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History. Genetics. Archaeology. Anthropology. HBD.

File: 04a99157a2f063d⋯.png (72.06 KB, 500x662, 250:331, 500px-Regions_and_Prefectu….png)


How brutal and violent would a joint US/Russian invasion of Japan have been?

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It would have been brutal but not as brutal as people think.

Germany herself was in a similar situation in that it had a population of die hard defenders giving it their all for the protection of Germany, yet by 1945 German production and logistics were done for, the Germans were often losing more men than even the soviets, they did not have the material or amunition to defend themselves with.

However even so, Germany was in a much better position than Japan, it had much better prepared for air attacks and such and it still had more industrial capacity than Japan did. Even in the middle of the war it was common for Japanese soldiers to be issued a uniform and then never have it replaced, often they would end up in rags. The Japanese also didn't have the Volksturm with Panzer Faust capable of defending them from tanks. Japanese industry and logistics would completely collapse, there would be no ammunition for the troops and they would have no way to beat allied tanks. They would have surrendered earlier than people think.



Do you think there would there have been mass rape like there was in Germany?



Yes. It's just a matter of how extreme. You could say less so as they hate the Japanese less but on the other hand they may view the Japanese as subhuman and treat them much worse.



Yes and they would've deserved it.


they could have just keep the blockade (assuming that the US and Russia are cooperative enough to not turn aganist each other during the conflict), there were food shortages before the first nuke was dropped

File: 636e451cccafb93⋯.png (64.76 KB, 363x246, 121:82, wrong neighbourhood.png)


So… silly question. Do the prehistoric age count as /his/? for some documentation purposes as a hobby I wanted to ask some questions Wikipedia doesn't answer clearly and I don't know which books to read. I'm particulary interested in neanderthals and prehistoric iberia.

As far as I know the neanderthals got a pretty advanced 'technology' for that time, but beside tard and obsidian knives, what other advantages did the neanderthals had? did they use tattoos or jewelry?

Another question is what kind of wildlife was in the iberian ice age. Did it had a mixture of african prehistoric animals and european prehistoric animals? in particular wooled rhinos or wooled mammoths. Also if neanderthals were still arround when the temperatures began to rise up.

I probably have many more questions, but those two are the ones I have in my head right now.

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So, 40,000~30,000 BC.

Basically, we know that northern Europe was frozen, south of the ice caps there were massive lakes and river systems (see Finland or Karelia today for a glimpse), the megafauna still existed and there were signs of human warfare even back then.


Finally, those European Cro-magnons didn't contribute very much genetically to later populations, including current Europeans.



Thanks. I'm going to give it a read.

So are you saying the neanderthals survived and we are the neanderthals?



No, I'm saying Neanderthals got extinct and those Cro-Magnons didn't contribute too much genetically to Europeans today.

On the millennia to follow, the various Cro-Magnon groups of Europe would change and replace one another in population density.

That until the rise of the Western European Hunter Gatherer, who would wipe out them all.

The last true "Cro-Magnon" culture of Europe was the Magdalenian one.

These "new" hunter gatherers were genetically, without precision, a mixture of:

1. A little bit of those past Cro-Magnons

2. A little of some Siberian para-Caucasians, such as the Yana and the ANE

3. Much of the same population that also gives ancestry to ancient Anatolian Farmers

So, they were a population of their own.

I could explain this better, but you seem new to this and you wouldn't understand.

Then subsequent waves of migrations/invasions from Anatolia and later the Steppes would form the Europeans of today.



Didn't the neanderthals pass a big chunk of their DNA into modern europeans? that's why there is the redhair gene and the white skin gene.



>Didn't the neanderthals pass a big chunk of their DNA into modern europeans?

No, it was small. Also, Europeans are the ones with the least Neanderthal DNA of all non-Africans.

Also, Neanderthal ancestry has been selected against in humans, as it causes more diseases than benefits.

Stop listening to Varg or anyone who does the same, he's useless.

If you want a pet youtuber about such questions, at least pick Survive the Jive.

>that's why there is the redhair gene

MC1R are common genes in nature and the red hair effect only works with Europeans. In fact, some Asians have loads of MC1R but the red hair effect doesn't work with them.

>and the white skin gene.

No, and we don't know if Neanderthals were light or dark skinned.

The many light skin and light features genes have been always present in humans, but they weren't selected for whatever reasons.

For instance, the TYR variants are so old that even the Khoisan have them active. Also, light skin only started appearing in Eurasia about ~10,000 years ago, and not due to Neanderthals.

File: 79178407d32c05a⋯.jpg (15.5 KB, 245x284, 245:284, epic cleric Torquemada.jpg)

File: 6e7e54603cec3b7⋯.jpg (98.38 KB, 618x480, 103:80, mah boy torquemada.jpg)


Hello /his/

I wanted to ask you about the Inquisition, in particular the Spanish Inquisition as I can't find much info about it besides "crazy evil fanatic monks" or whatever.

How could someone become an inquisitor?

How was the heirarchy?

Were they happy people burning psychos or were they happy just converting them?

Were they nice with others than sinners?

Could they join the crusades and hold a sword?

Did they get any training besides basic torture knowledge?

I just hope you people can tell me they weren't monsters as they are painted in the media.

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Hey leftypol/tumblr/reddit.



Identity politics is a disease



The only real argument I've seen used against idpol is that it distracts people from seeing true issues but if you've gone on black or white nationalist channels you'd know they're surprisingly cooperative, nu/pol/ isn't since it's become dominated by lolbergs and imperialists.



This guy doesn't get the joke



Imperialism should be avoided. Conquest and extermination should be done.

File: 223f983f38a7278⋯.jpg (129.81 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Greek_Class.jpg)


Greetings, /his/.

Which English translation of the New Testament is the closest to the original Koine Greek? Old Testament to original Hebrew?

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>wants to read the bible himself

>does not trust a priest(literally the messanger of GOD to do it)

>does not trust the POPE(literally on call with GOD)

You're a heretic , Harry.



Jokes on you, I'm seriously considering entering the seminary.


The Orthodox Study Bible is as close as you could get to Koine Greek Septuagint with a English bible that is also usable. It also comes with additional pages about the traditional history. Otherwise I don't know. I do know about German translations that try to be close to the original like Schlachter. Schachter is the most infamous autism bible in German language.



maybe check the catalog here, htey usually have this kind of thread




Thank you

File: 144b98c455ec07f⋯.jpg (121.91 KB, 894x1206, 149:201, 21200741_1885687331693574_….jpg)


I need sources on what happened, not only during but the decades before. I already read a lot on it but the following matters mentioned I still have my doubts.

I'm interested in what happened during the Moscow State Conference, how it went and what was discussed, direct sources like diaries about it will be great

Description of the White Army side of the war, how they organized and if they were fractured in many particular sides fighting each other before the conference.

How the period of the revolution affected the private life of Russians and people living under Imperial rule. Descriptions.

And finally on the assassination of Alexander II: Why? How it was funded and planed?

Straight and simple: no propaganda/heavily biased(exception for direct sources)

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>I need sources on what happened, not only during but the decades before.

Try translations of anything by Averchenko, then memoirs of Grigorenko.

>And finally on the assassination of Alexander II: Why? How it was funded and planed?

The situation (from Peter I and on) was: Monarch vs. Aristocracy vs. Peasants, because land owners squeezed the peasants for raw resource export (and didn't import much beside luxury) - much the same shit as USA South. And monarchs wrestled for power with land owners.

Thus a Tsar willing to be anything more than a figurehead had to try and put a collar on the export to achieve anything. If they failed… Paul I was got putsch and assassination for his troubles.

Alexander II finally managed to destroy the export based (slave-driving) economy, and both won the "tariff war" and had slave-owners dispossessed. So that he could start an actual development - industry, infrastructure, the works. He won.

Slave owners by this time were mostly too complacent and stupid to run anything that doesn't run itself, and usually would waste any capital they had rather than invest or retire reasonably (see also, oh, most XIX century Russian prose). and those who weren't moved to either military and bureaucratic aristocracy - thus all three were related to each other.

Conversely, merchants were growing fat, but still too crude to take over smoothly.

Naturally, this immediately led to a massive chimp-out. Unlike in American version, the circus was closed without burning it, so all the clowns were very still alive, and now they mostly ran around making trouble, because they couldn't find anything better to do.

The more opportunistic or clever found time-consuming real jobs, the rest joined "People's Will" , "anarchists", and so on.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You should really watch TGSNT if you haven't, it's very comprehensive on how the jews funded and created communism and weakened and ultimately destroyed the white resistance



>t. stormfag

daily reminder that Hitler let a fucking rothschild scot free after he gave them all the shekels



Jews and other outgroups are opportunists, but it's ultimately your own fault if your kitchen is already a mess


The rich Jews left the poor Jews to burn



Most bankers booked it when Hitler got into power, the man couldn't run manhunts nationwide in time to catch them all.

More importantly don't derail the thread nigger.

File: 4ecbfbd1494bf91⋯.png (681.14 KB, 1919x866, 1919:866, 1503402626543.png)

File: 1e1765c57fb709e⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x2240, 6:7, 1503401977947.jpg)



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well I mean she was one. and a shit human being too.



god that looks my cousin Chris


you mean to say ethno castes dont average into the one stream?



Good job bumping the thread tard.



Is this the entire thread of subhuman meds projecting?


File: ea50c58e8f65b5e⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 350x253, 350:253, USSR 1930.gif)

File: 3a3ade143457226⋯.png (513.46 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1441452747433.png)

File: 567c2bfaa5362cf⋯.jpg (38.14 KB, 306x480, 51:80, bismarck2.jpg)


Bring out your best faggots

62 posts and 162 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 41fe92e3c2f910e⋯.png (331.02 KB, 559x965, 559:965, 30e3d8964fa4b3158ccde41589….png)

File: 623c472def6762b⋯.jpg (124.26 KB, 600x813, 200:271, 1498409072696.jpg)

File: be30f51b04853cd⋯.jpg (187.1 KB, 1309x906, 1309:906, 1503782863662.jpg)


File: e6d62dd6c73e8b1⋯.jpg (8.2 KB, 200x190, 20:19, Sir Horatio Cary's Regimen….jpg)

File: 15446d3a4f5f385⋯.png (162.47 KB, 624x435, 208:145, 20770223_1934628843451951_….png)


File: 178d4fdf082d62d⋯.jpg (20.53 KB, 500x294, 250:147, 28377761_1681159288614032_….jpg)

File: 810907bb8099837⋯.jpg (338.04 KB, 2095x2070, 419:414, 1500979109869.jpg)


File: 38da57e3d7cabe3⋯.png (816.08 KB, 1190x804, 595:402, yisunjakwip.png)

disseminating this in the only place it's likely to have relevance

don't really know what to do to make him look more wojak smh

it's that bit where yi sun sin's turtle ship is burnt down before his battle of 12 ships against 300



asshole of the world after romes chimp out affecting the greco world order

File: ceb8dfd047c744b⋯.png (403.79 KB, 1280x650, 128:65, 1280px-Spanish_Empire_Anac….PNG)


What went wrong that they lost so many global influence by the 19th century?

28 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Without having read the book, I'm immediately put off by the title.

>economic theory isn't science.

That's your problem right here, you just don't know about the stuff, and is using your ignorant state to judge something out of your boundaries.

Like disliking a color you've never seen.



he is just an idiot, >>42481 hasnt heard about Chile or how Brazil that its upper house is like 99,9% white is one of the most corrupt countries in the region, the spanish empire had a more merchantilist approach in colonialism, the land was owned by few aristocrats in the colonies and everything was aimed into making cash for the mainlad via cashcrops or exporting precious metals



>how Brazil that its upper house is like 99,9% white is one

>He can't show this with genetics

Found the Amerimutt.



If you're not exclusively descended from Italians or Germans or some other fringe late 19th century and early 20th colonist group in Brazil, you have 99,9% chance of having nigger blood.

"White" in Brazil means "looks white", and most are just mixed race.



Ironically, as they were the wealthiest region of the Habsburg lands they probably would have been able to repay those debts if they had won.

File: ea38f92665cc1bf⋯.jpg (128.73 KB, 580x858, 290:429, FHTE[1].jpg)

File: 8a2ed505acb1bf6⋯.jpg (19.23 KB, 304x305, 304:305, WindOfWar[1].jpg)

File: 36f5bf508676d41⋯.jpg (79.73 KB, 495x755, 99:151, Midway[1].jpg)

File: 23441169d1a48c5⋯.jpg (259.37 KB, 1300x1733, 1300:1733, 11705350_1300x1733[1].jpg)


>Pearl Harbor movie

>it's a fucking love triangle with WW2 as background dressing

3 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I don't know what it is. It came out in 1980, but it looks like it was filmed in 1963 for some reason.



Good god, this is the most boring generic paint by numbers war movie I have ever seen. Every dramatic war movie trope is in it.



A large chunk of films in the 80's were made to look like thwy were filmed in the 40's-60's, the same way that nowadays everything is 80's influenced garbage.


File: 674c593ce5e3087⋯.jpeg (1.82 MB, 2200x3392, 275:424, WW1list (2).jpeg)


heres some good historical movies




A lot of war movies around that time and and today were extremely low budget for their script.

How they solved this is by asking the US Army/National guard for equipment, actors and even financial help to make their movie possible, as long as they allowed them to tamper with the script as they saw fit.

It's why you don't really see the Armed forces in a negative light or even individual soldiers as fuck up unless it's something out of their control or the fault of someone who "didn't play ball".

It's also why in some scenes in Michael bay's Transformers looks like military porn.

File: 400074231dab69e⋯.png (817.26 KB, 1021x730, 1021:730, Basse_Mesopotamie_DA.PNG)


Were they the same as modern Iraqis or different?

18 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.






So what population outside of modern Mespotamia would be the respresentative of what they look like?


File: 2f952b95a12b2e5⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 22-42-27-Georgian_wedding.jpg)

File: d949c37335315b5⋯.jpg (204.13 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 22-44-20-052213_01_0.jpg)

File: 2e756181f862ebe⋯.jpg (193.03 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 22-40-41-georgian-people1.jpg)

File: 30c309034aa1582⋯.jpg (124.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 22-41-29-depositphotos_443….jpg)


I have already answered that, first you would have to know their exact genetic composition out of the possibilities. But Mesopotamians before the Persians were probably like Georgians (pic related).

Other matches would be Iraqi Jews, Iranian Jews and Assyrians - but they have other mixtures, so they're second tier matches.


I've just recently read that people who speak those weird Caucasian and Kartvelian languages now may have been involved with the agriculture development in the area there. They base this on the fact that their shared proto language apparently had many words for things associated with farming and working land.

So I guess that agrees with number 3 here >>41603


Assyrian here, can confirm we have some genetic diversity. I've seen a ginger Assyrian before but I've also seen brown skinned Arab looking ones, in general I'd say we look Caucasian with a little bit Persian.

In regards to the OP, most people in the middle east were vastly different genetically before the Arab invasions around 500 AD. There are still a lot of 'Arabs' in the Levant that look extremely Caucasian.

File: 44ddd9e3a4ec462⋯.png (88.36 KB, 850x544, 25:16, anthropology.PNG)


So during my idle time, I came to a tricky question. I was reading about anthropology and, usually when I want to know something, I first go to my everyday (((search engine))). So I can come up with some articles or even books, that would give me an idea, of what I'm trying to end up shoving into my head. Anyway, when taking a look at anthropology and its most recent developments, I noticed that most of its proponents, most notable scholars Like Émile Durkheim, Ernest Gellner and Eric Hobbsbawn(Age trilogy) all shared some particular (((heritage))).

Does anyone know if there are any other sources that do not suffer from this? That tries to bring this subject to light in any form?

I mean, wouldn't a field that focus on the social development of humans and its ramifications be a little bit biased when the most influential studies, in the last 150 years, are all comprised of people who share the same (((ethnic))), economic, religious and social background? I mean that all of them would write from the perspective of believing to be a persecuted, discriminated and an underprivileged minority?

>inb4 they control everything

>inb4 ban


You're just a faggot. Just don't read anything produced after world war 2.

EvolutionistX has an Anthropology Friday series.


If you look for authors that confirm your worldview, why not just ask /pol/?



It's deeper than that. Anthropology is a field that was deeply subverted by the left, with many fraudulent studies, such as the "Noble Savage" expedition of a leftist woman whose name I've forgotten.

At least, now in the last half a dozen years, these have been falling one after another and the field is starting to recover.

Robert Putnam's access on 'Diversity' was a major blow to this, thankfuly.



OP here, so your affirmation is on point. Thank you anyway, I'll check it out.


Alright, alright, alright. We found him! Just kidding. Look, I own Hobbsbawm series and I've read 2 of them already. I recommend to anyone that wants to just know more about everything, except that which you are required to know and no one will tell you. It is like >>42599 said. Don't get me wrong, favela monkey here, but you need to be culturally blind or (((diversified))) to not notice their prevalence. I'd go as far as saying that this goes for any major field and that it needs to be countered someway.

File: 56e1ed0953bb0f5⋯.jpg (72.64 KB, 800x598, 400:299, hesrightunow.jpg)


How did the Egyptian and Arab Empires come to dominate the world at some point if their average IQs are lower than that of the neighboring populations? (southern Europeans and Slavics)

Is it just thanks to the fertility of their land?

21 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





File: 0231f0261b71b54⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-submit-to-islam-and-….jpg)


You're just jealous of Chad Khalid Ibn Alwalid



>on his death bed called his enemies too weak to have given him martyrdom

Greek gyro-exhaust pipes never recovered.



Reminder that Muslims see nothing with having Nigger blood.


At least they don't have Nigger blood.


Reminder that Europeans having an average of 115 IQ points in the past, compared to other peoples having less due to the Flynn effect not kicking in means that:

>115 would equal to 100

>Best case scenario for Asians, who have now an average IQ of 106, would be downgraded to having 92

>But this is considering that they were always "that smart" - they became smarter due to the Flynn effect

>Which means that the average Asian IQ would fall 1 standard deviation in the past

>Which means that, in the Victorian era, while Europeans had 100 IQ (115 today), Asians would have max 92 (106) or a more conservative 80 (92).

Which means that other people being smart today compared to Europeans is specially due to very strong dysgenic effects happening all over the West. Modern values destroyed the civilization.

File: 5d845cd2a60fa3e⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1472x800, 46:25, china.png)


Evaluate the following statements:

a) Until the 18th century, China had the richest culture of the world

b) Until the 18th century, China made the most accomplishments in terms of science and technology

c) Until the 18th century, China had the longest and most formidable history of all nations/societies

d) Until the 18th century, China was the protagonist of mankind, the pinnacle of human civilization

This is not homework in anyway, it's just that I often have arguments with friends about China vs Europe. They claim that Europe has given the world more and better culture, achievements and societies, but I think that was China. Yes, there are endless civil wars, famines, and foreign conflicts China lost, but I think China has always been the most culturally prosperous and advanced nation/society/etc, until the 18th century. Since then, China has been looted and dominated by barbarians (Europeans). But just as barbarians invaded and looted Rome, it doesn't mean barbarians are better than China. In recent decades, China has been growing very rapidly and the west has been declining, so I believe it will soon return to its rightful place as humanity's shining beacon, ahead of everyone else.

Please educate me and share your opinions upon China and this matter as a whole.

121 posts and 62 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





No really, you are retarded.

There were humans there since 40,000 years ago, but none were like the Chinese today.

The Chinese were only formed genetically around the Neolithic, and before that, the region was inhabited by the ancestors of Australoid peoples, such as the Onge and Papuans, so, not even a population ancestral to the Chinese one.

Try harder.



It doesn't change the fact that the pottery was found in the Xianrendong Cave, China.

What population made it, is not important.



Of course it is, because your post was about it.



nihilism and Confucianism are a hell of a drug

also the proclivity toward emulation and cost cutting manners taking ultimate precedence

File: 1468433493927-0.jpg (77.92 KB, 422x626, 211:313, Self-portrait of Queen Vic….jpg)

File: 1468433493927-1.jpg (324.2 KB, 1424x1600, 89:100, Self-portrait of Queen Vic….jpg)

File: 1468433493927-2.jpg (140.3 KB, 574x928, 287:464, Sketch of Prince Albert by….jpg)

File: 1468433493927-3.jpg (78.21 KB, 563x576, 563:576, Queen Victoria Wounded Sol….jpg)


Let's breath some life back into this board, shall we?

>Queen Victoria, aptly known for the Victorian Era (1837-1901) named after her, apparently was quite fond of drawing, and many colored and uncolored sketches line the pages of her private journals.

45 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0e0afb079d2295c⋯.jpg (24.76 KB, 411x499, 411:499, Oda_Nobunaga-Portrait_by_G….jpg)

Oda Nobunaga was a Daimyo of the Oda clan now famous for his efforts of the reunification of Japan during the Sengoku Jidai.

But in his early life and teenage years he was considered rebellious and feckless by his peers, as he never took anything seriously and acted out whenever he could. Things came to a head with the death of his father, when a trusted retainer committed seppuku in order to get Nobunaga to take things seriously. He did, and afterwards started making the campaigns that would lead to the unification of Japan under a shogunate.

As an interesting aside, Nobunaga was also the daimyo who awarded a half black Portuguese ex-slave a fiefdom as a retainer and thus had his own afro samurai.


File: cda6a41fb6ebab7⋯.jpg (20.76 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>half black Portuguese ex-slave a fiefdom as a retainer and thus had his own afro samurai.

Now he needs a samurai sword



>Besides rockets being fired in the sky, wooden dolphins and whales were constructed which flooded the elberiver in such great numbers that it was described as a fiery sea, because in every whale was a prisoner trapped who had to care for the fireworks in it which often ended in him being burned alife, with his only hope of escape being the fire burning trough the wood in a way that he managed to stay alife on the river.

For what purpose? HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA


File: 942e744bce55291⋯.jpg (62.46 KB, 441x455, 63:65, cuntdoodle.jpg)


>mfw Genghis Khan was a literal cuckold



The /late/ king.

File: b8c459d0ea9c7e1⋯.jpg (89.3 KB, 718x1280, 359:640, c4cdc622-3655-4be7-bd72-87….jpg)


I would like to know what era does this coin belongs to?


File: 8abdc4eab3469c2⋯.jpg (433.31 KB, 1600x1204, 400:301, IMG_20180903_231705.jpg)

If you want it at a better resolution, find it yourself.

I'm on the run right now.

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