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File: 918e97ce2348f89⋯.png (234.84 KB, 797x520, 797:520, HOSTORY EPISODE 0.PNG)



Just so you know, I will never be unbiased. My name is HG Punk. I was a host in Season 3, and returned to host in Season 8 onwards. I am most well known for my hatred, but that will hopefully stay away here. The games have been some of my favorite moments on /co/ as a whole. During my time at the Hungry Games, I have done a lot of things. I created the booru and /hgs/. I also pioneered how hosts talk to eachother through chats. Sadly, the hunger games have passed me by for a long time.

As time marches on, newer and newer people showed up. And with that, I realized something: These people don't know the stories that others do. As much of these threads have constant references to events that happened in other games, this could be troubling. In fact, I wasn't caring about the games for about four or five seasons, and it seems that the common talk still revolves around what happened back then. Often, people don't know what is being talked about and need some catching up. I know for a fact that I can never change this, but I can try to do something about it.

Hostory is a series of posts meant to recap things that happened in HG history. This could be anything, to a well-known story from the first few seasons to an unknown thing that happened in the latest season. Do you want to know why people keep referring to this one character? Hopefully, there'll be a post about it. These will try to be as detailed as possible, including many things for reference. For example, there will be images referring to what happened then. I also plan to include some interviews and statements from other hosts. I don't want anyone to get any wrong information from this.

What are some ideas that could show up? Primarily tales of characters and hosts. Usually, most topics would have to be big enough for a large write-up on them. However, it's not like there will be a shortage of topics. After all, these games have been going on since 2015. As of writing this, that's over 2 years of content to explore through. Stay tuned…




File: 4f0dc24018676fe⋯.png (115 KB, 797x520, 797:520, HOSTORY EPISODE 1.png)


It was March 8th, 2015. The finale of the /co/ Hunger Games's first season had just happened. Anons upon anons came in droves to see what happened. In the end, the champion stood, the rest saw their better. Handsome Tulio reigned supreme.

Of course, that's not what we're talking about.

Instead, what we're going to talk about is what happened immediately after. A man started a side game. Technically, the first true off-season game. It was a game with 48 girls. You could call it a waifu war, to be exact. While the anons were talking about the games that just happened, nominations were happening. A few words were spoken, as are spoken with nearly every game. Telling that the cutoff has just been reached.

"OK NOMS ARE OVER" was the first ever post from the trip !rG3sTmCnUU.

Before we go any further, just know that Hunger Host fascinates me. I think he's one of the first things any person learning about the games should know. That's why, of course, he's the first topic for this thread. However, some people don't know the true details about him. Most notably, when I talked to some initially, they didn't know of his biggest example of rigging. In general, people know HH, but do they know him enough?

The ensuing match was nothing really special. The winner was Nico Minoru, but what really got people going was how it ended. Teri, from the Amazing World of Gumball, fell into a frozen lake. One anon in specific posted this line: "What happened to the paper that fell in the ocean? It was all washed up!" Not that many remembered it, but it would eventually mean a lot later on.

Personally, I believe that HH didn't begin to rig games until a few games in. This is because there weren't that many 'good ends'. Characters that the anons liked, such as Mandy and Teri, died near the end. Not really something you would see from WWG later on. Looking at his games in retrospect, I believe there to be one game that was way too good to be true, and might have just been the beginning of his rigging: the Canada game.

There was a clear story that always had a 'satisfying' end. Dr. Claw was an idiot who couldn't get any love, and Heloise was getting as much love as possible. Near the end, Dr. Claw snapped and killed Heloise. He would then go on to win the game. During the game, the anons loved it, but when you think about who hosted it, it might have just been the start. The start of something that would be nasty and haunt the games for a long time.

One thing that HH might have done would cost the games a big amount in the future. See, he only started hosting in the off-season, and the threads would get deleted because he had overstayed his welcome. At one point, he even got temporarily banned from /co/ while hosting a match. Eventually, this would get so bad that the games would permanently move to /trash/. Was HH directly responsible for this? Nobody truly knows, but what is known is that he could have sparked the light.


One of HH's biggest games is one that not many remember him hosting. The infamous Villains game, which saw the rise of Puma Loco. Over the course of the game, Loco got 11 kills, absolutely stunning the anons. This story is one of HH's biggest, and surely, one that he would not forget about. Nowadays, not many talk about Loco, as people have clearly outdone him in the past. Even less remember that his game was hosted by HH, and it's highly likely that everything the fans loved about him was completely a hoax.

It was again time for Waifu Wars Guy to do the game that he was named after. Waifu Wars II went off well, same as always. But clearly, this was when his rigging went full retard. No host had ever been so obsessed with a character, and perhaps none ever will. This game was the first, of many, wins by Star Butterfly in HH's games.

Star would quickly win many other games, such as the WvRU sidegame edition. Somehow, despite her winning two games in a row, nobody noticed. Then, there was an Aliens game. She didn't win that one. However, she still got in the final few. Still, nobody noticed. It seems that the still fragile and naive anons weren't thinking to much about what was happening. It was going to take a major mistake, one rotten apple to spoil the bunch.

Waifu Wars Guy would run a match called the New Blood Cup. This was composed of characters from shows that aired after 2010. Of course, this was another sidegame idea intended for Star, and of course, she got in. The usual WWG shenanigans happened, eventually leading to the final two of Star and Texas from Motorcity. Some wanted Star to win, others wanted Texas to win. The only thing that is absolutely true is that the people wanted blood.

Then, Star went home.

This was an event that had never happened before, and would never happen again. And with that, there was an absolute revolt. Any pent-up thoughts about WWG being a waifufag were unleashed, and they wanted his head on a silver platter. With one single game, he developed the stigma he has to this day. In the time afterwards, some actions were taken. Most notably, Star was banned from the games for a good while. This wouldn't neccesarily be too long, though. As for WWG, he was gone. This wouldn't necessarily be too long, either.

Before I move on, there's still other shenanigans that I couldn't fit in. He at one point made himself win two matches. He was also controlling at times with people's games. Sometimes hosts would talk about games they wanted to do, and he would immediately call for noms. He also made a bad drawing of Star for some reason.

Around ten days after the disappearance of WWG, a new host showed up. He hosted a quick 90s game. He would host more games in the thread, so much so that HGM would give this host a special permission. He would be the "2nd host" of Season 2 and get his favorite tribute in the first match. (For anyone wondering, he chose the Anime Club.) What host got this honor, in spite of various other hosts such as the Game Goy, Gaymmaster, PatrickBateman, etc? Well, his name was Hunger Host.


An interview with HGM II about Hunger Host:


Surprisingly, it didn't take long for him to get found out. At one point, he posted a picture of the aformentioned "What happened to the paper that fell in the ocean? It was all washed up!" post. He then explained that it was from the first Waifu Wars game. There's one thing he forgot to take care of: (You). Perhaps the driving force behind many a shitpost, the old (You) caused trouble once again. Quickly, people noticed what he had done and called him out for it. Soon enough, HH was back to his old tripcode, but he wouldn't ditch the name. Hunger Host would be a name more people remember him from.

As time went on, though, he started to become more well liked again. This was because instead of taking the blame and admitting to rigging, he ended up shifting the blame to his characters. He was no longer evil, it was Star and Puma Loco that were evil. Not only that, but they would become more prominent in the Hunger Games than they ever were before. They would be talked about in every thread, get art upon art, and become big names of the Hunger Games. This was a process that could only be described as lore.

It was a practice that had been going on since the beginning of Season 2. Characters that had done big things in Season 1 would get events after them. Stuff like a blessing from Tulio, for example. But as time went on, it shifted more and more towards HH's characters. Star would show up and throw people off cliffs. People would meet Puma Loco and end up dead. Around this time, people's opinions were slightly changing. Instead of hating Star, they thought of her as this evil being. A villain, per se. Things were getting liked.

HH was not the only person to enforce this lore, of course. Most notably was shittydrawlingfag, who would often draw pictures of the lore. There was also writefagging at times. Of course, the thing that got all this most off the ground was the anons. Whenever something would happen in a game, they would liken it to the lore that had went on. They would think that some tributes had become minions of Puma Loco had they killed enough, such as Panini (from Chowder). They would figure out if someone was 'working' for a character, usually by killing good ends.

Perhaps the culmination of it all was /woo/po/co/lypse. This was a game that pitted the best of /co/ vs. the best wrestlers on the planet. It was from a selected list, and much of it was some of the lore characters. Eventually, it became an all out war between sort of factions. There was the cult of Loco, for example. One of the biggest events was Star throwing someone off a cliff after she had already died. This led the anons to believe that there was a team going on. The team consisted of Karl Pilkington, Puma Loco and Star Butterfly. It was named the Trinity.

The Trinity was by far the biggest lore of the season. Seemingly, HH managed to get him and his characters on the anons's good side again. There was a lot of drawings of the three, or any combination of them, together. The combination of these well known characters was a recipe for success. Especially for a person who needed good publicity for himself, and fast. HH was on top of the world again. But then, he got knocked down for good.


It was April 12th, 2015. It was nearly the end of Season 2, and someone wanted to make a change. His name was Truth Teller, and he showed what had been thought of for a while. He gave legitimate proof that the games could in fact be rigged. The thread shook the Hunger Games for a good while. Nobody knew what to do. All they knew is that the rumors were true, and that Hunger Host really was a rigger. People made sure that no matter what, he wouldn't show up. HH never hosted a game again.

As time went on, HH would appear sporadically. Sometimes in the original Hunger Game chat, sometimes in the thread, lacking name but keeping tripcode. He has since admitted to rigging, and is apparently sorry for rigging so much. As for his characters, the lore died down once he left. There wasn't nearly as much talk about the Trinity as there once was. The tower that HH built was crumbled, and no longer spoken of.

In the latest revival of the Hunger Games, something giant happened. In the midst of Season 8, Star Butterfly won a main game. 6 months after the peak of Hunger Host's rigging, his biggest "creation" actually won a big game in the season. However, it didn't go the way you would expect. They cheered her. They wanted her to win over the other tributes. She eventually would fail to win anything else in the rest of the season, but it was a giant thing. If Star herself can be redeemed, who can't?

Hunger Host's tale is a strange one. What exactly can we learn from it? Well, the biggest thing is to learn from the mistakes. Don't go too far with your power. Nobody knows where HH is nowadays. Perhaps he's still on /co/, shitposting about Star Vs. We've moved on from him, though. This can serve as a warning, to any host: Don't make the same mistakes.

This is HG Punk, and this has been Hostory.


File: 80f4aa1605c0efd⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 797x520, 797:520, HOSTORY EPISODE 2.jpg)


The biggest rule about the /co/ Hunger Games is that it's kill or be killed. That is, unless you fall into a frozen lake, but that's besides the point. After all, these wouldn't be the Hunger Games if nobody were to die. Even then, this is still different from the original source in that there can only be one winner, ever. So, in order to win, you have to do what you must. Most people don't kill, and then are killed. Some people kill a little, and might even end up the winner. It's completely normal to see the winner have 2 or 3 kills that they racked up before becoming the champion of their game.

However, as time has went on, there have been countless noms that specialize in killing others. These are the top of the line, the cream of the crop of draining blood. Over the time, the kill count has gotten higher and higher, with as the writing of this episode, the top record is 13 kills. Who are these major killers of the /co/ Hunger Games? What have we done to celebrate those who go above and beyond to get rid of as many people as possible? And most of all, who's next? All those questions and more, because I'm HG Punk, and this is Hostory.

The first example of a major killer happened in the second Hunger Game on /co/, ever. It began with a bang, literally. Karl Pilington set an explosive off in Day 2, that killed 4 people. The fact that an event could just kill four people out of the blue was treated with shock and was called by some as "a massacre". He would fight people away from his fire, and acquire a hatchet. As time went on, the hatchet would be seen as Karl's main weapon, despite it actually being the explosive. Everyone was in worry of what Karl would do throughout the game. For the rest of the game, he would kill two more. In the end, he would kill Gretchen from Recess, also seen as a killer (although less than Karl), and win the game. He had become won of the first few seasons's biggest figures, by killing as much as he could. Now remember, if you add it all up, here's the original killer's kill count:


This is just a sign of how much the /co/ Hunger Games have advanced since their creation nearly three years ago (as of right now). He was the undisputed king when it happened, now, people have more than doubled his kill count. Nowadays, if you see a character get 6 kills, it's practically nothing. You usually have to get at least 7 kills in order to be treated like a big deal. Even the explosive event that made Karl legendary has been seen as small potatoes, as there have since been events in templates that have two people killing four. This of course, does not make Karl obsolete. He was the first, and is still one of the most well known. If there was not a Karl, there wouldn't be a Valhalla. It's just fun to think back about what these games have gone through.

Of course, back in Season 1, there was more imagination, and thus, you didn't have to kill to be a killer. Much of the suspense was built around what they would do while they weren't killing. Who they would interact with, if they would win or lose fights, and what characters they could potentially face off against. People like Giffany (and consequently Don Mattingly) only killed 3 during their most notable run, but they were seen as important figures because of the time inbetween. Stuff like fighting off tributes from their fire was seen as a show of strength, and not just random flavor text that the game outputs when a character isn't supposed to die or kill yet. It was all about the aura that these characters gave off, not the statistic by itself.


Another major Season 1 killer was Dick Dastardly. Getting 5 kills (the same amount that would get you voted out if a Valhalla was overflowing), he was seen as a man with the master plan. One by one, he killed every single member of the final 5, other than himself. People had seen multiple kills due to one event, such as Karl's, but none struck quite like Dick's plan. Of course, Dastardly being a cheating villain, he was seen as such for doing such a thing to the final 5. While not neccesarily known as a killer, Dick did kill a lot, and being one of the original main game winners, had a lot of momentum.

After the Champion of Champions, the Grand Slam was held, giving another major killer. The Loc-Nar is known as the "sum of all evils", so it's unsurprising that it killed 6 people in order to win the Grand Slam. To have such a murderous figure end the season was really a great way to end, as something like that really showed what the games were like. People kill eachother, and the killers win. Season 1 came to a close, but the memories of all those who had killed their way to the top wouldn't.

Around the end of Season 1, there was a game of 24 killers. These killers were put in by nomination, however, as not many people kept track of who killed who. Therefore, you could see people who only killed 1 or 2, and did not do much in the game. The game never ended, as the host disappeared in the middle of the game, and didn't come back to finish the game. This shows that the idea for a game with all the killers was proposed as far back as Season 1, albeit very limited. We wouldn't see a true Valhalla game until Season 2.

There were many other notable killers in Season 1. Duke for example, who was once just a member of but in retrospect would become the leader of the Klan, racked up 6 kills, same as Karl. Marie Kanker killed 5, and ended up getting the nickname "Bloody Marie" for it. Godzilla and Terry McGinnis were actually the leaders of the season, killing 7 tributes. However, this was not noticed as the biggest story of the game, as this was the "Secret Love" game where the Wirt and Cerebella relationship took place. Of course, the champ himself, Handsome Tulio, got 5 kills in his game. Even those with little kills were still known as killers. Steve had a single kill in his game, then again, snapping a dog's neck is hardcore enough to count as 5 on it's own. By the end, there were definitely a lot of killers, but no matter how much they killed, there was still a story to all of them.

There were also killers in the off-season, but take many of them with a grain of salt, as much of the off-season was hosted by Hunger Host (see above episode). Amanda Waller went above and beyond with 9 kills, albeit in a much different landscape. The off-season games were generally above 24 noms, even though the regular season usually stuck to 24. The Villains game had Puma Loco, who became an early icon of the games with 11 kills. His win also brought a lot of lore surrounding him and other killers, such as Karl. However, he has since been discredited and less cared for. As there was a penchant for not posting placements in the off-season, it is much harder to determine killers in a quicker, easier way. Therefore, there isn't much talk of the killers of the off-season, but there certainly were killers.


Season 2 brought some new killers as well, one of the notable ones being Weebl and Bob. The two eggs killed Ursula, and then ended up ambushing three people. In the end, they were killed by eventual winner Harvey Beaks and got 6 kills. Although they ended up 3rd, just short of winning their main game, they were still distinct from others for one reason: They weren't taken serously. They weren't major murderers like Karl, Dick or the Loc-Nar. They were funny characters, and thus their actions were taken in humor rather than the average fear over blood-thirsty noms. This also shows that people were realizing that big killers did things like this all the time, and not everyone was a major name for doing so. Nowadays, you might find them in the OP of a thread, surprisingly in comparison to other, much bigger names. This might be because some major killers like Dick Dastardly of the original seasons and Peter Griffin of the modern ones didn't really get drawings. Ones like Karl who did also have been tainted with stuff like the Trinity (again, see above).

One other killer of Season 2 actually ties into one of the season's biggest stories Ralph Wiggum had killed many people, one by one. By the end, he had killed 5 people, and was in the final 3. It was down to him, Bob Belcher, and Luigi. As it turns out, this was the entirety of the first district, making the finalists. Nowadays, the District 1 Trio is a legendary HG story, and one that was especially popular at the time. However, it's not bad to think of them all seperately, instead of a team. When the game was happening, Ralph's murderous antics made him the fan favorite of the game. They may be remembered as a team, but solo, Ralph was not fucking around. (Fun fact: The order of nomination went Ralph, Bob, Luigi, when the place order went Bob, Ralph, Luigi. Just one off to have perfection.)

With the season drawing to a close, it was time to do the Valhalla game once and for all. Not only did this include the killers of Season 2, but it also included the killers of Season 1. Of course, not every killer was included, as this was of both seasons, and it was harder to keep track of them all. In the end, the first Valhalla champion was crowned, and ironically enough, it was an assassin. The final 3 consisted of the aforementioned Karl Pilkington, Scud the Disposable Assassin, and pissed-off Goofy. Scud walked away with not only the win, but 5 kills. This made him, along with Coach McGuirk, the first nominations to reach Double Valhalla. Throughout the run of the games, not too many people have reached Double Valhalla, and maybe one day, we'll see them again in the real Valhalla match.


Since then, Valhalla has become one of the biggest games of the season. Anyone who makes 5 kills and over makes it to the game, and when they all meet, it's a mess of goodness. Ever since the days of Scud, we've had some great characters win like Geri, and some oddities become king of the killers like Peacock Billy. Noms who kill the most people in the games are still as remembered as always, as that's what the Hunger Games are all about. You just have to make sure your nom survives by killing everyone else. Let's take a look at just a few of the legendary killers from recent memory:

A big killer from early on in the revival period was Geri. From the very first sidegame of Season 9, Geri was out for blood. Some would even say, that the Hunger Games were just his own, bloodier version of chess. However, while we were playing checkers celebrating his win, he was playing chess planning his next ones. At the end of the season, there would be a Valhalla as always. Geri showed what he did at the beginning of the season at the end of the season and walked away that season's Valhalla winner. Surprisingly for an old man, Geri saw a lot of death from his own hands, and not from others.

A major element in creating notable killers in the revival period of the /co/ Hunger Games has been Circuit's hospital template. Nobody shows off this better than a story of Dr. Colossus. He fittingly arrived as a doctor working at the hospital, but got more and more crazy as the game went on. He would repeatedly replace his organs with the organs of others, and kill numerous to take these organs. By the time the game was reaching the end, everyone in the game was a mish-mash of what they actually were, and Colossus was perhaps the reason for all of this. Although coming up very short of championship, Colossus earned a spot in Valhalla.

Finally, perhaps the most notable killer of the recent seasons is the all-time kill record holder (as of this writing), Peter Griffin. Peter was first nominated in the Season 10 /co/ vs /sp/ match, holding a large amount of sports equipment. He would make Valhalla during the game, and eventually win the game for /co/. Of course, being a /co/ winner in a vs. game is notable enough, seeing as how /co/ has an affinity for jobbing. He also got to go to Valhalla with his win, albeit that isn't the Valhalla he's remembered for. Near the end of a main game, Peter fell into a pit and died. This isn't much, but it allowed him to be eligible for the loser round. The Loser Round where his name would go down in HG history.

It didn't hurt that this Loser Round was in the Hospital, a notoriously death-happy template. Due to early events, people assumed that this Peter was the same Peter from earlier in the night. Not only was he battered from the previous game, he was also constantly throwing up blood and bleeding non-stop. But by the end of the 3rd night, he had already killed 5, mostly for mask-creating purposes. Immediately after, he removed the brains of two more. He snuffed out two more people at night 5, bringing his total death count by then to 8. To have all of this happen by the 5th night was something that was pretty much never seen. Even then, Peter's tale was not over. After using the same pillow to throw at another tribute, he poked all the baloons out of Carl's house. To make it 12 and enter the Grand Slam 4, he stuck the remaining tributes in a room to die. After that, it was only a question: Could Peter kill the 13th tribute and become the all-time kill record holder? At the end of the game, he showed that he could, in the best way possible: Killing his own bear counterpart, Tim from the Cleveland Show. Now, Peter is a HG legend and 13 is the number to beat.

Despite being perhaps villainous, the murderers of the games will certainly live in our hearts as heroes. Since some guy on 4chan told everyone else to put other characters in, we have been drawn to the people who get stuff done. After all, we do have a game every season where we showcase the best killers the season had to offer and try to see if they can make some more magic. Throughout the future of the seasons, make some magic these tributes certainly will. Will there be more people who can tell a great story while also getting an absurd amount of kills? How long will it be until someone manages to break Peter Griffin's record with a whopping 14 kills? And really, will we ever see any glorification of peace in the games? The answer to that last one is "probably not". But for the last ones, the only thing that can truly give us the answer is time itself. All I know is that the people who watch these games will continue to be entertained when someone kills a lot more people than he really needs to.

This is HG Punk, and this has been Hostory.

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