for the extra bonuses, always spam whatever does not anger them, and when you get more options, never use Butt Caress or Fingering etc until you get Love and they have 4-5 hearts + low reason (less stars).

Aim to get both Favorability and Reliability, there are a few ones that give both, like Headpat, Get A Lap Pillow and Serve Tea. I also believe Help With Work does that, giving them alcohol unless they refuse it, and giving them Green Tea, although that's just Serve Tea when they're working.

Dates usually give more favorability and reliability on all actions, and aim for "Good Mood", for some chars (not sure if all), sometimes they'll get Good Mood from giving them alcohol, don't go for strong sake though, use normal sake. Good Mood will increase the amount of Favorability and Reliability you get, couple that with a date and you get insane amounts.

At some point though, with increased Intimacy, Lust and Obedience, you can pretty much do anything to them and they'll push you down constantly because they get aroused fast, EraTW in the "late game" is pretty erotic.



No you kill yourself you little faggy cuck.



Shiki Tohno and one of the many versions of Homura.

I don't even know which Homura is that anymore, there are way too many versions of her in eramegaten.




stfu pedo don't be salty that no one cares about yours-and-only-yours eraInDevelopmentForever



Merge between TW and LiG when




Poor Pedo will never have dialogue in LiG.

He's going to have to merge LiG and TW to even get any content.

I don't even have to insult him, fate is already doing it for me.


How do you increase sensitivity in tohoK? I've been trying to make my waifu happy for hours, but it's still as if I'm sticking knifes into her when I barely touch her.



Hypnosis(the demon dream version), or just grope them a lot

Aphrodisiac helps too

You can also hire a succubus to train your waifu, or a hypnotist(with a chance of NTR and some pretty fucking hot events)


>play as goblins

>dozens of kids born every turn

>have to randomly name all of them

I want more officers so not educating them isn't an option



>name all of them





File: 2772ec332d88628⋯.png (48.81 KB, 895x655, 179:131, goblin world.png)

It's beautiful bros, the entire world came together to become goblin cumdumps


I wish tohoK would get more developed officers in special factions

The tentacles keep mindbreaking themselves by miscarrying their own babies, the succubi are virgins who never get laid, etc.

Basically all events happen as game mechanics and the actual characters aren't involved

Not to mention you can't capture/train/execute their leaders/officers



There's a way to join the "evil" factions?

I thought they'd just bumfuck you every turn if you did.



They don't, if you are their ruler.


Yes, special factions aren't very well made.

They exist only as sex crazed fuck you. Minus Vigilantes.



I always found Vigilantes kind of creepy and untrustworthy

I bet their leader secretly harasses his 2hu officers



Or at least that there would be special endings if one of the special factions won. But instead, nothing.



>Reimu-kun, I am sure you understand the importance of our work


>Recently, I was feeling very stressed from my work

>It is your duty to provide relief, for the greater good

>Of course sir!

>*dutiful blowjob sounds intensify*



>If you get a basic understanding of coding, you could add in your own demons to summon in Eramegaten or events in like the necromancer mod in Eratohok, or a fix like the Time Wizard mod.

now, what could western players add that would fit into eramegaten gameplay?



They don't have any lewd actions, Vigilantes only receive one cannon fodder event. More soldiers from only gods know where.



>gods know where.

Wouldn't you support them if you were a human farmer in Gensokyo? Sounds better then being bandit scum

Or you're feeling suicidal and want to serve some youkai warlord?



I'm sure anything if you knew the product you were modding in well enough, i'm still waiting for a Darkstalker mod, or a better fate mod, something like >>96604 and >>96613 suggested



There's some special ending text but it might be for losing to them rather than winning as them.


File: 78910ae41928ccf⋯.gif (2.95 MB, 555x312, 185:104, happylaser.gif)


>Darkstalkers mod

Please yes. A MGQ mod wouldn't be bad too.


File: 3c21ee8fa6aec2d⋯.png (1012.38 KB, 1391x984, 1391:984, __han_juri_street_fighter_….png)



Speaking of Darkstalkers, im surprise there isn't a training Era game with Fighting game characters, considering there's a bunch of waifus in those. Guess its something I should try and get into coding for.



Poison is mine and nobody can have her


File: 94186b1fa2ea33a⋯.jpg (131.38 KB, 1060x988, 265:247, smugstocking.jpg)


Dunno, maybe people are too lazy to do it? I'm still surprised there is no eraDigimon despite half the mons being cute girls.



Although wasn't she an actual grill in the nip original and not a trap



only in the concept art

she's had the 'murican version as her canon since its inception



I support this, tentacle is best though. I need to do the science dudes more.




Isn't that what EraSQ is?



Does eraSQ have combat tho? Also for what I've seen it's all in nip

Plus we already have MB, Fate and Meguca Meduka, so why the fuck not



>bunch of waifus

Are you trying to start a fight?



Kinda? Its sex battles, but you dont actually input commands, its whoever outlasts who. That said, i would love a MGQ mod.

Though, with all the mods together, there'd be too many Tamamos running around



>too many Tamamos

>When you can make a team out of only Homus



>When you can make a team out of only Homus

I seem to keep forgetting that, its also pretty funny that you can do that.



aren't there only 3 homus though?



Homura, Glasses Homura, Devil Homura, Non-combatant Homura and Homulilly

Also technically Krimheild Gretechen, since it's a fusion of Homu x Mado



>MGQ Mod

Bad idea, out of various reasons, setting, powerlevel, it wouldn't really fit that much to the game, yes we had different mods but just adding anything randomly just doesnt sound that smart.

There is the problem that the actual fusions are already considerably monster girlish or demons have already have multiple versions and depending on Kojo you choose are supposed to have a different shape, albeit everything is unfinished right now.


I'm all for an expanded Fate, or even F/GO mod here in eramegaten.

Dunno how the hell would that work but it sounds pretty fun.



>F/GO mod

It could be: You get to choose between the seven classes depending on your alignment (7 for Law, 7 for Chaos and 7 for Neutral) or just Zoma fusions (but using the triple fusion table instead of the normal one, so you could get the results). Dunno where the extra classes would fit. Maybe special fusions/gotten throught a special item like the Grief Seed?



I just said MGQ because it was the first thing that came to my mind, my other ides were DaL and Arcana Heart and while they kinda fit the setting, I don't think they are popular even in nipland (but then again there are some grills that you can get from the Devil Auction come from some VN that I'm 90% sure doesn't involve supernatural shit)


>muh power levels

I think Power Levels stop being a thing in this game when Yuma Chitose manages to seriously damage Hari-Hara (for example)



*more results



>Yuma Chitose manages to seriously damage Hari-Hara

Yuma is afterall a magic girl and comparable to weaker servants from fate which is still alot higher then what monster girls are, not only in power but also spritiual sense.

The girls from VN are noncombatants, you can only get non-combatants through devil auction.

Anyway not going to argue about the power level and don't really care what you want to add to the western version.

I just wanted to express that the japanese era community won't produce out of various reasons a MGQ mod, the most important reason is that it is ust not that overly popular in japan really (monster girls yes but MGQ alone as its own thing not really).

So you yourself or someone else in the western era community will have to create it.


Do the pastebin versions have the mods you guys are talking about?



Its just a discussion about mods which should be created like Fate Grand Order, Monster Girl Quest and why are they are not existing yet.

Or do you mean MB, Madoka, Fate mod?

Those are already inbuilt in eraMegaten and you only need to activate non-canon events at start of the game.

Also not difficult to find in the game, pretty much right at start available in the event menu.



Ah I see, is the I recall someone referencing a timewizard mod when talking about eramegaten. Is that also inbuilt?




>The little girl who can only heal and wreck shit with a hammer, but even still she isn't that strong

>comparable to weaker servants from fate

Did we read the same mango

Also even the weakest servants are almost inmune to most non-magical weapons and normal weapons can kill most megucas (to be fair it takes more weaponry than normal, but still)


F/GO and MGQ mods are just ideas. MB, Meduka and Fate are buit-in mods (although for the Fate mod you'll need the latest version on the git) Also meguca route has the "less than fifty days" bullshit so if you want to spend some time fucking around before diving right in I'd recommend turning the time-limit off (again, In the git).



>>comparable to weaker servants from fate

You know weak servants are not Saber and co, what you are seeing in the anime, manga, are still B and A ranked servants which are fuck stronger then normal C ranks and D ranks are not even comparable.

IServants have a spiritual core which is only destroyable with conceptual weapons, albeit easily.

But normal weapons can destroy their prana hull, it is just not really effective. Anyway not all servants have projectile protection and all that.

Magic girls can be completely regenerated as long their magic core isnt destroyed and there are kind of different classes with some having super regeneration like Sayaka or being supporters, anyway I wouldnt call them that different.

Also Yuma like many other girls arent aware how to fight nor how to use their full potential. So yes I think she is alot more powerful then what she shows.


Some mod, well rather it is cheat about removing 50 day limits in scenarios but plenty of other stuff still has day limits and there is some limitation of only seeing one ending per playthrough (though for some events this flag isnt set, so you can see multiple endings, even though you shouldnt).

Also now inbuilt in eramegaten, you can activate it in options.



To add to it,

You know Mami started with only that magic thread which she used to bind Homura with.

None of that rifle summoning stuff.

Now if someone like Mami can thanks to hard work develop more powerful magic and get considerably powerful, then it should be clear that each magic girl has the potential to be become far stronger.

Wish there would be a sidestory about some centuries old magic girl. That would have shown us the maximum power leve a magic girl can reach.


I mean SMT at its core is about some normal dude getting access to means to access demon and overcomes adversaries that were really high in powerlevel.

Just take some levels and you'll be punching way above the level you're meant to.

I guess powerlevel really would only matter in regard to starting level, and the megucas starts at low level anyway so it's accurate.



>normal dude

In Megami Tensei (i mean the first one), the prota is the reincarnation of Izanagi and heroine of Izanami.

In SMT and SMT2 too, the prota was never really just a normal dude.

And in most other games, the prota is usually also some kind of special pony.

Well I guess Soul Hackers prota would qualify as a normal dude

Most beings in Megami Tensei world are powered by Magnetite.

Dont really know if there was some specific lore explaining it, so this is just my headcanon but it seems like Magnetite kind of acts like Chi/KI/Psi whatever else in other series and basically having a lot of it means that you could become a lot stronger and fight anything, albeit needing to have a absurd amount to oppose stuff like gods.


File: 7def7adc42f9064⋯.jpg (53.06 KB, 853x480, 853:480, mogumogu.jpg)



I mean the guys like Hans, Saber Gilles and Mata Hari.

>Magic girls can be completely regenerated

Pictured: Complete regeneration

>as long their magic core isnt destroyed

Charlotte never bit her on her soul gem :^)

>story about some centuries old magic girl

Well, you're outta luck. According to Roberta's profile 20/30s are "old age" for megucas



wait it was not the profile, it was the production note. my bad




actually disregard the last thing I said, I swear I saw that 20s/30s was old age for megucas and that it was in Roberta's profile, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.



You completely ignored my point of as long their magic core ……

Charlotte kind of obvous first bit of Mami's head and afterwards ate whole fucking body.

Albeit we have the example of Mami going crazy and forgot who it was, being shot in the head and dying ….. though with all the vague implications ti might also have to do with the whole loss of hope and filled with desperation, blackening of gem … all that but no real info to that.

I dont know where their magic core is but clearly they can regenerated from a lot and their whole form lets put it that way is saved in the magic gem and as long they are fuctioning can regenerate to full form. Else we would have already armless or one-eyes magic girls running around.

It might be very well beheading kills them.

But don't think they would have big problems even if half of their organs were ripped out of them.

Anyway the point was only that magic girls can take alot of damage even if their defense isn't high.


As far as I know SMT1's protag is just a normal dude that fits the Adam and Eve narrative with the Heroine, but I could be wrong.

SMTII stars literally jesus yeah.

But like, SMT1's protag doesn't get any special deal even if he's really the reincarnation of Adam.

Naoki in SMTIII starts out a shitter too, Flynn starts out as one of the many Samurai in Mikado, SJ's hero starts as one of the many members of the Strike Team, etc. The point is you basically start at the bottom anyway and have to claw your way to the top no matter your circumstances.

And yeah, Magnetite does correlate to power level afaik. The strongest being in SMT so far that has a physical appearance (Steven) is mentioned as being so overflowing in it.


File: 21355413f3f306e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 398.79 KB, 756x1504, 189:376, what the fuck is this thin….jpg)


I'm not saying they can't regenerate, what I'm saying that they can't regenerate THAT much (If not things like Yuma having to heal Kyoko at the beginning of Oriko Magica and Sayaka being special because of her regenerative powers wouldn't make a lot of sense). Just saying.

Also unrelated but Concept Charlotte as a joke fusion when. This thing looks fucking ridiculous.


You don't actually know you're lab-baby jesus until some point into the game in SMT 2, tho, so it still fits the "start as a nobody and then end up punching whatever deity pissed you off" thing all the SMT games follow.


Sorry if this has been asked before, but how would one go about making an Era game?



Nah, they can regenerate that much.

The problem is most can't heal that fast but still we havent seen any battle wounds on the girls before, so they must be able to regenerate large amount of damage.

Maybe they can increase their regeneration/reformation speed if its really, really needed but it costs considerably mana.

So only something to do in desperation to do out in the field.

Or maybe they need kyubey for it, that wouldn't be that strange if he offers the least bit of support outside of the field to appear as their ally.

Anyway only point was most magic girls start out really, really weak, mostly because they have no idea how to use their new powers.

Who knows what a really creative girl can create for powers.

All of them can become strong and really I wouldn't say Mami is so much weaker then some D Rank or was it E Rank servant Rider summons with his Reality Marble.

Lets come to something else.

What do you guys think about a Prism Ilya mod.

It has cute girls and really panders to otaku fetishes.

Thought the japanese would at some point create a mod for it but still nothing.

Well at least they added fate now but because someone is trying be ambitious and create a bigger VN-like scenario the completion of that mod might take forever.

Back to Prism Ilya, should each card form of ilya or Miyu be a own character or would it fit better if she can change her skillset kind of like avatar tuners?



Do you actually plan on making a mod?



Let's leave the meguca discussion for another time as it's getting nowhere

Haven't seen/read Prisma Illya yet, but the whole card thing sounds Avatar Tuner-Style (or mantra-style plug-ins, dunno if it's one card for character or multiple, and Avatar Tuners are only one-for-one)



What do you want to create?

First think about what for a game you want to create like a RPG and then you basically look at how some other eragame did this and try to take what you need.

That is how the japanese did it too for multiple eragame and have the eratohoA slave training system in there because of this reason.


Yes I want to create a mod but even if I have planned to create something, doesnt mean I will be able to create anything and my coding skilss really suck, so dont get your hopes up.



If you just want to make something like the Touhou mod where it's only a quick event+1 quick battle and then add the software to fuse them, alongside the prilya magical girls' csv and signature move as skills, it shouldn't require that much coding knowledge, as far as I know.


The necro event in tohok is not working at all.

Let me try this again.


File: cea03359408829a⋯.png (5.36 KB, 578x144, 289:72, 2017-06-11 13_22_30-_C__Us….png)


Fuck Yeah! Finally got it to work!





Oh yeah!!!!!!! MUSCLE!!!!!!!!!

Is he the purest character in tohoK? I think he's the only trainer who won't attempt to rape your waifu



The sensitivity trainer won't rape her either.



He's the purest cinnamon roll in the hellhole that is the world of tohoK.

A shining ray of light, dedicating his life to the art of swoleness and discipline, and spreading that joy to everyone else for cheap.

…What does the Lazy status do anyway?



What about Ilya and Miyu being Persona User instead? I mean in SMT-world their installs would probably different anyway due to lack of Servant Card. They start with a default mode/persona, and giving them a persona is akin to giving them a servant card.

Kuro can be a standalone with Crane Wing or Excalibur Image (or both) as her unique skill, and Zwei form Ilya would be a fusion of Ilya+Miyu, being a regular demon this time with her finisher as her unique skill, doing something like Utsuho's Hell's Artificial Sun (really heavy damage at the cost of recoil for half the damage dealt).

Then maybe add Bazett and Ko-Gil and people from Drei, but idk.


>decide to try something new and turned on all special factions except at max strength when I usually always left them off

>start with really high political stat and jump factions while completely fucking them over by force dissolving or imprisoning people

>every faction is weak as shit and tiny

>take a week break from the game and forgot I turned specials on at max power

>the specials start appearing and I realize I fucked up and went on overdrive

>100+ days later and the goblins control 3/4s of gensokyo while the vigilantes and I take up the remaining pieces

>every single touhou except for the ones in the slave market, recruit screen, the vigilantes, and my faction lost to the power of green dick

>a couple went through the special faction carousel and have marks from all of them

>both of us are barely surviving at completely opposite sides of the map as we deal with fuck huge goblin armies

i completely fucked up hahahaha. The worst part of that is clicking through all the goddamn text every turn.



Should we do what the japs can't do and make an actually decent touhou event line?

I've been looking for a good fight with these touhous. Maybe i can fuck yukari in the ass.



That muscle trainer thro.

Should i make him randy savage? or Hulk Hogan?



Hulk Hogan cause he's a feminist.



you know that you can right click to fast-foward the text?



No, I did not know that. How the fuck did I miss something like that? I'm a goddamn idiot.



Humans are all fucked in Gensokyo. Minus PC, of course.


No, laziness isn't reason for that. It's just colossal project on par with eramegaten.

>Over 1000 different digimon

>Custom battle system

>Make workable digifarm

>Adding digivolution


>Specific stats to them (attitude)

>Digieggs. As digivolution method and as way to get some exclusive digimon from them.

>8 families.


>8 different attack attributes. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind , Metal, Holy, Dark and Thunder.

Good luck in making that work at all.



I'm actually working on one, kinda. Although since I'm lacking in storyline ideas, at the moment it's just a chain of battles in the Colosseum.

Progress-wise well…still wrestling with errors on the first fight, but has finished planning the mechanics of the whole chain I guess.

I'm definitely all for expanding the Touhou Mod properly though. I'll help as much as I can.


Fix Denial Mode in EraTW you lazy bums.


How is Alice's voice described (if described) in anything Touhou related?




That's the PERFECT voice for NTRing


File: b7417f671fb0d92⋯.jpg (342.11 KB, 2148x1488, 179:124, 0cff757b375b80a48e73b2c1ea….jpg)

Alice's throat belongs to a goblin dick!




Necromancy is real easy to trigger. Don't know why that one is so difficult. Dead character has to have high relation with you+ zombified or something?

Hopefully more events in the future.


File: f526227100cc2a3⋯.jpg (54.25 KB, 599x507, 599:507, tanoshii.jpg)

>The whole False Mitakihara dungeon

That was loads of fun. But I think I fucked up somewhere because I didn't get non-combatant Homu.

Although I almost had to re-do it all again because of a fucking tooth. Thank god all the familiars (and Homulilly herself) are weak to Slash

Also what's the fusion combination for Devil Homu? I'm guessing it's Homu + Something else.


It's a custom necrophilia event, not necromancy.



This guy gets it, Alice a good sperm receptacle for Goblin, tentacle, bandit, old scientific men, pig, horse, and dog.


File: d85de7f4de480e4⋯.jpg (22.66 KB, 625x626, 625:626, xdsbjMJ.jpg)



Man, i would kill for a pretty decent EraDigimon game, hell i'd pay the japs to make one if i could


is there an eta for next stable release? might nofap the wait if it isn't too far away.



>the kickstarter mentality



A partial list of skills learned from the Demi-Fiend's magatamas (No Amala Labyrinth magatamas as I haven't gone through that yet)



You don't actually go through the dungeon if you want to get non-combatant homu. You have to choose to fight all the magical girls at the very beginning, win the fight, and then take her instead of murdering her.


>all these people asking for eraMegaten tips

so, do you google translate all of the moonspeak or what?



The capitalist mentality? Recognize need, recognize you don't have the means to fulfil it yourself effectively so you incentivize someone else to do it? I mean, is paying someone to cut your lawn instead of doing it yourself kickstarter mentality?



Use clipboard option, and then use good machine translator. It probably will end as engrish, but whatever.


Are you aware what happens to that kind of projects on kickstarter, patreon, fig etc.?


Please, do the necromancy yourself, not pay people to do it. at least you know you're doing your best and not half-assing it.



Kickstarter is a far cry from how capitalism is expected to work.

First of all, you're not paying someone to do something, it's closer to a charity/scam for people who want to be supported while they work on a project with no business case. If there's something you want, the first guy on kickstarter isn't going to be the most qualified or the most willing, just the most opportunistic.

If there was a real start up mentality then you'd get real investors, who get something in return for risking their money. and where the creator is put up to scrutiny and isn't left with a pile of free money if he doesn't feel like working on the project any more.

There are so many kickstarter/patreons where the project gets over funded and gets "delayed" over and over while the money just vanishes and the project falls apart.

Also lot of the projects started by known companies are just thinly veiled marketing schemes where they don't even need the money. Same with steam early access.




Thing is, patreon is meant to imitate patronage of artists - You're not paying for product, you're supporting them so that they have time to devote to their art.

Which is why I abhor the concept of any kind of project being tied with patreon, and even more so when there are things like "patron only releases".

It's also why I laugh at anyone who is shocked when they don't get "something" out of paying someone on patreon - You're getting exactly what's expected for a patron: Someone taking your money and using it for themselves.

As for era games… Seems to me that there's a bit of a lull with many of the japanese developers at the moment - Most of what I've seen on that side has been minor patches.



Majority of JP era games have some parts copypasted from other games.

Some add a lot of own things as strategy part in Eratohok, entire gameplay in Eramegaten, or time stop in EraTW.

On our side there is one game developed, but I don't know how it's called or about what it is.



I think the patreon model for a single game is perfectly good in theory. You give the artist a slow drip of money and they prove they deserve it by releasing updates showing their progress.

It's just that people are morons and can't tell when their money is going to a useful cause and when it's being burnt on a trainwreck. For example breeding season spent a year uselessly floundering and going backwards while people threw hundreds of thousands of dollars at it.



>lull with many of the japanese developers at the moment

That is sadly wrong, sorry to disappoint you but the games never got daily updates or anything.

All eragames are getting only very slowly updated, 1-2 Updates per month that is how it is for for most eragames.

Their dev teams are really small and many games dont even have a main dev team, with some people still uploading fixes and Kojos and some others packing that all together but no one works on the core mechnics.

So it only felt like we got constant updates beause the translators were constantly posting their newest translation updates in the threads.

Also some games development has been put on ice at least for the momentary time, like eramaou's but instead a bunch of new games are getting developed (none in a state yet which would make them fun to play though).


File: ce980a4744f12a7⋯.png (29.24 KB, 800x550, 16:11, pantsu on head retarded.png)




>erotic games thread

>devolve into patreon shitposting



Rip EraGames.


File: bc0b59364951ec8⋯.jpg (242.04 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ113419_ana_img_main.jpg)


>I think the patreon model for a single game is perfectly good in theory

You're basically paying people to hype up a project and not finish it; it's bad in theory, worse in practice. Kickstarter is slightly better but still a scam 95% of the time.

I can't think of a single H game that's benefited from patreon while it has actively sabotaged at least a few promising ones. pic related.


File: 78838eb6e65f4bf⋯.jpg (47.35 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 6245074 _850395556223219c0….jpg)



The Last Sovereign


Please shut the fuck up about the whole patreon thing. i had enough of people not talking about era games and just talk about random stuff in this thread. remember, this thread is for era game discussion, not jewtreon or some shit.



>All eragames are getting only very slowly updated, 1-2 Updates per month that is how it is for for most eragames

Actually, I'm referring to the overall "work on era games", as evidenced by file submissions on the uploaders - Including non-mainline contributions (dialogue, generally) which isn't reflected in releases or translation. It's slowed down recently, compared to the rate it had been. Hence, a lull.

This can also be seen on the japanese discussion board.

I'm personally tempted to rip eraJK apart and put it back together into my own variant.



I joined vigilantes once when the world was fucked.

like 10 to 15 turns later they controlled half the map and were well on their way to complete victory.

They seemed to get absurdly powerful if the player joins them, maybe to act as final guardians from the rape factions. Definitely never saw them that effective before.



Vigilante if it's the player's faction snowballs pretty hard with how easy they get troops and how they convert prisoners into officers with ease.

They're always shit when as AI though yeah.


With the talk of adding contents to eragames earlier, does any of you guys currently work on something to add or have at least some plans to add a contribution?

More stuff from us would be nice to see.


Is there a way to set custom NPCs in eratohok as relatives of each other?


File: 37120ea9729e9a4⋯.gif (347.47 KB, 360x240, 3:2, pika.gif)

>mfw finishing the Tengu Girl sidequest

>mfw she becomes my officer

How can this be so lewd and cute at the same time?



If only there was more to it though. She has no dialogue so her character slowly fades away.


>Doing my thing when someone warns me of an attempt on my life

>Capture assassin in a trap

>Rape the virgin and she becomes my slave for some reason

>Check her stats and she's bisexual

To the dogs with you.




I didn't write anything about that.


Some anons are writing new events for Eratohok.

Necro and manservice. After that there are plans for futa and lesbian events.







I knew the translators were trash already but this is ridiculous.



Now why don't you make more events that cater to your tastes?


Sweet, tohoK really needs futa exclusive content and les stuffs. It's honestly pretty baffling that it has a very miniscule amount of yuri events.



They add things which weren't in at all. Always you could make requests or just make them yourself.


No shit. Especially when even ZUN himself was joking about Gensokyo being yuri paradise. In official manga Silent Sinner in Blue I forgot in which chapter though.



Believe what you want, anyway if you have seriously decided to create your own variant based on someone other's game, then drop a message in the japanese bbs.

Most creators (not only japanese) want to be notified if someone is working on their stuff.


Hey everyone. Newfag here.

Is there a basic guide for EraTW anywhere? All help I've gotten from FAQ's and ReadME's are that it's "like other games, but with timestop".

I've played it a bit, and the controls are easy enough to understand, but I don't really know what to do or anything. How to get anywhere with anyone, What every stat does or even how to feed myself… though not-eating hasn't seemed to be a problem yet.

Any help or pointing in the right direction is greatly appreciated.



EraTW is very grindy.

Save your game first

Raise favorbility with conversation and serving tea.

To gain money help 2hus in work. I recommend Meiling, Reimu's maid or making sake with water from Misty Lake.

Every stat is rather obvious. I can explain more, if you need.

To eat you need something to cook with.



>Very Grindy

Well, that explains then. Alright.

Thanks for the bits of info.

Oh, is there any reason apart form custom difficulty to not raise skills in CharCreation?


File: 60206b7750c01e1⋯.png (10.06 KB, 463x226, 463:226, ss (2017-06-13 at 05.50.15….png)

It's too bad that I can't read moonrunes at times like these. I'd always love to help translating but the only games made by my country are ports.

This kinda looks like a request or something. Is there a way to know for sure? Is it safe to just go with "1" on these?



Not really.


Use inner clipboard, then use external translator.

Warning: It will be awful case of engrish.



This is basically just her normal intro with greeting PC and then you get the choices

- invite her to tea

- pat her head

None of her event choices really matter … momentary at least.

At a certain probability there is also a rare intro with invitation to date.




Oh, right. Those exist… That should help, thanks.

Though I guess everything Sanae said is Japanese.



Every era game is japanese, with eraKanColle being only exception. It's in Chinese.



I gathered that much, but I just meant none of it is English.



>The chinks are the first to make a kancolle fangame

>It's an eraGame´


I'm surprised there are no more shitsluts fangames. Even Kemono Friends has a fightan coming up



And I want to play it so much. Too bad I don't have a Chinese machine translator.

Fucking hell.






DMM is very protective of its IPs. On Nintendo tier to be exact. Kancolle creator was so pissed off from this, so he won't renew contract with them. So there is chance for more fan games with them.


File: 5a71ee3a5422423⋯.jpg (110.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, copyrightlaw.jpg)



Fuck, I meant SHIPsluts


>DMM is very protective of its IPs

DMM sounds like jews tbh.

Nice to hear that kancolle's creator doesn't have his head so far up his ass when it comes to copyright



Oh? It's nice to hear that the creator isn't a retard. He's /our guy/.



Nothing will be more jewish than Disney.

**They had a hand in modern copyrights laws.

Just because they couldn't let go of their Mickey Mouse. Copyright was lengthened two times for it and they will attempt to do it again in 2018.**



I fucked up my formatting.




If you're ESL and can only get Japanese from a machine translator, then congratulations, you're as qualified as most of the people who translated these games.




I don't think it was just doubled, rather "indefinitely extendable" or some shit like that.

Not entirely sure, but I think they just kept increasing it by a year, every year.



It is still fucked up.



Oh yes, for sure.



>Copyright was lengthened two times for it and they will attempt to do it again in 2018

To be fair, US Copyright allows private individuals to keep a copyright for the entirety of their lifetime plus 70 years. Works for hire is ~90 years from first publication. - This is for works made after 1978 (and thus not including Mickey Mouse)

For things predating the 1978 law, copyright lasted only 28 years, but can be renewed to a maximum duration of 95 years…

Mind you, "Mickey Mouse" is not copyrighted. Copyright applies to individual works - The first Mickey Mouse film was Steamboat Willie (1928, enters public domain in 2023).


>drop a message in the japanese bbs.

>Most creators (not only japanese) want to be notified if someone is working on their stuff.

If it reaches a point where I feel confident enough to have testing releases, I'll do so. Until then, it's just a private project.



>To be fair, US Copyright allows private individuals to keep a copyright for the entirety of their lifetime plus 70 years.

Right, but do you know who made that so?

Citing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_Term_Extension_Act

>Since 1990, The Walt Disney Company had lobbied for copyright extension.[9][10] The legalisation delayed the entry into the public domain of the earliest Mickey Mouse movies, leading detractors to the nickname "The Mickey Mouse Protection Act".


File: 100d5ad75c1602a⋯.jpg (301.27 KB, 1383x1600, 1383:1600, 1463511116766.jpg)

>trying to impregnate mima and star in eraThe World

>its impossible

>somehow manage to impregnate yuugi in one go

>no matter how much i fill mima the number it stays on the thousands

>my max is 100

no matter how much i fill star the number stays 0

how the fuck do i break the impossible



how is it by the way

can we impregnate the shipsluts in that game


In TW, what exactly does "knowing a girl's weakness" do?


And where do you get eraKanColle anyway? I heard someone say something about a git but unless the heat is really getting to me today I don't see one



Era games with "We're all get murdered, raided and sued for this."



Ghosts are difficult. If you have 'Almighty Impreg' perk, you can do it more easily, but it's kind of chicken egg thing. You need to impreg a shrine maiden (Reimu or Sanae), a fairy (best bet is with Daiyousei), youkai (take your pick), and a divine spirit (one of the gods). Do all those, and you get the ability to impreg anyone, save for the ones who have childlike. Childlike means they haven't even menstruated yet, but you can kickstart it by cumming inside a lot, making their body react. That's more of a chipping thing. It has to be constant, like at least once every day, I think. I don't know for how long until their body gets ready.

But to impreg a ghost, you need almighty impreg perk. So knock up Reimu or Sanae, Daiyousei, a youkai, and a god, and you're good to go.


When will we get the next translation update?


Got to the seven sisters investigation bit and I'm not sure which route to take. Innocent Sin or Eternal Punishment?



Innocent Sin is the first game for persona 2 go with that first. I'm also pretty sure it has the fuhrer.



Go with Innocent Sin, the fuhrer is pretty based.



It's super easy to find but it's in chinese not japanese so what's the point


Is there a better way to get text translated instead of copying and pasting into a machine translator all the time?



You could petition someone to translate your favorite ERA game for you.*

*milage may vary if game in question does not involve 2hus or edgy teens breaking rules and fighting demons (and I guess the P4 guys show up too at some point)



I was hoping there was a way to get text automatically taken from the game and machine translated instead of doing it manually lol. Ah well.


I'm currently stuck in the seven sisters school, tatsuya keeps shaking his head and pointing at a corridor when I try to enter a locked door and I have no idea what he's talking about. I already scoured the whole school.



Go to second floor leftmost room, talk to everyone there, then go to the first floor leftmost room, talk to the people there and then try getting the item.




Most of the games will include an emuera-anchor.exe which does exactly that automatically when you play the game with it. You can also copy that exe into other games like tohok and it will work fine.



Are you referring to the open clipboard function?



It copies all the text into your clipboard. So you can run something like chiitrans that automatically sends text in your clipboard to machine translators.



If using anchor, open settings under the help menu, from there go to the clipboard tab and check the copy to clipboard box.

After that, mess around with the options so you get what works best for you.



Doesn't matter what language it's in, though the wonders of technology it can be in fucking Navajo and as long as I can get the text data I can throw it into the internet and at least get a rough approximation of something that might be the proper literal translation… maybe


Does the labyrinth of amala's fifth kalpa have a time limit that is not affected by the time limit options in the settings menu? Or is it impossible to get to the fifth kalpa if you already have acquired an ending?




Option to side when


File: ca0051ffca1ef90⋯.png (36.58 KB, 776x361, 776:361, Untitled.png)



Just noticed that I asked questions that were in the FAQ, sorry.

I installed atlas and everything using a guide I found, but I can't seem to get it to work. I tried just copying and pasting over to it and it would give me 503 errors with scrollover definitions rather than a machine translation. What am I doing wrong?



Ignore this, I just switched to translation aggregator and now everything works fine.



Were you trying to reply to the guy above me?




Alternatively, go to options, set pregnancy chance multiplier as high as you want and enjoy your child support payments


So what are some good ways to grind in megaten, because I just hit Nyx and there's no way I can beat it at 54.



Cheat menu. Eramegaten becomes plain grindfest at end of majority route ends



cheat menu where?


Holy shit, looks like japanese eraMaou got updated to 0.9. I thought that project fucking died.


Looks like he added some sort of campaign. No fucking clue, my moon is not strong enough





Thanks a lot anons, I tried the game in wine a few months ago(>>79478) but I couldn't get the text rendering work, I should be able to play the game again now.


Clicking Be Serviced By without any allies causes you to be stuck at that screen. Misclicked that option.



Nevermind it just took a long time to load for some reason.



> After that there are plans for futa and lesbian events.

stop anon my dick can only get so erect


File: 6eeba659fbd1925⋯.jpg (68 KB, 994x358, 497:179, Verynice.JPG)

>You can fuse this out of a Lady Gaia and a salamander

what the fug



It's the final boss of Shin Megami Tensei: if… Hazama's Chapter.



Either grind in Tartarus or do some other routes first. The entirety of the Persona 4 route is really easy imo.

Then Again Nyx Avatar's real issue is the "13 phases" shit. It's bound to leave most of your demons without MP for the latter phases where he stops fooling around and wants to end your shit. Also ANY time you Buff/Debuff he will instantaneously use a de- skill (it would work against him, but then again, the MP issue)


>Zurvan was a grill this whole time



It's actually a futa




I didn't know the ultimate god of Zoroastrism was a degenerate.

Also unrelated, but still speaking of fusion, what do you need to use to fuse Devil Homu? I thought it was Homura + Something, but nothing seems to be working (unless it's Homu + Krimheild Gretchen, wich I haven't tried yet)



Homulily + god!Madoka (Law of Cycles).



Abuse Law of the Hunt against Nyx to save a lot of MP. Also if necessary just get someone use Great Chakra midway if you can afford it.




Well, that's going to be a problem.


>Law of the Hunt

If I'm checking the thread right I need a "Konoe Knowledge" to give demons "Law of the Hunt". What the fuck is a Konoe Knowledge.


Are you that kind of degenerate who want to fuck a corpse? What do you want, guys?

You guys want more necro events to be implemented by the gap hag?

What kind of necro events would you like to see added into tohok or other era games?



Absolutely nobody likes necro shit except you yukari



any optional content is good content. I haven't gotten off to any necro shit before but if you wplug it in I'll give it a try.



>Absolutely nobody likes necro shit

What a normie


We also need more stuff to things like fucking zombies.



Nice english, is that you again yukari?


I knew we'd only get trash events if we let any translator implement them.

Next we'll get furry shit.



Then go stop it yourself or get the thread to disapprove it. If everyone is vocal enough then something could be done about it.

This isn't Millionaire's event after all, this is something new that is made on the western side.


It's a plugin from Cerberus, you should be able to get it if you have him and has 100% analyzed him.


File: 637f02ecfbd5a9b⋯.png (37.11 KB, 899x713, 29:23, meilinggonnameiling.png)



Whats a good way of making macca?



In EraMegaten you play a slave trainer.

To really get a lot of Macca in a short amount of time.

You will have to train slaves and sell them.

There are no quicker ways, at least at the start of the game.



Zombies would be nice. Straight up necro is sort of bland.



>this is something new that is made on the western side.

They could waste less time on trash and translate/add actual good events.



Yes. What I mean is that since it's entirely new, if people really dislike it something can actually be done about it. You just need to push it, and go to the discord and bitch directly at the people responsible.

Also you can try picking up doing era coding and push for your own events too.




Every fetish that exist, minus NTR.

If hag anon wants to write them, then whatever.

Crazy necromancers as special faction in Eratohok and in others no idea.


It was option menu. I think?



You could always stop being a whining faggot



Slaving the demons, selling them for macca.



Sorry if criticism eludes you.



I looked in the settings menu and didn't find anything related to cheating. And it isn't in the option menu in the game glossary either.



you're just an anonymous voice yelling at the sky if all you do is whine here.

you want to properly give criticism? hit the discord, go speak up with the translators directly and drop your complaints there.



grep the source for cheat



The Era discord is pure unfiltered cancer. You'd have better luck criticizing a broken brick wall and hoping it would tap it's own gaping hole.

If you thought my criticism was meant to push towards change, then you clearly don't know much about the translators.


Bitch my ass instead. I'll gotta find some good new era games here:




Oh yeah, username and pass is era


In eraMegaten the drug in the training item shop called オルキスの軟膏 (Raises sensitivity if you have enough gems and costs 500000) Is free to purchase and it can't seem to be used on demons



Get girls with a high base-level, fuck them until they can be sold (ignore rejection seals, ropes bypass most obedience tests and constant double orgasms give you enough orbs to make antipathy irrelevant), sell them.

Before you're at a decent level, then don't bother too much. Do the easy pet-shop requests, but otherwise training take too long for too little gain to be a good idea. You can get some Macca with the devil colloseum too.

(Also you can get Izanami with the Imperial house dungeon, who is easily trainable, and with a base level far higher than what you can usually get at the level you get her. She's a pretty easy way to get 15-20k macca early in the game)



It's orchid ointment. According to translation.



I searched up Grep and it seems to be a linux only function?



Can't test this because I don't have a character that fullfills the requirements.

What game version are you using? If it's the ast release you could try using the git version instead.

Just looking at the code I don't see the problem.



grep is just a way short way to say 'find i files' in this case I think.

And to answer the original question: There is no cheating menu but there is a debugging menu. You have to start the game with the '-debug' parameter for that one.


File: ed00ba12d1b219e⋯.swf (1.18 MB, save13.swf)


Here's a save with the item buyable, it can't be applied to my demons but it can be applied to my broken humans if they qualify for it and when I purchase it, my cash isn't decreased

Also regarding the new git version, the register train menu option during training, at the part where you select commands, none of them are translated, despite being translated on an older version, maybe has something to do with commit ca137be4?




grep is a linux command line utility for searching text in files. If you are on windows then just open it in an editor and control-f for the item.


I noticed that when I used an alignment stone on the persona 4 protag in eraMegaten, the game asks me whether or not I want to use it on him, the other characters I've used these on don't have this prompt. Is the P4 content affected by the protag's alignment? Maybe alternate routes/endings?



if you like NG+ cycles and filling your compendium, the Search for the Unknown event gives a software (gender free) for 200 fully scanned demons, which changes to 20k macca every NG+ after that because the compendium progress and software carry over.

Then again 20k probably isn't that much lategame and you can only claim it once per cycle, but it's easy macca once you've filled the requirements and that's still 40k you don't have to spend on buying the gender free software normally.



Thanks for the save. With this, I found the problem in the code. Pushed a fix to the git.

About it not working on non-humans: looking at the code, this seems to be intended. Perhaps because of how thoose traits can be inherited through fusion?

About the register train menu, which part isn't translated?

If it's just the headers, I checked an earlier version and it's not thranslated there. If it's the skills, at least thoose I saw where translated.



AFAIK there is no P4 content dependet on the protag alignment.

That said, I can't reproduce getting a prompt for useage of aligment stones on him.


File: 63e4d0b92b91b93⋯.jpg (841.34 KB, 960x1040, 12:13, 63394757_p8.jpg)

Meiling is a paizuri slave for goblins!



Few commands in last action aren't translated

and some things after you buy forbidden knowledge. Not same anon though



This is a good man!


File: f76fb5601240946⋯.png (7.38 KB, 745x86, 745:86, Untitled.png)

What does zoalock/release and the untranslated items do?






I think it's related to Zomas. But I am not sure.

These living dolls, which you create by sealing demons in them.



It's her natural state of being man.

It's like making the ocean not wet man.

Still come on man. When we getting an update?



iirc zoealock halts/reboots the aging process for children, #77 (抑プロラクチン薬) removes lactation, #94 is the orchid ointment that was discussed further up the page a bit and the rest i have no idea



What commands are that? Most if not all of them should be translated in the current git version.




Zoalock 'locks' the aging stage of a child. So it can remain an infant or boy/girl for as long as the lock isn't released.


File: b5680793b400e6b⋯.jpg (135.38 KB, 968x541, 968:541, untraslated.JPG)

File: 87c0c2345ea22da⋯.jpg (121.47 KB, 893x472, 893:472, translated.JPG)


The part that isn't translated in register train menu is pic related, ( It's translated on an older version that I have)

Also I only seem to get the alignment stone prompt on P4 protag on the older build I have.



Thanks for the report. Should be fixed on git now.


This might be dumb as balls, but I'm playing eraTW and I don't seem to have the option to complete any requests, other than Reimu's massage. Am I missing something here?


File: 727719852278d7a⋯.jpg (188 KB, 1003x1416, 17:24, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….jpg)

tohoK needs a non-consensual paizuri action, it makes no sense I can't force it



Are you using the git version? Requests used to be broken but are fixed on the git.


In eratohok

How hard would it be to make every decision the Ruler should have- be made by the AI?

Why does the officer have power to sell the ruler into slavery and whatnot and she is always powerless to resist? I think it would be a big improvement if there was a mode where you could play as an officer that of course can make units with troops like you still can in automode- but leave choices like who to send to be raped or become a slave to another nation up to the RULER. And even better if those choices were based on who they liked or didn't like but that might be too complex.

Of course still able to explore and everything just think it's dumb that even as officer your vote overrules nation rulers on each event.


In tohok

What does the sexual harassment event do and why is turned off by default?

I never seen it, is it female PC only?



Drugs and some operations as sterilization.


Just use rope.


Just restricting access to some options in both phases and normal faction AI.



The Japanese are the ones who disabled it by default. It's basically a reoccurring event where the player gets raped by random subordinates, rented out as a whore, and possibly sold as a hostage or kicked out of the country if they're a female officer with weak stats.

I don't know what to do with it. It doesn't feel right that simply having low combat stats makes you a submissive wimp that takes abuse from everyone, even random soldiers you're in charge of. And it doesn't seem right that every NPC ruler treats you like dirt. If you played as Chen then Yukari would whore you out and kick you out of the country for example.


It would take some serious work. Every event would have be changed individually. AI would have to be written for officer selection. Some events wouldn't really work at all. Imagine a ruler borrowing 50k from the moneylender, spending it all on an expensive sex trainer for some random generic officer, and then defaulting on the loan.

Still I think making officer status matter more would add a lot to the game. It's one of the things I want to do sooner or later.


To anyone who has been playing boatsluts, how do you get shimakaze? Do you need to make progress first? I can't seem to get her from the factory.


File: f163d3083680966⋯.png (3.08 KB, 500x68, 125:17, bbc.png)

>call the bandit leader Jamal for shits and giggles

>he captures Alice as his first slave

>this happens

Fucking kek


The porn mag event is stupid

It basically means any 2hu is a slut who will be down for consensual fuck after getting busted while reading lewd books


File: 4cfc7ff34c539c9⋯.png (13.86 KB, 847x121, 7:1, 111.png)

A lot of the scenarios in H_day are absolute nonsense. There's one where you fuck a girl in some kind of shared dream that's never explained. I already rewrote a few of them but never finished.


File: 3a5159add3d26b6⋯.png (18.57 KB, 720x960, 3:4, kaku.png)

>can offer yourself to the demon for the Obscene Seal

>can offer yourself for sex to the Boathouse demon to free the girls

>can't offer yourself to Millionare-san and femdom him into giving you more money


File: 4f454451dd1eba6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 943.91 KB, 1400x1080, 35:27, 0edef2d133db58e43b4269c7a3….jpg)

File: 75ce380dd09de19⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.2 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 0f9baa9136628aa2d8b773f6f1….jpg)

File: d2eff313181c278⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.44 KB, 1160x1642, 580:821, 274e3165f695999af5e7190c8f….jpg)

File: 3bb3593a2aea515⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 383.43 KB, 2000x1416, 250:177, 8dfa135639e4b10867f51bde56….jpg)

File: a2c3877190e9fcd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.92 KB, 511x636, 511:636, 84c44aa7c6ad1bca2a21018603….jpg)


Alice is a bandit's whore wet hole!


Fun fact, the Japs added about 6 character events that activate when specific characters get captured by goblins. Alice did not get one of those events.



Notorious japanese shit taste in action.



Wait, you've been playing untranslated boatsluts?

…Where and how?

Also assuming it works on the same rules as the actual game she's either a rare drop or a very rare get from the factory.


File: 910810851bd5966⋯.jpg (181.2 KB, 1110x684, 185:114, 1469013192117.jpg)



This is all great! Show that bitch what she is!





You guys have no imagination.

I can transpose myself in all those male characters, no problem.


File: eaad4d0fe18f2d3⋯.png (195.69 KB, 1003x568, 1003:568, just kill me.png)


>H-heh… you might make fun of me for liking cuck shit, b-but joke's on you, I actually self-insert as the cucker!


Do NOT actually rape the Alice.



No u.



It was hard to believe for me as well, but I guess I feel like a lecherous old fat man.


File: 16080a3f5b02a22⋯.png (21.65 KB, 650x480, 65:48, komano.png)


So do I, but I don't delude myself into thinking I'm getting off to being the fat NTR dude.



Neither do I, since I do get off when I'm the "fat old man".


inflation fetish in my era game? Pls add inflation fetish


>These "Alice is for goblins" posts

Anon, we know you want to get raped by niggers goblins, but stop self-inserting as Alice.


File: 7d946814bc4017f⋯.jpg (64.4 KB, 552x528, 23:22, excuseme.jpg)

>Check Nue's Status in eraMegaten

>Talons, Feet, Fur, Beak, Wings, Tentacles, Claws and Tail


What the fuck did I just summon



A Japanese Chimera


File: 1a78954f7bb0e0a⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 255x243, 85:81, 1434343215991.jpg)


Why would I rape Alice when there's far more tempting rapebait like Reisen or Momiji?


File: b3215297c48b5b7⋯.jpg (37.21 KB, 290x366, 145:183, dupingsjwswithdobson.jpg)


Dobson get out.



It's on git anon.


File: 30956e0d8a03835⋯.png (13.54 KB, 148x202, 74:101, tmp_12331-Untitled19620952….png)

Cancelling out gaian thread


>mishmash of animal features but is humanoid

I think we all know what you just made anon. A furry oc do not steal.



Wasn't that tied to the SDM cast? Since they're in the line of fire and likely are easiest to capture in the all special factions scenario.

Alice is way too far away for it.



>Not Chen or Koishi

They are superior rapebait



Yes, it is. I found it for Koakuma, Patchouli, Remilia and Flandre. I didn't found it for Meiling or Sakuya though.



There are

Meiling gets gangbanged 24/7, Sakuya still a meido but spends her time cleaning dicks

In your game they probably escaped capture, so you didn't see it. Usually whole SDM gets mindbroken in 2 turns


Is it normal for eramegaten to take up more than 1gb of ram?



Yes. Less than that and it will lag.


Ok then.


How do you perform hypnotism on eraSDMproto?

I turned it on in the settings but I'm not too sure what to do now.


In tohoK, I wish you could summon generic guys to gangbang sluthus with

I don't want to keep male officers around, not to mention having to grind their relationship before they even consent to gangbanging sluts

>hey man I captured this bitch in my last raid, wanna have a go?

>n-no, we're not in that kind of relationship

Shit's ridiculous



You can "craft" and then purchase policemen who will automatically obey your orders in sex scenes.

Alternatively, you could turn a few Touhous you don't care about into dudes.





I only seen the dog/pig/horse available, never any policemen



It's not fully implemented. All it has is the experience at that's it. No events, nothing, it only makes the girls disappear sometimes.


Fug. I couldn't find ERB for main UI for EraKancolle.



I like to bond with my sons by spitroasting 2hus.



This is a good man. Proper father-son bonding time lads.



Dubs man has good taste. This is why sons exist in eraK



Yea if you capture them later the event will trigger for them.


eraSDMproto? Haven't seen what this one is. What's it about?


>Playing eraMegaten

>Fucking demons in dungeon

>in the translation box for babylon, see this pop up below the text

Www. internetnews.com/ec-news/article.php/452831

what the fug


File: 1b70303aae1459b⋯.jpg (389.6 KB, 2168x1016, 271:127, 159_Nue.jpg)


Every SMT representation of Nue so far lacks wings and a beak, so I dunno. Maybe eraMegaten's Nue absorbed an avian gene somewhere?




Yea TohoK is bottom-of-the-barrel for me because of things like this. I get that some people have weird fetishescucks get fucked, but when a scenario is written badly its just bad.



It's was 2hu Nue, not SMT Nue, tho.

also I don't think that appareance traits can be passed.


Whch lines do I have to modify to have a 100% pregnancy chance with the fertility drug?



I'm shocked that you aren't bonding with all your children by allowing your daughters to take the place of the 2hus.


>hypnotism on eraSDMproto

You don't. It was apparently a feature (probably to be used by visitors) that was never implemented.

Keep in mind that this particular variant is full of NTR (era紅魔館protoNTR is the variant in progress. The name alone should make things clear.)

Your character isn't immune to being molested or raped either.


tohoK translation update when



When you will log in to git.


File: d2e0b7f89d800fc⋯.png (4.19 KB, 607x91, 607:91, patchouli's dots.png)

Are ass-descriptors broken?

I also seem to have problems with huge-boobed boobhus, their tits are described as "gianttits"




I know the "visitors" are some kind of half assed pseudo NTR feature against the player but you can turn them off.

Since as far as I know this is the ONLY (somewhat translated) ERA game in which the AI characters autonomously interact with each other (eg. Daiyousei got to raping Cirno in the ass with a vibrator by day 5 on my second game) I was hoping I could be the one doing the NTRing.

I hate netorare as much as the next guy but netori has potential under a limited set of curcumstances.


File: 2aef3cd39a7b2c7⋯.jpg (260.35 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 2aef3cd39a7b2c7f0dfc450ff7….jpg)

is necrophilia better than NTR?


Is NTR necrophilia best fetish?



Check archives of previous threads.

Ctrl + F and write fertility drug.


It seems weird.


Yukari-anon please stop. You are getting annoying as furfags.


So what the fuck do I do to actually start playing these games? Last time, I tried using the Download links to the main releases (Start here if you're new): pastebin, but I was mocked for using that because I guess you guys just put it there as a landmine or something.

What the fuck do I do to just download the games and start playing?



This pastebin has links to most of the major ERA games and descriptions: https://pastebin.com/6CULQcKd

EraTW and EratohoLig are probably the simpler ones with a good enough translation.

Tohok also has a decent degree of translation but it is a bit more complex.

Megaten is extremely early in translation and it's also the most complicated game ever made.



Git repository link. Make an account or use the one provided(if it still works).. Click on which eragame you want to play and then download whole game at once as a zip with the download arrow. I guess


Is there something wrong with EraGVT from the Git?

I wanted to see if the translation had moved forward in the past couple months, but instead it's almost all in Japanese now and I can't seem to get Translation Aggregator to work with it anymore (it works fine for other ERA games).


New event:

Shoving a firework up your ass



But why?


Who get it?



Too bad you can't just let it go on auto mode without it being weird like your son sucking your dick or making you suck their dick or some other dumb shit


Is anyone else playing boatsluts? The grind is pretty ridiculous I feel like, I mean all era games are grindy especially eratw but after ten sessions I feel like there is still no progress. Can someone tell me if there are any contents once you've broken them and turned them [lewd] like making them sell their bodies to other admirals for I dunno, like fuel or bauxite.



There's an auto mode? Where is it?




I don't know, my ship got destroyed on first stage.

I will wait for basic UI translation at least before playing it again.


Isn't it option let them choose in last option part?



>it's also the most complicated game ever made

Pretty sure that title is held by Dwarf Fortress. Now we just need Dwarf Fortress: Invasion of Gensokyo.



>Dwarf Fortress: Invasion of Gensokyo

>build an entire colony powered by the energy from a cascading waterfall of blood from killing the children of tohous and whatever with industrial efficiency



>an insane dwarven stick gatherer recieves an inspiration and carves a hollow flesh statue made of the docked ears and tails of animal girls which is encased in gold and filled with live tentacles and inchlings with a small hole to pour down liquified food to sustain them



Don't forget the legedary artifacts:

This is a Hobgoblin bone clit cap. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with Granite and Native platinum, and studded with Youkai bone. This object menaces with spikes of Iron.

On the item is an image of Yukari Yakuma the youkai and dwarves in Native Gold. Yukari Yakuma is surrounded by the dwarves. The artwork relates to the breeding of the next generation of toys.


Is GitGud just broken? I can sign in just fine on their website with the account provided in the OP, but it's impossible to sign in using git with that. It always says that authentication fails.



More specifically, it is

$ git clone http://ahmed.prin:[email protected]/eragames/
Cloning into 'eratohoK'...
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://gitgud.io:443/eragames/eratohoK.git/'




It would be a pretty cool scenario if Utsuho and Orin decide to conquer hell and raise an army of zombies to build a fort.



Seems to be even after I set the appoperiate username and doubble checked it. Also the credintals don't work on the owned forked repo (https://[email protected]/ahmed.prin/eramaou.git ) either.


File: f9f5d9bb90f59e1⋯.png (176.61 KB, 500x258, 250:129, how lewd.png)

>import my slutty character into all of the custom character slots and put them in my army for NG+

>forgot i made her into a tentacle nursery

>"Ever since–"

>right click

>clipboard instantly gets flooded with a non-stop barrage of all of my characters being violated by tentacles

>don't know what's going on

>even as i write this post it's still going

>there's no sign of it stopping




Thats because the provided account is only for viewing.

If you want to actually do more than that, you need your own account(and permissions).



>provided account cannot clone the git repo, but it can manually download all of the files in the git repo

But why? Sure, limit downloads, but why the fuck are you making it so people have to make an account just to be able to update their game in a convenient way?



>limit downloads

Meant to say limit uploads, not downloads.

Though even then, it's pretty shitty of you guys to fight against anonymity on an anonymous imageboard.




>fight against anonymity on an anonymous imageboard

Except that GitGud isn't on an imageboard…

And it makes sense to limit uploads from the public account, or else some people might just use it to push nonsense because they can.



I am well aware, hence why i said "==SURE, LIMIT UPLOADS=="

Seems pretty unambiguous to me.

But you didn't answer the only goddamn question in my post: Why the fuck are you preventing anyone from updating the game conveniently unless we create an account?



Do you mean update as in 'the version I'm playing lacks the new files' or update as in 'I wrote a scene where you fuck the Millionaire with a rake and would like to implement it'? Because the former works and your computer is wrong. The latter got answered in >>100218 , so people can't have an anon slapfight over content.



No, I am not asking why you're not letting anyone upload hence why I said I was fine with your limiting people from uploading. Seriously, anon. How fucking bad is your reading comprehension that you misunderstand what I explicitly stated several times?

>Because the former works and your computer is wrong

Really? Post your terminal when you try to clone the git repo with the provided account. Because I've tried it on three different internet connections across four computers, anon. And one other person has verified it.



>I am well aware, hence why i said "==SURE, LIMIT UPLOADS=="

>Seems pretty unambiguous to me.

You are right, I misread that.

>Why the fuck are you preventing anyone from updating the game conveniently unless we create an account?

Cloning a repo isn't updating your local copy, but creating a copy of the repository that is in the domain of the user who clones. Which would be the public account.

Perhaps you should try to 'pull' instead of 'clone'?



>Because the former works and your computer is wrong.

Era games automatically update on their own?



So with this code, you are trying to clone to a users repository, using the credentials of the public account?

Thats like me trying to log into your account with my username and password. Of cource that won't work.


File: 8983a4621f9b9ea⋯.png (71.24 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, eradownload.PNG)


No, you can use the public account to download updates. I'm probably an asshole who's doing it wrong but I just click this and the shit downloads.



No. But you can setup the folder you want to update from the repository by 'checking-out' the repository. And if there are changes on the git you don't have locally, you can 'pull' them.

This should work with the public account.



>Perhaps you should try to 'pull' instead of 'clone'?

And how, pray tell, do you expect git pull to work if you don't have a local git repository? If you try that, git will just complain about you not having a git repository.


Navigating to that website is a hell of a lot more effort than just hitting "update.{sh,bash,zsh,bat,etc}" and having the game update automatically.



>Thats like me trying to log into your account with my username and password. Of cource that won't work.

Do you even know what git clone does? It's not like that at all. It's more like trying to copy the contents of a file that you gave me read permissions on. Why wouldn't that work?



To make sure someone won't do troll or fuck you events and then leave forever. Always you could use ufile.io or mega, if you don't want to make Git account.



>And how, pray tell, do you expect git pull to work if you don't have a local git repository? If you try that, git will just complain about you not having a git repository.

Thats why you need to 'check-out'. That only gives you a local copy of the repository. 'clone' make a copy of the repository on the server(and ckecks it out for you I guess?).



>how to take screenshots

>do tabs show up in screenshots

>emu taking a vicious dump



>Because you weren't given read permisson.

Which other account are you under the impression that I was passing along to GitGud with the URL http://ahmed.prin:[email protected]/eragames/?

I was providing the credentials of the public account in the link, so from the server's perspective I am the public account and have read permission.



Yes I just noticed.

However, the public account doesn't have write permission.

'clone' writes a copy to the server(it clones the repository). So because it tries to write it fails(because it doesn't have write permission).


File: 6223f5796490195⋯.jpg (65.63 KB, 765x799, 45:47, Bitesized_38da07_6301782.jpg)

What will you do with the newfound power of git gud? Translate shit? make another event? Bringing in new games? or…




>'clone' writes a copy to the server

Are you sure? I acknowledge that I might be entirely wrong, but in my (admittedly limited) experience with git, clone creates a local copy of a repository at the specified location, not the other way around.

And the documentation for it doesn't mention anything about writing to the remote repository, either. https://git-scm.com/docs/git-clone



>Are you sure?

No. Looking closer, 'git clone' seems to be what you need after all.

Maybe more specific parameters are needed?

To be honest, I used my own account from the start, so I don't have any experience with the public one.



$ git clone https://gitgud.io/eragames/eratohoK

Cloning into 'eratohoK'…

Username for 'https://gitgud.io': era

remote: Counting objects: 24057, done.

remote: Compressing objects: 100% (908/908), done.

remote: Total 24057 (delta 672), reused 422 (delta 219)

Receiving objects: 100% (24057/24057), 17.20 MiB | 5.90 MiB/s, done.

Resolving deltas: 100% (19556/19556), done.

Checking out files: 100% (2083/2083), done.



That explains it then. The throw-away in the first post isn't the public account, which is why it was missing the permissions.






Yep. Why wasn't this in the first post?

Well, next thread maybe?


Guys, we only have 10 posts left until the thread dies.

Let's kill it fast, and make it count!


File: 71d062e10ff747a⋯.png (48.96 KB, 898x799, 898:799, cumdump.png)

How do I view the cumdump events? Do they only happen during the strategy phase?

Also why does sexing exp rise so slowly, I almost maxed the other ones but it takes forever in comparison


Can you guys make it so that individual clothing get listed in the character profile and can you guys give the clothing color and the ability to color said clothes?



What game?


Thread OP wasn't updated since January.



eratohok. by the way, let's kill the thread




By the way, I started to translate csv in eraKancolle

I will drop it in next thread when I finish it.



Hard translation or with anchor?


Still living




Train.csv is a pain in ass.

I translated very small part of it. The rest is full duwang.

I will try talent.csv now.



Good, because hardtranslations can break a lot when new japanese content is merged.

On the other hand, anchor csv translation doesn't seem to work with button labels and has layout problems if the japanese and english string have different length and the string has spaces added to fit a certain size…


File: 325a5f4852db09b⋯.png (8.86 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 3930222 _631d4250a1d4ab55a….png)

File: 0f1c7ae38baf8e6⋯.png (26.14 KB, 169x200, 169:200, 3930222 _73952a4106e41730a….png)

File: 07f6199a045b37b⋯.png (24.08 KB, 300x136, 75:34, 3930222 _7b15cdee9f78cecc0….png)

>MFW thread finally ends

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