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File: 241f701461d511c⋯.jpg (702.88 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 63528966_p0.jpg)



File: 882ae0771f1294e⋯.png (552.96 KB, 1004x640, 251:160, cB3HrH04sJQkHCtgLpY5DwRSiD….png)


File: ec16ed15325d4ae⋯.png (773.96 KB, 637x900, 637:900, ClipboardImage.png)


File: f6fb37a6ac212b9⋯.png (106.51 KB, 710x250, 71:25, 1471517770746.png)

i need to get back to the gym because holy shit i'm fattening up like crazy


File: 69674c130a886e9⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1088x876, 272:219, Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at ….png)


Streamable embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: a8cddd19aec646d⋯.jpg (205 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, NEW THREAD WHEN.jpg)


how does hussie feel about himself and his work, you think?



imagine if he is embarrassed by problem sleuth


any second now the mspa forums will come back online


File: 88f0fdcb990cc2b⋯.png (34.25 KB, 656x573, 656:573, 1362213754789.png)


what if hussie decides to finish bardquest


gonna have to make some banana bread to use up all these brown bananas


File: 6be913a31e976e8⋯.png (257.8 KB, 700x1360, 35:68, tumblr_inline_o5cn46tELB1q….png)


File: ff1361951e3b1a3⋯.jpg (16.72 KB, 178x239, 178:239, yee.jpg)


i wish they would put out a better raspberry pi model

i know they said they wouldnt for a while but the 3 is slightly too weak to run n64/ps1 right



She's had enough surgical shit to her

Fakes are also gross

>those hand placements

Wew chaz



*done to


I just want a decent N64 Emulator



poorly coded nintendo 64 emulator




throw a big heatsink on it and overclock the bitch



apparently not entirely enough

plus a heatsink defeats the purpose of being portable

im not really interested in a raspberrypi emulator machine anyway


File: 8c06da95e491d15⋯.jpg (134.2 KB, 672x960, 7:10, IMG_8708.JPG)


File: f43c94a0bd2da31⋯.jpg (658.99 KB, 5000x500, 10:1, 1419445250438.jpg)


File: 5380b21489d4697⋯.png (54.42 KB, 750x300, 5:2, IMG_8710.PNG)

File: fa7a1ae80ce91c7⋯.png (57.66 KB, 750x330, 25:11, IMG_8711.PNG)

File: 889aa2a311a85bd⋯.png (46.19 KB, 750x250, 3:1, IMG_8712.PNG)

this cant be real life

and then the wrestling video

i mean, wtf


File: fb8c282a2abd9b7⋯.jpg (249 KB, 1024x752, 64:47, 1499009393312m.jpg)



that femtav is nice







It's incredible to me that so many anti-state libertarians like Garrison slob Trump's knob like this


File: d70833d17cadcee⋯.jpg (122.33 KB, 750x768, 125:128, IMG_8713.JPG)

god im so jealous



garrison was mind broken by /pol/



huh, he switched back to his full signature at some point



was the fidget spinner part of her cosplay? or do kids unironically go around with those in their pockets?


is being mindbroken by memes a fetish yet





The CEO of Cuck, Inc.


I went to an outback with my friends the other day and they brought this 15 year old with his boyfriend and a fidget spinner


so like, who manufactures fidget spinners and how rich are they right now




why wouldnt you carry the spinner in your pocket

that's what it's for



the chinese


File: fba487d69106cc3⋯.png (23.35 KB, 540x519, 180:173, IMG_8714.PNG)

"character apologism alignment chart"


SGDQ's stream officially starts in 28 minutes

get on twitch by then, you cucks



where's the schedule



man I don't know I'm literally watching twitch on my PS3 so I can keep playing minecraft


lmao what's umbridge doing at sgdq


haha what twitch just stopped working for me


File: f773a0303f52b1c⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2296x5667, 2296:5667, 1499013681623.jpg)



you motherfucker this is supposed to be a drinking game, not a suicide game


File: 2cf773b8fda5a7c⋯.jpg (106.53 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1466986876439.jpg)

the only games done quick thing I liked was a guy speedrunning momodora with one hand


Nier Automata is the first game, it's on right now


File: 38bf393d9975f26⋯.png (46.43 KB, 596x402, 298:201, 1499015367020.png)


Okay turns out putting flaked almonds on the banana bread before baking it was a bad idea.


File: 5cd9c43635b6219⋯.png (36 KB, 1082x230, 541:115, ClipboardImage.png)

fuckin laffo





where is it

when is it

I can't afford a ticket


Nerd culture conventions could be nuked and nothing of value would be lost



the funniest thing about trump tweeting that is that he's celebrating something he hasn't done

what victory has he won against cnn

he just bitches and whines about them, that's not the same as wrestling them




File: 02d7fe87ff17a47⋯.jpg (160.08 KB, 1448x1385, 1448:1385, got2bradical 01.jpg)

File: dae32aed3f0f812⋯.jpg (358.24 KB, 2017x2048, 2017:2048, got2bradical 02.jpg)

File: 0332a028b744b6a⋯.jpg (89.64 KB, 960x540, 16:9, got2bradical 03.jpg)



that's fucking adorable


File: 19d0ef52506c3e3⋯.jpg (133.68 KB, 1169x1082, 1169:1082, got2bradical 04.jpg)



i think the funniest part is that wapo headline



so does twitter not show things in chrono order


>Chris Matthews On Trump’s Family: At Least Mussolini Executed His Son-In-Law



the wapo headline isn't wrong

trump has always promoted violence against media



bottom up usually


File: 3a12cc745f2ebc9⋯.png (160.38 KB, 1096x792, 137:99, ClipboardImage.png)






















as in, chuggaaconroy?


the fuck is aphobe



I said usually




bigoted against asexual people




it's the not new discourse on tumblr since people are stupid



a kind of cryptid









ironically it sounds more like someone without fear/prejudice to me


File: 1261d2629b75253⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 540x369, 60:41, tumblr_osh3wo7f8J1tb8alro5….jpg)

File: 22e333f579ed877⋯.jpg (40.24 KB, 540x369, 60:41, tumblr_osh3wo7f8J1tb8alro6….jpg)



yeah that's an inherent issue with people just slapping "phobic" on the end of things



constablefrozen jumping into the 2020 political election


>What does 2B use to upload data

>her waifu connection



File: 959965388adbc7b⋯.jpg (75.91 KB, 487x675, 487:675, trump's latest drama.jpg)


>collective meltdown

that's a weird way to spell "wondering what the fuck is wrong with the president"


kids in the future having to watch donald trump's roast for their history project


Our president shaved Vince McMahon's head in a WWE match and I love it


>post incoherent memes most of the time

>people ask what the hell is wrong w/you

<lul u triggered silly libtards???????????



god pinkposting is so important


File: 2d977e4658f2bbb⋯.mp4 (3.36 MB, 982x720, 491:360, 881533437148098560_8815334….mp4)


isn't linda mcmahon the US business administrator now


File: 0e16922e3e5bbbb⋯.png (1.56 MB, 942x1280, 471:640, ClipboardImage.png)

so who was this and why were the feds stalking her



theres a difference between "wtf are u doing" and the incredibly disingenuous headline "Trump appears to promote violence against CNN"



how the fuck do you not know who chelsea manning is for fuck's sake



i think that man has that look on his face because this weird tranny is taking pictures of him

thatsmy 2 cents




what did he mean by this



she's a former marine and whistle blower, obama pardoned her as one of his last acts in office



File: f25083fba711eb1⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 460x259, 460:259, marks your thunk.gif)


>incredibly disingenuous



need i reiterate my position of "I don't hear about shit unless someone on hsg spergs about it".



ok, thanks



goddamn dude



it is undeniably disingenuous



He didn't pardon her

He commuted her sentence



no it's not, it's perfectly in line with everything he's been doing and saying for over a year, and in line with the intent of that tweet



woops, yeah that one


>see post on /pol/ saying "cnn btfo"

>write headline "online troublemakers threaten to blow up cnn"

this is good journalism, im a real journalist.



she's a paranoid tranny in the thread she said she made him because he's wearing fbi shoes

his head is really large though


grant is correct in this instance but pretending that Trump doesn't advocate violence against journalists is dumb


File: 6de63f44b21f6ce⋯.png (165.06 KB, 748x747, 748:747, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 67f3ec8abce80ed⋯.png (188.67 KB, 756x1017, 84:113, ClipboardImage.png)



he leaked government documents

what did he expect to happen, a life free of surveilance?



having a head that large would be incredibly disadvantageous everyone always knows where your head is and where it's oriented no wonder they're just making him chase a tranny



File: 910f0ecf573acab⋯.gif (394.55 KB, 200x150, 4:3, 1464343590820.gif)


dude same



why misgender her


also i didn't know they were a tranny, they look like a girl enough from their avatar



she is a girl


File: c994799e157d999⋯.png (244.68 KB, 669x516, 223:172, 1358496068562.png)


>they look like a girl enough from their avatar





just like in the good old day






I didn't particularly bother to scrutinize the avatar and without looking at it hard they fit a girl well enough



because she is a girl

why are you still saying "they"



fuck off jim


disgusting transphobe misogynists


File: bb2f295938c878f⋯.png (16.97 KB, 633x592, 633:592, tumblr_n1ixrdmbej1sr18seo2….png)



this but unironically


Watching cooking shows is so depressing when you're hungry


File: 74aa019e6a924ab⋯.png (12.53 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 57642546-D822-4C39-9D8A-D0….png)

maybe watch out for both?


his chromosomes are XY

it doesn't matter that he's got tits now


really makes you *thunk*



what did dirk do wrong other than being bitch in relationships

dirk never intentionally physically wounded any just characters

vriska made bec noir



i dunno either

maybe they meant bro, too

which still doesn't make sense



the relationship stuff is enough to put him in the same tier as the clown and vriska according to tumblr it seems



>thinks it's only down to chromosomes

goddamn dude



um, EXCUSE YOU, being emotionally fucked up and being somewhat controlling in a relationship is exactly as bad as mass murder and attempting to kill the universe


rev is lowkey redpilled


gamzee was a victim, also

blaming him, is like-

say a person is beating you to death with a microcephalic child. do you blame the child, or the person beating you with him?


Halo: Combat Evolved is next up

get into the stream


She coulda killed him tho



people who put dirk and gamzee in the same category as eridan and vriska scare me tbh



I didn't take you for a clown apologist sponge


File: 45af99aa1da0a7a⋯.mp4 (79.1 KB, 800x636, 200:159, got2bradical 05.mp4)



gamzee's much closer to eridan and vriska than dirk


i wll not stand for gamzee apologizers in 2017



that makes a little more since hussie decided bro gave dave beatings or some shit


every bad thing he did is lord english's fault as i understand it


regular brain: gamzee wasn't a great person, and being under control of aranea only excuses him of the emotional abuse of terezi, basically

galaxy brain: gamzee was a victim


The clown killed 2 people and raised lord english



it really isn't that simple, you might wanna look up androgen insensitivity syndrome


i'm not saying gamzee did nothing he's just a near mindless tool for an evil higher power

like farmer's kids that join the military


cloun apologists must die


File: 7228e2748b5f620⋯.png (51.5 KB, 193x248, 193:248, 1498958517176.png)


how does aranea mind control excuse him abusing terezi?



>hussie decided bro gave dave beatings

isnt the first time you see bro in [s] beatdown

he just decided it was ebin serious abuse



aranea made him do it and gamzee was not responsible for his own actions at that point



lord english(/cal) made him raise lord english

doc scratch got him to work for him from across the internet, like a mouthpic girl



I don't remember any indication of that in the comic



i remember they took that angle but i can't remember if anything else was implied

fuck that dialoguelog, by the way



he raised caliborn

doesn't that make him the farm kid's dad



>he just decided it was ebin serious abuse

this was retarded as shit

god I hate the last few acts



>aranea made him do it



he's simultaneously the farm kid's dad and son

and, at some point somehow, part of the farm kid or something



stridercest discourse was too powerful


literally everything that happened was necessary



remember when dave and john were finally in the same place as each other and there was actual hope for a conversation



karkat should have killed gamzee


remember when homestuck was good? me neither.


Vriska should have killed Terezi


the trolls should have never been main characters


Joey should've been the main character!


i'm dressed as a giant larva monster wearing a cape made of shadows and wielding a super shotgun

starbound is fun! FUN!


homestuck was a mistake, we should have gotten the midnight crew instead



>MC/Felt romance



File: 0f6a5e55aa40aa9⋯.png (186.45 KB, 700x358, 350:179, ClipboardImage.png)


he he he




you gotta do it


>lost 7 pounds this week

the not eating diet strikes again



don't do that


I'll never forgive Hussie for ruining the Striders






pls give your body food it needs it



followed by a "pizza for dinner every day" strike





the striders are good characters

just because they didn't turn out how you wanted or expected doesn't mean they aren't good characters



>good characters


uhhh le



there are barely any characters in homestuck, let alone good ones, but hussie clearly cared more about some of them than others



is....is that a gumball wallpaper?


>i really want to bail out tomorrow's oral exam


>should i call the professor one hour before the exam and tell her my car broke down? or withstand the awkward silence and semi-judgemental looks like a champ?



the only good alpha kid is roxy: the rest are shit.


File: 22ee66fab4f07c8⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1437x771, 479:257, 1358498709926.png)


*were good characters


*Dave Strider was a good character


File: 37fd5c097e7751c⋯.jpg (52.37 KB, 718x539, 718:539, DDwQX6RW0AEgFsG.jpg)

trump shitposting is inciting violence against the press

this, however, is perfectly fine


File: 8650d7227c25694⋯.jpg (87.71 KB, 800x800, 1:1, DDwOqNVUQAE3hYv.jpg)



just as fine as people lynching fake obamas, yea


and then viciously mocking his 11 year old son for being scared after seeing a model of his dad's severed head on tv

that's also fine

but god forbid he retweet a video of him beating up mcmahon with a ccn logo superimposed on his face


sako your contrarianism is showing again



you clearly don't know what that word means so shut the fuck up and quit being a retard


File: f520adc4dea8812⋯.webm (1.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, when wil they learn.webm)


File: db2e3341bc13ffc⋯.jpg (69.24 KB, 306x331, 306:331, 1498963709785.jpg)



have you tried not being a fucking idiot dude



learn what the word means before you fucking say dumb shit on mongolian cheese making image boards

fuck off you inbred troglodyte



do you not understand the difference between a comedian and the president


File: 23117704a3346c9⋯.jpg (34.85 KB, 277x277, 1:1, 16c063b2-c5a8-49df-9bf8-7a….jpg)






why are you so incapable of self awareness


File: 54f6e3c585b92ad⋯.jpg (57.3 KB, 540x305, 108:61, IMG_8704.JPG)



why are you?

what compels you to say the dumb shit you do on 8ch.net/homosuck?



top kek!!! xD


the president is literally only human and its ridiculous to hold in to this higher standard

shut the fuck up



completely irrelevant


Imagine if this got classed as a threat and was the final straw that gets him impeached.


anyway, as always, the person I'm arguing with is retarded

your wonk-tier posts are something you should be deeply ashamed of and you should work to better yourself so you don't make bad posts like that ever again




unlikely but there's always a hope


its legitimately babies first meme that isnt impact text on an image



a dumb reason to get rid of a dumb presidency


I'm legitimately still astounded at how dumb some of you manage to be

you consistently reach new heights of jackassery and it's kind of impressive



the irony




this is pretty funny coming from a moron who regularly throws tantrums on a venezualan underwater basketweaving board


funny how no one complained when obama retweeted the same thing but with fox news

makes you think


youre all idiots to varying degrees

but i still like all of u



It has to be an east Asian country retard



>impeachment again

only the house can raise articles of impeachment

the house is majority-republican

the only thing that would get trump impeached is something that the GOP didn't like

trump tweeting gifs is not something the GOP would want to impeach him for, you idiot

impeachment is only realistically possible after the DNC takes the House in 2018




you see?

it's incredible. How do you do it.


File: 5bdb5624f37375d⋯.gif (2.23 MB, 331x248, 331:248, 2vcvqs9.gif)


w-w-why are you being so mean to trumpy!!

he's just the president of the united states and in the process of removing health coverage from millions of people!!


This idiot still doesn't know what contrarianism means


File: 7faf9ebf28e6f81⋯.png (33.8 KB, 128x136, 16:17, 1480885958921.png)


is sako just mbg's bastard son


I never knew Sako was a MAGA man

He isn't as bad as I thought


he still hasn't demonstrated knowledge of the difference in "sketch by a comedian" and "an official statement from the president of the united states"

and frankly i don't think he's capable of doing so



don't you ever fucking say that to me again



donald trump shitposting is just a prelude to him literally rounding up and gassing every single cnn employee



it literally is not

it's not comparable



dude how



mbg is edgy 24/7

I think he's more like pom with his tantrums over stupid shit and lack of self-awareness


sako is literally parroting the white house talking points

it's like he got coached by sarah sanders herself


redneck: i hate niggers

POTUS: i hate niggers



um, it wasn't an official statement, it was just a prank, bro!



see this is the part where he says some obnoxiously dumb shit to pretend that's what anyone thinks, and to position himself as "the logical smart one"



it's not a sketch, it's a still photograph (in the style of real execution videos and pictures coming out of a war zone but this bit isn't very relevant) and could very reasonably be interpreted as a threat

it's not an official statement, it's his personal twitter account posting literal 2002 tier meme that is in no way any capacity a threat or anything but an obvious joke



it is literally completely irrelevant

donald trump posting a meme about him beating cnn is not at all comparable in violence to literally holding a model of his severed fucking head on television

I don't know what kind of brain damage you gave yourself when you tried to kill yourself over homestuck general but you should probably seek some sort of medical treatment for it, since it's impeding your ability to think rationally


>Don't you DARE say I support trump

>Defends trump on every single thing he's done



>donald trump posting a meme about him beating cnn is not at all comparable in violence to literally holding a model of his severed fucking head on television

you're right, the former is much more serious as it's the president of the united states and the latter is some literally who comedian


mmmhhh i love heated broth



>it's not an official statement

they have said multiple times that tweets by the president are official statements



Welp, back into the cuck pile you go


uhhhhhhhh every single thing the president does is in official capacity once they're president they're no longer an autonomous person they exist only as a conduit for the government of the united states lol


He retweeted a gif of him beating CNN how is that "encouraging violence against journalists"

It's a WWE meme match how can you take that seriously



imagine being so retarded you make this post






being the president is hard......people treat you like youre insanely important......ALL the time


uhhhhhhhh obbama on jimmy kimmy late night tv during his presidency reading tweets is an official white house statement on the uhhhhhh

uhhhh putin giving a thumbs up to a topless woman is an official government statement from the russian government about titty being nice



thing i like: funny joek

thing i dislike: obvious threat


wonk thinks wrestling is real



the position and power of the person making the joke matters

the president making jokes about beating up journalists matters more than a comedian making jokes even about killing the president

the president is supposed to represent and protect the consitution, part of which is about protecting the right to a free press

a comedian makes jokes


wrestling is gay


mark wonk confirmed


i'm gay



wrestling had robocop in it one time



"The President is the President of the United States, so they're considered official statements by the President of the United States," Spicer said, when asked during his daily briefing how they should be characterized.



you're joking but yes, that's more or less correct



what the fuck is wrong with you people






and again, how is this inciting violence

if you weren't actually brain damaged you'd be able to tell that it was very clearly about him "beating" cnn's fake news by winning the presidency anyway



you really are a fan of his, huh


wonk is completely incapable of abstract thought

it's sad


what if trump's in it for retweets/likes and literally nothing else



you really are retarded, huh?



do you have a single source to back this up

it doesnt even matter because spicer doesnt speak for the president :)



thats retarded from several angles



and yet it is the official stance of the white house




i totally get it

(You)s are addicting



you sound like sarah huckabee sanders so i wouldn't be trying to insult anyone


is sako a misogynist?






women comedians being universally not funny does not make me a misogynist


literally who gives a shit. if the election has proved anything it is that the deck is rigged and nothing can stop the imperialist machine



i shouldnt be surprised, this is a big flaw of the current administration - a big disconnect between several levels on top of a fixation on getting the media to report on constant bull Shit coming at a bad sacrifice of more professional channels to send out messages.

would be much smarter to leave the shitposting on personal account and Real Business on @potus. big mistake!


i agree, trying to characterize a gif of trump wrestling someone with 'cnn" shopped on is not "encouraging violence against the press"

it is rather indicative of his perspective on the free press though, which is worrying because he is the president


you don't have to work so hard to convince us, we already know you're a misogynist


i agree, a gif of trump wrestling someone with 'cnn" shopped on is not "encouraging violence against the press"

it is rather indicative of his perspective on the free press though, which is worrying because he is the president


you don't have to work so hard to convince us, we already know you're a misogynist





File: 8e612da9170af0f⋯.jpg (35.09 KB, 520x385, 104:77, 8e612da9170af0f33554df8119….jpg)

was posting down?


I've never beaten Devil Survivor before

I'm on Day 6

is there actually a Day 7 or does it end when I beat the boss of this day?

also ()() is not a palindrome but )(() is



>spicer doesnt speak for the president

i don't know if you're being stupid on purpose, but that's literally his job.






I didn't even realize I thought we were just dead


posting is still fucked


there's a day 7, day 8 is the one that's only on the 3ds




I'll have to get the 3DS version once I have a modded one, then



i think they were joking


>the Black General-san anime airs on some phone streaming app

what the fuck


File: 9a7176fb9f45716⋯.jpg (19.81 KB, 578x103, 578:103, damn.JPG)






did it need a sequel?



shut the fuck up retard

go watch more ebin comedy routines from that one fat chick that only talks about how smelly her pussy is



literally who


sako really really wants you to know he's a misogynist


i dont think women comedians are inherently worse, i think it's more of that most comedians are shit, and there's less women ones that reach any popularity so you see the mostly shit ones and are like "yeah all women comedians are bad"



the composer for hiveswap



shut the fuck up you miserable brain damaged cunt





man, I can keep my Hecate, or fuse with a Divine Aniel to get a Vile Tao Tie

what should I do here

>Naoya's revelations of his plans for me

of course

Neutrality IS the only course

remove both supernatural forces from the equation altogether, to let mankind stand on its own


i think jo brand is a very funny girl.



holy shit grant is being more reasonable than sako


File: 45ee630d9ead948⋯.png (25.02 KB, 271x257, 271:257, tumblr_orbolqpCVn1ue65n9o2….png)


I used to watch hours of stand up comedy evey day and I can confirm this is true


i think jo brand is a funny girl


this kid is ''pissed'


Amy Shumer molested gunlad


>a piano cover of RSE music

what's the fucking point if it doesn't have the horns


Im having issues posting and it makes me mad.



wait why did this post before my diatribe about sako

goddamnit if i try to post it again and it posts three times i'm committing sudku out of shame


*repleces your hrt pills with redpills*



if you weren't such a blithering retard who loved strawmanning like this, you would realize there's a difference between thinking that vagina jokes aren't funny and saying "women are inherently not funny because they are women"

one of them is perfectly normal and acceptable and one of them is misogyny

and you believe the one that's misogyny

and that makes you a misogynist




is this really a feat though? I wouldnt be suprised anyone could be.


File: 59d2b8af632837a⋯.png (1.77 MB, 990x1322, 495:661, ClipboardImage.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i really need to play emerald again i know it's around here somewhere



Schumer is LITERALLY garbage as a comedian, though.

She's resorted to stealing jokes from 20+ years ago because she's unable to write her own material.



yeah, and?



but the women she stole jokes from are actually funny.



it ain't like that's surprising or anything



>but the men she stole jokes from



why is code monkey even code monkey when he just keeps breaking the site


more like uh

code donkey


in a month where i bought an xbone and two games by comcept, i'm suprised that tumbleseed is the one purchase i 100% regret spending money on



>"women are inherently not funny because they are women"

>implying I said this


File: b09985aa92fa0a9⋯.png (360.31 KB, 1134x667, 1134:667, ClipboardImage.png)


sounds better than anything on the bone, desu


is it another "wonk says I said things I didn't actually say" episode?



you said all women are not funny, so like, yeah

how about you suck my cock instead of typing all these words, little boy

you're pedantic and any beliefs you hold are shallow at best, i'm not sure you've ever had an original thought




you really can't pull the "women are universally unfunny" thing and say "but it's not because they're women"




and your taste in anime is shit




that's pretty much literally what you said


like, the first time sako said



i figured it was a joke

but when you say the exact same joke twice and then give the reason you think it's not a joke, like, game's up man, you probably mean it



I literally


Never ever said that all women weren't funny

I said woman comedians weren't fucking funny

because generally, they aren't.


are you all illiterate or something?


File: d9bbe277ea2ab38⋯.jpg (21.21 KB, 236x354, 2:3, IMG_2126.JPG)

sako! you're a little bitch!



oh, okay, well done, nice save there bucko


so dumb


so if women are just as capable of being funny as men, why aren't any of the funny women comedians?

is sako admitting there's a gender bias in jobs? does he want to open up a dialogue about the sexist hiring practices of comedy writing and standup?

that'd be pretty neat!


>women are bad at being comedians

>i didnt say women arent funny

arent comedians people being professionally funny?


>purposefully misinterpreting my posts and calling me stupid because of it

literally kill yourself you fucking mouth breathing shitheap



it's not a nice save, he's full of shit


look at this post >>978731


there is no save. there is no safety. sako is a quivering loose-lipped quim ready to graciously slurp every last drop of my gurt.


this kid is pissed



this isn't even that gross of a misinterpretation and most likely wasn't even done out of malice, saying "women comedians aren't funny" can very easily be understood as "women aren't funny"



hahaha this soapbox lookin nigga rite here


>Women comedians aren't funny

this then goes through wonk's retard brain and comes out as

>no women are funny

Because he's retarded, and apparently sponge is just as dumb as he is.


File: 5d5a8a1c1b1a636⋯.jpg (90.88 KB, 544x290, 272:145, 1499020620945.jpg)


>women can't be good comedians

<wtf how could you interpret that as me saying women can't be funny



>it's not a nice save, he's full of shit

(it was sarcasm)((everyone knows sako is full of shit but he's backpedaling so i figured we could just let this drop))


supple twinkhon conetits


File: 36f5071d6d83f84⋯.jpg (37.41 KB, 869x435, 869:435, every article about millen….jpg)

File: a73c1399f240d7c⋯.jpg (114.09 KB, 700x800, 7:8, everybody likes double spa….jpg)



god how is it possible for someone to be so fucking stupid

aren't you ashamed of yourself?

how do you live like this?


*digs myself deeper and deeper into holes constantly*

yyou smarmy mouthed little git. you cheeky fucking bugger. you dumb ass fuck.


File: 0f28f31e3479bdd⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 225x253, 225:253, IMG_2124.JPG)


no mis, just interpreting

if you want us to do the favor of not "putting words in your mouth", why don't you do us the favor of not putting any words there in the first place?




it's not just me dude

i'm not your fucking boogeyman

everyone knows you're an idiot



You don't need to constantly show me how retarded you are, I get it. None of you are capable of reading plain English.


hey sako read this post >>978793



I don't care

at all

shut up


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

t. sako



you pedantic little turd



i'm trying to engage you in fruitful discussion, not argue with you! you brought up a really good point about sexist hiring practices!


File: fe44192a8761016⋯.jpg (22.9 KB, 225x225, 1:1, IMG_1965.JPG)


yes, we're all the problem, not you. you're a good kid:)


sako, when the squad's roasting you like this, you gotta stop



sunset overdrive and forza horizon 3 are great, but not system sellers. i'm chugging through gears of war remastered and it feels a bit dated, but the cover shooter fundamentals are incredibly solid>>978780


sako seems like a poster child for the dunning-kreuger effect



epicly seconding this most epic notion


I'm not being pedantic, I just actually never said that women are inherently unfunny

You irritating little shits are just constantly looking for a fight so you decided I did in fact actually say that.


learn to fucking read sponge



what exactly did I claim to be an expert on you prancing shitbag



imagine living like this


File: a2d75b460c6b7da⋯.jpg (44.51 KB, 326x619, 326:619, IMG_2048.JPG)


we're not going to let anything drop.


okay seriously though, is there a collection of Ice T fake drug name screenshots I can browse for chuckles?


I think that one girl who married the guy from key and peele is pretty funny.



what did you mean by saying "there are no funny women comedians" then

because either you were making a commentary about the fact that the entire comedy industry only hires unfunny women, ignoring all of the actually funny women

or you were saying women can't be funny and that's why there are no women comedians


"i never said women are inherently unfunny, i just said that women that are supposed to be funny are universally unfunny"

sako burdgunski



you said women comedians are universally unfunny, the implication is there you dumbass. obviously you can't admit you've made a mistake, whether it was wording that post wrong or otherwise.

typical faggot dindu crossie


i was actually giving sako the benefit of the doubt

cuz if he really believed the first part of this post >>978826 he'd have to be even stupider and crazier than just being a misogynist


birdgunski, holy heck that's good. Do me next XLR


how upset is sako rn


learn to admit when you fucked up birdguns


Luigi's Mansion is on-deck boys, let's watch Our Lord at His best!



must be close to telling everyone to commit suicide in every post he makes again


wow i cant believe sako is a misogynist.



I meant that every popular female comedian isn't fucking funny

you vultures latched onto that and decided to hem and haw about how I was a muhsoggynust that hated wymen because I don't think that Samantha Bee or Amy Schumer are funny

holy christ you are all so fucking obnoxious



I didn't fuck up you're just all actually retarded



"the world is the problem, not me"



is there another race this year? I remember there was a 3-way one last year or so and one guy was super in the lead but then he died so the 2nd place guy finished



oh is that a thing

i thought he always resorted to


yea there it is



instead of clarifying your point you get mad and write stupid bull shit like the middle line of >>978836 and >>978837




I think what he meant is that liberals aren't funny


File: bf5b7dcc74f9f2b⋯.png (8.49 KB, 791x95, 791:95, 58b78a27f88dbdcae637d80613….png)

File: 129ef855c453c18⋯.png (7.03 KB, 807x83, 807:83, 277b04fef4653ac03aaaebe7f1….png)


I cant wait till he starts getting creative and starts dishing out these type insults


most comedians in general aren't fucking funny

I've said multiple times in the past there are no good comedians and this didn't piss any of you off

you all just constantly itch for an internet argument to get into



of course you bring skypenig shit here



oh, that's what you meant? you meant to backpedal now that i made a point of how flagrantly inconsistent you're being?

i've got gallons of gurt ready for your slurping, bitch.



I have no idea I've avoided the schedule so far SOMEHOW, I'm watching this shit live

I didn't even know what day it started until yesterday



this also



my god. your interpretation is correct.. It makes so much sense now.



>you all just constantly itch for an internet argument to get into

you got me there ngl





That's what I meant from the start you narcissistic little turd

You're not funny and your internet persona you've crafted for yourself isn't much better

shut the fuck up



i mean its relevant in this case.


"you see, when i said that women comedians being universally not funny, i meant that popular female comedians are unfunny, you fucking retards"

-- sako "rumia is bae" burdgunzki



are you kidding?

that's really not that unbelievable


oh, is that what you meant?

when you said "female comedians are universally unfunny" you just meant popular mainstream female comedians

next time just say that you pedantic fuckwit



we both know who would get voted off the island if it came down to the two of us. you expose your nigh-infinite spaghetti to us at least once a week now. and it's a lot funnier when i do it.


>most comedians arent funny

>but women comedians especially arent funny


Women are universally not.


i already made this post but im gonna say it again

when you make the



joke twice, and then argue that it's not a joke it's a fact, you're probably kinda sexist

even if you backpedal to "most comedians aren't funny" cuz if you meant that you would've just said it



see I want to be mad at you for the dig at me posting lolis but I can't because you're more creative about it than most people



but if we vote socks out it would get boring.


oh, i don't know sako, how many mouthpics have you harvested recently? none?



I meant both

there are no good comedians

there are no good female comedians

there are no good male comedians

the "comedy" industry is a joke


i cant believe horsie wants to fuck amy schumer! you rabid incel dog!




ctrl+f "kill you"



i'm not saying we should, i'm just epicly establishing dominance.

it seems sexual, doesn't it?



but you didn't say that

and for someone who's so goddamned mad about people misinterpreting what you say and putting words in your mouth, you're pretty fast and loose with "what you meant"



here's another retarded vague opinion



you're right I didn't say that and I should have because it would have spared me from your autistic bullshit


>Don't put words in my mouth!

>B-but it doesn't matter what I wrote, it matters what I meant!



That's not vague you braindead hedonist

shut the fuck up



>not wanting to fuck a fat vaguely jewish girl



>most comedians arent funny

>there are no funny male or female comedians

which is it?



yeah it's kinda crazy how that works

if you don't want people calling you a misogynist try not to say misogynistic things!

the best way to do that is shut up and never speak again and go away

hop to it




saying literally all comedians are not funny is pretty vague

has no comedian ever made you laugh? perhaps you're just a humorless autistic dreg.


also think about where he backpedaled himself into

he just had to say "no comedian ever is funny"

which is either something he expects us to believe he thinks, or something he actually thinks

and that's fucking sad



Maybe no comedian is actually funny did you ever think of that


>i think black people suck


>i didnt say all black people suck just that niggers suck

<thats still racist

>what do you mean thats racist?



>perhaps you're just a humorless autistic dreg

i think you're on to something



name a comedian that's actually funny that isn't dead




since when did most mean all?



>that isn't dead

why is that a requirement? because you realize that what you're saying is stupid as fuck?



fucking hell sako

calm thy moobage


i like aggressive sponge more than the harvesting memer



see but I never claimed I wasn't racist

I've openly said I hate turks and the chinese

many many times


Did I miss anyone, I'll remake it if I missed someone



sponge and sako beating their chests like gorillas trying to establish dominance

sako's anime figurines leaving him for sponge



>hating chocolate bear



(h) (u) (h) (u) (h) (u) (h) (u) (h) (u)


and now, by asking me to name funny comedians, he'll just respond to whatever i say with "but they're not funny, and if you think they are, you're wrong"

which is like arguing evidence of evolution with a creationist

it's a battle of wits and he's unarmed


sometimes u have to take the l before u make it worse

u know



why dont you actually post some funny comedians fucktruck



the hussie flag is khan



well of course sako's going to win during this shitfit



>an shitposter


File: d1c6ffe5d4ad6ee⋯.jpg (43.68 KB, 298x220, 149:110, IMG_2134.JPG)


no. i didn't. i think eric andre, sam hyde, howard stern, etc are funny

anyway, i'll be back in three hours. sako, beware!



>eric andre

my nigga



oh yeah no eric andre is funny

nevermind I was wrong


actually yea change my vote from wonk to khan, i wasn't paying attention and didn't know who he meant


File: 28542ed6c0b25cf⋯.png (268.12 KB, 550x309, 550:309, 369607c7aef951083cd374525d….png)


how can he be unarmed with all those guns? If anything he is gunarmed





okay, sako is wrong by his own admission

nice, another victory for team "goddamn that fuckhead is annoying"


how many anons that aren't wonk are there anyway



isn't there a br anon




a fair amount


do I make more rounds or let the shitpost die



chris christie has camel toe?


and honestly there's no reason not to wear a flag, it's become "en vogue" since khan came back




>thinking sako ever owned or will own a gun



the point was made, sako is the worst and we'd get rid of him if we could




how improve posting quality?


File: b25d0ed0a6f1629⋯.png (132.85 KB, 691x574, 691:574, Cute Hulud.png)

>wonk wearing a flag again

legitimately amazing news





just don't post


File: e6b3cd60841b44e⋯.png (247.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c5d782ed348295⋯.png (192.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8be9082953a79a5⋯.png (217.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fe9d18d7e1ee5e7⋯.png (221.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


don't worry the first time i forget to do it i'll just stop again


chris christie is

one thicc bih

lemme see that




I don't understand what this poll is even FOR



incredible, I love it, keep up the good work thumbs up emoji



I'm bored and I want to die



"who would you vote off the island"

sako lost the first round, as expected, and now horsie is gonna keep going

i figured he would have a problem beating a dead horse



vote off a poster from hsg mansion




it's what I do every time I masturbate hey oh


i am also bored


yo use the hunger games simulator for this




you're going to jail for zoo-necrophilia you scum


my head is fuckin killin me



tell it to keep up the good work!



remember to stay hydrated



I forgot that it existed. and I don't have pictures to use for everyone.

I guess I'll start over now.




despite your insults i have no ill will towards you and think no less of you


yeah i may need to drink more water


I wonder who voted for grant




fight back, don't be a pussy!



thanks grant

also to be perfectly clear most of the insults i make are simply because i can't pass the oppurtunity for a joke

you'll know if i mean it, usually i swear a bunch

but thanks for being cool with my comedy g-man




all i wanna be is a clown and get a chuckle

im like statler and waldorf except significantly less funny


i need to work on throwing my belongings away before i move

but my head hurts im going to probably play pubg instead

im going to leave throwing away all of my shit until thevery last minute and fuck myself, same as it always is


File: e86357d51505b3f⋯.jpg (124.26 KB, 1200x849, 400:283, C3lgK5PVcAIl6uc.jpg)


File: fe3fb07b8925ba2⋯.png (68.71 KB, 437x730, 437:730, CIRNO MILK.png)


see this is the problem with putting on my flag

I start slipping back into my old wonk personality

if the transformation continues, I'll be high and telling you all about how really cool and intricate "all along the watchtower" is



cirnos long, long fingers



I really can't tell the difference


There's been exactly 1 funny woman born on this planet in history and that's Tina Fey

There are no good female stand up comedians


File: e5f0401b5cb91dd⋯.jpg (61.45 KB, 720x720, 1:1, absolutely haram.jpg)


>Tina Fey


Amy Poehler is funny.



30 Rock is epic



you're funny


File: cf503edaf2c9f7f⋯.png (102.67 KB, 640x833, 640:833, IMG_2252.PNG)

This is epic

Maybe more military spending might be ok



In 2 years you'll be coming home from your day job at the Space Corps on your hoverboard to watch drone racing and beat off to vr porn


I can't figure out how to not have to use a full cast of 24 for the hunger games so fuck it.


automation at places like mcdonalds is going to kick ass because the computers wont fuck up as much as real people do



>literal spess mehreens



welp, there's DS dad


Tau when?





how long until space marines discover alien life and obliterate them


it's no exaggeration to say that f2p update caused the death of tf2



i thought the girls from workaholics were funny



i remember enjoying the f2p update at first because of how many new players made for easy backstabs

then i realised they weren't going away



if you think about it, it's already happened


garlic bread pizzwich


File: 9bcbed79ea08c7f⋯.png (233.04 KB, 750x859, 750:859, IMG_2137.PNG)


File: ae620e6a3ca6b3f⋯.jpg (187.38 KB, 850x1022, 425:511, 1d5c11db-9ede-4f71-9d17-32….jpg)


>Destiny 2 on the Xbox One X will run at 30 fps



File: 4ec88d9263859c9⋯.jpg (63.36 KB, 468x391, 468:391, IMG_5580.JPG)

File: 54b7bfaf6f4464d⋯.png (26.52 KB, 442x459, 26:27, IMG_5895.PNG)

File: f72615377f44c99⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1200x1196, 300:299, IMG_5903.PNG)

File: 0665ca47460f502⋯.png (996.18 KB, 1900x1000, 19:10, IMG_5907.PNG)

File: 832430581f13bdd⋯.jpg (31.14 KB, 250x250, 1:1, IMG_5922.JPG)



who's this shirt flirt



you actually did it

you have hit rock bottom


File: 8d266471cf8e6a4⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 845x576, 845:576, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_dra….gif)


sako loves that big black cock




File: 5c2b3a69d35628a⋯.gif (642.36 KB, 845x634, 845:634, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_dra….gif)

File: c1c6d773ba1c6a7⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 1056x594, 16:9, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_dra….gif)


proud cuck


good thing they pixellated the dick


cuck boy



File: e0e1778017e7e0c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.52 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 1470669383217-0.jpg)

File: 58e0852c4af6898⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.93 KB, 650x476, 325:238, 1470669383217-1.jpg)




I've had these pictures for a long time

I don't think I've had a reason to use them yet



set it in motion? possibly

the game was at least playable up until mym


I need ur most impressive memes



my memes are much too strong for you, traveler



they're not for me



poor them upon me. bathe me in your memes


File: 4426753a49195c0⋯.png (14.62 KB, 387x133, 387:133, ClipboardImage.png)


know what i remembered today

the boxcutter i used, i had used it to scrape a linoleum floor clean

i can't remember if i cleaned it or changed the blade lol


>he cleans his /b/oxcutters


a boxcutter would be a cool weapon to begin with in the very beginning of a game

the last one would be diverting an artificial suns power distribution or w/e to effectively turn it into a laser


did anyone see ex machina?

i want to bitch about it


Josh didnt invite drake to his wedding..... :(



hello snowpoke



wow that was 2 weeks ago wtf


I missed the first ten minutes of SotN D:



on the interweb you gotta live in the moment

for example: today i sunburned my legs kyaking


god FUCKing damn it these homestuck fans are all 14 years old

i can't even turn on the mike, i'll be a goddamn pedo



where u at?


do you think the average age of homestuck fans will keep dropping

eventually they all clock in at ~7 years old



>Homestuck fans existing in the future


my little sister said there were a bunch of homestuck kids at her middleschool

she hates them


>the slow realization that the only way you'll lose your virginity is if someone literally grabs your dick

i hate myself!!!!!!!!!!


your sister's smart



you're iin luck

*grab2 diick2*




thats a bad way to think


im so over coughing

i hate it

its miserable


holy shit guys, that was the most cinematic moment of my life


im so glad i wont have to play pubg on this pc much longer

decide to play a third round without restarting, game is a horrible slideshow and i spend the first 2 minutes hiding because the buildings are jello that i bounce off

i get a fuckin kar98 and a 4x, die to a dude because my game is struggling to chug along like chris christie after walking 30 feet


oh shit i'm sorry



just stop caring

it'll happen when it happens

like, go with the flow man


>secret boss of kh 2.8 is shadow aqua




shut up sex haver


File: cbbea9e0319c727⋯.jpg (35.5 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1496771530452.jpg)


who here is a virgin???


mickeys voice in 2.8 is very bad



no but actually where are you

are you in some homestuck discord chat for children



yeah it's the official homestuck discord


File: ed85cdb2c4f3ef5⋯.jpg (2.55 KB, 120x101, 120:101, this is a thumbnail.jpg)


>official homestuck discord





so by the sound of it my neighbor's husband just broke up with her

she was screaming in the street

should i make her a cup of tea or something?

please don't say eggs



make them a ham sandwich



make her uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh some egg tea lol



i don't have any ham??


dammit grant i need honest emotional input here



actually made me lol



ham sandwich sans ham



i don't have any bread??

anyway i don't think i'll do it she'll smell the weed on me

what a dumb reason

and oh god what if she offs herself


ok my brain excuse is: i thought it was the neighbor's daughter and her boyfriend breaking up



the squeaky ass voice of mickey mouse is some big shoes to fill

the new guys probably fuckin strangling himself straining his throat like that all the time


heres my actual advice

dont get involved



my advice: dress up as her husband and jump out of the bushes to scare her


File: 7380cb06613d0ec⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.88 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, IMG_2056.JPG)




i actually don't have a clue


le me but maybe i'll lose it to this girl soon



just bring her a plate with the condiments on it and tell her you were missing the ham and the bread.



a uh karabiner 98k rifle with a 4 times magnification scopie



good actual advice

i might add: turn your tv or w/e off so you can listen in and keep us epicly posted lol


aquas voice direction in kh2.8 is still really bad

i dont know who the fuck the voice directors are but they're dumb fucks, i know willa holland can do better



oh okay that makes sense

now it sounds like a Video Game


okay im completely ignorant of everything kingdom heart related but is it actually called 2.8








it's Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue



i can't believe this isn't a joke




why 2.8


all i know about kingdom hearts is that amazing fakeout they did at e3 one year



because they've already released 2.5 but they haven't released 3.


I might have another dnd game




yea h lol

its a prologue thing for 3 and it features the only competent character in the series getting owned and trapped in dark world for years

all she wants to do is get back to the 2 massive retards she calls friends, sad!



>only competent

who is xehanort and evil sora


File: 6f58d9daf563b1a⋯.png (143.01 KB, 500x555, 100:111, IMG_2142.PNG)


I've decided my character is basically going to be the main character of Yojinbo

down to having the same name

because I'm retarded and I just want to learn how to play again


so is the Gin route the only "neutral" one?



i mean

theres the yuzu one



>Desperate Escape is a bad ending



it's neutral in that you don't fuck with angles or demons :)



bad comic


I still can't get over Osamu Tezuka being a furry into TG porn


TF, I mean


GETTYSBURG, Pa. ― A few hundred armed militia group members, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Ku Klux Klaners, supporters of President Donald Trump, and other self-described patriots descended upon the Gettysburg battlefield Saturday to defend the site’s Confederate symbols from phantom activists with the violent far-left group Antifa.

Some carried semi-automatic rifles ― permitted in Pennsylvania ― as they peered out across the battlefield with binoculars, on the lookout for the black-clad, face-masked anti-fascists, anarchists and socialists they said they had heard were traveling to the national park to dishonor Confederate graves, monuments and flags.

Although many came expecting violence ― even after Antifa made it clear its adherents never planned to show up ― the only bloodshed came when a lone militia group member accidentally shot himself in the leg.


sorry for what?


o my rubber nen


File: 228b5fb1c438577⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 500x440, 25:22, deviantart.jpg)


File: 9ebad6a9d8478fc⋯.jpg (94.15 KB, 800x533, 800:533, get in loser we're resolvi….jpg)


o my rubber ben


okay so i used to have constant bouts of suicide ideation since i was in middle school. literally every 10 minutes i thought about offing myself. at best it was twice a day. at worst it was constant. its been like that for the past 9 years. then i go get help a few months ago after finally realizing that this isnt healthy and i go to a psychaitrist who gave me a psychologist recommendation and a low dose of anxiety meds. i was ready for 4 years of constant work to fix it and suddenly its all gone. I have maybe 1 thought about it every other day. ive gone a whole week without it multiple times.

and what i hate the most is that i cant even remember the pain i was in even though i know i was in pain for nearly 10 years. Im kinda scared that ill fall back into the pattern of constant suicide ideation if i dont remember how terrible it felt. i dont want to go back. but i feel like its always looming over my shoulder...



doing this but completely unironically


File: 0be87b284850486⋯.jpg (72.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1363034517096.jpg)


I really doubt somebody would do that ironically


being your own god is the final redpill



>he hasn't yet taken the greenpill


that girl with all the tattoos and the big butt seems really interested me

i think that's cool


i cant do it

i'm bailing the fuck out


sponge the kind of guy to snapchat him losing his virginity



do what


thats my perception


i take back what i said about all the summons being shit except tinker bell

bambi is fucking amazing for getting crafting materials

i even got 1 of the 0.2% drop items as well, i'll try getting the second one later



ngl i absolutely am


warframe is fun and everything in it looks cool


Doesn't Snapchat only let you do videos for ten seconds?

Yeah that would be perfect for sponge to lose his virginity on lol


File: 763627f236dd738⋯.jpg (41.36 KB, 586x607, 586:607, 1498789429461.jpg)



the sad truth of this is that never has a girl physically made me cum. i take forever



"don't give a fuck xlr" is a self-sabotaging fuckwit who sent a dick pic to one of the two people who had a crush on him and was a clingy idiot to the other, so no thanks


File: 540b47845a76440⋯.jpg (89.79 KB, 750x1234, 375:617, IMG_2110.JPG)

<i'm supposed to go on a date tomorrow



get your gurt slurping shoes on boy



i'm wearing my gurt-proof vans tomorrow


<nice shoes babe

>thanks, they're gurt-proof



>the only bloodshed came when a lone militia group member accidentally shot himself in the leg.



>overleved guy trying to talk to me in this match

lol just play the game and leave me alone


>min min's special ability charges her left ARM when she lands a throw

>the left ARM stays charged until she falls

>electric arms disable both ARMS when fully charged, which can lead to a free throw if the initial hit is timed correctly

does this feel exploitable to anyone else?



waifu and....





>not being cordial in warframe



File: b35d3b3db03fadc⋯.png (387.26 KB, 735x828, 245:276, 1499027204403.png)

the renaissance of platform games porn



a chubby girl who touched me pingy at college during a party



any decent zelda fan would read this


his pingy!


i haven't gotten my weiner touched since texas

the last time i kissed a girl was about six months ago and we were both fucked up lol


File: 3982fda40ddac6b⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 260x260, 1:1, IMG_2149.JPG)





i actually have le historia sitting somewhere



hey that's way better than what i got


it started raining really hard outside

this'll be good for my pumpkins



he was treating me like ive never played a videogame before




i usually give off some kind of xXXDDDddd around those people

like a squid with ink


>this is the merchant faction

>you'll notice they use robots a lot

uhhh thanks the tutorial i just played told me that


goo night hsg


he was also going ahead of me and oneshotting everything

let me play the game bxtch.......................



tell him the corpus are actually the jew faction


File: 83c506b4b14eb31⋯.png (731.17 KB, 1420x918, 710:459, bb2070a560e2328f8fee83ce07….png)






he thought you were a girl and that you'd send him nudes if he helped you out


>people on pubg telling me this isn't an asmr game

im ready to revive this dying business


Shitposting Echo Chamber ASMR 18+



Aradia Megido asmr scrubbing horns with a toothbrush 18+


ASMR playing homestuck voice acting through cheap laptop speakers several meters away in another room 18+


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 2d51e0569b1606a⋯.jpg (28.39 KB, 500x491, 500:491, neat.jpg)


File: aa36ac5a305c616⋯.jpg (65.04 KB, 241x331, 241:331, img000031.jpg)

this guy draws porn too, right?


beans for dinner again



little tiny piss beans??


File: fa8a9046e420bfc⋯.png (232.29 KB, 491x553, 491:553, fengxian is confused.png)


File: 70a9fc90ff025da⋯.png (851.37 KB, 798x1038, 133:173, img000006.png)

mmmmmh what did she mean by this?



its shitto


File: 1b06393564714cc⋯.mp4 (1.72 MB, 406x720, 203:360, 55068387.mp4)

Im this dead inside.


File: 5832e82dde0b5c4⋯.jpg (100.84 KB, 640x853, 640:853, IMG_8719.JPG)



i have no good excuse for not having seen gurren lagann tbh


File: 2a29066ea8c1987⋯.jpg (27.23 KB, 414x275, 414:275, 1499053299277.jpg)

>Smug Wendy's | Another Typical Short-Lived Meme, But...Legendary, Somewhat



is it already dead


memes dont die


they god tier ;)



File: 95468272c31e7d2⋯.png (35.74 KB, 863x567, 863:567, chrome_2017-07-03_18-37-15.png)



are the crystal gems


i havent watched steven universe since i stopped posting here lmao



they introduced new gems that are really shit except for the western cirno with the big ass and the hot sapphire


File: b5c46a3c0b8dd94⋯.png (28.01 KB, 165x332, 165:332, SkinnyJasperbyDavi.png)


they all look comically terrible i forgot how bad the character design was



no fuck you dont insult skinny


One defective Jasper's hole in the Beta Kindergarten is briefly referred to as "skinny"


File: 8208987b4a41064⋯.jpg (746.75 KB, 1534x2048, 767:1024, adjust your glasses.jpg)



the zircons were all right


File: e3c29cfe19325a5⋯.jpg (46.38 KB, 540x508, 135:127, 1491957731683.jpg)

idea: an edit of this with aquamarine but instead it's "shoot your goo my dad"


weed in the morning -- sailors take warning!!


File: dd135df0cbabd3d⋯.jpeg (128.28 KB, 804x768, 67:64, see yall on the other sid….jpeg)

>sgdq is still going

holp shit i'm about to ji-

>it's spyro



dude stop jerking off


(to the tune of "i like to move it")

Woman! Physically cum, physically cum,

Physically, physically, physically cum!



it just started yesterday, and it's a week long


File: d2af926ffc3ad99⋯.jpg (9.96 KB, 169x240, 169:240, 1467627003571.jpg)

*makes a woman mentally cum by explaining to her the Farscape timeline*


all these dude's so focused on bustin that physical nut

they gotta focus on that emotional nut too


File: e7604f482f60ca4⋯.png (376.52 KB, 588x588, 1:1, gotta work.png)


>ywn bust a fat emotional nut on an aradia cosplayer's shitty polystyrene horns



why are you aiming for the horns when the face is right there


*clones hsg*



it has to be on the horns

also the horns have to be really shitty or else i cant be satisfied


*brushes clone!HSG's hair*


>a condesce cosplayer will never repurpose one of her horns into a strap on and peg you with it


>Some site called gamerguide has a good walkthrough

>Use it for a few weeks

>"Thank you for using your free trial! Pay $20 to continue reading our guides"

>Google another one, find one on gamefaqs

>It's literally the exact same one but without pictures

>They copied someone else's work wholesale and then tried to sell it

the no-good jews



okiedokie then



get on it bud


is this from the GoT-inspired Romance of the Three Kingdoms show thats really big in China right now? some of the Chinaboos I know were talking about it the other day




thats where I'm at

like I buy a lotta streetwalkers

but the heart yearns for more ;_;

also 15 pounds lost

i must work harder

also I've been a good boy and stayed outta politics shitposting for awhile, someone give me a pat on the head


File: 1c27988902170dc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 183.03 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


i can do better than a pat on the head for that


also congrats on the weight, good job


need to think of more elaborate cosplay greentexts

>a (vriska) cosplayer will never rub her shaved head on your dick

dammit that's terrible, i can do better




<3 :3 :3 :3 uwu~


i had a reeeeeeeeeeeal itch to wade in during that CNN/WWE discussion earlier

but then i just got high instead lol

>tfw when no meulin gf


File: 519f986dcffe459⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1800x1450, 36:29, original drawn by bai yeme….jpg)

I still need to lose like 30-40 pounds



>tfw no double titjob between some itty bitty kitty titties and some big fat cat tats


File: da4a6bc4ae001a6⋯.jpg (86.96 KB, 480x480, 1:1, SkypePhoto_20161112_110916.jpg)

>battleborn is over 44 gbs





File: dfb93a839746936⋯.jpg (40.71 KB, 500x660, 25:33, 1497911068454.jpg)





i feel like the key to these sorts of shitposts is subtlety and sense memory, i.e.

>you'll never run your fingers through a vriska cosplayer's freshly-clipped hair as she tugs on your dick



lucky you





>freshly clipped

w8 are we talking Vriska or (Vriska), Meenah's under8ge gillfrond




alright let me try

>you will never smash your cock through a latula cosplayer's skull, killing her instantly

man you made it look easy






is this Pig

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