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File: 823275c184d1c5e⋯.jpg (524.79 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 4fmgtPh[1].jpg)

File: 43a96169f3c92a7⋯.png (170.82 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 500K2 res[1].png)

File: c77da1e8e063e50⋯.png (847.91 KB, 1190x1600, 119:160, blogportraits[1].png)



The version of the game in the mega link is missing audio files. Game crashes on the main menu because the audio files used for menu navigation aren't there.




>Required: RPG Maker VxACE RTP files

well i'm retarded i guess


So what are the cheat codes this time around?


Anything new porn wise or is it just random crap?


Has the fucked up eye cancer font been fixed yet?



There's the disguise vendors and castle infiltrations (in which case you can go ahead and either rummage her room or fuck her while she sleeps). Next version has apparently two DP2 animations.



>fuck her while she sleeps


Description only?

Or is it like "You rape her gg :)"?



I think it'll play one of the animations from what i saw in the forums.


File: c0c22dab50e6c48⋯.png (38.84 KB, 249x272, 249:272, Ally HD.png)


So they just re-use assets.

Why people are paying for this again?


Anyone knows the new cheat codes?



Well its easier to get animation now.

You don't need to fuck with random animations in Babs house or trying to get a princess into your harem.



That would be cool if there were new animations.

I already seen them all, having an easier way to get them doesn't really matter to me.


File: cfc96cf4d59705e⋯.png (8.17 KB, 801x602, 801:602, error.PNG)

i keep getting this error when i try to hand the quest of the kobold paladin girl at the knights inc npc, anyone knows what might be causing it?


Is it just me or does the game run like ass, with 10sec loading times for entering the overworld?


File: d1c23ea47c2aab6⋯.png (1.46 MB, 2893x4092, 263:372, wheeze.png)



>they don't add new CGs

>no new animations

>only pointless features

>they can't even make a game that works properly

Is this the new "Breeding Seasons"?



121411: Unlock all animations

200606: Win conditions on/off

666666: Towergirls total war

710250: Full rank in Knights Inc.

961090: +10 to all stats of lead party member

211314: -10 to all stats of lead party member

201141: Kobold and Goblin Christmas bikinis

297303: Add choco-dicks

171988: 10 affinity with all reigns

270390: 0 affinity with all reigns

191968: 5 affinity with all princesses

170188: 0 affinity with all princesses



The game is doing more than the engine/RPGMaker was designed to do. Unlock as many kingdoms as you can and then use the total war cheat to watch the engine struggle to not crumple under the weight.


What does full corruption do aside from mind breaking the girls?



doesn't seem to work (if they take effect instantly)



They're for 0.12.1, and yes, they do work instantly.



Ah would had liked it to have them marked as such (wasted a bit of time to try them XD)



Marked as what? It says right there in the OP that 0.12.1 is the latest version, and gives a link to it.



I mean i was using plain v.12 not patched so i was saying the cheat post should been marked to avoid confusion


Doesn't this game contain cuckoldry/NTR as a core mechanic?

Err not sure I can support or condone this… I'll give it a free download though.


Looks like shit.



Well… no, not really, it's more of an optional thing. If you never raise a princess' lust stat then she won't be raped in battle. As for those who already had some points in that stat naturally then you equip them with the chastity belt on the church and presto, safe princess.



It's not a core mechanic.

Do not romance the desert princess though, I believe she does have a NTR storyline.

Also goblin princess will also fuck other enemies because she starts with a lust of 2.


Check this thread again and it's still talk about NTR.

Like post above you literally have to want the NTR to make it happen and even when there's no change (as far as I know) to anything in the game. Just a reluctant gif. But it's been a few versions since i've played. Assume eventually it will have some sort of consequence or any development whatsoever..

Also does that cowgirl have a dick? I don't think there was futa in the game last I played. Is she the only one so far? Honestly if they wanted to do NTR the more interesting way they missed the chance to give yandog and dick and have her threaten to rape the girls the MC likes if you chose her since she already locks you out of pretty much everyone.



They want to stay true to the "towergirls" meme, as opposed to doing something original.

So basically just look at the picture and you've played the game already, only thing going for it is the porn and they barely work on it, making animations for a princess declaring war is clearly more important.


File: 39b44c7207c7b0f⋯.png (362.46 KB, 1080x672, 45:28, ClipboardImage.png)

>All these Princesses

>Favorite girl isn't even a princess

I want to quest with that scalie knight.

I want to show her my spear.

I want to compete for top in bed.

All while "kidnapping" princesses and making them fuck strangers


File: b9cbbc105f5d496⋯.jpg (218.82 KB, 1273x1024, 1273:1024, 1427717639826.jpg)

>I know a lot of you are looking forward to.


I don't even mind the NTR shit. But who actually wanted this?



>you literally have to want the NTR to make it happen

The lust stat is tied to more than just that. You can't take off a princess's clothes, for example, without a lust score of at least 2.

Anyway, I'm getting serious feature creep vibes from this project as time wears on. Maybe to be expected of a Patreon-funded game, but even so.



people like me i want to breed princesses



But then they aren't princesses.

They are queens!





It could happen I personally liked the old style for the characters, but then Gats suddenly showed up. I mean I like Gats art but I was kind of interested in what the other artists interpretation of each character would look like.



Yeah real fucking degenerates walk among us



Oh it has a shitton of feature creep, but that was advertised from the very beginning.

"You don’t see your favorite princess on the list? Pledge $20 and your princess can be nominated to show up in game in some way! "

Gee, I wonder what could POSSIBLY go wrong?



I like pregnancy, but I really do wish they perfected the current systems/characters/etc before adding yet another system/character/etc



>the snek

I didn't know you could put your fursona in this



Pretty sure it was a high-tier Patreon perk or something. But yeah, you're not wrong; it is absolutely someone's fursona: https://e621.net/post?tags=qhala



Well, you can revert their profile pics in the newest version to their previous forms provided they had one in the newest version.



>repeats in the newest version twice.

And that kids is why you don't post just after waking up.


File: 0c7203fe5c1b214⋯.png (67.04 KB, 176x224, 11:14, he he .png)

This game literally cucks you?

I seriously hope none of you are paying for this Sweden tier garbage. I mean the "cute" artstyle and all of the characters have the potential to cuck you and they even included a stat for it?

Hahahaha. And somehow the main character is a knight? What the fuck knights don't get cucked.



Whiteknights do.




The knight is the cringiest shit ever.

He costantly go m'lady, not ironically even.

The writing in general is cringeworthy in my opinion, whoever is the writer should be replaced.



You know "milady" was an actual manner of address for nobles, right? Along with "milord."



The thing to enjoy the game is to not read knight dialogue.

If you read only princesses lines its pretty decent. Also can't wait for those 2 animation for cat or goblin.



>use cheats to up affinity with all girls.

>Get the girls to go to war with the ones you want.

>Run to the besieged castle to acquire princess.

>Put princess in brothel later.or have them fuck everything that move on purpose.

>My knight is legit chaotic good.

I don't give a fuck if I'm a knight. I'm here for porn, I don't love these shitty girls, nor should my knight. I wanna see them gang banged into the dirt then fuck them myself for kicks.

>Not fucking Qhala whenever you want.

no, you're the cuck Anon.



Milady is not m'lady.

One is an actual expression, the other sounds retarded and cringe worthy.

Beside, if something sounds like shit you can't excuse it with "but reality", last time I checked reality wasn't in a factor when trying to romance kobolds and slimes.


The game would improve tenfold if all of the knight's dialogue was removed.

It would be faster, more immersive and less cringy.

It's the same reasons why games like Hollow Knight, Fallout New Vegas, Half-life and the rest of RPGs are fun: you control what the character says when the prompt comes up, they don't just talk about random bullshit nobody cares about costantly.


The only exageration in my previous example is the all caps.


File: 3e1b7886822f9b8⋯.png (9 KB, 233x497, 233:497, 08c32a8ce6.png)


>Milady is not m'lady.

It literally is, you git. Stop letting memes rot your brain.

>last time I checked reality wasn't in a factor when trying to romance kobolds and slimes

It's old-fashioned and knightly, which is why a knight is saying it. It's also why modern "white knights" like to spout it: they try to pretend they're from a more "gentlemanly" or "noble" time. Same reason they wear ill-fitting suits and fedoras.

Not disagreeing that much of the dialogue is cringe-worthy, but getting hung up on an actual knight saying "m'lady" is stupid. It's like calling out a 1930s gangster for wearing a fedora, or saying a samurai is an edgy weeaboo for using a katana.



>knight is legit chaotic good

Making princesses into prostitutes, your 'knight' is orc tier chaotic evil.

Chaotic good is doing the right thing regardless of laws.



>It's old-fashioned and knightly

It's fucking stupid and cringeworthy.

It would be fine if he didn't say it so often and if he at least alternated the fucking m'lady with milady.

Abbreviations of words are used when you're confident with someone, I would seriousy fucking doubt a knight would feel confident enough to call a princess "m'lady" as opposed to a more solemn "milady".

Even then, it's fucking stupid, it sounds lame and they spam it costantly.

I hate the knight, I hate the things he says and I want him to shut up forever.

If I didn't hate the term before you can fucking believe it I hate it now.



I'm sorry, but I mean no offense with this: Why the fuck are you trying to explain it to seome 12yo that is too young to undestand? Seeing >>97800

should be the clue you need.

Either bad try of a troll or a kid with a rotten head thanks to an excess of "dank memes"



*Some and Understand. I'm fucking ded in terms of keyboards



>It's fucking stupid and cringeworthy.

It absolutely is. They really, really should at least put up trigger warnings if they're going to use words and shit. I mean, it's 2017.




It's still fucking stupid.

When someone does something stupid you tell them they did something stupid, you don't try to rationalize it like a fucking cuck.

Making the knight talk at all and making him act like a complete betalord with autism is the dumbest thing ever.

You can't justify bad dialogue, bad characters or bad plot by going "oh they actually acted this way back in the day", it's not a valid excuse.

Also back in the days I am sure there other words to refer women other than a FRENCH word.





You're either a troll who's very good at it or someone who needs some proper education, lady comes from Old English and m'lady is the contraction of the words "my" and "lady".



>Milady (from my lady) is a French manner of address to a noble woman, the feminine form of milord.



So for some reason the desert kingdom is forever stuck attacking the slime kingdom.

Whenever I try to defend it just says I won and nothing changes. I even let the desert kingdom get fucked and nothing changed.


12.2 is out.

Now waiting for someone to drop it.



French manner, not French word. Madame and Monsieur being the French manner.

Madame is literally "My Lady".

Coincidentally, ma'am or madam are derivatives of the French manner as well.

Historically, miss or mistress could have been used, but those were terms for all women at the time, not respectful titles. Then again, who cares about historical accuracy in a glorified, unfinished porn game?


File: b42ccf06cc518db⋯.png (65.85 KB, 205x205, 1:1, 1407509953024.png)


I think everyone already dropped it.



why do furries have to ruin literally everything by inserting their own degenerate delusion alter egos into everything


File: 9c09d0e78ba5fda⋯.jpg (19.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



Because for some reason they have always been fucking rich.



I'd say its more they are willing to skimp on essentials to feed their degeneracy. Eat instant noodles for a month to get a commission of their neon dick rainbow furred monstrosity.



Not out yet, they just posted a changelog for their upcoming release on the 13th.

Ill break my lurk to post a release if someone doesnt beat me to it.



A lot of furries work in IT and other fairly well paying jobs where they can just sit in a dark room and not interact with other human beings for long periods of time, feeding off the radiation of a monitor.

But yeah there are also a -lot- of furries that work at like, wendys for their whole lives and go online and cry about how they can't afford rent because they spent all their money on furry porn.


Wew Towerfag fucked up and didn't hide update behind patreon get it quick before he takes this mega down.



Really just makes me want to wait until it's finished.



see you in 4 years, dumbass.


So, did anyone get the new cheat codes?



Did anybody get it, any chance of a re upload?


>Pregnancy system.

>No animations of a bulk of the girls done.

I'm the guy who sells out his girls. This oughta be a lot of fun.



Watch out anon!

You gonna get called a cuck by those retards.


[NEW] 91235X -> X from 0 to 3; Set Pregnancy speed to x0/x1 /x2/x3

[NEW] 181701 -> Make all Princesses pregnant

[NEW] 711151 -> Toggle ON/OFF Max Fertility for all the Princesses

121411 -> Unlock all animations

201141 -> KoboldP and GoblinP Christmas costumes

200606 -> Toggle ON/OFF the winning conditions

297303 -> Access Choco-Dicks cheat menu

191968 -> Affinity with all the Princesses to 5

171988 -> Affinity with all the Reigns to 10

170188 -> Affinity with all the Princesses to 0

270390 -> Affinity with all the Reigns to 0

961090 -> +10 to all stats to the party's leader

211314 -> -10 to all stats to the party's leader

710250 -> Reach max level with the "Knights INC."

666666 -> TOTAL WAR: Towergirls


File: e05c70163fee110⋯.png (25.47 KB, 300x353, 300:353, EEEEEH.png)



>everyone else is retarded

>it makes sense to let other fuck your girls

>it makes sense to focus on money on a porn game where money barely has any impact and it is easy as fuck to get

>it makes sense to self insert as someone who gets off arranging other people to fuck

It's called Netorase.

When you enjoy having your girl fucking someone else.



>He can't into fucking everything in his path, waging war against everyone and selling all the princesses into a brothel.

Mate. If I want a princess I protect, it's the Kobold because she's the first thing you can acquire. I turn the rest into sluts without remorse. I am not my Knight, thanks.




This please. Link got nuked.


File: 8c3a7caa646f2cc⋯.jpg (6.12 KB, 1137x29, 1137:29, Bewaryofpreggo.jpg)


On it fam





Thanks anon. You're a champ.


how do you start the dragon princess 2 quest?



Have a low int stat and fuck around the world map until DP2 shows and nukes you. If you chose the warm ore as starting item you'll automaticallly unfreeze and she'll invite you to her castle. At the eastern part of the northern continent theres a green tree, go there and you'll enter a new area. Smack several bushes and the fairies there will attack you. Beat them, take the green one and go to the north of the human kingdom, where you'll see a sparkle. Interact with it and the fairy will offer to take you to DP2's castle.



thanks man


Sooo, is Babs broken for anyone else? Can't complete her initial event.


File: 86e236bbb90b3b7⋯.jpg (146.51 KB, 1748x1468, 437:367, f29bf1a337c127745fe5a51c36….jpg)

There's a glitch where the sprite animations will force an instance into the next girl, even the knight. I've had it occur to me all the time. Also how to you go forth with Qhala's brothel?

People may not be a fan of special snowflake OC but the person who made Qhala is probably why pregnancy was implemented in the first place, Qhala's creator seems to like the snake bitch impregnated often. So if it develops further and Qhala has individual scenes and you can knock her up count me in, even if she's a slut. I like the snek tit check.


Is there a guide for this shit or something?

I took that first quest, can't find salt anywhere

Can't interact with any princess except kobold one because I'm a noname nobody

Tried dungeon diving, the game crashed on one of the mimics



Well, for the influence bit try either cheating or waiting till one of the kingdoms declares war to another one and then fight along them, that'll skyrocket your rep.



Or complete the low level quest you get in the tavern. Each reign has one


seriously though. Is full corruption a botched mechanic or something?



oh and how do you get the ghost princess?



Get a Filled Princess Urn (either from murdering a princess with a regular urn in your inventory or from Dog Princess' tower) and offer it to one of the flames in the abandoned mansion on the center of the southern kingdom.


File: 724ca9c56545ed5⋯.jpg (222.41 KB, 1600x1638, 800:819, 724ca9c56545ed5dc2c77256d3….jpg)

Wait…. does this game contain NTR? I'd really like to play it but I'll not degrade myself by playing a NTR game.

Is there an option to disable it or something? Can you still unlock everything in the game being cuck-free?



For the thousandth time no, battle-rape is not mandatory and there's no NTR in-story and if you don't level up a princess' Lust they you won't get cucked in a battle.



>Is there an option to disable it or something?

You can't disable it, but it will only happen with go out of your way for it.








Well, tecnically yes, you can disable it if you nab the chastity belt from the church and equip it to a princess. Gives a nice bonus to stats too.


Does the combat get much better? Tried attack/dodge in the tutorial dungeon, but the timing is so off that it was better to just stand still and spam the attack and just take the hits.


Seriously though what do you do about corruption once full?

otherwise you can talk to what's his face but if it's full he wont do jackshit.



You broke your princess.

You cannot let the princeses hit 10 corruption or else they just became a living shell so they are fucking useless.



figured as much. So not only is there a lack of content, but he hasn't even gotten a clear idea of how use corrupted princesses. Purification being a quest or hell just shoving them into the brothel to become the best sluts ever when?


How do you get the golem princess?

I know you need the butterfly snacks but I can't seem to do anything to her except wind her which does nothing everytime.



Do you also know where to find the merchant needed for her quest?


Sorry for the newb question, but is there a full list of cheats to date (I know new ones were posted earlier), and where does one input them?



>hasn't even gotten a clear idea of how use corrupted princesses

Disappointed to hear this game has a corruption feature but it isn't used in making the girls dress in lewd black clothing.



the crystal near human princesses castle is where you input them, heres some old codes I saved but I didnt save what version they were for so have fun with that.

251216 -> KoboldP and GoblinP Christmas costumes

801108 -> Toggle ON/OFF the winning conditions

7XXXX7 -> Gain XXXX Choco-Dicks

030030 -> Affinity with all the Princesses to 5

131131 -> Affinity with all the Reigns to 10

303303 -> Affinity with all the Princesses to 0

313313 -> Affinity with all the Reigns to 0

011235 -> +10 to all stats to the party's leader

532110 -> -10 to all stats to the party's leader

031116 -> Reach max level with the "Knights INC."

666666 -> TOTAL WAR: Towergirls


How do you beat that shade when you go to free the Desert Princess?



theres really dark looking orbs around the arena you have to destroy to make him vulnerable. you cycle through destroying those then attacking him for a bit and you get to fucc the succ



Im not a hater of that's Snekwhore but i still get repulsed from that game by frikken monopolisation of brothel owner role. Even more - i really think Towerfag won't add any other brothels even if someone show up and toss him the money.


where do you find the book that dragon princess 2 needs?



Talk to merchant at the tavern at night he'll be by the door


So let me get this straight. This is a Paetron funded game where the main character rescues princesses and gets cucked by them and they get pregnant with other men's seed?

So basically the game is the polar opposite of Rance ?


Towergirls Kingdom Conquest Patch for v.0.12.2




-Endless night bug

-Moth P joining when visiting Cat Village

-Golem Princess Infiltration event available before waking her up

-Babs tutorial event

To apply the patch empty your "Patches" folder and move the ".rvdata2" file into it.

From /aco/



So let me this straight. You ignore the thread where people say the princess only fuck other people if you purposely turn them into sluts and let them get raped or sell them at the brothel and come to make a shitpost.

So basically you have the polar oposite of a brain ?


File: d4a37c2971fcca0⋯.png (280.6 KB, 585x465, 39:31, 1440785270079.png)


>guy asks a question

>cuck apologist is triggered

He wasn't even insulting anyone, why you gotta be so salty?





Guys you know the cuck posts are basically shitposts why answer


File: ec730c2f628af22⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 500x341, 500:341, ec730c2f628af22a48aecb1bd4….jpg)



>point out that the game has cuckoldry in it

>get assblasted and go all defensive

Cuckoldry is willingly having your girl getting fucked by other people.

Saying "you can avoid it" doesn't change the fact that there is cuckoldry in the game.



You're not wrong but if you let them be you get something like last thread where you have 1/5 discussion and the rest is shitposting. These people make me fell like I am back at /v/ sometimes, not something good at all.


File: 13a2f9556ea5593⋯.jpg (28.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 49c5bbed56258bd69b25c8641a….jpg)


Maybe if the game wasn't so shit and lacking in content people would discuss it, rather than just comment on how shit it is.

Beside, can't you deal with people disagreeing with you?

Maybe if the arguments brought in defense of this game weren't so fucking weak people would stop making you "fell not something good at all".



Is not cuckoldry since you can use the girls as party members.

You're getting raped in first person, not looking at her in third person, fag.


File: 2ce19ba34ec9a66⋯.jpg (34.59 KB, 864x480, 9:5, ISHYGDDT.jpg)


>you're getting raped in first person

>in a third person game

Are you mentally ill?

It's fine anon, just admit that you're a cuck, admission is the first step to recovery.



You're the girl when she gets raped, not the Knight.

It isn't that hard to understand.



>Play porn game where points have to be expended to have them sprite sexed.

>Implying people didn't do this willingly because it's a sex game and CG's for all females are just entirely lacking.

Fuck off shitposter. If we had the option to play female knight it'd be the same shit, just she'd be raped too.


> Paying money for a game where where the main character is a cuckold

> Paying money for a game where all the girls have the potential to be whores by leveling a stat "lust"

Pro tip faggots what if the princess was lusting after the main character? That stat should be called whorishness or something so it actually makes sense.

So are you 'people' ledditors or goons or what? I don't understand how anyone who should be here would condone cuckoldry/NTR



Even goons think NTR is a laughable fetish. It's rock-bottom, dawg.


So how exactly do you even get access to the brothel anyways? I havent been able to figure out exactly what the hell youre supposed to do to get there



Something awful is dead, why give them hope that they are still notable by bringing them up?


File: cc697e666212b6c⋯.jpg (136.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Take a picture.jpg)


Oh so when the protagonist is temporarily a girl it isn't NTR?

Man, stop the press, all the other games on the market aren't NTR!


There are cheats to unlock the gallery, buddy.

A gallery that you can view over and over, with no limits.

You tell me that it is more convenient to have a costant countdown while watching your porn?

You guys are so pathetic.

And it always feel like it's the same two people that try to go all defensive and justifying themselves for liking cuckoldry.




You guys are so out of your fucking depth, at least try to pretend you're from here.

You have the word "cuck" written all over you.



>Even goons think

I wouldn't know what the creators of SJWism think anon.


Because they were behind the downfall of cuckchan. Be wary, be cautious. Basically they are the eternal Jew to 8chan.


Good to see not everyone here is an insane person.


Location of the enemy for The Trophy quest?



Lol if you think goons created SJWs. SA was dead by the time SJWs rolled onto the scene my man.



best place is golem princess area its a white spider



I find it absolutely fucking amazing how autistic people can get about their specific special snowflake tastes in fetishes. Keep up the quality posting b0is, I'll be over here having fun with games I like and ignoring ones I don't.


File: 63266a8a53ff690⋯.jpg (219.18 KB, 1256x1341, 1256:1341, 1396927026615.jpg)


>ignoring the ones I don't like

That is no fun though.

Berating and criticizing people is fun, plus they might actually realize what they are doing wrong and fix it!

Ignoring shit you don't like is dumb, there is no valuable conversation you can have if nobody disagrees, it's just a safe space at that point!


>Max out all of Golem princess's base shit

>Still can't see her

Fuck this.



>wanting to see a rock



Nah, you gotta do a quest first. Go to any place with butterflies and grab one, you'll get Butterfly Snacks. Give em to Golem Princess and she'll react oddly. Now go to the right side of the spider infested area in her kingdom and smash her pipe with a mace weapon (a regular one ought to do the trick, Merch.Princess sells them when she's at the inn), go in, examine stuff till a pop-up happens and go to the throne room, turn Golem P. on (literally) and she'll go apeshit. Go back to the place you examined and you'll find Drider P, fight her and then spare her and return to the throne room to fully unlock the Golem Kingdom.



I feel it's somewhat dumb that killing the drider locks golem away permanently.



Yeah, i agree. It would be nice if there was some way to remove the webs after choosing the wrong choice, even if it would make sense in context.



Since it would make sense in context for some to kill drider princess.*


Hello fellow cuckolds *reveals chastity cage* so from reading this thread I know for a fact this game is cuckshit but is the game hot or is there at least some fappable scenes?



Yea when you order your Goblin princess

to fuck wolfs!

Thats pretty hot and mixes two best fetishes bestiality plus NTR.



The fact the Golem won't move out of the way defeats that.

Do I have to do those Knight affinity quests to actually access her? I don't know how to finish it.


How does infiltration work? I know you can get into a castle with sleeping powder, but how does one get past the guards inside that don't move/patrol? I heard passing mention of disguises, is this the only way? And where does one get them?



If you're sneaking in the human's castle, try the window.


This game got ruined by all the cuck shit that the devs have a fetish for. Not to mention how there are those autistic OC characters getting added. This game got ruined by that shit and the devs have a fetish for it. Not to mention the forced futa.


File: 189d562a650bdb0⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 480x288, 5:3, 1397355080763.gif)


it's amazing how you can fuck up the idea of rescuing princesses and fucking them.

Also nice digits.



The hilarious thing is that they want to "stay true to the original picture" while adding self inserts and all this cuckold bullshit that make no sense whatsoever.

Hell, you could've made a simple platformer where you go climbing a castle trying to save princess with a VN section where you romance them.

Instead they keep adding worthless updates over and over, with content literally nobody gives a fuck about.


File: 5e945c32411da3c⋯.jpg (39.36 KB, 600x786, 100:131, dubs.jpg)


File: bf6db397fd8c0d5⋯.jpg (71.91 KB, 800x608, 25:19, DogScene2.jpg)

File: 9500a1498f737ed⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 800x608, 25:19, GobScene4_nobeer.jpg)


Not to mention the artwork is fucking disgusting


File: 31773cf08c599df⋯.png (79.66 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 1460648237281.png)


>I dont even mind NTR

>hates pregnancy

man, cucks dont even bother to set good baits, do they?



>posting the worst artwork and pairing it with Gob



I'm not sure what you're implying. The Dog scene is actually an improvement to the Gob one. The artist clearly has no fucking clue on how to draw hands or feet, Goblin princess looks like a quadruple amputee with ape tits.


File: 5252fe5bea9a9d4⋯.jpg (23.58 KB, 229x306, 229:306, Goblin.jpg)


Yeah, that's Boogie for you. His Dragon Princess scenes are nice, but God forbid you ever give him a shortstack (which is unfortunate, because that also seems to be his favourite thing). Although in his slight defense, I think the quadruple amputee look was an attempt to mimic Gats' cutesy chibi style.



The man with trips and dubs and he is 100% correct.



>plus they might actually realize what they are doing wrong and fix it!

This has literally never happened.

But keep fighting the good fight, anon.



Nah, paper-thin skinned vanillafags who cry and scream at every non-vanilla fetish they don't like ruin things in much worse ways. There's nothing worse than good art or writing being wasted on yet another extremely bland vanillashit. That said this particular game is quite bad for just about every reason I can think of, not a single good thing in the whole project.



>NTR is okay because vanilla fags don't like it

Man to be honest with you I don't know how your 'brain' came to that conclusion. It is sad that mental health facilities are having their funding cut world wide someone should really find out what is wrong with you.


When the ice dragon appears,it doesn't talk to me at all


File: ce1d2cb77724540⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2000x1171, 2000:1171, ce1.jpg)


Vanilla is ten times better than cuck fetish and self insert degeneracy.



>implying that "fetish X is bad because I don't like it" is a stronger and more sound of an argument

Ok bruh


Literally everything except for babymaking-dedicated copulation is degeneracy so yeah



FYI, I think you still only infiltrate to get panties, so there's no point unless you want the costumes. I don't think there's a way to give them surprise sex – or if there is I haven't figured it out yet.


>Only one scene with ice dragon.

>Only one scene with the fire dragon.

Waste of time tbh.



You can surprise dick the Desert Princess but let's be honest she gets dicked by everyone.


File: b2646822c26bfee⋯.gif (21.36 KB, 280x200, 7:5, tumblr_orr6iyTgc61v5gx5go1….gif)


they recently posted second animation with DPII on their tumblr.


>download the game

>FPS counter barely goes above 20

What the fuck? Not even MSE dropped that low during ambushes (the ones with 30+ enemies in the same room)




>supposed to be fucking huge

>same size as knight

Wasn't the ice dragon supposed to be the one with the huge ass anyway?

Or was that the poison one?

Regardless, it is kind of disappointing.



Not bad. As long as it has an ejaculation I can accept it, she needs more scenes too.


The ice is supposed to be chubby. So bigger tits and ass than the red. I don't know about that poison princess so I can't tell you.


cmiiw, but where the hell is the rts part of the gameplay?

It's not like there's buildings to build and units to train, is it?

Or is it just like mount and blade where you can train a squad of goons to attack the other kingdoms and you and your squad wander around freely, interfering the battle or attacking enemies whether you see fit?

p.s. can you impregnate enemy princesses?



>p.s. can you impregnate enemy princesses?

yes, I raped Human princess, putting her to sleep, and when I came back to her some days later she was pregnant.

Pretty cool stuff.


is playing hard mode not possible because I have leveled to level 4 and the red dragon always wrecks me



Alright so I must be fucking retarded but; what items am I meant to use to recruit the princesses? Can't figure this shit out for the life of me.


File: 26c04356bc097ec⋯.mp4 (321.87 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Faggots.mp4)

Here's a guide on how to CONQUER.

Or because there's this one fuck who says it's cuckoldery; So restart your game save. you have to do this per new version but whatever the cheats make it easy to fix, if you don't want to restart every update then stop playing until the end of Fall or even looking at it.

Get CE, there's a portable version of it use that not the installer. You will use this merely for speedhack, it isn't hard to figure out either.

So you can dump off or keep Usnug but I'd suggest dumping her off because you need all those slots for princesses whom we'll dump off regardless. Use the cheats crystal to give yourself 90k dicks, affinity 5+ twice the 10+ seems kinda glitchy to me. Now go into the human princesses kingdom and confirm you have affinity raised up with her, it means all the princesses do. Now use the cheat and increase your stats by 10+ 2-5 times and go to the South end of the map other side really, where gobbo and cat are, go to the frozen camp, enter that key into the doorway and make your way through that poor mans maze. You will acquire a very powerful spear, you'll need it. Now wait until nightfall and put 75k exactly into yourself for dicks I mean.

So now you're set up to dick every princess over and force them to fight each other and then you rush in and save them at last minute. It becomes a collectathon and at this point you can do whatever you want to or with them.

If you advance the Kobolds quest line you get a vaginal scene and you could impregnate her. There's WIP scenes with some girls and it could occur likewise. Some girls were also given the ability of pregnancy only by the knight with a specific beer from the Gobbo princess however it and like almost everything isn't implemented.

cuck free playthrough solved by some guy on an image board. Seriously if you decide to make them sluts that's your business not mine.



you don't recruit them; You have to save them as their castle is being beseiged. Which you can force through affinity which can be earned or cheated into the game.


What are these Elite/rare monsters that the cat princess and the guild are talking about? I haven't ran into anything that looks different.


File: d1e1cbbbf6a06b1⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 558x526, 279:263, Dude....JPG)


>the sheer amount of stupidity and autism in this post

Thank you anon.

To prove that the only way to avoid the cuckold fetish is to cheat.

Are you seriously so far up your ass not to see what the rest of the thread is about?

Here, I'll give you the tl;dr:

This game is shit.

The performance is shit.

The gameplay is shit.

The porn is shit.

The fetishes are shit.

The characters (especially the self inserts) are shit.

The story is shit.

The writing is shit.

Everything about this game is shit and it was explained already why it was shit.

Are you so self conscious about being a literal cuck that you ignored what everyone else said to this point?


>Or because there's this one fuck who says it's cuckoldery

Oh because only one guy is allowed to disagree with you, right?

More than one person can't possibly think this game sucks!

It's impossible!

Nonetheless, I will follow your example: here is my guide to play Towergirls Kingdom!

>Start a game file.

>Play the game.

>Find out from this thread that the game is bloated with bullshit nobody cares >about, self inserts, NTR and other terrible shit.

>Stop playing the game.

>Delete the game.

>Play a different one.

There you have it folks, the one true cuck free playthrough!



Personally I think one of the games bigger problems is that to do anything you'd want to do you have to go through mountains of other shit that isnt entertaining in any way. Going through conversations with the princesses to build up affinity or whatever mostly just gets in the way because the writing sucks, even the lewd scenes in camp are hidden behind dialogue and having to buff stats and all that, not to mention how having to wait for day or night or even worse, rain. is monotonous. Having scenes showing a relationship progressing, sure, but its done so badly its just a chore, and ultimately its not really that satisfying even when you get it.

The animations look good, but they're pretty small, and there arent many of them. The slave auctions seem like something you have to deliberately have your princesses get signed up for, wait for them to be sold to goblin princess, then spend money on them instead of just getting them. Then theres no content for it. I guarantee the pregnancy thing will be implemented but not enough to be satisfying for people into that either. The thought seems erotic but thats really it.

If Im wrong tell me, but fundamentally the core concept seems dumb. In the original towergirls stuff was "you rescue princesses, because you have a harem of 16 fucking princesses you rescued, you get a massive kingdom". Fundamentally you arent trying to make your own kingdom. Playing the game as intended, it seems like putting your favorite princess in power means you cant get any content from her (aside from breaking in).

I think theyre making the game decently well. But theyre falling for the whole trap of making too much content too fast immediately. Without a damn good reason you should work on getting existing stuff done before you arbitrarily add more. So theres that.







What does that even mean?


File: 0768b7739c4466d⋯.jpg (49.59 KB, 940x500, 47:25, dont do it.JPG)


> the core concept seems dumb

The core concept doesn't seem to exist.

>You accidentally the kobold princess' kingdom

>everyone goes to war because the dragon left even though she didn't

>you're supposed to give a fuck about these kingdoms because ???

>also give gold to the dragon cunt who broke kobold princess' smile for some reason

You literally start the game with the knight saying he doesn't know what the fuck to do because the devs have no idea what you're supposed to do.

It's like they tried to combine a simple story RPG (which you play through once) with a simple strategy game (which is good for multiple shorter playthroughs) and somehow managed to get the worst of both worlds. The lengthy dialogue bogs down the strategy aspect while the strategy aspect hamstrings the rpg.

You can't build a party because it prevents you from consolidating power, when the whole fucking point of the game should be collecting princesses.

Here's what they need to do:

>Trash the kingdom VS kingdom war aspect, just fuck it right off

>Failing that fork it off into its own game using the same assets, sparser story and new lewds. It can be the majora's mask of TKC

>Keep the intro, and make it so you can fuck a new kingdom into the kobold bitch

And then:

>Rescue new princesses from towers occupied by the dragon kingdom- unique themed dungeon for each

>Upon returning home princess is available to join your party

>Several quests to build up their kingdom

>Several personal/romance quests

>Princess is ready for war against dragons

This should make up the core of the game. It lays out a simple and easy to follow formula for each princess and means they don't get bogged down in development hell.

Once and only once this is done for EVERY princess complete with a basic set of 4-6 tent/combat lewds and 1-2 CGs you can break out the fancy shit- one or two exceptions to the rule are far more exciting than a clusterfuck of ideas which get haphazardly put in while the core game is neglected.

I want to see this fucking game succeed even though we know the true fate of patreon porn games.


>muh NTR

Stop being a sissy bitch knight who can't keep the cocks out of your princess waifu story-mediated NTR should have an alternative though. It's a shit fetish and everyone knows it, especially those who are into it.if you accept the sperm harvesting quest its your own stupid fault

>muh OCs

OCs are unacceptable cancer and shit all over consistent art direction.



The fact that you have to work toward getting a princess's kingdom sacked in order to recruit her is arguably the stupidest thing.

Ideally, you'll want the princess you like the most to become dominant, right? Except by the rules of the game, that princess will never be in your party. So, it incentivizes giving the most power to the princesses you hate and don't want in your party.


File: f6afa05aa2c3b9a⋯.jpg (207.85 KB, 1195x885, 239:177, Yes you are.jpg)


>Cuckoldry is okay and should be in the game as long as you don't use it.

*Holds up black dildo*

All hail Cuck King Louis CK the cuck sympathiser.



I'd let skelleton princess or insect princess grow in power I don't mind letting other princess's siege my princess so long as I get to save her I had to restart because my game refused to let me save human princess during a siege -.- and only let me imprison her or kill her



You can't save the princesses that aren't in peril?!

WHY?! I want to save them, even though they don't need it! WAAA



thats a stupid point, the point is that the games strategy aspect and the games party build aspect conflict with eachother, your favorite princess can EITHER be the one consolidating power, OR in your actual party.

Its a retarded point to say "You cant save princesses that arent in peril" because we arent talking about some kind of logistical plot hole. We're complaining that its bad game design that a game based on TOWERGIRLS, has the main goal set out for you CONFLICT with saving your favorite princesses.

the GOOD game design alternative, is if they were all already in danger. We want the DEVELOPERS, to DESIGN THE GAME to HAVE them in peril to be SAVED FROM.



I'm in his discord and I think I remember TF saying that with infiltrations you'll be able to build up your relationship with the princesses.

They will be able to leave a heir in their place and join the knight.



>Trying to justify the forced NTR and cucking.



Anon says it how it is.

Though I do disagree with the NTR, it's a slippery slope, I don't want it even if it is optional.



>it's a slippery slope

Guess you've got a point, it's probably how shit like TiTS got filled with nothing but futa.


File: 59f637cc69c16c1⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1672x1672, 1:1, 1382205239771.jpg)


>any justification for NTR


this anon is right, anything like that is going to slowly seep into the rest of the game. like futa but worse.


File: d4fed83badf5872⋯.jpg (20.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Penn.jpg)


The autism. How many lines was that?

This is a porn game. Relax.


So… Is this Sengoku Rances retarded little brother of a game or something?


Nah, It's somewhat problematic since you have to check up on castles safety manually by running across the mother fucking continent AND driving away the siege if there is any but it is still doable legit way. Just takes way more time to accomplish with repeatable fetch quests for affinity. You don't really need their kingdom sympathy all that much, defending them during sieges is usually enough to see the princess. After that it just turns into a grind: do the quest > defend the castle > wait till new day comes > do it all over again until princess affinity rises high enough to snatch her out of the siege and let the castle be captured for good. Go save yet another princess until there is only one left and then game over. GAMEPLAY



>discussing video games

>on a videogame board

>somehow autistic

Reddit trying hard to fit in.



If rance is the cool older sibling who cucks his brother and knows how to party, then this game is the younger brother who gets cucked and jerks off each night to his own shame.



You don't sound like you're from here.

Are you an actual shill?


How do I progress the Kobald storyline I can't get past her secound interaction so asscalibur questline wont start how do i get asscalibur to go?


Seems like we will finally be able to get the princess on the team without this "Manipulating kingdoms for giggles" shit.




Apparently I am not able to capture the human princess, and the rest propably too.

I have 10 Affinity with both humans and slimes, and when I storm in to rescue the princess she refuses to go with me.

She also wants to be left alone after becoming a hostage.

I also went through all the talk events with her, so I don't know what else to do to capture her.


lating kingdoms for giggles" shit.



you need 3 princess hearts to rescue the human princess I think you can buy her as a slave in goblin kingdom



You need princess hearts, not kingdom/species affinity.

As far as I can tell, once they become a hostage, they're effectively locked off and out of the game.

That said, don't bother trying to figure anything out yourself. Theres an ungodly amount of content in the game that simply boils down "spend hours trying everything in everyway on everything" or "just ask online"


speaking of content you need to just ask online for, how exactly do you access the brothel? I can never find it and I cant do anything to trigger the snake oc into spawning it or anything


Anyone knows how to find the Golem Princess's heart? It's for her quest, couldn't find the info anywhere.



did you get her love skill high enough, as well as talk to her by the campfire at night while it is raining?



did you do the quest that fires after you gift her the "pretty" armor helmet and chest-piece? you can buy both of those items from Merchant Princess, I'm not sure if her location matters. After giving her the armor Human Princess will ask you to leave, come back to initiate the quest.



>once they become a hostage, they're effectively locked off and out of the game.

I think if goblin kingdom still exists they get sold off into slavery.



You need to give money to the self insert and fuck her, she will then open the brothel or something.

I think raising the NPC count to 3 will get the snake to spawn but don't quote me on it.


File: 35a57a36cafe514⋯.jpg (96.5 KB, 801x629, 801:629, Captura.JPG)

How do you talk to her?



Weird, she should be right there. Did you drop her in the tavern before the first night? If you didn't then your game glitched, you'd be better off re-starting then.



In recent version she spawns if you have at least one aNPC count, which kinda breaks the Towerfag words about random aNPC selection on game start.



>literally force the self insert in

>because he wasn't happy with locking content behind it

They truly are cucks in spirit.



That's what i mean sayin about monopolisation of gameplay functions. I think TFG don't even plan make a Reserve way to access brothel or Another brothel so…



What the fuck does the number of "active npcs" do, anyway?



Simply determines how much ANPC will be in game. I tested several times and there is no way to rid off the snake - she always take one slot while another 1-2 is being randomly filled By the Pally/Racist/Someone else.

So yeah - You can only play with self_insert or play without everyone.


File: a0618bfb1848f27⋯.jpg (121.83 KB, 803x626, 803:626, Cap.JPG)




You fucked up. Basically, the tavern is locked until the next playthrough. Reload a save from before she broke the door and never put the dog bitch in the tavern.


Some ppl are pestering the dev to put something in to "train" DogP. As in full BDSM mindbreaking and reconstructing that bitch


Whats the latest version to DL? one in the OP?



We're getting a new one in about two days so i'd advise to wait till then to download something.


How do I do anything in this game.


How do you get DragonP II?


Can someone with the skill extract the pictures and the animations?

Just make a gallery so people can save time instead of playing this mess.



Pretty sure gallery is on Exhentai. not sure if it's updated though. There's a real small amount of content in the game though. That's what happens when people start getting excited for 0.012 releases.


>Goblin 1# animation is titfuck




It isn't updated.



Your fetish is literally watching other men fuck your lady until she loves their dicks more than yours. Even goddamned furries tend to have more self respect than that.



It would be a sin to have gobbo princess and no titfuck.


Alrighty then, time to start begging: Anyone's got the link?


Don't forget the cheats when postin the link



Got the links from /weg/


The 1st patch:


Didn't come with cheats though so hopefully someone post them.



Bless you anon



>expecting to wait several days for a link

>this legend goes and uploads it before I even get home from work



File: 29141379d553657⋯.jpg (306.89 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, WTF.jpg)

Lit up all torches.

Talked to ArcaneP.

Can anybody tell me what i'm doing wrong?

Or it is because i use the previous versions save?



i keep getting this error and i've found no way to fix it. any help please



[NEW] 716120 -> Set Merchant Princess location

91235X -> X from 0 to 3; Set Pregnancy speed to x0/x1 /x2/x3

181701 -> Make all Princesses pregnant

711151 -> Toggle ON/OFF Max Fertility for all the Princesses

121411 -> Unlock all animations

201141 -> KoboldP and GoblinP Christmas costumes

200606 -> Toggle ON/OFF the winning conditions

297303 -> Access Choco-Dicks cheat menu

191968 -> Affinity with all the Princesses to 5

171988 -> Affinity with all the Reigns to 10

170188 -> Affinity with all the Princesses to 0

270390 -> Affinity with all the Reigns to 0

961090 -> +10 to all stats to the party's leader

211314 -> -10 to all stats to the party's leader

710250 -> Reach max level with the "Knights INC."

666666 -> TOTAL WAR: Towergirls


How do you bring up the journal?



Shit's gone already. Anyone got a reupload?


First you need to do the Corruption 101 quest from Knights Inc, then after you save a princess you bring her to the priest in the church, he will give you the diary of the princess you have in your party.



anon with patch 2 link?



anyone got the 3rd patch?


Normally the game would start as windowed for me with only part of it showing the gaming screen.

After pressing alt-tab and then returning to the game, it would inevitably show the whole screen again, but be full-size.

Then somehow I managed to make it windowed again, and I noticed the fps nearly doubling.

If I only would be able to reproduce this… I can't enjoy it as much as I did before.



Are there any other effects associated with the lust stat?


Does anyone have a walkthrough? I'm really lost in what to do on the quests of this game.






Don't suppose anyone can post the patch again? my game keeps crashing everytime I try to rest



I'm having the same problem.



Well, seems Corruption is getting more attention in the next release, including Human and Desert Princess alt forms.



That and if you have both Human and Ghost princesses in your team with high Lust you can trigger a random HumanXGhost scissoring scene



Here you go.


27.7 next version of the game with gobbu animation and maybe boogie new art.



You're the best anon.



Gotta admit, i actually like Kobold's new form, and the last line implies that we'll be able to rez Skeleton Princess.



New form are cool but i'm sad that they don't really matter.

What i mean is even if you wear swimsuit or have diffrent form it doesn't affect animation or cgs(?maybe in the future?).



>Hair color changes to black when human p succubus alt forms

Well that's disappointing, was so close to hitting all my fetishes there.


Does this game actually contain cuckoldry/NTR or is that just a meme?

I'm not a homosexual so I don't want to play a game with NTR.



Played the game, it's a meme.



Meme, not much to discuss about the game so people come and shitpost.



I liked the succubus human princess, the skeleton and the dragobold but the rest are not much of a change but I am interested on what he gonna do for the dragons though.


File: a9ca0e810956e07⋯.png (154.49 KB, 756x1014, 126:169, GoblinP chart cens.png)

File: db66979f68cca65⋯.png (147.74 KB, 927x1124, 927:1124, KoboldP chart cens.png)


Its meme you can pimp your girls for easy sex scenes but thats what cucks do.

Anyway im suprised how Towerfag became more and more popular. Right now he's shy 150$ to 6k a month but man i sure do miss the old art for princesses.



Who made the old images Gats or Boogie ?


File: fb6e30058eb4fad⋯.png (466.51 KB, 1600x1314, 800:657, dragonPx2v2 cens.png)

File: a2c285112c50944⋯.png (80.05 KB, 484x800, 121:200, newgob.png)

File: 44c88dbef382067⋯.png (36.04 KB, 500x750, 2:3, catresnorm.png)

File: ee37444a883fba4⋯.png (80.25 KB, 468x439, 468:439, Desert corruption preview.png)


Gats but there was also Nyxondyx for the DesertP.

Also Boogie had done some.



I liked the old design Gats was going for the princess the new ones are a bit generic, but I get where its coming from since he has to design all those costumes.

Nyx made the DesertP and left, pity I liked that one.

Nekofy might be my favorite, its a pity Gats was chosen to be the lead artist, maybe later on we get the same treatment with the other artists.

Boogie is a bit of a hit or miss, also I don't know why Towerfag decided to add not-Midna when you already have Imp-princess, its like a atl-form or a OC ?


File: 15f71e0a87d1cd9⋯.png (146.27 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Slime Princess dial ss lov….png)

File: c965567975b32d1⋯.png (101.12 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Dragon pri II dial love.ol….png)

File: 45538c910794af0⋯.png (77.61 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Kobold Princess Dial heat.….png)

File: ce225bb16069fca⋯.png (383.98 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Mimic3Aggr.png)



I just hope that in the future he will request Boogie to do rest of them, because now he end up as only CG artist. I really liked his portraits.

One good thing was we didn't end up with this Kobold, holy fuck she ain't cute at all!


File: 5366256a179294d⋯.png (699.89 KB, 800x608, 25:19, Slime Scene1.png)

File: 3af4d7bc310ffc6⋯.png (398.87 KB, 800x608, 25:19, KobScene3.png)

File: 251103bd67a6048⋯.png (359.09 KB, 800x608, 25:19, GobScene final beer.png)


>I liked the old design Gats

Same new designs are more chibi like and more true to orginal towergirls but the old ones were more suited for H-game.


Yea it's a shame

> why Towerfag decided to add not-Midna

Probably it was request from Boogie or his sugestion, you know free art and i think they replaced the ImpP you mentioned with her.

Also you have 100% Boogie is hit or miss.

We get great scenes with Kobold and Slime then you look at Gob scene and its kinda meh.



Yeah, Gobbo's scene is terrible which is a pity really, Boggie's better than that.



Do goblins in this universe not have feet or forearms?



she lost them in 'nam.






>All that gross fat monsters

Just fuck off boogie, I've seen you do way better then this, stop inserting your disgusting fetishes.


File: f5cd735539b9f68⋯.gif (18.28 KB, 280x200, 7:5, tumblr_osquzreUXN1v5gx5go1….gif)


>gross fat monsters


It's called THICC anon.

Now most of priencesses are chubby but i don't have any problems with it.

You still have Akai and animations.


File: 1651763a2ac051a⋯.jpg (11.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, THICC.jpg)


I stand with this guy. THICC.



There is NTR actually, specifically Netorase.

Or actual Netorare, if you don't know about lust giving a chance for enemies to fuck your girls.



No. THICC is exaggerated hourglass figure with emphasis on legs and butt.

Fat fetishists have highjacked the meme and destroyed it, turning it into fat is thicc hurhur


Could someone make a talk guide to recruit each princess if possible?



Raise affinity.

Have an enemy kindom destroy everything she holds dear.

Go to their castle during a siege and save her.

That's it, personal quests have nothing to do with princess recruitment.



Yeah that one way they have said you can recruit princesses by picking the right answers when talking to them http://towergirls.wikia.com/wiki/The_Princesses.




What did you test what i said out? Because saying that no it doesn't work without trying just plain stupid.



I said "no, no one can make a guide", not "no, it does not work".

That being said, I'm pretty sure you still need to pull them during a siege at the moment, until the heir stuff gets added in.



Oh could at least say more than no it get confusing just reading no and wondering if it meant the guide or what the doesn't work but i see what you mean by the heir thing.




Basically get their affinity up by either talking or cheats and then rescue them from a siege. Next update will give you the option to actually recruit them though.


Getting mixed answers here guys some of you are saying yes and some saying no.

Once and for all does this game contain cuckoldry yes or no? Because I'd like to play it.



If you choose to partake in it by taking the quests in which you pimp out your girls, then yes.



Its a meme, the girls only fuck someone else if you start to pimp them or if you let them get raped.

How about you play the game and take you own conclusions yourself.



>the cuckoldry is optional! just dont raise the lust stat!11!111

>lust effects more than just getting cucked

shit game



It does.

People just are in the closet about it.

Cuckoldry is about giving up your loved one to the dicks of others so yes, this game has cuckoldry.

Can you unwillingly have your partner fuck someone else?

No (as far as I know), it doesn't have Netorare.


Stop being an idiot.

It's not a meme, there is cuckoldry in the game, it's called netorase.

Sending your girls to fuck someone else it's exactly what cuckoldry is you idiot, what isn't in the game (probably) is cheating, the girls don't cheat on the player but the player can have them fuck other people.

To reiterate so you fags aren't confused:

This game has variety of NETORARE, specifically NETORASE, which is an equivalent of being a CUCKOLD.

That means that GIRLS WILL FUCK OTHER PEOPLE IF YOU DO CERTAIN THINGS THAT ENABLE THEM TO DO SO, such as raising them to be sluts and/or whoring them out.


However in the future update they clearly implied that your spawn (daughters and sons alike) CAN BE TAKEN AWAY IF YOU DO NOT PROTECTED THEM, ONE OF THE POSSIBILITIES IS THEM ENDING UP IN THE BROTHEL OR WORSE, I don't fucking know if that counts as NTR so draw your own conclusions there.

Own up that you like a game that has cuckoldry in it, even if optional.



If you don't like battle rape/cuckoldry you can just grab a Chastity Belt from the church, that makes princesses unrapeable and lets you enjoy the other benefits of Lust.


File: 66ff94a9849724d⋯.png (65.11 KB, 236x282, 118:141, 1380123281721.png)

> Someone posted a Vanilla monstergirl RPG on /v/ with nice art

> You guys are playing a literal cuckolding game with garbage illustrations

And you have to get cucked to unlock all the content? Unforgivable.

I'd rather have vanilla ice cream than an ice cream with another mans cum in it. But I guess we know what you cucks prefer eh.

A final thought. Westerners already have a bad reputation at making shit adult games does this improve or worsen this reputation?




Stop acting like a autistic sperg you retard, you either didn't read the thread or is shitposting otherwise you would know the reason its a meme its because every thread people come and shitpost to no end about it.

What I don't get is why you and the other people are making a deal of it? The game don't force that shit on your face, it only happens if you're a idiot who raised the one stat who turn then into sluts and purposedly got them raped or because you decided to sell then out to make some money, you got a NPC who you can use to get the scenes and if you did raise the lust stat there is a item to make the princess unrapeable so you only have yourself to blame, and where did you see the future childs get taken to the brothel? it was said they disappear for a while and might come back later never was said they get taken to the brothel, you're making conclusions far too early.

Towerfag has said over and over again its not a cuck game the only reason someone would make a deal about it its because they are shitposting and if you really like that shit then seeds of chaos or all that jap cuck shit its more to your liking.



You can rape or have consensual sex with the Princesses yourself.

Sorry to break your eggs.



> Someone posted a Vanilla monstergirl RPG on /v/ with nice art

Link the thread?



>What I don't get is why you and the other people are making a deal of it

First of all… hello Towerfag.

Your shilling didn't go unnoticed.

Second: you saying it isn't a cuck game doesn't matter, what matters is what your game actually is.

A game that has cuckoldry in it.

Optional cuckoldry? Yes.

It still has it however.

Stop doing false advertising, if someone asks "Does this game have cuckold themes" the answer is yes, it has optional cuckold themes.

That's the only truth.

Stop being in denial.



you better fucking tell me the name of the rpg

monster girls are my festish



Search for RJ144613 in the catalog.


Don't play that game I suggested… It has a … Sad ending.

Very sad. Do not play.

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