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File: 646032a8b13c413⋯.png (490.94 KB, 600x607, 600:607, 1517619651158.png)




File: 967b02a8e1a6f92⋯.png (279.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, F70CDE50-7528-4996-8C2F-B1….png)

File: faf85baa100e379⋯.png (227.78 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 764C9C2E-BED6-4407-AF2C-C3….png)

File: 966d905d5faef1a⋯.jpeg (156.91 KB, 1408x1108, 352:277, 78D58F4A-6CBD-4057-8A2B-8….jpeg)

File: 46da77c3a1c2277⋯.png (545.03 KB, 831x1000, 831:1000, E44D2D75-722B-47D7-8E9A-A0….png)

File: dfdcd70815c4c64⋯.jpeg (37.03 KB, 480x476, 120:119, 84250E3C-AEDF-4771-B953-7….jpeg)


regular brain: hussie simply tried to keep providing what his fanbase wanted and the work suffered for it

glowing brain: softowl imprinted her ess jay double you tastes on hussie and homestuck

galaxy brain: hussie ruined the comic on purpose because he just wants to go back to being a weird internet guy but he can't because homestuck is A Thing now



>ruins Homestuck and expects people to leave him alone in any capacity


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

still a bop


Why does Hussie hate Jade yet keep remaking her.


File: c17f5e55e05b854⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1280x1059, 1280:1059, davesprite and jade gonna ….png)

File: 1d127a39cd43932⋯.png (1 MB, 1162x1225, 166:175, 2030839 - Homestuck Jade_H….png)

File: 9e7ad0a8b34d89d⋯.png (830.16 KB, 1149x1258, 1149:1258, 929373 - Homestuck Jade_Ha….png)

File: 6dde7be85898a53⋯.png (658.68 KB, 1280x1711, 1280:1711, jade's goo-girl body.png)

File: f8f4cd3881d362e⋯.png (638.88 KB, 1280x873, 1280:873, 2030850 - Feferi_Peixes Ho….png)


davesprite deserved a better ending


File: e39826225078eb2⋯.gif (282.17 KB, 650x450, 13:9, davepeta dies.gif)


Nobody deserves that


rereading problem sleuth there are a lot of typos I never noticed before


go eagles


File: 2a549bac61ecc79⋯.jpg (129.59 KB, 700x857, 700:857, tumblr_p3j0nm5I3K1ufhcd8o1….jpg)

getting fucked up and playing indie horror games



He had a better ending then he had to be brought back. At least he serves a purpose by giving fujos false hope for their pedophile dreams.


i like that davepeta was established as one of the most powerful characters in the comic



>eating a bowl of cereal

>younger cat decides he wants some of that, jumps on me and knocks the bowl out of my hand

i love my stupid baby!!!!



they’re a sprite^2 and a god tier, and they almost held their own against lord english


File: 728ba015461cf95⋯.gif (168.49 KB, 604x470, 302:235, babby.gif)



>god tier

You dumb motherfucker

You stupid dumb motherfucker



do I need to fetch a potty for all this shit you're spewing


File: 6a5ec924fe99a43⋯.gif (170.22 KB, 650x450, 13:9, 6a5ec924fe99a437423a577ca7….gif)


>god tier



take a tube and hook it up to his mouth



oh shit you’re right

i fucked up


i think you do


okay well they definitely still have time powers



>i fucked up

The state of anyone who enjoys or praises Davepeta.



doesn't that make them the same as alpha dave then



Dave needed time shit to do time shit when not god tier.



pats are dead, life is over


>Davepeta's existence was foreshadowed by Caliborn's drawings, where he colored Nepeta's hair and claimed to be an original character right before killing them.

>As many things Caliborn has said turned out to be the author's foreshadowing, it is possible they were killed offscreen.



wait a second:

is the joke with the addams family that normal families openly hate each other so the addams are quite loving instead?



ding ding ding






I'm so glad Davepeta is dead.


should I be happy that davepeta is dead or sad that hussie actually planned it



Depends on how you feel about fujos


isn't this such

a i am so fucking nauseous i want to stop feeling sick now please god night




let's assume we all love them




I'm talking about real people, not the failure of carbon that you are.



File: 5afcce7590165ca⋯.jpg (65.39 KB, 900x810, 10:9, IMG_5650.JPG)



this isn't funny, rev.



but it is epic



it's at the very least unepic

possibly even.... anti-epic...........



It's not even funny


sponge has been exposed to the revtard radiation

we have to kill him



but it is epic



it is epic fail, my friend


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme


File: 609c6c59c0409ae⋯.png (8.83 MB, 2594x1927, 2594:1927, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 054cd2bd5fd8410⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5rNXgzs.png)

oshit, I'm gay



oh wow



are you just now seeing this



I just learned that the line 'ever since I was a little girl' in this song is an 'inside joke' and the narrator is 'not actually a lesbian' and I'm not mad at reggie youngblood, exactly, I'm just... disappointed in her



no I saw it at a friend's house last week and yea vverily wwas i slain



that was kind of a letdown yeah but it's a good line


File: 2d8ac16f8c66b41⋯.png (1.22 MB, 822x960, 137:160, ClipboardImage.png)



did they win the owl


File: 351debc466c8312⋯.jpg (209.78 KB, 595x870, 119:174, BB14_-_Dan.jpg)






the cloverfield paradox was decent i guess


File: cb22128a3225e12⋯.jpeg (174.5 KB, 700x900, 7:9, A74C8CC5-BA03-4016-8DCD-4….jpeg)


hot shit

so the old lady in my building who never seems to stop shrieking, right?

I told her if I heard her one more time tonight I'd remove her door

she shut up immediately



Jay & Co cant stand female nudity


File: bb9b6696ada72db⋯.jpeg (35.96 KB, 795x545, 159:109, 001A55A3-5033-4CAE-8EB6-7….jpeg)

look at the ceo of nestle



rev what the fuck



he’s being epic



over six years of her shrieking, weekly noise complaints to the management from multiple people in the building, repeated noise complaints with the police and not only is she still living here, the management told me "we can't do anything"

I have had it


File: 2eb33c27e8a270c⋯.jpeg (26.11 KB, 778x1600, 389:800, Screenshot_20171107-09293….jpeg)


entirely understandable



well when you put it like that



i used to have a neighbour like that

actual scum honestly



at least the racist black lady who lives twenty feet away from me doesn't yell constantly



did this happen


i’m not sure if my neighbor is still alive or not

i think he is but i’m not sure. i don’t know why the cops were outside his house at three or four in the morning two weeks ago




maybe being homeless would be an upgrade for rev



these idiots would shout blast music from 9 PM - 4 AM every single night for the year and a half they lived there

my hatred increased with every vibration i felt through the wall



>Let's compare breast sizes, HSG-kouhai!


File: ef5b1a19ee89b3e⋯.jpg (90.26 KB, 500x378, 250:189, And you call it Fish Platt….jpg)


File: 2f16fcbe2757029⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180204-181141.png)




>Both were each issued a $1 million bond.

that seems excessive


Is there such a thing as self-schadenfreude?

Like you're on the verge of just breaking down about something and then you take a step back, realized how ridiculous/pathetic you must look and just sort of laugh spitefully at it?

is this somewhat healthy or literal actual crazy talk?


like 45 minutes until I have my nuke




muh disarmament...




also I'm going to immediately dispose of it myself

I'm trying to get both of these trophies tonight


>windows 98 was 40 years ago


Thoughts on hoshime?


File: 5f12c774e51b200⋯.png (138.05 KB, 548x412, 137:103, ClipboardImage.png)


forgot pic


File: 1cbc70738167b17⋯.jpg (216.12 KB, 2048x1053, 2048:1053, pigsoatsoriginal.jpg)



File: 79578c189633b9e⋯.jpg (61.25 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, bröther may i have some ST….jpg)



well, perspective is healthy. harsh self-judgment isn't, but being able to laugh at your own ridiculousness is good


File: fa89964a9591573⋯.jpg (357.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, even after all these years….jpg)


>male consumers of violent pornography all fall into the category of haters of women. In my opinion, they share the same attributes as sex offenders.

what shits this nigga on


File: b5f3ef1824ec474⋯.mp4 (7.35 MB, 852x480, 71:40, 2018-02-04 23-13-28.mp4)


I expected the disposal to take a day, during which I would be vulnerable to FOB infiltrators

it was instantaneous




>shared characteristics of sex offenders

hmm, yes, the characteristics shared by serial rapemurderers, a sex worker caught offering services banned wherever they are, and a drunk who pissed in a slightly-too-public place


>the porn industry is dogshit

>the sex industry is dogshit

>he feminists making public statements against violence in the porn and sex industries are mostly dogshit

the last phase in the life cycle of a feminist wave is the one where they decide maybe women are fundamentally different from men and start crusading against sexual immorality


File: cf98410e836f35f⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 300k heroism.png)

File: a612c976c66717d⋯.jpg (125.77 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Image4.jpg)

>300k heroism, but still demon snake

at least it'll go away as I fulton enemy soldiers



blacks are already in that phase

they're trying to push for re-segregation in places


did John Redcorn cuck Dale?



Yes, however its a doubles edged sword as Dale is now raising Redcorn's son and effectively blocking him from passing his heritage to the next generation, something immensely valuable to a nearly extinct people.



I'm just gonna issue a blanket 'no' to this take and not worry about the specifics of its spiciness


elaborating on >>1116745

I'm not describing a broad trend in movements for various kinds of justice. I'm being specific and literal: three generations of feminist movements have dissolved into embracing moralized gender essence and sexual purity politics. there's no generalizable Point you can slap onto other distinct traditions of liberatory movements willy-nilly





you donth ave to elaborate


File: 592d9cb0af01f9d⋯.jpeg (47.69 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1456655355469.jpeg)


if you told me years ago that impact font memes would go out of style i wouldn't have believed it


brown bricks: in minecraft


File: c204f554c01213e⋯.jpeg (99.53 KB, 850x1282, 425:641, 3C461714-35AB-4E24-8CEB-B….jpeg)

File: eaa8acc985b044a⋯.jpeg (351.52 KB, 844x1240, 211:310, F0EF38A6-8406-47C5-8887-B….jpeg)

File: 44750106853a8d3⋯.png (1.27 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, 39D8BA92-AD02-4037-B118-34….png)

File: 8bbef5c300d7bac⋯.jpeg (48.59 KB, 500x676, 125:169, 0B839D86-9B3D-4A40-9DEE-A….jpeg)

File: 01bd40bac9909b8⋯.jpeg (60.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, D11BD7B8-C020-48BE-891D-D….jpeg)



oh...gross...who is that


File: 4678a87a27ea9e6⋯.jpeg (36.6 KB, 338x401, 338:401, F65C0E15-92B3-41A7-8498-4….jpeg)


oh fuck its that stinky kid


File: c0c8a36dbc5c8f6⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1280x1673, 1280:1673, 47BFA88E-DA2F-4DB3-9AAD-B6….png)


*starts spraying Febreze Ocean Mist in the room*


File: 044ad1d69d13305⋯.jpeg (54.16 KB, 680x382, 340:191, 165F2E6C-1650-4626-BCFE-E….jpeg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

new mandarys


File: a83dc99b6e88b5e⋯.jpg (66.8 KB, 807x702, 269:234, zDEHpqrTZPgTuHBIpcvaa4fylb….jpg)


when u see a tweet on ur timeline and both rev and sponge replied to it


File: dcdc3d29408e238⋯.png (652 KB, 1280x1122, 640:561, 1517814494364.png)


File: 422b3c05eb14890⋯.mp4 (9.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, yeah it's fucking lewd, th….mp4)

i'm popuko





this is


different from how i read the manga

but still funny


File: 16853afab83e7bd⋯.gif (52.33 KB, 540x334, 270:167, tumblr_inline_ogsjq76Oti1t….gif)


>watching the female va dubbed version ever



>not watching both



I mean the last play in the superbowl was brady tossing a hail mary to Gronkowski. it didn't work out because he was in quadruple coverage, but damn if gronk didnt nearly catch it



i would assume that account has been abandoned


this is the most direct a threat on my peaceful plantlike life ive ever had


lads im freezin


why not bring back someone else

like pom or nick's ass or zombie prab


this makes me actually want to just ban you more than anything else has


*conducts blood magic to bring back joeyanon*


i dreamed about hsg for i think the first time in my life


File: 167fb3c5bdff70e⋯.jpg (40.81 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 1517835290279.jpg)

really digging Fraser's unJUST look


I Am Going To Kanaya You



okay but make it quick



You Are Already Kanaya



Wow That Really Was Quick



I Am The Very Best After All

And So Are You Too Now


i love

reshi ram


File: d04830216a9b13d⋯.jpg (143.17 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, Bb10-dan1.jpg)


guys whats up



checking out how fast the subby nauty speedruns are so far



weird speedgame


any epic strats



you can trick the game into making your seaglide move like twice as fast

you can push yourself through the map and dive straight down to endgame areas

and if you pick up certain things while standing on them you can launch yourself through the air

im sure they'll be more epic strats soon enough


oh and you can despawn the wrecked spaceship completely





i love all those weird kinds of tricks


>4chan reference in arrested development s4





what was it




grant is threatened by manic pixie dreamgirls


Vfan offed herself, thankfully


File: 13a17dc6d3c5838⋯.png (245.31 KB, 529x292, 529:292, ClipboardImage.png)


george michael gets a note saying:

>"you're going to get screwed harder than ever before. -anonymous"

which he takes to be a sexy note from his girlfriend

but le actually....................


I Wish India Was As Wonderful As Indian Movies



that's..... the hacker known as 4chan?!



khan saying "oh im trying to message vfans skype"

i aint happy if someone says theyre doing something thatll give me tedious, thankless, pointless work to do




why cant he exist without trying to stir up shit



why is khan such an awful person



i mean

his post was directed at sponge

but fuckin

his purpose for doin it wouldnt be the same as sponges

hes not going to worship the mentally ill or whatever sponge likes to do

khan doing it would only be to piss us off which preemptively pisses me off a bit


File: f6b17006b14bc23⋯.jpg (382.04 KB, 1000x1537, 1000:1537, IMG_1672.JPG)

I will always love this


kfc is shit



Yeah I know Popeyes shits on em


File: 2a6c82d9e0908b5⋯.png (939.75 KB, 1021x741, 1021:741, ClipboardImage.png)



[in salt voice] ummmm ACTUALLY weightloss is really kind of impossible because of the problematic capitalist society we live in that fatshames people


File: 5cfaf9e1d7e19d4⋯.png (9.21 KB, 751x624, 751:624, 1422086682506.png)

I Like The Spicy Wing Zabs From Kfc But Panda Express Is My Favourite Chain Since Their Delivery Is Good And You Get Your Moneys Worth In Both Quantity And Quality

I Highly Recommend It


How Long Did That Take It Is A Significant Change

Is It True That Skin Folds Hang Freely From The Body Just Like Fat Rolls And They Are Even Harder Than Obesity To Solve



>Is It True That Skin Folds Hang Freely From The Body Just Like Fat Rolls And They Are Even Harder Than Obesity To Solve

if you're mega undo fat yea


even if you lose the weight the sheer amount of skin that used to hold all that fat isn't gonna just disappear



took 6 months

and yeah the dude is basically a living tarp now


redpill me on panda express


File: 788c348aa5de9c0⋯.png (8.68 KB, 500x250, 2:1, IMG_0358.PNG)

Death to all fats


me miss food places in america,....



File: 59f4c5ee957cdf1⋯.gif (187.47 KB, 650x450, 13:9, 1422449518946.gif)


But They Are Everywhere

You Cannot Escape The Fast Food Chains

They Are Too Fast


>Integration from first principles

this isnt a thing weve ever discussed but a'ight





i mean

google says theres 2 burger kings in this country

nearest taco bell is in germany

the one kfc in this country is in geneva


theres a bunch of mcdonaldses but theyre all too expensive and lack a dollar menu of any sort



>nearest taco bell is in germany

that's extremely funny to me for some reason


taco bell is so bad dude

mexican food is like seafood, you dont wanna cheap out on that


File: 2308557ae452a33⋯.jpg (243.47 KB, 1280x1765, 256:353, 2308557ae452a3350702c0e10c….jpg)


The Sweet Blood

Oh It Sings To Me It Is Enough To Make A Man Sick



You can actually have good mexxy for cheap if you make it yourself



ya got me there


File: bd3b7947cca4973⋯.png (952.08 KB, 699x758, 699:758, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cc56cca6918e4ac⋯.png (89.01 KB, 700x450, 14:9, ClipboardImage.png)


look at this shite


the second picture is just to show the vague region im in



taco bell is fine actually

its a pretty high tier of fast food, tbh


Yes That Should Be The Lesson From This

Fast Food Is A Solution When You Cannot Cook For Reasons Of Time Or Ingredients Or Anything Else

You Should Learn To Make Your Own Cooking Like Me



i dont find cookin fun

and its stressful tryin to cook new shit unless i got someone guidin me



Do Not Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes And Experimenting


i love cooking

im gonna get a nice knife for my birthday, and hopefully a cutting board that isn't glass



when my gf is off work then im more ok with makin mistakes, when shes workin i feel that "well if i fuck up thats a big time loss" thing goin



Glass And Metal Make For Poor Cutting Boards

Mine Is A Solid Slab of Granite


*writes fluff fanfic of grant and shark cooking together :3*



Experiment In Your Privacy And Then Surprise Them With The Results Of Your Hard Work To Please Them

Perhaps I Can Suggest A Recipe From The Ones I Have Mastered





>“I, uh, well, I,” you stutter, desperately attempting to break the tension of the cum by stirring the water-sperm slurry with your index finger, “I…”

>And then it dawns on you.

>“I made some grubsauce!” you exclaim, a bit too excitedly, “and it did not turn out well, so I poured it into the sink, and now I am attempting to get it to flush down the drain because it is not of acceptable quality, which is what I is doing when you walked in because I made bad grubsauce, you see.”


Gasp My Grubsauce Is Ruined



a classic


File: 605ba93a3dbf6e4⋯.jpg (175.5 KB, 1380x900, 23:15, DU0Z6VgXUAE6YH2.jpg)


lol @ vfan's skype getting deleted

its vriskafanx



shut the fuck up khan


you ever see porn so bad that you're not even disgusted

you're just like

incapacitated by it?


it just defeats your spirit, its so bad



post it



every one knows

and u chiming in again with it like this really really makes me want to ban you

but my heart is made of steel, and i will not waver from my convictions


grant just fucking ban him

what does he do besides stir up shit and try to piss people off


File: a10a08cd4070b00⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 964.52 KB, 900x773, 900:773, ClipboardImage.png)


okay but

this my warning to everyone:

do not open this image

do not open this image

do not open this image



is that not the exact samething half the people here have spent years doing



this isn't so bad

*scrolls down so i can see the bottom half of the image*




why are you like this



>thong over diaper



because he's right



i am a hero of justice



more like hero of JUSTice


File: 351debc466c8312⋯.jpg (209.78 KB, 595x870, 119:174, BB14_-_Dan.jpg)



>posts loli porn


>falls through floor


>spergs out


>threatens to kill someone




shut up khan


This is a job for Ben "Ben em all and let god sort them out" Schnarfenstein



like we get it dude

you're a whiny, pathetic, insecure little cunt



which one of the two is making this post

this is exactly what they would write about each other



its sako



This is bad but not soul crushingly bad... weakling


khan's posts and general behavior reek of someone with incredibly low self esteem


bringing back vfan would be epic.

it would be like freiza coming back in dragonball super


the second vfan epoch



Super sucks balls



>copying sponge

>dragon ball referencing

wesley spotted


vfan was just boring



it was funny sometimes

but then it was hours of horse dicks and gore, which is just like

so boring it literally kills me


her typing in the captcha each time is pretty funny



her literally paying for vpn's to shitpost was too



i dunno

she just so transparently tried to instigate shit and people still fell for it

and for some reason people found that dumb fake drama and feuding amusing? it was so boring to me and just consumed entire days.

although i stopped reading any of her posts pretty quickly so i guess maybe i missed something funny


i find nowadays more boring, its just rev posting weird porn, sako posting loli porn and denying it, wonk posting in his general fashion, and sponge spamming his memes



>sako posting loli porn

shut UP khan



how about you start an interesting conversation nigger



im not always here tho. I come on maybe once or twice a week



oh ya and sako sperging out whenever i post i forgot that one



shut the fuck up khan



ya just like that. Boooooooring



shut the fuck up khan


sako and khan

it just never ends huh


>I almost stepped into the same town as khan

god that was a bullet dodged



>he reactivated after the vfan drama where she tried to doxx him




i would never advocate the return of vfan



Clay Cone go home




what kind of fucking hick name is clay cone lol



>implying you know where i live



>lives in Bloomington, Illinois



>thinking that's my actual town.

I live closer to champaign




thats even worse

i DEFINITELY almost stepped foot in the same town as you


lets talk about good posters instead

i've been impressed with tumut's shitposts lately, he's really on the ball lately



>implying its actually champaign


i'm impressed with my own shitposts



yeah he almost makes you forget he stole pills from old people and frequents hookers


File: 0b368d18911ac7a⋯.png (225.04 KB, 750x356, 375:178, 2 cent ad.png)



aren't you going to university

why's your reading comprehension so fucking bad khan


Kanaya Kanaya Kanaya

You Are Now Kanaya



pobody's nerfect! X3D


If Kanaya Were My Dad Things Would Be Different Around Here


in a shocking twist, the pills tumut stole were actually grant's grandma's "not-dying" pills!



futa in a universe where everybody is a futa is boring

the futa being some kind of unique freak of nature who pairs up with a regular woman is the interesting part


File: a670ba5430c6169⋯.jpg (44.33 KB, 400x532, 100:133, 1385208391924.jpg)

I Can Be Your Father Or Your Mother Or Your Lover

Even Your Big Sister

I Am The Universal Love


or illinois central college i guess

one of the two


let's not



>Your Mother Or Your Lover

be both at once and you got yourself a deal



see in the context of this conversation your statement could mean 2 things and it was pretty ambiguous.

Either A) you were in champaign at one point and you thought i lived in a nearby town.

or B) you thought i lived in champaign and you were in a nearby town.

and because i know the interstates, i know that they don't actually go through champaign and you prolly just drove by champaign on the way to st. louis. unless you took i72 which i highly doubt.


File: 33f28860d4eddb9⋯.png (1.65 MB, 500x6500, 1:13, kankri was the highest lev….png)



shut up khan



what about being my Anzu-like gf?


File: 7e1886b0adbde7c⋯.png (32.42 KB, 280x264, 35:33, 1385203834611.png)


I Will Be Everything For You

Your One And Only

Your God And Master

If You Want Me To


oh boy time to go apply for a job



good luck



where you applying to?



this is a pretty great kankricanon



public library as a page



delete this


hopefully if i get this job i can start saving up for a car and get a job that doesn't only pay $290 a month


>The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working.

I'm about to make wonk look like alex jones




you know how to work on cars?



I know how to read and use basic tools

i have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips khan



>I'm about to make wonk look like alex jones

that doesnt even make sense



just saying you can make use of a cheaper car if you can repair shit yourself



yeah i know


File: 1e77681eb4e7a78⋯.png (553.67 KB, 1034x658, 11:7, alcoholism doesn't work th….png)


hottang used to be great.

Before, you know.



twitter posting about how drumpf is bad so much that wonk is far right by comparison


i cant believe hottang got Z U K E D


vriska looks weird without a jacket



yeah, it happens

that pic response in particular is really good, i'd almost think that post was mine, except i think i was too blinded by vriskagram to criticize it at the time


File: d96e7bc59facfa2⋯.jpg (209.78 KB, 595x870, 119:174, BB14_-_Dan.jpg)



ah that does make sense


File: 066f75cc1677be2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.16 KB, 669x1004, 669:1004, BB14_- _Dan.jpg)


File: 73bab5ac8aac37e⋯.png (214.09 KB, 500x2020, 25:101, worldview gone.png)


I can. All the funny people have died.


lad you just reminded me of how the NHS was promised extra money gained from brexit which they backpedaled on instantly after the vote

now im one steamed ham


thank you grannt/ben



"oh, well, that wasn't a promise i would have made, that was a mistake, oh well, thanks for the vetes old folks!!!"


wonder how badly the scots want to leave at this point



they are literally under funding the NHS on purpose so they can undermine public opinion of the institution and sell it off


File: abd5d9b6e3df398⋯.jpg (585.43 KB, 1600x2238, 800:1119, lghi9Ha.jpg)

File: ff8fd8e487d82be⋯.jpg (523.11 KB, 1600x2238, 800:1119, Mt4ZE0B.jpg)




50% by last poles i think


grant is a cuckold


what were people even trying to accomplish with that stuff?



i draw the line at address and phone number, honestly

even if he is a dip shit mor on


File: fac125a43223c2f⋯.png (255.79 KB, 500x2515, 100:503, a blender.png)


File: b900c76d705e391⋯.png (400.99 KB, 1080x1104, 45:46, ClipboardImage.png)

even if he is

a big dip shit moran


khan is the kind of guy going "hah you mad bro" and flexing in his beerstained wifebeater when someone tells him to stop acting like a retard



why do you give all your images pointless filenames


whomst'd is frostyflora


why you gotta have your public slapfights here

go perform for your skypefriends

or just talk to each other privately, see if you can't figure your problems out


File: 8a800a8308171e2⋯.png (364.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, amethyst is into some weir….png)


Why don't you?



its like i told egghead a long ass time ago

theres no point in fighting privately

if its not a spectacle its pointless



fun game

#su #amedot


i thought grant didnt like skype/discord on the board lol


Fuck skype as a program.




they don't want to talk this out so they fight about it which everyone knows is just a spectacle and accomplishes nothing

they just shouldnt fight here




i like itm ore than discord



scotland a fucked

a lot of it is split straight down religious lines, which has led to a Tory revival in Scotland. Labour's return to the left led to a lot of independence voters going back to the party. The Scottish parliament is designed to avoid majority government, so the idea of another referendum is incredibly unlikely with the vote split the way it is.



I thought so much better of you. Skype is basically Act 7 in program form. It is so fucking bad.



that was more pp

im just tired of when its centered around khan


scotland has always been fucked

theyre a big bunch of rowdy boys


Kanaya Rules Your Life



so why did you post a khan screenshot??






epic post



my head hurts and im a bit sick o_O

but excuses aside i always act arbitrarily this isnt news



you're in europe now right?

come visit us, its a shite hole


Absolute Kanaya Domination


am i truly the last holdout against the skypeniggian menace

am i will smiff in i am the legend, surrounded on all sides by discordnigs



id like to

it sounds like my kind of shit hole except for the stabbings and other violent acts

i been wantin to try irn bru



And the men wearing skirts


Kanaya Rules Everything Around Me


get than cunny.... uhhhhhhhhhh


File: 6fea8cfdeb5d18f⋯.png (20.24 KB, 400x418, 200:209, skypenigs....png)

skype and shitcord was a mistake



im going to put on a kilt when i go there


File: 39758c71eaf5f87⋯.png (868.33 KB, 1181x944, 1181:944, jade's explosive anal leak….png)



Didn't I tell you we're leaving the day after tomorrow, we have lunch at the one place tomorrow


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

smooth jazz thread theme


irn bru is the greatest contribution scotland has made to the world



if you can spot junkies then you know to avoid them

also just dont go to the schemes and you'll be fine


>ask my mom for help filling out my application because I need references and shit

>she basically tells me to fuck off

is my life real

or is it some fucked up comedy reality television show


File: 179db77e368d6a1⋯.jpg (215.57 KB, 496x782, 248:391, 1433022539151-0.jpg)

Your Body Is Mine

I Will Subject You To Experiences And Sensations Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

I Will Use You And Abuse You As I Please

And You Will Only Wish For More


File: 15b3b88c5aa7ab6⋯.png (16.29 KB, 650x650, 1:1, literally everyone in home….png)


Reminder that Kanaya is jewish.



i mean youre welcome for antibiotics but yeah



but does she have big fake jewish titties?


is there any point to playing subnautica with hunger on



nigga antibiotics taste like shit gimme the 'bru any day


well i mean it is a survival game


i didn't even get to fucking finish asking her the question


File: 391a62b9a6156d4⋯.jpg (982.3 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, homestuck car.jpg)


She has hips.


File: bde00e4b47227e2⋯.jpg (59.16 KB, 768x852, 64:71, vfan...................jpg)


i want to try irn bru!!!!!!!!!!


i still have pastebin open from when i went to get that grubsauce fic greentext and boy did people used to write some specific ass fetishes as well as specific, ass fetishes


why the fuck is it so hard to stop being a neet

why the fuck does it feel like there's a fucking conspiracy against me

i just want a fucking job



probably on account of because your dumb



its good my lad

you wont be disappointed




shut up khan



You aren't owed anything you stupid little quim



neck yourself you worthless horse fucker


i wonder if xlr makes more than me


you aren't owed anything >:))))

hey you stupid fucking nigger

maybe my fucking parents of all people shouldnt' be worthless alcoholic fucktards that yell at their son when he asks if they can get him references for a fucking job so he can stop being a fucking parasite

you fucking retarded brain damaged cousin raping faggot



i bet he does


i hope you get shot up you fucking cancerous growth



Nah I think I'll continue to live, employed, happy, playing DBFZ and watching Poptepipic



Isn't he a l33t programmer




Waaaah waaaah I can't get a job because mommy nd daddi didn't help me :'(



90% of places don't allow parent's as references lol



yeah but me am too


Wow what a unique thread we are having


File: 7aa1ff81fc44541⋯.png (270.1 KB, 495x700, 99:140, 4e4.png)



hey cletus i know you're like, actually fucking brain damaged considering you found your FUCKING cousin to be an acceptable sexual partner but there's some things you ACTUALLY need to rely on other people for

and for me one of those is expecting the people that fucking gave birth to me to not be fucking deadbeats











I Will Punish You

With My Penis


fuck you sako, you make me sick. you're a disgrace to libertarianism, you and your ilk keep ruining my japanese cartoons, you're an ugly fat midwestern hick and you lied about having a one legged gf

die in heck


File: aad13d0d293ae80⋯.png (58.37 KB, 201x309, 67:103, baby joey pictures.png)

What do you think of baby Joey



maybe the people don't want to be your reference because they know you lol



i think that little strumpet needs a spanking for showing off her legs and ass like that







It's a baby.




Joey Claire was a whore from birth


File: e0a2294bb67cddb⋯.png (161.45 KB, 1119x600, 373:200, roxykitten flopsykitten.png)


Don't fuck babies.


sako take a walk for christ's sake

or whoever is pretending to be sako, cuz that'd be funny



both my parents were nonfunctioning alcoholics for my entire childhood. i basically had to take care of them like they were giant violent infants since a very early age.

i still went to college and got a well paying job.

i say this not to shame you but to say you can't let these people and their fuck ups control your life. you have to take the reins and refuse to be a victim and create a happy life in spite of them. they may be to blame, but blaming them while you stagnate accomplishes nothing except leaving you stuck.

you can do it, man. just keep trying and when you fail try even harder


oh yeah Joey's fucking dead during Homestuck


File: 73cfd712472b0a6⋯.png (50 KB, 176x206, 88:103, baby joey.png)



good. licentious sow


someone post the roxykitten ahegao you know as a joke ahaha


its my parent's fault!

not mine!!!!

just theirs!!!





I don't defend diaperfags either scatman


File: c3efa7faf9790f6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 430.85 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, reunion1.png)

File: 62a94f471053636⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 518.17 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, reunion2.png)

File: c1a5c07c142ed8f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 408.57 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, reunion3.png)

File: ad43ce501986f1a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 398.28 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, reunion4.png)



you're right

I'll call my grandparents and see if they can help me



You wanted to spank baby joey.


File: f19dcabe04dfc2d⋯.png (255.12 KB, 1000x727, 1000:727, 1431781896168.png)





File: 296b72ba20d79c0⋯.png (2.78 KB, 120x131, 120:131, roxy kitten terrorist.png)


and put her in a hijab



>inb4 he forgets laundry detergent again and can't go



Joey was born in the 80s


File: 7c3669885a7e746⋯.png (595.92 KB, 2200x1600, 11:8, 1431791941516.png)





File: 4077f5ba26687b3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 131.97 KB, 958x570, 479:285, roxykitten HUNGERS.png)


Didn't Roxy raise Joey.



explains why she's a slut



But where did the sheer unabated love for dog wombs come from?



cant tell you that



Why won't you reveal your secrets



i can't tell you that either



I'm boooooooored


File: 6b7efbfebb3dec3⋯.png (273.51 KB, 586x728, 293:364, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5f73b2a36f1b7a5⋯.png (137.95 KB, 245x278, 245:278, ClipboardImage.png)


Whenever I'm bored I wank off and whenever I'm finished me sleep




shut up khan


and one day we'll find it

the libcuck connection



almost 100% sure it's wesley


why the fuck is he so obsessed with sako



its sako


im watching a highlight reel of the owl

i am super bummed i didn't watch it



man, i used to love football, but i just can't make myself care anymore. it's like my brain just refuses to engage.


this is all really pathetic, I hope you guys understand


File: ebaca35151b4d3f⋯.png (667.45 KB, 1269x1800, 141:200, x4.png)

>christmas cake fantasy party




that sucks, im sorry

i just get excited when cool stuff happens, like the foles trickplay, or basically any cool play


i think they call it the philly special actually


File: d4b4830bb0c76df⋯.jpg (698.15 KB, 950x1275, 38:51, __shibuya_rin_idolmaster_a….jpg)

job: applied for

dick: out



thats very epic


File: dfd50d21305b660⋯.png (452.11 KB, 896x1156, 224:289, __shibuya_rin_idolmaster_a….png)

the library should have my application in tomorrow so i think on wednesday ill call and ask about it

im gonna play the division


Dice rollRolled 3 (1d5)

1: Watch Dragon Ball

2: Play Breath of the Wild

3: Play Princess Maker 2

4: Read Jojolion

5: Install new harddrive


Erek Panchan: Indeed

Erek Panchan: Are you doing something next weekend

Lalonde: erek are you asking me out

Erek Panchan: Yes

Lalonde: erek baby im sorry i already have plans for the weekend no lie

Lalonde: i made them like an hour ago

Erek Panchan: For next weekend, or this weekend

Lalonde: uh the 27th

Lalonde: that weekend

Erek Panchan: That's this weekend

Lalonde: oh

Erek Panchan: I'm talking next weekend

Erek Panchan: I'm going to Hallow's this wekeend

Lalonde: oh ahah fun

Lalonde: erek would you be upset if i said i didnt want to see you right now

Erek Panchan: What do you think the answer to that question is

Lalonde: is it yes

Erek Panchan: It is yes

Lalonde: what would you do if i said its not you its me

Erek Panchan: I wouldn't be surprised but I also wouldn't believe you

Erek Panchan: It's gotta be me

Erek Panchan: This is the second time it's happened

Erek Panchan: Still hurts the same though

Erek Panchan: I

Erek Panchan: I have to go


File: 49bc04cac615bd0⋯.jpg (673.23 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1517851647561.jpg)



ancient *niggery


whoops forgot about the flag again


>get back from labor ready not having work for me again

>guards in mgsv have stopped moving

>the truck has stopped moving

>the animals have stopped moving

>stand up

>everything immediately starts moving

ah, fuck


File: 319923e57a091ce⋯.gif (102.96 KB, 602x194, 301:97, Hellstrider.gif)



5 FPS.


File: 8d18ea584872975⋯.png (713.87 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>I could be your commie gf for tonight


File: fcd689da7c08ed9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.22 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, joey claire.jpg)

sensitive content


god dammit I have to leave for work in an hour and I'm still in bed in my underwear



why is the cream pocket in that eclair so shallow

our filled donuts were just circles of dough we impaled on the filler



Very few people here try to piss people off and stir shit.

Khan is one of the only people to actively try to do that, and I've always hated that sort of person.

I loathed it back when were on /co/ about people who would start inane arguments (and then continue arguing with themselves as anon) to "keep the general alive" or "for content" or whatever.

I'm also extremely autismal over people who are maliciously disingenuous


vfan is probably an objectively worse poster than khan due to her spamming 24/7 but i think she's probably a better person than khan


File: 2a0c05ed8b8aa47⋯.jpg (189.06 KB, 1200x525, 16:7, 1517798600481.jpg)



> i think she's probably a better person than khan

did you miss the part where she manipulated people and caused endless drama


i've been gone for a long time. what has khan done?



i actually did forget that

i never tried to remember anything she did

i only remembered the gore spam


/mu/vfan was genuinely pleasant, I know I'm not just being nostalgic because I said it at the time

it's also kind of charming how polite and upfront she was about being a TERF, by comparison to the usual brand of (vitriol/indirectness), but I know that's nostalgia poisoning


i think i had a little nightmare about the t-mobile super bowl ad last night



what was it



i don't really remember but i was on a plane and there were a lot of babies and i woke up with a jump, but I can't remember what was actually scary about it.



i meant what was the ad


>BTC/USD $ 6,821.00

i hope bitcoin crashes in the most entertaining way possible




it had a bunch of babies lying in a void and some creepy ass toy piano music and a disembodied voice talking about how "you are special. you are equal."



i wonder if it'll go back to a non-insane number


why doesn't amazon have any new copies of dragon ball xenoverse 2 for switch



he's just being his usual shithead self



people keep eating them


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

so uh scientologists put an ad in the super bowl



how did i miss that


this article about super bowl ads is really dumb because every one of them is "why weren't there any minorities in it"

there's some (admittedly very stupid) ad where a metal detector goes off at an airport and the people are shown some thing about cancer patients and how that car company donates to cancer research, and the article was upset that there weren't any muslims being detained from the metal detector


File: 9abcd2685ecc796⋯.png (30.89 KB, 619x323, 619:323, chrome_2018-02-05_15-11-00.png)

File: d4eb4287360518f⋯.png (24.41 KB, 616x266, 44:19, chrome_2018-02-05_15-13-37.png)

he he he



while those guys are definitely butthurt, i don't know how you can defend running while healing or the spiderman hook



>i don't know how you can defend running while healing

whats wrong with it




oh yeah cause you need to stop running to drink a potion, right?



>Tracking monsters is a bit too easy in the more open environments

what crazy pills are they taking, before this MH was always 10 loading screens with relatively little to explore and you'd find it just by going to some random area. They also didn't leave the area until you found them I think.

now you actually have to roam around the fuckhuge world for sometmes large amounts of time to find them, actually 'hunting' them


it makes healing a ton easier, which does make the game easier but uh.........who cares

you can also dodge roll out of using any item/doing any action I think, which I know some people are upset about



it makes it easier by heavily reducing the risk of healing and reduces the need to strategize or use teamwork?


I'm more upset that they nerfed IG a lot and they fucked over decorations.

Decorations in particular since that's like the entirety of the end game, especially without g-rank


i wanna play monhun but i have to wait for it to come out on pc




>or the spiderman hook

why on earth would you care about the spiderman hook, you can only use it to jump around if there's a wedge beetle near you and those are pretty infrequent. they're used for getting around places slightly quicker, not jumping all over a monster



From what I heard, you can roll out of using certain items, but it makes you lose the item without any of the effects, so there is still a tradeoff. It's just "you are vulnerable while using items" used to be kind of a major thing in monster hunter, and the only real reason to change it is to make the game easier.


It makes mounting even easier when they already made it easier in other ways.



Also, the counter argument to the item things is that the apparently the monsters are a lot more aggressive in this game, so it actually balances it out.


i miss vfan’s specific way of being mean to me

it was epic



also i dreamt about a black girl sending me mouthpics



seriously have you (or that person) even played the game because grappling is such a tiny part of it and you can almost never actually fight a monster with it

>Crafting gems misses the point of having gems in the first place

yea go fuck yourself, idiot


>From what I heard, you can roll out of using certain items, but it makes you lose the item without any of the effects

I've played the game for 80 hours. You lose the itemand the effects aren't given, though if it's a potion then whatever amount of health you healed before the animation finished does go through.


>It makes mounting even easier

>you can only use it to jump around if there's a wedge beetle near you and those are pretty infrequent. they're used for getting around places slightly quicker, not jumping all over a monster

I'm convinced that neither of those people have ever even seen the game played at all, let alone played it themselves. The grappling hook is essentially non-existant for hunting.

There's that one webm of doing a cool dive on a Kirin but that's just dumb gimmick shit you would never want to actually do in the game


what kind of fast food should i get lads


why did i quote that three times

i was pretty sure I was quoting multiple posts

did 8chan fuck up or did I fuck up


that first one was definitely supposed to be >>1117101



little ceasers



*invvents zero friction rope*



wait you can craft gems and plates now??

fuck that noise



Every week there's 4 quests put up and if you do all of them you get a print that lets you trade for a gem/plate.

I don't even think it's every week since the one last week didn't give it.


anyone grinding for a dozen hours for a single gem was never really that great of an idea, "slow compensation" mechanics like that are a good idea

they even had something similar to that in X/XX I think where high-tier armors and weapons didn't specifically need 5 talons and 2 carapaces it just needed 7 of that tier item from the monster



blease no


yeah probably


>patreon bitches



world does have investigations and stuff to make the grinding more interesting, though



oh thats not bad at all. i mean when i was playing i would need like 3-4 gems a week to craft my shit and not needing to grind the same quest over and over a little less would be nice


File: b7f5d6f66988ca5⋯.jpg (284.65 KB, 631x883, 631:883, kijin seija (touhou) drawn….jpg)

aw man i'm out of brownies


i got earily good at tailfarming monsters in search of gems.

i got it down to where i could cut the tail off a rathian in 2 mins.



I wouldn't say investigations are all that "interesting" but they are a very good concept, makes farming less retarded. You fight a monster a time or two and you get a good investigation for it and then you farm that, with a decent chance of something not garbage.


i'm gonna make a lbg probably to fight xeno because holy shit fuck fighting him normally

it's not even hard it just takes 45 fucking minutes



youre hitting the wrong spots if it takes that long.



I'm hitting his front legs and his face when available



those might not be the sweetspots and you might be hitting them with weak attacks.



also your gear might suck



i don't really know how he did all the voices and shit on a live stream



game says his front feet and head are the weak points and I was hitting them with big bang


so is subnautica actually good? do i want it?



i mean

by recording them and playing them when he needed to

its scripted obviously




i dunno



big bang? is that a new thing?



yea but like

he never touches the computer

did he just have the entire skit's sound pre-recorded, play that, and then just try and match his movements to the audio he made


File: 203b67cc4e54a03⋯.png (643.69 KB, 702x702, 1:1, pipimi and popuko (poptepi….png)


yah its good

buy it pussy



it's hammer's highest damage combo

you mash O



Android 21s English va is sort of not good



do you know how acting works


>indie game not available without drm

haha nah




I think she does a good job at sounding like a crazy ten year old girl, but the character isn't a ten year old girl, so...



android 21 isn't even 10 years old

she's younger



>but the character isn't a ten year old girl, so...

yea she's like 8 or something




she's physically and mentally older than that tho.


File: c0758bdd74e35a0⋯.jpg (351.38 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, HtfUwcW.jpg)

if i get this job how much of my money should i spend on gacha



$0 you retard



"she's mature for her age though"

fucking pedo




this isn't how jinzouningen (that's "android" for you heathens) work



ya if it takes that long your hammer is too weak or youre just not hitting it enough.

or both.



gacha is bad mkay


Android 21 had a kid before she turned into an android so she's not 10

She's been an android for less than 10 years


shut up khan



but its a fun game


ive already spent nearly $100 on gacha anyway why stop


i just can't support and independent developer who makes the conscious decision to only release their game on Steam. If they actually think DRM is good for them, they are stupid and don't deserve my money.



>nearly $100

for as much as you talk big you don't do shit.......



Nice literal sunk cost fallacy



nigga its steam



yes, i know.



its not a sunk cost because i dont mind spending money on this game




do you know what sunk cost means



Well then the answer to your question "why not spend more money on gacha" is "I like it"



>sunk cost

yeah im not like, a business wonk


pimple popper videos



it doesnt matter whether you enjoyed spending it or not, if it's spent, it's sunk cost





> if it's spent, it's sunk cost

why are you so stupid sometimes



and here i am thinking it’s dumb that i want to support mod makers on patreon


is there a box i can buy that will take two spdif inputs, mix them, and then also convert to analogue?


*feeds and raises a child for 20 years*

fucking sunk cost fallacy



which mods



he’s right

how is it different from gambling



the minecraft homestuck mod


>giving sako financial advice

this is the equivelent trying to give a sloth advice on jogging



yeah thats pretty bad

gacha is def worse though



shut up khan



it literally isnt any different



gacha is gambling

"If you spend money it's a sunk cost fallacy" is an inherently retarded statement


granblue is a good video game

spending money on it is fine


spend $40,000 on it


sorry im too busy spending every dime i have on mobage to get a job.




okay so

there's a difference between a sunk cost and "the sunk cost fallacy"

you're conflating the two somehow

it's okay to admit that you don't understand something

what do you think sunk cost means


hurr durr u no apply job


can you fuck off and go find some other outlet for your insecurities khan


maybe its just because i grew up on flash games that never cost any money, but the idea of spending money on shitty phone games seems mega retard-o to the extreme


i actually do need to go apply for a job but here i am shitposting on hsg



the point is that it isn't shitty


sako: uhhh i will buy anime waifu video game pictures

le me: uhhh i will give $10 a month if you start finally adding some fucking dungeons to your minecraft mod



if you spend money it's a sunk cost

if you use the fact that you spent money to justify spending more money, that's the sunk cost fallacy

if you use the fact that you enjoy the game to justify spending more money, that's totally normal, enjoy yourself


File: 742f90af28b7e8f⋯.png (110.82 KB, 640x1099, 640:1099, IMG_2449.PNG)




what le mcwug happen



Bubble pop



woah, the bitcoin crash is hitting everyone......


wss btc really that far reaching?

i wonder have nvidia is doing



which bub

surely not bitcoin



this is why smart people don't take blanket credit for the stock market


im angry that i dont have more money



No remember how the stock market has been climbing like crazy for over a year far outpacing actual economic growth

That bubble



nvidia is probably trying to pinpoint every vulnerability in the chips they have in the switch, so they can cash in on nintendo's reward system for vulnerability information.



but trump said he'd caused that growth......... are you insinuating....................................................


File: 0ece11f535f46e6⋯.png (3.4 MB, 1280x1674, 640:837, ClipboardImage.png)


picositas belts are maybe the most epicest candy


File: e624f4d06ab8deb⋯.png (62.01 KB, 455x457, 455:457, tumblr_inline_p15tv5d4qn1t….png)


File: 07d30caeb2f6b9e⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1400x2000, 7:10, 07d30caeb2f6b9e962e9eb170e….png)


I'm a changed man.


what kind of pizza should i order tonight


File: 83f0d5d15d24f70⋯.jpg (317.69 KB, 891x689, 891:689, hex maniac (hexen, pokemon….jpg)


File: 9d10bdc0f1b2dbf⋯.png (361.08 KB, 667x615, 667:615, ClipboardImage.png)



pork sausage, pepperoni, banana peppers, alfredo sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese


i wonder why that achewood cartoon never happened


I can consistently pull 18090 points from this FOB event

I wonder if the next one will be harder


File: facd9b3ca9621e8⋯.jpg (397.13 KB, 640x4148, 160:1037, de6470fce102ab9e272abcb227….jpg)

oh shit that weird comic with the bear guy eating a whole pringles can is part of a longer comic



why is every single amp either portable and has a battery in it or also a dac

i just need a fucking amp


would hard light be really hot or really cold

or would it be room temperature


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme


File: ef8ec09059e62ca⋯.png (293.14 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)


Me hung


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



man the wormhole fulton must make fob missions so much easier



Why not just contribute to the Creation Club ;)



it really does


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

sorry guys this is the real corrected thread theme

disregard >>1117227 please


It still really pisses me off that kojima took a jab at survive and went "i would never put zombies in my tactical espionage game" when there are already pretty much zombies in tpp, as well as psychics, ghosts, womholes, vampires that can walk on water, cyborg ninjas, etc in the rest of the series.

i mean, maybe he was being sarcastic, but it sure didn't seem like it.



*smears feces on this post*



This kind of person ships davekat.



i like kojima and the zombies in survive do look dumb but how can he say that when the phantom pain already fucking has zombies in it? even if it didn't, what about zombies would not fit in the metal gear universe? they already have mind control and all kinds of other shit going on.



probably burning hot. like turn the air around it into plasma hot. Like cause nuclear fusion hot.

Photons have very very tiny amounts of momentum, and there would have to be an unimaginable amount of them hitting whatever object coming into contact with in order to create an equal and opposite momentum.





Oh I forgot to mention Liquid somehow possessing Ocelot through his left arm which got two different explanations in the sequels, but was originally not explained in the slightest what-so-ever.


I'm not meaning to sound like I don't like that stuff because I do like that stuff but how is all of that okay but zombies are too far-fetched? What was his point?


hey guys

it's me

pickle rick


File: 3323226a753d6ae⋯.jpg (51.96 KB, 576x432, 4:3, mpv-shot0147.jpg)

do you think goku is just being dramatic or does he actually think that's how it works



that was hypnosis and such


How did this Solo movie get greenlit?



the original explanation was that since Ocelot was The Sorrow's son, he was especially sensitive to ghosts, and Liquid possessed him.


just saw a car in the university parkin lot with the license plate "VR1SK4" and nearly shat myself inside out



>not taking a picture



I swear there was a whole plot line about psychotherapy and hypnosis.



there was, 'cus they realized the ghost thing was stupid and that they had to retcon it



File: 60ef62739e90828⋯.jpg (272.98 KB, 700x428, 175:107, SpiderTail_news4_BL.jpg)



I'm glad God realized he made a terrible mistake and obliterated these creatures



listen here Wesley you piece of shit



how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, young man?


im eating white bread



there were people around


File: 323bd27c585bac2⋯.png (628.03 KB, 1280x536, 160:67, vlcsnap-2018-02-05-16h00m3….png)



fuck YOU


can we ban Wesley already?



he probably meant he would never make them the entirety of the game


File: 8b643e9caab2237⋯.mp4 (1.25 MB, 1280x536, 160:67, it's not magical.mp4)



an epic creature

thank you rev


i wish overwatch had more maps


do you think sopor slime is like xanax


File: f6732459b00dafd⋯.jpg (49.97 KB, 576x432, 4:3, mpv-shot0151.jpg)

toriyama pls



thank Egghead


File: 33655297c0f95c4⋯.mp4 (889.18 KB, 1280x536, 160:67, satisfying.mp4)

File: 3eb74789ac278e3⋯.png (732.22 KB, 694x982, 347:491, d684e0f9f0bff492e78759aaee….png)

File: 23cbc789c44c501⋯.jpg (26.51 KB, 567x561, 189:187, thicc levels.jpg)


Vriska's tail


File: 2889a3b4ff87900⋯.png (581.44 KB, 800x1090, 80:109, Czz6VPdWIAA05U6.png)

Is he the most stylin video game character ever?


who would win in a fight: mariachi noctis or mariachi raiden


File: e48fa2a65c12c07⋯.mp4 (422.93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 957773689189101568_9577736….mp4)



tough call, but I would put my money on mariachi Reaper



I can't wait to buy this game for a second time.


who would win in a fight: rose's ass or jade's tits


File: 1d127a39cd43932⋯.png (1 MB, 1162x1225, 166:175, 2030839 - Homestuck Jade_H….png)



JAde can just make her tits bigger like in Chaz's comics.



Okay caveat: no powers. Natural TnA


File: 8b4d586823ce6b7⋯.png (304.01 KB, 486x1002, 81:167, 1538273 - Gummypron Homest….png)


i like breast comparison / breast envy


weed always makes me groggy the next day



>not Rose lusting after a straight Jade


do you think jade doesn't properly understand the concept of privacy and will just show you her breasts if you ask



well it's not like she lived around people a lot



Dumb bitch didn't know what a toilet was used for


also she's canonically familiar with human taxidermy, so



late but adorable


File: 624ee055a218cc0⋯.jpg (211.48 KB, 1012x2358, 506:1179, jade grows up.jpg)


at first this was sexy but then i thought about how she's a kid and now i feel very uncomfortable



She's canonically 20 years old.



they all act like grown adults so who cares





I mean it's more the fact that she's 20 years old. She can buy a house.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

click this


even black people hate jews



ah-ah-ah, you have to phrase it according to the yakub propoganda

>even (((black people))) hate jews


everyone is racist against everyone else



Yet she just lives with Dave and they squat in Karkat's house.

Why the fuck would he build the exact same house when it's established his old life was a living hell?



even the jews hate themselves


Jews vs Blacks

Helter Skelterbaumsteinberg


that's right we'll fuck your wife


File: 2786effa982dd44⋯.png (487.96 KB, 471x500, 471:500, ClipboardImage.png)

>captured annie with seconds left on the clock



is she okay?



I want Rose to fuck Dave's wife.


amber alert!



this is the greatest picture


File: 0837370c2914417⋯.jpg (95.36 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, wow cuphead is really prog….jpg)

File: 0067fcd5aeb5e09⋯.jpg (89.41 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, almost too progressive.jpg)

File: b47183dd8c7ba08⋯.mp4 (2.18 MB, 426x320, 213:160, FUCK YOU BALTIMORE.mp4)



it's funny because this is how marketing actually works now



I mean what I said.


File: 722f8e8bec5f4e8⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 20:27, dogyuck.gif)

>doorbell wasn't broken

>worker showed up today to work on it

>just assumed it was some HOA thing

>doorbell now broken

>sound box is making a loud, piercing, ceaseless, grating electrical buzz


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the HOA literally payed a man to come break my fucking doorbell



they can pay to have it fixed, then

also, why would you join the HOA that's literally retarded


File: 5f37da19a3c3284⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


she's sleep. struck down, it was her doom



if she's asleep, then she's okay


File: 7c8a85e8db4d872⋯.png (804 KB, 1280x578, 640:289, vlcsnap-2018-02-05-17h33m0….png)


who the fuck sold scalie hunter to xlr






fly eagles fly



It was 15-minute investigation right?

You didn't take 50 minutes to kill an anjanth, right?



in my defense i went back to camp (not carted) three times


i almost entirely play on pc and im not used to the lack of communication that comes with playing on console so trying to signal that im going to capture a monster instead of killing it sucks

it is fun though when people see me put down a trap and everyone just freezes as theyre cycling through their items looking for tranq bombs


File: 7b3476b977f0bc9⋯.jpg (133.07 KB, 963x721, 963:721, EVO is approaching.jpg)

never forget


jay peg



>melee is bad because the best players always win!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



melee is bad because the best players are the only people playing


doesnt competitive melee have the same players over and over again

with a game that old, experience is going to be the best thing on their side


>meleefag reading comprehension



what do you think of Super Metroid not being on the GDQ block this year? It's been the same four to eight players for several years now chasing each others' world record times



that doesn't defend anything


They don't have ST or CVS2 or 3S for those exact reasons. It makes no sense that Melee should get in when no other game that's been out for more than 5 years has a chance



>melee is bad because the best players are the only people playing



there are still upsets within the highest level. Hbox rarely wins so when he won Evo it was crazy



>They don't have ST or CVS2 or 3S for those exact reasons.

They actually don't have them because there are newer versions of those games that are actually good for competition


And I fucking wish they had 3rd Strike instead of SFV



When the fuck did a new version of CVS2 or SF3 come out????


anyways competitive videogames are boring



I mean like Street Fighter 4, UMVC3, etc


File: 0a438773e3c7e18⋯.jpg (48.08 KB, 576x432, 4:3, mpv-shot0152.jpg)

someone photoshop this so he is smiling like the george costanza maymay


id rather watch a bunch of bad people play videogames then a bunch of the best play videogames



1) sf4 or 5 are hardly better for competition

2) I said CVS2 not MVC2


File: 51beecceca92b26⋯.png (265.84 KB, 576x432, 4:3, yajishiggy.png)


why is cletus so aggressively stupid



thank you


where's the televised scrub tournament

a bunch of charismatic people who are bad at video games and playing a fighting game



Melee deserves to be at EVO by viewer count alone

suck my cock you mad lad


Melee is fun but it doesn't belong at EVO anymore. If "We already have SFV" is the excuse for not having any other Street Fighter games, then why does "We already have Smash 4" not apply to Melee?



non optional where i live



Because competitive Smash 4 plays nothing like Melee and it's boring



yeah well guess what. SFV plays nothing like ST or 3S and is boring too.



melee is fucking boring

i dont want to see the same 4 people fight every single fucking time



I'm pretty sure it IS optional. Dig out your contract and read it very very carefully. Breaking your doorbell is a malicious act, and is likely in the contract as something that nullifies the contract, worth a fine, or both.


Tekken was more fun to watch at evo japan

so was guilty gear


File: 24e545881146589⋯.png (463.59 KB, 1686x815, 1686:815, 1355987531931.png)

File: 5cb4e06ab779add⋯.png (314.47 KB, 883x660, 883:660, 1357983289251.png)

File: e9135ad77460cc5⋯.png (756.77 KB, 1280x886, 640:443, katnep.png)

File: 20959343dd03129⋯.gif (356.13 KB, 662x795, 662:795, 1360820506190.gif)

File: 1d259075502e05d⋯.png (168.4 KB, 500x410, 50:41, tumblr_mhizn0bhLm1raigdno1….png)


Is there a place with archives for all of the EVO Japan stuff? I missed all of it.



you really don't know shit about videogames then, do you? :)


i feel like removing melee from evo wouldn't be so much of an issue if the fanbase wasn't dead set on getting acceptance from the (cancerous) FGC


File: 391c073fa71ddd8⋯.jpg (6.39 KB, 244x207, 244:207, 1468934801573.jpg)



Yeah but Crapcom shills and sponsors their new game so there's a huge pot so a lot of people enter

Smash 4 has none of that idk why people play it


I can't believe bsb is a katnep shipper



>the (cancerous) FGC

faggot little bitch nigga alert



What's wrong with that


why would you want overdone old things instead of new things



well, first of all, DaveKat is the canon ship


uhh new is always better! :)


The "FGC" is pretty shit. It's not even onecommunity so I don't know why people pretend it is. Especially Smash players have and want nothing to do with the other games and their communities, which is the real reason why Mr.Wiz sucks Smash players dicks so hard. They're a completely different group that has next to zero overlap with the other games, so they pull in that much more money.




I would love to see some Metroid 2 races at GDQ, frankly



I just can't believe it


tekken 7 is better than melee


id rather watch different people play a different game then just watching the same people play melee the same way


melee is a literal corpse competitively. that doesn't mean the game is bad (see: almost every old fighting game that isn't allowed at EVO because it's too old and doesn't have sponsor money)


melee is bad because plbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt



>Tfw no nepeta gf



holy shit a faggot horse








actually the skill ceiling in melee is so high that new strats and tech will always be optimized

the game will never be cracked/solved


melee is so complex that it has an infinite amount of potential :)



you see, though, that is the case with every old fighting game. ST is still evolving. CVS2 is still evolving. Hokuto no Ken is still evolving. that's not the fucking problem.



im not wrong cletus

Tekken 7 is a better game and it's more fun to watch people play


Tekken is definitely the most fun fighting game to watch



>actually the skill ceiling in melee is so high that new strats and tech will always be optimized

yet players don't engage in this at all?

you're simply wrong kid, have fun with your gameboy pisscolor haha



They're not comparable because very few people are playing those games compared to Melee and the metagame isn't evolving as fast





nobody will be playing tekken 7 in 5 years let alone 10



>actually the skill ceiling in melee is so high that new strats and tech will always be optimized

post some videos showing this, then

specifically post EVO videos of it


competitive fighting games are boring to watch because there's a point where the people are so good you're just watching muscle memory induced combos and exploits over and over again to the point where it feels like im watching 2 robots






Tekken 7 is a better fucking game cletus


[cletus voice] games are only as good as the public allows them



Yeah, because in 5~10 years, we'll have Tekken 8, and Tekken 8 won't be a piece of shit so everyone will move on like normal people that are not autistic.


I hope Lucky Chloe is in Tekken 8



Will you just fucking give up

Cletus is obviously right in this regard


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this is old too



>Yeah, because in 5~10 years, we'll have Tekken 8, and Tekken 8 won't be a piece of shit so everyone will move on like normal people that are not autistic.

Yeah okay so when they make another Smash that's not shit Melee players can move on but until then fuck off



they will never move on because they have extreme autism and nothing nintendo can ever possibly make will live up to their standards

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