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File: 55df5eeef5cff11⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, when you see it.jpg)


Last thread: >>57574

Ongoing topics:

Where have the storytime anons gone?

Is my very specific fetish being catered to?

How does one acquire a non-potatoface loli?

Sims 3 thread archives:

1. https://archive.fo/LifzN

2. https://archive.fo/lCrDw

3. https://archive.fo/F00lh

4. https://archive.is/rc4wA

If you have an issue, try checking these first and see if your question is answered there. Your question may already be answered. That said, post a question anyway.

Getting Started on next post.

EDIT: Added Modpack,Fetish Town and additonal stuff to the OP.

EDIT 2.2 :Added more delta files and KinkyWorld plus NRaas setting exports.

ModPack (Introduced 06/05/17)): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc

Delta files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tazJxUjNqTjRJRmc [PACK_Clothes_And_Accessories (I:06/17/17, II:07/10/17), PACK_Loli_Stuff (I:06/17/17), PACK_Cmar_Stuff (I:07/10/17) and PACK_Tattoos_And_Makeup (I:07/10/17)].

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tV1RFTE9QOU1oeEk [NRaas_Traffic (I:06/17/17) and GECKo_afTop_Nude_NaturalBreast_KinkyWorldRealistic_Default (I:07/10/17)].

Accompanies the modpack, Fetish Town (I:06/05/17): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTE84VmdsaWVfM00 (It's Sunlit Tides where all of the residents are converted into naked slutty lesbians and shemales, plus a bit of loli. Note that you need the Sunlit Tides town installed in order to play it, check the readme for links and instructions).

Additional ModPack stuff (I:06/05/17), https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6g_NArb68F7cWxiZnpfVGo3MlU (packaged hairs, clothes, accesories and SIMS , HOUSES AND HOUSEHOLDS).

KinkyWorld and NRaas setting exports: (Introduced 07/17/17) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc

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(May need updating)

Guide to get you started as simply as possible:

1. download a sims 3 torrent. I've heard Games4theWorld is good.

2. Don't go for a big all in one pack, download the individual expansions you want.If you're curious about an expansion, have a look at LGR's youtube reviews of them.

3. Let your game update to the latest patch via the launcher.

4. Download the ultimate fix. http://games4theworld.bestgoo.com/t752-the-sims-3-ultimate-fix-should-fix-most-of-your-problems It doubles as a crack for the latest patch.

5. Download nraas overwatch (and nraas decensor to remove nude blur) to improve performance. http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Overwatch Make sure to disable 'uniform cleanup' and 'stuckcheck' if you plan on using kinkyworld as they conflict.

5.5: game is now playable.

6. Download a mod folder: http://modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Installing_Sims_3_Package_Files/Setup_and_Files All package mods that you download can be simply copy/pasted into it.

7. Download the public release of kinkyworld from loverslab: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43249-sims3wip-kinkyworld-v026-updated-24-dec-2015/page-1 or get the patreon patch from here (this is more bug filled as it is a beta for the next public release)

8. supporting mods (from the loverslab page):

Custom Content Required:

+CmarNYC Penis Mesh & Sliders (Scripts not required) : http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/the-morphing-penis-default-replacement.html?zx=b07a409ac773e02f

+Animations Packs (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/47255-sims3-sex-animations-for-onikis-kinky-world/?p=1183697, http://www.loverslab.com/topic/46174-sims3wip-lady666s-sex-animations-for-animated-woohoo/)

Custom Content Recommended:

+See through clothes & mini skirts without panty

+CmarNYC Nipples depth slider : http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/morphing-nipples.html?zx=f76cf66ea69dbef7

+CmarNYC skin: http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/ea-details-adult-skins.html

Custom Content Optional:

+Child patches: https://allthefallen.ninja/index.php?/topic/459-sims-3-general-thread/page-4#entry97317

9. Start up the game. It may take a second after yo uload into a world for kinkyworld to load. Click on a sim>kinky> settings to access the settings menu. Go into woohoo>animations and add the animation codes from their corresponding loverslab pages. (ie. KW_Amra72_Animations)

10. You're done and good to go.



Arousal functions in KW as a Need, the same way sleep works, hunger, fun, etc. If viewed as a visual bar, the bar would deplete and arousal would increase leading to moodlets like Horny and Super Horny. But, if you enabled Make Needs Static then that will block it from working because the bar would stay completely full. Even if you enable KW Debug and force someone to have Super Horny, it wouldn't function properly because their arousal Need would be "full" or rather fulfilled.

If you absolutely need to have Needs static and full all the time to play, which I'm not blaming you if you do, enable KW Debug and set Always Accept to On. That way sims will accept your sims sexual advances. Unfortunately if you're someone like me that gets off 10x more to the spontaneous RPing aspect, doing that will feel forced. Also unfortunately, making arousal a Need was a natural way to fit it into game's logic so I wouldn't want Oniki to ever change that.


lolis are disgusting tbh

t. regular degenerate


>Nageboosh Kania

What did she mean by this?


> Nageboosh Kania

What did she mean by this?


File: 73b8c6a989bd251⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot11.jpg)

When it endlessly loads while saving or exiting CAS does that mean I need to clear the caches or is something worse happening



Cache bloating doesn't help but the problem with CAS crashes/freezes is usually indicative of something worse. On a Loverslab thread someone brought up the problem with the town being super busy and active and it runs in the background while you're in CAS. Even though the game is paused, it runs in the background in some capacity. If you have Overwatch enabled that helps. There's a fix related to CAS that is enabled through (I forget) which NRAAS that handles the way CAS loads the thumbnails. Made CAS way more friendly and stable.



Isn't there a way to multiply the rate at which your sims get aroused at? Since I'd like it if everyone was getting horny like there was something in the water.



>Isn't there a way to multiply the rate at which your sims get aroused at?

There's a setting in the KW settings which modifies all sources of arousal. Once a source of arousal is triggered, the base value of that source is multiplied by whatever number you set it to.

>Since I'd like it if everyone was getting horny like there was something in the water.

When you mean everyone do you mean the sims in your household or literally everyone? From what I can tell the arousal multiplier works best according to how many arousal stimulus there is, i.e. does not accelerate passive arousal gain. In one of the latest KW releases they had a way to configure which KW-related events were categorized and this includes seeing what actions cause arousal. This brings me to the point: you can set the rate at which your sims become aroused by increasing sources of arousal AND increasing the arousal multiplier.

For example: making a kinky joke weighs less than showing a sim bare tits. But, if the arousal multiplier is set high enough, a kinky joke could weigh as much as a 1.0-weighed flash of tits. Obviously on that scale a flash of bare tits would be even higher, as well. To make this work you need to maximize your usage of all possible sources of arousal.

Off the top of my head:

1. Set the Attractiveness score of the sims you're interested in, as well as the ones you want to use close to 10 if not 10/10.

2. Add all of the Lifetime Happiness rewards that increase your sims' sex appeal, e.g. there's literally one called Attractive, Eye-Candy, and Master of Seduction.

2.A. Use NRAAS to add sim traits on top of your 4 (if teen) or 5 (adult) such as Irresistible. For that matter, Flirty, and especially Good Kisser causes your sim to have more than one way of increasing arousal in your target sim.

3. Download Loverslab custom clothes content that is supported by KW. Most of them are basically flashy clothing so if you're really into RPing it can be overkill. These clothing items make your sim half naked if not fully naked.

4. Download that world someone posted which was basically an island city of naked women and futas. The arousal spread between them all is super high because arousal was set to max and everyone is constant naked. Constantly naked = everyone sim that sees you will want to woohoo.

If you succeed, your sims will be super horny all the time because everyone is set to be seen as extremely attractive -especially your sim(s)- and moreso if they're wearing clothing that makes them half-naked.



Do regular romantic interactions from the base game affect arousal or just kinky interactions?


File: f8ed90c3200272f⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-11.jpg)

File: 06ce3a4fa914a21⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-14.jpg)

File: af242905d8e8efb⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-16.jpg)

File: 116cba433b2491f⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-21.jpg)

File: 040361544503440⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-24.jpg)

> be me

> have an idea about making a sexy hippie girl

> have so many ideas how I will use her to fulfill my lustful fantasies

> enter CAS

> end up making cute druid girl

> end up wanting to protect to her smile

> skip adding slutty KW traits and make her personality fit what makes perfect wife material

So I ended up scrapping that idea and later made a modest looking teen as a younger sister to her, who is an exhibitionist. Maybe I should NRAAS adding the Proper trait and have her scold her younger sibling whenever does things like she passing out on the couch half naked. Especially for when she sends her older sister kinky (nude) selfies. What a slut.


>Do regular romantic interactions from the base game affect arousal or just kinky interactions?

Just my assumption but they do, but it depends on what they are. Some romantic interactions seem to overlap or are retroactively made to increase arousal like Flirtatious Joke. Even in vanilla, romantic interactions are boosted by certain traits so it's not a stretch to say that they do in KW in regards to arousal, even without Oniki spelling it out. Just try it out. It doesn't hurt to start off with romantic interactions before you lead to ones that say kinky in the name.


i hired whores, assigned to a junkyard and they dont do shit even if i assign them to my brothel (household) they still dont do shit

am i missing something?



>2. Add all of the Lifetime Happiness rewards that increase your sims' sex appeal, e.g. there's literally one called Attractive, Eye-Candy, and Master of Seduction.

That got me thinking. Is there any mod or way to give an adult lifetime reward to a child? I want loli with master of seduction.



Can anyone weigh in on if this is still 100% up to date? I want everything to have sex with everything and don't wanna download outdated content with my shit internet connection. Thanks in advance!



have you tried doing it with NRAAS master controller?



I've tried, but it seems like you can only add Lifetime Happiness points or remove a Lifetime Reward that the sim already has. There's no way to add a reward from the list of all of the options ala Skills or Traits. I haven't found any other ways of doing it yet either.


reply for the last thread:


1: are they teens? Teens have to be at least halfway to aging up before they're get aroused. Or they'll start getting aroused if they get raped or whored out

2: raise woohoo skills by watching porn on tv. The higher the skill, the faster they get aroused. Ensure the channel is set to something matching their interests (if hetero male, kinky one or kinky lesbian. If homo female, only kinky lesbian. Like that) or it won't raise. However, if it's not matching their interests, channels kinky gay and kinky lesbian will alter a sim's sexuality toward what's depicted



How i can disable the 'uniform cleanup' and the 'stuckcheck'

can you explain me with images if you can

i'm a little noob in this




no pictures but this should be easy enough:

click a character

go to NRAAS6+

click overwatch

click settings

find those and disable them

as for why to disable them:

stuck check sometimes decides you're stuck just because a command keeps you in one place. Such as when you're sleeping. Or standing around while whoring

not sure how uniform cleanup conflicts but kill it anyway



*go to NRAAS

cat walked on the numpad and I didn't catch it



>I've tried, but it seems like you can only add Lifetime Happiness points or remove a Lifetime Reward that the sim already has.

>There's no way to add a reward from the list of all of the options ala Skills or Traits. I haven't found any other ways of doing it yet either.

I managed to do it. I forgot how. Probably one of the menus in master controller. Try digging around in one of the menus and you'll find it. Not all of the menus in master controller are as explicit on what exactly they do.



Found it. It's under the Basic category for sims, called Purchase Reward. I'm amazed that I overlooked it so much, but whatever. Thanks, Anon.


File: 9067252e7c25257⋯.jpg (826.31 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-10.jpg)

File: 10c4acd2a8a6703⋯.jpg (799.31 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-9.jpg)

File: 5f9af31075cae5d⋯.jpg (570.3 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-12.jpg)

File: 0888d4a2906bad7⋯.jpg (698.92 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-15.jpg)

Decadent Pool Parties?


File: 56a72cf84b9942c⋯.mp4 (1.24 MB, 640x358, 320:179, 1235778.mp4)


PROTIP - if you want to have multiple relationships you need a No Jealous Lifetime award (World Adventures).

I hear Above Reproach (Generations) might work too.


My active sims cant get pregnant by anything other than debug, with sperm fert set to 100 and dunno what sperm life bar thing does. Wat do


Can anyone explain how the fuck the privacy settings for Kinkyworld work? Because that thing is weird.

Two Sims refuse to engage in hankyspanky with each other in their own house with no one else nearby or even on the lot with "someone might see us". Uh?

Also, funnily enough the "rape" action goes through just well but as soon as he wins the fight, he complains that someone might see them and doesn't do anything.

Speaking of which, what are the requirements to actually rape, besides the trait, obviously?

They seem to despise the idea of raping people that live with them, and even if they are Evil, they'll complain about it most of the time "why would I do that?"



Quick, give me the link to that mod! There's no time to explain, paste it right here if you wanna live!


File: 8b2214ccc0cb66f⋯.png (594.89 KB, 1206x437, 1206:437, gdfs.PNG)


File: 9d18a9cc6da9e47⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-1.jpg)

New thread, eh? I'll post the modpack that I've been working on. It's a merger of a couple different packs we had in the last thread plus some extra additions. It includes AllTheFallen KinkyWorld v338 plus essential kinky animations, NRaas, and Cmar mods. It also includes a bunch of hairstyles, clothes, and other things that are merged into single packages to improve loading times. It's got everything you need to get your lewd on, or serves as a good starting point. It also has those tails & ears that >>96373 wants.

ModPack: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc

I also made a town to accompany this modpack, as mentioned by >>96013. It's Sunlit Tides where all of the residents are converted into naked slutty lesbians and shemales, plus a bit of loli. Since there are so many townsfolk to work with, a lot of them are still sorta meh looking, but it's a slow work in progress.

Fetish Town: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTE84VmdsaWVfM00

Note that you need the Sunlit Tides town installed in order to play my town. Check the readme for links and instructions.



My share has packaged hairs, clothes, accesories and SIMS , HOUSES AND HOUSEHOLDS.

I wrote that in caps because >>96399 has made a modpack that adds pretty much everything I made, except those.




I just want to say I give up on TS3. No matter how or what you install, if you completely ignore the store or other content mods or whether you perform a blood sacrifice the game will slow down to a fucking crawl. And not the fun fucking crawl, either.



thats because you are missing nraas errortrap, traffic, overwatch and the memory txt edit

dont forget to reset all objects with master controller or use the resetsim * command once in a while

can anyone give me any tips on this issue?


what can cause the whoring to not work?



It's not that it's out of date, meaning its info is not invalid. It's that there are a lot of good ways to set up the game for your hentai needs, some better than others. My advice is to read the past threads linked in the OP. You'll find a lot more things and catch up on a lot of the meta in these threads, meaning stuff you should do to prevent certain issues.

For example, there are three threads on Loverslab that qualify as great set up guides with the aim of serving KW. I'd link them but I'm not on my desktop. Also the latest patreon release for KW is posted on the last thread. The stable and free version is on LL but the patreon version has way more stuff even if it's buggy.


Could you describe your problem a bit more? Sometimes it just takes time and multiple tries. Check the KW settings and make sure it's enabled. Some settings like the zoo content can be disabled from a different menu altogether.


You did it wrong. You don't need the store or even more than the base game to make it work fine. While it is faster to keep the bare minimum & essential EPs, the game runs just fine if you know how to proof it and what kind if maintenance it requires.

Think of it like this way anon. Do you think you're smarter than tumblr? Look right now at the Sims 3 tags on tumblr -which are surprisingly active- and you'll see plenty of tumblrinas are doing just fine. Hell, some even make useful videos on how to decrease lag. If tumblr can do it so they can play virtual dollhouse, so can you so you can live up your most degenerate fantasies. Sims 3 is a terribly crafted piece of shit even by bethesda standards, but even tumblr gets by fine. Do better. Be smarter than tumblr.




How old is your KW installation? Granted, I don't have much experience messing with the brothel stuff, but the last several updates changed how it works multiple times. Check the last thread to see how some anons ran into problems got theirs fixed.

But back my main point. If you've tried everything and it still won't work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall KW. Depending on how long you've been updating it, chances are it simply won't work because of conflicting configurations that can't be salvaged. I would say test it on a new save but if you want to save time and don't mind resetting your KW progress on your current town, simply uninstalling & reinstalling it will tell you if it was old configurations interfering with the latest release.




Thanks for that. If someone makes a new thread (here or on /v/) that should be part of the OP.


>memory txt edit

We are talking about the Large Adress Aware bit, right? Isn't that no longer necessary after updating the game?



Guy with the problem here

Doesnt sperm fertilization set at 100 make pregnancy 100%? Its only my active sims doe, the rest of the town has been getting pregnant.



So long as the females are ovulating.



not sure but i did it anyway


i made a new save with this KW so i dont think uninstalling will solve the problem

oh i have my mods on folders

cmar, nraas and KW are separated

could that be the reason?



This: >>96688

If you're not getting the pregnancy warning moodlet then your sim won't get pregnant. You can adjust the phases before and after ovulation essentially making ovulation constant and the stages before and after non-existent. The default values suck anyway so you might as well change them.


>i made a new save with this KW so i dont think uninstalling will solve the problem

>oh i have my mods on folders

>cmar, nraas and KW are separated

I'm not sure what you mean. The packages should all be in the same place:

Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages ←– they all go in that directory

If you were able to hire whores and assign them then that means KW should be working to some extent. Otherwise that option in-game wouldn't work.



sounds like he has them in sub folders, which is fine. all mods in 1 folder would be a mess.


you still need to edit the sims3.ini in your bin to say 4gb instead of 2 as it is default



>sounds like he has them in sub folders, which is fine. all mods in 1 folder would be a mess.

Didn't know you could do that. I just keep packing the mods into one package file depending on the content. My NRAAS file is 25MB, animations file is 275MB, CAS stuff (not clothing) is 300MB, and my clothing back is 650MB, etc.



you dont really save much by packing things together despite most blogs and tip sites saying otherwise. you'll save a few mb here and there but the files are already compressed. its like zipping an mp3 album.

theres no harm in it either though as long as you're keeping track of your things. i label things by author unless its something big like kw, then ill give it its own folder, but inside there, still separate by anim authors and such.


some one can help me

i tries and i tried

but the game dont recognize the mods. i cant use the nraas or the mastercontroller

i don't know what i'm doing wrong



Did you activate script mods in the options menu?




…in the options menu.



>you dont really save much by packing things together despite most blogs and tip sites saying otherwise. you'll save a few mb here and there but the files are already compressed. its like zipping an mp3 album.

The idea is that Sims 3, which is already an un-optimized but lovable piece of shit, will have have less files to read from, therefore increasing speed - especially if you have hundreds of tiny files. I myself experienced a huge performance increase after taking a few hours to catalog my custom content and zip them up with s3pe. I could be wrong but I doubt my experience was a placebo.



Does this mod pack contain all the mods from >>95890?



its reading the exact same amount of data whether its decompressing it on load or reading multiple files. if you have thousands of files, it might help a bit. but overall it doesn't make a huge difference especially if you're on an ssd.



I would also like to know this.



to add: if i were doing a pack like some anons here are, i'd put it all in 1 big file. but for my own cc (~1gb), sub folders labeled correctly for easy weeding out of bad things is the way to go.


File: 331b932ae32290b⋯.png (3.66 MB, 2556x1852, 639:463, Untitled.png)

I'm uploading my shitty attempt at porting the slave Leia outfit to S3.

This includes: bra, skirt, shoes, collar, earrings, headdress. I tried to do the arm accessory parts but because it was on the other arm when I tried to rig it in workshop, it was wonky. I think mirroring it to the other arm might work so it better matches, but I didn't try it.

I didn't size things correctly, basically did the minimum involved to fit the adult female body. The shoes are noticibly wider than they should be for instance.

I didn't do the color masks right either so there are no recolorable areas like you might be used to in other CC.

The headdress position in relation to the skull might be off. With my hair there is a tad bit of floating, but it depends on the hair you're using so I didn't bother making it closer to the head.

All that aside, it was fun to learn how to port stuff and I will probably look into it further. Maybe I'll redo this outfit and fix all these things but for now it looks decent in game and works as I expected it to.

This is my first port and only modding I've done for a Sims game, but maybe someone will find a use for it.

The PW for the zip is this threads #. I won't be uploading it to share on other sites.

Just a note but let this be a lesson to anyone whose willing to learn - if I can do it, you can too. This mod at worst is a good example of delving into something I knew nothing about but still produced results.




It has to do with how Sims 3 handles and loads data internally.

My loading speed DOUBLED (and I do have SSD) when using packs.

that said, 1 big file isn't the best way to do it.

Better have a few of different categories.


For some reason in CAS there arent any extra sliders. I think i have followed instructions properly, and i installed the CmarNYC benis, and if i click random it changes the benis but either i cant see the sliders because im retarded or there is something wrong.



Oh im stupid its under the magnifying glass button



I had all of those.


That's some fine peptalk but I'm tapped out. No CC other than KW, barebones nraas and adult skins + as little as three expansions (and not the IP or WA either) and the game still slows the fuck down. Not toasting it either. It just takes longer and you're left feeling like shit over all the pointless crap you had to uninstall/didn't get.

Enjoy the autism while you have it. It won't last




It's got everything except for see through clothes & pantiless miniskirts. I'll add those, but are there more recommended clothes that I should add? Or is there a good thread on loverslab that has the stuff? Sorry for asking to be spoonfed.


File: 9f1da95b6663e54⋯.jpg (76.96 KB, 680x704, 85:88, 766172.jpg)


even with all the packages out of the subfolders the whores dont do anything

all they do is stare at their phone

ive assign them to the brothel and other places and nothing happens

they dont use the whoring interaction not even if i make them part of my household

what can be causing this?

all i can think of is story progression



deleted sp and still nothing



New to this, when I try to use Create-a-Household and edit a male Sim's naked outfit, when I switch to another outfit it resets all the Looks settings and sometimes age etc. Is this something that's known about, and is there a workaround or a solution?



Just edit him in the casual outfit, scroll to bottom of clothes and pick out no shirt and no pants (nude). Then all outfits and nude should match. To help with loading clothes, just filter it so you can quickly get him naked (or her, it does the same trick/thing).


I'm an idiot and wondering: I have a copy of the Sims 3 on Origin. Can these mods be done on that version? Would I just skip to step 5 of the second post?


>>97088 (checked, hail Hitler)

Depends on what version number it is;

if = 1.67 then yes, if = 1.69 then hopefully you can downupgrade to 1.67 via the ultimate update fix. From I have heard 1.69 only adds tighter Origin integration as that is it nothing else worth mentioning besides the usual EA QA of providing more potentially game breaking exciting and worth while bugs that totally makes it worth going legit because EA is a poor insocent publisher goy fellow consumer of this imageboard thingy. If it is at 1.67 then yes start at step 5, that said some mods may support 1.69 if you are lucky (Overwatch does, not shure any of about the others. My I reading KW's requirements "Requires: The Sims 3 v1.67" to mean it only works with that version so not 1.69 otherwise 1.67+ would have been much more appropriate). Polite sage as this is just a repost.



If you assign them to brothel, did you set their schedule?

If you're talking about basic street whores, they only get buisness if citizens are horny. So if you just start a new game, it takes a while for the towns general wohoo and horniness level to rise.



Unless I'm mistaken, don't brothel whores have to have level 6 woohoo or was it changed to be like with call girls? Sims in general won't woohoo unless they have level 1 in the skill, unless it's under certain conditions. Raise their skill manually with NRAAS master controller. You get more money if they have higher skill anyway.




From my experience, mods that work with 1.67 work fine with 1.69 and vice versa.

But if you can, get rid of Origin, it's a huge pile of crap. I had nothing but trouble with it:

- sometimes it doesn't let you play at all (something about something being offline, because Sims 3 is such online and stuff)

- at other times it deactivates all your expansions for no reason at all

- when your internet connection is wonky, expansions seem active but you can't load any savegames where you used them

So I nuked Origin from my PC and applied a crack for Sims 3.

If you want to be able to switch your active expansions without un-/reinstalling, there's a tool for that at MTS.



What numbers should i set what phases to to achieve constant ovulation?



The middle one can be what ever. Setting the begining and end to zero should do the trick, in theory.



i set their schedule and workplace and nothing happens

i also set horny fever and they still dont do anything


im gonna try that leveling to level 6 thing if it doesnt work ill start removing mods to locate the problem

thanks guys



>you still need to edit the sims3.ini in your bin to say 4gb instead of 2 as it is default

Shiiiiieeettt, niggah! I never did that before. Hopefully it helps. Though it's a bit weird that EA would hardcode a memory limit like this.

Also, has anyone delved into Kinkyworld's values and how it works behind the scenes?

It seems that there are specific needs for some things besides woohooing, namely raping, masochism, voyerism and exhibition. Also "corruption points" somewhere, dunno what they do.

Voyerism and Masochism only have a value if you have the required traits, otherwise it's NA but I still haven't figured how these work.

They have a value of -100 but also a desire (usually 0), the first value going down when they perform the specific actions. I dunno if you can "train" a sim to prefer certain types of actions over another or if they just develop a certain taste for those things.

Also, no idea what corruption actually is and what it can do, but it's a value Sims have besides everything else.

Currently I seem to be having a bit of a bug where Sims are constantly Horny. The first one got the woohooer trait and she has a passive "Really Excited" moodlet that never goes away but doesn't affect her mood anyway. The other Sim (who I acidentally cheated max woohoo skill while debugging some stuff) has a permanent "Really Fucking Horny" moodlet now.

Said moodlets seem to be independant of how horny they actually aware since they still refuse actions like jacking off and stick strictly to regular woohoo, for whatever reason.


Is it normal to get a pretty big slowdown whenever you click a Sim while using Kinkyworld?

I've already swapped in and out several mods and pinpointed it to Kinkyworld. Whenever I click a Sim while using it, the game freezes for about 2-3 seconds before showing the regular pie menu. It's somewhat bearable, but if it could be avoided, I'd like to know how.



You seem to have version 2.8 of Kinkyworld in that pack, while a new version is out.

You should probably fix that since apparently there are a lot of bug fixes or something.


I imagine this is a common problem because Sims 3 is optimized so badly, but anything I can do to fix or at least help the game freezing? What I mean by freezing is not it becoming completely inoperable and going not responding, but all the animations stop and then pick back up again shortly afterwards. Menus and things still work. I've got Overwatch.



Installing the game on an SSD seems to alleviate it a bit.



I'm using v0.2.8 Build 338 ATF version because it is the last update before the animation system changed which botched compatability with the old child animations. Because I want to include loli stuff, I'm using an older KW version at least until the Amra72 and L666 child animation packs get updated to accommodate the new animation system. If you'd rather use a newer version, you can overwrite the KW packages with a newer non-ATF version without issue, though don't overwrite ONIKI_Videos.



You can use my slave Leia outfit if you want. The top and bottom are marked as revealing so it works with KW, your sim will get moodlets for wearing it and make others horny by seeing it.

This goes for any people packing things up in the thread, feel free to use it if you want.


hmm a new bulding come out, waiting for the leak!!!



The two links are the same


Anybody have a highschool that doesn't require hunting for a truckload of CC?



Sounds good, I'll add it to the next update. I'm also adding NRaas_Traffic since I somehow missed it, so hopefully I'll have all of the mods that could be considered essential.



I know but the website doesn't easily allow one to see all results of the previous analysis.


Let me guess not much was added as it is the patreon way ©.


File: 06eb0bf5a65fbf0⋯.jpg (853.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, spooky skele tv.jpg)


>The top and bottom are marked as revealing so it works with KW, your sim will get moodlets for wearing it and make others horny by seeing it.

I've been wondering how to do that. Is there a guide somewhere like on Loverslab on how to add that effect to clothes? Sometimes I wish some of the skimpy and revealing clothes I download had that effect and I wouldn't mind trying my hand at adding it to clothes that I've downloaded.

On an another note, I wish Oniki added a moodlet that was basically just that, a lesser topless/bottomless moodlet, a bonus effect for revealing clothing. Make it cause half or less of an arousal bonus to people who see the wearer, as opposed to the arousal bonus they get when they see topless or bottomless (clothing). Low neck & cleavage, micro shorts/miniskirts, tight pants, yoga pants, underwear, bikinis, etc. What would be perfect is if wearing it slowly increases the exhibition skill and exhibition trait users get off on it for half or less as much as the bottomless/topless moodlets. I'm hoping I'm not the only one who has that idea. I've never checked his Patreon to see what his patrons ask for. A moodlet like that would probably incentivize fans who make custom content to add that to the stuff they put out.


File: c35fc9f8cd1d36c⋯.png (146.97 KB, 950x738, 475:369, Untitled.png)


In TSR Workshop, project tab, expand the 'categories' box and check IsRevealing.

If you turn on debug stuff for KW, you can select 'Edit CAS Properties' properties and set the revealing level at 0-5. 5 Being nearly naked and lower being less so. Setting it to 4 for another outfit I have gives the same moodlets, but less. Like -4 mood from the 'Everyone can see my butt!' moddlet, instead of -8. These moodlets also change to +4/8 (in that example) if it were your sims lover thats in the room with them. Wouldn't be surprised if your sim was more of the exhibitionist type, you only get the positive traits, but I haven't tested it.


First time doing this sims stuff. I went through all the steps to the letter. I used the modpack to take care of all the conflicts with overwatch and kinkytown. CAS runs fine and loads pretty quickly despite all the content, but I can't seem to actually enter the game after buying a house and all that stuff. The game just crashes. Is it a problem since I'm running windows 8, or is it a problem with my install?

Thanks in advance.



Cool, I got it to work. I'm already making adjustments to certain items that should be available under other categories. Somewhat related but do you or does anyone know what happens if two of the same custom content files are in the mods folder? Does Sims 3 just ignore that?



I recently tired of some whoring, so wanna try brothel.

any tip?


i'm really hope the awesome leaker can come with the new patreon version which already out.


does kinkyworld support 'breaking' or 'turning' characters? i was thinking of making a next door neighbor lesbian couple and try to get them to eventually crave my character's cock but i dunno if it's actually possible.



> any tip?

Start with the last thread. When the brothel mechanics were expanded upon, lots of people tried their hand at it. >>57574 ctrl+f brothel - 86 hits


>does kinkyworld support 'breaking' or 'turning' characters? i was thinking of making a next door neighbor lesbian couple and try to get them to eventually crave my character's cock but i dunno if it's actually possible.

Breaking, yes. Turning, no, or at least not for the idea you have. The only turning mechanic in KW right now is making someone develop an incest fetish.

Now that you mentioned your idea, I'm actually surprised something like that doesn't exist in KW and if it does why no one's mentioned it. Being able to affect someone's sexual orientation would be interesting and I believe it's even supported by the base game. In NRAAS Master Controller under (I think) Basic there's a setting that's called Gender Preference, or something, that changes your target sim's sexual orientation in degrees of -100 to 100. I forgot which order it presents it but let's just say the first setting was orientation towards men and if it's a militant dyke you want, you could set that to -100. If it's a a guy and a fag you want, then 100 would be absolute homolust. For a bi-sexual person I guess 50 & 50 would work. If I'm not mistaken KW already relies on these values for Sim autonomy. Every time I make a cute lesbian couple and assign them both to have a 100 in carpetmunching, I never see them autonomously get kinky with a guy. Oniki should look into a mechanic where what sex a sim has sex with affects their orientation value. Better yet, make that feature something that can be switched on or off.

So in the meantime you have two choices. Either make them "lesbians" who are actually bi-sexual with the in-game values so they already do crave cock but you still have work to do to make it happen. Or you will have to make due with breaking them. Repeatedly rape them until they develop the masochist trait. The new Dominance/submissive mechanics in KW should help compliment that.



>In NRAAS Master Controller under (I think) Basic there's a setting that's called Gender Preference, or something, that changes your target sim's sexual orientation in degrees of -100 to 100.

That's actually how the base game works.

Every Sims has a sexual orientation score that starts at 0 because it's not defined yet. The first time you interact romantically with another Sim, it immidiatly goes towards -100 or 100 depending on the gender of the other person. But if you then romantically interact with someone of a different gender, it changes back to 0.

AFAIK, it doesn't actually "slide" in-game, not with mods at least. It's either -100\100 for "craves dick\cunt" or 0 for "craves dick and cunt"

Kinkyworld supposely has some corruption mechanics there, though what it does remains a mystery.

If you enable Debug Interactions, you can then click on a Sim and choose Kinky\Debug\ShowInfo and it gives you a truckload of stats. One of the first ones is "corruption points", although that might just be the count for the masochistic trait, earned by being raped. Or perhaps it's how many times a Sims has done something "shamefull" and an high enough score merely increases Arousal generation.

That Debug Menu is pretty usefull and tells some neat information. For instance, Temperature seems to play a role as well so trying to woohoo with someone near a fireplace might actually be easier.

I'm thinking of starting an underground facility using the Cerebral Machine to brainwash several girls with the right traits and perform a few tests.



Someone said that there is a literal Corruption trait that is earned when you do things like max woohoo. The icon is a sim being tentacle raped. It might be a Lifetime Rewards trait.

>I'm thinking of starting an underground facility using the Cerebral Machine to brainwash several girls with the right traits and perform a few tests.

That sounds like a great idea.


when the 'select whores' option pops up does selecting a girl do anything other than make them available for a brothel?

i thought it might make them much easier to do stuff with but that doesn't seem to be the case.



For KW male/female attraction is tracked separately IIRC.


any way (or even cheat) to easily get the needed ingredients for the sexbot trait chip?



File: b15340d85da40f1⋯.jpg (656.01 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-38.jpg)

File: 9b6ea559e9f6d4e⋯.jpg (761.83 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-39.jpg)

File: d77ad67cd06568b⋯.jpg (487.61 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-40.jpg)

File: 836088265c1f69a⋯.jpg (870.48 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-37.jpg)

Vivian is on a rampage.



Vivian had to learn that from somewhere. She's a very impressionable girl.



Keep buying stuff until the correct part appear


It's probably just my autism or something but the pack at


only has individual sims but no households present… Am I just not looking in the right place?



It's the videogames.



Same anon

While I'm thinking about it, does anyone have a MEGA or something with a bunch of kinky households ready to install?


Anyone have a problem where the text of the UI gets all blurry and out of focus? Any idea how to fix this? I'm in fullscreen mode if that makes a difference.



try changing the resolution


File: a753359e77990a9⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, das it mane.jpg)

Is anyone else having problems with sims acting autonomously even when Sims 3 autonomy is turned off and KW autonomy is turned off? My sims are acting as if they have low or medium free will. I know that Sims 3 doesn't disable autonomy completely as it even has a note saying that life-threatening situations is one event sims retain autonomy in, and I'm not even sure when this started.

My past games work fine with sims only acting on things I tell them to do. It seems to be a completely new problem. I'm still trying to pin it down to the version of KW that these new games were made with and maybe that might explain the autonomy issue. In the meantime I'm stuck having to cancel action after action and pause after every little action is completed until I can figure out what to have these sims do in between all the lewd stuff.


Basement stairs, how do they work?

I've built the perfect sex dungeon underneath my dominatrix sim's house. The stairs were the first thing I placed down there and they were kosher connecting to the surface. But after a foundation and a fully built house, my dom says she can't go down the stairs. I tried deleting the stairs, but now the game won't let me place the new stairs in the exact same place that old stairs were.

Gawdammit, I just want my dominatrix to have sexy fun times in her sex dungeon with a few victims she's ensnared.



Stairs are way more complicated than they look. I can't pinpoint your exact issue based on what you've said but just for right now, if you haven't, check out how complicated stares can get. That might give you an idea of the breadth of the problem. I found this out just trying to make a side entrance to a second story floor of my island duplex.


Your problem might even be a terrain issue. If you made any slight changes to the foundation around the basement, it could have fucked up everything yet allowed the stairs to function until you deleted it:


Note: I don't know why they put all their guides in PDFs.



In MasterController, advanced, 'change autonomy'. It should ask to remove it completely if they still have some. They'll still do those live-death things like taking care of kids but it helps.



Ah, thanks for the links. So many convoluted workarounds just to make simple basement stairs work. Why did they ever make stairs so complicated in this game?

Looks like I did fuck myself over by laying the basement down first and the foundation second. Unless I do some MAJOR reworking of the house from scratch, the stairs where they are placed are broken.

But I make a quick & dirty fix so my sims can access the sex dungeon. I built an outhouse in the backyard with some stairs and an underground passage that links to the dungeon. It ain't pretty, but it works.


File: 65d01736d908bb0⋯.png (48.73 KB, 560x661, 560:661, idort.png)

File: 076bef712f221df⋯.jpg (104.67 KB, 620x227, 620:227, Sims3moderror.jpg)

So I couldn't get the Games4theworld version running so I got a big ol repack of the entire game, the MrDJ version or whatever, updated to version 1.67.2024002 and I can't get any of the XCAS mods in the pack from >>96399 to work; the game interrupts startup to tell me that some mods are out of date from my game version and is gonna cause bugs or crashes. Do I need any of them? I'm gonna try playing anyway and I guess I'll do a followup post if shit's fucked.

I've already tried redownloading XCAS from the modthesims page and I also tried superpatching my game, which the superpatcher couldn't even detect prolly cause it's yarrharr'd and also not installed in the default c:\ location. No luck.



repacks are shit, get individual isos. ignore the stuff packs



The MrDJ version WorksForMe™ so I don't know what to tell you. I tried that pack you linked before and it worked fine when I played it. I preferred my own mod setup and saves so I haven't gone back to it.

> the game interrupts startup to tell me that some mods are out of date from my game version and is gonna cause bugs or crashes

This could be caused by one individual file from any mod or mod pack. I downloaded a modback a long time ago when I got started and assimilated it into my big assortment of mods and have never gone to look for the one that gives me that warning.

>I've already tried redownloading XCAS from the modthesims page and I also tried superpatching my game, which the superpatcher couldn't even detect prolly cause it's yarrharr'd and also not installed in the default c:\ location. No luck.

IIRC the MrDJ version is already superpatched but I could be wrong.




Well the game seems to run fine, the only noticeable thing I can find is a button or two being out of place or missing a texture in CAS but that's like a spot of chipped paint on a big house, big deal.


Update to >>96399 modpack.

Small update. I'm just adding NRaas_Traffic and some clothes, namely the slave Leia outfit from >>96921. I'm gonna be out for a week but I'm thinking that I'll try to add some good lewd clothes from loverslab and make it a 1.0 release since the pack is feeling pretty fleshed out now. Until then, think of anything else you wanna see in it and I'll see about adding it then.

ModPack: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc

If you'd rather not download the entire pack, then grab PACK_Clothes_And_Accessories and PACK_Loli_Stuff from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tazJxUjNqTjRJRmc and get NRaas_Traffic from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tV1RFTE9QOU1oeEk


found a copy of build 356



Fixed: Inadvertently removed state machine resource from ONIKI_Anims.package causing Lick My Pussy interaction to fail.

Fixed: Medicines don't lose their thumbnail and properties after travelling.

Fixed: Unhandled exception when a Sim tries to autonomously continue to create a potion on the alchemy lab.

Fixed: Imaginary Friends can non longer woohoo or undress unless they are real.

Fixed: Inconsistency when SimData deals with Butlers causing a new SimData to be created at each update and quicly slowing down the game.

Fixed: "Talk About" cooldown is correctly applied even if the interaction was rejected by target.

Fixed: Several hunandled exceptions caused by a null outfit manager.

Modified: Sims are more likely to accept shady deals especially when suffuring from withdrawal symptoms or when drunk.

Modified: Increased magic cost of all kinky spells from 10 to 65.

Added: WooHooStage Climax flag. This flag alows to identify Climax animations. Any WooHooSequence automatically stops after playing a Climax Stage if Sequence time is greater or equal to the min duration. When Random option is enabled, the animation system will try to find an appropriate Climax WooHooStage to end the Sequence.

Added: Sims can offer a cigarette.



Is this the latest build?


Thank you Anon.

Yes is the last build.

First i was worried becasue the archive say RUS but is in english.


I just upgraded me computer, and I still have my previous sims3 (all modded for this stuff) installed. Is it fine if i just copied the files across and load it up?



No you need to clone over everything (probably just the registry and files but might as well be safer).



Or possibly move every single HDD in use to the new machine rather than cloneing them all.



Sex games are games too.

Both Lilian and Erika are knocked up. Christ-Tan is the only pure one left.


Can this mod make absurd situations?

>Gonna get to work

>A massive orgy on the streets smh

>Got to work, went home, massive orgy again.


File: f9b0642cdf378c4⋯.png (508 KB, 680x415, 136:83, TS3W_2017-06-20_01-42-49.png)

Needs more loli pussy stuffing


File: 678ca7b94d1d80e⋯.png (494.22 KB, 619x520, 619:520, TS3W_2017-06-20_01-49-18.png)

Have another


File: 90829e90ccb1c39⋯.png (284.26 KB, 360x492, 30:41, TS3W_2017-06-20_01-58-20.png)

Meh, one more.


I've got a four person household, father, mother, son and daughter. Had the son fuck his mom while his sister and dad were at work, but they got caught in the act when their sister came home. She got the Witnessed Betrayal moodlet and a huge relationship malus with both, but also became Super Horny and immediately went to her room to whack her clit. I honestly didn't expect anything to happen when they got caught and I wish the Kinkyworld wiki was more in-depth about this stuff but I'm pleasantly surprised that this can actually happen and Sims don't just ignore their family members fucking each other. Maybe once they're all Incestuous they'll stop caring.




Does this pack include the XCAS mods that (IIRC) you need for Cmar's stuff?



>Had the son fuck his mom while his sister and dad were at work, but they got caught in the act when their sister came home.

Had the same problem. What is it with older sisters ruining everything? Can't just fuck mom in peace.


Sorry guys i forgot to upload the new builds lately

Build 357

+Fixed: KW Panties preset 3.

+Fixed: Already registered whores don't appear anymore in the candidates list when the player is asked to select whores.

+Fixed: Sims should no longer be stuck in StreetWhore/Callgirl/Escortgirl mode.

+Fixed: Exhibition is not always rejected anymore when all rooms on lot are "outside".

+Fixed: (And improved) Joinable WooHoo interactions (MasturbateOnAllFours and OraljobToDog).

+Fixed: SimData LoadFixup is now correcly called after being imported. Kinky trait chips' design should no longer be forgotten after travelling.

+Fixed: Unhandled exception when a plumbot or a mummy tries to equip the penis accessory before woohooing.

+Fixed: Post WooHoo moodlets description now show the name of the partner again.

+Modified: Drug addiction has been reduced for cannabis and withdrawal duration shortened. Note: The modifications apply only on new withdrawal states.

+Added: "Ask to Remove Bottom" and "Ask to Remove Top" when Sims are relaxing in hot tub.




How much do new versions mess up loli compatibility?



A lot. The ATF hacks are not a mod for KW. They are a replacement for it. Until the latest gets patched it's _TeenOrAbove.


File: a0c018c0e46bcd3⋯.jpg (65.99 KB, 840x635, 168:127, Capture1.JPG)

Hey all, I've checked in the previous threads but I haven't found an answer for this.

I have followed the instructions to the letter but I cannot get past step 4: the "ultimate fix". I just get pic related. I'm worried about using torrents so I got it off steam, but someone in another thread said that shouldn't matter. Has anyone run into this problem?



If you got it off steam, you may not need the ultimate fix. As long as the game runs you can skip to step 6. The ultimate fix is not needed for kinkyworld.



Ah, thanks I'll try that out



repacks are shit, get individual isos.



That worked, thanks!


Having a bug with Kinkymod where arousal never goes down and moodlets from woohoo (quality of woohoo and creampie effects) don't show up despite everything seemingly working correctly. Any ideas?



im tired of the default worlds

anyone know where i can get new ones?

what worlds do you guys play in?



Nevermind sorry, figured it out. You have to use 2v2 instead of 1v2 here



File: 4ef2d6cf595666a⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-40.jpg)

File: d2250da5e88084b⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-43.jpg)

File: 081e62fec376626⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-44.jpg)

File: 7535a6cadda56cb⋯.jpg (1006.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-46.jpg)

File: e137e82dedfc9bb⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-4.jpg)



As for condoms, they are easist found under Decor > Misc Decor > Vending Machine Condom. You could also probably add them via the console if one wishes.



What's that child skin?


File: a99c5b86b26c5a7⋯.jpg (144.75 KB, 1137x1029, 379:343, thicc.jpg)


that mother is thicc



Ah, thanks


File: 5b6866416dd651f⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-3.jpg)

This game is just like real life

>chad fucks the nerd girl so hard he's up and reading a book while she's still lights out


File: 707512ba6a77489⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-6.jpg)


>suddenly, all the girls in the house barge into his room to gossip and gab with each other

>chad plays coy


File: c27b4538d2404a8⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-7.jpg)



Fucking nerds when will they learn



You say that like it was a bad thing.



Oy vey i use that room in the university for all my shenanigans too.



no I say it like it's a good thing. That's why I posted an ara too



>Fucking nerds when will they learn

…to not jerk it in the middle of two staircases?


How did you guys get futas by the way? I think I missed it somewhere in the sea of mods, I went to "transform" someone into a futa and got an error message related to CAS

I have no idea where to find it



have you downloaded a female penis as a seperate mod? http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/penis-for-females.html



I have not, thank you my friend I must have missed that


File: 0a5610ad1ef9dec⋯.jpg (184.64 KB, 705x1001, 705:1001, futa.jpg)

File: 2e9d38086acf55a⋯.jpg (113.14 KB, 647x1045, 647:1045, futa 2.jpg)


All good. I think I have the alternate bottom that works with the mod, and also the accessory (which works with the other) to add under my futa sims skirts



One more question if I may, I downloaded the modpack and sunlit tides from the OP and used that, but I noticed they all have giant futa dicks whereas the ones in your picture look more normal

I tried adding the mod from your link but the alternate bottom is still the same size

Do you know exactly what I would have to do to get them to the size in your picture?



try creating a new futa sim and see if it's the same in CAS. If it isn't, then he probably just made those sims larger. If it is, then I'm not too sure. I wouldn't even know how to make dicks bigger universally



Thanks, yeah I mean you can change it slowly by constantly using settings - shorter/thinner but it's tedious to do one by one




Check the max values you have set in CASE.

I think it's called FACE/BODY SLIDER MULTIPLIER. I usually have it to 2 or 3 - most people do. It increases the max range of sliders, so a sim saved with a penis length of 230 won't load properly if your max is set to 100



Can you share mom sim?



I'm the anon that made the town, and yeah, I made the futas shamelessly huge. Instead of using the Penis state settings through clicking on sims, the best way to change size is to go into CAS and go into Looks -> Face and Ears -> Global. There should be penis sliders for you to adjust all of the parameters there. Slider values closer to 0 will make it normal.


File: 0ca23fba894dd03⋯.jpg (227.42 KB, 993x919, 993:919, big.jpg)


>I made the futas shamelessly huge.

Oh my



Thanks, though that wasn't it, the other anon answered. Adjusted it all the same


Thanks man, don't get me wrong I love the town but it's just my preference


Any setting to keep sims from constantly undressing?

Every time I look away they are missing their pants.



Are they horny/have exhibitionist trait?



>don't get me wrong I love the town but it's just my preference

No worries. I knew that it'd be pretty polarizing, but I figured that it would work best if I just made what I'm into. At some point, I'd like to offer a version of the town with more "normal" sizes, but that won't be until I'm satisfied with the overall look of the sims since it's easier to gradually build on just one version.

On the topic though, I found another trick that you can do with CAS sliders. If you're displaying numeric values on your sliders in CAS, you can edit the values by shift+L-clicking the slider to make a dialog box appear where you can enter the exact number value that you want. This is useful for making extremely precise values or for entering values not supported by your current slider multiplier. To display numeric values for sliders, click a sim and go NRAAS -> MasterController -> Settings -> CAS… and make sure Show Numeric Slider Value = True and Override Custom Core Sliders = True (in case of using XCAS).



Sometimes, but sometimes they just get out of bed and start ripping off clothes right away.


File: 6a1d0c739cbb2e5⋯.jpg (423.58 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, tumblr_mpga37hVsv1rgcsfgo2….jpg)

>want to raise a little crossdresser

>find clothes to fit the bill from infancy to adulthood except

>teenage years

fucking hell, mod makers. How am I supposed to raise an adorable little buttslut princess if he rebels in his teenage years?


File: 2dd5da16082638d⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 2dd.jpg)


File: 07b7d7b7743f933⋯.png (420.59 KB, 438x695, 438:695, Untitled.png)

testing some doa models, the tits are huge. bad pic, skirt needs to be moved/resized, its to big, top and skirt are slightly different brightness and stuff. text on the top looks pretty shitty, i might be able to fit in more quality if i rotate things



Does this mod pack have atf ss stuff. I made my own mod pack from the ground up, it works well but I havn't updated it in forever, Im thinking of changing since this seems more up to date but I don't want to break what works.


File: 8ac3b3bd23bf858⋯.png (289.12 KB, 642x720, 107:120, 3fdbf001c72ff0f1c452bfeed8….png)


Starting to reconsider torrenting Sims 3.

I just wanted to spice it up with a little lewd but now I'm afraid I'll go on a watch-list if I get the modpack.



Does anyone have this female character? I remember an anon posted her a few threads ago, but i lost her



File: 03d420b25a4002b⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 325x345, 65:69, George-Takei-oh-my.jpg)

>load up sum TSMF3

>aww yea kids are at boarding school time to get weird with it

>brewin potions and doin science

>get kinda into it and completely forget i have KW installed

>"oh hey mister what are you doing here- thatsapenis.gif"

>this buff hairy chad beats the shit out of my soft plushy boybody

>anally penetrates me and fucks me for an hour or two

>finally stops

>shoot his ass with my trusty handgun

>he eats all the cum out of my ass until he succumbs to his wounds an hour later

>mfw im gay now

W-what do I tell my daughter…?



Complete and utter noob here. So I just need the game (in my case I downloaded the complete 1.67 version from MrDJ) and this modpack, right? Or do I need anything else from >>95890 ?


File: edbf66ed917c760⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 600x723, 200:241, 314115.jpg)


that you are gay now?



I think you should be good to go, though I haven't tried installing from MrDJ. The only thing missing from >>95890 is lewd clothing, but I've been looking at my options and will throw in some goodies from loverslab soon, starting with this:


Though when looking through these clothes, I've noticed that they're for Cmar's breasts mesh, and I don't think there's a version for GECK.O's breasts mesh. I'm reading through the loverslab thread for the GECK.O breasts to see if anything can be done about this.



Yeah I tested it and worked great. Although even after the performance stuff I did I had huge freezing problems.

Turns out that Island Paradise is a shit map, apparently.


File: b59197a1436d599⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-94.jpg)

File: c91167c84d91546⋯.jpg (259.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-95.jpg)


Glad to hear that it's working out, and as someone who also made Island Paradise their first town, I know exactly what you're talking about.

I have a new interest in something, and maybe you guys can point me in the right direction for getting started. When looking over issues related to breast meshes and clothing, I found this mod http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=460694 which makes a nice change to various EA clothing items, but I'm mostly interested in it for the change to teen breasts. In the discussion http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=460694&c=1&goto=newpost, there was a linked fix to make it work with Cmar's morphing nipples, but the fix misaligns the breasts and nipples area as shown in the pictures. Is it possible to fix this misalignment with some mesh editing tool?



+Fixed: Blood relationship test now returns the correct result when one of the Sims is a droid (Sim born from a human mother and a plumbot father).

+Fxied: CanWooHooWith test now returns the correct result when the Sims are on a brothel lot.

+Fixed: Seated Passive Social Interaction. Sims should no longer standup and break their seated posture.

+Fixed: You should be able to Create/Modify the career uniform of non selectable Sims again if they are KW NPCs or Brothel's whore and the high school student uniform (apply to all students of the same gender).

+Fixed: Typo error in Whore situation when returning the professional type causing the situation to exit.

+Fixed: Unhandled exception occuring if not all trait chip slots are used when a droid ages up preventing all motives to be backuped then restored after aging.

+Modified: TakeNotes and other class interactions are now compatible with desk.

+Added: Children droids can syphon power from objects or use the charging station to recharge their battery.

+Added: Toddler droids can be put in the charging station by teens or older Sims.

+Added: Brothel's fixed cost and fame. Fame is computed using customers' satisfaction, lot's cost and current maintenance. Fame is used to determine how many customers should be pushed to visit the brothel and the chance to push a VIP.

+Added: "WooHoo Sim Sleeping in Bed" interaction. The interaction is available when the Sim is sleeping over the blanket. This is a non consensual interaction (the target is sleeping) and so is considered as a rape interaction.



File: 9e50e938bf0ce53⋯.jpg (912.15 KB, 1440x896, 45:28, Screenshot-9.jpg)

Mom why you do this?

since i have installed 353 i cant roll joints, i can growt weed and everything, but i cant roll it? anybody has this issue?


With what expansions/stuff packs do you play with besides the required ones?


Is there a body physics mod? Make ass jiggle or breasts sway? Or is that not possible.


Is there a body physics mod? Make ass jiggle or breasts sway? Or is that not possible.


That's actually sounds lovely


>start game with teenager/mom for that /ss/

>use her just for sex

>her dream is to get married

>wind up having kids with teenager

>teenager also beats up other sims and then fucks their wives

>send him off to university

>while there, meet a nice girl

>start going on dates

>enjoying the time

>go back home during the break

>feel guilty and bad for mom

>delete entire game, restart, except this time start off with a husband

>wind up playing the game normally for hours, have 4 kids, no one cheats on anyone

Has this happened to anyone else? I thought I would get more depraved, not become more pure


File: fc89232daac259e⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 600x932, 150:233, fraser4.jpg)


Nope. Literally the exact opposite happened to me. Well, not literally. Not literally at all. I once played with pets on, and got a dog, and my dog eventually died, and then I got super sad, so I turned off pets so my Sims couldn't have any dogs so they'd never die.

…where was I going with this. Oh, and then I found sex mods for this game and never played it normally or any save long enough for my dogs to die after that anyway.

That's weird, though – never heard of getting more pure AFTER adding sex mods.


File: a552eac39745988⋯.jpg (242.14 KB, 879x961, 879:961, teensim1.jpg)

File: d7ecda4bedce01e⋯.jpg (302.49 KB, 1071x1019, 1071:1019, teensim2.jpg)


I've somewhat done that. When you play to do as much degenerate stuff as possible, it loses some meaning. Or at least it's only good for a few hours. But there's far more value to playing the game normally and seeing all the kinky stuff as bonuses to the regular gameplay. Both for keeping your interest and making the kinky stuff all the more hot.

To make your sim's daughter act as whorey as possible is fun for a bit, but is predictable to what you're trying to do. But to raise her as a good girl, and then after you are focused on the dad, raising his skills for work, to suddenly find her blowing some guy at school, and then see her downfall as she suddenly gets an interest in watching porn on tv and experimenting with exhibition. There's something more hot in that because it's unexpected and a sudden change to lewdness from that character. Also, when you let the sims do their own thing, you can get creative ideas for degenerate stuff from what's happening. Maybe in the scenario you decide the dad doesn't want some other guy touching his daughter so he rapes her until she swears him off. She can't get pregnant with some school stoner's baby if she's already pregnant with her father's.

You also get something more when you play the game properly and interact with the 'life sim' part of it. You get to see your sim's firsts. When they pop their cherry and how their sex life progresses from there. I had a sim that I wanted to make a whore (to try out the career path). This was before the interactive schools, so I can only imagine how that would have changed things, but once she graduated, I started making her act promiscuous in public to get guys to fuck her to get her sex skill up. Then she went full whore. She had miles of dick run through her through her life. She even got to become a high class escort. One day she accidentally fell pregnant from a client (even gave birth midway through fucking another). When that child grew up, I decided to switch to them (I was going to make her an equestrian racer who had a love for horse cock). When I switched over I let the whore mother retire. She then grew old and was a good mother to her daughter. The daughter always had wishes to spend time with her mother. The mother was happy and smiling until she died. Kind of a nice turnaround on her story that made it more memorable.



>But there's far more value to playing the game normally and seeing all the kinky stuff as bonuses to the regular gameplay

Yeah this is what I mean.

It's one thing to just have a bunch of people banging all the time that may as well be a scene editor, it's another thing entirely to raise a boy from birth then sneak into his bunk bed and fuck him because your husband is always too tired from work

Hell, even just playing CHAD slaying every girl in the dorm, then his profs is fun for a surprisingly long time - particularly with the debug mode off so you have to win them over manually


File: 2558b3949dbcb49⋯.jpg (710.79 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, dog master.jpg)


You can also play with little challenges/requirements in mind. I once read an erotica where there was a curse on a girl's family where they had to give birth to puppies before they could conceive a child. The mother treated it as a coming of age ritual her daughter had to do. Just said here's the dog, take your time but let make sure to let him knock you up eventually so you can have a normal life. Doing something like that with every generation in game would add a kinky twist.

>particularly with the debug mode off

Yeah, I never play with it on. Getting rejected is part of the fun. It makes it a challenge.


So, I've run into a bit of a problem. I had a kid, but it was a boy and I wanted a girl. I went into CAS and turned him into a girl.

Problem is, now she has a dick and I don't know how to get rid of it. Importing pre made sim, editing all bottoms in CAS, none of it works. Can anyone help?



Edit: using only the mod pack from OP



Turn on the debug options from kinkyworld settings and fiddle with those.



And the problem is?…


This thread needs more preggo loli



His girl has a dick and futa is for trash people – that's what the problem is.


File: ac2565b61821de0⋯.jpg (184.08 KB, 661x839, 661:839, futa.jpg)


>not liking futa



I like Futa as much as the next guy, but it kind of ruins the immersion if you don't put it there intentionally


I'll try that if it happens again, I wound up just removing the specific mods, saving the character, then moving her out and adding a clone instead



I'm not too sure how much the mods added to the issue, so I didn't comment before, but when I had an issue where using cas to swap the gender of one of my sim's kids led to them swapping back gender when they aged up. I may have been running kinkyworld at the time, but it might just be something hard baked into the base game.


Cuntboys in KinkyWorld when?



>I want to fuck a flat loli but it has to be gay or it's not fun

I try to respect every fetish as much as possible but cuntboys is the most pointless one ever.



It's a quirk of KinkyWorld. If you use Edit In CAS to change a boy into a girl, they will come out as a shemale. You will need to revert them to female in-game through a hospital or in Kinky debug options.


Is there a link to the 1.67 ultimate fix? I can only find it for 1.69




I'm retarded thanks


What are the packages in the modpack that are ok to merge together?



You can merge everything together if you wanted to, but I'd leave KinkyWorld stuff out in case you want to update it. I merged mods into different packs because if I make an update to a pack, people can grab the updated packs but don't need to download the entire compilation again to update. In the future, I may merge all packs into a single pack while keeping the unmerged versions in separate folders based on category, but this system works while I'm still making changes to the modpack.


Getting an error

"Unable to start game

Device 0 cannot run this title.

No supported graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware."

Looked up a bunch of fixes couldn't find, anyone able to help?


359 pls



Nevermind, fixed this but now when the game loads up, I can't start a new game or load up anything. It just appears blank.


Update to >>96399

I've added a bunch of mostly lewd clothing by JoshQ from LoversLab and a few other users. I've added a bunnyface makeup to compliment bunny outfit possibilities. I've added an updated version of the GECKo breasts that fixes a mesh issue for pregnant sims. Finally, I've added Cmar nipple size and depth sliders, which I'm shocked that I've excluded them for so long.

ModPack: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc

To update just the affected files, download and replace PACK_Clothes_And_Accessories, PACK_Cmar_Stuff, and PACK_Tattoos_And_Makeup from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tazJxUjNqTjRJRmc, and download and replace GECKo_afTop_Nude_NaturalBreast_KinkyWorldRealistic_Default from https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tV1RFTE9QOU1oeEk.

There's a bunch of accessories like bunny ears that count as different types of accessories like bracelets or necklaces, so if you can't wear two accessories together but want to, try turning on Multiple Accessories Per Location in NRaas settings (click sim -> NRaas -> Master Controller -> Settings -> CAS).

I'm actually feeling a bit conflicted about having a bunch of clothing included now, as it's stuff that I'm personally not that interested in using and now it's taking space in my CAS. I still think that offering clothing packs is useful, so what I will do in the next update is split these kinds of things into separate optional packs that supplement the core pack.


Anyone have an issue with custom tattoos not showing up in CAS?


File: e1d58368294cb77⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 88.jpg)

just a warning but build 358 is bugged with outfits. sometimes they'll mess up. for example trying to snorkel will produce a face with no body or clothes. transforming from a werewolf can result in all sorts of fuckery. doesn't happen every time but enough that it can mess up your stuff and force you to reset the whole outfit manually.



Are you sure it's just not a new fetish?



>I try to respect every fetish as much as possible but cuntboys is the most pointless one ever.

More pointless are the people asking if their fetish is somehow included in a mod without seeing how the game works first. Like the retard from last thread asking if interracial is included in the mod when it doesn't occur to him that a skin tone slider might already exist in the game, like most modern games in general since at least the early 2000s. You can tell a lot by a man by his fetishes, and if that's any indication of how cucks think, then that says a lot.



I gotta admit. It certainly looks like a horrendously troublesome bug but that sim looks awesome in a retarded way. Got anymore abominations? I miss seeing sims 3 monstrosities.



Back to 4craps, memeboy.




+Fixed: FixOutfits method should now be compatible with Special and Supernatual outfit categories.

+Fixed: BedSleep interaction should no longer be interrupted before normal completion because of an exception error occuring when sleeping Sims try to spoon and one of them is sleeping over the blanket.

+Fixed: Sims should correclty equip the strapon if required when raping a sleeping Sim.

+Fixed: Game should no longer pause when a Sim notices another Sim that matches one of his/her kinky traits.



File: d2653746cd7c077⋯.jpg (27.35 KB, 300x392, 75:98, 2fbb0f5abd24e0f541a47b29f4….jpg)


You can tell that someone is extremely butthurt by the post they're replying to when their reply makes no sense at all.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you think we'll ever see a proper disguise mechanic? There is a disguise system supported by the game or by NRaas, I can't remember which. If that can be integrated into KW, we can see real rapeman playthroughs.









thanks anon


my werewolf was the only one that ended up looking robo and cool like that, other things like snorkeling and martial arts just produced a head with no body, sometimes shoes


File: 0bc9bc8e6f060d1⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 346x400, 173:200, timeline.jpg)

File: 54bacfa226584b5⋯.jpg (156.04 KB, 625x1043, 625:1043, panties.jpg)

File: 3046182b92ab8c8⋯.jpg (88.49 KB, 444x670, 222:335, panties 2.jpg)

offtopic to the porn, but I just looked at the sims timeline. The release of sims 3 is almost closer to the release of the first game then it is to us. I just found that interesting.

Have some lewds to make up for the offtopic



Interesting. Also cute redhead you got there.


File: bd28c62f1d56ce2⋯.png (280.91 KB, 1000x1229, 1000:1229, 01_BTwzaz2.png)

What is the size of everything in the OP?


Any advice on getting story progression to run smoothly? It hires like six gorillion people everyday and seems to be generally pretty erratic.


Thanks for updating this consistently


File: 3dac027bb837e7e⋯.jpg (632.35 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-45.jpg)

File: 1725509cf43e29a⋯.jpg (635.18 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-49.jpg)

File: 82cf2eb22e27659⋯.jpg (640.81 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-52.jpg)

File: e6ac8c5f2bc5e77⋯.jpg (510.41 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-55.jpg)

File: 519dc76fffbf77f⋯.jpg (814.04 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-56.jpg)


I've been out of the loop for a while, so can someone tell me why the trait for zoo loving sims was removed? And for how long?


Can I turn off the Kinky World content so my cousin can play it? Also, I'm planning on getting:

>World Adventure


>70s, 80s, 90s stuff

Any other recommendation to go with the base game for the mods?



>Can I turn off the Kinky World content so my cousin can play it?

Of course you can, if you mean as a blanket block, PerSimMenu > KinkyWorld > Settings > Disabled (right at the top). Done, next time please do try to tinker around with your applications before hand.

>Any other recommendation to go with the base game for the mods?

I would recommend Generations,NightLife,Ambitions and the college one.


>Any advice on getting story progression to run smoothly?

Probably mess around with it's assoicated settings and see that improces things.


That would be the Collab mod pack which is around 550.5MB. All the delta files are just changes so that anon's don't have to download it all again just to become up to date as the name might imply.


File: 820ebd7f455f7e5⋯.jpg (428.96 KB, 1289x1050, 1289:1050, snow1.jpg)

File: f4c5e02d8866914⋯.jpg (228.37 KB, 769x881, 769:881, snow2.jpg)


you better not have mentioned seasons because it was already a given that you were getting it

>not playing a sex mod with valentines day influencing your sim's wishes

>not hosting sexy halloween parties

>not having your sims want to go to the beach in summer, and then make the beach a nudist lot

>not fucking infront of a fire in the dead of a winter snowstorm

>not enjoying some comfy seasons in your sex game



>Done, next time please do try to tinker around with your applications before hand.

hanks, anon. I don't have the game yet and I didn't know if I should install it since someone else would use it.

>Generations,NightLife,Ambitions and the college one.

Sounds great, except for the college one, it's not my thing I want to get Generations so Milfs can fuck with Shotas in the kid parks

>hat would be the Collab mod pack which is around 550.5MB

That's this pack, right? >>104652

Great. with all the expansions I want is still around 30gb compressed, wonder how much it will be in total. Better than the 50gb of all the expansions.



the university expansion also allows interactive high schools in the kinkyworld mod. If you want that, you'll need it (but don't have to go to uni)


File: ad92a3954010b0a⋯.png (22.92 KB, 994x146, 497:73, Capture.PNG)


I wanted to get it for the rain, but alright.


Alright. I'm thinking about getting rid of fast lane stuff. But this is about it. RIP all the porn I had to kill for this



I didn't realise seasons was the smallest expansion. Funny given it adds stuff to every part of the game where other expansions feel more localised. All the more reason to make it mandatory


Nevermind I fixed the slider scaling issue by enabling "overide custom core sliders). Set at ten, max penis is massive as all hell. This should be fun to watch.


>I extracted and re-archived the Games4TheWorld versions of the base game in addition to all of the expansions a while back. Only change since then is saving about a gigabye for one set.

>#F!ONsyALoL!PWUoLh2B0jRlM7Iaiyc_jA - https://ghostbin.com/paste/ch2a9

>inb4 it doesn't last a day.



>There is a sitting to set the global speed ( >StoryPorgresssion > General Options > Adjust Speed)


File: 7879e7dde427549⋯.png (4.88 KB, 380x141, 380:141, Capture.PNG)


All of the mods and saves are kept in a The Sims 3 folder in you Documents. I recommend just having separate Sims 3 folders depending on who's going to be playing. Have one Sims 3 folder with sex mods and saves, and another that is "pure". Changing the active folder is as easy as renaming it "The Sims 3" and naming the others to something else.



My money is on the side that the protection offered by that wouldn't last more than a day.



How old is your cousin?



Well you could cut the folder out to somewhere that others wouldn't think to look. Even rename it to something that has nothing to do with The Sims so long as you remember where you put it.


File: 06c4c0960e16014⋯.jpg (977.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-189.jpg)



Actually, better idea? Just show him the mods. Give him the gift of lewd. Sharing is caring.



That's actually what I was planning on doing. He wouldn't mess with my files anyway.


Nah, he is pretty prude. I might mention it to him, but I bet he would just want to play clean version.



>sharing pc with cousin

This sounds really risk man. Don't bother trying to mod it.


Just to clear up any confusion >>105687 is also me.


Different anon. Some times parent's will heavily "encourage" you to share your things with others.


Anyone using the collab pack able to get loli animations working? I can't seem to figure out how to register the correct keys, and I don't think KW is finding them either.


File: cf7c1472d1a39b3⋯.png (30.47 KB, 333x114, 111:38, Untitled1.png)

>install MrDJ pack 1.69

>play around with just a few mods for a few days

>longer skill times, lower wages and NRaa time relativity

>install collab pack

>disable outfit cleanup and stuckcheck

>enable kinkyworld

>try to masturbate and animated sex

>don't want to do that

>try woohoo get pic related

>try kinky kiss

>sims freeze in each others arms and can't move

>check animations but the list is filled already

What did I fuck up?



Having version 1.69 isn't as supported for mods and can give you issues. Read through some of the threads to see how to get version 1.67 installed instead. As for "don't want to do that", your sims need higher woohoo and exhibition skills to even be comfortable masturbating. Turn on Always Accept: True in KinkyWorld debug settings if you just want to get your hands dirty with sex.


You don't need unique keys for the loli packs; the loli versions just get applied to the regular animations. Is there some issue that you're experiencing when trying to get lolis to sex?




Yeah, when I click the loli and do kinky->woohoo all the options are greyed out, and hovering over them shows the tooltip "No animation has been found".



Strange. I assume you're playing version 1.67? Look through the settings and make sure options like age restriction are disabled.

There shouldn't need to be any key registering that you need to do, but to be safe you can try removing and adding the following keys:










Huh, should I be removing age restriction in KW, or would that allow the regular adult anims to play on lolis?



Remove the age restriction. The child animation packages update the originals to accommodate children so there won't be any funky stretching of the child models on what should be adult animations. Give that a shot and see if it works.




Actually I guess update is the wrong word. The child animation packages are nearly the same filesize as the originals. I'm guessing that they just have the same animations as the originals but for child proportions, and when a child actor is involved, it gets the pose data from the child packs instead of the originals.




That's the ticket! Can't believe I didn't try it at some point. Thanks for the help.



Glad to hear it. Even if you have the mods, there's some configuring of KW and NRaas mods in-game that needs to be done, and some of it can be vague. Luckily, I found that importing and exporting settings is really easy for both KW and NRaas. I'll make a settings export to help people get started with the full range of content.


Alright, new to this but used to Sims 4 porn modding.

What expansions do I want to get the best experience here that actually runs?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You should get seasons and generations because they perfect the base game. Generations adds more stuff for kids/teens and add stuff to most of the game. It's pretty much their second take on vanilla. Seasons also adds stuff to the vanilla experience, just adding weather and a different feel to each day that's comfy and hard to go back to a seasonless game once you've played it.

You need university for interactive high schools in the mod

You need pets for bestiality

You need into the future for androids

Late night and ambitions are considered good expansions for what they add. World adventures, island paradise, and supernatural are good in their specific niche. If that appeals to you, you may like them (though island paradise lags the most of all expansions). Showtime retreads the same ground as late night as late night sold very well, but late night added a wider variety of content.

LGR does good overviews of what every expansions contains. Have a look at his videos and see if an expansion appeals to you


Does installing it on an SSD fix the extremly long loading times?



I'm not sure how much it fixes it, but yes, it loads much faster on an ssd



Thanks, figured out how the sex system works now. I looked again at the torrent site and it says it's version 1.67.2. So I'm not sure if that's just another name for 1.69 or if there's something else wrong.



So I've got all the mods going AFAIK. Just started a game, what settings do I need to change in order to access everything?



>>96214 and then from the same first step, KinkyWorld > settings > enable . I can make screenshots later if needed.


Already have a game going with a husband and wife

How would I go about double-teaming local sluts without fucking up their marriage?



give wife the cuckold trait



Will that let her join in for threesomes? Also, can I add that to an existing sim?


I have a question. I'm about o install ambitions and the installer is in Japanese since my Locale is in Japanese as well. Will the game install in english anyway?



If you installed the rest of game the that way it should be fine but if you've changed locale it'll probably fuck it up.

Do you always use nip locale or just for nip gaymu?


File: f11ee8dc0b90238⋯.png (84.68 KB, 1478x597, 1478:597, eng.PNG)

File: af6d43858d41cf8⋯.png (104.92 KB, 820x486, 410:243, nip.PNG)


I have the nip locale permanently active Since I'm using the nip interface to practice nip. The base game and World Adventure both asked me for language, although in nip, then the installer was on english, this time the installer itself is on nip.

I took a look at the .ini file and it seems the language is on english, but I'm still afraid of fucking everything up.



Since it's just an addon I say go for it. Worst case you'll just have to uninstall the expansion.


File: 4a9b9c361668ef4⋯.gif (203.95 KB, 300x166, 150:83, 25618.gif)


are you retarded? get your own pc and install your mods on your computer

what do you think is going to happen when your cousin tries to start modding sims 3 like any sims player is required to for it to work properly and sees your degenerate mods?



>Install game

>Now it doesn't start anymore


>Not starting anymore

How the fuck do I fix it now? I'm guessing the ultimate fix may fix it? I fucking hate this expansions thing, maybe I should go with the all in one download



I reinstalled using a locale emulator, it still doesn't work. This is how the launcher looks like, it doesn't let me update and there's no Sims 3 base game icon. What do I do?


File: 2b8e04e442f2c17⋯.png (237.83 KB, 843x630, 281:210, update.PNG)


Shit. Also, is worth mentioning I still have like 4 or more expansions to add.



>all in one download

I did and it seems to work fine. Just read through >>95890 but installed the mod-pack anon posted.

What's important is that you back-up your Electronic Arts folder in the documents folder.




Did you torrent it? You need to remove the EA folder (keep a back-up) before re-installing.

It's probably safer to get an all-in-one pack if you want to add expansions on-top. Provided your comp can handle it.


Is there somewhere to download good looking characters? I'm trash at making them look good.


File: dbcf7db26cb6abc⋯.jpg (90.72 KB, 427x919, 427:919, may.jpg)

File: cbadda597cadc7c⋯.jpg (125.19 KB, 565x661, 565:661, daughter sim.jpg)


I can give you a good looking sim from my library. I'm not sure where I saved her in her life, but this is what she looked like when she was young. If you don't want to use her, she is good breeding stock. This is what her daughter looks like, so you can just create a child from her in CAS and use them.




they are both hideous



>Can I turn off the Kinky World content so my cousin can play it?

Anon asked, just a few days before the single most embarrassing moment of his entire life.




I figured it out, kinda. Seems like some cracked files fuck up the game. The ultimate fix includes all the original .exes that are required in order to update the game or even start it, apparently, and once you install whatever you desire, you just crack the games again.

That's really fucking important and I noticed when late night installing instructions stupidly prompted me to uninstall the whole game and and reinstall it without the cracks, which is retarded to say the least.

I'm still not sure whether it will work or not since I'm still on my way to download and install the rest, but at the very least the game started but said there was no disc of the sims, obviously. Basically




>don't crack the game until you've updated

Yeah, installers are going to know if something is wrong if the .exe has been tampered with.

Before cracking I always copy the files that are about to be replaced and save them in a separate folder called Original.



Is there any difference between using the crack and using NRAAS's NoCD package?


File: 4141c18e70ee667⋯.png (35.73 KB, 1511x211, 1511:211, wrong.PNG)


I used to do that but years of cracking made me think "Why would I waste my time". Luckily this time the ultimate fix helped, but I should start doing so again.


Not exactly sure since I'm not there yet, but seems like NRAAS' is a mod while the ultimate fix is ac actual crack, ie with one you replace the executables so the game doesn't notice you're using a pirated copy, while the other disable the checks. Another difference seems to be that the cracks also affects the EA Launcher while the mod doesn't.

I'd say that if the crack works, use the crack, no need to use both and the crack seems to work better. Remember to make a backup of the files before replacing them.



Spot on. The child packages are the same animation (basically) redone with the child skeleton. ATF KW is modified to load these animations if a child is detected.>>105958



god bless ATF



Does this pack include the children fix? Since I don't seem like I'm able to kinky teens nor children.


Hey, quick question, does the ATF patch fix the alignment for teens, or is it just lolis? Because a lot of of the teen animations are off by a few inches.

Especially noticeable with the bj animations. Kind of hard to jerk off to a sim getting a nose or forehead job.


So I uploaded a thing that I think will make some users happy. It's an export of KinkyWorld and NRaas settings that hopes to answer issues like >>106533, >>106072, >>96211, and so on. Instructions on getting the settings imported are included in the readme. The readme also contains a list of all the settings that were tweaked, so look through it if you have the patience and let me know how many of those changes you agree with or what you'd do differently. Also, I only touch the mods that are listed; I haven't messed with other NRaas mods like Traffic or Careers yet.




I understand how some families are like that, but is getting a fantasy fulfilled more important than lifetime embarrassment and disgust?



It mainly dependant on the people involved if that is the case or not though as with most thing related to humanity there is no universal guidelines. That said if I could I most likely would give it a shot.



May you list names of packages? Somehow, i couldn't import settings so i'll try to check them manually



They were L666 animation packages if I remember right. Enter any of these keys that you don't see in your packages: >>105948

Was it just KW settings that didn't import, or did NRaas also give issue if you tried it. And are you using the KW from the modpack, or do you have a more recent patreon version?


File: fd9c26cdaff64bd⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, number one leading cause o….jpg)

Never leave your imouto unattended. She could make friends with stray dogs and that could be bad. Stray dogs don't practice safe sex.


File: 52e636ca1279723⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1280x1835, 256:367, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bcd5333ab0f1580⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1280x1835, 256:367, ClipboardImage.png)



Exterminatus is needed.


File: a7dd86531d3b946⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TS3W 2017-07-20 19-41-57-0….png)

File: 8fe0828bd30eeb1⋯.png (915.33 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TS3W 2017-07-20 20-29-09-9….png)



this is how autism is formed



>my feet hurt

>i just want to go home


File: 7c3ab91369b5db5⋯.jpg (29.26 KB, 323x633, 323:633, 7c3ab91369b5db599e951ed7a2….jpg)


>Cucking your own son


File: b608abfa063172a⋯.png (352.43 KB, 422x588, 211:294, 1404005917950.png)


>not RPing as the son being cucked




This shit is getting CK2 tier.

>mfw I actually cuckolded my son in CK2, so his heir wouldn't take his (mentally retarded) genes, and my lineage wouldn't be tainted by this frothmouth of an heir I groomed.


File: 9153479680e0ccb⋯.jpg (460.77 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-8.jpg)

Why the fuck does my shota have a vagina!?


File: 319ca968fc75aef⋯.jpg (33.6 KB, 552x800, 69:100, laugh5.jpg)


Posts like this are why I come here.



holy school shooter, batman


File: 94a2e52fe9eede7⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TS3W 2017-07-20 20-40-10-8….png)


You are already home, baby.


File: eb613e216ae0d3e⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 230x230, 1:1, eb613e216ae0d3e3b7c127f6a1….gif)


File: 3134313b373204b⋯.jpg (65.93 KB, 630x623, 90:89, ohboy.jpg)



Can you add the mom to the mix? Please

A family gangbang is allways nice



>tactical cucking

I'm impressed, anon.



This guy knows what's up



Akchually, that would be more strategical cucking, since tactical would imply direct battlefield supremacy was the goal, which it was not. Strategies are used to win wars, tactics to win a battle, or a fight.



Thanks man, helped tremendously.


File: 3b53aa43d600211⋯.png (71.4 KB, 353x352, 353:352, 1432088694647.png)

>want to play lewd sims

>everything seems too overwhelming



Don't give up man. Its worth it when it's done


File: efbfe92da950f63⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-9.jpg)

File: 8a42884cf8b4a6e⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-10.jpg)

File: 74536a561d6fd09⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-11.jpg)

File: 6e3a04a7789df3d⋯.jpg (262.32 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-12.jpg)

File: 489e0570d97c13e⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-13.jpg)


Keep trying. You can just force it and go straight at it. Like select the first sims you see and make them fuck.

>Download the game and the mods, took around 4 days

>Spend 5 days of constant crashes to make the perfect fucking material

>Have everything nice and smooth for lewds

>I'm missing something really important, the house

>Autistically spend 2 weeks doing the house of my dreams and isn't over yet

In my defense, I come from the Sims 1 where there's not much options. Sims 3 is still a little bit infuriating for how limited it is, although basements and a shit load of floors are nice **That sex dungeon will be finished one day. Also, the crashes doesn't help.


It worked nicely, man.



All I ever read everywhere is the word tactical, I forgot strategy even existed. Accursed lack of literacy to force me into a higher standard. Also forgot to type that while I appreciate CK2 stories it's only because the game was confusing and the porn mods immature. And by that I mean a futa mod, don't know about any other junk


Even done isn't done. Whenever I do finally come back to this I'll have to reinstall everything, build a fresh world, and re-import settings then make sure everything actually works or deal with another rebuild. I'm also not sure if I can just disable content or if the game still loads it anyways to reduce load time.

Would be nice if there was a modified world that isn't just a save.



>build dream house

>fps drops to 0 whenever it is loaded

>delete dreamhouse



I still don't have a penis model in children while >>107679 have one. Any idea, am I missing a mod?


File: ee47927daef3a00⋯.png (307.28 KB, 537x597, 179:199, Untitled.png)


The reason your shota has a vag is because the bottom for child boys and girls is shared between them. The child penis is an accessory and is kind of a hackjob right now. You can equip it to a shota's naked outfit, but it won't appear in some Kinky interactions. If you have an instance where the boy is wearing their normal clothes and they take off just their pants, they won't have the penis because KW doesn't know to give it to them because it's set up differently than the adult penis. It sounds like a fix is in the works at ATF so this issue may be remedied soon, but you'll have to just use Get Naked on the boy during sex or some other workaround for now.


Update to >>96399

This update is a bit different, and I might continue with the idea or scrap it depending on feedback. First big change is that I made two versions of the pack now - one version is based on vanilla KinkyWorld without ATF stuff, and the other is the ATF version which is what they've been up to now. I did this for two reasons:

1) The modpack is several builds behind the current version of KW, but I'm still waiting on all of the child animation packages to be fully converted to the new system before updating the ATF KinkyWorld version from Build 338. I think having a non-ATF version could be good for those who would rather upgrade their KW build without the complications that come with loli/shota stuff. The non-ATF pack uses vanilla KW Build 338, so users will need to upgrade their KW version from these threads themselves.

2) Some users don't care for loli/shota stuff, so this pack could satisfy that audience better. The non-ATF version does not come with the merged package PACK_Loli_Stuff which has some loli clothes and default nude mesh replacements. The pack ends up being a bit smaller with this stuff trimmed.

Second change is that I put everything into different subfolders in the Packages folder. This was done in an effort to make everything a bit cleaner and easier to organize for new users. I don't predict that there will be any real difference in performance by introducing subfolders, but I don't know for sure so I could be wrong.

The readme changelog covers the remaining changes. Unlike the other updates, I recommend that you download the entire pack again this time.

Modpack download - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc


I've got kinky world enabled and my sims refuse to have sex with each other even though one of them is super horny. They did it once before but I'm not sure exactly what triggered that. Any advice?



Nvm. Just had to make sure they were both horny enough.



That's an outdated info.

Last patched KW build auto-applies separate boy bottom mesh, which you also need to download.



> when you see it.jpg

So, what is it? I don't see anything.



I assume he means the cum splattered up the girls butt (closest to the pool in the forefront)


leaker build 360 is out ;)



That's true, I guess I haven't been on top of things recently. What apparently was also finished awhile ago was all of the child woohoo animations. There might still be some hiccups from what I've read in the ATF thread, but everything is supposedly good enough for a 1.0 release, and it looks good from what little I've tested. So with that…

Update to >>96399

Updated the [ATF] pack to KW ATF Build 353, and included the updated animations and male bottom with functional penis.

Download - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc

I did not yet update the vanilla CollabMods pack. I'll update it to 353 soon and keep the two versions inline with having the same KW Build number. For anyone who wants to update KW earlier than when I include the updates in the modpack, all you need to do is go into the Packages folder and replace the ONIKI_KinkyWorld_Build### folder with the new version, but keep the old version of ONIKI_Videos.package.

This probably isn't the place for it, but I want to commend progressor1322, Roperz, and the rest of the ATF community for their consistent and solid work in getting these updates out. From the sound of it, converting the animation packages is a tremendous pain in the ass, but we still got great updates to the loli body mesh and shota penis on top of the animations. I'll be scouring the ATF thread some more to see if there's anything else that should be included now.


File: 51352f5b32d0fb1⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-2341.jpg)

Does KW affect relationships in any way? I have a YA sim with a teen sister and while the teen was hanging out at the pool she got raped and tl;dr the elder sister lost the fight and in the meantime the teen shot both of them niggas.

For some reason now the sisters fucking hate each other, like their relationship decays at a ridiculous rate and during interactions it constantly shows three red arrows.

Does the fact the elder sister failed to protect the younger one mean she hates her? Or maybe witnessing the lil sis straight up murder some dudes is doing it?

Pic related, lil sis taking a rape selfie since she's fucking mental.



Nice work anon. Once you are done can you upload a configuration file with everything nice and tidy as before but with the new version?

Also, does updating it means I have to use a new town?


She is really fucking hot fam.



Actually, the configuration files should still work. At least, I made a couple new games to test the new changes, and the NRaas and KW settings still imported correctly. Give that a shot first and let me know if things don't work out.

You don't need to update your town as the KW upgrade happens automatically. There might be a few outfit issues if you had any lolis using custom clothing from previous versions, but that's unrelated to KW.


That is a good sim. Any chance of an upload?


File: 2dbbdc93194bc92⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-2348.jpg)



I've got her sister exported but i'm not sure how to do that to a sim that i've already created, she's basically a de-aged version of her sister with some adjustments to the jaw, eyes and mouth. If you can tell me how to export her i'd be glad to share.

Anyway my problem seems to have solved itself, game crashed and upon reload the relationship decay wasn't going hog wild anymore.

…then just as she's about to recover from the rape trauma moodlet she gets fucking kidnapped by aliens, it hasn't even been a week yet, jesus fucking christ game.


File: a97e61afcfd6bfb⋯.png (551.46 KB, 815x599, 815:599, 1.png)

File: dadcf0376b4ff14⋯.png (7.47 KB, 598x146, 299:73, 2.PNG)


Only way I know how to share is to go into CAS and click the Save Sim to Bin button, then you get a SIM file containing their data. They won't come with any modded clothes, hairs, ect that you have on them though. I've seen some people share their sims as sim3pack files which comes with & installs any custom content that the sim uses, but I don't know how to do that yet.




I'm giving it a quick look, but the Share Sim option above what I've highlighted looks like it does what I mentioned earlier. It makes a sim3pack file, and the character has all of the clothing hair stuff included in that file.


What version of KW do you guys use? Ever since I switched to ATF version 353 it seems like it is less stable. Is anyone still using 2.6, 2.7, or even 1.8?



File: 55eeaaba3b14830⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TS3W 2017-07-26 18-26-38-5….png)

File: 278594e1917c5f6⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TS3W 2017-07-26 18-33-01-3….png)

File: 18d304e1389a5c4⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TS3W 2017-07-26 18-43-13-5….png)


> Can you add the mom to the mix?




>In advance, I don't need in help, I just want to bitch.

I haven't played sims in ages but I am trying to get through this. I only ever played vanilla and I'm at version 1.0.something.

Fuck me I am know pro but I've modded things in the past and this seems like a really strange run around. I'm installing the ultimate fix and I feel retarded having to throw in some random expansions and fretting about how the game will probably run long term regardless. I would have just pirated the latest version with every expansion if this guide here did not advise against it, just as it probably would be simpler. Still my fall back though.

I didn't even want to update, just wanted the Kinky mod.

I just know this is going to be one of those times when I spend days and hours getting it to work and it never will. Like one of those times I pirate the game and it is x64 while I am x32 or some bullshit.

I always find downloading hundreds of different files, following guides a highly humbling experience with computers when I am generally one of the more competent individuals with them among friends.

As expansions go I am getting university life for the ultimate fix and then maybe seasons if things seem to be working.

Starting out I wasn't really to sure what kinky world would do. I just hope it enhances my general playthrough strategy of replacing every town NPC with my bastards, looks great on the mod site.

I'm really worried that my haphazard approach is going to fuck things up like >>106293

Because I have to install and update stuff to an already installed game whilst changing the cracks and such I just feel in my gut that I'll have to start from scratch…

Might just go for the all in one and straight to kinky mod…

Jesus christ it is so much easier to just go outside and actually get laid. I know this investment will be better in the long term though.



if you already have ge base game, go ahead and try the mod. Not sure if it should work, but it doesn't hurt to try as long



I fucked up. As long as you backup your Electronic Arts folder. That post you quoted was specifically for expansion installation, not for the mod. The mod is even more of a pain in the ass

You can also just go with >>108832



I fucked up. As long as you backup your Electronic Arts folder. That post you quoted was specifically for expansion installation, not for the mod. The mod is even more of a pain in the ass

You can also just go with >>108832


File: 44cd88363970248⋯.png (245.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 44cd88363970248e5b448211e4….png)


I really shouldn't judge, the first time I enabled incest the family tree became such a mess the game crashed then I tried to open it.


I've tried quite a few things now but my sims aren't getting horny at all. Even with the pills they'll lose the moodlet in a few seconds. I'm also using the settings from the modpack as well. What else can I check to make sure things are working correctly?



+Fixed: Sims can use dildo again even when it's out of their inventory.

+Fixed: Added missing Test to "Dare to Smoke a Joint" interaction.

+Fixed: A bug that was causing Sims to reject woohoo in a room even when they can woohoo on objects because they don't find any free location on the floor.

+Fixed: A bug in GetWooHooScore causing incorrect calculation of dreams influence.

+Fixed: A bug causing an exception error when a Sim interacts with a bar to drink a non alcoholized beverage.

+Fixed: A bug causing an exception error when a Sim is wearing a KW uniform and enter a nudist area.

+Fixed: Sims now correctly face the model when sketching a Sim.

+Fixed: Sims shouldn't react positively anymore when seing a related Sim naked when incest is disabled.

+Modified: WooHooJoinInShower interaction and animations.

+Modified: Animal's penis accessories (make sure to delete obsolete packages ONIKI_adPenis.package and ONIKI_ahPenis.package).

+Modified: Shady deal's bargain scoring has been improved (again).

+Added: Buttons in brothel's management menus to copy schedule from one day to all days and from one employee to all employees of the same brothel.

+Added: A task to simulate non active households. Only one household is simulated at the same time. This helps non active residents to build relations with the other household members and improve their skills.

+Added: An experimental WooHoo animation with deer. Warning, deers are not easy to catch!

+Added: A wooHoo icon on Sim's portrait. The icon appears whenever a Sim is woohooing. You might find it useful when playing a large family.

+Added: A 2 new debug interactions on CityHall: PopulateTown & RollGenetics. PopulateTown creates new families to fill the empty houses. The number of Sims created depends on the number of beds available. RollGenetics recompute the facial sliders's value of Sims using their parents' or random residents or previously saved Sims. RollGenetics is used by PopulateTown to generate random looking Sims when they have no parent.



File: 2496773b261d77b⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1620x943, 1620:943, BLACKED.png)


Appreciate it man, but I realized that sharing SIM files only gets you so far. SIM files only work with clothes or hairs that you already have installed, otherwise you get pic related since I don't have what you got. I found what should be a good solution though.

Above the save2bin option that I originally suggested is Share Sim. Choose that, give it a name & description of some sort, and it will save to your The Sims 3\Exports folder as a Sims3pack. This file contains not only the character slider values but the custom clothing, hair, makeup, ect that you used to make the character.

It has limitations though - it does not include default replacements that you used, so if you're relying on something like different default skin or eyes texture to make the character, mine will turn out a little different. I'll need to know what skin you're using if you're using a default replacement so I can grab a non-default version. It also doesn't give me your custom sliders, though it does give me the changes made by those sliders, IE even if I don't have a Butt slider, the character will have a big butt if that's what you gave them. That's a non-issue but I found it interesting.

I wanted to share my findings with the thread, but I'll keep looking into it in case there's anything else noteworthy about the system. Initially, I'm really glad that Sims 3 has this system so we can share custom qt3.14's without worrying about everyone having the exact same clothes or hairs installed. But I also want you to try sharing that sim again. I need my punk gothic onee-chan.



Sim in the top corner having a moment is hilarious.


File: 2f9b691cf83c27c⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-2377.jpg)



Shit I should have thought about it not retaining the CC, I don't think I have any default replacement stuff but I'm not entirely sure. Will do the s3pack thing tomorrow when I have an opportunity to fire it up again. I didn't touch any of the breast/butt sliders so it should be all fine.

Also in unrelated news my incestuous sims no longer have romantic interactions other than the default kiss, they can still do KW stuff though so i'm not hugely bothered but it was fine before, i think i fucked something up with one of the nraas mods.

Also this game is comfy as fuck during winter.



>+Added: An experimental WooHoo animation with deer. Warning, deers are not easy to catch!

It's deer fucking season!



>Also this game is comfy as fuck during winter.

Yep, this is why seasons is mandatory



>no longer have romantic interactions other than the default kiss

You're dealing with a teen sim, right? Check the NRaas Story Progression Teen caste. There's a setting in there that disallows romantic interactions with the older castes, so you need to disable that. That's one of those settings that caused me trouble and went over my head for a long time, so I won't soon be forgetting it.

Also don't worry about the slider thing. I just pointed out that even if I don't have your sliders, your character will come through with the changes they made. It's nice to know that I don't even need the same sliders as someone sharing a sim.



Be mindful though that if you change anything that is effected by the sliders your Sim may wind up looking… very off.


File: 5c5dcd2612a56b6⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-104.jpg)

File: c9adc9c298b247f⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-161.jpg)

File: e41350380bd4e94⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-284.jpg)

File: e55a1040f0eacc1⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-319.jpg)

File: 541b58fb9a7358e⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-341.jpg)

Fuck thank you guys for making this thread I would never have discovered KinkyWorld without it.

It almost justifies the ~15hrs I once spent downloading custom content and sliders off tumblr and other sites but at least now I've got actual qt, non-potato looking sims to work with



that third girl is thicc

Do yourself a favour and don't uninstall it. Most people feel like a break, uninstall it all, then come back to the thread and have the itch to play again. You don't want to go through installing it all twice



To echo >>109153 , don't uninstall it as the game's files don't work with a full reinstall even with full registry output (via RegShot or there abouts) at the time of initial install and crashed all portable application creation software when I tried a while back.



that's a pretty awesome patch right there especially the brothel management buttons, so fucking tedious having to set every whores schedule glad its gone.



Here you go dude, hope it works. Turns out it was storyprogression preventing adult/teen romance.



anyone have the new K69 patron animations?


Besides fixes, is there any difference between 335 and 360? I'm asking because I want to update (and have the ATF patch at the time). I'm wondering if they put anything that may screw things?


Dear modpack anon, thank you for all your hard work. I’ve updated my mod collection thanks to you.

I have a proposal – would you kindly incorporate You Are Real normal maps by Buhudain to your modpack? All it does is adding some 3D depth to the skin of every sim – like veins, some hand details and such. Its highly underrated and it works with any default skin without overriding it, looking really great.

It also comes with non‐default version which can be applied in CAS. It doesn’t have any colour so it just adds aforementioned depth to default skin if applied. Newest packs are in 1.5 version and the face is in 1.4 version. Y’all can download it from here: http://mahamudosim3.blogspot.tw/2013/01/you-are-real-skin-normal-map-revision.html



That sounds really good, so I'll be sure to take a look. I think I'm also due for including a good default skin replacement for males and children as well.


Thanks anon. I gave it a try and it turned out a lot better but still had some issues. I was told that I'm missing some EPs but wasn't told which, so I'm reinstalling my game using the Complete Collection to be better prepared in the future. She had the proper makeup, skin, and face piercings, but was missing that hairstyle and necklace. Was the hairstyle CC, or did it come from an EP? It looked too nice to be EAxis made. Anyways, I guess we should be stating which EPs our sims use when sharing them.


what maps you guys play on?

im tired of the default ones






It would be great if people posted more custom worlds. There's a lot of them to audit and see if they're stable and give you what you want. Probably the best example of a good custom world Winchester Farming and even that one has a few drawbacks. The main one is that it doesn't allow for 64x64 lots by design because the intention was to make the most efficient compact world for both toasters and high-end rigs.



>Besides fixes, is there any difference between 335 and 360? I'm asking because I want to update (and have the ATF patch at the time). I'm wondering if they put anything that may screw things?

There's a massive difference between the two. Every update from 335 to 360 incrementally added new features and updated previous ones, and simultaneously fixed older features that were being updated. I'd list all of the stuff added to show the difference but you only have to look back to the previous threads to read the changelogs and see what got added/fixed.

You unfortunately can't have both because the version of the files that ATF modified will be overwritten by the files in 360. Unless you have the same level of expertise as the ATF guys who made their version of KW based off of 335, you won't be doing anything except creating an unstable version of KW. If on the other hand you're saying you know what you're doing, post your version of 360 with the ATF features and you'll be a hero.


File: 671f8f5c0cd620b⋯.png (88.43 KB, 1920x929, 1920:929, uh.png)




Am I retarded? All I'm seeing is a bunch of text



Right-click the link and pick Save link as…

I've never seen files shared this way but it's an interesting idea.



Ah it worked thanks boss




> There's a massive difference between the two.




I guess non-fleshed out features & placement holders compared to fleshed out features is not a massive difference for you. Sorry to trigger your autism.


File: 6dfe8159482f182⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, 1:1, c5f.gif)

>Francisco the gay rapist



ill give that one a try




This guy here, I just wanted to say



Thanks for your tips.

I just threw all of the folders together and it seemed to sort itself out great. Maybe runs better than before too.

The mechanics seem to be slightly off though in a new way though. KW has a different arousal system which runs parallel to the standard one right?

Is sex more likely if the sim has condoms?



Dragon Falls is pretty decent



>KW has a different arousal system which runs parallel to the standard one right?

Yes, the standard one is the romantic, the kinky is new and is kind of hard to grasp.

>Is sex more likely if the sim has condoms?

No. You can deactivate condoms altogether.


Hi anons. First time trying Kinkyworld and it starts yelling that packages can;t be found when I add them. Are some from the pack just patches like an old thread claimed?


File: faa5d47fe24d4af⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, before.jpg)

File: f4b1d10242475d4⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, after.jpg)

Took a big break from Sims 3 KW. Glad I didn't uninstall because I binged on all of the new stuff I left in a To Be Installed folder and the latest KW version. I just noticed KW traits apart from the actual sim traits that it asks you to pick. Big Tits Lover, Big Butt Lover, etc. I like picking up cute teens I created and even with my adult women I don't go overboard with the sliders. I give them proportionally wide hips and reasonably sized breasts and that's it.

Does anyone know if we're going to get things like Petite Tits lover, Petite anything in general?


>KW has a different arousal system which runs parallel to the standard one right?

The KW arousal system functions like one of the six needs. It's a value that descends and the further it descends the more aroused your sim is. Certain acts or items the sim uses will decrease the value and therefore increase arousal.


>that packages can;t be found when I add them. Are some from the pack just patches like an old thread claimed?

I'm pretty sure KW is talking about animation packages. Animation packages must be put in the same folder as KW because that's where custom content is usually added. Some animation packages are automatically scanned and added by KW and even when not you can add them manually by typing the name of the package or a nickname the animator designed them to be added by.




im retarded

how do i install these worlds?

do i download the caw files?

what are they and what do i do with them if i need them?



Worlds come as .sims3pack files which must be installed through the launcher, simplest way to do this is to double-click the file.


>Wife walks in on me giving to ol' long dong to our (child) daughter

>Wife's a cuck so she gets so horny she starts masturbating right there

>Once I'm done fucking my daughter I fuck my wife

I love these mods


File: 82fa5f3c25561a1⋯.jpg (634.98 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-37.jpg)

File: 4966ebf80ac3a6c⋯.jpg (500.51 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-42.jpg)

File: aa838f2ecc7aae3⋯.jpg (366.49 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-43.jpg)

File: 6e441679888c83d⋯.jpg (393.08 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-54.jpg)

File: 81dad5b2242ba20⋯.jpg (516.14 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-55.jpg)


>Mom and son are horny and tired

>They fuck while asleep

I mean, alright.

Also, rate my amazonian and orc MILFs. I plan to pair them with a shota and 2 lolis, supposedly modeled after them one of the lolis will be a chubby nympho, I hope



"ATF guys who made their version of KW based off of 335"

Fuck I wish we had that kinda time and skill. ATF doesn't maintain a fork of KW, we just edit the .dll as required. Anyone can pick up how to do it from the thread and I wish more people would since prog is sick of it and I suck at it.

Current version is 353 BTW. 335 is the last (un)stable toddler enabled version.



hmm i see

the caw files were confusing me

what are they for?



So placing them in the MyDocuments/EA/downloads folder does nothing, dam it.



you gotta double click on the .sims3pack and the launcher will do the rest



For every single one? If so fucking hell.


What skins is everyone using? I'm using a navetsea skin right now, and to be honest…it's kind of shitty. Doesn't go well with Bloom's feet either.


Requesting a quick rundown on all your CC, your game looks great.



If you throw them in the downloads folder and open the launcher, you should be able to check next to all of them to install at once.



They're for use in the Create A World tool, you don't need them.


File: 8dbb1251886a549⋯.jpg (638.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-18.jpg)

File: 298d4fb19d7acac⋯.jpg (965.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-100.jpg)

File: 4e3bfd76ae4cba3⋯.jpg (716.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-422.jpg)

File: 0a80e5132913b24⋯.jpg (611.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-12.jpg)

File: 377ba7356629514⋯.jpg (952.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-11.jpg)


>Requesting a quick rundown on all your CC, your game looks great.

So if I just uploaded my Mods folder would that be it? I see the Downloads folder is full of .sims3pack files but are they separate to the .package files in the Mods folder?

I can also post my SavedSims folder too to give you stuff to work with. I'll post a few pics from there now.


Couldent find a solution anywhere else so thought I might ask here. For some reason my sims cannot use the option "Tend Garden". It doesnt even show up on plant menus. The only time I ever see it as an option are when my character is either "to tired", or "to hungry" to do it. Once I satisfy those conditions the option just disapears again.


Always good to get new sims





File: 145901fa4f7b9f7⋯.jpg (76.36 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, 1381773165408.jpg)

is so hard to update your mods in the game, because the whole thing is a mess.

Animators work separate from kinkworld, that works against Allthefallen, that works only whereve it damn pleases and then there are the comunity patches and fixes that are just simply random.

trying to get anything updated is a logistic nightmare



Also doesn't help that the game takes forever to load up so it's annoying when you're trying to check if something installed properly.



>How does one acquire a non-potatoface loli?



So I have a Loli doing the Modelling job.

Finished leveling first level and now the phone rings constantly but nothing happens.

Is there like an oportunity or something I can force with nras?

I already gave her level 2 of modelling but still keeps ringing.



In the create a sim screen, click the portrait and instead of clicking save sim click share sim, and then share with us said file, that should come with all neeeded for us to see the sim properly, see >>109079


File: fdfddfeb264cac3⋯.jpg (1003.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-7.jpg)

File: 6735b1cfa34532c⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-9.jpg)

File: 76283f7773ea831⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-10.jpg)

File: 86ec2e47df40874⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-11.jpg)



You could give you loli a demon face. That is not a potato face, and another plus is that they can eat other lolis during intercourse to restore hunger. Some say that this is also part of the ritual to summon the flesh-dressed futa who receives power from Zalgo to impregnate sims with Satan's child.

I wish I could Zalgo text


So I've got an incestuous single dad and daughter, and they just had twin girls. Family tree is going to get weird.

My question is whether or not you can have an incestuous couple get married?



In one of the earlier KW versions I was able to do so. Can't renember what number it was though. Also I don't think I bothered back it up or if I did that the game won't crash on me due to likely missing scripts/CC/expansions.



The fuck is that dress



Her ex husband's skin, prolly



jesus christ


Can't install Sunlit Tides, tried Store Fixes, tried Decrapper and compressor to make it into a .package file

Anyone have any tips?


Is there a way to mod kinkyworld?



Does the launcher hang when you try to install it, or something else?


so fairly large issue for me here, I can only rape the lolis. I followed the recommended setting on the modpack page and everyone just gives the awkward reaction when I have a loli offer WooHoo. They can masturbate and it appears the animations work as rape works. ANy anon know a quick fix?



They need to be horny or at least in a position to accept an offer for the standard woohoo. If you don't want to bother with that, go to settings, then misc. and turn debug mode on. Then click on a sim and go to Kinky World > Debug > AlwaysAccept and turn that on.



Cool, thanks anon.


File: 01105020cab41b0⋯.jpg (755.09 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-60.jpg)

File: c883f29d057e29c⋯.jpg (734.61 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-61.jpg)

File: 0f0afe01ab4ef89⋯.jpg (711.92 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-63.jpg)

Father is a cuckload that is happy to find out his wife is sleeping with his daughter.

another family has a nice threesome


File: 7649fc718ce0513⋯.jpg (523.46 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-64.jpg)

File: 91b51f5f5702131⋯.jpg (636.18 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-65.jpg)

File: c121db5a3bcfe50⋯.jpg (624.02 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-67.jpg)

Meanwhile, at the brothel, mother and daughter are working overtime…and even in the same room.

Kinda surprised me.



It goes all the way to finished and says "Installation: Failed!" every single time no matter what I do.


File: a24d2bab8d99d25⋯.jpg (209.31 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 451935.jpg)

if anyone has an account on atf please tell progressor he is doing an amazing job and he should make a tutorial on modding sims 3 so more people can help him or make other mods too


+Fixed: KW no longer conflicts with NRaas PortraitPanel. The override package (ONIKI_NRaasPortraitPanelOverride.package) is required. Do NOT install it if you don't use NRaas PortraitPanel or if you don't have KW Build 361 or later. The package must have priority over ONIKI_KinkyMod.package and NRaas_PortraitPanel.package. The easiest way is to drop it in Mods/Overrides and make the other packages aren't. If you don't have an Overrides folder, go here http://modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Installing_Sims_3_Package_Files/Setup_and_Files and read carefully.

+Fixed: Sleeping in bed in no longer interrupted when another Sim enters the bedroom.

+Fixed: Incorrect test in woohoo interaction preventing Sims to do solo interaction autonomously.

+Fixed: PopulateTown no longer tries to populate community lots.

+Fixed: Brothel managers can create a brothel on their home lot again.

+Fixed: Unhandled exception occuring when cleaning the TakeShower interaction causing Sim OutfitManager to be locked and Shower unusable.

+Fixed: Watch interaction now correclty increases the short term arousal if the actor is attracted.

+Fixed: Outfit manager doesn't consider outfits with invalid CAS part for the category has invalid. This means your Sims can wear a formal dress as sleepwear again. :)

+Added: Now, you can select any resident to fill the role of KW's NPCs. KW's NPCs have some carrefuly choosen traits, skills and flags combinations to allow specific behaviors that serve for situations. Replacing them by custom Sims won't break the situations but can have a negative impact on scenario.

+Added: New borns have a chance to acquire the fairy occult type when their mother has been impregnated by a unicorn.

+Added: Horses, Dogs and Deers react to nakedness if ZooLover is enabled.

Includes the override



File: 0b0f85f72443c40⋯.webm (7.04 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 111.webm)


> if anyone has an account on atf please tell progressor

No need to, I'm checking this thread regularly, you can tell me anything you like here.

Thanks, man.

Yes, I will post instructions of what I am doing on atf or atfwiki.

There is a post like this somewhere on atf thread, but it's old and it sucks.



You're doing God's work


File: d8e07830fbd3122⋯.png (194.46 KB, 573x314, 573:314, 749956.png)


If its really you let me thak you for all your work

I dont have an account on ATF cause im afraid the ef be eye migth be undercover there



>+Added: Horses, Dogs and Deers react to nakedness if ZooLover is enabled.

One small step for KW, one giant step closer to Joburg-tier zoo mods.


File: 6248750c42e9204⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 92.jpg)


i use the one from the g4tw on 1.67 and it works fine. its a nice map

>games4theworlddownloads dot org/Downloads/LF/SunlitTidesDeluxe.rar


In case anyone had trouble following the guides at the start of the thread this is what I did and it worked out fine.

1. Download and install MrDJ torrent with all the expansions

2. run the game once and make a save or whatever, this is just to initialize the game folder in the user documents

3. install the big modpack found here


Its called ATFCollabMods. This goes in the sims documents folder under 'mods'

4. Under the same link you will find hggSettingsExports. This goes in Libraries or Library I don't recall in the documents folder.

At this point the game should be functional. When you start on a new lot you need to give it time for all the mod scripts to run and more options to pop up on the interaction menus.

Via the main click wheel menu you can set KinkyWorld mod to enable beastiality etc.


I need a little help, I used a mod collab that someone posted there but now I cant use any action on the city hall, any of you have any idea what mod can be the cause?



does this modpack need all the expansions?



Thanks, it worked!


File: 8b15ab249cd2435⋯.gif (2.27 MB, 431x264, 431:264, 926391.gif)


File: b87c204c611de84⋯.jpg (525.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Xtreme loli.jpg)


>Via the main click wheel menu you can set KinkyWorld mod to enable beastiality etc.

Noted. I'll include that in the next settings export update.

Also, is there a difference between the MrDJ torrent and the Games4TheWorld Complete Collection? I hear a lot of anons say they use the MrDJ pack even though it's the Games4TheWorld torrent that's mentioned in the OP. Using the Complete Collection has given me no issues when I installed from it recently, but some anons using the MrDJ pack mentioned their game having issues.


No expansions are required, though certain KinkyWorld features are added or enhanced by some expansions. Grab whatever you like or what is most recommended here >>105999

Also, if you're new to Sims 3 and have a ton of disk space to spare, I kinda recommend installing all of the expansions and then activating/deactivating the expansions you want using the SimGameSelect tool. It really does take up a lot of disk space because you're installing everything (about 33.5 GB), but if you ever decide that you want or don't want to play with a certain expansion down the road, you don't need to worry about expansion install order or your game version getting messed up because you installed an old expansion. So long as you install everything right the first time, you don't need to deal with the consequences of adding or removing expansions. And even if you don't install everything, this is a useful tool to get acquainted with.



I know what bug you're talking about because I had it myself once, but that was a long time ago and the bug just kinda disappeared (possibly because of a reinstall), so I don't remember what caused it. I think it was one of the Nraas mods, maybe Woohooer, so I'd start with removing some of those and checking for a difference. Try clearing your caches too.


If you're interested in that slutty Sunlit Tides conversion mentioned in the OP, I haven't updated it in awhile and some changes made to the modpack aren't agreeable with it. I'll see if I can make an update to the converted town sometime soon. Glad you got Sunlit Tides working though, it is a nice map but also kinda boring.


Prog-senpai is in this thread? D-doushio?


Well, it looks like those at ATF finally managed to make kinky World work with 360. They are now preparing 361.

Which is good, since 361 seems most stable - and it finally fixed the dog crashing!

It does display a strange habbit of generating every NPC in front of the brothel, then deleting them, causing a significant slowdown once a day.


Is there a noticeable difference in performance with all the expansions installed, instead of say just half of them?

Load times don't bother me, just general performance and such during gameplay.

I have an SSD and high-end CPU so hardware isn't an issue.



There are performance hits in-game, but I notice it the worst when in CAS, where it frequently takes a long time to load things even with a respectable rig. If you use that SimGameSelect tool from http://modthesims.info/d/499140 and you deactivate some expansions, then it should be as if you never installed those xpacs even though they're still on your harddrive and can be reactivated at any time.



Thanks, I'll have a look at that tool over the next few days. Sounds fairly useful.


I'm really, really sorry to be doing this. I swear.

But I think it would be helpful to Anons like me that just found this holy thread, so

I want to install your version of KW, it looks like you guys have more content and features (plus lolis)

What do I have to do?

(I have an older version of KW, the latest public release, so it would probably require a different installation but it would be better for new people if you say how to do it from zero)



There's a modpack linked in the OP that's based on the stuff going on in these threads. It has a fairly up-to-date loli KW but a newer version was released recently on AllTheFallen.


What mod should I use to have nude clothing registered as naked, so I didn't have to go to kinky > remove top/remove bottom everytime?



for the sunlit tides thing, i've had the same error with other maps and them being out of date or something. usually ones i pulled from torrents. if youre modding a whole map id use the g4tw ones, they seem to be the latest versions.



what packages are in those hair, skin and clothes packages?

im looking for more to add but dont know what i have



Checking the Unmerged Packages section will tell you what goes into each merged pack. I know it's not very descriptive, but Googling each mod's name should give you image results for what it is. In the case of clothes, the JoshQ stuff is included in the merged packs, but is in its own subfolder in the Unmerged Packages section for the sake of trying to be organized.






File: a84a0dd48d3f4d8⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-24.jpg)

File: f9a3ec71a50896f⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-25.jpg)

So is it just me or do sims act really strange in KW 353? I was spending time with a sim out of the house, and when I check back home, I see one loli naked with unprepared meals strewn across the household. Sims also insist on waiting for an eternity to tickle someone who is busy reading a book even though they have needs to fulfill. They also like to spend $800 on making drugs at an alchemy station (which cannot be turned for a profit) which hurts my poor household, and even though I found you can disable that automated interaction through KW>Settings>Interaction Tuning, the adjustments are lost when loading up my file. Mind you that this is the same file that >>110039 took place in. I'm going to check out KW 360 or 361 over the weekend to see if some semblance of normality can be achieved.

I think the food thing actually comes from some unrelated mod, but I'm not sure what. Maybe it's the kap_children_can stuff, but I'll have to play around a bit and see what I can find. That being the first thing I saw when checking back home was pretty funny though. Don't worry, the loli got fed.


File: fd694f426d2d1ad⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-27.jpg)

File: 71624093bce3bb6⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-28.jpg)


Seriously, the loli just takes another meal out of the fridge with her disgusting cthulhu stretch arm while Mom is doing her best to finish cooking everything that was taken out. Is this supposed to be her rebellious side or something? By the time everything is cooked, Mom will have a cooking skill of 10 and the family is going to have leftovers to last a year.


File: f1bfb6771887712⋯.jpg (8.15 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 503035.jpg)


woah this is an awesome pack op

where can i see the unmerged packages of the additional content for the modpack?

in the modpack theres a pack_careers and in this one theres a careers_pack

are they different?

also theres something wrong with the nraas files of the modpack

some of them were outdated and the game wouldnt start

i had to update them

you also seem to be missing the no intro package

the intro is really annoying

i noticed you have an audi car mod

theres tons more you can add in a site called freshprincecreations





File: 62f8a42f72450b1⋯.jpg (932.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-16.jpg)

File: 926621d50e6b790⋯.jpg (964.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-18.jpg)


>woah this is an awesome pack op

Thank you, but I'm not OP.

>where can i see the unmerged packages of the additional content for the modpack? in the modpack theres a pack_careers and in this one theres a careers_pack. are they different?

You might be looking at the https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6g_NArb68F7cWxiZnpfVGo3MlU modpack, which is the OG modpack that inspired mine and mine is based off of, mine being https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc. Our packs are structured a bit differently but my pack contains all the mods that the OG pack has plus extras, though the OG has custom sims and houses which mine does not.

>also theres something wrong with the nraas files of the modpack. some of them were outdated and the game wouldnt start. i had to update them

Going by the previous point, you might be trying a different modpack from mine, so give mine a shot too and see if that works. I'll check on the NRaas mods, but some of them were modified NRaas mods that came from ATF, and I think only a few NRaas mods on nraas.wikispaces have a more recent Date Modified. I don't really think that the official NRaas mods were updated since the ATF versions released, but I could be wrong.

>you also seem to be missing the no intro package. the intro is really annoying

I was gearing to move it out of the Unmerged mods and into Extra_Scripts, but you're right in that it is now missing. How the hell did I remove it entirely? Update soon, I promise.

>i noticed you have an audi car mod. theres tons more you can add in a site called freshprincecreations

I grabbed the Audi because it was suggested in the Loverslab thread for Amra72 animations, so it's there because it has sex poses tied to it. I'm hesitant to add too many objects, clothes, or hairstyles to the pack that aren't related to KW because it can bloat the pack with stuff that not everyone might be interested in. I leave it to the users to decide how much more they want to add to it unless it's totally obvious. However I do appreciate suggestions and I do think that making optional packs that add more stuff is a neat idea, so I'll keep the suggestion for the future.

Thanks to everyone who's given my pack a shot and helped test things. I'm going to see about adding those normalmaps from >>109303, but that has me thinking about default skin replacements. What do you guys think of the current default replacement for females? I kinda like it because it adds more detail but still fits in with the cartoony Sims 3 world, but I want your guys' opinion as well.

>when an alien makes a snowman, you get an alien snowman




so this one is yours?

thats the one im using with the delta files

i tried it for a bit and so far its running way better than my old one (i was missing stuff apparently)

the only problem i had with it was the nraas but i fixed it by replacing with the nraas i had

will you keep updating your glorious modpack?



Yep, that's the one. And don't use the stuff from the delta files for now as I haven't been good about updating it, just use what's in the modpack. I'm surprised that the NRaas mods are giving you trouble though. Out of curiosity, do you know if you're running game version 1.67.X?

I have more that I want to do with the modpack, so I will continue to update it for some time.




im using 1.67 yea



Hmm, ok. You got your NRaas mods from nraas.wikispaces, right? I'll check the differences out over the weekend.



yea i have the latest versions of everything


Hey, I've decided to finally try out the loli action. I've downloaded all of the required stuff. They can woohoo and flirt, but can't kinky. What did I do wrong?



You probably need to set the KinkyWorld settings to disable the age restriction. The hggSettingsExport from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc might be helpful for you.



Do you have the loli mod? There might be something with that. Kids can't prepare food in the sims, so they generally won't take stuff out of the fridge to prepare food. Somethings gone on there where the loli can grab that from the fridge, but doesn't have the code to actually cook it. I ask about the loli mod since that gives adult sex interactions to kids, so it may have also removed some other child disabled interactions.



Turns out the culprit was kap_children_can_check_skills, which is part of PACK_Extra_Scripts and comes from the Children Can series of mods.


The check_skills mod allows children to view skills in their skill list that they otherwise wouldn't be able to see, such as Guitar and Cooking skills. However, cooking isn't really supported in this mod suite, and as soon as children gain one skill point in cooking, they gain the ability to "attempt" to cook recipes. Like you said, they don't have any actual code or ability to cook the food, so they just immediately put the unprepped food on the ground after pulling it out of the fridge.

My solution is to remove children from the age group that can view the cooking skill, which removes their ability to "attempt" to cook recipes. Children can still gain Cooking skill levels and learn recipes by reading books about cooking, but you just can't view the skill or recipes from the Skills journal until they age up. You can however still check their Cooking skill level through NRaas Master Controller > Advanced > Skill Level. This has no bearing on the child specific cooking skill using the kiddie ovens; they can still bake muffins all day long.


Hey, could we create a thread collaboration, where we each create a sim and put them into a /hgg/ colab folder?

I think it'd be pretty fun.



Nope. I've got followed the settings to install the kinky preferences, I've got the ATF mods. Everyone can wohoo and kinky, but the kids can only woohoo and do regular romance.



What modpack did you download? You need to have downloaded the [ATF] pack for loli content.


Is there someway to increase the belly size on pregnant sims?

Having a sim pregnant with a foal should look a little bit more voluminous than it currently does on default I think.



I've downloaded and added [ATF]CollabMods, and PACK_Loli_Stuff.

I already have the Nrass stuff/etc to run regular Kinky world.



Hold off for a bit. I'm going to be making an update to the modpack this evening. Also don't bother with anything in the Individual Packs or Unmerged Packs folder for now as they're a bit out of sync; everything you need is self contained in the main modpacks. I don't know what the problem that you're having is though. So long as you're using the [ATF] pack and have age restrictions in KinkyWorld > Settings > Woohoo disabled, then you should have been good to go.


File: bb23b61e2826cee⋯.jpg (220.61 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Ghost in the sexshell.jpg)


Nvm. It's working now-ish. Well, except for one little bug…



Yeah, I've just seen that portrait issue today and spent some time reading up on it. It comes from KW 360 and 361, which has a new system that puts some indicator on a sim's portrait when they're WooHooing. This new system is incompatible with the NRaas mod PortraitPanel, so Oniki made an override that fixes the incompatibility. If you're not using NRaas PortraitPanel, then don't use the override or else you'll get your pic related.

Since this KW portrait thing is a built in feature and there's no telling who out there uses NRaas PortraitPanel, I will be including the NRaas mod and the override in my update. I just need to test the last bits of it and I'll begin uploading it soon. Good to see you got things working now though.




Also it took me a bit, but

>Shekelmeister Interstein


File: 01c5542a39f5e6f⋯.jpg (17.07 KB, 330x329, 330:329, 17498985_1388975684491710_….jpg)


>Oy vey! Need to keep the bloodline pure! Can't be meddling with any filthy goyim-blood.

Interbred jewish family is one of my sim roleplays. Pretty much all of my roleplays involve steryotypes of every race.



Okay, so what parts are being updated? What should I be downloading and adding when you're ready?



MrDJ pack was the easy choice for me as I have plenty of hard disk space and I didn't want to think about potential mod requirements. No idea which release is more ideal.


File: 8a704ddd74bc00e⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-19.jpg)

Update to >>96399. The updated ATF pack is uploaded right now, but the updated normal pack is still uploading. Sorry for my slow upload speed, but most of you are interested in the ATF pack anyways so I got that out there first.

We're rocking KW 361 now, for both the normal and ATF pack. While everything is working and sound, there's a few things I still need to follow up on. There's some new toddler animations on AllTheFallen since ATF KW is starting to support next level degeneracy. I'll take time to figure out what all needs to be added and make a small update soonish. For now, I recommend downloading the entire pack from scratch again. It's the safest option since so many anons were having issues with the previous update.


Since the readme is bottlenecked behind the normal modpack version, here are its changelog notes.

v0.11 (08/05/17)

> Updated KinkyWorld to to build 361 (both normal and ATF versions). This includes the NRaas_PortraitPanel override made for KW 361.

> Modified kap_children_can_check_skills so that children can no longer see their Cooking skill in the Skills journal. This prevents them from trying to cook recipes even though they are unable to.

> Added the following mods:

+ NRaas_PortraitPanel.

+ You Are Real skin normalmaps made for Navetsea and ephemera skins for males, females, and children.

+ ephemera's ESkin-nATURAL default replacement skins for males and children.

+ NRaas Dreamer.


File: 37ee9dbebf47f44⋯.jpg (138.36 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 995312.jpg)


>ATF KW is starting to support next level degeneracy

thanks for the update



Normal modpack has finished uploading and is now also available.



Crap, I'm seeing stretching happening for the child woohoo poses. The update needs more work, hopefully I'll have it figured out soon.



Yeah, the portrait bug is gone, but child stretching is back.


How do I set a limit of how many people can visit my brothel? Sometimes I just get waaaay too many people, like over 40, and the game crashes.


File: d15df2c9afff4fc⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot.jpg)




I couldn't find the cause of the loli stretching last night, but I used ATF 353 again to compare and there was no stretching there. Because stretch makes me retch, I've downgraded the ATF pack back to 353 for now until I know more about the issue, but I've run outta time for now. The other changes that were made are still in though.

If you want to try using ATF 361, grab it from the AllTheFallen page and replace the ONIKI_KinkyWorld_Build353 folder with it, but keep the old ONIKI_Videos. Also put the ONIKI_NRaasPortraitPanelOverride that comes with it into your Overrides folder.


I seem to be having an issue with sims and aging. When it hits midnight and the next day comes, the days till aging up decreases by two instead of one.

So if someone has seven days until they age up, tomorrow they will have only five. It also appears as though they don't age up when they reach 0 days remaining.

Anyone else experienced this issue? I'm using the ATF modpack in the OP, nothing else.



Achievement unlocked: Stretch Armstrong



maybe you are missing something and its causing the strech?



you are missing at least the AdOnT animation


I can't get the futas hard. Their dicks are there after the surgery and they do work, it does make other sims pregnant, but it's always soft, even during sex animations. I tried using MasterControler to edit the naked outfit but I can't find it anywhere, and it would make they have a 24/7 hardon which wouldn't be that great. Does anyone know what I have to do?

On a sidenote

What does the Slut "trait" do? I can't get the ZooBreeder one and I think it's because of it AND I can't see any differences



Following up from this issue >>112402

I downloaded both the ATF and non-ATF packs from the OP a few days ago so before the updates yesterday.

The issue I am having only happens on the ATF version, not the non-ATF one. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe I'm just installing things wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. Done it multiple times at this stage.


File: 68abf660b7240cd⋯.jpg (711.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-96.jpg)


I would be up for this



It probably wouldn't work since everyone has different hair, clothes, accessories from different mods, expansions et cetera

Don't know how the game would handle these differences tho





Exporting via >>109079 would likely solve most issues with missing content on a sim.


File: 51f9a85909ca148⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1620x943, 1620:943, 1.png)

File: b2ecf48ec56ac67⋯.png (395.03 KB, 1552x872, 194:109, 2.PNG)




It could kind of work, but we would need to be diligent about knowing & noting what EPs, SPs, or Store content is being used. Sharing via Sims3packs will include all CCs the sim uses in the pack, so that removes a pretty big headache right there. It does not include the previously mentioned contents though, so if your sim uses any kind of official EA content, you'll need to state what is used.

This can be tricky because stuff from Store content doesn't really say what particular content it's from, just that it is Store content. So the sim from >>108839 uses a hairstyle from the Midnight Hollow world from the Store, but you'd only know by paying attention to what hairs came from that pack since its icon is a generic Store icon. I'm also still missing a necklace (figured that out by digging into the files in s3pe) which I'm still trying to find where it comes from. But otherwise, the facial piercings, makeup, and skin tone came with the Sims3pack since that is CC.

So with all that said, does anyone have a handy reference guide for Store content?


File: 9c5ebaa0e28bb23⋯.png (84.9 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 909319.png)


well after hammering my head around your 361 pack i realized there cm_bottomnude had an update, the amra and l666 packs and that progressor also patched the 361

i almost didnt realized because the filename was similar (oniki kinkyworld 361 and override (patched)) and (oniki kinkyworld 361 and override(patchedfixed))

361 seems to be working now



Oh dam, really? I knew about the updated cm_bottomnude, but I didn't catch the other stuff. I'll take another look. Thx mate.



thanks for having the unmerged files otherwise i wouldnt been able to find the broken stuff

you should also check if your sim has a default skin on his dick

if you do then thats the skin you are using that doesnt have dick support (topkek)

i had that problem

i removed the new ones and kept the old ones

maybe you can get them all to work?


File: 51be83151b7b7d2⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1344x1341, 448:447, sample.png)


It's true, I did not address the fact that the new male skin has a textureless dick. A long time ago, I updated the default female texture to have a penis for shemales, so I can do the same for males at some point. It takes a while for me to since I'm not all that good at it, so if one of you is more confident & skilled with gimp than I am, I welcome any help that is offered. I don't think any of the ESkin textures have a dick, so I grabbed the one in the pic from a navetsea male skin.

In the meantime, do you want me to reinclude the original male default skin? It's the cmar EA details one, so it's the EA skin which sucks, but it does have pen0r.



you should so other anons get the stuff working

but take your time man

at least now we know what was broken



i forgot that you need to add the new packages to 361






Yeah, I'll add those as well as the adapted Amra72 pack for toddlers. But I got the impression that those are original anims by Progressor and not anything related to the other anims (Amra72, L666, & Mike24). Looks like they're poses for a specific pairing of partners, so a ADonC pose is meant for an adult as partner #1 and child as #2, otherwise the partners will be misaligned. I'll test 'em and see how it goes.


So have you updated the files with the fix? Or will you put the fix in when you've done your next large update?



everything seems stable here

how does the university work?


File: cb2688449675663⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-100.jpg)

Update to >>96399 and follow up to >>112398

[ATF] is rockin' Build 361… again. This time with fixes to stretching thanks to based Progressor. Some other goodies are in here as well.

New animations by Progressor are shown as authored by ATF when selecting a woohoo pose. They are intended for specific pairs of partners as indicated by their names, so something with Adult/Child in the name should only be performed by an adult and child with the adult being the initiator. A nice thing about being animations made with specific partners in mind is that—when used properly—they avoid having that floating-off-the-ground quality that some of the other animations have. I think we'll be seeing more of these in the future.

Those who want to tap into toddler content will find that it lacks the same quality-of-life experience that children have been getting. For one, XCAS doesn't let you edit the naked outfit for tots, so you need to have them Get Naked before you edit them in CAS (the Everyday outfit now counts as the Naked outfit). Their penis is also an accessory that needs to be manually equipped, but it does support sliders and getting hard healthiest tots ever. The only woohoo animations that they support are Amra72 anims converted by Roperz and an original crib anim by Prog, so expect anything else to go to stretch city.

Modpack Changelog (I'm gonna start including these here regularly):

v0.12 (08/06/17)

> [ATF] Updated KinkyWorld to build 361 (fixed ATF version). This includes the NRaas_PortraitPanel override made for KW 361.

> [ATF] Added AllTheFallen made WooHoo animation packages: KW_AdOnC_Animations, KW_AdOnT_Animations, KW_COnC_Animations.

> [ATF] Added Amra72_Toddler, a conversion of Amra72 animations for toddlers.

> Updated KW_Amra72_Animations to v1.4a.

> Replaced default male skin replacement from ESkin-nATURAL+Default-M back to cmar_EAdetailsSkin_Default_Male_HairLight.

hggSettingsExport Changelog:

v0.3 (08/06/2017)

> Registered animation keys for new AllTheFallen made animations. These animations are only available in the [ATF] modpack, but they do no harm when registered in the normal pack.

> Set Kinky Selfie Creation back to default Uber.

> Disabled Toddler censor in NRaas Decensor.

> Created Toddler caste in NRaas Story Progression.

As always, remember to clear your caches.


File: 1d4b648b0731c87⋯.gif (876.11 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 1d4b648b0731c87006957f661c….gif)


Sweet. Thanks guy.



Have we gathered a list of good custom towns? We've already got that futa/chick island one.


File: 32b7bcc09991264⋯.jpg (853.33 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-64.jpg)

File: f57589e788ccb74⋯.jpg (821.67 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-99.jpg)

File: 1922d6af3a507aa⋯.jpg (912.77 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-100.jpg)

File: d187d954d892ab5⋯.jpg (942.59 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-103.jpg)

File: ed51037191a70fd⋯.jpg (638.67 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-90.jpg)

>Austism is so strong

>Instead of playing I find myself building houses and families

So since I'm so insistent on doing this I thought I'd do a compilation of all the families I've done and share them with the anons, but dunno how to capture the whole family to show them to you as preview. Also, I've done a few building, namely my house and a brothel that I will share once fully finished. So far the list of my families are

>An orc and an amazonian warrior with a cute shota

>2 Car ladies that will manage the brothel

>Gothic family consisting in an adult Morticia, a young adult dad and like 5 teenegers

>Punk rockers

>A hippie family of an adult mom, a young adult guy and a little girl

>A single mother of 3 Who use them to replace their father

>White trash, an operated girl and a dudebro guy

>College students, 3 of them

>Some skinny twins

>A chinese family


Thank anon. Keep with the good work

>remember to clear your caches

How do I do that again?


I've been thinking about doing my own fetish town. Any peculiar family you can send would be highly appreciated.



>How do I do that again?

Just delete the 5 cache files from your Sims 3 folder: CASPartCache, compositorCache, scriptCache, simCompositorCache, socialCache



>Any peculiar family you can send would be highly appreciated.

As in, we give you descriptions of families to add, or we literally share the family-save file to you?



Both are alright for me.

I just want plenty of families to have a full brothel, for example.


Is there a larger household mod attached to any of these files? Trying to have a big family on a deserted island.


File: 453075e18951445⋯.jpg (158.19 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Day 1.jpg)


I thought over this, and have decided to contribute. This map won't contain any modded files in it, and will contain objects everyone already has.

Viewing the town from the boat, it's just a deserted island with an abandoned, decrepit fisherman's shack. But underneath, is hidden society….

Will be out before tuesday.


sorry for asking and bad english but is there any of this in Sims 4? >>110595



See >>45545

Dunno how is it compared to Sims 3, but there is.


Updated to 361 and now every time a sim calls the cops from seeing a rape I get a long ass error that almost reaches the bottom of the screen. Only thing I can make sense of is it mentions a "null lot" but no matter where the cops are called it gives the same error. The sims get stuck in a loop of calling the cops over and over while the rapist pretty much has his way.


File: 192b82cd9c60d3c⋯.png (254.78 KB, 500x499, 500:499, LkFByiG.png)


>so many screams of rape it breaks the game






If you're not using the modpacks from this thread, try downloading the cmar_MorphingPenisScript_1.63v2 and cmar_penis sliders.from here:


The stuff on cmar's blogspot is outdated for some reason, and the penis didn't work right for me either when I first tried it. I think the sliders here should fix it though.



>Fucking toddlers

I-i should be morally outraged,b-but my penis wont go down.



Alright, the bunker is all done and made. I've got a small generic family there, that can be replaced with no worry. How should I upload the file?



yes i know but i mean Adult and no aldult



>gets error

>doesn't post pic

Don't do this.


File: 2882971ad99bc1d⋯.jpg (792.56 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-122.jpg)

File: 800ecce6c241df6⋯.jpg (835.11 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-123.jpg)

File: bb5f00afb22e195⋯.jpg (1017.46 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-124.jpg)

File: 0453556eee6c7b8⋯.jpg (730.93 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-125.jpg)

File: 581e333853a3ef0⋯.jpg (573.62 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-117.jpg)

It's fucking done. Any idea how to share it properly? Pretty sure it doesn't have any modded stuff that isn't in the package ITT.





File: ebbb1c49d70cc39⋯.jpg (316.66 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Floor 1-security and dinin….jpg)

File: c5db9f433c2a000⋯.jpg (487.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Floor 2-Pamper Spa.jpg)

File: 8798d6d70696689⋯.jpg (461.44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Floor 3-Silken Pleasure.jpg)

File: d5a82d9a297c334⋯.jpg (438.62 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Floor 4-Dorm.jpg)

File: 1f626389f90db97⋯.jpg (728.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, The Surface.jpg)

Thought I'd show the place I mentioned on >>112691 and >>112971.

This is an underground bunker for a reclusive rich family, with some minor private security. It's for players who want an apocalypse/major breeding, hidden societies or a mega rich private-getaway run. The bunker has been made with basic sim items, as I was unsure what packs people had. If everything runs fine, I'll make a second version of the bunker, with the other sim packs and some mods added too. Those mods would be packed with the folder for any anon to add to their sims.


With anon here also making a house, should we just upload to a google doc? Or have them up separately, and >>112663 can add what they deem good to their google doc?


File: be88db5a2a222b8⋯.jpg (581.17 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-115.jpg)

File: 2fb0262194df0ac⋯.jpg (557.94 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-116.jpg)

File: 92a8b6787d974d8⋯.jpg (691.17 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-111.jpg)

File: 21d366d385aee73⋯.jpg (570.98 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-97.jpg)

File: 7f04406756a3619⋯.jpg (646.29 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-56.jpg)


>Pool with glass walls

Holy fuck, how I didn't thought about that before? That's pure genius. Other than that, everything looks amazing, specially the silken pleasure room with the dance pole. Everything is nice and tidy, a plus of working with relatively small space.

>should we just upload to a google doc?

Can we do a folder where anons can upload these things? I want to make a fetish town and your house seems to go with the building I have in mind. I'm in for uploading my stuff, let me finish a few things first.

Also, I was thinking that more kinky specific items would come in handy, if there are more.



It would be nice to have different small/large towns/houses for different fetishes, all collaborated together here. Of course, each folder would require a doc stating what packs/mods have been added, so people don't make mistakes when downloading. Adding the mod files you used in that folder would also be necessary.

Besides making a 2.0 of the bunker, I also plan on making sci-fi/future, redneck, and oriental-brothel themed homes.



Different pc my man but I'll see what I can do. If I could have posted it here I would have but I don't have internet access on said pc due to lightning fucking up my ethernet port.


File: e43cde0b532fe0f⋯.png (79.6 KB, 351x680, 351:680, theyallgotawaytoo.png)



There you go.


Just updated my mods with the new modpack and i can see that the childs penis has been moved from accessories to bottoms.

The childs penis sliders doesnt work and it just stays at default size, same with girl dicks.

Also i cannot sex toddlers, i can only use romantic interactions



Looks great, i always had a thing for underground bunkers


File: 3f28228e6f471a2⋯.gif (580.87 KB, 300x187, 300:187, 70123.gif)



i want those



Also it seems all child sex is disabled and rape is disabled, and i do believe i have everything enabled



>Party hard




Did you make any changes to how the modpack is laid out? Do you have any mods that aren't part of the modpack that could potentially cause conflict? Keep in mind that while the modpack has some subfolders within the Packages folder, any subfolder level deeper than one folder will cause issues. Also delete your cache files.

If all else fails, try making a backup of your current Sims 3 folder and make a new one from scratch with just the Mods folder in it. If you test that and it works, then you can starting bringing in your old Saves, Library, mods, ect into the new Sims 3 folder.


File: 825ac42f1b50cec⋯.jpg (17.03 KB, 255x232, 255:232, dadaefbdb9e0cb69f64bc23fab….jpg)

File: 5bac80b5920c144⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-126.jpg)

File: fd18ef693657dcf⋯.jpg (1009.66 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-127.jpg)

File: db3a2523fb672b5⋯.jpg (668.32 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-29.jpg)

File: c4e5e41dda60b61⋯.jpg (592.97 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-27.jpg)

>Start making a lewd oriented park because why the fuck not?

>Everything is going great, a little rough around the edged but fine so far

>Try to make an diagonal simple haunted house for sims to fuck inside

>"Time for the second floor!" I say to myself

>Can't build diagonal stairs


I guess I either change the orientation of the house and also make it smaller, or do anything else altogether. Any ideas, anons?


I'm downloading a few expansions that came both before and after University, which is the last one I installed. There will be any inconvenient with that?

Finally, any good and empty custom world? Or Should I jump in Create-a-world?



Have you tried using spiral staircases?


File: 1b38b78cc4320fb⋯.jpg (768.23 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-5.jpg)

File: 2f910315b625fa5⋯.jpg (732.49 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-7.jpg)


That would have been ideal but

>Doesn't fit with aesthetics

>Doesn't work on foundations

Also, here's the brothel from >>112987


I only use the mods provided by the modpack anon, so it should rum smootly depending on the expansions you have.



Also, I sadly and autistically built it in a 64x64 lot, if that's not a problem, I wish I could shrink it.




Bunker link seems to be broken




How to install these?



Not broken, exactly. Just missing the NZ. Not sure why it's missing it though. Here's the proper link.


Make sure to read the instructions in the folder, >>113317


Male human on female horse when?


What's the best way to get Sims to not look like wierd bags of literal shit with tits going off at 45 degree angles?


File: 8c7c8a3f19f5433⋯.jpg (941.06 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-129.jpg)

File: 8deebf53004dfa0⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-130.jpg)

File: ffc94cba93cc550⋯.jpg (965.39 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-131.jpg)

File: fade8b88e71d69e⋯.jpg (855.8 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-132.jpg)

File: 13be7ae26848b3e⋯.jpg (428.33 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-128.jpg)

Alright, finished the park. There is a problem in the bathrooms, they were supposed to have 3 windows mid section to make it kind of like a glass how for seems to voyeur, but it the windows were removed for some reason. https://mega.nz/#!9AgiGCRb!-70Cm5iswp6rmjBZZ2Z43omcGiSB1TSwZ4kImyHpdrk

How do I do about interactive highschools? Feel like doing one. Also, any place to download lewd items?


I was thinking about downloading pets, I guess I should give it a try, specially if they implement that.


Git gud. Understand how breasts are supposed to be and play with the sliders. If you use the "Breast size" slider to the max it will just stretch forward. There's an slider that actually makes them bigger. Just play with them to make them good.



Glad you got it mostly working, i forgot to mention that along with all the expacks i have all the store content that i could pirate. I believe the necklace is from lealillith on TSR.



Care to share the store content? She appears without her hair on my end.


File: a4f8b3c7e04de18⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-201.jpg)

File: b3c6fea0a5f2448⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-206.jpg)

>sim is wearing slutty revealing outfit

>meet wicked stray dog

>wicked stray dog wants to "have fun"

Was it rape?


This one is going to confound you later. How do you make tits look decent when the sim is having sex and the pose seems to drag the tits downward? Easy answer: they will never be perfect. Your best hope is to make them look good and real when they're standing straight up. That will solve 65% of the issues with how they look at any given moment.




I mean thanks for the help with the tits, but I was kind of talking in general, like textures and stuff rather than stuff that can be achieved by messing with the sliders.

I tried looking into default replacers, but I want to investigate if there are other options since the two best I found were this:


which has pregnant meshes for teen sims which I want, but doesn't make the characters look nearly as good as in some of the screenshots I've seen here. Is there a hi-res texture pack or something that I've managed to miss?



We can't share store content. While sharing via Sim3Packs gives mods, it does not give content from EPs, SPs, or Store content because that is stuff that EA wants you to buy, so they prevent that from being included in the Sim3Packs.

I got the Midnight Hollow town from the Games4TheWorld Complete Store collection. The link seems to be down at the moment, but maybe it'll come up again soon.




Seems like you missed the gloryhole from Amra72. http://www.ladymoiraine.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=489


>Games4TheWorld Complete Store collection

How did I missed that!? Also, the page seems to be down.


Well, I'm guessing textures are usually pretty important for that, see >>109303

Setting everything to max should help too.



Nice, thanks for the instructions anon!



Inform me if there's any bugs, issues, or wacky pathing issues with your sims.

Only bug I've encountered on my own is raccons spawning inside the bunker.




I got that actually. It's in PACK_Buyable_Stuff since it's a Build object and the animations are already in the Amra72 pack.


Thanks for taking the time to go through the packs and checking the odds and ends though. And yeah, that Games4TheWorld link is down at the moment. Once it comes back up, it's a really useful collection. It comes with a mod folder, and while some of the packages are store items, there are also mods such as StoreFix_Decrap_Fixes which I've included in PACK_Extra_Scripts. If you plan on using the packages from the collection, you only need the ones with StoreITEMS in the name, though it wouldn't do any harm to grab the others and have duplicates of them anyways. To be honest, I'm not sure what exactly the StoreFix mods or the others do.




Really? Where exactly it's the gloryhole located? I haven't seen it in-game, or do I require an specific expansion for it to work?



can anyone explain how the university works?

or maybe link a manual of it somewhere?



What do you want to know. How university's in the sims expansion works? Or how you set up your own interactive high school in the kinkyworld mod?

I'll answer the former here since it's easy. When a sim ages up to young adult (might happen at teen as well), a university mascot will come to your door and leave a scholarship test that you can apply to uni with. Alternatively, you can apply to uni from your phone. When you enrol, your sim will leave for a cab and transport to a new map that is the university, where you will live in dorms or a frathouse while attending classes and exams. A term is one sim week, and a degree is either 2 or 4 terms, depending on how many classes you take. When you graduate, you head back to the main world (time on the main world is paused when you're away) and your degree can give you a headstart on career jobs that may start you on level 4 or something.


File: 2f5982966bc4743⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1620x943, 1620:943, Untitled.png)



It's under Gates in build mode. There's a txt doc in https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxNXVOIGxD9tUzMybHItSVU4LWM that shows where each of the custom items are located.



Didn't mean to reply to >>113503, but while I'm at it, try the GECKo_af body and ESkin-nATURAL+Default-F skin replacements from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxNXVOIGxD9tNHlicTRQUHFoYms, and also the PACK_Skins from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxNXVOIGxD9tazJxUjNqTjRJRmc. The files from the first link are default replacements, whereas the skins from the PACK are selectable skins from the CAS skin tone picker.

There are tons more different kinds of skins out there though. Good luck finding something that works best for you. I don't have much knowledge of skins beyond the ones I linked.


File: 3672d78884a5dac⋯.png (450.64 KB, 499x531, 499:531, ad16637c56913a017e26cc5e4d….png)

Quick question.

Does anyone know how Sims 3 reacts to duplicate packages? I fucked up a while back by poorly cataloging my custom content and constantly repacking all of my content into one package. Now I don't know what's in there except if I'm lucky to remember, making shopping around for new custom content a gamble.

So basically what I'm asking is, if I put a package in the folder and it's something that's already in there under another package, will the game crash or create errors or whatever?



I don't think there would be a problem. If there were differences between the files then there might be some conflict, but otherwise I imagine one item will write over the other with the exact same contents, or it picks one of the two to read when they're the same thing anyways. Only real downside is that you have two of the same mods taking up some HD space, but these mods can be small enough to not care. I didn't test any of this so I'm just conjecturing out of my ass.



>I don't think there would be a problem. If there were differences between the files then there might be some conflict, but otherwise I imagine one item will write over the other with the exact same contents, or it picks one of the two to read when they're the same thing anyways.

I hope you're right because that would be a relief.

>Only real downside is that you have two of the same mods taking up some HD space, but these mods can be small enough to not care.

So far I'm doing okay with that.

>I didn't test any of this so I'm just conjecturing out of my ass.

I guess I could try and test it myself. Since my game is running okay I should be able to just put two of the same packages in the package folder and see what happens. At least, I hope testing it that way should be simple.


File: 1fb7721e6a8e061⋯.png (1.05 MB, 941x789, 941:789, the eternal potato.png)

People joke and complain that children faces are hard to make decent in Sims 3 but I think it just hit me how hard it is. When even one of the all-time best hair custom content makers like Cazy can barely make a semi-decent face for the hair CC, you know it's bad. Look at the adult face versus the child face. It's like night and day. On one hand you have a flawless face and on the other you've got maisie.

Was all of this keikaku by EA?


sorry for ask but there are sex toddlers in sims 4


File: a07182ddd5fd6fd⋯.jpg (7.36 KB, 200x200, 1:1, DrHouseFreemanFLAT.jpg~c20….jpg)


This isn't the sims 4 thread. Go ask them.


File: 0d998f0e6debcb5⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 500x334, 250:167, white.jpg)

Anyone know where I can find a pale/albino skin? Trying to make really pale gingers/brunettes/albinos. Similar to this.



Looks fine to me, don't know what are you talking about.


How do you make incest happen without the incestuous trait? Or rather, without using cheats, what's the easiest way to go about it? No matter how horny I get two sims they will never screw, at most they go to separate rooms and jack/jill off. One sim has no autonomy (yet he still randomly asks her to woohoo without my input if he's super horny) so half of the work is taken out right there, it's just the other one (that's married) is being difficult.

Does it have something to do with attraction? I've noticed without the incestuous trait both sims find the other 0 on the attractive scale.



It's not rape yet. I think it's a stand-in interaction hopefully to be fleshed out later, and it's missing a lot of moodlets and effects and it's not even counted as rape internally. And the trait that dogs use to be able to do so is Ornery, which is exclusive to equines normally.

Hopefully in the future, though. And hopefully with other animals because I'm a fucking degenerate. And hopefully with ATF support. And more animals.


>Try to do sim in CAS

>Crashes every time if I take too much time

Only reason I haven't delivered the families yet.


I'm guessing having both sims really horny or rape. Once they have sex at least once, they gain the trait in the lifetime rewards. Try starting with teasing and oral and so on. And of course attraction matters.



thanks for that explanation

i never tried it uni before

how does kinkyworld work with that?



in the university world, kinkyworld works the same as it does in the main world.

But you need the university expansion to make interactive high schools in the main world. For this, just make a public lot with a cafeteria, classroom, dance hall for prom, and a principals office (library is optional), and then click on the building's front door (after deleting the default school) and set it as the school under the kinky menu. The teacher's give lectures for the class, which is a university ai code, so that's why you need the expansion for it.



how do i designate rooms as a cafeteria or classroom?



Yeah, deer and racoons would be sweet. Especially with the large amount of racoons who spawn, there's forced gangbang potential there.



Not to mention the associated impreg potential. Not gonna say no to a one-girl menagerie…



you just need a room with that stuff in it and the game works it out.

A cafeteria needs a buffet table, dining tables and chairs

A classroom needs tables, chairs, a whiteboard and a lecturn. Teacher's desk and chair is optional I think, but it does get used with students putting whoopee cushions on the teacher's chair.

A dance hall needs a buffet, tables and chairs, and a dance floor.

The principal's office needs a desk, chair and couch



niiice gotta try it


My lolis are completely invisible when naked except for their head, hands, and feet. I downloaded the [ATF]CollabMods.rar. I must be missing something, anyone know what?



That is caused when they try to use a mesh not supported by their bodies (ie same happens when a pregnant teen changes into sleepwear as there are no pregnant teen sleepwear clothes). Not sure what is causing it in your case, but test it with that knowledge



I only have the stuff from the installed collab so I don't know what else it could be. Will probably test better tomorrow if nothing comes up.



Just give them the naked clothes for their Naked outfit in CAS if they're invisible. Sometimes they don't get auto assigned the clothing, but I don't know why.



In CAS in the naked tab you should hqve some clothing options,. Select one, it shoukd make you loli visible.


File: 824a87a657862cf⋯.jpg (909.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-938.jpg)

File: 544d267ae1b5007⋯.jpg (618.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-940.jpg)

File: 13c12f6c59ccdc1⋯.jpg (924.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-944.jpg)

File: 7d5e42685b8a7ad⋯.jpg (642.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-946.jpg)


>People joke and complain that children faces are hard to make decent in Sims 3 but I think it just hit me how hard it is.

Decided to give it a go and pretty happy with the results. It definitely wasn't easy though



I've noticed that for some reason kids have ungodly nose proportions, that can easily be reverted by sizing down the nose's mass and proportion. Tested it with almost all my lolies and shotas and small nose = Attractive



umm can I get those sims? I need them for science.



>I need them for vigorous loli sex



Okay, starting my efforts on Underground Bunker 2.0, with sim packs and mods.

Any criticism of 1.0? Any changes that it would benefit from?


So i made a school and it acts like a high school just fine.

But the game made some sort of elementary school on the same lot so everyone attending the elementary school instead of the high school are just standing outside, any way to delete the elementary school thingy? Or reassign children to a specific school?


File: e13c373188847aa⋯.jpg (673 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot.jpg)

File: 7fada59784f14ce⋯.jpg (703.08 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot-4.jpg)

File: e2605e0d560eb90⋯.jpg (765.7 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot-9.jpg)

File: 9f6e96c6c513184⋯.jpg (724.29 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot-10.jpg)

File: 40201093e803eef⋯.jpg (745.7 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot-13.jpg)

I finally finished my brother inhabitants after many crashes. They all have animal names and motifs except for the mistress, and I couldn't do the dogs because the dog ears sucks and the fox tail is bugged.

>The mistress and owner who used to be the best slut around and still kinda is

>2 Car girls, one black and business orientes and a white fit one.

>2 Bunny girls, one cunning and one lovely

>A loli and a shota with supposedly turtle motifs

>A buff rhinoceros guy for penis bait

I'll upload them plus my family tomorrow.


It's fine, fam. Just explore fetishes you think may be interesting plus the living conditions considering the nature of your building.

For example, what about gloryholes and stuff?


You can delete the school building, the normal one. Make sure the interactive highchool option is enabled in KW.


I need some help with schools.

I've got kinkyworld working alright, and I wanted to set up a school for more degeneracy.

I downloaded a premade kw school(http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3249-school-template-for-oniki-kays-kinkyworld/) and placed it over the top of the existing school.

I used the venue options in KW to set it as a highschool, and let it auto-manage. It picked a principal and two professors, as well as a handful of students.

The problem is that everyone goes into the school and spends the whole day standing in the lobby or playing videogames in the library. The teachers don't teach and nobody goes to class.

Does anyone know what's going wrong? Is the school I downloaded just shitty, or have I fucked up the settings somewhere?

If someone has a better highschool template I'd appreciate if they uploaded it, because I don't particularly like the one I have but I'm really shit at making custom buildings.


I hate the "possible Line-of-Sight" mechanic from KW so goddamn much. Make a rapist sim, lock all the doors in a small bathroom with like two small windows on the second floor of a house with a sim set to max attractiveness, and his reaction to trying to rape her is…

"No, what if someone might see us?"

How do you people deal with this shit?



hahahaha. That's actually pretty funny.

Try to level up the rapists Exhibition and see if he still does it. If not, then turn off the Privacy thing.


So I threw in the grouped mods inna new mod folder, but Story Progression is constantly dumping out messages in the top right saying shit like "StoryProgression: Simulating Household: 75 Name: Frio HomeLot: Ocean Vista Cottage - 2br 2ba Address: 7 Sun Song Avenue" and "StoryProgression: Interaction Pushed: Read". And I have no fucking idea why.


How do shemales/futa work in KW anyway? Never made one before, the hospital has option for penis transplant and gender reassignment, I tried the transplant but after waiting for the rabbithole interaction to end the game simply crashed so maybe i'm missing something? Also do shemale sims get a morphing penis like males?


Build 362

+Fixed: NRaas PortraitPanel should no longer conflicts with KW. I've found a way to add new UI elements without overriding the default UI layout. This means KW no longer has to override the HUDSkewer layout resource, so ONIKI_NRaasPortraitPanelOverride.package is not needed anymore.

+Fixed: Wrong moodlet's origin when smoking cannabis.

+Fixed: Prom situations don't clean up themselves anymore when reloading if the prom is no started yet.

+Fixed: A bug that was causing a error when trying to instantiate a service Sim if the VirtualLotHome is not defined.

+Fixed: A bug in RepairmanSituation causing the customer to ask for woohoo even when not horny if s/he is an exhibitionist.

+Added: A new animation when practicing pole dance if Performance level is greater or equal to 1.

+Added: Two new joinable interactions (I'll let you find them). The generic join interaction system seems quite good and will allow me to easily (well, nothing is really easy with The Sims 3) create other joinable interactions.

A "joinable" interaction is a normal (like TakeShower) or a kinky interaction (like MasturbateOnAllFours) that other Sims can join to do kinky things.

+Modified: An interaction to use new animations. The new animations are used if the Sim is wearing an outfit with a revealing bottom.


Do not forget to delete ONIKI_NRaasPortraitPanelOverride.package.



File: 274764439168135⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-2437.jpg)

[muffled eurobeat playing in the distance]


File: 1a9034aabf392ac⋯.png (461.44 KB, 731x900, 731:900, 1a9034aabf392acc540cfb82c0….png)


>There is no a good green skin with the quality of S-Club skins


When you become a Callgirl is there any way for sims that actually live in the town call you to come over to them? You know instead of randomly generated sims calling you to get fucked at your house?


File: 69909827f8ebc8d⋯.jpg (900.45 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot-2.jpg)

File: 4f314f9c9fd9576⋯.jpg (527.37 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot-6.jpg)

Autism is suffering. Spent the whole day making a "Pool" with change rooms and showers that have a gloryhole in the middle, a see though pool and some rooms in the basement that have saunas and hot tubs, I'll probably add a massage parlor in the second floor too.


Look in the megapack of the old thread, there are some schools there, but sadly they are bundled with 700mb of other mods. If I have time tomorrow, I'll upload them for you.


How often? It usually happen to inform of shitty statuses, does it get in the gameplay? You can just ignore those messages.


You can create shemales in CAS using a different bottom mesh than the usual. I never made one myself, but I guess it should work like a men penis do.



Absolutely constantly. But it might have been a problem with the ATF Kinkyworld reporting because fucking with the goddman KW reporting fixed it, despite the fact it was StoryProgression reporting. So I don't know.





I want to add stuff to my city so the sims have something to do, what the fuck are all these lot types?

>cat jungle

>vamp/future lounge

>business park


>(no) visitors allowed


File: bb71b86c812453b⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-2440.jpg)



There's no actual drifting mod, I just happened to pause the game at that moment and thought it was pretty funny.



>Cat Jungle

Park for cats, like the dog part, I believe.

>vamp/future lounge

Vampire longue is for vampires to hang around, the supernatural map have one. Dunno about the future longue, it probably just have futurist stuff from into the future.

>business park

No idea, maybe something from Showtime or Late night.


That place from world adventure where you do wine.

>(no) visitors allowed

Literally a park that you can't visit, dunno why Would they do that.

All of them are pretty shitty to have unless you have cats or vampires, and it's usually exclusively for them.


i downloaded the atf pack from the link, but there are no animations for anyone


How do you get sims in other houses to screw in their own homes? One of the earlier KW releases worked fine for that but I also had woohooer and storyprogression (I don't anymore) so I figure it was storyprogression? I always have story progression off and never used the mod itself, it just came with a bunch of other stuff and I hadn't weeded it out yet. Right now other sims just fuck in public at every chance because they can't relieve themselves at home.



thank thee




Lol. I should start taking photos of odd events too. I had everyone get in there car and drive off, while they were in the backyard. Looked like something out of Fast and Furious.


Someone can put all the links together.

I want to try the mods but I do not know where to




The OP has the mod and surely it can't be hard to search for leaker while also checking the version number? Or do you mean all the extra links?Also Most of the google drive links are likely subnfolders of the main Collab pack (which the managing anon is quick to update).



a ok thanks


What's the best lot type to make a brothel in?


I have a question

Is it possible to implement romantic relationship with animals?

Was thinking about something with jealously, different interactions, marriage

I was thinking about this but it probably would require tons of work towards the core of Sim/Pet interactions and Interactions themselves



You can also use the option KinkySettings ->transofrm to shemale


>pick new game

>start out as a poor person

>work the next 20 years in a shack building money and investing in businesses

>my son takes over the throne when i die

>he doesn't work and lives off money from the old man's investments

dreams do come true



A Dog Park

Make all of the rooms shaped like mini-doghouses. Make all of the whores wear dog ears and tails. Maybe one day even the dogs can pay for service.


>Is it possible to implement romantic relationship with animals?

It might be possible already under Story Progression's ability to modify the caste system. If you take a peek at the list of example things you can do with it, Story Progression can already get a lot done. Some things like Teen Pregnancy were previously only possible under SP + Woohooer but KW made that work by itself.


There is a potential risk it might not function without animations corresponding to jealousy and marriage, etc. If I'm not mistaken I think you could get marriage working and even relationship statuses but the actual marriage proposal and beyond there would probably be missing.


File: cb08af2ce2cdcd6⋯.jpg (78.75 KB, 864x922, 432:461, 1439205780451.jpg)


Disable aging so you can cuck your son and steal any of his love interests.

I tried the hard working route and maybe it does make some things more interesting but after some point I gave up and gave my sim family motherlode(s) of simoleons. I even manually assigned the inactive sims to non-jobs so they could be free all hours if my sims ever wanted to romance or woohoo with them.



"Look dad, my son has your eyes"


File: 9ccd32e9e78ceef⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-60.jpg)

File: 42d667d1096b4a5⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-47.jpg)

File: 1505bf99359dce8⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-49.jpg)

File: 0296d468a39bbc1⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-57.jpg)

File: 78eb36f52d2132f⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-58.jpg)

Been a while since I ran the sims, my save still seems relatively stable, only with children occasionally becoming "unroutable" and teleporting home during school or field trips. Also the mother ended up getting stuck on the couch, looping her animation for sitting idle and looking over her shoulder, to which I could only reset her to unbreak the loop.

Also saw this animation for the first time, which this version is some months old by now so I was surprised I hadn't seen it before. The girl ran to school, forgetting to put on her skirt, which was hilarious.

Then the look on the dad's face when he saw what his kids were doing behind his back.

Saw upwards in the thread that someone had fixed the child animations from stretching the skeletons, has that fix been added to the OP of the ATF thread?


Can anyone suggest any sex objects like Dildos or Stockades? I've found a couple by they require something called PosePlayer. Don't really want to download anymore requirements as the games laggy as it is. Any objects with Kinky world?



Zoophilia is one of my favorite kinks but it's so underdeveloped by every community.

I wish I could program just to create those things.

I'll look into Caste, Anon, thanks. Probably won't be able to do much but will try anyway


File: a8a7fe397027a3e⋯.jpg (488.71 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot-7.jpg)


>Install Sims 3 pets for the fuck of it

>There's a premade anon's family with 2 dogs

>Curious about Zoophilia

>Not my cup of tea but I think it's hot

>Play with the dogs for a while

>Whore the girls to no tomorrow

>She is a degenerate

>Try to play with the dog outside even though is snowing

>Instead she starts sucking it

>There's a message saying "I can't take it anymore, I want to suck it"

>The other dog comes near her

>The other dog starts fucking her


I don't know how to feel about this. It was hot as fuck. I still have to try horses, but I'll do 3 rancher girls and pair them with 3 horses. A MILF thick whore, a shy country girl with freckles and a redhead.


File: 5b356037b096e4e⋯.jpg (44.12 KB, 400x527, 400:527, space-battles-goldberg.jpg)


Do the allthefallen patches fix teen-adult woohoo alignment?


File: dd42de4f3dc7390⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1359x731, 1359:731, halp.PNG)

File: 1a63b416a09198d⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1359x734, 1359:734, wat do.PNG)

hello, first time poster in these threads, i wanted to try the collab mod folder but everytime i start the game i get this. everything is whited out and i cant even exit the normal way, what did i do wrong? in what way im being retarded?



I think it's not letting you because it wants you to login. Try applying the ultimate fix patch again.


File: 8142cb1e595af76⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1357x727, 1357:727, welp.PNG)


Sadly it didnt work, im trying to look for solutions elsewhere but im not finding anything.



the new game button isn't greyed out in that screenshot. Press the + button



it's not greyed out, but when i click it nothing happens



I'm not too sure what else could be a simple fix as I've never encountered that bug. Here's a thread on it:


It sounds like the simplest solution may be to just reinstall it. Just follow the instructions at the top carefully and hopefully you won't encounter it again and can get straight to the degeneracy


File: f8fdc858ba299fc⋯.png (311.02 KB, 580x629, 580:629, cuck nabbin.png)


fuck, the idea of dowloading this game and installing it all over again doesnt sound too pleasing but i guess ill have to try that.



don't you still have the install file? If you don't maybe try removing your mods folder first and see if that was causing a conflict. Either that or while it's redownloading



i dowloaded this game long ago, i just now discovered the gorillion lewd stuff for it.



Try removing everything you just added to it and see if it the game itself works. If not it may be because something on your computer has changed which is making the game unable to locate all its files (it uses the old system of install stuff in the game folder and separate stuff in your program files/user files)


Sorry to be that cunt, but does anyone have a link to a non-torrent download of sims 3? Being poor britfag, pirate bay is blocked and torrenting over tor is hell.



Better get a fresh start to avoid conflict, seems to me like you have the "newest version, which is problematic.


Try IGG-games, mate.


File: 72e1fc1cf7065c2⋯.jpg (794.24 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-68.jpg)

File: 3599434f701cbd1⋯.jpg (810.2 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-69.jpg)

File: 6a4f56e0e450d10⋯.jpg (539.89 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot-72.jpg)

the longer the game runs, the more depraved everyone becomes.

I actually had 2 sisters (one is a teacher, the other is a student) seduce a jap student girl. It took a while to grind down her resistance, but the 2 sister walking naked around the house for 2 days, teasing her and getting her drunk helped.


>having a good time

>girl becomes stinky about a half an hour in

>ruins my good mood

fucking plebs


File: ea027e2c0f55feb⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 284x199, 284:199, 55050.gif)



Humiliation and its branches are some of the most appreciated fetiches and yet zoophilia is unfairly neglected, this pisses me off so much


How the fuck do I change the game speed? I've gone into

Story progression - general options - adjust speed

but no matter what I change it to the time just keeps going on like normal



Never mind, fuck me you have to click on city hall and go to relativity.



>Humiliation and its branches are some of the most appreciated fetiches and yet zoophilia is unfairly neglected, this pisses me off so much

I would argue that bestiality/zoophilia has become way more popular than it ever has been. Perhaps you meant bestiality/zoophilia as a humiliation tool but overall the fetish is almost all over the place now. I remember 5+ years ago it was very niche and only a few dedicated artists even in japan would make content but now it seems like every patreon hack is drawing their shit-tier commissions over it. If you go to places where people submit content related to this, it seems like in the last two years there's more pages in content than there ever has been. Again, there's way more quantity but as a result way less quality. I don't know if this effect has to do with the shock value wearing off or maybe the degeneracy meme is real, but what I truly don't know is if this was a good thing.

Sage for going way off-topic. I wish our /d/ board was way more alive or I'd go there to discuss the status quo of fetishes in this day and age.


Any good sexy clothes for children? loving the children patch.


What's the modding scene like in sims 4? Currently new copy of sims 4 is cheaper than most sims 3 near me, so may just go for 4.



I'm not sure what torrenting site you're looking at, but they all seem free to me.

If you're looking for degenerate sex mods, 3 offers more than 4. There's also a sims 4 thread here if you want to ask in there




I'd blame furries, personally. Says the degenerate furfag anyway. Although a girl having pups with a dog is as nice as a bitch getting knocked up by her owner, but the fantasy is better than the reality, at least. That being said, being able to have foals or fawns would be nice, but probably unlikely because dogs are pleb-tier and easy to cater to. Also if we're going super-niche, dogs fucking horses for fucked up halfbreeds. Or deer. Man, I like mutants too much I guess.


File: 90d1e67ac2d8e9a⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-63.jpg)

File: b28ca2f0caedaa5⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-64.jpg)

File: 2bad7e6ff5b85a4⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-65.jpg)

File: b8ab2656c9082c7⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-71.jpg)

File: 67cfb56bc360116⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-72.jpg)


From what I read about 4, the wickedsims mod doesn't have the depth of kinkyworld, so it's more or less just making sims fuck on your own, whereas kinkyworld gives sims some autonomy to their degeneracy.


One of my sims got to woohooing with his school friend, in a strange way, then his sister joined in to make spaghetti.

The little trollop ended up pregnant so her family disowned her and moved in with her baby daddy. Although when she got far into her pregnancy, it started to split the mesh apart at the waist, and I paused the pregnancy, which made matters worse, because when I restarted the game, she no longer appears pregnant while doing normal things, and becomes fully pregnant while doing kinky actions.



Holy shit, do you have the newest version? You should. That's fucking hilarious.



You're talking about furries, not bestiality. Furry is normie tier nowadays, I agree. I just hope zoophilia becomes as popular as furries before I lose interest.

And, yes, I meant as a humiliation tool. Fucking an animal is really, really sub and seeing a girl doing that is hot af, if she gets knocked up it's even better

That's the main reason I don't like human male on female feral btw, >>117991 , I'm into girls so male on feral is absolutely disgusting


File: cebe0c4158f155f⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-8.jpg)

File: 6d9fa2887a5b8da⋯.jpg (955.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-14.jpg)

File: 504dca45081a8c2⋯.jpg (997.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-15.jpg)

File: 23dcb9cd342c411⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-16.jpg)

File: 67e5bf774597063⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-17.jpg)

I started doing my own stable that somehow looks like No More Heroes Motel so I just did a room like Travis'. In the meantime I gave a test to the whole horsefucking stuff and I'm slightly disappointed, there aren't a whole lot of animations for horses.


File: 0a772632dfe8839⋯.jpg (952.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-18.jpg)

File: a00c674e38c18ed⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-19.jpg)

File: 58fa9af15328d3b⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-20.jpg)

File: fb4aacc19fda60c⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-21.jpg)

File: 267386339eb9b67⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-22.jpg)



Yeah, a lot is missing in the horse animation. They way the dogs go to town on the girl makes it feel more dirty. The horse is just a standing dildo. At least it reclaims some of it if she gets pregnant with a foal. I kind of wish there was a negative moodlet after fucking a horse for her stretched out pussy


I voiced this as a wish many months ago, but I really want a milking mod. Then that rack thing could easily have some suction cups on the base so you can strap your milk slave in for the day while she's milked dry.


File: 24be4530087253d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 486.92 KB, 1372x1218, 98:87, 24be4530087253d20d34d5017c….png)

File: 93d7aa6b475e7b4⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 596.82 KB, 396x400, 99:100, 72d88931d619d71435836b50c4….gif)

File: 88704bd16313f8b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.64 KB, 850x1236, 425:618, 1438321864727-3.jpg)

File: ca92c3f355d9f85⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 446.11 KB, 564x800, 141:200, ca92c3f355d9f85ea11b5e1c94….png)

File: a2d61507e9350af⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.68 KB, 462x600, 77:100, holstaurs1.jpg)


>I kind of wish there was a negative moodlet after fucking a horse for her stretched out pussy

There is. Look at the first pic of my second post, she had vaginal bleeding for the horsecock, but she had far more positive moodlets like "fucking a horse" and "creampied".

>I really want a milking mod

>You can milk girls and sell their milk

>Making good milk is a new skill

>Involves sex, the better the sex, the better the milk

>You can make a farm with all kind of animals AND cowgirls like they were stock

>You'd keep them all in a barn

>Chained and with dildos




File: fb448014a918638⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1057x1500, 1057:1500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7782e4b8eef3b56⋯.png (1.22 MB, 679x1024, 679:1024, ClipboardImage.png)


>she had vaginal bleeding for the horsecock

Oh, I haven't had my sims fuck a horse recently, but I hadn't seen that in the patch notes. That's good. What the animations can't accomplish, moodlets can help the imagination with.

>Involves sex, the better the sex, the better the milk

Best milk quality comes when they're pregnant. Keep those cowgirls bred.


I've wondered how hard it would be for a modder to attach a sim's upper torso to a horse's body. I imagine there would be a lot of coding and reworking the skeleton, but theoretically the pieces are there. I just want a female centaur with big tits to stroll around my sim's property naked.



Skooma's Devious Worlds has one of the hottest text scenes I've ever read, in the Centauress Cyan path. Basically the Centauress is too big for the encampment of her new party, so she sleeps with the horses, away from camp. In the middle of the night the horses mount and fuck her



And I really, really fuckin' hate femdom with the possible exception of dykey funtimes. Point is more kinda unless some commission whore shells out hundreds of dollarydoos on animations I'm 99% sure it'll never happen. In other /hgg/-related stuff I remember a post about noted furfag turbojew commission whore Nicobay wanting more bestiality animations for Oblivion or Skyrim or something like that. Unfortunately, the autismbux is limited, and there's no saying whether your fetish will ever get catered to. Sometimes vidya, like life, is suffering.


It's a shame. I mean, with the haybale you could at least have the damn stallion slow withdraw and hard hump. Maybe make him bite as well. Make the haybale move in time with the humps, like I've seen some of the beds do. There's a lot of missed potential because people are busy being vanilla degenerate.


File: c8849fc52b804cf⋯.jpg (14.27 KB, 320x213, 320:213, witchcraft.jpg)

Hey im >>117566

so i finally torrented, installed and patched everything up and im now able to start the game, however now i've come across another problem. Everytime i open CAS to create a family the game crashes when i go to select clothes. is there a solution or im stuck playing default characters?



you should be able to go to CAS. I assume you have the ultimate fix? If you do, try removing your mods and going to CAS. If it doesn't crash that time, you may have conflicting downloaded clothing that the game can't load and is making it crash



Try using a default household and once playing make one of the sims Plan Outfits

If it crashes you have a bug, if it doesn't you're probably having an issue with the memory (which is very common in Sims 3)



that would mean something in the modpack being posted here is what causing it, since that's the only thing i've downloaded besides the game itself and the ultimate patch.



An issue with memory sounds plausible like >>118573 suggested. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86 or not)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin and open a file called Sims3.ini, then change where it says MemoryUsageLimit from 20000000 to 40000000. That's how you enable the game to use 4gb of memory instead of 2gb.



Sims3 is full of memory bugs or whatever, almost sure this is the main reason it's "impossible" to play for a few days without the game freezing every now and then

Add mods and it freezes constantly



Did you delete the cache files? If not, do that. Otherwise, do what >>118594 said, or check here: http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Game_guide:Multiple_ways_to_improve_The_Sims_3's_performance


Is it normal for half of the KinkyMod text to look like placeholder stuff? Like Woohoo.InteractionGreyedOut:NoSim



yeah. The creator is pretty slow at fixing the tooltips. Though they do fix them eventually


File: d1bc37d631a8114⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-106.jpg)

Partial update to >>96399

This is just for the [ATF] pack. I've added some more stuff that was converted by Roperz for lolis. One mod of interest is that the breast slider (the normal one for teens/adults, not any added sliders from the Face section) now affects lolis. You can't access this slider while the sims are children though, so you either need to make them a teen/adult to edit their breast slider value or use Master Controller -> Intermediate -> Bust Size. I'm also removing cmar_MorphingPenisScript_1.63v2 as penis functionality is handled by KinkyWorld anyway. This was removed just for the ATF pack for now, but I'll remove it from the other pack as well once I have a reason to update it.

v0.12a (08/24/17)

> [ATF] Added more loli converted clothing and items by Roperz.

+ Bottomless dress

+ Umpa's Stripper pole dancing (Stripper pole bought from Decor -> Sculpture)

+ Cmoney's Cigarettes (Decor -> Misc.)

+ Breast unlock for girls. Breast slider isn't visible for children but has an effect on them. Change their bust size through Master Controller or with teen/adult body sliders.

> [ATF] Removed cmar_MorphingPenisScript_1.63v2.

Modpack - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxNXVOIGxD9tTHRBZC12bDN3TXc

To upgrade without downloading the entire pack, download & replace old versions of PACK_Cmar_Stuff, PACK_Loli_Stuff, and PACK_Buyable_Stuff from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxNXVOIGxD9tazJxUjNqTjRJRmc.

I also updated my slut town; all I did was add some more lolis to the Kay household. I'm making this version 1.0 since I can't think of much else to do with it conceptually, though I realize I didn't add any new beds for the new lolis. Maybe expect a v1.1 in the future.


I'm going to be taking a break from the modpack management for awhile. I'm making some changes to my IRL situation and will be kept pretty busy. As this involves being around family for an extended time, I will not be keeping up with these threads and even I'm not bold enough for what I said here >>105690. It may take a month or two, but I'll come back to you guys.



thanks for your work, anon. These threads will still be around when you get back


Build 363

+Fixed: A exception error occuring when using the dance pole and the Performance Skill is not available.

+Fixed: Animals now correctly unequip their penis after woohoo when "Penis Display" setting is WooHooOnly

+Fixed: Added missing french localization (Tattoo Lover trait).

+Fixed: A bug that was preventing Drug addiction to decay when it should, causing stronger addiction and repeated withdrawal periods. Your Sims may have to go through an additional withdrawal period before the fix is fully effective.

+Fixed: A problem causing valid SimData to be destroyed when the System destroy invalid SimDescription after loading a saved game. This should prevent the lose of SimData properties (Attractiveness for example) and callgirls from being unregistered.

+Fixed: Willpowerless now works with all WooHooSequence interactions.

+Modified: Reworked Kinky Training Dummy's animations.

+Added: New surgeries are available at the hospital. Tubal Ligation and Vasectomy. Both surgeries are reversable.

+Added: Human Sims can join Sims while they mop puddles (different join actions will be added later).




Thanks again, anon, and good luck with you life until then.


File: fb8391bbbb22c1c⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-26.jpg)

File: 09438d39d4ed37e⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-27.jpg)

File: 3e7cf5dc9d84d16⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot-29.jpg)



very nice


File: ed887a3c2bed372⋯.gif (312.28 KB, 267x199, 267:199, giphy.gif)


Actually, i prefer them like this; it's easier to understand…


>download the game

>install the modpack

>try throwing in the bottomless loli dress from atf because I didn't see it

>doesn't work


>play anyway

>witches and vampires

>fuck time to hybrid

>throw nraas hybrid mod in

>game takes an hour, still hasn't loaded in

>give up, start a new town

>import settings

>flooded with messages about every sim in town when they get work or breathe or anything

I think I'm too dumb for this game. I can't stop the spam, and I never did get the bottomless dress to work.



To fix the spam of notifications about other sims in town, click on the town hall, go to nraas story progression, then change notifications to blood related




>go to nraas story progression, then change notifications to blood related

Options: Stories, Story Summary - Blood, right? I had it on that before and still got it, so I put it to None. I'll try again though, thanks.



I think it may take an ingame day to take effect. I don't know why it works that way, maybe it rechecks mod settings at midnight, but set it and just wait. If it keeps doing it the next sim day, then it might require further investigation



Seems to have solved the issue, thanks again.



Thanks for the fantastic mod, but i think im doing something wrong, does this pack have the necessary mods for very large boobs? the slider ingame doesnt make them very big and id like to make them much larger.



the sliders to make boobs much bigger are located under, I think, mouth sliders in CAS



>The one place i didnt look

im a fucking idiot, thanks anon ill check now.



There was some boob sliders but not as big as i thought, i must be thinking of Sims 4, but are there sliders that make boobs/muscles/etc HUGE?


File: 823c94279063ef6⋯.jpg (324.4 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, boobs.jpg)


This should be what max boob size looks like from CAS sliders. You can make them bigger than this, though. If you have nraas mastercontroller you can change the values from there, though the bigger they get, the worse they interact with the physics



Ah that was it then, thanks mate.



post more loli pics/webm please



The dance pole animation don't work for me for some reason…



Same. For some reason Umpa's Stripper pole works while KW's stripper pole doesn't


what is the best sims?

is 3 the latest? or is it just a case of modding?

sorry but I don't really remember



Sims 3 the best.

Sims 4 is latest, but Sims 3 have MUCH MORE advanced and complex game core. I mean, every small corner of big city under your total control every second if you like to look how live your neighbors.

+ extremelly number of expansion packs with very different content.

This is good base for modding.


File: 4a5a191ddc54957⋯.jpg (116.59 KB, 570x1042, 285:521, tumblr_nwblhiJknf1sr7kato2….jpg)

File: 67ce31a211ef6d2⋯.jpg (71.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, w-800h-600-2761961.jpg)

File: b0489042fe702a9⋯.png (718.21 KB, 836x377, 836:377, Capture.PNG)

File: 78fa6aad16131e7⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 720x424, 90:53, TSK_BraceletOfWonder.jpg)

Here, have this list of resources, if everyone cares to check **it have furry stuff.




did u got the new skins fixed?



password for the packed files?



ah nevermind I found it in an old thread

>For the .7z`s the password is {around-the-file-name} the {} are required. The .rar`s are just reuploads of Games4theWorld.




Alright, any linuxfags willing to help?

Using the games4theworld torrent Sims 3, I mounted the startdisk to /media/x and disk 1 to /media/y - but /media/y has nothing in it. Broken download?

When using installer through wine, with either Autorun.exe or Sims3Setup.exe, once it reaches the point of asking for disk1 (Z:\media\y) it complains about files not existing, and the install fails.



fuck me nevermind. I went full autist and mounted /media/x twice.



I'll have to check the sims 4 later, I'm sure I've played but don't quite remember its features

how easy is to get fully 3 anyone, should run pretty smoothly by today PC


Anyone else ever experience sims resetting their physical features (breast shape/butt size/shoulder width etc) when you mess with their outfits?



Yes, it's a fucking pain, but it usually happens to me when I switch to naked outfit. So avoid going for the naked outfit and just undress them in any other outfit.

CAS is a piece of shit that works like ass and every fucking time it crashes on me, so I just stopped trying.


Im getting this issue with the ATF Modpack, whenever I try to start a Woohoo animation, the sims just go to the location,get naked and stand there for a second and nothing happens before they get redressred again.

I put in all the animation keys and tried starting a new game with it but nothing changed.

Anyone know whats up with that?


The ATF mod pack only allows "kiss" under romantic interactions.

I think the Wohooer is borked. Why are people using it anyway, I never did.

Also, story progression likes giving all of my teen jobs.



Anyone tried butlers with the latest versions at all? Mine seem bugged as fuck and I'm not sure why. Keep sitting down constantly and changing chairs when there's clearly work to do. The upshot is they don't seem to charge for the dead time, but even so…



"I think the Wohooer is borked. Why are people using it anyway, I never did."

Woohooer is really old codewise so conflicts with KW romance may arise. I don't run woohooer anymore anyhow, since RL experience has taught me that whores don't see johns as romantic interests. :)

"Also, story progr