Hola pricing (email)

Dear Mr. Brennan,

Thank you for signing up to the Luminati 7 day free trial. Feel free toput Luminati to the ultimate test during these 7 days, and to contact uswith any questions you may have in the process:

via Email: [email protected]

via Phone: 1-888-538-9204

via Skype: luminati.io

For your reference, please find below our standard price list as a baselinefor future discussions.

From (GB) per Month To (GB) per month Cost per GB for range

0-100 - $20.00

100-500 - $10.00

500-4,000 - $7.00

4,000-10,000 - $4.50

10,000-30,000 - $2.00

Alternatively, we can define a monthly pre-commitment (not a pre-payment)that will allow discounting the original price and setup a flat rate.

I trust you will find the service beneficial.


Netanel Gingis | +972-53-5326151 | Skype: netanel.luminati