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File: 3a55283b047e9f0⋯.png (897.12 KB, 1700x1054, 50:31, bong.png)

53ff51 No.1665

Really, it's true.

510d36 No.1666


797d0e No.1667


Canada prob was too my nigga

c9029e No.1668

I thought Hong Kong is still a colony…of PRC.

e6d0dd No.1670



There was no return. HK became colony of Chi Na in 1997

53ff51 No.1672


Sadly true. Cantonese > Mandarin.


>glowing trips


e05c95 No.1673

No. I can't see British government has ever treated us as their citizens. Independent is the best way for us but unfortunately here is lack of good politicians who are experienced to rule a city. They were all slaves of British government, and now have a new master CCP. Also there are too many uncivilised people here, they are patriotic to PRC (which is totally nonsense because they don't even have actual linkage with Mainland China) and do not understand the importance of democracy. So they are happily to be salves and do not want any changes as long as they can do speculation in property market. Fuck those stupid and selfish civil servants and retarded people.

eb28f8 No.1929


You're too weak to take Hong Kong back.

0117e8 No.1938


>That's why we come here and bitch about it.

c552b8 No.1957

>better as a colony

no shit

cf1d68 No.2032


We don't want Canada back.

8f260a No.2152


We were the Republic of Hong Kong.




Rightly in their defense, British Hong Kong democratization hopes were thwarted by the threats of the CPC.

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