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File: 1415504689477.jpg (56.72 KB, 389x362, 389:362, Dschinghis-Khan.jpg)

9c901f No.6981[Reply]

We've got customizable flags
Post here what flags you want me to upload.
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e3910e No.41639

File: 01a27f7c553597e⋯.png (8.84 KB, 420x282, 70:47, greater moldavia.png)










File: 1450921184995.png (162.13 KB, 476x575, 476:575, 1445568122302.png)

93858d No.33850[Reply]


1. Obey global rules

2. Keep things related to history and its study.

2a. History, for the purposes of this board, covers pre-History and all events up to the fall of the Soviet Union. Further than that and it's considered political discussion or discussion of modern events- take it to /pol/ or /b/.

3. If lewd images must be posted, do so on spoilers. Consider if it wouldn't be better posted elsewhere.

3-a. If you're in doubt whether it's lewd enough to spoiler, err on the side of caution and do it.

GUIDELINES- not quite rules, but good to follow for good posting

1. Check the catalog before posting to see if a thread may already be available for your discussion.

1a. Avoid making threads expecting people to just do your homework for you. Show some work yourself in starting the discussion instead of just "guys what was the main reason for the fall of Sebastianism in the 19th century"

2. Be prepared to present good sources for anything you claim, especially if you come here to posit opinions you know are controversial.

3. This being 8ch, we don't want to limit what you can post about. That said, we'd like posts to be of a good quality level, and related to history. If your post contains nothing more than >IMPLYING NIGGERS HAD A CULTURE, consider if you aren't better off in /pol/.

4. If you have any problem with the moderation here, or suggestions, please post them here instead of making a thread for it (not really historical-related) or making one in whatever board about 8ch discussion is being used nowadays (I don't even know!)

In other words, don't be a dumbass. This board works fine with a semi-absent BO and a bunch of mods who delete CP bots. Don't ruin it.

(want to post banners, do so here too)

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ff2883 No.41630

I'm just messaging to say I'm glad you guys are back and I couldn't visit this board since it got spammed to hell with the shitpill thing.

Now I can make silly questions about history.

File: 1420092937940.jpg (131.9 KB, 615x615, 1:1, 大阪城.jpg)

1d3c9d No.12372[Reply]

""We want to eventually have a resources sticky with links and suggestions of good books, podcasts, etc""

And yet here we are in the year 2015 without such a thing. Let's change this, /his/torians: post up your resources and books you've found invaluable in your quest for knowledge.

And don't be a dick about it: don't just link something random. Try and give a very brief review of it, indicate why it's good and who its target audience would be. Introductory stuff is always going to be welcome, but sometimes it can be hard to find where to go next, so help your brothers out.
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98a647 No.41617

The Dabistan, on the religions of the Mughal Empire and India:



A friend of mine who knows Latin told me it's terribly dry, unreadable prose.


He took a destroyed husk of a nation and turned it into the most powerful in the world, starting from nothing.


You'd have to be a real normalfag to say Hitler was not a great man by any definition of the word.

File: 9a835f86b7bf0d4⋯.jpg (68.57 KB, 650x431, 650:431, white-slave65a.jpg)

dc3543 No.40723[Reply]

Stumbled on this article:


>authors behind the myth of Irish slavery sought "to belittle the suffering visited on black slaves"

Sure sounds like somebody is butthurt those dirty dang Irish might intrude into the sacred victim space occupied by naggers. But who's right? Booke like White Cargo and They were white and they we're slaves or the article?

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146940 No.41619


Does it mention the Irish slaves taken by the muslims?

They emptied entire coastal towns in Southern Ireland for their slaves.

3dda77 No.41620


Why'd they go to Ireland when the Mediterranean existed?

e0ab6a No.41622


Why not both? They raided all coasts.

Red haired, blondes, blue eyes - these all fetched for high prices.

The Kurds today are facing a similar problem today in the middle east.

0d4498 No.41629

a98073 No.41665

Irish women were forced by the British to fuck black men and carry half black babies. That is the most horrific form of torture I could possibly imagine.

File: dabb42d60724b58⋯.jpg (229.59 KB, 1920x1418, 960:709, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

8d20c2 No.41657[Reply]

Sup guys. So I've been pondering something recently and thought it would be an interesting topic.

Why are European/European descended people comparatively and historically so much less violent and brutal than other races of people? If you look at European wars, yes they were extremely bloody and violent but they usually did not involve mass slaughter of civilians (women and children) and mainly involved military deaths. Europeans never bayoneted babies, gassed civilians or tortured POWs either. POWs kept by the Germans in WW2 were treated very humanely as were POWs kept by the Americans. We never locked them in cages and poked them with bamboo or executed them.

Europeans also don't have a history of sex slavery/concubinage. European kings did not have huge harems like Asian (mainly Muslim) rulers did.

Nowadays it is much the same. You don't see Caucasian/white people sawing each other's heads off or strapping explosives to our bodies.

European countries are by far the most peaceful, safest and most advanced in the world and always have been. I'm curious as to why this is.

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ee5af9 No.41660

File: 4a2d39e6623c748⋯.jpg (15.97 KB, 467x298, 467:298, 12-49-34-pinker-fig-3-3.jpg)


It wasn't always like that though.

But either way - pic related is the effect of Manorialism in Europe and Castration as punishment to violent criminals.

And this study here is about skin colour in humans and violence:


39459f No.41661

File: 08c9d3d5338a71f⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1594x1018, 797:509, german furry.png)

/his/ turned into /new/ so quickly.

Temember when germans skined alive roman legionaries in their pagan days and when they performed ritual canivalism, also romans in their conquest of the Gauls, reduced their population via pillaging, slavery and also the casualties of wars, if i recall correctly the total gaul population killed or enslaved reached nearly one millon by the end of the campaing

There is also this:


8d20c2 No.41662


Most died from starvation/freezing to death. Not torture/execution.

568e18 No.41663


> Most died from starvation/freezing to death. Not torture/execution.

That part when you are dragged outside in a -20 Celsius winter day to get doused with water until you freeze solid only nominally counts as "freezing to death".

Also, give numbers. Since I have massgrave with ~20,000 people who got executed within a walking distance (and that's just minor blip on the radar, when you start taking into account stuff that was going on in the vicinity), I have a certain doubt in your words.

ee5af9 No.41664

File: 665a358aa62aa2d⋯.jpg (80.89 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, Hajnal_line.JPG)



Learn about the Hajnal line. Also, Communism doesn't represent "Russians", analyse the place and people before it.

File: 7a0fa5fd8898ebf⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 220x142, 110:71, 220px-Hieroglyphs_from_the….jpg)

File: 22301e11745dfb1⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 220x183, 220:183, 220px-Castillia.jpg)

fd3d50 No.41410[Reply]


>Northwest Africa

How come?

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a3d751 No.41612


>He can't list enough

8da717 No.41624

File: 56578d924f8f249⋯.png (575.11 KB, 614x496, 307:248, Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at ….png)

cherry picks random info, from a random date /his. the state of amerifat education.

43a904 No.41626



>being an afrocentric

>dumping whatever you found on tumblr here


The Moors were never founded by Niggers. Nor were Niggers the majority. Go We Wuz Elsewhere Leftypol/tumblr.

b8fd20 No.41655

File: 542b62dec911bc6⋯.png (96.41 KB, 463x467, 463:467, assburguer nurotypical can….png)


we are not talking about IQ and modern demographics

84dad1 No.41656


Yes, we're not, I don't know why you would thought that.

Agriculture increases population density and consequently the birth of Outliers in the Bell Curve standard deviations - which means, the bigger the population, more geniuses and retards will be born, and that's what gave these civilisations an early edge over others (along with new problems).

The catch is to reward the smart and make them breed more, something they utterly failed and the European model, specially the Manorialist, succeeded immensely.

The density is so much true that when the EEF started planting in Europe, they couldn't even manage to go to higher latitudes because their Middle Eastern crops weren't adapted to the climate - this created a safe heaven for European Hunter Gatherers in the North and East of Europe, all the while hindering a boom of farming in the South due to more pronounced Seasons.

This is all very well attested and documented, I don't know why you keep spilling bullshit and choose to remain ignorant.

File: f0eec7dcdc5ce33⋯.jpg (13.74 KB, 220x264, 5:6, Lycurgus of Sparta.jpg)

9c90a8 No.40596[Reply]

>the Spartans were gay

When will this meme die?

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394274 No.41634

File: 662fc8da6ed93bb⋯.png (162.05 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, 662fc8da6ed93bbfa16992f0cb….png)



>He can't address how HIV came from Africa and is spread largely from fagsex

>Or how Niggers in America have the highest level of AIDs givers even when just looking at fags

Niggers wouldn't have AIDS so much more than Whites if Whites were faggier than them.

8a93ab No.41647

File: 46170a4b7db1256⋯.jpg (29.69 KB, 657x539, 657:539, 1513026595004.jpg)


>only gays spread AIDS

what a fucking moron, it has to do more whit unprotected sex and drug abuse, there is a reason why you are not bitching on how russians also are gay when they have african tier AIDS rates

394274 No.41649

File: 6e921f82f25f08e⋯.jpg (142.4 KB, 1127x828, 49:36, HIV.jpg)

File: 6fe7d27a5abc0ca⋯.jpg (142.91 KB, 1151x853, 1151:853, HIV 2.jpg)

File: b8a0464a772c969⋯.png (70.51 KB, 811x790, 811:790, Nowhite LBGTEWER.png)

File: 5589efbdd878800⋯.png (117.23 KB, 851x1050, 851:1050, MORE.png)


>only gays spread AIDS

I'm sure you deny Niggers commit more violent crime than Whites too /leftypol/.

>it has to do more whit unprotected sex and drug abuse

Fags and Dykes abuse drugs more than non-freaks. And unless you're fucking a sheboon or Beaner then you have little to worry about as long you aren't fucking a chick in her ass. And even a site as cucked as Wikipedia admits fags are ridiculously represented in plague carriers:


>As of 2014, most HIV transmission in the United States occurred among men who had sex with men (83% of new HIV diagnoses among males aged 13 and older and 67% of total new diagnoses)

And guess who also leads in plague carrying? Niggers, who are the highest represented racial demographic in faggotry:



>here is a reason why you are not bitching on how russians also are gay

>trying this hard to maintain his rap music produced image of Niggers as the pinnacle of masculinity

Next you'll be saying Niggers don't commit more violent crime than Whites by bringing up Dylan Roof.

Here's a little secret: A lot of the toughest-looking Niggers arePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

3cfeab No.41652

The best works on Greek sexuality is Bruce Thornton ans James Davison's work. Both show that pedophilia and anal penetration wasn't allowed on citizens.

8a93ab No.41654


>Fags and Dykes abuse drugs more than non-freaks.

Still dont touched my point on how Russia has high AIDS rates, you dont even backed how homosexuals arround the world use abuse more of drugs, you are just posting what you can find from pastebins and pick suff to label "le degenerates XDDD" as evil


>I'm sure you deny Niggers commit more violent crime than Whites too /leftypol/.

>we are under le attack xDDD, i bet he is a kike, shitskin, spic, pajeet, SJW, nigger, faggot hired by the kikelord to shill.

File: 9a4a8f6c3733a24⋯.jpg (431.03 KB, 1280x844, 320:211, 1280px-Giza-pyramids.JPG)

953708 No.41643[Reply]

That is, what modern populations would be closest to the Egypians in the early dynasties before foreign kings showed up? Arabians?

Who would the Jews before they got spread around the Roman Empire more like today?

Also, what's a good source for how both Early Dynasty Egyptians and pre-Roman Jews looked like?

147c01 No.41644

Do you need to make a thread about these things every time?

They sequenced Egyptians, they were like Levant_BA (actually with less CHG than them) and there's no population like Levant_BA living today. A quite bad fit would be Iraqi Jews, but they are the only ones close enough, as the other better possibilities acquired East African genes.

No, Arabs (Bedouins) are not the closest, because they have much East African ancestry today that Egyptians didn't have.

And those Blonde mummies were an exception - the Egyptian Pharaohs were known to import brides, and they liked the Mitanni a lot.

The original Jews were either Babylonian-like, Canaanite-like or Bedouin-like.

Most probably, again, they were like Iraqi Jews, but now in an almost perfect fit.

But don't mistake the original Jews with the original Canaanites - Jews roamed everywhere before settling there and there was already a population living in that place, which was Levant_BA.

d89b3b No.41645



147c01 No.41646


No, actually.

They, and other population, may appear like that on a PCA, but this is a case of PCA bias.

For instance, these populations got pulled "Up" when they acquired more CHG ancestry, due to centuries of Levant+Mesopotamia intermixing, but they also got pulled "Down" when they mixed with Africans.

If you take a Bedouin, which plots the farthest down in the Caucasoid PCA due to their East African Admixture, and then remove that East African admixture from them, they would go up and cluster along Egyptians.

People really need to understand these things better.

7d56c0 No.41651


>Pretending Egyptians now don't have Nigger and Achmed blood that the Ancient ones didn't

5e063f No.41653

File: df4f8745c633de6⋯.png (451.9 KB, 5000x1940, 250:97, OC.png)


Here, I made a visual explanation so that you can try to understand it better.

File: 811477dc36b6d2d⋯.png (25.75 KB, 649x649, 1:1, serveimage.png)

e4d2d0 No.41046[Reply]

How much were they actually used by regular, non-noble soldiers? Also, what advantage do they have over other weapons such as axes, warhammers and spears? All of these require much less metal to make, and seem like they would do more damage through armour (at least the first two).

d272e8 No.41047


Besides that spathas were widely used in early medieval period, later on polearms became more common for "civilians".

>and seem like they would do more damage through armour (at least the first two).

yeah once full plate armour became a norm suddenly the hammer became pretty commonly used

1653e8 No.41071

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Matt Easton does a lot of good videos on this subject and he basis them directly on primary sources.

9b3501 No.41642


Each weapon has its own advantages & disadvantages, but overall swords are probably the best weapons.

Think of it this way. If weapons were super smash bro characters, a sword would be the Mario of weapons. Its a standardized weapon that is balanced for a number of occasions & methods of combat, with potential to be the best weapon.

Swords take some time to train, but overall are usable in most situations.

Take a spear. A spear's biggest advantage is it's range, though its drawbacks are its range again (not usable in close quarters effectively, in a forest, in rapidly changing corridors of a castle, etc). In addition to this, its area of impact for attack is rather limited (upon the pike), its angle of attack limited, people can get into your range and get past the pike, it may be easy to go off balance with a pierce, and spears largely are only piercing weapons.

Axes have lower ranges, and are power weapons who's advantage is derived through their angle of attack amplifying a users power. Whats the drawback? As opposed to being a pierced weapon, it can only be successfully used to cut, swipe, or basically mince; once you swing it is harder to recover balance, and the angle of attack from the wrist is very limited.

So we've got angle of attack (full weapon), type of attack (piercing, slashing, multiple, etc), range of attack, angle of attack/how dexterous the weapon is (via wrist), perhaps how damaging a weapon can be, and where it can be used.

Not gunna go into too much more detail, as if by now if the explination isn't good its pointless- but with short swords/daggers the trade off would be range, and with long swords, theres limited wrist dextarity, an altered angle of attack, worsened recovery rate/if you get unbalanced there may be problems, etc.

Each weapon has its advantages/disadvantages, yet swords have less clear disadvantages than other wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

d2c894 No.41648

File: efed2de69072541⋯.webm (2.53 MB, 640x352, 20:11, katana vs mail armour.webm)



Chainmail was already good enough to stop a sword slash, also a gambeson still gives you decent protection


Spears are used mostly in formations since on a formation, soldiers at the front of the formations also had the spears form the soldiersbehind them giving them assistance, also the spear can penetrate armour decently, if not, soldiers could just poke the armour gaps

File: 400074231dab69e⋯.png (817.26 KB, 1021x730, 1021:730, Basse_Mesopotamie_DA.PNG)

f0af3a No.41602[Reply]

Were they the same as modern Iraqis or different?

16 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

212876 No.41636

File: 39f2b7e38fe76ec⋯.jpg (653.72 KB, 1440x2396, 360:599, IMG_20170507_231750.jpg)

File: e42217e352fdbb3⋯.png (2.17 MB, 10000x8000, 5:4, Pan-West-Eurasia PCA made ….png)


What do you think of as White?

1. WASPs? British-like? If then, no, they were not White.

2. Europeans? European-like? Then no, they weren't White.

3. Caucasian? Yes, they were White - but this would also qualify them as White today.

White is a shitty term, to be honest, it has a vague mean, genetically speaking.

Now, a better question: Were they shitskins?

No, they were not.

Most of them are today due to the subsequent events after the Islamic Invasions, which led massive amounts of Bedouin admixture (Beoduin is 75% Levant_BA + 25% East African) to the Middle East and North Africa as well as mudding those populations even further with their Islamic Slave Trade, which brought more West and East African admixture to the region.

They didn't have these before, they were fully Caucasians, now they're mudded.

The images I'm posting are PCAs.

One tells the same story I told above, throughout the ages, and the other is a big plot of today's peoples.

f0af3a No.41637


Are they lighter or darker than modern Iraqis?

65d3ed No.41638



f0af3a No.41640


So what population outside of modern Mespotamia would be the respresentative of what they look like?

212876 No.41641

File: 2f952b95a12b2e5⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 22-42-27-Georgian_wedding.jpg)

File: d949c37335315b5⋯.jpg (204.13 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 22-44-20-052213_01_0.jpg)

File: 2e756181f862ebe⋯.jpg (193.03 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 22-40-41-georgian-people1.jpg)

File: 30c309034aa1582⋯.jpg (124.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 22-41-29-depositphotos_443….jpg)


I have already answered that, first you would have to know their exact genetic composition out of the possibilities. But Mesopotamians before the Persians were probably like Georgians (pic related).

Other matches would be Iraqi Jews, Iranian Jews and Assyrians - but they have other mixtures, so they're second tier matches.

File: b0c7e85b6fee23d⋯.jpg (308.58 KB, 1092x1333, 1092:1333, IMG_2448.JPG)

03d136 No.40505[Reply]

Why haven't africans integrated into the modern world? Why are they so far behind?

>inb4 muh slavery

They sold eachother as slaves

>inb4 but they had no idea how european slavery was like

If it's called "slavery" I don't think it's very fucking good. Also if you read african texts (things fall apart) you'll find that african men were generally very abusive to their whole household.

>inb4 africa is an entire desert

Africa today is one of the richest continents in terms of natural resources

>inb4 muh nubians

A culture of people that just went north and copied egyptian culture. ""Coincidentally"" the last rulers of egypt were nubians.

47 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8554ab No.40889


>that vid



>For proof look at Botswana, which was probably the most backwater shithole in Africa during colonialism. Look at where it's now.

A thriving success story of Africa?

Botswana is actually one of the few positive stories out of Africa, fam

2bda8d No.40891


>inb4 muh slavery

It did hit Africa extremely bad for centuries, no question. However, the Middle East, Asia and Europe also saw terrible events and bounced back from chaos. Not only did Africa never do that on its own, it also never had any strong civilization to begin with North Africa did, but it wasn't kangz and shiet. No doubt this played a role in why they were enslaved so often.

>inb4 but they had no idea how european slavery was like

>If it's called "slavery" I don't think it's very fucking good. Also if you read african texts (things fall apart) you'll find that african men were generally very abusive to their whole household.

There are also records of African slaves that were genuinely afraid that the white men wanted to eat them.

295680 No.40897


Was exactly my point of an African country that didn't do what you described to provide some comparison to the average one.

053737 No.41072

File: 93325d2b036573f⋯.jpg (64.24 KB, 400x613, 400:613, large_large_qm46OQ7IRq5wOn….jpg)


Neocolonialism is very real! Watch this movie and you'll understand.

31db29 No.41635

File: 4ecbfbd1494bf91⋯.png (681.14 KB, 1919x866, 1919:866, 1503402626543.png)

File: 1e1765c57fb709e⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x2240, 6:7, 1503401977947.jpg)

27b3c2 No.41080[Reply]


33 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2524bc No.41544

File: f518394003f2f24⋯.png (32.3 KB, 577x710, 577:710, ADX.png)

File: 6e2a6c459085e7e⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1298x1704, 649:852, Bayesian.png)

File: 9256bc8eeb8860e⋯.png (209.63 KB, 1050x1005, 70:67, PCA.png)

File: a3c63fc4ac528d6⋯.png (459.04 KB, 1230x1080, 41:36, PCA2.png)


You fool, at least try to understand anything at all, instead of just looking at pictures.

Also, will you make me post this again? Are you that retarded?

Greeks have many stages:



>Minoans and Pelasgians

>Mycenaean (Minoan+Aryan)

>Hellene (Mycenaean+More Aryan)

>Roman Greek (Hellene+Levant_BA)

>Byzantine (Roman Greek+Britain_Roman_Outlier (a middle eastern gladiator found in Britain))

>Current Greek (Byzantine+Contemporary Anatolian)

Jews are in that region due to many reasons - their ancestries pull them there, but in a 3D PCA, you can see that they're separated in a Z axis.

Jews have considerable Bedouin and East African ancestry, much more CHG ancestry as well - which means that we're experiencing a case of PCA projection bias.

Here's a 3D one:


Jews are in a much "lower" plan than Europeans.

Try to also understand the Bayesian graph so that you can see their ancestry correctly.

Then kill yourself, embarrassment.

be11e9 No.41590

>So it looks like the Ancient Greeks weren't as White as claimed

What the hell are you talking about of course they're White they're just not nordic. How is this surprising to anybody except people who don't understand that Mediterraneans being tan doesn't make them non indo-European and kikes posting D&C shit on /intl/.

5471ac No.41598


>germs this desperate to claim swarthy ancient greeks as white while insinuating swarthy modern greeks as mongrels therefore non-white

imagine my shock

3f8123 No.41599

File: e48e2357a536db0⋯.jpg (363.44 KB, 659x1000, 659:1000, Med.jpg)


Go bait somewhere else.

4f4ea6 No.41600


>while insinuating swarthy modern greeks as mongrels therefore non-white

Post where I did this.

File: ceb8dfd047c744b⋯.png (403.79 KB, 1280x650, 128:65, 1280px-Spanish_Empire_Anac….PNG)

79a191 No.41089[Reply]

What went wrong that they lost so many global influence by the 19th century?

17 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a92aaa No.41237


The armada had obsolete naval technology such as using land carraiges for ship cannons and ended up throwing away a hug chunk of their naval power in a bad campaign.

Also their hold on the Americas was fairly loose. Even though they claimed much of the American west and Andes, they lacked the manpower to police it so these lands were still under largely native control. The only reason they even got so much was because King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were stupid enough to fund columbus because they were ignoring Eratosthenes studies

1e9115 No.41473

1. inflation from colonial silver

2. blowing all that silver for wars and luxury instead of the developing the home economy, colonial economies so they don't trade with the home country(spain was notorious for pure exploitation) and procuring new trade routes in the East

3. extremely bad diplomatic decisions like overextending into the Low countries and Italy

4. habsburg domination and consequential inbreeding that impacts decisions at higher levels

5. Spain's climate started to warm, desertification became a problem and agricultural yields lessened like the rest of the Middle East did. You need a strong agricultural economy to support the country.

6. Mixing with the natives in the colonies which makes bad colonial stock on which the home country can rely on. There's a reason why pure blooded spanish descendants always rule SA countries. Bad genetics from the natives.

7. Stagnation of innovation, especially in the military department. They invented tercio and sticked to it too firmly.

9cdbbe No.41478

>There's a reason why pure blooded spanish descendants always rule SA countries. Bad genetics from the natives.

what's the reason? because nepotism is mostly the reason and even the spanish blooded have some indigenan DNA according to the Candela proyect

3848d1 No.41594


>/pol/ go away,

Where do you think you are shitskin?

06a617 No.41596


Not on /pol/.

shoo shoo hans

File: 2627d0c5ba1c8df⋯.jpg (139.51 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Mithradates the Great.jpg)

5a643b No.41484[Reply]

Have you taken the poison pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The poison pill was founded in 120 BC by Mithradates the Great, who presents and narrates the attached treatise.

Forget red and blue pills, poison pills are the way of the future.

Treatise related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the poison pill today! Red pills are for laurel fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the Asiatic hordes. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal.

e21106 No.41595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7bfe0b No.41336[Reply]

Why does he get so much hate?

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

95bc4d No.41466


Because I already have some pieces to the puzzle, clearly.

a7d2ae No.41475

File: fa50c34475875a6⋯.jpg (65.38 KB, 680x851, 680:851, 3c8.jpg)

Becouse he was a weakling that managed to fuck up every diplomatic strategy carefully laid down by Bismarck?

All you had to do was to avoid a two front war with multiple European superpowers K.W.

8c6a1e No.41476

Wilhelm had a lot of personal demons that he really never took care of or set aside and would eventually keep adding to his mental baggage. It's kind of tragic, actually. He wasn't really ready to be king yet and kept trying to live up to all expectations of it. The same can be said about Tsar Nicholas II, both are seen as incompetent rulers, but because of their past, were swallowed by their own ambition. If anything I feel bad for the both of them. Sad, really.

fb4957 No.41571


Hey if you ever get back to this thread it seems like you know something about Nicky II and 'ol Willy II here, have you any books to recommend on them?

b0d9e5 No.41584

Wilheim and Nicky would've gone down as generic mediocre rulers had WW1 not chosen to break itself out during their reigns. WW1 meant their empires were done, and they would be blamed forever more for the collapse. Pyotr Durnovo predicted this outcome.

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