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History. Genetics. Archaeology. Anthropology. HBD.

File: 1420092937940.jpg (131.9 KB, 615x615, 1:1, 大阪城.jpg)



Post last edited at


'The Great War' documentary series the BBC did in 1964. At 50 minutes an episode, and twenty eight episodes, it takes a while to get through. Has a bias to the British, but otherwise is a great series for those with an interest in the First World War.



Fred Donner giving a lecture on some new insights on early Islam that's gaining popularity with a new generation of Middle East Historians



File: 1420130478192.jpg (431.96 KB, 1024x689, 1024:689, Salvador_Allende_y_Pablo_N….jpg)

I suggest we form a consensus on how to refer to books and other sources in our little descriptive bibliography?
What about
>AUTHORNAME, initial, title, location of printing, year of printing.

so the book Pablo Neruda by Adam Feinstein would become
>FEINSTEIN, A., Pablo Neruda, New York, 2008.

Good idea or not? Anyway

>The Rise and Fall of the American Century: The United States from 1890-2009 By William Chafe.

good standard textbook to gain insight in the history of the US. Focuses on socio-economic evolutions and revolutions rather than political bullshit.

>Chilean voices : Activists describe their Experiences of the Popular Unity period by Henfry C. and Bernardo S.

Pretty self explanatory. Social History. Good eyewitness accounts of different people from different classes, gender and political view.

>How Allende Fell : a study in U.S –Chilean relations by Petras J. and Morley M.

Good cold war source. Reveals very carefully how the CIA attacked Allende's chile by economic means. Has charts and graphics.



Has TONS of primary sources and other information about all kinds of history; ancient, medieval, modern, Byzantine, African, Science, Christian, Islamic, etc. Absolutely invaluable.

Free ebooks. Did I say that they were free? Yeah. 46,000 ebooks for free. Included are many historical texts: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/18590/18590-h/18590-h.htm
Here's Cassiodorus' letters.


>Alfred Butler - The Arab Conquest of Egypt


A detailed account of the conquest of Byzantine Egypt by Arabs. It's an older work, but it still remains an authoritative text on the era and it makes it a cheap alternative to some newer scholarly material.

>Sir William Muir- LIFE OF MAHOMET

One of the earliest attempts to detail the life of Mohammed by western scholars, it's a bit thick and the language is sometimes unfamiliar, however it's a great source for studying the life of the Arab prophet without the theological or apologetic bias (Though it's been accused of western/christian bias). The work remains an important text in the studies of Early Islamic civilization.


Add the wiki source

they have some hard to find texts


File: 1420140834930.jpg (96.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1411892143920.jpg)

>free ebooks

thanks a bunch!


you are the fag who posted in /byz/ ?


Didn't ever thought about this, only downloaded classic literature. Thank you


File: 1420188568178.jpg (19.76 KB, 323x396, 323:396, shingen.jpg)


Recommended by a Sengokubro in another thread, this a good introductory website for learning about feudal Japan. The layout's a bit all over the shop, but the main articles on each daimyo, in fact anything under the "Famous Samurai" section, are reasonably in-depth.


Rare books, manuscripts, art, most of it available for download. In depth catalogue.




Thank you, man. I kept meaning to do this thread but there were always two or three threads already up doing the same thing that I didn't want to kill by making a new sticky one. I'll just sticky this one.


File: 1420261937424.jpg (230.71 KB, 1024x758, 512:379, 1024px-Wernerprokla.jpg)

I have a couple good resources about Königreich Preußen

Frederick the Great: the Prussian enigma

Its a pretty good documentary about Fredrick the great and Prussia itself, but the video itself is poorly optimized and takes a while to load. It is hosted by Christopher Clark, who wrote Iron Kingdom.

Iron Kingdom is a good book on the subject

If anyone else has some good resources in Prussia, please post.



A good site with tons of uploaded articles by scholars on various medieval subjects.


this book is great, basically taking down the dark ages myth, lots of stuff about the Hanze, Vikings, some stuff about Vinland, about the plagues and fashion in those times.


Thanks for keeping track of these things, Owner guy.


File: 1420309613936.png (206.58 KB, 269x325, 269:325, 1383586328670.png)

i think you forgot something?



meh, a lot of their stuff is sensationalist an inaccurate


You mean the articles, or the silly stuff on the side?


File: 1420335377590.jpg (39.31 KB, 365x468, 365:468, nagashino.jpg)

Don't thank me too soon. Once we've got a decent collection, you're going to be the poor son of a bitch who has to organise it into categories.


If you haven't already I highly suggest signing up for an account on Academia


Lots of historians post their upcoming projects and, if you're lucky, downloadable pdfs of articles they wrote.

You don't have to sign up to read anything online, but you can download a pdf if you do. Highly suggested especially if you have a favorite scholar or a particular subject you favor.


http://www.yorku.ca/inpar/alexiad_dawes.pdf The Alexiad. THE source about how the crusaders were perceived by the byzantines and also about based Alexios Komnenos.


Both. Occasionally there's a good scholarly article but the majority of the time posts are just above cracked-level articles.
I would use anything there as a starting point and do more additional research.


If anyone's interested in New Testament studies, this is probably the best online 101 course. It's up to date and from a reputable institution (Yale)



File: 1420478829913.jpg (113.73 KB, 457x450, 457:450, 1420248413162.jpg)

Can anyone recommend resources on Prussia other than >>12526 ?


What's wrong with what he posted?




>a great site for history around NYC

First link one is my work. Loads to do on it still.



Dude. Be my nigga for life. This is actually something I've been looking for, for ages.


Ive already watched the flick and read the book…


File: 1420535606180.jpg (29.5 KB, 250x353, 250:353, hideyoshi knows dem feels.jpg)

I know this is Spoonfeeding: The Thread, but we can't just leech, anon. Take a look through Clark's sources and go through some of them yourself: let other anons know if they're worth the time or not.


File: 1420553873113.png (14.43 KB, 507x507, 1:1, kWb9kub.png)

Will do. can't believe I've never thought of that.


nah, I've seen other anons post these links here so I decided to spread the stuff they shared. I'm sure the poster you're referring to was a bro though.


>saging a sticky
ayy lmao



A lot of great history and philosophy books. All free. This is Titus Livius (Livy), The History of Rome by Titus Livius, in 6 vols. [10]


File: 1421043253564.jpg (298.26 KB, 974x771, 974:771, Caillie_1830_Timbuktu_view.jpg)

>African History
A History of the African People by Robert W.July

Africans and their history by Joseph E.Harris
History of Africa by Kevin Shillington
Great Ages of Man: African Kingdoms by Basil Davidson
Africa & Africans by Paul Bohannan and Philip Curtin



404 link, but googled the name.

Lel, pop political pseudo history book.


File: 1421137727519.png (1.26 MB, 736x992, 23:31, Osprey.PNG)


File: 1421142210392.jpg (8.9 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 1394086405323.jpg)

How the fuck so?


An author with no publications in a university press is a glaring give away. And that's before considering the author's very open political biases.

This is /his/, not /pol/


I came across this cool american civil war documentary. Lots of scholars make appearances.


Ok, he is wrong where?


Someone would have to read it to find out when there's actual books by historians or primary sources. But going out on a limb a political bias would very likely seep in unprofessionally.


>when there's actual books by historians or primary sources
That we could be reading instead.


File: 1421233154834.png (40.51 KB, 554x647, 554:647, 1327187868111.png)

>only Osprey material I'm actually looking for is the Sengoku period Battles stuff
>the one thing you're not stocking

I don't even give a fuck, you're a gem, anon.


So, he is wrong about or biased about?


Most likely his bias would lead him to mistakes like forcing anachronisms, omissions of sources that wouldn't support their narrative, etc.



just a blog with some decent random history stuff


File: 1421333795253.jpg (79.27 KB, 403x498, 403:498, 1402951529696.jpg)

you're a disgrace to this board. get the fuck out. academic material only


So you assume he is wrong, and you haven't read the book?


File: 1421341530697.jpg (14.01 KB, 445x61, 445:61, lovely city of Loven.jpg)

the author isn't a scholar. The book can be safely disregarded. End of discussion anon. I'm sorry but that's the discipline.


To be fair, I was linked to it. I despise tumblr as much as the rest of us.


Ok, so he is wrong because he isn't a scholar? I'm not a scholar and if I were to say that the Mongols were a group of nomadic tribes that would be wrong?


He's probably wrong for injecting his politics into a narrative of history where it doesn't belong, but no. He's not really worth reading because he's not a scholar, if that is you're a history student and not some casual looking for validation in the past.


I was planning to get a history degree in my country but seeing there is not much work I never even tried. I love history, so instead of teaching it with words, I will do so with actions.
Also, it's a good book, don't assume because he himself stayed neutral in the opinion and even islamic scholars rated his book as a high quality book.


You just don't get it do you? Let's assume you're going to study history and list this book as a source in one of your papers. You will be sacked. Why? The man wasn't a scholar. There was no peer evaluation, no proper historical methode applied to the research. It is very well possible that he did the research right and wrote his analysis and conclusion in a proper historical way but just because he isn't a scholar we should assume he didn't. This a basic rule. Do we want an amateur list here or a list with academic value?
Please go and study history. It's a magnificent degree to pursue (I still am). But do come back here and post about it when you realize the error in linking sources like that.


So, without an academic study that's been reviewed more times than the times History has shown their Hitler documentary, I should not be using it?
>Please go and study history.
I want to but I'm afraid that I won't have any work. I live in a poor country (BiH) and I don't want to starve to death while knowing how Caesar rekt the celts.


peer evaluation is simply the approval of a few fellow historical academics. They fact check and make sure your sources check out. You are exaggerating.
I'm sorry to hear that anon. Is becoming a teacher with your history knowledge a possibility though? You could also teach english, geography, your local language, etc with the degree.



It's not about how many times it's been reviewed, it's about the intention of submitting a work for review to people who can and will call you out on any bullshit, the intention of preaching to the gullible public vs debating with experts. It's about discipline.

How can you even tell it's neutral? There is no frame of reference for you. Instead you have a conclusion followed by every quote he can find that fits that conclusion. Just one look at Amazon or Goodreads reviews tells you all you need to know about the intended audience, and thus the intention.

You don't need to starve yourself in a history college to see that. And even if you were in a rich country you still wouldn't be able to afford most history publications. That's why you can pirate or look through online links posted throughout this thread.


I know English and German, and I want to get a degree in history, but for people like me there is no job, all positions are filled. And I have other goals, to use my knowledge, in practice.
I have the book in pdf.


>I have the book in pdf.
You should get a better book, is what I'm saying.



oh god thank you based kingdom of Jerusalem for keeping sauces pure. People will probably think you disagree with authors statements, but I understand what you mean.

For the love of god, phD does not mean you are an infallible expert but please refrain from amateurish sauces.


You guys need to check this out. It's managed by academics too.



"The Unknown War", American documentary produced with Soviet cooperation covering the Eastern Front of World War 2. 20 episodes, each about 50 minutes. Even if you're well versed in the course of this part of the war, I think the Soviet war footage, most of it exclusive to this documentary, makes it worth a watch.


File: 1421907880854.jpg (29.09 KB, 160x226, 80:113, soviet infantry.jpg)

> Even if you're well versed in the course of this part of the war, I think the Soviet war footage, most of it exclusive to this documentary, makes it worth a watch.

I want to believe this, anon. Because I'm only ten minutes in, and all I'm hearing from Burt is how Mad Old Man Hitler launched an offensive against a nation of peaceful, unprepared potato farmers.

I won't care if they justify the size of the Soviet Army on defense against the Nazi war machine, or a plot to steamroll Europe after Adolf shot his wad, but this is a bit much so far.

I will keep watching, but.


A growing collection of digitized primary texts of European canon law texts.


Here is a podcast. The new ones are free (sponsored by small ads at the start and end of each episode), but the older ones you have to pay for (though, they're very cheap considering how much content there is). It's also DRM-free, so you don't need to worry about any bullshit stopping you from listening.

I'm currently going through Blueprint for Armageddon; his series on World War 1, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Most episodes are about 3 hours long, but he has a good voice and he is interesting to listen to.



this is without a doubt the best and most well-researched History podcast i've seen. he does a number of mini-series on epic events (WWI) or conquests (the Mongols) that are great, and some one-off episodes like the one on Radical Ideas and how they have impacted history. and i guarantee you will learn something from every episode you listen to.


File: 1422388952212.jpg (294.42 KB, 1000x691, 1000:691, Βανδαλοι 3.jpg)

Thor's Angels is a particular favorite of mine. Especially when he starts delving into the post roman era, and how the church sought protection with Clovis. It's a fascinating part of history that rarely gets expanded upon.


File: 1423318202724.jpg (2.4 MB, 1899x9379, 1899:9379, 1410870152729.jpg)

Here's a histograph.


>The Confederate Nation: 1861-1865
Great accessible look at all important ascers of the Confederate states including lessee covered topics including Southern culture and a chapter on the diplomatic Ventures of the Confederacy during the crucial period of late 1862

>1812: Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow

Another great accessible read on Napoleon's winter campaign of 1812 against the Russian Empire, great information and detailed maps relating to the key battles of the conflict, also looks in good detail at other aspects of the campaign often ignored including the actual march through Russia

>The Bloody White baron

An interesting easy to read book on one of the suprisingly lesser known figures from the Russian Civil War era, gives a unique view of a very unique figure as well other interesting iformation relating to the Russian Civil War in Siberia and the spilloever in China and Mongolia


You can pretty much find anything on whatever subject with this site if you're not retarded
>that whole Hittite section
c'mon 𒄷𒄩



fun website of vintage animated stereographs


Anyone know of any good books covering the United States post-Civil War up to the start of the Great Depression or so? Or most any period or presidents really though maybe kind of avoiding the big events since that whole Gilded Age time period is an area especially I've wanted to read more about.

I've never really read much on American history (despite being an Amerifat) and I kind of want to rectify that.



lists the history of all the cemeterys in NYC


It's a virtual library, has some history related stuff in it too.
As a login name. You can only have 3 items at once, you read quickly so some other anon can read.


London Labour and the London Poor by Mayhew

A book that talks about all sorts of odd careers in Victorian London.



A repository of hundreds of religious books of almost any past and present belief you can imagine, from early christianism to alchemy, real tantra or basque folktales. Most of it in english, translations and editions of +70 years books which make the books an object of study themselves.


The Search for Modern China
I haven't found a book yet that covers the history of China in the same breadth and scope. It's always very interesting to observe a nation going through the tumultuous process of modernization (culturally, technologically, economically) at an accelerated pace.

note: Most of these books are available on libgen.org
I suspect they use the same database as http://gen.lib.rus.ec , but the former URL is much easier to remember.



A whole bunch of photos and snippets on Victorian soldiers.


Hi /his/,

I remember this website (http://www.europefromitsorigins.com) being referenced a couple of times on cuckchan 2 years ago or so and back then the content there was free of charge, does anyone happen to have the full set or a couple of episodes on hand? I'd pay the content with butcoin but I'm not using a cc anymore. thx


God bless you sir.



Amazing website. They have published books and have started to create short documentaries on the sick and vile abuse inflicted upon the innocent as the Mongoloid Jew lead red army rampaged across Eastern Europe.

Be warned this stuff is not for the light hearted. Learn about what befell those who resisted AND supported the Soviets when they invaded Europe. No distinctions were made.


Real Crusades History is a great website and channel which discusses the Crusades from the first to the last in great detail using primary and secondary sources.

He has launched a YouTube channel where he narrates the history in an enjoyable way.

Highly recommended for any one with an interest in the period who wants to avoid liberal white guilt propaganda or anti-Muslim rhetoric. Objective and neutral presenting the history through the use of sources from all sides.




This looks cool, thanks!




As a chilean,I'm intrigued by those books.

Thanks a lot, anon.


Anyone know where to find diaries/journals of soldiers during wars (any, really)? I'm interested in the source of what's going on, and not so much "historians" writing about things.



There are a lot of great memoirs you can read. After WWI a shit ton of men just wrote books about their stories.




go back to /pol/


File: 1430439994302.jpg (1.2 MB, 3672x3024, 17:14, 1417412103502.jpg)


File: 1430474961999.jpg (15.11 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1251067126656.jpg)


This is pretty rad, anon.

Did you make it yourself?

Or, if you lifted it from elsewhere, were there any covering other cultures?

Because it's pretty rad.


I'd like to read more influencial historic works, like Vom Kriege, Wealth of Nations and Il principe for example. However, when I go looking to buy these books online there is often a big difference in the amount of pages between the various publishes, so I'm assuming there is a variety in content. Am I just being pickey,or is there an actual difference in historical accuracy between different publishes of a book? and are there some publishers I should or shouldn't trust? What's your experience with this?



fuck off faggot



Its a shame, because the actual book is really good. Instead you focus on your /pol/ memes and go full retard. I suggest the book for anyone who wants to know what it was like in Dresden and the post war period in Germany.



Not really super informative, but it's a guy who traveled around the world interviewing WWII vets from almost all of the countries involved. Gives some good little snippits.


File: 1431456559260.jpg (130.41 KB, 800x1061, 800:1061, der-grosse-krieg-oesterrei….jpg)

Well I got a few books on World War 1, but none in English. If you can speak french/german/italian I recommend you check them out.

>LE NAOUR, J-Y, La Première Guerre mondiale pour les nuls, Éditions First, 2008


A very well written (for once) book from the "For Dummies" series. Offers a very detailed insight into France during the first world war. The author is a socialist, but it isn't that annoying. He even denounces some liberal myths, such as the use of colonial troops as cannon fodder, which never happened. Comes with a nice list of books to check out if you want to know more about France in ww1.

>FUNCKEN, F & L, Uniformes et Armes - Guerre 1914-1918, Éditions HIBOU, 1978


The go-to reference for any question regarding armament or equipment. Comes with illustrations that literary took 10 years to research. Also comes with a big-ass list of primary references for your enjoyment.

COLIGNON, J-P, Petit Abécédaire de la Grande Guerre, Éditions Le Courrier du Livre, 2014


A very well researched dictionary of the slang of the French soldier during world war one. Except lots of puns and dark humor. References a ton of primary sources.

>THIÉROT, J-L, François-Ferdinand d'Autriche, Éditions de Fallois, 2005


A biography of Franz Ferdinand of Austria, from his birth, to his assassination. Takes time covering his plans for the United States of Greater Austria.

>MAGENSCHAB, H, Der Grosse Krieg, Verlagsanstalt Tyrolia, 2013


A very elaborate book covering the role and actions of Austria-Hungary in the first world war. Supplemented with snips from relevant memoirs.

SIMONIT, G, Storie di uomini dal fronte di San Martino del Carso 1916, Gruppo Speleologico carsico di San Martino del Carso, 2014


As I don't speak italian very well, all I can tell you is that it's a book about the fighting that took place in the vicinty of San Martino del Carso in 1916, which featured italian and hungarian men.

I can scan any of those, if asked. I also have some good books on ww1 in slovene, ut the chances of finding another slovene here are so minimal I can't be bothered to type them out.


Can anyone recommend good books about the history of the MENA region? I'm specifically interested in Egypt and Persia / Iran.

I'm looking for something accessible but also scholarly and comprehensive.

Thanks friends.


File: 1431811382093.jpg (15.52 KB, 223x300, 223:300, 511jufWemjL._SY300_.jpg)

Classical Greece by Bower is a great book: ranges through the Peloponnesian Wars to Alexander the Great's campaigns, as well as giving insights into lives of women and children. Also a small section on the Olympic Games is included


File: 1432446618443.jpg (4.13 KB, 126x126, 1:1, 1423718383393.jpg)

Alright /his/, let's settle this once and for all.


Please suggest a superior book and scholar if you can, I've already got "Russia's War" by Richard Overy on my must-read list.

Also, favorite/most respected/most trustworthy scholars?

Best scholars/works on World War I and II? I picked up Shirer's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" today and recall superior suggestions floating around.

Further, what about this?



File: 1432456193521.png (106.46 KB, 240x240, 1:1, even zhuge liang can't wor….png)


>going to the effort of making a poll, rather than just asking about those titles in the thread

>on a board where you'll get ten replies, max


File: 1432586216367.png (28.84 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1427442357560.png)


Well then: are Antony Beevor's "Stalingrad" and Orlando Figes' "Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991: A History" worth my time? Are there better books that cover the subjects in a greater scope, more comprehensively, such as Overy's "Russia's War"? What are others on this caliber?


File: 1432817680251.jpg (70.42 KB, 634x451, 634:451, 2.jpg)


Hello there. In case you are interested in, pre-islam middle east history, I recomend very strongly anything from Sabatino Moscati. He was an Italian archeologist and wrote some really good books. So far, Ive read his "Phoenicians" and "Ancient semitic civilizations (which is about Babylonians, Assyrians, Akkadians and other old semitic nations)."

the books are very readable, yet very detailed. They are not only about general history but also deal with everyday life of the period, culture, economy etc. Also there some interesting stories from historical records or other writings of that period, which helps you understand those times even better, and keep the book genuinely interesting and fun.

I dont really know if you can find pdf of these books on the internets. If found them randomly in a secondhand bookstore.

But I really find this author to be so good, that I just had to pay homage to him in some way. Hopefully somebody here will get to read this and later will share my enthusiasm


File: 1434204980525.jpg (199.94 KB, 650x650, 1:1, JudeaDeclaresWarOnGermany.jpg)



Something about the changes in font quality, poor typesetting, having the most generic name for a newspaper possible, and little crusader man make me doubt the validity of this image.




File: 1435230413205.jpg (44.56 KB, 540x538, 270:269, 1427139331209.jpg)



What's wrong with what he posted?

Don't like looking at that part of history, Chaim?



Fuck off retard


File: 1435249372931.jpg (79.35 KB, 424x540, 106:135, Daily_Express_2009-01-10.jpg)



morning paper


evening paper

Sorry for the site in german, but it's a site "against holocaust deniers".

Other example:


And regarding the "most generic name for a newspaper possible, and little crusader man"


Pic related. How eerily fitting.


File: 1435716824761.jpg (41.62 KB, 450x450, 1:1, neato.jpg)


So it's real but it's a tabloid.


File: 1435797882974-0.png (135.72 KB, 1000x606, 500:303, 1000px-Blank_map_of_Russia….png)

File: 1435797882975-1.jpg (65.95 KB, 600x410, 60:41, american_nations-map.jpg)

File: 1435797882975-2.jpg (479.68 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1433869599259-0.jpg)


>Russian Rulers History Podcast by Mark Schauss

An incredibly detailed and in-depth telling of the lives of each Russian ruler. After reaching Vladimir Putin, the host has decided to continue the podcast in his free time by examining other important Russian people and events (I think he became a CEO of his company, so his dedication to the podcast is incredible). Highly recommended.

iTunes for hassle-free downloading: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/russian-rulers-history-podcast/id370995272?mt=2

Main site, full of extra goodies: http://russianrulers.podhoster.com/

>American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America by Colin Woodard

An interesting try to look at distinct cultures of North America and their histories, in the vein of previous attempts such as Albion's Seed to get at the cultural differences of the United States. It's a page turner for anyone interested in American history, even if the premise is a bit too far-fetched at times.

>Norman Centuries podcast by Lars Brownworth

A whirlwind tour of the Normans - their origins, their spectacular rise and adventures across Europe, and their impact on the regions they only briefly ruled. Amazing podcast, partly because the history of the Normans reads like an adventure novel in and of itself.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/norman-centuries-norman-history/id333142230?mt=2

Main site: http://normancenturies.com/

>Internet Archive

Find tons of archived stuff, including historical documents, some of which are scans of old books.


>Online Library of Liberty

Hi from /liberty/. An online library of tons of free books and writings on subjects like politics and political philosophy.


>History of Byzantium

Meant to pick up where a popular Roman history podcast left off. I haven't had time to dig into it yet, but check it out if you're a fellow Byzaboo.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-history-of-byzantium/id527579475?mt=2

Main site: http://thehistoryofbyzantium.com/

I may be able to add more later. Good luck /his/.


File: 1435828347363.png (30.21 KB, 96x120, 4:5, the shit dong zhou puts up….png)


>not archiving the itunes things

>linking to Apple at all

You're lucky this stuff is rad as all get out.

The Norman one looks uncharacteristically approachable, but detailed: great find.

>American Nations

>even if the premise is a bit too far-fetched at times.

What is the central premise?



Sorry, iTunes just makes it simple to download them all with a few clicks.

American Nations' central premise is that there are really 11 distinct cultural nations in North America, and that the USA has been shaped by the competition between these cultures. New England's Yankeedom vs the Deep South has been the oldest rivalry, with the other nations joining these two to swing power over the federation from one alliance of nations to the other. It's a pretty interesting read, but I'm not sure if his modern approach is sound because of how short it is compared to his colonial and 19th century examinations of the "nations."



Without reading it, I wonder how much he's defining and applying those cultures retroactively to fit the narrative. But it does sound an interesting read, so I'll probably check it out soon.


Not sure if it was mentioned in the thread, but any thoughts on William Manchester's A World Lit Only by Fire? Just started reading it and it seems reasonably well researched. author even admits to using mostly secondary sources right off the bat.



Would it be okay for people (as in I) asked some questions requesting books to read on certain subjects?

I'm very interested in any kind of book or resource that could dwelve into Julius Caesar's life and general aspirations. Or even just a book about Caesar in general. A biography/autobiography.

I'm also really interested in an "idiots guide to Roman History" or anything along those lines. I've always had an interest in the Roman Empire and i'd love a place to start on it.

Because fuck man, Caesar and the Roman Empire are like the coolest things in history.

Barring Attila the Hun because that dood fucked bitches and got whatever the fuck he wanted all day erry day.



Theres always the Gallic War, Caesar's own autobiography about fighting the celts. keep in mind he may have some inflated descriptions of events and false accounts that shine a better spotlight on his own achievements, due to the fact that it was a piece meant to make him look good in the eyes of learned Romans



>I'm very interested in any kind of book or resource that could dwelve into Julius Caesar's life and general aspirations. Or even just a book about Caesar in general. A biography/autobiography.

Have you read Plutarch's Life of Caesar? It's one of the main sources about him.




not the guy who asked but thanks for adding in more stuff


File: 1437766530054.jpg (31.33 KB, 231x346, 231:346, rand van de wereld.jpg)


>Hitler - Ian Kershaw

Best biography of the insufferable bastard ever written.

>The Prince - Niccolo Macchiavelli

Need I say more?

>Paris 1919 (titled Peacemakers outside NA) - Margaret MacMillan

Explains how pointless WWI actually was, and how the Versailles treaty fucked everything up.

>The Green Flag - Michael Kee

Helps unpick the whole issue of "Ireland"

>Dear Leader - Jang Ji Sung

Autobiography of a North Korean defector who worked for NK's Ministry of Propaganda. This book is particularly good as it gives first-hand insight not only of life in North Korea, but how it devises government policy.

>The Ohio Gang - Charles J. Mee

While it isn't a scholarly work (and has been out of print since the '80's), it's an interesting read about America's second stupidest President, Warren Harding.



where can i find free eBooks about Japan?




Awesome podcast about Roman history from the very beginning of Rome to the fall of the Roman empire, it is about 70 hours long.



End of Empire


A British series from the 80s, goes through British decolonisation colony by colony. Includes lesser talked-about places like Cyprus and the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Dodgy quality at times.

The Last Governor


BBC series, documenting Chris Patten's entire time as the last governor of Hong Kong. Great interviews, great behind the scenes look at what went on at Government House and LegCo. Again, dodgy quality.

Hong Kong Beat

(Individual episodes can be found on youtube)

Another British documentary about Hong Kong, this one from the 70s following the Royal Hong Kong Police in their day-to-day duties.

Armchair Voyage: Hellenic Cruise


View in the geographic West to East order, from Venice to Istanbul. A documentary from the 50s, presented by the colourful archeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler. Includes segments of lectures on how Greek dramas might have sounded and a rather tipsy conversation about the Mask of Agamemnon. As much a time capsule of the 50s as an introduction to the Hellenic world.


The Decline & Fall of the British Empire, Piers Brendon

What it says. Starting from the loss of the 13 Colonies to the hand-over of Hong Kong. Written in a rather journalistic style, so appropriate for casuals too.

Anything by Roger Griffin. Just shilling my old professor. Especially 'Modernism & Fascism'. The language can get a bit technical, but if you power through, it's a very interesting take on the rise and popularity of fascism, and other extreme political movements.



I've been watching a lot of this guys videos and a lot of his claims seem like total bullshit. I watched his rebuttal to John Green.

He claims that the Crusades were necessary because Islam was going to completely take over Europe if they did not happen. He provides no evidence for this and honestly I do not think it is true. The reconquista is the only thing that could be considered a true defense of Europe from Muslim invaders (different muslims than the ones the Crusaders were fighting in the Holy Land mind you)

Also the claim that the Crusades saved America is fucking ridiculous. America might not have existed in it's current form and might not have been colonized at the same time as it was if the Crusades had not happened, but that does not mean it would not exist.



>Highly recommended for any one with an interest in the period who wants to avoid liberal white guilt propaganda or anti-Muslim rhetoric. Objective and neutral presenting the history through the use of sources from all sides.

>to avoid(…) anti-Muslim rhetoric

What? I've seen some of his videos and the guy is trying so hard to debunk the modern anti-crusade myths (which is a noble endeavor, mind you) that he swings the pendulum way to the other side, coming of as anti-muslim as you can get without sounding like a complete /pol/tard. He is biased as fuck (which I think he admit in one of his videos), and besides, he publicizes himself as using only "first hand sources" which is a double edged sword, because without the appropiate hermeneutic treatment, a first hand source could easily create more fake history and myths; he doesnt apply any critical analysis to chrisitan sources, taking them completely at face value.

Mind you I've saw some of his videos way back, maybe he changed now, but its a shame because the task he's suppossedly doing (to divulge an unbiased history of the crusades) is a good one


Does anyone know of any good books or documentaries about Alexander the Great that are accurate?



Much interest in this




I've read 'The Persian boy' by Mary Renault and the 'Alexandros' trilogy by Manfredi. But these are novels, though accurate in the political and personal sides, they are not the kind of detailed scholar essay you may be looking for. But they are worthy a read any time.



>Mind you I've saw some of his videos way back, maybe he changed now

He's gotten worse, really. Over the years he's dug in his heels and found his niche pandering to Youtube's anti-Muslim crowd for donations (because why the fuck would actual history students have the money to donate in the first place).



Another good North Korea defector book is Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


To any french-speaking /His/torian who's interested in various subjects of the french history, Henri Guillemin is a great person, who made many presentations on TV and radio about various subjects.


File: 1440156576478.png (694.62 KB, 1074x1600, 537:800, cleo-art-1.png)

The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody by the late Will Cuppy is not exactly a serious book but still very nicely summarizes the history of several notable individuals from history, ranging from the Egyptian Cheops to Alexander the Great, to Queen Godiva, to Louis the Sun King.

There's some outdated stuff here and there (mind you that the book was written in the 40s/50s and only properly published after Cuppy's death by one of his friends), but given that you should not give the book as a whole completely seriously, I still can warmly recommend it.




>Hitler - Ian Kershaw

I agree with this faggot from a month ago. I read this book about 4 months ago. Let me tell you, reading a book with Hitler on the cover while on the bus has never felt so good.

Especially since the first book was so great in detailing just how much of a loser faggot Hitler was for most of his life, without even being overtly biased.


File: 1440881358797.png (867.3 KB, 1264x1460, 316:365, 1433361417179-0.png)


>criticizing Hitler for being "a loser faggot"

>on an internet image board

Also, it's the sad cunts who make history. Content people can't be arsed.



Are you implying Hitler was not a "loser faggot"? He was charismatic and if I was a German in the thirties I would have voted for him, but with hindsight and history we know that he had many skeletons in his closet and indeed could easily be described as the aforementioned.



so would you consider anyone who lost a war a "loser faggot"?


hijacking: looking for Vicars of Christ by Peter de Rosa


any format,

any edition. pls i really need this book.


We should do something on the vein of the Gentoomen's libary torrent, I would've done that but my internet is so shit that it would take weeks for me to transfer my data to another seed.


File: 1441971476325.jpg (199.32 KB, 500x600, 5:6, kenshin seriously hopes yo….jpg)


>trusting anyone who can't spell "library" with our library


Anyone know any good books on the Yugoslav Wars?


Have you read The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek? It's written by Hitler's former BFF from his teenage years and gives some insight into his personality and character. It's worth czeching out if you haven't already.

You can download it here if you want it, although this version has an asinine insert from some spergy Holocaust denier:




>The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek

Would recommend that to anyone interested in Hitler. It's an enjoyable and enlightening read and the only thing worth reading on his pre-WW1 years from someone who knew him like a brother. There's so much bollocks in bios and state-sponsored disinfo on the youth and psychology of the man, but this gives a clear account from a man with who comes across as exceptionally honest and open.

If anyone wants a full bio of Hitler I would recommend Stolfi's Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny. It's the most objective one out there.



>If anyone wants a full bio of Hitler I would recommend Stolfi's Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny. It's the most objective one out there.

Thanks for the recommendation, it sounds pretty good. It's hard to find stuff about Hitler that isn't either hagiographic crankery or a work that goes out of its way to to disparage him and his accomplishments.



Just to let you know, the playlist doesn't exist.

Will this suffice?





David Graeber- Debt: The First 5000 Years.

Good history of how debt has effected human economy and society.

Massive implications for our current financial system.

Challenges some ideas of Adam Smith quite effectively so can be considered a game changer.


File: 1446713271544.webm (6.98 MB, 472x360, 59:45, The Fall of Rome - Docum….webm)




the western tradition is an actual classroom video series thats quite informative. but dont let the classroom part dissuade you; the narrator is an og history professor who is very candid and doesn't whitewash anything. it covers all of western history in 52 half hour episodes, so you can imagine the level of detail it brings. its great for finding your bearings in history and i personally love it, but its more of an accounting of the larger trends of the times with some anecdotes that prove it, and is interspersed with art pieces from the period being discussed.

torrent if you want it, youtube if you want to watch it online, and webm is my favorite speech in the series. if you want the context of the webm go to episode 14 the fall of rome, webm starts at 14:04, context starts around 13:22


whoops forgot to add the internet classics archive


has a lot of anceint writings if you want to go straight to the (translated) horses mouth. it doesnt have everyone ( no pliny no epictetus) but it has quite a few of them. its hosted by mit and was put up almost 2 decades ago. still has that web1.0 look and everything.




Jesus, you've been a busy little beaver! Very nice finds indeed, anon.

>still has that web1.0 look and everything.

No bloat. Dem icons. Fucking grand.


Apologies for the double-post, lads, but it seems the good ship HMS HATE is taking on water. This thread and all its deliciousness has been archived here:



File: 1447403640396.jpg (26.7 KB, 387x500, 387:500, newton-isaac-1642-1727-uni….jpg)

Everything and anything by Isaac Newton, especially pic related.



>Solomon was the first king in the world

>there was a pharaoh named Sesostris who invaded Europe

sure thing m8


File: 1449110163198.jpg (39.1 KB, 323x499, 323:499, thefile.jpg)

About a journo in East Germany. Trends more toward biography than history, but an enjoyable read if you're looking for something "light" that will get you into the mood to learn more about the Stasi.


/r/ing books on the Chinese Civil War and the Second Sino-Japanese war.



Dan Carlin, the entire collection

up to November 28, 2015



Were this really reddit as detractors say I'd reward you with a shower of gold, as it is we'll have to settle with a promise that if you by my place I'll reward you with a golden shower



please dont capfag


File: 1455156826066.jpeg (50.75 KB, 256x400, 16:25, image.jpeg)


Currently reading


I listen to this shitty podcast called Paddling the Douchecanoe. Sometimes they do pretty good episodes about history, including an irregular series of theirs called 'Douchecanoes of History'. They try to be pretty objective, although they've been on a big anti-sjw kick lately.



Hey guys, I need any resources you can think of that describes culture in Ancient and Medieval Africa, Middle-East, North-America and Asia. I'm planning on writing a book about culture's effect on intelligence and the problem with this in society, e.g culture class. Might sound /pol/esque but I'm actually trying to attack the idea that intelligence is genetic but anyway, if you have something that can help I will appreciate it!



>hi /his/ please do my homework!

I already posted something very much relevant to what you're asking for just a couple replies up



Sorry bro, had shitty wifi this weekend so wasn't able to expand threads, was surprised my post actually went through. Also, I wasn't asking you to do my homework, I wanted resources from people who actually knew their shit rather than searching about African Civilisations and getting the nigger equivalent of Guns, Germs and Steel.





No other newspapers happen to have reported this anywhere else in the world, also The Express have had a history of writing complete bollocks to get people buying the paper. Every second paper nowadays is a conspiracy about Princess Diana or Madeline McCann. I find it retarded when /pol/acks use this tabloid as an example.



Kek, SJWs getting buttblasted


I was looking for a primary source. I recall reading a dialogue between some of the early reformers. It was between Martin Luther (who cracked jokes the whole time), Calvin (who told everyone present that they were going to hell), and one or two others that I forgot. Eventually they stormed off and that was that.

Does anybody know what I'm looking for. I've been searching on and off for the last few weeks and have nothing.



does this look like a request thread to you?



not so much an in-depth history podcast, but rather some quirky tales from around 19th century to 20th, just how people lived and interesting stories about interesting people



Can confirm. I've read The World of the Phoenicians and am just finishing The Face of the Ancient Orient,' both are seriously good books, informative and educational, even for people with no prior knowledge of the periods (like me). The latter gives a comprehensive overview of the Ancient Orient, beginning with the Sumerians, and ending with the synthesis of the constituent parts brought about by the Persians.


File: 1458752158004.jpg (138.02 KB, 750x847, 750:847, 1383798206797.jpg)


>anyone who disagrees with my pet narrative is an SJW

Consume feces, pickaninny.



>Every second paper nowadays


You'd have to look at how reputable it was during that time period.


Anyone got Trade and Peace with Old Spain 1667-1750 by Jean O Mclachlan? I'ts pretty rare and i havent been able to find it physically in any lirbary ive been to, and all the online versions want me to pay a ridiculous amount to just read it for a day. I love economic history and im just having trouble finding it. I even tried out the links that anons put here for the free book websites, but i havent found it there either



what are these links?



i dont know whats in them, but theyre not relevent to this thread, i can tell you that much. nigger has been spamming these links across several boards.

im going to guess its cp


Hi /his/, I've been looking to start a new project recently, does anyone have recommendations for some good reading to start with there?



>a new project reading up on the Hittites,



Archive of Americana

>This family of historical collections contains books, pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers, government documents and ephemera printed in America over three centuries.

It's pretty good stuff. During a Colonial America class, I used the Historical Imprints section to find a really nice manuscript called "A Publick Tryal of the Quakers in Barmudas". It got really interesting, because the cover promised that the Reverend Sampson Bond theologically disproves Quakerism in a trial which ends with the Quakers' execution by the press (for those who don't know, that's when heavy rocks are placed on your chest until you stop breathing). The interesting part was that this execution apparently never took place, because years after we get those same Quakers who are supposedly dead writing refutations and calling the trial a sham (found that on JSTOR).



Shit, I forgot that it was restricted access. Oh well, it will still help people who have a school or library with it.



Here's some other materials on the same topic since I fucked up, the ones with checks are public access:



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

History of japan for those with ADHD. Dunno of its accuracy, though, but he got some points correct based on my own knowledge (I'm not really well-versed in nip his).


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Probably my favorite history-focused youtube channel. It focuses mainly on ancient and medieval warfare, and many of the videos debunk myths that movies and video games have ingrained in people. The host is a trained scholar but generally keeps things entertaining.



im sick of looking at that retard


does anyone know a good site to stream documentaries for free? particularly looking for "from runes to ruins", does anyone know a good site to stream it from? also any other good documentaries on the anglo-saxons and the vendel era?


File: 1471393648435-0.jpg (862.56 KB, 1488x1914, 248:319, Map_Ancient_Aegean_1400pix.jpg)

File: 1471393648437-1.jpg (895.43 KB, 1896x1371, 632:457, Map_Ancient_Greece_1900pix.jpg)

File: 1471393648438-2.jpg (843.93 KB, 1952x1524, 488:381, map_ancient_macedonia_1900….jpg)

File: 1471393648439-3.jpg (1.09 MB, 1900x1380, 95:69, Map_Ancient_Northern_Greec….jpg)

File: 1471393648439-4.jpg (743.69 KB, 1968x1484, 492:371, Map_Ancient_Peloponnesos_1….jpg)

For anyone who wants to read Thuccydides, you will find these maps useful



Six issues of an academic journal dealing with the history and culture of Nagasaki (not limited to any particular period). Published 1993-1998.


File: 1471640596518-0.jpg (819.32 KB, 1868x1451, 1868:1451, Map_Ancient_Northern_Italy….jpg)

File: 1471640596518-1.jpg (729.32 KB, 1899x1346, 1899:1346, Map_Ancient_Southern_Italy….jpg)


File: 3e2499f2cae1c5d⋯.jpg (314.86 KB, 534x981, 178:327, Siti-Archeologici-Sardegna….jpg)



Map of Prehistoric archaeological sites of Sardinia. I had to put in on MEGA because it's an image of over 22mb (5342x9812). While still incomplete, is probably the best around.

Pic related it's a shit-quality version, pretty much a thumbnail.

The interactive versione is even more updated, and has way more data:


The legend is in Italian. Translation:

Nuraghe monotorre = Monotower Nuraghe

Nuraghe monotorre sito non verificato = Monotower Nuraghe, non verified site

Nuraghe a corridoio = Protonuraghe/Corridor nuraghe

Nuraghe complesso = Polylobed Nuraghe or a Tancato nuraghe

Dolmen = Dolmen

Domus de Janas = Domus de Janas

Tombe dei Giganti = Giant's Tomb/Grave (Sardinian megalithic gallery grave)

Menhir = Menhir

Villages = Villages

Pozzo sacro = Sacred well

Culto dell'acqua = Water cult Temples or structures in general

Fontana sacra = Sacred fountain

Unicum = Unicum (something that is unique and doesn't belong to any category)

Grotte tafoni = Ancients tombs inside Tafoni



Android app for the interactive map:


Also, I forgot to say that the map (both in the online version and, I remember, in the App) can be seen in English as well.


I'm looking for a book about Holy Roman Empire, what i'm interested in is economic and social history with emphasis on how the decentralization worked there.



why would you care about the autistic jerries?


File: 787a2d5f284345d⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 499x364, 499:364, 1360353545070.jpg)

Don't know how much of that history, but I've got a request.

Anybody knows some good books about generational dynamics in America? Just one good source is enough, doesn't even have to be that comprehensive, just to get a clearer picture.

I am not an American (or even from an English-speaking country) myself, so I wanna know about stuff like The Greatest Generaiton, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers etc., what their traits are, historical reasons for such a division, etc.


Pretty neat podcast, talking in detail about different revolutions. Currently covering South American war for independence:


Russian docudrama about eastern front of WW2. The channel in general has some good docudramas:



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


History of germany for those with ADHD. Dunno of its accuracy, though, but he got some points correct based on my own knowledge (I'm not really well-versed in kraut his).



History of japan always looked like the normie version of this.


File: 2a470712388ecfd⋯.png (7.89 MB, 2405x1433, 2405:1433, Firearms.png)


File: 2a470712388ecfd⋯.png (7.89 MB, 2405x1433, 2405:1433, Firearms.png)



Bad maths. He calculated that at most 0.02% of people will use a firearm to kill a person yearly, and considering that a man will own a firearm for, say, 50 years, that's actually a whole 1%. Which is about the same tiny minority of Muslims who are actually crazy enough to go kill people and not just clap whenever it's done.


Any civil war books or documentaries that arent yankee propaganda?

I asked this in another thread but didnt really get much of an answer.


>only mods and volunteers can make threads

you just killed your own board



there's no way to actually do that. you can make new threads, silly.



confirmed for not owning a board


File: 946a4f50dc6b313⋯.png (3.71 KB, 503x96, 503:96, ss (2017-01-01 at 12.36.01….png)


Please explain how.


File: d17cdf4073dc4d7⋯.jpg (75.83 KB, 620x487, 620:487, 17488723-mmmain.jpg)

For anyone who is returning to the board and noticed the BO's Wipe.

There are archives of previous threads. It doesn't appear that much was lost.



Looking for books on the following subjects.

All suggestions gratefully received:


Eastern European History of the Slavs

US War of Independence

The Holy Roman Empire.



File: b590eabe3fea831⋯.jpeg (11.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sex at dawn.jpeg)

Sex at dawn covers the evolution of monogomy duringthe life span of humans. I don't know if that fits into what /his/ wants, but its something at least.



Hopefully this will be useful.

Winston S. Churchill - The World Crisis, 1911-1914 - Volume 1 - epub [TKRG]



That's all great. But how do I know where to start? I mean, I understand that one would rather gain an in-depth knowledge of one particular period, but I'd love some kind of digest/choronology of best works to read about a particular period, at least when to comes to the West.

You know, like the charts they have for philosophy. Is there such a thing yet? I don't feel like reading lots of different stuff about disconnected events, otherwise I fear I might lose the bigger picture.


The Dabistan, on the religions of the Mughal Empire and India:



A friend of mine who knows Latin told me it's terribly dry, unreadable prose.


He took a destroyed husk of a nation and turned it into the most powerful in the world, starting from nothing.


You'd have to be a real normalfag to say Hitler was not a great man by any definition of the word.



>He took a destroyed husk of a nation

you mean a conglomerate of several nations, that while losing WW1 never had battles fought on its own territory


File: 51d0e47ab82ded3⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 600x760, 15:19, ae1.jpg)


< my review of Sex at Dawn

Thanks for posting, anon!




>Posting a book spewing age old cliches about the noble sexually liberated savage

lol, Lynn Saxon took it down.



Where can I find pdfs of Lynn Saxon's books (Sex at Dusk, The Naked Bonobo), anon? I would be very grateful



So, is there anything similar to this but on history? I am a complete layman so I'd like some chronological digest on all the major periods and themes with then optional books on particular countries and the like.



Also requesting something on general geography.

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