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History. Genetics. Archaeology. Anthropology. HBD.
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History. Genetics. Archaeology. Anthropology. HBD.

File: 18e093409888a1d⋯.jpg (76.57 KB, 600x340, 30:17, Heroes of the Iliad. 1829.….jpg)


Discussions about the state of the board and the addition of flags and banners.

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It's slow but nice



I wish genetic anon's posts could be more accessible to understand for a slightly retarded layman like me. They seem interesting but I have no idea where to begin reading the studies he uses to back up his points :^(



I'll make a thread later, a step-by-step to understand it all.

It seems that, just by grasping at the straws, some guy here managed to learn a lot and got hooked in it already, which makes me very happy.



Thank you, I look forward to it.



They'd be more accessible and understandable if he weren't way wrong. But they make no sense, because they are mere unsubstantiated ramblings.



Wow, someone's bitter. Just because you don't understand, doesn't mean that I'm either wrong or that others don't understand.

A guy here managed to understand everything - I even laid out many of the bare papers, you could have read them.

But no, you prefer to engage in cognitive dissonance, denial, when what you believe gets trashed by reality.



Could you please elaborate on what you find wrong? I'm also interested in hearing what criticism people may have of what appear to be reasonable research papers.



what don't you understand? Just watch some basic genetics videos on youtube



> I have a hard time finding where to sink my teeth into lengthy academic studies in a field I have no experience in. There's so much information here, that I don't know what to focus on.

< watch some high-school level genetics videos on YT

Thanks, man



Why can't I discuss the emperical historical fact that the holocaust didn't happen here?



If it didn't happen, why is it a /his/torical event? Or relevant to the board?

This is better suited for /pol/ itself.

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