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History. Genetics. Archaeology. Anthropology. HBD.

File: 7ef390a3c2f8c8c⋯.jpg (53,38 KB, 373x497, 373:497, Horatio_Herbert_Kitchener_….jpg)

File: 2362b235f8acd20⋯.jpg (146,54 KB, 749x1000, 749:1000, StateLibQld_1_102586_Lord_….jpg)

File: 2c67e603322d9c1⋯.jpg (77,52 KB, 623x799, 623:799, The_First_World_War_1914-1….jpg)


It's a shame that his body was lost at sea so that he has no grave to piss on.

British equivalent of Heinrich Himmler. What an amoral, soulless, miserable wretch of a supposed human being.



>British equivalent of Heinrich Himmler

So a great guy then.


File: ab23d1eedfdb28c⋯.jpg (25,43 KB, 608x402, 304:201, bce.jpg)

>he thought this was /leftyhis/




>Don't know shit about history

>Read something

>Don't know about it, study it, or even think about it

>Post some dumb nigger post

>Seem like a pair of dumb niggers

Too stupid to live.


File: c8097172c0679c4⋯.jpg (65,65 KB, 498x720, 83:120, r67091.jpg)


Sounds like someone to love and cuddle with

File: c9f0aab4796cac0⋯.png (267,66 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 1499854242425.png)


>race this, race that

>everything is about race

Why are you people like this? The difference between races is mostly utterly insignificant and your every question can be answered through looking at historical trends and development. There are thousands of arguments explaining why all the things you blame on race were actually caused by environment or other factors and the physiology of those people was completely irrelevant. So why does even /his/, the one board i thought would be actually educated, keep pushing this narrative? It is a joke to some people, but other actually take it seriously. Are they just all pic related?

note that i am not saying all races are the same leftypoll bullshit, i am just stating that historical characteristics weren't caused by them in the slightest

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>culture this, culture that

>everything is determined entirely by culture

t. the entire media in the entire western world



Are humans animals Y/N

Do some animals have different capabilities than other animals regardless of how they were raised Y/N



Cultures might be superior, nobody is denying that. But races aren't. The difference between biological races is very small overall.



Wait i just read what you actually wrote

>some cultures are inherently superior to others, regardless of a society's situation in the world

I think you might be retarded now


File: 19be7b490c1bcbc⋯.png (299,14 KB, 1106x844, 553:422, pca.png)

Different human races are often 99,9% genetically like each other. The sapiens were 99,7% like the Neanderthal.

Humans are 95~98% like chimpanzees.

Humans are 60% like Bananas.

Tiny differences in DNA have huge consequences.

Also, we're in a state where some human populations are almost becoming different species. The fst between Papuans and Pigmies is 0,375 which is almost like what we had with the Sapiens/Neanderthal.

Hell, Pigmies have separated genetically from all the rest of humanity 300,000 years ago - that's exactly the time it took for the H. heidelbergensis to diverge into Sapiens and Neanderthal.

File: b6075e9738e8be5⋯.gif (763,45 KB, 600x400, 3:2, animation1.gif)

File: 68832622eaf7cb5⋯.jpg (113,81 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, myth-of-andalusion-paradis….jpg)


Hello /his/!,

I was trying to find some detailed papers in diversity throughout history, although "the myth of the andalusian paradise" was pretty good I was wondering if you guys had more "scientific" for lack of better word, just like this one


(also check the gif)

I like that one because offers a very detailed simulation and I wanted to know where I could find more of that style.



shit forgot to mention the name of the study

The Evolutionary Dominance of Ethnocentric Cooperation



Not a study, but a book: Culture of Critique, by Kevin McDonald.


File: 517c8c8f4b90413⋯.png (1,43 MB, 1840x2468, 460:617, Mathieson2018.png)


What modern European populations match up with ancient ones? I dislike how studies grey out the modern populations or don't include labels, so you can't tell which ones cluster with ancient individuals, even though it's clear that some of them do. What is known from the literature? An earlier Anon pointed out from a PCA from a study that modern Maltese and Sicilians match up with ancient Myceneans, something completely glossed over by the actual study that included the PCA.

8 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Trouble with admixture is that it's not easy to judge the quality of its output and the right K to choose. I haven't see used too much in the most recent papers.

I threw a couple of basic models with global25/nMonte3 and qpAdm.

With nMonte I can model Moroccans as:

[1] "distance%=2.4322"







With qpAdm, though I have to use HumanOrigins Moroccans, which have only 600k SNPs and result in only ~100k overlapping SNPs, bit low, I get this feasible model, looks alright and fairly similar to the nMonte model:

chisq: 15.94

tail prob: 0.0431359

0.121 Morocco_EN

0.186 Natufian

0.378 Iberia_EN

0.104 Iran_Tepe_Abdul_Hosein_N.SG

0.210 Yoruba

Outgroups: Czech_Vestonice16, Ethiopia_4500BP.SG, Morocco_Iberomaurusian, Iran_Ganj_Dareh_N, Anatolia_N, Serbia_EN, Georgia_Kotias.SG, Russia_MA1_HG.SG, Ust_Ishim.DG, Russia_Kostenki14, Russia_Karelia_HG, Serbia_Iron_Gates_HG, Italy_Villabruna

By the looks of it, the biggest difference seems to be between Yoruba and Iberomaurusian/Morocco_EN, it's like they pour into each other depending on the model. Could indeed have to do with the trouble telling apart such ancient and yet poorly understood populations.



I think your results have too much Iberia_N component

Moroccans have probably some extra EHG/WHG and if you add them and replace Iberia_N with then it would probably give more accurate results. I think it is not good to use Iberia_N for this as it was a mixture of EEF and WHG.



>Iberia_N with

Iberia_N with Anatolia_N



I used Iberia_N simply because that's probably the closest proxy to the south Iberian farmers that entered Morocco in the neolithic, and imho already includes all the extra WHG that Moroccans really need compared to Anatolia_N. I didn't want to use too remote sources especially with nMonte but here we go:

[1] "distance%=2.9705"









chisq: 8.264

tail prob: 0.142286

0.139 Morocco_EN

0.000 Loschbour_WHG

0.060 Samara_EHG

0.473 Anatolia_N

0.103 Iran_Tepe_Abdul_Hosein_N

0.224 Yoruba

Outgroups: Czech_Vestonice16, Ethiopia_4500BP.SG, Morocco_Iberomaurusian, Iran_Ganj_Dareh_N, Georgia_Kotias.SG, Russia_MA1_HG.SG, Ust_Ishim.DG, Russia_Kostenki14, Russia_Karelia_HG, Serbia_Iron_Gates_HG

Once again it seems the biggest tradeoff is between Morocco_EN and Yoruba, the rest is more or less similar, but in this case qpAdm is probably to be trusted better, since nMonte is based on PCA which is sensible to drift and thus not recommended when trying to model vastly time separated sources.


File: 3456012e74fb1de⋯.pdf (221,66 KB, AdmixtureK12.pdf)


Balts tend to match very well with Corded Ware. However they have less CHG, it is because they are more likely Russian/Polish + Comb Ware. Also Latvia Bronze Age seems to be Comb Ware + Globular Amphora with only small amount of Corded/Steppe_EMBA related ancestry. Some Lithuanian BA matches better with Latvian BA, some match better with Corded Ware. There were Corded-like Samples in Baltics before (Estonian Corded Ware, Lithuanian_LN and Latvian_LN), However they probably had just small impact

File: 66801f6cd49a4fd⋯.jpg (17,46 KB, 214x317, 214:317, Horror in the East.jpg)


This was an incredibly frustrating documentary to sit through.

Listening to the British narrator and British people interviewed criticize the Japanese for the exact same shit the British did was incredibly frustrating and hypocritical.

The entire segment put in to show what a prosperous and wonderful place Hong Kong was just for being a British Colony, while lambasting the Japanese for attempting to colonize mainland China and in turn causing the deaths of millions of Chinese.

Without a single thought to the irony that the colony of Hong Kong was acquired 100 years prior by the British illegally trafficking Opium into China to induce an epidemic that also killed millions of Chinese, and the British government responding with war to the Chinese government destroying captured illegal Opium.

Not to mention the complaints of Japanese camps for civilians that weren't well equipped, for Christ's sake the fucking Second Boer war happened just 40 years prior and the British concentration camps used for the Boer women and children were as bad if not worse.

I'm not a hardcore Japanese nationalist, I thought the annexation of Taiwan and Korea was justified, however it almost always ended there for me, but this documentary made me borderline agree with IJA policy in the '30s.

Where I was supposed to feel sadness over the Japanese crimes in Hong Kong and to the British POWs in Singapore, it instead made me feel catharsis over the British frankly getting a taste of their own medicine, being treated as they had always treated others, all while they don't understand the irony of it all.

Fuck the fucking British.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 432988acec5e262⋯.jpg (102,82 KB, 800x533, 800:533, small mailboxes.jpg)


A weekly subscription service started by a college student sends you actual mail of real letters written by famous people from the past. You get a mix of nostalgia and a history lesson at the same time!



So, selected propaganda coming to your house?

Will Anne Frank send me a letter, I wonder?

File: ab33bdd6dd9009f⋯.jpg (169,26 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, flushingmeadowsunisphere.0.jpg)


When I was younger I used to watch a lot of movies and animation from the '30s - '60s, and one constant throughout, whether it was Looney Tunes or something I caught on TCM, they'd always reference "The World's Fair" like it was the biggest fucking event in history, yet I'd never heard of it before.

For years I assumed they stopped sometime around the '70s, and only discovered a couple years ago what actually happened:

>International Exhibition as it was usually called starts in the mid 1800s

>It is literally a show where every country comes together and unveils their masterpiece of architecture/technology/whatever

>Event is officially called "World's Fair" literally 5 times, 3 of them in the 1980s

>Yet is informally referred to as such for the better part of 50 years

>Clearly the most memorable name

>Cucknada gets it for 1967 and decides to call it "Expo", which sounds faggy and nu-maleish as shit

>Focus gradually shifts from man's achievement to whatever the globohomo agenda advocates that year

>In either the '80s or '90s (part of me wants to say 1984), that year's "Expo" is a massive bust

>Event gets scaled down into nothingness, and persists to this day

>Nobody gives a shit about what was once The World's Fair anymore

Could we conceivably have a modern day World's Fair with huge structures and mindblowing innovations, somewhat like the Olympics but for human achievement? Or is it just not possible? I'd imagine the budget would be enormous and our ability to connect with one another effortlessly has basically nullified the entire purpose of the event.


The true question is, would even be proud of the structures we have built anymore if it continued?

File: 2d1a911bc73676d⋯.jpg (119,35 KB, 964x615, 964:615, lion.jpg)


what's in your /his/ folder?

46 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



No it was an assumption.

Although reverse search shows it on Reddit, Cuckchan, Quora, Kym, Twitter. Either /britpol/ or /leftypol/ shilled it so much normalfags got a hold of it, or it did indeed come from Cuckchan or even worse Reddit.


File: 554c211379aa781⋯.jpg (286,08 KB, 500x654, 250:327, Based.jpg)

File: 69ebe3aae868231⋯.jpg (271,4 KB, 501x500, 501:500, deepfry-2.jpg)

File: a2a9d07b5e3ba04⋯.jpg (127,31 KB, 206x349, 206:349, 7-1 copy.jpg)

File: 45baa8f8b3b0cdf⋯.jpg (360,07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 67b (1).jpg)

File: 1375da961512704⋯.jpg (245,03 KB, 500x646, 250:323, deepfry-3.jpg)



Man, this image is so bland. You should have more details here like "Vivisection" instead of "Neo nazi link", like, what the fuck is that?


File: 665a8c49a6df48c⋯.jpg (70,54 KB, 750x884, 375:442, 1524337791373.jpg)

File: c80a1d238df73fa⋯.jpg (394,13 KB, 2197x1463, 2197:1463, 1524339339942.jpg)

File: af4049caf3df0d3⋯.jpg (27,59 KB, 543x800, 543:800, 1524385177979.jpg)

File: 87033488764c790⋯.jpg (172,92 KB, 1400x1168, 175:146, 1524361541215.jpg)


File: 3367b41b7baf3d0⋯.jpeg (54,02 KB, 757x896, 757:896, 3367b41b7baf3d011296eb4d8….jpeg)

File: b1749f7a0a6b2f3⋯.png (696,79 KB, 692x506, 346:253, b1749f7a0a6b2f319462fd036c….png)

File: db1316cb258cf41⋯.png (128,17 KB, 378x415, 378:415, db1316cb258cf41b7cc9f0cc82….png)

File: c5e52fc1dd70896⋯.jpg (203,12 KB, 800x1001, 800:1001, militarydoughboy.jpg)

File: aca17b00de77646⋯.jpg (455,14 KB, 2000x997, 2000:997, ripnicky.jpg)


File: 77b03017da2a9b1⋯.jpg (44,28 KB, 332x500, 83:125, th(5).jpg)


I remember hearing somewhere about an ancient kingdom/civilization in California that was white. Anyone know what it was? Might have been a meme but I'm still interested in the name of it.


>Might have been a meme

Most certainly it is. We have no genetic evidence of such, and might be (surely is) just a fake signal like Thor Heyerdahl's hypothesis for the Easter Island.

We know there are blonde-hair variants which aren't linked to Europeans, and these people with red hair, blonde or white skinned might be local developments that didn't spread much and got extinct.

Or might be residuals from the ANE (we know Afontova Gora 3 was blonde, and with a very high chance of being light skinned), that survived in some Amerindian populations who became isolated from others.

>but I'm still interested in the name of it.

We have the Cloud People of Peru (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chachapoya_culture , https://www.chimuadventures.com/blog/2017/02/cloud-people-peru/), but the people you're looking for is the people of Mesa Verde National Park (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesa_Verde_National_Park , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancestral_Puebloans).




I believeyou are reverting to to underground city in Mount Shasta.

File: c46f31abd4459fb⋯.jpg (269,52 KB, 800x1083, 800:1083, Justinian.jpg)


How much did war affect the daily life of the citizens of one of the belligerent's in the pre-modern era? I'm sure people were greatly affected by conflicts that took place in their immediate area or if they were conquered by some by some foreign army. But how greatly was, for example, a 6th century farmer in Macedonia affected by Justinian's war with Persia?


Not much. Unless he was tasked with donating provisions for the army. He was also most likely stripped of all his sons, so the farming was much harder.

File: 82602439f253971⋯.jpg (251,01 KB, 594x506, 27:23, what.jpg)


I've been getting more and more interested in the We Wuz Kangz stuff getting thrown around video games nowadays, so i decided to look at nubians and see what was what. But looking at the stuff online is brutal, a ton of stuff on the wikipedia has shit sources, very detailed explanations with no sources, and very few names of the first researchers and archeologists. Since 90% of websites in search reviews only have stuff from 2010 onwards, its filled with bias, but more importantly not much info that I could trust. Funnily enough, this bias has made me want to know more about these people, and I wanted to check here to see if anyone could give their own two cents and/or sources about the real nubians. Any anons here ever study them?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's all you need to know about Niggians

File: 1df709b1e7ff06a⋯.jpg (3,16 MB, 2560x1592, 320:199, William Hogarth's Beer Str….jpg)


The Rise and Decline of the West

by F. Roger Devlin


He reviews the book At Our Wit’s End: Why We’re Becoming Less Intelligent and What It Means for Our Future

Available at libgen


File: dabb42d60724b58⋯.jpg (229,59 KB, 1920x1418, 960:709, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


Sup guys. So I've been pondering something recently and thought it would be an interesting topic.

Why are European/European descended people comparatively and historically so much less violent and brutal than other races of people? If you look at European wars, yes they were extremely bloody and violent but they usually did not involve mass slaughter of civilians (women and children) and mainly involved military deaths. Europeans never bayoneted babies, gassed civilians or tortured POWs either. POWs kept by the Germans in WW2 were treated very humanely as were POWs kept by the Americans. We never locked them in cages and poked them with bamboo or executed them.

Europeans also don't have a history of sex slavery/concubinage. European kings did not have huge harems like Asian (mainly Muslim) rulers did.

Nowadays it is much the same. You don't see Caucasian/white people sawing each other's heads off or strapping explosives to our bodies.

European countries are by far the most peaceful, safest and most advanced in the world and always have been. I'm curious as to why this is.

86 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>is leftypol


This is true. Just look at pretty much every video on LiveLeak or BestGore. It's never whites chopping off heads and dismembering each other or blowing each other up.






Nowhere in Russia is as dangerous as Chicago or Detroit.



Russia and China's cities are both far less violent crime ridden than Murica.

File: d2c07b519fa1197⋯.jpg (319,79 KB, 747x1024, 747:1024, 1550775436816.jpg)


Lincoln shouldn't have violated habeas corpus and used it to indefinitely imprison journalists for wrongthink opinions. That was authoritarianism.

The Founders agreed in 1816 that the Federalist Party had a right to secede, and that it would go against American ideals to use to force to keep people under your boot from afar. Opposing secession was also authoritarianism by American standards.

But really, the South had a culture centralized around slavery, and they fired first. We'd be better off without them.

Fuck both sides to be honest, the only people I can respect are Copperhead Peace Democrats or people who didn't get involved at all until forced to like Jack Hinson.

t. Yankee from MA.

File: 67f0bc410d134b3⋯.jpg (90,15 KB, 565x793, 565:793, Baron_Harden-Hickey.jpg)

File: d97139495ef257d⋯.png (1,62 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 450px-Flag_of_the_Principa….png)

File: fb2dcb9fb385cf1⋯.png (25,62 KB, 300x420, 5:7, Coat_of_arms_of_the_Princi….png)

File: 2382c01e65484db⋯.jpg (1009,92 KB, 1536x2103, 512:701, 107915639_1473795386.jpg)


James Harden-Hickey aka Prince James I of the Principality of Trinidad

>Born in San Francisco in 1854, brought to and raised in Paris

>Published an anti-Republican, pro-Royalists newspaper in 1878, challenged to at least 12 duels of his beliefs, all of which he won

>Traveled the world, discovered a tiny Island of Trinidad that had never been claimed by any country

>Claims it for himself, proclaims himself Prince James I of Trinidad and installs himself as military dictator in 1893

>In 1895 the eternal Anglo invaded the Principality of Trinidad and force Prince James I's surrender, basing their claim on a 1700 visit by Englishman Edmond Halley to the Island

>Brazil and Britain begin threatening war over claim to the Island, James I is forgotten

>James I tried to appeal to the United States as a mediator, which only harmed his cause when Secretary of State John Milton Hay released his letters to the press, wish brought about harsh ridicule of James I

>James then designed a plan to invade England from Ireland as revenge for the British invasion of his country, he contacted Henry Flagler for to finance his invasion plan, but Flagler denied his request

>James I fell into a deep depression, his dream of an independent Island Nation shattered, the press of the world laughed at him with the exception of NY times, whom he granted the Order of Trinidad for their understanding

>James I wrote in one of his books that, "life wasn't so important or even worth living if one was to suffer, and it is of greater moment to live well than to live long, and that often it is living well not to live long."

>James I then killed himself in an El Paso hotel


I give this tragedy a 9/11.


England: annoying everyone else just because since 1066





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